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Download all the data from this website


If you want to be able to access this website offline, or you would like to make changes such as to the user interface or to add new functionality.


The download is 1.2GB and unzips/extracts to ~ 3GB. Click here to start the download the zip file and then you will need to unzip it... if you are running a local web server such as on your linux system or using for example XAMPP* for Windows if this will be the only thing you be accessing this way from your local webserver you can just unzip/extract the contents to the htdocs, public_html or whatever your server software designates else you can create a subdirectory (such as "decnotes") and unzip/extract to there.

Now you should be able to access your local copy by opening a window and in the address bar go to localhost/ or localhost/decnotes if you had extracted to a subdirectory with that name.


The zip and site has a subdirectory named "cache" which contains pregenerated html for each conference to simply be served up by showconf.php ... if you will be changing any code (php) you will want to delete the contents of the cache. You can regenerate the cache after if you want using the make script you'll find in this zip file... though you shouldn't need to, the caching was only done because this server the site is on is a slow system and the showconf script was timing out for conferneces with lots of ntoes.

* XAMPP only supports 32-bit php so you'll need to edit /xampp/php/php.ini