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Conference lgp30::christian-perspective

Title:Discussions from a Christian Perspective
Notice:Prostitutes and tax collectors welcome!
Created:Mon Sep 17 1990
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1362
Total number of notes:61362
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1.012XANADU::FLEISCHERWed Sep 19 1990Welcome from the moderators!
2.09LGP3Wed Sep 19 1990Welcome from the host system manager!
3.0164CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 19 1990Introductions
4.0413CSC32::M_VALENZAThu Sep 20 1990Responses to introductions
5.0101CSC32::M_VALENZAThu Sep 20 1990Events of Interest
6.0607CSC32::M_VALENZAThu Sep 20 1990Inspirational Quotes and Messages - comments: Note 1
7.019DECWIN::MESSENGERSun Oct 07 1990Related Conferences
8.020XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Sep 21 1990Conference rules and moderation policy
9.02017EDIT::SMITHWed Oct 03 1990The Processing Topic
10.017DECWIN::MESSENGERSun Oct 07 1990Conference Information, Pointers to Notes
11.0139CSC32::M_VALENZAWed Sep 19 1990Feminist theology
12.095CSC32::M_VALENZAWed Sep 19 1990Creation Spirituality
13.042CSC32::M_VALENZAWed Sep 19 1990Process theology
14.0430CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Sep 20 1990Celebrations and Observances
15.0162HANNAH::MESSENGERThu Sep 20 1990Christianity in the Movies
16.010ATSE::FLAHERTYFri Sep 21 1990White Eagle
17.037ATSE::FLAHERTYFri Sep 21 1990Christianity in Fiction
18.0847XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Sep 21 1990On the nature of the Bible
19.0120CSC32::M_VALENZASun Sep 23 1990Christianity and Judaism
20.034SYSTEM::GOODWINMon Sep 24 1990What's your church like?
21.083DELNI::MEYERMon Sep 24 1990What is Love ?
22.0330LABC::WALLISMon Sep 24 1990What is a Christian religion?
23.082CARTUN::BERGGRENTue Sep 25 1990Biblical Scriptures Discussion
24.018XLIB::JACKSONTue Sep 25 1990Literal interpretation of scripture
25.016SWAPIT::LAMTue Sep 25 1990Reform vs Dispensationalist?
26.036CSC32::M_VALENZATue Sep 25 1990On the question of doctrinal authority
27.0137DYPSS1::DYSERTWed Sep 26 1990Apparent errors in the Bible
28.0390CUPCSG::SMITHWed Sep 26 1990The Gulf Crisis
29.074CUPCSG::SMITHWed Sep 26 1990Abortion: the Pro-Choice View (SRO)
30.078CUPCSG::SMITHWed Sep 26 1990Abortion: The Pro-Life View (SRO)
31.01060LGP3Thu Sep 27 1990Abortion Discussion & Debate Note
32.02XANADU::FLEISCHERFri Sep 28 1990Doctrinal unity? What is the "Good News"?
33.0169CSC32::M_VALENZAFri Sep 28 1990The attributes of God
34.0443DPDMAI::HUDDLESTONFri Sep 28 1990This Notes File
35.0218ANKH::SMITHMon Oct 01 1990Situation Ethics
36.031JOKUR::CIOTOMon Oct 01 1990Redefining Christianity ???
37.023WMOIS::REINKETue Oct 02 1990LABELS
38.0148CSC32::M_VALENZATue Oct 02 1990The New Age note
39.041CSC32::M_VALENZATue Oct 02 1990Mysticism
40.033ANKH::SMITHTue Oct 02 1990What's a Soul?
41.0525EDIT::SMITHWed Oct 03 1990Religion in the News
42.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Oct 03 1990Catholics and Protestants/Protestants and Catholics
43.038EDIT::SMITHWed Oct 03 1990Value and Use of Silence
44.021JOKUR::CIOTOThu Oct 04 1990What if Jesus returned today...
45.013CSC32::M_VALENZAThu Oct 04 1990Eros
46.011SYSTEM::GOODWINFri Oct 05 1990Read the Bible to a class: Court case?
47.025CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 05 1990Cohesion and Conflict
48.030CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 05 1990American Civil Religion
49.04ANKH::SMITHFri Oct 05 1990Stewarship/Pledge Drive
50.063CLOSUS::HOESat Oct 06 1990Thanksgiving; a place to give thanks.
51.092CSC32::M_VALENZAMon Oct 08 1990English language translations of the Bible
52.06ANKH::SMITHMon Oct 08 1990High School ROTC
53.0ANKH::SMITHTue Oct 09 1990The Will of God
54.039SYSTEM::GOODWINWed Oct 10 1990Poet's corner
55.080SA1794::SEABURYMWed Oct 10 1990The Problem Of Evil
56.0108SA1794::SEABURYMWed Oct 10 1990The Attributes Of Satan
57.06DELNI::SMCCONNELLWed Oct 10 1990...Choose Jesus...
58.061CSC32::M_VALENZAWed Oct 10 1990Prayer request (SRO)
59.0103SA1794::SEABURYMWed Oct 10 1990Trinitarianism
60.080PCCAD1::RICHARDJThu Oct 11 1990Halloween, Good Or Evil ?
61.055CSC32::M_VALENZAThu Oct 11 1990Birth Control
62.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Oct 11 1990Creeds
63.024BSS::VANFLEETFri Oct 12 1990To "Pray without ceasing"
64.085CSC32::M_VALENZAFri Oct 12 1990Original Sin
65.018CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 19 1990Why is it important to you?
66.027CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Oct 22 1990Christianity and Radical Social Activism
67.0493CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Oct 16 1990Time Out (Short and Long Term)
68.016BRSISB::HAENTJENSTue Oct 16 1990Oecumenism
69.050CSC32::MORGANTue Oct 16 1990Proxy Hate (a human frailty?)
70.025SA1794::SEABURYMTue Oct 16 1990Christianity And Capitalism
71.014CSC32::M_VALENZAWed Oct 17 1990The Sermon on the Mount
72.041CSC32::LECOMPTEThu Oct 18 1990Ooops; I'm in heaven.
73.03SIMON::SZETOThu Oct 18 1990Pre-millenialism
74.055SWAM3::DOTHARD_STThu Oct 18 1990Adultery and Fornication
75.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 19 1990Fowler's Stages of Faith
76.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 19 1990On hearing the Voice of God
77.013SA1794::SEABURYMFri Oct 19 1990Christianity And The Arts
78.08SA1794::SEABURYMFri Oct 19 1990Theocracy
79.027CARTUN::BERGGRENSat Oct 20 1990Free Will - God's Will
80.049JOKUR::CIOTOMon Oct 22 1990A constitution for Christians?
81.083CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Oct 23 1990God and the Government
82.033JOKUR::CIOTOWed Oct 24 1990Is the Bible channeled?
83.029CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Oct 25 1990Why I am a _______________________
84.015ANKH::SMITHThu Oct 25 1990Born Again
85.01CUPCSG::SMITHThu Oct 25 1990Second Blessing/Perfection
86.012EDIT::SMITHFri Oct 26 1990Out of Fundamentalism - SRO
87.0296CSC32::M_VALENZAFri Oct 26 1990What is fundamentalism?
88.041CSC32::M_VALENZASat Oct 27 1990Christianity and Native Americans
89.028SALEM::MSMITHMon Oct 29 1990Liberation Theology
90.029SWAM3::DOTHARD_STMon Oct 29 1990Christianity and the African-American
91.05973DAZZEL::ANDREWSTue Oct 30 1990Christianity and Gays
92.099EDIT::SMITHTue Oct 30 1990Tolerating the Intolerant
94.036CVG::THOMPSONTue Oct 30 1990Christian Witness in a Modern World
95.09ANKH::SMITHWed Oct 31 1990Apologies & Confessions
96.084SA1794::SEABURYMWed Oct 31 1990Non-Fiction Books On Christian Topics
97.0128DECWIN::MESSENGERThu Nov 01 1990Lord, Liar or Lunatic
98.0126WMOIS::B_REINKEFri Nov 02 1990"Lite" topic
99.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Nov 02 1990Sharing your own faith journey
100.0283XLIB::JACKSONSat Nov 03 1990Comments on inspirational quotes
101.0174CSC32::M_VALENZASat Nov 03 1990Christianity on television
102.016CSC32::M_VALENZASat Nov 03 1990Charities
103.025SWAM3::DOTHARD_STMon Nov 05 1990Christianity and European whites (Gentiles)?
104.033JOKUR::CIOTOTue Nov 06 1990The death of Jesus's body
105.018EDIT::SMITHWed Nov 07 1990For Those in the Persian Gulf
106.016CHOWDA::FRANCEYWed Nov 07 1990A time of fear or a time of joy?
107.039CSC32::M_VALENZAThu Nov 08 1990Meditations
108.016CSC32::M_VALENZAFri Nov 09 1990Near-death experiences
109.02CSC32::J_WETHERNFri Nov 09 1990What do modern Jews believe about Jesus?
110.0304Sat Nov 10 1990Technically, Biblically, when is it a marriage?
111.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Nov 13 1990Private versus Public Morality
112.033CLOSUS::HOETue Nov 13 1990Technically, Biblically, when is a marriage dead?
113.018JOKUR::CIOTOWed Nov 14 1990Farewell to Digital...
114.026SWAM3::DOTHARD_STMon Nov 19 1990What is sin? What is wisdom?
115.06XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Nov 26 1990Asking for prayer for my pastor
116.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 26 1990Marriage Encounter
117.08CSC32::M_VALENZATue Nov 27 1990Canonicity
118.0109CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Nov 27 1990Missing Persons
119.014CLOSUS::HOEFri Nov 30 1990Group study Bible and Guide
120.013ANKH::SMITHFri Nov 30 1990Mistakes, Sin(s) and Unjust Systems
121.087DELNI::MEYERMon Dec 03 1990Women, what should they be?
122.091CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 06 1990The Great Portionalizing Myth
123.011WMOIS::B_REINKEMon Dec 10 1990Dinner Party
124.0108WILLEE::FRETTSTue Dec 11 1990Christianity and the Earth
125.029CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 12 1990Christmas and the giving of gifts
126.015ELMAGO::CGRIEGOThu Dec 13 1990The reason for the season.
127.013CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 19 1990If you were to die tomorrow...
128.016CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 19 1990Favorite Spiritual Music
129.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 19 1990Favorite Minister
130.010WR1FOR::ADELMAN_AAWed Dec 19 1990Church Home Compromise?
131.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 19 1990Who in the Bible do you identify with most? Why?
132.012CSC32::M_VALENZAThu Dec 20 1990Religious Publications
133.05DELNI::MEYERThu Dec 20 1990other places to discuss Christianity/the Bible
134.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 20 1990What do you think is your purpose in life?
135.021CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 20 1990Do you need church to be "religious"?
136.013CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 20 1990What spiritual goal are you reaching for?
137.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 20 1990How can one know God's will for his/her life?
138.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 20 1990Spiritual fruit
139.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 20 1990In what ways does your faith affect your life?
140.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 20 1990What is the "good news" according to you?
141.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 20 1990When do you feel closest to God?
142.08CHOWDA::FRANCEYFri Dec 21 1990Sermon for December 3
143.020CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 26 1990Keeping Christmas
144.02CLOSUS::HOEMon Dec 31 1990Happy and Peaceful New Year!
145.010CHOWDA::FRANCEYWed Jan 02 1991sermon for January 2
146.024CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jan 02 1991God's call to Ministry/Vocation
147.011POLAR::WOOLDRIDGEThu Jan 03 1991Forgive others
148.031DECWIN::MESSENGERMon Jan 07 1991Scientific Bias?
149.09LJOHUB::NSMITHMon Jan 07 1991Values Clarification
150.018LJOHUB::NSMITHFri Jan 11 1991Israel and the Palestinians
151.0142XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Jan 17 1991Armies as instruments of God's vengeance
152.022ATSE::FLAHERTYMon Jan 21 1991Can religion be an addiction?
153.017TAMARA::FLEISCHERTue Jan 22 1991seeing through the eyes of your adversary (a confession)
154.0170SA1794::SEABURYMThu Jan 24 1991Christianity And Gender Roles
155.05DELNI::MEYERThu Jan 24 1991Life on Earth: A Beginning
156.031JUPITR::NELSONThu Jan 24 1991Apparitions of Mary
157.049CSC32::C_HOETue Feb 05 1991Please pray for laid off DECies.
158.033CSC32::M_VALENZAThu Feb 07 1991SCAWD Gulfwatch bulletins
160.076CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Feb 13 1991On becoming a Conscientious Objector
161.014DELNI::MEYERThu Feb 14 1991discussion of Altruism
162.0110CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Feb 15 1991Perfection
163.049CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Feb 19 1991Memorials
164.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Feb 19 1991Your own memorial service
165.012CHOWDA::FRANCEYThu Feb 21 1991"Minding the Temple"
166.029CSC32::M_VALENZAFri Feb 22 1991Christianity and El Salvador
167.022RAVEN1::WATKINSSat Feb 23 1991ZEAL
168.0110CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Feb 27 1991Logos: the Word
169.012DELNI::MEYERFri Mar 01 1991Enlightened or Oppressed ?
170.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 01 1991Holiness/Holy Life
171.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Mar 05 1991Natural versus Unnatural
172.06CSC32::M_VALENZATue Mar 05 1991Prophets
173.012ATSE::FLAHERTYWed Mar 06 1991The Faith of Martin Luther King
174.027LJOHUB::NSMITHWed Mar 06 1991"Brutalizing" Images?
175.044SA1794::635Thu Mar 07 1991How Much Of The Gospels Is Authentic ?
176.094CSC32::M_VALENZAFri Mar 08 1991Christianity and prisons
177.01SWAM3::DOTHARD_STFri Mar 08 1991Christian and Dogon (African) correspondences...
178.013NYTPFri Mar 08 1991Streetside Preaching - good or bad?
179.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 08 1991Humility
180.061CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 08 1991Christianity and Material Wealth
181.04NYTPTue Mar 12 1991Multi-Cultural versus Ethnic Churches
182.015CGVAX2::PAINTERTue Mar 12 1991Kripalu Yoga and Center
183.021TFH::KIRKWed Mar 13 1991Evangelism
184.08CSC32::LECOMPTEThu Mar 14 1991Wives submit to your husbands.
185.026CVG::THOMPSONThu Mar 14 1991Online Bible
186.09FAVAX::NSMITHWed Mar 20 1991Reconciling Congregations (SRO)
187.016CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 20 1991Christianity and Healing
188.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 20 1991Jubilee
189.026CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Mar 21 1991Polity
190.036CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 27 1991Through the eyes of non-Christians (SRO)
191.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 27 1991The most difficult thing about being a Christian
192.023CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 27 1991Easter
194.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Mar 28 1991All God's creatures
195.018CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 29 1991Fellowship
196.0CSC32::LBDUCK::DEADERICKTue Apr 02 1991Tools needed for Bridge House
197.063CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 02 1991Piety
198.033CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 02 1991Christian Service
199.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 02 1991Blessings
200.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 02 1991The Cost of Discipleship
201.013LJOHUB::NSMITHWed Apr 03 1991Words to Support and Encourage
202.020LJOHUB::NSMITHWed Apr 03 1991Responses to String 19
203.046NYTPFri Apr 05 1991The Return of "HELL"
204.035ATSE::FLAHERTYMon Apr 08 1991On judging others...
205.064TFH::KIRKMon Apr 08 1991Guilt and Shame, Perspectives?
206.07CSC32::LECOMPTEMon Apr 08 1991Mod-r-8-rs
207.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Apr 10 1991Children and Christianity
208.026POLAR::WOOLDRIDGETue Apr 09 1991Love
209.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 09 1991Submission
210.07LJOHUB::NSMITHWed Apr 10 1991Assertiveness
211.09OLDTMR::FRANCEYWed Apr 10 1991the third Sunday of Easter
212.071CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Apr 12 1991Christianity and humor
213.0552CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Apr 15 1991The Official Prayer Request Note
214.019FLOWER::HILDEBRANTWed Apr 17 1991Baptism
215.015CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Apr 18 1991Foundations of your faith
216.041WILLEE::FRETTSFri Apr 19 1991Speaking in Tongues
217.0247CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Apr 19 1991Ministry to Persons with AIDS
218.036CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Apr 19 1991Gnostic Gospels
219.023CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Apr 24 1991The Pulpit
220.0195CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 23 1991Salvation
221.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 23 1991Symbols/Symbolism
222.07NYTPTue Apr 23 1991scientology
223.032LJOHUB::NSMITHWed Apr 24 1991Specific Ways to Peace
224.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Apr 26 1991Teenagers and Christianity
225.04DPDMAI::DAWSONTue Apr 30 1991Persecution...How do you handle it?
226.021CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 01 1991The Cult Note
227.014PCCAD1::RICHARDJThu May 02 1991Christian Martial Artist
228.017CHEFS::PICKERINGBFri May 03 1991Thanks for Prayers
229.0145CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 08 1991Christianity and Sexuality
230.09PCCAD1::RICHARDJThu May 09 1991Please Pray For Kira
231.08DPDMAI::DAWSONSun May 12 1991Clouds....
232.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 17 1991Inspiration
233.04DPDMAI::DAWSONMon May 13 1991Christian Burn-out
234.01NYTPTue May 14 1991Nestorian Christians.
235.084CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu May 16 1991Apocalypse/Eschatology/the End-times
236.0916821::DAWSONMon May 20 1991Absolution...What is it?
237.069DEMING::VALENZAThu May 23 1991Fornicators, and proud of it!
238.07SWAM1::DOTHARD_STThu May 23 1991Biblical - UFO Correspondences
239.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 24 1991Sins of Omission
240.03NYTPFri May 24 1991Job for friend...
241.06SA1794::SEABURYMFri May 24 1991Christian Moral Philosophy ?
242.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon May 27 1991Spiritual Friendship
243.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon May 27 1991Spiritual Director
244.08VMPIRE::WASKOMWed May 29 1991What is Christianity to you?
245.08DEMING::VALENZAThu May 30 1991Divine revelation
246.04NYTPSat Jun 01 1991Hans Kung
247.013JURAN::VALENZASun Jun 02 1991Spiritual Disciplines
248.025CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 26 1991Why should I believe what you believe?
249.053CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 05 1991The Newsletter Note
250.024DPDMAI::DAWSONWed Jun 05 1991Genesis...Long days or short?
251.04NYTPThu Jun 06 1991Bill Moyers: Spirit & Nature
252.01JURAN::VALENZAThu Jun 06 1991"Sunday Dinner"
253.067JURAN::VALENZAThu Jun 06 1991Creation
254.018CVG::THOMPSONMon Jun 10 1991When Good Things Happen to Bad People
255.01NYTPTue Jun 11 1991Eastern Chinese Bible Conference
256.0161WMOIS::REINKE_BWed Jun 12 1991Using Gender Terms to refer to God
257.047CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 12 1991Areas for Improvement as Christians
258.05DEMING::VALENZAThu Jun 13 1991The Apocrypha, or Deuterocanonical books
259.07MEO78B::MANDERSONFri Jun 14 1991How about a corporate ethics question
260.036DPDMAI::DAWSONSat Jun 15 1991Reincarnation...
261.089FLOWER::HILDEBRANTTue Jun 18 1991"Turn the Other Cheek"?
262.035CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 19 1991Christianity and power
263.018CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 21 1991Christianity and High Technology
264.017CVG::THOMPSONWed Jun 26 1991Holy Places
265.074JURAN::SILVAWed Jun 26 1991General Question note
266.03DEMING::VALENZAWed Jun 26 1991Why pray?
267.07CVG::THOMPSONThu Jun 27 1991Must worship be solemn?
268.012XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Jul 01 1991Seeking info on "Crusillo"
270.037CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jul 03 1991Christianity and self defense
271.0540CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jul 11 1991Christianity and Capital Punishment
272.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jul 11 1991The consequences of becoming a Christian
273.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jul 11 1991Christianity and 12 Step Programs
274.013DECWIN::MESSENGERThu Jul 11 1991Absolutism vs. Relativism
275.088CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 12 1991The Christian response to poverty
276.017CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 12 1991What is the meaning of life?
277.067ATSE::FLAHERTYSat Jul 20 1991Angels
278.017DPDMAI::DAWSONMon Jul 22 1991Blessings...
279.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jul 29 1991Long lost friend
280.05RDGENG::LIBRARYFri Aug 02 1991Church of God of Prophecy
281.031CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Aug 06 1991The role of the military chaplain
282.0239ATSE::FLAHERTYFri Jul 26 1991A C-P dinner!?!
283.08FLOWER::HILDEBRANTWed Aug 07 1991Bible Bookstore Locations?
284.01PCCAD1::RICHARDJThu Aug 08 1991Men's Retreat Invitation
285.010CVG::THOMPSONFri Aug 09 1991Ethics, religion and Christianity
286.05CGVAX2::PAINTERFri Aug 09 1991The Necessity Of Global Cooperation
287.05NYTPTue Aug 13 1991Jim Irwin, Apollo 15 Astronaut...
288.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Aug 14 1991Christianity and balance
289.059MORPHY::MESSENGERTue Aug 20 1991Natural Law - does it exist?
290.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Aug 20 1991The Testimony Note
291.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Aug 20 1991Christianity and the Great Symbol of the American Dream
292.064CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Aug 21 1991The Kingdom of God is within
293.021SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Aug 21 1991The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves
294.025CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Aug 21 1991When Grief Comes...
295.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Aug 22 1991Nominations for Contemporary Saints
296.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Aug 23 1991How do you know what you know about the Bible?
297.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Aug 25 1991On Clerical Attire
298.016DPDMAI::DAWSONSun Aug 25 1991Soul Mates...Yes or no?
299.043RIPPLE::KENNEDY_KASun Aug 25 1991Spirituality vs. religion
300.0110CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Aug 29 1991The Way, the Truth and the Life
301.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Aug 27 1991Victory over the world
302.021CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 02 1991Did Jesus set himself up to be a victim?
303.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 04 1991sIn
304.012POBOX::GAJOWNIKThu Sep 05 1991Satan's Fall
305.057CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Sep 05 1991On distancing yourself from Christianity
306.017SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Sep 10 1991Repentance/Forgiveness
307.01NYTPWed Sep 11 1991Billy Graham
308.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 11 1991The Christ
309.09JURAN::VALENZAWed Sep 11 1991Wrongdoing, confession, and justice
310.015DPDMAI::DAWSONSun Sep 15 1991Christian honesty
311.05NYTPMon Sep 16 1991Biblical Languages
312.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 16 1991The sacred and the secular
313.056CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 16 1991Exclusive versus Inclusive
314.016CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 16 1991Christianity and Sports
315.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Sep 17 1991Jesus sees things pretty much as black and white?
316.06FLOWER::HILDEBRANTWed Sep 18 1991Looking for Bible Commentaries
317.0FLOWER::HILDEBRANTFri Sep 20 1991Old Bible Book Info Needed
318.04XANADU::FLEISCHERMon Sep 23 1991On the nature and authority of Tradition
319.036CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 23 1991The light of the world
320.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 23 1991Church Separation Anxiety
321.04NYTPWed Sep 25 1991EST- What is it?
322.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 25 1991How far would you go for your beliefs?
323.011GEMVAX::CIOTOWed Sep 25 1991Lord, Liar, Lunatic, or Alien
324.031DEMING::VALENZATue Oct 01 1991What is truth?
325.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Oct 01 1991Comic book style tracts
326.020JURAN::VALENZAWed Oct 02 1991Despair
327.0103SHALOT::LACKEYFri Oct 04 1991One God
328.031LJOHUB::NSMITHWed Oct 09 1991Sexual Harrassment
329.042BUFFER::CIOTOThu Oct 10 1991How far is too far? (clergy's influence on public policy)
330.015CARTUN::BERGGRENTue Oct 15 1991The Dead Sea Scrolls
331.027NYTPTue Oct 29 1991Extraterrestrial Life.
334.03LGP3Tue Oct 29 1991a proposal to join the "Notes-News gateway"
335.0106CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Oct 30 1991Criticism of the church/Criticism of others
336.02OLDTMR::FRANCEYFri Nov 01 1991input on ethical sermon
337.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 07 1991Summary of the entire law or not?
338.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 07 1991Why stay in a church?
339.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 07 1991On "preaching to the choir"
340.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 11 1991Euthanasia/Mercy Killing
341.022CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Nov 13 1991David Duke
342.0379CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 14 1991Atheism / Atheists
343.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 14 1991Agnosticism / Agnostics
344.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 14 1991What does "ministry" mean?
345.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Nov 15 1991Prostitution
346.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 18 1991Dealing with dissenters within the church
347.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 18 1991Christianity and "the wimp factor"
348.06DEMING::VALENZATue Nov 19 1991Self Improvement
349.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Nov 22 1991If it was a crime to be a Christian
350.017CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Nov 22 1991Hell
351.033CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Nov 22 1991Heaven
352.040CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 25 1991Christianity and Naturism
353.06MASADA::FORDTue Nov 26 1991Church/Worship Recommendations-Boston area
354.03TNPUBS::PAINTERWed Nov 27 1991Cultural Events
355.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Nov 29 1991What do Christians share in common?
357.011OLDTMR::FRANCEYMon Dec 02 1991comments welcomed on 12/8/91 sermon
358.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 10 1991Emulating God
359.027CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 11 1991Virginity
360.028CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 12 1991The Christmas Card Note
361.0116CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 12 1991Celibacy
362.017CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 13 1991Santa Claus - St. Nick
363.010CRBOSS::VALENZAMon Dec 16 1991Self Esteem
364.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 17 1991The Parable of the Rich Fool (so it is called)
365.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 17 1991Scope of Peter's vision
366.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 17 1991Your most memorable Christmas
367.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 18 1991Love and the Christmas Spirit
368.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 20 1991Solitude
369.0399CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Dec 21 1991Christian Pacifism
370.029CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Dec 23 1991The Answer
371.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 24 1991Dating in the '9
372.026CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 26 1991How you met your life partner
373.024POBOX::FOILESThu Dec 26 1991Baptismal formula??
374.04POBOX::FOILESThu Dec 26 1991United Pentecostal Church
375.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Dec 30 1991Religious Pluralism
376.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Dec 30 1991The Single Experience
377.010USCTR1::RTRUEBLOODTue Dec 31 1991Prayer Resources for Emergencies
378.028CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jan 01 1992When it's painful to bear the name Christian
379.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jan 02 1992The social status of singles and couples
380.021CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jan 02 1992Children
381.037OLDTMR::FRANCEYSat Jan 04 1992critique on Ordination Paper
382.015CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 07 1992Family
383.010LGP3Wed Jan 08 1992Access to Health Care
384.03LJOHUB::NSMITHThu Jan 09 1992Prayer Experiences
385.010WMOIS::REINKE_BThu Jan 09 1992Does anyone know what this is?
387.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 10 1992Resigning from a church
388.060AKOCOA::FLANAGANMon Jan 13 1992Where are the liberal Christians?
389.016AKOCOA::FLANAGANMon Jan 13 1992Faith and Doubt
390.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 17 1992The benefits of CHRISTIAN-PERSPECTIVE (SRO)
391.05OLDTMR::FRANCEYSat Jan 18 1992on dynamics of shared ministry
392.03NYTPMon Jan 20 1992Karl Barth
393.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jan 20 1992In Considering the Gospels
394.03TFH::KIRKTue Jan 21 1992Ways of Praise, mural suggestions...
395.03NYTPTue Jan 21 1992Sun Myung Moon/Unification Church
396.027CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 21 1992Justice
397.07DPDMAI::DAWSONWed Jan 22 1992Judgment...a different slant.
398.0163TNPUBS::PAINTERFri Jan 24 1992India, Hinduism, and Vedanta
399.03USCTR1::RTRUEBLOODSun Jan 26 1992'Serious' Reading List
400.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 03 1992Did Jesus Ever Quote Scripture Out of Context?
401.026CHGVMon Feb 03 1992What if Lucifer said to God, "I'm sorry."?
402.053CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 03 1992Bibliolatry/Scriptural Chauvinism
403.08DECWIN::MESSENGERWed Feb 05 1992Preaching Style
404.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Feb 06 1992Quoting Scripture out of context
405.013ATSE::FLAHERTYFri Feb 07 1992Death/Will/Spirit/Body/Heart
406.046CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 10 1992Judas Iscariot
407.021CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 17 1992The Chaplaincy/Caregiving Ministry
408.011SWAM1::DOTHARD_STMon Feb 17 1992Proof Positive of GOD!
409.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 17 1992There's no such thing as a solitary Christian
410.036CHGVTue Feb 18 1992Shouldn't Christians be good Jews?
411.086SWAM1::DOTHARD_STWed Feb 19 1992Lingering Influences...
412.016CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Feb 20 1992On wearing a cross or other Christian symbol
414.0FLOWER::HILDEBRANTThu Feb 27 1992Info On Roy Masters
415.020CSC32::LBDUCK::DEADERICKFri Feb 28 1992Communion Bread
416.048USCTR1::RTRUEBLOODFri Feb 28 1992Pagan Traditions
417.0205AKOCOA::FLANAGANThu Mar 05 1992What is this file all about?
418.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 11 1992The Paradigm
420.013CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 13 1992Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism - SRO
421.0198CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 13 1992Discussion of 42
422.024DPDMAI::DAWSONThu Mar 19 1992Doubts.....
423.05OLDTMR::FRANCEYFri Mar 20 1992Sermon, comments welcomed (critique)
424.03CSC32::LBDUCK::DEADERICKFri Mar 20 1992solvitur ambulando translation, please
425.0128CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 25 1992Separation of Church and State
426.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 27 1992Hating the sin, loving the sinner: Hogwash or not?
427.018CARTUN::BERGGRENMon Mar 30 1992Images of Divinity and the Reach for Peace
428.039CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Mar 30 1992The Poor Will Be With You Always
429.0112CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Apr 01 1992Was Jesus a fraud?
430.06ATSE::FLAHERTYMon Apr 06 1992Natural Knowing
431.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 07 1992Grace
432.08SWAM1::DOTHARD_STFri Apr 10 1992Issue of MALE and FEMALE Separation
433.011MORO::BEELER_JESun Apr 12 1992Matthew 26:11
434.019CHGVMon Apr 13 1992"The Sign and The Seal", by Graham Hancock
435.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Apr 13 1992Haiti
436.051CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 14 1992Christopher Columbus (1492-1992)
437.023COLLIS::JACKSONFri Apr 17 1992Marriage
438.06CHGVFri Apr 17 1992Happy Easter 1992
439.069MORO::BEELER_JESun Apr 19 1992Deny Christ or DIE!!
440.04ATSE::FLAHERTYTue Apr 21 1992Does God create 'wretches'?
441.059--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 21 1992Religion and cross gendered people
442.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 21 1992Difficulty getting the family together for church
443.04USCTR1::RTRUEBLOODThu Apr 23 1992Script or Co-incidence?
444.023OLDTMR::FRANCEYFri Apr 24 1992"Who are you?"
445.011ATSE::FLAHERTYTue Apr 28 1992Peace/Harmony
446.010JURAN::VALENZAWed Apr 29 1992Peas/Hominy
447.021OLDTMR::FRANCEYMon May 04 1992spouse's ordination paper
448.02SA1794::SEABURYMMon May 04 1992Third Earth Age ?
449.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu May 07 1992The Mission of the Church
450.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 06 1992The Sabbath
451.02CSC32::DRIVERFri May 08 1992Singles Retreat Ponderosa Ranch
452.015TNPUBS::PAINTERFri May 08 1992Essay on Blacks, Whites, Humans
453.015CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon May 11 1992On becoming more....
454.06DEMING::VALENZAWed May 13 1992Are women as a group more religious than men?
455.088OFFSHR::PAY$FRETTSThu May 14 1992General Messages to C-P'ers
456.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 15 1992From the pulpit
457.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue May 19 1992Justice and Charity
458.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon May 25 1992Love and Fear
459.035CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 29 1992Where the Post-Rapture parties will be held
460.043MORO::BEELER_JEMon Jun 01 1992The "religious vote"
461.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jun 01 1992On Fanaticism
462.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jun 02 1992Idolatry
463.0111CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jun 02 1992Healing the wounds: the Catholic perspective
464.034CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jun 04 1992On the News Media
465.07JUPITR::NELSONFri Jun 05 1992Pilgrimage Prayers
466.05LJOHUB::NSMITHFri Jun 05 1992Change & Stress
467.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jun 09 1992Religion is the opium of the masses
468.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 10 1992The Ku Klux Klan
469.040CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jun 11 1992Religion versus Relationship
470.028CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 12 1992Disenchanted Seminary Students
471.06CVG::THOMPSONWed Jun 17 1992On death, mourning, and those left behind
472.029CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 17 1992Interviewing a church
473.0133CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 19 1992Unitarian Universalism
474.015DEMING::VALENZAMon Jun 22 1992Church attire
475.040CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jun 23 1992The Social Gospel
476.011SWAM1::DOTHARD_STWed Jun 24 1992WHO *IS* GOD?
477.08DPDMAI::DAWSONThu Jun 25 1992Where do you go if.....?
478.013CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jun 25 1992Render Unto Caesar
479.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jun 25 1992How to make CHRISTIAN-PERSPECTIVE more hospitable
480.04CHEFS::DAVEYPMon Jun 29 1992Searching for Christian games software
481.08TFH::KIRKTue Jun 30 1992What's the charge against Jesus?
482.036CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jun 30 1992Agendas in CHRISTIAN-PERSPECTIVE
483.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jun 30 1992Faith without Works is Dead
484.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jul 01 1992Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child
485.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jul 02 1992Bear One Another's Burdens
486.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jul 02 1992Take Up Your Cross Daily
487.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 03 1992A Question of Opulence
488.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jul 08 1992Let the dead bury the dead
489.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 10 1992Self-preservation vs Mission
490.015CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jul 13 1992Can we all get along?
491.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jul 14 1992God chose the foolish and the weak
492.033TNPUBS::STEINHARTTue Jul 14 1992Religious holidays?
493.026CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Jul 18 1992When Christianity is confrontational
494.08XCUSME::BLAKEMon Jul 20 1992Park Street Church - need info please...
495.025COVERT::COVERTMon Jul 20 1992Use of the term "Jehovah" to refer to God
496.091CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jul 20 1992The Divinity of Jesus - How important is it?
497.0341CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jul 23 1992Pat Robertson and the Religious Right
498.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jul 23 1992Deacons, the diaconate, diaconal ministry
499.0316CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 24 1992WAR
500.074CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 24 1992The Moderating of CHRISTIAN-PERSPECTIVE
501.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jul 29 1992Hospitality
502.030CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jul 29 1992Homogeneity
503.02TRADE::MOSCOFri Jul 31 1992MR
504.016CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Aug 04 1992Humanism / Humanists
505.032CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Aug 04 1992We're to be known by the quality of our fruit
506.017CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Aug 13 1992Christianity and American Heritage
507.013SOLVIT::MSMITHMon Aug 17 1992Fertility Drugs: a C. P.
508.0121SOLVIT::MSMITHMon Aug 17 1992Birth Control: a C. P.
509.04JUPITR::HILDEBRANTFri Aug 21 1992Keep the Clothes Simple
510.07LGP3Wed Aug 26 1992the ethics/morality of humorous criticism
511.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Aug 27 1992Incentives?
512.016AKOCOA::FLANAGANFri Aug 28 1992sexuality and spirituality
513.0126CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Aug 28 1992The Family Values Note
514.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Aug 31 1992Mary and Martha
515.015CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 02 1992Why do people stay away from church?
516.019MORO::BEELER_JEWed Sep 02 1992Miracles
517.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Sep 12 1992Righteous anger
518.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 14 1992The Human Body
519.0104CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Sep 15 1992Thou Shalt Not Kill
520.02JURAN::VALENZAMon Sep 21 1992Reconciliation
521.080AKOCOA::FLANAGANTue Sep 22 1992how does heterosexism hurt everybody?
522.0109CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 23 1992In The Beginning: The Genesis Story
523.035CVG::THOMPSONThu Sep 24 1992Panentheism
524.024CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Sep 24 1992When a friend's faith in God has crumbled
525.0102TNPUBS::STEINHARTFri Sep 25 1992reactions to "Judeo-Christian"
526.01029Sat Sep 26 1992Inexpensive Bibles and Scripture Materials
527.043COVERT::COVERTTue Sep 29 1992The Carillon at the University of New Hampshire
528.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Oct 05 1992Charity begins at home
529.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Oct 06 1992What separates humans from the animals is....
530.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Oct 08 1992Qualities in Christians attractive to others
531.0176CVG::THOMPSONFri Oct 09 1992Women Clergy
532.011CVG::THOMPSONFri Oct 09 1992Clergy - married or unmarried?
533.028CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Oct 10 1992The Pulpit and Politics
534.02MR4DEC::RFRANCEYMon Oct 12 1992emailing to UCChristnet
535.013DPDMAI::DAWSONWed Oct 14 1992How do we heal.....
536.016CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Oct 14 1992Love of Money
537.041CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Oct 17 1992Who claims to be Christian, but is not
538.073CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Oct 17 1992Words and Expressions
539.042CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Oct 17 1992Pastoral Search
540.04JURAN::VALENZAMon Oct 19 1992Home
541.043CARTUN::BERGGRENWed Oct 21 1992Democracy: In accordance with Christian principles?
542.013JUPITR::HILDEBRANTFri Oct 23 1992Still Around?
543.012CVG::THOMPSONMon Oct 26 1992Praying for the dead
544.0122CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Oct 27 1992Paul
545.0240MORO::BEELER_JEThu Oct 29 1992Do you *vote* your convictions?
546.077AKOCOA::FLANAGANMon Nov 02 1992Let's practice universal love
547.041CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Nov 07 1992Opposing evil without becoming what we hate
548.043JUPITR::HILDEBRANTMon Nov 09 1992Why There is Conflict?
549.09MORO::BEELER_JEMon Nov 09 1992Your FAVORITE verse?
550.02MORO::BEELER_JEMon Nov 09 1992Commentary on 549 entries
551.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 12 1992Marcion
552.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 16 1992On winning, success
553.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 16 1992How to win the hearts and minds of others
554.065CARTUN::BERGGRENTue Nov 17 1992Pre-Christian Religions
555.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 19 1992The benefits of church membership
556.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Nov 24 1992So religious, it nearly drove you crazy?
557.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Nov 27 1992Let go and let God
558.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Nov 28 1992The Choir Note
559.016JURAN::VALENZAMon Nov 30 1992Your epitaph
560.082CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 30 1992Neo-Nazi activity
561.07HLFSWed Dec 02 1992Christ the divine Autogenes, meaning ?
562.020CVG::THOMPSONThu Dec 03 1992Being There
563.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 08 1992Devil's Advocate
564.077AKOCOA::FLANAGANWed Dec 09 1992evolution and scientific knowledge
565.0JUPITR::MNELSONMon Dec 14 1992Call For Bread
566.0JUPITR::MNELSONMon Dec 14 1992Vigil: Jan 9th - 1
567.09MR4DEC::RFRANCEYTue Dec 15 1992Sermon - First Sunday after Christmas
568.068AKOCOA::FLANAGANWed Dec 16 1992What is the essence of Christianity
569.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 16 1992A Child's Bedtime Prayer
570.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 22 1992The Myth Note
571.0237AKOCOA::FLANAGANWed Dec 23 1992Fear and Scare tactics.
572.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 23 1992Divine Madness
573.075AKOCOA::FLANAGANMon Dec 28 1992When God was a woman
574.06--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 31 1992The Truth of Scripture (SRO), discussion in 575
575.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 29 1992Discussion of 574 - The Truth of Scripture
576.064CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 29 1992The Responsibility of the Messenger
577.021CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 30 1992How do small congregations survive?
578.023DEMING::VALENZAWed Dec 30 1992Philosophical approaches to the existence of God
579.013JURAN::VALENZAThu Dec 31 1992Gertrude's topic
580.013CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 05 1993How do people change?
581.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jan 06 1993The Need for Dialogue
582.020AKOCOA::FLANAGANWed Jan 06 1993When God becomes a Drug
583.06--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 07 1993Guidelines for Leaders in Worship
584.057CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 12 1993Savior of the whole human race
585.039CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 12 1993Heaven only for the dead?
586.023CSC32::KINSELLAWed Jan 13 1993Techniques for studying the Bible.
587.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 15 1993Why study the Bible?
588.02JUPITR::HILDEBRANTThu Jan 21 1993Church Bell Ringing
589.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jan 21 1993How do you recognize God's compassion?
590.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 22 1993Was Jesus a capitalist or a communist?
591.084CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 22 1993Is America a Christian nation?
592.011CSTEAM::MARTINWed Jan 27 1993Promises - Promises!!
593.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jan 28 1993Expectations placed upon clergy
594.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 29 1993A woman should be quiet
595.05LGP3Tue Feb 02 1993What is "exegesis"?
596.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Feb 02 1993What are your thoughts on the image of "living waters"?
597.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Feb 04 1993Perspectives on cosmetic plastic surgery
598.026MORO::BEELER_JESat Feb 06 1993The Jesus Christ Comedy Club
599.028JUPITR::HILDEBRANTMon Feb 08 1993Is Communion Universal???
600.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Feb 11 1993The meaning of sacrifice
601.011MR4DEC::RFRANCEYTue Feb 16 1993on the meaning of Transfiguration
602.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Feb 19 1993Signs of a healthy church
603.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Feb 19 1993Symptoms of an unhealthy church
604.0155MORO::BEELER_JEMon Feb 22 1993Why any church?
605.0114CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 22 1993Who better understands the true nature of God
606.067MORO::BEELER_JETue Feb 23 1993On leaving the church ....
607.016DPDMAI::DAWSONTue Feb 23 1993What is "Evangelization"?
608.061CVG::THOMPSONWed Feb 24 1993Lent
609.011CSC32::KINSELLAThu Feb 25 1993Earthly vs. Heavenly Fathers
610.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Feb 26 1993Liturgical Colors
611.08COVERT::COVERTFri Feb 26 1993Sin and Forgiveness, by Fr. Roy Pettway
612.06GLITTR::BROOKSTue Mar 02 1993Pope Joan
613.0109CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 03 1993The Bible as God's Word
614.022CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Mar 04 1993Pontius Pilate
615.0110CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Mar 09 1993David Koresh and the Branch Davidian
616.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 12 1993Baptized with Fire
617.061CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 12 1993How your perceptions of Christ have changed
618.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Mar 16 1993How do you typically share your faith?
619.022CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Mar 16 1993The Commercial Appeal of Easter
620.013DEMING::VALENZAWed Mar 17 1993Cathedrals
621.08DEMING::VALENZAThu Mar 18 1993Diplomatic relations with the Vatican
622.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Mar 18 1993To Live Is Christ
623.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 19 1993I AM
624.083CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Mar 20 1993The Great Satan
625.038DEMING::VALENZATue Mar 23 1993The apostles
626.035CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 24 1993Agreeing on critical criteria
627.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Mar 25 1993Be not unequally yoked
628.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Mar 29 1993They ought to just throw out the Bible
629.019DEMING::VALENZAMon Mar 29 1993Safety
630.0329Fri Apr 02 1993Defending God
631.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Apr 02 1993Why do you call me good?
632.037COVERT::COVERTSat Apr 03 1993The Way of the Cross
633.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Apr 05 1993My idea of heaven on earth would be....
634.016JURAN::VALENZATue Apr 06 1993Vigilante justice in California
635.028TLE::COLLIS::JACKSONWed Apr 07 1993Dating and authorship of Scripture
636.082CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Apr 07 1993Numbers
637.048VNABRW::BUTTONThu Apr 08 1993Paul: Comments on Ephesians to Galatians
638.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Apr 08 1993In God We Trust
639.085TLE::COLLIS::JACKSONFri Apr 09 1993Authority and narrow-mindedness
640.013JUPITR::HILDEBRANTFri Apr 09 1993Maundy Thursday
642.017COVERT::COVERTSat Apr 10 1993The Great Vigil of Easter
643.04MORO::BEELER_JESun Apr 11 1993James 4:14
644.033ROKEPA::REINKETue Apr 13 1993Mandorla
645.013CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Apr 14 1993Your treasure and your heart
646.094MSBCS::JMARTINWed Apr 14 1993Christianity and Sects
647.09MR4DEC::RFRANCEYSat Apr 17 1993Death, A Christian Perspective
648.04HURON::MYERSTue Apr 20 1993Does God meddle in our earthly lives?
649.025CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 20 1993Study claims celibacy drives some priests to abuse
650.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Apr 21 1993The good work done by priests throughout the world
652.04VNABRW::BUTTONFri Apr 23 1993CP and allegory.
653.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Apr 26 1993Pillars and Caterpillars
654.0123AKOCOA::FLANAGANThu Apr 29 1993The Goddess Note
655.04COVERT::COVERTThu Apr 29 1993The Goddess YHWH of Israel
656.016COVERT::COVERTThu Apr 29 1993Individually named Goddesses as Metaphor
657.09COVERT::COVERTThu Apr 29 1993Goddess (Part 3) Polytheism
658.07BUSY::DKATZFri Apr 30 1993So, what *CAN* we discuss?
659.056JURAN::VALENZAFri Apr 30 1993Christianity and Islam
660.0110TINCUP::BITTROLFFFri Apr 30 1993Another Modest Proposal
661.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Apr 30 1993CESO Christians
662.0101WELLER::FANNINSat May 01 1993Is an FC Upbringing Child Abuse?
664.010VNABRW::BUTTONMon May 03 1993Comments on Paul's Epistle to Romans
665.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon May 03 1993Children of light and this world
666.05DEMING::VALENZAMon May 03 1993Topic 666
667.069HURON::MYERSWed May 05 1993Religion and Children: Do They Mix?
668.023HURON::MYERSWed May 05 1993The Church of Your Childhood?...
669.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu May 06 1993Is it okay to criticize or question God?
670.027STUDIO::GUTIERREZThu May 06 1993If God talked to you, what would you ...
671.016WELLER::FANNINThu May 06 1993Was Eden a Stacked Deck?
672.025MORO::BEELER_JESat May 08 1993Jesus Christ & "Playboy"
673.09DPDMAI::DAWSONTue May 11 1993Denver anyone?
674.026CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue May 11 1993What's in a name?
675.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue May 11 1993What I've learned from CHRISTIAN-PERSPECTIVE (SRO)
676.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 14 1993The Light
677.031THOLIN::TBAKERMon May 17 1993Our Father (?)
678.049GRIM::MESSENGERWed May 19 1993Baptized without parents' consent
679.015CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 19 1993Teachers
680.016CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu May 20 1993Something or Someone Lovely
681.012RANGER::TBAKERThu May 20 1993Kingdom before Death
682.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu May 20 1993Redemption
683.021CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 21 1993Christ in you
684.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 21 1993The Image of God - A Family Resemblance?
685.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon May 24 1993Place Your Church Ad Here
686.04JUPITR::HILDEBRANTTue May 25 1993Baha'i Info Needed
687.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue May 25 1993From Stone Tablets to the Human Heart
688.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 26 1993The Pearl of Great Price
689.0104CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 26 1993Playing the Hand We're Dealt
690.017WELLER::FANNINWed May 26 1993When we are offended
691.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 28 1993The Way of the Wolf
692.0169CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 28 1993Satan
693.021WELLER::FANNINMon May 31 1993Selling Out
694.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 02 1993If you knew you had only a week
695.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 02 1993The Banquet
696.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jun 03 1993Greet with a Holy Kiss
697.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jun 03 1993Of One Mind in Christ
698.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jun 03 1993Inner Peace
699.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 04 1993Parenthood
700.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 18 1993Are you the most religious one?
701.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 04 1993When Given Much, Much Shall Be Required
702.05CVG::THOMPSONTue Jun 08 1993I was in prison, and ye came unto me
703.027LGP3Tue Jun 08 1993Morality and public school curricula
704.09MR4DEC::RFRANCEYWed Jun 09 1993sermon help requested 6/13/93
705.058CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 11 1993Fame
706.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 11 1993The Small Church
707.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 11 1993The Large Church
708.065VNABRW::BUTTONTue Jun 15 1993The Bishop Poelten controversy
709.04MR4DEC::RFRANCEYSun Jun 20 1993parting words: final sermon
711.013CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 23 1993Work
712.07CSC32::KINSELLAWed Jun 23 1993Commentary on the Clinton administration
713.012JUPITR::HILDEBRANTFri Jul 02 1993Gideons?
714.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jul 13 1993Is there a wrong way to pray?
715.026CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 16 1993Quakers
716.036COOKIE::WALLACEFri Jul 23 1993Do christians have independent thought?
717.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 23 1993Surprised by the Holy Spirit
718.062CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jul 26 1993Why was Jesus baptized??
719.036WELLER::FANNINMon Jul 26 1993Miracles all over the place
720.023AKOCOA::FLANAGANThu Jul 29 1993Agendas
721.025VNABRW::BUTTONWed Aug 25 1993The Pope's US tour.
722.031GRIM::MESSENGERTue Aug 31 1993Antagonism to Religion?
723.0143CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 08 1993Christianity and Gun Control
724.045VNABRW::BUTTONSun Sep 12 1993Blood transfusions and Christianity
725.049CSC32::KINSELLATue Sep 14 1993Is prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes?
726.039AKOCOA::FLANAGANFri Sep 17 1993Paul's letters to the Corinthians
727.032DLO15::FRANCEYMon Sep 20 1993request for ordination scripture
728.024DLO15::FRANCEYMon Sep 27 1993request for music for ordination
729.01COVERT::COVERTMon Sep 27 1993Veritatis Splendor -- The Splendor of Truth
730.064CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 27 1993Psalm 137
731.027CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 29 1993Genesis 6.1-4
732.0251CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 29 1993Jehovah's Witnesses
733.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 01 1993How do you spell relief?...N-O-A-H, Noah!
734.0191AKOCOA::FLANAGANSat Oct 02 1993ramblings
735.069CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Oct 03 1993Why Johnny can't tell right from wrong
736.010DLO15::FRANCEYMon Oct 04 1993An open invitation to the ordination of the Franceys
737.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Oct 07 1993So, has your life been what you hoped it would be?
738.043CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Oct 07 1993Exodus 4.24-26
739.020DLO15::FRANCEYThu Oct 07 1993A problem of profanity in the workplace
740.035GRIM::MESSENGERFri Oct 08 1993Did Moses write the Books of Moses?
741.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Oct 11 1993'God is dead' - Nietzsche
742.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 15 1993Kindness regreted later
743.022CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 15 1993Standing by principle regreted later
744.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Oct 17 1993The Covenant Box
745.028CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Oct 19 1993CE & BCE versus BC & AD
746.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Oct 21 1993Darwin
747.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Oct 21 1993When did Israel cease sacrificing animals and why?
748.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 22 1993On having a GBE (Goose Bump Experience)
749.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Oct 23 1993Thou shalt not muzzle the ox
750.015AKOCOA::FLANAGANMon Oct 25 1993Divisions in Corinth
751.023TFH::KIRKThu Oct 28 1993Christianity and Music
752.025CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Nov 02 1993Jephthah
753.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Nov 03 1993Dreams
754.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Nov 03 1993Jesus Christ, Superman: The Hero Factor
755.040CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 04 1993Polygamy
756.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Nov 09 1993Lifestyles of the Poor and Anonymous
757.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Nov 10 1993Has God ever given you a mission?
758.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 15 1993I Kings 2
759.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 15 1993Bible-exalting non-readers
760.02LGP3Wed Nov 17 1993Religious Freedom Restoration Act
761.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Nov 17 1993Does God ever change God's mind?
762.040CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 18 1993Campus Crusade's limited and limiting image of Jesus
763.013CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Nov 20 1993On being a PK, a Preacher's Kid
764.013CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Nov 20 1993Grace at Mealtimes
765.021CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Nov 21 1993Thanksgiving Day Sin
766.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Nov 21 1993Biblical Support for Anti-Semitism
767.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 22 1993Resurrection of the dead versus Heaven
768.057CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Nov 24 1993The meaning of "life everlasting"
769.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Nov 24 1993Tammy Faye
770.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Nov 24 1993Azazel
771.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Nov 26 1993Camp
772.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Nov 27 1993Urim and Thummim
773.047CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Nov 28 1993Bashing Barney
774.099CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Nov 30 1993Christianity and Multiculturalism
775.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Nov 30 1993Resurrection of the dead fulfilled??
776.012JUPITR::HILDEBRANTThu Dec 02 1993Questions for a "New" Minister?
777.013WELLER::FANNINThu Dec 02 1993Spending our time
778.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Dec 04 1993Formal Education in Religion
779.025THOLIN::TBAKERMon Dec 06 1993dancing
780.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 07 1993O Tidings of Comfort...
781.065CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 07 1993Christianity and violence
782.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 07 1993God's call to be a peculiar people
783.0104COMET::DYBENThu Dec 09 1993Conviction and Action
785.012THOLIN::TBAKERFri Dec 10 1993Corporal punishment of children, abuse and love
786.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 10 1993The Seamless Garment
787.029CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 10 1993Mary
788.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Dec 12 1993Luke
790.017AKOCOA::FLANAGANTue Dec 14 1993The Main Message of Matthew
791.029AKOCOA::FLANAGANTue Dec 14 1993The Main Message of Mark
792.017AKOCOA::FLANAGANTue Dec 14 1993The Main Message of Luke
793.032AKOCOA::FLANAGANTue Dec 14 1993The Main Message of John
794.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 14 1993The 1
795.0129TFH::KIRKTue Dec 14 1993I have the correct handle on God and you don't!
796.062AKOCOA::FLANAGANWed Dec 15 1993One God
797.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 15 1993Jesus Born December 25: Fact or Myth?
798.081TOKNOW::METCALFEThu Dec 16 1993Morality and Authority
799.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 17 1993Is everything unnatural sinful?
800.0109CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 17 1993The Bible: Hardware or Software?
801.013COMET::DYBENSat Dec 18 1993When the other shoe drops.
802.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Dec 18 1993The cosmology of the Old Testament
803.024CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Dec 20 1993Sexual intercourse during menstruation
804.044CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 21 1993How does one act like a Christian?
805.07TNPUBS::PAINTERTue Dec 21 1993Stages of Spiritual Growth and Community
806.052TNPUBS::PAINTERTue Dec 21 1993Discussion on Note topic 8
807.06CVG::THOMPSONTue Dec 21 1993Christmas is about receiving
808.04AIMHI::JMARTINTue Dec 21 1993What attitudes/actions brought on persecution?
809.042CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 24 1993What if life was totally pointless?
810.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Dec 26 1993Lent?? Already??
811.037AKOCOA::FLANAGANWed Dec 29 1993Meaning of Cross and Resurrection?
812.036AKOCOA::FLANAGANWed Dec 29 1993On the teachings of Theological Schools
813.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 30 1993Proverbs and advice to an adult child
814.060CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 31 1993Genesis 22.16-17
816.018CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Jan 02 1994The Talk and the Walk
817.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Jan 02 1994United Nations, John Paul, Year of the Family
818.051AKOCOA::FLANAGANTue Jan 04 1994First Sermon
819.036JUPITR::HILDEBRANTFri Jan 07 1994Plowshares
820.0278CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 07 1994The Bible: Totally Inerrant or Not?
821.092CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 07 1994Epiphany
822.05EVTSG8::DUSATKOTue Jan 11 1994Relationship between Christ's Church and Christian organisations
823.03EVTSG8::DUSATKOTue Jan 11 1994Making the water available
824.034HAMER::CRUZTue Jan 11 1994Question on how books were canonized
825.069AKOCOA::FLANAGANThu Jan 13 1994What if Jesus did not exist historically?
826.036APACHE::MYERSFri Jan 14 1994In vitro fertilization: a moral dilemma?
827.033HURON::MYERSFri Jan 14 1994Is "necessary evil" a Christian perspective?
828.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Jan 15 1994Son of Man, the Human One
829.022LGP3Sun Jan 16 1994Schindler's List
830.022CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 21 1994If you know only one religion, you don't know any
831.0187CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 25 1994Belief in Virgin Birth Required for Salvation?
832.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 25 1994The Subject Is Prayer
833.0246CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 25 1994How would a return to school prayer help?
834.023COMET::DYBENWed Jan 26 1994Drug experimentation to become closer to God
836.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jan 27 1994Bosnia
837.055URQUEL::J_CHRISTIEMon Jan 31 1994The Prince of Peace
838.023TNPUBS::PAINTERMon Jan 31 1994Space Exploration and Spirituality
839.084COVERT::COVERTWed Feb 02 1994Candlemas
840.016CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Feb 02 1994The Sign of Jonah
841.04VNABRW::BUTTONWed Feb 02 1994The Pseudepigrapha
842.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Feb 03 1994The Care and Feeding of the Soul
843.094CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Feb 04 1994Women covering their heads in worship
844.036TINCUP::BITTROLFFFri Feb 04 1994Isn't death always God's decision?
845.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 07 1994A Diet of Gnats and Camels
846.039AKOCOA::FLANAGANMon Feb 07 1994Was Paul Infallible?
847.03CVG::THOMPSONTue Feb 08 1994Koresh
848.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Feb 08 1994Savior, but not Lord?
849.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Feb 08 1994Not with gold or pearls or costly array
850.075EVTDD2::FPCTEST2Wed Feb 09 1994Fallacies in Evolution Theory from former Evolutionist
851.029CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Feb 09 1994Self-denial and Suffering
852.0TFH::KIRKThu Feb 10 1994Predestination
853.054AKOCOA::FLANAGANFri Feb 11 1994Flat Bible or Bumpy Bible
855.05TNPUBS::PAINTERMon Feb 14 1994Black History in the US
856.049TNPUBS::PAINTERMon Feb 14 1994Candlemas II - continued discussion
857.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Feb 15 1994The Least Desirable Quality of Becoming Christian
858.041JUPITR::HILDEBRANTWed Feb 16 1994Jesus is Lord?
859.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Feb 16 1994Jesus as Jewish Reformer
860.07NITTY::DIERCKSThu Feb 17 1994Lenten Discipline
861.026AKOCOA::FLANAGANFri Feb 18 1994Gnosticism
862.047SOLVIT::HAECKFri Feb 18 1994Lenten Meditations
863.0196CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Feb 18 1994Tony Campolo - Evangelical Extraordinaire
864.07COVERT::COVERTFri Feb 18 1994What is a Eucharistic Minister?
866.035CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Feb 24 1994Perceptions of the Pope
867.0107CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 02 1994CHRISTIAN: The conference from whence we sprang
868.011TNPUBS::PAINTERWed Mar 02 1994Not C-P - just a request from a fellow fan
869.026AKOCOA::FLANAGANThu Mar 03 1994Romans
870.03QUABBI::"fritz@xlnt.zk3.dec.com"Fri Mar 04 1994Ancient Prophets
871.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Mar 08 1994The Parts of the Body - The Body of Christ
872.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Mar 08 1994Where two or three are gathered
873.033DPDMAI::DAWSONTue Mar 08 1994Two kinds of salvation...
875.01QUABBI::"fritz@xlnt.zk3.dec.com"Thu Mar 10 1994Bible Studies
876.014TNPUBS::PAINTERFri Mar 11 1994Divine Love discussion
877.0129AKOCOA::FLANAGANMon Mar 14 1994Timothy And Titus
879.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Mar 14 1994Prayers for Pagans and Hypocrites
880.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Mar 14 1994The Berrigans
881.015JUPITR::HILDEBRANTThu Mar 17 1994Lutherans
882.01TNPUBS::PAINTERThu Mar 17 1994Retreats
883.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 18 1994The Cost of Dying
884.054CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Mar 21 1994Why did Paul circumcise Timothy?
885.05JUPITR::HILDEBRANTWed Mar 23 1994Spiritual Experience
886.051TNPUBS::PAINTERWed Mar 23 1994Politics and Christianity
887.011AKOCOA::FLANAGANFri Mar 25 1994What does authoritative mean?
888.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Mar 28 1994On Adam and Christ
889.02127748::HILDEBRANTTue Mar 29 1994Is it Christian to Drink Alcohol?
890.0277CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 30 1994The undisputed letters of Paul & assorted ratholes
891.013CVG::THOMPSONFri Apr 01 1994Why is it "Good" Friday?
892.032RDGENG::YERKESSTue Apr 05 1994Happiness
893.051CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 05 1994The Risen Christ
894.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Apr 10 1994Christianity and Modern Psychology
895.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Apr 11 1994Christianity and Buddhism
896.03SOLVIT::HAECKTue Apr 12 1994Sunday School
897.012TFH::KIRKTue Apr 12 1994Faith, in the strangest of places
899.040AKOCOA::FLANAGANWed Apr 13 1994Wisdom of Solomon
900.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Apr 14 1994Philo Judaeus and Logos theology
901.026CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Apr 15 1994The Holocaust
902.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Apr 17 1994The walk to Emmaus
903.035JULIET::MORALES_NAMon Apr 18 1994Faithful
904.015NITTY::DIERCKSTue Apr 19 1994Prayer as Conversation with God
905.03NITTY::DIERCKSWed Apr 20 1994Work hard for the Lord!
907.02307466::KLIMOWICZThu Apr 21 1994Is Jesus God or isn't he?
908.0115CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Apr 23 1994Fundamentalism: the problems with inerrancy
909.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Apr 27 1994Faith as a process
910.06AKOCOA::FLANAGANThu Apr 28 1994Five favorite verses
911.013CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun May 01 1994What makes Christianity unique?
912.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon May 02 1994Easy Christianity
913.07TOOK::MWILSONThu May 05 1994What does Pentecost mean to you?
914.030CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu May 05 1994Resident Aliens
915.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 06 1994Memories of Confirmation Class or Catechism
916.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun May 08 1994Difficult Feelings About Parents
917.011DPDMAI::DAWSONTue May 10 1994"The Stand"
918.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat May 14 1994James 4.5
919.060CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat May 14 1994Betty Eadie - Embraced By The Light
920.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 18 1994Are we bad people who sometimes do good things?
921.0111CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 18 1994Fundaphobia
922.017DPDMAI::DAWSONFri May 20 1994This file...
923.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 20 1994Doubting Thomas
924.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun May 22 1994Peter, Cephas
925.028CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon May 23 1994I want to be a Christian like...
926.033CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue May 24 1994Mary Magdalene
927.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 25 1994What a wondrous gift is life!
928.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 25 1994Insecurity
929.013CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu May 26 1994I Esdras - The strongest thing in the world
930.0104POWDML::FLANAGANTue May 31 1994Memorial Day
931.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Jun 05 1994In my life, Lord, be glorified! Be glorified!
932.080LGP3Mon Jun 06 1994Religious Freedom in Secular Society
933.040CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jun 09 1994Persecution
934.0122CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 10 1994Religious harassment in the workplace
935.016COVERT::COVERTTue Jun 14 1994Sexual Ethics
936.0120POWDML::FLANAGANWed Jun 15 1994UU Welcoming Congregation Program
937.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 15 1994Committees
938.0230POWDML::FLANAGANThu Jun 16 1994Abraham & Sarah : Sexual Morality in the OT
939.0VNABRW::BUTTONMon Jun 20 1994The ongoing unfolding word of God.
940.02POWDML::FLANAGANThu Jun 23 1994Book of Genesis
941.04TFH::KIRKMon Jun 27 1994The Address Book
942.0189POWDML::FLANAGANThu Jun 30 1994women in the Bible
943.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jun 30 1994Other sacred texts
944.06COVERT::COVERTThu Jun 30 1994The Scandal of Particularity
945.054CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 01 1994Two opposing paradigms
946.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Jul 02 1994Now what?
947.030CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Jul 02 1994Morality towards God's creatures
948.03NITTY::DIERCKSTue Jul 05 1994Outta here! Soon!!!
949.021CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jul 07 1994Considering converting to Judaism
950.071JULIET::MORALES_NAFri Jul 08 1994Are We As Sick as Our Secrets?
951.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jul 11 1994Kids ask and say the darndest things!
953.010POWDML::FLANAGANThu Jul 28 1994Individual and Collective Responsibility
954.0COVERT::COVERTSat Jul 30 1994The Prayer of Manasses (KJV)
955.06COMET::DYBENWed Aug 10 1994Reaction to Death
956.025POWDML::FLANAGANTue Aug 16 1994Psalms
957.08CSC32::KINSELLAThu Aug 18 1994FREEDOM
958.06LGP3Thu Aug 18 1994the rights and freedoms of the accused
959.026CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Aug 20 1994How is Jesus' death related to the way he lived?
960.0293CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Aug 20 1994The Official 'Trash CHRISTIAN-PERSPECTIVE' Note
961.037CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Aug 26 1994Who is welcome at the table and who is not?
962.015CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Aug 27 1994Gamaliel: "Cut 'em some slack!"
963.016POWDML::FLANAGANTue Sep 06 1994Adam and Eve as Myth(SRO)
964.063LGP3Tue Sep 06 1994Adam and Eve as Myth (for general discussion)
965.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Sep 08 1994Random chance
966.022STRATA::BARBIERIFri Sep 09 1994The Two Crosses
967.013SNOFS2::MATTHEWSSun Sep 11 1994A Modern Day Thomas
968.038CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 12 1994Is Anger a Sin?
969.015CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 14 1994Resist evil, injustice and oppression
970.01COVERT::COVERTThu Sep 15 1994The Choir of The Church of The Advent, 1994-95
971.017CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Sep 15 1994An Inalienable Right (U.S.)
972.029CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 19 1994Faith and comfort (or the lack thereof)
973.01FAILTE::TROWSDALECTue Sep 20 1994Tanzania Missionaries
974.081--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 20 1994HELL
975.018YIELD::GRIFFISFri Sep 23 1994Jesus Heals Broken Hearts
976.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Sep 23 1994How does servanthood differ from servitude?
977.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Sep 24 1994A Course In Miracles
978.051--UnknownUser--Sat Sep 24 1994Pre-Victorian Values!!!
979.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Sep 24 1994Do the ends ever justify the means?
980.011--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 26 1994Whatever Happened To....
981.041POWDML::FLANAGANTue Sep 27 1994Studying the New Testament
982.010TFH::KIRKFri Sep 30 1994fare well
983.035CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Oct 10 1994Sadness from Joy
984.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 14 1994What's wrong with "touchy-feeley"?
985.0COVERT::COVERTSun Oct 16 1994The Lord's Prayer
986.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Oct 17 1994Israel & Jordan
987.051CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Oct 17 1994The value of Judges 19, 2
988.0121POWDML::FLANAGANFri Oct 21 1994Christianity and Paganism
989.050AIMHI::JMARTINFri Oct 21 1994Significant Others
990.014POWDML::FLANAGANMon Oct 24 1994announcement
991.022LGP3Tue Oct 25 1994"Hell has our Phone Number"
992.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 28 1994Enabling Ministries -- Chapter 13
993.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Nov 04 1994What do people want out of life?
994.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 07 1994Empty Prayers?
995.035CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Nov 11 1994When did Satan take over?
996.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 10 1994I have overcome the world
997.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Nov 09 1994Soundbite Nation
998.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 10 1994New Creature versus Old Creature
999.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Oct 26 1994The Valenza Award
1000.04COVERT::COVERTWed Oct 26 1994Millenialism
1001.03VNABRW::BUTTONThu Oct 27 1994Update from Austria.
1002.0124TINCUP::BITTROLFFThu Oct 27 1994The Oldest Known Copy of the Bible
1003.0137POWDML::FLANAGANFri Oct 28 1994Tempations of Jesus
1004.06FRETZ::HEISERTue Nov 01 1994Who are YOU *IN* Christ?
1005.03TNPUBS::PAINTERMon Nov 07 1994Irena Pulkstenis info request
1006.08POWDML::FLANAGANWed Nov 09 1994heresy
1007.011POWDML::FLANAGANThu Nov 10 1994Fully Human or Fully Divine?
1008.0COVERT::COVERTFri Nov 18 1994"The Cruelty of Heresy" by C. FitzSimons Allison
1009.069CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 09 1994What's so sinister about "The New World Order"?
1010.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Nov 25 1994God as victim
1011.02LGP3Tue Nov 29 1994Teaching of Morality in Public Schools
1012.018GRIM::MESSENGERWed Nov 30 1994Political correctness
1013.085CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 02 1994Paul Hill & Jeffery Dahmer
1014.036POWDML::FLANAGANThu Dec 08 1994help need with John 1:1-5
1015.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 08 1994What's so sinister about OBE?
1016.022CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 14 1994The Archangel Michael and Satan
1017.069CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 15 1994Joseph
1018.010TNPUBS::PAINTERThu Dec 15 1994Goodbye (sort of), and Contact Info.
1019.035SEFIThu Dec 15 1994Pope's View of Buddhism
1020.041CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Dec 17 1994Demons
1021.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 21 1994I wonder as I wander....
1022.03URQUEL::J_CHRISTIEMon Dec 26 1994Charles Murray
1023.022CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 28 1994Visions and Visionaries
1024.038CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 28 1994New Year's Resolutions
1025.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 28 1994Marianne Williamson
1026.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 29 1994Og Mandino
1027.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Dec 31 1994Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship
1028.035CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jan 02 1995Revolutionaries or reformers?
1029.056CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jan 04 1995Negativity directed toward Catholicism
1030.025CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jan 04 1995Legislating Morality
1031.09GRANPA::FPEREZThu Jan 05 1995Unity Church
1032.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 06 1995Malcolm Muggeridge
1033.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 06 1995Yesterday, today and forever
1034.037CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 06 1995Are we a community?
1035.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jan 09 1995Jesus belongs to nobody, not even you!
1036.025DECALP::GUTZWILLERTue Jan 10 1995what drives me really nuts about christianity
1037.07APACHE::MYERSTue Jan 10 1995John 3:16... to believe in him.
1038.031HURON::MYERSWed Jan 11 1995Is Blessed == Saved?
1039.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jan 12 1995The Image of God - Genesis 1.27
1040.031POWDML::FLANAGANFri Jan 13 1995Romans 5
1041.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jan 19 1995Your after-church tradition
1042.030LGP3Mon Jan 16 1995The Sixties
1043.027POWDML::FLANAGANThu Jan 19 1995Situational Ethics
1044.08POWDML::FLANAGANThu Jan 19 1995Prologue to John
1045.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jan 23 1995When Christianity comes under criticism
1046.028DECALP::GUTZWILLERTue Jan 24 1995two kinds of human?
1047.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 24 1995What to do about a school yard bully?
1048.087DECALP::GUTZWILLERFri Jan 27 1995how are you perceived by non-christians?
1049.048POWDML::FLANAGANMon Jan 30 1995Leviticus
1050.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jan 30 1995Hagar, Ishmael and chronology
1051.020CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 31 1995Polls, surveys, statistics, charts, etc.
1052.028CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 06 1995Order and Dissent
1053.08POWDML::FLANAGANTue Feb 07 1995The Bible, treasures in a Clay Jar (SRO)
1054.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Feb 11 1995St. Valentine's Day (SRO)
1055.096CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 13 1995Believe _in_ Jesus, but don't believe Jesus
1056.07DECALP::GUTZWILLERWed Feb 15 1995genetic engineering and christianity
1057.046CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 20 1995The Newt Age Note
1058.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 27 1995Advantages of Professional Clergy
1059.034CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 27 1995Disadvantages of Professional Clergy
1060.0108LGP3Wed Mar 01 1995Discrimination: racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, age
1061.090CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 03 1995Revelation, the book
1062.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Mar 06 1995The Sanctuary Note (SRO)
1063.010JARETH::CHARPENTIERWed Mar 08 1995Marriage Encounter symbol?
1064.018CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Mar 09 1995On the Roman Catholic Church
1065.07DECALP::GUTZWILLERFri Mar 10 1995would your church harbour refugees?
1066.0109CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Mar 11 1995Who are the errant?
1067.025DECALP::GUTZWILLERThu Mar 16 1995did jesus redefine what it means to be a man?
1068.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Mar 23 1995Blessed are the merciful
1069.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Mar 23 1995Reflections on Good Friday
1070.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 29 1995Christianity and the Baby-boomers
1071.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 29 1995Christianity and Thirtysomethings
1072.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 29 1995Christianity and Generation X
1073.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 29 1995The Quintessential Christian
1074.011MKOTS3::JMARTINFri Mar 31 1995How Did You Two Meet!!?
1075.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Apr 17 1995Guatemala and US CIA morality
1076.015VNABRW::BUTTONTue Apr 18 1995Is silence golden?
1077.046CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Apr 21 1995What is Christianity without love?
1078.030TINCUP::BITTROLFFFri Apr 28 1995Why?
1079.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 03 1995Honor your father and your mother
1080.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat May 06 1995Sick Evangelism
1081.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon May 08 1995When there's no clear direction
1082.0237DECALP::GUTZWILLERMon May 08 1995Biblical Contradictions (see 1
1083.0121APACHE::MYERSWed May 10 1995The Christian Coalition.
1084.052CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 12 1995What is "Christian Identity"?
1085.085CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri May 19 1995Christianity and Home Schooling
1086.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 24 1995How important is it to know the date?
1087.0115CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu May 25 1995The Christian Quiz Note (Lite)
1089.068CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jun 01 1995Creationist doctrine and the Christian
1090.0230CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 02 1995What's right with the Religious Right
1091.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Jun 03 1995Hollywood
1092.0273POWDML::FLANAGANMon Jun 05 1995So what is a Christian community and is this one?
1093.088POWDML::FLANAGANMon Jun 05 1995The Bible as a wonderful diverse collection
1094.056USATTue Jun 06 1995Argument For Theism
1095.0171CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 07 1995The Suffering Servant
1096.019USATThu Jun 08 1995Argument for Atheism
1097.09USATThu Jun 08 1995Argument for Agnosticism
1098.029POWDML::FLANAGANFri Jun 16 1995The Authentic sayings of Jesus
1099.028POWDML::FLANAGANThu Jun 22 1995What is a Cult?
1100.0111POWDML::FLANAGANFri Jun 23 1995What is spirituality?
1101.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 23 1995The Mormons
1102.034MKOTS3::JMARTINFri Jun 23 1995Blasphemy
1103.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Jun 24 1995The conscience
1104.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 28 1995Is it okay to disagree with your pastor?
1105.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jun 29 1995Good Samaritan laws
1106.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jul 11 1995Hillel
1107.0111CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jul 11 1995Once saved always saved? Or not?
1108.063POWDML::FLANAGANTue Jul 11 1995Pope apologizes to all women
1109.05POWDML::FLANAGANThu Jul 13 1995why is there pain and suffering
1111.04POWDML::FLANAGANThu Jul 13 1995interdependent web of existence/Body of Christ
1112.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 14 1995John Locke
1113.015CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jul 18 1995The parable of the good Samaritan
1114.07LUDWIG::BARBIERIThu Jul 20 1995Condemnation/Deliverance/Atonement/Judgment
1115.030DECALP::GUTZWILLERWed Jul 26 1995did god make a sacrifice to save humanity?
1116.05POWDML::FLANAGANWed Jul 26 1995Alfred North Whitehead
1117.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jul 26 1995Applied Christianity
1118.0193CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jul 27 1995Dobson rails against UN women's conference
1119.087CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Jul 29 1995Cry for Renewal
1120.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Aug 01 1995Sandi Patty
1121.0176CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Aug 02 1995Promise Keepers
1122.057POWDML::FLANAGANFri Aug 04 1995Marriage as a partnership
1123.068CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Aug 05 1995No Systematic Theology
1124.034POWDML::FLANAGANThu Aug 10 1995Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll
1125.051CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Aug 11 1995Focus on the Family: politics of the 'non-political'
1126.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Aug 12 1995Dick Martell
1127.047DECALP::GUTZWILLERWed Aug 16 1995mixed marriages
1128.050OUTSRC::HEISERWed Aug 16 1995The Triune Nature of God
1129.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Aug 28 1995Imperceptible Change
1130.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Aug 31 1995On Human Beings with Handicaps
1131.080CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Sep 01 1995Homeless - Hungry - Help
1132.049CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Sep 05 1995Can non-Christians experience or know God?
1133.0202CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 06 1995Christian Peacemaker Teams (SRO)
1134.027CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 06 1995Discussion of Christian Peacemaker Teams
1135.06MKOTS3::JMARTINWed Sep 06 1995Amorite God in Livingroom!
1136.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Sep 07 1995How are you perceived by other Christians?
1137.032CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Sep 10 1995A preview of the afterlife
1138.0194CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Sep 12 1995On the emphasis of some teachings over others
1139.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Sep 15 1995Christianity and Karoshi
1140.016POWDML::FLANAGANFri Sep 15 1995Faith Healing
1141.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Sep 16 1995On swearing to an oath
1142.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Sep 20 1995John Jacobs and the Power Team
1143.0149POWDML::FLANAGANThu Sep 21 1995Hebrew Scriptures
1144.0129DECALP::GUTZWILLERFri Sep 22 1995intergender communication
1145.0149CNTROL::DGAUTHIERMon Sep 25 1995Faith/Reason?
1146.0100CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Sep 26 1995The Institutional Church
1147.034POWDML::FLANAGANWed Sep 27 1995Scripture within scripture
1148.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Sep 30 1995On biblical scholarship
1149.030CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Oct 02 1995What do you mean by "the Kingdom of God"?
1150.015CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Sep 28 1995Movies that may be of interest to Christians
1151.012GUIDUK::MCCANTAFri Sep 29 1995Onward Christian Soldiers?
1152.045VNABRW::BUTTONMon Oct 02 1995Good-bye CP Part 1
1153.020DECALP::GUTZWILLERTue Oct 03 1995the encouragement note
1154.0229DECALP::GUTZWILLERTue Oct 03 1995did jesus die as a virgin?
1155.044CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Oct 03 1995"Trying" Others
1156.094TNPUBS::PAINTERWed Oct 04 1995Spiritual Experiences
1157.048DECALP::GUTZWILLERThu Oct 05 1995cheating on jesus
1158.063GRIM::MESSENGERFri Oct 06 1995Jesus and the Pharisees
1159.089CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Oct 10 1995God bless America
1160.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 13 1995Sacrificial giving
1161.08CNTROL::DGAUTHIERFri Oct 13 1995"Belief" and "God"
1162.011UTROP1::utrMon Oct 16 1995Gospel of Thomas
1163.090CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Oct 16 1995The Million Man March
1164.0100CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Oct 17 1995Science and Religion
1165.04OUTSRC::HEISERTue Oct 17 1995the 1
1166.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 20 1995First-hand experience with a soup kitchen
1167.018CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 20 1995Facts and Truth
1168.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Oct 21 1995Rumors of Persecution
1169.033CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Oct 23 1995Credibility
1170.07CAPNET::ROSCHWed Oct 25 1995'In Search of Satan' on PBS
1171.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Oct 26 1995Jesse Jackson
1172.05POWDML::FLANAGANFri Oct 27 1995Where is our Holy Church?
1173.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Oct 28 1995The Ecumenical Order of Charity
1174.017CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Oct 29 1995II Thessalonians 3.6-15
1175.015DECALP::GUTZWILLERTue Oct 31 1995History of Christianity
1176.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 06 1995The Clergy Club
1177.013CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Nov 07 1995Medicine and Christians
1178.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Nov 08 1995The Ultimate Paradox
1179.08POWDML::FLANAGANFri Nov 10 19951 Samuel 2:22
1180.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 13 1995Dragons
1181.030CNTROL::DGAUTHIERWed Nov 15 1995Non-Human Spirit.. Soul?
1182.0247POWDML::FLANAGANThu Nov 16 1995Sexism is alive and well, and living in...
1183.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 16 1995Stoics and Stoicism
1184.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Nov 16 1995A Christmas Carol
1185.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 20 1995Jesus Christ: Liberal or Conservative?
1186.034POWDML::FLANAGANWed Nov 22 1995Psalm 82
1187.041CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Nov 22 1995Genesis 6.3
1188.044CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Nov 27 1995The Gospels of John, Paul, George & Ringo
1189.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Dec 03 1995On the importance of winning
1190.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 06 1995Why do some go unhealed?
1191.016CNTROL::DGAUTHIERThu Dec 07 1995Child Abuse: Can it be stopped before such a tragedy?
1192.050CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Dec 10 1995Pastors and Paychecks
1193.050CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Dec 18 1995Bethlehem
1194.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Dec 18 1995Why shouldn't we all believe the same?
1195.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 19 1995Can a fountain spew forth both sweet and bitter?
1196.024POWDML::FLANAGANTue Dec 26 1995"Going To the Chapel"
1197.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jan 01 1996Psalm 121.1-2
1198.031CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Jan 02 1996Armagedon for year 2
1200.033CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jan 03 1996And the government shall be upon his shoulder
1201.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jan 03 1996Amazing Grace
1202.040CNTROL::DGAUTHIERThu Jan 04 1996Robin Hood Charity
1203.033APACHE::MYERSFri Jan 05 1996How would a Christian reform welfare?
1204.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Jan 06 1996I have overcome the world
1205.053CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Jan 07 1996Easier to thread a camel through a needle's eye
1206.05CNTROL::DGAUTHIERMon Jan 08 1996Survivalists?
1207.046MKOTS3::JMARTINTue Jan 09 1996Separation
1208.03ASDG::SHINFri Jan 12 1996Catholic churches in the area
1209.0112CNTROL::DGAUTHIERThu Jan 18 1996One Of Us
1210.010TINCUP::inwo.cxo.dec.com::BittrolffThu Jan 18 1996What Race were Adam and Eve?
1211.027CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 23 1996Concubines
1212.06CNTROL::DGAUTHIERWed Jan 24 1996Comedy Hurts?
1213.051ODIXIE::HARTWed Jan 24 1996Different levels of Hell ???
1214.04ADISSW::HAECKSun Jan 28 1996Random Acts of Kindness
1215.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Feb 03 1996The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
1216.03THOLIN::TBAKERFri Feb 09 1996Where there is good to be done...
1217.04CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Feb 13 1996Presidential Considerations
1218.043CNTROL::DGAUTHIERWed Feb 14 1996Faith in Coincidence?
1219.022CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Feb 19 1996Non-Christian in a Christian community (SRO)
1220.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Feb 27 1996Spiritual Lulls
1221.039CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Feb 29 1996Cremation versus burial
1222.021SMART2::DGAUTHIERTue Mar 05 1996Street corner evangelists
1223.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Mar 09 1996The Moral Implications of Cloning
1224.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Mar 18 1996Hooch
1225.065CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Mar 19 1996Nationalism as idolatry
1226.033LGP3Fri Mar 22 1996Affirmative Action
1227.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 29 1996Les Miserables
1228.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Apr 24 1996Where to find God
1229.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed May 15 1996What shall become of CHRISTIAN-PERSPECTIVE?
1230.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jun 12 1996The Burning of Black Churches
1231.036CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Jul 07 1996Can God choose evil?
1232.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jul 26 1996The Bible as gold mine
1234.085LGP3Wed Mar 20 1996Web sites and other internet resources
1235.04CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 22 1996Our Economic Priorities
1236.02THOLIN::TBAKERFri Apr 12 1996Prisoner of the fold...
1237.039APACHE::MYERSWed Apr 17 1996What is "The Law" and what is not?
1238.0CNTROL::DGAUTHIERWed Apr 24 1996Who's Kids?
1239.06ADISSW::HAECKFri May 03 1996What is your daily prayer discipline?
1240.084CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jun 07 1996When a faith is of little relevance or appeal
1241.017CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Jun 18 1996Vanity
1242.014CNTROL::DGAUTHIERWed Jul 03 1996Child custody and raising a christian?
1243.0462DELNI::MCCAULEYWed Jul 03 1996Why Christianity?
1244.095DELNI::MCCAULEYMon Jul 08 1996Immigrants
1245.0DELNI::MCCAULEYTue Jul 09 1996Martin Buber
1246.087CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jul 24 1996The Bible's non-subjective superiority
1247.015DELNI::MCCAULEYTue Jul 30 1996Questions for Theological pursuit
1248.039DELNI::MCCAULEYWed Jul 31 1996The Holy Spirit
1249.032CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Aug 03 1996But they weren't speaking to me!!
1250.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Aug 06 1996Blessed be the tie that binds
1251.013SMARTT::DGAUTHIERWed Aug 07 1996Purgatory
1252.037DELNI::MCCAULEYWed Aug 07 1996Dysfunctional Evangelism!
1253.032SLBLUZ::CREWSWed Aug 07 1996God's True And Loving Gospel
1254.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Aug 09 1996Add thou not unto God's words
1255.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Aug 09 1996Revelation 22.18-19
1256.026CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Aug 10 1996Where does doubt fit in?
1257.042DELNI::MCCAULEYTue Aug 13 1996Christian Dialogue-Liberal and Conservative
1258.07THOLIN::TBAKERTue Aug 13 1996How has this file changed you?
1259.09DELNI::MCCAULEYWed Aug 14 1996Rowe Camp & Conference Center
1260.048DELNI::MCCAULEYThu Aug 15 1996Why is the Bible ambiguous?
1261.095CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Aug 15 1996Isaiah 45.1
1262.025CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Aug 16 1996Revival of Repentance
1263.0195CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Aug 20 1996The Necessity of Belief in the Bible as Inerrant
1264.089CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Aug 23 1996Don't look to Christianity. Look to Christ.
1265.077CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Aug 23 1996Ministering to fundamentalists
1266.024THOLIN::TBAKERMon Aug 26 1996Viewing God via Eckhart
1267.071DELNI::MCCAULEYTue Aug 27 1996What would we lose if we believed in an inerrant Bible?
1268.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Aug 28 1996Eye on the Sparrow
1269.090MKOTS3::JMARTINThu Aug 29 1996Campaign 1996 and Christianity
1270.038THOLIN::TBAKERThu Aug 29 1996taxes and education from a christian perspective
1271.019SMARTT::DGAUTHIERFri Aug 30 1996Kidnapping for Baptism
1272.013DELNI::MCCAULEYTue Sep 03 1996Salvation Army
1273.07SMARTT::DGAUTHIERThu Sep 05 1996Stewardship of the Earth
1274.0145DELNI::MCCAULEYFri Sep 06 1996orthodoxy vs heresy
1275.04GRIM::MESSENGERSat Sep 07 1996The Chronicles of Narnia
1276.0GRIM::MESSENGERWed Sep 11 1996RELIGION and other conferences need new homes
1277.040THOLIN::TBAKERFri Sep 13 1996Christianity and International Politics
1278.0111CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 16 1996Distinguishing the saved from the unsaved
1279.067DELNI::MCCAULEYTue Sep 24 1996Violence Against women
1280.046CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Sep 30 1996Christian qualities are more important than dogma
1281.018CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 11 1996Salvation is the only thing Christianity is about
1282.053SMART2::DGAUTHIERThu Oct 17 1996Jesus' Siblings?
1283.013DELNI::MCCAULEYFri Oct 18 1996Salvation? From what?
1284.019DELNI::MCCAULEYMon Oct 21 1996The Humanist Manifesto I
1285.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Oct 22 1996Ye need not that any man teach you
1286.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Oct 24 1996AWANA Clubs
1287.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Oct 24 1996The Reformation and the Restoration
1288.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Oct 25 1996'The Glorious Revolution'
1289.016CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Oct 29 1996Do you believe in ghosts?
1290.069SMARTT::DGAUTHIERWed Oct 30 1996Intentions, interpretations and actions
1291.09CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Oct 30 1996Calvin
1292.01COVERT::COVERTSun Nov 03 1996Do this...
1293.034CNTROL::DGAUTHIERThu Nov 14 1996Biblical Stasis?
1294.061SMARTT::DGAUTHIERFri Nov 22 1996Symbolic or Literal
1295.018CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Dec 02 1996The Magi
1296.0108CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 05 1996The Second Coming of Christ
1297.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Dec 08 1996What are your Christmas cards usually like?
1298.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Dec 09 1996Hair
1299.010SMARTT::DGAUTHIERFri Dec 13 1996Organ Donations
1300.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Dec 13 1996Reasons for Doctrinal Quibbling
1301.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Dec 15 1996The Gospel According to Jesus
1302.016CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Dec 18 1996Entertaining Angels and Others
1303.056CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun Dec 22 1996Justification for a Professional Ministry
1304.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Dec 23 1996Stigmata
1305.032CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 24 1996The Way to Eternal Life
1306.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Dec 26 1996Seeing the Image of Jesus
1307.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Dec 28 1996Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace?
1308.028CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Dec 30 1996Too little faith, too much faith
1309.049CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Dec 31 1996Exactly what is eternal life?
1310.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jan 02 1997Everlasting life & eternal life
1311.032CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jan 02 1997What happens upon death?
1312.012CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Jan 04 1997Eternal life not same as life after death?
1313.027DELNI::MCCAULEYTue Jan 07 1997Goodbye Note
1314.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Jan 07 1997How were the holidays for you?
1315.026SMARTT::DGAUTHIERWed Jan 08 1997Phycisian Assisted Suicide
1316.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Jan 09 1997Genesis 3:15
1317.06MKOTS3::JMARTINFri Jan 10 1997New Testament Postcards
1318.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Jan 10 1997What's in it for me?
1319.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jan 13 1997Ezekiel 18 and sin
1320.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jan 20 1997The things by which we are defiled
1321.024CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Jan 20 1997Nostradamus
1322.03CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Jan 25 1997When do you feel most alive?
1323.026CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Jan 29 1997Levirate Law
1324.0123CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Feb 05 1997"Christians"
1325.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Feb 07 1997Pharisees
1326.0195CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Feb 07 1997Systemic Sin
1327.036CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Feb 21 1997Are you your brother's keeper?
1328.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Feb 21 1997Taking Jesus' teachings to heart
1329.0158CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Feb 28 1997Gandhi
1330.010PHXSS1::HEISERFri Feb 28 1997Bible Codes - The Signature of God
1331.053CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Mar 03 1997Hitler
1332.08CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Mar 05 1997With God all things are possible
1333.086APACHE::MYERSWed Mar 05 1997Explining Abraham, Isaac and animal slaughter
1334.028SMARTT::DGAUTHIERTue Mar 11 1997Why is there growth in the unorthodox space?
1335.040SMARTT::DGAUTHIERThu Mar 13 1997Clones
1336.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Mar 20 1997On being peculiar
1337.014CSC32::J_CHRISTIEFri Mar 21 1997Some matters of faith not open to interpretation
1338.01CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Mar 25 1997Love is as strong as death
1338.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Mar 24 1997Love is as strong as death
1339.082CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Mar 27 1997Heaven's Gate
1340.05SMARTT::DGAUTHIERMon Mar 31 1997Where's God? Where's Heaven?
1341.0139CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 01 1997Unicorns: mythical creatures or not?
1342.010CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 01 1997The Tower of Babel
1343.019CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu Apr 03 1997Jacob, his Uncle Laban, and the flocks
1344.025CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Apr 05 1997Love your enemies
1345.05CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 08 1997Who did Jesus separate himself from?
1346.02PHXSS1::HEISERTue Apr 08 1997Calvary Chapel
1347.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIETue Apr 08 1997The branches are an indicator of the vine
1348.032SMARTT::DGAUTHIERMon Apr 14 1997What is Worship?
1348.0CSC32::J_CHRISTIEWed Apr 09 1997Complicity, Complacency and Apathy
1349.06SMARTT::DGAUTHIERFri Apr 18 1997Anthropomorphizing God
1350.02CSC32::J_CHRISTIEMon Apr 21 1997God and mammon
1351.06CSC32::J_CHRISTIESat Apr 26 1997The Raven
1352.02APACHE::MYERSMon Apr 28 1997Salvation vs. Eternal Life
1353.033SMARTT::DGAUTHIERThu May 01 1997Christian Jurors?
1354.020SMART2::DGAUTHIERMon May 12 1997Is God Fair?
1355.011CSC32::J_CHRISTIESun May 18 1997Religious Experience
1356.025PHXSWed May 21 1997Unorthodox ties to Toronto & Pensacola movements
1357.06PHXSWed May 21 1997Worldwide Church of God joins Christianity
1358.07SMARTT::DGAUTHIERTue May 27 1997How to become a son of God?
1359.05SMARTT::DGAUTHIERWed May 28 1997For and Against
1360.07CSC32::J_CHRISTIEThu May 29 1997Mark 2.26
1361.05PHXSS1::HEISERThu May 29 1997Developing Intimacy with God
1362.08SMARTT::DGAUTHIERMon Jun 02 1997Also Sprach Sarathustra