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Conference rdvax::grateful

Title:Take my advice, you'd be better off DEAD
Notice:It's just a Box of Rain
Created:Wed Jan 02 1991
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:580
Total number of notes:60238
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0.042--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 31 1969
0.06--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 31 1969
1.03NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 06 1991Welcome
2.0NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 06 1991(I) Guidelines for behavior (rules...if you will)
3.042NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 06 1991(GD) Discussions on items in note 2.*
4.036NECSC::LEVYMon Apr 11 1994Moderator Issues
5.013SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991The Reserved Note Reserved Note
6.02SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Conference Directory
7.02NECSC::LEVYWed Feb 13 1991Membership requests and updates
8.07SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Keywords
9.0119GR8FUL::WHITEThu Jan 31 1991Ask Here For Help With NOTES Software
10.034NECSC::LEVYFri Sep 08 1995The not-at-DEC mailing list note
11.028CSCMA::M_PECKARWed Oct 28 1992Conference news
12.010NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 06 1991Reserved topic
13.0NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 06 1991Reserved topic
14.04--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 15 1992Tour Schedules
15.0138BIODTL::FERGUSONThu Jan 10 1991GDTS Mail Order Instructions and Questions
16.09BIODTL::FERGUSONThu Jan 10 1991Grateful Dead Hotline Phone Numbers
17.037LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOTue Jul 21 1992Hotline Information (Show Announcements)
18.030BIODTL::FERGUSONThu Jan 10 1991Venue Seating Charts
19.0129BIODTL::FERGUSONThu Jan 10 1991Directions to Venues
20.016BIODTL::FERGUSONThu Jan 10 1991Grateful Dead Tickets: plea/beg/buy/sell/swap
21.07BIODTL::FERGUSONThu Jan 10 1991Who MO'd for what / Where are you sitting
22.039BIODTL::FERGUSONThu Jan 10 1991Meeting Places
23.01204BIODTL::FERGUSONThu Jan 10 1991Grateful Dead Show Reviews
24.0215BIODTL::FERGUSONThu Jan 10 1991General discussion topic RE: Grateful Dead Concerts
25.067NECSC::LEVYSat Jan 12 1991When did the bus come by for you?
26.0119BIODTL::FERGUSONWed Jan 16 1991Ticket Outlet Info: Where/When/How/Phone #s
27.087BIODTL::FERGUSONFri Mar 22 1991What are your Predictions?
28.043TERAPN::PHYLLISTue Aug 06 1991Places to checkout while on tour
29.0SPICE::PECKARFri Nov 15 1991Rides to shows
30.0205SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Dead Jeopardy
31.041SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Deadhead Sociology
32.0130SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Dead Lyric Discussion
33.01098SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Dead in the Media
34.0170SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Dead Stuff
35.0239SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Dead Netwerks
36.034SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Grateful Gossip, or What Did Jerry Wear Last Night
37.0174SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Rumors, Ugly or whatevah
38.0351SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Commercial Dead Music
39.0176SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Vault Tapes
40.011SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Tie Dye
41.069SPICE::PECKARTue Mar 24 1992Interviews
42.017CSCMA::M_PECKARFri Jun 12 1992Generic Dead performance generalization note
43.025CSCMA::M_PECKARWed Jul 15 1992Rex Foundation
44.034CSCMA::M_PECKARWed Jul 15 1992Our very own FAQ?
45.0449LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jan 09 1991The new New NEW *NEW* who/what and where are YOU note!
46.0370LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jan 09 1991The Official Feed Your Face with Friends (FYFWF) note!
47.0111LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jan 09 1991On the Road Again...
48.0915LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jan 09 1991The Outdoor Gathering (camping-type trip) note
49.0111LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jan 09 1991DECHead Ski-trips
50.038LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jan 09 1991DECHead Tshirts, stickers, flyers, etc....
51.056LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jan 09 1991DECHead JobMatch note
52.0175LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jan 09 1991A Note of Thanks!!
53.0462LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jan 09 1991Goin' Down the Road.....
54.08LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOMon Jul 20 1992Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are!
55.058LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jan 09 1991What *did* you have for lunch today?
56.0162LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jan 09 1991Dancin in the (drivers) seat
57.023ESGWST::MIRASSOUFri May 08 1992The official BAMO note
58.0NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 06 1991Reserved topic
59.0NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 06 1991Reserved topic
60.028GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991How To Order Deadbase
61.042GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991Deadbase - General Discussion
62.0401GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991Grateful Dead Setlists (No Discussion)
63.0113GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991Bobby and Jerry Setlists - No Discussion
64.014GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 30 1991Grateful Dead Lyrics and Chords
65.013TERAPN::PHYLLISFri Apr 05 1991Yearly Set Lists
66.0115GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 30 1991Lyrics and Chords Requests
67.05SPICE::PECKARThu Jan 10 1991Dead-related File Archive
68.059CSCMA::M_PECKARTue Dec 22 1992Useless and random DEAD Statistics.
69.09CSCMA::M_PECKARThu Feb 04 1993Discography
70.0114GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991Tape Trades - Requests & Offers
71.02GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991Tape List Locations
72.047GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991Software for Tape Lists and Labels
73.019GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991Hardware for Holding Tape Collections
74.0166GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991Taping and Equipment Q's and A's
75.091GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991Where to get blank tape
76.027GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991Old, i.e. Analog, Tape Technology Discussion
77.0109GR8FUL::WHITEWed Jan 09 1991New, i.e. Digital, Tape Technology Discussions
78.019--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 09 1991GD Sound and Light Systems Discussion
79.0576--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 09 1991Music Happenings - discussion note
80.0151ZENDIA::FERGUSONThu Aug 06 1992Music Happenings - No digressions
81.04TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Concert Series Listings
82.0312TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Local Band Listings
83.092TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Non-Dead Ticket Plea/Swap/Sell/Exchange Central
84.0564TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Slipknot Schedules
85.0786TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Non-Dead Reviews & Setlists
86.0201TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Radio/TV Happenings
87.0142TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Festivals, Rallies, & Other Happenings
88.0149NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 06 1991Reserved topic
89.0NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 06 1991Reserved topic
90.01513--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 09 1991For Digressions Only (still in honor of Fog)
91.05721TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991The World We Live In
92.02623TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991The World We Work In
93.0261TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Once upon a time..
94.02096TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Thought, Feeling, Image for the day
95.0106TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Let Your Voice Be Heard!!
96.0491TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Environmental Issues
97.0950TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Ask the Universe
98.087TERAPN::PHYLLISTue Oct 13 1992Women's Issues
99.0TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jan 09 1991Reserved topic
100.0NECSC::LEVYSun Jan 06 1991Reserved topic
101.01512DEDHED::SPINEMon Jan 14 1991Make Ya Feel Good News!
102.0600TERAPN::PHYLLISMon Jan 14 1991Seen any good movies lately?
103.0159BIODTL::FERGUSONMon Jan 14 1991Livin' on Bluez power
104.01033--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 15 1991Designated Joke Topic ;^)
105.040WELCOM::NOURSEWed Jan 16 1991WCUW - Grateful Radio and more
106.014OXNARD::FURBUSHFri Jan 18 1991Where is everyone?
107.01322BIODTL::FERGUSONMon Jan 21 1991TV note
108.0729812::FERGUSONWed Jan 23 1991Are we gearing up for another revolution ?
109.063OURGNG::RYANThu Jan 24 1991Stop war, How???
110.075ISLNDS::CLARKFri Jan 25 1991You Know You're a Deadhead When ...
111.030SCAM::GRADYSat Jan 26 1991Dateline: Stupor Bowl
112.02266BINKLY::SIEGELWed Jan 30 1991Birthdays/Anniversaries
113.0366LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOMon Feb 04 1991The All new bumper stickers note!
114.09--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 04 1991Anyone at PowderMill Rd
115.053BIODTL::FERGUSONTue Feb 05 1991How do you Decorate your Office
116.030LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOThu Feb 07 1991Fire!! Fire!!
117.0569--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 08 1991What are you reading?
118.021BOOKS::BAILEYBMon Feb 11 1991Favorite versions of tunes ...
119.064JUPITR::BARROWSTue Feb 12 1991The Phil Zone!
120.082LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOTue Feb 12 1991What are you afraid of?
121.016--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 12 1991Volunteerism at Digital
122.058BIODTL::FERGUSONWed Feb 13 1991Dead-related Dreams.
123.060OCTOBR::GRABAZSWed Feb 13 1991Remember your 1st concert?
124.048GR8FUL::WHITEWed Feb 13 1991Thoughts on "It's A Joke"
125.01126CLOSUS::RYANWed Feb 13 1991Bummer Note!
126.064OURGNG::RYANFri Feb 15 1991Without U.S. intervention???
127.0118AD::VAUKMon Feb 18 1991David Gans Grateful Dead Hour
128.055KOBAL::MROGERSTue Feb 19 1991Predictions for revived songs
129.0530BCSE::ABBOTTue Feb 19 1991Name That Tune!
130.087OCTOBR::GRABAZSWed Feb 20 1991What's Become of the Baby?
133.048ISLNDS::CLARKThu Feb 21 1991Puzzles, Games, etc.
134.02SUBWAY::MUELLERFri Feb 22 199125th Anniversary Album
135.066ZEPPLN::SAMPSONSun Feb 24 1991When did you Slip in?
136.08JURAN::SYMONDSWed Feb 27 1991* DEADlax anyone? *
137.083IMTDEV::INGALLSMon Mar 04 1991Help with Non-Dead Lyrics
138.0DASXPS::HENDERSONFri Mar 15 1991Looking for a ride
139.058WLDWST::BLAKKANSun Mar 17 1991things that make you happy
140.027BIODTL::FERGUSONWed Mar 20 1991You know you've been working here too long...
141.013DECXPS::HENDERSONFri Mar 22 1991What Show Would you Give a Non Deadhead
142.028OURGNG::RYANMon Mar 25 1991Improving Deadhead's Public Image
143.0478BCSE::ABBOTTue Mar 26 1991The REAL Dylan Topic
145.024IMTDEV::INGALLSFri Mar 29 1991Meditation
146.0139STRATA::DWESTMon Apr 01 1991The Congratulations Note .... :-) :-) :-)
147.026SCAM::GRADYMon Apr 01 1991Who else would you see on NYE?
148.0128GUIDUK::FLOODMon Apr 01 1991Dead welcomed back to Autzen Stadium -- maybe
149.041VIA::HEFFERNANTue Apr 02 1991Drug use - a spiritual path?
150.040OURGNG::RYANWed Apr 03 1991john asks why are we all so tense lately????
151.0249BSS::DSMITHFri Apr 19 1991Jerry Garcia band
152.063ESTCAT::BOURDESSTue Apr 23 1991DECwindows graphic files topic
153.06FORTSC::CHABANTue Apr 23 1991Deadheads on Public TV
154.018BIODTL::FERGUSONTue Apr 23 1991Name That Tape
155.053SPICE::PECKARWed Apr 24 1991Barlow and the EFF
156.0659LANDO::HAPGOODWed May 01 1991REALLY dead people
157.013FORTSC::CHABANWed May 01 1991Jerry's missing finger
158.060TERAPN::PHYLLISFri May 03 1991Welcome to the Machine
159.040FORTSC::CHABANMon May 06 1991DEADicated
160.02BCSE::ABBOTWed May 22 1991The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
162.04BENONI::MCHUGHTue May 28 1991Howdy!!!! An old noters return.
163.06BENONI::MCHUGHTue May 28 1991Looking for an Old Noter
164.07ROULET::DWESTWed May 29 1991Terrapin Station-found in Newmarket NH! :^)
165.011EXIT26::SAARINENFri May 31 1991WELL-Whole Earth Lectronic Link
166.0FORTSC::CHABANTue Jun 04 1991Silicon Graphics & The Dead
168.0404LANDO::HAPGOODWed Jun 12 1991Recordings of NON-DEAD bands CDs/LPs/Tapes/8trk too :)
169.0142AD::VAUKFri Jun 14 1991Venue Hotel/Camping Information
170.013--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 25 1991On the job compromising of values
171.011DEMING::CLARKWed Jun 26 1991how bad are things going to get?
172.04XANADU::GRABAZSMon Jul 08 1991In Concert '91
173.011OCTOBR::GRABAZSTue Jul 09 1991it's not just a change in style
174.017MR4MI2::REHILLWed Jul 10 1991Guess JC's Product
175.011OCTOBR::GRABAZSMon Jul 15 1991what you are, what you're meant to be
176.044BOSOX::HENDERSONThu Jul 18 1991The Best Tons of Steel Arguing Note
177.01OCTOBR::GRABAZSMon Jul 29 1991between the dawn and the dark of night
181.02TECRUS::FROMMThu Aug 15 1991War on Civil Liberties - Part 1
182.029HOCUS::PARISMon Aug 19 1991special effects at shows
184.01051SLOHAN::FIELDSFri Feb 12 1993OFFICIAL WEATHER NOTE (revisited)
185.011BUNYIP::QUODLINGThu Aug 22 1991New at this...
186.064META4::WEISSThu Aug 22 1991"J. Garcia" artwork on display in Concord, MA
187.027EBBCLU::FEDELEFri Aug 30 1991BOW WOW?
190.013BLITZN::MCLAUGHLINCFri Sep 06 1991oops
191.0100LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOMon Sep 09 1991Inside or Out? The Great Cat Debate
192.056VINO::KOMARTue Sep 10 1991Gone but not forgotten
193.05CSLALL::BRIDGESTue Sep 10 1991Fall Tour... SO FAR
194.0693BIODTL::FERGUSONThu Sep 12 1991The 'what are you listening now' topic
195.058RANGER::NOURSEMon Sep 16 1991WCUW - "Only Played Once" Special
196.042BIODTL::FERGUSONMon Sep 16 1991Instruments the Boyz Use
198.05SCAM::GRADYFri Sep 20 1991The Mind's Eye
199.013BIODTL::FERGUSONTue Sep 24 1991Car/Home/Work stereo/audio question/answer topic
204.013SAHQ::SWITTSFri Oct 11 1991Buy-out Man...
205.0159LESPE::WHITESun Oct 13 1991The World We Play In
207.080MR4MI2::REHILLTue Oct 15 1991How would you change the rotation of songs?
208.094LJOHUB::RILEYWed Oct 23 1991Tree Philosophy 1
209.08HYSTER::MORAROSSun Oct 27 1991Bill Graham
210.0337AOXOA::STANLEYTue Nov 05 1991Gun control
211.03LEMAN::MBROWNWed Nov 06 1991Europe '92 ???
212.02101AWECIM::RUSSOWed Nov 06 1991GRATE beer!
214.04NECSC::LEVYTue Nov 12 1991Infrared Roses
215.010MR4MI2::REHILLWed Nov 13 1991Where's Lisa?
216.094STUDIO::IDEThu Nov 14 1991Happy Holidays
217.064OCTOBR::GRABAZSTue Nov 26 1991your very first album?
218.067BCSE::ABBOTWed Dec 04 1991Weird Music
219.054MR4DEC::WENTZELLWed Dec 04 1991Jazz it up!!
220.030LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOThu Dec 05 1991The Condiment Note
221.011SAHQ::SWITTSThu Dec 05 1991DAT-Link product
224.042ROULET::DWESTFri Dec 06 1991da ve for president? :^)
225.0243VMPIRE::CLARKFri Dec 06 1991Jum Henderbustytrimidave Campaign Headquarters
227.02SLEDGE::PETERSMon Dec 16 1991A Merry Christamas Deadheads song?
228.067SCOONR::GLADUFri Dec 20 1991Online Setlist Database
229.0257MR4MI2::REHILLTue Dec 24 1991Quote Of The Day
230.037NECSC::LEVYTue Jan 07 1992Blue Star acid strikes again
233.03TLE::WEISSTue Jan 14 1992Smiley Face Data Base
234.0148LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOFri Jan 17 1992Bring on the Spring!!!
235.0478ZENDIA::FERGUSONSun Jan 19 1992DEChead HIKING topic
236.026LJOHUB::RILEYMon Jan 27 1992Slipknot has a new Drummer! Check personal name.
237.01323AD::STEWARTTue Feb 04 1992 ?? PHISH ??
243.011SPICE::PECKARFri Mar 06 1992dead druids
244.0131SLOHAN::FIELDSSat Mar 07 1992BUY a AMERICAN O-Fish-Al note.....
245.0118MILKWY::SAMPSONSun Mar 15 1992A Lost Sailor note
246.033OCTOBR::GRABAZSWed Mar 18 1992how does the song...sound?
248.022MILKWY::SLOMSKIMon Mar 23 1992Primitive Instincts Prevail
249.019BUSY::IRZAThu Apr 16 1992Wharf Rats
250.056TLE::ABBOTThu Apr 23 1992Grateful Gardening
251.0127MILKWY::SLOMSKIThu Apr 30 1992LA is BURNING .....
252.028CSCMA::M_PECKARThu Apr 30 1992Love
253.010LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOTue May 05 1992What IS Rock & Roll?
258.0348STUDIO::IDEFri May 15 1992Grateful Cycling
260.0213CSCMA::M_PECKARTue Jun 02 1992The Third Decadenal Field Trip
262.033TLE::WEISSMon Jun 08 1992The O-FISH-ALL Hot Pepper (and related killer-hot spices) note...
266.011ANOSWS::COMFORTWed Jun 24 1992Hornsby leaves DEAD?
268.014TLE::WEISSThu Jul 02 1992The New Official / bashing and nickname voting note!
269.04LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOWed Jul 08 1992Hello from Coz!
272.050HAAG::HAAGThu Jul 16 1992Dead vrs the Stones
273.058SMURF::GRADYMon Jul 20 1992San Francisco
276.024TERAPN::PHYLLISFri Jul 24 1992DEChead Poetry
278.0193BUSY::IRZAThu Aug 06 1992Hair ye, hair ye
279.075TLE::ABBOTThu Aug 06 1992Ice Cream
280.027CSLALL::HENDERSONFri Aug 07 1992What Are You Wearing Today?
281.055--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 07 1992The Summer of Love - 1967
282.040CSLALL::HENDERSONMon Aug 10 1992Favorite Versions of Dead Tunes
285.033SCOONR::GLADUFri Aug 14 1992Jerry's Condition
287.066VSSCAD::LARUFri Aug 14 1992Sitting in on lead guitar...
288.019CUPTAY::BAILEYMon Aug 17 1992Get Well Jerry ...
290.050SANFAN::SCOTT_ROThu Aug 20 1992Tattoos...do you have one?
292.047ROULET::DWESTFri Aug 28 1992are you N. I. C. E. ?????????
293.0109LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOFri Aug 28 1992The Candy (and other assorted sugars) Note
294.04SHALOT::LAMPSONTue Sep 01 1992Stack-o-Dead HyperCard stacks for the Macintosh
295.094CSCMA::M_PECKARFri Sep 04 1992The whatchoo doin' this weekend? note
297.047OCTOBR::GRABAZSWed Sep 09 1992bound to cover...
298.063MR4DEC::JHINEThu Sep 10 1992Any Requests?? New Dead Covers!
302.021CSLALL::HENDERSONWed Sep 23 1992Dumb Bobby Lines (DBL) Note
308.0SPOCK::IRONSTue Oct 13 1992Introducing the Sherlock Holmes notesfile
309.023LEDS::MRNGDU::YETTOFri Oct 16 1992The Limerick Note
311.010ROULET::DWESTTue Oct 27 1992Grateful Dead = folk music????
314.053STUDIO::IDETue Nov 03 1992Psychic Visions
316.062VMPIRE::CLARKThu Nov 05 1992Your Favorite (Attended) Show
317.038CSCMA::M_PECKARThu Nov 05 1992Your Least Favorite (attended) Show
324.044SCOONR::GLADUTue Dec 08 1992The Former DEChead Address note
326.0555STUDIO::IDETue Dec 08 1992Trail Name For GerG Campaign
327.053SCOONR::GLADUTue Dec 08 199212/6/92, Compton Terrace tape tree
329.049LJOHUB::RILEYFri Dec 18 1992Gearing up for that big change!
331.079BUSY::IRZAWed Jan 06 1993The o-fish-al SALE ALERT note
332.023ICS::ODONNELLWed Jan 06 1993Desert Island Discs
334.083ZENDIA::FERGUSONThu Jan 14 1993$5
335.0143MRNGDU::YETTOTue Jan 19 1993Bad Song Survey
336.044AKOCOA::DMITCHELLThu Feb 04 1993tape offer
339.021NAC::TRAMP::GRADYThu Mar 11 1993Is Healthcare a Civil right?
341.05DECRAL::ANDERSONMon Apr 12 1993Dead concerts in MA. in 1993?
342.04NECSC::LEVYThu Mar 09 1995Walk for Hunger '95
344.046STUDIO::IDEThu Apr 22 1993Word Contest (Fabulous Prize!)
347.024MRNGDU::YETTOTue May 04 1993Silly Pet Stories
348.0444NRSTA2::CLARKThu May 06 1993Counting stars by candlelight ....
350.024DRINKS::WEISSWed May 12 1993One less Dave...
351.015GOOROO::DCLARKThu May 13 1993DAVE - the motion picture
352.056CORA::65447::BELKINThu May 13 1993How _does_ the song go? Pt. II
353.022LJOHUB::RILEYThu May 20 1993Nuclear Holocaust Sole Survivor dilemma
354.032NAC::RILEYWed Jun 02 1993One less Tree in the forest...
355.010MPGS::FIELDSMon Feb 13 1995O-FISH-AL for Sale note
356.036MRNGDU::YETTOTue Jun 15 1993The future is here for this child of countless dreams!
357.015CAMONE::HURLBURTTue Jun 15 1993Another, "until we meet again"
358.010MILKWY::SAMPSONTue Jun 22 1993Home sound systems??
359.02511SRUS::MEKLOFWed Jun 23 1993Yet another farewell...
360.020BRAT::TOPPERThu Jun 24 1993"Hippie Crack"
361.05ABACUS::TOPPERMon Jul 12 1993rex benefit
362.025QUIVER::SIEGELTue Jul 13 1993The Official DEChead House/Room-Mate Match Note
364.016STUDIO::IDEFri Jul 23 1993Supernatural Phenomena
365.04CARROL::YOUNGFri Jul 30 1993Look that up in a Funkenwagnal..
367.020MR4MI2::REHILLThu Aug 12 1993Hot Tuna @ Fish & Game Tree
368.05CSCMA::M_PECKARThu Aug 12 1993Grateful Home
369.01SAHQ::SWITTSWed Aug 18 1993help match training w/Dead tour
370.03SIOG::OSULLIVAN_DThu Sep 09 1993U2 for Grateful noters
371.0113CSCMA::M_PECKARTue Sep 14 1993Dick's Picks
377.0112NECSC::LEVYMon Oct 25 1993The official old fart note (speak up young-un!)
378.015SLOHAN::FIELDSThu Oct 28 1993Cloning around note
379.05SAHQ::SWITTSFri Oct 29 1993Low DAT Tape prices
380.05LIOVAX::MERRILLMon Nov 01 1993The Official Vino (wine) topic
381.01CSCMA::M_PECKARTue Nov 02 1993The Grateful Dead Almanac
382.012TRKWSH::COMFORTSat Nov 13 1993Bruce Hornsby -WOW
383.024POWDML::MACINTYREFri Dec 10 1993This note's for ME
384.011LEDS::HINEMon Dec 13 1993Fare the well!!
385.08HOPOFF::COCHRANTue Dec 14 1993Listen to the river sing sweet songs...
386.09WRKSYS::DUTTONMon Dec 20 1993Top Ten Shows List
387.0292BIODTL::JCTue Dec 21 1993DEChead investing topic...
388.060PONDA::WEDOIT::BELKINWed Dec 22 1993Holiday travel/party planz?
389.012TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Dec 29 1993Equipment Stolen at LA Show - Reward Offered
390.04NECSC::LEVYTue Jan 11 1994PHISH - 31-Dec-93 Tape Tree
392.012STRATA::DWESTWed Feb 02 1994personal repsonsibility, health care etc...
393.05SAHQ::SWITTSWed Feb 16 1994Calm my MOSS pls
395.010STOWOA::FEDELEThu Feb 17 1994Chia Garcia
396.075SAC::BARKERMon Feb 28 1994Dead-related stuff on the World Wide Web (WWW)?
397.020PONDA::64423::BELKINMon Feb 28 1994Brief jams in Songs
398.024WRKSYS::DUTTONFri Mar 04 1994Hornsby Tape Tree
399.028SPOCK::IRONSTue Mar 08 1994Blackbird
400.060STUDIO::IDEMon Mar 14 1994Baby Makes Three
401.022SALEM::MARTIN_SFri Apr 15 1994Earth~Dance
403.0255SLOHAN::FIELDSThu Apr 28 1994the O-fish-al Dead in HIghgate Vt. planning note
404.01151MAGEE::OSTIGUYThu May 12 1994Grate Sports Talk
405.030ROCK::FROMMMon May 16 1994Pig Roast! (this IS at our house in Framingham)
406.025PONDA::64423::BELKINMon May 16 1994Road Kill / Instant Religeon note
407.0113ECRU::CLARKMon May 23 1994The Official DEChead TFSO Topic
408.080TERAPN::PHYLLISWed Jun 08 1994Goodbye
409.06TOOK::PECKARFri Jun 10 1994Space
410.086PONDA::64423::BELKINFri Jul 15 1994Official Highgate Review Note!
412.067SALEM::BURNSWed Jul 20 1994Good-bye and good luck!!!
413.01PCBUOA::FEDELETue Jul 26 1994<Boston - Say it's So>
415.013NOVA::ZASTERAWed Jul 27 1994what are the Deads big video displays made from?
416.088MONTOR::HANNANWed Aug 03 1994Fall Tour '94
418.021STOWOA::JOLLIMORETue Aug 23 1994Pun Control
419.028ISLNDS::CONNORS_MThu Aug 25 1994off to count some stars!
420.020MROA::HENDRICKXFri Sep 02 1994Am I suppose to be happy?
423.0172PONDA::64423::BELKINFri Sep 23 1994Official Fall '94 Boston Garden Note
424.051NECSC::LEVYFri Oct 07 1994The Official Boston Garden '94 Tape Tree note
425.017PCBUOA::FEDELEFri Oct 07 1994GD Screen Saver?
426.06PONDA::64423::BELKINTue Oct 11 1994Official Fall '94 MSG Note
427.05--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 13 1994DEAD MUSICIANS JAM?
428.0100BIODTL::JCTue Oct 18 1994DEChead Ski West '95 TRIP!
429.04ROMEOS::QUACKENBU_KIWed Oct 26 1994After a Long, Strange Trip.....
430.044TOOK::PECKARThu Oct 27 1994Stop that train
431.016SLOHAN::FIELDSMon Oct 31 1994...and the Family Grows
432.011DEDHED::SpineMon Nov 21 1994Another Goodbye...
433.01LUDWIG::IRZATue Nov 22 1994Police Brutality at Dead Shows
434.09BIODTL::JCSat Dec 03 1994X-DECheads in the news topic
435.015MUMPS::KFLANAGANWed Dec 07 1994Another Goodbye
436.023ALFA1::DWESTTue Dec 13 1994if you could buy the world a present...
437.033SLOHAN::FIELDSThu Dec 15 1994Schools Out, look out world here I come !
438.010CXDOCS::BARNESThu Dec 22 1994The bus came by and he got back on
439.037STRATA::BEAULIEUThu Dec 22 1994Happy Holidaze 8-)
440.04NECSC::LEVYWed Jan 04 1995The Tape Library System development feedback note
441.023SUBPAC::DALTONThu Jan 05 1995Some Tastey Tapes (tm) to Cure the Winter Blues
442.028SALEM::BENJAMINFri Jan 06 1995Time to Vote!
443.024POLAR::KFICZEREWed Jan 18 1995Unrelated Topics
444.024NECSC::LEVYThu Jan 26 1995The Official TimTim's Tasty Tapes Tree Note
445.010XLIB::REHILLMon Jan 30 1995Rock 'n Roll Quiz
446.0349AWATS::WESTERVELTFri Feb 03 1995Highgate, summer 1995
447.076TRLIAN::DUGGANFri Feb 03 1995La$ Vega$ and other West shows 1995
448.06ROMEOS::QUACKENBU_KITue Feb 07 1995Need Live Music To Warm Dem Bones
449.0425TRLIAN::DUGGANWed Feb 08 1995The Random Survey Note
450.048--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 28 1995Albany/HighGate - 95 Tape Tree
451.060TRLIAN::DUGGANThu Mar 09 1995Hypothetical Openers
452.08ROMEOS::QUACKENBU_KITue Mar 14 1995Phil's B-day
453.05ROMEOS::QUACKENBU_KIMon Mar 20 1995MO'ing for Vegas
455.06NECSC::LEVYThu Apr 13 1995The Official WinTaper Topic
456.072ROMEOS::QUACKENBU_KITue Apr 18 1995Yet Another Goodbye....
457.013TRLIAN::DUGGANWed Apr 19 1995The Official "I Hate TV" Note
458.0138STOWOA::JOLLIMOREFri May 05 1995The O-fish-al Fishing Note(tm)
459.03USDEV::DKAMPFTue May 30 1995? about 1995 tours ?
460.015ROCK::FROMMThu Jun 01 1995Ophishial Cheap Airfare Note
461.04NOVA::ARNOLDThu Jun 01 1995Make your own bootleg CDs...
462.05ZENDIA::FERGUSONMon Jun 19 1995Albany Summer '95 signin
463.027WILLEE::OSTIGUYFri Jun 23 1995Eric Fields
465.014NECSC::LEVYSun Jul 02 1995PHISH 7/1/95 Tape Tree
466.01AWATS::WESTERVELTThu Jul 06 1995free tix from Ticketmaster
467.020SUBPAC::DALTONTue Jul 18 1995Fall Tour Mail Order
468.031ZENDIA::FERGUSONFri Jul 21 1995Rich is Westbound
469.041CXDOCS::BARNESWed Aug 02 1995rfb's Bonner Springs Tape Offer
470.03CXDOCS::BARNESFri Aug 04 1995Wash Post Article
471.0238MROA::SANTAMARIAWed Aug 09 1995Let's hope this one is wrong
472.016XLIB::REHILLWed Aug 09 1995Bartlett Pond Lunch - 8/1
473.079NECSC::LEVYWed Aug 09 1995A Rememberance
474.041CSC32::S_ROCHFORDThu Aug 10 1995Tributes in the press
475.032SALEM::FEDELETue Aug 15 1995It's no surprise - shows are cancelled
476.034SALEM::MARTIN_STue Aug 22 1995Three From the Vault
477.039WRKSYS::ROLLAWed Aug 23 1995Garcia tribute show
478.034DELNI::DSMITHThu Aug 24 1995Video's
479.011AWATS::WESTERVELTThu Aug 24 1995a little excitement for me
480.037META4::WEISSFri Aug 25 1995Ticket Refund Information?
481.066USOPS::MNELSONFri Sep 01 1995Slip Outta Summer
482.050WECARE::ROBERTSThu Sep 07 1995Octoberfest 1
483.038SSGVThu Sep 07 1995RFK (6/24-25/95) tree announcement
484.011EVMS::GRABAZSWed Sep 13 1995gonna tear that old building down
485.019STAR::ECOMAN::DEBESSTue Sep 19 1995in & out of the Garden they go
486.046XLIB::REHILLThu Sep 21 19957/9/95 - Jerry's Last Show Tree
487.036STAR::ECOMAN::DEBESSMon Sep 25 1995Let it be Known, there is a Fountain...
488.054AWATS::WESTERVELTWed Sep 27 1995rock n roll TV special
489.0139CXDOCS::BARNESThu Oct 05 1995Jerry T-shirts for all of us
490.013ALFA2::DWESTWed Oct 11 1995the future of touring?
491.024STAR::HUGHESFri Oct 13 1995See you on the flip side
492.023ZENDIA::FERGUSONMon Oct 16 1995anyone into taking a week to ski out west this winter?
493.014TEPTAE::WESTERVELTTue Oct 17 1995steals, deals, and wheels
494.035TEPTAE::WESTERVELTThu Oct 19 1995ergonomics
495.061ALFA2::DWESTWed Nov 01 1995Bobby speaks on the future... sort of... believe it if you need it...
496.03--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 10 1995
497.0272TRLIAN::DUGGANMon Nov 13 1995The Official Poll Note
498.040AITRNG::DWESTMon Nov 13 1995good deadhead deed for the day (tm)... a list, not a poll!
499.010STAR::ECOMAN::DEBESSTue Nov 14 1995shall we call IT by a name
500.011WMNIST::DELROSARIOFri Nov 24 1995Farewell, New England.....:^(
501.074STAR::ECOMAN::DEBESSThu Nov 30 1995WITH a net
503.04SIOG::OSULLIVAN_DFri Dec 01 1995Bill Clinton in Ireland
504.08FOUNDR::OUIMETTEWed Dec 06 1995Non-Profit / Charities of interest to DEADheads
505.023AOSG::connor.zk3.dec.com::strobelWed Dec 20 1995Leblanc's been Scrooged
506.0248ALFA2::DWESTTue Jan 09 1996what are you listening to LATELY (as opposed to NOW))
507.06ZENDIA::FERGUSONTue Jan 09 1996sugarbush dechead pahty/ski trip in march?
508.053EVMS::ECOMAN::DEBESSWed Jan 10 1996dead pride
509.0290DELNI::DSMITHThu Jan 18 1996DECheads - The Best of Jerry
510.038STAR::OCTOBR::DEBESSWed Feb 07 1996favorite GD lyric
511.027ASDG::IDEThu Feb 08 1996Worst GD Lyrics
512.028MILKWY::HEADSL::SAMPSONFri Feb 09 1996Can Someone be a Deadhead if they weren't alive in time for a show??
513.050STAR::OCTOBR::DEBESSThu Feb 22 1996True Confessions!
514.018STAR::OCTOBR::DEBESSWed Feb 28 1996Old & In the Way - That High Lonesome Sound
515.038STAR::OCTOBR::DEBESSWed Feb 28 1996Be a kid again
516.010REFINE::COHENThu Mar 14 1996Dick's Picks 4
517.027REFINE::COHENThu Mar 14 1996Phish notes group????
518.014BINKLY::CEPARSKIFri Mar 22 1996Mixed Up Tree Announcement
520.0142QUOIN::BELKINTue Mar 26 1996Robert Hunter's personal archives homepage
521.054NAC::TRAMP::GRADYWed Mar 27 1996Dance!
522.06TEPTAE::WESTERVELTFri Mar 29 1996politics
523.0153JARETH::LARUFri Apr 05 1996Interesting Places (URLs) on the WWWeb
524.060NECSC::LEVYSat Apr 13 1996Best of Jerry - Volume 1 - Tape Tree
525.01NECSC::LEVYTue Apr 16 1996Walk for Hunger - '96
526.0230SALEM::FEDELEMon Apr 22 1996the Further Festival 1996
527.071PCBUOA::LEBLANCCThu Apr 25 1996Full Moon Fever! June 1
528.0130REFINE::COHENTue May 21 1996Phish -- Clifford Ball
529.072EVMS::OCTOBR::DEBESSWed May 29 1996Dick's Picks V
530.039RAGE::JCWed Jun 05 19961
531.039STAR::64881::DEBESSMon Jun 10 1996Mystery Box
532.012KAOM25::BARRTue Jun 25 1996Touch of Grey
533.016ASDG::MCNAMARATue Jul 09 1996'twas one year ago today...
534.035ASDG::MCNAMARAThu Jul 18 1996August 8th Rolling Stone
535.010NETRIX::"joydip@yurnxt.nqo.dec.com"Wed Jul 24 1996Looking for "Ashes ashes all fall down?"
536.022TEPTAE::WESTERVELTWed Jul 31 1996allmans tape tree?
537.03NETRIX::"mkots3::taillon@dec.com"Mon Aug 05 1996Phish and the Dead
538.0115NETRIX::"mkots3::taillon@dec.com"Mon Aug 05 1996Phish (not seafood)
539.01TEPTAE::WESTERVELTThu Aug 08 1996post office
540.035RAGE::JCMon Aug 19 1996Fall '96 DEChead camping trip (East)
541.018STAR::64881::DEBESSWed Aug 21 1996not fade away?
542.0107HELIX::CLARKTue Aug 27 1996Next from the Vault [series]
543.021TOLKIN::OSTIGUYMon Sep 09 1996Next Time You See Me...
544.032STAR::64881::DEBESSTue Sep 24 1996Missing Man Formation with Vince Welnick
545.011EVMS::OCTOBR::DEBESSTue Oct 08 1996when Jerry looked you in the eyes
546.013NECSC::LEVYMon Oct 14 1996Dicks Picks 6
547.0LJSRV2::JCFri Oct 18 1996Funny things heard on audience tapes
548.059RDVAX::LEVYMon Nov 25 1996PHISH - New Year's run
548.022ALFA2::DWESTTue Oct 22 1996things that are cool
549.023LJSRV2::JCWed Dec 04 1996cliiford ball tape tree
549.014ALFA2::DWESTTue Oct 22 1996things that suck
550.063JARETH::LARUWed Dec 11 1996Group Donation?
550.06NETRIX::danWed Oct 23 1996Goodbye...
551.015SPECXN::BARNESTue Dec 31 19961st Note of 1997! (early, but what the HEY NOW!!
552.0NETRIX::"hardikarj@ako.dec.com"Fri Jan 03 1997Looking for a drummer for jams
553.031LJSRV2::JCThu Jan 16 1997prepare for departure and crosscheck
554.05EVMS::OCTOBR::DEBESSMon Feb 03 1997Dick's Picks 7
555.011EVMS::OCTOBR::DEBESSMon Feb 03 1997Terrapin Station
556.09TRLIAN::DUGGANThu Feb 06 1997Coming to New Hampshire soon...
557.018JARETH::LARUMon Feb 10 1997Everyday Addictions
558.023QUOIN::BELKINWed Feb 19 1997Dicks Picks 7
559.040TEPTAE::WESTERVELTWed Feb 26 1997When you're happy... when you're sad
560.073BINKLY::CEPARSKIMon Mar 03 1997Robert Hunter Spring '97 Setlists
561.04TEPTAE::WESTERVELTTue Mar 04 1997party Sat with Wes & Karen!
562.012BINKLY::CEPARSKIWed Mar 05 1997Robert Hunter Spring '97 Setlists Only
563.021RECV::SLOANWed Mar 05 1997truckin, got my chips cashed in
564.0JARETH::LARUThu Mar 20 1997Groovy Business Opportunities
565.021FOUNDR::OUIMETTEMon Mar 24 1997Name that Book!
566.073LJSRV2::JCFri Mar 28 1997Spring DEChead camping trip?
567.0RDVAX::LEVYTue Apr 08 1997The Walk for Hunger
568.050SALEM::FEDELEWed Apr 09 1997further festival 97
569.012SUBSYS::TURCOTTEWed Apr 09 1997Summer-time Activities - 1997
570.010SEND::SLOANMon May 05 1997Calamity Sloan
571.0TEPTAE::WESTERVELTWed May 14 1997Art of the Dead in Boston
572.0108TEPTAE::WESTERVELTWed May 14 1997Summer Concerts
573.028a-1Thu May 15 1997How 'old' are you really?
574.020APACHE::ROYWed May 21 1997What a grate Memory!!!!!!
575.03HELIX::CLARKWed May 28 1997Dick's Picks 8
576.010ASDG::MCNAMARAThu May 29 1997Bob Dylan hospitalized!
577.09RDVAX::akocstdhcp1Fri May 30 1997Radiators Tape Tree Offer
578.010ASABET::DCLARKFri May 30 1997Pink Oz
579.01ASDG::MCNAMARATue Jun 03 1997Wavy Gravy come to Boston w/ new DEAD stuff!!!
580.04--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 04 1997Section Three Horde Tickets