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Conference 7.286::atarist

Title:Atari ST, TT, & Falcon
Notice:Please read note 1.0 and its replies before posting!
Created:Mon Apr 04 1988
Last Modified:Tue May 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1433
Total number of notes:10312
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1.06BOLT::BAILEYMon Apr 04 1988Welcome
2.0BOLT::BAILEYMon Apr 04 1988Directory of topics in OLD_ATARIST
3.0230BOLT::BAILEYMon Apr 04 1988WHACK, multi-session VT2
4.0ROLLIN::BAILEYMon Apr 04 1988Turbo-C on the ST
5.09ROLLIN::BAILEYMon Apr 04 1988Mark Williams C V3.
6.07BOLT::MINOWMon Apr 04 1988An Atari ST Virus
7.0BOLT::MINOWMon Apr 04 1988Notes on DESKTOP.INF
8.017BOLT::MINOWMon Apr 04 1988Atari ST for sale
9.0366PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Apr 04 1988Software available on the E-net
10.020DYO78Mon Apr 04 1988Some General ST Questions
11.021SUOSW2::KAISERMon Apr 04 1988Questions about SEDT
12.0125DOOZER::MAUDETue Apr 05 1988Dungeon Master Help?
13.083CIMBAD::POWERSTue Apr 05 1988Check in here
14.0ROLLIN::BAILEYTue Apr 05 1988Please don't disperse the info in this file.
15.059CIMBAD::POWERSTue Apr 05 1988Floppy problems/questions
16.03HPSRAD::ROSKILLTue Apr 05 1988VT33
17.02GLORY::SANTANGELOTue Apr 05 1988ATARI 1
18.021BOLT::BAILEYTue Apr 05 1988The Malloc bug.
19.02KERNEL::FLOWERSWed Apr 06 1988A request for KERMIT
20.04KERNEL::FLOWERSWed Apr 06 1988MIDI...
22.07AKOV11::KINGThu Apr 07 1988Appl. communcation (GEM messages)
23.01KERNEL::FLOWERSThu Apr 07 1988Screen Help..
24.0DOOZER::MAUDEThu Apr 07 1988Both resolutions on Screen
25.046VINO::BHAMILTONThu Apr 07 1988NaVAUS Notices
26.015EUCLID::PAULHUSThu Apr 07 1988HP DeskJet printer
27.05CHEST::BADMANThu Apr 07 1988Hidden line removal
28.0TIMAS1::HEFTIThu Apr 07 1988HELP - Looking for magic sac software!!
29.06CSOA1::FISHERThu Apr 07 1988SHEET.PRG & TOS ERROR #35
30.0PEOVAX::LEWISFri Apr 08 1988Help with color printer
31.05UTROP1::TRAMONTINAMon Apr 11 1988 Turbo Boards ??
32.011CHEST::BADMANMon Apr 11 1988Carrier Command
33.023BOLT::MINOWMon Apr 11 1988Uniterm
34.0DOOZER::MAUDETue Apr 12 1988LARN Problems?
35.01MAST::WALLACETue Apr 12 1988Looking for MEGABLIT
36.0BOLT::BAILEYWed Apr 13 1988Does the OS do dynamic memory allocation?
37.06HJUXB::HASLOCKThu Apr 14 1988How do I select medium res?
38.05SEDSWS::WATTThu Apr 14 1988A Cheap Hard Disk.
39.04STEREO::GOULDThu Apr 14 1988Uudecode for the ST
40.02LDP::WEAVERThu Apr 14 1988NEC MultiSync II as color/mono monitor replacement
41.0268RDGENG::KEANEFri Apr 15 1988More on "Roll your own" hard disks.
42.019MAST::WALLACEFri Apr 15 19885.25" floppies on the ST
43.08VINO::BHAMILTONTue Apr 19 1988DEGAS Elite Fonts
44.02VINO::BHAMILTONTue Apr 19 1988Cheapo Monitor Switch?
45.01VINO::BHAMILTONTue Apr 19 1988Radio Shack Drive
46.06PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Apr 20 1988MacPaint clone for high res anywhere?
47.02BOLT::BAILEYWed Apr 20 1988Notes file availability.
48.01UTROP1::TRAMONTINAWed Apr 20 1988Accesoires and multitasking
49.03CIMBAD::POWERSThu Apr 21 1988MINIX for ST
50.01CSC32::MASIASThu Apr 21 1988looking for handouts...
51.01ODIXIE::WARNERThu Apr 21 1988Help for a new ST owner
52.089KERNEL::FLOWERSFri Apr 22 1988Downline loading.
53.07MPGS::FERNANDEZFri Apr 22 1988Anybody out there?
54.03RDGENG::KEANEMon Apr 25 1988 Graphs anyone ?
55.012HLDGMon Apr 25 1988Books and Magazines?
56.05ISTG::ENGHOLMMon Apr 25 1988XLISP
57.04LDP::WEAVERMon Apr 25 1988Atari ST Related Books & Documenation
58.06LDP::WEAVERMon Apr 25 1988The Computer Show, new time, Amiga 2
59.05PILOU::ANDERSENTue Apr 26 1988Has anything happened to MWC ?
60.018CHEST::BADMANTue Apr 26 1988More Virus News
61.01JGO::SMEELETue Apr 26 19881
62.07RDGENG::KEANETue Apr 26 1988Kermit:- how fast?
63.0BOLT::MINOWTue Apr 26 1988Minimal Desk Accessory
64.08OPG::CHRISTue Apr 26 1988VR29
65.013BOLT::WARETue Apr 26 1988ramdisk wanted
67.015ASPEN2::BOIKOWed Apr 27 1988Large/HI Res Add-On Monitor for ST..
68.04CHEST::BADMANThu Apr 28 1988GFA Compiler, anybody ?
69.03KERNEL::FLOWERSThu Apr 28 1988Chip help.
70.014RDGENG::DEARThu Apr 28 1988PC-Ditto, anyone?
71.08ASPEN2::BOIKOThu Apr 28 1988Anyone have ST_CAD from USENET Atari.Binaries...?
72.06--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 29 1988prize of disks?
73.02DPDMAI::FRAMELIMon May 02 19883d algorithm help
74.04RDGENG::KEANEMon May 02 1988SHEET version 1.4 Anyone?
75.03MILRAT::WALLACETue May 03 1988Text to phoneme. Phoneme to speech?
76.03NEXUS::M_MASIASWed May 04 1988documentation on PMM
77.013DELNI::GOLDSTEINThu May 05 1988MS-DOS/TOS disk compatibility mode?
78.010UTROP1::TRAMONTINAThu May 05 1988Blitterchip ??
79.0MILRAT::WALLACEFri May 06 1988Missing ^C example from Usenet
80.014PANGLS::BAILEYFri May 06 1988A minimal DESKTOP.INF loader DA?
82.0BAGELS::BRANNONMon May 09 1988Atari Computers Inc?
83.020UTROP1::JONG_MARCTue May 10 1988GFA Basic 3.
84.03AKOV11::KINGTue May 10 1988An old repair topic revisited. . .
85.09NEXUS::M_MASIASTue May 10 1988Problems with Easy Draw
86.010MYRIAD::DEIGHTONWed May 11 1988Request for data on ST video chip
87.02DOOZER::MAUDEWed May 11 1988HiSoft DevPack Assembler V2
88.01FRAMBO::PFEIFERWed May 11 1988MEGAMAX Modula
89.028CIMBAD::POWERSWed May 11 1988MWC Update
90.08FREKE::LEIGHThu May 12 1988cheap generic floppies drives?
91.01BAGELS::BRANNONFri May 13 1988new toys
92.0BAGELS::BRANNONFri May 13 1988Comdex report
94.0LDP::WEAVERSat May 14 1988DELPHI/Neil Harris conference
95.0LDP::WEAVERSat May 14 1988Tech Specialties new address
96.03OPG::CHRISMon May 16 1988Hissssssss (sound generation)
97.0PTILOU::ANGENOTMon May 16 1988looking for AIM program
98.04LDP::WEAVERMon May 16 1988TTSETUP - set your /PAGE & /WIDTH parameters
99.03HPSVAX::MIKEVTue May 17 1988Where's the ST dealers?
100.011RDGENG::KEANEWed May 18 1988drafting programs anyone please!
103.03STOPIT::BADMANMon May 23 1988Help with PD SERVER
104.0193D::CORDNERWed May 25 1988WordPerfect offer
105.07RADINA::PASCIUTAFri May 27 1988ST-Unix, Part 3/14?
106.01REPAIR::EDWARDSFri May 27 1988Help with a printer
107.019HLDGTue May 31 1988Color on Monochrome, M on Color???
108.02BERNWed Jun 01 1988cp/m 68k ?
109.02CHEFS::BAINWed Jun 01 1988Atari 1
110.04HPSTEK::TBOWENWed Jun 01 1988DF224 Help
111.07MILRAT::WALLACEThu Jun 02 1988Anyone get Computes Atari ST mag?
112.01HAMPS::BURNS_KFri Jun 03 1988A search utility for the ST?
114.0HAMSUP::WILKMon Jun 06 1988SY QUEST SQ555
115.05MILRAT::WALLACEMon Jun 06 1988Looking for MJC V2.
117.02JGO::SMEELETue Jun 07 1988genealogy software please...
118.09RAINBO::COUTUWed Jun 08 1988Mouse problem: Both buttons act like left button
119.02SHIRE::PETRAITISThu Jun 09 1988Prices for Mega ST's?
120.07PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Jun 10 1988Publishing Partner
122.0IJSAPL::KDEVRIESMon Jun 13 1988Embroidery design on the ST?
123.06RDGENG::KEANETue Jun 14 1988ICON "C" or ICON "c"
124.07BOLT::WARETue Jun 14 1988Lotus look-alikes?
125.010MILRAT::WALLACETue Jun 14 1988Do it yourself scanner
126.01GEMVAX::PICKETTWed Jun 15 1988Easy Draw and PS Driver
127.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Jun 17 1988New upload of Microemacs 3.9n
128.07BRSDVP::GEBOERSFri Jun 17 1988ATARI near Highfield ?
129.012GLDOA::GHEESLINGFri Jun 17 1988USENET
131.067PANGLS::BAILEYTue Jun 21 1988Rate-a-game.
132.01FREKE::LEIGHTue Jun 21 1988VMS ARC?? (to ARC *and* deARC)
133.01LDP::WEAVERTue Jun 21 1988Videokey: RGB -> Composite converter
134.05LDP::WEAVERTue Jun 21 1988Astronomy program for ST
135.08PHDVAX::MURRAYTue Jun 21 1988DEGAS files on the VAX?
136.0HAMSUP::BBURGERWed Jun 22 1988DEC graphic ???
137.015PNO::SANDERSBThu Jun 23 1988Monitor - More help needed on compatability
138.010FREKE::LEIGHFri Jun 24 1988disk space problem... HELP
139.011PANGLS::BAILEYFri Jun 24 1988Why 16MB partitions?
141.04KALKI::LANGMon Jun 27 1988ST --> IBM 3.5"
142.01ZURMon Jun 27 1988GDOS-FONTS ?
143.06CIMBAD::POWERSTue Jun 28 1988Dead Serial Port
144.0RDGENG::KEANETue Jun 28 1988Whats this 32 Meg Bytes Stuff??
145.04KERNEL::FLOWERSWed Jun 29 1988ANIMATIC...
146.01VINO::BHAMILTONWed Jun 29 1988From the WANTADvertiser
148.03HPSTEK::TBOWENWed Jun 29 1988TVX_EDIT Text Editor
149.0RDGENG::KEANEThu Jun 30 1988HP plotter to Postscript translator
150.014FOOT::WRIGHTThu Jun 30 1988UK blank disc shops
151.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Jul 01 1988The Hunt for Cheap Floppies
152.034CIMBAD::POWERSSat Jul 02 1988Minix/ST
153.05CIMBAD::POWERSTue Jul 05 1988Atari 65
154.05GEMVAX::PICKETTTue Jul 05 1988FOR SALE Astra Hard drive
156.04AKOV11::KINGTue Jul 05 1988Looking for Atari stores
157.04KERNEL::GILLESPIEFri Jul 08 1988CUMANA 3.5" Problem
158.02BERNFri Jul 08 1988bus_system with cp/m 68k
159.017FRACTL::HEERMANCEMon Jul 11 1988A Tools Wish List
160.07FREKE::LEIGHTue Jul 12 1988rack mount Ataris
162.0CIMNET::ABTThu Jul 14 198852
163.01BOEHM::REILLYThu Jul 14 1988The Hunt for Red October?
164.08WARMER::KAYDMon Jul 18 1988Poorly ST !
165.02MUNICH::HEUBERGERTue Jul 19 1988ROM/RAM separated C-code
166.02KBOMFG::HAUCKTue Jul 19 1988Used Mouse wanted!
167.09RDGENG::KEANEWed Jul 20 1988Anyone got FATSPEED Please??
168.03EUCLID::PAULHUSWed Jul 20 1988Publishing Partner Pro. - warning!
169.01FREKE::LEIGHWed Jul 20 1988questions
170.04STAR::HEERMANCEThu Jul 21 1988Hardware Reviewed
171.017PHDVAX::FANELLIFri Jul 22 1988GULAM Shell
172.02PANGLS::BAILEYFri Jul 22 1988The PRN: device?
173.05PANGLS::BAILEYSun Jul 24 1988Using DOWN-ARROW in a FormDo interaction.
174.02MILRAT::WALLACEMon Jul 25 1988Negative line A variables?
175.01STOPIT::BADMANTue Jul 26 1988Not *That* VIRUS!
176.02MILRAT::WALLACEThu Jul 28 1988Saving configuration data
177.04PANGLS::BAILEYFri Jul 29 1988Announcing BulkDump V4.
178.05KALKI::LANGMon Aug 01 1988PD assembler for ST?
179.05STOPIT::BADMANTue Aug 02 1988OLD_ATARIST Incomplete
180.07STAR::HEERMANCETue Aug 02 1988Trap a key press?
181.07STAR::HEERMANCETue Aug 02 1988Pascal and the ST.
182.011KERNEL::FLOWERSTue Aug 02 1988General Questions.
183.03KERNEL::BARTLEYTue Aug 02 1988Degas Elite and First Word Plus
185.01ZURWed Aug 03 1988INLINE RSC'S
186.028TRCAThu Aug 04 1988MAC in a SACK?
187.01CHEST::BADMANMon Aug 08 1988Hunting down Drive Changes
189.07ZURMon Aug 08 1988GFA2C experimental
190.04OPG::CHRISTue Aug 09 1988Disc Copy
191.03HAN::KUNTZETue Aug 09 1988File-exchange: Aladin <-> ST ?
192.0BRSDVP::GEBOERSWed Aug 10 1988Big screen on Mega ST
193.06KERNEL::FLOWERSThu Aug 11 1988Desktop Colour
194.011HOGGAR::ANGENOTThu Aug 11 1988soft protection
195.05COMICS::DSMMGRFri Aug 12 1988Monitor pin help
197.04NEVADA::ANDERSENMon Aug 15 1988MT C Shell won't run EMACS
198.01BERNMon Aug 15 1988HELP, need Epstart
199.02RDGETue Aug 16 1988DISC CONTROLLER
200.090DORIS::JAMESWed Aug 17 1988Memory Upgrade
201.02DORIS::JAMESThu Aug 18 1988NEO/DEGAS>.IMG
202.05KERNEL::FLOWERSFri Aug 19 1988Busted ST
203.03KERNEL::TBOOKERFri Aug 19 1988Taken ABAQ by the silence.
204.01BRSDVP::GEBOERSMon Aug 22 1988Arithmetic Coprocessor for Mega ST.
205.01STAR::GILLIAMTue Aug 23 1988Personal Pascal and Prospero Pascal
206.05TEA::PETERSTue Aug 23 1988LQ-5
207.08STAR::HEERMANCEThu Aug 25 1988Oddball Ideas
208.0CIMBAD::POWERSThu Aug 25 19883.5" & 5.25" floppy drives on sale
209.03CSOADM::MORRISThu Aug 25 1988NX-1
210.015FORTY2::PANDHAWed Aug 31 1988GNU stuff for the ST
211.01VINO::BHAMILTONWed Aug 31 1988Want to Buy 8-bit Disk Drive
212.03PEARS::BOEHMWed Aug 31 1988LA5
213.02KERNEL::FLOWERSFri Sep 02 1988Fonts and Quantum Paint
214.0BERNMon Sep 05 1988MagicSack and German TOS ??
215.09TEA::PETERSTue Sep 06 1988TOS 1.4 Available to Developers
216.012PANGLS::BAILEYTue Sep 06 1988Xmodem Protocol
217.01RDGENG::KEANEWed Sep 07 1988Atari's Pocket P. C.
218.03BOEHM::TALLMANWed Sep 07 1988Little Computer People Wanted
219.03GEMVAX::KEENEWed Sep 07 1988Transferring fonts from a Mac to an ST
220.06ASPEN2::BOIKOWed Sep 07 1988Turbo-C - What's it's status..?
221.01KERNEL::FLOWERSThu Sep 08 1988Quantum Paint
222.03CRUSHA::WILLIAMSIFri Sep 09 1988FTL Modula-2
223.04JGO::NIGLWed Sep 14 1988MWC, SEDT and TeX questions...
224.020STAR::HEERMANCEWed Sep 14 1988Timeworks Publisher ST
225.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Sep 14 1988DDJ's reason for existence
226.013RDGENG::PATILFri Sep 16 1988ABAQ lift-off
227.014SEDOAS::WATTFri Sep 16 1988Price Drops for Xmas
228.02EUCLID::PAULHUSFri Sep 16 1988RF Microtech: new location = ?
230.01PNO::SANDERSBSat Sep 17 1988Fido Net End Point Software
231.08SACKET::PARKESun Sep 18 1988Help on The Pawn
232.02CLARID::RICHARDSSun Sep 18 1988ST Replay
233.05KERNEL::FLOWERSMon Sep 19 1988MORIA
234.0TYCOBB::ORTONMon Sep 19 1988ATARI 1
235.04MINDER::GILBERTMon Sep 19 1988Ferguson MC
236.036MUNEDI::ZOKTue Sep 20 1988Another keyboard for the 1
237.017SMURF::COUTUTue Sep 20 1988Spectre 128 MAC emulator w/ 128K ROMs
238.04BERNWed Sep 21 1988David Small by E-mail?
239.04--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 21 1988For Sale
240.01TROPIC::MIGUENELWed Sep 21 1988Looking for PD graphic software
241.06BAGELS::BRANNONWed Sep 21 1988GIF file viewer?
242.04KERNEL::FLOWERSThu Sep 22 1988STBasic??
243.06MILRAT::WALLACEThu Sep 22 19883.5" Disk quality
244.01NAC::HARBOThu Sep 22 1988CD-ROM for ST?
245.0CADSYS::DALTONThu Sep 22 1988ADVSYS Anyone?
246.02PTILOU::ANGENOTFri Sep 23 1988GULAAM on french ATARI
247.04MUHIS::TJAEGERFri Sep 23 1988Singapore - cheap Atari Software?
248.02CIMBAD::POWERSFri Sep 23 1988
249.041OPG::CHRISMon Sep 26 1988STOS
250.01PNO::SANDERSBMon Sep 26 1988ST Report
251.02PNO::SANDERSBTue Sep 27 1988Schuttlebut - Neil Harris leaves Atari
252.01WSETue Sep 27 1988BOOKS on ATARI ST Programming
253.01ENGINE::PAULHUSWed Sep 28 1988Landmark conference on CIS ??
254.05HPSTEK::TBOWENFri Sep 30 1988USENET Help
255.014EXPRES::FISTERFri Sep 30 1988Atari vs. Amiga
256.0PHDVAX::MURRAYMon Oct 03 1988Decent speech sythesizer?
257.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Oct 03 1988Microspell topic
258.03EUCLID::PAULHUSThu Oct 06 1988ST -> FAX program ??
260.02KERNEL::FLOWERSFri Oct 07 1988Game and Memory Questions
261.06MILRAT::WALLACEFri Oct 07 1988RF modulator and hold down clip
262.05BIOMIC::CLIFFORDFri Oct 07 1988256k DRAMS memory upgrade
263.06DUBMon Oct 10 1988ATARI to VIDEO (Graphics)?
264.01EXPRES::FISTERMon Oct 10 1988Memory Chips
265.0ASPEN2::BOIKOMon Oct 10 198824 Hr digital clock..?
266.02NEXUS::COMULADATue Oct 11 1988Out of Touch
267.06SEDOAS::TAYLORWed Oct 12 1988Graphics Printing ?
268.03MILRAT::WALLACEWed Oct 12 1988Northeast Computer Faire 27-Oct
269.02SUVWed Oct 12 1988TDI MODULA/GEM
270.09RDGENG::KEANEThu Oct 13 1988Prob with newest VMS XModem
271.03RDGENG::KEANEThu Oct 13 1988Penny plain, twopence coloured.
272.02LDP::WEAVERThu Oct 13 1988NeXT - Steve Jobs' 68
273.02MQOSSat Oct 15 1988VMS shell ???
274.02KERNEL::FLOWERSMon Oct 17 1988Files needed...
275.08BIRGP1::QUINNTue Oct 18 1988Commercial VT Emulators
276.02MILRAT::WALLACETue Oct 18 1988Major bug in ARC V5.21
278.05INCH::WRIGHTWed Oct 19 19881st Word
279.04HOGGAR::DEIGHTONFri Oct 21 1988LJ25
280.04CADSYS::DALTONMon Oct 24 1988Negative Line A offsets?
281.0UTRTSC::HUISMANThu Oct 27 1988HELP on DMA wanted
282.07VINO::BHAMILTONMon Oct 31 1988Want an SC1224?
283.02COSTAR::FORSTERTue Nov 01 1988termination from PEXEC
284.01MRSVAX::MISKINISTue Nov 01 1988Any interrupt experts?
285.09RDGENG::KEANEWed Nov 02 1988Mouth3 (or talk to me ST)
286.01AIMHI::KRUYWed Nov 02 1988Shells, editors, IBM stuff....
287.02LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Nov 02 1988Inquiring minds want to know...
288.01EXPRES::FISTERThu Nov 03 1988Software 4 sale!
289.04EUCLID::PAULHUSTue Nov 08 1988GFA - Restore (value?)
290.05ATPS::DEMERSTue Nov 08 1988Difference between ST models?
291.07BRSISWed Nov 09 1988VMS to TOS connection
292.0SGPQA::ROIGThu Nov 10 1988Need graphics..
294.01HAMSUP::WILKFri Nov 11 1988NEW TOS WHERE ?
295.05OPG::CHRISFri Nov 11 1988Disk Drive
296.0PHDVAX::MURRAYFri Nov 11 1988Request for color software titles
297.020PHDVAX::MURRAYFri Nov 11 1988UNITERM: how to define DO and Fn keys?
298.0RDGENG::KEANESat Nov 12 1988GDOS 24 pin Drivers?
299.03DSM::GOULDTue Nov 15 1988NEW COMERS
301.02WOOF::GREENWALDWed Nov 16 1988Looking for software store
302.017TROAWed Nov 16 1988Atari 512 or Commodore 64?
303.03CADSYS::DALTONWed Nov 16 1988Buggy Laser C malloc()??
304.01TEA::PETERSThu Nov 17 1988Atari COMDEX news?
305.014PILOU::ANDERSENThu Nov 17 1988Moria for the ST, anybody ?
306.02VINO::BHAMILTONFri Nov 18 1988PROFILE (use VINO::PORT:[...)
307.02LEDDEV::WALLACEFri Nov 18 1988Cheap 3 1/2" disk cases
308.02MJG::GRIERSat Nov 19 1988ST-TeX on the EASYnet?
309.0BOEHM::FORECASTSat Nov 19 1988Supra SCSI-out information?
310.05MINDER::GILBERTMon Nov 21 1988Mouse/joystick interaction
312.016EUCLID::PAULHUSMon Nov 21 1988PageStream
313.06MRSVAX::MISKINISTue Nov 22 1988MIDI info sent from Arkanoid!
314.0PEOVAX::LEWISWed Nov 23 1988help with larn setup
315.01RDGENG::KEANEWed Nov 23 1988a for 'orses, beef or mutton
316.057635::LANGMon Nov 28 19881
317.08RDGENG::KEANEMon Nov 28 1988Neo to LCP
318.04PHDVAX::MURRAYMon Nov 28 1988VideoKey: a review
319.01MOVIES::FORSTERTue Nov 29 1988UNITERM in Reading ?
320.08NAC::LANDRYTue Nov 29 1988questions . . .
321.06DISCVR::FISTERWed Nov 30 1988Creating an accessory
322.07TEA::PETERSWed Nov 30 1988What happened to Compuclub?
323.04DSM::GOULDWed Nov 30 1988hard disks are expensive
324.0FSSB::LETTERSTALThu Dec 01 1988ATARI in Sweden
325.04DISCVR::FISTERThu Dec 01 1988This @#%* printer!
326.03MOVIES::FORSTERThu Dec 01 1988parallel port buffer
327.01EUCLID::PAULHUSThu Dec 01 1988Programming using PC-Ditto?
328.014SHIRAZ::KEOGHSun Dec 04 1988ATARI pricing
329.0BOEHM::FORECASTSun Dec 04 1988Magic SAC+ for sale
330.01MRSVAX::MISKINISMon Dec 05 1988Screen -> LA12 or DECwriter??
334.01GEMVAX::KEENEThu Dec 08 1988SPECTRE 128 FOR SALE
335.01UTROP1::VDBOSThu Dec 08 1988DEC printer drivers????
336.0RDGENG::KEANEFri Dec 09 1988MAC to ST?
337.01DISCVR::FISTERMon Dec 12 1988Wave in GFA Basic
338.06SEDOAS::TAYLORMon Dec 12 1988Fast Spreadsheet?
339.01KERNEL::FLOWERSMon Dec 12 1988WHACK? VAXstation 2
340.044PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Dec 13 1988Free Sozobon C Compiler
341.07ASPEN2::BOIKOTue Dec 13 1988SHEET V1.4 or V1.5 Anyone..?
342.04ASPEN2::BOIKOTue Dec 13 1988Having Problems with STRANSF....
343.04VINO::BHAMILTONWed Dec 14 1988Want ST LOGO
344.02BOLT::BAILEYWed Dec 14 1988Multi-Desk
345.015GLDOA::GHEESLINGSun Dec 18 1988Risk
346.01OPG::CHRISSun Dec 18 1988Disc Information Required
348.01OPG::CHRISWed Dec 21 1988Warning Lending Software
349.01OPG::CHRISThu Dec 22 1988ASSM WANTED
350.02UHAINA::VUJNOVICFri Dec 23 1988Don't put anything into the mouse port!!!
351.02DSM::GOULDTue Dec 27 1988Help with Mark Will. "C"
352.05JIBARO::SANTIAGOThu Dec 29 1988WEFAX for the ST ?
353.01MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMThu Dec 29 1988Printers for sale
354.0HPSTEK::TBOWENFri Dec 30 1988Replacing a 1
355.04ONOIS1::CARUSOMon Jan 02 1989I need help for transfert
356.03YARD::BADMANTue Jan 03 1989Reading User Group ?
357.0MOVIES::FORSTERTue Jan 03 1989Memory allocation/deallocation
358.03EVOAI1::DAN_MTue Jan 03 1989help for a new ATARIST user!
359.07SMACTue Jan 03 1989Anyone used MIDI with GFA?
360.01EVETPU::BRAMHALLTue Jan 03 1989Spring cleaning in order?
361.02PEARS::BOEHMTue Jan 03 1989getenv() & MWC
362.0KETJE::DIERICKTue Jan 03 1989astro soft for ATARI
363.03INCH::BADMANWed Jan 04 1989The B.I.G. Demo anyone ?
365.06RDGENG::KEANEThu Jan 05 1989ST TEX, How good is it ??
366.02VINO::BHAMILTONThu Jan 05 1989Batteries for Clock Cards
367.04TSUNMI::GABORThu Jan 05 1989Wordup version 1.3 info ???
369.06BAHTAT::REIDMon Jan 09 1989B&W on a Colour monitor
370.011KELVIN::HALLOWELLMon Jan 09 1989Fried Printer Port Repair Question
371.04MUNCSS::BURKETue Jan 10 1989Power-up problem on Mega-2
372.01ZURThu Jan 12 1989aes redraw ?
373.06RDGENG::KEANEFri Jan 13 1989ST RULES, O.K (In Europe!)
374.0GEMVAX::KEENETue Jan 17 1989Mac to ST paint files
375.0PRSARL::TESSIERTue Jan 17 1989How to config START LC1
376.05KILLIE::COLLITONTue Jan 17 1989how do you transfer files from ST to MAC
377.02MUNEDI::KLEINWed Jan 18 1989BRIDGE GAME for the ST ( a card game )
378.03SMAC1Tue Jan 24 1989Swapping drive select connections
379.04TSG::MAYNARDTue Jan 24 1989SC1224 FOR SALE
380.03CADSYS::DALTONTue Jan 24 1989Starglider Help Needed
381.0VINO::BHAMILTONTue Jan 24 1989TWARP warning
382.02LEDS::ACCIARDITue Jan 24 1989Anti-Static Potion
383.01FEISTY::KRUYWed Jan 25 1989C++ ??
384.011PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Jan 25 1989Talk on GEM programming this Tuesday
385.02KERNEL::FLOWERSThu Jan 26 1989More than 1 meg upgrade
386.06NAC::LANDRYFri Jan 27 1989software needed
387.06PAULUS::FRANKEMon Jan 30 1989DECwindows to ST screen conversion
388.02HAMSUP::WILKMon Jan 30 1989'B.I.G.-DEMO ON THE VAX ??
389.08BREW11::LANEMon Jan 30 1989ELITE editor
390.01KBOMFG::HAUCKFri Feb 03 1989NEC MultisyncGS -> ST
391.05FERNEY::HUDELOTWed Feb 08 1989Files transfer from St to PC. Any Idea?
392.01TEA::PETERSWed Feb 08 1989Magnets and floppy disks
394.05SMAC1Fri Feb 10 1989VS31
395.0TEA::PETERSMon Feb 13 1989Antic now handles GFA Basic 3.
396.0PILOU::ANDERSENThu Feb 16 1989Shopping is no more just shopping
397.0LEDDEV::WALLACESun Feb 19 1989Need to borrow midi cables
398.0MOVIES::FORSTERWed Feb 22 1989Device drivers ?
399.07VINO::BHAMILTONWed Feb 22 1989RPM Checker?
400.06CURIUS::TOMLINSONFri Feb 24 1989Parallel Port/Speech Chip
402.02--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 27 19894
403.03MVSUPP::RYMERTue Feb 28 1989Help for SHADOWGATE (sp?)
405.08FIELD::WARNERThu Mar 02 1989Help Request
406.05LEDDEV::WALLACEThu Mar 02 1989Structure member alignment woes
407.0BERNThu Mar 02 1989replace font used by TOS?
408.02SAC::HOBBSFri Mar 03 1989Mouse Lead Wanted
409.010PEOVAX::LEWISFri Mar 03 1989Self-maintenance?
410.04COMICS::RADBURNSun Mar 05 1989Assembler Recommendation?
411.08SMAC1Mon Mar 06 1989Prospero C Comments?
412.02BERNMon Mar 06 1989boot from double sided disk?
413.05IAMOK::CROWLEYMon Mar 06 1989Help for a Novice????
414.02--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 06 1989WANTED, 8
416.018ISLETA::SFAFRAKTue Mar 07 1989Any new Atari's ????
417.06BERNTue Mar 07 1989address error due to heat?
418.05VNABRW::EGERTWed Mar 08 1989Troubles with SH2
419.06ODIUM::DOUGWed Mar 08 1989icon programming language?
420.014SQUEKE::GOSSELINThu Mar 09 1989Which language is best for development?
421.02NAC::HARBOThu Mar 09 1989Replacement power supply for 52
422.02LYOIS1::MARIOTTEFri Mar 10 1989unix sur st
423.06GALLOP::BUCKGTue Mar 14 1989STRANSF/WHACK help for a new un..
424.01VNABRW::EGERTTue Mar 14 1989Working TI59.ACC ???
425.08PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Mar 14 1989Atari in Eastern Europe
426.02MARCIE::DEFAZIOWed Mar 15 1989Memory Upgrade for 52
427.01HPSTEK::TBOWENWed Mar 15 1989Anyone Tried MX2?
428.023NACAD::ENGThu Mar 16 1989Upgrade your single sided drive to double sided
430.02JGO::MEHIGHENDMon Mar 20 1989CEbit news?
431.01COWPOX::GOULDMon Mar 20 19891
432.07WEIBUL::HALLOWELLMon Mar 20 1989SPECTRE 128 as MAC Dev't Environment ?
433.01UTRTSC::BRANCH_ADAMTue Mar 21 1989TOS 1.4 booted from harddisk ?.
434.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Mar 22 1989Microemacs 3.1
436.02HPSTEK::TBOWENMon Mar 27 1989Centronics 18 Pin Dot Matrix
437.0MUNICH::LEYFri Mar 31 1989DECWindow clock lookalike accessory?
439.05TYFOON::GABORMon Apr 03 1989Atari ST on Computer Chronicles
440.033VINO::BHAMILTONTue Apr 04 1989Cheap MIDI Keyboard
441.017ICHIN::MISKINISTue Apr 04 1989Interfacing to a PostScript Printer
442.04ANNECY::MERCIERFri Apr 07 1989Can I use the Rainbow color monitor on a ST ?
443.02COWPOX::GOULDMon Apr 10 1989for sale PRINTER - SOFTWARE
444.02UKCSSE::KEANEMon Apr 10 1989Bit Mapped or Outline FONTS?
445.01AIRPRT::GRIERMon Apr 10 1989PD sequencer or composition software for MIDI?
446.08NAC::HARBOWed Apr 12 1989Req: info on Atari 52
447.02BAHTAT::REIDThu Apr 13 1989Memory upgrade - 4 * 1meg chips
448.0ANNECY::MERCIERFri Apr 14 1989a very new french user
449.01UKCSSE::KEANETue Apr 18 1989DecScanner to Decmate to VAX to Atari to DTP(.IMG)
450.01FSSB::LETTERSTALFri Apr 21 1989MONOWARE problems?
451.021HJUXB::HASLOCKFri Apr 21 1989Is there a mouse doctor about?
452.02DDIF::BRAMHALLMon Apr 24 1989Yet another mouse problem
453.02NERDS::BARRYMon Apr 24 198926
454.0323Mon Apr 24 1989GNU C compiler
456.0NERDS::BARRYWed Apr 26 198926
457.0IOSG::HAYESJWed Apr 26 1989Buy Line - Printer anyone?
458.08KERNEL::BARTLEYThu Apr 27 1989Fonts for Degas Elite?
460.0150LEDDEV::WALLACEMon May 01 1989Post "FOR SALE" items here.
461.03LEDDEV::WALLACEMon May 01 1989ABACUS user group and library information
462.07--UnknownUser--Wed May 03 198913 pin DIN connector
464.0UKCSSE::KEANEThu May 04 1989A good mail order company.
465.021TSUNMI::GABORFri May 05 19891st Word Plus questions
466.01AYOV27::FAMIS_DEVSYSFri May 05 1989Where's ARC please!?
467.04BIGELO::PETERSFri May 05 1989Where can I find POPULOUS?
468.0OPG::CHRISSun May 07 1989Old Floppy To Be Used
469.014IOSG::HAYESJMon May 08 1989Floppy Sources?
470.06UKCSSE::KEANETue May 09 1989German ingenuity Again!
471.02ANNECY::MERCIERWed May 10 1989Catalog: where ?
472.01SUOSW3::KAISERWed May 10 1989ARC.TTP for RISK?
473.062PILOU::ROBERTSONFri May 12 1989POPULOUS game
474.0VINO::BHAMILTONFri May 12 1989New Atari Rep for New England
475.020MINNIE::DOUGFri May 12 1989pd modula2
476.02ZURSun May 14 1989Execute PRG
477.0ECGLD1::SHARPESun May 14 1989OPUS V2.1 Where is it????
478.0BOOTIS::CARPENTERMon May 15 1989ST schematics required
479.011BAHTAT::BOOTHTue May 16 1989HELP ON BACKUPS....
480.017LEDS::ACCIARDITue May 16 1989The World's Best Arcade Machine
481.054COLA1::GOETZWed May 17 1989ST-User gesucht !
482.02GALVIA::JBROWNEWed May 17 1989Voice recognition hrd/software?
483.01STKHLM::OBERGWed May 17 1989How to clock a mouse.
484.0UTRTSC::VDBURGThu May 18 198968
485.011PTILOU::ANGENOTThu May 18 1989little smalltalk
486.016ENGINE::PAULHUSFri May 19 1989Replacement desktops/file selectors - any good?
487.016TOOK::FORECASTFri May 19 1989Hard disk help needed
488.010UKCSSE::KEANEMon May 22 1989Serial printers How do they work?
489.05BAHTAT::BOOTHTue May 23 1989Buying An ST in the U.K.
490.02DDIF::BRAMHALLWed May 24 1989Dungeon Master II?
491.03VESTA::CARPENTERThu May 25 198968
492.014ICHIN::MISKINISThu May 25 1989How do "use" a .RSC file?
493.05MUNICH::BALTESKONISSun May 28 1989UNITERM: Analyzing host input using macros
494.04SEDSWS::HEGARTYWed May 31 1989Leisure-Suit Larry, help wanted
495.02BAHTAT::WORRALLWed May 31 1989S.O.S FACIT 451
496.02CURRNT::HERBERTThu Jun 01 1989MAC Roms???
498.02JGO::JANSSENFri Jun 02 1989Dialog box without an exit button???
499.010RODNEY::PETERSFri Jun 02 1989TOS 1.4 ROMS finally available!
500.0SUOSW3::KAISERMon Jun 05 1989Profile and Pascal
501.04UKCSSE::KEANEThu Jun 08 1989Roll paper wanted please.
502.0STKHLM::OBERGThu Jun 08 1989I have an alien monitor. Help.
503.01FSSB::LETTERSTALTue Jun 13 1989TOS revisions?
504.018CHEFS::BAINTue Jun 13 1989Educational/Children's software
505.011ASPEN2::BOIKOWed Jun 14 1989Diagnostic Software for ST..?
506.0AYOV27::FAMIS_DEVSYSThu Jun 15 1989Graphics - Julia Set
507.019AYOV27::FAMIS_DEVSYSThu Jun 15 1989SCART monitor - Help!!!!
508.015CHEFS::MURPHYJ1Mon Jun 19 1989Time Bandits?
509.02ODIHAM::POOREMon Jun 19 1989SHINWA CP8
511.02AYOV27::FAMIS_DEVSYSTue Jun 20 1989MELT & DEMOS
512.02LEDS::ACCIARDITue Jun 20 1989Sieve Benchmark
513.0BERNTue Jun 20 1989replace system font in ROM?
514.06BERNWed Jun 21 1989UNITERM: LK2
515.03BRSDVP::SIMONISThu Jun 22 1989Heildelberg visit (Germany) and Video question
516.03AYOV27::FAMIS_DEVSYSThu Jun 22 1989C/xbios format problem
517.02MOVIES::FORSTERFri Jun 23 1989Joystick fire-button
518.04NORGE::CHADMon Jun 26 1989Western Digital WD1772 source please?
519.016TYFOON::GABORTue Jun 27 1989External 3.5" DSDD drive ?
520.03HPSTEK::TBOWENWed Jun 28 1989OPUS Upgrade?
521.03SUOSW3::KAISERWed Jun 28 1989VIP professional question
522.05RODNEY::PETERSThu Jun 29 1989GFA Basic 3.
523.02STKAI2::HLUNDMARKSat Jul 01 1989DTP with Atari
524.01HAMSUP::PETERSENSun Jul 02 19891.2 Megabyte with SF314
525.08CURRNT::BADMANTue Jul 04 1989ULTIMA IV Anyone ?
526.0WFOV12::GUGLIELMO_TWed Jul 05 1989baseball card index needed
527.02ULYSSE::M_BLASSINWed Jul 05 1989SKWEEK IS HERE Arghhh!!!!!
528.01TSUNMI::GABORThu Jul 06 1989BECKERCAD ST offer ??
529.01RODNEY::PETERSFri Jul 07 1989Imagen's low cost/memory Postscript
530.04PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Jul 10 1989Turbo ST
531.010MOVIES::FORSTERTue Jul 11 1989Blinking Monitor problem
532.01VINO::BHAMILTONTue Jul 11 1989Atari is Coming to Town!
533.03PUGH::SYSUSERThu Jul 13 1989Club Monitor
534.03CSC32::B_NOTTINGHAMThu Jul 13 1989I've got my TOS 1.4 roms
535.04CURRNT::BADMANFri Jul 14 1989The Atari STE
536.01CADSYS::DALTONMon Jul 17 1989Desk ACCs and evnt_multi
537.03MINDER::GILBERTWed Jul 19 1989Floppy-swapping, single drive ST
538.01EVOAI2::CHEVRYWed Jul 19 1989ZZCOM on E-NET
539.04PNO::HEISERWed Jul 19 1989Budget & Language Software
540.02CLARID::RICHARDSThu Jul 20 1989ST repairs ?
541.01ULYSSE::BERENGUIERThu Jul 20 1989Upgrade 1
542.0NAC::HARBOThu Jul 20 1989Req: gcc for MINIX/ST.
543.09COMICS::CARLETONFri Jul 21 1989Command Lines
544.01CADSE::ABTFri Jul 21 198952
545.01CESARE::PIOVANOMon Jul 24 1989NOVICE HELP ***
546.04PEOVAX::LEWISMon Jul 24 19893.5 to 5.25 file copy
547.03UFHIS2::KMEYERMon Jul 24 1989Resource Constr. Set ?
548.01NBOSWS::MARSINGMon Jul 24 1989ANY ATARI aroung Nuremburg/GY ?
549.06PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Jul 24 1989TURBODOS (from Atari France) is broken
551.04COLFri Jul 28 1989Where is UUDECODE/VMS ?
552.07MOVIES::FORSTERMon Jul 31 1989GFA BASIC V2 for three quid
553.0SUOSW3::KAISERMon Jul 31 1989YACC and LEX?
554.03COLTue Aug 01 1989COBOL for the ST ???
555.04SUOSW3::KAISERTue Aug 01 1989Ramdisk and Harddisk?
556.012CADSYS::DALTONWed Aug 02 1989Mac/Amiga Fonts ==> GDOS format
557.012MINDER::GILBERTWed Aug 02 1989Volume Labels - a bit too sticky!
558.0BERNFri Aug 04 1989fonts with uniterm: how?
559.05USRCV1::HOLTJSun Aug 06 1989Help chosing MIDI software....
560.02MVSUPP::RYMERMon Aug 07 1989Second drive problems
561.04CHEFS::SYMONDSKMon Aug 07 1989MIDI equipement
562.02EVTIS2::CAILLETue Aug 08 1989Telechargement MINITEL.
563.04CHEFS::SYMONDSKTue Aug 08 1989Voices Everywhere
564.04RDGE23::PARTENQFri Aug 11 1989META?
565.015TROAFri Aug 11 1989PC hard disk on 1
566.02VESTA::CARPENTERMon Aug 14 1989RAM Check prog ?
567.07SUOSW3::KAISERTue Aug 15 1989SEDT and GULAM?
569.07UKCSSE::KEANETue Aug 15 1989Amiga eat your heart out!
570.01HANThu Aug 17 1989TEX or LATEX for ATARI-ST?
571.0STKAI2::HLUNDMARKFri Aug 18 1989ATARI for sale in Sweden,or Nordic countries
572.03ENGINE::PAULHUSFri Aug 18 1989PC-Ditto II ??
573.017ASPEN2::BOIKOFri Aug 18 1989** New Atari TT Info **
574.0MRSVAX::MISKINISSun Aug 20 1989Broken ST
575.03RODNEY::PETERSMon Aug 21 1989Some more TT news leaks
576.04AYOV11::GKINGThu Aug 24 1989Shell VMS?
577.012SUBURB::JAMESHTue Aug 29 1989GFA Draft > Sixel?
578.013RODNEY::PETERSTue Aug 29 1989NeoDesk Updates
579.01STAR::PARKETue Aug 29 1989Atari - getting publicity
580.01JUMBLY::BLUNNWed Aug 30 1989DIY monochrome monitor?
582.02TIMAS1::HEFTIThu Aug 31 1989Looking for DiskParam (SPECTRE Utility)...
583.01RODNEY::PETERSThu Aug 31 1989What did Sam say?
584.0SUBURB::JAMESHMon Sep 04 1989GFA2C11 Anyone?
585.013SUPMon Sep 04 1989PD emulation color on mono monitor ?
586.05UKCSSE::KEANEMon Sep 04 1989ZZ ROUGH, who knows about it?
587.010WARBLY::YATESMTue Sep 05 1989A NEW READER
588.03MVSUPP::RYMERTue Sep 05 1989.NEO on the net
589.01BHAJEE::SURAUFWed Sep 06 1989Need help for ARC and ZOO.TTP's
590.01LDP::WEAVERTue Sep 12 1989Cordless Mouse
591.015LDP::WEAVERTue Sep 12 1989Rainbow TOS
592.01IMPULS::MCGONIGLEWed Sep 13 1989Berkeley info wanted
593.012IOSG::HAYESJWed Sep 13 1989MAC Emulators for the ST
594.027LDP::WEAVERFri Sep 15 1989Portfolio shipping
595.08LDP::WEAVERSat Sep 16 1989UniTerm V2.
596.03TEMPE1::ROCHA_EDSun Sep 17 1989Stacy + Spectre GCR => MAC Plus laptop
597.02LDP::WEAVERSun Sep 17 1989Rainbow TOS Utilities
598.0LDP::WEAVERSun Sep 17 1989FTIME - change the date/time on a file
599.01ZURSun Sep 17 1989AES<->TRAP<->BIOS
600.03COMICS::DSMMGRMon Sep 18 1989bound by a chord
601.03CESARE::PIOVANOMon Sep 18 1989TOS ERROR #35
602.07RODNEY::PETERSMon Sep 18 1989TURBO-16 board to be demoed by author
603.05BHAJEE::SURAUFTue Sep 19 1989Need newest version of ZOO.
604.04IOSG::HAYESJTue Sep 19 1989Software Swapping Library Proposed
605.01IOSG::HAYESJTue Sep 19 1989Backup Devices
607.09LASHAM::POORETue Sep 19 1989Midi Music for beginners
609.02IJSAPL::BOUWMANSWed Sep 20 1989DEGAS Elite on LQ5
610.01BHAJEE::SURAUFThu Sep 21 1989LARRY II wanted.
611.01BERNSun Sep 24 1989Spectre: HD backup?/debuggers?/GEMpicture -> Mac?
612.03BERNMon Sep 25 1989looking for a tracer/debugger/disassembler
613.02CESARE::PIOVANOMon Sep 25 1989Network -> PC -> ST
614.06MINDER::ADRIANWed Sep 27 1989BBC Emulation
615.01POBBLE::PASCIUTAWed Sep 27 1989Gulam TeX Documentation?
616.07OLDTMR::WALLACEWed Sep 27 19894
617.08CSOA1::FISHERFri Sep 29 1989Dialing into your ST ??
618.010PEOVAX::LEWISSun Oct 01 1989PC Ditto II, does it scream?
619.08UKCSSE::KEANEMon Oct 02 1989Atari at the PC show.
620.02FRAMBO::KREBSMon Oct 02 1989ARC-problems on the VAX
621.02CSC32::S_HALLMon Oct 02 1989Will ST Flight Sim work with Microsoft's ?
622.02SUBURB::JAMESHMon Oct 02 1989Logic Analyser
623.09COLSWS::GOETZTue Oct 03 1989ULTIMA V (ST-Version)
624.02MVSUPP::RYMERTue Oct 03 1989printf on MWC
625.016ELMAGO::ESANCHEZWed Oct 04 1989TOS 1.4
626.0RODNEY::PETERSFri Oct 06 1989Easydraw update
627.01SUOSW3::SURAUFMon Oct 09 1989(UU) ENCODE and DECODE wanted
628.04COMICS::DSMMGRTue Oct 10 1989DECTALK on the Atari
629.024CHEFS::MURPHYJ1Tue Oct 10 1989ST > LN
630.06BACHUS::PIRLETWed Oct 11 1989Looking for BLITZ PD package
631.06LEVERS::LANDRYWed Oct 11 1989printer help
632.0BREW11::WATERFALLFri Oct 13 1989Psion Software anyone !!!!
633.02PEOVAX::LEWISSun Oct 15 1989Sideways for an ST
634.08SUOSW3::SURAUFTue Oct 17 1989Diskformat ATARI vs DECstation 2
635.07PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Oct 17 1989Amiga advertising
636.03ENGINE::PAULHUSWed Oct 18 1989Atari Headquarters shook?
637.0MUNEDI::FALKENSTEINWed Oct 18 1989Use for Memorychips ?
638.02MUNEDI::FALKENSTEINWed Oct 18 1989VCR as Streamer ?
639.0KERNEL::CARLETONLThu Oct 19 1989Signum II and laser printers
640.021ATTILA::RAYERFri Oct 20 1989Portfolio to ST?
641.03NCEIS1::BERENGUIERFri Oct 20 1989RX33 on ST ??
642.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSun Oct 22 1989Command Line Editing for Mark Williams C Shell
643.02KBOMFG::HEIDENMon Oct 23 1989ST shop wanted - CXO area
644.042UFHIS::BFALKENSTEINMon Oct 23 1989STACY Infos ?
645.05RODNEY::PETERSMon Oct 23 1989The Bloodwych D&D game
646.01ZURThu Oct 26 1989RD32 and RLL
647.0ZURThu Oct 26 1989GFA 3.
648.0GYPSC::HUTHThu Oct 26 1989ST 1
649.011ANNECY::MERCIERSun Oct 29 1989A good store in Boston area
650.09CSC32::COMULADAMon Oct 30 1989Uniterm2
652.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNWed Nov 01 1989Graphics Help
653.05KERNEL::TAGGARTNThu Nov 02 1989BLOODMONEY-the best
654.05NETMAN::HOLZWASSERThu Nov 02 1989Trade in 1
655.01NETMAN::HOLZWASSERThu Nov 02 1989Possible Color Monitor Problem
656.06ZURFri Nov 03 1989partition backup ?
657.06SSDEVO::MARKSFri Nov 03 1989ST as an X-1
658.02BERNMon Nov 06 1989MEG-A-MINUTE ELITE, who has it?
659.08QARRY::BHAMILTONTue Nov 07 1989TOS 1.4 incompatible programs
660.02QARRY::BHAMILTONTue Nov 07 1989Wanted - 52
661.013WLDWST::RVANZUYLENTue Nov 07 1989Spectre GCR Macintosh emulator
662.01SUBURB::JAMESHThu Nov 09 1989E-Plan?
663.010SMOOT::ROTHThu Nov 09 1989RGB --> Video converter
664.010NORGE::CHADFri Nov 10 1989trashed directory help!
665.08RODNEY::PETERSFri Nov 10 1989Procopy problems
666.08PDP1Sun Nov 12 1989Help - bus errors!
668.0PEOVAX::LEWISMon Nov 13 1989START disk troubles
669.05MINDER::ADRIANWed Nov 15 1989Where is MONITOR.TXT?
670.0LEVERS::LANDRYWed Nov 15 1989where do you buy it?
672.0ASPEN2::BOIKOThu Nov 16 1989USENET - Atari Posts $5.4 Million Loss..
673.01RODNEY::PETERSFri Nov 17 1989Non-transforming busy bee cursor
674.0EIGER::BOLLIGERMon Nov 20 1989execute from ACC ?
675.02COMICS::DSMMGRMon Nov 20 1989ST Format disk funnies
676.010CSC32::MORGANTue Nov 21 1989Need small text editor
677.04CSC32::COMULADATue Nov 21 1989Double trouble
678.01BREW11::LUMMISWed Nov 22 1989Fligh Sim II Controls
679.0FSSB::LUNDBECKWed Nov 22 1989Do You have harddisk for sale?
680.03SUBURB::JAMESHThu Nov 23 1989Keyboard Interrupts
681.015UFHIS::BFALKENSTEINSun Nov 26 1989Media Change Problems
682.010KURMA::GAITKENHEADMon Nov 27 1989HELP - 52
683.04EVOAI2::SEIGNEZMon Nov 27 1989probleme with two drives
684.05KERNEL::BARTLEYMon Nov 27 1989How to Xfer from ST to IBM?
685.010CSC32::COMULADAMon Nov 27 1989Data Base PRG's
686.01LEVERS::LANDRYWed Nov 29 1989printer timing?
687.04NRADM::GENDRONWed Nov 29 1989Games to Hard Disk
688.04KOBAL::SCAERWed Nov 29 1989where to buy Atari ST in So. NH?
689.0BERNThu Nov 30 1989Idea: Spectre reading MSDOS/Atari disks??
690.04CSC32::COMULADAThu Nov 30 1989BBS in Colorado
691.0OLDTMR::WALLACEThu Nov 30 1989Developers and Developers documentation
693.03PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Dec 01 1989Screen dump -> DEGAS anywhere?
694.03SVCRUS::ADAMSFri Dec 01 1989MIDI for Christmas
695.03LEVERS::LANDRYSun Dec 03 198914 pin DIN source??
697.08KBOMFG::HEIDENMon Dec 04 1989Access to panarthea archive broken ?
700.06SVCRUS::ADAMSTue Dec 05 1989Switch for TOS 1.2 to 1.4???
701.038OLDTMR::WALLACEFri Dec 08 1989NEODESK discussions
702.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSat Dec 09 1989FontEdit for Pagestream?
703.01MARVIN::FORSTERMon Dec 11 1989Free book
704.01KAOFS::M_ROYMon Dec 11 1989Trading games anyone !
705.05UKCSSE::KEANEWed Dec 13 198952
706.01MINDER::GILBERTSun Dec 17 1989Print buffer/spooler?
707.05COMICS::RADBURNMon Dec 18 19893d plotter and rotator in assembler
708.03NETMAN::HOLZWASSERMon Dec 18 1989STE/TT Available??
709.07CURRNT::WRIGHTTue Dec 19 1989Left side of keyboard broken
710.03GALLOP::BUCKGTue Dec 19 1989midi net?
711.06EVETPU::BRAMHALLTue Dec 19 1989Mouse problems
712.05RUTILE::BISHOPTue Dec 19 1989ST to MAC mouse connectivity
713.03WELSWS::WICKHAMWed Dec 20 1989EMPIRE - The game -
714.0IJSAPL::KLERKThu Dec 21 1989THUNDERBIRDS game - some hints
716.04CSC32::J_WETHERNFri Dec 22 1989Colorado Springs Dealers?
717.02BALADE::BASCUNANATue Dec 26 1989New atarist user >>> help !
718.0RUTILE::BISHOPWed Dec 27 1989Stand clear - Ghostbuster's here
719.03RUTILE::BISHOPWed Dec 27 1989Drive difference between OLD and NEW St's
720.03QARRY::BHAMILTONFri Dec 29 1989Another new user needs help
721.010UKCSSE::RDAVIESFri Dec 29 1989Home accounts package anyone?
724.05ELIS::DOEVEWed Jan 03 1990Indexed file or database system available ?
725.010SUOSW3::KAISERFri Jan 05 1990AHDI 3.
726.08UKCSSE::RDAVIESFri Jan 05 1990Firstword+ to an LA1
727.06SUOSW4::SURAUFMon Jan 08 1990MIDI Port and KA9Q-TCP/IP
728.0BREW11::LUMMISWed Jan 10 1990Ethernet for the ST - DECNET ?
729.037UKCSSE::RDAVIESThu Jan 11 1990The STe specific topic.
730.042CRATE::WAKEHAMThu Jan 11 1990VAXPC and VAXstation downloads
732.03CRATE::WAKEHAMThu Jan 11 1990Calamus,Fleet Street V3.
733.03BERNThu Jan 11 1990Problem with ROM driver chips/ 6 ROMs vs 2 ROMs
734.02SUOSW3::SURAUFFri Jan 12 1990Looking for BM.ARC
735.03BREW11::LANEFri Jan 12 1990DM PROBLEM
736.04BERNMon Jan 15 1990Spectre keypad mapping? Problem!!
737.08SUOSW4::SURAUFMon Jan 15 1990Secondary serial port?
738.08KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Jan 15 1990Another MAC emulator issue
739.04SUOSW3::KAISERMon Jan 15 1990FACIT printer manual
740.01CRATE::WAKEHAMMon Jan 15 1990SM194 A3 mono monitor from ATARI
741.05BERNThu Jan 18 1990TeX and Star LC24-1
742.01HAMOP::CHRISTIAN_2Sun Jan 21 1990How to connect original IBM 5.25" disk-drive
743.03BERNSun Jan 21 1990video shifted leftwards, timing problem with driv
744.01SUBURB::JAMESHSun Jan 21 1990GFA Draft Question.
745.03EVTAI1::LEGERWed Jan 24 1990Centronics port address
746.01BRSDVP::SIMONISWed Jan 24 1990IMAGIC news?
747.07KADOR::HANNAWed Jan 24 1990High Density floppies
749.0MINDER::GILBERTWed Jan 24 1990HyperDraw drawing package
750.012SUOSW4::SURAUFThu Jan 25 1990centronics to serial
751.02STKHLM::OBERGThu Jan 25 1990Are thay Kamikaze-pilots??
752.0PERN::STARRThu Jan 25 1990Atari software sale at Lechmere
753.02STRIKR::RAYERTue Jan 30 1990Text Retrieval Help
754.09SNOCTue Jan 30 1990Painting/Drawing/Artwork PD Software?
755.012KERNEL::BARTLEYTue Jan 30 1990Disk Recovery Program?
756.02BERNThu Feb 01 1990Apple won! Aladin is dead!
757.02SICKO::PATTERSONThu Feb 01 1990Is TWEETIE stereo?
758.0BEST1::VANDERERVEFri Feb 02 1990VIPgraph printroutine?
759.01CRATE::WAKEHAMMon Feb 05 1990Clean up note 9
760.011UBOHUB::SHELDON_RMon Feb 05 1990Any Good DTP's Out There?
761.03CRATE::WAKEHAMMon Feb 05 1990CD rom
762.08IGETIT::MCDONNELLJMon Feb 05 1990Help required for corrupt floppy...!
763.04COMICS::DSMMGRTue Feb 06 1990Yet another printer
764.01LDYBUG::PEACOCKWed Feb 07 199068
765.05JUMBLY::OWENSThu Feb 08 1990Genealogy Software - Does it exist
766.0RODNEY::PETERSThu Feb 08 1990Atari Developer classes
767.02BEST1::VANDERERVEThu Feb 08 1990HELP required (printing graphs)
768.01LYOIS2::BUFFELLOSun Feb 11 1990ftoa in MEGAMAX
769.07SHAPES::HAYESIMon Feb 12 1990LA5
770.09BERNTue Feb 13 1990hardware problem with external floppy
771.07HYSTER::LICHTENSTEINTue Feb 13 1990Cannon Flatbed scanner closeout
772.08MGOIThu Feb 15 1990SCSI-Streamer SW anywhere?
773.0ENGINE::PAULHUSThu Feb 15 1990Going to RFMicrotech?
774.03GPSDCC::JBETTELSSun Feb 18 1990Up/Downloading using Spectre GCR
775.01STRIKR::RAYERMon Feb 19 1990SCRIPT
776.0MGOITue Feb 20 1990MMU pin assignment
777.0SNOCTue Feb 20 1990Japanese Language lessons?
778.01QARRY::BHAMILTONTue Feb 20 1990APPLE IIGS disk to ST?
779.09SNOCWed Feb 21 1990"Typequick" or similar typing tutor?
780.03ULYSSE::CHOUKROUNThu Feb 22 1990I'm new && HELP
781.08CSC32::J_PARSONSThu Feb 22 1990Atari Lynx?
782.03STRIKR::FROGGATTFri Feb 23 1990Citizen 12
783.02MUCTEC::BOEHMMon Feb 26 1990time function 'difftime' in MW-C
784.05HLFSMon Feb 26 1990MFPS doesn't print text ?!
785.05COMICS::DSMMGRTue Feb 27 1990Another EPSON printer to set up
786.015RODNEY::PETERSTue Feb 27 1990Ultima V questions
787.02OLDTMR::WALLACEWed Feb 28 1990Our Little Computer People (LCP's) are out of control
788.01SNOCThu Mar 01 1990Wanted to buy - 2nd hand S/W
789.02SNOCThu Mar 01 1990TETRIS help required.
791.01KADOR::HANNATue Mar 06 1990Simcity for the ATARIST
793.02UKCSSE::KEANEThu Mar 08 1990Which way round?
794.04COMICS::DSMMGRFri Mar 09 1990Xmodem, Ymodem, UNITERM help
795.014PRSPSU::FAUDOTFri Mar 09 1990STDCAT on drive B:
796.06BERNMon Mar 12 1990looking for disassembler code in assembly
797.04COMICS::DSMMGRTue Mar 13 1990VMSSWEEP, where ???
798.028NORGE::CHADTue Mar 13 1990intereference on mono monitor
800.0JGO::MEHIGHENDFri Mar 16 1990power ratings
801.02QARRY::BHAMILTONMon Mar 19 1990Layoff at Atari U.S.
802.02MGOITue Mar 20 1990CVTARC and VMS 5.x ->> Crash ??
804.09SUOSW4::SURAUFFri Mar 23 1990KA9Q NOS for ATARI ?
805.021NRMACU::BAILEYSun Mar 25 1990Backing up a hard disk.
806.046IISPIE::MCCRILLISMon Mar 26 1990WANT AD
807.0VINO::OCONNORTue Mar 27 1990A request for a Start disk
808.01JOCKEY::RAYERCWed Mar 28 1990How to Get ST to Talk to Network?
809.0JGO::APETERSWed Mar 28 1990SM 194 monitor again.
810.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Mar 28 1990Dr. T's demo disk help needed
811.04MUNMCC::BALTESKONISWed Mar 28 1990UNITERM and 8 bit characters
813.07ATHINA::EMMANUELThu Mar 29 1990ST as a graphics terminal
814.02CSOGAT::BISSONThu Mar 29 1990Pexec(),scrap manager and disk organization
815.011LYOIS2::BUFFELLOMon Apr 02 1990tic..tac..tic..tac
816.02CHEFS::MURPHYJ1Mon Apr 02 1990VAX > ST file transfer (again)
817.0ACE::BREWERMon Apr 02 1990DEAD 1224 Monitor!
818.012SEDSWS::HEGARTYTue Apr 03 1990Full Metal Planete HELP!!!
819.028--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 04 1990A Brain Wave into the unknown !
820.08MRSVAX::MISKINISWed Apr 04 1990MWC - linktime relocation error, HELP!
821.06JGO::MEHIGHENDThu Apr 05 1990MEGAFILE3
822.05UNTADI::NESMITHThu Apr 05 1990STE VS. MEGA
823.01HANThu Apr 05 1990GDOS on easynet?
824.04GVAFri Apr 06 1990Model descritpions
826.019JARETH::GILLIAMMon Apr 09 1990Uniterm 2.
827.05FSSB::SODERLUNDTue Apr 10 1990GFA Basic run only questions
828.06SEDSWS::HEGARTYTue Apr 10 1990Space Quest 3 HELP!!!
829.03UBOHUB::SHELDON_RWed Apr 11 1990Screen Printing
830.02--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 11 1990ANY IDEAS !!!!
831.07HAMPS::POOREWed Apr 11 1990UK B.B.S. phone number listing required
832.02OPG::CHRISWed Apr 11 1990Port Details 52
833.012NCEIS1::BERENGUIERWed Apr 11 1990NEO Picture to LN
835.010--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 12 1990dungeon master
836.01ACE::BREWERThu Apr 12 1990Atari Customer Service experience
837.02CSC32::COMULADAFri Apr 13 1990ebs/hav1..."don't have either"
838.03COMICS::DSMMGRWed Apr 18 1990Defender of the crown help
839.01SUBURB::JAMESHThu Apr 19 1990RS232/Centronic Converter
841.01--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 23 1990TERRORPOD MANIA !!
842.04COMICS::DSMMGRMon Apr 23 1990INFESTATION... Heeeeelp !!
843.07NETMAN::HOLZWASSERMon Apr 23 1990Atari equivalent for Mac IIcx
844.03SUOSW4::SURAUFTue Apr 24 1990Schematic 1
845.014DYO78Wed Apr 25 1990TOS & Memory Upgrades
847.01DECAUX::ATZEGI::EGERTWed Apr 25 1990NEC Multisync 2A on ATARI 1
848.01COLSWS::GOETZWed Apr 25 1990SIGNUM II => LN
849.013COMICS::BISHOPRThu Apr 26 1990STE - Good idea?
851.05COMICS::DSMMGRThu Apr 26 1990screen base address
852.0CSC32::COMULADAThu Apr 26 1990Games on the Net
854.02UBOHUB::SHELDON_RMon Apr 30 1990Space Ace - Is It An Overpiced Demo?
855.0STRIKR::RAYERMon Apr 30 1990IMG Convert Utility Anywhere?
856.0TINKER::FORECASTMon Apr 30 199052
857.031PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue May 01 1990Official New England AtariFest'9
858.02COMICS::DSMMGRFri May 04 1990PD or not to be ?
859.017BAGELS::FELDMANFri May 04 1990BCS Atari User Groups
860.03TMCUK2::CMITCHELLTue May 08 1990LA5
861.019--UnknownUser--Wed May 09 1990ST SWAP-SHOP
862.0SKYWAY::LEBERTFri May 11 1990ATATRI ABC quo vadis?
863.013ROYALT::ORSHAWMon May 14 1990Disk alignment and Copy protection problems
864.07VISUAL::WEAVERWed May 16 1990Internal disk broken, any ideas?
865.04EIGER::BOLLIGERSun May 20 199024 Dot hardcopy
866.05UTROP1::VDBOSMon May 21 1990K-SWITCH???
867.0CSOGAT::BISSONMon May 21 1990TOS error 35 again
870.05--UnknownUser--Tue May 22 1990Comm Problems
871.0CSC32::B_NOTTINGHAMTue May 22 1990ASCII screen print from desktop????
872.0BIRMVX::WATERFALLWed May 23 1990Side ways Print HELP....
873.04RUTILE::BISHOPWed May 23 1990Reviews on Star LC1
874.020VANDAL::SOUTARThu May 24 1990ARC - Help please :-(
875.011UTRTSC::DEKKERFri May 25 19901
877.05PRSUD1::PICQTue May 29 1990A multitask version of GEM ???
878.09PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue May 29 1990Address book software needed
879.05DDIF::BRAMHALLTue May 29 19901
880.01UKCSSE::KEANETue May 29 1990Easydraw, (GEM) to HPGL driver?
881.06MGOIWed May 30 1990How can I mark files?
882.01MRSVAX::MISKINISThu May 31 1990Arkanoid back door? Which version?
883.08MPGS::RADOFFThu May 31 1990KERMIT and Dearcing Problem
884.010UKCSSE::KEANEFri Jun 01 1990UK Atari Show UK Atari Show
885.0ATHINA::EMMANUELMon Jun 04 1990MNP Software ?
886.04PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Jun 04 1990Atari emulator for Amiga (Wow!)
887.0WARNUT::KAYDTue Jun 05 1990ST Discovery Pack
888.09MPGS::RADOFFTue Jun 05 1990Word Process Program for the ST
889.04CHEFS::GOSSAThu Jun 07 1990Help Needed with GIF -> SPECTRUM 512 conversion
890.06FASDER::AHERBThu Jun 07 1990Lynx conference?
891.0UKCSSE::KEANEFri Jun 08 1990"HYPE" ANYONE??
892.02BIRMVX::LANESat Jun 09 1990Knee-deep (in KERMIT)
893.06JOCKEY::BURNMSun Jun 10 1990WARHEAD
894.04MIDI::DANMon Jun 11 1990Software you couldn't live without....
895.08MALTEX::TESSIERTue Jun 12 1990VAX server for 1
896.02--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 12 1990MicroP CPA8
897.0UKCSSE::KEANETue Jun 12 1990are you a SOFTLINE member?
898.03PRSUD1::PICQWed Jun 13 1990Customizing Desktop
899.02FRAMBO::KUENKELEWed Jun 13 1990WORDPLUS' files convertible to textfiles ?
900.03--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 13 1990Comment faire ?
901.012OPG::CHRISFri Jun 15 1990Image file Conversion
902.05SUOSW4::SURAUFMon Jun 18 1990PINHEAD Corrupted?
903.05GUCCI::HERBMon Jun 18 1990NEC handleld vs. Lynx
904.015ADS::MCGONIGLETue Jun 19 1990Printer Choice- 24 or 9 pin
905.0UBOHUB::SHELDON_RWed Jun 20 1990The Lost Patrol
906.03STAR::GILLIAMThu Jun 21 1990VMS ZOO 2.
907.06RDGE44::GOSSAFri Jun 22 1990Memory causing hard disk (DMA) problems !!
908.01JARETH::GILLIAMFri Jun 22 1990STEs and Disk Corruption
909.0NCEIS1::BERENGUIERTue Jun 26 19901st to PS under VMS ?
911.03SNOCTue Jun 26 1990DEGAS Slide Show?
912.024JRDVTue Jun 26 1990Alchimie Jr. shareware MIDI sequencer
913.07CURRNT::WRIGHTWed Jun 27 1990Animation on the ST
914.06YNOTME::WALLACEWed Jun 27 1990BOMBS, TOS error numbers, ST errors in general
915.03SUBURB::JAMESHThu Jun 28 1990Edit .PRG files
918.014SIEVAX::JAMIEFri Jul 06 1990Imperium
919.03ZUDEV1::ROTHMMon Jul 09 1990Object orient. prog. lang. ?
920.0RUTILE::BISHOPFri Jul 13 1990Escape from the planet of the robot machines.
921.04IJSAPL::BOUWMANSWed Jul 18 1990MegaST2 crashes ... Hints?
922.07PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Jul 19 1990H5
923.02GVAThu Jul 19 1990Moving from Europe to US
924.013REGENT::LOMICKAThu Jul 19 1990Floppy Disk Cataloguer Programs
925.02CARWSH::MURRAYMon Jul 23 1990Uniterm: How to send ESC seqs to printer
926.07CHIRPA::SANZONEMon Jul 23 1990Help on Enet Files
927.01SUOSW4::SURAUFTue Jul 24 1990Hardware printing problem?
928.03BOOZER::LOXTONWed Jul 25 1990Broken STFM
929.012RUTILE::BISHOPWed Jul 25 1990Play a VHS video through the ST?
930.04VMSINT::THIELFri Jul 27 1990Fire Brigade
931.012MINDER::GILBERTMon Jul 30 1990Gem, accessories, dialogs
932.04CHEFS::MURPHYJ1Wed Aug 08 1990DECWEB
933.0FSTVAX::GALLOThu Aug 09 1990SH3
934.07COMICS::HOGGANFri Aug 10 1990STe Ram Upgrade
935.09COMICS::HOGGANFri Aug 10 1990Formatters written in C
936.0COMICS::HOGGANFri Aug 10 1990Questions, Questions....
937.01UNXA::MADDENSun Aug 12 1990STREPORT and/or ZNET on network ?
938.04FSSB::LUNDBECKMon Aug 13 1990Wanted!Munich dealer's.
939.023BRUMMY::LOXTONWed Aug 15 1990Why use C
940.05SKIVT::HEARNFri Aug 17 1990DOS, Seagate, & PC-Ditto...
941.0COMICS::HOGGANMon Aug 20 1990Memory Statistics
943.03COLSWS::GOETZThu Aug 23 1990Mission Disk II for F-16 Falcon
944.0KOOZEE::PAULHUSFri Aug 24 1990Hypermedia for the ST!
945.06TYTAN::MISKINISSat Aug 25 1990SUPRA 4
946.03RUTILE::BISHOPTue Aug 28 1990Need help finding computer shop in Geneva (Switzerland)
947.03UNXA::MADDENTue Aug 28 1990PD Z81 Emulator in Europe ??
948.06SMURF::BENNETTTue Aug 28 1990Enquiring Minds want to know...
949.04EVTAI1::LEGERWed Aug 29 1990TRACKBALL ?
950.05STKHLM::ARENDIThu Aug 30 1990Screen menus get corrupt with blitter and Cartridge
951.011SNOCFri Aug 31 1990SC1224 on IBM clone?
952.03OVAL::STEVENSONCMon Sep 03 1990Help getting there.
953.07HANTue Sep 04 1990DRAGONFLIGHT the game
955.09SUBURB::JAMESHTue Sep 04 1990Write to disk.
957.09COMICS::DSMMGRThu Sep 06 1990Color emulators for mono systems
958.04HEAD::STEVENSONFri Sep 07 1990Accounting for it ...
960.08SKIVT::HEARNFri Sep 07 1990AutoBoot & LOGIN loop...
961.01EVTAI1::DOYARDFri Sep 07 1990ANALOG. JOYSTICK ??
962.0BERNSun Sep 09 1990TT on sale in Switzerland: the prices!
964.04COMICS::DSMMGRMon Sep 17 1990Band In A Box
965.04COLTue Sep 18 1990MEGA never switched off - experiences?
966.0HAMSC3::CHRISTIANTue Sep 18 1990TEAC FD-55 FR, how to switch 4
967.01UKCSSE::KEANEWed Sep 19 1990Why doesnt the corpse lie down?
968.0CHEFS::SYMONDSKThu Sep 20 1990Sound Tracker 4 The ST
969.06FRSBEE::POLLANThu Sep 20 1990Amiga Ready?
970.02CURIUM::LEEFri Sep 21 1990is TOS 1.4 difficult to get
972.010NIOMAX::LAINGWed Sep 26 199052
973.05NIOMAX::LAINGThu Sep 27 1990Tiny CRT monitors???
975.011CECVMon Oct 01 1990Vax--->ST
976.0BIGUN::KNOWLESThu Oct 04 1990Videotex/X.4
977.09COMICS::DSMMGRFri Oct 05 1990What is ATARI up to ??
978.012ROYALT::ORSHAWTue Oct 09 1990evnt_multi (and GEM in general) programming
979.0COLSWS::GOETZWed Oct 10 1990 International Karate +
980.05DUGGAN::DLEEWed Oct 10 1990another Atari service center dies
981.05PIKES::BITTROLFFWed Oct 10 1990Sheet help
982.01SUOSW3::KAISERFri Oct 12 1990VR1
983.0DOCTP::BRADFORDThu Oct 18 1990Who's got Epyx Boulderdash games?
985.02MPGS::RADOFFMon Oct 22 1990PCDesign and Memory Size Problem
986.03PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Oct 22 1990GEnie and Aladin topic
989.03SUOSW3::SURAUFWed Oct 24 1990PRG to convert various screenformats?
990.026SIEVAX::JAMIEThu Oct 25 1990Cadaver Help
991.0SYSTMX::J_GRAMOLINIMon Oct 29 1990ST/Scanner?
992.0VINO::OCONNORTue Oct 30 1990BBS list in Central Mass, esp Worcester
993.01CECVWed Oct 31 1990Boot Qs
994.06BUFFER::TOHLINEWed Oct 31 1990Clock problems
996.06MPGS::RADOFFThu Nov 01 1990TOS14FIX
997.014SIEVAX::JAMIEFri Nov 02 1990Memory Upgrade Dealers UK ?
998.024PIKES::BITTROLFFFri Nov 02 1990C help again
999.01CSC32::B_NOTTINGHAMFri Nov 02 1990Z-KEYS keyboard replacement
1000.01SIEVAX::JAMIEMon Nov 05 1990The Immortal
1001.03COMICS::BOSTOCKTue Nov 06 1990Floppy Drive Wanted
1002.04SUOSW3::KAISERTue Nov 06 1990AES/VDI Calls for Pascal?
1003.01SHIPS::CAIN_RWed Nov 07 1990AES/Keybd Help
1004.019UKCSSE::KEANEWed Nov 07 1990MINT (Mint is Not Tos)
1005.01BERNThu Nov 08 1990Spectre and system 6.
1006.02--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 09 1990Problem with Atari's CACHE.TTP
1007.013KORG::MISKINISMon Nov 12 1990Software and Hardware from England on a US ST?
1008.02SUBURB::JAMESHMon Nov 12 1990Program to try.
1009.0BAGELS::REICHERTMon Nov 12 1990Print Master/Hard Disk Problem
1010.010WIENER::KRONSTEINERMon Nov 12 1990VORTEX-HD how to add/format a ST251
1011.09SIEVAX::JAMIETue Nov 13 1990Demos
1012.018UTROP1::VDBOSTue Nov 13 1990External floppy question!!!!!!!!
1013.012PIKES::BITTROLFFThu Nov 15 1990Loose connections?
1015.04BRUMMY::LUMMISMon Nov 19 1990Flight Sym II on Ram Disc
1018.021SIEVAX::JAMIETue Nov 20 1990Gemini
1019.01BRUMMY::LUMMISThu Nov 22 1990Have you played Hard Drivin ?
1020.014SIEVAX::JAMIEMon Nov 26 199068
1021.023CARWSH::MURRAYMon Nov 26 1990Super Breakout (SBREAK) is Totally RAD!
1022.08YNOTME::WALLACEWed Nov 28 1990Speech hardware and software projects
1023.01COMICS::DSMMGRFri Nov 30 1990A redfaced begging note
1024.05SIEVAX::JAMIEMon Dec 03 1990Step thru colour range ?
1025.04SIEVAX::JAMIETue Dec 04 1990Convert from MacPaint ?
1026.08COMICS::DSMMGRWed Dec 05 1990Autoswitch Overscan
1027.023TMCUK2::CMITCHELLThu Dec 06 1990ST User Virus
1028.0KERNEL::FARRANTLThu Dec 06 1990Any ST SysOps UK here (fido!?!)
1029.01YNOTME::WALLACEThu Dec 06 1990MS-DOS disk I/O emulator
1030.05WARNUT::KAYDThu Dec 06 1990Files and their extensions
1031.0EVTAI1::LEGERFri Dec 07 1990MULTISYNC board for SM124 ???
1032.02DECWIN::GILLIAMFri Dec 07 1990KX AT keyboard interface
1033.0UTROP1::VDBOSMon Dec 10 1990STf, STE or MEGA ST what to buy??????
1034.03HAMSUP::MARXSENTue Dec 11 1990Drive scratches floppy
1035.06SIEVAX::JAMIEWed Dec 12 1990PowerMonger
1036.02COMICS::DSMMGRThu Dec 13 1990Xmas comes but once a year, but bills come monthly
1038.01STKAI2::HALLFri Dec 21 19908
1039.02SIEVAX::JAMIESun Dec 23 1990Music Reviews ?
1040.05MFOIS1::SASSOLI_YThu Dec 27 1990backup utility
1041.03NCEIS1::BERENGUIERWed Jan 02 1991ACCESS to comp.binaries.atari.st by ROLL::USENET
1042.0UPWARD::SANDERSBWed Jan 02 1991Gyrus game
1043.013GVAThu Jan 03 1991All about games
1044.0GVAThu Jan 03 1991questions rgdg SLM-8
1045.03COMICS::DSMMGRThu Jan 03 1991SPECTRUM 512 pictures
1046.0CX3PST::WSCThu Jan 03 1991SLICCTOP mulitasking software
1047.02MALTEX::TESSIERSun Jan 06 1991Problem on printing to LA75 under Calcomat II
1048.02FRAMBO::BOFFOMon Jan 07 1991*HELP* Portfolio Serial->PC
1049.03CECVThu Jan 10 1991View PS/Mono monitor
1050.0MR4DEC::LICHTENSTEINFri Jan 11 1991ST IS a Stacey!
1051.08OPG::RAYERSun Jan 13 1991OPUS and SHEET
1052.02RUTILE::GULLIETMon Jan 14 1991Prob with TeX 3.1/Metafont 2.7 for ATARI ST
1053.09MR4DEC::WICKSTue Jan 15 1991Goodbye Bit Bucket - where next?
1054.0PAPITU::VAXNOTESFri Jan 18 1991ATARI to AMSTRAD Monitor pb.
1055.02SUBURB::JAMESHSun Jan 20 1991GFA Basic CURSOR Question
1057.01JGODCL::MULLERTue Jan 22 1991Scroll in GFA Basic
1058.01SUOSW3::SURAUFTue Jan 22 1991HELP for GDOS Files
1059.03STKHLM::ARENDISun Jan 27 1991New MEGA STE, info anyone??
1060.02STKHLM::ARENDIMon Jan 28 1991Memory upgrade unsupported?????!!!!
1061.0AQUA::ROSTTue Jan 29 1991Researching PD Software For Ensoniq Synthesizers
1063.05SUOSW4::OBERHOLZTue Feb 05 1991DECKY & TOS 1.4
1064.011STKHLM::ARENDITue Feb 05 1991Which formats does GFA Draft support, HPGL, PS ....?
1065.08EARRTH::POLLANWed Feb 06 199133 meghz STFM....
1067.023BIRMVX::LANEMon Feb 11 1991Are YOU a Captive??
1068.014SUOSW3::KAISERMon Feb 11 1991Trouble with UseNet,, pls.excuse me for that
1069.0COMICS::DSMMGRThu Feb 14 1991Praise for a good software
1070.03SIEVAX::JAMIEThu Feb 14 1991The FAT & DMA Loaders
1071.09CSC32::M_VALENZAFri Feb 15 1991Forget-Me-Clock II
1072.04CACT63::PEDONESun Feb 17 1991Need Help with Hardware problem.
1073.0SUBURB::JAMESHMon Feb 18 1991HR2
1074.0UNXA::MADDENMon Feb 18 1991ST Fido Point Software ? ST Fido Point Software
1075.02ALLVAX::PETERSWed Feb 20 1991Meeting announcements - Nashua Area ST Club
1076.03SOLVIT::LANDRYWed Feb 20 1991directory list to hard copy??
1077.09RUTILE::BISHOPThu Feb 21 1991Load/Unload Accessories with re-boot?
1078.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Feb 21 1991Good deal on Dennis Palumbo's fonts
1079.02NEWOA::GRIFFITHFri Feb 22 1991Bulletin Board for ST
1081.02HAMSUP::MARXSENMon Feb 25 1991RS232 handshake problem
1082.04JGODCL::HEIJSENMon Mar 04 1991DOS-AT at ATariST!
1083.0VNABRW::KRONSTEINERMon Mar 04 1991Blitter-Databus-Problems
1084.0UKCSSE::KEANEMon Mar 04 1991Notso Archive NOT available for now!
1085.0NEWOA::HAYESWed Mar 06 1991Turtle trouble
1086.019PIKES::BITTROLFFWed Mar 06 1991GEM programming tips.
1087.0VNABRW::KRONSTEINERMon Mar 11 1991Gaphics Tablet VSXXX-AB
1089.03DECWET::HASLOCKWed Mar 13 1991System Woes - is it time to find a repair center?
1090.03BRSSWS::PIRLETThu Mar 14 1991MWC low level debug DB and TOS 1.4
1091.08SAC::WILLIAMS_MThu Mar 14 1991printer ???
1093.0UTROP2::VONSEE_ASun Mar 17 1991MINIX applications wanted
1094.03IXION::ROSTMon Mar 18 1991Okidata Microline Printer Driver?
1095.05HAMSC3::CLUBITZTue Mar 19 1991BTX von Drews, Info zu einigen Punkten
1096.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJTue Mar 19 1991Free ST magazine: "Atari User"
1097.013ESSB::PBOYLEWed Mar 20 1991A C compiler? HELP!!
1098.05POWDML::STEILThu Mar 21 1991Know of software for Moniterm monitor?
1099.035YNOTME::WALLACEFri Mar 22 1991Usenet archive sites - discussions/questions
1101.02HAMSC3::CLUBITZWed Mar 27 1991GFA basic V3.5, REPLACE don't work
1102.01ULYSSE::RODASWed Apr 03 1991PC Paintbrush format to ATARI any format ?
1103.02DECWET::HASLOCKWed Apr 03 1991Hacman II Problem
1104.03IOSG::MULLENThu Apr 04 1991VR241 picture size
1105.010BRSSWS::PIRLETFri Apr 05 1991KAOS What is it?
1106.03HAMSC4::CLUBITZWed Apr 10 1991GFA basic, PUT don't save new data at once
1107.01CLARID::HAMONFri Apr 12 1991IBM TTL monochrome --> ST adaptation ???
1108.025Tue Apr 16 1991Screen dump for HP IIp Laserprinter ?
1109.05STKHLM::ARENDIWed Apr 17 1991ATARI shops in London? ATARI shops in London
1110.01JGODCL::APETERSSun Apr 21 1991Shadow/beast-Infestation help wanted
1111.03PAPERS::RADBURNMon Apr 22 1991STE Memory upgrade
1112.010AISG::HUTCHINSONMon Apr 22 1991Megafile 3
1113.02RUTILE::BISHOPTue Apr 23 1991STe v ST?
1115.03BHAJEE::SURAUFTue Apr 30 1991X or Y Modem online?
1116.0OPS5::HUTCHINSONTue Apr 30 1991GFA BASIC routines & functions wanted
1117.03OPS5::HUTCHINSONThu May 09 1991New Atari Hardware
1118.08WOTVAX::YATESMFri May 10 1991Sick Machine needs HELP!
1119.06TAVSat May 11 1991Shopping for a mouse in Reading
1120.03SAC::WILLIAMS_MMon May 13 1991Printer driver for 1st word plus
1121.05NOHOST::LEVINMon May 13 1991LA5
1122.05EVTAI1::LEGERTue May 14 1991power supply died c2331 = ?
1123.09AD::BARBERWed May 15 1991What's happened?
1124.07UKCSSE::KEANEFri May 17 1991STWORLD is coming back !!!
1125.0RUTILE::CAYLARFri May 17 1991Atari's shop in Dublin ?
1126.01AD::BARBERMon May 20 1991Any ST user groups in Hudson MA?
1127.01AD::BARBERWed May 22 1991BBS's
1128.02RUTILE::BISHOPThu May 23 1991Up and Coming Computer Fairs, shows, Atari fests, ...
1129.09IJSAPL::KDEVRIESThu May 23 1991From TOS to DOS by floppy?
1130.04BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODFri May 24 1991Simple Menu system
1132.02RGB::ROSTWed May 29 1991Step Up Keypunch Software---WARNING!!!
1133.04HAMPS::POOREMon Jun 03 1991External 2nd disk drive doesn't recognise a disk change
1134.02SCAACT::BROWNLMon Jun 03 1991Seeking Current Monoware....
1135.02BAHTAT::REIDWed Jun 05 1991Vidi ST by RAMBO
1136.02UFHIS::BFALKENSTEINWed Jun 05 1991Graphic Adaptor Cards
1137.05STKHLM::ARENDIThu Jun 06 1991Atari shops in Munich?
1138.04UNXA::MADDENMon Jun 10 1991Salvaging START Subscriptions
1139.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Jun 10 1991Bit Bucket Atari Day topic
1140.0PHDVAX::MURRAYWed Jun 12 1991Mono GIF viewer sought
1141.05KORG::MISKINISThu Jun 13 1991ICD Multi I/O (?)
1142.02BHAJEE::SURAUFSat Jun 15 1991HELP! Need DLII !
1143.09COMICS::DSMMGRMon Jun 17 1991What's the best C & UNIX for the ST ?
1144.01REFINE::ROSSTue Jun 18 1991The ST Sample Machine
1145.02SUBURB::JAMESHWed Jun 19 1991Books
1146.01ADO75A::WILEYThu Jun 20 1991Atari emulator on MS-DOS?
1147.06RGB::ROSTFri Jun 21 19911
1148.04JGODCL::MULLERMon Jun 24 1991BIOS references
1149.07SKIVT::HEARNMon Jun 24 1991Any info on the Atari SX212?
1150.03BRUMMY::LOXTONWed Jul 03 1991linea
1151.06BAHTAT::FRANZWed Jul 03 1991Rubic Demo
1152.01HAMSC4::CLUBITZWed Jul 03 1991KAOS 1.4-2,boot from harddisk, no floppies seen
1153.0KORG::MISKINISSun Jul 07 1991GNU emacs (having problems)
1154.04OLDTMR::WALLACEMon Jul 08 1991This conference needs a new home (system)
1155.02GVAWed Jul 10 1991Philips CM8833 Colour Monitor
1156.011ROYALT::ORSHAWWed Jul 10 1991Pseudo multi-tasking??
1157.01BERNWed Jul 10 1991VR262 monochrome monitor and the Atari???
1158.0SUBURB::CUGLEYSMon Jul 15 1991SC1224 on the Amiga <spit! he says loyally>
1159.0SUBURB::JAMESHWed Jul 24 1991GFA Assembler
1160.05BRSSWS::PIRLETThu Aug 01 1991help with a dead 1
1161.06COLTue Aug 06 1991UUDECODE/UUENCODE for VMS ?!
1162.02REFINE::ROSSTue Aug 06 1991Atari Dealerships In Boston
1163.0CSC32::WSCFri Aug 09 1991Pagestream and color separation
1164.01TDCIS3::SUCHAUDMon Aug 19 1991Audio input on STE
1165.02RGB::ROSTMon Aug 26 1991Neochrome Woes
1166.07EICMFG::LANGEThu Aug 29 1991VI for ATARI ST?
1167.01EICMFG::LANGEThu Aug 29 1991get via net
1168.02DEFOE::JAMIETue Sep 03 1991Superbase Shuffle
1169.04POWDML::STEILTue Sep 03 1991Where can a power supply be bought?
1170.04TDCIS6::SUCHAUDThu Sep 05 1991RGB TO PAL or SECAM
1171.03UTROP2::BEEKMAN_WThu Sep 05 1991Mouse ATARI ST pinconfig.
1172.05PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Sep 06 1991Connecticut Atarifest tomorrow
1173.01STKHLM::ARENDIFri Sep 06 1991The Signum virus??
1174.0UKCSSE::KEANEMon Sep 09 1991Star NL1
1175.0SUBURB::JAMESHTue Sep 10 1991MFP Timer
1176.01--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 18 19912x 1meg ST's Required ASAP
1177.06DOOZER::SOWTONMon Sep 23 199152
1178.08AEOEN1::MATTHEWSWed Sep 25 1991Canon Bubble-Jet (BJ1
1179.03BIRMVX::LANEThu Sep 26 1991ATonce PC emulator?
1180.01SUOSW3::SURAUFTue Oct 01 1991Need opposite function of a RAMDISK :-))
1181.03SUOSW3::KAISERTue Oct 01 1991Can someone access DECWRL::"archive-server@panarthea.ebay.sun.com" ?
1182.0POWDML::STEILTue Oct 01 1991Arabesque
1183.01UKCSSE::KEANEWed Oct 02 1991New Gdos ????
1184.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Oct 04 1991Public Access ST at Westford Library
1185.0RGB::ROSTFri Oct 04 1991Using The ST As Sampler/Synthesizer
1186.05SHARE::DOYLEMon Oct 07 1991Help needed finding PD stuff
1187.04FSSB::SODERLUNDTue Oct 08 1991Does any one got "SOKOBAN" ?
1188.01AIDEV::MISKINISTue Oct 08 1991TAR for the VAX or ARP's 68K book?
1189.011JGODCL::HUILMANDThu Oct 10 1991How to connect a RD53 hardisk to a 1
1190.01LOOKIN::DSMMGRWed Oct 16 1991ORBITUS ??
1191.0RGB::ROSTWed Oct 16 1991Atari "Power Users" Mailing List on USENET
1192.09RGB::ROSTWed Oct 16 1991Easytext (DTP Program)
1193.08SUOSW3::SURAUFThu Oct 17 1991Searching for SW to get CompuServ messages.
1194.02FORTY2::CADWALLADERThu Oct 17 1991Recent ST news?
1195.04COMICS::DSMMGRFri Oct 18 1991If I got my hands on a big monitor
1196.06DECAUX::GRISU1::EGERTFri Oct 18 1991Atari ST1
1197.03UFHIS::BFALKENSTEINTue Oct 22 1991System halted...
1198.06REGENT::LOMICKAWed Oct 23 1991dead SM124 monochrome monitor
1199.01LARVAE::SUGDENMon Oct 28 1991Alternate print characters
1200.02ESMAIL::MCNULTYWed Oct 30 1991Ultrascript help
1201.01HLFSFri Nov 01 1991I/O redirection and the way back ?
1202.09COMICS::DSMMGRSun Nov 03 1991GFA Basic Help
1203.02VIVIAN::D_VISTUERTue Nov 05 1991TOS Error
1204.05CENDS::GOETZWed Nov 06 1991UNITERM: The latest version..
1205.01STKHLM::ARENDIWed Nov 06 1991External PS to STE??
1206.07JOCKEY::GRISSKMon Nov 11 1991Archiver request
1208.08SUBURB::VEALESTue Nov 12 1991Help using LA5
1209.0KAOFS::H_SWAFFIELDWed Nov 13 1991Got it working!!!
1210.03POBBLE::FULLERFri Nov 15 1991A long, sad tale...
1211.0BRSSWS::PIRLETThu Nov 21 1991music teaching program, where??
1212.04ROYALT::ORSHAWSun Nov 24 1991Home video production
1213.02KERNEL::BLANDTue Nov 26 1991STWriter Elite Problem
1214.06ROYALT::ORSHAWSat Dec 07 1991Unix, X windows, and midi
1215.0BERNMon Dec 09 1991need urgent help from Stuttgart/Germany
1216.0KERNEL::PETTETWed Dec 11 1991Emulator required
1217.08NCEIS1::BERENGUIERWed Dec 18 1991ZOO V2.1 not V2.
1218.01STKHLM::ARENDIThu Dec 19 1991NEW SM144 B&W monitor.....
1219.01POWDML::STEILFri Dec 20 1991Calendar program for the ST?
1220.012UTRTSC::BOSMANMon Dec 23 1991VAXstation 31
1221.03UTROP1::RENKEMA_MMon Dec 23 1991ST and LN
1222.02RGB::ROSTThu Dec 26 1991Flickering Video Problem
1223.0RIGI::BOLLIGERSun Dec 29 1991Help on Cruise for a Corps
1224.04IJSAPL::KDEVRIESSun Dec 29 1991Disable/enable of keyboard?
1225.01PAOSUD::GODINMon Dec 30 1991Help for a beginner
1226.02DECWET::HASLOCKMon Dec 30 1991System Down
1227.02UTRTSC::BOSMANMon Jan 06 1992What happened to BYENG
1228.08SCAACT::BROWNLWed Jan 08 1992MEGA2 DIFF FROM ST??????
1229.05SCAACT::BROWNLWed Jan 08 19923-D tetris??????
1230.04POWDML::STEILWed Jan 08 1992XMODEM and LAT's
1231.0RGB::ROSTFri Jan 10 1992Greg Pratt Leaves Atari
1232.08JOCKEY::BUCKGMon Jan 13 1992Strategy Games note
1233.04VFOVAX::PATTERSONMon Jan 13 1992What is XBRA?
1234.0AIDEV::MISKINISWed Jan 15 1992Deluxe Paint (cool - how much? where?)
1235.05VIVIAN::T_SMITHThu Jan 16 1992Problems with First Word Plus & Timeworks Publisher
1236.0DETOO::HEARNThu Jan 16 1992Pascalii
1237.06WARNUT::KAYDThu Jan 23 1992Two player/two ST games
1238.08FUTURS::LLOYDNTue Jan 28 1992The Mythical TT
1239.0BYHAND::MCDONNELLTue Feb 04 1992Hi-Speed Pascal
1240.07MUDIS3::MIRKEWITSCHWed Feb 05 1992MS-DOS Emulator on Atari
1241.04SUOSW3::GRAMMERMon Feb 10 1992Fax Group-3 Modem, Software available?
1242.06JANUS::BHARRISONMon Feb 10 1992High Density Floppy Disks on the ST.
1243.02SCAACT::BROWNLWed Feb 12 199216MHz or 25MHz ??????
1244.010HLFSSun Feb 16 1992Can Cubase print be uploaded?
1245.0RTOEU::RPUCHNERThu Feb 20 1992ATARI ST - Soundroutines
1246.026FUTURS::LLOYDNSun Feb 23 1992PC floppies
1247.06FUTURS::LLOYDNSun Feb 23 1992Images/Pictures
1248.01FUTURS::LLOYDNWed Feb 26 1992Graphics and HP 5
1249.01BRUMMY::HOYLANDWed Feb 26 19921
1250.01NEWOA::SOUTARWed Feb 26 1992UNITERM - saving dialer details ?
1251.03BERNSun Mar 01 1992bad blocks on non-SCSI drives
1252.02SCAACT::BROWNLTue Mar 03 1992T16 Upgrade Problems.
1253.01JOCKEY::NOBLERWed Mar 04 1992Help needed with MINIBBS please.
1254.02GVAWed Mar 04 1992Need a floppy copy of Kermit
1255.01CSOADM::MORRISWed Mar 04 1992PC-DITTO Hard Drive "D"
1256.02FUTURS::LLOYDNThu Mar 05 1992Multigem & Midi
1257.01BRUMMY::HOYLANDFri Mar 06 1992HELP! RS232 and Printer config
1258.02ULYSSE::RODASFri Mar 06 1992Looking for a 68
1259.04GVASun Mar 08 1992Confused about disk capacity
1260.03GVAMon Mar 09 1992Diffrenece SM124 / SM125 ?
1261.02GVAMon Mar 09 1992Were is the ATARi WINNAH::?
1262.02MIDIOT::POWERSTue Mar 10 1992TOS 2.
1263.08BRUMMY::LUMMISTue Mar 10 1992A32
1264.05AIDEV::MISKINISTue Mar 10 1992How do I obtain the free byte count?
1265.02HERON::ROHOUWed Mar 11 19921
1266.0SUOSW3::KAISERWed Mar 11 1992Request for some MinT files
1267.03RTOEU::RPUCHNERMon Mar 16 1992CeBIT '92 - ATARI
1268.0DYPSS1::SCHAFERTue Mar 17 1992Atari/Baggett .SND Files - Compatible With A Mac?
1269.03STKHLM::LETTERSTALWed Mar 18 1992XBIOS(15) and GFA-Basic V3
1270.05AIDEV::MISKINISWed Mar 18 1992Atari 8-Bit conference???
1271.05PASTIS::MONAHANSat Mar 21 1992AZERTY -> QWERTY conversion?
1272.02FUTURS::LLOYDNTue Mar 24 1992Animation & Music
1273.07FUTURS::LLOYDNSun Mar 29 1992ATARI & Unix ?????
1274.02CMOTEC::HARRISONWed Apr 01 1992LA5
1275.02HLFSThu Apr 02 19921st word -- Star LC24-1
1276.07KERNEL::IMBIERSKIMon Apr 06 1992SH2
1277.03DONVAX::PETERSTue Apr 07 1992Populous II, a great game
1278.011COMICS::DSMMGRMon Apr 13 1992Eeeek... I have virus !!!
1279.0MASALA::CMACDONALDTue Apr 21 1992Genlocks & video titling....
1280.03KERNEL::ADAMSTue Apr 21 1992Floppy Cleaning Kits ??
1281.02BERNMon Apr 27 1992Dave Smalls SST
1282.05PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Apr 30 1992Pure C
1283.030MR4MI2::HHAMILTONMon May 04 1992Atari Explorer OnLine - SPESHR::GSBVS2::DUA1:[PUBLIC]AEO.nnn
1284.0NEWOA::HAYESWed May 06 1992Help with MADDOG WILLIAMS
1285.0KERNEL::BLANDThu May 14 1992512KB upgrade for your 52
1286.05KERNEL::IMBIERSKIWed May 20 1992TSR programming, anyone?
1287.02BERNTue May 26 1992SCSI bus locks up after replacement of drive
1288.08BERNWed May 27 1992ftp mailer: question about file formats/convers..
1289.08USCTR1::LICHTENSTEINWed Jun 03 1992Cheap CD ROM
1290.05KERNEL::BLANDWed Jun 03 1992Question about KNIFEST
1291.05ERASME::JBETTELSThu Jun 04 1992Help with GDOS (and its interaction with EasyDraw and DTP)!
1292.0AIDEV::MISKINISMon Jun 08 1992Horizontal Blank (HBL) Interrupts?
1293.03BAHTAT::SUMMERFIELDCWed Jun 10 1992Getting into Stacy
1294.05TROOA::RATTMANThu Jun 18 1992keyboard probs
1295.0OPG::CHRISTue Jun 23 1992New System Anyone ?
1296.010SVCRUS::ADAMSWed Jul 22 1992How much?
1297.053RICKS::ROSTTue Jul 28 1992Falcon
1299.01RICKS::ROSTThu Aug 06 1992Color Monitor: Which To Buy?
1300.0DYPSS1::SCHAFERThu Aug 06 1992Tool to Display Text in LARGE Letters?
1301.0RTOEU::RPUCHNERFri Aug 07 1992ATARI ST <> Sound - a bad dream
1302.03DETOO::HEARNFri Aug 07 1992Software wanted
1303.0FRSOLD::EDDF1Tue Aug 25 1992PAK 68/2 ?
1304.04VIVIAN::D_HICKEYThu Aug 27 1992old atari notes
1305.0BERNThu Aug 27 1992Direct world access with ftp from inside DEC
1306.02YNGSTR::WALLACEMon Aug 31 1992Looking for a 'spare parts' floppy drive
1307.01CSC32::J_WETHERNFri Sep 04 1992Is there an Ada compiler for the ST?
1308.017VIVIAN::T_SMITHMon Sep 07 1992ST Format issue 39 - October 1992
1309.06MOVIES::HOWELL_MASun Sep 20 1992NEO to GIF
1310.05BACHUS::PIRLETMon Sep 21 1992What C compiler should I choose
1311.04ZURThu Sep 24 1992Zmodem wanted
1312.04USCTR1::LICHTENSTEINMon Sep 28 1992FALCON and SCSCI-2
1313.02YNGSTR::WALLACEMon Sep 28 1992Problems with ICD software
1314.011LOOKIN::DSMMGRMon Oct 05 1992I have a GEMULATOR !!!
1315.03LOOKIN::DSMMGRMon Oct 05 1992AHDI.PRG needed pleeeese
1316.03VIVIAN::T_SMITHMon Oct 05 1992Atari Hi-res monitors
1317.03YNGSTR::WALLACETue Oct 06 1992Write order for 68
1318.03NEWOA::HAYESThu Oct 08 1992DECjet printer on the ST?
1319.0AIDEV::MISKINISMon Oct 12 1992Pointer to 8bit conference
1320.0YNGSTR::WALLACEMon Oct 12 1992How do you flush the DMA fifo?
1321.01EVOAI2::$CANGThu Oct 15 1992Shareware programs for ST
1322.0YNGSTR::WALLACEThu Oct 15 1992Need someone with an Atari Host adapter
1323.02FRSOLD::EDDF1Thu Oct 15 1992ED for ICD on ST ?
1324.04FUTURS::LLOYDNThu Oct 15 1992OS/9
1325.05KERNEL::BLANDMon Oct 19 1992MiNT is on ST USER November'92
1326.07EVTAI1::RENOUVELTue Oct 20 1992FALCON and CUBASE(s)
1327.07NIXFIX::REICHENBERGEFri Oct 23 1992Pump up the 1
1329.0WADD::JBETTELSSun Nov 01 1992B/W monitor wanted
1330.08HEAVY::TAYLORTue Nov 03 1992Vt24
1331.02VNABRW::REICHENBERGETue Nov 10 1992** Drum Seq programming **
1333.03ONOIS1::SABIAUXTue Nov 17 1992HARD DISK hardware connection ??
1334.06MSDOA::MURPHYTue Nov 24 19924
1335.0KAOFS::H_SWAFFIELDWed Nov 25 1992Transitional Package goodbye
1336.02STKHLM::ARENDIThu Dec 03 1992Serious Dealers in the UK??
1337.03STKHLM::LETTERSTALFri Dec 04 1992Atari to Mac floppy exchange?
1338.0STKHLM::ARENDISat Dec 05 1992SHIFT-ARROW function dissappeared????
1339.0ASDG::SMITHMon Dec 07 1992Modem capability wanted
1340.06SVCRUS::ADAMSFri Dec 11 1992Adding a tape drive to your 1
1341.0YNGSTR::WALLACETue Dec 15 1992Looking for color ribbons for Panasonic printers
1342.04GALVIA::JJOYCEMon Dec 21 1992TV connection for old 1
1343.05UTRTSC::DRUMMENSun Jan 03 1993ST to VAX for backup possibility?
1344.0CSC32::M_MOSHERWed Jan 06 19931
1345.01ROCKS::RICHARDSWed Jan 13 1993Inkjet printers
1346.05UFHIS::BFALKENSTEINThu Jan 14 1993Highspeed Modems
1347.05JURA::SAPEY::LAROCHEThu Jan 14 1993Accents?
1348.06DETOO::HEARNFri Jan 22 1993ST277R usuable with 1
1349.03STKHLM::LETTERSTALWed Jan 27 1993Floppy drive engineer wanted!
1350.0SPESHR::HAMILTONTue Feb 02 1993STREPORT,AEO,ZNET, selected INTERNET NEWS - new location
1351.0SVCRUS::ADAMSMon Feb 15 1993LA7
1352.0XSTACY::GRAINNEFri Feb 19 1993New Conference - Personal Computer multimedia
1353.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJSun Feb 21 1993Is the ST/TT localtalk port useful?
1354.04TECRUS::ROSTWed Mar 03 1993No More STe ???
1355.01DPDMAI::BROWNLFri Mar 05 1993BBS LIsting.
1356.01BRUMMY::LOXTONThu Mar 11 1993Protext page breaks
1357.08KERNEL::BLANDWed Mar 24 1993Where is ATARI ST Review Magazine April'93?
1358.01WADD::REVERB::HANNAWed Mar 24 1993Looking for a Hard Disk
1359.03UFHIS::BFALKENSTEINSun May 02 1993CD-ROM driver anywhere?
1360.03SVCRUS::ADAMSWed May 12 1993New source for STREPORT or AEO?
1361.01UTROP1::BOUWMANS_JFri May 14 1993Megafile 3
1362.02ASD::MIDIOT::POWERSWed May 26 1993Getting online mags from the Internet
1363.0HLDEFri May 28 1993hardware questions on apollo monitor 8398-
1364.0WARNUT::BIDDULPHMThu Jun 17 199331
1365.01MR4SRV::GO41BN::WicksThu Jun 17 1993Old ST magazines - Free
1366.0UFRCS1::PIETERSONThu Jun 17 1993PORTFOLIO ???????
1367.01MIACT::MURPHYTue Jun 22 1993AutoStart with params?
1368.021EVMS::BMANWed Jun 30 1993Discussing the Falcon
1369.012GUCCI::HERBThu Jul 01 1993New Atari system
1370.03EVTAI1::RENOUVELMon Jul 05 1993Memory problems HEEEEEELP
1371.03UKARC1::CHAMBERLINMon Jul 05 1993Atari Works for the ST(E)?
1372.01EICMFG::SCHOENINGSun Jul 11 1993VRE
1373.0UNSINN::RUGGI::RUGGIEROSun Jul 11 1993looking for US keyboard / layout
1374.0HEART::MACHINThu Jul 15 1993Wanted: SM*44/equiv
1375.011971::MISKINISSun Jul 18 1993Atomic Robokid (the game)
1376.02UFHIS::BFALKENSTEINTue Aug 03 1993Help with resistor values
1377.014STKHLM::ARENDIThu Sep 02 1993Is Atari dead as a computer manufacturer?:-(
1378.0611971::MISKINISWed Sep 15 1993A Motif-like GUI platform for the ST
1379.04SEDSWS::MAYNEWed Sep 29 1993A/B Drives-How do you swap
1380.0KERNEL::BAYLISDTue Oct 05 1993Wanted: A colour monitor...
1381.05EICMFG::SCHOENINGThu Oct 07 1993Calamus knowledge in USA/Canada
1382.09COMICS::WBROWNMon Oct 18 1993TCPIP please ?
1383.016KERNEL::BLANDMon Oct 25 1993Where has all the Software gone?
1384.0ELIS::SCHUURMANSWed Oct 27 1993Le Professeur
1385.02STKHLM::ARENDISat Nov 06 1993Could be interesting...
1386.030EDDF1Tue Nov 09 1993GEMAR parameters for TZ3
1387.0TECRUS::ROSTMon Nov 22 1993Atari United/Falcon Owner's Group
1389.01UKARC1::CHAMBERLINTue Dec 07 1993Parallel printer port specs?
1390.03JUPITR::NROSSSun Jan 02 1994keyboard/mouse problem
1391.01TECRUS::ROSTMon Jan 03 1994Toad Computers (Mail Order Dealer)
1392.05COMICS::YOUNGTue Jan 04 1994Opinions/Purchasing Borland Turbo-C
1393.05FAILTE::ROBSONBWed Jan 12 1994Walnut Creek 'Gemini' Atari CD ROM disk
1394.0142Thu Jan 13 1994nroff.ttp for MiNT
1395.01JGO::CARECL::SYS_SMEELEThu Jan 13 1994rom upgrade mega2 v.s. mega-ste
1396.032FAILTE::ROBSONBThu Jan 20 1994"Mag!X" Alternative Operating System
1397.04STAR::BENSONFri Jan 28 1994disk problem queries
1398.03KERNEL::BLANDSat Jan 29 1994is this a CoSHy bug?
1399.011EDDF1Mon Jan 31 1994CoNnect
1400.04MSBCS::WALLACE_RThu Feb 03 1994SC1224 color monitor parts needed
1401.05SMURF::COUTUFri Feb 18 1994The first Atari Clone! Pandora/Medusa
1402.03KERNEL::BLANDWed Feb 23 1994PURE C please
1403.04SOLANA::MAY_BRFri Mar 25 1994List of Software Sources?
1404.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Apr 08 1994Atari loses truckload of money
1405.02JURA::HERMITAGEFri May 13 1994Monitor Resolution Problem
1406.0JURA::HERMITAGETue May 17 1994Monitor Swap - Colour for Mono
1407.01BASLG1::GORDONThu May 19 1994FARE THEE WELL
1408.024497Mon Jun 13 1994INTERNET QUESTION
1409.04STKHLM::ARENDIThu Jun 30 1994Atari and WWW (Mosaic)??
1411.01DISCO::HOBBINS_PTue Jul 12 1994Technical Help on Monitors required!!
1412.0UHUH::MARISONThu Oct 06 1994Wanted: old videogames...
1413.011EDDF1Thu Oct 27 1994I wouldn't buy a FALCON today ...
1414.02KERNEL::FARRANTLThu Oct 27 1994teach yourself touch typing. ?
1416.06UBOHUB::FARRANTLMon Nov 07 1994Updates la5
1417.02SEDSWS::MANSFIELDThu Nov 17 1994JAGUAR note?????
1418.01CSC32::COMULADAThu Dec 01 1994Label prog.
1419.01CSC32::COMULADATue Jan 03 1995Simple method?
1420.01EVTAI1::RENOUVELTue Jan 31 1995MEGA STE ==> Serial LJ25
1421.03FAILTE::ROBSONBSun Feb 12 1995MagicMac
1423.05FAILTE::ROBSONBFri Mar 31 1995New 'Atari World' Magazine
1424.02PAKORA::RBLAIRSat Apr 15 1995Can they talk ???
1425.0DECSNA::SYSTEMWed Jun 21 1995Atari 26
1426.0HLFSWed Jul 12 1995Q: GCC -> Emacs -> ???
1427.01PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Jul 13 1995Atari ST points of interest on WWW
1428.01SERVPC::KOPTue Jul 25 1995Looking for a ST emulator for PC
1429.010PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Jul 31 1995Moving files from Atari to Macintosh
1430.06COMICS::GLEDHILLTue Nov 21 1995help choosing st for Midi use!
1431.0FARAN::kurik.reo.dec.com::noddleThu Apr 11 19961
1432.0KERNEL::BLANDTue Aug 27 1996Demise of another mag - the birth of a new one
1433.0BGSDEV::ENGBERGTue May 06 1997ATARI 52