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Conference 7.286::jazz

Notice:Welcome to JAZZ in its new home on HUMANE::
Created:Mon Jun 20 1988
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:740
Total number of notes:5885
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1.011MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMMon Jun 20 1988Welcome to Jazz
2.0140MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMMon Jun 20 1988Introduce yourself
3.09MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMMon Jun 20 1988For Sale
4.011MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMMon Jun 20 1988Want Ads
5.078JAWS::COTEMon Jun 20 1988Essential Jazz...
6.067MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMMon Jun 20 1988Concerts
7.039MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMMon Jun 20 1988Clubs
8.011MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMMon Jun 20 1988Musicians Wanted
9.0MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMMon Jun 20 1988Reserved
10.0MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMMon Jun 20 1988Reserved
11.02TECRUS::ROSTFri Dec 18 1992Jam Sessions
12.033MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMMon Jun 20 1988Newport Jazz Festival
13.034GOSOX::RYANTue Jun 21 1988Blue Note
14.021WELSWS::MANNIONWed Jun 22 1988It don't mean a thing...
15.015ERLANG::SOUZAWed Jun 22 1988Questions, Terminology, etc.
16.010OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu Jun 23 1988Dave Grusin
17.094PSG::ALVIDREZThu Jun 23 1988Jazz Radio
18.010JAWS::COTEThu Jun 23 1988Spyro Gyra
19.08--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 24 1988Jazz Fusion at its best
20.017DELNI::GILEFri Jun 24 1988Sort of Jazz!!??
23.022SCOMAN::WCLARKTue Jun 28 1988jazz chords
24.012STAR::CRANDALLTue Jun 28 1988Van Duser/Klezmer info please
25.05MPGS::GERDEWed Jun 29 1988Ragtime
26.017DECWET::MCWILLIAMSWed Jun 29 1988Jazz Video?
27.019FSHQOA::SBEAUPREThu Jun 30 1988Ornette Coleman and Prime Time
28.012NACAD::R_PEPEFri Jul 01 1988Record Stores for jazz?
29.022VAXRT::RUZICHFri Jul 01 1988Need jazzy node names. Any ideas?
30.08CSMSRE::HIGINBOTHAMFri Jul 01 1988Even the Labels are Hip
31.029MUNCSS::AJKSun Jul 03 1988Sun Ra
36.03AQUA::ROSTThu Jul 07 1988Tape Collectors---Check In
38.03TOLKIN::MOORADIANMon Jul 11 1988Basement Bonanza?
39.028BUSY::JMINVILLETue Jul 12 1988Personal Experiences with Jazz Greats
40.03NUTLET::CLAUSSTue Jul 12 1988Colorado Jazz
41.020CLT::BROWNTue Jul 12 1988Critics chirping in the tall grass...
42.08RANGLY::MEYER_TOMWed Jul 13 1988Playing Faves
43.045FSHQOA::SBEAUPREThu Jul 14 1988Charlie Parker
45.0AQUA::ROSTFri Jul 15 1988Trust Fund For The Children Of Jaco Pastorious
46.09CASEE::CLARKSun Jul 17 1988Les McCann/Eddie Harris Quintet
48.033AQUA::ROSTMon Jul 18 1988Duke Ellington
49.07CASEE::CLARKTue Jul 19 1988Gerry Mulligan
50.011COPMon Jul 25 1988Steps Ahead / Michael Brecker
51.08TUNER::GLEESONMon Jul 25 1988Early Jazz - BBC CDs
52.04WELMTS::GREENBWed Jul 27 1988Lester Bowie
53.04BEING::TEGANWed Jul 27 1988Wanted: Band for a Wedding
54.017SRFSUP::MORRISWed Jul 27 1988Modern Jazz Quartet (MJQ)
55.014DECWET::MCWILLIAMSWed Jul 27 1988New Record (and CD) Reviews
56.011NACAD::R_PEPEThu Jul 28 1988Unsung heros.
57.016NACAD::R_PEPEThu Jul 28 1988Latin Jazz is cool.
58.02AQUA::ROSTFri Jul 29 1988Alice Coltrane
59.018YUPPY::EVANSFri Jul 29 1988Great Moments in Jazz
60.01BIGALO::MEYER_TOMMon Aug 01 1988Open Call for Performers!
61.01ERIC::SALLITTWed Aug 03 1988UK Audio conference
62.027JACKAL::LETVINCHUKTue Aug 09 1988Can anyone help?
63.06DELNI::GILEWed Aug 10 1988The King Of Swing
64.05BIGALO::MEYER_TOMWed Aug 10 1988Compact Jazz Reviews?
65.01WLDWST::BARTLETTThu Aug 11 1988Guitar conference
66.0233AQUA::ROSTThu Aug 11 1988Miles Davis
67.03HGOVC::JEFFLUISun Aug 14 1988Jazz in the Far East
68.018VLNVAX::DMICHAELSONThu Aug 18 1988Wynton Marsalis
69.01IAMOK::ROSENBERGFri Aug 19 1988Jazz Records from the 5
70.036MJOSWS::FAGLEYMon Aug 22 1988Maynard Ferguson
71.05RICKS::ANDERSONThu Aug 25 1988Jazz Piano Instructor?
72.0DSSDEV::MIDDLETONFri Aug 26 1988Arthur Lyman, Manchester/Manchester
73.0KERNEL::IMBIERSKIFri Aug 26 1988UK jazz gig
75.02DELNI::MCALEESESat Aug 27 1988Rob McConnell & The Boss Brass
76.06ULYSSE::ZITTATue Aug 30 1988Pat Metheny partitions
77.052MTWAIN::F_MCGOWANWed Aug 31 1988Dizzy Gillespie
78.04IND::COMAROWWed Aug 31 1988Always ready to play on LI
79.06UHURU::LAMBERTTue Sep 06 1988VAX Manuscript Editor - D
80.011HGOVC::JEFFLUITue Sep 06 1988BIRD , The Movie
81.01AQUA::PATERNOSTERThu Sep 08 1988My interview with Wynton Marsalis
82.018CLOSET::ACKERMANMon Sep 12 1988Kenny G.
83.05CASEE::THOMSONMon Sep 12 1988Top 2
84.0202EASY::PIKETThu Sep 15 1988Johnny Hartman
85.07RAINBW::MAJEAUSat Sep 17 1988Searching for Jazz Recordings
86.06AQUA::ROSTMon Sep 19 1988Steve Swallow
87.03CASEE::CLARKTue Sep 20 1988Wall St. Crash
88.02CASEE::CLARKTue Sep 20 1988Session vocal group with Bob James
89.03GLORY::APPLEGATEFri Sep 23 1988A bad night for Al DiMeola
90.02MCIS2::ROACHMon Sep 26 1988Jazz at DECworld in Cannes - an oxymoron ...
91.015FSHQA1::SBEAUPREWed Oct 05 1988Wes Montgomery
92.019YUPPY::EVANSFri Oct 07 1988Jazz Humour Poll
93.09DELNI::SILKTue Oct 11 1988Billy Eckstine
94.05DECWET::MCWILLIAMSWed Oct 12 1988Musical Taste and Politics
96.010DECWET::MCWILLIAMSTue Oct 18 1988Electronic Instruments
97.0182EASY::PIKETWed Oct 19 1988practice after a long day at work
100.017DLOACT::BYRDAFri Oct 21 1988Have you heard TAKE 6
101.02OSLSun Oct 23 1988Ellington and Grieg ?
102.04CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Oct 31 1988the NEW Real Book ("Legal")
103.05WMOIS::S_LECLAIRWed Nov 02 1988Jazz in Central Mass.?
104.0MTWAIN::F_MCGOWANSun Nov 06 1988Harry Connick
105.015HELIX::CLARKTue Nov 08 1988Piano record-library suggestions?
106.08AQUA::ROSTFri Nov 11 1988JAZZIZ Magazine
107.01DECWET::MCWILLIAMSFri Nov 11 1988Local Jazz Magazines/Newsletters?
108.029TRNTue Nov 15 1988John Scofield
109.04VLNVAX::RISABELLETue Nov 15 1988Sunday Night
110.034FSHQA1::SBEAUPREWed Nov 16 1988John Coltrane
111.016DECWET::SHUSTERThu Nov 17 1988Blues Harmonica
112.09MTWAIN::F_MCGOWANMon Nov 28 1988Newport '88 a la PBS
113.09MTWAIN::F_MCGOWANTue Nov 29 1988JAZZ Noters' Poll
114.01AITG::WARNERMon Dec 05 1988More Jazz Chord Stuff
116.03DWOVAX::LICAUSETue Dec 06 1988Any Keely Smith fans?
117.02ROLL::BEFUMOTue Dec 06 1988My Jazz Roots?
118.072EASY::PIKETThu Dec 08 1988Lennie Tristano
119.09TLE::CLARKThu Dec 08 1988The Hi-Lo's!
120.06GLORY::APPLEGATEFri Dec 09 1988Charlie Rouse
121.0MTWAIN::CAHALANFri Dec 09 1988Haircuts $5. Jazz free
122.021TDCIS2::LELEGARDTue Dec 13 1988Jazz in France
123.06CRONIC::PCUMMINGSThu Dec 15 1988Keith Jarrett Standards Video
124.0MTWAIN::F_MCGOWANFri Dec 16 1988Nica Lives
125.05RICKS::CALCAGNITue Dec 20 1988"new" Jaco album
126.06LEDS::BATESTue Dec 20 1988Cool femmes from the fifties
127.030MTWAIN::F_MCGOWANThu Dec 29 1988Hip Christmas?
128.03AQUA::ROSTFri Dec 30 1988European Jazz
129.014GLORY::HULLWed Jan 04 1989similar to Sting's new sound?
130.06ACECAD::R_PEPEThu Jan 05 1989Jazz buffs - let's get together!
132.027MUDDIN::DEBARROSFri Jan 06 1989Con - Fusion!!
133.04AQUA::ROSTFri Jan 06 1989DEC Big Band
134.08GLORY::APPLEGATETue Jan 10 1989Looking for good music in MA
135.032MTWAIN::F_MCGOWANTue Jan 10 1989Louis Armstrong
136.0262EASY::PIKETWed Jan 11 1989Looking for recordings of these tunes
137.04DECWET::SHUSTERTue Jan 17 1989Martin Luther King musical tribute
138.0222EASY::PIKETWed Jan 18 1989Jazz Quotables
139.0BAGELS::GLENNFri Jan 20 1989Inquiring minds want to know ...
140.011SIXCAD::R_PEPETue Jan 24 1989re: NOTE 13
141.03NATASH::HYATTTue Jan 24 1989Wanted: small Jazz/Swing band
142.02AQUA::ROSTFri Jan 27 1989Green St. Station
143.01AQUA::ROSTFri Jan 27 1989Johnny D's
144.01TUNER::GLEESONFri Jan 27 1989Stickey Wicket
145.03CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Jan 30 1989Alan Shorter ?
146.011CASEE::CLARKWed Feb 01 1989Ben Sidran
147.06BAGELS::GLENNWed Feb 01 1989Art Blakey and Wynton Marsalis on PBS in Feb.
148.07BMW32Sun Feb 05 1989Jazz Worcester
149.03LDYBUG::FARLEYMon Feb 06 1989In the news...
150.032MTWAIN::CAHALANTue Feb 07 1989Dave Brubeck
152.02RDGOAR::HORTON_9Tue Feb 07 1989Jazz in Frisco
153.01MEIS::ARNESONThu Feb 09 1989Jazz in Montreal
154.03MTWAIN::CAHALANMon Feb 13 1989Free Concerts at DEC Facilities for Black History Month
155.02EASY::PIKETMon Feb 13 1989Studio Red Top
156.06MEMVThu Feb 16 1989Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass
157.078GLORY::APPLEGATEMon Feb 20 1989Thelonious Monk
158.014SQUEKE::KANEThu Feb 23 1989Jazz in Nashua Area??
159.01AQUA::ROSTFri Feb 24 1989Brown Bag FREE Concert Series in Worcester, MA
160.014COMCAD::SCHOMPMon Feb 27 1989Anyone new to Jazz?
161.07RAINBO::WEBERTue Feb 28 1989Roy Eldridge
162.01KERNEL::IMBIERSKITue Feb 28 1989Sheet Music Wanted
163.010VAXRIO::ROLFWed Mar 01 1989Sting
164.01AQUA::ROSTWed Mar 01 1989Leni Stern
166.05DECWET::MCWILLIAMSTue Mar 07 1989Woody Shaw
167.01LDP::MULDOWNEYWed Mar 08 1989JAZZ PIANIST Billy Young and others
168.0CURIE::GOODENOWSun Mar 12 1989Ellington video wanted
169.016FDCV1Mon Mar 13 1989Pennsylvania-65
170.02BETHE::LICEA_KANEThu Mar 16 1989WHRB - "Battle of the Bands"....
171.0312EASY::PIKETMon Mar 20 1989Jazz-notes Blindfold test
172.01ROLL::BEFUMOThu Mar 23 1989Looking for a Keyboard/Guitar/Bass teacher
173.016MUNEDU::MASLENWed Mar 29 1989Paul Desmond
174.06SHIRE::GOLDBLATTWed Mar 29 1989Mood Brazil, - Elis Regina
175.0MUNEDU::MASLENTue Apr 04 1989David Foster
176.03MTWAIN::CAHALANTue Apr 04 1989Current New Orleans Jazz
177.0HAZEL::STARRWed Apr 05 1989Blues and R&B Conference Announcement
178.04NACAD::R_PEPEWed Apr 05 1989Lunchtime jazz jams - How about it?
179.0432EASY::PIKETThu Apr 06 1989Bass Note Base Note
180.01WHELIN::LAMBERTTue Apr 11 1989Volunteer for a Good Cause
181.016CLOSET::ACKERMANTue Apr 11 1989Newport '89
182.04EMASS::BARNETTETue Apr 11 1989in search of...Corea's Christmas Carol
183.02MCIS2::MCDONNELLWed Apr 12 1989Possible GREAT FREE Jazz Show
184.08CGVAX2::DONNELLYThu Apr 13 1989Chet Baker
185.02NEXUS::GULDENSun Apr 16 1989Montreux Jazz Festival
186.0RAVEN1::BLAIRMon Apr 17 1989Name that Sanborn album
188.02SKITZD::NUCKLESFri Apr 21 1989say, what ever happened to...
189.0LEDS::BATESMon Apr 24 1989Jazz on the Continent - Spring 89
190.0CHDBTue Apr 25 1989Dwike Mitchell & Willie Ruff
191.012EASY::PIKETWed Apr 26 1989Jazz Notes Audio Tape?
192.01CIMNET::ACOHENThu Apr 27 1989Great Woods Jazz
193.022EASY::PIKETThu Apr 27 1989Jazz in July
194.025GLORY::APPLEGATEThu Apr 27 1989How can you listen to that s*^&???
195.015WEFXEM::COTEThu Apr 27 1989Terri Lyne Carrington
197.02--UnknownUser--Tue May 02 1989flute player looking to broaden horizons
198.010AQUA::ROSTFri May 05 1989Dave Holland
199.08CASEE::CLARKFri May 05 1989Art Pepper
201.06HGOVC::JEFFLUIWed May 10 1989Montreal Jazz Festival
202.031MARVIN::WALSHMon May 15 1989Keith Jarrett
204.07HYSTER::BOWSERTue May 16 1989! Impulse on CD !
205.024DICKNS::CLARKThu May 18 1989Books about Jazz
207.01WLDWST::DIXONMon May 22 1989Request for Jazz Spots in Paris and Europe
208.04AQUA::ROSTTue May 23 1989Dave McKenna
209.01PHAROS::JOHNSONFri May 26 1989Polytone Amp Wanted
210.02AITG::WARNERWed May 31 1989RAGS music template
211.03NACAD::R_PEPEThu Jun 01 1989McCoy Tyner Trio was GREAT!!
212.012EASY::PIKETThu Jun 01 1989Phineas Newborn
213.09WECARE::BOOKHEIMFri Jun 02 1989Jazz at Waterville Valley, NH
215.01MARVIN::WALSHMon Jun 05 1989Steve McCall
216.0CASVTue Jun 06 1989Sunday Jazz - Harper's Ferry
217.03CSGWed Jun 07 1989Improvisation practice recommendation
219.06HKFINN::CAHALANMon Jun 12 1989Quality of Benny Goodman recording
220.06KETJE::CAUDRONTue Jun 13 1989Lyrics anyone ?
222.07GLORY::APPLEGATEThu Jun 15 1989Art Ensemble of Chicago
223.03GERBIL::DAVIESThu Jun 15 1989New Paul Desmond CD
224.02ARCHER::JONESThu Jun 15 1989Small Jazz Group for Wedding in MA ?
225.02SALEM::RAMOSFri Jun 16 1989En busca de "FRIENDS"
226.01WAR75Tue Jun 20 1989Chris Heinze
227.0192EASY::PIKETTue Jun 20 1989Compact Disc: Implications for jazz
228.05DICKNS::BENNETTTue Jun 20 1989Chet Baker Documentary
229.06AITG::WARNERWed Jun 21 1989July 6 Blindfold Test
230.07CIMNET::ACOHENFri Jun 23 1989The Boston Globe Jazz Festival
231.052EASY::PIKETThu Jul 06 1989Billy Cobham
232.0STKHLM::RYDENMon Jul 10 1989Charles Lloyd
233.03AITG::WARNERMon Jul 10 1989Loose Tubes
234.04MARVIN::WALSHThu Jul 13 1989London Jazz Radio
235.01BAGELS::GLENNThu Jul 13 1989"First and Last"
236.0SALEM::LORANGERFri Jul 21 1989More on BG @ Carnegie Hall Concert
237.03VOGON::WILLIAMSSat Jul 29 1989Calling all musicians
238.082EASY::PIKETSun Jul 30 1989Goodbye
239.04GERBIL::DAVIESWed Aug 02 1989Shirley Horn
240.0CASEE::CLARKSun Aug 06 1989Chapter 2 (Nils Landgren & Johan Norberg)
241.08AKOV12::NIWATue Aug 08 1989Kato (Makoto Ozone) fan out there???
242.01WAR75Wed Aug 09 1989George Benson
243.04CSENG::GOODENOWMon Aug 14 1989Goodman/Krupa videos[?]
245.05BAVIKI::GOODTue Aug 15 1989Either/Orchestra
246.012POLAR::CALDWELLTue Aug 15 1989< salsa, anyone? >
247.05KYOA::NEWMANTue Aug 15 1989Special EFX
248.07AQUA::ROSTWed Aug 16 1989Benny Carter
250.08MOSAIC::WEBERFri Aug 25 1989downbeat is 55
251.012CHOTI::GABRIELIMon Aug 28 1989Metro_West Jazz: THE Scene!
252.0GLORY::APPLEGATETue Aug 29 1989Montreux/Detroit
253.03VINO::MCGLINCHEYThu Aug 31 1989Music Minus One
254.02NACAD::R_PEPEMon Sep 11 1989Scullers---Boston Jazz Club
255.04BLNOTE::RICHARDSONWed Sep 27 1989Columbia CD offer--CHEAP
256.06CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Oct 02 1989new Jaco trio album
257.019SALEM::MELANSONThu Oct 05 1989Pat Metheny Group
258.01CIMNET::WELLESMon Oct 09 1989Seeking musicians for regular jam
259.04LEAF::CAHALANWed Oct 11 1989San Francisco Used Record Stores?
261.08MARLIN::DIORIOMon Oct 16 1989Bud Powell
262.05NACAD::R_PEPEMon Oct 16 1989Jazz clubs in D.C. or Maryland?
264.01NACAD::R_PEPEThu Oct 19 1989Paquito D'Rivera - 'Manhattan Burn'
265.0DONVAN::WITHAMThu Oct 19 1989A word of gratitude from the uninitiated
268.01SIVA::MACDONALDFri Oct 27 1989Milestones
269.03SKETCH::MYSELTue Oct 31 1989Animal Logic w/ Stanley Clarke
270.04KISHOR::HIGINBOTHAMWed Nov 01 1989Goodbye Black Saint & Soul Note
272.04POLAR::CALDWELLFri Nov 10 1989>> UZEB, anybody?? <<
273.01CADSE::SMITHThu Nov 16 1989Porgy and Bess
274.05DUGGAN::GRANATTue Nov 21 1989Boogie Woogie On Piano
275.013THRUST::CLARKTue Nov 28 1989Smithsonian Jazz
276.081Wed Nov 29 1989John Zorn's Naked City
277.02TOLKIN::JOHNSONWed Nov 29 1989jazz around the Hub
278.08TOOLS::CRIMMINMon Dec 04 1989Drug use
279.09PHAROS::STEWARDMon Dec 11 1989Looking for OLD Records
280.03BAGELS::GLENNTue Dec 12 1989Marsalis Special on PBS Dec. 22nd.
281.022AQUA::ROSTThu Dec 14 1989The Best of 1989 in Jazz
282.012IOSG::GILBEYThu Dec 21 1989Looking for the artist
283.03CSENG::GOODENOWTue Dec 26 1989Leiser Stomperstore
284.09PNEUMA::JOHNSONThu Dec 28 1989The Ritz
285.010FSTVAX::HENDERSONTue Jan 02 1990Akai EWI/Yamaha WX11 info?
286.09FUNIX::simonWed Jan 03 1990Jan Garbarek
287.020MAKITA::CICCONEThu Jan 04 1990Branford Marsalis Base Note
288.0EVTAI1::BRANDONTue Jan 09 1990The French Hymn ?
289.02KISHOR::HIGINBOTHAMThu Jan 11 1990The "Best" of 19??
290.08DICKNS::F_MCGOWANMon Jan 15 1990Jon Faddis
291.02AITG::WARNERMon Jan 15 1990"Best Records of 1967"
292.01VICKI::LEBLANCThu Jan 18 1990new jazz fan needs info
293.02SUBWAY::MCGOVERNFri Jan 19 1990Club Note : New York
295.0CRONIC::PCUMMINGSSun Jan 28 1990Jazz in Sudbury
296.01057Fri Feb 09 1990Chasin' the Trane (and Miles)
297.05SHIRE::GOLDBLATTSun Feb 11 1990Pointer Sisters
298.07UTRTSC::BRANCH_DELFTSun Feb 11 1990Who did Gimme that thing?
299.0MFGMEM::DERRICOMon Feb 12 1990Lopsy Lu by S.C., Is there Text?
300.04FULCRM::D_DAGG2Mon Feb 12 1990Jim Hall and other stuff last weekend
301.06FULCRM::D_DAGG2Tue Feb 13 1990Pete Cosey Base Note
302.05DICKNS::F_MCGOWANTue Feb 13 1990Ella Fitzgerald Tribute at Lincoln Center
305.07PROSE::DIORIOFri Feb 16 1990Michel Camilo
306.09AQUA::ROSTMon Feb 19 1990Don Pullen
307.01FULCRM::D_DAGG2Mon Feb 19 1990Eddie Palmieri
308.01ROYALT::STEELEMon Feb 19 1990The Harper Brothers
309.0GLORY::APPLEGATEMon Feb 19 1990Attn Lousiana jazz noters, looking for Woodenhead
310.012ACESMK::KUHNWed Feb 21 1990Terje Rypdal album question
312.06SHIRE::GOLDBLATTSun Feb 25 1990al jarreau
313.09KAOU81::BOWENTue Feb 27 1990New Orleans jazz?
315.04HKFINN::F_MCGOWANTue Mar 06 1990Ralph Moore
316.01PRLVMS::SIGELThu Mar 08 1990Ray Anderson
317.09JANUS::CWALSHThu Mar 08 1990Jazz FM
318.06IOSG::GILBEYMon Mar 12 1990Anyone know of Garland Wilson ?
319.035MAKITA::CICCONEThu Mar 15 1990When Jazz and Classical Meet.
320.0VAXRIO::ROLFThu Mar 22 1990Pete Hancock
321.010ACESMK::KUHNThu Mar 22 1990Coltrane modal scales ?
323.01GRAMPS::LASKYMon Mar 26 1990Michael Camilo
324.04SALEM::MELANSONTue Mar 27 1990Belson/Terry concert at UNH
325.01WORDY::CAHALANTue Apr 03 1990Source for pira--oops, rare stuff in Toronto
326.03AQUA::ROSTThu Apr 05 1990Sarah Vaughan
328.01TUNER::GLEESONFri Apr 06 1990Musicians Wanted
329.06AQUA::ROSTMon Apr 09 1990Bill Cosby, Jazzman?
331.07POBOX::DAVIAWed Apr 11 1990Need these charts
332.021BETHE::LICEA_KANETue Apr 17 1990Jazz 199
333.04WOTVAX::ANDERSONETue Apr 17 1990Sammy Davis Jr.
334.0PEKING::BUSHNELLJWed Apr 18 1990HELP! anyone got shop addresses for New Orleans?
335.09DICKNS::F_MCGOWANThu Apr 19 1990Boston Jazz Orchestra
336.01SULACO::JUDICEFri Apr 20 1990Clarke ???? Project
338.016UNXA::ABRAMSThu Apr 26 1990Dexter Gordon
339.02ROYALT::STEELEThu Apr 26 1990NEWPORT 199
340.029THRUST::CLARKMon Apr 30 1990Count Basie
341.016OSCARP::duncanMon Apr 30 1990Piano Ticklers
343.010HKFINN::F_MCGOWANThu May 03 1990Herb Pomeroy @ The Willow Club
345.0WHELIN::LAMBERTSat May 05 1990Yard Sale Donations for the Homeless
346.0VOGON::WILLIAMSSun May 06 1990Django memorial festival
347.031AQUA::ROSTTue May 08 1990In Memoriam
348.015BAYES::HIGINBOTHAMTue May 08 1990Thoughts, May 199
350.04THRUST::CLARKThu May 10 1990Jerry Gonzalez
351.02THEBAY::MARSHALLREThu May 10 1990Blue Notes on the horizon
353.010THRUST::CLARKWed May 16 1990Related NOTES conferences
355.08FSHQA2::SBEAUPREMon May 21 1990Cecil Taylor
356.04CADSE::MUDGETTWed May 23 1990Basia?
357.02PROXY::PINETTEFri May 25 1990199
359.02GIAMEM::SANDERSTue May 29 1990199
360.0182Wed May 30 1990Bela Fleck
362.012BAVIKI::GOODFri Jun 01 1990Don Ellis
363.0PROXY::PINETTETue Jun 05 1990Jazz Fete in Bath Maine
364.024AQUA::ROSTTue Jun 05 1990Bessie Smith, Empress of the Blues
365.023PROSE::DIORIOFri Jun 08 1990Stan Kenton
366.011KYOA::NEWMANMon Jun 11 1990A Chord on a Sax???
367.01FULCRM::D_DAGG2Mon Jun 11 1990Your Neighborhood Sax Quartet
368.0HKFINN::F_MCGOWANTue Jun 12 1990Kim Stickney
369.011DICKNS::F_MCGOWANThu Jun 14 1990Local Talent Search
371.08USEM::BLOUNTFri Jun 22 1990Clifford Brown
372.07FULCRM::D_DAGG2Mon Jun 25 1990Last Weekends Esplanade Shows?
373.06PSYLO::JOHNSONWed Jun 27 1990What do you do?
374.08HKFINN::F_MCGOWANWed Jun 27 1990Tubby Hayes
375.012FULCRM::D_DAGG2Mon Jul 02 1990Wayne Shorter
376.03KYOA::NEWMANMon Jul 02 1990Books on Jazz Theory
377.01KYOA::NEWMANMon Jul 02 1990DeJonnette-Metheny-Hancock-Holland
378.03EISNOW::MEISSNERTue Jul 03 1990Jazz Anecdotes
379.0CLOVE::ITS4U::KUSEKOSKIFri Jul 06 1990Hot dinner and cool jazz
380.09HLISFri Jul 06 1990North Sea Jazz Festival
385.05FSTTOO::FANCYTue Jul 17 1990Tiger Okoshi
386.06THRUST::CLARKWed Jul 18 1990"Legends of Jazz" subscription series (CD/cassette)
387.02AKOV13::HOWARDWed Jul 18 1990Where's MUSIC?
388.01TOOK::PINETTEThu Jul 26 1990Seacoast Jazz Society Jazz Extravaganza
389.03HPSRAD::LAMMon Jul 30 1990WANTED, ONE ticket to JVC jazz festival, Sat. show
390.04AQUA::ROSTMon Jul 30 1990Hal Leonard Transcribed Songbooks
391.029HLFSWed Aug 01 1990New Manhattan Tranfer???
392.08HKFINN::F_MCGOWANThu Aug 02 1990Spike Lee Film
393.05HKFINN::F_MCGOWANSat Aug 04 1990Dirty Dozen Brass Band
394.08POBOX::DAVIAFri Aug 10 1990Triple Treat - Ellis, Brown, Alexander
395.021NRADM::USADGUESTFri Aug 10 1990Harry Connick Jr
396.04ELWOOD::BATESFri Aug 17 1990Late Forties vocalists
397.04WORDY::CAHALANMon Aug 20 1990John Hammond
398.023DELREY::BASS_SYTue Aug 21 1990Russ Freeman/The Rippingtons
399.034TALOFA::HARMONThu Aug 30 1990Bill Evans
400.05YUPPY::STANTONRFri Aug 31 1990Rare set of Albums
401.03AKOV11::BOUDREAUWed Sep 05 1990Finding Carol Sloane
403.0CURIE::GILFIXFri Sep 14 1990Octet Needs Hot Horn!
404.02UTROFF::MILDERMon Sep 17 1990* Astor Piazzolla *
405.03HYDRA::KLEBESThu Sep 20 1990Woody Allen plays where in NYC?
407.0DICKNS::F_MCGOWANSat Sep 29 1990Trumpet Players
408.02AKOV13::HOWARDThu Oct 04 1990Bruford & Earthworks
410.02DICKNS::F_MCGOWANMon Oct 08 1990The Benedetti recordings of Bird
411.03BOSOX::PLAFONDTue Oct 09 1990Micheal Stern
412.06DICKNS::CLARKMon Oct 15 1990Carla Bley
413.09DELREY::BASS_SYTue Oct 16 1990Quincy Jones/the man, the music, the movie
414.09HANDVA::STEVELIUWed Oct 17 1990Eumir Deodato
415.014VAXWRK::OXENBERGThu Oct 18 1990John McLaughlin
416.014HANDVA::STEVELIUSun Oct 21 1990Bob James's records
417.09MFGMEM::HERMANFri Oct 26 1990What's up in concerts?
418.016MRBOOK::JOHNSONWed Oct 31 1990Mail order records/CD's?
419.021AQUA::ROSTFri Nov 02 1990Charles Mingus
420.016CSGMon Nov 05 1990Bass Sax - Not for the slight of build or lung
421.0DENVER::CHRISTENSENGMon Nov 05 1990A new jazz collectable ...
422.03PLAYER::GWYNTue Nov 06 1990Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo
423.03HOTSHT::AUSTINThu Nov 08 1990Acid Jazz and Other Illicit Grooves
424.012HKFINN::F_MCGOWANSat Nov 10 1990Sonny Rollins---Base Note
425.06GYTVOA::SUTOMon Nov 12 1990Nina Simone
426.02FILTER::HIGINBOTHAMWed Nov 14 1990Learning of New Releases
427.013WMOIS::J_BLAQUIEREFri Nov 16 1990Jazzy Christmas
428.06VINO::FONGMon Nov 26 1990advice needed on saxophone
429.09WMOIS::J_BLAQUIERETue Dec 04 1990Lee Ritenour
430.023486::WILLIAMSWed Dec 05 1990RB at RYLES in CAMBRIDGE
431.012SMURF::MAZZOTTAWed Dec 05 1990Flim and the BBs
432.03WHELIN::LAMBERTTue Dec 18 1990Jazz Workshop Anyone?
433.021FSTTOO::OTOOLETue Dec 18 1990CAT ANDERSON ?
434.011NETMAN::SYKESThu Dec 20 1990Need Cable tape or Album, soon
435.01KEIKI::STARRFri Dec 21 1990Andy Narell-like music???
436.026PENUTS::HNELSONThu Jan 03 1991WHRB plays the Real Book January 21
437.05DICKNS::F_MCGOWANThu Jan 10 1991Boston scene next week, fyi
438.0BSS::SGOHSLERFri Jan 11 1991no-nare-do-wells-please
439.02LEVERS::R_PEPEMon Jan 14 1991DECBIGBAND gig on 1/19
440.01POBOX::DAVIAWed Jan 16 1991Mark Whitfield - Guitarist
441.014DICKNS::F_MCGOWANWed Jan 16 1991In Leominster this Sunday, FYI
442.02POBOX::DAVIAMon Jan 21 1991New Orleans
443.0XNOGOV::LISATue Jan 29 1991Posters
444.05FULCRM::D_DAGGTue Jan 29 1991The Pogues (borderline Jazz?)
445.02FULCRM::D_DAGGTue Jan 29 1991Albert Ayler
446.06WEFXEM::COTEThu Jan 31 1991No New Masters?
447.09RTOEU::WSCULLFri Feb 01 1991Mike Brecker, Saxmaster
448.0AKOCOA::DBOUDREAUMon Feb 04 1991Luka's Greenhouse---NH Jazz Spot
451.01--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 05 1991JAZZ TO COUNTRY/WESTERN?????
452.02ELNDOC::CLARKTue Mar 05 1991Jelly Roll Morton
454.06IXION::ROSTTue Mar 12 1991Muse/Savoy Blowing Out Remaining Vinyl
455.01TEMPE::RABINOWed Mar 13 1991Anita Baker & Najee
456.01JANUS::COTTAMWed Mar 20 1991Bireli Lagrene in Concert 5/4/91
457.0UFHIS::JMASLENMon Mar 25 1991Robert Kraft albums anyone?
458.01LABDOS::GOODENOWMon Mar 25 1991Shirley Horn !!!!!!!
459.0LESCOM::QUATROMONIMon Mar 25 1991Looking to sing/play jazz.
460.01CSSE32::SYKESMon Apr 01 1991Cancun Festival in May?
461.016AIAG::WISNERTue Apr 02 1991Misc Questions
462.05FULCRM::D_DAGGWed Apr 03 1991Paul Motian---Base Note
463.010IXION::ROSTWed Apr 03 1991Jimmy Giuffre
464.08TROAThu Apr 11 1991Newport Jazz Festival, 1991
465.01OGOMTS::GABRIELIFri Apr 12 1991Jazz reappears: Holiday Inn; Leominster,Ma.
466.02HAMPS::IVES_JFri Apr 19 1991Ellington/Ko-Ko wanted
467.04MCIS1::MICHAELSONFri Apr 19 1991Are these considered jazz musicians?
468.03EEMELI::KUPARSAARIThu Apr 25 1991Grant Geissman's Flying Colors ?
469.08ISLNDS::SURDANTue Apr 30 1991Marcus Roberts
471.04BSS::ENGERThu May 02 1991Is merenge jazz???
472.02HOTJOB::GROUNDSThu May 02 1991DeCordova Jazz Series 1991
473.0WRKSYS::MCMULLENThu May 02 1991New "Full Circle" ??
474.03UPROAR::GUNNSFri May 03 1991Willie Bobo
475.014UPROAR::GUNNSFri May 03 1991Crusaders Reunion?
476.06GAUSS::CLARKTue May 07 1991Wedding Reception, Jazz as background music
477.010ROMWed May 08 1991Jazz-blues records
478.010OGOMTS::GABRIELIFri May 10 1991How do YOU fill a room?
479.0VERGA::F_MCGOWANThu May 16 1991Boston Jazz Orchestra Reemergent
480.05CRONIC::SHAYNA::PCUMMINGSMon May 20 1991The Alternate Quartet
481.0NYTPMon May 20 1991keiko matsui
482.03AYOV27::BCOOKWed May 29 1991Moon Dog, Live!
483.04GENIE::BAUERWed May 29 1991Lugano Estival Jazz (watch it!)
485.022PHLACT::BROWNEFri Jun 07 1991Stan Getz
486.0GENIE::BAUERWed Jun 12 1991Program of Estival Jazz-Lugano
487.0SOLVIT::MARRONThu Jun 13 1991Who are they?
488.01GIAMEM::DERRICOFri Jun 14 1991Michael Manring
490.014NEMAIL::CORTIZASTue Jun 18 1991Jimmy Smith
491.06RGB::ROSTWed Jun 19 1991Tubas
492.03HEART::MACHINMon Jun 24 1991Canonball Adderley
493.014VERGA::CLARKMon Jun 24 1991Trombonists' Favorite Trombone Solos
494.02PENUTS::HNELSONWed Jun 26 1991Tanglewood phone, program please
495.0EICMFG::AJKFri Jun 28 1991Cimiez Jazz Festival 1991
496.08VERGA::CLARKMon Jul 01 1991Trumpeters' Favorite Trumpet Solos
497.07RANGER::WEBERWed Jul 10 1991Kenny Burrell
498.0LEDS::JOHNSONMon Jul 29 1991SE35
499.08FSTVAX::FANCYTue Aug 27 1991THE BOBS
500.02MLNOIS::ALAIMOTue Sep 03 1991Dee Dee Bridgewater
501.06VERGA::CLARKTue Sep 03 1991Budget jazz CDs (CD Review)
502.09VERGA::CLARKFri Sep 13 1991Billie Holiday
503.07VERGA::CLARKTue Sep 24 1991Jazz outlined (Coming soon: Jazz, the cocktail napkin)
504.01RDVAX::FAUST_CLANCYThu Sep 26 1991Jazz Wedding
505.01HPSRAD::PATERNOSTERTue Oct 08 1991Bob Belden Ensemble
506.04CSC32::L_LUCASFri Oct 11 1991Yellow Jackets
507.03MFOIS1::TURCHIThu Oct 17 1991Eddie Lockjaw Davis
508.03NITMOI::MARATue Oct 22 1991Michiel Camilo
509.018VERGA::F_MCGOWANTue Oct 22 1991Doc out, Branford in?
510.0BAHTAT::SALLITTWed Oct 23 1991Analogue Addicts:contacts wanted
511.03SOLVIT::RICHARDSONWed Oct 23 1991Rickie Lee Jones
512.06JARETH::DKAPLANThu Oct 24 1991The Lounge Lizards
513.09MCIS5::GOODENOWFri Nov 01 1991Illinois Jacquet
514.05EXIT2::BROWNMon Nov 04 1991Archie Shepp - Pharoah Sanders
515.0WOTVAX::ANDERSONEThu Nov 07 1991name that tune?
517.01FDCVThu Nov 14 1991Wire recorder needed(temp.)
518.010COMET::HOOVERMFri Nov 15 1991Astrud Gilberto (was: Girl from Impanema)
519.03FORTY2::MOORETue Nov 19 1991Looking for details of recently released Scott Joplin collection of rags
520.010RGB::ROSTTue Nov 19 1991Benny Golson
521.0MANThu Nov 28 1991Help Hilfe Help
522.03VERGA::CLARKThu Dec 12 1991Hampton Hawes
523.01SA1794::QUENNEVILLECThu Dec 12 1991Louis Bellson at Regatta Bar soon ????
524.05SIOG::OSULLIVAN_DFri Dec 13 1991Madeleine Eastman
525.02LJOHUB::CHASEFri Dec 13 1991Scholarships for Musicians?
526.010HLFSTue Dec 17 1991Any Tuck and Patti fans ??
527.04CSC32::L_LUCASThu Dec 19 1991Idiosyncrasies or not
528.01PENUTS::RHAYESMon Jan 06 1992Festival announcements ?
529.0TECRUS::FROMMWed Jan 08 1992looking for a jazz piano teacher
530.04SUOSWS::GEISELHARTWed Jan 08 1992D.Sandborn Arangements ???
531.07SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Jan 09 1992Kulu Se Mama ?
532.02MCIS5::GOODENOWThu Jan 16 1992Louie Bellson
533.0114158::CAHALANFri Jan 17 1992Suggestions for new Boston Pops conductor
534.01EICMFG::AJKSun Jan 19 1992World Saxophone Quartet
536.02MCIS5::GOODENOWMon Jan 20 1992Ted Heath
537.015WEORG::RICHWed Jan 22 1992Ella Fitzgerald
538.08KEER::GROUNDSFri Jan 24 1992Katia & Marielle Labeque
540.07CUPMK::FRANZOSAWed Feb 12 1992Notable Moments
542.025VERGA::F_MCGOWANSat Mar 07 1992Sibling Rivalry
543.010HLFSSun Mar 08 1992Good (and cheap!) sax wanted !
544.04TLE::ABBOTTue Mar 10 1992Joe Pass
545.04GIAMEM::MICHAUDThu Mar 12 1992L.A. Express cd's??
546.04ISOISA::HAKKARAINENTue Mar 17 1992Leon Thomas
547.017SMURF::BREAUWed Mar 25 1992acoustic jazz guitar
548.03SONATA::JOHNSONThu Apr 09 1992Wolfgang Muthspiel
549.07RICKS::ROSTFri Apr 10 1992Jane Ira Bloom
550.0POCUS::HERMANFri Apr 17 1992Guitarist Bill Frisell
554.09JEREMY::RAFIMon Apr 27 1992Kenny Wheeler
555.05DEALIN::AXELTue Apr 28 1992Ryan Kisor
556.01MAIL::THOMPSONPWed Apr 29 1992Kevin Blake?
557.02COOLER::MUNNSMon May 04 1992Pete Fountain, Jazz Clarinetist
558.05DEALIN::AXELWed May 06 1992Trane and Jeep
559.044158::CAHALANMon May 11 1992Any other jazz SERPers out there?
560.014CRONIC::CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon May 11 1992Jack DeJohnette
561.01LEVERS::R_PEPEWed May 13 1992Jazz in the UK?
563.02FORTY2::MOOREThu May 21 1992Moody piano jazz
564.09FORTY2::MOOREThu May 21 1992Mel Torme
565.02KURMA::AMCKEOWNThu May 21 1992Modern Jazz Fan
566.015CHEFS::PICKERINGBMon May 25 1992Dave Grusin
568.011CESARE::ERMACORAFri May 29 1992Miles Davis book needed...
569.0PEKING::HUTCHISONPFri May 29 1992Jazz Questions
570.02SMURF::LONGOMon Jun 01 1992"Stormy Weather" Question
571.0WHELIN::AXELWed Jun 03 1992Rebirth of the Cool
572.02THEBAY::WIEGLEBDAFri Jun 05 1992Dudu Pukwana/Mongezi Feza/Spear/Blue Notes/etc.
577.012PBST::MUNNSThu Jun 18 1992Jazz Recommendations, Please...
580.015DEALIN::AXELTue Jun 23 1992Jamey Aebersold's Jazz Workshops
581.02CCIIS1::ROACHFri Jun 26 1992Monaco Jazz Festival - Wonderful
582.05DNEAST::FREEMAN_KEVIMon Jun 29 1992Richard Elliot input.
583.010AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Jul 03 1992Looking for big-band jazz artists
584.08XAPPL::CLARKMon Jul 06 1992It's not a sax, not a clarinet -- it's an EWI!
586.0MCIS5::GOODENOWMon Jul 20 1992Laserlight Ellington set [!]
588.05BAHTAT::SALLITTTue Aug 18 1992Carlos Santana goes jazz...?
590.015ESKIMO::SANTUCCIThu Aug 20 1992YOUR All-Star band
591.010BBIVMon Aug 24 1992 Fusion....
592.08RICKS::ROSTMon Aug 31 1992Mosaic Records---Base Note
593.05LEVERS::R_PEPEThu Sep 17 1992Tower Records in Burlington - open.
594.01CXDOCS::DCHAVEZMon Sep 21 1992Weckl: Heads Up
599.0MSAMMon Sep 28 1992Jazz in South-East Asia
600.05PDVTue Sep 29 1992Hillstreat Blues ?
601.010SX4GTO::AUSTINFri Oct 09 1992Ed Blackwell is gone
602.01BBIVTue Oct 27 1992Blues Harp
603.06STKHUV::AHLINTue Nov 03 1992Requesting Info On European Jazz Fests
606.024SQM::MACDONALDTue Dec 08 1992Arturo Sandoval
607.03TECRUS::ROSTThu Dec 17 19921992 In Review
608.0LUCCIO::CONTIWed Dec 30 1992Sarah Jane Morris
609.02EPS::AXELThu Jan 28 1993Jazz Humor--base note
610.010EVTIS9::ROACHTue Feb 09 1993Jamey Aebersold Humor - Maybe?????
611.042POWDML::ROSADOMon Feb 15 1993WCDJ-FM...Rumors and More
612.05STAR::ARBOThu Feb 25 1993Dizzy G. plays Night in T. at Massey Hall - on CD?
613.08XLSIOR::OTTEFri Mar 05 1993Anyone know of any Chase recordings?
614.03KOLFAX::WIEGLEBMon Mar 08 1993Concord Jazz: "Live at Maybeck Recital Hall" (Piano)
617.02CTHQ::ROSENBERGTue Mar 30 1993Manha de Carnaval
619.05CFSCTC::TERRY::REILLYWed Apr 07 1993Help needed - Equipment Stolen
622.03ELMAGO::JMORALESWed Apr 28 1993Earl Klugh Trio II - good CD
624.07LEVLS4::GROUNDSMon May 03 1993DeCordova Jazz Schedule - 1993
626.04TECRUS::ROSTTue May 04 19931993 Newport Jazz Festival
627.01MOUTNS::G_FROEHLINFri May 14 1993Jazz Cruise - excellent offer
628.0CADVAX::MCDONOUGHWed May 19 1993Calling all Musicians/Singers
630.015EICMFG::AJKFri May 21 1993Candy Dulfer, saxophone
631.01IAMOK::GABRIELIFri May 21 1993Name that composer...help?
632.011KAOFS::R_HOULEFri Jun 04 1993Joe Henderson
633.042STOWOA::JOHNSONTue Jun 29 1993Coffee, Tea & Melody
634.012TECRUS::ROSTWed Jul 28 1993For Discussion: A Jazz Promoter Gives Up
635.0STOWOA::JOHNSONThu Jul 29 1993Note 633
636.039GSFSYS::MACDONALDThu Aug 12 1993Requirements for a new Trumpet
638.0KAOFS::R_HARPERFri Sep 03 1993Jazz sampler CD's 1993
639.02LICAUS::LICAUSETue Sep 07 1993Jazz Records for Sale
640.015SUOSWS::GEISELHARTTue Sep 28 1993Trombones on CD?
641.0SPARKL::FRANZOSAWed Sep 29 1993TV Jazz, Cable Fans.
642.0LEZAH::BROWNThu Oct 14 1993Felix Grant -- RIP
643.0TECRUS::ROSTFri Oct 15 1993Fred Hopkins/Deidre Murray
644.04HELIX::PINETTEThu Oct 14 1993Looking for a form
645.05LEVERS::R_PEPEMon Oct 25 1993'5 Guys' is awesome!!
646.09TLAVFri Nov 19 1993Recommendation, please
647.01CSOA1::JORDANSat Nov 20 1993Washburn Info
648.01IOSG::CARLINWed Dec 15 1993Teddy Buckner
649.02ISTWI1::AKINFri Dec 31 1993Joseph Zavinul CDs?
650.0EICMFG::AJKWed Jan 05 1994Jazz on film series, at Library of Congress
651.03TNPUBS::CAHALANThu Jan 27 1994Tatum album that is not all runs?
652.030JRDVMon Jan 31 1994Jazz jargons
653.03CALDEC::NUCKLESTue Feb 22 1994Chick Corea note
654.0XSTACY::PHAYDENMon Feb 28 1994Female Vocalists
655.01HELIX::RUZICHMon Feb 28 1994Look who's in the Globe this week
656.04TRMPT::GPAULThu Mar 03 1994looking to play jazz flute -- what to buy? where to get some instruction?
657.014ULYSSE::WILSONFri Mar 11 1994Chords for standards wanted
658.0GOOEY::AXELTue Mar 22 1994Music Industry Job Posting
659.01GOOEY::AXELThu Mar 24 1994New Prez CD :^)
660.02RICKS::CALCAGNIWed Apr 20 1994Alternate Quartet - Rainforest Rhumboogie
661.013STKAI2::PETERSENTue Apr 26 1994New jazz fan needs help with CD recordings
662.01CXCAD::BARRYFri Apr 29 1994SOP SAX VALUE ?
663.02TECRUS::ROSTWed May 18 1994Jazz Player Magazine
664.05AYRPLN::VENTURAWed May 18 19941994 Newport Jazz FEstival
665.0YAKNOW::ISABELLETue May 24 1994LP's for Sale
666.01TDCISA::ROACHFri Jun 03 1994Another one bites the proverbial dust
667.0EICMFG::AJKMon Jun 20 1994Nice (Cimiez) Jazz Festival
668.07KAORSC::R_HARPERFri Jul 08 1994how to start a jazz library
669.033Tue Jul 12 1994Boogie
670.03KAORSC::R_HARPERFri Jul 22 1994D.D. Jackson & Ottawa Jazz fest.
671.0EVOAI2::SECU_LDVTue Aug 02 1994Tabs for Bass
672.03GECMon Aug 08 1994Cincinnati Jazz
673.0TFH::RUGGTue Aug 09 1994FM Dial in Central MA
674.01AIMHI::KENNEYWed Aug 17 1994Great Time in Newport
675.02JUPITR::DERRICOJSun Aug 28 1994Hank Mobley
676.02CURRNT::PRIESTMon Sep 19 1994Lost the blues !
677.05CSLALL::FINN_BRFri Sep 30 1994Brecker Brothers in Boston
678.02ISTWI1::OZDOGANWed Oct 26 1994
679.02WAMMEY::NUCKLESThu Nov 17 1994Ebony Concerto - Goodman/Shostokovich
680.08HGRDMon Dec 12 1994Milt Jackson
681.04PDVTue Jan 03 1995St.James Infirmary
682.01SCHOOL::PEPEFri Jan 13 1995Horace Parlan is happening!
683.02OBSESS::JAYEMon Jan 16 1995Brazilian music
684.0AMCUCS::NUCKLESWed Jan 25 1995Blazing Redheads
685.031HGOVC::JEFFLUIFri Feb 17 1995Jazz in historical perspectives.
686.02WEORG::RICHTue Feb 21 1995Schedule for 1995 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest
687.03SIOG::OSULLIVAN_DThu Mar 16 1995Kenny Barron Trio
688.05TNPUBS::DIORIOThu Mar 23 1995Horace Silver
689.013TNPUBS::DIORIOThu Mar 23 1995Wynton Kelly
690.03TNPUBS::DIORIOThu Mar 23 1995Freddie Hubbard
691.04ESSB::JFOXTue Apr 04 1995Elizabeth Kamon
692.08CALDEC::NUCKLESWed Apr 05 1995Jacky Terrasson
693.07HANDVC::QAFri Apr 07 1995Bachmania !
694.0TNPUBS::DIORIOThu Apr 13 1995Joe Diorio
695.03CALDEC::NUCKLESThu Apr 13 1995Great names for groups...
696.01GLADYS::LEUNGMon Apr 24 1995Brazilian music www server site?
697.01OBSESS::JAYEMon Apr 24 1995Manga-Rosa
699.08EICMFG::AJKTue May 23 1995NEW home needed for JAZZ.NOTE
700.0EICMFG::AJKTue May 23 1995Alternative to a new home for JAZZ
701.0UFHIS::MDUTTON_COXTue Jun 06 1995Brecker Bros.
702.010QCAVWed Jun 07 1995Oldies .. such as Chacigo & BST..
703.07VYGER::HAMILTONSFri Jun 16 1995Anyone heard of Martin Taylor ?
704.07QCAVFri Jun 23 1995Christian Jazz Music
705.03JOBURG::HARRISSun Jun 25 1995Jazz hotspots of the world?
706.02PAOSUD::GODINMon Jun 26 1995Who knows "Caravan" by "The Ventures" ?
707.01STRATA::ADAMSMon Jun 26 19951995 Newport Jazz Festival
708.0BARSTR::DAGGWed Jul 05 1995Movies/Video
710.04POWDML::ROSENBERGMon Aug 14 1995Search for Lyrics
711.02CALDEC::NUCKLESWed Sep 13 1995Charlie Parker on CD
712.02GALVIA::JFEGANFri Oct 06 1995Big Band sheet music
713.01TNPUBS::PAINTERTue Oct 24 1995Michael Franks
714.0WARFUT::WILLOUGHBYDTue Dec 19 1995Any good jazz detectives out there heard of Buff's Blues ?
715.07HELIX::CLARKFri Jan 05 1996Jazz favorites '95
716.0CRONIC::PCUMMINGSSun Jan 07 1996Marcus Miller
717.02CRONIC::PCUMMINGSSat Jan 13 1996Regattabar lineup for 1996 (so far)
718.01BIS1::LANETue Jan 16 1996Musicians_uk still alive ???
719.02BIS1::LANEWed Jan 17 1996Sax embrochure query from beginner
720.04GAVEL::DAGGWed Jan 17 1996Bobby Hutcherson
721.09HELIX::WARNERMon Jan 22 1996Gerry Mulligan, R.I.P.
722.02HELIX::WARNERMon Feb 26 1996Alan Dawson, R.I.P.
723.06CSC32::D_DECKERMon Mar 25 1996'Giant Steps' solo transcipts?
724.06HELIX::CLARKTue Apr 09 1996Jazz samplers and compilations
725.017TNPUBS::DIORIOFri Apr 12 1996Boston Jazz
726.05HELIX::WARNERWed Apr 24 1996Straight, No Chaser" film
727.0PGREEN::FLINTMTue May 21 1996Positive Mindscape
728.0ASDG::ENGLANDThu May 23 19961996 Jazz at Sunset Series
729.09PGREEN::FLINTMThu May 23 1996JAZZ & HIP HOP
730.02CSC32::D_DECKERTue Jun 04 1996Recording LPs onto CD?
731.01MXOCMon Jun 10 1996Early Billy Cobham's recordings on CD?
732.0PGREEN::FLINTMWed Jun 12 1996renegade...
733.0KIDVAX::DESOURDISMon Jun 17 1996Ella Fitzgerald R.I.P.
734.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 15 1996CDS for Sale
735.0KAHLUA::PCUMMINGSTue Oct 29 1996Jazz @ the Colonial Inn in Concord
736.0SUPER::ST_ONGEThu Jan 02 1997Michael Brecker Tickets for Sale
736.0TOLKIN::RSPEARTue Dec 03 1996WOAZ Jazz Birthday Bash
737.01PTPMThu Jan 09 1997Soprano sax intonation
738.02CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Jan 13 1997Grammy's getting hipper ?
739.0HANDVC::STEVELIUSun Feb 09 1997Lalo Schifrin
740.04POWDML::VENTURATue May 13 1997Newport Jazz festival, 1997?
740.0NPSS::PEPEFri Feb 21 1997Lady Day @ Emerson's Bar & Grille!