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Conference napalm::commusic_v1

Title:* * Computer Music, MIDI, and Related Topics * *
Notice:Conference has been write-locked. Use new version.
Created:Thu Feb 20 1986
Last Modified:Mon Aug 29 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2852
Total number of notes:33157
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1.07NOVA::RAVANTue Feb 28 1984Welcome to COMMUSIC
2.06--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 28 1984Conference Directory Listings
3.0113--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 28 1984Who's Who
4.059--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 28 1984Related Conferences
5.052--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 29 1984Equipment Manufacturer Information
6.050--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 01 1984Music Dealer Addresses & Contacts
7.010--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 05 1984Publications (Magazines) - Names and Addresses
8.0228--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 08 1984Conference Bulletin Board
9.05--UnknownUser--Sat Mar 17 1984DECMS Price Quotes
10.051--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 26 1984COMMUSIC Tapes - Ordering & Submitting
11.015--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 28 1984COMMUSIC Tapes - Liner Notes
12.084--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 06 1984Items For Sale (Please delete after items are sold.)
13.0273--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 09 1984Items/Musicians/Miscellaneous Wanted (Want Ads)
14.0232--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 19 1984Conference Issues & Gripes
16.0309--UnknownUser--Tue May 01 1984Latest Hot Price Quote
17.050--UnknownUser--Thu May 03 1984Public Domain MIDI Library On Easynet
19.0NOVA::RAVANTue May 29 198412-APR MIT Seminar Transcript
20.06VIKING::MARKEYSat Jun 09 1984The REAL ideal Synth
21.011RDVAX::DICKENSWed Jun 20 1984The REAListic ideal synth
22.09NOVA::RAVANFri Jun 22 1984Digital Sampling?
24.013RDVAX::DICKENSMon Jul 02 1984Guitar Synth Interface
25.06DELPHI::MALIKFri Jul 06 1984Kurzweil 25
27.0GRDIAN::RIESTue Jul 24 1984MIDI Software For PDP Engines
30.018SAUTER::SAUTERWed Sep 26 1984FM Synthesis
31.01BARNUM::JWALTONThu Oct 04 1984Large Music Systems
34.012FELIX::JANZENWed Oct 17 1984Noisy computers
36.02HARE::STANThu Oct 25 1984CP/M Music Programs
43.04KIRK::BOYERWed Nov 28 1984Colgate Studio, DMX-1
46.05BARNUM::JWALTONTue Dec 11 1984PCM definition
49.017KATADN::BOTTOMWed Jan 02 1985Need copyright info
51.010KATADN::BOTTOMWed Jan 16 1985Roland TR7
53.06BAILEY::JWALTONTue Jan 22 1985Product review
54.04GIBSON::DICKENSTue Jan 22 1985Low-end multi-trackers
55.06DC2VWed Jan 23 1985Yamaha DX7 Patches
56.062NOVA::RAVANThu Jan 24 1985Ensoniq Mirage Sampling Keyboard
57.02NOVA::RAVANMon Jan 28 1985Music Languages
58.05GLORY::LAUTThu Jan 31 1985LinnDrum Synth
59.021PIPA::JANZENFri Feb 08 1985Traditional Analog/Vocoder Discussion
60.013PIPA::JANZENMon Feb 11 1985HARMONIZER anywhere?
61.038STAR::MALIKTue Feb 12 1985midi programming
63.01NOVA::RAVANWed Feb 13 1985MUSIC5 for micros?
64.03CRVAX1::KAPLOWWed Feb 13 1985DEC PDP8 Music Program
66.08PIPA::JANZENMon Feb 18 1985PAIA circuits box
68.07PIXEL::COHENWed Feb 20 1985Yamaha CX5M computer
70.011PIPA::JANZENThu Feb 28 1985Movie music
72.03PIPA::JANZENThu Mar 14 1985theft prevention
73.02PIPA::JANZENMon Mar 18 1985tape-bow violin
74.012OLORIN::CZOTTERTue Mar 19 1985any comments on new Roland
76.06SAUTER::SAUTERFri Mar 29 1985Non-Virtuoso Software
77.05PIPA::JANZENMon Apr 01 1985Avoid Radio Shack tape
78.03NOVA::RAVANWed Apr 03 1985DEC VAX Computer Music
79.0KATADN::BOTTOMMon Apr 08 1985Roland TR7
80.03LATOUR::MCARLETONSat Apr 13 1985Yamaha CX5M Computer
81.015KATADN::BOTTOMWed Apr 17 1985Recording techniques for keys
82.06CURIE::SPEEDWed Apr 17 1985Yamaha TX816 Rackmount FM Synthesizer
83.04PIPA::JANZENWed Apr 17 1985Casio catalogue
87.0PIPA::JANZENTue Apr 23 1985PAiA Just Intonation
88.01SAUTER::SAUTERWed Apr 24 1985Roland SDE25
89.04DC2VSat Apr 27 1985DS:3 sampling machine
91.01PIPA::JANZENMon Apr 29 1985PAiA Hot Lyx Sustain
92.0PIPA::JANZENWed May 01 1985ibanez info
93.03PIPA::JANZENMon May 06 1985The Tape Store
95.04OLORIN::CZOTTERTue May 07 19851/2" 8-track
96.0PIPA::JANZENThu May 09 1985sony pro catalog
97.05BOOLE::SPEEDTue May 14 1985Recommendation: Setting Up Home Studio
98.09CHAMP2::DREHERMon May 20 1985studios and engineering
99.07GWEN::LUGRINTue May 21 1985DEC Rainbow Computer and Computer Music
100.02CHAMP2::DREHERWed May 22 1985Review: Roland SDE3
101.05EVER11::EKLOFThu May 30 1985Ten Left Thumbs!
102.03BOOLE::SPEEDMon Jun 03 1985Aiwa 12 track info anyone??
106.016FRSBEE::FOSTERThu Jun 13 1985Primer on Basic Configuration?
107.01NOVA::RAVANSat Jun 15 1985Commodore Amiga Computer
108.012RAINBO::SAVAGEFri Jun 21 1985ibm pc midi
109.018RAINBO::SAVAGETue Jul 02 1985Recommendation: What Keyboard To Buy
110.01CURIE::SPEEDMon Jul 08 1985Apple/Commodore MIDI software
111.01RAINBO::SAVAGEMon Jul 08 1985New MIDI software package...
112.012RAINBO::SAVAGEMon Jul 08 1985Roland MPU4
114.03--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 11 1985WERSI ORGANS?
115.06--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 11 1985help! tape syncing problems!
117.03--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 12 1985casette dubbing
118.09SIVA::FEHSKENSThu Jul 18 1985Non-DX-7 Program Exchange?
119.04PIPA::JANZENTue Jul 23 1985Drumming is hard
121.01DYO78Fri Jul 26 1985Hagstrom Patch 2
123.02BETA::HALLTue Jul 30 1985Synclavier info needed
126.02SPEEDY::BENSONMon Aug 05 1985Casio CZ5
127.01--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 05 1985composer software
128.018--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 05 1985Yamaha TX7/TX216/TX816 FM Synths - Comparison
129.05CHEAPR::MCPHERSONTue Aug 06 1985Cry Baby Schematic
130.03CHAMP2::DREHERWed Aug 07 1985Recommendation: Looking for 8Track Tape Deck
132.08KOBAL::SCHOTTFri Aug 09 1985Recommendation: Home Recording Gear and Soundproofing
141.02TUNDRA::TRAHANThu Aug 29 1985Recommendation: Looking for Synth w/ Piano Sounds
143.07SPEEDY::BENSONTue Sep 10 1985Multi-timbral synths
144.05KATADN::BOTTOMWed Sep 11 1985TEAC Tascam Studio 8 Tape Deck
145.08EKLVFri Sep 13 1985Effects (FX): How Does A Harmonizer Work?
146.022MENTOR::COTEMon Sep 16 1985Yamaha DX21 4 Operator FM Synthesizer
147.01FRSBEE::FOSTERMon Sep 16 1985Junior version of Kurzweil?
148.02SIVA::FEHSKENSMon Sep 16 1985Roland TR727 Latin Drum Machine
149.02KATADN::BOTTOMTue Sep 17 1985Roland JX3P Velocity Sensing Upgrade
151.02FRSBEE::FOSTERTue Sep 17 1985Velocity Sensitive?
152.02KOBAL::SCHOTTFri Sep 20 1985Any C64 experimenters?
153.09SIVA::FEHSKENSMon Sep 23 1985JLC MIDI Drumslave
154.0SIVA::FEHSKENSTue Sep 24 1985MSQ-1
155.06PISCES::BOURQUETue Sep 24 1985WANTED: Arp Omni2 documentation
156.06EDISON::SPEEDThu Sep 26 1985Prophet 2
159.09OLORIN::CZOTTERWed Oct 09 1985ST and AMIGA
162.026HUMAN::BEAUDETTue Oct 15 1985MIDI interface for DEC?
164.0MILVAX::BUCKLEYSat Oct 19 1985Harrison's new console
166.016OPUS::LUBARTWed Oct 23 1985Akai AX8
167.07--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 23 19858-track casettes?
168.0GRDIAN::DAVYThu Oct 24 1985I have the hardware in a Printe
169.03KATADN::BOTTOMThu Oct 24 1985PAIA again
171.03OLORIN::CZOTTERWed Oct 30 1985Dual cassette decks
172.08GALAXY::MALIKThu Oct 31 1985Studio suggestions?
174.03SPHINX::SAVAGETue Nov 05 1985IBM and MIDI Control
175.03SPHINX::SAVAGETue Nov 05 1985Textra Experience Out There?
176.05KATADN::BOTTOMThu Nov 07 1985Looking for a good book
179.016BARTOK::ARNOLDFri Nov 08 1985Aphex "Aural Exciters"
180.03ORACLE::WATERSSun Nov 10 1985KX88, Teac 246, Yam. D15
183.0BANZAI::RAVANFri Nov 15 1985Yamaha AFTERTOUCH magazine
184.01SPHINX::SAVAGEMon Nov 18 1985ex
186.03SPHINX::SAVAGETue Nov 19 198536
187.016--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 19 1985Rack Mount Effects vs. Foot Pedal FX
188.03SAUTER::SAUTERWed Nov 20 1985Sauter's First Gig
189.05--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 20 1985demagnetising tape decks
190.01ERLANG::DICKENSThu Nov 21 1985Low-budget recording techniques
193.06GALAXY::MALIKFri Nov 22 1985multi-timbral synths
195.010TALLIS::KLOSTERMANMon Nov 25 1985Best buy? synths for <$1
197.016GALAXY::MALIKSat Nov 30 1985MIDI basics?
198.01SIVA::FEHSKENSMon Dec 02 1985Amusing Editorial Error(s)
199.02SIVA::FEHSKENSMon Dec 02 1985New Roland Sequencer
200.04MAHLER::HERDEGMon Dec 02 1985Questions about the CZ family
202.01--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 09 1985VAX music
203.01EDISON::SPEEDWed Dec 11 1985Question on Sampling Technology
204.019EINSTN::SPEEDThu Dec 12 1985JUNO 1
205.01AMULET::HALLOWELLMon Dec 16 1985MIDI Sequencer/Patch Edit
206.016TURBO::PATTERSONWed Dec 18 1985Help on Synth Decision
207.09GALAXY::MALIKThu Dec 26 1985Yamaha price changes.
208.05BUFALO::RAVANMon Dec 30 1985Transoniq Hacker
212.06BUFALO::RAVANMon Jan 13 1986Op Amps in MIDI spec
215.07MENTOR::COTEMon Jan 20 1986Midi Question
216.04DYO78Mon Jan 20 1986Remote Keyboard Controllers
217.08DYO78Mon Jan 20 1986Drum Kits
218.01AMULET::HALLOWELLTue Jan 21 1986MIDI / External Sync
221.03SPHINX::SAVAGEThu Jan 23 1986IBM Sequencer/Editors
223.07EVE::T_ROBERTThu Jan 23 1986Mirage users, disk formatter ?
226.017GROK::MILLERSat Jan 25 1986MIDI-ing Non-MIDI instruments
227.011MENTOR::COTEMon Jan 27 1986Yamaha QX-7 Sequencer
229.05HOLST::HERDEGTue Jan 28 1986Info about CZ-1
232.04SPHINX::SAVAGEWed Jan 29 1986Texture Review
234.022GALAXY::MALIKMon Feb 03 1986CASIO sampler
238.011ERLANG::DICKENSTue Feb 04 1986VAX notes conversion ?
240.07CHAMP2::DDREHERWed Feb 05 1986First Commercial Sold!
242.013MAX::MCPHERSONMon Feb 10 1986Simmons SDS 9 Info Request...
244.02MINDER::KENTTue Feb 11 1986New UK noter needs advice
245.01GALAXY::MALIKTue Feb 11 1986Chroma upgrade
246.02BUFALO::RAVANMon Feb 17 1986Homemade AMIGA/MIDI Interface
248.0AKOV68::EATONMon Feb 17 1986Software for a ROBIN?
249.013BUFALO::RAVANMon Feb 17 1986CZ Rack Mounts?
250.0SIVA::FEHSKENSTue Feb 18 1986Delayed/Modulated Sync
251.028DYO78Wed Feb 19 1986Recommendation: Amplifier for Synth Gear
253.033DYO78Fri Feb 21 1986Software, Sequencers, and Librarians
254.012BUNYIP::QUODLINGFri Feb 21 1986MIDI Question
255.03STAR::MALIKTue Feb 25 1986Chroma (and other) Patches
256.029SIVA::FEHSKENSWed Feb 26 1986Roland Octapad Review
257.09STAR::MALIKThu Feb 27 1986Music (for a change)
258.03BEAGLE::MULELIDSat Mar 01 1986Hot news from Casio.
259.013MOSAIC::SAVAGEMon Mar 03 1986Digital Reverb's ???
260.016BIGALO::BOTTOM_DAVIDWed Mar 05 1986C64 and MIDI
261.070MENTOR::COTEThu Mar 06 1986Midi-Thru Box?
262.02BARTOK::ARNOLDThu Mar 06 1986PF-15 MIDI Upgrade?
264.03HERMES::LOWESat Mar 08 1986Synth opinion
266.010CANYON::MOELLERMon Mar 10 1986Unpub. KEYBOARD Articles
267.03MOSAIC::SAVAGEWed Mar 12 1986signal processing
268.042DYO78Wed Mar 12 1986Calling All Oberheim Owners/Users
269.06MOSAIC::SAVAGEWed Mar 12 1986Alan Holdworth at Paradise
270.05BARTOK::ARNOLDWed Mar 12 1986Velocity Sensitivity and the DW-8
271.06AKOV68::EATONThu Mar 13 1986Help on Electronic Pianos?
272.02BEAGLE::MULELIDThu Mar 13 1986FOSTEX 26
274.020CANYON::MOELLERFri Mar 14 1986Writing Off your Equipment
275.09STAR::MALIKTue Mar 18 1986Amp suggestions?
276.01EKLVThu Mar 20 1986Questions on sampling..
277.01MOSAIC::SAVAGEFri Mar 21 1986Tascam 388/Fostex 8-track
278.03DYO78Fri Mar 21 1986New Roland Juno Gear
279.09GVADG1::HANNASun Mar 23 1986Mixers (dated)
280.017ERLANG::FEHSKENSTue Mar 25 1986Effects (FX): Roland SRV2
284.04ERLANG::FEHSKENSMon Mar 31 1986Need Maxell ER-6 3.6v AA Lithium or Equiv.
285.02VIKING::SAVAGETue Apr 01 1986Korg DVP1 Digital Voice Processor
288.04STAR::MALIKWed Apr 02 1986Casio/Mac question
290.024OASS::B_MCMILLANWed Apr 02 1986Basic Studio Setup (dated)
291.034--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 03 1986Studio Names
292.08--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 03 1986Sequential Circuits' MAX Synth
295.062RAJA::SCHMIEDERThu Apr 03 1986synth patch exchange (esp. CZ-1
296.01MRMFG1::D_FOSTERFri Apr 04 1986Breath Controller?
297.01NOVA::RAVANMon Apr 07 1986Yamaha DX7 MIDI Quirk
298.07HOW::LEPINETue Apr 08 1986Recording engineer education?
302.010MENTOR::COTETue Apr 08 1986First MIDI Network - Hooking it all up...
305.05MENTOR::COTEFri Apr 11 1986Need Help Tuning Rhodes Piano
306.05ERLANG::FEHSKENSFri Apr 11 1986Roland MSQ1
308.053RAINBO::SAVAGEMon Apr 14 1986Alesis MIDIverb I Effects Processor
309.042RAINBO::SAVAGEMon Apr 14 1986COMMUSIC Tape 1 - Material Review/Exposure Idea
311.071MOSAIC::SAVAGEWed Apr 16 1986COMMUSIC Tape 1 - List of Recipients
312.031MOSAIC::SAVAGEWed Apr 16 1986COMMUSIC Tape 1 - Current Holder
313.055MOSAIC::SAVAGEWed Apr 16 1986COMMUSIC Tape 1 Entries
314.0BARNUM::RHODESWed Apr 16 1986copyright info-the facts
315.020BEAGLE::MULELIDWed Apr 16 1986Yamaha DX1
317.05MENTOR::COTETue Apr 22 1986Chaining Sequencers?
321.07MAX::MCPHERSONTue Apr 22 1986?REAL Men don't...? - Legitimacy of Sequencing
322.09--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 23 1986Murphy's Musical Laws
323.0STAR::MALIKThu Apr 24 1986Macintosh sampler
326.07BARNUM::RHODESFri Apr 25 1986Concepts of FM Programming - Operators/Algorithms
329.014ADVAX::T_ROBERTSun Apr 27 1986Ensoniq Mirage /Anti-aliasing Filter
330.011AKOV68::EATONMon Apr 28 1986Question on touch sensitivity
333.017BEAGLE::MULELIDMon Apr 28 1986MIDI software for ATARI ST (dated)
334.022BEAGLE::MULELIDMon Apr 28 1986Yamaha FB
338.071LEAGLE::GOLDSTEINTue Apr 29 1986Yamaha DX21/DX1
339.016RSTS32::DBMILLERWed Apr 30 1986Memory Layout of Roland TR7
342.0PIXEL::COHENFri May 02 1986USENET MIDI Primer
343.077CANYON::MOELLERFri May 02 1986Help me spend my money... (dated)
345.013MINDER::KENTTue May 06 1986What is Parametric EQ, & How To Use It?
346.015PCASSO::CERTOWed May 07 1986Yamaha SPX9
349.02RAJA::SCHMIEDERFri May 09 1986Yamaha RX21L Latin Percussion Synthesiser
351.06DRIZLE::MITCHELLMon May 12 1986Yamaha CX5M Computer Users?
354.03BIGALO::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue May 13 1986Digital sampler for C64
356.011STAR::MALIKTue May 13 1986Looking for SMALL Amp/Speakers for Home Studio
358.038DRIZLE::MITCHELLWed May 14 1986Miscellaneous Moans, Gripes and Whines
359.036SVCRUS::LABAKThu May 15 1986New Ensoniq Synthesizer - ESQ1
360.010MENTOR::REGFri May 16 1986Financing
362.08MENTOR::REGFri May 16 1986Allen Organs
364.017DRIZLE::BISMUTHFri May 16 1986IS the truth known about MIDI?
366.09MENTOR::REGTue May 20 1986Structured Adaptive Synthesis and Roland...
368.03STAR::BRANDENBERGThu May 22 1986Wanted: Lyricon Info
369.012ADVAX::SPEEDFri May 23 1986"Studio 99"
370.032DAIRY::SHARPFri May 23 1986MIDI Keyboard Controllers
373.049APOLLO::DEHAHNThu May 29 1986Effects (FX) - Compressor/Limiters
374.053DAIRY::SHARPThu May 29 1986Roland MKS-2
375.01HYDRA::AURENZThu May 29 1986New, cost-reduced Kurzweil
376.025DAIRY::SHARPFri May 30 1986Are Instrumentalists Necessary?
377.06DAIRY::SHARPTue Jun 03 1986Computers SHOULD sound sterile and inhuman.
378.021DYO78Thu Jun 05 1986Prophet 2
382.0141OPUS::LUBARTMon Jun 09 1986Roland TR5
383.011DYO78Tue Jun 10 1986How Do We Mail The Tape?
384.02STAR::MALIKTue Jun 10 1986MIDI shell program?
385.02ALAGSH::BOTTOM_DAVIDWed Jun 11 1986$5
387.06CANYON::MOELLERThu Jun 12 1986Scope This Out - Phaser on Tuner Scope
388.04MENTOR::COTEThu Jun 12 1986Ensoniq Mirage Sampler - OpSys Glitch?
389.06BARNUM::RHODESThu Jun 12 1986Homebrew noise gate
392.020ERLANG::FEHSKENSFri Jun 13 1986Activision MUSIC STUDIO on Amiga
394.028BARNUM::RHODESMon Jun 16 1986Tangerine Dream - Concert/Discussion
395.06DYO78Mon Jun 16 1986COMMUSIC Master Tape - Series I, Tape 1
397.015DYO78Thu Jun 19 1986CAST YOUR VOTE! COMMUSIC Review Format
402.015MENTOR::COTEFri Jun 20 1986Commusic Tape I Reviews
403.027MENTOR::COTEFri Jun 20 1986Commusic Tape I Technical Discussions
404.035CANYON::MOELLERMon Jun 23 1986Rackmounts and Patchbays
409.01DAIRY::SHARPTue Jun 24 1986Getting FM Synths To Sound Fat
410.029MENTOR::COTETue Jun 24 1986Need to Upgrade Recording Gear - Help (dated)
415.034MENTOR::COTETue Jul 01 1986Emulating Strummed Guitar on Keyboard?
416.055MENTOR::COTEWed Jul 02 1986Karl Moeller's Visit North (KMIDI Jam 86)
422.0154CANYON::MOELLERMon Jul 07 1986That SYNCING Feeling...
423.031ERLANG::FEHSKENSTue Jul 08 1986COMMUSIC Tape 2 Circulation List
424.017BARNUM::RHODESTue Jul 08 1986DIY Editor for Yamaha DX1
428.02COROT::CERTOWed Jul 09 1986Watched Making of Video/Audio Production - Cool!
429.032BAXTA::BOTTOM_DAVIDThu Jul 10 1986DIY MIDI Interface for C64? (Passport too much $$)
430.013BARNUM::RHODESFri Jul 11 1986COMMUSIC Tape I - Submitter's Goals
432.017MAHLER::KLOSTERMANTue Jul 15 1986Pitfalls of Using MIDI Live (dated)
435.014ERLANG::FEHSKENSWed Jul 16 1986My Dinner With RACTER
437.053MENTOR::COTEFri Jul 18 1986Reverb Units With Different Rooms to L/R Channels?
440.010APOLLO::RANTALAMon Jul 21 1986Roland MKS2
441.020COROT::CERTOThu Jul 24 1986KAWAI R1
444.026UTRTSC::VBOMMELTue Jul 29 1986PDP & RT11 To Drive MIDI Network?
445.013ADVAX::T_ROBERTTue Jul 29 1986Recording effects ?
448.014MTBLUE::BOTTOM_DAVIDThu Jul 31 1986Programming Roland TR7
452.04BARTOK::ARNOLDFri Aug 01 1986Local Yokel seeks better Vocal
453.05MAY19::BAILEYFri Aug 01 1986Computer Timing Problems W/ MIDI Data Dumps?
459.048COLORS::SAVAGEWed Aug 06 1986Korg DDD1 Sampling Drum Machine
461.023BAXTA::BOTTOM_DAVIDThu Aug 07 1986Dave's date with MIDI (DIR .
462.023JAWS::COTEThu Aug 07 1986Aural Fatigue?
463.0199AKOV68::EATONFri Aug 08 1986Yamaha FB
465.015JAWS::COTETue Aug 12 1986Fostex X15 4track Cassette Deck
467.060CANYON::MOELLERWed Aug 13 1986COMMUSIC Tape Two Distribution Ideas
468.074ERLANG::FEHSKENSWed Aug 13 1986Demos and Face-offs
471.06HUSKY::MULELIDFri Aug 15 1986Hybrid Arts for Atari ST.
473.06TAINO::NUNEZMon Aug 18 1986KMUSE 3rd Party Samples for Ensoniq Mirage
476.044ERLANG::FEHSKENSWed Aug 20 1986Reverb-O-Rama Report
478.02ECAD::SHERMANThu Aug 21 1986Casio CZ1 Synthesizer (Big CZ1
481.018BAILEY::RHODESMon Aug 25 1986Simmons piezo pad info needed
482.0135ERLANG::FEHSKENSMon Aug 25 1986Roland MC5
484.09STAR::MALIKWed Aug 27 1986Need Chips to Fix Sick Chroma
486.019GVADG1::HANNAFri Aug 29 1986Sequencer Software? (out of date)
487.04JUNIOR::DREHERFri Aug 29 1986LinnDrum Topic and Upgrade Info
490.027AKOV68::EATONFri Sep 05 1986CZ programming questions
493.043--UnknownUser--Sat Sep 06 1986Do Synthesizers replace people?
494.015CLOVAX::RATASKISat Sep 06 1986Yamaha CX5M/DX7 Package - Is Computer ok?
498.015JAWS::COTETue Sep 09 1986Need Audio Amp Chip for Akai 28
501.019BARNUM::RHODESFri Sep 12 1986Printer Music
502.06BOVES::SEIGELFri Sep 12 1986Controllers revisited: a review of the Oberheim Xk
503.040JAWS::COTEMon Sep 15 1986COMMUSIC Tape II Submissions
506.026JON::ROSSTue Sep 16 1986How To Get 'Slur' With MIDI Controller
508.011JON::ROSSWed Sep 17 1986Apple IIGS Computer Pre-release Raves
509.06JON::ROSSWed Sep 17 1986Keith Emerson Midi Orchestra live
511.035JON::ROSSFri Sep 19 1986Kurzweil MIDIboard Keyboard Controller
512.02CANYON::MOELLERFri Sep 19 1986BETA Hi-Fi Mastering
513.0ECAD::SHERMANMon Sep 22 1986DIY Software from Xerbitron
514.035JAWS::COTEMon Sep 22 1986Cymbal Samples
516.03LEAGLE::GOLDSTEINTue Sep 23 1986CASIO 23
517.03ARGUS::COOKTue Sep 23 1986Drum Pads (for percussion sounds)
518.058AKOV68::EATONThu Sep 25 1986Who Has What Analog Synths, and Who Likes 'em?
519.05TRUCK::PRG_GRPThu Sep 25 1986Apple IIGS Computer
522.014BAXTA::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Sep 30 1986Muddy drum mix
523.08ERLANG::FEHSKENSTue Sep 30 1986121 Parts on 8 Tracks in 3 Generations
525.025FDCVTue Sep 30 1986Lend me your experience
526.04AKOV68::EATONWed Oct 01 1986Mail Order Warranties
527.032EKLVThu Oct 02 1986Degenerates to Yamaha FB
530.023CAR::OPERATORThu Oct 02 1986DRUM comparison report
532.032--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 06 1986Abandon your synthesizers!
535.04COROT::CERTOWed Oct 08 1986Help: stop Television noise!
537.05BARNUM::RHODESFri Oct 10 1986Simmons goes belly-up
544.034ERLANG::FEHSKENSThu Oct 16 1986Roland JX1
546.031JON::ROSSFri Oct 17 1986What Does 'ARP' Stand For (and other ARP trivia)?
550.012CLULES::SPEEDWed Oct 22 1986Volume control in live performance
551.010AKOV68::EATONFri Oct 24 1986What Is A String/Synth 'Pad'?
552.019STAR::MALIKMon Oct 27 1986RF Interference
553.010AKOV68::EATONTue Oct 28 1986MIDIing Synths - 8 Voice to 6 Voice - Problems?
558.027BARNUM::RHODESThu Oct 30 1986Yamaha Breath Controller - Electronics?
561.013ALTHEA::ROSEWed Nov 05 1986Casio SK1 Super Cheap Sampler
562.09BARNUM::RHODESThu Nov 06 1986Wireless MIDI Connection Product? (NADY)
563.010ADVAX::T_ROBERTThu Nov 06 1986Apple-II, do I underestimate it?
564.018BEAGLE::MULELIDSun Nov 09 1986Roland S1
565.06SEDSWS::WATTTue Nov 11 1986Steinberg PRO24 Sequencer Software for AtariST
567.040DYO78Wed Nov 12 1986Transport Cases
569.03AKOV68::EATONFri Nov 14 1986Problem with Casio CZ1
578.09JAWS::COTEFri Nov 21 1986What's a Anti-Aliasing Filter? (was Aunty Alias)
579.019CLOVAX::RATASKIFri Nov 21 1986The Last of the DX7s!
580.011TOPDOC::W_JOHNSONTue Nov 25 1986A Leslie effects device?
582.07MARVIN::MACHINTue Nov 25 1986Wanted: Good synthesised Rhodes
584.016RDGEThu Nov 27 1986Ensoniq ESQ1 - Help Loading Data from Tape
588.021STAR::MALIKMon Dec 01 1986European voltage?
589.022JAWS::COTEWed Dec 03 1986Scale in 25 Equal Steps
590.09JAWS::COTEThu Dec 04 1986Help Buying a $1
591.03AKOV68::EATONThu Dec 04 1986SCI Multi-Trak Synthesizer
598.015ADVAX::T_ROBERTTue Dec 09 1986Korg Poly61 Program Advance Gripe
602.06DYO78Thu Dec 11 1986Celebrity Roast - Len Fehskens
603.03916514::MOELLERThu Dec 11 1986Still Seeking Sampler Assiduously
608.04AKOV68::EATONTue Dec 16 1986MIDI Sustain Related to MIDI Note ON Command?
610.06MRMFG1::D_FOSTERTue Dec 16 1986Advice needed: Mac + CZ1
612.010ECADSR::SHERMANWed Dec 17 1986Casio CZ1
617.013ECADSR::SHERMANThu Dec 18 1986DAT which is to come
618.05HSKIS2::LEHTINENMon Dec 22 1986Roland S5
619.04AKOV68::EATONMon Dec 22 1986Yamaha and Korg Merger Rumor
620.09NOVA::RAVANMon Dec 22 1986Mirage Stereo Modification and Sample Conversions
621.014--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 23 1986Christmas list for computer music
622.06DRUMS::FEHSKENSTue Dec 23 1986Season's Greetings
623.06STAR::MALIKWed Dec 24 1986Yamaha KS1
624.020CTOAVX::BULMERFri Dec 26 1986New Yamaha CX5M Music Computer Note
628.030GVADG1::HANNATue Dec 30 1986Monitoring through headphones
629.07BINKLY::WINSTONTue Dec 30 1986portable pianos
631.015BINKLY::WINSTONWed Dec 31 1986The NEW Electronic Pianos
633.014STAR::BENSONWed Jan 07 1987Casio RZ1 Drum Machine
634.04VINO::VOBAWed Jan 07 1987Electric Violin
635.013BARNUM::RHODESThu Jan 08 1987Review: Moeller's latest musical offering
637.019MDRFri Jan 09 1987Klaus Schultze and Tangerine Dream
641.012DRUMS::FEHSKENSMon Jan 12 1987Beat Divider Basic Program
642.0165BARNUM::RENEMon Jan 12 1987Ensoniq ESQ1 Problems and Tips
647.011AKOV68::EATONDTue Jan 13 1987QX7/CZ1
655.04WARLRD::B_MCMILLANTue Jan 13 1987Oberheim Xk MIDI Keyboard Controller
656.057VINO::BRAITHWAITEWed Jan 14 1987Ensoniq ESQ1 Patches and Techniques
659.030DYO78Thu Jan 15 1987Hardware Sequencers vs. Software Sequencers
660.09DYO78Thu Jan 15 1987Upgrade Advice Sought, (also Assiduously)
661.011JUNIOR::DREHERThu Jan 15 1987Eletric Component Outlet?
663.013MDRMon Jan 19 1987Fairlight: you'd love what you can't hear!
665.021JAWS::COTETue Jan 20 1987Roland MKS3
666.037MDRTue Jan 20 1987Spatial Music - Description and Discussion (Banter?)
667.025MINDER::KENTTue Jan 20 1987Tascam 38 vs. Fostex M8
668.011DYO78Tue Jan 20 1987QX7 Memory Full, TR7
671.03VIKING::SAVAGEWed Jan 21 1987DAT update
672.0REGENT::SIMONEThu Jan 22 1987Korg SQD1 Sequencer - Commentary
674.0916514::MOELLERMon Jan 26 1987On Stereo Sound
676.09RDGE28::NORTONThu Jan 29 1987Help With Sequencer Programming
677.029MAHLER::BARTHMon Feb 02 1987New Yamaha DX7II Synthesizer, & TX81z
679.011AKOV68::EATONDTue Feb 03 1987'Air Drums' - Drum Controller
681.09CLOVAX::RATASKIWed Feb 04 1987Yamaha FB
682.023JAWS::COTEThu Feb 05 1987COMMUSIC Tape II Reviews
684.09MOSAIC::SAVAGEFri Feb 06 1987Dennis Savage's Goodbye Topic
686.02LDP::WEAVERSat Feb 07 1987Roland EP5
687.024JAWS::COTEMon Feb 09 1987Roland S1
689.03COROT::CERTOMon Feb 09 1987Yamaha RX5 Drum Machine
690.019MAHLER::BARTHWed Feb 11 1987INDUS MIDI DJ Sequencer
695.033VERDI::BARTHTue Feb 17 1987Discussion on Polytimbral MIDI SGUs
696.012NEWVAX::BOWLESWed Feb 18 1987Apple 2GS vs. Macintosh-Plus
697.023AKOV68::EATONDThu Feb 19 1987Starting a basic home studio
698.073LSMVAX::EDEBARROSThu Feb 19 1987Another Sampling Question
699.013PILOU::MULELIDSat Feb 21 1987Effects - Roland DEP5 vs. Yamaha SPX9
701.018BARNUM::RHODESMon Feb 23 1987Home made MIDI Merge/Thru box info?
708.02LDP::WEAVERFri Feb 27 1987Drum Machine Feature Comparison $<1
711.07JAWS::COTETue Mar 03 1987Filtering MIDI Channels on Yamaha QX7 Sequencer
712.09ECADSR::SHERMANWed Mar 04 1987New Apple Macintosh Computers
713.0516514::MOELLERWed Mar 04 1987COMMUSIC TAPE **ONE** Available
715.014DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Mar 10 1987Computer Software Catalog
717.014MERIDN::BULMERWed Mar 11 1987Ensoniq ESQ1 Pricing
719.015GEEVES::D_PHILLIPSMon Mar 16 1987AKAI MG614 Tape Recorder
720.022ECADSR::SHERMANTue Mar 17 1987MIDI 1.
721.09SHIRE::BOULMIERTue Mar 17 1987Casio FZ1 Sampling Keyboard
724.013BOHR::CASSONEFri Mar 20 1987Anyone played with Technics Pianos?
726.029AQUA::ROSTTue Mar 24 1987Atari ST Computer and MIDI Questions
727.011GNERIC::ROSSTue Mar 24 19875-pin DIN Connector Dealers
728.08THUNDR::BAILEYTue Mar 24 1987Velocity sensitivity?
731.018BLITZN::AIKALAWed Mar 25 1987Frampton's Talkbox, and other Equipment Questions
732.02016514::MOELLERWed Mar 25 1987MIDI Patch Mappers (Switchers)
736.013NIMBUS::DAVISFri Mar 27 1987Hi-Fi VCRs for mixdown?
737.025JON::ROSSMon Mar 30 1987Price doubles on Japanese goods
740.015EXCELL::SHARPMon Mar 30 1987Cybernetic Composer @ Boston Museum of Science
742.03AQUA::ROSTWed Apr 01 1987DigiTech Delay Info Wanted
743.09GIBSON::DICKENSWed Apr 01 1987SCI (Sequential Circuits) Studio 44
745.014LOLITA::DIORIOThu Apr 02 1987Akai S612 Rackmount Sampler
747.020JAWS::COTEFri Apr 03 1987Yamaha QX5 Hardware Sequencer
748.020AKOV68::EATONDFri Apr 03 1987External dbx w/ Fostex X15 4track Tape Deck?
750.028KRYPTN::JASNIEWSKITue Apr 07 1987Kahler 'Human Touch' MIDI Synchronizer
751.014LOLITA::DIORIOTue Apr 07 1987Old Hammond Organs?
753.019JON::ROSSWed Apr 08 1987Commodore Amiga 5
754.03JON::ROSSWed Apr 08 1987Casio RZ1 Drum Machine
755.08MARVIN::MACHINThu Apr 09 1987Performance Notes
756.02416514::MOELLERFri Apr 10 1987Emu EMax Rackmount Sampler
759.07MINDER::KENTTue Apr 14 1987Akai S7
761.085PHUBAR::WELLSWed Apr 15 1987Yamaha TX81z Rackmount FM Synthesizer
762.04TALLIS::BARTHThu Apr 16 1987Grey Matter E! Upgrade for Yamaha DX7 FM Synths
763.013PDVAX::P_DAVISFri Apr 17 1987Roland HP45
764.03516514::MOELLERMon Apr 20 1987Evolution of Musical Reproduction
765.091AKOV68::EATONDWed Apr 22 1987COMMUSIC III Tape
766.04JON::ROSSWed Apr 22 1987Korg DDD5 Drum Machine
770.0127DREGS::BLICKSTEINFri Apr 24 1987Effects - Reverbs & Compressors
772.038AKOV68::EATONDMon Apr 27 1987PA Snakes and other cable extenders
776.047JON::ROSSTue Apr 28 1987Get a buzz on with GROUND LOOPS
782.08PHUBAR::WELLSThu Apr 30 1987Effects Send/Return - How To Use In Mix
784.010KIM::HARMONFri May 01 1987Unidentified Audio Objects
792.021ADVAX::T_ROBERTMon May 11 1987Looking for Classic (Analog) Synthesizers
795.021FDCVMon May 11 1987Roland D5
798.017MINDER::KENTMon May 11 1987PK to USA OK?
799.015FDCVWed May 13 1987Unfair Competition?
800.019TOPDOC::W_JOHNSONWed May 13 1987Roland TR5
801.024PDVAX::P_DAVISThu May 14 1987Looking for Consumer-Oriented Keyboard
802.06FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIFri May 15 1987CD-ROM based sound library
805.013NAC::PICKETTFri May 15 1987Roland JX3P Analog Synthesizer
806.042THUNDR::BAILEYFri May 15 1987Kawai K5 Additive Synthesizer
807.08ILO::DOODYThu May 21 1987Casio CZ5
809.010AQUA::ROSTFri May 22 1987Orchestra-by-Computer Raises Furor
810.09REGENT::SCHMIEDERTue May 26 1987The World's Longest Musical Instrument
811.05REGENT::SCHMIEDERTue May 26 1987Yamaha PF7
814.022AKOV68::EATONDWed May 27 1987Musicians Direct, Inc. Blowout of Oberheim Gear
815.011SALSA::MOELLERWed May 27 1987Wide Area Overdubbing
818.04AQUA::ROSTFri May 29 1987SCI Sequential Circuits MAX Analog Synth
819.014NIMBUS::DAVISFri May 29 1987Yamaha TX81z Programming Question
820.079FDCVFri May 29 1987Equipment Stand Recommendations Sought
821.018BAXTA::BOTTOM_DAVIDFri May 29 1987Dave Bottom Visiting Mass - Get Together?
823.012REGENT::SCHMIEDERMon Jun 01 1987Four-Track (4 Track) Cassette Decks
828.027FDCVTue Jun 02 1987Connecting Pro Synth Equipment to Home Stereo
830.05AQUA::ROSTThu Jun 04 1987Using Ensoniq ESQ1 Sequencer as a Drum Machine
833.017JAWS::COTEFri Jun 05 1987What's wrong with this picture?
837.015AKOV68::EATONDWed Jun 10 1987Recording to Multi-track Tape Using External Mixer
840.013TIPPLE::MURRAYTue Jun 16 1987Handling Timing in Atari ST MIDI Sequencer
842.02457412::EATONDMon Jun 22 1987Stage Monitoring
843.011JAWS::COTEMon Jun 22 1987Using MIDI Live (On Stage)
844.011THUNDR::BAILEYMon Jun 22 1987Sequencer Over-run?
845.013ANTARE::NORCROSSTue Jun 23 1987Which Apple Macintosh Computer To Buy
848.014BEOWLF::BARTHFri Jun 26 1987Roland D5
850.016ECADSR::SHERMANTue Jun 30 1987Effects (FX): Reverb..erb..erb..erb
851.04FDCVTue Jun 30 1987Roland/Alesis Equipment At June '87 NAMM Show
852.05STEREO::FARRELLThu Jul 02 1987Using MasterTracks (C64) With Yamaha RX15 Drum Machine
853.050PHUBAR::WELLSThu Jul 02 1987Yamaha TX8
856.08ECADSR::SHERMANMon Jul 06 1987Casio CZ1
857.02TAINO::NUNEZMon Jul 06 1987Ensoniq Mirage Sampler Memory Expansion
858.015REGENT::SCHMIEDERMon Jul 06 1987Wind Controllers for Synthesizers
859.04AKOV75::EATONDThu Jul 09 1987Speakers, Etc.
862.025FDCVMon Jul 13 1987Roland D5
863.013GIBSON::DICKENSMon Jul 13 1987Problems Using FSK To Sync MIDI to Tape
864.08SALSA::MOELLERTue Jul 14 1987Overdubbing vs. Pingpong on Teac Tascam Porta-One
865.09ANGORA::JANZENWed Jul 15 1987Casio SK1 Cheap Sampler - MIDI Mod
871.04MARVIN::MACHINThu Jul 16 1987Yamaha DX7 FM Synth - Transformer Gets Too Hot
873.02THUNDR::BAILEYThu Jul 16 1987How does MIDI sync get off the ground?
874.02THUNDR::BAILEYThu Jul 16 1987How do you chase-lock?
875.015HUB::OPERATORFri Jul 17 1987Roland Juno Sounds Thin w/ Gorilla Amp
877.012JAWS::COTEFri Jul 17 1987Schematic for MIDI to RS232 Converter
878.03OBIWAN::MURRAYMon Jul 20 1987Scoring Output Files from Dr. T Sequencers
879.021JUNIOR::DREHERMon Jul 20 1987Second Annual MIDIjam !!!
880.06AKOV75::EATONDTue Jul 21 1987Problem Recording Electronic Drums
886.03STAR::MALIKThu Jul 23 1987Altech's MIDIBasic for Apple II/Macintosh
888.028TIPPLE::MURRAYTue Jul 28 1987Which Synthesizers are Multitimbral?
889.08DSSDEV::HALLGRIMSSONTue Jul 28 1987Apple Macintosh Notation Software Sought
891.048ORACLE::YABLONWed Jul 29 1987Roland MT32 Multitimbral LA Synth Module
892.018DECSIM::BERRETTINIFri Jul 31 1987Alesis MIDIverb II vs. Yamaha SPX9
893.03DECWET::MITCHELLMon Aug 03 1987Flames on Suzanne Ciani's "The Velocity of Love"
894.07DSSDEV::HALLGRIMSSONMon Aug 03 1987Description of Roland's LA Synthesis
896.023CLULES::SPEEDThu Aug 06 1987Controlling Roland MKS2
897.020NOFALT::NORCROSSThu Aug 06 1987Korg Poly 8
901.031PRSIS4::BURESITue Aug 11 1987Music Fonts & VAX Based Editing Software on Net?
902.014LOLITA::DIORIOWed Aug 12 1987Gibson KEYTEK Synthesizer
903.017SIVA::FULTYNWed Aug 12 1987MIDI Keyboard Controllers
905.031AKOV75::EATONDThu Aug 13 1987Roland MKS1
906.09STAR::MALIKThu Aug 13 1987Karl Malik's Goodbye Topic
911.013SIVA::FULTYNMon Aug 17 1987Matching timber with composition
912.09LEADIN::HITCHCOCKTue Aug 18 1987Lessons on Electronic Keyboards?
913.028SIVA::FULTYNTue Aug 18 1987What Music Do You Like (Influences)?
914.039AKOV76::EATONDTue Aug 25 1987The MIDI Soloist - War Stories
916.013AQUA::ROSTThu Aug 27 1987Casio HT Series Consumer Oriented Synthesizers
917.03MINDER::KENTThu Aug 27 1987Using VAXmate for MIDI Applications
919.08FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIFri Aug 28 1987Using Monitors During Recording Sessions
920.017AKOV75::EATONDFri Aug 28 1987Sequencing Basics and Tips
922.036MAY2Fri Aug 28 1987Yamaha DMP7 8 Channel Digital Mixer
923.053DARTS::COTEMon Aug 31 1987Glossary (or MIDI/Synth Terminology)
925.011PLAYA::MERLINMon Aug 31 1987Korg DDD1 Sampling Drum Machine
926.06AQUA::ROSTTue Sep 01 1987Dr. T Algorithmic Composer for Commodore C64
927.03AQUA::ROSTWed Sep 02 1987Korg PolySix MIDI Retrofit (Upgrade)
928.06PRSTRA::CHAMPOLLIONWed Sep 02 1987Yamaha RX17 Drum Machine
929.020SUBSYS::ORINWed Sep 02 1987keyboard fan
930.03MAY2Wed Sep 02 1987MIDI Wind Controllers Revisited (Boehm style)
932.019PRSTRA::CHAMPOLLIONThu Sep 03 1987Differences Between Digital Recording & MIDI Sequencing
933.016AKOV75::EATONDFri Sep 04 1987Yamaha MDF1 - MIDI Data Disk Drive
935.027CTHULU::YERAZUNISFri Sep 04 1987Saving Synth Data to Hifi VCR Tape
936.05ACORN::BAILEYSun Sep 06 1987Yamaha SYSEX Format Specification and Discussion
937.018LOLITA::DIORIOWed Sep 09 1987Ensoniq Mirage Sampler - Changes from First to Now
938.017DREGS::BLICKSTEINWed Sep 09 1987Sampler Features Discussion - .6 Contains Summary
939.058AKOV75::EATONDWed Sep 09 1987Sampling Techniques (How To Sample)
941.014JON::ROSSThu Sep 10 1987Yamaha TX81z - Mapping Modulators
942.07AQUA::ROSTThu Sep 10 1987Roland MKB2
943.010AQUA::ROSTFri Sep 11 1987Korg DRM1 Rackmount Drum Machine
944.03NIMBUS::DAVISFri Sep 11 1987Ensoniq Mirage Sampler Disk Drive Problems
946.037ECADSR::SHERMANTue Sep 15 1987Reviews - COMMUSIC Tape III
947.07NAC::PICKETTTue Sep 15 1987PCM Adapters
948.015AQUA::ROSTTue Sep 15 1987Yamaha QX7 Sequencer Description
950.020AKOV75::EATONDWed Sep 16 1987COMMUSIC III Technical discussion
953.02PILOU::MULELIDThu Sep 17 1987Roland S22
955.034CTHULU::YERAZUNISFri Sep 18 1987COMMUSIC III - The Artists Strike Back !!!
956.032AKOV76::EATONDMon Sep 21 1987Glossary of PA Terms (db, voltages, impedance, etc)
957.018SUBSYS::ORINWed Sep 23 1987Fender Rhodes Owners Speak Up
958.013LOLITA::DIORIOThu Sep 24 1987How To Connect Effects (FX) Devices
961.05FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIFri Sep 25 1987Ultimate Noise Gate!
963.032SALSA::MOELLERTue Sep 29 1987Home Studio Soundproofing
967.05ECADSR::SHERMANThu Oct 01 1987Letting My Kids Use My Synths (Synths 'R' Us)
968.035ADVAX::T_ROBERTThu Oct 01 1987Recommendations for 8Track Tape Machine
972.010JAWS::COTEMon Oct 05 1987How Does MIDI Sustain Work?
973.08PLAYA::MERLINThu Oct 08 1987Super Piano Patch for Yamaha DX7?
974.0516BITS::WAKEFri Oct 09 1987Yamaha MT2X Cassette/Mixer Deck
975.0PLAYA::MERLINSun Oct 11 1987Spoof on CIM and Music
976.036PLAYA::MERLINSun Oct 11 1987More Yamaha DX7 Patches
980.07UFP::LARUETue Oct 13 1987Looking for Background Rhythm/Accompaniment Box
984.03CTHULU::YERAZUNISMon Oct 19 1987Korg DP8
988.016JAWS::COTEFri Oct 23 1987Yamaha WX7 MIDI Wind Controller
989.078AQUA::ROSTFri Oct 23 1987Roland MT32 LA Multi-timbral Synth Module
990.016CTHULU::YERAZUNISFri Oct 23 1987DreamSynth brainstorming sandbox
993.013ECADSR::SHERMANMon Oct 26 1987Yamaha 4op FM Frequency Ratio Charts
1000.016--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 04 1987Beginners Seeking First Time Advice
1001.056REGENT::SIMONEThu Nov 05 1987Ensoniq SQ8
1003.07COMICS::SOWTONThu Nov 05 1987Syncing Roland TR5
1004.010COMICS::SOWTONFri Nov 06 1987Yamaha FB
1005.017MARVIN::MACHINFri Nov 06 1987Yamaha DX7 - Some Patches "Wobble" - Why?
1006.029PILOU::MULELIDFri Nov 06 1987Yamaha TX16W Rackmount Stereo Sampler
1009.05MARVIN::MACHINMon Nov 09 1987Yamaha DX7 - Mapping Volume to Aftertouch (Pressure)
1011.015DRUMS::FEHSKENSWed Nov 11 1987COMMUSIC III - Anonymous Confesses
1012.030HPSRAD::NORCROSSFri Nov 13 1987What's a LEDS-BIM (or LERDS-BIM)?
1013.04DYO78Fri Nov 13 1987Atari ST Computer - Sequencer Recommendations
1014.027ECADSR::SHERMANFri Nov 13 1987PAIA's Latest Equipment List
1015.02GUCCI::MOENMon Nov 16 1987Recommendation - Synth Music on CDs
1017.05SHPLOG::SPEEDWed Nov 18 1987Roland Juno Series in Rackmount?
1018.07--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 20 1987"Secrets of Synthesis"
1020.011AYOV16::ABELSEYSun Nov 22 1987Recommendations - Recording Acoustic Guitar
1021.013SRFSUP::MORRISSun Nov 22 1987Roland TR626 Digital Drum Machine
1023.03MTBLUE::BOTTOM_DAVIDMon Nov 23 1987Koss Cordless Headphones (Infared)
1025.03LANDO::ALLISONTue Nov 24 1987Atari ST Computer - Where to Buy Software
1026.021AKOV75::EATONDTue Nov 24 1987Commodore C64 Internal Synthesizer Chip
1027.03PLDVAX::JANZENTue Nov 24 1987Yamaha SPX9
1028.076WLDWST::JENSENWed Nov 25 1987Alesis MIDIverb II - Problems Getting to Work
1029.010HYEND::BKARLWed Nov 25 1987Building BIG $$$ Home MIDI Studio - Help
1032.027JAWS::COTETue Dec 01 1987Alesis HR16 Digital Drum Machine
1035.06USHSTue Dec 01 1987Recommendations - Consumer Oriented Keyboard
1036.03CTHULU::YERAZUNISWed Dec 02 1987Yamaha CS8
1037.038CDROM::JAGGERWed Dec 02 1987Recommendations - Which Synth To Buy
1038.07RAINBO::SCOTTWed Dec 02 1987Korg DSS1 Sampling Keyboard
1039.017NCVAX1::ALLENWed Dec 02 1987Kawai K5 Additive Synth and R5
1040.019SRFSUP::MORRISThu Dec 03 1987Intentions of noters
1041.024DREGS::BLICKSTEINFri Dec 04 1987COMMUSIC Buyer's Union (DECMS)
1044.039HARDY::JKMARTINFri Dec 04 19874Track Cassette Decks - Comparisons
1045.016MAY14::BAILEYSun Dec 06 1987Kawai R5
1046.014ANGORA::JANZENMon Dec 07 1987Computers used in advanced synthesis
1047.012DRUMS::FEHSKENSTue Dec 08 1987Programming "Shuffle" in Roland Drum Machines
1049.019AKOV68::EATONDTue Dec 08 1987Should COMMUSIC Be Renamed?
1050.013LOLITA::DIORIOTue Dec 08 1987Ensoniq Mirage Factory Samples - Reviews
1052.017LOLITA::DIORIOWed Dec 09 1987Ensoniq Mirage Homebrew Sample Exchange/Review
1053.07AKOV68::EATONDThu Dec 10 1987Roland Juno 1
1054.01COUGAR::JANZENThu Dec 10 1987Program for Generating Harmonic Synthesis Waves
1055.04SALSA::MOELLERThu Dec 10 1987Mail Order Dealers of Open Reel Tape
1056.08HYEND::BKARLThu Dec 10 1987Recommendations - Setting Up MIDI Home Studio
1057.07AKOV75::EATONDFri Dec 11 1987Yamaha MCS2 MIDI Control Station
1059.010ANGORA::JANZENMon Dec 14 1987VAX BASIC Tone Row Generator Program
1060.053NCVAX1::ALLENMon Dec 14 1987Recommendations - Effects (FX) Unit for Home Studio
1061.07HARDY::JKMARTINMon Dec 14 1987Recommendations - Atari ST Computer Software Sequencer
1063.022HPSRAD::NORCROSSMon Dec 14 1987What Recordings Do You Have In Progress?
1064.0538ALPINE::REVCON1Mon Dec 14 1987Discussion - Alesis HR16 Digital Drum Machine
1066.0290ACORN::BAILEYTue Dec 15 1987Kurzweil 1
1067.05HARDY::JKMARTINTue Dec 15 1987Software to Display Synth Chord as Guitar Chord?
1069.011ECADSR::SHERMANTue Dec 15 1987What Are The Most Common Chord Progressions?
1071.06ECADSR::SHERMANWed Dec 16 1987Casio RA3 RAM Cartridge for CZ1
1072.010LEDS::ORINWed Dec 16 1987Mark of the Unicorn Performer v2.
1073.014DELNI::RAINOLDIThu Dec 17 1987Recommendations - 4Track Tape Recorders
1074.0152HPSRAD::NORCROSSThu Dec 17 1987Passport MasterTracks Pro Sequencer
1076.05DARTS::COTEFri Dec 18 1987Anyone got a sleigh-bell patch???
1079.013LEDS::ORINFri Dec 18 1987What Toy Do You Want Next?
1081.022--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 18 1987Gigging - War Stories
1082.022--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 18 1987musicians love music
1087.017DELNI::GOSSMon Dec 21 1987"ROCK SCHOOL" Program On Cable TV
1089.041HPSRAD::NORCROSSMon Dec 21 1987Computers - Mac, AtariST, Amiga (Sauter/Fehsken's Rule)
1091.070HPSRAD::NORCROSSTue Dec 22 1987Sequencers - Humanization Techniques
1093.0146AKOV76::EATONDTue Dec 22 1987Alesis MMT8 Sequencer
1094.013UHURU::LAMBERTTue Dec 22 1987Dual-Impedence Microphones
1096.015AKOV75::EATONDThu Dec 24 1987MIDI Delays Caused By Chaining SGUs w/ MIDI THRU?
1097.022ANGORA::JANZENThu Dec 24 1987PDP 11/23 Sound Synthesis and Programs
1098.049FLOWER::JASNIEWSKISat Dec 26 1987What Goodies Did You Get for Christmas 1987?
1101.04NAXOS::REGMon Dec 28 1987Recommendation - Music Education Software
1105.023ECADSR::SHERMANTue Dec 29 1987Equipment Rack Recommendations
1106.05MTBLUE::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Dec 29 1987Bizarre Recording Techniques
1113.095AKOV68::EATONDWed Dec 30 1987Specs for Synth Mixers (Rackmount)
1116.09FGVAXZ::LAINGThu Dec 31 1987How To Carry/Setup Less Stuff?!
1117.013JON::ROSSThu Dec 31 1987Cheeta Products.
1119.013HEART::MACHINMon Jan 04 1988Roland Digital Pianos - Any Updates?
1120.013COGVAX::LABAKMon Jan 04 1988Recommendation - Powered Keyboard Monitor for Gigs
1127.07PRAGMA::GRIFFINTue Jan 05 1988Review - Concertware+MIDI Software for Apple Macintosh
1128.024LEDS::ORINWed Jan 06 1988Roland S5
1129.06ANGORA::JANZENThu Jan 07 1988Synthesizing Multiphonics
1130.03LEDS::ORINSat Jan 09 1988Review - Korg DDD5 Digital Drum Machine
1131.03HYEND::BKARLSun Jan 10 1988Tascam 38 Tape Deck - How To Make It Work With SMPTE
1132.011FGVAXZ::LAINGSun Jan 10 1988Using and Choosing Effects (FX)
1134.010NAC::PICKETTMon Jan 11 1988Recommendation - Gig Bag (Soft Road Cases) For Synth
1135.04LEDS::ORINMon Jan 11 1988Speaker Reviews
1136.05HARDY::JKMARTINMon Jan 11 1988Recommendation - Portable Synth w/ Piano Sound
1139.015DISSRV::CROWLEYTue Jan 12 1988Recommendation - Microphones
1140.023AQUA::ROSTWed Jan 13 1988DigiTech DSP128 Multiple Effects (FX) Processor
1141.0104AQUA::ROSTWed Jan 13 1988Casio DH1
1142.031DYO78Wed Jan 13 1988Yamaha REX5
1143.061ISTG::CARTERWed Jan 13 1988Computer - VAX GPX and MIDI/Music Tools Sought
1144.06PLAYA::MERLINThu Jan 14 1988Music Education
1147.048AKOV68::EATONDFri Jan 15 1988ECC Oberheim Matrix 1
1148.02VIRTUE::VINSELFri Jan 15 1988Music Feature (FB
1150.015JAWS::COTEFri Jan 15 1988Computer News - Digital/Apple Relationship
1151.03AQUA::ROSTFri Jan 15 1988Korg 7
1152.010SYOMV::CLARYFri Jan 15 1988Korg SQ8 Hardware Sequencer
1154.012CURIE::THACKERAYSat Jan 16 1988Computer Stuff for Scoring & Sequencing
1156.04ANGORA::JANZENMon Jan 18 1988Additive harmonic synthesis reference
1157.07AQUA::ROSTTue Jan 19 1988Discussion - Digital Noise (Grunge) In Many Synths
1158.055SIMUL8::RUDNICKTue Jan 19 1988Recommendation - How To Record Vocals
1159.09MODEL::POMFRETTue Jan 19 1988Recommendation - Roland JUNO1
1160.05FGVAXZ::LAINGWed Jan 20 1988Yamaha DX7/DX7II/TX8
1162.023FGVAXZ::LAINGWed Jan 20 1988Mail Order info wanted...
1164.031DREGS::BLICKSTEINThu Jan 21 1988AC Power - Conditioners, Supressors, Power Strips
1165.07AKOV88::EATONDThu Jan 21 1988Gripe - Multi Effects (FX) Units
1166.04SRFSUP::MORRISThu Jan 21 1988Tape Echo (Echoplex) vs. Digital Delay Effects (FX)
1168.066LEDS::ORINFri Jan 22 1988DECMS - Digital Employees Computer Music Society
1170.013SRFSUP::MORRISFri Jan 22 1988Discussion - One Big Speaker vs. Several Small Ones
1173.022AKOV68::EATONDTue Jan 26 1988Recommendation - Equalizers, Graphic & Parametric
1174.018FGVAXZ::LAINGTue Jan 26 1988Discussion - Products at January 1988 NAMM Show
1175.018MANANA::BIRDSALLWed Jan 27 1988Problems with Memory Moog Analog Synthesizer
1176.09ULYSSE::ROBBThu Jan 28 1988Transcription/Composition Software For Computers
1177.021DRUMS::FEHSKENSThu Jan 28 1988Why Do You Sound Like You, or What Defines 'Style'?
1182.016NAC::PICKETTMon Feb 01 1988Yamaha DX11 4op FM Synthesizer
1183.029FGVAXZ::LAINGMon Feb 01 1988Recommendation - Rackmount Digital Piano Modules
1185.014FGVAXZ::LAINGWed Feb 03 1988Keyboard Controllers - Is Aftertouch (Pressure) Needed?
1186.02THE78Wed Feb 03 1988Korg DS8 FM Synthesizer
1189.025CANYON::MOELLERThu Feb 04 1988Recommendation - Alternatives For Mixing Using MIDI
1191.024AYOV16::ABELSEYMon Feb 08 1988Yamaha DX11 4op FM Synthesizer (again)
1192.013DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Feb 08 1988Recording Using Microphones w/o Control Room
1195.013MORRIS::JACQUESTue Feb 09 1988Alesis MIDIverb II Effects (FX) Jumps Patches
1196.027ECADSR::SHERMANTue Feb 09 1988Yamaha TX81z/WX7 Demo, & "Expressive FM Applications"
1198.013BARTLS::MOLLERTue Feb 09 1988Recommendation - Live Software Sequencer (for gigs)
1199.027ECADSR::SHERMANTue Feb 09 1988Good Headphones Improve Quality of Mix
1200.044AKOV88::EATONDWed Feb 10 1988Third Party 'Patches' Reviews
1201.050CTHULU::YERAZUNISWed Feb 10 1988COMMUSIC IV Reviews
1202.033COUGAR::JANZENWed Feb 10 1988COMMUSIC IV submitters reply to reviewers
1205.029JAWS::COTEThu Feb 11 1988World's Most Unwanted Samples
1208.011COGVAX::LABAKThu Feb 11 1988Recommendation - Used Casio CZ1 or Roland JX3P
1209.012AKOV88::EATONDFri Feb 12 1988Discussion on Types of Speaker Enclosures
1212.022AKOV68::EATONDMon Feb 15 1988Using a Commodore C64 Computer for MIDI Applications
1214.015JAWS::COTEMon Feb 15 1988Potentiometers for Mixer (or Pot Dealers Wanted)
1219.014FGVAXZ::LAINGTue Feb 16 1988Recommendation - (3rd Party) RAM Cartridges
1225.025HPSTEK::RHODESMon Feb 22 1988Sampling - Time compression w/o frequency shift
1227.08KIPPIS::LEHTINENWed Feb 24 1988SCI Sequential Prophet 5 Analog Synthesizer
1228.017JON::ROSSThu Feb 25 1988Gripe - Magazines Arrive in Shredded State
1233.017DRFIX::HENNESSYFri Mar 04 1988Recommendation - Keyboard for Child Learning To Play
1236.025ROLLIN::BAILEYTue Mar 08 1988Eight Track (8track) Cassette Decks
1237.021ROLLIN::BAILEYTue Mar 08 1988Elka MK88 Keyboard Controller
1238.04LEDS::ORINTue Mar 08 1988Korg SG1D Sampling Grand "Piano"
1239.04AQUA::ROSTWed Mar 09 1988SCI Sequential 3
1242.032MIZZOU::SHERMANWed Mar 09 1988Discussion on Roland's LA Synthesis
1244.06HEART::MACHINWed Mar 09 1988Sampled Pianos and Sympathetic Resonance
1247.05FDCVThu Mar 10 1988Recommendation - Dust Covers for Equipment
1250.08AQUA::ROSTMon Mar 14 1988Definition of MIDI OMNI Mode
1252.010NYJMIS::JENKINSTue Mar 15 1988Casio FZ1 (Keyboard)/FZ1
1253.05AKOV68::EATONDTue Mar 15 1988Problem with MIDI Setup (or Signed, Frustrated MIDIot)
1254.01AQUA::ROSTTue Mar 15 1988Casio CZ5
1257.024MAMTS7::VCARUSOTue Mar 15 1988Korg DSS1 Sampling Keyboard
1258.02157412::EATONDWed Mar 16 1988Wanted: Right-angle MIDI cord
1261.01116BITS::OMALLEYThu Mar 17 1988Oberheim DX/DMX Drum Machines
1265.033BARTLS::MOLLERSun Mar 20 1988DAT Technology and the Home Studio
1267.022SRFSUP::MORRISMon Mar 21 1988Gripe - Ripped Off By Technological Obsolesence
1268.043DYO78Tue Mar 22 1988Finding and Using a BBS
1270.05USATWed Mar 23 1988Casio DG2
1273.0FSBIC1::DDREHERThu Mar 24 1988Retail Music Trade Magazine Polls
1274.045AKOV68::EATONDThu Mar 24 1988Who's Using What Sequencers (Sequencer/User Directory)
1276.012CREME::LSIMPSONThu Mar 24 1988Recommendation - Building MIDI Home Studio
1281.01AQUA::ROSTSun Mar 27 1988Casio CZ Series Officially Discontinued
1288.033JON::ROSSMon Mar 28 1988Flames on DAT, Read/Write CDs
1291.081LEDS::ORINThu Mar 31 1988Ensoniq EPS Sampling Keyboard
1292.01ROLL::BEFUMOFri Apr 01 1988Info For Repairing Hammond Organ
1293.037AKOV68::EATONDFri Apr 01 1988MIDI Continuous Controllers
1297.028TAINO::NUNEZMon Apr 04 1988Recommendation - Synth w/ Piano Keyboard & Sound
1300.076ROLLIN::BAILEYMon Apr 04 1988Kawai K1/K1m (Rackmount) Additive Synth
1304.020UTROP1::VDBOSWed Apr 06 1988Recommendation - Atari ST or IBMPC Computer For MIDI
1311.03BOHR::CASSONETue Apr 12 1988Looking for intoductory MIDI book or course
1313.027DOODAH::WIEGLERTue Apr 12 1988Recommendation - Consumer Keyboard For Jr. Higher
1315.04AQUA::ROSTTue Apr 12 1988Patch Mapping Using Various Types of Synths
1319.011NRADM3::KARLTue Apr 19 1988Ensoniq ESQM - Separate Outputs Per Voice?
1320.04EKLVTue Apr 19 1988Homemade sampler completed
1322.020HUNEY::MACHINWed Apr 20 1988Wanted: MIDI to CV converter
1324.043FROST::HARRIMANWed Apr 20 1988Review - Ensoniq EPS Sampling Keyboard
1326.051NYJMIS::JENKINSThu Apr 21 1988Recommendation - Sequencer For Live Use (Gigs)
1327.03VIDEO::ORSHAWFri Apr 22 1988How To Clean Key Assemblies in Electronic Keyboards
1330.02NYJMIS::JENKINSMon Apr 25 1988Casio PG38
1331.019DRUMS::FEHSKENSMon Apr 25 1988Roland MRB5
1332.027PAULJ::HARRIMANTue Apr 26 1988Recommendation - Configuring MIDI Networks
1333.017OILCAN::DIORIOTue Apr 26 19885 Pin DIN Cables vs. real MIDI Cables
1335.013MISFED::SFAFRAKWed Apr 27 1988TC229
1336.092PAULJ::HARRIMANThu Apr 28 1988DMC MX8 MIDI Processor Product Review
1337.040HEART::MACHINFri Apr 29 1988Do samplers make other synths redundant?
1338.015--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 29 1988Why Certain Stores Carry Only Certain Products
1340.011CREME::LSIMPSONFri Apr 29 1988Problems With Certain Patches on Yamaha DX7II
1342.05VIDEO::ORSHAWMon May 02 1988Problem with Roland TR5
1343.018DYO78Mon May 02 1988When Do MIDI Keyboards Wear Out?
1344.013DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon May 02 1988Eventide H3
1345.027DFLAT::DICKSONMon May 02 1988Wanted: Cheap Keyboard For Sequencer Data Entry
1346.06ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon May 02 1988Qbus to MIDI, How (and Why?)
1347.016MARVIN::SCOTTMon May 02 1988Atari ST Sequencer Software - Comparisons
1349.019SALSA::MOELLERTue May 03 1988Noter loses control
1351.02SUBSYS::ORINWed May 04 1988Anyone using Roland's MESA w/IBMpc?
1353.0101AQUA::ROSTThu May 05 1988Yamaha DD5 - Super-Cheap MIDI Drum Pads
1357.010SUBSYS::ORINThu May 05 1988Theme from St. Elsewhere
1358.05FGVAXZ::LAINGFri May 06 1988MIDI-programmable buttons/switches?
1360.0RUGRAT::POWELLFri May 06 1988Proverb Upgrade Available
1362.07MIZZOU::SHERMANMon May 09 1988New CD box?
1363.015HEART::MACHINMon May 09 1988Looking for Sequencer-less Drum SGU - Is There One?
1364.012ANGORA::JANZENMon May 09 1988Trill and trilling on sequencers
1365.012AKOV88::EATONDTue May 10 1988What is MIDI Active Sensing, & How Does It Work?
1366.050DYO78Tue May 10 1988What's Next? (or New Technology You'd Like To See)
1368.021HEART::MACHINWed May 11 1988Are there Synths with >8 Channel Multitimbrality?
1369.02ROLL::BEFUMOWed May 11 1988Schematics for Hagstrom Patch 2
1370.015NAC::PICKETTWed May 11 1988Korg M1/Q1/S1/C2 Workstations
1372.028OILCAN::DIORIOWed May 11 1988Wanted: Leslie simulator box
1373.05BEOWLF::BARTHWed May 11 1988Looking for MIDI mod for Roland Juno6
1374.02BENTLY::FARLEEWed May 11 1988Supreme Court decision against discount retailers
1375.013HEART::MACHINThu May 12 1988Roland D1
1376.018CTHULU::YERAZUNISThu May 12 1988BOSE Roomates vs. Other Types as Monitors
1381.09HJUXB::LEGAFri May 13 1988Problems with Ensoniq ESQ1 - Losing Notes
1382.0ANGORA::JANZENSun May 15 1988Yamaha SPX9
1384.04AQUA::ROSTMon May 16 1988New Buchla 7
1386.02IOENG::JWILLIAMSMon May 16 1988Dr. T's Fingers Sequencer and More
1387.045SUBSYS::ORINMon May 16 1988Commodore Amiga Computer - Using With MIDI
1388.011SALSA::MOELLERMon May 16 1988Silent MIDI reverb 'patch' changes?
1389.07BRUNEL::XSITETue May 17 1988Comments on Guitar Synths/Controllers?
1391.03DFLAT::DICKSONTue May 17 1988Akai 12track Digital Tape Deck (on video cassettes)
1393.0BOLT::BAILEYTue May 17 1988Roland S33
1396.0290SUBSYS::ORINTue May 17 1988Roland D1
1399.034SUBSYS::ORINWed May 18 1988cheap diskettes
1400.01HJUXB::LEGAWed May 18 1988Looking for EM Article on Aural Exciter
1401.024GCLEF::COHENWed May 18 1988Rick Cohen's Goodbye Note
1403.012AQUA::ROSTThu May 19 1988MIDI NOise in the Audio Path
1404.021AQUA::ROSTThu May 19 1988I Hate Factory Patches
1406.07ANGORA::JANZENSat May 21 1988Meet Dr T
1408.020RANCHO::PRICEMon May 23 1988Is this Roland setup a good deal?
1409.08UTROP1::VDBOSTue May 24 1988Another Roland D1
1410.035DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue May 24 1988Commusic V
1412.028FGVAXZ::LAINGTue May 24 1988Sample Rate/# of Bits on Samplers - Please Explain
1414.07CTHULU::YERAZUNISWed May 25 1988ESQ-Octapad-DX1
1417.011JAWS::COTEThu May 26 1988Pitch Bend Techniques...
1418.07FREKE::LEIGHThu May 26 1988Noise on Roland MT32 attacks (not hiss)
1419.07FGVAXZ::LAINGMon May 30 1988Help! another NOISE/DISTORTION problem
1420.029ANGORA::JANZENMon May 30 1988midi channels and orchestral music
1425.027LOLITA::DIORIOWed Jun 01 1988IBM MIDI choices: Interface? Software?
1429.016HARDY::JKMARTINFri Jun 03 1988Electronic Percussion: HR16 vs. MT32
1432.07FGVAXZ::LAINGMon Jun 06 1988Small Rackmount Mixer and Gear?
1434.02AQUA::ROSTTue Jun 07 1988Casio CZ Pitch Envelope Levels
1435.018MIZZOU::SHERMANTue Jun 07 1988An album? How cute ... (yawn)
1437.01SALSA::MOELLERWed Jun 08 1988Produce Your Own Album on Cassette
1438.017NAC::PICKETTWed Jun 08 1988Orchestra Hit Regulations
1440.012CTHULU::YERAZUNISWed Jun 08 1988I dare you to patch this!
1441.0AQUA::ROSTWed Jun 08 1988Gamelan Tunings and Patches for DX/TXes
1442.07EKLVThu Jun 09 1988Recommendation: Which Drum Machine to Buy?
1445.022ANGORA::JANZENFri Jun 10 1988Fooling the public with MIDI bands
1446.010HARDY::JKMARTINSun Jun 12 19884-Track Comparison: Tascam vs. AMR ?
1448.021DYO78Mon Jun 13 1988
1450.017XCELR8::ROACHTue Jun 14 1988Effects - when to use what????
1452.010COUGAR::JANZENTue Jun 14 1988Let's build an Orchestra!!!
1453.08SUBSYS::GLORIOSOTue Jun 14 1988Favorite MIDIverb II Settings
1455.029HPSRAD::NORCROSSTue Jun 14 1988'Local-Off' keyboard controllers/synths
1456.01MAMIE::SCHOFIELDTue Jun 14 1988Yamaha G1
1458.038FGVAXZ::MASHIATue Jun 14 1988Recommendation: Home Studio Monitors
1459.05IAMOK::CROWLEYWed Jun 15 1988Revox Half Track Tape Deck?
1462.015PLDVAX::JANZENWed Jun 15 1988What Synthesizer field job would you like?
1463.04DEALIN::NELSONThu Jun 16 1988Wanted: MIDI C source
1464.010FGVAXZ::LAINGThu Jun 16 1988Simmons SPM8:2 Programmable Mixer
1465.04NCVAX1::ALLENThu Jun 16 1988Kawai K5 Patch Librarian
1466.016SRFSUP::MORRISThu Jun 16 1988The Ultimate Drum Machine
1467.011SQUEKE::GOSSELINThu Jun 16 1988TX8
1470.024AKOV88::EATONDFri Jun 17 1988Sequential Pro One Mono Synth
1476.010NCVAX1::STEINHARDTMon Jun 20 1988Dinosaur seeks new toys/advice on old toys
1479.051MDVAX1::EDLUNDTue Jun 21 1988THOR Read/Write Optical Disk to Replace DAT?
1480.024CANYON::MOELLERTue Jun 21 1988Stereo Sampling:Marketing Hype?
1481.02DRFIX::HENNESSYWed Jun 22 1988Patch Editor/Librarian for TX81z on C64?
1482.039AKOV88::EATONDWed Jun 22 1988MIDI Merge needed
1483.021DECSIM::MERLETTEThu Jun 23 1988Fostex X3
1485.01HYDRA::AURENZMon Jun 27 1988Printing DMCS Scores on an LPS4
1487.011MARKER::BUCKLEYTue Jun 28 1988Looking for MIDI Patch Changer & MIDI-able EQ
1488.079COGVAX::LABAKTue Jun 28 1988Ensoniq ESQ1/ESQM Questions
1489.08FREKE::LEIGHTue Jun 28 1988what is going price for a used TX7?
1492.012JAWS::COTEThu Jun 30 1988Do They Have a Fourth Of July in England???
1495.02BEOWLF::BARTHThu Jun 30 1988Looking for PG2
1496.04BEOWLF::BARTHThu Jun 30 1988How Is A MIDI Cable Wired?
1497.08NYJMIS::PFREYThu Jun 30 1988Looking for Scoring/Notation Software for IBM PC
1499.050DRUMS::FEHSKENSFri Jul 01 1988Roland D55
1500.025AKOV88::EATONDFri Jul 01 1988The Ideal MIDI System
1502.08CTHULU::YERAZUNISFri Jul 01 1988A particularly rough mixdown
1504.0113MIDEVL::YERAZUNISTue Jul 05 1988Cheap, Quiet Mixer Plans
1509.02MIZZOU::SHERMANTue Jul 05 1988Limiters
1510.040SUBSYS::ORINTue Jul 05 1988Alesis HR16 Again (see # 1
1511.014KIPPIS::LEHTINENWed Jul 06 1988Csound - Audio Processing/Synthesis Under Unix/C
1512.05MARKER::BUCKLEYWed Jul 06 1988Pitch-to-MIDI ... Is it still lousy?
1513.019MIZZOU::SHERMANWed Jul 06 1988Beating Obsolescence, and Using Samplers
1514.085DYO78Wed Jul 06 1988Time for V2, or no?
1516.030SHPLOG::SPEEDThu Jul 07 1988What size screws for a rack?
1518.013MIDEVL::YERAZUNISThu Jul 07 1988Self-playing patches - Sound Sculpture
1519.023FREKE::LEIGHThu Jul 07 1988Sampling Other Synths Instead of Buying Them
1521.05SUBSYS::ORINFri Jul 08 1988Roland D5
1524.017MIZZOU::SHERMANSat Jul 09 1988Commusic V Reviews
1525.01EKLVMon Jul 11 1988Kawai R5
1527.07DRUMS::FEHSKENSMon Jul 11 1988Norman Spinrad's "Little Heroes"
1529.048DYO78Mon Jul 11 1988The "Innundated With New Equipment" Blues
1531.05FREKE::LEIGHTue Jul 12 1988How About a Rackmount Atari ST?
1534.09MIZZOU::SHERMANWed Jul 13 1988MIDI sample dump standard
1535.056SRFSUP::MORRISWed Jul 13 1988Multi-Effects Units - Discussion/Comparison
1537.016DRUMS::FEHSKENSWed Jul 13 1988Sync Manager
1538.05MIZZOU::SHERMANThu Jul 14 1988MMA Standard MIDI Sequence File Specification
1542.05BRMUDA::DEBARROSFri Jul 15 1988inventions
1543.01SUBSYS::GLORIOSOFri Jul 15 1988Commodore C64 Patch Editor/Librarian for DX7?
1547.012RGB::SREEKANTHTue Jul 19 1988Learning Computer Music at University - Where?
1548.05DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Jul 19 1988The ESQ1 as a MIDI system configuration manager
1551.06MIZZOU::SHERMANWed Jul 20 1988What is 'making it'?
1552.070DREGS::BLICKSTEINThu Jul 21 1988New LERDS-BIM site?
1553.02CLULES::SPEEDThu Jul 21 1988Roland MKS5
1555.052DENALI::KELLYNIThu Jul 21 1988Ensoniq EPS/Mirage Sampler Discussion
1556.071AKOV68::EATONDFri Jul 22 1988COMMUSIC V Review responses
1559.013DREGS::BLICKSTEINFri Jul 22 1988The "next" version of the MIDI standard - suggestions
1562.029MIZZOU::SHERMANMon Jul 25 1988VCR Recommendations?
1566.046DENALI::KELLYNIMon Jul 25 1988Korg M1 Sampled Wavetable Keyboard
1567.03BENTLY::EVANSMon Jul 25 1988MAC+sequencer+printer+MIDI??
1568.026SALEM::LAINGTue Jul 26 1988Alesis microverb problems?!
1569.09SUBSYS::ORINTue Jul 26 1988Universal Sound Designer for Macintosh
1570.011DENALI::KELLYNIWed Jul 27 1988Kawai K1 Synthesizer
1574.011JAWS::COTEThu Jul 28 1988Ensoniq Mirage Keyboard Needs Adjustment - How?
1575.07SALSA::MOELLERThu Jul 28 1988Wendel Jr. 'drum replacement' SGU
1576.013PANGLS::BAILEYFri Jul 29 1988Announcing BulkDump V4.
1578.06SUBSYS::ORINFri Jul 29 1988Roland news
1581.016JAWS::COTEMon Aug 01 1988Piano Roll To MIDI conversion...
1582.06SQUEKE::LEIGHMon Aug 01 1988ART PROverb Effects (FX) Unit
1584.03HPSTEK::RHODESMon Aug 01 1988Kawai K3m Rackmount Wavetable Synth
1585.016HPSTEK::RHODESMon Aug 01 1988Todd Rhodes' Goodbye Topic
1587.012MIZZOU::SHERMANMon Aug 01 1988Cassette choice for master?
1589.05MIZZOU::SHERMANTue Aug 02 1988MIDI-animation?
1590.025HPSRAD::NORCROSSTue Aug 02 1988Studio Ergonomics
1591.05PANGLS::BAILEYTue Aug 02 1988Digitech IPS33 Smart Shift Harmonizer
1592.030FGVAXX::LAINGTue Aug 02 1988Heat/Humidity Causing Equipment Problems
1593.09TOOK::DDS_SECWed Aug 03 1988Yamaha DX21 4op FM Synth: Comments?
1597.07DSSDEV::SURTEESThu Aug 04 1988glib - A Generic LiBrarian and editor for synths
1599.03TOOK::DDS_SECThu Aug 04 1988LA synthesis explanation wanted, please!
1600.04NCVAX1::ALLENThu Aug 04 1988Yamaha MIDI Merge Device
1601.02DREGS::BLICKSTEINFri Aug 05 1988**OUT OF DATE** - Submitting to COMMUSIC Tapes
1602.03MIZZOU::SHERMANFri Aug 05 1988Tape dump networking
1604.054DRUMS::FEHSKENSMon Aug 08 1988COMMUSIC Compilations Copyright Policy Etc.
1605.010DRUMS::FEHSKENSMon Aug 08 1988The Complete COMMUSICian?
1606.011DENALI::KELLYNITue Aug 09 1988Got an Ensoniq EPS and a Mac - Now What?
1607.018DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Aug 09 1988New Commusic tape director sought
1612.03DFLAT::DICKSONWed Aug 10 1988Sixel Score of Cantus Firmus (not copyrighted)
1613.027DRUMS::FEHSKENSWed Aug 10 1988COMMUSIC Compilation Review Etiquette
1614.08IFTHEN::CAPOZZOWed Aug 10 1988Tascam Studio 8 help
1615.027SMURF::NEWHOUSEWed Aug 10 1988Rackmount Multitimbral SGU (D11
1616.03DREGS::BLICKSTEINWed Aug 10 1988MIDI subcode on CD's
1617.029NIMBUS::DAVISThu Aug 11 1988Finale - Scoring Software for Macintosh (& IBM)
1618.019DRUMS::FEHSKENSMon Aug 15 1988New Casio VZ1 Rackmount Synth
1619.031TOOK::DDS_SECMon Aug 15 1988Buying a Roland D5
1620.020TOOK::DDS_SECMon Aug 15 1988CLAB Creator/Notator Sequencer/Scoring s/w for AtariST
1622.018COFLUB::DESELMSTue Aug 16 1988Roland TR626 or Alesis HR16 - Which To Buy
1623.010MARVIN::MACHINTue Aug 16 1988Looking for MIDI Drum Controller w/Individual Pads
1625.03NRADM::SWARTZTue Aug 16 1988Electronic Equipment Buyer's Guide ?
1626.040COFLUB::DESELMSWed Aug 17 1988Effects (FX) - Voice Box (also called Talk Box)
1627.047ANT::JANZENWed Aug 17 1988MIDI note event rates
1628.04HPSTEK::RENEThu Aug 18 1988recording studio session work..$$ ?
1629.017TOOK::DDS_SECThu Aug 18 1988Roland GP8 Guitar Effects (FX) Processor
1630.0MIZZOU::SHERMANThu Aug 18 1988DATs becoming more available?
1631.0145PAULJ::HARRIMANFri Aug 19 1988COMMUSIC Tape VI - Submitting, Ordering, Discussion
1632.01HJUXB::LEGAFri Aug 19 1988Voyetra has CAT Synths, PAIA has MIDI Converters
1634.028JAWS::COTEMon Aug 22 1988I Want My DBX!!!!
1635.019FGVAXL::LAINGMon Aug 22 1988Fans/Keeping a rack cool
1637.012427::CHADMon Aug 22 1988Roland M16
1638.015TOOK::DDS_SECMon Aug 22 1988Fairlight CMI Synthesizer
1639.08VNABRW::EXELTue Aug 23 1988Yamaha SPX9
1640.072DSTRTue Aug 23 1988Sequencer + Expander =? Drum Machine?
1641.02RDGENG::JEWELLTue Aug 23 1988Anyone Still Using a Yamaha CX5M Computer?
1642.036NCVAX1::ALLENTue Aug 23 1988Korg SYMPHONY Module (P3, O3)
1644.010HPSRAD::NORCROSSTue Aug 23 1988Recording Music for Video
1646.041DSTRWed Aug 24 1988Drum Machines < $3
1648.010RDGENG::JEWELLThu Aug 25 1988Looking for Pattern-Oriented Sequencer Software
1651.05MARVIN::MACHINFri Aug 26 1988MIDI scratch-pad techniques?
1652.0SENIOR::DREHERFri Aug 26 1988Top Record Labels...
1654.03MIZZOU::SHERMANMon Aug 29 1988What would you tell a first-time buyer?
1655.05OSLLAV::SVEINMon Aug 29 1988Test MIDI software before buying.
1656.066CTHULU::YERAZUNISTue Aug 30 1988Alesis Quadraverb Multi-Effects (FX) Processor
1661.013DSTRFri Sep 02 1988PROFOUND disturbance...
1665.0CLT::GLEASONWed Sep 07 1988MIDI-ST BBS in Columbus, OH - Directory Listing
1667.07DRFIX::PICKETTFri Sep 09 1988Looking for Small Synth for Church
1668.05DYO78Mon Sep 12 1988Review: Omni-Banker ST Patch Librarian
1671.074MIZZOU::SHERMANTue Sep 13 1988Roland U11
1675.023CSC32::G_HOUSEFri Sep 16 1988Microphone recommendations
1676.09IMGAWN::BERDATFri Sep 16 1988TOA Keyboard Amps
1680.022SNDBOX::SMITHTue Sep 20 1988Need DSP pointers
1681.023POBOX::KOTSCHARJANAWed Sep 21 198836
1682.036CLT::WWALKERWed Sep 21 1988Yamaha KX88 Controller - Should I?
1684.06FGVAXR::LAINGThu Sep 22 1988AB Power Amps?
1692.012SQUEKE::GOSSELINFri Sep 23 1988FOR SALE: 1 Unmoderated Notes Conference
1694.07NRADM::KARLMon Sep 26 1988Info on TEAC AS1234 needed
1695.023JGO::BEXTue Sep 27 1988Sequencing Classical Music
1696.017WEFXEM::COTETue Sep 27 1988Roland PM16 and PDn electronic drum stuff...
1697.069SUBSYS::ORINTue Sep 27 1988Oberheim Matrix 1
1699.02NORGE::CHADWed Sep 28 1988Synclavier Operator Training School
1704.010PAULJ::HARRIMANThu Sep 29 1988Ensoniq ESQ1 Has Broken Key - Help
1705.026ANT::JANZENThu Sep 29 1988Survival of Acoustic Instruments
1706.020ALEX::CONNMon Oct 03 1988>8 note polyphonic. How important?
1707.010DRUMS::FEHSKENSMon Oct 03 1988The Ultimate Instrument?
1708.032DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Oct 03 1988I want the world to "go stereo"
1709.09HPSTEK::RENETue Oct 04 1988How do you know a speaker is 8 ohms ???
1711.025BTO::BESSETT_KWed Oct 05 1988Need Info. on Low-Price Mixers
1712.04ROLL::BEFUMOFri Oct 07 198815" THIELE DIMENSIONS?
1714.019GVATue Oct 11 1988MIDI on PC,AMIGA or D2
1715.0HPSRAD::NORCROSSTue Oct 11 1988Listen 2.
1716.019GVATue Oct 11 1988MIDI <---> Serial Port
1717.035EXPRES::HAJITue Oct 11 1988Yamaha MT1
1718.02AQUA::ROSTTue Oct 11 1988MIDIed Pipe Organ at U of PA
1719.04TALLIS::KLOSTERMANWed Oct 12 1988Steve Klosterman's Goodbye Topic
1723.020AQUA::ROSTThu Oct 13 1988Consumer MIDI Products
1724.02MARVIN::MACHINMon Oct 17 1988Simmons SPM8 mixer
1725.012LEDDEV::HASTINGSMon Oct 17 1988Korg M1 reviews
1726.013HPSTEK::RENEMon Oct 17 1988small light for keyboard rack sought..
1727.09HPSRAD::NORCROSSMon Oct 17 1988The NeXT Computer
1729.016HPSMEG::WAIBLETue Oct 18 1988KORG DW8
1733.03AUNTB::WARNOCKFri Oct 21 1988What's a decent price for a Poly 8
1734.07FGVAXX::LAINGMon Oct 24 1988Bass Pedals/Sounds
1735.08POOL::CLABORNMon Oct 24 1988Using Yamaha RX15 Tape Load/Dump
1737.0184TRACK::LAQUERRETue Oct 25 1988Fostex X15 Problem
1738.015MUSKIE::ALLENWed Oct 26 1988Kawai K1r Additive vs. Roland D11
1739.05BTO::BEST_GThu Oct 27 1988AMR 4Track Cassette Deck Info?
1741.04SRFSUP::MORRISThu Oct 27 1988New Dolby Noise Reduction Technologies (SR & HX)
1742.028ARGUS::CORWINThu Oct 27 1988Roland Digital Pianos
1744.05FGVAXX::LAINGFri Oct 28 1988Cassette Tape Duplication/Copying Machines
1745.04AIMHI::BERDATFri Oct 28 1988Recommendation - Roland JX3P, JX8P, JUNO1
1746.03MSBIS1::FATAGFri Oct 28 1988Yamaha C1 Music Computer vs.??
1748.029DREGS::BLICKSTEINSun Oct 30 1988Commusic SNIGLETS
1750.010TYFYS::MOLLERMon Oct 31 1988MIDI Patch Bays - Your Thoughts Please!
1751.020DEALIN::ODONNELLMon Oct 31 1988Alesis Quadraverb, Art MultiVerb Multi-Effects (FX)
1753.09TRCAMon Oct 31 1988Upgrading From IBM/Texture to Macintosh/?? Sequencer
1754.03AQUA::ROSTTue Nov 01 1988Yamaha DX27 FM Synth - LOCAL OFF Procedure
1755.0103HAMER::COCCOLITue Nov 01 1988Midi guitarists unite!
1756.07ANT::JANZENWed Nov 02 1988Idea For Synthesizer Bus - Circumvents MIDI.
1758.020WEFXEM::COTEFri Nov 04 1988Keyboard Playing Techniques
1759.02KLO::COLLINSMon Nov 07 1988PDP 11/73 Computer /RT11 - Sequencer Timestamping?
1760.011SALSA::MOELLERMon Nov 07 1988Piano Overtone Generator SGU
1761.03HPSTEK::RENETue Nov 08 1988How do you get a NEW gig??
1762.012YUPPY::GEALTue Nov 08 1988Atari Blues
1763.03MRSVAX::MISKINISTue Nov 08 1988ATARI-ST software for Korg DSS1?
1764.026MUDDIN::DEBARROSWed Nov 09 1988Ensoniq SQ8
1765.02MRSVAX::MISKINISWed Nov 09 1988Build this mini-mixer!
1767.033MIDEVL::YERAZUNISThu Nov 10 1988Are samplers "cheating"?
1768.0AQUA::ROSTFri Nov 11 1988Yamaha DX7IIFD File Manipulator for IBMPC - PD Software
1771.070SQUEKE::AVFri Nov 18 1988Home recording help
1773.032HJUXB::LEGAFri Nov 18 1988Alesis MicroEnhancer and Other Exciter Boxes
1774.0657Fri Nov 18 1988TV and Record SUPERSTARS!
1776.08MRSVAX::MISKINISTue Nov 22 1988I need to write a sequencer!
1778.012STKSMA::HALLWed Nov 23 1988Roland MKB2
1779.010UTROP1::VDBOSWed Nov 23 1988Roland D1
1783.047DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Nov 29 1988Flames to Roland..gonna buy Y-word stuff now
1784.020WEFXEM::COTETue Nov 29 1988This is NOT a bad word!!
1785.038NORGE::CHADTue Nov 29 1988Roland New Product Announcements
1786.039TYFYS::MOLLERTue Nov 29 1988Drum Machine Patterns & Usage
1788.04SQUEKE::GOSSELINWed Nov 30 1988Roland A5
1790.08GVAThu Dec 01 1988Yamaha DX7II Problems - Help
1793.086LEDDEV::HASTINGSMon Dec 05 1988Ensoniq EPS Sampling Keyboard - Users Information
1794.014MASTER::DDREHERMon Dec 05 1988Music Business and NEMA
1795.03MIZZOU::SHERMANMon Dec 05 1988cheap MIDI consumer gear ...
1796.044SALEM::DACUNHATue Dec 06 1988Reliability: Alesis vs. Roland??
1797.01FGVAXX::LAINGTue Dec 06 1988Peavey DECA 528 Power Amp?
1798.03PAULJ::HARRIMANWed Dec 07 19881
1800.09MUSKIE::ALLENThu Dec 08 1988Absolute vs Relative Realism
1801.024HAMER::COCCOLIThu Dec 08 1988Portable (strap-on) MIDI Keyboard Controllers
1802.02DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDFri Dec 09 1988single ended noise reduction
1803.07FGVAXZ::MASHIAFri Dec 09 1988Sansui 6 Track Cassette Recorder/Mixer
1804.018XERO::ARNOLDFri Dec 09 1988Internal speaker/headphone defeat
1805.018ANT::JANZENFri Dec 09 1988Thomas E. Janzen: The Nearly Complete Works
1806.018HAMER::COCCOLIFri Dec 09 1988New Takeoffs on Yamaha TX81z 4Op FM Technology
1807.01NORGE::CHADSat Dec 10 1988Atari ST Floppy Dies From Monitor RF
1808.07NORGE::CHADTue Dec 13 1988Poll - Sampler Memory Loading Times From Storage Media
1810.06LARVAE::BRIGGSTue Dec 13 1988Casio CPS7
1813.09VAXRT::GENTRYWed Dec 14 1988In Search Of...MIDI on DEC machines
1814.018DREGS::BLICKSTEINThu Dec 15 1988db-s-BIM (more initials sought)
1815.092KERNEL::FLOWERSThu Dec 15 1988Recommendation: Korg M1 or Kurzweil 1
1816.05STKSMA::HALLFri Dec 16 1988Yamaha FB
1817.02MUNCSS::BURKEFri Dec 16 1988?? MIDIfying an old Rhodes ??
1818.02DFLAT::DICKSONFri Dec 16 1988Fostex X26 4track Tape Deck
1820.08NORGE::CHADMon Dec 19 1988proposal: a COMMUSIC project
1822.011KERNEL::FLOWERSMon Dec 19 1988Korg M1/M1R (Rackmount) Synth Discussions
1823.010KERNEL::FLOWERSTue Dec 20 1988Pingponging (bouncing) Tracks on Multi-track Tape Deck?
1824.025WEFXEM::COTETue Dec 20 1988Seasoned Greetings...
1825.023BENTLY::EVANSTue Dec 20 1988Recommendation: First MIDI Keyboard
1826.05BPOVWed Dec 21 1988KORG DS8 ???
1829.021HPSRAD::NORCROSSMon Dec 26 1988Bass/kick/foot/drum pedal controllers MIDI
1831.06WEFXEM::COTEWed Dec 28 1988You can't tuna fish...
1832.01SUBSYS::LYNCHThu Dec 29 1988Tape Duplication Services
1833.0166SALSA::MOELLERThu Dec 29 1988On Becoming a Record Company
1834.097AQUA::ROSTFri Dec 30 1988Timbrality Definitions
1835.019FGVAXX::LAINGMon Jan 02 1989Oberheim Perf/X Cyclone/Systemizer?
1836.017AQUA::ROSTTue Jan 03 1989Yamaha QX7 Versus MSQ1
1837.026MRSVAX::MISKINISWed Jan 04 1989Need advice on tape decks
1838.07BPOVThu Jan 05 1989What's LOW/HIGH Switch on Korg DW8
1841.042KERNEL::FLOWERSFri Jan 06 1989OLD Sounds...
1842.01DSTRFri Jan 06 1989Yamaha MCS2 MIDI Control Station
1843.02DDIF::EIRIKURFri Jan 06 1989New controller notion makes playing a real drag!
1844.013FGVAXX::LAINGSun Jan 08 1989Voice-to-MIDI, Pitch-to-MIDI?
1845.02DFLAT::DICKSONMon Jan 09 1989Rhythm 'n' Views - Freff's Column in MACUSER Magazine
1847.08BAGELS::MCQUADEMon Jan 09 1989Looking for Documentation on Various Aspects of MIDI
1848.012TROAMon Jan 09 1989Rumor: Yamaha DX/TX/RX Series Discontinued
1849.03CTCADM::NICKERSONTue Jan 10 1989Tascam Porta
1850.022HAMER::COCCOLITue Jan 10 1989Kawai Q8
1851.027FGVAXR::LAINGTue Jan 10 1989Powering multiple 9V units?
1852.013KERNEL::FLOWERSTue Jan 10 1989Editing Waveforms for Particular Sounds.
1854.06WARLRD::SIMPSONWed Jan 11 1989Akai GX4
1855.03DDIF::EIRIKURWed Jan 11 1989SMUS Files vs. MIDI Files - What's the Difference?
1856.07VIDEO::TASSINARIWed Jan 11 1989Recording Rehearsal on a 4Track Tape Deck
1857.02CAADC::COFBOUCHAThu Jan 12 1989Recommendation: New/Used 4Track/8Track Reel Tape Deck
1859.013MIZZOU::SHERMANThu Jan 12 1989Soundtracks?
1860.08CGVAX2::COREY_JThu Jan 12 1989Recording Production Using "Minimalist" Techniques
1861.019NRPUR::DEATONThu Jan 12 1989Effects (FX): Using MIDI/Sequencer Delay
1862.011KERNEL::FLOWERSFri Jan 13 1989Headsets.
1864.0105DRUMS::FEHSKENSMon Jan 16 1989Roland R8 Rhythm Composer
1865.019AQUA::ROSTTue Jan 17 1989Acid House Music---Base Note
1866.08AQUA::ROSTTue Jan 17 1989Yamaha R1
1867.08DISCVR::HAJIWed Jan 18 1989Yamaha MT1
1869.022ASHBY::BEFUMOThu Jan 19 1989Loading data during performance?
1870.070CDR::BRANDEWIEThu Jan 19 1989Simple electronic piano recommendations needed
1871.011NRPUR::DEATONFri Jan 20 1989MIDI Patchbays (processing & non-processing)
1872.06FGVAXL::LAINGMon Jan 23 1989Power Amp: "Pro" vs. "Home"
1873.05STORMY::RILEYMon Jan 23 1989Digital Voice Processing?
1875.03DYO78Wed Jan 25 1989Kawai M8
1876.06HJUXB::LEGAWed Jan 25 1989Programming Ensoniq ESQM from Yamaha KX88
1877.016HJUXB::LEGAWed Jan 25 19891989 Winter NAMM News (from USENET)
1878.02AKO546::JODOINThu Jan 26 1989How Much Is A Used Kawai K3 Worth?
1880.04STKSMA::HALLFri Jan 27 1989Score notation-MIDI files-LN
1882.08NRPUR::DEATONMon Jan 30 1989Synthesized Guitar (note: not guitar synthesizer!)
1883.010AQUA::ROSTTue Jan 31 1989Oberheim OB8K Analog Keyboard Synth
1884.04SCENIC::BYRNEWed Feb 01 1989Help Using Compressor/Limiter Effects (FX)
1885.014SCENIC::BYRNEWed Feb 01 1989Tascam 38/388 Recorders - Comparison
1886.0197DYO78Thu Feb 02 1989Emu Systems' Proteus Rackmount Sample Player
1888.01AQUA::ROSTMon Feb 06 1989Third Party Service For Sequential Circuits
1890.025FGVAXL::LAINGMon Feb 06 1989MIDI Program Change Using DMC MX8 Processor
1892.014TILTS::LIBERTINIMon Feb 06 1989Yamaha V8
1893.027ALEX::CONNTue Feb 07 1989Recommendation: Keyboard Synthesizer For Under $6
1894.071VOLKS::RYENTue Feb 07 1989Programming Roland MT32 L/A Synth Module
1895.01FGVAXX::LAINGTue Feb 07 1989MIDI Program (Patch) Changers
1896.011SCENIC::BYRNEWed Feb 08 1989Line Mixer vs. Regular Mixer
1897.01HAMER::COCCOLIWed Feb 08 1989Simmons Sequencer
1899.03XERO::ARNOLDThu Feb 09 1989Kurzweil 1
1902.07MOSAIC::LICHTENBERGThu Feb 09 1989Sierra OnLine's MIDI compatible adventure games
1903.013DRUMS::FEHSKENSFri Feb 10 1989Patch Databases/Librarians
1904.03NYJMIS::PFREYFri Feb 10 1989CASIO needs SW developers!
1905.010TYFYS::MOLLERFri Feb 10 1989Peavey Synthesizers
1906.03COGMK::GRIFFINSat Feb 11 1989notation software for VAXstations?
1908.07MIZZOU::SHERMANSun Feb 12 1989Alesis HR16B Digital Drum Machine
1909.07WARLRD::SIMPSONMon Feb 13 1989Can Ibm Pc-Jr handle midi?
1910.04TROAMon Feb 13 1989Benson MAC Stack Utility
1911.015NORGE::CHADTue Feb 14 1989samplers -- generic comparison
1913.05HPSMEG::LEITZWed Feb 15 1989BioMuse Controllers
1914.04ELUDOM::GRIEBSat Feb 18 1989Need Info on Assembly Program to Init Roland MPUIPC
1915.024WMOIS::MACKAYMon Feb 20 1989Recommendation: $4
1916.010FRAMon Feb 20 1989Translating Yamaha DX7 SYSEX Dumps to ASCII (hardcopy)
1917.017ALEX::CONNMon Feb 20 1989Official Casio HT6
1918.07ZEKE::AVMon Feb 20 1989Recommendation: Hardware Sequencer
1919.023ANT::JANZENMon Feb 20 1989Criteria for Capital Acquisition
1920.026KALLON::EIRIKURMon Feb 20 1989New Roland J-series convert seeks wisdom
1922.05FGVAXY::LAINGTue Feb 21 1989Rackmount (1 Space) Power Amplifiers
1925.010FRUST::MUELLERWed Feb 22 1989Recommendation: Computer For MIDI System
1926.07JRDVTue Feb 28 1989YAMAHA music workstation V5
1928.05FGVAXX::LAINGFri Mar 03 1989Hand-held sample player "toy"?
1929.027FLOWER::JASNIEWSKITue Mar 07 1989Soundstage in Recording Electronic Instruments
1930.04HAMER::COCCOLITue Mar 07 1989Bit One Synthesizer (not a joke)
1931.020WORDS::HARRISWed Mar 08 1989Recommendation: Looking for Electronic Piano
1932.0152ISLETA::SFAFRAKWed Mar 08 1989Ensoniq VFX
1935.027NRPUR::DEATONThu Mar 09 1989Using MIDI System Exclusive Messages
1937.08NATASH::RUSSOMon Mar 13 1989Stores and prices for Tascam 246
1938.09BAGELS::SREBNICKMon Mar 13 1989Roland E2
1940.05TOCATA::PICKETTThu Mar 16 1989Ensoniq EPSM Rackmount Sampler
1942.017NORGE::CHADThu Mar 16 1989Daddy's <> Yamaha : Daddy's = Obie
1943.05FGVAXX::LAINGFri Mar 17 1989Apple Records vs. Apple Computer?
1944.06WEFXEM::COTEFri Mar 17 1989Only $69.98!!! Be the first on your block!!!
1945.03ORION::WIEGLERWed Mar 22 1989VideoHarp - Orchestra in a Box
1946.09TALK::HARRIMANThu Mar 23 1989Dr T's COPYIST 1.3 DTP Review
1947.023TYFYS::MOLLERFri Mar 24 1989Places to Play - Audiences - Expectations
1949.06TYFYS::MOLLERTue Mar 28 1989Indian Valley MIDI Disk Filer
1951.03ELWD1::CAPOZZOMon Apr 03 1989Need 2track 3 3/4 IPS Cassette Deck
1952.047WEFXEM::COTETue Apr 04 1989Alesis 1622 Mixer
1953.07SAGAN2::LOWEThu Apr 06 198916 vs 32 bits
1954.08BTO::BESSETT_KThu Apr 06 1989Yamaha Drum Machines - RX5/RX7 - Good Value?
1955.01CIMNET::CEFALUMon Apr 10 1989Roland MPU4
1958.02KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Apr 10 1989Fairlight acquired by Yamaha!!!
1959.03CIM1NI::POWERSWed Apr 12 1989What constitutes the perfect music package?
1960.03IAMOK::CROWLEYThu Apr 13 1989Service for Tascam 38
1961.030DRUMS::FEHSKENSThu Apr 13 1989'Til DAT Do Us Part - VHS HiFi as an Audio Medium
1962.04SALEM::AMARTINThu Apr 13 1989Casio CT6
1964.011NORGE::CHADMon Apr 17 1989MIDI stream woes -- cabling redone
1965.076DASXPS::VERMATue Apr 18 1989CLab Notator/Creator Sequencer
1966.09ULYSSE::MCGUINNESSWed Apr 19 1989Advice for a new boy?
1968.02ANT::JANZENThu Apr 20 1989Dispense with Quantization (someday)
1969.02NRPUR::DEATONFri Apr 21 1989RTR Tape Deck Problem
1970.020RAD1::DAVISFri Apr 21 1989Chorus recommendations?
1971.010NORGE::CHADFri Apr 21 1989Reviews of COMMUSIC VI
1972.017NORGE::CHADFri Apr 21 1989Responses to reviews of COMMUSIC VI tape
1974.012ACESMK::RUDNICKMon Apr 24 1989recording case study (ie: suggestions?)
1975.019FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIWed Apr 26 1989Dynamic Range Compression
1976.024HPSRAD::NORCROSSWed Apr 26 1989What is Computer Music?
1978.04NSDC::ESTILLFri Apr 28 1989Tools to write music parts
1979.08USCTR2::AMCDONALDMon May 01 1989Advice on purchasing Roland D2
1980.021CURIE::DECARTERETMon May 01 1989How do I get my MT32 to work?
1982.013RDGENG::MCNAUGHTONWed May 03 1989Steinberg M.ROS and CUBASE (or CUBIT) Discussion
1983.044NRPUR::DEATONThu May 04 19891983, the birth of MIDI
1984.018MAY1Thu May 04 1989Roland W3
1986.04MYALLA::KEOGHSun May 07 1989Yamaha RX8 rhythm machine
1988.03PCOJCT::RYANTue May 09 1989info on Kawai PH5
1989.08HAMER::COCCOLIWed May 10 1989Kawai K1II
1990.026VOLKS::RYENThu May 11 1989Rock Scores?
1992.011GIAMEM::MICHAUDMon May 15 1989Just curious! I think!
1994.02BARDIC::RAVANTue May 16 1989CARL tape?
1995.016FGVAXX::LAINGWed May 17 1989Organ-like electronic instruments?!
1996.024MUNTRA::RAUTENBERGThu May 18 1989Exchange of Sequences ?
1997.03PCOJCT::RYANThu May 18 1989Roland S22
1998.020DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDFri May 19 1989Ascending Ayers Rock
1999.08RTL::DESK::TOTTONFri May 19 1989KURZWEIL MIDIBOARD -- Thoughts?
2000.03NRPUR::DEATONFri May 19 1989Even Happier, Happier!
2001.0HJUXB::LEGASun May 21 1989technology anecdote
2002.02LUDWIG::RAPHAELSONMon May 22 1989Add midi to acoustic piano?
2003.041ANT::JANZENMon May 22 1989Sequencing Classical Music
2004.012FDCVWed May 24 1989Showroom see and buy .vs. Showroom see and MO buy
2005.04KALLON::EIRIKURWed May 24 1989Boss Micro Studio series
2006.019DUBTue May 30 1989Advice for someone starting ...
2009.02DUBSat Jun 03 1989Yamaha PSS68
2011.05ZEKE::AVMon Jun 05 1989Yamaha DX21 - what's it worth?
2012.030AZUR::DOTTIMon Jun 05 1989Demagnetizing 4-tracks and 2-tracks cassette decks
2013.04MASTER::DDREHERMon Jun 05 1989JamBox/2 Review and SMPTE
2014.045WEFXEM::COTETue Jun 06 1989Continuous Controllers
2015.010SWAV1::STEWARTTue Jun 06 1989Percussion Controllers: Input?
2016.07SOS6::RAMAWed Jun 07 1989PEDAL FOR SYNTHS ???
2018.02BTOVT::BRITTONThu Jun 08 1989Help using MIDI Start/Stop Sequencer Messages
2020.018TALLIS::JFOLEYTue Jun 13 1989On starting a MIDI home studio
2021.031NRCP::DEATONWed Jun 14 1989MIDI-life Crisis
2022.05NRCP::DEATONWed Jun 14 1989Tascam's New 4-Track MIDI Studio Deck
2023.03WFOV11::PLANT_SThu Jun 15 1989Roland D5
2024.09ALEX::CONNThu Jun 15 1989SYNTHA-HACKERY
2025.011AQUA::ROSTFri Jun 16 1989Ensoniq ESQ1/SQ8
2026.02DRUMS::FEHSKENSFri Jun 16 1989New Tascam MM1 Line Mixer
2027.06KEYBDS::HASTINGSMon Jun 19 1989Equipment Failure Horror Stories
2028.03BAVIKI::GOODMon Jun 19 1989VALIS - Tod Machover
2029.02BARDIC::RAVANMon Jun 19 1989My old Fostek 8-track mixer is acting up
2030.046XERO::ARNOLDTue Jun 20 1989Roland A8
2031.014KALLON::EIRIKURTue Jun 20 1989Rhapsody Sequencer for Macintosh
2032.052DYO78Tue Jun 27 1989Korg T1 (extended M1)
2033.08IJSAPL::BOUWMANSWed Jun 28 1989Advise on multi timbral wanted
2034.051DYO78Wed Jun 28 1989Recommendation: MultiTrack Tape Recording Gear
2035.02CONFG5::FALORThu Jun 29 1989Computer Music 173
2036.06HSKAPL::VERGHESEMon Jul 03 1989Simmons liquidated :-(
2037.04SALSA::MOELLERWed Jul 05 1989Seeks article on Performer for MAC
2038.010CARP::PROPOSALSThu Jul 06 1989Computer/K5/D11
2039.09CURIE::DECARTERETThu Jul 06 1989Peavey KB3
2040.08CURIE::DECARTERETFri Jul 07 1989Eddie Van Halen
2042.04DFLAT::DICKSONTue Jul 11 1989Punch-in footswitch
2043.06CURIE::DECARTERETWed Jul 12 1989Hooking Roland MT32 to VAXmate
2044.05DUBThu Jul 13 1989MIDI interface spec required
2045.08TOOK::SUDAMAThu Jul 13 1989How compatible is "MIDI compatible"?
2046.013SWAV1::STEWARTFri Jul 14 1989Cakewalk Sequencer for IBM/MSDOS Machines
2047.022WEFXEM::COTEMon Jul 17 1989Noise and SPL...
2048.018LEDDEV::ROSSMon Jul 17 1989Vocoders....hear today? no.
2050.028NYEM1::RYANTue Jul 18 1989Roland MKS7
2051.01TOLKIN::TSETue Jul 18 1989Yamaha/Korg dealers in NH?
2052.026SUBSYS::ORINWed Jul 19 1989Kurzweil 9
2053.02TALLIS::SEIGELWed Jul 19 1989Yamaha DX7/E! mod-wheel control problem?
2054.021HAMER::COCCOLIMon Jul 24 1989KORG M3R multitimbral(1U)synth
2055.016DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Jul 25 1989Stupid sampler tricks
2056.06MARVIN::MACHINThu Jul 27 1989MiDimoog: the walking dead
2057.024CANYON::WALTERSThu Jul 27 1989Recommendation: Weighted Keyboard Controller & More
2058.02RICARD::NISThu Jul 27 1989VAXmate Sequencer Software?
2059.09MRSVAX::MISKINISFri Jul 28 1989Roland Jupiter 6 Discussion
2061.032DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Jul 31 1989Roland & Mail-Order (degenerates to Yahama rumors)
2062.08GLORY::SCHAFERMon Jul 31 1989General Multitrack Recording Advice Sought
2063.011GLORY::SCHAFERMon Jul 31 1989Tape Deck Maintenance (Adjusting Bias, etc)
2064.05AICAD::MIYATATue Aug 01 1989Macintosh Directory (Hardware/Software)
2066.08HJUXB::LEGAWed Aug 02 1989MAC II vs SE?
2067.010ORIENT::DARSENAULTThu Aug 03 1989Seeking Sequencer Recommendation
2068.02YIPPEE::FIROUZIANThu Aug 03 1989Steinberg PRO24 Sequencer /Roland MT32 Question
2069.03DREGS::BLICKSTEINFri Aug 04 1989Some of us will be getting free CD's from Roland
2070.099WEFXEM::COTEFri Aug 04 1989Dave Orin, R.I.P.
2071.0RTL::RTL::TOTTONSun Aug 06 1989Finding a Piano Teacher
2072.04GLORY::SCHAFERMon Aug 07 1989Hints and Materials for Developing Keyboard Chops
2073.03FGVAXX::LAINGTue Aug 08 1989"Auto-arrangers"???
2074.04FGVAXY::LAINGTue Aug 08 1989"Wow/Flutter" on Yamaha MT1
2076.023NORGE::CHADWed Aug 09 1989Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe concert in Manchester NH
2077.015USEM::SEAWARDThu Aug 10 1989Feedback on 3rd Party Sequences for Roland D2
2078.02STKSMA::HALLSat Aug 12 1989MIDI controlled switch
2079.05DGOIS1::DROMIGNYMon Aug 14 1989HELP on Workstations!!!
2080.08XERO::ARNOLDMon Aug 14 1989COMMUSIC VII - in memory of Dave Orin
2081.04SUBSYS::LYNCHMon Aug 14 1989Memorial Service for Dave Orin
2082.07NORGE::CHADTue Aug 15 1989Summer 89 NAMM summary from EM
2083.013BAGELS::SREBNICKTue Aug 15 1989Demo Disk for Voyetra Sequencer Plus (TM)
2084.07DFLAT::DICKSONTue Aug 15 1989Making a MIDI file
2085.08DFLAT::DICKSONWed Aug 16 1989Artificial Creativity
2086.08KAOFS::D_STJEANThu Aug 17 1989DIYer seeks address.
2087.05SQUEKE::AVFri Aug 18 1989Xfer of Ensoniq ESQ1 Sequences to Roland MC5
2088.04UPOA1::NOVELLOFri Aug 18 1989The Incredible Scorpio?
2089.03RTL::DESK::TOTTONFri Aug 18 1989TASCAM M
2090.022KYOA::SINIAWERSun Aug 20 1989Kurzweil K1
2091.06SQUEKE::AVMon Aug 21 1989Alesis HR16 vs. Oberheim DX Drum Machine
2092.08COGVAX::LABAKMon Aug 21 1989RAMSA Sound Equipment?
2093.04PAVAX::SPRIGGSTue Aug 22 1989Help - Music Man Guitar Amp Buzzing
2094.041MUSKIE::ALLENTue Aug 22 1989ROLAND R5 Rhythm Composer
2096.019NRPUR::DEATONWed Aug 23 1989Micro PA Systems?
2097.01VWOOLF::KAHNThu Aug 24 1989Learning Harmony - Computer Aids
2098.026SHARE::DELGIZZOThu Aug 24 1989Alesis MIDI Disk Filer (not sequencer)
2101.016KAOFS::D_STJEANSat Aug 26 1989Info on Digitech 3.6sec delay?
2102.011KOBAL::DICKSONMon Aug 28 1989Want Cheap SGU w/aftertouch for Wind Controller
2103.03SALEM::ABATELLIMon Aug 28 1989Dead Casio SK21
2104.012WELSWS::GIBSONTue Aug 29 1989Yamaha 4op Waveforms
2105.05GVATue Aug 29 1989Amiga Causing Noise When MIDI Cables Connected
2106.06HPSRAD::NORCROSSTue Aug 29 1989Macintosh MIDI Manager
2107.038SALSA::MOELLERTue Aug 29 1989Your goals.. an editorial
2108.07GAOVFri Sep 01 1989Pedal controlled backing ...
2109.08AUDIO::MCGREALFri Sep 01 1989Fender Rhodes, thinking of buying
2110.03LISVAX::DAVIDMon Sep 04 1989Simple MIDI interface and S/W
2111.013CHEFS::SYMONDSKTue Sep 05 1989Roland D5 L/A Synth
2112.012CSC32::GLAUNERTue Sep 05 1989Wanted: Chart Mapping Notes to Frequencies
2113.011MUSKIE::ALLENWed Sep 06 1989Is MIDI Equipment Pricing Changing?
2114.02FSTVAX::GALLOWed Sep 06 1989EMU Drumulator Help Needed
2116.04KALLON::EIRIKURThu Sep 07 1989Serge Modular Music Systems returns
2117.074MILKWY::JANZENTue Sep 12 1989Automatic Composition
2118.014SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Sep 13 1989Looking for 1st Synth - $35
2119.016WEFXEM::COTESun Sep 17 1989Roland MKS3
2120.02FGVAXX::LAINGMon Sep 18 1989Consumer/Pro distinction blurring?
2121.0204GL::DICKSONMon Sep 18 1989Opcode Vision Sequencer for Macintosh
2122.028NRPUR::DEATONMon Sep 18 1989Stereo Feeds to Single Subwoofer via Passive X-over?
2124.017WARDER::KENTWed Sep 20 1989Anyone Had A Memory Battery Backup Fail?
2125.03DECNIX::HERGTWed Sep 20 1989Replacement for Church Organ
2127.019FGVAXY::LAINGFri Sep 22 1989Sticky electrical/Scotch/duct tape?!
2128.017FGVAXY::LAINGFri Sep 22 1989KORG M1/T1 MIDI receive question
2130.06GIDDAY::BRUCEThu Sep 28 1989pipe organ midi. Help!!!
2131.01DECNIX::HERGTFri Sep 29 1989MTEX - music typsetting system
2132.023KALLON::EIRIKURFri Sep 29 1989Patch Editor/Librarians
2133.05HPSCAD::RFACCENDAFri Oct 06 1989Key transpose question
2134.02CREKE::WOZNIAKMon Oct 09 1989Timing problem with sequence playback
2135.041COGVAX::LABAKWed Oct 11 1989Roland P33
2136.011HYDRA::CHICOINEMon Oct 16 1989Beginner music with AMIGA?'s
2137.07CSC32::M_MOSHERTue Oct 17 1989KAWAI K4, K4R synthesizer
2139.07BARTLE::FALIVENAWed Oct 18 1989Got a Mac & Digital Piano - Now What?
2141.032HAMER::COCCOLIWed Oct 18 1989What Type of PA Gear Do You Use?
2142.01MPGS::RJPELLETIERThu Oct 19 1989Pianet-N, parts needed
2144.04FGVAXX::LAINGFri Oct 20 1989Shield components in rack?
2145.05IJSAPL::BOUWMANSMon Oct 23 1989Looking for Reverb Unit to use with Roland U11
2146.014BARDIC::RAVANMon Oct 23 1989Jim Ravan's Goodbye Topic
2148.08UTROP1::BOVENJThu Oct 26 1989Looking for Appegiator
2150.011NRPUR::MCCONNELLMon Oct 30 1989Roland Rhodes...new stuff?
2151.023DYO78Mon Oct 30 1989Yamaha SY77 (YS77?) - FM *and* Samples
2152.014POBOX::KOTSCHARJANATue Oct 31 1989The Music Business Q/A: Copyrighting, etc
2153.0116NRPUR::DEATONWed Nov 01 1989Roland U22
2155.024COGVAX::LABAKMon Nov 06 1989Help Recommending Bass module
2156.020VIKING::JANZENTue Nov 07 1989Equipment for Pro Rock work
2157.013SALSA::MOELLERWed Nov 08 1989Music Comix article on COMMUSIC(?)
2158.09ODIHAM::POOREThu Nov 09 1989Geoff Waddingtons 32 Track P.D. Midi Sequencer
2159.08WFOV12::PLANT_SFri Nov 10 1989Roland D5
2160.06NORGE::CHADFri Nov 10 1989Drum Notation
2161.02TRCOMon Nov 13 1989Roland KR33
2164.015HAMER::COCCOLITue Nov 14 1989Anatek Pocket Products/little midi things
2166.03TALK::HARRIMANWed Nov 15 1989JLCooper FaderMaster Product Review
2167.03MILKWY::JANZENThu Nov 16 1989Boy Scouts could use musical leaders
2168.023XERO::ARNOLDFri Nov 17 1989Keith Emerson: the topic
2169.049NRADM::KARLFri Nov 17 1989Sampler Questions (degenerates to EMAX II)
2170.018MUSKIE::ALLENSat Nov 18 1989Christmas 1989 (Has anyone contacted Santa yet?)
2171.019BAVIKI::GOODMon Nov 20 1989Presence and multi-sensory I/O - synthesizer question
2172.0DDIF::EIRIKURMon Nov 20 1989Demos of innovative Macintosh MIDI software
2176.04VOLKS::RYENWed Nov 22 1989NOVA - What is Music? Program
2177.03WMOIS::MACKAYWed Nov 22 1989Songwriters will try anything.
2180.01CURIE::DECARTERETSat Nov 25 1989PA equipment
2181.08CSGSun Nov 26 1989SY77 - Yamaha does it again
2182.02WILKIE::MCQUADEMon Nov 27 1989Thoughts about a Yamaha PSS48
2183.067DNEAST::PUSHARD_MIKEMon Nov 27 1989What Needed To Be a One-man MIDI Band?
2184.012COGVAX::LABAKTue Nov 28 1989Power Amps - Digital or Analog?
2185.018DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Nov 28 1989MIDI LANs
2186.08ALLVAX::SCHMIEDERWed Nov 29 1989Yamaha pf85 as MIDI controller
2187.013CGOOWed Nov 29 1989Problem downloading MUSIC BOX from MIDILIB
2188.06WILKIE::MCQUADEThu Nov 30 1989Computer game score CD
2189.04DWOVAX::ROSENBERGFri Dec 01 1989MIDI Marching Band - Hear me out!
2190.010LEDDEV::ROSSMon Dec 04 1989Looking for Headset Microphone - Suggestions?
2192.01UNXA::LEGAMon Dec 04 1989Help Using MIDIcontrol s/w from MIDIlib
2195.072CSOA1::SCHAFERTue Dec 05 1989Banter - the COMMUSIC Soapbox
2196.04CATHRN::MACINTYREWed Dec 06 1989Notation software for a PC
2197.05BAVIKI::GOODWed Dec 06 1989Hinton Instruments
2199.014KEYBDS::HASTINGSFri Dec 08 1989What is Art/Music?
2200.013SAHQ::GILLMon Dec 11 1989Mixer for Tascam TSR8 8Track Deck?
2201.09TOOK::MCPHERSONMon Dec 11 1989Electronic HiHat Switch: DIY suggestions?
2203.07WOOF::DRIGIANWed Dec 13 1989Back to basics - calculating frequencies
2204.07WOOF::DRIGIANWed Dec 13 1989Ode to Harmonics (desc. of even/odd)
2205.011WOOF::DRIGIANWed Dec 13 1989Frequency and Significance of Concert A?
2209.016NRPUR::DEATONWed Dec 20 1989Roland RD2
2210.05SUBSYS::DOUCETTEWed Dec 20 1989Musical Startstreams Radio Program in Boston Area?
2211.012WEFXEM::COTEThu Dec 21 1989MIDI Christmas 1989
2212.03AQUA::ROSTFri Dec 22 1989Ensoniq Acoustic Wave Piano
2213.03UWRITE::DUBETue Dec 26 1989Music technology of the 199
2214.012FGVAXX::LAINGTue Dec 26 1989Foot-->Hand Controller on Korg T2
2215.021SALSA::MOELLERTue Dec 26 1989Roland PAD5 Drum Controller
2216.05TALLIS::HERDEGWed Dec 27 1989Yamaha Disklavier Digital Piano
2218.011FLUKE::COOKThu Dec 28 1989Kurzweil Mark III Piano
2220.013AUNTB::WARNOCKFri Dec 29 1989linear .vs. non-linear scale
2221.02AQUA::ROSTFri Dec 29 1989New Roland Products (CM64,CM32L/P, CA3
2222.026CARP::ALLENTue Jan 02 1990Sound Quality: Original vs End Product
2223.07MALLET::BARKERThu Jan 04 1990Roland RA5
2224.06PUGGS::DESROCHERSThu Jan 04 1990Vocal Effects for Live PA System - What To Get
2225.0MALLET::BARKERThu Jan 04 1990Yamaha YPP5
2226.064DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDThu Jan 04 1990Tascam MIDIstudio 644 & 688
2227.07WEFXEM::COTEFri Jan 05 1990Pitch to MIDI conversion of real time performance?
2229.02DUGGAN::RICHFri Jan 05 1990MIDI-Assisted Arranging/Composing
2230.06FGVAXX::LAINGTue Jan 09 1990KORG T2/M1 problem SHIFTing Programs
2231.026AQUA::ROSTWed Jan 10 1990A USENET Noter On The Sad State of Electronic Music
2234.06BOXTOP::BEYERSDORFERMon Jan 15 1990Card Punch?
2236.013WEFXEM::COTEMon Jan 15 1990MIDI CD's?
2238.030AQUA::ROSTTue Jan 16 1990Polyphony In Modern Synth Architectures
2240.042AQUA::ROSTThu Jan 18 1990USENET Equipment Poll
2241.017KADOR::HANNAFri Jan 19 1990Running out of Midi channels
2242.0MILKWY::JANZENFri Jan 19 1990Ussachevsky, a life in music
2243.07DYO78Fri Jan 19 1990Vocal Effects Processing - Howzit Done?
2244.07AQUA::ROSTFri Jan 19 1990Buchla Thunder MIDI Controller
2245.028CACIQE::NUNEZMon Jan 22 1990Insurance
2246.0103AQUA::ROSTWed Jan 24 1990Roland D7
2247.07AQUA::ROSTWed Jan 24 1990Cream Goes MIDI?
2248.06AQUA::ROSTThu Jan 25 19901/9
2249.076WEFXEM::COTEThu Jan 25 1990BIG Stuff...
2250.02DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Jan 30 1990MIDI song position pointer question
2251.012KOBAL::DICKSONWed Jan 31 1990Need original theme music
2253.022AQUA::ROSTThu Feb 01 1990Brother MIDI Sequencer
2254.05WOODRO::MCQUADEMon Feb 05 1990Keyboards to drive Modules?
2255.03RUGRAT::POWELLMon Feb 05 1990Midi Configuration Questions
2256.04SHAPES::BROWNMTue Feb 06 1990Yamaha DD1
2257.016SHAPES::BROWNMWed Feb 07 1990Yamaha EMQ1 Sequencer
2258.09OLYMP::RUEFFWed Feb 07 1990What should a beginner buy (+learning methods)?
2259.01SALMON::ALLENMon Feb 12 1990Help with KORG control knob.
2260.01AQUA::ROSTTue Feb 13 1990Simulation Of Trumpet Tones---Thesis Available
2261.087SHAPES::BROWNMThu Feb 15 1990Beginner needs advice
2262.0AQUA::ROSTThu Feb 15 1990Job Opening At IRCAM, Paris, France
2263.01LUDWIG::RAPHAELSONFri Feb 16 1990Autolocate\SMPTE\Midi Q's
2264.01MAMIE::MCQUADEFri Feb 16 1990Korg RK1
2265.031SALSA::MOELLERFri Feb 16 1990Studio Tricks
2266.01ZEKE::WOZNIAKMon Feb 19 1990Velocity problem
2267.013AQUA::ROSTTue Feb 20 1990Waldorf MicroWave Synth
2268.07DAVIDS::KUBELKAWed Feb 21 1990Advice on buying an ENSONIQ VFX SD or KORG T1 anyone?
2269.016FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONThu Feb 22 1990Trumpet Sound Please
2271.09QUIVER::PICKETTThu Feb 22 1990Storing MIDI data.
2272.02CURIE::DECARTERETThu Feb 22 1990Performing Keyboard Wanted
2273.017NRPUR::DEATONFri Feb 23 1990RECOMMENDATION: Mastering/Copying Cassette Decks
2274.01HDLITE::HARRIOTTFri Feb 23 1990Need KORG DS-8 sounds.
2276.03CHEFS::SYMONDSKTue Feb 27 1990K1 SOUNDS
2277.02FIXSR1::WHITTINGTONThu Mar 01 1990Question about a DX7
2278.07GIAMEM::M_CLEMENTMon Mar 05 1990amplified mixer/info wanted
2279.06PCOJCT::RYANMon Mar 05 1990Power Amp questions
2280.04STAR::NORCOTTMon Mar 05 1990Can't un-ARC PD MUSICBOX files from CYO78
2281.011KEYBDS::HASTINGSTue Mar 06 1990Vocal Eliminator plans
2282.011MUDDIN::DEBARROSWed Mar 07 1990Synthesized Vocals
2283.053AQUA::ROSTThu Mar 08 1990COMMUSIC VII Reviews
2284.019VMSDEV::NORCOTTFri Mar 09 1990Need info on good IBM sequencer software
2285.0UNTADI::NESMITHMon Mar 12 1990Price of Yamaha CLP 35
2286.016TOOK::SUDAMAMon Mar 12 1990amplifying sequenced music
2287.05NORGE::CHADTue Mar 13 1990Atari monitor and 1
2288.029UTROP1::VDBOSTue Mar 13 1990SYNTHWORKS editor WHO HAS IT?
2289.03DDIF::EIRIKURTue Mar 13 1990Oberheim news update (post-buyout) from Usenet
2290.02OSTV14::YOSHIKURATue Mar 13 1990YAMAHA HX-1 Any Info ?
2291.05HDLITE::HARRIOTTMon Mar 19 1990that TASCAM rack mountable tape deck.
2292.010ELWOOD::REILLYMon Mar 19 1990MIDI'd Hammond - Anyone got a clue?
2293.01--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 21 1990COULD BE.....
2294.037LEDDEV::ROSSWed Mar 21 1990power corrupts.......yeahbut, how?
2295.010MINDER::GLASSUPThu Mar 22 1990Midi Spec Sources?
2296.02NRPUR::DEATONThu Mar 22 1990New Kurzweil Products (12
2297.02GLDOA::AGBEBIYIFri Mar 23 1990Help with equipment setup
2298.019AQUA::ROSTMon Mar 26 1990Theremin Recordings/Clara Rockmore
2299.024DYO78Mon Mar 26 1990Disjoint Recording Comments
2300.016USMFG::MOUELLETTETue Mar 27 1990Demo Tapes
2301.028CSC32::M_MOSHERWed Mar 28 1990Ensoniq SQ1 Personal Music Studio
2302.04SWAV1::STEWARTWed Mar 28 1990Simmons PortaKit
2303.07JAIMES::FALIVENAWed Mar 28 1990Digital/Commusic Concert?
2304.06MAMIE::KMCQUADEThu Mar 29 1990TX81Z upgrade, where cheapest?
2305.011MILKWY::JANZENMon Apr 02 1990Hockey
2306.071WEFXEM::COTEWed Apr 04 1990Organization in the studio...
2307.03COGVAX::LABAKThu Apr 05 1990What happened? Help!!!
2308.08FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONFri Apr 06 1990Yamaha DX-11 cartridges needed
2309.03AQUA::ROSTFri Apr 06 1990Kurzweil Bankruptcy
2310.05ASAHI::SCARYMon Apr 09 1990Help with an AKG D32
2311.09MINNIE::SOWTONTue Apr 10 1990Sing me another one...
2312.02TRNOI2::FIELDTue Apr 10 1990DX7 RAM
2313.01AQUA::ROSTTue Apr 10 1990KORG Connection--User's Group
2314.03NRPUR::DEATONTue Apr 10 1990Programmable Audio Patch Bays
2315.012SALSA::MOELLERWed Apr 11 1990MACdrums - toy or tool ?
2316.05NETWMN::HOLZWASSERWed Apr 11 1990Church Chimes
2317.0MIDI::DANThu Apr 12 1990Sound Tools for the Atari and Mac
2318.024CSOA1::BREZLERFri Apr 13 1990YAMAHA TG55 module (SY55 keyboard) information
2319.06FGVAXX::LAINGFri Apr 13 1990HELP:Carver PM-1
2320.010FGVAXX::LAINGFri Apr 13 1990Does this mixer exist?
2322.04MIZZOU::SHERMANTue Apr 17 1990COMPUTER issue on music synthesis
2323.03PROSE::DIORIOTue Apr 17 1990Question on transferring sequences.
2324.05HPSRAD::SAWINThu Apr 19 1990Macintosh Notation programs
2325.021PFLOYD::ROTHBERGFri Apr 20 1990Digital multitrack recording and editing...
2326.08FGVAXX::LAINGFri Apr 20 1990Multi-Channel EQ's (>2 channels)??
2327.024MANFUL::ROBERTWed Apr 25 1990SCSI to MIDI??
2328.026AQUA::ROSTFri Apr 27 1990Mixdowns in the 199
2329.034AQUA::ROSTThu May 03 1990Yamaha SY22 Vector Synthesizer/TG33 Vector Module
2330.018MILKWY::JANZENFri May 04 1990Synth ranges
2331.01STAR::ROBINSONFri May 04 1990At the MIT Media Lab
2332.02COPCLU::SANDGRENMon May 07 1990Notes for 'Synthesizer Greatest'?
2333.012IBEEAM::GENIUSMon May 07 1990How can I access MIDILIB???
2334.03NORGE::CHADTue May 08 1990Truth in advertising
2335.066LEDDEV::ROSSTue May 08 1990LIVE MIDI for the 9
2336.03PROSE::DIORIOWed May 09 1990It's getting worse.
2337.08MPGS::HASTINGSFri May 11 1990Patch cords. What defines a good one ??
2338.026FASDER::AHERBSat May 12 1990Im desperate for a CHEAP multitrack
2339.08UTROP1::VDBOSWed May 16 1990U.S. visit/MUSIC stores
2340.09STKAI2::HALLThu May 17 1990S-55
2341.02STAR::WILLISThu May 17 1990Info needed on a Yamaha YPR-7
2342.06HAMPS::POOREFri May 18 1990I know what I want, but what's it called ?
2343.016HPSCAD::RFACCENDAFri May 18 1990Units with B-3, Jazz Organ sounds?
2345.0SWAV1::STEWARTSun May 20 1990microVAX sample editor, anyone?
2346.03QUIVER::PICKETTTue May 22 1990dbx 163x - anyone have one of these?
2347.0SUBSYS::LYNCHTue May 22 1990Ensoniq workshop at Union Music
2348.02HUGS::KRISTYWed May 23 1990(revised) DECjam 199
2349.0AQUA::ROSTThu May 24 1990BBS For "Pro" Musicians
2350.07WEFXEM::COTEThu May 24 1990Mac MIDI Interfaces
2351.01HGOVC::LOCHIHANGFri May 25 1990Music Studio/ or other composing prorams ?
2352.03ZYDECO::MCABEEFri May 25 1990Fostex 28
2353.04FGVAXX::LAINGSat May 26 1990Active Equalization - what is it?
2354.0DOOZER::WILLIAMSONTue May 29 1990Lynex Sampler ...User Group?
2355.06AQUA::ROSTWed May 30 1990Ravel---AI Jazz Improv Program for IBM-PC
2356.014UTROP1::VDBOSThu May 31 1990MIXERS advise asked!
2357.021MUSKIE::ALLENThu May 31 1990Thanks for the memories...
2358.0WOODRO::KMCQUADEFri Jun 01 1990Casio VZ1
2359.069DOOLIN::HNELSONFri Jun 01 1990Synth Heroes?!
2360.04COMET::KELLYJFri Jun 01 1990SMPTE and videos?? Help!!
2361.07KOBAL::DICKSONMon Jun 04 1990Real Tubular bells, need mallet
2362.06SAGAN2::LOWEWed Jun 06 1990MIDI card comparison - Hardware for PC Clones
2363.03UTROP1::VDBOSFri Jun 08 1990Hollidays in the U.S. HELP!
2364.019UTROP1::VDBOSFri Jun 08 1990CUBASE Version 2.
2365.027DNEAST::COMBAR_CURTFri Jun 08 1990Rap music generator program.
2366.0RANGER::EIRIKURFri Jun 08 1990Blast from the past: Simmons SDE module review
2367.016SALSA::MOELLERMon Jun 11 1990Writing Credits
2368.08SALSA::MOELLERMon Jun 11 1990Dolby modulation ?
2369.09WACHU2::HERTZBERGFri Jun 15 1990Midi Loopback Cable to Check RD-3
2370.02MIZZOU::SHERMANMon Jun 18 1990SPASM
2371.03JUPITR::BREENTue Jun 19 1990Who Rents Sound Reinforcement??
2372.010TDCIS3::RENOUVELWed Jun 20 1990K1 Patch PRBLMS
2373.04FGVAXX::LAINGThu Jun 21 1990NIH Labs gear?
2374.0AQUA::GRUNDMANNSat Jun 23 1990Studiomaster MA 36 MIDI Analyzer
2375.04CSGSun Jun 24 1990MPU-4
2376.011PELKEY::PELKEYTue Jun 26 1990New drum programmer seeks advice...
2377.0KEYBDS::HASTINGSTue Jun 26 1990Roland Axis
2378.013JRDVTue Jun 26 1990Alchimie Jr. shareware MIDI sequencer
2379.02AQUA::ROSTThu Jun 28 1990Korg WS (Wavestation) Synthesizer
2380.09CSOA1::BREZLERThu Jun 28 1990TXNEW.ARC/DX11/TX81Z checksum error help
2381.016IGETIT::BROWNMFri Jun 29 1990History of synth music
2382.010VFOVAX::BELLFri Jun 29 1990Analog delay in miles?
2383.07HPSCAD::RFACCENDATue Jul 03 1990Biamping = Power x 2???
2384.02MAIL::EATONDThu Jul 05 1990DBX 124
2385.012GVAThu Jul 05 1990Roland S-77
2386.01JAIMES::FALIVENAFri Jul 06 1990card prices
2387.08JUPITR::BREENMon Jul 09 1990DBX16
2388.07TALLIS::SEIGELTue Jul 10 1990Problem: Yamaha MV8
2389.03GRANPA::RUYOUNGFri Jul 13 1990Korg A3 Multi-Effects
2390.05JSOCSS::HAYASHITue Jul 17 1990Is Valhalla well sold in U.S.?
2391.08MILKWY::JANZENTue Jul 17 1990Rock Follies; rock spoof
2392.03RANGER::EIRIKURTue Jul 17 1990Getting the most of low-cost piano modules
2393.010AQUA::ROSTWed Jul 18 1990E-Mu Proformance Piano Module
2394.015HGOVC::LINDSAYWHYTESun Jul 22 1990 M1/EPS/JUNO with MAC vs IBM
2395.05JANUS::CWALSHMon Jul 23 1990Yamaha WX11 wind controller/WT11 tone generator
2397.06PCOJCT::RYANWed Jul 25 1990D-1
2398.07PAULUS::BAUERThu Jul 26 1990YAMAHA TG77
2399.022DYPSS1::SCHAFERThu Jul 26 1990Seeking Editor/Librarian for Roland MKS7
2400.010VMSSG::DICKINSONSun Jul 29 1990Roland UX-1
2401.01FPTVX1::URONISMon Jul 30 1990Hammond Organ Patch for Korg M1
2402.02DSTEG1::DURSOTue Jul 31 1990Adlib
2403.02MAMTS2::RUYOUNGTue Jul 31 1990Roland PC LA computer cards?
2404.0HEAD::SMITHTue Jul 31 1990YAMAHA C1 Graphics mode???
2405.022JOVIAN::JANZENThu Aug 02 1990MIDI virtuousi, ten years from now
2406.016MOMCAT::TARBETSun Aug 05 1990Need Some Advice
2407.024DECWIN::FISHERMon Aug 06 1990Composition, not performance
2408.02GVATue Aug 07 1990Unsuccesfull transfers from tape::->Amiga
2409.049KEYS::MOELLERTue Aug 07 1990DECworld MIDI Music Demo ?
2410.017VFOVAX::BELLThu Aug 09 1990Compressor Plans?
2411.05UKCSSE::PARKERFri Aug 10 1990ORGAN TO PC
2412.013TALLIS::BRODERICKFri Aug 10 1990sound cards...
2413.010DECWIN::FISHERMon Aug 13 1990Music Printer Plus- Temporal Acuity Products
2414.02JIBARO::MIGUENELTue Aug 14 1990Music Construction Set for PC?
2415.02MUNICH::GENIUSTue Aug 14 1990Cakewalk --> Mark III conversion
2416.024HARBOR::SPEEDWed Aug 15 1990Emulating a horn section
2417.06ZEKE::MEMBRINOWed Aug 15 1990Cassette label program question
2418.03MILKWY::JANZENWed Aug 15 1990synth sound effects
2419.0DV9Thu Aug 16 1990roland disk formats ??
2420.04JSOCSS::HAYASHIThu Aug 16 1990Roland MC5
2421.08DRUMS::FEHSKENSFri Aug 17 1990New Modes of Expression
2422.06FERNEY::LAROCHEFri Aug 17 1990Looking for a cheap keyboard
2423.013NORGE::CHADMon Aug 20 1990farewell (sort of)
2425.013MILKWY::JANZENMon Aug 27 1990How Quiet is Too Quiet?
2426.07MFGMEM::MICHAUDMon Aug 27 1990MUSIC where are you??
2427.05KEYS::MOELLERTue Aug 28 1990The Psychology of Recording
2428.0CGOOFri Aug 31 1990Korg Z3/ZD3 guitar synth
2429.03HSKAPL::PLEINOMon Sep 03 1990Personal Composer - sequencer and notation SW
2430.06CURIE::LICHTENSTEINTue Sep 04 1990VCA to MIDI
2431.06LEMAN::BRACONNIERWed Sep 05 1990Question on MIDI PATCHER
2433.025TDCIS3::RENOUVELWed Sep 05 1990<S95
2434.02CSC32::M_MOSHERThu Sep 06 1990ENSONIQ EPS 16 PLUS
2436.08UPWARD::HEISERFri Sep 07 1990Multitrack Recording Primer
2437.04MILKWY::JANZENSun Sep 09 1990Amiga Jam Factory and M
2439.08DYPSS1::SCHAFERMon Sep 10 1990Product Maturity - Getting the Message to Mfgrs
2440.01MILKWY::JANZENMon Sep 10 1990Music staves graphics for vt3paint
2441.05AKOV12::MINEZZIMon Sep 10 1990Why is my PA clipping?
2442.0TDCIS3::RENOUVELTue Sep 11 1990< DR. T'S X-OR SOFTWARE .>
2443.06HAMPS::POORETue Sep 11 1990TX81Z Family tree & patch interchangeability questions
2444.06WMOIS::RAYTue Sep 11 1990Isn't There One Keyboard???
2445.02FORTSC::CHABANTue Sep 11 1990Open Systems & Synthesizers
2446.026RAVEN1::COOPERWed Sep 12 1990Yamaha MT1
2448.082NIOMAX::LAINGWed Sep 12 1990Band-in-a-Box?
2449.01MILKWY::JANZENWed Sep 12 1990VT3 Paint music notation
2450.011RAVEN1::COOPERThu Sep 13 1990Studio Ergonomics and Drum Machine Syncing
2451.03DECWIN::FISHERMon Sep 17 1990Laser Music Processor
2452.036IGETIT::BROWNMTue Sep 18 1990Writing/Production techniques
2453.05WELBY::MURRAYWed Sep 19 1990Fatar Master Controller
2454.07CHEFS::SYMONDSKThu Sep 20 1990k1-editor(s) please
2455.09CSC32::MOLLERThu Sep 20 1990P.C. based digital recording studios
2456.019KEYS::MOELLERMon Sep 24 1990Roland SPD-8 MIDI perc pad
2457.016TASTY::HARRISONTue Sep 25 1990ATARI MIDI
2458.04WR1FOR::SWEETEN_SCTue Sep 25 1990Peavey DPM-3
2459.04CGOOTue Sep 25 1990onboard SGU/MPU ?
2460.020TOOK::SUDAMATue Sep 25 1990MIDI Sticks?
2461.03PAULUS::BAUERThu Sep 27 1990FOSTEX 2
2462.06RANGER::ECLPSE::ROBERTMon Oct 01 1990Zoom 9
2463.09DECWIN::FISHERMon Oct 01 1990MIDI Sequencing in C Book
2464.024KEYS::MOELLERMon Oct 01 1990Recom on Digital Delays ?
2465.07GSRC::COOPERThu Oct 04 1990Korg KEC-42 EQ / Compander
2466.039WEFXEM::COTEFri Oct 05 1990Won't Get Fooled Again
2467.09KOALA::RYANMon Oct 08 1990Strapped for a portable keyboard
2468.05COGVAX::LABAKTue Oct 09 1990SY55/TG55 question?
2469.07KAOSWS::PARISEAUWed Oct 10 1990DECtalk on stage. Hints?
2470.013XERO::ARNOLDFri Oct 12 1990Music Data Company MIDI Sequences
2471.017DWOVAX::ROSENBERGMon Oct 15 1990Help with MIDI Halloween prank needed
2472.04FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONMon Oct 15 1990Still looking for DX-11 Cartridges
2473.05DECWIN::FISHERMon Oct 15 1990Channel vs key aftertouch
2474.017SUBSYS::GUBBERTue Oct 16 1990Ensoniq EPS16 Plus / EPS16-R Wave Sampler
2475.04OPG::CHRISTue Oct 23 1990ATARI - MIDI - STOS
2477.014COGVAX::LABAKTue Oct 23 1990Stage Lights/Sugg.
2478.075Sun Oct 28 1990Transfering K1 Patches from Atari to IBM-PC
2479.01PAULJ::HARRIMANMon Oct 29 1990Sample Maker V1.51
2480.09TOOK::TITCHENERThu Nov 01 1990Programming MPU4
2481.02WR1FOR::ENDTERBIThu Nov 01 1990IBM PC/AT w cakewalk -- what hardware?
2482.0GSRC::COOPERFri Nov 02 1990ADA MP1 MIDI Preamp info
2483.03QUINCE::MADDENSat Nov 03 1990It's a bug, not a feature!
2484.04ULTRA::BURGESSMon Nov 05 1990Drum notation - - again, but I can't find the original
2485.02WJOUSM::MASHIAMon Nov 05 1990Kawai XD-5 Percussion Synthesizer
2486.0SAGE::TOUBMon Nov 05 1990Music Prose Help Sought
2487.011ID::CWALSHTue Nov 06 1990Ballade sequencer for IBM PC compatibles
2488.035NIOMAX::LAINGTue Nov 06 1990Portamento, anyone?
2490.02NUTMEG::TOUBSun Nov 11 1990Help wanted on midi software
2491.01COLSWS::GOETZTue Nov 13 1990YAMAHA SY-22 vs YAMAHA SY-55
2492.031VICE::JANZENTue Nov 13 1990MIDILIB DEPOSIT beethoven's 9th from commusic vii
2493.02AQUA::ROSTWed Nov 14 1990Programmable Rhythm Sections
2494.04RANGER::EIRIKURWed Nov 14 1990Lime -- New Macintosh Notation package demo.
2495.019NIOMAX::LAINGSun Nov 18 19902-kybd MIDI controller???
2496.015IGETIT::BROWNMMon Nov 19 1990What does SCSI mean?
2497.04WMOIS::RAYMon Nov 19 1990R-5 and MC5
2498.01AQUA::ROSTMon Nov 19 1990USENET Announces NETJam
2499.017DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Nov 20 1990Boss SE5
2501.09DECWIN::FISHERTue Nov 27 1990Music OCR?
2502.011MLNCSC::M_FRANZONITue Nov 27 1990Roland CP4
2503.05ULTRA::BURGESSWed Nov 28 1990A Note to You {the radio series}
2504.04AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LThu Nov 29 1990Questions on Kurzweil 25
2505.06NIOMAX::LAINGMon Dec 03 1990SGU for Hammond sounds: Yamaha CVS-1
2506.02BELFST::MCCOMBTue Dec 04 1990Yamaha PSR45
2507.0DECWIN::FISHERTue Dec 04 1990LMP Now has free print driver and midi compiler
2508.03DECWIN::FISHERTue Dec 04 1990LMP Demo in MIDILIB
2509.09NIOMAX::LAINGWed Dec 05 1990Pedal Control of mixer output (volume)?
2510.0FSTVAX::GALLOWed Dec 05 1990Multiverb LT Information Needed
2511.0CGOSThu Dec 06 1990Sequencers for an Apple IIe
2512.06GSRC::COOPERThu Dec 06 1990Yamaha AM8
2513.01--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 07 1990GSP-5 Processor info?
2514.06AQUA::ROSTMon Dec 10 1990IVL Pitchrider Guitar/MIDI Interface
2515.025DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Dec 10 1990Commusic Demo Tape
2516.07SALSA::MOELLERMon Dec 10 1990Guitar Technique on Keys
2517.05GSRC::COOPERTue Dec 11 1990Questions on setting up my DECstation to do MIDI
2518.03CX3COM::T_ESTESWed Dec 12 1990Casio 7
2519.04PRSUD1::SEYNAEVEThu Dec 13 1990Top of The ART Seq
2520.026SAINT::STCLAIRThu Dec 13 1990Protecting Intellectual Property = thoughts on Copyright and Copyleft
2521.03VAOUThu Dec 13 1990Music Quest current address?
2522.02PENUTS::WOLFEFri Dec 14 1990listen to demo tapes
2523.0PENUTS::WOLFEFri Dec 14 1990new member giving my name
2524.0AQUA::ROSTMon Dec 17 1990Roland GR-7
2525.019FULCRM::PICKETTMon Dec 17 1990Alesis SR-16
2526.05GORE::G_FROEHLINMon Dec 17 1990MIDI for a novice
2527.06FSTVAX::GALLOMon Dec 17 1990TR-5
2529.0RANGER::EIRIKURWed Dec 19 1990Happy Holidays from Chad (off at school these days)
2530.0--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 20 1990Digitech Whammy info wanted
2531.04FSTVAX::GALLOThu Dec 20 1990Tascam Porta-2 Owners - Unite!
2532.08MALLET::BARKERMon Dec 24 1990Wanted - Standard MIDI Files & Info re same
2533.06UNXA::LEGAWed Dec 26 1990Holiday Gifts?
2534.07WEFXEM::COTEThu Dec 27 1990Passive EQ???
2535.07USWAV1::BRAMHALLFri Dec 28 1990Casio keyboard question.
2536.05MALLET::BARKERTue Jan 01 1991MIDILIB deposit of Bach piece in Standard MIDI File
2537.056TLE::TLET8::ASHFORTHWed Jan 02 19914-track opinions, please
2538.03GORE::G_FROEHLINSun Jan 06 1991PC software for guitar player?
2539.09VNABRW::SCHERBSun Jan 06 1991Programmable Sequencer Requirements ?
2540.0ARRCEE::CATENATue Jan 08 1991YAMAHA TQ5
2541.010DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDThu Jan 10 1991Midi filter?
2542.0LAVETA::G_FROEHLINSat Jan 12 1991Warning: DX4
2543.03HAMPS::POOREMon Jan 14 1991Consumer drum machines - DD11, DR55
2544.032FSTVAX::GALLOMon Jan 14 1991Tape Dropout Problems
2545.03DECWIN::FISHERMon Jan 14 1991Sequences
2547.012REORG::WIEGLERTue Jan 15 1991drumKAT (vs Octapad)
2549.0DFN8LY::JANZENTue Jan 15 1991Dr. T performs at Mobius
2550.09WEFXEM::COTEWed Jan 16 1991COMMUSIC VIII reviews...
2551.045DCSVAX::COTEThu Jan 17 1991COMMUSIC VIII replies, retorts, etc....
2552.010DYPSS1::SCHAFERThu Jan 17 1991Building Studio - Seeking Advice
2553.04RICKS::NORCROSSThu Jan 17 1991Add-on Drum Pads for Octapad (Pad-8)
2554.0TLE::TLET8::ASHFORTHFri Jan 18 1991Info on various Yamaha gear
2555.0MLCSSE::BENOITFri Jan 18 1991Computer<=>MIDI<=>Keyboard questions!
2556.02MLCSSE::BENOITFri Jan 18 1991Looking for Keyboard Furniture!
2557.013KEYS::MOELLERMon Jan 21 1991NAMM '91 report (?)
2558.053JRDVMon Jan 21 1991YAMAHA QY1
2559.037MPGS::HASTINGSTue Jan 22 1991HELP !!! EPS and SMPTE
2560.03NWACES::PHILLIPSTue Jan 22 1991Possible Bass Drum Trigger Mod for DDD-5
2561.0NIOMAX::LAINGFri Jan 25 1991Subtle humor in KEYBOARD
2562.01BOA::SALEMFri Jan 25 1991Looking for effects
2563.03RISIKO::GENIUSTue Jan 29 1991MIDI and Adaptec SCSI Controller...?
2564.0VNABRW::SCHERBWed Jan 30 1991AVOLITES QM 5
2565.049PCOJCT::RYANThu Jan 31 1991Acoustic Piano Confusion
2566.024NIOMAX::LAINGFri Feb 01 1991Build Me A Custom MIDIgadget?
2567.06TLE::TLET8::ASHFORTHMon Feb 04 1991Best of COMMUSIC
2568.0SRUICE::WINNETTMon Feb 04 1991
2569.03MAJORS::SPENCETue Feb 05 1991Saving/Restoring Memory Dumps using C-Lab Creator
2570.03MUDDIN::DEBARROSTue Feb 05 1991Video lessons
2571.03VICE::JANZENFri Feb 08 1991Guitar amp feedback emulation on MIDI setups
2572.03SMURF::GALLOMon Feb 11 1991Recording the Electric Bass
2573.01VMSSG::DICKINSONTue Feb 12 1991Yamaha B2
2574.01FORTSC::CHABANTue Feb 12 1991DEC MIDI?
2575.011FASDER::AHERBFri Feb 15 1991synthesis
2576.08AQUA::ROSTMon Feb 18 1991Kurzweil 15
2577.05MRCSSE::LEITZMon Feb 18 1991lets talk drum pads
2578.011PCOJCT::RYANThu Feb 21 1991piano learned at home?
2579.04UNXA::LEGAThu Feb 21 1991Value of Old Moog?
2580.0WEFXEM::COTESat Feb 23 1991"The Lone Fader"
2581.04MIDI::DANMon Feb 25 1991Kurzweil 12
2582.06SALSA::MOELLERMon Feb 25 1991Quieting a noisy hard disk ?
2583.0SALSA::MOELLERMon Feb 25 1991DAC granularity- cc7 vs velocity
2584.011IXION::ROSTTue Feb 26 1991Voicing Of Chords In Pads
2585.09PAULUS::BAUERSun Mar 03 1991YAMAHA SY99
2586.05SIEVAX::JAMIEMon Mar 04 1991YAMAHA PSS79
2587.02PCOJCT::RYANMon Mar 04 1991Roland pr-1
2589.0COLTRG::SAWADEWed Mar 06 1991Bread and butter soundcards ?
2590.0TOOHOT::WALTERSThu Mar 07 1991Anyone have an MG1212 (Akai)?
2591.0IXION::ROSTFri Mar 08 1991Call For Experimental Compositions
2592.02HPSCAD::GATULISTue Mar 12 1991Looking for Kustom parts
2593.015TLE::TLET8::ASHFORTHThu Mar 14 1991Opinions on EQs...
2594.09COLTRG::SAWADEFri Mar 15 1991Dubbing of OLD recordings - what to use ?
2595.0EMILE::WALDFri Mar 15 1991D5
2596.06WMOIS::MACKAYMon Mar 18 1991What to buy next?
2597.04DCSVAX::COTETue Mar 19 1991Soundbyte
2599.08MINDER::GLASSUPWed Mar 20 1991Scoring on VAXstation
2600.029IXION::ROSTWed Mar 20 1991Roland Sound Brush/Sound Canvas Modules
2601.07HLFSThu Mar 21 1991what synth for Jazz???
2602.06STOHUB::TRIGG::EATONFri Mar 22 1991Laptop MIDI Interface?
2603.08KOALA::RYANWed Mar 27 1991Best IBM/Mac software and interfaces
2604.01TOPTEN::BRZEZYNSKIThu Mar 28 1991Martin F55 worth????
2605.07LNGBCH::STEWARTThu Mar 28 1991real EMAX, or Sears Emax?
2606.024GALVIA::STONESTue Apr 02 1991CDA-Audio. Call for product requirements.
2607.015CERN::EJMWed Apr 03 1991MIDI Interface for AMIGA??
2609.04RICKS::SHERMANFri Apr 05 1991Roland percussion parts?
2610.02DECWIN::FISHERMon Apr 08 1991Pedalboard and software description
2611.05MRCSSE::LEITZTue Apr 09 1991pedal pursuit
2612.09JUPITR::BREENTue Apr 09 1991Old MAC advice needed!
2613.04MALLET::BARKERThu Apr 11 1991Prices for rack mount multi-FX unit for visitor from UK
2614.09MPGS::HASTINGSTue Apr 16 1991Help routing my 8-track outputs
2615.09IXION::ROSTFri Apr 19 1991Passport Audio Trax Sequencer/Digital Recorder
2616.014DRUMS::FEHSKENSFri Apr 19 1991Phillips Digital Compact Cassette
2617.0IXION::ROSTMon Apr 22 1991Ear Candy (catalog of electronic music recordings)
2618.06JANUS::CWALSHMon Apr 22 1991Compression standards for audio data
2619.02KALI::VISSERTue Apr 23 1991Korg DP2
2620.03GIDDAY::KNIGHTPThu Apr 25 1991D2
2621.0SAINT::STCLAIRFri Apr 26 1991MAC Modem Port Problem and MIDI SW
2622.09SWAM2::MOELLER_KAFri Apr 26 1991CD Labelling : "DDD" ??
2623.01IXION::ROSTMon Apr 29 1991Roland JX-1 Synthesizer
2624.07KAOFS::C_CONNOLLYMon Apr 29 1991Roland DR-55
2625.09MALLET::BARKERTue Apr 30 1991How do I hotrod my PZM microphones?
2626.023TYFYS::DAVIDSONTue Apr 30 1991Software to produce sheet music??
2627.021RICKS::SHERMANWed May 01 1991Traps, limits and MIDIholism
2628.02JGODCL::LOENDERSLOOTWed May 01 1991KORG M3R editor needed
2629.02CERN::EJMThu May 02 1991Bars & Pipes Professional
2630.02ICS::FALIVENAThu May 02 1991128K RAM Mac
2631.03RICKS::NORCROSSSat May 04 1991Opcode's Max for Apple's Macintosh
2632.04GIAMEM::DERRICOMon May 06 1991DECJam 1991!
2633.08WEFXEM::COTEMon May 06 1991Pitch Bend Wheel Off Center...
2634.017STOHUB::TRIGG::EATONMon May 06 1991Custom Cassette Labels (the stick-on type)
2635.0--UnknownUser--Tue May 07 1991MIDI CARDS CHEAP!
2636.025IGETIT::BROWNMThu May 09 1991Roland SH-1
2637.02AIMTEC::SIMPSON_LThu May 09 1991DX7 won't make a sound...
2638.04DECWIN::FISHERThu May 09 1991Official CM64/CM32 note
2639.09FASDER::AHERBSun May 12 1991Looking for K1 patches
2640.02SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon May 13 1991Korg PSS6
2641.0JGODCL::LOENDERSLOOTMon May 13 1991KORG M3 soundcard prices needed
2642.05VMSSG::DICKINSONTue May 14 1991Poly 8
2643.012SALSA::MOELLERThu May 16 1991Cassette Tape Formulations
2644.041RICKS::SHERMANTue May 21 1991DECrap? Oh, you mean DEC ... rap!
2645.05WR1FOR::SWEETEN_SCWed May 22 1991Moving Sequences
2647.025SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed May 22 1991Sampling for less $$$ ??
2648.01ELIS::PALENMon May 27 1991Roland U-22
2649.06EREMO::BULLARDTue May 28 1991Miracle keyboard in DAK catalog
2650.03TROATue May 28 1991'Roland' Rhodes M66
2651.07DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue May 28 1991Oberheim Owner Seeks French Assistance
2652.06FORTSC::CHABANTue May 28 1991Restoring Antique Recordings
2653.02ORIWS::ORIWed May 29 1991DEC TLZ
2655.05RANGER::EIRIKURThu May 30 1991What's an Akai VX6
2656.02SALSA::MOELLERMon Jun 03 1991"One Bit" DACs for CD players ?
2657.08IGETIT::BROWNMTue Jun 04 1991Anologue units with MIDI
2658.04WASTED::tomgWed Jun 05 1991CZ1
2659.02SALISH::PARTLOWMAWed Jun 05 1991Sterile Sound Problem/Aural Exciter
2660.02NIOMAX::LAINGSun Jun 09 1991Subwoofer Systems
2661.029STOHUB::TRIGG::EATONMon Jun 10 1991Commercial Use of Home Studios
2662.07NIOMAX::LAINGTue Jun 11 1991Book on SoundReinforcement?
2663.0TKOV6Thu Jun 13 1991'DECK' 4-tr recording soft for Mac
2664.05KBOMFG::MARTINEKMon Jun 17 1991KORG A2
2665.04RGB::ROSTMon Jun 17 1991Pioneer CD-R (One Time Writable CD)
2666.02FILTON::ROBINSON_MMon Jun 17 1991Electric Piano Recommendations?
2667.02KOBAL::DICKSONTue Jun 18 1991Song Writer's Rights
2668.01SMURF::GALLOThu Jun 20 1991Alesis MEQ-23
2669.014IGETIT::BROWNMTue Jun 25 1991Which machines do those synthetic drum sounds?
2670.03BRADOR::DAVYThu Jun 27 1991ROLAND E3
2671.010KOBAL::DICKSONFri Jun 28 1991MIDI controlled relays
2672.055PAULUS::BAUERMon Jul 01 1991Cubase - questions and answer, tips and tricks
2673.0DECWIN::FISHERMon Jul 01 1991Curiosity about MIDI equipment at American Stage Festival
2674.06PCOJCT::RYANThu Jul 11 1991analog-DAT-analog..how??
2675.035RICKS::SHERMANThu Jul 11 1991DATs back ...
2676.03FORTSC::CHABANThu Jul 11 1991HyperMIDI?
2678.01HERON::RUMEAUMon Jul 15 1991Trying to get infos on SMPTE and MIDI
2679.02WOTVAX::MORRELLRTue Jul 16 1991help! decstation 35
2680.015FORTSC::CHABANWed Jul 17 1991Roland JX-8
2681.06PIANST::JANZENThu Jul 18 1991MIDI Standard File Format generation problems
2682.014VMSSG::DICKINSONThu Jul 18 1991This month's IEEE COMPUTER
2683.02PLAYER::PETITFri Jul 19 1991recent synthesizer catalogue ?
2684.03GVASun Jul 21 1991EMU-Procussion
2686.010IGETIT::BROWNMMon Jul 22 1991Roland TB3
2687.01STKHLM::ARENDITue Jul 23 1991Shops that sell synth editors to Atari in UK?
2688.09RICKS::SHERMANTue Jul 23 1991Spectrum Analyzers
2689.016HANNAH::CHANWed Jul 24 1991Yamaha Electone Organ, Help!!
2690.02WECROW::FACCENDAWed Jul 24 1991Sound meter weighting question
2691.04WMOIS::RAYThu Jul 25 1991R-5 to MC5
2692.08ARCCAD::TAYOMon Jul 29 1991Note frequencies please ...
2693.011DFN8LY::JANZENSun Aug 04 1991Billboard computerized the charts
2694.060RICKS::SHERMANMon Aug 05 1991What is "dishonest" music?
2695.016FORTSC::CHABANTue Aug 06 1991Roland GS Standard
2696.05FOO::BHAVNANIWed Aug 14 1991DAT 8-tracks
2697.03FOO::BHAVNANIThu Aug 15 1991TASCAM 424/488/644/688 comparison
2698.015RICKS::SHERMANFri Aug 16 1991Let's do a sampler CD!
2699.04FOO::BHAVNANISat Aug 17 1991Digitech Vocalist VHM5
2700.083D::ASFOURWed Aug 21 1991Slowing down speech and music
2701.01MAJTOM::ROBERTThu Aug 22 1991Computer line conditioners for studio use?
2702.06FASDER::AHERBThu Aug 22 1991Want to play samples on K1
2703.0132BOOKIE::LAQUERREFri Aug 23 1991IBM v. MAC and Sequencer choices
2704.0WEORG::WIEGLERMon Aug 26 1991Oddball Simmons drum kit?
2705.04TLE::ALIVE::ASHFORTHTue Aug 27 1991Best amps for use with synths?
2706.03KOALA::RYANTue Aug 27 1991Recording multiple tracks without a 4-track
2707.07HEART::MACHINTue Aug 27 1991phase-inverter
2708.07PENUTS::HNELSONTue Aug 27 1991Concerts of interest to COMMUSICians
2709.017TALK::HARRIMANThu Aug 29 1991Roland/Rhodes VK1
2710.02MIZZOU::SHERMANFri Aug 30 1991Fender ... the synth company that should have been ...
2712.05FORTSC::CHABANTue Sep 03 1991Antique MIDI
2713.0NZOMIS::WOOLSTONWed Sep 04 1991Problem;MIDILIB-Mac-Synth download
2714.07GIDDAY::KNIGHTPWed Sep 04 1991Dimmer help
2715.06RGB::ROSTFri Sep 06 1991AM/FM---Amiga Music Magazine on Disk
2716.01LSNCSC::SCHNEIDERFri Sep 06 1991WIN3 MPU-4
2717.02MAJTOM::ROBERTTue Sep 10 1991Sound Designer + Kurzweil 25
2718.0RGB::ROSTWed Sep 11 1991Evolution Synthesis EVS-1 (UK)
2719.02CRISPY::GERRYTThu Sep 12 1991Digital Horn - MIDI bits?
2720.06COSMIC::DEVANEThu Sep 12 1991homegrown Mac <-> MIDI interface
2721.01CSTEAM::MASTThu Sep 12 1991TEXTURE/KORG M1
2722.010RANGER::EIRIKURFri Sep 13 1991Orla DSE 24 Synth? Who/where is Orla? Europe?
2724.017SUBWAY::GRAHAMSun Sep 15 1991The KORG O1/W
2725.029JENEVR::SAKELARISMon Sep 16 1991Yamaha PSR4
2726.0RGB::ROSTMon Sep 16 1991Mac/MIDI Mailing List
2727.03--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 17 1991MIX's 1991 Recording Industry Sourcebook
2728.013ROBOT::RYENThu Sep 19 1991QuadraPhonic - experiments and such
2729.02VMSSG::DICKINSONMon Sep 23 1991E M field affects on SGU components
2730.01RGB::ROSTMon Sep 23 1991Ensoniq Effects Processor Unit
2731.08EZ2GET::STEWARTWed Sep 25 1991agony and ivory
2732.04COSMIC::DEVANEThu Sep 26 1991entry-level notation and sequencing for Macintosh
2733.04VAXRIO::ALCIDESFri Sep 27 19912nd hand shops in New York
2735.02DUCK::GERRYTMon Sep 30 1991Kawai and Casio DH1
2736.01TECRUS::FROMMMon Sep 30 1991wanted: info on digital pianos, music stores in Boston area
2737.02BTOVT::LONGWed Oct 02 1991Need help on Digital Pianos
2739.033RGB::ROSTThu Oct 03 1991Alesis D4 Drum Module
2740.014ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Oct 04 1991Digital Canobie Outing MIDI band
2741.06RGB::ROSTMon Oct 07 1991Using Home Computers As Samplers
2742.01XCUSME::FORISTALLMon Oct 07 1991Advice for the Novice
2743.05ODIXIE::LINCEMon Oct 07 1991who used what on recordings?
2744.02ODIXIE::LINCEMon Oct 07 1991Yamaha CS-8
2745.014LEMAN::BIRCHERTue Oct 08 1991MIDI Violin, is it worth ?
2746.015SALSA::MOELLERTue Oct 08 1991SGU Price/Performance Index
2747.02PDVThu Oct 10 1991YAMAHA CLP 56
2748.014IOSG::REESAMon Oct 14 1991Yamaha DSR2
2749.09SEDWed Oct 16 1991EMAX-II/EPS16plus which one?
2750.01TNPUBS::COOKThu Oct 17 1991What happened to Kurzweil?
2751.016RGB::ROSTFri Oct 18 1991NoteStation (Computerized Sheet Music Printing)
2752.0GIAMEM::DERRICOFri Oct 18 1991Nd info. Ernie Ball Vol Pedal
2753.05ASICS::EDMUNDSTue Oct 22 1991DIY MIDI?
2754.027JENEVR::SAKELARISWed Oct 23 1991How Much Time Do You Spend?
2755.0ISLNDS::KUGLERThu Oct 24 1991Help needed on sequencers
2756.0RGB::ROSTThu Oct 24 1991Electro-Acoustic Music MA Program at Dartmouth
2757.05JGODCL::LOENDERSLOOTFri Oct 25 1991Dr T soundeditor question
2759.010BITBKT::FORBESSun Oct 27 1991Midi solenoid driver? Mechanical SGU?
2760.01RGB::ROSTMon Oct 28 1991Bibliography of Electronic Music Books
2761.019NIOMAX::LAINGMon Oct 28 1991Merging 3 or more MIDI inputs???
2762.02NIOMAX::LAINGThu Oct 31 1991Switches, Switch Arrays NEEDED!
2763.033RANGER::WEBERFri Nov 01 1991Drum Machine For Jazz Jams?
2764.019RGB::ROSTWed Nov 06 1991COMMUSIC IX Reviews--Base Note
2765.01SUOSW3::HAMANNThu Nov 07 1991blown a Proteus?
2766.0RGB::ROSTThu Nov 07 1991Akai EWI3
2767.04RGB::ROSTMon Nov 11 1991Kurzweil K2
2768.03PIANST::JANZENTue Nov 12 1991MIDI synth response rates and throughput
2769.013MIZZOU::SHERMANTue Nov 12 1991The MIDIot asks ...
2771.02FORTSC::CHABANFri Nov 15 1991Csound on DECaudio?
2772.03MIZZOU::SHERMANFri Nov 22 1991Whatza record pool?
2773.03MIZZOU::SHERMANMon Nov 25 1991Fall Music Conference
2774.0RDGE44::SYMONDSKTue Nov 26 1991BOSS DR55
2775.01HVNBND::THOMASTue Nov 26 1991A beginner needs some good recommendations
2776.0ISIDRO::BISQUERTThu Nov 28 1991DYNADUET anyone ?
2777.09BRSDM::VANDYCKFri Nov 29 1991Classical music lover/student wants to buy his first keyboard - HELP!
2778.012BSS::STPALY::MOLLERTue Dec 03 1991Sound Blaster - IBM PC SGU/Sampler
2779.0NIOMAX::LAINGTue Dec 03 1991Viscount 9E Drawbar SGU
2780.015NIOMAX::LAINGTue Dec 03 1991Allen AE-5
2781.02MIZZOU::SHERMANWed Dec 04 1991Film & Video Magazine
2782.063EZ2GET::STEWARTSat Dec 07 1991Motif based MIDI stuff?
2783.01MIZZOU::SHERMANMon Dec 09 1991Spring Music Conference 1992
2784.02HOO78C::GULICKX_BWed Dec 11 1991ROLAND RA9
2785.02RGB::ROSTWed Dec 11 1991MIDI SPY Sequencer For The Atari ST
2787.03FASDER::AHERBThu Dec 12 1991Low budget sampler
2788.020EZ2GET::STEWARTSun Dec 15 1991Portable MIDI API Design
2789.03NIOMAX::LAINGMon Dec 16 1991Lexicon MRC (Midi Remote Controller)
2790.012NIOMAX::LAINGMon Dec 16 1991Mackie Mixers/Products?
2791.013PENUTS::RHAYESTue Dec 17 1991CD's and phasing...
2792.08GIDDAY::KNIGHTPTue Dec 17 1991mixer help needed
2793.02LASSIE::SWARTZWed Dec 18 1991The Listening Book, Discovering Your Own Music
2794.016FORTSC::CHABANWed Dec 18 1991Tuning your own piano
2795.02SOLVIT::KEITHFri Dec 20 1991Comments on Yamaha PSR 5
2796.07MIDI::CHADFri Dec 20 1991Happy Holidays 91
2797.05PIANST::JANZENFri Dec 20 1991Book recommendation
2798.024GIDDAY::KNIGHTPSun Dec 22 1991Did you hear the one about.....
2799.03WEPUBS::DCHAVEZMon Dec 23 1991Jazz Samples?
2800.01SALSA::MOELLERTue Dec 24 1991The Music of UGC 6697 - REAL space music
2802.02SUBWAY::GRAHAMSat Dec 28 1991WSE CD quality" audio option proposal
2803.0RGB::ROSTMon Dec 30 1991Drum Map Translator Program (DOS)
2804.010RANGER::EIRIKURSun Jan 05 1992Official "What IS this weird piece of gear?" topic.
2805.028RGB::ROSTMon Jan 06 1992Tascam 424 Multitrack Recorder
2806.013RGB::ROSTMon Jan 06 1992Cheap Sustain Pedal/Punch-in Footswitch
2807.024PCOJCT::RYANMon Jan 06 1992neon noise?
2808.01JGODCL::LOENDERSLOOTTue Jan 07 1992MT32P experience needed
2809.02JGODCL::LOENDERSLOOTTue Jan 07 1992Boston area info needed
2810.02COMICS::HESSWed Jan 08 1992electronic/keyboard/piano advice plse
2811.01STKHLM::ARENDIWed Jan 08 1992Master keyboards. Which to buy?
2812.065MANTHN::EDDWed Jan 08 1992Is COMMUSIC Elitist?
2813.09MAST::HILLWed Jan 08 1992Software for learning music basics wanted
2814.09VARESE::FRANZONIThu Jan 09 1992YAMAHA QY1
2815.010DENVER::WILSONSThu Jan 09 1992Software For Scoring
2816.09DWOVAX::ROSENBERGThu Jan 09 1992Cleaning up a SAMPLE - Distortion/Clipping
2817.01RGB::ROSTFri Jan 10 1992Gibson Widget MIDI Guitar System
2818.03BAGELS::SREBNICKFri Jan 10 1992Roland MC5
2819.09TKOV6Mon Jan 13 1992How to transmit .BLK from Mac to DX7?
2820.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 13 1992question/info requested
2821.02CENDS::GOETZTue Jan 14 1992 Editor for Oberheim Matrix 1
2822.0CENDS::GOETZTue Jan 14 1992Drumcomputer . Who use it and whom ?
2823.03KOMRAD::FRANCKThu Jan 16 1992
2824.09SALEM::PATALANOThu Jan 16 1992Boss DR-55
2825.07MLCSSE::BENOITThu Jan 16 1992Looking for electronic piano!
2826.06COMET::BELLMJThu Jan 16 1992Measuring S/N ratio
2827.02PCOJCT::RYANFri Jan 17 1992Piano SGU help
2828.01RGB::ROSTFri Jan 17 1992Playback (Standard MIDI File Player Software)
2829.011GVATue Jan 21 1992Where can I find Midifiles?
2830.013LARVAE::MOORE_ATue Jan 21 1992PC MIDI Interfaces?
2831.01JGODCL::LOENDERSLOOTTue Jan 21 1992ROM upgrades for KORG M3
2832.012MIZZOU::SHERMANWed Jan 22 1992I'm famous! ;^)
2833.05PIANST::JANZENThu Jan 23 1992NEURAL NETWORKS and synthesis
2834.07EZ2GET::STEWARTFri Jan 24 1992Fractunes
2835.030TOOK::MATTIOLITue Jan 28 1992a few beginner questions
2836.04LEMAN::SIMMONSWed Jan 29 1992What can I connect it to ?
2837.0LARVAE::MOORE_ASun Feb 02 1992Musicbox Gurus?
2838.01EVOAI2::RENOUVELSun Feb 02 1992D11
2839.0BRSTR2::SYSMANThu Feb 06 1992? ROLAND MV3
2840.04HLFSMon Feb 10 1992Can Cubase print to disk????
2841.01COMET::BELLMJMon Feb 10 1992C-ducer Drum Wizard
2842.06ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Feb 12 1992Free to good home...
2843.013PIANST::JANZENWed Feb 12 1992Exquisite Corpses
2844.01ERLANG::DICKENSWed Feb 12 1992PC (clones) for Midi Sequencing, etc. What should I buy ?
2845.07RANGER::EIRIKURThu Feb 13 1992Alesis S4 Synth module and S5 Keyboard
2846.012KERNEL::PARRYMon Feb 17 1992Midi Hold and cut out pedal
2847.05TAINO::NUNEZTue Feb 18 1992Quick-connect Audio Rack
2848.012PIANST::JANZENTue Feb 18 1992End of an Era
2849.01XAPPL::CLARKTue Feb 18 1992MusicWriter on a Macintosh?
2850.05DREGS::BLICKSTEINThu Feb 20 1992What I would do if elected president
2851.02SAINT::STCLAIRFri Feb 21 1992Archieve and conference move confusion
2852.0EZ2GET::STEWARTFri Feb 21 1992end of an era