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Conference napalm::guitar

Title:GUITARnotes - Where Every Note has Emotion
Notice:Discussion of the finer stringed instruments
Created:Thu Aug 14 1986
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:3280
Total number of notes:61432
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1.0184XYLAR::RICKThu Aug 14 1986Introductions -- Who are you?
2.0512CVG::MARSHALLWed Mar 29 1989For Sale/Wanted
3.057ICS::BUCKLEYSat Oct 13 1990Conference Announcements/Moderation Issues
4.0257JANUS::FRASERFri Aug 15 1986Strings 'n' Things...
5.0123SMURF::GALLOThu Mar 21 1991Musicians Wanted/Looking
6.051PABLO::DUBEMon Aug 18 1986Sholtz SR&D Rockmodules
7.040ULTRA::OFSEVITMon Aug 18 1986Question on fret placement
8.010CHEAPR::SCANLANDMon Aug 18 1986Anderton's Effects
9.01GSRC::COOPERThu Apr 25 1991Conference Directory
10.046FREMEN::RYANTue Aug 19 1986Practice routines
11.0101COMET::STEWARTTue Aug 19 1986Your first guitar
12.040GENRAL::SURVILTue Aug 19 1986The best of the BEST
13.06SARAH::BUSDIECKERTue Aug 19 1986Getting Serious
14.014PRSRD::WILLIAMWed Aug 20 1986John Martyn
15.09ULTRA::OFSEVITWed Aug 20 1986slack key
16.0363ICS::BUCKLEYSat Oct 13 1990Guitar Noters Gigs -- Announcements Here
17.016ICS::BUCKLEYSat Oct 13 1990Concert/Tour Information for the MONSTER Players
18.0277ICS::BUCKLEYSun Oct 14 1990GUITAR Notes Get-Togethers
19.050DONNER::STEWARTWed Aug 20 1986Vintage Guitars
20.0143COLORS::SAVAGEThu Aug 21 1986What Amp Do You Like?
21.073THRUST::DAVISThu Aug 21 1986Influences
22.0114HERMES::CLOUDThu Aug 21 1986The Effects (FX) Note!
23.023ICS::BUCKLEYSun Oct 14 1990Guitarist R.I.P. note
24.034PARVAX::PFAUFri Aug 22 1986Acoustic Pickups
25.032XYLAR::RICKFri Aug 15 1986Blues Scales
26.074COMET2::LEVETTFri Aug 22 1986Favorite Acoustic Guitarists
27.02KDX2Wed Sep 20 1995Related Conferences
28.061BAXTA::BOTTOM_DAVIDMon Aug 25 1986Slide Guitar
30.05--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 25 1986MUSIC Notesfile
31.0394RANGLY::BOTTOM_DAVIDMon Aug 25 1986Electric Guitar Pickups
32.033HERMES::CLOUDTue Aug 26 1986Can it be done?
33.087COLORS::SAVAGETue Aug 26 1986Which Bass for you?
34.07MOSAIC::BUSENBARKTue Aug 26 1986Fender Solid State?
36.08BOGART::CALCAGNIWed Aug 27 1986Active Electronics
37.027VIKING::BUSENBARKWed Aug 27 1986Guitar Building?
38.018INK::MWHITEWed Aug 27 1986Exotic Scales
39.011FDCV18::CUMMINGSWed Aug 27 1986Strat Replacement Necks
40.013UNCLE::GEORGEThu Aug 28 1986Wanted: one-hour Martinitis
41.0KRYPTN::JASNIEWSKISun Aug 24 1986Vietnamese banjo
42.021FROST::SIMONWed Sep 03 1986Dobro
44.09FROST::SIMONFri Sep 05 1986Any good music stores in the Mass. area?
45.077BIMVAX::ZNAMIEROWSKIFri Sep 05 1986Whammys!
46.064DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Sep 09 1986Guitar tricks
47.0304BIMVAX::ZNAMIEROWSKIWed Sep 10 1986Your Equipment?
48.022HERMES::CLOUDWed Sep 10 1986Who makes the rules?
49.051COLORS::BUSENBARKWed Sep 17 1986Hamer Guitars?
50.014ATLAST::FRAZERWed Sep 17 1986Learning Classical
51.051DAIRY::SHARPWed Sep 17 1986Lefties of the world, !etinU
52.09USWAV3::KINNEYWed Sep 17 1986To order direct or not...
54.067INK::MWHITEMon Sep 29 1986The official LETS JAM note!
55.03DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Sep 29 1986Pinkies - flat or curved?
56.06EAYVTue Sep 30 1986What would you buy (Guitar and Amp) with $1
57.01STKA1::ANDERSSONTue Sep 30 1986Gibson Custom L-5
66.012PHUBAR::WELLSSat Oct 18 1986L6-S Information Wanted
67.0330PRISM::CLARKMon Oct 20 1986Strats and Near-strats
68.01BIMVAX::ZNAMIEROWSKITue Oct 21 1986Paint Jobs
70.026BARTOK::MEEHANWed Oct 22 1986I've never had a rock star fantasy, honest!
71.011PARSEC::MELENDEZWed Oct 22 1986Fret work...
72.03ESPN::HENDRICKSWed Oct 22 1986New conference on Folk Music
74.0313BARNUM::WOODThu Oct 23 1986Martin Guitars
75.019RDGEMon Oct 27 1986Double-neck Guitars
76.0186CDR::MORRILLMon Oct 27 1986QUALITY Guitar Repair
79.015KRELL::FRASERTue Oct 28 1986Ovation prices please...
81.014--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 31 1986Flanging & Chorus
82.032--UnknownUser--Sun Nov 02 1986COMBINATION OF FAVORITES
84.031DONNER::LEVETTTue Nov 04 1986Guild Guitars
85.013EAYVTue Nov 04 1986GUILD "STARFIRE"- ANY INFO ????
86.06UNCLE::GEORGEThu Nov 06 1986Intonation?
87.0125132Fri Nov 07 1986INFO > IBANEZ
89.05OASS::BOUCHARDMon Nov 10 1986Info on SG Custom
91.010NOVA::GIOIELLITue Nov 11 1986Out of retirement...WOW !
93.050GVADG1::HANNAWed Nov 12 1986Guitar signal processing
95.015BIMVAX::ZNAMIEROWSKIWed Nov 12 1986Integrity of Music Stores
96.04BCSE::RYANFri Nov 14 1986Classical guitar
97.05--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 17 1986Emily Remler
98.087VIKING::BUSENBARKTue Nov 18 1986SR&D Rockman
99.013GENRAL::ALBERTUSWed Nov 19 1986Music Emporium
100.03GENRAL::ALBERTUSWed Nov 19 1986Mahtin (snicker) Electric Lead
101.021WILMER::WILLIAMSWed Nov 19 1986Right Hand Techniques
103.09DONNER::STEWARTThu Nov 20 1986Stanly Jordan
104.0134HAVOC::MOSSFri Nov 21 1986Ideas For A Bass Amp
106.025KIRK::LONGMon Dec 01 1986Where to buy a Les Paul?
107.044MOSAIC::BUSENBARKMon Dec 01 1986Schematics Wanted!
110.0411PYONS::JENSENMon Dec 01 1986Eric Johnson and Playing Clean
112.019CSSE::CLARKTue Dec 02 1986Vintage Guitars - are they worth it?
114.0197RICKS::CALCAGNIWed Dec 03 1986Guitar tuner info wanted
116.014PARSEC::MELENDEZWed Dec 03 1986Reverb...
118.024EAYVThu Dec 04 1986Date wanted on ES-335
121.02HANDEL::KLOSTERMANWed Dec 10 1986Looking for Hip Shot Bass Expander
122.022HOPE::DAILEYWed Dec 10 1986Music Theory book for Guitarists?
124.04RICKS::MARTELThu Dec 11 1986Boston rockers - identify yourselves!
125.02RICKS::MARTELThu Dec 11 1986Walk Don't Run
126.042CSSE::CLARKFri Dec 12 1986rewiring strat help?
127.04USMRW1::RSCHAVONESat Dec 13 1986Cat Stevens
128.0DECWET::FURBUSHTue Dec 16 1986VOX Astro IV Bass
129.02FSTVAX::DMOREAUWed Dec 17 1986i as in Gibson???
130.03COLORS::SAVAGEThu Dec 18 1986Guild Brian May
131.011FURILO::PROPPERTue Dec 23 1986Teachers
133.07VENTUR::CAMUSOTue Dec 23 1986New Guitar Methods Book
136.0COLORS::SAVAGEMon Dec 29 1986Need a tuning key
137.0COLORS::SAVAGEMon Dec 29 1986Need humbucking pick-up
138.0PISCES::KELLYJMon Dec 29 1986Tom Rush at Symphony Hall
139.011SNO78A::PASFIELDMon Dec 29 1986Know any BLUEGRASS?
140.010COLORS::SAVAGETue Dec 30 1986Luthier supplies connection needed
143.014SQM::CLABORNThu Jan 08 1987FG-512...worth what?
144.012SPYDER::BRIGGSThu Jan 15 1987That 12 string sound?
145.084GLIND1::VALASEKTue Jan 20 1987G&L Guitars
149.0130NISYSE::GREENIDGEWed Jan 21 1987Top Ten Fingermen
151.041CASPRO::BGOSSSun Jan 26 1986Bad performers!!!!
154.0135CSSE::CLARKFri Jan 30 1987Solos that changed your world
155.063OCKER::STRAUSSSun Feb 01 1987current Les Paul prices ??
157.022CAD::BERRETTINIWed Feb 04 1987Practice makes . . .
158.010GENRAL::ALBERTUSWed Feb 04 1987Acoustic Double-neck?
159.015RICKS::CALCAGNIWed Feb 04 1987Sholtz SR&D Power Soak
160.013SPYDER::BRIGGSThu Feb 05 1987Chet Atkins.....
161.012SPYDER::BRIGGSThu Feb 05 1987POP solos...
162.016MOSAIC::BUSENBARKMon Feb 09 1987Dumble Overdrive?
164.08CARLIN::LAMBERTWed Feb 11 1987HELP, My baby is broke!
166.08SPYDER::BRIGGSThu Feb 12 1987You hum it, I'll play it...
168.08GLASS::SCHAFERSun Feb 16 1986Hagstrom Patch 2
169.09COMET2::STEWARTMon Feb 17 1986Wanted: Classical Guitar Recordings
170.023HERMES::CLOUDMon Feb 17 1986Rickenbackers....back in fashion?
171.061RICKS::CALCAGNITue Feb 18 1986Bass amps and tubes
172.0161ASGNQH::LINGLEYWed Feb 19 1986Carvin -- Guitars and Amplification
174.022CSSE::CLARKThu Feb 20 1986program to print chords/scales on neck
175.020ORION::LAQUERRESun Feb 23 1986Music to the movie "Crossroads"
179.0181ELWOOD::WALTONTue Mar 03 1987The Vaughan Bros. -- Stevie Ray & Jimmy
180.0106HAVOC::DESROCHERSTue Mar 03 1987Larry Carlton
181.04PARSEC::MELENDEZTue Mar 03 1987Help with amp head...
182.017KIM::HARMONTue Mar 03 1987Action Adjustment
184.014CAD::BERRETTINIWed Mar 04 1987Fred Frith or bust!
186.08OBLIO::ROYThu Mar 05 1987Circle of 5ths: Help
187.017SPYDER::TIERNEYFri Mar 06 198712 string tuning...
188.024KAOMFri Mar 06 1987GUITAR WORK
191.05USWAV8::KINNEYTue Mar 10 1987feelin' 'bout half past dead
195.030LEROUF::GENTILISun Mar 15 1987FENDER story
197.016ERASER::BUCKLEYTue Mar 17 1987Are You a ROCK Guitar Player ???
200.09BAXTA::JENNINGS_RICMon Mar 23 1987stop thieves
202.03MTBLUE::BOTTOM_DAVIDWed Mar 25 1987Roland Synth Interface
204.05CAVLRY::BUCKMon Sep 09 1991This is Note 2
207.08AQUA::ROSTWed Apr 01 1987DigiTech Delay Info Wanted
208.012CSSE::CLARKWed Apr 01 1987Playability
210.010FANTUM::DIGGINSThu Apr 02 1987Info on Hayman....
213.07STOWMA::LANGEWed Apr 15 1987Vintage bass pickups?
214.023SNEAKY::DORUDIANIWed Apr 15 1987Flamenco Guitar
215.010SPYDER::BRIGGSThu Apr 16 1987Tablature
216.08SPYDER::BRIGGSThu Apr 16 1987Classical Strings
218.09FDCV2Tue Apr 21 1987Help on choosing a guitar
219.03CAM1::ZNAMIEROWSKITue Apr 21 1987Fender Amp Date?
221.062ERASER::BUCKLEYThu Apr 23 1987Ozzy Osborn / Randy Rhoads
222.011LEROUF::GALLAGHERFri Apr 24 1987Nailed ...
223.015KRYPTN::JASNIEWSKIFri Apr 24 1987Evolution of the (electric) guitar
225.05XANADU::RUDNICKTue Apr 28 1987Fender Thinline??
226.06PANIC::SANGERWed Apr 29 1987Classical Guitar Advice (Yamaha 11
227.042TMCUK2::MODWed Apr 29 1987Cut those strings off!
228.022RETORT::BANKSWed Apr 29 1987Advice on upcoming purchase
230.019MORRIS::JACQUESMon May 04 1987Gibson Bass
232.062SPYDER::BRIGGSWed May 06 1987"Teach Your Children"
234.011KNOVAX::GIOIELLIWed May 06 1987Vintage Frets ? What's it worth ?
236.02NEDVAX::DPOWELLFri May 08 1987Removing Scratches?
237.082LEDS::ORSIMon May 11 1987Pedal Steel players at DEC?
241.018AYOV1Wed May 13 1987Fender '54 '57 and '62 strats
243.04AQUA::ROSTWed May 13 1987Phantom Guitars
244.011BCSE::DAUGHERTYFri May 15 1987Help! My amp is broken.
246.08RETORT::BANKSTue May 19 1987Date and value for Martin D-28?
248.025RICKS::CALCAGNIThu May 21 1987Guitar (re)finishing
249.052MILVAX::EATONThu May 21 1987Alesis Midi/Microverbs
255.010STRIPA::PELLERINTue May 26 1987Daddy's Junky Junky Service
256.02VIKING::BUSENBARKWed May 27 1987A Master Volume Installation.
257.012GYPSY::TURNERWed May 27 1987Used Strat Question
258.010AQUA::ROSTWed May 27 1987Eight Second Delay for Under $3
259.01EXPRES::CARMANWed May 27 1987Telecaster..yr?4$
261.04GENRAL::ALBERTUSFri May 29 1987Humbucker question
263.014KIM::HARMONTue Jun 02 1987Tired Of Fretting
265.015MEDUSA::ZICCARDITue Jun 02 1987There are no dumb questions, just dumb answers.
266.07RHETT::MCABEEWed Jun 03 1987El Maestro
269.06DREGS::BLICKSTEINThu Jun 04 1987Wanted: Pan pedal or multi-amp controller
272.026BMT::COMAROWSat Jun 06 1987Them Old Gibson Humbuckers
275.026KIM::HARMONMon Jun 08 1987Bass Technique
278.07BMT::COMAROWWed Jun 10 1987Chop Builders
281.0BMT::COMAROWMon Jun 22 1987The Smooth Baced Ovations
282.010HYDRA::BURNATue Jun 23 1987Help fixing an amp?
283.037DEPOT::FLATHERSTue Jun 23 1987fender strat look-alike
284.016STAR::KMCDONOUGHThu Jun 25 1987How do I tune this thing?
285.02AQUA::ROSTThu Jun 25 1987Steve Morse Model Guitar
289.019CSSE::CLARKWed Jul 08 1987Duke Robillard - Swing
291.01COUGAR::JACQUESMon Jul 13 1987Audio Media Research
292.016SALES::SURVEYMon Jul 13 1987Speakers!?
293.07ERLANG::SUDAMAMon Jul 13 1987Test Driving Guitars
299.011MOSAIC::BUSENBARKFri Jul 17 1987Old? vs New?
300.07CSSE::CLARKFri Jul 17 1987I'm making this up as I go ...
302.018POGO::HENDERSONMon Jul 20 1987Les Paul Studio?
304.017PARSEC::MELENDEZWed Jul 22 1987Classical electric...
306.043CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Jul 28 1987ES-335 players...
309.065VIDEO::BUSENBARKFri Jul 31 1987Power tube replacement?
310.023WFOVX6::ADAMTue Aug 04 1987Picking Technique?
311.04VIDEO::BUSENBARKThu Aug 06 1987Replacement pickup's Gain?
312.041CSSE::CLARKThu Aug 06 1987delaying my purchases
314.017DPDMAI::SMITHMOFri Aug 07 1987Open Tunings
320.065COUGAR::JACQUESWed Aug 12 1987Telecaster Pickups !!
327.065--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 20 1987WHO'S YOUR AXE HERO
328.030NEXUS::DICKERSONFri Aug 21 1987Ideas on improvisation
329.018AQUA::ROSTFri Aug 21 1987New MIDI Guitar from Casio
330.019GIBSON::DICKENSMon Aug 31 1987Seagull !
332.058BARNUM::RHODESWed Sep 02 1987wiring and electronics
333.0117MORRIS::JACQUESFri Sep 04 1987Off the Wall !!!!!
336.012GNERIC::SIEGELWed Sep 09 1987Problem with Ringing...
337.05DV78Thu Sep 10 1987New Acoustics
339.063COUGAR::JACQUESMon Sep 14 1987Guitar on TV
342.096ECAVAX::VALASEKMon Sep 21 1987Guitar magazines
344.018MORRIS::JACQUESWed Sep 23 1987Grateful Guitars !
346.053DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Sep 28 1987Arm motion and speed
347.08GEMVAX::GRANTMon Sep 28 1987BOC sheet music?
348.07ERLANG::SUDAMAMon Sep 28 1987Rebuilding damaged acoustic
349.016FOO::BHAVNANIMon Sep 28 1987Questions, Questions!
350.019IMGAWN::MOREAUTue Sep 29 1987guitar in the '8
351.04CRISTA::MAYNARDWed Sep 30 1987Help-Dark Side Of The Moon
354.02GNERIC::SIEGELFri Oct 02 1987Les Paul on Letterman
356.015MORRIS::JACQUESTue Oct 06 1987Sitar sound effect ??
357.07MORRIS::JACQUESWed Oct 07 1987Inventors !!
358.015MRMFG1::C_DENOPOULOSWed Oct 07 1987Trying to pick up again.
359.011CIMNET::JNELSONWed Oct 07 1987echoplex cassettes
364.06DEPOT::FLATHERSTue Oct 13 1987need help on single coil adjust.
365.03GNERIC::SIEGELWed Oct 14 1987Arion Effects
366.09GNERIC::SIEGELWed Oct 14 1987Patch Cords
367.05MORRIS::JACQUESWed Oct 14 1987George Harrisn in Guitar Player
369.010FOO::BHAVNANISun Oct 18 1987PAIA kit, CryBaby WahWah
371.018ZEN::SABADAThu Oct 22 1987Guitar amp purchase - help!
372.021MIST::CARSTENSENThu Oct 22 1987Cost of a RAT
373.03BUSY::JMINVILLEFri Oct 23 1987Re-Tubing an Amp: What's The Scoop?
374.038MORRIS::JACQUESFri Oct 23 1987Snob Appeal
375.02NEDVAX::DPOWELLMon Oct 26 1987Loading Problem
378.06SONATA::LANGETue Oct 27 1987Chapman Stick info???
380.09STAR::KMCDONOUGHThu Oct 29 1987Guitar Columns
381.010SONATA::LANGEFri Oct 30 1987Guild Bass: 18" scale...
383.03FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIThu Nov 05 1987Suzuki Electronic Guitar
384.04CRONIC::PCUMMINGSThu Nov 05 1987Amp Repair ?...
385.05FLOWER::JASNIEWSKIFri Nov 06 1987Casio DG-2
394.05PLANET::WATKINSFri Nov 13 1987SPX-9
395.0186PLDVAX::JACQUESFri Nov 13 1987New Fender Twin !!!
396.019AQUA::ROSTMon Nov 16 1987Two More Tube Makers Drop Out
397.04CSSE::CLARKWed Nov 18 1987bass book recommendations?
398.0176AQUA::ROSTThu Nov 19 1987Phil Keaggy on CD
399.08FLOWER::DEMBOSKIFri Nov 20 1987tuning till it hurts
401.01EAYVTue Nov 24 1987Strat SYS II Set Up
405.0301MTBLUE::BOTTOM_DAVIDMon Nov 30 1987ADA preamps
407.05MORRIS::JACQUESWed Dec 02 1987Shimming up a Tele neck !!
408.0ANGORA::JACQUESWed Dec 02 1987Gordon's new store in Worcester
411.064UHURU::LAMBERTMon Dec 07 1987Mail Order / Dealer Addresses / Music Store Info
416.032ISTG::WARDENThu Dec 10 1987Dating Fenders?
417.018DREGS::BLICKSTEINThu Dec 10 1987*Their* toaster oven has an automatic browner!!!
418.07DELNI::GOSSThu Dec 10 1987Don't get mad! but what?
420.041DREGS::BLICKSTEINThu Dec 10 1987The Official Mode/Modal Theory note
421.026DREGS::BLICKSTEINThu Dec 10 1987What do you "think" about when improvising?
423.012DREGS::BLICKSTEINFri Dec 11 1987Soloing approachs (improvisation vs. planned)
424.026FSTVAX::GALLOFri Dec 11 1987**Discontinued Fender Parts**
425.02CLT::RONANMon Dec 14 1987Guitar-maker information
427.011--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 15 1987Would be axe man seeks help!
428.070MTBLUE::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Dec 15 1987Instructional Video tapes
429.04316BITS::OMALLEYWed Dec 16 1987Practice drum machine
432.010UHURU::LAMBERTThu Dec 17 1987Computer Program for Theoretical Musicians
439.029ROLL::GAUTHIERMon Dec 21 1987Acoustic Advice Wanted
442.051DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Dec 22 1987Metronomes
443.08NEXUS::DICKERSONTue Dec 22 1987A classical axe?
444.026MTBLUE::BOTTOM_DAVIDWed Dec 23 1987Scalloped necks...
447.014BAXTA::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Dec 29 1987Beginning Music Reading
450.036PNEUMA::WOODBURNWed Dec 30 1987small amp advice wanted
451.04SRFSUP::MORRISMon Jan 04 1988Graphite Nutz
452.016BUSY::JMINVILLETue Jan 05 1988Signal Processors -- Help!
453.09SPYDER::BRIGGSWed Jan 06 1988Classical Works
455.012CSSE::CLARKWed Jan 06 1988Pignose?
456.09UHURU::LAMBERTFri Jan 08 1988How to buy used guitars
457.011BUSY::JMINVILLEFri Jan 08 1988Thin Body Acoustic/Electrics?
458.07VIDEO::BUSENBARKFri Jan 08 1988Whammy installation help?
459.05CSSE::CLARKFri Jan 08 1988guitar directory
463.04PSYCHE::WOODBURNThu Jan 14 1988Carlsbro Amps?
466.01AQUA::ROSTFri Jan 15 1988Rumor Mill
467.01SRFSUP::MORRISFri Jan 15 1988Silicone string bass
468.01SPCTRM::SECURITYSun Jan 17 1988HELP! Vox Phantom VI
469.09BOARDS::CASWELLWed Jan 20 1988Show me the light.....
470.084BUSY::JMINVILLEWed Jan 20 1988Fingering/Scale Help
471.020EARWIG::BRIGGSThu Jan 21 1988Question on Guitar Notation...
473.0CAPVAX::ZNAMIEROWSKISat Jan 23 1988Cheap Parts Prices In E. MA?
474.02SNO78A::PASFIELDSun Jan 24 1988Acoustics with Preamps and Knobs
478.023VOX1::WOODBURNTue Jan 26 1988intonation adjustment tips
479.019RICKS::CALCAGNITue Jan 26 1988LPB-1
481.03CCYLON::ANDERSONTue Jan 26 1988Torsion rod replacement
485.012MALLET::VPCSThu Jan 28 1988STRAT HAPPY - Can't wait till Saturday
486.04ANGORA::JACQUESThu Jan 28 1988Fathead
487.018ANGORA::JACQUESThu Jan 28 1988Hipshot string bender !!
488.021VOX1::WOODBURNThu Jan 28 1988hummmm question
491.016ANGORA::BUSHEEWed Feb 03 1988Can anyone REALLY learn?
495.08CNTROL::GEORGESat Feb 06 1988new frets for an old neck
496.011CAPVAX::ZNAMIEROWSKISun Feb 07 1988Finishing Materials
497.010ILO::DOODYMon Feb 08 1988Passive monitor problem
500.016HAVOC::DESROCHERSWed Feb 10 1988Yamaha REX5
503.09CSC32::G_HOUSEThu Feb 11 1988Mental blocks to creativity?
504.020FTMUDG::HENDERSONThu Feb 11 1988Quantitative or Qualitative?
506.0230AQUA::ROSTTue Feb 16 1988Steve Morse
507.016CSSE::CLARKTue Feb 16 1988Is Chuck Berry a Phony?
508.09HPSTEK::SHUCKTue Feb 16 1988Strings buzzing against other fretts,bad or not?
509.08HPSTEK::SHUCKTue Feb 16 1988Good guitar between $2
513.06--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 29 1988Where do you buy MAXIMA GOLDS ?
514.030ERASER::BUCKLEYWed Mar 02 1988Guitarists/Bassists input to Springjam `88
515.06JACKAL::MURRAYWed Mar 02 1988Guitar Column??
516.07NCVAX1::DICKSThu Mar 03 1988"Stereo" Bass
517.04PCCAD2::RICHARDJThu Mar 03 1988Music Help Please
523.01JACKAL::MURRAYTue Mar 08 1988Guitar Column 1
526.04HAVOC::DESROCHERSFri Mar 11 1988DEAN 88, what's the scoop?
529.013ROLL::BEFUMOMon Mar 14 1988Different Tubes for Fender Amps?
531.011JACKAL::MURRAYTue Mar 15 1988Guitar Column II
534.024SASE::MOREAUThu Mar 17 1988Playing slumps?
537.077SAMURI::COOPERFri Mar 18 1988Wireless unit info
538.015SAMURI::COOPERFri Mar 18 1988New Guitar "FX" processors
539.01CAVEAT::COLEFri Mar 18 1988Pedal Steel Stuff
540.014PNEUMA::WOODBURNFri Mar 18 1988where to buy tubes?
542.04SASE::MOREAUFri Mar 18 1988Help!What kind should I get?
546.05FHQ::LANGEThu Mar 24 1988Refinishing Bass Cab Question's.
547.07SASE::MOREAUThu Mar 24 1988When/where/why do you play your best?
548.06POLAR::CALDWELLFri Mar 25 1988Suggestions for 5 String Basses
551.019CRONIC::PCUMMINGSFri Mar 25 1988Boss Overdrive pedals ?
553.04SALEM::ABATELLIFri Mar 25 1988Can high voltage effects damage your amp???
557.06FLOWER::JASNIEWSKITue Mar 29 1988Making of THE PREACHER
558.01727778::RICHARDJWed Mar 30 1988Bluegrass Picking ?
560.09DECLNE::OKELLEYWed Mar 30 1988Pickup for an Ovation?
561.030CUJO::MALKOSKIWed Mar 30 1988Acoustic improvements
564.030--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 31 1988Gallien Krueger Amplification
565.051MSDOA2::POLLARDFri Apr 01 1988Bass strings & Pickups
568.02SRFSUP::MORRISMon Apr 04 1988Death of a CE-1
575.011--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 07 1988Howard Roberts (jazz guitarist)
576.08VIDEO::BUSENBARKThu Apr 07 1988Stereo guitar setup problems?
577.05SRFSUP::MORRISThu Apr 07 1988"Southern" style
579.013TARKIN::TTESTAFri Apr 08 1988Jargon and nomenclature questions...
582.010FPTVX1::KINNEYWed Apr 13 1988Rare Bird? Ugly Duckling?
585.053--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 13 1988Two handed tapping techniques
587.03GOONEY::LANGEThu Apr 14 1988Frank Gambale, Electric Band Guitarist
589.02MELANG::MAEZThu Apr 14 1988Live music (Guitarists/Bassists) concert reviews
590.025BUSY::JMINVILLEFri Apr 15 1988Building a Tele w/ humbuckers
591.06CCYLON::ANDERSONFri Apr 15 1988Whats up with MUSIC and COMMUSIC
592.021SRFSUP::MORRISFri Apr 15 1988who uses tone knobs?
596.016FSLENG::CAMUSOWed Apr 20 1988Guitarsmiths
599.016--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 20 1988Rockbloc Deluxe Amplifier ??
600.01ELWOOD::CAPOZZOThu Apr 21 1988Guitarist Needed ASAP
603.049VIDEO::BUSENBARKFri Apr 22 1988Opinions on effects?
604.02NYJMIS::JENKINSMon Apr 25 1988PG-38
605.011--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 25 1988Sweep picking ?
607.010ALL41::BOUCHARDMon Apr 25 1988Looking for SG-LesPaul
608.068LARVAE::BRIGGSTue Apr 26 1988Fender Squires...
610.013SLDA::SCHNARETue Apr 26 1988WHAT IS BI-AMPING??
611.047HAZEL::CLARKTue Apr 26 1988Artist Guitar Endorsements
614.02DREGS::BLICKSTEINFri Apr 29 1988Cable TV show for Guitar Players
615.06PCCAD2::RICHARDJMon May 02 1988Bluegrass Concert
616.06--UnknownUser--Mon May 02 1988Two outlets for equipment !!
620.023--UnknownUser--Wed May 04 1988Roland Jazz Chorus Amplifiers
622.03FILMOR::JTAYLORThu May 05 1988diminished HELP
625.017--UnknownUser--Mon May 09 1988Speaker impedance ..
627.080SAMURI::COOPERTue May 10 1988Crate Amplification
630.02ROLL::BEFUMOWed May 11 1988I HATE it when that happens!
635.036DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue May 17 1988Pick and Hammer
638.089ANGORA::JACQUESWed May 18 1988Vintage Amplifiers/Guitars
645.036BRUNEL::GARYSun May 22 1988Fender Id please
648.06CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue May 24 1988Truss Rod Wrench?
649.07HAMPS::JOYCE_ATue May 31 1988Help! My guitar is sick...
653.08GLIND1::VALASEKTue May 31 1988FATHEADs, Are they worth it ?
656.015PLDVAX::JACQUESThu Jun 02 1988Sustainiac
657.08SUBURB::DALLISONThu Jun 02 1988Starforce 8
660.02AQUA::ROSTMon Jun 06 1988Boston Area EV Speaker Dealers???
664.04LARVAE::BRIGGSTue Jun 07 1988Recommended Acoustics....
665.010BARITue Jun 07 1988Pastorius effect & MIDI
667.04VAXWRK::INGRAMTue Jun 07 1988What's a Les Paul Firebrand?
671.06MTBLUE::MEYER_TOMSun Jun 12 1988Stick?
672.04AQUA::ROSTMon Jun 13 1988GUitar Amps With DIGITAL Reverbs
673.05AQUA::ROSTMon Jun 13 1988The Guitorgan as MIDI Controller
674.056MARKER::BUCKLEYWed Jun 15 1988The DiStOrTiOn/GAIN Topic
675.01LARVAE::BRIGGSFri Jun 17 1988'Cut Away' Acoustics...
678.08PLDVAX::JACQUESSun Jun 19 1988Attention, Musical Ins. Auction
680.04BPOVMon Jun 20 1988HowTO protect autograph ???
681.016NATASH::RUSSOMon Jun 20 1988Any info on 198
683.06VAXWRK::INGRAMTue Jun 21 1988Looking for info on '71 Les Paul Custom
685.0172FILMOR::JTAYLORWed Jun 22 1988fender amp info?
686.03VIVIAN::BENNETTWed Jun 22 1988A Real Fender Strat' ?
687.048JACKAL::MURRAYThu Jun 23 1988Clapton on TV tonite
690.033CSC32::G_HOUSEThu Jun 23 1988I got new guitar fever, any ideas?
692.03ERIC::BELLFri Jun 24 1988Ball and Pivot Info ?
693.03STAR::KMCDONOUGHFri Jun 24 1988Where's MUSIC/DB?
694.018WILKIE::JTAYLORMon Jun 27 1988Little Guitars
696.016VIVIAN::BENNETTTue Jun 28 1988Yamanose Pigmaha ... !!!
697.08INK::BUCKLEYTue Jun 28 1988Robin Guitars
698.03SHIPIT::FULLERTue Jun 28 1988Advise needed
700.013ECAVAX::VALASEKTue Jun 28 1988Finger excercises, anywhere anytime ?
701.03MLNAD1::TURNERWed Jun 29 1988The new Dylan ?
703.05HAVOC::DESROCHERSThu Jun 30 1988BOSS ME-5 Effects
704.0104MLNAD1::TURNERThu Jun 30 1988Fender Telecaster
709.02CVG::MCCORMACKTue Jul 05 1988!help! w/OU812
710.037MARKER::BUCKLEYTue Jul 05 1988Tone Control `Secret' Settings
711.013WFOV11::ADAM_MTue Jul 05 1988Music Stores in Boston
712.011BTO::PEDERSENDWed Jul 06 1988Floyd Rose...HELP!!
714.08HAZEL::STARRFri Jul 08 1988GOD returns!
716.023CSC32::G_HOUSEFri Jul 08 1988Trouble demoing equipment?
719.022LARVAE::BRIGGSWed Jul 13 1988Who is Albert Lee?
724.09SUBURB::DALLISONMon Jul 18 1988metal deposits - HELP !!!!
728.07PCCAD2::RICHARDJWed Jul 20 1988Another Buzz Question
733.0PCCAD3::RICHARDJFri Jul 22 1988Birch Hill Bluegrass
734.0ATLAST::LACKEYFri Jul 22 1988Desperately seeking sheet music...
736.09DREGS::BLICKSTEINFri Jul 22 1988Seeking the Joy of Man's Desiring ;-)
738.073USMRM4::BGROCHOWSKIFri Jul 22 1988Four Track Recording
739.02CNTROL::MANIONFri Jul 22 1988Guitar School?
740.01BMT::COMAROWSat Jul 23 1988Reading Piano Music-Guitar and Bass
741.030DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Jul 25 1988Truss Rod Problems
743.013SRFSUP::MORRISTue Jul 26 1988Steinberger clones
746.012WAV12::POWELLDWed Jul 27 1988Yamaha GEP5
751.013VAXWRK::INGRAMWed Aug 03 1988Mail Order Guitar Parts
752.03VAXWRK::INGRAMWed Aug 03 1988Humbucker Wiring Options
754.01ANT::JACQUESWed Aug 03 1988Drummer looking for new gig !!!!
756.0CHEFS::IMMSAFri Aug 05 1988guitar catalogues
757.0112ANT::JACQUESFri Aug 05 1988Takamine acoustic/electrics???
758.04HOMBAS::CONROYFri Aug 05 1988< No, not Herb >
759.09PNO::HEISERFri Aug 05 1988Teaching Guitar
764.01STEREO::PERRYTue Aug 09 1988Guitar Workshop?
766.05NITMOI::MELENDEZWed Aug 10 1988Are you in Europe...
767.017BOOKLT::WIEGLERWed Aug 10 1988American Strat made in Korea?
769.05TWEED::P_CUNNINGHAMThu Aug 11 1988I want an Ovation
770.01SMAUG::SPODARYKThu Aug 11 1988Guitar prompts
771.03FNYADG::PELLATTThu Aug 11 1988Harmonic / Frequency Theory
772.022VIDEO::BUSENBARKFri Aug 12 1988Mesa Boogie opinions?
773.011BOEHM::SUDAMAFri Aug 12 1988What to do with moody amps?
775.05CLT::RONANMon Aug 15 1988Guitar techician in the area
779.05GVATue Aug 16 1988semi-acoustic bass
780.022ANT::JACQUESTue Aug 16 1988Roy Buchanan, dead at 49
781.02AQUA::ROSTTue Aug 16 1988Di Marzio Stomp Box Goes To 11
782.04NITMOI::MELENDEZTue Aug 16 1988Almo amps...
783.03GVAWed Aug 17 19882nd hand shops in UK???
790.07GVAMon Aug 22 1988What is an Humbucker
791.05GVAMon Aug 22 19885 string bass tuning?
792.014USADEC::KALINOWSKIMon Aug 22 1988Stanly Jordon Anyone?
797.02WMOIS::MACKAYThu Aug 25 1988Crosby, Still, Nash and YOU
798.0--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 26 1988
800.015WMOIS::MACKAYFri Aug 26 1988Define Lead Guitarist
803.08RDGENG::KEDMUNDSSun Aug 28 1988What price a Strat?
804.04VOLKS::RYENMon Aug 29 1988BASS thru a guitar amp?
805.025CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Aug 29 1988Robben Ford
806.031PNO::HEISERMon Aug 29 1988Your Favorite's Favorite
809.031--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 30 1988Tube Replacement Info Wanted
810.06FSTVAX::GALLOTue Aug 30 1988Bass Cab Info Needed
812.045BOEHM::SUDAMAThu Sep 01 1988portable amplifiers
813.074--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 01 1988TEACHERS - good/bad - why ?
817.039PNO::HEISERFri Sep 02 1988The Official Electric Guitar Dictionary
823.03BPOVTue Sep 06 1988MAIL-ORDER APPRAISALS ???
824.023VOLKS::RYENTue Sep 06 1988Strat - rewire for 5 pos switch? How?
825.035SUBURB::DALLISONWed Sep 07 1988nuts !!!
827.091FSHQA2::SBEAUPREWed Sep 07 1988Theory/practice questions
828.014SUOSW1::SJOQUISTThu Sep 08 1988plans/book for building?
831.07PARITY::SZABOThu Sep 08 1988'68 Strat Reissue- Comments?
832.07RUGRAT::POWELLThu Sep 08 1988Passive Tone Circuit
833.0SUBURB::DALLISONMon Sep 12 1988Fingerbone guitars
838.018VIVIAN::BENNETTTue Sep 13 1988Robert Cray
844.033MISFIT::EPSTEINJFri Sep 16 1988GIT
850.019JANUS::EVANSMon Sep 19 1988Changing volume levels please.
852.045VISUAL::MILLINGTue Sep 20 1988Taylor guitars
853.040SUDAMA::SUDAMAThu Sep 22 1988Waxing pickups?
858.010AQUA::ROSTFri Sep 23 1988Advice From Bassists on Small Thiele Cabs ????
860.091ANT::JACQUESFri Sep 23 1988Roland GP8 and Boss ME5 !!!
862.042CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Sep 26 1988Stereo Guitar amps?
863.08ROLL::BEFUMOTue Sep 27 1988SEEN ANY EB-
867.011DPDMAI::MALONEYTue Sep 27 1988Blues Question
871.08GVAWed Sep 28 1988EB-X range
873.04ERASER::BUCKLEYThu Sep 29 1988Musiclord Amplification (Marshall clones?)
878.012ROLL::BEFUMOFri Sep 30 1988UGHH - Not another speaker building question!
884.07HAMPS::JOYCE_ATue Oct 04 1988Any Dim ideas ?
885.037VIVIAN::BENNETTTue Oct 04 1988Put the pedal to the metal ???
889.039HAZEL::STARRWed Oct 05 1988Jeff Healy
890.018CSC32::G_HOUSEWed Oct 05 1988Cabinet impedence when using 2
891.024CSC32::G_HOUSEWed Oct 05 1988EQs
893.08ROLL::BEFUMOThu Oct 06 1988Bandmaster for bass/bassman for guitar?
894.06CDR::JNELSONThu Oct 06 1988Looking for banjo news/clews
899.08VAXWRK::INGRAMFri Oct 07 1988Difference between "bridge" and "fingerboard" pickups?
900.025ASHBY::BEFUMOSat Oct 08 1988Fender Speaker Impedence?
907.013SUBURB::DALLISONTue Oct 11 1988Gibson Les Paul 25/5
908.066MAY1Tue Oct 11 1988Washburn guitars
916.042CLBMED::JMINVILLEWed Oct 12 1988Playing and Singing
920.0395FNYHUB::PELLATTThu Oct 13 1988EXCLUSIVE - "Satriani scrambled my brian"
924.066ROLL::BEFUMOFri Oct 14 1988The official Hot Rod/Amp Mod note!!!
925.018RICKS::CALCAGNITue Oct 18 1988Guitar Speak: the album
926.012FSTVAX::GALLOTue Oct 18 1988Sunn Gear!
928.018POBOX::KOTSCHARJANATue Oct 18 1988Warm Up Techniques
931.012IOENG::STJEANWed Oct 19 1988" help!!!!!!!!"
933.017WELMTS::GREENBThu Oct 20 1988Advice on new guitar sought
934.06CSC32::G_HOUSEThu Oct 20 1988Force speakers
935.0HAMSC3::MICHAELThu Oct 20 1988REX5
936.05WMOIS::RAYThu Oct 20 1988Trying to understand
939.019ANT::JACQUESFri Oct 21 1988Strength in Numbers !!!
942.023MARKER::BUCKLEYMon Oct 24 1988A Wood by any other name...
943.09JANUS::EVANSMon Oct 24 1988modal help please
945.026ROLL::BEFUMOTue Oct 25 1988L-Pads as Master Volume Controls??
947.030COGMK::RUDNICKTue Oct 25 1988acoustic pickups
948.02AYOV18::DKIRKWOODTue Oct 25 1988RENOWN 4
954.010PNO::HEISERWed Oct 26 1988Mixing Acoustics
956.059AISVAX::ALVARADOFri Oct 28 1988Multieffects Units
960.021VIDEO::TASSINARIMon Oct 31 1988Monitor Help
961.07DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDMon Oct 31 1988Need Phone/address for Musicman
963.05JGO::OPERATORThu Nov 03 1988Maxima Gold Strings
964.04PEOVAX::BOYERThu Nov 03 1988Les Paul on Cinemax
965.049RICKS::CALCAGNIFri Nov 04 1988Bedrock Amplification
968.013FGVAXR::MASHIATue Nov 08 1988Tuck Andress
969.05FPTVX1::KINNEYWed Nov 09 1988Song not THAT familiar says jury
970.0ANT::JACQUESWed Nov 09 1988Pendulum acoustic preamp
971.095DISCVR::ALVARADOThu Nov 10 1988DSP-128 by Digi-Tech
972.015FSTVAX::GALLOFri Nov 11 1988Bass Advice Needed.
973.07FSTVAX::GALLOFri Nov 11 1988Pickup Wiring Advice Needed
974.08SPHINX::WEBERFri Nov 11 1988Creative Anachronism
975.054BTO::RIVERS_DSat Nov 12 1988Gretsch Guitars
976.08SCOMAN::BOUCHARDSat Nov 12 1988Yamaha MT2X
979.022WILLEE::NOGUEIRATue Nov 15 1988Hollow-body Electric???
980.01AQUA::ROSTTue Nov 15 1988Acoustic Guitar Reverb
981.02WMOIS::S_BRYSONTue Nov 15 1988Fender Pro Reverb Amp - help needed!!
982.08BUSY::JMINVILLETue Nov 15 1988Advice on equipment needs
983.07ROLL::BEFUMOWed Nov 16 1988More HUMMM problems
984.02SLDA2::SCHNAREThu Nov 17 1988Music Education at the Musicians Institute
985.09WELMTS::GREENBSun Nov 20 1988Sigma acoustics
988.08--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 21 1988Adding LED's to footswitches ...
989.06ROLL::BEFUMOTue Nov 22 1988PC boards for tube amp circuits?
991.011WELMTS::GREENBWed Nov 23 1988Harrass your local storeowner?
993.03CGFSV1::EDMENGWed Nov 23 1988speaker protection
996.013RICKS::CALCAGNITue Nov 29 1988Gibson ES-34
1000.095VMSSPT::NICHOLSMon Feb 13 1989Seeking Gibson Appraisal
1001.07POLAR::CALDWELLWed Nov 30 1988HELP!! I need a CARVIN 5 STRING BASS
1002.020SASE::MOREAUThu Dec 01 1988Lap steel tuning?
1005.016TRUCKS::JANSEN_JFri Dec 02 1988Gibson Vibrato
1006.08AQUA::ROSTTue Dec 06 1988Bass Rockman
1007.04ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Dec 06 1988HEX analog vs. Guitar Synth
1010.033SUDAMA::SUDAMATue Dec 06 1988Info on MIDI guitar synths
1011.0224SQUID::GOODWINWed Dec 07 1988Questions on Vintage Fender Amps
1014.05SQUID::GOODWINFri Dec 09 1988Another stupid question on amps
1015.06ROLL::BEFUMOMon Dec 12 1988Source of pots with push-pull switch?
1016.0298RAINBO::WEBERTue Dec 13 1988Gibson Archtops
1019.09SUBURB::DALLISONThu Dec 15 1988Vantage Guitars
1020.075TSG::FORBESThu Dec 15 1988Talk Classical Guitar Anyone?
1023.06ROLL::BEFUMOFri Dec 16 1988What are JBL 22
1025.03SUBURB::GOREIMon Dec 19 1988Who was that masked man?
1026.05SRFSUP::MORRISMon Dec 19 1988Rick Nielsen's 5 neck Hamer
1030.017FSTVAX::GALLOMon Dec 19 1988Tele Bass?
1033.0128MAY1Wed Dec 21 1988Vox Amplification
1035.02CASVWed Dec 21 1988Hiwatt Amplification
1037.04ROLL::BEFUMOSat Dec 24 1988Sundown Amplification
1040.07AZUR::DOTTITue Dec 27 1988Dread bass Direct - recording
1041.041CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Dec 27 1988the new Fender Super 6
1043.09SASE::MOREAUThu Dec 29 1988Keys please
1044.023DECWIN::KMCDONOUGHThu Dec 29 1988Found in the WantAds
1045.011RAINBO::WEBERThu Dec 29 1988Most Expensive Curly Maple?
1046.08--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 30 1988The Fuzz Bass Note
1047.0110WMOIS::MACKAYFri Dec 30 1988Guitar/Bass Instruction -- Recommendations
1051.035SALEM::PARKERTue Jan 03 1989Randall Amplification
1056.01ROLL::BEFUMOThu Jan 05 1989Fernandes LE-1 opinions?
1060.05FPTVX1::KINNEYThu Jan 05 1989Do you collect or have a collection?
1063.02BLUMON::EVANSFri Jan 06 1989Les Paul into Klipschorns
1064.05VAXWRK::INGRAMFri Jan 06 1989Address (or phone) for Gibson Parts?
1066.05--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 09 1989Anyone have a used guitar?
1067.056NATASH::RUSSOTue Jan 10 1989question on neck adjustments...
1069.010CHEFS::DOWNSCWed Jan 11 1989Charlie Christian solo transcriptions.
1070.093BUSY::JMINVILLEWed Jan 11 1989Paul Reed Smith Guitars
1072.016TRUCKS::LITTENThu Jan 12 1989NEW KID IN TOWN.....
1073.064WMOIS::S_BRYSONThu Jan 12 1989Ampeg Amplification
1075.09TSG::FORBESFri Jan 13 1989Help With Dampening
1077.07HAMPS::JOYCE_ATue Jan 17 1989Why buy D-I-Y ?
1082.04AQUA::ROSTThu Jan 19 1989SR&D Rockman RP-1
1083.03STAR::DONOVANThu Jan 19 1989Instrument rental question
1084.0116276::BEFUMOThu Jan 19 1989Recommendations for compact bass amps?
1086.04ROLL::BEFUMOThu Jan 19 1989How does an RMS control work?
1091.07FSTVAX::GALLOMon Jan 23 1989Bullet Bass Info Needed
1092.0168SQUID::GOODWINMon Jan 23 1989Chronology of the Les Paul
1094.012AQUA::ROSTMon Jan 23 1989George Bush
1095.09SUBURB::DALLISONTue Jan 24 1989Directory of UK Guitarists
1096.02DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Jan 24 1989WD pickguards?
1099.06SAURUS::AICHERTue Jan 24 1989VALUE OF MARTIN D-35?
1101.027BUSY::JMINVILLEWed Jan 25 1989Guitar Tech
1103.01799CSC32::G_HOUSEThu Jan 26 1989Kitty Hawk Amplification
1104.04AZUR::DOTTIFri Jan 27 1989Bass help wanted for recording jazz/blues
1106.05VIDEO::TASSINARIMon Jan 30 1989Bass Neck Adjustment
1110.08DISCVR::HAJIMon Jan 30 19891st time guitar buyer seeking help
1111.023PNO::HEISERMon Jan 30 1989Zion guitars
1112.013HAVOC::DESROCHERSTue Jan 31 1989Satriani on Letterman tonight
1116.012KBOMFG::MACKINNONWed Feb 01 1989wrist problems
1117.07BUSY::KELLYWed Feb 01 1989Bass excersises?
1121.0112FULMER::MACKENZIEFri Feb 03 1989Fender Strat Plus - any thoughts?
1122.05RICKS::CALCAGNIFri Feb 03 1989Nobels Sound Studio 1
1124.035CDR::JNELSONFri Feb 03 1989INTONATION
1125.010HAZEL::STARRFri Feb 03 1989Shielding a guitar to prevent hum
1126.07TRUCKS::JANSEN_JSat Feb 04 1989John McFee
1128.04SPGOGO::DADDIECOMon Feb 06 1989Band Banners
1129.024DEALIN::PICARIELLOMon Feb 06 1989Help, Music Inst. of Hollywood
1132.0127RAINBO::WEBERTue Feb 07 1989Gibson Semisolids
1135.09TSG::FORBESThu Feb 09 1989Stanley Jordan at WPI
1141.010SQUID::GOODWINMon Feb 13 1989Wanted: Electronics Knowledge
1144.029AQUA::ROSTMon Feb 13 1989B.C. Rich Guitars --- Base Note
1147.02SENIOR::MORIGITue Feb 14 1989Rickenbacker 33
1149.077ASAHI::COOPERThu Feb 16 1989MIDI Controllers
1150.05BPOVThu Feb 16 1989Info needed on Truss Rod replacement-RD77 Bass
1151.0416BITS::OMALLEYFri Feb 17 1989New England Speaker info
1152.09DNEAST::GREVE_STEVEFri Feb 17 1989Guitar Bugs...
1153.015TALLIS::MUMFORDFri Feb 17 1989Danelectro Guitars
1158.010BAGELS::MONDOUTue Feb 21 1989Help a would-be player?
1161.047RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEFri Feb 24 1989What would you do ...
1164.011ANT::JACQUESMon Feb 27 1989cryogenically treated strings
1167.09CHEFS::DALLISONTue Feb 28 1989US vs UK electrical differences ??
1169.014--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 28 1989stratocaster mod in GP
1171.013FULMER::MACKENZIEWed Mar 01 1989Getting Back on Track
1172.012AQUA::ROSTWed Mar 01 1989Is It Live Or Is It Memorex?
1173.017ONFIRE::MOHRWed Mar 01 1989Your favorite noisemaker
1178.017AQUA::ROSTFri Mar 03 1989Best Guitarist in Boston Contest
1180.042CHEFS::DALLISONSun Mar 05 1989How do you have a memory like a computer ?
1181.05CHEFS::IMMSAMon Mar 06 1989Jerry Donahue
1182.043ANT::JACQUESMon Mar 06 1989Daddy's Junky Music
1184.03CXCAD::TRANMon Mar 06 1989Expert advice needed
1186.01PIKES::MAEZMon Mar 06 1989I need to know this gear!
1187.030ELWOOD::ANDOMon Mar 06 1989Perfect Pitch!
1188.015DNEAST::PARENT_TODDMon Mar 06 1989Talk Box
1195.010NATASH::RUSSOFri Mar 10 1989Miking acoustic guitars
1200.013CGOFS::EDMENGMon Mar 13 1989lefty trems
1203.04FDCVTue Mar 14 1989Who's Chris Farlowe?
1204.042ZYDECO::MCABEETue Mar 14 1989Acoustic bass guitar
1215.07RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEFri Mar 17 1989Alvarez Regency Information
1217.015POBOX::KALLEVIGBSat Mar 18 1989Wanted: 4 TRAX RECORDER
1218.09FSTTOO::GALLOMon Mar 20 1989Pickup Feedback help needed
1220.011DNEAST::GREVE_STEVEMon Mar 20 1989Help Walkman To Fender Amp...
1221.07ANT::JACQUESTue Mar 21 1989Living in perfect Harmony !!
1223.046DUBThu Mar 23 1989EMG humbucker problem
1226.013ANT::JACQUESThu Mar 23 1989New processor from Korg
1227.011YUPPY::BENNETTThu Mar 23 1989My Strat' don't singggg the blues no more.
1228.028ASHBY::BEFUMOThu Mar 23 1989Dating A Strat?
1232.010FOO::BHAVNANIMon Mar 27 1989VOX - SolaSound Info
1236.03BAHTAT::BELLWed Mar 29 1989Good stores in Florida?
1237.04SUBSYS::ORINThu Mar 30 1989Guitar Wurlygig
1238.014ONFIRE::MOHRThu Mar 30 1989more pickup troubles!
1239.02--UnknownUser--Sun Apr 02 1989BIG Leslie for Guitars or keyboards
1240.096STAR::TPROULXMon Apr 03 1989Tubes: name brand vs. generic
1241.012CGOFS::EDMENGMon Apr 03 1989Life & Times of Django
1243.05SQUEKE::AVWed Apr 05 198999's still have acoustic music?
1244.0HAZEL::STARRWed Apr 05 1989Blues and R&B Conference Announcement
1245.013DISCVR::HAJIThu Apr 06 1989changing string set - intonation
1246.012TALLIS::BELANGERFri Apr 07 1989GIBSON ES 355
1248.03ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Apr 10 19898" speaker suggestions?
1250.07ASHBY::BEFUMOTue Apr 11 1989A question for the theory gurus . . .
1252.04FSTVAX::GALLOWed Apr 12 1989Amplifier Impedance
1253.063DEMING::CLARKThu Apr 13 1989Danny Gatton!
1254.05BFLAT::SYSTEMThu Apr 13 1989Old Silvertone parts needed
1256.05LEMAN::SIMMONSThu Apr 13 1989Scott Joplin Rags
1257.014AQUA::ROSTFri Apr 14 1989New Line Of Gretsch Guitars
1258.01GIAMEM::DERRICOFri Apr 14 1989Q: on Duncan's Hawkbucker.
1262.05NACAD::R_PEPETue Apr 18 1989Need help in adjusting bass strings.
1264.012PNO::HEISERTue Apr 18 1989Teaching Guitar in Foreign Countries
1265.066DEALIN::ODONNELLThu Apr 20 1989Favorite ADA-MP1 preamp settings - Sounds like...
1266.04CAVEAT::COLEThu Apr 20 1989Left high and dry
1267.051PNO::HEISERThu Apr 20 1989Michael Hedges
1269.08DNEAST::GREVE_STEVEFri Apr 21 1989Stereo Phone plug to Mono Effect
1273.017CSOA1::TEATERFri Apr 21 1989Mitchell Amplification
1274.05FOO::BHAVNANIFri Apr 21 1989IPS-33 Smart-Shift Harmonizer by Digitech
1275.010FSTVAX::GALLOSun Apr 23 1989Bass Rig Advice Needed.
1277.08STAR::TPROULXMon Apr 24 1989Yamaha electrics
1278.03CLOSUS::GSMALLSMon Apr 24 1989Chords...personality and emotion
1279.010AQUA::ROSTMon Apr 24 1989Wild In The Streets
1280.031TOOK::SUDAMAMon Apr 24 1989The Noise Reduction note
1283.049FIELD::WARNERTue Apr 25 1989Effects Help
1284.014MAMIE::JTAYLORThu Apr 27 1989famous chord progressions{help}
1286.06CAPVAX::ZNAMIEROWSKIFri Apr 28 1989Headstock Inlays?
1287.011PNO::HEISERFri Apr 28 1989Talking Guitars
1288.01CAADC::WDBOUCHAFri Apr 28 1989Silvertone Electric worth anything?
1289.022PNO::HEISERMon May 01 1989Picking Patterns
1290.037PNO::HEISERMon May 01 1989Power Amps w/no effects
1291.013MUSKIE::DICKSTue May 02 1989Stereo Components as Effects
1292.05DRONET::ROBERTWed May 03 1989who knows Takasaki ?
1293.072GAOVWed May 03 1989Mesa Boogie info please
1294.08VIDEO::BUSENBARKWed May 03 1989Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp Review
1295.013CHEFS::DALLISONWed May 03 1989ESP Guitars
1296.06ARETE::COOPERThu May 04 1989Info on Hot Tuna acoustic guitar albums?
1298.07NATASH::RUSSOMon May 08 1989combo humbucker/single coil advice wanted
1299.019AQUA::ROSTMon May 08 1989Tube Amp Shortage Scare Again, Film At 11....
1301.09MOSAIC::WEBERTue May 09 1989The Gibson L-5S
1302.0CSC32::G_HOUSETue May 09 1989Nady Amplification
1303.06ASAHI::COOPERTue May 09 1989Jackson Amplification
1304.012CHEFS::DALLISONTue May 09 1989Unmarked guitars - identifying ??
1307.05SALEM::ABATELLIWed May 17 1989What is a Gibson Les Paul "XR-1"?
1308.025PNO::HEISERWed May 17 1989Instrumental Tracks from Popular Albums
1310.036RAVEN1::BLAIRWed May 17 1989The World's BIGGEST Jam?
1311.06POBOX::KALLEVIGBWed May 17 1989Chicago Jammin'
1312.038BTOVT::BEST_GThu May 18 1989(-: Those Wonderful Egos :-)
1313.0141HAMER::COCCOLIThu May 18 1989ART SGE Effects Processer
1315.09GIAMEM::DERRICOTue May 23 1989Hartke Bass cabs?
1316.011SNOFS1::HOODTue May 23 1989G.I.T. - Guitar Institute of Technology
1317.08FSTVAX::GALLOWed May 24 1989Bass Rig Survey
1319.032CSOA1::TEATERSun May 28 1989LEO KOTTKE
1323.05FSTVAX::GALLOWed May 31 1989Resale Princing of Traded Guitars
1326.06RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEThu Jun 01 1989Mini-warehouses for band practice.
1327.042RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEThu Jun 01 1989Stolen equipment - would you buy it ?
1328.08NRPUR::DEATONFri Jun 02 1989Octave Pedals
1329.0146MARKER::BUCKLEYFri Jun 02 1989Metaltronix Amplification (Perfect Connection)
1330.03STAR::DONOVANSat Jun 03 1989Custom Amp Covers?
1331.036171::CLARKMon Jun 05 1989what's a biflex truss rod?
1332.016STAR::KMCDONOUGHMon Jun 05 1989Amp Stand Info Wanted
1333.026HAZEL::STARRMon Jun 05 1989Marshall head keeps blowing fuses
1334.030ANT::JACQUESThu Jun 08 1989Your own store, what would you do differant ??
1339.018AQUA::ROSTMon Jun 12 1989Keeping It Down
1340.02FROST::SIMONTue Jun 13 1989Help with bone nut removal?
1341.08CECVTue Jun 13 1989"Walking" the Bass?
1342.010DNEAST::GREVE_STEVEWed Jun 14 1989Turn Arounds??
1343.0COOKIE::WITHERSFri Jun 16 1989Help Finding The "Laud" ...
1345.020DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDMon Jun 19 1989Hearing and Rockman's
1347.032DNEAST::GREVE_STEVEMon Jun 19 1989Stage Fright, Freddy Kruger Melloncamp...
1348.03NRPUR::DEATONMon Jun 19 1989Mountain Guitars?
1351.0TROAFri Jun 23 1989Toronto Guitar Ensemble
1352.028STAR::KMCDONOUGHFri Jun 23 1989Hand Size
1353.0169SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Jun 23 1989Official Charvel note
1359.010ANT::JACQUESTue Jun 27 1989Guitar WurlyGig, any interest??
1360.042SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Jun 28 1989Strange"WHAT IF"
1361.016SQUID::GOODWINWed Jun 28 1989THD Amplification
1365.018SALEM::PARKERFri Jul 07 1989Paul Gilbert -- Mr. Big
1366.012POLAR::CALDWELLFri Jul 07 1989Ernie Ball/Trace Elliot bass rig
1368.028DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDMon Jul 10 1989Rivera Amplification
1369.03STAR::TPROULXMon Jul 10 1989Groovy Gretches
1371.03SIGVAX::KARRFALTTue Jul 11 1989Alice's Resturant Massacree
1372.07SQUID::GOODWINTue Jul 11 1989Celestion Speaker Info
1373.018ZYDECO::MCABEETue Jul 11 1989Chet's electric classical Gibson
1374.04RAVEN1::BLAIRWed Jul 12 1989Yamaha Image Custom Opinions?
1375.021LEDS::SULLIVANWed Jul 12 1989Sweaty palms & neck-sliding blues
1377.08FPTVX1::KINNEYThu Jul 13 1989Your Indulgence Please
1380.057MISING::SFAFRAKThu Jul 13 1989The ULTIMATE guitar rig!
1381.06AQUA::ROSTFri Jul 14 1989Speaker Emulators---Base Note
1382.022VOLT::GALLOTue Jul 18 1989Peavey Bass Amps
1383.023DNEAST::PUSHARD_MIKETue Jul 18 1989Setting up the PA
1384.045COMET::MESSAGETue Jul 18 1989News of Gibson
1386.012CASPRO::PELLERINWed Jul 19 1989>Learn By Tape ???\
1387.04KLO::WALSHWed Jul 19 1989Orange Amplification
1389.09NRPUR::DEATONWed Jul 19 1989Pocket Rock-It Headphone Amplifier
1390.05VIDEO::TASSINARIThu Jul 20 1989Starting Over - Musical Comebacks
1391.010CSMET2::MARIANIThu Jul 20 1989Help with compressor settings
1392.027SUBURB::COLEJFri Jul 21 1989Help Me Please, novice in distress!
1393.036LARVAE::BRIGGSFri Jul 21 1989Fender Champ 12s
1394.01PNO::HEISERMon Jul 24 1989Mic line level convertors
1398.05AQUA::ROSTWed Jul 26 1989Harmony Question---Substitutions in Blues Changes
1399.027HAVOC::DESROCHERSWed Jul 26 1989Lighting and Noise (hum)
1400.088DNEAST::GREVE_STEVEWed Jul 26 1989A little music humor...
1401.024KLO::WALSHThu Jul 27 1989Home recording?
1402.09BTOVT::BEST_GThu Jul 27 1989Volume Pedal Problem
1403.016--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 28 1989Need Strat Stats....
1406.06SCENIC::BYRNEMon Jul 31 1989Tabulature Books.
1408.019RAVEN1::DANDREATue Aug 01 1989More Strat info needed...
1409.08KIPPIS::LEHTINENTue Aug 01 1989Eventide H3
1410.026HAMER::COCCOLIWed Aug 02 1989Tube driver/pre amp info needed
1412.033ESKIMO::AUSTINFri Aug 04 1989Beginning to play at 28
1413.0452DRONET::ROBERTMon Aug 07 1989Ibanez guitars.
1414.03SCENIC::BYRNEMon Aug 07 1989Music for Wish you were here?
1415.09SMAUG::SPODARYKMon Aug 07 1989'That' sound.
1416.098PNO::HEISERMon Aug 07 1989Starter Rack System
1417.01FOO::BHAVNANITue Aug 08 1989Stage monitor amp advice?
1418.046RAVEN1::DANDREAWed Aug 09 1989What makes a guitar sustain?
1421.016GOES11::G_HOUSETue Sep 22 1992Manufacturers Information / Addresses!
1422.050SWAV1::STEWARTFri Aug 11 1989HOT Equipment Price Quotes!!!
1423.09PAULUS::BAUERTue Aug 15 1989keyboards anyone ?
1424.017NRPUR::DEATONTue Aug 15 1989Running Direct into the PA
1425.035FOO::BHAVNANITue Aug 15 1989Digital reverb pedals?
1426.013AMP::GALLOWed Aug 16 1989Singing and Playing the Bass
1427.011NACAD::R_PEPEThu Aug 17 1989Bass Player Magazine
1429.02KAOFS::D_STJEANFri Aug 18 1989SAD4
1430.031MPGS::MIKRUTMon Aug 21 1989Seymour Duncan or EMG? Help!!
1431.011NRPUR::DEATONMon Aug 21 1989Low End Amp Head Sought
1433.010STAR::KMCDONOUGHMon Aug 21 1989Guitar head games
1435.0127VIDEO::BUSENBARKMon Aug 21 1989Pat Martino?
1436.02AZUR::DOTTITue Aug 22 1989Yamaha RBX 2
1440.05WELCUT::GREENBThu Aug 24 1989Hofner guitars
1442.016CRISTA::MAYNARDFri Aug 25 1989Help
1443.02CSC32::H_SOSat Aug 26 1989Let's Boogie!!!
1446.012RAINBO::WEBERMon Aug 28 1989Kenny Burrell
1448.033AQUA::ROSTWed Aug 30 1989Food For Thought---Are We Killing Music?
1449.06TFH::TORABIWed Aug 30 1989Need help to buy a guitar in Shrewsbury area
1450.012CSMET2::MARIANIWed Aug 30 1989I've gigged with Republicans...
1451.07GAOVFri Sep 01 1989Pedal controlled backing ...
1452.04ASHBY::BEFUMOFri Sep 01 1989Strat Pickup Covers?
1453.016RAINBO::WEBERFri Sep 01 1989Emily Remler
1454.013BBQ::CLARKESun Sep 03 1989?Gibson Les Paul SG?
1455.024TCC::COOPERTue Sep 05 1989ART SGE Presets
1456.08ROLL::BEFUMOTue Sep 05 1989Graphite Necks?
1458.018CHEFS::DALLISONWed Sep 06 1989Effects of Neck Bending on guitars
1459.020VIDEO::STEELESWed Sep 06 1989POWER TUBES - 6L6 VS. 5881
1463.01MARLIN::DIORIOFri Sep 08 1989Bruce Bartlett
1464.016ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Sep 08 1989Floyd Rose setup
1465.038USRCV1::REAUMEFri Sep 08 1989Roland GP-16 multieffect
1467.041JUNCO::AUSTINFri Sep 08 1989Kramer Guitars
1468.028HAMER::KRONSat Sep 09 1989Building a PedalBoard
1469.013RAVEN1::KIRKPATRICKMon Sep 11 1989KEYBOARDS w/ ROCK/BLUES guitar
1473.05STAR::DONOVANTue Sep 12 1989The Lowdown on Swamp Guitar
1475.047RAVEN1::DANDREAWed Sep 13 1989Let's get funny....
1476.01RUGRAT::POWELLWed Sep 13 1989Need Ozite Source
1477.015HAZEL::STARRWed Sep 13 1989QSC Power Amps
1479.0144RICKS::CALCAGNIThu Sep 14 1989Jeff Beck
1481.04AQUA::ROSTSat Sep 16 1989Boss BE-5B Pedalboard for Bass
1482.025DNEAST::PUSHARD_MIKEMon Sep 18 1989Equalizing a Hall
1483.039ZEKE::WOZNIAKMon Sep 18 1989Sick Boogie - Help!
1484.08SQUID::GOODWINMon Sep 18 1989Tube Interchangeability
1489.026ANT::JACQUESWed Sep 20 1989seeking advice on Blues Harp
1490.09CHEFS::DALLISONThu Sep 21 1989Volume pedal spring mechanism
1491.03WMOIS::S_BRYSONThu Sep 21 1989Pro Reverb amp problem
1494.056VNABRW::EXELTue Sep 26 1989the mystic world of tremolos
1495.05ACESMK::RUDNICKSat Sep 27 1980Dobro information
1498.0142RAVEN1::BLAIRThu Sep 28 1989I want to learn how to solo (now!)
1499.012RAVEN1::BLAIRMon Oct 02 1989Digitech GSP-5 Processor
1501.011LEMAN::SIMMONSMon Oct 02 1989There must be a God
1502.036RAVEN1::DANDREAMon Oct 02 1989D.O.D. Supra-Distortion opinions...
1507.044FSTTOO::GALLOThu Oct 05 1989Airlines & Guitars
1508.028SUBURB::COLEJThu Oct 05 1989Rosewood or Maple ?
1510.021HAZEL::STARRFri Oct 06 1989Gig Bags?
1511.02GIDDAY::COOKSun Oct 08 1989PA Multicore/stage boxes
1512.01SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Oct 09 1989ART Proverb 2
1513.013VLNVAX::ALECLAIREMon Oct 09 1989In-Guitar Preamp Circuit?
1516.050USRCV1::REAUMETue Oct 10 1989H+K Red Box/Cream machine
1517.07ESKIMO::AUSTINWed Oct 11 1989What's intonation?
1519.034MARLIN::DIORIOThu Oct 12 1989Allan Holdsworth
1521.031CSC32::G_HOUSEFri Oct 13 1989How are 4x12 cabinets normally wired?
1522.033STAR::KMCDONOUGHMon Oct 16 1989Use those Strap Locks!
1524.021HAVOC::DESROCHERSTue Oct 17 1989Small practice amps
1527.09PNO::HEISERMon Oct 23 1989Guitar stores in LA
1528.02FERNEY::HUDELOTTue Oct 24 1989Carvin Pro Bass II 4
1529.07AQUA::ROSTTue Oct 24 1989Chandler Electronics---Base Note
1530.09WJOUSM::MAYTue Oct 24 1989WHAT HAS TEN STRINGS???
1531.01HPSCAD::RFACCENDATue Oct 24 1989Add ground to tube amps?
1533.027STAR::BARTHWed Oct 25 1989Questions re: amps, Ibanez, Peavey, etc.
1534.011MFGMEM::DERRICOWed Oct 25 1989Traynor Amps / Yorkville Sound
1535.0168RAINBO::WEBERWed Oct 25 1989Jazz Guitarists
1536.085FSTTOO::GALLOThu Oct 26 1989Fender Bass Info Needed
1537.02FSTTOO::GALLOThu Oct 26 1989Empty Bass Cab Needed
1539.02SPKALI::BOILARDThu Oct 26 1989Information on Gretsch guitars
1540.036PNO::HEISERThu Oct 26 1989How to buy guitar equipment
1541.040COPCLU::SANDGRENFri Oct 27 1989Yamaha FX5
1542.030COPCLU::SANDGRENFri Oct 27 1989HELP!! Which amp shall I buy...!
1543.08AQUA::ROSTMon Oct 30 1989The Gibson Moderne
1544.09CSC32::G_HOUSEMon Oct 30 1989Insulation in a guitar cabinet?
1545.05FERNEY::HUDELOTTue Oct 31 1989Pickups and Strings vs beginners...
1546.026JUPITR::DIETZWed Nov 01 1989Strings on a fretless bass.
1547.011DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDThu Nov 02 1989Eric Schoenberg Soloist guitars
1551.01USRCV1::REAUMEThu Nov 09 1989Leadmaster amp
1552.023ASAHI::COOPERFri Nov 10 1989MIDI Mixer...
1553.034ASAHI::COOPERTue Nov 14 1989Help with covering speaker cabs...
1554.0HAMER::COCCOLITue Nov 14 1989Pocket Midi devices
1555.022AQUA::ROSTWed Nov 15 1989Keith Richards' 5 String Tuning
1556.044MARKER::BUCKLEYWed Nov 15 1989The Stylus Pick -- Learn to Burn!
1557.020MENACE::ROLLAMon Nov 20 1989Painfull Practice
1560.090FSTVAX::GALLOMon Nov 27 1989Amp Repair Needed
1561.09FSTVAX::GALLOMon Nov 27 1989Disable PV DDT compression?
1562.05ASAHI::COOPERMon Nov 27 1989Contracts
1563.027ASAHI::COOPERMon Nov 27 1989Peavey DATAbass
1565.01RICKS::CALCAGNITue Nov 28 1989Cheap bass amps
1566.08SALEM::JLONGWed Nov 29 1989fingerpicking drills?
1567.072TOMCAT::GOODWIN_SWed Nov 29 1989Guitar Player Hall of Oblivion
1568.033ASAHI::COOPERThu Nov 30 1989How much to charge for a gig...
1569.05WILKIE::OLOUGHLINThu Nov 30 1989Lonnie Mack
1570.02KYOA::ELZAMSFri Dec 01 1989Mel Bay Cassette?
1571.030RICKS::CALCAGNIFri Dec 01 1989High-end Basses: the state of the nation
1572.031NEWVAX::POISSONSat Dec 02 1989Left handed novice needs help
1575.016RUTILE::ZWARTTue Dec 05 1989Speaker Probs with my celestions
1576.017SALEM::PARKERWed Dec 06 1989A QUESTIONS ON OHMS?????????
1577.036SSGBPM::FLANAGANThu Dec 07 1989Truss rod adjustment ?
1580.03NEWVAX::POISSONFri Dec 08 1989Anthology or share tabs?
1581.09ESKIMO::AUSTINFri Dec 08 1989winter dryness bad for guitars?
1582.017ROYALT::BUSENBARKMon Dec 11 1989Robben Ford
1583.016WMOIS::RAYMon Dec 11 1989Bass or Synth-bass
1584.07VIKING::JACQUESTue Dec 12 1989Music stores in the Franklin, Ma area ??
1585.011RUTILE::ZWARTWed Dec 13 1989speaker choice for guitar amps
1586.034MARKER::BUCKLEYWed Dec 13 1989The next decade -- Predictions for the 9
1587.04EMC2::PELLATTWed Dec 13 1989Freak Out for Armenia ?
1588.026ROCKY1::MERCIERWed Dec 13 1989Roland Products
1589.019FSTVAX::GALLOWed Dec 13 1989Amp Repair Situation
1590.012AQUA::ROSTThu Dec 14 1989GP Reader Base Is Getting Narrower
1591.07JUPITR::DIETZFri Dec 15 19895 string Bass.
1593.06GIDDAY::STRAUSSMon Dec 18 1989re-lining a guitar case?
1594.05RAVEN1::BLAIRMon Dec 18 1989Burlington, Vermont Stores and Clubs
1595.012DASXPS::GWILLIAMSMon Dec 18 1989"What? You say you're through with me..."
1598.08ORCAS::MCKINNON_JAMon Dec 18 1989info: MESA BOOGIE'S
1600.012FSTTOO::GALLOTue Dec 19 1989Pickups - Active vs. Passive
1601.03FSTTOO::GALLOTue Dec 19 1989Tube Drivers For Bass
1602.0NWDTue Dec 19 1989Comments sought: Bartolini GRT on Rick 4
1603.01AZUR::DOTTIWed Dec 20 1989Need to compress an acoustic bass when recording
1612.023VLNVAX::ALECLAIREFri Dec 29 1989Warmouth
1614.027CIMNET::GRIFFITHFri Dec 29 1989Recommended electric/acoustics...
1615.017BTOVT::BESSETT_KFri Dec 29 1989Info Needed on Tuning Machines
1616.025POBOX::KOTSCHARJANASat Dec 30 1989direct vs. miking guitar
1618.01MORK::MALKOSKIWed Jan 03 1990Acoustic/electric Pre-amps?
1619.02ARIANE::HUDELOTWed Jan 03 1990Japanese/American necks
1620.04HPSTEK::PELLETIERWed Jan 03 1990Good Deal/Bad Deal
1621.02COPCLU::SANDGRENFri Jan 05 1990Fender 'The Twin' settings
1622.0142DNEAST::GREVE_STEVESun Jan 07 1990Jimi Hendrix
1624.017FACVAX::ADSUPPORTTue Jan 09 1990Beginner's Bass Q's
1625.020USRCV1::REAUMETue Jan 09 1990NAMM '9
1628.020MPGS::TURPINTue Jan 09 1990Lets "PICKUP" the talk..!
1629.09ROLL::BEFUMOWed Jan 10 1990Identify this OLD epiphone?
1631.050SNELL::ICKESThu Jan 11 1990Mesa Boogie - Studio 22 ??
1632.050CSC32::G_HOUSEThu Jan 11 1990What colors look best for performance?
1633.05VLNVAX::ALECLAIREThu Jan 11 1990Wood Vs Lightning
1634.028MAMIE::HAMELFri Jan 12 1990Seeking Guitar/Amp advice
1636.026BSS::COLLUMFri Jan 12 1990Razzle Dazzle Stories
1637.05WACHU2::HERTZBERGMon Jan 15 1990"Click Tracks" or other Tempo Practice Methods?
1638.016DECWIN::KMCDONOUGHTue Jan 16 1990Harmony Guitars
1639.06NCBDVX::HOHMDTue Jan 16 1990Martin 2nd owner needs advise on repair/guarantee
1640.047PNO::HEISERTue Jan 16 1990Kitty Hawk amp settings
1641.09CRISTA::MAYNARDWed Jan 17 1990Help-chord sequences!
1642.020AQUA::ROSTWed Jan 17 1990The Mender---Channel Switch Retrofit For Old Fenders
1643.03GAOVWed Jan 17 1990ME-5 BOSS effects UNIT ?
1644.08ASHBY::BEFUMOThu Jan 18 1990Framus guitars?
1645.023CNTROL::PLOURDEFri Jan 19 1990Learning at 3
1647.04CBROWN::PLAFONDFri Jan 19 1990"Blasing ChOpS!! or Blasing C.O.S"
1650.014LOTE::FORBESTue Jan 23 1990Replacement Tuners for a Les Paul
1651.03ASAHI::COOPERWed Jan 24 1990Allen Collins
1652.04NEEPS::IRVINEWed Jan 24 1990Gibson Serial Numbers
1654.038LOOKUP::BUCKLEYFri Jan 26 1990John Pearse Strings
1655.01620BSS::COLLUMFri Jan 26 1990Marshall Amplification
1656.015OASS::MCMILLAN_BMon Jan 29 1990Effects questions
1657.093FREEBE::REAUMEMon Jan 29 1990SOHO Acoustics preamp - Insane Gain
1659.08DRONET::ROBERTTue Jan 30 1990Ibanez story
1660.014CIMAMT::KELLYTue Jan 30 1990Tempos for classical pieces
1662.03READ::BLUMENSTOCKTue Jan 30 1990Advice on fretboard work needed.
1663.021ASAHI::COOPERWed Jan 31 1990Breathing and Seeing in a smoke-filled club
1665.0381CSC32::G_HOUSEWed Jan 31 1990GUITARnotes tape?
1667.04VULCAN::GATESThu Feb 01 1990Electric Guitar Output Levels?
1669.050PNO::HEISERFri Feb 02 1990Digital effect pedals
1670.026MFGMEM::DERRICOMon Feb 05 1990SWR SM-4
1671.082SHAPES::BROWNMMon Feb 05 1990Beginner Extraordinaire !!!
1672.07CHEFS::DALLISONMon Feb 05 1990Active problems
1673.09YENREF::HUDELOTWed Feb 07 1990Bass Tuning problem
1675.026NATASH::RUSSOThu Feb 08 1990Help me tune my Ibanez!!!
1676.02VLNVAX::ALECLAIREFri Feb 09 1990Tolex glue?
1677.0MFGMEM::DERRICOMon Feb 12 1990Lopsy Lu- Any written text?
1678.03AZUR::DOTTITue Feb 13 1990two transducers in series - does it make sense?
1679.08CRISTA::MAYNARDTue Feb 13 1990Radical Technique!
1680.045NRPUR::DEATONTue Feb 13 1990Looking for a primer on electric guitars
1681.03PAULUS::BAUERWed Feb 14 1990SPX9
1682.023TCC::COOPERWed Feb 14 1990What is Fat and thin ??
1683.014FSTTOO::GALLOWed Feb 14 1990Rickenbacker Bass Questions
1684.09NEEPS::IRVINEThu Feb 15 1990TAB Exercises
1685.030PROXY::MOREAUFri Feb 16 1990Tendonitis and other affictions
1687.05WOTVAX::MACKENZIERMon Feb 19 1990Norman Acoustics
1691.08FREEBE::REAUMEThu Feb 22 1990A band's NIGHTMARE!
1692.014ACESMK::RUDNICKFri Feb 23 1990learning the last 1
1693.012RAVEN1::BLAIRFri Feb 23 1990 CD magic
1694.020FOO::BHAVNANIMon Feb 26 1990PreAmp, PowerAmp Circuits/Kits?
1695.06NRPUR::DEATONWed Feb 28 1990Stomp Box Controllers?
1696.06--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 28 1990FENDER SUPER REVERB - ???$$$???
1697.016ESKIMO::AUSTINWed Feb 28 1990Too much for a beginner?
1700.048RUTLND::SHALLOWFri Mar 02 1990Boston's Best II
1701.06TOOK::SUDAMAFri Mar 02 1990John Hammond in Maynard - this weekend
1704.083FREEBE::REAUMEWed Mar 07 1990RARE Amps - a blast from the past!
1706.0112NRPUR::DEATONFri Mar 09 1990PA Survey
1707.065RAVEN1::BLAIRFri Mar 09 1990Constructing a proper axe portfolio
1709.035DECWIN::KMCDONOUGHFri Mar 09 1990Serious Guitarists Only
1710.010KIRKTN::IGOLDIEFri Mar 09 1990WEM Amplification
1712.03PSYLO::JOHNSONMon Mar 12 1990Polytone Problem
1714.0144FREEBE::REAUMETue Mar 13 1990REXX acoustics - Canadian upstarts
1715.024MFGMEM::RATTEYTue Mar 13 1990Gibson ES-335 Modification
1717.090AQUA::ROSTWed Mar 14 1990ZOOM Effects Processors
1718.027WFOVX5::WALTHALLWed Mar 14 1990Versitile Equip. for Classical Rock/Blues
1719.031BAHTAT::BELLThu Mar 15 1990Rehearsing ?
1720.08NRPUR::DEATONFri Mar 16 1990Bass guitar for a child
1721.04KYOA::ELZAMSFri Mar 16 1990Lighter Strings - or Change Action?
1722.050ASAHI::SCARYSun Mar 18 1990Stupid Strat Questions ...
1724.04BUSY::JMINVILLEMon Mar 19 1990Advice needed on Les Paul "Special"
1726.011FSTVAX::GALLOMon Mar 19 1990Bass Adjustments Demo Wanted
1727.023CSOADM::SHUMWAYMon Mar 19 199083 Tele
1728.02MILKWY::JACQUESTue Mar 20 1990datacaster
1729.011RAVEN1::BLAIRTue Mar 20 1990An invitation to read-only types
1730.06MPGS::MIKRUTTue Mar 20 1990Help with Kahler Adjustment
1732.0374FSTVAX::GALLOWed Mar 21 1990'Official' Peavey Note
1733.010RUBY::MCCONNELLWed Mar 21 1990Acoustic Versions of Classic Rock
1735.01IOENG::JWILLIAMSWed Mar 21 1990MY LIFE
1736.035PNO::HEISERWed Mar 21 1990Diversified, Versatile Guitarists
1737.019POLAR::CALDWELLWed Mar 21 19906 String Bass Pickups Needed
1738.017GLIVET::SAGEARWed Mar 21 1990Opinions Wanted: Fender Strat vs. Gibson ES-335
1739.07LUDWIG::TEMP3Wed Mar 21 1990KMD Amplification
1741.013CIMAMT::KELLYFri Mar 23 1990Soldando Amplification
1742.023PNO::HEISERFri Mar 23 1990Musicians & Taxes
1743.013VAXWRK::SAKELARISFri Mar 23 1990Bashing Anyone?
1744.024SIOG::PKIRKFri Mar 23 1990Blues Effects Equipment....?
1745.024NAVIER::STARRFri Mar 23 1990Eric Clapton Signature Model Strat
1747.039SMURF::BENNETTFri Mar 23 1990Guitar Slang Note
1749.064ASAHI::SCARYSat Mar 24 1990Blues Saraceno
1752.016TAGART::SOMERVILLETue Mar 27 1990writing your own stuff?
1753.0166LOOKUP::BUCKLEYWed Mar 28 1990The "Tone" Topic
1754.0363LOOKUP::BUCKLEYThu Mar 29 1990What's New in Chord Scale Land...Anything?
1755.021BAGELS::KNOXThu Mar 29 1990compressor for Bass ???
1757.022DECWIN::KMCDONOUGHFri Mar 30 1990Leaving gear at the club
1758.029CSC32::H_SOFri Mar 30 1990Slow burner's topic
1759.039SMURF::BENNETTTue Apr 03 1990Invisible/Groove Guitarists!
1760.07TCC::COOPERTue Apr 03 1990Turning Circles - Musical tastes
1764.09BRADOR::DAVYWed Apr 04 1990Returning to Keyboards/Piano
1765.028CMBOOT::EVANSThu Apr 05 1990The "Green"-gutarist
1766.02ASAHI::SCARYMon Apr 09 1990AKG Microphone - D32
1767.05FSTVAX::GALLOMon Apr 09 1990Power Transistor Testing
1768.0170TCC::COOPERMon Apr 09 1990Guitar Notes - The Photo Album
1769.0DNEAST::RAMSEY_CHUCKMon Apr 09 19907
1772.03CAVEAT::COLEMon Apr 09 1990Advice Wanted
1773.07ASAHI::SCARYTue Apr 10 1990Building a promo package.
1776.06KBOMFG::MACKINNONWed Apr 11 1990MIDI-Pedals for Effects boxes
1777.019DNEAST::GREVE_STEVEWed Apr 11 1990Tough Biz, Local Boy/Girl Makes Good
1778.044NEEPS::IRVINEWed Apr 11 1990Cleaning your Instrument (guitar)
1779.0242ROULET::KLOThu Apr 12 1990Eddie Van Halen
1780.027TCC::COOPERThu Apr 12 1990PA systems, Snakes and Connectors.
1781.08SALEM::DWATKINSMon Apr 16 1990Tube power ratings?
1782.045CHEFS::DALLISONTue Apr 17 1990Harmonic overtones
1783.014TCC::COOPERTue Apr 17 1990Technicians and Roadies and misc. discussion regarding such.
1785.07NWDThu Apr 19 1990music in the Northwest.
1786.06WEFXEM::COTEThu Apr 19 1990What is that sound??
1787.013BAHTAT::BELLFri Apr 20 1990Earth Hum ?
1788.0103FSTVAX::GALLOFri Apr 20 1990Who Do *You* Sound Like?
1791.0117SALEM::ABATELLIMon Apr 23 1990Fender `Custom Shop' Stratocasters
1792.0GVAMon Apr 23 1990What is an Ovation Pinacle?
1793.0210TCC::COOPERMon Apr 23 1990Hughes and Kettner - H&K - Access
1795.02VAXWRK::SAKELARISMon Apr 23 1990The Classics House Band
1796.0100DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Apr 24 1990Laney Amplifcation
1797.012PSYLO::JOHNSONTue Apr 24 1990Fender Delux 85?
1798.010BTOVT::BAGDY_MTue Apr 24 1990Help in eliminating a floating ground hum.
1799.0119COOKIE::G_HOUSETue Apr 24 1990Guitar Speaker Cabinets
1800.033GOOROO::CLARKWed Apr 25 1990records you wore out learning to play ...
1801.05LUDWIG::TEMP3Wed Apr 25 1990Beautiful Girls [VH]
1802.013NWDWed Apr 25 1990Acoustic Strings.?
1803.06ESKIMO::AUSTINThu Apr 26 1990Pick attack???
1804.06ACESMK::RUDNICKFri Apr 27 1990acoustic cutaway opinions?
1806.036TCC::COOPERMon Apr 30 1990Shipping equipment cross-country
1807.032ICS::BUCKLEYTue May 01 1990Guitar Stuff Seen in Passing
1808.0142VAXWRK::SAKELARISWed May 02 1990Gibson Epiphone Guitars
1809.08GLOWS::COCCOLIWed May 02 1990Guitarnotes Volume I Liner Notes
1810.038FSTVAX::GALLOFri May 04 19902x1
1811.030VLNVAX::ALECLAIREFri May 04 1990Best recordings of the Best Players
1813.033TCC::COOPERTue May 08 1990Songs that keep you up at night
1814.018COPCLU::SANDGRENThu May 10 1990The One and Only...Steve Hackett
1817.096MPGS::MIKRUTMon May 14 1990BASS lines that changed your life!
1819.0191MILKWY::JACQUESTue May 15 1990Generic guitar preamp note
1820.022MILKWY::JACQUESTue May 15 1990Generic bass preamp note
1821.02JAIMES::CONROYWed May 16 1990Ernie Isley at Nightstage
1822.015COOKIE::G_HOUSEWed May 16 1990Worlds Worst Guitar Player Contest
1823.0208TCC::COOPERWed May 16 1990Steve Vai
1824.014DNEAST::GREVE_STEVEThu May 17 1990String TENSION...
1827.016PANIC::CLARKMon May 21 1990Strangest Places ever played...
1828.03RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEMon May 21 1990Vestax tape decks/4 and 6 track.
1830.08KYOA::ELZAMSMon May 21 1990Help with Saddle Trimming
1831.08SMURF::BENNETTMon May 21 1990Fender Bullet Guitar Note
1832.06MRVAX::ALECLAIREMon May 21 1990Name this large Mexican Instrument
1834.023ICS::BUCKLEYWed May 23 1990Overdrive: The Preamp vs. Power amp stage
1835.04E::EVANSWed May 23 1990Mark Leaf flight cases
1838.0UPWARD::HEISERThu May 24 1990On Line Music Service
1840.028COOKIE::G_HOUSEFri May 25 1990Playing what you feel
1842.07CASPRO::KALINOWSKITue May 29 1990The ADA/Marshall Connection
1844.016FDCVWed May 30 1990Pursuit of That Purrrrrfect Sound!
1846.03--UnknownUser--Thu May 31 1990GRAPHIC ON GUITAR?
1850.056MONGUS::PELLETIERMon Jun 04 1990Musical Trivia anyone?
1852.056NAVIER::STARRMon Jun 04 1990Directory of Guitarist's Equipment
1853.074UPWARD::HEISERWed Jun 06 1990Mesa/Boogie Mark IV amps
1854.015MISFIT::KINNEYDWed Jun 06 1990What I'm doing on my summer vacation
1855.06UPWARD::HEISERWed Jun 06 1990Guitar Stores in Dixie / North Carolina
1856.01SNOCThu Jun 07 1990The CLASSIC Blues !
1857.06VAXWRK::SAKELARISThu Jun 07 1990New Kendricks Amp
1858.012GIDDAY::KNIGHTPThu Jun 07 1990STRAT+ HELP!!!!
1861.017PELKEY::PELKEYTue Jun 12 1990ROCK IS DEAD (Part 2)
1863.037TOOK::SUDAMATue Jun 12 1990Sound Men Need Not Apply
1864.011GIDDAY::KNIGHTPTue Jun 12 1990Getting around the fretboard.
1865.05ESSB::NWARNERWed Jun 13 1990Strange Guitar
1867.015MFGMEM::DERRICOWed Jun 13 1990SWR...Owners Initials?
1869.0AQUA::ROSTFri Jun 15 1990New Guitar Synth User's Group/Magazine
1870.08TENERE::LADRETMon Jun 18 1990Ibanez Iceman anyone ?
1871.04WMOIS::RAYMon Jun 18 1990Looking for ACL'S
1872.085MILKWY::JACQUESMon Jun 18 199019" racks
1873.030MALLET::BARKERTue Jun 19 1990Casio MG51
1874.077DEMON::INGALLSTue Jun 19 1990What's a "MIDI rack puke"?
1875.07JUPITR::BREENTue Jun 19 1990Who Rents Sound Reinforcement??
1877.029MFGMEM::DERRICOFri Jun 22 1990Home-Built Rack note
1878.011RAVEN1::BLAIRFri Jun 22 1990Texas Guitar Slingers
1880.094DNEAST::GREVE_STEVETue Jun 26 1990Playing Out and Puking Questions
1881.05HAVOC::DESROCHERS_PTue Jun 26 1990Logo/Promo for Band
1882.025ZEKE::WOZNIAKWed Jun 27 1990Buying strings by the box
1883.015PSYLO::JOHNSONWed Jun 27 1990What do you do now?
1884.014POBOX::KOTSCHARJANAWed Jun 27 1990Do You do Stereo?
1885.07SMURF::BENNETTThu Jun 28 1990Official Sonic Youth Note
1886.017RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEFri Jun 29 1990Price for a Silver Anniversary Strat ...
1889.014ROYALT::BUSENBARKFri Jun 29 1990What would you play?
1890.023FSTTOO::GALLOSun Jul 01 1990The Offical Bass "Playing" Note
1892.08RAVEN1::BLAIRTue Jul 03 1990The Kids in the Hall theme song
1893.06STRIKR::KAVIAThu Jul 05 1990"STARTER-PACK" info
1895.023AQUA::ROSTTue Jul 10 1990Bass FX Note
1897.09RAVEN1::DANDREAWed Jul 11 1990Need New England jam info:
1898.08PROXY::NICKERSONThu Jul 12 1990where to buy a Gibson?
1901.099RAVEN1::BLAIRThu Jul 12 1990Songs for Beginners
1906.07ESSB::NWARNERFri Jul 20 1990Tab 1.
1907.09ESKIMO::AUSTINFri Jul 20 1990Would you hang your guitar?
1910.010UPWARD::HEISERMon Jul 23 1990Right-Hand (Palm) Muting
1911.04WJOUSM::MAYMon Jul 23 1990What is a Sun "Alpha four"
1914.05SHRFAC::RICHARDTue Jul 24 1990Need Assistance On Topic
1915.03MAMIE::FRASERWed Jul 25 1990CARVIN Twin Neck
1916.018ICS::BUCKLEYThu Jul 26 1990What's your FAVORITE Chord-Tone, or, Non-Chord Tone for that matter?
1918.064RAVEN1::BLAIRFri Jul 27 1990your 3 favorite albums/cds
1922.09CHEFS::IMMSATue Jul 31 1990Guild 12-string
1923.0COMICS::DSMMGRTue Jul 31 1990Yamaha SG15
1926.013WMOIS::RAYThu Aug 02 1990Starting Home Studio
1927.028MAIL::EATONDFri Aug 03 1990How do you "do" vibrato?
1928.015WJOUSM::MASHIAFri Aug 03 1990Fretless Guitars (not basses)
1929.010UPWARD::HEISERMon Aug 06 1990Careers in Music
1931.019RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEThu Aug 09 1990How to handle a slide (bottleneck).
1935.037TCC::COOPERTue Aug 14 1990What effect do effects have ?
1936.067TCC::COOPERTue Aug 14 1990Fave HOOKS
1937.011WJOUSM::MAYWed Aug 15 1990Build your own cab.
1938.0146DECWIN::KMCDONOUGHThu Aug 16 1990Allman Brothers Band
1939.013E::EVANSThu Aug 16 1990Emotional reactions to selling guitars
1940.0842SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Aug 17 1990Requests for Music/Transcriptions
1941.025LOONMT::TAYLOR_JMon Aug 20 1990Dean Markley Amplification
1943.018FSTTOO::GALLOTue Aug 21 1990Neck Radius
1944.064MAIL::EATONDWed Aug 22 1990Small guitars for travel
1945.016AZUR::DOTTIThu Aug 23 1990Help in choosing a small bass amplifier
1947.02GUIDUK::FLOODWed Aug 29 1990Embryonic Journey
1948.023GIDDAY::KNIGHTPWed Aug 29 1990Woman tone?????
1950.02RAVEN1::BLAIRFri Aug 31 1990Chris Rea
1951.03RAVEN1::COOPERTue Sep 04 1990
1953.060FREEBE::REAUMEThu Sep 06 1990Digitech's GSP-21 guitar effects unit
1954.0644DUGGAN::SAKELARISThu Sep 06 1990General Discussion
1954.0--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 06 1990
1957.0POLAR::CALDWELLFri Sep 07 1990Body Material for Home Made Bass
1958.041GIDDAY::KNIGHTPMon Sep 10 1990Mark Knofler / Dire Straits
1960.03AQUA::ROSTTue Sep 11 1990Pearce Amplification
1963.036CSC32::PINCHUKThu Sep 13 1990Custom Handmade 'VS' Production Guitars
1964.023RAVEN1::COOPERFri Sep 14 1990How Much Gain Is Enough
1965.056RAVEN1::BLAIRFri Sep 14 1990Gary Moore -- Moore Better Blues!
1967.012DNEAST::GREVE_STEVEMon Sep 17 1990I got a Concert, I got a Concert!
1968.057CHEFS::DALLISONTue Sep 18 1990Sweep Picking
1970.095ESKIMO::AUSTINWed Sep 19 1990Clapton,Beck,& Page...
1972.019MILKWY::JACQUESThu Sep 20 1990Any interest in a United Way benefit concert???
1974.04GIDDAY::KNIGHTPThu Sep 20 1990can i buy with love
1975.015--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 21 1990Stereo Mode Signal Processing
1979.02PLAYER::PETITMon Sep 24 1990advice for a slightly advanced beginner
1980.030PNO::HEISERMon Sep 24 1990FET vs. Solid State vs. Tube amps
1981.025MFGMEM::RATTEYTue Sep 25 1990Speaker Enclosures
1984.01CSGThu Sep 27 1990Anyone Ever Try This Head ?
1985.029GIDDAY::KNIGHTPSun Sep 30 1990noise gate help
1986.02HAZEL::STARRMon Oct 01 1990Theory Lessons on Audio Tape?
1987.029CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue Oct 02 1990Refret Job?
1988.07--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 03 1990NDS A EXPERT INT.TUNEUP
1989.01RAVEN1::BLAIRThu Oct 04 1990Spencer Lewis
1991.08BAHTAT::CARRMon Oct 08 1990Digitech "Whammy" pedal
1992.030PNO::HEISERMon Oct 08 1990Tube Works - MOSValve
1993.010GSRC::COOPERMon Oct 08 1990Kasha Rockmod II
1995.03SA1794::RAINVILLEDWed Oct 10 1990PEDEL STEEL HELP.........
1996.018GSRC::COOPERThu Oct 11 1990Recording Guitar
1997.050JUPITR::DIETZMon Oct 15 1990A custom guitar strap!?!?!?
1998.012POBOX::DAVIATue Oct 16 1990ES-335 pickguard for a friend in Italy
1999.04GOOROO::CLARKThu Oct 18 1990I-VIx-II-Vx progressions
2000.074ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Oct 19 1990Amp control flexability - how do you feel?
2001.018GOES11::G_HOUSEFri Oct 19 1990Guitarnotes Volume I Tape Reviews
2002.03PSYLO::WILSONMon Oct 22 1990Guild D-15M (Mahogany)
2003.05FSTTOO::GALLOMon Oct 22 1990Outdoor Gigs - Problems & Solutions
2004.07NSDC::PERTOSOMon Oct 22 1990Tremolos on a classical Guitar.
2005.09COPCLU::SANDGRENTue Oct 23 1990Jan Akkerman is back!
2006.02PSYLO::WILSONTue Oct 23 1990Adrian Belew
2007.04TLE::CZECHO::SLOVENKAITue Oct 23 1990Aspen Guitars, Anyone?
2008.010RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEWed Oct 24 1990Need Help Wiring Some Monitor Cabs ...
2009.01--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 24 1990CALLING ALL ENTERTAINERS
2010.013PNEUMA::WILSONThu Oct 25 1990Acoutic Guitars in Solid Colors?
2011.030SALEM::ABATELLIThu Oct 25 1990New STANDARD Strats for $35
2012.010CSGMon Oct 29 1990Sound Proof Room ?
2013.025PSYLO::WILSONWed Oct 31 1990Changing String Set (The Basics)
2014.018MFGMEM::DERRICOThu Nov 01 1990Playing the "Musical" bass...
2015.03POLAR::CALDWELLThu Nov 01 1990Tube bass preamp circuit needed
2016.012PSYLO::WILSONFri Nov 02 1990Help Identifying Guild Electric
2017.013KOALA::RYANFri Nov 02 1990Acoustic guitar for a beginner
2019.022SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Nov 05 1990Kind of Guitars?
2020.02IMPULS::STARRMon Nov 05 1990WGIR Benefit Auction - November 17, 199
2021.035FDCVMon Nov 05 1990ALCOHOL and STRINGS - DO MIX!
2022.024COPCLU::SANDGRENTue Nov 06 1990Inspiration - where did you go?
2024.046RUTILE::ZWARTFri Nov 09 1990multieffect configuration
2026.019PSYLO::WILSONFri Nov 09 1990Capos
2027.016PSYLO::WILSONMon Nov 12 1990Scuff Marks on Finish
2028.012GSRC::COOPERMon Nov 12 1990Guitarnotes Volume 2 - Liner notes
2029.017PELKEY::PELKEYTue Nov 13 1990Storage and Room Temperatures
2030.01LOTE::FORBESWed Nov 14 1990Gibson ES 125
2031.020PSYLO::WILSONWed Nov 14 1990Mandolins
2032.07ESKIMO::AUSTINThu Nov 15 1990Stones Guitarist Hurt
2033.093DECWIN::KMCDONOUGHFri Nov 16 1990Carlos Santana
2034.017BUSY::CLEMENTFri Nov 16 1990used guitar amp advise
2039.011DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Nov 20 1990ART effects
2042.011EQUINE::DANIMon Nov 26 1990Gurian - I have on for 2 days...
2043.0DNEAST::GREVE_STEVETue Nov 27 1990Norton Guitars
2044.0179PSYLO::WILSONWed Nov 28 1990Pick Preferences
2045.016LNGBCH::STEWARTWed Nov 28 1990decision time...
2046.029SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Nov 29 19901
2047.013LARVAE::BRIGGSFri Nov 30 1990Home Stereo for guitar?
2048.029ROYALT::BUSENBARKTue Dec 04 1990Mesa Boogie Information
2049.02ROULET::KLOTue Dec 04 1990Do Dave L.Roth sang spanish in YakeeRoad tape?
2050.08--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 05 1990help! How much is this worth?
2051.013RICKS::CALCAGNIWed Dec 05 1990Hard to handle
2052.011JUPITR::EMARSHALLWed Dec 05 1990Vox schematic???
2053.018PSYLO::WILSONFri Dec 07 1990Solid Black Electrics
2054.019DPE::STARRMon Dec 10 1990Know any Christmas/Holiday music???
2055.049PSYLO::WILSONTue Dec 11 1990The Marshall Tucker Band
2056.025COMET::LAWYERTue Dec 11 199012-STRING STRAT?
2059.01FSTVAX::GALLOThu Dec 13 1990Bass <-> Guitar Transition
2060.038JUNCO::AUSTINThu Dec 13 1990Christmas gift for yourself?
2062.014SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Dec 17 1990Guy Mann-Dude
2063.042--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 26 1990YOUR BEST BUYS
2064.03STEPS1::HYATTWed Dec 26 1990Barrington guitars?
2065.04POLAR::CALDWELLWed Jan 02 1991EMG Active Circuits for Bass
2066.03GOES11::G_HOUSEWed Jan 02 1991Electronic componant recommendations
2067.069RAVEN1::BLAIRThu Jan 03 1991Jamm Traxx
2068.015MAXWEL::PROBEFri Jan 04 1991Fender Dual Showman?
2069.03DECWIN::KMCDONOUGHFri Jan 04 1991Fender Super Twin
2070.0TRAVLR::MGAUTHIERMon Jan 07 1991Help. I want to be in some sort of band.
2071.0PARA::SCARBOROUGHTue Jan 08 1991Celtic Music Forum
2072.01GLASS::ALLBERYTue Jan 08 1991Seymour Duncan 84-4
2073.09PNO::HEISERTue Jan 08 1991Versatile Amps - Acoustics & Electrics
2076.0SMURF::LAMBERTWed Jan 09 1991ASI/Quantum Q-Tube amp info request
2077.016SMURF::LAMBERTWed Jan 09 1991Product info on Kawai GS-1 Studio Trainer?
2078.05KNEE::HALLMon Jan 14 1991Sound Microscope?
2079.026AQUA::ROSTWed Jan 16 1991GUITAR Noters Tape, Vol.2 ----- REVIEWS/COMMENTS
2081.019AQUA::ROSTThu Jan 17 1991Soldano Amps (also Yamaha/Soldano)
2082.047SUBWAY::YATESFri Jan 18 1991famous guitars
2083.01SWAPIT::LORFri Jan 18 1991Looking for Mosrites.
2084.042POLAR::CALDWELLFri Jan 18 1991Practicing and building band skills
2085.030TRIGG::EATONFri Jan 18 1991SansAmp
2086.08AYOV16::SROBERTSONSun Jan 20 1991Laney Bass Amps
2087.04--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 21 1991Searching far and near
2088.06POLAR::CALDWELLMon Jan 21 1991Transparence Acoustic Baffles
2089.014BTOVT::BAGDY_MTue Jan 22 1991Generic `How Old Is This Guitar' Note
2090.0PAULUS::BAUERTue Jan 22 1991Advanced Guitar Tabulator
2091.05--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 23 1991speedfretzs guitars
2092.03ESKIMO::AUSTINWed Jan 23 1991What does your guitar teach you?
2093.015SWAPIT::LORFri Jan 25 1991looking for a bass.....
2094.01ROCKER::KNOXFri Jan 25 1991new bass amp ???
2095.06FSTVAX::GALLOTue Jan 29 1991Intonation on Acoustic Guitars
2096.021SUBURB::COOKSFri Feb 01 1991Simplicity = happiness
2097.010FASDER::AHERBSat Feb 02 1991Tag team multitracking
2098.01AYOV16::SROBERTSONTue Feb 05 1991Hohner Jack Bass
2099.05MISFIT::KINNEYDTue Feb 05 1991Anyone know Harmony Details
2100.041BSS::SGOHSLERThu Feb 07 1991It's mine..and your not gonna play it!
2101.01FSCORE::KAYESun Feb 10 1991need article in Guitar Player (Nov 89)
2102.058UPWARD::HEISERMon Feb 11 1991Rocktron gear
2103.010SMURF::BENNETTMon Feb 11 1991Tips on Teaching
2104.04AYOV16::SROBERTSONTue Feb 12 1991uk musicians
2105.03GSRC::COOPERTue Feb 12 1991Official Patch Bay topic...
2106.07ROULET::KLOTue Feb 12 1991Guitar Buzz Help
2107.015STOHUB::TRIGG::EATONWed Feb 13 1991Micro Practice Amps
2108.015SWAPIT::LORWed Feb 13 1991Custom Made Picks
2109.08SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Feb 14 1991Fender 1-8
2110.0FSCORE::KAYEThu Feb 14 1991what is it?
2112.015WLDWST::LOAYZAFri Feb 15 1991GIBSON SG
2113.019BTOVT::BAGDY_MMon Feb 18 1991Johnny Winter
2114.02FSCORE::KAYEMon Feb 18 1991playing with the bias?
2115.020ELMAGO::RMOORETue Feb 19 1991Instrumental
2116.04AYOV16::SROBERTSONWed Feb 20 1991amp=dead
2117.0SWAPIT::LORWed Feb 20 1991phone number for kimberly pick co???
2118.01SWAPIT::LORWed Feb 20 1991demo problem---mailing list.....help!
2119.011SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Feb 20 1991guitar pickups Fender
2120.01SWAPIT::LORWed Feb 20 1991MOsrites.....Please sell me yours!
2121.026BEEZER::FLOWERSThu Feb 21 1991Controlling and using feedback.
2122.013--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 21 19916stringmadman
2123.080BUSY::CLEMENTMon Feb 25 1991Acoustics? Applause,Ovation...?
2124.02TENERE::LADRETTue Feb 26 1991Sound effect on 'Have a cigar'
2125.03CHEFS::IMMSATue Feb 26 1991Bennett Hammond - awesome is the word
2126.015SMURF::BENNETTWed Feb 27 1991Neck Finish Question
2128.02SWAPIT::LORWed Feb 27 1991Where do you gig? Alternative music...
2129.01GOES11::G_HOUSEThu Feb 28 1991Alvarez Electric Guitars
2130.0SMURF::BENNETTFri Mar 01 1991National Guitar Summer National Guitar Summer Workshop
2131.059LNGBCH::STEWARTFri Mar 01 1991network sale ethics
2133.011MOOVMon Mar 04 1991Books:Tube amp repair?
2134.04WELMTS::GREENBWed Mar 06 1991I want to upgrade my beloved but cheap guitar...
2135.02FSCORE::KAYEWed Mar 06 1991get your KT9
2136.010GURU::tomgThu Mar 07 1991Funk and Reggae Guitar Playing
2137.039BEEZER::FLOWERSFri Mar 08 1991Lets learn *all* the notes.
2138.037GSRC::COOPERTue Mar 12 1991Gimme Songs - Easy stuff to throw together quick
2139.02LNGBCH::STEWARTWed Mar 13 1991number 9, number 9
2140.010SCOAYR::SROBERTSONWed Mar 13 1991simple question?
2141.08BEEZER::FLOWERSThu Mar 14 1991Shielding issues.
2143.016LNGBCH::STEWARTSat Mar 16 1991GFTPM Tab Directory
2144.0SNOCSun Mar 17 1991Ibanez PF1
2146.06--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 19 1991Looking For Microfrets People
2148.03WELCLU::GREENBWed Mar 20 1991Fender 'Esprit'
2149.08GSRC::COOPERWed Mar 20 1991Jeff Waters/Annihilator
2150.015CGOAWed Mar 20 1991Advice on banjos??
2151.024DONNER::LEVETTFri Aug 15 1986Custom Handmade Guitars
2152.043GSRC::COOPERThu Mar 21 1991Leo Fender Dies today at age 81
2153.068PAULUS::BAUERFri Mar 22 1991ART SGX-2
2154.013FASDER::AHERBFri Mar 22 1991MIDI guitar pickups??
2156.062CHEFS::DALLISONWed Mar 27 1991BeNdInG StRiNgS
2157.014GSRC::COOPERWed Mar 27 1991Fender Vibra Champ Amp
2158.021CHEFS::BRIGGSRTue Apr 02 1991The ISO Middle C?
2159.016SAHQ::ROSENKRANZWed Apr 03 1991Where to find Rickenbacker?
2160.033GIAMEM::DERRICOWed Apr 03 1991DECJam 1991.
2162.019--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 03 1991OPENING RIFFS/LICKS NOTE
2163.07WELCLU::GREENBThu Apr 04 1991How old is my Musicmaster?
2164.038CHEFS::DALLISONFri Apr 05 1991Setting up Equipment
2165.018MALLET::BARKERThu Apr 11 1991Prices for rack mount Multi-FX units?
2166.05KEBLER::WSC1Thu Apr 18 1991Relaxed Hand Positioning for Guitarists
2167.0KIRKTN::IGOLDIEFri Apr 19 1991Maison Les Pauls
2168.02IXION::ROSTMon Apr 22 1991Steve Marriott RIP
2169.01XANADU::GANAPATHIMon Apr 22 1991Advice on selling a Guitar
2171.01ZURFCC::WEHLENDTue Apr 23 1991Glue bridge before/after finnish
2172.05WELCLU::GREENBTue Apr 23 1991Old swell pedal needs fixing...
2173.06PIRATE::SIMONTue Apr 23 1991Build or Buy Effects ??
2174.06WELCLU::GREENBWed Apr 24 1991Old distortion pedal needs fixing...
2175.012GURU::tomgWed Apr 24 1991Hi Tech, Low Tech, No Tech?
2176.027RAVEN1::BLAIRWed Apr 24 1991Campfire Songs
2177.04LENO::GRIERWed Apr 24 1991Open/airy effects - like Cocteau Twins - how to get?
2181.039FASDER::AHERBFri Apr 26 1991'Angry Toliets' going to the studio
2182.0CRONIC::CRONIC::PCUMMINGSSun Apr 28 1991Steve Tibbetts in concert
2183.08CLOSET::KENSEI::J_DOREMon Apr 29 1991Any recommendations for good instructors in the Lowell/Lawrence MA area
2184.021SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed May 01 1991Removing stickers ???
2187.055AGNT99::TRICKEYThu May 02 1991How did you get started?
2188.039HAMPS::SHERMAN_GFri May 03 1991value of Gibson
2189.034ESKIMO::AUSTINSat May 04 1991Robin Trower
2190.027MAIL::TRIGG::EATONMon May 06 1991Cassette cartidge labels
2191.0QRYCHE::STARRTue May 07 1991DOD Compact Mixers Series
2192.05LEVERS::R_PEPETue May 07 1991Any SMALL bass amps out there?
2194.03CSC32::M_VEGATue May 07 1991Digitech Twin Tube preamp
2195.033GOES11::G_HOUSETue May 07 1991Developing Strong Playing Skills
2196.01HAVASU::HEISERWed May 08 1991Pitch Axis Composition technique
2197.025TRUCKS::LITTENThu May 09 1991STRATOCASTER re-build
2198.03EZ2GET::STEWARTThu May 09 1991axe art/custom paint
2199.048FASDER::AHERBFri May 10 1991BOSS stomp boxes
2200.05VOGON::WILLIAMSSat May 11 1991Session Footswitch
2201.0FASDER::AHERBSat May 11 1991Roland CP4
2202.030SALEM::ABATELLIMon May 13 1991NEW RACK for the floor? KORG-A5 programmable too?
2203.04TEMPE::KWILSONTue May 14 1991Stanley Jordan's guitar?
2204.016CRISTA::MAYNARDThu May 16 1991Roger Miller Riff?
2205.07SAHQ::ROSENKRANZFri May 17 1991Brazilian Music?
2206.022STAR::DONOVANFri May 17 1991Alvin Lee
2208.019SMURF::BENNETTMon May 20 1991Repair Blues....
2210.05YAWKEY::BYRNEMon May 20 1991Places for acoustic entertainment in Lowell Area?
2211.03TEMPE::ZICCARDITue May 21 1991Bueno LaBambacasters
2212.07CHEFS::BRIGGSRWed May 22 1991Repertoires - How Big?
2213.017ROULET::KLOFri May 24 1991Fender missing a fret.
2214.057SMARTT::TRICKEYFri May 24 1991Van Halen
2215.053GURU::tomgTue May 28 1991Recording Bass Guitar
2216.011GURU::tomgTue May 28 1991De-Fretting A Bass
2217.017HAVASU::HEISERTue May 28 1991Design Tradeoffs, Sonic Integrity, & Pedals vs. Racks
2218.020SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu May 30 1991Blues Standard help ?
2219.014SHAWB1::CARRDFri May 31 1991Jason in Print
2220.010STEREO::BROWNFri May 31 1991Old Fender Jazzmaster
2221.02OZROCK::GREHANSun Jun 02 1991Paris, Texas - open tuning help
2222.05SOLVIT::KAUFMANMon Jun 03 1991classical guitar shoppe needed
2224.019ACTMAN::PELKEYTue Jun 04 1991Chet Atkins
2225.0SSDEVO::RICHARDTue Jun 04 1991Classical Guitar Recital - Colorado Springs
2226.06WELCLU::GREENBWed Jun 05 1991More effects stuff - what do I need here?
2227.06CNTROL::TRICKEYWed Jun 05 1991Help! Inversions!
2228.041XCUSME::FORISTALLFri Jun 07 1991VCR Instructional Videos
2229.058KERNEL::FLOWERSWed Jun 12 1991Drugs and Music.
2231.019SALEM::TAYLOR_JSat Jun 15 1991Hondo ? But..but..
2232.014MILKWY::JACQUESSun Jun 16 1991The official Robert Johnson note
2233.011RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEMon Jun 17 1991Fane speakers ...
2234.03WASTED::tomgTue Jun 18 1991Limiters
2235.030ESKIMO::AUSTINTue Jun 18 1991Receiving radio signals on music equipment
2237.0SMURF::GALLOThu Jun 20 1991Alesis MEQ-23
2238.05AKOCOA::DHAMELThu Jun 20 1991Michael Dowdle
2240.010RTOEU::MLEWISFri Jun 21 1991Chris Isaak's Wicked Heart?
2241.01RTOIC::ACROYSun Jun 23 1991LYNYRD SKYNYRD 1991
2243.08AKOVMon Jun 24 1991Learning basics
2244.05WR1FOR::PULEO_JOMon Jun 24 1991Gibson Guitar Price Help
2245.02PELKEY::PELKEYTue Jun 25 1991speaking of prices... how bout a new american standard strat ?
2248.045KDX2Tue Jun 25 1991Band Evolution, what happens after a few gigs...
2249.052PAULUS::BAUERWed Jun 26 1991BOSS SE-5
2250.09ESIS::JNELSONWed Jun 26 1991Seeking fingerstyle wedding tunes
2251.011TOOK::SUDAMAWed Jun 26 1991electronics help needed
2252.06FOO::BHAVNANIFri Jun 28 1991"More Than Words" chords?
2253.05DNEAST::GREVE_STEVEWed Jul 03 1991Happy Fourth!!!!
2254.0CIMNET::CAFEWed Jul 03 1991Guitar/Keyboard Player Wanted
2255.069HAVASU::HEISERWed Jul 03 1991Guitar related Workstation Images
2256.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 09 1991The OFFICIAL DECjam '91 announcement
2257.07SMURF::GALLOThu Jul 11 1991Power Amp Info Needed
2258.089RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEThu Jul 11 1991GUITARnotes VOL. III
2259.012KERNEL::FLOWERSFri Jul 12 1991Guitar Academy, London England.
2261.0GOES11::G_HOUSEMon Jul 15 1991Temp
2262.019RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEMon Jul 15 1991GIBSON amplifiers
2263.04GIDDAY::KNIGHTPMon Jul 15 1991Doors Bass player???
2264.03TLE::TLE::SLOVENKAITue Jul 16 1991Spruce vs. Cedar Top Guitars
2265.010VSSCAD::GATULISSat Jul 20 1991Advice on a Bass Amp purchase
2266.039MILKWY::JACQUESTue Jul 23 1991Heritage Musical Instruments, basenote
2270.013TENERE::MALLETFri Jul 26 1991Help, schematics needed......
2272.010ATODLO::ISELI_DWed Jul 31 1991Old Gibson Acoustic
2273.01FREEBE::LOUVATWed Jul 31 1991the greatest since popcorn
2274.0KYOA::ELZAMSThu Aug 01 1991It's Sunday?
2275.014SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Aug 02 1991Musicman Amp (Fender?)
2276.082USPMLO::DESROCHERSFri Aug 02 1991Wah Wah's
2277.020RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEMon Aug 05 1991Guitarnotes Vol. III - Liner notes.
2278.03ESKIMO::AUSTINTue Aug 06 1991Ever heard of Multivox amps?
2279.07GOES11::G_HOUSETue Aug 06 1991Heartfield guitars
2282.08CSLALL::ONEILLWed Aug 07 1991Amplifier adjustments
2283.052CAVLRY::BUCKWed Aug 07 1991GUITARnotes Tape VOL. IV (picks up where III left off)
2284.018FIVER::ICKESWed Aug 07 1991Messa Boogie...Speakers EV 4X12??
2285.027RAVEN1::JERRYWHITEWed Aug 07 1991Guitarnoters Vol. III reviews ....
2287.010GLOWS::COCCOLIThu Aug 08 1991Steve Howe
2289.08SCOAYR::SROBERTSONFri Aug 09 1991love that bass-man
2290.021HSOMAI::CESAKSun Aug 11 1991How do you Practice?
2292.014MEMORY::RATTEYMon Aug 12 1991Reverb problem....help!!
2293.035SALISH::MILLSSCMon Aug 12 1991Stopping and Starting a musical leave of absense
2294.02NEWOA::DALLISONTue Aug 13 1991Request for some info...
2295.0KOALA::RYANWed Aug 14 1991Advanced finger-picking instructor?
2296.020WEDOIT::ABATELLIThu Aug 15 1991Boogie Settings... what does it for you???
2297.02ESKIMO::AUSTINSat Aug 17 1991Hey Hey What Can I Do? chords?
2298.010RAVEN1::JERRYWHITETue Aug 20 1991Guitar Noters tape label .ps files
2299.02CLOSUS::GSMALLSTue Aug 20 1991Guitar Wizard Software from Baudville
2300.06DENVER::MALKOSKIWed Aug 21 1991Trace Elliot Acoustic Amp
2301.079SOJU::SAKELARISThu Aug 22 1991Lyric requests (words/lyrics)
2302.04CALS::GOONANThu Aug 22 1991old guitar info requested
2303.02JENEVR::RUDNICKFri Aug 23 1991Dan Crary Live
2304.0RGB::ROSTMon Aug 26 1991Spkr Cab Dimensions---How To Roll Your Own
2306.02GIDDAY::KNIGHTPMon Aug 26 1991Live set up help needed
2308.010TLSEWed Aug 28 1991Blackbird tab
2309.02TLSEWed Aug 28 1991Nash and Crosby questions
2310.010DWOVAX::MROSENBERGThu Aug 29 1991Peavey Pro-Fex Multi-Effector
2311.018WEDOIT::ABATELLIFri Aug 30 1991< Closed cabinets *vs* Open cabinets >
2312.01EZ2GET::STEWARTFri Aug 30 1991if you're going to be in LA next weekend
2313.01TLSESat Aug 31 1991Slide on Harrison song
2314.016CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Sep 02 1991Microphones for Vocals
2315.028USPMLO::DESROCHERSTue Sep 03 1991Gigs - start to finish
2316.010FOO::BHAVNANIThu Sep 05 1991Effects repair facility?
2317.08STAR::ROBIEFri Sep 06 1991Stage lighting
2318.013TLSESun Sep 08 1991Sheet music for SLEEPWALK ?
2319.011KIRKTN::APEDENMon Sep 09 1991MY OPINION
2320.09USPMLO::DESROCHERSMon Sep 09 1991Gigs - anyone show up?
2321.011CSC32::MOLLERMon Sep 09 1991Low Impeadance pickups/wiring
2322.027ESKIMO::AUSTINMon Sep 09 1991You must be dreaming...
2323.07RAVEN1::BLAIRWed Sep 11 1991Legends of Guitar - Electric Blues
2324.033RANGER::WEBERWed Sep 11 1991Rickenbacker 12
2325.06FREEBE::LOUVATFri Sep 13 1991what about the Blade Guitar
2326.016--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 13 1991Ernie Ball's Eddie Van Halen model guitar
2327.016FSOA::BDONOVANWed Sep 18 1991Replacing rusty hardware
2328.02SDTMKT::FLANAGANWed Sep 18 1991Where can I bring my guitar for setup ?
2329.07DENVER::MALKOSKIThu Sep 19 1991More on Santa Cruz guitars
2330.04HSOMAI::CESAKSun Sep 22 1991Trout Fishing in America
2331.03SSDEVO::RICHARDTue Sep 24 1991Need tablature for Bach piece
2332.09JENEVR::SAKELARISTue Sep 24 1991Swapping Anyone?
2333.060WEDOIT::KELLYJWed Sep 25 1991Arranging a night's tunes
2334.07VAXRIO::ALCIDESWed Sep 25 19912nd hand shops in New York?
2335.02--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 25 1991Root,3rd,5th,etc..?
2336.016NEWOA::DALLISONThu Sep 26 1991Interval Question
2337.06GROOVE::DADDIECOThu Sep 26 1991C.P. Thornton Bass Guitars
2338.022SMURF::GALLOMon Sep 30 1991Wood Properties/Comparisions
2340.053ESKIMO::AUSTINWed Oct 02 1991"Guitar Legends" on pay-for-view t.v.
2341.05HOBBLE::MCFARLANDMon Oct 07 1991Guy Van Duser, anyone?
2342.010NEWOA::DALLISONMon Oct 07 1991R.I.P.
2343.01STEREO::BROWNThu Oct 10 1991Words for "Wicked Good Band" "Roadkill"
2344.08CHEFS::BRIGGSRFri Oct 11 1991Want to visit a Music Shop...
2345.071RAVEN1::JERRYWHITESun Oct 13 1991The Generic Gibson Guitar Note.
2346.011AXIS::CLENDENINMon Oct 14 1991Looking for a Vibrolux!
2347.05COPCLU::SANDGRENTue Oct 15 1991Guitar samplers
2348.024RTOIC::ACROYWed Oct 16 1991GUITAR PS.files anyone?
2349.027GOES11::G_HOUSEWed Oct 16 1991Playing Like Your Guitar Heros
2350.023GOES11::G_HOUSEWed Oct 16 1991The Value of Charts for Complex Songs
2351.02SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Oct 17 1991Vinnie Moore (free CD)
2352.04COMICS::AUSTINThu Oct 17 1991guitar and shop advice required in south UK
2353.025KAOOA::PAPINEAUThu Oct 17 1991Set help needed, for the vet's
2357.013EZ2GET::STEWARTMon Oct 21 1991Demeter (?) amps
2358.012AXIS::CLENDENINMon Oct 21 1991A sick Vibrolux!
2359.049GOES11::G_HOUSEMon Oct 21 1991Entertaining a club audience
2360.029RTOIC::ACROYMon Oct 28 1991Prices anyone?
2362.0162JENEVR::SAKELARISThu Oct 31 1991Honorable Mention Players
2363.025MVSUPP::SYSTEMMon Nov 04 1991Riff-Grip from Gripmaster
2364.07PINION::WILSONMon Nov 04 1991"Concert"-Size Acoustics?
2365.016HAVASU::HEISERMon Nov 04 1991Computer-Aided Sheet, Tab paper
2366.0CHEFS::BRIGGSRWed Nov 06 1991URGENT -Jackie Wilson song...
2367.02ANNECY::HUMANWed Nov 06 1991dust off your fenders
2368.010RICKS::CALCAGNIWed Nov 06 1991Keating 8-string bass
2369.0HOBBLE::MCFARLANDThu Nov 07 1991Looking for old Les Paul video...
2370.010DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDThu Nov 07 1991Tascam 688 recording story...
2371.035HNDMTH::TUTAKFri Nov 08 1991Frank Zappa
2372.058KDX2Mon Nov 11 1991Contract disputes... help with collecting gig money !
2373.031PROXY::SPRATTFri Nov 15 1991Beginner advice wanted: Practice amp
2374.016USPMLO::DESROCHERSFri Nov 15 1991Improv - to do or not to do
2375.016WEDOIT::KELLYJMon Nov 18 1991Ownership of band equipment
2376.0WASTED::tomgMon Nov 18 1991PV Bass Case For Sale
2377.0173FREEBE::REAUMETue Nov 19 1991515
2378.033SEDGPX::LINCETue Nov 19 1991Pat Metheny
2379.0155GOES11::G_HOUSEWed Nov 20 1991Guns & Roses / Slash
2380.023MRCSSE::WAIBLEThu Nov 21 1991Line Noise
2381.017SALEM::TAYLOR_JFri Nov 22 1991Ibanez 1/2 speed tape unit??
2382.09WLDWST::EDWARDSFri Nov 22 1991Getting that all important finger stretch
2383.02TAEC::MALLETMon Nov 25 1991Help, i blew up my HIWATT custom 5
2384.029WOTVAX::MACKENZIERMon Nov 25 1991Ry Cooder tunings
2386.025LUDWIG::KLOTue Nov 26 1991American STD Fender Strat????
2387.025QRYCHE::STARRTue Nov 26 1991Drone notes
2388.04YUPPY::HARVEYFri Nov 29 1991Feedback problems - help!
2389.021FOO::BHAVNANISat Nov 30 1991Favorite brand of tape
2392.04XCUSME::FORISTALLMon Dec 02 1991SRV "Life by the Drop"
2393.012STRAT::JENSENWed Dec 04 1991Instructional materials; books, etc.
2394.022FRETZ::HEISERThu Dec 05 1991Tascam multitrack recorders
2395.010ZYDECO::MCABEEThu Dec 05 1991Ton Van Bergeyk
2396.020RICKS::CALCAGNIThu Dec 05 1991Winter Hands
2397.028KDX2Thu Dec 05 1991TC Electronics
2398.01DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDWed Dec 11 1991Michael Lee Firkins
2399.03ESKIMO::KLOWed Dec 11 1991where is him
2400.02LUDWIG::KLOWed Dec 11 1991guitar sing like a crazy horse?
2401.016ODIXIE::LINCEWed Dec 11 1991Who sounds like Alan Holdsworth???
2402.06LEDS::BURATIThu Dec 12 1991Vince Gill
2403.02KYOA::ELZAMSThu Dec 12 1991Any left hand exercises?
2404.015DECWIN::KMCDONOUGHFri Dec 13 1991Mick Taylor
2407.060FRETZ::HEISERFri Dec 13 1991Jimmy Page
2408.019GIAMEM::DERRICOThu Dec 19 1991GUITARnotes Vol.- IV Liner notes.
2409.016CAVLRY::BUCKThu Dec 19 1991GUITARnotes Vol IV Review Note
2410.03ESKIMO::KLOFri Dec 20 1991Jennifer Batten
2411.018GIDDAY::KNIGHTPSun Dec 22 1991Did you hear the one about...
2412.036USPMLO::DESROCHERSMon Dec 23 1991Johnny Winter
2413.044GLDOA::REITERThu Dec 26 1991Updated/new Classic/Vintage Combo Amps trend
2414.033PHAROS::SAKELARISFri Dec 27 1991Future Classics
2415.0FASDER::AHERBTue Dec 31 1991Chords for exotic scales
2416.043KERNEL::FLOWERSThu Jan 02 1992Turning professional...
2417.02CHEFS::BRIGGSRThu Jan 02 1992Overdrive settings
2418.07CHEFS::BRIGGSRFri Jan 03 1992Distorted Effects
2420.03KAOFS::P_DESOUZAFri Jan 03 1992Guitar rental in Colorado Springs
2421.0SMURF::GALLOMon Jan 06 1992An Original Tune
2422.06PELKEY::PELKEYMon Jan 06 1992Regular Maintenance
2423.012NEST::KASZYKMon Jan 06 1992Acoustic Bridge Question
2425.07TRUCKS::LITTENTue Jan 07 1992James Burton
2426.013BTOVT::BEST_GWed Jan 08 1992Worst Auditions
2427.013PHAROS::SAKELARISThu Jan 09 1992Troubleshooting Fender 'The Twin'
2428.0CHEFS::IMMSAFri Jan 10 1992Blind Willie McTell's Atlanta 12-string
2429.010FDCVFri Jan 10 1992Time saving tips & techniques
2430.03KAOFS::P_DESOUZAThu Feb 06 1992Need Lenny Pogan Blu-slide
2431.06POWDML::BERNARDThu Feb 06 1992Guild Starfire Worth???
2432.05WMOIS::MAY_BFri Feb 07 1992Question on PA setup
2433.03CHEFS::BRIGGSRSun Feb 09 1992Overload Protection?
2434.09CHEFS::BRIGGSRSun Feb 09 1992Electric -> Acoustic
2435.02BRUMMY::LAWTONMon Feb 10 1992Bass Synths
2436.011PELKEY::PELKEYTue Feb 11 1992who knows stuff about Alvarez
2437.08FREEBE::REAUMETue Feb 11 1992'92 consumer trade show
2439.0SONATA::JOHNSONFri Feb 14 1992Wanted: Elec bass
2440.07SOLVIT::FRASERFri Feb 14 19924/5/6 String Basses
2441.01DCSVAX::MCWILLIAMSTue Feb 18 1992Keys
2442.0VNABRW::EXELWed Feb 19 1992Rocktron Pro-Q
2443.06SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Feb 19 1992Trem-setter for Floyd ?
2444.06BTOVT::BEST_GWed Feb 19 1992Strat "S.D."
2445.03XANADU::SAGEARThu Feb 20 1992YAMAHA QY1
2446.09BONNET::BAILLETThu Feb 20 1992Any recommendations for Berklee School visit ?
2447.033RGB::ROSTThu Feb 20 1992Where Are All The Amplifiers?
2448.060EZ2GET::STEWARTFri Feb 21 1992Band Names
2449.08SAHQ::ROSENKRANZMon Feb 24 1992You're pretty good....NOT!
2450.030ENTIAT::GORDONTue Feb 25 1992Marc Bonilla
2451.016BRUMMY::LAWTONTue Feb 25 1992CARLOS RIOS
2452.025GRANPA::CORTYLWed Feb 26 1992Hollies Long Cool Woman
2453.01SOLVIT::FRASERWed Feb 26 1992Spares and Repairs: Sources/Components
2454.052RGB::ROSTWed Feb 26 1992DigiTech RP-1
2455.016INTUNE::RUDNICKThu Feb 27 1992guitar BURNOUT.
2456.01RGB::ROSTThu Feb 27 1992Ibanez Power Trio PT-3 Multi-FX Pedals
2457.04FRETZ::HEISERThu Feb 27 1992Boss ME-1
2458.043RGB::ROSTFri Feb 28 1992Steinberger
2459.047GIAMEM::DERRICOMon Mar 02 1992Equipment Insurance
2461.023SALEM::TAYLOR_JTue Mar 03 1992Modifying a guitar ?
2463.0101WASTED::tomgWed Mar 04 1992Guitar Aesthetics
2466.012CHEFS::BRIGGSRSun Mar 08 1992Buzzin' B String
2468.04FRUST::HAMILTONTue Mar 10 1992Ramirez classical, mkt. value...
2469.050FRETZ::HEISERTue Mar 10 1992Versatility
2470.0MSHRMS::FOSTERWed Mar 11 1992CD-Mailing List Service (non-profit)
2471.01TRUCKS::LITTENFri Mar 13 1992Fender Solid State schematics
2472.023GOES11::G_HOUSEFri Mar 13 1992Adrien Belew
2473.0134STAR::SALKEWICZFri Mar 13 1992Exclusive,.. tone war battles
2474.05STAR::SALKEWICZFri Mar 13 1992Charlie Parker,. OK so he doesn't play guitar :-)
2475.020TRUCKS::LITTENMon Mar 16 1992Creating backing tapes
2476.029SMURF::GALLOTue Mar 17 1992The 'Official' Sound Reinforcement Note
2477.02TAEC::MALLETTue Mar 17 1992Fender Twin-Reverb and Mender-One
2478.01RGB::ROSTWed Mar 18 1992Acoustic Guitar Digest (Mailing List)
2479.015FRUST::HAMILTONThu Mar 19 1992Need advice on a 6-str accoustic...
2480.01RGB::ROSTThu Mar 19 1992Guitar On The Edge (CD Magazine)
2481.05OLD::J_DOREMon Mar 23 1992build your own ????
2482.0SAHQ::ROSENKRANZWed Mar 25 1992Addison Al
2483.021KDX2Thu Mar 26 1992MIDI Mixers
2484.026LEDS::MACKINNONThu Mar 26 1992Boogie Tone/Volume sensitivity
2487.026RICKS::CALCAGNITue Mar 31 1992Mesa Dual Rectifier Solo (not a Boogie)
2488.07CLAVIS::ISESYS::WILDWed Apr 01 1992Recording electro-acoustics -- any suggestions.
2489.07PENUTS::RHAYESThu Apr 02 1992Ronnie Earl Seminar
2490.013MSDFri Apr 03 1992handicapped musicians???
2491.03DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDSat Apr 04 1992Guitarnotes IV reviewies responses
2492.025ZEKE::MEMBRINOMon Apr 06 1992Future of Music ?
2493.01RGB::ROSTTue Apr 07 1992How To Be A Successful Bassist (humor)
2494.011CHEFS::IMMSAWed Apr 08 1992Elvis' Martin
2495.047GOOROO::CLARKWed Apr 08 1992ToneWar '92!
2496.02SONATA::JOHNSONThu Apr 09 1992Wolfgang
2497.04STRATA::KLOThu Apr 09 1992Demarzio HS-2 pick-up.
2498.06NEST::CONROYThu Apr 09 1992Washburn Nylon String
2499.06WLDWST::EDWARDSThu Apr 09 1992Going for a run
2500.0EICMFG::THOMPSONMon Apr 13 1992ES295 re-issue
2501.04KDX2Mon Apr 13 1992Tinsley Ellis
2502.015SSDEVO::LAMBERTWed Apr 15 1992Samik (Samic?) Guitars
2503.05SMURF::GALLOThu Apr 16 1992Bass Replacement Bridges
2504.04RICKS::ROSTFri Apr 17 1992Peavey MIDIBase (Bass Synth Controller)
2505.021DPE::STARRMon Apr 20 1992My Day In The Studio, by Alan Starr
2506.016DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Apr 21 1992Matchless Amplification
2507.019KAOFS::C_CONNOLLYTue Apr 21 1992So much stuff, so little $$$
2508.021GIDDAY::KNIGHTPWed Apr 22 1992Alesis Quadraverb GT effects processor
2509.015GOES11::G_HOUSEThu Apr 23 1992Magazine Equipment Reviews
2510.08MSDTue Apr 28 1992anyone know this mandolin?
2511.023VMSDEV::CAFARELLATue Apr 28 1992When a Man Loves a Woman
2512.0EZ2GET::STEWARTWed Apr 29 1992PA Rental - do you rent your gear to others?
2513.053VSSCAD::LANGEThu Apr 30 1992List your oldest treasures:
2514.017EZ2GET::STEWARTThu Apr 30 1992Bonnie Raitt
2515.01RICKS::ROSTMon May 04 1992Bass Newsfeed on USENET
2517.03SMURF::GALLOThu May 07 1992Headstock Refinisher Wanted
2518.016NAVY5::SDANDREAThu May 07 1992Jude Cole
2519.09NAVY5::SDANDREAThu May 07 1992amp fix help needed....
2520.016WHELIN::ALANFri May 08 1992Looking for advice!
2521.02RANGER::WEBERFri May 08 1992Grimes Guitars
2522.04PELKEY::PELKEYMon May 11 1992Need some help with a crossover repair...
2524.09KAOFS::P_DESOUZATue May 12 1992Fender Princeton Chorus amp
2525.0RGB::ROSTWed May 13 1992Hotrod A Fender Champ (DIY Project)
2527.03ESKIMO::AUSTINSat May 16 1992Wilde solo!
2528.06FASDER::AHERBSat May 16 1992What I need for demo
2529.0KDX2Tue May 19 1992Cassette Duplication Services
2530.038COMET::BOLTETue May 19 1992Maximizing low end
2531.012SUBURB::RILEYDWed May 27 199224 FRET Mother!!!
2532.021WLDWST::RICHARDS_SThu May 28 1992Guitar Player Glossary of Terminology
2533.011MOOSRV::JERICKSONTue Jun 02 1992HELP! Need "Teach Your Children"
2534.024DABEAN::LOUVATThu Jun 04 1992How to get copies of NOTERs tapes
2535.08SAC::JOYCEThu Jun 04 1992Calling all Sydney musos...
2536.062DABEAN::LOUVATThu Jun 11 1992Is that all there is?
2537.03RESYNC::D_SMITHFri Jun 12 1992Volunteer assistance anyone?
2538.083DECWIN::KMCDONOUGHMon Jun 15 1992It's '74. What are you playing?
2539.06POBOX::PATLATue Jun 16 1992Champ 25 SE
2540.026CHEFS::IMMSAThu Jun 18 1992Wearing a strap
2541.066NEWOA::DALLISONFri Jun 19 1992Tone - its does my head in
2542.09RAVEN1::JERRYWHITETue Jun 23 1992In what ORDER to you place your stomp boxes ?
2543.065SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Jun 24 19921992 top 5 solo's
2544.026KERNEL::FLOWERSTue Jun 30 1992Neck through body guitars
2545.07CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Jul 01 1992Ovation Prices
2546.05RICKS::ROSTWed Jul 01 1992EV Floor Monitor Wedge For Guitar
2547.017LUNER::KELLYJMon Jul 06 1992Mick Goodrick
2548.02CRISTA::MAYNARDTue Jul 07 1992Help-Machine Heads
2549.019GOES11::G_HOUSETue Jul 07 1992Brazilian rosewood transportation ban
2550.010EZ2GET::STEWARTWed Jul 08 1992National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS)
2551.07SHARE::COOKFri Jul 10 1992HARMONIC SCALES??
2552.08CSC32::J_KUHNFri Jul 10 1992Steve Vai guitar sound ?
2553.011WHELIN::ALANMon Jul 13 1992Tablature software?
2554.038GOES11::G_HOUSEThu Jul 23 1992Are there any good lyrics left?
2555.019FLYWAY::CHAOT::WIEDLERFri Jul 24 1992Clarence White
2556.024NEWOA::DALLISONSun Jul 26 1992Marshall Valvestate amps
2557.023MSDTue Jul 28 1992Rickenbacker bass worth?
2558.026FLYWAY::CHAOT::WIEDLERTue Jul 28 1992Tony Rice
2559.023RICKS::ROSTThu Jul 30 1992Leslie West/Mountain
2560.08HYDRA::BURGESSFri Jul 31 1992Gibsons and near Gibsons, especially semis.
2561.04SPAZZO::SHEPARDMon Aug 03 1992Peavey probs...
2562.01TLE::BENTLEYMon Aug 03 1992Guitarist needed for wedding
2563.09MSDTue Aug 04 1992Rickenbacker Amplification
2564.08GAOV1Thu Aug 06 1992acoustic pickups ?
2565.029CHEFS::BRIGGSRFri Aug 07 1992Benefit of barre chords
2566.0210GUCCI::HERBSun Aug 09 1992Guitarnotes tape vol. V
2567.068SAHQ::ROSENKRANZFri Aug 14 1992String Recommendation needed
2569.05KDX2Sun Aug 16 1992Computer tools for FTP, GIF viewers, help etc...
2572.013FLYWAY::CHAOT::WIEDLERTue Aug 18 1992Guitar (history) books
2573.011SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Aug 20 1992GTS Alert!Help pick axe !
2574.07CHEFS::BRIGGSRSun Aug 23 1992Learning to use effects
2575.0RTOIC::ACROYWed Aug 26 1992Coming to Ma. for vacation
2576.05COPCLU::SANDGRENWed Aug 26 1992Michael Landau
2577.04PAULUS::BAUERWed Aug 26 1992Guitars with Wilkinson trem
2578.02STAR::DRITTERFri Aug 28 1992Guitar Teacher Wanted
2579.040MARX::SAKELARISMon Aug 31 1992Bargains
2580.0CGOOA::SEEMANMon Aug 31 1992Ripped off.Need repl. advice
2581.0COPCLU::SANDGRENTue Sep 01 1992Clubs in the NY area?
2582.05XSTACY::PATTISONTue Sep 01 1992Identify this Logo
2583.05--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 01 1992
2584.0MISFIT::KINNEYDWed Sep 02 1992Movie: Deep Blues
2585.05CSC32::J_KUHNThu Sep 03 1992Guitar FTPM subscription problems
2586.0SONATA::JOHNSONFri Sep 04 1992Guild CE-1
2587.011CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Sep 07 1992What is an Expression Pedal?
2588.038ESKIMO::AUSTINThu Sep 10 1992MTV Video Awards
2589.06YOROWN::WALTERSThu Sep 10 1992Electro- classical... any recommendations ??
2590.05FLYWAY::CHAOT::WIEDLERFri Sep 11 1992Jazz mandolinists Jethro Burns / Tiny Moore ?
2592.018TUXEDO::SUDAMATue Sep 15 1992Dobros (National Steel Guitars)
2594.01CAVLRY::BUCKWed Sep 16 1992Here Kitty Kitty...
2595.05RESYNC::D_SMITHThu Sep 17 1992DBX153 EQ Info request
2596.034CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Sep 21 1992Soft Fingers?
2597.0TAEC::MALLETTue Sep 22 1992Fender Super 112
2598.032LISVAX::NUNES_RTue Sep 22 199212 string accoustic
2599.04GOES11::G_HOUSETue Sep 22 1992Making your own pickups
2600.016RICKS::CALCAGNIMon Sep 28 1992Shawn Lane
2601.027CARTUN::BDONOVANFri Oct 02 1992Aerosmith
2602.07GOES11::G_HOUSEMon Oct 05 1992Robin Crow
2603.07LUNER::KELLYJTue Oct 06 1992Sound companies: Your experiences
2604.029VAXRIO::ALCIDESTue Oct 06 1992Korean made stratocaster
2605.01VAXRIO::ALCIDESTue Oct 06 1992Guitar shops in Frankfurt
2606.060USPMLO::DESROCHERSMon Oct 12 1992Roland GR-1 Synth
2607.04ICS::ODONNELLMon Oct 12 1992new Stevie Ray???
2608.02NEST::CURRYMon Oct 12 1992Address for ESP?
2609.029KDX2Tue Oct 13 1992Lexicon FX processors...
2610.021LUNER::KELLYJFri Oct 16 1992Promo
2611.070JUPITR::DERRICOJSat Oct 17 1992Official "Upright Bass" topic. (acoustic/semi's)
2612.07CSLALL::ONEILLThu Oct 22 1992the day the music died
2613.04AKOCOA::MINEZZIThu Oct 22 1992How do you wire a PAF Pro pickup.
2614.01SAHQ::ROSENKRANZFri Oct 23 1992AMP Trivia question
2615.016TECRUS::LONELY::ROSTFri Oct 23 1992Sonny Landreth
2616.03CGOOA::SEEMANMon Oct 26 1992Need Marshall Address
2617.035ESKIMO::KLOTue Nov 03 1992Sear Silvertune head amp
2618.01SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Nov 05 1992Torres engineering ?
2619.031JUPITR::DERRICOJSat Nov 07 1992Guitarnotes Vol. -V Linernotes
2620.02JUPITR::DERRICOJSat Nov 07 1992Guitarnotes Vol. -V Reviews
2621.03CHEFS::BRIGGSRSun Nov 08 1992Harsh vs Warmth
2622.09MAGYAR::TOTHTue Nov 10 1992Collings D2H dreadnaught guitars.
2623.019CARTUN::BDONOVANThu Nov 12 1992Little Feat/Lowell George
2624.023NEWOA::DALLISONMon Nov 16 1992Stripping the finish from an Ibanez
2625.029BFLAT::CLENDENINTue Nov 17 1992preserve an autograph?
2626.08SHOEBX::CONNERThu Nov 19 1992GB-2 Session Trainer
2627.016CHEFS::BRIGGSRFri Nov 20 1992BOSS ME-6 Owner's Club
2629.014MSBCS::BELLEFEUILLETue Nov 24 1992`79 Les Paul Custom - Value??
2630.02JURAN::CLARKWed Nov 25 1992The Jazz Minor Scale
2631.07SPEZKO::A_FRASERWed Nov 25 1992BURNS Guitars back in business
2632.017MSDOA::BLAIRWed Dec 02 1992Derek Trucks
2633.060TECRUS::TECRUS::ROSTWed Dec 02 1992Why I Hated Neil Young On My Summer Vacation
2634.0158TECRUS::TECRUS::ROSTWed Dec 02 1992Neil Young, Guitar Guru
2635.029GJOWed Dec 02 1992Kids - The Next Generation
2636.03TECRUS::TECRUS::ROSTWed Dec 02 1992Jonathan Richman, Guitar Guru
2637.0223KDX2Wed Dec 02 1992Clapton Bashing Topic
2638.0NEEPS::IRVINEWed Dec 02 1992Yamaha APX Electro-Accoustic
2639.01SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Dec 03 1992Name this chord ?
2640.0271TECRUS::ROSTThu Dec 03 1992Dream Theater--Base Note
2641.025NAVY5::SDANDREAMon Dec 14 1992Electric guitar care
2642.094JURAN::CLARKMon Dec 14 1992Wives vs. Guitars
2643.045MILKWY::JACQUESTue Dec 15 19921992 and GTS
2644.0STRATA::KLOWed Dec 16 1992Vantage classical acoustic
2645.012NOTAX::WITTENBERGFri Dec 18 1992Problem with high pitched sting
2646.03ESKIMO::KLOMon Dec 21 1992Vantage classical acoustic guitars
2647.01CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Dec 21 1992Tube Amps & Digital Effects
2648.017NAVY5::SDANDREATue Dec 22 1992effects loops?
2649.022UNYEM::LEFFLERMMon Dec 28 1992am. std. strat hard case question
2650.01KDX2Tue Dec 29 1992Albert King - RIP
2651.0AKOCOA::MINEZZITue Dec 29 1992Tickets-Industrial Revolution.
2652.017SMURF::BENNETTWed Dec 30 1992Where are those GUITAR noters now?
2653.0NEWOA::DALLISONFri Jan 01 1993The LA Blues Authority
2654.026NEST::CURRYMon Jan 04 1993Kahler or Floyd-Rose?
2655.06DABEAN::POWELLThu Jan 07 1993Advise Wanted: New Rack Setup
2656.01DABEAN::REAUMEThu Jan 07 1993P S Systems - EB1
2657.06CRISTA::MAYNARDFri Jan 08 1993Sue Foley
2658.0TECRUS::ROSTFri Jan 08 1993DIY Bass Amp Schematics
2659.06KNGBUD::DUBOISTue Jan 12 1993Amp external speaker jack installation?
2660.05GIDDAY::KNIGHTPTue Jan 12 1993Ramble alert
2661.04FDCVFri Jan 15 1993ENGL Amplification
2662.02LARVAE::HARVEYFri Jan 15 1993DAION acoustic anyone ?
2663.014DVOPAS::WADERS::malkoskiMon Jan 18 1993Kidsa and Guitars
2664.06MSBCS::BELLEFEUILLEMon Jan 18 1993Teaching Suggestions?
2665.0332WOLVER::SDANDREATue Jan 19 1993Jamming with the Dawg, an editorial...
2666.047TECRUS::ROSTFri Jan 22 1993Fender Tone Master/Vibro King Amplifiers
2667.071ROBRTS::ROBERTSFri Jan 22 1993Shopping for the perfect AMP
2668.0TECRUS::ROSTMon Jan 25 19931
2669.033DPE::STARRMon Jan 25 1993Sonic Tricks From Your Guitar?
2670.08RICKS::CALCAGNITue Jan 26 1993Finish checking and crazing
2671.02LMOADM::LEVINTue Jan 26 1993Value for Martin and Gibson
2672.01SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Jan 28 1993Help with pickup wiring !?
2673.025MSBCS::BELLEFEUILLEThu Jan 28 1993Coil Cutter switch on LP??
2674.014TECRUS::ROSTFri Jan 29 1993GP "Stack In A Box" Budget Tube Preamp Kit
2675.02CSC32::B_KNOXFri Jan 29 1993where to compress ???
2676.05WELCLU::GREENBMon Feb 01 1993Questions about Fender Power Jazz Bass
2677.08TIS::GRUHNWed Feb 03 1993What should we sell it for?
2679.0TAEC::MALLETMon Feb 08 1993GP (Feb.1993) 'The Bluesmaker'
2680.011--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 10 1993Buckethead
2681.063KDX2Fri Feb 19 1993Mesa/Boogie Tri Axis Preamp - Impressions/Presets
2682.044TECRUS::ROSTMon Feb 22 1993Guitar Lesson A Week on USENET
2683.026NEWOA::DALLISONMon Feb 22 1993Muddy Muddy Muddy
2684.01NINFA::RUPEREZTue Feb 23 1993EAG models and pricing requested
2685.04FORTY2::KNOWLESWed Mar 03 1993I coulda picked it out in seconds - name please
2686.01TECRUS::ROSTWed Mar 03 1993Software: MIDI Files To Tab!
2687.0TECRUS::ROSTWed Mar 03 1993Mailing List: Amp and Instrument Electronics
2688.06EMMFG::LAYTONMon Mar 08 1993Fender Acoustic Guitars
2689.021SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Mar 10 1993Boss -8
2690.081TECRUS::ROSTThu Mar 11 1993Cool Songs To Play In Music Stores
2691.07THEBAY::CHABANEDFri Mar 12 1993B.B. King lessons video?
2692.06ELESYS::JASNIEWSKITue Mar 16 1993Re-use old tube amp for electric guitar
2693.03SMURF::BENNETTThu Mar 18 1993Classical Guitar Methods?
2694.011NEWOA::DALLISONThu Mar 18 1993Wolf Marshall
2695.09TECRUS::ROSTMon Mar 22 1993Learning To Play Melodically
2696.04TECRUS::ROSTTue Mar 23 1993Bass Line Construction Lessons
2697.041SOLVIT::SNORAT::OLOUGHLINThu Mar 25 1993 The Perfect Set.
2698.045TECRUS::ROSTTue Mar 30 1993Why No Great Japanese Amps?
2699.0SAHQ::ROSENKRANZTue Mar 30 1993Roger Guitars
2700.020CHEFS::BRIGGSRTue Mar 30 1993The earliest 'rock' solo?
2701.01TECRUS::ROSTThu Apr 01 1993Use A Walkman As Headphone Amp
2704.073NAVY5::SDANDREATue Apr 06 1993Prince?
2705.023EARRTH::DUBOIS_RTue Apr 06 1993If I play it, it hums it.
2706.010ISLNDS::BELLEFEUILLEMon Apr 12 1993Gorilla help-Portable??
2707.016POWDML::DAGGFri Apr 16 1993Seinfeld show bass player
2708.09POWDML::DAGGTue Apr 20 1993Doc Watson
2710.011SPEZKO::A_FRASERThu Apr 22 1993The Good News Note
2711.037RICKS::CALCAGNIMon Apr 26 1993Duke Levine
2712.02IMPROV::IMPROV::BECKNELLMon Apr 26 1993Help with MIDI hook-up
2713.013SASE::MULLERTue Apr 27 1993Nashville-strung Guitar
2714.024KAOFS::P_DESOUZATue Apr 27 1993NEW! Fender amp. SKK series.
2715.022STRATA::KLOWed Apr 28 1993what is the best wood for guitar sound
2716.09PATE::PLOURDEWed Apr 28 1993Country Lead Guitar Help..
2717.010KAOFS::P_DESOUZAWed Apr 28 1993Latest multieffects????
2718.06KEEGAN::TURNERMon May 03 1993Octave Playing
2719.010TECRUS::ROSTMon May 03 1993Novax Guitars
2720.07CGOOA::SEEMANMon May 03 1993Bassman Speaker Advice Needed
2721.0107TROFS::C_CONNOLLYMon May 03 1993Guitar shows
2722.02TUXEDO::SUDAMAMon May 03 1993tech help needed for amp mod
2723.012IMPROV::UCGRAD::BECKNELLTue May 04 1993Music Emporium
2724.08TECRUS::ROSTWed May 05 1993Mick Ronson (RIP)
2725.01DVOPAS::WADERS::malkoskiWed May 05 1993Klein Guitars
2726.013GOES11::G_HOUSEWed May 05 1993Del Fuegos
2727.02TOLKIN::CALDERANWed May 05 1993Info needed - Magnatone Bass Amp
2728.02ELIS::ELIS1G::SCHIKSThu May 06 1993GP-16 Program data needed!
2729.0TECRUS::ROSTTue May 11 1993Mesa/Boogie Mailing List On Internet
2730.03POWDML::DAGGTue May 11 1993Bill Frissell
2731.06WOLVER::SDANDREAFri May 14 1993The Firm......
2732.03TECRUS::ROSTMon May 17 1993Internet Equipment Price Lists
2733.06ASIC::CARMANMon May 17 1993Whaddya think of ART gear???
2734.06FORTY2::KNOWLESTue May 18 1993Spare machine head (preferably in REO)
2735.02CADVAX::MCDONOUGHWed May 19 1993calling all musicians/singers
2736.0172LUNER::DUBOIS_RWed May 19 1993BLIND WILLEY's Blues Jam
2737.02NEST::CURRYMon May 24 1993Address for Hohner Guitars?
2738.01CUPMK::LEHRERTue May 25 1993Guitar teacher - Milford/Bedford NH area?
2739.012E::EVANSWed May 26 1993Patrick Eggle Guitars
2740.01JITORI::NAGAHASHIWed May 26 1993pre/power amp impedance
2741.033SASE::MULLERTue Jun 01 1993Caught between a purist and a hard decision
2742.010RICKS::CALCAGNIMon Jun 07 1993Tom Principato
2743.0EZ2GET::STEWARTMon Jun 07 1993PG Music's "The Jazz Guitarist"
2744.01POWDML::DAGGMon Jun 07 1993Gibson Barney Kessel Guitar
2745.024DDIF::PARODITue Jun 08 1993Individual Saddle Adjustment
2746.0SMURF::BENNETTTue Jun 08 1993Berklee Summer Guitar Sessions
2747.012IMPROV::PIPA::BECKNELLTue Jun 08 1993Help with guitar finish !
2748.017KEEGAN::TURNERWed Jun 09 1993Unplugged!
2749.07POWDML::DAGGWed Jun 09 1993Snooks Eaglin
2750.08GTDANE::GOYETTEFri Jun 11 1993Equipment for a beginner ?
2751.034AUSSIE::LEONGTue Jun 15 1993Anyone heard of Epiphone ?
2752.023DREGS::BLICKSTEINWed Jun 16 1993Ensoniq DP/4 as guitar multi-effects
2753.015POWDML::DAGGThu Jun 17 1993Polytone Amps
2754.012SUBSYS::GODINFri Jun 18 1993What's the *best* practice amp ?
2755.016SSDEVO::LAMBERTMon Jun 21 1993BBE Sound, Inc.
2756.03CHEFS::BRIGGSRWed Jun 23 19938
2758.018TECRUS::ROSTThu Jun 24 1993Playing With Less Than Six Strings
2759.025AKOCOA::RVEZINAMon Jun 28 1993Peavy Classic Series
2760.029LINGO::DALZELLWed Jun 30 1993advice on bass strings, when & what to change to!
2761.0119GOOROO::DCLARKWed Jun 30 1993Is Shred Dead?
2762.055CHEFS::BRIGGSRWed Jul 07 1993Rhythm/Lead Switching
2763.030CHEFS::BRIGGSRWed Jul 07 1993Sound Checks
2766.053CSC32::B_KNOXFri Jul 09 1993Life #*&%!, Then You Die
2767.06MLNThu Jul 15 1993Buying a guitar in Boston (being Italian)
2768.021TECRUS::ROSTFri Jul 16 1993Fender Performer Amp Series (Tube/Transistor)
2769.025TECRUS::ROSTFri Jul 16 1993Sovtek Tube Amps (Made in Russia)
2770.0TAEC::LADRETTue Jul 20 1993Advices on Jim Harley guitars...
2771.03ELWOOD::CAPOZZOTue Jul 20 1993Its time for DECJAM 93!!
2772.03CECEHV::PAASEN_RThu Jul 22 1993Hagstrom
2774.0LINGO::DALZELLFri Jul 23 1993any info on Jan Cyrka - guitarist
2775.011GAAS::GATULISMon Jul 26 1993Phone number for Fender
2776.07LEDS::BURATIMon Jul 26 1993Dick Dale
2777.018EZ2GET::STEWARTWed Jul 28 1993Bulldawg's tape note
2778.018PCCAD::RICHARDJWed Jul 28 1993How's The Business These Days ?
2779.036LILCPX::BULLARDThu Jul 29 1993Bluegrass Guitar Practice Midi Files
2780.08GUCCI::HERBSun Aug 01 1993TAB for S.C.O.M
2781.022HEDRON::DAVEBTue Aug 03 1993George Lynch
2782.07COMET::DURHAMTue Aug 03 1993Running Stereo
2783.041SASE::MULLERTue Aug 03 1993Help ol' Geoff get his sound together
2784.05TUXEDO::SUDAMAWed Aug 04 1993my goodbye
2785.077GOOROO::DCLARKThu Aug 05 1993The Worst
2786.02ZURThu Aug 05 1993KEZIAH JONES???
2787.03VAXCAP::RUDNICKFri Aug 06 1993Strat purchase questions...
2788.019MYOTT::DEVONICKFri Aug 20 1993Peavey Amps - what's the diff?
2789.026CSC32::B_KNOXFri Aug 20 1993Blackfoot ???
2790.06POWDML::DAGGMon Aug 23 1993Flatwound Strings
2791.012SUBSYS::GODINMon Aug 23 1993Rockman/Scholz Octopus
2792.09TECRUS::ROSTMon Aug 23 1993The Slowest
2793.01--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 27 1993GP 16 reissued
2795.01RTOMIA::PTHOMPSONFri Sep 03 1993Taylor Guitars - Address ?
2796.094NAVY5::SDANDREAFri Sep 03 1993The Hellecasters!
2798.08IOSG::GILESLWed Sep 08 1993Reading : fancy a jam ?
2799.04MILKWY::JACQUESWed Sep 08 1993Maccaferri Guitars...basenote
2800.04NEST::CURRYWed Sep 08 1993Hamer vs. ESP
2801.09ELIS::SMITSThu Sep 09 1993Bartolini Bass Pick-ups
2802.087SUBSYS::GODINThu Sep 09 1993Official "Guitar Toy Syndrome" (GTS) topic
2803.010ZYDECO::MCABEEFri Sep 10 1993Impedance matching questions
2804.019GOOROO::DCLARKMon Sep 13 1993Playing Outdoors vs. Indoors
2805.049ULYSSE::WILSONMon Sep 13 1993How important is the key?
2806.029CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Sep 13 1993Unfamiliarity can kill you!
2807.010KYOA::ELZAMSTue Sep 14 1993A beginner question
2808.09NEST::CURRYWed Sep 15 1993Korg G3 Effects Processor
2809.012SUBSYS::GODINFri Sep 17 1993A temporary good bye
2810.032CHEFS::IMMSAMon Sep 20 1993DR Strings
2811.06PROXY::GRUDAMon Sep 20 1993Looking for advice on buying Bass guitar for son
2812.019FIREVX::RUDNICKThu Sep 23 1993Strip vocals off a recording?
2813.08LARVAE::BRIGGS_RSun Sep 26 1993Effects - Live v Studio/Home
2815.0HOPOFF::TAKOSMon Sep 27 1993Dimarzio Fast Track Pickups ?
2817.024DREGS::BLICKSTEINTue Sep 28 1993What does it mean to play with "feeling" and "emotion"?
2818.04STORK::CURRYWed Sep 29 1993Question about Gretsch Model ?
2819.04DWOMV2::GODDARDSun Oct 03 1993help 1st purchase acoustic
2820.04CHEFS::IMMSAMon Oct 04 1993asking a big favour
2821.012BASLG1::NIEMIRAMon Oct 04 1993Yamaha/Gibson comparisons/prices.
2822.01CHEFS::IMMSATue Oct 05 1993national guitar book
2823.028TECRUS::ROSTWed Oct 06 1993More New Fender Stuff To Buy
2825.02DWOMV2::GODDARDFri Oct 08 1993mint gemni II 4 $2
2826.016TECRUS::ROSTTue Oct 12 1993Back To The Woodshed
2827.024QRYCHE::STARRWed Oct 13 1993Carol Kaye
2828.038MILKWY::JACQUESWed Oct 13 1993John Hiatt
2829.019LARVAE::BRIGGS_RWed Oct 13 1993Play Melody with Chords?
2830.01TECRUS::ROSTThu Oct 14 1993ART Attack Modules
2831.03MIMS::SMITH_JEThu Oct 14 1993Can you name the effect?
2832.0JUPITR::DERRICOJSat Oct 16 1993Supplier/dist. for MEC bass pickups?
2833.03LARVAE::BRIGGS_RSun Oct 17 1993Tremelo Springs lost their 'spring'.
2834.01COMET::MESSAGEMon Oct 18 1993Lost A Conference..
2835.01EEMELI::HAUTALAMon Oct 18 1993sg special
2836.047EEMELI::HAUTALATue Oct 19 1993more about sg
2837.07BRAT::PAGEWed Oct 20 1993Unfinished Guitar Bodies: What type of wood to select?
2838.0147RICKS::CALCAGNIThu Oct 21 1993Gibson Firebirds and Thunderbirds
2839.09ESKIMO::KLOFri Oct 22 1993Nile Rodge and Hirran Bullock, where ?
2840.032NOKNOK::ABATELLIMon Oct 25 1993Generic "rarebird" amps note
2841.07NACAD::HERTZBERGTue Oct 26 1993Vinyl Repair
2842.03COMET::DURHAMTue Oct 26 1993Dean Markley comments!
2843.033EZ2GET::STEWARTFri Oct 29 1993G-VOX Learning Tool from Lyrrus (CAI, CBT)
2844.012OTOOA::ESKICIOGLUMon Nov 01 1993David Wilcox
2845.0429MANTHN::EDDWed Nov 03 1993Da Blooz
2846.015KIRKTN::WATSONTThu Nov 04 1993Akkerman Guitar
2847.0133TECRUS::ROSTFri Nov 05 1993Progressive Music and Self-indulgence:One & the Same?
2849.068TECRUS::ROSTMon Nov 08 1993GUITARnotes VI Rathole Topic
2850.07SAHQ::ROSENKRANZMon Nov 08 1993Guitar Picker Alert--Junior Brown
2851.09ULYSSE::WILSONMon Nov 08 1993Jazz blues chords please
2852.012STORK::CURRYTue Nov 09 1993Gary Hoey
2853.02COMET::MARGASONWed Nov 10 1993Robben Ford's equipment?
2854.019NEST::CURRYWed Nov 10 1993Guitar/Amp Publicity Posters
2855.026ROBRT::VEZINATue Nov 16 1993Best Crunchy Effects Box
2856.034DWESEL::PELKEYTue Nov 16 1993Rap, noise or otherwise ???
2857.035MSBCS::ASHFORTHWed Nov 17 1993Sound system setup for live performance?
2858.02ICS::CATORIOFri Nov 19 1993Feed back how to stop
2859.0TECRUS::ROSTFri Nov 19 1993COMMUSIC X Tape Is Now Available
2860.04KAOFS::P_DESOUZAFri Nov 19 1993Boss ME-6 patches requested
2861.01CSOA1::JORDANSun Nov 21 1993Washburn Info
2862.0TECRUS::ROSTMon Nov 22 1993Instrument Builders Mailing List
2863.03KDX2Fri Nov 26 1993RIP - Albert Collins
2864.0NEST::CURRYFri Dec 03 1993Best Price for a RAT II
2865.02QRYCHE::STARRMon Dec 13 1993Blue Book Of Guitar Values
2866.043FIREVX::RUDNICKWed Dec 15 1993slow dance song suggestions?
2867.012MOSCOW::BERGMANSWed Dec 15 1993Prices/Places to buy a Les-Paul around Boston
2868.01STOWOA::JOHNSONTue Dec 21 1993'7
2869.05NEST::CURRYTue Dec 21 1993Park Amps
2870.017TECRUS::ROSTMon Jan 03 1994Live Music Scene Survey Results (off USENET)
2871.026KIRKTN::DALEXANDERMon Jan 03 1994Starting off Again...
2872.014MIMS::SMITH_JEThu Jan 06 1994Perfect Pitch
2873.034RDGENG::NR75Sun Jan 09 1994Brian May guitar sound ?
2874.0TECRUS::ROSTMon Jan 10 1994Reading Rhythms (exercises)
2875.078COPCLU::SANDGRENMon Jan 10 1994Pete Townshend
2876.07SEDOAS::MILLER_NWed Jan 12 1994ART Effects Unit Problem - Help!
2877.021MSE1::MULLERMon Jan 17 1994Parker Guitars
2878.021CAPNET::ANDERSON_RMon Jan 17 1994Fender Bassman Silver Face
2879.010NEST::CURRYWed Jan 19 1994Amp Miking.....Explain?
2880.02NEST::CURRYMon Jan 24 1994Updated Parts Manufacturers
2881.057DABEAN::REAUMEMon Jan 24 1994Digitech GSP-21
2882.04COMET::MESSAGEMon Jan 31 1994New Vintage Magazine
2883.014USPMLO::DESROCHERSTue Feb 01 1994Peter Frampton
2884.0DVOPAS::MARSHL::malkoskiTue Feb 01 1994Gibson J-185
2886.09DECPRG::MARSHALLSun Feb 06 1994Q:Volume with Effects
2888.01FIRSC1::CECCHIThu Feb 10 1994mesa boogie MARK IV
2889.0CHEFS::IMMSAFri Feb 11 1994John Pearce armrest
2890.035DREGS::BLICKSTEINMon Feb 14 1994In Quest of the Perfect Note
2891.0EEMELI::HAUTALAFri Feb 18 1994Marshall Lead 12 W
2892.0110JUPITR::NLAMOUREUXFri Feb 18 1994Playing Covers .vs. Playing Originals
2893.04CHEFS::IMMSAMon Feb 21 1994A less than perfect rare Martin
2894.016CAPNET::ANDERSON_RMon Feb 21 1994Guitar for 3
2896.07HEART::MACHINWed Feb 23 1994Gibson Nighthawk
2897.04FIREVX::RUDNICKFri Feb 25 1994street amplification
2898.012XSTACY::PHAYDENWed Mar 02 1994Acoustic advice.
2899.03WELCLU::GREENBThu Mar 03 1994Peavey 3
2901.012ROCKER::KNOXMon Mar 07 1994Mic's ????
2902.015TPSYS::RUDNICKWed Mar 09 1994leslie 9-pin??
2903.07KERNEL::MCGOWANFri Mar 11 1994Bridge saddle camber
2905.08POBOX::PATLASat Mar 19 1994GTS strikes on a Fender Flame
2906.0TLSETue Mar 22 1994Steiberger needs repair - any ideas ?
2908.012CHEFS::IMMSAThu Mar 24 1994Goodbye
2909.09BLASTA::PelkeyWed Mar 30 1994Volume/Tone pot recommendations
2910.0TECRUS::ROSTThu Mar 31 1994Peavey E-mail Address
2912.017HOPOFF::TAKOSMon Apr 04 1994Guild For < $5
2913.01NEST::CURRYMon Apr 04 1994Stomp Box Power Supply
2914.02LARVAE::BRIGGS_RWed Apr 06 1994Lets Work Together on this one!
2915.028RICKS::CALCAGNIThu Apr 07 1994Alternate Quartet - Rainforest Rhumboogie
2916.0DECPRG::MARSHALLTue Apr 19 1994YAMAHA FX55
2917.025STAR::ROBIEThu Apr 21 1994Bass riff for "Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors
2918.066NACAD::HERTZBERGThu Apr 21 1994Albums to Jam along with
2919.02LARVAE::PETTIFORD_MFri Apr 22 1994Gibson guitar concert
2920.02HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GTue Apr 26 1994Guitar renovation materials
2921.044FRETZ::HEISERTue Apr 26 1994Ty Tabor - King's X
2922.06NEST::CURRYWed Apr 27 1994Digitech #'s needed
2923.06GIDDAY::KNIGHTPWed Apr 27 1994Internet locations
2924.07BLASTA::PelkeyMon May 02 1994Light systems for small pubs/clubs
2925.06STORK::CURRYTue May 03 19942x12 Stereo Guitar Cabinets
2926.010NMGDV9::MONDThu May 05 1994Choosing the right multiFX processor
2927.03NWDThu May 05 1994TV Bass Work
2928.05KURMA::WATSONTFri May 06 1994Farewell.
2929.09DECWET::TEAGUETue May 10 1994The Flatpicker's Note
2930.025DPDMAI::COXCTue May 10 1994Tube vs. Solid State
2932.01ULYSSE::WILSONMon May 16 1994"The Rail" stick bass
2933.017CAPNET::PLOURDEFri May 20 1994Help! Chords to 'There is Love'
2934.07EZ2GET::STEWARTTue May 24 1994 Joe Pass, RIP
2935.078NEST::CURRYWed May 25 1994Guitar Center in Boston
2936.010HOTLNE::LUCHTThu May 26 1994Elliot Fisk, classical guitar
2937.05CSLALL::CARDOZAFri May 27 1994Oscar Schmidt Guitars?
2938.01E::EVANSWed Jun 01 1994Brian Moore Guitars
2939.033NAVY5::SDANDREATue Jun 07 1994see ya......dawg-gone.......8*)
2940.08INMCC::MUELLERThu Jun 09 1994Help with configuration (JMP1 and GP8) ...
2941.021NEST::CURRYMon Jun 13 1994Goodbye, everyone!!
2942.08COPCLU::SANDGRENTue Jun 14 1994Yairi guitars
2943.04YUPPY::TONEYDFri Jun 17 1994Gibson Marauder ??
2944.05HOTLNE::LUCHTFri Jun 24 1994Time, meter, fun...
2945.05NACAD2::HERTZBERGTue Jul 12 1994Lenny Kravitz
2946.011POWDML::BUCKLEYTue Jul 12 1994GUITARnotes Volume VI - Liner Notes
2947.019POWDML::BUCKLEYTue Jul 12 1994GUITARnotes Volume VI - Tape Reviews
2948.06TECRUS::ROSTWed Jul 13 1994GUITARnotes Volume 6: Base Note/J-Card/Order Info
2949.017BLASTA::PelkeyWed Jul 13 1994Will Ackerman
2950.04JUPITR::DERRICOJFri Jul 15 1994Wanted:
2951.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 18 1994Question On Ovation Model 1612
2952.06WMOIS::POIRIERFri Jul 22 1994Need Help on Gibson
2953.016WMOIS::POIRIERFri Jul 22 1994Act your age not your shoe size
2954.018WMOIS::POIRIERTue Jul 26 1994What, can't hear you!
2955.05EVOAI2::SECU_LDVWed Jul 27 1994Help for Bassist
2956.05WMOIS::POIRIERWed Jul 27 1994Fender, the inside story
2957.05CAPNET::ANDERSON_RWed Jul 27 1994Fretlight Optical Guitars
2958.03TPSYS::LAINGMon Aug 01 1994Teachers in Gardner, MA area?
2959.06SMURF::SALISBURYMon Aug 01 1994Gretsch Country Gentleman
2960.05WMOIS::POIRIERTue Aug 02 1994AC/DC, just being boys
2961.016549::BERTONEThu Aug 04 1994Where to find guitar tab
2962.016COMET::DURHAMWed Aug 10 1994Boston / Tom Scholz
2963.025FRETZ::HEISERWed Aug 10 1994Kerry Livgren / Kansas / AD
2965.06WMOIS::POIRIERFri Aug 26 1994Ventures, play along book.
2966.010GANTRY::ALLBERYTue Aug 30 1994Searching for a Grand Concert Acoustic
2967.0COMET::LAURICHTue Aug 30 1994"New toy from Yamaha"
2968.08EVOAI2::SECU_LDVFri Sep 02 1994binary uncompressed btoa
2970.07CRONIC::PCUMMINGSSat Sep 03 1994John Scofield
2972.06JUPITR::OCONNORSWed Sep 07 1994Mutron envelope filter?
2973.025ARDEV::GOODWINWed Sep 07 1994Joe Walsh
2974.011ARDEV::GOODWINThu Sep 08 1994Billy Gibbons / ZZTOP
2975.016GAVEL::DAGGFri Sep 09 1994Green Day
2977.06KUZZY::PELKEYThu Sep 15 1994Looking for some advice ...
2978.013LEDS::BURATIWed Sep 21 1994tape echo units
2979.0EVOAI2::SECU_LDVThu Sep 22 1994LKJ
2980.09JUPITR::DERRICOJSat Sep 24 1994My Notice:
2981.05GIDDAY::KNIGHTPSun Sep 25 1994delay times and tricks
2982.0121WMOIS::POIRIERMon Sep 26 1994Eric Clapton, Man!
2983.04GAAS::GATULISTue Sep 27 1994Looking for phone number and/or info
2985.024PAVONE::TURNERFri Sep 30 1994Learning a setlist
2986.09STRATA::AUSTINMon Oct 03 1994how'd day do dat?
2987.0TAMRC::LAURENTWed Oct 12 19941-inch 8-track in the Boston area
2988.05MONTOR::HANNANThu Oct 13 199432 ohm speaker needed for Fender Bassman Ten
2989.059MPGS::MARKEYFri Oct 14 1994Bass player needs a fix
2990.024POWDML::BUCKLEYFri Oct 14 1994Paint / re-finishing
2991.02WARFUT::PIATTTue Oct 18 1994Gordon-Smith guitars...?
2992.06SPEZKO::FRASERSun Oct 23 1994New music store start-up in Manchester, NH
2993.08MPGS::MARKEYTue Oct 25 1994Scale software
2994.0STRATA::ADAMSMon Oct 31 1994Benefit for Leslie Rishell (Paul Rishell's wife)
2995.015NOVA::ASHOKM::ASHFORTHThu Nov 03 1994Direct boxes
2996.09NCMAIL::KINNEYDThu Nov 03 1994In the News...
2997.05WEDOIT::ABATELLIFri Nov 04 1994BAGEND guitar cabinet info wanted
2998.025TAEC::MALLETThu Nov 10 1994Guitar Effects Schematics. 1) Dunlop Cry Baby
2999.03INMCC::MUELLERMon Nov 14 1994Shure Wireless/Music Stores in DC and Orlando
3000.08SMAUG::ALTMANWed Nov 16 1994Anyone know a small mixer?
3001.025WMOIS::POIRIERFri Nov 18 1994Tape recorders with half-speed
3002.023BIGQ::DCLARKFri Nov 18 1994Who should play guitar for Digital?
3003.02STRATA::LUCHTFri Nov 25 1994Overdone licks...
3004.02WMOIS::POIRIERTue Nov 29 1994Hot Licks, worth the money?
3006.01FIRSC1::CECCHITue Dec 06 1994National linear I.C.
3007.02PCMVTue Dec 06 1994help desperate guitar player
3008.0ASABET::ROSSMon Dec 12 1994Chords for Open Tunings
3009.09TLSEThu Dec 15 1994QUATERFLASH TUNING ?
3011.01TINCUP::LEITZTue Dec 20 1994later dudes
3012.03GAVEL::DAGGWed Dec 21 1994Mesa Blue Angel and Subway Blues amps
3013.02WMOIS::POIRIERThu Dec 22 1994Best Wishes!
3014.02GAVEL::DAGGThu Dec 22 1994Five Style
3015.011ARDEV::GOODWINSun Jan 01 1995Scott Henderson
3016.01MADMXX::KNOXTue Jan 03 19951/2-space tuner????
3017.04POLAR::KFICZEREWed Jan 04 1995strat necks??
3018.03TARKIN::PTAKWed Jan 04 1995Info and parts needed for Fender precision
3020.0342832::PIATTThu Jan 05 1995Action v. Fret rattle
3022.018DREGS::BLICKSTEINFri Jan 06 1995Guitar magazines online
3023.023LARVAE::BRIGGS_RSun Jan 08 1995*That* Chord?
3025.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 12 1995$169 Bargain (NEW) Guitar ???
3026.02STRATA::LUCHTThu Jan 12 1995Craig Chaquico
3027.01ZENDIA::ELKINSFri Jan 13 1995Folk guitar lessons in Boston
3029.0142832::PIATTTue Jan 17 1995String query...
3030.028WMOIS::POIRIERTue Jan 24 1995Nirvana's "Lake of Fire"
3031.013PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RMon Jan 30 1995G-VOX Instruction Software
3032.019SALEM::TAYLOR_JThu Feb 02 1995E-bow info ?
3033.0122KDX2Thu Feb 02 1995World Wide Web (WWW) Pointers
3034.010AUSSIE::CHANSun Feb 05 1995guitar lesson - how to choose?
3035.016CODIN::PHAYDENTue Feb 07 1995Gibson/PRS/Patrick Eggle etc...?????
3036.015RICKS::CALCAGNIWed Feb 08 1995Doubleneck Guitar/Bass
3038.09POLAR::KFICZERESat Feb 11 1995Another Strat Re-Build
3039.020LARVAE::BRIGGS_RSun Feb 12 1995'WHO' was this?
3040.016WOTVAX::FISHWICKJTue Feb 14 1995Vintage Vs Modern ????
3041.06ASDG::FAYFri Feb 17 1995Worcester music stores???
3042.06MPGS::MARKEYMon Feb 20 1995Fretting over frets
3043.081IRNBRU::HAMILTONTue Feb 21 1995Jimmy Page Question....
3044.016GANTRY::ALLBERYFri Feb 24 1995Amplifiers for Acoustic Guitars
3046.04TLSEMon Feb 27 1995sounds of Cream & Purple
3047.02WOTVAX::FISHWICKJMon Feb 27 1995More BALLS...... Less Twang!!!!!
3049.05ASABET::blasta.mlo.dec.com::pelkeyThu Mar 02 1995Foot-switch wiring question
3050.06--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 03 1995Used Gear Price List (effects, recording, synths)
3051.02MQOU18::A_YASSIRFri Mar 03 1995Pre CBS Jazz Bass
3052.01GANTRY::ALLBERYFri Mar 10 1995Starfield Guitars?
3053.01ASABET::bflat1Mon Mar 13 1995Advice on Midi Guitar config ?
3054.026WMOIS::MAZURKAMon Mar 13 1995CHORDS
3055.011POLAR::STOODLEYFri Mar 17 1995Advice on Pink Floyd sound.
3057.0NETCAD::BUSENBARKWed Mar 22 1995tailpiece needed!
3058.05LARVAE::BRIGGS_RWed Mar 22 1995key changes?
3059.04WOTVAX::FISHWICKJThu Mar 23 1995Marshall Bass Amp..... Help!!!!
3060.02WOTVAX::FISHWICKJTue Mar 28 1995What valve.....AC3
3061.03EVTAI1::SECU_LDVWed Mar 29 1995Roland TR 5
3062.011TALOFA::HARMONTue Apr 04 1995John Abercrombie
3063.07GAVEL::DAGGWed Apr 05 1995Black Top Records
3064.01--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 05 1995Guitar Noting, SOAPBOX Style
3065.048BIGQ::DCLARKThu Apr 06 1995What are you working on?
3066.012MILKWY::JACQUESFri Apr 07 1995basenote: Gibson flat-top acoustics
3067.04DPDMAI::COXCFri Apr 07 1995Blocking your guitar
3068.08NOTAPC::HARPERMon Apr 10 1995Page and Plant tour
3069.010WOTVAX::PIATTJMon Apr 10 1995Les Paul special??
3070.02ROADKL::HALLWed Apr 12 1995Looking for changes to Dan Hicks' "Fujiyama"
3071.026PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RThu Apr 13 1995Fernandes "Strat"
3072.07NCMAIL::SOFIATue Apr 18 1995Hafler P-225
3073.014RICKS::CALCAGNIThu Apr 20 1995Oooo Oooo that smell!
3075.012COPCLU::SANDGRENSun Apr 30 1995Sound insulation for a LOUD amp?
3076.024POLAR::STOODLEYThu May 04 1995Fender pickup question......
3077.016WOTVAX::FISHWICKJFri May 05 1995Mutant Les Paul beast??
3078.051OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu May 11 1995Don't you hate it when ...
3079.012OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTThu May 11 1995Don't you just love it when ...
3080.0COMETZ::JACQUESMon May 15 1995Gruven display stands and hangers.
3081.06COMETZ::JACQUESTue May 16 1995James L D'Aquisto RIP
3082.04ESBSWed May 17 1995Cooder & Lindley tour
3083.04POLAR::KRESICFri May 19 19952
3084.09MAASUP::BEYZAVISun May 21 1995Jazz guitar for a beginner
3085.09AYOV22::GFITZSIMMONSMon May 22 1995Knacked Bandit - Help !
3086.04BARSTR::DAGGThu May 25 1995John Lee Hooker
3087.07MLOBU1::BROOKSFri May 26 1995Renewing your love affair
3088.023LARVAE::BRIGGS_RWed May 31 1995Question on Keys
3089.0POLAR::STOODLEYThu Jun 01 1995Man marries guitar, wife unhappy!
3090.07COMICS::PARRYFri Jun 02 1995Concert in UK
3091.02PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RFri Jun 02 1995Strat 62 and 66 Pickups...How can you tell?
3092.01AKOCOA::MAY_BWed Jun 07 1995What is this worth??
3093.01POLAR::KRESICTue Jun 13 1995'71 Tele-estimate?
3095.016POLAR::KFICZERESun Jun 18 1995Rory Gallager RIP
3096.063OUTSRC::HEISERFri Jun 23 1995John McLaughlin
3097.04ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIWed Jun 28 1995Entire OLGA guitar tab archives on your PC!
3098.0MADMXX::KNOXThu Jul 06 1995speaker cab diagrams???
3099.03ZEKE::MEMBRINOMon Jul 10 1995SpeakerCrossovers (help needed)
3100.03BSS::MESSAGEMon Jul 10 1995'Nother Bye Bye
3101.01SALEM::TAYLOR_JMon Jul 10 1995Westone Pantara guitar
3102.015MAGIC::CRAVENFri Jul 14 1995Ziggy played guitar... but what about me?
3103.09ESBSWed Jul 19 1995Kramer Guitars (1976-1985)
3104.0OCTAVE::VIGNEAULTWed Jul 26 1995DTS-1 Self Tuning Guitar (Extract from Inet)
3105.01SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Jul 26 1995New music store/Nashua !
3106.08COMICS::PARRYMon Aug 07 1995Violins from a guitar !
3107.04RICKS::CALCAGNIMon Aug 07 1995Lenny Breau
3108.041MOSCOW::BERGMANSMon Aug 21 1995Guitar rack amplifiers
3109.03BUSY::CLEMENTTue Aug 22 1995D-I-Y guitar repairs
3110.02BRAT::FOGGTue Aug 22 1995Folk Guitar Video/Lessons
3111.07MOSCOW::BERGMANSMon Aug 28 1995Reconing speakers
3112.0OUTSRC::HEISERMon Aug 28 1995John Kaizer
3113.013KDX2Tue Aug 29 1995Help me price this stuff??
3114.03PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RMon Sep 11 1995Shuggie Otis...What ever became of
3115.05CHEFS::BRIGGS_RTue Sep 12 1995Upgrading my Strat
3116.09RICKS::CALCAGNITue Sep 19 1995Tech 21 XXL
3117.04CRONIC::PCUMMINGSThu Sep 21 1995Fender tilt-back legs ?
3118.01SEESAW::PILANTMon Sep 25 1995Guitar humor from the O.J trial
3119.022PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RWed Sep 27 1995Strat body...What wood?
3120.08PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RTue Oct 03 1995Strat neck...What Wood?
3121.05BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Oct 04 1995The Jaye Foucher Project
3122.04MAASUP::BEYZAVIMon Oct 09 1995flamenco guitar needs repair on the neck
3123.013CITYFS::KNIGHTPMon Oct 09 1995Goodbye.
3124.0PKHUB2::BROOKSThu Oct 12 1995Psychotic in Salem AKA: Gary Pihl day
3125.07TMAWKO::BELLAMYFri Oct 13 1995Headless, Bodyless Bass Guitars
3126.01POLAR::KFICZEREMon Oct 16 1995Ian Moore
3127.018USDEV::CLEMENTFri Oct 20 1995Digital Delay 1
3128.034POWDML::SELIGMon Oct 23 1995Fender/Squire vs Yamaha Pacifica???
3129.0ULYSSE::SATOSThu Oct 26 1995Looking for a Song Book Looking for a Song Book
3130.0207TECWT2::BOUDREAUThu Oct 26 1995Guitar Innovators
3131.080TECWT2::BOUDREAUFri Nov 03 1995Pick ONE
3133.03GAVEL::DAGGMon Nov 06 1995Reeves Gabrels
3134.02BNICE2::MASHIAMon Nov 06 1995Electra Guitars?
3135.027KDX2Fri Nov 10 1995Colorado Springs JAM SESSION
3136.010CHEFS::BRIGGS_RTue Nov 21 1995Swinging Red Light
3137.03CHEFS::BRIGGS_RTue Nov 21 1995Jessica chords?
3138.06TECWT2::BOUDREAUWed Nov 22 1995A Real Blueser Query
3139.03GANTRY::ALLBERYMon Nov 27 1995GP Readers Poll Results
3140.029E::EVANSMon Nov 27 1995Rev. Gary Davis
3141.04GRANPA::LSALTZMANFri Dec 01 1995Gibson E45 Guitar
3142.06USCTR1::donip1Sun Dec 03 1995question - Guild D4-12 dreadnaught..
3143.02CHEFS::dmTue Dec 05 1995AXE DATER
3144.02PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RThu Dec 07 1995P9
3145.04NCMAIL::KAMENFri Dec 08 1995New Kid on the Block
3146.02NETRIX::"magnus@tla.mts.dec.com"Sun Dec 10 1995Beginner's Guitar, Venson
3147.09DSSDEV::DEFELICEMon Dec 11 19951976 Pimentel Concert classical guitar
3148.015HERIAM::SADLERMon Dec 11 1995Need advice on gifts for new lead guitarist
3149.01--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 13 1995Music Notes Conference?
3150.04GAVEL::DAGGFri Dec 15 1995Matthew Sweet sidemen
3151.02PTPMWed Dec 20 1995Using arm weight
3152.05WEDOIT::ABATELLIThu Dec 21 1995Have a GREAT holiday!
3153.0MKOTS3::FLATHERSWed Dec 27 1995session drummer needed
3154.0PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RFri Dec 29 1995Pickup Covers in Tortoishell?
3155.017NETCAD::BUSENBARKFri Jan 05 1996Acoustic Guitar Preamps etc.
3157.015CHEFS::LEADBETTER_MTue Jan 09 19964 track help !
3158.024CSLALL::ONEILLFri Jan 12 1996impeadence in series ?
3159.0CRONIC::PCUMMINGSSat Jan 13 1996Regattabar startup for 1996
3160.0DSSDEV::DEFELICEWed Jan 17 1996Ramirez phone no.?
3161.08USCTR1::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyWed Jan 17 1996surelock straps..
3163.03BROKE::GREENThu Jan 18 1996Gretch vs Gibson Country Gent's
3164.02FABSIX::L_PETROSINOThu Jan 18 1996beginner with requests
3165.01FABSIX::L_PETROSINOThu Jan 18 1996video instruction????
3166.06DSSDEV::DEFELICEMon Jan 22 1996Classical Guitars - Where to find/buy them?
3167.07PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RFri Jan 26 1996Folding Guitar
3168.0BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Jan 29 1996Todd Duane
3169.018MQOU18::A_YASSIRTue Jan 30 1996Jazz & Blues Chords
3170.08USCTR1::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyTue Feb 06 1996Question on tube amps and active p.u.s
3171.010USCTR1::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyTue Feb 06 1996Question - Hootie: Only wana Be with you
3172.07DECWIN::TAKVORIANFri Feb 09 1996Guitar repairs in the Lowell/Nashua area?
3173.05POLAR::STOODLEYTue Feb 13 1996Effects looping question...
3174.021CHEFS::BRIGGS_RThu Feb 15 1996Fender Reverb + MicroVerb?
3175.012PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RFri Feb 16 1996Guitar Teachers in the Worcester area?
3176.010TLE::PHILLIPSMon Feb 19 1996Good Guitar Teachers in the Nashua area?
3177.014DEBUG::GALLOTue Feb 20 1996Tuning Acoustic Duets/Trios Guitars
3178.01CHEFS::BRIGGS_RTue Feb 20 1996nevada?
3179.02PINION::COLEFri Feb 23 1996looking for "Southpaw Music"
3180.016DREGS::BLICKSTEINSat Feb 24 1996Victor Wooten
3181.04USDEV::CLEMENTMon Mar 04 1996Value of old Ampeg Amp?
3183.02POLAR::KFICZERETue Mar 05 1996Evan Marks
3184.05DSSDEV::DEFELICETue Mar 12 1996Classical Guitar Makers
3185.0DSSDEV::DEFELICEWed Mar 13 1996Luthier's Workshop
3186.01CHEFS::LEADBETTER_MThu Mar 14 1996jam anyone ?
3187.05POWDML::TNELSONMon Mar 18 1996Looking 4 Authorized Tascom Repair person.
3188.015PIETTue Mar 19 1996Bireli Lagrene
3189.08FABSIX::K_KAMARTue Mar 19 1996SYNTHAXE
3190.0WMOIS::POIRIERThu Mar 21 1996Hey, Hey moooona?
3191.04FABSIX::K_KAMARMon Mar 25 1996Tony MacAlpine
3192.07SPEZKO::FRASERTue Apr 02 1996See you around...
3193.01SIOG::CORCORANFri Apr 12 1996access from WWW or Internet?
3194.03CHEFS::BRIGGS_RSun Apr 28 1996PA question.
3195.07TARKIN::VILLANIMon May 06 1996Ibanez Talman
3196.039CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue May 07 1996Alternate plectrums
3197.011RICKS::CALCAGNIWed May 08 1996the Mermen
3198.018HETHR::BLAKELYWed May 15 1996Valley Arts Guitars
3199.015GAVEL::DAGGFri May 17 1996You know you're really rockin', when . . .
3200.04SALEM::TAYLOR_JTue May 21 1996Korg Pandora ?
3201.04ASABET::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyThu May 23 1996where do we get strings in bulk ????
3202.019CRONIC::PCUMMINGSTue May 28 1996"Auto-Wah's anyone?"
3203.04PCBUOA::EHSWed May 29 1996Question regarding Value of Gibson ES345
3204.06DREGS::BLICKSTEINWed May 29 1996Kevin Gilbert, RIP
3206.013ASABET::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyWed Jun 12 1996mail order for accessories ?
3207.010IRNBRU::NIVENThu Jun 20 1996Acoustic Bass Guitar Amplifier?
3208.011SALOON::SMART_MThu Jun 20 1996Son wants an acoustic guitar ... help!!!
3209.022ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIMon Jun 24 1996Big Bux for Old Effects!
3210.04BABAGI::CAMARATue Jun 25 1996Bass Players, where are ye?
3211.03ARBEIT::DEMARSEWed Jun 26 1996Lowden guitars
3212.0SSDEVO::LAMBERTWed Jun 26 1996Steven Livengood Guitars
3213.01TMAWKO::BELLAMYFri Jun 28 1996Bass site reading aid
3215.01CRONIC::PCUMMINGSMon Jul 01 1996Who's making solo jazz gtr CD's these dayz?
3216.04YIELD::PRODUMPTue Jul 09 1996Home Recording
3217.01ELESYS::JASNIEWSKIFri Jul 12 1996Adios Amigos!
3218.013MARVIN::HEAPSMon Jul 22 1996Scary facials in videos
3219.06LEXSMon Jul 22 1996Link Wray
3220.0NETRIX::"consiglio@netcad.ENET.dec.com"Tue Jul 23 1996Tele Wiring Diagram
3221.02BABAGI::CAMARAThu Jul 25 1996Steely Dan Show
3222.031TMAWKO::BELLAMYMon Jul 29 1996A Bassist's Poll for Guitarists
3223.06PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RTue Jul 30 1996Aging Plastic, How Does Fender Do It?
3224.051PHXSS1::HEISERWed Jul 31 1996G3 Tour - Satriani, Johnson, Vai
3225.016KDX2Thu Aug 08 1996Marshall JMP-1 Presets
3226.06POWDML::BUCKLEYThu Aug 15 1996DECjam 1996 !!!
3227.01ASABET::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyMon Aug 26 1996Benefit Concert for a fellow Musican!
3228.01PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RTue Sep 03 1996Tanglewood Guitars
3229.01EPS::DEANETue Sep 03 1996Popping problem with Fender Amp at shutoff
3230.019JULIET::ANGMon Sep 16 1996Music Store recommendations needed
3231.02MAASUP::BEYZAVITue Oct 01 1996Hermanos conde flamenco guitars
3232.0BUSY::SLABWed Oct 02 1996Steve Fister
3233.06GAVEL::DAGGFri Oct 04 1996Tom Anderson Guitarworks
3234.0COPCLU::SANDGRENTue Oct 15 1996Amalio Burguet classic guitars
3235.020MSDOA::GUIDRYWed Oct 16 1996Fender Prosonic Amp
3236.02ASABET::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyThu Oct 17 1996Alvarez/Yari info
3237.01NETRIX::"buccierij@mail.dec.com"Fri Oct 25 1996Stuff to sell
3237.020SMURF::SCHOFIELDWed Oct 30 1996Acoustic and electric in one?
3238.08LUDWIG::LUCHTFri Nov 08 1996Guitar polishes
3239.0ICS::CATORIOThu Nov 14 1996guitar player wanted
3240.0ICS::MCARDLEFri Nov 15 1996Guitar for sale
3241.03VYGER::BONINIMMon Nov 18 1996telecaster question
3242.06GLDXMon Nov 25 1996Breedlove guitars
3243.0POLAR::KFICZERETue Nov 26 1996Yardbox Distortion pedals
3244.068STAR::KMCDONOUGHMon Dec 02 1996Dear Santa, '96
3245.01TMAWKO::BELLAMYWed Dec 04 1996Violette Bass Guitars
3246.0BABAGI::CAMARAThu Dec 26 1996Bass setup
3247.0RICKS::CALCAGNIMon Jan 06 1997Time Guitars
3248.04RICKS::CALCAGNITue Jan 07 1997Randy California RIP
3249.03GAVEL::DAGGTue Jan 07 1997Guitar Locators
3250.0FABSIX::A_ESPERTIMon Jan 13 1997Washburn D-17/CE
3250.04EVTAI1::SAADMon Jan 20 1997Out of phase sound with Steinberger ?
3251.02ASABET::bflat4.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyThu Jan 30 1997Ed Gerhard
3252.0GAVEL::DAGGTue Feb 18 1997Sadowski Guitars
3252.0DSNENG::MISFELDTSun Feb 02 1997Sovtek 6L6GC tubes for sale
3253.061ASABET::DCLARKTue Feb 18 1997Life s*cks, so does my tone ...
3254.01JGO::KLAASSEFri Feb 21 1997retail-store addresses please
3255.07WEDOIT::ABATELLIFri Feb 21 1997Appraisal for a violin? Where??? Looking for ideas.
3256.0KAHLUA::PCUMMINGSFri Feb 28 1997Andy Summers
3257.05PCBUOA::ANDERSON_RMon Mar 03 1997Local (Ma.) wood suppliers?
3258.02256744::HARMONTue Mar 04 1997Fingerboard preferences
3259.0167PCBUOA::HOVEYThu Mar 06 1997Recommend good guitar for short money?
3260.03ASABET::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyFri Mar 07 1997Digitech RP12
3261.014NECSC::GREENThu Mar 13 1997Banjo/mandolin resource
3262.03RICKS::CALCAGNIFri Mar 14 1997Guitar case restoration
3263.015YIELD::GRIFFISMon Mar 17 1997Need Ramirez/Bozo Info
3264.04NQOSSun Mar 23 1997intermittent humm w/Fishman acou. pickup..
3266.01145862::FISHWICKJWed Mar 26 1997Future Axe????
3267.0SMURF::SCHOFIELDMon Mar 31 1997Music Factory closeout - FYI
3269.01ASABET::DCLARKMon Apr 07 1997National Guitar Summer Workshop
3270.01POLAR::HARPERTue Apr 08 1997!!!VOODOO FOR SALE!!!
3271.08CRUISE::CLEMENTTue Apr 08 1997Buying/Selling by Mail
3272.010NETCAD::BUSENBARKWed Apr 09 1997Source for Archtop Pickups?
3273.022POLAR::HARPERThu Apr 10 1997!!!ATTENTION!!!
3274.03POLAR::KFICZERESun Apr 13 1997Philip Sayce Group
3275.011NETCAD::BUSENBARKTue Apr 15 1997Guitar Market viewpoint
3276.0SUBSYS::CAMARATue May 06 1997Eric Johnson TIX @ BERKELEY
3276.0MROA::dhcp-client-184.mro.dec.com::johnThu May 01 1997MUSIC EQUIPMENT
3277.0PERFOM::JKOONTZThu May 22 1997Blues Instructor?
3278.05USDEV1::CLEMENTFri May 30 1997Pink Oz
3279.0ASABET::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyWed Jun 04 1997WD Address / Phone number ?
3280.01SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Jun 04 1997Official