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Conference clt::scope_bugs

Title:SCOPE X1.3 Bug Reports
Created:Fri Jan 24 1986
Last Modified:Tue Jun 26 1990
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:11
Total number of notes:17
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1.0ELUDOM::CLARKTue Apr 30 1985Purpose of this file
2.0ELUDOM::CLARKTue Apr 30 1985HEADLINER needs initial reset
3.0ELUDOM::CLARKTue Apr 30 1985No msg for incomplete directory
4.01ELUDOM::CLARKTue Apr 30 1985Can't ENABLE SCOPE package
5.0EIFFEL::CLARKSun Aug 25 1985DBCOPY doesn't copy alias spec
6.01ELUDOM::CLARKThu Jan 09 1986Converting to VAX Notes
7.01TLE::CLARKTue Feb 04 1986ENABLE can't find subordinate tool
8.01PARROT::GOUTALMon Feb 10 1986SHUTDOWN hangs process
9.01CASEE::CLARKTue Feb 17 1987DBSHOW/OUTPUT=file writes to the screen
10.0CASEE::CLARKTue Feb 17 1987ENABLE error message missing FAO argument
11.01CASEE::CLARKWed May 20 1987DISABLE/NOLOG should be quiet about unenabled tool