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Conference lando::wobegon1

Title:...and all the children are above average
Created:Tue Mar 23 1993
Last Modified:Mon Dec 20 1993
Last Successful Update:Mon Jan 20 1997
Number of topics:19
Total number of notes:75
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2.06LANDO::MAZURTue Mar 23 1993ARC / PHC Schedule
3.02LANDO::MAZURTue Mar 23 1993Merchandise
4.0LANDO::MAZURTue Mar 23 1993Newsletter
5.0LANDO::MAZURTue Mar 23 1993bullitin boards and nets
6.06CADSYS::BRIX::KINMONTHThu Mar 25 1993Garrison Keillor vs. Dave Barry
7.012LANDO::MAZURFri Mar 26 1993Other appearances
8.026LANDO::MAZURMon Mar 29 1993Weekly show descriptions
9.01LANDO::MAZURTue Apr 06 1993Tapers topics
10.01LANDO::MAZURFri May 07 1993About Garrison
11.01LANDO::MAZURSun May 30 1993Hopeful Gospel Quartet
12.01LANDO::MAZURWed Sep 08 1993Ivy has a boy
13.0LANDO::MAZURFri Sep 17 1993GK Daily Show
14.01LANDO::MAZURMon Sep 20 1993Book of Guys
15.0LANDO::MAZURFri Oct 15 1993Biscuits are not a meal
17.0LANDO::MAZURMon Nov 01 1993future show info
18.0LANDO::MAZURMon Nov 08 1993The Simpsons
19.0LANDO::MAZURSat Nov 20 1993Radio stations and times of PHC