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Conference decwet::winnt-clusters

Notice:Info directories moved to DECWET::SHARE1$:[NT_CLSTR]
Created:Thu Oct 19 1995
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:863
Total number of notes:3478
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1.07LJSRV1::KERBERTThu Oct 19 1995WELCOME to the WinNT-Clusters Notes Conference!
2.097LJSRV1::KERBERTTue Oct 24 1995Introductions
3.0LJSRV1::KERBERTTue Oct 24 1995Reserved
4.0LJSRV1::KERBERTTue Oct 24 1995Reserved
5.0LJSRV1::KERBERTTue Oct 24 1995Reserved
6.09SPANIX::ALVAROThu Jan 18 1996Documentation??
7.01OSLLAV::ARNETue Jan 30 1996Field test availability?
8.03LJSRV1::CARRThu Feb 01 1996pointer to Clusters information
9.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Feb 01 1996SCSI driver exchange?
10.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Feb 01 1996Open file failover
11.03ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Feb 01 1996failover granularity
12.09ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Feb 01 1996enforcing secondary ethernet
13.02HERON::sbudhcp14.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliFri Feb 02 1996SWXCR + Adaptec 274
14.02TYCOCH::absip23.reo.dec.com::williamsgFri Feb 02 1996External Field Test ??
15.06HERON::sbudhcp14.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliMon Feb 05 1996System Roles in NT Domain
16.011CHEFS::dmMon Feb 05 1996Functionality - SQL services ?
17.014LJSRV1::CARRMon Feb 05 1996Supported hardware listing
18.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Feb 05 1996Service Pak 3 a requirement
19.012ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Feb 05 1996Heterogenous Clusters
20.04ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Feb 07 1996KZPSA configuration
21.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Feb 07 1996Failover DLLs
22.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Feb 07 1996Wrappers for NT tools
23.07ODIXIE::SATTERFIELDWed Feb 07 1996NT-Cluster Configuration help.
24.06LEMAN::BEZENCONMon Feb 12 1996Software RAID support ?
25.02LEMAN::BEZENCONMon Feb 12 1996Does NT cluster use WINS for service advertisement ?
26.010ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Feb 12 1996Failover timing?
27.06ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Feb 12 1996Strange behaviour of failover after installation
28.0WKRP::HENRYMon Feb 12 1996what about 133, 15
29.03ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Feb 13 1996Which server owns the disks?
30.0ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Feb 13 1996Windows 95 Client and failover survival
31.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Feb 13 1996Non DEC PCs in a WNT Cluster
32.08FUTURS::CLARKMWed Feb 14 1996Distance restrictions with cluster?
33.02DIVING::DAVISThu Feb 15 1996Cabling req's for Adaptec controllers
34.08LJSRV1::CARRFri Feb 16 1996Clusters Configuration and Installation Guide - pointer to field test documentation
35.02LEXSSat Feb 17 1996COMDEX video tape
36.01GRANPA::ATKINSMon Feb 19 1996Help on Configuration
37.08ODIXIE::STUBBSATue Feb 20 1996NT Cluster Configuration
38.05FOUNDR::TEP6Wed Feb 21 1996No failover on crash - logfile included
39.03FOUNDR::TEP6Wed Feb 21 1996How to load balance?
40.03GRANPA::EHEROLDFri Feb 23 1996Configuration Planning Document ???
41.07OSLLAV::ARNESun Feb 25 1996LAN / WAN restrictions ?
42.03ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Feb 26 1996Which software has been tried and how did it behave during failover?
43.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Feb 26 1996Windows 95 task bar and failover
44.04ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Feb 26 1996Failover due to 'very busy CPU'
45.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Feb 26 1996Windows 95 client behaviour
46.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Feb 26 1996Client knowledge about cluster?
47.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Feb 26 1996How is network traffic routed to cluster?
48.03PRMSMon Feb 26 1996Need Help With HSZ4
49.03FOUNDR::TEP6Mon Feb 26 1996CFMD - TLA -> 4LA
50.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Feb 27 1996EFT1 Update -- deinstal or overwrite
51.04NETRIX::"howard.morgasen@nyo.mts.dec.com"Tue Feb 27 1996Windows NT Clustering White Paper ?
52.05ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Feb 28 1996Service Pack 4 for WNT 3.51
53.01LVOVAX::WHITEWed Feb 28 1996LAN Restrictions?!?!
54.03HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Feb 28 1996Part number and pricing for WNT cluster?
55.09COPCLU::GREGThu Feb 29 1996Why cluster over WAN?
56.0TPOVC::JERRYYEHFri Mar 01 1996NT-cluster release date and Customer how to order
57.01HGOVC::MANJREKARSun Mar 03 1996Window-NT Cluster Demo !!
58.02STUMon Mar 04 1996Failover Manager won't start !!
59.017NETRIX::"teague@ntmail.zso.dec.com"Wed Mar 06 1996The Competition
60.05TROOA::NAISHSun Mar 10 1996SQL Server & ORACLE Fail-Over Questions
61.02CHEFS::fatso.hhl.dec.com::collins_mWed Mar 13 1996"cluster ready" configuration possible?
62.03LJSRV1::CARRThu Mar 14 1996Updated Clusters information available in public directory
63.03SNOFS1::HUMMERSTONThu Mar 14 1996How to make SQL magic happen.
64.06CHEFS:: Mar 17 1996No WINS Support !!
65.06LURE::ticks.mpo.dec.com::CerlingMon Mar 18 1996How does DB failover work?
66.0PCBUOA::FENDROCKSTue Mar 19 1996Layperson's Guide to Database App Failover
67.05ASABET::nqsrv329.nqo.dec.com::feinsteinTue Mar 19 1996IP Aliasing
68.02WOTVAX::olotWed Mar 20 1996High availability data
69.0MLWS::LICHTWed Mar 20 1996FastEthernet support ??
70.02EISYFI::ISLERWed Mar 20 1996SQL Server questions
71.03MAIL2::DERISEWed Mar 20 1996Srvcs. for Mac support?
72.01LJSRV1::CARRFri Mar 22 1996Internal sites using Prioris XL and/or HX configurations
73.03LJSRV1::CARRTue Mar 26 1996Supported hardware list
74.01SCASS1::WILSONMWed Mar 27 1996KZPSA Cluster Driver
75.01GLDXWed Mar 27 1996Contacts/Users/discussions
76.01ASABET::nqsrv313.nqo.dec.com::feinsteinWed Mar 27 1996Load Balancing with IP Aliasing
77.07UTROP1::CURIAS_AThu Mar 28 1996Token ring based WinNT clusters
78.0FIREBL::LEEDSThu Mar 28 1996Rawhide support ?
79.01ULYSSE::STRATMANThu Mar 28 1996NT print service failover ?
80.03METMV3::DRGThu Mar 28 1996Support for BA362 and BA364??
81.04TENNIS::KAMThu Mar 28 1996Windows NT Product Manager's name?
82.05ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Mar 28 1996Article in German Computer Weekly newspaper (3/28/96) -- pls. comment
83.03HERON::tss12.vbe.dec.com::lalliSat Mar 30 1996NT RAID5 + Cluster Problems
85.01CUSTOM::STAFFORDTue Apr 02 1996Release date & costs??
86.02LJSRV1::CARRWed Apr 03 1996Updated hardware support list
87.05LJSRV1::CARRWed Apr 03 1996Digital Clusters for Windows NT V1.
88.010CUSTOM::STAFFORDWed Apr 03 1996Redundant HSZ4
89.06NETRIX::"b_butler@kaofs.enet.dec.com"Wed Apr 03 1996Please confirm Prioris SCSI Controllers
90.02TENNIS::KAMWed Apr 03 1996client support: Windows 3.x & Windows for Workgroup?
91.04LURE::ticks.mpo.dec.com::CerlingMon Apr 08 1996Fail-over scripting
92.01NANTES::MANACHTue Apr 09 1996Looking for NT Cluster Administrator's Guide
93.08ANNECY::POIRSON_JLTue Apr 09 1996NT cluster and RAID ?
94.03ZPAC12::MURALIWed Apr 10 1996Client / failover / alias ?
95.05LEMAN::DYSLIWed Apr 10 1996Demos for announcement day ?
96.06CGOOA::BARNABEThu Apr 11 1996no disks seen with Beta2??
97.02LEXSThu Apr 11 1996Compaq NT failover in April
98.05LJSRV1::CARRThu Apr 11 1996Beta2 Available
99.01MAIL2::DERISEThu Apr 11 1996WFW: supported TCP/IP xports?
100.02GANTRY::STAFFORDThu Apr 11 1996HSZ4
101.01METMV3::DRGFri Apr 12 1996ADAPTEC 294
102.04MOSDM::AORLOVFri Apr 12 1996Uninstalling WFW & Win 95 client?
103.011PRMSMon Apr 15 1996Microsoft Demostrates THEIR NT Cluster Product ???
104.02NETRIX::"jesper.herp@dmo.mts.dec.com"Wed Apr 17 1996Cluster client SW - what does it consist of ?
105.02STUWed Apr 17 1996Can anybody explain the license ???
106.01SCASS1::WILSONMWed Apr 17 1996UNINSTALL wants log file!
107.0BOUGY::BRAUNWed Apr 17 1996PATHWORKS cluster alias
108.02LJSRV1::CARRWed Apr 17 1996Updated information in Clusters public directory
109.04CHEFS::dmThu Apr 18 1996Clustering and Backup - tapes.
110.01VNZVThu Apr 18 1996ORACLE and NT clusters
111.05SCASS1::WILSONMThu Apr 18 1996SQL 6.5 setup help needed, pls.
112.01MQOU18::rasFri Apr 19 1996Simple narrow controller configuration, ALPHA & INTEL
113.06ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Apr 22 1996CD as cluster shared device ?
114.01SSDEVO::TTHOMPSONMon Apr 22 1996Is partitioning supported by WNT Clusters?
115.01HERON::decvtt.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliMon Apr 22 1996WINS & Clustering in NT4.
116.03WOTVAX::ADAMSThu Apr 25 1996Support for Wolfpack APIs ?
117.0BOUGY::BRAUNThu Apr 25 1996Explorer not well behaved
118.01SNOFS1::HUMMERSTONThu Apr 25 1996Adaptec 294
119.0CGOOA::BHARRISThu Apr 25 1996Subsystem RAID in V1.
120.0STUFri Apr 26 1996Only ALPHAServer 4
121.01NETRIX::"jesper.herp@dmo.mts.dec.com"Fri Apr 26 1996Cluster client SW - what does it consist of ?
122.02HERON::decvtt.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliFri Apr 26 1996Please help with the MPEG demo
123.011SNOFS1::HUMMERSTONSun Apr 28 1996Disks, what disks?
124.01MOSDM::AORLOVSun Apr 28 1996Balancing - A lot of users, one share?
125.010ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Apr 29 1996HSZ4
126.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Apr 29 1996Generic Application startup script
127.04BBIVMon Apr 29 1996Dream Machine Supported ...?
128.04MLNORO::CAMPICEMon Apr 29 1996Disk change ?
129.0VAXRIO::DJOHUB::DECATRONTue Apr 30 1996EISA Ctr in Alpha plan?
130.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Apr 30 1996Questions on contents of documentation
131.02JOBURG::16.193.Tue Apr 30 1996Availability of Adaptec AHA-2944W
132.05PTOSS1::METZTue Apr 30 1996How would you test & qualify File Share failover??
133.01VAOUWed May 01 1996Client Server News article on NT cluster
134.01REGENT::LEEWed May 01 1996Is there alias name for print queue?
135.019ZPOVC::SOONCHEONGWed May 01 1996Demo CD?
136.0NQOSThu May 02 1996Adaptec 294
137.04CHEFS::absip31.reo.dec.com::williamsgFri May 03 1996Configuration help required
138.04SNOFS1::HUMMERSTONFri May 03 1996SQL blues
139.05RCOCER::MICKOLSun May 05 1996Configuration review, please.
140.02TROOA::BROWNMon May 06 1996Database vendors (ORACLE) race to build NT clusters?
141.01CHEFS:: May 06 1996Is there a sharepoint for doc access?
142.0NANTES::MANACHTue May 07 1996Lan Manager Client ?
143.05CHEFS::BURGESSATue May 07 1996What support in v1 for Exchange?
144.01SWAM1::COHEN_ROTue May 07 1996Presentation needed - not in public directory
145.01STOSS1::SEITZTue May 07 1996Script failover object command restrictions
146.01PTOSS1::METZTue May 07 1996Is there two Bob Guilbert's?
147.02ANNECY::HUGUENIN_JMThu May 09 1996RAWHIDE (41
148.01PRMSThu May 09 1996External Field Test Availability
149.01SPANIX::ALVAROFri May 10 1996SQL 6.5 BETA is good enough to build a cluster??
150.0ALFAM7::SIEBOLDFri May 10 1996Reference Sites
151.06ALFAM7::SIEBOLDFri May 10 1996Non Digital Platforms
152.01EEMELI::KARPPINENFri May 10 1996Adding new device to share SCSI bus
153.02NETRIX::"theodore.mochel@aty.mts.dec.com"Fri May 10 1996netware file service support
154.01NQOSFri May 10 1996Shared, wide, shadowed disks?
155.04LIKWOW::PACEFri May 10 1996Help with a demo setup using BA346
156.06MOSDM::AORLOVSun May 12 1996Cluster SDK?
157.03LEMAN::DYSLIMon May 13 1996NT cluster with 2 * 41
158.0LJSRV1::CARRMon May 13 1996Announcing Digital Clusters for Windows NT V1.
159.0STOSS1::SEITZMon May 13 1996Can an Oracle client failover?
160.0MS31Wed May 15 1996Public showing of NT Clusters
161.06COPCLU::GREGWed May 15 1996Support for RAIDarray 31
162.02CGOOA::OWONGWed May 15 1996Win 95 System Monitor shows 1
163.01PTOSS1::METZWed May 15 1996Configuration/Setup for secondary ethernet controller needed
164.01IJSAPL::ESSERWed May 15 1996Any help on TCP service
165.06LJSRV1::CARRMon May 20 1996Beta2 Update kit available
166.01EISYFI::ISLERTue May 21 1996Transfering Internal RAID to External RAID for Cluster sypport
167.02ZPOVC::SOONCHEONGTue May 21 1996failback did not occur
168.05ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed May 22 1996Private network for cluster server comms
169.03MLNORO::CAMPICEWed May 22 1996Official answer for RAIDarray 31
170.02EISYFI::ISLERWed May 22 1996Optical Jukebox support for cluster
171.01ADOVWed May 22 1996Digital UNIX and WindowsNT sharing an HSZ4
172.02ULYSSE::COWBURNTue May 28 1996NT clusters over ATM
173.01GVPROD::usr18.zuo.dec.com::SOMTue May 28 1996DEC NT clusters for 3rd party Intel platforms ?
174.04NYOSS1::MONASCHWed May 29 1996Digital Clusters future
175.01COOKIE::LBROWNWed May 29 1996Shared access to disks that aren't failover objects?
176.02MOSDM::AORLOVWed May 29 1996Tuning failover time?
177.02ACISS2::SDATZMANThu May 30 1996V1.
178.03LJSRV1::KERBERTFri May 31 1996New IP address for \\NTEAST
179.09MS31Mon Jun 03 1996Clusters won't run on Celebris GL with 294
180.03SNOFS1::HUMMERSTONMon Jun 03 1996SQL Failover query
181.04ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Jun 04 1996SW41
182.011NYOSS1::MONASCHWed Jun 05 1996SCSI 294
183.03GRANPA::EHEROLDThu Jun 06 1996Delay in seeing cluster shares ???
184.02NQOSThu Jun 06 1996Beyond V1.
185.09MBALDY::LANGSTONFri Jun 07 1996add NT Cluster SQL Server to (otherwise) Token RIng Network?
186.05MBALDY::LANGSTONFri Jun 07 199616 addresses on a wide SCSI bus?
187.05NYOSS1::WHOAMI::monaschFri Jun 07 1996Error 1717 and RPC errors
188.04TMISSun Jun 09 1996Course availability?
189.02SMURF::VENKATESHMon Jun 10 1996NT cluster performance
190.06ACISS2::SDATZMANMon Jun 10 1996V1.
191.0PRIM18::LEARYMon Jun 10 1996Kudos from COMDEX in PC Week
192.09EISYFI::ISLERTue Jun 11 1996Support for Exchange and Lotus Notes??
193.04NQOSTue Jun 11 1996Failover Mgr: what does it watch, specifically?
194.02LJSRV1::CARRTue Jun 11 1996Services update for Clusters for WNT
195.0OTOUWed Jun 12 1996Good Feedback on NT Clusters
196.08LJSRV1::CARRWed Jun 12 1996Updated information in Clusters public directory
197.03CSC32::HOEPNERWed Jun 12 1996HSZ42 and NT Cluster
198.01VNZVThu Jun 13 1996INFORMIX failover
199.01STOSS1::SEITZFri Jun 14 1996automatic failover for events not monitored by cluster?
200.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Jun 14 1996Urgent need help on db failover. Thanks.
201.05HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Jun 14 1996Power failure failover ???
202.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Jun 17 1996Cluster name -- Details
203.03ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Jun 17 1996Manage Log Disk question
204.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Jun 17 1996NT Cluster and network card failure
205.03GRANPA::EHEROLDMon Jun 17 1996RAID Array 31
206.03GRANPA::EHEROLDMon Jun 17 1996Availability of RAID Array 31
207.0DECWET::CAPPELLOFMon Jun 17 1996Migrating share information
208.01SUOSWS::SCHMITTTue Jun 18 1996Supported HW in V1.
209.012LJSRV1::CARRTue Jun 18 1996Updated SUPPORT.DOC available
210.01CSC32::HOEPNERTue Jun 18 1996SQL and WNT Cluster on FRS
211.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Jun 19 1996Do we support SCSI hub?
212.023ACISS2::SDATZMANWed Jun 19 1996FRS 28 June ?
213.0GRANPA::EHEROLDWed Jun 19 1996Oracle Licensing ???
214.05GRANPA::EHEROLDWed Jun 19 1996More than 2 cluster nodes... when?
215.01ACISS2::SDATZMANThu Jun 20 1996Engineering Help Needed
216.04HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Jun 21 1996Beta 2+ problems????
217.01HLFSFri Jun 21 1996Three Simpel Questions....
218.06HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Jun 21 1996how to remove SQL Server stored procedure?
219.0HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Jun 21 1996log files on primary and secondary servers
220.0LJSRV1::CARRMon Jun 24 1996Looking for internal production sites using SQL Server, Oracle Workgroup
221.010BLAZER::MIKELISMon Jun 24 1996Installation error & Domain Questions
222.03ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Jun 25 1996MS Wolfpack --- again !?
223.05HDLITE::MIKELISTue Jun 25 1996Termination question
225.02BLAZER::MIKELISWed Jun 26 1996The Interface is unknown?
226.01BLAZER::MIKELISWed Jun 26 1996Shared drives are offline
227.01LJSRV1::CARRThu Jun 27 1996Clusters for Windows NT V1.
228.01MKOTS3::HAHNThu Jun 27 1996KZPSA / HSZ4
229.0LJSRV1::GOODMANFri Jun 28 1996Additional instructions for UPGRADING to V1.
230.01TYCOCH::absip27.reo.dec.com::williamsgSun Jun 30 1996Final Kit Pointer??
231.01SWETSC::NORDBERGMon Jul 01 1996SMS to distribute Client s/w
232.06CITYFS::HIGGSTue Jul 02 1996Browse error with Windows 95 client
233.03ACISS2::SDATZMANTue Jul 02 1996S/W-based RAID revisited
234.01ACISS2::MARESWed Jul 03 1996What about CMD RAID arrays?
235.0HERON::decvtt.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliThu Jul 04 1996Suggestion: NT from us get free cluster?
236.010WOTVAX::sewolc.olo.dec.com::clowescThu Jul 04 1996TCP/IP sub net support
237.0EEMELI::KARPPINENThu Jul 04 1996Not using PDC, password problem ?
238.03HERON::decvtt.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliFri Jul 05 1996Feedback on SQL6.5 Failover
239.0ALFAM7::SIEBOLDFri Jul 05 1996Windows NT Cluster Support in Europe
240.02HERON::decvtt.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliTue Jul 09 1996SNMP Support for NT Cluster
241.02LJSRV1::CARRTue Jul 09 1996Configuration Hints and Tips
242.03CGOOA::BARNABETue Jul 09 1996RAID 41
243.01DECWET::LEESWed Jul 10 1996Failover Scripts
244.01STOSS1::SEITZThu Jul 11 1996are failover times still adjustable?
245.02LJSRV1::GOODMANThu Jul 11 1996Clusters for WNT Training Materials
246.0TKOV51::TATSUKAWAFri Jul 12 1996Q>About Oracle Enterprise Server
247.09OSLLAV::ARNESun Jul 14 1996Problem installing Alpha cluster
248.04ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Jul 16 1996WNT Cluster reference sites
249.01OSLLAV::ARNETue Jul 16 19962 practical questions...
250.03GUIDUK::HEALYTue Jul 16 1996ODBC Can't Connect to SQL Database on Cluster
251.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Jul 17 1996Storage Works cabinets --- which are REALLY supported ??
252.01GRANPA::ATKINSWed Jul 17 1996FMSTAT & CLUSTAT Missing from CD-DIST
253.01ZPAC12::MURALIMon Jul 22 1996SQl data cache failover ?
254.01CSC32::STUBAI::T_FISHELMon Jul 22 1996Adding PCI nodes to an existing cluster
255.01CSC32::STUBAI::T_FISHELMon Jul 22 1996Network Binding
256.03STUMon Jul 22 1996Stripeset with BA35
257.06ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Jul 23 1996Missing files on kit (but needed for support) ???
258.02GRANPA::EHEROLDTue Jul 23 1996tcp/ip failover support plans ???
259.013BLAZER::MIKELISTue Jul 23 1996perfmon not collecting disk stats on shared disks
260.013OSLLAV::ARNETue Jul 23 1996CFM using all CPU on ALPHA
261.03STOSS1::SEITZWed Jul 24 1996How much memory does client code use?
262.07CSC32::R_SOMBERGWed Jul 24 1996Hidden shares
263.02LURE::lurent.mpo.dec.com::CerlingWed Jul 24 1996Outdated slide in CUSTFIN.PPT
264.0STOSS1::SEITZWed Jul 24 1996V1.1 PID?
265.04QCAVFri Jul 26 1996Clusters for NT Training.
266.03TPOVC::ALLENCHENMon Jul 29 1996Real Load Balance of WNT Cluster ?
267.05ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Jul 29 1996Adaptec SCSI controller and correct bios revision
268.01COPCLU::TRANHOLMTue Jul 30 1996HSOF v. 3.
269.06HOPFEN::DIETRICHTue Jul 30 1996shared drive not in drive list box of MS Word
270.03PRIM18::LEARYTue Jul 30 1996Private Ethernet part number ?
271.03OSLLAV::ARNETue Jul 30 1996Some problems on NT-cluster
272.02OSLLAV::ARNETue Jul 30 1996How do I change/add network card.
273.03STUWed Jul 31 1996Written Answer
274.0LJSRV1::GOODMANWed Jul 31 1996Swapping out one of the Servers in the Cluster
275.05MSE1::PCOTEWed Jul 31 1996KZPSA not supported behind PCI bridge
276.06CSC32::R_SOMBERGWed Jul 31 1996Non-Prioris clients
277.02SSMPRD::DBROWNThu Aug 01 1996Will cluster s/w run on other Alpha systems
278.0HOTAIR::UNSWORTHFri Aug 02 1996A number of issues...
279.01CSC32::STUBAI::T_FISHELFri Aug 02 1996Multiple HSZs on the same shared SCSI bus.
280.03CSCMA::HODGEFri Aug 02 1996Failover for Macintosh clients, Macintosh volumes?
281.0OTOUFri Aug 02 1996Simplify Client SW Install ??
282.06MANMSun Aug 04 1996NT Cluster User DB
283.013JOBURG::RYANMon Aug 05 1996NT4 ?
284.04SSMPRD::DBROWNMon Aug 05 1996Cluster Admin Guide???
285.04OTOUMon Aug 05 1996Prioris LX Supported ?
286.0CSC32::HOEPNERTue Aug 06 1996SQL Server, extend device and Clusters
287.0OTOUTue Aug 06 1996Clusters and Backup Vendor Pkgs ?
288.07ISTWI1::OZILTue Aug 06 1996OS2 support
289.0SSMPRD::DBROWNWed Aug 07 1996Mistake in Config, Inst Guide
290.05HOTAIR::UNSWORTHWed Aug 07 1996Fast Ethernet support
291.02HOTAIR::UNSWORTHWed Aug 07 1996Hardware qualification?
292.01HOTAIR::UNSWORTHWed Aug 07 1996Support for dual rail nets and SCSI
293.01PARVAX::YANAGIWed Aug 07 1996SQL bcp failover???
294.01EEMELI::KARPPINENWed Aug 07 1996Need the RAID Array 31
295.03STUWed Aug 07 1996Problems when DECnet is running ??
296.07OTOUThu Aug 08 1996RAID 31
297.01CIVPR1::SIMMONSThu Aug 08 1996Don't see Perf Mon counters for cluster/HSZ4
298.02LURE::lurent.mpo.dec.com::CerlingFri Aug 09 1996Client software problem
299.04CSC32::R_SOMBERGFri Aug 09 1996Client across routers
300.04HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Aug 09 1996Simultaneous use of SQL Server on both server???
301.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Aug 09 1996How to set up IIS on cluster?
302.04NQOSMon Aug 12 1996Client Cluster Administrator?
303.01LURE::CERLINGMon Aug 12 1996Failed SCSI experiment
304.03LJSRV1::GOODMANMon Aug 12 1996Host functionality on the RAID 41
305.03BLAZER::MIKELISMon Aug 12 1996data area passed to a system call is too small
306.03ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Aug 12 1996Interesting/Strange behaviour after cluster installation
307.03OSLLAV::ARNETue Aug 13 1996The Cluster network is confusing
308.03GIDDAY::argus.stl.dec.com::HARKNESSWed Aug 14 1996Failover ownership from within Cluster Admin?
309.01COPCLU::cpc253.dmo.dec.com::riedelWed Aug 14 1996Virus on NT Cluster Demo CD
310.03BLAZER::MIKELISWed Aug 14 1996Problems with RAID 41
311.04TPOVC::JOHNNYHOThu Aug 15 1996RAID 31
312.01NQOSThu Aug 15 1996Problem with WINS defined but unavailable
313.04LJSRV1::CARRThu Aug 15 1996Announcing StorageWorks Platform Kits for Digital Clusters for Windows NT V1.
314.04UNITED::FODDYMon Aug 19 1996Security at Failover | Hidden shares
315.03BESMon Aug 19 1996Lost Delayed - Write Data
316.01GIDDAY::nzpc1Mon Aug 19 1996Clusters & NT Primary Domain Controllers
317.02DEKVC::SUNGJAEPAEKTue Aug 20 1996Difference between Digital PC Server and Others
318.0LJSRV1::CARRTue Aug 20 1996Virus in Clusters public directory: Storageworks Sales Update article
319.03ACISS1::TSUCHIYAMATue Aug 20 1996Hi-availability NT Cluster config?
321.01LJSRV1::CARRWed Aug 21 1996Updated support.doc available
322.01BLAZER::MIKELISWed Aug 21 1996CLuster Client software only needed for alias support?
323.04CIVPR1::SIMMONSThu Aug 22 1996Cluster support for volume sets, partitions ?
324.08CIVPR1::SIMMONSFri Aug 23 1996Adding *new* disks to the Cluster
325.03CIVPR1::SIMMONSFri Aug 23 1996CLUPATCH.ZIP ?
326.06MAIL2::DERISEFri Aug 23 1996Implementing file share groups?
327.05GRANPA::ATKINSFri Aug 23 1996SQL/ORACLE Failover Config
328.01LJSRV1::GOODMANTue Aug 27 1996September Wizards Training
329.03HOBBLE::ROTHKUGELTue Aug 27 1996NT Cluster on 41
330.02SUTRA::ICE::batsWed Aug 28 1996Interesting advertisement claiming that we support NT 4.
331.0STUWed Aug 28 1996Some client questions ???
332.01UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MThu Aug 29 1996DHCP failover ?
333.04OHFSS1::STREKThu Aug 29 1996AlphaServer 4
334.02FROCKY::KRIEBELFri Aug 30 1996NT Client Problem
335.01STKAI1::ELFGRENMon Sep 02 1996Token Ring Clients?
336.0OTOUMon Sep 02 1996SQL Server 6.5 SP1 Now Available
337.04LJSRV1::CARRTue Sep 03 1996Digital Clusters for Windows NT V1.
338.03lscf14.frs.dec.com::sattlerWed Sep 04 1996Can't install Office 7.
339.06ODIXIE::ROWENWed Sep 04 1996hszdisk driver fails then works on retry?
340.01MKOTS3::HAHNWed Sep 04 1996PATHWORKS DOS/Win Client Support?
341.01EISYFI::ISLERWed Sep 04 1996Multiple network cards in a cluster?
342.016MAIL2::DERISEWed Sep 04 1996Question on Dual HSZs
343.02TROOA::MSCHNEIDERThu Sep 05 1996mixed NT versions in cluster?
344.03STKAI1::ELFGRENFri Sep 06 1996Lotus Notes?
345.09COPCLU::RISTOFri Sep 06 1996Admin tools slower after cluster client
346.01CIVPR1::SIMMONSFri Sep 06 1996Is Clusters supported w/ HSZ4
347.03GUIDUK::MCCANTASun Sep 08 1996Intel boxes and HSZ4
348.03SUTRA::FRANCOISSun Sep 08 1996share disk does not want to spin up
349.01ZPOVC::CSNAQSSun Sep 08 1996Network Ping/SCSI Ping on NT Cluster ?
350.04KERNEL::GARDNERNMon Sep 09 1996SQL, SMS and server roles etc.
351.01CSC32::STUBAI::T_FISHELMon Sep 09 1996Private network failover scenario
352.04KERNEL::GARDNERNTue Sep 10 1996% disk space lost as an overhead?
353.02NETRIX::"Davisth@mail.dec.com"Tue Sep 10 1996NT Cluster Slides Needed
354.015OTOUWed Sep 11 1996PC Week Article NT Clusters
355.05OSLLAV::ARNEWed Sep 11 1996What is the status and plans for V1.1
356.09VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Sep 11 1996Most redundant system possible?
357.0TENNIS::KAMWed Sep 11 1996config questions for 21
358.02EEMELI::ELEPOLAThu Sep 12 1996Sockets in NT-cluster
359.01OSLThu Sep 12 1996WNT Cluster, is this supported?
360.04CSC32::STUBAI::T_FISHELFri Sep 13 1996Replacing shared disk
361.03FROCKY::KRIEBELSat Sep 14 1996no Disconnect for NT Clients ?
362.02CIVPR1::SIMMONSMon Sep 16 1996When does CHKDSK/F run if since shared disk not avail at boot time
363.04BLAZER::MIKELISTue Sep 17 1996How to know if an app is suited for clusters
364.0FOUNDR::DODIERTue Sep 17 1996Seeing HSZ disks from NT console
365.08ZPAC12::MURALIWed Sep 18 1996Private network question ?
366.0ACISS2::ECKWed Sep 18 1996application failover cc:mail?
367.0VNACO1::BOSTERSWed Sep 18 1996LANA numbers?
368.0HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Sep 18 1996DHCP failover on clustering?
369.02HGOVC::PATRICKNGWed Sep 18 1996Web Server and Exchange support?
370.04BBPBV1::WALLACEThu Sep 19 1996Basic q re dual host and HSZ4
371.01ATYISA::ABULIUSThu Sep 19 1996ATM & WintNT-Clusters
372.01CSC32::STUBAI::T_FISHELThu Sep 19 1996SQL client access
373.01TENNIS::KAMFri Sep 20 19962nd ethernet-can it be used for LAN/WAN traffic?
374.06STKAI1::ELFGRENFri Sep 20 1996KZPSA driver for 4.
375.03OTOOA::JPONDFri Sep 20 1996SCSI ID conflict between KZPSC and KZPSA.
376.0NQOSFri Sep 20 1996SWXRA-Z2 support
377.025LJSRV1::CARRSun Sep 22 1996Update on V1.
378.02NQOSMon Sep 23 1996NT 4.
379.0NETRIX::"Klaus.christensen@dmo.mts.dec.com"Tue Sep 24 1996Performance degredation
380.02NETRIX::"Klaus.christensen@dmo.mts.dec.com"Tue Sep 24 1996Performance degredation
381.0EEMELI::KARPPINENTue Sep 24 1996Client performance again
382.03OSLLAV::ARNETue Sep 24 1996Problems with V1.
383.08AEOENG::LEHYTue Sep 24 1996Private network vs Enterprise Network
384.02CIVPR1::SIMMONSTue Sep 24 1996Can NT be upgraded w/ 1.
385.02KAOFS::W_VIERHOUTTue Sep 24 1996Load Sharing??
386.05COLES1::ESGWed Sep 25 1996quite client installation???
387.07GECWed Sep 25 1996SQL Server configuration Questions...
388.01STUWed Sep 25 1996Printshare Failover ?
389.01COLES1::ESGThu Sep 26 1996network cards and failover problem
390.04ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Sep 26 1996Strange behaviour of DIskmanager in a clustered system
391.05ACISS1::BARELLAThu Sep 26 1996CLUSTER SP1 + SQL BUG??
392.06ACISS2::SDATZMANThu Sep 26 1996Windows NT Magazine Coverage
393.03HERON::decvtt.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliThu Sep 26 1996V1.
394.05CIVPR1::SIMMONSFri Sep 27 1996USSP5 NT Service PAck 5 deletes Cluster files
396.0LJSRV1::CARRSun Sep 29 1996AlphaServer 4
397.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Sep 30 1996Digital Cluster vs Microsoft Clusters (aka relationship, selling, etc)
398.01STKAI1::ELFGRENWed Oct 02 1996One company, many contradictory messages
399.03ATYISB::MIRGHANEThu Oct 03 1996cannot reach ljsrv1 any more
400.0EVOCDG::MHAMDIThu Oct 03 1996Oracle Entreprise Server
401.01NCMAIL::LEFFLERMThu Oct 03 1996LAN TIMES article
402.03CIVPR1::SIMMONSFri Oct 04 1996Problems with SP1 and dual-controller HSZ4
403.03NQOSFri Oct 04 1996WINS and NT CLUSTERS
404.05MAIL2::DERISEFri Oct 04 1996Clariion - HELP!
405.03EVTAI1::63668::QUENARDMon Oct 07 1996File permissions problem .
406.011JULIET::SMITH_PMon Oct 07 1996V1.
407.01BLAZER::MIKELISMon Oct 07 1996Pointer
408.01CIVPR1::SIMMONSTue Oct 08 1996IP filaover- How will it work ?
409.04SWETSC::NORDBERGTue Oct 08 1996More IP subnet using more NIC's
410.0LJSRV1::GOODMANTue Oct 08 1996Cluster Class at AK
411.0CHEFS::THOMSONJWed Oct 09 1996sms script ?
412.07SWETSC::NORDBERGWed Oct 09 1996Arcada and Cluster..
413.0SCASS1::WILSONMWed Oct 09 1996SQL Failover works.
414.03VAXSPO::YUKARIWed Oct 09 1996IFT or EFT for V1.1 (When?)
415.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Oct 10 1996Cluster protocol overhead
416.05NQOSThu Oct 10 1996Lotus Notes Support for NT Clusters
417.02CSC32::STUBAI::T_FISHELThu Oct 10 1996Error on Oracle failover
418.01TKOV51::SATO_TThu Oct 10 1996Q: Oracle7 on NT Cluster
419.012FROCKY::KRIEBELFri Oct 11 1996MS OFFICE drive-letters trouble again ???
420.01CIVPR1::SIMMONSSat Oct 12 1996Changing ClusterAdmin password ?
421.0ALFAM7::SIEBOLDSun Oct 13 1996Applications running from cluster share ?
422.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDSun Oct 13 1996Cluster management via SNMP
423.0ALFAM7::SIEBOLDSun Oct 13 1996Heartbeat works but nothing else --- is this possible?
424.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Oct 14 1996Service pack 1 feedback
425.06RTOMS::dhcp-2Mon Oct 14 1996IP failover issues, V1.1
426.01PCBUOA::FITZGERALDMMon Oct 14 1996Could Public and Cluster Networks be weighted?
427.04AEOENG::LEHYTue Oct 15 1996What is Oracle V7 Workgroup /2
428.02NETRIX::"Sven.Nilsson@ots.mts.dec.com"Tue Oct 15 1996Too hot on our web...
429.0ADOVTue Oct 15 1996File share fail-over via NetBT?
430.011LJSRV1::CARRWed Oct 16 1996Updated Clusters presentations available
431.04JEREMY::OFERWed Oct 16 1996A hardware kit for Alpha ?
432.02CHEFS::16.2Wed Oct 16 1996Customer Availability Requirement
433.01NCMAIL::LEFFLERMWed Oct 16 1996adaptec on 4xxx?
434.03TAVIS::SHALOMThu Oct 17 1996Private Serial comm
435.06CHEFS::HEHIR_BThu Oct 17 1996where is SP1
436.01BARNA::DSMAILThu Oct 17 1996RZ28M-VA SUPPORT
437.01IDEFIX::COWBURNThu Oct 17 1996NT cluster over ATM ?
438.0LJSRV1::KERBERTFri Oct 18 1996Pointer to Service Pack 1 ...
439.0MSE1::MASTRANGELOSat Oct 19 1996Cnsmon.dll?? snmp agent for alpha??
440.09VNZVMon Oct 21 1996Subnets, Print queues and Netware services ???
441.010NQOSMon Oct 21 1996Lack of NT 4.
442.02NQOSMon Oct 21 1996Client Hangs when Browsing
443.03AEOENG::LEHYTue Oct 22 1996SP 1 hsz4
444.04AEOENG::LEHYTue Oct 22 1996SP1 Language Requirement for Clustered Servers
445.0TKOBE1::OIKAWAWed Oct 23 1996Well Behaved Application for Fail Over
446.04PRMSWed Oct 23 1996Adaptec 2944 Setup with Two BA356's on a single SCSI
447.0NQOSWed Oct 23 1996HSOF 3.
448.0HGOM11::TERRIZHANGWed Oct 23 1996install kit?
449.04OTOUThu Oct 24 1996SWIKT-DA Shortage ??
450.05ZPAC12::MURALIThu Oct 24 1996NT cluster between 2 ethernets ?
451.0NETRIX::"theodore.mochel@aty.mts.dec.com"Fri Oct 25 1996sales support nt
452.0NETRIX::"theodore.mochel@aty.mts.dec.com"Fri Oct 25 1996interbase from borland on nt cluster ?
453.02AEOENG::LEHYFri Oct 25 1996hszdisk v2.5, where ?
454.0LJSRV1::GOODMANFri Oct 25 1996Windows 95 bug when querying SQL databases.
455.03CSC32::S_MARTINFri Oct 25 1996KZPSA as boot device on AlphaServer 4
456.015OTOUSun Oct 27 1996Tandem NT Cluster Info ..
457.0FROCKY::KRIEBELMon Oct 28 1996misc. cluster questions ...
458.01GIDDAY::643Mon Oct 28 1996More misc questions!
459.02CITYFS::HIGGSMon Oct 28 1996Availability of a beta with WinNT 4.
460.08UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MTue Oct 29 1996FX!32 in Digital Clusters for Windows NT.
461.04STKAI1::ELFGRENTue Oct 29 1996How to upgrade to CLUSP1 ?
462.04SCASS1::HITTENMILLERTue Oct 29 1996How is the 2nd ethernet selected as the private network?
463.03MAIL2::DERISETue Oct 29 1996Word V7.
464.04SNOFS1::snopc222.pc.sno.dec.com::ATKINSROYTue Oct 29 1996Alpha config question
465.02OTOOA::rasWed Oct 30 1996Cluster SP1 with NT SP5
466.02LJSRV1::CARRWed Oct 30 1996November 1 Timebomb in V1.
467.0DECWET::LEESThu Oct 31 1996Copy Errors Installing Service Pack 1
468.0BLAZER::MIKELISThu Oct 31 1996Lotus Notes on NT Clusters Paper Available
469.0OTOOA::trp726.tro.dec.com::naishFri Nov 01 1996Demo Problems?
470.01NQOSFri Nov 01 1996NT 4.
471.06XFMVSun Nov 03 1996queries on NT clusters
472.02HGOM11::TERRIZHANGSun Nov 03 1996Failover problems
473.02EVTAI1::63668::QUENARDSun Nov 03 1996Remoteboot service doesn't start
474.01GRINCH::KALINTue Nov 05 1996Failover creates phantom drives
475.013MPOSTue Nov 05 1996Significant time increase after SP1
476.03PRMSTue Nov 05 1996Disk Administrator Shows Wrong Amount Of Free Space
477.03ZPAC12::GUESTTue Nov 05 1996Registry Editor does not update automatically
478.07CHEFS::rasmodem5.reo.dec.com::DummyWed Nov 06 1996NT Cluster V1.1 ??
479.04AEOENG::LEHYWed Nov 06 1996Oracle and named pipe questions
480.02VNACO1::BOSTERSWed Nov 06 1996Connection Timeout documentation error?
481.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Nov 07 1996Virgin Cluster Installation and SP1
482.01AEOENG::LEHYThu Nov 07 1996Where is QAR db ?
483.0LJSRV1::CARRThu Nov 07 1996Infoworld article on the state of NT Clusters
484.08ZPOVC::CSNAQSThu Nov 07 1996Fail to configure high availability of SQL database
485.01SCASS1::HITTENMILLERSun Nov 10 1996Where should failover scripts be placed?
486.01HERON::decvtt.sbu.vbe.dec.com::lalliTue Nov 12 1996Cluster Failover Manager fails if Netlogon fails
487.01OTOUThu Nov 14 1996Should prev shares exist after Clust Install?
488.02NETRIX::"gfellera@mail.dec.com"Sat Nov 16 1996W95 client problem
489.01TENNIS::KAMSun Nov 17 1996URL for Windows NT Cluster homepage?
490.01SCASS1::HITTENMILLERSun Nov 17 1996How to change computer names in NT-CLUSTERS?
491.03MOSDM::AORLOVMon Nov 18 1996NT Clusters on non-Digital Intel Platforms?
492.04LJSRV1::CARRWed Nov 20 1996Update: V1.1 schedule
493.0STKAI1::ELFGRENWed Nov 20 1996NT 4.
494.01XFMVThu Nov 21 1996query on cluster alias
495.08ODIXIE::RREEVESThu Nov 21 1996HSZ4
496.04CHEFS::BRIDPORTNThu Nov 21 1996Configuring 2 RAID Array 31
497.03LYOVFri Nov 22 1996customized failover ?
498.0EEMELI::KARPPINENFri Nov 22 1996NTEAST not available ?
499.02LYOVFri Nov 22 1996AlphaServer 3
500.0DUKBIL::VaughnFri Nov 22 1996References for Clusters with SQLserver
501.01IJSAPL::ONDERWATERSat Nov 23 1996What new functionality is planned for NT Cluster 1.1?
502.01CGOOA::ZALESKIMon Nov 25 1996Backup and cluster software?
503.03IJSAPL::ONDERWATERMon Nov 25 1996Supported NT cluster hardware list?
504.04PRMSTue Nov 26 1996Write Error With HSZ4
505.06ODIXIE::RREEVESTue Nov 26 1996Arcserve version 6.
506.02MKOTS3::HAHNTue Nov 26 1996Lotus Notes Script - How to Get It?
507.04SRVPC::UstinovThu Nov 28 1996Cluster 1.
508.0HYDRA::BRYANTMon Dec 02 1996Walker, Richer and Quinn's Protocol Stack
509.01FROCKY::KRIEBELTue Dec 03 1996re-install cluster sw ???
510.03HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Dec 03 1996Does Oracle Enterprise Server support DB Failover?
511.03STKAI1::ELFGRENTue Dec 03 1996ATM supported?
512.09LJSRV1::CARRThu Dec 05 1996Update on V1.1 Features
513.01ZPAC12::MURALIThu Dec 05 1996Alpha XL can be clustered !!
514.0SUTRA::FRANCOISFri Dec 06 1996hsz5
515.04NEOVFri Dec 06 1996Data General Clusters
516.0ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Dec 09 1996Reinstallation of WNT on Cluster server destroys cluster !?
517.01NETRIX::"nelsonma@mail.dec.com"Mon Dec 09 1996Clustering Multiuser NT
518.04ODIXIE::RREEVESTue Dec 10 1996NT CLuster News Groups ?
519.0ODIXIE::RREEVESTue Dec 10 1996Powerchute working ?
520.02ODIXIE::RREEVESWed Dec 11 1996Backup Software which Works with a Cluster
521.012VAXRIO::LEOWed Dec 11 1996WNT Cluster + RAID Array 31
522.05VAXRIO::LEOWed Dec 11 1996IIS failover on WNT Cluster
523.0SUTRA:: Dec 11 1996Vanishing shares after reboot, when certain security settings are set
524.0EEMELI::KARPPINENThu Dec 12 1996Microsoft Mail support
525.01TPSPS8::TSCMGRThu Dec 12 1996How to solve file sharing on WNT & W95 client?
526.01HGOM3Thu Dec 12 1996hgom3
527.0ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Fri Dec 13 1996COLD FUSION application failover??
528.01TYCHE::BOSTERSFri Dec 13 1996SP1 fix needed
529.01ODIXIE::RREEVESFri Dec 13 1996Dissatisfied CLuster Customer
530.04TKOVOA::ARATASun Dec 15 1996HSZ5
531.0NETRIX::"gfellera@mail.dec.com"Mon Dec 16 1996Icon's in Office for W95
532.0ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Mon Dec 16 1996Load Balancing & application failover
533.0BACHUS::VERELSTTue Dec 17 1996permissions and word problems
534.0STKAI1::ELFGRENTue Dec 17 1996STRATOS FT ???
535.05AEOENG::LEHYTue Dec 17 1996Raid Manager protection fault
536.09OTOOA::rasTue Dec 17 1996Compaq Demos Wolfpack?
537.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSWed Dec 18 1996Lotus Notes & Exchange supported ???
538.04ZPOVC::CSNAQSWed Dec 18 1996
539.0ZPOVC::CSNAQSWed Dec 18 1996Details of items in Raid 31
540.0MPOSFri Dec 20 1996V1.
541.02EVOCDG::EL_YOUSSEFITue Dec 24 1996Urgent! Big Project
542.010ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Wed Dec 25 1996Support of 4.3GB Wide Disk in NT Cluster RAID?
543.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSThu Dec 26 1996ClusterAdmin problems during Installation, Urgent!!
544.01MPOSTue Dec 31 1996A suggestion ...
545.03OTOOA::rasSat Jan 04 1997Microsoft Begins Running Of Wolfpack Beta
546.03HGOVC::PATRICKNGSun Jan 05 1997support SCSI bus failover ???
547.02OHFSS1::STREKMon Jan 06 1997Configuration assistance please
548.04TPOVC::MLTUMon Jan 06 19972 Application access same database
549.01ZPOVC::SOONHENGWed Jan 08 1997IP failover-Technical Questions
550.01MBSVAX::SLOANFri Jan 10 1997AssetWORKS/Clusters install problem.
551.03PRMSFri Jan 10 1997Software Startup On Cluster Drive fails due to time to mount cluster drive???
552.01SNOFS1::HOMULOSALLANSun Jan 12 1997Fail over of AppleTalk
553.02GOYA::ALVAROMon Jan 13 1997WAN and IP again: Could be a solution...?
554.04ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon Jan 13 1997NT Cluster V1.1 and NT Service Packs
555.06MAIL2::DERISEMon Jan 13 1997SQL Server: help
556.01CSC32::V_STROUDMon Jan 13 1997stop code on warm reboot if group is online
557.02ATYISB::MIRGHANETue Jan 14 1997Cannot reach LJSRV1
558.04ATYISB::MIRGHANETue Jan 14 1997Raid Array 31
559.02OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PWed Jan 15 1997Problems starting MS Project when using Cluster Alias
560.03NETRIX::"sukru.ergur@twi.mts.dec.com"Wed Jan 15 1997HSZ4
561.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSThu Jan 16 1997Octopus with NT cluster ?
562.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Jan 16 1997Cluster with additional Backoffice stuff ?
563.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDFri Jan 17 1997Hiden shares again...?
564.02OTOUFri Jan 17 1997New RAID drivers and firmware ?
565.0BBOSun Jan 19 1997NT client install problems
566.02NETRIX::"klaus.christensen@dmo.mts.dec.com"Mon Jan 20 1997Failover is sloooowwwww...
567.04LJSRV1::CARRTue Jan 21 1997Digital Clusters for Windows NT Training schedule
568.07TOSSUB::SABBADINTue Jan 21 1997Cluster NT doubts, questions and ...help...
569.05NETRIX::"moore@stl.dec.com"Tue Jan 21 1997Cluster Service Pack 2???
570.03STKAI1::ELFGRENWed Jan 22 1997WP API supported?
571.03NETRIX::"roland.beck@aui.mts.dec.com"Wed Jan 22 1997NT Cluster @Pro Staff ??
572.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSThu Jan 23 1997SQL database NOT failing over
573.01NETRIX::"wetter@mail.dec.com"Thu Jan 23 1997NT cluster and oracle
574.01NETRIX::"wetter@mail.dec.com"Thu Jan 23 1997
575.04NQOSThu Jan 23 1997Will v1.1 allow SQL joins across cluster nodes?
576.02LJSRV1::GOODMANThu Jan 23 1997Beta V1.1 course materials
577.07ZPOVC::CSNAQSThu Jan 23 1997Clients Not able to locate the shared database
578.0NETRIX::"davidliu@hgcsFri Jan 24 1997Can Publication DB contains on a Shared Disk?
579.0VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WFri Jan 24 1997Probl. with MS ACCESS on cluster
580.010AEOENG::16.4Fri Jan 24 1997FTbeta 1.1 pbs
581.03HOTAIR::UNSWORTHMon Jan 27 1997DHCP Failover experience
582.04NETRIX::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Mon Jan 27 1997When 1.1 will be released?
583.03EVTAI1::clpwnt.evt.DEC.COM::QUENARDWed Jan 29 1997Cluster client application problem ?
584.01NETRIX::"mattacchione@romtss.rio.dec.com"Wed Jan 29 1997Mismatch under disk admistrator ?
585.02MKOTS3::HAHNWed Jan 29 1997RAID
586.03HGOVC::CHRISTSANGWed Jan 29 1997NT-cluster support for Internet softwares
587.0STUWed Jan 29 1997After failover W95 client problem
588.01STUWed Jan 29 1997Print failover again !!!!!!
589.04ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEThu Jan 30 1997Quorum problem?
590.012IJSAPL::ONDERWATERThu Jan 30 1997Problems with RAIDArray 31
591.02BIGCHZ::EZZELLFri Jan 31 1997Cluster Client Technical Info Needed
592.02274Sun Feb 02 1997Replication of Shared Database on local disk
593.012274Sun Feb 02 1997Replication of shared database to local disk
594.02FROCKY::KRIEBELMon Feb 03 1997NT Cluster over Routers ? when ?
595.05SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRMon Feb 03 1997EMC Storage
596.02ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEMon Feb 03 1997Cluster scratch disk and reconfigure
597.02NQOSMon Feb 03 1997NT Cluster questions from a (potential) customer
598.02IJSAPL::ONDERWATERTue Feb 04 1997Any RAIDArray 31
599.03CSC32::HOEPNERTue Feb 04 19973.51 WNT and 1.1 Clusters
600.06DEKVC::JAEYONGPARKWed Feb 05 1997SQL replication on CLUSTER
601.01ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEThu Feb 06 1997Change cluster name
602.02CSC32::HOEPNERThu Feb 06 1997Extended SQL devices and failover.
603.01ACISS2::SDATZMANThu Feb 06 1997Upgrade Cluster to Dual HSZ4
604.05BIGCHZ::EZZELLThu Feb 06 1997How many shared SCSI buses?
605.02SNOFS1::HUMMERSTONThu Feb 06 1997MS-SQL 6.5 and V1.1
606.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Feb 06 1997Mixed architecture bug fixed in NT V4.
607.01CHEFS::vfr75Fri Feb 07 1997Cluster Client W95 Questions
608.0CIVPR1::SIMMONSFri Feb 07 19972 NIC cards on one subnet?
609.01TLAVFri Feb 07 1997couldn't access shared if failover to the other server
610.02CSC32::HOEPNERSat Feb 08 1997WOLFPACK and NT CLUSTERS planning
611.01TLAVSat Feb 08 1997pointer to V1.
612.04SCASS1::WILSONMMon Feb 10 1997WinNT Clu only nonWan solution?
613.03HGOVC::CHRISTSANGMon Feb 10 1997NT cluster support for Internet mail server
614.01DEKVC::JAEYONGPARKTue Feb 11 1997V1.1 support Normandy?
615.05ADOVTue Feb 11 1997RA31
616.03NETRIX::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Tue Feb 11 1997PWS Intel/Alpha support NT Cluster now ??
617.01TYCHE::BOSTERSWed Feb 12 1997Cluster Client and MS SMS
618.01AEOENG::16.4Thu Feb 13 1997IP failover using R-arp ?
619.02CSC32::STUBAI::T_FISHELThu Feb 13 1997Interpreting SCSI errors from CluPort
620.01RTOMS::RTOWTE::reussFri Feb 14 19972944 UW and intel?
621.04GRINCH::KALINFri Feb 14 1997DEC part# for AHA-2944x controllers?
622.01NEWVAX::MURRAYSat Feb 15 1997Beta 1.1 Info, please
623.06ACISS2::SDATZMANMon Feb 17 1997Clust Client W95 "Find File" Prob.
624.03WOTVAX::MCERLANEVMon Feb 17 1997Help SQL running slow
625.01MSE1::PCOTEMon Feb 17 1997AlphaServer 4x
626.03NETRIX::"john.thorburn@sqo.mts.dec.com"Mon Feb 17 1997Oracle 7.2, Designer/2
627.03NEOVMon Feb 17 1997Digital Cluster & Lotus Domino
628.01FIXSR2::RUGGIEROMon Feb 17 1997Environmental Variables Alpha 21
629.07ZPOVC::SOONHENGMon Feb 17 1997Remote Cluster Administration Discussion
630.04NETRIX::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Mon Feb 17 19971.1 kit part number available ??
631.05UTRTSC::GEBUSIATue Feb 18 1997STOP:
632.01ZPOAC3::ALLIN1Tue Feb 18 1997Remote NT Client for Cluster Monitor
633.02MPOSTue Feb 18 1997Adding more disks
634.01MDRTue Feb 18 1997Maximum sessions, connections supported NT cluster
635.03MDRTue Feb 18 1997beta documentation v1.1 available ?
637.02NETRIX::"john.thorburn@sqo.mts.dec.com"Tue Feb 18 1997Oracle + Designer 2
638.02MDRWed Feb 19 1997Warning! cannot attach scsiport1 ... Error...
639.01EEMELI::KARPPINENWed Feb 19 1997Networks is going down, can the failover work's
640.02CSC32::P_BRADYWed Feb 19 1997Clusters and LPR
641.03DECWET::CAPPELLOFWed Feb 19 1997Wolfpack Schedule information
642.04DECWET::CAPPELLOFWed Feb 19 1997Wolfpack Beta Software and Digital KZPSA Drivers
643.04DECWET::CAPPELLOFWed Feb 19 1997Microsoft Exchange Clustering and Wolfpack
644.0NETRIX::"moore@stl.dec.com"Wed Feb 19 1997Comments on v1.
645.0MBSVAX::SLOANWed Feb 19 1997Wolfpack - Print Spooler...
646.04NETRIX::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Thu Feb 20 1997PowerBuilder clients supports ??
647.03MBSVAX::SLOANThu Feb 20 1997ISS Server under Wolfpack.
648.01NETRIX::"garciaju@mail.dec.com"Thu Feb 20 1997FMDISK and FMLIB
649.03ACISS1::TSUCHIYAMAThu Feb 20 1997Negative feedback on Octopus in PC Week column
650.05LEXSFri Feb 21 1997need help with "Enroll" proceedure
651.08TPOMC2::DAVIDHSIEHSun Feb 23 1997NT Cluster support NT 3.51 Chinese version?
652.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Feb 24 1997Upgrade of HSZ4
653.0FLYWAY::SCHNYDERTue Feb 25 1997How much memory needs the client software ?
654.02USCTR1::LESLIETue Feb 25 1997RA31
655.07STOSS1::KUTZTue Feb 25 1997Digital NT Clusters to Wolfpack plan
656.0LJSRV1::ILSLEYTue Feb 25 1997DIGITAL Clusters 1.1 .pdf docs
657.03BBOTue Feb 25 1997LAN NetBIOS implications ?
658.03MDRWed Feb 26 1997Win95 client need Explorer to refresh net connects
659.04MDRWed Feb 26 1997Network card, not failover ? Do a manual recover ?
660.04SPANIX::ALVAROWed Feb 26 1997Will wolfpack support Oracle enterprise?
661.01ACISS1::BARELLAWed Feb 26 1997Clust 1.1 Driver/FW list
662.01ACISS1::BARELLAWed Feb 26 1997Clust 1.1 Infos
663.02ZPOVC::MONTYWONGWed Feb 26 1997NetFrame's ClusterSystem9
664.01GOVTWed Feb 26 1997Is the Raid Array 45
665.01CRONIC::ANTROBUSThu Feb 27 1997V1.1 on network??
666.02CIVPR1::SIMMONSThu Feb 27 1997v1.1 Beta - can't see any shares
667.0OTOOA::PDONOGHUEFri Feb 28 1997Network Apps & v1.
668.03NQOSFri Feb 28 1997Running Lotus Notes as a NT Service
669.02NQOSFri Feb 28 1997ClusterAdmin needs access to FileShares???
670.03DV78Mon Mar 03 1997Many Cluster questions
671.010NETRIX::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Mon Mar 03 1997Cluster kit v1.1 postponed ??
672.04CIVPR1::SIMMONSTue Mar 04 1997Names need to be unique in 1st eight characters
673.01BSS::F_BLANDOWed Mar 05 1997Is PATHWORKS supported for client access
674.06VAXRIO::DJOPC4::SCHORThu Mar 06 1997wfw login very slow !
675.03TAVThu Mar 06 1997Dual HSZ5
676.03ULYSSE::STRATMANThu Mar 06 1997Is tehre a limit on number of partitions ?
677.01NETRIX::"mattacchione@romtss.rio.dec.com"Thu Mar 06 1997Wan functionality on v1.1
678.02ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEMon Mar 10 1997Crash doing upgrade
679.010NETRIX::"svi@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Tue Mar 11 1997NT Cluster 1.
680.04DECALP::KLAVINSWed Mar 12 1997ClusterAdministrator crashing after VC++ installed
681.01CSC32::P_BRADYWed Mar 12 1997Cluster error in event log
682.02CIVPR1::SIMMONSThu Mar 13 1997Is v1.3 the latest KZPSA driver?
683.03PRMSThu Mar 13 1997Lost File Shares Following Cluster Reboot
684.0PRMSThu Mar 13 1997Very Slow Startup Of Cluster Admin Program
685.08VAXRIO::LEOThu Mar 13 1997PCBU x StorageWorks disks on NT Cluster
686.01CSC32::G_OGLESBYThu Mar 13 1997Pathworks for WNT 4.1 fails after installing Nt Cluster 1.
687.01DECALP::KLAVINSThu Mar 13 1997Programatically check if clusters installed/running?
688.0MBALDY::BRUCEFri Mar 14 1997Prioris MX support?
689.03MDRMon Mar 17 1997Alphaserver4
690.02OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PMon Mar 17 1997Q: Is Sharefix (for slow failover - note 475) in SP2???
691.03ACISS2::SDATZMANMon Mar 17 1997Part Number(s) for Version 1.1 ?
692.09MKOTS3::HAHNMon Mar 17 1997HSZ5
693.0421272::CRISTINAMon Mar 17 1997SYBASE support
694.02CSC32::G_OGLESBYMon Mar 17 1997Need explanation for event log warning from CluCis, Listener - refusing connection
695.07OSLTue Mar 18 1997SQL Server Replication support needed....
696.07NETRIX::"moore@stl.dec.com"Tue Mar 18 1997Office document paths don't recognise cluster resources
697.01ANNECY::CAMPS_GTue Mar 18 1997European country languages support under V1.1 ?
698.02ANNECY::CAMPS_GTue Mar 18 1997Support of RZ3
699.02RTOMS::RTOWTE::reussTue Mar 18 1997Again: Which API do we support?
700.02MQOOA::rasThu Mar 20 1997Macintosh volumes on clustered failover groups
701.06NETRIX::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Thu Mar 20 1997Dual SQL setup problem on v1.1 PreBeta
702.04NETRIX::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Thu Mar 20 1997v1.
703.0MSE1::PCOTEThu Mar 20 1997SCSI command timeouts and Storage Blitz
704.01STUThu Mar 20 1997HSZDISK.SYS for SP2 + V1.1 ?
705.02CHEFS::rasmodem9.reo.dec.com::WorkBenchUserThu Mar 20 1997Intel Clusters on non-DEC servers - Has anyone tried it ?
706.02NETRIX::"bjorn.uddal@nwo.mts.dec.com"Fri Mar 21 1997Wolfpack delayed?!?!
707.06CIVPR1::SIMMONSFri Mar 21 1997Secondary server doesn't bring group online by itself
708.04LEMAN::DYSLIFri Mar 21 1997ClusterAdmin problem - cluster services not started
709.03JULIET::SMITH_PFri Mar 21 1997NT Cluster 1.1 SPD
710.04DECWET::SALLEYFri Mar 21 1997Wolfpack Beta Test
711.01NETRIX::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Sat Mar 22 1997SQL client Win32 version exists ??
712.02CHEFS:: Mar 24 1997ODBC, TCP/IP and SQL failover
713.04AEOENG::16.4Tue Mar 25 1997How to install SQL AFTER the cluster software ?
714.01NETRIX::"harrisonbc@mail.dec.com"Tue Mar 25 1997Citrix Winframe
715.03NETRIX::"petersonji@mail.dec.com"Wed Mar 26 1997banyan client and newrev crashes win95 cluster client
716.03CHEFS::vfr75Wed Mar 26 1997Win 95 Policies on client
717.07CSC32::G_OGLESBYWed Mar 26 1997Can't enroll sql database on 1.1
718.02CSC32::P_BRADYWed Mar 26 1997IP failover and Oracle
719.02IJSAPL::ONDERWATERThu Mar 27 1997Problem with cluster client upgraded from 1.
720.036ACISS1::TSUCHIYAMAFri Mar 28 1997DLM support for Wolfpack v1.
721.09OTOUSat Mar 29 1997Where is Marketing ??
722.01DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYISun Mar 30 1997Failover on WAN (NT clust V1.1)?
723.04CSC32::G_OGLESBYMon Mar 31 1997System Event error from CFS, and Oracle Listener service stopped.
724.04TAMIR::LANDSBERGWed Apr 02 1997Manual failover command line
725.09LJSRV1::GOODMANWed Apr 02 1997SQL Configuration tips for V1.1 and SP2
726.03UTRTSC::VISSERWed Apr 02 1997Dual HSZ4
727.0STOSS1::SEITZFri Apr 04 1997dual NIC cards to client net
728.02OHFSS1::STREKFri Apr 04 1997Tuxedo failover, SQL 7 and RA45
729.04NETRIX::"svi@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Sat Apr 05 1997Poor backup performance
730.01ZPOVC::SHAWNCHANMon Apr 07 1997Availability of NT-Cluster on QAD MFG/PRO
732.0TPOVC::ERICHUANGMon Apr 07 1997WNT Cluster V1.1 kit?
733.05SUOIS2::SUFPMon Apr 07 1997SQL master.dat on a shared disk???
734.0AEOENG::16.4Tue Apr 08 1997Domino on DIGITAL Clusters (1.1) guidelines. an URL
735.06NETRIX::"huertag@mail.dec.com"Tue Apr 08 1997Urgent Help in mpeg demo Cluster V1.1.
736.0CSC32::G_OGLESBYWed Apr 09 1997Able to browse Cluster alias's from Network Neighborhood/Entire Network on W95 1.1 client
737.01NETRIX::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Thu Apr 10 1997KZPSA-BB driver for NTv4.
738.05ALFAM7::SIEBOLDFri Apr 11 1997[DEC Cluster] Strange Cluster Problem with SQL
739.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDFri Apr 11 1997Nomenclature in this notesfile
740.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDFri Apr 11 1997[DEC Cluster] SQL setup
741.04MIPSBX::"Nilssons@mail.dec.com"Mon Apr 14 1997Oracle 7.2 installation checklist - pointer?
742.01ZPOVC::SOONHENGWed Apr 16 1997Help, IP engineering group
743.08MPOSWed Apr 16 1997Binaries on shared storage - Oracle
744.04TKOV6Thu Apr 17 1997Cluster config.
745.02NNTPD::"schwemerf@mail.dec.com"Thu Apr 17 1997Cluster & ServerWorks
746.0MAIL1::DERISEThu Apr 17 1997Stale memory handles?
747.07MAIL1::DERISEThu Apr 17 1997V1.1 SP1 ?
748.0NNTPD::"zofka@mail.dec.com"Thu Apr 17 1997a LOT of CDs on a Cluster
749.05NNTPD::"zofka@mail.dec.com"Thu Apr 17 1997a LOT of CDs on a Cluster
750.04NNTPD::"nilssons@mail.dec.com"Thu Apr 17 1997Access denied - cluster service do not start
751.01NNTPD::"mattacchione@romtss.rio.dec.com"Fri Apr 18 1997Fix local drive letter range
752.0NNTPD::"zofka@mail.dec.com"Fri Apr 18 1997Netware Failover with NT Cluster
753.03OHFSS1::STREKFri Apr 18 1997HCL and AlphaServer 8
754.01CSC32::V_STROUDFri Apr 18 1997DS-RZ4
755.02CSC32::J_MACGOWNSat Apr 19 1997Is there a limit on the number of shares on win95
756.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSSun Apr 20 1997Problems on Cluster V1.1, Need help Urgently!
757.01NNTPD::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Mon Apr 21 1997Dual SQL on 1.1 enroll problem
758.0MSAMMon Apr 21 19972 NIC configuration
759.01NNTPD::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Mon Apr 21 1997CliFmSqlGetDBInfoArray Error
760.05CHEFS::vfr75Tue Apr 22 1997SQL Failover problems
761.02MPOSTue Apr 22 1997Any way to clean things up?
762.01LEXSS1::lexser8.lex.dec.com::lombardiTue Apr 22 1997SQL and 1.1 possible corruption of data ...
763.010ZPOVC::MONTYWONGTue Apr 22 1997Exchange 5.
764.04HERON::BLOMBERGWed Apr 23 1997Virtual Interface ?
765.014NNTPD::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Wed Apr 23 1997Dual/Mono SQL on v1.1 with IP failover ??
766.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDWed Apr 23 1997Unsuspecting a DB
767.02ALFAM7::SIEBOLDThu Apr 24 1997[Wolfpack] Generic Wolfpack Questions
768.04ZPOVC::MONTYWONGThu Apr 24 1997Wolfpack Beta 2 schedule?
769.0NNTPD::"zofka@mail.dec.com"Fri Apr 25 1997What can be included in the "Failover" ?
770.02NNTPD::"zofka@mail.dec.com"Fri Apr 25 1997What can be included in the "Failover" ?
771.0CIVPR1::SIMMONSFri Apr 25 1997Debugging symbols for Clusters ?
772.02NNTPD::"scalella@mail.dec.com"Sun Apr 27 1997SSB Kit of Digital Cluster for WINDOWS NT.
773.01COLES1::ESGMon Apr 28 1997NT-Cluster with Firewall?
774.0CHEFS::vfr75Mon Apr 28 1997Policies/Profiles on NT Clusters
775.0NNTPD::"rdanis@rasMon Apr 28 1997AlphaServer 8
776.01COPCLU::JACOBSENTue Apr 29 1997Windows NT Clustering with mirrored disksets?
777.0NNTPD::"RiedelJ@mail.dec.com"Wed Apr 30 1997Problem with Dr Solomon Anti Virus for NT
778.011NNTPD::"sunwei@mail.dec.com"Wed Apr 30 1997share disks be offline
779.05CSC32::V_STROUDWed Apr 30 1997Quota Manager from NTP software (anyone using this?)
780.01NNTPD::"sunwei@mail.dec.com"Wed Apr 30 1997
781.05NNTPD::"liudavid@mail.dec.com"Thu May 01 1997How to access Dual Sql Servers' DB from one client.
782.03PRMSThu May 01 1997Does NT Cluster V1.1 Require A NT 4.
783.02NNTPD::"Eddy.Wang@hgo.mts.dec.com"Fri May 02 1997Further problem on dual SQL setup
784.08CSC32::G_OGLESBYFri May 02 1997NTW client can't open cluster shares
785.0SPANIX::ALVAROSun May 04 1997ClusterAdmin validation and private LAN
786.03BACHUS::LEENMon May 05 1997Access to a Digital NTCluster from Win95 is slow
787.01VYGER::JASPERTMon May 05 1997Alphaserver 3
788.03NNTPD::"Nilssons@mail.dec.com"Tue May 06 1997<DEC cluster> Event log filling up
789.0CSC32::V_STROUDWed May 07 1997Anyone using Oracle 7.3.3
790.03STOSS1::SEITZThu May 08 1997When IP socket failover for file services?
791.01BBOFri May 09 1997WFW won't browse, NTW will ?
792.03CIVPR1::copras1_port5.cop.dec.com::WHITEDASat May 10 1997WIN95 clients can't connect, system freezes
793.0STOSS1::SEITZSun May 11 1997UltraWide & HSZ7
794.03ALFAM7::SIEBOLDMon May 12 1997[WOLFPACK] Problems with creating generic application resource
795.04STOSS1::DPROSEMon May 12 1997unable to manage application via ip failover
796.0USCTR1:: May 12 1997decwet::winnt-clusters
797.03NNTPD::"garciaju@mail.dec.com"Tue May 13 1997Different SUBNET TCP/IP
798.0HGOM22::WEISUNTue May 13 1997Can NT clusters to support RZ28M-VW harddisk?
799.02TLAVTue May 13 1997Client doesn't detect SQL failover, gives wrong output
800.01NNTPD::"Nilssons@mail.dec.com"Tue May 13 1997[DEC Cluster] SQL remap drive and stored procedures..
801.0CIVPR1::SIMMONSTue May 13 1997Process occassionally hangs ins STOP/START scripts
802.01VAXSPO::TONYWed May 14 1997Long query through cluster alias hang ! ! !
803.0ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEWed May 14 1997Tipical application in a Cluster Enviroment
804.03IJSAPL::ONDERWATERWed May 14 1997Cluster support for Services for Netware??
805.02OHFSS1::STREKWed May 14 1997Dual boot Digital cluster and Wolfpack?
806.01TOPTEN::AVERBACHWed May 14 1997dac96
807.0NNTPD::"svi@iso.dec.com"Wed May 14 1997Client can't access Shares via TCP/IP
808.0542Thu May 15 1997Performance - Have I got a problem ?
809.0SWETSC::NORDBERGThu May 15 1997Tandem 64-processor Cluster
810.04ZPOVC::MONTYWONGThu May 15 1997[WOLFPACK] B2 private network setup?
811.0NNTPD::"wangeddy@mail.dec.com"Thu May 15 1997DE5
812.01HGOM3Thu May 15 1997< Order P/N for Cluster v1.1 kit>
813.01BARNA::DSMAILFri May 16 1997Token Ring,CFS,NetBIOS,WINS,Clients,TimeOut,TCP
814.0TAVEIS::SHALOMSun May 18 1997I have an answer..
815.0TAVEIS::SHALOMSun May 18 1997One more tip
816.02AEOENG::16.4Mon May 19 1997DIGITAl Clusters: SP1 for V1.1 available ?
817.02CHEFS::vfr75Tue May 20 1997NT Cluster Bluescreen Tip
818.06ACISS2::SDATZMANTue May 20 1997V1.1 + NT4.
819.01ZETHUS::FITZMAURICETue May 20 1997Wolfpack - compete or add on
820.01SLICER::RODWed May 21 1997Three (3) columns in Cluster Monitor
822.02MAIL2::DERISEWed May 21 1997Two questions
823.02DEKVC::JAEYONGPARKThu May 22 1997MX5 supported?
825.0NNTPD::"Tampelloni@mail.dec.com"Fri May 23 1997WNT 4.
826.0CIVPR1::SIMMONSFri May 23 1997Has anyone lost their Failover IP object ?
827.01ZPOVC::CSNAQSSun May 25 1997NT Cluster v1.1 & NT 4.
828.01ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon May 26 1997Can't access Cluster using SQL Client on PC
829.02SCASS1::WILSONMTue May 27 1997NT SP3/V1.1 Failover Group Problem
830.01NQOSTue May 27 1997AlphaStations supported in NT clusters?
831.02NNTPD::"mooreadrian@mail.dec.com"Tue May 27 1997Citrix Winframe 3.51, Wincenter Pro?
832.01NNTPD::"cahit.sacan@twi.mts.dec.com"Tue May 27 1997Client can not connect under failover
833.01VAXSPO::YUKARIWed May 28 1997Cluster NT / Patrol
834.01HGOVWed May 28 1997Dual SQL concern on the cluster?
835.0342Wed May 28 1997Booting from Mirror disk ?
836.01ACISS1::BARELLAThu May 29 1997Oracle Listener does not start on Failover
837.03NNTPD::"Nilssons@mail.dec.com"Thu May 29 1997<DEC cluster> SQL management in cluster
838.01ACISS1::BARELLAThu May 29 1997UNC names without Client Software
839.01NNTPD::"mooreadrian@mail.dec.com"Thu May 29 1997DECNSR 4.3 & Clusters 1.1 scheduled backups
840.04ACISS1::BARELLAFri May 30 1997SP1 for V1.1
841.01ANGST::legoe.zko.dec.com::angst.zko.dec.com::marshallFri May 30 1997Wolfpack, one or more shared SCSI busses?
842.01CSC32::V_STROUDFri May 30 1997Is the Alphaserver 8
843.0GUIDUK::HEALYFri May 30 1997Any Customers using Oracle with Clusters?
844.0ODIXIE::ROWENFri May 30 1997CC-mail ?? failover ?/?
845.03OTOUFri May 30 1997Where is updated support doc for 1.1?
846.01NNTPD::"wangeddy@mail.dec.com"Sun Jun 01 1997Successful dual Oracle cluster setup ??
847.01HLFSMon Jun 02 1997CLUIVP error on two scsibusses
848.05TYCHE::BOSTERSMon Jun 02 1997SP includes full kit?
849.0242Mon Jun 02 1997ARCserver, Management interface crashes
850.04OSEC::JOHNSONDTue Jun 03 1997Cluster Client on Hi-Note VP575
851.02EEMELI::KARPPINENTue Jun 03 1997Bying now, getting older version
852.02CSC32::P_BRADYTue Jun 03 1997V1.1 Questions.
853.01TYCHE::BOSTERSTue Jun 03 1997Order of failover objects important?
854.01NNTPD::"schwemerf@mail.dec.com"Tue Jun 03 1997Q: SP1 temporarily removed ?
855.02NNTPD::"wangeddy@mail.dec.com"Wed Jun 04 1997Two Oracle7 workgroup/enterprise server running at same time ??
856.07OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PWed Jun 04 1997Connecting to cluster shares very slow / Win95 clients
857.06OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PWed Jun 04 1997Automatic client installation using SMS required!
858.01GUIDUK::HEALYWed Jun 04 1997Notes from Installing Oracle on Cluster
859.0NNTPD::"mattacchion@mail.dec.com"Thu Jun 05 1997Update from 1.1FT to official 1.1
860.0NNTPD::"mattacchion@mail.dec.com"Thu Jun 05 1997Update from 1.1FT to official 1.1
861.01VAOUThu Jun 05 1997Exchange Failover by Vinca's StandbyServer
862.0ACISS2::DATZMANThu Jun 05 1997Changing Cluster IP addresses
863.04CHEFS::vfr75Thu Jun 05 1997Cluster Install Help Please