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Conference ranger::usenet_pathworks

Title:Worldwide PATHWORKS Customer & Competitor Forum
Created:Mon Feb 14 1994
Last Modified:Thu Jan 09 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:5281
Total number of notes:15039
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1.04::Bill EvansMon Feb 14 1994Re: need info RE: DEPCA / NCSA Telnet
2.03::Bill EvansMon Feb 14 1994Re: LAT compatible parallel port on VAX
3.02::Bill EvansMon Feb 14 1994Re: Backup PCSAV41 Service
4.01::denholm@sotonaMon Feb 14 1994RE: Pathworks V5 and NCSA Telnet 327
5.04::Kurt KlingbeilMon Feb 14 1994Help with 3c5
6.0::Peter G DuckerMon Feb 14 1994printing on laserwriters
7.01::"davidMon Feb 14 1994RE:Guess what I got....
8.01::bottasini@cesiMon Feb 14 1994Redirecting COM1: on a terminal server port
9.0::meregalli@cesiMon Feb 14 1994FTP (Pathworks) transfers on a leased line
10.01::JimMon Feb 14 1994PW4.1 & MSW3.1 & Postscript printing - Reply
11.0::"Warford,Mon Feb 14 1994RE: Q: PW5.
12.02::JonMon Feb 14 1994RE: WordPerfect 5.1 printer selection
13.0::"GaryMon Feb 14 1994WordPerfect v5.1 printer selection
14.0::"GregMon Feb 14 1994Changing Password from MS/Windows
15.07::NickMon Feb 14 1994WFWG + PW + LAT
16.05::kurtMon Feb 14 19943COM 3C5
17.066::PaddyMon Feb 14 1994<None>
18.0::CraigMon Feb 14 1994WP51 DOS
19.0::JimMon Feb 14 1994Changing Password from MS/Windows - Reply
20.05::SystemMon Feb 14 1994PATHWORKS - Passwords, Backup, Mail Notification
21.06::Kevin HouleMon Feb 14 1994Re: Pathworks 5.
22.01::Kevin HouleMon Feb 14 1994Re: PW5 Client
23.01::GeoffMon Feb 14 1994Ehhanced Redirector Use command problems?
24.02::JimMon Feb 14 1994PATHWORKS - Passwords, Backup, Mail Notif - Reply
25.0::"MikeMon Feb 14 1994Pathworks 5 Today
26.07::William D. TaylorMon Feb 14 1994Re: Some first thoughts on PW 5
27.01::Mike McCartyMon Feb 14 1994Pathworks/Alpha vs Novell/Intel
28.01::Richard L. DysonMon Feb 14 1994Printing Msgs from within PW (v4.1) MAIL
29.01::Mike DurkinMon Feb 14 1994Merging a Pathworks-Mac Lan with a Novell Lan ?
30.0::AengusMon Feb 14 1994Re: Netbuie
31.01::David MathogMon Feb 14 1994PW/Mac, setting default form for generic queues?
32.03::PaulMon Feb 14 1994RE: TCP/IP and PW 5.
33.0::MariaMon Feb 14 1994Pathworks over dialup
34.0::NMon Feb 14 1994Kermit, LAT and script
35.04::KerryMon Feb 14 1994DOS 6.2 memmaker and startnet.
36.0::MarkMon Feb 14 1994RE: Pathworks 5 -- The Day After
37.0::"JorgeMon Feb 14 1994NW2.2 f/s, 3c5
38.0::MichaelMon Feb 14 1994Distribution Lists w/ Mail for Mac
39.01::TheMon Feb 14 1994Security for a computer lab...
40.0::PaulMon Feb 14 1994PWKS 5 / Netware
41.02::Stu MillerMon Feb 14 1994PW4.1 - FAXmodem off OS/2 server possible?
42.02::anos@elmrd6Mon Feb 14 1994Service denied ! Why ?
43.0::JimMon Feb 14 1994RE: Help with 3c5
44.0::Tammy GrantMon Feb 14 1994??NFS package thats compatible with PATHWORKS??
45.01::jasinski@dsnvx1Mon Feb 14 1994ambra/pathworks
46.04::Kevin GennusoMon Feb 14 1994Pathworks v5.
47.01::CraigMon Feb 14 19943C5
48.02::CraigMon Feb 14 1994EtherWorks III cards
49.0::"WMon Feb 14 1994PC Backup process & Share.exe
50.02::l_seibert@wrglexMon Feb 14 1994Repost:Pathorks Laser Printer Problem
51.0::WERTHMULLER@SIENAMon Feb 14 1994Files missing from PCSA fileservice v41 x\lmdos\netsrc\h\*
52.0::SystemMon Feb 14 1994ThinkPad 72
53.0::"UsaskMon Feb 14 1994RE: USE /SETDIR command
54.01::BryanMon Feb 14 1994Printing PCL and Postscript
55.06::Steve J HanselmanMon Feb 14 1994wfw 3.11 and remote boot PC's
56.01::"Warford,Mon Feb 14 1994RE: Pathworks v5.
57.02::CraigMon Feb 14 1994MAC PW
58.0::"DavidMon Feb 14 1994PW 5.
59.0::bachismMon Feb 14 1994HP LaserJet 4Si
60.02::Joanna Wolfe __ OxfordMon Feb 14 1994PATHWORKS 4.2 VMS, OS/2 2.1 and PATHWORKS CLIENT FOR OS/2 2.
61.011::JohnMon Feb 14 1994Pathworks 4.1 PC Mail problem
62.0::"GMon Feb 14 1994RE: Pathworks 4.1 PC Mail problem / MONOUMB2.386
63.06::Steve J HanselmanMon Feb 14 1994serving out an RRD42 from a VAX to pw/mac
64.0::GeoffMon Feb 14 1994RE: Mail not logging in.
65.01::Cheung C. YueMon Feb 14 1994Memory management with PW4.1 and WFW3.11
66.0::My name is...Mon Feb 14 1994Wants to buy VAX Server/Stations 31
67.01::JimMon Feb 14 1994RE: MAC PW - Reply
68.01::Bruce CookMon Feb 14 1994Contacting Dave Mitton
69.01::JoeMon Feb 14 1994Western Digital
70.0::sheak@mclMon Feb 14 1994Pathworks with Intel 16 TP
71.04::sphMon Feb 14 1994Pathworks 5.
72.06::"GaryMon Feb 14 1994Winsock
73.0::Vonk C.J.S.Mon Feb 14 1994Accessing VAX services from W4WG or NT
74.01::collins@aaMon Feb 14 1994Pathworks 5 WINSOCK.DLL Problems
75.01::Richard L. DysonMon Feb 14 1994HELP installing PW v5.
76.0::"CurtMon Feb 14 1994RAS
77.0::JimMon Feb 14 1994Winsock -Reply
78.01::Ebrahim KololliMon Feb 14 1994Pathworks Dial-in Project --HELP
79.0::PhilipMon Feb 14 1994PW/Mac print service & HP DeskJet 12
80.0::sthompson@ssdhvcMon Feb 14 1994Problems with Pathworks V5.
81.03::CDAZMon Feb 14 1994X DCAViewer refuses postscript option
82.01::tlw@mercuryMon Feb 14 1994Vax server performance/tuning
83.08::"JayMon Feb 14 1994subscribe
84.02::Dougal IngramMon Feb 14 1994Win 3.1 API calls in PCSA.DRV
85.07::Karen M. BourqueMon Feb 14 1994Calendar program?
86.0::JimWed Feb 16 1994RE: MAC PW - Reply - Reply
87.0::JimWed Feb 16 1994Winsock -Reply - Reply
88.0::CraigWed Feb 16 1994PW MAC update
89.01::JimWed Feb 16 1994Paused state for services under WFWG 3.1
90.0::jbos@msweWed Feb 16 1994library / API for Clipper5.2 and Pathworks?
91.02::"ProfWed Feb 16 1994Help with DE2
92.03::Ken BrownWed Feb 16 1994Q:how to move file services
93.02::Richard HuntingtonWed Feb 16 1994ODI drivers for the old (long) DEPCA cards
94.02::Vigen Samvelovich PogoWed Feb 16 1994eXceed, DECnet and TCP/IP
95.0::Mike StewartWed Feb 16 1994Unsupported Appletalk Utilities
96.05::JeffreyFri Feb 18 1994Re: TCPIP/LAT at same time
97.06::MarcusFri Feb 18 1994Pathworks 1.2 for MAC
98.04::Chad StrunkFri Feb 18 1994WFWG 3.11 & passwords
99.014::LucaFri Feb 18 1994pathworks for os/2
100.02::Don BondFri Feb 18 1994Print Queue Qualifiers being lost
101.03::"MikeFri Feb 18 1994Getting a 3c5
102.04::"ProfFri Feb 18 1994AppleTalk duplicate Zone
103.02::joseFri Feb 18 1994WINDOWS AND REMOTE BOOT
104.02::Robert A. FisherFri Feb 18 1994Re: Connecting an HP LJ IV to the net
105.0::TaFri Feb 18 1994PATHWORKS V5 License PAKS distribution
106.01::"TheodoreFri Feb 18 1994RE: Network Support Survey Results
107.07::LEWALL@AMOCO.COMFri Feb 18 1994Pathworks V5 Licensing...ALMOST!
108.0::Steve ReesFri Feb 18 1994Async DECnet to the AXP
109.0::FranciscoFri Feb 18 1994PCSA-E-NOACTCONMATCH
110.01::"DMESZZ@NSSEEFri Feb 18 1994Pathworks and compaq machine
111.0::m5713Fri Feb 18 1994Pathworks V5.
112.0::JuanManuel TeijidoSun Feb 20 1994Problems to print from NT to VAX
113.02::Rick DysonSun Feb 20 1994DWDOS Security and PWv5
114.07::OKALA@BROOKSun Feb 20 1994Pathworks Questions
115.0::bachismSun Feb 20 1994HP LaserJet Series II Printer & Blank Page
116.02::Mikael Sandquist,618Sun Feb 20 1994Winsockets for PW 4.1
117.01::system@cnuceSun Feb 20 1994Filename LENGTH
118.01::CraigSun Feb 20 1994PW5 DWDOS ans OSF/1
119.06::CraigSun Feb 20 1994PW and WIN clients
120.0::Richard L. DysonMon Feb 21 1994Anyone using DWDOS in PWv5
121.01::Ben A. Taylor, ComputeMon Feb 21 1994Connecting to LADCDs Via File Manager?
122.01::wilder@NSRSKEMon Feb 21 1994Problems with WFWG 3.11/PW 4.1/WINRCV
123.03::WittwerTue Feb 22 1994Compaq Notebook and Xircom Parallel Port Ethernet Adapter
124.0::Scott CarpenterTue Feb 22 1994Is vmsnet.networks.desktop.pathworks on a mailing list?
125.01::FranciscoTue Feb 22 1994Problem with: no active connection .....
126.0::Ben A. Taylor, ComputeTue Feb 22 1994clients exceed I/S 15
127.01::MarkTue Feb 22 1994525
128.01::Martin CarmichaelTue Feb 22 1994Licencing PathWorks 5.
129.01::Ciri Michael ATue Feb 22 1994PPD for DEC325
130.02::Vesa KirjavainenWed Feb 23 1994Pathworks FAQ?
131.0::Kee-Huat LimWed Feb 23 1994Help : Questions about PathWorks
132.03::Mike Davis, Chief of OWed Feb 23 1994PW DOS (4.1) & Stacker conflict?
133.03::DaleThu Feb 24 1994RE: Connecting to CDs
134.03::David FentonThu Feb 24 1994Pathworks/Win3.11 & computer / service names help
135.05::IRTThu Feb 24 1994unsubscribe
136.01::Don LevinsonThu Feb 24 1994DEC Printserver s/w for NT?
137.01::KyleThu Feb 24 1994Between unix and dos
138.05::"ProfThu Feb 24 1994LAD disfunctional.
139.01::Chad StrunkThu Feb 24 1994WFWG 3.11
140.01::crosby@keekThu Feb 24 1994Zero length files in pw 5.
141.010::"CharlesThu Feb 24 1994Windows 4.
142.01::"MarkThu Feb 24 1994Loading Pathworks Drivers in High Memory
143.01::MariaThu Feb 24 1994PW5 licences - the story continues...
144.0::MichielThu Feb 24 1994WPwin5.2 chopped printjobs
145.01::Cindy WindhamThu Feb 24 1994Connecting via CTERM
146.0::jrw@pslThu Feb 24 1994XView 3.
147.01::SparkyThu Feb 24 1994TCP/IP from Scratch
148.0::etxjesm@edsFri Feb 25 1994ProLinea Net1/25s ?
149.0::5Fri Feb 25 1994MAILworks, TeamRoute
150.01::"RobertFri Feb 25 1994signoff
151.01::MICHAELFri Feb 25 1994Lockups w/ New Remote Site through router
152.02::desroches@woodsFri Feb 25 1994Remote booting of Macs over ethernet?
153.0::Nancy GermainFri Feb 25 1994PATHWORKS Training Available From Digital
154.0::Les FlodrowskiFri Feb 25 1994CSLG Benefits Relating to Pathworks 5.
155.0::Frank L. SherwoodFri Feb 25 1994Paradox experiences on DEC Pathworks LAN?
156.06::919-541-3514Fri Feb 25 1994TCPIP without Pathworks
157.0::"RobFri Feb 25 1994Guess what I got in the mail today???
158.01::haldae@mailSat Feb 26 1994Printing problems from floppy
159.0::MichielSat Feb 26 1994PW44.1 and Pentium
160.01::Rupert Moss-EccardtSun Feb 27 1994Token Ring and Pathworks
161.06::Mark DeverSun Feb 27 1994What is pathworks
162.02::"Channel Energy"Mon Feb 28 1994eXcursions and Multinet
163.01::Andrew L. HansfordMon Feb 28 1994BUG? incorrect expansion of *.m
164.0::ccdkt@zippyMon Feb 28 1994Pathworks for OS/2, maxuser??
165.02::Dr. Andrew MuirMon Feb 28 1994PW 5.
166.05::crosby@keekMon Feb 28 1994Disk transfer failures
167.0::armand@bcvmsMon Feb 28 1994exchanging attachments with Pathworks Mail
168.05::sphMon Feb 28 1994PW5.
169.01::Mike McCormickMon Feb 28 1994How does one use packet shim, dis_pkt9.dos with WFW 3.11
170.0::cmmoloney@CCSTATMon Feb 28 1994Pathworks V5.
171.0::MichielMon Feb 28 1994RE: PW44.1 and Pentium
172.0::Chad StrunkMon Feb 28 1994Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and TCP/IP setup
173.02::Jay DavisTue Mar 01 1994DOS applications lock up from windows
174.01::CCS SystemsTue Mar 01 1994Location of the WFW3.11 files on Gatekeeper
175.01::bottasini@cesiTue Mar 01 1994Sharing a modem via LATCOM ?
176.0::SparkyTue Mar 01 1994THANX!-TCP/IP FROM SCRATCH
177.01::p_duperrex@decusTue Mar 01 1994problems with Quadra 84
178.03::Richard CasertaTue Mar 01 1994Laser Printers produce blank sheet at end-of-job--solutions?
179.0::Alaric S. HaagTue Mar 01 1994PW client install questions (semi-long)
180.01::mark@totaltecTue Mar 01 1994PathWorks 5.
181.0::"GTue Mar 01 1994RE: files not showing up with DIR command.
182.01::JohnTue Mar 01 1994Pathworks 5.
183.01::Per Steinar IversenWed Mar 02 1994What does READONLY mean?
184.01::dcb12Wed Mar 02 1994WFWG 3.11 And Pathworks
185.01::dcb12Wed Mar 02 1994Dell 32
186.01::"JEFFERYWed Mar 02 1994cc:mail with pathworks
187.0::m5713Wed Mar 02 1994NetWare integration
188.02::Alain MartineauWed Mar 02 1994Will V5 print to novell print servers ?
189.02::cooper@utsphWed Mar 02 1994NT and PCSA
190.03::JohnWed Mar 02 1994Pathworks 5.
191.08::IRTWed Mar 02 1994Please Unsubscribe
192.02"GWDGV1::MOELLER"Wed Mar 02 1994UCX REXEC vs. DWDOS386 using TCP/IP
193.0::Dougal IngramWed Mar 02 1994Help req'd with network setup Win 3.1
194.02::Unified InformationWed Mar 02 1994Excel 5.
195.0::h919Thu Mar 03 1994How can Pathworks 4.1 & Win NT coexist???
196.0::JoeThu Mar 03 1994RE: LAD dysfunctional.
197.0::trent trucksThu Mar 03 1994Editing Dnetwik.v41 to prompt for input in Netsetup?
198.02::SteveThu Mar 03 1994ATK$ programming interface to AppleTalk/VMS
199.01::"ProfThu Mar 03 1994LAD Disfunctional - update
200.01::Joao Fernando Cavaco RThu Mar 03 1994PW4.1 and CMUTEK/IP 6.6-2
201.0::JoelThu Mar 03 1994Pathworks vs. WfWG
202.014::"ArlenThu Mar 03 1994Mac Pathworks Apps
203.0::DanFri Mar 04 1994PWRKS VMS/VAX V5.
204.01::"ralphFri Mar 04 1994Upgrading MS-DOS
205.05::"CurtFri Mar 04 1994Bookreader on a PC
206.01::Your Name HereFri Mar 04 1994Not Upgrading to PW5.
207.01::Dr. Andrew MuirFri Mar 04 1994mail options
208.0::JimFri Mar 04 1994Upgrading MS-DOS -Reply
209.0::"DavidFri Mar 04 1994Pathworks V5.
210.0::"ralphFri Mar 04 1994FWD: Your subscription to list LANWORKS
211.0::MariaFri Mar 04 1994this is what I got when I subscribed....
212.0::"GFri Mar 04 1994WP INFORMS in Pathworks/VMS environment
213.0::Sean M. SheilSat Mar 05 1994Questions about EDExpress software
215.0::Donald NealSun Mar 06 1994Pathworks v5 servers out there?
216.02::JimMon Mar 07 1994RE: Please Unsubscribe -Reply
217.010::Kevin WeinrichMon Mar 07 1994Is PW 5.
218.01::elizabeth wordenMon Mar 07 1994Problem with Mac SE/3
219.02::"MarcTue Mar 08 1994Archie
220.0::JohnTue Mar 08 1994What is wrong?
221.0::dcb12Tue Mar 08 1994Browsing Pathwork Services From WFWG 3.11
222.0::"MiguelTue Mar 08 1994DBMS for Novell Networks
223.02::MariaTue Mar 08 1994corrupted file on file service
224.0::Paul MurphyTue Mar 08 1994DECUS '94/New Orleans - Managing Complexity
225.0::Cindy WindhamTue Mar 08 1994TK5
226.01::PhilTue Mar 08 1994Pathworks for OSF V1.2 and NIS
227.01::Ravind SinghTue Mar 08 1994printer services and de2
228.0::Nick de SmithWed Mar 09 1994NetBIOS server programming...
229.01::arv7823@GGRWed Mar 09 1994Mac printing to QMS PS815
230.0::IRTThu Mar 10 1994Unsubscribe, please
231.02::Jonathan M KlimanThu Mar 10 1994WFW3.11+Pathworks 4.1 + DE2
232.05::jensen@ilpThu Mar 10 1994Volumes appearing in Chooser take forever
233.0::collins@aaThu Mar 10 1994PW5 and Winsock.dll patch from DEC
234.0::ccgbnThu Mar 10 1994Campus solution
235.02::David MathogThu Mar 10 1994Xserver performance on PCs vs. Xterms?
236.01::CraigFri Mar 11 1994PW5 & Internet
237.016::Gent HitoFri Mar 11 1994Network modem
238.0::mooreej%frgenFri Mar 11 1994DNP switches in PW OS/2?
239.02::Rainer WittmannFri Mar 11 1994Help needed. DECNET.386 & DECNB.386 for WfW 3.11
240.02::MaxSat Mar 12 1994Pathworks 4.1 and remote boot using EtherWorks 3 board
241.03::JimSun Mar 13 1994Slow USE command
242.0::Sergio MafraSun Mar 13 1994Pathworks List Server???
243.08::michael@ordinatorSun Mar 13 1994Help with CD-rom connection, please
244.02::Carlo TerlizziSun Mar 13 1994PATHWORKS vs. Novell in WAN performance
245.0::Dr. Andrew MuirMon Mar 14 1994advice: PW and peer to peer
246.01::CraigMon Mar 14 1994PW4 file services
247.02::TomMon Mar 14 1994Problems with Pathworks and Adaptec SCSI driver & Seagate SCSI drive
248.02::Pete JagarajMon Mar 14 1994Problem with network printing
249.08::JoeMon Mar 14 1994Ethernet addresses from DECnet address.
250.0::Dr. Andrew MuirMon Mar 14 1994remote control for PW
251.09::wilder@NSRSKEMon Mar 14 1994Pathworks Server for Intel NTAS
252.06::Joseph SlaterMon Mar 14 1994Problem changing DECnet node number PW V5 DOS client
253.0::EGGERMon Mar 14 1994Mailcheck from C Program
254.07::DanMon Mar 14 1994RE: CD-ROMS
255.03::JohnMon Mar 14 1994Pathworks for MAC and a Centris
256.04::"RobertMon Mar 14 1994PW Mac & PowerMac
257.01::CraigMon Mar 14 1994Alpha NTAS product
258.01::"GregoryMon Mar 14 1994Newest version of LAT.EXE
259.01::JohnTue Mar 15 1994More Pathworks for Mac Problems
260.03::"ProfTue Mar 15 1994PW 5.
261.01::haapanen@niiniTue Mar 15 1994STI Browser: e-mail/gopher/news/ftp for PW4
262.03::JimTue Mar 15 1994Re: Slow USE command -Reply
263.04::Chris McNeilTue Mar 15 1994Printing solutions wanted
264.02::"JimWed Mar 16 1994Moving files from Mac to DOS
265.03::Spaceman SpiffWed Mar 16 1994EMSLOAD and Pathworks
266.011::HAZEN@WISCAGEWed Mar 16 1994Re: eXcursion
267.0::JohnWed Mar 16 1994Pathworks and Centris Problem resolved
268.05::"JimWed Mar 16 1994DEC Etherworks NICs and Gateway 2
269.0::JohnThu Mar 17 1994Pathworks Printer Keeps Stalling
270.05::"AlanThu Mar 17 1994Pathworks and Stacker ver 4.
271.01::brian_u@hnlv4Thu Mar 17 1994SQL server on pathworks server
272.01::2Fri Mar 18 1994VT32
273.02::GeoffFri Mar 18 1994Mac Tcpip issues and questions.
274.0::WERTHMULLER@SIENAFri Mar 18 1994PathWrks MAC mail Latest version? problems with long Distributionlists.
275.0::unFri Mar 18 1994PW 4.1, WFW 3.11, & Z-NOTE HELP??
276.03::SamFri Mar 18 1994Running PathWorks Version 5.
277.03::BryanFri Mar 18 1994NetBios, Netbeui, and IPX.
278.04::LarryFri Mar 18 1994Print jobs hanging
279.03::2Fri Mar 18 1994How to share a LPT port via LAT
280.05::MarcusFri Mar 18 1994File size =
281.01::HelenFri Mar 18 1994Pathworks and the PowerPC
282.010::Erik HatcherSun Mar 20 1994Pathworks and NT?
283.0::"GregorySun Mar 20 1994Windows for Workgoups
284.0::Roberto FloresMon Mar 21 199456K vs T1
285.01::Han HungMon Mar 21 1994Help w/ PW 4.11 and Routers
286.02::GaiaMon Mar 21 1994Windows 4 WorkGroups 3.11 and Pathworks
287.0::S|renMon Mar 21 1994Re: How to run ODBC apps to Rdb?
288.011::Rainer WittmannTue Mar 22 1994Another question on Pathworks 4.1a and WfW 3.11
289.07::CraigTue Mar 22 1994WFWG 3.11 and PW4.1
290.02::"JimTue Mar 22 1994Pathworks 4.1 Client and DOS 6.2 Doublespace
291.0::CraigTue Mar 22 1994WFWG & PW4.1
292.0::kov@eikvx1Tue Mar 22 1994LinkWorks programming info pse.!
293.01::arv7823@GGRTue Mar 22 1994PATHWORKS v4.2-1 on Alpha AXp
294.01::Kevin KrelwitzTue Mar 22 1994Problems with VT32
295.0::Miguel ParraTue Mar 22 1994problem Pathworks 3.X and Dos 6.2.
296.0::chunga@randTue Mar 22 1994WFWG3.11 on PathworksV4.1
297.0::"ralphTue Mar 22 1994Log Files
298.01::JonTue Mar 22 1994Using a LATASYNC served modem with VMS C-Kermit
299.0::David FentonTue Mar 22 1994WFWG3.11 Pathworks 4.1 & Shared Services??
300.03::Carl KarcherTue Mar 22 1994PCMCIA ethernet cards for PW V5/NDIS
301.07::system@DFWVX1Tue Mar 22 1994Roving Pc and Pathworks
302.02::Mike MarakWed Mar 23 1994DWDOSx86 help needed.
303.0::DianthaWed Mar 23 1994National Semiconductor PCMCIA card in Gateway Colorbook
304.0::GeoffWed Mar 23 1994Mac pathworks and Power Mac
305.0::BruceWed Mar 23 1994Large Pathworks WordPerfect Office Sites
306.01::mcmahon@cad3Wed Mar 23 1994Accessing a DAT from PW and Alphas
307.02::Jonathan M KlimanWed Mar 23 1994More Problems with Windows for Workgrps 3.11
308.02::Mike Kibler - EE/ME 12Wed Mar 23 1994Pathworks 4.1 Compatible Winsock
309.0::"GregoryWed Mar 23 1994Windows for Workgroups, need help
310.08::elizabeth wordenThu Mar 24 1994Mac SE/3
311.01::HelenThu Mar 24 19944.1 clients and 4.2 server
312.02::NThu Mar 24 1994InfoServer 1
313.0::Mike Davis, Chief of OThu Mar 24 1994Lan Manager Domain security compatibility w/ Pathworks
314.03::laurent@utxvmsThu Mar 24 1994TCP/IP
315.01::Cosi PieroFri Mar 25 1994wfw311+pw4.1a LAT ans SETHOST problem
316.0::"JimFri Mar 25 1994Windows 3.1 Setup and Pathworks 4.1
317.02::SystemFri Mar 25 1994How do I remove users file services?
318.0::CHRISTOPHER MCLAUGHLINFri Mar 25 1994Setup of WinQVT/Net v3.9 under WFW311 using TCP/IP
319.02::bachismFri Mar 25 1994Pathworks 5.
320.01::D5Fri Mar 25 1994Netware VLM's and Pathworks 5.
321.0::ccmshiu@usthkFri Mar 25 1994Help with DLL API
322.03::snf_ck@debetFri Mar 25 1994Problems with EtherLink III and PW4.
323.05::"ArlenFri Mar 25 1994Gateway colorbook NIC's
324.010::Vernon Van SteenkistSun Mar 27 19944.1 vs. 5.
325.01::Mark KostenSun Mar 27 1994Packet driver NDIS shim & PWv5?
326.03::TimSun Mar 27 1994Pathworks/Mac fileserver volume "messed up" - Help!
327.0::Brian McMahonMon Mar 28 1994Can a SCSI tape be shared on PW4.1?
328.06::Don KatzMon Mar 28 1994Disk caching programs for caching of network drives
329.0::Ben A. Taylor, ComputeMon Mar 28 1994What counts as a session w/PCSA server??
330.0::Miguel ParraMon Mar 28 1994[Q] Is there any incompatibility betwen pathwoks 4.
331.01::mark@totaltecMon Mar 28 1994PW V5 Domain Help Needed !!!!
332.02::mark@totaltecMon Mar 28 1994PWV5 client setup help needed !!!!
333.0::Chris McNeilMon Mar 28 1994Pathworks server of OSF/1
334.09::HelenTue Mar 29 1994UPGRADE TO 4.2 PROBLEMS
335.020::Dr. Andrew MuirTue Mar 29 1994PW5 and W4W3.11
336.0::CHRISTOPHER MCLAUGHLINTue Mar 29 1994New elnk3.dos driver for WFW3.11
337.0::CraigTue Mar 29 1994IBM ISA ethernet cards
338.01::DianthaTue Mar 29 1994Gateway colorbook NIC's -- SOLVED
339.02::Tony KaczmarekTue Mar 29 1994Help! Group File Error!
340.0::MICHAELTue Mar 29 1994Pathwrksv4.1 (VMS) & NetWarev3.12
341.04::Per HogstedtTue Mar 29 1994Q: InfoServer, LAST, CD-jukeboxes et.c.
342.01::Rick BaseleyTue Mar 29 1994Printing using DEC Pathworks spooler prob
343.01::JimTue Mar 29 1994Pathworks 4.1 Client and DOS 6.2 Doublesp
344.01::JimTue Mar 29 1994Re: Print jobs hanging -Reply
345.0::MikeWed Mar 30 1994Pathworks on Alphas?
346.0::MariaWed Mar 30 1994Excursion registration
347.03::Keith LovattWed Mar 30 1994WFW 3.11 + PW 4.1 as a server
348.0::postma@inlandWed Mar 30 1994DEC/PC Integration advice sought
349.0::CraigThu Mar 31 1994NTAS Alpha Server
350.01::GeoffThu Mar 31 1994Pw 5.
351.02::"ProfThu Mar 31 1994CSLG VMS license for VAXstations
352.0::Mike & ChaseThu Mar 31 1994mosaic
353.01::Bruce KleinThu Mar 31 1994Netware version of Pathworks
354.01::Gary A. FoleyThu Mar 31 1994EWorks3T
355.0::A. Andrew BrennanFri Apr 01 1994DW386 - cut&paste between sessions?
356.04::dvwoodall@tayloruFri Apr 01 1994A little question about eXcursion v1.2
357.05::DanFri Apr 01 1994PC Mail
358.01::JimFri Apr 01 1994Re: Print jobs hanging -Reply - Reply
359.02::MikeFri Apr 01 1994PW 4.x on OpenVMS Alpha
360.03::"JudyFri Apr 01 1994PW DECnet --> PW TCP/IP
361.01::"GregFri Apr 01 1994Stop/Restart Remote Booting
362.0::R C McIntyreFri Apr 01 1994performance query
363.0::"AndrewFri Apr 01 1994Idiot mailer/gateway explosion?
364.0::A. Andrew BrennanSat Apr 02 1994(brain-dead) gateway to LANWORKS?
365.02::"MarcSat Apr 02 1994IS LANSWORKS on USENET?
366.0::Avis SomervilleSat Apr 02 1994PATHWORKS Courses From Digital Learning Services
367.0::JimSun Apr 03 1994Pathworks and Oracle
368.0::Spaceman SpiffSun Apr 03 1994PWV5
369.0::MIAOH@RETEXSun Apr 03 1994Is there an FAQ?
370.0::Allen J MichielsenSun Apr 03 1994CNY-LUG DECUS All Day Technical Seminar
371.03::Steven J WiencekMon Apr 04 1994Teamlinks
372.0::dnight@husc15Mon Apr 04 1994MS Enh. Redirector Dual TCPIP/DECNET names
373.05::"JudyMon Apr 04 1994PW for Machintosh questions
374.01::HelenMon Apr 04 1994Can create a file but not a directory
375.01::"RobertMon Apr 04 1994Old Mail
376.04::"ralphMon Apr 04 1994Re: Old Mail - Reply
377.07::BryanMon Apr 04 1994Re: Local printer performance.
378.0::41Tue Apr 05 1994Pathworks Servers
379.01::Tobias SvanstroemTue Apr 05 1994Connect a modem/FAX-modem via LAT???
380.04::hageman@jhunixTue Apr 05 1994Winsock and Pathworks over TCP/IP
381.02::Vince LaurentTue Apr 05 1994X Windows Emulations
382.05::Mark GriffinTue Apr 05 1994Will Pathworks work with NFS
383.01::Michael A. CrowleyTue Apr 05 1994dis_pkt,wfwg+pathworks: how to install
384.0::Mike DarenWed Apr 06 1994Configuration of WFWG 3.11, PC-NFS 5.
385.0::Mikael Sandquist,618Wed Apr 06 1994How to get rid of %username in USE /LIST
386.01::Marc J. MassWed Apr 06 1994DEC EISA network card
387.0::geray@ecsWed Apr 06 1994V5 and V4 servers simultaneous access
388.03::SamWed Apr 06 1994Is PathWorks 4.1 compatible with OpenVMS6.
389.0::JoeWed Apr 06 1994Re: PW 4.x on OpenVMS AXP
390.01::PatrickWed Apr 06 1994Mail & Broadcast questions (tcp/ip PW4.1)
391.02::Darryl FriesenWed Apr 06 1994Anyone doing eXcursion over MS TCP-32?
392.0::Franklin K. SalimThu Apr 07 1994PC - HP9
393.02::"GregoryThu Apr 07 1994Protocol.ini
394.01::Montu ChadhaThu Apr 07 1994Autoapp v.7 newer version wanted
395.0::lannie@insThu Apr 07 1994PW Print Queue problems
396.01::dvwoodall@tayloruThu Apr 07 1994OSI for Pathworks?
397.02::jkerr@wvnvmsThu Apr 07 1994New decnet area questions
398.0::csFri Apr 08 1994WP Presentations GP Fault
399.05::Eric JorgensenFri Apr 08 1994>>> TINY INTERNET SURVEY <<<
400.01::SamFri Apr 08 1994Is PathWorks version 4.1-1 compatible with VMS 6.
402.0::paulingMon Apr 11 1994Mail notification problem
403.01::"RobMon Apr 11 1994Upgrade question.
404.0::arv7823@GGRMon Apr 11 1994MS Access and write-behind caching
405.0::Kevin H. Hunt x7343Mon Apr 11 1994Mac diskservice on Sun drive with multinet TCPIP
406.01::CraigMon Apr 11 1994Alpha AXP Pathworks
407.07::MarcusMon Apr 11 1994GATEWAY KEYBOARD
408.0::MarkMon Apr 11 1994Remote Communications Software
409.03::MariaMon Apr 11 1994strange Windows
410.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYMon Apr 11 1994oopss
411.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYMon Apr 11 1994Re: Gateway kybd
412.01::SystemMon Apr 11 1994Desktop Backup Question
413.02::MariaMon Apr 11 1994DE2
414.01::BryanMon Apr 11 1994Shared printer performance
415.0::"GregoryMon Apr 11 1994Pathworks, WFW3.11, and a Xircom w/ppx
416.02::DavidMon Apr 11 1994Network Caches - CacheAll
417.0::WittwerMon Apr 11 1994PW 4.1 and LPS17
418.02::bachismMon Apr 11 1994Pathwork for Macintosh (AXP)
419.0::CraigMon Apr 11 1994Server question
420.0::JimMon Apr 11 1994strange Windows - Reply
421.0::JimMon Apr 11 1994WP Presentations GP Fault - Reply
422.04::SystemMon Apr 11 1994Pathworks and Macintosh's
423.0::DavidMon Apr 11 1994netroom memory manager with pathworks
424.02::Per HogstedtMon Apr 11 1994Broadcasts to PW/Mac?
425.04::Laurence CanterWed Apr 13 1994Green Card Lottery- Final One?
426.0::Steve ReesWed Apr 13 1994BROWSELM.DLL causing GP Fault in Progman
427.01::"DonnaWed Apr 13 1994Lotus v2.4 and PATHWORKS
428.07::DAVID DERBYWed Apr 13 1994PW 5.
429.0::ccgbnWed Apr 13 1994W4WKG3.11 + Netware 3.12 + PWKS 4.1
430.07::"CurtWed Apr 13 1994Re: Products removed from CSLG
431.0::"GaryWed Apr 13 1994PowerMacs
432.01::Gregory J. DonaldsonWed Apr 13 1994PW V5.
433.02::Larry SternWed Apr 13 1994connecting a LPS17 DecPrinter to Pathworks for Mac
434.04::CraigWed Apr 13 1994WFWG311/PW4/WINSOCK
435.0::FatherWed Apr 13 1994Version dependencies??
436.01::Linh C. TranWed Apr 13 1994PC displays double directories
437.01::arv7823@GGRThu Apr 14 1994PATHWORKS for Windows NT skips again
438.0::Mark WaltherThu Apr 14 1994Digital and Pathworks for NT
439.01::JoeThu Apr 14 1994Connection problem.
440.03::"TerryThu Apr 14 1994PW5.
441.0::sajidThu Apr 14 1994Re: ** Announcing a new MultiMedia list .. All welcome **
442.02::mark@totaltecThu Apr 14 1994LATCOM help needed
443.01::bleau@umdspThu Apr 14 1994Multiple Pathworks(Mac) running?
444.029::MichaelThu Apr 14 1994TCP/IP vs. DECNET
445.0::JimThu Apr 14 1994Lotus v2.4 and PATHWORKS - Reply
446.05::"DThu Apr 14 1994Pathworks - Net BIOS-compatible???
447.04::DennisThu Apr 14 1994PATHWORK V5.
448.01::R C McIntyreThu Apr 14 1994Configuration to large for memory
449.03::Daniel L MorganThu Apr 14 1994NFT performance
450.0::JamesThu Apr 14 1994Pathworks for TCP/IP /Chameleon/WFWG/Winsock
451.0::JimThu Apr 14 1994Re: Green Card Lottery- Final One? - Reply
452.01::RalphThu Apr 14 1994PC-Mail and Port Printer
453.04::"DThu Apr 14 1994FOXPRO ON PATHWORKS
454.08::"GThu Apr 14 1994Re: ? PW4 and PW5 servers running at same time in a VMScluster
455.0::CraigThu Apr 14 1994WFWG311/PW41/WINSOCK followup
456.0::"LisaFri Apr 15 1994Subscribe Lisa Yetto
457.07::zcookbruc@ccFri Apr 15 1994Sharing serial printers !
458.0::6Fri Apr 15 1994Running 4.1 and 5.
459.01::EDFROMNJ@DELPHI.COMFri Apr 15 1994Binary file FTP problem
460.0::JenettSat Apr 16 1994Gateway Pentiums
461.02::SystemSun Apr 17 1994How do you backup PCs connect with Pathworks?
462.0::JimSun Apr 17 1994FOXPRO ON PATHWORKS - Reply
463.03::Rick DysonSun Apr 17 1994DECpc XL 66DX2 & PW (v5.
464.01::GeoffSun Apr 17 1994Moving Files from PW(mac) & PW(dos) file service to VMS??
465.0::WittwerSun Apr 17 1994LPS17 and Pathworks 4.1
466.05::Dougal IngramMon Apr 18 1994WFWG 3.11 Pathworks 4.1 problems
467.04::NeohMon Apr 18 1994Need Help On Permit
468.0::AndreaMon Apr 18 1994Pathworks & NFS
469.02::JimMon Apr 18 1994Re: PW 5.
470.02::"MarkMon Apr 18 1994Loading Pathworks V4.1 High.
471.01::JimMon Apr 18 1994DECpc XL 66DX2 & PW (v5.
472.01::MariaMon Apr 18 1994Novell, DE2
473.01::"ShaunMon Apr 18 1994DEC 466 pc & mscdex/pathworks
474.0::JimMon Apr 18 1994Need Help On Permit - Reply
475.05::PonderousMon Apr 18 1994DECnet to DECnet/OSI question
476.01::R. JanzenMon Apr 18 1994Pathworks for NetWare Questions:
477.01::"KarenMon Apr 18 1994Mac - probs switching between localtalk and ethernet
478.0::1.7fMon Apr 18 1994Change in your host server for list LANWORKS
479.01::lannie@insWed Apr 20 1994Modem access via Network
480.0::MOTTM@AAFri Apr 22 1994WFW, PWV5
481.01::Paul P. Demediuk 314-3Fri Apr 22 1994WFW.311 and DLLNDIS
482.01::Carl KarcherFri Apr 22 1994PWV5
483.06::Ben A. Taylor, ComputeFri Apr 22 1994How to compress for PCSA mail clients??
484.012::DanFri Apr 22 1994Re: Problems with printing Postscript
485.010::Blair NowakowskyFri Apr 22 1994Pathworks 5.
486.01::Charles A. LieschFri Apr 22 1994just a test
487.0::TomFri Apr 22 1994wfw3.11 copy problems across WAN
488.01::dvwoodall@tayloruFri Apr 22 1994SETHOST and the PC's keypad
490.0::JamesSun Apr 24 1994Pathworks and PPP
491.0::Lutz MartenSun Apr 24 1994Passwords after upgrade to V5.
492.01::Lutz MartenSun Apr 24 1994Volumesets and PathWorks V5.
493.01::JimSun Apr 24 1994WFW, PWV5
494.0::Robert C GouldSun Apr 24 1994Pathworks vs. PowerBook 165c
495.01::Dr. Andrew MuirSun Apr 24 1994help with use command
496.01::Don KatzSun Apr 24 1994(PW4.1) PCFS_SERVER gets hosed when 2 clients are xcopy-ing. Why?
497.0::Robert KNOTEKSun Apr 24 1994Were is compuserve mirror on gatekepper.dec.com
498.04::GeoffSun Apr 24 1994PW DOS MAIL AND NO MESSAGE BODY SENT?
499.02::NSun Apr 24 1994Virtual Microsystems
500.01::"Channel Energy"Sun Apr 24 1994eXcursions and other TCP/IP
501.0::bottasini@cesiSun Apr 24 1994DECnet for Windows NT ?
502.06::DanSun Apr 24 1994Microsoft Access and RDB
503.033::Nathan EppSun Apr 24 1994Pathworks for NT
504.01::farleySun Apr 24 1994Pathworks V5.
505.0::DLARSON@WLCVM2Sun Apr 24 1994PWV5
506.0::"JerrySun Apr 24 1994Allin1 conversions
507.02::Maurik HoltropSun Apr 24 1994MS 32-bit TCP/IP and PAthworks 5
508.0::Linh C. TranSun Apr 24 1994Help with choosing an Email package...
509.08::Dr. Andrew MuirSun Apr 24 1994latcom.sys?
510.01::Mike Davis, Chief of OSun Apr 24 1994N-up printing under MSA
511.03::JimSun Apr 24 1994eXcursions and other TCP/IP - Reply
512.0::awk1Sun Apr 24 1994WFWG 3.11 and PW4.1 Winrcv not working.
513.01::Kumar Pawa Sun Apr 24 1994Pathworks on a Power MAC/PC with Insignia's SoftPC.
514.02::"GSun Apr 24 1994MAIL PRINT command not sending form-feed
515.04::TomMon Apr 25 1994TK5
516.0::cooper@utsphTue Apr 26 1994Q: Where/when will the WFW3.11 and PW5
517.0::Your Name HereTue Apr 26 1994Final Answer: PW4.2 & PW5.
518.01::Avis SomervilleTue Apr 26 1994PATHWORKS Courses Available Through June 3
519.05::Walt Neilson Tue Apr 26 1994Problem sharing Excel files between Mac's and Pc's
520.01::Vince LaurentTue Apr 26 1994LAT for Netware vs. TCP/IP
521.0::cantrell@ctrvaxTue Apr 26 1994MAILbus Postmaster for LANs/WANs
522.01::edb_egil@debetTue Apr 26 1994VMS UAF -> LM2.2 UAS -> NTAS UAS
523.04::Tim StephenTue Apr 26 1994Windows NT & PW5.
524.01::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYTue Apr 26 1994redir for dos 6?
525.0::BobTue Apr 26 1994Pathworks vs. Macintosh PowerBook 165c
526.07::"DTue Apr 26 1994PWRKS over ASYNC DECNET
527.03::peregrin@husc15Tue Apr 26 1994SETHOST IP name truncation
528.03::Mike McCormickTue Apr 26 1994Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and PW 4.1: Win Receiver not working
529.02::"SuzanTue Apr 26 1994communications tools for Macintosk
530.0::Craig BuchananWed Apr 27 1994Need advise on capacity of 31
531.0::Lutz MartenWed Apr 27 1994BUG in ADMIN /PATH interface !
532.02::DanWed Apr 27 1994PW V5.
533.04::DavidWed Apr 27 1994Re: Problems with v5.
534.01::IWed Apr 27 1994Mixed Pathworks - LANManager working - Licencing issues
535.0::bachismWed Apr 27 1994PW 5.
536.01::Ed WiltsWed Apr 27 1994NFS vs Pathworks?
537.02::JamesWed Apr 27 1994AT Widewriter 36
538.0::JenettWed Apr 27 1994PATHWORKS v5.
539.01::MichaelWed Apr 27 1994Visual Basic, RDB, and Pathworks
540.03::Chris BaldwinWed Apr 27 1994LAT for free???
541.09::Gordon SibbaldWed Apr 27 1994Pathworks 5.
542.0::Helmut TimmermannsWed Apr 27 1994Q: Is this news group available via LISTSERVER ?
543.02::Dr. Andrew MuirWed Apr 27 1994de1
544.05::"MarkWed Apr 27 1994Intel EtherExpress LAN Adapter Cards
545.01::MICHAELWed Apr 27 1994PCSA41 and NetWare v3.12 Coexistence (How?)
546.04::bachismWed Apr 27 1994Pathworks 5.
547.0::PostmasterThu Apr 28 1994Problem with DE2
548.0::JohnThu Apr 28 1994PW 5.
549.01::JohnThu Apr 28 1994PATHWORKS for ISDN
550.0::vore_s@wsa1Thu Apr 28 1994PWv5.
551.01::Helmut TimmermannsThu Apr 28 1994Networked modem: unable to d'load files
552.02::Eric von DaenikenThu Apr 28 1994PW5: TCP/IP and LAT?
553.047::Nigel CursonThu Apr 28 1994Pathworks 1.*/2.*????
554.0::bachismThu Apr 28 1994CDROMS and Pathworks 5.
555.0::JimThu Apr 28 1994WFWG 3.11 and PW4.1 Winrcv not working. - Reply
556.0::vore_s@wsa1Thu Apr 28 1994WFWG 3.11 & PWv5 Intrem Kit Available
557.0::Steve J. SchmidhauserThu Apr 28 1994Pathworks for VMS(MAC) printer dies?
558.0::Gregory J. DonaldsonThu Apr 28 1994PW 5.
559.0::JimThu Apr 28 1994Re: PW 5.
560.01::bachismThu Apr 28 1994Mosaic & PW 5.
561.03::JohnThu Apr 28 1994Problems with LaserWrieter IINT
562.0::HelenThu Apr 28 1994Pathworks winsock and MacHTTP WWW Server
563.0::"FrankThu Apr 28 1994How do I created/get a Common Disk area?
564.0::"EThu Apr 28 1994Laptops/portable serial printers
565.04::"FrankThu Apr 28 1994How do I create/get a commaon disk area for USE in PW4.1
566.03::Bill BameFri Apr 29 1994Getting LATCOM to work?
567.01::kamrulSat Apr 30 1994XNS or DNP ?
568.01::Marc TisseurSun May 01 1994CTERM disabling ^X in SETHOST
569.01::Douglas W. O'NealSun May 01 1994strange problem with mail under DOS Pathworks
570.03::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYSun May 01 1994Lotus Notes and Pathworks
571.02::mtopliff@pimaccMon May 02 1994WhizKid software and Pathworks
572.02::bachismMon May 02 1994PWV5
573.01::cooper@utsphMon May 02 1994Q: PWV5
574.01::Jay A. DavisMon May 02 1994Second try. Trouble w/ DOS apps and PW5.
575.0::ArtTue May 03 1994Difficulty installing Pathworks 4.1 on WFWG 3.11
576.02::BarbaraTue May 03 1994ZMODEM
577.07::smith@amigoTue May 03 1994Q. CD served from Pathworks/VMS
578.0::sysrose@daemonTue May 03 1994Pathworks V4.1, WFWg V3.11 and LAT Problems
579.03::DennisTue May 03 1994Pathworks v5.
580.02::"Mike Hardcastle"Tue May 03 1994Old DEPCA mouse - Is it PS/2 compatible
581.03::Maurik HoltropTue May 03 1994??? Pathworks 5.
582.0::Richard M. KaytonTue May 03 1994Databases & Pathworks
583.0::AriTue May 03 1994Why does ESS$LADCP say DEVINACT when we try to set the cache?
584.01::Mark BervanakisTue May 03 1994PATHWORKS NEED -H E L P-
585.0::"ETue May 03 1994DOS/MAC hardware
586.05::PatrickWed May 04 1994File date problem (DOS PW4.1/5.
587.0::"MikeWed May 04 1994VMI maintenance contracts query from a fellow customer
588.06::Daniel MonjarWed May 04 1994Pathworks 5.
589.04::lloyd@lslWed May 04 1994PW and V. Large Files
590.01::Dr. Andrew MuirWed May 04 1994modem service?
591.0::bachismWed May 04 1994Internet Access in Bologna, Italy
592.07::DennisWed May 04 1994Re: Unsupported Windows Mail Client
593.0::Carl KarcherWed May 04 1994Can PWSETUP not trash the network startup commands?
594.08::Jay A. DavisWed May 04 1994DSNLINK
595.02::Kevin WeinrichWed May 04 1994Can a PW5 client "use" a disk "permit"ted by a PW4 PC?
596.0::CDARR%SIOUX@EPAVAXWed May 04 1994PW5 & QEMM
597.0::Carl RozemaWed May 04 1994How can I get the drivers for a WD8
598.01::"MarkWed May 04 1994Intel EtherExpress cards ...
599.02::"Channel Energy"Thu May 05 1994Whilst installing Mosaic [Qs]: Ghostscript/view, eXcursions, Patch
600.0::JerryThu May 05 1994upgrading to v5
601.01::Henrik WengholtThu May 05 1994PW 4.1 to 5.
602.01::Jamshed B. GhandhiThu May 05 1994LaserWriter 8.1.1 and Pathworks
603.0::Eberhard Heuser-HofmanMon May 09 1994Local Bus PC + EtherWorks 3 Turbo Problem.
604.01::Alan FoxMon May 09 1994PW 5.
605.0::"KevinMon May 09 1994Self-extracting DSNLINK file
606.0::mcharchuk@galaxyMon May 09 1994Migration PW4.1(VMS) to PW5.
607.02::CHERRYMon May 09 1994Pathworks 4.2 server bottlenecks?
608.06::dvwoodall@tayloruMon May 09 1994Problems with eXcursion under Pathworks 5
609.0::"GregMon May 09 1994MS-Mail/Pathworks/Disk Quota
610.01::Hans AusMon May 09 1994MS-Dos equivalent of MacTerm on CONDIST Pathworks?
611.0::liam_b@homerMon May 09 1994Problems moving PW from 1 machine to another
612.0::UtsphMon May 09 1994Correction to our Mail address"
613.013::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYMon May 09 1994Pathworks for OS/2 Release date?
614.02::MICHAELMon May 09 1994Lots of Packets Crashing around when LAN Man is really active
615.0::Alaric S. HaagMon May 09 1994Can you "protect" MSA print queues?
616.0::cantrell@ctrvaxMon May 09 1994This list: no longer a mirror of LANWORKS@MIAMIU?
617.06::mottm@aaTue May 10 1994PWV 5.
618.02::Stu MillerTue May 10 1994What is (are) "LMF"
619.0::sysedi@turkeyTue May 10 1994Printing to a redirected printer
620.02::Tel Tue May 10 1994Pathworks MAC printer problem
621.0::Al SorrellTue May 10 1994Problems with SMC Ultra NIC
622.03::jxsymgr@acad1aTue May 10 1994PCSA and MSA conflict
623.0::MichaelTue May 10 1994PW5 and WFW patch kit help
624.0::"StevenTue May 10 1994newie
625.0::JWAYNE@DELPHI.COMTue May 10 1994Moving from A1/WP to Client Server mail
626.0::Shawn RomkeyTue May 10 1994Licencing of PW5.
627.02::farleyTue May 10 1994Unsupported PW V5 Windows Mail
628.05::cooper@utsphTue May 10 1994Q:PW5 and access to alternate devices/directorys?
629.02::PatrickTue May 10 1994Winsock with PW4.1
630.0::JohnTue May 10 1994Powerbooks on Pathworks
631.0::dmneal@waikatoWed May 11 1994Massive Pathworks CPU consumption?
632.0::Claude-Olivier GertschWed May 11 1994WP Presentations for Windows problem
633.04::A. Mahendra RajahWed May 11 1994Packet driver for EtherWORKS Turbo (DE2
634.02::Alan CantrellWed May 11 1994Backup of Pathworks workstations
635.03::Vince LaurentWed May 11 1994Print Queues
636.04::DanWed May 11 1994PW 4.1/WFWG 3.11 - Define SCB
637.04::"LawrenceWed May 11 1994REDIRD.5
638.0::Mr William WongWed May 11 1994Pathworks, ODI & TCP/IP
639.01::Tom MartinWed May 11 1994Need help with Pathworks and memory
640.0::InternationalSystemsWed May 11 1994Pegasus Mail over Pathworks?
641.0::Saint Josephs Medical Wed May 11 1994Printing setup here...
642.01::RandyWed May 11 1994Using Windows NT as a Pathworks service
643.01::Ed WiltsWed May 11 1994XQP+ multi-threading query
644.01::"CoryWed May 11 1994local to remote boot
645.0::Richard M. KaytonWed May 11 1994re: Databases and Pathworks
646.05::DanWed May 11 1994Postscript printers - print only 8
647.01::Vicki JordanThu May 12 1994help - WordPerfect Office
648.01::PatrickThu May 12 1994PW (513) winsock problems
649.04::JoeThu May 12 1994PW and DE2
650.02::"StevenThu May 12 1994migration to 5.
651.05::"GThu May 12 1994Which DEPCAs are available
652.04::DennisThu May 12 1994PWv5 NETLOGON validation
653.0::JohnThu May 12 1994Carbon Copy on Pathworks
654.01::JimThu May 12 1994Carbon Copy on Pathworks -Reply
655.0::Mark O. MichaelThu May 12 1994PW 5.
656.01::MICHAELThu May 12 1994NETBIND PRO
657.06::vore_s@wsa1Fri May 13 1994PATHWORKS for OpenVMS 5.
658.02::Tom KillaleaFri May 13 1994Mail for Macintosh v1.1 crashes System7.1
659.02::"BethFri May 13 1994Upcoming "Generic" Pathworks Server Release
660.01::"JerryFri May 13 1994PPP Connections
661.0::Don KatzMon May 16 1994Tuning Pathworks 4.1 server running on VMS 5.5-2
662.025::JimMon May 16 1994>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
663.0::JimMon May 16 1994o create groups of users and resources tobe used for scheduling events. Groups are useful
664.02::"TonyMon May 16 1994Power PC's & Pathworks Potential
665.08::GeoffMon May 16 1994DECnet over Appletalk. Why NOT?
666.0::"RobertMon May 16 1994Re: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
667.02::lloyd@lslMon May 16 1994PW + WfW Coexistance
668.0::AnthonyMon May 16 1994Subcription
669.0::Shawn KnightMon May 16 1994bapi/tn.exe delays
670.01::Richard M. KaytonMon May 16 1994re Pathworks, Ultrix, & Databases
671.03::Andrew NielsenMon May 16 1994EtherNET adaptors for MAC/PATHWORKS
672.0::Blair NowakowskyMon May 16 1994Help: WfW and Pathworks 4.1
673.02::Lutz MartenTue May 17 1994Announcing Services from VAX/VMS LanManager
674.01::morphis@FNALATue May 17 1994newbie advice please!
675.01::JimTue May 17 1994>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Originally, you said
676.0::A. Ross KeeleTue May 17 1994PW + WFW and memory....
677.01::Ron WrightTue May 17 1994Connecting to Prt Services with VB?
678.04::sphTue May 17 1994Pathworks 5.
679.01::FinarfinTue May 17 1994Any news from DECUS on AXP Pathworks for VMS (Mac)?
680.04::pal@panixWed May 18 1994Ethernet Cards and Network Performance
681.0::Carl KarcherWed May 18 1994MAILW - word wrap breaks annotate and forward-edit
682.02::Gary A. FoleyThu May 19 19944.
683.01::lloyd@lslThu May 19 1994WfW+PW & LAT printers
684.01::"TonyThu May 19 1994One More Try For Power PC's & Pathworks
685.01::JimThu May 19 1994Re: Ethernet Cards and Network Performance -Reply
686.01::ArtThu May 19 1994Question on Pros and Cons of a Novell Network
687.0::JimThu May 19 1994WP Presentations for Windows problem -Reply
688.0::Stu MillerFri May 20 1994DOS memory avail w PW5 running?
689.01::Ron LoxtonFri May 20 1994Connecting Network Drives Using C
690.0::ChuckFri May 20 1994LISTSERV
691.02::JimFri May 20 1994Re: Ethernet Cards and Network Performance -Reply -Reply
692.03::JohnFri May 20 1994Reading VMS CDs using my PC.
693.01::SquizMon May 23 1994Routing TCP/IP through a DECNET protocol ??
694.02::DavidMon May 23 1994V4.1 and V5.
695.02::Ron WrightMon May 23 1994PWV 5.
696.011::sphMon May 23 1994PWV5
697.04::Lissa MosleyMon May 23 1994PW V5 Installation and Configuration Questions
698.0::Vicki JordanMon May 23 1994WP Office MAC resource codes - help
699.01::Gareth DaviesMon May 23 1994Q: Remote object unknown????
700.04::"MikelMon May 23 1994DECnet vs TCP/IP
701.09::RickTue May 24 1994Re: Is Decnet an inferior protocol or just DEC's image that fails us?
702.01::klausner@cathv1Tue May 24 1994Mail for Macs
703.0::Paul J. DeLillioTue May 24 1994LPR/LPD
704.01::Paul J. DeLillioTue May 24 1994Remote boot - BootP possible with DHCP
705.05::JamesTue May 24 1994VT emulator for MS-windows--scrolling please
706.03::Justin BotelleWed May 25 1994NT to Pathworks 5.
707.0::MariaWed May 25 1994Unsupported Windows mail utility
708.01::ArneThu May 26 1994PCSA V5/printing/accounting
709.01::ass. A.Rutges Thu May 26 1994We will be using inter. login only anymore. What drivers needed?
710.0::I'm living in David LyThu May 26 1994SCDOWN
711.04::Nick PikarskyThu May 26 1994HELP! frame type problems? pathworks5.
712.0::KEVIN D. GENUSThu May 26 1994Question regarding Zmodem (RZSZ)
713.01::Joe MatuscakThu May 26 1994PostScript Printing
714.0::Sam BondThu May 26 1994NFS with Pathworks 5 Client??
715.0::Matthew Edward TigheThu May 26 1994Unable to add new file services
716.01::"GregThu May 26 1994Floppy Drive Problem/DOS 6.2/PW 4.1a
717.0::Rich JimenezThu May 26 1994Pathworks Server
718.0::DavidFri May 27 1994Pointers to Conference management software.
719.0::SquizFri May 27 1994dialup/dialback modems
720.03::Ian LeonardFri May 27 1994AUTOAPP utility
721.04::Eric von DaenikenFri May 27 1994PW5: FAT volumes vs. file shares
722.02::HelenFri May 27 1994Advantages of WFW over Pathworks v5.
723.0::E. NiederacherFri May 27 1994FYI: This newsreader works with PW5
724.01::mercer@ceresFri May 27 1994PC DEC WINDOWS (PC Pathworks v4.1)
725.01::JohnFri May 27 1994PATHWORKS for Macintosh on PowerPC's
726.04::hornm@dragerFri May 27 1994DBMS anyone?
727.01::Franklin L. VermeulenSat May 28 1994PathWorks Mac Current Version?
728.05::"Mark Dz..........."Sat May 28 1994Microsoft Access & PATHWORKS
729.02::Carl RozemaMon May 30 1994Remote boot with Etherworks III. How?
730.0::murnain_d@winkleTue May 31 1994HELP: Decnet and IPX co-existance
731.01::T.A. de GraafTue May 31 1994w-mail pwv5
732.0::Maurik HoltropTue May 31 1994Pathworks V5 + WfW3.11, Netheapsize and eXcursion hangups ?
733.04::Chris HeckerTue May 31 1994vax files converted using pcsa?
734.013::Derek ArnoldTue May 31 1994Re: PathWORKS 4.2 & VMS 6
735.02::Les FlodrowskiWed Jun 01 1994Etherworks III, Remote Boot & FTP's PC/TCP
736.01::William D. TaylorThu Jun 02 1994Pathworks 5 VT-32
737.01::Bob NanceThu Jun 02 1994OSF/1 LanManager Domain Authorization
738.06::Jon EidsonThu Jun 02 1994EMSLOAD/EMM386 Problem
739.07::BryanThu Jun 02 1994Pathworks 5.
740.02::DanThu Jun 02 1994Ghosted connections?
741.01::KRIS GIRARDThu Jun 02 1994File services and transfering files
742.0::Scott RobinsThu Jun 02 1994WINSOCK V2 support for DECnet
743.01::liam_b@homerThu Jun 02 1994Installing V5
744.01::Ron WrightThu Jun 02 1994Looking for DECPCI site?
745.02::Lou J. PascarellaThu Jun 02 1994Mosaic 2.
746.0::Montu ChadhaFri Jun 03 1994Anonymous FTP site for Pathworks unsupported software
747.0::"GregoryFri Jun 03 1994unsub
748.06::6Fri Jun 03 1994Metering Packages for Pathworks?
749.03::Dr. Andrew MuirFri Jun 03 1994LAT over ISDN bridges
750.01::Dr. Andrew MuirFri Jun 03 1994Shared modem
751.0::"RobertFri Jun 03 1994Pathworks for NT part #'s
752.0::Derek ArnoldFri Jun 03 1994Remote boot with Etherwor
753.02::Mike McCormickFri Jun 03 1994PW-VMS 4.2-1, COMMON FS requires Password?
754.0::Derek ArnoldSun Jun 05 1994Etherworks III, Remote Bo
755.0::Derek ArnoldSun Jun 05 1994HELP: Decnet and IPX co-e
756.0::Derek ArnoldSun Jun 05 1994Re: Microsoft Access & PA
757.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYSun Jun 05 1994Pathworks and WFW... again
758.01::JohnMon Jun 06 1994PATHWORKS for Macintosh and PowerPC
759.01::Stephen Jones Mon Jun 06 1994Task to Task Alpha to PC
760.01::ashman@juncolMon Jun 06 1994HELP: WFWG's and Pathworks 4.1
761.0::Chris CowardMon Jun 06 1994Pathworks and Networth
762.05::MariaMon Jun 06 1994HELP....(please!)
763.01::bachismMon Jun 06 1994Mixed Pathworks Versions on a Cluster
764.0::JamesTue Jun 07 1994PW 5.
765.03::liam_b@homerTue Jun 07 1994More FTP problems
766.0::SamTue Jun 07 1994Installing PWV5
767.09::Ryan J. MaleyTue Jun 07 1994Experiencing very slow startup on VT32
768.0::Sean M. SheilTue Jun 07 1994Summary of Issues/DE2
769.08::Martin TomesTue Jun 07 1994HELP PLEASE - Problems evaluating PATHWORKS.
770.0::John Voss, Info. Tech.Tue Jun 07 1994Printer Woes - BITMAP FILES
771.03::michael@ordinatorWed Jun 08 1994PW V5 over SLIP so slow on Compaq
772.01::bachismWed Jun 08 1994Pathworks -- New Costs for Educational Institutions
773.01::Martin RubinWed Jun 08 1994PW 4.1a and Windows
774.01::PeterWed Jun 08 1994Advice on PW server
775.02::MICHAELThu Jun 09 1994NetBind Failures (what is it?)
776.0::Ryan J. MaleyThu Jun 09 1994Problems with Desqview/X and PW v5.
777.0::Mike JensenThu Jun 09 1994PW 5.
778.06::SamThu Jun 09 1994Accessing a 4.1 server with my 5.
779.011::PhilipThu Jun 09 1994PW 5 Configure doesn't use complete local templates?
780.0::PhilipThu Jun 09 1994Physical drives set in cfg.....tpl doesn't match USE/STATUS
781.0::BryanThu Jun 09 1994How to get WP Informs (filler) working with Autoapp
782.0::Mogens LynnerupThu Jun 09 1994HELP: Pathworks, Ultrix, TCP/IP and Paradox for Windows.
783.02::vaxmateThu Jun 09 1994I need help on printer que management
784.0::John EberhardtThu Jun 09 1994Etherworks 3 and other TCPIP
785.0::cmmoloney@CCSTATThu Jun 09 1994Printing problem over Pathworks
786.0::Ed WiltsThu Jun 09 1994LAT tool problems on PowerMacs
787.01::SamThu Jun 09 1994Trying to verify a couple points.
788.0::wilder@NSRSKEThu Jun 09 1994Windows Allocatable DOS Memory (WFWG + Pathworks)
789.01::MariaThu Jun 09 1994PW5 client, PW4.1 server and Windows for Workgroups
790.0::Mike JensenThu Jun 09 1994Mosaic 2.
791.01::"MaryThu Jun 09 1994print queue management
792.0::Jackie NgThu Jun 09 1994Help with DECNET & LAN Support
793.03::BryanFri Jun 10 1994NDIS and ODI drivers.
794.02::welch@bclcl1Fri Jun 10 1994lat won't install on MAC Quadra 8
795.03::JeffFri Jun 10 1994IPX.COM configured for Ethernet 8
796.014::vore_s@wsa1Fri Jun 10 1994PATHWORKS for DOS/Windows 5.
797.02::SamFri Jun 10 1994RE[2]: Accessing a 4.1 server with my 5.
798.07::"Channel Energy"Fri Jun 10 1994eXcursion 1.2A over TCP/IP
799.0::RUXSat Jun 11 1994PathWork 4.1 and WorkGroup Connection
800.0::DennisSun Jun 12 1994Connecting to multiple services with a single double-click
801.0::vaxmateSun Jun 12 1994Decserver 3
802.01::RogerSun Jun 12 1994Socket Vendor Support #$&%!#@*$%
803.01::Mark Van-Bellen, MIS, Sun Jun 12 1994Microsoft projects printing
804.01::PatrikMon Jun 13 1994Workstation Management database limitations.
805.0::vore_s@wsa1Mon Jun 13 1994PATHWORKS v5 TCP/IP & Mosaic 2.
806.0::"MaryMon Jun 13 1994DS3
807.0::LeeMon Jun 13 1994Help evaluating Pathworks 5.
808.0::"GTue Jun 14 1994File compression utilities
809.013::JenettTue Jun 14 1994DEC & this group
810.0::ass. A.Rutges Tue Jun 14 1994What network to tell Windows in NDIS setup Novell+PW 4.
811.01::T.A. de GraafTue Jun 14 1994pwv5 , windows with packetdriver
812.05::Ronnie MorganTue Jun 14 1994Pathworks for OS/2 and servers...
813.02::JimTue Jun 14 1994USE error message
814.01::Don KatzTue Jun 14 1994Trouble installing PW Desktop Backup v1.1 over v1.
815.0::Paul DelysTue Jun 14 1994Help! PW 4.1 DOS and VMS problems
816.0::NWed Jun 15 1994AMIdiags
817.01::Ramon L. TateWed Jun 15 1994Strange NML connections attempts from a Pathworks/Mac V1.2 system
818.0::Maurik HoltropWed Jun 15 1994PW5.
819.0::JohnThu Jun 16 1994PCCOMMON File Protection
820.0::Derek ArnoldThu Jun 16 1994Re: File Transfer Perform
821.03::"TheodoreThu Jun 16 1994327
822.0::"WendyThu Jun 16 1994Async Pathworks
823.0::JimThu Jun 16 1994WP Office MAC resource codes - help -Reply
824.0::JimThu Jun 16 1994The dreaded WfWG integration
825.04::Pradit PitaksathienkulThu Jun 16 1994PW5 & X terminal ??
826.03::Lloyd LittleThu Jun 16 1994Pathworks V5 for OSF/1 eating my CPU!
827.0::PatrikThu Jun 16 1994Problems with PW5.
828.0::JimThu Jun 16 1994EMSLOAD/EMM386 Problem -Reply
829.04::bachismThu Jun 16 1994Re: 5.
830.0::Walt MagerThu Jun 16 1994PW5
831.011::"JimThu Jun 16 1994Re: WIN 4.
832.0::Walt MagerThu Jun 16 1994PW5
833.0::Derek ArnoldThu Jun 16 1994I need help on printer qu
834.0::Derek ArnoldThu Jun 16 1994Re: Microsoft projects pr
835.01::Derek ArnoldThu Jun 16 1994Physical drives set in cf
836.0::CHERRYThu Jun 16 1994Re: Help with DECNET and LAN Support
837.01::CHERRYThu Jun 16 1994Help! Enhanced redirector and 4.x servers
838.01::Andres FrimodigThu Jun 16 1994unexpected network error, knbtcp?
839.0::"Warford,Fri Jun 17 1994PW 5.
840.08::KerryFri Jun 17 1994EMSLOAD/EMM386 Problem - <LONG!>
841.07::Eberhard Heuser-HofmanFri Jun 17 1994PCSA 4.1 + MS-DOS 6.2
842.03::PeterFri Jun 17 1994PW4.1 printing to HP LJ 4
843.03::JimFri Jun 17 1994EMSLOAD/EMM386 Problem - <LONG!> -Reply
844.0::Derek ArnoldFri Jun 17 1994Pathworks for OS/2 and se
845.0::Eileen F. ShepardFri Jun 17 1994New Pathworks licensing policy
846.0::JimFri Jun 17 1994Help with DECNET & LAN Support -Reply
847.0::Mike Davis, Chief of OFri Jun 17 1994Emulating ImageWriter in software
848.0::JimFri Jun 17 1994USE error message -Reply
849.01::lannie@insFri Jun 17 1994PW 4.1 Serv 5.
850.0::JOHNFri Jun 17 1994PNS
851.0::6Fri Jun 17 1994Metering Packages-Update/NetCon-U.S. Info?
852.01::FranciscoFri Jun 17 1994Task-to-task problem
853.04::Keith LovattSat Jun 18 1994AXP 21
854.01::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYMon Jun 20 1994Network cards with PW Datalinks.
855.0::NigelMon Jun 20 1994SMARTDRV.EXE -> Slow system!
856.0::JimMon Jun 20 1994NetBind Failures (what is it?) -Reply
857.06::"ProfMon Jun 20 1994Ver 5 DECnet areas
858.03::Robert LapesTue Jun 21 1994LIC
859.01::Lynn BloomTue Jun 21 1994Help with terminal emulation
860.04::Dr. Andrew MuirTue Jun 21 1994CD over Pathworks
861.01::John Stewart PinnowTue Jun 21 1994Help needed! Concerning MAC PATHWORKS (VMS) DELETE PRINTER
862.02::mercer@ceresTue Jun 21 1994setting PC clock over pathworks
863.08::Alan FoxWed Jun 22 1994Packet driver/EtherWorks3
864.02::lai@turtleWed Jun 22 1994How to change client PCs' AUTOUSER.BAT
865.04::MrWed Jun 22 1994USELIB and Windows
866.0::"AnnaWed Jun 22 1994Running Pathworks over asynchronous Decnet, please help
867.01::PhilipWed Jun 22 1994Help! 'FORM' virus information anyone
868.0::4Wed Jun 22 1994Chicago (Windows 4.
869.07::"ProfWed Jun 22 1994V5 and DECnet areas
870.01::ChuckWed Jun 22 1994Workstation MGR error on install
871.0::PhantomWed Jun 22 1994Listen timers
872.03::vore_s@wsa1Wed Jun 22 1994Re: Mosaic and DEC Winsock.dll
873.01::AlexWed Jun 22 1994Help! 'FORM' virus information anyone -Reply
874.01::JimThu Jun 23 1994How to change client PCs' AUTOUSER.BAT -Reply
875.0::FranciscoThu Jun 23 1994Task-task problem
876.0::T SmithThu Jun 23 1994DROP
877.0::RandyThu Jun 23 1994WP WIN 6.
878.0::"ProfThu Jun 23 1994Re: V5 DECnet areas.
879.0::John E. KemkerThu Jun 23 1994Garbled Graphics on HPLJ4M
880.02::Peter WesleyThu Jun 23 1994Wfw3.11 Integration Kit
881.0::vore_s@wsa1Thu Jun 23 1994PATHWORKS for DOS/Windows 5.
882.01::Nicholas W. TaylorThu Jun 23 1994BROWSELM.DLL problem
883.07::dnight@husc15Thu Jun 23 1994Client backups to VAX tapes
884.01::SamThu Jun 23 1994Can Pathworks 5.
885.03::snf_ck@debetThu Jun 23 1994Problems with HPLJ4Si
886.03::Tom WintersThu Jun 23 1994Windows-NT and Pathworks
887.02::Peter WesleyThu Jun 23 1994Netbeui/Decnet Conflict
888.02::Robert LapesFri Jun 24 1994PW5 Client install shortcut on PW5 VMS
889.02::Les FlodrowskiFri Jun 24 1994Eliminate Need for MSCDEX using Infoserver?
890.01::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYFri Jun 24 19943com 3c5
891.0::EGGERFri Jun 24 19943Com5
892.01::PhilipFri Jun 24 1994PW5.
893.01::JimFri Jun 24 1994Re: Packet driver/EtherWorks3 -Reply
894.02::CHERRYFri Jun 24 1994How do I connect to a 4.2 server from 5.
895.01::David BannonFri Jun 24 1994Ethernet cards
896.03::JamesFri Jun 24 1994Apparent problem with LANSESS in a mixed VMS/Ultrix Server setup
897.03::Mike Davis, Chief of OFri Jun 24 1994PC-served LAT queue stays paused
898.027::newark@biosciFri Jun 24 1994A simple question...
899.09::Kevin H. Hunt x7343Fri Jun 24 1994Window for Workgroups and Pathworks v5.
900.05::Vince LaurentFri Jun 24 1994PWv5.
901.0::Andrew K. MillerFri Jun 24 1994DECstation 316 setup utility
902.0::JimFri Jun 24 1994Unable to add new file services -Reply
903.07::Spaceman SpiffSat Jun 25 1994WFW 3.11 + PW4.1 + LAT
904.02::JimSat Jun 25 1994WFW 3.11 + PW4.1 + LAT -Reply
905.0::SamSat Jun 25 1994Pathworks 5.
906.0::"CheeSat Jun 25 1994Re: PC-served LAT queue stays paused - nevermind
907.02::Ed LimSat Jun 25 1994pathworks 4.1/wfw311 install
908.02::JohnSat Jun 25 1994LATCOM.SYS Problems
909.0::DennisSun Jun 26 1994NT or NTAS client <--> PW 4.1 or PW 5.
910.02::Ebrahim KololliSun Jun 26 1994Upgrade from Pathworkd 4.1 to 5.
911.03::"CharlesSun Jun 26 1994How to change AUTOUSER.BAT on client PCs
912.0::Allen ConquestMon Jun 27 1994Pathworks / NetWare
913.0::smith@amigoMon Jun 27 1994[Q] PC access to modem pool?
914.02::plugge@faxcslMon Jun 27 1994Pathworks 3.x upgrade
915.06::Maurik HoltropMon Jun 27 1994NetHeapSize = ?
916.0::"SuzanMon Jun 27 1994VMS tape management
917.0::DavidMon Jun 27 1994PNS & longfileames
918.01::SamMon Jun 27 1994Connecting a Pathworks 4.1 client to a 5.
919.05::Derek ArnoldMon Jun 27 1994Chicago (Windows 4.
920.0::Derek ArnoldMon Jun 27 1994Workstation MGR error on
921.0::Derek ArnoldMon Jun 27 1994PW5 Client install shortc
922.0::taMon Jun 27 1994Pathworks V5.
923.03::Jonathon LadmoreMon Jun 27 19943Com EtherLink III and v5.
924.0::Claude Wacker, UniNE STue Jun 28 1994PW5 X,Y icon position in Windows
925.0::Claude Wacker, UniNE STue Jun 28 1994PW5 VT32
926.03::haldae@comp12Tue Jun 28 1994DWDOS386 problems
927.01::Robert LapesTue Jun 28 1994USE
928.07::taTue Jun 28 1994Pathworks 5.
929.01::DianthaTue Jun 28 1994WFWG + Pathworks 4.1 --Disk Services
930.0::JimTue Jun 28 1994PW5 VT32
931.03::Mike JensenTue Jun 28 1994PW 5.
932.0::JimTue Jun 28 1994WFWG + Pathworks 4.1 --Disk Services -Reply
933.01::SamTue Jun 28 1994Am I getting through.
934.0::Gary PrinceWed Jun 29 1994Help creating new users
935.0::"ProfWed Jun 29 1994OVMS 6.1 & NETTIME
936.0::Kevin NicholsWed Jun 29 1994HOW TO update apps on all servers
937.01::zcookbruc@ccWed Jun 29 1994PKTDLL for PW4.1a ?
938.0::"LawrenceWed Jun 29 1994Remote Boot & PW5.
939.0::BethWed Jun 29 1994Pathworks 5.
940.0::Steven VoreWed Jun 29 1994LOGINN now available on ftp.digital.com
941.0::JimThu Jun 30 1994Re: A simple question... -Reply
942.01::Steven VoreThu Jun 30 1994Browsing from WfWg
943.0::Steven VoreThu Jun 30 1994Adding switches to CFG
944.03::Uwe RichterThu Jun 30 1994SETHOST with FQDNs larger then 16 chars ?
945.01::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYThu Jun 30 1994PW OS/2 and NetBIOS
946.0::CHRISTINEThu Jun 30 1994OS/2 PATHworks server problems
947.01::BillFri Jul 01 1994Program manager alternatives for W3.1...
948.0::Odd Arne HaugeFri Jul 01 1994Mounting osf/1 accounts
949.02::Kevin WeinrichSat Jul 02 1994Anyone read about DEC considering selling off PathWorks?
950.017::"Warford,Sat Jul 02 1994Another try from this end...
951.06::Jean-Claude BarbetSat Jul 02 1994PW 4.1 and HITACHI CD ROM
952.02::"CorySat Jul 02 1994FILE LOCKING
953.01::Roger MercerMon Jul 04 1994RMS-E-FLK File currently locked???
954.02::Joao Fernando Cavaco RMon Jul 04 1994Help with PW 4.1 and OVMS AXP 1.5
955.0::"RoelTue Jul 05 1994PW5 STOPNET when canceled asks a password.
956.0::Tel 31-7Tue Jul 05 1994Betreft: RMS-E-FLK File currently locked???
957.01::WittwerTue Jul 05 1994Pathworks MAC - Mail for Mac don't hides password
958.03::Dr. Andrew MuirTue Jul 05 1994PW5.
959.01::Gary A. FoleyTue Jul 05 1994VLMs & PW 4.1
960.0::AengusTue Jul 05 1994PW5
961.02::Dr. Andrew MuirWed Jul 06 1994Network name not found
962.02::John BurkeWed Jul 06 1994Pathworks 4.1 TCP/IP and WfW (Windows for Workgroups)
963.01::Simon J.N. RoodWed Jul 06 1994PC-server LAT queue problem
964.0::AlbertWed Jul 06 1994Getting to HP LaserJet 4L on PathWorks
965.01::Alaric S. HaagWed Jul 06 1994PathWORKS on a PowerPC
966.01::DavidWed Jul 06 1994MS-Windows printer drivers
967.01::buddhi@umiamiThu Jul 07 1994HELP:: Display reproduction software on a Pathworks net
968.05::Terry NgThu Jul 07 1994PATHWORKS OS/2 client?
969.0::CHERRYThu Jul 07 1994Re: MS-Windows printer drivers for DEC printers
970.02::Antonis KyriazisThu Jul 07 1994NDIS + 3c5
971.0::Carl MohanThu Jul 07 1994SABER and Pathworks
972.0::Robert LapesThu Jul 07 1994ECONFIG syntax ?
973.0::"Warford,Thu Jul 07 1994DEC ODBC Driver for RDB now working.
974.02::bachismThu Jul 07 1994THIS IS A TEST
975.01::ashman@juncolFri Jul 08 1994Slow LAT Printers
976.01::"Warford,Fri Jul 08 1994I understand licensing.
977.0::Jim WattFri Jul 08 1994PWorks V5.
978.02::NEPUSTIL,ULRICHFri Jul 08 1994Help on Pathworks over DDCMP (LAT)
979.0::BryanFri Jul 08 1994PW 5.
980.05::BILLFri Jul 08 1994Pathworks licensing issues
981.01::William D. TaylorFri Jul 08 1994Pathworks VT-32
982.0::"PaulFri Jul 08 1994Puzzling Problem - HELP !!!!
983.04::reidrd@bmoaFri Jul 08 1994PC-Decwindows Video Drivers
984.017::William D. TaylorSat Jul 09 1994Printing to LAT printers with NT ???
985.02::KMWATTS@DELPHI.COMSun Jul 10 1994PPP and Pathworks
986.01::William D. TaylorSun Jul 10 1994PW5 and NDIS 3 support ???
987.01::Markus LenottiMon Jul 11 1994PW-LANManager FAT-Volume Delete ?
988.05::Michael SpencerMon Jul 11 1994NET PRINT problem
989.01::sphMon Jul 11 1994WFW with PW5 hanging on exit
990.02::Pete JagarajMon Jul 11 1994Problem with SHARE.EXE
991.05::BryanTue Jul 12 1994WFW and PW 5.
992.01::"TheodoreTue Jul 12 1994PW 5.
993.01::"TheodoreTue Jul 12 1994Sign on
994.01::gdoering@umiamiTue Jul 12 1994Problem remote booting, PW 5.
995.01::HalTue Jul 12 1994Decnet and Pathworks Routing?
996.0::Maurik HoltropTue Jul 12 1994NetHeapSize Problem Finally solved !!
997.01::"GTue Jul 12 1994Comparisons to Netware licensing
998.01::"TheodoreTue Jul 12 1994Re: Printers
999.02::"ShaunTue Jul 12 1994Mail for MacIntosh 1.2
1000.04::GeorgeTue Jul 12 1994PATHWORKS PC-MAIL and TCP/IP
1001.02::DavidTue Jul 12 1994Memory Requirements for PathWorks v5.
1002.0::JimTue Jul 12 1994Sharing local drives under WfW
1003.01::HalWed Jul 13 1994Pathworks and Netware Token Ring?
1004.01::vaxmateWed Jul 13 1994US Robotics Modems, Decserver 2
1005.06::Gareth DaviesWed Jul 13 1994Finding out Hardware Address of Ethernet Card?
1006.02::Dr. Andrew MuirWed Jul 13 1994PW 4.1 server,5.
1007.01::Ron WrightWed Jul 13 1994PW 5 Client w/ DECNET/IPX MEM HIT?
1008.06::Ruckgaber JochenWed Jul 13 1994Problem connecting EtherworksTurbo
1009.06::Paul TurionWed Jul 13 1994VMS 6.1 and pathworks 4.2
1010.0::Kenneth A. GarntoWed Jul 13 1994Changing Server Passwords
1011.0::RolanWed Jul 13 1994HELP! Need to change hostnames.
1012.03::Mr Katson YeungWed Jul 13 1994"Fail to Load scheduler" in IBM PS/VP
1013.03::Rami ZureickWed Jul 13 1994Mac backup on a VAX
1014.06::"Warford,Wed Jul 13 1994Rumor of New Daytona Pricing Structure
1015.04::JohnWed Jul 13 1994Pathworks file server & NT
1016.0::"SuzanWed Jul 13 1994Phone number for Software Partners
1017.0::DennisThu Jul 14 1994PathWORKS 4.1 clients/5.
1018.0::Dave SteevesThu Jul 14 1994Any experience integrating Netware and VMS ie PW V5 Netware ?
1019.0::SteveA48Thu Jul 14 1994FAQ: Is there one for this group?
1020.04::SteveA48Thu Jul 14 1994UCX (VAX or AXP) and Pathworks v5
1021.01::Stephan KleinertThu Jul 14 1994PW5.
1022.06::CHERRYThu Jul 14 1994PATHWORKS 5.
1023.01::Nicholas W. TaylorThu Jul 14 1994Using CD's and Pathworks
1024.01::MariaThu Jul 14 1994Xircom Credit Card Ethernet Adapter anyone ?
1025.02::Charlie LiThu Jul 14 1994Backup to Server's Tape Drive?
1026.01::Tel 31-7Thu Jul 14 1994Betreft: Mac backup on a VAX
1027.0::DennisFri Jul 15 1994PathWORKS license server
1028.0::Chris BaldwinFri Jul 15 1994Pathworks for NT using 3C5
1029.04::HamlinFri Jul 15 1994File transfers
1030.01::Jerry LeslieFri Jul 15 1994Intrusion attempt on PC file server
1031.0::Greg AskewFri Jul 15 1994Xircom parallel port Print Server adapter?
1032.05::"CheeFri Jul 15 1994Broadcast Message Receiver
1033.01::Ron WrightFri Jul 15 1994IPX over NDIS Drivers?
1034.06::Mark Van-Bellen, MIS, Sat Jul 16 1994Speeding up pathworks 4.1 on a 31
1035.0::HalSat Jul 16 1994Enhanced Redir V5 Username/Password
1036.0::"CurtSat Jul 16 1994Re: XCd LAT cards for HP4 (was:Lat printers with NT)
1037.0::Andres FrimodigSat Jul 16 1994browslm crash
1038.0::PaulSat Jul 16 1994I: x
1039.0::BrettMon Jul 18 1994PW5.
1040.01::system@cnuceMon Jul 18 1994BACKUP MAC problem
1041.01::Wong Hon CheungMon Jul 18 1994Slow COPY performance in PW 4.1
1042.01::"SuzanMon Jul 18 1994Re: Xircom Credit Card Ethernet Adaptor
1043.02::Robert LapesMon Jul 18 1994Client connection to ULTRIX ?
1044.0::gdoering@umiamiTue Jul 19 1994remote booting (RPL) with PW5
1045.03::NigelTue Jul 19 1994For the record (was: Re: Rumor of New Daytona Pricing Structure)
1046.03::Mike Davis, Chief of OTue Jul 19 1994Mac ARNS and VAXshare
1047.02::BING@CTRVAXTue Jul 19 1994How to make PW clients access NTAS server
1048.02::Brian SamsonTue Jul 19 1994Help: Remote dialup needed for Pathworks LAN
1049.01::vanrynj@newtonTue Jul 19 1994In NEED of SNMP CLONE....
1050.0::Ted ZuschlagTue Jul 19 1994Delphax printer on VMS ALPHA
1051.0::Wayne MurninghanTue Jul 19 1994Running Pathworks for DOS in Softwindows
1052.03::"Director,Tue Jul 19 1994Pathworks 4.2-1 running under OVMS 6.1/AXP
1053.01::JohnTue Jul 19 1994Basic question
1054.04::James D SchaedigWed Jul 20 1994Help for Lan Manager for OS/2 with pathworks
1055.0::AengusWed Jul 20 1994LANWORKS subscription address?
1056.01::Ian LeonardWed Jul 20 1994Deleting a directory from the PC
1057.02::Ian LeonardWed Jul 20 1994Sharing modems (again - sorry)
1058.0::Brian VanderpoolWed Jul 20 1994Pathworks 4.
1059.0::Stephen HazlehurstWed Jul 20 1994AS4
1060.016::laurent@utxvmsWed Jul 20 1994Manageworks
1061.0::JimWed Jul 20 1994Re: Sharing modems (again - sorry) -Reply
1062.01::Richard L. DysonWed Jul 20 1994NETPR missing from v5.
1063.07::laurent@utxvmsThu Jul 21 1994PWv5
1064.01::Kevin MurrellThu Jul 21 1994Pathworks and LAT
1065.02::Mike JensenThu Jul 21 1994DEC 21
1066.01::Ravind SinghThu Jul 21 1994Problems connecting via TCP/IP
1067.04::Stephan KleinertThu Jul 21 1994eXcursion & PWv5.
1068.01::Hardy LauFri Jul 22 1994Remote boot problem
1069.01::Vesa KirjavainenFri Jul 22 1994PW4.1, WFWG...HOW TO??
1070.0::MariaFri Jul 22 1994Re: strange Windows - old posting - problem fixed
1071.03::Mr Katson YeungFri Jul 22 1994Guest Login only??
1072.04::Stephen EvansFri Jul 22 1994Safe PW4.1 Ethernet Adapters
1073.01::RonFri Jul 22 1994Connectivity
1074.0::BethFri Jul 22 1994Connectivity -Reply
1075.02::Robert LapesFri Jul 22 1994Client VT keyboards
1076.02::JohnFri Jul 22 1994Pathworks, TCP/IP, and remote networks
1077.0::Markus LenottiSat Jul 23 1994CRASH MVAX 31
1078.015::sphSat Jul 23 1994Windows Mail client
1079.0::BethSat Jul 23 1994Pathworks, TCP/IP, and remote networks -Reply
1080.0::Jerry LeslieSat Jul 23 1994Pathworks Ordering Questions
1081.05::Tingli PanSat Jul 23 1994Problem with sethost
1082.0::MCINTOSH%BUAXP1%BARRYUSat Jul 23 1994Running Out of FarHeap Memory?
1083.02::BING@CTRVAXSat Jul 23 1994PW 4.1 DOS Clinets --> NT Advanced Server ???
1084.0::HelenSat Jul 23 1994Remote Boot 5.
1085.0::Bill PattersonMon Jul 25 1994DCPS-W-INVACC from Mac's after LPS
1086.01::Mike Davis, Chief of OMon Jul 25 1994Pathworks for VMS (Macintosh) 1.2-1 API documentation change
1087.04::Hugh ThomasTue Jul 26 1994Test - please ignore
1088.01::William Tue Jul 26 1994USE
1089.0::Quentin DunchueTue Jul 26 1994Pathworks v5.
1090.0::Timothy SteinbergerTue Jul 26 1994TRAP
1091.04::DianthaTue Jul 26 1994VT32
1092.09::Vernon Van SteenkistTue Jul 26 1994DECNET Pathworks 4.2 and Etherworks3 Turbo Cards?
1093.02::"JimTue Jul 26 1994Launching Windows Network Apps
1094.0::MariaWed Jul 27 1994Building failover w/PW 5.
1095.012::"LawrenceWed Jul 27 1994!@#$%^&*()_+| PW5.
1096.0::RandyWed Jul 27 1994NE1
1097.04::regy1Wed Jul 27 1994"Up"grade hmpf! Insufficient memory
1098.0::Ronald LehmerWed Jul 27 1994AppleTalk Tunneling with IP
1099.0::Jeremy MathersWed Jul 27 1994Netware 2.1, OS/2 2.99: No Network folder?
1100.011::Scott GallowayWed Jul 27 1994good book(s) on pathworks?
1101.01::lannie@insWed Jul 27 1994Server Performance Increase?
1102.0::greenwoodde@feda3Wed Jul 27 1994ACCVIO in PWRK$SHOWINI v5.
1103.0::Carl KarcherThu Jul 28 1994Packet drivers for EWRK3 available from gatekeeper
1104.04::"JohnThu Jul 28 1994Re: Launcing Windows Network apps
1105.0::"BrianThu Jul 28 1994Problem with NET LOGON with Western Digital 8
1106.04::carlisle@juncolThu Jul 28 1994VAX/VMS Upgrade with Pathworks
1107.0::"SuzanThu Jul 28 1994Phone numbers??
1108.03::HelenFri Jul 29 1994Where is Pathworks 5.
1109.0::Neil ForshawFri Jul 29 1994Pathworks 5 - Restoring Windows network connections
1110.0::Marc J. MassFri Jul 29 1994Pathworks and EWRK3 Packet Drivers
1111.0::Timothy SteinbergerFri Jul 29 1994LANutil for Pathworks
1112.03::Paul P. DemediukFri Jul 29 1994PathWorks for NT and 3c5
1113.01::"LawrenceFri Jul 29 1994PW V5.
1114.02::Jim FeldhouseFri Jul 29 1994Receiving Broadcast In Windows
1115.01::Jim FeldhouseFri Jul 29 1994Archive
1116.0::J.D. Dunker Fri Jul 29 1994Pathworks implementation (VMS queue) on counting postscript pages
1117.03::NagyFri Jul 29 1994Help me ! PCSA + '(APPLICATION...' lines.
1118.0::NagyFri Jul 29 1994HELP ME ! Pathworks & '(APPLICATION...' lines of v4.2 ?
1119.03::"MikelFri Jul 29 1994License problems with PW 5.
1120.01::Joel JustenFri Jul 29 1994Discussion: How do you manage windows?
1121.0::HelenSat Jul 30 1994CC prompt in Pathworks Mail
1122.0::RobertSat Jul 30 1994Just a test, do not read
1123.0::Neil ForshawMon Aug 01 1994Pathworks 4.1 to 5 upgrade
1124.03::ashman@juncolMon Aug 01 1994Where is AUTOAPP.EXE??
1125.01::JoseMon Aug 01 1994How to use TFA
1126.03::outafrl@ccTue Aug 02 1994Random passwords for PCSAV41 (DECnet VMS/DOS Ethernet)
1127.0::DavidTue Aug 02 1994PATHWORKS 4.1 + WORDPERFECT 6.
1128.01::SparkyTue Aug 02 1994WFWG 3.11 Password question
1129.0::laurent@utxvmsWed Aug 03 1994PWv5
1130.01::"JimWed Aug 03 1994WFWG 3.11 disconnects Pathworks
1131.02::regy1Wed Aug 03 1994"
1132.0::Hans M. AusWed Aug 03 1994DAL and openVMS 6.1
1133.01::Larry FahnoeWed Aug 03 1994PW 5.
1134.0::NagyWed Aug 03 1994Pathworks & Ungermann-Bass ?
1135.01::HamlinWed Aug 03 1994Laserwriter IINTX + Win. 3.1 + Pathworks 4.1
1136.04::Alok K KapoorWed Aug 03 1994Pathworks Demise?
1137.0::JimThu Aug 04 1994PATHWORKS 4.1 + WORDPERFECT 6.
1138.02::bclayton@cerfThu Aug 04 1994Pathworks Nt and Pathworks/VMs 4.1
1139.03::RobertThu Aug 04 1994Office 4.2 install with basic redirector
1140.06::Steve J HanselmanThu Aug 04 1994PW 5.
1141.02::K.-H. DittbernerThu Aug 04 1994PathWorks/MAC - Charging Diskquota.
1142.0::BethThu Aug 04 1994PW 5.
1143.01::Robert LapesThu Aug 04 1994Netware 4.
1144.02::Bruce AuerbachThu Aug 04 1994PW5.
1145.0::SteveA48Thu Aug 04 1994Q: Mail program from PWv5 client to PWv5 Server over TCP/IP?
1146.01::"JimThu Aug 04 1994What's the latest with DEC Pathworks ???
1147.01::Adrie KooijmanThu Aug 11 1994Pathworks For Mac Printerdriver problem
1148.03::plugge@faxcslThu Aug 11 1994Mac's Built-in ethernet v1.1?
1149.0::DianthaThu Aug 11 1994Thank you - VT32
1150.02::morphis@DThu Aug 11 1994running PW for DOS on OS/2
1151.0::JoeThu Aug 11 1994Re: Quadra 8
1152.02::JamesThu Aug 11 1994Re: Print Queue Problem
1153.03::sikjes@rcinetThu Aug 11 1994FAQ Location ??
1154.0::Bill EvansThu Aug 11 1994Is there a NetRun.exe with PW 5.
1155.0::PaulThu Aug 11 1994NE2
1156.04::Bill Hoelzer/ASA LegalThu Aug 11 1994VT32
1157.05::Chris BehrensThu Aug 11 1994Why use Pathworks for the Mac ?
1158.01::Ryan J. MaleyThu Aug 11 1994Regenerating Pathworks Icons for Windows
1159.05::Tim LapinThu Aug 11 1994PC Pathworks under Softwindows (Mac)?
1160.01::Stephen MerkowitzThu Aug 11 1994MacX and fonts/window sizes
1161.01::JohnThu Aug 11 1994Remotely Possible/Lan
1162.01::Quentin DunchueThu Aug 11 1994TCP/IP DNS lookup.
1163.0::WittwerThu Aug 11 1994Pathworks 5.
1164.0::"Warford,Thu Aug 11 1994Re: PW5
1165.0::BethThu Aug 11 1994Regenerating Pathworks Icons for Windows -Reply
1166.0::Scott SalvidioThu Aug 11 1994Preserving the date..
1167.0::DanThu Aug 11 1994PW v5.
1168.02::David C. LyonThu Aug 11 1994FTP for Windows Behavior
1169.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYThu Aug 11 1994PWDEC.DLC
1170.03::SoerenThu Aug 11 1994FTP for Windows: "Failure initializing data conn."
1172.0::"GThu Aug 11 1994FWD: Hypermail and Listserv's - Just in case you haven't see this. WOW!
1173.04::John W BarnettThu Aug 11 1994Desperate plea for help.
1174.01::Donald NealThu Aug 11 1994PathWorks and CD-ROMs?
1175.01::Sam WoolfSun Aug 21 1994PrintServer 17 and DOS Apps under PW 4.1
1176.01::DanSun Aug 21 1994PW and NT
1177.0::H. G. "Butch" Walker JSun Aug 21 1994Backing up Netware servers to VMS Tape Drives
1178.02::JoseSun Aug 21 1994Data Link and NDIS MAC Drivers
1179.03::CCS SystemsSun Aug 21 1994Any Archive of this newsgroup?
1180.0::John E. Kemker IIISun Aug 21 1994VT32
1181.03::JoeSun Aug 21 1994Re: [?]BinHex encoder/decoder on OpenVMS
1182.0::lannie@insSun Aug 21 1994PW 5.
1183.02::Brent FosterSun Aug 21 1994Fat Volumes
1184.04::Alan YorkSun Aug 21 1994PATHWORKS with OS/2 anyone?
1185.0::Brian SweenySun Aug 21 1994Success using DTB with Pentiums?
1186.0::MrSun Aug 21 1994Re: Connect to printer thru WfWg...
1187.01::laabsSun Aug 21 1994RE: [?]BinHex encoder/decoder on OpenVMS - update
1188.08::GreggSun Aug 21 1994Laptops, docking stations & Pathworks?
1189.03::Donald W. BaltzSun Aug 21 1994Re: msad$system:msad$server.com terminates DAL user immediately
1190.0::mcgrathm@vax1Sun Aug 21 1994Pw 5.
1191.01::geray@ecsSun Aug 21 1994Alpha OSF/1 server compatibility mode ???
1192.01::EGGERSun Aug 21 1994Rumors about PWRK for VMS 5.1
1193.02::GeoffSun Aug 21 1994Multiple file services pointing to the same Root? To do or not to do?
1194.0::TODD WINGLER "WINGLER@Sun Aug 21 1994RE: Gateway help...
1195.0::Ed WiltsSun Aug 21 1994TeamLinks Mail for Macintosh and Pathworks licensing query
1196.01::JorgeSun Aug 21 1994winsock.dll
1197.0::Steven VoreSun Aug 21 1994Re: Multiple file services pointing to the same Root? To do or not
1198.03::Koskinen MarkoSun Aug 21 1994VT32
1199.02::s11Sun Aug 21 1994PW5 SETUP via ODI - HELP!!
1200.01::Mike Davis, Chief of OSun Aug 21 1994MIME support
1201.02::SamSun Aug 21 1994Invalid service when attempting to connect to a service under PW41
1202.02::"RobSun Aug 21 1994WFWG and Remote Boot
1203.03::Bradford A LubellSun Aug 21 1994PATHworks and WFW integration
1204.0::GreggSun Aug 21 1994WinFax Pro/Network version & re:docking stations
1205.04::Jim WattSun Aug 21 1994NTAS Server and VMS Pathworks as backup domain controller?
1206.01::Mr Katson YeungSun Aug 21 1994How to tune a 31
1207.01::Vernon Van SteenkistSun Aug 21 1994eXcursion 1,2A font compilation problem
1208.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYSun Aug 21 1994WFW and PW 4.1 config
1209.0::Paul J. DavisSun Aug 21 1994Metering in the New York Times/FREE Express Meter Audit Kit.
1210.0::Andres FrimodigSun Aug 21 1994sqlnet oracle
1211.01::Paul GallagherThu Aug 25 1994Base64 converter available?
1212.03::DavidThu Aug 25 1994Update on 5.
1213.01::Rolland SuhThu Aug 25 1994What is "pathworks?"(Please Pardon my ignorance.)
1214.03::GregThu Aug 25 1994Integration of TCP/IP, Pathworks Native Datalink, Netware Lite?
1215.01::GregThu Aug 25 1994Setting up Student Accounts: Is there a fast way to do it?
1216.0::Steven VoreThu Aug 25 1994WfWG & Remote Boot
1217.01::Heinz Werner KramskiThu Aug 25 1994Arbitrary terminal emulators for telnet connections
1218.09::Mike Davis, Chief of OThu Aug 25 1994Bug with AppleTalk API (PAP)?
1219.0::JimThu Aug 25 1994Base64 converter available? -Reply
1220.08::MichaelThu Aug 25 1994Pathworks/VMS Mail kinda question
1221.0::GreggThu Aug 25 1994Base64 converter
1222.03::Jackie NgThu Aug 25 1994Print from Windows via TCP/IP
1223.01::GregThu Aug 25 1994Re: Local printing of Mail
1224.03::4Thu Aug 25 1994MIGRATE.HLP file on GATEKEEPER
1225.01::Kurt KlingbeilThu Aug 25 1994Seek help with DLLEWRK3 problems
1226.0::Mr Katson YeungThu Aug 25 1994ManageWork Fatal Error
1227.04::SamThu Aug 25 1994Probelms getting started with PW5.
1228.0Thu Aug 25 1994What is what in PCFS_SERVER.LOG (PATHWORKS v. 4.1)
1229.04::Wolfgang ReimannThu Aug 25 1994How to turn off licensing stuff on WfWg with Pathworks 5.
1230.0::Tim StephenThu Aug 25 1994Pathworks 5.
1231.0::Nick PrimavesiThu Aug 25 1994Couple of problems with MSA
1232.06::John W BarnettThu Aug 25 1994Question on memory management.
1233.0::DavidThu Aug 25 1994FTP for Windows (Server not responding)
1234.01::SamThu Aug 25 1994FWD: Probelms getting started with PW5.
1235.01::Steven VoreThu Aug 25 1994Re: DECnet for Windows NT Adv.Server
1236.02::Steven VoreThu Aug 25 1994Re: Problems connecting to a newly added VAXstation.
1237.016::Steven VoreThu Aug 25 1994Re: Pathworks Mail for Windows
1238.01::Gary PenrodThu Aug 25 1994PW for VMS(Netware) ???'s
1239.05::GregThu Aug 25 1994Re: CD ROM Services under Pathworks v5.
1240.0::Greg AskewThu Aug 25 1994Integrating WFW 3.11/Mac Mail & Schedule + users
1241.01::Don RainwaterThu Aug 25 1994Pathworks/Mac and QuickDraw GX printers
1242.02::Nick PrimavesiThu Aug 25 1994Appletalk/DECnet gateway startup sequence
1243.01::Steve J HanselmanThu Aug 25 1994LAN Workplace vs Pathworks
1244.0::joseThu Aug 25 1994Time Line for windows
1245.0::Sean M. SheilFri Aug 26 1994Problems with PC's Hanging
1246.02::Brad BostromFri Aug 26 1994is PW's tcp/ip rfc1
1247.01::Kent HarnoisFri Aug 26 19945.
1248.02::schellew@wu1Fri Aug 26 1994HELP: Programming LAT under Windows
1249.0::Charlie LiFri Aug 26 1994NDIS Driver for WD Card
1250.0::Vernon Van SteenkistFri Aug 26 1994Bug in Pathworks 4.2 PCSA.DRV ?
1251.0::Don KatzSat Aug 27 1994Desktop Backup problem
1252.0::AndreaSat Aug 27 1994Question about Pathworks x Ultrix server
1253.01::Hans Renstrom FOA ABC-Sat Aug 27 1994PathW-->Trumpet-->Time out
1254.01::DavidSat Aug 27 1994TCP/IP Client Network Mask Problem
1255.0::JeffSat Aug 27 1994USE
1256.0::JorgeSat Aug 27 1994LightWatch and PW v4.1
1257.0::BrianSat Aug 27 1994VT32
1258.01::"SherrieSat Aug 27 1994netenvi.exe
1259.0::Sacchi AnnamariaSat Aug 27 1994TTT in PATHWORKS V5
1260.05::"SamuelSat Aug 27 19943com cards / PW4.1 / Win 3.1
1261.07::Tim MackayMon Aug 29 1994Inbsufficient Memory? I think not! (PW4.1/WfW3.11)
1262.04::Steven VoreTue Aug 30 1994Re: CONFIG.SYS and PROTMAN.SYS
1263.0::Steven VoreTue Aug 30 1994Re: WfW 3.11 + Microsoft TCP/IP-32 3.11 + Pathworks 5.
1264.04::Gary HeffelfingerTue Aug 30 1994Re: Colors in eXcursion for Windows NT
1265.02::John RumballTue Aug 30 1994LK45
1266.0::BrianTue Aug 30 1994VT32
1267.04::DianthaTue Aug 30 1994General Failure trying to read Network Drive
1268.0::"LawrenceTue Aug 30 1994PW 5.
1269.06::HelenTue Aug 30 1994Moving Pathworks Services
1270.011::JohnTue Aug 30 1994FAQ?
1271.06::lannie@insWed Aug 31 1994IFSHLP.SYS with PW 5.
1272.01::BryanWed Aug 31 1994Re: PW 4.1 & WFWG 3.11 - drivers
1273.07::Ed HavelaarWed Aug 31 1994Unknown WinSock errors
1274.04::pschneider@espelWed Aug 31 1994PW V5.
1275.01::Ed WiltsWed Aug 31 1994Re: XQP+ and PW 4.1 server
1276.04::Paul FretterWed Aug 31 1994Problem with WinSock on PW5 client
1277.01::"Frnk Percival"Thu Sep 01 1994Re: PW 4.1/WFW 3.11
1278.0::Robert KNOTEKThu Sep 01 1994custon setup of windows tools with PW
1279.01::SamThu Sep 01 1994USE
1280.0::JohnThu Sep 01 1994PC Remote control over a DECServer
1281.01::"ProfThu Sep 01 1994PW 4.2 and WP for windows
1282.015::JWAYNE@DELPHI.COMThu Sep 01 1994Trap D, Lotus Notes, PW for OS/2
1283.0::Hans M. AusThu Sep 01 1994Vax VMS 6.1 security and DAL server access ?
1284.02::outafrl@ccThu Sep 01 1994Mail questions for PathWorks and VMS VT user configuration
1285.01::sphFri Sep 02 1994PWSETUP and WFW
1286.01::Tim StephenFri Sep 02 1994Pathworks 5.
1287.01::BrianFri Sep 02 1994VT32
1288.03::Spaceman SpiffFri Sep 02 1994FAT Container volumes under PW v5.
1289.0::Nigel O'NeillFri Sep 02 1994Pathworks 4.1, Madge Token Ring and Netware
1290.02::AndreaFri Sep 02 1994DWDOS & SVGA on Olivetti PCs
1291.06::Spencer J JohnsonFri Sep 02 1994NETTIME.EXE
1292.0::SamFri Sep 02 1994Error: Server not listening
1293.02::JimFri Sep 02 1994Error: Server not listening -Reply
1294.01::Jan-ErikFri Sep 02 1994MS-Word-HELP and PathWorks ?
1295.0::JimFri Sep 02 1994I'm looking for a new owner for LANWORKS
1296.0::Clyde E. Bethea IIIFri Sep 02 1994WFW 3.11 not starting under TCP/IP stack - HELP!!!!!
1297.0::Clyde E. Bethea IIIFri Sep 02 1994Connecting to dirves and printers via WFW and TCP/IP
1298.04::Jim WattFri Sep 02 1994Re: File locking and Excel 5.
1299.02::"DFri Sep 02 1994132 CHAR SCREEN ON PWRKS PC
1300.01::Richard R. HardyFri Sep 02 1994MAC Pathworks folder access protection
1301.02::Stu SjouwermanSat Sep 03 1994Pathworks throughput can be speeded up
1302.0::JohnSun Sep 04 1994Mac PASSALL Postscript printing problem.
1303.0::Sean M. SheilSun Sep 04 1994Zenith Problem solved/Gateway wfw & pw4.1
1304.01::J.E. Naud Sun Sep 04 1994Ethertalk drivers for PW4.1 (DEPCA)
1305.03::Tony ValenteMon Sep 05 1994PWRKS 5.
1306.0::Stu SjouwermanMon Sep 05 1994Re: speeding up Pathworks...
1307.02::PeterMon Sep 05 1994Pathworks-Mac: Creation of new PPD Files
1308.0::2Tue Sep 06 1994Local Users Group Meeting
1309.01::HelenTue Sep 06 1994More on Moving Pathworks Services
1310.01::JimTue Sep 06 1994Ethertalk drivers for PW4.1 (DEPCA) -Reply
1311.01::Stephen MerkowitzTue Sep 06 1994Retrospect and VAXShare
1312.0::JohnTue Sep 06 1994File Not Found message
1313.09::The Mad HatterWed Sep 07 1994PW upgrade
1314.0::Paul GallagherWed Sep 07 1994Teamlinks SDK
1315.01::Steven VoreWed Sep 07 1994Re: Pathworks 5.
1316.0::Richard CohenThu Sep 08 1994PW 5 + Debug Windows
1317.0::Thomas MeyerThu Sep 08 1994Home-Share lost [OSF/1-Server 5.
1318.01::Paul FretterThu Sep 08 1994EXceed/W and PW5.
1319.01::Joe MatuscakThu Sep 08 1994HP LJ4M+ printing from Windows & Pathworks
1320.0::wilder@NSRSKEThu Sep 08 1994Pathworks Performance Tip
1321.04::GreggThu Sep 08 1994SEDT revisions/unsupported utilities
1322.06::TaThu Sep 08 1994PATHWORKS V5 license PAKS
1323.01::John W BarnettThu Sep 08 1994Question on client access
1324.01::"DrThu Sep 08 1994Print Shares
1325.0::Ian LeonardThu Sep 08 1994WFWG/Pathworks (4.1) Passwors and Intrusion records
1326.01::Peter SawardFri Sep 09 1994DECnet for Macintosh - how do you restore E/net adr?
1327.01::H. G. "Butch" Walker, Fri Sep 09 1994PC License Management
1328.04::JimFri Sep 09 1994HP LJ4M+ printing from Windows & Pathworks -Reply
1329.01::Dennis A HerrickFri Sep 09 1994Need Help With Pathworks for Windows NT
1330.02::GregFri Sep 09 1994SETHOST 132 mode - How's it done?
1331.02::JimFri Sep 09 1994SETHOST 132 mode - How's it done? -Reply
1332.010::Robert LapesFri Sep 09 1994PWKS 5 and OSI ?
1333.03::Daniel WaltonFri Sep 09 1994PW 4.1 -> 5.x Should I?
1334.07::Ed HavelaarFri Sep 09 1994PW5: WMD, LicenseServers, Login information
1335.01::ArneSat Sep 10 1994Re: Pathworks and MHS
1336.06::SammySat Sep 10 1994DOS-based copy program via Ethernet
1337.01::GregSat Sep 10 1994SETHOST - Soft Keys?
1338.03::PhilipSat Sep 10 1994Eudora navigation scripts
1339.01::GreggSat Sep 10 1994Re: SEDT revisions/visiting Munich
1340.01::Richard SvatosSat Sep 10 1994PWV5
1341.03::MariaSat Sep 10 1994PC with DE2
1342.01::JimSat Sep 10 1994New LANWORKS list owner!
1343.01::Robert G. S. AllenSat Sep 10 1994OSF/1 quotas and Pathworks Shares
1344.02::SamSat Sep 10 1994You are logged on, but not validated by the server...
1345.0::Mike Davis, Chief of OSat Sep 10 1994Future of DECnet for Macintosh?
1346.0::Tim UckotterSat Sep 10 1994Pathworks 4.1 lockups
1347.02::Don ThompsonSun Sep 11 1994Problems with a couple DOS apps
1348.0::3Sun Sep 11 1994Problems with PATHWORKS-VMS
1349.02::wayne@facSun Sep 11 1994Dos Commands at boot time ?
1350.0::JOHN WILLIAMSSun Sep 11 1994vt32
1351.0::Ron Wright - NSU CompuMon Sep 12 1994Problem with Gateway P9
1352.02::tomd@raufossMon Sep 12 1994PWV5.
1353.01::GregMon Sep 12 1994Where's my name? - TCP/IP access
1354.03::Paul J. DeLillioMon Sep 12 1994Pathworks V5.
1355.0::Stephen MerkowitzTue Sep 13 1994Mac pathworks plans
1356.02::Ian LeonardTue Sep 13 1994Looking for a TN327
1357.0::Allen ConquestTue Sep 13 1994VLMs
1358.02::Dick Desroches, ACC SyTue Sep 13 1994Upgrading user database to v5.
1359.01::lannie@insTue Sep 13 1994PW 4.2-1 Serv, 5.
1360.08::C.H. TaTue Sep 13 1994Directory depth problem in Pathworks
1361.04::Clyde E. Bethea IIITue Sep 13 1994WFW3.11, PWv5
1362.01::smithpTue Sep 13 1994How do you get V4.x support on an Alpha?
1363.02::NigelTue Sep 13 1994PW 5, Floppy access, crash -- NOT PW fault!
1364.03::SystemWed Sep 14 1994PC Mail question
1365.02::SamWed Sep 14 1994RE [2]: PWV5.
1366.04::John MeeWed Sep 14 1994Extra sheet on pathworks printers...
1367.0::MariaWed Sep 14 1994multiple workstation databases ?
1368.01::Alaric S. HaagWed Sep 14 1994EtherWorks III turbo in Gateway P5-9
1369.06::JimWed Sep 14 1994Re: Directory depth problem in Pathworks -Reply
1370.01::Eric von DaenikenWed Sep 14 1994OSF/1: PW5 vs. AdvFS @#*&!!!
1371.01::GregWed Sep 14 1994Using Sethost to Telnet?
1372.0::JimWed Sep 14 1994Re: New LANWORKS list owner! -Reply
1373.0::stine@mdavmsThu Sep 15 1994PATHWORKS and QuickMail for PCs?
1374.0::PhilipThu Sep 15 1994PW5 USE command and DOS ERRORLEVELs
1375.0::schalasani@WILDCATThu Sep 15 1994Pathworks 4.1 DOS/Win printing problem: Please help
1376.0::Jindani, AbidThu Sep 15 1994pathworks 4.1 dos print queue problems:please help
1377.03::Jonathan MooreThu Sep 15 1994Fax queue for Pathworks vms ??
1378.0::Reinhard BrantnerThu Sep 15 1994sex
1379.01::MariaThu Sep 15 19944.2-1 file sever crash with /SETDIR
1380.0::HENDRIJCThu Sep 15 1994 cc:Mail postoffice on VMS
1381.03::DavidFri Sep 16 1994Booting a client from a different domain
1382.02::"NPRFri Sep 16 1994WFW-MSMAIL/PATHWORKS
1383.01::"RoelFri Sep 16 1994'Same' TPL files on different systems
1384.0::Robert LapesFri Sep 16 19943COM Accessbuilder HELP ?
1385.04::DavidSat Sep 17 1994ManageWorks and other domains
1386.02::Sam WoolfSat Sep 17 1994local LAT printing via Pathworks 4.1
1387.0::MichaelSat Sep 17 1994Network Print Servers
1388.0::Spaceman SpiffSat Sep 17 1994Couple of questions about PWV5
1389.05::"ProfSat Sep 17 1994DCPS-W-INVACC
1390.0::Walt LillymanSun Sep 18 1994Q:Square 1 Esperanto All-In-1 front-end for Win?
1391.0::NewswireSun Sep 18 1994Pathworks for OpenVMS Netware
1392.01::"CharlesMon Sep 19 1994PW5.
1393.02::Rupert Moss-EccardtMon Sep 19 1994Pathworks for OS/2 4.1 whinge!
1394.06::khhuntMon Sep 19 1994Pathworks 5.
1395.01::R. JanzenTue Sep 20 1994eXcursions via TCP/IP
1396.0::egray@ubmailTue Sep 20 1994FTP/WIN Failure initializing data connection
1397.01::NigelTue Sep 20 1994PW server (VMS) overriding VMS file security, bug?
1398.0::Gordon L ThursfieldTue Sep 20 1994Compaq Netflex Ethernet Controller & Pathworks 4
1399.0::Michael ProninTue Sep 20 1994Pathworks V4 & V5
1400.01::Eberhard Heuser-HofmanTue Sep 20 1994etherworks3-turbo-card problems
1401.02::Brendan Welch, W1LPGTue Sep 20 1994Embarrassing elementary RTFM question.
1402.01::DavidTue Sep 20 1994Creating shares from ManageWorks
1403.02::lannie@insTue Sep 20 1994RCV.EXE Lockups in DOS
1404.0::Bruce AuerbachWed Sep 21 1994Problems with DE422-SA EISA board?
1405.02::Greg AskewWed Sep 21 1994PW/DOS 5.1 is here!
1406.07::Mark Van-Bellen, x211Wed Sep 21 1994pathworks version 4.1
1407.0::DanWed Sep 21 1994NT V3.1 and PW V4.2 server
1408.06::James Raymond SmithWed Sep 21 1994Any way for PATHWORKS VMS Mail to notify W4WG user?
1409.01::Steven VoreWed Sep 21 1994Re: Special characters with eX-Cursion
1410.02::Thomas MeyerWed Sep 21 1994Runaway processes (lmx.srv, pwalrtr)
1411.01::muir_a@nsagwWed Sep 21 1994Fax & PW
1412.0::TJRThu Sep 22 1994VAX to pc connection for file transfers
1413.0::"SherrieThu Sep 22 1994Prof. Write using PW VMS 4.2, PW DOS 4.1, DCPS 1.
1414.05::MrThu Sep 22 1994Is PATHWORKS restricted to it's own IP stack?
1415.02::b_johnson@ondecThu Sep 22 1994Pathworks V5.
1416.03::muir_a@nsagwThu Sep 22 1994Migrate.txt?
1417.01::Lutz MartenThu Sep 22 1994VMS-Quotas and Pathworks V5.
1418.0::David RichardsThu Sep 22 1994Upgrade.exe and PW5
1419.01::muir_a@nsagwThu Sep 22 1994W4Wgps & PW error
1420.0::michael@ordinatorThu Sep 22 1994PW and NFS - access??
1421.02::Doug WilsonThu Sep 22 1994Need advice on PC PW5 Server
1422.0::"CarolThu Sep 22 1994Monitoring printer port usage
1423.04::BING@CTRVAXThu Sep 22 1994NetWare service on a PW server ???
1424.03::Mark Van-Bellen, x211Sat Sep 24 1994POSSIBLE TO RUN V4.1 AND V5.
1425.01::liam_b@homerSat Sep 24 1994Pathworks for Netware printing
1426.02::Spencer J JohnsonSat Sep 24 1994Pathworks Tunning
1427.0::NigelSat Sep 24 1994PW5 FAT volumes: performance and how to dismount?
1428.0::Peter L. GoldbergSat Sep 24 1994Protman.sys parameters
1429.01::NigelSat Sep 24 1994MS WIN 3.1, OFFICE setup
1430.0::lannie@insSat Sep 24 1994PW Mail for Windows not logging in.
1431.0::ChuckSat Sep 24 1994system vs application service...
1432.01::cooper@utsphSun Sep 25 1994Q: Need help after starting/stopping 5.
1433.01::Gunnar HelliesenSun Sep 25 1994PW 5.
1434.0::James Raymond SmithSun Sep 25 1994LAD service quits at bootup. Why now?
1435.02::HelenSun Sep 25 1994A new server
1436.03::BrettSun Sep 25 1994PW5
1437.04::Jim W. HowardSun Sep 25 1994PW4.1 Dynamic connect and launch of a WIN app...
1438.02::Trevor A BrownMon Sep 26 1994Pathworks 5.
1439.0::NigelMon Sep 26 1994Pathworks4.1/VT32
1440.0::GeorgeTue Sep 27 1994Does new version 5.1 still require re-boot for bad password?
1441.02::Peter - INLTue Sep 27 1994Compose key on a IBM Enh. KB with IBM KB layout
1442.013Tue Sep 27 1994Personal shares
1443.01::Lutz MartenTue Sep 27 1994Access control lists problem
1444.01::Peter KlossTue Sep 27 1994Help re Network Win and PWv5 please
1445.01::systemTue Sep 27 1994uaf security - non interactive - time stamp
1446.01::"KarenTue Sep 27 1994Mac: PW 1.2-1 and System 7.5
1447.05::sphTue Sep 27 1994Help setting up a notebood PC
1448.0::jensen@ilpWed Sep 28 1994Scrunchy text in Mail-4-Mac printout?
1449.03::BILLWed Sep 28 1994Silly PW/Mac question
1450.01::PhilipWed Sep 28 1994Appletalk routers in a switched ethernet network
1451.0::ChuckWed Sep 28 1994service vs application service
1452.0::BrettWed Sep 28 1994VT32
1453.02::Hans M. AusWed Sep 28 1994PW for Mac and PW for VMS (Mac) dropped from CONDIST
1454.02::Paul J. DeLillioThu Sep 29 1994Secutiry - no time stamp for PW clients
1455.0::lannie@insThu Sep 29 1994PC Hangs when load DOS apps?
1456.04::John W BarnettThu Sep 29 1994Pathworks 5.
1457.05::dmmatt@nawlnsThu Sep 29 1994TIME SERVER under PW5
1458.03::Chuck BurnsThu Sep 29 1994PW 4.1 + NetWare 4.
1459.06::Jerry CashmanThu Sep 29 1994Remote access to DECnet Pathworks
1460.03::David MathogThu Sep 29 1994No joy: Mac -> PW/Mac (VAX) -> DCPS(AXP) -> Printserver
1461.0::Steven VoreThu Sep 29 1994[PW-DOS]V5.1 PATHWORKS Client- Installation Options - 4
1462.0::Tim ShawThu Sep 29 1994WinWord 6.
1463.06::Eric MercerFri Sep 30 1994Serving PC CD-ROM from VMS?
1464.0::ChuckFri Sep 30 1994difference between service and application services
1465.010::TomFri Sep 30 1994Getting Excursion 1.2 to work with Trumpet Winsock 1.
1466.01::"JacquesFri Sep 30 1994Help in use of VSmail
1467.0::BillFri Sep 30 1994has anyone used APPSTART?
1468.01::Cormac Mc GaugheyFri Sep 30 1994Server CD ROMS - Setting up
1469.0::brooker@tokaFri Sep 30 1994compose key with eXcursion
1470.02::Centr. Instytut OchronFri Sep 30 1994PW5
1471.01::T.A.deGraaf@io.tudelftFri Sep 30 1994connecting rz57 with 525 mb tape drive to adaptec card on a PC
1472.01::haldae@comp12Fri Sep 30 1994Q:PW OS/2 and LAn Enabler install
1473.0::AengusFri Sep 30 1994cc:Mail postoffices on PW 4.2 (VMS) shares?
1474.01::CHERRYFri Sep 30 1994PW4.2 server problems with WFW3.11 & TCP/IP
1475.04::dmmatt@nawlnsMon Oct 03 1994Windows NETTIME??
1476.07::Spencer J JohnsonMon Oct 03 1994Pathworks Client for NT
1477.02::"JacquesMon Oct 03 1994Re: [PW-DOS]V5.1 PATHWORKS Client- Installation Options - 4
1478.0::Herbert StoeriMon Oct 03 1994Pathworks for Macintosh (openVMS AXP) ?
1479.01::Timothy SteinbergerMon Oct 03 1994PW5 template ?
1480.01::Steven VoreMon Oct 03 19945.1 Diskette Installation Special Notice
1481.0::Steven VoreMon Oct 03 1994Announcing PATHWORKS V5.1 for DOS and Windows Software
1482.0::Ed HavelaarTue Oct 04 1994Unencrypted passwords
1483.0::BrettTue Oct 04 1994Pathworks v5.1 DOS/Windows SPD Anyone?
1484.02::JimTue Oct 04 1994Re: PW4.1 Dynamic connect and launch of a WIN app... -Reply
1485.02::"JacquesTue Oct 04 1994EDT command file
1486.03::"JacquesTue Oct 04 1994mosaic and pwv5.
1487.01::"JacquesTue Oct 04 1994Included files and VMS mail
1488.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYTue Oct 04 1994VMS Mail gateway for Lotus Notes
1489.0::murray@ndmvaxTue Oct 04 1994creating many personal shares
1490.0::Terry AndresTue Oct 04 1994DEC EtherWORKS 3 (DE2
1491.03::Mike Davis, Chief of OTue Oct 04 1994Strange behavior from MSAP$RECEIVER
1492.012::GreggTue Oct 04 1994Price of non-NT clients using NT server?
1493.01::Paul DeLillioTue Oct 04 1994Case of the disapearing Clients
1494.0::s32533@sebTue Oct 04 19943C5
1495.03::GeoffWed Oct 05 1994MACintosh ARA to IP - a gateway withOUT Router hardware.
1496.01::David MathogWed Oct 05 1994mail notification on PW/Mac breaks shared vmsmail_profile with AXP
1497.0::falk@titanWed Oct 05 1994PathWorks SLIP over COM3?
1498.0::Darren SoothillWed Oct 05 1994Re: PWV5.
1499.0::"EricWed Oct 05 1994Education from DEC
1500.0::SERVINFO@NCCCOTThu Oct 06 1994Looking for an NFT API for Windows 3.1
1501.01::JorgeThu Oct 06 1994listserv commands
1502.03::DennisThu Oct 06 1994Windows NT Client license for PathWORKS 5.
1503.04::ComputoThu Oct 06 1994FPS license...
1504.0::OTC ProjectFri Oct 07 1994Query about PATHWORKS/NOVELL
1505.02::lannie@insFri Oct 07 1994PW 5.1 and PWMOSAIC/Questions
1506.09::Clyde E. Bethea IIIFri Oct 07 1994Mosaic and IP stacks - can't find a compatible WINSOCK.DLL driver
1507.04::Jan DockxFri Oct 07 1994Re: AFP server alternatives
1508.04::sphFri Oct 07 1994Remote updates with PW5.
1509.01::Dave Craft in sunny TuFri Oct 07 1994PW 4.1 and Mosaic
1510.01::"JacquesFri Oct 07 1994LMAN-L list?
1511.05::Robert GarciaFri Oct 07 1994Using HP LaserJet 4s on a PW network
1512.0::OTC ProjectFri Oct 07 1994Query for DECnet alongwith NOVELL
1513.03::Jerry CashmanFri Oct 07 1994Win NT 3.5 & DECnet?
1514.02::"RoelSat Oct 08 1994Intrusion and VMS V6.1
1515.0::Clyde E. Bethea IIISat Oct 08 1994WFW & IP auto-connections failing because of passwords not sent
1516.01::Mark Van-Bellen, MIS, Sat Oct 08 1994Macintosh pathworks problem
1517.0::NigelSat Oct 08 1994Remote boot PW5.
1518.01::Peter L. GoldbergSat Oct 08 1994Pathworks Books
1519.0::GeorgeSat Oct 08 1994CD distribution vs. RX23
1520.0::JimSat Oct 08 1994Searching archives for information
1521.0::TomSat Oct 08 1994Re: SOLUTION! Re: Getting Excursion 1.2 to work with Trumpet Winsock
1522.0::ComputoSat Oct 08 1994About FPS licenses ...
1523.0::Raymond LoweSun Oct 09 1994Searching for Electronic Document Management software: MS Windows/VMS
1524.01::Mark H. WoodSun Oct 09 1994DHCP client seeks server
1525.0::"JacquesSun Oct 09 19944.1 server to 5 server
1526.0::Andrew L. HansfordMon Oct 10 1994NCD PC-Xware 2.
1527.0::OTC ProjectMon Oct 10 1994Query about DECnet-DOS along with NOVELL Netware
1528.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYMon Oct 10 1994Notes server name of >6 chars
1529.0::Lauri Uusitalo K6, 636Mon Oct 10 1994Any windows mail programs for 4.1 without POP ?
1530.06::HENDRIJCMon Oct 10 1994PW 5.
1531.0::Laurent WenkerMon Oct 10 1994Printing bold char on a LW with PATHWORKS for Macintosh
1532.01::Shabir SattarMon Oct 10 1994Pathworks TCP/IP and Novell
1533.01::DianeMon Oct 10 1994Print Problem in Mail for Macintosh
1534.0::BillMon Oct 10 1994has anyone used appstart successfully
1535.01::BryanTue Oct 11 199432 bit version of Excursion
1536.02::Lutz MartenTue Oct 11 1994DEC RRD42 connected to PowerBook 17
1537.01::Lance GayTue Oct 11 1994Pathworks for Macintosh (server) for OSF/1
1538.0::JohnTue Oct 11 1994Pathworks printer problem
1539.0::Clyde E. Bethea IIIWed Oct 12 1994Auto connection via PWv5.
1540.02::Jim HeilWed Oct 12 1994Silly question: what _is_ pathworks?
1541.0::ArneWed Oct 12 1994PCSA 4.1, DOS EDIT, device fault
1542.02::Bino Mathew Wed Oct 12 1994Support for DECnet by Netware
1543.02::John RumballThu Oct 13 1994LK-45
1544.05::Peter L. GoldbergFri Oct 14 1994Pathworks 4.1 and WWGRP
1545.0Fri Oct 14 19942 Employment Oportunities at AHEC in Denver Colorado...
1546.0::Paul FretterFri Oct 14 1994Problem with WP5.
1547.02::617Fri Oct 14 1994Pathworks' Mail for Macintosh
1548.01::HelenFri Oct 14 1994Questions about upgrading to 5.
1549.0::CliffFri Oct 14 1994Re: IGNORE Re: Mosaic and IP stacks - can't find a compatible
1550.03::Gordon ThursfieldSat Oct 15 1994Pathworks 5 TCP/IP and SMC Ethernet cards
1551.0::NigelSat Oct 15 1994remote boot queries
1552.0::JimHartTSat Oct 15 1994Novell's NETX not loading with NDIS drivers for PW v5.
1553.03::Carl A. KarcherSat Oct 15 1994RE: Pathworks 4.2/VMS 5.5-2 (VMS protection issue, really)
1554.04::Peter L. GoldbergSat Oct 15 1994Pathworks VT32
1555.0::Clyde E. Bethea IIISat Oct 15 1994WFW, TCP/IP, PWv5.
1556.0::Mike Davis, Chief of OSun Oct 16 1994HP4M+ and PCSA Mail
1557.02::Jerry LeslieSun Oct 16 1994Re: Dec server 2
1558.01::Michael A. CrowleySun Oct 16 1994[Q] 3com5
1559.05::Kumar Pawa Mon Oct 17 1994v5 client: TCP/IP & IPX over ODI. Will ODIPKT work?
1560.06::Joe MatuscakTue Oct 18 1994Re: PWv5.
1561.0::Sam BondTue Oct 18 1994PCSA/Ultrix -> PW5/OSF/UCX
1562.01::Eric von DaenikenWed Oct 19 1994PW5 OSF/1: Can't connect share as ADMIN
1563.05::Steve ReesWed Oct 19 1994Excursion 1.2 and Pathworks 5 using TCP/IP
1564.01::"J Roach London Unde"Wed Oct 19 1994PW5
1565.01::Ed HavelaarWed Oct 19 1994PW5.
1566.01::Peter L. GoldbergWed Oct 19 1994Pathworks 4.1,Windows for Workgroups & TCP/IP
1567.0::GregWed Oct 19 1994Preventing images from loading high?
1568.0::KIRONWed Oct 19 1994Setting up a LAN - DECstation 5
1569.0::David MathogWed Oct 19 1994getting Print/Parameter= settings Mac -> PW/Mac -> DCPS?
1570.0::JMCLEAN@IRTSTFWed Oct 19 1994Pathworks and Banyan coexistence
1571.011::JoeWed Oct 19 1994Re: Binary attachment in VMS Mail
1572.0::612Thu Oct 20 1994Re: Pathworks for Mac printer access...
1573.0::R+C SchneiderThu Oct 20 1994WANTED: DECNET LAT client for SUN?
1574.06::Ed LimThu Oct 20 1994Finding out Network Adapter Type
1575.0::Klaus SchillingThu Oct 20 1994pathworks 4.1/ MS-Office standard 4.2
1576.0::Dr. Andrew MuirThu Oct 20 1994Help with PSC.COM
1577.0::Linh C. TranThu Oct 20 1994Software to load TSR on demand
1578.02::sphThu Oct 20 1994PCs hanging loading WFW
1579.0::Linh C. TranThu Oct 20 1994Pathworks's REDIR5.exe and VINES's REDIRALL.exe
1580.012::Robert KNOTEKThu Oct 20 1994CD-Server
1581.02::sphThu Oct 20 1994Problems with PW5.1 templates
1582.0::Dr Andrew MuirThu Oct 20 1994PSC.COM & laptops
1583.03::Uwe RichterThu Oct 20 1994NET PASSWORD (for both LAM MGR & UAF)
1584.01::forniThu Oct 20 1994adding MailW files to installation of client
1585.0::Robert P. GollThu Oct 20 1994WANTED: V5.
1586.04::MariaFri Oct 21 1994PW5.1, licences etc
1587.0::Mandar M. MirashiFri Oct 21 1994PCSA Ultrix -> PW5 on OSF/1
1588.01::"TheodoreFri Oct 21 1994Re: PW for OS/2 and PW for NTAS connection limits
1589.01::Ernesto Reyes DoradoFri Oct 21 1994Pathworks installation
1590.0::David MathogFri Oct 21 1994PWRKMUPA
1591.04::BrettFri Oct 21 1994PW5.
1592.0::HelenFri Oct 21 1994Netscape instead of Mosaic
1593.0::"TheodoreFri Oct 21 1994Re: disk service - microsoft word 6.
1594.01::Otis LamarFri Oct 21 1994Connecting Pathworks 4.1 network to a NTAS 3.5
1595.02::SoerenSat Oct 22 1994Mosaic and VT32
1596.09::JorgeSat Oct 22 1994PowerMac and PWMac 1.1
1597.01::Cormac Mc GaugheySat Oct 22 1994Re: How do you prevent images from loading high?"
1598.06::KIRONSat Oct 22 1994WFW and Pathworks
1599.0::ChuckSat Oct 22 1994Re: Connecting to Pathowrks 4.1 networks to NT 3.5
1600.0::MariSat Oct 22 1994PW V5.
1601.0::Peter L. GoldbergSat Oct 22 1994Pathworks software metering
1602.03::RickSat Oct 22 1994DE2
1603.0::Rupert Moss-EccardtSun Oct 23 1994NETTIME.EXE (OS/2)
1604.02::Sam WoolfSun Oct 23 1994MacTCP, bootp, and (hardware) Ethernet Address
1605.0::AshleyMon Oct 24 1994What is Pathworks for NT 3.1?
1606.02::"LMon Oct 24 1994Re: Dos copy prevention under Pathworks
1607.0::HarrieMon Oct 24 1994*Many* users and Pathworks for Ultrix
1608.02::REAS%SIOUX@EPAVAXMon Oct 24 1994PATHWORKS V5.x and VMS V6.X
1609.01::lannie@insMon Oct 24 1994Explain Serv ver Client licences?
1610.01::Sam WoolfMon Oct 24 1994problems unmounting and remounting network CD-ROMs
1611.09::JimMon Oct 24 1994Re: Dos copy prevention under Pathworks -Reply
1612.04::Jim CriglerMon Oct 24 1994Pathworks vs. Borland Pascal
1613.03::Darrel CarterMon Oct 24 1994SETHOST V4.1 Character echo
1614.02::"JacquesMon Oct 24 1994Server based Licencing and CSLG
1615.02::"JacquesMon Oct 24 1994PW 5.
1616.02::WERTHMULLER@SIENAMon Oct 24 1994installing pwv51 client on system file share.
1617.02::JohnMon Oct 24 1994PW Mac 1.2 and VMS 6.1
1618.0::ermimwei@el6Mon Oct 24 1994Broadcast from VMS and PC
1619.08::Michael A. NaudTue Oct 25 1994Test
1620.03::FrankTue Oct 25 1994WFWG 3.11 & PAthworks 4.2 on VMS box
1621.02::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYTue Oct 25 1994Pathworks 4.1 in SoftWindows
1622.0::varga@fiovx2Tue Oct 25 1994Please info about Teamlinks
1623.03::Donald G. Plugge, SystTue Oct 25 1994Terminal Emulation
1624.04::geray@ecsTue Oct 25 1994PWV5.1 vs V5.
1625.0::lannie@insTue Oct 25 1994FTPWIN crashes when viewing remote DOC's
1626.0::"JacquesWed Oct 26 1994Server licence on CSLG?
1627.03::ComputoWed Oct 26 1994EtherWorks 3 Plus Problems
1628.03::Darren WilkinsonWed Oct 26 1994DEC LanWORKS for Macintosh v1.
1629.01::WittwerWed Oct 26 1994PW4.1 and PW5.
1630.05::magWed Oct 26 1994DNETHeapSize problems
1631.03::Richard BaisnerWed Oct 26 1994Accessing Infoserver through Pathworks help needed
1632.0::Andres FrimodigWed Oct 26 1994Word 2.
1633.01::Paul FretterWed Oct 26 1994PathWorks for OSF
1634.02::DavidWed Oct 26 1994MailW and TCP/IP
1635.05::Timothy SteinbergerFri Oct 28 1994PW5 Server and PW4 Clients
1636.0::duarte@uhbFri Oct 28 1994PW5.
1637.02::lannie@insFri Oct 28 1994PW Mail loses messages just received.
1638.04::Mark NaberSat Oct 29 1994PW4.1 and CD drive problems
1639.01::JimSat Oct 29 1994Browsing PWRK 5.
1640.01::"JacquesSat Oct 29 1994Listserv for DEC h/w
1641.0::"LSat Oct 29 1994InfoServer/Pathworks 4.2
1642.01::JimSat Oct 29 1994Broadcast from VMS and PC -Reply
1643.0::JimSat Oct 29 1994PW Mac 1.2 and VMS 6.1 -Reply
1644.07::SystemSat Oct 29 1994Using SETHOST in Windows
1645.0::Mark Van-Bellen, MIS, Sat Oct 29 1994Re: Word 2.
1646.0::Mark Van-Bellen, MIS, Sat Oct 29 1994running side by 'side' pwrks 4.1/5.
1647.02::"JacquesSat Oct 29 1994Win 3.1 vs WFW 3.11
1648.0::WERTHMULLER@SIENASat Oct 29 1994windows nt.. What else is needed to work with pw5.
1649.03::MichaelMon Oct 31 1994SLIP Connection
1650.01::SystemMon Oct 31 1994Re: Using SETHOST in Windows -Reply
1651.06::BryanMon Oct 31 1994Re: WFW and Pathworks - and Pathworks certified
1652.0::Robert LapesMon Oct 31 1994VT32
1653.0::Jay GrinolsMon Oct 31 1994Pathworks, LANMAN; Position Available
1654.0::Hans Sundstr|mMon Oct 31 1994How to stop/cancel a connection to a specific fileservice un Ultrix
1655.04::Mike Davis, Chief of OMon Oct 31 1994RE: Using SETHOST in Windows, another query
1656.01::Mandar M. MirashiMon Oct 31 1994NIS on OSF/1 and Pathworks
1657.01::Mike Davis, Chief of OMon Oct 31 1994Generic/Text-Only Windows driver?
1658.02::"JacquesMon Oct 31 1994Running Session Manager
1659.03::BryanMon Oct 31 1994Phase out dates for Pathworks 4.1?
1660.01::lieven embrechtsTue Nov 01 1994Dec Pathworks 1.2 (mac) and system 7.5
1661.02::Timothy SteinbergerTue Nov 01 1994Adding users in Pathworks V5 (Personal File Shares)
1662.0::C.H. TaTue Nov 01 1994Limit of printers on Lan Manager net works
1663.02::Kent A ZiebellTue Nov 01 1994Pathworks for DOS v5.1 questions
1664.02::BOB CHURCHTue Nov 01 1994Pathworks (VMS/DOS) and modems
1665.01::NigelTue Nov 01 1994Re: server dying please help
1666.0::Andrew L. HansfordTue Nov 01 1994MS Office 4.3
1667.01::Kent A ZiebellWed Nov 02 1994PATHWORKS V5.1 and Ultrix TCP/IP server
1668.04::Gregory W. IsettWed Nov 02 1994Metering under Pathworks?
1669.0::PeterWed Nov 02 1994Help re InfoServer-Mac connection
1670.0::Sam WoolfWed Nov 02 1994pathworks, teamlinks, a1mail
1671.011::"JacquesWed Nov 02 1994Reasons not to go to 5.
1672.03::dmmatt@nawlnsWed Nov 02 1994WFW, 32bit IP, and Pathworks Licensing
1673.01::JerryWed Nov 02 1994How do I change an NT pwd from v4.1 Client?
1674.01::Mark PurcellWed Nov 02 1994Changing passwords 4.1 client,5.
1675.03::HelenThu Nov 03 1994Upgrading clients to 5.1 remotely
1676.01::DennisThu Nov 03 1994LAN Manager domain logon validation problems.
1677.0::Eric von DaenikenThu Nov 03 1994Modifying NetFiles in pwtcp.ini?
1678.0::C.H. TaThu Nov 03 1994Pathworks Server V5.
1679.0::Fred MorrisThu Nov 03 1994DECNet Objects via Mac: what's new?
1680.0::Hardy LauThu Nov 03 1994MAILW and PWV51
1681.0::STEVEM@POMADFri Nov 04 1994Server options
1682.09::CRISMAN@FAUVAXFri Nov 04 1994Launching Windows 3.1 Apps with Pathworks 4.2
1683.07::Robert LapesFri Nov 04 1994PWRKS 5.1 for D&W on CD
1684.02::Robert LapesFri Nov 04 1994PWRKS 5.
1685.0::NickFri Nov 04 1994Pathworks server with nt3.5 client
1686.0::rempelg@wlFri Nov 04 1994PATHWORKS install problems with FDDI and ALPHA
1687.01::GeoffFri Nov 04 1994Quick "dumb" question for pw v51
1688.01::"JacquesFri Nov 04 19945.
1689.02::"Mike Hardcastle"Fri Nov 04 1994Netware driver for DE-2
1690.01::"JokeSat Nov 05 1994question concerning winrcv
1691.01::wilder@NSRSKESat Nov 05 1994Using PW5.1 PC client CCS licenses to access NT 3.5 Server
1692.0::Eric von DaenikenSat Nov 05 1994PW5.
1693.0::daughertm@aspenSat Nov 05 1994MicroVAX going to highest bidder!!!
1694.06::Douglas W. O'NealSat Nov 05 1994Will a PW V5.1 PAK work on V.5
1695.01::Neil Ashworth Sat Nov 05 1994NTAS in same domain - any concerns or suggestions?
1696.0::Mark StahlSat Nov 05 1994LanRover E 3.
1697.01DEKPS1::BYUNGHOONKANMon Nov 07 1994Need packet Driver ?
1698.0::Volker B. KoettgenMon Nov 07 1994[Q] accessing different /FORMs in PWRKS 5.
1699.0::WERTHMULLER@SIENAMon Nov 07 1994Pathworks for NT 3.5 questions.
1700.0::Nigel CursonTue Nov 08 1994Line length in Mail for Macintosh
1701.01::MariaTue Nov 08 1994DECpc 2.88 meg floppy drive
1702.0::"JacquesTue Nov 08 1994PW5
1703.0::"SamuelTue Nov 08 1994quantum hard disks
1704.0::David FordTue Nov 08 1994INFOREQ:Small memory footprint alternative to pathworks ?!
1705.04::Richard BaisnerTue Nov 08 1994Infoserver/Pathworks help needed
1706.0::Richard BaisnerTue Nov 08 1994MEMMAN /U problems
1707.02::EgilTue Nov 08 1994eXcursion and MS TCP/IP 32-bits
1708.01::617Tue Nov 08 1994Files Deleted from VMS root directory
1709.01::RGAULT@MSCC1Tue Nov 08 1994PC Print Queues Pausing
1710.08::GeoffTue Nov 08 1994Pathwoks Mosaic - first impressions
1711.02::RobertWed Nov 09 1994Archive on Gatekeeper
1712.04::"ProfWed Nov 09 1994Re: Queing Pathworks Printers
1713.01::"JacquesWed Nov 09 1994CDrom and PW
1714.04::Craig MacdonaldWed Nov 09 1994pathworks, LAT modem pool and AOL software
1715.03::JudyWed Nov 09 1994Queuing Pathworks Printers
1716.01::CRISMAN@FAUVAXWed Nov 09 1994Thanks re: launching Windows Apps
1717.0::"ProfWed Nov 09 1994Re: launching windows apps
1718.01::Michael A. NaudWed Nov 09 1994Lost ctrl codes in SETHOST
1719.0::JohnWed Nov 09 1994Application problems
1720.0::Robert LapesWed Nov 09 1994Remote boot and DECnet phase V
1721.0::Richard SvatosWed Nov 09 1994Slow file transfer under PWV 5.
1722.01::Douglas OleinikWed Nov 09 1994Pathworks and OS/2
1723.01::SystemWed Nov 09 1994Pathworks Mail and WordPerfect for Windows question
1724.01::"JacquesWed Nov 09 1994DE2
1725.0::"JacquesWed Nov 09 1994HOw do I remove the echo to myself
1726.05::"JacquesThu Nov 10 1994What can be loaded high
1727.02::BryanThu Nov 10 1994Pathworks, Netware printing, and HP JetDirect EX
1728.0::nieland_t@kahunaThu Nov 10 1994Program to batch query print page counts?
1729.01::sphThu Nov 10 1994PW5.1 remote template problem
1730.02::"DRThu Nov 10 1994Color Setting Error.
1731.01::Mandar M. MirashiThu Nov 10 1994Short questions
1732.0::tomd@raufossThu Nov 10 1994PW5
1733.01::Arthur YasinskiThu Nov 10 1994Weird LIC
1734.0::Timothy SteinbergerThu Nov 10 1994Configuration help
1735.0::Timothy SteinbergerThu Nov 10 1994Phase IV Prime setting - PW5
1736.01::Juan BlancoFri Nov 11 1994PC Fax Server ??
1737.01::Juan BlancoFri Nov 11 1994Modem Server ???
1738.0::"Warford,Sat Nov 12 1994Removing PW4.1 before adding PW5.
1739.0::"HSat Nov 12 1994Printing to LPD queues with PW Netware 1.
1740.01::"ProfSat Nov 12 1994PW 4.1 & CD drivers conflict
1741.01::"JacquesSat Nov 12 1994FTP anonymous server w/PW on PC?
1742.01::Neil Ashworth Sat Nov 12 1994Upgrading server when PC's all run WfWg
1743.01::Eric RustomjiSun Nov 13 1994Ewrks3 t-Plus card problems !!!
1744.0::NigelMon Nov 14 1994OVMS/AXP 5.
1745.01::TaMon Nov 14 1994Re: Cancelling a licence
1746.01::KIRONMon Nov 14 1994Mosaic and PW
1747.0::DarrellMon Nov 14 1994DIS_PKT9.DOS
1748.0::JimMon Nov 14 1994Re: Launching Windows 3.1 Apps with Pathworks 4.2 -Reply
1749.02::goldberg@odieMon Nov 14 1994AUTOAPP.EXE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!1
1750.01::Michael McGinnisSun Nov 20 1994Looking for LAT terminal emulation utility
1751.01::Linh C. TranSun Nov 20 1994Files are not there anymore....
1752.0::Ben DarrinSun Nov 20 1994Pathworks/fileserver
1753.02::MarkSun Nov 20 1994Seagate 4/9GB drives
1754.04::Herbert StoeriSun Nov 20 1994Pathworks Mac V1.2 and System 7.1 or 7.5
1755.02::eranps@edsSun Nov 20 1994Pathworks v5 for OS/2.
1756.01::PhilipSun Nov 20 1994PW-Mosaic bug?
1757.01::lannie@insSun Nov 20 1994PC as print server, works - sometimes!
1758.02::AengusSun Nov 20 1994Login Station restrictions?
1759.01::acciai_gf@bkdevaSun Nov 20 1994Ewrks3 NDIS V3 high memory needs??
1760.0::"When?Sun Nov 20 1994PATHWORKS V5.1 for DOS and Windows - Special Notice Regarding V5.1 PAKs
1761.02::MariaSun Nov 20 1994Compaq portable with built in basestation network card
1762.01::ComputoSun Nov 20 1994We've a FTP Problem
1763.01::SystemSun Nov 20 1994Extra page on HP printers
1764.0::Dr Andrew MuirSun Nov 20 1994psc.com problem
1765.0::KIRONSun Nov 20 1994How does one add a signature file in PW mail?
1766.0::RickSun Nov 20 1994packet drivers
1767.0::Craig BallietSun Nov 20 1994PW V5.1 and MS Access 2.
1768.03::Robert LapesSun Nov 20 1994Error 33 Unable to bind ?
1769.02::David RichardsSun Nov 20 1994DECNET task to task and Visual Basic
1770.02::Jon BowernSun Nov 20 1994PC Networking Help Needed
1771.0::"MikeSun Nov 20 1994Restricting access to services based on location
1772.0::JoeSun Nov 20 1994Compaq Contura with Dlink adapter
1773.0::Robert LapesSun Nov 20 1994Allied Telisis cards ?
1774.0::JimSun Nov 20 1994PW4.2 ECO5, Alpha 21
1775.02::David C. LyonSun Nov 20 1994Mac Terminal Version
1776.06::Daniel LangSun Nov 20 1994Re: How 2 get PathWorks v4.1, Novell 3.12, and WfWg 3.11 to coexist?
1777.0::LimSun Nov 20 1994Size of WMD database
1778.02::"JacquesSun Nov 20 1994What is winstart.bat
1779.0::WERTHMULLER@SIENASun Nov 20 1994Pathworks directions and new offerings ?
1780.0::PhilipSun Nov 20 1994Are you using this mail package?
1781.0::"DrSun Nov 20 1994Printing problems with multiple forms
1782.0::TaMon Nov 21 1994Re: PW help desk higher cost
1783.02::NickMon Nov 21 1994How do you make VAX primary domain server??
1784.0::Greg MackeownMon Nov 21 1994Re: Pathworks 5.
1785.01::schryver@parksnetMon Nov 21 1994Novell's IPX.COM
1786.0::Carl A. KarcherMon Nov 21 1994MSCDEX hangs after starnet on Dell P9
1787.04::dennis@rulxhoTue Nov 22 1994Etherworks3, PCSA41 & WfW311 problem
1788.01::"DRTue Nov 22 1994Color Setup Problem
1789.01::Bob FindlayTue Nov 22 1994Network breakin to account "ILLEGAL"
1790.05::Ron Y. HahmTue Nov 22 1994Connecting to PCSA services via MS TCPIP-32??
1791.05::"JacquesTue Nov 22 1994Network Monitor
1792.02::GreggTue Nov 22 1994PATHWORKS support for OS/2?
1793.01::"JacquesTue Nov 22 1994.VBX files. What are they?
1794.03::PhilipTue Nov 22 1994Universal Naming Convention
1795.0::JimTue Nov 22 1994WFW TCP/IP-32 to Pathworks 4.2-5 (NBNS, UCX 3.1) on Alpha 21
1796.01::"JacquesTue Nov 22 1994FWD: test result
1797.0::JimTue Nov 22 1994PW4.2 ECO5, Alpha 21
1798.03::"KerryTue Nov 22 1994PATHWORKS v5.1 and Windows
1799.01::cooper@utsphTue Nov 22 1994Q: PW 5.1 & WFW & Gateway PCs'...anyone else having problems?
1800.04::Jim RieflinWed Nov 23 1994WFW3.11 kills my decnet drives
1801.01::GiovanniWed Nov 23 1994Pathworks 5 and OSF/1
1802.01::GiovanniWed Nov 23 1994many machines
1803.02::tomd@raufossWed Nov 23 1994PLEASE, ELNK3-problem
1804.07::"Warford,Wed Nov 23 1994Re: Connecting to PCSA services via MS T
1805.02::VickieWed Nov 23 1994Pathworks 5.
1806.03::JohnWed Nov 23 1994Venturis and Pathworks
1807.04::Tingli PanWed Nov 23 1994Cluster alias
1808.0::ComputoWed Nov 23 1994Hi There!!!
1809.0::Dr Andrew MuirWed Nov 23 1994HELP! - Error 5
1810.01::sys_rij@fuji-efWed Nov 23 1994PW5 - network(NetBeui,Netbios,tcp/ip)
1811.0::"JacquesWed Nov 23 1994ftp package needed
1812.0::Jorn OlsenWed Nov 23 1994Screensaver that uses the Pathworks password
1813.02::"JacquesTue Dec 06 1994Help in locating old HW specs.
1814.01::KIRONTue Dec 06 1994Re: DIS_PKT9.DOS and WINPKT
1815.02::JimTue Dec 06 1994Pathworks 5.
1816.0::F. Arthur CochraneTue Dec 06 1994SCO Unix & FDDI Token Ring?
1817.04::SparkyTue Dec 06 1994Re: Pathworks 5.x on 8
1818.0::Paula@Tue Dec 06 1994Re: Help needed with dnet_conn function
1819.02::Roy ClarkeTue Dec 06 1994PW 4.1,WfWg,MS TCP/IP, and two ethernet card
1820.0::Felix OhmbergerTue Dec 06 1994magic connection on services slows down performance
1821.03::ArneTue Dec 06 1994unsupported MAILW and national characters from keyboard
1822.0::Oliver James BishopTue Dec 06 1994Pathworks 5.
1823.0::Roy ClarkeTue Dec 06 1994PW 4.1, WfWg, MS TCP/IP, and two ethernet cards (correction)
1824.0::"RobertTue Dec 06 1994Autoapp and cannot find file
1825.0::DavidTue Dec 06 1994Question - Loading PROTMAN.DOS/EWRK3.DOS
1826.03::GeoffTue Dec 06 1994Returning the HARDWARE ADDRESS of MACs (mostly & PCs too)
1827.0::MichelTue Dec 06 1994PW5 server cannot be started, PWRK$LMMCP in RWAST state.
1828.0::Charles S SuehsTue Dec 06 1994Having problems setting up DAL for Macs. Need help.
1829.0::Arthur YasinskiTue Dec 06 1994Re: Bizarre printing problems
1830.0::Lutz MartenTue Dec 06 1994Jetdirect card and DEC/TCP-IP
1831.0::Noland Dunnison 283-28Tue Dec 06 1994connecting 2 machines
1832.0::"JacquesTue Dec 06 1994DEC response to Pentium FPU problem
1833.0::"FrankTue Dec 06 1994PathWorks v5.x client software "upgrade"
1834.0::MichaelTue Dec 06 1994Re: hey Mike, could you give this guy an answer; he's just a poor stiff that needs some ex
1835.01::bleau@umdspTue Dec 06 1994Pathworks(Mac) avail on AXP yet?
1836.07::"Colin Rosenstiel"Tue Dec 06 1994Returning hardware addresses of PCs
1837.01::jscha@ibmTue Dec 06 1994Pathworks 5.
1838.01::JohnTue Dec 06 1994DEC PC configuration
1839.08::StuartTue Dec 06 1994Pathworks vs. Netware
1840.03::ahmad@nl1Tue Dec 06 1994anyone using Eudora under PW5 client.
1841.0::JR JonesTue Dec 06 1994DECnet Packets
1842.02::Tingli PanTue Dec 06 1994Pathwork 4.2 problem.
1843.0::Arthur YasinskiTue Dec 06 1994Broadcast messages...
1844.0::David KellermanTue Dec 06 1994Re: DEC print supervisor
1845.0::JimTue Dec 06 19944.1 setname problem -Reply
1846.0::Eddie BaggottTue Dec 06 1994VB Task to Task
1847.08::Alan BoydTue Dec 06 1994New kid with Pathworks Problems
1848.0::Brahms71Tue Dec 06 1994Gobbler/Beholder and Pathworks 4
1849.0::John HomerTue Dec 06 1994Want to redirect output from asynch to network
1850.01::MariaThu Dec 08 1994Problem with DecPC 466d2 and CD drive
1851.01::gailThu Dec 08 1994Leading Edge 486e
1852.0::StormThu Dec 08 1994VMS-> Ultrix.. ?
1853.0::Dr Andrew MuirThu Dec 08 1994W4W & PW: Network name not found
1854.02::Brahms71Thu Dec 08 1994Promiscuous Mode for Ethernet Cards
1855.0::JoeThu Dec 08 1994Re: Pathworks and Qemm
1856.01::kwilson@utsphThu Dec 08 1994Problems upgrading from PW5.
1857.05::NicoThu Dec 08 1994Q: LAN Manager for SUN
1858.02::EX: 6368 & 6674Thu Dec 08 1994WFW 3.11, MS TCI/IP AND PATHWORK 5.x
1859.03::morphis@FNALAThu Dec 08 1994Re: PW for OS/2 and IBM licns issues
1860.06::Peter SawardThu Dec 08 1994PathWorks Mac1.2 - doesn't work with System 7.5..
1861.01::JeffThu Dec 08 1994Re: About to AUTOGEN, need advise
1862.0::JimThu Dec 08 1994Re: Connecting to PCSA services via MS TCPIP-32?? -Reply
1863.01::SparkyThu Dec 08 1994PATHWORKS/VT32
1864.01::kingsmisThu Dec 08 1994Pathworks crawling
1865.01::JimThu Dec 08 1994WFW 3.11/PCSA41/and Print queues... -Reply
1866.01::JimThu Dec 08 1994WFW- How Setting DOS var. in DOS (Master) Environment -Reply
1867.01::Carl A. KarcherFri Dec 09 1994RE: Latest eXcursion Version
1868.0::rees@petm31Fri Dec 09 1994Pathworks V5 Server hangs
1869.03::"JacquesFri Dec 09 1994FTP and LAT w/PW 5.
1870.0::JeffFri Dec 09 1994Re: scsi/ide
1871.01::JBOLOGNA@BENTLEYFri Dec 09 1994DEC Agent management
1872.02::Peter RowanFri Dec 09 1994RE: Pathworks 4.1 for Win NT server 3.5
1873.0::"JacquesFri Dec 09 1994Flawed Pentiums. How to get your replacement chip.
1874.03::SteveFri Dec 09 1994Windows 3.1 and WFW and TCP/IP (Mosaic, gopher clients etc.)
1875.0::Stephan KleinertFri Dec 09 1994Performance problems with PW5.1 for Windows
1876.0::"JacquesFri Dec 09 1994Pentium "subtle" flaw
1877.0::Ed LimFri Dec 09 1994low cost terminal emulation
1878.0::Steve Cloutier - NotesFri Dec 09 1994NetNotes a DEC Notes Superset Beta Test
1879.0::Dean MazurFri Dec 09 1994Floppy access hangs system
1880.0::AengusFri Dec 09 1994Lotus Organiser. How to configure?
1881.08::SteveFri Dec 09 1994Pathworks 5.
1882.0::Lutz Pressler Sun Dec 11 1994PW VMS(VAX) V4.4-1 Server TCP/IP: how to restrict access?
1883.0::David MathogSun Dec 11 1994X11 apps on small monitors, grumble, grumble
1884.0::Dave S MooreMon Dec 12 1994Pathworks and FTP incompatibility (?) problem
1885.04::peregri2@husc15Tue Dec 13 1994which winsock in PW5.
1886.0::PhilipTue Dec 13 1994Problem with Eudora and POP/SMTP
1887.04::JohnTue Dec 13 1994Printing from WP for Windows 6.
1888.0::JimTue Dec 13 1994Re: Returning hardware addresses of PCs -Reply
1889.02::David MathogTue Dec 13 1994License pricing rationale?
1890.04::Damian Fox - UNIVERSITTue Dec 13 1994Pathworks, MS Windows and UCX mail on VMS
1891.0::manson@decusTue Dec 13 1994Wanted PCSA V2.1 Server for VMS
1892.02::ahmad@nl1Tue Dec 13 1994Pathworks on OS/2 machine.
1893.06::BuenaWed Dec 14 1994Old question from a new guy.......
1894.0::RobertWed Dec 14 1994Is it legit? -> Court Ordered Liquidation...
1895.09::Don WilkersonWed Dec 14 1994SETHOST.EXE & WFW 3.11 No SCB
1896.08::ahmad@nl1Wed Dec 14 1994File copy problems
1897.0::CarmineWed Dec 14 1994migration issues....
1898.0::Mandar M. MirashiThu Dec 15 1994PCSA Server for OSF/1?
1899.02::Eric VynckeFri Dec 16 1994PW 5, datalink interface spec ?
1900.02::csFri Dec 16 1994DOS editor and PW mail?
1901.0::Rem Van TyenFri Dec 16 1994Q: Which PW for VMS V5.4?
1902.02::PhilipFri Dec 16 1994"Unsupported" local printing in PW-Mac Mail
1903.01::"ProfFri Dec 16 1994Multiple printers on a PC
1904.0::VyacheslavFri Dec 16 1994PATHWORKS 5.
1905.04::Lee BackSat Dec 17 1994Pathworks on soft Windows?
1906.0::"JacquesSat Dec 17 1994Mising link?
1907.01::gstegem@ibmSat Dec 17 1994PW 5.
1908.0::gstegem@ibmSat Dec 17 1994Usage of USE \\<server>
1909.0::gstegem@ibmSat Dec 17 1994Bad block replacement on HPFS drives?
1910.02::Jan-ErikSat Dec 17 1994Cupying PW51 CD to disk ?
1911.01::Sean TorleySun Dec 18 1994CD Rom Problem
1912.0::dennis@rulxhoMon Dec 19 1994NVTWIN variable
1913.03::JoeMon Dec 19 1994Re: WFW 3.11/PCSA41
1914.03::AlanMon Dec 19 1994Printing from Pathworks V4.1
1915.03::The Mad HatterMon Dec 19 1994TCP/IP Goodies?
1916.02::GeoffMon Dec 19 1994How to Load and unload netx from windows???
1917.02::HelenMon Dec 19 1994Editing Startnet.bat
1918.05::The Mad HatterTue Dec 20 1994More TCP/IP questions
1919.0::NigelTue Dec 20 1994Re: ******** (PWRK server crash)
1920.01::JeffTue Dec 20 1994Call to Undefined Dynalink
1921.02::FransTue Dec 20 19943rd party Mail/PW 5.1
1922.0::AllenTue Dec 20 1994FTPing files from PC to PC or VAX to PC
1923.0::Anthony CoppolaTue Dec 20 1994Re: LAT tool and PowerMacs...problem?
1924.03::Rod FalangaTue Dec 20 1994W4Wg, Pathworks 4.1, Ultrix 4.4 and Mosaic
1925.0::Terry BentleyTue Dec 20 1994ODBC access using TCP/IP
1926.0::GregTue Dec 20 1994WFW 3.11 and PW5.1 (no decnet)
1927.01::Douglas M. LindseyTue Dec 20 1994WfWg/PW v.5 LanMan login scripts
1928.01::Gary WallWed Dec 21 1994mounting a tcpip host via pathworks
1929.0::ratter@alphaWed Dec 21 1994Pathworks v5 for OpenVMS
1930.04::goldberg@odieWed Dec 21 1994WFW without pathworks?
1931.01::GreggWed Dec 21 1994NTFS disk defragmentation
1932.04::Douglas OleinikWed Dec 21 1994Pathworks 4.1 for OS/2 and WARP
1933.02::mike@alphaWed Dec 21 1994Critical data protection
1934.0::mike@alphaWed Dec 21 1994Software metering under pathworks
1935.0::Thomas R. LarsonWed Dec 21 1994PW4.1 --> PW5.
1936.01::Rod FalangaWed Dec 21 1994HELP! Problems installing PW 4.1, W4Wg 3.11
1937.03::John HomerThu Dec 22 1994Help - Getting Win 3.1 DnetHeapSize or NetHeapSize errors
1938.0::GreggThu Dec 22 1994DILUG meeting announcement/membership drive
1939.0::Douglas M. LindseyFri Dec 23 1994debug\show.exe Under MS-Windows
1940.01::Roger WiechmanFri Dec 23 1994DEPCA Network card help needed
1941.0::"BrianFri Dec 23 1994Looking for Microsoft program Kicstart...
1942.01::Paul PrenticeTue Dec 27 1994PW/DECNET => LanMan/TCPIP Migration
1943.0::Ky|sti M{{tt{Tue Dec 27 1994WFW and PW5
1944.06::Andy PenningtonTue Dec 27 1994[Q] Windows Network Logon Program?
1945.02::JimTue Dec 27 1994Re: More TCP/IP questions -Reply
1946.02::Michael A. NaudWed Dec 28 1994Help with 4.2->5.1 move
1947.0::steveThu Dec 29 1994error during sethost (DECnet reason: 61)
1948.02::EGGERThu Dec 29 1994DECNet Error 61
1949.07::Tim MackayThu Dec 29 1994Pathworks 4.1 Winsock?
1950.0::Steven VoreThu Dec 29 1994SPECIAL NOTICE to PATHWORKS V5.1 for DOS and Windows Customers Regarding V5.1 Product Autho
1951.03::Clyde E. Bethea IIIThu Dec 29 1994DEC's SHOW /IDENT command, under DOS shell in WFW
1952.04::NThu Dec 29 1994DnetHeapSize
1953.01::William D. TaylorThu Dec 29 1994Pathworks VT32
1954.03::Douglas OleinikThu Dec 29 1994Is Pathworks 5.
1955.0::Otis LamarThu Dec 29 1994Pathworks/NT 3.1 not working
1956.04::Student DefaultSat Dec 31 1994Connecting to Pathwroks and Netware at the same time
1957.01::"EricSun Jan 01 1995Help with DIGITAL hardware.
1958.0::Mark Montanez, SystemsMon Jan 02 1995v5.1 client install from CD hangs
1959.0::NMon Jan 02 1995WIN32s-Error
1960.04::EGGERMon Jan 02 1995Who uses my cpu ?
1961.0::forni@warnerTue Jan 03 1995Using WinQvt/net V3.97 with Pathworks V5.1 as a FTP Server.
1962.01::Matthew S. RidingsTue Jan 03 1995NT 3.5 & Pathworks questions
1963.04::ArthurTue Jan 03 1995Pathworks 5.x and PCMCIA
1964.0::Volker B. KoettgenWed Jan 04 1995Pathworks Client V5.1 install likely creating >8 directory levels
1965.07::Colin RosenstielWed Jan 04 1995Digital Network cards on PCs with fast motherboards
1966.03::system@cnuceWed Jan 04 1995Help need on PW5
1967.01::beeson@cottonWed Jan 04 1995Submitting a VMS job from a Pathworks node
1968.01::SergeWed Jan 04 1995DECNET and TCP/IP at the same time
1969.09::David MathogWed Jan 04 1995Serving software with limited site license
1970.03::Cormac Mc GaugheyWed Jan 04 1995PW Mail for Windows Bugs
1971.04::FinarfinWed Jan 04 1995Mac Pathworks for AXP VMS: When?
1972.02::Bryan G. Olson; CMSC Wed Jan 04 1995Getting the message to 4.2
1973.0::Gary WallThu Jan 05 1995dec - ethernet addresses
1974.03::Eric MercerThu Jan 05 1995PCSAV4.1 & Windows for Workgroups
1975.04::wjk@gumbyThu Jan 05 1995Alpha Server suggestions
1976.0::SystemThu Jan 05 1995Macintosh - Pathworks - Print problem
1977.0::GreggThu Jan 05 1995NTAS 3.1/DE2
1978.07::JimThu Jan 05 1995Re: Serving software with limited site license -Reply
1979.02::Tingli PanFri Jan 06 1995Pathwork 4.21 and VMS 6.1
1980.01::Jerry CashmanFri Jan 06 1995Anyone using Microcom LANexpress for PW/DECnet ?
1981.01::Mr. Mike Fri Jan 06 1995Pathworks 4 and Lantastic
1982.0::Mark KostenFri Jan 06 1995Trying to setup Remote Booting!
1983.04::Kurt KlingbeilFri Jan 06 1995How to prevent VMS/PW datestamping files arbitrarily
1984.0::Bob GuglielmiFri Jan 06 1995Help with a Pathworks 5.1 Install
1985.0::JeffFri Jan 06 1995Sharing Violation Reading Drive F:
1986.0::31Fri Jan 06 1995Re: Serving software with limited site license / UNC
1987.07::"mars"Fri Jan 06 1995Pentium 9
1988.04::SystemFri Jan 06 1995Macintosh - Pathworks - Terminal Emulation
1989.0::"MikeFri Jan 06 1995For sale--PW 5.
1990.0::Thomas R. LarsonFri Jan 06 1995PW5.1 & Win for WG 3.11
1991.0::Kent McIntyreFri Jan 06 1995PCFS$SETDIR_ENABLE = TRUE - NOT WORKING
1992.05::J.J. BosmanSat Jan 07 1995VT32
1993.06::"ProfSun Jan 08 1995Help! with ATK Zone fight
1994.06::BillMon Jan 09 1995pipeline quota value?
1995.01::FrankMon Jan 09 1995Novell and Pathworks
1996.01::Marc SimkinMon Jan 09 1995Pathworks 4.1 Clients with 5.x VMS Server
1997.01::FrankMon Jan 09 1995Notes Conference Software
1998.01::Fred N. TittaferranteMon Jan 09 1995Installing PW4.1 on Compaq with NetFlex controller
1999.03::ratter@alphaMon Jan 09 1995Path&WIN 3.1
2000.04::Kojiro SasakiMon Jan 09 1995Network Fax Software for Pathworks 5.x PC clients ???
2001.0::Gary PenrodMon Jan 09 1995PW5 and Windows comm conflict
2002.0::PhilipMon Jan 09 1995Apple Internet Router and PathRemote
2003.01::Paul GislasonMon Jan 09 1995NT Workstation and Pathworks...
2004.0::"SuzanTue Jan 10 1995Appletalk Zone fight
2005.01::system@cnuceTue Jan 10 1995DEC for MAC error
2006.06::NoelTue Jan 10 1995NT 3.5 Workstation & PW5.x server
2007.03::Derek J K SimsTue Jan 10 1995Pathworks 5 / Word 6
2008.0::Jeffrey ChaunceyTue Jan 10 1995Unsupport Windows(tm) Mail
2009.015::JamesTue Jan 10 1995Pathworks for Win95?
2010.01::Don KatzWed Jan 11 1995DESPERATE: Desktop Backup ate my data!
2011.07::"HWed Jan 11 1995Scrollback with VT32
2012.01::Michael A. NaudWed Jan 11 1995Help with 5.
2013.01::GreggWed Jan 11 1995PATHWORKS 4.x support
2014.02::Kevin FaulknerWed Jan 11 1995Pathworks for Macintosh on AXP
2015.0::Sakari HeinoWed Jan 11 1995Fax-modem in Pathworks-client
2016.01::David C. LyonWed Jan 11 1995UCX with PATHWORKS croaks
2017.04::Paul JohnstonThu Jan 12 1995Re: PCSA - Network Not Found! What is this?
2018.0::David ExcoffierThu Jan 12 1995HELP ME!!! UNIDENTIFIED BUGS !
2019.0::Sakari HeinoThu Jan 12 1995Pathworks 5.
2020.01::Tingli PanThu Jan 12 1995Running eXcursion in wfw.
2021.02::Network ManagerThu Jan 12 1995lan manager password problem
2022.03::"JacquesThu Jan 12 1995FTP from Compuserve
2023.02::NThu Jan 12 1995European www
2024.03::Eric von DaenikenThu Jan 12 1995DOS path length restriction?
2025.05::Ronnie MorganFri Jan 13 1995DOS Pathworks in OS/2 Warp???
2026.0::Christian KoenigsederFri Jan 13 1995Creation of Profile-file for Remote Boot fails!
2027.01::dennisj@randbFri Jan 13 1995PRINTER NAMES-VMS/UNIX/PC
2028.04::dennisj@randbFri Jan 13 1995Pathworks 5 clients using multiple protocols
2029.02::Paul JohnstonSat Jan 14 1995Re: Connect NT 3.5 workstation to PCSA file services via TCPIP
2030.01::PeterSat Jan 14 1995NSI 1.4.6
2031.01::Pavel KrizkaSat Jan 14 1995Pathworks 5.
2032.02::Okan GeraySat Jan 14 1995QEMM and PW V5 TCP/IP client
2033.01::Eric von DaenikenSat Jan 14 1995Sharing local PC printers with PWOSF?
2034.01::"TheodoreSat Jan 14 1995Re: Banyan
2035.03::"JacquesSat Jan 14 1995Telnet to Compuserve
2037.04::HelenSat Jan 14 1995Telnet program
2038.01::Paul GislasonSat Jan 14 1995SHOW...
2039.01::"Richmond,Sat Jan 14 1995AutoApp and AppStart
2040.0::"JacquesSun Jan 15 1995Netiquette
2041.0::MrSun Jan 15 1995Connecting Microsoft Clients to PATHWORKS v4 Servers
2042.03::Piero CosiSun Jan 15 1995WfW3.11 and Pathworks4.1 LAT problem
2043.05::E. NiederacherTue Jan 17 1995Server Decision: RAM or SMP
2044.01::"InternetTue Jan 17 1995Mail for Mac v 1.1 problems
2045.02::Peter BraidwoodTue Jan 17 1995Client Server Software
2046.02::Sakari HeinoWed Jan 18 1995PPP for Pathworks server ??
2047.0::Thomas Schmid, Zurich,Wed Jan 18 1995Share on VMS logical?
2048.02::"AlanWed Jan 18 1995Pathworks 4.1 or Pathworks 5. Server?
2049.02::Mark PurcellWed Jan 18 1995Redirect COM1 --> LAT service?
2050.02::DerekWed Jan 18 1995Hostmap feature for NT server to openVMS hosts and Unix hosts.
2051.01::Metin OzsavuranWed Jan 18 1995Terminal Emulation under PW51 & WFWG3.11
2052.02::RiCHWed Jan 18 1995Connecting CD-ROMS with Visual Basic under PW5
2053.01::David MathogWed Jan 18 1995SoftPC access to PW 5.
2054.06::Lannie SchafrothWed Jan 18 1995Using X-Windows within Windows
2055.0::JimWed Jan 18 1995Re: DOS path length restriction? -Reply
2056.0::mike@alphaWed Jan 18 1995Automating telnet logins
2057.01::Al ForsterWed Jan 18 1995DecNet File xfer to PPC MAC
2058.01::Ron Y. HahmWed Jan 18 1995NT and Pathworks v4.1 file servers
2059.0::mforsyth@ozonlineThu Jan 19 1995A couple of questions
2060.0::"PatrikThu Jan 19 1995Pathworks v5.1 DNR update
2061.03::Doug O'NealThu Jan 19 1995Help with group SERVERS (pwv5
2062.0::"JacquesThu Jan 19 1995Tektronix terminal emularor for Alpha
2063.0::Stefan H. HolekThu Jan 19 1995PW5: Servers refuse to join domain
2064.01::Tom York Fri Jan 20 1995WFWG and PATHworks 5.
2065.01::Lannie SchafrothFri Jan 20 1995Using MAILSEND.EXE, has a bug.
2066.01::dennisj@randcFri Jan 20 1995Why stay with Pathworks?
2067.0::Tom York Fri Jan 20 1995LANutil and PC-Duo Lan Admin Software?????
2068.0::ComputoFri Jan 20 1995Access printer problem in Pathworks for OSF/1
2069.01::Eduardo JacobFri Jan 20 1995Pathworks 5.
2070.0::Thomas R. LarsonFri Jan 20 1995DE2
2071.01::Kent PerrierFri Jan 20 1995Need packet driver for DEC DE2
2072.05::JohnFri Jan 20 1995Pathworks 5.1 Client and Infoservers
2073.02::David KellyFri Jan 20 1995Pathworks Kermit Problem
2074.01::Gregory J. DonaldsonFri Jan 20 1995TCP/IP verses DECnet as transport
2075.02::Pete ReniersFri Jan 20 1995HP JetDirect and Pathworks 4.1
2076.04::cooper@utsphFri Jan 20 1995Re: Seeking Windows NT 3.5 driver for EtherWorks 3 Turbo NIC
2077.01::mcgrathm@admin1Fri Jan 20 1995Pw 5.
2078.07::Fatos N. OzbilenSat Jan 21 1995Problem with DEC Pathworks on OS/2 WARP
2079.01::jonathan@ucsvcSat Jan 21 1995CAP functionality under OpenVMS?
2080.07::Craig W. PennerSat Jan 21 1995Considering PATHWORKS...
2081.03::JoeSat Jan 21 1995Re: Restricting use of printer
2082.0::EtienneSat Jan 21 1995Emulex
2083.0::"JacquesSat Jan 21 1995Mail/DECwindows
2084.01::BethSat Jan 21 1995Specifying Router
2085.01::Lannie SchafrothSat Jan 21 1995Anyone used NETROOM/MULTIMEDIA CLOAKING with PW?
2086.04::GeoffSat Jan 21 1995WFW trying to connect to PW 4.1 server ALMOST THERE.........
2087.0::NSat Jan 21 1995IS1
2088.01::"SuzanSat Jan 21 1995network partner exited
2089.01::Michael Mak Sat Jan 21 1995PATHWORK v5 printing
2090.0::Andre HallamSun Jan 22 1995PW 4.1 - PC LAT Service printing
2091.0::"JacquesSun Jan 22 1995Blank extrapage when printing from windows
2092.03::"AlanSun Jan 22 1995Pathworks 5.1 Options?
2093.0::bleau@umdspSun Jan 22 1995User can't connect to Pathworks
2094.0::zcookbruc@cubeTue Jan 24 1995NEW WFW3.11 kit and PW4.1a
2095.02::Lannie SchafrothTue Jan 24 1995Need a DOS/Windows Mail sending program....
2096.02::AshleyTue Jan 24 1995Re: HP LJ 4M+
2097.03"GWDGV1::MOELLER"Tue Jan 24 1995SAMBA experiences?
2098.08::Brad HouserTue Jan 24 1995Windows 95 and Pathworks
2099.02::Lyn SneddenWed Jan 25 1995PW for DOS 4.1a and NETBIND error
2100.07::TheWed Jan 25 1995PW 4.1 and WfWG
2101.0::Eric von DaenikenWed Jan 25 1995Password changing problems
2102.0::Andrew K. MillerWed Jan 25 1995WFW and Pathworks v5.
2103.0::lyn g sneddenWed Jan 25 1995PRO
2104.05::"RoelWed Jan 25 1995Permit obsolete in PATHWORKS V5.1
2105.06::Les FlodrowskiWed Jan 25 1995Windows 95 & PW4.2?
2106.01::sysneil@orcaThu Jan 26 1995TCPIP.EXE V5.2.
2107.012::146fleck@wmichThu Jan 26 1995Help!
2108.02::Robert LapesThu Jan 26 1995NTAS/LANMGR printing to DEC Terminal Servers ?
2109.05::3246Fri Jan 27 1995Re: Print speeds in pathworks
2110.0::JoeFri Jan 27 1995PATHWRKS.ini file
2111.0::JORGEFri Jan 27 1995HP JetDirect / Pathworks v4.1
2112.01::Eduardo JacobFri Jan 27 1995Windows FileManager and Pathworks 5.
2113.07::DaveFri Jan 27 1995Help setup AppleTalk-LAT.
2114.0::WAHABFri Jan 27 1995FAQ - help
2115.0::JoeFri Jan 27 1995Pathwrks.ini problem
2116.01::JoeFri Jan 27 1995PATHWORKS Mail server
2117.01::Steven VoreSat Jan 28 1995Re: ftp with pathworks?
2118.02::Steven VoreSat Jan 28 1995Re: NET LOGON strange behavior
2119.0::kwilson@utsphSat Jan 28 1995PW5.1 and SMC card
2120.01::Bruce MiltonSat Jan 28 1995Pathworks over SLIP
2121.03::JohnSat Jan 28 1995Netscape and Pathworks 5.1
2122.01::DaveSat Jan 28 1995How to setup AppleTalk-DECnet Tool?
2123.0::MARKSat Jan 28 1995IBM 4
2124.01::613Sat Jan 28 1995WordPerfect 6.1 on Pathworks 4.1, UNC problems
2125.0::Steve Cloutier - NotesSun Jan 29 1995WebNotes - ANNOUNCED!! Try it out!
2126.0::H. Todd ChapmanSun Jan 29 1995I need some good networking advice!!!
2127.06::Andrey V. GroznySun Jan 29 1995Pathworks and CD-ROM together?
2128.01::"JacquesTue Jan 31 1995Re: Does Windows95 make Pathworks obsolete?
2129.04::Robert LapesWed Feb 01 1995Netbeui over WAN links ?
2130.0::"SuzanWed Feb 01 1995Link Exit problem
2131.020::GEORGE RUSSELLWed Feb 01 1995Pathworks & Windows 3.11
2132.0::DAVE SAPSEDThu Feb 02 1995Email Test
2133.0::ITURJE@LEVELSThu Feb 02 1995PATHWORKS V5 remote boot problems
2134.02::Paul JohnstonThu Feb 02 1995Re: FAT Volume in admin/path
2135.01::StephanieThu Feb 02 1995Sethost problem with PW OS/2 4.x
2136.02::Jason VasquezThu Feb 02 1995Novice question re: System Services?
2137.01::trent trucksThu Feb 02 1995FTP(windows) Won't work.
2138.02::Sean M. SheilThu Feb 02 1995Software Compatability - EDE software/PW5.
2139.0::"AlanThu Feb 02 1995Prioris HX - Pentium Based Server from DEC
2140.02::JoeThu Feb 02 1995MAILW program
2141.04::Lannie SchafrothThu Feb 02 1995RCV Lock Failure? Any ideas?
2142.02::Steven VoreThu Feb 02 1995Re: decnet(pw) for win/NT 3.5 availability
2143.0::unThu Feb 02 1995Dos emulator for VMS
2144.010::DaveThu Feb 02 1995Re: Making an Apple LaserWriter print queue
2145.0::lyn g sneddenThu Feb 02 1995Can MSTCP/IP-32 replace NetBEUI for file sharing, etc?
2146.02::Ron Wright - NSU CompuFri Feb 03 1995PW over IP and 4.2 SVR Problems
2147.0::Jeffrey ChaunceyFri Feb 03 1995Determing CD & LAD drive letters from Windows
2148.04::Blair NowakowskyFri Feb 03 1995Pathworks using VxD's
2149.01::Thomas Schmid, Zurich,Fri Feb 03 1995net share from command line ?
2150.01::Jim CesariFri Feb 03 1995Pathworks Print Q Problem
2151.02::"RoelSat Feb 04 1995SCH /P undocumented qualifier.
2152.02::Andy PenningtonSat Feb 04 1995PW-NT (Server's Call to System Service terminated)
2153.01::Illigitimi Non CarboruSat Feb 04 1995Pathworks and OS/2 WARP
2154.0::"SherrieSat Feb 04 1995Anyone using PCFILE with PATHWORKS for DOS?
2155.02::dennisj@randbSat Feb 04 1995PW 5.x WFW and SYSTEM.INI Corrupted
2156.0::MichaelSat Feb 04 1995VT32
2157.05::ArneSat Feb 04 1995PCFS_SPOOL access problem
2158.01::JohnSat Feb 04 1995Use prompting for Username
2159.0::mvbinet@yogiSat Feb 04 1995MAILW - decs unsupported mail for windows
2160.0::mvbinet@yogiSat Feb 04 1995FAT disks/LAD disks
2161.05::Stanley HipplerSat Feb 04 1995Connecting to services
2162.07::Stu SjouwermanSat Feb 04 1995DISK ERROR - INDEX FILE FULL - How many have you seen?
2163.03::John W. Spann Sun Feb 05 1995Re: VAXshare printers
2164.06::ART RAGOSTASun Feb 05 1995mail
2165.05::Steven VoreMon Feb 06 1995Re: PW 5.1 licencing
2166.0::Ed LimTue Feb 07 1995MacTerminal-Allin1 Printing
2167.01::Patrick Matthew FlynnTue Feb 07 1995Re: LAT vs IP link from Terminal Servers
2168.02::Francois LegayTue Feb 07 1995Eudora /mime
2169.01::Searching for the roadTue Feb 07 1995Re: HP LaserJet 4SI and Multinet
2170.0::"JohnTue Feb 07 1995Can't find LW IIg through LocalTalk
2171.0::"JacquesWed Feb 08 1995Has you heard of "NetRider"
2172.04::Sam WoolfWed Feb 08 1995Pathworks 4.1, HP LaserJet 4M, and multi-platform printing
2173.0::"InternetWed Feb 08 1995MSAP error initializing serial port csa
2174.0::ArneWed Feb 08 1995Re: Mail Gateway for Pathworks Newsgroup
2175.0::"JacquesWed Feb 08 1995Messages that do not belong in a list server
2176.01::"JacquesWed Feb 08 1995File Protection
2177.0::"JacquesWed Feb 08 1995Mail purging
2178.01::JohnThu Feb 09 1995Infoservers and Pathworks 5.1
2179.0::"Warford,Thu Feb 09 1995Re: Does Windows95 make Pathworks obsole
2180.06::RiCHThu Feb 09 1995Extracting USE /STAT Information??? Can it be done??
2181.01::Stephen CostelloThu Feb 09 1995Considering a Pathworks Network
2182.0::Rhett WillifordThu Feb 09 1995PW v5.1 - Which DOS version?
2183.01::Bob's only begotten saThu Feb 09 1995PW4.1 & DOS 6.21 Memory Management Question
2184.03::Carl A. KarcherThu Feb 09 1995WP 6.1 and network ID's (setlogon)
2185.0::Consumer Credit AdvocaThu Feb 09 1995<ad> GUARANTEED CREDIT REPAIR BY LAW FIRM
2186.01Thu Feb 09 1995DCPS symbiont for Calcomp CCL6
2187.0::Robert RancansThu Feb 09 1995VMS print q via Apple Remote Access?
2188.0::ShaunThu Feb 09 1995Mac 1.2 client Distribution Lists
2189.0::"JacquesThu Feb 09 1995Public Domain VMS Network Monitor
2190.0::EGGERThu Feb 09 1995InfoServers and PW 5.1
2191.0::"JorgeFri Feb 10 1995wfwnet.cpx
2192.01::GregSun Feb 12 1995PATHWORKS for DOS and WGW Licenses?
2193.03::PhilipSun Feb 12 1995Re: PowerMac
2194.01::Patrick Matthew FlynnSun Feb 12 1995PW 4.
2195.01::Mandar M. MirashiSun Feb 12 1995Desqview/X under Pathworks 5.1
2196.01::Michael AllisonSun Feb 12 1995Pathworks Conferencing with TCP/IP?
2197.0::BethSun Feb 12 1995Re: WP-office <-> Decmail
2198.0::JimSun Feb 12 1995Re: WFW trying to connect to PW 4.1 server ALMOST THERE......... -Reply
2199.0::JimSun Feb 12 1995Re: WP-office <-> Decmail -Reply
2200.02::"KevinMon Feb 13 1995MAC Excel to PC Excel via NETCOPY (NFT)
2201.01::David C. LyonMon Feb 13 1995MSA1.2 and 5
2202.0::WesMon Feb 13 1995Re: Pathworks for VMS (Mac) on FDDI
2203.03::GlinchMon Feb 13 1995Re: PW 5.x server & Lan Manager logon scripts
2204.05::Ed WalterMon Feb 13 19955.
2205.01::EricMon Feb 13 1995Using MAILCHK under PW 5.1
2206.0::Patrick Matthew FlynnMon Feb 13 1995Pathworks 4.
2207.0::Scott C. Jensen, OIS MTue Feb 14 1995Re: Mail for Macintosh 1.2 - using e-mail nicknames
2208.0::Lannie SchafrothTue Feb 14 1995Need: FAQ on print queue setup/design
2209.01::cooper@utsphTue Feb 14 1995Re: Server based modems?
2210.01::Patrick Matthew FlynnTue Feb 14 1995Want Opinion: adding disk to VS4
2211.05::siviour@dstos3Tue Feb 14 1995Anyone else running ALLIN1 IOS & Teamlinks via PW
2212.0::ART RAGOSTAWed Feb 15 1995EMail
2213.03::Paul GrimesWed Feb 15 1995Retail LAN Manger connect to Pathworks v5.
2214.0::Dennis A HerrickWed Feb 15 1995Pathworks for Windows NT 3.1 memory leak?
2215.01::Steven VoreWed Feb 15 1995Re: AppleTalk-DECnet Gateway Extension ?
2216.0::Don KatzWed Feb 15 19955.1 client can't connect to virtual disks on PW 4.1 server
2217.01::John SelphWed Feb 15 1995NE2
2218.04::JohnWed Feb 15 1995Version 5.1 client setup
2219.0::JohnThu Feb 16 1995Pathworks client loading problems
2220.0::JimThu Feb 16 1995Re: Connecting to services -Reply
2221.0::PhilipThu Feb 16 1995Re: winsock Pine
2222.0::rajans@cadvisionThu Feb 16 1995need info on right sizing LANS
2223.0::617Thu Feb 16 1995Anyone w/experience networking a high volume pinfeed dot matrix printer
2224.016::Chris LishkaThu Feb 16 1995PathWorks for Macintosh v1.3
2225.0::ColinThu Feb 16 1995Re: Adding users on PW 5.
2226.0::Richard L. DysonThu Feb 16 1995Help! USE
2227.02::cooper@utsphFri Feb 17 1995Q: Does PW VMS v5.
2228.01::Steven VoreFri Feb 17 1995Diskette Kit Being Retired
2229.0::Steven VoreFri Feb 17 1995Re: Nameserver entries
2230.02::Phil PristonSat Feb 18 1995pathworks tcp/ip ?
2231.02::Phil PristonSat Feb 18 1995Pathworks for UNIX? which unix?
2232.0::GreggSat Feb 18 1995Re: virus protection for Pathworks PCs
2233.0::Andrew MuirSat Feb 18 1995PW & W4Wgps over TCP/IP
2234.0::gSun Feb 19 1995[Q] dBase / Pathworks printing?
2235.0::"markp@easynetSun Feb 19 1995Dnetdll.dll ad TTT
2236.0:: Gerolf J StarkeSun Feb 19 1995serious bug ???
2237.02::Stanley HipplerSun Feb 19 1995VT32
2238.06::Giuseppe BottasiniSun Feb 19 1995MIME add-on for VMS MAIL
2239.02::"JacquesSun Feb 19 1995BINHEX converter for VMS
2240.012::Steven VoreWed Feb 22 1995Re: Pathworks for Windows NT
2241.0::TaWed Feb 22 1995Please be more customer-centric
2242.01::Mark KattaliaWed Feb 22 1995Re: Hang-Ups in DECnet and Excursion
2243.0::Hardy LauWed Feb 22 1995Re: MOP for DEC OSF/1 without DECnet/OSI
2244.0::"MichaelWed Feb 22 1995EMS woes with Pathworks 5
2245.0::"MikeWed Feb 22 1995Re: [Q] dBase/Pathworks
2246.0::JimWed Feb 22 1995Selecting alternate printers in Windows -Reply
2247.02::BryanWed Feb 22 1995PC Week, DEC, and Win 95
2248.0::Philip AshmanWed Feb 22 1995Network Error on MS Word 6
2249.02::ColinWed Feb 22 1995Re: Networking a PC's CDROM
2250.02::"DennisWed Feb 22 1995Re: File open forever...
2251.07::cooper@utsphThu Feb 23 1995Q: @##@$# E-mail ...When is DEC getting with the times?
2252.04::AnthonyThu Feb 23 1995NEC 4x CD-ROMS to Infoserver
2253.01::Gary MenchenThu Feb 23 1995LDB allocation failure - help
2254.01::Marc TisseurThu Feb 23 1995SETHOST session & flow control
2255.02::TheThu Feb 23 1995DCPS and MSA problem
2256.02::GreggThu Feb 23 1995Re: RESOURCE IDENTIFIERS, ACL's and PathWorks 4.1
2257.09::"KenThu Feb 23 1995Pathworks 5.1 and WFW 3.11
2258.0::JohnThu Feb 23 1995BootP
2259.02::P1Thu Feb 23 1995Warp Lanserver 4.
2260.0::JeffFri Feb 24 1995Perl for VMS
2261.0::CoenraadFri Feb 24 1995Selecting alternate printers in Windows
2262.01::"RobertFri Feb 24 1995PW5.
2263.0::"RobertFri Feb 24 1995PW4.1 client won't write to a 5.
2264.02::"MichaelFri Feb 24 1995Good PC mail client for PW5/TCP?
2265.0::"Warford,Fri Feb 24 1995Re: How do I use USE with "Visual Basic"
2266.0::Stefan H. HolekFri Feb 24 1995netpass.exe; The other way round?
2267.0::psiincFri Feb 24 1995S-CHICAGO AREA VMS, HP-U, DECnet, TCP/IP, C, C++ SYSTEMS ANALYST
2268.0::Steven VoreFri Feb 24 1995Re: PCSA bug in 5.
2269.01::BCbugFri Feb 24 1995Re: EMSLOAD problems
2270.01::BCbugFri Feb 24 1995Re: WFW and Manageworks? Not using a template?
2271.03::kwilson@utsphFri Feb 24 1995WFW and PW5.1 - PCs locking up
2272.01::Andrew MuirFri Feb 24 1995PW & W4Wgps turned off?
2273.0::Marc van de LuijtgaardFri Feb 24 1995PathWorks v5 sites
2274.02::SteveFri Feb 24 1995Re: Changed my VAX Password - Now I can't connect...
2275.01::"JohnFri Feb 24 1995Novell, PW5
2276.013::PhilipFri Feb 24 1995Re: Using argument with VT32
2277.0::RTDSat Feb 25 1995How do I use USE with "Visual Basic"-programs?
2278.0::mvbinet@yogiSat Feb 25 1995IUPOP3/EUDORA/PATHWORKS 5.1 TCP/IP
2279.07::cooper@utsphSat Feb 25 1995Re: Ethermon.zip
2280.02::"AlanSat Feb 25 1995Pathworks adding a user
2281.01::REAS%SIOUX@EPAVAXMon Feb 27 1995Re: PathWorks for Macintosh v1.3 client
2282.03::dennisj@randbMon Feb 27 1995NETheapsize/WFW3.11 and PW5.1
2283.02::MooseMon Feb 27 1995HP 4si lan connectivity
2284.01::MariaMon Feb 27 1995A cautionary tale...
2285.01::Roy ClarkeMon Feb 27 1995pathworks 4.1 libraries
2286.01::goldberg@odieMon Feb 27 1995NT 3.5 and Pathworks 4.1
2287.04::JimMon Feb 27 1995RESOURCE IDENTIFIERS, ACL's and PathWorks 4.1 -Reply
2288.015::Lannie SchafrothMon Feb 27 1995Creating a CD server on a Pathworks network?
2289.01::Karl ThoroddsenMon Feb 27 1995PC-NFSpro v1.1 with Pathworks v5?
2290.02::Chris LishkaMon Feb 27 1995Re: PW Mac v1.3 and OpenVMS VAX 6.x?
2291.02::DaveWed Mar 01 1995Re: Floppies on VAX
2292.0::Steve ReesWed Mar 01 1995DECnet Line - STARTING
2293.0::JimWed Mar 01 1995Re: NETheapsize/WFW3.11 and PW5.1 -Reply
2294.02::mforsyth@ozonlineWed Mar 01 1995Segmented PRinting.
2295.02::Spaceman SpiffWed Mar 01 1995Two Problems
2296.01::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYWed Mar 01 1995Re: OS/2 sethost problem
2297.02::PeterWed Mar 01 1995Re: Excursion with TCP/IP
2298.01::"JohnWed Mar 01 1995Re: PowerMac 61
2299.0::StephanieWed Mar 01 1995How much will a bridge or brouter filter?
2300.03::Lannie SchafrothWed Mar 01 1995Changes in AXP 6.1? HELP!
2301.0::"SuzanWed Mar 01 1995C-Compiler for VMS?
2302.02::kamrul@ycvaxThu Mar 02 1995Pathwork and Window conflict
2303.0::AengusThu Mar 02 1995Re: SOLUTION: Hang-ups in DECnet and Excursion
2304.01::Ravind SinghThu Mar 02 1995Problem - Excursion with TCP/IP
2305.01::Allan JensenThu Mar 02 1995PW5 and OLICOM ethernet PCMCIA card
2306.0::rodgerj@ibmThu Mar 02 1995Out of Memory Errors
2307.0::Matthias RabastThu Mar 02 1995Re: Teamlinks and Winpopup?
2308.0::Detlev BusseThu Mar 02 1995Accounting + Billing for Pathworks Users
2309.0::dennisj@randbFri Mar 03 1995PW to WFW/NTAS-Large Sites-HELP!
2310.03::ralfr@geminiFri Mar 03 1995PathWorks 5.x/TCP/IP and bootp
2311.01::Bruce KleinFri Mar 03 1995Using SETHOST with NVT in Pathworks for Netware
2312.0::Gary MenchenFri Mar 03 1995more on LDB allocation failure
2313.07::mvbinet@yogiFri Mar 03 1995initial network boot disks
2314.01::NigelFri Mar 03 1995Pathworks 5.
2315.05::Andrew MuirFri Mar 03 1995Turning off W4Wgps
2316.03::Stu SjouwermanFri Mar 03 1995[QUESTION] Would you like to see your user's screens?
2317.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYSat Mar 04 1995SQLNet for DECnet and ODBC
2318.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYSat Mar 04 1995PW 5.
2319.0::mvbinet@yogiSat Mar 04 1995WARNING ABOUT PATHWORKS 5.
2320.0::Sean M. SheilSat Mar 04 1995QEMM 7.5 and PW51
2321.01::Ed LimSat Mar 04 1995Power Mac/LAT bug fix
2322.04::BruceSat Mar 04 1995VMS UPGRADE
2323.0::"Lohmar,Sat Mar 04 1995FWD: SQLNet for DECnet and ODBC
2324.0::Steve ReesSat Mar 04 1995SETHOST script for Async DECNet and Dialback
2325.03::D.M. Sat Mar 04 1995Re: WFW out of memory errors?
2326.03::Ryan J. MaleySat Mar 04 1995DEC Mailworks
2327.03::Mandar M. MirashiSat Mar 04 1995PW 5.1's SCH.EXE and QEMM Stealth memory?
2328.0::Tony MendoncaMon Mar 06 1995PW5
2329.0::Atlas Computer SystemsMon Mar 06 1995WD_1_GIG_DRIVE
2330.0::Glen HughesMon Mar 06 1995DECserver 9
2331.011::"ralphMon Mar 06 1995DOS Path Hack
2332.01::Paul FretterMon Mar 06 1995VMS 6 plus PW 4.1 server ?
2333.0::Thomas.MeyerMon Mar 06 1995Major bug with PATHWORKS for OSF/1
2334.0::Boris BosnjakMon Mar 06 1995Re: Networking a PC's CD
2335.03::jubber_s@kosmosWed Mar 08 1995NT server in Pathworks Environment
2336.04::Steve LionelWed Mar 08 1995Re: DECpc 466D2LP, digital PC7XV-DE monitor, and WFW 3.11 video driver
2337.03::BillWed Mar 08 1995Re: Pathworks- Keyboard Problem
2338.0::"TedWed Mar 08 1995Roam About mobile IP
2339.09::Lannie SchafrothWed Mar 08 1995Re: PW5.1 TCP/IP problems
2340.01::kwilson@utsphWed Mar 08 1995Pathworks and Harvard Graphics for Windows
2341.0::Chris SmithWed Mar 08 1995OSF Printcap entries for HP and Tek printers
2342.0::Jerry LeslieThu Mar 09 1995PCDISK 5.
2343.01::MichaelThu Mar 09 1995Re: Help with SQLnet, DECnet, and ODBC
2344.01::Bruce MiltonThu Mar 09 1995Re: Forte
2345.0::MichelFri Mar 10 1995PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Netware), VAX queues & terminal emulation
2346.02::TODD WINGLERSat Mar 11 1995VMS SET PASSWORD Command w/Pathworks 5.
2347.01::JoeSat Mar 11 1995Re: DEPCA 2
2348.02::ArneSat Mar 11 1995Re: This should be a NEWSGROUP
2349.0::613Sat Mar 11 1995FAXServers on Pathworks
2350.01::Scott PeimannSat Mar 11 1995Need winsock example to work w/pathworks 5.1
2351.0::AlanSun Mar 12 1995QEMM MEMORY - PW Clients
2352.01::JWAYNE@DELPHI.COMSun Mar 12 1995Can't add to domain & clueless...
2353.04::"LawrenceSun Mar 12 1995PW5 Remote Boot
2354.01::gSun Mar 12 1995WinWord problem
2355.01::siviour@dstos3Sun Mar 12 1995Help needed with 3c5
2356.0::Brian NelsonSun Mar 12 1995flushing server cache
2358.0::Okan GeraySun Mar 12 1995SNMP for PWV5
2359.0::CoenraadSun Mar 12 1995Printing from MS-Word via Pathworks
2360.0::"TedSun Mar 12 1995More OSF/1 printer problems
2361.01::Olafur OlafssonMon Mar 13 1995LOGINN and WFW 3.11
2362.05::JoeTue Mar 14 1995Re: Pathworks 4.1 & 5.1 Client Upgrade
2363.06::Roy ~ ITD ~ x9367Tue Mar 14 1995LANManager accounts
2364.07::Mandar M. MirashiWed Mar 15 1995Redirecting Windows swap file?
2365.0::Cattle-FaxWed Mar 15 1995Natural Language Interface from Rdb?
2366.0::Mike Kibler - Sloan 35Wed Mar 15 1995Network Busy
2367.03::JamesThu Mar 16 1995Re: Pathworks 4.1 limitations.
2368.0::PostFri Mar 17 1995NDN: Re: Pathworks V5 domains
2369.0::siviour@dstos3Fri Mar 17 1995Solved: 3Com 3c5
2370.0::Aux. Serv. Info. CenteSun Mar 19 1995Installation of PS-CE2-1
2371.0::PaulSun Mar 19 1995Re[2]: Pathworks and Harvard Graphics for Windows
2372.0::Rolf VikreSun Mar 19 1995Pathworks 4 -> 5, file sharing problem
2373.0::"RoelSun Mar 19 1995deleting cfgxxx.tpl files from WMD database
2374.0::GregSun Mar 19 1995IPHONE and DEC Winsock - Packet Loss > 2
2375.02::Ken WattsSun Mar 19 1995PW 4.1 Client & Nettime -> PW 5.
2376.0::CathySun Mar 19 1995Re: Pathworks V5 domains
2377.02::"LawrenceSun Mar 19 1995PW 5.x Remote Boot
2378.01::GreggSun Mar 19 1995Windows and conventional memory
2379.0::Dave RajnauthSun Mar 19 1995Novell Support for RRD43 and TZK1
2380.0::TomSun Mar 19 1995PW4.1 server/5.
2381.0::"JohnSun Mar 19 1995Re: Windows NT & DEC Pathworks
2382.0::AlanSun Mar 19 1995Auto Screen Dump & File Creation
2383.0::kmews@minnieSun Mar 19 1995eXcursion and GKS?
2384.0::JimMon Mar 20 1995ODI -> NDIS shim -Reply
2385.0::"KenMon Mar 20 1995Backing up NT systems from Pathworks/Desktop Backup
2386.0::SReinerMon Mar 20 1995Pathworks & Desktop Backup
2387.0::ChrisMon Mar 20 1995Re: Print queues via PC/LAT stalling...
2388.04::Jon HoffmanMon Mar 20 1995PathWorks 4.1 & Trumpet Winsock config
2389.0::@Wed Mar 22 1995re - Replication with Lanman VMS
2390.01::Paul DunhamWed Mar 22 1995Netcon for ManageWORKS
2391.0::AengusWed Mar 22 1995Re: Pcket driver issues
2392.0::valerie@bensonWed Mar 22 1995DECnet area change and strange authentication error
2393.02::RiCHWed Mar 22 1995Pathworks 5 PCs BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP . . .
2394.0::DARRELLWed Mar 22 1995Re: Pathworks: Disk Services
2395.05::"ralphThu Mar 23 1995Re: Can't get Macs to notify for incoming mail
2396.01::Lannie SchafrothThu Mar 23 199561
2397.02::Jim FeldhouseFri Mar 24 1995XQP in Clusters
2398.0::Mike Davis, Chief of OFri Mar 24 1995Windows-based login under PCSA 4.x?
2399.0::Paul JohnstonFri Mar 24 1995Re: Is it possible?
2400.0::Atila PahlavanFri Mar 24 1995Pathworks for Macintosh
2401.01::"JohnFri Mar 24 1995Mail now notifies, but Server Broadcasts don't...
2402.0::DERRICK HOFri Mar 24 1995Qemm 7.5 and Pathworks v5.1
2403.01::ColinFri Mar 24 1995Re: Winpopup under Pathworks 4.1
2404.05::C.H. TaFri Mar 24 1995VMS workstation hardware for 1
2405.04::NSun Mar 26 1995PWV51 patch kit
2406.0::Sam WoolfSun Mar 26 1995ERROR on connection Status (PW 4.1, DECpc 466d2)
2407.01::PaulSun Mar 26 1995Manageworks on NT
2408.02::DaveSun Mar 26 1995Re: PW 4.1 and WfW
2409.07::laurent@utxvmsSun Mar 26 1995WfWg and PW5.
2410.0::Lannie SchafrothSun Mar 26 199561
2411.0::kwilson@utsphSun Mar 26 1995Harvard Graphics & Pathworks
2412.01::Sam WoolfSun Mar 26 1995location of PPDs
2413.0::"STVALONE@TS1A"Sun Mar 26 1995Profs QUestion
2414.01::Joe NeumannSun Mar 26 19954.2 server
2415.0::Vince LaurentSun Mar 26 1995Re: Need configuration for WFW 311 & FTP TCP/IP & PW 4.1
2416.01::Tom VaughanSun Mar 26 1995TLZ Tape on pc?
2417.02::Ron MastusTue Mar 28 1995Lockup problems with Desqview and Pathworks
2418.02::Paul ThomsenTue Mar 28 1995Re: Repost of ERROR REPORT - VT32
2419.02::Tel Wed Mar 29 1995Re: PWENT.DAT
2420.0::LeifWed Mar 29 1995Re: Replication with LanMan VMS
2421.03::RiCHWed Mar 29 1995Windows Mail Client with PW5 - what do you use?
2422.0::ScottRWed Mar 29 1995Re: NET LOGON while in Windows 3.1 - possible?
2423.0::kamrul@ycvaxWed Mar 29 1995XT remote boots at different drive
2424.0::Gary ReesWed Mar 29 1995Lan-manager memory problems.
2425.01::Don ThompsonThu Mar 30 1995Pathworks Upgrade Questions
2426.01::Mark KostenThu Mar 30 1995Re: os/2,tcp/ip,decnet,de2
2427.0::NigelThu Mar 30 1995Re: Adding a Pathworks 5.
2428.01::ColinThu Mar 30 1995DEPCA Etherworks DE2
2429.0::michael@ordinatorThu Mar 30 1995set char/var=?????????
2430.0::michael@ordinatorThu Mar 30 1995PW V4.1-server delays
2431.011::"RobertThu Mar 30 1995BIOS Password
2432.0::NigelThu Mar 30 1995Re: redirecting Windows swap files
2433.0::Steven VoreFri Mar 31 1995Re: NETBIOS - TCP/IP Interface V5.x question
2434.0::philip elcanFri Mar 31 1995Turn off printer opcom messages?
2435.01::Paul HardyFri Mar 31 1995Freeze during transfers via DLINK DE6
2436.0::Lannie SchafrothFri Mar 31 1995Users with invalid UIC's - how to remove?
2437.0::Lannie SchafrothFri Mar 31 1995Moving Services on a PW 4.2ec
2438.04::PhilipFri Mar 31 1995Re: License metering for Pathworks/MAC
2439.01::TonyFri Mar 31 1995Re: Multiple Protocols?
2440.01::sholden@engFri Mar 31 1995Re: Running PATHWORKS 4.1 Client under OS/2 Warp
2441.01::S.OWENSFri Mar 31 1995Need help, Want to Install MSmail on Pworks 4.1 Network.
2442.01::Steven VoreFri Mar 31 1995Re: Getting OSF/1 V5.
2443.0::Michael W. WilliamsFri Mar 31 1995changing mail files with PW mail
2444.01::BryanFri Mar 31 1995Pathworks 5.1x, NETBeui, and printers
2445.0::GrummiteSat Apr 01 1995PW 5.1 Client template files
2446.010::C.H. TaSat Apr 01 1995Re: Wrong support attitude from Digital...
2447.03::Brainwave SurferSat Apr 01 1995login info invalid using X-motif
2448.03::"BobSat Apr 01 1995Re: Where do you get S3-8
2449.01::John MartinSat Apr 01 1995Pthworks general info
2450.02::Herbert StoeriSat Apr 01 1995Pathworks for openVMS (Macintosh) V 1.3 in Europe ?
2451.01::JimSat Apr 01 1995Re: Win32s patch
2452.01::SparkySat Apr 01 1995Re: shareware vt32
2453.0::nancy@gvltecSat Apr 01 1995Gateways and Pathworks v5
2454.0::Pete ReniersSat Apr 01 1995Re: Pathworks V4.1 + Trumpet Winsock = Sleepy Winsock
2455.04::JoshSat Apr 01 1995Master Domain design in a WAN
2456.02::Kurt KlingbeilSat Apr 01 1995Re: PCSA.DRV GPF's when app writes to Printer-FILE
2457.02::612Sat Apr 01 1995Re: PW for Mac 1.3 licences
2458.01::BryanSat Apr 01 1995Pathworks 5.x, TCP/IP, and eXcursion.
2459.0::BruceSat Apr 01 1995Printer Hell
2460.0::Paul JohnstonSat Apr 01 1995Re: ManageWorks and v4.2 Server
2461.01::Paul JohnstonSat Apr 01 1995Re: Pathworks 'Concepts' ?
2462.05::Allen ConquestSat Apr 01 1995Pathworks 5.1 and NetWare 3.12
2463.03::"AlaricSat Apr 01 1995HELP! Redirector weirdness!!
2464.02"STARS::ARNOLD"Sat Apr 01 1995Re: Pathworks V5.
2465.03::Don KatzSat Apr 01 1995PCSA 4.1 and VMS 6.1 problem
2466.0::613Sat Apr 01 1995Pathworks Mail client..Lock failure
2467.02::Don KatzSun Apr 02 1995How to provide common editors on VMS and PC
2468.01::Wolfgang CeledaSun Apr 02 1995Re: Domain Name Server
2469.01::Carl A. KarcherSun Apr 02 1995Performance issues with TCPIP.EXE from ECO 3
2470.0::S.OWENSSun Apr 02 1995Re: pathworks and novel
2471.03::tomd@raufossSun Apr 02 1995internet
2472.04::The Only!!! Mighty!Sun Apr 02 1995need a free software to remotely control a pc on decnet
2473.02::MichelMon Apr 03 1995RCV reporting new mail (version 4 clients)
2474.05::Brad HouserMon Apr 03 1995WIN 95 and PW v 4.1 services
2475.04::Marc H. SimkinTue Apr 04 1995Pathworks 4.1a for NT 3.5
2476.0::ArneTue Apr 04 1995Pentium 9
2477.04::612Tue Apr 04 1995Re: Linking Pathworks to Appletalk print server
2478.0::PierinoGTue Apr 04 1995Re: Pathworks and PowerMac sys 7.5
2479.02::"John P.McCreesh"Tue Apr 04 1995Re: Problems with PCFS print service
2480.01::Mark KostenWed Apr 05 1995Problems with VT32
2481.0::SoerenWed Apr 05 1995SETHOST lockup during dialback session
2482.0::Roger HarrisonWed Apr 05 1995HELP! strange characters in LAD disk files
2483.03::RiCHWed Apr 05 1995Windows Mail Clients - are there any?
2484.0::David BellWed Apr 05 1995WINRCV & RCV
2485.0::Lannie SchafrothWed Apr 05 1995Using PW Templates on the server don't work!
2486.0::"SuzanThu Apr 06 1995Multimedia and DEC Etherworks III
2487.0"STARS::JIMENEZ"Thu Apr 06 1995Pathworks Mail Word-Wrap Problem
2488.0::RobertThu Apr 06 1995PCI ethernet on Alpha
2489.05::613Thu Apr 06 1995Xircom PCMCIA & Pathworks
2490.0::GreggMon Apr 10 1995Pathworks 5.
2491.06::Mark KostenMon Apr 10 1995Significant ECO3 problems
2492.01::Gary ReesMon Apr 10 1995Memory and pathworks 5 running on 634
2493.01::May ChauMon Apr 10 1995Why the client license disappear?
2494.04::Paul JohnstonMon Apr 10 1995Re: wfw311 and DECNET
2495.011::DAVID FORTUNEMon Apr 10 1995Pathworks and Windows 95
2496.03::"MichaelWed Apr 12 1995New EtherWorks 3 drivers
2497.01::"SuzanWed Apr 12 1995Default Editor in PathWorks Mail for DOS
2498.03::Ute NischelwitzerWed Apr 12 1995pwrk5
2499.0::WolfgangWed Apr 12 1995ECO3 Install - What about PATHWRKS.INS file ?
2500.08::BruceWed Apr 12 1995VT32
2501.013::"MichaelWed Apr 12 1995Win 95 and Pathworks V5
2502.0::ColinWed Apr 12 1995Re: PCMCIA Network cards (was Xircom)
2503.0::"JacquesWed Apr 12 1995Converting libraries from VAX to AXP
2504.01::BruceWed Apr 12 1995TN327
2505.03::Paul JohnstonWed Apr 12 1995Re: PathWorks v5 books ?
2506.03::TomWed Apr 12 1995Popular network monitoring tools?
2507.0::Friedrich BrimmerWed Apr 12 1995CTERM
2508.0::Stefan H. HolekWed Apr 12 1995FAT volumes & PCDISK 5.
2509.01::Donald G. Plugge, SystWed Apr 12 1995"Network Path not found" error!
2510.04::goldberg@odieWed Apr 12 1995Autoapp.exe
2511.01::JimWed Apr 12 1995Unusual print problem
2512.0::sam@cyberWed Apr 12 1995PW v5B/v5C don't start ADMIN/CONFIG
2513.0::sam@cyberWed Apr 12 1995PWv5
2514.01::Paul JohnstonWed Apr 12 1995Re: PWv51 Client Migration questions
2515.01::Paul JohnstonWed Apr 12 1995Re: WFW or Pathworks ?
2516.02::"MichaelWed Apr 12 1995Xircom pocket ethernet adapter and Pathworks 5
2517.01::Alen ShapiroWed Apr 12 1995Pathworks 4.1/Windows 3.1 regular crashes. HELP Please.
2518.04::BinhWed Apr 12 1995Re: Pathworks basic redirector & WIN NT
2519.0::WolfgangWed Apr 12 1995ECO3 - VT32
2520.0::outafrl@ccWed Apr 12 1995Long share names for VMS PW V5 servers?
2521.04::BonnieWed Apr 12 1995PC disk backups
2522.01::GlinchThu Apr 13 1995Need NT support for PC 433w running NT
2523.04::Allen ConquestThu Apr 13 1995DECnet
2524.02::Allen ConquestThu Apr 13 1995PW 5.1 + NetWare 3.12 + WFWG
2525.0::DarrellThu Apr 13 1995Re: BIOS PASSWORDS
2526.0::Lannie SchafrothFri Apr 14 1995PKZIP with EC
2527.01::NigelFri Apr 14 1995LATCP / Parallel printer back-chat
2528.01::Oliver CollinsFri Apr 14 1995admin
2529.0::BillFri Apr 14 1995PATHWORKS and WORM Drives?
2530.0::Okan GerayFri Apr 14 1995Sloooowwwww floppy drive access in Windows
2531.02::johnsonwa@fdtcMon Apr 17 1995TrueType, PATHWORKS v4.1, HP LaserJet Series II - HELP
2532.0::RalphMon Apr 17 1995Intrusion Records and Auto-Reconnect
2533.04::GreggMon Apr 17 1995DSN via TELNET
2534.05::JoeMon Apr 17 1995Re: How many people are using PATHWORKS?
2535.01::Allen ConquestMon Apr 17 1995Pathorks and PCI NIC
2536.01::Carl A. KarcherMon Apr 17 1995UPDATE error: XSPAWN Fatal Error 1
2537.0::C.H. TaMon Apr 17 1995Digital Support on Pathworks...
2538.0::gMon Apr 17 1995pwosf5.
2539.0::Lannie SchafrothMon Apr 17 199561
2540.01::TomMon Apr 17 1995Re: Question on file protection
2541.03::NathenMon Apr 17 1995Problems with 5.1 and Windows 3.11
2542.01::RobertMon Apr 17 1995Re: Netcopy on Pathworks for Mac 1.2
2543.0::TIM UCKOTTERMon Apr 17 1995TGV MultiNet info request
2544.01::"RoelMon Apr 17 1995NETWKSTA loading in expanded memory
2545.0::StewartMon Apr 17 1995Using NVT on PW5.1 and Netware 3.11 client
2546.011::Peter R CookMon Apr 17 1995Disable time and date on startup?
2547.0::Sam WoolfMon Apr 17 1995printing from Macs and PCs to a single VMS queue
2548.01::"DonnaMon Apr 17 1995CD-ROM on an Alpha Server
2549.01::613Mon Apr 17 1995Re: Communications Server?
2550.01::Matthew BeggsMon Apr 17 1995TCP/IP routing...
2551.015::Paul JohnstonMon Apr 17 1995Re: Does PW 4.2-1 have Peer to Peer abilities?
2552.0::DaveMon Apr 17 1995NETBIOS crashes
2553.06::Carl CampbellTue Apr 18 1995Re: Unsupported Utility LATCOM
2554.01::<hourican@a1Tue Apr 18 1995PATHWORKS 4.1a/4.2 and WFWG 3.11
2555.01::Stu MillerTue Apr 18 1995TeamLinks>LAT>VAX asynch?
2556.0::GregTue Apr 18 1995Re: Pathworks Memory Modes?
2557.0::Steven VoreTue Apr 18 1995DSNlink & DIA Information
2558.01::Steven VoreTue Apr 18 1995SEDT Editor
2559.0::"ITue Apr 18 1995Re: W4Wgps/PW & TCP/IP
2560.0::Lannie SchafrothTue Apr 18 1995Need more info on PW 5.
2561.0::Pete ReniersTue Apr 18 1995Setting up remote boot for PW 5
2562.0::ColinTue Apr 18 1995Re: How many p
2563.0::Paul ThomsenTue Apr 18 1995PNS Anyone?
2564.0::"GeorgeTue Apr 18 1995Problem Running Pathworks for OS/2 version 2.
2565.0::alanm@OMNITRANSTue Apr 18 1995Windows 95 or WIN NT Client
2566.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYTue Apr 18 1995Broadcast Msg Reciever in PW 5.
2567.03::"JohnThu Apr 20 1995Unsupported pathworks mail for windows
2568.02::BruceThu Apr 20 1995Passwords
2569.0::GURU1Thu Apr 20 1995Using a WFW 3.11 network to BACKUP in DOS
2570.06::IanThu Apr 20 1995Re: IFSHLP.SYS and Pathworks
2571.04::Steven VoreThu Apr 20 1995Re: VAX Notes client for Windows/Macintosh?
2572.0::"KenThu Apr 20 1995Pathworks, UCX, NT
2573.04::612Thu Apr 20 1995Re: DCPS and Apple LaserWriter NT
2574.05::DarrellThu Apr 20 1995Can LANtastic for TCP/IP connect to PATHWORKS file and print services?
2575.0::<HOURICAN@a1Thu Apr 20 1995PATHWORKS 4.1a/4.2 and WFWG 3.11 Intergration
2576.03::Mandar M. MirashiThu Apr 20 1995Apple Powermac 61
2577.03::Lannie SchafrothFri Apr 21 1995Creating TPL template?
2578.03::"John P.McCreesh"Fri Apr 21 1995Pathworks 5.1 / Perfect Office 3.
2579.01::"SuzanFri Apr 21 1995Re: PW VMS (mac) 1.1 / PW Mac 1.2
2580.01::612Fri Apr 21 1995Re: WfWG, DCPS, and AppleTalk printing
2581.010::Steven VoreSat Apr 22 1995Re: Can a VAX be served a disk by an NT server?
2582.07::Steven VoreSat Apr 22 1995Re: Cannot view PS files with CDA launched from Excursion
2583.07::WesSat Apr 22 1995Re: Postscript viewer needed for VMS
2584.0::"GeorgeSat Apr 22 1995Is Anyone Using Pathworks for OS/2 in Australia?
2585.0::DracoSat Apr 22 1995Re: DE435 Ethernet-card and PW 5.1/WfW 3.11
2586.06::Steven VoreSat Apr 22 1995Re: FAQ on PEER to PEER on PW Server 5.
2587.03::IanSat Apr 22 1995Pathworks LM 5.
2588.0::JoeSun Apr 23 1995Re: Can LANtastic for TCP/IP connect to PATHWORKS file and print
2589.0::Soren GranfeldtSun Apr 23 1995Visual Basic & DECnet
2590.01::IanSun Apr 23 1995How can I use VMS print forms with PW 5.
2591.0::"JimSun Apr 23 1995Re: Pathworks 5 clients on NetWare segment
2592.01::"DonnaSun Apr 23 1995DOS PRINT command with PWv5
2593.01::Timothy SteinbergerSun Apr 23 1995Re: Pathworks, EMS and system instability
2594.0::Sam WoolfMon Apr 24 1995Training and Certification Costs for CNE, CSE, and VMS
2595.0::JohnMon Apr 24 1995Running Sethost in a Window
2596.0::GusMon Apr 24 1995NOTE
2597.0::Andrea ZuccolloMon Apr 24 1995Pathworks & bootp
2598.04::"John P.McCreesh"Mon Apr 24 1995Re: MailWorks and PC Mail clients
2599.0::Mr. Bino MathewMon Apr 24 1995Retransmit Timer in Pathw fDOS
2600.07::NMon Apr 24 1995PW WINSOCK
2601.0::Mark Montanez, NetworkMon Apr 24 1995v5.x net logon validation accross subnets???
2602.02::Graham BissetMon Apr 24 1995Error starting Pathworks File Server process
2603.03::Lannie SchafrothTue Apr 25 1995Bcast notification when printing is done?
2604.0::S.OWENSTue Apr 25 1995PC > windows NT Server > running on pathworks
2605.0::RobertTue Apr 25 1995Does PW5
2606.03::zuniga@EisnerTue Apr 25 1995Help...Setting up a PC printer as a LAT service
2607.03::Steven VoreWed Apr 26 1995Re: Installing Pathworks for OS/2.
2608.01::Steven VoreWed Apr 26 1995Re: Pathworks LanMan license state file problem
2609.0::Mandar M. MirashiWed Apr 26 1995Pathworks under Novell?
2610.01::Steven VoreThu Apr 27 1995Re: Using WFW 32bit FA on Pathworks 4.something
2611.02::Marc CooperThu Apr 27 1995Novell + WFW on Pathworks
2612.01::Chip TowleThu Apr 27 1995EWRK3 & STOPNET & Memory Corrupted Error
2613.01::Steven VoreThu Apr 27 1995Re: Help please, corrupt license state file !
2614.01::"JacquesFri Apr 28 1995Need better mail system than VMSmail
2615.07::"John P.McCreesh"Fri Apr 28 1995PATHWORKS V1.
2616.0::IanFri Apr 28 1995What can I delete having upgraded to PW5?
2617.01::JeffSun Apr 30 1995Re: ***** VIRUS ALERT *****
2618.01::GrummiteSun Apr 30 1995General Failure error with a Pathworks 5.1 Client
2619.0::johnsonwa@fdtcMon May 01 1995RE: TrueType fonts eaten by HP on Pathworks
2620.0::Jason VasquezMon May 01 1995PC printer as LAT service, Extra page printing???
2621.0::Paul JohnstonMon May 01 1995Re: PW5 Client - General Failure reading shared drives
2622.02::Steven VoreMon May 01 1995Re: Pathworks 4.x and ODI
2623.02::Steven VoreMon May 01 1995Re: Copy and Paste
2624.03::Jerry LeslieMon May 01 1995Pathworks V4.1b For WNT Support LAT ?
2625.0::WolfgangTue May 02 1995Image loading problem on different WWW-Browsers
2626.05::Steven VoreTue May 02 1995Re: PW VT32
2627.08::Timothy SteinbergerTue May 02 1995Re: I need help!!!
2628.03::Carl CampbellWed May 03 1995Re: DEC LN
2629.03::Lannie SchafrothWed May 03 1995Re: INFOSERVER questions....
2630.03::"JohnWed May 03 1995Re: Pathworks vms 1.1/PwrMac/Pathworks mac 1.2
2631.03::MarkWed May 03 1995Re: anyone there?
2632.04::MarkWed May 03 1995Re: Memory problems with Pathworks
2633.0::PhilThu May 04 1995can you use pathworks tcp client with samba?
2634.0::ron@piscesThu May 04 1995Problems printing to a serially connected LaserWriter
2635.0::Lannie SchafrothThu May 04 1995UIC numbers mismatch with PCSA Manager
2636.01::Rhett WillifordThu May 04 1995PWSETUP.EXE not found?
2637.01::John Marshall, Red DeeThu May 04 1995Tcp/ip on a pc problem
2638.01::Andy PenningtonThu May 04 1995NETPASS - how does it work?
2639.0::614Thu May 04 1995Re: General Failure error with a PWv51 Client
2640.03::BrianThu May 04 1995Netbind problems on cold boot
2641.01::DarrellThu May 04 1995Hard drive not spinning up in time?
2642.0::RalphThu May 04 1995Changing Timeout
2643.0::Stu SjouwermanFri May 05 1995[ANNOUNCE] INDEX FILE FULL Error problem solved.
2644.01::SoerenFri May 05 1995Re: Remote Users
2645.01::gora@bbsFri May 05 1995Windows question
2646.02::612Sat May 06 1995Re: Microsoft Office on a Read-Only network drive
2647.0::DaveSat May 06 1995Re: LAT Print Queues
2648.03::Andre HallamSat May 06 1995Re: Permit command
2649.04::PhilipSat May 06 1995Re: VT32
2650.0::"RoelSat May 06 1995Re: PW5.1 Passwords
2651.01::Robert LapesSat May 06 1995DECstation425 drivers wanted
2652.0::Michael BSat May 06 1995Phone Commutations
2653.0::Lannie SchafrothSat May 06 1995Re: HELP: PC printer - LAT service
2654.0::j.armistead-student-elMon May 08 1995Changing from ethernet to SLIP on the fly
2655.01::Paul StassiMon May 08 1995DECnet Stack on Lanman 2.2
2656.0::CoenraadMon May 08 1995Pathworks Ghosts
2657.0::SKillingerMon May 08 1995Pathworks V4.1 with WIN95
2658.01::Mandar M. MirashiMon May 08 1995Remote boot for Pathworks
2659.01::JohnMon May 08 1995WFW-Microsoft IP Stack-Infoserver
2660.0::Sender@HABITATMon May 08 1995Fwd: Ethernet Mac printing problem
2661.01::afshin@gait1Mon May 08 1995Installing Trumpet Winsock over Pathworks; help me!
2662.0::as_gat@panixMon May 08 1995HELP!! w/ first time setup on Pathwork
2663.01::Lannie SchafrothMon May 08 1995Problems with Foxpro 2.5 and Pathworks Network
2664.0::DougMon May 08 1995need to 'unsubscribe and subscribe'
2665.02::PhilipMon May 08 1995Re: P/W Macintosh - VMS UAM
2666.01::PhilipMon May 08 1995Re: Macintosh
2667.0::BryanMon May 08 1995Re: Blank page w/Pathworks Printer Share
2668.03::ArneMon May 08 1995Re: Calculation for Pentium chip...
2669.0::FrankMon May 08 1995PowerMac 61/6
2670.01::AengusMon May 15 1995Re: ODI, Depca & BOOTP ??
2671.01::"KenMon May 15 1995Can not see pathworks file services from NT since UCX upgrade
2672.0::Pavel KrizkaMon May 15 1995PW 5.
2673.0::PhilipMon May 15 1995Anyone running ESRI's Arc-Info with Xcursion from Alpha?
2674.02::Mark KostenMon May 15 1995PW/WfWG login problems?
2675.01::j.armistead-student-elMon May 15 1995Bug in Etherworks 3 Install RX23 V2.3 driver disk
2676.03::werthmuller@sienaMon May 15 1995NT 3.5 workstation & VMS accounts ?
2677.0::Ed LimMon May 15 1995PWV5.1 + Xircom PE1
2678.0::AengusMon May 15 1995Re: Connecting FTP Software's PC/TCP OnNet to Pathworks
2679.0::615Mon May 15 1995Help getting Windows 95 working with PW Server
2680.02::MarkMon May 15 1995Re: PW 4.2eco6 server: hogging cpu, what should I do?
2681.02::Brian E. FrostMon May 15 1995Re: Q: ODBC for RMS?
2682.0::Ronnie Rio JakobsenMon May 15 1995UCX and Pathworks 4.1, WFW- clients using MS-TCP/IP-32
2683.0::KenMon May 15 1995Re: PWv51 upgrade problem
2684.0::LorenMon May 15 1995USE
2685.0::"JacquesMon May 15 1995Compuserve WinCIM over PW5
2686.02::phas@brspvaMon May 15 1995Re: Macintosh / Softwindows / Pathworks?
2687.0::Simon BlakelyMon May 15 1995Enhanced Redir (DOS) crashes with EMS
2688.0::Andre HallamMon May 15 1995**** GETTING EXTRA PAGES PRINTING? ****
2689.01::LMILAM@BSCVAXMon May 15 1995Re: Time and date changes
2690.019::Mandar M. MirashiMon May 15 1995Re: (no subject)
2691.0::"JohnMon May 15 1995Re: Resetting Passwords
2692.0::Simon BlakelyMon May 15 1995Pathworks 6.1 sockets
2693.0::KEVINMon May 15 1995Unable to access VMS MAIL with TCP/IP -Reply
2694.01::"LawrenceMon May 15 1995DEC 435 card and PW4.2-1 Remote Boot
2695.01::Dan BrusseeMon May 15 1995WfW configuration
2696.02::Lannie SchafrothMon May 15 1995WFWG and Pathworks setup...how?
2697.0::MariaMon May 15 1995anyone know what this error message means ?
2698.02::Mike JensenMon May 15 1995Re: eXcursion - DECterm Windows Terminate Without Warning
2699.0::Steven VoreMon May 15 1995Re: I need to learn how to use Pathworks
2700.02::Rhett Williford - SystMon May 15 1995win95 and startnet problems?
2701.03::gennai@icnucevxMon May 15 1995PW51 & TCP/IP
2702.01::Stu MillerTue May 16 1995TLXFER and TeamLinks v2.
2703.0::Okan GerayTue May 16 1995SNMP in V5.1
2704.01::Jay ShenTue May 16 1995Macs and Unix
2705.02::"EricTue May 16 1995Logical Drive Limit for PW 4.1
2706.01::JohnWed May 17 1995Problems with Mac Printer setup
2707.0::"RoelWed May 17 1995PW5 Control of printjobs
2708.01::keeble@iblWed May 17 1995WANTED: Desktop TCP/IP management software
2709.0::Lex NorrieWed May 17 1995PATHWORKS and NEC CD ROM Problems
2710.01::Kurt KlingbeilWed May 17 1995Re: Unable to access VMS MAIL with TCP/IP
2711.0::PhilWed May 17 1995solved the 'winsock not initialised' problem!
2712.04::Steven VoreWed May 17 1995Re: Configuring a standalone PC for Async PATHWORKS
2713.01::j.armistead-student-elThu May 18 1995Does anyone know how to use LATCOM ?
2714.0::Barney NorwickThu May 18 1995Microsoft Office 4.3 on Pathworks 4.2
2715.0::Paul JohnstonThu May 18 1995Re: PWv51 upgrade problems...
2716.0::ColinThu May 18 1995Re: PAT
2717.05::MarkFri May 19 1995Re: Directory naming limit etc. on Pwks 4.1
2718.0::AlbertFri May 19 1995PowerMac/DOS and DEC PathWorks compatible?
2719.0::jwinkle@pslFri May 19 1995UCX PWIP (pathworks IP) doesn't work in UCX 3.2 ECO 5, worked in UCX 2.
2720.0::Doug O'NealFri May 19 1995connection problems and network load?
2721.01::Kim TakayamaFri May 19 1995Pathworks 5.1 client crashes going to Windows-NT server
2722.0::zuniga@EisnerSat May 20 1995Re: NET LOGON/NET PASSWORD PROBLEMS
2723.01::Steven VoreSat May 20 1995Re: Changing PASSWORD from REDIRD and WFWG
2724.05::ColinSat May 20 1995Re: PWRKS 4.1, File Service Path Length Limit?
2725.016::AengusSat May 20 1995Re: DEC READ THIS!!!
2726.01::Arthur ChanSat May 20 1995Submitting a job to VMS via Pathworks
2727.0::"JohnSat May 20 1995Teamlinks Message Notification V2.1
2728.02::C. R. OldhamSat May 20 1995Dos/Win PathWorks clients connecting to Lan Server 4.
2729.0::Doug O'NealSun May 21 1995Anybody running this combination?
2730.010::Carl J LydickSun May 21 1995Re: VMS mail takes 5 minutes to send
2731.0::JoeSun May 21 1995PW Mail for Mac on PowerMac 61
2732.0::Paul JohnstonMon May 22 1995Re: DEC, Help! UCX3.2
2733.03::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYMon May 22 1995Re: Pathworks on OS/2 - what do I need?
2734.0::PostMon May 22 1995NDN: Re: Pathworks on OS/2 - what do I need?
2735.02::ALLENMon May 22 1995Help !! With Pathworks V5.x and Win95
2736.0::LissaMon May 22 1995SMC 8416 BTA card and Pathworks
2737.01::DaveMon May 22 1995Re: Pw4.2eco6 from where?
2738.01::Jean-DenisMon May 22 1995DECnet and NT 3.5
2739.0::LeonTue May 23 1995Pathworks for OS/2 4.1 - Do I have a performance problem?
2740.01::keeble@iblTue May 23 1995Does anyone know ??
2741.0::David BannonTue May 23 1995Re: print screen from SETHOST hangs PC
2742.0::Paul JohnstonTue May 23 1995Re: WfW and 32-bit disk access?
2743.0::AndreTue May 23 1995Decnet-SunOS connectivity contractor, Mountain View,CA
2744.01::ccdsaw@zippyTue May 23 1995Pathworks V4 v's Pathworks V5 ??
2745.01::ccdsaw@zippyTue May 23 1995Is there a DEC Pathworks Mailing List?
2746.0::Timothy SteinbergerWed May 24 1995PW 5.1 problem with DLC
2747.0::Mike Davis, Chief of OWed May 24 1995MSA 1.3 Path*Manager query
2748.01::PierinoGWed May 24 1995Re: PathWorks and PowerMac/DOS Compatible
2749.01::RZabagaThu May 25 1995HELP -> PRINTING
2750.0::Rolf VikreThu May 25 1995Emergency: Win95&Pathworks 5.x
2751.0::Rolf VikreThu May 25 1995Emergency: Pathworks'n Win95.
2752.01::Rolf VikreThu May 25 1995Emergency: Win95 & pwrk 5.x
2753.03::Masson ThierryThu May 25 1995Infoserver over TCP/IP
2754.02::pritchj@siouxlanThu May 25 1995Pathworks newbie: Looking for Fax Server and Remote Access
2755.01::"KenThu May 25 1995Re: Having VMS iniatiate a batch job on a NT 3.5 system
2756.01::Charlie LuceFri May 26 1995Re: Printing with PathWorks 5.1 and OSF/1
2757.06::Francesc Manaut i ClusFri May 26 1995Re: 9Gb SCSI disk on VMS?
2758.01::DracoFri May 26 1995Re: SMC Elite 16 and Pathworks 5.1 : Problems ?
2759.02::Charlie LuceFri May 26 1995Re: Questions about installing Pathworks on OSF/1...
2760.03::Alain MartineauSat May 27 1995Turning an infoserver CD-ROM stack into a Netware server
2761.0::Thomas.MeyerSat May 27 1995Pathworks 5.
2762.06::Mike Davis, Chief of OSat May 27 1995DECnet on MacOS 7.5.1?
2763.0::Alen ShapiroSat May 27 1995PathWorks 4.1 server with 5.1 client?
2764.04::PaulSun May 28 1995Help - Pathworks for WIN95
2765.01::Rod FalangaTue May 30 1995Pathworks 4.1, Ultrix 4.4 and SmarTerm 4.
2766.01::Gary WallTue May 30 1995netlogin across WAN
2767.01::alessandro feltrinWed May 31 1995Problem with Pathworks 5.
2768.01::Mark KattaliaThu Jun 01 1995Re: Printing mac postscript to DEC LPS2
2769.04::IanThu Jun 01 1995Removing Pw 5
2770.01::ahmad@nl1Thu Jun 01 1995MS SMTP gateway and Pathworks V5.
2771.01::JamieThu Jun 01 1995win32s and Pathworks
2772.0::Dwayne AuchThu Jun 01 1995Problems with enhanced redirector - PC hanging problems
2773.01::SveinFri Jun 02 1995WIN95 - PW4.1 server, printing?
2774.0::Bruce MiltonFri Jun 02 1995Re: PW 5.1 Locking Problem
2775.04::NigelSat Jun 03 1995Re: Which is faster: Windows NT or OPEN VMS and PATHWORKS?
2776.0::dennisj@randcSat Jun 03 1995PW 4.1 client and SQLNET 2
2777.0::DianthaSat Jun 03 1995PW 4.2 -- Lotus on File Serv. save problems
2778.0::AlexSat Jun 03 1995Adapters
2779.03::DarrellSat Jun 03 1995Re: DEC READ
2780.01::NicoSat Jun 03 1995VMS Filename lengths
2781.0::"FcoSat Jun 03 1995PC/TCP with PATWORKS 5 !!HELP ME PLEASE!!
2782.01::JasonSat Jun 03 1995WFW login password
2783.01::KEVINSat Jun 03 1995Infoserver over TCP/IP -Reply
2784.0::KEVINSat Jun 03 1995As far as I know, you will never be able to attach to an
2785.03::ArneSat Jun 03 1995Re: Network Drive
2786.02::AlexSat Jun 03 1995GroupWise and VMS Mail
2787.01::JiriSat Jun 03 1995Non-interactive PathWorks server commands
2788.0::MarkSat Jun 03 1995Re: Pathworks newbie: Looking for Fax Server and Remote Acces
2789.01::MarkSat Jun 03 1995Re: VMS Mail takes 5 minutes &etc.
2790.0::DarrellSat Jun 03 1995Re: WFW automatic logon
2791.06::"SteveSat Jun 03 1995Pathworks upgrade.
2792.0::ahmad@nl1Sat Jun 03 1995Pathworks and MS SMTP gateway
2793.01::KenSat Jun 03 1995Re: Removing Pw 5 -Reply
2794.0::"PedroSat Jun 03 1995Re: UCX$LPD_queue
2795.0::stephenson@rochesterSat Jun 03 1995Crashes -- Windows 3.1 when run from fileserver
2796.07::JasonSat Jun 03 1995WFWG memory optimization
2797.02::Charlie LuceSun Jun 04 1995Re: HPLJ4 NIC and PWv5.
2798.06::Rupert Moss-EccardtSun Jun 04 1995Re: Hardware problems since version 5 upgrade
2799.01::"EricSun Jun 04 1995Recommendations for WinNT<-->Alpha21
2800.0::DavidSun Jun 04 1995DLLN516
2801.010::Marco van den BergMon Jun 05 1995Pathworks and NT interoperability
2802.03::Steven VoreMon Jun 05 1995Re: Looking for help with LATCOM.sys
2803.02::Steven VoreMon Jun 05 1995Re: Version of Winsock Spec
2804.0::Stu MillerMon Jun 05 1995TeamLinks-TLXFER problems
2805.04::Bill EvansMon Jun 05 1995remote boot PW 4.1 and DOS 6.xx multiple boot menu conflict
2806.03::Dan BrusseeTue Jun 06 1995Re: WFWG and PW 5.
2807.04::Bob HarrisWed Jun 07 1995Re: Apple Open Transport: still CAP??
2808.0::GreggThu Jun 08 1995The Gartner Group
2809.03::Mike Mak Kei FuThu Jun 08 1995Services Database ? "RPC : Unknow Protocol" ?
2810.010::Bradford A LubellThu Jun 08 1995Default password for WMD
2811.02"STARS::ARNOLD"Thu Jun 08 1995Re: Help with Pathworks & WfW6.
2812.0::MichelThu Jun 08 1995File-service reporting
2813.01::JohnThu Jun 08 1995Lotus Approach and Pathworks
2814.01::Paul JohnstonFri Jun 09 1995Re: USE
2815.0::HerveFri Jun 09 1995Upgrade Digital-Unix 2.
2816.03::DSW PILOTFri Jun 09 1995PATHWORKS, Windows 95 Beta & Digital TeamLinks
2817.0::Tim GreeleyFri Jun 09 1995Pathworks clocks up loads of cpu
2818.0::DianthaFri Jun 09 1995File services dont disconnect - WFWG + PW 4.1a
2819.0::Matthias RabastFri Jun 09 1995Teamlinks TLXFER: where to get the current version ???
2820.0::Mike Davis, Chief of OFri Jun 09 1995Mail for Mac 1.2 fonts under System 7.5.1
2821.05::DarinFri Jun 09 1995Current Pathworks Version
2822.01::SteveFri Jun 09 1995Easy way to check for errors.
2823.01::Rod FalangaFri Jun 09 1995DEC Celebris PC, PW 4.1, Ultrix 4.4 & SmarTerm 4.
2824.02::Herbert StoeriFri Jun 09 1995Re: How to avoid duplication of print services on MAC
2825.02::DaveSun Jun 11 1995PW v4.1 Performance
2826.03::Derek PetersonSun Jun 11 1995PASSWORD SYNCRONIZATION
2827.01::RichSun Jun 11 1995Re: Why does file modification date change with file protection change
2828.0::Sam WoolfSun Jun 11 1995**Where can I find the PW41 WFWG311 Integration Kit? - Thanks!
2829.03::zuniga@EisnerSun Jun 11 1995DosLynx and PATHWORKS
2830.0::kopchic@ibmSun Jun 11 1995Pathoworks & Teamlinks
2831.0::"DAVIDSun Jun 11 1995Re: Windows 95 Profile Error
2832.04::Tom PendergrassSun Jun 11 1995Re: Windows for Workgroups/VMS
2833.01::kamrul@ycvaxSun Jun 11 1995Sethost and Printing problem
2834.01::TomSun Jun 11 1995Changing PCFS$ACCOUNT default file protections
2835.01::Steven VoreSun Jun 11 1995Re: Diff between Win3.1 and WfWG ??
2836.05::Paul JohnstonMon Jun 12 1995Re: PW Server, WFWG NET LOGON /HOME
2837.01::"KenMon Jun 12 1995PW 4.1 performance
2838.01::aguilo@ibmMon Jun 12 1995SETHOST EMULATOR IN PATHWORKS/WINDOWS NT
2839.04::MikeMon Jun 12 1995Pathworks oracle v7 tcpip
2840.032::Steven VoreMon Jun 12 1995Re: PW v5 & PW v4 services
2841.0::Joachim StraussTue Jun 13 1995NETRUN Problem on OSF 3.
2842.02::RodTue Jun 13 1995PW 4.1, Ultrix 4.4 and reading data from one PC to another.
2843.04::ccdsaw@zippyWed Jun 14 1995Dynamic Allocation of IP Addresses??
2844.01::Steven VoreWed Jun 14 1995Re: Pathworks v5 share permission question
2845.03::Steven VoreWed Jun 14 1995Re: Pathworks, TCP/IP & ISDN
2846.016::Sakari HeinoWed Jun 14 1995Re: PW5 and Memory
2847.08::Dwayne AuchThu Jun 15 1995Installing Pathworks v5.
2848.02::Scott ElliottThu Jun 15 1995Latest Files.
2849.02::Marc TisseurThu Jun 15 1995Wanted: 327
2850.03::zuniga@EisnerThu Jun 15 1995PW Mac - AppleTalk-LAT Gateway question
2851.02::Charlie LuceThu Jun 15 1995Re: Help! pwlsadmin crashes pwlic.srv
2852.02::Charlie LuceThu Jun 15 1995Re: Pathworks on AXP PC 15
2853.02::Olav TollefsenThu Jun 15 1995Re: NT, DECnet, Notes?
2854.01::Predict-DLI SeattleThu Jun 15 1995Re: Problems with VT32
2855.01::Jim SchaedigFri Jun 16 1995Pathworks 5.
2856.02::Robert C. GannFri Jun 16 1995WfW as Pathworks Client?
2857.0::DaveFri Jun 16 1995PROTOCOL.INI for 3COM 5
2858.0::Mike DurkinFri Jun 16 1995PW DOS - Resources to get started again
2859.04::MerrillFri Jun 16 1995PATHWORKS for WNT licensing questions
2860.0::DarrellSat Jun 17 1995Re: Starting the WFW network from DOS
2861.01::"StephSat Jun 17 1995Pathworks v5 share permission question - more info
2862.0::Paul JohnstonSat Jun 17 1995Re: Procedure for installing PATHWORKS and WFWG Coexistance
2863.01::alanm@OMNITRANSSat Jun 17 1995System Crash
2864.0::MikaelSat Jun 17 1995D-link network card with Pathworks on Dell Latitude
2865.0::michael@ordinatorSun Jun 18 1995Tweaking free-space in PW-server
2866.01::JonathonMon Jun 19 1995UK Pathworks User
2867.03::PhilipMon Jun 19 1995Re: Pathworks on PowerMac
2868.01::DaveMon Jun 19 1995Microchannel NIC -- 3COM523B problems
2869.01::Tel Mon Jun 19 1995IP Addresses
2870.02"31F::BRUCE"@MARLABMon Jun 19 1995Re: PKUnzip problems still?
2871.0::MichaelMon Jun 19 1995[Q] Move WMD to a different service
2872.0::Greg StienstraMon Jun 19 1995MACS on DECNET problems
2873.01::Jonathan D. HarleyMon Jun 19 1995Re: Winsock with Pathworks DECnet and/or TCP/IP
2874.01::loman@cstpMon Jun 19 19954.1 to 5 upgrade questions
2875.011::"jenettMon Jun 19 1995WIN32/Mosaic/Netscape problems
2876.02::GvranTue Jun 20 1995PWUSER.INI and parameter meaning
2877.0::"DAVIDThu Jun 22 1995Re: #PC's on A MicroVAX 31
2878.03::Charlie LuceThu Jun 22 1995Re: Getting NETWKSTA out of conventional memory?
2879.01::GvranThu Jun 22 1995UPDATE.DAT updated from central site. (WMD on V5.x)
2880.0::MarkThu Jun 22 1995Re: PW Mail for Windows
2881.02::muThu Jun 22 1995Any network FAX software for PW?
2882.01"31F::BRUCE"@MARLABThu Jun 22 1995Re: Pathworks 4.1 printing extra page.
2883.03::ColinThu Jun 22 1995Re: NETTIME and 'the wrong side of a router'
2884.0::JulieThu Jun 22 1995Rule: Re[2]: PW Server, WFWG NET LOGON /HOME
2885.0::HelenThu Jun 22 1995Re: WFW clients don't have RWC access to Pathworks shares
2886.04::GregFri Jun 23 1995PATHWORKS TCP/IP - will it work?
2887.0::Tom PendergrassFri Jun 23 1995Pathworks mail protocol
2888.01::Roy ~ ITD ~ x9367Fri Jun 23 1995OpenVMS disk quotas being ignored !
2889.01::Mike and the Mrs.Fri Jun 23 1995PW and HP JetDirect Drivers
2890.01::NigelSat Jun 24 1995Re: TCP/IP for VMS ?
2891.0::Ger BeerdenSat Jun 24 1995STARTNET Prompt in updateprocedure
2892.0::Paul JohnstonSat Jun 24 1995Re: VT32
2893.03::STEVE WATTSat Jun 24 1995LAN Manager's Password - No thanks.!:)
2894.0::ColinSat Jun 24 1995Re: pw4.1 + wordperfect 6.
2895.01::MichelSat Jun 24 1995using Pathworks IP stack, very slow (dead)
2896.014::"DavidSat Jun 24 1995Intel Plug and Play - 64kb of UMB space lost!!
2897.02::DarrellSat Jun 24 1995Re: Intel Plug and Play...
2898.01::Derek R. WerthmullerSun Jun 25 1995Pathworks upgrade to LANMAN 3.
2899.01::ArneMon Jun 26 1995PathWorks, LAT, Kermit
2900.0::Masson ThierryTue Jun 27 1995PW5 and PPP/Cameleon with winsock
2901.03::Ronald N. WadaTue Jun 27 1995Running PC Applications
2902.0::BobTue Jun 27 1995PW 5.1 & NW 4.1
2903.05::DForvendelTue Jun 27 1995Pathworks Printing Problems - fonts
2904.01::Bob McCluskeyTue Jun 27 1995PW5.1/WFW problem
2905.02::York Region Technical Tue Jun 27 1995GUEST acct expiration
2906.03::JohnTue Jun 27 1995INETNAME Help needed
2907.04::Bob McCluskeyWed Jun 28 1995Mosaic w/PW5.1
2908.01::DaveWed Jun 28 1995PW5 and PCMCIA card
2909.01::"KenWed Jun 28 1995Problems installing MS Office products on NT server
2911.0::Steven VoreWed Jun 28 1995Multivendor Customer Services InfoCenter Now Online
2912.0::JayWed Jun 28 1995WFWG - PATHWORKS 5.1 on Alpha timeout
2913.02::Marc ChampagneWed Jun 28 1995Connection failure with Pathworks
2914.0::ahmad@nl1Wed Jun 28 1995NETTIME utility for basic redir
2915.03::PhilWed Jun 28 1995VAX <> Novell <> PC
2916.02::JoeThu Jun 29 1995V4 & V5 servers in same cluster
2917.0::Charlie LuceThu Jun 29 1995IBM PC Support/4
2918.09::"Oi,Thu Jun 29 1995Pathworks for Win95 License?
2919.02::DavidThu Jun 29 1995Routing TCPIP to a Laser Jet 4
2920.03::Bob McCluskeyThu Jun 29 1995Pathworks Mosaic
2921.0::AdministratorThu Jun 29 1995Re: pw tcp/ip probelm
2922.06::Philippe PeetersThu Jun 29 1995DEC eXcursion X-Server and Windows 3.1
2924.01::JiriThu Jun 29 1995Problems with changing password
2925.02::Lee MayhewThu Jun 29 1995Assigning Service - DIsk Limitation?
2926.0::JosephThu Jun 29 1995===> FREE airfare to DECUS (for Life) ! <===
2927.04::Predict-DLI SeattleThu Jun 29 1995Hair pulling, Pathworks, and WfW
2928.01::EllenThu Jun 29 1995Using Trunpet Winsock with Pathworks 4.1
2929.03::AndersFri Jun 30 1995WFW, Pathworks and Word 6.
2930.02"STARS::ARNOLD"Fri Jun 30 1995Re: Message Delivery Report
2931.01::AengusSat Jul 01 1995Re: Pathworks Mail
2932.01::JamesSat Jul 01 1995Pathworks trying to connect to a new 4.2 cluster
2933.02::AndersSat Jul 01 1995WfW, Pathworks & Word 6
2934.03::DarrellSat Jul 01 1995Re: Hair pulling - PW and WFW
2935.04::DarrellSat Jul 01 1995Re: Trumpet Winsock with Pathworks 4.1
2936.0::DarrellSat Jul 01 1995Re: Services - Disk Limitation?
2937.014::Predict-DLI SeattleSat Jul 01 1995NT server requesting a Pathworks license
2938.04::SteveSat Jul 01 1995Pathworks V5 ADMIN COW and DEC windows
2939.0::JohnSat Jul 01 1995DNS
2940.01::"StephSun Jul 02 1995Upgrading licenses from 5.
2941.0::Dan BrusseeSun Jul 02 1995sethost / pw51 / LK45
2942.04::MichaelMon Jul 03 1995VMS, Pathworks Mail and TCP/IP
2943.01::Peter SuttonMon Jul 03 1995FIXLM21.EXE for Pathworks for OS/2 (ver. 2.
2944.03::JohnMon Jul 03 1995Netscape and VT32
2945.01::EllenMon Jul 03 1995Source for dis_pkt.dos and dis_pkt9.dos
2946.0::JasonMon Jul 03 1995ALpha and NT
2947.05::MariaMon Jul 03 1995where are we going....
2948.01::JasonMon Jul 03 1995ALPHA AND NT STILL PROBLEMS
2949.02::Andy SparkTue Jul 04 1995Multiple Macintosh access to file?
2950.03::GaryWed Jul 05 1995PC's Hanging on Pathworks v5.1
2951.0::WAY2LATEWed Jul 05 1995Pathworks/MS Excel Errors
2952.02::Lannie SchafrothWed Jul 05 1995Changing NCP ID's and Names on PW 5.1
2953.01::"SuzanWed Jul 05 1995DeskTop Backup/RdB
2954.02::gThu Jul 06 1995Network modem solutions?
2955.05::Stefan MititeluFri Jul 07 1995[Q] Pathworks and WFW and oooold NIC
2956.02::Sean M. SheilFri Jul 07 1995Insufficient Memory w/ vt32
2957.014::Marc van de LuijtgaardFri Jul 07 1995PathWorks v6
2958.0::MikeFri Jul 07 1995Re: Teamlinks impressions plse
2959.08::GordonFri Jul 07 1995Re: Pathworks and Microsoft's MSCDEX CD-ROM driver
2960.05::CWind95564Fri Jul 07 1995Anyone running a Foxpro application on a PW 4.
2961.0::613Fri Jul 07 1995AutoCAD 13 on Pathworks 4.1
2962.01::GreggSat Jul 08 1995Dell Dimension P9
2963.02::Daniel MonjarSat Jul 08 1995Teamlinks under WIN NT
2964.02::Mike O'DonnellMon Jul 10 1995Advice on network diagnostic hardware/software
2965.07::SimonTue Jul 11 1995PW for Win95 - what is it?
2966.0::muTue Jul 11 1995Is WinFAX PRO comp. with PW?
2967.01::ViceTue Jul 11 1995WHAT IS LANWORKS?
2968.0::PriyeshTue Jul 11 1995MS-TCP/IP+Pathworks+WFW
2969.013::RobertTue Jul 11 1995Memory management tips/FAQ wanted
2970.012::DuncanWed Jul 12 1995thin wire or TP enet?
2971.0::Jay FunnellWed Jul 12 1995Unaligned data access
2972.06::Stefan MititeluWed Jul 12 1995Again WFW 3.1 and Pathworks
2973.0::JohnWed Jul 12 1995Lotus 3.4 for DOS data files on Alpha 21
2974.08::Nigel CampbellWed Jul 12 1995Winsock -> DECnet?
2975.011::Stefan von KaenelThu Jul 13 1995Nuclear Tests!
2976.02::MichelThu Jul 13 1995Server suggestions needed
2977.015::Okan GerayThu Jul 13 1995LAT in Windows w/o PW
2978.02::D.M. Thu Jul 13 1995LK45
2979.03::ColinThu Jul 13 1995Re: Question on upgrade
2980.02::Douglas OleinikThu Jul 13 1995Mapping drive letters in Pathworks for OS/2?
2981.04"31F::BRUCE"@MARLABThu Jul 13 1995Re: MS-TCP/IP + Pathworks4.1+WFWG
2982.03::Paul RobertsThu Jul 13 1995NE2
2983.03::Paul RobertsThu Jul 13 1995Pkzip 2.
2984.0::SoerenThu Jul 13 1995Help PWMosaic and anonymous fpt
2985.03::SteveVogelThu Jul 13 1995PW4.1 (Decnet) to PW5 (TCP) migation
2986.01::DanThu Jul 13 1995Re: Forms for Queues Created w/ ADMIN/MSA
2987.04::DanThu Jul 13 1995Pathworks and web browsers...
2988.01::Dave ChristmanThu Jul 13 1995Pathworks on Win95
2989.04::JoeThu Jul 13 1995Re: Plug & Play and loss of E
2990.0::JoeThu Jul 13 1995PCI BIOS and E
2991.0::SoerenThu Jul 13 1995Help PWmosaic not connecting to anonymous ftp server running UCX v.3.2
2992.0::SoerenThu Jul 13 1995Help PWMosaic and UCX v.3.2 ftp server
2993.0::SoerenThu Jul 13 1995Help PWMosaic and UCX v.3.2 annonymous ftp
2994.02::617Fri Jul 14 1995Re: Which ftp site has compress execution file for VMS
2995.0::HelenFri Jul 14 1995WFW, 5.1 client and 4.2 server
2996.05::ColinFri Jul 14 1995Re: IS ANYONE USING PW4.2 SERVER WITH VMS 6 PLEASE?
2997.0::Paul JohnstonFri Jul 14 1995Re: PW4 Decnet to PW5 TCP Migration
2998.0::BECKERJA%wpo1p%wpo2v%SFri Jul 14 1995Pathworks for NT problem
2999.0::StuartFri Jul 14 1995Windows 95 and Pathworks: problem solved
3000.03::DaveSat Jul 15 1995New Win '95 Installation
3001.01::JasonSat Jul 15 1995Video Drivers for Alpha pc and NT
3002.0::Jon P. HarrisonSat Jul 15 1995Creating HYBRID users
3003.04::DaveSat Jul 15 1995Excessive shutdown time?
3004.04::Ed HavelaarSun Jul 16 1995Detecting LAT, Pathworks
3005.01::"JMon Jul 17 1995DE435 Turbo PCI cards and PWV51
3006.04::Punz GeroldMon Jul 17 1995Help: Installing PW 5.
3007.03::morphis@DMon Jul 17 1995os/2 on DIGITAL pentium pci PCs
3008.04::HenrikMon Jul 17 1995Location of the MS TCP/IP stack
3009.0::RuthMon Jul 17 1995Re: Pathworks for Windows 95
3010.08::Auxiliary Info. SystemMon Jul 17 1995Pathworks compliant PC's
3011.06::Mike O'DonnellTue Jul 18 1995LM 2.2c available from Microsoft?
3012.01::KEVINTue Jul 18 1995PC's Hanging on Pathworks v5.1 -Reply
3013.02::"JTue Jul 18 1995PWTCP.INI file and NameServers
3014.02::Andy SparkTue Jul 18 1995Mac corrupting filenames on VaxShare volumes
3015.01::JasonTue Jul 18 1995LINE PRINTER
3016.01::Ryan J. MaleyWed Jul 19 1995Pathworks for Win 95 / Pathworks 6.
3017.02::Paul RobertsWed Jul 19 1995Re: DECserver 1
3018.05::Paul RobertsWed Jul 19 1995Re: Compatability v. Domain Server
3019.05::Paul RobertsWed Jul 19 1995Converting PW5.1 CCS licenses to server based licenses
3020.01::Mike GozaloffWed Jul 19 1995How to get files from VAX to NT server?
3021.06::KEITH EMERTWed Jul 19 1995Mac Laserwriter 8 and DEC Postscript printers?
3022.0::PhilThu Jul 20 1995Pathworks for NT, Async Decnet?
3023.0::ShaunThu Jul 20 1995PATHWORKS HANGUP - DEC to PC using SYS$QIOW Calls
3024.02::GrummiteThu Jul 20 1995problem with NETTIME.EXE
3025.0::Albert E. ManfrediThu Jul 20 1995PCSA Mail Compatibility
3026.02::Kent PerrierThu Jul 20 1995How do I get winsock to work on Pathworks V5?
3027.0::Al GillThu Jul 20 1995VMS <--> NT integration
3028.0::Darwin SanoyThu Jul 20 1995NFT to FTP conversion...
3029.04::"KevinThu Jul 20 1995Microsoft TCP/IP closing REXEC session
3030.0::"EmilyThu Jul 20 1995Dan Doorley's question
3031.0::612Thu Jul 20 1995Re: - no subject (
3032.0::"JohnThu Jul 20 1995Re: Pathworks for Macintosh question
3033.01::"SuzanThu Jul 20 1995Dan Doorley's problem
3034.0::"Castle,Thu Jul 20 1995MS PC Mail gateway with PW5
3035.0::"Castle,Thu Jul 20 1995Microsoft PC Mail GW with PW5
3036.0"admsv1::mrgate::\"AM:Mon Jul 24 1995Re: Mac / PC's sharing MS Word documents.
3037.0::"EmilyMon Jul 24 1995Sharing Word docs between PC and Mac
3038.01::DanMon Jul 24 1995MAC Pathworks question
3039.0::PeterMon Jul 24 1995re. Pathworks 4.2-1
3040.0::"DavidMon Jul 24 1995Pathworks for NT on NT V3.51
3041.01::Mike GozaloffMon Jul 24 1995Using DCL to move files from VMS to NT shares?
3042.02::Dale McGladderyMon Jul 24 1995Re: error messages from MSA printers - HELP!
3043.01::BobMon Jul 24 1995Pathworks MAC crazy printer problem
3044.0::MikeMon Jul 24 1995Desktop Backup hangs with PW5 client
3045.02::Mike O'DonnellMon Jul 24 1995Question about using PW4.x clients on a 5.x server?
3046.04::SteveMon Jul 24 1995Files kept open by Pathworks ???
3047.0::RobertMon Jul 24 1995SMC ISA EtherEZ very slow ?
3048.03::RobertMon Jul 24 1995General memory management tips PW5.1 wanted.
3049.0::JasonMon Jul 24 1995Updating firmware on an alpha.
3050.0::JasonMon Jul 24 1995Firmware update for alpha
3051.02::AshleyMon Jul 24 1995Pathworks Mac -- problem seeing files in a folder
3052.05::"AlaricMon Jul 24 1995Please help! DOS sees PW services, Windows doesn't!
3053.01::Okan GerayMon Jul 24 1995WfWG domain logon to a PW OSF/1 server
3054.0::RichardMon Jul 24 1995Pathworks for NT v4.1B and NT 3.5(SP2) Problems -- HELP!
3055.0::RichardMon Jul 24 1995Terminal Emulator for Windows 3.x
3056.01::"Castle,Mon Jul 24 1995MS Mail SMTP gateway w/PW5
3057.0::Gherald HoopesMon Jul 24 1995Binary file transfers between Eudora & Mail for Mac?
3058.01::MikeTue Jul 25 1995Desktop Backup hangs with PWV5
3059.02::"MTue Jul 25 1995Max number of users?
3060.0::JulieTue Jul 25 1995Rule: Re: Excessive shutdown time?
3061.03::"RoelTue Jul 25 1995SLIP and STOPNET.BAT
3062.0::"KenTue Jul 25 1995Pathworks for VMS, UCX, NT
3063.05::Mandar M. MirashiTue Jul 25 1995MS Office network printer selection
3064.02::kwilson@utsphTue Jul 25 1995Pathworks5/WFW/Win31 questions
3065.06::"BrianTue Jul 25 1995Re: W95 Preview & Pathworks 5.
3066.0::RichardWed Jul 26 1995Pathworks for NT v4.1B -- Does DEC really care????
3067.04::George SkarbekWed Jul 26 1995Printing Blank Pages
3068.0::NigelWed Jul 26 1995PW Winsock problem with SMTP mail
3069.0::Paul RobertsWed Jul 26 1995PW 4.2-1 server reports 'Too much data requested by client...'
3070.0::RobertWed Jul 26 1995Cabletron E2
3071.07::Greg ThomsonThu Jul 27 1995Infoserver and Pathworks 'USE' command
3072.04::Sam BondThu Jul 27 1995Re: PW for WIN95 and INFOSERVER
3073.01::DavidThu Jul 27 1995TCP/IP Logon
3074.01::"JohnThu Jul 27 1995Printing from PW Mail to COM1 Postscript printer
3075.02::RobertThu Jul 27 1995Re: pathworks 4.1-2 with co-existence
3076.01::dougThu Jul 27 1995subscribe lanworks
3077.01::Mike O'DonnellThu Jul 27 1995Re: NETTIME substitute? Please read.
3078.04::MaryStoneThu Jul 27 1995Fwd: ==>FREE 1yr MagazineSub sent worldwide-3
3079.02::Eric ThomasThu Jul 27 1995Using LAT protocol with MS-WFW network
3080.01::Sam WoolfThu Jul 27 1995LAD, LAT, and LAST for NT 3.51
3081.0::FranzThu Jul 27 1995signoff help needed
3082.01::JohnThu Jul 27 1995share sizes
3083.0::Olafur OlafssonThu Jul 27 1995PW 5.1 and Wordperfect 6.1
3084.04::mico@ludensThu Jul 27 1995Help Installing TurboChannel Adapter
3085.0::Dean HarryThu Jul 27 1995Pathworks, Ultrix, WFW & MAC
3086.01::Carl J LydickFri Jul 28 1995Re: Pathworks access to read/write opticals on VAX
3087.01::STEVE WATTFri Jul 28 1995PCMCIA Ether Card and Pathworks Problem
3088.0::RickFri Jul 28 1995PW 5.1 and Wordperfect 6.1 - Reply
3089.0::kaiiFri Jul 28 1995PW 5.1 (TCP/IP, basic LAN redirect) client w/ Banyan 5.52
3090.03::David Rees - Net Sys AFri Jul 28 1995Pathork VMS Server 5.
3091.08::Matthias RabastSat Jul 29 1995Where is information about Pathworks on the WEB
3092.01::Lyn KempterSat Jul 29 1995NFS mounted service
3093.02::cridlang@topazSat Jul 29 1995Winpopup "Failure of the Network"
3094.01::Patrick GilbrideSat Jul 29 1995Pathworks for WNT vs. SuperLAT
3095.01::RAKOWITZ@COBA2Sat Jul 29 1995Batch files in MSDos
3096.02::BCbugSat Jul 29 1995LAT other than DEC's
3097.0::Mike JensenSun Jul 30 1995Need a VT3
3098.03::DaveMon Jul 31 1995Accessing FAT shares
3099.01::StefanMon Jul 31 1995DOS 6.22
3100.06::StefanMon Jul 31 1995Re: LAT SCB problem
3101.02::AshleyMon Jul 31 1995WfWG problems and PW5.x
3102.02::kkirk@compumediaMon Jul 31 1995WFW 3.11 Postscipt Printer
3103.01::MichelMon Jul 31 1995File service with
3104.06::DanMon Jul 31 1995DOS-based POP mail client
3105.0::RAKOWITZ@COBA2Tue Aug 01 1995subscrition
3106.02::"RoelWed Aug 02 1995DCPS and PW5 print qualifiers
3107.02::HerveWed Aug 02 1995ETHERLINK III card and PATHWORKS V5.
3108.02::DaveWed Aug 02 1995Re: FAT share migration
3109.01::William R. GroskinskyWed Aug 02 1995? print from wfw to 5.
3110.02::Carl CampbellWed Aug 02 1995Access a CDROM from PW/WfWG
3111.01::valera@conversiaWed Aug 02 1995Help me with PW 5.1 client and UCX 3.3
3112.0::Paul RobertsWed Aug 02 1995Has anyone got a decent version of Netpopup working with PW5?
3113.0::Paul RobertsWed Aug 02 1995Brain damaged NE2
3114.02::"DRThu Aug 03 1995Linux slip problem
3115.03::Predict-DLI SeattleThu Aug 03 1995Re: Multiple entries inprint queue from 1 print job.
3116.06::DaveThu Aug 03 1995PW 5 license servers in a cluster
3117.0::RMarkRThu Aug 03 1995re: BlockCheck Framing error on PW 5.
3118.02::Carl CampbellThu Aug 03 1995 Access a CDROM from PW/WfWG *Again*
3119.0::Brian LeversonThu Aug 03 1995NDIS3 driver for DEC DE2
3120.01::Jim CesariThu Aug 03 1995Lan Manager Error in Manageworks
3121.09::Phil WEllsThu Aug 03 1995PW for OpenVMS customer input requested
3122.0::Jerry LeslieThu Aug 03 1995Re: NEW TCPIP STACK
3123.02::HerveThu Aug 03 1995install v5.1 client failed (server vms 5.5-2)
3124.0::Brad BascomFri Aug 04 1995SNMP software for EtherWorks cards?
3125.0::DaveFri Aug 04 1995Re: FAT migration
3126.07::Paul RobertsFri Aug 04 1995547k largest executable program size - Can you beat this?
3127.03::GrummiteFri Aug 04 1995License error LIC
3128.0::MarkFri Aug 04 1995System requirements for Teamlinks
3129.0::Mike O'DonnellFri Aug 04 1995I've got some Pathworks LMSRV log errors,I don't know what they mean.
3130.05::Mike O'DonnellFri Aug 04 1995Pathworks/VMS performance tuning..
3131.04::C.H. TaFri Aug 04 1995File ownership question on PW 5.
3132.01::cooper@utsphSat Aug 05 1995PW Win95 Beta using PPP conections
3133.07::DaveSat Aug 05 1995Re: PC Based Ethernet Monitor Wanted
3134.0::MikeSat Aug 05 1995Desktop Backup hangs Windoze 3.1
3135.04::ThomasSat Aug 05 1995Redirectg COM ports
3136.0::MatthiasSat Aug 05 1995ethload
3137.0::DarrellSat Aug 05 1995Re: 597K largest executable size. Can you beat this?
3138.0::JoeSat Aug 05 1995Re: What is the command to send to cancel this listserv?
3139.01::"JohnSun Aug 06 1995Printing to PS printer on COM1 using PW Mail...
3140.01::"DavidSun Aug 06 1995Pathworks V4.2 ECO 7 problems
3141.01::Daniel WaltonSun Aug 06 1995Q: Advice on adding NT svr on Pathworks (Vax)
3142.01::VitorSun Aug 06 1995How to install Patworks 4.1 on Windows NT 3.51
3143.07::DaveMon Aug 07 1995Help with PW Mosaic
3144.03::AndyTue Aug 08 1995Pathworks 95 Licensing arrangements
3145.03::Carl Wheeler, Sys.Mgr.Tue Aug 08 1995Pathworks NFT Submits and Log files
3146.01::HerveTue Aug 08 1995Configuring of a Compaq PC (Plug and Play) with an Etherlink III
3147.05::DaveTue Aug 08 1995Licenses on a Cluster
3148.0::HerveTue Aug 08 1995SUMMARY: install v5.1 client failed (server vms 5.5-2)
3149.05::Lannie SchafrothTue Aug 08 1995Obtaining PNS server for 4.2ec
3150.02::PhilWed Aug 09 1995wfwg + NT + PW ?
3151.0::FranzWed Aug 09 1995Re: Signoff help
3152.01::Les FlodrowskiWed Aug 09 1995PW4.1 with VMS 6.2?
3153.07::DaveWed Aug 09 1995Using MS TCP/IP-32 with Pathworks TCP/IP utilities
3154.04::HerveWed Aug 09 1995Migration V4.x -> V5. - Disks Services (LAD) -> Disks shared
3155.02::DaveWed Aug 09 1995MSA Spool files not deleting
3156.03::josephkWed Aug 09 1995Foxpro 2.6 Win - Cannot Read from Drive A:
3157.01::NThu Aug 10 1995Mosaic setup
3158.05"31F::BRUCE"@MARLABThu Aug 10 1995Re: What GUI mailer for MSWindows are you using?
3159.02::ThomasThu Aug 10 1995Redirecting COM ports
3160.01::John WilsonThu Aug 10 1995OS/2 Connect & Pathworks 4.1
3161.04::"MessageThu Aug 10 1995Re: Using WFW 3.11 with Pathworks V5.1 Client and V5.
3162.0::Jacques LheureuxThu Aug 10 1995Re: Pathworks TCP/IP Sessions Freezing
3163.02::ERKAMP@ARCThu Aug 10 1995Re: Problems with Pathworks winsock
3164.01::ZaleThu Aug 10 1995WWW Pages on OpenVMS to Unix Migration
3165.01::HerveThu Aug 10 1995Re: Migration V4.x -> V5. - Disks Services (LAD)
3166.0::Jacques LheureuxThu Aug 10 1995Do messages from the list server 'LANWORKS' appear here?
3167.0::JamesThu Aug 10 1995Network Timeout with Xircom
3168.09::HenrikThu Aug 10 1995How to create Non user specific clients/templates
3169.02::Ryan J. MaleyThu Aug 10 1995Re: Password synchronization
3170.01::kwilson@utsphThu Aug 10 1995Event log messages
3171.01::Dan BrusseeFri Aug 11 1995Double listing for NET WHO
3172.01::Randy PalmerFri Aug 11 1995Permission problems using LanManager & VMS security level
3173.0::Ed HavelaarSat Aug 12 1995I need a WfW PATHWRKS.INI
3174.0::vijay@cscmpSat Aug 12 1995Internal stack overflow when running netbind
3175.01::GvranSat Aug 12 1995Win95 running with CCS 5.1-license ???
3176.01::Tony ValenteSat Aug 12 1995Pathworks 5 server joins NT Domain???
3177.0::dsgnoffSat Aug 12 1995Pathworks & OS/2 Warp Connect. How?
3178.0::GvranSat Aug 12 1995Re: How to add new users in V5 backward compatibility mode ?
3179.0::R ich GrantSat Aug 12 1995Re: LADDRV, LADCDDRV functionality in Pathworks95?
3180.03::DaveSat Aug 12 1995License server log
3181.02::Robert ByerTue Aug 15 1995QUESTION: PW Serial DECNet & WFWG
3182.0RANGER::WASSERWed Aug 16 1995PATHWORKS for Windows 95 announcement
3183.0::Steven VoreThu Aug 17 1995PATHWORKS for Window95 Press Release
3184.0::Josh RiceThu Aug 17 1995Remote LAN Configurations
3185.04::gThu Aug 17 1995Re: NetBEUI or Decnet?
3186.024::"Oi,Thu Aug 17 1995Pathworks and Win95
3187.01::Paul JohnstonThu Aug 17 1995Re: Has anyone had any luck with the Pathworks Monitor utility?
3188.0::Ken WattsThu Aug 17 1995Re: Win95 crashing Pathworks Servers UMERCIFULLY!
3189.01::UF-IFAS Computer NetwoThu Aug 17 1995PCL over IP problem?
3190.04::Paul RobertsFri Aug 18 1995Re: Winsock Problems
3191.05::MichaelFri Aug 18 1995Re: Term Emulation software
3192.013::MarkFri Aug 18 1995Etherlink III - 3C5
3193.02::dougFri Aug 18 1995WfW 3.11 & pathworks..help!
3194.02::Leif SjolundFri Aug 18 1995Two flag pages for each print job from NT, why?
3195.010::DaveFri Aug 18 1995PWV5 Services dying!
3196.05::Dr. Andrew MuirFri Aug 18 1995Remote Access
3197.0::RuthFri Aug 18 1995Pathworks 5 - Disk Quota Problem
3198.01::RuthFri Aug 18 1995Re: How to delete a FAT disk?
3199.0::ColinFri Aug 18 1995Does anyone here know how to change my mailing address
3200.0::Paul RobertsFri Aug 18 1995Re: IP addressing
3201.0::Paul RobertsFri Aug 18 1995Re: Pathworks TCP/IP driver (DOS/Windows)
3202.01::Paul RobertsFri Aug 18 1995Will I get PW95 update with MDDS?
3203.02::PhilFri Aug 18 1995Is there a FAQ for Pathworks<->NT networks?
3204.01::RiCHSat Aug 19 1995[Q] Ran out of Far Heap Memory in PW Mail 5.1.
3205.06::David M. MattixSat Aug 19 1995LIC
3206.0::mcgrathm@admin1Sat Aug 19 1995Pwv5
3207.0::PT-PMRSun Aug 20 1995Re: Command confirmation request (27D74A)
3208.01::Joseph FitzGeraldSun Aug 20 1995NDIS packet driver shim
3209.02::DaveSun Aug 20 1995What is NETWKSTA error 3546
3210.02::"Ian Betts"Sun Aug 20 1995Windows NT, SQL Server and Pathworks
3211.06::TaMon Aug 21 1995Re: Creating PW 5 printer shares
3212.0::JamieMon Aug 21 1995pathworks on Mac- is there a timeout?
3213.01::Paul RobertsMon Aug 21 1995Re: PWRK$LMSRV & PWRK$LMDMN INVEXCEPTN bug check on startup
3214.01::Paul RobertsMon Aug 21 1995Re: How to copy service to diffrent disk
3215.0::DaveMon Aug 21 1995NET LOGON Fails 7
3216.02::Craig DebenhamMon Aug 21 1995NT 3.51 and Pathworks 4.1B
3217.04::Steven VoreMon Aug 21 1995FPA License Kit on ftp.digital.com
3218.01::Steven VoreMon Aug 21 1995ftp://ftp.digital.com/pub/DEC/PCI/index.txt
3219.0::DaveMon Aug 21 1995Solved: What is NETWKSTA error 3546
3220.0::GvranMon Aug 21 1995How do i get statistics from V5-server
3221.01::DaveMon Aug 21 1995Re: PW v5 books ??
3222.0::MariaMon Aug 21 1995Digital HiNote PC and PCMCIA ethernet card
3223.02::Brooks, Brian JTue Aug 22 1995Translating Drive letter into DECnet address
3224.0::JohnTue Aug 22 1995V5.
3225.05::TaThu Aug 24 1995Re: PROBLEMS WITH PC MEMORY
3226.03::DaveThu Aug 24 1995How to update the NIC drivers
3227.01::BRUCE@31FThu Aug 24 1995Re: NFS client wanted
3228.02::PeterThu Aug 24 1995Re: PW (Mac) and printing
3229.0::WayneThu Aug 24 1995TCP/IP on IBM Thinkpad with IBM Ethernet Credit Card Adapter II
3230.0::GvranThu Aug 24 1995V4-server, Autocad & 4 Gb disks ????
3231.02::STEVEN A WILSON Thu Aug 24 1995Pathworks 4.1 and OS/2 for Pathworks 5
3232.01::STEVE WATTThu Aug 24 1995Deleting VMS Directories from DOS/PW's
3233.02::"Oi,Thu Aug 24 1995PW/Win95 and v5 Backward Compatible Serv
3234.01::Art KeslerThu Aug 24 1995Lotus Notes
3235.01::Bryan KingFri Aug 25 1995Pathworks performance
3236.01::Paul JohnstonFri Aug 25 1995Re: Domain password not validated?
3237.02::Jean-DenisFri Aug 25 1995Re: WFWG 3.11 & PathWorks V4.1
3238.0::Guy GondorFri Aug 25 1995Pathworks 5.2 and Legato
3239.0::"KenFri Aug 25 1995SCHK grabbing the IRQ for COM2 on a PC
3240.01::H. Todd ChapmanFri Aug 25 1995Pathworks 5 for Dos and Windows documentation question.
3241.0::marty@symarkFri Aug 25 1995SoftPC/Pathworks/Netware/PC DOS App
3242.01::Derek R. WerthmullerFri Aug 25 1995DECserver Network Access Software ?
3243.0::Dr. Andrew MuirFri Aug 25 19955.1 client and Win95
3244.0::Dr. Andrew MuirFri Aug 25 1995Pathworks disk for Win95?
3245.0::WAY2LATESat Aug 26 1995WFW vs. Pathworks as client
3246.0::Dan BrusseeSat Aug 26 1995Non-User specific login
3247.0::Kevin AngleySat Aug 26 1995NETBIOS problems in PW VMS 4.2 ECO 7
3248.0::Stefan H. HolekSat Aug 26 1995Pathworks TCP/IP troubles. Summary?
3249.02::Stefan von KaenelSat Aug 26 1995Re: problem with DECWindows
3250.01::Paul JohnstonSat Aug 26 1995Re: Is there PW for Win95 available?
3251.03::MichaelSun Aug 27 1995WFW and PW 5.1
3252.0::H. Todd ChapmanSun Aug 27 1995Pathworks 5 documentation question.
3253.0::AlanMon Aug 28 1995Re: Netscape woes.
3254.01::Simon BlakelyMon Aug 28 1995Re: Could a Win95 PC act as a CD Rom server?
3255.0::Mike O'DonnellMon Aug 28 1995Trying to get PC to use NETBEUI with PW5...
3256.01::"DavidMon Aug 28 1995Pathworks V4.2-7 PC Broadcast failures
3257.03::Charlie LuceMon Aug 28 1995Using PATHWORKS 95 with WfW 3.11
3258.02::"BradfordMon Aug 28 1995Re: Win 95, Pathworks, and remote boot
3259.01::CtgWebTue Aug 29 1995PC to VAX - task-to-task communications
3260.0::AmariahTue Aug 29 1995Object Broker Help Files
3261.03::Ken WattsTue Aug 29 1995New FPA License Requester and Async via PPP
3262.0::Tom PendergrassTue Aug 29 1995PW - Win95 info wanted
3263.02::GvranTue Aug 29 1995FPA
3264.0::David BellTue Aug 29 1995MS Mail, Mailworks & Win95
3265.02::David BellTue Aug 29 1995Anyone received PW for Win95 yet?
3266.0::"RoelTue Aug 29 1995Files with long extensions in \PCAPP directory
3267.0::KEVINTue Aug 29 1995Netscape woes. -Reply
3268.0::daparish@newsTue Aug 29 1995PW4.2 mvax->PW 5.
3269.01::MatthiasTue Aug 29 1995PATHWORKS for WNT problem
3270.07::DaveTue Aug 29 1995WfWG/PW 5 ... still trying!
3271.0::Harald WeinrichTue Aug 29 1995Problems with HP-Laserjet and PCSAV41 - empty page after printing from PC-Applikation
3272.0::Steven VoreTue Aug 29 1995[PW-W95] PATHWORKS for Windows 95 Release Notes
3273.0::Steven VoreTue Aug 29 1995[PW-DOS]V5 How To Integrate Windows 95 with PATHWORKS v5.x client
3274.01::Carl CampbellWed Aug 30 1995Re: CDROM sharing for Pathworks client
3275.0::STEVE WATTWed Aug 30 1995PW for Win 95 in the UK????
3276.0::mark@axpWed Aug 30 1995Pathworks v5.
3277.01::919Wed Aug 30 1995Pwks/Win95 unsupported utilities
3278.0::The HartsWed Aug 30 1995Re: Pc to VAX using Visual Basic & Pathworks
3279.03::"Oi,Wed Aug 30 1995PW Win95 chicken & egg
3280.03::NickWed Aug 30 1995WIN95 & Printers
3281.0::jbrekke@execpcThu Aug 31 1995Pathworks for OS/2 v5.
3282.0::DavidThu Aug 31 1995ECO3 information.
3283.03::Rhett WillifordThu Aug 31 1995Using a 5.
3284.03::Paul RobertsThu Aug 31 1995How do I get logon name from batch file?
3285.0::"RoelThu Aug 31 1995PW5 and FTP binary file transfer often goes wrong.
3286.04::AlanThu Aug 31 1995Re: Adding Multiple Users
3287.0::EddieThu Aug 31 1995PW5.
3288.0::DaveThu Aug 31 1995Server ECO update
3289.0::Paul RobertsFri Sep 01 1995Pathworks/DEClaser 51
3290.01::CraigFri Sep 01 1995MS 32 bit TCP/IP and Pathworks cluster alias
3291.0::Lannie SchafrothFri Sep 01 1995WIN95 & PW 4.2 server - Clients can't print
3292.0::RobertFri Sep 01 1995PW 4.1 & Win95
3293.0::KEVINFri Sep 01 1995ECO3 information. -Reply
3294.0::scarlet witchFri Sep 01 1995Pathworks wont copy GIFs to VMS
3295.01::alanm@OMNITRANSSat Sep 02 1995Windows 95 , PW 5.1 & Windows NT3.5
3296.0::Paul JohnstonSat Sep 02 1995Re: Pipeline quota for PWv5.
3297.01::FransSat Sep 02 1995Win95 & Pathworks 95 problem solved
3298.02::Allen ConquestSat Sep 02 1995PathWorks 5.1 for NetWare and Win95
3299.02::TaSun Sep 03 1995Re: Trumpet Winsock and Pathworks V5
3300.0::Rod FalangaMon Sep 04 1995Need to get files from one PC to another. FAL/NFT.
3301.02::P K JohnstonMon Sep 04 1995Re: Problem running multiple Pathworks VT32
3302.0::DanMon Sep 04 1995Adding users to PW
3303.01::PatrikMon Sep 04 1995NT Workstation and Pathworks v5.
3304.02::NAGY LajosTue Sep 05 1995Windows 95 & Pathworks
3305.01::FransTue Sep 05 1995Win'95 - Pathworks 5.1 problem, still exist...
3306.01::FredTue Sep 05 1995FTP problem from PC with Pathworks 5.1 to VMS with Multinet 3.4B
3307.0::JoshWed Sep 06 1995OVMS --> NT?
3308.0::PhilipWed Sep 06 1995Mac sys 7.5.2 and PW Mac problems
3309.01::PhilWed Sep 06 1995printing to PW5.
3310.01::David M. MattixWed Sep 06 1995DECNet, 3Com, and 32 bit. Still a problem.
3311.0::DaveWed Sep 06 1995PWV5 and WfWG .. the saga continues.
3312.0::PankajWed Sep 06 1995[Q] Pathworks for OS2 - need for IBM Lan requestor ?
3313.0::Ed StuartWed Sep 06 19953F error on a DE2
3314.0::gThu Sep 07 1995PW5 for OSF/1: srvconfig!?
3315.02::WayneThu Sep 07 1995TCP/IP Lost Connections
3316.0::Gilles RatelThu Sep 07 1995Pathworks + eXcursion + Windows 95 ?
3317.0::Paul W. NelsonMon Sep 11 1995BETA sites needed for NetWare DECnet product.
3318.02::Darryl LeeFri Sep 15 1995Re: WFWg/Pathworks 5.1 Problems ..MORE...
3319.02::Lannie SchafrothFri Sep 15 1995WIN95 & PW4.2xxx will NOT work (printing)
3320.07::AlexFri Sep 15 1995Re: what's needed for win95 upgrade?
3321.0::Darryl LeeFri Sep 15 1995Netscape (1.1 & 1.2) + Pathworks 5.1 = bleah
3322.01::IanFri Sep 15 1995Re: PW 5.X VT32
3323.01::ColinFri Sep 15 1995Multiple OS Booting
3324.01::JudyFri Sep 15 1995JetDirect
3325.0::Steven VoreFri Sep 15 1995Re: Pathworks 4.1 and Windows 95 - problem printing and viewing drives
3326.0::Ken WattsFri Sep 15 1995Re: [Pathworks-Windows 95] PPP Connection
3327.0::ddhlo@inetFri Sep 15 1995Re: XPS75, Win95, NetWare, Pathworks
3328.0::RuthFri Sep 15 1995Re: NT server questions
3329.0::GvranSat Sep 16 1995Where can I find the ADMIN command documentation
3330.01::YanksSat Sep 16 1995Re: problems with pathworks 4.2 and 5.1
3331.0::wilder@NSRSKESat Sep 16 1995Re: W95 and Printers on 4.2 Server
3332.01::RuthSat Sep 16 1995Re: INFORMATION ABOUT WIN NT LICENSES.
3333.0::kwilson@utsphSat Sep 16 1995Passwords and Win95
3334.01::MichaelSat Sep 16 1995Re: Consulting help to upgrade to Pathworks 5
3335.0::Malcolm Dew-JonesSat Sep 16 1995Re: I've noticed a problem with PW and name resolution.
3336.06::GvranSat Sep 16 1995How does an NT-user change pswd in a PW-domain
3337.0::Paul FretterSat Sep 16 1995Re: HP Jet Direct Cards...
3338.01::613Sat Sep 16 1995Re: Plotters w PW 5.
3340.02::RockSat Sep 16 1995DATE & TIME STAMPS, REVISITED
3341.0::"David_WSun Sep 17 1995Re: PATHWORKS 5.1/ WFW problem
3342.01::Matt HallSun Sep 17 1995Pathworks licensing RAS.
3343.01::Jea-Hua HsuSun Sep 17 1995Confliction between ACCTON Net Card , SBPRO card and PATHWORK
3344.0::Erenst WepenerSun Sep 17 1995Problems running Pathworks and Microsoft Windows Network together
3345.04::Joe PizziSun Sep 17 1995Re: Netscape over UTP Level 5 using PW5.1
3346.06::Lottan ACHISun Sep 17 1995api to get username
3347.0::skorman@pegSun Sep 17 1995VT32
3348.01::Bandit RuengosotSun Sep 17 1995Win95 <--> VMS , via Pathworks?
3349.0::GvranTue Sep 19 1995Server-load from PWV51-service ??
3350.0::jelkej@cometTue Sep 19 1995Pathworks and Attachmate Rally
3351.01::Stefan H. HolekTue Sep 19 1995Backup Patch. Where?
3352.0::muTue Sep 19 1995Default parameters?
3353.0::Andy SparkTue Sep 19 1995Newsgroup for Teamlinks mail?
3354.0::BrunoTue Sep 19 1995PWRKS 4.2 & WinWord 6.
3355.0::ChrisTue Sep 19 1995PW 5.
3356.0::TonyTue Sep 19 1995Pathworks 5 and Passwords
3357.01::Chris TownleyWed Sep 20 1995Pathworks & IBM token ring
3358.03::ColinWed Sep 20 1995Memory under windows
3359.0::Dan GilbertThu Sep 21 1995Co-existence setups under PW 5.1 (IPX and Decnet)
3360.02::Sander ManfredThu Sep 21 1995connecting to local disks
3361.05::chalmThu Sep 21 1995Issuing/Running VMS Job from Pathworks Client
3362.0::GregThu Sep 21 1995Dumb and Dumber....
3363.0::Simon BlakelyThu Sep 21 1995Re: PW VT 32
3364.02::Harald WeinrichMon Sep 25 1995Problems with Pathworks 4.2 and WfW ifshlp.sys
3365.0::Steven VoreMon Sep 25 1995Re: Memory under windows -Reply
3366.06::Steven VoreMon Sep 25 1995Re: Windows95, NE2
3367.013::MichaelMon Sep 25 1995Removing directories in a Pathworks VMS environment
3368.010::DanMon Sep 25 1995Re: What drive letter does NET LOGON use for logon scripts?
3369.01::auMon Sep 25 1995Re: Fileserver for Pathworks doesn t start
3370.0::Daniel A. MonjarMon Sep 25 1995NT client backup to VMS
3371.0::Paul RobertsMon Sep 25 1995Re: PUTINENV available here!
3372.01::Paul RobertsMon Sep 25 1995Is there a FAQ for this newsgroup?
3373.05::Eric BehnkeMon Sep 25 1995NT Connecting to PW
3374.0::DanMon Sep 25 1995Mac/ Dos Card / Connect?
3375.01::IanMon Sep 25 1995EtherWORKS driver files fro SCO UNIX
3376.0::Mandar M. MirashiMon Sep 25 1995PW 1.3a server (Ultrix) and PW Win 95 client
3377.014::"JohnMon Sep 25 1995PW MAC: Prob. w/System 7.5.x and LAT connection...
3378.02::kwilson@utsphMon Sep 25 1995DE1
3379.02::Stephen D. StewartMon Sep 25 1995No file services on Win95 Pathworks with VMS Pathworks 4.2
3380.01::PhilMon Sep 25 1995login scripts, 'net use * /home' not working
3381.0::LANWORKSMon Sep 25 1995Pathworks for NT tuning tips
3382.02::Hortvet, Douglas RichaMon Sep 25 1995Is There a Better Way to Change Servers?
3383.06::Kenth NasstromMon Sep 25 1995Win95 pwrk licensekit kills UCX on server
3384.0::JamesMon Sep 25 1995Graphics Printing over Pathworks
3385.01::Douglas SwiggumMon Sep 25 1995Win95 and PATHWORKS for VMS V4.2 tips (Intrusion)
3386.0::TonyMon Sep 25 1995Performance Problem using MSODISUP and LAN Manager
3387.0::Stu SjouwermanMon Sep 25 1995Anyone out there with ACT! 2.
3388.01::STEVE WATTMon Sep 25 1995Protecting files on PW Clients ..Help!
3389.0::Steven VoreMon Sep 25 1995Re: WAN netlogon problem
3390.06::"GRAEMEMon Sep 25 1995re Windows 95 : add printer thinks network printer is offline
3391.0::Stefan MititeluMon Sep 25 1995[Q] AST 486/66 + SMC8
3392.0::StefanMon Sep 25 1995AST486/66 + SMC8
3393.0::bannisp@candwMon Sep 25 1995MS-Access and PW4.1
3394.05::kamrul@ycvaxWed Sep 27 1995Decnet nodename of a client
3395.01::Dr. Andrew MuirWed Sep 27 1995Xircom and PW95
3396.01::ChrisWed Sep 27 1995Re: Viewing post script files with CDA viewer?
3397.0::NWed Sep 27 1995Feedback from Dublin
3398.0::CarlThu Sep 28 1995Wanted: VMS/WNT/Pathworks professionals
3399.04::ChrisThu Sep 28 1995WFW 3.11 and Pathworks 5.
3400.0::Carl FollstadThu Sep 28 1995Wanted: VMS/WNT/Pathworks professionals in St. Paul
3401.0::The SameFri Sep 29 1995RE: Does enyone have disk 2 for Corel 5 mine is wreckt.
3402.0::Tracy KennedyFri Sep 29 1995BANYAN & Pathworks "Gateway" via NT
3403.01::PaulFri Sep 29 1995PW Mac Server upgrade 1.2 -> 1.3
3404.0::dougFri Sep 29 1995Re: Anyone got VMS 6.1 running in 8Mb RAM?
3405.0::SimonSat Sep 30 1995Notes mail solution needed - ** UK consultancy tenders considered **
3406.02::Mark Rief Sat Sep 30 1995File Service protection for VMS users
3407.014::cckychow@cctpspc1Sat Sep 30 1995Pathworks and pkzip
3408.01::mathog@seqaxpSat Sep 30 1995What goes where on an MSAF volume?
3409.01::JohnSat Sep 30 1995CD Towers
3410.02::JimSat Sep 30 1995Help with MSAF Volume and Network Problems
3411.07::"JorgeSat Sep 30 1995Pentium pc refuses to get license from server
3412.03::Sat Sep 30 1995Can I share an NFS-mounted file system?
3413.05::wilder@NSRSKESat Sep 30 1995Warning: Possible data corruption Win-95 and DECNET protocol (real-mode)
3414.0::IanSat Sep 30 1995Stop more than 8 levels of directories?
3415.0::Gilles RatelSun Oct 01 1995local printer (lpt1:) : Windows95+LAT PORT -> LAT rejection 4128?
3416.06::Paul RobertsMon Oct 02 1995Can't browse network with Win'95
3417.0::Paul JohnstonMon Oct 02 1995Re: Settting up XQP+ on VMS 6.1
3418.0::papaTue Oct 03 1995pw4.2 server on VAX - UCX - TCP/IP - W95 - what is BG?
3419.01::Daniel WaltonTue Oct 03 1995Win95 sharing files on PW
3420.01::RobertTue Oct 03 1995Which Client Backup S/W ?
3421.03::Matt HallWed Oct 04 1995Pathworks fails with error 59
3422.01::cooper@utsphWed Oct 04 1995Q: Any hope soon of getting a Lic Requestor for Dialup Win95 connections soon?
3423.0::PT-PMRWed Oct 04 1995From the Lanworks mailing list (Pathworks newsgroup)
3424.02::Peter CrawshawWed Oct 04 1995Very poor write performance - PW 4.2 sever
3425.05::Martin Ancher Holm wwwWed Oct 04 1995Help Mosiac
3426.03::Lottan ACHIWed Oct 04 1995Getting username from PW5.1
3427.03::DaveWed Oct 04 1995Serving a CDROM w/ PW 5
3428.0::Mandar M. MirashiThu Oct 05 1995Win 95 and Ultrix servers
3429.0::PT-PMRThu Oct 05 1995Lanworks list
3430.01::Ky|sti M{{tt{Thu Oct 05 1995Moving fileservice
3431.07::RuthFri Oct 06 1995NT Domain Controller & PW Licensing
3432.0::613Fri Oct 06 1995fwd:PC served printers, and WordPerfect 6.1 (Win 3.1 & WFW)
3433.02::SteveVogelFri Oct 06 1995Win95 Poor Performance
3434.0::DaveFri Oct 06 1995Replacing VMS PW server with NT server suggestions
3435.02::Graeme HartleyFri Oct 06 1995PW For DOS & Windows Network Connect Reconnection Passwords
3436.03::GvranFri Oct 06 1995How to change 'total server wide open files'
3437.03::GvranFri Oct 06 1995Problems with TCP/IP connectins when restarting Pathworks
3438.0::Hans M. AusSat Oct 07 1995Writing a text file from SQLModule
3439.0::LANWORKSSat Oct 07 1995Lanworks list -Reply
3440.01::Tony FlaggSat Oct 07 1995File Retransmissions and NETBEUI
3441.02::Lannie SchafrothSat Oct 07 1995CNTRL - D with Windows printing?
3442.03::JoeSat Oct 07 1995Re: PRINT QUE HEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!
3443.01::"ralphSat Oct 07 1995Configure Help
3444.02::JohnSat Oct 07 1995Pathworks MAC client question
3445.01::DaveSat Oct 07 1995LAT dropouts ..
3446.02::Metal1Sat Oct 07 1995EWRK3.DOS startup problem
3447.04::Mike O'DonnellSat Oct 07 19953c5
3448.08::Dan BrusseeSat Oct 07 1995VMS pop mail server?
3449.0::Alain MartineauSat Oct 07 1995Version number showing with InfoServer-mounted ISO966
3450.0::Aengus LawlorMon Oct 09 1995RAM Doubler for Windows
3451.05::Lance GayMon Oct 09 1995Domain Authentication Problems under Windows 95
3452.0::Metal1@AOLMon Oct 09 1995Fwd: Email Nondelivery Notice -- FAILED MESSAGE
3453.04::kamrul@ycvaxMon Oct 09 1995Sethost V4.1.aq tip needed
3454.05::Swirly Base 16Mon Oct 09 1995Network Card Problems: HELP!
3455.03::jubber_s@kosmosTue Oct 10 1995PW MAil keeps crashing
3456.02::Ky|sti M{{tt{Tue Oct 10 1995Error 58:
3457.02::JuhaWed Oct 11 1995cc:Mail (cc:Mobile) w. PW, any users??
3458.01::Mandar M. MirashiWed Oct 11 1995dllndis xx.
3459.0::MichelWed Oct 11 1995LM Users and storage limit?
3460.0::Roland YeoWed Oct 11 1995PW5 and TCP/IP slow response
3461.01::FSymingtonThu Oct 12 1995InfoServer Problems
3462.02::Dr. Andrew MuirThu Oct 12 1995Dropping out of term emulation
3463.0::PETERThu Oct 12 1995PW User list
3464.0::Gary PenrodThu Oct 12 1995DE2
3465.0::"RoelFri Oct 13 1995Re: PW5 and FTP binary transfer often goes wrong.
3466.0::DonatoFri Oct 13 1995Configure PPP conn for Xyplex term server
3467.0::system@icnucevxFri Oct 13 1995Xerox Printers and VMS server
3468.03::Meyer RafaelSat Oct 14 1995DECnet-Dos
3469.0::Niels ProvosSat Oct 14 1995Pathworks Printing Problem
3470.0::MarkamasSat Oct 14 1995PNS - 5.
3471.03::John StokesSat Oct 14 1995Pathworks Mac Mail Question
3472.01::SteveSat Oct 14 1995Re: DE2
3473.0::ScottM9241Sun Oct 15 1995PW v4.1 and PC communications
3474.02::Warren AnacouraSun Oct 15 1995Pathworks for WFW patch
3475.01::Tony FlaggSun Oct 15 1995WFW + MS-TCP/IP - - Gotcha!
3476.04::Satish NaiduMon Oct 16 1995Service for CDROM
3477.04::JamesMon Oct 16 1995Re: WED. Oct. 11th is National Coming Out Day COME OUT! DO IT! Life is easier...
3478.0::Lloyd LittleMon Oct 16 1995Re: Remote boot.
3479.0::Christian KoenigsederMon Oct 16 1995Remote & DUNIX without DECNET
3480.013::H. Todd ChapmanTue Oct 17 1995Integrating Sendmail, MS-Mail and VMS Mail ???
3481.0::mskTue Oct 17 1995Winsock Error 1
3482.02::Douglas SwiggumThu Oct 19 1995User and Group authentication for Windows 95
3483.01::"Oi,Thu Oct 19 1995Windows95 TCP/IP and DEC DLL Driver
3484.0::Steel456Thu Oct 19 1995Senior Manager of Networking New York City
3485.03::jbeetzThu Oct 19 1995Netware and Pathworks
3486.02::JorgeThu Oct 19 1995Pathworks V5 and large files...
3487.02::ALTEC INTFri Oct 20 1995HELP!! PW 4.1 and LPT port problem
3488.03::Eric MercerMon Oct 23 1995license responder with Win95
3489.0::"SteveMon Oct 23 1995Cut this thread please was Re: WED. Oct. 11th
3490.0::Vince LaurentMon Oct 23 1995PWv5x LAN vs WAN
3491.02::HenrikMon Oct 23 1995Sharing of powerpoint files between PCs and MACs
3492.04::MarkMon Oct 23 1995File protection problem
3493.07::DaveMon Oct 23 1995Re: PWV51 and 8
3494.01::ddhlo@inetMon Oct 23 1995MS Mail Server and Pathworks
3495.01::Flow Cytometry FacilitMon Oct 23 1995V4.1 using TCP/IP and a 3COM 3C5
3496.0::PT-PMRMon Oct 23 1995Re: Somebody kick this idiot off the list PLEASE
3497.0::KEVINMon Oct 23 1995PW5 Windows locks when WP saves to PW4 drive
3498.01::Vince LaurentMon Oct 23 1995which PC based TCP/IP?
3499.0::ALTEC INTMon Oct 23 1995HELP with PW 4.1 and LPT1 port
3500.01::Michel MaisonneuveMon Oct 23 1995PC-PWV51 and Apple Printer
3501.01::ags@ozemailMon Oct 23 1995PW4.1 with WFWG and LAT Printer server?
3502.0::HumbertoTue Oct 24 1995RE : AXP 1
3503.0::"ETue Oct 24 1995Re: Pathworksv5.
3504.01::DaveTue Oct 24 1995Re: Desktop Backup - Macintoshes
3505.01::kamrul@ycvaxWed Oct 25 1995Packed file is corrupt!
3506.0::Eamonn O'HaganWed Oct 25 1995Desktop Backup for Windows 95
3507.02::JennyThu Oct 26 1995Macs for Oct. 26
3508.0::Georg ReisacherFri Oct 27 1995from NT to PW Domain?
3509.01::viggyFri Oct 27 19953COM Network Cards
3510.0::Georg ReisacherFri Oct 27 19953 passwords are too much!
3511.0::bonzSat Oct 28 1995Pathworks V5 and Win NT
3512.0::BobSat Oct 28 1995A1MAIL and VMS6.1 incompatible?
3513.0::Dwayne AuchSat Oct 28 1995Pathworks v5 EC
3514.0::BryanSat Oct 28 1995NT 3.51 resource kit and SMTP
3515.0::Paul JohnstonSat Oct 28 1995Re: Novel vs Pathworks
3516.0::Rod FalangaSat Oct 28 1995Excel macro printing postscript text on Pathworks.
3517.0::GvranMon Oct 30 1995How do I convert Pathworks UAS to NT ???
3518.03::GvranMon Oct 30 1995Pathworks for NT & Decnet on 3.51
3519.0::JimMon Oct 30 1995Re: PWv5.1 netbios over tcp/ip
3520.0::Michael Green Tue Oct 31 1995Re: Pathworks V4.1a with WfW V3.11
3521.02::Simon BlakelyWed Nov 01 1995StorageWorks/Desktop Backup
3522.03::Paul JohnstonWed Nov 01 1995Re: CAN A PC BE USED?
3523.01::"NWed Nov 01 1995PW6
3524.04::Ryan J. MaleyWed Nov 01 1995Should we do a FAQ?
3525.03::Dave DavidsonThu Nov 02 1995PWV5 Server and WFW Client Browsing problem.
3526.0::CHRISTINEThu Nov 02 1995PW6 pulled back?
3527.08::SteveFri Nov 03 1995login script
3528.06::SteveFri Nov 03 1995How do clients get time
3529.07::Lannie SchafrothFri Nov 03 1995Re: PWV51 Client Memory Problems - HELP !!
3530.06::"AFri Nov 03 1995file services under PATHWORKS for OS/2 - how ?
3531.01::mcgrathm@admin1Fri Nov 03 1995Win 3.11 only to Pw 5 printer
3532.0::cooper@utsphFri Nov 03 1995Q: PWV6...Anyone receive License update PAKS or Media Yet?
3533.01::Dave HaynesFri Nov 03 1995Pathworks Clients and Mosaic
3534.01::RichardFri Nov 03 1995Remote Admin with win95
3535.02::KEVINFri Nov 03 1995Windows remote control
3536.0::DickySat Nov 04 1995Re: PW 4.x, WFW, and network printing
3537.03::stefmit@ixSat Nov 04 1995[Q] WP6.
3538.03::HenrikSat Nov 04 1995Deleting PW from Client
3539.0::Paul BouvierSat Nov 04 1995FTP site for Pathworks drivers and patches
3540.0::Richard L. DysonSat Nov 04 1995PW v5.1 TCP/IP and Lotus 123Wr4 Crashes!
3541.04::"SuzanSat Nov 04 1995BookReader documentation
3542.0::Lannie SchafrothSat Nov 04 1995Re: Intel Etherexpress PRO/1
3543.0::"ASat Nov 04 1995password length with PATHWORKS for OS/2 and file services
3544.01::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYSun Nov 05 1995Win 95 and TCP/IP
3545.0::Paul JohnstonSun Nov 05 1995Re: Pathworks 95 crashes Digital Venturis 575 ?
3546.0::Sunil KumarSun Nov 05 1995Pathworks for Win 95, v1.
3547.0::Paul JohnstonSun Nov 05 1995Re: Problem with WFW Connecting to Domain.
3548.01::David DaySun Nov 05 1995Pathworks 4.1b for NT and Intel Ethernet Express
3549.0::Lance GaySun Nov 05 1995Pathworks 5.
3550.08::PhilSun Nov 05 1995licensing agent for NT alpha?
3551.04::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYSun Nov 05 1995Re: Installing Win95, where can I get Pathworks 4.1 WFW patch kit?
3552.03::scottSun Nov 05 1995Word Perfect Share Code Error on File service
3553.0::"KarenSun Nov 05 1995Need Mail for Mac and LaserWriter LS Help
3554.05::Peter J. Neff * MEDIAtMon Nov 06 1995Performance problems with Pathworks
3555.0::johnsonwa@fdtcMon Nov 06 1995HELP - showserv.exe
3556.01::RickMon Nov 06 1995[Q] WP6.
3557.03::"JMon Nov 06 1995Server Crashes with INVEXCEPTN and Pathworks 5.
3558.0::Masson ThierryMon Nov 06 1995PW51 and NFS
3559.04::MariaMon Nov 06 1995Pathworks access to Netware server
3560.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYTue Nov 07 1995PW 4.1 on Win 95 and NDIS
3561.02::PeteTue Nov 07 1995Pathworks 4.1, WFW and TCP/IP
3562.02::WilliamTue Nov 07 1995Help with LAT & NetBEUI
3563.0::KEVINTue Nov 07 1995Audio CDs in an Infoserver
3564.05::Lottan ACHITue Nov 07 1995PW5.1 client, with WFW (not net installed)
3565.01::DaveWed Nov 08 1995Compaq & 3COM 5
3566.01::GordonWed Nov 08 1995Re: PW95 Redir Problem w/4.1 server
3567.01::Lottan AchiFri Nov 10 1995repost: errors using IFSHLP.SYS with pathworks
3568.07::zuniga@EisnerFri Nov 10 1995PW Mac 1.3 client on a 1.2 server?
3569.0::FrankFri Nov 10 1995Controlling a pathworks client
3570.01::RickFri Nov 10 1995Re: Word Perfect Share Code Error on File service - Reply
3571.011::"KarenFri Nov 10 1995Re: Mail for Mac 1.3 not working on PowerMac 61
3572.01::BobFri Nov 10 1995NSI on macs
3573.09::"SuzanFri Nov 10 1995Connecting to Personal Shares
3574.05::GvranFri Nov 10 1995PW and NT-servers in same WAN Domain ???
3575.04::"StephFri Nov 10 1995Adding license PAKs
3576.03::Doug O'NealSat Nov 11 1995need help configuring cloned systems
3577.03::KEVINSat Nov 11 1995Re: login script -Reply
3578.03::Dan BrusseeSun Nov 12 1995Re: LK25
3579.010::RussSun Nov 12 1995PW4.1 & W95: are they supposed to work together?
3580.0::JustinSun Nov 12 1995I need help setting up MSMail.
3581.010::JohnSun Nov 12 1995Migrating from PATHWORKS OpenVMS VAX to Alpha NT
3582.01::SteveSun Nov 12 1995HELP WITH LOGINN PROGRAM
3583.01::ORLANDOSun Nov 12 1995pathworks 4.1a
3584.02::Matt HallSun Nov 12 1995Changing Lanman passwords from windows 95
3585.0::Matt HallSun Nov 12 1995Pathworks SDK working with Visual C++ V2.2 ?????
3586.01::Steve DorrityMon Nov 13 1995Pathworks with SLIP
3587.0::mafcuMon Nov 13 1995PC's and PW v4.1
3588.05::DavidMon Nov 13 1995Ethernet Card for Notebook
3589.0::Andy SparkMon Nov 13 1995Extension mappings in All-In-One mail
3590.04::cooper@utsphTue Nov 14 1995Re: PW Win95 Wish List
3591.01::DamianTue Nov 14 1995HELP: Using PATHWORKS 4.1 with Windows 95
3592.02::Peter SawardTue Nov 14 1995Pathworks for Mac & MacX...
3593.03::MarkTue Nov 14 1995Re: Pathworks and Dell Computers
3594.02::Lannie SchafrothTue Nov 14 1995License needed for LAT Printer server PC?
3595.0::GilTue Nov 14 1995need help configuring cloned systems -Reply
3596.011::PeteTue Nov 14 1995Pathworks 4.1 , Win 95 & Printing
3597.01::bruceTue Nov 14 1995Re: vt32
3598.02::Lottan ACHIWed Nov 15 1995Number of files Per directory
3599.0::Matthias RabastWed Nov 15 1995UMB upper limit segment address: F5A7 <-- what does that mean ?
3600.0::Brad HouserWed Nov 15 1995Windows NTW 3.51 and Pathworks 4.1 Server
3601.01::wykes@decusThu Nov 16 1995Desktop Backup and Rdb - future?
3602.04::TonyThu Nov 16 1995Infoserver Client for Win95
3603.05::Tom PendergrassThu Nov 16 1995Re: vms mail
3604.01::Carl CampbellFri Nov 17 1995Re: pathworks API or DLL
3605.02::Joe PizziFri Nov 17 1995Re: Password SYNC in VMS and V5 modes
3606.08::Dan BrusseeFri Nov 17 1995Re: PW AND INTERNET MAIL
3607.0::Malcolm Dew-JonesFri Nov 17 1995IPX protocol & Windows ShareHandles problem
3608.0::DaveSat Nov 18 1995Re: PW Hangs on "Verify license" - 1
3609.01::Malcolm Dew-JonesSat Nov 18 1995Re: [Q] Which remote control package?
3610.01::GeorgeSat Nov 18 1995Using a Dat drive on a Infoserver 1
3611.02::Kevin WallaceSat Nov 18 1995Pathworks, TCP/IP, and WFW 3.11
3612.02::Tim Waters - Systems PSun Nov 19 1995Drive timeouts due (apparently) to heavy network traffic.
3613.0::Hans M. AusSun Nov 19 1995Installing PWKS MAC Client received via DSNLink ?
3614.0::Gordon McAndrewSun Nov 19 1995Re: PW 4.1b client & Windows 95 ?
3615.0::LauSun Nov 19 1995WINRCV and PW-OSF/1
3616.0::Tel Sun Nov 19 1995CD's on Infoserver
3617.0::"StephMon Nov 20 1995Problems with VT32
3618.01::DaveMon Nov 20 1995PW Hangs on "Verify license"
3619.02::Hardy LauMon Nov 20 1995test ignore
3620.01::PaulMon Nov 20 1995Re: PW5 (OSF/1): DOS locks problem
3621.0::KEVINMon Nov 20 1995CD's on Infoserver -Reply
3622.02::SimonMon Nov 20 1995What licence needed for NT Server access to PW5 server?
3623.03::JohnTue Nov 21 1995Pathworks and PowerPC Macintosh
3624.0::SystemTue Nov 21 1995Pathworks/MAC and Offending Command
3625.01::SteveTue Nov 21 1995Pathworks with Quatro Pro for windows
3626.01::Kym Farnik +61 8 223 Wed Nov 22 1995TeamLinks V2.5 on SoftPC (Softwindows)
3627.04::Nathan EppFri Nov 24 1995EXcursion 2.1 problems
3628.02::LynnFri Nov 24 1995PC disconnecting...
3629.0::MarkFri Nov 24 1995Pathworks 95 and Printing
3630.02::gFri Nov 24 1995How to browse LM nodes with Win95 (solution)
3631.0::Erenst WepenerFri Nov 24 1995Problems running DECnet-DOS 4.
3632.0::Lannie SchafrothFri Nov 24 1995PW 4.2 and WIN95 printing WORKS (now)
3633.04::RichardFri Nov 24 1995Unsupported Windows Mail
3634.07::Mark Montanez, NetworkFri Nov 24 1995Licensing and RAS/Win95/PW95
3635.04::Hal 9Sat Nov 25 1995Infoserver at End of Life?
3636.0::apipal@acsSat Nov 25 1995Pathworks 95 problems printing to Appletalk printers
3637.01::MarkSat Nov 25 1995Addressing limitation on Network drive?
3638.0::SteveSun Nov 26 1995Pathworks, VMS and Internet connection
3639.06::Rob LapesSun Nov 26 1995PW 6.
3640.02::Jerry LeslieSun Nov 26 1995WNT/W95-to-LAT Connectivity
3641.02::ODALYSSun Nov 26 1995DNR (Domain Name Resolver)
3642.02::hoy@YAHWEHSun Nov 26 1995The Books of Life
3643.0::wilder@NSRSKESun Nov 26 1995A new print problem (W95 to Pworks 4.2 server)
3644.0::Kevin GriffinSun Nov 26 1995SMTP Mail Setup Pathworks 5.1 and Demon Internet
3645.01::STEVE WATTSun Nov 26 1995Pathworks Client Licensing ProblemsV5.1
3646.03::RichardSun Nov 26 1995Pathworks v6.
3647.01::MariaSun Nov 26 1995Excursion versions
3648.05::Lannie SchafrothSun Nov 26 1995Finding a NT server with PW Client
3649.0::RichardSun Nov 26 1995Pathworks v6 SPD
3650.01::Graeme HartleySun Nov 26 1995ISO 966
3652.01::Xavier VidalMon Nov 27 1995Adding serial line
3653.02::RichardMon Nov 27 1995PKZip and Pathworks v5.1
3654.02::ermimwei@erMon Nov 27 1995Where is my infoserver ?
3655.01::stephen costelloTue Nov 28 1995Share Privilges for Pathworks 5.1
3656.01::jdtcom@decusWed Nov 29 1995Intercept broadcast messages from PCSA
3657.01::Eamonn O'HaganWed Nov 29 1995HP12
3658.0::vore@pogueFri Dec 01 1995FAQ (kindof, anyway)
3659.01::IanFri Dec 01 1995Pathworks V6 and V5 licenses
3660.06::"SuzanSun Dec 03 1995EMM386 error in Windows
3661.02::DaveSun Dec 03 1995Re: Upgrade questions...
3662.01::Gherald HoopesSun Dec 03 1995Mail for Mac - Binary file transfers
3663.0::MariaSun Dec 03 1995Compaq Smartstation ethernet adapter
3664.02::JimSun Dec 03 1995Pathworks for VMS and VMS versions
3665.0::RichardSun Dec 03 1995Pathworks v4.1B Support for NT 3.51
3666.03::Alan GreigSun Dec 03 1995Re: Printing
3667.0::"PhilipSun Dec 03 1995Keeping VMS and PW passwords in Sync (a solution)
3668.01::John Marshall Sun Dec 03 1995dec pcmcia ethernet card?
3669.01::Jan-ErikSun Dec 03 1995Re: PW5 or NT with 1
3670.017::Jon SonntagSun Dec 03 1995Re: Need Your top 1
3671.01::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYSun Dec 03 1995Redirectors for PW 5.1 client
3672.01::Vedat AkgunSun Dec 03 1995need help for a LAN print manager, counting pages before printing
3673.02::"SeanSun Dec 03 1995Is Win95 and Decwindows a workable combination
3674.01::MariaMon Dec 04 1995unable to see print queue entry
3675.01::GvranMon Dec 04 1995PW V4-load compared to V5-load
3676.0::BradMon Dec 04 1995Re: win95/PW version
3677.0::JamesMon Dec 04 1995A question on NDis calls
3678.03::Mark KostenMon Dec 04 1995eXcursion 2.1 install problems
3679.0::Matt HallMon Dec 04 1995Updating new licenses within Pathworks.
3680.01::"JMon Dec 04 1995Pathworks MIGRATION from VAX to ALPHA OpenVMS?.
3681.05::MichaelTue Dec 05 1995Password synch in an NT/Pathworks domain
3682.02::Tingli PanTue Dec 05 1995Problem in upgrading from 4.2 to 5.
3683.01::PeterTue Dec 05 1995Re: your mail
3684.0::FrancescWed Dec 06 1995Does work Winrcv in Windows 95?
3685.02::NielsWed Dec 06 1995DEC OSF/1 and Pathworks 5.
3686.017::Alan GreigWed Dec 06 1995Pathworks 5.
3687.05::"SuzanThu Dec 07 1995Pathworks MAC software versions
3688.04::BrianThu Dec 07 1995Pathworks & VMS password problems.
3689.0::HansThu Dec 07 1995Re: PW 4.2 and Win95 Printing
3690.03::Lannie SchafrothFri Dec 08 1995Manageworks on WIN95?
3691.0::Paul StassiFri Dec 08 1995NT 3.51 Plus PW 4.1B Problems
3692.0::TunxisFri Dec 08 1995Migrate from Pathworks 5.
3693.0::VirginiaSat Dec 09 1995Re: * Free Newsletter on Passion & Romance *
3694.01::RickSat Dec 09 1995Manageworks on WIN95? - Reply
3695.0::BourkeSat Dec 09 1995win95 & pathworks-printing
3696.01::Carl CampbellSat Dec 09 1995Installing PW/Async DECnet
3697.01::Russell SalernoSat Dec 09 1995Mapping VMS dir to W95 network drive using PW4.1?
3698.02::"SuzanSat Dec 09 1995Another installation woe
3699.0::JSat Dec 09 1995List functional change
3700.01::614Sat Dec 09 1995Pathworks File & Print Services Access Licensing
3701.0::IrenebyardSat Dec 09 1995RE: Desktop publishing programs for IBM
3702.07::Terry Kennedy, OperatiSat Dec 09 1995Re: DEC Notes
3703.01::"JamesSat Dec 09 1995ICMP.DLL
3704.0::Nestor DutkoSat Dec 09 1995WSASYSNOTREADY calling WSAstartup using PATHWORKS WINSOCK DLL
3705.0::Roland BurnetSat Dec 09 1995eXcursion 1.2 and WIN95 TCP/IP
3706.01::pebe1332@mailszrz.zrz.Sun Dec 10 1995PATHWRKS.DRV - APIs ?
3707.01::Matt HallSun Dec 10 1995Folder Attributes problem
3708.0::Don KatzSun Dec 10 1995License manager problem
3709.06::BillSun Dec 10 1995PW5.1 DOS printer share
3710.0::Tim Floore Sun Dec 10 1995How to Question: Writing to dos floppy in VAX drive
3711.02::Royal FrazierSun Dec 10 1995ACCESS IS DENIED- DECNET packet structure????
3712.02::ALOURS@TAYLORUTue Dec 12 1995PW 5.1 with Win95 queues pausing
3713.01::Russell SalernoTue Dec 12 1995Tips on getting PW 4.1 & Win 95 to work
3714.02::jubber_s@kosmosTue Dec 12 1995Help with Digital's Netrider
3715.0::Jared M. SpoolThu Dec 14 1995Do you run Pathworks on a Large Network?
3716.0::SteveThu Dec 14 1995Re: Password changing
3717.01::KEVINFri Dec 15 1995Re: License verification failure over TCP/IP -Reply
3718.01::"NFri Dec 15 1995Re: Cofiguration sample
3719.02::Alan Edric James AlbanFri Dec 15 1995Printing from PW 95 to AppleTalk printers
3720.0::BrianFri Dec 15 1995Re: Help!!: Pathworks 5.
3721.09::CathySat Dec 16 1995Re: License verification failure over TCP/IP
3722.0::PaulSat Dec 16 1995Re: CC:Mail on a file service
3723.05::Royal FrazierMon Dec 18 1995LAN-WAN-LAN problem; if you can figure this out, you're really good
3724.0::Gordon McAndrewTue Dec 19 1995Re: PW 4.1 + WIN95 - Possible?
3725.01::Alan GreigWed Dec 20 1995Re: REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE
3726.01::JoeWed Dec 20 1995Re: 5.
3727.01::Carl A. KarcherThu Dec 21 1995RE: 6.
3728.03::Dan BrusseeThu Dec 21 1995Re: Pathworks vs. Novell
3729.03::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYFri Dec 22 1995Win 95 and NDIS 3.1
3730.02::Rod BurmanFri Dec 22 1995Help with Etherworks 3 Plus (DE2
3731.0::stefmit@ixSat Dec 23 1995[Q] UUCP account in a Pathworks environment
3732.01::HimmerlandsSat Dec 23 1995Pathworks and Cray routers
3733.01::Carl CampbellSat Dec 23 1995Installing PW v6.
3734.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYSat Dec 23 1995Win 95 and NDIS 3.1 - update
3735.01::JohnSat Dec 23 1995[Q] Sharing a PC's printer via Pathworks NT Server
3736.02::Christoph GartmannSat Dec 23 1995MSA & large file on server
3737.02::BillSun Dec 24 1995Help: Lotus notes with os2 warp and pw 5.
3738.0::BillSun Dec 24 1995OS/2 Warp/Notes and PW5.
3739.01::DonnaSun Dec 24 1995TCPIP stack unstable
3740.02::Christoph GartmannSun Dec 24 1995PCSA V4.1 & TCP-Connect?
3741.0::AlSun Dec 24 1995Networking Power Mac 61
3742.0::RobertMon Dec 25 1995Conecting PW4.1 to NT3.51
3743.05::Joe PizziThu Dec 28 1995Re: Using BACKUP command?
3744.0::JThu Dec 28 1995Conecting PW4.1 to NT3.51 -Reply
3745.03::TunxisThu Dec 28 1995Going to Install Win NT 3.51 on Alpha AXP 3
3746.0::Fabrice MOUTTEFri Dec 29 1995SNMP in PC PATHWORKS Clients
3747.01::Harrie OverdijkFri Dec 29 1995MS-DOS POP-mailer on PW 5.x protocol stack?
3748.0::Okan GerayFri Dec 29 1995Win95 client problem
3749.02::JoeMon Jan 15 1996Re: Windows for WorkGroups & PW5.1 problems
3750.0::Interpay, IT-DevelopmeMon Jan 15 1996DEC Pathworks and MS-Access
3751.06::RuthMon Jan 15 1996Re: Access error on VMS Pathworks Server
3752.04::RuthMon Jan 15 1996Re: Getting Windows NT to access PW server - license problem
3753.01::"NMon Jan 15 1996WP61 & PathWorks
3754.01::Michael T. DavisMon Jan 15 1996MSAP loops cause OPCOM crashes
3755.01::vore@pogueMon Jan 15 1996RE: IP CLIENTS & PATHWORKS MAIL....
3756.04::Ravind Singh, UniversiMon Jan 15 1996Pathworks 5.
3757.0::JohnMon Jan 15 1996WP61 & PathWorks -Reply
3758.01::Alfred Falk 45Mon Jan 15 1996Re: License server node name
3759.0::Roland BurnetMon Jan 15 199695unsupp file
3760.0::HardyMon Jan 15 1996MAILW and PWK 6.
3761.0::JohnMon Jan 15 1996Running PW Remote via TCP/IP over DEC Wanrouter 25
3762.02::WayneMon Jan 15 1996Pathworks for DOS on MAC with Compatibility Card
3763.02::Richard WethingtonMon Jan 15 1996Re: Copying mac folders on the VAX side?
3764.0::EirikurMon Jan 15 1996Re: Appleshare for Digital Unix
3765.0::Tel Mon Jan 15 1996unsup
3766.01::dvance@interservMon Jan 15 1996Remove LAN w/Pathworks.
3767.02::Dave PampreenMon Jan 15 1996VT32
3768.02::RobertMon Jan 15 1996Windows 95 & LK45
3769.01::Vince LaurentMon Jan 15 1996Sizing an NT box
3770.0::JohnMon Jan 15 1996PC Duo
3771.05::StuartMon Jan 15 1996Hints/Tips Pathworks & Win 95 ?
3772.01::JefferBSIMon Jan 15 1996Re: MAILW
3773.0::SACHS_GR@BENTLEYMon Jan 15 1996MAILW editors
3775.01::Lannie SchafrothMon Jan 15 1996Upgrading Alpha 4.2eco7 to 5
3776.01::James E TwymanMon Jan 15 1996NW4.1(NDS) and PW5.1 ??
3777.02::DaveMon Jan 15 1996No license server in PWKS 4.1
3778.02::KENNETH WARDMon Jan 15 1996RE: Windows95 - Pathworks - Unix
3779.05::KetilMon Jan 15 1996Memory problems again....
3780.03::JoeMon Jan 15 1996HP LJ4 printing problem
3781.01::MikeMon Jan 15 1996Remote upgrade problems from 5.1 to 6.
3782.0::STEVE WATTMon Jan 15 1996PW6 Client Template HELP Please !!
3783.0::STEVE WATTMon Jan 15 1996PW6 WSM Database HELP Please !!
3784.0::Andrew C JakubczakMon Jan 15 1996Pathworks 5.
3785.03::Carl CampbellMon Jan 15 1996Re: VT32
3786.02::IT OperationsTue Jan 16 1996Problems with NT and Pathworks network
3787.04::MichaelWed Jan 17 1996Re: POP3 FOR ALPHA AXP 3
3788.0::MariaWed Jan 17 1996NT crashes with DE2
3789.07::Alan GreigThu Jan 18 1996Re: Pathworks 5.
3790.0::mThu Jan 18 1996Free text on resampling statistics (m
3791.01::IanSat Jan 20 1996Sending Escape sequences to non-DEC printers, form feeds
3792.0::Alan GreigSat Jan 20 1996Re: More on NT/Pathworks Integration - maybe the next version of PW
3793.02::stefmit@ixSat Jan 20 1996HELP with slowness of system
3794.06::"BMarshman"Sat Jan 20 1996POP3 and VMS 6.1
3795.011::"TedSat Jan 20 1996Re: Adding new users in Pathworks.
3796.01::Joe PizziSat Jan 20 1996Re: Pathworks Server Freeze:Buffers?
3797.03::irSun Jan 21 1996pw 4.1 + WFW app crash
3798.01::RichardSun Jan 21 1996NetHeapSize - WFW Message
3799.02::Lannie SchafrothSun Jan 21 1996HIGHWATER MARKING on PW server?
3800.01::FinarfinSun Jan 21 1996Pathworks lock on a dismounted disk
3801.01::MarkSun Jan 21 1996Re: AAUI Transceivers
3802.0::/PathworksSun Jan 21 1996Pathworks VT32
3803.01::JohnSun Jan 21 1996Dail up Pathworks for Windows 95
3804.0::PT-PMRSun Jan 21 1996Re: Setting variables in DNETWIK.V41
3805.01::John AndersonSun Jan 21 1996Pathworks on ALPHA and Win95
3806.0::WesSun Jan 21 1996CCMAIL and Pathwork for OpenVMS-Netware server
3807.0::PhilipMon Jan 22 1996VT32
3808.08::J. MathijssenMon Jan 22 1996Mix Decnet and TCP/IP?
3809.0::Jerry LeslieMon Jan 22 1996Re: Pathworks over PPP connection?
3810.01::StuartMon Jan 22 1996Telnet under windows & Kea ....
3811.04::PaulMon Jan 22 1996Re: pathworks 4.
3812.05::Georg ReisacherMon Jan 22 1996VT32
3813.02::Georg ReisacherMon Jan 22 1996Differences between PW f. NT- and PW f. WFWG-CLIENT?
3814.0::AndrewTue Jan 23 1996LALALALA
3815.0::Terry WhitfordTue Jan 23 1996