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Conference 7.286::postscript

Title:PostScript, the language. Please read 1.*
Notice:Please take printing problems to ONTIME::POSTSCRIPT_PRINTING
Created:Fri Jan 31 1986
Last Modified:Wed Jan 29 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1455
Total number of notes:6507
Number with bodies:0
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1.07RAJA::LOMICKATue Aug 06 1985Welcome
3.03PIXEL::PWONGTue Aug 06 1985LaserWriter vs Print Symbiont
4.07BRAHMS::ROBINSONWed Aug 07 1985Get your Print Symbiont Here
5.01PIXEL::PWONGFri Aug 09 1985Gray tones vs fill patterns
6.06PAMET::JONESMon Aug 12 1985P.S. confounds QMS
7.030RAJA::LOMICKAMon Aug 12 1985ASCII Interpretter
8.03RAJA::LOMICKAWed Aug 14 1985^D in PostScript Files
9.09PAMET::JONESWed Aug 14 1985Manuals...in bulk?
10.01RAJA::LOMICKAWed Aug 14 1985LaserWriter XON/XOFF Behavior
11.011TALLIS::ROBINSONWed Aug 14 1985Want to use PRINT/SETUP? Readme
12.02XENON::CHALTASThu Aug 15 1985endcap bug?
13.0RAJA::LOMICKAFri Aug 16 1985readstring behavior/bug
14.06SYBIL::CHALTASFri Aug 16 1985rotation of images
15.05SYBIL::CHALTASWed Aug 21 1985Questionable origins
16.0SYBIL::CHALTASWed Aug 21 1985Questionable origins
17.0SYBIL::CHALTASWed Aug 21 1985Questionable origins
18.0GRAFIX::JONESWed Aug 28 1985Lost chars on LW...Ed Taft
19.021SUSHI::KMACDONALDWed Aug 28 1985Imaging in PostScript
20.0XENON::CHALTASThu Aug 29 1985device dependencies
21.0TRIVIA::CHALTASFri Aug 30 1985colored cell arrays?
22.03PAUPER::LOMICKAThu Sep 05 1985Schematics on LaserWriter
23.01PAUPER::LOMICKAFri Sep 06 1985Unexpected initclip Results
24.0KIRK::KYZIVATFri Sep 06 1985consistent symbiont interface
25.01PAUPER::LOMICKAThu Sep 12 1985stringwidth and show bug
26.054PAUPER::LOMICKAFri Sep 13 1985PostScript Digital Logo [original version]
27.0SARAH::P_DAVISWed Sep 25 1985Line Mitering Algorithms?
28.0EXIT26::STRATTONTue Oct 01 1985Seminar on PostScript
29.02TRIVIA::CHALTASMon Oct 07 1985Stacksize &c.
30.08GRAFIX::CHALTASThu Oct 10 1985LaserWriter and VAX/VMS
31.0SIERRA::LENFMon Oct 14 1985PostScript Manuals at PaperStor
32.02XENON::CHALTASWed Oct 30 1985Clipping boundries
33.02MAYThu Oct 31 1985TeX to Postscript?
34.04REGINA::LANDAUThu Oct 31 1985small files with var wd space
35.02TRIVIA::CHALTASFri Nov 01 1985tradeoff?
36.02SARAH::S_COHENTue Nov 05 1985DEC supplemental encoding
37.01GRAFIX::CHALTASWed Nov 06 1985readline problem
38.03PAUPER::LOMICKAWed Nov 06 1985problem with clip operator
39.0RAJA::SCHMIEDERThu Nov 07 1985emulation of CASE statement
40.011TKHVTue Nov 12 1985INFO-POSTSCRIPT
41.02GRAFIX::CHALTASTue Nov 12 1985Bold-Italic fonts?
42.03PIXEL::PWONGWed Nov 13 1985PScoords.ps
43.03GRAFIX::CHALTASThu Nov 14 1985Bug with Courier !
44.0CIPHER::MCCRUDDENThu Nov 14 1985INFOR-POSTSCRIPT mailing list
45.02SARAH::S_COHENMon Nov 18 1985Using setdash
46.09HOLST::ROBINSONFri Nov 22 1985Sixel Interpreter?
47.07SARAH::S_COHENTue Nov 26 1985More ps printers
48.06TOPDOC::STANTONTue Dec 10 1985What Software Can Use Postscrip
49.02GRAFIX::CHALTASTue Dec 10 1985Patterned fills sans glitches
50.04RAJA::MERRILLWed Dec 11 1985Adobe & DEC contract
51.0RAJA::MERRILLWed Dec 11 1985Adobe & DEC contract
52.01REGINA::LOMICKAJFri Jan 03 1986Labor Job Ticket printing
53.02SARAH::S_COHENWed Jan 22 1986Thicker lines in Courier
54.06ATLAST::BOUKNIGHTWed Jan 22 1986Rent? Buy? Swap?
55.02GRAFIX::CHALTASTue Feb 11 1986limitcheck in stroke and clip
57.07CEDSWS::NEWKERKFri Feb 28 1986REGIS to PostScript?
58.0SCRIBE::VONSUCKTue Mar 04 1986Another Alternative to the Laserwriter
59.09SEENA1::LUGRINThu Mar 13 1986PostScript licensing issues
60.04PYRITE::BELANGERWed Mar 19 1986General PostScript Printer Question
61.010KIM::POPASun Mar 23 1986PostScript/Interpress Diffenences?
62.0SMURF::FUJIURAWed Mar 26 1986Empty message from INFO-POSTSCRIPT ?
63.06REGINA::HARVEYJMon Mar 31 1986PostScript Language Seminar
64.05ATLAST::BROWNTue Apr 01 1986Need to print Postscript Files
65.019SCOTTY::ROSEFri Apr 04 1986Seybold Report on PostScript
66.0SMURF::FUJIURAThu Apr 17 1986LaserWriter Serial I/O Patch
67.01ATLAST::BOUKNIGHTThu Apr 24 1986MCS encoding problem
68.0DSSDEV::COLLINSMon Apr 28 1986Speed of Parsing a Postscript program...
69.0RAJA::LEVMon May 12 1986Generic Procedure Interface Spec Available
72.01CLOSET::DEVRIESTue Jun 24 1986Adobe Consultant, June 24-25
73.01DSSDEV::CHALTASSat Jul 05 1986Devices at n*3
74.0611675::JOHNSONTue Jul 08 1986Looking for pictures
75.01REGINA::HARVEYJTue Jul 15 1986Brian Reid Returns!
76.02CHOPIN::ROBINSONFri Jul 25 1986New Postscript Printer Symbiont Available
77.07PDVAX::P_DAVISMon Jul 28 1986Embed PS in ASCII file?
78.0REGINA::DCLThu Jul 31 1986PostScript at fall DECUS
79.0POTARU::QUODLINGFri Aug 08 1986Postscript demos...
80.0MONET::ROSEFri Aug 08 1986Sun has own s/w PS interpreter, new window system
81.08CAD::PRENTICEFri Aug 08 1986wanted: Postscript interpreter under VMS
82.01JUNIPR::DMCLUREFri Aug 22 1986Announcing: Battle of the Languages
83.01VAXUUM::DYERTue Aug 26 1986M.C. Escher's "Square Limit"
84.04VAXUUM::DYERTue Sep 02 1986`findfont' and .PRO Font Files
85.0MRSVAX::MISKINISTue Sep 02 1986Problems with LONG lines...
86.02DSSDEV::CHALTASWed Sep 03 1986PSBLASER problem?
87.023AUSSIE::BELLSun Sep 07 1986LN
88.013TLE::HAMThu Sep 11 1986postscript to a video device ???
89.020SIERRA::LENFWed Sep 17 1986Now, an area to share PostScript files
90.0AVOID::TAVROWTue Sep 30 1986Graph generator???
91.010DECWET::KOSAKWed Oct 08 1986High Res. PostScript Device Needed
92.03CONRAD::SERACKFri Oct 10 1986Scanners ???
93.01CHEVSun Oct 12 1986support DEC printers
94.09SCOTTY::ROSEThu Oct 16 1986Scout Times Roman
95.07DECWET::KOSAKThu Oct 16 1986Device Independent - right??
96.04JUNIPR::DMCLUREThu Oct 23 1986Business Card program
97.0215Fri Oct 24 1986LPS4
98.05POTARU::QUODLINGTue Oct 28 1986Postscript Journal
99.01OSLSWS::JANNIKTue Oct 28 1986LPS4
100.04CONRAD::SERACKTue Nov 04 1986Postscript programming help needed
102.04DAN::SCHULLMANTue Nov 11 1986"setgray" bug or programmer error?
103.011DAN::SCHULLMANTue Nov 11 1986dequeueing of jobs by PSBLASER print symbiont
104.0TMCUK2::WARINGThu Nov 13 1986HP/DDL How Sad
105.0PRSIS6::TREGERMon Nov 17 1986I'm lost...
106.0CONRAD::SERACKWed Nov 19 1986wanted -- images and info
107.04NY1MM::SWEENEYWed Nov 19 1986Examples of Postscript for Customers
108.01DVINCI::ROSEWed Nov 19 1986How to return to server loop?
109.01DAN::SCHULLMANSat Nov 22 1986Form Feed is legal whitespace
110.01NULL::DSITESMon Nov 24 1986PL/I program for ACSII-->PS two-up
112.04KONING::KONINGTue Nov 25 1986mcs re-encoding trouble
113.03DAN::SCHULLMANTue Dec 02 1986questions on clipping and clipped text
114.06SARAH::EIRIKURWed Dec 03 1986Tweak Mac-produced PostScript for LPS4
115.06DSSDEV::CHALTASMon Dec 08 1986Is there a FontId registry?
116.06TKOV6Mon Dec 08 1986Merry Christmas
117.0751378::R_DEVRIESTue Dec 09 1986Scanned Signatures
118.01WHOARU::NORMANThu Dec 11 1986Circular text program problem
120.03LEELA::MYEEFri Dec 12 1986Resume template ??
121.010UTRTue Dec 16 1986PS producing tools?
122.06DAN::SCHULLMANWed Dec 17 1986page_defs.ps & general info on my prologs
123.01DAN::SCHULLMANWed Dec 17 1986Fill_Text_With_Text.ps
124.03DAN::SCHULLMANWed Dec 17 1986FTWT_Support.ps
125.01DAN::SCHULLMANWed Dec 17 1986One_Line_Text.ps
126.04DAN::SCHULLMANWed Dec 17 1986Occassion.ps
127.02DAN::SCHULLMANWed Dec 17 1986Alphabet.ps
128.01REGINA::BATCHELDERNWed Dec 17 1986Handy definers
129.06REGINA::BATCHELDERNWed Dec 17 1986Aligning to device coords
130.01DAN::SCHULLMANWed Dec 17 1986Interior_Variations.ps
131.014WHOARU::ANDERSONThu Dec 18 1986Problem with font size
132.03DAN::SCHULLMANFri Dec 19 1986/TRAILER information in the data stream?
133.02DAN::SCHULLMANTue Dec 23 1986limitations on path complexity
134.034PRAGMA::GRIFFINSat Jan 03 1987More fonts? (Script, Hershey, etc.)
135.01USMRW1::LBRANDTTue Jan 06 1987Typesetter output
136.013DRCS::GODWINThu Jan 08 1987PostScript Garamond font?
138.017DAN::SCHULLMANFri Jan 09 1987"Adobe Illustrator" product announced
139.01STATOS::GUILLAUMEMon Jan 12 1987AvantGardeGothic font family ?
140.012VIDEO::BATCHELDERNTue Jan 13 1987Nice label maker
141.01SARAH::K_ROBINSONThu Jan 15 1987setcachedevice error
142.02OSLCSC::OLAVThu Jan 15 1987Select font for ANSI_XXXXXX queue?
143.04SARAH::S_COHENMon Jan 19 1987storage of font metrics
144.09TROATue Jan 27 1987LN
145.02NEWVAX::BOWLESTue Jan 27 1987WPS-Plus Products with the Apple Laserwriter
146.03VIDEO::HARVEYJFri Jan 30 1987VAX Host PostScript, Anyone?
147.02PYONS::DCHAVEZWed Feb 04 1987Can't Get Que to understand /FORM=PSBLASER
148.07THUNDR::ROSICHWed Feb 04 1987VALID to Postscript??
149.07VIDEO::HARVEYJWed Feb 04 1987PostScript Training in March
150.03THUNDR::ROSICHFri Feb 06 1987GPL to Postscript?
151.01SUSHI::KMACDONALDFri Feb 06 1987Compatibility of SARAH and RENDER with serial lines?
152.010KOALA::HYDETue Feb 10 1987Is perspective text possible?
153.04DAN::SCHULLMANThu Feb 12 1987invalidrestore error or bug?
154.05COGITO::NELSONThu Feb 12 1987PostScript w/ LN
156.030VIDEO::BATCHELDERNTue Feb 24 1987Announcing PSCom
157.02SYSENG::VANSICLENWed Mar 04 1987ScriptPrinter in Digital News
158.0PIXEL::PWONGThu Mar 05 1987IBM joins the crowd
159.01ACOMA::RGALLEGOSFri Mar 06 1987Time of day, program
160.0DURIN::ROBINSONSat Mar 07 1987Looking for AMGR.15
161.04REGENT::SCHMIEDERFri Mar 13 1987conditional assignment macro
162.017SUSHI::KMACDONALDMon Mar 23 1987Use of TOKEN to replace READHEXSTRING
163.01PARITY::ORNSTEINTue Mar 24 1987Font name please
164.08VIDEO::LANDAUFri Mar 27 1987More than 3
165.01SCOTTY::ROSEThu Apr 02 1987Varityper 6
166.06DAN::SCHULLMANThu Apr 09 1987efficient conversion from a hexified string
167.04CLOSET::PELTZFri Apr 10 1987Postscript Font File? Not a bit-map font file.
168.09DELNI::MCCLELLANMon Apr 13 1987an error handler for novice users?
169.0ILOVThu Apr 16 1987VT22
170.010MDVAX3::WOODALLMon Apr 20 1987Postscript to OUR printer?
171.026PUEBLO::GABBETue Apr 21 1987Underlay.psc
172.05TELCOM::MCVAYThu Apr 23 1987RegIs, ASCII, & Font in one page?
173.03WHOARU::ANDERSONFri Apr 24 1987B-size papertray
174.01PIXEL::PWONGThu Apr 30 1987HP giving in?
175.04COLORS::LICHTENBERGThu May 07 1987Undocumented SCOUT commands?
176.04NEEPS::MCMILLANFri May 08 1987LPS4
177.07VIDEO::HARVEYJFri May 08 1987The Green Book Emerges
178.05DAN::SCHULLMANTue May 12 1987BTREE.PS and an alphabetical listing of font names
180.06PUEBLO::GABBETue May 12 1987M-L.Psc - a label printing program
181.01VIDEO::BATCHELDERNThu May 14 1987Slides from DECUS talk
182.04VIDEO::BATCHELDERNFri May 15 1987Let's buy a Lino
183.07OSLMon May 18 19872 pages on each A4-sheet on LPS4
184.01DAN::SCHULLMANTue May 19 1987label stock for DEC laser printers
185.0SARAH::S_COHENThu May 28 1987EPIC Program
187.05WKRP::ROMERFri Jun 05 1987Manipulating Text & Graphics?
188.01FNYFS::MERLEHANTue Jun 16 1987Hardcopy image to Document.SDML ???
189.04UTRUST::R_DEVRIESThu Jun 18 1987Talk on PostScript
190.021COGITO::METHOTSun Jun 21 1987Mac to LPS4
191.06SUSHI::KMACDONALDTue Jun 23 1987Opinions on Legal Problem Needed....
192.01JANUS::FAGGWed Jun 24 1987Reduction of page area?
193.02CHUCKL::YURYANTue Jul 07 1987Where is the SCRIPTPRINTER Software ??
195.07EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Jul 09 1987Character height
196.019VIDEO::BATCHELDERNMon Jul 13 1987Dream Tools
197.03SEINE::AKRAMWed Jul 15 1987symbol from symbol set, HELP!!!!
198.06DUBMon Jul 20 1987Help - Creating a Logo.
199.02OASS::ROGERSThu Jul 23 1987Anyone have just the Clock at the Mill ?
200.04MARCUS::SKEELMon Jul 27 1987Calling all laundry lists ...
201.02PTOMVX::SIEGELWed Jul 29 1987Linetronics/VAX support
202.02SEINE::AKRAMWed Jul 29 1987TRACTOR FEED + LNO3R ?????
203.04TSG::BERUBEThu Jul 30 1987Image Operator
204.012HPSCAD::NMENDELSONThu Jul 30 1987POSTSCRIPT to text converter????
205.06VIDEO::BATCHELDERNThu Aug 06 1987Reference Card
206.018SALES::SCHULLMANSun Aug 09 1987some questions about [user-defined] fonts
207.06VIDEO::BATCHELDERNMon Aug 10 1987Font Manipulation from Info-PostScript
208.0SALES::SCHULLMANFri Aug 14 1987affect of "grestore" and "initgraphics" on extensions
209.04SALES::SCHULLMANFri Aug 14 1987some "gotchas" on tray selection from PostScript
210.09RT1Mon Aug 17 1987Music Notation Fonts - Adobe
212.013CONRAD::SERACKWed Aug 19 19876
213.03MARCUS::SKEELMon Aug 24 1987Needed: ASCII.PS Help, please.
214.02PRSIS4::BURESISun Aug 30 1987On-line documentation on PostScript ?
215.02DUBFri Sep 04 1987Use of LPS4
216.03SHIRE::MORIAUDFri Sep 04 1987S2
217.01CHIC::MALKOWIAKTue Sep 08 1987ASCII_V2.PS Problem...
218.06GVASA::VOVANWed Sep 09 1987
219.028VIDEO::BATCHELDERNMon Sep 14 1987Font Catalogers
220.03NEWPRT::BARTHMon Sep 14 1987WPS+ output & PS on same page?
221.01MDVAX3::HABERERTue Sep 15 1987Landscape/long lines on LPS4
222.05AQUA::SCHULLMANWed Sep 16 1987LPS4
223.0PDVAX::P_DAVISThu Sep 17 1987Looking for facsimile/scanner test chart
224.02KOALA::HYDEThu Sep 24 1987Need VT screen-drawing code, with renditions
225.04VIDEO::BATCHELDERNFri Sep 25 1987Finding fonts
226.02IOSG::WDAVIESMon Sep 28 1987HELP !
227.02REGENT::BLUMENREICHTue Sep 29 1987compressing image data
228.023VIDEO::BATCHELDERNTue Sep 29 1987Who's Here?
229.03JANUS::FAGGThu Oct 01 1987Scaling lots of files?
231.06STEREO::BUTLERTue Oct 06 1987Dazed and Confused...
232.0AQUA::SCHULLMANWed Oct 07 1987"PostScript Pretty Printer"
233.06SYSENG::VANSICLENThu Oct 08 1987Copyright symbol?
234.01OSLCSC::EIVINDRTue Oct 13 1987LN
235.014HSTSSC::BERGIUSThu Oct 15 1987Do we support PS-programming?
236.01MDRADV::JESUSFri Oct 16 1987Working in A3 / Document templates
237.03DACT6::COLEMANWed Oct 21 1987Need help with "Line-Breaking" algorithm
238.0SYSENG::VANSICLENTue Oct 27 1987Weekly Minder pages
239.03OGWV5Wed Oct 28 1987Have a Happy Halloween
240.02NAC::HARBOWed Oct 28 1987Correct use of 4up-front,back.ps for text files?
241.05EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Oct 29 1987a question about fill
242.01RDGENG::PARSONSThu Nov 05 1987Have Linotron - Need help!
243.015GUIDUK::LISCHKEThu Nov 05 1987SIXEL to POSTSCRIPT Conversion
244.08REGENT::JORRYMon Nov 09 1987A SAVE/RESTORE per file keeps problems away
245.05VIDEO::BATCHELDERNTue Nov 10 1987// and other v25 changes
246.03MRC::FERNALDWed Nov 11 1987Pagemaker and EPS
247.0AQUA::SCHULLMANThu Nov 12 1987another ASCII-to-PostScript "filter"
248.01DGOSWFri Nov 13 1987Awful QUIC language Translator
249.03JOET::JOETTue Nov 17 1987Help needed with Diconix Dijit-1/PS
250.01ILO::SMYTHThu Nov 19 1987Printing Macintosh Postscript on LN
251.014AQUA::SCHULLMANTue Nov 24 1987adobe!ps-file-server
252.02MDVAX3::HABERERTue Nov 24 1987Virtual memory problem with POSTSCRIPT on LPS4
253.02CLOSUS::SCHILLINGWed Nov 25 1987Postscript conversion to screen
254.03CADSYS::YOSTTue Dec 01 1987Measuring print times?
255.03PPAGAT::REILLYMon Dec 07 1987Problem with Stringwidth
256.024AQUA::SCHULLMANWed Dec 09 1987Adobe Systems Document Structuring Conventions
257.01GIDDAY::ROWEThu Dec 10 1987lps4
258.01PBA::GIRARDFri Dec 11 1987Postscript Print Problem IWS
259.02MAY2Thu Dec 17 1987Postscript 2-up listing filter
260.02MAY2Thu Dec 17 1987Postscript interpretor for Ultrix
261.05GVASA::LUGRINTue Dec 22 1987ASCII translator for Applelaser
262.01MAY2Wed Dec 23 1987Font proofer -- for bitmap->analytic font conversion?
263.01AQUA::SCHULLMANWed Dec 23 1987comments on VMS V5
264.02MILDEW::POLLACKWed Dec 23 1987debug procedures?
265.016UTRTSC::LANGENBERGWed Dec 30 1987Left margin for LN
266.04SYSENG::VANSICLENMon Jan 04 1988DEC PostScript Graph software?
267.0SCANF::DIAMONDMon Jan 11 1988%LPS-W-VMERROR, VMerror: PostScript virtual memory exhausted
268.05CLOSUS::JENSENTue Jan 12 1988Bug in Scriptprinter postscript interpreter?
269.0BISTRO::CONNOLLYWed Jan 13 1988cvs inconsistency
271.02AQUA::SCHULLMANFri Jan 15 1988info on downloadable Adobe fonts
272.03JANUS::FAGGFri Jan 15 1988Can I redefine "lettertray" to mean "a4tray"?
273.0OGWV5Mon Jan 18 1988Apple's LaserWriter II
274.01VIDEO::BATCHELDERNMon Jan 18 1988Printer Description Files
275.02REGENT::GLEESONTue Jan 19 1988Apple Logo Anyone?
276.0VIDEO::HARVEYJWed Jan 20 1988Generating Efficient PostScript
277.04ULTRA::OFSEVITThu Jan 21 1988formatting language utilities to produce PS?
278.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 21 1988Does anybody know...
279.05RTPSWS::ABEDThu Jan 21 1988LN
280.09VIDEO::BATCHELDERNFri Jan 22 1988Reencoding Fonts
281.08COLORS::LICHTENBERGFri Jan 22 1988Sans-serif MONOSPACED font?
282.04HSKWed Jan 27 1988HP-GL to PostScript conversion
283.03--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 27 1988Help needed with strings
284.02TRCTWed Jan 27 1988LAYUP - POSTSCRIPT?
285.05USATWed Jan 27 1988Compu_graphics ???
286.010CADSE::ANDERSONWed Jan 27 1988Device resolution with Number_up
287.0229588::PATTERSONWed Jan 27 1988Best dict size?
288.018UBEAUT::LUKThu Jan 28 1988Another ASCII to PS converter
290.04CADSE::ANDERSONTue Feb 02 1988=string
292.01GYPSC::KERNTue Feb 02 1988printing not proportional
293.01AUNTB::NEWMANDTue Feb 02 1988Program 21, Adobe cookbook
294.01MPGS::KELLYJTue Feb 02 1988Looking for another LPS4
295.015AQUA::SCHULLMANMon Feb 08 1988Company Identity Manual
296.04AQUA::SCHULLMANMon Feb 08 1988PMS 3
297.02CREDIT::RANGASat Feb 13 1988LSE template for Postscript?
298.06CADSE::ANDERSONTue Feb 16 1988Color PostScript(R)
299.03VIDEO::HARVEYJThu Feb 18 1988Trademark Wars Resolved
300.02MSDOA1::MACDONALDFri Feb 19 1988DECservers & ScriptPrinter S/W?
301.05ANGORA::SMCAFEESun Feb 21 1988Re-sizing postscript output?
302.0VIDEO::HARVEYJMon Feb 22 1988Generating Robust PostScript
303.0TOOK::MATTIOLITue Feb 23 1988Postscript printing on the IBM-pc
304.01VIDEO::HARVEYJTue Feb 23 1988Including Scanned Images
306.02RDGE23::PARTENQThu Mar 03 1988lps4
307.03VIDEO::HARVEYJThu Mar 03 1988"Display PostScript" Video
308.0VIDEO::HARVEYJMon Mar 07 1988Case Studies
309.09STKHLM::SALGOMon Mar 07 1988Permanent fonts
311.03VIDEO::BATCHELDERNTue Mar 22 1988PostScript name registration
312.03BRSM1Thu Mar 24 1988printer power was cycled while job was active
313.03KAOA11::DFLEMINGFri Mar 25 1988Font from Mac to Scriptprinter
314.0AQUA::SCHULLMANMon Mar 28 1988validating PostScript (R) interpreters
315.02GLORY::LANPHEARTue Mar 29 1988Force Monospacing for Proportional fonts?
316.02MYVAX::ANDERSONMon Apr 04 1988ISO Latin-1 font metrics?
317.01HSSWS::LINWed Apr 13 1988How to generate a postscript file for this
318.04VIDEO::BATCHELDERNWed Apr 13 1988Color Operators Spec.
319.01COUGAR::TADAMSThu Apr 14 1988Line Width problems
320.010NBOIS::DENNEMARCKTue Apr 19 1988Different versions of PS??
321.04RDGENG::COTTONTue Apr 19 1988Barcode program anybody?
322.04PNO::HEISERWed Apr 20 1988Rendering to Postscript
323.06VIDEO::BATCHELDERNMon Apr 25 1988PostScript Structuring
324.0VIDEO::BATCHELDERNFri Apr 29 1988A new twist on bind and load
325.02LAMHRA::WHORLOWTue May 03 1988Can a ln
326.08VIDEO::BATCHELDERNTue May 03 1988Encapsulated tester
327.06MAMIE::NAGARAJANWed May 04 1988Cannot print PS on LN
328.03FABULA::DEVALFri May 06 1988K7.PS
329.01CSC32::K_MEADOWSMon May 09 1988LPS$SMB.DMP with ACCVIO at PC=925C
330.01KIPPIS::BERGIUSTue May 10 1988save & restore?
331.01--UnknownUser--Wed May 11 1988Internal Field Test Sites Wanted!
332.0REGENT::GLEESONWed May 11 1988Field Test Sites Wanted
333.02BOHR::CASSONEThu May 12 1988Printing Adobe screen fonts
334.07CIMNET::HUPPERTFri May 13 1988Mac PostScript Digital Logo available
335.01VAXPS::HARVEYJFri May 13 1988Colophon #5
336.01OTTO::COTTONWed May 18 1988Help needed with RUN
337.05SERENE::YANGWed May 18 1988Help on PS repository
338.0VIDEO::BATCHELDERNThu May 19 1988/Setup and /Form Survey
339.01SARAH::ZASLAWThu May 19 1988How to redefine a character?
340.02SCRIBE::PORTNOYFri May 20 1988indefinitely-long PostScript procedures
341.03THE78Fri May 20 1988Mac PostScrip in VAX DOCUMENT
342.034MERIDN::JENNINGSMon May 23 1988Displayable PostScript
343.02CGOUTue May 24 1988Ray Tracing in a Printer
344.03FABULA::DORLHIACWed May 25 1988ReGIS to POSTCRIPT directly
345.0UTOPIE::ENZWed May 25 1988Textronix Translator
346.0CONRAD::SERACKThu May 26 1988A Font/File-System Question
347.02DUBFri May 27 1988MAC-->VAX-->LPS4
348.06AKQJ1Fri May 27 1988Need 6.75 x 3.75 Proj Plan sheets
349.01BIGTEX::RESENDEWed Jun 01 1988Form w/data - is there a DEC solution?
350.01SCRIBE::PORTNOYThu Jun 02 1988orientation of EPSF file
351.04COMICS::BMCMILLANThu Jun 02 1988/Guru {me Training} def
352.02GUTZ::COOPERMANFri Jun 03 1988Edit sixel version of screen?
353.02BRDWLK::VOGELFri Jun 03 1988Error printing Apple postscript file
354.04SRFSUP::KOOTue Jun 07 1988Can LPS4
355.04GUIDUK::ONOTue Jun 07 1988laserwriter without psblaser?
356.01ULTRA::KARGERThu Jun 09 1988incompatibility between LaserWriter and LPS4
357.0STKHLM::L_SUNDQVISTFri Jun 10 1988Fonts on VMS files
358.06MAMIE::SCHRADERWed Jun 15 1988grayscale fill pattern
359.04ACOMA::RGALLEGOSMon Jun 20 1988Trying to print a light gray text
360.01OASS::AYALLAHMon Jun 20 19881st three char. "eaten" up?
361.04EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Jun 22 1988Looking for VAXmate Postscript Software
362.02AYOU14::MACAULAYTue Jun 28 1988POSTSCRIPT --> regis or sixel, anyone!!
363.01FYI::KUSEKOSKIWed Jun 29 1988NEEDED NOW: EPSF Files from VAXstation applications
364.06MAMIE::SCHRADERWed Jun 29 1988VT1
365.02ZPOVThu Jun 30 1988Postscript support of Linotron/3
366.03USWRSL::MOTOYAMA_ANMon Jul 11 1988NEC printer with postscript?
367.0VIDEO::BATCHELDERNTue Jul 12 1988Pictures of Printers.
369.02CSC32::R_WILLIAMSWed Jul 13 1988Any way to display .POST output on VAXSTATION 2
370.02MEMORY::BERKSONFri Jul 15 1988Postscript -> Benson plotter?
371.04MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Jul 15 1988Fonts
372.08MOSAIC::RICHTERTue Jul 19 1988Need help with PC MS-WORD 4.
373.02ARGUS::STAPLETONWed Jul 20 1988How do I change StrokeWidth?
374.01CANYON::LEEDSThu Jul 21 1988Use LPS4
375.02MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Jul 26 1988Postscript Problem
377.03SSENG::KOTOKThu Jul 28 1988How to "encode" unencoded character?
378.017AVANT::STROMMon Aug 01 1988PS to EPS
379.09VAXUUM::DEVRIESTue Aug 02 1988What PS support tools can our customers use?
380.02RAINBO::LESLIETue Aug 02 1988DEC MCS Encoding/"extended" findfont operator
381.05FABULA::DEVALTue Aug 09 1988print your front cover it's easy !
382.06TSE::MILLERThu Aug 11 1988Large Charts and the Ansi Translator
383.0HYEND::RLEEThu Aug 18 19881
384.015Mon Aug 22 1988unknown PS commands "dopage,setpage" in a4tray
385.0NEEPS::MCMILLANWed Aug 24 1988Setup, fonts, wide text, can do!
386.02SUBSYS::HALPINWed Aug 24 1988?Andrew docs on PS4
387.0DUBTue Aug 30 1988Create!Form
388.023MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Aug 30 1988Some Slick PostScript Files
389.04NEEPS::MCMILLANWed Aug 31 1988Redefining showpage.
390.0RAINBO::LESLIEWed Aug 31 1988Line Drawing font
391.011DLOACT::RESENDEThu Sep 01 1988Encapsulated PS - how to print?
392.06ULTRA::KARGERThu Sep 08 1988business card template
393.03EPOCH::JOHNSONThu Sep 15 1988Looking for EPS files on the net
394.014CSC32::R_WILLIAMSThu Sep 15 1988%LPS-W-SYNERR, syntax error on LN
395.04AQUA::SCHULLMANMon Sep 19 1988interactions of NUMBER_UP, SHEET_COUNT, #copies
397.01REGENT::MERRILLTue Sep 20 19888-point Times-Roman-Italic needed
398.02GLASS::DRISLANEWed Sep 21 1988Postscript and document -- again!!!
399.02JGO::FITZGERALDWed Sep 21 1988LPS4
400.01USHSThu Sep 29 1988Freelance PS driver?
401.01PNO::HEISERThu Sep 29 1988PUTINTERVAL error
402.06IPG::ROACHThu Oct 06 1988Help finding Palatino font
404.019CSOA1::WILDER_JFri Oct 07 1988HPGL -> Postscript???
405.0DYO78Fri Oct 07 1988Scriptprinter sw VS. Transcript
406.0DSSDEV::SURTEESTue Oct 11 1988DDIF Cookbook information request
407.013UNIVSE::SHATARAFri Oct 14 1988Apple IIgs -> LPS4
408.01SYSENG::BANKSWed Oct 19 1988 reverse image how???
409.06FYI::KUSEKOSKIFri Oct 21 1988Converting RENDERed output to EPS
410.05RAINBO::TARBETFri Oct 21 1988Need help debugging!
411.05RAINBO::TARBETFri Oct 21 1988Bug in -pathbox-?
412.01CSSE::RBROWNFri Oct 21 1988Maps
413.01BOSHOG::SYSTEMWed Oct 26 1988Installation Problem
414.03DSSDEV::BRAMHALLWed Oct 26 1988Filling a line?
415.03IND::KALINAWed Oct 26 1988Printing Harvard Graphics EPS files in WPS-PLUS
416.05MTWAIN::MACDONALDMon Oct 31 1988On-Line Newsletter
417.08LOOKIN::MILLARWed Nov 02 1988Postscript images ? Anybody
419.01CSC32::R_WILLIAMSThu Nov 03 1988CHECKPOINTED queue for LN
420.03PRSUD2::SIMONThu Nov 10 1988Does the LN
421.03NAMBE::RGALLEGOSThu Nov 10 1988FONTS on WPS editor
422.03TOWNS::BUZZERDThu Nov 10 1988Postscript display on VaXStation?
423.03BTO::SCHNEIDRNMon Nov 14 1988Video image, improving Postscript resolution ?
424.014UBEAUT::LUKTue Nov 15 1988Producing Postscript overheads
425.0BTO::MAYOTWed Nov 16 1988Help for identifying desktop pub equip
426.05ILO::MCWEENEYThu Nov 17 1988Urgent - Output file from Postscript
427.09NEEPS::MCMILLANMon Nov 21 1988Training course for 1989
428.05MTWAIN::MACDONALDMon Nov 21 1988Need Help!!!!!
429.04ATLAST::PATELMon Nov 21 1988Any PAGEMAKER Documentation?
430.05IPG::ROACHTue Nov 29 1988Help please
433.05SSDEVO::ALDENThu Dec 01 1988Postscript to HPGL?
434.04CISM::SCHNAREThu Dec 01 1988location of PPS
435.0SHIRE::NICKFri Dec 09 1988Cookbook poster= 6 blank sheets !!!
436.07MTWAIN::MACDONALDWed Dec 14 1988Pikchas
437.01GERUND::SMITHMon Dec 19 1988Xserver POSTSCRIPT extension
438.04NEWVAX::RICKWed Dec 21 1988Duplex Printer Postscript, How?
439.09MTWAIN::MACDONALDWed Dec 28 1988PostScript Newsletter
440.01SSENG::KOTOKWed Dec 28 1988LN
441.01CDR::SYSTEMFri Dec 30 1988postscript software for ln
442.05MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Dec 30 1988Strange Problem
443.011DLOACT::RESENDETue Jan 03 1989Support of foreign PostScript printers?
444.02DLOACT::RESENDESat Jan 07 1989Digital loses PostScript license from Adobe?
445.09HANNAH::BATCHELDERNFri Jan 13 1989PSPrint/HostScript specs for review
446.022DOOBER::MANNONTue Jan 17 1989Can PostScript files be VMSmailed?
447.04OASS::RNORRISWed Jan 18 1989syntax for setdostartpage??
448.03VINO::BHAMILTONWed Jan 18 1989arcto problem
450.06BACON::SCHNEIDERWed Jan 18 1989party line?
451.0RANCHO::WOODFri Jan 20 1989Interleaf too printer specific
452.01NOBHIL::BAPTISTA_VIWed Jan 25 1989Postscript driver for LPS4
454.01REFINE::FARRELLFri Jan 27 1989New (non-Adobe) PostScript Book
455.04BOSTAC::MORRISTue Jan 31 1989Agfa announces PostScript color film recorder
456.02PBA::WOODTue Jan 31 1989where oh where
457.07ANNECY::KIRKHAMTue Jan 31 1989Debug mode ?
458.0NEWVAX::RICKTue Jan 31 1989Xerox to PS conversion effort story.
459.0LAIDBK::LANCIWed Feb 01 1989help with Data Products ps printer
460.010HANNAH::BATCHELDERNWed Feb 01 1989Wish list for Text operators
461.08OASS::RNORRISWed Feb 01 1989Layering setup module on bottom linked to showpage
462.01GIDDAY::SHCHIUThu Feb 02 198966==>68 line/page problem ?
463.03CLOSUS::TAVARESFri Feb 03 1989How to put unique number on title page?
464.0COGMK::FRANCUSFri Feb 03 1989Landscape problem
466.08RTPSWS::DAVISSun Feb 05 1989/setup for lps4
467.02HANNAH::BATCHELDERNMon Feb 06 1989SPDL Wish List
468.0HILLST::MASONTue Feb 07 1989Postscript file forcing page break in DOCUMENT
469.04HGOVC::ANTHONYCHUNGWed Feb 08 1989Problem using LN
470.03EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed Feb 08 1989Right and left justify text
471.01HGOVC::ANTHONYCHUNGThu Feb 09 1989Print ALL-IN-1 document on LN
472.02HILLST::MASONSun Feb 12 1989PostScript tool wanted...
473.022SWSCHZ::EZZELLMon Feb 13 1989PostScript forms, Security labeling, etc
474.07HILLST::MASONFri Feb 17 1989Mixing Postscript and VAX DOCUMENT
475.011TEASE::WEAVERSun Feb 19 1989Color support in DEC products??
476.04MAIL::CHERRYTue Feb 21 1989POSTSCRIPT Front-ended FAX?
477.02ABLE::MOSERThu Feb 23 1989Need D/E size help!!
478.04OASS::RNORRISMon Feb 27 1989Field test of Hostscript?
479.0LIBRAE::BAILEYWed Mar 01 1989Image + Comment ?
480.05MYVAX::ANDERSONWed Mar 01 1989FYI: publishing industry standards effort
481.06REGENT::MERRILLMon Mar 06 1989Actual Size: do-not-scale
482.03TRUMAN::LEIMBERGERTue Mar 07 1989import EPSF?
483.09EXIT26::ZIKAWed Mar 08 1989General PostScript Questions
484.011UKCSSE::C_MACKAYFri Mar 10 1989Getting the current date and time
485.04STKHLM::SNELLMANMon Mar 13 1989Bar Codes in PostScript
486.018ULTRA::PRIBORSKYThu Mar 16 1989Want "Draft" on each page.
487.01CLYPPR::GRAVESFri Mar 17 1989LN
488.04OASS::RNORRISMon Mar 20 1989Encoding Vectors, how to choose?
489.010SRFSUP::GOETZEThu Mar 23 1989EPSF Digital Artlib available now!
490.02PDVAX::P_DAVISFri Mar 24 1989Number of setgray levels on LPS4
491.02EXIT26::ZIKAFri Mar 24 1989VAXmate MSwindows and PS device driver
492.03DSTR1Tue Mar 28 1989ScriptPrinter -- LPS4
493.06DECWET::SERACKTue Mar 28 1989Needed: Test files for a PS Clone
494.02ASHBY::KRAKAUERWed Mar 29 1989LN
497.04MUNTRA::WALTERThu Mar 30 1989LN
498.01JGO::VOORTHUIJSENThu Mar 30 1989S2
499.05SOFBAS::WALKERFri Mar 31 1989Wordperfect/Postscript?
500.03UTRTSC::LANGENBERGTue Apr 04 1989LN
501.06YODA::SYSTEMTue Apr 04 1989kit location?
502.01CADSE::ANDERSONTue Apr 04 1989Compression of PostScript files
503.01DPDMAI::HILDEBRANDThu Apr 06 1989LINPACK report, "Bad font name or dictionary"
504.02NUTMEG::RYANFri Apr 07 1989LN
505.0COMICS::LUCKMANMon Apr 10 1989Tiger File
506.04SIETTG::NGWed Apr 12 1989select LN
507.05LAIDBK::CREIGHANThu Apr 13 1989Customer needs help
508.02GALLOP::AMERRTue Apr 18 1989PostScript under Ultrix V3.
509.03PRIMES::VEACHTue Apr 18 1989Postscript to Sixel for VT34
511.010HANNAH::BATCHELDERNMon Apr 24 1989Bind is DANGEROUS
512.0BERNTue Apr 25 1989IBM GDF/GDDM and DEC(windows)
513.04BTO::HICKSON_BWed Apr 26 1989Printing selected pages?
514.03MUDIS3::CMUELLERWed Apr 26 1989problem with MS-WORD LN
515.01SUVThu Apr 27 1989DECSA ETS Postscript queue?
516.04ACESMK::SILVAFri Apr 28 1989To Scale or not to Scale...
517.01AVNGRS::BOELKEMon May 01 1989What's current
518.011OASS::RNORRISThu May 04 1989Pointer to EPSF SPEC?
519.06PRIMES::VEACHTue May 09 1989Postscript ==> DDIF Viewer
520.01ELMAGO::RGALLEGOSTue May 16 1989cards that are bi-fold...
522.04NEEPS::MCMILLANThu May 18 1989Changing FontDirectory
523.020LDP::GREENThu May 18 1989Postscript Previewer Questions
524.04LDP::GREENTue May 23 1989CHROMA - is it Encapsulated PS
525.02CSOA1::MARESFri May 26 1989HP/PCL --> PostScript ???
526.012NEEPS::MCMILLANTue May 30 1989ANSI translator with different fonts.
527.02SVBEV::VECRUMBATue Jun 06 1989HW justification w/LPS4
528.05REGENT::EPSTEINTue Jun 06 1989Need help with SETUP file - posted for PRSARL::TESSIER
529.013FUTURA::MCNULTYFri Jun 09 1989SCALE help needed
530.010RTAP::UMINATue Jun 13 1989Encapsulated Postscript Tools
531.05AONE::MMUNROTue Jun 13 1989Linotron 5
532.04RTPSWS::VANDEUSENWed Jun 14 1989Reading an RMS file
533.05ODIHAM::HEERJEE_KMon Jun 19 1989How to generate: ditroff -> PS?
534.0HPSRAD::LINDSEYTue Jun 20 1989Previewer - Insufficient Memory Problems
535.09HGOVC::ALFREDLEUNGWed Jun 21 1989Doc. for First Time POST. user
536.015MUNICH::STEFANThu Jun 22 1989setlinewidth
537.0DELNI::MHARRISTue Jun 27 1989I saw a COLOR postscript printer that looks GREAT!
538.07GIDDAY::SMALLTue Jun 27 1989Changing default font on ANSI and PS queue
539.01VIDEO::BENDERWed Jun 28 1989PSART Install? Need help, plz.
540.04MUSKIE::EVENSONWed Jun 28 1989Image shift
541.0STKHLM::WIDBERGFri Jun 30 1989Wordmarc and LPS-W-SYNERROR
542.0HANNAH::BATCHELDERNWed Jul 05 1989Hannah is now the host for PS$*
543.09MARKUP::DEVRIESWed Jul 05 1989Reporting failure to find a font
544.03FORTY2::YUILLEFri Jul 07 1989string cvn name help needed
545.0BASLAB::HONEGGERMon Jul 10 1989problems including a postscript file!
546.0GLDOA::HEINEYMon Jul 10 1989Mac Print Warning!
547.04RAINBO::TARBETMon Jul 10 1989Correct program just dies!
548.0GLDOA::HEINEYTue Jul 11 1989Display PostScript Overview
549.06ISIDRO::EDUARDOTue Jul 18 1989FUTURA & ORATOR fonts
550.03RTOIC::RSTANGEWed Jul 19 1989Postscript/LN
551.01OFFHK::MERRIMANWed Jul 19 1989Creating Postscript Output on LPS4
552.07SUSHI::KMACDONALDWed Jul 19 1989Any color PostScript examples (especially images) available?
553.04LATINA::RUPEREZThu Jul 20 1989Resolution lost in PS V2.1
554.03DIODE::CROWELLFri Jul 21 1989Adobe Postscript AD, Missing DEC
555.01CLOSET::ACKERMANFri Jul 21 1989Am I an Include File???!!
556.03ACESMK::OPERATORFri Jul 21 1989? about precise gray shades
558.0DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Jul 25 1989Newsletter
559.02LOWLIF::VANBUSKIRKWed Jul 26 1989Little notches at end of lines???
560.02SHALOT::THOMASWed Jul 26 1989postscript file is ignoring setdash
561.07HANNAH::BATCHELDERNThu Jul 27 1989Free Publicity that we're missing out on
562.02OASS::RNORRISThu Jul 27 1989/header equivilent in /layup?
563.05MQOP11::A_KALLOSFri Jul 28 1989MAC encapsulated PS -> CDA
564.01MQOP12::A_KALLOSFri Aug 04 1989epsf->decwrite broken ?
565.02ELMAGO::RIPLEYTue Aug 08 1989AppleDict anyone?
566.04CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Aug 16 1989How to detect empty pages?
569.01SKYLRK::SCHAEFERThu Aug 17 1989confused dxpsview dict.stack size
570.02VIRGO::LAMOUNTAINThu Aug 17 1989Print Postscript from DOS?
571.01DRCS::GODWINFri Aug 18 1989DECUS logo?
572.02COMICS::COGGONWed Aug 23 1989lps4
573.012CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Aug 24 1989DICTFULL problems
574.09MRSVAX::MISKINISMon Aug 28 1989SIXEL -> encapsulated PostScript?
575.02STAR::GILLIAMMon Aug 28 1989Ultrascript
576.010CLARID::MINVIELLEWed Aug 30 1989I need help to change the size of a ps
577.04LOWLIF::VANBUSKIRKWed Aug 30 1989Problem incrementing, CVSing and SHOWing a number
578.01HANNAH::BATCHELDERNFri Sep 01 1989Com file for making posters
579.01CLARID::HOFSTEETue Sep 05 1989postscript files under DECwindows?
581.02WR1FOR::CALLAGHLAWed Sep 06 1989Performance Summary
582.01SKETCH::COMBERGWed Sep 13 1989Fractal tree designs?
583.07UKCSSE::PJOHNSONThu Sep 14 1989display postscript ????
584.0MANSW1::WILLEMon Sep 18 1989CANON LBP->PS anyone ?
585.03UTRTSC::MIJNLIEFFWed Sep 20 1989WPSPLUS 3.
586.01EXIT26::ZIKAWed Sep 20 1989Changing a Postscript Font
587.09OASS::RNORRISWed Sep 20 1989how to include zero-ninesuperior characters in LN
588.05USATThu Sep 21 1989calendar ???
589.01VTWIN::HOKENSTROMFri Sep 22 1989DVC-W-BADFONT Font file bad??
590.01HERON::DEVRIESMon Sep 25 1989DECprint program?
591.04RICKS::MILLSTue Sep 26 1989Need tool to display GREY level image
592.05EXIT26::ZIKAWed Sep 27 1989Underlining in PostScript LN
593.02KAOAThu Sep 28 1989DOS packages with LN
594.09PMROAD::RUGHEIMERThu Sep 28 1989FontDirectory Keys?
595.03CASEE::MORRISFri Sep 29 1989Seybold Conference Trip Report
596.01GLORY::HULLThu Oct 05 1989LPS4
597.03MARKB::BRAMHALLFri Oct 06 1989Incorrect trademark usage?
598.02REGENT::AUGERITue Oct 10 1989Interesting page ordering with 2-up
599.02OSLJUS::OYVINDJThu Oct 19 1989Apple Laserwriter <--> Ultrix-32 V3.1
600.05TROAThu Oct 19 1989Shrink 8-1/2X14 Postscript to 8-1/2X11
601.01VNASWS::GEROLDMon Oct 23 1989limitcheck on a setcachedevice
602.0WAR75Wed Oct 25 1989Help!
603.03COMICS::FISCHERThu Oct 26 1989Convert/Document from text to ps
604.027WAYLAY::GORDONThu Oct 26 1989Looking to produce fake diplomas for a theatrical production...
605.04CHOVAX::JVANWINKLEFri Nov 03 1989Adobe sold fonts?
606.01MEADOW::FARICELLIMon Nov 06 1989Looking for color Postscript printer
607.035CTDMon Nov 06 1989Help With Calendar Program
608.01TROAMon Nov 06 1989Non-Digital Postscript Printer Support
609.05DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Nov 07 1989Irksome Error
610.01RUMOR::MOORETue Nov 07 1989Bluebook Program 15 - generates "uncaught exception"
611.01LARVAE::MOORE_AFri Nov 10 1989Colour Output
612.02JEREMY::MAUROTue Nov 14 1989line shrinker command needed
613.04STKHLM::WIDBERGTue Nov 14 1989Printjob disappears!
614.01TALLIS::ZANZERKIATue Nov 14 1989Slow printing....
615.01DICKNS::R_MCGOWANFri Nov 17 1989Purpose of a PostScript printer Prologue file
616.03WRK4ME::LUNDMon Nov 20 1989Greyscale to Postscript
617.0CLARID::DEVALWed Nov 22 1989<just to share a midnight funny project DICE.PS>
618.01VNASWS::GEROLDThu Nov 23 1989No money to use PostScript ?
619.01CLARID::DEVALFri Nov 24 1989"Colophon" Where can I get the magazzzzzine ?
620.09HKFINN::R_MCGOWANMon Nov 27 1989How Do You Create a Curved Box?
621.03CSENG::JANSENTue Nov 28 1989
622.03KBOMFG::HAUCKThu Nov 30 1989sixel to postscript
623.02MSEE::KELLEYMon Dec 04 1989Help with an error, please...
624.02SARAH::P_DAVISMon Dec 04 1989QMS ColorScript 1
625.0YUPPY::RICKLERSMon Dec 04 1989Timeworks DTP. Please help debug Postscript
626.02OASS::RNORRISTue Dec 05 1989Adobe Developer Association Membership ($195) free to Dec as an OEM
627.0BODRUM::GUVENERWed Dec 06 1989LN
628.01HPSTEK::HOOKERWed Dec 06 1989Converting DDIF or TIFF greyscale to Postscript???
629.01VFOVAX::ZITELMANWed Dec 06 1989Postscript training for customers?
630.03BIGIST::CHARLESWed Dec 06 1989FONT=Berthold_Garmond_Stempel
631.07INTRN1::WEAVERFri Dec 08 1989Postscript Extension using color resources?
632.02YUPPY::BLAKEBFri Dec 08 1989lps2
633.02REGENT::MERRILLMon Dec 11 1989 PS utility for ALL-IN-1
634.03VLOVWed Dec 13 1989Does Postscript recognise Logicals ?
635.01VNASWS::GEROLDFri Dec 15 1989Color swan somewhere ?
636.0CLARID::MALKOWIAKMon Dec 18 1989How to get the file name from a PostScript print ?
637.01OSTV14::FUJIURAMon Dec 18 1989StarSpot function
638.06LVS::GAGNONWed Dec 20 1989Dictful error message
639.01CELIA::SOULEWed Dec 20 1989setpapertray question
640.04SARAH::D_LATHAMWed Dec 20 1989Printing colorimages
641.01549ER::DAVISThu Dec 21 1989Can RESTORE or GRESTORE clear raster memory?
642.06MSDOA::ZIMMERMANWed Dec 27 1989Any "FREE" PS fonts?
643.02SHARE::DEVIThu Dec 28 1989Help with print error
644.0EPIK::PWONGSat Dec 30 1989QMS UltraScript PC - PostScript for $195
645.02COMICS::TREVENNORWed Jan 03 1990How to undo rotate?
646.08CSOA1::MARESWed Jan 03 1990File Concatentation Possible?
647.0HANNAH::BATCHELDERNThu Jan 04 1990Standards Representative needed
648.0HANNAH::BATCHELDERNThu Jan 04 1990Adobe Developer Conference questionnaire
649.01DNEAST::STARIE_DICKFri Jan 05 1990DecPrint Utility Question
650.01ESCROW::TRABUCCHIFri Jan 05 1990Postscript parser/ EBNF ...
651.02FAVAX::CRAWFORDThu Jan 11 1990help needed to print DDIF files on LPS4
652.02OFFPLS::RYANThu Jan 11 1990Scheduling Calendar Needed...
653.03CLARID::MALKOWIAKFri Jan 12 1990Implementation limit exceeded error
654.04KAOAMon Jan 15 1990Adobe V49.2?
655.04NZOVWed Jan 17 1990What utilities create EPS files?
656.01YIPPEE::GOULNIKThu Jan 18 1990Creating fonts
657.01UTROFF::MILDERFri Jan 19 1990Editing Auto-Trol PostScript strings
658.01THEBAY::BOSWELLBRMon Jan 22 1990mono spaced proportional font - how?
659.01HAMSUP::ANDRESSENWed Jan 24 1990problem with extra bold printing
660.011TRNPRC::FALORFri Jan 26 1990PS=>ANSI? or PSviewer
662.02GEMVAX::BERRYTue Jan 30 1990Cricket Draw Problem
663.05HSOMAI::LINTue Jan 30 1990Check if a procedure is defined
664.01DECWET::SERACKTue Jan 30 1990Need code to print out printer defaults.
665.01CSCMA::HOLLANDWed Jan 31 1990PPD Files
666.02GSRC::BRADACHFri Feb 02 1990Merging SPD Postscript Files
667.02COPCLU::PETHOMSENSun Feb 04 1990Condensed COLOR data in postscript
668.0236618::DEANMon Feb 05 1990Third Party Printer Support
669.016VAOUMon Feb 05 1990Where is DPI set?
670.04STKAI1::ARAKANGASTue Feb 06 1990Mac fonts in VAX
671.02ACTHUB::CANDIOTTITue Feb 06 1990Controlling "showpage" form-feed
673.06EXIT26::ZIKAWed Feb 07 1990Color Laser Printer
674.01BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOFri Feb 09 1990Is there a way to convert/modify a Postscript file?
675.04JEREMY::MAUROMon Feb 12 1990documentation wanted
676.01PTOVAX::DICKERWed Feb 14 1990Adding 3rd party printer to Workstation
677.0MAMIE::BOTTOMSWed Feb 14 1990Em-you-later
678.06CTDThu Feb 15 1990Font Size Not As Specified
679.02USEM::BERMANFri Feb 16 1990Printing to LNO3r from DEcstation 3
680.01RTENG::UMINAFri Feb 16 1990DECWRITE Postscript Output with EPS Images
681.02GUIDUK::SOMERFri Feb 16 1990Color, QMS Printers, Print Symbionts
682.02STKHLM::WIDBERGTue Feb 20 1990Using ISOLatin1 fonts
684.011DUGGAN::YOOThu Feb 22 1990Need help with EPSF conversion
685.02SWAM2::COVERT_JEFri Feb 23 1990LATEK -> DVI -> Postscript?
686.02DFCON1::GRIFFINThu Mar 01 1990Getting Text from a .ps
687.03HABS11::MASONFri Mar 02 1990PostScript files from "outside" on Digital printers
688.01RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Mar 06 1990LANDSCAPE module for LPS4
689.02AULTPK::BROOMEWed Mar 07 1990EPS Problem with 35MM EXPRESS and DECwrite
690.01DAVIS::peterWed Mar 07 1990Getting resolution of device?
691.03COMICS::BYWATERThu Mar 08 1990General .PS query
692.02HKFINN::R_MCGOWANThu Mar 08 1990how to print circular text?
693.06CSCMA::HOLLANDFri Mar 09 1990Redefining showpage to include DECwrite form
694.01CIPHER::WIESERSat Mar 10 1990Column shading
695.0BALZAC::CHAMPOLLIONMon Mar 12 1990Page extractor on MS-DOS?
696.04LVSB::GAGNONMon Mar 12 1990Buffer too small
697.03DAVIS::peterMon Mar 12 1990Must fonts have encoding, char data dictionary?
698.06SUTRA::RICHTue Mar 13 1990Problem with character sets
699.06SARAH::P_DAVISTue Mar 13 1990Help: Defining bitmaps for font not working
700.01SARAH::P_DAVISWed Mar 14 1990Undefine a font once it's defined?
701.01OASS::RNORRISWed Mar 14 1990endless loop with for operator, Cricketdraw
702.05REGENT::POWERSWed Mar 14 1990Adobe Type 1 Font Format book is out
703.03SCADMN::DISMUKEWed Mar 14 1990PUT command is offender-Why?
704.04TRNAF1::DELMONTEFri Mar 16 1990another question about UNDERLAY
705.05MACNAS::EDGARFri Mar 16 1990PS ---> Plotter
706.03AYOU49::CHARLESMon Mar 19 1990Documentation on - /PARAM=(???) please
707.04LEMAN::MEISTERWed Mar 21 1990ctrl characters, what are they for?
708.01HPSTEK::LUDWIGWed Mar 21 1990Error: KEY NOT FOUND...LPS4
709.02DAVIS::peterWed Mar 21 1990Running out of virtual memory in font definition
710.01TROAWed Mar 21 1990NEC LC 89
711.04DAVIS::peterFri Mar 23 1990Getting size for bitmap font
712.05KDFF::CONNORWed Mar 28 1990Binary Data In Post Script files???
713.07HAACK::HAACKFri Mar 30 1990shift right 1/4 inch, How?
714.01FRSTSC::ERLEMANNMon Apr 02 1990How to setup a postscript queue
715.02PRLVMS::DAVISMon Apr 02 1990Outline font files?
716.04CASTLE::WILLIAMSMon Apr 02 1990Flag & Trailer elimination
717.04CASEE::MORRISMon Apr 02 1990Redefining `showpage' with persistent variables
718.04CASEE::MORRISMon Apr 02 1990Compressed non-binary image data
719.010SCRIBE::ANDREWSTue Apr 03 1990.AFM for DECTECH char set?
720.01CECVWed Apr 04 1990e1
721.01PICKET::MARJOMAAFri Apr 06 1990I need some help with Postscript printer
722.02OTOAFri Apr 06 1990Scriptprinter and Laserwriter
723.0PULLEN::PULLENTue Apr 10 1990Porting EXCELERATOR PS to WordPerfect EPS
724.02CECVTue Apr 10 1990HOW DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?
725.01OPAL::SYSTEMTue Apr 10 1990Problem with NEC Colormate
726.02HKFINN::R_MCGOWANWed Apr 11 1990"offending command is show" ?
727.04HKFINN::R_MCGOWANWed Apr 11 1990Why will a PS file print on LN
728.04NZOVWed Apr 11 1990Redefining characters with macrons
729.04REGENT::LEVINEThu Apr 12 1990FYI a way to ask ADOBE questions DIRECTLY!
730.01VLOMFG::FINKAFri Apr 13 1990STYLWRITE font and PS
731.03LVSB::GAGNONFri Apr 13 1990Forms - I know it can be done but don't know how.
732.07DICKNS::R_MCGOWANFri Apr 13 1990How to print 2 small pages on one big page?
733.02PSW::WINALSKIFri Apr 13 1990PostScript interpreter from Rutherford Labs?
734.01KETJE::DELAMPERTue Apr 17 1990ps --> epfs ?
735.08COMICS::BYWATERWed Apr 18 1990Loading .ps font metrics
736.02TROAThu Apr 19 1990Postscript --> Sixel Conversion
737.010CECVFri Apr 20 1990How Do You List Resident Fonts?
738.02JUMBLY::RICHARDMon Apr 23 1990PSviewer & Autotrol
739.03PASMMon Apr 23 1990ddif to ps
740.02EPIK::SNOVERWed Apr 25 1990Help needed with allafms.ps; limitcheck errors
741.02HANDVA::BORISNGAIThu Apr 26 1990"dopage" and "setpage" ??
742.01BAHTAT::BROWNThu Apr 26 1990Help required......please.
743.01YIPPEE::GOULNIKFri Apr 27 1990Text clipping - long time no see
744.03BSS::PONDTue May 01 1990Help with Lps4
745.06PASMWed May 02 1990virtual memory prob. again !!!!
746.01YUPPY::MUNROMWed May 02 1990Stack underflow
747.0FRUST::HAGEMANNWed May 02 1990%lps-w-limchk ??
748.01CECVFri May 04 1990Download Fonts?
749.06OZZAIB::SEBASTIANThu May 10 1990Can I translate to ASCII?
750.03RUTLND::LARSENFri May 11 1990Postscript Editing
751.01MSAMMon May 14 1990Postscript from RISC Ultrix ?
752.01ROMTSS::SERAFINIMon May 14 1990Can LN
753.0CUJO::PROCTORMon May 14 1990If anyone needs a printer driver for third party printers
754.05SYOMV::CLARKWed May 16 1990Latex -------->Postscript
755.05ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYFri May 18 1990How to get a redefinition to survive a page
756.01ALICAT::CLEARYSun May 20 1990help !! save-restore problem.
757.01PIPA::TOUYSSERKANIMon May 21 1990trying to print MS_WORD from a MAC on DEC printer
758.04DNEAST::ROBBINS_BRUCTue May 22 1990Help needed making reversed text.
759.05STAR::BPORTERTue May 22 1990No output when printing postscript files
760.06WARIOR::NORRIS_RFri May 25 1990multiple jobs in que cumulatively using up VM on LN
761.01CTCSYS::ZIKATue May 29 1990Reset Pattern Background to Black, LN
762.03LUNER::GRAHAMWed May 30 1990Enlarge A4 to B size?
763.03MARVIN::STAWMon Jun 04 1990problem with "legal" command
765.02TKTVFS::KAWANOTue Jun 05 1990how to analize for machine check
768.02UTROFF::MILDERWed Jun 06 1990Repositioning output on a page
769.010AIRSIC::COMOLLIThu Jun 07 1990TIMELINE graphics into DECwrite
770.08DC1Fri Jun 08 1990PS to EPSF filter program needed !
771.07ROMCSA::MICHIELIMon Jun 11 1990Apple, LN
772.05HANNAH::BATCHELDERNTue Jun 12 1990Adobe Developer's Conference
774.02STKHLM::DUFVATue Jun 12 1990PSPRINT problems
775.0REGENT::POWERSWed Jun 13 1990Sample files from the Adobe Developer's Conf
776.03TLE::ELLENBERGERThu Jun 14 1990Postscript Fun
777.011NZOVFri Jun 15 1990Background Form based on DECwrite
778.06MINNIE::DOUGFri Jun 15 1990philosophy re: phyiscal page size
779.01MEALA::RUANEMon Jun 18 1990Q. Is it a vaild Question .PS->.UIS
780.02IJSAPL::KUPPENSFri Jun 22 1990Fastest baud setting LN
782.03COMICS::BYWATERMon Jun 25 1990Correct use of SAVE and RESTORE
783.05HOTAIR::SIMONTue Jun 26 1990LN
784.04SWAM2::COVERT_JESat Jun 30 1990...ALL-IN-ONE Print queues?
785.02COMICS::BYWATERFri Jul 06 1990Use of FILE operator
786.01FLYNHI::SIMONSONFri Jul 06 1990print to HP Model III postscript printer???
787.01KOALA::LAVASHFri Jul 13 1990MAC screen dump in .SDML file
788.0VAOUFri Jul 13 1990Free Fonts!
789.03OPG::CHRISWed Jul 18 1990How Many Pages ?
790.02DAVIS::peterThu Jul 19 1990BuildChar performance: encoding names vs. array indices
791.01POWDML::OCG_TEMPWed Jul 25 1990.ln
792.017CADSE::ANDERSONThu Jul 26 1990How to check for color?
793.05DAVIS::peterMon Jul 30 1990PostScript Level 2
794.02BYENGWed Aug 01 1990/foreignvec - definitions wanted
795.02KERNEL::WILLIAMSJFri Aug 03 1990Printing font problem
796.02BIGRED::SPARKSFri Aug 03 1990TEk Phaser PX color PS printer.
797.01BOSOX::GALVINTue Aug 07 1990Help printing PS on attached LN
798.06SYSTMX::J_GRAMOLINITue Aug 07 1990Copyright Symbol?
799.02COMICS::BYWATERThu Aug 09 1990How do I select a different Encoding Vector?
801.05--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 16 1990AutoScaling for PostScript
802.01GIDDAY::SHCHIUFri Aug 17 1990tektronix landscape ASCII char 9
803.0HABS11::MASONFri Aug 17 1990Special characters across systems/applications/printers
804.04GEMVAX::BRACEMon Aug 20 19903D Images to PS - VAXcamera announcement
805.02SYSTMX::J_GRAMOLINITue Aug 21 1990Encoding help
806.0JRDVThu Aug 23 1990Help! Stackoverflow with NUMBER_UP param
808.09CECVFri Aug 24 1990Analytical Font Help
809.05SYSTMX::J_GRAMOLINIMon Aug 27 1990A Centering Procedure
810.08CSC32::R_WILLIAMSMon Aug 27 1990Problem printing GEMDRAW output from VAX DOCUMENT
811.01DAYA::PULSTue Aug 28 1990PostScript Printer Virus???
812.02PROXY::CADMGRThu Aug 30 1990LOOKING FOR A PPS v1.4a kit
813.0GIDDAY::SHCHIUFri Aug 31 1990GLP8
814.0COOKIE::WALLACEThu Sep 06 1990Help! Need Printing Help!
815.04PANIC::CRAWFORDThu Sep 06 1990EPSF will not print
816.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Sep 07 1990SIXEL files on an LN
818.05DELCHZ::THOMPSONMon Sep 17 1990Page.eject or page commands
819.0DECWET::HANKSWed Sep 19 1990File for Byte articles.
820.01STKMKT::SWEENEYWed Sep 19 1990Color Display Postscript info
821.01OASS::NORRIS_RWed Sep 19 1990a bit of aid in debugging a PostScript Encoding get procedure please.. It's for a customer.
822.02WJOUSM::GILMOREThu Sep 20 1990256 byte record too big for users buffer
823.06MANIS1::WILLEMon Sep 24 1990Pattern Fill Help
824.01MANIS1::WILLEMon Sep 24 1990monospaced Symbol Font anybody?
825.03EEMELI::PEURAMon Sep 24 1990Printserver TCP source kit support status ?
826.08BGYBRD::DITTEMOREWed Sep 26 1990Unregistered Command
827.06CECVWed Sep 26 1990TIFF ----> Postscript?
828.03SCAACT::DAVISMon Oct 01 1990Postscript is Postscript, Right?!?
829.013SAC::DELANY_STue Oct 02 1990Using Adobe Illustrator to create setups?
831.02PIRU::GOETZEWed Oct 10 1990editable PostScript(TM) as a cross-platform interchange std?
832.02SULTRY::LENFWed Oct 10 1990Filling problem when putting Adobe characters across page boundaries.
833.02SKETCH::COMBERGThu Oct 11 1990Postscript fractals?
834.02ADIDAS::WOLFThu Oct 11 1990MacDraw .PS to DECwrite
835.010HGABSS::SAMMYKAMThu Oct 11 1990New Red Book from Adobe
836.02ROMTSS::SERAFINIMon Oct 15 1990Can LN
837.02RTOIC::USTEINHOFFMon Oct 15 1990enlarging problems
838.01STKAI2::RNORDSTROMMon Oct 15 1990Apple laser print problem
839.01ESDENG::WSNYDERSTue Oct 16 1990How do I know that my PostScript file is OK ?
840.03GARIT::VANSICLENTue Oct 16 1990scaling fonts problem - stringwidth bad font error
841.03KETJE::VANDENBROECKWed Oct 17 1990DEcwindows hardcopy
842.02GUIDUK::ONOMon Oct 22 1990page header/footer problem
843.05SYSTMX::J_GRAMOLINIMon Oct 22 1990justification and centering
844.03SHIRE::OPRWed Oct 24 1990Prints contents of setup module before file
845.011CECVThu Oct 25 1990Reverse Image
846.0DIMSUM::PWONGThu Oct 25 1990PostScript(R) LEVEL 2 -- QUESTIONS & ANSWERS
847.06SMURF::BREAUMon Oct 29 1990wish list: printability checking
848.06CSSE::BREYERTue Oct 30 1990postscript file through ALL-IN-1 aborts at picture
849.01FRSTSC::MURMANNWed Oct 31 1990LPS4
850.0HAMPS::PATTISON_MThu Nov 01 1990VWS Postscript viewer available ?
851.02VBVMon Nov 05 1990Legal-size output to LaserWriter II NT ?
852.07VCOUThu Nov 08 1990POSTSCRIPT contents recognition
853.01NEWOA::BROOMFIELDMon Nov 12 1990Trimming whitespace?
854.01UFRCS2::MANISun Nov 18 1990DECW$BOOK -> PS or SIXEL ?
855.0BERNMon Nov 19 1990PHIGS TO POSTSCRIPT Problems
856.0IOSG::PYEMon Nov 19 1990Looking for library of outline (animal) drawings...
857.04CECVTue Nov 20 199011 x 17
858.02AYOV27::WESTONMon Nov 26 1990Adjusting vertical centering
859.05SELECT::BOGATYMon Nov 26 1990Adobe Manuals: update
860.04COGITO::ZIKATue Nov 27 1990Compressing/Decompressing Postscript files
861.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Nov 27 1990MAC --> DECpage, Help?!
862.02NEXTThu Nov 29 1990Combining PostScript files.
863.02VAXRIO::MAURICIOMon Dec 03 1990"DRAFT" on TOP of original page ...
864.01RGB::REDFORDTue Dec 04 1990Arabic or Hebrew fonts?
865.01SHIPS::GKEThu Dec 06 1990Looking for a PostScript Christmas Card
866.02COGITO::ZIKAFri Dec 07 1990Help with corrupted post script file
867.02KERNEL::BAYLISDTue Dec 11 1990Embedded PS commands in an ASCII file
869.02VNASWS::ALFREDWed Dec 12 1990Layup-File combined with Postscript Form
870.02ACTHUB::RYANWed Dec 12 1990PS to DDIF utility?
871.05FSTVAX::GRAMOLINIWed Dec 12 1990ps debugger?
872.01VOGON::AWILLIAMSThu Dec 13 1990Ultimate in trivia - missing colons !
873.0FSTVAX::GRAMOLINIThu Dec 13 1990eofill help
874.02FSTVAX::GRAMOLINIThu Dec 13 1990Snowflake
876.01FSTVAX::GRAMOLINIFri Dec 14 1990Makefont matrix Q?
877.02YUPPY::MUNROMWed Dec 19 1990display epsf file on screen
878.0SVBEV::VECRUMBAWed Dec 19 1990PORT_PS help?
879.010ITASCA::KIRKMANWed Dec 19 1990Problem defining large bitmap as a form
881.05NOVA::NEEDLEMANThu Dec 20 1990GEM again
882.03CHOSRV::HORNUNGThu Dec 20 1990How to make a PS file mem-resident in printer?
883.03HGOVC::JOHNSUMThu Dec 27 1990harvard graphic --> postscript
885.03DRIVE::HANAMMon Jan 07 1991How to create a postscript image?
886.04CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Jan 08 1991Encapsulated Postscript (MAC to VAX) doesn't work
887.02NYSBU::LIGHTBURNFri Jan 11 1991How to program the PostScript?? any examples
888.01REGENT::BROOMHEADMon Jan 14 1991How do I load PS fonts from a PC?
889.09GIDDAY::MORANTue Jan 15 1991Map of the world ???
890.04VOGON::BOOTHWed Jan 16 1991Scaling in PostScript
891.01CSS::FISKThu Jan 17 1991POSTSCRIPT TO ASCII (?)
892.02VNASWS::GEROLDMon Jan 21 1991Encodings revisited
893.01BRSSWS::VERBRAEKENTue Jan 22 1991Step by Step procedure for CG_times with ANSI translator needed.
894.03KAOU93::VIERICHWed Jan 23 1991Appending postscript files together
895.01RAINBW::MACDONALDFri Jan 25 1991File Size Comparison of EPS Images VS Tiff Scans
896.0AYOV16::AMILNEMon Jan 28 1991Location of QMS in Europe?
897.04BCSE::NEUMANNMon Jan 28 1991Mac Postscript; records too long
898.05GARIT::VANSICLENWed Jan 30 1991Including PSCAL output file into DECwrite
899.02JOCKEY::LAMBLEYCThu Jan 31 1991LN
900.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 31 1991DECpresent and PSprint woes
901.02TUNER::NEWTONThu Jan 31 1991Postscript Rainbow Books
902.07COMICS::BYWATERThu Jan 31 1991Load a converted PFB font file ?
903.04OASS::NORRIS_RThu Jan 31 1991Help with Mac font
904.02USWRSL::RETINA_NUFri Feb 01 1991Engineering and Postscript
905.04DEVIL::BAZEMOREMon Feb 04 1991Interchange PostScript Phase
906.04RECLUS::HILLWed Feb 06 1991Help Printing Color from Framemaker
907.06KANGAR::HAMILTONWed Feb 06 1991Demand downline loading of Adobe PS fonts
908.01ROMThu Feb 07 1991Performance printing Postscript file
909.01TLAENG::TRINThu Feb 07 1991Is font->AFM doable?
910.09DISORG::GILLISThu Feb 07 1991Easy way to get page count from postscript file?
911.01TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 08 1991PSPRINT and VMS node in hidden area
912.01ORCAS::PENROSECHMon Feb 11 1991printing problem with xroff file on 4.1 Ultrix
913.01UFRCS1::BURGERTue Feb 19 1991page numbers (print/header not working)
914.02SHIRE::PHILIPThu Feb 21 1991hyperbolae
915.06ALOSWS::SCHAFFERTue Feb 26 1991Trouble creating underlayed image
916.01STKAI2::RLUNDBERGWed Feb 27 1991LN
917.03ANNECY::KIRKHAMThu Feb 28 1991coding for DIGITAL blue please
918.01LVSB::GAGNONFri Mar 01 1991Dumb Question about return greatest value
919.02GIDDAY::WANSun Mar 03 1991A few questions about DECLaser 22
920.01VNOTSC::BOSTERSTue Mar 05 1991Composite char's from different fonts
922.06CSCMA::PRICEThu Mar 07 1991Simplex printing in a setup module
923.01NURSE::BURACKThu Mar 07 1991Offending Command is pagesave error
924.02POBOX::PALASEKFri Mar 08 1991/PAGESIZE and custom forms
925.01SIOG::ESBECKMon Mar 11 1991XDPS KIT?
926.0BEEZER::TREVENNORTue Mar 12 1991ULTRIX login screen program(s) for trekkies.
928.02KAOOThu Mar 14 1991LPS4
929.03CAPNET::BLESSLEYThu Mar 14 1991Using EPSF file several times on single page
930.01EEMELI::LEHTINENSat Mar 23 1991Adobe font library distro policy
931.02SAC::DELANY_SMon Mar 25 1991PS -> EPSF Revisited.....
932.01KISHOR::ARSENAULTMon Mar 25 1991PS to Dot matrix conversion??
933.0COMICS::WILLIAMSWed Mar 27 1991PS SETUP AND LAYUP qualifiers together
934.04CECVWed Mar 27 1991Postscript Training
935.01ARTLIB::GOETZEFri Mar 29 1991Adobe Illustrator Conference on CALDEC::
936.04TENNIS::KAMWed Apr 03 1991What file type is thisand how do I print this from unix?
937.09TDCIS3::MARTIN_FThu Apr 04 1991PS to FAX Format
938.01EXIT26::PORTNOYMon Apr 08 1991Downline loaded DIGITAL LOGO?
939.01UTRTSC::CAHILLWed Apr 10 1991color postscript with DECwindows.
940.03JGODCL::APETERSWed Apr 10 1991Compose characters - how?
941.0SAC::DELANY_SFri Apr 12 1991PostScript bitmap graphic: DECpage doesn't like..
942.01TROAMon Apr 15 1991autocad to postscript
943.05HITPS::HYDEThu Apr 18 1991Is analytic/bitmap font mix possible?
944.03ACTHUB::RYANFri Apr 19 1991PS Utilities needed
945.05ZGOVIZ::WMTANMon Apr 22 1991Drawing curve defined by a polynomial
946.05COMICS::BYWATERTue Apr 23 1991Use of IMAGE with READSTRING ?
947.02BEEZER::TREVENNORWed Apr 24 1991Chars per-line limit.
948.01BUGEYE::PLESSASFri Apr 26 1991Display PostScript and DECimage 12
949.013D::DAVISMon Apr 29 1991Creating files with DPS on Ultrix system
950.05RDGENG::HAYWARDTue Apr 30 1991How can I do the "Print" part of my application ?
951.05MARKB::BRAMHALLTue Apr 30 1991PS "filtering" utility available
952.02ULYSSE::MILDERThu May 02 1991TIFF -> PS: BoundingBox?
953.05JGO::ENGVENRPTThu May 02 1991corel draw
954.06SIOG::CARRICKFri May 03 1991OPAL presentations - Preview problems
955.01LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERTue May 07 1991xgrabsc or color postscript screen capture?
957.05WIDGIT::WESTMon May 13 1991more help with showpage needed...
958.04HLDGWed May 15 1991XEROX FDL/DJDE --> PostScript converter?
959.01REBOK::COLEThu May 16 1991software RIP -'Freedom of Press' ?
960.01CSCMA::PRICEMon May 20 1991Problems printing multiple files in 1 command
961.04VMSDEV::HALLYBWed May 22 1991Running in circles (elementary question)
962.02TROAFri May 24 1991Page Count and VT Preview Tools Wanted
963.04HSOMAI::LINTue May 28 1991Differnet DPI and file size??
964.02WNRWHO::GILLEYWed May 29 1991Postscript Example problem
965.0HAMSC4::CLUBITZWed May 29 1991again QMS 81
966.02COGITO::LANKIEWICZWed May 29 1991ps > plot ?
967.02MAST::FITZPATRICKThu May 30 1991Help with PostScript and Artemis...
968.01BOSGEO::DIXONFri May 31 1991Help with Color PS Display - Please
969.05ALICAT::MANDERSONSat Jun 01 1991How do I print the ZapfDingbats (on an HP IIIp)???
970.02EICMFG::HOLZERTue Jun 04 1991Problem with CPS V4.
971.02VAXRIO::VELASCOTue Jun 04 1991Help needed!!
972.01NCDEL::SHARROWTue Jun 04 1991Create setup modules
973.01KAOU93::VIERICHMon Jun 10 1991overlaying multiple postscript pages
974.02TROATue Jun 11 1991True Adobe postscript w/o proprietary header!!!!!
975.01REGENT::FORTIERWed Jun 12 1991Manufacturing problems with LN
977.07CECVFri Jun 14 1991What is EPS?
978.09BIGHRN::RAVEYMon Jun 17 1991Need help in displaying a EPSF file
979.0DEVIL::BAZEMORETue Jun 18 1991Announcing the Interchange PostScript conference
980.01ZURWed Jun 19 1991Color PostScript examples ?
981.01BIGRED::DANIELSWed Jun 19 1991DPS Extension Docs
982.03COPCLU::PETHOMSENThu Jun 20 1991setsoftwareiomode questions
983.0331964::RYANFri Jun 21 1991Dressing up report output
984.03HSOMAI::LINWed Jun 26 1991procedure size??
985.01KURMA::BFJONESWed Jun 26 1991HELP PLease - Displaying .EPS files
986.08COMICS::WILLIAMSThu Jun 27 1991Points in paths
987.01COMICS::SAYERSThu Jun 27 1991Scriptprinter 2.1-2 unknown prolog errors
988.06SNMFS::ROMANIMon Jul 01 1991basketball_court.ps/Blackjack_table.ps
989.02NCBOOT::HAVLIKMon Jul 01 1991compressed printing help
990.0ROMCSA::RAMPATue Jul 02 1991PS image compression Algo
991.01KAOU93::VIERICHFri Jul 05 1991trying to loop through a page more than once
992.06WIDGIT::WESTMon Jul 08 1991Query Page Size ??
993.07ASDS::VENKATThu Jul 11 1991Viewing postscript on screen
994.01WEPUBS::DCHAVEZFri Jul 12 1991ScanJet EPS file won't include in Document?
995.01CLARID::HOFSTEETue Jul 16 1991HOW is postscript code generated?
996.01HKOVC::TERENCETue Jul 16 1991LPS refuses to print my file
997.03KERNEL::PARRYTue Jul 16 1991EPS with DECWindows capture screen
998.01VNASWS::GEROLDTue Jul 16 1991Where to define showpage ?
999.02CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Jul 19 1991how to use a string var as procedure name?
1000.05FREBRD::POEGELFri Jul 19 1991Print an unlaute ??
1001.05CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Jul 25 1991how to reset clipping area?
1002.01CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Jul 26 1991how to absolute_translate?
1003.05CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Jul 26 1991BoundingBox definition for DECwrite?
1004.0RHETT::MACEACHERNFri Jul 26 1991Need to set background and foreground color
1005.02MEO78B::MANDERSONSun Jul 28 1991Questiom about print area available
1006.06MEO78B::MANDERSONSun Jul 28 1991How to print errors on an HP IIIp???
1007.013HKOVC::TERENCEMon Jul 29 1991Maximum character width?
1008.01CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Jul 31 1991how to test for an empty page?
1009.05HANNAH::BATCHELDERNMon Aug 05 1991AFM parser from Adobe
1010.04HKOVC::TERENCEWed Aug 07 1991What is ligature and when to use kerning data?
1011.02VNABRW::HABRICH_PFri Aug 09 1991"do page" valid?
1012.01MALLET::MUNRO_MTue Aug 13 1991TRN$ANSI error
1013.02VIDEO::WILLIAMSTue Aug 13 1991Adobe Illustrator 3.
1014.0MARMAT::JERRYTue Aug 13 1991Printer Compatibility?
1015.02CIVAGE::LYNNThu Aug 15 1991CALCOMP -> PS ?
1016.05DSSDEV::LANGONEWed Aug 21 1991Outputting ISO-Latin1 to DEC printers prior to PostScript v4
1017.02TKTS::Expo-TeamMon Aug 26 1991MS-Windows Postscript Viewer
1018.04TENAYA::HJPWed Aug 28 1991Image Size Questions
1019.01SHALOT::TROTTATue Sep 03 1991Is there a 'squish' command? :-)
1020.02UTRTSC::HOFMANWed Sep 04 1991redefined showpage ->printer 'hang'
1021.01BBIVThu Sep 05 1991Separate queue for ANSI & PS Files
1022.07VNASWS::GEROLDThu Sep 05 1991Application responsibility
1023.02KALKI::LANGMon Sep 09 1991Postscript to encapsulated PS
1024.0MEMORY::HAMERTue Sep 10 1991PostScript Level 2 Training
1025.0CSCMA::SMITHTue Sep 10 1991PrintServer_Hardware notesfile
1026.01MEO78B::MANDERSONWed Sep 11 1991any code for a shaded eps sphere
1027.02MEO78B::MANDERSONWed Sep 11 1991Anyone help me with this graphic example please??
1028.012STKHLM::GYULAIMon Sep 16 1991Any interactive PostScript Interpreter???
1029.05PAVONE::MIOTTOWed Sep 18 1991Column width code- help needed
1030.03PLAYER::DEBLOCKThu Sep 19 1991Find fontsize ?
1031.01STKHLM::GYULAIThu Sep 19 1991How to use %STDIN?
1032.01STKHLM::GYULAIThu Sep 19 1991How to print swedish characters?
1033.01LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERMon Sep 30 1991showpage causing error on viewing postscript
1034.010MLNCSC::BELLONIMon Oct 07 1991Logo overlay of image in DECpage
1035.01ROMTSS::PASIMon Oct 07 1991pagemaker and DDIF
1036.09HKOVC::TERENCETue Oct 08 1991How to fix the stackoverflow error?
1037.03TDCIS6::OUINTue Oct 08 1991
1038.016TDCIS6::OUINWed Oct 09 1991New Postscript Fonts !!!
1040.03ZPOVC::HONGNGEEFri Oct 11 1991PS and TIF (input) Conversion
1041.02CGOOA::POPOFFMon Oct 14 1991Russian fonts out there?
1042.08CGOOA::POPOFFMon Oct 14 1991Does PS do math?
1043.01AKOCOA::PWISEThu Oct 17 1991Manager of Adobe relationship?
1044.09HANNAH::HAMILTONThu Oct 17 1991AFM Files; old vs new for DEC 29; thoughts?
1045.05ZURFri Oct 18 1991Password change on LN
1046.03HGOVC::FEFSSPSFri Oct 25 1991MS Excel Postscript problem
1047.01COMICS::COGGONWed Oct 30 1991SETDOSTARTPAGE, has anyone an example ?
1048.0COMICS::PENDERGRASTThu Oct 31 1991dxpsview: toggle color<->mono ?
1049.01STRASB::GRAMPPTue Nov 05 1991FORMIFY procedure
1050.04LARVAE::HOWLETT_TWed Nov 06 1991colour postscript screen dump speed up
1051.03SAC::WOOD_JThu Nov 14 1991need programming help: convert character to it's integer ASCII value
1052.01SSDEVO::YESSEFri Nov 15 1991Condensed PS fonts
1053.04WAYOUT::BYWATERFri Nov 15 1991Third party printer character problems ?
1054.02STRASB::GRAMPPMon Nov 18 1991FORMIFY procedure
1055.022EMDS::THAYERWed Nov 20 1991DECwindows PostScript Previewer - findfont error
1056.01CSCMA::BLOODFri Nov 22 1991vm error with copies.
1057.06KASINO::NEIDECKERWed Nov 27 1991Redefining operators several layers deep
1058.05UIST::ROSSMon Dec 02 1991GIF to PostScript convertor?
1059.04CURRNT::POWELLThu Dec 05 1991Understanding the mystery of the CTM
1060.07VMSDEV::HALLYBThu Dec 05 1991Looking to go back to "square
1061.01CRONIC::SCHULERTue Dec 10 19912
1062.0REGENT::WIMBERGWed Dec 18 1991input needed on new PostScript manual
1063.01QUABBI::"award@farside.pa.dec.com"Thu Dec 19 1991Need Postscript to PCX utility
1064.0MEO78B::MANDERSONSat Jan 04 1992sources of PS fonts???
1065.02CSC32::J_WETHERNMon Jan 06 1992Small PS project, need advice...
1066.01CRONIC::CRONIC::DUNLOPWed Jan 08 1992Previewer (Ultrix 4.2 RISC) - "BadAlloc - insufficient resources"
1067.0GAUSS::DAVISMon Jan 13 1992Alpha test of PS clone with alpha, other add'n'l features
1068.01PEACHS::GILBERTMon Jan 13 1992What is the format of the *.xdps$outline font files on VMS?
1069.012MEO78B::MANDERSONMon Jan 13 1992Compression of PS data??
1070.01CGHUB::HUGHSONTue Jan 14 1992STREAM_LF Record Format
1071.01SIOG::DOOLEYThu Jan 16 1992DECprint 4.
1072.02COLThu Jan 16 1992Problem: Color Postscript import to DECpresent
1073.01LEMAN::ROSSIERFri Jan 24 1992Is this method for font reencoding correct?
1074.04PDVWed Jan 29 1992Printing LOGO on every page
1075.05SIEVAX::REESLEWISWed Jan 29 1992Postscript files cannot be printed
1076.05TRUCKS::PARMARMon Feb 03 1992Redefine "showpage" with DECwrite ps output
1077.02CLOSUS::CHESNEYMon Feb 03 1992Defining a printer name
1078.09SX4GTO::TZAYTue Feb 04 1992blank printing - only get cover page ??
1079.04TRUCKS::PARMARWed Feb 05 1992Possible LPS4
1080.04DSSDEV::LANGONEThu Feb 06 1992Use of colorimage operator
1081.06WMOIS::JAMBU_SSun Feb 09 1992Postscript ---> DDIF
1082.01TETLEY::DULIPSINGHMon Feb 10 1992TIFF --> DDIF
1083.01TETLEY::DULIPSINGHMon Feb 10 1992DDIF<->IPS converters
1084.0BERNTue Feb 11 1992HPGL into DECwrite (via Postscript or DDIF)
1085.03VOGON::READINGTue Feb 11 1992Help BAR CODES IN EPS FORMAT????
1086.07SALSA::ABELSONWed Feb 12 1992X-Windows to Postscript
1087.04FULMER::ADAMSThu Feb 13 1992Postscript Generator ?
1088.01BLKPUD::WATTERSONPFri Feb 14 1992Accounting problems VMS 5.5
1089.05ZURTue Feb 18 1992PostScript Bench-Mark ?
1090.02VMSDEV::HALLYBMon Feb 24 1992Speed of processing user-defined commands?
1091.09GAUSS::DAVISTue Feb 25 1992Text along circular arc?
1092.01BALZAC::KUOCHTue Feb 25 1992Automatic printing format selection ?
1093.0SONATA::COOKTue Feb 25 1992Print from ALL-IN-1
1094.0MEO78B::MANDERSONWed Feb 26 1992adobe font suppliers
1095.03WARABI::KOTWALWed Feb 26 1992PS-Adobe-2.
1096.02KURTAN::WILHELMSSONThu Feb 27 1992Printout rotated 18
1097.05XLIB::PAANANENMon Mar 02 1992Check contents of raster memory in PostScript
1098.03STRASB::GRAMPPTue Mar 03 1992Problem with FORMIFY ....
1099.0MORO::BEELER_JETue Mar 03 1992Adobe Transcript/Ultrix
1100.027SKYE::ANDERSONWed Mar 04 1992docs for gifps_demo in 11
1101.02WAYOUT::ALLAMSFri Mar 06 1992Trouble with overlays on lps2
1102.05BELFST::HODGENFri Mar 06 1992PostScript & A5 size?
1103.01VAXWRK::HARRINGTONFri Mar 13 1992funny post script printing
1104.0TOOK::ROLKEMon Mar 16 1992SetPassword trojan horse
1105.02LINGO::JUBBFri Mar 20 1992
1106.05UTROP1::LILLJEGREN_ETue Mar 24 1992PostScript vs. TrueType
1107.02CX3PT3::KOWTOW::J_MARSHWed Mar 25 1992
1108.01SELECT::SHANAHANMon Mar 30 1992colored flag/offset stacking
1109.01AEO78Tue Mar 31 1992no /SETUP=LPS$ERRORHANDLER???
1110.01TROOA::POOTSTue Mar 31 1992Support for HP 2, HP 3, E, SI ????
1111.0TROOA::POOTSTue Mar 31 1992MVS + Pathworks + HP Postscript ??
1112.0SUBURB::DELANYSWed Apr 01 1992Ban PostScript! [So says this UK discussion...]
1114.02ZPOVC::TANFri Apr 03 1992Printing of encapsulated postscript files
1115.01BIGUN::MAYNEMon Apr 06 1992Caching fonts in an LPS4
1116.04AIDEV::TATLOWMon Apr 06 1992PFM ==> AFM
1117.01--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 07 1992LPS2
1118.01MSBCS::YOUNGTue Apr 07 1992Merge 3 files??? (2 .PS and 1 .TXT file = One file
1119.011SHALOT::NICODEMTue Apr 07 1992Error displaying PostScript file containing text
1120.06GAUSS::DAVISFri Apr 10 1992stroke bug with 1 setlinejoin 1 setlinecap
1121.010HANNAH::DEVRIESWed Apr 22 1992persistent font loading: code to test & load
1122.010AIRBAG::SWATKOThu Apr 23 1992How to report a bug in Adobe PostScript?
1123.01DEMON::COLLAZOMon Apr 27 1992Looking for B.Marker PS.file?
1124.01USCTR1::GCLIFFORDWed Apr 29 1992This has to be an Easy ONE
1125.03SLOAN::HOMThu Apr 30 1992overlay.ps
1126.02WAYOUT::CROOKSThu Apr 30 1992Manual feed and blank paper.
1127.01AWECIM::MCMAHONFri May 01 1992Adobe Carousel?
1128.01MSBCS::YOUNGWed May 06 1992Powerpoint 'EPS Print file' -- what's wrong?
1129.02JOMO::SYSTEMFri May 08 1992Freelance colour EPSF file
1130.02SMAUG::GARRODMon May 11 1992Too long records in Apple .PS file
1131.01EISKVP::VANPATTENThu May 14 1992Software for printing post/text tranparently
1132.01THEBAY::BOSWELLBRFri May 15 1992Using layup on ColorPS Printer fails
1133.012HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHMon May 18 1992merging - now SAVE/RESTORE problem
1134.04SQM::SQM::VASWANIMon May 18 1992Getting or Setting Units per Inch
1136.04KAOFS::M_ROLLINTue May 19 1992setsoftwareiomode Command
1137.0MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HATHWAYThu May 21 1992PS Interpreters for PC?
1138.06THAVE::TEMINThu May 28 1992Postscript and the X25 Print Symbiont
1140.01KERNEL::TYLERCTue Jun 02 1992Postscript code to find papersize.
1141.01SHIRE::PHILIPWed Jun 03 1992Accented Greek characters - how?
1142.03TROOA::WILLMSWed Jun 03 1992Sample Code? (Duplex & Multiple Trays)
1143.02IOSG::VANDENBONThu Jun 04 1992Is ZapfDingbats available?
1144.02PTOVAX::WILKINSThu Jun 04 1992Previewer crashes
1145.03BLIZZ::BLIZZARDWed Jun 10 1992novice needs help
1146.0RUTILE::MANNINGFri Jun 12 1992Conversion of postscript colours ?
1147.0LYOISA::PONSARD_PThu Jun 18 1992DEClaser 22
1148.01SWETSC::WILHELMSSONThu Jun 18 1992Including EPS file in PS procedure
1150.04ROLAID::MARJOMAATue Jun 23 1992Need help to display postscript files.
1151.06FRSCS::BICKELWed Jun 24 1992DECwindows/Motif/Wordperfect
1152.01LILThu Jun 25 1992search for mono-spaced font software
1153.02LILFri Jun 26 1992mono-spaced font distribution
1154.0DIMSUM::PWONGFri Jun 26 1992Display PostScript for X Terminals
1155.0COMICS::LUCKMANSat Jun 27 1992Sheetmusic Output in PostScript
1156.01CSOA1::HALLIGANMon Jun 29 1992DEClaser 11
1157.03HGOVC::FEFSSPSTue Jun 30 1992Resume Postscript printing ?
1158.01ONOIS1::DEGATTue Jun 30 1992Pb Printing Interleaf file to 325
1159.03THEJUG::WHITEWed Jul 01 1992can I make a file print in portrait mode?
1160.01XLIB::PAANANENThu Jul 02 1992Where are semi-graphics character fonts
1161.02LILFri Jul 03 1992softfont monospaced
1162.02JGODCL::KNUISTFri Jul 10 1992Problem printing part of circle.
1163.03BRYAN::TREBILCOTTMon Jul 13 1992postscript to raster conversion?
1164.06NAPIER::RAJTue Jul 14 1992DRAFT Printing
1165.0TIMABS::GUGLIUZZOWed Jul 15 1992DEClaser 115
1166.07OSITEL::BRITTAINFri Jul 17 1992Creating PS file - strange behaviour
1167.01CGHUB::HUGHSONMon Jul 20 1992Postscript file I can't see??
1168.010IJSAPL::SCHLEYTue Jul 28 1992Defining a bitmap as a procedure
1169.02ULYSSE::POOKThu Jul 30 1992PostScript expert needed
1170.04USWRSL::FLEISCHMA_BETue Aug 04 1992Merging Postscript Files?
1171.0LISVAX::GIRBAL::GIRBALFri Aug 14 1992InterPress --> PS converter
1172.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GMon Aug 17 1992Postscript to select tray in AUTO mode-DEClaser 225
1173.0ZURThu Aug 20 1992PS file does not print
1174.01VNASWS::GEROLDThu Aug 20 1992PS debugger ??
1175.09ONOIS1::COLAS_YMon Aug 24 1992GNU Ghostscript
1176.03DOCRUS::R_WILLIAMSMon Aug 24 1992LPS-W-SYNERR and LPS-W-INVREST errors when printing
1177.03GLDOA::KLAMERUSThu Aug 27 1992fixed absolute font sizes
1178.02XLIB::PAANANENMon Aug 31 1992Resource Names for DECW Postscript Previewer
1179.01EMDS::THAYERMon Aug 31 1992An Ultrix Colormate printing problem
1180.01YAKNOW::MCHIASSONTue Sep 01 1992Have to release online button to print
1181.01SWETSC::NORDBERGFri Sep 04 1992Bad performence DECLASER 21
1182.01RHETT::BONNEThu Sep 10 1992BadValue using postscript
1183.01AEOEN1::LEHYFri Sep 11 1992ONe big file into several small files
1184.01BACHUS::MANISEMon Sep 14 1992size limit of postscript file sent to 115
1185.03TRCOA::KAMINSKIMon Sep 14 1992Pitch Commands for Postscript?
1186.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Sep 21 1992Postscript file output in landscape
1187.03OTOOA::PONDTue Sep 22 1992VMerror: PostScript Virtual Memory problem.
1188.0MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HATHWAYWed Sep 23 1992Genoa Test Suite???
1189.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYSun Sep 27 1992Sun to license Adobe Postscript
1190.02AIDEV::PALMIERITue Sep 29 1992DecWrite -> MS-Word -> output
1191.02PHAROS::HAMILTONMon Oct 05 1992Powerpoint -> VAX Document
1192.02SIMP2::COHENMon Oct 05 1992Modify char width, PC, ATM, WFW
1193.01FSOA::HHESSTue Oct 06 1992notesNo Proportation Printing
1194.01ARTLIB::GOETZETue Oct 06 1992PS to EPS (PostScript to Encapsulated PostScript) Converter available
1195.01DSSDEV::DAVISFri Oct 09 1992psroff or equivalent?
1196.02TRUCKS::COGGONWed Oct 14 1992Imaging on multi page report only prints on P1
1197.0CHOVAX::POALETTIMon Oct 19 1992psplot for Ultrix please
1199.01GIDDAY::BURTWed Oct 21 1992Problems with TCS chars from WPS-PLUS & DECPRINT
1200.02TENAYA::HJPThu Oct 22 1992Long Postscript Lines
1201.01KERNEL::SMITHERSJMon Oct 26 1992setpapertray command for manual feeder
1202.03XSTACY::JLUNDONTue Oct 27 1992postscript generator for crossword puzzle
1203.01GIAMEM::HESSTue Oct 27 1992Need help w/printing MS WORD EPS File
1205.03DSSDEV::DAVISTue Nov 03 1992Drawing a large image from a procedure?
1206.0LINGO::MCNAMARAWed Nov 04 1992Offending command is phw
1207.0PHAROS::MARLOWWed Nov 04 1992EPS to Powerpoint ?
1208.02SMAUG::GARRODSat Nov 07 19925
1209.01SMAUG::GARRODSat Nov 07 1992Where's the on-line postscript language documentation?
1210.012TRIGG::GATESMon Nov 09 1992Error = nametype : limitcheck
1211.01LAVGOD::ALLENTue Nov 10 1992Utility convert DDIF image to compressed PS?
1212.03MCIS2::SHERWINWed Nov 11 1992Scaling related ?
1213.01MDKCSW::EAGLEWed Nov 11 1992PS forms program to EPS form ???
1214.0EEMELI::WIKMon Nov 16 19927-bit scandi to LPSprinter ?
1215.03GANTRY::BEASLEYTue Nov 17 1992What is "getinterval" doing ?
1216.07TRIGG::GATESWed Nov 18 1992
1217.03LORD::DLEBLANCFri Nov 20 1992Rotateing Postscript pictures
1218.01HGOVC::FEFSSPSMon Nov 23 1992Offending command is letter ?
1219.04KETJE::ROBBENSTue Nov 24 1992Which (if any...) PS Previewer ?
1220.05BLKPUD::NORRISMTue Nov 24 1992Problem Displaying Last Page of Document
1221.01HANNAH::BAZEMORETue Nov 24 1992Electronic Forms
1222.07SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Nov 24 1992Acrobat/PDF/Portable Document Format
1223.01KERNEL::TYLERCTue Dec 01 1992Printing small barcodes problem.
1224.08TAVTue Dec 01 1992Larger output desired ..
1225.06HYDRA::HSUEHMon Dec 07 1992Limitcheck
1226.04SUOSW3::REHHORNWed Dec 09 1992PS isn't PS???
1227.02DSSDEV::DAVISWed Dec 09 1992PostScript development tools for Mac or PC?
1228.05GOODIE::KEEFERWed Dec 09 1992 where's DECwrite's boundingbox?
1229.02ISIDRO::GEMMAMon Dec 14 1992Persistent Font load for LPS2
1230.02COMICS::LUCKMANTue Dec 15 1992Font Metrics for Declaser printers
1231.0BLGTue Dec 15 1992setup module ...
1232.01AYOV4Wed Dec 16 1992Ventura and postscript to ACSII
1233.01STRASB::GRAMPPFri Dec 18 1992Help, Problem with a postscript form
1234.02BTOVT::JPETERSTue Dec 22 1992ill-behaved *.PS?
1235.0DSSDEV::LANGONETue Jan 05 1993Buffer Size problem w/ PS output
1236.02OZROCK::TURNERFri Jan 08 1993PS to GP 4 fax
1237.04DECWET::LAURUNEWed Jan 13 1993Is document structuring reliable?
1238.01DTIF::SURTEESThu Jan 14 1993Test page on LN
1239.03TLSEMon Jan 18 1993Help on PS file needed.
1240.0IJSAPL::KLERKMon Jan 18 1993DOCTOR: manipulation tool for PostScript files
1241.03BERNTue Jan 19 1993vms .eps --> pc .eps
1242.04HWSSKThu Jan 21 1993What is Type 4 / 5 fonts ?
1243.06QOQUAQ::PELTZWed Jan 27 1993PS emulators for non-PS printers (for PCs)
1244.03COVERT::COVERTFri Jan 29 1993Copypage and two-sided printers?
1245.03MUDIS3::FISCALMon Feb 01 1993Forms and DECwrite
1246.01WARCRY::MATTHEWS_GWed Feb 03 1993Form (w margins)calling PS module using NUMBER_UP
1247.04HANNAH::BATCHELDERNWed Feb 10 1993Obfuscated PostScript contest winners!
1248.0CSCMA::GOMEZWed Feb 10 1993help with decimage operator
1249.023KAOU93::JAMESThu Feb 18 1993Group 4 FAX to PostScript Template???
1250.01SSRHQ::MICALIFri Feb 19 1993? - Postscript lang question.
1251.02WEORG::GILLISFri Feb 19 1993Draw a border or frame around each page?
1252.02TRCOA::NAHMSat Feb 20 1993European PS file - text falls off edge
1253.06TRCOA::NAHMWed Feb 24 1993Name not known error
1254.0MILPND::CANSLR::BERSOFFThu Feb 25 1993help me if you canl
1255.01DECAUX::VNADS4::BOECK_PThu Feb 25 1993Can I create a drawing-manual automatically?
1256.02JOCKEY::NUTKINSMThu Feb 25 1993DEClaser 1152 problems
1257.0MILPND::CANSLR::BERSOFFFri Feb 26 1993help with labels
1258.04CODS::ESBECKTue Mar 02 1993Resolution problems
1259.01KAOTMon Mar 08 1993Automated Label Maker
1260.01TPOVC::PAULHSUWed Mar 10 1993Can't print it in lps2
1261.0MLNADMon Mar 15 1993--nostringval-- syntax error. How to debug it?
1262.0COPCLU::PETHOMSENTue Mar 16 1993ALTERNATING papertrays and electronic FORMS
1263.07JOKUR::CIOFFITue Mar 16 19932-up printing, it can be done...
1264.02DRAC::DSMAILThu Mar 18 1993Problem with resolution DEClaser 325
1265.01MUGGER::PAINTERPMon Mar 22 1993Conversion ESC -> PS Required
1266.02GLDOA::KLAMERUSTue Mar 23 1993help on 1152/Ultrix setup/printcap
1267.02TEMPE::LENFWed Mar 24 1993Formify Under, and Interleaf V5.
1268.01VNASWS::GEROLDThu Mar 25 1993Trying to understand filters
1269.02DONVAN::GREENY::GREENLEAFWed Mar 31 1993Suggestions for multi-lingual document
1270.04IOSG::JONESKThu Apr 01 1993No flushing of last page ?
1271.02MCIS2::SHERWINMon Apr 05 1993grey-bar line printer paper???
1272.03ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Apr 09 1993,PS --> .EPS --> MS-WORD
1273.07PECAN::LITTLEFri Apr 09 1993Landscape in Ghostscript?
1274.01ZPOVC::SONGHUATThu Apr 15 1993Any New DIGITAL Logo Font file ?
1275.02TENNIS::KAMThu Apr 15 1993Download form then data to printer - output is combined?
1276.01PTOVAX::WILKINSFri Apr 16 1993previewer scale factor
1277.02TLSEWed Apr 21 1993Postscript level on AOSF/1?
1278.01GIDDAY::WANWed Apr 21 1993%LPS-W-VMERROR & %LPS-S-USERDATA errors
1279.04PASVC::STEVENTAMFri Apr 23 1993Ghostscript for VMS kits?
1280.08SPESHR::JOHNSONTue Apr 27 1993Are our printers really PostScript?
1281.01BERNThu Apr 29 1993double-sided printing on LN
1282.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOThu May 13 1993I need help on PostScript background and standards.
1283.0VMSDEV::HALLYBFri May 14 1993Extending (not making new) font inquiry
1284.0635573::CERLINGMon May 17 1993Input tray selection based on printed page size
1285.01GLDOA::KLAMERUSWed May 19 1993IsoLatin1 without a printer???
1286.02DECWET::snowWed May 19 1993Looking for a postscript test page
1287.01TAVThu May 20 1993WANTED - POSTscript training info ...
1288.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 04 1993HP LaserJet 4 stalls: "CTRL-D received.."
1289.01MINNY::INDERBITZIFri Jun 04 1993EPS -> Mac Blues
1290.02TNPUBS::BELLUSCIFri Jun 04 1993Adobe Illustrator EPS/Interleaf EPS compatibility
1291.01NURSE::FLANAGANMon Jun 07 1993Colormate Won't Print - Wants A4
1292.01PVAX1::JPHITue Jun 08 1993Print filter for ULTRIX HP PCL -> Postscript
1293.02ZIGLAR::FOXWELLTue Jun 08 1993ps file won't print
1294.03CIMBAD::KALLANTue Jun 08 1993Partial Printing of EPS files in Word
1295.01LAURIE::HANSONWed Jun 09 1993255 landscape printing
1296.01MONTEZ::MONTEZFri Jun 11 1993more printing data + forms questions
1297.06UPROAR::PLATTPFri Jun 11 1993How do I 'disable' an input tray?
1298.03VAXRIO::MANOELThu Jun 17 1993Just a question
1299.01WKRP::HENRYSat Jun 19 1993Postscript arror help --PLEASE
1300.04GIDDAY::SATETue Jun 22 1993Print two A4 sides on an A3 size sheet.
1301.0KAOOA::PRINCETue Jun 29 1993DDIF2PS2 1.1 now available
1302.0KERNEL::LOATFri Jul 09 1993Offending command is unpack
1303.05FSOA::NISSENBAUMMon Jul 12 1993Converting to MS WORD
1304.03YUPPY::JACKSONDThu Jul 15 1993Variations of DRAFT.EPS
1305.04DREUL1::robThu Jul 15 19932 Portrait pages on one Landscape page
1307.02DIODE::CROWELLWed Jul 21 1993CPS 4.1 & LN
1308.02MONTEZ::MONTEZTue Jul 27 1993Cannot Reencode char /Aacute
1309.02MONTEZ::MONTEZMon Aug 09 1993how to rotate pages 18
1310.0EEMELI::TAVITue Aug 10 1993PostScript -> HPGL
1311.01KERNEL::TYLERCThu Aug 12 1993Postscript programming question.
1312.03GALVIA::STEPHENSMon Aug 16 1993Wanted: Colour EPS and EPS with image headers.
1313.01REGENT::BROOMHEADThu Aug 19 1993Postscript printer reset command(s)?
1314.0DIODE::CROWELLWed Aug 25 1993LPS4
1315.09CALDEC::GOETZEThu Aug 26 1993Wanted: VM use predictor
1316.01VMSDEV::HALLYBThu Sep 02 1993How to duplicate an array?
1317.01XIRTLU::schottFri Sep 03 1993
1318.04VNASWS::THOMASWWed Sep 08 1993what's wrong with this file ?
1319.02ROMTue Sep 14 1993name not defined in a dictionary
1320.04MROA::KAMINSKYFri Sep 17 1993Postscript to FAX - Level 1 and 2
1321.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELMon Sep 27 19931.4 dup scale
1322.03DLOPAS::HANSON::HANSONLMon Sep 27 1993Problem Printing EPS Linked File
1323.09MARVIN::COBBThu Oct 07 1993What do [, exec, load, settransfer and cvx do?
1324.012EICMFG::AJKFri Oct 08 1993ISOLATIN3 and PostScript
1325.01MOEUR1::PHOTue Oct 12 1993PCL --> PS file converter ?
1326.02CLARID::MINVIELLEWed Oct 27 1993How to convert Color to B&W Postscript
1327.01MARCIA::QUINTONMon Nov 01 1993CPSI education
1328.03TROOA::IOSSIFIDISTue Nov 02 1993High demand printing
1329.02YAKNOW::MCHIASSONThu Nov 18 1993sides=2 as default
1330.02CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Nov 30 1993Postscript to Sixel convertion?
1331.07HERON::KAISERWed Dec 01 1993Is Microsoft PostScript really terrible?
1332.025Wed Dec 01 1993Any internal PostScript generators out there?
1333.01--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 02 1993Does DCPS V1.
1334.0TLSEMon Dec 13 1993Forms solution needed (desperately)
1335.01MUMPS::REEVESMon Dec 13 1993DVI2PS?
1337.0TROOA::CURZONMon Jan 10 1994formfeed problem?
1338.01JARETH::KNOWLESTue Jan 25 1994Table trying to include Asian fonts
1339.010SUOSWS::BODENSTEDTWed Jan 26 1994Corel Draw EPS and DECwrite
1340.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Jan 28 1994Variables in .PS file (Novice question...)
1341.04ILLUSN::SORNSONMon Jan 31 1994Image Scaling (general solution?)
1342.04CXCAD::LORDTue Feb 01 1994Looking for Postscript File Editing Utility
1343.04CSCMA::PARADISOFri Feb 04 1994stringwidth error in .EPS file
1344.0NBOFS1::WEIGELMon Feb 07 1994mirror eps-files?
1345.02MR4DEC::REICHMon Feb 07 1994HPGL to PS to DECfax?
1347.05KETJE::MONTEMon Feb 21 1994LN
1348.01CSOA1::PLATTENThu Mar 03 1994Xerox to PostScript Conversion YET?
1349.0OASS::NORRIS_RThu Mar 03 1994LN
1350.02NEMAIL::HOLEWATue Mar 08 1994Where is PS2TEXT.EXE
1351.03DECWET::BINGHAMTue Mar 08 1994PDF printers
1352.01SMAUG::GARRODWed Mar 23 1994Looking to borrow a Postscript Language Definition Book
1353.0155153::MEER_MFri Mar 25 1994how to include PS-files into C-programs?
1354.04TBJVOA::I_ABEWed Mar 30 1994OPAL .EPS to Power Point ?
1355.02VNASWS::GEROLDWed Apr 06 1994AFP anyone ?
1357.0HIBOB::KRANTZThu Apr 07 1994combine multiple graphs onto a single page?
1358.02KERNEL::ROELMon Apr 11 1994psart location
1359.04KERNEL::ROELMon Apr 11 1994how can I convert this file to use with underlay
1360.06LANDO::CANSLERTue Apr 12 1994Power Point PS to text
1361.03TRUCKS::COGGONWed Apr 20 1994CCITT Probs using a TIF file, CCITT Grp 4 Compat
1362.07GIDDAY::STRAUSSFri Apr 22 1994convert Postscript to Encapsulated Postscript?
1363.03PACKED::COLLIS::JACKSONFri Apr 29 1994Need help to print a postscript file
1364.01TIMABC::VERAMon May 02 19941152 SETUP PROBLEM FONTS
1365.01WNOUThu May 26 1994Problem printing logo/image on every page
1366.0STARCH::MONIAWed Jun 08 1994Problem with Encapsulated Postscript Format in WordPerfect 6.
1367.01LEMAN::VOVANMon Jun 13 1994Looking for Tray selection coding example
1368.04GOODIE::KEEFERWed Jun 15 1994 compression for PS ?
1369.01UNTADI::JOEHNKThu Jun 23 1994Postscript printing problem (only DECwrite)
1370.01HGOVC::XKOVWed Jun 29 1994how to print .ppt file
1371.03HITIT::GOKCENTue Jul 05 1994overlay file to every page
1372.06EEMELI::ESKOLINThu Jul 07 1994EPS stored in memory
1373.01MEXVTue Jul 12 1994.BMP .EPS .DXF --> Sixel
1374.01EEMELI::ESKOLINWed Jul 13 1994Arguments against PCL-5
1375.05MR1MI1::SWANEYThu Jul 21 1994any ideas?
1376.02EEMELI::ESKOLINFri Jul 29 1994cvx exec / multiple lines
1377.03RUTILE::BUCZMAMon Aug 01 1994Help with Blank pages in Postscript
1378.03REPAIR::SERJEANTTue Aug 02 1994Declaser 22
1379.02DSPCNV::DEE_CONV_PSPThu Aug 04 1994How to change Font?
1381.04XSTACY::BRASMUSSENThu Aug 25 1994MS Windows Postscript Viewers ?
1382.03EEMELI::ESKOLINSun Aug 28 1994showpage or initgraphics?
1383.05IJSAPL::VERMEULENTue Sep 20 1994Using #copies and collate
1384.01LATINA::JMGUERRATue Sep 27 1994escape sequence for LPS17
1385.0NPSS::PASQUALETue Oct 18 1994eps to gif converter?
1386.0QUABBI::"sharma@rhdh48.eng.pko.dec.com"Wed Oct 19 1994ghostscript on Alpha/OSF anyone ??
1387.03CSSE::FAHERTYThu Oct 20 1994Help - Times New Roman font problems with GS 1.
1388.01MUNICH::REINFri Oct 28 1994reference to directory, filnamforall
1389.01GIDDAY::MUNNTue Nov 01 1994EPS into word = strange results
1390.03KAM5Fri Nov 04 1994ps problems, NULL characters, offending cmd
1391.03DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Nov 09 1994Time-Roman Font on DEC printers?
1392.02IJSAPL::FOKKENROODTue Nov 15 1994*.TTF --> *.pfb
1393.01HAMSUP::SONNENTAGWed Nov 30 1994
1394.01MLNCSC::BORGINIWed Nov 30 1994Layup with LPS17.
1395.01--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 15 1994Excerpt from Blue Book?
1396.02LATINA::ARANCHAThu Dec 15 1994load/unload fonts & 51
1397.02TRUCKS::COGGONFri Jan 06 1995level 2 Forms cache, execform. Examples anyone !
1398.08TAVThu Jan 19 1995Trying to change /Courier ...
1399.02DEMON::A_MARTINThu Jan 19 1995Help needed to convert Level 1 course to Level 2
1400.0TAVThu Jan 26 1995E-MAIL address for Acquired Knowledge...
1401.02RICKS::RICKS::PHIPPSMon Jan 30 1995Abbreviated Commands?
1402.06CALDEC::GOETZEMon Feb 20 1995Looking for PostScript training materials
1403.02ISIDRO::64869::rafaFri Feb 24 1995Postscript editor
1404.01ISIDRO::64868::AREVALOFri Feb 24 1995Postscript - edit?
1405.07JURA::BERTUZZITue Mar 07 1995Calculating the physical size of a string
1406.08VNASWS::GEROLDFri Mar 17 1995VAX Document files generating ^Z chars for Distiller
1407.02UNTADI::JOEHNKWed Mar 29 1995Help with PS code wanted
1408.0NEWENG::ANDERSON_BTue Apr 11 1995Adobe DSC and EPSF Specs
1409.03GUIDUK::MCCANTAThu Apr 13 1995speed up printing bitmap multiple times
1410.0PEACHS::MURPHYWed Apr 26 1995Is anyone familiar with Trusted Postscript?
1411.04MANANA::red911.zko.dec.com::CummingsMon May 15 1995Opinions requested regarding DSC
1412.01--UnknownUser--Wed May 17 1995%CPS-F-INTERNAL_ERROR, Internal error 3
1413.0UNTADI::JOEHNKMon May 22 1995Help with overlay/underlay?
1415.07ODIXIE::WOLFEWed May 24 1995Landscape?
1418.01SLOAN::HOMFri Jun 09 1995Type 42 Font
1419.0MUNICH::VIERTELTue Jun 20 1995Changing Character Spacing
1420.01CIVPR1::SIMMONSSat Jul 15 199532-bit GSVIEW ignores command line parameters
1421.01OSITEL::JOEHNKFri Jul 28 1995HELP! No umlauts printed
1422.05EIGER::KOHLERThu Aug 10 1995Adobe File Server (getting Adobe Supplements, etc.)
1423.04HELKA::PAKKANENWed Aug 16 1995How to map X-window cyrillic fonts to PS
1424.02BUSY::DOMINICKFri Sep 15 1995PS-HPGL Conversions for Vax or Windows??
1425.01CHOWDA::VARANESEMon Sep 18 1995CRC & ACK/NAK in Postscript?
1426.03UTRTSC::TIELEMANMon Oct 02 1995How to troubleshoot why a ps file isn't printing
1427.06CHUECA::JMGUERRAWed Oct 04 1995Need help with showpage
1428.04FORTY2::YUILLEFri Oct 06 1995FontMatrix - what are p5 and p6 for?
1429.0UTRTSC::TIELEMANFri Oct 13 1995undefinedresult from pathbbox on 1 printer only
1430.03SUOSWS::64Wed Oct 25 1995EPS versus vector commands (?)
1431.01CSC32::COMULADAThu Oct 26 1995Alignment of output text verses postscript
1432.03SUOSWS::64Tue Dec 12 1995repating factors when loading large arrays ???
1433.01STKAI1::Fri Dec 15 1995Postscript reader for Windows 3.x
1434.0BPSHSat Jan 20 1996encoding Hungarian characters in PS fonts
1435.02STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaWed Jan 31 1996How can I ensure that a PDF file is really portable?
1436.011NETRIX::"peter.dressel@aui.mts.dec.com"Thu Feb 22 1996Corporate Standard for electronic Documentations???
1437.0BPSHTue Feb 27 1996How can I use CharStrings dictionary
1438.02TOLOSA::SAADMon Mar 11 1996Strange Postscript file
1439.01MRKTNG::a-6.tunnel.crl.dec.com::boebingerSun Mar 17 1996Looking for some PostScript utilities
1440.0QDOVFri Mar 29 1996Help required...
1441.01EVMS::HALLYBFri Mar 29 1996Why accept
1442.0229Mon Apr 15 1996REQUEST for POSTSCRIPT PROGRAMMING - for money
1443.02GRIEG::SYSTEMWed Apr 17 1996NumCopies - How do I use this command to modify a PS file to print multiple pages
1444.0NETRIX::"tshort@ilo.mts.dec.com"Fri Apr 19 1996level-2 ps previewer
1445.01EVMS::HALLYBMon Apr 22 1996Redefining showpage and N-up printing, yet again
1446.01EVMS::HALLYBTue Apr 30 1996Backdrop shadow fonts?
1447.05THEBAY::WIEGLEBTue Jun 25 1996Version of DOCTOR (or similar tool) for VMS/Alpha?
1448.02AOSF1::krasThu Jul 18 1996pdf distillers?
1449.0KAM5Thu Jul 25 1996postscript parser
1450.04CECMOW::NAZAROVThu Aug 08 1996How to insert TOC?
1451.01GUIDUK::MCCANTAThu Sep 05 1996Print out contents of statusdict?
1452.04FOUNDR::CRAIGTue Sep 24 1996PostScript code to force duplex printing?
1453.0ROMFri Sep 27 1996MS-word, formify, and VFC files
1453.0NETRIX::"christoph.maass@hbf.mts.dec.com"Sat Oct 12 1996US Postnet Barcode on LA424 ?
1453.0KAHLUA::PCUMMINGSWed Oct 23 1996LPS version for DUnix V4.
1453.01MARVIN::CARLINIWed Oct 30 1996PostScript "escape" characters - help requiested
1454.02ROMTue Nov 19 1996logo on every page
1455.02HERON::KAISERMon Nov 25 1996Circle, circular protractor, degree markings?
1456.0HGOM3Wed Dec 25 1996Postscript files printing problem