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Conference azur::mcc

Title:DECmcc user notes file. Does not replace IPMT.
Notice:Use IPMT for problems. Newsletter location in note 6187
Created:Mon Aug 21 1989
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:6497
Total number of notes:27359
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1.07TOOK::P_SAVAGEThu Aug 24 1989MCC developer's notesfile
2.014TOOK::P_SAVAGEThu Aug 24 1989Documentation of KEYWORDS
3.035TOOK::P_SAVAGEThu Aug 24 1989Baselevel Announcements ONLY.Kit problems to note 4
4.068TOOK::MINTZFri Sep 04 1992PAK problems, kit copy problems, etc
5.062TOOK::P_SAVAGEThu Aug 24 1989Documentation issues
6.0AZUR::LANGENSTEINWed Jan 04 1995Formal communication
7.02--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 06 1992Support and Problem reporting
8.03TOOK::MINTZTue Oct 27 1992Product management announcements
9.05TOOK::CHANLIZARDOMon Sep 18 1989INFO - T1.
10.01OFFHK::MCPHERSONWed Sep 20 1989PROBLEM - HFB - Long topic lines cause ACCVIO
13.08DSTEG2::HOSSFELDFri Sep 22 1989Instalation questions
14.08DSTEG2::HOSSFELDWed Sep 27 1989msl compiler ?
15.02DSTEG2::HOSSFELDWed Sep 27 1989PTB acc vio
16.03DSTEG2::HOSSFELDWed Sep 27 1989Enroll ?
17.06HAMRAD::DONADTWed Sep 27 1989Problems building the SAMPLE_AM
18.05KETJE::MCCThu Oct 05 1989PROBLEM - Dispatch entry not found.
19.04KETJE::MCCThu Oct 05 1989PROBLEM - MCC_DEB> DEPOSIT INP impossible.
20.010KETJE::PACCOFri Oct 06 1989GENERAL - can an application access MCC using a CALL mechanism ?
21.02KETJE::PACCOFri Oct 13 1989PROBLEM - Request ID not found in a IN_P argument.
22.03KETJE::PACCOMon Oct 16 1989PROBLEM - AMBDATTIM for relative time at command level.
23.08CLUSTA::TAMERThu Oct 19 1989Help in developing a simple AM
24.02TENERE::FLAUWFri Oct 20 1989QUESTION - MSL - Support of Ada
25.03CLUSTA::TAMERWed Oct 25 1989Does MCC interface directly to DDM
26.04CLUSTA::TAMERMon Oct 30 1989SET directive questions
27.01TENERE::FLAUWFri Nov 10 1989PROBLEM - TRM - AT time spec.
28.01TENERE::FLAUWThu Nov 23 1989PROBLEM-MSL-Access viol. when no privs
29.03SCRPIO::LIZBICKIThu Nov 30 1989Numeric Subrange Question
30.01TENERE::FLAUWWed Dec 06 1989QUESTION - SRM - Partial wildcarding
31.03BYBLOS::TAMERFri Dec 08 1989Suspected error in mcc$sample_am_auto_tools.com that caused a lot of problems.
32.0TOOK::L_GROSSMANMon Dec 11 1989SHOULD MCC$AES_EQUAL check the instance id
33.05WRK4ME::LUNDMon Dec 11 1989Running a remote DECmcc
35.01LISVAX::ANDRETue Dec 26 1989MCC-EMS Customize the windows ?
36.08TENERE::DUNONThu Jan 04 1990Use of IPC between the AM and the entity
37.011DELNI::ASULLIVANFri Jan 05 1990RBMS data to MIR
38.02TENERE::DUNONMon Jan 15 1990PROBLEM : MSL LSE template error ?
39.08TOOK::NELSONWed Jan 17 1990DNS ENVIRNOMENT documentation update
40.021TOOK::W_MCGRATHMon Jan 22 1990Pointer to DECmcc EMS/SMS kits and docs
41.010DANZO::CARRMon Jan 22 1990Test Station command crashed terminal servers
44.01TOOK::SWISTThu Jan 25 1990Modest proposal to change MCC$DA_xxx interface
45.01BYBLOS::TAMERFri Jan 26 1990Minor Problem with "USE DEFAULT PROMPT" command in TRM PM
46.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDTue Jan 30 1990PROBLEM - MCC$EXEC Instal fails
48.03KALI::S_SHENFri Feb 02 1990MCC field test version problems
49.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDSun Feb 04 1990Installation failure on VMS X5.4
51.0FORTY2::BOONHAMTue Feb 06 1990QUESTION - defining ASN.1 OPTIONAL in MSL
52.01BYBLOS::TAMERMon Feb 12 1990DAP input files not present in IFT kit
53.02MOSAIC::PRAETORIUSWed Feb 14 1990packaging question
54.01DSTEG::MCCANNThu Feb 15 1990QUESTION: MCC on multiprocessor systems
55.01ENUF::GASSMANSat Feb 17 1990Different AM's, same protocol
56.03RDGENG::PRATTTue Feb 20 1990DECnet PhaseV AM - register node?
57.033DSTEG::MCCANNWed Feb 21 1990QUESTION - Documentation available on-line?
58.02WORDY::MILGROMThu Feb 22 1990Net Mgmt Business Plan
59.04BYBLOS::TAMERThu Feb 22 1990Questions/Problems with RECORD Data Type
60.02BSYBEE::EGOLFThu Feb 22 1990DECmcc Technical Demo
61.03DSTEG::MCCANNFri Feb 23 1990QUESTION - How to force MM's to image-merge
62.017BYBLOS::TAMERTue Feb 27 1990Difference between MCC handling of SET OF and SEQUENCE OF
63.017WORDY::JONGThu Mar 01 1990Pointer to EFT documents
64.01CSOA1::BALISHSat Mar 03 1990where is ethernim 2.2 doc on net?
65.04FORTY2::MELLINGMon Mar 05 1990PROBLEM: Multi-word attribute names within RECORDS
66.010DWOVAX::LICAUSETue Mar 06 1990Run as window client?
67.0TOOK::DITMARSTue Mar 06 1990REQUEST - TRM_PM SBI feedback, key definition suggestions, etc., goes here
68.01ASD::MINTZWed Mar 07 1990IFT ==> EFT : Change in startup procedure
69.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Mar 08 1990DECmcc, NCL and DECmcc/NCL
70.02ASD::MINTZThu Mar 08 1990Enrollment problem
71.04ASD::MINTZThu Mar 08 1990Do node4 entities have to be defined in the local NCP database
72.03CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Mar 08 1990DNS Problem with EFT1
73.06NZOVMon Mar 12 1990TCP/IP details?
74.07FORTY2::MELLINGTue Mar 13 1990PROBLEM: Defaults for SETs of ENUMERATIONs
75.03DSTEG::MCCANNWed Mar 14 1990QUESTION - What happens on a REGISTER command?
76.01COPCLU::GREGThu Mar 15 1990Will MCCSMS installation override old products?
77.01KYOA::KOCHThu Mar 15 1990Access, Presentation, and Functional Modules for Cable Mgmt
78.012RUTILE::AUNGIERFri Mar 16 1990Will ETHERNIM directories be cleaned up
79.05KYOA::KOCHMon Mar 19 1990Is the documentation available?
80.01DWOVAX::LICAUSEWed Mar 21 1990MCC loading as X-client?
81.04BYBLOS::TAMERWed Mar 21 1990Remark on "Argument with no default"
82.01DWOVAX::LICAUSEThu Mar 22 1990Licensing as a Client?
83.06TENERE::FLAUWMon Mar 26 1990QUESTION - MIR routines
84.010PILOU::BONGARTZMon Mar 26 1990Is this a Bug or is it me ?
85.02COPCLU::GREGTue Mar 27 1990LTM, ETHERnim, Graph not visible, File protection?
86.08SAPHAX::JANSENTue Mar 27 1990DNS Access to Node Objects
87.02TRADE::PHILPOTWed Mar 28 1990Questions on MIR usage
88.028TAZBOY::ZIGLERWed Mar 28 1990PRIVATE vs. EXISTING DNS Namespace Conflicts?
89.01TAZBOY::ZIGLERWed Mar 28 1990DECmcc Software Support Contact?
90.03DWOVAX::LICAUSEMon Apr 02 1990VT1
91.01ASD::MINTZTue Apr 03 1990Questions about TCPIP/SNMP name translation
92.08ASD::MINTZTue Apr 03 1990Watch out for system specific Parse Tables
93.04ASD::MINTZTue Apr 03 1990Intermittant TCPIP/SNMP entity access?
94.04ASD::MINTZTue Apr 03 1990Using utilities from the command line
95.010DSTEG::HUGHESFri Apr 06 1990PROBLEM - Configuration and DNS
97.0MKNME::DANIELEMon Apr 09 1990New TCP/IP SNMP Access Module .exe
99.02VISA::BEROUDThu Apr 12 1990Phase V Access Module ?
100.01CRBOSS::LEMONSThu Apr 12 1990Will DECmcc EMS run on a MicroVAX II?
101.03HOULE1::HOULEThu Apr 12 1990Staion Register Error: %MCC-E-ID8
102.02POLE::LEMMONFri Apr 13 1990A Question on Setting the Variant of an entity
103.02SHIRE::GOLDBLATTWed Apr 18 1990documentation ?
104.05HOULE1::HOULEMon Apr 23 1990mcc endurance problem
105.09HOULE1::HOULETue Apr 24 1990Alarms: Detecting Simple Circuit "condition" change made difficult
106.02DSTEG::HUGHESThu Apr 26 1990question - directory command
107.04CRBOSS::LEMONSThu Apr 26 1990Product/Program Managers?
108.01CRBOSS::LEMONSThu Apr 26 1990MCC <=> SMS,EMS?
109.03ASD::KRISHNAThu Apr 26 1990Problem with TBD example on page 1
110.0ROMFri Apr 27 1990More infos about the availability of the DECmcc product
111.03RICARD::WLODEKFri Apr 27 1990PSI security PM/FM/AM ??
112.011STAR::BOUCHARDMon Apr 30 1990Events with a twist
113.05CROW::YANGTue May 01 1990MIR usage
114.01NSSG::R_SPENCETue May 01 1990What are the big files for?
115.02CROW::YANGWed May 02 1990MIR service
116.03VFOVAX::BREWTONWed May 02 1990ASN.1 Compiler?
117.010ROMWed May 02 1990ALLARM FM & DECnet EVENT LOGGER
118.02NSSG::R_SPENCEWed May 02 1990Where is Reference info stored?
119.02OTOUThu May 03 1990DECmcc EMS & VCC?
120.06NSSG::R_SPENCEThu May 03 1990What's wrong with this picture?
121.01CLARID::HOFSTEEMon May 07 1990latest schedule for fullblown DECmcc?
122.04TENERE::DENISMon May 07 1990Ph.V EM doc ?
123.010GDJUNK::HOULEMon May 07 1990alarms -circuit adjacent node :datatype unsupported
124.013GDJUNK::HOULEMon May 07 1990Alarms only "locally" defined
125.012GDJUNK::HOULEMon May 07 1990Why must AT Start time be a future
127.05GDJUNK::HOULEWed May 09 1990Can't redefine MCC$COMMON logical
128.01TENERE::DUNONWed May 09 1990AES to ILV ?
129.05SMAUG::BELANGERFri May 11 1990MCC$DA_xxx I/O Block allocator?
130.02CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDTue May 15 1990Wildcards and DECnet IV AM
131.07DSTEG1::MCCANNTue May 15 1990QUESTION - ALARMS polling interval
132.06FUBSY::ELWARNERThu May 17 1990Config question
133.02HOO78C::DOOLAARDMon May 21 1990Unable to register node4/stations
134.019TENERE::FLAUWMon May 28 1990QUESTION - Problem enrolling an AM
135.016TENERE::LAVILLATTue May 29 1990CTRL-C handling during a multiple response MCC$CALL
136.01TENERE::LAVILLATTue May 29 1990SRM : pb with MCC$THREAD_TEST_ALERT description
137.01DSTEG1::MCCANNTue May 29 1990QUESTION - What ethernet protocol type is used for BRIDGE management?
138.07CTOAVX::GUMBUSTue May 29 1990VT1
139.01TENERE::LAVILLATWed May 30 1990Class wildcarding for MCC$CALL
140.01TENERE::LAVILLATThu May 31 1990MCC$AES_MATCH read-only or read-write parameter !?!
141.04TENERE::JOUREAUThu May 31 1990NODE4 AM pb setting a parameter
142.04GDJUNK::HOULEFri Jun 01 1990MCC module license missing caused startup failure
143.01TENERE::LAVILLATTue Jun 05 1990WITH qualifier & MCC$CALL
144.02CLUSTA::YANGTue Jun 05 1990ACCVIO by MCC$ILV_GET
145.01RACER::DAVETue Jun 05 1990Memory Leak in register node.
146.02ASD::LSMITHThu Jun 07 1990DAP currupts the dictionary when using update.
147.05SMAUG::BELANGERThu Jun 07 1990MCC hibernating in BATCH...
148.05BYBLOS::TAMERThu Jun 07 1990Enrollment problem when linking with IPC shareable image
149.07TENERE::LAVILLATFri Jun 08 1990Tools wanted for AES data type
150.01CTOAVX::GUMBUSFri Jun 08 1990PC DECWindows - Any Gotcha's?
151.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDMon Jun 11 1990Some AM questions
152.03CLUSTA::PRIESTLEYFri Jun 15 1990Trying to run a detached MCC process
153.03FDCVTue Jun 19 1990Latest Kit for DECmcc Needed...
154.012RACER::DAVETue Jun 19 1990REGISTER NODE4 needs some help....
156.04KYOA::KOCHWed Jun 20 1990Clusters break MCC?
157.05CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Jun 21 1990ILV Decoding, need some help
158.011ROMMon Jun 25 1990Questions about EMA/DECmcc concepts and programs
159.05COLES1::WITZELWed Jun 27 1990QUESTION - DSP V1.3 and DECmcc-ems V1.
160.03CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Jun 28 1990DECmcc, more questions
161.04BYBLOS::TAMERThu Jun 28 1990Inconsistencies with the TRM PM display of SHOW <entity specs> ALL ATTRIBUTES
162.06SMAUG::BELANGERFri Jun 29 1990This looks like a BUG...
163.03SMAUG::BELANGERMon Jul 02 1990How can I trace down a bug in MCC...
164.01VANDAL::LOVELLMon Jul 02 1990Architecture References
165.02TYFYS::CATOMon Jul 02 1990DECalert and DECmcc
166.0TOOK::WONGWed Jul 04 1990SRM Update Information
167.06TENERE::DUNONThu Jul 05 1990Problem with EFT update kit
168.06FELICE::SYSTEMThu Jul 05 1990Testing DECmcc 1.1 with VT1
169.02FORTY2::MELLINGFri Jul 06 1990PROBLEM: IVP of EFTU fails
170.06BEAGLE::LORPHELINFri Jul 06 1990ID8
171.04NSSG::DAVEFri Jul 06 1990Bug in MCC_STARTUP_DIR.COM
172.01COOKIE::KITTELLFri Jul 06 1990Documentation nit: headers throw off LPS2
173.01COOKIE::KITTELLSun Jul 08 1990Documentation Bugs in EFT2 Installation Manual
174.05BEAGLE::LORPHELINMon Jul 09 1990%MCC-E-ILVTNF error when trying to access a bridge
175.01FORTY2::MELLINGMon Jul 09 1990PROBLEM: Changes to the MSL translator
176.05TOOK::MCPHERSONMon Jul 09 1990What does NAS have to do w/MCC?
177.01TOOK::MCPHERSONMon Jul 09 1990Reports PM ?
179.04DSTEG1::HUGHESTue Jul 10 1990QUESTION - register entity when entity not running
180.05COOKIE::KITTELLTue Jul 10 1990calibration check...
181.015TRADE::ASHRAFWed Jul 11 1990Non-contained, Dynamic Entity Hierarchy & MCC routines
182.03TROU47::SLEEThu Jul 12 1990Vitalink support question?
183.0BSYBEE::EGOLFThu Jul 12 1990DECmcc at DECworld
184.04LAVC::CAHILLFri Jul 13 1990Another problem installing onto a "new" T5.4-4GE system disk
185.06SMAUG::BELANGERFri Jul 13 1990Nested comments
186.02SMAUG::BELANGERTue Jul 17 1990Use of the MCC_FCL_PM logical...
187.04NSSG::R_SPENCETue Jul 17 1990Register node4 problems.
189.01TOOK::MCPHERSONWed Jul 18 1990QUESTION: DEC internal afi & idi for T1.
190.07SMAUG::BELANGERWed Jul 18 1990mcc_MODULENAME_cleanup...
191.02TOOK::MCPHERSONWed Jul 18 1990QUESTION: Timetable for V1.1 EFT ?
192.02CSC32::ORTIZThu Jul 19 1990GKS-E-ERROR_23 PROBLEM
193.03HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Jul 20 1990Documentation Pointers Again?
194.07BAHTAT::BONDFri Jul 20 1990MCC and VMS versions?
195.0NSSG::R_SPENCEFri Jul 20 1990Install comments - good work though.
196.017MKNME::DANIELEFri Jul 20 1990TCP/IP SNMP Access Module EFT
197.01GLDOA::BRIERLEYFri Jul 20 1990SNMP - CISCO, CHIPCOM - Mibs, etc.
198.0RCOJDS::SHOWALTERFri Jul 20 1990DECmcc and Terminal Networks
199.04DPDMAI::SANDOVALFri Jul 20 1990help DECmcc demo
200.0WORDY::JONGSun Jul 22 1990_DECmcc Messages_, review draft
201.011RDGENG::PRATTMon Jul 23 1990Access violation with Iconic PM
202.04PANIC::GILLMon Jul 23 1990FT 1.
203.01SMAUG::BELANGERTue Jul 24 1990When a success isn't...
204.06HOO78C::DOOLAARDTue Jul 24 1990Alarm rule Repository error.
205.02MSDOA::LOVETue Jul 24 1990DECmcc v1.
207.03CRBOSS::LEMONSThu Jul 26 1990DECmcc WANdesigner
208.012COOKIE::PFROMERThu Jul 26 1990MCC/DNS startup blues
209.08COOKIE::KITTELLThu Jul 26 1990Questions on passing Attrs to Directives
210.024TRADE::ASHRAFFri Jul 27 1990DECmcc X1.1.
211.015COOKIE::KITTELLFri Jul 27 1990How to dispatch ALL ATTRIBUTES?
212.05COOKIE::KITTELLFri Jul 27 1990MM Development Cycle
213.02COOKIE::KITTELLSun Jul 29 1990Dispatching Create
215.01HERON::MORALESMon Jul 30 1990WITH and attributes data type + UNDEFINE error.
216.03COOKIE::KITTELLMon Jul 30 1990mcc_desframe_create_descriptor
217.04FORTY2::MELLINGTue Jul 31 1990Icon for NODE please?
218.03MARVIN::COBBTue Jul 31 1990Synonym required?
219.02RTOEU::CMISTRYTue Jul 31 1990MCC_DECW_PM Missing From MCC V1.1 kit?
220.025RDGENG::PRATTTue Jul 31 1990Cannot open domain from DECwindow
221.024COOKIE::KITTELLTue Jul 31 1990How to Register an Entity?
222.03PANIC::GILLWed Aug 01 1990Problems creating a domain V1.1FT
223.02CLUSTA::YANGWed Aug 01 1990MIR question
224.02COOKIE::KITTELLWed Aug 01 1990Controlling Iconic PM Colors
225.02COOKIE::KITTELLWed Aug 01 1990MIR Data Retention
226.02SMAUG::BELANGERWed Aug 01 1990Mapping sub-entities?!?!?!
227.02BEAGLE::LORPHELINThu Aug 02 1990-LIB-E-INSVIRMEM with Bridge AM
228.01TOOK::A_MOOREThu Aug 02 1990MCC Enviroment Troubleshooting
229.03RACER::DAVEThu Aug 02 1990T1.
230.0SUOSW3::HARDTFri Aug 03 1990Internal FT within EASYnet ?
231.05CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Aug 03 1990MAP PM : A bug has been unearthed
232.09COOKIE::KITTELLFri Aug 03 1990Case of Keywords
233.02DECWET::BINGHAMFri Aug 03 1990%MCC-E-PM-FILOPENERR, Map file open error, trying to use iconic map on B &W terminal
234.02COOKIE::KITTELLSat Aug 04 1990MSL Parse of Include File Name Drops Last Character
235.02RTOEU::CMISTRYMon Aug 06 1990MAP LINES
236.04CLAUDI::PETERSMon Aug 06 1990Phase V nodes , MCC show commands
237.04COOKIE::KITTELLMon Aug 06 1990BUGCHECK exception won't work without arg
238.07COOKIE::KITTELLMon Aug 06 1990CMIP run-time?
239.08WFOV11::LANOUETue Aug 07 1990DECMCC questions
240.05KETJE::PACCOWed Aug 08 1990Populate domain with alarms rule not possible
241.01COOKIE::KITTELLWed Aug 08 1990Authentication of Users and Clients
242.0COOKIE::KITTELLWed Aug 08 1990Sorted MCC_VEA_DEF.H
243.02KETJE::PACCOWed Aug 08 1990How to modify ICONS ?
244.09COOKIE::KITTELLWed Aug 08 1990Getting ADD through FCL_PM
245.03RDGENG::PRATTThu Aug 09 1990Directory location of map files
246.0MAVIC::D_MOOREThu Aug 09 1990Requirements for Adding New Entities to the Iconic Map
247.01WELMTS::MCCALLUMFri Aug 10 1990DAP IVP Error
248.07ACTGSF::STEINBERGFri Aug 10 1990Doesn't anyone use DNT?
249.06WARNUT::GALLACHERMFri Aug 10 1990DECmcc for ULTRIX kit ?
250.03LAVC::CAHILLFri Aug 10 1990VMS T5.4 PGFIPLHI crash, MCC_MAIN with FCL active
251.07TROU47::SLEEFri Aug 10 1990MCC/DNS relation
252.01COOKIE::KITTELLSun Aug 12 1990DECmcc V1 Cluster Startup
253.07WLW::ZIGLERMon Aug 13 1990DECmcc-BMS Startup Warning Messages?
254.03CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Aug 13 1990problem with ALARM rules during installation?
255.01WELLIN::MCCALLUMTue Aug 14 1990Remote site management??
256.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRTue Aug 14 1990Presentation Module
257.01SUOSW4::HARDTTue Aug 14 1990Alarm Window
259.0COOKIE::KITTELLWed Aug 15 1990If You are getting an Error from Enroll
260.08COOKIE::KITTELLThu Aug 16 1990Case Sensitivity of Entity Instances
261.015COOKIE::KITTELLThu Aug 16 1990How to Make Maps?
262.04COOKIE::KITTELLThu Aug 16 1990Constructed Types Not Supported in Iconic PM Yet?
263.05CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Aug 17 1990dir domain not working?
264.03DENVER::SANDOVALFri Aug 17 1990DECbridge 5
265.09TAZBOY::ZIGLERMon Aug 20 1990REGISTER using DNS Subdirectories?
266.01LEMAN::VONHOLZENMon Aug 20 1990One doc for SMS ?
267.06GLORY::KATZMon Aug 20 1990Missing MCC$STARTUP.COM ?
268.02COOKIE::KITTELLMon Aug 20 1990How to get Shared MIR access?
269.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRTue Aug 21 1990Maps & Icons for MCC
270.01WELLIN::MCCALLUMTue Aug 21 1990Entity not in Dictionary
271.02GSFMCC::SYSTEMTue Aug 21 1990PA and others ???
272.03CLUSTA::YANGTue Aug 21 1990How to delete a repository?
273.01CIVAGE::WILDYTue Aug 21 1990DECmcc White Paper
274.03CUJO::HILLWed Aug 22 1990Ethernet AM Use Documentation Error (June 29,199
275.01RC3Wed Aug 22 1990'Delta time required' problem installing MCCBMSUT V1.1
276.05EEMELI::VALTONENWed Aug 22 1990Naming of boxes on the map
277.02BCAT::CSENCSITSThu Aug 23 1990Installation Problem on VMS V5.4
278.05CLUSTA::YANGThu Aug 23 1990MCC MIR bugs?
279.09TOOK::SWISTThu Aug 23 1990DECmcc V1.
280.01CLUSTA::PRIESTLEYThu Aug 23 1990MCC and CMA
281.04CSOA1::HORRIGANThu Aug 23 1990DECmcc SNA Announcement?
282.02NSSG::DAVEFri Aug 24 1990MCC Register Errors with V1.
283.02OTOUFri Aug 24 1990Looking for a DECmcc course
284.01WLW::ZIGLERSat Aug 25 1990DECmcc Field Test Training Session Dates?
285.01SKYWAY::BICHSELMon Aug 27 1990Invalid handle state
286.04GDJUNK::HOULEMon Aug 27 1990ICONIC MAP -US map slooooow
287.05GSFMCC::SYSTEMTue Aug 28 1990AT preposition in Alarm doc.
289.0--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 28 1990Typo mistake does not let U register a node
290.010DNEAST::MORGAN_BILLTue Aug 28 1990simple startup help
291.05OSAV2Wed Aug 29 1990Difference of SNMP offering,VMS or ULTRIX
292.06KETJE::PACCOThu Aug 30 1990relation DOMAIN members in DNS and on ICONIC MAP?
293.05RC3Thu Aug 30 1990What is DECmcc currently used for ?
294.02BYBLOS::TAMERThu Aug 30 1990Registration FM and exceptions, what does it expect in out_p ?
296.01RCOTLW::WRIGHTThu Aug 30 1990Custom MCC development estimate
297.06TENERE::DUNONFri Aug 31 1990MCC_K_DT_ENTITYEXISTENCE not yet implemented ?
298.03DRKGFri Aug 31 1990
299.06EEMELI::VALTONENFri Aug 31 1990Map and disappearing icons
300.0DELNI::S_LANEFri Aug 31 1990DECmcc Part Number Corrections
301.01STKHLM::AMARTENSSONFri Aug 31 1990DECmcc EMS which documentation is included
302.0CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Aug 31 1990misleading error message:insufficient resources
303.09COOKIE::KITTELLSun Sep 02 1990Alarm Comparing Two Attributes
304.09COOKIE::KITTELLTue Sep 04 1990Show all Children?
305.02MKNME::DANIELETue Sep 04 1990SNMP AM, MIB extensions
306.06JETSAM::WOODCOCKTue Sep 04 1990DNS and NODE4 ... LINE ...
307.014COOKIE::KITTELLWed Sep 05 1990Working with Instance-less Entities
308.04SCRPIO::LIZBICKIWed Sep 05 1990Enumerations and Wildcarding
309.01BYBLOS::TAMERThu Sep 06 1990Insufficient Info about "Advanced Registration Requirements"
310.03JETSAM::WOODCOCKThu Sep 06 1990kit location??
311.011VANDAL::SMITHMRThu Sep 06 1990Problem with phase IV AM on VMS 5.4
312.01NSSG::R_SPENCEFri Sep 07 1990Whitespace in messages in wrong place
313.07MARVIN::COBBMon Sep 10 1990Mapping betweens Icons and Entity Classes
314.02FUBSY::ELWARNERMon Sep 10 1990Trouble getting statred
315.04NSSG::R_SPENCEMon Sep 10 1990What Privs are needed?
316.03NSSG::R_SPENCEMon Sep 10 1990Clarification of "NAME" lengths needed.
317.05TROU47::SLEEMon Sep 10 1990DNS clarification
318.01TROU47::SLEEMon Sep 10 1990Domain questions
319.04CSOA1::HORRIGANMon Sep 10 1990Current DECmcc Strategic Vendors
320.015CLARID::HOFSTEETue Sep 11 1990register bridge and populate problems
321.010CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Sep 12 1990delni's, dempr's , despr's
322.0PETE::BURGESSWed Sep 12 1990Callable interface to MCC common routines
323.03TROU47::SLEEWed Sep 12 1990LTM capabilities??
324.02GSFMCC::SYSTEMThu Sep 13 1990Shared alarms status between processes ??
325.025NSSG::DAVEThu Sep 13 199012-SEP-199
326.04BYBLOS::TAMERFri Sep 14 1990Inconsistency in FCL between Forms and Command Line Modes
327.01COOKIE::KITTELLSun Sep 16 1990mcc_time_get_current clears descriptor id
328.02BONNET::MALAISEMon Sep 17 1990DECmcc and VT13
329.01CESARE::FERREROMon Sep 17 1990the kit is protected
330.0MKNME::DANIELEMon Sep 17 1990TCP/IP SNMP AM feedback
331.02MASALA::CMACDONALDTue Sep 18 1990Errors generated on exiting MCC
332.08CLARID::HOFSTEETue Sep 18 1990How to delete domains (and more)
333.08GSFMCC::SYSTEMTue Sep 18 1990Kit name and version again ?
334.035COOKIE::KITTELLTue Sep 18 1990V1.1 17-Sep-9
335.03COOKIE::KITTELLWed Sep 19 1990Icon for Multi-Word Entity
336.01SIEVAX::MIDONAThu Sep 20 1990How many kits to I need?
337.02CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Sep 20 1990DECmcc V1.1 Toolkit availability
338.09COOKIE::KITTELLThu Sep 20 1990PROBLEM: Iconic Dynamic Children Not Supported?
339.011NSSG::R_SPENCEThu Sep 20 1990IFT V1.1 suggestions
340.04COOKIE::KITTELLThu Sep 20 1990ILV for SET OF FullName
341.01SAC::MAGUIRE_GFri Sep 21 1990Installation problem with version MCCTCPIPUT
342.07COOKIE::KITTELLFri Sep 21 1990Adding a Directive
343.04COOKIE::KITTELLFri Sep 21 1990ICONIC_PM: Dialog box truncates error message
344.05NSSG::R_SPENCEFri Sep 21 1990IFT V1.1 questions
345.010ASD::LSMITHFri Sep 21 1990How do you set the line speed?
346.04COOKIE::KITTELLSat Sep 22 1990Returning Cannot Complete with Service Error
347.04BYBLOS::TAMERMon Sep 24 1990Question about the SHOW directive in the Phase 4 AM?
349.07FULMER::JONESRWed Sep 26 1990V1.1 17-SEP-9
350.015RIVAGE::LAVILLATWed Sep 26 1990PROBLEM: SET OF datatype : can it be empty ?
351.02COOKIE::KITTELLWed Sep 26 1990PROBLEM: Datatype EntityClass
352.05BYBLOS::TAMERWed Sep 26 1990DOMAIN deletion problem
353.07COOKIE::KITTELLWed Sep 26 1990INFO: "User" feedback on Sept FT Iconic PM
354.01BERKLY::JOSEPH_BOWed Sep 26 1990Looking for DECelms FT product ?
355.05ASD::LSMITHWed Sep 26 1990Problems getting export to work?
356.09BYBLOS::TAMERWed Sep 26 1990Why is ADD different in V1.1 and what about CREATE/DELETE ?
357.01PRSUD1::SEYNAEVEThu Sep 27 1990MCC and DNS, love story?
358.02TOOK::DITMARSThu Sep 27 1990INFO - debugging hints for MM developers
359.01EEMELI::VALTONENThu Sep 27 1990PM bug unearths with bottom(s) up...
361.07CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Sep 27 1990Home brewed AM: FCL ok, Iconic map NOK
362.010COOKIE::KITTELLFri Sep 28 1990QUESTION: Comparing FullName
363.03COOKIE::KITTELLFri Sep 28 1990PROBLEM: Toolbox Not in Sync with Map Context
364.02COOKIE::KITTELLFri Sep 28 1990PROBLEM: Iconic PM Not Displaying Multi-word Entity Names Correctly
365.05COOKIE::KITTELLSat Sep 29 1990QUESTION: Set Window Features/Can't Show Current Value
366.010COOKIE::KITTELLSat Sep 29 1990PROBLEM: FullName arg via Iconic PM not right
367.03COOKIE::KITTELLSun Sep 30 1990PROBLEM: Refreshing the Iconic PM's view of the Universe
368.01ROMMon Oct 01 1990documentation on Function Modules
369.09PRSUD1::SEYNAEVEMon Oct 01 1990installation question?
370.0BSYBEE::EGOLFMon Oct 01 1990Packages
371.03TOOK::SWISTTue Oct 02 1990Some MMs not handling OUT-E correctly
372.01BYBLOS::TAMERTue Oct 02 1990"WITH" qualifier appears to work incorrectly with a Modify directive
373.05KETJE::PACCOTue Oct 02 1990Full or partial DNS entity specification?
375.07TAZBOY::ZIGLERTue Oct 02 1990DECmcc DECnet Diagnosis FM Kit?
376.01STKAI1::WAHLLOFWed Oct 03 1990QUESTION - access module for SISCO brouters.
377.02RACER::DAVEWed Oct 03 1990Recording questions and problems....
378.03PHONE::LORDWed Oct 03 1990Installation problem VMS V5.4 + DNS V1.1 + DECmcc
379.01CLAUDI::PETERSWed Oct 03 1990Copyrights in command files
380.012CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Oct 04 1990Historian FM problems
382.09NSSG::R_SPENCEThu Oct 04 1990Problems found with V1.1 IFT
383.07WLW::ZIGLERThu Oct 04 1990SET SNMP ULTRIX Capabilities?
384.01WIENER::BADERFri Oct 05 1990Problem: Map - Filtering
385.05BYBLOS::TAMERFri Oct 05 1990I would like somebody (DECW PM folks) to reply to note 356.
386.0MKNME::DANIELEFri Oct 05 1990DECmcc TCP/IP SNMP V1.
387.05SUOSW4::HARDTFri Oct 05 1990DECmcc and Data Availability
388.01ASD::LSMITHFri Oct 05 1990Export and SNMP entity...
389.01SEVERN::BREWTONFri Oct 05 1990DECmcc BMS EFT Update kit
390.04RUMOR::SHARPFri Oct 05 1990%MCC-E-INV_ENTITY, invalid entity structure - what does this mean?
391.02VAOUFri Oct 05 1990MCC load info available yet?
392.01SIOG::ODRISCOLLMon Oct 08 1990TRANSLAN access module info??
393.02MINDER::ADRIANMon Oct 08 1990Installation REPOSNONAME error
394.01TKTVFS::KOITABASHIMon Oct 08 1990Release schedule?
395.07OSLACT::BJORNTue Oct 09 1990INV_ENTITY, setup of Phase IV nodes
396.01DSTEG2::HUGHESTue Oct 09 1990INFO Register in command file
397.08AKOV14::COLLINSTue Oct 09 1990I can't register node4 entities???
398.016RC3Wed Oct 10 1990Unable to create Binary Parse Table (.BPT) file ?
399.03DSTEG1::HUGHESWed Oct 10 1990Installation error test exporter
400.02BYBLOS::TAMERWed Oct 10 1990Symbols and USE DEFAULT. Restriction or problem in the FCL ?
401.08BCAT::CSENCSITSWed Oct 10 1990Alarms internal error
402.01FDCVThu Oct 11 1990LAN and XLAN AM's or FM's
404.01RIVAGE::LAVILLATFri Oct 12 1990SUGGESTION: allow abbreviation of fields name
405.02OSLACT::BJORNFri Oct 12 1990When do I use STATION and when do I use NODE4?
406.08OSLACT::BJORNSun Oct 14 1990SNMP AM for X1.1 ?
407.010EEMELI::VALTONENMon Oct 15 1990EMS, SMS, BMS ?
408.04SIEVAX::MIDONAMon Oct 15 1990Management Module Specification Templates
409.06GSFMCC::SYSTEMTue Oct 16 1990Which version of the layer software for VMS V5.3
410.05OSLACT::BJORNTue Oct 16 1990REDlight not working???
411.05MINDER::ADRIANWed Oct 17 1990V1.1 IFT Install Problem
412.05PRSUD1::SEYNAEVEWed Oct 17 1990SNMP AM enroll
413.07FRAMBO::KUENKELEWed Oct 17 1990CODEX FNX manageable from DECmcc
414.04GSFMCC::SYSTEMWed Oct 17 1990CAN'T open domain created from last version.
415.02NETCUR::WADEWed Oct 17 1990MCC Course
416.0COOKIE::KITTELLWed Oct 17 1990QUESTION: Are Release Notes for V1.1 Toolkit Correct?
417.01TOOK::DENSMOREThu Oct 18 1990Wanted: Phase V AM User Manual Reviewers
418.03UFRCS1::SCHUSTERThu Oct 18 1990TIMEPLEX Access Module ?
419.01STKHLM::AMARTENSSONFri Oct 19 1990Presentation material
420.07OSLACT::BJORNFri Oct 19 1990DNS - MCC communication?
421.01DELNI::HEBENSTREITFri Oct 19 1990DECmcc V1.
422.03DELNI::HEBENSTREITFri Oct 19 1990DECmcc signed and announced ISVs
423.0DELNI::HEBENSTREITFri Oct 19 1990What you get for free by writing an AM
424.0DELNI::HEBENSTREITFri Oct 19 1990DECmcc: Simple Marketing Messages
425.04TAZBOY::ZIGLERFri Oct 19 1990DNS Setup for BMS V1.
426.012WLW::ZIGLERSat Oct 20 1990DECmcc SPDs?
427.010ASD::HOWERMon Oct 22 1990ECHO vs DISPLAY: FCL and Iconic Map
428.04GSFMCC::SYSTEMMon Oct 22 1990EXPORTER and REPORTER. ??
429.02TRCU11::DYMONDThu Oct 25 1990NETview VS DECmcc?
431.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Oct 26 1990DECmcc Hardware platform configuration guidelines?
432.01CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Oct 26 1990Object definitions availability
433.0COOKIE::KITTELLFri Oct 26 1990Management Summary utility
434.01ASD::HOWERFri Oct 26 1990new variant on ILV buffer too small, or other problem??
435.04ASD::KRISHNAFri Oct 26 1990limit on no. of attribute groups?
436.06ASD::KRISHNAFri Oct 26 1990FCL orders attributes in alphabetic order in case of attribute groups
437.01VIDOAN::DOANMon Oct 29 1990DECmcc-EMS on DeskTop/VMS ??
438.012MINDER::ADRIANMon Oct 29 1990Terminal Server AM ?
439.01MINDER::ADRIANMon Oct 29 1990SNMP AM Iconic Map support
440.02KINRYU::JENNINGSMon Oct 29 1990DECalert
442.03TOOK::SWISTMon Oct 29 1990MIR Alternate Identifiers - Any Users??
443.03RIPPLE::KOPEC_STMon Oct 29 1990Effect of SCI agreement on installed NETVIEW cust's?
444.0FROSTY::BIEDRZYCKITue Oct 30 1990DECmcc Marketing Tools Listing
445.04FMCSSE::HEINTZETue Oct 30 1990What about internaitionalization of Text Messages
446.02FMCSSE::HEINTZETue Oct 30 1990Any Tutorials?
447.05AKOV11::COLLINSWed Oct 31 1990It won't work...
448.05BYBLOS::TAMERWed Oct 31 1990When will the "V1.1 EFT" kit be available ? Thanks.
449.01TROAWed Oct 31 1990DECmcc-EMS v2.1?? -- Sales Update ref
450.02MINDER::ROXBURGHThu Nov 01 1990Notification Services documentation?
451.014COOKIE::KITTELLThu Nov 01 1990VAX C function prototypes MCC-supplied routines
452.061BSYBEE::EGOLFThu Nov 01 1990Installable DECmcc Director Demo Available
453.05TAZBOY::ZIGLERFri Nov 02 1990DECmcc BMS V1.
454.02BIGUN::FINCHSun Nov 04 1990DECwindow display problem with child entities
455.01TAZBOY::ZIGLERMon Nov 05 1990VMS V5.4 and DECmcc EMS/BMS?
456.03CEBADA::MCCLELLANDMon Nov 05 1990DECmcc and Macintosh access errors
457.02TENERE::GUIVIERMon Nov 05 1990how using Decmcc Time types ?
458.01UBOHUB::BRYANTue Nov 06 1990Access to historic data
459.01FMCSSE::HEINTZETue Nov 06 1990Soft copies of Sample Programs in manual?
460.09FMCSSE::HEINTZETue Nov 06 1990How does MCC perform Exception Handling?
461.012TOOK::JESURAJWed Nov 07 1990MCC_UID subdirectory in DNS
462.022ADO75A::SHARPEWed Nov 07 1990MAP Background ...
463.03BRUXL::LATOUCHEThu Nov 08 1990LAN MAnager integration
464.05DWOVAX::DWOVAX::LICAUSEThu Nov 08 1990Access Violation accessing Alarm Rule
465.03DWOVAX::DWOVAX::LICAUSEThu Nov 08 1990ICONIC Alarm Notification?
466.017KAOFS::CARSWELLThu Nov 08 1990DECMCC across an X.25 WAN??
467.03BYBLOS::TAMERFri Nov 09 1990EMA Question: Can SET apply to a set-valued attribute
468.03ADO75A::SHARPESun Nov 11 1990SUN's SNMP and Ethernet boards
469.02BRSIS6::BUTTIENSSun Nov 11 1990DECmcc & systems management
470.03BSYBEE::EGOLFMon Nov 12 1990Pointer to ANC presentation slides
471.01RTOIC::USTEINHOFFMon Nov 12 1990What are the ISVs doing ?
472.05COOKIE::KITTELLMon Nov 12 1990Modeling "Long" Operations
473.03TOOK::SWISTTue Nov 13 1990DECmcc/Ultrix Eliminates Dictionary Build!
474.03NWACES::OBRIENTue Nov 13 1990BRIDGE AM forwarding db peculiarity?
475.01TOOK::STRUTTTue Nov 13 1990 DECmcc Technical Overview presentation on-line
476.01MINDER::ADRIANThu Nov 15 1990Producing Graphs
477.07DWOVAX::64544::LICAUSEThu Nov 15 1990Register with Access Control....rejected?
478.03XCUSME::FULTZFri Nov 16 1990Looking for DECmcc V1.1
479.08COOKIE::KITTELLFri Nov 16 1990Scope of Implementation Attribute
480.01ROMMon Nov 19 1990NCP versus DECmcc on a node4: different answers!
482.05COOKIE::KITTELLWed Nov 21 1990Bypassing Parental Supervision
483.04COPCLU::SORENCWed Nov 21 1990Security on a command basis
484.02WELLIN::MCCALLUMThu Nov 22 1990Alarm always false ?
485.0BSYBEE::EGOLFThu Nov 22 1990Many, Many Domain members...
486.03BSYBEE::EGOLFThu Nov 22 1990Utilities to extract from DNS
487.01ADO75A::SHARPESat Nov 24 1990TCP/IP Performance Analysis?
488.01BIGUN::FINCHSun Nov 25 1990incomplete toolbox
489.01STKHLM::AMARTENSSONMon Nov 26 1990Is the "V1.1 EFT" kit available now?
490.02DWOVAX::64544::LICAUSEMon Nov 26 1990DNS Corrupt in READ_ME_FIRST.TXT?
491.01TENERE::LAVILLATMon Nov 26 1990Can we use MCC threads and timers from the callable interface ?
492.01ADO75A::SHARPETue Nov 27 1990LTM and DECmcc, integrated?
493.05ADO75A::SHARPETue Nov 27 1990Attable attribute for KFPS and SparcStation
494.02OFFHK::LORDTue Nov 27 1990When to use DNS vs. local MIR ?
495.02BDYSRF::UDICKTue Nov 27 1990Net Mgmt Presentations - Product Status
496.01VIDOAN::DOANWed Nov 28 1990Reporting wihtin V11_EFT kit. ??
497.04SEDSWS::BAKERWed Nov 28 1990How do I get SRM?
498.02TAZBOY::ZIGLERWed Nov 28 1990MCCUT
499.02VIDOAN::DOANThu Nov 29 1990DECmcc-EMS V2.
500.01GOSTE::CALLANDERThu Nov 29 1990milestone
501.01TLSEThu Nov 29 1990urgent help ...!
502.03ADO75A::SHARPEThu Nov 29 1990SunNet Manager Comments
503.03FRAMBO::HIRSCHThu Nov 29 1990Time estimations for AM development
504.01TOOK::ANWARUDDINFri Nov 30 1990DECmcc V1.1 EFT Reports info.
505.02TOOK::F_MESSINGERFri Nov 30 1990Call for opinions.
506.03PRSUD1::SEYNAEVEMon Dec 03 1990MS_DOS ??
507.01DSTEG1::HUGHESMon Dec 03 1990Pagefile size
509.07COOKIE::KITTELLMon Dec 03 1990T1.1.
510.04CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMTue Dec 04 1990ETHERnim database conversion in DECmcc V2.
511.02JGO::BEKKUMTue Dec 04 1990No backdrop geographic map
512.02COOKIE::KITTELLTue Dec 04 1990PROBLEM: Invalid String Desc from DAP on class load
513.011TENERE::LAVILLATTue Dec 04 1990How to ILV-encode a GETEVENT reply ?
514.09PANIC::GILLTue Dec 04 1990Automatic detection of faults
515.01JETSAM::WOODCOCKTue Dec 04 1990PA w/non-dna links
516.05COOKIE::KITTELLTue Dec 04 1990PROBLEM: accvio adding instance to domain from Iconic PM
517.02CSOA1::HORRIGANTue Dec 04 1990Chipcom & Vitalink SNMP Mgt
518.03SIEVAX::TMJWed Dec 05 1990Reinitialising MCC's database
519.07TAVIS::PERETZWed Dec 05 1990Cannot create domain
520.03MAIL::CLAYTONWed Dec 05 1990Problem Creating Domains
521.08SMAUG::BELANGERWed Dec 05 1990Iconic Map with a monochrome display
522.04PHONE::HUETWed Dec 05 1990Creation of MIR
523.07COOKIE::KITTELLWed Dec 05 1990PROBLEM: Entities with Constructed Identifiers
524.02COOKIE::KITTELLWed Dec 05 1990PROBLEM: T1.1.
525.01SKYWAY::BICHSELWed Dec 05 1990Using non default IDI
526.07TENERE::LAVILLATWed Dec 05 1990Cannot get back thread_id from mcc_thread_create
527.05COPCLU::SORENCThu Dec 06 1990Evaluation of alarm condition, bug ?
530.06SMAUG::BELANGERFri Dec 07 1990SUGGESTION EFT V1.1: Enhancements to the ICONIC MAP
531.027TLSESun Dec 09 1990data structure for EXPORT/RDB
532.02SKYWAY::BICHSELMon Dec 10 1990PDP 11 Phase IV AM support ?
533.0BSYBEE::EGOLFMon Dec 10 1990BJ's speech to Citicorp senior managers
534.010TENERE::LAVILLATMon Dec 10 1990Comments : NOTIFICATION_FM
535.04NSSG::R_SPENCEMon Dec 10 1990How do I find the Version from the IMPM?
536.07NSSG::R_SPENCEMon Dec 10 1990A suggestion for support assistance.
537.0XCUSME::FULTZMon Dec 10 1990Questions on Name Space
538.0BARREL::LEMMONMon Dec 10 1990Dont forget to check DNS...
539.012STKHLM::AMARTENSSONMon Dec 10 1990HELP! I don't get it to work properly after installation
540.016NSSG::R_SPENCEMon Dec 10 1990Time problem with PA FM
541.04HGOVC::LILLIANTANGTue Dec 11 1990problem with Ethernet AM
542.01SKYWAY::BICHSELTue Dec 11 1990Ethernet AM protocol types
543.0WAKEME::ROBERTSTue Dec 11 1990How does MCC trace Memory related bugs ?
544.0ZPOVC::RAMARAJTue Dec 11 1990DECmcc DIR pre-release course?
545.01DGOSWTue Dec 11 1990Generic Performance FM ?
546.03DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEWed Dec 12 1990Can't Save Iconic Map....EFT V1.1
547.03COOKIE::KITTELLWed Dec 12 1990Should V1.1 support sub-range?
548.04DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEWed Dec 12 1990Can't Access V4.
549.02ALICAT::CLEARYWed Dec 12 1990QAR time - V1.1 EFT release notes
550.014TOOK::F_MESSINGERThu Dec 13 1990New Map Backrounds ...1 map per reply
551.0CSGThu Dec 13 1990DECmcc and ISO Standards..Update?
552.0RCOJDS::SHOWALTERThu Dec 13 1990Analyzing Ethernet Adapter Throughput
553.03MARSThu Dec 13 1990SNMP agreement ?
554.01BYBLOS::TAMERThu Dec 13 1990ACCVIO on enrollment of AM using T1.1.
555.021COOKIE::KITTELLThu Dec 13 1990T1.1.
556.03SKYWAY::BICHSELFri Dec 14 1990GETEVENT and adjacent node sub-entity
557.02HERON::MORALESFri Dec 14 1990DECmcc performance graph procedure
558.02ZURFri Dec 14 1990SCISCO and ODS ?
559.013ZURSun Dec 16 1990Multiprotocoll nodes ?
560.06TENERE::MCDONALDSun Dec 16 1990mcc_entity dispatch table instance parameter
561.0HERON::MORALESMon Dec 17 1990DECville's Icons..
562.03TLSEMon Dec 17 1990Ethernet AM = two icons for same node ?
563.02MINDER::BANKSTue Dec 18 1990Migration Tools EMA-NMCC/DM?
566.01NSSG::R_SPENCETue Dec 18 1990Where is the IDP used?
567.06DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSETue Dec 18 1990Vertical Lines in V5.4 w/EFT
568.01HGOVC::LILLIANTANGTue Dec 18 1990Bridge AM (eft v1.1) - unable to RESET bridge
569.012BRUXL::LATOUCHEWed Dec 19 1990PDP-11 with Phase III DECnet ?
570.04JETSAM::WOODCOCKWed Dec 19 1990MCC and NS access
571.02VIDOAN::DOANWed Dec 19 1990%DNS error. Can't not ommunicate with DNS Server. on MCC V1.
572.01PHONE::HUETThu Dec 20 1990Is mcc_call_access() available during the PROBE ?
573.03MINDER::ROXBURGHThu Dec 20 1990DECnet Phase V AM problem
574.02NSSG::R_SPENCEThu Dec 20 1990Problem with Alarms Database
575.01JETSAM::WOODCOCKThu Dec 20 1990MCCs use of DNA$Towers???
576.04JETSAM::WOODCOCKThu Dec 20 1990where is children info?
577.01MAIL::CLAYTONThu Dec 20 1990how do you convert entities?
578.053NSSG::R_SPENCEFri Dec 21 1990Suggestion for V1.2
579.01SUBWAY::LOUIETue Dec 25 1990Positioning Info on AT&T,IBM,HP,Nynex
580.02SMAUG::DPETERSONWed Dec 26 1990how is the WITH qualifier specified in the in_entity parm
581.03CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Dec 27 1990Security issues
582.01SIEVAX::MIDONAWed Jan 02 1991Registration Issues.
583.03NSSG::R_SPENCEWed Jan 02 1991Questions about Alarms from Batch
584.01UBOHUB::BRYANThu Jan 03 1991Problem with reports startup
585.01ARGOAT::GUIVIERThu Jan 03 1991Coding DEREGISTER with a simplename identifier?
586.08CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Jan 03 1991Questions on DECmcc V1.1
587.01NSSG::R_SPENCEThu Jan 03 1991Colors need display in Customize!
588.03PRSUD1::CARRAYROUFri Jan 04 1991SNA gateway and EMA
589.04WOTVAX::PURNELLRFri Jan 04 1991Alarm problem
590.03MAIL::CLAYTONFri Jan 04 1991Building Alarms Rules for All Instances w/in Entity
591.02VINO::LUNDGRENFri Jan 04 1991FDA Install Problems
592.0TOOK::F_MESSINGERSat Jan 05 1991Any input greatly appreciated.
593.04DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEMon Jan 07 1991Can't Register Bridges under V1.1 EFT?
594.03MAIL::CLAYTONMon Jan 07 1991Future Management Modules?
595.01BSYBEE::EGOLFMon Jan 07 1991DECmcc Concepts and Use Module for DECmcc Course
596.011MAIL::CLAYTONMon Jan 07 1991Where is the Performance Analyzer in V1.1?
597.01FRAMBO::HIRSCHTue Jan 08 1991CMIP support
598.07NSSG::R_SPENCETue Jan 08 1991A question on notification of events.
599.03BAGELS::ALAGAPPANTue Jan 08 1991DNS server error
600.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Jan 09 1991Coherence in the way FM's work.
601.02LYOIS1::CROZETWed Jan 09 1991register problem with some nodes
602.02NETCUR::WADEWed Jan 09 1991Problem with getting circuit info
603.04RTPSWS::BRILEYWed Jan 09 1991AM for Vitalink
604.01ASD::HOWERWed Jan 09 1991Map vs FCL handling (non-existent) variant field
605.04MEK::KENNEDYWed Jan 09 1991MCC aborts when NCL continues - bug or feature?
606.011COOKIE::KITTELLWed Jan 09 1991PROBLEM: Iconic PM not parsing BinRelTim correctly
607.0TAVThu Jan 10 1991COMMENSA,VTOX - DECmcc competition ?
608.03MAIL::CLAYTONThu Jan 10 1991Directory of 3rd Party AMs?
609.04MAIL::CLAYTONThu Jan 10 1991What can TCP/IP AM manage?
610.01JETSAM::WOODCOCKThu Jan 10 1991Historian use of events
611.03TROU47::SLEEThu Jan 10 1991Renaming Domain problem
612.01UBOHUB::BRYANThu Jan 10 1991Alarms target entity field
613.012WIKKIT::WARWICKThu Jan 10 1991DNS-accessdenied on REGISTER, but can get to dir. OK with DNS
614.06MARVIN::COBBThu Jan 10 1991Bugs in showing Phase V attributes
615.07TENERE::FLAUWFri Jan 11 1991Question on AM/FM and dispatch tables
616.02PHONE::LORDFri Jan 11 1991Pulldown menu for subentity request argument value?
617.015BONNET::MALAISEFri Jan 11 1991DECmcc/VMS Today , DECmcc/Ultrix tomorrow ...
618.01COOKIE::KITTELLFri Jan 11 1991SUGGESTION: T1.1.
619.01MONNET::NAMFri Jan 11 1991Using DECmcc in NS1 for managing Phase V nodes in NS2
620.02MAIL::CLAYTONFri Jan 11 1991Question On SET Directive default values
621.019ZURTue Jan 15 1991PROBLEM with Exporter
622.05STKAI1::WAHLLOFTue Jan 15 1991Distribution of MIR ?
623.06DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSETue Jan 15 1991Where is Terminal Server AM kit?
624.0MAVIC::D_MOORETue Jan 15 1991Requesting sites to test internal kit
625.03IAMOK::SUCONICKTue Jan 15 1991Need help with Historian
626.05RTOIC::USTEINHOFFTue Jan 15 1991PID, where ? who ?
627.06SIEVAX::TMJWed Jan 16 1991SHUTDOWN and CLEAR won't work
628.03CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Jan 16 1991MCC_QIO routines in SRM 1.1
629.03RUTLND::WALSHWed Jan 16 1991Registering Problem
630.015SNOFS1::LAMSIMONWed Jan 16 1991TSM Access Module for DECmcc
631.02TLSEThu Jan 17 1991AM and UCX udp socket issue
632.02BAHTAT::BONDThu Jan 17 1991X.25 events via NODE4 AM?
633.02MAIL::HELTONThu Jan 17 1991Question on TGV and SNMP
634.0NSSG::R_SPENCEThu Jan 17 1991Performance problem using backdrops.
635.01NSSG::R_SPENCEThu Jan 17 1991Result of FIND not always the same.
636.06NSSG::R_SPENCEThu Jan 17 1991Need to document DNS Access Requiremnts
638.03TLSEFri Jan 18 1991getenv with snmp
639.02ROMFri Jan 18 1991I need suggestion about DECmcc project
641.07TENERE::HAYESMon Jan 21 1991DECmcc questions for huge 3rd party
642.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Jan 21 1991Access to Diagram?
643.03BONNET::MALAISETue Jan 22 1991Some clarification please .
644.08WELLIN::MCCALLUMTue Jan 22 1991Export Problems
645.01MAIL::CLAYTONTue Jan 22 1991editing background maps
646.04SMAUG::DPETERSONTue Jan 22 1991Use of asynchronous I/O services when using DECmcc.
647.02RUTLND::WALSHTue Jan 22 1991Problem adding bridge that isn't registered
648.02SMAUG::DPETERSONTue Jan 22 1991What effect does the arrival of an alert have on a thread?
649.02SUOSW3::WUENSCHTue Jan 22 1991Status of AM for Newbridge TDM's ?
650.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRTue Jan 22 1991Domain addition problem...
651.03FROCKY::KOLODZIEJCZAWed Jan 23 1991Product information about FDDI AM
652.011MARVIN::WARWICKWed Jan 23 1991DNS default namespace for EFT1.1 ?
653.02TENERE::GUIVIERWed Jan 23 1991Unknown Error during register
654.09KETJE::PACCOThu Jan 24 1991SHOW recorded COUNTERS displays at wrong time interval
655.03WIKKIT::WARWICKThu Jan 24 19911.1 Iconic PM displays black on black
656.05MAIL::CLAYTONThu Jan 24 1991DNS Renistall Question?
657.013JETSAM::WOODCOCKThu Jan 24 1991valid entity?
658.02ODIXIE::WELLONSThu Jan 24 1991Iconic map on PCSA DECwindows
659.01BOSNET::COLUMBUSThu Jan 24 1991Looking for DNS kit
660.02NOATAK::TIMMERMANThu Jan 24 1991Garbled text when displaying text lists on VMS 5.4-1 systems
661.06SUOSW4::HARDTFri Jan 25 1991OpenView Toolkit ?
662.02UBOHUB::BRYANFri Jan 25 1991moving Whole map
663.0BAGELS::ALAGAPPANFri Jan 25 1991Contact Product Managers
664.01MARSFri Jan 25 1991TCP/IP report with DECMCC V1.1 EFT
665.02FRAMBO::HIRSCHMon Jan 28 1991notification without polling
666.05STKHLM::AMARTENSSONMon Jan 28 1991"Responsibility"-logging
667.03DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEMon Jan 28 1991Can't register SNMP's
668.05MANIS2::MOELKTue Jan 29 1991SNMP questions.
669.06FDCVTue Jan 29 1991VITALINK and DECmcc Questions.... HELP
670.02SMAUG::DPETERSONTue Jan 29 1991Proper use of threads to synch up code
671.03NSSG::R_SPENCETue Jan 29 1991Historian Questions
672.02DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSETue Jan 29 1991Can you "FIND" an entity in another map?
673.02SAC::PRUDENTue Jan 29 1991MCC directories in DNS
674.06JETSAM::WOODCOCKTue Jan 29 1991alarm "category" support
675.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRTue Jan 29 1991AM Question ?
676.0TOOK::F_MESSINGERTue Jan 29 1991Displaying the Iconic map on a PC
677.02MFRNW1::SCHUSTERTue Jan 29 1991DNA IV Support for DECSA-Router ?
678.04COOKIE::KITTELLWed Jan 30 1991Event Partitions
679.02CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Jan 31 1991TS AM Installation fails
680.04SUBURB::ATKINSPThu Jan 31 1991MIR/DNS and Voice NM?
681.013JETSAM::WOODCOCKThu Jan 31 1991alarms in .com's
682.0TOOK::MATTHEWSThu Jan 31 1991Urgent Request for Information
683.06TENERE::LAVILLATThu Jan 31 1991QUESTION: CTRL-Y handling by MCC Kernel
684.011ANNECY::BONNIERFri Feb 01 1991DEMSA + MTA management
685.0ZPOVC::RAMARAJFri Feb 01 1991Release dates for V1.1 and AMs
686.04TOOK::FAIRBANKSFri Feb 01 1991Output File from a com file?
688.05OSLACT::BJORNTue Feb 05 1991The performance of DECmcc BMS EFT V1.1
689.04OSLACT::BJORNTue Feb 05 1991Error during successful installation of TS AM
690.07ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESWed Feb 06 1991Getting Started Guide?
691.07SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYWed Feb 06 1991DECmcc version confusion ?
692.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Feb 06 1991V1.1 and other AMs/FMs
694.07MARSThu Feb 07 1991limitation on ETHERNET A.M. and REGISTER
695.03SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYThu Feb 07 1991Can't find mcc_iconic_map_pm.exe ?
696.07ULTMAT::BELANGERThu Feb 07 1991Who is responsible for class wildcard expansion?
697.01COOKIE::KITTELLThu Feb 07 1991MSL - Continuation of Quoted Strings
698.01ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESThu Feb 07 1991Domains outside the root?
699.019ROMFri Feb 08 1991Line speed problem again
700.01SUBURB::ATKINSPFri Feb 08 1991MCC and MSU Futures- Pointers Please
701.07NMVT::WINKLERFri Feb 08 1991Script generation
702.0TLSEFri Feb 08 1991just a customer feeling
703.03CSC32::ORTIZFri Feb 08 1991problem with TCP/IP AM installation
704.05TOOK::A_MOOREFri Feb 08 1991Using DECdecision with DECmcc's Exporter
705.03CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Feb 11 1991how to create a map automatically? (FM?)
706.03MARSMon Feb 11 1991PB WITH PARSE TABLE AND X11 ???
708.0SPOSWS::GROSSMon Feb 11 1991MCC startup hangs then doesn't
709.05JUMP4::JOYMon Feb 11 1991Not enough free disk to install BMS V1.1
710.02PJWL::LAMBMon Feb 11 1991Printing of MAPS
711.013ULYSSE::ZITTAMon Feb 11 1991Circuit Down & How long ?
712.05ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Feb 11 1991TSAM IFT on BMS V1.1 - Install Problem
713.03RDGENG::HILLTue Feb 12 1991Problem with show node *
714.01MAIL::CLAYTONTue Feb 12 1991MSU Notes Conference?
715.04MINDER::PUNSHONTue Feb 12 1991Collecting events - how?
716.05COOKIE::KITTELLTue Feb 12 1991Quiz on Event MSL
717.01FMTACT::BORDENTue Feb 12 1991Questions From Customers
720.01UBOHUB::BRYANWed Feb 13 1991TSAM toolbox icon
721.04TOOK::MARSHALLWed Feb 13 1991Multiple Entity Management?
722.02CALYPS::WITHERELLWed Feb 13 1991New version of TSAM required?
724.01EEMELI::VALTONENFri Feb 15 19913COM Bridge support in SNMP AM ?
725.014CABOOS::WRIDEFri Feb 15 1991Phase V AM with Ultrix Phase V nodes?
726.02CGOOFri Feb 15 1991LAN Bridges
727.0JETSAM::WOODCOCKFri Feb 15 1991platform requirements
728.06ZPOVC::RAMARAJFri Feb 15 1991TSAM alarms bug! INSUF_BUF s/w error?
729.02CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDSun Feb 17 1991Additional reference attributes
730.01MANIS2::MOELKMon Feb 18 1991EXPORTING problems.
731.07KETJE::PACCOMon Feb 18 1991Remote DECnet event notification ?
732.05TLSEMon Feb 18 1991configuration : a customer's problem
733.013UBOHUB::BRYANMon Feb 18 1991Domain creation problem
734.02ASD::SEEMon Feb 18 1991domain creation and member population problems from FCL
735.0DELNI::BARRONMon Feb 18 1991Access Module for Novell Networks
736.03ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESTue Feb 19 1991Map File Location
737.03CSCMA::PICARDTue Feb 19 1991Customer Awareness (early on)
739.02RDGENG::HILLWed Feb 20 1991Problem when trying to EXPORT
740.02DELNI::D_HOLLANDWed Feb 20 1991Request for Presenters (and Customers)
741.02ASD::KRISHNAWed Feb 20 1991which alarm rule fired????
742.01WAKEME::ANILWed Feb 20 1991We need help too! :-)
743.04TENERE::SILVAThu Feb 21 1991Iconic Map in Black and White?
744.05AUNTB::BIRMINGHAMThu Feb 21 1991DECmcc SMS on VAX4
745.013KAOTThu Feb 21 1991MCC-F-STRTDEVERROR when trying to show ethernet station
746.02STKHLM::BERGGRENThu Feb 21 1991Help needed writing an AM
748.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJFri Feb 22 1991Logicals and resource.dat explanations
749.02KETJE::PACCOFri Feb 22 1991How to manage VITAlink bridges?
750.01BRUXL::LATOUCHEFri Feb 22 1991MIR and Objectivity ?
751.0TROAMon Feb 25 1991RTM details?
752.01QUIVER::CHILDSMon Feb 25 1991DECmcc development with DNS, DFS & DQS
753.02LEVERS::CIARFELLATue Feb 26 1991Encoding Seq's of Records
754.02SNOCTue Feb 26 1991Any way around default namespace ?
755.022OSLACT::BJORNTue Feb 26 1991Installation of TSAM and TCP/IP failed after upgrading BMS to V1.1
756.06LEVERS::LEVENSONWed Feb 27 1991Wildcard and table data display problems
757.0DELNI::J_SILVERWed Feb 27 1991DNS loaner licenses
758.01CABOOS::WRIDEWed Feb 27 1991Phase V AM with DNVEXT node?
759.04LEVERS::LEVENSONWed Feb 27 1991MSL question
760.05MINDER::BLOWERGWed Feb 27 1991Can an AM return > 1
761.0QUANTZ::E_HATEMThu Feb 28 1991Possible Field Test Sites for CODEX AM.
762.07KETJE::PACCOThu Feb 28 1991CHIPCOM ONline System Concentrator AM ?
763.08RIVAGE::LAVILLATFri Mar 01 1991PROBLEM: DAP exits with ACCVIO
764.04RTPSWS::BRILEYFri Mar 01 1991MCC hardware config sizing
765.03TOOK::MATTHEWSFri Mar 01 1991Looking for a Novell Server to test with
766.015TOOK::MATTHEWSFri Mar 01 1991Circuit AM aka Wire AM aka Line AM
767.06LEVERS::CIARFELLAFri Mar 01 1991in_p and out_p passing reals
768.017STKHLM::AMARTENSSONMon Mar 04 1991What does this installation error mean?
769.01TOOK::MATTHEWSMon Mar 04 1991Looking for Novell IPX protocol stack on Ultrix
770.04VAOUTue Mar 05 1991guide to entities?
771.01VINO::LUNDGRENTue Mar 05 1991Toolkit without the Director...
772.03MAYDAY::ANDRADEWed Mar 06 1991Trouble with the EFT ICONIC MAP PM
773.01SUBWAY::TEEGARDENWed Mar 06 1991Current status of AMs/Interfaces to MCC & MSU?
774.02SUBWAY::JENGWed Mar 06 1991Need GKS for DECmcc BMS?
775.02TOOHOT::RWILSONWed Mar 06 1991DECMCC Strategic Vendor List and Status
776.04SICKO::FRAZERThu Mar 07 1991Looking for SYSTEM REFERENCE Manual documentation
777.04OSITEL::MATHEISFri Mar 08 1991Registration of Apple Macintosh fails
778.03MINDER::ROXBURGHFri Mar 08 1991Ethernet AM multiple addresses
779.01FDCVFri Mar 08 1991Performance Module and DECmcc V1.1
780.02CHOVAX::LAYTONFri Mar 08 1991Writing An AM
781.07COOKIE::KITTELLMon Mar 11 1991INFO: Uniqueness of Multi-word Attribute names
782.02SICKO::FRAZERMon Mar 11 1991Pointer to EMA conference?
783.01SICKO::FRAZERMon Mar 11 1991MCC = McChicken sandwich - nope, try again
784.05BALBOA::ROMMESMon Mar 11 1991DNS$SHARE.EXE, where, why ?
785.05ADO75A::SHARPEMon Mar 11 1991File not found? Trying to register a DS5
786.05MINDER::ROXBURGHTue Mar 12 1991MCC DNS routines
787.02DELNI::L_FELICETue Mar 12 1991Comments to WORDY::OCONNOR on Transition Guide
788.04LTLKNG::TAZBOY::ZIGLERTue Mar 12 1991DECmcc BMS V1.1 SSB over EFT Impact?
789.02GOYA::MERINOTue Mar 12 1991AM for PABX
790.03JETSAM::WOODCOCKTue Mar 12 1991U*ix requirements
791.08SMAUG::DPETERSONTue Mar 12 1991Is a thread running
792.05ZURWed Mar 13 1991Terminal Server registsration problem Terminal Server registration Problem
793.04COOKIE::KITTELLWed Mar 13 1991PROBLEM: Iconic PM can't retrieve variant information
794.06TLSEThu Mar 14 1991use of EXPORT FM with ULTRIX
795.02ARGUS::ROMANOWICZThu Mar 14 1991Distributed Network Management
796.06STRASB::MOSERThu Mar 14 1991ICMP or PING AM available ???
797.09COOKIE::KITTELLThu Mar 14 1991ADD Semantics as applied to SEQUENCE OF
798.021SUBURB::SMYTHIFri Mar 15 1991Problem with MCC_ALARMS_EXTRACT_RULES
799.06NSSG::R_SPENCEFri Mar 15 1991Export & Historian Questions
800.02COOKIE::KITTELLFri Mar 15 1991QUERY: How to tell input syntax?
801.064NSSG::R_SPENCEFri Mar 15 1991V1.1 SSB Submission Copy Problems
802.04ANDRIS::putninsFri Mar 15 1991Can't register terminal server
803.0BSYBEE::EGOLFSun Mar 17 1991 DECmcc V1.2 Phase
804.04HLDGSun Mar 17 1991iconic pm problem
806.05SUBWAY::JENGMon Mar 18 1991Long time to ebuild parse talbes?
807.07JETSAM::WOODCOCKMon Mar 18 1991notify & events
808.06VIDOAN::DOANMon Mar 18 1991Where is the SPD for DECmcc V1.1
809.05JETSAM::WOODCOCKMon Mar 18 1991pa command
810.09COOKIE::KITTELLMon Mar 18 1991INSVIRMEM from mcc_enr_enroll
811.08HLDGTue Mar 19 1991FLOAT or DECIMAL data type ? is there ?
812.05TKOV51::KAMEDATue Mar 19 1991system bad params value error
813.02JETSAM::WOODCOCKTue Mar 19 1991aver. block size
814.04ZURWed Mar 20 1991Historian problem with record statistics
815.01HLDGWed Mar 20 1991Can Register, Can't Deregister, Erase, Rename
816.04MAIL::CLAYTONWed Mar 20 1991Flashy Alarms Demo?
817.0TOOK::KOHLSWed Mar 20 1991Cleaning up Control FM's Vector Table
818.01QUIVER::CIARFELLAWed Mar 20 1991Ambiguous DNS/register error message
819.02DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEWed Mar 20 1991Line Mode Help FIles Updated in SSBV1.1
820.011DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEWed Mar 20 1991Can't receive DECnet events or display same on Iconic map
821.0TOOK::FLETCHERWed Mar 20 1991arg. passing through CREPRC
822.07MFRNW1::SCHUSTERThu Mar 21 1991auto enable alarms for iconic map PM ?
823.04LEVERS::LEVENSONThu Mar 21 1991out_p ILV list for Set directive?
824.01SICKO::FRAZERThu Mar 21 1991Lost in the big city (MCC)!
825.04QUIVER::CIARFELLAThu Mar 21 1991Tightening up the display
826.01HLDGThu Mar 21 1991Testing with DEVELOPERS dictionary
827.01ZURFri Mar 22 1991DECmcc, BMS, SMS, EMS
828.01ZURFri Mar 22 1991DECmcc, BMS, SMS, EMS
829.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJFri Mar 22 1991PCSA DOS V4.
830.02SUOSW4::HARDTFri Mar 22 1991Port efforts...
831.01SUOSW4::HARDTFri Mar 22 1991Demo the Toolkit
832.02CGOSFri Mar 22 1991MCC manage SYNOPTICS??
833.05POBOX::WALLINFri Mar 22 1991Advise on Ultrix migration.
834.02VIDOAN::DOANFri Mar 22 1991CDD-PLUS and RDB
835.04COOKIE::KITTELLFri Mar 22 1991Upward compatible mgmt models
836.03GRANE::HEINTZEFri Mar 22 1991Does MCC collapse redundant errorlog type events
837.03DENVER::HILLSat Mar 23 1991DECserver 1
838.01HLDGMon Mar 25 1991Background map problem, DRAW_MAP
839.018MFRNW1::SCHUSTERMon Mar 25 1991event notification on iconic map
840.03ULTMAT::BELANGERMon Mar 25 1991Clusterwide install, but system specific use...
841.04LTLKNG::TAZBOY::ZIGLERMon Mar 25 19913rd Party Front-end Reporting Tools?
842.08TOOK::MATTHEWSTue Mar 26 1991A challenge to all you Computer Science types
843.03GRANMA::JPARKERTue Mar 26 1991TLB_AM Add Entity problem
844.01BEAGLE::ROCHEWed Mar 27 1991PB: display map on monochrome station
845.08TOOK::KOHLSWed Mar 27 1991Poll: Do you use the mcc_asn_xxx routines?
846.08SEDSWS::BAKERWed Mar 27 1991terminal Server AM Toolkit ICON label too long
847.02COOKIE::KITTELLWed Mar 27 1991QUERY: Size of MCC_A_AES / mcc_desframe_create_descriptor
848.05SMAUG::WALTZWed Mar 27 1991How do we handle a null response
849.06JETSAM::WOODCOCKWed Mar 27 1991reports help
850.08DPDPAS::JUNIOR::AVERAWed Mar 27 1991Setting up Alarms for Terminal Servers
851.013ULTMAT::BELANGERThu Mar 28 1991Filter on the presence of an attribute
852.03BELMNT::PIETRONIGROFri Mar 29 1991Cluster support for MIR?
854.09LTLKNG::TAZBOY::ZIGLERMon Apr 01 1991Recycling of Default IDP 49::?
855.07MAIL::HELTONMon Apr 01 1991VAXsim events to DECmcc
856.03VINO::LUNDGRENMon Apr 01 1991MIR could not be initialized...
857.06NETCUR::WADEMon Apr 01 1991Problem with MCC_DNS_SETUP and the Historian
858.06STAR::DUTKOMon Apr 01 1991Application specific Octet strings
859.07ARRODS::GILLJTue Apr 02 1991TRANSLAN AM - no such DNS attribute
860.0CRONIC::LEMONSTue Apr 02 1991POPENIM/ENIM_GRAPH functionality in MCC?
861.04HRCG::DAVIESTue Apr 02 1991install kit wish list
862.01HERON::LUCASTue Apr 02 1991Meaning of Exporter's RDB columns
863.016SLOVAX::BREINHOLTWed Apr 03 1991Register Notification FM?
864.01HLRGWed Apr 03 1991Graph reporting problem.
865.02ODAY27::WALTZWed Apr 03 1991Question on error reply model
866.01DGOSWWed Apr 03 1991MCC EVENTS
867.014ROMWed Apr 03 1991Report information not too reliable
868.01STAR::DUTKOWed Apr 03 1991RECORD Data construct
869.05QUIVER::CIARFELLAWed Apr 03 1991IMPM only displays first record
870.012LEVERS::LEVENSONWed Apr 03 1991Attribute List argument in Action directives
871.0TOOK::W_MCGRATHWed Apr 03 1991customer DB conversion info requested
872.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Apr 03 1991DECnet FDA FM
873.05GRANE::HEINTZEThu Apr 04 1991How to Link Sample Programs
874.04SUBWAY::AMMUThu Apr 04 1991SNMP AM instal bug??
875.04HAM::SCHUKAIFri Apr 05 1991Monitoring Applications?
876.08MAIL::HELTONFri Apr 05 1991Registration and icon help
877.04TENERE::GUIVIERMon Apr 08 1991what about mcc_event_pool.dat file ??
878.01TENERE::GUIVIERMon Apr 08 1991question about iconic map pm ?
879.06CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDMon Apr 08 1991Terminal Server Icon Name
880.02NETCUR::WADEMon Apr 08 1991Inconsistent use of Abbreviations
881.0MAIL::CLAYTONMon Apr 08 1991MCC Press Information?
882.02MINDER::ROXBURGHMon Apr 08 1991How do I de-enroll?
883.012BYBLOS::TAMERMon Apr 08 1991mcc_aes_match does not appear to work for Full names
884.04COOKIE::KITTELLMon Apr 08 1991IMPM handling of Latin1string quotes
885.07HLDGTue Apr 09 1991Historian Background process
886.05KIRKTN::CMACDONALDTue Apr 09 1991MCC running on DECdns server ?
887.02TRCATue Apr 09 1991TSAM: REGISTER got INSUFBUF_ENTITY error
888.0COOKIE::KITTELLTue Apr 09 1991PROB: IMPM not showing unavailable constructed attrs
889.0COOKIE::KITTELLTue Apr 09 1991PROB: IMPM error showing BINRELTIM value from Set window
890.02COOKIE::KITTELLTue Apr 09 1991REQUEST: Allow Expand Field to make multiple selections
891.06COOKIE::KITTELLTue Apr 09 1991PROB: IMPM Attr Name Labels Mispositioned in Set window
892.01COOKIE::KITTELLTue Apr 09 1991PROB: IMPM Set window scrolls unexpectedly
893.02TENERE::LAVILLATWed Apr 10 1991SUGGESTION: de-install MCC when startup/install fail
894.04TENERE::GUIVIERWed Apr 10 1991iconic map bug
895.02COOKIE::KITTELLWed Apr 10 1991REQUEST: Maintain position of Operations box
896.01GSFMCC::SYSTEMWed Apr 10 1991TOOLBOX - missing the RULE icon ??
897.01COOKIE::KITTELLWed Apr 10 1991QUERY: How will the Iconic Interface handle large numbers of instances?
898.04COOKIE::KITTELLWed Apr 10 1991QUERY: Should ADD and REMOVE windows include scalar datatypes?
899.04COOKIE::KITTELLWed Apr 10 1991PROB: IMPM displays double error on "No Children"
900.05NETCUR::WADEWed Apr 10 1991Bridge Single Destination Throughput Statistic?
901.02BYBLOS::TAMERWed Apr 10 1991PROB: IMPM trying to deregister child entity not in DNS
902.03BYBLOS::TAMERWed Apr 10 1991Prob: IMPM rejects fullname in out_p while FCL displays it
904.05SUBWAY::AMMUWed Apr 10 1991Alarms like Armeda???
905.01SUBWAY::AMMUWed Apr 10 1991Thanks to the Biggies
906.015ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESThu Apr 11 1991Really Frustrated and Stupid
907.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Apr 11 1991Can SNMP reset???
908.05COOKIE::KITTELLThu Apr 11 1991PROB: IMPM accvios when Defaulting Constructed Datatype
909.01MAIL::HELTONThu Apr 11 1991alarms without polling
910.03GUNS::KERRThu Apr 11 1991Checking Phase IV NCP OBJECTs for process id
911.0ZURFri Apr 12 1991DNS and further Versions of MCC?
912.09PARZVL::KENNEDYFri Apr 12 1991Crash with Wave1?
913.03ZURFCC::BICHSELSun Apr 14 1991SAMPLE AM icon missing in tool box
914.02HLDGMon Apr 15 1991pictures in DECmcc documentation
915.022COOKIE::KITTELLMon Apr 15 1991PROB: Bugs/inconsistencies Using BITSET of Enumeration
916.03COOKIE::KITTELLMon Apr 15 1991PROBLEM: FCL won't parse attributes in particular order
917.03GRANE::HEINTZEMon Apr 15 1991How to run SAMPLE in SYS$EXAMPLES:
918.01PHLACT::BBRADBURYTue Apr 16 1991DECelms - Non descriptive Error
919.02GOONS::CHAPMANTue Apr 16 1991Kernel cannot be initialized
920.02FMCSSE::C_MASTERSTue Apr 16 1991Questions on developing Applications to use the MCC PMs.
921.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue Apr 16 1991Iconic map memory leak V1.1
922.03GOYA::GONZALEZWed Apr 17 1991PROBLEM: MCC-F-PARTABID---- after installing TSAM
923.05GOONS::CHAPMANWed Apr 17 1991Duplicate Synonym error
925.03GOONS::CHAPMANWed Apr 17 1991Controlling the colour of text
926.08KETJE::PACCOWed Apr 17 1991TSAM questions/wishlist
927.08KETJE::PACCOWed Apr 17 1991MCC questions/wishlist.
928.04KETJE::PACCOWed Apr 17 1991TSAM and unsolicited events ?
929.07KETJE::PACCOWed Apr 17 1991ALARMS in conflict with SNMP?
930.01COLBIN::BARCLAYWed Apr 17 1991Requirements for an AM
931.02GOYA::MERINOWed Apr 17 1991MCC-E-ILVTNF during Event Monitor Setup
932.05RIPPLE::KOPEC_STWed Apr 17 1991Dir-Dir protocol? and Iconic map questions...
933.02FLYWAY::BICHSELWed Apr 17 1991Iconic map global entity instance wildcarding
934.01BYENGThu Apr 18 1991URGENT: Siemens info. needed
936.08TENERE::BOSSERThu Apr 18 1991directives SUSPEND and RESUME not possible
937.02KAOFS::R_DOIRONFri Apr 19 1991Internal Error in DECnet Phase IV AM
938.02POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri Apr 19 1991Chargeback packages under EMA architecture?
939.0TENERE::HAYESMon Apr 22 1991DECmcc devt configuration help ?
940.04DGOSWMon Apr 22 1991Event partitions codes
941.03CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDMon Apr 22 1991Where are reference attributes stored ?
942.02DELNI::TERZIANMon Apr 22 1991Codex 98
943.011RDGENG::HILLMon Apr 22 1991prolem with export
944.09SUBURB::ATKINSPTue Apr 23 1991DECmcc on Ultrix Availibility (not MSU)
945.04NANTES::DUMOULINTue Apr 23 1991Max Number of Classes ?
946.07STAR::DUTKOTue Apr 23 1991Differences in what <open> and <close> are
947.01ROMWed Apr 24 1991MCC crashs..
948.03KETJE::PACCOWed Apr 24 1991HELP on ICONIC MAP fails with BadIDChoice.
949.01RIVAGE::BOSSERWed Apr 24 1991How to build a Presentation Module ?
950.01RDGENG::HILLWed Apr 24 1991Another problem with exporting
951.010STRASB::EBLEWed Apr 24 1991How to add a reference attribute to a class
952.02COOKIE::KITTELLWed Apr 24 1991PROB: IMPM ACCVIO when entity has variant directive
953.05KETJE::PACCOWed Apr 24 1991OWNER ID and DIRECTORY in DNS ?
954.06PARZVL::KENNEDYThu Apr 25 1991Node Routing Destination Area syntax ?
955.01DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEThu Apr 25 1991OSI Network Release 1 Compliance?
956.04DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEThu Apr 25 1991Configuration Guidelines?
957.05MARVIN::COBBThu Apr 25 1991TowerSet datatype bugs
958.01MARVIN::COBBThu Apr 25 1991Application Loopback missing
959.0MARVIN::COBBThu Apr 25 1991Session Control Application Addresses don't display
960.0SWAM2::MCCARTHY_LAThu Apr 25 1991DECmcc V1.1, SNMP AM V1.
961.01DGOSWThu Apr 25 1991Dictionary routines
962.02VERS::PETROUFri Apr 26 1991PROBL: How to create new Verb
963.04DGOSWFri Apr 26 1991FDDI AM
964.02CRANEE::SAFRAN_ROFri Apr 26 1991Show station on DS2x
966.05EEMELI::VALTONENSun Apr 28 1991Howabout DEChub 9
967.03RIVAGE::HAYESMon Apr 29 1991DAP Unsupported DELETE CLASS ?
968.02COOKIE::KITTELLMon Apr 29 1991PROB: IMPM ACCVIO showing constructed attrs
969.06CUJO::HILLMon Apr 29 1991Will SYNONYM capabilities be possible ?
970.02BGOTue Apr 30 1991Alarm rule in toolbox
971.04JETSAM::WOODCOCKTue Apr 30 1991utilization reports
972.09KERNEL::RWATSONTue Apr 30 1991Internal Logic error 1
973.06SNOCTue Apr 30 1991TSAM MS3
974.04ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESWed May 01 1991Line Domains
975.012TEMPE::MCAFOOSWed May 01 1991Rdb Error Installing EMS V2.1 WARNING: Long Note (~7
976.07SIEVAX::FOXWed May 01 1991Some general questions
977.03BYBLOS::TAMERWed May 01 1991FCL PM: Message number
978.02QUIVER::PARKWed May 01 1991Missing dictionary info
979.05MERIDN::ATTERBERRYWed May 01 1991How Customizable is DECmcc ?
980.04SWAM2::MCCARTHY_LAWed May 01 1991Cisco, Synoptics VMS AM's, anyone?
981.010RIVAGE::HAYESThu May 02 1991Variant Record support at PM level questions
982.03WOTVAX::PURNELLRThu May 02 1991V1.1 installation for customers
983.012TOOK::DITMARSThu May 02 1991PM changes in V1.2
984.017ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGThu May 02 1991Alarm: how to reset automatically?
985.01BYBLOS::TAMERThu May 02 1991RESTRICT directive (32) NOT in Function Dispatch Table
986.012TOOK::MATTHEWSFri May 03 1991Wires, Lines, Circuits, etc.
987.03ENUF::GASSMANFri May 03 1991System sizing
989.06STRASB::MOSERSun May 05 1991DECmcc in Client-Server mode ???
990.01VERS::PETROUMon May 06 1991PBL: How to display text file?
991.05QUIVER::CIARFELLAMon May 06 1991Selective filtering of attributes
992.01MILPND::BACCARITue May 07 1991Install failed... SYSTEM-F-IVLOGNAM
993.04LEVERS::LEVENSONTue May 07 1991MCC-E-NOENTITY problem
994.017FLYROC::GOYETTEWed May 08 1991NODE4 unreachable rule...
995.03SUBWAY::REILLYWed May 08 1991End-Station AM, 8
996.09COOKIE::KITTELLWed May 08 1991PROBLEM: PMs handle Directive DIsplay definition differently
997.05COOKIE::KITTELLWed May 08 1991PROBLEM: accvio in proccessing for mcc_event_put
998.02SUBWAY::REGANThu May 09 1991Director for Ultrix
999.03COOKIE::KITTELLThu May 09 1991Query: Can a thread mark itself for deletion?
1000.09BSYBEE::EGOLFFri May 10 1991DECmcc Courses / Training
1001.07BSYBEE::EGOLFSun May 12 1991Documents/Specifications for V1.2
1002.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRMon May 13 1991Ethernet AM problem
1003.04ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon May 13 1991SNMP vs other AMs!!!
1004.04JETSAM::WOODCOCKMon May 13 1991IMPM Problems
1005.07BSS::MCDONALDMon May 13 1991More Details, please...
1006.01CSC32::D_MCADOOMon May 13 1991Missing DECelms manuals from SMS/BMS Kits?
1007.02BRSSWS::FOLENSTue May 14 1991DECmcc, does work with DECwindows ?
1008.05PHLACT::BBRADBURYTue May 14 1991SNMP/DNS Error
1009.014HGSWTue May 14 1991Problems with TSAM
1011.04DGOSWWed May 15 1991Exceptions and ILV
1012.04DGOSWWed May 15 1991AST fault message
1013.01PHLACT::BBRADBURYWed May 15 1991TS AM - No Bitmaps
1014.01TOOK::MCPHERSONWed May 15 1991Please READ before WRITE.
1015.015SUBWAY::REILLYWed May 15 1991Sample code to call AMs ?
1016.07HANNAH::B_COBBWed May 15 1991DECmcc and VCS revisited
1017.01HSOMAI::LINWed May 15 1991Installation failed - hardware error?
1018.012DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEWed May 15 1991Multiple Entities w/single command?
1019.02HGSWThu May 16 1991BMS vs DECnet Monitor, SNMP across areas
1020.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu May 16 1991DNS problem after FDDI AM(mako) installation
1021.03AUNTB::HYMESThu May 16 1991DuPont, Cabletron, Chipcom SNMP management
1022.0TOOK::KOHLSThu May 16 1991ASN.1 REAL support progress report
1024.06PHONE::ALLAINThu May 16 1991Is text substitutions for enumeration datatype supported?
1025.05HLDGFri May 17 1991Maps disappear when notification is enabled
1026.03BSYBEE::EGOLFFri May 17 1991DECmcc VMS Positioning Paper
1027.014JETSAM::WOODCOCKFri May 17 1991Alarms Bug???
1028.05PHONE::LORDFri May 17 1991MCC_EVENT_GET Invalid Lock Id problem
1029.0JAYJAY::KORNSFri May 17 1991Interim SNMP for DOS/Mac?
1030.04BSYBEE::EGOLFSun May 19 1991Command file to apply Rule and Historian templates
1031.02ARRODS::GILLJMon May 20 1991MIB extensions and the SNMP AM
1032.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon May 20 1991CONC AM problem
1033.01CTHQ1::JAKUSMon May 20 1991Follow the Sun Capabilities?
1034.04JETSAM::WOODCOCKMon May 20 1991Packet Rate Stats
1035.01TOOK::BURGESSMon May 20 1991DECmcc vs competition
1037.02BSYBEE::EGOLFTue May 21 1991Command file to load Configuration into Domain(s)
1038.01ODIXIE::HARRISKETue May 21 1991Strategic Vendors
1039.08SUBWAY::YANNIOSTue May 21 1991Rebuild Parse Table Access Violation?
1040.08PHONE::ALLAINWed May 22 1991INV_TIME_SPEC error when using the Iconic MAP
1041.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed May 22 1991Can IMPM layout be changed?
1042.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed May 22 1991Will OSF DME affect EMA???
1044.06MFRNW1::SCHUSTERThu May 23 1991EVT_POOL_CORRUPTED error
1045.03GOONS::CHAPMANThu May 23 1991Reports - "not a readied source" errors
1046.020STKHLM::BERGGRENThu May 23 1991problem with MCC_EVENT_GET/PUT
1047.01GRANPA::DCOMFORTThu May 23 1991ALARM rule startup question
1048.01PHONE::ALLAINThu May 23 1991Desframe validation routine
1049.01RIVAGE::HAYESFri May 24 1991Dictionary routines questions
1051.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIFri May 24 1991check translan3 with decmcc
1052.06ZPOVC::RAMARAJFri May 24 1991Batch alarms bug??? or ...
1053.01BSYBEE::EGOLFSat May 25 1991Command file to read Rules Database
1054.02HGSWSun May 26 1991questions while using bms
1055.01TENERE::HAYESMon May 27 1991DECmcc Alarm rule target entity on iconic
1056.01TENERE::HAYESMon May 27 1991Reference attribute Datatypes supported ?
1057.06KETJE::PACCOMon May 27 1991Line Name not matching Circuit name for STATISTICS
1058.02SNOCMon May 27 1991TSAM/Iconic Map problem
1059.04LEVERS::LEVENSONTue May 28 1991Depend On for Create arguments (IMPM)
1060.01LEVERS::LEVENSONTue May 28 1991Order of attributes in IMPM Set form
1061.03HANNAH::B_COBBTue May 28 1991Resource info needed
1062.04STUWed May 29 1991Can't register SNMP using DECwindows interface
1063.010TOOK::F_MESSINGERWed May 29 1991Should we remove this feature?
1064.019STKHLM::BERGGRENWed May 29 1991ENABLE alarm rule and INVALID HANDLE STATE problem
1065.0MARSWed May 29 1991PB with DDCMP STATISTICS
1066.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed May 29 1991ILV Buffer size
1067.03QUIVER::CIARFELLAWed May 29 1991Attribute group question
1068.06SNOCWed May 29 1991Alarms/ICON problem
1069.015ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu May 30 1991Exporter Performance issue
1070.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu May 30 1991Bridge Reports, what happened??
1071.02MAIL::CLAYTONThu May 30 1991X-terminal and media management?
1072.02DGOSWThu May 30 1991records and PM
1073.012PHONE::ALLAINThu May 30 1991MCC-E-NOENTITY when building an event report...
1074.02JETSAM::WOODCOCKThu May 30 1991Internal Line Speed
1075.01OTOOThu May 30 1991Saveset F was not restored properly
1076.0RACER::DAVEThu May 30 1991ERROR when registering a NODE4 with host based routing
1077.0RACER::DAVEThu May 30 1991ERROR - when reference data is a long string
1078.03ZURFri May 31 1991B/W monitor and color monitor
1079.06ZPOVC::RAMARAJFri May 31 1991Exporter thread terminated, why?
1080.08ZPOVC::RAMARAJFri May 31 1991Can't delete export!!!
1081.0TLSEFri May 31 1991real time FM infos
1082.01LEVERS::LEVENSONFri May 31 1991IMPM problem displaying construction
1083.01TENERE::HAYESMon Jun 03 1991PB getting sample icon in iconic map toolbox
1084.09DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEMon Jun 03 1991When V1.2 Field Test Available Internally?
1085.01FDCVMon Jun 03 1991DECmcc V1.2 & V2.
1086.06GAUDI::COLLMon Jun 03 1991DECmcc BMS V1.1 kit?
1087.02NETCUR::WADEMon Jun 03 1991Problem in MCC_ALARMS_MAIL_ALARM.COM
1088.03TOOK::SWISTMon Jun 03 1991Elimination of PLIB (runtime, anyway)
1089.012SUBWAY::YANNIOSTue Jun 04 1991Exporter Problems?
1090.0BSYBEE::EGOLFTue Jun 04 1991Olivetti signs up as DECmcc OEM
1091.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJTue Jun 04 1991Exporter Bug??, or what
1092.05SUBWAY::YANNIOSTue Jun 04 1991Please elaborate on %MCC-E-INV_IN_Q invalid qualifier
1093.02SNOCTue Jun 04 1991Alarm with event>1
1094.02DGOSWWed Jun 05 1991mcc_free routine
1095.017ROMWed Jun 05 1991DECmcc-NETPATH functionalities?!?
1096.09PHONE::ALLAINWed Jun 05 1991MCC_S_INV_ENTITY in mcc_dict_build_spec
1097.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Jun 05 1991Phase IV/PA/Exporter/QNA/MVII bug ??
1098.06KERNEL::MACLEANWed Jun 05 1991Non-Default IDP Query
1099.09NETCUR::WADEWed Jun 05 1991Bridge AM problem/bug
1100.04DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEWed Jun 05 1991How long to install FDA?
1101.03JETSAM::WOODCOCKWed Jun 05 1991Copy MCC Maps???
1102.013DGOSWThu Jun 06 1991ilvtoobig problem
1103.05DGOSWThu Jun 06 1991unexpected info
1104.01PADIS2::PERIEThu Jun 06 1991Doc on EVENT MANAGER
1105.02ROMThu Jun 06 1991Using NMCC/DECmnet Monitor with DECmcc
1106.05VINO::BEYHThu Jun 06 1991DECMCC event specs
1107.014STKHLM::BERGGRENThu Jun 06 1991questions on event-handling
1108.04SNOCThu Jun 06 1991Events happen to quick maybe !
1109.012SEDSWS::BAKERFri Jun 07 1991Alarm fire on adjacency down?
1110.04NWACES::OBRIENFri Jun 07 1991two Address lines for 2
1111.0DELNI::TERZIANFri Jun 07 1991Vitalink Bridge AM Sales Update Article
1112.017PHONE::ALLAINFri Jun 07 1991Ilv encoding for default parameters...
1113.02ZURFri Jun 07 1991TCPIP AM doesn't run under EMS License
1114.01TENERE::BOURGADEFri Jun 07 1991INGRES / SQL access in a VMS MM
1115.01QUIVER::CIARFELLAFri Jun 07 1991FCL parsing question
1116.01CLAUDI::PETERSFri Jun 07 1991Show recording
1117.02BYBLOS::TAMERFri Jun 07 1991MODIFY directives Inconsistency between EMA and SRM: Which one to implement ?
1118.01COOKIE::KITTELLFri Jun 07 1991PROBLEM: Forms Help Doesn't see Symbols
1119.02GRANPA::DCOMFORTMon Jun 10 1991Questions on the toolkit
1120.01GRANPA::DCOMFORTMon Jun 10 1991TSAM info request
1121.06LEMAN::BIROTue Jun 11 1991SNMP AM - Community name implementation
1122.02MCDOUG::MCPHERSONTue Jun 11 1991Need someone with VMS5.3 to test this code
1123.0STAR::ALLISONTue Jun 11 1991Any known problems using MCC_KERNEL_INIT and shareable images?
1124.01CSS::LAHAYETue Jun 11 1991Remote use of BMS?
1125.03COMICS::MISTRYWed Jun 12 1991Dregister and erase
1126.08GOYA::MERINOWed Jun 12 1991Translan AM Entity class not enrolled?
1127.02RDGENG::BICKNELL$PWed Jun 12 1991PROBLEM: With Historian
1128.01STKHLM::AMARTENSSONWed Jun 12 1991MCC subdirectory in DNS
1129.05MTA::SAMBAMURTYWed Jun 12 1991MCC Starters question
1131.06SEDSWS::BAKERThu Jun 13 1991IMPM Deregister command allows FCL to still work
1132.02HERON::MORALESThu Jun 13 1991weird behaviour of SNMP AM
1133.06ROMThu Jun 13 1991DECmcc and Network Management Consulting
1134.01MFRNW1::DEHMELThu Jun 13 1991Problems with populate and SNMP ?
1135.03PADIS2::PERIEThu Jun 13 1991Many users using DECmcc
1136.03PADIS2::PERIEThu Jun 13 1991API on Iconic map PM?
1137.01BSYBEE::EGOLFThu Jun 13 1991Looking for a few good rules...
1138.06TENERE::HAYESFri Jun 14 1991Design Framework questions !
1139.01HAMFri Jun 14 1991Available Access-Modules??
1140.01RACER::DAVEFri Jun 14 1991MCC_TS_AM.EXE open for write???
1142.01RIVAGE::LEONFri Jun 14 1991search in a domain tree ...
1143.06BSYBEE::EGOLFFri Jun 14 1991DECmcc Installation Walkthrough
1144.04PRSPSU::LOUISFri Jun 14 1991%MCC-E-INV_DESC
1145.03MARX::YINGFri Jun 14 1991TS AM callable interface
1146.03QUIVER::CIARFELLAFri Jun 14 1991FDDI access with mcc_ea_ routines
1147.01MAIL::CLAYTONFri Jun 14 1991Network Troubleshooting Guide?
1148.02EMASS::BOYDFri Jun 14 1991Problem with RENAME directive
1149.028SNOCSun Jun 16 1991EVENTS problem
1150.02UTRUST::KUIJPERSun Jun 16 1991DNS problems on lookup domains
1151.0PADIS1::NEYROUDMon Jun 17 1991Size of the MIR on ULTRIX
1152.01PADIS1::NEYROUDMon Jun 17 1991Historian FM on ULTRIX
1153.07CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDMon Jun 17 1991Memory leak problem
1154.07PHLACT::BBRADBURYMon Jun 17 1991TS AM Problem - ID8
1155.02MARX::YINGMon Jun 17 1991TS AM on ULTRIX
1156.011DGOSWMon Jun 17 1991ACCVIO and Iconic map
1157.01MAYDAY::ANDRADEMon Jun 17 1991EXPORTING problems
1158.02NSDC::CAILLEMon Jun 17 1991%MCC-E-NOTFOUND unsupported combination of verb, entity, partition
1159.06ENUF::GASSMANTue Jun 18 1991Suggestion from a customer (GE)
1160.02DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSETue Jun 18 1991Export of Reference Info?
1161.02TENERE::HAYESTue Jun 18 1991mcc_dict_translate_name_code examples needed
1162.01KCBBQ::TERRYTue Jun 18 1991ROCKWELL AM's???
1163.0ENUF::GASSMANTue Jun 18 1991HP's Node Manager V2.
1164.01ULYSSE::HAYESWed Jun 19 1991Bug DECmcc V1.1 Config FM or Release notes
1165.02NSDC::CAILLEWed Jun 19 1991Delete class does not delete the corresponding subclass of MCC class...
1167.03CLARID::FONTAINEWed Jun 19 1991BMS documentation...
1168.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 19 1991removed by moderator
1169.03MLNEDU::GIAMMARINIWed Jun 19 1991Printing DECmcc maps
1170.02SEDSWS::BAKERThu Jun 20 1991Managing WANrouter5
1171.012SUBWAY::YANNIOSThu Jun 20 1991Alarms & %MCC-E-PM_DGODERR, Software error:
1172.01ODIXIE::HARRISKEThu Jun 20 1991Contents of EMS and SMS
1173.03MARVIN::COBBThu Jun 20 1991Example using callable MCC to read Phase V attribute
1174.02MLNEDU::GIAMMARINIThu Jun 20 1991How to join DIRECTOR_TF conference?
1175.010HGSWFri Jun 21 1991DECmcc/Ultrix & DECmcc/MSU again
1176.01HGSWFri Jun 21 1991Registration & polling procees. Who they work?
1177.02HLRGFri Jun 21 1991can't add new domains to an exisisting domain
1178.01MARSFri Jun 21 1991PB with GRAPH on the REPORT PACKAGE
1179.01PADIS1::PERIEFri Jun 21 1991Charge Memory /DECmcc Ultrix
1180.013TOOK::JSGFri Jun 21 1991DECmcc Status Update June 17,1991
1181.03KETJE::PACCOFri Jun 21 1991Iconic Map Screen resolution display problems.
1182.020ANTIK::WESTERBERGSun Jun 23 1991Trouble to get the Exporter background job started.
1183.01RACER::DAVEMon Jun 24 1991Augment for exporter fails if export for some set of child entities exists
1184.06VAOUMon Jun 24 1991NIST defines a MIB?
1185.03COOKIE::KITTELLTue Jun 25 1991PROBLEM: Default Flag not always passed
1186.03COOKIE::KITTELLTue Jun 25 1991AttributeIDList datatype
1187.02STKHLM::AMARTENSSONWed Jun 26 1991Point to the same map from different users?
1188.02JETSAM::WOODCOCKWed Jun 26 1991Reset IMPM Alarm from FCL???
1189.01STAR::NOZELLWed Jun 26 1991SDL (or SDI) for MCC_INTERFACE_DEF?
1190.0ODIXIE::STUMPFWed Jun 26 1991Sales Support presentations
1191.010MEO78B::MCCOYThu Jun 27 1991etherenet station, SUN, HP and Mac ?
1192.03MLNEDU::GIAMMARINIThu Jun 27 1991Again about the maps..
1193.01MAIL::CLAYTONThu Jun 27 1991TSAM Problem Showing Correct Characteristics
1194.013JETSAM::WOODCOCKThu Jun 27 1991alarms on 'recorded' data??
1195.02JETWSH::COMFORTThu Jun 27 1991Vitalink and Bridge AM problem
1196.05PHONE::ALLAINThu Jun 27 1991Problem with my register directive
1197.01ROMFri Jun 28 1991Memory for multiple users
1198.01JGO::BEKKUMFri Jun 28 1991Element "MCC_EXPORT" not found
1199.0TOOK::LIZBICKIFri Jun 28 1991Terminal Server AM contact info
1200.0BSYBEE::EGOLFSun Jun 30 1991DECmcc / DECalert Interface
1201.01HGSWSun Jun 30 1991SNMP AM PAK?
1202.02SUOSW4::HARDTMon Jul 01 1991Other directors...
1205.012CRONIC::LEMONSMon Jul 01 1991Locating DECnet, TCP nodes in relation to bridges
1206.01KALI::DIMINICOTue Jul 02 1991DECmcc <---> BASEstar
1207.02TROU47::SLEETue Jul 02 1991Vitalink AM Instal failure
1208.05PRSUD1::CARRAYROUWed Jul 03 1991DOC VITALINK AM ???
1209.02COMICS::WOODWARDWed Jul 03 1991Selecting multiple entities on the map
1210.02NSSG::DAVEWed Jul 03 1991MCC SYSTEM Requirements
1211.03CLARID::PATELWed Jul 03 1991AI based alarm interface (wish list)
1212.010RIVAGE::MCDONALDThu Jul 04 1991problem enrolling on mcc ultrix
1213.03NEOVThu Jul 04 1991cisco management from DEC products?
1214.03NEOVThu Jul 04 1991Interaction with other vendor products?
1215.03NEOVThu Jul 04 1991Security and accunting management?
1216.04ZURFri Jul 05 1991report problem "element not found in dictionary"
1217.01NEOVSat Jul 06 1991SNMP AM doc on the net?
1218.05NEOVSun Jul 07 1991URGENT: Misc questions on our capabilities
1219.01NEOVSun Jul 07 1991Reference accounts for MCC needed
1220.03DRAC::ASUNCIONMon Jul 08 1991Exporter + Historian problem
1221.02CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Jul 08 1991DNS setup problems
1222.04CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Jul 08 1991problems with register
1223.03BSYBEE::EGOLFTue Jul 09 1991Looking for Private MIBs
1224.01ESCROW::LANGTue Jul 09 1991Anyone written AM with DCE RPC?
1225.02DUNDEE::CLEARYTue Jul 09 1991update from user land
1226.08MFRNW1::SCHUSTERWed Jul 10 1991Alarm notification stopps for domain
1227.01TOOK::MCPHERSONWed Jul 10 1991BUG: Can't do DIRECTORY of subentities from IMPM
1228.0SUBWAY::REILLYWed Jul 10 1991Register Token Ring devices as end stations.
1229.01TOSKI::ADAMSWed Jul 10 1991VAXft; KFE
1230.01JETSAM::MORRISSEYWed Jul 10 1991BT North America Concert Data System & MCC
1231.05HAM::HANSENWed Jul 10 1991Event Notif runs only once
1232.01NEOVWed Jul 10 1991EMS/INMS, overhead in MCC?
1233.02QUIVER::CIARFELLAWed Jul 10 1991Where should MCC_DESFRAME.H be located?
1234.01MAIL::CLAYTONWed Jul 10 1991Problem Accessing Server Attributes with TSAM
1235.02CLARID::FONTAINEThu Jul 11 1991European training/course on DECmcc ?
1236.05MAYDAY::ANDRADEThu Jul 11 1991Register NODE4 failing to connect to DNS
1237.02HRCG::DAVIESThu Jul 11 1991SRM other than Bookreader format???
1238.06DELNI::S_LANEFri Jul 12 1991SUNnet Manager -- What's all the fuss about?
1239.015CRONIC::LEMONSFri Jul 12 1991Installation problem with EMS V2.3
1240.01RACER::DAVEFri Jul 12 1991MCC EXPORT dies in an "Ungracefull" fashion
1241.09KETJE::PACCOFri Jul 12 1991WITH qualifier clause for in_entity.
1242.04BSYBEE::EGOLFFri Jul 12 1991Command file to read UCX database
1243.08TOOK::MATTHEWSFri Jul 12 1991What is Topology?
1244.09HSOMAI::LINSun Jul 14 1991DECmcc questions
1245.05WOTVAX::PURNELLRMon Jul 15 1991General questions about MCC
1246.02STKHLM::BERGGRENMon Jul 15 1991event-report lost in binary space???
1247.01PADIS1::NEYROUDMon Jul 15 1991DECmcc/ULTRIX and Real-time
1248.01GLDOA::STALLMANMon Jul 15 1991DECelms and the MOP channel
1249.05HOO78C::DOOLAARDTue Jul 16 1991Access control in FCL and Iconic_map
1250.02HOO78C::DOOLAARDTue Jul 16 1991Cluster Alias and ATG.
1251.08COLTue Jul 16 1991Notification problems
1252.06LISVAX::ANDRETue Jul 16 1991Accessing a remote Translan
1253.03SIOG::TINNELLYTue Jul 16 1991Enabling TERMSERVER_AM??
1254.07ARRODS::GILLJTue Jul 16 1991SNMP AM v1.1 availability?
1255.06NSSG::R_SPENCETue Jul 16 1991Audit tool for DECmcc Systems
1256.03SUBWAY::YANNIOSTue Jul 16 1991Historian Init. failed (%QFILE-F-CREATERR)
1257.022CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Jul 17 1991some decc map questions
1258.02RIVAGE::SILVAWed Jul 17 1991Exporter FM questions - data type conversions?
1259.011HAM::HANSENWed Jul 17 1991Reboot TransLAN without password
1260.01OPG::SIMONWed Jul 17 1991Moved by moderator
1261.02CVG::PETTENGILLWed Jul 17 1991How to install MCC in DEC?
1262.05IJSAPL::WOODROWThu Jul 18 1991Remote system management - relation to RSM/DECros?
1264.01HVDSQR::HERRLICHThu Jul 18 1991Internal error in DECnet Phase IV AM.
1265.05ASD::HOWERThu Jul 18 1991duplicate argument instances allowed in out_p: bug or feature?
1266.03SUBURB::SMYTHIThu Jul 18 1991Software logic error
1267.022TOOK::MERRIFIELDThu Jul 18 1991DECmcc BMS V1.1 patches
1268.06HSOMAI::LINThu Jul 18 1991Documentation and on-lien help
1269.010HSOMAI::LINThu Jul 18 1991Different community password
1270.08CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Jul 19 1991request for mcc maps
1271.010STKHLM::BERGGRENFri Jul 19 1991threads and ASTs?
1272.02TROOA::GILBERTFri Jul 19 1991Vitalink AM install;infinite loop
1273.03HSOMAI::LINSun Jul 21 1991Mac/Appletalk and Ethernet AM
1274.06HERON::MORALESMon Jul 22 1991DECwindows histograms display for DECmcc
1275.08SWORD1::ESMon Jul 22 1991mcc_a_link of MCC_T_Descriptor?
1276.04SWORD1::ESMon Jul 22 1991The difference between SET and SET OF
1277.01HSOMAI::LINMon Jul 22 1991Window interface suggestion
1278.04TROOA::GILBERTTue Jul 23 1991Vitalink-cannont communicate
1279.0BSYBEE::EGOLFTue Jul 23 1991DECmcc MIB Compiler
1280.01CTHQ3::WERSTTue Jul 23 1991Incorrect Packet Rates for WANrouter 5
1281.03VIVIAN::MILTONWed Jul 24 1991Network Utilization statistic conflict
1282.02MAYDAY::ANDRADEWed Jul 24 1991SHOW EXPORT "features"
1283.010BYBLOS::TAMERWed Jul 24 1991MCC_K_DICT_MEMBER dictionary class. What is used for ?
1285.01KBOMFG::HEFELEThu Jul 25 1991RULE which compares 2 variables??
1286.02JETWSH::COMFORTFri Jul 26 1991Problem/suggestion with iconic map alarms
1287.037CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Jul 26 1991MCC_GRAPH: postscript print utility for maps
1288.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Jul 29 1991Station counters return nothing!!!
1289.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Jul 29 1991Chipcom FO Hub and MCC?
1290.0JETSAM::WOODCOCKMon Jul 29 1991RECORD startup error
1291.05DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEMon Jul 29 1991Can you be a PHIV and PHV node?
1292.01TROOA::GILBERTMon Jul 29 1991Phase IV address change
1293.014GRANPA::DCOMFORTMon Jul 29 1991Translan AM error
1294.0CUJO::HILLMon Jul 29 1991Network device driver problems w/ VMS T5.4-3 ...
1295.01BSYBEE::EGOLFTue Jul 30 1991DECmcc manages WRIGHT Air Conditioners
1296.01VINO::VOBATue Jul 30 1991DECmcc SMS 2.1 Installation Errors
1297.05MQOSWS::N_CARDELLATue Jul 30 1991VAX 4
1298.010TROOA::GILBERTTue Jul 30 1991Foreign (Emulex) Terminal Servers
1299.03RDGENG::PRATTWed Jul 31 1991SNMP_AM T1.1 and DNS
1300.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Aug 01 1991Ultrix and UCX MIB II when???
1301.07ULYSSE::ZITTAThu Aug 01 1991Do you need maps ?
1302.05TAVThu Aug 01 1991ACMS & EMA
1303.06MAIL::CLAYTONThu Aug 01 1991SNMP V1.1 EFT Private MIB Extensions?
1304.04HGOVC::LILLIANTANGThu Aug 01 1991unable to register DECwanrouter 1
1305.01SUBWAY::REILLYFri Aug 02 1991Appletalk MIB
1306.05CUJO::HILLFri Aug 02 1991DECmcc testing with VMS V5.4-3
1307.01DLOSWS::BUTTNERFri Aug 02 1991Toolkit V1.1 and BMS 1.1?
1308.03ANNECY::JACQUEMOUXSun Aug 04 1991Can we use System Services to develop an AM ?
1309.09STKHLM::BERGGRENMon Aug 05 1991help on IN_P argument in MCC_CALL i/f
1310.03ROMMon Aug 05 1991Events problem
1311.05TENERE::LAVILLATMon Aug 05 1991Is the mcc_ats_link routine supposed to order time elements ?
1312.04KERNEL::MACLEANMon Aug 05 1991Noname-W-Nomsg & Windows ACCVIO?
1313.02HGOVC::LILLIANTANGTue Aug 06 1991labels on maps and the DNS pathname
1314.02SUOSW4::HARDTTue Aug 06 1991DECmcc Module Specs
1316.03EMASS::FLETCHERTue Aug 06 1991ULTRIX..What does MCC provide programmer?
1317.014SEDSWS::MALLOYTue Aug 06 1991ltm in Decmcc
1318.08HGSWS1::SUSANCHANTue Aug 06 1991duplicate node address on the network
1319.02TENERE::LAVILLATWed Aug 07 1991mcc_ats_get_previous question
1321.09ARRODS::GILLJWed Aug 07 1991SNMP, CISCO, WANDesigner
1322.01ANTIK::WESTERBERGThu Aug 08 1991Problem with MCC_GRAPH and double text rows.
1323.04TENERE::HAYESThu Aug 08 1991Iconic Map : Where is DELETE AM entry point ?
1324.01COMICS::MISTRYThu Aug 08 1991chipcom bridges
1325.05ZURFri Aug 09 1991Can't register CHIPCOM
1326.02ONOIS1::GAIRNSFri Aug 09 1991Sizing info for MCC on Ultrix platform
1327.01TROOA::GILBERTFri Aug 09 1991Managing a DEMNA?
1328.01DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEFri Aug 09 1991Can't Register SNMP entity
1329.0BSYBEE::EGOLFSat Aug 10 1991DECmcc and the Czechoslovakian Wide Area network
1330.016ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESSun Aug 11 1991Read-Only Iconic Map?
1331.0TPOVMon Aug 12 1991MIDNIGHT BRIDGE
1332.02RAAJI::ALAGAPPANMon Aug 12 1991MCC_PTB_PARSER.BPT file protection question.
1333.03HKGACT::SUSANCHANTue Aug 13 1991DECmcc/VMS --> DECmcc/Ultrix
1334.010HLRGTue Aug 13 1991How to implement a 'List of Records'
1335.07CLARID::HOFSTEETue Aug 13 1991exporter problems (again) INVDBCTX
1336.016BERNWed Aug 14 1991Alarms on differences of counters
1337.02EMASS::FLETCHERWed Aug 14 1991mcc_thread_create gets MCC_S_UNSUPP_OP
1338.01HVDSQR::HERRLICHWed Aug 14 1991invalid time specificied, PM unable to continue
1339.05VIDOAN::DOANWed Aug 14 1991Background map problem
1340.01QUIVER::CIARFELLAWed Aug 14 1991Can I convert strings to FullNames?
1341.08PNTAGN::PARKERJEWed Aug 14 1991Register TLB-Protocol in use??
1342.01EMASS::FLETCHERThu Aug 15 1991who does select (u*X sys call) block?
1343.03HLDGThu Aug 15 1991VMS Extended Agent
1344.01COLThu Aug 15 1991Registering problem with IMPM
1345.02ZURThu Aug 15 1991Other Report Files
1346.01BEAGLE::ROOSEFri Aug 16 1991COS and SPAG?
1347.01BEAGLE::ROOSEFri Aug 16 1991OSI model for SMI?
1348.05EMASS::FLETCHERFri Aug 16 1991mcc_mutex* undefined...where are they?
1349.04SWORD1::ESFri Aug 16 1991MCC_DT_PHASE4NAME as instnc dt for MCC class?
1350.0TOOK::SWISTFri Aug 16 1991message "no such host <hostname> for MM etc" (mcc/ultrix)
1351.0BSYBEE::EGOLFSat Aug 17 1991Command file to copy one domain to another
1352.02ANNECY::JACQUEMOUXMon Aug 19 1991Problem with Alarm rule creation for Event detection.
1353.01HLDGMon Aug 19 1991On-line figure requested
1354.01TENERE::HAYESTue Aug 20 1991Q : Event Manager & Callable MCC !...
1355.06BALZAC::COULONTue Aug 20 1991Problem: Bad data in map file => ACCVIO
1356.01TENERE::BOURGADETue Aug 20 1991X25 calls in MMs
1357.03RDGENG::PRATTTue Aug 20 1991MCC system requirements
1358.01CLARID::HOFSTEETue Aug 20 1991release notes for V1.2?
1359.06CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDTue Aug 20 1991Iconic Map PM dictionary access problem
1360.013STKHLM::BERGGRENTue Aug 20 1991HELP on ACC-VIO please
1361.07JETWSH::COMFORTTue Aug 20 1991Counter collection and zeroing question
1362.09JETWSH::COMFORTTue Aug 20 1991Customer feedback/requests
1363.06GOONS::CHAPMANTue Aug 20 1991Customised map backdrops
1364.01TROU47::SLEETue Aug 20 1991WHY all attributes just for Statistics
1365.08CLARID::PATELWed Aug 21 1991Audit trail capabilities ?
1366.03CLARID::PATELWed Aug 21 1991RFC conformance for SNMP AM ?
1367.01CLARID::PATELWed Aug 21 1991CMIS/CMIP conformance ?
1368.0ZPOVC::KHENGLIMWed Aug 21 1991MCCBMS Fatal Error
1369.08RIVAGE::SILVAWed Aug 21 1991Determining RECORD
1370.03GOONS::CHAPMANWed Aug 21 1991Alarms - map doesn't change colour
1371.02AUNTB::BRILEYWed Aug 21 1991Alarms displayed in a cluster
1372.03HOO78C::TIMMERMANSWed Aug 21 1991alarm rules setup
1373.04CSC32::WOESTEMEYERWed Aug 21 1991Cannot register SNMP agent
1374.04CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Aug 21 1991DTR problems with reports package
1375.08CUJO::HILLThu Aug 22 1991COLLISION DETECT CHECK FAILED; Request for more documentation
1376.04CUJO::HILLThu Aug 22 1991DEREGISTER does not work on unreachable nodes
1377.01NSSG::R_SPENCEThu Aug 22 1991Problem with ELM and BMS
1378.04COOKIE::KITTELLThu Aug 22 1991Query: Determining the MSL version
1379.03MSDOA::LOVEThu Aug 22 1991What about MAP management?
1380.0ADO75A::SHARPEThu Aug 22 1991DECmcc and Multinet, FYI
1381.03TENERE::HAYESFri Aug 23 1991Q: MSL :DEPENDS ON clause on a CHILD entity
1382.02LISVAX::CALADOFri Aug 23 1991Error message "Map window message: invalid entity identifier"
1383.09ZURFri Aug 23 1991ELM
1384.04BERNFri Aug 23 1991Problems with recorded data
1385.015BSYBEE::EGOLFFri Aug 23 1991Split conference into two or not?
1386.01BSYBEE::EGOLFSat Aug 24 1991Command utility to print DOMAIN tree and contents
1388.01CUJO::HILLSun Aug 25 1991%DNS-E-NOCOMMUNICATION error on SECOND TO LAST entity
1389.01CUJO::HILLSun Aug 25 1991BRIDGE alarm rule ACCVIOs
1390.02ZPOVC::GEORGEKOHMon Aug 26 1991DECelms and DECMCC questions
1391.03EEMELI::MITTSMon Aug 26 1991VMS vs Ultrix DECmcc functionality?
1392.04VIDOAN::DOANMon Aug 26 1991Record layout for the RDB files.
1393.05DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEMon Aug 26 1991FCL directly from $ ?
1394.021STKHLM::BERGGRENMon Aug 26 1991Help on ACC-VIO (again... :-) with IMPM
1395.01EEMELI::MITTSMon Aug 26 1991aetius moderator?
1396.01HLDGTue Aug 27 1991verb in domain ?
1397.04DWOMV2::FILLMANTue Aug 27 1991map window structures corrupt
1398.013DWOMV2::FILLMANTue Aug 27 1991SNMP AM 1.1 registering SUN SPARC
1399.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJTue Aug 27 1991SNMP Traps, which ones??
1400.06CUJO::HILLTue Aug 27 1991NML_nnnn processes; Node terminated link before link confirmation
1402.04TENERE::BOMMARTTue Aug 27 1991in_q encoding
1403.02CUJO::HILLTue Aug 27 1991Customer feedback; Better products
1404.04VIDOAN::DOANTue Aug 27 1991Accessing DECmcc via PC using Pathworks with PCDECwindow V3.
1405.02AUNTB::BRILEYTue Aug 27 1991%MCC-E-NOATTREXIST error
1406.02AUNTB::BRILEYTue Aug 27 1991Min polling for statistics
1407.04KAOTTue Aug 27 1991Rule description for Iconic Map alarm display
1408.01HANNAH::B_COBBTue Aug 27 1991Cannot register nodes, all else well.
1409.05TENERE::SILVAWed Aug 28 1991mcc_b_dtype field still used?
1410.02UTESWed Aug 28 1991dyn child with unsigned8 ident wildcard ?
1411.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Aug 28 1991FDDI SNMP Traps, which ones???
1412.01DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEWed Aug 28 1991Where's the Sqiggly LIne?
1413.02DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSEWed Aug 28 1991Can't do SHOW...ALL STATISTICS
1414.02MAYDAY::ANDRADEWed Aug 28 1991SNMP AM = missing HELP entries
1415.012ALOSWS::MULLERWed Aug 28 1991FLIGHT?
1416.01HANNAH::B_COBBWed Aug 28 1991Terminal server AM failing install
1418.017TPAC16::MOBBYLINThu Aug 29 1991Wellfleet, invalid entity identifier (T1.1.1)
1419.01ANNECY::JACQUEMOUXThu Aug 29 1991How create fullname instance in the event sink ?
1420.05MLNEDU::GIAMMARINIThu Aug 29 1991Unable to create domain. DNS problems?
1421.04MANThu Aug 29 1991Export process dies with QFILE-F-WRITERR or RWMBX
1422.03CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Aug 30 1991Inter-Thread communication
1423.07COLFri Aug 30 1991Utilities to extract MCC reference data
1424.03SUBURB::SMYTHIFri Aug 30 1991Changed line names require reregistration
1425.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRFri Aug 30 1991MIB I & II documentation
1426.02SUBWAY::REILLYFri Aug 30 1991DEQRA (Token Ring) support ?
1427.02TENERE::HAYESFri Aug 30 1991Static domains and notification
1428.05KAOTFri Aug 30 1991change_of node4 remote node * state alarm not working
1429.03MARSMon Sep 02 1991no mail notification on alarm ??
1430.03GIDDAY::BROOKSMon Sep 02 1991MCC_DNA4_EVL process crashes with LIB-F-SECINTFAI
1431.02ANNECY::JACQUEMOUXTue Sep 03 1991How retreive OUT_P parameter from Alarm FM module ?
1432.01ARRODS::GILLJTue Sep 03 1991Support for DOS Windows 3 as PM?
1433.05DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSETue Sep 03 1991Can't communicate w/PATHWORKS V4.1 Can't Communicate w/V4.1 PATHWORKS
1434.0CLARID::PATELTue Sep 03 1991Q's on FDA, events, and cost of AM's
1435.01LEV::rootTue Sep 03 1991Print Iconic Map?
1436.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJTue Sep 03 1991SNMP reset on Concentrator?
1437.02SAAR::B_GOODWINTue Sep 03 1991Help File Builder fails.....
1438.09OFFHK::ALLAINTue Sep 03 1991Iconic Map and Alarms problem
1439.01WLW::ZIGLERTue Sep 03 1991Iconic Map WAN Notification - Help!
1440.04KERNEL::OSBORNEWed Sep 04 1991NCP>COPY.....
1441.03KERNEL::OSBORNEWed Sep 04 1991Getting Alarming to work.
1442.01IJSAPL::DUINWed Sep 04 1991Implement SNMP at application level ?
1443.01JETSAM::WOODCOCKWed Sep 04 1991THRUPUT vs % STATS
1444.02ANNECY::BONNIERWed Sep 04 1991DECmcc Iconic Map and Motif
1445.01ZPOVC::KHENGLIMWed Sep 04 1991DEChub 9
1446.01ANNECY::BONNIERWed Sep 04 1991DCL $STATUS not usable ?
1447.05CSC32::WOESTEMEYERWed Sep 04 1991Inconsistantclass????
1448.014COOKIE::KITTELLWed Sep 04 1991Query: Wildcard Instance on Create?
1449.02JETSAM::WOODCOCKWed Sep 04 1991PA ACCVIO's for missing data
1450.01SWORD1::ESWed Sep 04 1991OUT_P parameter value for mcc_call
1451.06SWORD1::SUCONICKThu Sep 05 1991DECmcc hangs when handling common exception
1452.01RDGENG::PRATTThu Sep 05 1991Show record and Iconic map
1453.01ANOSWS::COMFORTThu Sep 05 1991Historian and alarms
1454.04ANOSWS::COMFORTThu Sep 05 1991DNS and domains
1455.05TNPUBS::CAHALANThu Sep 05 1991V1.1 TCP/IP SNMP AM Use guide
1456.04SWORD1::ESThu Sep 05 1991Examples of ILV_PUT_MCCREPLY and _MCCMESSAGE
1457.012WOTVAX::PURNELLRFri Sep 06 1991Proposed ASCII AM
1458.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRFri Sep 06 1991Vitalink AM - European contact
1459.03STKHLM::BERGGRENFri Sep 06 1991PROBLEM: Historian & NODE4 (router)-nodes
1460.0ROMEDU::DEPAULISFri Sep 06 1991Rule Based FMs for Fault Analysis and Recovery
1461.01BYBLOS::TAMERFri Sep 06 1991PROBLEM: FCL handling of default
1462.03NWACES::KIMMELFri Sep 06 1991Callable DECmcc and event flag waits
1463.05WARDLE::REXFri Sep 06 1991Historian/Exporter problems
1464.04TKOV51::H_KOMIYAMon Sep 09 1991Mac Management
1465.02STKHLM::BERGGRENMon Sep 09 1991PROB: with error-handling
1466.01KERNEL::OSBORNEMon Sep 09 1991FT Terminal Server AM fails Install.
1467.05HERON::LATOUCHEMon Sep 09 1991SNMP MIB's - ACtions : Read/Modify
1468.02UTESMon Sep 09 1991How to register child entities ?
1469.02MLNEDU::GIAMMARINIMon Sep 09 1991%MCC-E-NOPARENT... why?
1470.06CSC32::WOESTEMEYERMon Sep 09 1991Cannot draw lines on MAP background
1471.02JETSAM::WOODCOCKMon Sep 09 1991Historian: %QFILE-E-OPENERR
1472.03COOKIE::KITTELLMon Sep 09 1991Query: Filtering with the IMPM
1473.03NYANC::ENGMon Sep 09 1991show statistics problem
1474.04SWORD1::ESMon Sep 09 1991INSTANCE parameter for the MCC_AES_GET call?
1476.02HGSWS1::SUSANCHANTue Sep 10 1991Help: Moving DECmcc to another system.
1477.03TENERE::HAYESTue Sep 10 1991Pb with SET datatype with SET directive
1478.04WARNUT::PURNELLRTue Sep 10 1991Change from Phase IV to DECnet/OSI
1479.012CTHQ3::WICKTue Sep 10 1991Historical Latency Reporting
1480.07ESCROW::LANGTue Sep 10 1991creating entities in SAMPLE_AM
1483.02MLNEDU::GIAMMARINIWed Sep 11 1991MCC_RESOURCE.DAT...be careful to edit it
1484.04WELLIN::MCCALLUMWed Sep 11 1991Performance Analyser and DR2
1485.010ESCROW::LANGWed Sep 11 1991Info on DECnet V AM?
1486.017TOOK::MINTZWed Sep 11 1991DECmcc for ULTRIX FT register note
1487.01MAYDAY::ANDRADEThu Sep 12 1991ELM AM and DECbridges 9
1488.01MINDER::BLOWERGThu Sep 12 1991Ultrix BMS database
1489.01HANNAH::B_COBBThu Sep 12 1991ToolBox label overlaps
1490.02NAC::ENGLANDThu Sep 12 1991dictionary install problem?
1491.02NAC::ENGLANDThu Sep 12 1991unfriendly installation
1492.026TOOK::MINTZThu Sep 12 1991MCC for ULTRIX FT kit questions
1493.011NAC::ENGLANDThu Sep 12 1991threads problem?
1494.03NAC::ENGLANDThu Sep 12 1991install problem wi Phase IV node comm
1495.02NAC::ENGLANDThu Sep 12 1991IVP problem
1496.03HANNAH::B_COBBThu Sep 12 1991Cannot register NODE4 entries
1497.01COOKIE::KITTELLThu Sep 12 1991QUERY: How much of MCC is callable?
1498.01NAC::ENGLANDThu Sep 12 1991non-robust POPULATE DOMAIN
1499.05SWAM2::MAMMEN_DAThu Sep 12 1991how do customers get SNMP AM?
1500.010EISNCG::MEHRThu Sep 12 1991Ethernet_AM probelm with concentrator 5
1501.01EISNCG::MEHRThu Sep 12 1991Iconic Map problems
1502.01MEO78B::BARRONFri Sep 13 1991Is the Vitalink AM selling?
1503.02HANNAH::B_COBBFri Sep 13 1991Naming conventions in the Iconic Map
1504.02FOAMER::JUDICEFri Sep 13 1991No DECW Interface!
1505.04ESCROW::LANGFri Sep 13 1991FM making database calls?
1506.02TENERE::MCDONALDFri Sep 13 1991Default of none for different datatypes
1507.0BSYBEE::EGOLFSun Sep 15 1991OSF DME messages...
1508.02DLOMon Sep 16 1991Command Procedures - Installation????
1510.02TOOK::MINTZMon Sep 16 1991Virtual memory for DECmcc for ULTRIX
1511.07TOOK::MINTZMon Sep 16 1991SQL for Exporter in DECmcc for ULTRIX
1512.03EEMELI::MITTSTue Sep 17 1991Inter-director comms, VMS-Ultrix?
1513.04UTESTue Sep 17 1991CREATE Secondary Ident fails -> Unknwn ARG
1514.01CHILKA::JAGGITue Sep 17 1991Internal error in Iconic Map
1515.02AUNTB::BRILEYTue Sep 17 1991Vitalink AM Capabilities
1516.010COMICS::MISTRYTue Sep 17 1991Alarms and memory allocation.
1517.06COMICS::MISTRYTue Sep 17 1991notification and alarms rules problem
1518.0DELNI::J_SILVERTue Sep 17 1991DECmcc ELM AM SPD
1519.01SPANKY::SHEEHANTue Sep 17 1991Question on Ethernet Patch Note 1267.11
1520.09WELCLU::CRIDDLEWed Sep 18 1991Counter Creation time query
1521.01TRCOA::BROWNWed Sep 18 1991Using APL for MCC modules?
1522.05BREAKR::DANAHYWed Sep 18 1991Incomplete doc set
1523.0BSYBEE::EGOLFWed Sep 18 1991Acumaster & DECmcc ?
1524.07WELCLU::CRIDDLEThu Sep 19 1991MCC job takes excessive CPU time
1525.02BYBLOS::TAMERThu Sep 19 1991Need explanation on Registration FM behavior
1526.02UTESThu Sep 19 1991DCL deleted private MIR reposit. comes back automatically !
1527.05JGO::BEKKUMThu Sep 19 1991Unable to register IP node
1528.03ANOSWS::COMFORTThu Sep 19 1991Random failures -%MCC-E-NOATTRIB, no such DNS attribute
1529.02STKHLM::BERGGRENThu Sep 19 1991Help on event-report arg to MCC_EVENT_PUT
1530.02BYBLOS::TAMERThu Sep 19 1991PROB: Is this an FCL bug ?
1531.04KAOTThu Sep 19 1991Event notification stopped, MCC_EVENT_LOG decode
1532.0CUJO::HILLThu Sep 19 1991DTR procedures requested; New ELM documentation requested
1533.03CUJO::HILLThu Sep 19 1991ELM_AM Rules are functioning, but status is "disabled"
1534.01LUXFri Sep 20 1991Distributed Director availibility
1536.01TENERE::HAYESFri Sep 20 1991MCC/ULTRIX cma undefined symbols
1537.02BIKINI::KRAUSEFri Sep 20 1991Toolkit: ILVTOOBIG from SET_CVR_AND_RPLY
1538.01JAYJAY::KORNSFri Sep 20 1991Questions arising from DECmcc Customer Seminar
1539.02UTESMon Sep 23 1991Show Ident * -> first entities fast, last very slow
1540.04TENERE::HAYESTue Sep 24 1991DECmcc V1.2 Graphing utility questions
1541.02STKHLM::BERGGRENTue Sep 24 1991probl: failure on enable rule -> No errorrmessage
1542.04ZPOVC::RAMARAJTue Sep 24 1991DME's real impact on MCC?
1543.01CSC32::D_KOFOLTue Sep 24 1991DEFEB forwarding database query using V1.1.
1544.07CRONIC::LEMONSTue Sep 24 1991%MCC-E-NOATTRIB when using Corporate DNS namespace nodename definitions
1545.011CUJO::HILLTue Sep 24 1991Alarm rules function, but show up DISABLED
1546.01BIGUN::FINCHTue Sep 24 1991How do you deinstall???
1547.01RETIRO::MCC_MGRWed Sep 25 1991DECmcc and namespace DEC:
1548.06SYSMGT::DUTKOWed Sep 25 1991Specify NULL Set to BITSET attribute?
1549.04DC1Wed Sep 25 1991customer problems: mono monitor & adding entity
1550.06RIVAGE::WEBERWed Sep 25 1991show single attribute in the mcc_call_access ?
1552.03NWACES::TRULLThu Sep 26 1991Iconic Map/Alarm Processing
1553.0TENERE::HAYESThu Sep 26 1991GETEVENT PBX * - simplename to fullname...??
1554.04RDMVS1::VDDOELENThu Sep 26 1991black on black map with remote window to Ultrix
1555.01VF::LANGASQUEThu Sep 26 1991DEMSA as routers
1556.01SLOVAX::BREINHOLTThu Sep 26 1991MIB For DECbridge 6
1557.02VAOUThu Sep 26 1991problem with grey scale
1558.04PARZVL::SHIAUThu Sep 26 1991Access towerset
1559.07MANWRK::PORTEOUSFri Sep 27 1991Hang on Iconic Map PM Child Entity on ULTRIX
1560.094CGVAX2::PAINTERFri Sep 27 1991DECmcc Getting Started manual for VMS
1561.05WELSWS::LOWRYMon Sep 30 1991Can AutoCAD be used for backdrops?
1562.02CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Sep 30 1991problem registering TS
1563.04NWACES::OBRIENMon Sep 30 1991new architecture document pointer
1564.09SLOVAX::BREINHOLTMon Sep 30 1991Navigation Map title is scrambled
1565.04HOO78C::TIMMERMANSMon Sep 30 1991severity on exception
1566.09BYBLOS::TAMERMon Sep 30 1991Reason why ILV is restricted to 32,5
1567.01NANOOK::BREITNERMon Sep 30 1991DownEast LobsterNet
1568.03HGSWS1::SUSANCHANTue Oct 01 1991enable alarm problem
1569.02ANNECY::BONNIERTue Oct 01 1991Alarm definition and domain
1570.04RIVAGE::SILVATue Oct 01 1991Reading dictionary defaults and partitions?
1571.01TOOK::JESURAJTue Oct 01 1991MCC_T_OCTETSTRING data type... Beware
1572.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Oct 01 1991WANdesigner alive?
1573.02HGSWS1::SUSANCHANTue Oct 01 1991error when setting the sink monitor name
1574.01KETJE::VDKERCKHOVEWed Oct 02 1991Internal error in phase iv am.
1575.02PRSMAI::NOBREWed Oct 02 1991system date and DECmcc date
1576.02DRAC::ASUNCIONWed Oct 02 1991Another graph reporting problem
1578.07CRONIC::LEMONSWed Oct 02 1991How to 'fix' the corporate namespace node informatioin?
1579.010RIVAGE::BOMMARTWed Oct 02 1991%Internal error: cma__open_general: unexpected fstat error
1580.0MLNCSC::MILANAWed Oct 02 1991How autotopology works for DECmcc and TCP/IP
1581.04KETJE::PACCOWed Oct 02 1991%MCC-E-NOENTITY - for incoming events.
1582.010DENVER::ARCHERWed Oct 02 1991Is there a SYNOPTICS AM?
1583.07CUJO::HILLWed Oct 02 1991ETHERNET_AM STATION alarm rule ACCVIO
1584.010CUJO::HILLWed Oct 02 1991Attribute not gettable vs. Attribute not available vs. Nor returned
1585.06PAKORA::CMACDONALDThu Oct 03 1991Problems with Installation of ULTRIX kit (DECmcc V1.2)
1586.02BLKPUD::WARNESGThu Oct 03 1991INV_ENTITY and ACCVIO when adding reg node
1587.01PADIS2::PERIEThu Oct 03 1991SNMP Agent on PC?
1588.03DRAC::ASUNCIONThu Oct 03 1991Another exporting problem
1589.0TOOK::CALLANDERThu Oct 03 1991Patience while v1.2 eft is readied
1590.01JETSAM::WOODCOCKThu Oct 03 1991Different PA inacuracy
1591.04JETSAM::WOODCOCKThu Oct 03 1991Map Edit => accvio
1592.03TENERE::SILVAThu Oct 03 1991What is the best way to use a custom data store?
1593.07HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Oct 03 1991AM portable to VMS/ULTRIX V1.2?
1594.04TENERE::SILVAThu Oct 03 1991X Toolit Warning followed by core dump?
1595.0BLUMON::SYLORThu Oct 03 1991Messages on the effect of DME on EMA from the EMA Architects
1596.01IJSAPL::VANHAMBURGFri Oct 04 1991DECbridge 6xx manage ports independently
1597.09ZPOVC::GEORGEKOHFri Oct 04 1991MCC Routine Error = %DNS-E-UNKNOWNENTRY
1598.02TENERE::HAYESFri Oct 04 1991IMPM potential bugs ?
1599.08BALZAC::MARKOWSKIFri Oct 04 1991Some trouble with the MCC_AES_CREATE
1600.03RIVAGE::BACCARFri Oct 04 1991trouble linking with nDBm and MIR rtns
1601.01LAVETA::DICKERSONFri Oct 04 1991XInputArrival - IM window hangs using help
1602.0TENERE::HAYESFri Oct 04 1991Europe : Alternate location for the SNMP V1.1 kit
1603.01KERNEL::MACLEANMon Oct 07 1991Export - Subproc. in Rwmbx State
1604.01PADIS::PERIEMon Oct 07 1991IBM-->DECmcc Director-->Entity
1605.02PADIS::PERIEMon Oct 07 1991Time management/DECmcc Ultrix
1606.03PADIS::PERIEMon Oct 07 1991Director to Director in DECmcc/Ultrix
1607.07PADIS::PERIEMon Oct 07 1991DECmcc-VMS/DECmcc-Ultrix
1608.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Oct 07 1991MCC ELMS on Ultrix Director, when?
1609.03WEPUBS::MILLERMon Oct 07 1991Usability question. Please respond.
1610.09ANTIK::WESTERBERGMon Oct 07 1991Announcing the OUTLET AM and AutoCAD dxf file to MCC backdrop converter.
1611.02UTESTue Oct 08 1991Important -> IMPM: Password not passed when retrieving variant information
1612.01SYSTEM::CFOXTue Oct 08 1991DECmcc ULTRIXrisc documents ?
1613.02KAOFS::R_DOIRONTue Oct 08 1991SNMP AM V1.1 SET Question
1614.02STRASB::MOSERTue Oct 08 1991AM EMA rules accordance
1615.011SIOG::TINNELLYTue Oct 08 1991Handout CHIPCOM MIB file??
1616.05DUCAT2::64544::LICAUSETue Oct 08 1991DECmcc bombs Motif Manager
1617.02KETJE::PACCOTue Oct 08 1991Problem with event filtering ?
1618.01CSSE32::EIKELBOOMTue Oct 08 1991DECmcc Entity Modeling Manual
1619.07KETJE::PACCOTue Oct 08 1991what is the GETEVENT in_p argument ?
1620.01KETJE::PACCOTue Oct 08 1991GETEVENT response event_report argument ID ?
1621.01IJSAPL::DUINWed Oct 09 1991UCX and Common SNMP Agents
1622.04BYTHEC::SYSTEMWed Oct 09 1991IDP number for DECmcc installation
1623.02RIVAGE::SILVAWed Oct 09 1991How can I read int values associated with enum DTs?
1624.05RIVAGE::BACCARWed Oct 09 1991trouble with mcc_aes_match
1625.01LUVBOT::MCCWed Oct 09 1991PA: Line Speed Set???
1626.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Oct 09 1991IMPM on Ultrix, looping?
1627.04BYENGWed Oct 09 1991Parse Tab. Update too long
1628.02JETSAM::WOODCOCKWed Oct 09 1991keep age question
1629.03F18::ROBERTWed Oct 09 1991Historian/Exporter/mcc_rpts.com
1630.01WLW::ZIGLERWed Oct 09 1991SNMP AM V1.1 Enrollment Question
1631.04--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 09 1991patch install MCCBMS
1632.03TENERE::MCDONALDThu Oct 10 1991LOCKS and MIR
1633.01TENERE::BOSSARDThu Oct 10 1991Subclass wildcarding
1634.01LEVERS::STRINGERThu Oct 10 1991Ada and/or TAE+ help
1636.02SUBURB::SMYTHIThu Oct 10 1991Device Broken Reason/ELMS/Bridge AM
1637.03WELCLU::CRIDDLEThu Oct 10 1991Running Reports remote from MCC station
1638.03WELCLU::CRIDDLEThu Oct 10 1991Requirments to manage Wellfleet?
1639.03DELNI::J_SILVERThu Oct 10 1991SPD for SNMP AM V1.1
1640.04BYBLOS::TAMERThu Oct 10 1991PROBLEM: FCL Problem with two datatypes
1641.07--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 11 1991problem with DECgraph in DECmcc
1643.014ANGLIN::HEYMANSFri Oct 11 1991Hardware requirements?
1644.0CUJO::HILLSun Oct 13 1991SNMP AM V1.1 ACCVIOs if no entity.
1645.04SAAR::B_GOODWINMon Oct 14 1991MCC ELM AM would not register a DECconcentrator 5
1646.01MAIL::CLAYTONMon Oct 14 1991Status of TSAM?
1647.02MTITAN::FREWINMon Oct 14 1991TSAM Error Message: "No Useable Service Circuits"
1648.01PRSUD1::CARRAYROUTue Oct 15 1991snmp PB
1649.01PADIS::PERIETue Oct 15 1991Archive/restore MIR ?
1650.03PADIS::PERIETue Oct 15 1991Iconic Map PM
1651.03CACIQE::FONSECATue Oct 15 1991Help needed urgent !!!
1652.0BSYBEE::EGOLFTue Oct 15 1991Swiss PTT Success Story
1653.02DWOMV2::FILLMANTue Oct 15 1991PROB: CHIPCOM and SNMP AM, all attrib not displayed
1654.06BALZAC::MARKOWSKITue Oct 15 1991REGISTER doesn't work
1655.04--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 15 1991historian record partition
1656.02SMAC1Tue Oct 15 1991Vitalink Bridge TEST problem!!
1657.05TENERE::DENISTue Oct 15 1991REGISTER ? Register !
1659.018MXOVTue Oct 15 1991DECmcc for ULTRIX problems
1660.01KAOTTue Oct 15 1991Alarm for outbound stream on remote router
1661.014STKMCC::LUNDTue Oct 15 1991Problem using readonly replicas in DNS
1662.010KETJE::PACCOWed Oct 16 1991Global Entity Identifier & FullName data type?
1663.01KERNEL::OSBORNEWed Oct 16 1991.MCC_IP directory and the TCP/IP SNMP AM.
1664.02PRSUD1::CARRAYROUWed Oct 16 1991Error read with SNMP 1.1 SSB
1665.07JETWSH::COMFORTWed Oct 16 1991What can historian record?
1666.01CUJO::HILLWed Oct 16 1991Iconic Map PM window disappears on "Cancel"
1667.012STKHLM::BERGGRENThu Oct 17 1991NOTIFY with >2
1668.0MLNCSC::MILANAThu Oct 17 1991LAN segment's management
1669.04MORO::MAUTZ_RIThu Oct 17 1991AM, PM, FM -Concise List?
1670.02KETJE::PACCOThu Oct 17 1991How does the REGISTRATION FM works?
1671.0MAIL::CLAYTONThu Oct 17 1991Publications?
1673.011CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMFri Oct 18 1991POP-UP Window Alarm Notification ?
1674.0CRONIC::LEMONSFri Oct 18 1991'SSRVEXCEPT' when doing SHOW NODE4 *
1676.04BABY::SYSTEMFri Oct 18 1991%MCC-E-NOATTRIB, no such DNS attribute ERROR
1677.01CRONIC::LEMONSFri Oct 18 1991DECmcc directories: common vs. site-specific
1679.02GOONS::CHAPMANMon Oct 21 1991Line Traffic Report calculations
1680.02PADIS::PERIEMon Oct 21 1991Administation of ASYNC PORT (DECServer)
1681.0ENUF::GASSMANMon Oct 21 1991MCC Naming - Internet MCC News
1682.02TENERE::DENISMon Oct 21 1991Register-forever !
1683.07GRANPA::DJAMESMon Oct 21 1991Nodes autoplaced
1684.0TOOK::JSGMon Oct 21 1991MCC Access Module Development Training
1685.07MEHR::MEHRMon Oct 21 1991A DECmcc Installation Trip Report
1686.07SWORD1::ESMon Oct 21 1991AES, mcc_ilv_get and memory
1687.016DWOMV2::FILLMANMon Oct 21 1991Tcpip AM Accvio accessing SNMP icons
1688.02HOO78C::TIMMERMANSMon Oct 21 1991Zeroing station counters
1689.01BALZAC::COULONTue Oct 22 1991Alarm "Data" field
1690.03CRONIC::LEMONSTue Oct 22 1991Problem with Brdge AM setting disposition to forward
1691.01HOO78C::DOOLAARDTue Oct 22 1991Max number of recording per domain
1692.0RALLYE::MERRIFIELDTue Oct 22 1991DECmcc V1.1 Kernel patch - request for testing assistance
1693.02TENERE::BOSSARDWed Oct 23 1991Date&Time in distibuted environment ?
1694.07PRSUD1::CARRAYROUWed Oct 23 1991New SSB KIT TCIP AM
1695.02SMAC1Wed Oct 23 1991copy domain map?
1696.0TOOK::MATTHEWSWed Oct 23 1991DECmcc needs management targets NOW!
1697.0DELNI::MCGORRILLWed Oct 23 1991how remove global file
1698.01TOOK::SHMUYLOVICHWed Oct 23 1991quiestions about Exporter
1699.01F18::ROBERTWed Oct 23 1991LTM Docs
1700.06MCIS5::ENSLEYWed Oct 23 1991Help on ALARM RULE..
1701.02BRSTR1::MERTENSWed Oct 23 1991TS_AM
1702.02ANNECY::BONNIERThu Oct 24 1991How to know the enrolled AMs ?
1703.02ANNECY::JACQUEMOUXThu Oct 24 1991Alarm Broadcast problems
1704.08TENERE::LAVILLATThu Oct 24 1991QUESTION on ILV lengths
1705.03MAIL::CLAYTONThu Oct 24 1991Alarms Attribute Definition
1706.06MAIL::CLAYTONThu Oct 24 1991Documentation Revision Dates?
1707.02ANOSWS::COMFORTThu Oct 24 1991MAPs and B/W monitors again
1708.01VIDOAN::DOANThu Oct 24 1991Two MCC directors and Two DNS server sharing same name space
1709.010TOOK::ANWARUDDINThu Oct 24 1991Changing default duration
1710.03VIDOAN::DOANThu Oct 24 1991DNS issues, need to be confirmed as soon as possible.
1711.05MICROW::LANGThu Oct 24 1991MCC and SQL Time
1712.06VIDOAN::DOANThu Oct 24 1991PA statistics description
1713.09COOKIE::KITTELLThu Oct 24 1991QUERY: How does a control-c get propagated?
1714.01CUJO::HILLThu Oct 24 1991What will "enrollable widgets" provide?
1715.03CUJO::HILLThu Oct 24 1991MCC_IM_LOG results in lost domains.
1716.03CLARID::FONTAINEFri Oct 25 1991Disk space requirements for BMS
1717.06KAOFS::BOIVINFri Oct 25 1991Alarm rule to test DECserver accessability?
1718.04KAOFS::BOIVINFri Oct 25 1991Insert a new DOMAIN in iconic map?
1719.0MICROW::LANGFri Oct 25 1991CDS and global entity identifications
1720.04HOO78C::DOOLAARDFri Oct 25 1991MCC_DNA4_EVL Terminates after event 4.18
1721.02KETJE::PACCOFri Oct 25 1991Use of SNMP AM is not straightforward.
1722.01JGO::BEKKUMFri Oct 25 1991MCC_EXPORTER_BACKGROUND disappears
1723.019DUCAT2::LICAUSEFri Oct 25 1991PROTEON MIBs?
1724.03NWACES::SPAZZ::TRULLFri Oct 25 1991Events and deadlocks?
1725.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Oct 28 1991MCC Ultrix and SQL engine requirements?
1726.04SUBWAY::REILLYMon Oct 28 1991Telnet as an enrolled application?
1727.02VIDOAN::DOANMon Oct 28 1991PA-Problem displaying statistics for SERIAL circuit on DECrouter 25
1728.013NWACES::OBRIENMon Oct 28 1991extended LAN topology?
1729.08SWORD1::ESMon Oct 28 1991FCL bug: default for ENUMERATION datatype
1730.0CSC32::W_MCGAWMon Oct 28 1991To .MCC or NOT To .MCC
1731.06BSYBEE::EGOLFMon Oct 28 1991Utility to read DNS information
1732.06MEHR::MEHRMon Oct 28 1991Past Time Statistics Problems and Questions
1733.01MICROW::LANGTue Oct 29 1991Location of API routines in mcc lib?
1734.01MAYDAY::ANDRADETue Oct 29 1991Phase V Exporting
1735.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJTue Oct 29 1991User Friendly Reporting? when?
1736.01MCIS5::ENSLEYTue Oct 29 1991entity "format"
1737.07TOOK::WONGTue Oct 29 1991I: MCC Registry
1738.03TAVIS::PERETZWed Oct 30 1991Idea - Generic AM
1739.01ROMWed Oct 30 1991Private MIB Extentions
1740.011TNPUBS::JONGWed Oct 30 1991Salience, Historical Maps: Say what?
1741.010COMICS::MISTRYWed Oct 30 1991Decmcc elm v1.
1742.02ZURWed Oct 30 1991Endless loop detected. Dynamic domain member was n
1744.06DUCAT2::FOUR62::LICAUSEWed Oct 30 1991Chemical Co's using DECmcc?
1745.09SWORD1::ESWed Oct 30 1991Strange behavior of PhaseIV AM
1746.03MCIS5::ENSLEYWed Oct 30 1991Help on entity formats please!
1747.013PA::E_HATEMWed Oct 30 1991Cisco's ASN.1/Concise Private MIB.
1748.02MCIS5::ENSLEYWed Oct 30 1991Can you wildcard circuits?
1749.011ANOSWS::COMFORTThu Oct 31 1991Graphs and POSTSCRIPT
1750.06MAIL::CLAYTONThu Oct 31 1991Can Bridge AM Disable Learning?
1751.02SWORD1::ESThu Oct 31 1991PhaseIV AM usage of Phase4Address instance bugs
1752.03DUCAT2::FOUR62::LICAUSEThu Oct 31 1991What can SNMP manage?
1753.03SWORD1::ESThu Oct 31 1991PhaseIV AM usage of Phase4Name instance puzzle
1754.02GIDDAY::CHONGThu Oct 31 1991Need help with event status codes
1755.02DELNI::ASULLIVANFri Nov 01 1991TSAM Password echos on screen, Group Codes,Case sensitive.
1756.04BELFST::ROONEYMon Nov 04 1991NOATTRIB problem ??
1758.05MAIL::CLAYTONMon Nov 04 1991ETHERnim Conversion Not Working
1759.03NYANC::ENGMon Nov 04 1991AM for Network Professor?
1760.08FROSTY::JREGANMon Nov 04 1991I'm trying to push DEC:,,,but keep stumbling
1761.03F18::ROBERTMon Nov 04 1991export error
1762.04WELTM1::CRIDDLETue Nov 05 1991Will EMS software work with SMS PAK?
1763.01ANNECY::BONNIERTue Nov 05 1991How to abort an Export command ?
1764.054TOOK::MCPHERSONTue Nov 05 1991QUESTION: What do you want from Trouble-ticketing?
1765.04FRSOLD::FRAFS1::MAASSTue Nov 05 1991AM for N.E.T ?
1766.02GORE::DICKERSONTue Nov 05 1991DNS and MCC
1768.07ZPOVC::COLINTONGWed Nov 06 1991DECmcc support of DEChub ?
1770.03RDGENG::PRATTWed Nov 06 1991Moving MCC to a new machine
1771.01TKOV51::H_KOMIYAWed Nov 06 1991ELM PAK
1772.06RIVAGE::SILVAWed Nov 06 1991Announcing Public DECmcc Newsgroup & Mailing List
1773.03RIVAGE::SILVAWed Nov 06 1991SNMP devices that do not use the default community name 'public'?
1774.05HOO78C::DOOLAARDWed Nov 06 1991by password with record
1775.01ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESWed Nov 06 1991"Hidden" TransLAN 35
1776.05CUJO::HILLWed Nov 06 1991Performance questions; DECmessageQ question
1777.0TENERE::HAYESThu Nov 07 1991mcc_dns_get_identifier : MCC_S_NOENTITY ACL status
1778.010ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Nov 07 1991DECbridge 9
1779.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Nov 07 1991Is V1.2 going to be MOTIF based?
1780.06MLNEDU::GIAMMARINIThu Nov 07 1991Problems on filtering for LANBR 1
1781.08SUBWAY::REILLYThu Nov 07 1991Alarm Pre-Processing etc.
1782.01VINO::LIAOThu Nov 07 1991Question about MCCTCPIP
1783.01BYBLOS::TAMERThu Nov 07 1991Minor display problem with FCL of using tab instead of space (V1.1)
1784.01RIVAGE::LAVILLATFri Nov 08 1991Problem with UNTIL used with EVERY in a AT clause
1785.015ROMFri Nov 08 1991distributed management system
1786.01F18::ROBERTFri Nov 08 1991background process
1787.07DUNDEE::CLEARYSun Nov 10 1991Alarming questions...
1788.05BERNMon Nov 11 1991Mgmt. of applications
1789.03MFRNW1::SCHUSTERMon Nov 11 1991RMON MIB for SNMP-AM ?
1790.01NWACES::TRULLMon Nov 11 1991IMPM & MCC Entity Events
1791.06ANOSWS::COMFORTMon Nov 11 1991Exporter won;t export augmented data
1792.0TOOK::LNELSONMon Nov 11 1991DECmcc V1.1 Features and Capabilities Document
1793.02SUBWAY::REILLYMon Nov 11 1991Was PNMP announced?
1794.06SWORD1::SANDSTROMMon Nov 11 1991No DNS with MCC ?
1795.06ODIXIE::PEACOCKRMon Nov 11 1991Iconic Map PM Internal Error
1796.01ROMMon Nov 11 1991MIB Questions
1797.07ANNECY::BONNIERTue Nov 12 1991DNA5 and DNS issues
1798.01CARWSH::COMFORTTue Nov 12 1991MCC, .dna* dirs and WAVE I
1799.07KERNEL::OSBORNETue Nov 12 1991Updating Dictionary & Parse tables corrupts MCC.
1800.02YUPPIE::MILNERTue Nov 12 1991Training Manual
1801.01CSSE32::EIKELBOOMTue Nov 12 1991srm bookreader license has expired
1802.02OTOOA::DOIRONTue Nov 12 1991Toolbox icons overlap....
1803.01BYBLOS::TAMERTue Nov 12 1991IMPM harmless and very minor bug
1804.04CUJO::HILLTue Nov 12 1991V2.
1805.03TENERE::HAYESTue Nov 12 1991RECORD DEFAULT values & IMPM : How, when ?
1806.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Nov 13 1991MCCELM, SNMP Trap address, cannot set
1808.01VF::LANGASQUEWed Nov 13 1991Entity doesn't support this directive
1809.06BRUMMY::MORTONWed Nov 13 1991Multiprotocol Management
1810.03DUCAT2::FOUR62::LICAUSEWed Nov 13 1991Private MIB's w/TCPIP_AM? Private MIB's included w/TCPIP_AM?
1811.01MICROW::LANGWed Nov 13 1991Documentation on mcc_mutex ?
1812.01RIVAGE::SILVAThu Nov 14 1991Modelling managed object rules?
1814.02NWACES::TRULLThu Nov 14 1991Confirm 'Reset All Alarms'
1815.01HOO78C::DOOLAARDThu Nov 14 1991EVL crashes.
1816.01BELFST::ROONEYThu Nov 14 1991Problem with alarm notification ?
1818.03MCDOUG::MCPHERSONThu Nov 14 1991SNMP agent or LANbridge 15
1819.01ANNECY::JACQUEMOUXThu Nov 14 1991How does one change the order of the IM attribute display ?
1820.01USTICA::ODOARDIFri Nov 15 1991%MCC-E-PARENT- parent entity does not exist
1821.01USTICA::ODOARDIFri Nov 15 1991%MCC-E-ALERT_TERMREQ, thread termination requested
1822.01BYBLOS::TAMERFri Nov 15 1991Icon labels disappear on Motif client from XUI server
1823.05COLFri Nov 15 1991Future of the Translan AM?
1824.03BYBLOS::TAMERFri Nov 15 1991Question: on MCC V1.2 and DECthreads
1825.03HOO78C::TIMMERMANSSat Nov 16 1991DEADLOCK and IVLOCKID with alarms
1826.04MFRNW1::DENISMon Nov 18 1991"dictionary creation errors on ULTRIX ?"
1828.05ENUF::GASSMANTue Nov 19 1991MCC now managing European Easynet!
1829.04TOOK::MATTHEWSTue Nov 19 1991OSI AM Questionairre
1830.02KAOFS::BOIVINTue Nov 19 1991Alarm to test MUXserver links??
1831.08ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Nov 20 1991Circuit AM and SNMP?
1832.06ROMWed Nov 20 1991enable to register my entity
1833.03TENERE::BOSSARDWed Nov 20 1991DNA phase 5..need some information
1834.03SCOBIE::JCAROWWed Nov 20 1991MCC 2.1/VMS 5.4, works on 4
1835.014ANOSWS::COMFORTWed Nov 20 1991WAVE1 REG and MCC REG incompatible?!!
1836.02IJSAPL::HOEVELAKENThu Nov 21 1991How do I get access to RFC 1
1837.010F18::ROBERTThu Nov 21 1991VMS 5.5/DECmcc 1.
1838.07ANTIK::WESTERBERGThu Nov 21 1991Preannouncing DetMCC
1839.03TROOA::BALDOCKThu Nov 21 1991Multiple DECmcc Sessions?
1840.05BABY::MOTYLThu Nov 21 1991Alarm Error Accessing Entity
1841.03MTVIEW::SIMONThu Nov 21 1991BMS V1.2 - Please Support VMS V5.4
1842.06TAVIS::PERETZThu Nov 21 1991How to model this entity???
1843.01COLFri Nov 22 1991ncp vs. mcc show counters, why the difference??
1844.0CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Nov 22 1991Registration FM
1845.04GLDOA::BLOESERFri Nov 22 1991TGV's TCP/IP for SNMP AM
1846.0ENUF::GASSMANFri Nov 22 1991DECmcc Success Stories
1847.0CSC32::WOESTEMEYERFri Nov 22 1991MCC-E-ILVTNF registering NODE4
1848.0DFLAT::PLOUFFEFri Nov 22 1991DAP restrictions in the v1.2 ft kit
1850.02DGOSWSun Nov 24 1991ACCVIO with Request ID
1851.03BIGUN::FINCHSun Nov 24 1991mcc_dna4_evl crashes with EXISTENCE-ERROR
1852.01GIDDAY::BROOKSSun Nov 24 1991wildcard part of ENTITY name in the POPULATE directive???
1853.06MFRNW1::SCHUSTERMon Nov 25 1991MIB-Extensions for LANNET Devices ?
1854.011SWORD1::ESMon Nov 25 1991OUT_ENTITY parameter for MCC_CALL?
1855.01WIZKID::ESTESMon Nov 25 1991Icon question
1856.01BYBLOS::TAMERMon Nov 25 1991mcc_dns_opaque_fullname: suspected bug
1857.04IDEFIX::MCCORMICKWed Nov 27 1991DECmcc in a common namespace
1858.02ZURWed Nov 27 1991NIS 5
1859.01MLNCSC::BRUNAWed Nov 27 1991another MCC-E-NOENTITY message
1860.02ARRODS::GILLJWed Nov 27 1991Management of Ethernet @ Physical Level
1861.01RDGENG::PRATTThu Nov 28 1991Ultrix T1.2 Installation question
1862.013CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Nov 28 1991Some AM Development questions...
1863.01TROOA::BALDOCKThu Nov 28 1991Installation Failure
1864.06CALIFE::HODSMANMon Dec 02 1991DECmcc V1.2 data collector
1865.02GOYA::REJONMon Dec 02 1991BMS Ultrix T.1.2 Problem with MIR selection
1866.02KETJE::PACCOMon Dec 02 1991Notification being stopped for domain ...
1867.04NISKY::SHREFFLERTue Dec 03 1991TCP/IP SNMP AM problem with XYPLEX MIB extensions
1868.01BYBLOS::TAMERTue Dec 03 1991QMS: Looking for field test sites, manageable via QMS_AM
1869.04MORO::MCVICKER_GRTue Dec 03 1991Vitalink AM registration problems
1871.02WELLIN::MCCALLUMTue Dec 03 1991TSAM Exports/Recording Update ?
1872.0102TOOK::MINTZWed Dec 04 1991Field test installation registration
1873.015TOOK::MINTZWed Dec 04 1991Kit copy and installation questions
1874.0RDGENG::GARDENWed Dec 04 1991Exporter Poll Failure Problem
1875.01LUXWed Dec 04 1991sizing decmcc
1876.03NSDC::CAILLEWed Dec 04 1991problems to link DECmcc and external application
1877.02MICROW::LANGWed Dec 04 1991BMS T1.2 MMABORT problem
1878.02SEDSWS::MALLOYThu Dec 05 1991clear icon alarm
1879.01MAIL::CLAYTONThu Dec 05 1991Questions on V1.2 Packaging
1880.01SWTHOM::NOBREThu Dec 05 1991MCC-F-FATAL_FW error
1881.06VINO::LUNDGRENThu Dec 05 1991IMPM T1.2.3 Problems
1882.02CARWSH::COMFORTThu Dec 05 1991MCC incompatible with WAVE1 extensions
1883.01PARZVL::KENNEDYThu Dec 05 1991MCC & Wave2
1884.04NSDC::CAILLEThu Dec 05 1991external application using MCC_CALLs
1885.012WARDLE::REXThu Dec 05 1991V1.2 IFT BMS & TRANSLAN AM
1886.0TOOK::MINTZFri Dec 06 1991SNMP AM packaging note
1887.03OSLACT::BJORNFri Dec 06 1991Problems with autoconfig in T.12
1888.06DUCAT2::FOUR62::LICAUSEFri Dec 06 1991T1.2.3 Failed
1889.02SWORD1::ESFri Dec 06 1991PM handling of %MCC-E-INSUF_BUF and memory leak
1890.04SWORD1::ESFri Dec 06 1991Constructor data types
1891.05STAR::ALLISONFri Dec 06 1991DBFATAL error on mcc_dict_get_def_info
1892.06SMOOT::BKEYE4::SABOFri Dec 06 1991TSAM License Expiration Question
1893.05KETJE::PACCOSun Dec 08 1991NOTIFICATION FM bug ?
1894.041JETSAM::WOODCOCKSun Dec 08 1991Data Collector questions
1895.07ROMMon Dec 09 1991SNMP problem
1896.06SMURF::LARRYDMon Dec 09 1991Mcc - dns operation problem
1897.04TAEC::SILVAMon Dec 09 1991mcc_mutex_lock_global documented?
1898.0TOOK::MATTHEWSMon Dec 09 1991Applications Management future
1899.02STAR::DESTEFANOMon Dec 09 1991CREATE no longer works after IFT install
1900.04IDOWS::IDOMon Dec 09 1991Autoconfig_ip questions ?
1901.04HAZARD::BAKERMon Dec 09 1991T1.2 %MCC-E-EVT_POOL_SIZESK error
1902.07HAZARD::BAKERMon Dec 09 1991T1.2.3 iconic map questions
1903.01ROMMon Dec 09 1991%MCC-E-FULLNAME_ERROR, error in Full Name value
1904.05COLTue Dec 10 1991ACC VIO on GETEVENT verb
1905.04TOOK::MINTZTue Dec 10 1991T1.2.3 VMS install problem (moved from 1872.16)
1906.07BRSTR1::MERTENSTue Dec 10 1991circuit alarms
1907.09HLRGTue Dec 10 1991AM development DECmcc V1.2.3
1908.02BYENGTue Dec 10 1991Mgmt. Spec. Language. Help !!!
1909.01TAEC::BOSSARDTue Dec 10 19911
1910.02RDGENG::PRATTTue Dec 10 1991DNA5 Show routing counters message
1911.07RDGENG::PRATTTue Dec 10 1991Cannot get text on graph display
1912.03MAIL::CLAYTONTue Dec 10 1991V1.2 Install Failed Looking for DNS
1913.03DUCAT2::FOUR62::LICAUSETue Dec 10 1991%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, when graphing node
1915.03DGOSWTue Dec 10 1991RECORD attr. and ACCVIO
1916.02COLTue Dec 10 1991MRM order number needed
1918.010ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Dec 11 1991DECNET events process problem?
1919.010MOLAR::ROBERTSWed Dec 11 1991MM Development Questions -- the With Qualifier
1920.04SEDSWS::MALLOYWed Dec 11 1991location of MCCDIR
1921.011MFRNW1::DENISWed Dec 11 1991need some Wellfleet support
1922.02HOO78C::TIMMERMANSWed Dec 11 1991alarms don't work with vms 5.5
1923.02JETSAM::WOODCOCKWed Dec 11 1991NOTIFICATION_FM and License
1924.02WRK4ME::LUNDWed Dec 11 1991TCP/IP Diagnostic Assistant FM & Iconic Map
1925.01JETSAM::WOODCOCKWed Dec 11 1991SNMP interface stats
1926.02PARZVL::KENNEDYWed Dec 11 1991small error in MCCTKT
1927.02MEO78B::BARRONWed Dec 11 1991Does DECmcc T1.2 run Wave2?
1928.01BRSTR1::MERTENSWed Dec 11 1991rule disabled
1929.03STKHLM::TORZSOKWed Dec 11 1991Announcing VAX DetMCC/VMS V1.1
1930.02RDGENG::HILLThu Dec 12 1991Phase IV AM - Internal error
1931.01KETJE::GORREMANSThu Dec 12 1991DECmcc and RS6
1932.01WOTVAX::HATTOSThu Dec 12 1991How to alarm on DESIGNATED ROUTER NAME
1933.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Dec 12 1991Ultrix Decnet sinking int. error/bug?
1934.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu Dec 12 1991Ultrix T1.2.3 alarm bug?
1935.03VAOUThu Dec 12 1991DECmcc for OSF/1 ?
1936.06JETSAM::WOODCOCKThu Dec 12 1991Circuits and nmfOpState
1938.04GOONS::CHAPMANFri Dec 13 1991Location of non-DNS MIR data
1939.0FOUR62::LICAUSEFri Dec 13 1991Changes for developers in V1.2
1940.01COMICS::MISTRYFri Dec 13 1991Counter creation time.
1941.05MICROW::LANGFri Dec 13 1991Starting AM on Utrix
1942.01BAGELS::ALAGAPPANFri Dec 13 1991EFT/VMS T
1943.04CUJO::HILLSun Dec 15 1991Auto-discovery / Auto-topology questions
1944.02MEO78B::BARRONMon Dec 16 1991MIB compiler MIB I or MIB II?
1945.03HAZARD::BAKERMon Dec 16 1991T1.2.4 VMS ACCVIO when using FCL from IMPM
1946.09HAZARD::BAKERMon Dec 16 1991T1.2.4 VMS IP Autoconfig problem
1947.03TAEC::HAYESMon Dec 16 1991U: mcc_dict_get_sub_pairs MCC_S_ALLOC..??
1948.01BLGVS3::STRATOSMon Dec 16 1991"introduction to network performance" location
1949.02MICROW::LANGMon Dec 16 1991BMS T1.2.3 installation problems
1950.02CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDMon Dec 16 1991MM Development : more questions
1951.02BSYBEE::EGOLFMon Dec 16 1991DECmcc running on an Olivetti 486 (It Works!)
1952.0BSYBEE::EGOLFMon Dec 16 1991DECmcc wins 1992 Digital Review Target Award
1953.01TAEC::WEBERMon Dec 16 1991PM customization. Possible ? Complex ?
1954.04RDGENG::PRATTMon Dec 16 1991Fatal MIR I/O error
1955.02KETJE::VDKERCKHOVEMon Dec 16 1991Alarm rule disabled wit message number FFFF8
1956.02OSLACT::BJORNTue Dec 17 1991wr
1957.0ROMTue Dec 17 1991Get event from a DEMSA router
1958.06KETJE::PACCOTue Dec 17 1991Node not currently accessible.
1959.07F18::ROBERTTue Dec 17 1991T1.2.3 install failure
1960.02CSC32::W_MCGAWTue Dec 17 1991Bundled P6 params into 1 ALARM mail message?
1961.05MEO78B::BARNHOORNTue Dec 17 1991Problems with T1.2.4 with no DNS
1962.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Dec 18 19911.2.4, Still DECnet sink problems!!
1963.02AZUR::NAVARROWed Dec 18 1991Ethernet_AM Cannot communicate with target
1964.01ZURWed Dec 18 1991T1.2.4 lnode4 linecounter wrong
1965.01CGOOA::KUHNENWed Dec 18 1991Questions,comments
1966.02ANOSWS::COMFORTThu Dec 19 1991Domains FM suggestion
1967.04PCOJCT::BEGLEYThu Dec 19 1991Prob: During parse table build
1968.03F18::ROBERTThu Dec 19 1991DECmcc 1.2.4 DOC'S
1969.03DLOThu Dec 19 1991DECmcc/VMS Director License - bundling w/ DECnet ??
1971.01BRSTR1::MERTENSFri Dec 20 1991can't register station
1972.03BONNET::DENISFri Dec 20 1991Data Collector AM
1973.07WRK4ME::LUNDFri Dec 20 1991Problem with Graph
1975.01RDGENG::PRATTFri Dec 20 1991Ultrix exporter database?
1976.02RDGENG::PRATTFri Dec 20 1991SQL excessive table width error
1977.03KETJE::PACCOFri Dec 20 1991DECmcc V1.2 compatibility with previous version AM's ?
1978.02TOMLIN::ROMBERGFri Dec 20 1991Accvios using DW interface to DECmcc T1.2.3
1979.014AZUR::NAVARROFri Dec 20 1991MCC_SEND_EVENT where is the command ?
1980.03HOO78C::DOOLAARDSat Dec 21 1991MIR files keep growing whit recording
1981.03PJWL::LAMBSun Dec 22 1991Blown away by SunNet Manager
1982.04RDGENG::PRATTMon Dec 23 1991Ingres Base Tools
1983.02BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEMon Dec 23 1991BMS V1.1 and VMS 5.5
1984.02RDGENG::PRATTMon Dec 23 1991Ultrix T1.2.4 installation error
1985.0--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 23 1991ACCVIO with IMPM on EFT 1.2.4
1986.02CSC32::D_GARZANITIMon Dec 23 1991Register / CISCO Address Translation Gateway / Cluster Alias ?
1987.05PJWL::LAMBMon Dec 23 1991Custom Access Module vs. SNMP Private MIB
1988.02FOUR62::LICAUSETue Dec 24 1991"?" for Icons on remote display
1989.0TELALL::WOODCOCKTue Dec 24 1991AutoConfig and V1.2 IMPM edits
1990.02TAVIS::PERETZTue Dec 24 1991Cannot filter domains (T1.2.4)
1991.02TAVIS::PERETZTue Dec 24 1991Customizing Icons colour
1992.01TAVIS::PERETZWed Dec 25 1991Counters not the same for GRAPH & SHOW
1993.01TAVIS::PERETZWed Dec 25 1991Attr. partitions not the same for GRAPH & SHOW
1994.020TAVIS::PERETZWed Dec 25 1991Alarm rule ACCVIO
1995.01TAVIS::PERETZWed Dec 25 1991Rule icons reverse color in NAV. window
1996.02TAEC::BOSSARDThu Dec 26 1991SNMP and LAN Management ?
1997.06TAEC::HARPERThu Dec 26 1991Bug in help; and how to register PhIV node?
1998.04TAEC::HARPERThu Dec 26 1991Xwindows display on another systen, Ultrix?
1999.03TAEC::DUNONThu Dec 26 1991%MCC-F-EVT_POOL_VERSKEW, event pool version incompatible
2000.01HOO78C::TIMMERMANSSun Dec 29 1991Unable to register in domain
2001.01KERNEL::DAVIESSun Dec 29 1991Main map disappears when using help....
2002.05HAZARD::BAKERMon Dec 30 1991T1.2.4 Iconic Map display questions
2003.02TAVIS::PERETZMon Dec 30 1991Can we have a bell warning?
2004.01ODIXIE::HALLMIMon Dec 30 1991SNMP Agents Assistance Needed for $15 M Program
2005.01CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDMon Dec 30 1991Number of CI pairs in In_entity & Out_entity
2006.07DFLAT::PLOUFFEMon Dec 30 1991Changes to DAP for v1.2 kit
2007.03MUTTON::LAMBMon Dec 30 1991More problems installing V1.2.4 on Ultrix
2009.02MICROW::LANGMon Dec 30 1991linking with dce and mcc libraries on BSD Ultrix
2010.03HAAG::HAAGMon Dec 30 1991Ever Heard of These?
2011.04MICROW::LANGMon Dec 30 1991MCCPTB-F-LOG error on BSD field test version
2012.04TAEC::HARPERTue Dec 31 1991Registration of SNMP nodes using iconic map
2013.01TAEC::HARPERTue Dec 31 1991Graphing historical data?
2014.01ANDRIS::putninsTue Dec 31 1991DECdns SNMP conversion tool
2015.01BOSNET::COLUMBUSTue Dec 31 1991Need info on Proteon MAU proxy agent
2016.010CSC32::WOESTEMEYERTue Dec 31 1991ELM V1.2 not installing
2017.07F18::ROBERTWed Jan 01 1992New feature list of 1.2.4
2018.01HAZARD::BAKERThu Jan 02 1992Topology Services Use Documentation?
2019.01CGOOA::KUHNENThu Jan 02 1992Third Party Products
2020.03MICROW::LANGThu Jan 02 1992DCE CDS global entites and MCC datatypes
2021.04FDCVFri Jan 03 1992Can't dcp the ULTRIX Kits .. HELP
2022.03TAEC::HAYESFri Jan 03 1992Alarm rule evaluation error, any hint welcome ..
2023.05WELTM1::CRIDDLEFri Jan 03 1992Node 'Counter Creation Time' query
2024.02BAGELS::BANERJEEFri Jan 03 1992ex
2025.024BYBLOS::TAMERFri Jan 03 1992Problems/bugs encountered with IMPM on T1.2.4/VMS
2026.04PADIS2::TAYARMon Jan 06 1992Customized Backdrops
2027.02SYSTEM::CFOXMon Jan 06 1992Plug in PM modules
2028.01TAEC::HAYESMon Jan 06 1992IMPM Double-Click behaviour change V1.1-EFT V1.2 ?
2029.03MICROW::LANGMon Jan 06 1992starting a process through MCC - Ultrix & VMS
2030.01TOOK::FONSECAMon Jan 06 1992ACCVIO whilst executing MCC script under DTM
2031.03RGNET8::BOUTHIETTEMon Jan 06 1992UNKNOWN Qualifier - PROCEDURE
2032.02FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Jan 06 1992DECmcc on Alpha
2033.01HGOVC::LEUNGWINGKINTue Jan 07 1992Fibornix MIB
2034.02HLRGTue Jan 07 1992IMPM SET-directive for constructed datatype SET_OF
2035.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRTue Jan 07 1992PAK for V1.
2036.02TAEC::DUNONTue Jan 07 1992a few questions about MCC T1.2.4 Ultrix
2037.02ODIXIE::PEACOCKRTue Jan 07 1992Modifying Reference Attributes
2039.02MUTTON::LAMBTue Jan 07 1992Network Performance Monitoring
2040.02BRSSWS::VANDENBERGHETue Jan 07 1992Fastpath-Kinetics management
2041.03RGNET8::BOUTHIETTETue Jan 07 1992Conflict between MCC counters and NCP counters
2042.08MICROW::LANGTue Jan 07 1992Process and thread data
2043.01MQOOA::FMONETTETue Jan 07 1992Terminal server AM with T1.2
2044.02RDOSW1::SYSTEMTue Jan 07 1992VMS t1.2.4 Install Fail - invrepos ID
2045.08BOOTES::WOODCOCKTue Jan 07 1992notify and links
2046.03SUBWAY::YANNIOSTue Jan 07 1992AutoConfig Doesn't Create Domain?
2047.02BONNET::DENISTue Jan 07 1992Mult Criteria & Logs
2048.03MANWRK::PORTEOUSTue Jan 07 1992mcc_dap problems on ULTRIX EFT 1.2.4
2049.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Jan 08 1992TRAPS - why multiple processes?
2050.05CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Jan 08 1992DECmcc-Ultrix AM DEV Questions
2051.07SUBWAY::YANNIOSWed Jan 08 1992DECnet AutoCon Frontier Node Q. FULL?
2052.06MAIL::CLAYTONWed Jan 08 1992SNMP AM w/out DNS?
2053.010SUBWAY::YANNIOSWed Jan 08 1992DECmcc(EFT1.2) Graph Utility Error
2055.02COLThu Jan 09 1992system-f-devinact error causing alarm exception
2056.01TAEC::HARPERThu Jan 09 1992Wildcard entity names for historian?
2057.05CUJO::HILLThu Jan 09 1992Graph operation ACCVIOs when clicking "-" and "cancel" buttons
2058.01CUJO::HILLThu Jan 09 1992BMS T1.2.4 installation fail w/ %MCC-E-INV_HANDLE and %MCC-E-DSPMMLOCFILERR
2059.01ANNECY::BONNIERThu Jan 09 1992Exporter FM and Node4 names ?
2060.01COLFri Jan 10 1992question on Statistics computation
2061.0BALZAC::COULONFri Jan 10 1992OST Access Module
2062.04COLFri Jan 10 1992Variant information cannot be retrieved??
2063.0STKHLM::TORZSOKFri Jan 10 1992VAX DetMCC/VMS V1.2 System Update Information
2064.0TOOK::TOWNSENDFri Jan 10 1992Terminal Server Access Module Update
2065.05TAEC::HARPERFri Jan 10 1992This directive requires the In Domain qualifier
2066.01TAEC::HARPERFri Jan 10 1992On commas
2067.04LOOKUP::WOODCOCKFri Jan 10 1992PA and output time
2068.03TAEC::HARPERFri Jan 10 1992"What have you recorded?"
2069.08LARVAE::SPIRESFri Jan 10 1992CMIS/CMIP ?
2070.07NSCRUE::KEANEFri Jan 10 1992ucx 2.
2071.01RACER::daveFri Jan 10 1992Unknown Entity for line counter partition
2072.02CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Jan 10 1992non-alertable application??
2073.04FOUR62::LICAUSEFri Jan 10 1992Concise ASN.1 vs. plain ASN.1 MIB
2074.03PARZVL::KENNEDYFri Jan 10 1992DECnet AutoConfig & Wave1
2075.03SUBWAY::REILLYFri Jan 10 1992Does Vitalink AM return stats.
2077.02ROMFri Jan 10 1992DECmcc - BULL/DSA Network
2078.01FILTON::BARKER_ESun Jan 12 1992Enrollment problem, ULTRIX FT1.2.4, local_ns
2079.04ANNECY::BONNIERMon Jan 13 1992Is EXPORTER case sensitive ?
2080.011WOTVAX::PURNELLRMon Jan 13 1992Help builder - SORT errors
2081.06HLRGMon Jan 13 1992Alarms questions - wildcarding / entity existance
2082.09FACVAX::WOODCOCKMon Jan 13 1992TARGET info and syntax??
2083.07CSC32::WOESTEMEYERMon Jan 13 1992ELM removes EXPORT/RECORD directives
2084.04FACVAX::WOODCOCKMon Jan 13 1992Notify/Alarm global wildcarding
2085.01CUJO::HILLMon Jan 13 1992X Toolkit Warning during IMPM SNMP entity registration
2086.01F18::ROBERTMon Jan 13 1992Problems with ELM documentation
2087.0CUJO::HILLMon Jan 13 1992Compliments on T1.2.4
2089.05MXOVMon Jan 13 1992Manage Apple MacIntoshes via SNMP
2090.011NSCRUE::KEANEMon Jan 13 1992access violation on stm autotop
2091.09F18::ROBERTMon Jan 13 1992DECmcc 1.2.4 install failure
2092.011SUBWAY::YANNIOSMon Jan 13 1992Trouble Starting MCC EVL process?
2093.02HANNAH::B_COBBMon Jan 13 1992Latest kit versions?
2094.07ANNECY::BONNIERMon Jan 13 1992SNMP partial registration ?
2095.06TAVIS::PERETZTue Jan 14 1992Notification detail window - too many timespecs?
2096.01TAVIS::PERETZTue Jan 14 1992Notif. detail window - several duplicated fields
2097.04BALZAC::COULONTue Jan 14 1992Accessing child entities with IMPM
2098.02TAEC::SILVATue Jan 14 1992Max entities registered?
2099.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJTue Jan 14 1992DEC ELANEXT V2.
2100.02CLARID::PATELTue Jan 14 1992Competitive info on HP OpenV wrt DME pls
2101.02TAVIS::SIDTue Jan 14 1992Using DECMCC for monitoring applications
2102.05LEMAN::BIROTue Jan 14 1992Comparing characteristics
2103.04NSCRUE::KEANETue Jan 14 1992domain control in decnet autoconfig
2104.01ZURTue Jan 14 1992Notification Bugs (T1.2.4)
2105.09MAIL::CLAYTONTue Jan 14 1992IP Autoconfig Crashes System
2106.01BYBLOS::TAMERTue Jan 14 1992Select Class... on VIew [->Rule does not work
2107.04POBOX::OAKLEYTue Jan 14 1992Enim ref. data as Phase IV data?
2108.03SUBWAY::YANNIOSTue Jan 14 1992Graph on Statistics Eventually Hangs
2109.06OTOOA::DOIRONTue Jan 14 1992Icons won't change color
2110.04GIDDAY::BROOKSTue Jan 14 1992SHOW EXPORT not displaying details.
2111.04BALZAC::MARKOWSKITue Jan 14 1992mcc_mir_write_attr_data
2112.01ANNECY::BONNIERTue Jan 14 1992EXPORTER unsuccessful polls ?
2113.03TAEC::HARPERWed Jan 15 1992Iconic Map extensibility?
2114.01TAEC::HARPERWed Jan 15 1992An "internal" question...
2115.03COLWed Jan 15 1992qar system doesn't work as advertised
2116.02WOTVAX::HATTOSWed Jan 15 1992Help with LAN Topology Services.
2117.02LARVAE::AITKINS_TWed Jan 15 1992ELM with director only ?
2118.01ODIXIE::PEACOCKRWed Jan 15 1992TSAM Duplicate Name Problem
2119.01CUJO::HILLWed Jan 15 1992Help on deleting MIR information.
2120.01SUBWAY::REILLYWed Jan 15 1992Iconic Map - Pop up window problem.
2121.02COSBY::TIBBERTWed Jan 15 1992DECmcc T1.2.4 ACCVIO
2122.07WOTVAX::HATTOSThu Jan 16 1992Cant get STATISTICS from DECbridge 5
2123.01TAEC::HARPERThu Jan 16 1992A Performance FM suggestion
2124.06OTOOA::DOIRONThu Jan 16 1992How to manage a multiprotocol object?
2125.0NANOVX::ROBERTSThu Jan 16 1992Performance Improvements to DECmcc/VMS Help File Builder
2126.010MAIL::CLAYTONThu Jan 16 1992Cann't Get SNMP MIB II Attributes
2127.03GRANMA::JPARKERThu Jan 16 1992mcc_startup_dna4_evl; ILVTNF error
2128.01TPOVC::AARONYANGThu Jan 16 1992Net. Mgmt. for Ultrix! MSU or DECmcc?!
2129.02HLRGThu Jan 16 1992Announcing the PABX AM (Ericsson MD11
2130.01BALZAC::COULONThu Jan 16 1992Cannot leave the IMPM
2131.05STKHLM::BERGGRENThu Jan 16 1992Question: Writing AM:s in ADA???
2132.04SUOSWS::HARDTFri Jan 17 1992MIB extensions
2133.06BIS1::COLLEYEFri Jan 17 1992DECmcc BMS V 1.1 AM & VMS V5.5 compatibility
2134.01DUCAT2::FOUR62::LICAUSEFri Jan 17 1992IP Auto-Discover creates domains....not SNMP's
2135.01ANOSWS::COMFORTFri Jan 17 1992More DNS read-only replica problems
2136.010BYBLOS::TAMERFri Jan 17 1992man/tool/spec/lang=(cc=obj$:<filename>.h) is broken
2137.06SUBWAY::YANNIOSFri Jan 17 1992Real Time Node State Changes & IMPM
2138.03SUBWAY::YANNIOSFri Jan 17 1992Trouble with ALARMS on IP/SNMP Entities
2139.03NSCRUE::KEANEFri Jan 17 1992minor impm question/bug
2140.03NSCRUE::KEANEFri Jan 17 1992pplink option on ip autotopology fails
2141.04OSLACT::BJORNSun Jan 19 1992Autoconfig map not stable
2142.01TAVIS::PERETZMon Jan 20 1992Where is the SRM for V1.2?
2143.05KETJE::PACCOMon Jan 20 1992Problems with Enrollment.
2144.01MCDOUG::MCPHERSONMon Jan 20 1992Q/A: "PM-like" applications on Ultrix?
2145.05COOKIE::KITTELLMon Jan 20 1992V1.2 DAP Update semantics
2147.02SEDSWS::MALLOYMon Jan 20 1992Bring back ENOP "problems with DECmcc V1.1"
2148.04BIS1::COLLEYEMon Jan 20 1992Historian (recording) issue/questions
2149.09BIS1::COLLEYEMon Jan 20 1992Exporting issue/questions
2150.06TAVTue Jan 21 1992ERROR PERCENT of ddcmp line and circuit
2151.06BAHTAT::TAYLORTue Jan 21 1992Event Alarms problem
2152.010DUCAT2::FOUR62::LICAUSETue Jan 21 1992Mechanism when using MIR?
2153.02OTOOA::DOIRONTue Jan 21 1992Manage DECNET through SNMP?????
2154.03LARVAE::AITKINS_TTue Jan 21 1992SNMP/AM won't register Spider Bridge
2155.01QUIVER::WILSONTue Jan 21 1992ULTRIX FM created files - where do they go??
2156.04TOMLIN::ROMBERGTue Jan 21 1992Dictionary to MIB tool available?
2157.01SUBWAY::REILLYTue Jan 21 1992REMS support ?
2158.01HLFSTue Jan 21 1992alarm problems with EFT1.2.4
2159.01CUJO::HILLTue Jan 21 1992CIRCUIT AM error when SHOWing COUNTERS
2160.09SNOCTue Jan 21 1992TSAM Message no
2161.0742238::SYSTEMTue Jan 21 1992Help DNS problem with 1.2.3
2162.010BALZAC::MARKOWSKIWed Jan 22 1992Identifier attributes
2163.01SUOSWS::HARDTWed Jan 22 1992SMI/GDMO
2164.05SIOG::TINNELLYWed Jan 22 1992DECmcc MSU / Translan bridges
2165.02CARWSH::COMFORTWed Jan 22 1992Can't delete export problems again
2166.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRWed Jan 22 1992X25 <===> MCC DIR ?
2167.0TOOK::SWISTWed Jan 22 1992Certain MCC Typedefs Can Cause Nasty Stack Problems
2168.06USWRSL::GIBEAU_LEWed Jan 22 1992DECmcc V1.2.4 installation problems
2169.0ENUF::GASSMANWed Jan 22 1992DECworld - call for participation
2170.01TAVWed Jan 22 1992Writing a PRESENTATION MODULES
2171.06STKHLM::BERGGRENWed Jan 22 1992Q: disable manual deletion of notifications?
2172.02BALZAC::COULONWed Jan 22 1992Exception definition in MSL
2173.06MLNCSC::MISLERThu Jan 23 1992Help on DECmcc configuration
2174.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRThu Jan 23 1992Spider MIB information
2175.09COLThu Jan 23 1992documentation problems
2176.01COLThu Jan 23 1992Timeframe for implementing saving of Notify Reques
2177.04FOUR62::LICAUSEThu Jan 23 1992Cisco's attitude....
2178.01DPDMAI::OTTERSONThu Jan 23 1992ELM PAK for demo
2179.02TROU47::SLEEThu Jan 23 1992BMS 1.2 functions/fixes questions?
2180.01TROU47::SLEEThu Jan 23 1992Distributed Directors vs. DNS?
2181.03MICROW::LANGThu Jan 23 1992MCC installation seems to chang CMA links?
2182.02CSSE32::EIKELBOOMThu Jan 23 1992toolkit 1.2 EFT installation problem
2183.02TPACT1::MOBBYLINThu Jan 23 1992charcter overlap in toolbox
2184.04CUJO::HILLThu Jan 23 1992SNMP AM T1.2.4 SHOW problem for single entity
2185.05CUJO::HILLThu Jan 23 1992SNMP AM Documentation Errors; EVENTs Logging setup questions
2186.03TAEC::ZANONIThu Jan 23 1992Black on black map
2187.05COLFri Jan 24 1992questions on new features
2188.06WOTVAX::PURNELLRFri Jan 24 1992Window display: Bad Block Address
2189.05COOKIE::KITTELLFri Jan 24 1992Modeling Entity Tree Operations
2190.06ARRODS::GILLJFri Jan 24 1992MCCELM
2191.04COLFri Jan 24 1992tabular output question
2192.03COLFri Jan 24 1992FIND command restricted to open Domain??
2193.03ISIDRO::MAMORENOFri Jan 24 1992Ultrix T1.2.4 install failure
2194.01WOTVAX::HATTOSSat Jan 25 1992Graphing question?
2195.08COLMon Jan 27 1992line counters: NCP vs MCC
2196.010WARDLE::REXMon Jan 27 1992DECmcc V1.2 - Standalone demo
2197.01TAVIS::SIDMon Jan 27 1992problems with registration and deregistration
2199.04CX3PT3::EMAWIZ::T_MILTONMon Jan 27 1992Problems with RULE CREATED alarms rule
2200.01TOOK::CALLANDERMon Jan 27 1992614 entries/month !
2201.04VAOUMon Jan 27 1992slow performance
2202.02NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHMon Jan 27 1992DNS error in T1.2
2203.05CGOOA::KUHNENMon Jan 27 1992Error Messages
2204.05NSCRUE::KEANEMon Jan 27 1992question on notification requests
2205.02CUJO::HILLMon Jan 27 1992Who supports SVP modules?
2206.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Jan 27 1992Can IP address be set thru SNMP?
2207.02COLTue Jan 28 1992can#t receive event 4.18
2208.04MAYDAY::ANDRADETue Jan 28 1992Black/White background maps
2209.0TOOK::MINTZTue Jan 28 1992QAR 223
2210.02ANNECY::BONNIERTue Jan 28 1992ELM AM T1.2 installation problem
2212.0ENUF::GASSMANTue Jan 28 1992Ingres Base Tools - issues
2213.03CUJO::HILLTue Jan 28 1992Low-overhead way to determine if DECnet is alive
2214.04KETJE::PACCOTue Jan 28 1992Customer impressions, REMARKS/COMMENTS/WISHES/RFI
2215.02HOTWTR::SAFRAN_ROTue Jan 28 1992Upgrade 1.1 to 1.2 in_entity error on domain
2218.02GIZMOH::FEENEYWed Jan 29 1992Building Int. Services
2219.02FRSOLD::FRAFS1::MAASSWed Jan 29 1992Errors when registering domains, BMS V1.1
2220.02MICROW::LANGWed Jan 29 1992Extending attribute operation reason code?
2221.06USWRSL::GIBEAU_LEWed Jan 29 1992Going back to V1.1
2222.02CUJO::HILLWed Jan 29 1992SNMP unix.asn1 MIB question
2223.01CUJO::HILLWed Jan 29 1992Icon does not change color when SNMP alarm fires
2224.01ROMThu Jan 30 1992user-oriented ntw mgt for SNA (via SNA or ASCII AM
2225.03CSC32::DAVISSONThu Jan 30 1992ft fails auto reg. nodes
2226.01COPCLU::SORENCThu Jan 30 1992Multiple TCPIP Event processes
2227.05F18::ROBERTThu Jan 30 1992memory loss 1.2.4
2228.010STRASB::MOSERThu Jan 30 1992CHIPcom partnership
2229.03CUJO::HILLThu Jan 30 1992"FIND", IMPM Window repaints, & list box probles
2230.013FLYROC::GOYETTEThu Jan 30 1992T1.2.4 Internal error in DECnet Phase IV AM
2231.01ICS::WOODCOCKThu Jan 30 1992ALARMS "count" support??
2232.04IOOSRV::HITTENMILLERThu Jan 30 1992SNMP register fails on SYNOPTICS
2233.05MUTTON::LAMBThu Jan 30 1992Autoconfiguration & Bridges
2234.07MUTTON::LAMBThu Jan 30 1992Graph tresholds
2235.05HLRGThu Jan 30 1992Notification problem V1.1
2236.01TAEC::HAYESFri Jan 31 1992ALARMS FM EFT V1.2 Retargeting on CREATE RULE ???
2237.01COLFri Jan 31 1992Where is the SW to go with the manual ?
2239.01FRAMBO::MUELLERFri Jan 31 1992DNA CMIP return codes
2240.08ZURFri Jan 31 1992Bridge 61
2241.01BIS1::COLLEYEFri Jan 31 1992QUESTION - Decnet phase IV AM
2242.02SEDSWS::MALLOYFri Jan 31 1992Phase V event alarming on VERSION 1.1
2243.02HOO78C::DOOLAARDFri Jan 31 1992Bridge AM "old" vs "new"
2245.04RDGENG::GARDENFri Jan 31 1992MCC_DNA4_EVL.COM Internal error DECnet4 AM
2246.03MINDER::GILBERTFri Jan 31 1992Announcing UDMT
2247.08F18::ROBERTFri Jan 31 1992Exporter function problem with mcc-reports
2248.01LARVAE::POETTFri Jan 31 1992SNMP Table access fails on SINTROM
2249.04ANTIK::WESTERBERGFri Jan 31 1992Problem using Hp private mib
2251.011TAVIS::PERETZSun Feb 02 1992Can we limit the number of registered entities?
2252.03HLRGMon Feb 03 1992mcc_mir_read_attr_data problem
2253.07UTESMon Feb 03 1992MCC_S_MIR_INIT_FAIL with mcc_mir_get_repository_id() ...
2254.04BIS1::COLLEYEMon Feb 03 1992QUESTIONS - DECmcc Alarm/GETEVENT
2255.01LARVAE::AITKINS_TMon Feb 03 1992Disable toolbox ?
2256.01LARVAE::AITKINS_TMon Feb 03 1992Translan & V1.2 of DECmcc
2257.03EISNCG::BIGGSMon Feb 03 1992Customer questions about transition tools
2258.01ICS::WOODCOCKMon Feb 03 1992Current Severity
2259.04ZURTue Feb 04 1992DECnet Event route to IBM Netview
2260.03ZURTue Feb 04 1992Director Director communication
2261.06ZURTue Feb 04 1992Historical Datarecording performance
2262.01ANNECY::BONNIERTue Feb 04 1992Exporter STATES/SUBSTATES ?
2263.08ROMTue Feb 04 1992STATION problem
2265.07WARDLE::REXTue Feb 04 1992T1.2.4 - Notification - ILVTOOBIG problem
2266.01MAIL::CLAYTONTue Feb 04 1992Current EFT Version?
2267.05LATVMS::DUGALTue Feb 04 1992SNMP error: Add operation requires the entity identifier used by the Register directive.
2268.02ANOSWS::COMFORTTue Feb 04 1992Change size of text on maps?
2270.02RUMOR::FALEKTue Feb 04 1992access violation from DAP
2271.03STKHLM::WAHLLOFWed Feb 05 1992Boole&Babbage, NetCommand ?
2272.02ZTOIS1::VISTAWed Feb 05 1992ELM AM 1.
2273.06BIS1::COLLEYEWed Feb 05 1992QUESTION - Alarm FM behaviour
2274.05BIS1::COLLEYEWed Feb 05 1992QUESTION - Exporter/Historian FM & Operation Stopped event
2275.03TAEC::SILVAWed Feb 05 1992Can DNS routines determine if child entities exist?
2276.04EEMELI::VALTONENWed Feb 05 1992MIR data and on-line backup
2278.01TKTVFS::NEMOTOThu Feb 06 1992DECmcc with VT12
2279.01WOTVAX::HATTOSThu Feb 06 1992More Graphing problems
2280.02MICROW::LANGThu Feb 06 1992ADD/REMOVE returning all values in set
2281.05ZURThu Feb 06 1992Event --- login information invalid at remote node
2282.0TOOK::MATTHEWSThu Feb 06 1992DEC CMIP and Global Entities
2283.02SYSMGT::DUTKOThu Feb 06 1992MCC ILV -> ASN1?
2284.01NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHThu Feb 06 1992P5 registration?
2285.01COOKIE::KITTELLThu Feb 06 1992Survey: T1.2.4 MM activation time
2286.02SCOBIE::JCAROWThu Feb 06 1992Can't register node4 Mcc error = %SYSTEM-F-SHUT, not accepting connects
2287.05COOKIE::KITTELLThu Feb 06 1992Query/Prob: MIR Namespace Use and Maint
2288.0442238::SYSTEMThu Feb 06 1992Anyone get any useful info from CHIPCOM ONLINE ?
2289.02DFLAT::PLOUFFEThu Feb 06 1992New feature s in DAP...
2290.05TABOU::JOSEPHThu Feb 06 1992HELP with DECmcc questions,Vitalink bridge,WAN
2291.08SNOCThu Feb 06 1992Change DECmcc host address
2292.01TAEC::HAYESFri Feb 07 1992.doc or .sdml MRM framework for cust. wanted
2293.03UTESFri Feb 07 1992FCL requests required arg even when arg is supplied in directive
2294.01NBOIS::ZALLMANNFri Feb 07 1992! here are slides !
2295.04ANOSWS::COMFORTFri Feb 07 1992Problems w/ multiple MAN/ENT/INT=DECW
2296.04ZURFri Feb 07 1992PING alarming doesn't work !!!
2297.02EDOMCC::JONESRFri Feb 07 1992BMS 1.1 / VMS 5.5 - Can't Start HISTORIAN B/G Process.
2298.01CSC32::WOESTEMEYERFri Feb 07 1992Can't Get Device Frames Sent from a LANbridge 15
2299.01HAZARD::BAKERFri Feb 07 1992T1.2.4 statistics problem
2300.01--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 07 1992duplicate
2301.02COOKIE::KITTELLFri Feb 07 1992Problem: horiz scolling of IMPM table
2302.04ANTIK::WESTERBERGSat Feb 08 1992Export terminates with %MCC-F-NOATTREXIST, specified attribute record does not exist
2303.03PJWL::LAMBSun Feb 09 1992How to get directory of domains
2304.02BIS1::COLLEYESun Feb 09 1992Registration issue
2305.09BIS1::COLLEYEMon Feb 10 1992QUESTION - How to use past recorded data ?
2306.010ZURMon Feb 10 1992SNMP userinterface
2307.01PHONE::CDUNNMon Feb 10 1992Troubles with Ultrix messages (
2308.06MUTTON::LAMBMon Feb 10 1992Duplicate Registration Identifier - When adding NODE4 node
2309.05ANNECY::BONNIERMon Feb 10 1992ALARMING Multiple notifications
2310.03CCIIS1::TAYARTue Feb 11 1992Compatibility of VMS 5.5 and T1.2.4 ?
2311.02TAEC::MCDONALDTue Feb 11 1992Configuration Event Size for Event Manager?
2312.03LUXTue Feb 11 1992Positioning MSU/Decmcc Help, PCs Management Help positioning DECMCC/MSU, PCs Management
2313.02WARNUT::BANKSTTue Feb 11 1992X.25 utilisation graphing?
2314.016MLNCSC::MILANATue Feb 11 1992DECmcc in the real World
2315.03NYFDIN::SAMBAMURTYTue Feb 11 1992DECgraph & circuit report returns FILNOTACC error
2316.0SONATA::EXCHANGE_2Tue Feb 11 1992DECmcc Module Writers Needed ASAP
2317.04TRCU11::DYMONDTue Feb 11 1992sink events to multiple DECmcc workstations?
2318.01SUBWAY::REILLYTue Feb 11 1992Mac as X server problem.
2319.06TOOK::FONSECATue Feb 11 1992Terminal Server AM (TSAM) field test
2320.04MUTTON::LAMBTue Feb 11 1992Registration & Autotopology - How can I start over??
2321.04GOYA::MERINOTue Feb 11 1992mcc-f-ptbinacc, parse tables inaccessible
2322.03BELFST::DOGGARTWed Feb 12 1992Can we supply MIBs
2323.02BIS1::COLLEYEWed Feb 12 1992QUESTION: Exporter FM
2324.05CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Feb 12 1992DECmcc Ultrix Notification FM
2325.02SGWS::SIDWed Feb 12 1992wrong way to close the navigation window
2326.01CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Feb 12 1992Circuit AM MRM ?
2327.06ZTOIS1::VISTAWed Feb 12 1992ELMS vs ELM_AM vs SNMP_AM
2328.08YUPPY::HEPWORTHWed Feb 12 1992PC Registration: Insufficient resources at remote node
2329.06NEXUS6::BERNECICHWed Feb 12 1992Insufficient DInamic Memory with Exporter
2330.03STAR::ALLISONWed Feb 12 1992Max length for MSL attributes?
2331.02MCIS5::ENSLEYWed Feb 12 1992Error message!?
2332.02TRCOA::TROTTIWed Feb 12 1992DECmcc 1.2 features?
2333.01CUJO::HILLWed Feb 12 1992Need more manageable alarm rules capability
2334.02CUJO::HILLWed Feb 12 1992Where is notification data stored & can I access it?
2335.02CUJO::HILLWed Feb 12 1992DECmcc and Microsoft Windows NT ?
2336.03SNOCWed Feb 12 1992EVL/MCC_DNA4_EVL dyingpartner
2337.04MUDIS3::AMOUSSETThu Feb 13 1992DECmcc on FT-VAX
2338.03LARVAE::AITKINS_TThu Feb 13 1992Map corrupted
2340.06TAEC::SILVAThu Feb 13 1992DECmcc/ULTRIX and an X-windows terminal?
2341.07BIS1::COLLEYEThu Feb 13 1992QUESTION: Exporter behaviour
2342.04MAIL::HILDEBRANDThu Feb 13 1992RS/6
2343.0TAVThu Feb 13 1992NEW RELEASE FOR EFT 1.2.X
2344.01MUTTON::LAMBThu Feb 13 1992Help on using XBM Backdrops with Ultrix MCC FT 1.2
2345.013ANDRIS::putninsThu Feb 13 1992DECmcc ELMS/ULTRIX installation problems
2346.02F18::ROBERTThu Feb 13 1992datatrieve data base problems
2347.01MUTTON::LAMBThu Feb 13 1992Can't access from non-priv ultrix account
2348.02VIVIAN::MAHAJANFri Feb 14 1992Chipcom HUB & UCX
2349.02AVIVA::NEUMANFri Feb 14 1992TSAM & DS9
2350.0TOOK::A_MOOREFri Feb 14 1992How to change graph colors
2351.01MXOVSat Feb 15 1992OPENVIEW and FDDI?
2352.06BIS1::COLLEYEMon Feb 17 1992QUESTIONS - DECmcc files
2353.0COOKIE::KITTELLMon Feb 17 1992European EIP trip: Mgmt of large scale networks
2354.02FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Feb 17 1992Need BYPASS priv to display SNMP entities
2355.03QUIVER::DESMONDMon Feb 17 1992Condition variable routines?
2356.01ODIXIE::PEACOCKRMon Feb 17 1992SNMP & Cabletron MIB
2357.05TRCOA::BBUTLERMon Feb 17 1992features of MCC or MSU w/ cisco, Proteon
2358.03SIOG::TINNELLYTue Feb 18 1992Hardware requirements for DECmcc on ULTRIX
2359.04MCDONL::BUCKLEYTue Feb 18 1992monitor network using syoptics snmp?
2360.04SCOBIE::JCAROWTue Feb 18 1992DNS woes
2361.03MSBCS::HSUTue Feb 18 1992MCC intro?
2362.02MAIL::VOGELTue Feb 18 1992NET-U materials - location
2363.01MUTTON::LAMBTue Feb 18 1992Automatic Line Recognition of Scanned Backdrop maps - Autocad, Adobe Illustrator
2364.03ESMAIL::SHETHARTue Feb 18 1992MCC Reinstall Problem
2365.01BALZAC::MARKOWSKIWed Feb 19 1992Examples of AM User's documentation
2366.04LFOIS1::ALIEWed Feb 19 1992decmcc/ultrix on VT1
2367.04HAZARD::BAKERWed Feb 19 1992DNA4 Autoconfig ACCVIO
2368.01MUNTRA::SCHIMMELWed Feb 19 1992V T1.2.4 Internal logic error 35
2369.04MCDOUG::MCPHERSONWed Feb 19 1992Sample procedures for Data Collector, please?
2371.02WILARD::ATTERBERRYWed Feb 19 1992Choose DNS Servers for DECmcc ?
2372.03STRASB::EBLEWed Feb 19 1992Ultrix configuration questions
2373.05PHONE::CDUNNWed Feb 19 1992Ultrix status code not handled properly by mcc_dap
2374.02MICROW::LANGWed Feb 19 1992AM won't startup on Ultrix
2375.01PJWL::LAMBWed Feb 19 1992Backdrop Maps and nested domains
2376.02ANNECY::BONNIERWed Feb 19 1992Alarms FM : sub-entity wildcarding
2377.05WOTVAX::PURNELLRThu Feb 20 1992Implementing a multi-director solution
2378.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRThu Feb 20 1992ALARMS <--> TSAM V1.
2379.08ZURThu Feb 20 1992Sho statistic --> Invalid handle parameter
2380.02UTESThu Feb 20 1992IMPM Very busy !!! But with what ???
2381.03MSBNET::KELTZThu Feb 20 1992Auto Top "**Before*** Domain create
2382.02OTOOA::DOIRONThu Feb 20 1992ATM Simulator Demo?
2383.04VCSESU::WADEThu Feb 20 1992 Converting from local MIR to DECdns
2384.04DPDMAI::KNOWLESThu Feb 20 1992Acceptance Test Plan for DECmcc SMS
2385.09MCDONL::ATTERBERRYThu Feb 20 1992OCCURS_N_TIMES for More than Events ??
2386.04MCDONL::BUCKLEYThu Feb 20 1992ieee8
2388.01UTESThu Feb 20 1992Creation (and Deletion) of child entities using T1.2.4 vs V1.1
2389.01PRSSOS::BONNAFEThu Feb 20 1992KINETICS private MIB pb
2390.05CCIIS1::TAYARFri Feb 21 1992File access error during probe
2391.04TAEC::SILVAFri Feb 21 1992Strange warnings?
2392.01WILARD::ATTERBERRYFri Feb 21 1992Exceptions do not clear like Alarms do ?
2393.02NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHFri Feb 21 1992Non-stop DECmcc?
2394.06FLAGYL::EIKELBOOMFri Feb 21 1992DAP Dictionary disaster error
2395.03PJWL::LAMBSun Feb 23 1992DECmcc Autotopology feedback
2396.01MLNCSC::BARILAROMon Feb 24 1992To many NML servers....
2397.01PHONE::SHENMon Feb 24 1992BMS X.25 AM support?
2398.02FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Feb 24 1992Trouble Registering Terminal Server Entity
2399.01NYFDIN::SAMBAMURTYMon Feb 24 1992context smartness for the SHOW command
2400.02FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Feb 24 1992How will TSAM connect from a Phase V host?
2401.02WARDLE::REXMon Feb 24 1992X1.2.15 - Install removes entries
2402.01KETJE::PACCOMon Feb 24 1992Private MIB manipulation questions.
2403.08KETJE::PACCOMon Feb 24 1992Feedback on manageing CHIPCOM's ONline Syst. Conc.
2404.02KETJE::PACCOMon Feb 24 1992Required argument when REGISTER with ICONIC MAP?
2405.023ICS::WOODCOCKMon Feb 24 1992Alarms/Notifi probs: x1.2.15
2406.0VEGAS::IDEKERMon Feb 24 1992LANCE Net Mgt
2407.02NSCRUE::KEANEMon Feb 24 1992mtu error messages
2408.03MORO::MAUTZ_RIMon Feb 24 1992ISO Standards Info Needed
2410.02MFRNW1::SCHUSTERMon Feb 24 1992ACCVIO with MCC_EXPORT X1.2.15
2411.07CLARID::HODSMANTue Feb 25 1992CPU/Memory requirements
2412.03CLARID::HODSMANTue Feb 25 1992icon colours/propagation
2413.0TAEC::SILVATue Feb 25 1992Maximum size of a Latin1String in the dictionary?
2414.04MANWRK::SHEATue Feb 25 1992PROBLEM - DNS - MCC_S_NOT_IMPLEMENTED error code
2415.08TROOA::BALDOCKTue Feb 25 1992A Million Questions
2416.03CHILKA::JAGGITue Feb 25 1992Can't Resume after MODIFY an EXPORT
2417.01NYFDIN::SAMBAMURTYTue Feb 25 1992hourly circuit graph has problems
2418.05ICS::WOODCOCKTue Feb 25 1992Alarm on ifOperStatus
2419.02MEO78B::FINCHTue Feb 25 1992Alarm notification on monochrome monitor
2420.03MCDONL::BUCKLEYTue Feb 25 1992What do those snmp names mean?
2421.05EEMELI::VALTONENWed Feb 26 1992What are the sources for MIB information ?
2422.03TAEC::HAYESWed Feb 26 1992Notification PM customization : Static or Dynamic?
2423.08EEMELI::VALTONENWed Feb 26 1992Same TCP/IP addresses for multiple entities ?
2424.04MFRNW1::DENISWed Feb 26 1992mcc & Berkley Domain naming service ?
2425.013FOUR62::LICAUSEWed Feb 26 1992Include Term_Serv Icon in SNMP group?
2426.02WOTVAX::PURNELLRWed Feb 26 1992Iconic Map onto DECpc 433
2427.06BALZAC::MARKOWSKIWed Feb 26 1992Self-management directives
2428.07BALZAC::MARKOWSKIWed Feb 26 1992REGISTER function
2429.04ZTOIS1::VISTAWed Feb 26 1992DECnetIV AM and OBJECT Process Id DATAtype
2430.01MANWRK::PORTEOUSWed Feb 26 1992CMA fstat problem re-visited
2431.011SWORD1::ESWed Feb 26 1992Dynamic descriptors?
2432.04NSCRUE::KEANEWed Feb 26 1992help with time parameters or alarm rule
2433.01TOOK::FONSECAWed Feb 26 1992'Serviced cancel request calls' error message?
2434.02GRANPA::DJAMESWed Feb 26 1992DNS Conflict!
2435.04PJWL::LAMBWed Feb 26 1992Customer Feedback on DECmcc - Community Names Unacceptable
2436.08STRASB::EBLEThu Feb 27 1992How to customize reference attributes ?
2437.05CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Feb 27 1992AM's
2438.01CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Feb 27 1992DECmcc & DECthreads
2439.010HLRGThu Feb 27 1992Problem with out_p ??
2441.02CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu Feb 27 1992MSL & ASN1.
2442.01MANENG::SHEAThu Feb 27 1992QUESTION - MSL - Variable display (DEPENDS ON clause)
2443.02FLYERS::WITHERSPOONThu Feb 27 1992DECmcc (VMS) Reference Sites ????
2444.02LARVAE::BARNES_JThu Feb 27 1992Extract rules failure?
2445.01PANIC::QUINLESSThu Feb 27 1992Diagnosis FM - Available yet?
2446.05ICS::WOODCOCKThu Feb 27 1992notify logging
2447.06LATACP::J_HASSENCAHLThu Feb 27 1992Problems adding MIBs
2448.05AUNTB::BRILEYThu Feb 27 1992Vitalink SNMP, When?
2449.05AUNTB::BRILEYThu Feb 27 1992MCC and DCM
2450.03HLFSThu Feb 27 1992MCC-E-INV_DNSIDENT error in map
2451.01MICROW::LANGFri Feb 28 1992A question on status returned from PROBE
2452.02RDGENG::PRATTFri Feb 28 1992PhaseV NET's not displayed correctly
2453.02TAEC::BOSSARDFri Feb 28 1992Notification PM
2454.06ROMFri Feb 28 1992create rule error
2455.03MUTTON::LAMBSun Mar 01 1992autoconfig map quick questions
2456.012EEMELI::VALTONENSun Mar 01 1992DECmcc/Ultrix Security ?
2457.02GOYA::MERINOSun Mar 01 1992DECmcc TCP/IP DA X1.2-
2458.08EEMELI::VALTONENSun Mar 01 1992Background maps - XBM or something else ?
2459.09FDCVMon Mar 02 1992Where is the BMS for ULTRIX Kit ????
2460.04OTOOA::DOIRONMon Mar 02 1992Link of API, note 3.134 problems
2461.03NSDC::CAILLEMon Mar 02 1992MM development course available ?
2462.01TAEC::WEBERMon Mar 02 1992mcc_notification_fm dies after enrolment
2463.04CSC32::D_MCADOOMon Mar 02 1992WRITE-PROCEDURE, failed on step 2
2464.06RDOSW1::PARKERMon Mar 02 1992VMS BMS X1.2.15 Alarms - INV_HANDLE
2465.04DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONMon Mar 02 1992Order Number of documentation
2466.03HKGACT::SUSANCHANMon Mar 02 1992toolbox all blank
2467.02TPOVC::LARRYLEEMon Mar 02 1992SNA AM exist?
2468.03TAVMon Mar 02 1992IVP for Toolkit/Ultrix 4.2a failed
2469.01TAVTue Mar 03 1992Nb of Historian background process
2470.01STRASB::EBLETue Mar 03 1992DECmcc Ultrix unable to use node4 events.
2471.06CRONIC::LEMONSTue Mar 03 1992X1.2.15 crashing system with SSRVEXCEPT
2472.0FOUR62::LICAUSETue Mar 03 1992Can't Register Phase IV nodes w/X1.2.15
2473.03STRASB::EBLETue Mar 03 1992What about DECmcc/ULTRIX baselevel 15 ?
2474.01CRONIC::LEMONSTue Mar 03 1992X1.2.15 protection violation when re-REGISTER-ing an existing node
2475.0LEMAN::BIROTue Mar 03 1992NAT bridges management
2476.04GOYA::GONZALEZWed Mar 04 1992Any restrictions for PA FM formulas?
2477.015OSLACT::BJORNWed Mar 04 1992DECnet PhaseIV Autoconfig
2478.03OSLACT::BJORNWed Mar 04 1992Chipcom ONLINE MIB and IMPM
2479.05OSLACT::BJORNWed Mar 04 1992How do I get the information from SNMP TRAPS?
2480.02TNPUBS::PAINTERWed Mar 04 1992Getting Started Roadmaps for VMS and ULTRIX
2481.0ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Mar 04 1992MCCEMS V2.1 questions
2482.01SCHOOL::VOBAWed Mar 04 1992Which one to start first?
2483.05TAEC::WEBERWed Mar 04 1992documents for mcc_lib_detach and so on ?
2484.01TAEC::WEBERWed Mar 04 1992Small Event Sink becomes big executable
2485.0FOUR62::LICAUSEWed Mar 04 1992%MCC-E-NOTFOUND, when starting X1.2.15
2486.02ANOSWS::COMFORTWed Mar 04 1992Help, I need to represent non-managed entities on maps
2487.03MACROW::BRAGINSKYWed Mar 04 1992Exec format error
2488.0MUTTON::LAMBWed Mar 04 1992Customer wants to manager novel IPX with DECmcc
2489.02BYBLOS::TAMERWed Mar 04 1992How and where will DECmcc 1.2 instal the CMA images ?
2490.019HANEY::HORRIGANWed Mar 04 1992DECmcc under Motif?
2491.0BLUMON::SYLORWed Mar 04 1992Survey of MOMs, AMs, FMs, PMs, etc.
2492.02EEMELI::VALTONENWed Mar 04 1992What is CMOL/IEEE 8
2493.04CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Mar 05 1992problem installing elms am
2494.05GIDDAY::JEFFERYThu Mar 05 1992MCC_graph - postage stamp maps
2495.03MINDER::BLOWERGThu Mar 05 1992Help on Event Sink Design
2496.01HLRGThu Mar 05 1992Try to work with Data Collector
2497.04TOMLIN::ROMBERGThu Mar 05 1992MCC doesn't recognize a supported verb
2498.013CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Mar 05 1992problems installing tsam
2501.05SUBWAY::REILLYThu Mar 05 1992Does Export work with SNMP interfaces?
2502.02ICS::WOODCOCKThu Mar 05 1992IMPM and DNS access req.
2503.05STOHUB::KARKAR::RICHARDSONThu Mar 05 1992Missing jAM's in X1.2?
2504.01CSOA1::HORRIGANThu Mar 05 1992DEC ELM Management Futures?
2505.05WELTM1::CRIDDLEFri Mar 06 1992Registering DS5
2506.0TAEC::LAVILLATFri Mar 06 1992Why does MCC need multiuser mode to configure itself ?
2507.01STKHLM::BERGGRENFri Mar 06 1992info wanted about SALCOM and 3COM
2508.09IJSAPL::ZWAMAFri Mar 06 1992event alarm notification problem
2509.01DPDMAI::SIFTARFri Mar 06 1992DTR Bridge Reports??
2510.02MICROW::LANGFri Mar 06 1992surpressing Waiting to startup message
2511.08TROOA::BALDOCKFri Mar 06 1992Autoconfigure Errors
2512.0MQOSWS::S_CHARBONNEASun Mar 08 1992Notification being stopped
2513.01FOUR62::LICAUSESun Mar 08 1992Premature EOF in IPautoconfig
2514.04FOUR62::LICAUSESun Mar 08 1992Can't register MCC
2515.02HGOVC::LILLIANTANGSun Mar 08 1992V1.2 - VMS & Ultrix - packaging questions
2516.06SEDSWS::MALLOYMon Mar 09 1992Dna4_evl and Dna5_evl v1-2-15 (phaseV-IV events)
2517.02KADOR::KADOR::DARMONMon Mar 09 1992X1.2-15 Alarms & export problems
2518.01PJWL::LAMBMon Mar 09 1992LANBRIDGE 2
2519.01HKGACT::SUSANCHANMon Mar 09 1992rename registered entities in to a new DNS structure
2520.01HKGACT::SUSANCHANMon Mar 09 1992customization of map alarm color
2521.07TAVIS::PERETZTue Mar 10 1992Problem with private MIB (also when looking into)
2522.0SKIBUM::GASSMANTue Mar 10 1992MCC Management Module Development Service
2523.03ISIDRO::POYATOSTue Mar 10 1992Several MCC's on the same DECstation?
2524.03TAEC::WEBERTue Mar 10 1992system crash after having used mcc_notification_fm
2525.0BSYBEE::EGOLFTue Mar 10 1992BSYBEE::DUA
2526.01EEMELI::VALTONENWed Mar 11 1992Data Collector question
2527.03JGO::PAIJMANSWed Mar 11 1992ULTRIX ELM installation problems
2528.01STKMCC::LUNDWed Mar 11 1992Are the pictures avaiable ?
2529.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Mar 11 1992Circuit AM Bug ?
2530.0ROMWed Mar 11 1992Notification events problem
2531.06HLRGWed Mar 11 1992problem with out_p??
2532.05OTOOA::DOIRONWed Mar 11 1992MIR problems with deleting rules
2533.02ICS::WOODCOCKWed Mar 11 1992alarms poll wildcarding
2534.05CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Mar 11 1992GETEVENT , Event Manager etc
2535.01CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Mar 11 1992Registration of Child Entities
2536.02CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Mar 11 1992FullEntityName ILV encoding
2537.0CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Mar 11 1992Notification Services
2538.01HOO78C::DOOLAARDWed Mar 11 1992AC command with Translan AM?
2539.04EPS::MARIKARWed Mar 11 1992Test for OSI compliance
2540.05TAEC::SILVAWed Mar 11 1992Does the routine mcc_lock_acquire_exclusive have a time-out value?
2541.0FOUR62::LICAUSEWed Mar 11 1992MB2 actions for Notification services
2542.02FOUR62::LICAUSEWed Mar 11 1992Notification Services PM only!
2543.04KETJE::PACCOWed Mar 11 1992Strange compilation of DEPENDS ON clause in MSL.
2544.03ZTOIS1::VISTAWed Mar 11 1992TSAM AM IFT and PAK 1991
2545.02WARDLE::REXWed Mar 11 1992X1.2.15 - %MCC-W-ILVNOCLOSE error
2546.01SADVS2::LASSITERWed Mar 11 1992Help with three letter ackronyms
2547.05MSBCS::HSUWed Mar 11 1992Beginner questions for MCC
2548.05PRSSOS::BONNAFEWed Mar 11 1992FDDI Ring Map Autotopology questions
2549.02MLNCBI::GIAMMARINIWed Mar 11 1992Does TSAM 1.
2550.07BEAGLE::DIVINEWed Mar 11 1992MCC Routine Error = %MCC-E-IO_ERROR, error was returned by I/O facility
2551.06TAEC::SILVAThu Mar 12 1992Can other verbs use the attrib_list data type for an argument?
2552.02QUIVER::DESMONDThu Mar 12 1992Debugging threads in MCC?
2553.012TOMLIN::ROMBERGThu Mar 12 1992New MCC version = recreate your environment?
2554.01BIS1::COLLEYEThu Mar 12 1992Q: DECmcc registry
2555.06DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Mar 12 1992Data Collector Functionality
2556.03ICS::WOODCOCKThu Mar 12 1992navigate across
2557.01SUBWAY::YANNIOSThu Mar 12 1992T1.2.4=>T1.2.15 & MIR/MAP files?
2558.02BYBLOS::TAMERThu Mar 12 1992Very different response time on SHOW ALL REFERENCE
2559.015HGSWS1::SUSANCHANThu Mar 12 1992unable to read in parse table ?
2560.02COLFri Mar 13 1992disabling an access module is not easy
2561.03GOTA1::KLASSONFri Mar 13 1992MCC-E-NOPARAMSLIST with Translan AM V1.1
2562.04SEDSWS::MALLOYFri Mar 13 1992Creating cir under line mode "not seen on MAP"
2563.01CSC32::WOESTEMEYERFri Mar 13 1992Deleting a single protocol entry???
2564.03QUIVER::DESMONDFri Mar 13 1992Questions about alerting threads.
2565.02GO4GUT::NASHTSun Mar 15 1992DECmcc v1.1, Translan AM, alarms and exception rule firing...
2566.08UTRUST::KUIJPERMon Mar 16 1992Updates for ELM and TSAM for MCC BL15 ?
2567.01KETJE::VDKERCKHOVEMon Mar 16 1992License Check fail X1.2.15
2568.03TAEC::LAVILLATMon Mar 16 1992Q: Precisions needed on MCC Ultrix and DYNAMIC descriptors
2569.02COLMon Mar 16 1992backwards compatibility????
2570.03OTOOA::DOIRONMon Mar 16 1992NETU ATM demo question
2571.0CSC32::WOESTEMEYERMon Mar 16 1992SNMP Traps on DECconcetrator 5
2572.08TRADE::ASHRAFMon Mar 16 1992BMS 1.2.15 install failure - Insufficient disk space
2573.01SCHOOL::KIMMon Mar 16 1992Callable MCC
2574.01CSC32::WOESTEMEYERMon Mar 16 1992SNMP traps on DECconcentrator 5
2575.05ICS::WOODCOCKMon Mar 16 1992All domains firing???
2576.05SEDSWS::MALLOYMon Mar 16 1992Circuit AM Event alarming
2577.03SEDSWS::MALLOYMon Mar 16 1992One NOTES entry for all BL15 patches
2578.02CUJO::HILLMon Mar 16 1992Is the Ingres Report Writer required for DECmcc/Ultrix?
2579.01GIDDAY::JEFFERYMon Mar 16 1992An Update please...
2580.09RDGENG::PRATTTue Mar 17 1992Change location of history files?
2581.02OSLACT::BJORNTue Mar 17 1992TCP/IP autoconfiguration once more...
2582.0MICROW::LANGTue Mar 17 1992MSL - Argument without a value supplied question
2583.0RDGENG::PRATTTue Mar 17 1992Error in Ultrix alarm config window
2584.02BONNET::MALAISETue Mar 17 1992DECnet/OSI and Autoconfig .
2585.07RDGENG::PRATTTue Mar 17 1992Alarm on PhaseV events
2586.03MICROW::LANGTue Mar 17 1992argument handling with reason codes?
2587.03UTRUST::KUIJPERTue Mar 17 1992Default table list for Location, resp. person etc. ?
2588.03LARVAE::AITKINS_TWed Mar 18 1992mcc-e-unsupp_op
2589.03SUBWAY::YANNIOSWed Mar 18 1992?Notif. Srvcs: Retargetting Error
2590.02STKHLM::WAHLLOFWed Mar 18 1992QUESTION Netavailability in DECmcc
2591.0DELNI::S_LANEWed Mar 18 1992Schedule Update and SPD Information
2592.03NYDVIA::ROWLEYWed Mar 18 1992Does Mcc support 8
2593.03RDGENG::PRATTThu Mar 19 1992Ultrix alarm shell does not pass Description parameter
2594.01ZURThu Mar 19 1992<looking into> window problems
2596.01SKIBUM::GASSMANThu Mar 19 1992OSI address and MCC with DNS
2597.03HOO78C::TURHANFri Mar 20 1992How to change udp_retries from IMPM, ultrix
2598.09HOO78C::TURHANFri Mar 20 1992tftp, to a cisco box from vms ?
2599.0HOO78C::TURHANFri Mar 20 1992Circuit AM with non-dec equipment
2600.0KETJE::PACCOFri Mar 20 1992Code for a directive not found in dictionary ?
2601.03MFRNW1::SCHUSTERFri Mar 20 1992Alarms on Statistics - Duration ?
2602.02COLFri Mar 20 1992alarming execptions problem
2603.03COLFri Mar 20 1992Corrupt database due to mixed NCP and MCC manageme
2604.05STRASB::EBLEFri Mar 20 1992Unable to fully register node4 entities.
2605.02SYSMGT::DUTKOFri Mar 20 1992OIDs and Dictionary retrieval
2606.02ZURSun Mar 22 1992Again memory leak with the alarms AM
2607.01TAEC::HAYESMon Mar 23 1992SHOW/SET SRM Chap. 15Is the template customizabl;e??
2608.01TAEC::HAYESMon Mar 23 1992Iconic Map file Format specific questions
2609.06HLRGMon Mar 23 1992Problem with RECORD data type
2610.01ODIXIE::PEACOCKRMon Mar 23 1992ACS44
2611.017PLAYER::DEMOORMon Mar 23 1992writing register directive
2612.03STRASB::EBLEMon Mar 23 1992Unable to register station entity.
2613.04BONNET::DENISMon Mar 23 1992Testing the Requester
2614.05COLMon Mar 23 1992rename questions
2615.03SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Mar 23 1992"No such entity" reported erroneously
2616.03STKHLM::BERGGRENMon Mar 23 1992How large networks without DNS?
2617.03ZURMon Mar 23 1992Historian stops the machine
2618.03HLRGTue Mar 24 1992Callable MCC memory leak
2619.013COLTue Mar 24 1992alarm exception questions
2620.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERTue Mar 24 1992MCC Module availability questions
2621.01ROMTSS::GALLANAWed Mar 25 1992DECmcc V1.1 and VMS V5.5, problems?
2623.01ROMTSS::GALLANAWed Mar 25 1992add /A
2624.01TAVIS::ANAT_DWed Mar 25 1992SNMP AM in DECmcc ULTRIX
2625.03MANWRK::PORTEOUSWed Mar 25 1992Collector AM - My icon please !
2626.02TKOV51::MIZUTAMAWed Mar 25 1992ISO 1
2627.02HLRGWed Mar 25 1992Attribute group with attributes from child-entities
2628.06COMICS::MISTRYWed Mar 25 1992domains and dns subdirectories
2629.0ROMWed Mar 25 1992additional child type
2630.03NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHWed Mar 25 19921.2.15 WiP Window Problem
2631.01NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHWed Mar 25 1992Polling Failures
2632.02COLWed Mar 25 1992partial vs full registration description needed
2633.02SGWS::SIDThu Mar 26 1992problem deleting rules after upgrade
2634.04MICROW::LANGThu Mar 26 1992Detached process failure: Bad file number
2635.03ZTOIS1::VISTAThu Mar 26 1992ASN.1 attributes versus SNMP variables
2636.03RUMOR::FALEKThu Mar 26 1992Can't have NODE and NODE4 in same namespace!?
2637.022BOSTON::PICARDThu Mar 26 1992CISCO and VITALINK ALARM expressions
2638.01FOUR62::LICAUSEThu Mar 26 1992Table display incorrect when rescaled
2639.0STRASB::EBLEFri Mar 27 1992Iconic map and nodenames.
2640.02ROMFri Mar 27 1992Network University doc. on DECmcc 1.2 - Where?
2641.05HLRGFri Mar 27 1992WITH qualifier
2642.01CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Mar 27 1992DNS and child entities
2643.012STKHLM::WAHLLOFFri Mar 27 1992Q: How many events/sec can DECmcc handle.
2644.04PRSSOS::BONNAFEFri Mar 27 1992Decserver 3
2645.01CARWSH::COMFORTFri Mar 27 1992Help files lose entries
2646.04SEVERN::BREWTONFri Mar 27 1992ACCVIO in 1.2.15 running the 1.2 demo kit
2647.01PRSSUD::CARRAYROUFri Mar 27 1992catrix VS catrix.aty.dec.com
2648.02BYBLOS::TAMERFri Mar 27 1992FCL bug on SHOW entity ALL ATTR, ALL STATISTIC
2649.05SGWS::SIDSat Mar 28 1992Unexpected condition returned to Notification FM
2650.020PA::E_HATEMSun Mar 29 1992Where is the MIBS??? 1.2 released mibs.
2653.03MICROW::LANGMon Mar 30 1992subrange questions
2654.05CSC32::WOESTEMEYERMon Mar 30 1992Cabletron and portSourceAddr
2655.0DELNI::S_LANEMon Mar 30 1992Pricing Information Pointers
2656.02DENVER::THURYMon Mar 30 1992MCC & VCS sharing screen real estate
2657.0ZURMon Mar 30 1992MCC_DNA4_EVL process
2658.06LFOIS1::ALIEMon Mar 30 1992Invalid ethernet: "MCC-E-INVDEVNAM"
2659.02SEDSWS::MALLOYMon Mar 30 1992set up DNA5 evl ON both VMS & WANrouter
2660.05SEDSWS::MALLOYTue Mar 31 1992PhaseV event alarming
2661.03NEXUS6::BERNECICHTue Mar 31 1992Dispatch local management module file access erorr during probe
2663.03BALZAC::MARKOWSKITue Mar 31 1992DNS or the MIR, that is the question !
2664.0WARDLE::REXTue Mar 31 1992Customer Assessment of DECmcc V1.1 Document
2665.02TAEC::HAYESTue Mar 31 1992Debugger pb. on T1.2.4 VMS ????
2666.04ICS::WOODCOCKTue Mar 31 1992line color changes not happening
2667.03ANOSWS::COMFORTTue Mar 31 1992MCC V1.1 & VMS 5.5 - more problems?
2668.03MICROW::LANGTue Mar 31 1992 waiting to rebind address
2669.0ODIXIE::PEACOCKRTue Mar 31 1992How should Remote Node Entity work?
2670.01AEO78Wed Apr 01 1992SQL parameters indicators and case sensitivity
2671.04LFOIS1::ALIEWed Apr 01 1992MEssage /latin1 string
2672.03TAEC::HAYESWed Apr 01 1992MCC_TCPIP_LOAD_SNMP.COM - Questions SNMP is not TCPIP
2673.01FAILTE::JONESRThu Apr 02 1992Iconic map / PC DECwindows problem
2675.04STKHLM::WEBJORNThu Apr 02 1992MCC and VMS/Decnet/Wave 2
2676.01BRSTR1::MERTENSThu Apr 02 1992mcc_resource.dat
2677.01FAILTE::JONESRThu Apr 02 1992UPS Management ???
2678.02MICROW::LANGThu Apr 02 1992mcc_msl and MSG_LOCATION
2679.02ZURThu Apr 02 1992HELP doesn't work propper
2680.04HLRGThu Apr 02 1992GRAPH ACCVIO, always Thread terminating
2681.01ISIDRO::POYATOSThu Apr 02 1992Ultrix mcc graphics exception
2683.01ISIDRO::POYATOSFri Apr 03 1992Formats for external backdrops
2684.02RDGENG::PRATTFri Apr 03 1992Urgent - performance problem with DNA5_AM
2685.01CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Apr 03 1992CMA Error codes
2686.015COMICS::MISTRYFri Apr 03 1992vitalink AM and alarms
2687.06RADBOX::ANDERSONFri Apr 03 1992Which TCP/IP product to downline load Synoptics hubs
2688.01MEHR::MEHRFri Apr 03 1992TSAM and Emulex
2689.05MEHR::MEHRFri Apr 03 1992Number of alarms...?
2690.03WOTVAX::PURNELLRSun Apr 05 1992Porting from V1.1 VMS to V1.2 Ultrix
2691.03KETJE::VDKERCKHOVEMon Apr 06 1992mcc_da_ routines doc ?
2692.01RDGENG::PRATTMon Apr 06 1992Problems adding Child entities to domain map
2693.01ZTOIS1::VISTAMon Apr 06 1992DECmcc/U*X T1.2.4 : Fatal Database Internal Error
2694.05ZTOIS1::VISTAMon Apr 06 1992DECmcc T1.2.4 & local DNS attributes for DOMAINS
2695.014WELLIN::MCCALLUMMon Apr 06 1992Alarms and Datatype ?
2696.02WARDLE::REXMon Apr 06 1992URGENT ** NEED TSAM - AM for Baselevel 15 release **
2697.0HLRGMon Apr 06 1992New version of the PABX AM available for field test.
2698.01PLUNDR::LOWEGMon Apr 06 1992Release date for V1.2 ???
2699.03MICROW::LANGMon Apr 06 1992Maintaining 2 different dictionaries simultanesouls
2700.05CTHQ3::LMURPHYMon Apr 06 1992QUESTION - NET or NSAP for name
2701.05MERIDN::ATTERBERRYMon Apr 06 1992Targetting and Notification via Iconic Map
2702.01MARSTue Apr 07 1992DECNET logical link and DECMCC ?
2703.01TAEC::HAYESTue Apr 07 1992HELP on HELP ! COMMON, CLI and DECW topics
2704.0SHIPS::SMITH_JTue Apr 07 1992Invalid lockid and lost event errors
2705.02CAADC::GALVINTue Apr 07 1992EMS Kit (latest version)
2706.03TROOA::BALDOCKTue Apr 07 1992Alarms
2707.02TOOK::FLETCHERTue Apr 07 1992ULTRIX/DECmcc users using v4.2 or 4.2a need patches
2708.01SEDSWS::MALLOYTue Apr 07 1992Only one Eevnt Stream for DNA5 process (What a easy life)
2710.05FOUR62::LICAUSETue Apr 07 1992%MCC-W-VALUEMISSING, the attribute/argument value is missing
2712.01TAVTue Apr 07 1992Disk space for HISTORY and EXPORT.
2713.04HLRGWed Apr 08 1992Strange alarm behaviour
2714.01TAEC::HAYESWed Apr 08 1992Callable MCC/Multithread/CMA????
2715.04HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Apr 08 1992StrataCom IPX again
2716.06LFOIS1::ALIEWed Apr 08 1992Urgent "MSL PB"
2717.07BRSSWS::FOLENSWed Apr 08 1992Another Vitalink Translan AM installation problem
2718.02PSALM::KIMWed Apr 08 1992Help on MCC callables and bridge counters
2719.0MUTTON::LAMBWed Apr 08 1992Need MIB Extension for Novel LANterm
2720.01BYBLOS::TAMERWed Apr 08 1992FCL seems to miscalculate the line length when formating output
2721.01DPDMAI::OTTERSONWed Apr 08 1992Creating MCC DNS Dirctory in other than the root
2722.02TOMLIN::ROMBERGWed Apr 08 1992Return attribute list and message from MOM getting lost
2723.02VINO::BEYHWed Apr 08 1992List of recognizable events and their characteristics?
2724.01MARVA1::MILESWed Apr 08 1992Ad Hoc Alarm/Event Reports
2725.07GSFMCC::SYSTEMWed Apr 08 1992BMS T1.2.15 Install failure
2726.02SWORD1::ESWed Apr 08 1992Phase V AM ACCVIO bugs and workaround question
2727.01CUJO::HILLWed Apr 08 1992SET psProcessStatus problem when using SNMP AM & SUN MIB
2728.04CUJO::HILLWed Apr 08 1992Request for RMON agent
2729.01PADIS1::PERIEThu Apr 09 1992Doc on mcc routines/DECmcc V1.2
2730.02STRASB::EBLEThu Apr 09 1992How to use targeting notifications ?
2731.02TOOK::MINTZThu Apr 09 1992Access to RFCs by mail
2732.01FOUR62::LICAUSEThu Apr 09 1992Any more PABX AM's?
2733.02ODIXIE::PEACOCKRThu Apr 09 1992Show node4 * vs show node4 nodename?
2734.03VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTThu Apr 09 1992Performance Module
2735.04DPDMAI::CESAKThu Apr 09 1992DECmcc V1.2 Baselevel 19
2736.02CSC32::ORTIZThu Apr 09 1992ifPhyAddress is NOT EXPORTED to .RDB file
2737.01DPDMAI::SHORROSHFri Apr 10 1992DECbridge 62
2738.03SCHOOL::KIMFri Apr 10 1992DECmcc program for getting bridge counters
2739.02NSDC::CAILLEFri Apr 10 1992TSAM for ULTRIX ?
2740.08COLFri Apr 10 1992questions on use of directory and show commands
2741.0CLAUDI::PETERSFri Apr 10 1992Thoughts on using DECmcc V1.1 in the real world
2742.01SEDSWS::MALLOYFri Apr 10 1992Are we on Schedule for DECmcc BL19
2743.05VINO::LLAVINFri Apr 10 1992Would like to run this on a VAXft but can't
2744.04MARVIN::WARWICKFri Apr 10 1992V1.2 DNA5 Bridge, maybe FDDI datatypes broken
2745.01TOOHOT::RWILSONFri Apr 10 1992DECmcc UDM documentation
2746.02VCSESU::WADEFri Apr 10 1992Problem with ELMS database conversion
2747.03HGOVC::LILLIANTANGSun Apr 12 1992conversion from local MIR to DNS?
2748.05LARVAE::AITKINS_TMon Apr 13 1992%system-f-ivchan
2749.01DOTTY::WITHERELLMon Apr 13 1992Notify Domain - Autotopolgy Problem
2750.09MAYDAY::ANDRADEMon Apr 13 1992New MCC Conf needed
2751.01DOTTY::WITHERELLMon Apr 13 1992Iconic Map Alarm Rule problem
2752.05RDOSW1::PARKERMon Apr 13 1992Smarthub MIBdef???
2753.03KERNEL::MACLEANTue Apr 14 1992MCC v1.1 'C Allocation Error' ?
2754.04COPCLU::EBCTue Apr 14 1992Statistics across missing periods of data?
2755.01SEDSWS::MALLOYTue Apr 14 1992Update DECmcc entities
2756.09SEDSWS::MALLOYTue Apr 14 1992 Problem with CISCO mib and DECmcc V1.1
2757.0PADIS2::PERIETue Apr 14 1992MSL/common exceptions
2758.05ANOSWS::COMFORTTue Apr 14 1992Multiple OCCURs firing, one event occurred
2759.02MLNCSC::BARILAROTue Apr 14 1992ACCVIO during the exporting
2760.02SUBWAY::REILLYTue Apr 14 1992Corrupt Data Dictionary --- MTU utility
2761.05LARVAE::AITKINS_TTue Apr 14 1992%system-f-stopdeverror
2762.01RDGENG::PRATTTue Apr 14 1992DNA5_AM and synonym's
2764.01CUJO::HILLTue Apr 14 1992DECmcc Training Video requested by customer
2765.04MLNCSC::BARILAROTue Apr 14 1992Why exporting goes in SUSPEND state ???
2766.01ISIDRO::MAMORENOWed Apr 15 1992SNMP alarms
2767.01TAEC::WEBERWed Apr 15 1992PB with DNS and SHOW *
2768.0TOOK::SWISTWed Apr 15 1992Handling of stdout w/pipe and daemon process
2769.011ZURWed Apr 15 1992Alarm on one event fired twice
2770.02BIS1::COLLEYEWed Apr 15 1992Q: DECmcc Dictionary Hierarchy
2771.01ROMWed Apr 15 1992outbound stream help needed
2772.01ROMWed Apr 15 1992SNA Gateway management
2773.0136766::PICARDWed Apr 15 1992New Features in 2.1 DECmcc EMS
2774.0TOOK::MINTZWed Apr 15 1992Please be patient with engineering response
2775.03MERIDN::ATTERBERRYWed Apr 15 1992TSAM and RWMBX problem
2776.02CUJO::HILLWed Apr 15 1992Unable to display FCL Window from IMPM via PC-DECwindows
2777.01DEKVC::YOILPARKThu Apr 16 1992Available DECmcc BMS V1.2 Kit?
2778.01BALZAC::COULONThu Apr 16 1992MCC_EVC_SEND to MCC_EVC_SINK problem
2779.09WARDLE::REXThu Apr 16 1992SNMP MIB's little flexibility
2780.02WARDLE::REXThu Apr 16 1992Hub Management
2781.05COLThu Apr 16 1992alternate identifiers.
2782.01CSC32::WOESTEMEYERThu Apr 16 1992MCC-E_NO_PARENT creating an ALARM
2783.04MICROW::LANGThu Apr 16 1992Exception in Mgt Module (id=16), CMA code = 4
2784.01RDGENG::PRATTFri Apr 17 1992Ultrix MIRs not compatable with T1.2.7
2785.0LFOIS1::ALIEFri Apr 17 1992Help on register
2786.02CLARID::HOFSTEEFri Apr 17 1992ELMS and TSAM with T1.2.7 ?
2787.0SKIBUM::GASSMANFri Apr 17 1992Alarm Dispatching - customer oriented
2788.0ICS::WOODCOCKFri Apr 17 1992Performance: Record vs. Export
2789.03TRADE::ASHRAFFri Apr 17 1992X1.2.15 -> "Xt Error: Can't Open display"
2790.09ICS::WOODCOCKFri Apr 17 1992MCC_DNA4_EVL privs
2791.01RGNET8::BOUTHIETTEFri Apr 17 1992SOftware versions for reports...
2792.01TOOHOT::RWILSONSun Apr 19 1992DECmcc for Ultrix V1.2
2793.04BELMNT::BEAZLEYFri Apr 17 1992TCPIP Diagnostic AM and T1.2.7
2794.02ABACUS::BUKOWSKIMon Apr 20 1992T1.2.7 Fatal installation error
2795.08LATACP::J_HASSENCAHLMon Apr 20 1992Unable to get T1.2.7 Iconic Map running ...
2796.01SDOGUS::PARROWMon Apr 20 1992CISCO's NET CENTRAL ???
2797.01DUCAT2::FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Apr 20 1992TSAM and T1.2.7?
2798.01CSC32::M_EVANSMon Apr 20 1992qfile-e-notfound
2799.04DUCAT2::FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Apr 20 1992Problems w/IP autoconfig T1.2.7
2800.04ANNECY::ROUXMon Apr 20 1992FCL (FI) supported on Ultrix
2801.0USTICA::ODOARDITue Apr 21 1992How to insert node in hidden-area ??
2802.01ANNECY::ROUXTue Apr 21 1992Share two DECmcc maps
2803.010ZURTue Apr 21 1992V1.1 sho statistic bug?
2804.03STRASB::EBLETue Apr 21 1992Unable to copy from mccnix
2805.02TKOV51::HAYAKAWATue Apr 21 1992Q:FDDIcontroller7
2806.01TOOK::L_GROSSMANTue Apr 21 1992VMS: If you have disk space problems: (VMSINSTAL AWD option)
2807.02MUTTON::LAMBMon Apr 20 1992Looking for Bridge Access Module for 1.2.7
2808.02CSOADM::ROTHFri Apr 17 1992SNMP and T1.2.7
2809.01ANNECY::ROUXTue Apr 21 1992GDMO /MSL NameBinding
2810.02YOSMTE::SIMMONS_KETue Apr 21 1992T1.2.7 Installation failures
2811.02LYOISA::HAMELTue Apr 21 1992DECMCC/VMS config for Xwindow
2812.02EEMELI::HAARATue Apr 21 1992SNMP information needed
2813.0MQOSWS::S_CHARBONNEATue Apr 21 1992DECmcc CMIP questions
2814.02PJVAX::LAMBTue Apr 21 1992Node reachability status events how to toggle severity
2815.013CUJO::HILLTue Apr 21 1992DNS performance dreadfully slow
2816.01TAEC::WEBERWed Apr 22 1992Doc Pb : mcc_dns_get_identifiers arguments
2817.04BEAGLE::LOUISWed Apr 22 1992%MCC-E-NORECORD during a creation of rule
2818.01FRAFS1::SCHMITTWed Apr 22 1992da_fm.tar.* missing on V 1.2.7
2819.01FOUR62::LICAUSEWed Apr 22 1992MCC_STARTUP_DNA4_EVL.COM doesn't start process/object
2820.08PLUNDR::LOWEGWed Apr 22 1992%MCC-E-INCONSISTENTCLA register node4..
2821.02MARVA1::MILESWed Apr 22 1992CME AM and CME PM
2822.05SLINK::HOODWed Apr 22 1992Error creating domain with new ULTRIX T1.2.7 kit
2823.04BALZAC::COULONWed Apr 22 1992Events, Notifications & Data Collector
2824.02NEWPRT::MOREH_JAWed Apr 22 1992"Managing non-snmp entities"
2825.01KETJE::PACCOWed Apr 22 1992EVT_POOL_VERSKE message when installing T1.2/VMS
2826.0VCSESU::BRANAMWed Apr 22 1992Selective Address Forwarding?
2827.03WARNUT::PURNELLRWed Apr 22 1992Problem with V1.2.7 - Processor crashes
2828.04NSCRUE::KEANEWed Apr 22 1992ip and decnet autotopology issues
2829.04NSDC::CAILLEThu Apr 23 1992help needed about MCC_DNS_TRANSLATE_IDENT()
2830.0STKHLM::TORZSOKThu Apr 23 1992VAX DetMCC/VMS Information.
2831.015OSLACT::BJORNThu Apr 23 1992DNS V2.
2832.03MICROW::LANGThu Apr 23 1992question on latest kit - ultrix, MCC and CMA
2833.02CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Apr 23 1992exporting statistics?
2834.06PJWL::LAMBThu Apr 23 1992Notification - Potentially Serious Problem re: adjacency up/down
2835.02ARRODS::GILLJThu Apr 23 1992EMA - OSI/NMF OMNI Point
2836.02FOUR62::LICAUSEThu Apr 23 1992Exceptions procedures from Notification events?
2837.0336766::PICARDThu Apr 23 1992BenchMark Studies anyone????
2838.05SUBWAY::REILLYThu Apr 23 1992IMPM sanity check failure.
2839.02SYSMGT::DUTKOThu Apr 23 1992Problem INCLUDing MSLs
2840.02PJWL::LAMBThu Apr 23 1992Notification and clearing an event notification
2841.03MFRNW1::SCHUSTERThu Apr 23 1992Alarms in T1.2.7 create NML-Processes ?
2842.07GOYA::MERINOFri Apr 24 1992Problems with DECmcc (T1.2.7)
2843.015SUBURB::SMYTHIFri Apr 24 1992Problem installing ELM T1.2.7
2845.03LFOIS1::ALIEFri Apr 24 1992Fault Diagnostic with Oracle ??
2846.02LFOIS1::ALIEFri Apr 24 1992Bad Result format
2847.02LFOIS1::ALIEFri Apr 24 1992Access module Message
2848.04BEAGLE::DIVINEFri Apr 24 1992%MCC-F-MIR_INIT_FAIL,the MIR could not be initialized
2849.02BELMNT::BEAZLEYFri Apr 24 1992Location of FDS kit
2850.02MICROW::LANGFri Apr 24 1992request as local entity
2851.07SEVERN::BREWTONFri Apr 24 1992Problem deleting rules with T1.2.7
2852.02MDCRAB::STUARTFri Apr 24 1992security/accounting on a command and user basis?
2853.07BELMNT::BEAZLEYFri Apr 24 1992ELMS AM Lan Autotopology Problem with V1.2.17
2854.03MICROW::LANGSat Apr 25 1992problem enrolling on first dispatch
2855.03PJVAX::LAMBSat Apr 25 1992Node Reachability - query end node directly?
2856.04HOO78C::TURHANSun Apr 26 1992Cisco MIB does not compile o.k. Cisco MIB does not compile good
2857.02OSLACT::BJORNMon Apr 27 1992Enhancements to DECwindows in DECmcc before FCS?
2858.06COPION::REJONMon Apr 27 1992Access violation BMS T1.2.7 & ICONIC MAP PM
2859.0TAEC::DUNONMon Apr 27 1992EVENT MANAGER environment variables/logical names
2860.02SMAUG::WALTZMon Apr 27 1992Help needed for MIB verification
2861.06ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Apr 27 1992Detection of duplicate and unknown nodes, how?
2862.01BYBLOS::TAMERMon Apr 27 1992Urgent: is mcc_ilv_put broken with FullEntity and non-success reason code ?
2863.01BALZAC::MARKOWSKIMon Apr 27 1992Working with private dictionaries
2864.0RDGENG::PRATTMon Apr 27 1992Ultrix semaphores and Historian
2865.01FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Apr 27 1992No priv to perform directive in MCC_STARTUP_DNA4_EVL
2867.02BIS1::COLLEYETue Apr 28 1992Q: Event paramaters / Alarm FM / Iconic Map PM
2868.02FOUR62::LICAUSETue Apr 28 1992Error in MCC_STM_LISTENER_MENU.COM
2869.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJTue Apr 28 1992ELM AM and DECbridge 9
2870.01ROMTue Apr 28 1992Export problem: %MCC-F-EXPNOCHILD
2871.0ZURTue Apr 28 1992SNMP Alarm with nondefault communityname
2872.03MCC1::DITMARSTue Apr 28 1992Send in your Performance Issues
2873.03FOUR62::LICAUSETue Apr 28 1992Why not do Autoregistration followup on Applications?
2874.01TAEC::HAYESTue Apr 28 1992Notification FM & self-management MCC
2875.04ASOLOK::SYSTEMTue Apr 28 1992HELP with installation of ELM
2876.01TAEC::HAYESTue Apr 28 1992DNS at instal then back to local MIR ...
2877.01SUBURB::SMYTHIWed Apr 29 1992Displaying alarms and Node4 name/address
2878.02SGWS::SIDWed Apr 29 1992data collector problems in t1.2.7
2879.02TAEC::HAYESWed Apr 29 1992Simple ! INITIAL ATTRIBUTE partition existence??
2880.01SUBURB::SMYTHIWed Apr 29 1992MCC_Alarms_Extract_Rules Problem/1.2.7
2881.07ICS::WOODCOCKWed Apr 29 1992global wildcard alarm excep: where is entity??
2884.03BELMNT::BEAZLEYWed Apr 29 1992Node4 registration DECnet database access problem
2885.06BELMNT::BEAZLEYWed Apr 29 1992ELAM Lan Autotopology Error V1.2.1.7
2886.02TOOK::R_SPENCEWed Apr 29 1992What Colors do YOU use?
2887.03BELMNT::BEAZLEYWed Apr 29 1992TSAM third party terminal server access question
2888.02MEHR::MEHRWed Apr 29 1992False Alarms...!?
2889.06CUJO::HILLWed Apr 29 1992T1.2.7 EFT2 SNMP_AM and UCX T2.
2890.03CUJO::HILLWed Apr 29 1992ETHERNET STATION AM display takes too long
2891.02COOQUE::LUNTWed Apr 29 1992t.1.2.7 new feature questions
2892.01ZURThu Apr 30 1992Performanceanalyzer pollingtime equal duration
2893.04ZURThu Apr 30 1992Vitalink AM for 1.2 ??
2895.07WELLIN::MCCALLUMThu Apr 30 1992Error in dir domain ?
2896.05ROMThu Apr 30 1992Exporter backgroung process error
2897.02SEVERN::BREWTONThu Apr 30 1992Show Statistics issue
2898.0MERIDN::ATTERBERRYThu Apr 30 1992TSAM Wildcarding and Rules watching Rules
2899.02SUBURB::SMYTHIThu Apr 30 1992IMPM uses node4's own name?
2900.02FILTON::EVANS_MThu Apr 30 1992TS_AM T1.
2901.01FOUR62::LICAUSEThu Apr 30 1992LAN Autotopology....comments
2902.01MICROW::LANGThu Apr 30 1992question on invalid entity class
2903.02YOSMTE::SIMMONS_KEThu Apr 30 1992ODS mib doesn't compile on T1.2.7
2904.01NSCRUE::KEANEThu Apr 30 1992Using NOW as a time specification
2905.03ODIXIE::PEACOCKRThu Apr 30 1992Can't get recording started
2906.02MAIL::CLAYTONThu Apr 30 1992DECmcc Proposal Help Needed
2907.04MERIDN::ATTERBERRYThu Apr 30 1992Node4 Wildcarding Error
2908.01CUJO::HILLThu Apr 30 1992TSAM T1.
2909.02CUJO::HILLThu Apr 30 1992EFT2 T1.2.7 ELM Bridge_AM returns error code 9
2910.07SEVERN::BREWTONFri May 01 1992IM Show Initial Attributes Problem
2911.0GIDDAY::CHONGFri May 01 1992delay alarm notification on iconic map
2912.02FOUR62::LICAUSEFri May 01 1992FileView reports errors each time T1.2.7 starts
2913.05FOUR62::LICAUSEFri May 01 1992LAN Autotopology MAP replaced my top level map
2914.02MICROW::LANGFri May 01 1992illegal instruction
2915.03SUBWAY::YANNIOSFri May 01 1992DNA4_EVL Startup Problems (T1.2.7)
2916.012MUTTON::LAMBFri May 01 1992Rule problem with by password
2917.011SUBWAY::REILLYFri May 01 1992External Applications hookup problems
2918.04TOOHOT::RWILSONFri May 01 1992Looking for DECmcc V1.2
2919.09RADBOX::ANDERSONFri May 01 1992T1.2.7 and Wollongong WIN/TCP
2920.0TOOK::BURGESSSat May 02 1992thread synchronization != thread scheduling
2921.02TOOK::BURGESSSat May 02 1992Hot spices: cma bl1
2922.04HGOVC::LILLIANTANGMon May 04 1992CHIPCOM MIB definition files - pls clarify
2923.03HKGACT::SUSANCHANMon May 04 1992Q: after autoconfig
2924.06CHILKA::JAGGIMon May 04 1992IP autoconfig accvio
2925.0MICROW::LANGMon May 04 1992include files on ultrix
2926.018BARREL::LEMMONMon May 04 1992Iconic Map ease of use - feedback requested
2927.0TOOK::A_MOOREMon May 04 1992Important Test for management module developers
2928.01ODIXIE::PEACOCKRMon May 04 1992Recreate domain?
2929.05HKGACT::SUSANCHANMon May 04 1992Thread error while using ICPM
2930.02ANNECY::ROUXTue May 05 1992Own graph use ?
2931.05CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDTue May 05 1992Design Framework question
2932.02CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDTue May 05 1992Enrollment from IMPM
2933.01COLTue May 05 1992alarming off statistics
2934.02MQOSWS::F_MONETTETue May 05 1992Dual Head functionality
2935.02PLUNDR::LOWEGTue May 05 1992Alarm disables, mailbox too small..
2936.0PADIS2::PERIETue May 05 1992Background Map / Scanner or not
2937.05FOUR62::LICAUSETue May 05 1992DECwindow sessions remain after exiting DECmcc T1.2.7
2938.01CAADC::GALVINTue May 05 1992XTerminal Performance Woes...
2939.05MICROW::LANGTue May 05 1992rebuilding dispatch tables on ultrix
2940.01BALZAC::MARKOWSKIWed May 06 1992How to install an AM ?
2941.02HGOVC::LILLIANTANGTue May 05 1992location of T.1.2.4?
2942.02SUBWAY::YANNIOSWed May 06 1992MCC T1.2.7 Thread Crash
2943.01BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEWed May 06 1992Forwarding State on LAN Bridge 1
2944.02STRASB::EBLEWed May 06 1992Unable to get the first node4 event.
2945.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed May 06 1992How to save MIR/ALARMS/EXPORT during upgrade?
2946.03PLUNDR::LOWEGWed May 06 1992Extract rules non standard text file format..
2947.01QUIVER::GALLAGHERWed May 06 1992Sales Contact?
2948.04MQOSWS::S_CHARBONNEAWed May 06 1992Notification being stopped
2950.03MICROW::LANGWed May 06 1992unknown entity class
2951.03MUTTON::LAMBWed May 06 1992Error Polling Bridge with T1.2.7 Bridge autoconfiguration
2953.0FOUR62::LICAUSEThu May 07 1992Internal framework error on disable of event
2954.03FOUR62::LICAUSEThu May 07 1992OCCURS rule not firing for notification event
2955.03FOUR62::LICAUSEThu May 07 1992Multiiple notifications fire for one event?
2956.02SUBWAY::REILLYThu May 07 1992ELM spanning tree problems
2957.02SUBWAY::REILLYThu May 07 1992Ultrix map file names
2958.03ESMAIL::SHETHARThu May 07 1992ELMS autopology problem
2959.04SUBWAY::REILLYThu May 07 1992Deregister problem
2960.05ZPOVC::RAMARAJThu May 07 1992Any testing on ALPHA yet??
2961.03HKGACT::SUSANCHANThu May 07 1992Manage Synoptic & AppleTalk w/ SNMP?
2962.02SEDSWS::MALLOYFri May 08 1992creating an alarm rule in MEMBER view (1.2-7)
2963.04SEDSWS::MALLOYFri May 08 1992Enabling Occurs (events) alarm rules from Batch Job (1.2-7). "It worked under V1.1"
2964.04POBOX::GALVINFri May 08 1992X1.2 > T1.2 upgrade problems...
2965.01BLGEUS::ROSSIGIUFri May 08 1992Rule and retargeting: seems possible
2966.04RADBOX::ANDERSONFri May 08 1992Problme compiling ACC MIB
2967.02RADBOX::ANDERSONFri May 08 1992More MIB problems...
2968.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon May 11 1992How to save targetting?
2969.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon May 11 1992library of icons anywhere?
2970.07ZURMon May 11 1992Statistic, Ethernet contention
2972.05WARNUT::PURNELLRMon May 11 19921.2.7 - Alarms MCC-E-NOREPOSEXIST
2973.02TRCOA::MEHTAMon May 11 1992CISCO / Address Translation Gateway
2974.02VNASWS::HONISCHMon May 11 1992MCC hangs if Bridge not accessible
2975.03SEDSWS::MALLOYMon May 11 1992Using Circuit AM "Case sensitive"
2976.03GIDDAY::CHONGMon May 11 1992Translan alarms exceptions
2977.09SUBWAY::BEAZLEYTue May 12 1992LAN Bridges/Spanning Tree methods Supported
2978.06MLNCSC::MILANATue May 12 1992Trouble with DECnet autotopology. T1.2.7/riscULTRIX
2979.03BEAGLE::GUILBERTTue May 12 1992Notification FM problem
2980.03SUBURB::SMYTHITue May 12 1992Performance/Alarms problem.
2981.02FILTON::BARKER_ETue May 12 1992Adding Private AM details to DNS problem ?
2982.05BREAKR::DANAHYTue May 12 1992WANrouter & DECNIS management?
2983.01RDGENG::PRATTTue May 12 1992Cannot register PhaseV nodes
2984.02RDGENG::PRATTTue May 12 1992PhaseV events logged from router when using iconic map
2986.03KETJE::REMANSWed May 13 1992Connection to Timeview
2987.02STRASB::EBLEWed May 13 1992Unable to use station for DEBNT controllers.
2988.01MEO78B::FINCHWed May 13 1992Setting up DNS V2 on Ultrix for DECmcc on VMS
2989.02KETJE::REMANSWed May 13 1992FDDI bridge statistics
2990.02RDGENG::PRATTWed May 13 1992MCC_ALARMS_MAIL_ALARM.COM not sending mail
2991.02COLWed May 13 1992mcc_dna4_evl.com what exactly does it do?
2992.02STRASB::EBLEWed May 13 1992Collector event string suggestions.
2993.02NSCRUE::KEANEWed May 13 1992Deregistered entities again
2994.03CLARID::PATELThu May 14 1992what is %Internal error: enter_kernel: deadlock
2995.0ODIXIE::HARRISKEThu May 14 1992
2996.02CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDThu May 14 1992Developper's Dictionary
2997.02MARVIN::COBBThu May 14 1992Phase 5 Event Logging problem
2998.04RGNET8::BOUTHIETTEThu May 14 1992Exporting problem(s) T1.2.7
2999.03ODIXIE::PEACOCKRThu May 14 1992Batch Alarms Not Working - 5.5 VMS
3000.02CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri May 15 1992ILV Encoding of SEQUENCE OF RECORD
3001.02ARRODS::GILLJFri May 15 1992unable to assign widget event for console thread
3003.01--UnknownUser--Fri May 15 1992Data collecotr on ULTRIX
3004.04SUBWAY::REILLYFri May 15 1992CHANGE_OF and widlcarding
3005.0MLNCSC::BARILAROFri May 15 1992URGENT: v 1.1 upgrade to v 1.2 , it's possible ??
3006.0DETOO::BOUCHERFri May 15 1992DECamds and DECmcc on the same platform ?
3007.09HANNAH::B_COBBFri May 15 1992Missing Namespace directories for ELM
3008.05TOOK::MATTHEWSFri May 15 1992DEC CMIP data types supported
3009.01SGWS::SIDSun May 17 1992Token ring?
3010.01SGWS::SIDSun May 17 1992DECMCC <--> IBM
3011.02WELTM1::CRIDDLEMon May 18 1992One alarm - many actions??
3012.0ANNECY::ROUXMon May 18 1992Circuit AM Questions
3013.02TAEC::WEBERMon May 18 1992Pb wehn installing DECmcc X1.2.18 toolkit
3014.01TAEC::WEBERMon May 18 1992Question Entity instance knowledge throughout versions
3016.02TAEC::WEBERMon May 18 1992STACK environment variables description somewhere ?
3017.01BIS1::DEBOECK_EMon May 18 1992The installation of MCC_PABX_AM_T V1.2 fails with DECmcc T 1.2.7
3018.07WELLIN::MCCALLUMMon May 18 1992ULTRIX issues
3019.04ANNECY::BONNIERMon May 18 1992SNMP AM T1.2.7 interface no longer working
3020.01NSCRUE::KEANEMon May 18 1992Exporter background job hangs system
3021.09ZURMon May 18 1992BRIDGE STATISTC V1.1
3022.04CLARID::PATELTue May 19 1992TSAM T1.2.7 VMS BUG CHECKS ON ^Y
3023.05HLRGTue May 19 1992Pb. MIR databuffer to smal
3024.03WELTM1::CRIDDLETue May 19 1992Does MCC 1.2.7 always use the DNS master replica?
3025.03HANNAH::B_COBBTue May 19 1992ULTRIX install fails with %MCC-E-EVT_POOL_INSRES
3026.01CLARID::PATELTue May 19 1992rules firing for a domain which do not exist
3027.05ZURTue May 19 1992Internal error in DECnet Phase IV AM
3029.01BARQUE::GILES_ATue May 19 1992Statistics Query..
3030.0SUBWAY::REILLYTue May 19 1992MFX6
3031.02RADBOX::ANDERSONTue May 19 1992Can't find netnode_local.dat
3032.05RADBOX::ANDERSONTue May 19 1992Terminal Server attribute expression not found
3033.0TAVWed May 20 1992HELP on DECgraph .GRL files
3034.04CLARID::PATELWed May 20 1992Unable to load Spider RMON mib
3035.01ISIDRO::MAMORENOWed May 20 1992Toolkit presentation ?
3036.01USTICA::ODOARDIWed May 20 1992DEMSA
3037.04TAVWed May 20 1992Disk space usage of an mcc Rdb database
3038.05ZTOIS1::VISTAWed May 20 1992WILCARDING on ALARM_FM (DECmcc/ULTRIX T1.2.7)
3039.01PRSSUD::CEGALERBAWed May 20 1992C-ISAM compatibility
3040.01ANNECY::BONNIERWed May 20 1992SNMP T1.2.7 and the Exporter FM
3041.01GLDOA::KATZWed May 20 1992Exportable Database?
3042.02GOONS::CHAPMANWed May 20 1992Management Module Development
3043.03STAR::PITCHERWed May 20 1992What's the syntax for BITSET attributes
3045.02AZUR::BONETTOThu May 21 1992Ultrix Data Collector example
3046.02HKGACT::SUSANCHANThu May 21 1992disk space for ULTRIX T1.2.4
3047.0BALZAC::MARKOWSKIThu May 21 1992To build an entity specification
3048.01BALZAC::COULONThu May 21 1992Synchronous FCL PM ?
3049.03SCHOOL::KIMThu May 21 1992Sample FM
3050.01HANNAH::B_COBBThu May 21 1992Phase IV AM - Internal error
3051.02ZTOIS1::VISTAThu May 21 1992CHIPCOM/ASN.1/SNMP_AM T1.2.7/TRAPS messages
3052.01MUNDRA::MUNDRAThu May 21 1992exporter problems on ultrix
3053.02PYRO::VANZUYLENThu May 21 1992VMS V5.5 upgrade on DECmcc T1.2.7
3054.02CUJO::HILLThu May 21 1992Can't LOOK INTO a NODE4 entity via IMPM
3056.08IOSG::WDAVIESFri May 22 1992HOW DOES EMA and MCC apply to LAYERED PRODUCTS?
3057.07ZURFri May 22 1992communication has been interrupted
3058.06ZURFri May 22 1992events to collector from DOS?
3059.01KETJE::REMANSFri May 22 1992Export RDB file : two records, the same timestamp
3060.01SHIPS::GILES_AFri May 22 1992Help needed on HELP
3061.02CLARID::PATELFri May 22 1992TSAM uses circuit even if state -= off and hangs
3063.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJFri May 22 1992Data collector w TCPIP sink??
3064.01STRASB::EBLEFri May 22 1992What about future DECstation
3065.06BRSTR1::PIGEONFri May 22 1992Wrong time. DECMCC is stuck in the past.
3066.01RADBOX::ANDERSONFri May 22 1992ULTRIX System Configuration...
3067.02MXOVFri May 22 1992MSU vs DECmcc EFT T1.2.7 funcionality?
3068.0TOOK::MCPHERSONSun May 24 1992Questions about Circuit AM...
3069.0JGO::PAIJMANSSun May 24 1992ELM error messages
3070.02FRSOLD::ORCHIS::SYSTEMMon May 25 1992Information needed on call interface
3071.0BALZAC::COULONMon May 25 1992Questions on DECmcc
3072.01KETJE::PACCOMon May 25 1992Which MM implements the REFERENCE ENTITY ?
3073.01USTICA::ODOARDIMon May 25 1992@mcc_reports_files:mcc_rpts
3074.04HKGACT::SUSANCHANMon May 25 1992alarm : circuit up/down event
3075.02MARSTue May 26 1992ASN.1 file for our PRODUCTS
3076.0HKGACT::SUSANCHANTue May 26 1992color not change on child entity?!?
3077.0HKGACT::SUSANCHANTue May 26 1992alarm rules sample
3078.0MICROW::LANGTue May 26 1992(mcc_fcl_pm) was killed on an unaligned access
3079.01USTICA::ODOARDITue May 26 1992YAMERB? (Yet Another MCC EXPORTER RDB BUG?)
3080.06KETJE::PACCOTue May 26 1992LAN AUTOTOPOLOGY FAILS -- Error not clear.
3081.02HOO78C::TURHANTue May 26 1992Spider Mib does not compile !
3082.03JULIET::SIMMONS_KETue May 26 1992T1.2.7 IP Autoconfig errors
3083.01HOO78C::TURHANWed May 27 1992Spider private Mib
3084.02WARNUT::GALLACHERMWed May 27 1992NCD mib does not compile
3085.01SHIPS::GILES_AWed May 27 1992DEClert in the UK?
3086.02NSDC::CAILLEWed May 27 1992Dictionary right access, problem
3087.0CSOADM::ROTHWed May 27 1992LANbridge 1
3088.02LASCPM::DANAHYWed May 27 1992node management under pgm control
3089.05SWORD1::KENNEDYWed May 27 1992Problems w/ DECnet autoconfig T1.2.7
3090.01BOSTON::CHUWed May 27 1992where is the latest kit for dec mcc/ultrix
3091.02ISIDRO::MAMORENOThu May 28 1992list of characteristics ?
3092.010GWTEAL::WOESTEMEYERThu May 28 1992Stats and DECbrdige 5
3093.02MICROW::LANGThu May 28 1992quesiont on mcc_tcpip_da_fm
3094.0RGNET8::BOUTHIETTEThu May 28 1992Recurrent VMS exception code(s)
3095.02TROOA::BALDOCKThu May 28 1992Missing Comma in Rule
3096.01CAADC::GALVINThu May 28 1992Terminal Server AM???
3097.01CAADC::GALVINThu May 28 1992SNMP AM Question???
3098.04VFOVAX::OUTMANThu May 28 1992Data presentation?
3099.01PSALM::KIMFri May 29 1992DECmcc Developer's Dictionary
3100.02SEDSWS::MALLOYFri May 29 1992Monitoring DNA5 and DNA4 using the COLLECTOR
3101.03VCSESU::WADEFri May 29 1992Problem with MTU created procedure
3102.01ANOSWS::COMFORTFri May 29 1992TSAM command parse problem
3103.01MEO78B::FINCHFri May 29 1992Hughes, Telematics and CASE X.25 switches
3104.01MEO78B::FINCHSat May 30 1992TSAM , SNMP and DS3
3105.01CUJO::HILLSun May 31 1992IP AutoConfiguration bug
3107.02ROMMon Jun 01 1992DECmcc V.1.2 and current AMs
3108.01RDGENG::GARDENMon Jun 01 1992De/Register problems under MCC and DNS On V1.1 MCC
3109.03WARNUT::PURNELLRMon Jun 01 1992Trouble ticketing system
3110.01ANNECY::BONNIERMon Jun 01 1992concurrent exporter jobs ?
3111.05TOOK::BURGESSMon Jun 01 1992Warning: Installing VMS 5.5-1, VMS 5.5-2 and DECmcc
3112.05SUBWAY::REILLYMon Jun 01 1992ipReachability (PING) failures.
3113.02SUBWAY::REILLYMon Jun 01 1992More than one clear for an alarm
3114.06BONNET::MALAISEMon Jun 01 1992Demo this Airco AM !
3115.05KETJE::PACCOTue Jun 02 1992NOTIFICATION use GETEVENT on fullINSTANCE wildcarded global entity?
3116.09MICROW::LANGTue Jun 02 1992ultrix- semaphores and memory
3117.02SIOG::PARKSTue Jun 02 1992TSAM and Datability t/s
3118.01SIOG::PARKSTue Jun 02 1992RAD bridges and DECmcc
3119.05ZURTue Jun 02 1992alarm bugs T1.2.7
3120.04TOOHOT::RWILSONTue Jun 02 1992DECmcc license Fee??
3121.0HGOVC::KEVINNGTue Jun 02 1992DECMcc AMD expert needed!
3122.01STKAI1::PRESTBYTue Jun 02 1992Collector API in TCP/IP environment ?
3123.01GWTEAL::WOESTEMEYERWed Jun 03 1992Error Percent on DECrouter 2
3124.01HANNAH::B_COBBWed Jun 03 1992Phase IV am and NETNODE_XXXX.dat
3126.0LINDAS::SZABIETWed Jun 03 1992DECmcc ULTRIX utilities available
3127.02BLGWed Jun 03 1992A big Working Set for MCC
3128.0MERIDN::ANGELILLOWed Jun 03 1992Notification structure corrupted
3129.03CAADC::GALVINWed Jun 03 1992pagefile/swapfile requirements???
3130.02MICROW::LANGThu Jun 04 1992Ultrix - failure to enroll AM in R state
3131.013CAADC::GALVINThu Jun 04 1992DNS vs. *local* MIR???
3132.01SUBWAY::REILLYThu Jun 04 1992FCL error message, when enabling alarms
3133.02SUBWAY::REILLYThu Jun 04 1992File table overflow.
3134.01ANNECY::BONNIERFri Jun 05 1992NODE statistics (utilization percent =
3135.05HANNAH::B_COBBFri Jun 05 1992%MCC-E-FULLNAME_ERROR, error in Full Name value
3136.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Jun 05 1992Some minor questions
3137.05MSDOA::LOVEFri Jun 05 1992Bridge protocols - Where docuemented?
3139.01VCSESU::BRANAMFri Jun 05 1992Brief description of all MMs?
3140.0RIPPLE::KOPEC_STFri Jun 05 1992V1.2 customer training offerings?
3141.01BRAT::BUKOWSKIFri Jun 05 1992Graph causing loss of Icon Box?
3142.01RDGENG::PRATTFri Jun 05 1992Notification, PhaseV and multiple namespaces
3143.02MANWRK::PORTEOUSMon Jun 08 1992ULTRIX MLS+ are there any plans to port DECmcc
3144.0MANWRK::PORTEOUSMon Jun 08 1992RACAL "Intelligent Hub" Access module ?
3145.01FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Jun 08 1992Collector and OPCOM?
3146.01BRAT::BUKOWSKIMon Jun 08 1992Iconic Map repainting
3147.01CHOVAX::GAULMon Jun 08 1992Suitability of VAXstation 4
3148.01ANNECY::ROUXMon Jun 08 1992Notification Log question ?
3149.04ANNECY::BONNIERTue Jun 09 1992various EXPORTER error messages
3150.01SUBWAY::REILLYTue Jun 09 1992Alarm rule disabled after exception is encountered.
3151.02BRAT::BUKOWSKITue Jun 09 1992Autotopology STM
3152.05FOUR62::LICAUSETue Jun 09 1992Notification stuck in BEING CREATED, BEING ENABLED state
3153.04KETJE::PACCOTue Jun 09 1992How to update Directory attribute of Domain ?
3154.0COOKIE::KITTELLTue Jun 09 1992access to freed memory in mcc_time_convert?
3155.03KETJE::PACCOTue Jun 09 1992TS_AM hangs.
3156.04MUTTON::LAMBTue Jun 09 1992Local /remote MIR, Ultrix vs. VMS Customer Can't decide
3157.03CAADC::GALVINTue Jun 09 1992HP AM for DECmcc???
3158.08STRAS4::EBLEWed Jun 10 1992Unable to redirect alarm files
3159.07CSOADM::ROTHWed Jun 10 1992Hang during install of TCPIP DA (diag assist) T1.2.7
3160.03KERNEL::FARROW_SMITHWed Jun 10 1992interface for DECmcc for COMPAC system pro
3161.03SUBWAY::REGANWed Jun 10 1992CISCO router mgmt. refences needed.
3162.03ULYSSE::MORALESWed Jun 10 1992not_occurs rule
3163.05FRAIS::64917::SYSTEMWed Jun 10 1992TCP/IP Autoconfig Problem, VMS 5.5, UCX V1.3, MCC T1.2.4
3164.0DELNI::S_LANEWed Jun 10 1992SPD Update and EMA Project List
3165.05BRAT::BUKOWSKIWed Jun 10 1992Maps frozen
3166.02KETJE::PACCOWed Jun 10 1992MCC_DNA4_EVL execution account?
3167.02ANNECY::GONDINETThu Jun 11 1992TRANSLAN AM for V1.2
3168.01ANNECY::BONNIERThu Jun 11 1992possible to create an alarm on unknown domain ?
3169.03CAADC::GALVINThu Jun 11 1992Home Grown AM Integration, HOW TO???
3170.01STKHLM::TORZSOKThu Jun 11 1992Indentation problem, help needed.
3171.01ARRODS::GILLJThu Jun 11 1992Reference site required...
3172.03KYOA::KOCHThu Jun 11 1992What's the least I need to manage an FDDI Bridge 6xx?
3173.09CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Jun 12 1992Constructed Alternate Identifier ?
3174.01FRUST::HAMILTONFri Jun 12 1992Register fails on ULTRIX; INGRES vs. ULTRIX/SQL
3175.03VFOVAX::OUTMANFri Jun 12 1992Reintall questions
3176.02MLNCSC::BARILAROFri Jun 12 1992PA on Decrouter 25
3177.02MQOSWS::F_MONETTEFri Jun 12 1992PDP11 using DECnet and DECmcc
3178.04ASD::MCCROSSANFri Jun 12 1992IP autoconfiguration reports sendto failures and then "hangs" around in LEF
3179.04CUJO::HILLFri Jun 12 1992Can SNMP trap values be passed as a procedure parameter?
3180.02PLDMV1::GAULFri Jun 12 1992LANCE+ competitive help needed
3181.02TOOK::FLETCHERMon Jun 15 1992Launching loosely coupled applications from DECmcc Product Family
3182.0KETJE::PACCOMon Jun 15 1992MCC_DNS_TRANSLATE_IDENT extension ? RFI.
3183.01CSC32::C_NORMANMon Jun 15 1992%JBC-I-ITMREMOVED from alarms
3185.0HGSW67::CHARLESKWANMon Jun 15 1992Cable/node fault isolation possible?
3186.02ANNECY::ROUXTue Jun 16 1992Reduce Actions on toolbox ?
3187.03BACHUS::FOLENSTue Jun 16 1992Problem to add child domains to map with v1.1
3188.03MQOSWS::F_MONETTETue Jun 16 1992Alarm rule in IMPM and FCL
3189.02ANNECY::ROUXTue Jun 16 1992Log features ?
3191.0ANOSWS::COMFORTTue Jun 16 1992RDB 4.
3192.01WNOUTue Jun 16 1992Alarms and wild card SNMP entities
3193.01TOOK::FLETCHERTue Jun 16 1992SPRINT account rep
3194.01EVMS::KILGALLENTue Jun 16 1992Multiple source DECwindow images in a process
3195.02MICROW::LANGWed Jun 17 1992Segmentation fault [build_rmb_list
3197.09BIS1::COLLEYEWed Jun 17 1992Collector event sink issue/question
3198.0COLWed Jun 17 1992Bridge Counter-> Invalid Device Message ?
3199.01VCSESU::WADEWed Jun 17 1992SNMP and the Iconic Map
3200.03SEWS::CLAYTONWed Jun 17 1992V1.2 SSB Status?
3201.04WNOUWed Jun 17 1992List of 3rd Party AMs
3202.01MONTEZ::MONTEZWed Jun 17 1992Remote sink example ?
3203.03TOOK::FONSECAWed Jun 17 1992TSAM field test questionare
3204.01LUXWed Jun 17 1992DECMCC at SITA
3206.02PADIS::PERIEThu Jun 18 1992DECmcc V1.2 and INGRES V6.4
3207.01PADIS::PERIEThu Jun 18 1992DECmcc and Client Server (X11) at 64kb/s
3208.01PADIS::PERIEThu Jun 18 1992SRM V1.2 ?
3209.01PADIS::PERIEThu Jun 18 1992mcc_ilv_dump routine/redirection on display
3210.04VFOVAX::OUTMANThu Jun 18 1992Dictionary Update questions
3211.01PRSSUD::CARRAYROUThu Jun 18 1992SNMP source code generator
3212.0BALZAC::MARKOWSKIFri Jun 19 1992Remark and question
3213.01BIS1::COLLEYEFri Jun 19 1992QUETSION: Domain Owner id
3214.02ZEKE::PARADISEFri Jun 19 1992MCC problems in the corporate namespace.
3215.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJFri Jun 19 1992Cir. graph report BUG!!! Rename bombs!!!
3216.0TAEC::PRAUDFri Jun 19 1992DECmcc jacket routines around DECthread routines
3217.04CAADC::GALVINFri Jun 19 1992Event Logging Sink Problems...
3219.0MTITAN::FREWINFri Jun 19 1992MCC Output Is Inconsistent
3220.04CSC32::M_EVANSFri Jun 19 1992notification corrupted?
3221.03CSOADM::ROTHSat Jun 20 1992Process hang - stats in table, multiple SNMP interfaces
3222.01MEO78B::FINCHSun Jun 21 1992Targeting not working
3223.01SEDSWS::MALLOYSun Jun 21 1992filtering alarms to other domains
3224.01BALZAC::COULONMon Jun 22 1992ACCVIO while exiting from IMPM
3225.01BIS1::COLLEYEMon Jun 22 1992QUESTION: Notify Request syntax
3226.011SAC::BRYAN_FMon Jun 22 1992Child Entity Icons ?
3227.05BIS1::COLLEYEMon Jun 22 1992DECmcc Reference entity registration
3228.010VCSESU::WADEMon Jun 22 1992MCC-E-IO_ERROR with bridge communication
3229.03DGOSWMon Jun 22 1992Pathworks and DECmcc
3230.04ANDRIS::putninsMon Jun 22 1992V1.2 SSB performance?
3231.06HLFSTue Jun 23 1992NCL management DECnet/VAX extensions
3232.05ISIDRO::MAMORENOTue Jun 23 1992RMON MIB plans?
3233.010ANNECY::ROUXTue Jun 23 1992New partition ?
3234.01ZURTue Jun 23 1992%LIB-F-SECINTFAI
3235.0TAEC::LAVILLATTue Jun 23 1992Problem: Bookreader SRM & MOTIF V 1.1.3
3236.0QUIVER::HAROKOPUSTue Jun 23 1992U: ** Important message for FDDI AM users **
3237.0ZURTue Jun 23 1992%SYSTEM-F-MBTOOSML
3238.02BKEEPR::BREITNERTue Jun 23 1992VXT X-terminal configuration
3239.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Jun 24 1992Ethernet AM and DOS(TCP/IP) problem!!!
3240.06KETJE::PACCOWed Jun 24 1992Graceful use of DNS in DECmcc ?
3241.0BALZAC::COULONWed Jun 24 1992Reserved operand fault
3242.04ZURWed Jun 24 1992Strange behaviour with UCX Bind resolver enabled
3243.0545353::WILLIAMSGWed Jun 24 1992%MCC-E-DSPMMLOCFILER
3244.04CUJO::HILLWed Jun 24 1992BRIDGE AM unknown error code 58
3245.02CUJO::HILLWed Jun 24 1992CMIP vs SMP
3246.08CUJO::HILLWed Jun 24 1992Snapshots of partitions - Supported??
3247.03CUJO::HILLWed Jun 24 1992DECmcc and X.5
3249.0PRSSUD::CARRAYROUThu Jun 25 1992Color MAP
3251.0TOOK::MATTHEWSThu Jun 25 1992DECmcc/NT's IWS interoperability demo report
3252.03SLINK::CHILDSThu Jun 25 1992Will re-installing the Alarms FM harm anything?
3253.03BALZAC::COULONFri Jun 26 1992ACCVIO in IMPM notifications
3254.01BALZAC::COULONFri Jun 26 1992Mixed background maps
3255.01CSC32::D_GARZANITIFri Jun 26 1992Problem with ETHERnim v2.3 and RCF ???
3256.016AEOEN2::BOMMARTFri Jun 26 1992SNMP AM get table of variables...
3257.01TOOK::MCPHERSONFri Jun 26 1992?X25router2
3258.01MARSSat Jun 27 1992TYMPLEX brouter and DAVID SYSTEM HUBS ?
3259.0BYBLOS::TAMERSun Jun 28 1992FCL parser seems to ALWAYS reject an attribute with 'Current'' keyword in name
3261.04BIS1::COLLEYESun Jun 28 1992QUESTION: Domain type trough FCL
3262.0STKHLM::TORZSOKSun Jun 28 1992Announcing VAX DetMCC/VMS Field Test T1.3-13
3263.0ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Jun 29 1992Backdrop - what vector formats???
3264.0COLMon Jun 29 1992Clear status by alarms, how should it work?
3265.03SKIBUM::GASSMANMon Jun 29 1992External training for DECmcc
3266.02AZUR::RECHTMon Jun 29 1992Copying a Ultrix MIR?
3267.01CAADC::GALVINMon Jun 29 1992Windows ala motif???
3268.01MXOVMon Jun 29 1992DECmcc V1.2 and DECstation 21
3269.03TAVTue Jun 30 1992Adding new entities to DECMCC.
3270.08SIOG::TINNELLYTue Jun 30 1992FDDI Management Query
3271.06CCEITue Jun 30 1992HUB UNGERMANN-BASS MIB translation
3272.05ODIXIE::PEACOCKRTue Jun 30 1992VBAM Counters vs. Console Counters
3273.02ARRODS::HAWESJTue Jun 30 1992%DAP-E-ILLEGAL_CMDFILE during DECmcc ELMs installation
3274.03MICROW::LANGTue Jun 30 1992Detached process failure: Bad file number
3275.07ODIXIE::HARRISKETue Jun 30 1992Novell IPX Support
3276.05VCSESU::WADETue Jun 30 1992Problem creating spanning tree map
3277.01GIDDAY::ROWETue Jun 30 1992synoptics presentation module .. did it eventuate?
3278.02ZTOIS1::VISTAWed Jul 01 1992which SNMP agents for RMON and ETHERNET MIBs ?
3279.01ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESWed Jul 01 1992map_alt_id - What is is it?, Options?
3280.06WELTM1::CRIDDLEWed Jul 01 1992Why PRMMBX for TSAM
3281.03MICROW::LANGWed Jul 01 1992Internal MCC_LMF failure
3283.01BALZAC::COULONWed Jul 01 1992REGISTER and child entities with no identifier
3284.04COLWed Jul 01 1992Exception: Insufficient Resources at Target Entity
3285.03MICROW::LANGWed Jul 01 1992ULTRIX - /tmp/mcc_enroll.tmp: Permission denied
3286.03ANOSWS::COMFORTWed Jul 01 1992global entities deregistered - NOT!
3287.08MICROW::LANGWed Jul 01 1992ULTRIX - Illegal instruction [ntohl.ntoh
3289.03MORO::MAUTZ_RIWed Jul 01 1992Alarm & Execute a Remote Command Procedure
3290.02CSOADM::ROTHWed Jul 01 1992Statistic Alarm/Detail window info not changing
3291.01ANNECY::ROUXWed Jul 01 1992Deregister/Delete and Iconicmap
3292.0TAEC::GARDINThu Jul 02 1992ASN.1/MCC Data Types Mapping for the OSI AM
3293.05FOUR62::LICAUSEThu Jul 02 1992Unknown DNS error, when starting HISTORIAN background process
3294.02GIDDAY::MURPHYThu Jul 02 1992mcc_graph to decwrite encapsulated postscript
3295.02NSCRUE::KEANEThu Jul 02 1992problems with trap sink & ucx snmp queries
3296.0MUTTON::LAMBThu Jul 02 1992Notification requires node address
3297.01MUTTON::LAMBThu Jul 02 1992Problem creating lots of notifications
3298.07MUTTON::LAMBThu Jul 02 1992DECmcc Ultrix V1.2 Instal problems
3299.03MXOVThu Jul 02 1992problem with DECnet IV autoconfiguration results...
3300.01ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESThu Jul 02 1992What are these F... files? ;-)
3301.06ZPOVC::ANDREWWAITESThu Jul 02 1992TSAM - init sess limit
3302.08FRAMBO::MUELLERFri Jul 03 1992caller not positioned within ASN.1 constr.
3303.05FRAIS::64917::SYSTEMFri Jul 03 1992Help on Proxy Agents needed
3304.02SMAC1Fri Jul 03 1992Presentation Module development docs ?
3305.01WOTVAX::HUMPHRIESNFri Jul 03 1992INSTALL t1.2.7 "repository does not exist"
3306.06COLFri Jul 03 1992access module rumors or reality?
3307.0CLARID::PATELMon Jul 06 1992Examples of LAN and Enterprise mgmnt studies please
3308.01ANNECY::ROUXMon Jul 06 1992Partial wilcarding class ?
3309.0CLARID::PATELMon Jul 06 1992Status for SNMP Security implementation please
3310.01TAEC::HAYESMon Jul 06 1992SNMP for MULTINET LANNET HUB Questions
3311.03WELTM1::CRIDDLEMon Jul 06 1992Translan 1
3312.08COLMon Jul 06 1992bridges count backwards!!??
3313.03SUBURB::SMYTHIMon Jul 06 1992MCC_DNA4_EVL and it's log files
3314.010CSOADM::ROTHMon Jul 06 1992%MCC_F_DBFATAL after platform move
3315.05NSDC::CAILLEMon Jul 06 1992Development Toolkit x1_2_22 installation problem
3316.02KETJE::PACCOMon Jul 06 1992Toolkit flags for EVENT TRACING ?
3317.03ARRODS::GILLJTue Jul 07 1992Polling Overhead for DECnet and SNMP?
3318.04TAVIS::ORNATue Jul 07 1992DECmcc System Reference Manual - WHERE?
3319.02FOUR62::LICAUSETue Jul 07 1992Which AM's are safe?
3320.05HOO78C::TURHANTue Jul 07 1992Where is the V1.2 toolkit?
3321.02FOUR62::LICAUSETue Jul 07 1992LIbrary of Scanned Maps
3322.0CTHQ1::WOODCOCKTue Jul 07 1992v1.2 alarm exceptions
3323.01BRAT::BUKOWSKITue Jul 07 1992SSB 1.2 and AM's
3324.01LITRCY::TAMERTue Jul 07 1992V12 SSB on VMS. Some help files have unknown topics
3325.06FOUR62::LICAUSETue Jul 07 1992No Notification for NODE4 * in V1.2!
3326.011ANOSWS::COMFORTWed Jul 08 1992New CHIPCOM MIB, won;t compile
3328.07FILTON::EVANS_MWed Jul 08 1992SNMP trap problem
3329.02SUBURB::SMYTHIWed Jul 08 1992accvio with V1.2
3330.04COOKIE::GIONFRIDDOWed Jul 08 1992Asynchronous Commands
3332.08ANNECY::GONDINETThu Jul 09 1992V1.2: IVP FAILED
3333.04ANOSWS::COMFORTThu Jul 09 1992SNMP AM questions
3334.07ANOSWS::COMFORTThu Jul 09 1992MCC and AM licensing question
3336.04CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Jul 10 1992Optional fields in Records
3337.03CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDFri Jul 10 1992CharAbsTime datatype
3338.04SIOG::TINNELLYFri Jul 10 1992Management of OS2 SERVERS?
3339.02NSDC::CAILLEFri Jul 10 1992My DNS translation doesn't work anymore.
3340.01MAIL::CLAYTONFri Jul 10 1992Status of EMS V2.2?
3341.02HOO78C::TURHANSun Jul 12 1992How about SMP ?
3342.01PANIC::HOARESun Jul 12 1992Idiots guide to DECgraph?
3343.03DPDMAI::DAVIESSun Jul 12 1992V1.2 DA Fault List
3344.02TAEC::FRESNEDAMon Jul 13 1992Segmentation fault/enroll/Ultrix V1.2 SSB
3345.02ODIXIE::PEACOCKRMon Jul 13 1992SNMP Register - No response from entity
3346.01RUMOR::SHARPMon Jul 13 1992DECmcc & OSF threads compattibility?
3347.015HANNAH::B_COBBMon Jul 13 1992Alarm rules do not change ICON color
3348.02MSBCS::DOLANMon Jul 13 1992Negative numbers in MS file
3350.01PJWL::LAMBMon Jul 13 1992V1.2 from 1.2.7 do I have to delete local mir?
3351.07COLSER::LUNTMon Jul 13 1992problem with show node4 characteristics
3352.01RDGENG::GARDENTue Jul 14 1992Registration problem SSB Kit\
3353.01HANNAH::B_COBBTue Jul 14 1992Cannot register router with NODE4 am
3354.0GOONS::CHAPMANTue Jul 14 1992Microsoft
3355.02DPDMAI::OVERTURFTue Jul 14 1992Modems and MCC
3356.07COLTue Jul 14 1992set [initial] line speed???
3357.04LASCPM::PALASETue Jul 14 1992Is there a scaled down version DECmcc
3358.05MUTTON::LAMBTue Jul 14 1992V1.2 Ultrix & Targetting on Iconic Map - BUG
3359.010OSLACT::BJORNWed Jul 15 1992How do I receive notification on a DECnet/OSI node ?
3360.01SUBURB::SMYTHIWed Jul 15 1992DNA4_EVL Message number
3361.05WOTVAX::PURNELLRWed Jul 15 1992DECmcc - customer benchmark
3362.03SCCA::DAVEWed Jul 15 1992Management Module/Tool/Application Clearinghouse
3363.02ANOSWS::COMFORTWed Jul 15 1992OCCURs, Notification not firing, OPCOM is fine
3364.03NYANIS::ENGWed Jul 15 1992TCPIP SNMP AM instal problem
3365.02ODIXIE::PEACOCKRWed Jul 15 1992Performance Analyzer and Vitalink?
3366.04SWORD1::ESWed Jul 15 1992mcc_aes_copy problem
3367.0GIDDAY::SMALLWed Jul 15 1992How to detect source node of DLL service request
3368.03ZTOIS1::VISTAThu Jul 16 1992SYNOPTICS & HIRSCHMANN Access Modules ?
3369.07OSLAGE::AGE_PThu Jul 16 1992Unable to create Ethernet Entry for 8
3370.03SWORD1::ESThu Jul 16 1992Longer then 32 bits integer and counters?
3371.0TOOK::MATTHEWSThu Jul 16 1992Common Agent Engineering Organization update
3372.03NEURON::BERBRICKThu Jul 16 1992Need the MCC ELM SSB kit and documentation
3373.0MICROW::LANGThu Jul 16 1992Ultrix - ENUM in MSL can't be more than 1 byte
3374.0MAIL::CLAYTONThu Jul 16 1992Problem with TSAM in V1.2.7 EFT
3375.02MAADSP::SYSTEMThu Jul 16 1992DECmcc Ultrix kit location DECmcc Ultrix kit location
3376.03TAEC::LAVILLATThu Jul 16 1992Q: Why mcc_event_put never returns EVENT LOST sta
3377.04TAEC::HAYESFri Jul 17 1992SNMP AM V1.2 SPD /List of certified MIBs
3378.01MARVA1::MILESFri Jul 17 1992DSSR Distribution
3379.03MXOVFri Jul 17 1992TSAM an ELMS FT status
3380.02SCCA::DAVEFri Jul 17 1992MCC tools (reference) conference
3381.04KAOFS::BOIVINFri Jul 17 1992Data Collector and Iconic Map notification
3382.02GWTEAL::WOESTEMEYERFri Jul 17 1992MORE Accvios with SNMP/IMPM
3383.01HANNAH::B_COBBFri Jul 17 1992Notification events hidden
3384.02GRANPA::AMEISHEIDFri Jul 17 1992OpenView/DECmcc integration
3385.032HANNAH::B_COBBMon Jul 20 1992Rule firing, but not correctly
3386.01VCSESU::WADEMon Jul 20 1992Moving MCC_COMMON?
3387.0BALZAC::MARKOWSKIMon Jul 20 1992Need some light on the Notification FM behaviour
3388.03FATBOY::BENSONMon Jul 20 1992DECmcc (Marketing?)
3389.03EPAVAX::CARLOTTIMon Jul 20 1992license check failed!
3390.02MAIL::FOXMon Jul 20 1992vendor application modules
3391.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Jul 20 19929
3392.01TPSP11::SYSTEMMon Jul 20 1992typo in ELN kit location
3393.04GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon Jul 20 1992ultrix export/historian won't work for me
3394.01VIVIAN::J_GILBERTTue Jul 21 1992Ent Mgmnt V2.2
3395.01PANIC::HOARETue Jul 21 1992V1.2 Exporting problem
3396.01GRANPA::AMEISHEIDTue Jul 21 1992Security Management/Proxy question
3397.02ARRODS::COOMBESATue Jul 21 1992Our MIB's on SUN-Netmanager
3398.08ANTIK::WESTERBERGTue Jul 21 1992Alarm rule terminates with: %MCC, Invalid handle parameter
3399.01MICROW::LANGTue Jul 21 1992 mcc_dispcomp question
3401.01COLNSB::ANDRADEWed Jul 22 1992IP autotopology - HOST ping only
3402.06PANIC::HOAREWed Jul 22 1992V1.2 Historian/Exporter queries
3403.05SIOG::TINNELLYWed Jul 22 1992DECmcc v1.2 Registration problem
3404.01BELMNT::BEAZLEYWed Jul 22 1992Location of the TCP/IP Diagnostics AM
3405.03VAXRIO::BRUNOWed Jul 22 1992DECmcc and NETMASTER Integration
3406.09EPAVAX::CARLOTTIWed Jul 22 1992Unable to assign widget events for console thread
3407.03MAIL::CLAYTONWed Jul 22 1992BMS V1.2 SBS Failed During IVP
3408.05KAOFS::BOIVINWed Jul 22 1992Can't show/delete "phantom" alarms rule...
3409.08LYOISA::HAMELWed Jul 22 1992DECMCC/Ultrix and MCC_DNA4_EVL
3410.06DYOSW5::ALLENWed Jul 22 1992DECmcc SBS v1.2 EXITS on SNMP Registration
3411.04VINO::RAMANWed Jul 22 1992DAP V1.2.
3412.03CSC32::D_MAHDERWed Jul 22 1992problems installing mccems
3414.02BALZAC::PETITWed Jul 22 1992Accvio with Autoconfiguration
3415.0ANTIK::WESTERBERGThu Jul 23 1992Control-C hangs the TS AM
3416.02STAR::PITCHERThu Jul 23 1992DAP Parse Table Builder doesn't like me!
3417.0ZTOIS1::VISTAThu Jul 23 1992ULTRIX system private MIB ??
3418.02HAZARD::BAKERThu Jul 23 1992ELM V1.2 installation failure
3419.02OSLACT::BJORNThu Jul 23 1992Address not returned from DECnet/OSI entity
3421.04FOUR62::LICAUSEThu Jul 23 1992Notifications for PC's?
3422.01COLThu Jul 23 1992HOW reference data is accessed / recorded ?
3423.05SIOG::TINNELLYFri Jul 24 1992Disappearing MCC..
3424.03FOUR62::LICAUSEFri Jul 24 1992Can multiple AM/FM's be installed at the same time?
3425.01ONE9Fri Jul 24 1992Managing an entity in an Ultrix process
3426.0FOUR62::LICAUSEFri Jul 24 1992SMP or Secure SNMP Support?
3427.0MXOVFri Jul 24 1992background maps...
3428.01ODIXIE::PEACOCKRFri Jul 24 1992Vitalink Alarms Time Out
3429.0MAIL::CLAYTONFri Jul 24 1992Wierd Alarms Events with Proteon p41
3430.02CAADC::GALVINSun Jul 26 1992What time is it where you are?
3431.01MLNSun Jul 26 1992token view plus + TCP/IP access module
3432.02CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Jul 27 1992using existing DB's on a new installation?
3433.03BACHUS::FOLENSMon Jul 27 1992How to move existing MCC-environment to new platform
3434.03SNOCMon Jul 27 1992DECdecision/EXCEL/Lotus for reports
3435.03BRAT::BUKOWSKIMon Jul 27 1992TSAM V1.
3436.08CLARID::HOFSTEEMon Jul 27 1992wildcards and alarmrules
3437.02MFRNW1::SCHUSTERMon Jul 27 1992Internal error in DECnet Phase IV AM ( Alarm Exception)
3438.01CTHQ3::WOODCOCKMon Jul 27 1992Success Stories for V1.2
3439.01FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Jul 27 1992Internal MIB Walker
3440.05FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Jul 27 1992No Mandatory fields for STATION registration in IMPM
3441.04STAR::PITCHERMon Jul 27 1992Enumeration in MS file doesn't work
3442.04BRAT::BUKOWSKIMon Jul 27 1992PROCSECTCNT parameter minimum incorrect
3443.01ANOSWS::COMFORTMon Jul 27 1992ELM AM,FM,SSB and PAKs question
3444.01BIS1::COLLEYETue Jul 28 1992QUESTION: MCC event sink (MCC_EVC_DNA.C) - sleep (wait_sec)
3445.01KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Jul 28 1992DNS lookup Confidence
3446.03BALZAC::MARKOWSKITue Jul 28 1992Registration FM and DIRECTORY directive
3447.03HANNAH::B_COBBTue Jul 28 1992SSB 1.2 breaks notification
3448.01HOO78C::TURHANTue Jul 28 1992rfc 121 support
3449.01HANNAH::B_COBBTue Jul 28 1992Hubwatch module?
3450.01GRANPA::DJAMESTue Jul 28 1992Translan AM & BMS 1.2
3451.03YANKS::COSTATue Jul 28 1992Problem creating an occurs rule
3452.02MXOVTue Jul 28 1992alarm problem in DECmcc for ULTRIX SSB
3453.09LOOKIN::MISTRYTue Jul 28 1992Decwindows display corrupt
3454.01OUTBCK::CHONGTue Jul 28 1992CHIPCOM EMM V3 show only 3 interfaces
3455.011ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Jul 29 1992can't register fddi bridge or concentrator ?
3456.016FRAIS::64917::SYSTEMWed Jul 29 1992Division by Zero in DNA4 Autotopology
3457.03FRAIS::64917::SYSTEMWed Jul 29 1992Error while installing ELM V1.2 SSB
3458.013EPHMAN::WELLINGTONWed Jul 29 1992DECmcc developer seminars
3459.01MFRNW1::RITAWed Jul 29 1992'invalid font name entered' on ULTRIX V1.2
3460.01KETJE::PACCOWed Jul 29 1992NOTIFICATIONs failed to work.
3461.03KETJE::PACCOWed Jul 29 1992MCC_DNA4_EVL not running.
3462.0SOLVIT::SILVAWed Jul 29 1992AM development requirements / event collector ovreviews?
3463.04BACHUS::FOLENSThu Jul 30 1992Internal logic error 3
3464.04PRSSUD::CARRAYROUThu Jul 30 1992install SSB from T127
3465.02TAVThu Jul 30 1992DECMCC BUGCHECK - URGENT !!!!
3466.02MSBCS::HSUThu Jul 30 1992Bug or feature or else?
3467.01AEOEN2::BOMMARTThu Jul 30 1992TCP-IP traps/events...
3468.02LARVAE::POETTThu Jul 30 1992SSB ACCVIO entering domain
3469.0PADIS::DROUXThu Jul 30 1992Compliance to 1
3470.03TAEC::HAYESThu Jul 30 1992DECmcc V1.2 DYNAMIC re-installation ??
3471.02AEOEN1::BOURDILLONThu Jul 30 1992Problem with explicit REGISTER directive
3472.01MSBCS::HSUThu Jul 30 1992Trapping DECNet Events from MCC?
3473.02KETJE::PACCOThu Jul 30 1992How fast is the DECnet phase V AM ?
3474.02CX3PT1::SHOTO::W_MCGAWThu Jul 30 1992Problems entering alarms from iconic map
3475.03GIDDAY::MURPHYThu Jul 30 1992TEST chipcom hub timesout.ucx loop ok
3476.06HLFSThu Jul 30 1992LINK DOWN event fires LINK UP rule
3477.01HLFSThu Jul 30 1992List of supported phaseV events
3478.04HLFSFri Jul 31 1992WANrouter and DECnis management
3479.03CLARID::DECMCCFri Jul 31 1992STM Listener
3480.01ANNECY::BONNIERFri Jul 31 1992why is it so long to get MCC> ?
3481.0KETJE::PACCOFri Jul 31 19922 MINUTES to expand a DECnet/OSI ENTITY in the ICONIC MAP.
3482.03BRAT::BUKOWSKIFri Jul 31 1992symbols <> partialstrings
3483.03DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Jul 31 1992Trouble Ticket: UIS-HELPLINE
3484.07TAEC::MCDONALDFri Jul 31 1992MCC_S_INIT_FAIL on create
3485.01CGOOA::BARNABEFri Jul 31 1992elm/mcc1.2/motif goes poof!
3486.0TOOK::FIGWERFri Jul 31 1992Alternate identifiers on UX - Modify mcc_resource.dat if necessary
3487.05TAVIS::ORNAFri Jul 31 1992AM questions.
3488.01SCCA::MCC_DEMOMon Aug 03 1992Data collector use causes %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO
3489.02CSOADM::ROTHMon Aug 03 1992Automatic rules enable in DECwindows
3490.011CAADC::GALVINMon Aug 03 1992Installation War Stories (V1.2)
3491.03VCSESU::WADEMon Aug 03 1992FDDI registration problem
3492.05MXOVMon Aug 03 1992some problems with DECmcc for ULTRIX V1.2 SSB
3493.01PCONE1::hamptonMon Aug 03 1992Ultrix BMS functionality questions
3494.07CUJO::HILLMon Aug 03 1992BRIDGE AM does not handle unreturned status value for LTM
3495.04NMGWAN::SYSTEMTue Aug 04 1992Problem creating RDB file
3496.01ATHINA::CHRONOPOULOSTue Aug 04 1992MCC V1.2 kit location
3497.010TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGTue Aug 04 1992Privilege Problems with Collector
3498.03MSAMTue Aug 04 1992DECmcc configuration question
3499.04SALISH::SAFRAN_ROTue Aug 04 1992%mcc-e-qwriterr from export
3500.05LARVAE::POETTTue Aug 04 1992Problems deleting circuits
3501.03CGOOA::BARNABETue Aug 04 1992Vitalink AM update anyone?
3502.03UTRTSC::BEEKMANWed Aug 05 1992ELM V1.
3503.03SUBURB::SMYTHIWed Aug 05 1992TSAM child entities and IMPM
3504.03ANNECY::GONDINETWed Aug 05 1992Problems with MCC_DNS_SETUP
3505.01SUBURB::SMYTHIWed Aug 05 1992Alarm clearing and alarm fired procedure
3506.02CGOOA::KUHNENWed Aug 05 1992graphing synoptics mib
3507.04SEDSWS::MALLOYWed Aug 05 1992SSB v1.2 Notification gone to sleep "PhaseV only"
3508.02SEDSWS::MALLOYWed Aug 05 1992Hundreds of MCC_ALARMS_XXXX.date files
3509.03PADIS::PERIEThu Aug 06 1992FCS/DECmcc V1.2
3510.04TAVIS::ORNAThu Aug 06 1992Books for writing an AM.
3511.02BIS1::COLLEYEThu Aug 06 1992QUESTION: DECmcc-BMS V1.2 & VAXC RTL patch
3512.0WELSWS::63769::BURNLEYThu Aug 06 1992mcc V1.1 process looping using iconic map
3513.05TAEC::BOURGADEThu Aug 06 1992Translator / Converter from scanned images ( X11 ) to vector format maps
3514.02CSOADM::ROTHThu Aug 06 1992Event sink not communicating
3515.02MLNCSC::BARILAROThu Aug 06 1992Rule fired with the wrong color...
3516.0SEDSWS::MALLOYThu Aug 06 1992detecting new ethernet nodes
3517.03SEDSWS::MALLOYThu Aug 06 1992Error attempting to create notify
3518.01SEDSWS::MALLOYThu Aug 06 1992Using circuit Am links
3519.0PADIS::PERIEFri Aug 07 1992pb for printing mcc files
3520.05USTICA::ODOARDIFri Aug 07 1992Alarms / Notification 1.2
3521.02SKIGOD::PFROMERSat Aug 08 1992wildcarding and MSL
3522.0GRANPA::DJAMESSat Aug 08 1992MSU enet Performance monitor on MCC
3523.07MSAMMon Aug 10 1992Is DNS required with DECmcc EMS ?
3524.01CCIIS1::TAYARMon Aug 10 1992Creating exporter database ULTRIX
3525.04GWTEAL::WOESTEMEYERMon Aug 10 1992TSM V1.6 vs. DECmcc-SMS 2.1
3526.02CADSYS::LEMONSMon Aug 10 1992TSAM SSB documentation?
3528.023FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Aug 10 1992How to setup Event Logging from a Phase V entity?
3529.01ODIXIE::PEACOCKRMon Aug 10 1992Vitalink AM? SNMP? Circuits?
3530.020MOLAR::BLACKMon Aug 10 1992V1.3 Script AM is available for Pre-Internal F/T
3531.014CADSYS::LEMONSMon Aug 10 1992Problems with DECmcc Bookreader-format manuals
3532.04RTP4ME::FLACKMon Aug 10 1992node4 registration failure (V1.2)
3533.05CGOOA::BARNABEMon Aug 10 1992Does VMSMCC 1.2 need ucx 2.
3534.02KETJE::BEYENSTue Aug 11 1992graphs:low values=red, high values=blue
3535.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJTue Aug 11 1992Impact of ULTRIX/SQL (INGRES) retirement?
3536.01MANWRK::BLOWERTue Aug 11 1992Unix_system AM available
3537.03FACTTue Aug 11 1992ATT PBX Mgmt Module?
3538.01COOKIE::HOLSINGERTue Aug 11 1992Duplicate reply on Wildcard Show
3539.01CADSYS::LEMONSTue Aug 11 1992SHOW non-verbose mode
3540.01CLARID::HOFSTEETue Aug 11 1992What are the MIR files?
3541.03ANNECY::HAGENMULLERWed Aug 12 1992procedure to close an event
3542.0HERON::PATEL_AWed Aug 12 1992Location for book reader pak please
3543.02BAHTAT::TAYLORWed Aug 12 1992Correct Nofification behaviour?
3544.017MICROW::SEVIGNYWed Aug 12 1992Intermittent MCC errors - Explanation needed.
3545.08ANOSWS::COMFORTWed Aug 12 1992TSAM hangs, plus a question
3546.02CSC32::ORTIZWed Aug 12 1992MCC 1.2, Accessing STATISTICS causes STACK DUMP
3547.07ANOSWS::COMFORTWed Aug 12 1992ELM AM/FM needs ELMS?
3548.05CONTRA::PMCVAYWed Aug 12 1992Problem populating local server
3549.02SLOVAX::BREINHOLTWed Aug 12 1992No VMS Chipcom Hub module??
3550.010KAOFS::BOIVINWed Aug 12 1992Can't set Logging Monitor Name to MCC_DNA4_EVL
3552.03ANNECY::HAGENMULLERThu Aug 13 1992resource.dat and <DF> parameter
3553.01MANWRK::BLOWERThu Aug 13 1992Error in MCC_SEND_EVENT for ULTRIX data collector
3554.02BLGThu Aug 13 1992How to enable all rules in all domain automatically ?
3555.01ANTIK::WESTERBERGThu Aug 13 1992Problem query a WANrouter 5
3556.06SEDSWS::MALLOYThu Aug 13 1992DNA5 logger failing with bytlim error
3557.03BLGThu Aug 13 1992file version number in rule alarm fired procedure
3558.05STKMCC::LUNDThu Aug 13 1992Another notification problem ?
3559.02BLGThu Aug 13 1992Notify twice or more times and insert double lines
3560.02CTHQ::WOODCOCKThu Aug 13 1992simple names
3561.02MLNCSC::BARILAROThu Aug 13 1992X25 polling overhead, info for new project...
3562.06CADSYS::LEMONSThu Aug 13 1992DECmcc LAN Autotopology Applications
3563.013CADSYS::LEMONSThu Aug 13 1992'Entity not valid' when trying to invoke Autotopology-created domain
3564.03CGOOA::BARNABEThu Aug 13 1992Installing AMs resource intensive!!
3565.0GIDDAY::BROOKSFri Aug 14 1992EXPORTING and REPORTING on DECnet/OSI routers
3566.01ZPOVC::LCLEEFri Aug 14 1992DECmcc EMS V2.2 New Packaging Issues
3567.03TOOK::FLETCHERFri Aug 14 1992DECmcc /ULTRIX launching HubWatch in Singapore
3568.0ULYSSE::JULLIENFri Aug 14 1992Official TeMIP Note
3569.07CADSYS::LEMONSFri Aug 14 1992Fix partially registered entity via FCL
3570.0FOUR62::LICAUSEFri Aug 14 1992Default Notification Events Supplied
3571.01PCONE1::hamptonSun Aug 16 1992LTM and Ethernim results required on ULTRIX
3573.04HKGACT::SUSANCHANMon Aug 17 1992DECmcc EMA spd?
3574.0ANNECY::HAGENMULLERMon Aug 17 1992how to manage two-state alarms
3575.02ZUREDU::MISERRAMon Aug 17 1992mcc 1.2 and Phase V
3576.011NSDC::CAILLEMon Aug 17 1992check entity instance existence using DECmcc API
3577.0ODIXIE::PEACOCKRMon Aug 17 1992DECmcc - ETHERnim Station tests
3578.02LARVAE::AITKINS_TMon Aug 17 1992Translan software verion for SNMP
3579.02LASCPM::PALASEMon Aug 17 1992API for SNMP commands
3580.0GIDDAY::MURPHYMon Aug 17 1992Muxserver 1
3581.02CGOOA::BARNABEMon Aug 17 1992Make parse rebuild optional?
3583.01TAEC::WEBERTue Aug 18 1992Can I use DECmcc without DECnet installed ?
3584.04ENDTMS::CZARNECKITue Aug 18 1992Floating Arithmetic divide by zero errors
3585.01CADSYS::LEMONSTue Aug 18 1992Combining autotopology and autoconfiguration maps
3586.012CADSYS::LEMONSTue Aug 18 1992Discovering last port heard in forwarding database
3587.08HOTWTR::SAFRAN_ROTue Aug 18 1992TCPIP Graph errors from reports
3588.02HKGACT::KENNETHTOWed Aug 19 1992PABX AM For NT ?
3589.02HERON::PATEL_AWed Aug 19 1992lots of Work In Progress diag booxs
3590.04TAEC::HAYESWed Aug 19 1992mcc_dns_create_instance under MCC hierarchy???
3591.015CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDWed Aug 19 1992ILV decoding causes memory exception
3592.07TAEC::HAYESWed Aug 19 1992MSL/DAP pb MCCV1.2 ULTRIX large records
3593.0ZTOIS1::VISTAWed Aug 19 1992CABLETRON and SNMP private MIB
3594.09DSVBWed Aug 19 1992Autotopology with DNS, Domain creation pb
3595.01WARNUT::MCO3Wed Aug 19 1992Codex and/or Timeplex access modules?
3596.05PLUNDR::LOWEGWed Aug 19 1992V1.2 in a confused state ??
3597.05PLUNDR::LOWEGWed Aug 19 1992DNS v local namespace... which to chose !!
3598.01WOTVAX::PURNELLRThu Aug 20 1992SSB V1.2 Ultrix - crash problem
3599.03CX3PT2::SHOTO::W_MCGAWThu Aug 20 1992Problems using VT12
3600.07HERON::PATEL_AThu Aug 20 1992unaligned data fix up errors for dna4_am Ultrix
3601.02ROYALS::D_BEAUREGARDFri Aug 21 1992private vs dec: namespace
3602.05COMICS::BUTTFri Aug 21 1992MCC SNMP Object specifications
3603.02NYANIS::ENGFri Aug 21 1992EMS V2.2 & doc order info?
3604.02SIOG::TINNELLYFri Aug 21 1992TSAM Config file ?
3605.01CSC32::ORTIZFri Aug 21 1992Internet Command Device Error-EXBYTLM
3606.01RUMOR::FALEKFri Aug 21 1992Threads version used in SSB V1.2 ?
3607.05TAVSun Aug 23 1992pb with custmizing the notif services environment
3608.01CUJO::HILLSun Aug 23 1992%MCC-E-KERNINITF and heterogeneous VMS clusters
3609.01GOONS::CHAPMANMon Aug 24 1992How does PhaseIV autoconfig work?
3610.01FROCKY::WILTRUDMon Aug 24 1992Token Ring or DEFZA
3611.03TAEC::BOURGADEMon Aug 24 1992Iconic Map graphical lines OVERDRAWING other windows
3612.04BRAT::BUKOWSKIMon Aug 24 1992lost Iconic maps after restoring password field
3613.0TAEC::PLENARDMon Aug 24 1992Compatibility between release 1.2.
3614.0MICROW::RAOMon Aug 24 1992Function prototypes for DECmcc routines...
3616.01BRAT::BUKOWSKIMon Aug 24 1992Why register bridge protocols??
3617.01VINO::LUNDGRENTue Aug 25 1992ALL ATTRIBUTES seems to hang
3618.02DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Aug 25 1992Cable plant tracking tool
3619.01TAEC::WEBERTue Aug 25 1992revised V1.2 MM prog guide adequacy ?
3620.03COLTue Aug 25 1992Rename Bridge causes MCC crash
3621.02GRANPA::AMEISHEIDTue Aug 25 1992Diskless Environment
3622.07VCSESU::BRANAMTue Aug 25 1992Can't talk to devices
3623.01PJWL::LAMBTue Aug 25 1992DECmcc Ultrix SBB V1.2 DECnet Event Sink problems
3624.01PJWL::LAMBTue Aug 25 1992DECmcc SBB V1.2 Ultrix and incorrect ip resource file
3625.01PJWL::LAMBTue Aug 25 1992Creating a collection to/from Ultrix DECnet
3626.06ISIDRO::MAMORENOTue Aug 25 1992Exporter and Ultrix/SQL
3627.04ANNECY::JACQUEMOUXWed Aug 26 1992What's about Time Data Type within MCC_EA_xxx routines V1.1
3628.0SKIBUM::GASSMANWed Aug 26 1992Sizing - the high side
3629.04TAEC::WEBERWed Aug 26 1992How to restore entity instances ?
3630.07FOUR62::LICAUSEWed Aug 26 1992Target to Node4 from Node
3632.02DPDMAI::COXBWed Aug 26 1992MIBs included with SNMP AM?
3634.01TAVIS::ORNAWed Aug 26 1992DECmcc presentation: where?
3635.0TAEC::WEBERThu Aug 27 1992Help file max size ?
3636.04ISIDRO::MAMORENOThu Aug 27 1992ELM installation problem
3638.0ZTOIS1::VISTAThu Aug 27 1992DECmcc/U*X V1.2 pb: "sendsig:can't grow stack..."
3639.018OSLACT::BJORNThu Aug 27 1992Unable to GETEVENT NODE xxxxx CSMA-CD STATION xxx
3640.04VCSESU::WADEThu Aug 27 1992Possible to start the notif window by default?
3643.01TAKNBY::STORMThu Aug 27 1992Demo Kit availability?
3644.01TOOK::FLETCHERThu Aug 27 1992RFI: DCL utilities and/or ULTRIX scripts useful for inclusion in DECmcc
3645.02SRPSWS::ALVISThu Aug 27 1992basic questions about Mcc
3648.01ANNECY::ROUXFri Aug 28 1992only one alarm_fm ?
3649.02ANNECY::ROUXFri Aug 28 1992Doc on mcc_resource.dat file
3650.05CONTRA::PMCVAYFri Aug 28 1992ELM V1.2 Kit question
3651.05MLNCSC::BARILAROFri Aug 28 1992Notify Request, how it's heavy ??
3652.02CSC32::S_ROCHFORDFri Aug 28 19928
3653.02USTICA::ODOARDIFri Aug 28 1992Notification / Assign
3654.04MAIL::CLAYTONSat Aug 29 1992IP Autoconfig Not Working
3655.010TAVIS::ORNAMon Aug 31 1992DECmcc questions
3656.01TAVIS::ORNAMon Aug 31 1992Competition information
3658.02OSLACT::BJORNMon Aug 31 1992Unable to run DECmcc correctly from a VMS PhaseV node.
3659.0HLRGTue Sep 01 1992DECmcc redefined vectors
3660.02HLRGTue Sep 01 1992Datacollector in more domains.
3661.01MSBCS::HSUTue Sep 01 1992Using MIR to store data?
3662.01TAEC::HAYESTue Sep 01 1992MCC V1.2 Ultrix SSB : keyword table: no such file or directory
3663.02FOUR62::LICAUSETue Sep 01 1992Alarm rules w/multiple complex expressions?
3664.02FOUR62::LICAUSETue Sep 01 1992Modification of Reference Data?
3665.012FOUR62::LICAUSETue Sep 01 1992Exception in Mgt Module (id=9), CMA code = 177db
3666.07TOOHOT::RWILSONTue Sep 01 1992DECMCC wild cards and Show command
3667.02LMASTR::WOESTEMEYERTue Sep 01 1992Node4 autoconfig and DNS
3669.01MICROW::LANGWed Sep 02 1992how to lookup DNS root of directory in fullname?
3670.07HLFSWed Sep 02 1992iconic map crashes when using graph
3671.01AEOEN1::TUAUXWed Sep 02 1992Next release for SNMP AM
3672.08CADSYS::LEMONSWed Sep 02 1992DELETE BRIDGE BY PASSWORD fails with 'Invalid Password'
3673.03TOOK::FLETCHERWed Sep 02 1992Synoptics launchable from DECmcc ULTRIX ..
3674.01STRAS4::EBLEWed Sep 02 1992Where could I get the LANNET and ACC MIBS ?
3675.02USTICA::ODOARDIWed Sep 02 1992License check failed
3677.01BRSSWS::FOLENSWed Sep 02 1992Local namespace and autotopology problems
3678.01PRIMES::ZIMMERMANNWed Sep 02 1992MCC_RESOURCE.PS location?
3679.08MOLAR::ROBERTSWed Sep 02 1992DECmcc Script AM - "Minutes not Months"
3680.03CTHQ::WOODCOCKWed Sep 02 1992rules notify without domain
3681.03BIS1::COLLEYEThu Sep 03 1992QUESTION: DECmcc V1.2 - DECdns vs. Local Instance Repository
3682.02FROCKY::ERIKSSONThu Sep 03 1992Ericsson ERIPAX AM?
3683.01AEOEN1::TUAUXThu Sep 03 1992TCP/IP traps/events
3684.0RACER::daveThu Sep 03 1992Capacity tool Available
3685.02KERNEL::MACLEANThu Sep 03 1992IDP and BackTranslation ?
3686.01FDCVThu Sep 03 1992HELP ..Registering domain with MCC and DNS
3687.0MARVIN::COBBThu Sep 03 1992Using the Iconic i/f on Easynet
3688.03VCSESU::WADEThu Sep 03 1992MIB definition with var lenght index?
3689.01HANNAH::B_COBBFri Sep 04 1992Graph not calculating every interval
3690.09BIS1::COLLEYEFri Sep 04 1992DECmcc V1.2 - %CMA-F-EXCCOP, -SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO
3691.01AEOEN1::TUAUXFri Sep 04 1992Private MIB extensions and DECmcc SNMP AM
3692.02ZURFri Sep 04 1992V1.1 x25 line statistic failure?
3693.01KYOA::KOCHMon Dec 30 1991Bookreader Documentation?
3694.01TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGFri Sep 04 1992Error determining contents of domain
3695.01ANNECY::JACQUEMOUXFri Sep 04 1992What is "GETVARSELECTOR" directive?
3696.01CLARID::HOFSTEETue Jun 30 1992NSDP will be on CDROM
3697.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 30 1992
3698.01ANNECY::JACQUEMOUXFri Sep 04 1992Why MCC_ASN_GET_REF returns MCC_S_ILVTAG now (with DECmcc V1.2)?
3699.01TAVSun Sep 06 1992Crash with FLOATING ARITHMETIC
3700.02FOUR62::LICAUSEMon Sep 07 1992REtarget procedure for OSI Router events
3701.04ZURMon Sep 07 1992V1.2 Instal. fails
3702.05SORGEN::MATHILDETue Sep 08 1992ems - ethernim, ivp fails
3703.018GOONS::CHAPMANTue Sep 08 1992Bridge forwarding db filtering
3704.02HANNAH::B_COBBTue Sep 08 1992IP circuit statistics help
3705.06CADSYS::LEMONSTue Sep 08 1992Handling DECmcc errors within a DCL command procedure
3706.03VCSESU::BRANAMTue Sep 08 1992TSAM won't talk after conversion to 4
3707.05HGSWS1::SUSANCHANTue Sep 08 1992using Oracle? again...
3708.01HGSWS1::SUSANCHANTue Sep 08 1992manage MAC using SNMP AM?
3709.012MICROW::LANGWed Sep 09 1992enrolling on VMS
3710.01KAOFS::BOIVINWed Sep 09 1992Many events cause MCC_EVC_SINK error (Network Partner exited)
3711.04CSC32::T_MILTONWed Sep 09 1992Can you alarm on a record instance status?
3712.01MICROW::LANGWed Sep 09 1992how to implement a WITH qual func for SET
3713.05CUJO::HILLWed Sep 09 1992DNS DANGLINGLINK and MCC entity already exists - messages
3714.013MOLAR::BLACKThu Sep 10 1992DECmcc Integration
3715.06CADSYS::LEMONSThu Sep 10 1992DECbridge/DECconcentrator documentation in Bookreader format?
3716.09ZURThu Sep 10 1992Can't register a Bridge
3717.0CTHQ::WOODCOCKThu Sep 10 1992* alarms and exceptions
3718.04SWORD1::SHIAUThu Sep 10 1992Problem displaying constructed type on the map
3719.01TNPUBS::PAINTERThu Sep 10 1992DECmcc BMS V1.2 Documentation - request for feedback
3720.07VCSESU::WADEThu Sep 10 1992Why is this rule firing?
3721.03VCSESU::WADEThu Sep 10 1992"USE LOGG ON FILE a.a" doesn't work correctly.
3722.04BRSSWS::FOLENSFri Sep 11 1992BMS v1.2 installation failure if not DNS-server
3723.04OSLACT::BJORNFri Sep 11 1992Is EMS license good enough for ELM and BMS?
3724.02VCSESU::WADEFri Sep 11 1992Historian batch job access violation!
3726.02COPCLU::GREGFri Sep 11 1992SNMP monitoring og ULTRIX system?
3727.03BRSDVP::FOLENSFri Sep 11 1992MCC-E-INV_IN_ENTITY when creating domain
3728.01STOHUB::SLRVMS::RELIFORDFri Sep 11 1992DECmcc Proposals/Whitepapers?
3729.0CGOOA::VANGORKUMFri Sep 11 1992List of H/W and other info required
3731.01TAVIS::ORNASun Sep 13 1992Unable to transmit a packet
3732.07TAVIS::ORNAMon Sep 14 1992X-Terminal problems with V1.2
3733.01CONTRA::PMCVAYMon Sep 14 1992Documentation bug report (V1.2)
3734.01HOTWTR::SAFRAN_ROMon Sep 14 1992qwriterr/qreaderr from export background job
3735.01COLMon Sep 14 1992VMS 5.5-1E7 and ICONIC Map problems
3736.02CGOOA::KUHNENMon Sep 14 1992snmp am questions?
3737.01CGOOA::BARNABEMon Sep 14 1992MCC monitoring diff nets
3738.01COMBAT::FORSBERGMon Sep 14 1992Alternate id for bridges, stations etc...?
3739.07ZURMon Sep 14 1992V1.1 and Concentrator 5
3740.05ZURMon Sep 14 1992V1.1 A CMIP REJECT message was received
3741.03CCIIS1::TAYARTue Sep 15 1992Disk consumption by the historian
3742.0VF::LANGASQUETue Sep 15 1992Simple question on MCC "show node4" output
3743.03AEOEN1::BOURDILLONTue Sep 15 1992Why does SHOW MCC
3744.03KERNEL::DAVIESTue Sep 15 1992%MCC-W-THRMAX, maximum thread count reached.
3745.03CUJO::HILLTue Sep 15 1992TCP/IP SNMP AM: Unsupported combination of verb, entity, partition
3746.05ISKATE::BILLDTue Sep 15 1992Site Mngt Station (SMS) to EMS distribution ?
3747.02OZROCK::MUGGERIDGETue Sep 15 1992SNMP and CMIP mgmt for the one product
3748.05COLTue Sep 15 1992translan and snmp???
3749.04MDCRAB::STUARTWed Sep 16 1992Ingres sql problem with Report generation - E_US
3750.02CUJO::HILLWed Sep 16 1992Show Identifiers operation is not supported for Node4 circuit
3751.05CUJO::HILLWed Sep 16 1992Use of sound files with DECmcc alarms
3752.09MONTEZ::MONTEZWed Sep 16 1992MCC_DNA4_EVL can't connect to EVL
3753.09EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIWed Sep 16 1992TSAM install IVP problems
3754.01GRANPA::DJAMESWed Sep 16 1992Help! New paks needed
3755.03CX3PT1::SHOTO::W_MCGAWWed Sep 16 1992Problem with Hughes LAN Systems mib file
3756.01CTOAVX::BEAULIEUWed Sep 16 1992TCP/IP question
3758.03SCAACT::SCOTTKWed Sep 16 1992DECmcc v1.2 for Ultrix: Install Problems
3759.02TAEC::WEBERThu Sep 17 1992Customers not satisfied loss of dynamic dictionary updtae
3760.05KERNEL::HENZEThu Sep 17 1992DECmcc V1.1 ELM AM problem
3761.03MCDOUG::MCPHERSONThu Sep 17 19923-5 yr vision ? Do we have one?
3762.01CGOOA::DOLMANThu Sep 17 1992MCCELMAM
3763.02CTHQ::WOODCOCKThu Sep 17 1992node4 adjacency status=stack dump
3764.0DELNI::WRIDEThu Sep 17 1992BMS kit OK?
3765.01BACHUS::FOLENSFri Sep 18 1992Recording on alarm rules fails
3766.0VF::LANGASQUEFri Sep 18 1992Problem with trace
3767.02CTHQ::WOODCOCKFri Sep 18 1992members of entire hierarchy
3768.04CTHQ::WOODCOCKFri Sep 18 1992alarm scheduler
3769.02SOURCE::HARBFri Sep 18 1992Automatic start of Collection AM Event Sink
3770.07BRSTR1::MERTENSFri Sep 18 1992Kernel could not be initialized (KERNELINITF)
3771.01BRSTR1::MERTENSFri Sep 18 1992notifications and WAVE1
3772.02TROOA::LEONGFri Sep 18 1992LINE MODE commands to turn off forwarding
3773.02ICS::SHETHARSat Sep 19 1992Icon Request
3774.04NBOFS1::HKLEINMon Sep 21 1992targeting not with lower case entities
3775.01STKHLM::AMARTENSSONMon Sep 21 1992Coursematerial DECmcc v 1.2?
3776.04ZTOIS1::VISTAMon Sep 21 1992DECmcc/ULTRIX:Software Log.Error
3777.02TOOK::FIGWERMon Sep 21 1992Adding applications to mcc_resource.dat (V1.2)
3778.07STKMCC::LUNDMon Sep 21 1992Problem with SNMP traps
3779.0MONTEZ::MONTEZMon Sep 21 1992Statistics missing for DNA5 ?
3780.0MONTEZ::MONTEZMon Sep 21 1992When VMS_AM, U*X_AM, OSF_AM access modules ?
3781.02TAEC::LAVILLATMon Sep 21 1992Stack size questions
3782.015CUJO::HILLTue Sep 22 1992TSAM hangs/RWMBX/Terminal Server Global Alarm Rules
3783.01ENUF::STRAUBTue Sep 22 1992Patch for Ultrix 4.3 and DECmcc?
3784.01KAOFS::BOIVINTue Sep 22 1992Need "Notification Fired Procedure" vs "Alarm Fired Procedure"
3785.01CX3PT1::SHOTO::W_MCGAWTue Sep 22 1992Entity class 9 not found in dictionary
3786.07CTHQ::WOODCOCKTue Sep 22 1992events from x25gateway
3787.01GRANPA::DJAMESTue Sep 22 1992Can't register new SNMP entities 1.2
3788.01MFRNW1::SCHUSTERWed Sep 23 1992internal error in DECnet Phase IV AM
3789.04CX3PT2::SHOTO::W_MCGAWWed Sep 23 1992Insufficient resources to create/access event pool
3790.03MARVA1::SWANSONWed Sep 23 1992DECMCC on Ultrix 4.3?
3791.05CAATS::VANGORKUMWed Sep 23 1992Protocol Breakdown and Post V1.2 plans
3792.05SEDSWS::MALLOYWed Sep 23 1992Problem exporting PhaseV node data
3793.01ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Sep 23 1992can't register terminal server
3794.01ISIDRO::MAMORENOThu Sep 24 1992Implementation questions
3795.02TAVThu Sep 24 1992MCC_EVC_SINK DISAPEAR
3796.01MAYDAY::ANDRADEThu Sep 24 1992Can't Register NODE4 nodes
3797.02CUJO::HILLThu Sep 24 1992V1.2.
3798.02CSC32::ORTIZThu Sep 24 1992Can't DELETE DOMAIN and then CREATE it again
3799.03TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGThu Sep 24 1992MCC Crashing
3800.01SKIGOD::PFROMERThu Sep 24 1992MCCPTB-W-DIFFREQARG, Same verb string defined
3801.03CTHQ::WOODCOCKThu Sep 24 1992Collector event type
3802.0CSOADM::ROTHThu Sep 24 1992Exceeded quota on LANbridge rule -w- wildcards
3803.04SMAC1Fri Sep 25 1992mcc_ilv structure sizes , help ?
3804.03BACHUS::VANDENBERGHEFri Sep 25 1992Proteon management with DECmcc
3805.0CX3PT3::EMAWIZ::T_MILTONFri Sep 25 1992Access violation during IP Autoconfiguration
3806.07GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDSun Sep 27 1992DECbridge 9
3807.02ZPOVC::SINSPSSun Sep 27 1992%CDD-F-NOATTACH, unable to attach to dictionary database
3808.03CUJO::HILLSun Sep 27 1992BRIDGE AM alarm rule yields -memory allocation failure-
3809.01--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 28 1992background process not setup
3810.04BLGEUS::ROSSIGIUMon Sep 28 1992CRASH!!! disabling notifications at startup time
3811.02CSOADM::ROTHMon Sep 28 1992OCCURS rule falsely fires -w- SNMP trap
3812.01MFRNW1::RITAMon Sep 28 1992Entity Existence Cannot be Determined
3813.01BELMNT::BEAZLEYMon Sep 28 1992Terminal Server FCL - Insufficient Memory Problem
3814.07GWTEAL::WOESTEMEYERMon Sep 28 1992Enabled/running Alarm not POLLING?
3815.02DV78Mon Sep 28 1992Location of DECmcc Ultrix install manual?
3816.02CSC32::ORTIZMon Sep 28 1992Can't REGISTER SNMP device with WIN/TCP
3817.02DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Sep 28 1992DME & NMF relationship
3818.07SKIGOD::PFROMERMon Sep 28 1992is
3819.03ZPOVC::SINSPSTue Sep 29 1992VCS and VITALINK questions
3820.02MFRNW1::RITATue Sep 29 1992Fatal error in LAN Autotopology
3821.01TAEC::HAYESTue Sep 29 1992Detached DECmcc Ultrix event collection??
3822.0ISIDRO::MAMORENOTue Sep 29 1992VirtualScreen on MultiScreen X terminals
3823.03TPSYS::WONGTue Sep 29 1992Urgent request for T1.2.7-Ultrix paks
3824.01BIS1::COLLEYETue Sep 29 1992QUESTION: EVent sink
3825.03SKIGOD::PFROMERTue Sep 29 1992how to specify "use default" for arg/attr
3826.0SUBWAY::REILLYTue Sep 29 1992longjump botch with Bridge AM
3827.0MACROW::RAOTue Sep 29 1992How to enter case-sensitive entity instance names on VMS?
3828.03OZROCK::MUGGERIDGETue Sep 29 1992ALPHA OSF Schedules
3829.0OZROCK::MUGGERIDGETue Sep 29 1992Qualification on ULTRIX V4.3
3830.01CUJO::HILLTue Sep 29 1992Customer requests for future DECmcc functionality
3831.02HANNAH::B_COBBWed Sep 30 1992Line/Circuit utilization for PhaseIV
3832.01VCSESU::WADEWed Sep 30 1992Information on add-on Packages?
3833.01MARSWed Sep 30 1992trouble with EXPORT on BMS 1.2
3834.01SKIGOD::PFROMERWed Sep 30 1992multiple child-of-node objects in one mgmt spec?
3835.07BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVEWed Sep 30 1992global inst wildcard fires subdomains
3836.02COLWed Sep 30 1992notification stops displaying alarms
3837.012SWORD1::ESWed Sep 30 1992VIA qualifiers?
3838.04MEOCWed Sep 30 1992Support for Muxserver 38
3839.07CSOADM::ROTHWed Sep 30 1992BRIDGE rule exception, INV_HANDLE error
3840.02MEOCWed Sep 30 1992TCP/IP DA FDAD on ultrix failed to install
3841.02COPCLU::EBCThu Oct 01 1992Managing of extensions phaseV components?
3842.01KTOV11::TATSUNOThu Oct 01 1992How is domain name dispayed on IMPM?
3843.06TAEC::HAYESThu Oct 01 1992DECmcc V1.2 SSB Ultrix SUBRANGE/Debug/Enumerated ID
3844.01IJSAPL::SCHLEYThu Oct 01 1992No line error report
3845.04AEOEN1::BOURDILLONThu Oct 01 1992Iconic Map problems .......
3846.01MXOVThu Oct 01 1992Some problems with record and event sink in DECmcc for ULTRIX
3847.0ISIDRO::MAMORENOThu Oct 01 1992DECmcc/TeMIP internal operation
3848.04CSOADM::ROTHThu Oct 01 1992Force new notification logfile via FCL command?
3849.01SWORD1::ESThu Oct 01 1992BY qualifiers?
3850.02MEOCThu Oct 01 1992Notification requests disappear on startup
3851.07SKIGOD::PFROMERThu Oct 01 1992%MCCPTB-I-NOENTRY, No dictionary entries found
3853.01ZPOVC::SINSPSFri Oct 02 1992can't recreate entity using ICONIC interface ?
3854.02WELTM1::CRIDDLEFri Oct 02 1992Accvio when accessing Bridge from non-prived account
3855.02FLYERS::WITHERSPOONFri Oct 02 1992"DECmcc vs HP Openview ???"
3856.01CTOAVX::BEAULIEUFri Oct 02 1992DECmcc and Elms
3857.02SPANKY::SAWYERFri Oct 02 1992Text in Mcc
3858.05CTHQ::WOODCOCKFri Oct 02 1992command buffer overflow
3859.01TAVSun Oct 04 1992RND_MIB extention for DECMCC
3860.01MLNCSC::BARILAROMon Oct 05 1992MUX1
3861.07KERNEL::DAVIESMon Oct 05 1992Notification Services fail to start automatically....
3862.07BRAT::BUKOWSKIMon Oct 05 1992missing DNS attribute for Domains
3863.03COLSER::WELZELTue Oct 06 1992MCC-DNS | Problem with Replica
3864.07VCSESU::WADETue Oct 06 1992Automatic enabling of alarm rules?
3865.04CGOOA::KUHNENTue Oct 06 1992historian questions
3866.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue Oct 06 1992V1.2 patches - where are they?
3867.01MLNCSC::BARILAROWed Oct 07 1992Vitalink reports anyone ???
3868.02AEOEN1::TUAUXWed Oct 07 1992SNMP Traps and Notification services
3869.06ZTOIS1::VISTAWed Oct 07 1992MCC : monitoring more than 3
3870.01AEOEN1::TUAUXWed Oct 07 1992Applications launch capabilities
3871.02NSDC::CAILLEWed Oct 07 1992Partial registration problem
3872.01ARRODS::HAWESJWed Oct 07 1992How do you convert from local MIR to DNS
3873.01PRIME8::VAUGHNWed Oct 07 1992GNMP conformance?
3874.02TAEC::HAYESWed Oct 07 1992mcc_ea_show_enet_device_id INSUF_PRIV..
3875.01TMANOO::ASKEGRENWed Oct 07 1992module for DESNC ?????
3876.04SNOCWed Oct 07 1992More TSAM problems
3877.04TIMABC::JOSEIThu Oct 08 1992Several problems in : REPORTS(Graph) /TSAM /IMPM/E
3878.01CGOOA::KUHNENThu Oct 08 1992notification startup
3879.0VFOVAX::PHILIPPEThu Oct 08 1992DECmcc/Network Mgmt Resources Needed ASAP!
3880.0DPDMAI::SHORROSHThu Oct 08 1992MCC & DE1
3881.01CADSYS::LEMONSThu Oct 08 1992LTM functionality for Ethernet and FDDI in DECmcc?
3882.011RTPLThu Oct 08 1992VUP's req. for V2.2
3883.02BSS::AMBERThu Oct 08 1992How to find INLINK attribute in MCC ELM
3884.02CTHQ::WOODCOCKThu Oct 08 1992MCC-E-NOPARAMLIST in alarm
3885.03SIOG::TINNELLYFri Oct 09 1992DECmcc/DCM Integration
3886.03COLSER::WELZELFri Oct 09 1992Error while creating domain member
3887.05VCSESU::WADEFri Oct 09 1992Alarm not clearing
3888.03MAIL::CLAYTONFri Oct 09 1992DECdts Required for EMS V2.2?
3889.01ZPOVC::KUMARSat Oct 10 1992Latest MIBS for Xyplex Network 9
3890.02CUJO::HILLSun Oct 11 1992MCC-E-NOPARAMLIST software logic error with NODE4 alarm
3891.01CUJO::HILLSun Oct 11 1992INV_HANDLE error following NODE4 GETEVENT
3892.02MADBAS::JHANNAHMon Oct 12 1992Accessing remote concentrators?