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Conference hydra::amiga_v1

Notice:Join us in the *NEW* conference - HYDRA::AMIGA_V2
Created:Sat Apr 26 1986
Last Modified:Wed Feb 05 1992
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:5378
Total number of notes:38326
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1.014SPHINX::SWEATTSat Apr 26 1986Welcome
2.08SPHINX::DAVISMon Apr 28 1986Amiga discounts
3.0332CYBORG::MICKOLWed Apr 30 1986Amiga Survey
4.03NCCSB::JFISHERThu May 01 1986Video Productions
5.06PYRITE::MCCARTHYThu May 01 1986Looking for external drive...
6.022GLORY::SHIVESFri May 02 1986Manx C - Lattice C
7.019HYSTER::DEARBORNFri May 02 1986The Modem Saga Continues...
8.0160BOMBE::MOOREMon Jul 10 1989This is the official FOR SALE topic
9.01--UnknownUser--Mon May 05 1986Directory of AMIGA conference
10.01PENNSY::MELLITZMon May 05 1986Screen Memory and Programming (The 512k?)
11.06PENNSY::MELLITZMon May 05 1986AMIGA BASIC ... Problems, Bugs and Fixes
14.09HIGHFI::MICKOLWed May 07 1986Printer Hookup?
15.011OCKER::JSBAKERWed May 07 1986Byte comparison
19.033AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon May 12 1986Monitors ... Opinions Please ...
21.014HIGHFI::MICKOLWed Jan 04 1978Something FISHy
22.015ANGORA::SMCAFEEWed May 14 1986Where's the "usenet"?
23.013HYSTER::DEARBORNWed May 14 1986Scribble?
24.02ANGORA::SMCAFEEWed May 14 1986LA1
26.05AUTHOR::MACDONALDThu May 15 1986Amiga Keyboard
32.0HYSTER::DEARBORNThu May 22 1986Polarization: An Experiment
34.08GLORY::SHIVESThu May 29 1986spreadsheet opinions
35.011HYSTER::DEARBORNThu May 29 1986AmigaWorld
37.010COIN::WARDFri May 30 1986Amiga Sidecar
39.09MOSAIC::BANKSTue Jun 03 1986pd software again
41.07ERLANG::FEHSKENSWed Jun 04 1986Aegis Images/Animator
45.02COOKIE::WECKERSat Jun 07 1986Bug in Preferences DATE setting
46.06APOLLO::BERKSONTue Jun 10 1986Fish disk help?
47.03DEXTER::MELLITZWed Jun 11 1986Df224 Whistling
48.02ERLANG::FEHSKENSFri Jun 13 1986Activision MUSIC STUDIO
51.016COUGAR::SMCAFEETue Jun 17 1986MAXELL SS/DD disks.
53.04OCKER::PUCKETTSun Jun 22 1986Fortran anywhere???
54.02COIN::WARDMon Jun 23 1986Hard disk
55.04AMUSED::GRUBERWed Jun 25 1986Software for Kids?
56.04NCCSB::JFISHERThu Jun 26 1986Genlock & DigiView
57.025MLOKAI::SANFORDMon Jun 30 1986Printers for the Amiga
58.07EVE::P_WINSTONTue Jul 01 1986Advice on a Configuration
59.07ENGINE::VERMAThu Jul 03 1986VAX-AMIGA Configuration?
61.02ANT::SMCAFEEMon Jul 07 1986AMIGA Reference Manuals
62.05CYBORG::LAMBERTTue Jul 08 1986Short Sort 'O Stuff
63.08APOLLO::BERKSONThu Jul 10 1986ram with error detection?
64.01HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Jul 14 1986Aegis Draw
65.02HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Jul 14 1986Deluxe Video
66.013RANCOR::SWONGERTue Jul 22 1986Where to buy?
68.02OOLA::SWONGERTue Jul 29 1986Mail Order Beats Pheasant Lane
70.018BRSDVP::VAX_NOTESWed Jul 30 1986A 'challenger' for AMIGA and ST ?
72.06SLDA::DUNAISKYTue Aug 05 1986Amiga on TV
73.016NUHAVN::MELLITZTue Aug 05 1986Programs with/without Copy protection?
74.08ALIBUT::SANTIAGOWed Aug 06 1986Marble Madness
75.03COIN::WARDThu Aug 07 1986Help in executing EDIT in Batch
77.013OSLMon Aug 11 1986Commodore neglecting Amiga!
78.0HIGHFI::LAMBERTTue Aug 12 1986Aztec Info FYI Stuff
79.02HIGHFI::LAMBERTWed Aug 13 1986Yea
80.019COIN::WARDWed Aug 13 1986New TDI Modula V2.
81.06KIRK::KYZIVATFri Aug 15 1986Comments wanted on system purchase
82.03LATOUR::PRATTFri Aug 15 1986exec_support library
84.02SQM::RAVANSun Aug 24 1986Database Management: "Acquisition"?
85.02LEIA::SWONGERMon Aug 25 1986Press Coverage
86.024NINJA::HEFFELMon Aug 25 1986Leader Board
88.0COIN::WARDWed Aug 27 1986TDI Modula-2 2.
90.02DRFIX::SCODAThu Aug 28 1986Text and SIMPLE graphics ??
91.02SHIRE::GANGUILLETMon Sep 01 1986C Beginner
92.01OLIVER::OSBORNETue Sep 02 1986download to VAX using Online!??
94.013KAOMFri Sep 05 1986** LA75 **
95.01NUHAVN::ASANKARMon Sep 08 1986Icon Editor
96.04SHOGUN::HEFFELMon Sep 08 1986Some DFO3 help, please.
98.017JOKE::ACCIARDIThu Sep 11 1986ST Myths
99.05JOKE::ACCIARDISat Sep 13 1986PeopleLink
100.04SAMURI::HEFFELSat Sep 13 1986The Pawn
101.0425813::MACDONALDMon Sep 15 1986Amiga Purchase
102.02YAVIN::BERKSONMon Sep 15 1986Letter quality printer?
103.02825813::MACDONALDMon Sep 15 1986New Apple IIGS
104.021COOKIE::WECKERMon Sep 15 1986VT1
105.05KIRK::KYZIVATTue Sep 16 1986Do I have a problem???
106.03JOKE::ACCIARDIWed Sep 17 1986Electronic Arts Interview
108.0525813::MACDONALDWed Sep 17 1986Fish?
109.014JOKE::ACCIARDIThu Sep 18 1986Starglider
110.0625813::MACDONALDThu Sep 18 1986Versions and Docs
111.0525813::MACDONALDFri Sep 19 1986DATE ?
112.04AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Sep 22 1986DF224 and OnLine! Problem
113.013LEIA::SWONGERMon Sep 22 1986Commodore makes a good move?!?!
114.017JAKE::ACCIARDIWed Sep 24 1986C'64 Emulator
115.02AUTHOR::MACDONALDThu Sep 25 1986$895 Amiga
116.03AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Sep 26 1986$1
117.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Sep 26 1986Sony
118.025HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Sep 29 1986SAY, SAY, SAY
119.013ERLANG::FEHSKENSMon Sep 29 1986MindWalker
120.03KAOMMon Sep 29 1986C TUTORIAL - AMAZING ISSUE #1
121.01ANT::SMCAFEEMon Sep 29 1986Serial port window...
122.06AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Sep 30 1986Amiga BBS's
123.04AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Sep 30 1986EE Times Letter
124.0DEXTER::MELLITZWed Oct 01 1986I think I'm loosing my time
125.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDWed Oct 01 1986Remote Terminal?
127.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDThu Oct 02 1986OnLine! and POPCLI Problem
128.0APOLLO::BERKSONThu Oct 02 1986Pinwriter P6 printer driver?
129.01JOKE::ACCIARDIFri Oct 03 1986Numbers Game
130.02JOKE::ACCIARDIFri Oct 03 1986I came, I saw, I yawned...
131.0JOKE::ACCIARDISat Oct 04 1986Great Deals on Amiga
132.07JOKE::ACCIARDISat Oct 04 1986Amigazine!
133.05APOLLO::SOVIETue Oct 07 1986Commodore Computer Fair
134.02GENRAL::WISHARTThu Oct 09 1986Database Management Programs
135.01SSDEVO::YESSEFri Oct 10 1986Latest on Amiga 2
136.0CYCLPS::GIUSTISun Oct 12 1986Graphics primitives and Intuition??
138.01KAOMWed Oct 15 1986?? VAX VERSION OF SHAR ??
139.05AMUZED::MARISun Oct 19 1986Will anyone be around when it breaks?
140.03APOLLO::CHAVISMon Oct 20 1986Where to get an Amiga around town
141.07HYSTER::DEARBORNWed Oct 22 1986Amiga VS ST, an Article
142.06ANYWAY::BROWNThu Oct 23 1986looking for SDB
143.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Oct 27 1986Amigas in Hungary
144.016AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Oct 27 1986V1.2
145.01JAKE::ACCIARDIMon Oct 27 1986PeopleLink Plug
146.013JAKE::ACCIARDITue Oct 28 19861 Meg + Clock for $349.
147.01YAVIN::BERKSONTue Oct 28 1986How to get Zorro manual?
148.04KAOMWed Oct 29 1986CANON PJ-1
149.01TLE::RMEYERSWed Oct 29 1986Starflite Telemarketing
150.05OSLWed Oct 29 1986MIDI
151.02ANYWAY::BROWNMon Nov 03 1986metascope debugger
152.07HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Nov 03 1986Amiga Videos
153.08JOKE::ACCIARDIMon Nov 03 1986Good News!
154.02JAKE::ACCIARDITue Nov 04 1986$72.
155.05AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Nov 04 1986Sony Convergence Problem
156.03AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Nov 04 198668
157.07AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Nov 04 1986Hard Drives
158.04CGFSV1::DREWWed Nov 05 1986Shell
160.03CGOOThu Nov 06 1986Anything new on the LA75 ??
161.0WAR75Fri Nov 07 1986CHEAP AMIGA FOR THE UK
162.010AUTHOR::MACDONALDSat Nov 08 1986ZING!
163.019JAKE::ACCIARDISat Nov 08 1986Defender of the Crown
164.012AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Nov 10 1986Sidecar in Canada?
165.05HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Nov 10 1986Computer Town: Ecch!
166.018APOLLO::BERKSONMon Nov 10 1986Panasonic KXP-3131 question
167.04HYSTER::DEARBORNTue Nov 11 1986Sidecar Options
168.02KAOMTue Nov 11 1986SCRIMPER
169.05ERLANG::FEHSKENSTue Nov 11 1986Hardware or Software Bugs?
170.06KAOMWed Nov 12 1986DEV CONF - GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS??!!
171.08JAKE::ACCIARDIWed Nov 12 1986Atari Lawsuit
172.019JOKE::ACCIARDIThu Nov 13 1986Flight Simulator is Here!
173.0LEIA::SWONGERThu Nov 13 1986Financial News
174.01NUHAVN::SORKINThu Nov 13 1986Good Deal on Expansion Box?
175.019HYSTER::DEARBORNFri Nov 14 1986Irritation
176.05AUTHOR::MACDONALDSun Nov 16 1986Commodore Show
177.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDSun Nov 16 1986Thumbs Down on Organize!
179.04AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Nov 17 1986PJ-1
180.0SSDEVO::YESSEMon Nov 17 1986Tidbits from the show
181.04AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Nov 18 1986UseNet??
182.05AUTHOR::MACDONALDThu Nov 20 1986Superbase Personal
183.04OCKER::JSBAKERThu Nov 20 1986C-Kermit at 12
184.011ANT::SMCAFEEFri Nov 21 1986BLINK
186.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Nov 21 1986FS II and Amateur Radio
187.01BACH::TENNYMon Nov 24 1986Where are all those Amiga owners?
188.03JAKE::ACCIARDIMon Nov 24 1986Another PC Emulator...
190.0JAKE::ACCIARDIMon Nov 24 1986Logistix
192.02NINJA::HEFFELTue Nov 25 1986Defender of the Crown
193.035NUHAVN::ASANKARWed Nov 26 1986LA5
194.05TLE::RMEYERSFri Nov 28 1986Sidecar Update
195.0CRASSO::ZABOTMon Dec 01 1986SUPERBASE-Personal
196.04AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Dec 02 1986GENLOCK's Delayed
197.01BAGELS::BRANNONTue Dec 02 1986rumors from Infoworld magazine
198.017KAOMWed Dec 03 1986SCHOLAR PROBLEMS
199.022JOKE::ACCIARDIThu Dec 04 1986Good Cheap Ram
200.05HYSTER::DEARBORNThu Dec 04 1986CLI Questions
201.04CYGNUS::DEBRUYNThu Dec 04 1986What's your version
202.013GENRAL::WISHARTThu Dec 04 1986How do you create an icon?
203.03TSE::FONSECAThu Dec 04 1986EGAD! I missed the first mailing!
204.07BACH::TENNYFri Dec 05 1986Amiga Usenet Conference?
205.01BAGELS::BRANNONFri Dec 05 1986Speedy3 ???
206.010AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Dec 08 1986Vibrating Internal Drive
207.010JAKE::ACCIARDIMon Dec 08 1986Building a RAM disk...
208.02GENRAL::WISHARTMon Dec 08 1986Basic Screen Dump Subroutine
209.02CYGNUS::DEBRUYNTue Dec 09 1986XYZZY for my Software
210.026AMUZED::MARITue Dec 09 1986expert dealer
211.0TLE::RMEYERSThu Dec 11 1986Using Icons
212.05CYGNUS::DEBRUYNThu Dec 11 1986Info about INFO
213.01GLORY::STREMICKFri Dec 12 1986An easier way to find FISH and AMICUS disks
214.02POMPEO::ZABOTFri Dec 12 1986FISH Disks: 46 --> 1
215.06TRUMAN::LEIMBERGERFri Dec 12 1986VT1
216.013HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Dec 15 1986Page Setter
217.05VIKING::BANKSTue Dec 16 1986Cheap expansion drives wanted
218.01TRUMAN::LEIMBERGERTue Dec 16 1986kermit upload
219.011CHEF::ACCIARDIWed Dec 17 1986FS][ Scenarios
220.06CLOVAX::COBURNWed Dec 17 1986Foreign floppies?
221.01CYGNUS::DEBRUYNWed Dec 17 1986Software Sales Flash
222.02HOUSE::FRACTALWed Dec 17 1986Okidata 292?
223.010GENRAL::WARDELLThu Dec 18 1986Recording with DeluxePaint
224.014APOLLO::BERKSONThu Dec 18 1986LOGIN.COM?
225.02CESARE::ZABOTFri Dec 19 1986We have SIDECAR
226.010AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Dec 19 1986Drew Shell Problem
227.02ANT::SMCAFEESat Dec 20 1986The Enhancer
228.036COOKIE::WECKERSat Dec 20 1986VT1
229.07CHEF::ACCIARDIMon Dec 22 1986Bit Bucket
230.019584Mon Dec 22 1986?? DPAINT II ??
231.01HAZEL::MELLITZMon Dec 22 1986ANALYZE!
232.011DDMAIL::ANDREWSMon Dec 22 1986What is the transformer?
233.010IMBACQ::PANEKWed Dec 24 1986Pros & Cons about AMIGA???
234.012CHEF::ACCIARDIFri Dec 26 1986Sensory Overload!!!
235.01NY1MM::FLADUNGMon Dec 29 1986Amiga dealer in New York ?
236.03AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Dec 29 1986Amiga BBS Available
237.03CHEF::ACCIARDITue Dec 30 1986Good Sony Prices
238.0HYSTER::DEARBORNWed Dec 31 1986Aegis Prefered Customer Offer
239.074NINJA::HEFFELSat Jan 03 1987The Bard's Tale
240.01HARRY::OSBORNEMon Jan 05 1987Problem with MANX C Version 3.2
241.04AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Jan 05 1987Running Tools from Startup-Sequence
242.012MOJAVE::VOSSMon Jan 05 1987GNUemacs
243.05HOUSE::FRACTALMon Jan 05 1987Arc16.Bin Troubles
244.06ANT::SMCAFEETue Jan 06 1987Juggler Demo?
245.0SPHINX::SWEATTTue Jan 06 1987Comming Soon. NEW Toolshed...
246.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDWed Jan 07 1987GEnie
247.04HYSTER::DEARBORNWed Jan 07 1987They're EVERYWHERE!
248.06CHEF::ACCIARDIWed Jan 07 1987Leader Board/RAM troubles...
249.011AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Jan 09 1987CES Show
250.01BERNSun Jan 11 1987flight simulator
251.06HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Jan 12 1987Text Formating Problems
252.013WORDS2::BURTONMon Jan 12 1987Complied language speed
253.04COOKIE::WECKERSat Jan 17 1987PD Spreadsheet program available
254.01TLE::RMEYERSSat Jan 17 1987Low Priced Amiga
256.06NEPTUN::BERKSONMon Jan 19 1987ROM replacement for Kickstart
257.06ECCGY1::JAERVINENTue Jan 20 1987Questions from a non-owner
258.02WORDS2::BURTONTue Jan 20 1987Where to get a magazine?
259.09KIRK::KYZIVATTue Jan 20 1987need tutorial on uploading from VMS
260.0HYSTER::DEARBORNTue Jan 20 1987RAMDISK Icon Magic
261.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Jan 20 1987DigiView
262.04NISYSE::GREENIDGEWed Jan 21 198764 ==> Amiga transfer?
263.03NEPTUN::BERKSONWed Jan 21 1987Anyone have Digi-paint yet?
264.01ERIE::SORKINWed Jan 21 1987Good Report
265.03NISYSE::GREENIDGEThu Jan 22 1987TURBO?
267.03AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Jan 23 1987Get Digitized!
268.02MAXWEL::DALTONFri Jan 23 1987b
269.0BAGELS::BRANNONFri Jan 23 1987Computer Show this Sunday in Woburn, MA
270.013COOKIE::WECKERSat Jan 24 1987Ray tracer now available
271.01SPHINX::DAVISSat Jan 24 1987Questions on HAM images
272.04ECC::JAERVINENMon Jan 26 1987real time clock
273.02ECC::JAERVINENMon Jan 26 1987Memory expansion questions
274.08ANYWAY::BROWNMon Jan 26 1987NROFF anyone?
275.06KIRK::LONGMon Jan 26 1987.ARC version of SHAR for AMIGA?
276.01ECC::JAERVINENTue Jan 27 1987PAL and NTSC fully compatible?
277.01CONS::BIRKHOLZTue Jan 27 1987A.OUT Format
278.02AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Jan 27 1987Grabbit and VT1
279.03TARKIN::SWONGERWed Jan 28 1987Statistical Packages?
280.07AUTHOR::MACDONALDWed Jan 28 1987Tic Toc
281.02ECC::JAERVINENThu Jan 29 1987SW sources/prices?
282.06ECC::JAERVINENThu Jan 29 1987ISBN for bantam/Addison Wesley books?
283.0LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Jan 29 1987Good Stuff in March!
284.010AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Jan 30 1987Recoverable RAM Disk
285.08LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Jan 30 1987Visit to an Atari Store
286.09GLORY::SHIVESSat Jan 31 1987PC compatibility Questions
287.0ELWOOD::PETERSSun Feb 01 1987Hard disk
288.01ELWOOD::PETERSSun Feb 01 1987Side Effects Inc.
289.03SPHINX::DAVISSun Feb 01 1987Question on multi tasking
290.05ECADJR::BOSCHMon Feb 02 1987Modem
291.04ECC::JAERVINENMon Feb 02 19872nd mouse port?
292.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Feb 02 1987Beware of ARC2
293.08LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Feb 02 1987Gem vs Workbench speed
294.010GLORY::SHIVESMon Feb 02 1987Shared FISH Disks listing
295.0HOUSE::FRACTALMon Feb 02 1987CLI INPUT???
296.0TLE::RMEYERSTue Feb 03 1987Compute! doesn't
297.05LEDS::ACCIARDITue Feb 03 1987We're Ahead.
298.07CURIUS::TOMLINSONTue Feb 03 1987SAY needs a breather!
299.01TLE::RMEYERSWed Feb 04 1987Lattice C v3.1
300.02BAGELS::BRANNONWed Feb 04 1987any info on Amiga 1
301.03WORDS2::BURTONWed Feb 04 1987Guru Messages
302.06TLE::RMEYERSWed Feb 04 1987Task Held Requesters
303.010ECC::JAERVINENWed Feb 04 1987DISKCOPY problems
304.08CESARE::ZABOTThu Feb 05 1987Help with EDITORS !
305.01NAC::PLOUFFThu Feb 05 1987RJ Mical Speech in Boston, Mar. 2
306.03TLE::RMEYERSThu Feb 05 1987POPCLI, version 2
307.05ECC::JAERVINENFri Feb 06 19875.25" floppy drives on Amiga?
308.02TRUMAN::LEIMBERGERFri Feb 06 1987uue,uud help?
309.018LEDS::ACCIARDISat Feb 07 1987VT1
311.016BAGELS::BRANNONSun Feb 08 1987March 87 COMPUTE! - the Amiga 2
312.0ECC::JAERVINENSun Feb 08 1987Where is my cursor?
313.0ECC::JAERVINENMon Feb 09 1987Function key input?
314.0TRUMAN::LEIMBERGERMon Feb 09 1987Ados assembly commands
315.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Feb 09 1987Mail on the Way
316.04ECADJR::BOSCHMon Feb 09 1987Two Programming Questions
317.07ECC::JAERVINENWed Feb 11 1987Stupid question
318.01ELWOOD::PETERSWed Feb 11 1987Hardware Proto help
319.02LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Feb 11 1987Amiga Monochrome Hookup
320.010AUTHOR::MACDONALDThu Feb 12 1987PageSetter Info
322.0ECC::JAERVINENThu Feb 12 1987Rainbow as a 'file server'
323.0CESARE::ZABOTFri Feb 13 1987MVP-Forth and I/O.
324.011ECC::JAERVINENFri Feb 13 1987Central Amiga toolshed?
325.028AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Feb 13 1987GenLock
326.01LEDS::ACCIARDISat Feb 14 1987Beware of AddBuffers
327.012ECC::JAERVINENMon Feb 16 1987Which editor?
328.021LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Feb 16 19871812 Overture DMCS
329.04KIRK::KYZIVATMon Feb 16 1987Marauder II - kudos and questions
331.04KIRK::KYZIVATTue Feb 17 1987still cheap software at Instant Software
332.08KIRK::KYZIVATTue Feb 17 1987how's Deluxe Music?
333.03SZOFNA::CBODINETue Feb 17 1987Amiga owners come forth
334.015AUTHOR::MACDONALDWed Feb 18 1987Amiga 2
335.08ECADJR::BOSCHWed Feb 18 1987ARC needed
336.03WORDS2::BURTONThu Feb 19 1987C compiling in RAM:
337.07AUTHOR::MACDONALDThu Feb 19 1987A2
338.01CYCLPS::GIUSTIThu Feb 19 1987??? BCPL Pointer question ???
339.07AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Feb 20 1987Editor
340.05DRUMS::FEHSKENSFri Feb 20 1987Disk Deal
341.02BAGELS::BRANNONFri Feb 20 19874
342.02COOKIE::WECKERFri Feb 20 1987Calling New 1.2 routines from Manx 3.2
343.012LEDS::ACCIARDISat Feb 21 1987C.Ltd 2
344.01GVADG1::PERTOSOSun Feb 22 1987Fonts
345.03DDMAIL::ANDREWSMon Feb 23 19871.1 -> 1.2 CLI problems
346.010NAAD::SWARRMon Feb 23 1987?? AMIGAstart's ??
348.0NERONE::ZABOTTue Feb 24 1987Proposal for SHARED S/W SOURCE on VAXES
349.013NERONE::ZABOTTue Feb 24 1987Directories list
350.0TLE::ANDERSONTue Feb 24 1987Aztec C68K 3.4a features
351.02HAZEL::MELLITZWed Feb 25 1987PHASAR (sp?)
352.02CGFSV1::DREWWed Feb 25 1987New Printer Driver Generator
353.024ECC::JAERVINENThu Feb 26 1987Chip vs. fast memory??
354.04ECADJR::BOSCHThu Feb 26 1987Modem Utilities Needed
355.03TLE::RMEYERSThu Feb 26 1987See a Amiga 5
356.0TLE::RMEYERSThu Feb 26 1987Documentation Stright from Commodore
357.03CSSE::WARDThu Feb 26 1987PAL Jr., Infoworld
358.0ECC::JAERVINENFri Feb 27 1987Don't ignore European Amigas!
359.06ECADJR::BOSCHFri Feb 27 1987Slow Modemming
360.08MEO78B::MACKAYFri Feb 27 1987PAL Video grabber for Amigas???
362.01LEDS::ACCIARDISun Mar 01 1987BlitzFonts!
363.0LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Mar 02 1987RJ Mical on PLINK
364.02TARKIN::SWONGERMon Mar 02 1987New Macintosh II
365.03TLE::RMEYERSWed Mar 04 1987RJ Speaks
367.0POMPEO::ZABOTTue Mar 10 1987SIMPP _ Image processing
368.04AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Mar 10 1987Kermit Difficulty
369.0NAC::PLOUFFWed Mar 11 1987Semi-new Amiga Dealer in Acton
370.020COOKIE::WITHERSWed Mar 11 1987??? Amiga 5
371.08HOUSE::FRACTALWed Mar 11 1987Seen Sonix?
372.07--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 12 1987New Directory Listing
373.01SNO78C::METRO_OAThu Mar 12 1987A Decent BASIC?
374.04LAUSAN::BLANCFri Mar 13 1987CPU differences and compatibility ??
375.011LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Mar 13 1987@#$%^!! Copy Protection!
376.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Mar 13 1987PagSetter and PostScript
377.03BACH::TENNYSat Mar 14 1987Gamma1 WorkBench peculiarities
378.012ELWOOD::PETERSSat Mar 14 1987Missile Command
379.014MORRIS::SMCAFEESun Mar 15 1987The Software Shop
380.03LEDS::ACCIARDISun Mar 15 1987Bit Bucket has Fish Disks
381.05SQM::JMSYNGEMon Mar 16 1987XLISP Anyone?
382.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Mar 17 1987Star Charts for the Amiga
383.020POLAR::GOSLINGTue Mar 17 1987Uedit
384.0POMPEO::ZABOTWed Mar 18 1987Fish Disks: 54 to 58
385.02WORDS2::BURTONThu Mar 19 1987Kickstart Write Protection
386.03LAUSAN::BLANCThu Mar 19 1987Amiga 2
387.01CESARE::ZABOTThu Mar 19 1987Directory list : Temporary one.
388.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Mar 20 1987Canon PJ-1
389.06DONJON::BRAVERFri Mar 20 1987Novices wants to buy PC
390.02SZOFNA::CBODINEFri Mar 20 1987Non contiguous disks
392.07MORRIS::SMCAFEESun Mar 22 1987Anyone have morerows?
393.04GUIDUK::ROYSun Mar 22 1987A2
394.03CSSE::WARDMon Mar 23 1987PAL, NTSC and EDTV
395.04AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Mar 23 1987MCAD.ARC - Nice CAD Drawing Program
396.04CONS::BIRKHOLZMon Mar 23 1987A WorkBench for Hackers
397.033EVER11::EKLOFMon Mar 23 1987Questions about the Amiga
398.02NAC::PLOUFFTue Mar 24 1987Fish Disks: 47 to 53
399.07LEDS::ACCIARDITue Mar 24 1987Bally buys Amiga Chipset
400.01AMULET::HALVERSONWed Mar 25 1987de-arcer needed
401.01BOMBE::MOOREThu Mar 01 1990How Amiga was born
402.0CSSE::WARDWed Mar 25 1987Commodore & Atari settle
403.04SQM::JMSYNGEWed Mar 25 1987UUSLAVE for the Amiga?
405.01KIRK::KYZIVATWed Mar 25 1987Where did VMSSWEEP.EXE go?
407.05TLE::RMEYERSWed Mar 25 1987Amiga 1
409.011SQM::JMSYNGEThu Mar 26 1987Nashua, NH area dealers?
410.06LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Mar 26 1987Amiga vs ST: Round Three
411.04SHIRE::GANGUILLETFri Mar 27 1987Should I buy a modem ?
412.06BAGELS::BRANNONFri Mar 27 1987emulators?
413.07SZOFNA::CBODINEFri Mar 27 1987Starglider
414.03TRUMAN::LEIMBERGERSun Mar 29 1987unwanted linefeeds
415.02ECC::JAERVINENMon Mar 30 1987Additional serial ports?
416.012ECC::JAERVINENMon Mar 30 1987C prettyprinters?
417.011THRUST::RILEYMon Mar 30 1987Amiga Prices
418.01SZOFNA::CBODINEMon Mar 30 1987MANX - but I've already paid!
420.012LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Mar 30 1987Using a 68
421.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Mar 30 1987New Uploads
422.0ECC::JAERVINENTue Mar 31 1987Languages
423.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Mar 31 1987Transformer - Comm?
424.03CSSE::WARDTue Mar 31 1987Lotus Transformer & DOS-2-DOS
425.06AMULET::HALVERSONTue Mar 31 1987LA5
426.0HYSTER::DEARBORNTue Mar 31 1987The New DigiView
427.02SNO78C::METRO_OAWed Apr 01 1987speedie3
428.01IMGAWN::ALVAREZWed Apr 01 1987Educational Software..commentts requested
431.0ELWOOD::PETERSWed Apr 01 1987Turbo Amiga sale
432.0SPHINX::SWEATTWed Apr 01 1987Capital Letters and Small Letters...
434.07ECADJR::BOSCHThu Apr 02 1987Binary Editors???
435.04ECC::JAERVINENFri Apr 03 1987ISAM packages??
436.0MLOKAI::SANFORDSun Apr 05 1987Amiga 1
437.011NULL::TORNHEIMSun Apr 05 1987Hard Drives
438.01NANUCK::SEABERGMon Apr 06 1987Anyone using DATAMAT?
439.02THRUST::RILEYMon Apr 06 1987256K Memory Expansion
440.02ECC::JAERVINENTue Apr 07 1987I knew it could be done!! (DME)
441.08ECADJR::BOSCHTue Apr 07 1987Juggler writer & MIDI
443.08SZOFNA::CBODINETue Apr 07 1987Amiga software
444.01HYSTER::DEARBORNTue Apr 07 1987Deluxe Video II
445.01HYSTER::DEARBORNTue Apr 07 1987Stepping Up...
446.02LEDS::ACCIARDITue Apr 07 1987Interesting New Demos
447.09LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Apr 08 1987ProWrite is here...
448.02ECC::JAERVINENThu Apr 09 1987Extra keyboards?
449.0ECC::JAERVINENThu Apr 09 1987Font question
450.06AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Apr 10 1987Download Directories
451.0BAGELS::BRANNONFri Apr 10 1987Amiga 5
452.01SNO78C::METRO_OASat Apr 11 1987Transformer patch.
453.010AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Apr 13 1987Laptop Amiga
454.0CESARE::ZABOTTue Apr 14 1987A2
457.08LAUSAN::BLANCWed Apr 15 1987C Language for it
458.05LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Apr 15 1987Dual Floppys?
459.05BAGELS::BRANNONWed Apr 15 1987AmigaBASIC question
460.0BIZET::TENNYThu Apr 16 1987Fish Disks 59-68
461.02LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Apr 17 1987SqueezeRam
462.04THRUST::RILEYFri Apr 17 1987Basic and Speech
463.0LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Apr 17 1987CLImate=Terrific
465.04HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Apr 20 1987RTCUBES7 Problem
466.02LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Apr 20 1987Magic Sac is Coming...
467.0CESARE::ZABOTTue Apr 21 1987Mount DF1: DF2:
468.04CESARE::ZABOTTue Apr 21 1987MANX-c and RRD (ASDG)
469.011CESARE::ZABOTTue Apr 21 1987Unknown command under shell 2.5
470.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Apr 21 1987Amiga to 64 Conversion
471.09MILO::DONAHUETue Apr 21 1987Mimetics SoundScape
472.04LEDS::ACCIARDITue Apr 21 1987Hard Disk Benchmarks
473.01TARKIN::BERKSONWed Apr 22 1987Where is FixObj?
474.03THRUST::RILEYWed Apr 22 1987Display Color Problem
475.07HYSTER::DEARBORNThu Apr 23 1987PRISM
476.017LDP::MCCARTHYThu Apr 23 1987There's trouble brewing...
477.01CESARE::ZABOTFri Apr 24 1987I want my blanket !
478.08LAUSAN::BLANCFri Apr 24 1987RD5
479.01AMUZED::MARIMon Apr 27 1987problems with kermit AND xmodem
480.03LEDS::ACCIARDITue Apr 28 1987Amiga on TV
481.011GLORY::SHIVESWed Apr 29 1987Optical Scanner
482.02SZOFNA::CBODINEWed Apr 29 1987where is vt1
483.04LEELA::MYEEWed Apr 29 1987Amgia World Ray-tracing article...
484.07TARKIN::BERKSONFri May 01 1987Bootable copy of workbench?
485.04HYSTER::DEARBORNMon May 04 1987Quiet Upgrade Policy: EA
486.08CGFSV1::DREWWed May 06 1987AUX: HANDLER Available
487.03BAGELS::BRANNONWed May 06 1987Amiga World "Special Issue"
488.06HOUSE::FRACTALWed May 06 1987Smoothing Algorithms?
490.06HYSTER::DEARBORNThu May 07 1987Hard Disk Update?
491.01ANYWAY::BROWNThu May 07 1987HD controller?
492.018NULL::TORNHEIMThu May 07 1987expansion memory (comparing them)
493.016AUNTB::PRESSLEYThu May 07 19875
494.04GLORY::SHIVESFri May 08 1987Fish Disks #69 to #74
495.01AMULET::HALVERSONFri May 08 1987Household Inventory System
496.03AUNTB::PRESSLEYSun May 10 1987business graphs
497.05AMULET::HALVERSONMon May 11 1987Small amp wanted for Amiga
498.015ELWOOD::PETERSMon May 11 1987Desk Top Publishers
499.04AMULET::HALVERSONTue May 12 1987Which WP to buy?
500.028LEDS::ACCIARDIWed May 13 1987Boulder Dash for the Amiga
501.016AUTHOR::MACDONALDWed May 13 1987ABsoft basic Compiler
502.02SZOFNA::CBODINEWed May 13 1987FSII and Dec modems
503.017SQM::JMSYNGEThu May 14 1987DF224 and Kermit
504.0LEDS::ACCIARDISat May 16 1987Fast-Booting RAM Disk
505.01SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERSun May 17 1987Adventure programming language.
506.07GVAADG::DWANJATue May 19 1987A2
507.02SHIRE::GANGUILLETWed May 20 1987Looking for latest IFF specs.
508.01HAZEL::MELLITZWed May 20 1987Video capturing products
509.010HOUSE::FRACTALWed May 20 198768
511.02NAAD::SWARRSat May 23 1987Printer problem
512.01AUNTB::PRESSLEYMon May 25 1987online downloading
513.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue May 26 1987Binary File Capture
514.06AUNTB::PRESSLEYTue May 26 1987Single sided floppies
515.02NAC::VISSERWed May 27 1987ROM socket clock?
517.016SQM::JMSYNGEThu May 28 1987Shared Libraries
518.046NULL::TORNHEIMSat May 30 1987Amiga 5
519.0NAC::PLOUFFSun May 31 1987BCS Amiga Group June Meetings
520.01KIRK::LONGMon Jun 01 1987Patch Kits for MANX C V3.4a
521.011CGOUMon Jun 01 1987Shell 2.
522.01PLDVAX::SMCAFEEMon Jun 01 1987Lattice / Manx differences.
523.03PLDVAX::SMCAFEEMon Jun 01 1987Escort 2
524.018AUNTB::PRESSLEYTue Jun 02 1987can't get driver to work
525.02DITTO::DEBRUYNWed Jun 03 1987Software Seeker
526.022OCKER::JSBAKERWed Jun 03 1987Console I/O to SERIAL port???
527.04LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Jun 04 1987Commodore Finally Advertises!
528.02AUTHOR::MACDONALDThu Jun 04 1987What Ever Happened to Competition?
529.0HAZEL::MELLITZFri Jun 05 1987LIVE from A-Squared
530.02SPHINX::SWEATTFri Jun 05 1987New version of Amiga notes soon...
531.03PLDVAX::SMCAFEEFri Jun 05 1987PD Fonts
533.09BAGELS::BRANNONFri Jun 05 1987A2
534.01BAGELS::BRANNONFri Jun 05 1987Buying $6
535.0TLE::RMEYERSFri Jun 05 1987A Shopping Trip
536.02AUNTB::PRESSLEYSat Jun 06 1987verifying arc files
537.07Z::TENNYMon Jun 08 1987USENET POSTINGS
538.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Jun 08 1987OnLine! Upgrade
539.01MTAPE::JEFFMon Jun 08 1987Alien Fires
540.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Jun 09 1987Window Thingie
541.04WALLAC::MACKELPRANGTue Jun 09 1987Transformer speedup?
542.02KIRK::LONGWed Jun 10 1987PTR/INT conversion warnings
544.01BAGELS::BRANNONWed Jun 10 1987CBM at COMDEX
545.010LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Jun 11 1987Amiga Credits
546.03Z::TENNYThu Jun 11 1987Fred Fish 75-8
547.02NAC::VISSERThu Jun 11 1987DynamicCad
548.010NAC::VISSERThu Jun 11 1987Aegis Draw Plus
549.06ESD3Fri Jun 12 1987Amiga 5
550.012WARSAW::ELLISSat Jun 13 1987Monitor cable for VR241
551.06ANGORA::SMCAFEESun Jun 14 1987Hack (the game)
552.04KIRK::KYZIVATTue Jun 16 1987Database managers: who has 1st hand experience?
553.01KIRK::KYZIVATWed Jun 17 1987News from The Software Shop
554.03AUTHOR::MACDONALDWed Jun 17 1987V2 of OnLine! - All Talk - No Action
555.01CRANS2::SCHMIDTThu Jun 18 1987AD chip 7574 needed
556.06HYSTER::DEARBORNFri Jun 19 1987Dead Amiga
557.08KIRK::KYZIVATFri Jun 19 1987LK2
558.018LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jun 21 1987VideoScape 3D Demo
559.0OCKER::JSBAKERSun Jun 21 1987Fish 27 1Meg Ram Expansion??
560.01HOUSE::FRACTALSun Jun 21 1987Disney Style Animation? (not quite)
561.02LAUSAN::BLANCMon Jun 22 1987Memory drawings...
562.014EAGLE1::BESTMon Jun 22 1987searching for a low end engineering workstation
563.06NAC::VISSERMon Jun 22 1987Multi-Forth
564.022WALLAC::MACKELPRANGMon Jun 22 1987Where's Abel?
565.0STAR::BANKSMon Jun 22 1987An Amiga at the Computer Museum
567.01BUNSUP::LITTLEMon Jun 22 1987Video Questions
568.01TLE::RMEYERSTue Jun 23 1987Abel Supply
569.02LAUSAN::BLANCTue Jun 23 1987<Fish or microfish or fiche or what>
570.0USHSTue Jun 23 1987AMIGA MARRIES LA18
571.011BUNSUP::LITTLEThu Jun 25 1987A5
572.03BUNSUP::LITTLEThu Jun 25 1987Preschool software
573.03XPLODE::EDDIEFri Jun 26 1987Amiga Purchasing Help
574.02KIRK::KYZIVATFri Jun 26 1987TLC LOGO???
576.0CSSE::WARDFri Jun 26 1987WordPerfect version confusion
577.01AMULET::HALVERSONMon Jun 29 1987Trouble downloading IFF files
578.03EAGLE1::BESTMon Jun 29 1987is this a reasonable price ?
579.02REGENT::BOSCHTue Jun 30 1987Flat-Rate Phone Services?
580.058LEDS::ACCIARDITue Jun 30 1987A New Hard Drive Owner
581.04LAUSAN::BLANCTue Jun 30 1987Workbench and kickstart v1.3 ???
582.0AUNTB::PRESSLEYWed Jul 01 1987Printing Amiga basic graphics
583.02ANGORA::SMCAFEEWed Jul 01 1987LN
584.064LEDS::ACCIARDISat Jul 04 1987Faery Tale Adventure
585.04WEBSTR::ARNOLDTue Jul 07 1987Sony monitor still available??
586.0Z::TENNYWed Jul 08 1987A5
587.08VIDEO::LEIBOWThu Jul 09 1987COOKED AMIGA...
589.04HOUSE::FRACTALSun Jul 12 1987CP6 owners!
590.0TLE::RMEYERSMon Jul 13 1987MetaScope Update
591.019KIRK::KYZIVATMon Jul 13 1987Dynamic Printer Switching???
592.01GLORY::SHIVESMon Jul 13 1987DrawEllipse() V1.2 ADos
593.03SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERMon Jul 13 1987Delete RRD?
594.05UFP::WICKERTTue Jul 14 1987A good wargame machine?
595.015JLR::REDFORDWed Jul 15 1987Postscript?
596.011Z::TENNYWed Jul 15 1987(questions :topics '(xlisp hard-disks))
597.0VIRGIN::KRAUSFri Jul 17 1987Battle of Windows
598.0NAC::PLOUFFFri Jul 17 1987Amazing Video Issue
599.01WINERY::COLLUMFri Jul 17 1987Digi FX
600.0LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Jul 17 1987Savage Benchmarks
601.011AUNTB::PRESSLEYSat Jul 18 1987canon pj1
602.010MTBLUE::PFISTER_ROBMon Jul 20 1987Blown serial port
603.0MTBLUE::PFISTER_ROBMon Jul 20 1987MiAmiga File Blues, F77 anyone?
604.0NAC::PLOUFFMon Jul 20 1987Kivolowitz Speaks at BCS
605.01WINERY::COLLUMMon Jul 20 1987Pro MIDI Sampler Port Access
606.01LAUSAN::BLANCTue Jul 21 1987<LoadWB -Debug> and then...???
607.022Z::TENNYTue Jul 21 1987Intuition programming guides
608.01LAUSAN::BLANCWed Jul 22 1987mount and mountlist params
610.07KIRK::KYZIVATThu Jul 23 1987Marauder Brain file wanted
611.01DCC::JAERVINENThu Jul 23 1987Turbo Pascal news?
612.05AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Jul 24 1987PD Stuff
613.06AUNTB::PRESSLEYSun Jul 26 1987downloading (a common error)
614.015NAAD::SWARRSun Jul 26 1987$499.95 Hard drive system
615.0VIDEO::LEIBOWMon Jul 27 1987Color Swapping
616.010DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Jul 27 1987UUENCODE - How to make it work?
617.02LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Jul 27 1987ACO
618.08TLE::RMEYERSTue Jul 28 1987Amiga 5
619.04WALLAC::MACKELPRANGTue Jul 28 1987SHAR, Anyone?
620.0NAC::PLOUFFWed Jul 29 1987BCS August Meeting Schedule
621.020NAC::VISSERThu Jul 30 1987Build your own SCSI adapter...
622.010UFP::WICKERTThu Jul 30 1987GEnie Air Warrior
623.02AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Jul 31 1987Game Addicts - Public Domain Hits
624.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Jul 31 1987OnLine V2 Updated Disk
625.01AITG::IVANOFri Jul 31 1987Help! AmigaDos Libraries
626.0BAGELS::BRANNONFri Jul 31 1987connecting hard disk to disk port?
627.08Z::TENNYSun Aug 02 1987Looking for SETPREFS
628.07DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Aug 03 1987Disk to Disk
630.08UFP::WICKERTMon Aug 03 1987Buyer needs some info and advice...
631.0Z::TENNYTue Aug 04 1987Interesting reading?
632.04Z::TENNYTue Aug 04 1987Monitor colors during startup
633.0BAGELS::BRANNONTue Aug 04 1987news from Amazing Computing vol 2 #8
634.09LEDS::ACCIARDITue Aug 04 198768
635.01LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Aug 05 1987Amiga at SIGGRAPH
636.04UFP::WICKERTThu Aug 06 1987Pround parent of a 5
637.06KIRK::KYZIVATFri Aug 07 1987Is there an updated SuperBase???
638.03LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Aug 07 1987ST5
639.024LEDS::ACCIARDISun Aug 09 1987Sculpt-3D is here...
640.02CSC32::J_PARSONSMon Aug 10 1987A1
641.01HSKMon Aug 10 1987Where is ARC?
642.02SZOFNA::CBODINEMon Aug 10 1987FACC
643.05NAC::VISSERMon Aug 10 1987PCLO - pcb cad s/w
644.015HYSTER::DEARBORNTue Aug 11 1987TimeSaver from C Ltd.
645.05CSC32::J_PARSONSWed Aug 12 1987Write Protect Woes
646.0AMULET::HALVERSONWed Aug 12 1987Microdisk Label Printer
647.01LAUSAN::BLANCThu Aug 13 1987LA1
648.014LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Aug 13 1987Microbotics' Multifuncion Card Available
649.010DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Aug 17 1987Amiga Video Fun Facts
650.09ISTG::WISNERMon Aug 17 1987Can't buy an A1
651.04TRUMAN::LEIMBERGERTue Aug 18 1987strange problem
652.03DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Aug 18 198768
653.020CSC32::J_PARSONSTue Aug 18 1987$395 Starboard 2 Meg
654.03WHAT::WISNERTue Aug 18 1987A5
655.01BAGELS::BRANNONTue Aug 18 1987a couple items of interest
656.03POLAR::GOSLINGWed Aug 19 1987LJ25X PRINTER
658.02AUNTB::PRESSLEYWed Aug 19 1987Wanna sell your canon?
659.010LABC::GRAYWed Aug 19 1987VAX based Amiga development?
661.08HSKThu Aug 20 1987IFF files to sixel ???
663.02JANIS::DONAHUEThu Aug 20 1987Single space printing?
665.09LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Aug 21 1987Digitized Sonix Scores
666.03NULL::TORNHEIMSat Aug 22 1987problem with comments
667.012UFP::WICKERTSun Aug 23 1987Earl Weaver Baseball
668.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Aug 24 1987Deluxe Video
670.0NULL::TORNHEIMTue Aug 25 1987Hypertechnology
671.01CSSE::WARDTue Aug 25 1987Apple captures Bytes' BIX
672.016COOKIE::WECKERTue Aug 25 1987No more software from me
673.07TALLIS::ZANZERKIAWed Aug 26 1987AMIGA models
674.05LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Aug 27 1987How good is DigiView/
675.010WARDER::ELLISThu Aug 27 1987Changing the default font in WB
676.06WARDER::ELLISThu Aug 27 1987Are you in the UK?
677.05OTOOFri Aug 28 1987Canadian Users
678.06AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Aug 28 1987Animation
679.08LEDS::ACCIARDISat Aug 29 1987DiskMan Utility
680.0AUNTB::PRESSLEYSun Aug 30 1987identifying floppies
681.057CGOUMon Aug 31 1987Hard Drive Backup Utility
682.03WINERY::COLLUMTue Sep 01 1987Nagel (sic) art
683.07WINERY::COLLUMTue Sep 01 1987Incompatible software (68
684.013WINERY::COLLUMTue Sep 01 1987TX81Z and MIDI
685.012DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Sep 02 1987Special A5
686.0LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Sep 02 198768
687.05SHIRE::MIZRAHIWed Sep 02 1987Basic news about Amiga needed...
688.0718583::ACCIARDIThu Sep 03 1987The Dream Goes Beserk
689.017LAUSAN::BLANCThu Sep 03 1987ARC questions
690.020NSSG::SULLIVANFri Sep 04 19872
691.011CGOUTue Sep 08 1987noKLICKstart
692.02WARDER::ELLISWed Sep 09 1987How do I get files on the net?
693.01AMULET::HALVERSONThu Sep 10 1987Visawrite is here!!!
695.08VIDEO::LEIBOWThu Sep 10 1987Expansion RAM for A1
696.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDThu Sep 10 1987MicroVAX Pix
697.02LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Sep 10 1987I'm Not Here Anymore
698.08CGOUFri Sep 11 1987Usenet
699.08AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Sep 11 1987Kermit VT1
700.02HOUSE::FRACTALSat Sep 12 1987Squeese Ram and Forms in Flight
701.09SQM::WATERSMon Sep 14 1987Pascal
702.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Sep 14 1987New Directory
703.045AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Sep 14 198768
704.01DDMAIL::ANDREWSMon Sep 14 1987IFF picture to printer?
705.0230VIDEO::LEIBOWTue Sep 15 1987Smokey VT2
706.0BAGELS::BRANNONTue Sep 15 1987BCS Amiga meeting tonight
707.03MAY2Tue Sep 15 1987Looking for a 68
708.011BAGELS::BRANNONWed Sep 16 1987Amiga in Computer Shopper
709.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDWed Sep 16 1987Disk Editor
710.011LNZIS1::TECHNIKERWed Sep 16 1987Some questions about A5
711.025WHYVAX::KRUGERThu Sep 17 1987PD Software
712.02NAC::PLOUFFThu Sep 17 1987Fish Disks 89-1
713.01WHAT::WISNERThu Sep 17 19872 meg boards with
714.04COMET2::FULTONThu Sep 17 1987Need Mandelbrot programs
715.06AUNTB::PRESSLEYFri Sep 18 1987grabbit to a file
716.01CIMNET::KYZIVATFri Sep 18 1987autodialing Scholar from VT1
723.0216BITS::KRUGERFri Sep 18 198768
724.09COOKIE::WECKERSat Sep 19 1987COMPRESS program
725.03AUTHOR::MACDONALDSun Sep 20 19871987 Commodore-Specific Computer Fair
726.03LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Sep 21 1987Free Stuff (sort of)
727.01OASIS2::BERNARDMon Sep 21 1987How to PLINK???
728.05DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Sep 21 1987Attention Time Saver Users
729.0DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Sep 21 1987Icon Tools
730.045NAC::VISSERMon Sep 21 1987FSII update/analog joystick
731.05ELWOOD::PETERSMon Sep 21 1987Used A1
732.044FORTY2::MCCARTNEYTue Sep 22 1987Amiga or Atari-ST ?
733.028DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Sep 22 1987Kermit
734.09HYSTER::DEARBORNWed Sep 23 1987AMIGAs at DEC
735.06OTFSV1::S_SCHMIDTWed Sep 23 1987Intermittent Mouse Button
738.012COMET::FULTONWed Sep 23 1987Need ARC help
739.09LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Sep 23 1987CBM Fall Ad Schedule
740.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDThu Sep 24 1987Set RGB Color Values Easily
741.011CAM::ARENDTThu Sep 24 1987Wanted good pinball game
742.032CGOUThu Sep 24 1987Shell 2.
743.05BAGELS::BRANNONThu Sep 24 1987Maple 4.
744.03NSSG::SULLIVANFri Sep 25 1987Amiga used in production of Max Headroom Series
745.02BAGELS::BRANNONFri Sep 25 1987Usenet on Monday?
746.04OASIS2::BERNARDFri Sep 25 1987HPGL/LVP16 Drivers?
747.016OASIS2::BERNARDFri Sep 25 1987EDT on the AMIGA???
748.01CIMNET::KYZIVATFri Sep 25 1987X-windows for Amiga?
749.09OASIS2::BERNARDSat Sep 26 1987Quick File Transfers
750.04LEDS::ACCIARDISat Sep 26 1987Deals on A1
751.0ANGORA::SMCAFEESun Sep 27 1987Software For Trade
752.03LEDS::ACCIARDISun Sep 27 1987Snipit
753.02VIDEO::LEIBOWSun Sep 27 1987ReportMouse() ???
754.024SAUTER::SAUTERMon Sep 28 1987How I got my Amiga
755.06CAMPER::LOMICKAJMon Sep 28 1987Microemacs 3.9 source kit, with spelling checker
756.029PLDVAX::SMCAFEETue Sep 29 1987WordPerfect
757.02AKOV68::SHEPROTue Sep 29 1987Good buys for 1987
759.017ROZETT::SANTIAGOWed Sep 30 1987Atari 8
760.0ROZETT::SANTIAGOWed Sep 30 1987Kicking Hackstart
761.0CIMNET::KYZIVATWed Sep 30 1987Typing Tutor update???
763.012OASIS2::BERNARDThu Oct 01 1987For Beginners Only
764.010CRVAX1::ANDREWSThu Oct 01 1987Transformer 1.2 is out?!?!
765.05UFP::WICKERTFri Oct 02 1987Anyone from Australia?
766.04KIBITZ::KAUFMANFri Oct 02 1987Screaming Disk Query
767.016BITS::KRUGERFri Oct 02 1987A Good Source for 68
768.03DDMAIL::ANDREWSSat Oct 03 1987High Density 3.5" disks ?
769.0OASIS2::BERNARDSat Oct 03 1987Spirit Technology 1.5M Ram for A5
770.02KYOA::WEGERSat Oct 03 1987Hard disk for the 5
771.04SAUTER::SAUTERSun Oct 04 1987eliminating white bands in Epson graphics
772.02DICKNS::MACDONALDSun Oct 04 1987New Files
773.020SHIRE::GANGUILLETMon Oct 05 1987VT1
774.0DDMAIL::ANDREWSMon Oct 05 1987Another screen hack
775.033DCC::JAERVINENTue Oct 06 1987More A2
776.07AMULET::HALVERSONTue Oct 06 1987Jitter Rid Any Good?
777.08AMULET::HALVERSONTue Oct 06 1987Imagewriter II on AMIGA?
778.07DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Oct 06 1987Please
779.08LABC::GRAYTue Oct 06 1987DCP (UUCP for Amiga)
780.01HYSTER::DEARBORNTue Oct 06 1987ZOO.ARC
781.03CIMNET::KYZIVATTue Oct 06 1987Corrections to Peck's book?
782.02CURE::WISNERTue Oct 06 1987BLINK: undefined symbols
783.017ELWOOD::PETERSWed Oct 07 1987Fred Fish Disks Here !
784.09ESD3Fri Oct 09 1987Larry Leisure Suit
786.013LDP::MCCARTHYFri Oct 09 1987Source Level Debugger
787.02COOKIE::WITHERSFri Oct 09 1987Upgrading the memory add-on?
788.012WHICH::WISNERFri Oct 09 1987MODULA-2 QUERY...
789.0216BITS::KRUGERSun Oct 11 1987Want to rewrite assign
791.01BAXTA::PFISTER_ROBMon Oct 12 1987Aztec 3.6 and Source Debugger??
792.0BAXTA::PFISTER_ROBMon Oct 12 1987Good Tasking Example
793.0VIDEO::LEIBOWMon Oct 12 1987future of smokey
794.04BAGELS::BRANNONMon Oct 12 1987Atari 8-bit emulator for ST
795.05NAC::PLOUFFMon Oct 12 1987Memory and Drive Test Software Wanted
796.01NAC::PLOUFFMon Oct 12 1987Mimetics at BCS October Meeting
798.02CAM::ARENDTTue Oct 13 1987Epson driver failed
799.021LEDS::ACCIARDITue Oct 13 1987FirePower
800.037NAC::VISSERTue Oct 13 1987WHO ARE YOU?
801.01CLT::SZYMANSKITue Oct 13 1987Nemesis
802.017ANGORA::SMCAFEEWed Oct 14 1987startup-sequence
803.011OASIS2::BERNARDWed Oct 14 1987PLINK transfers
804.09OASIS2::BERNARDWed Oct 14 1987VD
805.05WHYVAX::KRUGERWed Oct 14 1987Calling all gurus
806.03ERLANG::SLACKWed Oct 14 1987MFM/68881 test
807.0WHYVAX::KRUGERWed Oct 14 1987Internals of various C generation
808.018LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Oct 14 1987New Uploads
809.0WHYVAX::KRUGERWed Oct 14 1987C/AmigaDos/Windows question
811.02HYSTER::DEARBORNThu Oct 15 1987Virus Program
812.07VENERE::ZABOTThu Oct 15 1987Converting pictures with IFF_to_SIX.EXE
813.02BAILEY::SENNAThu Oct 15 1987I need another fix...can't get enough!
814.010DCC::JAERVINENThu Oct 15 1987Uedit config for EDT
815.05DCC::JAERVINENThu Oct 15 1987Escape sequences
816.01VXHDRM::USERThu Oct 15 1987ULTRIX ARC??
817.013LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Oct 15 1987Amiga Demo on the Computer Show
818.014BAGELS::BRANNONThu Oct 15 1987trashcan icon on 5
819.08HYSTER::DEARBORNThu Oct 15 1987Test Drive
820.06VIDEO::LEIBOWFri Oct 16 19878SVX Chunks
821.01HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Oct 19 1987Alternate Icons
822.04HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Oct 19 1987Wildcard Shortcuts
823.03CAM::ARENDTMon Oct 19 1987Wanted short .ARC file
824.02KIBITZ::KAUFMANMon Oct 19 1987HackerMail Network?
825.014BAGELS::BRANNONMon Oct 19 1987A2
827.020AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Oct 19 1987Eight Color Wb
828.03LAUSAN::BLANCTue Oct 20 1987Ray tracer wanted
829.03TALLIS::UTZIGTue Oct 20 1987Wanted: Used 1
831.07016BITS::KRUGERWed Oct 21 1987Sony Disks for $1.
832.0216BITS::KRUGERWed Oct 21 1987Nice printer
833.010CGFSV2::DREWWed Oct 21 1987Computer shops in Boston/N.H. Area
834.01VENERE::ZABOTThu Oct 22 1987AEGIS Draw + : Where are PARTS ??
835.07TAMARA::STOLLERThu Oct 22 1987PRO DRIVE? any info?
836.01CSSE::WARDThu Oct 22 1987Drive across Amiga(s)
837.05CURE::WISNERThu Oct 22 1987Blitter Operations
839.015AUNTB::PRESSLEYThu Oct 22 1987apple compatability
840.0AUNTB::PRESSLEYThu Oct 22 1987laser script
842.03SZOFNA::CBODINEThu Oct 22 1987A2
843.01TALLIS::ZANZERKIAFri Oct 23 1987AMIGA price question.
844.08CURE::WISNERFri Oct 23 198768
845.07USRCV1::HOLTJFri Oct 23 1987Help an Atari owner...
846.04HOUSE::FRACTALFri Oct 23 1987Variable/Fized
847.03WARDER::ELLISSat Oct 24 1987VT3
849.0FRSBEE::COOPERMon Oct 26 1987
850.03OASIS2::BERNARDMon Oct 26 1987Public Account
851.0OASIS2::BERNARDMon Oct 26 1987Color Ribbons
852.02OASIS2::BERNARDMon Oct 26 1987A5
853.08SIMUL8::STOLLERMon Oct 26 1987speakers AND headphones < $1
855.02VENERE::ZABOTTue Oct 27 1987A1
856.0NAC::PLOUFFTue Oct 27 1987Irving Gould at BCS Meeting in October
857.02ANYWAY::ZIMMERMANWed Oct 28 1987Graphics tablets
858.05OASIS2::BERNARDWed Oct 28 1987New COLOR Printer
859.01BARNUM::SENNAWed Oct 28 1987Help with SETCLOCK needed...
860.02CIMNET::KYZIVATThu Oct 29 1987new "offer" from the makers of Scribble!
861.04VIKING::PRAETORIUSThu Oct 29 1987bummed
863.03LEDS::PIMThu Oct 29 1987PHASAS $, DM, FF, .....
864.03MEMORY::BERKSONFri Oct 30 1987A5
865.07WALLAC::MACKELPRANGFri Oct 30 1987Flavours of Bridges & Drives.
866.09LEDS::ACCIARDISun Nov 01 1987Amoeba
867.01FOSTER::PILEEKIMon Nov 02 1987Font for Sculpt-3D
868.05ANGORA::SMCAFEEMon Nov 02 1987ARKANOID Demo
869.0DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Nov 02 1987Info World Amiga Ads
870.022OASIS2::BERNARDMon Nov 02 1987Hard Drive Madness
871.06DESENG::SPECSTue Nov 03 1987Assembly Language Programming
872.01ESD66::BERKSONTue Nov 03 1987How to use JOURNAL or RECORD
873.04DCC::JAERVINENWed Nov 04 1987Dirt cheap hard disks for A5
874.016VIDEO::LEIBOWWed Nov 04 1987FONT EDITOR
875.05LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Nov 05 1987De-interlacer rumors...
876.0OASIS2::BERNARDThu Nov 05 1987CLI Print Spooler
877.01DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Nov 06 1987$1
878.0LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Nov 06 1987Fat Agnes for the A1
879.0SPHINX::SWEATTFri Nov 06 1987When will SPHINX be down ??
880.06MEIS::ZIMMERMANFri Nov 06 1987ARC file header errors
881.05NAC::PLOUFFFri Nov 06 1987Tektronix 4
882.0BAGELS::BRANNONFri Nov 06 1987November Compute!
883.0TEACH::ARTSun Nov 08 1987COMDEX Report from USENET
884.02DCC::JAERVINENSun Nov 08 1987Disabling flow control in Basic?
885.011DCC::JAERVINENSun Nov 08 1987C++ anyone?
886.02AUNTB::PRESSLEYMon Nov 09 1987Earl Weaver Baseball
887.02MEIS::ZIMMERMANTue Nov 10 1987Atari Boing! Demo
888.04PANIC::SHORTTue Nov 10 1987UK A5
889.01WINERY::COLLUMTue Nov 10 1987LIVE! demo
890.03DCC::JAERVINENTue Nov 10 1987Swiss quality Modula compiler
891.0LAUSAN::BLANCWed Nov 11 1987version of kickstart V1.2
892.02WINERY::COLLUMWed Nov 11 1987LPV16 Installation question
893.06HOUSE::FRACTALWed Nov 11 1987Silver vs. Sculpt-3D?
894.01LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Nov 12 1987Scrolling Menus?
895.011OTOOThu Nov 12 1987Networking the Amiga
896.015WINERY::COLLUMThu Nov 12 1987Digi-Tek (ala Digi-F/X) Demo
897.06USFHSL::SPATOULASFri Nov 13 1987A1
898.01BAGELS::BRANNONFri Nov 13 1987change EASYNOTES.LIS entry?
899.0MEMORY::BERKSONSat Nov 14 1987Anyone know about Pixmate?
900.01LEDS::ACCIARDISun Nov 15 1987You're gonna hate this...
901.02MEMORY::BERKSONSun Nov 15 1987Any typing programs?
902.01PUERTO::ALVAREZMon Nov 16 1987Automatic hang-up ?
903.05DCC::JAERVINENMon Nov 16 1987Latest DME online?
904.02DCC::JAERVINENMon Nov 16 1987Death in the family
905.0116BITS::KRUGERMon Nov 16 1987Hardware Testing equipment needed
906.04WINERY::COLLUMMon Nov 16 1987Spots left while in Interlace mode???
907.06ROMMon Nov 16 1987Which pins...
908.026PLDVAX::SMCAFEEMon Nov 16 1987Lattice 4.
909.04LEDS::ACCIARDITue Nov 17 1987December Computer Shopper
911.0116BITS::HUDSONTue Nov 17 1987Man with SPIRIT board needs help !!!
912.01MEIS::ROLFEWed Nov 18 1987Rll ok for ST5
913.01CESARE::ZABOTThu Nov 19 1987PC <--> Amiga file xfer
914.04SIMUL8::STOLLERThu Nov 19 1987Invoking Solitaire, how?
915.04LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Nov 20 1987Conference with Eric (Juggler) Graham
916.0CSSE::WARDFri Nov 20 1987USENET posting - 1
918.0CGFSV2::OAKLEYFri Nov 20 1987Adopt-A-Lonely-Disk
919.0HAZEL::MELLITZMon Nov 23 1987SCSI by Starboard
920.027CGFSV2::OAKLEYMon Nov 23 1987More on the WEDGE HD Interface
921.0LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Nov 23 1987More Stuff
922.09KIRK::KYZIVATTue Nov 24 1987InstantMusic & Discovery on A2
923.04LATNCY::MORGANTue Nov 24 1987Dark Castle
924.05BISON::YESSEWed Nov 25 1987SCAN for Amiga?
925.013LINCON::WOODBURYWed Nov 25 1987AMIGA as a clone?
926.02EVER11::EKLOFWed Nov 25 1987Caligrapher
927.04PRSIS4::TOMPKINSWed Nov 25 1987Transfer text VAX-Amiga
928.022SHIRE::GANGUILLETWed Nov 25 1987LJ25
929.07LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Nov 26 1987Upgrade Opinions Wanted
930.01DCC::AZUBIFri Nov 27 1987NEW_KICKSTART
932.03HOUSE::FRACTALSat Nov 28 1987CTS2424 adh modem
933.0NLCEU::ELLISMMon Nov 30 1987Genlock on UK TV
934.08AUNTB::PRESSLEYMon Nov 30 1987My memory fails me
935.01DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Dec 01 1987Trade-Up Program Extended to 31-Dec-1987
937.0HAZEL::MELLITZWed Dec 02 1987LA5
938.09MVCAD3::BAEDERWed Dec 02 1987Pacman87 on-line
939.0NAC::PLOUFFThu Dec 03 1987New Users' Group at Ft. Devens, MA
940.0NAC::PLOUFFThu Dec 03 1987BCS Amiga Group December Meetings
941.03CURE::WISNERThu Dec 03 1987NULL modem cable for FIREPOWER and FS
942.01CAMTWO::ARENDTThu Dec 03 1987Re-orienting a 2
943.017MEIS::ZIMMERMANThu Dec 03 1987Lattice 4.
944.017MVCAD3::BAEDERFri Dec 04 1987Deluxe Music Construction Songs On-line
945.01CSSE::WARDFri Dec 04 1987Amiga as video switch
946.02MEO78B::MCGHIESun Dec 06 1987Soon to own an Amiga
947.04JANIS::DONAHUEMon Dec 07 19875
948.05NAC::VISSERMon Dec 07 1987help digitizing?
951.01DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Dec 07 1987Shell Trix
952.02HPSTEK::SENNAMon Dec 07 1987Work around Smokey Iconify problem!!
954.02DECEAT::LANDINGHAMMon Dec 07 1987Anyone have Arazok's Tomb?
955.01Z::TENNYTue Dec 08 1987Fred Fish 111-118
957.08STAR::BANKSTue Dec 08 1987Arkanoid
958.01WJG::GUINEAUTue Dec 08 1987Software Coupon?
959.039LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Dec 09 1987Interceptor Demo
960.03HPSTEK::SENNAWed Dec 09 1987ASDG-RAM not working on my 5
961.02USFHSL::SPATOULASWed Dec 09 1987AMIGA IFF ===> VAX laserprinters
962.0HARDY::JKMARTINWed Dec 09 1987Amiga/Atari ST Aviators Unite!
963.0316BITS::KRUGERWed Dec 09 1987nifty demo
964.02DCC::AZUBIThu Dec 10 1987New SAM-BASIC
965.01SPHINX::SWEATTThu Dec 10 1987Toolshed!!!
966.02WJG::GUINEAUThu Dec 10 198768
967.03BAGELS::BRANNONThu Dec 10 1987reminder, Computer Fleamarket Sunday
968.01YGDRSL::SANTIAGOFri Dec 11 1987USENET comp.mumble.amiga NOTESfile
969.047CAMTWO::ARENDTFri Dec 11 1987Calling Amiga game designers
971.01CLOVAX::COBURNFri Dec 11 1987A new "owner" in search of a disk...
972.04HOUSE::FRACTALFri Dec 11 1987WXmodem term program needed.
973.04MAADIS::WICKERTFri Dec 11 1987Centepede?!?
975.024WJG::GUINEAUMon Dec 14 1987New Amiga user questions
976.0AISVAX::SORKINMon Dec 14 1987Sunday's "Deals" at the Fair
977.07WJG::GUINEAUMon Dec 14 1987Making/Editing ICONS
978.02WJG::GUINEAUMon Dec 14 19873D creation
980.09WJG::GUINEAUWed Dec 16 1987ProDrive Review
981.0TLSEWed Dec 16 1987MEMORY BOARD
982.04PRSIS4::TOMPKINSThu Dec 17 1987FS II Scenery Disks in shops?
983.07WJG::GUINEAUThu Dec 17 1987Graphic file's on Amiga
984.025FOSTER::PILEEKIFri Dec 18 1987Startup-sequence
985.02CSSE::WARDFri Dec 18 1987VIP professional not printing
986.04HIT::WHERRYFri Dec 18 1987FAT AGNUS
988.03Fri Dec 18 1987BADGE Demo disks?
989.01MEMORY::BERKSONSat Dec 19 1987Moving Preferences to new disk
990.01MEMORY::BERKSONSat Dec 19 1987Can printer use Digiview adapter?
991.04MDKCSW::DAVISSun Dec 20 1987Age old downloading problems...
992.06DCC::AZUBIMon Dec 21 1987Is your Amiga infected?
993.02WJG::GUINEAUMon Dec 21 1987ARC file formats on AMIGA and VAX
994.020WJG::GUINEAUMon Dec 21 1987LA5
995.07MEO78B::MCGHIEMon Dec 21 1987Christmas Greetings
996.01ZURA3::DALLMANNTue Dec 22 1987Who from Switzerland
997.04HSKTue Dec 22 1987Amiga C upgrade???
999.0LEDS::ACCIARDITue Dec 22 1987I bet you knew...
1000.03LEDS::ACCIARDITue Dec 22 1987...that I'd get Note #1
1001.08VTHRAX::KIPTue Dec 22 1987More about memory and Zorro questions
1002.01NAC::GODDARDWed Dec 23 1987Metacompco macro assembler questions
1003.020WJG::GUINEAUWed Dec 23 1987Uninvited
1004.01CIMNET::KYZIVATWed Dec 23 1987Transactor for the Amiga?
1005.0WJG::GUINEAUWed Dec 23 1987Legacy of the Anchants
1006.05MEMORY::BERKSONWed Dec 23 1987Word Perfect -> IBM 5.25"
1007.02NAC::VISSERWed Dec 23 1987New Years resolutions
1008.07NAC::VISSERWed Dec 23 19871988 Wish List
1009.0VTHRAX::KIPWed Dec 23 1987Klinetronics AMMEG1
1010.08VIRTUE::WATERSWed Dec 23 1987Fractals/Modula-II
1011.01WJG::GUINEAUThu Dec 24 1987Upload Service
1013.011PLDVAX::SMCAFEESun Dec 27 1987Asteroids
1014.012FHOOA::SPATOULASSun Dec 27 19872
1015.01CURE::WISNERMon Dec 28 1987The COMPUTER ANIMATION show
1016.0CSSE::WARDMon Dec 28 1987WordPerfect/VAX/AMIGA re:1
1017.03MEO78B::MCGHIEMon Dec 28 1987La5
1018.0HSKTue Dec 29 1987Where is FIXOBJ?
1019.010FHOOA::SPATOULASWed Dec 30 1987Lets talk about BBS/BIX/COMPUSERV/GENIE/PLINK
1020.02FHOOA::SPATOULASWed Dec 30 1987More 2
1021.038CGOUWed Dec 30 1987??? driver for LJ25
1022.013WJG::GUINEAUWed Dec 30 1987PD C compiler
1023.0MVCAD3::BAEDERWed Dec 30 1987ICONIFY.ARC available (a bols ehwac hack)
1024.05MVCAD3::BAEDERWed Dec 30 1987this is the true 1Kth entry!
1025.04CRANS2::KRAMERThu Dec 31 1987A2
1026.07GUNGHO::POWERSThu Dec 31 1987A3
1027.0WJG::GUINEAUThu Dec 31 1987AmigaDOS V1.3
1028.08LOWLIF::DAVISFri Jan 01 1988Non-DMCS instruments?
1029.08AITG::IVANOFri Jan 01 1988What is ARC?
1031.01MVCAD3::BAEDERSun Jan 03 1988icon2ptr
1032.02HOUSE::FRACTALSun Jan 03 1988SCSI interface only dealers?
1033.01USFHSL::SPATOULASMon Jan 04 1988BACK-UP programs experiences ?????
1034.01NAC::VISSERTue Jan 05 1988page scanner available?
1035.06WJG::GUINEAUTue Jan 05 1988EDT on Amiga... PLEASE !
1037.01MEO78B::MCGHIETue Jan 05 1988sprites
1038.02BAGELS::BRANNONTue Jan 05 1988Info magazine #18 news
1039.0MEMORY::BERKSONWed Jan 06 19881M DRAMs for $21 each
1040.01VTHRAX::KIPWed Jan 06 1988Problems with newest PopColour?
1041.05CGFSV2::DREWWed Jan 06 1988New Supra Software
1042.041VIKING::RIESWed Jan 06 1988Hard disk help
1044.02MTBLUE::PFISTER_ROBFri Jan 08 1988HyperCard anyone?
1045.04DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Jan 08 1988A2
1046.01DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Jan 08 1988Shades of Grey
1047.06LEDS::ACCIARDISat Jan 09 1988Mach 15
1048.03COOKIE::WECKERSun Jan 10 1988FS-II multi player mode
1051.05MEO78B::MCGHIESun Jan 10 1988SCART Connections
1052.013FORTY2::MCCARTNEYMon Jan 11 1988NEW AMIGA problems
1054.03SHIRE::GANGUILLETMon Jan 11 1988DBW_RENDER Version2
1055.02HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Jan 11 1988C Ltd Hard Drive
1056.0CSSE::WARDMon Jan 11 1988High persistence monitor and light pen
1057.029MEMORY::CHAVISMon Jan 11 1988A2
1058.093IVOGUS::BAGUEMon Jan 11 1988Naive new user type questions
1059.0LOWLIF::DAVISMon Jan 11 1988Gravity Attack
1060.02FSTue Jan 12 1988mouse trouble ???
1062.0113124::OSBORNETue Jan 12 1988Leave hard drive running?
1063.013124::OSBORNETue Jan 12 1988Upgrades for Easyl?
1064.03BOOVX2::SCOTT_MORRISTue Jan 12 1988I need to rent a laser printer
1065.05USFHSL::SPATOULASTue Jan 12 1988Amiga_usenet Notes
1066.0LOWLIF::DAVISTue Jan 12 1988Cosmo2
1067.0MAADIS::WICKERTTue Jan 12 1988Washington Post article
1068.09LOWLIF::DAVISTue Jan 12 1988Stone - BoulderDash Clone
1069.036USRCV1::SORGEWed Jan 13 1988Crystal Hammer
1070.02WJG::GUINEAUWed Jan 13 1988C-ltd SCSI price?
1071.06BAGELS::BRANNONWed Jan 13 1988anybody see the Computer Show last night?
1072.03CGFSV2::CADAMSWed Jan 13 1988?Educational Games for Children?
1073.021USRCV1::HOLTJWed Jan 13 1988Atari---> Amiga---> Atari
1074.043DICKNS::MACDONALDThu Jan 14 1988IFF to SIXEL -- Where are all the wizards
1075.07PUERTO::ALVAREZThu Jan 14 1988Request for Fish Disks
1076.01VTHRAX::KIPThu Jan 14 1988Beating a dead horse (or Xmodem vs Kermit)
1077.04TOOTER::RIESThu Jan 14 1988DMCS file format
1078.0FHOOA::SPATOULASFri Jan 15 1988Kernell Manualls
1079.0BAGELS::BRANNONFri Jan 15 1988new virus in ibmpc world
1080.01LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jan 17 1988Pack-it
1081.0LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jan 17 1988Hurricane 68
1082.02MEMORY::BERKSONMon Jan 18 1988Cheap printer cable?
1083.013LEDS::PIMMon Jan 18 198811
1084.04CLOVAX::COBURNMon Jan 18 1988Help w/ Pacman87 and Joystick
1085.015VTHRAX::KIPMon Jan 18 1988XMODEM problems
1086.0113D::SANBORNMon Jan 18 1988C1
1088.017FORTY2::MCCARTNEYTue Jan 19 1988Parallel Printer Cable
1089.0BARDIC::RAVANTue Jan 19 1988FF help
1090.014CGFSV2::DREWTue Jan 19 1988Emerald Mine
1091.01COOKIE::WITHERSThu Jan 21 1988Help needed: Marauder and Games Galery
1092.02COOKIE::WITHERSThu Jan 21 1988Questions on Starboard 2
1093.016TEACH::BOBThu Jan 21 1988A1
1094.01AYOV1Thu Jan 21 1988An offer you can refuse.
1095.028BRUTUS::BBAHLINFri Jan 22 1988Questions on Digiview
1096.058379::GOSLINGFri Jan 22 1988CBM CANADA IN THE COURTS
1097.06NAC::VISSERFri Jan 22 1988Forth
1100.03FIXERS::BAKERSat Jan 23 1988Need help with VT1
1101.04LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jan 24 1988PixMate - WoW!
1102.021WINNER::JBERNARDMon Jan 25 1988Static - the unseen KILLER
1103.06TEACH::ARTMon Jan 25 1988Who is COMPUTER DISCOUNT ?
1104.02SEDSWS::WATTTue Jan 26 1988VIRUS'S
1105.0107WJG::GUINEAUTue Jan 26 1988FYI - SEDT on Amiga
1106.013CAMTWO::ARENDTTue Jan 26 1988Keep Amy running all the time ?
1107.04LEDS::MOORETue Jan 26 1988Amiga Suppliers
1108.05WJG::GUINEAUWed Jan 27 19882
1111.01BAGELS::BRANNONWed Jan 27 1988A2
1112.02LOWLIF::DAVISThu Jan 28 1988Shell 2.
1113.01STARCH::WHERRYThu Jan 28 1988Try, and try again
1114.02CLOVAX::COBURNFri Jan 29 1988
1115.0USRCV1::HOLTJSat Jan 30 1988Bridge board... Is it a Myth?
1116.02LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jan 31 1988MaxiPlan Tax Templates
1117.0MEO78B::MCGHIESun Jan 31 1988C-ITOH PRT Driver
1118.0229Mon Feb 01 1988Time Bandit Demo
1119.0DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Feb 01 1988Epson Printers
1120.0FSMon Feb 01 1988IBM G.P. PRT driver
1122.07TOOTER::RIESMon Feb 01 1988Help with BLINK
1123.04LILAC::MKPROJMon Feb 01 1988Integrated packages
1124.011WAV12::HICKSMon Feb 01 1988S/W Recommendations?
1125.04SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERMon Feb 01 1988Ami on the tube.
1126.011STOPIT::MASONTue Feb 02 1988Stereo Sound on the Amiga
1127.03MDKCSW::DAVISTue Feb 02 1988Hidden Messages in the Amiga
1128.06WHYVAX::KRUGERWed Feb 03 1988Hard drives -- ST251-1 (ST251fast)
1131.01HOUSE::FRACTALWed Feb 03 1988Photon Series (the 3d packages)
1135.06DECEAT::LANDINGHAMThu Feb 04 1988A-Render
1136.01LOWLIF::DAVISThu Feb 04 1988International BBS list
1137.08GVAADG::PERTOSOFri Feb 05 1988FS-II scenery disk 7 problem.
1138.08LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Feb 05 1988Workbench Wishlist
1139.04HSKFri Feb 05 1988Commodore shops in London ?
1141.05NAC::VISSERMon Feb 08 1988layers.library/ScrollLayer
1142.02PUERTO::ALVAREZMon Feb 08 1988Help needed on modem problem
1143.03FHOOA::SPATOULASMon Feb 08 1988Any news on BRIDGEB._WARE ?????
1144.010LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Feb 08 1988GOMF 1.
1145.02CIMNET::KYZIVATMon Feb 08 1988A/B switch for gameports?
1146.02COOKIE::WITHERSMon Feb 08 1988How to estimate Kermit DLL times?
1147.01TOOTER::RIESMon Feb 08 1988Help on processing keyboard input
1148.09WJG::GUINEAUMon Feb 08 1988FNx keynames in EMACS?
1149.09WJG::GUINEAUMon Feb 08 1988Update on MicroEmacs?
1150.016GLORY::SHIVESTue Feb 09 1988Starboard2 Problems
1151.0DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Feb 09 1988Lechmere
1152.04LOWLIF::DAVISTue Feb 09 1988USENET problems/questions
1153.03PUERTO::ALVAREZTue Feb 09 198868
1154.010GLASS::SHIVESTue Feb 09 1988Fish Disks Indexes
1155.07NSSG::SULLIVANWed Feb 10 1988KS/WB 1.3 information/problems/features forum
1156.065NAC::PLOUFFWed Feb 10 1988Fish Disk Descriptions 1-latest
1157.015WJG::GUINEAUWed Feb 10 1988FF119 and 12
1158.09YIPPEE::GOULNIKThu Feb 11 1988Calling Long Distance
1159.05UTRTSC::VISFri Feb 12 1988Diskdoctor?
1160.02WINNER::JBERNARDFri Feb 12 1988PostScript translator
1161.07WJG::GUINEAUFri Feb 12 1988FOGGY hi baud rate upload bug?
1162.05WAV14::HICKSFri Feb 12 1988A5
1163.03MDKCSW::DAVISSat Feb 13 1988Sonix vs SYNTHia?
1164.01MVCAD3::BAEDERSat Feb 13 1988Browser, wIconify, and wKeys
1165.07WJG::GUINEAUSat Feb 13 1988SCSI controller for A5
1166.07WJG::GUINEAUSat Feb 13 1988WB Version?
1167.028ELWOOD::PETERSSat Feb 13 1988New FF disks uploaded
1169.011DPDMAI::ANDERSONASun Feb 14 1988Query about the Amiga 5
1170.025WAV14::HICKSMon Feb 15 1988AmigaDOS file questions...
1171.01CGOUMon Feb 15 1988just for ZOO
1172.06AYOV1Tue Feb 16 1988SHELL Questions.
1173.0TEACH::BOBTue Feb 16 1988Yet ANOTHER virus.
1175.02COOKIE::WECKERTue Feb 16 1988TCP/IP for the AMIGA
1176.02CORE::KAYETue Feb 16 1988what have you done with home-video?
1177.011WJG::GUINEAUWed Feb 17 1988Amiga,Mac and Atari "workbench"
1178.09DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Feb 17 1988Program Notes
1179.012DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Feb 17 1988NewTek Demo
1180.04OLIVER::OSBORNEWed Feb 17 1988BACKUP for DH
1181.02CAMTWO::ARENDTWed Feb 17 1988A2
1182.01ELWOOD::PETERSWed Feb 17 1988Expansion library ??
1183.03TOOTER::RIESThu Feb 18 1988Sony KV-1311CR problems
1184.018CGFSV2::CADAMSThu Feb 18 1988PHD 135 3.5" Floppy from Phoenix
1186.05CAMTWO::ARENDTFri Feb 19 1988Can't UPLOAD to save my Life HELP !!!!
1188.08VFOFS::PHILLIPSFri Feb 19 1988LA5
1190.09WJG::GUINEAUWed Feb 24 1988Lattice 4.
1192.09EVER11::EKLOFWed Feb 24 1988Harddisk and Print don't seem to work together
1195.0HARDLY::ELLISMThu Feb 25 1988Printer Driver for LVP16
1196.09PUERTO::ALVAREZThu Feb 25 1988Amicus disks available
1197.02DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Feb 26 1988EPSON LQ-8
1198.0MEMORY::BERKSONFri Feb 26 1988Digital Video timing specs?
1199.08LOWLIF::DAVISFri Feb 26 1988Movie V1.3 does sounds!
1202.01VTHRAX::KIPSun Feb 28 1988StarBoard2 Software?
1203.018GLDOA::SPATOULASSun Feb 28 1988AMI 2
1205.017LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Feb 29 1988Amiga Jet!
1206.05OLIVER::OSBORNEMon Feb 29 1988Analyticalc spreadsheet?
1207.09OLIVER::OSBORNEMon Feb 29 1988Digi-View and color camera?
1208.09AYOV1Mon Feb 29 1988PD Compilers.
1209.01LEDS::ACCIARDITue Mar 01 1988Beware of B.A.D.!
1210.06LOWLIF::DAVISWed Mar 02 1988Does StepRate work?
1211.018PUERTO::ALVAREZWed Mar 02 1988Calling for Vt1
1213.0VTHRAX::KIPThu Mar 03 1988DirMaster?
1214.06HYSTER::DEARBORNThu Mar 03 1988LaserScript from Gold Disk
1215.04CSSE::WARDThu Mar 03 1988non-Obsolescence insights
1216.01MQFSV2::DESROSIERSThu Mar 03 1988256K DRAM prices?
1217.05TLE::RMEYERSThu Mar 03 1988PerfectVision
1218.0234823::ANDREWSThu Mar 03 1988AMIGA Specific show in Chicago?
1219.0CSSE::WARDFri Mar 04 1988Amiga connectivity testimonial
1220.07TEACH::ARTFri Mar 04 1988Mathematical Word Processor
1221.01BOMBE::MOOREFri Mar 04 1988Advice for proposed A2
1222.0CSC32::J_PARSONSSat Mar 05 1988Portal?
1223.09STARCH::WHERRYSun Mar 06 1988Amiga TeX
1224.021RDGE28::PERRINMon Mar 07 1988New Amiga 5
1225.02FJORDS::ROSARIOMon Mar 07 1988Wanted alive AREAD/AWRITE commands.
1226.07TEACH::BOBMon Mar 07 1988MULTIVIEW, GOT IT ??
1227.021WAV14::HICKSMon Mar 07 1988Hi-Res Flicker Fixer?
1228.0TEACH::BOBMon Mar 07 1988ANOTHER! virus
1229.013CIMNET::KYZIVATMon Mar 07 1988Power Surge suppression?
1230.04SNOCMon Mar 07 1988Whats the latest on viruses????
1231.07VTHRAX::KIPTue Mar 08 1988VMS ARC problem
1232.02FJORDS::ROSARIOTue Mar 08 1988There's calm before the hurricane.
1233.03DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Mar 09 1988List of Files on PAULY"AMIGA"::
1234.01CSSE::WARDWed Mar 09 19888
1236.05REGENT::DITTMERWed Mar 09 1988Amiga5
1237.0DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Mar 09 1988V1.3 Notes and Then Some ...
1238.0STARCH::WHERRYThu Mar 10 1988spheres demo from usenet
1239.019LEDS::ACCIARDISat Mar 12 1988ARP
1240.01DICKNS::MACDONALDSun Mar 13 1988MSS Files Directory Listing
1241.02SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERSun Mar 13 1988Light Duty printing
1242.01MAADIS::WICKERTMon Mar 14 1988Age of Sail
1244.024WJG::GUINEAUMon Mar 14 1988Music from CD into Amiga?
1245.05FORTY2::MCCARTNEYMon Mar 14 1988Berserk Demo
1246.02WJG::GUINEAUTue Mar 15 1988IFF to UIS?
1247.0MAADIS::WICKERTTue Mar 15 1988GS-1
1248.06HOUSE::FRACTALTue Mar 15 1988Phantasie III...
1249.03LEDS::ACCIARDITue Mar 15 1988News from AC
1250.01POBOX::ANDREWSTue Mar 15 1988DECUS and Amiga stuff?
1251.0PAULUS::LUKASWed Mar 16 1988PDC and A68K running on VMS
1253.013LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Mar 16 1988CVTARC problem
1254.0FANTUM::GENTISThu Mar 17 1988Printer help !
1255.05SNOCThu Mar 17 1988LJ25
1256.0MVCAD3::BAEDERFri Mar 18 1988Open House at GRL/Lowell 3/3
1258.08AUNTB::PRESSLEYFri Mar 18 1988'C' and graphics
1259.0BAGELS::BRANNONFri Mar 18 1988some news items from vns & usenet
1260.012SPIDER::LONGSat Mar 19 1988Where is the Software Shop now?
1261.05SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERSat Mar 19 1988Ferrari Formula One by Electonic Arts
1262.04TEACH::BOBSun Mar 20 1988Disable DF1: (softwarewise)?
1263.018HOUSE::FRACTALSun Mar 20 1988Directory Utility #9999....
1264.013PAULUS::LUKASSun Mar 20 1988HELP with UNSHAR on the Amiga
1265.019GLDOA::SPATOULASMon Mar 21 1988Disk prices ...????
1266.0CSSE::WARDMon Mar 21 1988S-VHS monitor question
1267.012CGOUTue Mar 22 1988EDT/SEDT Keypad Emulator for DME
1268.04LEDS::ACCIARDITue Mar 22 1988Xanadu
1269.026WHYVAX::KRUGERTue Mar 22 1988Legal issues of writing Amiga software as an employee
1270.07NAC::PLOUFFThu Mar 24 1988A25
1271.05AYOV1Fri Mar 25 1988WANTED NETware music demos.
1272.07FORTY2::MCCARTNEYFri Mar 25 1988Bisson
1273.05HSKFri Mar 25 1988M5
1275.05GENRAL::WARDELLFri Mar 25 1988Q-Link connection
1276.02SPIDER::LONGFri Mar 25 1988Bug in VT1
1277.0MEO78B::MCGHIESat Mar 26 1988CPM Emulator Query
1278.02DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Mar 28 1988Pagesetter V1.1e
1279.017PRSFSA::POUTHIERMon Mar 28 1988connection for 5'1/4 drive
1280.03BONKER::DUPRETue Mar 29 1988Perfect Vision Info
1281.013LOWLIF::DAVISTue Mar 29 1988Sonix questions
1283.0COOKIE::WITHERSWed Mar 30 1988TAB Music Editor
1284.02CESARE::ZABOTThu Mar 31 1988How to hook an RD52 to A2
1285.0HSKThu Mar 31 1988New VIRUS???
1286.02NAC::PLOUFFThu Mar 31 1988Manx C work disk suggestions wanted
1287.0WJG::GUINEAUThu Mar 31 1988Who wanted RX33 info?
1289.05LRGFMT::COLLUMFri Apr 01 1988Animate-3D
1290.016BAGELS::BRANNONFri Apr 01 1988ST Spectrum 512 picture format
1291.06DPDMAI::ANDERSONASun Apr 03 1988Diagnostics for Amiga?
1293.08SMURF::HARTSun Apr 03 1988arc or cvtarc help needed
1294.0DPDMAI::FRAMELIMon Apr 04 1988AMI Project???
1295.08MTBLUE::PFISTER_ROBMon Apr 04 1988REZ anyone??
1296.0WJG::GUINEAUMon Apr 04 1988STAR plotting programs?
1297.09CTOAVX::GERMAINMon Apr 04 1988Musical software question...
1298.06APOLLO::BERKSONMon Apr 04 1988Getting photos of screen
1300.03MED::ARTHURMon Apr 04 1988Amiga Out Of Luck
1301.0BAGELS::BRANNONMon Apr 04 1988why the A2
1302.05GILBRT::BEAUREGARDTue Apr 05 1988NEC P22
1303.05GLIVET::YANCOTue Apr 05 1988Help needed with Digitizers
1304.04FNYTC4::KENNEDYTue Apr 05 19883.5" Internal Drive(s)
1305.04TEACH::BOBTue Apr 05 1988VMS ARC HELP
1306.017NZOVTue Apr 05 1988The Guild Of Thieves
1307.07STKEIS::LJONSSONWed Apr 06 1988Printing with Lattice C
1308.010Z::TENNYWed Apr 06 1988Amiga Xlisp V2.
1309.08MUNICH::CARLIThu Apr 07 1988WB1.3 - help needed
1310.01AYOV1Thu Apr 07 1988Good News
1311.018WAV12::HICKSThu Apr 07 1988ProWrite V2.
1312.02DECEAT::LANDINGHAMThu Apr 07 1988PD software search
1313.032NWDThu Apr 07 1988<<< WB 1.3 >>>
1314.03MEIS::ZIMMERMANFri Apr 08 1988Addison-Wesley examples on disk?
1316.0THRUST::RILEYFri Apr 08 1988V1.3 Info in Sentry
1317.07WHYVAX::KRUGERFri Apr 08 1988A review of Hunt For Red October, and a plea
1318.0LEDS::ACCIARDISun Apr 10 1988Newest Virus Killer!
1319.09FORTY2::MCCARTNEYMon Apr 11 1988DPaint II Key Disk System
1320.07DSSDEV::COSTELLOMon Apr 11 1988Barbarian
1321.010DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Apr 11 1988Prices
1323.04CSOADM::STOUGHTTue Apr 12 1988DRACO help needed
1325.015788Tue Apr 12 198816 Amigas all tied together, Can You help?
1326.04ANGORA::JANZENTue Apr 12 1988television production titles/credits
1327.04POBOX::ANDREWSTue Apr 12 1988Programming Standards?
1328.06UTROP1::TRAMONTINAWed Apr 13 198868
1329.0WJG::GUINEAUWed Apr 13 1988Tuning for DROPSHADOW?
1330.01AYOV1Wed Apr 13 1988LA5
1332.01PLDVAX::JANZENWed Apr 13 1988MusiCraft or Music Craft program
1333.01DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Apr 13 1988Publishing Partner Professional
1336.06WJG::GUINEAUWed Apr 13 1988New uploads from Lattice BBS
1337.02RISE::BEAUREGARDThu Apr 14 1988basic listing
1339.011FORTY2::MCCARTNEYThu Apr 14 1988Monochrome Monitors
1340.013EJMVII::GERMAINThu Apr 14 1988What is AMIGA's OS?
1341.03IVOGUS::BAGUEThu Apr 14 1988How to download a sixel file?
1342.010FORTY2::MCCARTNEYFri Apr 15 1988Advice For New Programmers
1343.03FSMon Apr 18 1988DIGITIZER TABLET
1344.01FSMon Apr 18 1988HAND-HELD SCANNERS
1346.011ATLAST::DAVISMon Apr 18 1988Digi-Paint, Deluxe Paint II, or Photon Paint?
1347.022HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Apr 18 1988Professional Page
1348.0BARDIC::RAVANMon Apr 18 1988AMICUS #26
1349.07SOFTY::HEFFELFINGERMon Apr 18 1988Winning one for the GIF-er.
1350.0UTRTSC::VISMon Apr 18 1988Run arc file on VMS
1351.03ESD66::SOVIETue Apr 19 1988Basically Peeking
1353.05BAGELS::BRANNONTue Apr 19 1988IFF compressing program?
1354.04WJG::GUINEAUTue Apr 19 1988Shadowgate
1355.0UTOPIE::LOEFFLERTue Apr 19 1988how to scan slides
1356.08GLIVET::YANCOWed Apr 20 1988Modem Help Needed
1357.02DSSDEV::COSTELLOWed Apr 20 1988FF64 and the IFF Specs.
1358.05NAC::VISSERWed Apr 20 1988HELP - URGENT
1359.0TIGER::JANZENWed Apr 20 1988re-post of delete
1360.01DYO78Wed Apr 20 1988X on an Amiga?
1361.014LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Apr 21 1988The Three Stooges
1363.02HSKThu Apr 21 1988AMIGA and IBM AT/E
1365.05LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Apr 21 1988New Sound Player
1366.03LEDS::HAGERFri Apr 22 1988A 'C' Question
1367.02DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Apr 22 1988A2
1368.0DEBUG::BAKERSat Apr 23 1988GOMF vs FIX_1 ?
1369.03DICKNS::MACDONALDSun Apr 24 1988A2
1370.0WJG::GUINEAUSun Apr 24 1988Good news for Lattice C users
1372.030DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Apr 25 1988Hard Drive Installation
1373.0DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Apr 25 1988External Hard Drives
1374.03DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Apr 25 1988Harrier
1375.03DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Apr 25 1988Turbo Fan
1376.07NAC::PLOUFFMon Apr 25 1988Max Is Back!
1377.03LDP::WEAVERMon Apr 25 1988Commodore prez on The Computer Show, May 1st
1378.03CAMTWO::ARENDTMon Apr 25 1988Need keyboard ext cable
1379.01LEMAN::BLANCTue Apr 26 1988FF116 Dilbm program to create differneces
1380.07CGFSV2::CADAMSTue Apr 26 1988Monopoly
1383.021OZZAIB::GERMAINWed Apr 27 1988Are Amigas catching on?
1384.0VTHRAX::KIPWed Apr 27 1988FF129 or 1
1385.015DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Apr 27 1988A2
1386.01AUNTB::PRESSLEYThu Apr 28 1988pd goodies
1387.04AUNTB::PRESSLEYThu Apr 28 19883 drives and your out
1388.03DPDMAI::ANDERSONASat Apr 30 1988Amiga 5
1390.0DICKNS::MACDONALDSun May 01 1988Front Panel Blank Needed
1391.02LEDS::ACCIARDISun May 01 1988Max Finally Shows!
1392.01DPDMAI::FRAMELISun May 01 1988need copy of 3d graphing sftwr
1393.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon May 02 1988Perfect Vision
1394.06CGOUMon May 02 1988Amiga File Locations...
1395.0CSSE::WARDMon May 02 1988Commodore third quarter
1396.0FSTVAX::BROWNTue May 03 1988Presentation Software Wanted
1398.027MLNOIS::RUSSOTue May 03 1988RDxx on Amiga 5
1399.01NAC::PLOUFFTue May 03 1988News from Developers' Conference
1400.01USRCV1::MONTREUILMTue May 03 1988Amigen-How good is it?
1401.01945384::MASONWed May 04 1988Voice Recognition??
1402.03MAADIS::WICKERTThu May 05 1988Ports of Call
1403.03YIPPEE::GOULNIKFri May 06 1988European diacritic signs
1404.0LEDS::HAGERFri May 06 1988Wanted: A used color monitor, cheap.
1405.01HYSTER::DEARBORNFri May 06 1988DigiDroid
1406.010CAMTWO::ARENDTSat May 07 1988THEXEDER
1407.0645384::MASONMon May 09 1988B3
1408.01DICKNS::MACDONALDMon May 09 1988New Titles
1409.04WJG::GUINEAUMon May 09 1988GravAttack
1410.0LEDS::ACCIARDITue May 10 1988Stolen A5
1411.03DICKNS::MACDONALDTue May 10 1988SEDT?
1412.01CIMNET::KYZIVATTue May 10 1988Info wanted on new EA Typing Program
1413.03HPSVAX::MIKEVTue May 10 1988Will a VR29
1414.05AYOV1Wed May 11 1988MVP-FORTH
1416.016LOWLIF::DAVISWed May 11 1988LJ25
1417.05GIDDAY::BAKERWed May 11 1988Symbolic Math for Amy?
1419.0POBOX::ANDREWSThu May 12 1988COMDEX Announcements from C/A
1420.06NAC::PLOUFFFri May 13 1988DMouse, a new screen blanker (like PopCLI, Mach)
1421.01LEMAN::BLANCMon May 16 1988ASDG Inc
1422.01VTHRAX::KIPMon May 16 1988C-Ltd ??
1423.03FRAMBO::KRAMERTue May 17 1988Need new SECTORAMA version
1424.0BAGELS::BRANNONTue May 17 1988beware of P.D.S.C.C.
1425.03BAGELS::BRANNONTue May 17 1988amiga magic sac status & Wedge 5
1426.03MUNICH::CARLIWed May 18 1988USENET & ULTRIX Questions
1427.06VTHRAX::KIPWed May 18 1988Controllers? Adaptors? Help!
1429.0LOWLIF::DAVISThu May 19 1988New uploads
1430.01VTHRAX::KIPFri May 20 1988Palomax?
1431.08VTHRAX::KIPFri May 20 1988DOSKWIK...anyone interested?
1432.0AITG::WISNERFri May 20 1988Kyoto Common Lisp on the Amiga
1433.09LEDS::ACCIARDIMon May 23 1988Teaser
1435.08TEACH::BOBTue May 24 1988C-LIGHT ???
1436.03COOKIE::WITHERSTue May 24 1988Amiga and the Epson Geneva?
1437.01LEDS::ACCIARDIWed May 25 1988PS/2 IFF
1438.093D::CORDNERWed May 25 1988WordPerfect offer
1439.030SAACT3::MCDONALD_JThu May 26 1988AMIGA <=> Scholar 24
1440.0WINERY::COLLUMThu May 26 19883-Demon by Mimetics
1441.04CSSE::WARDThu May 26 1988Mouse replacement question
1442.03WINERY::COLLUMFri May 27 1988Empire
1443.0MVCAD3::BAEDERSat May 28 1988More DMCS songs
1444.05MVCAD3::BAEDERSat May 28 1988demo of lattice Source Debugger available on enet
1445.09TEACH::ARTSun May 29 1988Lattice c++
1446.06NZOVSun May 29 1988THE GOLDEN PATH
1447.07MTWAIN::MACDONALDMon May 30 1988Air Show Pics
1448.027NOBHIL::BODINE_CHTue May 31 1988Interceptor
1449.019WAV12::HICKSTue May 31 1988Recommend Favorite Joystick?
1450.037VIDEO::LEIBOWTue May 31 1988Meshugena Terminal Emulator
1451.013WJG::GUINEAUWed Jun 01 1988Amiga serial port transmit only?
1453.08SUBSYS::ORINWed Jun 01 1988new amiga owner questions
1454.017MTWAIN::MACDONALDThu Jun 02 1988FFS
1455.05VIDEO::LEIBOWThu Jun 02 1988reply on usenet?
1456.09MEIS::ZIMMERMANFri Jun 03 1988DMCS request, and an Abel flame
1457.0VIDEO::LEIBOWFri Jun 03 1988OOOOOooooo! He makes me Sooooo AAaangry!!!
1458.019LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jun 05 19881
1459.03Z::TENNYTue Jun 07 1988Advice on selling Amiga system
1460.03MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Jun 07 1988More New Stuff
1461.0WJG::GUINEAUWed Jun 08 1988Supra SCSI on A5
1462.09RTPSWS::ABEDWed Jun 08 1988Architectural Packages on Amiga
1463.0WINERY::COLLUMWed Jun 08 1988Soundscape PD modules
1464.0LOWLIF::DAVISWed Jun 08 1988HP11-C Emulator
1465.011SAACTThu Jun 09 1988LA75 problems
1466.02VTHRAX::KIPThu Jun 09 1988C-Ltd' # ?
1467.03COOKIE::WITHERSThu Jun 09 1988Music Studio V2 - What's Activision's #?
1469.07NEXUS::D_WHITESat Jun 11 1988Virtual drive corrupted?
1470.0MUNICH::CARLIMon Jun 13 1988Looking for a modem
1471.074WJG::GUINEAUMon Jun 13 1988Interceptor
1472.02AITG::WISNERMon Jun 13 1988SUPRA problems, overheating??
1473.0FORTY2::MCCARTNEYTue Jun 14 1988Print Spooler
1474.05COUGAR::JANZENTue Jun 14 1988VAX-Amiga Text file transfers
1475.017VTHRAX::KIPTue Jun 14 1988Sample Mountlists
1476.0JENEVR::SNIDERTue Jun 14 1988Gnu gcc?
1477.04REGENT::DITTMERTue Jun 14 1988Dungeon Master
1480.02STAR::ROBINSONWed Jun 15 1988Recommended Utilities & WBench improvers?
1481.09WINNER::JBERNARDThu Jun 16 1988Digitizers
1482.013HPSTEK::PELLETIERThu Jun 16 1988DMCS software
1483.04USATFri Jun 17 1988Return to Atlantis
1484.05ULYSSE::ZITTAMon Jun 20 1988Amiga and broadcast ?
1485.0VTHRAX::KIPMon Jun 20 1988wIconify bug?
1486.020AUNTB::PRESSLEYMon Jun 20 1988pd prolog
1487.01AUNTB::PRESSLEYMon Jun 20 1988My key is missing a tooth
1488.04LEDS::ACCIARDITue Jun 21 1988Jay Miner Talks! Film @ 11:
1489.0NOBHIL::BODINE_CHTue Jun 21 1988A1
1490.02HYSTER::DEARBORNTue Jun 21 19888MM Video Controller
1491.03WJG::GUINEAUTue Jun 21 1988TIMEMAP.ARC - 3D star map
1492.01VTHRAX::KIPWed Jun 22 1988strange bug with VDK:
1493.0STING::VISSERWed Jun 22 1988WANTED: A1
1494.025LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Jun 22 1988Fantastic Animation!
1495.06HAGGIS::MALKYWed Jun 22 1988Amiga A5
1496.0VIDEO::LEIBOWWed Jun 22 1988IDCMP and window questions
1498.06VTHRAX::KIPThu Jun 23 1988Lattice C 4.
1499.06COOKIE::WITHERSFri Jun 24 1988Masterweave?
1500.07EJMVII::ROSCETTIFri Jun 24 1988 Soundscape 1.4
1501.02WOODRO::LEIMBERGERSat Jun 25 1988A.T.M transactions
1502.03PNEUMA::SIMONMon Jun 27 1988Info about Composition Software Program
1503.05AUNTB::PRESSLEYTue Jun 28 1988ops5 source
1504.022AYOV1Tue Jun 28 1988Dual format floppies.
1505.08SHIRE::GANGUILLETThu Jun 30 1988PC -> AMI <- MAC
1506.08STAR::BANKSFri Jul 01 1988Zoom!
1507.0NWDFri Jul 01 1988software for project management?
1508.01DPDMAI::ANDERSONAMon Jul 04 1988C LTD and RD5
1510.01CESARE::ZABOTTue Jul 05 1988Amiga sales in Europe
1512.01UNIVSE::BAHLINTue Jul 05 1988Kernel Manual Availability?
1513.0VTHRAX::KIPTue Jul 05 1988Zmodem plans?
1514.01NOBHIL::BODINE_CHTue Jul 05 1988FONTS and RAM
1515.03ESPN::SWARTZWed Jul 06 1988Word Perfect
1516.04GIDDAY::BAKERWed Jul 06 1988Exorcising your monitor?
1517.05LEMAN::BLANCThu Jul 07 1988High Score on Marble Madness
1518.01VIDEO::LEIBOWThu Jul 07 1988Badge Killer Demo Stuff
1519.07LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Jul 07 198814 MHz 68
1520.04ESPN::SWARTZThu Jul 07 1988Key Disk Copying
1521.03WJG::GUINEAUFri Jul 08 1988Crystal Hammer for sale now
1522.04LEDS::JUANFri Jul 08 1988Disks
1524.07SAVAGE::FRAZIERSun Jul 10 1988prospective A2
1525.05GIDDAY::BAKERSun Jul 10 198812.5meg 3.5" Floppy
1526.06ROMULN::MYEEMon Jul 11 1988Advice needed in buying Amiga 5
1527.04CAMONE::ARENDTTue Jul 12 1988Custom Cables ?
1529.01MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Jul 12 1988Word Lookup Protection
1530.0SANFAN::BARRETODETue Jul 12 1988What about this Aegis CAD?
1531.03SANFAN::BARRETODETue Jul 12 1988What ever happened to Turbo Pascal?
1532.014SANFAN::BARRETODETue Jul 12 1988Desparately seeking DBMS
1533.05SANFAN::BARRETODETue Jul 12 1988Linking 2 PC's together
1534.02WILKIE::LEIMBERGERWed Jul 13 1988ARP11.? what is it
1535.05GUCCI::HERBWed Jul 13 19885
1536.03RBW::WICKERTWed Jul 13 1988BREACH
1537.07LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Jul 13 1988Amigas and Cable TV
1538.05STC::HEFFELFINGERWed Jul 13 1988Disksalv anyone?
1539.040GLORY::SPATOULASThu Jul 14 1988Home Accounting SFTware Anyone ???
1540.011GUCCI::HERBThu Jul 14 1988short question
1541.01SANFAN::BARRETODEThu Jul 14 1988Downloading binary files
1543.05CGHUB::NYEThu Jul 14 1988Amiga Users Group
1545.01VTHRAX::KIPFri Jul 15 19881.3<==>1.2 print compatibility
1546.02GUCCI::HERBFri Jul 15 1988software survey
1547.06MTWAIN::MACDONALDSun Jul 17 1988New Software Additions
1548.02MTWAIN::MACDONALDMon Jul 18 1988Latest Files Directory on PAULY"AMIGA"::
1549.01TOOK::DDS_SECMon Jul 18 1988A2
1550.01YIPPEE::GOULNIKTue Jul 19 1988Fast Boot?
1551.04VTHRAX::KIPTue Jul 19 1988AMIGA_USENET,_TECH need help!
1552.01FOOT::TSANGWed Jul 20 1988disc drive capacity
1553.06ANT::JANZENThu Jul 21 1988MIDI from Amiga BASIC
1554.0VTHRAX::KIPThu Jul 21 1988Worcester County Amiga Users Group
1555.03MUNICH::CARLIThu Jul 21 1988Improved sound capabilities
1556.04SHIRE::GANGUILLETFri Jul 22 1988Postscript problems
1557.011NITMOI::WITHERSFri Jul 22 1988Multitasking
1558.0DPDMAI::FRAMELISat Jul 23 1988System V Unix for Amiga
1559.05LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jul 24 1988Amiga on Computer Chronicals
1560.030SNOCSun Jul 24 1988HELP - VIRUS
1561.02ANT::JANZENMon Jul 25 1988Forms in Flight from M Magic
1562.0MVCAD3::BAEDERTue Jul 26 1988 AMIGA files from the spring 88 DECUS collection
1563.02SMAUG::LINDSEYTue Jul 26 1988New user questions
1564.01SNDCSL::SMITHThu Jul 28 1988Genlock stability problems.
1565.038CGHUB::NYEThu Jul 28 1988HARD DRIVES FOR THE 2
1566.010AYOV1Fri Jul 29 1988M2 > Pascal - why?
1568.0WJG::GUINEAUFri Jul 29 1988Lattice Compiler Companion offer
1569.02GUCCI::HERBSun Jul 31 1988short question 3
1570.023LOWLIF::DAVISSun Jul 31 1988mCAD 1.2.6
1571.023COOKIE::WITHERSMon Aug 01 1988Whither 1.3?
1572.0LOWLIF::DAVISTue Aug 02 1988Automatic Directory Scanning
1573.03WORDS::ZANDBODTue Aug 02 1988HOW MUCH?
1576.013CAMONE::ARENDTWed Aug 03 1988Typing tutors ?
1577.02VTHRAX::KIPThu Aug 04 1988Amiga Printer Control Code Meanings?
1578.011PRNSYS::LOMICKAJFri Aug 05 1988Amiga running X-windows as high-res workstation
1580.014SUBURB::PEAKESSun Aug 07 1988Amiga Colour
1581.0AYOV1Mon Aug 08 1988Alignment problems.
1582.07DIXIE1::MCDONALDMon Aug 08 1988Anybody used DRACO?
1583.07VTHRAX::KIPMon Aug 08 1988Zmodem file transfer program
1586.07LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Aug 10 1988Amigas and SDI??
1587.09AYOV28::ATHOMSONThu Aug 11 1988mg1b
1588.0NAC::PLOUFFThu Aug 11 1988Commodore Fourth Quarter Results
1589.029ANT::SMCAFEEThu Aug 11 1988CSIX: IFF to Color Sixel
1590.07SNOCThu Aug 11 1988HELP - more RAM bad?
1591.0NAC::PLOUFFFri Aug 12 1988Help Fill the Usenet Hole
1592.02HYSTER::DEARBORNFri Aug 12 1988Deluxe PhotoLab
1593.09HYSTER::DEARBORNFri Aug 12 1988Flicker Woes
1594.027GUCCI::HERBSat Aug 13 19883
1595.01MTWAIN::MACDONALDMon Aug 15 1988New Version of WHAP! V1.3D
1596.01VTHRAX::KIPMon Aug 15 1988Basic STACK command question
1597.05MEIS::ZIMMERMANMon Aug 15 1988VMS package doesn't like Amy arrows
1598.03TRUCKS::CHANTTue Aug 16 1988Magazines
1599.09TRUCKS::CHANTTue Aug 16 1988a few questions
1600.01VTHRAX::KIPTue Aug 16 1988Debugging printer driver code?
1601.0VTHRAX::KIPTue Aug 16 1988
1602.03ANT::GERBERTue Aug 16 1988DMCS instrument limitations. {Deluce Music}
1603.0HAGGIS::MALKYWed Aug 17 1988help on inst.hard disk
1604.021SMAUG::SPODARYKWed Aug 17 1988*All-Amiga* Dealer?
1605.05SANFAN::BARRETODEWed Aug 17 1988Escape sequences from BASIC
1606.01MAADIS::WICKERTWed Aug 17 1988The Awesome Arcade Action Pack
1607.06TRUCKS::CHANTThu Aug 18 1988Amiga software developement
1608.05PUERTO::ALVAREZThu Aug 18 1988Amiga fan from P.R. goes to Mass.
1609.06TRUCKS::CHANTThu Aug 18 1988And now the strange ones
1611.02LEMAN::BLANCFri Aug 19 1988FF disk request
1612.0LEMAN::BLANCFri Aug 19 1988Two things on ucbvax
1613.0CSSE::WARDFri Aug 19 1988How Marketeers see boxes
1615.010AYOV1Sun Aug 21 1988LSD virus
1616.018CIMAMT::CROMACKMon Aug 22 1988Laser Printers
1617.04NAC::GODDARDMon Aug 22 1988Serial port problem?
1618.04HSKMon Aug 22 1988TOW ?
1619.03ELWOOD::PETERSMon Aug 22 19882
1620.04SUBURB::PEAKESTue Aug 23 1988ARC? USENET? its a mystery!
1621.02SUBURB::PEAKESTue Aug 23 1988Will it go ....BANG!
1622.0TEACH::BOBTue Aug 23 1988Unreadable disks...how to fix?
1623.04GLORY::SPATOULASTue Aug 23 1988Hardware trouble...HELP
1624.03WJG::GUINEAUWed Aug 24 1988Supra software for SCSI interface
1625.021MEMORY::SOVIEThu Aug 25 1988Amiga Transactor Mag Belly Up??
1626.0HPSTEK::SENNAFri Aug 26 1988Help... Not AMIGA related!
1627.02CAMONE::ARENDTFri Aug 26 1988How to use tools ??
1628.01LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Aug 29 1988At last, a REAL CAD package...
1629.02AYOV1Tue Aug 30 1988READ/WRITE MAC disks ?
1630.06SUBURB::PEAKESTue Aug 30 1988OKIMATE\Printer Suggestions
1631.09VFOFS::PHILLIPSTue Aug 30 1988Voice alert, how to?
1632.012MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Aug 30 1988New Titles
1633.037TOOK::DDS_SECTue Aug 30 1988Amiga or Mac
1634.018HPSTEK::SENNATue Aug 30 1988Any sick Amy testimonials
1635.01SNOCTue Aug 30 1988Toshiba Drivers?
1636.02CESARE::ZABOTWed Aug 31 1988F.18 = Strange pilot !!!
1637.05CESARE::ZABOTWed Aug 31 1988Icon problem ( DISK ICON )
1638.02CESARE::ZABOTWed Aug 31 1988HELP : GURU on a `large' system !
1639.01018Wed Aug 31 1988DESPERATELY SEEKING 1.3 OS
1640.020DRUMS::FEHSKENSWed Aug 31 1988An Amiga For Jerry?
1641.05STAR::ROBINSONWed Aug 31 1988Adding icons and installing disks
1642.0NAC::PLOUFFWed Aug 31 1988SIGGRAPH Boston September Meeting
1643.03GUCCI::HERBWed Aug 31 1988NEED AMIGA 5
1644.04TOOK::DDS_SECThu Sep 01 1988A3
1645.0ANT::JANZENThu Sep 01 1988Epson LQ5
1646.06KBOMFG::HAUCKThu Sep 01 1988New hardcopy program?
1647.0WJG::GUINEAUThu Sep 01 1988Planetarium
1648.04SMAUG::SPODARYKThu Sep 01 1988Personal Projects : Tell us about 'em
1649.02CSSE::WARDThu Sep 01 1988FACC II or FFS
1650.04AITG::WISNERThu Sep 01 1988UNIX tar file to AMIGA
1652.015MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Sep 02 1988Composite = Color
1653.01GUCCI::HERBFri Sep 02 1988ARCADES n AMIGA
1655.01MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Sep 02 1988MRbackup V2.4
1656.06ANT::SMCAFEEFri Sep 02 1988Project Management
1658.01MEIS::ZIMMERMANSat Sep 03 1988Amiga Show, Boston, Sept 1
1659.04COOKIE::WECKERSun Sep 04 1988Need help with German translation
1660.0FRAMon Sep 05 1988new PDC version wanted
1661.04PNO::STARKEYMon Sep 05 1988Help on unarcing"backga.arc from Pauly"
1662.03DPDMAI::MARASKYMon Sep 05 1988A1
1663.02WJG::GUINEAUTue Sep 06 1988floppies at 12.49 a box
1664.01POLAR::GOSLINGTue Sep 06 1988AREXX
1665.02HYSTER::DEARBORNTue Sep 06 1988The File that wouldn't die...
1666.021EDPL21::PETERSTue Sep 06 1988Rocket Ranger
1667.0CSSE::WARDTue Sep 06 1988Manual needed
1668.06CGHUB::NYETue Sep 06 1988AMIGA TRADE UP OFFER!!!
1669.06RTOIC3::HSCHOENINGWed Sep 07 1988AMIGA to Atari ST connection
1670.01CAMONE::ARENDTWed Sep 07 1988Hi res monochrome here I go !
1672.03DECEAT::LANDINGHAMThu Sep 08 1988Lattice assembler
1673.08LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Sep 08 1988Latest Gossip
1674.02HPSCAD::GATULISThu Sep 08 1988Help with a 2
1675.06JGO::CHAPMANFri Sep 09 1988Conman doesn't work
1676.06JGO::CHAPMANFri Sep 09 1988New chips fix flicker
1677.09LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Sep 09 1988New Uploads
1678.01EUCLID::OWENFri Sep 09 1988Mass. PD boards??????
1679.04CALBAN::GILLISFri Sep 09 1988cassette->AMIGA->sheet music->edit/print->cassette?
1680.01LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Sep 09 198816 MHz 68
1681.04LEMAN::BLANCSat Sep 10 1988A2
1682.03MEIS::ZIMMERMANSun Sep 11 1988Xenon - how do you waste a Sentinel?
1683.0STING::VISSERMon Sep 12 1988Amiga Q-bus?
1684.0EUCLID::OWENMon Sep 12 1988"cheat" at ARKANOID!!!!
1685.010CAMONE::ARENDTTue Sep 13 1988Letter printer & word prefect ?
1686.01BOMBE::MOORETue Sep 13 1988Sex Vixens from Space
1687.05FRAWed Sep 14 1988PCPATCH needed
1688.03SHIRE::GANGUILLETThu Sep 15 1988AMIGA -> LN
1689.05CSSE::WARDThu Sep 15 1988PC Week/Amiga in USENET
1690.03RAVEN1::EVERHARTThu Sep 15 1988Want a 2
1691.05ODIXIE::MCDONALDThu Sep 15 1988Hard drives for 5
1692.07HYSTER::DEARBORNFri Sep 16 1988Time-how to set it?
1693.06SMAUG::SPODARYKFri Sep 16 1988PD graphics tools
1694.08CAMONE::ARENDTFri Sep 16 1988Want to create icons
1695.0BAGELS::BRANNONFri Sep 16 1988time to buy some Commodore stock
1696.0GUCCI::HERBSat Sep 17 1988READ 3.166
1697.018GUCCI::HERBSun Sep 18 1988New Telecom User needs help...
1698.023GLDOA::STOUGHTONMon Sep 19 1988NEW GAMES
1700.03FROBUS::MOOREMon Sep 19 1988Download keyword
1701.05CAMONE::ARENDTMon Sep 19 1988Set Interlace ON ?
1702.014BAGELS::BRANNONMon Sep 19 1988Amiga System Programmer's Guide
1703.0COOKIE::WITHERSMon Sep 19 1988Beware of CRUNCH
1704.07HPSTEK::SENNATue Sep 20 1988How to make opening windows smarter..
1705.0RAVEN1::EVERHARTTue Sep 20 1988Mouse Zapped!!! Dead or alive?
1706.010RBW::WICKERTTue Sep 20 1988Help with an RD31
1707.09ANT::SMCAFEEWed Sep 21 1988Disk Quality
1708.015RAVEN1::EVERHARTWed Sep 21 1988Amiga OS in Assembly?
1709.06GUCCI::HERBWed Sep 21 1988AMIGA BASIC QUESTIONS again
1710.07LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Sep 21 1988The Compleat Starter Disk
1711.06LEMAN::BLANCThu Sep 22 1988Amiga 2
1712.025GLDOA::STOUGHTONThu Sep 22 19881
1713.04RAVEN1::EVERHARTThu Sep 22 1988Smokey VT2
1714.03MEIS::ZIMMERMANThu Sep 22 1988OOPC.H - Anyone have it?
1715.09MTWAIN::MACDONALDThu Sep 22 1988Current Directory as a Prompt
1717.02GILBRT::BEAUREGARDFri Sep 23 1988Mr Goodwrench
1719.014CAMONE::ARENDTFri Sep 23 1988Still can't upload Need help !!
1720.08AYOV1Mon Sep 26 1988UNSHAR?
1721.015TLE::RMEYERSMon Sep 26 1988Calibrate your Battery Backed Up Clock
1722.06ZURMon Sep 26 1988Lint ??? Help !!!
1723.09RAVEN1::EVERHARTTue Sep 27 1988Memory Chips...
1724.03PCCAD7::BAEDERTue Sep 27 1988MVCAD3 archive is now TAPE::USER1:[AMIGA...]
1725.0MUNICH::CARLIWed Sep 28 1988Manx & Shell 2.
1726.0Z::TENNYWed Sep 28 1988Fred Fish disk 149 - Scheme
1727.0WJG::GUINEAUWed Sep 28 1988AC MOnitor review
1728.03--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 28 1988music info
1729.05PNO::STARKEYWed Sep 28 1988pd info
1730.01MEIS::ZIMMERMANThu Sep 29 1988Digitizing help needed!
1731.018WJG::GUINEAUThu Sep 29 1988Amiga Magazines?
1732.02SUBURB::PEAKESFri Sep 30 1988ARP?
1733.04HPSCAD::GATULISFri Sep 30 1988Something like MacDraw
1734.01SMAUG::SPODARYKSun Oct 02 1988Lattice question
1736.019VTHRAX::KIPMon Oct 03 1988128 or 5
1737.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Oct 03 1988Dan Lawrence's Microspell
1739.01WJG::GUINEAUTue Oct 04 1988XCLK on RGB port?
1740.08LEMAN::BLANCTue Oct 04 1988DNETAMIGA.SHx files on MVCAD3
1741.02RAVEN1::EVERHARTTue Oct 04 1988Two questions...
1742.04ODIXIE::MCDONALDTue Oct 04 1988YAPS -- Yet Another Packing Scheme
1743.018DPDMAI::ANDERSONATue Oct 04 1988LA5
1744.06BAGELS::BRANNONTue Oct 04 1988the competition is catching up
1745.04KBOMFG::HAUCKTue Oct 04 1988FFS for floppy?
1746.011WINNER::JBERNARDWed Oct 05 1988Home Built Digi-Driod
1747.01NAC::GODDARDWed Oct 05 1988Controlling the entry point address
1748.06KBOMFG::HAUCKThu Oct 06 1988Logical Floppy
1749.05LEMAN::BLANCThu Oct 06 1988Banner program wanted
1750.02FSCORE::KAYEThu Oct 06 1988help with boat anchor (ADAM computer)
1751.03SSDEVO::YESSEThu Oct 06 1988Trek a la DEC-2
1753.04DPDMAI::ANDERSONAThu Oct 06 1988C. Ltd and Auto Boot
1755.04COOKIE::WITHERSFri Oct 07 1988?? alt.sources.amiga ??
1756.0ROMULN::MYEEFri Oct 07 1988ZOO 2.
1757.0SMAUG::LINDSEYFri Oct 07 1988Uedit 2.4 and XMODEM for VMS available
1758.04WJG::GUINEAUSat Oct 08 1988DOS packets?
1759.05MEIS::ZIMMERMANSat Oct 08 1988Smokey sources?
1760.08LEDS::ACCIARDISun Oct 09 1988DOC Demo
1761.02GVAMon Oct 10 1988AMIGA good MIDI controller?
1762.016ROMULN::MYEEMon Oct 10 1988Now showing "Jessica Rabbit"!
1763.02RAVEN1::EVERHARTMon Oct 10 1988Help with Console.device!!
1764.02JACOB::SHEYNERMon Oct 10 1988Sinking fast, need a helping hand.
1765.08GILBRT::BEAUREGARDTue Oct 11 1988buy now or pay later
1766.05CRISTA::LEIMBERGERWed Oct 12 1988Nashua Store open
1767.02GILBRT::BEAUREGARDWed Oct 12 1988wanted
1768.043MARVIN::WALTERWed Oct 12 1988A5
1769.0AYOV1Wed Oct 12 1988ADAUG
1770.05MANTIS::LONGWed Oct 12 1988POSTSCRIPT viewers???
1771.06SPIDER::BUSCHWed Oct 12 1988Digitizing tablets.
1772.08CANIS::RIESThu Oct 13 1988Latest Best A5
1773.01NSSG::SULLIVANThu Oct 13 1988Commodore reaches out and touches someone...
1774.029HPSTEK::SENNAThu Oct 13 1988New competition with CBM???
1775.08DPDMAI::MARASKYThu Oct 13 1988Caught in All-in-1
1776.01ROMOIS::PIETRANGELIFri Oct 14 1988Looking for manual
1777.08HALSTN::HERBFri Oct 14 19882 MORE QUESTIONS!!!!
1778.0HXOUSat Oct 15 1988Canadian Amiga Dealers?
1779.02RAVEN1::EVERHARTMon Oct 17 1988Stomp that Requestor
1780.02WJG::GUINEAUMon Oct 17 1988AUX - LF only?
1781.05MTWAIN::MACDONALDMon Oct 17 1988New Files
1782.0NAC::PLOUFFMon Oct 17 1988BCS October Meeting
1783.013HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Oct 17 1988Slow Response
1784.020ANDECA::J_PARSONSMon Oct 17 1988A2
1785.0WJG::GUINEAUTue Oct 18 1988new upload to WJG
1786.08NAC::PLOUFFTue Oct 18 1988AmigaDOS 1.3 on a 512K Machine
1787.07FOOT::HERBERTTue Oct 18 1988Download? You must be joking!
1788.01ESPN::BLAISDELLTue Oct 18 1988Amiga --> Tandy Printer?
1789.013COOKIE::WECKERTue Oct 18 1988Need help with a benchmark (tonight)
1790.03COOKIE::WITHERSTue Oct 18 1988Looking for list of Guru codes
1791.09DNEAST::COMBAR_CURTTue Oct 18 1988A2
1792.01LEMAN::BLANCWed Oct 19 1988Accounting PD programs wanted
1793.0HUSKER::PETERSONWed Oct 19 1988A2
1794.06WJG::GUINEAUThu Oct 20 1988
1795.010ANT::SMCAFEEThu Oct 20 1988AutoBooting from RAD:
1796.057LEMAN::BLANCThu Oct 20 1988WILD COPPER DEMO on line
1797.0ROMULN::MYEEThu Oct 20 1988XOPER system monitor is here!
1798.01ROMULN::MYEEThu Oct 20 1988IFF CAT(?) archiver and CLIcon...
1799.01RAVEN1::EVERHARTThu Oct 20 1988Another downloading question
1800.08CAM::ARENDTThu Oct 20 1988Upload help revisited
1801.018VTHRAX::KIPThu Oct 20 1988Already?!?!? Bugs in Kickstart 1.3
1802.04VTHRAX::KIPFri Oct 21 1988setpatch: disk vs. ROM KS code
1803.02RAVEN1::EVERHARTFri Oct 21 1988Dragging 1.3 FFS through the mud.
1804.04CGOUFri Oct 21 1988Looking for BRIDGECLOCK Utility
1805.02MEIS::ZIMMERMANSat Oct 22 1988Commodore is paying bounties?
1806.014WJG::GUINEAUMon Oct 24 1988Battle Chess
1807.07LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Oct 24 1988Dragon's Lair
1808.02DECEAT::LANDINGHAMMon Oct 24 1988Help!! GURU w/accessories
1809.03EUCLID::OWENMon Oct 24 1988Help! 1
1810.017NAC::PLOUFFMon Oct 24 1988LUCAS 68
1811.05LEDS::BUSCHMon Oct 24 1988Viewing SIXEL files with SMOKEY.
1812.012CSC32::J_PARSONSTue Oct 25 1988Are there any 2
1813.08MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Oct 25 1988Hard Disk Woes
1814.09HARDLY::ELLISMTue Oct 25 1988Maybe an on-line software library
1815.03POLAR::GOSLINGWed Oct 26 1988APR AND KS/WB 1.3
1816.0STING::VISSERWed Oct 26 1988FF 158 on net?
1817.0ROMULN::MYEEWed Oct 26 1988New SW from Matt Dillon!
1818.03ROMULN::MYEEWed Oct 26 1988Surf's up!
1819.01SMAUG::SPODARYKWed Oct 26 1988Help with Graphic Objects needed
1820.08ROMULN::MYEEWed Oct 26 1988New Conman1.3 with better typeahead!
1821.01CGOUWed Oct 26 1988need a friend in Chicago
1822.05GLORY::SPATOULASWed Oct 26 1988BRIDGECARD Help ...Anyone ???
1823.04CSC32::J_PARSONSThu Oct 27 1988Hard Disk Info Needed
1824.03NAC::PLOUFFThu Oct 27 1988VLT - a VT1
1825.03CRISTA::FICHERAThu Oct 27 1988AMIGEN GENLOCK ????
1826.0RGB::SCOTTThu Oct 27 1988Help on IFF type ANHD needed
1827.028MIST::TBAKERThu Oct 27 1988which printers (<= $3
1828.0MEIS::ZIMMERMANFri Oct 28 1988Amigas in Japan
1829.01RAVEN1::EVERHARTFri Oct 28 1988UUENCODE problems!
1830.02MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Oct 28 1988NewsLetter on Line
1831.03MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Oct 28 1988Protect Problem
1832.02CAM::ARENDTFri Oct 28 1988Desk top publishing revisited
1833.03AKOVFri Oct 28 1988free chain blues
1835.014LOWLIF::DAVISFri Oct 28 1988More European-made Demos On-line
1836.05TAPE::WHERRYSat Oct 29 1988AZCOMM DISKSALV V1.3 ZOO 2.
1837.014LEDS::BUSCHMon Oct 31 1988Editing <esc> characters into my text.
1838.03ROMOIS::PIETRANGELIMon Oct 31 1988amiga-=>vcr
1839.09DRFIX::HENNESSYMon Oct 31 1988Seeking info....
1840.012GLDOA::STOUGHTONTue Nov 01 1988Rumor mill and upgrading questions
1841.05RAVEN1::EVERHARTTue Nov 01 1988Important FFS questions.
1842.02BAGELS::BRANNONTue Nov 01 1988the PC4
1843.08MERIDN::ROSCETTITue Nov 01 1988Things to do with 2 Amiga's??
1844.08BAGELS::BRANNONWed Nov 02 1988Adaptec ACB-4
1845.05RAVEN1::EVERHARTWed Nov 02 1988Desparately need help with UUENCODE
1846.029WINERY::COLLUMWed Nov 02 1988Dragons Lair and Walker Demos
1847.013LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Nov 02 1988How fast is FFS?
1848.05ITGATE::GATTIWed Nov 02 1988Superbase Professional
1849.05WJG::GUINEAUThu Nov 03 1988NoKlickStart 1.2 for A1
1850.0GLDOA::STOUGHTONThu Nov 03 1988A5
1851.01DIEGO::VPCSThu Nov 03 1988IBM Emulator wanted......
1852.03RAVEN1::EVERHARTThu Nov 03 1988Wierdness with PRT:
1854.0ROMULN::MYEEFri Nov 04 1988Commodore boings back!
1855.011RAVEN1::EVERHARTFri Nov 04 1988A mild flame about Amiga Centers.
1856.02MEIS::ZIMMERMANFri Nov 04 1988Computer Flea Market
1857.01ROMULN::MYEEMon Nov 07 1988Spirit ST5
1858.0BAGELS::BRANNONMon Nov 07 1988reviews of some new games
1859.0KBOMFG::HAUCKMon Nov 07 1988Kickstart to EPROMS
1860.0JGO::CHAPMANMon Nov 07 1988More bridgeboard funnies
1861.032WJG::GUINEAUTue Nov 08 1988StarGlider II
1862.028TRCUWed Nov 09 1988Handshake 2.1 and ARP
1863.030LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Nov 09 1988Matrix Laboratory
1864.07SAUTER::SAUTERThu Nov 10 1988Bridgeboard vs. 1.3
1865.02CESARE::ZABOTThu Nov 10 1988HELP with trackdisk.device
1866.08CESARE::ZABOTThu Nov 10 1988I crossed the pond and ...
1867.0RAVEN1::EVERHARTThu Nov 10 1988Need to Cancel Requesters!!
1868.02NSSG::SULLIVANThu Nov 10 1988Pointer to DiskPerf archive/zoo/wrp???
1869.020MIST::TBAKERThu Nov 10 1988fonts
1870.018GUCCI::HERBFri Nov 11 1988Recording sounds
1871.08CIMAMT::CROMACKFri Nov 11 1988Data Security Trouble
1872.010HARDLY::ELLISMFri Nov 11 1988AMIGA library on-line
1873.09CANIS::RIESSun Nov 13 1988Lattice Amiga C V5.
1874.0204LEDS::ACCIARDISun Nov 13 1988Dungeon Master (almost)
1875.0LEDS::ACCIARDISun Nov 13 1988Zippy Dir Utility
1876.06PUGH::8IANMon Nov 14 1988Amiga typewriter
1877.03LEDS::BUSCHMon Nov 14 1988Sending IFF files via E-mail?
1878.0COOKIE::WITHERSMon Nov 14 1988How to report problems to CA?
1879.03CESARE::ZABOTMon Nov 14 1988CISIX - Who did it ??
1880.06RBW::WICKERTMon Nov 14 1988F-18 sounds breaking up - help!
1881.012AYOV28::ATHOMSONTue Nov 15 1988Map of Europe
1882.03AYOV28::ATHOMSONFri Nov 18 1988Wha happen ?
1883.01NAC::PLOUFFFri Nov 18 1988New Usenet News Reader
1884.03VTHRAX::KIPFri Nov 18 1988New Amiga Models Announcement?
1885.03MIST::TBAKERFri Nov 18 1988animated pointers
1886.01WAV12::HICKSFri Nov 18 1988rd - a GREAT text reading utility!
1887.02VTHRAX::KIPFri Nov 18 1988Devcon code?
1888.04LEDDEV::WALLACEFri Nov 18 1988Cheap 3 1/2" disk cases
1889.01CGFSV2::CALENGSat Nov 19 1988IFF pictures > color plotter?
1890.015TLE::RMEYERSSat Nov 19 1988New Device Driver for Pacific Peripherals Controller
1891.0MIST::TBAKERSun Nov 20 1988comdex
1893.05AYOV28::ATHOMSONMon Nov 21 1988What a Notesfile!
1894.0CGFSV2::CADAMSMon Nov 21 1988Zmodem made easy, please read on...
1895.03NZOVMon Nov 21 1988BARDS TALE II....
1896.0BIGVAX::WARDMon Nov 21 1988Business Week, Page 153
1897.06RAVEN1::EVERHARTMon Nov 21 1988Need help with sorting program.
1898.01NSSG::SULLIVANMon Nov 21 1988Amiga Interface for the Blind
1899.06FSCORE::KAYETue Nov 22 1988what do i need to do the job?
1900.02SUBURB::NORRISITue Nov 22 1988MS-DOS
1901.010MEIS::ZIMMERMANTue Nov 22 1988Puppy Love
1902.04WJG::GUINEAUTue Nov 22 19881.3 Kickstart disk -> ROM?
1903.05GUCCI::HERBTue Nov 22 1988Sonix 2.
1904.02STKEIS::LJONSSONTue Nov 22 1988process hangs at CloseWindow
1905.02UTROP1::VELTWed Nov 23 1988CLAZ (IFF -> PostScript) problem
1906.05SUBURB::NORRISIWed Nov 23 1988Ich habe nicht SystemDisc
1907.010CHET::NILSENWed Nov 23 1988?? about 5
1908.0MTWAIN::MACDONALDWed Nov 23 1988Newsletter via PostScript Available
1909.01LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Nov 23 1988CBM Prospects for '89
1910.021USRCV1::HOLTJWed Nov 23 1988Subsystem 5
1911.011MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMSun Nov 27 1988Lattice C question (V5.
1912.02AYOV28::ATHOMSONMon Nov 28 1988F-Basic or COMAL
1913.03MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMMon Nov 28 1988ARexx question
1914.08GENRAL::WARDELLMon Nov 28 1988WCS memory problem on A1
1915.0FSDEV1::JBERNARDMon Nov 28 1988Disk Drive Bargain
1916.08BAGELS::BRANNONMon Nov 28 1988some news items
1917.012MEIS::ZIMMERMANTue Nov 29 1988PowerPad
1918.017BAGELS::BRANNONTue Nov 29 1988my Amigas were stolen
1919.02PRSIS4::TOMPKINSTue Nov 29 1988Amiga at home > VAX at work
1920.06CHEFS::SKINNERWed Nov 30 1988Comic Setter upsets
1921.02EUCLID::OWENWed Nov 30 1988Looking for 512K and External Drive
1922.0GIDDAY::PETTERSENWed Nov 30 1988ff62 where are u ?
1923.010GVAWed Nov 30 1988Hard disk on A5
1924.02HBO::BLAISDELLThu Dec 01 1988Hard disk problem with 2
1925.09TEACH::ARTThu Dec 01 1988Amiga Common Lisp <!?>
1926.08RGB::SCOTTThu Dec 01 1988Fish disk title request
1927.019CHET::NILSENThu Dec 01 1988Questions about 2
1928.0--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 01 1988Duplicate of 756.22 - deleted by moderator
1929.0CSOA1::CURTISThu Dec 01 1988AMIGA <-> C64 Graphics Xfer??
1931.09HARDLY::ELLISMThu Dec 01 1988explanation of Hard Disk terminology
1932.04SPIDER::LONGThu Dec 01 19881
1933.018RGB::SCOTTThu Dec 01 1988GPX users: See your favorite .iff!
1934.0MENTOR::REGThu Dec 01 1988Geodesic Pubs, where ?
1935.02HPSTEK::SENNAThu Dec 01 1988Spirit Technology's HDA-5
1936.04GUCCI::HERBThu Dec 01 1988C2
1937.01--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 01 1988Silva**** on DX7 II D
1938.021AYOV28::ATHOMSONThu Dec 01 1988Help Wanted with SMC
1939.01ULYSSE::ZITTAFri Dec 02 1988integrated tool ?
1940.0ULYSSE::ZITTAFri Dec 02 1988my turn..
1941.01WJG::GUINEAUFri Dec 02 1988PD Digest from MIT?
1942.04MANTIS::LONGFri Dec 02 1988How did I do?
1943.06RBW::WICKERTFri Dec 02 1988Placement of icons and window sizeing...
1944.02WILKIE::LEIMBERGERSat Dec 03 1988Pro page Help needed
1945.04GUCCI::HERBSun Dec 04 1988modem games
1948.013FSCORE::KAYESun Dec 04 1988ribbon cable and 2nd internal floppy
1949.02WJG::GUINEAUSun Dec 04 1988Amy on the air!
1950.05WJG::GUINEAUMon Dec 05 1988USENET on A2
1951.01CIMAMT::CROMACKMon Dec 05 1988Test a Hard Disk
1952.04FRAIS3::PRCMon Dec 05 1988arc-util
1953.011POLAR::GOSLINGMon Dec 05 1988DeluxePrintII
1954.02CLO::COBURNMon Dec 05 1988New version of VMSSweep
1955.02KBOMFG::HAUCKMon Dec 05 1988PC->AMIGA with 3 1/2''?
1956.02GILBRT::BEAUREGARDTue Dec 06 1988AW Article
1957.05COOKIE::WECKERTue Dec 06 1988Merry Christmas! DBW_uRAY released!
1959.01RAVEN1::EVERHARTTue Dec 06 1988PageSetter + 1.3 Pref drivers
1960.09RAVEN1::EVERHARTTue Dec 06 1988Destroying the Requester
1961.02FSCORE::KAYETue Dec 06 1988a deal?
1962.07WJG::GUINEAUWed Dec 07 1988New files on WJG::AMIGA:
1963.07GILBRT::BEAUREGARDWed Dec 07 1988Scripts
1964.04HYSTER::DEARBORNWed Dec 07 1988XICON Question
1965.013JGO::LOENDERSLOOTWed Dec 07 19885.25" floppy drive question
1966.07FSDEV1::JBERNARDWed Dec 07 1988852
1968.01LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Dec 07 1988Bit Bucket - A5
1969.05SMAUG::SPODARYKWed Dec 07 1988HELP: Kermit-32 and ASCII DL's
1972.033WJG::GUINEAUThu Dec 08 1988Dragons Lair
1973.011CIMNET::KYZIVATThu Dec 08 1988What does Marauder handle these days?
1974.020SUBSYS::BUSCHThu Dec 08 1988Orbital mechanics (space, the final frontier).
1975.04CIMAMT::CROMACKThu Dec 08 1988Amiga 1
1976.02HYSTER::DEARBORNThu Dec 08 1988Out Run
1977.02HPSTEK::SENNAThu Dec 08 1988Live 5
1978.01JFRSON::OSBORNEFri Dec 09 1988Printer ribbon for JX-8
1980.01HYSTER::DEARBORNFri Dec 09 19881.3 Scraping Noise
1981.010THRUST::LONGFri Dec 09 19882
1982.03LEDS::ACCIARDISat Dec 10 1988[ACCIARDI.AMIGA] is verbotten!
1983.06WFOOFF::CARVERSun Dec 11 1988C Systems & VR's
1984.05BIGVAX::WARDMon Dec 12 1988Whats shipping nowadays
1985.04FSDEV1::JBERNARDMon Dec 12 1988EDT Emulation
1986.01ITGATE::GATTITue Dec 13 1988Looking for U.S. help !!
1987.03HPSTEK::SENNATue Dec 13 1988Video protocol?
1988.02HPSTEK::SENNATue Dec 13 1988One of a kind!!!!!!!
1989.027MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Dec 13 1988SunRize Color Splitter
1990.0FSCORE::KAYETue Dec 13 1988on the air at last
1991.017CANIS::RIESTue Dec 13 1988I search of a multisync monitor
1992.0GUCCI::HERBTue Dec 13 1988Reply with a smile
1994.04VTHRAX::KIPWed Dec 14 1988Driver for LA21
1995.01CTAWBA::COLLUMWed Dec 14 1988External Floppy going bad
1996.01HPSCAD::GATULISWed Dec 14 1988Maurader II rumors !
1997.05GUCCI::HERBWed Dec 14 1988Help with A1
1998.05GLASS::SHIVESWed Dec 14 1988Non-color Sixel
1999.05BAGELS::BRANNONWed Dec 14 198868
2000.03BAGELS::BRANNONWed Dec 14 1988my A2
2001.01LOWLIF::DAVISWed Dec 14 1988Who Owns NORSE::?
2002.02ROMULN::MYEEWed Dec 14 1988Christmas present (TETRIX game)!
2003.011CESARE::ZABOTThu Dec 15 1988AmiGantt
2004.0WJG::GUINEAUThu Dec 15 1988BADGE contest winners!
2005.0CESARE::ZABOTThu Dec 15 1988OVERSCAN - from FF133
2006.06NAC::PLOUFFThu Dec 15 1988TurboBackup V1.
2007.012NITMOI::WITHERSThu Dec 15 1988Downloading/Uploading: Hints and Tips
2008.04CANIS::RIESThu Dec 15 1988Help on memory upgrades
2009.019FSDEV1::JBERNARDFri Dec 16 1988Streaming Tape Backup?
2010.01ANT::JANZENFri Dec 16 198868
2011.01565Fri Dec 16 1988Dr. T's Music Software at BCS Amiga Group
2012.02FSCORE::KAYESat Dec 17 1988need UU*CODE for the Amiga
2013.02NAC::GODDARDSun Dec 18 1988Assembler problem
2014.09DPDMAI::ANDERSONASun Dec 18 1988DMCS and Hard disk?
2015.08BELFST::MCCLINTOCKSun Dec 18 1988How to get Kermit(?) onto the Amiga
2017.011BIGVAX::WARDMon Dec 19 1988AT keyboard replacement 1
2018.04NITMOI::WITHERSMon Dec 19 1988IFF Sound
2019.02VNABRW::PARGFRIEDERMon Dec 19 1988ST5
2020.020BSS::DULLMon Dec 19 1988I saw an A25
2021.010DIXIE1::MCDONALDMon Dec 19 1988WB1.3 problem swapping disks?
2022.02GUCCI::HERBMon Dec 19 1988Amigabasic 1.3??
2023.0ENGINE::OWENMon Dec 19 1988Looking for co-op student
2024.02FSCORE::KAYEMon Dec 19 1988questions about MACHCLK
2025.018CHUNK::HENNESSYTue Dec 20 1988New A5
2026.08WJG::GUINEAUTue Dec 20 1988RAM expansion on the A5
2027.02CIMAMT::CROMACKTue Dec 20 1988Object Oriented Programming
2028.03CSOA1::CURTISTue Dec 20 1988XMODEM problems..
2029.03BOMBE::MOORETue Dec 20 1988Is BIX a good investment for Amiga users?
2030.04NLCFLS::ELLISMWed Dec 21 1988Problem with Basic
2031.0GLDOA::STOUGHTONWed Dec 21 1988AMnews vol 1 issue 2 bug
2032.06FSCORE::KAYEWed Dec 21 1988database help needed
2033.04CGFSV1::CALENGWed Dec 21 1988cz patches on a BBS
2034.09FSCORE::KAYEThu Dec 22 1988got chips - need board
2035.0148LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Dec 22 1988FALCON
2036.01LEDS::ACCIARDISun Dec 25 1988FrameGrabber
2037.015CSOA1::LENMon Dec 26 1988Moria for the Amiga
2038.017VENERE::ZABOTTue Dec 27 1988A25
2039.01CSSE::WARDTue Dec 27 1988Sysfont (see 1869 also) and WordPerfect
2040.07MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Dec 27 1988SNIPIT V1.2
2041.02NZOVTue Dec 27 1988small business packs...
2042.016GUCCI::HERBTue Dec 27 1988TV sports & Sodan
2043.03CIMNET::KYZIVATTue Dec 27 1988SETPREFS from FF157?
2048.02CESARE::ZABOTTue Dec 27 19882K note !!!
2049.02JFRSON::OSBORNEWed Dec 28 1988help with Manx floating, please...
2050.0WJG::GUINEAUWed Dec 28 1988Alternate Reality
2051.0MTWAIN::MACDONALDWed Dec 28 1988Newsletter on Line
2052.05SANFAN::BARRETODEWed Dec 28 1988Universal Military SImulator
2053.03HPSTEK::SENNAWed Dec 28 1988Help on getting a PC-Board made...
2054.05MTWAIN::MACDONALDWed Dec 28 1988PCcopy and PCformat
2055.0FSDEV1::JBERNARDWed Dec 28 1988New Uploads
2056.022FSDEV1::JBERNARDWed Dec 28 1988Misc info/ramblings
2058.01MAMIE::LEIMBERGERWed Dec 28 1988MovieSetter OH boy!
2060.016MQOFS::LEDOUXThu Dec 29 1988BridgeBoard / Amiga HardDisk bug?
2061.0GUCCI::HERBThu Dec 29 1988Indoor sports
2062.08USRCV1::HOLTJThu Dec 29 1988Amiga deals
2063.015MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Dec 30 1988Archive Bits
2064.02ELWOOD::PETERSFri Dec 30 1988Starboard jumpers ?
2065.02CSOA1::LENFri Dec 30 1988LA75 serial printer on the Parallel port?
2066.03LEDS::ACCIARDISat Dec 31 1988CLIPIT and Rasberries
2067.07TAPE::WHERRYMon Jan 02 1989New Files on TAPE::
2068.0LITE::J_PARSONSMon Jan 02 1989PC Pursuit
2069.0MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Jan 03 1989Shareware
2070.018ALAZIF::WHERRYTue Jan 03 1989New Virus/Viri
2071.01LEVERS::PLOUFFTue Jan 03 1989January BCS and SMAUG meetings
2072.05SPIDER::LONGTue Jan 03 1989RGB DEMO is PAL (aaarrrggg!!!)
2073.06FSCORE::KAYEWed Jan 04 19892
2074.0LEMAN::BLANCWed Jan 04 1989Sources Wanted
2077.018AYOV28::ATHOMSONThu Jan 05 1989Elite is on Ami!
2078.01KALI::VISSERThu Jan 05 1989still need this disk...
2080.012CHUNK::HENNESSYThu Jan 05 1989New AMI owner seeks printer info
2081.02SUBSYS::BUSCHThu Jan 05 1989Adding a third floppy to an A-5
2082.04GENRAL::NAUGHTONThu Jan 05 1989Disc to video tape question??
2083.04MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Jan 06 1989PAULY"AMIGA":: to be swept clean ...
2084.05NITMOI::WITHERSFri Jan 06 1989Need AmigaDOS V1.3 MountList
2085.01SKIWVA::FSCNOFri Jan 06 19893 floppys
2086.01CGFSV2::CADAMSFri Jan 06 1989Amiga Stores in the San Fran. Area
2087.05CGFSV1::R_RYANFri Jan 06 1989Where is everybody?
2088.05SPIDER::LONGFri Jan 06 1989Trouble with ICONS?
2089.09DPDMAI::MARASKYSat Jan 07 1989Commercial VT22
2090.022CIMNET::KYZIVATSat Jan 07 1989Installing programs on a Hard Disk
2092.01GUCCI::HERBSun Jan 08 1989fish??????
2093.013SMAUG::SPODARYKMon Jan 09 1989HELP: w/a couple of questions
2094.0MEIS::ZIMMERMANMon Jan 09 1989Animation course using Amigas
2095.05CIMAMT::CROMACKMon Jan 09 1989Booting From RAD:
2096.016MTWAIN::MACDONALDMon Jan 09 198972
2097.05CIMNET::KYZIVATMon Jan 09 1989virtual floppies
2098.013AYOV28::ATHOMSONTue Jan 10 1989WB 1.3 in UK
2099.014PAOIS::BARRAUDTue Jan 10 1989Midi interface
2100.03MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Jan 10 1989SNIPIT 1.2 BUG
2101.02JFRSON::OSBORNETue Jan 10 1989timer failure chip?
2102.014SUBURB::NORRISITue Jan 10 1989PD Languages
2103.0WJG::GUINEAUTue Jan 10 1989Okidata MicroLine 23
2104.01FARMER::ROYTue Jan 10 1989S.N.H.A.U.G WHERE ARE YOU ?
2105.010NITMOI::WITHERSTue Jan 10 1989VT241 Monitor for Amiga
2106.06FARMER::ROYTue Jan 10 1989IS THIS A GOOD DEAL ?
2109.03KBOMFG::HAUCKThu Jan 12 1989pictures of tape::user1:[amiga.pictures]
2110.0MEIS::ZIMMERMANThu Jan 12 1989Help for an ailing Barco?
2111.0CGFSV2::CADAMSThu Jan 12 1989New Uploads
2112.03MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Jan 13 1989New Files Directory
2113.07MPGS::GOGUENFri Jan 13 1989Any problems with Sony CPD-13
2115.0CADSYS::MURATORIFri Jan 13 1989Brother M15
2117.03GRYHWK::WITHERSFri Jan 13 1989MiniScribe HD?
2118.0XCUSME::FITANIDESFri Jan 13 1989SNHAUG meeting: Jan 21
2119.02DPDMAI::ANDERSONAMon Jan 16 1989Technical Question
2120.011LRGFMT::COLLUMTue Jan 17 1989Walker Demo II
2121.01HPSCAD::GATULISTue Jan 17 1989Help with Hybris
2122.03RLAV::LITTLETue Jan 17 1989A5
2123.02AITG::WISNERTue Jan 17 1989Advice on SUPRA repairs needed
2124.0SUBURB::NORRISIWed Jan 18 1989Frying Tonight
2125.07VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINWed Jan 18 1989help on connecting a RD54
2126.03SAUTER::SAUTERWed Jan 18 1989The Copyist by Dr. T
2127.02LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Jan 18 1989SpectroGram
2128.013PAOIS::BARRAUDThu Jan 19 1989spreadsheet
2129.01CSSE::WARDThu Jan 19 1989Apple drives price competitive
2131.05SAUTER::SAUTERThu Jan 19 1989NEC LC-89
2132.047R7NET::BURTTThu Jan 19 1989AMIGA OR NOT TO AMIGA
2133.06HPSCAD::GATULISFri Jan 20 1989Print driver help!
2134.05BELFST::MCCLINTOCKFri Jan 20 1989Out Run
2135.02ODIXIE::MCDONALDFri Jan 20 1989Any loan amortization programs out there?
2136.0MLNFri Jan 20 1989Message to SMAUG::SPODARYK
2138.04LEVERS::PLOUFFFri Jan 20 1989New _Amiga Plus_ Magazine (plus diskette)
2139.09GUCCI::HERBSun Jan 22 1989I want to change my games
2140.03NZOVSun Jan 22 1989a couple of questions...from the foolhardy!
2141.01SHARE::DOYLESun Jan 22 1989Sprite/Bob Editor?-User Groups?
2142.05LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jan 22 1989A25
2143.04SUBURB::NORRISIMon Jan 23 1989
2144.08WJG::GUINEAUMon Jan 23 1989HandyIcons!
2145.03ECAVAX::STOUGHTONMon Jan 23 1989Where's the Fish!!!!!!
2146.04CGFSV1::R_RYANMon Jan 23 1989kickstart 1.3/ferrari problems
2147.06CRISTA::CAPRICCIOMon Jan 23 1989Has anyone seen Lazarus?
2148.03GLORY::SPATOULASTue Jan 24 1989Where is DNET ??
2149.016MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Jan 24 198968
2150.06SUBURB::NORRISITue Jan 24 1989P.D Emulators/VirusX
2152.0CIMAMT::CROMACKTue Jan 24 1989Memory Prices
2154.03NZOVTue Jan 24 1989file encryption...?
2155.0HPSCAD::GATULISWed Jan 25 1989Multisyncs, Games, Ram Chips
2156.01HPSCAD::GATULISWed Jan 25 1989Wayne Gretzky Hocky?
2157.05MTWAIN::MACDONALDWed Jan 25 1989New MachII
2161.0GLDOA::STOUGHTONWed Jan 25 1989fish listings 1-172
2162.07DISCVR::HAXTONWed Jan 25 1989FF163 ? on WJG::
2163.0MANTIS::LONGThu Jan 26 1989WARNING: Matt Dillon's BACKUP utility
2165.0MQOFS::LEDOUXFri Jan 27 19892 Internal floppies for XT card.
2166.09MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMSat Jan 28 1989Rainbow and LN
2168.011GALLOP::BOTTOMLEYDSun Jan 29 1989A few questions on IFF - ILBM formats
2169.0HPSTEK::LAWRENCEMon Jan 30 1989A1
2170.02HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Jan 30 1989Making the MAC Connection
2172.024NZOVMon Jan 30 1989dpaint screens & basic programs
2173.03NZOVMon Jan 30 1989ac-basic questions
2174.08KBOMFG::JANSENMon Jan 30 1989Anyone in KBO ?
2175.0CESARE::ZABOTTue Jan 31 19892nd European DevCon
2176.041CESARE::ZABOTTue Jan 31 1989FISH DISKS Repository
2177.05JFRSON::OSBORNETue Jan 31 1989select string gadgets?
2178.022CSSE::WARDTue Jan 31 1989Baby AT expansion for 5
2179.01AITG::WISNERTue Jan 31 1989Amiga WORKSTATION AD
2180.0DPDMAI::ANDERSONATue Jan 31 1989Patch to make NX1
2181.02LEDS::ACCIARDITue Jan 31 1989Browser
2182.0LEDS::ACCIARDITue Jan 31 1989PlotXY
2183.019EMC2::PELLATTTue Jan 31 1989Compilers ?
2184.024ANT::JANZENWed Feb 01 1989amiga on tv
2185.06SUBSYS::BUSCHWed Feb 01 1989Generating flow charts.
2188.08STKEIS::LJONSSONThu Feb 02 1989Kermit help!
2189.0SUBURB::NORRISIThu Feb 02 1989Nothing to do with FF (erhem!!)
2190.0SUBURB::NORRISIThu Feb 02 1989CBM B2
2192.0MQOFS::DESROSIERSThu Feb 02 1989Multisync problem?
2193.07MAMIE::LEIMBERGERFri Feb 03 1989can't use icons to copy
2194.01LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Feb 03 1989Lotus templates?
2195.0CSOA1::CURTISFri Feb 03 1989MT-32 users, UNITE !!
2196.04WJG::GUINEAUFri Feb 03 1989New pictures on WJG::
2197.02MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Feb 03 1989Hard Drive Woes
2198.08GRYHWK::WITHERSFri Feb 03 1989DPaint on a hardrive?
2199.03OTOFS::S_SCHMIDTFri Feb 03 1989Amazing Computing Memory Hack??
2200.02ANT::CARLSONFri Feb 03 1989W.C.A.U.G. CLUB
2201.0EMC2::PELLATTMon Feb 06 1989EMACS doc ?
2202.03EMC2::PELLATTMon Feb 06 1989Keyboards and Drivers.
2203.01JUDJUD::MYEEMon Feb 06 1989SRT - just say NO to GURU!
2204.01CGFSV2::CALENGMon Feb 06 1989Starboard adapter board
2205.01CSSE::WARDMon Feb 06 1989TWIN_X from ASDS - What does it mean?
2206.04ALAZIF::WHERRYMon Feb 06 1989Authorized Commodore Service Centers?
2207.0FSCORE::KAYEMon Feb 06 1989need help with 3D perspective
2208.03NITMOI::WITHERSMon Feb 06 1989Help on some downloads (not downloading..)
2209.0KALI::VISSERMon Feb 06 1989wanted: Lattice C package
2210.0AITG::WISNERMon Feb 06 1989MANX C DETACH function and CloseWorkBench();
2211.010BAGELS::BRANNONMon Feb 06 1989DECnet-Amiga is real
2212.02BAGELS::BRANNONMon Feb 06 1989small hardware project anyone?
2213.010GUCCI::HERBMon Feb 06 1989Snythia,sonix & future sound
2214.012LOWLIF::DAVISTue Feb 07 1989YAHDQ-Yet Another Hard Disk Question
2215.0MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Feb 07 1989GVP/262
2216.010CGFSV2::CADAMSTue Feb 07 1989X-1
2217.016SNOCTue Feb 07 1989look what the bastards have done!
2218.028LEDS::ACCIARDITue Feb 07 1989HardFrame Plug
2219.07EMC2::PELLATTTue Feb 07 1989Databases ?
2220.03FSCORE::KAYEWed Feb 08 1989Lattice 5.
2221.03NZOVWed Feb 08 1989computer funnies...
2222.03GUCCI::HERBWed Feb 08 1989the newer 1
2223.03CHUNK::HENNESSYWed Feb 08 1989Looking for WP and LA75 info
2224.01HPSTEK::SENNAThu Feb 09 1989A question on 32 bit memory logistics...
2225.04MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Feb 10 1989A262
2226.07CGOUFri Feb 10 1989Fresh Fish 173-178 list
2227.08MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Feb 10 1989New GVP 68
2228.06SHARE::DOYLESat Feb 11 1989Digital Hard drive TYPE?
2229.012KIBITZ::KAUFMANSat Feb 11 1989Mouse problems
2230.016GUCCI::HERBSat Feb 11 1989startup-sequence
2231.02ADODEM::MCGHIESun Feb 12 1989X-Refer for BASIC ?
2233.038STOUT::MCAFEEMon Feb 13 1989Mail Order Houses
2234.01HAMER::DRAGOMIRESCUMon Feb 13 1989need help for 4
2237.0NITMOI::WITHERSMon Feb 13 1989Simple Example C (Manx) Code Wanted
2238.02BELFST::MCCLINTOCKMon Feb 13 1989DPaint to Sixel
2241.03WJG::GUINEAUTue Feb 14 1989Celestial Mechanics Simulator
2242.01VINNYS::MYEEWed Feb 15 1989Floppy questions?
2243.07CAM::ARENDTWed Feb 15 1989Custom joystick Hardware?
2244.0GLDOA::STOUGHTONWed Feb 15 1989Winter Challenge Problem
2245.05WJG::GUINEAUWed Feb 15 1989AmigaBASIC space constraints?
2246.0HUSKER::PETERSONThu Feb 16 1989Sword of Sodan help
2247.04AYOV28::ATHOMSONThu Feb 16 1989Keyclick
2248.07R2ME2::MULLENThu Feb 16 1989Two Player Games
2250.013LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Feb 16 1989Another BYTE outrage?
2251.08MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Feb 17 1989PageStream V1.5
2254.02JGO::CHAPMANSun Feb 19 1989Bank'n
2255.04FARMER::ROYMon Feb 20 1989HARD DRIVE - HELP !!
2256.015MARCIE::GDEJULIOMon Feb 20 1989Why is the Amiga so fast?
2257.03FARMER::ROYMon Feb 20 1989GENLOCKS
2258.06GRYHWK::WITHERSTue Feb 21 1989War in Middle Earth
2259.07HYDRA::CHICOINETue Feb 21 1989Novice Amiga questions.
2260.01CGOUTue Feb 21 1989Set Requestor Text from CATS
2261.09SHARE::DOYLEWed Feb 22 1989Yet more download questions.
2262.011MTWAIN::MACDONALDWed Feb 22 1989Word Perfect $99 Deal
2263.014CAM::ARENDTWed Feb 22 1989Macintosh emulator?
2264.0DECWET::TBAKERWed Feb 22 1989alphabetical fish listing
2265.06VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINThu Feb 23 1989more info req
2266.05LILAC::DEARBORNThu Feb 23 1989Am I headed for trouble?
2267.0HPSTEK::MYEEThu Feb 23 1989CSA 68
2268.02NZOVThu Feb 23 1989DELUXE MENU MANUAL...
2269.04KBOMFG::HAUCKFri Feb 24 1989FFS with jh
2271.09MARCIE::GDEJULIOFri Feb 24 1989A2
2272.04AYOV11::JNOLANFri Feb 24 1989POINTER ON/OFF
2273.07DAIRY::ROYFri Feb 24 1989AMIGA AT SHOW ?
2274.07WMOIS::MACKAYFri Feb 24 1989Getting started for <$1
2276.04ADODEM::MCGHIEFri Feb 24 1989A59
2277.03ADODEM::MCGHIEFri Feb 24 1989AmigaBasic Random File Problem
2278.02WJG::GUINEAUSat Feb 25 1989MakeANIM?
2279.0GUCCI::HERBSat Feb 25 1989Which fish disk???
2280.010WJG::GUINEAUSun Feb 26 198914.32 Mhz 68
2281.03NZOVSun Feb 26 1989scrolling in windows in basic?
2282.08MTWAIN::WOODSMon Feb 27 1989Need external 3" drive
2283.06STOUT::MCAFEEMon Feb 27 1989IBM 72
2284.010AKOV11::QUIRICIMon Feb 27 1989auto formfeeds to printer?
2285.01SHARE::DOYLEMon Feb 27 1989how do I de-warp?
2286.02KBOMFG::HAUCKMon Feb 27 1989NEC 1
2287.05WOODRO::LEIMBERGERTue Feb 28 1989got Pro Draw but...
2288.03SCUBA::WILTSHIRETue Feb 28 1989NEC 3.5" Drive Problems
2289.011KLO::COLLINSTue Feb 28 1989beginners questions
2290.02HPSTEK::MYEETue Feb 28 1989Conman's CND: and ARP mount.
2291.09IGETIT::ELLISMTue Feb 28 1989SPOOLER
2292.021LEDS::ACCIARDITue Feb 28 1989YARTA
2293.04AKOV11::SMITHTue Feb 28 1989ST5
2294.05JGO::CHAPMANTue Feb 28 1989Pro_write problem
2295.07JGO::CHAPMANTue Feb 28 1989Greed v. Compatability
2296.08CHPSC::STEIGERTue Feb 28 19891Mb Memory Chips wanted
2297.09KLO::COLLINSWed Mar 01 1989calling UK Amiga owners
2299.015TDCIS3::POUTHIERWed Mar 01 1989kickstart on AMIGA2
2300.01FRAIS5::ISTURMWed Mar 01 1989Home Brew Memory Expansion
2301.02AYOV28::ATHOMSONWed Mar 01 1989Five finger trick.
2303.01CGFSV2::CADAMSWed Mar 01 1989Supra SCSI > OMTI 352
2305.09DECWET::TBAKERWed Mar 01 1989Copy Protection
2306.0MAMIE::LEIMBERGERThu Mar 02 1989Pro Draw Postscript example
2307.02HANNA::CROMACKThu Mar 02 1989Shrinking Diskettes
2308.01CAM::ARENDTThu Mar 02 1989SuperBase Pro question
2309.0SMAUG::SPODARYKThu Mar 02 1989Have you read this?
2311.02HPSTEK::MYEEThu Mar 02 1989Farewell fellow Amigan ...
2312.01ESPN::SWARTZThu Mar 02 1989Ethernet Boards for the 5
2313.01CIMNET::KYZIVATThu Mar 02 1989Trouble with workbench INFO function
2314.01HPSTEK::MYEEThu Mar 02 1989How to work the Caligari demo?
2316.02PAOIS::BARRAUDThu Mar 02 1989Neophyte needs help on Digital hard disk
2317.010MVSUPP::RYMERThu Mar 02 1989Help with SHADOWGATE?
2318.014FRAIS5::ISTURMFri Mar 03 1989Cheapest HD-Interface Available
2319.06POLAR::RIDGEFri Mar 03 1989Double Dragon..
2320.02HPSTEK::SENNAFri Mar 03 1989LA5
2321.02WILKIE::LEIMBERGERFri Mar 03 1989postscript printing service bureau
2322.03MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Mar 03 1989DNET ...
2323.013BAHAMA::KNIGHTSat Mar 04 1989HELP ME use CSIX.EXE, PLEASE!!
2324.05MAMIE::LEIMBERGERMon Mar 06 1989AMIGA + You decide
2325.09MTWAIN::MACDONALDMon Mar 06 1989TCP/IP
2326.07MANTIS::LONGMon Mar 06 1989Help needed for A2
2327.02MEMORY::BERKSONMon Mar 06 1989Digiview loan?
2328.011FRAIS5::ISTURMTue Mar 07 1989HD on AMI.Note.2318.Project
2329.010HYDRA::CHICOINETue Mar 07 1989New Amiga Fledgling & ???'s
2330.02GILBRT::BEAUREGARDTue Mar 07 1989boot time
2331.028TSECAD::BURWENTue Mar 07 1989Sorry, I don't like my Amiga at all!
2332.0RAIN::BARRETTTue Mar 07 1989AMIGA 2
2333.016NOBHIL::BODINE_CHTue Mar 07 1989DEPCA and A2
2335.02CAM::ARENDTTue Mar 07 1989Another game port question
2336.0SUBURB::NORRISIWed Mar 08 1989Joystick Troubles
2337.022LEVERS::PLOUFFWed Mar 08 1989Usenet Distribution Broken
2338.02MUNICH::CARLIWed Mar 08 1989Where to buy Supra-Modems?
2339.0MAADIS::WICKERTWed Mar 08 1989Fire Brigade
2340.011SUBURB::NORRISIThu Mar 09 1989Acess times from Uk are slow.
2341.05TDCIS3::POUTHIERThu Mar 09 1989Facility with ARC
2342.09FSCORE::KAYEThu Mar 09 1989printers - personal experience wanted
2343.04TSECAD::BURWENThu Mar 09 1989Amiga Artists- What are you painting?
2344.01MEMORY::BERKSONThu Mar 09 1989Blown parallel port
2345.011CIMNET::KYZIVATThu Mar 09 1989Trouble accessing this conference
2346.025ANT::JANZENFri Mar 10 1989Clock died, amiga5
2347.010FRAIS3::ISTURMFri Mar 10 1989More HW.Projects to come...
2348.03MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Mar 10 1989ASDG Dual-Port Serial Board Available
2349.04ANT::JANZENFri Mar 10 1989Amiga Diagostic Program Specifications
2350.02CANIS::RIESFri Mar 10 1989Whats a fair price?
2351.0BAHAMA::KNIGHTFri Mar 10 1989IFF to REGIS?
2352.03LEDS::ACCIARDISat Mar 11 1989Amiga HyperText
2353.04CIMNET::KYZIVATSun Mar 12 1989Bug in Execute command?
2354.0ADODEM::MCGHIESun Mar 12 1989Database/Superbase Questions
2355.017ADODEM::MCGHIESun Mar 12 1989PROwrite/Kindwords/Excellence
2356.0TALLME::DONAHUESun Mar 12 1989large DB corruption?
2357.04SUBURB::NORRISIMon Mar 13 1989PSU Problems
2359.02ANT::GERBERMon Mar 13 1989Looking for DEFDISK
2360.08NACMIS::WILLETTMon Mar 13 1989Computers for the blind?
2361.0DECWET::TBAKERMon Mar 13 1989code to access multi-serial cards
2362.03SHARE::DOYLETue Mar 14 1989Home Budget Programs?
2363.08MTWAIN::WOODSTue Mar 14 1989Drives clicking in stereo!
2364.023DECWET::TBAKERTue Mar 14 1989amiga in vms conference
2365.03WELSWS::FINNISWed Mar 15 1989Questions from a UK user
2366.05HUSKER::PETERSONWed Mar 15 1989sword of sodan
2369.02AUNTB::PRESSLEYThu Mar 16 19892
2370.04SHARE::DOYLEThu Mar 16 1989Rad a myth?
2371.04BANZAI::JANOSIKThu Mar 16 1989Clock problems
2374.010CSOA1::LENSun Mar 19 1989Can anyone use multiple RAD disks?
2375.08FORTY2::TATHAMMon Mar 20 1989How to build your own MIDI interface.
2376.01VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINMon Mar 20 1989help on Phone No's
2377.01SHARE::DOYLEMon Mar 20 1989Sixel to IFF
2378.03MTWAIN::MACDONALDMon Mar 20 1989Convert Amiga IFF to Atari ST?
2379.03HQBIC::DCARRMon Mar 20 1989Amiga v. Apple v. ???
2380.04MTWAIN::WOODSTue Mar 21 1989Need A1
2382.05CGOFS::OAKLEYTue Mar 21 1989almost fresh FISH
2383.02AUNTB::PRESSLEYTue Mar 21 1989fast floating point
2384.0MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Mar 21 1989Professional Page Bug
2385.0LEVERS::PLOUFFTue Mar 21 1989Max Toy Speaks in New Jersey
2386.08ENGLES::WARDTue Mar 21 1989MAX comment
2388.05PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Mar 22 1989MicroEmacs 3.1
2389.010GLDOA::STOUGHTONWed Mar 22 1989Is the Word still Perfect?
2390.0HPSTEK::DAVISWed Mar 22 1989For the XCAD users
2391.06CANIS::RIESWed Mar 22 1989Help on 8-up board
2392.030LOWLIF::DAVISWed Mar 22 1989Nib V1.
2393.01SHARE::DOYLEFri Mar 24 1989Tech and Usenet off?
2394.013MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Mar 24 1989Hard Drives
2395.01HPSTEK::SENNAFri Mar 24 1989Help on 3 unknown C language funtions
2396.0ENGLES::WARDFri Mar 24 1989History is revisionist
2397.04SUBSYS::BUSCHFri Mar 24 1989A brain-teaser.
2398.06MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Mar 24 1989AREXX
2399.02MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Mar 24 1989Platinum Works!
2400.01MEMORY::BERKSONMon Mar 27 1989MC68HC11 assembler?
2401.0PRNSYS::LOMICKAJMon Mar 27 1989UW update from Mike Leibow for Meshuguna terminal emulator
2402.01ENGLES::WARDMon Mar 27 1989VGA adaptor/grabber
2403.025NZOVMon Mar 27 1989DELUXEPAINT III?
2404.011NZOVMon Mar 27 1989C questions from a novice
2405.02FSCORE::KAYETue Mar 28 1989need phone 3 for Microbotics
2407.02GUCCI::HERBTue Mar 28 1989Amiga Basic Help Requested
2408.05NZOVWed Mar 29 1989Dpaint screens & basic programs cont...
2410.02AKOV11::SMITHThu Mar 30 1989UMast and Disk Partitions
2411.01MINDER::TURNERIFri Mar 31 1989External disk prob.
2412.02SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Mar 31 1989PD - help for a complete novice
2413.04LEMAN::BLANCFri Mar 31 1989tech tech demo on line
2414.022DIXIE1::MCDONALDFri Mar 31 1989Multisync monitors are the way to go!
2415.01MEMORY::BERKSONFri Mar 31 1989Need C program compiled
2417.05CGOFS::OAKLEYFri Mar 31 1989New Version Warp or Hndshake ???
2419.03DPDMAI::ANDERSONASat Apr 01 1989Hard Disk Info
2420.06GUCCI::HERBSun Apr 02 1989legal??
2421.01STKEIS::LJONSSONSun Apr 02 1989? .WRP ?
2423.010SUBURB::MCDONALDASun Apr 02 1989UK users - A2
2425.010SUBSYS::BUSCHMon Apr 03 1989Make-before-break contacts?
2426.046AUNTB::PRESSLEYMon Apr 03 1989Star Trek ... The Game
2427.02HANNA::CROMACKMon Apr 03 1989A1
2428.05ESOCTS::SANFORDMon Apr 03 1989PostScript support for non-PostScript printers
2429.07SCUBA::WILTSHIRETue Apr 04 1989Some easy questions
2430.011LINCON::MGAINESTue Apr 04 1989help with icon/drawer creation
2431.0LINCON::MGAINESTue Apr 04 1989Any other CAD stuff besides MCAD?
2432.02MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Apr 04 1989SEDT Journaling
2433.012FSCORE::KAYETue Apr 04 1989need harddrive partition advice
2434.04CURIE::DECARTERETTue Apr 04 1989Specifications
2435.03YUPPY::GOLDSTEINWed Apr 05 1989help for using modem
2437.01ULYSSE::ZITTAWed Apr 05 1989A2
2438.0GALLOP::BOTTOMLEYDWed Apr 05 1989Prehistoric fish (FF
2439.01SHARE::DOYLEWed Apr 05 1989prob dling dragon lair demo
2440.07HYDRA::CHICOINEWed Apr 05 1989Help choosing a publishing pkg.
2441.015LINCON::MGAINESWed Apr 05 1989whats out /in for kids?
2442.02NZOVWed Apr 05 1989Help with CLI ASK Command needed...
2443.05LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Apr 05 1989Yet Another Workbench Menu Hack
2444.026EUCLID::OWENThu Apr 06 1989Need Help with Handshake
2445.0MQOFS::DESROSIERSThu Apr 06 1989Adding a second ST-5
2446.0MTWAIN::MACDONALDThu Apr 06 1989Perfect Vision and A262
2447.03FSCORE::KAYEThu Apr 06 1989badblocks and harddrives
2448.0MEMORY::SOVIEFri Apr 07 1989 wanted: Typing Tutor
2450.01MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Apr 07 1989ARP V1.3 Release
2451.053D::CORKUMFri Apr 07 1989arc, uue-->pointers
2452.013LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Apr 07 1989New SETPATCH release from CBM
2454.02MEMORY::BERKSONFri Apr 07 1989Amiga version of assign?
2456.012NZOVSun Apr 09 1989mutter mutter curse mutter
2457.03NZOVSun Apr 09 1989hard disk dream...
2458.01GUCCI::HERBMon Apr 10 1989help
2459.05FSCORE::KAYEMon Apr 10 1989install Lattice C V5 on harddrive?
2460.03AITG::IVANOMon Apr 10 1989write mac diskette?
2461.0POLAR::GOSLINGMon Apr 10 1989ISPELL
2462.0AKOV11::SMITHMon Apr 10 1989Music Student Series, ACS
2464.08TOXMAN::PETERSMon Apr 10 1989Lords of the Rising Sun
2465.09KLO::COLLINSTue Apr 11 1989Hard/Floppy HYBRID
2466.06AYOV16::GHUTCHEONTue Apr 11 1989Buy a Floppy or 1/2 Meg?
2467.01FSCORE::KAYETue Apr 11 1989invoke VideoTitler V1.1 on harddrive from WB
2468.02NZOVTue Apr 11 1989CLI questions .....
2469.01AITG::IVANOTue Apr 11 1989no xmodem eof on .arc
2470.06NZOVTue Apr 11 1989printer problems...
2471.01SYSTEM::HELLIARWed Apr 12 1989TEST DRIVE - problem running it
2472.02CIMAMT::CROMACKWed Apr 12 1989Loading Font Files
2473.02GUCCI::HERBWed Apr 12 1989amigabasic objects :-(
2474.0NZOVWed Apr 12 1989DPAINT II Printer problems (the saga)
2475.049MTWAIN::MACDONALDWed Apr 12 1989ARP Release 1.3 is here!!
2476.04WELSWS::FINNISThu Apr 13 1989Digitizer Anyone ?
2477.02FSCORE::KAYEThu Apr 13 1989VIRUSX
2478.0MKMV3::ROYFri Apr 14 1989HELP WITH L C A
2479.028FSCORE::KAYEFri Apr 14 1989Harddrive R/W errors with new memory
2480.012CACIQE::MARTINEZFri Apr 14 1989Art Exposition in Puerto Rico
2481.05KLO::COLLINSMon Apr 17 1989RX5
2482.01FSCORE::KAYEMon Apr 17 1989Looking for low-level formatter
2483.09LINCON::MGAINESMon Apr 17 1989Education Stuff, Is any of it worth owning?
2484.05LINCON::MGAINESMon Apr 17 1989Questions on the GAME HYBRIS.
2485.022RESORT::LENMon Apr 17 1989Qmouse 1.5 inhibits VirusX
2486.0CGOUTue Apr 18 1989More Usenet SRC & BIN
2488.06CIM1NI::POWERSWed Apr 19 1989floppy drive problem
2489.015STAR::ROBINSONWed Apr 19 1989Which editor can do what a modified EVE (TPU) can do?
2490.013KLO::COLLINSThu Apr 20 1989memory questions ?
2491.01WELSWS::FINNISThu Apr 20 1989Wanted A68K_VMS
2492.07CGOFS::OAKLEYThu Apr 20 1989IFF <--> DDIF???
2493.013CGOFS::CADAMSThu Apr 20 1989New Uploads.......
2494.019CSOA1::LENFri Apr 21 19891 meg Chip memory is available
2495.02ADO75A::MCGHIEFri Apr 21 1989Benchmark Modula-2 Question
2497.05NZOVSun Apr 23 1989BUG CITY!!!!!
2498.03AKUNA::AIKINSSun Apr 23 1989BUY ME A LATTICE..........
2499.010GUCCI::HERBSun Apr 23 1989HiSoft Basic
2500.08CADSYS::MURATORIMon Apr 24 1989A Plea for Descriptive Note Titles
2501.02KLO::COLLINSMon Apr 24 1989drive ID's and ready signal ??
2502.0AYOV1Tue Apr 25 1989MAKE
2503.04SUBURB::COOKNTue Apr 25 1989Help - advice for potential buyer
2504.01SHARE::DOYLETue Apr 25 1989Expensive Dongle......
2505.01SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Apr 25 1989UK - B2
2506.0SCUBA::WILTSHIRETue Apr 25 1989Battlehawks 1942
2507.03STAR::ROBINSONTue Apr 25 1989Amiga in BYTE
2508.02MAMIE::LEIMBERGERWed Apr 26 1989Aunt Artic
2509.09ANT::JANZENWed Apr 26 1989Search for decent video interface <$6
2510.0TOOLS::PIQUE::FREANWed Apr 26 1989Hampshire, UK users?
2511.04BSS::BRANDTThu Apr 27 1989Help with StarDrive SCSI and adapters
2513.052552Thu Apr 27 1989No Click Drives on the 2
2514.013LEVERS::PLOUFFFri Apr 28 1989Max Toy out, Harold Copperman in at CBM
2515.02LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Apr 28 1989Amiga in Machine Design
2516.01GUCCI::HERBSat Apr 29 1989A bunch of questions
2517.021SMAUG::SPODARYKSun Apr 30 1989HELP w/Corrupted HD
2518.01BOMBE::MOORESun Apr 30 1989JOURNEY - from Infocom
2519.03AKOV11::SMITHMon May 01 1989Discovery Math/Spelling
2520.016SHARE::DOYLEMon May 01 1989Hard Drive Ignorance, HELP!!!!
2521.01GLDOA::STOUGHTONMon May 01 1989Roger Rabbit v 1.1
2522.016GLDOA::APPLEMANMon May 01 1989Need Latest Issue of VMS Zmodem
2523.015AUNTB::PRESSLEYMon May 01 1989cheap disks available
2524.0WIDGIT::ALCORNTue May 02 1989BRIDGECARD conflicts with COM2
2525.03VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINTue May 02 1989Disk I/F using PARALLEL
2526.02ANNECY::MERCIERWed May 03 1989DBW_RENDER 2.
2527.02HUSKER::PETERSONWed May 03 1989Other Amiga conferences?
2528.03NWDWed May 03 1989<< Amiga -> Microvax? >>
2529.06SHARE::DOYLEWed May 03 1989BA23 Ext. drive box?
2530.018STAR::ROBINSONWed May 03 1989software rent and lend restriction law proposed
2531.0DECWET::TBAKERWed May 03 1989disksalv 1.4
2532.02MANTIS::LONGWed May 03 1989=> to ARC,WARP,ZOO sources needed
2533.072552Thu May 04 1989ASDG Dual Serial Port Board Ships
2534.0EUCLID::OWENFri May 05 1989New BBS prog.: AMI EXPRESS
2535.08ELWOOD::PETERSFri May 05 19891
2537.01GUCCI::HERBSat May 06 1989more questions....
2538.0UFP::LARUEMon May 08 1989A2
2539.01424733::MACDONALDMon May 08 1989This Note for Listing Programs You Like to Use!
2540.05HPSCAD::GATULISMon May 08 1989Tick Tock - goodby clock
2543.01VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINTue May 09 1989more help on Hard Disk
2544.014POLAR::GOSLINGTue May 09 1989Dos-2-Dos / VAXmate Problem
2545.0DECEAT::LANDINGHAMTue May 09 1989Zorro: where are you?
2546.05FSCORE::KAYETue May 09 1989starting things up & WB
2547.0SHARE::DOYLETue May 09 1989Harvard Graphics -> Dpaint.
2548.031MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMTue May 09 1989Keep AMIGA conferences?
2549.05WAV12::HICKSTue May 09 1989Process monitor program for Amy???
2550.0512552Tue May 09 1989Agnus at Your Dealer NOW!!!!
2551.05ADOVS1::MCGHIETue May 09 1989Benchmark Modula-2 - Window ?
2552.06FRAMBO::BALZERWed May 10 1989A HD controller review
2553.01SUBURB::NORRISIWed May 10 1989MSDOS on FF#159???
2554.04SHARE::DOYLEWed May 10 19893d Fonts, Objects, Pictures?
2555.09WELSWS::FINNISWed May 10 1989PCUtil help required
2556.04SYSTEM::HELLIARThu May 11 1989Fishing for disks
2557.01KBOVThu May 11 1989
2558.032552Fri May 12 1989New Files for Downloading
2559.05HPSCAD::GATULISFri May 12 1989Screen saver recommendations
2560.06GUCCI::HERBFri May 12 1989Basic or c????
2561.09BSS::CALLAGHANSun May 14 1989Looking for a trackball to replace my mouse
2562.02LINCON::MGAINESMon May 15 1989C64 Emulators?
2563.04NZOVMon May 15 1989Laser printers - question time
2564.04VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINMon May 15 1989HELP on ARC File
2565.015FSDEV1::JBERNARDTue May 16 1989KRONOS HD Controller
2566.01TLE::RMEYERSTue May 16 1989Pacific Peripherals and ASDG
2567.02FRAIS3::AZUBISTue May 16 1989Need help about Ooze !
2568.03NITMOI::WITHERSWed May 17 1989SPUDclock? SPUDclock? Where have you gone?
2569.02CGOFS::CADAMSWed May 17 1989A Plea for JrComm on Bended Knee
2570.02NWDWed May 17 1989/// looking for a 5 1/4" disk \\\
2571.01LEDS::ACCIARDIWed May 17 1989The World's Best Arcade Machine (a re-post)
2572.020LEVERS::PLOUFFWed May 17 1989Looking for Video Tools on Tap
2573.0NWDWed May 17 1989/// ???HBHill...\\\
2574.024ATLV5::MCDONALD_JWed May 17 1989XWindows & DECnet for AmigaDOS
2575.05LOWLIF::DAVISWed May 17 1989Avatex 24
2576.0FRAMBO::BALZERThu May 18 1989RTC Reset Program available!
2578.04SHARE::DOYLEThu May 18 1989picture converter wanted!!!!!!!!
2579.03VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINThu May 18 1989BAD DownLoads using Xmodem/Handshake 2.12a
2580.0WJG::GUINEAUFri May 19 1989New uploads /directory on WJG:
2581.03USRCV1::MONTREUILMFri May 19 1989New QED Editor on NORSE.
2582.02EEMELI::LINDENFri May 19 1989Problem with RGB in A2
2583.01PANIC::SHORTFri May 19 1989Abacus books & C
2584.0GUCCI::HERBSun May 21 1989I want 64
2586.0DICKNS::MACDONALDMon May 22 1989Latest Newsletter
2587.02NITMOI::WITHERSMon May 22 1989Prettifying Pictures
2588.03LEDS::SKRALYMon May 22 1989AMICUS Disks--Problems/Questions
2589.013WELSWS::FINNISTue May 23 1989PCCopy Help needed
2590.010STKAI1::SMEDBERGWed May 24 1989Dragons Lair Problems...
2591.02TALLIS::JFOLEYWed May 24 1989Lattice C++ reviews, anyone?
2592.045AYOV28::ATHOMSONThu May 25 1989Beginners to C
2593.0UTRUST::VANELSWIJKThu May 25 1989Garrison II
2594.04UTRUST::VANELSWIJKThu May 25 1989A5
2595.05WOODRO::LEIMBERGERThu May 25 1989MAC 128k Roms
2596.02MKECOS::ROYThu May 25 1989VIDEO TITLING
2597.08HXOUThu May 25 1989A2
2598.09SHARE::DOYLEThu May 25 1989Dpaint3 brush to sprite or object conversion prg?
2599.01SHARE::DOYLEThu May 25 1989Fantavision & Digitized Picture Question.
2600.01SHARE::DOYLEThu May 25 1989AiRT Icon Programing, what is it?
2601.02STAR::ROBINSONThu May 25 1989Key strangeness
2602.01BAHTAT::BOOTHFri May 26 1989BACKUPS
2604.014OPG::ANGUSSat May 27 1989Help with arc
2605.010NZOVSun May 28 1989New Virus Killer Package on Market
2606.04CARTUN::BELLMon May 29 1989FALCON F-16: Holy Afterburners!
2607.010BAHTAT::BOOTHTue May 30 1989HELP FOR A NEW STARTER??????????
2608.04LEDS::ACCIARDITue May 30 1989Accelerators
2610.018HKFINN::MACDONALDTue May 30 1989Speed Up Hard Disk Transfer Rates
2611.0EMC2::PELLATTTue May 30 1989Balance of Power 199
2612.02SHARE::DOYLEWed May 31 1989Amiga Graphing Programs?
2613.021NITMOI::WITHERSWed May 31 1989Need PhotonPaint Help!
2614.0VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINWed May 31 1989Working Downloads NOW
2615.05SHARE::DOYLEThu Jun 01 1989Video Connector Name?
2616.05SUOIS3::BLATZHEIMThu Jun 01 1989AMIGA-5
2617.04CGOFS::OAKLEYThu Jun 01 1989FF2
2619.04GUCCI::HERBSat Jun 03 1989Speed buffering?
2620.07ADOVAX::MCGHIESun Jun 04 198968
2621.08LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jun 04 1989SimCity Demo
2622.07FOGHRN::ANGUSMon Jun 05 1989A2
2624.02MUNICH::TAYLORMon Jun 05 1989Can I buy German Amiga for UK?
2627.08SPIDER::LONGTue Jun 06 1989Postscript viewer needed
2628.09SHRARA::BAKERTue Jun 06 1989LATTICE-C V5.
2629.0VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINThu Jun 08 19895% - 1
2630.04KAFSV3::KAYEThu Jun 08 1989trying to make backup of Gunship
2631.05TIGEMS::OPERATORThu Jun 08 1989Best Amiga FRP???
2632.06SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Jun 09 1989NFT and Amiga files
2633.01HPSCAD::GATULISFri Jun 09 1989RZ / SZ, Vax to Vax ??
2634.014MQOFS::LEDOUXFri Jun 09 1989BridgeBoard/Mouse/Hard Janus V2.
2635.0CGOFS::OAKLEYFri Jun 09 1989Rooney Rap music???
2636.04PNO::BLACKJFri Jun 09 1989A Brand New Digitizer
2637.024LEDS::ACCIARDITue Jun 13 1989Midget Racer Deal!
2638.02SHARE::DOYLEWed Jun 14 1989a couple of questions on expensive peripherals
2639.05NOVA::ARNOLDWed Jun 14 1989MICROBOTICS Group Purchase
2640.06LETO::BLACKJWed Jun 14 1989How to use your Amiga
2641.01NZOVWed Jun 14 1989DTP packages - what do people reccommend?
2642.01MEMORY::BERKSONThu Jun 15 1989Identifying KS 1.3 ROM
2643.01CHPSC::CHRISTIEThu Jun 15 1989Desperatelz seeking kezboard mapping...
2645.05HXOAThu Jun 15 1989Floppy Backup
2646.0BLKWDO::MACKELPRANGThu Jun 15 1989Sega to Haitex Conversion
2647.08HPSCAD::GATULISThu Jun 15 1989Help printing 'landscape'
2648.073WJG::GUINEAUThu Jun 15 1989Falcon update
2649.04WJG::GUINEAUThu Jun 15 1989ARP 1.3 doc?
2652.04LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Jun 16 1989HPGL to PostScript
2653.05FSCORE::KAYESat Jun 17 19892
2654.03MEMORY::BERKSONSun Jun 18 1989Advantage of partitons?
2655.011SYSTEM::HELLIARMon Jun 19 1989Amiga 5
2656.04PEKING::WILLIAMSCMon Jun 19 1989How do you connect an LA75 to an Amiga B2
2657.043WELSWS::FINNISMon Jun 19 1989Hard_Disk Interface ?
2659.0WJG::GUINEAUMon Jun 19 1989New Supra software
2660.02LEMAN::BLANCTue Jun 20 1989handshake vt22
2661.0LEMAN::BLANCTue Jun 20 1989dnet v2.
2662.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 20 1989Page Setter and Amiga DOS books
2663.02VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINTue Jun 20 1989Info on NEWBURY DATA
2664.02VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINTue Jun 20 1989Tape Backup Info required
2665.0WJG::GUINEAUTue Jun 20 1989the back door to your favorite game
2666.015PEKING::WILLIAMSCWed Jun 21 19895.25" Integral floppy disk drive
2667.09MEMORY::BERKSONWed Jun 21 1989Internal Supra modem review?
2669.015WJG::GUINEAUWed Jun 21 1989MandelVroom V2.
2670.0VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINWed Jun 21 1989Drive/System Problems HELP???
2671.0MUNICH::CARLIThu Jun 22 1989RX5
2672.04HAMER::DRAGOMIRESCUThu Jun 22 1989HP DeskJet !!!?
2673.023DICKNS::MACDONALDThu Jun 22 1989Workbench V1.4 News
2674.0358498::OAKLEYThu Jun 22 1989FF211-217,219,22
2675.06MEMORY::BERKSONThu Jun 22 1989Mountlist for ST251, A2
2676.03RLAV::LITTLEThu Jun 22 1989OMTI 3527 sources
2677.01WELSWS::FINNISFri Jun 23 1989Notes Files Back On-line
2678.0DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Jun 23 1989Newsletter
2679.05DICKNS::MACDONALDSun Jun 25 1989NoClick
2680.0VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINSun Jun 25 1989Driver File for Seikosha GP7
2681.07EEMELI::LINDENMon Jun 26 1989DateStamp function problem!!!
2683.03WJG::GUINEAUMon Jun 26 1989CPU performance numbers
2684.02FSCORE::KAYEMon Jun 26 1989need speed of NEC memory chip
2685.0FRAMBO::BALZERTue Jun 27 1989LN
2686.03DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Jun 27 1989SNIPIT V1.2A
2687.0IGETIT::ELLISMTue Jun 27 1989NORSE is back
2689.03RTL::UTZTue Jun 27 1989BenchMark Modula 2
2690.08PNO::STARKEYTue Jun 27 1989Desk top help
2691.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 27 1989Thanks Ingo
2692.08KLO::COLLINSWed Jun 28 1989Spirit HDA-5
2693.05PEKING::WILLIAMSCWed Jun 28 1989Workbench V1.2 v V1.3?
2694.015PEKING::WILLIAMSCWed Jun 28 1989KindWords?
2696.010TALLIS::JFOLEYWed Jun 28 1989Hard disk problems
2697.014MANTIS::LONGWed Jun 28 1989VT2
2698.036HPSCAD::GATULISWed Jun 28 1989For Maxiplan Owners
2699.01HPSCAD::GATULISWed Jun 28 1989For Deluxe Print II Owners
2700.0BARTLE::WELLSDWed Jun 28 1989Need help with CHRONO QUEST, please
2701.04VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINWed Jun 28 1989External 3.5" Drive in I.B.M. mode ?
2702.06GIAMEM::LAFLAMMEThu Jun 29 1989Seagate ST-412 HD, How???
2703.05MEMORY::BERKSONThu Jun 29 1989Dir displayed in title bar?
2704.01ASDS::WARDThu Jun 29 1989Commodore down 3+ 28th on Q4 Loss
2705.02SPIDER::LONGThu Jun 29 1989SCSI specs needed
2707.01MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMFri Jun 30 1989Zoo THRASHES hard disk
2708.04HXOAFri Jun 30 198968
2709.010MUNICH::CARLITue Jul 04 1989TowerAmiga => Bad Floppies?
2711.03MARVIN::WALTERWed Jul 05 1989How long is an 'int'?
2712.01SHARE::DOYLEWed Jul 05 1989Need "XT-Short Slot-MFM-ST-251-Contoler Card"
2713.03STKAI2::SMEDBERGWed Jul 05 1989Video & Audio Digitizers
2714.023STKAI2::SMEDBERGWed Jul 05 1989The Good Games!
2715.02GIAMEM::LAFLAMMEThu Jul 06 1989Parallel port difference?
2716.04LEVERS::PLOUFFThu Jul 06 1989ZOO directory structure question
2717.07LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Jul 06 1989More New Uploads
2718.08SHARE::DOYLEFri Jul 07 1989IFF2Sixel Program Question
2719.019CHET::NILSENFri Jul 07 1989Why Should I buy a Amiga
2720.02GIAMEM::I_SHAWFri Jul 07 1989Amiga with VR16
2722.01SOJU::OPERATORFri Jul 07 1989Help for A1
2723.018KYOA::MIANOFri Jul 07 1989Memory Management Unit in the 25
2724.016SSDEVO::YESSEFri Jul 07 1989Comm/Handshake Woes
2725.013YUPPIE::WILSONFri Jul 07 1989ARC and ZOO disasters
2726.08DPDMAI::ANDERSONASat Jul 08 1989File deletions
2728.0251488::LINDENMon Jul 10 1989COREWARS
2729.05BOMBE::MOORETue Jul 11 1989Please post FOR SALE items as replies in topic #8
2730.0SHARE::DOYLEWed Jul 12 1989Spirit HDA-5
2731.05HAMSTR::OPERATORWed Jul 12 1989Moria with 78
2732.05LOWLIF::DAVISWed Jul 12 1989Need help compiling VT1
2733.011HYSTER::DEARBORNThu Jul 13 1989Tetris for the Amiga
2734.015AGNESI::EKLOFThu Jul 13 1989FORMAT INHIBIT ?
2735.02WJG::GUINEAUFri Jul 14 1989New uploads
2736.0WJG::GUINEAUFri Jul 14 1989FF223 and FF225 ?
2737.02RBW::WICKERTFri Jul 14 1989SimCity
2738.03GIDDAY::MORANMon Jul 17 1989Help me ...Please!!!
2739.07GIDDAY::MORANMon Jul 17 1989What's Wrong
2740.012PENUTS::JCANHAMon Jul 17 1989Falcon and 1.3 ROM problem
2741.0CGOFS::OAKLEYMon Jul 17 1989Fish 221 to 228 on Tape""::
2742.07SHARE::DOYLETue Jul 18 1989Where is PCpatch?
2743.02STAR::ROBINSONTue Jul 18 1989Problem booting a non-dos game in DF
2744.04CSC32::J_PARSONSTue Jul 18 1989Financial / Budgeting Software?
2745.02LEVERS::PLOUFFTue Jul 18 1989Special BCS Amiga Group meeting during SIGGRAPH
2746.014VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINWed Jul 19 1989AP for 149.95 pounds sterling
2747.02GVAWed Jul 19 1989Do I still have 521K?
2749.020FRAIS2::ZIMMERMANNWed Jul 19 1989BUY a Seagate HD ???
2750.09FORTY2::TATHAMWed Jul 19 1989Help needed - data to chip mem from assembler
2751.014NZOVThu Jul 20 1989Icon editor and icons in general
2752.06SHARE::DOYLEThu Jul 20 1989Question for Digiview/VCR owners.
2753.02PNO::HEISERThu Jul 20 1989Foreign language tutorials
2754.04SPIDER::LONGThu Jul 20 1989PLPLOT with MANX C ????
2755.02NEEPS::MCLARKFri Jul 21 1989new user needing help!!!
2756.04CGOFS::OAKLEYFri Jul 21 19892
2757.05EEMELI::LINDENSun Jul 23 1989A2
2758.0STKAI2::SMEDBERGMon Jul 24 1989Video Digitizers
2759.014ALASKA::QUIRICIMon Jul 24 1989vt1
2760.04DUBMon Jul 24 1989question on IconX
2761.033KYOA::MIANOMon Jul 24 1989Lattice C Questions?
2762.019KETJE::VLASIUMon Jul 24 1989A59
2763.03VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINTue Jul 25 1989drive type of dua1 on TAPE::
2764.01VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINTue Jul 25 1989FF228-FF25
2765.05DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Jul 25 1989PostScript NARC Bulletin - August Issue
2766.01MQOFS::LECOMPTETue Jul 25 1989MiniScribe address anyone ?
2767.012AYOV28::ATHOMSONTue Jul 25 1989GhostScript
2768.05GIAMEM::I_SHAWThu Jul 27 1989How much damage?
2769.03KETJE::VLASIUThu Jul 27 1989Needs help for Cambridge Lisp
2770.010BPOVThu Jul 27 1989Memory for HAM image?
2771.019BPOVThu Jul 27 1989Password creation on AmigaDOS?
2772.07LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Jul 28 1989New Display Mode: Sliced HAM
2773.01KYOA::MIANOFri Jul 28 1989ARP Sources?
2774.0SHARE::DOYLEFri Jul 28 1989In search for dedicated,quality Graphing prg.
2775.02STKAI2::SMEDBERGFri Jul 28 1989IBM to Amiga Pictures.
2776.02ECOLND::ROYFri Jul 28 1989SNHAUG
2777.03SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Jul 28 1989Amiga 3
2778.05EEMELI::LINDENFri Jul 28 1989Sources for Benchmarks needed !!
2779.025LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jul 30 1989Music-X Demo
2780.05LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jul 30 1989NazCron: Timed Command Processing
2781.01MUNICH::CARLIMon Jul 31 1989SCSI-Tape(TZK5
2782.04DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Jul 31 1989AMIGA_SYS Whacko?
2783.03SAUTER::SAUTERMon Jul 31 1989System Eyes moving
2784.04OTOFS::B_CORBINMon Jul 31 1989Should I buy an A2
2785.0WJG::GUINEAUMon Jul 31 1989AmigaTrek story
2786.017DECWET::DAVISMon Jul 31 1989Shell Window Placement
2787.03GIDDAY::HAMILTONMon Jul 31 1989writing device driver help pls
2788.013WJG::GUINEAUTue Aug 01 1989Magazines (again)
2789.03LOWLIF::DAVISTue Aug 01 1989LS V3.1 on NORSE::
2790.01KYOA::MIANOTue Aug 01 1989Debugging Tools Anyone?
2791.05HAMER::DRAGOMIRESCUTue Aug 01 1989DeskJet HP & A1
2792.02BSS::BRANDTTue Aug 01 1989Problems with DNET and SCLI server
2793.08WJG::GUINEAUWed Aug 02 1989tar w/o the feathers
2794.014SHARE::DOYLEThu Aug 03 1989Digipaint 3 has shipped
2795.02WJG::GUINEAUFri Aug 04 1989Amiga review from USENET
2796.04KYOA::MIANOFri Aug 04 1989GNU C/GCC for the Amiga anyone?
2797.0WJG::GUINEAUFri Aug 04 1989LED.ARC?
2798.08GUCCI::HERBFri Aug 04 1989Powerdrome
2799.021GUCCI::HERBFri Aug 04 1989DMCS,Sonix...what else?
2800.09LEDS::ACCIARDISun Aug 06 1989Jay Miner on PLINK
2801.03KYOA::MIANOSun Aug 06 1989Memory Defragmentation
2802.03AYOV28::ATHOMSONMon Aug 07 1989PDC 3.3
2803.0SHARE::DOYLEMon Aug 07 1989To Rob Andrews
2804.08WJG::GUINEAUMon Aug 07 1989Cellular Automata
2805.09WJG::GUINEAUMon Aug 07 1989tar
2806.02SUBURB::BOYDAMon Aug 07 1989printing with Amy
2807.03GUCCI::HERBMon Aug 07 1989 One on one
2808.02GIAMEM::I_SHAWMon Aug 07 1989Amiga address, President's name
2809.02TFH::KIRKMon Aug 07 1989SPICE on the Amiga?
2810.05GLORY::SPATOULASMon Aug 07 1989BRIDGE Trouble again.... ????
2811.05NITMOI::WITHERSMon Aug 07 1989IFF to MAC Conversion?
2812.0AYOV28::ATHOMSONTue Aug 08 1989NoClick v3.2
2813.01GIDDAY::MORANTue Aug 08 1989LED Connection ???
2814.03GIDDAY::MORANTue Aug 08 1989Pwer supply probs
2815.016WJG::GUINEAUTue Aug 08 1989A2
2816.04SMAUG::SPODARYKTue Aug 08 1989Help w/ HP ThinkJet
2817.024--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 09 1989GP TERM/XMODEM upload problems
2818.0SAUTER::SAUTERWed Aug 09 1989Kudos for B.E.S.T.
2819.06DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Aug 09 1989ARC Problem on VMS
2820.021FSDEV1::JBERNARDWed Aug 09 1989FAT AGNUS for A1
2821.05DECWET::TBAKERWed Aug 09 1989PowerPacker 2.2a
2822.0WJG::GUINEAUThu Aug 10 1989DiskSalv and recovering deleted files
2823.010LOWLIF::DAVISThu Aug 10 1989Help! Amiga 2
2824.026SHARE::DOYLEThu Aug 10 1989More Xmodem help needed (this stinks!)
2825.0SALEM::LEIMBERGERFri Aug 11 1989HPGL driver
2826.011JACOB::SHEYNERFri Aug 11 1989Amiga 1
2827.01KYOA::MIANOSat Aug 12 1989Graphics Programming Questions
2828.08LOWLIF::DAVISSat Aug 12 1989Seagate Hard Disk Question
2829.011LEDS::ACCIARDISun Aug 13 1989Read/Write MS-Dos Files
2830.03MUNICH::CARLISun Aug 13 1989LHARC anywhere?
2831.02SHARE::DOYLEMon Aug 14 1989Random Thoughts
2832.01NITMOI::WITHERSMon Aug 14 1989Printer causing games not to load
2833.03CARTUN::BELLMon Aug 14 1989IFF -> IBM PC?
2834.02SPIDER::LONGTue Aug 15 1989size of status register on 68
2836.01JGO::APETERSThu Aug 17 1989XENON II
2837.034GIAMEM::I_SHAWThu Aug 17 1989AmigaEther? 5
2838.04KYOA::MIANOThu Aug 17 1989Unix Anyone?
2839.02KYOA::MIANOThu Aug 17 1989I've had it with the Lattice crap
2840.06JGO::CHAPMANFri Aug 18 1989A2
2841.06JGO::CHAPMANFri Aug 18 1989NTSC screen on PAL Amiga
2842.08HPSCAD::GATULISFri Aug 18 1989Draw 2
2843.02MKODEV::OSBORNEFri Aug 18 1989List of blitter codes?
2844.07TLE::RMEYERSFri Aug 18 1989Amiga marketing, production and sales plans
2845.07CGOFS::OAKLEYFri Aug 18 1989FF229-236 on TAPE
2846.016WJG::GUINEAUMon Aug 21 1989USENET stuff on WJG::
2847.017BAHTAT::BOOTHMon Aug 21 1989~~~ Downloading ~~~ ** H E L P **
2848.01GIAMEM::I_SHAWMon Aug 21 1989VGA: what is it?
2849.06PENUTS::JCANHAMon Aug 21 1989Digiview port problem
2850.02KYOA::MIANOTue Aug 22 1989AMIGA DECUS Tape
2851.03LDP::GAYTue Aug 22 19892nd user on the serial port?
2852.08NZOVTue Aug 22 1989Parallel port 2 way interface - possible?
2853.01GIDDAY::MORANTue Aug 22 1989Downloading is now easy!
2854.03GIDDAY::MORANTue Aug 22 1989KER files??????????
2855.0PUERTO::ALVAREZWed Aug 23 1989Recover OS 1.1 files ?
2856.028CACHE::BEAUREGARDWed Aug 23 1989Newest Amiga User
2857.03GIAMEM::I_SHAWWed Aug 23 1989Dots proportion: screen to paper?
2859.0EVTAI1::POUTHIERWed Aug 23 1989I need your help
2860.0WJG::GUINEAUThu Aug 24 1989USENET stuff on WJG::
2861.02PANIC::JACOBThu Aug 24 1989MONITORS - what are my non-Commodore options?
2862.010LOWLIF::DAVISThu Aug 24 1989Logical name wishes
2863.0DICKNS::MACDONALDThu Aug 24 1989Amiga in Aviation Week
2864.05FRAIS2::ZIMMERMANNThu Aug 24 1989Amiga-shopping in Florida, where ?
2865.05HKFINN::FUThu Aug 24 1989Beginner's questions on modeming
2866.01LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Aug 24 1989New Amiga-based TV show
2867.03CAM::ARENDTFri Aug 25 1989Home design package?
2868.08CAM::ARENDTFri Aug 25 1989Reality for two.
2869.0CAM::ARENDTFri Aug 25 1989Amiga,graphic resolutions, and monitors?
2870.05LEDS::ACCIARDISat Aug 26 1989Populous, and a fix
2871.06MLNOI1::RONCAGLIONIMon Aug 28 1989A2
2872.01CAM::ARENDTMon Aug 28 1989Mail system for the Amiga?
2873.0SHARE::DOYLEMon Aug 28 1989Anlyticalc on "Amiga.Decus" Question
2874.068DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Aug 29 1989Where's the Ultimate Amiga Comm Program?
2875.0ELWOOD::PETERSTue Aug 29 1989PD software move ( FISH and more... )
2876.030GUCCI::HERBTue Aug 29 1989is spacekillers PD yet??
2877.052GIDDAY::OHTARASPTue Aug 29 1989RZ22/23 WITH G.V.P.
2878.012FRAMBO::BALZERWed Aug 30 1989Floppy interface uploaded...
2879.04SHARE::DOYLEWed Aug 30 1989can't copy from WJG or TAPE...
2880.01ECOLND::ROYWed Aug 30 1989PROWRITE UPGRADE 2.5
2881.016RBW::WICKERTWed Aug 30 1989SUPRA 2 meg 2
2882.010BAHTAT::BOOTHThu Aug 31 1989Circuit Diagram for Disk Drive Wanted!
2883.05HXOAThu Aug 31 1989COPIES NEEDED!
2884.012LOWLIF::DAVISThu Aug 31 1989Warning! Weird graphics problem alert!
2885.06CURRNT::SOBOTFri Sep 01 1989Flashing "Caps Lock" etc...
2886.01HPSCAD::GATULISFri Sep 01 1989Any SORT utilities around ?
2887.08WJG::GUINEAUFri Sep 01 1989AmigaDOS 1.3.2?
2888.029BAGELS::BRANNONFri Sep 01 1989Atari news
2889.01KYOA::MIANOSat Sep 02 1989SCCS/CMS
2890.05CURRNT::SOBOTMon Sep 04 1989Copying via sliding icons
2891.03FRAMBO::BALZERTue Sep 05 1989NecFC uploaded
2892.030Z::TENNYTue Sep 05 1989TAPE:: Fred Fish archive corruption reports
2893.02SHIRE::FITZGERALDTue Sep 05 1989Have Money, Will Buy
2895.05VFOFS::PHILLIPSTue Sep 05 1989Kings Quest questions
2896.07LODGE::LENTue Sep 05 1989To Power-down or NOT to Power-down
2897.03ALASKA::QUIRICITue Sep 05 1989shell redir prob?
2898.0SHARE::DOYLEWed Sep 06 1989Help with Spirit HDA st5
2899.05UFP::LARUEWed Sep 06 1989Can an LK25
2900.07SHARE::DOYLEThu Sep 07 1989Faster Transfer Question
2901.06KYOA::MIANOThu Sep 07 1989HELP! Hard Disk Problem
2902.08DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Sep 08 1989VMS vs AmigaDOS for Archiving Files
2903.02BAGELS::BRANNONFri Sep 08 1989commodore marketing news
2904.01LEDS::ACCIARDISun Sep 10 1989New Uploads and Updates
2905.020VANISH::RICHARDSONSun Sep 10 1989Help me choose
2906.013NBOSWS::FRIESSun Sep 10 1989Getting output from other appl.
2908.0GIDDAY::MORANMon Sep 11 19894693D printer driver
2909.020NBOSWS::FRIESTue Sep 12 1989Starting Tasks from a Task ?
2910.0EEMELI::LINDENTue Sep 12 1989DI's F16 Combat Pilot
2911.04MANIS1::KRAUSSTue Sep 12 1989transformer 1.3 ??
2912.01MILTSS::MILOSTue Sep 12 1989Latest DME version anybody?
2913.0DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Sep 12 1989Latest VLT
2914.02BUSHIE::WHELANTue Sep 12 1989broken floppy...
2915.05OZZAIB::BARRETTWed Sep 13 1989Post Serials
2916.02ELWOOD::PETERSWed Sep 13 1989World of Commodore
2919.02HYDRA::CHICOINEFri Sep 15 1989Carmon Sandiego --> Amiga
2920.010SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Sep 15 1989UK. Good news, dealers, parts, prices, etc
2921.02WJG::GUINEAUFri Sep 15 1989a PAL in the USA
2922.01ASDS::WARDFri Sep 15 1989Deja vu - DeluxePaint and DECSTATION
2923.02NOTIBM::MCGHIESat Sep 16 1989Small Spreadsheet
2924.04MERIDN::BARRETTSun Sep 17 1989Yet another cry for download help!
2925.04KBOMFG::HAUCKSun Sep 17 1989Neptun pics
2926.07BAHTAT::BOOTHMon Sep 18 1989INFO on Backup progs needed.
2927.04MINDER::ADRIANMon Sep 18 1989BBC EMulation
2928.01AYOV28::ATHOMSONMon Sep 18 1989Problems with Amigantt.
2929.02CGOFS::WADLEIGHMon Sep 18 1989Supra downgrade??
2930.07KYOA::MIANOMon Sep 18 1989MMU Questions
2931.07NBOSWS::FRIESMon Sep 18 1989Catch reset and GURUS
2932.02SHARE::DOYLETue Sep 19 1989Any Iff Sounds around?
2934.01LOWLIF::DAVISTue Sep 19 1989NewTek's Video Toaster
2935.010MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMTue Sep 19 1989Help with screen programming?
2936.01LODGE::LENTue Sep 19 1989Desk Top Publishing Wars
2937.018NEEPS::MCLARKWed Sep 20 1989Amiga-SCART
2938.04LASHAM::EASTWed Sep 20 1989Corrupt Games Disk Again
2939.07SHARE::DOYLEWed Sep 20 1989Pure Bit Not Set
2940.07BAHTAT::BOOTHThu Sep 21 1989Name of Chip for Board needed
2941.06BAHTAT::BOOTHThu Sep 21 1989Help on Sculpt-3d
2942.0AYOV28::ATHOMSONThu Sep 21 1989VIBRA.ZOO uploaded.
2943.027SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Sep 21 1989GIF to DDIF converter available
2944.013TALLIS::MCAFEEThu Sep 21 1989Amiga Repair info from USENET
2945.07VMSDEV::BUFORDThu Sep 21 1989Mail-order printers?
2946.04RLAV::LITTLEThu Sep 21 1989MicroVAX 2
2947.04BAHTAT::BOOTHFri Sep 22 1989Animation Prog from Domark
2948.01KYOA::MIANOFri Sep 22 198968
2949.09EEMELI::LINDENFri Sep 22 1989Professional Page v1.3
2950.0MERIDN::ROSCETTIFri Sep 22 1989New Rev DPaint III
2951.028SALEM::LAWRENCEFri Sep 22 1989Wordprocessor Comparisons
2952.03CGOUFri Sep 22 1989Fish 237-244 on TAPE::
2953.05HPSCAD::GATULISFri Mar 16 19901.3 rom / ShoWiz problem?
2954.0HPSCAD::GATULISSat Sep 23 1989Maybe a Virus Source??
2955.06SUBURB::BOYDAMon Sep 25 1989what! no printer!
2956.05CAM::ARENDTMon Sep 25 1989Monitor sharing Amiga/IBM
2958.07WJG::GUINEAUMon Sep 25 1989Looking for SCSI Tape driver for A2
2959.08MQOFS::DESROSIERSTue Sep 26 1989Genlocks and Flicker fixer
2960.01ODIXIE::WASKEWICZTue Sep 26 1989Lucas bd. w/Starboard
2962.09HPSCAD::GATULISWed Sep 27 1989Kickstart 1.3 Help
2963.031LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Sep 27 1989The Ultimate, No Really, Directory Utility
2964.03FSDEV3::JBERNARDThu Sep 28 1989AProDraw Tablet/Software
2965.010NOBHIL::BODINE_CHThu Sep 28 1989LN
2966.09DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Sep 29 1989PowerPacker V2.3a Don't Leave Home Without It!
2967.05DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Sep 29 1989Custom Workbench Disk
2968.013CGOUFri Sep 29 19895
2969.018HPSTEK::PWRHOG::COLLINSFri Sep 29 1989Dealers in Marlboro area
2970.06LOWLIF::DAVISFri Sep 29 1989So Long And Thanks For All The Fish (disks)
2971.0MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMSat Sep 30 1989Lattice C 5.
2972.02FSDEV3::JBERNARDSat Sep 30 1989HP 7475A Xon/Xoff info needed
2973.01RIPPLE::LUKE_TESat Sep 30 1989Power Pins on RGB Port
2974.010WELSWS::FINNISMon Oct 02 1989Where is ABasiC ?? Please..
2975.011AYOV28::ATHOMSONMon Oct 02 1989Psion Organiser connection.
2976.05MCDNLD::MACDONALDMon Oct 02 1989New Uploads
2977.011SALEM::LEIMBERGERMon Oct 02 1989Shadow of the Beast
2978.04LINCON::MGAINESTue Oct 03 1989Help with HARD DISK STUFF.
2979.05BOMBE::MOORETue Oct 03 1989How does AutoBoot work?
2980.01FNYFS::KENNEDYTue Oct 03 1989Review: Books & Manuals
2981.05VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINWed Oct 04 1989ALF new offering
2982.0JGO::LOENDERSLOOTWed Oct 04 1989Sidecar problem
2983.08DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Oct 04 1989New MachII V2.6
2984.0KETJE::VLASIUWed Oct 04 1989Thinking about Amigas
2985.09SHARE::DOYLEWed Oct 04 1989need Help getting the right assembeler..
2986.01STARCH::STOFFELWed Oct 04 1989Where is ZOO? And kermit too?
2987.07SMAUG::SPODARYKWed Oct 04 1989Rambling about graphics
2988.01DNEAST::BAKER_CHUCKThu Oct 05 1989Printer file question.
2989.02KYOA::MIANOThu Oct 05 1989DiskMechanic?
2990.03WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIFri Oct 06 1989Perth Australia Needs Help
2991.06MQOFS::DESROSIERSFri Oct 06 1989Invisible directories
2993.05CGOFS::DREWFri Oct 06 1989GIF to IFF/HAM converter Avail
2994.018GLORY::SHIVESFri Oct 06 1989PC to PC file transfer
2995.07LINCON::MGAINESFri Oct 06 1989XMODEM from node CVG, HELP!!!
2996.05NAC::BRANNONFri Oct 06 1989Minimegs A1
2997.09DIZZY::CORKUMMon Oct 09 1989Paint Programs ?
2998.01DIZZY::CORKUMMon Oct 09 1989king of chic & one/on/one ?
2999.017DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Oct 09 19892999?
3000.04DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Oct 09 1989Amiga Note 3
3001.02EEMELI::LINDENMon Oct 09 1989Problem with Stack,
3002.03HPSCAD::GATULISMon Oct 09 1989Looking for MEM diag info
3003.01CGOWGS::OAKLEYMon Oct 09 1989Fish 245-25
3004.03WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIMon Oct 09 1989Where is FRAIS2::
3005.0EVTAI1::POUTHIERTue Oct 10 1989I would like to use my tablet
3006.0WJG::GUINEAUTue Oct 10 1989ARP 1.3 user's docs
3007.0LEVERS::PLOUFFTue Oct 10 1989Harold Copperman to speak at BCS
3008.02KETJE::VLASIUWed Oct 11 1989ROM Kernel 1.3 Manual
3009.09SHARE::DOYLEWed Oct 11 1989Help needed converting
3011.010LINCON::MGAINESWed Oct 11 1989AMIGA on TV TONIGHT.
3012.03DUGGAN::GAYWed Oct 11 1989Unprintable is really unprintable
3013.03WJG::GUINEAUThu Oct 12 1989New stuff on WJG::AMIGA:
3014.011DECWET::TBAKERThu Oct 12 1989A5
3015.013HPSTEK::SENNAThu Oct 12 1989Help with... mon "AMI"
3016.02WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIThu Oct 12 1989Using Amiga Sources & Binaries
3017.014DRIVEN::SANFORDThu Oct 12 1989PostScript support for LJ25
3018.04WJG::GUINEAUFri Oct 13 1989Lattice 5.
3019.02WJG::GUINEAUSat Oct 14 1989SAY this story on Amiga
3020.06DWOMV2::CAMPBELLSat Oct 14 1989Question - RX23 @72
3021.018LEDS::ACCIARDISat Oct 14 1989Hard Drivin' - Coming Soon to Amy
3022.0DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Oct 16 1989A23
3023.01HYDRA::CHICOINEMon Oct 16 1989Beginner's Music questions.
3024.039LEDS::ACCIARDITue Oct 17 1989New Amiga Commercials
3025.0BARDIC::RAVANTue Oct 17 1989Game Notes and Spoilers
3026.06HXOAWed Oct 18 1989LOAN OF DEC PRODUCTS
3028.03NAC::BRANNONWed Oct 18 1989Copying to floppies
3029.04ECOLND::ROYWed Oct 18 1989HELP WITH .ZOO AND .ARC
3030.02HPSTEK::PWRHOG::COLLINSThu Oct 19 19893D,animate3D,3Dxl,4D,4Djnr
3032.013LEVERS::PLOUFFFri Oct 20 1989VT1
3033.0NOTIBM::MCGHIESun Oct 22 1989New HAM Pictures
3034.014SALEM::LEIMBERGERSun Oct 22 1989optical mouse
3035.04MILKWY::JANZENMon Oct 23 1989Dial up the Amiga from a remote location
3036.018SHARE::DOYLEMon Oct 23 1989Deluxe Video III and DPaintIII upgrade news!
3037.0DRIVEN::SANFORDMon Oct 23 1989Soft Designs Inc, (617) 489-4
3038.02DRIVEN::SANFORDMon Oct 23 1989Amiga Fantavision demo of Franklin Fly
3039.02CANOVA::MELISTue Oct 24 1989ZOO: can you spend two words?
3040.02MCDONL::BARRETTTue Oct 24 1989Amiga stores in Connecticut?
3041.031DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Oct 24 1989SNAP
3042.016MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMTue Oct 24 1989(Lattice ?) C question: disappearing memory
3043.07BAHTAT::BAINBRIDGECWed Oct 25 1989advice needed
3044.02BRSOPI::VLASIUWed Oct 25 1989Why not a faster custom chip set ?
3045.04FRAIS3::VIETENWed Oct 25 1989Was ist hier eigentlich los???
3046.04HPSCAD::GATULISWed Oct 25 1989Animated Pointers ?
3047.02TLE::RMEYERSWed Oct 25 1989Lattice Update Arrives
3048.02SALEM::LEIMBERGERThu Oct 26 1989TASS ???
3049.01HKFINN::FUThu Oct 26 1989When is the next computer show?
3050.08CRISTA::LEIMBERGERFri Oct 27 1989SimGen
3051.06CSOA1::CURTISFri Oct 27 1989DIGA woes...
3052.01SMAUG::SPODARYKFri Oct 27 1989"new" Multi-Media platform (Amiga fighter :^)
3053.01NWDFri Oct 27 1989<...A1
3054.09Z::TENNYSat Oct 28 1989Supra Drives: Good, or bad product?
3055.06DECWET::TBAKERSat Oct 28 1989New Uploads to NORSE::AMIGA:[UPLOAD]
3056.08AYOV28::ATHOMSONMon Oct 30 1989Would you believe Donkey-Kong ?
3057.042515::BOOTHMon Oct 30 1989Budget s/w
3058.018OPHION::WEISSMANMon Oct 30 1989Music notation software?
3059.05FSCORE::KAYEMon Oct 30 1989Deluxe Video V3.
3060.01JGO::CHAPMANTue Oct 31 1989Janus and script bits
3061.0SHARE::DOYLETue Oct 31 1989New Amiga Graphics Magazine
3062.07HPSCAD::GATULISTue Oct 31 1989Help with "Alias"
3063.02CADSE::TERELLATue Oct 31 1989Christmas Special
3064.03UKCSSE::BATTARBEEWed Nov 01 1989AMIGA 5
3065.0SHARE::DOYLEWed Nov 01 1989Arghhh, Not another Hard Drive Question!!!!
3067.05VULCAN::GATESThu Nov 02 1989A5
3069.02CSOA1::CURTISFri Nov 03 1989A59
3070.02AYOV28::ATHOMSONFri Nov 03 1989Executable IFF files?
3071.0OBIWAN::MIANOFri Nov 03 1989Laser Printers Revisited
3072.07SHIRE::FITZGERALDSun Nov 05 1989Dungeon Master Save Problem
3073.07HYSTER::DEARBORNMon Nov 06 1989Block Out
3074.08DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Nov 06 1989Ppage V1.3
3075.01AYOV28::ATHOMSONMon Nov 06 198916Mhz '
3076.01ECOLND::ROYMon Nov 06 1989GEN ONE PROBLEM
3077.01NAC::BRANNONMon Nov 06 1989Printing IFF HAM pictures
3078.04SUBSYS::BUSCHMon Nov 06 1989Mini database wanted.
3079.0HPSCAD::GATULISMon Nov 06 1989E.A. DPrint II Update
3080.0SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Nov 07 1989Coming over for christmas.
3081.03BAGELS::BRANNONTue Nov 07 1989question about CDC SCSI harddisk
3082.03CSOA1::CURTISTue Nov 07 1989New Games...
3083.0WJG::GUINEAUTue Nov 07 1989ARP 1.3 Programmers stuff!!
3084.012CADSE::TERELLATue Nov 07 1989August AmigaWorld ??
3085.01SHARE::DOYLEWed Nov 08 1989New Photon Series Additions
3086.01LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Nov 08 1989Pop-up Menus, ala X-Windows
3087.0LODGE::LENThu Nov 09 1989Hot new joy(mouse)stick from Advanced Gravis
3088.09FSCORE::KAYEThu Nov 09 1989anyone running Rodime HD's
3089.024BRICHS::FENTON_RThu Nov 09 1989LN
3091.09DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Nov 10 1989Video Titling
3092.01STKHLM::BE_NYBERGFri Nov 10 1989XLISP crashes my AMIGA
3093.01OBIWAN::MIANOFri Nov 10 1989Getting the 68881 to work with Lattice C
3094.0HPSCAD::GATULISFri Nov 10 1989Marble Madness Question
3095.023MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMSat Nov 11 1989Lattice C 5.
3096.01BRILLO::FENTON_RMon Nov 13 1989VT Monitors with Amiga
3097.09CADSE::DEROOMon Nov 13 1989use apple monitor with an AMIGA ?
3098.09GUCCI::HERBMon Nov 13 19894
3099.01OBIWAN::MIANOMon Nov 13 1989PostScript to LaserJet?
3101.03SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Nov 14 1989Commodore in VNS
3103.08AYOV28::ATHOMSONTue Nov 14 1989Help with project required.
3104.05FROCKY::BALZERTue Nov 14 19891st AmiExpo in Germany (Cologne)
3105.0ASDS::WARDTue Nov 14 1989Apple re-eng. Amiga Blitter
3106.011CGOFS::OAKLEYTue Nov 14 1989Fish 251-26
3107.03CSC32::J_JOHNSONTue Nov 14 1989local copy/print screen @ vt2
3108.08SMAUG::SPODARYKTue Nov 14 1989E-Mail to Commodore
3109.02--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 14 1989OMTI 3527 w/2 HD's
3110.0TOOLS::PIQUE::FREANTue Nov 14 1989Abasic, anyone?
3111.010TROATue Nov 14 1989Animated Sequence Help
3112.09CSC32::J_PARSONSWed Nov 15 1989Latest BADGE demos available
3113.02DNEAST::RICHARD_RUDYWed Nov 15 1989is amiga 1
3114.09CADSE::TERELLAWed Nov 15 1989Word Processing Recomendations?
3115.0LEDS::BUSCHWed Nov 15 1989Fireworks on the Amiga?
3116.01GLORY::SPATOULASWed Nov 15 1989Where is ARP's Ashell ??
3117.04BSS::BENNINGWed Nov 15 1989Printer cable problem, disables second drive
3118.08FSCORE::KAYEWed Nov 15 1989ARP & WB1.3.2
3120.01WJG::GUINEAUThu Nov 16 1989The NEW Dealer Demo Diskette from CBM
3121.01FSDEV3::JBERNARDThu Nov 16 1989AProDraw Tablet Jumpers?
3122.014DECWET::DAVISThu Nov 16 19898 Color Workbench Query
3123.01HYSTER::DEARBORNFri Nov 17 1989Outline Fonts from Gold Disk
3124.011STKAI2::SMEDBERGSun Nov 19 1989Pascal for Amiga
3125.010STKAI2::SMEDBERGSun Nov 19 1989ILLEGAL OR NOT!?!
3126.04SYSTEM::HELLIARMon Nov 20 1989Math tuition packages
3127.03YUPPIE::WILSONMon Nov 20 1989Flexible Bus Extender
3128.01CSOA1::CURTISMon Nov 20 1989Warp woes....
3129.0RLAV::WEGERMon Nov 20 1989Fairlight/Northstar megademo III ???
3130.0ECOLND::ROYTue Nov 21 1989Storing Arc and Zoo
3131.0WJG::GUINEAUTue Nov 21 1989CBM Pricing on new stuff
3132.05AYOV28::ATHOMSONTue Nov 21 1989Help for handicapped person.
3133.04BRICHS::FENTON_RTue Nov 21 1989Protext
3134.07OTOFS::S_SCHMIDTTue Nov 21 1989Recommendations - Adventure Games?
3135.05EEMELI::LINDENTue Nov 21 1989Amiga from Germany
3136.05DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Nov 21 1989PPage V1.3 Corrupt File Syndrome
3137.012KYOA::MIANOTue Nov 21 1989New F-16 Simulators
3138.07KYOA::MIANOTue Nov 21 1989Loading the Printer Device?
3139.04GVATue Nov 21 1989Looking for an Amiga in Reading
3140.0WJG::GUINEAUWed Nov 22 1989Happy Thanksgiving!
3141.02HYDRA::CHICOINEWed Nov 22 1989ZOO ?'s
3142.0JGO::LOENDERSLOOTWed Nov 22 1989Sidecar BIOS needed
3143.01SHARE::DOYLEWed Nov 22 1989Video Tape Tutorial for D-Paint III
3144.0GIDDAY::MORANWed Nov 22 1989Serial port probs
3145.01WILARD::BARRETTWed Nov 22 1989Thanks for the memory...
3146.06STKAI2::SMEDBERGWed Nov 22 1989Mac & PC for A5
3147.07SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Nov 24 1989Amiga ads on British TV!!!!!
3148.0JGO::VREULSFri Nov 24 1989SMITH-CORONA Fastext 8
3149.018BSS::CALLAGHANFri Nov 24 1989Supraram 2
3150.0KYOA::MIANOSun Nov 26 1989Operation Counterstrike hints?
3151.03HPSCAD::GATULISMon Nov 27 1989Call Waiting Question
3152.01SHARE::DOYLEMon Nov 27 1989Like to get the DRAGON LAIR DEMO, but.......
3153.05HAMER::DRAGOMIRESCUMon Nov 27 1989A1
3154.09AKOV11::SMITHMon Nov 27 1989Digitizing 35mm Slides with DIGIVIEW
3156.07DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Nov 27 1989VirusX V4
3157.0111SRUS::MARKMon Nov 27 1989ECOs to a rev 4.3 motherboard?
3158.01FRAIS2::ZIMMERMANNTue Nov 28 1989Wire-Diagram for external floppy
3159.04ALASKA::QUIRICITue Nov 28 1989chip questions
3160.09HAMER::DRAGOMIRESCUTue Nov 28 1989A1
3161.07BSS::BENNINGTue Nov 28 19895
3162.015CIMNET::KYZIVATTue Nov 28 1989need help with VLT
3163.03AYOV28::ATHOMSONWed Nov 29 1989The Wedge ?
3164.01HPSCAD::GATULISWed Nov 29 1989Help creating a ZOO Archive
3165.02USRCV1::MCNALLTWed Nov 29 1989USED A5
3166.0SHARE::DOYLEWed Nov 29 1989question about iff sound files.
3167.014HYSTER::DEARBORNWed Nov 29 1989DigiView 4.
3168.0WJG::GUINEAUWed Nov 29 1989NEW USER Introductions from COMP.SYS.AMIGA
3169.02BLKWDO::ARBUCKLEThu Nov 30 1989SHIFT-KEY Problems
3170.03FRSOLD::ZIMMERMANNThu Nov 30 1989Backup on video-tape
3171.04LEDS::BUSCHThu Nov 30 1989System hangs, what's happening?
3172.02SALEM::LEIMBERGERFri Dec 01 1989Voice reconigition
3173.03LEDS::SKRALYFri Dec 01 1989Amiga + Camcorder
3174.01LEVERS::PLOUFFFri Dec 01 1989BCS Amiga December Meetings
3175.01SSDEVO::YESSEFri Dec 01 1989No SW version labels?
3176.016DUGGAN::GAYFri Dec 01 1989Upload problems (download wks fine)
3177.0KYOA::MIANOSat Dec 02 1989Distribution Disks Causing Gurus?
3178.07LINCON::MGAINESSat Dec 02 1989X-COPY help!
3179.07CNTROL::STEVENSMon Dec 04 1989A5
3180.01BSS::BENNINGMon Dec 04 1989NEC P22
3181.047LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Dec 04 1989Latest NewTek Demo(s)
3182.015LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Dec 04 1989DeskJet Plus vs Cheap Laser
3183.046LSNCSC::BLANCTue Dec 05 1989rz23
3184.07SHARE::DOYLEWed Dec 06 1989Mouse Failure, opinion requested.
3185.05AYOV28::ATHOMSONWed Dec 06 1989Help (yes with Hard disks again!)
3186.013MUNICH::CARLIWed Dec 06 19892 ST-5
3188.05Z::TENNYWed Dec 06 1989Play by Phone Games - Harvard, MASS. Area
3189.01BOMBE::KINDELWed Dec 06 1989Let there be Music!
3190.0SYSTEM::HELLIARWed Dec 06 1989any AMIGOs @REO
3192.08SALEM::LEIMBERGERThu Dec 07 1989GVP
3194.01LEDS::BUSCHThu Dec 07 1989VCR Videotape labels.
3196.02CSC32::K_APPLEMANFri Dec 08 1989Note for Problems with A59
3197.013LEVERS::PLOUFFFri Dec 08 1989Animation Studio by Disney Software
3198.0ASDS::WARDFri Dec 08 1989MINIX licensing for Amiga sought
3199.0BAGELS::BRANNONFri Dec 08 1989Who Framed Roger Rabbit v1.1
3200.07KYOA::MIANOSat Dec 09 1989RCS
3201.07KURMA::GAITKENHEADSat Dec 09 1989Sound Samplers
3202.010CGHUB::MILLER_CSun Dec 10 1989A5
3204.02GVAMon Dec 11 1989Looking for WP packages
3206.01HPSTEK::PWRHOG::COLLINSMon Dec 11 19891 1 1.8 meg A5
3207.031LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Dec 11 1989Ed's (3D) Icons
3208.01KBOMFG::HAUCKMon Dec 11 1989EGA -> 1
3209.05EEMELI::LINDENTue Dec 12 1989GVP's SCSI controller with 2Mb RAM
3210.03SASE::ROYTue Dec 12 1989OFF 1/2 SPACE, WHY?
3211.013AYOU27::JBECKTue Dec 12 1989THE WORKS - does it ?
3212.01WILARD::BARRETTTue Dec 12 1989AMIexpo '9
3213.015NSSG::SULLIVANTue Dec 12 1989A5
3214.01EMC2::PELLATTWed Dec 13 1989PROLOG for the Amiga ?
3215.0HAMER::DRAGOMIRESCUWed Dec 13 1989A1
3216.0NDLIS4::ISTURMWed Dec 13 1989MD3
3217.017HYSTER::DEARBORNWed Dec 13 1989Design 3D from Gold Disk
3218.021GLDOA::STOUGHTONWed Dec 13 1989Syncho Express Copier
3219.04GLDOA::STOUGHTONWed Dec 13 1989Where's Your Software????
3220.0729633::CALLAGHANWed Dec 13 1989Linedrawing doesn't work w/vt1
3221.0WJG::GUINEAUWed Dec 13 1989ship_rotate animation
3222.01FSCORE::KAYEFri Dec 15 1989which fonts does LN
3223.02WJG::GUINEAUSat Dec 16 1989CMI is out
3224.09HYSTER::DEARBORNSun Dec 17 1989Looking Back...
3225.013CRISTA::LEIMBERGERMon Dec 18 1989BattleTech
3226.06JGO::CHAPMANMon Dec 18 1989ProWrite upgrade - telephone number?
3227.010BELFST::MCCLINTOCKMon Dec 18 1989Park'n the drive (A59
3228.01SHARE::DOYLEMon Dec 18 1989Swords of Twilight
3229.07FRSOLD::ZIMMERMANNMon Dec 18 1989startup-question
3230.02POLAR::RIDGEMon Dec 18 1989Bad Dudes info requested
3231.011NZOVMon Dec 18 1989Pointer problem...?
3232.07NZOVMon Dec 18 1989Address 'assles
3233.04FSDEV3::JBERNARDMon Dec 18 1989IFF to Color Slides - where?
3234.04PEEVAX::GIFFORDMon Dec 18 1989Format of Juggler data file????
3235.04SHIRE::FITZGERALDTue Dec 19 1989New Zealand Story Teleporters?
3236.08STKAI2::SMEDBERGTue Dec 19 1989arc & zoo!!!!
3237.07EVTAI1::POUTHIERTue Dec 19 1989 I would like buy AMAX but I need some answer
3238.0SHARE::DOYLETue Dec 19 1989Maybe I already have a Fat Agnus!!!
3239.02CANAM::SULLIVANTue Dec 19 1989Professional Dataretrieve woes
3240.07RLAV::LITTLETue Dec 19 1989JDCP - UUCP on an Amiga
3241.029CGOWGS::OAKLEYTue Dec 19 1989A big haul this time.
3242.01CANAM::SULLIVANWed Dec 20 1989CD ROM file system information....
3243.05NSSG::SULLIVANWed Dec 20 1989Multimedia for the Amiga??? Missing niches?
3244.01GVAThu Dec 21 1989Dpaint II to LJ25
3245.013ASABET::KUMPELThu Dec 21 1989GOOD DEALS ?????
3246.017EVER11::TEKOA::CANNONThu Dec 21 1989HELP !!!!
3247.04CGOFS::OAKLEYThu Dec 21 1989VectorBalls demo from Germany
3248.02CGOFS::OAKLEYThu Dec 21 1989What is SEKA???
3249.0DPDMAI::ANDERSONAThu Dec 21 1989Amiga BCK Restore
3250.03GIDDAY::LAWSONThu Dec 21 1989MRbackup
3251.06KYOA::MIANOThu Dec 21 1989Do you have this problem with Falcon?
3252.07YUPPIE::WILSONThu Dec 21 1989Escort HD and Minimegs Memory
3253.0BRILLO::FENTON_RThu Dec 21 1989Christmas
3255.01CGOFS::OAKLEYFri Dec 22 1989ARexx goodies.
3256.03CADSYS::KOSLOWFri Dec 22 1989Available Memory and Mountlist
3257.03CSC32::J_WETHERNFri Dec 22 1989Colorado Springs Dealers?
3258.0LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Dec 22 1989New Uploads to TAPE::
3259.07LEDS::ACCIARDITue Dec 26 1989New Video Mode gadget
3260.02AMIGA2::MCGHIETue Dec 26 1989Kindwords Superfonts Query
3261.04SALEM::LEIMBERGERTue Dec 26 1989ProPage output
3262.01LSNCSC::LSNCSC::BLANCWed Dec 27 1989Where are these demos ??
3263.0SHARE::DOYLEWed Dec 27 1989Music questions
3264.0HKFINN::MACDONALDWed Dec 27 1989NARC Bulletin
3265.09PEAKS::SCHROEDERWed Dec 27 1989What all can the Amiga emulate???
3266.02WILARD::BARRETTWed Dec 27 1989Is automatic powerup possible?
3268.0CSC32::J_PARSONSThu Dec 28 1989LHWARP disk packer
3269.02HPSTEK::SENNAThu Dec 28 19891meg Memory deal (8
3270.01GVAThu Dec 28 1989INSTRUMENTS.IFF files
3271.01CARTUN::BELLThu Dec 28 198925
3272.06SALEM::LEIMBERGERThu Dec 28 1989Wshell
3273.03RLAV::LITTLEFri Dec 29 1989Commodore dropping Amiga??????
3274.01FSCORE::KAYEMon Jan 01 1990Diskmaster shows 99-DEC-9999 instead of 1-JAN-199
3275.01GVATue Jan 02 1990Difference DPAINT III and DPAINT II
3276.08TOOK::D_SHERMANTue Jan 02 1990non-user needs low res output
3277.06CGOWGS::OAKLEYTue Jan 02 19901.2mb 5.25" floppy info???
3278.02MLNAD2::CAPOZZIWed Jan 03 1990Hardware & software questions....
3279.05PGG::MYERSWed Jan 03 1990Word processing etc...
3280.01EVTAI1::POUTHIERWed Jan 03 1990 Copy of CHEAPHD.ZOO impossible
3281.0PAOIS::BARRAUDWed Jan 03 1990BIG BAND
3282.027KIRKTN::GAITKENHEADWed Jan 03 1990Games & more Games
3283.06LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Jan 03 1990Laser Printer Update
3284.03KIRKTN::GAITKENHEADWed Jan 03 1990INTERCEPTOR Questions
3285.049NZOVWed Jan 03 1990The complete Fred Fish catalogue
3286.01BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jan 03 1990UK Amigan with KERMIT or similiar???
3287.01STKHLM::BE_NYBERGThu Jan 04 1990SB-Prolog - memory requirements?
3288.02LEDS::BUSCHThu Jan 04 1990Phasar, rev 4.
3289.02AKOV11::SMITHThu Jan 04 1990Backing up StarWars
3290.02EEMELI::LINDENThu Jan 04 1990WANTED TO BUY!!
3291.02CGOFS::OAKLEYThu Jan 04 1990FF283-294
3292.05DICKNS::MACDONALDThu Jan 04 1990ZIP for the Amiga Now Available
3293.02YIPPEE::GOULNIKThu Jan 04 1990GO AMIGO! phone #
3294.01JGO::CHAPMANFri Jan 05 1990Chips for 8-UP
3295.017JGO::CHAPMANFri Jan 05 1990GVP A3
3296.03FSCORE::KAYEFri Jan 05 1990PPage and WP problems
3298.014LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jan 07 1990CrossDos and External Floppy
3299.06LEDS::ACCIARDISun Jan 07 1990Letter from X-CAD
3300.04JGO::CHAPMANMon Jan 08 1990GO on the Amiga
3301.01STKAI2::NLILJAMon Jan 08 1990ComputerShops in London ?
3303.013TROAMon Jan 08 1990Help !!! Shadow Of The Beast
3304.0VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINMon Jan 08 1990NOW a VLTjr User & very happy..
3305.0MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMMon Jan 08 1990A note on Disk-2-Disk and 64 question
3306.075NZOVMon Jan 08 1990Fred Fish Catalogue improvements
3307.013LEDS::ACCIARDIMon Jan 08 1990Bars & Pipes Demo
3309.011EUCLID::OWENTue Jan 09 1990Quarterback/Supradrive problems
3310.048SHARE::DOYLETue Jan 09 1990Faster than 19.2k over null modem?
3311.06PEKING::NONDEPTue Jan 09 1990Help for AMIGA5
3312.01Z::TENNYTue Jan 09 1990Grounding PAL chips in A1
3313.02NSSG::SULLIVANTue Jan 09 1990C-Ltd Bites the dust??? You Decide!
3314.017STKHLM::BE_NYBERGTue Jan 09 1990.LZH ???
3315.023STKHLM::BE_NYBERGWed Jan 10 1990VaxStation->AMIGA via diskette?
3316.0FSDEV3::JBERNARDWed Jan 10 1990Keyboard and Keymap Q&A's
3317.02ULYSSE::ZITTAWed Jan 10 1990RS232 Amiga port and PC S/W
3318.06EEMELI::LINDENWed Jan 10 1990OMEGA - Neural Cybertank Design and Simulation
3319.06WJG::GUINEAUWed Jan 10 1990Qmouse and VLT battle it out
3320.03YIPPEE::GOULNIKWed Jan 10 1990Structured Drawing
3321.05YIPPEE::GOULNIKWed Jan 10 1990WB 1.3 LA5
3322.01DWOMV2::CAMPBELLThu Jan 11 1990Supra HD for A5
3323.013AYOV28::ATHOMSONThu Jan 11 1990no diskcopy !
3324.0AYOV3Thu Jan 11 1990Organize! help required
3325.03UBEAUT::MANDERSONThu Jan 11 1990anyone using tapes for backups???
3326.05GIDDAY::MORANThu Jan 11 1990Help with ARexx
3327.011UBEAUT::MANDERSONThu Jan 11 1990anyone got a program to remove <cr>'s ???
3328.0BSS::CALLAGHANThu Jan 11 1990Looking for Multi-Grafix format package
3329.04KIRKTN::GAITKENHEADThu Jan 11 1990BATMAN cheat
3330.09FILTON::FENTON_RThu Jan 11 1990Captain Blood
3331.01CSOA1::CURTISFri Jan 12 1990Keypad question again..
3332.03FSDEV3::JBERNARDFri Jan 12 1990IFF to Slides or Prints - Test
3333.017DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Jan 12 1990CanDo Does!
3334.0CGOFS::OAKLEYSat Jan 13 1990FF295-3
3335.03JGO::CHAPMANMon Jan 15 1990Can't delete files!
3336.0GVAMon Jan 15 1990Using an LVP16 with the AmIGA
3339.010DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Jan 15 1990FTP
3340.03SHARE::DOYLEMon Jan 15 1990Quality Games in Basic...
3341.022HYDRA::CHICOINEMon Jan 15 1990Pen Pal <-> Prowrite comparison?
3342.04LSNCSC::BLANCMon Jan 15 1990Handshake and special keyboard keys
3343.010MSVAX::BARRETTTue Jan 16 1990Loading Kickstart using SETCPU
3344.09PGG::MYERSTue Jan 16 1990SuperBase help needed.
3345.0VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINTue Jan 16 1990Fat Agnus
3346.09WEDOIT::DAUBTue Jan 16 1990New owner startup file help needed!
3347.01YUPPIE::WILSONTue Jan 16 1990SuperPlan printing problem
3348.010CGOFS::R_RYANTue Jan 16 1990My brother wants an AMIGA!!!!!
3349.0TALLIS::MCAFEETue Jan 16 1990Floptical Drives <$5
3350.021WJG::GUINEAUWed Jan 17 1990RAM for A262
3352.011SMAUG::SPODARYKWed Jan 17 1990Getting WB Screen info
3353.042HPSTEK::SENNAWed Jan 17 1990Save this notesfile...
3354.04SHARE::DOYLEWed Jan 17 1990Tk5
3355.07MSVAX::BARRETTWed Jan 17 1990VAUX-KILLER Demo problems
3357.015GWYNED::GATULISWed Jan 17 1990SID 1.
3358.05YUPPY::PEGLEYWed Jan 17 1990A5
3359.06PEKING::NONDEPWed Jan 17 1990Amiga, add on Price
3360.039VCSESU::MOOREThu Jan 18 1990Time for a Marlboro gathering!!
3361.014FILTON::FENTON_RThu Jan 18 1990Colour Photographs
3362.010SASE::ROYThu Jan 18 1990Another ZOO question
3364.01DECWET::DAVISThu Jan 18 1990RCS comment leader
3365.03HYDRA::CHICOINEFri Jan 19 1990SIGGRAPH Anim. Festival
3366.0SHARE::DOYLEFri Jan 19 1990Tek Graphics Tablet to Amiga?
3367.06TROPPO::FSINHOUSEFri Jan 19 1990Sources for hard drive project
3368.08LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Jan 19 1990Amiga RealTime Monitor
3369.06LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Jan 19 1990More Static Problems?
3370.06TROPPO::FSINHOUSESat Jan 20 1990LHARC Source uploaded to TAPE!
3371.02EUCLID::OWENSun Jan 21 1990Assign a multi-worded disk name?
3373.0SSDEVO::YESSESun Jan 21 1990Well now, lattice C...
3374.0CSC32::J_PARSONSMon Jan 22 1990Track Display Utility
3375.015WKSHOP::DEBRUYNMon Jan 22 1990CLtd Hard Drive Controller
3377.01GVAMon Jan 22 1990Where are the databases
3378.08GVAMon Jan 22 1990Floppy sloooooow....
3379.06FSCORE::KAYEMon Jan 22 1990looking for video titling ideas
3380.0VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINTue Jan 23 1990New files on Tape
3381.06BSS::CALLAGHANTue Jan 23 1990Getting tools to appear on main display at STARTUP
3382.07BELFST::MCCLINTOCKTue Jan 23 1990VR241 Problem
3384.02MSVAX::BARRETTTue Jan 23 1990LQP
3387.01POTS::VISSERWed Jan 24 1990source for proto cards for 2
3388.016LEDS::ACCIARDIWed Jan 24 1990SetClock Error Message
3389.02KURMA::GAITKENHEADWed Jan 24 1990DRam question
3390.0VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINWed Jan 24 1990ESDI and QIC-
3391.08DWOMV2::CAMPBELLThu Jan 25 1990Another VLTjr question...
3393.012SHARE::DOYLEThu Jan 25 1990Sculpt Animate 4D jr.
3394.0NWDThu Jan 25 1990** REDMOND CABLE CO.**
3395.02SUVSat Jan 27 1990PD matrix lab?
3396.01PEKING::NONDEPSun Jan 28 1990General Help on Fish disk !
3397.06BELFST::MCCLINTOCKSun Jan 28 1990DVideo III Animbrush help
3398.02BELFST::MCCLINTOCKSun Jan 28 1990The Point of No Return!
3399.01FILTON::FENTON_RMon Jan 29 1990The race for 4
3400.04FILTON::FENTON_RMon Jan 29 1990Money - making
3401.0MSVAX::BARRETTMon Jan 29 1990Looking for ARCHON I patch
3402.018EUCLID::OWENMon Jan 29 1990the ultimate maxed-out AMIGA system
3403.013HPSCAD::GATULISTue Jan 30 1990What's happening with Amiga sales?
3404.05AKOV11::SMITHTue Jan 30 1990DIR command help
3405.01WJG::GUINEAUTue Jan 30 1990Game on WJG - Sorry!
3406.02BOMBE::MOORETue Jan 30 1990AmiOmega - from USENET
3407.0MSVAX::BARRETTTue Jan 30 1990Change suggestions for 3meg+ systems
3408.03JGO::ENG_STAGWed Jan 31 1990I wanna build my own memory expander!!
3410.04HYDRA::CHICOINEWed Jan 31 1990Space Ace
3411.07HYDRA::CHICOINEWed Jan 31 1990Floppy Cleaning ???'s
3412.04WJG::GUINEAUWed Jan 31 1990Animation for Sculpt 3D
3413.03SUBURB::RUSSELLSWed Jan 31 1990downloading
3414.013UBEAUT::MANDERSONWed Jan 31 1990Any software for genealogy/family history about???
3415.08BAHTAT::HILTONThu Feb 01 1990Using VMSZOO on VAXstation 31
3416.04NITMOI::WITHERSThu Feb 01 1990Help! An LA5
3417.04MQOFS::LEDOUXThu Feb 01 1990Calling Paris.
3418.05LEDS::ACCIARDIThu Feb 01 1990A262
3419.08BAHTAT::HILTONThu Feb 01 1990PD Disks--->SoftPC--->Amiga????
3420.04POLAR::GOSLINGThu Feb 01 1990A1
3421.014ENOVAX::BARRETTThu Feb 01 1990Need HELP aborting a background SHOW task
3422.06BSS::CALLAGHANThu Feb 01 1990:Looking for the latest copy of VIRUSX or a good virus checker
3423.0HPSCAD::GATULISThu Feb 01 1990free color ribbons ?
3424.03AIMHI::DEROOFri Feb 02 1990need help for 5
3425.07CAM::ARENDTFri Feb 02 1990WP/Nec P52
3426.02BUZZER::GERBERFri Feb 02 1990Beware of buying any MINDSCAPE product.....
3427.08BELFST::MCCLINTOCKSat Feb 03 1990Robust Software
3428.08WJG::GUINEAUSat Feb 03 1990End of the Cold War
3429.097KALI::PLOUFFSat Feb 03 1990A1
3430.04CGHUB::MILLER_CSun Feb 04 1990Novice need tutorial info
3431.07SALEM::LEIMBERGERSun Feb 04 1990Amigados on IIGS
3432.0KLO::COLLINSMon Feb 05 1990Frances
3433.06LEDS3::ACCIARDIMon Feb 05 1990New Uploads to TAPE
3435.03BAHTAT::HILTONMon Feb 05 1990Complete(ish) TAPE Listing
3436.020ENOVAX::BARRETTMon Feb 05 1990DEC mouse on an Amiga
3437.013SHARE::DOYLEMon Feb 05 1990Looking for Capture...
3438.02DAVIDS::KUBELKAMon Feb 05 1990How to connect a CGA/EGA Monitor
3439.03EUCLID::OWENMon Feb 05 1990Supradrive Autoboot problems
3440.0WJG::GUINEAUMon Feb 05 1990Cheap Hard disks
3441.010BAHTAT::HILTONMon Feb 05 1990External drive + 2 disk games etc
3442.01GVATue Feb 06 1990Using Amiga monitor on RGB port?
3443.01EVTAI1::POUTHIERTue Feb 06 1990I'm looking for RD&L PRODUCTION's adress
3444.08CADSE::TERELLATue Feb 06 1990Help! Cure is worse than Virus
3445.01BAHTAT::HILTONTue Feb 06 1990Other conferences
3446.0PERN::LONGTue Feb 06 1990Dropping screen virus???
3447.0CSOA1::STOUGHTTue Feb 06 1990Broken 2
3449.03GIDDAY::MORANTue Feb 06 1990FACC II ?????????
3450.02NZOVTue Feb 06 1990Good Mouse available for the Amiga!
3451.016YIPPEE::GOULNIKTue Feb 06 1990PostScript printers - How much ?
3452.010YUPPY::PEGLEYWed Feb 07 1990VLTjr problems
3453.07ISIDRO::JIMENEZWed Feb 07 1990Help on CSIX - IFF to SIXEL conversion
3454.03CADSE::TERELLAWed Feb 07 1990Xeno Virus ???
3455.018LEDS::BUSCHWed Feb 07 1990Xetec Fasttrak hard disk controller.
3456.011TRUCKS::CHANTThu Feb 08 1990Lattice C V6
3457.01WELMTS::FINNISThu Feb 08 1990Ethernet for A5
3458.0WELMTS::FINNISThu Feb 08 1990Image converter
3460.08HXOAThu Feb 08 1990BEST A2
3461.03CGOUThu Feb 08 1990Fish disks 3
3462.0KALI::PLOUFFThu Feb 08 1990"Bundle" Deals for Business, Music and Videographics
3463.01YUPPY::HAMBLYFri Feb 09 1990Motherboard Rev 6.
3464.015PULSAR::MARKSFri Feb 09 1990Which spreadsheet should I buy?
3465.08TALLIS::MCAFEEFri Feb 09 1990DVS Wonder (A1
3466.0DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Feb 12 1990PostScript Newsletter
3467.0DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Feb 12 1990PageStream V1.8
3468.0DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Feb 12 1990Can Someone FTP This File Across?
3469.0HPSCAD::GATULISTue Feb 13 1990Looking for info on WICO
3470.05PULSAR::MARKSTue Feb 13 1990Ext. floppy drives?
3471.03DNEAST::SEELEY_BOBTue Feb 13 1990TurboSilver to Motion/Object Editor 'upgrade'
3472.06BSS::CALLAGHANTue Feb 13 1990SOUND SAMPLING: How many formats, where are the tools?
3473.03BAHTAT::HILTONTue Feb 13 1990Monitor differences
3476.04HYSTER::DEARBORNWed Feb 14 1990Hard Drives International
3477.06SHARE::DOYLEWed Feb 14 1990Updated BBS List online?
3479.02SHARE::DOYLEWed Feb 14 1990Soundtracker Anyone?
3480.08DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Feb 14 1990AmigaNOS 9
3481.07CIMNET::KYZIVATWed Feb 14 1990Cheap Floppy Disks
3482.06VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINWed Feb 14 1990PC board for A5
3484.0LSNCSC::BLANCThu Feb 15 1990FRAUG anyone ??
3485.09ENOVAX::BARRETTThu Feb 15 1990HELP! Want to connect an RD32 (SEAGATE ST-225)
3486.05WELMT2::FINNISThu Feb 15 1990FRAIS2 OK ?
3487.0WELMT2::FINNISThu Feb 15 1990Get SAY: right
3488.014BAHTAT::HILTONThu Feb 15 1990Amiga CD Games console?
3489.0KBOMFG::HAUCKThu Feb 15 1990115k baud with the amiga?
3490.0BAHTAT::HILTONFri Feb 16 1990DEC equipment?
3491.02DECWET::DAVISFri Feb 16 1990I Need FF261-289.
3492.04GUESS::MEISELLFri Feb 16 1990Video tool: Pro Video Plus
3493.0SMAUG::LINDSEYSat Feb 17 1990OCR for the Amiga?
3495.02GVASat Feb 17 1990RD51 --> AMIGA 5
3496.06PERN::LONGSun Feb 18 1990VIRUSX - NOKLICKSTART interaction
3497.02WHAMMY::SPODARYKMon Feb 19 1990Task vs. Process vs. ???
3498.0LEDS::BUSCHMon Feb 19 1990X-Y Plotter (HPGL?)
3499.0CGOFS::WADLEIGHMon Feb 19 1990SCRIPIT - Fish 288
3500.02MARVIN::SCOTTMon Feb 19 1990How do I use a VGA monitor on the A5
3502.0FROCKY::BALZERMon Feb 19 1990Looking for CNews...
3503.01BIS2::HENDERIX_CTue Feb 20 1990Bloodwych anyone ?
3504.0DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Feb 20 1990New Version of AmigaNOS (KA9Q)
3505.010TROATue Feb 20 1990**wanted dead or alive**
3506.01DWOMV2::CAMPBELLTue Feb 20 1990How about AMIGA-LAT?
3507.014FRAMBO::BOFFOWed Feb 21 1990DMCS disk busted ...
3508.0SHARE::DOYLEWed Feb 21 1990Video Tutorials 3D Cookbook and Advanced DPIII
3509.011TALLIS::MCAFEEWed Feb 21 1990MSH - Shareware alternative to CROSSDOS!
3510.03FSCORE::KAYEThu Feb 22 1990how to plot Superbase data?
3511.06SHARE::DOYLEThu Feb 22 1990help with digitizing camera needed.
3512.0SHARE::DOYLEThu Feb 22 1990Amiga Only Pricelist
3513.020HXOAThu Feb 22 1990Multi-Sync Compatiblity
3514.05DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Feb 23 1990New Gadgetry for the Amiga
3515.04SHARE::DOYLEFri Feb 23 1990Disk Cataloging Programs????
3516.0EEMELI::LINDENFri Feb 23 1990SyQuest 3.5" RHD???
3517.08SHARE::DOYLEFri Feb 23 1990Difference between DIP and SIM?
3518.01NEWPRT::HERRING_LAFri Feb 23 1990Newuser Questions
3519.0NEWPRT::HERRING_LAFri Feb 23 1990Superbase Professional Question...
3520.05MQOFS::LEDOUXFri Feb 23 1990Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
3521.01DELREY::HERRING_LAFri Feb 23 1990Having problems transferring!!!!!!!!!
3522.011LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Feb 23 1990Goodies for LaserJet II(P)
3523.011WJG::GUINEAUSat Feb 24 1990longer keyboard cable?
3524.03HYDRA::BOAENSat Feb 24 1990UltraCard Woes!
3525.05JGO::CHAPMANMon Feb 26 1990New toys=new problems for A2
3526.012ENGINE::OWENMon Feb 26 1990Any problems with Abel supply (mail order)???
3527.02DECWET::DAVISMon Feb 26 1990IS THERE A A5
3528.08AKOV11::SMITHMon Feb 26 1990Printing Graphics?
3529.03UBEAUT::MANDERSONMon Feb 26 1990Interconnections cables - pin connections
3530.01CGOFS::GIBBMon Feb 26 19901.3 Include Disk
3531.02SHARE::DOYLETue Feb 27 1990Scene Generator Reviewed...
3532.08CGOFS::R_RYANTue Feb 27 1990Something aint right here!
3533.05SHARE::DOYLEWed Feb 28 1990need help compileing DBW URAY for Vax VMS?
3534.0GVAWed Feb 28 1990A59
3535.04DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Feb 28 1990A263
3536.013SALEM::LEIMBERGERWed Feb 28 1990updates etc
3537.0BAHTAT::HILTONThu Mar 01 1990Hard disk MYSTERY!
3539.01RTPSWS::ZIMMERMANThu Mar 01 1990GVP's Impact A5
3540.02BEEBLE::PATELFri Mar 02 1990Problems with ARC
3541.019WHAMMY::SPODARYKFri Mar 02 1990Amiga-DECnet is running
3542.04POLAR::RIDGEFri Mar 02 1990explanation required on Mutant Ninja Turtles
3543.010CGOFS::CADAMSFri Mar 02 1990New Shareware CAD Package - PLANS
3544.05CGOUSun Mar 04 19903d object libraries
3545.02FRAMon Mar 05 1990another HARDRIVE problem A2
3546.010SHARE::DOYLEMon Mar 05 1990Ramblings.........
3547.06NITMOI::WITHERSMon Mar 05 1990Imtronics ProRam 1.8 (for the A5
3548.05NAC::BRANNONMon Mar 05 1990Nodem: SCSI to Ethernet
3549.02EUCLID::OWENMon Mar 05 1990Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for Amiga
3550.01PEEVAX::GIFFORDMon Mar 05 1990A1
3551.0VISUAL::WEAVERMon Mar 05 1990Video Systems article on using Amiga with video
3552.03YUPPY::PEGLEYMon Mar 05 1990PLAN.LZH Flicker Problem
3553.02SMAUG::LINDSEYTue Mar 06 1990C-LTD SCSI / 8-UP problems
3554.05ENOVAX::BARRETTTue Mar 06 1990Help -- HardDisk installation problems
3555.017LSNCSC::BLANCTue Mar 06 1990la75 in compatible mode
3556.010BAHTAT::HILTONTue Mar 06 1990CrossDOS tryware problem
3557.01EVTAI1::POUTHIERTue Mar 06 1990 Connector pin layout for 86Pins and 62PINS
3558.08ULTRA::BURGESSWed Mar 07 1990Memory expansion card with disc controller ?
3559.05GVAWed Mar 07 1990Education for kids!
3560.06TOPGUN::STUDENT1Thu Mar 08 1990TML undersells Abel on GVP A5
3562.0CACHE::BEAUREGARDThu Mar 08 199068
3563.017YUPPY::PEGLEYThu Mar 08 1990WPS Editor for Amiga anybody?
3564.08MQOFS::DESROSIERSThu Mar 08 1990Another rag polished
3565.0EVTAI1::POUTHIERThu Mar 08 1990XEBEC hardrive interface
3566.05PEKING::NONDEPFri Mar 09 1990Read / write error disk
3567.01GVAFri Mar 09 1990SCSI general questions
3568.0SHARE::DOYLEFri Mar 09 1990Need input on Federation game.
3569.01NAVIER::MELLITZFri Mar 09 1990A1
3570.03ACESMK::SNIDERFri Mar 09 1990Help needed with a Phoenix Controller
3571.033GIDDAY::MORANSat Mar 10 1990IFF > GIF Converter
3572.01NZOVSat Mar 10 1990Zork Zero - A new Challange; A new Beginning!
3573.0CSC32::J_PARSONSSun Mar 11 1990Cyberball Demo Availability?
3574.012REPAIR::TRIMMINGSMon Mar 12 1990F-16 COMBAT PILOT.
3575.05FSCORE::KAYEMon Mar 12 1990need help with digitized maps
3576.012AKOV11::SMITHMon Mar 12 1990Upload Problem with Zmodem
3577.014SALEM::LEIMBERGERMon Mar 12 1990multi what??????
3578.02LARVAE::TIERNEYTue Mar 13 1990 A5
3579.02GIDDAY::LAWSONTue Mar 13 1990RD52 interleaving
3581.06EVTAI1::POUTHIERTue Mar 13 1990RD52,RD53 -----> RLL or MFM ???
3582.0FILTON::FENTON_RWed Mar 14 1990Frogger
3583.0SHARE::DOYLEWed Mar 14 1990Printshop to Amiga?
3584.01SHARE::DOYLEWed Mar 14 1990Cheap Tape Backup?
3585.06HYEND::JWARNERWed Mar 14 1990Parallel to Serial Converter
3586.01SHARE::DOYLEThu Mar 15 1990Review of Federation
3587.021DICKNS::MACDONALDThu Mar 15 1990FYI
3588.0215618::MELLITZSun Mar 18 1990File Transfer Utilities
3589.0618583::ACCIARDISun Mar 18 1990New uploads to TAPE
3590.05HPSTEK::PWRHOG::COLLINSMon Mar 19 1990directions to system eyes
3591.015196::OWENMon Mar 19 1990a couple of script questions
3592.012EUCLID::OWENMon Mar 19 1990Dragon's Lair II demo?
3593.02422Tue Mar 20 1990German tutor
3594.046ENOVAX::BARRETTTue Mar 20 1990The Amiga UPLOAD directory
3595.04BAGELS::BRANNONTue Mar 20 1990AmiExpo rumors
3596.08EUCLID::OWENWed Mar 21 1990I need a good SPREADSHEET program.
3597.013SHARE::DOYLEWed Mar 21 1990New Framegrabber for Amiga...
3598.02AKOV11::SMITHWed Mar 21 1990AutoDial DF
3599.02ENOVAX::BARRETTWed Mar 21 1990PPage postscript problems
3600.018KURMA::GAITKENHEADWed Mar 21 1990It Came From The Desert
3602.03PEBBLE::mwmWed Mar 21 1990Anyone else on the West Coast?
3603.0CSC32::J_PARSONSWed Mar 21 1990New Anims on TAPE
3604.05SHARE::DOYLEThu Mar 22 1990Capture Cartridge for amiga
3605.0ELMST::VERMAThu Mar 22 1990SetKeyMap and GetKeyMap examples
3606.09KYOA::MIANOThu Mar 22 1990Lattice ASM Syntax for Bitfield Instructions
3607.07ENOVAX::BARRETTThu Mar 22 1990Miscellaneous WANTED items
3608.0CSOA1::CURTISThu Mar 22 1990NORSE, where are you ?
3609.06APACHE::MYERSThu Mar 22 1990Need stripped down Workbench
3610.03DICKNS::MACDONALDThu Mar 22 1990PPage V1.3 Probs
3611.05KYOA::MIANOThu Mar 22 1990ProWrite document conversion to text
3612.01CGOFS::OAKLEYThu Mar 22 1990FF311-FF33
3613.03FILTON::FENTON_RFri Mar 23 1990X-Copy
3614.0NAC::BRANNONFri Mar 23 1990Cable to connect an A2
3615.01WJG::GUINEAUMon Mar 26 1990Amiga Notes like lightning
3616.016DEVIL1::PILOTTEMon Mar 26 1990The Jetsons
3617.02CSC32::T_HUTCHINMon Mar 26 1990How effective are PROJECT-D/RAWCOPY?
3618.03NSSG::SULLIVANMon Mar 26 1990Risk (tm) game for the Amiga - Review
3619.02VFOVAX::BELLMon Mar 26 1990Want an A3
3620.05EVTAI1::POUTHIERMon Mar 26 1990 CHEAPHD project for FRENCH AMIGAN
3621.06SALEM::LEIMBERGERTue Mar 27 1990Impulse-
3622.04ENOVAX::BARRETTTue Mar 27 1990MEMGUARD alert messages
3623.0311SRUS::REEDTue Mar 27 1990INFESTATION (a new game from PSYGNOSIS)
3624.029WELMTS::FINNISWed Mar 28 1990World Database maps wanted
3625.03MILKWY::JANZENWed Mar 28 1990Submitting to Amiga Software Library
3626.02DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Mar 28 1990ASDG
3627.038CSOA1::CURTISWed Mar 28 1990DMCS woes..
3628.0PEEVAX::GIFFORDWed Mar 28 1990Wedge-like thing - IO base address query
3629.01PRSUD1::GADAVEThu Mar 29 1990discovering an old dusty soft again...
3630.01EUCLID::OWENThu Mar 29 1990Goodbye, and a couple of last questions
3631.025MQOFS::S_SAUVEThu Mar 29 1990Really need help with Supra
3632.0CACHE::BEAUREGARDThu Mar 29 1990coupons from C=
3633.03GVAThu Mar 29 1990la5
3634.0NAVIER::MELLITZFri Mar 30 1990VT2
3635.01NAVIER::MELLITZFri Mar 30 1990VT2
3636.02MILKWY::JANZENFri Mar 30 1990AlgoRhythms beta test
3637.02MILKWY::JANZENFri Mar 30 1990no console workbench startup
3638.028HXOAFri Mar 30 1990Screen Blankers
3639.013DECWET::DAVISSat Mar 31 1990WB Icon W/Oq Volume label?
3640.02NSSG::SULLIVANSat Mar 31 1990ASDG announcements Ethernet/DECnet/Image Processing
3641.03ALASKA::QUIRICIMon Apr 02 1990dial-in to dec fx-#?
3642.03MILKWY::JANZENMon Apr 02 1990Motorola ordered to halt 68
3643.0GIDDAY::MORANTue Apr 03 1990Compaction routine help !!!!
3644.05MEALA::COLLINSTue Apr 03 1990Pheonix expansion and 8-up problems
3645.0WHAMMY::SPODARYKTue Apr 03 1990Canon LBP-CX laser printer?
3646.02TROATue Apr 03 1990Amiga Version of ARC
3647.03ENOVAX::BARRETTTue Apr 03 1990SMUS ---> MIDI?
3648.012AYOV28::ATHOMSONWed Apr 04 1990RX23 on Amiga.
3649.06BAGELS::BRANNONWed Apr 04 1990ICD Advantage 2
3650.04VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINThu Apr 05 1990info on Board Master
3651.06YIPPEE::GOULNIKThu Apr 05 1990ProWrite -> WordPerfect -> PPage
3652.05AKOV11::SMITHThu Apr 05 1990Need Help with COMPRESS.EXE
3653.01STKAI2::LJONSSONFri Apr 06 1990LA1
3654.04PGG::MYERSFri Apr 06 1990BASIC isn't always basic!
3655.04CAM::ARENDTFri Apr 06 1990Clean up For Sale Note 8.* please!
3656.01AYOV28::ATHOMSONMon Apr 09 1990How many slots ??
3657.07LSNCSC::BLANCMon Apr 09 1990Ray tracing very fast on....
3658.015SHARE::DOYLEMon Apr 09 1990Need help with pins on a Nintendo Controler
3659.02GLDOA::STOUGHTONTue Apr 10 1990two questions......
3660.01KYOA::MIANOTue Apr 10 1990Ear Training Programs???
3661.03CLO::COBURNTue Apr 10 1990JrComm V
3662.02DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Apr 11 1990UUCP V1.
3663.026SHARE::DOYLEWed Apr 11 1990Space Rogue
3664.02AUNTB1::PRESSLEYWed Apr 11 1990User interface tools
3665.011NOBOZO::HENNESSYWed Apr 11 1990A color printer, my kindom from a color printer
3666.07BBQ::GERAGHTYWed Apr 11 1990Proposals for Reorganisation of TAPE::
3667.015GIDDAY::LAWSONWed Apr 11 1990cheap 68
3668.09NACCEE::WILTSHIREThu Apr 12 1990F-29 Retaliator
3669.02CSSE::MOLLOYThu Apr 12 1990Help required to get started on 5
3670.04SHARE::DOYLEFri Apr 13 1990Need Advice on Mice!
3671.0DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Apr 13 1990New Supra Handler and Device Driver
3672.04ARRODS::GOLDSTEINSFri Apr 13 1990Adaptec 4
3673.010MSVAX::BARRETTFri Apr 13 1990Convert .SS to GIF / IFF?
3674.05PEKING::NONDEPMon Apr 16 1990Guru meditations
3675.010SALEM::LEIMBERGERMon Apr 16 1990dpaintIII hints,help?
3676.02CAM::ARENDTMon Apr 16 1990Home Builders CAD Discussion
3678.0SNOCMon Apr 16 1990HD Miniscribe 3
3679.07DECWET::DAVISMon Apr 16 1990People-Link
3680.05NAVIER::MELLITZTue Apr 17 1990PageSetter II vs. Pro Page V1.3
3681.04PUERTO::ALVAREZTue Apr 17 1990Keef the Thief
3682.03MILKWY::JANZENTue Apr 17 1990Serial port finickyness
3683.015DEMOAX::MCKENDRYTue Apr 17 1990VLTjr Kermit Send hangs
3684.011SKINUT::FOWLERTue Apr 17 1990DDIF to IFF -- test of concept
3685.02TRUCKS::CHANTTue Apr 17 1990Interactive maths package
3686.01TRUCKS::CHANTTue Apr 17 1990Taking pictures of the display
3687.09VULCAN::GATESWed Apr 18 1990Amiga to SCART connections
3688.09DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Apr 18 1990Wallet Alert!!!!
3689.0ALLVAX::TERELLAWed Apr 18 1990Amiga on DEnet
3690.0BBQ::GERAGHTYWed Apr 18 1990Zmodem downloads need ACKs for large files
3691.0NOTIBM::MCGHIEWed Apr 18 1990Bagpipes for SONIX ?
3692.04SHIRE::FITZGERALDThu Apr 19 1990Rainbow Islands
3694.0DAZED::GIUFFRIDAThu Apr 19 1990PD software by mail
3695.02ENOVAX::BARRETTThu Apr 19 1990Anyone going to the NY Show?
3696.07CGOFS::OAKLEYThu Apr 19 1990FF331-34
3697.03GIDDAY::MORANThu Apr 19 1990A5
3698.07MQOFS::LEDOUXThu Apr 19 1990Amiga to IBM:WP 5.
3699.0FROCKY::BALZERFri Apr 20 1990Virus warning...
3700.0FROCKY::BALZERFri Apr 20 1990DECnet-Amiga Phase V conference created...
3701.01SALEM::LEIMBERGERFri Apr 20 1990Chroma on 1
3702.01AKOV12::SMITHFri Apr 20 1990Amiga MSH: <-->VAX PCdisk (RX23)
3703.06DUGGAN::GAYFri Apr 20 1990Clay coated paper?
3704.01LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Apr 20 1990Commodore Express Program
3705.03SALEM::LEIMBERGERSat Apr 21 1990can't duplicate from WB
3706.05SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Apr 23 1990Yet Another Darn Printer Selection question.
3707.01PEKING::AYRESRMon Apr 23 1990Bubble Bobble
3708.011PEBBLE::mwmMon Apr 23 1990Software for working with audio digitizers?
3709.026VIVIAN::S_GOLDSTEINTue Apr 24 1990A3
3710.04LSNCSC::BLANCTue Apr 24 1990Mega demo number xxx
3711.05ULTRA::KINDELTue Apr 24 1990Whither ECS?
3712.0ALASKA::QUIRICITue Apr 24 1990help with newcli
3713.05DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Apr 24 1990Professional page V1.31 Problem
3714.021BUZZER::GERBERTue Apr 24 1990Several Fish Disks Temporarily Unavailable
3715.07ISIDRO::JIMENEZWed Apr 25 1990MS-DOS VT2
3717.013CGOAWed Apr 25 1990Aquarium Data 1-35
3718.03NAC::BRANNONWed Apr 25 1990renaming a bunch of files
3719.0NZOVWed Apr 25 1990WindWalker
3720.021TRUCKS::CHANTThu Apr 26 1990Hard disk read error
3721.014CSOA1::CURTISThu Apr 26 1990Genlock questions..
3722.034WJG::GUINEAUThu Apr 26 1990A5
3723.040WJG::GUINEAUThu Apr 26 1990More on A3
3724.0WJG::GUINEAUThu Apr 26 1990WB 2.
3725.04SHARE::DOYLEThu Apr 26 1990ST15
3726.0ARRODS::GOLDSTEINSThu Apr 26 1990More Info On ACB4
3727.02AYOU27::JBECKFri Apr 27 1990Sheet Music on an Amiga
3728.01WELSWS::FINNISSat Apr 28 1990Amicus Directory
3729.0NAVIER::MELLITZSun Apr 29 1990Video and Sony XBR-25 questions.
3730.02ELMST::VERMAMon Apr 30 1990Execute script file help
3731.0NITMOI::WITHERSMon Apr 30 1990Citizen 24-pin color printer printing offcenter
3732.010SHALOT::GEERDESMon Apr 30 1990Europe/US compatible?
3733.05AMIGA::RIESMon Apr 30 1990Any direct to disk audio digitizers out there?
3734.022CGOFS::DREWMon Apr 30 1990LHarc for VMS, available
3735.03SALEM::LEIMBERGERTue May 01 1990rgb->ntsc colors adjustment
3736.06ARRODS::GOLDSTEINSTue May 01 1990TSSNET & X11 Demo
3737.0AKOV11::SMITHTue May 01 1990WANTED DEAD, not ALIVE Mouse for body parts
3738.02SALEM::LEIMBERGERWed May 02 1990page ram or static column??
3739.06CGHUB::MILLER_CWed May 02 1990Supra Internal Modem - HELP!
3740.02CGHUB::MILLER_CWed May 02 1990New Digitizing Hardware Info
3741.021CSCOAC::KENDRIX_JWed May 02 1990Amiga 3
3742.09MILKWY::JANZENWed May 02 1990Software Developer's Liability
3743.0BOLTON::PLOUFFWed May 02 1990May Boston Computer Society Meetings
3744.05JGO::CHAPMANThu May 03 1990Booting from RAD
3745.05CLOSUS::J_BUTLERThu May 03 1990Texcraft Plus Problem?
3746.013WHAMMY::SPODARYKThu May 03 1990Hard Drive "protection"
3747.07WELSWS::FINNISThu May 03 1990C Manual on TAPE
3748.017MLCSSE::GREENEBThu May 03 1990A2
3749.03VFOVAX::BELLThu May 03 1990F/A-18 help
3750.03CRISTA::CAPRICCIOThu May 03 1990Game Review: Typhoon Thompson
3751.07APACHE::MYERSFri May 04 1990Prob's with Print Master +
3752.03DEMOAX::MCKENDRYFri May 04 1990Missing AMICUS files?
3753.0BAGELS::BRANNONFri May 04 1990Commodore 3rd quarter earnings from VNS
3754.03LEDS::ACCIARDIFri May 04 1990DynaCADD Announcement
3755.0WJG::GUINEAUMon May 07 1990ECS display modes
3756.01LEDDEV::PEACOCKMon May 07 1990need arc sources
3757.01RLAV::LITTLEMon May 07 1990BaseBoard and 5
3758.010GVAMon May 07 1990Help needed with MSH Please
3759.03CSC32::R_RASHTue May 08 1990HardFrame Set Up Problem
3760.03CSC32::J_MANNINGTue May 08 1990Meshugena
3761.0WJG::GUINEAUTue May 08 1990CONSOLE BUFFER (finally!)
3762.05GIDDAY::LAWSONTue May 08 1990Cheap RAM expansion
3763.0BOMBE::MOOREWed May 09 1990Hero's Quest
3764.04HEFTY::RIJOSAWed May 09 1990ZOO file errors
3765.02KIRKTN::GAITKENHEADWed May 09 1990Flight of the Intruder
3766.03NZOVWed May 09 1990Ports Of Call
3767.03SHIRE::FITZGERALDThu May 10 1990Pipe Mania!!!!!!
3768.0PAOIS::MCGOWANThu May 10 1990tester1
3769.02PAOIS::MCGOWANThu May 10 1990European/Canadian incompatibility?
3770.03DICKNS::MACDONALDThu May 10 1990Scholar Plus Modem
3771.01YIPPEE::GOULNIKThu May 10 1990Drawing tools/tablet/pencil
3772.010SNOCThu May 10 1990Any sewing patterns progs?
3773.013BELFST::MCCLINTOCKFri May 11 1990Disk Repartition
3774.013DICKNS::MACDONALDFri May 11 1990Price of Super Agnus
3775.02LEDDEV::PEACOCKFri May 11 1990Need LF adder
3776.0MILKWY::JANZENFri May 11 1990Flight Simulator II scenery format
3777.08NAVIER::MELLITZFri May 11 1990VTX?
3778.07RLAV::LITTLEFri May 11 1990Help with "EXECUTE: No K directive" error
3779.0CSC32::J_PARSONSSat May 12 1990Antepenult (PD role playing game)
3780.05MQOASat May 12 1990A1
3781.02BERFS3::RAUFMANNSun May 13 1990Bridgeboard-German Keyboard
3782.08NAVIER::MELLITZSat May 12 1990PPage Woes or Does Commadore Have a Problem?
3783.01FENRYS::mwmTue May 15 1990GVP (and other)
3784.01NZOVTue May 15 1990North & South
3785.04NZOVTue May 15 1990Budokan
3786.01NZOVTue May 15 1990Certificate offer - FREE!
3787.02GIDDAY::MORANWed May 16 1990Problems with OpenDiskFont()
3788.03MILKWY::JANZENThu May 17 1990Shortage: Microbotics Starboard II upper deck
3789.01TPWEST::MJJONESFri May 18 1990SyQuest 44mb Removable Media Hard Drive - Review
3790.03DECWET::DAVISFri May 18 1990ZOO v2.
3791.080DECWET::DAVISSun May 20 1990Turbo Silver 3.
3792.011VOX::HAGERTue May 22 1990Phone interface for voice via Ami?
3793.0MILKWY::JANZENTue May 22 1990SubLogic Flight Simulator II update
3794.0PEEVAX::GIFFORDTue May 22 1990Any info on Miniscribe 3212?
3795.0PEEVAX::GIFFORDTue May 22 1990Large Ami sale
3796.04BAHTAT::HILTONWed May 23 1990Amiga IFF to Postscript
3797.01PANIC::JACOBWed May 23 1990Download utilities.
3798.036IRNBRU::FINDLAYWed May 23 1990Good Database Applications ?
3799.04DECWET::DAVISWed May 23 1990Need floppy label printing util
3800.0BAHTAT::HILTONThu May 24 1990Treasure Island Dizzy
3801.02CSOA1::CURTISThu May 24 1990Access questions..
3802.01CSC32::J_MANNINGThu May 24 1990Champions of Krynn
3803.06RGB::ROSEThu May 24 1990Title Animation Program
3804.02FENRYS::mwmThu May 24 1990VR297 and Flicker Fixer
3805.02WELSWS::FINNISFri May 25 1990Uk Buletin Boards
3806.04CGOFS::CADAMSFri May 25 1990IFF compression
3807.02KYOA::MIANOFri May 25 1990Falcon Tricks
3808.0WJG::GUINEAUSat May 26 1990personal
3809.015SALEM::LEIMBERGERTue May 29 1990JX-1
3810.0ELWOOD::PETERSTue May 29 1990trade up to GVP 68
3811.04ASDS::WARDWed May 30 1990Bridgeboard/Win 3.
3812.04RIPPLE::LUKE_TEWed May 30 1990MIDI files from PC to Amiga?
3813.07Z::TENNYWed May 30 1990Shareware BBS software on A1
3814.04GVAThu May 31 1990Kindwords superfonts on LA5
3815.01CSC32::A_ANDERSONThu May 31 1990Spirit Genlock
3816.015FASDER::AHERBThu May 31 1990Need Perfect Vision 1.2!!
3817.01SNOFS1::ASHLEYThu May 31 1990Copying into default dir.
3818.013LEMAN::BURKHALTERFri Jun 01 19903D Animation and Rendering, advice?
3819.01WJG::GUINEAUFri Jun 01 1990cb v1.1
3820.01WJG::GUINEAUFri Jun 01 1990Writing a Device Driver
3821.08ABSISG::HENNESSYMon Jun 04 1990ProWrite upgrade offer
3822.01FILTON::FENTON_RMon Jun 04 1990Amiga Books
3823.03HPSCAD::GATULISMon Jun 04 1990Looking for AMiga DUMP !
3824.03DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Jun 04 1990News Feeds
3825.010NSSG::SULLIVANTue Jun 05 1990A11 on the Amiga
3826.068LEDS::ACCIARDITue Jun 05 1990Windows 3.
3827.026LEDS::ACCIARDITue Jun 05 1990Commodore's New Baby (CDTV)
3828.03POLAR::GOSLINGWed Jun 06 1990Flicker fix/rid cable?
3830.020TOOK::KEEGANWed Jun 06 1990ULTRIX tools needed
3831.07FILTON::FENTON_RThu Jun 07 19902nd drive problem
3832.03ELMST::VERMAThu Jun 07 1990Discount on A3
3833.015MAJORS::BASSETTFri Jun 08 1990Autoconfig RAM on A5
3834.02CGHUB::MILLER_CFri Jun 08 1990SIMM Source???
3835.0PANIC::JACOBMon Jun 11 1990Sound Advice
3836.012NAVIER::MELLITZMon Jun 11 1990GURU's on A2
3837.07ENOVAX::BARRETTMon Jun 11 1990Help! My 2
3838.07WJG::GUINEAUMon Jun 11 1990More stuff off Usenet
3839.02SHARE::DOYLEMon Jun 11 1990new 3d package description
3840.02HPSCAD::GATULISTue Jun 12 1990Looking for print driver help
3842.03JGO::ENG_STAGWed Jun 13 1990How to download from VAX via PC to AMIGA
3843.03KBOMFG::HAUCKWed Jun 13 1990CYMB and DSP?
3844.0TIPPLE::MIANOWed Jun 13 1990Postscript for the HP LaserJet IIP
3845.02FILTON::FENTON_RFri Jun 15 1990RD53 for Amiga?
3846.02NITMOI::WITHERSFri Jun 15 1990MRBackup V4.
3847.03OTIGER::R_CURTISFri Jun 15 1990Hello, NORSE...
3848.011CSCOAC::KENDRIX_JFri Jun 15 1990SZ.EXE help needed!
3849.01WJG::GUINEAUSun Jun 17 1990polygon fill tests
3850.01MILKWY::JANZENSun Jun 17 1990U**X or Amix shell?
3852.010SHARE::DOYLEMon Jun 18 1990 new "15
3853.01ARRODS::GOLDSTEINMon Jun 18 1990VIRUSX5
3854.02CRISTA::LEIMBERGERMon Jun 18 1990InnoVision Technology gone??
3855.0DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Jun 18 1990New SetCPU V1.6
3856.0HPSCAD::DMCARRMon Jun 18 1990HardBall II
3857.04ULTRA::KINDELMon Jun 18 1990Embedded Amigas
3858.0DECWET::DAVISMon Jun 18 1990Reflection/Glare solutions anyone?
3859.04GIDDAY::MORANTue Jun 19 1990CPM assembler needed or fail!!
3861.08YUPPY::DUTTONSTue Jun 19 1990AMIGA C HELP!
3862.03GVATue Jun 19 1990Dpaint-MSH-PCdisk-CSIX-LJ25
3863.05GLDOA::STOUGHTONTue Jun 19 1990Is Fred Dead??
3864.03SHARE::DOYLETue Jun 19 1990Need Summagraphics Driver
3865.08LEMAN::BURKHALTERTue Jun 19 1990VideoToaster?
3866.07WAV13::MILLERCWed Jun 20 1990DIGITAL_ARTLIB and Amiga Painting Programs
3867.02DWOMV2::CAMPBELLWed Jun 20 1990ULTRIX?
3868.09WELSWS::FINNISThu Jun 21 1990Fonts ??
3869.06SED75Thu Jun 21 1990BATMAN BACKUP
3870.010SHARE::DOYLEThu Jun 21 1990Vista - from Virtual Reality Labs
3871.02SHARE::DOYLEFri Jun 22 1990A5
3872.01MLNOI1::GATTIFri Jun 22 1990HARD Help from Italy
3873.010CGOFS::OAKLEYFri Jun 22 1990FF341-FF35
3874.017CURRNT::POWELLSat Jun 23 1990Comms Probs/TX Probs/Lotsa Probs
3875.013GIDDAY::PETTERSENSun Jun 24 1990Xenomorph - Sigourney Weaver where are you...
3876.01VCSESU::MOOREMon Jun 25 1990Space Quest I hints needed
3877.01GVATue Jun 26 1990help with unpacking
3878.04WEDOIT::DAUBTue Jun 26 1990Looking for LA5
3879.04LUCCIO::RONCAGLIONITue Jun 26 19902
3880.0EUCLID::OWENWed Jun 27 1990HP48SX <--> Amiga
3881.07CAM::ARENDTWed Jun 27 1990Vt2
3882.07OTOUThu Jun 28 1990Hockey League Simulator
3883.0KAHUNA::SUMNERThu Jun 28 1990The Amiga CDTV
3885.0SALEM::LEIMBERGERFri Jun 29 19903
3886.0FSDEV1::JBERNARDFri Jun 29 1990DECnet Phase IV for Amiga
3887.010AIMHI::DEROOFri Jun 29 1990688 Attack Sub
3888.09CURRNT::POWELLSat Jun 30 1990Viruses from Amiga to VAX? Panic mode?
3889.07GOBAMA::WILSONTLSun Jul 01 1990New part for the A5
3890.01NZOVSun Jul 01 1990Pirates By Microprose - Review time...
3891.03FILTON::FENTON_RMon Jul 02 1990RD53 on Amiga?
3893.034SHARE::DOYLEMon Jul 02 1990Stuck in Future Wars, help needed...
3894.06NZOVMon Jul 02 1990Postscript printing problem...
3895.0WEDOIT::DAUBMon Jul 02 1990ProWrite and an LA5
3897.0WJG::GUINEAUTue Jul 03 1990Semophores
3898.04MEALA::COLLINSTue Jul 03 1990Freezer cartriges
3899.01TEES::SYSTEMTue Jul 03 1990Download file locations
3900.04TROATue Jul 03 1990Help with SuperGen and Prov Video Plus Gold
3901.011CSCOAC::KENDRIX_JTue Jul 03 1990CygnusED
3902.03FOSTER::PILEEKITue Jul 03 1990News Reader
3903.0LEMAN::BLANCWed Jul 04 1990Any BBS list for Europe ??
3905.02WEDOIT::DAUBThu Jul 05 1990Help needed with Fonts and Graphics printing!
3906.01KAHUNA::SUMNERFri Jul 06 1990Amiga 3
3907.0IXION::PRYTHERCHFri Jul 06 1990Best sound sampler package ?
3908.0LEDS::ACCIARDISat Jul 07 1990PageStream Demo Onlin
3909.02OTOUSun Jul 08 1990jrcomm
3910.0LEMAN::BURKHALTERSun Jul 08 1990Computer Graphics World
3911.01MALMA1::SMEDBERGSun Jul 08 1990LHARC Where do i find it!
3912.02DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Jul 09 1990New CGT for PPage V1.31
3913.0WJG::GUINEAUMon Jul 09 1990Very Sad News - Rob Peck
3914.02--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 09 1990How do iI connect to DEC system?
3916.02DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Jul 09 1990New Uploads
3917.017EUCLID::OWENTue Jul 10 1990'BLEECHED' out 1
3918.0UPWARD::SANDERSBTue Jul 10 1990Easter Eggs
3919.0NZOVTue Jul 10 1990Capone Cheat
3920.05WJG::GUINEAUWed Jul 11 1990benchmarks
3921.010CSCOAC::KENDRIX_JWed Jul 11 1990*****JR Comm 1.
3922.0FASDER::AHERBWed Jul 11 1990Can anybody lend me a cheap genlock?
3923.09AYOV27::CWILLThu Jul 12 1990Their Finest Hour - The Battle of Britain
3924.01FROCKY::BALZERThu Jul 12 1990PostIt and BRNews at FRSMIC
3925.02WJG::GUINEAUThu Jul 12 1990Cliff Stoll at CRL for talk on Hackers, AstroPhysics and good cookie recipies
3926.0HYSTER::DEARBORNFri Jul 13 1990VR1
3927.05ARRODS::GOLDSTEINFri Jul 13 1990Looking for Tom Senna
3929.0ELWOOD::PETERSMon Jul 16 1990TAPE:: crashed
3931.033DECWET::DAVISMon Jul 16 1990Memory Wanted
3932.011SNOCMon Jul 16 1990PC4X4 DECstation Disks - SCSI and IDE - Can they be used?
3933.05CSCOAC::KENDRIX_JTue Jul 17 1990Vax Dir Util Needed!
3934.010REDSOX::MURATORITue Jul 17 1990A3
3935.014SALEM::LEIMBERGERTue Jul 17 1990CrossDos 4.
3936.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 19 1990Productivity on A3
3937.05FROCKY::BALZERThu Jul 19 1990LHARC 1.2
3938.01CGOFS::OAKLEYThu Jul 19 1990FF351-FF36
3939.012STAR::SLACKThu Jul 19 1990A2
3940.09MUSKIE::GAINESFri Jul 20 1990AEGIA DRAW 2
3941.028MEO78B::MANDERSONFri Jul 20 1990Downloads are fine - but uploads......
3942.0WJG::GUINEAUSat Jul 21 1990usenet stuff
3943.02SHARE::DOYLEMon Jul 23 1990Commodore 1581s on an A5
3944.014WJG::GUINEAUMon Jul 23 1990MegAmiga
3945.0WJG::GUINEAUTue Jul 24 1990GIF to SHAM converter
3946.016CAM::ARENDTTue Jul 24 1990High res monochrome?
3947.0WJG::GUINEAUTue Jul 24 1990A2
3948.01MSVAX::BARRETTTue Jul 24 1990Wanted: HD controller for the 2
3949.05WELSWS::FINNISTue Jul 24 1990What is ST-412
3950.0GIDDAY::ROMANITue Jul 24 1990chessplayer 215
3951.09BAGELS::BRANNONTue Jul 24 1990cbm news, heading for the mass market
3952.03OTIGER::R_CURTISTue Jul 24 199012/24 questions..
3954.010GIDDAY::ROHANWed Jul 25 1990NEED GOOD MYLA5
3955.05NITMOI::WITHERSWed Jul 25 1990Problems with ICONMASTER
3956.02FENRYS::mwmWed Jul 25 1990Deleting stuff from 8.*
3957.013AIMHI::DEROOWed Jul 25 1990can you run all-in-1 wps-plus from amiga via modemm
3958.07BAGELS::BRANNONWed Jul 25 1990Mac emulation news (rumor?)
3959.01GVAThu Jul 26 1990AMIGA -> DX7 SYSEX DUMP
3960.04OLYMP::RUEFFThu Jul 26 1990Used AMIGA 2
3961.0WJG::GUINEAUThu Jul 26 1990ARP.LIB
3962.06CSCOAC::KENDRIX_JThu Jul 26 1990Red Storm Rising
3963.01MLNCSC::M_FRANZONIThu Jul 26 1990drumming packages for Amiga ?
3964.04CSCOAC::KENDRIX_JThu Jul 26 1990Amiga Software for Downloading
3965.03MALMA1::SMEDBERGThu Jul 26 1990Keyboard Trouble
3966.01GVAThu Jul 26 1990Where is the PD SW?
3967.06WJG::GUINEAUFri Jul 27 1990FlickerFixer and WB 2.
3968.01WJG::GUINEAUFri Jul 27 1990A3
3969.0WJG::GUINEAUFri Jul 27 1990GVP
3970.08MSVAX::BARRETTFri Jul 27 1990Can Bridgeboards run w/o floppydrive?
3971.01DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Jul 27 1990Ed Discount
3972.011DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Jul 30 1990Amiga Video Terminal (AVT)
3976.09MEO78B::MANDERSONTue Jul 31 1990Review of some new utilities
3977.03ACOSTA::MIANOTue Jul 31 1990Dr. T's Music Software
3978.03SALEM::LEIMBERGERTue Jul 31 1990Pixel 3D
3979.067PEKING::AYRESRWed Aug 01 1990Up/Downloading- No Know How.
3980.02EEMELI::LINDENWed Aug 01 1990Sound of Amy coming through Active Speakers
3981.026MSVAX::BARRETTWed Aug 01 1990Controling the 2
3982.0MSVAX::BARRETTWed Aug 01 1990Amiga in ComputerWorld
3983.0DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Aug 01 1990FAX Photos
3984.05MSVAX::BARRETTThu Aug 02 1990Need Microline 92 info
3985.03GRANPA::RUYOUNGThu Aug 02 1990MIPS Benchmarks
3987.03VOGON::MORRELLFri Aug 03 1990Help with MSH
3988.08FILTON::FENTON_RFri Aug 03 1990Disk de-formatting!
3989.07SIOG::OBRIEN_PAULFri Aug 03 1990Display Transparent Text ???
3990.0WELSWS::FINNISFri Aug 03 1990A15
3991.06SHARE::DOYLEMon Aug 06 1990C LTD. -> Micro Dyne? #
3992.02ZEKE::DUDMANTue Aug 07 1990DRAKKHEN-game or hellish torture?
3994.013MUSKIE::GAINESTue Aug 07 19901
3995.020EUCLID::OWENTue Aug 07 1990A thumbs up for AMIGAVISION
3996.0WJG::GUINEAUWed Aug 08 1990wjg moving
3997.04MAJORS::BASSETTWed Aug 08 1990Who or what is gdos ?
3998.09WJG::GUINEAUWed Aug 08 1990GIF to RGB converter
3999.04NZOVWed Aug 08 1990See ya round...
4000.08BERFS3::RAUFMANNWed Aug 08 1990TSSnet and missing FAL
4002.01BAHTAT::BAHTAT::HILTONThu Aug 09 1990How to upload a bootable disk?
4003.09MUSKIE::GAINESThu Aug 09 1990AMY Problems with disk.
4004.09SHARE::DOYLEFri Aug 10 1990Help needed fast, System problems.
4005.012MSVAX::BARRETTFri Aug 10 19902
4006.05BAGELS::BRANNONFri Aug 10 1990good news from education market
4007.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZSat Aug 11 1990PAL on Amiga viewing
4008.04LAPUTA::GOULNIKMon Aug 13 1990Amiga <-> Macintosh
4009.02EEMELI::LINDENMon Aug 13 1990KICKIT v2.
4010.0TAGART::ATHOMSONMon Aug 13 1990Help wanted - A2
4011.025CGOFS::CADAMSMon Aug 13 1990New Version of VLT(Jr) available.....
4012.02LARVAE::MUNSON_PTue Aug 14 1990Address wanted
4014.05CRISTA::LEIMBERGERTue Aug 14 1990The Animation Studio
4015.0DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Aug 14 1990Some Problems to Solve!
4016.01DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Aug 14 1990Preferences
4017.03HAMER::DRAGOMIRESCUWed Aug 15 1990Microbotics 2Meg.?
4018.01EUCLID::OWENWed Aug 15 1990Looking for an AUTO DIAL term program
4019.023WJG::GUINEAUWed Aug 15 1990Lattice C V5.1
4020.01GLDOA::AGBEBIYIWed Aug 15 1990How to with AMIGA 5
4021.09TROAThu Aug 16 1990Turbo Silver Hints Please!!
4022.04CSC32::A_ANDERSONThu Aug 16 199025 Pin SCSI Pin out
4023.09KETJE::VANWAMBEKEThu Aug 16 1990GURU visit when using Move, Draw, SetAPen, ...
4024.05BELFST::MCCLINTOCKSun Aug 19 1990Amiga as Tone dialer
4025.06PEKING::NONDEPSun Aug 19 1990Mail order in the U.K.
4027.09RGB::ROSEMon Aug 20 1990Info needed on A5
4028.05AISG::LANDINGHAMMon Aug 20 1990JUST mouse blanker or handler?
4029.06CGOFS::DREWMon Aug 20 1990Intuitracker song player
4030.03STKHLM::REVEMANTue Aug 21 1990ANSI editors? Anyone???
4031.022SHARE::DOYLETue Aug 21 1990Drawers Vanish in the Hard disk Triangle!
4032.013BAHTAT::FORCE4::hiltonTue Aug 21 1990VR 241 CABLE
4033.0BAHTAT::FORCE4::hiltonTue Aug 21 1990DBW Render Help
4034.018VFOVAX::BELLTue Aug 21 1990PostScript driver for LJ25x?
4035.063DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Aug 21 1990SAS/C and Lattice
4036.01VFOVAX::BELLTue Aug 21 1990Internet mail protocol?
4037.08ATPS::BARRYTue Aug 21 1990Need a 'multimedia' demo!
4038.014GVATue Aug 21 1990MULTISYNC, shoud I buy one?
4039.01BIGIST::SYSTEMWed Aug 22 1990Sprite/Window/Screen Programming (Call all techies)
4040.03CSCOAC::KENDRIX_JWed Aug 22 1990Rexx Speak 1.1
4041.01MSVAX::BARRETTThu Aug 23 1990Amiga Postscript Drivers
4042.011SHARE::DOYLEThu Aug 23 1990Imagine available thru Able
4043.02TLE::ELLENBERGERThu Aug 23 1990DKB Ray Tracer for Amiga
4044.01CSC32::A_ANDERSONThu Aug 23 1990ASH and BridgeBoards
4045.06ACOSTA::MIANOThu Aug 23 1990Copyist DPT
4046.0SNOFS1::VETTEThu Aug 23 1990MRBACKUP S,P protection problem
4047.03STKHLM::REVEMANFri Aug 24 1990JRCOMM 1.
4049.02EUCLID::OWENFri Aug 24 1990Does someone have commodore's phone number
4050.01OTIGER::R_CURTISFri Aug 24 1990ATALK III questions..
4051.06DEMING::FISTERFri Aug 24 1990Atlanta Amiga?
4052.02SIEVAX::OADESSun Aug 26 1990Can't Download, HELP!
4053.0319Fri Aug 24 1990info v2.
4054.03MEALA::COLLINSFri Aug 24 1990New 68
4055.02STKHLM::REVEMANMon Aug 27 1990RayTracer for Amiga and Vax
4056.025LEMAN::BLANCTue Aug 28 1990New demo on TAPE....
4057.01RUTILE::BISHOPTue Aug 28 1990Need HELP finding computer shop in Geneva (switzerland)
4059.08CIMBAD::QUIRICITue Aug 28 1990interrupts - how?
4060.013BAHTAT::BAHTAT::HILTONWed Aug 29 1990What do these file extensions mean
4061.09TROAWed Aug 29 1990Urgent help with TS 3.
4063.010ARRODS::GOLDSTEINThu Aug 30 1990DiskSpeed results for RD53
4064.01TROAThu Aug 30 1990Can't open CELL in TS
4065.038WBC::BAKERThu Aug 30 1990Distant Suns
4066.01LARVAE::TIERNEYThu Aug 30 1990 Help !! Broken Internal Drive Df
4067.03LEMAN::BURKHALTERThu Aug 30 1990Encoder/Decoder
4068.02NAVIER::MELLITZFri Aug 31 1990Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GURUS
4069.0711SRUS::REEDFri Aug 31 1990VS-2
4070.026DECWET::DAVISFri Aug 31 1990Looking for IFF pictures
4071.09LEDS::ACCIARDIFri Aug 31 1990Telcor/MNP problems
4072.023CRISTA::CAPRICCIOSat Sep 01 1990Pro Video Post Demo from Shereff Systems
4073.018AMIGA2::MCGHIESun Sep 02 1990CPU Accelerators
4074.05BIGIST::SYSTEMMon Sep 03 1990Mouse Joy from C hw example
4075.0SHIRE::MICHELMon Sep 03 1990LJ25
4076.03HAMPS::EASTMon Sep 03 1990Please Sponsoe Me!!!!!!!!
4077.02CSC32::A_ANDERSONMon Sep 03 1990ICD Advantage 2
4078.05COMICS::HOGGANTue Sep 04 1990Help on A2
4079.03ELWOOD::PETERSTue Sep 04 1990TAPE is moving ...
4080.011SHARE::DOYLETue Sep 04 1990My own Amiga Spotted Exp.
4081.01HPSCAD::GATULISTue Sep 04 1990Info on Phoenix supply wanted
4082.01LODGE::LENTue Sep 04 1990Any info on a DECUS tape for Amiga?
4083.03CSC32::J_PARSONSTue Sep 04 1990Anyone in Colorado have a SONY KV1311?
4084.06KETJE::VLASIUWed Sep 05 1990Problems with A1
4085.017COMICS::HOGGANWed Sep 05 1990SIMM cards on the A2
4086.01MSVAX::BARRETTWed Sep 05 19902
4087.0211SRUS::REEDWed Sep 05 1990New MAC prices ... could be trouble for Ami
4088.02STKHLM::REVEMANWed Sep 05 1990The SkyPix protocol?
4089.010KAHUNA::SUMNERWed Sep 05 1990NEWTEK Video Toaster
4090.014SHARE::DOYLEThu Sep 06 1990Review Wings
4091.011WELSWS::FINNISThu Sep 06 1990Diskchecker
4092.08MLRTYM::TERELLAFri Sep 07 1990VirusX 4.
4093.09MSVAX::BARRETTFri Sep 07 1990Info needed on MiniScribe 8438 32meg drive
4094.01WJG::GUINEAUSat Sep 08 1990usenet stuff
4095.05NSSG::SULLIVANSun Sep 09 1990Genie gets agressive pricing...
4096.0FORTY2::TATHAMMon Sep 10 1990Games Music Creator???
4097.025KAHUNA::SUMNERMon Sep 10 199025
4098.01POBOX::ANDREWSTue Sep 11 1990Lattice and scanf()
4099.019ARRODS::GOLDSTEINTue Sep 11 1990HardFrame Upgrade
4100.0KAHUNA::SUMNERTue Sep 11 1990Update on the 68
4101.03VMSNET::WOODBURYTue Sep 11 1990Commodore Serial Ports & Stop Bits.
4102.03SHARE::DOYLETue Sep 11 1990Brush to Sculpt4d Scene
4103.07CAM::ARENDTTue Sep 11 1990Angus question
4104.05NEST::CURRYTue Sep 11 1990Monitor Dilema.....
4105.02WELSWS::FINNISTue Sep 11 1990Archiving a directory tree
4106.04WELSWS::FINNISTue Sep 11 1990D.I.Y. MIDI Interface
4107.013NMGV15::LOENDERSLOOTTue Sep 11 1990MED2.
4108.03COMICS::HOGGANWed Sep 12 1990Download Directories
4109.08POLAR::GOSLINGWed Sep 12 1990LS VERSION 4.
4110.0CADSYS::MURATORIWed Sep 12 1990Sony CPD-132
4111.02ARRODS::GOLDSTEINThu Sep 13 1990Demoreel 3 problem
4112.0CNTROL::STEVENSThu Sep 13 1990HP Deskjet 5
4113.07CSSE32::SMITHThu Sep 13 19902
4114.027WJG::GUINEAUThu Sep 13 1990Prodigy
4115.02WJG::GUINEAUThu Sep 13 1990More Amiga market share!
4116.06AYOV27::CWILLThu Sep 13 1990Operation Stealth - game
4117.034EUCLID::OWENFri Sep 14 1990Is it time to clean up BOMBE::AMIGA?
4118.05DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Sep 14 1990NOAA 11 Photo
4119.06SHARE::DOYLEFri Sep 14 1990New peripherals for amiga! (Nexus)
4120.02SIOG::OBRIEN_PAULFri Sep 14 1990Amiga --> Polaroid Palette ???
4121.012SNOCSat Sep 15 1990Excellence NLQ / LA75 Printer Insanity aarrgh...
4122.02SNOCSat Sep 15 1990FISH FF2
4123.05COMICS::HOGGANSat Sep 15 19902
4124.01GIDDAY::MORANSun Sep 16 1990Mainly for Australian Freaks
4125.03ARRODS::GOLDSTEINMon Sep 17 1990What has Happened to FF361+
4126.05SNOCMon Sep 17 1990RD31 VAXMATE HD Hard Disk ST5
4127.03CARP::GAINESMon Sep 17 1990Problem with 68
4128.04CADSE::GILCHRESTMon Sep 17 1990Info for novice?
4129.03DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Sep 17 1990Pagestream V2.
4131.02SUOIS4::BLATZHEIMTue Sep 18 1990VideoPage - Fonts
4132.016WJG::GUINEAUTue Sep 18 1990Minix (Unix o/s) for Amiga (this is NOT CBM's Unix!) - $17
4133.096SHARE::DOYLETue Sep 18 1990Help with Tape driver needed.
4135.03KAHUNA::SUMNERWed Sep 19 1990Color Graphics Printer?
4136.0STAR::ROBINSONWed Sep 19 1990Tips for navigating the net
4137.01SIOG::OBRIEN_PAULThu Sep 20 1990LA75/EpsonX Preferences Set-up?
4138.02COMICS::HOGGANThu Sep 20 1990DNET v2.13 setup problems
4139.023CGOFS::DREWThu Sep 20 1990GIF2IFF V2.
4140.010CGOFS::DREWThu Sep 20 1990FIXED ZMODEM for VMS (3.
4141.09ACOSTA::MIANOThu Sep 20 1990FALCON - Operation: FIREFIGHT
4142.09STKHLM::REVEMANThu Sep 20 1990AMIGA graphics to X
4143.05DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Sep 21 1990modem
4144.011SHARE::DOYLEFri Sep 21 1990Amiga Expansion Box Ideas Welcome...
4145.018DICKNS::MACDONALDSat Sep 22 1990C64 Emulator
4146.011Z::TENNYMon Sep 24 1990Amiga, Unix
4147.016SHARE::DOYLEMon Sep 24 1990Lharc incompatability
4148.016TOOLS::PIQUE::FREANMon Sep 24 1990WorkBench 2.
4149.013CIMBAD::QUIRICIMon Sep 24 1990video enh. sugg.
4151.01CHIRPA::SANZONEMon Sep 24 1990Where to buy memory chips for 29
4152.0183D::CORKUMTue Sep 25 1990NewTek Video Toaster shipping ?
4153.013HAMPS::EASTTue Sep 25 1990Expansion Port Questions
4155.02TCC::HEFFELWed Sep 26 1990Amiga as Art
4156.04CARP::GAINESThu Sep 27 1990Questions for the CAD Experts?
4157.0AMIGA2::MCGHIEThu Sep 27 1990Identify old Corvus Drives ?
4158.08EUCLID::OWENFri Sep 28 1990Macworld article....
4159.03PEEVAX::LAWSONFri Sep 28 19902
4160.09BELFST::MCCLINTOCKFri Sep 28 1990Superbase Pro Programming problem
4161.02ADVENT::BOAENFri Sep 28 1990RUNOFF or other Text Formatter that does lists?
4162.02DECWET::DAVISFri Sep 28 1990Fatter Agnus Blue(s)
4163.048PEKING::AYRESRMon Oct 01 1990AMOS (vs AmigaVision vs CanDo)
4164.022PANIC::JACOBMon Oct 01 1990A59
4165.01TROATue Oct 02 1990Super Agnes, is it usefull??
4166.0TROATue Oct 02 1990Turbo Silver Vs IMAGINE Vs Calagari (Reviews??)
4168.06DECWET::DAVISTue Oct 02 1990If I had to...
4169.01CGOFS::OAKLEYWed Oct 03 1990FF361-37
4170.09EUCLID::OWENThu Oct 04 1990Report on a new VIRUS!
4171.020SHARE::DOYLEThu Oct 04 1990New Star Trek Game!
4172.03FUTURE::COLLINSThu Oct 04 1990Amiga - VAX beginner
4173.0WJG::GUINEAUThu Oct 04 1990Aztec users - upgrade
4174.01WJG::GUINEAUThu Oct 04 1990A3
4175.08MSVAX::BARRETTThu Oct 04 1990AntiFlicker Program
4176.09CGOFS::WADLEIGHFri Oct 05 1990Quantum 1
4177.04ATPS::BARRYFri Oct 05 1990On the proposed luxury tax on computers
4178.02CURRNT::POWELLFri Oct 05 1990Broken = Textcraft + Ram Upgrade
4179.04LEDS::SKRALYSat Oct 06 1990How to recover previous version of a file?
4180.05MEO78B::MANDERSONSat Oct 06 1990A performance query....
4181.015DICKNS::MACDONALDSun Oct 07 1990New Uploads to TAPE::
4182.033BAHTAT::FORCE4::hiltonMon Oct 08 1990How long should internal drive last?
4183.0DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Oct 08 1990Epsonqplus.lzh
4184.020ELWOOD::PETERSMon Oct 08 1990Worcester Amiga club meetings
4185.01BRSRHM::PRIEUSTue Oct 09 1990New a5
4186.03GOBAMA::WILSONTLTue Oct 09 1990
4187.01TLE::RMEYERSWed Oct 10 1990Read .1
4188.010BOMBE::MOOREWed Oct 10 1990Commodore is hiring...
4189.0TOOK::KEEGANThu Oct 11 1990Accent on graphics
4190.0JUMBLY::STANDENThu Oct 11 1990What Graphics Tablet works with A3
4191.010HKFINN::MACDONALDThu Oct 11 1990EpsonQplus 36
4192.03BOMBE::MOOREThu Oct 11 1990NTSC / PAL mode switch for A2
4193.01BRSRHM::PRIEUSFri Oct 12 1990absolute beginner
4194.02EUCLID::OWENFri Oct 12 1990.Z files. What do you do with them?
4195.02JUMBLY::STANDENFri Oct 12 1990Hi-res graphics
4196.01MCDONL::BARRETTFri Oct 12 1990Can't access TAPE::USER2:[UPLOAD]
4197.0DECWET::DAVISFri Oct 12 1990hd'able Games (from usenet)
4198.0SNOCSat Oct 13 1990PRT:/LA75 - Bypass prt drivers but keep interrupt requestors?
4199.01CGOFS::OAKLEYSun Oct 14 1990SAXON DTP demo on TAPE::
4200.04SALEM::LEIMBERGERMon Oct 15 1990The Immortal
4201.0VICE::JANZENMon Oct 15 1990Amiga laser printing services
4202.02CGOFS::CADAMSMon Oct 15 1990Amiga 2
4203.03NOBHIL::BODINE_CHMon Oct 15 1990Request for NAKAMOTO (Any PLINKers)
4204.05SMAUG::MELANSONTue Oct 16 1990A5
4205.08ULTRA::BURGESSTue Oct 16 1990Bars and Pipes; the demo.
4206.0VICE::JANZENTue Oct 16 1990Amiga vs. NASA, "L.A. the Movie" w/ IFF & SCUPLT4D
4207.02SHARE::DOYLETue Oct 16 1990SEUCK on hard drive?
4208.035WILARD::BARRETTTue Oct 16 1990How does a VMS user FTP?
4209.011DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Oct 17 1990HELP Needed
4210.02GVAThu Oct 18 1990WORD V4.
4211.09KAHUNA::SUMNERFri Oct 19 1990Multimedia
4212.01CSCOAC::KENDRIX_JMon Oct 22 1990Micropose New Games