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Conference jit081::jpnclt

Title:The People and Culture of Japan
Created:Fri Feb 07 1986
Last Modified:Wed Nov 20 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:369
Total number of notes:1764
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1.018TKOV6Thu Jul 05 1984Introduction/Conference Notes
2.023ADVISE::THOMPSONThu Jul 05 1984Women in Japan
3.028MANANA::DICKSONThu Jul 12 1984How accurate "Shogun"
4.015ALIEN::SZETOTue Jul 17 1984Name usage
6.04VAXUUM::DYERSun Jul 29 1984Rock & Roll Bands
8.05EIFFEL::MAXWELLWed Aug 01 1984JOBS for foreigners in Japan?
9.08TKOV6Mon Aug 27 1984Politeness in Japan
10.010VICKI::THOMPSONMon Sep 24 1984Religion in Japan
11.012VICKI::THOMPSONTue Oct 02 1984Three Ss (smiling, sleepy, silent)
12.02TKOV6Fri Oct 12 1984Books on Japanese Culture
15.03BABEL::BAZEMOREWed Oct 24 1984Popular Sports
16.02EIFFEL::MAXWELLMon Nov 26 1984Suggestions for a visitor?
17.02EIFFEL::MAXWELLSat Mar 16 1985Soon, a Japan trip report....
19.01ZODIAC::JESSOPTue Mar 26 1985women in usa
20.02NCVAX1::CROKEThu Apr 11 1985Looking for your advice...
22.03EVE::J_TAKEMOTOWed Jul 10 1985Sansei questions
23.04ELMER::HILDUMThu Jul 25 1985Wedding traditions
25.02NUGGET::BRUNDIGETue Oct 08 1985Questions about foreigners in Japan
26.01NISYSG::DAMONThu Oct 24 1985American movies in Japan?
27.01GVAMDB::CLAIREFri Nov 08 1985Beautiful Japan
28.02LAPUTA::KOBAYASHIThu Dec 26 1985List of Japanese holidays
29.03TROLL::CLINFri Jan 24 1986help getting CD
30.01TKOV6Tue Feb 04 1986VAX Notes Conversion
31.014KGUVThu Feb 27 1986Education
32.01KGUVFri Feb 28 1986Political Party
33.02KGUVMon Mar 03 1986Chronology of Japanese History
34.07KGUVTue Mar 04 1986US magazines translated in Japan?
35.019JAKE::UYENOSat Mar 08 1986prejudice in Japan
36.04KRYPTN::JASNIEWSKIThu Mar 13 1986Japan culture vs American
38.01JAKE::UYENOWed Mar 26 1986writing programs in Japanese
39.02CANYON::MOELLERFri Mar 28 1986The Makioka Sisters
40.04TKOV58::SHIMONOThu Apr 24 1986ARPA's INFO-JAPAN
41.02LSTARK::THOMPSONThu May 08 1986Japanese Notes in Japan
42.09ELWOOD::TRANWed May 14 1986Japanese Food: Sukiyaki
44.04BARTOK::FELDMANThu May 22 1986"Ronin" and movies about them
45.05TKOV58::SHIMONOTue May 27 1986Sashimi
46.01TKOV58::SHIMONOMon Jun 30 1986INFO-JAPAN archive
47.03WFOVX3::SYPTERASMon Jul 14 1986Shinagawa?
48.01PBSVAX::COOPERTue Jul 15 1986Japanese/American Youth Exchange Visit
49.06VAXWRK::NORDLINGERTue Jul 15 1986The beauty of Go
50.04LOLITA::KEEFEFri Jul 18 1986Sumo on American TV
51.011ECAD::CHANTue Aug 05 1986Sushi Lover
52.02MYSTIC::BULLOCKFri Aug 08 1986Martial Arts in Japan
53.02SOFBAS::ROSCHThu Aug 28 1986Work habits
55.0LATOUR::PUCHRIKTue Oct 14 1986Radio Japan in Boston
58.0SCAVAX::ROSCHMon Nov 17 1986School in the US
59.06TKOV58::SHIMONOWed Nov 19 1986Sho, Sho, Shojo-ji
60.03LYME::FRYFri Nov 21 1986Japanese contacts in Reading, UK?
61.03AKOVMon Dec 01 1986Japanese literature
62.0LOGIC::FELDMANSat Dec 13 1986Can someone identify a print?
63.04VAXUUM::DYERThu Dec 25 1986Godzilla
64.08HARDY::BERNSTEINWed Dec 31 1986Buddhism and Culture
65.01LOLITA::KEEFEMon Jan 05 1987Wajima is pro-wrestling ?!
66.02ZEPPO::MAHLERSat Jan 10 1987The Matsuri ---- FESTIVAL !
67.04BCSE::RODERICKWed Jan 14 1987Paternity leave
68.01CHAPLN::MAHLERSat Jan 31 1987Koto Teacher?
69.04USIVTue Apr 07 1987Sumo Information Needed
70.02LOLITA::KEEFEWed Apr 22 1987New tariff
72.01WME::CHENGMon May 04 1987A Gaijin's experience in Japan.
74.02CYCLPS::PIYANAIMon May 18 1987American visitor questions ??
76.07VINO::PUCHRIKThu Jun 11 1987Beyond National Borders
77.09OILCAN::KEEFEMon Jul 13 1987anti-Jewish book - best seller?
78.01BOBCAT::HUANGFri Jul 17 1987Kana Translator
79.0LOLITA::KEEFETue Sep 22 1987Toshiba scandal and MITI responsibility
80.05DIEHRD::MAHLERFri Oct 09 1987Japanese Modern Dance - Sankai Juku
83.08SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMTue Oct 20 1987Sword collector
85.01PSYCHE::DONOVANTue Jan 19 1988Chinese Merchants in Japan?
87.0BLGWed Feb 10 1988Artificial floating islands?
88.02LOLITA::KEEFEWed Feb 17 1988Mayumi, the fatal beauty
89.04LOLITA::KEEFEWed Feb 24 1988smoking in Japan
90.02TKTV2Thu Mar 03 1988Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival)
92.0238LOLITA::KEEFEMon Mar 07 1988official SUMO NEWS note
93.016FEISTY::RAMSAYTue Mar 15 1988Define "Good Marriage" please
94.02TKTV2Thu Apr 07 1988Hana-mi (Flower-viewing)
95.03AKOV11::BOYAJIANFri Apr 08 1988JAPAN --- television series
96.02EVOAI1::DUTERTREFri Apr 08 1988what about the gift custom?
97.07GRANPA::DFAUSTFri Apr 08 1988Getting Stuff to Japan
98.02TKTV2Thu Apr 21 1988Golden Week
99.0TKTV2Mon Apr 25 1988The Dragon; one of the twelve animals
100.04TKTV2Wed Apr 27 1988Silk Road Exposition
101.02TALLIS::KOCHThu Apr 28 1988Is this a real Kanji?
102.0TKTV2Mon May 02 1988Tango no Sekku
103.03RANCHO::CONDEWed May 11 1988Japan Societies in the U.S.
104.012JRDVTue May 31 1988Japanese are NOT LOGICAL !?
105.0121Thu Jun 09 1988Japanese Desk-Top Publishing (DTP)
106.02RDGEMon Jun 27 1988japanese popular music
108.01DPDSAL::DOUGLASWed Jun 29 1988visiting your country
109.05NEWPRT::NEWELLSat Jul 02 1988Gift Suggestions for Japanese Woman
110.013JULIET::MAY_BRFri Jul 15 1988Hosting a Japanese Student
111.0FDCVThu Jul 28 1988In need of a Giants cap
112.0MARX::ANDERSONTue Aug 16 1988Economic Issues - Tulip Bulb Mania
113.07SUBURB::WILSONSat Aug 27 1988Traditional Costume
115.04VLS5::ALEXANDERMon Sep 12 1988Tanabata Matsuri
116.01FEISTY::RAMSAYWed Sep 21 1988Divorce in Japan?
118.04BPOVThu Sep 29 1988Status of women in Japan and US
119.02EIGER::GUTZWILLERSat Oct 15 1988Questions on Japanese Society
121.011--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 21 1988Hirohito
122.02MEIS::ZIMMERMANThu Oct 27 1988PC's in Japan?
123.0CSC32::DE_SMITHMon Oct 31 1988Chistmas In Japan
124.0CLOSET::KEEFETue Nov 01 1988bullying in Japanese schools
125.0THRILL::CHENGMon Dec 12 1988Japan, Nippon or Nihon? What's in a name?
126.01TKTV2Thu Jan 05 1989New Year Holidays
128.04WIENER::NEUMUELLERFri Jan 20 1989K E N D O
132.03VAXUUM::KEEFEMon Apr 03 1989why do they punch train tickets?
133.077R7NET::LOGANTue Apr 04 1989Entertaining Japanese friends?
134.04DWOVAX::ERSEKFri Apr 14 1989HON Corporation?
135.012DOCS::DOCSVSWed Apr 19 1989Help with Japanese calligraphy?
137.03VAXUUM::KEEFETue Apr 25 1989(Informal) Trip reports
138.07JITFri May 12 1989NATTO - Where have you bean?
139.02DOCS::DOCSVSWed May 24 1989Japanese archery?
140.0TKOV5Fri Jun 02 1989TAX
141.04THEBAY::CONDEDASat Jun 03 1989New stationery
142.03TKOV5Wed Jun 07 1989Jitensha (Bicycle) Wanted
144.02DOCS::DOCSVSWed Jun 28 1989Books on the Tea Ceremony?
146.010DOCS::DOCSVSFri Jul 14 1989Anyone play shogi?
148.01DWOVAX::ERSEKMon Jul 17 1989Kao Corporation?
150.05PRODGY::DELBALSOMon Jul 31 1989Is there a caste system in Japan?
151.04CLOSET::KEEFEWed Aug 09 1989what is Super 3
152.01RUTLND::BERTOLINOThu Aug 10 1989postcards for a sick youth
154.03CLOSET::KEEFEFri Aug 25 1989hanabi - fireworks
155.0115461::SONGTue Sep 12 1989Do they ever date?
156.01CECVWed Sep 13 1989Help with International Management Assignment...
157.0FDCVThu Sep 21 1989Seeking advice on sending/carrying stuff into/out of Japan...
158.0FDCVThu Sep 21 1989Looking for contacts in Japan with similar interests...
159.0CARKEY::DINEWed Oct 04 1989Informal Business Relations in Japan
160.01XCUSME::RAMSAYMon Oct 16 1989Moving to Japan questions
161.01STKHLM::GYULAIMon Oct 16 1989GO-players: share games or thaughts with me!'
162.03JRDVMon Oct 23 1989Daion'sen in Iwate -- "Washoi, Washoi!"
163.0TENERE::DENISWed Oct 25 1989PAL too? (videotape format question)
164.01DEMING::FOSTERFri Oct 27 1989Soka Gakkai?
165.01SUCCES::AMESSat Oct 28 1989Life after Japan?
166.01ORCAS::MCKINNON_JAWed Nov 01 1989Info on Kendo.
167.01HANNAH::OSMANFri Nov 10 1989please tell me about silence in Japan
168.0KAOFS::LOCKYERFri Nov 10 19891989 World Balloon Championship - Saga
169.04YIPPEE::GOULNIKTue Nov 28 1989with a little magic
170.07BOBY::COATESWed Dec 13 1989how does Japan celebrate Christmas?
172.0236283::BARANSKIThu Dec 21 1989Rabbit/Hare on the Moon?
173.01FSEDU::MEGANTue Jan 23 1990Religon In Japan
174.01VAXWRK::TRUONGTue Jan 23 1990Where can I get Japanese CD in Boston area?
175.04DCCWed Jan 24 1990The reign of Emperor Akihito
176.02KEEPER::THACKERAYSat Jan 27 1990Different thought patterns?
177.0THEBUS::THACKERAYWed Jan 31 1990QFD/culture?
178.01POLAR::WOOLDRIDGEWed Feb 07 1990Looking for people to write to.
179.03POLAR::WOOLDRIDGEMon Feb 12 1990Need some help
180.0SDOGUS::SCALESFri Mar 02 1990TEC printer support
181.04ODIXIE::CARNELLMon Mar 05 1990Digital Study Mission to Japan
182.066Thu Mar 08 1990Japanese food outside of Japan
183.01HPSCAD::DDOUCETTEThu Mar 08 1990The Computer Village
184.01SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMThu Mar 08 1990PC compatibility and Shareware
185.01TLE::THORSTENSENThu Mar 08 1990when is conversation rude?
186.0ODIXIE::CARNELLFri Mar 09 1990Getting Promoted Upward in Japanese Companies
187.0939228::CASHMANTue Mar 13 1990Japanese fiction suggestions, please
188.0ATLACT::HUNTER_PWed Mar 14 1990Employee Incentives and Awards
189.01AISG::SCHENGFri Mar 23 1990Is it really difficult for a Japanese to say no?
190.011CGVAX2::CONNELLFri Mar 30 1990Need help on these islands
191.01SHALOT::ELLISWed Apr 04 1990Cycling Help?
192.05AISG::SCHENGWed Apr 11 1990Where to learn Japanese near Boston?
193.02AISG::SCHENGWed Apr 11 1990Tom Clancy offers lessons to Japan.
194.0139228::CASHMANWed Apr 11 1990Tours to Kyoto/Nara and Mt. Fuji
195.012TKTV2Mon Apr 16 1990Ryokan - Japanese Inn
196.0TOOK::YIUTue May 08 1990Koto Troupe in Boston
197.024TODAY1::VICKERSFri May 18 1990Teaching English in Japan
198.06SHIPS::CLARKE_JSun May 20 1990Software Industry & Ashisuto
199.01--UnknownUser--Tue May 29 1990Talking SOFTLY/Infrequently
200.01839225::CASHMANThu May 31 1990Rice farming questions
201.05FROCKY::KOSTISFri Jun 01 1990Modern Music In Japan?
202.02SDOGUS::ARVIDSONWed Jun 13 1990Japanese Custom question...
203.08JRDVMon Jun 18 1990Vending Machine Beer.
204.0CURIE::DIMANThu Jun 21 1990Internship?
205.0POLAR::WOOLDRIDGEThu Jun 28 1990Looking to exchange T-shirts
206.03MPGS::PELTIERFri Jun 29 1990Wedding Tradition Suggestions Wanted
207.07RAVEN1::JBLAIRSun Jul 08 1990passport, visa, or ??
208.010XCUSME::RAMSAYThu Jul 12 1990Newscasts from Japan: delightful
209.06AISG::SCHENGThu Jul 26 1990IQ: Japanese vs U.S.
210.0SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMThu Jul 26 1990Japanese singers in the US
211.0RAVEN1::JBLAIRFri Jul 27 1990digital in Japan...
212.09ALFERD::SYSTEMMon Aug 06 1990Gifts for Japanese Men
213.04LAPUTA::GOULNIKFri Aug 10 1990Has anyone seen this ?
214.0XCUSME::RAMSAYMon Aug 20 1990Need Chiyonofuji's mailing address please
215.011VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Sep 06 1990Raising bilingual children
216.05SSDEVO::MCCOLLUMTue Sep 11 1990Choosing baby names
217.06BUZON::RAMOS_JSat Sep 22 1990Hosako and Latin American
218.0AIADM::CAMIREMon Oct 22 1990Just to say Hello
219.0CSDPIE::THACKERAYFri Oct 26 1990Where can I get Tea Ceremony set?
220.01CGOAFri Nov 02 1990Where is this place?
221.04GEMVAX::ROSSTue Nov 06 1990Laughter -- WHY NOW???
222.02VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Nov 08 1990Who is Fumio Yamaguchi?
223.010KAY::FISHERThu Nov 15 1990Japanese Cultural training
224.01--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 15 1990Need a favor from Japan
225.01TKTV2Mon Nov 19 1990Telephone Numbers in Tokyo Area
226.0AKOCOA::CURTINTue Nov 27 1990Current events
227.02TKTV2Tue Dec 04 1990First Japanese Launched Into Space
228.02HGOVC::DEANGELISTue Dec 04 1990Contracting rates?
229.07BUZON::RAMOS_JFri Dec 28 1990citizenship
230.04SNOCWed Jan 02 1991Cost of plane tickets
231.03THEBAY::CONDEDAFri Jan 04 1991Three unwanted K's.
232.0SNOCSun Jan 06 1991Japan Inflation Rate
233.02CVG::THOMPSONThu Jan 17 1991War in Iraq - Japanese Opinions?
234.05JANUS::JUBBFri Jan 18 1991NHK by Shortwave
235.05RDGENG::VALETFri Jan 25 1991About CHISO ?
236.0VAXUUM::KEEFETue Jan 29 1991Suntory Boston out of business
237.01EWBVTue Feb 05 1991Setsu-bun: Oni waaa soto..!
238.03CTCH22::CASHMANFri Feb 08 1991Japanese broadcast of Super Bowl
240.04NEWPRT::NEWELL_JOThu Feb 21 1991Tokyo Digital Office (help needed)
241.014VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Feb 28 1991Thinking about learning Japanese
242.01PULPO::RAMOS_JFri Mar 08 1991Japanese language
243.03YIPPEE::GOULNIKSun Mar 10 1991Totten on Laptops
244.05SUBWAY::HITCHCOCKWed Mar 13 1991Single woman travelling to Tokyo
245.03VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Mar 21 1991PBS TV series: Travels -- in Japan
246.02TOOK::ROSENBAUMThu Mar 28 1991Woodworking
247.09LEDS::JAPPETue Apr 02 1991EMail Services: US-JAPAN ???
248.05LEDS::JAPPEWed May 01 19915 Questions ...
249.03TKTVFS::NEMOTOMon May 06 1991Mother-Tongue
250.02GOLF::JANOWSKITue May 07 1991Question on Japanese baseball
251.01ESRAD::LUNDFri May 24 1991Info on Mt.Koya?
252.04TKOV58::AHUJATue May 28 1991European Community document on Japan.
253.0BUSY::KCOLBURNMon Jun 10 1991Please Help!
254.05JIT733::HOSAKAMon Jun 24 1991Notes -> News gateway
255.07POIDOG::PARMENTERWed Jul 10 1991Crown Prince among the lovelorn?
256.01CRLVMS::HALBERTTue Jul 23 1991OCR wand in English-Japanese electronic dictionary
257.01AKOCOA::CURTINSat Jul 27 1991Tokugawa Legacy
258.0SWAV1::STEWARTTue Jul 30 1991Help Needed!
259.01PENUTS::CPERSONMon Aug 12 1991A small favor
260.01MUDIS3::UKERSTINGFri Aug 23 1991What does 4992-177 announcing?
261.04AKOCOA::CURTINTue Sep 03 1991Help finding english language graduate programs
262.02SELECT::CHAVEZThu Sep 05 1991Ambassador Program
263.01PENUTS::CPERSONThu Sep 05 1991words
264.0PHLACT::RUPARELIAMon Sep 09 1991Can Someone Help - Need CYTOCHROME Medicine
265.0YUPPY::DEWINTERWed Sep 18 1991UCHIKAKE and Traditional weddings
266.02STEPS1::VAN_CLEAVEFri Sep 20 1991Name of largest bank in Japan?
267.02MILNER::J_MARSHFri Sep 27 1991Mitsubishi company song?
268.0ROTINI::YURITue Oct 01 1991Japanese lessons
269.0MUDIS3::HROESNERWed Oct 09 1991Proceedings needed, Power Systems
270.05TKTVFS::NEMOTOMon Oct 14 1991Sumo and Japan Festival in London
271.012CORREO::RAMOS_JTue Oct 15 1991Discover America
272.01PINION::PKOWFri Oct 25 1991Japanese actors - Urgent Need
273.03SALSA::HUFFWed Oct 30 1991WWII Japanese Diary Found - Relatives sought
274.04SHIPS::NORRIS_CThu Oct 31 1991Samurai info anyone?
275.03FROCKY::ROSSBACHMon Nov 04 1991DECUS-Japan ?
276.01TKOV5Mon Dec 16 1991Kabuki tickets for sale
277.016VAXUUM::KEEFEMon Dec 16 1991NHK TV available in the US -- but $$$
278.03--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 19 1991WANTED: Beatles Information and Items
279.02GALVIA::HOGANMon Jan 06 1992pearl divers
280.03VAXUUM::KEEFESat Jan 11 1992Japanese soldiers in Siberia, after WWII ?
281.03HTSC19::STEVENLAUTue Jan 14 1992Vacation in Sapporo and Tokyo
282.01STAR::KROCZAKWed Jan 15 1992Benchmarking against Japanese companies
283.04FORUM::ANDERSONTue Jan 21 1992Looking for a pen-pal.
284.0SAIPAN::MCCOLLUMWed Jan 22 1992raked gravel in the garden
285.07EVTAI1::BAUDELOTMon Jan 27 1992February weather ?
286.07TKOV52::SARMATue Feb 04 1992Travel by Bullet Train !
287.015NODEX::FUWed Feb 19 1992How to send money to Japan?
288.06TKOV53::SARMAThu Feb 27 1992Nikko
289.08EICMFG::BINGERFri Mar 06 1992Need the name of the manager at Bridgestone
290.0EICMFG::BINGERFri Mar 06 1992Judo in Japan.. 56kg to the olympics,Ladies
292.01KYOA::HANSONFri Mar 27 1992(Quick) Help on visitor customs, etc?
293.03ROCKT::KUMARMon Apr 20 1992Information about Japanese Teacher
294.0YOSMTE::SERKSNIS_KAThu Apr 23 1992The Aging Population in Japan?
295.04TKOV5Fri Apr 24 1992What happened to Konishiki
296.03ACESMK::RLEETue May 19 1992Recommended Footware: Penny Loafers, etc.
297.0ACESMK::RLEEWed Jun 03 1992Software Literature as gifts ...
298.02COBRA::BRYDIEWed Jul 08 1992Different size standards
299.01SUTRA::JAHAN::JAHANWed Jul 15 1992Query for an alone traveller woman in Tokyo
300.04NJYODA::SACHSThu Aug 13 1992Help with mailing address, Please
301.04SHALOT::ELLISFri Aug 21 1992some Japanese/Japan questions
302.02HTSC19::STEVENLAUWed Sep 02 1992Notes Conference on Audio and Video in Japan?
303.02ODIXIE::EGEORGEMon Oct 12 1992Info on Shotokan?
304.01AKOCOA::CSAWYERThu Oct 15 1992Need baby care pamphlets
305.0ACESMK::RLEETue Nov 03 19922-3 DEC 92 / GNU Technical Seminar / Tokyo, Japan
306.0HAMSTR::HUTCHINSONThu Nov 05 1992Help arranging correspondence?
307.03PLUS1::BOHANONThu Nov 05 1992Seeking data about change management practices in Japan and Asia
308.03SPESHR::JOHNSONTue Nov 10 1992How do the Japanese negotiate?
309.0LARVAE::EVANS_MWed Dec 09 1992Please help with RECRUITMENT of UK Company
310.03BOOKIE::BOOSTue Dec 15 1992Japanese Postal Addresses
311.01ODIXIE::CARDYWed Jan 06 1993HELP find frien
312.0USABLE::GOODWed Jan 06 1993Hokkaido Chorus
313.0KETJE::DIERICKTue Feb 02 1993Request for Help, Takahashi Optical
314.01JRDVFri Feb 05 1993Origami
315.01AIDEV::BUFFOFri Feb 12 1993Nikkei Computer magazine in English?
316.04ODIXIE::RIDGWAYTue Mar 02 1993Miso soup?
317.07UTROP1::HANSSEN_JMon Mar 15 1993KAIZEN
318.09AOSG::NORDLINGERFri Mar 26 1993Keiretsu
319.0TKOVOA::THOMPSONWed Apr 07 1993Tickets for Suzuka?
320.01SUBWAY::JAUNGSat Apr 24 1993Who is ITOCHU?
321.01RAGMOP::KEEFEMon May 17 1993Tokyo Keizai Daigaku
322.0TKOV5Wed May 19 1993How to get rid of an unwanted Japanese worker
323.02MIACT::CLARKSONThu May 27 1993J-league
324.010VMSNET::M_HYDESun Jun 13 1993An American PC in Japan
325.0DELNI::ROBBINSTue Jun 15 1993Japanese Student
326.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Jun 23 1993Seiko Epson and Digital Equipment
327.016RAGMOP::KEEFEWed Jul 28 1993Rising Sun (the book and the movie)
328.07OSOEIC::H_SAKAITue Aug 10 1993face of letters(?) (^_^)
329.01GYUPCC::BALTESKONISTue Aug 10 1993Looking for language school
330.02GYUPCC::BALTESKONISThu Aug 12 1993Best time of year in japan?
331.03D::ROTHMon Aug 23 1993Obtaining a fugu lantern
332.0MEARAI::NTMURPHYFri Sep 17 1993Pals/buddies needed for a friend in Japan
333.0UTROP1::ZABORSZKY_IFri Sep 17 1993Japanese patterns
334.04ZPOVC::POHINGFri Oct 01 1993Any interesting suggestions for a non-biz trip ?
336.0RDGENG::AFRYTue Oct 05 1993S-VHS Edit VCRs in Japan?
337.06METSYS::BOOTHEWed Oct 06 1993Japan at Christmas
339.0SMURF::RPSTue Oct 12 1993Pointer to a bank needed.
340.01HLDAR2::OLDIGESFri Oct 22 1993Modern Day Suicide
341.0SMURF::RPSSat Nov 06 1993Japanese Language Class in Nashua, NH
342.01TPSYS::PATERLINEFri Jan 14 1994Help on Diplomacy Requested
343.03RAGMOP::KEEFEMon Mar 14 1994AIDS_WALK conference is now open
344.01TKOV5Tue Apr 05 1994Interesting articles
346.0HGOVC::JOELBERMANTue May 17 1994Getting to Hakodate?
347.02ISTWI1::OZKANWed Jun 08 1994blue-tour
348.0SUBPAC::OLDIGESFri Jul 08 1994Japanese movies in Boston
349.04SAIPAN::MCCOLLUMThu Jul 21 1994Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics
350.0HERON::KAISERMon Aug 29 1994Studying pottery in Japan?
351.01SUBPAC::OLDIGESThu Sep 22 1994On-line information about Japan (WWW)
352.04RAGMOP::KEEFEMon Nov 07 1994ISE/Japan closing
353.011TKTVFS::NEMOTOTue Jan 17 1995The Great Hanshin Earthquake - M7.2
354.0CSLALL::COMPANIONFri Jan 20 1995International business?
355.03POBOX::SUTHERLANDTue Feb 21 1995Prince Planet
356.02MRKTNG::RAJUTue Mar 21 1995Request on info about train accident please...
357.01VAXUUM::KEEFEFri Mar 31 1995inheritance tax
358.02CSLALL::COMPANIONFri May 19 1995Robotics in Japanese Industry
359.0THOMAS::GREENWOODTue Jun 13 1995Any native Japanese speakers in ZKO ?
360.0UTROP1::ZABORSZKY_IMon Jun 26 1995Japanese magazins
361.01VAXUUM::KEEFEFri Jul 14 1995Hideo Nomo
362.01UTROP1::ZABORSZKY_IThu Jul 20 1995Narita Airport to Tokyo
363.0TKOVOA::OBARA_JWed Aug 16 1995bon : Buddhist Festival
364.01CAPNET::SYKESThu Sep 07 1995Need Printer for Business Cards
365.03TPLAB::SMEKENSWed Jun 26 1996Looking for scientific articles
365.0SNOFS1::HNIDECCSun Feb 25 1996Assistance locating phone contact
366.04TKOVOA::OBARA_JThu Aug 15 1996Water Shortage
367.02SNOFS1::HOGORDONFri Aug 30 1996Compensation for World War II
368.0TKTVFS::NEMOTOWed Sep 18 1996Japanese Immigrants in Cuba
369.08FOUNDR::OUIMETTETue Oct 29 1996Wabi and Sabi
370.0TKOVOA::OBARA_JFri Nov 15 1996wasabi:Japanese horseradish