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Conference 7.286::digital

Title:The Digital way of working
Created:Fri Feb 14 1986
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:5321
Total number of notes:139771
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1.016HUMAN::CONKLINThu Jul 20 1989Introduction and Policy
2.051HUMAN::CONKLINThu Jul 20 1989Public Service Announcements
3.082GVASA::DTLSat Mar 02 1985Open Door Policy
4.082GVASA::DTLSat Mar 02 1985We are trusted here
5.03GVASA::DTLSat Mar 02 1985relocation
6.019GVASA::DTLSat Mar 02 1985DEC idea of a Customer
7.024GVASA::DTLSat Mar 02 1985Work better to catch IBM
8.010GVASA::DTLSat Mar 02 1985Excellence
9.051GVASA::DTLSat Mar 02 1985privileges
10.010GVASA::DTLSat Mar 02 1985no "someone" at Digital
11.034GVASA::DTLSat Mar 02 1985Job Planning & Review
12.0159GVASA::DTLSat Mar 02 1985Salary Review
13.012GVASA::CASELLINISat Mar 02 1985Nice dream. What about reality?
14.010FRGATE::PEINESat Mar 02 1985Work and Politic
15.049GVASA::CASELLINIMon Mar 04 1985Open Door Policy (ODP)
16.02GVASA::CASELLINIMon Mar 04 1985Comments for the previous note.
17.04GVASA::CASELLINITue Mar 05 1985DIGITAL? The watches?
18.011PRSIS4::DTLTue Mar 05 1985the Product Line cancellation
19.010PRSIS4::DTLTue Mar 05 1985a bulb for your lamp, sir?
20.07SDCWed Mar 06 1985Whence "Directives"?
21.07OVDVAX::KIERWed Mar 06 1985Formal .vs. Informal Systems
22.04FRGATE::DTLWed Mar 06 1985People and Goals
23.03FRSBEE::KLEINBERGERSat Mar 09 1985MAIL ROOM ?????
24.02PRSIS4::DTLThu Mar 14 1985your own ODP experience
25.018PRSIS4::DTLSat Mar 16 1985Terminals at home
26.011BZERKR::THOMPSONMon Mar 18 1985Why do you do it?
27.044COGITO::VITIELLOTue Mar 19 1985Unethical Practices
28.09EAYVWed Mar 20 1985Working from Home
29.034NANOOK::ALPERTMon Apr 01 1985Relocating within DEC
30.06GVAEDU::CASELLINISun Apr 14 1985Agree or get off?...
31.04PRSIS3::DTLMon Apr 15 1985Manager goal
32.08GVAEDU::CASELLINIThu Apr 25 1985This file IS censured! (?)
33.02LEZAH::HAKKARAINENSat Apr 27 1985Why this file. Revisited
34.01EVE::G_DAVISSat May 18 1985My own philosophy..
35.02LSMVAX::BLINNSun May 19 1985Yankee Grp comments on DEC
36.02PRSIS3::DTLMon May 20 1985Engineering Guide abstracts
37.033TOROID::MCKINLEYTue May 28 1985Vacation & Overtime
38.062SPAGS::OFSEVITMon Jun 03 1985Unannounced change in policy
39.05SIMON::SZETOTue Jun 04 1985Personnel Policies manual
40.03EVE::G_DAVISTue Jun 04 1985Time to move...
41.05SIMON::SZETOThu Jun 06 1985External Proprietary Software
42.03EVE::G_DAVISFri Jun 14 1985Rules of the game
43.02HUMAN::SZETOFri Jun 14 1985Communication with the Press
44.03HUMAN::CONKLINFri Jun 21 1985Security at LJO
45.03RAJA::LNThu Jun 27 1985New Job Incentives: Can I wheel
47.09NY1MM::SWEENEYMon Jul 15 1985New Relocation Policy
48.020REGINA::LASKOSun Jul 21 1985New cost-cutting measures
49.01EDSVAX::CRESSEYFri Jul 26 1985A criticism of Revenue/Person
50.061ELMO::LEIGHThu Aug 08 1985Holidays and temporary employees
51.07ELMO::LEIGHThu Aug 08 1985new idea for DEC to think about
52.013SYBIL::FREANTue Aug 13 1985DEC Cost-control: An anomaly?
53.054XENON::STANSBURYWed Aug 14 1985Unions
54.023TOROID::MCKINLEYFri Aug 23 1985DEC Layoffs?
55.02EVE::G_DAVISMon Sep 16 1985Project Scars
56.03DONJON::GOLDSTEINFri Sep 20 1985Pay freeze redux (DIS style)
57.01PYRITE::BENSONThu Oct 03 1985Career Related Courses ?
59.09WILVAX::GORFINKLEThu Oct 10 1985TEAMWORK: Fact or Fiction
60.02WILVAX::GORFINKLEFri Oct 11 1985Job Resource Center
61.02EIGER::WOOGThu Oct 24 1985*SAVE* Switzerland's Reputation
62.0642CHARS::SZETOFri Nov 08 1985Teetotaling
63.04HUMAN::CONKLINSun Nov 24 1985Heads to roll over DECville?
64.015NY1MM::SWEENEYFri Nov 29 1985Christmas Parties
65.045ULTRA::HERBISONThu Dec 05 1985Picking up paychecks
66.0PRSIS3::DTLThu Jan 02 1986New Year message from Europe
69.06RAINBO::FLEISCHERThu Jan 02 1986Intrapreneurial groups?
70.01BONNET::DTLFri Jan 03 1986#67 and #68?
71.06BONNET::DTLSat Jan 04 1986unsafe chips back to customers?
72.071BEECH::ECKERTWed Jan 08 1986Blue or gray
73.03UCOUNT::SYSTEMTue Jan 14 1986Wellness Survey
75.049NY1MM::MISRAHIThu Jan 16 1986Stock prices
76.016PRSIS3::DTLFri Jan 17 1986Should TELL be allowed or not?
77.016PRSIS3::DTLTue Jan 21 1986Notes is changing Engineering.
78.042CHARS::SZETOTue Jan 21 1986Conversion to VAX Notes
79.02PRSIS3::DTLWed Jan 22 1986internal F/T sw to customers
80.05PRSIS3::DTLWed Jan 22 1986I sell first, I check later..
81.03NY1MM::SWEENEYMon Jan 27 1986Discussion of Employees Here
83.01CYGNUS::RICHARDSONWed Feb 05 1986Core Groups/EEO/Affir. Act.
84.018PRSIS3::DTLSat Feb 15 1986Internal Audits are our friends
85.016THEBAY::MTHOMASSat Feb 15 1986Expense Vouchers & refunds
86.015REX::MINOWSun Feb 16 1986Where there's smoke, there's flames
87.0PRSIS3::DTLSat Feb 22 1986Production vs Security discussion started
88.013TIGER::MORRISONTue Feb 25 1986Promotion through Engineering Review Board
89.030TIGER::MORRISONWed Feb 26 1986New-style business cards
90.0922LITTL::BERNSTEINFri Mar 14 1986Digital History
91.03PRSIS3::DTLFri Mar 14 1986your home phone number to your manager in case..?
92.01--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 17 1986"No Rehire" Policy?
94.036PRSIS3::DTLWed Mar 19 1986I joined DEC but I am suggested to leave Digital
95.011PRSIS3::DTLWed Mar 26 1986Digital employee is responsible for career dev.
96.04--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 27 1986}- Responsibility -{
97.08PRSIS3::DTLSun Mar 30 1986Digital Ethics
99.04PRSIS3::DTLTue Apr 01 1986enhance human relationship (via the net first)
100.022CANYON::MOELLERWed Apr 02 1986Policies Hamstringing DEC
101.017VLNVAX::KOPACKOTue Apr 08 1986"Paternity leave"?
102.04THEBAY::MTHOMASWed Apr 09 1986DECWORLD (the newsletter) for customers?
103.034THEBAY::MTHOMASSat Apr 12 1986University of Digital?
104.05PRSIS3::DTLTue Apr 15 1986why leave DEC France to join Valbonne
105.04NONAME::MAHLERThu Apr 17 1986Stress Test for Digital Employee's.
107.017JEDI::DTLMon Apr 21 1986use of our systems for communication
108.016REX::MINOWTue Apr 22 1986Recognition for Midnight Hacks
109.06SAVAGE::TURNERWed Apr 23 1986Internship for college student?
110.024FREMEN::RYANTue Apr 29 1986Solicitation?
111.0335TBD::ZAHAREETue Apr 29 1986Notes under fire?
112.012VMSINT::SZETOThu May 01 1986Noting as an employee activity
113.014--UnknownUser--Fri May 02 1986A case of notes abuse
114.020--UnknownUser--Fri May 02 1986Usage of company resources
115.08MMOFri May 02 1986Alternative for Non-Work Related Notes Files
116.012LATOUR::MURPHYSun May 04 1986Notes for Internal Use Only?!
117.037SALES::ARNOLDTue May 06 1986Performance Reviews
118.0292LITTL::BERNSTEINThu May 08 1986An Independent Notes Network
119.028CURIE::ARNOLDSat May 10 1986The elusive "engineering title"?
120.039CURIE::ARNOLDTue May 13 1986A hypothetical question
121.0232LITTL::BERNSTEINWed May 14 1986Between the Lines
122.020FREMEN::RYANThu May 15 1986Cleanup in MK
123.031WILVAX::CHANDLERThu May 22 1986Relocation, a hinderence!
124.07LSTARK::THOMPSONFri May 23 1986Announcing the Notes SIG organizational meeting
125.010LATOUR::SMURPHYSat May 24 1986Aerobics Programs at DEC
126.010BOEBNR::BOEBINGERSun May 25 1986Content of Performance Reviews
127.039MENTOR::REGTue May 27 1986Another nasty rumor
128.023JUNIOR::FLOODWed May 28 1986how to find a job???
129.01SKYLAB::FISHERThu May 29 1986We're not #2 anymore...
130.0GEM::ANDY_LESLIEWed Jun 04 1986If you wish to bid "Au Revoir" to DTL
131.013EXIT26::CONLEYThu Jun 05 1986Notesfile beginnings
132.0159ACE::BREWERThu Jun 05 1986<* Dress Code *>
134.05NATASH::HYATTTue Jun 10 1986DECtemps: Just a thought...
135.016NATASH::MEDEIROSThu Jun 12 1986Office Decor
136.08--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 13 1986Rumor-Mania
137.024MMOSun Jun 15 1986Digital's Legal Liability Question
138.099ERLANG::SUDAMAWed Jun 18 1986Problems with DCU?
139.03TBD::ZAHAREEThu Jun 19 1986Stuck unseen count - strikes home.
140.031EUCLID::WHITEFri Jun 20 1986Decorating company cars
141.026MTV::KLEINBERGERFri Jun 20 1986Sales Commissions?
142.027DSSDEV::STANSBURYMon Jun 23 1986Problems in Hiring Good Engineers
144.04EXIT26::FREDRIKSENTue Jun 24 1986Death of Notes?
145.023--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 24 1986LUNCH and the FEDS
146.04CRVAX1::ANDREWSThu Jun 26 1986Education Opportunities
147.0186RAJA::MERRILLMon Jun 30 1986Pension Plan question
148.01DAMSEL::MOHNMon Jun 30 1986DTN Goes to Europe
149.014MYVAX::STARKSTONWed Jul 02 1986Anonymous USENET - working conditions at Digital
150.023NONODE::CSIKOSWed Jul 02 1986Eyeglass reimbursement
151.03SCFAC::PEIRCEMon Jul 07 1986Fourth most admired
152.033NY1MM::SWEENEYWed Jul 09 1986Senior Vice Presidents
153.015LSTARK::THOMPSONThu Jul 10 1986Informal study of networking at DEC
154.016SERPNT::SONTAKKEMon Jul 14 1986? Home Phone Policy ?
155.05VIKING::TARBETFri Jul 18 1986Risk-Taking
156.012CSTVAX::MCLUREFri Jul 18 1986Is there a Sanity Clause?
157.05JACOB::GREENWOODMon Jul 21 1986Gone fishing ?
158.02HUMAN::CONKLINTue Jul 22 1986Notes DIG Announcement
159.023--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 23 1986An appropriate quote?
160.07ANT::MORRISONWed Jul 23 1986Who pays for lunch at woods meetings?
162.011TLE::MOREAUFri Jul 25 1986Types of rewards at DEC
163.026GLORY::HULLSun Jul 27 19862nd Shift premium - back pay owed?
164.038MMOSun Jul 27 1986Travel expense policy changed?
165.04ISHTAR::MCFARLANDMon Jul 28 1986Scheduling Tools
166.03OLORIN::SEGERWed Jul 30 1986the latest WANG job action
167.031KIRK::LUNGERWed Jul 30 1986vacation for DEC-couples
168.07BEING::MCCULLEYWed Jul 30 1986Tuition Reimbursement
169.01HPSMEG::BUCKLEYThu Jul 31 1986DIGITAL and Community Relations
170.0ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Jul 31 1986The RAD Committee (Research and Development)
171.011TOPDOC::SLOANEMon Aug 04 1986Hearing aids
172.021EUREKA::KRISTYMon Aug 04 1986Disappearing acts from beyond the cube walls...
173.015DONJON::EYRINGThu Aug 07 1986dirty office
174.0265COVERT::COVERTTue Aug 19 1986Electronic Mail addresses on business cards
175.01--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 22 1986SECURITY ISSUE - BEWARE OF "TODD MORRIS"
176.055EVER::MCVAYTue Aug 26 1986Family Accounts
177.06MASTER::JDEADERICKTue Aug 26 1986DEC Culture article
178.018REGENT::MERRILLWed Aug 27 1986First DEC Acquisition
179.02BIGMAC::CANTONFri Aug 29 1986Financial Development Program
180.030SWATT::POLIKOFFFri Aug 29 1986Who is in charge of DEC cafeterias?
181.073MOLE::BARKERFri Aug 29 1986Badge # 2
182.078INFACT::HACKERWed Sep 03 1986Adm. Hopper Welcome Aboard
183.09BIOSYS::GSMITHThu Sep 04 1986Royal visit
184.030NIPPER::HAGARTYSun Sep 21 1986Conflict of Interest.
185.094HOMBRE::CONLIFFEMon Sep 22 1986United Way Contributions...
187.034CURIE::JOYWed Sep 24 1986Is this Moscow or Mass?
189.076TIGEMS::ARNOLDThu Sep 25 1986Relocation Blues
190.030--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 30 1986So much for internal transfers
191.037VMSDEV::SZETOTue Sep 30 1986What's this conference for, anyway?
192.09REGENT::MINOWThu Oct 02 1986Anonymous Notes?
193.029NAC::SEGERThu Oct 02 1986digital's trash cannot be reused!
194.01DV78Fri Oct 03 1986DEC & David Letterman
195.044THEBAY::GOYETTETue Oct 07 1986More on relocation - home-buying
196.04REGENT::MINOWTue Oct 07 1986The real DEC way of working
197.01TROPIC::SANTIAGOWed Oct 08 1986Tuition Refund & Non-Trad. Degrees
198.0TLE::AMARTINThu Oct 09 1986PP&P manual online via VTX
199.026BANZAI::FISHERFri Oct 10 1986Interoffice mail not for personal use?
200.01HYDRA::ECKERTTue Oct 14 1986Another bogus caller alert
201.0COVERT::COVERTThu Oct 16 1986Hand Carried Items brought in at Logan
202.013MMOTue Oct 21 1986Customer Satisfaction!!!
203.08FSTVAX::FOSTERTue Oct 21 1986Badge question ??
204.015ISHTAR::PARADISOTue Oct 21 1986Dirty Pool?
205.016EXODUS::SEGERWed Oct 22 1986Dead Flies!!!
206.03PUNDIT::SEGUINWed Oct 22 1986What is Digitals stragity for new products
207.03NIMBUS::OHERNThu Oct 23 1986DEC Management Style?
208.09WR2FOR::DELISIPEThu Oct 23 1986Executive Use of Vaxnotes
209.02BARNUM::RAINSFri Oct 24 1986Help Me Understand This....
210.056STING::JELENIEWSKITue Oct 28 1986Metpay (or is it DEC) strikes again!
211.07HPSMEG::LEITZFri Oct 31 1986tuition reimbursement news
212.062WORDS::BADGERThu Nov 06 1986more push to HMOs
213.07EXODUS::SEGERFri Nov 07 1986New Facility: BOX
214.022ANT::MORRISONMon Nov 10 1986Noise masking systems for offices
215.015ANT::FLATLEYTue Nov 11 1986Christmas shutdown
216.027DRAGON::MCVAYWed Nov 12 1986DEC's Business Software Internal Wars
217.014BRSSWS::PIGEONFri Nov 14 1986DECWORLD we don't read you !
218.049DPDSat Nov 15 1986STOCK plan problems...
219.016CASEE::CLARKSun Nov 16 1986Upgrading your DEC badge
220.041HUMAN::CONKLIN_NSun Nov 16 1986Where is it proper to post employment notices?
221.023GWEN::LASKOThu Nov 20 1986Whither Paper Recycling?
222.018ANKER::ANKERMon Nov 24 1986So you have written this great software. Now what?
223.01NIMBUS::OHERNTue Nov 25 1986Grace H at IDECUS?
224.039CHOPIN::DEROSATue Nov 25 1986Lancaster facility: for whom?
225.0146DONJON::EYRINGTue Dec 02 1986Using badge numbers
226.016REGENT::GETTYSWed Dec 03 1986A DEC joke?
227.015RDGENG::CORNEThu Dec 04 1986Does DEC leak?
228.010EUCLID::PAULHUSThu Dec 04 1986DECSketch ?
229.013HPSMEG::BUCKLEYThu Dec 04 1986What will happen to Franklin Facility?
230.04NEXUS::MORGANSun Dec 07 1986The N.S.A. and Digitals Networks.
231.04BPOVTue Dec 09 1986Free PCs?
232.030GOBLIN::MCVAYWed Dec 10 1986Creative Accounting, anyone?
233.061COVERT::COVERTThu Dec 11 1986No Obelix at Digital ??
234.013EXODUS::SEGERThu Dec 11 1986How secure are we to outside access?
235.0MMOThu Dec 11 1986Formal SP2 Policy.
236.011FRSBEE::COOPERSat Dec 13 1986Is this for REAL at DEC?
237.0327RAYNA::KANNANMon Dec 15 1986Holiday Turkeys
238.01ANT::MORRISONTue Dec 16 1986Saturday as a regular work day
239.043PYONS::DCHAVEZTue Dec 16 1986Online Stock Info?
240.0112BINKLY::WINSTONFri Dec 19 1986SAVE Information
241.09FROST::W_PIPERWed Dec 24 1986AP news: Digital Miscarriages
242.01BISTRO::PATTERSONMon Dec 29 19867 turkeys!
243.013EXODUS::SEGERMon Jan 05 1987Failed Projects
244.040JOET::JOETWed Jan 07 1987Walkmans illegal in Mass?
245.030MAY2Wed Jan 07 1987Engineering Ethics
246.017SLDA::OPPMon Jan 12 1987Blue Pass Parking
247.03GOBLIN::MCVAYMon Jan 12 1987System Management Ethics
248.010MRMFG3::D_LANDRYTue Jan 13 1987Down grading after making offer?
249.029SAHQ::MILBERGWed Jan 14 1987Drug/Alcohol Testing by Customers
250.013MORRIS::MORRISONThu Jan 15 19871
251.05--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 15 1987Where did MDC go ???
252.02FRSBEE::COHENThu Jan 15 1987Hatch a batch
254.0107TIXEL::ARNOLDFri Jan 16 1987John Hancock
255.031VAXWRK::NORDLINGERFri Jan 16 1987Solicitation from DECCIE
256.015KIRIN::R_MISKOWITCHMon Jan 19 1987Plan B rumours
257.062ARNOLD::ROTHMon Jan 26 1987DEC customer surveys and the DEC employee
258.010HARPO::B_HENRYWed Jan 28 1987Hiring freeze status?
259.037REGENT::GETTYSFri Jan 30 1987**RUMOR** Cash Bonuses for employees????
260.03RUBY::KELLYSun Feb 01 1987Unfair Policy
261.045LOLITA::KEEFETue Feb 03 1987How to kill a chain letter?
262.041NYMGR::MCCREADYSun Feb 08 1987Showers
263.01343156::ANDY_LESLIETue Feb 10 1987Changes in P&P
264.022COMET::MARTINWed Feb 11 1987VAXmate purchase facts???
265.029CEODEV::FAULKNERThu Feb 12 1987Mailing Regulations
266.066MILRAT::SOUSAThu Feb 12 1987NO PARKING at the Mill
267.06--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 13 1987The Thoughts of Ken
268.06DPDSun Feb 15 1987A view from sales..
269.036MSDSWS::DANTONIMon Feb 16 1987Who OWNS the E-NET kits?
270.0137COVERT::COVERTWed Feb 18 1987Digital Review -- banned from Digital
271.017SYSEFS::MCCABEThu Feb 19 1987How about Day Care?
272.03TPLVAX::DODIERFri Feb 20 1987DEC property and the customer
273.030PLDVAX::MORRISONFri Feb 20 1987Fire hazard at the Mill
274.09WR2FOR::DELISIPETue Feb 24 1987VAX Notes for Decision Making?
275.020CEDSWS::SOEHLThu Feb 26 1987expenses on w2?
276.06--UnknownUser--Sat Feb 28 1987Violations of the Net??
277.0616514::MOELLERMon Mar 02 1987SemiUseful S.P.D.'s
278.06BPOVFri Mar 06 1987Rumor control calling
279.041--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 12 1987Should DEC consider profitsharing?
280.04GOJIRA::PHILPOTTMon Mar 16 1987Dependant Care Assistance Benefit.
281.04SLDA::OPPTue Mar 17 1987Should DEC buy Fairchild?
282.035ATLAST::VICKERSTue Mar 17 1987Is Digital a democracy and can it stay that way?
283.015STOAT::BARKERTue Mar 17 1987Can groups refuse to transfer non-degreed employees?
284.07MAY2Wed Mar 18 1987DEC 1
286.04GLASS::HULLMon Mar 23 1987NBC News a DEC customer?
287.05WELSWS::TREVENNORTue Mar 24 1987New Zealand contacts wanted.
288.031DELNI::GOLDSTEINTue Mar 24 1987Phase process is wrong for some products
289.05MORRIS::MORRISONTue Mar 24 1987Where is Small Systems Mfg.?
290.0ULTRA::PRIBORSKYWed Mar 25 1987Wrong phone numbers for Secure Systems
291.01CARLIN::DIIULIOThu Mar 26 1987Need written appraised value of PC
292.03HYDRA::ECKERTMon Mar 30 1987The elusive note
293.011SLDA::OPPWed Apr 01 1987Hydroelectricity at the Mill
294.07HIGHFI::COHENWed Apr 01 1987Lost in the nozone again
295.012NUTMEG::RYANFri Apr 03 1987***PATERNITY LEAVE***
296.016TIXEL::ARNOLDSun Apr 05 1987what is the purpose of the tax adder?
297.04ECC::JAERVINENMon Apr 06 1987Restroom policy :-)
298.076SQM::ANDREMon Apr 06 1987"Frequent Flyer" and company travel
299.040RDGENG::LESLIEWed Apr 08 1987Travel in your time, or DECs?
300.032ADVAX::CLOSEThu Apr 16 1987DEC Relocation and house buying
301.036ATTILA::CRAVENThu Apr 16 1987Is DEC a professional business
302.0114HPSCAD::FORTMILLERFri Apr 17 1987Anniversary Gifts
303.015NHL::PILOTTETue Apr 21 1987Dental cost soaring????
304.098EXIT26::STRATTONFri Apr 24 1987Corporate-wide hiring freeze?
305.09ALF::MAGIDMon Apr 27 1987ADOPTION and LEAVE
306.012ALF::MAGIDTue Apr 28 1987VP's SELL 18,496 shares of DEC
307.04SNOV17::BOULTTue Apr 28 1987leave for representing my country
308.07SLDA::OPPThu Apr 30 1987How can I help the Cousteau Society?
309.086UTRTSC::ROBERTSWed May 06 1987Who should read your mail?
310.040AKOVWed May 06 1987Crimson replaced by American Express
311.014NUTMEG::RYANThu May 07 1987<<< HEALTH CLUB BENNIES?? >>>
312.016MANTIS::PEARCEMon May 18 1987Jury Duty
313.026SLDA::OPPWed May 20 1987Parking garage at the Mill?
314.09ENGINE::CHINWed May 20 1987Patent Applications
315.035HIKER::MITCHAMThu May 28 1987I'd like to see Eye Care included in our DEC insurance
316.028QUARK::LIONELFri May 29 1987Party pooper DEC lawyers
317.032VIDEO::GOODRICHFri May 29 1987Limitations in LTD benefits
318.01BMT::COMAROWSat May 30 1987Home Health Care
319.019VORTEX::JOVANMon Jun 01 1987Stock Purchase Price 6/1/87
320.058--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 01 1987Public job codes, ranges and salaries ?
321.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 01 1987List of job titles/codes/range available ?
322.010BMT::COMAROWSat Jun 06 1987Gaps in John Hancock Coverage
323.036OVDVAX::ROTHSun Jun 07 1987Are notesfiles "corporate documents"?
324.0110ZEN::WINSTONMon Jun 08 1987AP Newswire goes away
325.02KAFSV1::READTue Jun 09 1987NaC facility in Sydney, Australia ??
326.0SAUTER::SAUTERWed Jun 10 1987Goodby General Doriot
327.055UPBEAT::MMOYWed Jun 10 1987Corporate discount on rentals
328.09ODIXIE::76HENGThu Jun 11 1987How to reach Investor Services ?
329.01CADSE::GOUNFri Jun 12 1987Info needed: Third Party Home Purchase appraisers
330.03DSSDEV::EPPESWed Jun 17 1987Outside solicitation of DEC departments
331.02RDGEFri Jun 19 1987Royal award for Dec UK MD.
332.03ANGORA::MORRISONMon Jun 22 1987Was A.R.& D.'s board really that old?
333.09BPOVTue Jun 23 1987Questions on hiring
334.028STRIPA::PELLERINThu Jun 25 1987Promotion issues...
335.029RDGENG::FORKESMon Jun 29 1987Wow, this heat!
336.02COVERT::COVERTWed Jul 01 1987Employee / Supplier conflict of interest
338.018INK::BRAKOThu Jul 02 1987DEC's Top 1
339.05ANGORA::MORRISONTue Jul 07 1987Status of Franklin plant
340.019HYDRA::ECKERTTue Jul 07 1987Watch your luggage when traveling in Europe!
341.01TSG::QIDWAITue Jul 07 1987Help save Digital some $$$$$
342.021USMRW2::AWHITNEYWed Jul 08 1987MILEAGE
343.063SDSVAX::SWEENEYSun Jul 12 1987Layers of Mgmt; Productivity from OA here
344.010REGENT::GETTYSMon Jul 13 1987Rumor - DEC to buy DTS building?
345.01BISTRO::KIRKTue Jul 14 1987Mosquitoes, the buzzing peril of the sky...
346.03DIEHRD::MAHLERTue Jul 14 1987Salary Review Process: See topic #12
347.014SWAPS::CZARNECKITue Jul 14 1987Is Plan B going up??
348.019ULTRA::OFSEVITMon Jul 20 1987outside service contractors--a trend?
349.023FURILO::KENTMon Jul 20 1987HLO traffic
350.029AIMHI::LAVOIETue Jul 21 1987what good are those ducks?
351.010UPBEAT::MMOYTue Jul 21 1987Mileage table on-line?
352.053QBUS::BAUERWed Jul 22 1987Digital Company Picnics
353.01SCENIC::JANEBFri Jul 24 1987New Parental Leave
354.010STKHLM::OBERGWed Jul 29 1987Parking Problems in Cities whilst on DEC Business
355.046SALSA::MOELLERTue Aug 04 1987What CAN we NOTE these days?
356.01TELCOM::MCVAYWed Aug 05 1987And now, heeeere's AI!
357.02SNOV17::BOULTWed Aug 05 1987FRANCE - need cheap car hire
358.02CAMLOT::BLAISDELLThu Aug 06 1987Digital Equipment Finance Corporation
359.0NTSC::MICKOLFri Aug 07 1987DEC & Polaroid go into business?!
360.023CSMADM::GREENOTue Aug 11 1987A question of MBA
361.013SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Aug 11 1987Customers are the reason Digital exists
362.025MDKCSW::LOESCHTue Aug 11 1987Office of the Future ?
363.022EAGLE1::BESTTue Aug 11 1987The adverse effects of AI (?)
364.02BOXTOP::GARDThu Aug 13 1987Hidden -- don't think topic pertains to DEC --jrc
365.035SALSA::MOELLERThu Aug 13 1987On Secrecy
366.011ARMORY::CHARBONNDFri Aug 14 1987Stock to split ?
367.01--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 17 1987Whats going on here??
369.023JEREMY::GIDEONTue Aug 18 1987did he jump, or was he pushed?
370.071182Tue Aug 18 1987CAMBRIDGE MODERATOR
371.09ANGORA::MORRISONTue Aug 25 1987DECWorld 87
372.026BPOVWed Aug 26 1987Rumor control..........tries again
373.08DELNI::HAMMONDWed Aug 26 1987A Sale for Digital
374.04NATASH::HYATTThu Aug 27 1987directory of databases?
375.016VIDEO::TEBAYThu Aug 27 1987Where to take an idea?
376.04KCDEMO::SUMMERSFri Aug 28 1987Professional org dues?
377.01MP::MPALMERTue Sep 01 1987Cambridge lab??
378.04CIMNET::JOHNSONThu Sep 03 1987How should one deal with rumors about DEC?
379.06MDKCSW::PRESTONTue Sep 08 1987Any policies on office relocation?
381.04NATASH::HYATTWed Sep 09 1987What dept -- lighting tech.
382.039PLDVAX::MORRISONWed Sep 09 1987Proposed I-495 interchange in Marlboro
383.025HPSCAD::QBARRYThu Sep 10 1987Needless hassle with DEC Security.
384.05REGENT::EPSTEINTue Sep 15 1987Using the right tool for the job?
385.09SCRUFF::CONLIFFEWed Sep 16 1987Shareable Max exceeded???
386.0BUSY::KLEINBERGERMon Sep 21 1987DEC: The Challenge Ahead
387.026DELNI::JONGMon Sep 21 1987The Digital Way of Leaving
388.0HUMAN::CONKLINTue Sep 22 1987Jack Shields per Wall Street Journal
389.05PLDVAX::MORRISONThu Sep 24 1987DEC largest workforce in Mass.?
390.05REGENT::MERRILLFri Sep 25 1987DECworld Impressive
391.03FURILO::BLINNFri Sep 25 1987Corporate Personnel Policy on Restricted Conferences
392.06VIA::BINNSMon Sep 28 1987Alternatives to the United Way
393.017AIAG::KANNANMon Sep 28 1987Working for DEC after some other competitor
394.06SYSENG::OPPWed Sep 30 1987Large crane at HLO?
395.04NCVAX1::JAMESWed Sep 30 19872B or Plan B that is the question
396.010NAC::HUGHESWed Sep 30 1987Insurance for POSSLQs?
397.02ANGORA::MCNANEYThu Oct 01 1987Help with the fiscal calendar.
398.03SMAUG::GARRODSun Oct 04 1987Call American Express for classical music
399.022SEMI::LEVITINMon Oct 05 1987_Globe_ article: Unannounced products; why?
400.06MUNICH::CLINCHMon Oct 05 1987A question of style: Addressing the public.
401.016NAC::CIARFELLATue Oct 13 1987what are the eng. levels?
403.018REGENT::MERRILLWed Oct 14 1987Open Mailbox Policy ?
405.011--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 20 1987Digital stock down 42 shares...
406.054NETMAN::SEGERWed Oct 21 1987Clean Desk Policy
407.015RDCVSat Oct 24 1987Problem with this notes file? (or with me?)
408.010DREAMN::FLAHERTYMon Oct 26 1987Should I sell to DEC??
409.027PANIC::PACKFri Oct 30 1987DEC 'just another company'
410.0113USMRM2::JMITCHELLSun Nov 01 1987Recruiting at Digital
411.03AUNTB::SOEHLMon Nov 02 1987training schedules?
412.03SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Nov 02 1987What's the "IDA Program"
413.044XROADS::SCHWENKENMon Nov 02 1987Mandatory credit cards?
414.08TREK::WATERSThu Nov 05 1987DTW in MKO2??
415.014PNO::KEMERERThu Nov 05 1987What is a "Systems Programmer"?
417.06SKIWVA::MAYNARDMon Nov 09 1987JEC-Job Eval. and Classification
418.02MTBLUE::SABATA_ROBERWed Nov 11 1987New (used) cost-cutting??
419.013DPDSAL::BEELERSat Nov 14 1987Mobile Communications
420.025BUFFER::FUSCIWed Nov 18 1987No books about Ken and Digital
421.03DELNI::BELLUSCIFri Nov 20 1987DEC Cambridge Facility
422.09ARNOLD::ROTHMon Nov 23 1987Office Weekly Raffle- info needed
423.06FSTTOO::FOSTERWed Nov 25 1987Digital in the Berkshires?
424.026VENTUR::CHERSONMon Nov 30 1987P&P against a couple in same group?
425.04IND::ROUNDSMon Nov 30 1987Jobs for "trailing spouse"?
426.07ULTRA::OFSEVITMon Nov 30 1987request for help tracking stolen Digital equipment
428.0188BUSY::KLEINBERGERThu Dec 10 1987JEC
430.026--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 16 1987
431.02212118::LMATTHEWSMon Dec 28 1987Facilities south of Rt 9??
432.025BRUTUS::MTHOMSONMon Dec 28 1987Time off for interviewing?
433.08MAYIM::POLZINTue Dec 29 1987Titles on Name Plates?
435.08PLDVAX::MORRISONThu Jan 07 1988Corporate Identity Stds for stationery
436.011HECKLE::YANAGITue Jan 12 1988Pensions anyone???
439.044Wed Jan 13 1988What if my group relocates?
440.014JGO::FITZGERALDWed Jan 13 1988CISS--The Ultimate 18 Million $ Idea
441.044CIMNET::MJOHNSONMon Jan 18 1988Proposal: A New Holiday for Digital
442.011JUNIOR::CRRMAILMon Jan 18 1988Programmer Training Program
443.04DISSRV::STRONACHTue Jan 19 1988MET Pay -- any comments??
444.03HARDY::LINNWed Jan 20 1988Article in Dec. issue DECWORLD
445.05BSS::WOODWARDThu Jan 21 1988Criteria To Rate Performance?
446.02SWAPS::CZARNECKIThu Jan 21 1988The "NEW MDC PROGRAM". Info please!!
447.011MERIDN::FERNALDFri Jan 22 1988Radiation Exposure
448.01ISTG::PATILMon Jan 25 1988Digital Organization Chart
449.056ZGOVMon Jan 25 1988Change in qualifications
450.01CEODEV::FAULKNERWed Jan 27 1988Mass General.
452.049FIDDLE::RAICHEThu Jan 28 1988DEC - Northwestern Worcester County?
453.0114DIXIE1::RIDGWAYThu Jan 28 1988To DCL or not to DCL
455.042LDP::WEAVERSun Jan 31 1988Tax help needed with form 1
456.07MARX::THOMASWed Feb 03 1988does tag still exist?
457.012BMT::COMAROWWed Feb 03 1988Who covers windows with furniture?
458.06TIXEL::ARNOLDThu Feb 04 1988Does your Microvax have a Simpact board in it?
460.02SLDA::OPPThu Feb 04 1988DEC & U.S. trade deficit
461.03JGO::FITZGERALDFri Feb 05 1988Productivity Metrics and Skills Matching???
462.05THRUST::PORRASTue Feb 09 1988IBM compatible PC
463.03KNOVAX::GIOIELLIWed Feb 10 1988CAREER Conference
464.017PHILEM::WOODSThu Feb 11 1988Benefits
465.01FGVAXZ::LAINGFri Feb 12 1988WANTED: DEC Memorobelia
466.025DPDMAI::PAINTERFri Feb 12 1988moonlighting
467.06UPBEAT::MMOYFri Feb 12 1988Where is P&P VTX Database
468.010KAOOWed Feb 17 1988DEC Org Chart Please
469.041NEWPRT::BARTHMon Feb 22 1988Phone book blues
470.04USWRSL::PEIRCEPATue Feb 23 1988Relocation??
472.030WAV14::SOHNThu Feb 25 1988SWS/FS/Sales woes...
473.07WINERY::BOUCHARKEFri Feb 26 1988note files hidden?
474.06NETMAN::SEGERFri Feb 26 1988Proprietary Information Policy
475.05CELICA::RAYNAFri Feb 26 1988How to Aid the Recruiting Process...
476.0SSGVAX::STOCKDALEFri Feb 26 1988Personnel ? about hours
477.014PANIC::PACKMon Feb 29 1988DECloan ??
478.06GIAENG::ROGICHMon Feb 29 1988Matching Gift program
479.03ANGORA::MORRISONMon Feb 29 1988New DEC plant in Maynard
480.080MADMAC::REZUCHAMon Feb 29 1988DEC and/or ASSETS incentive policy for programmers?
481.01RUTLND::KUPTONThu Mar 03 1988Excess Profits Payback??
483.04LDP::MELNYKThu Mar 03 1988Engineering to sales?
484.04JACOB::FAZIOThu Mar 03 1988VAX account question.
485.031DPDSAL::BEELERFri Mar 04 1988Longest Reigning Salesperson?
486.08HANZI::SIMONSZETOSun Mar 06 1988Long notes, batch extracts, and interactive noting
487.052CALL::SWEENEYSun Mar 06 1988Who is Responsible for Customer Satisfaction?
488.06REGENT::POWERSMon Mar 07 1988Site codes and DTN prefix lists on-line?
490.020GRECO::MAURERWed Mar 09 1988Fallon Comments please
491.069HUMAN::CONKLINThu Mar 10 1988Thoughts on DECulture
492.04WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEMon Mar 14 1988going...going...gone!
493.03NUTMEG::HATCHERTue Mar 15 1988Board of Directors question
495.01NATASH::HYATTWed Mar 16 1988Lesley PMBI grads
496.021NANUCK::SCOTTWed Mar 16 1988Where to draw the line - Customer always right?
497.029329Thu Mar 17 1988Full-Time Temporary Employees
498.022MARKER::BRAKOThu Mar 17 1988INSIGHT PHOTO ESSAY: The Mill
499.017WINERY::BOUCHARKEThu Mar 17 1988ESOP
500.015MOMAX1::GREENOMon Mar 21 1988Isn't DEC part of the miracle?
501.037WINERY::BOUCHARKEFri Mar 25 1988HMO vs HANCOCK...
502.027PEACHS::BEKELESat Mar 26 1988Digital In The Press
503.08JGO::FITZGERALDMon Mar 28 1988Reply to 1.13--Don't write during hours
505.04BOLT::MINOWFri Apr 01 1988Computer Virus Attacks Notesfiles
506.016WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEMon Apr 04 1988flight bonuses...
507.01TSE::LEFEBVREWed Apr 06 1988Summer Positions at DEC?
508.024HANKUK::GREENWOODThu Apr 07 1988Where do we get chips ?
509.01BLITZN::LITASISat Apr 09 1988I'm not guilty!!!
510.03PFLOYD::CROCITTOThu Apr 14 1988Volunteers Wanted Digital Seniors Classic
511.027WINERY::BOUCHARKEFri Apr 15 1988Memos to managers...
512.03CSC32::S_HALLTue Apr 19 1988Where are Announced Products announced?
513.06VIDEO::GRAHAMWed Apr 20 1988Personal property?
514.067HPSTEK::XIAWed Apr 20 1988DEC's cafeteria
515.04SNOWY::HEDRICKThu Apr 21 1988Promotional Items?
517.035ARCHER::WASSERMANThu Apr 21 1988Metpay concerns/suggestions
518.027ARCHER::WASSERMANThu Apr 21 1988Investor Services suggestion
519.024EUCLID::PAULHUSMon Apr 25 1988After the earthquake...
520.03CSOA1::ROTHMon Apr 25 1988VISION_QUEST conference
521.05MORGAN::JELENIEWSKITue Apr 26 1988Who owns new Taylor St. facilities?
522.094PAXVAX::NIEMIFri Apr 29 1988Van pools to disappear?
523.08TOPDOC::AHERNFri Apr 29 1988Rationing Property Passes
524.019USMRM9::JMITCHELLSat Apr 30 1988 Stock Options
525.017HPSTEK::XIAMon May 02 1988DEC's cafeteria again
527.02FRSBEE::PETERSTue May 03 1988New Digital bldg. in Athol ??
528.020FHQ::MAIELLANOThu May 05 1988DECmobile drivers
529.014XCUSME::KINGThu May 05 1988Who decides what goes where?
530.010CIVIC::FERRIGNOFri May 06 1988VAXmate?
531.012WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEFri May 06 1988Employee purchases...
533.07TIXEL::ARNOLDMon May 09 1988And what would YOU do?
534.09XCUSME::KINGMon May 09 1988Business article pertaining to DEC
535.05WEST::NEWDEVWed May 11 1988A possibility?
536.02ARCHER::WASSERMANThu May 12 1988One company, many petty cashes
537.01NAZARD::WHITEThu May 12 1988Help needed - voice samples
538.029SLDA::OPPFri May 13 1988Lead in the drinking water?
539.02DIXIE1::RIDGWAYFri May 13 1988Resume Question....
540.012ROMWed May 18 1988Is this conference productive?
541.02DCC::LANEThu May 19 1988Policy Questions ??
542.05BUSY::KLEINBERGERThu May 19 1988Question on DEC and Outside Action
543.035XCUSME::KINGThu May 19 1988Plymouth site
544.022DWEEB::WICKERTMon May 23 1988Some "free" advertising!
545.07ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon May 23 1988Alice in DIGITALand
546.052VIDEO::ALLANTue May 24 1988Children in the workplace???
547.02RAIN::DELPHIATue May 31 1988HPWS Team Member
548.0COPFri Jun 03 1988Pointer --> COP
549.039VLNVAX::DMCLUREFri Jun 10 1988Soapbox R.I.P.
550.026USMRM9::JMITCHELLSun Jun 12 1988 Vesting?
551.017AKOV12::MILLIOSWed Jun 15 1988Handicapped in the workplace
552.018CHOPER::FLATLEYWed Jun 15 1988What can we talk about here?
553.07MARMAT::JERRYThu Jun 16 1988Looking for KEN OLSEN and the MILL Tape
554.035TAZRAT::CHERSONThu Jun 16 1988VP's sign still required?
555.06SKIVT::JREDDINGMon Jun 20 1988SEMATECH in Austin, TX
556.023WUWEI::FLADUNGTue Jun 21 1988The end of communication as we know it
557.04CHARON::HUWed Jun 22 1988Access to SOFTbase anyone ??
558.08CTCADM::VAGHULThu Jun 23 1988PBU's within DEC
559.017MERIDN::BAYThu Jun 23 1988Alternate Excellence Awards
560.03RADVAX::THOMPSONFri Jun 24 1988Chemicals on lawn at CFO2?
562.015TWEED::FARHADIThu Jun 30 1988Is Digital going to follow IBM ?????
563.037ACUTE::MCKINLEYThu Jun 30 1988Used equipment policy
564.01MYTURN::GREENOWed Jul 06 1988MBA questionnaire
565.0642SALSA::MOELLERWed Jul 06 1988PLAN A:Death and Resurrection
567.010WILKIE::JHAVERIMon Jul 11 1988looking for Third Party Software Group
568.011CSOA1::ROTHWed Jul 13 1988Digital policy on CFC's/Freon/Ozone layer/Halon
569.056CSOA1::ROTHWed Jul 13 1988Proper use of VAX trademark
570.026DR::BLINNThu Jul 14 1988DEC Facts and Fantasies
571.084GLDOA::SRINIVASANFri Jul 15 1988Cost saving ideas......
572.01TENERE::GLIGORFri Jul 15 1988Looking For Spare Parts...
573.01PEACHS::BEKELESat Jul 16 1988Corporate policy & Copyrighted Materials
574.020CANYON::ADKINSSun Jul 17 1988Software Residents - The Forgotten Ones
576.08JACKAL::CARROLLMon Jul 18 1988Video working condition policy
577.015WOODRO::CHENMon Jul 18 1988AIDS in the work places
578.013TAVIS::GERSHONTue Jul 19 1988Mail policy in DEC ?
580.011TELGAR::WAKEMANLAWed Jul 27 1988DEC Increasing Chip Production?
581.060CSOA1::ROTHThu Jul 28 1988Will senior employees' departure affect DEC?
582.010DPDMAI::BEANSat Jul 30 1988Interview/Relocation question
583.036POBOX::RJAMESMon Aug 01 1988Doctor, I feel just fine (I think?)
584.038MISVAX::ROSSTue Aug 02 1988No Network Kit Policy of VAX/Rdb
585.011TAVENG::CHAIMWed Aug 03 1988Policy for writing "digital"...
586.015GLASS::HAIGHTWed Aug 03 1988What Can I Expect from DEC?
587.07USMRM3::JHUTCHINSWed Aug 03 1988Lifespan of an LNO3 Document?
588.010MARMAT::JERRYThu Aug 04 1988New College Hire Status Discrimination?
589.040POBOX::BRISCOEFri Aug 05 1988Look beyond the pain to the gain!
590.028HUMAN::CONKLINSun Aug 07 19888/8/88
591.042FLYSQD::MONTVILLETue Aug 09 1988What STRESS?
592.030ADVAX::BCLARKWed Aug 10 1988Flex hours ??
593.0188EAGLE1::EGGERSFri Aug 12 1988Privacy: what files can I read?
594.058CVG::THOMPSONFri Aug 12 1988Training for non-technical employees?
595.0134ANT::MORRISONSun Aug 14 1988Room sharing on company travel
596.033WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEMon Aug 15 1988What will DEC be like after Ken retires?
597.014CURIE::SRINIVASANThu Aug 18 1988Buying the company car !!
598.0300DLOACT::RESENDEThu Aug 18 1988Retirement Plan for Digital?
599.08WINERY::BOUCHARKEFri Aug 19 1988JEC etc.
600.015BAGELS::FINNERTYFri Aug 26 1988Relo issues and Time limits ?
601.043SWSNOD::BARRETTTue Aug 30 1988Employee Referral Program?
602.018MISVAX::ROSSTue Aug 30 1988Why no Digital CIO?
603.026AKOV12::MILLIOSTue Aug 30 1988Digital's persona?
604.083--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 30 1988DECwest disbanded? Dave Cutler gone?
605.019DR::BLINNWed Aug 31 1988Preview: "The Ultimate Entrepreneur", about KO & DEC
607.012NEWS::HAKKARAINENThu Sep 01 1988Using employee-owned equipment
608.015MILRAT::HAMERThu Sep 01 1988Spouse Joins DEC: how to handle benefits?
609.020WINERY::HARVEYFri Sep 02 1988Cut our office space.....
610.027SEAPEN::PHIPPSTue Sep 06 1988The New Digital
611.010ODIXIE::SILVERSWed Sep 07 1988public not impressed either...
612.023MERIDN::GILLMANThu Sep 08 1988A disturbing OEM /Digital story..
613.036ALBANY::MULLERSat Sep 10 1988OMBUDSMAN?
615.032DLOACT::RESENDEPThu Sep 15 1988Did we listen to our own show???
616.011SMOOT::ROTHThu Sep 15 1988Business Travel Accident Plan query
617.0COOKIE::WITHERSFri Sep 16 1988LEDS urgently needs RC25s
618.013NANUCK::SCOTTSun Sep 18 1988Another "Do the right thing" dilemma
619.05MARMAT::JERRYMon Sep 19 1988What is Digital's Mission?
620.0EAGLE1::EGGERSWed Sep 28 1988from Ken Olsen
622.03DNEAST::STARIE_DICKWed Sep 28 1988Can We Do More?
623.07NATASH::WEBBERFri Sep 30 1988How do I become a S/W engineer?
624.016SMOOT::ROTHFri Sep 30 1988DECwindows usage within Digital
625.016PNEUMA::WAGONERSat Oct 01 1988"You [expletive deleted]" -- a manager
626.02STEREO::HOWARDMon Oct 03 1988Boston Globe series "Ultimate Entrepreneur"....
628.019PERVAX::THOMPSONThu Oct 06 1988DEC selling TANDY PCs???
629.032KBOMFG::POSTSun Oct 09 1988Do I need permission?
630.011OASS::M_HYDETue Oct 11 1988Who was J. Craig Mudge
631.02BAGELS::FINNERTYThu Oct 13 1988Steve Jobs' latest NeXt pc.
632.09KYOA::DAVISPThu Oct 13 1988Worried
633.08WMOIS::C_JALBERTSat Oct 15 1988self-managing teams
634.06--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 18 1988Credit Union logic
635.033DLOACT::RESENDEPWed Oct 19 1988IBM's New Employee Relations Program
636.086BINKLY::WINSTONWed Oct 19 1988Health Plan changes for early '89?
637.01PH4VAX::MCBRIDEThu Oct 20 1988A round of applause for the moderators...
638.067KBOMFG::POSTFri Oct 21 1988Neighbor tells you YOUR salary
641.014ADVLSI::HADDADWed Oct 26 1988Productivity starts with YOU (and me)
643.022GLORY::DOUGLASWed Oct 26 1988Compensatory Time?
644.04AKOV11::BHOLLANDThu Oct 27 1988Dependent care voucher?
645.09DECEAT::BHANDARKARThu Oct 27 1988Takeover - Good, Bad, or Indifferent?
646.0HWSSSMon Oct 31 1988Business Week article on "middle managers"
647.02MAAFA1::WYOUNGMon Oct 31 1988Shift change advice needed
648.03HPSCAD::ANASTASIAMon Oct 31 1988Metropolitan job solicitations
649.03DR::BLINNMon Oct 31 1988KO says we're doing just fine, thank you..
650.039WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEWed Nov 02 1988Last DECathlon cruise? End to Excellence awards?
651.02JET::SOUSAThu Nov 03 1988MLO Parking between BLDGs 1 and 3
652.035MIST::BOEVEThu Nov 03 1988Buy STOCK, ..not products?
653.09DLOACT::RESENDEThu Nov 03 1988DECWORLD '89 fades away ....
655.0110ALBANY::MULLERFri Nov 04 1988Secure networks, viruses, and the way we work at Digital
656.028GUCCI::HERBMon Nov 07 1988What we LIKE about Digital
658.036HPSRAD::SUSELWed Nov 09 1988NIO reorg?
659.022MARKER::BRAKOFri Nov 11 1988DEMAND SHUTTLE - throwing money away
660.023VIDEO::JOYPMon Nov 14 1988good MBA programs?
661.010KBOMFG::POSTMon Nov 14 1988Awards for Excellence ... What is it?
662.016DR::BLINNTue Nov 15 1988Personal responsibility for controlling rumors
663.05NOTIME::SACKSWed Nov 16 1988Holiday schedule?
664.05PVX::ENGThu Nov 17 1988Need help for summer hire referral
665.011IOENG::PARADISOThu Nov 17 1988Fulfilling Commitments
666.044--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 18 1988Photos needed for DEC brochure
667.018BINKLY::WINSTONMon Nov 21 1988Too much "bulk" mail?
668.08BUNYIP::QUODLINGMon Nov 21 1988Undervalued Veterans
669.024BTO::WILSON_LMon Nov 28 1988Verbal Offer ????
670.04FACVAX::GRAHAMWed Nov 30 19883D map of the Mill
671.08IND::MISRAHIThu Dec 01 1988Do DEC's corporate contributions benefit employees?
672.015IND::TRILLANAThu Dec 01 198886 tax law & vesting
673.046DPDMAI::MCCLELLANDFri Dec 02 1988Is our MIS based on I*M or DEC.
674.023VAXRT::WILLIAMSMon Dec 05 1988DEC University???
675.010FSTRCK::MITCHAMWed Dec 07 1988Recommended lodging in Bedford, MA...
676.096HPSCAD::FORTMILLERFri Dec 16 1988Child's Last Wish Mail - HOAX????
677.035NCPROG::SCOTTFri Dec 16 1988What is the big Sales UM Meeting all about?
678.02SUPER::HENDRICKSSun Dec 18 1988Helping the earthquake victims effectively
679.08TYCOBB::C_DENOPOULOSTue Dec 20 1988Toys for Tots
680.013IAMOK::DEVIVOTue Dec 20 1988Job sharing
682.011SNOCWed Dec 21 1988Job swapping?
683.022WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEWed Dec 28 1988FBV for car?
684.012SNFFLS::MADDUXThu Dec 29 1988VAX 88
685.0118WECARE::BAILEYFri Dec 30 1988Any teeth in No-Smoking rule?
686.021WMOIS::E_FINKELSENFri Dec 30 1988Borrow against SAVE fund?
687.03BUSY::KLEINBERGERTue Jan 03 1989Exploring Changing Fields within DEC
688.026FSTVAX::FOSTERWed Jan 04 1989Digital and minorities
689.012CGOOWed Jan 04 1989Goood mooorniiiing Nashua
690.022INFACT::GREENBERGThu Jan 05 1989Role of Personnel at DEC
691.06FDCVThu Jan 05 1989Does DEC have access to BJ's (% Store)???
692.036RDGENG::FORKESFri Jan 06 1989Clocking in .... SIR!
693.07TLE::KRUGERMon Jan 09 1989people-oriented positions?
694.034DR::BLINNMon Jan 09 1989Policy on business telephone use/abuse?
695.07GEMVAX::BUEHLERThu Jan 12 1989College Scholarships?
696.03--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 13 1989who do i ask about donating equpmt to h.s.s
697.029PHILEM::WELCHMon Jan 16 1989You are REDEPLOYABLE - as of TODAY!!! now what?
698.0TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Jan 17 1989DECtop Press Announcement question
699.032SMOOT::ROTHTue Jan 17 1989Workstations: Corporate feast, field famine?
700.025PAXVAX::NAYLORThu Jan 19 1989Parking lot abuse
701.035VIDEO::YEEFri Jan 20 1989role of recruiter??
702.032LAIDBK::RESKEMon Jan 23 1989Hello Atlanta ... R U There???
703.040CADSYS::RICHARDSONTue Jan 24 1989Does accrued vacation time vary by country?
704.014DLOACT::RESENDEWed Jan 25 1989Field Reorganization - Geography -> Industry
705.07WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEWed Jan 25 1989Does DEC operate fixed-wing passenger planes?
706.010--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 25 1989LISTEN IN ON CALLS
708.03EUREKA::DENISEFri Jan 27 1989fact or fiction.... `nother DEC facility?
709.0SMOOT::ROTHFri Jan 27 1989DVN Program: "Digital Quarterly Report"
710.06MSDSWS::SATTERFri Jan 27 1989Summer Hires & Co Ops
711.087KYOA::KOCHSat Jan 28 1989New Digital Benefits
712.040AKOV75::BIBEAULTMon Jan 30 1989InterOffice Mail: How Safe and/or Reliable?
713.012REGENT::MERRILLMon Jan 30 1989Choosing Plan 1 or Plan 2 ?
714.09DR::BLINNTue Jan 31 1989Leaving Digital.. Process? Advice? Experience?
715.02SMOOT::ROTHTue Jan 31 1989Customer Assistance Organization
716.0801VLNVAX::OSTIGUYThu Feb 02 1989Drug testing at Digital?
719.01LEDS::UYENOMon Feb 06 1989marketing internship program?
720.02ODIXIE::RIDGWAYTue Feb 07 1989Management Internship Program?
721.020EAGLE1::BRUNNERWed Feb 08 1989What does it take to be a Field Engineer?
722.09SMOOT::ROTHThu Feb 09 1989Ken Olsen on CNN Sunday, Feb. 12th
723.03VINO::DZIEDZICFri Feb 10 1989HMO Choice - Pilgrim vs CMHC
724.03GUIDUK::BURKESat Feb 11 1989International Relocation
725.034MTADMS::JOHNSONSun Feb 12 1989Security -- What's Your Perception?
726.05TAZRAT::CHERSONMon Feb 13 1989RS/1 anywhere?
727.071ULTRA::PRIBORSKYThu Feb 16 1989SAVE program suspension
728.021SETH::CHERSONThu Feb 16 1989Calif/no DTN's
729.03WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KESun Feb 19 1989basis?
730.026DECEAT::BHANDARKARSun Feb 19 1989It's a small world
732.05OKEY::COHENFri Feb 24 1989Hark! Hidden Treasures
733.038KUDZU::BOUKNIGHTSat Feb 25 1989Policy on "Animals in Digital facilities"?
734.024INCH::BADMANTue Feb 28 1989Looking for Journals ...
735.071WKRP::CHATTERJEEFri Mar 03 1989What kinds of people make up Digital Notes Conferees?
736.07WEDOIT::BELDINFri Mar 03 1989Stay within your own branch?
738.019DR::BLINNFri Mar 03 1989Working at Digital in the year 2
739.024SMEGIT::BALLAMFri Mar 03 1989Wyoming anyone?
740.09ULYSSE::WADESat Mar 04 1989Jokes about minorities
741.027SPGOGO::LEBLANCMon Mar 06 1989EAP experience -- what do you think?
742.028KYOA::SACHSMon Mar 06 1989HW Naming Conventions?
743.052SMAUG::GARRODTue Mar 07 1989DIGITAL.NOTE; comments on the moderation policy
744.025PERVAX::THOMPSONWed Mar 08 1989Career limiting mails to posters?
745.06ICS::GRAHAMThu Mar 09 1989Who's going to the new SHR?
747.08DPDMAI::AINSLEYFri Mar 10 1989Health Services...What is it, etc.
748.010BISTRO::WLODEKSun Mar 12 1989Vote of Confidence.
749.079COUNTSun Mar 12 1989"If you were Ken Olsen for a day..."
750.041SSPENG::MORGANMon Mar 13 1989DEC and US Constitutional Rights
751.06ICS::IWANOWICZMon Mar 13 1989The Mommy Track
752.058BOLT::MINOWMon Mar 13 1989Should developers rotate through field positions?
753.027CALL::SWEENEYMon Mar 13 1989Should field employees rotate through development positions?
754.07IRT::WELLISTue Mar 14 1989Confusion Reigns Re Eductn Tax
755.01CNTROL::PLOURDEWed Mar 15 1989IS Digital building in Loeminster?
756.053MISVAX::ROSSWed Mar 15 1989Is the Home Purchase program a benefit to all?
757.02PATOIS::GRAHAMThu Mar 16 1989Increased Mileage Reimbursment?
758.052LAIDBK::RESKETue Mar 21 1989Why are PMAX & PVAX both 31
759.013MAAFA1::WYOUNGWed Mar 22 1989Audit Mania
760.03HARPO::DUFRESNEWed Mar 22 1989MEM Information Services?
761.056WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEWed Mar 22 1989Cassette tapes are cost effective
763.018NCCODE::SCOTTFri Mar 24 1989The auditing *process* and its consequences
764.061HSSWS1::GREGSun Mar 26 1989Internal PID methodologies
765.096SMOOT::ROTHTue Mar 28 1989All Hands on DEC - Dave Grainger memo
767.057NISSAN::STIMSONThu Mar 30 1989A DEC way of living ?
768.040ZPOVMon Apr 03 1989Does Digital practice what it preaches?
769.043WIRDI::BARTHTue Apr 04 1989Are you a company resource?
770.02--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 05 1989Grace Hopper Speaking Engagement
771.09SAFETY::JACOBSWed Apr 05 1989Shuttle vans to commuter rail??
772.014DEMON::BOYLEWed Apr 05 1989Concerned about ozone
773.05PNO::LATHAMWed Apr 05 1989Accelerated downsizing in manufacturing?
774.063DIXIE1::CARNELLWed Apr 05 1989What is it that YOU want?
775.056INFACT::DATZMANMon Apr 10 1989199
776.030GLDOA::ROMANIKTue Apr 11 1989How Long Can/Should We Be Working?
777.017THRUST::MIANOTue Apr 11 1989Late night parking at the Mill
778.021ASPEN2::BOIKOWed Apr 12 1989Car windows broken at NIO - will DEC pay anything?
779.023BSS::RJONESWed Apr 12 1989Matching Gifts program
780.042CVG::THOMPSONWed Apr 12 1989DIGITAL (company and conference) is international
781.014NTSC::MICKOLThu Apr 13 1989Amateur Sports & Digital
782.024SSDEVO::ACKLEYThu Apr 13 1989Some CXO posted jobs not equally available to all
783.030NCCODE::SCOTTWed Apr 19 1989The grass ain't necessarily greener
785.03REGENT::MERRILLFri Apr 21 1989Name paranoia?
786.036REGENT::MERRILLFri Apr 21 1989Security paranoia?
787.022SCARY::M_DAVISSat Apr 22 1989Sharing the Burden?
788.012ZPOVMon Apr 24 1989Is smaller really better?
789.09COMICS::BUXTONTue Apr 25 1989Promotional vs Annual salary increases
790.025SSDEVO::ACKLEYTue Apr 25 1989"deadwood" is a dirty word
791.053CGOOTue Apr 25 1989Is freedom of expression protected at work?
792.046KYOA::MIANOTue Apr 25 1989How do reviews work at DEC?
793.065DR::BLINNWed Apr 26 1989A letter from Ken Olsen to employees
794.07COUNTThu Apr 27 1989Seeking information about "Sales Support"
795.016INFACT::NORTHERNFri Apr 28 1989Electronic SPRing
796.04--UnknownUser--Mon May 01 1989"No Backfill" policy?
797.088AD::SOMERSMon May 01 1989BUO (Bedford, MA) fate with moving to Boylston, MA?
798.031ADVAX::BCLARKWed May 03 1989Meetings...a pure waste of time
799.011MAMTS1::BPETERSWed May 03 1989Personal Leave of Absence
800.017STEREO::HOWARDThu May 04 1989European influence on new products/projects
802.032DR::BLINNThu May 04 1989Hiring the boss' relative
803.039DOODLE::MEAGHERThu May 04 1989How Productive Are Digital Employees?
805.02CLOVE::STEVENSONMon May 08 1989Where's MARKETING?
806.055RELYON::PMAXTue May 09 1989Employee Purchase Program woes..
807.037DNEAST::STARIE_DICKWed May 10 1989Are we repeating a "B" school problem?
808.035DELNI::B_DONOVANWed May 10 1989How IBM views Notes
809.029--UnknownUser--Wed May 10 1989Loose Cannons?
810.06ATPS::BERGERFri May 12 1989Is there an ethics committee??
811.096DR::BLINNMon May 15 1989DECUS experience -- feedback wanted
812.05RISKS::OPPMon May 15 1989Engineers --> Sales
813.023MISFIT::DEEPMon May 15 1989Ken's Salary in 1988
814.016--UnknownUser--Tue May 16 1989US Hiring Guidelines - USMC Memo
815.022WHYNOW::NEWMANTue May 16 1989Digital culture vs. elsewhere
816.011--UnknownUser--Tue May 16 1989State of the Company - One Anonymous Perspective
817.036KYOA::MIANOWed May 17 1989A source of information for New [Field] Employees?
818.0269ULTRA::PRIBORSKYThu May 18 1989Salary Planning
819.0SMOOT::ROTHFri May 19 1989John Sims' speech: Digital's values in times of change
820.025--UnknownUser--Fri May 19 1989Digital's New Austerity Program
821.0218SNOCMon May 22 1989Waste Watch
823.069ANALYZ::DUNAISKYTue May 23 1989Competitive SPR response times?
824.032WMOIS::FARHADIWed May 24 1989Help dealing with "METPAY"
825.07CSGThu May 25 1989Jack Sheilds VP Resignation Rumor False
826.06MERIDN::MATTHEWSFri May 26 1989How to Recognize a Company Car
827.08DR::BLINNThu Jun 01 1989The Executive Committee & Decision Making at Digital
828.025MERIDN::JENNINGSSat Jun 03 1989FY9
829.04SLDA5::DUNAISKYSun Jun 04 1989Product retirements: pre-announcement announcements?
830.012SNOCMon Jun 05 1989Concern about Digital Personnel in China
832.026EXIT1::FLEMINGWed Jun 07 1989Wellness Centers?
834.028ANALYZ::KEANEWed Jun 07 1989Bill of Rights
835.0ICESK8::KLEINBERGERTue Jun 13 1989Marketing Development Program
836.021ROMTue Jun 13 1989Employee Suggestion Program????
837.035CVG::THOMPSONWed Jun 14 1989Standby (on-call) Pay issues
838.025SAURUS::AICHERWed Jun 14 1989Incentives to Leave?
842.0107SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jun 16 1989Digital has a crisis in electronic communications
843.018ROMTue Jun 20 1989funny cost control
844.070CSSEDB::M_DAVISTue Jun 20 1989"Digital to retrain 4,
845.05SLSTRN::HEALYFri Jun 23 1989Pointer, Please?
846.031TOPDOC::AHERNMon Jun 26 1989Digital in South Africa?
847.077MERIDN::FERNALDWed Jun 28 1989DEC TV Commercials
848.041TRACTR::BACHThu Jun 29 1989Phone Answering Machines
849.031KYOA::MIANOFri Jun 30 1989Sales Support Moved to Sales
850.016LESLIE::LESLIEMon Jul 03 1989AVIS and NATIONAL car hire rates - note CDW not needed for Personal Hire
851.020SSDEVO::EGGERSThu Jul 06 1989Topic for local peculiarities
852.037LESLIE::LESLIEFri Jul 07 1989Noter needs advice - Honesty vs. Mgt Wishes
853.032VIA::GLANTZMon Jul 10 1989Gordon Bell
855.032HAZEL::LEFEBVRETue Jul 11 1989What CAN Be Discussed in Here?
856.09BLURAY::BRITTTue Jul 11 1989*BIG MEETING @ World Trade Center*
858.015AKO569::JOYWed Jul 12 1989DIGITAL employee to participate in shuttle program
859.062LEAF::JONGWed Jul 12 1989"Annals of Radiation"
860.011QUARK::LIONELWed Jul 12 1989Manager leaving - do I have to leave too?
861.04MSAMFri Jul 14 1989Dismissing Employees
862.013NUTMEG::SILVERBERGFri Jul 14 1989Massachusetts: topic closed by Moderator: AJL
863.08TOKLAS::FELDMANFri Jul 14 1989How are facilities factored into cost center budges?
864.039COUNTMon Jul 17 1989How about an "ANNOUNCEMENTS" conference?
865.012--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 17 1989Pension lump sum calculation?
866.02CTOAVX::BRAVERMANMon Jul 17 1989DECperson Profile
868.019IND::MISRAHIThu Jul 20 1989VAX : computer or vacuum cleaner
869.038NATASH::HYATTThu Jul 20 1989Doing the right thing
871.030SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Jul 25 1989Digital-to-Digital issues and the employee agreement
872.0137CASEE::LACROIXWed Jul 26 1989Getting tired of rumours
873.014BLKWDO::HANSONThu Jul 27 1989Matrix management info
874.025BARTLE::FALIVENAThu Jul 27 1989Evolution vs. Acquisition
875.06MAMTS1::DVISTICAThu Jul 27 1989Dec Earnings
876.060IND::MISRAHIThu Jul 27 1989Signing Performance Appraisals.
877.014CRBOSS::PIERPONTMon Jul 31 1989DEC at WGBH
878.016AKOV88::BIBEAULTMon Jul 31 1989Productivity & Stock Options
879.056ROMTue Aug 01 1989Corp culture at Convex. - Lessons for Digital
880.0STEREO::HOWARDWed Aug 02 1989DEC U. in the Boston Globe today.
881.08ASDS::WALSHWed Aug 02 1989Fiscal Years
882.010BURREN::UNLSTD_PARTSThu Aug 03 1989Looking for Career Days information
883.0103REGENT::LEVINEThu Aug 03 1989What will YOU do?
884.023LABC::FRIEDMANFri Aug 04 1989_Digital News_ Not Free?
885.04ASPEN2::BOIKOMon Aug 07 1989Computer Museum tickets..???
886.041KYOA::MIANOMon Aug 07 1989Is the hiring freeze over?
887.040CURIE::HAMMONDTue Aug 08 1989Fred Wang Resigns: Lessons for DIGITAL here?
888.08BURREN::UNLSTD_PARTSFri Aug 11 1989Info on upcoming board of directors mtg.?
889.053CVG::THOMPSONFri Aug 11 1989What do you do if they *are* out to get you?
891.096DLOACT::RESENDESun Aug 13 1989DIGITAL & the 9
893.07SNOCMon Aug 14 1989Discounts at Disneyland - info wanted
894.06CAM::JOHNSONWed Aug 16 1989info on paper destruction needed
895.011DLOACT::RESENDEPWed Aug 16 1989The "certs per second" mentality: long term effects???
896.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Aug 17 1989Cultural Litmus Tests
897.02RAINBO::YEETue Aug 22 1989relocation, broker selection
898.05KYOA::MIANOTue Aug 22 1989NON$ PRIZE
899.08JUPITR::BOURQUEDATue Aug 22 1989Fair Shake
900.0LCDR::REITERThu Aug 24 1989Invitation & ASM Program
901.08SLOAN::HOMThu Aug 24 1989DTN/location codes
902.045MISERY::BLUM_JOMon Aug 28 1989Avid noters
903.06USATThu Aug 31 1989"Cranky computer exec"
904.087ANRCHY::SUSSWEINFri Sep 01 1989Petty cash is living up to it's name
905.020KYOA::MIANOFri Sep 01 1989How long does it take to get reimbursed?
906.013RISKS::OPPTue Sep 05 1989Economy up, computers down ?
910.050AUSTIN::UNLANDMon Sep 11 1989DEC being used as a negative example?
911.01716BITS::DELBALSOTue Sep 12 1989What constitutes a "losing quarter"?
912.016HOTAIR::PAINTERTue Sep 12 1989No promotions?
913.054EMASS::ISLERTue Sep 12 1989Deflation of Ratings?
915.072BAGELS::CARROLLWed Sep 13 1989Is there teamwork in DEC???
917.05BARTLE::ROSSWed Sep 13 1989AIDS support groups
918.01PNO::KELLOGGThu Sep 14 1989Employee Buyout - Incentive to leave - Globe article
919.08EIGER::GUTZWILLERThu Sep 14 1989try to convince a stranger...
920.063STAR::GRIFFINFri Sep 15 1989Leagues Digital does not like, are not allowed!
922.028HILLST::KOPECFri Sep 15 1989Relocation appeal process - does it work?
923.023SAGE::ROGERS_RSun Sep 17 1989Valuing Differences???
924.02NWACES::LINNWed Sep 20 1989why do we need an outside consultant
925.025SNOCWed Sep 20 1989Export Compliance - WHY?
926.027SMOOT::ROTHThu Sep 21 1989DVN and the DEC way of working
927.01DECWET::SIEBOLDThu Sep 21 1989Interesting figures....
928.046SMAUG::GARRODThu Sep 21 1989DSSG in Spitbrook is out to poach people
929.05THEPIC::AINSLEYFri Sep 22 1989Why do the trainees come to the trainers?
930.05CSCMA::OBRIENFri Sep 22 1989Video/Tele-conferencing Conference Rooms ?
931.05SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Sep 25 1989The Permanent Organizational Structure
932.057MERCY::CONNELLYMon Sep 25 1989Should Workstation users be licensed?
933.05WKRP::BRIDGESTue Sep 26 1989Digital-The Next Decade Employees?
934.064NEWVAX::PAVLICEKTue Sep 26 1989New Policy on System Use, including NOTES
935.022ZPOAC6::HWCHOYTue Sep 26 1989US Sales Reorg
936.011POBOX::LEVINWed Sep 27 1989I used to work in binary!
937.05KYOA::MIANOWed Sep 27 1989How are the DCCs going?
938.04HYDRA::R_CARROLLThu Sep 28 1989Retraining info needed!
939.036NISSAN::STIMSONFri Sep 29 1989 WSJ Editorial on Digital
941.017CURIE::BEELERMon Oct 02 1989ALL-IN-1 & "Corporate policy"
942.0225SUCCES::SOBECKYMon Oct 02 1989Have salaries been thawed yet?
943.017DR::BLINNTue Oct 03 1989Digital announces resignation of Jack Shields
944.052ISLNDS::BAHLINTue Oct 03 1989Work in Paradise.....For what?
946.04--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 04 1989Dec Stock Question.
947.06RIPPLE::PETTIGREW_MIWed Oct 04 1989Relocation can be taxing
948.09ZPOAC6::HWCHOYWed Oct 04 1989VAXnotes as training medium
949.02COMET::LAFORESTThu Oct 05 1989Why doesn't DEC advertise?
950.04WELSWS::RISDONThu Oct 05 19891989 Digital Figures needed NOW!
951.02WELSWS::RISDONMon Oct 09 1989Help needed for a Strategic Account
952.04--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 09 1989"NEW" product/part definition requested....
953.02DR::BLINNTue Oct 10 1989"The trouble with Digital" (Boston Globe via VNS)
954.022WILKIE::COBBTue Oct 10 1989"If I were Captain"
955.039MLTVAX::SAVAGETue Oct 17 1989Group discussion: dealing with current stresses?
956.014SCARY::M_DAVISTue Oct 17 1989Disaster Recovery/No. California Quake
957.0282CLOSET::T_PARMENTERWed Oct 18 1989ELF vs. VTX ELF
958.04CURIE::HAMMONDThu Oct 19 1989Q1 FY9
959.015SWAMI::LAMIASat Oct 21 1989Strange message on new poster appearing on the walls
960.016HWSSSFri Oct 27 1989Why do we not learn from predecessors?
961.04CSA4::NESTORMon Oct 30 1989Looking for info on the Customer Events Group
962.026LESCOM::CLOSETue Oct 31 1989Can We Avoid the GM Syndrome?
963.037MSCSSE::LENNARDThu Nov 02 1989Digital is Hiring Where???
964.03ADVAX::BCLARKFri Nov 03 1989VAX Vacuum Cleaners and VAX Trademark
967.040CVG::THOMPSONMon Nov 06 1989Numbers vs. Service Philosophy
968.06JAWJA::GRESHTue Nov 07 1989Digital among Top 1
970.031CVG::THOMPSONFri Nov 10 1989Big Brother - Programs that spy on users
971.058CIMNET::TOBINFri Nov 17 1989acronym translator
972.065DELREY::WEYER_JITue Nov 21 1989Winter Holiday Season: EAC & activities
973.032DARTH::MIANOWed Nov 22 1989Are People Leaving?
974.014ESCROW::KILGOREMon Nov 27 1989Are product announcement rules changing?
975.032KYOA::SCHULZWed Nov 29 1989It's a 9 month freese, folks!
976.028JUMBLY::DAYMon Dec 04 1989An old argument (CASE/RAD)
977.053KYOA::MENNERThu Dec 07 1989Salary sub ranges?
978.07FLYSQD::MONTVILLEThu Dec 07 1989Quality question
979.023MSCSSE::LENNARDMon Dec 11 1989DECWORLD (DTW, NH View, Etc) Who needs it??
980.044HBO::EMMONSTue Dec 12 1989takeover protection policy?
981.0285KOAL::LAURENTWed Dec 13 1989Valuing Differences rathole starts here
982.015ROYALT::JOYPThu Dec 14 1989job level changes
983.025CVG::THOMPSONWed Dec 27 1989FAX Usage at Digital
984.08CSSE32::BELLETETETue Dec 19 1989Change to 2nd surgical opinion policy
985.015DIXIE1::CARNELLTue Dec 19 1989Dec12 Employee Quarterly Report DVN
986.042NOSNOW::CARNELLThu Dec 21 1989Office Politics & Bureaucracy
987.015SVBEV::VECRUMBAThu Dec 21 1989Job-related tax deductions?
988.08FSTTOO::BEANTue Dec 26 1989DEC travel = course failed?
989.024ODIXIE::CARNELLTue Dec 26 1989What is the Digital dream?
990.011LAGUNA::SALESWed Dec 27 1989Job levels
991.0169MUSKIE::SCOTTGWed Dec 27 1989"Hey man, it's not *my* job"...
992.02IAMOK::DELUCOFri Dec 29 1989Australia Earth Quake
993.068NOSNOW::CARNELLFri Dec 29 1989Go find yourself a new job.
994.019MUSKIE::SCOTTGFri Dec 29 1989A good "I'll help even though it's not my job" sstory
995.018NOSNOW::CARNELLTue Jan 02 1990Barn Raising in Digital
999.031ATODLO::ISELI_DFri Jan 05 1990DECcies w/Own Business
1000.01BAGELS::LEVYFri Jan 05 1990Extra company holiday in CY9
1001.04KYOA::BAUMANFri Jan 05 1990who reviews outside technologys?
1002.016SMOOT::ROTHWed Jan 10 1990Can you create your own job within DEC?
1003.06DEMON::CRAMERWed Jan 10 1990Request for info on audio learning...
1004.0136HPSCAD::FORTMILLERFri Jan 12 1990Warning: Computing can be HAZARDOUS
1005.0WILARD::MATTHEWSMon Jan 15 1990Circle of Excellence dates?
1006.075COMET::LAFORESTMon Jan 15 1990Profanity in the workplace.
1007.024ODIXIE::CARNELLMon Jan 15 1990Banish Secrecy Rule
1008.061CSC32::PITTWed Jan 17 1990How to Get ahead at DEC.
1009.018ODIXIE::CARNELLWed Jan 17 1990CIDNI Groups
1010.070MPGS::BOYANWed Jan 17 1990DEC - Global Competition?
1011.018PSYCHE::DMCLUREFri Jan 19 1990The Two-Year Commitment
1012.04BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSun Jan 21 1990Car Plan B depreciation
1013.09--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 22 1990Help Finding Box for Customer
1015.057COVERT::COVERTTue Jan 23 1990DEC Layoff Rumour published in DECUSCOPE
1016.0PENUTS::JLAMOTTEFri Jan 26 1990Monet Lottery
1017.010CIVIC::WEBERMon Jan 29 1990HELP: Salary Review & JEC Trouble
1018.066ODIXIE::CARNELLTue Jan 30 1990State of the Company Address by Ken Olsen
1019.03SMAUG::GARRODThu Feb 01 1990New meaning for the term 'RESTRICTED DISTRIBUTION'
1020.038NOSNOW::CARNELLFri Feb 02 1990Business Creativity - 3 Types Needed
1021.05UFHIS::WMUELLERMon Feb 05 19902-months-jobs needed for SW-trainees in the US
1023.07PRSIS4::WDAVIESMon Feb 05 1990Employee Purchase Program and Europe
1024.0109PSYCHE::DMCLUREMon Feb 05 1990Information Sharing - For Fun & Profit
1025.037HGOVC::KENBERKUNTue Feb 06 1990University Education - GEEP
1026.055REGENT::MERRILLThu Feb 08 1990when CLD or SPR?
1027.022NEWVAX::ZIMMERMANNMon Feb 12 1990OK enough, now what?
1028.06STRIKE::KANNANMon Feb 12 1990Digital Library, On-line Catalog issues...
1029.028DEBUG::GALLOTue Feb 13 1990Purchase of Plan A Cars
1030.016WILARD::STAMATIENWed Feb 14 1990Measuring productivity
1031.06POLAR::PONDSat Feb 17 1990Short Field Assignments.
1032.09SHADO::ARVIDSONMon Feb 19 1990What are the COD jobs *really* like?
1033.018JOET::JOETTue Feb 20 1990Counting DECcies: from "gross" to "equivalent"
1034.022DELREY::WEYER_JIWed Feb 21 1990Digital makes the News
1035.028SVBEV::VECRUMBAWed Feb 21 1990Digital management: where do _we_ go from here?
1036.020SCCAT::BOUCHARDFri Feb 23 1990QUIET in the workplace
1037.045ODIXIE::CARNELLTue Feb 27 1990Digital+Mitsubishi Merger - Pros and Cons
1038.046ATLACT::GIBSON_DWed Feb 28 1990Iacocca response to Morita's book
1039.058RIPPLE::KOTTERRIFri Mar 02 1990A day in the life of a DEC sales rep...
1041.026SWSCHZ::THOMPSONSun Mar 04 1990VAX a commodity?
1042.02--UnknownUser--Sat Dec 05 1992Conference directory
1044.014VERITA::BAHLINWed Mar 07 1990Career changes! Possible in DEC?
1045.08MPO::LONGOThu Mar 08 19904 Months until transfer to new CC?
1046.011GRINS::MCFARLANDThu Mar 08 1990Info on DEC for a Marlboro Student
1047.013OLDTMR::DMCLUREThu Mar 08 1990DIGITAL: a virtual notesfile
1048.070SMAUG::GARRODFri Mar 09 1990Why is the severence package so generous?
1049.08RTOEU::HSTOECKLINMon Mar 12 1990Neural Networks at DIGITAL
1050.029ABACUS::BEELERFri Mar 16 1990Where do you draw the line?
1051.08SHALOT::FAILESat Mar 17 1990Does Performance really make a Difference?
1052.09MAIL::DUNCANGSat Mar 17 1990Details of Col Springs ?
1053.012XCUSME::KOSKIMon Mar 19 1990More Relocation Blues
1054.07QUAGMO::CHERSONMon Mar 19 1990a theoretical problem
1055.013HANDVC::SIMONSZETOWed Mar 21 1990White envelopes
1056.09ODIXIE::BAHLWed Mar 21 1990"Few Good Words" for the Road
1057.051ODIXIE::CARNELLThu Mar 22 1990DELTA program -- U.S. Field
1058.036NEWVAX::SGRIFFINThu Mar 22 1990Question on work-related phone line
1059.0VISHNU::KRISHNASWAMYFri Mar 23 1990volunteering opportunity
1061.03BOLT::MINOWSat Mar 24 1990Sad news - An Wang died today
1062.08POBOX::LANGSTONSat Mar 24 1990DEC Philosophy - Where?
1063.018COVERT::COVERTTue Mar 27 1990Dunning our customers when _we_owe_them_???!!?!?!
1064.022SAUTER::SAUTERWed Mar 28 1990hazardous working conditions
1067.017LAGUNA::DERY_CHThu Mar 29 1990Dumped by Metpay
1068.06116BITS::DELBALSOFri Mar 30 1990Mismanaged Buyout Plan - What's wrong with this picture
1069.014FDCVFri Mar 30 1990"THE PLAN":WHO AND WHY
1070.019CSSE32::M_DAVISFri Mar 30 1990FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE '9
1071.012RDVAX::MACHEFSKYMon Apr 02 1990Honor at Digital
1072.03FSTVAX::HANAUERThu Apr 05 1990BOSTON EARTH DAY -- Sunday, April 22
1073.018FTMUDG::HOOVERSun Apr 08 1990Internal training on company time?
1075.03WILKIE::COBBTue Apr 10 1990How are things at Digital?
1076.044RANGER::KALIKOWTue Apr 10 1990Is it 'PC' to use a Mac at DEC? :-)
1077.0PENUTS::CPERSONWed Apr 11 1990SCHOOL
1078.011ODIXIE::CARNELLThu Apr 12 1990Donkey Otey's Tilted Windmill Club
1079.08WORDY::GANLEYThu Apr 12 1990Query on Sr. VP for Ops.
1080.01STAR::BUDAFri Apr 13 1990Forward - March...
1081.019CLOVE::LYNCHMon Apr 16 1990Can an Individual still make a difference?
1082.054CSC32::J_OPPELTMon Apr 16 1990Digital will control and minimize waste generation
1083.016TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Apr 16 1990Can/should one 'get it in writing' comfortably?
1084.03HPSCAD::CCHENWed Apr 18 1990Digital's profit margins
1088.015USEM::ROSENZWEIGThu Apr 19 19903rd Quarter Restruc charges
1090.06KYOA::MIANOFri Apr 20 1990Offers of Money from Recruiters
1091.02PARZVL::KENNEDYTue Apr 24 1990How do you work?
1093.01SENIOR::YEATMANThu Apr 26 1990Digital Services Univ?
1094.032SCAACT::RESENDEThu Apr 26 1990Career Blocking in DEC - a sign of the times?
1096.04WILKIE::CORZINEMon Apr 30 1990Will ULTRIX/SQL kill the goose?
1097.015MSAMMon Apr 30 1990Digital Course Completion Certificates
1098.011SALEM::POTUCEKThu May 03 1990Mileage Increase ??
1099.017SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon May 07 1990State of the Company 199
1100.019NITMOI::DECRADIOMon May 07 1990DECradio Pilot
1101.09SDOGUS::ARVIDSONThu May 10 1990Disability Tax?
1102.030ATLACT::GIBSON_DThu May 10 1990returning phone calls policy?
1103.0REGENT::MERRILLFri May 11 1990street names ?
1104.02REGENT::MERRILLFri May 11 1990Pension Plan Expenses - how much?
1106.03DUGGAN::PEARSONMon May 14 1990History Lecture on Computer Graphics
1107.01LASCPM::BARNETTEMon May 14 1990Color printer product management
1108.093ODIXIE::CARNELLMon May 14 1990Unmasking Incompetent Managers
1109.014BABBLE::MEAGHERFri May 18 1990What is LKP 595?
1110.0ALOSWS::KOZAKIEWICZSat May 19 1990Digital NBA Coach of the Year
1111.018ABSZK::SZETOMon May 21 1990Is being Number One important?
1112.02AYOV1Mon May 21 1990Senior VP promoted - did you know?
1113.039NEWVAX::ZIMMERMANNMon May 21 1990Revised (?) Open Door policy...
1114.09OAXCEL::GOODWINWed May 23 1990Career Step Back?
1115.028ODIXIE::CARNELLThu May 24 1990Link the Leaders of the World
1116.046DEMING::WILSONMon May 28 1990Field work at Digital?
1117.01TARKIN::HAYSThu May 31 1990Usenet news on DEC and VAX 9
1119.010SFCPMO::GREENESat Jun 09 1990Looking for Digital ORG chart.
1120.052FNYTC6::HOUZEMon Jun 11 1990BEER AT WORK
1121.011ODIXIE::BAHLMon Jun 11 1990"Winning the Quota Battle"
1122.0SCARGO::WEISMAN_ETue Jun 12 1990DELTA-Employees Sharing Ideas
1123.013WMOIS::FARHADIWed Jun 13 1990Looking for library of serial numbers
1124.070CLOSUS::WOODWARDWed Jun 13 1990Corporate Travel = Savings??
1125.033ODIXIE::CARNELLWed Jun 13 1990Intolerance = bigotry in Digital?
1126.016EXIT26::STRATTONWed Jun 13 1990Rebate to Customer if DEC does not Deliver?
1127.013COUNTThu Jun 14 1990Let's track, optimize and audit our people's skills
1128.0288STAR::DIPIRROFri Jun 15 1990Disturbing benefit rumor
1129.010ICESK8::KLEINBERGERFri Jun 15 1990Sales training from COD transfers
1130.020SALEM::KUPTONMon Jun 18 1990Refund of DEC Money
1131.01CSGTue Jun 19 1990Ken Olsen Interview
1132.02SHIRE::GOLDBLATTTue Jun 19 1990What's to be done ?
1133.018ODIXIE::CARNELLTue Jun 19 1990Mike Hammer, Detective
1134.014QUARK::LIONELTue Jun 19 1990Anonymous entry - The perils of forecasted performance ratings
1135.049ODIXIE::CARNELLWed Jun 20 1990Manager Training
1136.015BIGUN::SIMPSONThu Jun 21 1990a plea for some sanity
1137.09MSAMSun Jun 24 1990JP&R's, Salaries, Promotions and Authority of PMs
1138.047EPIK::MJDAILEYMon Jun 25 1990Contacting DECworld '9
1139.035SPICE::PECKARFri Jun 29 1990Electronic Frontier Foundation
1140.048ODIXIE::CARNELLTue Jul 03 1990Exit Interviews
1141.013ARGUS::BISSELLTue Jul 10 1990TAX IMPACT
1142.031AMELIA::SEGALThu Jul 12 1990Incoming US Mail Being Trashed at MLO Mailroom
1143.044DEC25::BRUNOMon Jul 16 1990Reimbursing required extra Child Care?
1144.049PACKER::STIMSONTue Jul 17 1990System Management Policies
1145.011CRBOSS::PIERPONTTue Jul 17 1990Century University/California Coast University
1147.039CSSE32::M_DAVISWed Jul 25 1990Year-end Results
1148.063SLIPUP::DMCLUREThu Jul 26 1990The Corporate War Machine: Maintaining Troop Morale
1150.042ODIXIE::CARNELLTue Jul 31 1990POWER
1151.061GUIDUK::B_WOODWed Aug 01 1990Car plan B CHANGES
1152.025ASDS::COHENFri Aug 03 1990Automobile policies
1153.05CADSE::HARDINGMon Aug 06 1990Littleton the cross roads of traffic
1154.05GBMMKT::MCMAHONTue Aug 07 1990Acronyms & Productivity
1155.039CADSE::HARDINGWed Aug 08 1990harassment from other sources
1156.02ROYALT::JELENIEWSKIMon Aug 13 1990has LANCASTER been resurected?
1157.019WMOIS::NAIMARK_DWed Aug 15 19909 to 2
1158.011CHESS::KAIKOWThu Aug 16 1990Open access to sensitive publications in DEC libraries
1159.0VCSESU::OPPThu Aug 16 1990Request for contacts
1160.017ODIXIE::CARNELLFri Aug 17 1990Improvements within Digital
1161.0GUFFAW::LINNSat Aug 18 1990cross-referencing topics to MARKETING
1162.081CSC32::S_HALLMon Aug 20 1990Software quality plummets...what to do ?
1163.027PEACHS::BELDINMon Aug 20 1990Charity seekers at work
1164.011CSGWed Aug 22 1990Modest Proposal
1165.09COOKIE::LENNARDWed Aug 22 1990Headcount Still Growing??
1166.010TODD::WARNOCKWed Aug 22 1990Bill Ferry resigns to go to Wang
1167.02CSGFri Aug 24 1990A comedy, in three acts, ...
1168.012ICS::WINGJTue Aug 28 1990AIDS quilt on display at MIT
1170.01MUCTEC::WENDLWed Aug 29 1990DECpress
1171.06OTOOWed Aug 29 1990DEC freight charges ripoff?
1172.0BCSE::KREFETZWed Aug 29 1990change (How I learned to dock my cabincruiser)
1173.024PARITY::JOSHIThu Aug 30 1990Digital medical policy: Is there any incentive for people not to goto the emergency room?
1174.012LASSIE::OFSEVITThu Aug 30 1990any connection to Mass High Tech?
1175.048PENUTS::JLAMOTTEThu Aug 30 1990DVN Broadcast - August 3
1177.04RDGENG::GUNDRYFri Sep 07 1990Searching for Digital's sites
1178.057INISH::HORGANFri Sep 07 1990Jack Smith memo on new IEG rules
1179.012NETMAN::SEGERFri Sep 07 1990Harvard Community Health Plans cost reduction policy
1180.017SMAUG::GARRODFri Sep 07 1990A flame at over moderation
1181.022COUNTSun Sep 09 1990Working Conditions - could we do better?
1182.062TLE::AMARTINMon Sep 10 1990'MORE EASY STUFF' [mileage, lunches, relocation]
1183.023SONATA::BERGERONMon Sep 10 1990Writing to Service Men/Women in Saudi Arabia
1184.01STAR::DIPIRROTue Sep 11 1990Interesting: Boston vs. Silicon Valley
1185.023QUARK::LIONELTue Sep 11 1990Short Term Disability insensitivity
1186.0105STAR::DIPIRROTue Sep 11 1990More cutbacks - Save millions!
1187.027MOCA::BELDINWed Sep 12 1990Management Puzzles
1188.021STKMKT::SWEENEYSat Sep 15 1990Cheats, money wasters, abusers of the "system"
1189.050AUSTIN::UNLANDMon Sep 17 1990Going international all the way
1190.060WORDY::JONGTue Sep 18 1990Cutting printing costs fifty percent?
1191.019AKOVWed Sep 19 1990The Mass Primary (the ins are out) and Digital
1192.056SYZYGY::SOPKAWed Sep 19 1990Jack Smith DVN broadcast - Sept 28th, 199
1193.027CHEFS::OSBORNECThu Sep 20 1990Short term gain vs medium term risk
1194.04CIMAMT::ZEREGAThu Sep 20 1990Early Retirement Plan???
1195.031SAHQ::STARIEThu Sep 20 1990Stock Price < Cash Value
1196.05KEYS::MOELLERThu Sep 20 1990A Paradox
1197.0616BITS::DELBALSOThu Sep 20 1990Would real health insurance be better?
1198.014TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Sep 24 1990frustration born out of a sense of caring
1199.01ICS::WEBERTue Sep 25 1990Is This Digital? It Sure Sounds Familiar
1200.02BRULE::CUTRITue Sep 25 1990Where are the DECworld bags?
1201.017TANG::TANGTue Sep 25 1990"Deadwood"
1202.037BABBLE::MEAGHERWed Sep 26 1990Task Force to Streamline Firing?
1203.013ODIXIE::CARNELLThu Sep 27 1990DEC's "fundamental" business defined
1204.027BOSACT::EARLYThu Sep 27 1990I'll Take One Of These If There's One Left ...
1205.04SICML::LEVINFri Sep 28 1990In the beginning was The Plan
1206.041SMOOT::ROTHFri Sep 28 1990Digital's management structure: Then -vs- Now
1208.091ODIXIE::CARNELLMon Oct 01 1990Co-dependency within Digital
1209.022ROMMon Oct 01 1990Digital taboos, Q2 'FY91
1210.023TIGEMS::ARNOLDMon Oct 01 1990How does Digital treat its temps/contractors?
1211.05SFCPMO::NGUYENMon Oct 01 1990Help, I am desperate.!!
1212.03CSS::RCOLLINSTue Oct 02 1990Who is Sniffing Around?
1213.037SYZYGY::SOPKATue Oct 02 1990"Employee Communication" from Jack Smith
1214.040COOKIE::LENNARDWed Oct 03 1990When is Voluntary not voluntary??
1215.03USEM::CADLEThu Oct 04 1990Answers to Questions Sent In
1216.010ICS::WEBERThu Oct 04 1990What Notesfile?
1217.05SA1794::CHARBONNDFri Oct 05 1990jobs - *XXX only*
1218.08MYGUY::LANDINGHAMFri Oct 05 1990TopMapping
1219.01CHESS::KAIKOWFri Oct 05 1990Tools for distribution lists
1220.0CVG::THOMPSONFri Oct 05 1990Digital and floods in Chihuahua, Mexico
1221.020CHESS::KAIKOWSun Oct 07 1990DEC's liability, real or imagined?
1222.018COVERT::COVERTMon Oct 08 19908
1223.0120ECAD2::KINZELMANTue Oct 09 1990Jack Smith's fireside chat
1224.019COOKIE::LENNARDThu Oct 11 1990Still Lot's of Good Managers Around
1225.036RANGER::JCAMPBELLThu Oct 11 1990Letter to Jack Smith, add-on to Kinzelman memo
1226.02STKMKT::SWEENEYThu Oct 11 1990Out-sourcing the mailroom and duplicating
1227.020STKMKT::SWEENEYThu Oct 11 1990Smith quoted in FORTUNE
1228.0123SAHQ::CARNELLDSun Oct 14 19901
1229.019ZENDIA::HERBISONMon Oct 15 1990Who believes there is a lack of management leadership?
1230.049CSSE32::LESLIETue Oct 16 1990Pride in DIGITAL, Pride in our work
1231.07AKOVTue Oct 16 1990DEC Fantasy...
1232.02SHIRE::GOLDBLATTTue Oct 16 1990do the right thing!
1233.013THRILL::WILSTue Oct 16 1990Let's change the metrics!
1235.01BEAGLE::WLODEKThu Oct 18 1990Proposal Design Ressource Center.
1236.032MPO::GILBERTThu Oct 18 1990LIVEWIRE announcement - Q1 results
1237.03ESRAD::DONATHFri Oct 19 1990"Don't Do Something, Stand There!"
1238.014AUSSIE::BAKERSun Oct 21 1990Voice of America = digital today?
1239.08WJOUSM::CASHMon Oct 22 1990STOCK MTG - WHEN?
1240.016SAHQ::CARNELLDMon Oct 22 1990the will to compete and WIN!
1242.018SMOOT::ROTHTue Oct 23 1990Branch manager/leader for DEC field offices?
1243.03IAMOK::DEVIVOWed Oct 24 1990Service awards mailing screw-up
1244.014BRSPMG::SIMONISFri Oct 26 1990Fantasy / Ask Mr Asimov to take an audit...
1245.021FSTTOO::BEANFri Oct 26 1990let's have a comparison
1246.02SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Oct 26 1990foreward !
1247.022SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Oct 26 1990On Knowing Digital
1248.026DYPSS1::DYSERTMon Oct 29 1990Valuing Differences? Christians need not apply.
1249.012MARMAT::JERRYMon Oct 29 1990Financial Goals of Digital?
1250.010VAXUUM::WITTBECKERTue Oct 30 1990Proposal for ecological department
1251.029GARIT::VANSICLENWed Oct 31 1990On line Digital forms?
1252.010CHEFS::EASTERBROOKWed Oct 31 1990Could this just be the begining ?
1254.04SALISH::LEAVITT_ROThu Nov 01 1990CD-Rom transfer service?
1255.02CIVIC::FERRIGNOFri Nov 02 1990Competency-based learning
1256.0SKETCH::DORSEYFri Nov 02 1990human factors test: humans needed
1258.062CRAZY::QUINNFri Nov 02 1990How can we save money expeditiously ???????
1259.024COUNTMon Nov 05 1990Amateurism at Digital
1260.012ANNE1::SMITHMon Nov 05 1990a DECie for Governor?
1261.055ENOVAX::WATSONMon Nov 05 19901991 Fleet Car Selections
1262.09--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 05 1990Free medical examinations
1266.052CSOA1::BSMITHFri Nov 09 1990Christmas Parties at DEC?
1267.018DELNI::B_DONOVANFri Nov 09 1990Some food for thought on Transition
1268.01ODIXIE::SILVERSMon Nov 12 1990Employee feedback - it works in DIGITAL!
1269.011MAGOS::BELDINMon Nov 12 1990Default Accountability for Decisions - a personal position
1270.034CIVIC::JANEBMon Nov 12 1990Memo subject prefixes (I) / (A) / more?
1271.038--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 13 1990Volunteering for the buyout ?
1272.0105CSC32::J_WETHERNTue Nov 13 1990Hawaii Boon-doggle
1273.025AOXOA::STANLEYWed Nov 14 1990Six Sigma
1274.037BIGJOE::DMCLUREFri Nov 16 1990The Art of Retaining Quality Employees
1275.07SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Nov 20 1990Digital has crisis in face-to-face communications
1276.01FASDER::AHERBTue Nov 20 1990Customer Literature Mailing Database?
1277.09NEWVAX::PAVLICEKTue Nov 20 1990Jack Smith Comments from DVN 11/19/9
1278.063PNO::SANDERSBTue Nov 20 1990PNO Plant Closure
1279.024MAIL::DUNCANGTue Nov 20 1990Only 8
1280.05HERON::PERLAThu Nov 22 1990The Art of Transitioning Fairly - An Example
1281.05BOSACT::CHERSONSun Nov 25 1990"virtual office"
1282.032WFOVX8::WHITTEMORE_JMon Nov 26 1990'The Drug Information Booklet'
1283.01CSCOAC::CONWAY_JMon Nov 26 1990TFSO People should stick together...
1284.054CVG::THOMPSONMon Nov 26 1990How many managers does Digital have or need?
1285.0--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 28 1990DIGITAL TODAY, and forever,and forever.........
1286.09QUARK::LIONELThu Nov 29 1990Collecting ideas on how to waste money?
1287.01EAGLE1::BRUNNERThu Nov 29 1990Reimbursement for Courses, Spring '91 ?
1288.02SKYWAY::ZAHNDRThu Nov 29 1990Smoking policies in Switzerland
1289.021CNTROL::AMOSFri Nov 30 1990HMO's. Your experiences
1290.023USCTR2::DIIULIOFri Nov 30 1990Turkey Tickets-TFSO People
1291.022POCUS::HOFri Nov 30 1990Achieving Excellence
1292.07WEDOIT::NANCYFri Nov 30 1990Unemployment for TFSO?
1293.054WEDOIT::NANCYFri Nov 30 1990Possible $ saving ideas?
1295.04CSGMon Dec 03 1990The Purcahse price
1296.048ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYMon Dec 03 1990Post-it-notes: Overused but unnecessary
1297.024DPDMAI::EORDOGHMon Dec 03 1990Is it worth imploring for Help???
1298.028AMELIA::SEGALTue Dec 04 1990New Med Ins Forms & Privacy Violation
1299.048USWAV1::BRAMHALLWed Dec 05 1990Circle of Excellence?
1300.0105VIRGO::MASTENWed Dec 05 1990What is Digital's vision?
1301.017GLOWS::KEYSWed Dec 05 1990Scrapped Equipment for Employees
1302.024NEWVAX::MEIERWed Dec 05 1990Medically Necessary, Reasonable, and Customary
1304.02MAGOS::BELDINFri Dec 07 1990Why problem solving is noisy at Digital!
1305.035CSCOAC::ELDRIDGE_BFri Dec 07 1990Retiree Connection to Notes?
1306.012SMOOT::ROTHFri Dec 07 1990Dec. 17 DVN Broadcast
1307.09CSOMKT::MCMAHONSun Dec 09 1990WHY IS 13
1308.033AKOCOA::LAMOTTEMon Dec 10 1990Health Plan Inequities
1309.016HOCUS::BOESCHENMon Dec 10 1990Sales Perks II..................
1311.014EAGLE1::BRUNNERMon Dec 10 1990Responding to long-forgotten mail
1312.019CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Dec 11 1990Recycling -- anyone know of anything??
1313.029CSSE32::M_DAVISWed Dec 12 1990$1B Cost Cutting Program
1314.033HAAG::HAAGWed Dec 12 1990Leaking to the press - QUIT IT
1315.036NEWVAX::PAVLICEKThu Dec 13 1990Digital News First Annual Salary Survey Results
1316.046LUDWIG::GAUTHIERThu Dec 13 1990Who made the managers?
1317.015JAWJA::GRESHFri Dec 14 1990Let's make believe ...
1318.048HGOVC::KEVINNGTue Dec 18 1990What is EIS?
1319.015BHAJEE::JAERVINENWed Dec 19 1990Digital takes 65% of Mannesmann-Kienzle
1321.021MAIL::DUNCANGThu Dec 20 1990Why Don't We Buy NCR ??
1324.030SHALOT::ROBBWed Dec 26 1990UPS proves that service in adversity makes loyal customers
1325.015CSS::CORZINEThu Dec 27 1990Thoughts re DEC's culture & management
1326.075NCADC1::PEREZSat Dec 29 1990CSC to charge $1
1327.07PRIMES::ZIMMERMANNTue Jan 01 1991Accountability, by ...?
1328.0ESPOTue Jan 01 1991Please fill in an SPR and ....
1329.030YNGSTR::BROWNWed Jan 02 199112/31/9
1330.03DELNI::KARABATSOSWed Jan 02 1991Tandy question
1331.015NVSD6::BRAVERWed Jan 02 1991Harvard = health care for the uninformed??
1332.09JAWJA::GRESHFri Jan 04 1991BCG - Digital's most PROFITABLE internal group
1333.0143SMAUG::GARRODFri Jan 04 1991First ever Digital layoffs
1334.037CARTUN::MISTOVICHFri Jan 04 1991INvestor Services touch tone system sucks!!!
1335.04AISG::CHAVEZMon Jan 07 1991Latest TFSO Count?
1336.056LABRYS::CONNELLYTue Jan 08 1991Objective criteria for lay-offs?
1337.010LEADIN::FAULDSWed Jan 09 1991Mass Buying Power?
1338.019PETERJ::JOHNSONWed Jan 09 1991Will the last one to leave...
1339.038EDCS::HORGANWed Jan 09 1991Involuntary selection process begins
1340.020STAR::PARKEThu Jan 10 1991A question around the "layoff"
1341.09CVG::THOMPSONThu Jan 10 1991US Personnel Group managers - yet another layer?
1342.020GYRATE::DWESSELSThu Jan 10 1991Looking to the future
1344.017GBMMKT::MCMAHONSat Jan 12 1991Teasing, tricking, manipulating???
1345.0SEAPEN::PHIPPSMon Jan 14 1991Need new home (node) for CLASSIFIED_ADS
1346.011MAMTS5::MWANNEMACHERTue Jan 15 1991Want to go to work vs can't wait to go home
1347.034ALOSWS::KOZAKIEWICZThu Jan 17 1991Q2 FY91 earnings
1348.042CALS::THACKERAYFri Jan 18 1991We are uncompetitive-Case Study
1349.016LABRYS::CONNELLYFri Jan 18 1991Blood
1350.05SAHQ::CARNELLDTue Jan 22 1991Managing Transformation and Digital
1351.016ALLVAX::COMERFORDTue Jan 22 1991Policy for Towing
1352.0345MSBCS::KINGWed Jan 23 1991Bi-Weekly Paychecks
1353.013UNTADI::NESMITHThu Jan 24 1991Misuse of DIGITAL facilities
1354.0CHESS::KAIKOWThu Jan 24 1991Merger of Windsor and High Yield fund, we get to vote
1355.039AIMHI::COOLEThu Jan 24 1991Promotion by Testing
1356.012JUMP4::JOYFri Jan 25 1991Newspaper Article about E-mail and the Gulf War
1357.04WHELIN::CASHMANFri Jan 25 1991Movie passes -- gone with the wind?
1358.07GRANPA::RPENRODFri Jan 25 1991Planning at Digital?
1359.010DSM::CRAIGTue Jan 29 1991IMHO? Wazzat?
1360.012DECWET::CROUCHMon Feb 04 1991Looking for memo re: Spin-off companies
1362.0210SMOOT::ROTHMon Feb 04 1991Note 1361.
1363.049QUARK::LIONELMon Feb 04 1991Anonymous - Not necessarily the best candidate for the job
1364.031HPSCAD::FORTMILLERTue Feb 05 1991Direct Deposit
1365.012MACNAS::MGRAHAMTue Feb 05 1991Forwarding MAIL messages
1366.030CSSE32::M_DAVISTue Feb 05 1991Involuntary Separation Program ISP -- debate in 1362.*
1367.04SNOCTue Feb 05 1991Looking for survival guide to DEC
1369.012CRUISE::NDCFri Feb 08 1991Medical coverage = no unemployment
1370.012DUGROS::ROSSSat Feb 09 1991DEC Customer Denied Support by 3rd Party Vendor Due to Religion
1371.0121BRULE::MICKOLSun Feb 10 1991Sales at Digital
1372.067KID2::SONGRITue Feb 12 1991upgrade and patchs on VMS
1374.017CAPNET::CROWTHERThu Feb 14 1991Decision making . . .
1376.025CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Feb 18 1991Were we forgotten (Stock Statement of Ownership??)
1377.053AUSSIE::BAKERMon Feb 18 1991Is DELTA broken?
1378.031RHODES::GREENEWed Feb 20 1991Confidentiality (?) of medical records during LTD
1380.09SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Feb 22 1991Digital sales in Iraq
1381.058MR4DEC::SHAHWed Feb 27 1991A memo to Jack Smith
1382.036PLAYER::CROCUS::VANDYCKThu Feb 28 1991Are we authorized to do all what the systems allow us to do ?
1383.026MACNAS::WOFARRELLThu Feb 28 1991Criteria for Plant Closure
1384.016NEWOA::KERRELLFri Mar 01 1991Does Ken Olsen read e-mail?
1385.023CSSE::ELDRIDGEFri Mar 01 1991How many DEC'ies to Manager a Customer?
1386.091SALSA::MOELLERFri Mar 01 1991Human Resources: how necessary ?
1387.018POCUS::HOMon Mar 04 1991Anything Right at Digital?
1389.015PCOJCT::MAHERTue Mar 05 1991Am I A Resource?
1390.070HUMAN::HIGEAR::AVERYWed Mar 06 1991Learnings from Digital's PDP-11 to VAX Transition
1391.025MCIS2::DUPUISThu Mar 07 19914-1
1392.010SCAACT::RESENDEThu Mar 07 1991PCS - Prescription Benefit Program
1393.027HAMSUP::BAUCHThu Mar 07 1991CAR POLICY
1394.041WORDY::JONGFri Mar 08 1991Meetings, bloody meetings
1395.0109CSC32::C_HOEFri Mar 08 1991Don Zereski's message to US Country folks...
1396.010PSYLO::FANTOZZITue Mar 12 1991DEC/Leased land/Relocation
1397.041TRANCE::MILANOWed Mar 13 1991Truth to the News....New Semiconductor Plant
1398.011WMOIS::DRIVETTSWed Mar 13 1991WHY ASK WHY ???
1399.012MYGUY::LANDINGHAMThu Mar 14 1991GROUPWARE - Concept or Product?
1400.0BODACH::WOFARRELLThu Mar 14 1991Mike Kavanagh RIP
1401.0132SWAM2::DERY_CHThu Mar 14 1991Downsizing & VP promotions
1402.013MAMTS3::MWANNEMACHERFri Mar 15 1991Expense SPIKE!!!!!!
1403.010HAAG::HAAGFri Mar 15 1991KO Wouldn't Believe It
1404.046SUPER::HENDRICKSSat Mar 16 1991Digital's Technical Training - what do you want?
1405.068BOSTON::DAGOSTINOWed Mar 20 1991Digital coming out w/ a notebook PC??!!
1406.067RICKS::SHERMANThu Mar 21 1991Digital's networking solutions ==> home consumer?
1407.03ODIXIE::MURDOCKFri Mar 22 1991Has DEC renegged on tuition reimb...??
1408.034SMOOT::ROTHFri Mar 22 1991Admin computer systems within DEC
1410.021SELECT::BOGATYMon Mar 25 1991Postage Paid benefit
1412.016EBBVMon Mar 25 1991IBM SEVERANCE SUIT
1413.022HDLITE::SCOTTTue Mar 26 1991Textbooks
1414.059DUGROS::ROSSTue Mar 26 1991The Digital Downturn
1415.016DR::BLINNWed Mar 27 1991Changing jobs -- finding happiness -- how?
1416.02COMET::MESSAGEWed Mar 27 1991Sorry About this, but...
1417.029KYOA::MIANOFri Mar 29 1991How Digital Gathers Product Requirements
1418.018BOOVX1::MANDILEMon Apr 01 1991Demanding things, standing over you, etc. etc....
1419.0WMOIS::COTTON_RWed Apr 03 1991advertising $$$
1420.03WMOIS::COTTON_RWed Apr 03 1991Need hard copy ads...
1421.015ELMAGO::AHACHEWed Apr 03 1991Post names of people who leave?
1422.02TOOK::DMCLUREWed Apr 03 1991ISVNet - The Electronic Connection
1423.011WMOIS::COTTON_RThu Apr 04 1991Annual Report
1424.06HPSTEK::HANSONThu Apr 04 1991Copyright Help!!!
1425.042SFCPMO::GREENEFri Apr 05 1991A comment on the state of the company?
1426.0AIMHI::BARRYFri Apr 05 1991hudson n.h.
1427.07SOLVIT::CORZINESun Apr 07 1991Managment challenge from another perspective
1428.0AIMHI::BARRYMon Apr 08 1991What would you do?
1429.015TOOK::DMCLUREMon Apr 08 1991Stovepipes defined once and for all
1430.07VICKI::DODIERWed Apr 10 1991Need 1178
1431.098BTOVT::MILAZZOWed Apr 10 1991tax havens and US manufacturing.
1432.024SQM::MACDONALDWed Apr 10 1991ABUs, IBUs, etc. What are they all about?
1433.03MAMTS3::GTOPPINGWed Apr 10 1991pointer needed
1434.021SALES::UPD_COMMENTSThu Apr 11 1991Next Month, Digital OPENS
1435.038FSOA::DARCHThu Apr 11 1991From All Walks Of Life 1991
1436.068MRKTNG::SILVERBERGMon Apr 15 1991AVIS program for Digital Employees
1437.04516BITS::DELBALSOMon Apr 15 1991MANAGEMENT MEMO - Where's the added value?
1438.010GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERWed Apr 17 1991Package/parental leave
1439.03CALS::HORGANThu Apr 18 1991Q3 earnings up 8%!
1440.02SFCPMO::GREENEThu Apr 18 1991How many people in EIS and other groups?
1441.022ODIXIE::SILVERSThu Apr 18 1991Gotten stomped on lately???
1442.032POLAR::COCKWELLFri Apr 19 1991Success=motivated people
1444.050ELWOOD::GROLEAUTue Apr 23 1991Status,of a tap on the shoulder_NOW_.
1445.04FROST::WALZFri Apr 26 1991Trilogy?
1446.01MEIS::JOHNSONMon Apr 29 1991how does digital donate equipment?
1447.011METAFR::MEAGHERMon Apr 29 1991Is Digital shipping programming work to India?
1448.066TOOK::DMCLURETue Apr 30 1991The Ideal Union
1449.014COVERT::COVERTTue Apr 30 1991Church Tax / Kirchensteuer
1450.058KYOA::MIANOTue Apr 30 1991American Express -> Not saving Digital on Travel
1451.024ELMST::OPERATORWed May 01 1991Safe Jobs
1452.019DACT6::CHASEWed May 01 1991VAX in space
1453.017SMAUG::GARRODWed May 01 1991Report on KO speech at the Mill
1454.024SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu May 02 1991Digital to support yacht racing with donation
1455.016SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu May 02 1991Discounts for new Mass. companies
1456.0BTOVT::REDDING_DANFri May 03 1991Back To Basics...The Simpler the Better We'll Be
1457.09PIRATE::SIMONFri May 03 1991Money to Leave Program??
1458.035RANGER::WASSERMon May 06 1991My FICA tax bobbles... Why?
1459.037SYSTMX::BEANMon May 06 1991AVIS upgrade policy.
1460.087QUARK::MODERATORMon May 06 1991The Reality of Cost Controls and Layoffs?
1461.07JARETH::EDPTue May 07 1991Digital Raids Consultant's Office and Home
1462.011JARETH::EDPTue May 07 1991Employee Marketing
1463.0HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHWed May 08 1991Sponsorship contacts?
1464.02CIMNET::LEVITANWed May 08 1991When Can I Order a 31
1465.018--UnknownUser--Wed May 08 1991Contracting anyone?
1466.03LACGID::BIAZZOThu May 09 1991DECworld '91
1467.0FSDEV2::MGILBERTThu May 09 1991Mass. Business Alliance - Education task force
1468.073CSC32::PITTTue May 14 1991vacation time
1469.010SCAACT::RESENDEWed May 15 1991Does DEC Need a Whistle-Blower Mechanism?
1470.03NOTIME::SACKSThu May 16 1991Cafeteria Plan?
1471.02CVG::THOMPSONThu May 16 1991State of the Company - 1991
1472.09WMOIS::COE_JThu May 16 1991Wage 2 to Wage 4
1473.026MURPHY::ROSSThu May 16 1991Conference rooms on VTX
1474.04DCVAX::DOYLEFri May 17 1991A bit of DEC history/trivia
1475.011RICKS::SHERMANMon May 20 1991Salary ratios at DEC?
1476.076MORO::BEELER_JETue May 21 1991We have met the enemy and he is us !
1477.045NASAHQ::TURROWed May 22 19911991 Rumors on Company Cars
1478.033SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed May 22 1991Digital says "no improvement..."
1479.04MRKTNG::ROGERS_RThu May 23 1991Market Question
1480.01CGHUB::JANEBThu May 23 1991Who is looking for PC applications in Digital?
1481.010BEAGLE::BREICHNERWed May 29 1991I have a "spare" secretary !
1482.03MILKWY::MORRISONThu May 30 1991Enfield, CT plant closing
1483.0GLDOA::SPATOULASThu May 30 1991IBM's CEO is sick and tired of his managers....
1484.07ESRAD::PANGAKISFri May 31 1991Monthly Report Formats - Templates requested
1485.027TIGEMS::ARNOLDFri May 31 1991Now personally billed for AT&T calling card?
1486.025CTOAVX::CHILLFri May 31 1991US Career Pathing
1487.05SELL1::HALLThu Jun 06 1991Is there a VAXstation out there ??
1488.03VIDEO::VIDEO::CONNELLYThu Jun 06 1991Dial in numbers for Washington DC metro area
1489.034GUIDUK::B_WOODThu Jun 06 1991Please turn out the lights when I leave
1490.09SMEGIT::ARNOLDFri Jun 07 1991Help CSO port U* code to VMS?
1491.016CAPNET::CROWTHERFri Jun 07 1991DEC in the 1
1492.026SFCPMO::KINGTue Jun 11 199111-June WSJ Article about VAX 9
1493.054ICS::THOMPSONPTue Jun 11 1991Does this happen in your building?
1494.019COOKIE::LENNARDTue Jun 11 1991Pay Cut?? That could work.
1495.017SCAACT::RESENDETue Jun 11 1991What Customers Are Hearing About DEC ....
1496.075DPDMAI::GUYERThu Jun 13 1991COD,an ironic twist
1497.019MURPHY::FARRANDThu Jun 13 1991Boston Museum of Fine Arts
1499.05NEWVAX::FS9WAMon Jun 17 1991Where did you leave the soap box???
1500.0TOOK::DMCLURETue Jun 18 1991Eastern European Market Looks Promising
1502.012SAHQ::STARIEWed Jun 19 1991IBM alliances with Apple and Wang
1504.035DR::BLINNThu Jun 20 1991Roberta Fox's memo on Chelmsford "downsizing"
1505.05ODIXIE::LAMBKEThu Jun 20 1991"Virtual" Teaming a Community
1506.06BOOVX1::MANDILEFri Jun 21 1991"Collect" solicitation now????
1507.026COOKIE::LENNARDFri Jun 21 1991The "New Digital" One Man's Ideas
1509.01DENVER::ARAGONWed Jun 26 1991what is NMS?
1510.04BOSACT::CHERSONWed Jun 26 1991a management failure...
1511.04UKCSSE::BUDDFri Jun 28 1991What happened to SWAS?
1512.0QUARK::LIONELThu Sep 05 1991"Doubling up" topic deleted
1513.026COVERT::COVERTFri Jun 28 1991Europe flies Business Class
1514.014SMOOT::ROTHFri Jun 28 1991Double standard in hotel/motel selection?
1515.0ROYALT::BARNDTMon Jul 01 1991try a piece...
1516.03QUARK::MODERATORMon Jul 01 1991The test of character
1517.011MURPHY::PAPPALARDOWed Jul 03 1991This Software Phones Home.
1518.027QUARK::MODERATORWed Jul 03 1991Putting ourselves out of business?
1519.015QUARK::MODERATORMon Jul 08 1991DEC-anon
1520.037FSLENG::JOSEPHMon Jul 08 1991Layoff Process Memo to Ken Olsen - and Response
1522.026F18::ROBERTTue Jul 09 19911991 Stockholders meeting!
1523.055QUARK::MODERATORTue Jul 09 1991Layoffs lose us the wrong people
1524.04SMAUG::GARRODTue Jul 09 1991What does P&P say about this if anything?
1525.017ISLNDS::GASKELLTue Jul 09 1991Is there anybody there!
1526.036INFACT::BEVISTue Jul 09 1991List number of packages at YOUR site
1527.011AYOV1Wed Jul 10 1991WHO OVERCOMMITTED ?
1528.021ELMAGO::AHACHEWed Jul 10 1991What's the package
1529.08TOOK::DMCLUREWed Jul 10 1991Ken Olsen Captured and Held Hostage! ;^)
1530.021TLE::AMARTINWed Jul 10 1991"Downsizing In U.S. Field" + Q&A on downsizing
1531.034CLOVAX::BARNETTWed Jul 10 1991Let's Move Forward!
1532.036UPROAR::DARRALLDMon Jul 15 1991Keeping Badge Numbers
1533.05ELWOOD::FORTIERTue Jul 16 1991Prop. passes for TK tapes???
1534.0142POBOX::PESZEKTue Jul 16 1991NEXT CUTBACKS
1535.03EMIRFI::SEGALTue Jul 16 1991DEC Lawsuit & FBI Indictment RE: DEC Salvage Scheme
1536.0SMURF::TREWORGYThu Jul 18 1991Rate Your Boss
1537.07TAVThu Jul 18 19915*DEC1
1538.09EPIK::HEILMANFri Jul 19 1991 Working by voice to heal Repetitive Strain Injury
1539.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Jul 23 1991U.S. TCC Job Fair
1540.021BHAJEE::JAERVINENTue Jul 23 1991Digital takes over Philips Inf.systems
1541.077SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jul 25 1991Digital FY91 Q4 Earnings
1542.061ENABLE::GLANTZThu Jul 25 1991licensing software engineers
1543.032SMOOT::ROTHMon Jul 29 1991Post-layoffs: Ideas for returning to 'normal'
1544.020BALZAC::DONOVANTue Jul 30 1991SRI and Human Resources
1545.09WAYBAK::LEFEBVRETue Jul 30 1991Whither Computer Images Group?
1546.018GANTRY::HULLTue Jul 30 1991'Information Week' article on IBM employee's "backlash" - comments?
1547.05CLOSUS::J_BUTLERMon Aug 05 1991Help/Technical Advice Wanted...
1548.010QUARK::MODERATORTue Aug 06 1991What if I leave DEC while taking a DEC-paid course?
1549.0115QUARK::MODERATORWed Aug 07 1991I WANT the Package but can't get it!
1550.07CGHUB::MCMAHONSat Aug 10 1991DIAL - used equipment
1551.02JUNCO::ENG2Mon Aug 12 1991CREDIT UNION FEES!!
1552.04ALIEN::EDPTue Aug 13 1991Management and Layoffs
1553.05MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Aug 13 1991U.S. measurable goals are set
1554.017CALS::THACKERAYTue Aug 13 1991Buying a used VAX?
1555.012SLOAN::HOMWed Aug 14 1991Reimbursement account - warning (?)
1556.06QUARK::MODERATORWed Aug 14 1991Change the Two Year Policy?
1557.021FDCVWed Aug 14 1991Flood of Information Swamps Managers...
1558.07RICKS::SHERMANWed Aug 14 1991NIH Backlash
1559.017--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 15 1991Filming within DEC
1560.05MPO::WHITTALLThu Aug 15 1991Digital's 'BIG PICTURE' Document available
1562.0125NETCUR::REIDThu Aug 15 1991The *old* Digital
1563.024TROPIX::DIRICOFri Aug 16 1991have these been cancelled?
1565.010SDSVAX::SWEENEYSun Aug 18 1991High Achievement and Criticism
1567.08CNTROL::DGAUTHIERSun Aug 18 1991DEC sponsored tutors ???
1568.012SHALOT::DROWNMon Aug 19 1991Problem with AT&T phone card
1569.022MELKOR::HENSLEYWed Aug 21 1991What to do with old CDs ??
1570.06BOOVX2::FARHADIThu Aug 22 1991LIVEWIRE
1571.04NETCUR::REIDFri Aug 23 1991New paint scheme for DEC rigs?
1572.053ACOSTA::MIANOFri Aug 23 1991Did we really save any money?
1573.012CIVIC::RHINETue Aug 27 1991Searching for author of below memo
1574.012--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 28 1991Early Retirement ???
1575.058GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERThu Aug 29 1991Let's fix Digital!!!
1576.017GOLF::FINNEGANFri Aug 30 1991Early Retirement Rumor or Fact
1577.012TOOK::DMCLUREFri Aug 30 1991Leo's Promotion
1578.035TYGER::GIBSONThu Sep 05 1991Osterhoff resigns
1580.0115CVG::THOMPSONFri Sep 06 1991Petty Cash EFT Reimbursement
1581.018FSOA::PSOHAFri Sep 06 1991TNMRS=NMS? Questions on infomercial.
1582.046STAR::ABBASIFri Sep 06 1991individual offices vs open spaces
1583.06ELMAGO::AHACHEFri Sep 06 1991Desperately seeking dempers
1584.0100COGITO::LANKIEWICZMon Sep 09 1991calm before the storm ?
1585.01BAGELS::ALAGAPPANMon Sep 09 1991Contracting information wanted...
1586.04SCAACT::AINSLEYMon Sep 16 19911586.* deleted
1587.039CSC32::S_HALLTue Sep 10 1991Twilight for VMS ?
1589.018HYEND::FOREMANWed Sep 11 1991Suggestion for a New Product Opportunity
1590.052PAVONE::MUGGIAWed Sep 11 1991One dollar per share
1591.062AUSSIE::BAKERWed Sep 11 1991Spelling complaints note.
1592.010POBOX::MULLIGANThu Sep 12 1991Grainger/Nortz???
1593.021VIDEO::FURMANThu Sep 12 1991Problem getting Dental Plan to pay for crowns.
1594.0COLFri Sep 13 1991Osterhoff in USA, Nowak in Germany, who's next?
1595.01CTOAVX::BRAVERMANFri Sep 13 1991External research opportunity
1596.024DNEAST::DEE_ERICMon Sep 16 1991Motivation, share it with others....
1597.012BRAT::SMITHMon Sep 16 1991K.O. sells $5.8 million of his stock!
1598.019THEWAV::GASSNERMon Sep 16 1991Why Compete with Ourselves?
1599.047ASDG::FOSTERMon Sep 16 19915 VP's down, XX to go... WHAT'S GOING ON???
1601.018POCUS::CUFFTue Sep 17 1991Expenses direct deposit????
1602.068CAPNET::CROWTHERWed Sep 18 1991DEC no longer a top company for working women
1603.030WREATH::SNIDERWed Sep 18 1991Here comes our (.LIS) Annual Report
1604.077PHDVAX::RICCIOThu Sep 19 1991"Strange times!"
1605.018GVAFri Sep 20 1991Digital Culture & Organizational change - MBA topic
1606.043DR::BLINNFri Sep 20 1991K.O., Don Zereski, Bob Hughes talk on DVN Monday
1607.05DENVER::DAVISGBTue Sep 24 1991Gary Eichhorn Leaves DEC
1608.07HAAG::HAAGThu Sep 26 1991To get Along - Go Along?
1610.08TRCOA::ROBINSONFri Sep 27 1991New Management System
1611.041AKOCOA::CAPUTOFri Sep 27 1991DEC Takeover Rumors Again
1612.0225LJOHUB::AKERFri Sep 27 1991outing at canobie
1613.07TLE::ROBINSONFri Sep 27 1991Ever use the Digital private Fenway box?
1614.011JUPITR::BUSWELLFri Sep 27 1991Flip the rumor
1615.052GAUGAN::THACKERAYFri Sep 27 1991K.O. rumoured to be leaving...
1616.0631--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 27 1991G/L/B Awareness Day at MRO
1617.03TOOHOT::BSTANNARDFri Sep 27 1991<More Insanity in the name of NMS>
1619.029COOKIE::LENNARDTue Oct 01 1991...slowly removing tongue from cheek, he said.....
1620.04MSBCS::LAVOIEWed Oct 02 1991Need source for currently offered courses.
1621.013STAR::ABBASIWed Oct 02 1991Does Senior Corp Consulting Eng. title exist?
1622.035SMURF::BOWMANThu Oct 03 1991Unknown rules about Canobie Lake
1623.0SWAM2::MCCARTHY_LAThu Oct 03 1991Ken on NMS. Also denies rumors, DIGITAL mentioned
1624.042VERGA::FACHONThu Oct 03 1991Snap out of it!
1625.020FORTSC::CHABANFri Oct 04 1991Layoff Humor?
1626.020NEWOA::BAILEYFri Oct 04 1991Selling hacks?
1627.0132HAAG::HAAGSun Oct 06 1991TFSO 4
1628.07FSOA::EDEMIKATWed Oct 09 1991Poison Pill Impact on Takeover
1629.011PHDVAX::RICCIOWed Oct 09 1991Has anyone heard??
1630.066CHIEFF::MCKEONThu Oct 10 1991Belt tightening? Excuse me??
1631.09CHRCHL::GERMAINFri Oct 11 1991Who and where are the IBM PC group(s) in DEC
1632.049--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 11 1991VAX 9
1633.03PTOVAX::DANZAKSun Oct 13 1991Digital analogy - a shopping mall
1634.013FLYWAY::ZAHNDRTue Oct 15 1991Lost 9 years of pension plan?
1635.025SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Oct 17 1991Digital FY92 Q1 Earnings
1636.013832FAR::LERVINThu Oct 17 1991Sexual Harassment: How To Defend Yourself
1637.013SEDOAS::BESTFri Oct 18 1991Do We Work For The Same Company??
1638.066JURAN::SILVAFri Oct 18 1991Religion in the workplace & out
1639.0255TRACTR::SAPPSat Oct 19 1991DCU Meeting Nov 12th
1640.082PRIMES::FINKELSTEINSun Oct 20 1991Career choices - VMS or UNIX?
1641.020TOOK::MORRISONSun Oct 20 1991New IC fab plant in MA: where do we stand?
1642.05LJOHUB::AKERMon Oct 21 1991just a question
1643.0132MUDHWK::LAWLERThu Oct 24 1991Has this guy called you?
1644.014AIWEST::ARVIDSONThu Oct 24 1991Pre-transition internal job hunting note
1645.01OSLThu Oct 24 1991Another whisper heard
1646.01RICKS::PHIPPSFri Oct 25 1991From VTX VNS - Prodigy - Bans bias notes from bulletin board
1647.020CIMNET::LEVITANFri Oct 25 1991Is 5-5-2 for real?
1648.07BOSACT::CHERSONFri Oct 25 1991Grainger goes to Xerox
1649.0115IMTDEV::BRUNOMon Oct 28 1991New Definition of Family
1650.0140BEING::EDPMon Oct 28 1991Digital Ignores Notes
1651.0CPDW::ROSCHMon Oct 28 1991Need Volunteers
1652.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Oct 29 1991NY Times: Light at the End of Digital's Tunnel
1653.08SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Oct 30 1991Charles E. Shue
1654.02VSSCAD::FORTMILLERWed Oct 30 1991Less pay if you are injured on the job????
1655.024CTOAVX::BRAVERMANWed Oct 30 1991Inventions and stuff
1657.06--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 01 1991Personell contact?
1658.02TFH::TIRONEMon Nov 04 1991Is this the correct note file ?
1659.035TENAYA::SWHEELERMon Nov 04 1991Question regarding HCRA
1660.07SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Nov 05 1991WSJ: Digital Inching Forward
1661.034CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Nov 05 1991Working With Women
1662.042HOO78C::ANDERSONWed Nov 06 1991Digital Ignores Notes... Continued
1663.016XCUSME::WINANSThu Nov 07 1991Pension Vestment Value
1664.0301ANGLIN::SCOTTGThu Nov 07 1991Anybody got any facts on the car plans?
1665.015SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Nov 08 1991Shareholders Annual Meeting
1667.049CHFS32::DGOODFri Nov 08 1991Where are the boxes?
1668.0259WETONE::LICATASun Nov 10 1991Sky High healthcare
1669.027AUSSIE::BELLMon Nov 11 1991Digital and Microsoft merge ???
1671.017HAAG::HAAGThu Nov 14 1991Why is Previous Topic Gone??
1672.016TYFYS::SLATERThu Nov 14 1991Addresses in DEC Phone Book
1673.044HAAG::HAAGSat Nov 16 1991The Project of a Lifetime??
1675.022SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Nov 18 1991Details that can't swept under the rug
1676.084REGENT::PATTENDENTue Nov 19 1991Inconsiderate ....'s
1677.061METAFR::MEAGHERTue Nov 19 1991Salary Planning for 1992
1678.035DIODE::CROWELLTue Nov 19 1991Tape recording meetings at DEC
1679.09DELNI::SIMEONEFri Nov 22 1991International Engineering Development Group - Where did you go?
1680.08HITEKS::DOTYSun Nov 24 1991Can we appeal such a DECision?
1681.031NITTY::DIERCKSMon Nov 25 1991This really happened!
1682.037SPNDZY::HICKSTue Nov 26 1991Tony Robbins and DEC
1683.03TREV::POWELLWed Nov 27 1991Some light relief ;^)
1684.026CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Dec 03 1991Industry MIgration
1685.03TOOHOT::BSTANNARDTue Dec 03 1991What Region am I in this week?
1686.035SOLVIT::DESMARAISWed Dec 04 1991Sales leads.. Who do you contact?
1687.038FORTSC::CHABANWed Dec 04 1991Idiots in expensive suits
1688.050RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEThu Dec 05 1991Jack Smith's revised ODP memo
1689.06CTOAVX::BRAVERMANSat Dec 07 1991DEC in the environment
1690.018RDVAX::KALIKOWMon Dec 09 1991WANTED: DEC Customers in the Map-Making Business
1691.012SNOFS1::WILESMon Dec 09 1991Farewell to another Dinosaur
1692.036GRANPA::TTAYLORThu Dec 12 1991Help. Ordering DECdirect catalog/internal softwarr
1693.036HAMPS::NOBLEThu Dec 12 1991What??? Translation needed.
1694.046AKOCOA::BBARRYThu Dec 12 1991Soviet Market
1695.013FORTSC::CHABANFri Dec 13 1991Criminal acts?
1697.0297NOTIME::SACKSMon Dec 16 1991Mandatory AIDS education programs?
1698.030LDPMAX::gabrielTue Dec 17 1991E-mail - A different perspective
1699.018WMOIS::KHORRAMTue Dec 17 1991DEC's policy on Iran
1701.0198COOKIE::LENNARDWed Dec 18 1991Bloody January???
1702.010GIAMEM::MIOLAFri Dec 20 1991possible scam
1703.025BUDDRY::D_RODRIGUEZSat Dec 21 1991DEC fined $2.4Mill
1704.037SWAM1::WEYER_JIThu Dec 26 1991Grooming for promotions?
1705.06FRIGID::MBROWNFri Dec 27 1991Tufts HMO in central MA
1706.035LACVMon Dec 30 1991LTD
1707.03ODIXIE::GEORGETue Dec 31 1991Job & Career Risk
1708.0102DUGROS::ROSSWed Jan 01 1992Fix Digital in 1992
1709.010ELWOOD::KAPLANThu Jan 02 199253 weeks this year (:-) )
1710.041PHLACT::QUINNThu Jan 02 1992Account NOTES files?
1712.030ABACUS::PEREIRAThu Jan 02 1992Mission statement Question
1713.076TOOK::DMCLUREFri Jan 03 1992Teleworking: Save the Employee - TFSO the Facility!
1714.035CIS1::FULTITue Jan 07 1992Using what we produce
1715.023NEWVAX::DOYLEWed Jan 08 1992Unpleasant DECUS surprise...
1716.036PLOUGH::KINZELMANThu Jan 09 1992Policy Proposal: Corporate Sponsored Volunteers
1717.029SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Jan 09 1992The Common Sense Organization
1718.0105JOET::JOETMon Jan 13 1992For a good time, call 1-8
1719.037JOET::JOETTue Jan 14 1992Just what is an AA-PEKLC-RE anyway?
1720.08CAMONE::BONDEWed Jan 15 1992Site Anniversary Parties
1721.067PCCAD1::RICHARDJWed Jan 15 1992HMO Blues
1722.09SMAUG::GARRODWed Jan 15 1992CSSE becomes SPE
1723.011SHIRE::GOLDBLATTWed Jan 15 1992An Unlearning Curve for Digital
1724.035GAZERS::DHILLThu Jan 16 1992Q2 FY92 Results
1725.02GIAMEM::T_WILSONThu Jan 16 1992DECdirect on VTX??
1726.014FLYSQD::MONTVILLEThu Jan 16 1992Internal issues <FLAME ON>
1727.03HAAG::HAAGThu Jan 16 1992HELP!!! IBM-->ULTRIX
1728.043SUFRNG::REESE_KThu Jan 16 1992Talk about rubbing salt into the wound!
1729.048--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 17 1992NOOOOOOOO!!! NOT NOW!!!!
1731.018COMET::CHAVEZJMon Jan 20 1992Transition of DL's compared to IL's
1732.05SUBWAY::BRIGGSMon Jan 20 1992Functional Programming at DEC?
1733.09AKOCOA::KETZTue Jan 21 1992looking for XVT Software user
1734.012VANINE::LOVELLWed Jan 22 1992Digital Logo Badge required
1736.062CUPMK::SLOANEWed Jan 22 1992Dental insurance problems
1737.01LARVAE::SELBY_MWed Jan 22 1992OPEN OFFICE
1738.01BOOKS::HAMILTONThu Jan 23 1992Documentation in SI Projects
1739.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 23 1992IBM loses lawsuit?!
1740.03CTOAVX::BRAVERMANFri Jan 24 1992Digital, a candidate for award!
1741.08SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jan 24 1992Gerrity elected to DEC's Board of Directors
1742.0101TOOK::MORRISONSun Jan 26 1992Do we have too many VP's?
1743.032EDWIN::THIBAULTMon Jan 27 1992Any help for loss on sale of home?
1744.023ASDG::FOSTERTue Jan 28 1992Help Requested on Digital's INTERNAL Info Systems
1745.03BUOVAX::TOLMANWed Jan 29 1992Board of Directrs Mtgs
1747.010HUMANE::MODERATORThu Jan 30 1992Upcoming Field Business Meetings
1748.014CVG::THOMPSONFri Jan 31 1992Pay For Performance - At the Top - An investor speaks
1749.029TPSYS::SOBECKYMon Feb 03 1992Note 1746 set /nowrite
1750.03LARVAE::NOBLETue Feb 04 1992European Future directions!
1751.049ESGWST::HALEYTue Feb 04 1992Can we manage our network like we suggest customers do?
1754.050SCAACT::AINSLEYWed Feb 05 1992Corporate NOTES policy
1756.0276ELWOOD::GROLEAUThu Feb 06 1992Early Retirement ?????
1757.011WMOIS::LECLAIR_SFri Feb 07 1992Field Service Curiousity???
1758.011SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Feb 07 1992Leaked memo appears in Wall Street Journal
1759.0167STRIKE::LENNARDFri Feb 07 1992Is this the best we can do??
1760.04MSBCS::KINGMon Feb 10 1992VTX SAVE information
1761.0122STAR::DIPIRROMon Feb 10 1992Interesting contrast to DEC mgmt style
1762.049BOOKS::HAMILTONMon Feb 10 1992Bad Benchmark?
1763.07SWAM1::STANNARD_BOTue Feb 11 1992Results of BOD meeting???
1764.0173SAURUS::AICHERWed Feb 12 1992EPP a benefit?
1765.032SBPUS4::MARKThu Feb 13 1992Quality within Digital....
1766.029SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Feb 13 1992Kurt Friedrich
1767.017CSCOA1::BEKELE_DThu Feb 13 1992Looking for software
1768.048SMAUG::GARRODSat Feb 15 1992What does Digital owe its employees?
1769.015JMPSRV::MICKOLSat Feb 15 1992Self-Managing Teams
1770.09ASDS::FULLERTue Feb 18 1992DECtalk Information For 4 Year Old Grandson
1772.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Feb 18 1992Joe Menard moves on
1773.08NBOIS::BLUNKWed Feb 19 1992Bad News from Germany!
1774.09ODIXIE::MILLERPAWed Feb 19 1992Looking for information
1775.02SKIVT::INGRAMThu Feb 20 1992Looking for info. on GEM
1776.04ASDG::FOSTERThu Feb 20 1992 Info need about SPOC... ASAP!
1777.070GLDOA::SPATOULASSat Feb 22 1992Lotus Notes generates 25 millions revenue....
1778.02WMOIS::MELANSONMon Feb 24 1992Software Donations from DEC?
1779.028PIPPER::DOANETue Feb 25 1992Are We Lovers or Haters?
1780.014BIGJOE::DMCLUREWed Feb 26 1992Total QFD (what TQM should consist of)
1781.019ZYDECO::PEACOCKThu Feb 27 1992Low CFC Soldering info needed
1782.010SAINT::STCLAIRThu Feb 27 1992PCS data is sold and resold.
1783.01SMOOT::ROTHFri Feb 28 1992The Digital TV Ads
1784.049CSC32::S_HALLMon Mar 02 1992Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow .....
1786.016ELWOOD::GROLEAUTue Mar 03 1992S.E.R.P. + and - issues
1787.046MCIS1::RIZZOTue Mar 03 1992Where is the Application Strategy?
1788.03MCIS2::SCHULMANTue Mar 03 1992Life After DEC!!!!!!!!!!!!
1789.011USPMLO::JSANTOSWed Mar 04 1992Feedback to HMO Blue and Baystate
1790.09SMAUG::GARRODWed Mar 04 1992Statement from "REAL CHOICES" DCU BOD Candidates
1792.07F18::ROBERTFri Mar 06 1992Why Not Sell More Rather Than Cut Costs?
1793.010WFOV11::MOKRAYFri Mar 06 1992Can we get more from PR?
1795.06TIGEMS::ARNOLDFri Mar 06 1992Sony Relationship manager?
1796.018--UnknownUser--Sat Mar 07 1992
1797.0140HAAG::HAAGMon Mar 09 1992The Metrics Are Killing Us
1799.026F18::ROBERTTue Mar 10 1992Power to the users at DEC!
1800.06NODEX::FUTue Mar 10 1992EEP vs SERP - how to choose?
1801.013DUGROS::ROSSTue Mar 10 1992How do we get Schwarzkopf on the BOD?
1804.012XNOGOV::LISAThu Mar 12 1992Digital in Portland, Oregon.
1805.013EPIK::HEILMANFri Mar 13 1992My Experience with Repetitive Strain Injury
1806.0121HYEND::PLIEBERMANMon Mar 16 1992Dunkin Doughnuts in MRO1
1807.025SMAUG::GARRODMon Mar 16 1992Digital investigated DCU loans back in 1986
1808.01PRIMES::ZIMMERMANNMon Mar 16 1992(AP) "Grisly message gets to theft informant"
1809.0101GUFFAW::GRANSEWICZMon Mar 16 1992As a DEC shareholder, the question must be asked
1810.029--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 18 1992Bonus for Revenue
1811.014GRANMA::GTOPPINGWed Mar 18 1992Vogon News Service ?
1812.01DPDMAI::RESENDEWed Mar 18 1992Medical Records Not Confidential? Could be!
1813.09RUTILE::WYNFORDThu Mar 19 1992Trackballs for Digital products?
1817.061RUTILE::WYNFORDTue Mar 24 1992Outsiders getting DEC rate at Boston hotels
1818.03MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Mar 24 1992Outsourcing suit
1820.05TYFYS::SLATERTue Mar 24 1992MicroSoft Buys Fox Software
1821.013CLO::GOMBEDATue Mar 24 1992American Benchmarking Center in Houston?
1822.0188CIPSC::CHASEWed Mar 25 1992Leaked memo to Washington Post
1823.015GLDOA::LAETZWed Mar 25 1992Voluntary Program Returns???
1825.0102PBST::LENNARDFri Mar 27 1992Is Digital closing the Puerto Rico plants?
1826.05PENUTS::HOSun Mar 29 1992Need info on CA-Netman
1827.02ICS::IZBICKIMon Mar 30 1992Rye Beach
1829.013OFFPLS::GRAYMon Mar 30 1992A "Solution" to comment on
1830.024RDVAX::KALIKOWTue Mar 31 1992PCSG's VP John Rose resigns
1831.033MLTVAX::SCONCETue Mar 31 1992DCU campaign, Digital, management & morale
1832.012CGHUB::TANGTue Mar 31 1992DEC's 3rd quarter FY92 financial report
1833.033VAXUUM::FONTAINEWed Apr 01 1992NPR and DEC's Open Advantage
1835.029AUNTB::BRILEYWed Apr 01 1992Bitmap corporate logo?
1836.01PBST::LENNARDThu Apr 02 1992Another Shot of Snake-Oil, Bartender!!
1837.036MRKTNG::FOWKESThu Apr 02 1992The New Improved IBM
1838.0162BEING::EDPMon Apr 06 1992Affirmative Action according to Julia Michaelson
1839.013PH4VAX::POINDEXTERMon Apr 06 1992Organizational Chart
1840.026SCAACT::RESENDEWed Apr 08 1992Reorganization is progress, right?
1841.014MSDSWS::RCANTRELLThu Apr 09 1992where is easynotes.lis?
1842.048SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Apr 09 1992DEC Q3 FY92 Results
1843.0137SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Apr 09 1992Layoffs to be reinstated in May 1992
1845.040SMAUG::GARRODFri Apr 10 1992My reaction to the earnings report
1846.06DIODE::CROWELLSun Apr 12 1992Comments? VAX -> ALPHA; Future of VAX HW?
1847.02KYOA::KOCHSun Apr 12 1992What I think our commercials should be...
1848.019COOKIE::WITHERSTue Apr 14 1992The case of the disappearing KO message
1849.039SMAUG::GARRODTue Apr 14 1992KO's Corporate Reorganization Announcement
1850.07PENUTS::VIVEKWed Apr 15 1992DECWORLD '92.
1851.043CSOADM::ROTHWed Apr 15 1992Don Zereski Live DVN 15-Apr-92 16:
1852.057SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Apr 15 1992The Real Reorganization
1853.024SBPEXE::PREECEThu Apr 16 1992Digital and Americas Cup
1854.025TIGEMS::ARNOLDThu Apr 16 1992How to get plaque to the right person?
1855.0121BTOVT::ROGERSThu Apr 16 1992The $25
1857.0246SCAACT::AINSLEYSun Apr 26 1992Is GSO being sold to XXXX? Who knows?
1858.035LIPSTR::LIPPWed Apr 22 1992Some musings on Digital and Sales
1860.033GENIE::MORRISThu Apr 23 1992Team Digital ? - I hope so
1861.016--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 23 1992Dec Consolidation
1862.01CALS::THACKERAYThu Apr 23 1992DCU BoD Election results
1863.046VAULT::CRAMERFri Apr 24 1992Prof. Deming
1864.013BOOKS::HAMILTONFri Apr 24 1992Costs of opportunities foregone?
1865.049INDUCE::SHERMANFri Apr 24 1992Telecommuting at Digital
1867.063SHIRE::GOLDBLATTSun Apr 26 1992Link employee salary review to company performance?
1868.047TOOHOT::BSTANNARDMon Apr 27 1992SERP rumor of the week...
1869.0100GRANMA::JWAITEMon Apr 27 1992Rumeur du jour (Rumor of the day)
1871.074GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERTue Apr 28 1992Logo on Company Cars
1872.022SULACO::JUDICETue Apr 28 1992Communications
1873.05--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 28 1992Digital Opportunity Assistance
1874.082ALOSWed Apr 29 1992DECworld '92. How goes it?
1875.054FORTSC::CHABANWed Apr 29 1992Abolish DEC1
1876.06NEADEV::HANDLOFFThu Apr 30 1992How to give away hardware
1877.020LARRYC::SYSTEMThu Apr 30 1992Industry Analysts suppose to be experts?!?!?!
1878.062GOLF::WILSONFri May 01 1992Do we value age differences too?
1879.030ENABLE::glantzFri May 01 1992Our colleagues in LA, ...
1880.0CRLVMS::JWALKERFri May 01 1992Interacting Via Video -- Inventory of current practice
1881.021AIMHI::BOORNAZIANTue May 05 1992A new Motto
1882.058WLDBIL::KILGOREWed May 06 1992Relationship between engineering and documentation
1883.030FORTSC::CHABANWed May 06 1992A new kind of support person
1884.063NEADEV::HANDLOFFWed May 06 1992Return calls or else!
1885.022MSDSWS::RCANTRELLWed May 06 1992What does IMHO mean?
1886.06SUFRNG::WSAThu May 07 1992National Employee Health and Fitness Day- Does YOUR Site Participate?
1887.011DECWET::JAFFYThu May 07 1992Office furniture
1888.033ZPOVC::MICHAELLEEThu May 07 1992Is yours a boss or a leader?
1889.023ELWOOD::CHRISTIEFri May 08 1992Unemployment vs TFSO
1890.061TODD::WARNOCKFri May 08 1992Bob Hughes resigns
1891.02DIODE::CROWELLSat May 09 19921-8
1892.0ASDG::WATSONMon May 11 1992Ex-GSO employee sought for killings
1893.044YOSMTE::NGUYEN_HUTue May 12 1992How much is Digital pay to their employees?
1894.0CSOADM::ROTHTue May 12 1992Book - 'Icarus Paradox' - DEC mentioned
1895.047MORO::BEELER_JETue May 12 1992Historical quotes and Digital
1896.031SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed May 13 1992Ken Olsen under pressure to produce
1897.029CARAFE::GOLDSTEINWed May 13 1992Termination with prejudice is counterproductive
1898.040--UnknownUser--Thu May 14 1992Is your business in trouble?
1899.034LUDWIG::LOGSDONThu May 14 1992Manufacturing AT DEC?
1900.04CTHQ3::COADYFri May 15 1992Request for G.E. article pls
1901.01--UnknownUser--Fri May 15 1992May 16th Financial Planning Investing Open House
1902.08DREUL1::robMon May 18 1992 New round of lay-offs - more information?
1903.010COUNTMon May 18 1992Does Digital reveal numbers of licences?
1904.0115GRANPA::JNEWMANMon May 18 1992Voluntary severance package?
1905.029SMAUG::GARRODMon May 18 1992We need more VPs like Bob Supnik
1909.027RANGER::MINOWThu May 21 1992On Leaving Digital
1910.07PCOJCT::MILBERGTue May 26 1992What one company HAS done!
1911.010XNOGOV::TRICIATue May 26 1992help with the history of DEC ?
1913.045VAXSOC::LAVOIETue May 26 1992Here's my $
1914.010BIGJOE::DMCLUREWed May 27 1992MOA - Modern Operating Agreement
1915.026ELWOOD::GROLEAUWed May 27 1992A serpers TRUE confession !
1916.0ZPOVC::HWCHOYThu May 28 1992Bringing the Tribe
1917.056VOGON::KAPPLERSat May 30 1992A huge market for Alpha?
1918.09MR4DEC::GREENMon Jun 01 1992WSJ: 3
1919.0DR::BLINNTue Jun 02 1992Don't believe the LIVE WIRE "downsizing" memo
1922.015STAR::DIPIRROWed Jun 03 1992Exact date DEC founded?
1923.032DENVER::DAVISGBWed Jun 03 1992KO DVN 6/3/92
1924.062SWAM1::WEYER_JIThu Jun 04 1992Retired people rehired as consultants?
1925.02GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERThu Jun 04 1992DVN-Customer to Customer
1926.030CSOA1::SIANOThu Jun 04 1992DS COE Nominations
1927.027XSTACY::JLUNDONFri Jun 05 1992Corporate structure and other questions.
1928.09CSC32::R_HARVEYFri Jun 05 1992Confidence we dont need nos stinking Confidence
1929.0113VCSESU::COOKFri Jun 05 1992Selling DEC to Everyone
1930.06MAY21::PSMITHMon Jun 08 1992SEI Process Maturity Model applied at Digital?
1931.018USCTR1::JHERNBERGMon Jun 08 1992??John Sims leaving DEC??
1932.026SMAUG::GARRODTue Jun 09 1992Poor process for UNIX Decision Making in Digital
1933.023JULIET::NGUYEN_HUTue Jun 09 1992Alpha rumor!!!
1934.04--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 10 1992Attitudes
1935.048MOCA::RUSSELL_DWed Jun 10 1992Transition Int'l Assignees
1936.021--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 10 1992Is prejudice and discrimination allowedm at DEC?
1937.06POLAR::COCKWELLThu Jun 11 1992Interesting approach for change
1938.011SWAM2::GOLDMAN_MAThu Jun 11 1992Who's telling them we've got a complex?
1939.016BSS::C_BOUTCHERFri Jun 12 1992ISO 9
1940.037DENVER::DAVISGBFri Jun 12 1992HP/DEC Merger???
1941.0154ASICS::LESLIESun Jun 14 1992Simon Szeto passes on
1942.017WMOIS::RAINVILLETue Jun 16 1992DEC buys 8
1943.045JULIET::NGUYEN_HUTue Jun 16 1992PC WAR!!! Declared by COMPAQ
1944.026BALZAC::BULMERTue Jun 16 1992Les layoffs
1947.017SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Jun 16 1992Digital acquires BASYS
1948.0884ZENDIA::P$CIGNOTTIWed Jun 17 1992FY93 layoff,package rumors!
1949.02BOOKS::MULDOONWed Jun 17 1992Opportunity for Field Service Revenue?
1950.029VERGA::FACHONWed Jun 17 1992A dose of humility
1951.035SMEGIT::ARNOLDWed Jun 17 1992Car rental rates better than Avis 'negotiated'?
1952.08MACNAS::PCURLEYFri Jun 19 1992PCs in Galway ?????
1953.09BTOVT::WEHLINGRFri Jun 19 1992Colorado Press Conference?????
1954.014MRKTNG::SILVERBERGFri Jun 19 1992Bill Steul new CFO
1955.017SNOCSun Jun 21 1992Problem extracting updates
1956.026TOOK::MORRISONMon Jun 22 1992New DTN phone books?
1957.014TOOK::TBOYLEMon Jun 22 1992projects cancelled, now layoffs?
1958.02POBOX::RAHEJATue Jun 23 1992Cost control
1959.05CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Jun 23 1992Internal Pricing for Digital Press?
1960.07SOLVIT::ROHNERTTue Jun 23 1992Information on LSAPI?
1961.046JULIET::NGUYEN_HUTue Jun 23 1992win or LOSE!!!
1962.053MR4DEC::GREENWed Jun 24 1992Grant Saviers resigns
1963.0130DIODE::CROWELLWed Jun 24 1992Inspire us -- Where's the PEP talks..
1964.025DCC::HAGARTYFri Jun 26 1992Digital takes 1
1965.027KYOA::BAUMANMon Jun 29 1992Dec/ H.P. merge?
1966.010RANGER::BOOTHTue Jun 30 1992Heard that tone before !!!
1967.064COLWed Jul 01 1992Do we still have too much money to waste?
1968.051NECSC::LEVYWed Jul 01 1992EPP - delivery problems w/ 425c - alternatives offered
1969.047MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Jul 02 1992Gartner Group view of our status
1970.026CALS::THACKERAYThu Jul 02 1992Cheap EPP PCs?
1971.098SULACO::JUDICEWed Jul 08 1992DEC or D.E.C.???
1972.03PASHIN::JOVANWed Jul 08 1992VTX Fiscal Year Calendar in .PS
1973.08ALIEN::MCCULLEYWed Jul 08 1992PC price cut fallout at a competitor
1974.011EBBVThu Jul 09 1992Vision Chain towards Job Security
1976.040TOOK::TBOYLEThu Jul 09 1992Layoff a bad business decision?
1977.014BOOKS::HAMILTONFri Jul 10 1992Baby Blues?
1978.06SMEGIT::ARNOLDSat Jul 11 1992Third party software: exclusive marketing rights?
1979.019CTOAVX::BRAVERMANMon Jul 13 1992ISO 9
1980.0147ICS::DONNELLANMon Jul 13 1992How can WE save this company?
1981.06GLDOA::KATZMon Jul 13 1992Why we succeeded
1982.060FORTSC::CHABANMon Jul 13 1992Idiots in expensive suits V2.1
1983.021KAOS::TURROTue Jul 14 1992New PC prices
1984.08CALS::THACKERAYTue Jul 14 1992Die-attach adhesives
1985.057RANGER::JCAMPBELLTue Jul 14 1992Can we "Catch a Wave?"
1986.06RDGENG::GUNDRYWed Jul 15 1992DECWORLD '93 ?
1987.05BOOVX2::MANDILEWed Jul 15 1992Job Shop/inventory system?
1988.05TYFYS::DAVIDSONWed Jul 15 1992Competitive Migration Services
1989.03ODIXIE::LIGHTBODYWed Jul 15 1992Talk About Sleazy !
1990.020ICS::DONNELLANWed Jul 15 1992Some of us will be departing
1991.024CSOADM::ROTHThu Jul 16 1992Time to examine what Digital is to you
1992.0148BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Jul 16 1992Ken is retiring!?
1993.040SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jul 17 1992Pier Carlo Falotti Resigns
1994.027WR1FOR::DISMUKEMOFri Jul 17 1992Hip..Hip..
1995.04BLUMON::QUODLINGFri Jul 17 1992IBM doesn't have a problem...
1996.015ELWOOD::LANEFri Jul 17 1992Mostek
1997.092LOOKUP::DONNELLANFri Jul 17 19925
1998.030RT128::BATESSun Jul 19 1992DEC After Ken - Where Should Bob Take Us From Here?
1999.01KOALA::BEMISMon Jul 20 1992For the benefit of those unable to attend...
2000.020BOOKS::HAMILTONMon Jul 20 1992Possible sales lead: who do I call?
2001.041SWAM2::SIMKINS_GIMon Jul 20 1992Enough is Enough
2002.098MAIL::ALLERTue Jul 21 1992Trying to Help Out
2003.015DENVER::DAVISGBTue Jul 21 1992Bob Palmer
2004.035SA1794::CHARBONNDTue Jul 21 1992The endless re-design
2005.06ICS::DONNELLANTue Jul 21 1992Peons, common folk and expensive suits
2006.0144COMET::BARRIANOTue Jul 21 1992Core Management, Inc. STD Admin. Policies
2007.057ACOSTA::MIANOWed Jul 22 1992How many have seen no trace of Ken Olsen?
2008.0151DANGER::FORTMILLERWed Jul 22 1992Illness Benefits will be Changed on 28 Sep 1992
2009.09STOKES::BURTWed Jul 22 1992where is safety?
2010.06SA1794::BEANWWed Jul 22 1992REFERENCES
2011.018SMURF::BINDERWed Jul 22 1992Am I missing something here?
2012.019RIPPLE::NORDLAND_GEWed Jul 22 1992Restructure WHAT???
2013.031QETOO::MCCARTHYWed Jul 22 1992CH 7 confirms KO was FIRED by BOD...
2014.03--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 23 19921.5 Billion Restructuring Charge
2015.042SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jul 23 1992Q4FY92 Financial Results
2016.02ELWOOD::SHEFFIELDThu Jul 23 1992Are all requisitons closed?
2017.0FORTSC::CHABANThu Jul 23 1992Graphology, Unix/World & KO
2018.051ESOA11::BRAMHALLThu Jul 23 1992Palmer speaks
2019.0234PIANST::JANZENFri Jul 24 1992Suits
2020.037STAR::GUINEAUFri Jul 24 1992CNN report
2021.01CAPNET::CROWTHERMon Jul 27 1992Retirement Gift for Ken . . .
2022.0114STOKES::BURTMon Jul 27 1992Are 1's really 1's?
2024.0156BEING::EDPMon Jul 27 1992Digital Stinks Because It Screws Up Layoffs
2025.011UNYEM::HOVERTue Jul 28 1992Another Early Retirement?
2026.067BEING::EDPWed Jul 29 1992Union
2027.011HOTWTR::THOMPSOKRWed Jul 29 1992A Salesman's Prayer
2028.02MRKTNG::SILVERBERGFri Jul 31 1992SERP causes SAVE rate to fall?
2029.010COGITO::LANKIEWICZFri Jul 31 1992New Blood Division ?
2030.016ELMAGO::AHACHEFri Jul 31 1992Albuquerque?
2031.033SCHOOL::LEKASFri Jul 31 1992What is the job market really like?
2032.0213ICS::DONNELLANSun Aug 02 1992Layoff central
2033.07SHIRE::MEYERMon Aug 03 1992Good News: A Deccie in Space!
2034.014TEXAS1::SOBECKYMon Aug 03 1992No refunds, no returns
2035.075BEING::EDPTue Aug 04 1992Management's Mindset Toward Employees
2037.020ZBEST::JANZENTue Aug 04 1992Start of Business Day
2038.016LACVWed Aug 05 1992swapping
2040.04MR4DEC::FBUTLERThu Aug 06 1992Decworld PC's still available...
2041.021UTROP1::GROOTWFri Aug 07 1992The Chinese way of TQM?!
2042.016POCUS::OHARAFri Aug 07 1992Postal Service to Cut Management 25%
2043.030CSOADM::ROTHMon Aug 10 1992US Team DVN 11-Aug-92 12:
2044.019TPSYS::BUTCHARTTue Aug 11 1992Headhunters instead of investment advisors?
2045.018DELNI::SUMNERTue Aug 11 1992New HLO building scrubbed?
2046.01PIPE::DUNCANWed Aug 12 1992Digital Culture and Transition -- a questionnaire
2048.0112XLIB::SCHAFERWed Aug 12 1992DISABILITY Guide questions
2049.080BEING::MCCULLEYThu Aug 13 1992Digital sues for breach of employee contract
2050.05MR4DEC::GABRIELThu Aug 13 1992Franklin, MA plant to close...
2051.066SYORPD::DEEPFri Aug 14 1992How should *your* car plan be implemented?
2052.050SWAM2::SCHMAUDER_PAFri Aug 14 1992Are we separate companies?
2053.048ECAD2::SHERMANFri Aug 14 1992What can we learn from Wang?
2054.0101RANGER::JCAMPBELLSat Aug 15 1992PC Week: "It's Time for Dinosaur Equipment Corp. To Evolve
2055.05TROOA::LUNDVALLMon Aug 17 1992Systems & Options Catalogues
2056.045SOLVIT::COBBTue Aug 18 1992Future Layoff Plans
2057.07SOLVIT::KOZAKTue Aug 18 1992Boston GLobe ad?
2058.05CORTEZ::WATKINSTue Aug 18 1992Airlines Antitrust Claim - Is Digital going to collect?
2059.06SUBWAY::ROTHMANTue Aug 18 1992Flying High with Alpha..
2060.021RUTILE::WYNFORDWed Aug 19 1992Digital, CompuServe and Good News
2061.05MUDHWK::LAWLERThu Aug 20 1992EXARC Commitee? (Or X.25 system to borrow?)
2063.02--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 21 1992Canobie Lake Cancelled?
2064.04CASDOC::MEAGHERFri Aug 21 1992News article in the Boston Herald
2065.059MANTHN::EDDFri Aug 21 1992No News Is Bad News...
2066.021OXNARD::KOLLINGMon Aug 24 1992where's the policy about one week email access?
2067.068DELNI::SUMNERMon Aug 24 1992Reports on "Andrew"??
2068.018TEXAS1::SOBECKYTue Aug 25 1992Digital builds PCs once again
2069.021DENVER::DAVISGBTue Aug 25 1992Cheery news from a "Partner"
2070.0CFSCTC::CORZINETue Aug 25 1992Health insurance potholes
2071.011BSS::J_DAVIDTue Aug 25 1992Need information.
2072.035SWAM1::MERCADO_ELTue Aug 25 1992Bad Timing on External Hire...
2073.0133SMAUG::GARRODTue Aug 25 1992I consider my salary to be private information
2074.016SA1794::PARKERJThu Aug 27 1992buy the terminal???
2075.033BOOKS::HAMILTONThu Aug 27 1992Credit & Employment
2076.020WMOIS::GALLANTGThu Aug 27 1992Will he make a comeback !
2077.023JOET::JOETThu Aug 27 1992DEC (known for its cash reserves) to go into debt?
2078.010ISOISA::HAKKARAINENFri Aug 28 1992Copyrighted materials
2079.021RT9Fri Aug 28 1992A "sign" of the times .....
2080.04EVMS::NORDLINGERFri Aug 28 1992Ken Olsen on cover of _Upside
2081.029RANGER::JCAMPBELLFri Aug 28 1992Let's improve the way we work
2082.046TOOK::MORRISONSun Aug 30 1992Affordable home computer that runs VMS?
2083.061RT128::BATESMon Aug 31 1992The Supply Chain
2084.028EBBCLU::BROUILLETTEMon Aug 31 1992DEC mentioned in WSJ
2085.07EVMS::NORDLINGERTue Sep 01 1992Corporate Computing: critical article on DEC
2086.025CSC32::D_SCHOENFELDTue Sep 01 1992What's wrong with this picture??
2087.0HERON::SPALTWed Sep 02 1992Investor's Daily story on Bob Palmer
2088.011NEMAIL::OHERNWed Sep 02 1992DEC service? Car purchase info?
2089.036WMOIS::RAINVILLEWed Sep 02 1992Can you use recycled magtapes?
2090.074CVG::THOMPSONThu Sep 03 1992Should we be hiring college hires?
2091.0EARRTH::GRAHAMThu Sep 03 1992How to get on DEC's bid list?
2092.010ICS::BEANTue Sep 08 1992info on DEC band (musical) needed
2093.08AKOCOA::BBARRYWed Sep 09 1992FICTIONAL Harv.Bus.Rev. - Digital 2
2094.019SHALOT::ANDERSONWed Sep 09 1992The 1
2095.08OXNARD::KOLLINGWed Sep 09 1992lump sum distributions: your government at work
2096.0146BEING::EDPFri Sep 11 1992Another Short-Sighted Digital Decision
2097.03ASDG::FOSTERFri Sep 11 1992Digital Bonds
2098.019MIMS::DUCAT_DFri Sep 11 1992holiday calendar
2100.06R2ME2::CMURRAYMon Sep 14 1992Baltic states opportunity?
2101.023LEDDEV::CLARKMon Sep 14 1992KO to resign from Board (taken from VTX - Livewire)
2102.039GRANMA::GTOPPINGMon Sep 14 1992Expense Voucher Woes 8^)
2103.038BSS::CODE3::BANKSMon Sep 14 1992Cash Incentive Plan announced on LIVE WIRE
2104.044SCAACT::RESENDEMon Sep 14 1992Who's Who at Digital updated since June 92?
2105.026CARWSH::MURRAYTue Sep 15 1992Questionable TFSO Practice: Stock Plan Money Withheld
2106.087STAR::ABBASITue Sep 15 1992about wearing badges in displayed fashions
2107.021ACESMK::KOSMATKATue Sep 15 1992Is a change at the top enough?
2108.02SENIOR::ROTAWed Sep 16 1992Is Digital terminating some Workers Comp claim employees\
2109.06INFACT::BEVISWed Sep 16 1992What are TFSO-ee's rights to employment?
2110.020ODIXIE::CAPOZZIWed Sep 16 1992Was this KO's Plan?
2111.025SUBWAY::BRIGGSWed Sep 16 1992Simple idea, stated bluntly
2112.05FAUXPA::NEWMANThu Sep 17 1992Contact needed for Digital "Payee Phone" system
2113.019WR1FOR::DISMUKEMOThu Sep 17 1992Hats Off to our Comrades
2114.073--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 17 1992Curious about time (8 hr. day)
2115.027GRANPA::JNOSTINThu Sep 17 1992Bill Steul's DVN 9/17/92
2116.016ROLAID::STCYRFri Sep 18 1992Another Good Bye
2117.024RUSURE::EDPFri Sep 18 1992Does Digital Have a Future?
2118.09FNOPST::MAINST::RAJALAFri Sep 18 1992How many are we?
2119.016POCUS::OHARASat Sep 19 1992Outsourcing DVNs?
2120.029GRANPA::JNOSTINMon Sep 21 1992Company Cars - Financing
2121.020FORGET::CRAWFORDMon Sep 21 1992Coordination of International Sales
2122.0148CVG::THOMPSONMon Sep 21 1992Service Dinners/Lunches Canceled
2123.014HANTue Sep 22 1992Lean management, teamwork and other stuff
2124.0103STAR::ABBASITue Sep 22 1992on insulting others via mail and how to processed
2125.038UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTTue Sep 22 1992Digital in Software ?
2126.014POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAWed Sep 23 1992Company Cars - Insurance?
2127.027SUBWAY::BRIGGSWed Sep 23 1992Services and the kings new clothes
2128.03SMAUG::GARRODWed Sep 23 1992Bob Palmers Executive Messages and their priorities
2129.048CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Sep 24 1992Lets talk it up on ALPHA!
2130.029LEDDEV::DINANTThu Sep 24 1992Dear departing DEC employee...
2131.055JAYMES::SLATERThu Sep 24 1992Employee Vengence In The Workplace
2132.010STOKES::BURTFri Sep 25 1992DEC no sponsor PGA Seniors Classic
2134.023758Fri Sep 25 1992A Possible Future
2135.030MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Sep 29 199214-point plan
2136.01412GAGE::DERIETue Sep 29 1992So much for "SOLUTIONS"
2137.03TATRY::MASIORSKITue Sep 29 1992How's DEC in Eastern Europe?
2138.029RANGER::JCAMPBELLWed Sep 30 1992A note to our upper management
2139.047USPMLO::GILLIGANWed Sep 30 1992Bob Palmer's DVN on 9/3
2140.029USPMLO::JSANTOSThu Oct 01 1992K.O. Speaks
2141.0165GRANPA::JNOSTINFri Oct 02 1992COE-still being held?
2142.03USCTR1::JHERNBERGFri Oct 02 1992DEC and ESOP?
2143.010ELMAGO::JMORALESFri Oct 02 1992Puerto Rico
2144.020R2ME2::HOBDAYMon Oct 05 1992Is anyone alive in Investor Services?
2145.023USCTR1::JHERNBERGTue Oct 06 1992Cheap shot at Palmer
2146.09HOCUS::RICCIARDITue Oct 06 1992Profit through growth means what?
2147.07UNYEM::HOLTJTue Oct 06 1992Talking to engineering students at Cornell...
2148.099SWAM2::SCHMAUDER_PATue Oct 06 1992Open Package Rumor
2149.033TKOVZZ::SARMATue Oct 06 1992Ken Olsen - visionary
2150.054MRKTNG::SILVERBERGWed Oct 07 1992Morgan Stanley view of Alpha & NT
2151.056STAR::DIPIRROThu Oct 08 1992Compensation changes coming
2152.011ELMAGO::JMORALESThu Oct 08 1992Cost Competitiveness
2153.020I18N::GREENWOODFri Oct 09 1992New VPs for Engineering, GIA, Europe
2154.016RANGER::JCAMPBELLMon Oct 12 1992Why PC software is now important
2155.055ODIXIE::WESTCLTue Oct 13 1992Stop Paying for Chiropractic Care
2156.0130DNEAST::DUPUIS_STEVEWed Oct 14 1992Q1 loss
2157.035THATS::FULTIThu Oct 15 1992New position for Don Zereski
2158.028ALFPTS::GCOAST::RIDGWAYThu Oct 15 1992Seems like the flames are rising
2159.031GUIDUK::FARLEEThu Oct 15 1992New round of JEC
2160.010TKOVZZ::SARMAThu Oct 15 1992Digital manufactures AND sells Apple computers
2161.013MRKTNG::SILVERBERGFri Oct 16 1992Mill clock observance
2162.0113RTL::LINDQUISTFri Oct 16 1992United Way, still?
2164.053GLDOA::KATZFri Oct 16 1992Salespeople for the 9
2165.07CSOADM::ROTHFri Oct 16 1992EIS split from Customer Services
2166.05MYCKEY::ROMANFri Oct 16 1992Company Car and being laid off
2167.03SMAUG::GARRODFri Oct 16 1992Who's going to head up the NETWORKING organization?
2168.012SA1794::CHUNGHSat Oct 17 1992Need background music
2169.015CASDOC::MEAGHERMon Oct 19 1992Digital and Politics
2171.057AUDIBL::BOOTHTue Oct 20 1992New Transition Package Latest Transition Package
2172.013MRKTNG::UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTWed Oct 21 1992Live after DEC
2174.025ENABLE::glantzThu Oct 22 1992I'd like to buy an Alpha
2175.028SMAUG::GARRODSat Oct 24 1992Discussion of Strecker Engineering Announcement
2176.086MSDOA::STOGNERMon Oct 26 1992Digital & Bush/Clinton
2177.026CSC32::J_WETHERNMon Oct 26 1992A question about promotion...
2178.030SKIP::MORRISMon Oct 26 1992DEC(under)World Globe article.
2179.065NEWVAX::SGRIFFINMon Oct 26 1992New sick policy impact?
2180.041SAHQ::LUBERTue Oct 27 1992Digital Medical Plan Conspiracy?
2181.054FORGET::CRAWFORDTue Oct 27 1992FY'93 U.S. Sales Incentive Program
2182.063SAHQ::LUBERTue Oct 27 1992Question of Healthcare Reimbursement Account
2183.038MORO::BEELER_JETue Oct 27 1992Outsource Prospects?
2184.060SUBSYS::NEUMYERThu Oct 29 1992New DEC Badge
2185.033BTOVT::BARBER_DThu Oct 29 1992Plant Closings...
2186.065CSC32::N_WALLACEThu Oct 29 1992NT AXP on Wall St.
2187.028HERIAM::AZARIANThu Oct 29 1992Rumor about Holiday Shutdown?????
2188.010USCTR1::JHERNBERGFri Oct 30 1992DPP and you!
2189.033PLUS1::BOHANONFri Oct 30 1992Seeking data about change management practices in Japan and Asia
2190.023DVOPAS::VACUUM::HOOVERFri Oct 30 1992Rainbow Info Help Needed
2191.02JULIET::NGUYEN_HUMon Nov 02 1992 LAID-OFF! Why is it so quiet?
2192.02HACMAN::HACKMon Nov 02 1992To have and to hold == or == sell that stock now??
2193.07ELMAGO::JMORALESMon Nov 02 1992Business Cycles and Flexibility
2194.012TOOHOT::ROCHAMon Nov 02 1992missed opportunity?
2195.061GLDOA::KATZTue Nov 03 1992Car Plan B Insurance
2196.039WYNDE::HAMELTue Nov 03 1992Help Needed - Software Lic. Part Nos.
2198.03NSTG::CARBAUGHWed Nov 04 1992Dark Turkey Humor
2199.01MAIL::LANGSTONWed Nov 04 1992Things are slipping thru the cracks.
2200.0MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Nov 05 1992UNISYS retiree medical benefits cut
2201.042CRAZY::QUINNThu Nov 05 1992<<Entrepreneurs,fish-stories,and hard questions>>
2202.016LEPARD::SEKURSKIFri Nov 06 1992Stock price fluctuation indicating something ?
2203.09BSS::C_BOUTCHERFri Nov 06 1992First shot in a trade war ...
2205.041TEXAS1::SOBECKYFri Nov 06 1992Separate business units & Office of Ethics
2206.027ASICS::LESLIEFri Nov 06 1992Progress
2207.023--UnknownUser--Sat Nov 07 1992GOOD NEWS??
2208.016NOTIME::SACKSMon Nov 09 1992Tell us about cutbacks in perqs
2209.044FUNYET::ANDERSONMon Nov 09 1992Daily extract service for Digital conference
2210.017RANGER::JCAMPBELLMon Nov 09 1992Wall St wants Windows-NT from Digital!
2211.020FORTSC::CHABANMon Nov 09 1992Should I be paranoid?
2212.021DIODE::CROWELLMon Nov 09 1992Health Care Choices - 1993
2213.087MRKTNG::SILVERBERGTue Nov 10 1992Matching Gift Program reductions
2214.01SAHQ::LUBERTue Nov 10 1992Hotel recommendations needed for training classes
2215.033CLADA::PAHWed Nov 11 1992David Stone's resignation
2216.058SOLANA::BROWN_ROWed Nov 11 1992Dec 7th layoffs (bombs away!)
2217.0104YNGSTR::BROWNWed Nov 11 1992DEC's business aircraft fleet
2219.029GILNET::BW_LEEThu Nov 12 1992Who said Ken Olsen left DEC
2220.0115GLDOA::KATZThu Nov 12 1992Poor Alpha Marketing
2222.0205ICS::SOBECKYFri Nov 13 1992How are you holding up?
2223.034THPPT::LAPINEFri Nov 13 1992Executive Compensation
2224.035SMAUG::GARRODTue Nov 17 1992Unneccessarily long VP chains
2225.068ASICS::LESLIETue Nov 17 1992Goodbye and fare well
2226.04VERGA::FACHONWed Nov 18 1992Enviro Handbook
2227.015CSOADM::ROTHWed Nov 18 1992Will DEC break the 'restructuring' mold?
2228.09MRKTNG::SILVERBERGThu Nov 19 1992Top UNIX Vendors in 1992
2229.027CSC32::RODASThu Nov 19 1992Zereski - In or Out ??
2230.025SUBWAY::BRIGGSThu Nov 19 1992Product Cancellations?
2231.040RDVAX::KALIKOWThu Nov 19 1992WATN vs SDN for remote dialin... Comparison of $$
2232.052VERGA::FACHONFri Nov 20 1992Ad Campaign
2233.027USCTR1::TSONGFri Nov 20 1992vacation time when TFSOed?
2234.06SMAUG::GARRODMon Nov 23 1992Engineering TFSO numbers
2235.015USCTR1::TSONGMon Nov 23 1992TFSOed and medical care.
2238.055MAIL::LUCIDOTue Nov 24 1992DEC 7th TFSO Delay?
2239.04RIPPLE::KOTTERRITue Nov 24 1992HCRA and TFSO?
2240.045ACESMK::HIGGINSTue Nov 24 1992Russ Gullotti, VP US Area
2241.016DECWET::ROARKTue Nov 24 1992DEC's 5-year plan
2242.0167BSS::G_HEDRICKTue Nov 24 1992Ki$$ 1-8
2243.037KAOFS::H_SWAFFIELDWed Nov 25 1992Transitional blowout in Canada...
2244.024SALSA::MOELLERWed Nov 25 1992EAP survives : WHY ?????
2245.071AKOCOA::BBARRYWed Nov 25 1992Stock quote broke?
2246.020TLE::FELDMANWed Nov 25 1992Putting the fun back into engineering
2247.06VFOFS::GALVINThu Nov 26 1992Educational Assistance Xed?
2248.07KAOOA::PINKERTONFri Nov 27 1992skills for the 9
2249.03KAOOA::PINKERTONFri Nov 27 1992increase customer resources !!
2250.015HAAG::HAAGFri Nov 27 1992Sometimes Digital SHINES!!!
2252.0ELMAGO::JMORALESMon Nov 30 1992Let me see the light at the end of the tunnel !!
2253.033MORO::BEELER_JEMon Nov 30 1992The New DEC Sales Representative
2254.014ODIXIE::RHARRISTue Dec 01 1992product defect rumour
2255.011POCUS::OHARATue Dec 01 1992Digital Blood Group?
2256.02MUNICH::HSTOECKLINWed Dec 02 1992Digital to quit software development for VMS?
2257.023LARVAE::LUND_YATESThu Dec 03 1992Cash reserves gone!!
2258.052BRAT::RODENHISERThu Dec 03 1992Rumor MIll
2259.08STAR::DIPIRROThu Dec 03 1992Corporate-sponsored banquet?
2260.06POBOX::RAHEJAThu Dec 03 1992Help..DEC comprison to others...
2261.050DPDMAI::RESENDEThu Dec 03 1992Traveletter Going Away?
2262.070FORTSC::CHABANThu Dec 03 1992Is DELTA a crock?
2263.09POBOX::SEIBERTRFri Dec 04 1992info on 4-1
2264.03SCHOOL::BOBBITTFri Dec 04 1992Living With Transition - pointers to help cope
2265.017USCTR1::TSONGMon Dec 07 1992TFSO'd and Unemployment check.
2266.013USPMLO::JSANTOSTue Dec 08 1992Goodbye.
2267.014MALMA1::HAKANSSONWed Dec 09 1992Live software projects?
2268.07PTOVAX::FURMANSKIThu Dec 10 1992Information on Prior TFSO Packages
2269.06RDVAX::COLLIERThu Dec 10 1992 the manner of leaving
2270.09MILPND::ROLAID::LAGASSEThu Dec 10 1992After TFSO, staying connected...
2272.02TOOK::DMCLUREFri Dec 11 1992Life After DEC (L.A.D.)
2273.04ESD8Fri Dec 11 1992Bye...
2274.02ESOA12::BRAMHALLFri Dec 11 1992DEC and POPI?
2275.017WMOIS::STYVES_ATue Dec 15 1992E.A.P. WHERE ARE YOU??
2276.022NODEX::ADEYTue Dec 15 1992Current loss figure...
2277.01MRKTNG::FINOCCHIAROTue Dec 15 1992Farewell Posting on Behalf of Al Saloky
2278.053CSC32::PITTThu Dec 17 1992tfso'd during install.
2279.01RIPPLE::KOTTERRIThu Dec 17 1992Goodbye and Good Luck!
2280.0ESOA12::STAHLEThu Dec 17 1992TFSo long
2281.01SEDSWS::SAMPAYOThu Dec 17 1992Aiming for Excellence ?
2282.030DPDMAI::RESENDEThu Dec 17 1992The End May Be In Sight?
2283.011SPESHR::KEARNSThu Dec 17 1992Crisis in Support?
2284.022SCAHUB::RESENDEFri Dec 18 1992A Tale of Two Companies
2285.073FORTSC::CHABANFri Dec 18 1992refuse offer, lose package?
2286.08SYOMV::KRASFri Dec 18 1992Can't order some DEC S/W
2287.033POCUS::STECKELSat Dec 19 1992Early Retirement Redux
2288.06ZENDIA::TBOYLESun Dec 20 1992Any one have transcript of VideoRoberson..?
2289.0101RANGER::JCAMPBELLTue Dec 22 1992new memo to upper management
2290.018XLIB::SCHAFERTue Dec 22 19929 Business Units
2291.027USCTR1::MMCCALLIONTue Dec 22 1992METPAY Mailing
2292.034SWAM2::HOUK_DATue Dec 22 1992A customer's perspective
2293.09VSSCAD::FITZGERALDWed Dec 23 1992D.E.C. offerings for potential biotech customer...
2294.021UNIFIX::SILVERWed Dec 23 1992Secretary in transition...
2295.012CSOADM::ROTHThu Dec 24 1992Help save the Digital ArtLibrary
2296.011--UnknownUser--Sun Dec 27 1992Witchhunts?
2297.02UGETIT::ATKINSONMon Dec 28 1992Comment to Clinton Admin. on Computing?
2298.025NACAD::KOCHEMMon Dec 28 1992A Positive Experience!
2299.036SKIP::MORRISTue Dec 29 1992Rumor Mill: 14 VP's TFSO'ed...
2300.028ELMAGO::JMORALESTue Dec 29 1992Qtr. 2 will be black or red ?
2301.05EEMELI::PATARIWed Dec 30 1992GOLDEN EGGS, Solution for Configurations
2302.0277DIODE::CROWELLThu Dec 31 1992Vacation Accrual to be reduced from 2 to 1 years time
2303.081SAHQ::LUBERThu Dec 31 1992System is S-L-O-W: What's going on?
2304.029NIOMAX::LAINGThu Dec 31 1992Standby (beeper/on-call) changes
2305.09KAOS::TURROFri Jan 01 1993what cuts next
2306.04LAOTZU::KELLYMon Jan 04 1993DEC Rep: Sony needed
2307.02POBOX::TANZMANMon Jan 04 1993Voluntary Attrition
2308.054SAHQ::LUBERTue Jan 05 1993How to Improve Morale at No Cost to DEC
2309.01NETCUR::SALOISTue Jan 05 19933rd Party wants DEC to OEM network hardware
2310.044SMAUG::GARRODTue Jan 05 1993Bye Bye Jack Smith
2311.09FORTSC::CHABANWed Jan 06 1993Upcoming DVNs
2312.011CADCTL::BRAUCHERWed Jan 06 1993Travel - Cook in/Amex out
2313.043TUXEDO::YANKESThu Jan 07 1993Accident in Hudson
2315.01STOAT::BARKERThu Jan 07 1993After many years it's now my turn to leave
2316.06--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 07 1993VP ADMINISTRATION
2317.0612GAGE::DERIEFri Jan 08 1993Help Recycling Defective Parts.
2318.012SCAHUB::RESENDEFri Jan 08 1993KO completely gone from DEC?
2319.0CVG::THOMPSONMon Jan 11 1993Senior Leadership Team announced
2320.041GLDOA::SEVICMon Jan 11 1993PERSONAL MILEAGE ?????
2321.014SMAUG::GARRODMon Jan 11 1993Digital at a Glance -- says it all
2322.066CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZTue Jan 12 1993EPP - payroll deduction payments .... not
2323.03SAHQ::LUBERWed Jan 13 1993Deny, Deny, Deny
2324.03INFACT::BEVISWed Jan 13 1993All U.S Empl. to get smaller paychecks in 1993
2325.012NSTG::CARBAUGHWed Jan 13 1993Erroneous Health Benefits Choices!
2326.011SCAACT::RESENDEWed Jan 13 1993The New Who's Who at Digital (ala 1993)
2327.051ODIXIE::RIDGWAYWed Jan 13 1993DEC no longer pays for 2nd telephone line for business use
2329.012SCAACT::RESENDEThu Jan 14 1993FY93 Q2 Results
2330.03CADCTL::BRAUCHERFri Jan 15 1993Hudson plant tours.
2331.07WBC::DOERINGSun Jan 17 1993CAR Plan A Buyers and ST. Inspections
2332.0183ESBLAB::KINZELMANMon Jan 18 1993Bonuses given this year
2334.08CSC32::K_KINNEYTue Jan 19 1993Management Ownership of Stock Required?
2335.01TALLIS::PARADISTue Jan 19 1993Another positive sign...
2336.014BOOKS::HAMILTONWed Jan 20 1993IBM: worst performance in US history
2338.068THEBAY::CHABANEDWed Jan 20 1993Our "friend" Dave Cutler
2339.021GUCCI::SANTSCHIFri Jan 22 1993Need help Urgently! with laptop
2340.0100QUARK::LIONELFri Jan 22 1993Anonymous - Abuse of personal names in mail and notes
2341.09EOS::ARMSTRONGFri Jan 22 1993New Cable Making Plant
2342.013RDVAX::KALIKOWSat Jan 23 1993MBWA/MBNA: Partial prescription for DEC's success?
2343.020GUFFAW::GRANSEWICZSun Jan 24 1993Proactive Employee Involvement
2344.08RCOCER::MICKOLMon Jan 25 1993Changes in the wind at CXO?
2345.05PAVONE::MIOTTOTue Jan 26 1993Digital involvement in Italian bribe accusations.
2346.023CX3PT2::CODE3::BANKSWed Jan 27 1993Resumption of U.S. Transition Program (from LIVE WIRE)
2347.05CUPID::BRUNOWed Jan 27 1993Adriana Stadecker - New VP of Exec. Operations
2348.0MYCRFT::PARODIWed Jan 27 1993Transcript of 1/27/93 Engineering Update DVN
2349.083ICS::DONNELLANWed Jan 27 1993Strategy behind next TFSO?
2350.02TAVIS::BARUCHThu Jan 28 1993Value of Business Lines
2351.02WBC::DEADYSun Jan 31 1993No Digital Booth at ComNet this year?
2353.09DCOFS::ALSTONTue Feb 02 1993life without "DECWREKS"
2354.08AIMHI::BARRYTue Feb 02 1993Why do 2352.
2355.02CSOADM::ROTHTue Feb 02 1993Anonymous noters ever revealed?
2356.0ODIXIE::SCRIVENWed Feb 03 1993THANKS!! (to all)....
2357.03GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERThu Feb 04 1993Revunue Producing vs Non-Revenue Producing Jobs
2358.02STAR::BOUCHARDFri Feb 05 1993Documentation available
2359.010SMAUG::GARRODFri Feb 05 1993DECimage, cancelled products and general woffling
2360.0402144::BODEGA::KRIMNMon Feb 08 1993Misuse of physical resources
2361.08SWAM2::SCHMAUDER_PAWed Feb 10 1993Infor on MDC Program
2362.036SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Feb 10 1993Penny-wise/Pound Foolish
2363.012AIMTEC::HIBBERT_PWed Feb 10 1993Sour deal in Outsourcing?
2364.030GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERThu Feb 11 1993Enthusiasm at top Gloom at bottom
2366.09SCAACT::RESENDEThu Feb 11 19937 areas of engineering competency
2367.02SCAACT::RESENDEThu Feb 11 19936 focused marketing campaigns
2368.012DECWET::GILLMANThu Feb 11 1993..anyone else have a Payroll problem this week??
2370.027SUBWAY::CATANIAThu Feb 11 1993How do you get a consultant 8
2371.017NEWVAX::SHEINBERGMon Feb 15 1993Health Care Coverage
2372.016CX3PT2::CODE3::BANKSTue Feb 16 1993Digital's inroad into the PC market
2373.07DYPSS1::SMITHTue Feb 16 1993Educational Reimbursement Taxable?
2374.058USHSTue Feb 16 1993No travelletter---No money deposited...
2375.019COMPLX::THELLENFri Feb 19 1993Trademark symbol on Digital logo
2377.076CNTROL::DGAUTHIERFri Feb 19 1993Passwords
2378.01LJOHUB::BELLUSCIFri Feb 19 1993DEC PC reseller program
2379.011TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 19 1993Here's a classic example that illustrates VMS is OPEN!
2380.019DNEAST::WIGHT_BRIANSun Feb 21 1993What about offering to redo the White House?
2381.02GOLLY::CIRCA::zarembaTue Feb 23 1993Museum of Science (Boston) passes?
2382.02335261::WYMANTue Feb 23 1993Sales Support to DELIVERY AGAIN?
2383.038GAAS::BRAUCHERTue Feb 23 1993Boston Globe : Ayr defeats Galway ?
2384.08BUFFER::UNGUREANUTue Feb 23 1993Pointer to information - CBU Infrastructure?
2385.01BUFFER::UNGUREANUTue Feb 23 1993Territories and geographies - where's the "flat management structure"?
2386.012ICS::DONNELLANTue Feb 23 1993Complex Sales Opportunities
2387.0108214::BRUNOTue Feb 23 1993Is Intel worried about Alpha?
2388.03532738::SILVERBERGWed Feb 24 1993Closing Lancaster & Headmaster's House
2389.01456621::DOANEWed Feb 24 1993Mgmt Scrap & Rework
2390.0111928Wed Feb 24 1993Bob Palmer's Breakfast Meeting with Employees
2391.09CSC32::C_LEEThu Feb 25 1993Want to reduce your current taxable income ??
2394.095COVERT::COVERTMon Mar 01 1993Avoiding a Strike over Layoffs in Germany
2395.020THEBAY::CHABANEDMon Mar 01 1993Idiots III - The slaughter of the Nerds
2397.02WMOIS::COTTON_RTue Mar 02 1993Consolidated financial information
2398.02--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 02 1993Employee PC purchase ??
2399.07JMPSRV::MICKOLTue Mar 02 1993Some Positive Press for a change
2400.05SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Mar 03 1993DECUS and DEXPO
2401.05WHYNOW::NEWMANWed Mar 03 1993Looking for information about Digital sponsored summer day camp
2402.08REDDWF::GIFFORDWed Mar 03 1993Tradeshow/show/event methodology
2403.037THEBAY::CHABANEDThu Mar 04 1993Jerks who won't call back
2404.021ECADSR::SHERMANFri Mar 05 1993Milking the "expensive" solution vendor ...
2405.023ROWLET::AINSLEYMon Mar 08 1993Personal Development
2407.043QUARK::MODERATORTue Mar 09 1993"Not in the plan"
2408.06CARMEL::GOETZEWed Mar 10 1993IBM-Digital in the news
2409.063HIJINX::LORDWed Mar 10 1993Coffee clubs vs facilities management?
2410.0123JUMP4::JOYWed Mar 10 1993New logo for Digital?
2411.010ESGWST::HALEYThu Mar 11 1993Marketing Consultants
2412.010SMAUG::GARRODThu Mar 11 1993Digital logo on other companies business cards
2413.023SPECXN::EMLICHThu Mar 11 1993Goodbye and good luck
2414.054GLDOA::PENFROYFri Mar 12 1993Call It What It Is!!!
2415.01CSOADM::ROTHFri Mar 12 1993Blizzard Warning
2416.018KYOA::KOCHMon Mar 15 1993Shadow conferences seem to be unreachable...
2417.045GAAS::BRAUCHERTue Mar 16 1993Mitsubishi - the word is getting around
2418.021CVG::THOMPSONWed Mar 17 1993Profitability directive from Bob Palmer
2419.04VFOVAX::OUTMANWed Mar 17 1993Researching a problem
2420.09SPESHR::ROCKWELLWed Mar 17 1993mgmt suggestion re:DECDIRECT
2421.09SUBWAY::BERGERWed Mar 17 1993DEC real estate question
2422.078CVG::THOMPSONThu Mar 18 1993'Nastygrams' and the network don't mix
2423.0GUIDUK::FOSTERThu Mar 18 1993traffic management customer
2424.027NACAD::NISKALAFri Mar 19 1993Time Article on downsizing
2425.013MR4DEC::VANTREECKFri Mar 19 1993Parting advice...
2426.083CSOA1::LEWANDOWSKIMon Mar 22 1993-<dealing with DECression>
2427.033TEMPE::MAYSTue Mar 23 1993EARLY RETIREMENT???
2429.0288DIODE::CROWELLTue Mar 23 1993The Mill is closing
2430.019FROZEN::CHERSONWed Mar 24 1993Boston Globe article on KO's "return"
2431.03CUPID::BRUNOWed Mar 24 1993Digital Dealings in India
2433.0136CVG::THOMPSONThu Mar 25 1993Digital to launch new brand campaign
2434.04AIMHI::OLSONFri Mar 26 1993Fax solutions?
2435.02028937::MITCHAMMon Mar 29 1993Yet another "Continuation of U.S. Transition Program"
2436.0735261::KOETTINGLTue Mar 30 1993TFSO'ed Not In ELF Now?
2438.011CTHQ::DWESSELSTue Mar 30 19933
2439.013TINCUP::VENTURELLATue Mar 30 1993Information on electronic time card submission systems
2440.095CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMWed Mar 31 1993Dental Benefits have changed for the worse
2441.017STAR::ABBASIThu Apr 01 1993managment of chaos in DEC and beyond
2442.022GRANMA::PTHUMANFri Apr 02 1993Q3 Financial Results
2443.054BOOKS::HAMILTONFri Apr 02 1993Brain Drain: how bad is it?
2444.011AKOCOA::NOVITCHFri Apr 02 1993Outlet Stores!
2445.012--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 05 1993Sacking people
2446.023ELMAGO::AHACHEMon Apr 05 1993Sun bought out by IBM?
2447.012RELYON::MITTALMon Apr 05 1993Large Digital Customers
2448.030HQENG::KURTAMon Apr 05 1993Westminster Sold?
2449.057RANGER::BACKSTROMMon Apr 05 1993Cost cutting; real or speculated telcom action sugg.
2450.08GYMAC::PNEALTue Apr 06 1993Economist Article on corporate loyalty
2451.04BONNET::SIMPSONTue Apr 06 1993Help for a Russian lady in distress
2452.047LEZAH::FACHONTue Apr 06 1993Save the Mill?
2453.03NZOMIS::DUKETue Apr 06 1993List Of active "Programs" ?
2454.049NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIWed Apr 07 1993DEC disability, the war within
2456.078GLDOA::KATZThu Apr 08 1993Business Card Security
2457.018SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Apr 08 1993VP of Systems Integration and Professional Services
2458.067THEBAY::CHABANEDThu Apr 08 1993This REALLY happened!!
2459.023QUARK::LIONELThu Apr 08 1993Customer rumor about DEC order entry system
2461.09TRACTR::MOODYFri Apr 09 1993"I said, LIE-ability !"
2462.022ZPOVC::MICHAELLEEFri Apr 09 1993DEC Stock - How low could it go?
2463.0SMAUG::GARRODSat Apr 10 1993Communications Program Office Established
2464.014KAHALA::RIPLEYTue Apr 13 1993Claim .
2465.039ELMAGO::JMORALESTue Apr 13 1993How many employees do we have ?
2466.027KIPPIS::LODThu Apr 15 1993How to make Q4 - European Style
2467.021RANGER::PANDYAThu Apr 15 1993HMO's and chiropractic care
2468.031A1VAX::GUNNThu Apr 15 1993New Sales Vice President.
2469.092SMAUG::GARRODTue Apr 20 1993A tale of two companies
2470.0GUCCI::HERBWed Apr 21 1993Sun - Drop in profit
2471.064RUSURE::EDPWed Apr 21 1993Digital Refuses to Use Network
2473.02JUPITR::HILDEBRANTThu Apr 22 1993New SPO Operation?
2474.0157RGB::SEILERFri Apr 23 1993Does the Ethics Office help us?
2475.011CNTRLZ::WALTERSTue Apr 27 1993FireWalking
2476.050XSTACY::PATTISONTue Apr 27 1993Silence is golden
2477.012THEBAY::CHABANEDTue Apr 27 1993BP DVN 4/27
2478.015PFSVAX::MCELWEETue Apr 27 1993MONEY magazine benefits survey.
2480.0133STAR::DIPIRROWed Apr 28 1993Touchy-feely courses gone?
2481.046USHSWed Apr 28 1993PC Games...The demise of the industry!
2482.017MORLEY::OGDENThu Apr 29 1993help on missing node
2483.031ASDG::FOSTERThu Apr 29 1993Sales Commission and Cash Incentives Revisited
2484.04GYMAC::PNEALFri Apr 30 1993Zonpower ?
2485.070PLOUGH::KINZELMANFri Apr 30 1993Goodbye Digital
2486.045FLYSQD::FERJULIANTue May 04 1993Personnel Dept. doesn't exist...!
2487.015SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed May 05 1993AT&T and Digital: it's starting to make sense
2488.016STOWOA::CROWTHERThu May 06 1993A Process Idea . . .
2489.01--UnknownUser--Fri May 07 1993DEC Message Que help!
2490.08VNABRW::HERRMANN_CMon May 10 1993returning from.....
2492.012SOFBAS::SHERMANTue May 11 1993Beyond F93
2493.053ECADSR::SHERMANWed May 12 1993What the ... cancelling DELTA?!?
2494.09UFHIS::MMCCREADYFri May 14 1993Digital-PCS, new Digital company
2495.015ECADSR::SHERMANMon May 17 1993Digital Megastores
2496.023ZENDIA::TBOYLEMon May 17 1993TNSG layoffs
2497.09HUMOR::EPPESTue May 18 1993David Stone
2498.015BWICHD::SILLIKERTue May 18 1993Farewell from Dick Joseph
2499.026RICKS::D_ELLISTue May 18 1993DEC PCs for home -- a new proposal
2500.0NECSC::BIELSKITue May 18 1993Bob Palmer: USA Today 5/12
2501.051ODIXIE::MOODYWed May 19 1993HP surpasses DEC in sales - reprinted w/o permission
2502.09TROOA::HILTONThu May 20 1993Powerbuilder Assistance Required
2503.05WMOIS::STYVES_AFri May 21 1993Just `Askin
2504.021SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri May 21 1993Isolation
2505.024PFSVAX::MCELWEEFri May 21 1993DECdirect no longer accepts internal phone orders.
2506.028ELWOOD::LANEFri May 21 1993What should DEC stop doing?
2507.04CSOA1::TEATERSat May 22 1993MS-DOS V5 unlimited license?
2508.015SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon May 24 1993Longer fiscal year this year
2509.023SOFBAS::SHERMANTue May 25 1993Log in the manger
2510.041ODIXIE::WESTCLTue May 25 1993Palmer at Windows World
2511.01POBOX::RAHEJATue May 25 1993I don't get it!!
2512.02SOJU::SLATERTue May 25 19931993 Borland Conference Trip Report
2513.07ELIS::PEGGWed May 26 1993Inconsistency in Imagine???
2515.017ASDG::FOSTERThu May 27 1993No more career-related courses?
2517.026POBOX::COLLINSRThu May 27 1993Vision for a better Digital
2518.020SOFBAS::SHERMANFri May 28 1993Breakfast Meeting Notes
2519.015SOFBAS::SHERMANFri May 28 1993NT Update/implications for DEC
2520.01GJOVAX::SEVICFri May 28 1993WHERE DID NOTE 2514 GOOOO ????
2521.04CAADC::BABCOCKTue Jun 01 1993Good By from Judy
2522.059SMAUG::GARRODTue Jun 01 1993If you're going to be TFSOed move to the UK
2524.01SOFBAS::SHERMANThu Jun 03 1993changes to corporate communications
2526.043HGOVC::JAYANTKUMARSun Jun 06 1993Height of delegation?
2527.04CURRNT::GURRANMon Jun 07 1993Help with standards conformance please.
2528.03--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 09 1993Big Brother is Watching
2529.03BOOKS::HAMILTONWed Jun 09 1993Making a donation to Digital -- will I get canned?
2530.0817185::GOLFNG::DONOVANWed Jun 09 1993Purchase notebook at TFSO time?
2531.01BSS::J_DAVIDWed Jun 09 1993Time to move on.
2533.029MKOTS3::COUTUREThu Jun 10 1993Contact needed on South Africa program
2534.032SMAUG::GARRODThu Jun 10 1993Where all that SG&A money goes
2535.082SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jun 10 1993The new "New Digital"
2536.06SOJU::SLATERFri Jun 11 1993Computer Industry Article - Fortune Mag. 6/14/93
2537.06ANGLIN::HARRISFri Jun 11 1993Help-Need Digital History!
2538.023HIBOB::KRANTZFri Jun 11 1993sold off?
2539.020SALSA::ABELSONFri Jun 11 1993EPUBS - We still in this space?
2540.07PUFFNS::ALLIN1Sun Jun 13 1993A Digital Customer has "no right" to bring 3rd Party?
2541.088--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 14 1993Waste or Good Business?
2542.050HDLITE::ZARLENGAMon Jun 14 1993"Digital Inc." vs. "Digital Equip. Corp." vs. "DEC"
2543.086MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MTue Jun 15 1993Firing Up the Sales Force
2544.0SPESHR::ROCKWELLTue Jun 15 1993Digital at Client-Server/Database Expo
2545.065TELGAR::WAKEMANLATue Jun 15 1993Implementing the new Digital
2546.044VMSMKT::COLEMANWed Jun 16 1993The next U.S. TFSO Package?
2547.03116BITS::DELBALSOThu Jun 17 1993Any recourse still for poor accomodations?
2548.028ICS::BHILLMon Jun 21 1993unemployment info requested
2550.0104MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MTue Jun 22 1993FY94 layoffs planned
2551.029LACVTue Jun 22 1993DECinconsistency in the new Digital
2552.029FRMENG::NELSONTue Jun 22 1993Thoughts from a fellow employee - TFSO'd
2553.023ICS::DONNELLANWed Jun 23 1993What's happened to our stock?
2554.016MR1PST::MODEL::WESTWed Jun 23 1993Free Health Innsurance with Unemployment?
2555.045SPEZKO::A_FRASERWed Jun 23 1993I work for "digital"
2556.021ASD::DIGRAZIAFri Jun 25 1993Saving cost and time on performance reviews...
2557.0521Fri Jun 25 1993Non-work related conference observation
2558.019SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Jun 29 1993Scenarios for Digital's future
2559.04KYOA::BOYLETue Jun 29 1993Anyone see Hoffa???
2560.018POBOX::RAHEJATue Jun 29 1993Need help with a presentation!!!
2561.022KAOTTue Jun 29 1993Are SPR's still a viable approach to report problems?
2562.02WIZZY2::WIRZBICKITue Jun 29 1993Unemployment Questions (Work in NH and Live in Ma)
2563.04NEWVAX::MURRAYWed Jun 30 1993SW Loan of Products
2564.014SAHQ::JDUNCANWed Jun 30 1993Another SERP rumor
2565.023HIBOB::KRANTZWed Jun 30 1993Why are YOU here?
2566.09ASEThu Jul 01 1993Company Loyalty -- RIP???
2567.090FORTSC::ANDREOUFri Jul 02 1993Positive News
2568.0280RDGENG::NEWBERRYHMon Jul 05 1993Digital's new brand image
2569.04VSSCAD::FITZGERALDTue Jul 06 1993p.c. expert needed for Clinton business man A.S.A.P.
2570.016VNABRW::HERRMANN_CWed Jul 07 1993anyone seen ...
2571.09CSSE::ATHOMASWed Jul 07 1993Layered Product
2572.062STAR::DIPIRROWed Jul 07 1993Short-sighted bean counter cutbacks killing us
2573.0133MAST::SCHUMANNWed Jul 07 1993Unions at DEC?
2574.030CSC32::D_STUARTWed Jul 07 1993Steve Waskewicz
2575.0232738::BROCKThu Jul 08 1993Enterprise Infrastructure Board
2576.074ODIXIE::WESTCLThu Jul 08 1993Retirement Health Benefit Changes
2577.030SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jul 09 1993Digital Consulting
2578.011ELMAGO::JMORALESTue Jul 13 1993U.S. Jury Convicts Richard Mangone - former DCU President
2579.010SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Jul 14 1993"Digital" isn't what "Digital Equipment" does
2580.0100ODIXIE::SMITHJWed Jul 14 1993here we go again!
2581.02SAHQ::LUBERThu Jul 15 1993Digital part number for new product/service?
2582.04IW::WARINGFri Jul 16 1993Being Insanely Successful in Software
2583.046MIMS::BARNUM_EFri Jul 16 1993Suggested Advertising for the "new Digital"
2584.046USCTR1::JHERNBERGMon Jul 19 1993Small Businesses and DEC ??????
2585.031MIMS::THOMPSON_AMon Jul 19 1993VEEP-a-thon
2586.02SOJU::SLATERTue Jul 20 1993C/S References
2587.066ICS::DONNELLANTue Jul 20 1993A Modest Proposal
2588.07JURAN::BITTICKSWed Jul 21 1993Any Digital facilities in flood area?
2589.045SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Jul 21 1993Vice President: US PC Sales and Marketing
2590.032SHRIEK::BLESSLEY_SWed Jul 21 1993Personnel loses my 'folder'. What do I do?
2591.019ELMAGO::JMORALESMon Jul 26 1993Qtr. 4 P&L ?????????????
2592.05WELLDN::CHRISTENSENMon Jul 26 1993Workstations Used During Off Hours?
2593.04--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 26 1993AUG '86 DIGITAL RVW WANTED
2594.018VNABRW::HERRMANN_CTue Jul 27 1993part numbers
2595.07LACVTue Jul 27 1993GE corporate account contact ?
2596.038MASALA::CMACDONALDWed Jul 28 1993Q4 Results
2597.013BXCNEI::COUTUREWed Jul 28 1993Bringing DEC equipment home on property removal passes
2598.024JUPITR::HILDEBRANTWed Jul 28 1993Rumor: DEC Storage For Sale?
2599.044MBALDY::LANGSTONWed Jul 28 1993(lack of) advertising, re-visited
2600.07XLIB::MODIWed Jul 28 1993Alpha heavyweight comes home
2601.047GWYNED::WOODCOCKThu Jul 29 1993Life After DEC - Good Stories
2602.035USCTR1::JHERNBERGThu Jul 29 1993"BJ" Resigns...Comments
2603.04MYGUY::LANDINGHAMFri Jul 30 1993Recycling Resources
2604.010ABACUS::NESTORMon Aug 02 1993Corporate Employee Communications Mgr.
2605.0221SMURF::BINDERMon Aug 02 1993They're getting ready to shut down "non business" files
2606.040ASD::DIGRAZIATue Aug 03 1993The Digital way of learning useful stuff...
2607.010XANADU::GANAPATHIWed Aug 04 1993Remodelling
2608.017PCBOPS::OUELLETTEThu Aug 05 1993elimination of wage class 2
2609.032MLNADFri Aug 06 1993Bob Palmer's Q1 DVN (from LIVE WIRE)
2610.036ICS::DONNELLANMon Aug 09 1993Are there any exciting places left in Digital?
2612.038ECADSR::SHERMANMon Aug 09 1993The last thing IBM needs right now is a vision. What of Digital?
2613.03HERCUL::MOSERWed Aug 11 1993Digital turns the corner!
2614.04ICS::DONNELLANWed Aug 11 1993Isn't a notesfile like a conversation?
2615.047WOTVAX::MORRISONThu Aug 12 1993American Express - Corporate Card
2616.03POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAThu Aug 12 1993What is the new vacation accrual policy?
2617.04POCUS::CUFFFri Aug 13 1993Recognized revenue???
2619.011NIOMAX::LAINGFri Aug 13 1993Media Services "spin off?"
2620.013RANGER::JCAMPBELLFri Aug 13 1993If It Ain't Broke...Break It!
2621.047USPMLO::CASHFri Aug 13 1993Corporate Subsidy of Clubs and Leagues
2622.085PUDGE::HEMEONTue Aug 17 1993No more weather maps???
2623.018QTRDEC::MARCILWed Aug 18 1993COMPASS daily and monthly calendars
2624.0155ICS::DONNELLANWed Aug 18 1993Morale
2625.06UNTADH::DIETRICHThu Aug 19 1993DIGITAL closes storage manufacturing plant in Germany
2626.037A1VAX::MACDONALDFri Aug 20 1993Curious re Stock Price Rise
2627.032ECADSR::SHERMANFri Aug 20 1993Marketable Innovation can HURT?
2629.014SMELT::SOJDAFri Aug 20 1993NASDAQ - Win or Lose?
2630.039ECADSR::SHERMANMon Aug 23 1993Deadwood's Guide to Keeping a Job at Digital ... ;^)
2631.08ANNECY::HOTCHKISSTue Aug 24 1993Organisation man
2633.03LACVTue Aug 24 1993Need Info on system for Ministry of Foreign Affair
2634.014VAXUUM::KEEFEWed Aug 25 1993Voluntary retirement at Digital Japan
2635.011ELMAGO::JMORALESWed Aug 25 1993Stop the Madness !
2636.014CVG::THOMPSONWed Aug 25 1993How does one become a manager at Digital?
2637.027NPSS::BRANAMThu Aug 26 1993End It
2638.02BROKE::SLATERFri Aug 27 1993Need Copy of VMS V6.
2639.077FLYSQD::MONTVILLEFri Aug 27 1993VTX PRICE, gone but not forgotten!
2641.01POCUS::HOFri Aug 27 1993Leadership, Creativity, & Excellence
2642.010SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Aug 27 1993Only Digital can help/hurt Digital
2643.029NAPIER::RAJSun Aug 29 1993Where's Bob
2644.019OTIGER::R_WHEELERSun Aug 29 1993Thomas Edison Birthplace
2645.015SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Aug 30 1993Pride in Digital
2646.017CAPNET::SHAHMon Aug 30 1993Digital is hiring again
2647.017--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 30 1993NO College Reimbursement
2648.093NETWKS::COZZENSTue Aug 31 1993Turkeys this year?
2649.028ELMAGO::JMORALESTue Aug 31 1993Upside Magazine on BP: Rated BUpside Magazine on BP: Rated BBP
2650.010ICS::DONNELLANThu Sep 02 1993Titles
2651.034SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Sep 03 1993Visibility
2652.0POCUS::HOFri Sep 03 1993Work-Force Study, WSJ
2653.02134873::SCOTTGSat Sep 04 1993Kudos to Digital's PR for defending the company!
2654.02157Sun Sep 05 1993Employee-to-Employee Communication
2655.053ICS::DONNELLANTue Sep 07 1993What's wrong with this picture?
2656.0128MCIS2::DEGROFFWed Sep 08 1993Glamour Seminar for Women - any comments?
2657.08DEMAND::LEMIEUXWed Sep 08 1993Status of PDC store?????
2658.045SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Sep 08 1993Pat Sweeney to leave Digital
2661.02STAR::DIPIRROFri Sep 10 1993Strange new trend on N.H. TV
2662.020PIETFri Sep 10 1993Iowa company wants employees to understand PCs
2663.01MR4DEC::PKARSHISFri Sep 10 1993Solutions for BID automation systems?
2664.022GRANPA::DFAUSTSat Sep 11 1993Need Stuff with a Digital Logo
2665.017ICS::DOANETue Sep 14 1993Brazilian MAVERICK book: Wow!!
2666.029CSOADM::ROTHTue Sep 14 1993Copying of software for personal use against policy
2667.0629564::HOCH_DTue Sep 14 1993A Poem for Bob Palmer
2668.09MVDSTue Sep 14 1993DCU gets greedy (again)!
2669.04KAHALA::SUTERWed Sep 15 1993CNBC and Bob Palmer?
2670.050QUARK::MODERATORWed Sep 15 1993Convince me to stay
2671.019ADO75A::ALLENWed Sep 15 1993Joint venture?
2672.02POBOX::DAYThu Sep 16 1993Alpha Seed Program
2673.015SEND::PARODIMon Sep 20 1993Bill Strecker's "Cafeteria Talk" Transcript
2674.05DLNVAX::FERRIGNOMon Sep 20 1993MLP?
2675.014SCCAT::HARVEYMon Sep 20 1993Are we making "Profit" off other groups within Digital
2676.09EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Sep 20 1993Digital Germany to cut 13
2677.032VERVAN::FYFEMon Sep 20 1993Learning from history......
2678.016DWOMV2::KINNEYTue Sep 21 1993LOST ENTRIES
2679.032--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 21 1993Cracking down on possible boondoglers
2680.01EPSIII::RVENKATEWed Sep 22 1993Some suggestions (with many problems?)
2681.091MONSTA::COLLINSWed Sep 22 1993Are there any humans left in the USA?
2682.01NICCTR::GARDNERWed Sep 22 1993Computer Artwork Needed
2683.027TOOK::MORRISONWed Sep 22 1993"Dorio" brand name for new line of terminals
2684.080CVG::THOMPSONThu Sep 23 1993Preferred Stock - what and why?
2685.066EICMFG::MMCCREADYThu Sep 23 1993Digital's future in systems integration
2686.06THEBAY::CHABANEDFri Sep 24 1993Delivery Training?
2687.04EPS::MEGAMon Sep 27 1993Stopping DCRA deductions
2688.025USCTR1::JHERNBERGMon Sep 27 1993NOTES lives and makes money!!
2689.077FRIDAY::INDERMUEHLETue Sep 28 1993AT&T out.... MCI in....
2690.037JULIET::LEZAMA_ROTue Sep 28 1993Thomas Cook Travel
2691.015CSOADM::ROTHWed Sep 29 1993Digital's future in Multivendor Customer Services
2692.015MILPND::CLARK_DThu Sep 30 1993Ken Olsen receives National Medal of Technology
2693.018TLE::TOKLAS::FELDMANThu Sep 30 1993What would it take to fund a Scott Adams talk?
2694.075CSC32::K_BOUCHARDThu Sep 30 1993new insurance with CIGNA
2696.028PFSVAX::MCELWEEThu Sep 30 1993Payroll: errors and accountabilty?
2697.016CSSE::ATHOMASFri Oct 01 1993Commuter Books-On-Tape
2698.018SOFBAS::SHERMANFri Oct 01 1993ISO 9
2699.01IOSG::SHOVESun Oct 03 1993Farewell . . . (regrets? I'm not so sure . . .)
2700.0199CTHQ::LANGLOISMon Oct 04 1993new V.P. of U.S. Sales and Marketing & BP Raise
2701.04ABACUS::NESTORThu Oct 07 1993Info on online svcs needed
2702.029ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Oct 07 1993GIA HQ, from Acton to Singapore
2703.039ICS::DONNELLANSun Oct 10 1993The High Cost of Honesty?
2704.067QUARK::MODERATORMon Oct 11 1993Health care survey
2705.010ICS::DONNELLANMon Oct 11 1993Business Week letter
2706.05USDEV::CFEUERSTEINTue Oct 12 1993Qustiions regarding disability
2707.018CSC32::PITTTue Oct 12 1993Offices in Idaho??
2708.017BERNWed Oct 13 1993Oct 12 Open Client/Server Announcement and DVN (Europe)
2710.08NASZKO::COLEWed Oct 13 1993Notes file norms
2711.037PARVAX::SCHUSTAKWed Oct 13 1993CBU's now report to Ed Lucente...
2712.06PASTIS::MONAHANThu Oct 14 1993DEC out of secure networking
2713.031ICS::DONNELLANThu Oct 14 1993Stock drops 2 + points
2714.0134KYOSS1::BOYLEThu Oct 14 1993SERP Again
2715.011EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIThu Oct 14 1993Literature Typo I hope...
2716.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 14 1993DAV?
2717.028DECLNE::PEACOCKThu Oct 14 1993Bureaucratic Indifference?
2718.05SMAUG::GARRODFri Oct 15 1993Please could somebody do an AQS (NOT VTX PRICE) lookup for me?
2719.026ACESMK::SUPPLEFri Oct 15 1993DEC bushes gone...
2720.022GVASun Oct 17 1993Bell Atlantic+TCI - Digital?
2721.03CSC32::GAULKEMon Oct 18 1993DIGITAL Presence at the Chicago PC Expo
2722.0136SNOOPY::SCHIMPFTue Oct 19 1993Service Awards
2723.022ANNECY::HOTCHKISSTue Oct 19 1993Q1 Results
2724.022JUPITR::MORRILLTue Oct 19 1993Musical Office Syndrome
2725.030ASDS::RIOPELLETue Oct 19 1993Consumer Reports article on Portable PCs
2726.05031763::RAMTue Oct 19 1993A Proposal for a New Slogan
2727.044ICS::DONNELLANWed Oct 20 1993We need a vision, not another layoff
2728.075ICS::DONNELLANWed Oct 20 1993The new compensation system
2729.021VULCN1::BROOKSWed Oct 20 1993Client-Server success stories
2731.0811281::PelkeyWed Oct 20 1993Looking for the Digital Press info...
2733.03WEORG::GILLISThu Oct 21 1993Request for old business cards for child with brain tumor
2734.01KYOSS1::BOYLEFri Oct 22 1993DWT notes conference Admin...
2735.015SAHQ::HICEFri Oct 22 1993Are we Consultants?
2736.022ICS::DONNELLANSun Oct 24 1993Digital, 2
2737.0124541::omandMon Oct 25 1993A future use for the Mill
2738.061TOOK::MORRISONMon Oct 25 1993New DTN phone books?
2739.0292AIMHI::BOWLESMon Oct 25 1993Health Care/Life Insurance Premiums Go Up!!!
2740.05BACHUS::WAUTERSWed Oct 27 1993Digital in my country is OK
2741.05CTOAVX::ERRICOWed Oct 27 1993Does anyone know John Manzo?
2742.04BSS::PARKSWed Oct 27 1993Postscript to Text convertor anyone?
2743.021SMAUG::GARRODWed Oct 27 1993Sobering statistics on DEC
2744.025GLDOA::KATZThu Oct 28 1993Meetings and Productivity
2746.01131318::SASLOW_STThu Oct 28 1993Did you know you committed???
2747.011CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMThu Oct 28 1993Opt-Out Program and SAVE Contributions
2748.05CSOA1::ECKThu Oct 28 1993Good news on Lead Times?
2749.0116CARAFE::GOLDSTEINThu Oct 28 1993End most dial-in access?
2750.015CVG::THOMPSONThu Oct 28 1993The Becket Effect - Over reaction and intimidation at Digial
2751.08MPGS::QUISTGFri Oct 29 1993do ya wanna surf ?
2752.07FRSIDE::CRAPAROTTAFri Oct 29 1993Later Gators.....
2756.032XLIB::SCHAFERFri Oct 29 1993NAFTA
2757.01NACAD::SHERMANFri Oct 29 1993A Little Bit 'O Ye Olde Hiftory ... ;^)
2758.01058323::LANDINGHAMTue Nov 02 1993Contact NAME for PDC Please
2759.018SMAUG::GARRODTue Nov 02 1993Bill Steul blows off his employee meeting in the Mill
2760.0283CSOADM::ROTHTue Nov 02 1993Cash - $$$ - from optional life coverage - READ ME
2761.028PFSVAX::MCELWEETue Nov 02 1993ESPP contribution now gross pay vs. base?
2762.017MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MWed Nov 03 1993IBM PERKS....Business as Usual?
2763.032ICS::DONNELLANThu Nov 04 1993DVN: Ten Tough Questions
2764.021THEBAY::CHABANEDThu Nov 04 1993HMO vs. HMO Elect?
2765.015SOFBAS::SHERMANFri Nov 05 1993'estimating profit in Q4'
2766.08VFOVAX::OUTMANFri Nov 05 1993Interface to Dunn and Bradstreet?
2767.041TRACTR::CARADONNAFri Nov 05 1993Digital's Political Positions
2768.07POCUS::HUSTONTue Nov 09 1993Great news for Digital
2769.07ATYVTue Nov 09 1993Anorexia Industrialis
2770.013EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Nov 10 1993Digital Germany plans major split-up
2771.012POCUS::RICCIARDIWed Nov 10 1993Support and Novell
2772.043ASDG::FOSTERWed Nov 10 1993Digital's "Imagine" Ads - How Are We Doing With Them?
2773.061ASDG::FOSTERThu Nov 11 1993Ask the SLT: for Digital on TV, Regularly!
2775.02MKFSA::FLATHERSFri Nov 12 1993Sun's Microsystems latest ads !
2776.015AKOCOA::LPIERCEFri Nov 12 1993Employee discount on SW can I get reembursed?
2777.015453Mon Nov 15 1993Digital Press pointer?
2778.01HYLNDR::PRESTIDGEMon Nov 15 1993Looking for ISV SW licenses...
2779.018NITTY::COHENTue Nov 16 1993Farewell or Where is that light switch
2780.07ICS::KAUFMANNTue Nov 16 1993Certification Program Info Request
2781.038CVG::THOMPSONTue Nov 16 1993Bob Palmer's DVN address to employees - 11/93
2782.09CVG::THOMPSONTue Nov 16 1993Morale as a local issue
2783.026ANGLIN::SCOTTGTue Nov 16 1993Are U.S. employees at risk because they're U.S. employees?
2784.0107RUSURE::EDPWed Nov 17 1993Digital, Policy, Notes
2785.030QUARK::MODERATORFri Nov 19 1993Should I be forced to quit?
2786.011ULYSSE::FINKAFri Nov 19 1993The vision is VIRTUALITY
2788.031831318::CORBETTKEFri Nov 19 1993VISA cards
2789.07GYPSIE::MUELLERFri Nov 19 1993Request for jokes...
2790.075GLDOA::PENFROYFri Nov 19 1993Company Name Change!
2791.0113SYOMV::DHAWANSat Nov 20 1993Two UNFAIR Digital's policies
2792.011GLDOA::ESLINGERMon Nov 22 1993Internal DP & Digital Consulting?
2793.01SUBURB::DUCEPMon Nov 22 1993Steve Draper - Sad news
2794.016CARROL::SCHMIDTMon Nov 22 1993Reduced workweek option - why not here?
2795.06GNPIKE::GLASERTue Nov 23 1993Summer Internships
2796.0111TOOK::MORRISONTue Nov 23 1993Have any laid-off DECcies been rehired?
2798.025ROWLET::AINSLEYWed Nov 24 1993Were some people able to volunteer for TFSO?
2799.02ASABET::OTOOLEWed Nov 24 1993rainbow club?
2800.03842837::EVANSGThu Nov 25 1993Seen on the Net
2801.012BLKPUD::ROWEMFri Nov 26 1993
2802.02--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 26 1993Customer Calling Dallas Office...Anybody there?
2803.03CTHQ::COADYSun Nov 28 1993Digital in the CAROLINA's ?
2805.02HDECAD::WOODTue Nov 30 1993Interest in being an Alpha option OEM
2806.09CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Dec 01 1993How entrepreneurial is DEC?
2807.017ICS::DOANEThu Dec 02 1993Let's Build A New Foundation
2808.03SNAZZY::DUANEThu Dec 02 1993Generic account rep info needed
2809.06TINCUP::LEWISFri Dec 03 1993price of DECpc 15
2810.036RHETT::KNORRFri Dec 03 1993Ordering a part for my PC: A Post-Mortem
2811.051ROMEOS::ROCH_VIFri Dec 03 1993Ed Lucente and Limo
2812.08BSS::CODE3::BANKSFri Dec 03 1993Digital awarded three patents for Volume Shadowing
2813.095NESSIE::SOJDATue Dec 07 1993Voluntary Vacation
2814.03MSDOA::BOYDTThu Dec 09 1993All-In-1 Information Update
2815.077SMAUG::GARRODSat Dec 11 1993What's the deal with Digital and SS numbers?
2816.03GUCCI::RWARRENFELTZTue Dec 14 1993Loral buys IBM Unit
2817.07DEWEYD::WIRZBICKIWed Dec 15 1993How do I send mail to Ken Olsen?
2818.036TPSYS::LAINGWed Dec 15 1993New CIO Bob McNulty
2819.020DPDMAI::SODERSTROMFri Dec 17 1993Digital Consulting=Business Unit
2820.023CAMRY::HILMANTue Dec 21 1993List of Hot (Stolen) equipment?
2821.014GUCCI::RWARRENFELTZWed Dec 22 1993CSC Escalation Process
2823.0CSOADM::ROTHWed Dec 22 1993Companywide discussion: Digital's values
2824.020ANGLIN::SCOTTGThu Dec 23 1993The Customer Support Center escalation process
2825.08STAR::DIPIRROThu Dec 23 1993Flexware, Duraware, and women's underwear
2826.04CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Dec 23 1993Monday DEC 27 a Holiday?
2827.027SALEM::QUINNThu Dec 23 1993Conduct + Values = CULTURE
2829.055MEMIT::DUSSAULTTue Dec 28 1993Digital Branding/Naming
2830.06NAC::OFSEVITTue Dec 28 1993DIM humor
2831.0121MIMS::PARISE_MWed Dec 29 1993New Employee Survey
2832.08ICS::DOANEWed Dec 29 1993A Right-Thing Market
2833.08ODIXIE::SCRIVENThu Dec 30 1993Novice Noter Needs Help
2834.02839999::NICHOLSThu Dec 30 19931 CBU down, 4 to go?
2835.026CSC32::PITTFri Dec 31 1993Overtime pay for 12/25/93?
2836.01CSC32::PITTFri Dec 31 1993The Ship
2837.01DEWEYD::WIRZBICKIMon Jan 03 1994Goodbye to you all... I'll miss DEC..
2838.047CSC32::D_PERRINMon Jan 03 1994contract blues
2839.013CSC32::C_LEETue Jan 04 1994"Challenge to America" in PBS is a good show to watch.
2840.033GVATue Jan 04 1994New boss for Europe
2841.050SMAUG::GARRODWed Jan 05 1994Digital squanders money on air travel
2842.029SWAM1::MEUSE_DAWed Jan 05 1994Digital on Si-Fi Channel
2843.05SMAUG::GARRODWed Jan 05 1994Tasks for the "No Output Department" (NOD)
2844.03PTOVAX::DANZAKWed Jan 05 1994Dating shy people and Digital products
2845.04BAYES::MITTALThu Jan 06 1994VAX Environment Emulation Software
2846.0139NWDFri Jan 07 1994Kiss Of Death Rumor
2847.04NYOSFri Jan 07 1994Benchmarking?
2848.026ANGLIN::WOOLLUMSFri Jan 07 1994Plan B Changes ?
2849.013ISLNDS::HEIERSun Jan 09 1994Training Courses enrollment problems.
2850.078OTTAWA::MELANSON_DWed Jan 12 1994Q2 FY94 numbers ???
2851.017LOVADA::SCHERRERWed Jan 12 1994Digital Europe - New Management
2852.07KAOS::TURROThu Jan 13 1994ILCs CLosing ?
2854.023MKOTS3::COUTURESat Jan 15 1994sales support is back to sales
2855.015BONNET::BERISHSun Jan 16 1994PC Advertising Campaign
2856.015YOUWOT::BLACKMon Jan 17 1994Major L.A Quake
2857.034KMOOSE::CMCCUTCHEONTue Jan 18 1994US Holiday schedule?
2858.07WESERV::FERRIGNOTue Jan 18 1994Digital pub
2859.038SPEZKO::MASONTue Jan 18 1994Fiscal Calendar for Digital
2860.023ICS::DONNELLANWed Jan 19 1994Do we have a competitive advantage?
2861.072NASZKO::MACDONALDWed Jan 19 1994Thoughts on the DCU fees
2862.018WRKSYS::REISERTWed Jan 19 1994FY 1994 Q2 Results
2863.024SKINH::TITUSWed Jan 19 1994Idea to Boost Sales Revenue
2864.065--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 19 1994DEC Information Highway?
2865.049CTHP12::M_MORINThu Jan 20 1994Why some customers get free software support?
2866.038BROKE::SHAHFri Jan 21 1994Let every employee become a sales rep
2867.07TPSYS::LAINGFri Jan 21 1994Employee-Financed ADVERTISING!
2868.018ANNECY::HOTCHKISSMon Jan 24 19941 billion dollars
2869.019ICS::SOBECKYMon Jan 24 1994Current TFSO package details?
2870.029ANGLIN::SCOTTGMon Jan 24 1994Well, here's my official goodbye TFSO note
2871.046ENABLE::glantzTue Jan 25 1994Employee-owned company
2872.038--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 25 1994Digital Discriminates against secretaries
2873.02131363::SHALLOW_ROTue Jan 25 1994Vicious Cycle?
2874.012THEBAY::CHABANEDTue Jan 25 1994Shoemakers children...
2875.09BROKE::SHAHThu Jan 27 1994Info needed on Document Management systems from Digital
2876.08TINCUP::VENTURELLAThu Jan 27 1994Potential new input device...
2877.035POBOX::GOODMANFri Jan 28 1994Bob Palmer Out?
2878.088ODIXIE::RHARRISMon Jan 31 1994delay in insurance check mailing
2879.06STAR::ABBASITue Feb 01 1994official complain about this note file
2880.02GYMAC::PNEALWed Feb 02 1994Help from our colleagues in Austria needed
2881.07EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Feb 02 1994Damiani downsizing Europe
2882.010HEDRON::DAVEBFri Feb 04 1994Looking for fy '92/93 annual reports
2883.02SWAM1::DUTTA_VEFri Feb 04 1994Need Digital Contact for COMDEX
2884.016ZENDIA::ROSSELLSat Feb 05 1994Need Help for a Customer
2885.064KBOMFG::KUISLESun Feb 06 1994way of Digital Storage Manufacturing?
2886.074STAOFF::SMITHMon Feb 07 1994Digital bashing, the industry pastime?
2887.019COMET::BRUNOMon Feb 07 1994Digital to make AMD Am486TM chips
2888.057ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Feb 08 1994Car Plan B???
2889.024AXEL::FOLEYTue Feb 08 1994EPP 2
2890.06WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Feb 08 1994February 1994 SOC is on-line!!!
2891.063MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MWed Feb 09 1994Bob Palmer Employee DVN text
2892.0XANADU::XANADU::MUDGETTWed Feb 09 1994Which notes file(s) does Bob Palmer read?
2893.043CXDOCS::MILLERWed Feb 09 1994Revenue v. Support Cost
2896.027CSLALL::DRUSSOThu Feb 10 1994When to elevate an issue
2897.015POBOX::RAHEJAFri Feb 11 1994Vans??
2898.028GJOVAX::SEVICFri Feb 11 1994Certing for not doing anything.
2900.035THETOY::LANEMon Feb 14 1994Sales assistance needed..
2902.028ATYISB::HILLMon Feb 14 1994What they teach managers
2903.019POCUS::BOESCHENWed Feb 16 1994Let's re-org every Quarter!
2904.030NWDThu Feb 17 1994Buyout Rumor Pointer?
2905.016VMSNET::G_CHANGThu Feb 17 1994HuH? What is the US Organization Today?
2906.047TPSYS::ZAHAVIFri Feb 18 1994Engineering Dress-up Day
2907.04WHODA5::DECOLAFri Feb 18 1994Need Data Copy Service
2908.020GLDOA::TREMBATHFri Feb 18 1994"Billable Utilization"
2909.019HGOVC::DAVIDCHERSONMon Feb 21 1994I forgot...
2910.046KYOSS1::TIMMon Feb 21 1994free at last
2912.012TOOHOT::LEEDSWed Feb 23 1994Plan B tax withholding/payroll issue ?
2913.025BWICHD::SILLIKERWed Feb 23 1994Mental Health benies threatened?
2914.036USHSThu Feb 24 1994Policy alert
2915.056TENNIS::KAMThu Feb 24 1994DEC doing poorly? Take away our tool sets so we can continue to do so!
2916.010DPDMAI::EYSTERThu Feb 24 1994Avoid import tariffs...COPY your Mercedes across
2917.059GLDOA::DBOSAKThu Feb 24 1994Unusable Software Price Book
2918.04ICARUS::ATHOMASMon Feb 28 1994Finding Notes Conferences on the Network
2919.032MERIDN::KPHILLIPSMon Feb 28 1994Digital Consulting
2920.08FHOHUB::JAMBE::JAMBEMon Feb 28 1994Q3 Round Starting
2921.017LGP3Mon Feb 28 1994A Digital-wide electronic information catalog
2922.0ELMAGO::BOLSONMon Feb 28 1994International Management
2925.053MRKTNG::EDSONTue Mar 01 1994Morale
2926.057TRACTR::WINANSTue Mar 01 1994Are you a 1 ?
2927.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIWed Mar 02 1994Digital's ESOP yields MINIMUM 7
2928.02SOJU::SLATERMon Mar 07 1994Goodbye From Bill Slater
2929.03KETJE::MYLLETue Mar 08 1994public networks in Czech Republic
2930.04MKOTS3::BRADISHTue Mar 08 1994Soloman Brothers article
2932.012CHEFS::HEELANFri Mar 11 1994New book about IBM
2933.020DASPHB::PBAXTERFri Mar 11 1994Personnel to Purge Employee Records
2934.057SMURF::WALLACEFri Mar 11 1994No more advanced vaca pay
2935.04OOTOOL::HIGGSFri Mar 11 1994Who are Company A and Company B?
2936.038SMAUG::GARRODFri Mar 11 1994DCU attempts to set policy for Digital Employees
2937.016POBOX::PATLASat Mar 12 1994VTX EASYNOTES
2938.09CVG::THOMPSONMon Mar 14 1994 Digital Management Institute
2939.027VORTEX::NASENG::ROMANOMon Mar 14 1994Bring your Hobby to Work
2940.06MKOTS1::HOLLAND_KTue Mar 15 1994sales training programs
2941.027STOWOA::MARCOTTEWed Mar 16 1994Thomas Cook
2942.010NECSC::BIELSKIWed Mar 16 1994fyi: Lawyer sentenced in DCU fraud case
2943.06WMOIS::JAMBU_SThu Mar 17 1994GEEP Program
2944.09WELLIN::GRAHAMThu Mar 17 1994pre-sales or consult make a choice ?
2945.067JULIET::LEZAMA_ROThu Mar 17 1994Manufacturing
2948.04NYOSMon Mar 21 1994Client Server Security
2949.020SMAUG::GARRODMon Mar 21 1994Congratulations and HATS OFF to the PC division
2950.024USCTR1::JHERNBERGTue Mar 22 1994Comments..VP Sales & Mkt. Training
2951.054BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLTue Mar 22 1994If Digital ran a restaurant ...
2953.07SNOCWed Mar 23 1994Gecko on the loose!
2954.029STAR::ABBASIThu Mar 24 1994on renting a car for pleasure when you are a DECeee
2955.08RANGER::SACKSThu Mar 24 1994do we do videoconferencing equipment?
2956.09--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 25 1994Exposure of Digital Products
2957.0105CVG::THOMPSONFri Mar 25 1994Job Action (token strike) in Digital France
2958.03SCCAT::JONESFri Mar 25 1994Retirement packages revisited
2960.06USCTR1::JHERNBERGFri Mar 25 1994Salary, PCBU...comments?
2961.040ASABET::ANKERSat Mar 26 1994Let's do something about it!
2962.02EICMFG::MMCCREADYSat Mar 26 1994Shadow read-only conference has dried up
2963.08GRANMA::FDEADYSat Mar 26 1994Another arrow comes our way
2964.017SNAX::VAUGHNMon Mar 28 1994HP announces faster system than DEC?
2965.02--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 28 1994Investor Services Touchtone System Prob.
2966.021GUCCI::RWARRENFELTZTue Mar 29 1994Digital off Preferred Vendor's List
2967.017AIMHI::WILKINSONTue Mar 29 1994any mcs training at night?
2968.011BLIZZ::BLIZZARDWed Mar 30 1994Marketing folks in marketing?
2969.020GUCCI::HERBWed Mar 30 1994Who does QC for VTX IR?
2970.029RANGER::JCAMPBELLWed Mar 30 1994Heard from Europe: Digital France layoff cancelled
2971.012SPECXN::LEITZWed Mar 30 1994Need Sales Help
2972.09RUTILE::AUNGIERWed Mar 30 1994Simple ideas to improve things
2973.011ICS::BEANWed Mar 30 1994COME TO THE NEXT TECH-ED
2974.0151NOTIME::SACKSThu Mar 31 1994It's a whole new way of living...
2975.028MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MThu Mar 31 1994Digital Software Products VP
2976.05SKYE::MAURERFri Apr 01 1994Need SW Business Practices info urgently
2977.043NOTAPC::BARLOWFri Apr 01 19945 steps to improve morale at Digital
2978.020ASABET::ANKERMon Apr 04 1994One thing I would change!
2980.07TOOK::MORRISONMon Apr 04 1994Quality control program for custodial services?
2981.07MSBCS::A_HARRISTue Apr 05 1994Free Stuff
2983.012SALEM::QUINNTue Apr 05 1994ESOP and Preferred Stock
2984.07SPARKL::FRIEDMANTue Apr 05 1994Funding Forecast Tools
2986.0193SMAUG::GARRODTue Apr 05 1994Internet junk mail sighted
2987.096GIDDAY::SETHITue Apr 05 1994Sydney Australia Digitals meanest restaurant
2988.04CSC32::GAULKEWed Apr 06 1994Can someone help with VAXNET or ROBIN MILLER?
2989.02SWAM1::MEUSE_DAWed Apr 06 1994Teamsters Strike Delays Shipments
2990.08ROMEOS::QUACKENBU_KIWed Apr 06 1994Where can we get kiosks?
2991.05REGENT::POWERSThu Apr 07 1994is there an action item tracking system on VMS?
2992.03CLO::MARESThu Apr 07 1994Computer Select Resource needed
2993.06NESSIE::SOJDAFri Apr 08 1994Help: Need Info on France and Labor Practices
2994.047JULIET::MUKAI_ROMon Apr 11 1994Any Digital Stores around?
2995.0111DBSUK2::GRICETue Apr 12 1994Alpha and Rdb triple TPS-A world record with 3692 TPS
2996.018WRAFLC::GILLEYTue Apr 12 1994Digital's client/server offerings?
2997.02IDEFIX::65296::sirenWed Apr 13 1994HP marketing
2998.025ICS::DOANEWed Apr 13 1994New Generous Corp. Purpose
2999.02AWECIM::MCMAHONThu Apr 14 1994Request for help from the Digital family
3000.0197WHYNOW::NEWMANFri Apr 15 1994Digital Reports 3rd Quarter Oper. Results
3001.025UNYEM::SALEHIMFri Apr 15 1994Dinosaurs died because they were stupid and big
3002.04BREAKR::BUDZOWSKISat Apr 16 1994Digital - the Networking Company?
3003.02RTDDEE::64545::Alexander_CarpMon Apr 18 1994Historical Stock prices DEC: available?
3004.026GRANPA::DVISTICAMon Apr 18 1994$ for TFSO
3006.0145RANGER::JCAMPBELLTue Apr 19 1994What We Need To Do, given losses...
3007.025BLIZZ::BLIZZARDTue Apr 19 1994Sales Support still needed.... YES!
3008.01GRANPA::DVISTICATue Apr 19 1994Digital_Investing Conf.
3009.05PENUTS::STEVENSTue Apr 19 1994Empowering Survivors
3012.018THEBAY::CHABANEDTue Apr 19 1994Letter to Unix/World editor
3014.05JULIET::LEZAMA_ROWed Apr 20 1994Mailing List
3015.030DRLSGT::COZZOLONGOWed Apr 20 1994Insider Trading?
3017.08DNEAST::BEICHMAN_JOHThu Apr 21 1994The past is father to the present...
3018.096MR4DEC::LBERMANThu Apr 21 1994rumors du jour -- MRO for sale?
3019.02STRATA::VEITHThu Apr 21 1994Field Service help needed.
3020.03MILKWY::ED_ECKThu Apr 21 1994FXO Sold
3021.025ICS::DONNELLANFri Apr 22 1994What's the view of the Board?
3022.059HGOVC::GUPTASun Apr 24 1994Alpha vs PowerPC: Score card ?
3023.057WHYNOW::NEWMANMon Apr 25 1994Digital expands Enrico Pesatori's responsibilities
3024.054--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 25 1994Lucente Gone?
3025.03EPAVAX::CARLOTTIMon Apr 25 1994What will Enrico's org look like?
3026.020MIMS::SANDERS_JTue Apr 26 1994WSJ Article
3027.07SWAM2::SOTO_RUTue Apr 26 1994Pointers to Revenues & P/L
3028.01RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Apr 26 1994Job Mobility (Jobs not attached to rigid CC)
3029.033DCOFS::KELLYTue Apr 26 1994Palmer Quits ?
3031.031CSOADM::ROTHTue Apr 26 1994CNBC Rumor: Digital has been bought
3032.016CCAD23::TANTue Apr 26 1994Digital contacts
3033.018ICS::DONNELLANWed Apr 27 1994Is Digital's future in commodities?
3035.058AKOCOA::LPIERCEWed Apr 27 1994They rather me lie, then fix the problem.
3036.022RANGER::JCAMPBELLWed Apr 27 1994An Open Letter to Our Sales Force
3038.062DPDMAI::SODERSTROMWed Apr 27 1994Look at Business Week
3039.075CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Apr 27 1994Digital in every computer store!
3040.0436417::CHERSONWed Apr 27 1994Approved Vendor?
3041.028THEBAY::CHABANEDWed Apr 27 1994Did You Know?
3042.011DV78Thu Apr 28 1994Can you answer a question about Internet?
3043.092HANNAH::BARNDTThu Apr 28 1994more on DCU
3044.05RHETT::KNORRThu Apr 28 1994How can you obtain a Gartner and/or IDC report?
3045.02TOOK::DELBALSOThu Apr 28 1994Question on interpretation of the Annual Report
3046.078WRKSYS::SEILERFri Apr 29 1994RENEW survey -- *LAST DAY* to tell mgmt your thoughts
3047.03--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 29 1994LICENSE ADMINISTRATION ?
3048.01WMOIS::MELANSON_DOMFri Apr 29 1994Can anybody help us with this?
3049.031AIMHI::GANTLEYFri Apr 29 1994Bob Palmer's DVN
3050.0146--UnknownUser--Tue May 03 1994Employee Organization
3051.013DEC:.porterWed May 04 1994Funny node names?
3052.056SETC::HYDEWed May 04 1994No bold alternatives to layoffs?
3053.03MKOTS3::SCANLONThu May 05 1994Looking for Sales rep for college
3054.068DPDMAI::WISNIEWSKIThu May 05 1994Goodbye from me for now..
3055.017CSC32::PITTThu May 05 1994info on e-mail addresses please,
3057.06CSOADM::ROTHFri May 06 1994Digital to sell off disks, chips, software mfg.
3058.011--UnknownUser--Fri May 06 1994Employee Organization
3059.041AGENT::LYKENSFri May 06 1994Left over equipment
3060.015NYOSTue May 10 1994Help for a business opportunity, please
3062.011ROMEOS::VOLKEN_BRTue May 10 1994Friendly competition between sites?
3063.0123--UnknownUser--Wed May 11 1994RUMOR: Digital in Chapter 11 ?
3064.011CONSLT::CHAMBERLAINWed May 11 1994HELP needed from:MKT/SALES/????
3065.035ANGLIN::BJAMESThu May 12 1994Pension buyout plan?
3066.018CSOA1::RANKINThu May 12 1994Spin-off Rumor Round-up
3067.06--UnknownUser--Thu May 12 1994Cost of Servicing Products - Request for Info
3068.043NITMOI::BROWNFri May 13 1994TFSO package for the next 2
3069.09ASD::DIGRAZIAFri May 13 1994Automated Performance Reviews...
3070.044ASABET::J_TOMAOFri May 13 1994Latest Drastic cuts
3071.01MCCOVY::RABBI::LIFLANDFri May 13 1994Layoff Humor
3072.06DRDAN::KALIKOWSun May 15 1994"Stop it Dave... I can feel it... Daisy, Daisy ..."
3073.035ASABET::ANKERMon May 16 1994Architects and Darwinians
3074.02NWDMon May 16 1994Please Help/BP's speech to board
3075.08DEBUG::GALLOTue May 17 1994H.O.M.E Program - Open Discussion
3076.010HLDEWed May 18 1994New Corporate Structure
3077.05CHEFS::BUXTONRWed May 18 1994US Address needed please
3078.08AIMHI::JMARTINWed May 18 1994Company Goodwill
3079.040MRKTNG::BEALANDWed May 18 1994Cover letter w/resume
3080.011POCUS::HUSTONWed May 18 1994Depths of a Salesman
3081.038ANNECY::HOTCHKISSThu May 19 1994DC chargeability
3082.05CSOA1::STUTSONThu May 19 1994Closing Rank
3084.05DVOPAS::PINHI::ChapiewskyThu May 19 1994Looking for a sample PC rollout plan
3085.027LUNER::SAUDELLIThu May 19 1994ALPHA missing from PBS news show
3086.05MROA::BERICSONThu May 19 1994Whence Solutions Desk?
3087.04IOSG::BILSBOROUGHThu May 19 1994Dennis Roberson resigns
3090.021MIMS::SANDERS_JFri May 20 1994Marketing To Ourselves
3091.012TIMASA::DRABICKYFri May 20 1994DN&R Editorial: No Margin for Error
3092.01ANGLIN::KILSDONKFri May 20 1994Business Week article 5/3
3093.031RAGMOP::T_PARMENTERFri May 20 1994Would DEC sell off the Employee Interest Notes?
3094.09MIMS::SAMADI_MFri May 20 1994S/W package for making animation?
3095.032TENNIS::KAMSat May 21 1994Impaired people occupy position of power in corporate world
3096.0141TPSYS::LAINGMon May 23 1994Q4 layoffs - anything happening?
3098.045TOOK::MORRISONMon May 23 1994Stock options re-grant program
3099.08MR4DEC::TLEVITANMon May 23 1994Price for Used Equipment
3101.016ICS::DONNELLANMon May 23 1994Retirement fund
3102.018TPSYS::ZAHAVITue May 24 1994The ultimate in insults - Business Week Special Issue
3103.06NODEX::POLIKOFFTue May 24 1994Good by
3104.010ODIXIE::WHITTEDTue May 24 1994What's in a Dream?
3105.034TOOK::MORRISONTue May 24 1994Bob Palmer's 5/16/93 caf talk at MRO3
3106.06RANGER::JCAMPBELLTue May 24 1994Leaving Digital...
3107.0662LEVERS::HRONESWed May 25 1994I'm History !!
3108.0104ALFAM7::URBANWed May 25 1994where is marketing????
3109.019PLAYER::BROWNLThu May 26 1994Network performance degradation; fact or fiction?
3110.023USCTR1::FRANCOEURThu May 26 1994Justification Requested
3112.015E::EVANSThu May 26 1994Where is the ZKO Time Capsule?
3113.049HANNAH::FINGERHUTThu May 26 1994Geriatric Center at Mill
3114.09GDNEWS::FERJULIANThu May 26 1994RUMOR: FieldService "Stage left, even..."
3115.016POBOX::SPEIGELThu May 26 1994Bill Steul Resigns
3116.011ICS::DOANEThu May 26 1994TRUST
3117.027GIDDAY::SETHIThu May 26 1994The Why type of question people dare not ask !!!!
3118.013IJSAPL::VRIES_RFri May 27 1994Sergio Giacoletto leaves Digital
3119.02CADSYS::CADSYS::BENOITFri May 27 1994Kudo's for Michael Carabetta's group
3120.026BOOKS::HAMILTONFri May 27 1994The New Deal
3121.04DPDMAI::ROSEFri May 27 1994S.O.S. SAVE OUR SALES!
3122.02NEMAIL::BURNSJSat May 28 1994Unemployment Benifits??
3123.020UNYEM::FEBUSJTue May 31 1994MCS hit today!
3124.055QUARK::MODERATORTue May 31 1994Accountability
3125.015TENNIS::KAMTue May 31 1994DEC to put units on auction block
3126.07ULYSSE::FINKAWed Jun 01 1994What else can I do ?
3128.02DKAS::DKAS::RKELLYWed Jun 01 1994Informationweek on DEC
3129.029USCTR1::JHERNBERGWed Jun 01 1994Digital Stock Suspended??
3130.033ONE8Wed Jun 01 1994After DEC - Career goals/options
3131.0146MIMS::DILLSON_MThu Jun 02 1994Wage Freeze
3132.019DPDMAI::RESENDEThu Jun 02 1994IBM's New Principles; et tu Digital?
3133.03BRAT::NESTORThu Jun 02 1994E-Connection & Alpha-a winning combination!
3134.06TENNIS::KAMThu Jun 02 1994Where is 'HORIZON' program?
3135.045SOLVIT::ROHNERTThu Jun 02 1994ASSETS is dead
3136.035WOTVAX::MORRISONFri Jun 03 1994RUMOR: Digital to buy Windows-NT ?
3137.032GRANPA::LSEARSFri Jun 03 1994Rumor: 2 week furlough in July?
3138.06LACVFri Jun 03 1994Rdb Article in Computerworld
3139.07LACVFri Jun 03 1994"Taking no Notes on Alpha"
3140.07SWAM1::MEUSE_DAFri Jun 03 1994HP Services Reorg.
3141.081OASS::NORRIS_RFri Jun 03 1994RUMOR: MVCS sold to GE?
3142.05ASABET::SILVERBERGSat Jun 04 1994Corporate Archives
3143.035BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERSun Jun 05 1994Ensuring ideas get appraised in Digital
3145.022ASABET::SILVERBERGMon Jun 06 19942
3146.08QBUS::F_MUELLERMon Jun 06 1994How the COMPAQ sales force works at home
3147.029GRANPA::DMITCHELLMon Jun 06 1994Selling the new Digital
3150.041--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 07 1994Forrester Report, April 25, 1994, George F. Colony
3151.075GENVA1::RIPOLLWed Jun 08 1994Rumor: DC sold ?
3152.05MONTOR::GLASERWed Jun 08 1994Need some history
3153.086--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 08 1994Company Spokesperson
3154.041NPSS::BRANAMWed Jun 08 1994Current and former Digital employees keeping in touch
3155.031GRANPA::DMITCHELLWed Jun 08 1994Possibilities or Fantasies?
3156.032HLFSWed Jun 08 1994Change conference title?
3157.075MRKTNG::SLATERWed Jun 08 1994HP/Intel 64bit strategic announcement
3158.03ICS::DONNELLANWed Jun 08 1994In Praise of Notes....
3159.082GUCCI::RWARRENFELTZMon Jun 20 1994Rumor Central
3161.03TOOK::MORRISONMon Jun 13 1994On-line 1995 U.S. fiscal calendar?
3162.013POBOX::SUTHERLANDMon Jun 13 1994Voluntary buyout (TFSO) ?
3163.02LARVAE::LEGG_BMon Jun 13 1994Philadephia Contact ??
3164.026SWAM1::MEUSE_DAMon Jun 13 1994Old news: Advertising Suspended
3165.027QUARK::LIONELMon Jun 13 1994Clinton consults with Palmer, film at 11
3166.017ANGLIN::LAFRANCETue Jun 14 1994Has Digital wholesaled out the Q195 receivables?
3167.032PIYUSH::RUPARELIATue Jun 14 1994The Morale of the Story
3168.032BOHIO::WROSARIOTue Jun 14 1994Retroactive Freeze?????
3169.014UTROP1::BONKE_VWed Jun 15 1994Change in FY's??
3170.015PARVAX::SCHUSTAKWed Jun 15 1994Friends and Family? (MCI cleared to buy DEC stock/assets)
3171.019ROMEOS::TREBILCOT_ELWed Jun 15 1994Where is Ed Services?
3172.014NYOSS1::JAUNGWed Jun 15 1994Alpha 21
3173.055ULYSSE::BUXTON_MThu Jun 16 1994Europe Takes to the street
3174.035PLAYER::VANAVERMAETThu Jun 16 1994Digital - Virtual reality game
3176.04BOOKS::HAMILTONThu Jun 16 1994board meeting: planned?
3178.016POWDML::DERBYThu Jun 16 1994Discount Tickets Gone
3179.062PASTIS::MONAHANThu Jun 16 1994Future of Easynet with company split?
3180.073JURA::ROSSET::HOUZEFri Jun 17 1994Misleading Speculation ?
3181.059QUARK::MODERATORFri Jun 17 1994Trickle-down TFSO again!
3182.015PEKING::POLLINGTONIFri Jun 17 1994preferred shares pay out ALREADY
3183.055ICS::BEANMon Jun 20 1994What happens if/when we ARE bought out?
3184.029TENNIS::KAMMon Jun 20 1994Hudson/Chip division sold?
3185.0245GVPROD::MAX333::wengerTue Jun 21 1994RDB sold ?
3186.060ELWOOD::WALKERTue Jun 21 1994AVASTOR
3188.015KYOSS1::BOYLETue Jun 21 1994DVN or No DVN, that is the question
3189.09DSSDEV::RUSTTue Jun 21 1994'Internet World' articles on DEC
3190.04VMSNET::G_CHANGTue Jun 21 1994Need Internet resources...
3191.066GVATue Jun 21 1994William Gates' Timex Watch Demo
3192.016GIDDAY::SETHITue Jun 21 1994I like the company so much I bought !!!!
3195.015ICS::DOANEWed Jun 22 1994#59's Last Letter
3196.023ASABET::SILVERBERGThu Jun 23 1994Adriana Stadecker Resigns
3197.038QUARK::MODERATORThu Jun 23 1994Process Improvement?
3199.014TENNIS::KAMThu Jun 23 1994Are we getting smaller? Not as small as you might think.
3200.07ORO5Thu Jun 23 1994IBM contact please !
3201.033BRUMMY::CLARKSONFri Jun 24 1994chapter 11 comments?
3202.020CASE4U::VERVECKENFri Jun 24 1994New Rumors....
3203.016ASABET::SILVERBERGFri Jun 24 1994Bruce Ryan resigns
3204.052SUBPAC::MARTELFri Jun 24 1994Sink or swim? It's up to you and I.
3205.020USHSFri Jun 24 1994Hurricanes are coming..Tie 'em down
3206.08SWAM2::MENGES_WAFri Jun 24 1994LAST DAY
3207.06MARVA1::POWELLFri Jun 24 1994Other companies are hurting too
3208.030ANGLIN::KILSDONKFri Jun 24 1994Digital and Sun alliance????
3209.049--UnknownUser--Sun Jun 26 1994We go, they stay?
3210.030POCUS::OHARAMon Jun 27 1994Executive Shuffle
3211.08KAOU93::CARSONMon Jun 27 1994Help - Digital Oracle Rep?
3212.01ROMEOS::TREBILCOT_ELMon Jun 27 1994Is a Corporate Standard/Directive Corporate-wide?
3213.035DPDMAI::ROSEMon Jun 27 1994IBM ship first million PowerPC chips
3215.098WYNDE::BRIDETue Jun 28 1994TFSO package after Q4 ?
3216.038SWAM2::GOLDMAN_MATue Jun 28 1994Engineers and Marketing?
3217.04KAOU93::CARSONWed Jun 29 1994Help - OEM/VAR US area manager?
3218.0102KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINWed Jun 29 1994Q4FY94 Results.....
3219.022ROMEOS::TREBILCOT_ELWed Jun 29 1994Hats off to the Great People at DEC!
3220.021TROOA::CHOHANWed Jun 29 1994digital - state of the art
3221.04SWAM1::MEUSE_DAWed Jun 29 1994Shipment Blitz
3222.012--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 30 1994Storage Business Unit Rumor Control
3223.0NYOSS1::AMMUThu Jun 30 1994IBM porting Solaris to Power PC
3224.016SLICK1::GIBSONThu Jun 30 1994WFO to phase out
3225.0124NYOSS1::DILLARDThu Jun 30 1994Reengineering Sales
3226.01STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Jun 30 19941-8
3227.013WMOIS::KILROY_DFri Jul 01 1994Opportunity=Visibility
3228.028AIMHI::FLATHERSFri Jul 01 1994wasteful spending!
3229.05GIDDAY::SETHISat Jul 02 1994News from professional and business publications news
3230.045EICMFG::MMCCREADYSun Jul 03 1994Impending industrial action in Germany
3231.081HAAG::HAAGTue Jul 05 1994The Demise of DEC - by Greg Scott
3232.060DPDMAI::ROSETue Jul 05 19941994 round-up
3233.021ANNECY::HOTCHKISSWed Jul 06 1994Leaving
3234.011CHEFS::PARRYDWed Jul 06 1994People requirements/resources conference?
3235.013NUBOAT::HEBERTWed Jul 06 1994Customer support question
3237.052BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Jul 07 1994DC & CSC?
3238.0343ROWLET::AINSLEYThu Jul 07 1994A Question for Engineering - Is Technical Writing Valuable?
3239.0106DPDMAI::RESENDEThu Jul 07 1994PDP-11 Products Pass On
3240.017SWAM1::MEUSE_DAFri Jul 08 1994Albuquerque/Chihuahua Plant Closures
3242.059JOBURG::HARRISMon Jul 11 1994Should I stay or should I go?
3243.04GLDOA::DBOSAKWed Jul 13 1994Joint-Venture Help
3244.028EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Jul 13 1994Sell-out at DEC
3245.0107NRSTA2::CHHATWALThu Jul 14 1994Digital Announces Future Plans
3246.011DREUL1::robThu Jul 14 1994imagine flying in an open architecture
3247.018SEDOAS::CARNEYFri Jul 15 1994Intangibles??
3248.048BIGQ::WETHERELLFri Jul 15 1994SHR Storage and HLO MFG buyout?
3249.028MIMS::OTERO_RFri Jul 15 1994Nobody told me about this death...
3250.014ODIXIE::RYANKEMon Jul 18 1994CSD Public Annoucements Today?
3251.01RUTILE::DAVISMon Jul 18 1994Stock options and the sale of parts of Digital
3253.0120KELVIN::PACHECOTue Jul 19 1994Quantum acquires significant portions of Digital's Storage business 
3255.057TPSYS::LAINGTue Jul 19 1994Palmer DVN
3256.016DPDMAI::RESENDETue Jul 19 1994US Territory Regions
3257.095WMOIS::DIXONTue Jul 19 1994NEW TFSO for Q1 ??
3258.019POCUS::BOESCHENWed Jul 20 1994New Sales Comp stuff?
3259.011LARVAE::EEGLE7::BOULTON_PThu Jul 21 1994Survivor Syndrome
3260.06CSOA1::TEATERThu Jul 21 1994Who owns Client/Server MCS or DC?
3261.036--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 21 19944K CUT anyone?
3262.043OZROCK::THOMANThu Jul 21 1994Frozen Paper...
3263.01TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 22 1994What is the # for the Digital BBS in Marlboro?
3264.015WELCLU::ROSCOEMFri Jul 22 1994Management Attitude
3265.015POCUS::BOESCHENFri Jul 22 1994Palmer makes a top 5 list?
3266.038SUBPAC::MAGGARDFri Jul 22 1994SL-9, A Smashing PR Opportunity Wasted
3267.033DPDMAI::WISNIEWSKISat Jul 23 1994Once Upon a Time .. In the WEB...
3268.012SUBURB::POWELLMMon Jul 25 1994DIGITAL Today, Special Edition.
3269.074CSC32::PITTMon Jul 25 1994Digital Has It Now...(but we won't give it to YOU)
3270.04CSOA1::RANKINTue Jul 26 1994Where did orrig. 327
3271.053CSC32::M_HENDERSONTue Jul 26 1994Honest Questions re: Q4 Results...
3272.013ANNECY::HIRECHE_MWed Jul 27 1994DC DVN cancelled again !!
3273.051CSC32::PITTWed Jul 27 1994critical mass
3274.020TENNIS::KAMWed Jul 27 1994The 64-bit question: Why Alpha AXP?
3275.06MIMS::OTERO_RThu Jul 28 1994IBM on the (-)?
3276.0122SULACO::JUDICEThu Jul 28 1994DEC's WWW Home Page
3277.088BKEEPR::BREITNERThu Jul 28 19942
3278.04UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Jul 29 1994Note hidden by moderator
3279.05TAMRC::LAURENTFri Jul 29 1994VTX Servers
3280.06TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 29 1994Here's how to cut expenses. Huh!?
3282.0217SCHOOL::PEPESat Jul 30 1994You know we're in trouble when...
3283.02MANIOK::BERLINGHOFSun Jul 31 1994Another way of killing revenue ...
3284.0120NAC::OFSEVITMon Aug 01 1994Travel policy changed: Save those 25-cent receipts!
3285.011GRANMA::JWOODMon Aug 01 1994Nice advance notice...
3286.0101POCUS::BOESCHENMon Aug 01 1994Over 5
3287.05SMURF::BLINNMon Aug 01 1994Input from Sales
3288.02POBOX::CORSONMon Aug 01 1994Leadership in the Americas
3289.010KHUFU::EVENSONMon Aug 01 1994A little security might go a long way in today's Digital
3290.020ASDG::CORLISSTue Aug 02 1994How about a little POSITIVE motivation...
3291.09ODIXIE::KFOSTERTue Aug 02 1994better quotes via fax
3292.015HLDETue Aug 02 1994And Now...David Letterman's Digital Top Ten
3293.02MIMS::GONZALEZ_ETue Aug 02 1994DECSALE PC Team Gone!
3295.012CTOAVX::MACKINTue Aug 02 1994Chiefs stay, Indians go...
3296.01PASTIS::MONAHANTue Aug 02 1994Channels?? DEC had it then!
3297.03IDEFIX::65296::sirenWed Aug 03 1994Commodity - utility - services; what does it mean?
3298.022NPSS::BRANAMWed Aug 03 1994Reminder: Keep in touch via America Online
3299.019NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYWed Aug 03 1994Service-in-a-Box Info Needed
3300.047GLDOA::DBOSAKWed Aug 03 1994Sad Times
3302.01ANGLIN::BJAMESWed Aug 03 1994Latest in Business Week
3303.07AIMHI::GODINWed Aug 03 1994S&P downgrade Digital's bond rating
3304.095BABAGI::CRESSEYThu Aug 04 1994Cryptic Comment
3305.07DV78Thu Aug 04 1994Older system perf figures avail?
3306.099SWAM2::GOLDMAN_MAFri Aug 05 1994Good advertising or NOT!
3307.05SSDEVO::PARRISFri Aug 05 1994DECUS Leadership Forum report
3308.05VIA::HAMNQVISTFri Aug 05 1994How should we do controlled rampdown?
3309.033--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 08 1994OUT OF STATE LAWS
3310.061ENQUE::TAMERMon Aug 08 1994DC split up. Brebach is history
3311.021JGODCL::CRONINWed Aug 10 1994Cerplex interested?
3312.052BABAGI::CRESSEYWed Aug 10 1994Digital Corporate Slogan
3313.010ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Aug 10 1994Carl Gustin resigns
3314.013BABAGI::ROBINSONWed Aug 10 1994V.P. ?
3315.08JOBURG::HARRISWed Aug 10 1994DIGITAL has it now! ..but you can't have it...
3316.021BABAGI::CRESSEYWed Aug 10 1994Field of Dreams
3317.041BABAGI::CRESSEYWed Aug 10 1994Beware of Revenue/Employee
3319.095I4GET::HENNINGThu Aug 11 1994Ad: We're planning a comeback
3320.070GUCCI::RWARRENFELTZThu Aug 11 1994To Sable or not to Sable
3321.08EEMELI::SYVANENThu Aug 11 1994Origin of idea for burgund red logo
3322.034KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINFri Aug 12 1994UK - Voluntary Redundancy
3323.012MKOTS3::LANGLOISFri Aug 12 1994SCO now Digital Semiconductor
3324.031CSOA1::GILBERTFri Aug 12 1994Tough Question
3325.010SMURF::MANDELLFri Aug 12 1994Woodstock_94 != DECstock_94
3326.09MILPND::CLARK_DFri Aug 12 1994Translation Services - Where?
3327.084WRKSYS::SCHUMANNFri Aug 12 1994more benefits killed
3328.05CATNIP::COTTERSat Aug 13 1994Help on DEC Stock Quote Command File
3329.018BONKIN::BOYLESun Aug 14 1994Largest private E-Mail network
3331.024EEMELI::PATARISun Aug 14 1994One picture is worth of Thousand words
3332.08BRAT::WOODMon Aug 15 1994referal needed re: RDB compatability
3333.021TENNIS::KAMMon Aug 15 1994OST article: DECpc Universal Platform Grows Up
3334.042CTHP12::M_MORINTue Aug 16 1994Employee survey results, where?
3335.0164CFSCTC::PATILTue Aug 16 1994PCBU (PC Business) Success story!
3336.03REGENT::NIKOLOFFTue Aug 16 1994HOTLINES for Printers/Printservers
3337.041SWAM1::KAWA_MITue Aug 16 1994MCS engineers or Contractors??
3338.09NWDWed Aug 17 1994LTD
3339.070CSC32::PITTThu Aug 18 1994the Language barrier and business
3340.0238GRANMA::MMURRAYThu Aug 18 1994Intel petering out?
3342.0247AIMTEC::MORABITO_PFri Aug 19 1994San Diego MCS Meeting
3343.035MR1MI1::JKANEMon Aug 22 1994PC Group Cash Bonus?
3344.06PASTIS::MONAHANWed Aug 24 1994Purchasing, Sales, random thoughts...
3345.0103UTROP1::KOOIJMANWed Aug 24 1994What does TFSO mean?
3346.027LOVADA::SCHERRERWed Aug 24 1994Digital sells Olivetti stock
3347.023TOOK::MORRISONWed Aug 24 1994The 6-levels-of-mgmt rule: Who said this?
3348.058BABAGI::CRESSEYWed Aug 24 1994You'll know we're out of trouble when...
3349.02BALZAC::EVTSG8::BULMERThu Aug 25 1994Buying software projects from Digital?
3351.046MPGS::BALINThu Aug 25 1994Ethics, anyone?
3352.032SULACO::JUDICEThu Aug 25 1994CNBC: Positive Comments on DEC
3353.015MSDOA::SCRIVENThu Aug 25 1994DIGITAL closes more facilities????
3354.013QUARK::LIONELThu Aug 25 1994Feedback on buying machines vis a vis the "new DEC"
3355.059CFSCTC::SMITHThu Aug 25 1994No answer, no business
3356.050BIS1::WAUTERSFri Aug 26 1994What is our core business today ?
3357.012JGODCL::HEIJSENFri Aug 26 1994Virtual Corporation ahead..
3358.0163POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri Aug 26 1994What is the Work at Home program at DEC?
3359.055HLDEFri Aug 26 1994Digital's Software Strategy
3360.019TOOK::MORRISONTue Aug 30 1994Reloc. Services outsourced
3361.015JOBURG::HARRISTue Aug 30 1994Russian Keyboard and DOS? Digital.
3362.05MSDOA::BOYDTTue Aug 30 1994Customer needs LA324 Assistance
3363.016ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Aug 31 1994Market capitalization
3364.010BABAGI::CRESSEYWed Aug 31 1994Up the Corporate Ladder
3365.018TENNIS::KAMThu Sep 01 1994supposedily Dupont won't do business w/ DEC
3366.092COOKIE::SORENSENThu Sep 01 1994The fate of its "entire software business"?
3367.013GOYA::LINIERSFri Sep 02 1994Projects future ?
3368.01STOWOA::FARHADIFri Sep 02 1994Digital homes, points and IRS
3369.017TOOK::MORRISONFri Sep 02 1994Needed: New acronym for Valuing (of) Diversity
3370.07BALZAC::62552::BULMERFri Sep 02 1994Microsoft product woes...do we have an internal contact or portfolio manager?
3371.088MSBCS::BROWN_LFri Sep 02 1994Palmer, Graduated Income Tax
3372.042RUSURE::EDPTue Sep 06 1994Volunteers for Involuntary TFSO
3373.03VNABRW::MEINDL_RWed Sep 07 1994Digital Reseller in New Jersey ?
3374.023VIDEO::PULSIFERWed Sep 07 1994town meeting - Digitalville ?
3375.03OOTOOL::TAYLORWed Sep 07 1994Rdb Communications kit
3376.018BRAT::NESTORFri Sep 09 1994AMEX to purchase Thomas Cook
3377.018USABLE::RAVENFri Sep 09 1994Need volunteers for usability test
3378.023POWDML::SOBELLFri Sep 09 1994Yeah! BEAT GATEWAY 2K
3379.017CSOA1::ECKMon Sep 12 1994Big meetings?
3380.08JOBURG::SADLERMon Sep 12 1994DEMOS? Where do I look? Please....
3381.038CSC32::PITTMon Sep 12 1994Some direction please
3382.02CGOOA::BARNABETue Sep 13 1994Meckler Web contacts?
3383.03WOTVAX::FULTONTue Sep 13 1994Consultant Contacts?
3384.07BABAGI::CRESSEYTue Sep 13 1994Quantum Leap (Oh, boy!)
3385.087GUCCI::CPOINDEXTERTue Sep 13 1994Today's rumor mill
3386.07HGOVC::ESCUADRAThu Sep 15 1994Fault Tolerant Product Line Sold?
3387.037POBOX::CORSONThu Sep 15 1994Digital needs your help
3389.07ULYSSE::FINKAThu Sep 15 1994Personal Memory Card
3390.012GLDOA::DBOSAKFri Sep 16 1994FAX/AXP Server -- Ideas?
3391.015FROM::FERJULIANFri Sep 16 1994What's your VP doing...?
3392.04--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 16 1994San Diego / Morale
3394.02KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINTue Sep 20 1994DECquery Support ??
3395.03BRAT::NESTORTue Sep 20 1994Possible opportunity with FOMOCO
3397.097CSC32::PITTTue Sep 20 1994DENY ACCESS ?
3398.013SEAWLF::COLETue Sep 20 1994Digital's latest 1
3399.010YIELD::KHANTue Sep 20 1994ULTRIX or OSF Fundamentals Course
3400.044ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Sep 21 1994Takeover by SIEMENS ??
3401.071GLDOA::CUTLERWed Sep 21 1994Race to the Door?
3402.05ZPOVC::KUMARWed Sep 21 1994Enrico Pesatori in Singapore
3403.02VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTThu Sep 22 1994Polaroid Account Rep?
3404.012LJSRV2::HILLThu Sep 22 1994Node Name/Number for Online Stock Quotation
3405.074TROOA::GILBERTThu Sep 22 1994The "I WANT to stay at Digital" Note
3406.015MSDOA::SCRIVENThu Sep 22 1994VP's & "KEY CONTACTS" How many???
3407.06AZUR::NGUYENFri Sep 23 1994Urgent: need a notebook with 2
3408.011DPDMAI::WISNIEWSKIFri Sep 23 1994The OpenVMS Partners Converge on ZKO...
3409.038CSC32::M_AUSTINFri Sep 23 1994Do we want their money or not??
3410.033SWAM2::VANBEZOOY_JOFri Sep 23 1994Sybase test in PCWEEK (AXP)
3412.08SX4GTO::WANNOORMon Sep 26 1994Dimitri Dimancesco passed away.
3413.0126--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 27 1994news flash
3414.058AIMHI::LOWERYTue Sep 27 1994A New Icon needed for Digital?
3415.08ATHINA::GABIWed Sep 28 1994PDP-11/93 SYSTEMS NEEDED
3416.066TROOA::BROWNWed Sep 28 1994Internet marketing? DECies buy Gateway?
3417.067HANNAH::SICHELWed Sep 28 1994Making PCs 'Personal' Productivity Tools
3418.06EICMFG::MMCCREADYThu Sep 29 1994Printable copy of Digital Annual Report 1994?
3419.020TRLIAN::SMOLINSKIThu Sep 29 1994Selling Software Source Code
3420.031GIDDAY::SETHIThu Sep 29 1994Good news from the Asian region
3421.08ODIXIE::ROBINSONFri Sep 30 1994I'm still here, are you?
3422.013ROMEOS::STONE_JEFri Sep 30 1994Who pays what
3423.022TAVTue Oct 04 1994Why isn't there a "Q1FY95 results" note yet ???
3424.04TENNIS::KAMTue Oct 04 1994Systems Comparisons Tables
3425.02IJSAPL::OLTHOFWed Oct 05 1994VTX VNS not published for a week (or permanent?)
3426.03ATHINA::GABIWed Oct 05 1994DEC Photo Library ?
3427.012BHAJEE::JAERVINENThu Oct 06 1994Yet another VP (PCBU sales)
3428.012UNTADB::DIETRICHFri Oct 07 1994Need Service for Validation of Credit Cards
3429.0136NAPIER::HEALEYFri Oct 07 1994Employee Theft
3430.026UTROP1::TIL_LMon Oct 10 1994Looking for Joe fagone
3431.017MBALDY::LANGSTONMon Oct 10 1994Digital, DDB Needham develop new marketing, ad campaign
3432.04ELGIN::RASOOLMTue Oct 11 1994HP or SUN on VCS?
3433.010KERNEL::SMITHERSJTue Oct 11 1994Ingres on VAX
3434.036CHEFS::PARRYDTue Oct 11 1994Matrix management alive and ... Well?
3435.03GLRTue Oct 11 1994another step toward focussing the Corp
3436.030--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 11 1994How to get support on Digital printers
3437.04HGOVC::DANNYNGWed Oct 12 1994Coexist and downsize ICL M/F ... Yes?
3438.03TOOK::MORRISONWed Oct 12 1994Digital EH&S 1994 annual report?
3439.020TOOK::MORRISONWed Oct 12 1994Why does annual report have a solid black cover?
3440.072ROWLET::AINSLEYWed Oct 12 19941994 Annual Meeting
3441.070DUGROS::ROSSThu Oct 13 1994Data compression : where to go for help
3442.066MKOTS1::COOPERThu Oct 13 1994Acronyms = Stress reduction
3443.029DPDMAI::RESENDEThu Oct 13 1994Digital & IBM, Parallels Here?
3444.024DYOSW8::WILDERFri Oct 14 19944
3445.03WELCLU::SHARKEYAFri Oct 14 1994Another measurement ?
3447.0113TOKNOW::METCALFEFri Oct 14 1994SES <- IDC <- CUIP <- CUP, ESDP,TNpubs,DCD,etc.
3448.049STAR::PRAETORIUSFri Oct 14 1994getting the bases covered
3449.02POBOX::HOLLANDMon Oct 17 1994TA9
3450.06GVPROD::MEYERTue Oct 18 1994"Sorry Bill" Newsweek Humour
3451.070BROKE::WHCOXWed Oct 19 1994Q1 FY95 Results
3452.0230LANDO::BAGHDOYANWed Oct 19 1994"Whatever it takes"
3453.08CGDEIS::WURZBERGERWed Oct 19 1994How to acquire "patches" legally?
3454.09OSLThu Oct 20 1994Use new technology to be competitive?
3455.03PUFFNS::ALLIN1Thu Oct 20 1994Info on a tool called "WAIS"
3456.03BERNThu Oct 20 1994Greece / Athens Consulting / PC / support / WWW
3458.01DPDMAI::EYSTERMon Oct 24 1994Moderator clarification requested
3459.019ODIXIE::DWYERRMon Oct 24 1994METPAY Available??
3460.063MBALDY::LANGSTONMon Oct 24 1994Why Can't We Sell the Alpha AXP Chip?
3461.020THEWAV::GASSNERMon Oct 24 1994Combatting ignorance of Digital
3463.02NUBOAT::HEBERTTue Oct 25 1994Internet address for government branch
3464.028TRACTR::WINANSTue Oct 25 1994Your Thoughts Please
3466.010LAOSS1::UDICK_STWed Oct 26 1994End User feedback to CNS, Digital's MIS Dept.
3467.011JOBURG::HARRISThu Oct 27 1994Blue without a Blueprint for a new Subsidiary!
3468.04TNKVS3::RMUMFORDThu Oct 27 1994Polycenter Assetworks anyone??
3469.01HGOVC::ESCUADRAThu Oct 27 1994Data Center Class AXP on Internet
3472.02TENNIS::KAMFri Oct 28 1994Competitive/Cost-of-Ownership handbook?
3473.02DIODE::CROWELLFri Oct 28 1994Salary freeze lifted?
3474.01CONSLT::OWENMon Oct 31 1994"Stale" Digital ads
3475.013CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Oct 31 1994Cooperative Ads and Digital?
3476.05GLDOA::SCHESKYMon Oct 31 1994DEC send COMPETITORS all prices and specs!
3477.05ROMEOS::TREBILCOT_ELMon Oct 31 1994Help with a customer please!
3478.01CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Nov 01 1994Digital Software resales question...
3479.0165TOOK::MORRISONTue Nov 01 1994Starion line of home-office PCs
3480.051POBOX::CORSONTue Nov 01 1994Greyhawk's perscription
3481.033QUARK::LIONELWed Nov 02 1994New Alpha brand scheme
3483.049VNABRW::REISENAUERWed Nov 02 1994Annual Meeting vs. Democracy
3484.01CGOOA::BARNABEWed Nov 02 1994Solaris *vs* NT...
3485.043CGOOA::BARNABEWed Nov 02 1994Oldest notes file???
3486.020LAOSS1::UDICK_STThu Nov 03 1994The NEXT GENERATION ad campaign
3487.08QUARK::LIONELThu Nov 03 1994DEC building (PKO?) used in movie?
3488.015TOOK::DELBALSOThu Nov 03 1994MKO2->Microsoft Rumor?
3489.04TLE::KDICKINSONFri Nov 04 1994hown to find a ride to work ?
3490.07PCBUOA::SWANEYFri Nov 04 1994some comments on Digital in PC WEEK
3491.01ANNECY::HUMANSun Nov 06 1994Help with AEIP66
3492.013WELSWS::HILLNSun Nov 06 1994Ethics, morale, and closure
3494.08MSDOA::HICKSTMon Nov 07 1994Looking for Alpha porting/migration center in US
3495.073UFHIS::WMUELLERMon Nov 07 1994The EWC in Boston
3496.02WMOIS::MELANSON_DOMMon Nov 07 199431
3497.03JOBURG::HARRISMon Nov 07 1994?Generating RSL's (Required Spares Listings)?
3498.033SALEM::BURGERTue Nov 08 1994open enrollment info error
3499.04AKOCOA::DOUGANTue Nov 08 1994Pointer please - migrtion to Microsoft
3500.010--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 09 1994Safest Tech Jobs within Digital ?
3501.03AKOCOA::CHARRIERThu Nov 10 1994Information Request of "DATALOGIX"
3502.014ANGLIN::PEREZThu Nov 10 1994Who do I talk to for Oracle kit info
3504.06RICKS::PHIPPSThu Nov 10 1994Dick Best passes away
3505.039GLDOA::WERNERThu Nov 10 1994Is it just me?
3506.05MIMS::SANDERS_JFri Nov 11 1994Info Request on ATTACHMATE
3507.03ABACUS::NESTORFri Nov 11 1994Advantage ugrade issue
3508.03MAIL2::RICCIARDIFri Nov 11 1994Delivery Folks are needed!
3509.01JULIET::CRONIN_GRMon Nov 14 1994Large Chinese Hospital Deal?
3510.079WNPVMon Nov 14 1994GATT Agreement
3511.05BIGUN::JRSVM::BAKERMon Nov 14 1994These are the days of our field office lives
3512.041GVPROD::DOIGTE::ChisholmTue Nov 15 1994need more than hope
3513.07NOTIME::SACKSTue Nov 15 1994Dan Infante?
3514.04POLAR::MOKHTARTue Nov 15 1994cloning Intel chips, why not us
3515.031AMCCXN::KARIMTue Nov 15 1994Donating old equipment for a better cause.
3516.051WETONE::LICATATue Nov 15 1994Any good news from COMDEX?
3517.014--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 16 1994Think this might help Digital??
3518.02MSAMWed Nov 16 1994Win/Loss Review Template
3519.06BOBSBX::QUINLANThu Nov 17 1994Grant Programs
3520.069DBSALF::FOLDEVIFri Nov 18 1994Alpha migration rate?
3522.042SCCAT::JONESSat Nov 19 1994Digital Health Plan 1 is up 32.5%
3523.052ROMEOS::TREBILCOT_ELSat Nov 19 1994The Incredible Shrinking Staff
3524.018SALEM::HOULEWed Nov 23 1994Ordering business cards?
3525.09DYPSS1::DYSERTWed Nov 23 1994Customer & bad Internet address: doc_quality@lkg.mts.dec.com
3526.09SSDEVO::PARRISWed Nov 23 1994Thanksgiving message from Bob Palmer
3527.02BREAKR::HAWed Nov 23 1994DECUS tickets?
3528.0549LJSRV2::HARVEYThu Nov 24 1994TV Advert
3529.031POBOX::CORSONSat Nov 26 1994Holiday gifts for Digital
3530.010CAPNET::gumpa.ogo.dec.com::CORBETTMon Nov 28 1994Help with dissatisfied customer xposted to DECSTATION
3531.06MAIL1::RICCIARDITue Nov 29 1994MAC and Windows integration....What is it!
3532.05GRANPA::KHUNTTue Nov 29 1994URGENT: Info needed on Medical SW Pckg
3534.043ZEKE::STATAWed Nov 30 1994Rdb Sale to Oracle happens today
3535.069--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 30 1994Simple ideas for better service.
3536.013--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 01 1994SQF Plant to be sold?
3537.01IRNBRU::JWESTERMANThu Dec 01 1994ACM Internet Address?
3539.0164CAPNET::SHAHThu Dec 01 1994SAVE PLAN
3540.06ODIXIE::RYANKEThu Dec 01 1994INTERNET AlphaServers?
3541.03ROMEOS::TREBILCOT_ELThu Dec 01 1994Resource Needed
3542.028WBC::DOERINGThu Dec 01 1994Thank you, Steve Lionel !!
3543.041HANNAH::S_KUMARThu Dec 01 1994Digital India - Where are the ethics ?
3544.04POLAR::MOKHTARFri Dec 02 1994IBM recalling Pentium ?
3545.024RANGER::OBRIENFri Dec 02 1994Variable Pay
3546.0TROOA::BROWNFri Dec 02 1994IBM is DEC's 3rd largest customer?
3547.041MRED::FORDFri Dec 02 1994New Internet Guide
3548.07EICMFG::MMCCREADYSun Dec 04 1994Achille Lauro, ex DECville '86 ship, has sunk
3549.059WRKSYS::BCLARKMon Dec 05 1994What stinks about PK3?
3550.016NWDMon Dec 05 1994Lost LTD benefits---You too???
3551.030JOBURG::HARRISTue Dec 06 1994Customer Requires Missing Documents: PINK BOM's!
3552.05BRAT::WOODTue Dec 06 1994DESKPRO ? a Digital platform?
3553.078JULIET::CRONIN_GRTue Dec 06 1994Q2 Status
3554.018CIMBAD::ASHLEYTue Dec 06 1994Turning the corner?
3556.08CGOOA::BONTJETue Dec 06 1994Digital ads using old IBM PC photo to sell Venturis
3557.04TOOK::MORRISONTue Dec 06 1994Why doesn't stock.exe work?
3558.05WOTVAX::RANDEE::MorrisonWed Dec 07 1994Presentations on our new PC offerings ?
3559.04HANNAH::DCLWed Dec 07 1994Tom Hastings is leaving Digital
3560.06WRKSYS::REISERTWed Dec 07 1994Looking for .GIF of cheetah used in Digital ads
3561.0456945::PATILWed Dec 07 1994Where is the Printers special purchase note?
3562.013BIGUN::BAKERWed Dec 07 1994Sable CPU pricing, please explain??
3563.04AIMHI::KENNEYThu Dec 08 1994Need Sales Rep for Anderson Consulting
3564.0934873::PEREZFri Dec 09 1994Is this the perception on the street?
3565.05CHEFS::CURRIEIFri Dec 09 1994Where is Vogon News?
3566.01ASDG::SBILLFri Dec 09 1994Problem with Digital Notesfilie?
3567.013ODIXIE::HARTFri Dec 09 1994Help for vision impared people.
3568.06DPDMAI::WISNIEWSKISun Dec 11 1994OpenVMS on the Internet and WWW...
3569.088ODIXIE::KINGMon Dec 12 1994A1 Madness
3570.09ELIS::ELIS14::SUIJDAMTue Dec 13 1994What is in APA and what is not?
3571.019HDLITE::SCHAFERTue Dec 13 1994mail bomb
3572.04PCBUOA::SWANEYTue Dec 13 1994Contacts needed
3573.03DEBUG::GALLOTue Dec 13 1994EDCF via an ONLINE service?
3574.013MIMS::GRAFT_JTue Dec 13 1994E-Mail Bombs?
3576.028SUBURB::JAMESHWed Dec 14 1994Cable Guide available
3577.02TENNIS::KAMWed Dec 14 1994What happen to APPLIX?
3578.04PSDVAX::OBRIENWed Dec 14 1994Alpha Support PICK o/s?
3579.014MKOTS3::HEISLERWed Dec 14 1994TV Ads digitized?
3580.013CSOA1::MRICHARDSONWed Dec 14 1994Double Taxation?
3581.02ZPOVC::ANSONLEEWed Dec 14 1994Help on Partner's Training
3582.017DPDMAI::CROPPERThu Dec 15 1994DCRA and Federal Taxes
3584.05SWAM2::GOLDMAN_MAThu Dec 15 1994Help from Digital in Canada...
3585.09ABACUS::STORYFri Dec 16 1994notes
3586.01AKOCOA::CHARRIERFri Dec 16 1994Urgently Searching for (2) CISCE_AA Product
3587.045DPDMAI::WISNIEWSKISat Dec 17 1994DEC's begining to Sell alot at Christmas...
3588.06MIMS::BEKELE_DSun Dec 18 1994$1
3591.063GLDOA::WERNERTue Dec 20 1994Just Say NO!
3592.024STRATA::HUITue Dec 20 1994Where is our PC Service?
3593.04MTCLAY::SOTTILAROTue Dec 20 1994Help with Digital Passes
3594.07MSDOA::BOTTTue Dec 20 1994Venturis HELP!!
3595.060JUMP4::JOYWed Dec 21 1994Where's the Christmas/holiday spirit?
3596.04SHANE::PACIELLOWed Dec 21 1994Sales Rep for Nashua, NH Needed
3597.011GLDOA::WERNERThu Dec 22 1994"Whatever it takes..."
3598.0GROOVE::DADDIECOThu Dec 22 1994System Support Contract Needed
3599.010GVAADG::PERINOThu Dec 22 1994CON CALL
3600.03NZOVThu Dec 22 1994EDS Account Team
3601.010NYOSS1::CATANIATue Dec 27 1994Can you tell me how to get to SPD!
3602.051GLDOA::WERNERTue Dec 27 1994Name and DTN Please
3603.08CSC32::PITTThu Dec 29 1994documentation question
3604.07ORO5Thu Dec 29 1994Oracle Training ?
3605.01VERN::CARPENTERFri Dec 30 1994Optical Library information needed.
3606.010DNEAST::ARBOUR_STEVETue Jan 03 1995HCRA/DCRA windfall?
3608.019NOTAPC::SEGERWed Jan 04 1995An opportunity to save big $$$ on accessory purchases
3609.0245ODIXIE::GARAVANOWed Jan 04 1995Keep Alpha Notebook Alive
3610.021AKOCOA::DOUGANWed Jan 04 1995How to send mail to AOL?
3611.010ROMEOS::TREBILCOT_ELWed Jan 04 1995Who is Who anymore?
3612.029ODIXIE::DWYERRThu Jan 05 1995Problem with PSN
3613.013DECLNE::TOWLEThu Jan 05 1995TFSO for Q3
3615.010MAIL1::RICCIARDIThu Jan 05 1995Consultants "R" Us -- VMS required
3617.016BIGQ::WETHERELLFri Jan 06 1995SQF-Motorola Sale Price & Q2 Results
3618.010NCMAIL::SAWKENRFri Jan 06 1995Apple buy-out, a little RED for BIG blue?
3619.013GRANPA::CPOINDEXTERFri Jan 06 1995Printronics help?
3620.053TENNIS::KAMSat Jan 07 1995Datamation Cutting Edge - Dark Digital Days Ahead?
3621.07QUARK::LIONELMon Jan 09 1995User complaint of UK service changes - truth?
3622.03KAOU93::CARSONMon Jan 09 1995Sears account team contact?
3623.02MIMS::SANDERS_JMon Jan 09 1995ENCORE info?
3624.07BREAKR::HAMon Jan 09 1995reference sites for utility companies
3625.01CGOOA::BARNABEMon Jan 09 1995Contact for Computer Associates
3626.054CSOA1::LENNIGTue Jan 10 1995Conference policy changed??
3627.011WRKSYS::SCHUMANNTue Jan 10 1995Product name ===> saleable part number?
3628.019CGOOA::BONTJETue Jan 10 1995Looking for customers with 64-bit, commercial apps
3629.010GRANPA::LSEARSWed Jan 11 1995MCS VP John Paget Leaves Digital
3630.03DELNI::SHOOKWed Jan 11 1995TASC/MLS Account Rep.?
3634.07HAMIS3::RACHUYFri Jan 13 1995Help on porting/migration
3635.03GLDOA::CUTLERFri Jan 13 1995HP PA-RISC out of gas! :)
3636.02NODEX::FLOODFri Jan 13 1995Where is the topic to say goodbye
3638.044GLDOA::WERNERMon Jan 16 1995A pothole on the InfoBaun
3639.056ROWLET::AINSLEYMon Jan 16 1995Brain Drain data for Enrico
3640.08QUARK::LIONELMon Jan 16 1995"Process (shop floor) control" manager for interview
3641.01BELFST::MCKEETue Jan 17 1995New product updates. Where ?
3642.045HUMANE::MODERATORTue Jan 17 1995Getting Employee Feedback to Decision Makers
3643.01JOBURG::HARRISWed Jan 18 1995Parts and Module inventory and shipping Management contol packlage
3644.013JRFVAX::HODGESThu Jan 19 1995Earthquake in Japan
3645.047ROWLET::AINSLEYThu Jan 19 1995Are Digital employees and former employees being black-balled in the industry?
3646.022ROMEOS::TREBILCOT_ELThu Jan 19 1995Whatever happened to the customer comes first?
3647.012GLDOA::WERNERMon Jan 23 1995Lookin' for performance stuff...
3648.01GRANPA::CPOINDEXTERTue Jan 24 1995Virus Policy Advice needed
3650.038LDVVThu Jan 26 1995infos on PRO38
3651.07SUOSWS::NIESSERFri Jan 27 1995Microsoft or Quotron AM
3652.03FORTY2::ABRAMFri Jan 27 1995When did SERENA::DIRECTIONS disappear ?
3653.036HGOVC::JOELBERMANFri Jan 27 1995Explains a lot
3654.010HITEKS::DOTYSun Jan 29 1995Holiday schedule anyone?
3655.05NWDMon Jan 30 1995Need site to load 78
3657.05GLDOA::WERNERTue Jan 31 1995ASSETS Program Lead
3658.03CGOOA::BARNABETue Jan 31 1995Our best web service??
3659.049KERNEL::WRIGHTONWed Feb 01 1995Quantum shed ex-DEC employees ???
3660.04OSLWed Feb 01 1995Need to bypass VTX Ir to get information?
3661.02POWDML::ISRAELITEWed Feb 01 1995Brebach and Bohlin Back in the Saddle
3662.042MROA::KAMINSKY_KWed Feb 01 199564 Bit Computing, Advanced Systems article
3663.05CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Feb 02 1995I need part info
3664.014USCTR1::KLEBLANCThu Feb 02 1995can furniture be purchased
3665.019XDELTA::HOFFMANThu Feb 02 1995"Communications Week": no VAX?
3667.020NAC::147Thu Feb 02 1995Bob Palmer's Quarterly DVN, 2/1/95
3669.057TIMMY::FORSONThu Feb 02 1995PC sales from Sam's CLub
3670.01USCTR1::SCHILTONFri Feb 03 1995Digital PC Training ad
3671.05TNPUBS::PHALENSat Feb 04 1995Looking for Gene Shurtleff
3672.026EICMFG::MMCCREADYSun Feb 05 1995Systems and Options Catalog on-line?
3673.04KETJE::SYBERTZMon Feb 06 1995France : 7
3674.023FIREBL::LEEDSMon Feb 06 1995Competing against CRAY ....
3675.014MKOTS3::COUTUREMon Feb 06 1995help needed getting DEC Financial data
3676.014TOOK::BEERMANMon Feb 06 1995Where to send misdirected customers?
3677.05PCBUOA::PBASMAJIANMon Feb 06 1995See the New HiNote Ultra Notebook PC!
3678.036JOBURG::HARRISTue Feb 07 1995The big black hole and my internal mail...
3679.019DEBUG::GALLOTue Feb 07 1995Site YYO on payroll stub?
3680.024OZROCK::MCGINTYTue Feb 07 1995Ten Commandments for Managing Creative People
3681.08TROOA::BROWNTue Feb 07 1995Are we in top 1
3682.01GRANPA::BBRADBURYWed Feb 08 1995Corp. Backbone Upgrade - Feb. 18th
3683.04KAOFS::M_COTEWed Feb 08 1995IDSN Bridge
3684.06ORO5Thu Feb 09 1995Looking for Nevada Sales Rep
3685.05TOOK::MORRISONThu Feb 09 1995DECdirect on-line internal order form?
3686.010USCTR1::BAKSTRANThu Feb 09 1995Business Partner Logo
3687.033MROA::CGRIFFINThu Feb 09 1995Does Alpha Chip run on CDC Cyber?
3688.042JULIET::CRONIN_GRThu Feb 09 1995Q3 Status
3689.01GVAThu Feb 09 1995Digital's Business Strategy and Mgmt Style
3690.09CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Feb 10 1995Are site LOCATION codes in VTX?
3691.059DOTWRK::LITTSat Feb 11 1995The new service awards
3692.02NETCAD::WIEBESat Feb 11 1995Insurance suit against Digital
3693.024LJSRV2::KALIKOWSun Feb 12 1995Help, Franco-Deutscho-Espano-Italo-phones in our web...
3694.02DAIVC::BROTOTue Feb 14 1995Pointer for NEC-ACOS 152
3695.06MSDOA::BOTTTue Feb 14 1995Publication Circulation Assistance??
3696.06CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZTue Feb 14 1995import/export of Digital equipment
3697.04STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Feb 15 1995What is the Digital part number?
3698.040TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 15 1995Use Notes for Technical Support - improve Cust. Satisfaction.
3699.05HANDVG::APRILLIUWed Feb 15 1995Computer Audit ??
3700.01FIREBL::LEEDSThu Feb 16 1995competing against Pyramid ?
3702.0169ASABET::SILVERBERGThu Feb 16 1995Digital Phone Answering Standards
3703.02ODIXIE::GALVEZThu Feb 16 1995Need Raid Direction!
3704.070NCMAIL::SMITHBThu Feb 16 1995Fortune's most admired companies...
3705.02BVILLE::FOLEYFri Feb 17 1995Venturis and Ethernet NG?
3706.02MSDOA::PERKINSTFri Feb 17 1995Need US source for RAMS kits!
3707.020DECLNE::LANGSTONFri Feb 17 1995Our Middle Name is "Equipment"
3708.06ANGLIN::PATCHENFri Feb 17 1995Leave my hard earned money alone!!!
3709.04WHOSTue Feb 21 1995Mailbus 4
3710.02FIREBL::LEEDSTue Feb 21 1995Reliability Ratings ??
3711.03TRACTR::WINANSTue Feb 21 1995Must Reading
3712.04HLDEWed Feb 22 1995Info/Books on DECnet/VMS/ security request
3713.025USCTR1::MATTHEWSThu Feb 23 1995VTX JOBS-no jobs???
3714.04RUSSEL::DOTYFri Feb 24 1995World Wide Web: Multi-Media Web Page Creation
3715.077HLDEFri Feb 24 1995A Strategy is Born
3716.04TFOSS1::ROCHA_EDFri Feb 24 1995returned prepaid mailers
3717.025MARVA1::POWELLSat Feb 25 1995Lump Sums received when Downsized may be Tax Free
3718.02GENIE::ZAHNDRSun Feb 26 1995Accepted at Princeton
3719.018BOHIO::ECLASSMon Feb 27 1995Profit Sharing Program
3720.03OSOEIC::S_MURAKAMIMon Feb 27 1995?? Not provided SAS modules on OSF/1. when??
3722.0156NEWVAX::MZARUDZKIThu Mar 02 1995Wanted $$$ for vacation time, Win- Win?
3723.01PCBUOA::SWANEYThu Mar 02 1995Older VTX Livewire articles>?
3724.09BLAZER::MIKELISThu Mar 02 1995Help with DECdirect
3725.015POBOX::CORSONFri Mar 03 1995Thank you, PCWEEK...
3726.02COPCLU::SONNEMon Mar 06 1995New work practices
3727.062PONDA::EBENSMon Mar 06 1995Future$aver Software Question
3728.031GLDOA::WERNERTue Mar 07 1995So many things come to mind...
3729.04SEEDS::KONETZNYTue Mar 07 1995Help on Nat. Billing Sys.
3730.02TALLIS::FREANTue Mar 07 1995Sales Opportunity? VAX reaches limit at Connecticut College
3731.020POBOX::BATTISTue Mar 07 1995Pension Statement Mistakes??
3732.0105JGODCL::HEIJSENTue Mar 07 1995#vp's/1
3733.02UNTADB::WALKERThu Mar 09 1995Looking for person in Digital that liases with Powersoft
3734.04TROU45::D_CHENGThu Mar 09 1995DISPATCH magazine
3735.014STOWOA::BUFTON::NBUFTONFri Mar 10 1995Frustrated PC Customer
3736.047RANGER::NAVKALFri Mar 10 1995Gov. Weld's visit to India: Who was on DEC team?
3737.0136DIODE::CROWELLSat Mar 11 1995MetPay Rebate - 2
3738.059EICMFG::MMCCREADYSun Mar 12 1995Buying PCs from PCBU
3739.03CSLALL::SHAH_JTue Mar 14 1995Help on new $SAVE$ plan...
3740.09BSS::R_SCHMITTTue Mar 14 1995NET RIDER TOOL ?
3742.0177TRACTR::DOWNSWed Mar 15 1995How's Q3 looking?
3743.06WESERV::PALMERThu Mar 16 1995DECtalk contact person needed
3744.021MKOTS3::DQUINNThu Mar 16 1995Quinn...The Capitalist
3745.04--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 16 1995Step Back To Basics
3746.024HUMANE::MODERATORSun Mar 19 1995Management in HP
3747.03WMOIS::MELANSON_DOMMon Mar 20 1995software service providers needed
3748.02MAIL1::RICCIARDIMon Mar 20 1995o support for System V
3749.026JULIET::LEZAMA_ROMon Mar 20 1995Alpha/RSTS Emulator
3750.041I4GET::HENNINGMon Mar 20 1995Globe loves us; TEXT is in .32
3751.014JOBURG::HARRISWed Mar 22 1995Equipment Identification Decals and Contracts?
3752.011GEMGRP::BEIKMANWed Mar 22 1995Single Collection of Digital URL's?
3753.027MAIL1::RICCIARDIWed Mar 22 1995First graders have computer lab!
3754.08WRKSYS::REISERTWed Mar 22 19953
3756.039WRKSYS::DLEBLANCThu Mar 23 1995Surrendered DEC Stocks
3757.016QUICKP::KEHOEThu Mar 23 1995People trying to come back
3759.095DCETHD::J_FULLERTONThu Mar 23 1995Change in Rental Car Insurance
3760.017SWAM1::MCCLURE_PAThu Mar 23 1995Home Office
3761.026QUARK::LIONELFri Mar 24 1995Peter Conklin
3762.01GLRMAI::DWESSELSFri Mar 24 1995CMC listing updated today
3764.02EICMFG::DRECHSELSun Mar 26 1995List of Posix Standards ??
3765.02LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AMon Mar 27 1995Whose media mogul?
3766.02JGODCL::CRONINMon Mar 27 1995Layoff in Ayr.
3767.03WECARE::FERRIGNOMon Mar 27 1995Internal Publication
3768.02RUSURE::EDPMon Mar 27 19951-8
3769.04MIMS::BEKELE_DMon Mar 27 1995Internet address for DEK?
3770.0102ULYSSE::ROEMERTue Mar 28 1995Digital leading in the medical profession
3771.06JOBURG::HARRISWed Mar 29 1995Lost in a dead end street.
3772.04JOBURG::HARRISWed Mar 29 1995Is the wheel being re-invented here?
3773.076NCMAIL::RPOWELLWed Mar 29 1995DEC at 38 and climbing
3774.014LARVAE::LEGG_BThu Mar 30 1995ABU VR Scheme??
3775.013CONSLT::OWENThu Mar 30 1995"Whatever It Takes" survey results
3776.06NYOSS1::CELESTINOThu Mar 30 1995Advice on Publication
3777.011HERON::KAISERThu Mar 30 1995Biting the hand that hit you
3778.021EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Mar 31 1995Lean Systems Integration
3779.033HDLITE::SCHAFERFri Mar 31 1995Digital UNIX advert.
3781.02PSDVAX::PERRYFri Mar 31 1995Need help with translation..
3782.021HLDESat Apr 01 1995Digital Reverts Back to DEC name
3783.019ODIXIE::DWYERRSat Apr 01 1995Microsoft Solution Providers
3784.03GENRAL::KILGOREMon Apr 03 1995Sally Osborn
3785.011--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 03 1995From the Saturday edition of VNS - OpenVMS for Intel
3786.017GIDDAY::PHELPSMon Apr 03 1995Balrdrige award mentioned in Hamel & Prahalad ?
3788.024DKAS::CHENGPRIVTue Apr 04 1995Obsolete computers.
3790.037OZROCK::THOMANTue Apr 04 1995Doc conversion to WWW/html etc
3791.062KOALA::IRIE::hamnqvistWed Apr 05 1995Help me understand Alpha pricing
3792.01HDLITE::SCHAFERWed Apr 05 1995Compute anything!
3793.033EEMELI::PATARIWed Apr 05 1995Promoting New Configuring, GOLDEN EGGS
3795.026GLDOA::WERNERThu Apr 06 1995Sins in the name of revenue...
3796.042PCBUOA::SWANEYFri Apr 07 1995hmmmm.. the PCBU has been sold?
3797.011ODIXIE::MURDOCKFri Apr 07 1995It costs W H A T ...?!?!?!
3798.01DEBUG::GALLOSun Apr 09 1995Stock Quote tool shut off...
3799.028GIDDAY::SETHIMon Apr 10 1995An IT company that makes least use of it's products
3800.010ANGLIN::BJAMESMon Apr 10 1995Life Balance Philosophy at Digital
3801.018I4GET::HENNINGTue Apr 11 1995That SCREAMING sound (advert)
3803.034SX4GTO::WANNOORTue Apr 11 199582
3804.04TALLIS::KIRKWed Apr 12 1995Research grants/hardware discounts for universities?
3805.047DELNI::RCN42A::NUSBAUMWed Apr 12 1995Take a minute to be excited and feel proud
3806.06TENNIS::KAMWed Apr 12 1995OVMS - Competitive Comparison video?
3807.07DELNI::WESOLOWSKIThu Apr 13 1995Pathworks for NT Question
3808.07GLDOA::GIVENFri Apr 14 199582
3809.03ABACUS::ALBERTTue Apr 18 1995Social Security question?
3810.056GVATue Apr 18 1995Why are our products ignored in PC magazines?
3811.02ANGLIN::BJAMESTue Apr 18 1995From the WSJ....
3812.06HDLITE::SCHAFERWed Apr 19 1995Oklahoma City news?
3813.02SX4GTO::WANNOORWed Apr 19 1995$74M Profits in Q3
3815.010OTOOA::MOWBRAYThu Apr 20 1995ATM Info
3816.027--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 20 1995HP FUD ON ALPHA'S 64 BITS
3818.05--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 20 1995Urgent need to contact European Security Manager.
3819.03HACMAN::HACKSat Apr 22 1995Kinko's contact?
3820.01UFHIS::WMUELLERMon Apr 24 1995Digital's EIC net - useful for employee interests?
3821.0101CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Apr 25 1995Take Your Daughter to Work day
3822.01MKOTS3::BARRYTue Apr 25 1995gen'l data
3823.04HYLNDR::PRESTIDGETue Apr 25 1995Trade show trinket support
3824.016VNASWS::LOBSANGWed Apr 26 1995The world according to Louis Gerstner
3825.011ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Apr 26 1995Tewksbury office sold
3826.02GLDOA::GIVENWed Apr 26 1995SUN internet Communication?
3827.09TOOK::MORRISONWed Apr 26 1995DEC Fortran 9
3828.09MIMS::SANDERS_JWed Apr 26 1995OS/2 On Digital Alpha?
3829.032EEMELI::AMANNISTOWed Apr 26 1995Linux on Alpha
3830.09ASABET::SILVERBERGThu Apr 27 1995HP Chip Flaw
3831.02ATHINA::GABIThu Apr 27 1995Client/Server Presentation anywhere ?
3832.03ASABET::pcheco.mlo.dec.com::pachecoThu Apr 27 1995Medical Imaging Group?
3834.02MAIL2::BOMSTYKThu Apr 27 1995Quick Question!
3835.06JOBURG::HARRISThu Apr 27 1995Happy Birthday South Africa.
3836.023GLDOA::GIVENFri Apr 28 1995SUN is playing HARD BALL! HELP...
3837.05AKOCOA::KAMINSKYFri Apr 28 1995IBM Mainframe future revenue problems
3838.03BIGPAK::CHAMBERLAINFri Apr 28 1995Help!Looking for Tom Peters-Disney video name
3839.02CAPNET::ROSCHFri Apr 28 1995S&P ups DEC
3840.01MRKTNG::HAMMOND_NMon May 01 199516-pitch writing needed
3841.012LAOSS1::UDICK_STMon May 01 1995Channel Confusion - Digital = 7 Companies
3842.02DCEIDL::J_FULLERTONMon May 01 1995Change to Corp Charge Card Policy
3843.041DIODE::CROWELLMon May 01 1995Company to contribute to SAVE
3844.024MSDOA::JUDDMon May 01 1995HPFUD
3845.010HORUS::MAINTAINERMon May 01 1995Americas ASSETS Program
3846.0127ODIXIE::MOREAUMon May 01 1995It's getting to be fun to be a Digit again
3847.09DV78Tue May 02 1995Need to find employee(?) not in ELF
3848.02HELIX::GERTZTue May 02 1995Digital Satellite Transmissions
3849.011HLDETue May 02 1995Spread Spectrum Wireless Solution Problem...
3850.04SUBURB::BRISTOWAWed May 03 1995PCBU Contact for 3M in US ?
3851.026TLE::HAMSONThu May 04 1995Field Service?
3852.05GOLLY::HARTThu May 04 1995DECUS on the MBone
3854.023MSBCS::BHANDARKARThu May 04 1995Upcoming book on Alpha
3856.01MLNADFri May 05 1995Bob Palmer's DVN (
3857.02CGOOA::WARDLAWSat May 06 1995So Simple, it Just Might Work ...
3858.012ATLANT::SCHMIDTSat May 06 1995Say "Good-Bye" to TWO too.
3859.011OTOOA::MACLELLANMon May 08 1995Worldwide Telephone Directory
3860.0120ODIXIE::RYANKEMon May 08 1995OpenVMS + WindowsNT = $$$$$$$
3861.03MSDOA::JUDDMon May 08 1995remote cluster
3862.0HLDEMon May 08 1995LinkWorks and Roamabout win Award
3863.027QUARK::MODERATORTue May 09 1995Playing musical offices
3864.013FOUNDR::CRAIGWed May 10 1995Vacation notice?
3865.038MASS1Wed May 10 1995Its only those who win wars that get to write the History Books!
3866.01STOWOA::PPARKERWed May 10 1995Need some S/W Info
3867.039GLDOA::PENFROYWed May 10 1995He Loved Yellow Flowers
3868.06HAMIS3::RACHUYThu May 11 1995help for arabic fonts
3869.01BREAKR::HAThu May 11 1995industries we sell into?
3870.09--UnknownUser--Thu May 11 1995Dealing with incompetant managers?
3871.03PENSKE::SDATZMANThu May 11 1995Digital BOB!
3872.021PTOJJD::DANZAKThu May 11 1995Modems? Upgrading branches etc.?
3873.0HDLITE::SCHAFERFri May 12 1995Roxbury plant now biotech facility
3875.046ODIXIE::MURDOCKFri May 12 1995VERY POOR SYSTEMS....?!!?
3876.048HLDESun May 14 1995Who Keels Over New Year's Eve 2
3877.03CUPMK::MOSSONMon May 15 1995Request for information: Networked Multimedia
3878.08HUMANE::MODERATORMon May 15 1995Part-Time Sales Reps at Digital?
3879.015AKOCOA::kenspc.ako.dec.com::kaminskyTue May 16 1995Sun Invents Networking?
3880.0ANGLIN::PEREZTue May 16 1995Need pointer to LDM/PDM methodology and standards
3881.09DLBERT::FERRIGNOWed May 17 1995DBA?
3882.02ASABET::SILVERBERGThu May 18 1995Ron Brown Assistance?
3883.02SWAM1::GARCIA_RAThu May 18 1995DecStart Unix/Osf
3884.02HELIX::CZERNYThu May 18 1995Alternative to DEC Reference Service?
3885.035QUARK::LIONELThu May 18 1995HiNote ad section in US News and World Report
3886.09QUARK::LIONELThu May 18 1995Whither CSLG?
3887.03ICS::VERMAFri May 19 1995Help Request
3888.025SMURF::YELGINFri May 19 1995How much notice required?
3889.01GROOVE::DADDIECOFri May 19 1995Watch_Mail.Com??
3890.012ORO5Fri May 19 1995WWW question
3891.012SCCAT::JONESSun May 21 1995Peer review - out of the frying pan.....?
3892.02COMPAC::DEBMon May 22 1995In memory of Gary Gaudet
3893.05NETCAD::BRANAMMon May 22 1995Johnny Mnemonic does Digital
3894.06JURA::JURA::DUQUESNEMon May 22 1995IB-FOCUS Product Mgt ?
3895.029SSDEVO::THOMPSONMon May 22 1995Palmer Named Chairman of the Board
3896.028BAHTAT::HILTONTue May 23 1995Virtual Wedding sponsored by Digital??
3897.012NETRIX::"warren@hpc.pko.dec.com"Tue May 23 1995How to find a sales rep?
3899.01NYOSS1::JAUNGTue May 23 1995Scholarship?
3900.02--UnknownUser--Wed May 24 1995Is this the latest port list...!?!?
3901.01PLUNDR::BOYLEThu May 25 1995Qstar Washington
3902.06ODIXIE::DWYERRThu May 25 1995VAR Agreements?
3903.044NYAAPS::CORBISHLEYFri May 26 1995Items with Digital/AlphaGeneration logos now available from Lands' End
3904.0140MIMS::SANDERS_JFri May 26 1995Nightly Business Report - Logo
3905.03USCTR1::KDUNNFri May 26 1995Another farewell
3906.05DEMON::JUROWTue May 30 1995Digital Does Lechmere
3907.03TAVIS::MIROWed May 31 1995The Data Warehouse Services - AXP 84
3908.050JULIET::CRONIN_GRWed May 31 1995Hows Q4
3909.015ESBWed May 31 1995Who in HLO Owns the "NoName" Board?
3910.012QUARK::LIONELThu Jun 01 1995Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition up on Internet using Digital UNIX
3911.017MSDOA::BOTTThu Jun 01 1995Engineering Confirmation??
3912.035SNOFS1::NICHOLLSMThu Jun 01 1995Digital business vs personal beliefs
3913.03ODIXIE::FLAHERTYThu Jun 01 1995DIRECTV discount for Digits??
3914.027ODIXIE::BAHLFri Jun 02 1995 Huh!!! IBM using Alphaservers ???
3916.022--UnknownUser--Sun Jun 04 1995We Reap Our Well-Earned Success
3917.06SALEM::BURGERMon Jun 05 1995Seek employee services contact
3918.066ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Jun 05 1995IBM to Attempt to Buy Lotus
3919.06GRANPA::CLASONMon Jun 05 1995Training HELP!
3920.021ANGLIN::BJAMESMon Jun 05 1995Quality at Digital
3921.02ODIXIE::DWYERRTue Jun 06 1995Cannot find EMDS
3922.0104GLDOA::WERNERTue Jun 06 1995If you couldn't laugh, you'd be crying...
3923.010--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 06 1995Internet Comments on Alpha & Alpha systems
3924.017ATLANT::SCHMIDTTue Jun 06 1995Our Uniform Corporate Identity
3925.014DCSVAX::MARRWed Jun 07 1995Can some one help?
3926.01MKOTS3::PLUNKETTThu Jun 08 1995Digital PC Direct, Goodbye
3927.010UNXA::ZASLAWFri Jun 09 1995The ISP Internet Yellow Pages sponsored by Digital
3928.06ODIXIE::MURDOCKSun Jun 11 1995Digital banner... ANYONE....!?!
3929.017HLDEMon Jun 12 1995Migration of TeamLinks Licenses
3930.05TNPUBS::PHALENMon Jun 12 1995Engineering Phase Management
3931.03DPDMAI::WILSONMMon Jun 12 1995TSA NET
3932.05PCBUOA::ANGELONETue Jun 13 1995Problem with buying thru EPP.
3933.019NYOSS1::MONASCHTue Jun 13 1995Foundations'96 Windows NT Selnet
3934.04TAVIS::MIROWed Jun 14 1995csgperf - pointer to this group please
3935.036MAIL1::VONROSENDAHLWed Jun 14 1995Digital Sports Cars!
3937.015USCTR1::JANDERSONWed Jun 14 1995Do most people understand business benefits of VLM?
3938.09FLDSVC::WHITEWed Jun 14 1995Need help for Digital customer
3939.0108RCOSS1::KKPC::KINGSLEYWed Jun 14 1995FY 96 Fiscal Calendar in POSTSCRIPT?
3940.016ANGLIN::BJAMESWed Jun 14 1995June 19 Business Week on Digital
3941.011POWDML::ISRAELITEWed Jun 14 1995Internet Opportunity
3942.08ODIXIE::MURDOCKThu Jun 15 1995DEC's choice for cell. phone long dist...?!?!
3943.038--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 15 1995looking for speakers for a symposium
3944.011ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Jun 15 1995"Spence the Katt" on DEC
3945.012SPOOK::ORMEThu Jun 15 1995DOVE?
3946.010MSDOA::HICKSTFri Jun 16 1995looking for Alpha applicatiions directory
3947.011OTOOA::RANGERFri Jun 16 1995Will EPP/by pay cheque ever?...
3948.09RANGER::LOWELLMon Jun 19 1995Bissel, Inc. Account Rep?
3949.071QUARK::LIONELMon Jun 19 1995The new EPP (from VTX EPP)
3950.056--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 20 1995Alpha/PowerPC partnership?
3951.06WELCLU::SHARKEYATue Jun 20 1995Is this possible ?
3952.035GLDOA::CUTLERWed Jun 21 1995HP FUD or FACT? (HELP)
3953.04ICS::WHITFORDWed Jun 21 1995Help on KVA3
3955.010ULYSSE::SEGONDThu Jun 22 1995PC Games Notesfile ?
3956.016MIMS::SANDERS_JThu Jun 22 1995PYRAMID Info Needed
3957.01MIMS::SANDERS_JMon Jun 26 1995MPP White Paper Needed
3958.013SEND::REHBEINMon Jun 26 1995HCRA and DCRA may not be tax exempt
3959.015PADC::KOLLINGMon Jun 26 1995IBM FUD?
3960.019SEND::REHBEINMon Jun 26 1995Healthsource doesn't provide good service
3961.06RDVAX::REDNERMon Jun 26 1995Need a pointer to a person or repository...
3962.02EEMELI::PATARIMon Jun 26 1995GOLDEN EGGS Rev21 is coming
3963.02MKOTS3::BARRYTue Jun 27 1995installed base and new sales
3964.028--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 27 1995Salvation
3965.091--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 28 1995Do we value Diversity??
3966.096WILLEE::MOCCIOWed Jun 28 1995Purchasing a DEC-PC
3967.08ANGST::edlapt.zko.dec.com::marisonThu Jun 29 1995Wall Street Journal Internet Directory
3968.05AD::MCGEEThu Jun 29 1995Why censor 3965?
3969.085DPDMAI::EYSTERThu Jun 29 1995Comments on moderation
3970.0GROOVE::DADDIECOThu Jun 29 1995Sherrie Wing
3971.02GLDOA::PAREEHUFFFri Jun 30 1995need list of conferences
3972.0CGOOA::BARNABESun Jul 02 1995Software Academy??
3973.029TROOA::TEMPLETONTue Jul 04 1995what gives?
3974.02NCMAIL::SAWKENRThu Jul 06 1995DEC Stock under $4
3975.090ASABET::16.75.Thu Jul 06 1995Recent NBC survey
3976.018STAR::LOWERYFri Jul 07 1995Marketing Online? Forget it.
3977.0GLRMAI::HICKOXFri Jul 07 1995In Memory of John Hawkes
3978.022CGOOA::BARNABEFri Jul 07 1995Apollo 13 & Alpha workstations
3979.07WROSS1::64997::ROCH_VIMon Jul 10 1995Where is Human Resources collecting resumes??
3980.04MYHORS::KUSHNER_PTue Jul 11 1995New opportunity in veterinarian pharmaceuticals
3981.03TAVTue Jul 11 1995CDA info needed - URGENT
3982.02JULIET::CRONIN_GRTue Jul 11 1995FY 96 ABU Sales Compensation
3983.022TROOA::BROWNWed Jul 12 1995?Is there a public FTP copy site outside Digital's firewall
3984.01BRAT::EZDIVR::ChristensenWed Jul 12 1995ROT/CON Tracking Software?
3985.09MSDOA::JUDDWed Jul 12 1995state gvt
3986.09SMURF::SNAMANWed Jul 12 19955 different company names in windows 95
3987.012NCMAIL::CUSHMANBThu Jul 13 1995When do we know?
3988.08TAVIS::ERANThu Jul 13 1995looking for info on events
3989.04GVPROD::WOLFFri Jul 14 1995DECbuild and DECoccupant?
3990.030DECWET::WHITEMon Jul 17 1995AlphaStation Announcement
3991.015NETRIX::"holohan@mark.zko.dec.com"Wed Jul 19 1995Can't take vtx pak anymore :-(
3992.0100HGOVC::JOELBERMANThu Jul 20 1995VMS to UNIX migration
3993.09MAIL1::MICEKThu Jul 20 1995Digital notebook service gets a "C" from PC Magazine readers
3994.020DOD2::PARKERThu Jul 20 1995HELP with vendor for 3
3995.025MKOTS3::BARRYThu Jul 20 1995who is aspen??
3996.033ANGLIN::BJAMESThu Jul 20 1995FY96 New Year
3997.03DAIVC::BROTOThu Jul 20 1995NAVY Simulation Application
3998.07CSLALL::HENDERSONFri Jul 21 1995Customer Needs Help
3999.02HDLITE::SCHAFERMon Jul 24 1995VTX IR using VMSMAIL foreign format
4000.06MSDOA::HICKSTMon Jul 24 1995contact for CSS?
4001.016SHRCTR::DAVISTue Jul 25 1995How goes the Alpha Software build-up?
4002.01LARVAE::LEGG_BTue Jul 25 1995UNIX References
4003.050WMGEN1::absTue Jul 25 1995Sales WB is great but Field tools require specific formatting
4004.054SOS6::BERNARDWed Jul 26 1995Salary freeze ?
4005.013SPEZKO::MERMELLWed Jul 26 1995How to order a book?
4006.04JULIET::METCALF_BIThu Jul 27 1995Seeking QNX to UNIX port-sport
4008.03MKOTS3::abuFri Jul 28 1995Contacts needed on Digital China
4009.05ODIXIE::RREEVESFri Jul 28 1995DBMS expert ?
4010.043TOOK::MORRISONFri Jul 28 1995New Worldwide Digital Today newsletter?
4011.056SPEZKO::LEHTOMon Jul 31 1995SAVE withholding
4012.0119AYOV1Mon Jul 31 1995August 2 DVN (was "No Patience")
4013.08WOTVAX::ROWEMMon Jul 31 1995CS7/IP
4014.030ALFAM7::URBANMon Jul 31 1995Corporate Security == Thought Police
4015.05JGODCL::HEIJSENMon Jul 31 1995CXO closed by Quantum April 1996?
4016.032IJSAPL::63212::PC24Tue Aug 01 1995Q4 and FY 95 Results
4017.018BIGQ::WETHERELLTue Aug 01 1995Selling HLO Semiconductor MFG site?
4018.05SUPER::GOODMANTue Aug 01 1995Digital to give lump sum retirement money
4019.024TENNIS::KAMTue Aug 01 1995IBM Chief Concedes OS/2 Has Lost Desktop War
4020.06DAIVC::BROTOTue Aug 01 1995Contact in Dubai & Taiwan
4021.09UFHIS::BKLIMMWed Aug 02 1995Thrilling gimmick for trade show needed
4022.046MIMS::SANDERS_JWed Aug 02 1995U.S. Gov'mt Declares W/NT Open
4023.024R2ME2::DEVRIESWed Aug 02 1995The Official Death Of Windows NT note
4024.03POWDML::KAHANEWed Aug 02 1995Internal groups doing surveys?