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Conference chefs::ssb_emulations

Title:UK self service Software
Notice:Back in Business
Created:Tue Nov 21 1995
Last Modified:Wed May 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:11
Total number of notes:25
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1.01IANKNG::KINGITue Nov 21 1995
2.02IANKNG::KINGITue Nov 21 1995Introductions
3.01IANKNG::KINGIThu Nov 23 1995Communications Solutions
4.0IANKNG::KINGIFri Dec 01 1995Ordering Information
5.07IANKNG::KINGIThu Dec 14 1995Current Versions
6.01HGOVC::LUUKWILLEMSEMon Dec 18 1995IBM BSC 3274 or 3275?
7.01IANKNG::KINGIMon Feb 12 1996NDC+ in Athens, Greece
8.01CHEFS::KINGITue Feb 20 1996Change Requests for Release 4.
9.0CHEFS::KINGITue Feb 20 1996Release 5
10.0CHEFS:: Feb 07 1997Prosa ATM- MEXICO CITY
11.042Wed May 28 1997TEST