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Conference rusure::math

Title:Mathematics at DEC
Created:Mon Feb 03 1986
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2083
Total number of notes:14613
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1.05HARE::STANFri Jan 20 1984Welcome
2.061HARE::STANFri Jan 20 198429th Mersenne Prime
3.05HARE::STANFri Jan 20 1984Zeta function
4.024HARE::STANFri Jan 20 1984Primes in A.P.
5.01HARE::STANSun Jan 22 1984Combinatorial Algorithms
6.07HARE::STANSun Jan 22 1984Guess a number
7.020HARE::STANSun Jan 22 1984Spring Scale
8.07HARE::STANSun Jan 22 1984Tower of Hanoi
9.04HARE::STANSun Jan 22 1984Balanced Partitions
10.01HARE::STANSun Jan 22 1984Conway's Prime Producer
11.0HARE::STANSun Jan 22 1984Sphere and Tetrahedron
12.025HARE::STANSun Jan 22 1984Roman numerals
13.02HARE::STANSun Jan 22 1984TeX for the LN
14.07HARE::STANSun Jan 22 1984Distinct Difference Triangle
15.0HARE::STANMon Jan 23 1984Tools for Symbolic Math
16.06LAMBDA::VOSBURYWed Jan 25 1984Press Reports
17.05RANI::LEICHTERJSun Jan 29 1984Pizza time!
18.09RANI::LEICHTERJSun Jan 29 1984Handshaking
19.05HARE::STANMon Jan 30 1984Advances in factoring
20.04RANI::LEICHTERJMon Jan 30 1984Prettiest theorem?
21.04HARE::STANTue Jan 31 1984Primes of the form 3333...1
22.03HARE::STANTue Jan 31 198412
23.02ULTRA::HERBISONTue Jan 31 1984New Number Systems for Computer
24.07HARE::STANTue Jan 31 1984Equations from digits
25.05HARE::STANTue Jan 31 1984A curious integral
26.07HARE::STANThu Feb 02 1984Brent Multiprecision Package
27.02HARE::STANSat Feb 04 1984Finding ASIN in terms of ATAN
28.0AURORA::HALLYBSat Feb 04 1984Integer Multiprecision Package
29.05HARE::STANSun Feb 05 1984Efficient Raising to Powers
30.015NEWTON::GWBTue Feb 07 1984Cracking a Record Number
31.012HARE::STANMon Feb 13 1984Curve in square
32.08HARE::STANMon Feb 13 1984i to the i power
33.011HARE::STANMon Feb 13 1984Non-attacking queens
34.02RANI::LEICHTERJMon Feb 13 1984Another view of calculus
35.0HARE::STANTue Feb 14 1984New York Geometry Seminar
36.01TINMAN::RASTEGARWed Feb 15 1984IEEE lib/digital filter
37.07METOO::YARBROUGHThu Feb 16 1984Approximation for PI
38.01HARE::WIENERMon Feb 20 1984IEEE Floating Point standard
39.02HARE::STANThu Feb 23 1984Merten's Conjecture
40.07HARE::STANThu Feb 23 1984Chain problem
41.01HARE::STANThu Feb 23 1984N-clusters
42.03HARE::STANFri Feb 24 1984Absolute difference triangles
43.02HARE::STANFri Feb 24 1984AMSTeX
44.011HARE::STANFri Feb 24 1984Foreign Numbers
45.0HARE::STANSat Feb 25 1984Alphametic solver
46.03HARE::STANSat Feb 25 1984Doubly true alphametics
47.04HARE::STANSun Feb 26 1984Testing your math package
48.03HARE::STANSun Mar 04 1984Convergent sequence
49.01HARE::STANSun Mar 11 1984Repunit factorization
50.05HARE::STANWed Mar 14 1984n!=x^2
51.017HARE::STANMon Mar 26 1984Factorization of M251
52.024AURORA::HALLYBThu Apr 05 1984Summing the Harmonic Series
53.05TURTLE::GILBERTTue Apr 17 1984Point Symmetric Graphs
54.02HARE::STANTue Apr 17 1984Ramsey Theory
55.06TONTO::LUONGTue Apr 17 1984The twelve pennies puzzle
56.013RANI::LEICHTERJSat Apr 21 1984Everyday Approximations
57.05HARE::STANMon Apr 23 1984Pell equations
58.03HARE::STANMon Apr 23 1984Arranging permutations
59.0HARE::STANMon Apr 23 1984Trigonometric Sum
60.01ABLE::DUGGANTue Apr 24 1984Need Name-brand Math Packages
61.07HARE::STANWed Apr 25 1984Difference equation
62.011TURTLE::GILBERTSun Apr 29 1984Opposite of a Sphere
63.04HARE::STANMon Apr 30 1984Conditional probability quest'n
64.05HARE::STANTue May 01 1984prime plus power of 2
65.03JACOB::D_RABAHYWed May 09 1984Common tangent to two circles
66.06TURTLE::GILBERTThu May 10 1984Powers mod M
67.012HARE::STANMon May 14 1984A recursion for sqrt(2)
68.012HARE::STANMon May 21 19843 inversions from 2 inverters
69.015HARE::STANTue May 22 1984British Soldiers Problem
70.017HARE::STANTue May 22 1984Heronian Triangles
71.03HARE::STANFri May 25 1984Trig identity w sqrt(n)
72.01HARE::STANTue May 29 1984x^2 + y^2 + z^2
73.02AURORA::HALLYBThu May 31 1984Factoring program
74.0HARE::STANTue Jun 05 1984IMSL for system III
75.06HARE::STANTue Jun 05 1984League scheduling
76.0HARE::STANTue Jun 05 1984USENET backup wanted
77.0HARE::STANTue Jun 05 1984Data Analysis Programs
78.03HARE::STANWed Jun 06 1984I can't tell what the 2 nos are
79.05HARE::STANMon Jun 11 1984Squaring makes smaller
80.0HARE::WIENERThu Jun 14 1984A math manual questionaire.
81.06AURORA::HALLYBSat Jun 16 1984Wanted: test data
82.0HARE::STANSun Jun 24 1984Algorithms Conference
83.010METOO::YARBROUGHMon Jun 25 1984A dissection puzzle
84.01METOO::YARBROUGHMon Jun 25 1984a related dissection
85.02HARE::STANWed Jun 27 1984Curve through 3 points
86.0HARE::STANWed Jun 27 1984Integral=Sum
87.04HARE::STANWed Jun 27 1984Algorithm for reciprocal
88.0HARE::STANThu Jun 28 1984RTL Math Manual
89.0HARE::STANFri Jun 29 1984Bug in STR$DIVIDE
90.01HARE::STANFri Jun 29 1984Geometric Duality
91.01HARE::STANThu Jul 05 1984Semi Regular Polyhedra
92.055XENON::GAUDREAUThu Jul 05 1984About PI
93.02HARE::STANTue Jul 10 1984Integer Sequences Book
94.05HARE::STANThu Jul 12 1984Factoring Fibonacci Polynomials
96.03HARE::STANWed Jul 25 1984Math Library and Microvaxen
97.06ORPHAN::BRETTWed Jul 25 1984Die
98.0HARE::STANThu Jul 26 1984Continued Fraction
99.01HARE::STANThu Jul 26 1984P(x^2) factors
100.03HARE::STANThu Jul 26 19846-month index
101.022XENON::GAUDREAUFri Jul 27 1984The Game of Life
102.0XENON::GAUDREAUFri Jul 27 1984About the Polysnake
103.02HARE::STANSun Jul 29 1984Geometry Problem I
104.010HARE::STANSun Jul 29 1984Geometry Problem II
105.02HARE::STANSun Jul 29 1984Geometry Problem III
106.01HARE::STANSun Jul 29 1984Geometry Problem IV
107.02HARE::STANSun Jul 29 1984Geometry Problem V
108.02HARE::STANSun Jul 29 1984A Queer Trig Identity
109.02HARE::STANSun Jul 29 1984Iterated Sums of digits
110.05HARE::STANSun Jul 29 1984The 2 numbers again
111.02TURTLE::GILBERTSun Jul 29 1984Shuffling bytes
112.01HARE::STANTue Jul 31 1984Triples w same sum & product
113.02HARE::STANTue Jul 31 1984Who is the murderer?
114.0HARE::STANWed Aug 01 1984Properties of floor
115.01HARE::STANWed Aug 01 1984Adding numbers
116.02HARE::STANMon Aug 06 1984A Binary Sequence
117.04UHCLEM::ROSEMon Aug 06 1984MACSYMA available for "nominal"
118.02HARE::STANMon Aug 06 19845 Hard Geometry Problems
119.01HARE::STANTue Aug 07 1984Dividing a Pentagon in half
121.02NY1MM::PINSLEYWed Aug 08 1984You can't trust anyone
122.03NY1MM::PINSLEYWed Aug 08 1984Monkey Business
123.0HARE::STANWed Aug 08 1984Floating Point; IBM to VAX
124.05SILVER::TURANOFri Aug 10 1984Does anyone in DEC still publish
125.03HARE::STANFri Aug 10 1984PROLOG and zebras
126.03TURTLE::GILBERTMon Aug 13 1984Matrix Package
127.04HARE::GILBERTWed Aug 15 1984Overlapping Operands
128.024TURTLE::GILBERTFri Aug 17 1984Perfect numbers
129.06TURTLE::GILBERTSun Aug 19 1984Compressing spaces
130.01XENON::GAUDREAUTue Aug 21 1984Floor Areas
131.01HARE::STANTue Aug 21 1984Orthocenter on incircle
132.01HARE::STANTue Aug 21 1984A crossnumber puzzle
133.011HARE::STANTue Aug 21 1984Squares with only
134.05HARE::STANTue Aug 21 1984Worst case shell sort
135.06HARE::STANTue Aug 21 1984Nonlinear periodic recursions
136.06TURTLE::GILBERTThu Aug 23 1984Mutants of Hanoi
137.01HARE::STANThu Aug 23 1984Reprints
138.0HARE::STANFri Aug 24 1984Langford Sequences
139.03HARE::STANFri Aug 24 1984In base 3 out base 2
140.01HARE::STANFri Aug 24 1984n separated by n numbers
141.01HARE::STANThu Aug 30 1984Bus Equation
142.02HARE::STANMon Sep 03 1984Dogsmead Puzzle
143.04HARE::STANMon Sep 03 1984A group theory problem
145.08NOVA::RAVANTue Sep 11 19842D Fractal Program
146.02HARE::STANWed Sep 12 1984Bieberbach Conjecture
147.02HARE::STANFri Sep 14 1984A 7 pt problem of Erdos
148.01HARE::STANSun Sep 16 1984Most Likely Vector
149.0HARE::STANSun Sep 16 1984The Loch Ness Monster
150.0HARE::STANSun Sep 16 1984Mr. Matrix
151.0HARE::STANMon Sep 17 1984A Fable
152.02NOVA::KLEINWed Sep 19 1984Turtle curves
153.04FUTBAL::BENNISONWed Sep 19 1984least squares problem
154.04HARE::STANThu Sep 20 1984Plotting primes in spiral
155.04HARE::STANThu Sep 20 1984A compiler "optimization"
156.01TURTLE::GILBERTSat Sep 22 1984Pangrams
157.01HARE::STANMon Sep 24 1984A graph containment conjecture
158.02HARE::STANMon Sep 24 1984MAPLE
159.013TURTLE::GILBERTMon Oct 01 1984Chase in a Circle
160.01HARE::STANWed Oct 03 1984Graph Algorithms
161.0HARE::STANThu Oct 04 1984net.math subgroups
162.07HARE::STANMon Oct 08 1984Circular round off errors
163.03JAWS::PKAISERWed Oct 10 1984Remember me? I'm ...
164.0HARE::STANSun Oct 14 1984$1
165.05AKOVMon Oct 15 1984Help 3D Rotation/Translation
166.03REX::POWERSTue Oct 16 1984first grade arithmetic
167.03JAWS::PKAISERThu Oct 18 1984Contest posting
168.03METOO::LDYCMSFri Oct 19 1984REDUCE/VMS av'ble from RAND Corp
169.02SARGON::B_FOSTERMon Oct 22 1984Linear Programming
170.0TURTLE::GILBERTTue Oct 23 1984Loop Invariants
171.08HARE::STANTue Oct 23 1984Some Math Problems
172.0HARE::STANThu Oct 25 1984Math Routines for CP/M
173.0HARE::STANThu Oct 25 1984FORMAL - Matrix Package for -1
174.05HARE::STANWed Oct 31 1984Sums of subsets
175.06CHORSE::CALLASThu Nov 01 1984Colliding Particles
176.08HARE::STANFri Nov 09 1984Shipwrecked
177.08CHAOS::DICKENSMon Nov 12 1984Vax date/time math
178.022HARE::STANWed Nov 14 1984Palindromic Primes
179.03HARE::STANThu Nov 15 1984Angles in polyhedra
180.0PIXEL::PWONGFri Nov 16 1984Hopf's Conjecture solved?!
181.0HARE::STANSat Nov 17 1984More Multiprecision
182.05HARE::STANSun Nov 18 1984Generalization of Rolle's Thm
184.02HARE::STANSun Nov 18 1984Counting Binary Trees
185.06PIXEL::PWONGMon Nov 19 1984New algorithm?
186.012HARE::STANTue Nov 20 1984Strange Shapes
187.01UHCLEM::ROSEFri Nov 23 1984The Riemann hypothesis
188.0TURTLE::WIENERMon Nov 26 1984Math manual comments.
189.03MANANA::COLGATEWed Nov 28 1984Theory and Practice
190.04TOOLS::REILLYWed Nov 28 1984Regular Exp. help
191.018TURTLE::GILBERTSun Dec 02 1984Random tiles
192.02ASGMKA::PENNEYThu Dec 13 1984Announcing: SPSS NOTES
193.07GAUSS::GLAZERFri Dec 14 1984Approx. Real #'s by fractions
194.03RANI::LEICHTERJSun Dec 16 1984Sorting Trains
195.01TAVWed Dec 26 1984funny factor. idea - comments?
197.08TURTLE::GILBERTSat Dec 29 1984Black or White?
198.03HARE::STANMon Dec 31 1984Pert Graphs
199.01HARE::STANMon Dec 31 1984Open Problems
200.02HARE::STANMon Dec 31 1984One Year Index
201.04PRSIS4::DTLTue Jan 01 198564 = 65 ?!...
202.011SPRITE::OSMANThu Jan 03 1985points on a line segment
203.096SPRITE::OSMANThu Jan 03 1985A,B,C wth no dup. substrings
204.010SPRITE::OSMANThu Jan 03 1985bugs on a sphere
205.029AURORA::HALLYBFri Jan 04 1985Cryptography problem
206.07LATOUR::AMARTINWed Jan 09 1985Fermat's Last Theorem
207.0REX::MERRILLThu Jan 10 1985Karmarkar Solution ?
208.015HARE::STANMon Jan 14 1985Primes in Sequences
209.014HARE::STANTue Jan 15 1985Change base by reversing
210.02TAVWed Jan 16 1985Triangle of triangles
211.01SPRITE::OSMANFri Jan 18 1985the two-nots problem
212.05HARE::STANMon Jan 21 19853 base systems
213.05SPRITE::OSMANWed Jan 23 1985flt pt bas rvrsl (see 2
214.017HARE::STANWed Jan 23 1985Solid
215.04METOO::YARBROUGHFri Jan 25 1985Another solid
216.01HARE::STANFri Feb 01 1985Self Generating Power Series
217.012SPRITE::OSMANFri Feb 01 1985Mr. E's daughters ages
218.0HARE::STANSun Feb 03 1985No. Theory from Group Theory
219.05TAVSun Feb 03 1985Got a headache from this one
220.03HARE::STANSun Feb 10 1985roots of tan x = x
221.05HARE::STANSun Feb 10 1985abundant sums
222.010HARE::STANSun Feb 10 1985The 7-11 Problem
223.02HARE::STANSun Feb 10 1985Funny Marathon
224.0LATOUR::AMARTINThu Feb 21 1985Chvatal's Conjecture
225.07SPEEDY::BRETTSat Feb 23 1985A new way to flip
226.010METOO::YARBROUGHMon Feb 25 1985A problem in squares
227.04METOO::YARBROUGHFri Mar 01 1985A geometry construction
228.09HARE::STANFri Mar 01 1985Another space construction
229.0HARE::STANMon Mar 04 1985NOVA
230.01HARE::STANMon Mar 04 1985GAMES contest
231.01ASGMKA::WHITEThu Mar 07 1985"Infection" model for Knowledge
232.05SPRITE::OSMANFri Mar 08 1985x(integer) = y(floating)
233.07SPRITE::OSMANFri Mar 08 1985pennies around a penny
234.09SPRITE::OSMANFri Mar 08 1985IBM = HAL + 1
235.04TAVSun Mar 10 1985Public Key Encrypt. Impl.
236.0HARE::STANWed Mar 13 1985Matrix Multiply with SISAL
237.02HARE::STANWed Mar 13 1985New factoring algorithm?
239.03COGITO::MCKINLEYFri Mar 15 1985Connectivity?
240.03METOO::YARBROUGHMon Mar 18 1985A permutation puzzle
241.02NACHO::MCMENEMYMon Mar 18 1985I hate to go off on a TANGENT
242.010ULTRA::HERBISONTue Mar 19 1985Fun with shift registers
243.07TAVWed Mar 20 1985Between two cities...
244.01METOO::YARBROUGHWed Mar 20 1985Two tangent circles
245.019METOO::YARBROUGHFri Mar 22 1985More on convex hulls
246.01HARE::STANSun Mar 24 1985Computers in Math Research
247.01SPRITE::OSMANMon Mar 25 1985well-balanced permutation
248.05SPRITE::OSMANMon Mar 25 1985middle of sequence solicited
249.041SPRITE::OSMANMon Apr 01 1985if n then n=3n+1 else n=n/2
250.05MANANA::COLGATEMon Apr 01 1985Pointer to fun problems
251.012SPRITE::OSMANWed Apr 03 1985mapping sequence
252.02RAINBO::GRANTFri Apr 05 1985OMNI #43
253.0RAINBO::GRANTFri Apr 05 1985OMNI #44
254.01RAINBO::GRANTFri Apr 05 1985OMNI #45 -another sequence.
255.01RAINBO::GRANTFri Apr 05 1985OMNI #46 - yet another
256.0RAINBO::GRANTFri Apr 05 1985OMNI #47 -- another sequence.
257.0RAINBO::GRANTFri Apr 05 1985OMNI #48: last sequence.
258.02HARE::STANThu Apr 11 1985Combinatorial Problem
259.0SUPER::MATTHEWSTue Apr 16 1985Making factoring faster
260.02BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Apr 17 1985More Problems from Omni
261.0BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Apr 17 1985Omni Problem 3
262.08BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Apr 17 1985Omni Problem 24
263.0HARE::STANWed Apr 24 1985Finding BA given AB
264.02HARE::STANWed Apr 24 1985CAYLEY
265.05HARE::STANWed Apr 24 1985Problems from Erdos
266.06HARE::STANWed Apr 24 1985Equal area dissection of 4-gon
267.0HARE::STANWed Apr 24 1985Similar matrices
268.0HARE::STANWed Apr 24 1985Factoring Polynomials
269.0HARE::STANMon Apr 29 1985A funny sequence
270.01RANI::LEICHTERJMon Apr 29 1985Sum and product
271.03HARE::STANTue Apr 30 1985Curioser and Curioser
272.05HARE::STANTue Apr 30 1985A collection question
273.02HARE::STANWed May 01 1985Pythagorean abc=rst
274.02HARE::STANWed May 01 1985Integral Tetrahedron
275.01SPRITE::OSMANWed May 01 1985d(x**2=x+x+...x)/dx --> 2x=x !
276.01AURORA::HALLYBThu May 02 19853-coin monte
277.05SPRITE::OSMANThu May 02 1985shrtst str containing everythin
278.01HARE::STANThu May 02 19855 is a congruent number
279.03HARE::STANThu May 02 1985Symbolic Math Systems
280.05SUPER::MATTHEWSFri May 03 1985> 4D Hypercube?
281.01R2ME2::GILBERTWed May 08 1985Integer-Producing Polynomials
282.08RAINBO::GRANTThu May 09 1985Triangles w/ int. sides + area
283.0TOOLS::STANFri May 17 1985New Approach to Floating Pt
284.0TOOLS::STANFri May 17 1985Here's a sequence for ya
285.04BEING::POSTPISCHILTue May 21 1985Context-Free Grammar Problem
286.07METOO::YARBROUGHTue May 21 1985An old square puzzle
287.035TOOLS::STANTue May 21 1985Unsolved Geometry Problems
288.0TOOLS::STANTue May 21 1985PRESS
289.02TOOLS::STANWed May 22 1985Non Commutative Multiplication
290.0TOOLS::STANWed May 22 1985Repeated Binomial Coefficients
291.0R2ME2::STANSun May 26 1985AMS Book Sale
292.05R2ME2::STANSun May 26 1985Computers and Math Book Reviews
293.03ALIEN::POSTPISCHILTue May 28 1985A Horse of a Different Color
294.05TOOLS::STANTue May 28 1985A hard balance problem
295.025BEING::POSTPISCHILThu May 30 1985Godel, Escher, Bach Problem
296.0R2ME2::STANFri May 31 1985New Books from Springer
297.0TOOLS::STANSun Jun 02 1985Get Together for Math Noters
298.04DEMON::OSMANTue Jun 04 1985a hard nut to crack
299.06TURTLE::GILBERTTue Jun 04 1985Springtime in New Hampshire
300.02R2ME2::STANTue Jun 04 198518 month index
301.0NOVA::RAVANTue Jun 04 1985Simulation Problem
302.07TOOLS::STANWed Jun 05 1985Roots of unity / matrices
303.04LATOUR::JMUNZERWed Jun 12 1985Hora Synchronization
304.08TURTLE::GILBERTWed Jun 12 1985Hat-Check Girl
305.07TURTLE::GILBERTWed Jun 12 1985Counting bits with CRCs
306.0TOOLS::STANThu Jun 13 1985SIAM Trip Report
307.013LATOUR::JMUNZERSun Jun 16 1985Two Aces
308.05TOOLS::STANMon Jun 17 1985Colorado Springs Math Olympiad
309.0TOOLS::STANWed Jun 19 1985Computer Arithmetic Conf.
310.05MILOS::THIELMon Jun 24 1985Wanted: Ancestor function for a
311.02TAVTue Jun 25 1985Diagonal cross points
312.0LATOUR::JMUNZERSun Jun 30 1985A new book
313.052TAVSun Jul 07 1985Integer Rectangles
314.01TAVSun Jul 07 1985One More Rectangle
315.07HARE::GILBERTTue Jul 16 1985Making shapes from pieces
316.05SPRITE::OSMANTue Jul 16 1985you're on the right track !
317.02SPRITE::OSMANTue Jul 16 1985Do you catch the drift ?
318.010TAVTue Jul 16 1985Stairway to Heaven
319.018PIPA::JANZENWed Jul 17 1985Pendulum curves
320.043AKOVFri Jul 19 1985Mandelbrot Sets..
321.05NANDI::HARVEYMon Jul 22 1985A Better Fireplace Front
322.013PIPA::JANZENTue Jul 23 1985Micro Turing
323.03GVAThu Jul 25 1985FUZZY WUZZY WAS A SET...
324.011WHYVAX::HETRICKThu Jul 25 1985Base conversion algorithms
325.010ALIEN::POSTPISCHILTue Jul 30 1985Banach-Tarski Theorem
326.013SPRITE::OSMANThu Aug 01 1985Hamiltonian permutation paths
327.01JOEL::BERMANFri Aug 09 1985Non Integer Counting Bases?
328.07R2ME2::GILBERTThu Aug 15 1985Read previous by RFA
329.02TAVTue Aug 27 1985Nice and Easy
330.02TAVWed Aug 28 1985Pitag. Quads
331.0LATOUR::AMARTINSat Sep 14 1985Professor George Polya
332.03SPEEDY::BRETTMon Sep 16 1985Anyone for Cryptanalysis?
333.03BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Sep 18 1985Algebra Problem
334.09TOOLS::STANFri Sep 20 1985New Mersenne Prime
335.024BEING::POSTPISCHILSat Sep 21 1985Infinity
336.03REX::MINOWMon Sep 30 1985Lempel-Ziv Compression
337.02LSTARK::THOMPSONWed Oct 02 1985Real World Problem - How many C
338.02CODE68::THALLERFri Oct 04 1985prove that 2**1
339.010RANI::LEICHTERJSat Oct 05 1985Tiling
340.02CORVUS::THALLERMon Oct 07 1985Resistance across the cube
341.07LYRA::THALLERTue Oct 08 1985Interleaved Memory
342.05TOOLS::STANWed Oct 09 1985Knuth problem in AMM
343.02TOOLS::STANWed Oct 09 1985Heronian triangles consec sides
344.06TOOLS::STANThu Oct 10 1985Triangle with int altitudes
345.017TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985Rational distances to square
346.03TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985n dividing n choose k
347.0TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985Ramanujan pairs
348.0TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985sum of prime power divisors
349.02TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985n X n multiplication table
350.0TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985Ordered pairs
351.0TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985Visible Lattice points
352.0TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 19852^n is a sum of powers of 3
353.01TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985An intersting sequence
354.08TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985No A.P. of length 4
355.0TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985Composite k*2^n+1
356.01TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985A Hamiltonian Graph
357.0TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985n divides a^n-b
358.01TOOLS::STANThu Oct 17 1985Matrix of squares
359.02TOOLS::STANFri Oct 18 1985A maximal triangle
360.015TOOLS::STANSun Oct 20 1985A,B,C,D with no perm. substrings
361.01TOOLS::STANSun Oct 20 1985Sum of 3 4th powers a square
362.01TOOLS::STANSun Oct 20 1985Math and Computers Conference
363.08TOOLS::STANSun Oct 20 1985USENET subscribers
364.03JRDVSun Oct 20 1985MACSYMA avalable on MicroVAX?
365.03R2ME2::GILBERTMon Oct 21 1985Min k with 2**k*n-1 composite
366.011AURORA::HALLYBMon Oct 21 1985Wanted: permutation of 1..N
367.03TOOLS::STANTue Oct 22 1985Distance between circles
368.01TOOLS::STANThu Oct 24 1985REDUCE Newsletter
369.08METOO::YARBROUGHWed Oct 30 1985Anyone for Chess puzzles?
370.0HARE::GILBERTThu Oct 31 1985Public Domain Software
371.04RANI::LEICHTERJTue Nov 05 19851-bit resilient functions
373.0TOOLS::STANThu Nov 07 1985Computers in Algebra Conference
374.0TOOLS::STANFri Nov 08 1985Bibliography
375.02TOOLS::STANFri Nov 08 1985On Symbolic Math Programs
376.05SUPER::MATTHEWSTue Nov 12 1985Americans scarce in math school
377.02KOBAL::GILBERTThu Nov 14 1985Knapsack problem solver
378.03TOOLS::STANFri Nov 15 1985R(1
381.010HOMBRE::MCMENEMYWed Nov 20 1985Related Rate Problem
382.018R2ME2::GILBERTWed Nov 20 1985Golomb Rulers
383.016SPRITE::OSMANWed Nov 20 1985flying to work
384.02TOOLS::STANWed Nov 20 1985Monotone Area
385.0TOOLS::STANWed Nov 20 1985Volume of Tetrahedron
386.0TOOLS::STANWed Nov 20 1985Smallest tetrahedron
387.02TOOLS::STANThu Nov 21 1985Permanents
388.02GOLLY::GILBERTMon Nov 25 1985Sum of n choose k
389.01LYRA::THALLERWed Nov 27 1985function reduction
390.0TOOLS::STANWed Nov 27 1985Classification of Groups
391.0TOOLS::STANWed Nov 27 1985Integer vol of isos tetr
392.01TOOLS::STANWed Nov 27 1985Consec edges in tetrahedron
393.0TOOLS::STANWed Nov 27 1985Trig. Diophantine equation
394.01R2ME2::GILBERTFri Nov 29 19852^n = 3 (mod n)
395.0TOOLS::STANSun Dec 01 1985MACSYMA Seminar at HLO
396.0TOOLS::STANSat Dec 07 1985ANSI/IEEE Std 754
397.04TOOLS::STANMon Dec 09 1985TZ episode
398.015TOOLS::STANMon Dec 09 1985Bjorn Poonen Problems
399.04TOOLS::STANMon Dec 09 1985sin(x/2)
400.01TOOLS::STANMon Dec 09 19852-year index
401.0TOOLS::STANSat Dec 14 1985Errata Unsolved No. Thy.
402.0TOOLS::STANSat Dec 14 1985Western No. Thy. Conf. Notes
403.0TOOLS::STANSat Dec 14 1985Solved and Unsolved No. Thy.
404.0TOOLS::STANSat Dec 14 1985"most wanted" factorizations
405.0TOOLS::STANSat Dec 14 1985Visiting Fellowship Symb. Math
406.0TOOLS::STANSat Dec 14 1985Math Notes Statistics
407.02TOOLS::STANSat Dec 14 1985Recreational Math Conference
408.0TOOLS::STANSat Dec 14 1985Math related note files
409.07DSSDEV::STANSBURYSun Dec 15 1985Questions from GREs
410.04STONED::CASTALDITue Dec 17 1985DECalc-PLUS T
411.010PIXEL::PWONGWed Dec 18 1985Lots of free math software
412.04SPRITE::OSMANThu Dec 19 1985flying to work with full cup
413.01TOOLS::STANThu Dec 19 1985Putnam problem on matrices
414.05R2ME2::STANFri Dec 20 1985Disk blocks to tape inches
415.04TAVSun Dec 22 1985Graph drawing software?
416.01TOOLS::STANThu Dec 26 1985Equivalent sets of points
417.03AURORA::HALLYBMon Dec 30 1985Brace of Arc cosine queries
418.013PIXEL::PWONGThu Jan 02 1986New Pi Computation Record Set
419.03CURIUM::HERGTFri Jan 03 1986Scientific Math Library
420.017SPRITE::OSMANThu Jan 09 1986number of letters in numbers
421.02MENTOR::KOSTASFri Jan 10 1986Latin and Orthogonal squares
422.02MENTOR::KOSTASFri Jan 10 1986CALREAL, a real Number calculat
423.02HYDRA::THALLERSat Jan 11 1986network probability problem
424.0LATOUR::AMARTINSun Jan 12 1986Elliott I. Organick
425.011KOBAL::GILBERTMon Jan 13 1986Flipping stacked disks
426.03TOOLS::STANTue Jan 14 1986Floating Point Accuracy
427.0TOOLS::STANTue Jan 14 1986DOE MACSYMA Distribution Lists
428.0TOOLS::STANTue Jan 14 1986Getting IEEE Flt Pt Stndrd
429.02MENTOR::KOSTASWed Jan 15 1986Only one digit known problem
430.011MENTOR::KOSTASWed Jan 15 1986Jumping off an Asteroid problem
431.03CORVUS::THALLERThu Jan 16 1986straighten a recursive function
432.015BEING::POSTPISCHILMon Jan 20 1986Easy Road to Fame
433.0TOOLS::STANTue Jan 21 1986New book on factoring
434.01TURTLE::GILBERTTue Jan 21 1986VAX Notes Conversion
435.07ARIES::THALLERTue Jan 21 1986brute simulation won't do it
436.03BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Jan 21 1986A Quickie
437.0CORVUS::THALLERThu Jan 23 1986Big Game Hunting
438.096263::JANZENFri Jan 24 19863-D ReGIS graphics
439.07METOO::TOOLSHEDFri Jan 31 1986MAPLE is available!
440.07PIXEL::COHENMon Feb 10 1986Counting change of a dollar
441.06NACHO::MCMENEMYTue Feb 11 1986integrating problem
442.010CLT::GILBERTTue Feb 11 1986Falling ladder
443.01LATOUR::AMARTINWed Feb 19 19868 bit ASCII is as clear as mud on a VT1
444.02CLT::STANThu Feb 27 1986Differential Equation
445.08NMGVSat Mar 01 1986Fermat's last theorem
446.03CURIUM::PETERSONMon Mar 03 1986A clepsydric problem.
447.0AVANTI::OSMANMon Mar 03 1986how did I miss announcement ?
448.017AVANTI::OSMANMon Mar 03 1986set of words using all 26 letters once
449.0ENGINE::ROTHThu Mar 06 1986Iterated Function Sequences
450.08KEEPER::KOSTASFri Mar 07 1986If 5/2 = 3 then 2
451.09KEEPER::KOSTASFri Mar 07 1986Reversing digits and 99, 1
452.01KEEPER::KOSTASMon Mar 10 1986Trains passing each other ...
453.04KEEPER::KOSTASMon Mar 10 19863 clues to find a number ...
454.03AURORA::HALLYBWed Mar 12 1986Busted burst error correction query
455.03THEBUS::KOSTASMon Mar 17 1986The crossed ladders problem
456.01NACHO::MCMENEMYMon Mar 17 1986Bad method or Bad reasoning
457.010HOW::TURNERWed Mar 19 1986Sundial Info Wanted
458.01MILRAT::CARITOMon Mar 24 1986Matrix inversion?
459.03PDVAX::P_DAVISMon Mar 24 1986Minkowski addition?
460.02432Mon Mar 24 1986Cubic spline interpolation routines ?
461.02KBOVTue Mar 25 1986Maple and VAXima Questions
462.06KBOVWed Mar 26 1986Impressions from Maple
463.01RAYNA::CARIFIOFri Mar 28 1986MA Math at night?
464.010BUCKY::MPALMERFri Mar 28 1986probability and geometry ?help
465.019KEEPER::KOSTASSun Apr 06 1986<><><> The "Monkey on a rope" problem. <><><>
466.010KEEPER::KOSTASSun Apr 06 1986What do you get when you divide by zero?
467.010KEEPER::KOSTASSun Apr 06 1986Proving a trigonometric identity by "1 = 1" ?
468.02CLT::GILBERTMon Apr 07 1986Rolling things
469.03BEING::RABAHYTue Apr 08 1986Classify aX+bY as (ir)rational
470.07SIERRA::OSMANWed Apr 09 1986Rolling things
471.02KEEPER::KOSTASTue Apr 15 1986If j=sqrt(-1), is then j^j real or imaginary?
472.09NEWTON::GWBMon Apr 21 1986Colorado Springs Math Olympiad
473.03BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Apr 22 1986Irrational Modulo
474.0GVAEIS::DARNTONWed Apr 30 1986Queueing Theory for nonmaths analysts building TP systems
475.01SIERRA::OSMANWed Apr 30 1986rational approximations
476.013SIERRA::OSMANWed Apr 30 1986Diophantine equations
477.022KEEPER::KOSTASWed Apr 30 1986Pythagorean numbers & primitive sets less than 1
478.02KEEPER::KOSTASWed Apr 30 1986Change of radix reverses digits.
479.04KEEPER::KOSTASWed Apr 30 1986What is the radius of the circle?
480.02KEEPER::KOSTASWed Apr 30 1986What is the theorem about the inscribed hexagon?
481.01NMGVFri May 02 1986Cutting the infinite-dimensional cheese
482.01SIERRA::OSMANFri May 02 1986
483.010KEEPER::KOSTASMon May 05 1986Finite Continued Fractions and problems of.
484.011CHAPLN::DAYThu May 08 1986Here is the problem...
485.09BEING::POSTPISCHILThu May 08 1986The Old Method
486.016SIERRA::OSMANFri May 09 1986The New Method (Square roots, Continued Fractions)
487.04CLT::GILBERTMon May 12 1986Rewriting a number with equal sums of squares
488.01PLDVAX::ZARLENGAMon May 12 1986Something from Calculus 2
489.04ENGINE::ROTHWed May 14 1986Chords/Arcs - limiting area
490.013KEEPER::KOSTASFri May 16 1986Favorite Mathematical related topic?
491.020NMGVWed May 21 1986Brains versus Shelf-formulae?
492.03LATOUR::JMUNZERFri May 23 1986factoring
493.01EAGLEA::DANTOWITZMon May 26 1986Multinomial theorem
494.03CLT::GILBERTFri May 30 1986Re-entrant Knight's Tours (i.e., a cycle)
495.02THEBUS::KOSTASSat May 31 1986The equator hoop problem.
496.03THEBUS::KOSTASSat May 31 1986The 1/2 pastured cow problem.
497.06GALLO::JMUNZERMon Jun 02 1986Mastermind
498.01ERIS::CALLASTue Jun 03 1986SDI -- Strictly Decimal Initiative
499.06METOO::YARBROUGHWed Jun 04 1986Buffon buffoons
500.01METOO::YARBROUGHWed Jun 04 1986More Buffonery
501.02SANFAN::WOODRIWed Jun 04 1986Big prime number.
502.03LILAP::PETERSENFri Jun 06 1986LINPRO?
503.02COMET::ROBERTSSun Jun 08 1986Drilling a Cube
504.010CLT::GILBERTMon Jun 09 1986Multiple of 127?
505.013CLT::GILBERTMon Jun 09 1986A prime that is 123456789
507.05ZEPPO::DAYWed Jun 11 1986The Story of Jill and Dave
508.011COMET::ROBERTSWed Jun 11 1986X to the X to the X to the X ...
509.014EAGLEA::BESTThu Jun 12 1986integer square root algorithms
510.07SIERRA::OSMANFri Jun 13 1986A prime that is 987654321...
511.08LATOUR::JMUNZERFri Jun 13 1986Wed. Xmas
512.019AVANTI::OSMANMon Jun 16 1986x**y = y**x
513.011AVANTI::OSMANMon Jun 16 1986Maximal product that adds to 1
514.03SIERRA::OSMANMon Jun 16 1986find shortest string NOT found in longer one.
515.03SIERRA::OSMANMon Jun 16 1986e^pi larger than pi^e ??
516.03CLT::GILBERTMon Jun 16 1986The Frobenius Problem
517.02RANI::LEICHTERJMon Jun 16 1986Hexagonal varient Bridge-It
518.012LATOUR::JMUNZERTue Jun 17 1986prisoner's dilemma
519.036SIERRA::OSMANWed Jun 18 1986theorem about game outcomes
520.03TAVSun Jun 22 19862 equations with 3 variables...
521.01RDGE28::FLASHWed Jun 25 1986solving n unknowns in one equation
522.05RDGE28::FLASHWed Jun 25 1986missing number can be anything!
523.05TAVThu Jun 26 1986perfect 3-d polygons
524.012CACHE::MARSHALLThu Jun 26 19864 point problem
525.037THEBUS::KOSTASThu Jun 26 1986<><><> Palindromic Numbers <><><>
526.04VOGON::CATTERMOULFri Jun 27 1986Magic squares
527.07ROXIE::OSMANWed Jul 02 1986rotational multiples
528.05CACHE::MARSHALLThu Jul 03 1986drilling a rod
529.01MUNCSS::FORSTFri Jul 04 1986Signal processing - HELP
530.05HOW::TURNERFri Jul 04 1986Node Enumeration
531.068EAGLEA::DANTOWITZMon Jul 07 1986RANDOM numbers
532.01COMET::ROBERTSMon Jul 07 1986As Easy As 1, 2, 3
533.05CLT::GILBERTWed Jul 09 1986Number of Linear Orderings of Subsets of N Things
535.04SWIFT::HOLDERFri Jul 11 1986A Philistine needs some help.
536.06KEEPER::KOSTASSat Jul 12 1986<><><> Lisped in numbers . . . <><><>
537.0VOGON::CATTERMOULMon Jul 14 1986More on Magic Squares
538.014CLT::GILBERTThu Jul 17 1986Circle tangent to a parabola
539.09SANFAN::HAYESJOFri Jul 18 1986Error Detection Problem
540.012THEBUS::KOSTASSun Jul 20 1986<><><> Confusing Questions <><><>
541.07COMET::ROBERTSMon Jul 21 1986min( side A - side B )
542.026MODEL::YARBROUGHWed Jul 23 1986Help, the floor is spinning
543.03REX::MINOWThu Jul 24 1986Attaboy
544.0CHOVAX::YOUNGFri Jul 25 1986Fast Division.
545.024THEBUS::KOSTASSun Jul 27 1986<><><> Fibonacci Numbers <><><>
546.04SHEILA::PUCKETTTue Jul 29 1986?? Division/factoring algorithms ??
547.04THEBUS::KOSTASWed Jul 30 1986<><><> 72 * ? = x67.9y <><><>
548.035THEBUS::KOSTASWed Jul 30 1986<><><> Picture with itself in it. <><><>
549.07PRCSWS::SIMONLIWed Jul 30 1986Divisibility by 5
550.04LATOUR::JMUNZERThu Jul 31 1986cops & robbers
551.08CEDSWS::SESSIONSThu Jul 31 1986Round Robin Scheduling
552.03PRCSWS::EDDIELEUNGThu Jul 31 1986kx = 123456789
553.011COMET::ROBERTSFri Aug 01 1986circles
554.08KEEPER::KOSTASSun Aug 03 1986<><><> Numeric Triangle <><><>
555.01SWIFT::HOLDERMon Aug 04 1986FISCAL CALENDAR, Any suggestions??
556.01CHOVAX::YOUNGTue Aug 05 1986The Primary Network.
557.0CLT::GILBERTWed Aug 06 1986ICM '86 Awards
558.09CLT::GILBERTThu Aug 07 1986Factoring factorials
559.03CLT::GILBERTFri Aug 08 1986What's the probability that the last ball is red?
560.02MODULE::FONTAINEFri Aug 08 1986The locator problem
561.011EAGLE7::DANTOWITZFri Aug 08 1986LOG base 1
562.010COMET::ROBERTSMon Aug 11 1986Streak Betting
563.010THEBUS::KOSTASMon Aug 11 1986<><><> Palindromic words, phrases, sentenses <><><>
564.06CLT::GILBERTThu Aug 14 1986A NIM-like game with history
565.02THEBUS::KOSTASFri Aug 15 1986<><><> Gaining or losing a unit of area <><><>
567.03MODEL::YARBROUGHWed Aug 20 1986The Keyboard Game
568.03MODEL::YARBROUGHWed Aug 20 1986Properties of LSDigits of N!
569.08CACHE::MARSHALLWed Aug 20 1986Penrose Tiling
570.048MODEL::YARBROUGHFri Aug 22 1986Maximizing dice game
571.04EVE::R_LIFri Aug 22 1986Probability analysis of nearest neighbor alg.
572.08DB::ARNOLDFri Aug 22 1986Logic reduction program
573.06KIRK::WOLFEThu Sep 04 1986Historical approach to learning math?
574.06NULL::TORNHEIMTue Sep 09 1986polynomial program
575.09COMET::ROBERTSWed Sep 10 1986SQRT( matrix )
576.011262Fri Sep 12 1986Who is the Spy? [R. Smullyan]
577.02ARGUS::COOKFri Sep 12 1986a Natural log question
578.03CLT::GILBERTSat Sep 13 1986Non-factor Series
579.012CHOVAX::YOUNGMon Sep 15 1986Acyclic Graphs & Matrix Multiplication
580.069712::DANTOWITZWed Sep 17 1986Chains in a "graph"
581.07THEBUS::KOSTASWed Sep 17 1986<><><> The fly and the two bicycles problem <><><>
582.0NOVA::NELSONThu Sep 18 1986Practical Solutions to Id and Signature Problems
583.014262Mon Sep 22 1986Piet Hein design
584.02COMET::ROBERTSMon Sep 22 1986A Random Sequence
585.019CLT::GILBERTMon Sep 22 1986Probability that random ranges intersect
586.08262Wed Sep 24 1986Cube cut-up
587.0REGINA::OSMANThu Sep 25 1986GO problem, May 1986 American Go Journal
588.03TSE::FONSECAThu Sep 25 1986Jaywalking Paperboy
589.03CLT::GILBERTSat Sep 27 1986Recent net.math posting about Grurmstipth
590.05CLT::GILBERTSat Sep 27 1986Problem from Int'l Mathematics Olympiad
591.017481::KOSTASMon Sep 29 1986<><><> 7 o'clock and angle bisection problem <><><>
592.01KRYPTN::CROWELLThu Oct 02 1986Do we use MACSYMA
593.03MODEL::YARBROUGHMon Oct 06 1986Ticket numbers
594.03EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed Oct 08 1986The AUTODIN-II CRC polynomial
595.08MODEL::YARBROUGHWed Oct 15 1986Topological sorting
596.07TOOK::APPELLOFThu Oct 16 1986Which mean to use?
597.09COMET::ROBERTSFri Oct 17 1986Sum of the Sines
598.018CHOVAX::YOUNGSat Oct 18 1986Push-Button Locks.
599.05CHOVAX::YOUNGSat Oct 18 1986String Distances
600.01CACHE::MARSHALLMon Oct 20 1986Pythagorean Theorem in 3-Space
601.01EAGLE1::BESTWed Oct 22 1986conditions on/proofs for moving across integral signs
602.02HOUSE::HERGTMon Oct 27 1986Macsyma 3
603.05RAYNAL::OSMANMon Oct 27 1986world series probability
604.03SEARAY::EASTMon Oct 27 1986Stripe Set Mapping Function
605.08EAGLE1::BESTWed Oct 29 1986Cost redistribution strategies among cooperating participants
606.04TAVSat Nov 01 1986Cover Problem with actual use
607.01COMET::ROBERTSWed Nov 05 1986Dubious Magazine Mathematics
608.023AYOV1Thu Nov 06 1986Word Puzzle
609.027ANT::JANZENMon Nov 10 1986Urn with 36 numbered balls
610.017KIRK::MCMENEMYTue Nov 11 1986
611.010JON::MORONEYThu Nov 13 1986Angels and devils
612.012TAVSun Nov 16 1986Graphs and Cliques
613.07NOBUGS::AMARTINMon Nov 17 1986Strainer of Eratosthenes
614.01ECCLES::DOUGThu Nov 20 1986concentric equilateral triangles?
615.015STAR::JONESThu Nov 20 1986Math routines testing knowledge needed
616.04CLT::GILBERTMon Nov 24 1986Solving n = a*k + b
617.02CURIUM::PETERSONSun Nov 30 1986Magnetic Fields do not exist
618.027ENGINE::ROTHMon Dec 01 1986Little "g"
619.01CLT::GILBERTMon Dec 01 1986Sum of multiples of phi
620.03ISWISS::DAYFri Dec 05 1986Integer LP program needed
621.08BEING::POSTPISCHILMon Dec 08 1986Hamilton's Principle
622.01SIERRA::OSMANTue Dec 09 1986how many flips -- a duplicate of note 623
623.026AVANTI::OSMANTue Dec 09 1986let's flip a coin
624.018BEING::POSTPISCHILTue Dec 09 1986Putnam Competition
625.04THEBUS::KOSTASWed Dec 10 1986<><><> MATHPLOT, a mathematical function PLOTter <><><>
626.05MMOWed Dec 10 1986Normal to a plane in 3d?
627.09THEBUS::KOSTASThu Dec 11 1986<><><> Drawing a Straight line . . . <><><>
628.01THEBUS::KOSTASThu Dec 11 1986<><><> Selling cows . . . <><><>
629.04SSDEVO::LARYFri Dec 12 1986old Putnam problem
630.02EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed Dec 17 1986The propeller and the toroid
631.02THEBUS::KOSTASWed Dec 17 1986<><><> Grazing Oxen <><><>
632.03EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Dec 18 1986Floating point binary
633.03VERDI::LEMIEUXFri Dec 19 1986Perfect numbers
634.05GYPSC1::NITSCHETue Dec 23 1986the most interest games ?
635.01CHOVAX::YOUNGSat Dec 27 1986Christmas Problem...
636.0EAGLE1::DANTOWITZTue Dec 30 1986Looking for a paper
637.05CLT::GILBERTTue Dec 30 1986Inverse modulo 2**32 -- a puzzle
638.07EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed Dec 31 1986some sum
639.011CLT::GILBERTSat Jan 03 1987let's flip another coin
640.06CHOVAX::YOUNGSat Jan 03 1987Non-Turing Languages.
641.02VIDEO::OSMANMon Jan 05 1987What's average number of flips to get heads ?
642.01THEBUS::KOSTASTue Jan 06 1987<><><> How many did Cain fear? <><><>
643.011WKRP::KIERFri Jan 09 1987Las Vegas Solitaire
644.012BEING::POSTPISCHILSun Jan 11 1987Potential Future Omni Problems
645.0MENTOR::ARROYOMon Jan 12 1987infix to postfix in BASIC
646.0CLT::GILBERTThu Jan 15 19872^n = sum of powers of 3
647.02CLT::GILBERTThu Jan 15 1987Recursion defined on relation that doesn't hold
648.0CLT::GILBERTThu Jan 15 1987Prob 85:
649.08CLT::GILBERTThu Jan 15 1987Subset of rationals
650.06ESTORE::ROOSFri Jan 16 1987zero split integers
651.05VINO::JMUNZERFri Jan 16 1987stones
652.012SKYLRK::RICHARDMon Jan 19 1987standard deviation
653.01CHOVAX::YOUNGTue Jan 20 1987SA482 word problem.
654.015BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Jan 21 1987Killing a Tree
655.03MODEL::YARBROUGHWed Jan 21 1987Lattice-filling triangles: Two puzzles
656.021ESTORE::ROOSFri Jan 23 1987million,billion,trillion,...
658.04ECC::JAERVINENTue Jan 27 1987Gaussian random numbers??
659.016VINO::JMUNZERTue Jan 27 1987sequences
660.011PLDVAX::ZARLENGAWed Jan 28 1987MegaBucks system
661.02MOSAIC::COUTUThu Jan 29 1987Request for explanation of symbols
662.07COMET::ROBERTSFri Feb 06 1987Max Die
663.03HERBIE::MORANFri Feb 06 1987Fractal Geometry
664.023EAGLE1::DANTOWITZMon Feb 09 1987Shuffling algorithms
665.013VINO::JMUNZERTue Feb 10 1987lots of dots
667.08ENGINE::ROTHThu Feb 12 1987Costa-Meeks-Hoffman minimal surface
668.05BEING::POSTPISCHILThu Feb 19 1987x^x = -1
669.013ZEPPO::WALSHFri Feb 20 1987E TO 1
670.04HOT::FONTANAMon Feb 23 1987Graphics Problem
671.0COGITO::STODDARDFri Feb 27 1987An interesting question.
672.09CADLAC::SHANNONMon Mar 02 1987MATLAB
673.02SMAUG::THOMPSONMon Mar 02 1987Vector dot and cross product
674.04MORRIS::JANZENMon Mar 09 1987Linear algebra, a solved problem
675.04APEHUB::ASFOURFri Mar 13 1987A proof that 2=1 !!
676.02CLT::GILBERTSat Mar 14 1987Continuous version of x^x^...^x
677.08ENGINE::ROTHSun Mar 15 1987Interpolation between derivative orders
678.01NOFALT::WARDMon Mar 16 1987LINPACK,EISPACK and RICCATI equation
679.03ANYWAY::WOLFFFri Mar 20 1987Network (Graph) problem.
680.09VIDEO::OSMANFri Mar 20 1987Say "Red" or "Black"
681.03CLT::GILBERTSun Mar 22 1987Can this recurrence be periodic?
682.047CLT::GILBERTSun Mar 22 1987Symmetric function -- f(a,t)
683.06TAVWed Mar 25 19872N point puzzle
684.05PARSEC::BOURQUEThu Mar 26 1987Help me find prime numbers, please
685.09CLT::GILBERTSun Mar 29 1987How many colors, ignoring intensity?
686.04BEING::RABAHYMon Mar 30 1987Next number?
687.05BALZAC::COULONThu Apr 02 1987A rope around the Earth
688.01SEMI::NGWed Apr 08 1987A "structural conjecture" in number theory?
689.012VIDEO::OSMANThu Apr 09 19871
690.01SQM::HALLYBThu Apr 09 1987Recurrence relation inquiry from USENET
691.012DACT6::CANNONThu Apr 09 1987Traveling Salesman Problem
692.02GENRAL::HEINTZEFri Apr 17 1987How to do Arithmatic on Distributions?
693.04EAGLE1::BESTThu Apr 23 1987Dynamics and design of a floater (mostly physics)
694.03BIRMVX::TURRELLTue Apr 28 1987Fifteen puzzle
695.06VIDEO::OSMANWed Apr 29 1987if (n odd) n=3n-1 else n=n/2
696.01SEARAY::EASTMon May 04 1987Testing the VAX G-floating Sine and Cosine Implementaiton
697.013COMET::ROBERTSMon May 04 1987Random Integers Relatively Prime
698.02SEMI::NGTue May 05 1987Rent division problem
699.04MIZPAH::ELKINDThu May 07 1987Any DSP course or mavens?
700.02CHOVAX::YOUNGThu May 07 1987Goldbach's Conjecture Revisited.
701.0AKQJ1Fri May 08 1987Goldbach wasn't always right!
702.03CLT::GILBERTFri May 08 1987f(A) -> C, f(B) -> D
703.019EAGLE1::BESTFri May 15 1987infinite grid of resistors
704.0CLT::GILBERTSat May 16 1987Ye Olde Geometry Problems
705.0CLT::GILBERTSat May 16 1987Fractions sum to an integer
706.0CLT::GILBERTSat May 16 1987Two (or so) series/limit problems
707.01BALZAC::COULONMon May 18 1987Ladders lead to the top
708.02--UnknownUser--Wed May 20 1987public key encyption routines?
709.01COOKIE::ROLLOWSat May 23 1987Richard V. Andree
710.05CLUSTA::KELLEHERTue Jun 02 1987Imaginary Numbers -- doing research
711.04IECG::GREENWOODTue Jun 02 1987Coincidence
712.018KIRK::KOLKERWed Jun 03 1987Number of transitive relations on a set
713.03EVE::CROWELLThu Jun 04 1987CRC-16 probibility of undetected error
714.01IOSG::DEMORGANFri Jun 05 1987sin(cos(x)) = x etc.
715.05EAGLE1::BESTFri Jun 05 1987conceptual electric field question
716.05EAGLE1::BESTTue Jun 09 1987need help with partial difference eqn
717.022BMT::TEDESCOMon Jun 15 1987HASHING algorithm, anyone ?
718.021COMET::ROBERTSTue Jun 16 1987Brain Bogglers, 7/87 Discover
719.09KIRK::KOLKERWed Jun 17 1987Poincare's Conjecture
720.012KNEE::WEBERFri Jun 19 1987big number fascination
721.07RDVAX::PERRONETue Jun 23 1987Matrix question
722.024COMET2::ROBERTSSun Jun 28 1987Infinitely Random
723.07RDVAX::PERRONEMon Jun 29 1987Cantor and the Greedy Gnome (or the Marble Parable)
724.07SQM::RICOTue Jun 30 1987random number generation
725.03CLT::GARYBWed Jul 01 1987(HAKMEMP ...) ==> T ?
726.03COMET2::ROBERTSFri Jul 03 1987Partial Vector Reversals
727.015EAGLE1::BESTMon Jul 06 1987physics questions about flames
728.02PFLOYD::ROTHBERGTue Jul 07 1987You CAN'T get a hole in one . . .
729.08VINO::JMUNZERWed Jul 08 1987census taker
730.02CLT::GARYBMon Jul 13 1987MACSYMA/VAXIMA/SMP location?
731.05KIRK::KOLKERTue Jul 14 1987A functional equation problem
732.01751528::OLAVWed Jul 15 1987Optimal position for travel to N position?
733.01CXCAD::LARSENWed Jul 15 1987Strange attractions in POSTSCRIPT
734.02EAGLE1::BESTFri Jul 17 1987calculating electric dipole moments
735.010RDVAX::PERRONEFri Jul 17 1987Squares: necc.&suff. conditions
736.029KIRK::KOLKERWed Jul 22 1987everywhere discontinuous function
737.011NUTMEG::RYANWed Jul 22 1987<<<OFFICE / BALLONS = ?>>>
738.01NAC::PICKETTThu Jul 23 1987Statistical Inference
739.08BEING::POSTPISCHILFri Jul 24 1987Math Philosophy
740.03CLT::GILBERTSun Jul 26 1987Thue's word problem
741.02PLDVAX::HUYNHMon Jul 27 1987Program for Fractals?
742.04BEING::RABAHYTue Jul 28 1987Rationals/irrationals between
743.010BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Jul 29 1987Counter-Intuitive Theorems
744.02YODA::COOKThu Jul 30 1987Calculus II tutor needed...
745.02SQM::HALLYBThu Jul 30 1987Wildly discontinuous functions, pt. 2
746.027CLT::GILBERTMon Aug 03 1987Another Mass Lottery problem
747.05EAGLE1::BESTFri Aug 07 1987physics: interpretation of nu
748.01CSC32::RODASTue Aug 11 1987Blanking on 3-D plots.
749.017VINO::JMUNZERTue Aug 11 1987Commonstealth
750.011VMSINT::THIELFri Aug 14 1987Urn probability problem; with application
751.015EAGLE1::BESTWed Aug 19 1987logic design: 'square root' of boolean matrix operator
752.017BEING::POSTPISCHILWed Aug 19 1987Is e^(pi*163^.5) an Integer?
753.08PSW::WINALSKIThu Aug 20 1987bounded but nonperiodic Mandelbrot Set members?
754.0VIDEO::OSMANWed Aug 26 1987go evening in Boston suburb, you're invited!
755.02MYKENE::TURNERFri Aug 28 1987Dist. of Random Nos.
756.07BIRMIC::TURRELLTue Sep 01 1987Ramanujan & Hardy, biographies.
757.0SMURF::DIKEWed Sep 02 1987AMM ?
758.07TDCIS1::POUTHIERWed Sep 09 1987? is Don Knuth stuck at vol 3 ?
759.06VIRGIN::KRAUSFri Sep 11 1987Matrix Inversion.. C/Fortran
760.03BARNUM::JORGENSENThu Sep 17 1987Fourier Transform Software
761.015COMET2::ROBERTSFri Sep 18 1987Hinged Quadrilateral
762.010THRUST::LONGFri Sep 25 1987question on sine function
763.07PARITY::MOORADIANMon Sep 28 1987Matrix Algebra
764.05VINO::JMUNZERTue Sep 29 1987number crossword
765.02ALLWET::PETERSONTue Oct 06 1987Implications for Large address space machines
766.0GLINKA::GREENEThu Oct 08 1987BACK FROM THE KLONDIKE? don't look in Sci Am!
767.07NAC::PICKETTFri Oct 09 1987Probability Problem
768.018SCRIBE::PORTNOYMon Oct 12 1987"unwell-ordering"
769.0TEACH::ARTTue Oct 13 1987Clap if you believe in CHAOS ...
770.02EAGLE1::BESTWed Oct 14 1987Are there asymmetric measures of the stat. strength of an assertion ?
771.09VINO::JMUNZERFri Oct 16 1987GOPS
772.02SQM::HALLYBSat Oct 17 1987(.9)(.99)(.999)(.9999)(.99999)...
773.04PFLOYD::ROTHBERGMon Oct 19 1987Calculus tutorial
774.09WAYWRD::WOLFFWed Oct 21 1987Algebra problem.
775.025VIDEO::OSMANThu Oct 22 1987minimal guess set for Mastermind
776.08VIDEO::OSMANFri Oct 23 198713 or 133 or 1333 or 13333 ... which are composite?
777.03AUNTB::SOEHLSun Oct 25 1987Calculus text?
778.03VIDEO::OSMANWed Oct 28 1987I've got a program for pretty Regis pictures
779.04CXCAD::VENNERWed Oct 28 1987integer puzzle
780.02CLT::GILBERTFri Oct 30 1987Recent USENET problems
782.04ZFC::DERAMOThu Nov 05 1987Infinite sums, from USENET
784.04SRFSUP::FRIEDMANFri Nov 06 1987Leap
786.02SQM::HALLYBMon Nov 09 1987INT(
787.05BEING::POSTPISCHILMon Nov 09 1987Miscellaneous Problems from Usenet
788.010ZFC::DERAMOThu Nov 12 1987More from USENET sci.math
789.01MALLET::TURNERFri Nov 20 1987Readings on Bifurcation?
790.03COMET::ROBERTSFri Nov 20 1987Convergence of Infinite Series
791.015RDGENG::HALLMon Nov 23 1987Intriguing functions?
792.04COMET::ROBERTSTue Nov 24 1987Power Regression
793.01SMURF::MCMENEMYSun Nov 29 1987question on metric space l^2
794.05BLITZN::ROBERTSWed Dec 02 1987Flip You For It
795.02ZFC::DERAMOWed Dec 02 1987USENET: Polynomials with complex coefficients
796.04ZFC::DERAMOWed Dec 02 1987USENET: A probability problem
797.01ZURThu Dec 03 1987Windowing Algorithms ?
798.07KIM::RICEThu Dec 03 1987Algorithm for a non-math hack!
799.05ZFC::DERAMOWed Dec 09 1987Multiprecision (bignum) arithmetic bugs
800.01CSSE::CLARKThu Dec 10 1987need differential equation package
801.02SPYDER::TURNERThu Dec 10 1987Article on Paul Erdos
802.01HYDRA::BLATTSun Dec 13 1987matrix solver wanted
803.05CLT::GILBERTMon Dec 14 1987Discontiguous common substrings
804.04ZFC::DERAMOWed Dec 16 1987Bertrand's Postulate
805.04VIDEO::OSMANThu Dec 17 1987anyone know the "guess what your execution day" par+X
806.03CLT::GILBERTWed Dec 23 1987Even terms of a polynomial (from USENET)
807.020KEEPER::KOSTASWed Dec 23 1987Given two points connect them with an arc ...
808.02KEEPER::KOSTASWed Dec 23 1987<><><> Brocard points ... <><><>
809.05KEEPER::KOSTASWed Dec 23 1987<><><> A trisected circle ... <><><>
810.02LABC::FRIEDMANTue Jan 05 1988Tower Location
811.04LABC::FRIEDMANTue Jan 05 1988Family Get-Together
812.06SMURF::JMARTINWed Jan 06 1988How many primes < 2^32 ?
813.011BLITZN::ROBERTSWed Jan 06 1988Mathematical Mystery Tour
814.03KEEPER::KOSTASFri Jan 08 1988<><><> The hat overboard problem ... <><><>
815.013SQM::HALLYBTue Jan 12 1988Wanted: remedial Fourier analysis reference work
816.010VIDEO::OSMANThu Jan 14 1988the many-skilled-committee puzzle
818.033833::PATELTue Jan 19 1988Skill Factor?
819.0CADM::ROTHFri Jan 22 1988Lorenz Attractor program
820.015VIDEO::OSMANMon Jan 25 1988How do you balance five tubes in a 12-slot centrifuge?
821.012LANDO::ICOHENMon Jan 25 1988Need Help With Contour Integral
822.02LABC::FRIEDMANThu Jan 28 1988Cellular
823.01SPYDER::TURNERWed Feb 03 1988Statistical Packages Available?
824.05STAR::HEERMANCEFri Feb 05 1988A house with many doors
825.04STAR::HEERMANCEMon Feb 08 1988To tell the truth?
826.03IND::ZENZEROVICHTue Feb 09 1988Math Package available?
827.01TFH::MARSHALLSat Feb 20 1988Fitting a parabola
828.018CHOVAX::YOUNGSun Feb 21 1988Integer data compression:
829.04COMICS::DEMORGANMon Feb 22 1988Folium of Descartes?
830.01CLT::GILBERTThu Feb 25 1988Locating a Drug Runner
831.09FGVAXZ::SPELLMANThu Feb 25 1988That's a lotta tea bags.
832.013FOR8::SYSTEMTue Mar 01 1988Info on Notebooks Of RAMANUJAM
834.065241Thu Mar 03 1988Audioactive chemistry
835.02BLITZN::ROBERTSThu Mar 03 1988Another Sequence Puzzle
836.013HERON::BUCHANANThu Mar 03 1988socoodi
837.05CLT::GILBERTThu Mar 03 1988Greedy scheduling
838.08VIDEO::OSMANFri Mar 04 1988forcing complicated wildcarding operations
839.014SDOGUS::HOOKERTue Mar 08 1988Fermat's last theorem proved!!??
840.04ELWD2::CHINNASWAMYTue Mar 08 1988Lock traffic
841.01LEDS::HEALTHWed Mar 09 1988looking for a tutor
842.012ELWD2::CHINNASWAMYSat Mar 12 1988Stirling numbers
843.05--UnknownUser--Sat Mar 19 1988Delayed Raise
844.08TALLIS::KOCHWed Mar 23 19882 linear algebra ?s about eigenvalues & matrices
845.05EAGLE1::BESTFri Mar 25 1988What language for multi-party bus simulation ?
846.026AKQJ1Mon Mar 28 1988Pythagorean Converse
847.018SMURF::BINDERWed Mar 30 1988Proof requested - construction of regular pentagon
848.0VIVIAN::MILTONWed Mar 30 1988Minitab?
849.06VIDEO::OSMANThu Mar 31 1988sin(nx) = f(sin(x),cos(x)) ???
850.04GORP::MARCOTTEThu Mar 31 1988trig question/proof?
851.05--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 31 1988sorting rows in a 2d matrix
852.05GORP::MARCOTTEFri Apr 01 1988reference books on geo?
853.04GORP::MARCOTTEFri Apr 01 1988parametric equations for ellipse?
854.019CLT::GILBERTTue Apr 05 1988from Don Gillies
855.03MJG::GRIERTue Apr 05 1988Mathematics graduate studies in the US?
856.04DPDMAI::FRAMELIWed Apr 06 19882^31 Sieve > 2^32 and Beyond Sieve?
857.02ELWD2::CHINNASWAMYThu Apr 07 1988Markov chain and bugs
858.01DPDMAI::FRAMELIFri Apr 08 1988hashing it out, go linear
859.03LASSIE::PETTENGILLFri Apr 08 1988Telephone switching: probability of a connection
860.011SSDEVO::LARYFri Apr 08 1988A problem from Stan Rabinowitz
861.03DPDMAI::FRAMELISun Apr 10 1988combinations/permutations
862.0NACAD::GREENSTEINWed Apr 13 1988Help with Convolution.
863.01VIVIAN::MILTONThu Apr 14 1988Jigsaw Puzzles
864.017CLT::GILBERTTue Apr 19 1988Spin-Loops
865.01CLT::GILBERTThu Apr 21 1988n-universal sets for planar graphs
866.03ORACLE::COOPERFri Apr 22 1988Poly Root Finder Info Needed
868.013MEIS::WOLFFWed Apr 27 1988Long Integer Divisions.
869.015VINO::JMUNZERMon May 02 1988thresholding
870.02VIDEO::OSMANWed May 04 1988find smallest non-substring of larger string
871.0137993::COOPERWed May 11 1988Performance of simple factoring program.
872.0DECSIM::FARICELLIWed May 11 1988Need LINPACK BLAS for 8
873.02SHARE::MALLORYSun May 15 1988TOPOLOGY?
874.01CLT::GILBERTTue May 17 1988Prime generating polynomials
875.03DPDMAI::OREILLYWed May 18 1988Ops Research?? Mngmnt Science??
876.05JRDVFri May 20 1988N-dimensional simultaneous linear equation solverwi
877.04HPSTEK::XIASat May 21 1988A Short Question
878.02HPSTEK::XIASat May 21 1988Recommendation needed
879.012CLT::GILBERTThu May 26 1988Average series
880.05VINO::JMUNZERWed Jun 01 1988you saw me standing alone
881.028ZFC::DERAMOThu Jun 02 1988Find the roots of this fifth degree polynomial.
882.04BIRGP1::TURRELLFri Jun 03 1988Equation of Time - information sought.
883.05DELNI::MHARRISMon Jun 06 1988Help solving LOG/EXP equation needed...
884.06HPSTEK::XIATue Jun 07 1988Why local homeomorphism is not enough for manifoldd
885.01EAGLE1::BESTTue Jun 07 1988An indefinite integral
886.012VANISH::STRANGEWAYSMon Jun 13 1988Sundry Sequences
887.03DEC::LEONARDFri Jun 17 1988Expressing enumerated types
888.026HPSTEK::XIAFri Jun 17 1988Two more interesting problems.
889.09POOL::HALLYBMon Jun 20 1988Formula for length of a spiral?
890.04COMICS::DEMORGANThu Jun 23 1988help with fiscal calendar needed
891.08HPSTEK::XIAFri Jun 24 1988Two More Friday Afternoon Problems.
892.015SDOGUS::DRAKESat Jun 25 1988Trisection of Angles?
893.033ZFC::DERAMOMon Jun 27 1988Humor from USENET: The Best of Math Jokes
894.05SSDEVO::LARYMon Jun 27 1988Using remainder mod P as an error detection code
895.03EAGLE1::BESTWed Jun 29 1988logic design: count difference in #/pulses
896.06ZFC::DERAMOTue Jul 05 1988USENET Geometry problem
897.013FRACTL::HEERMANCEWed Jul 06 1988A fractal in Pascal's Triangle
898.05EAGLE1::NOFSINGERWed Jul 06 1988Principals of Solving PDE's
899.015KIRKWD::SERVERThu Jul 07 1988Splitting House Profit
900.010TRNFri Jul 08 1988Color Mapping. Any idea?
901.023EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed Jul 13 1988Cubic equations
902.07GIDDAY::ALLENFri Jul 15 1988Inellastic Collisions?
903.038HPSTEK::XIASun Jul 17 1988PHYSICS notesfile?
904.02HPSTEK::XIAThu Jul 21 1988An Elegant Quote from Bertrand Russell
905.017ZFC::DERAMOThu Jul 21 19881988 International Mathematical Olympiad problems
906.011DPDMAI::FRAMELIFri Jul 22 1988Mathematica?
907.08UTRTSC::KAAIJMon Jul 25 1988The Goat problem, a challenge?
908.03PBSVAX::COOPERTue Jul 26 1988Test problems for Mathematica
909.012VIDEO::OSMANWed Jul 27 1988does second guesser of bill really have an advantage?
910.03VIVIAN::MILTONThu Jul 28 1988Life Table Function
911.03CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Jul 28 1988Want to know error in arcseconds
912.03NAC::ANILThu Jul 28 198832-bit CRC
913.02HERON::BUCHANANWed Aug 03 1988Knaves of Spades
914.023GYPSC::NITSCHEMon Aug 08 1988chess
915.06MEIS::WOLFFMon Aug 08 1988Walls and Ladders.
916.015UTRTSC::KAAIJFri Aug 12 1988Memorize Pi Help!!
917.02GLASS::SHIVESFri Aug 12 1988Angle Problem
918.04CLT::GILBERTTue Aug 16 1988x^5 = I
919.012KRAPPA::BILODEAUThu Aug 18 1988Packing 2 numbers into 1
920.04HPSTEK::XIAFri Aug 19 1988Friday afternoon problems again.
921.09VLSBOS::HARTELWed Aug 24 1988limit problem
922.02LISP::DERAMOSun Aug 28 1988"Survey (about good/bad numbers)"
923.018VINO::JMUNZERTue Aug 30 1988Conway
924.02WONDER::NORTONThu Sep 01 1988Data Reduction For Binary Images With Limted Stack
925.06KIM::RICEFri Sep 02 1988balance on binary trees
926.09LOCLE::RATCLIFFMon Sep 05 1988Nearest product
927.05FNYADG::HUDELOTThu Sep 08 1988Are my numbers prime ? Help me...
928.03PEARS::LITPHASWed Sep 14 1988trivial funktion
929.0HYEND::RLEEFri Sep 16 1988'89 Computers & Math/12-16 Jun 89/Cambridge,MA
930.011AKQJ1Mon Sep 19 1988Sum consecutive integers to 1
931.03LARVAE::TURNERMon Sep 19 1988Neighbors in Matrix?
932.021PSYCHE::ROOSMon Sep 19 1988Help
933.08LISP::DERAMOTue Sep 20 1988Elliptic Functions
934.01ARRROW::SCHOENFELDWed Sep 21 1988HELP (Formatting inputs for Matrix Routines)
935.025LISP::DERAMOThu Sep 22 1988chi squared?
936.02OSL1Mon Sep 26 1988HELP - math software
937.03CAROL::FRAMPTONTue Sep 27 1988Extended-Precision Multiply and Divide
938.04VIVIAN::MILTONFri Sep 30 1988Normal Dist. Random Numbers
939.019WFOOFF::PECKARMon Oct 03 1988Algorithm for N! in ALL-IN-1?
940.011HERON::BUCHANANWed Oct 05 1988Assume no conduction or radiation
941.01POOL::HALLYBTue Oct 11 1988What, no package store?
942.0LISP::DERAMOTue Oct 11 1988Declaration of Linear Independence
943.012CIRCUS::MSMTue Oct 11 19881
944.010ULYSSE::ZITTAWed Oct 12 1988a way to get pi experimentally
945.03TLE::PETERSONThu Oct 13 1988A palindrome algorithm
946.013HIBOB::SIMMONSThu Oct 13 1988A hard distribution function problem
947.08ULYSSE::ZITTAFri Oct 14 1988Color a map
948.02ULYSSE::ZITTAFri Oct 14 1988drunk or sober?
949.01HERON::BUCHANANMon Oct 17 1988the curse of the clean desk
950.026POOL::HALLYBMon Oct 17 1988AUTOGEN is hunting for knee of the curve
951.02LISP::DERAMOMon Oct 17 1988DIR/TITLE="DIR/TITLE=..."
952.0ALLWET::PETERSONMon Oct 17 1988Announcing PHYSICS Notefile
953.0MAMIE::BOTTOMSTue Oct 18 1988Is this Vector Quantization?
954.01KAOA12::BARKLEYTue Oct 18 1988Cissoid of Diocles
955.02PRSUD1::CHALEATFri Oct 21 1988wavelet & time-frequency display
956.0WFOOFF::PECKARFri Oct 21 1988Deadbase puzzle
957.07MURDOC::HOUGHTONWed Oct 26 1988?Function representation through Power series?
958.0FSLENG::BARRESIThu Oct 27 1988Durbin-Watson Test ?
959.03HIBOB::SIMMONSFri Oct 28 1988Two oranges from one with a sharp knife!
960.09HPSTEK::XIASun Oct 30 1988A problem in geometry/analysis
961.04LEDDEV::MORONEYSun Oct 30 1988Area of Mandelbrot Set
962.0ERLTC::COOPERMon Oct 31 1988Probabilistic Primality Testing.
963.02TSE::SCHAUBERTue Nov 01 1988Pascal Matrix Routines
964.04HPSTEK::XIATue Nov 01 1988More geometry/analysis problems
965.08DIODE::CROWELLWed Nov 02 1988How to find the secret key w/ factoring?
966.05KAOA12::BARKLEYWed Nov 02 1988Help!!!
967.04PRCSWS::EDDIELEUNGThu Nov 03 1988breaking up a line into n-polygon
968.08AKQJ1Fri Nov 04 1988Looking for nothing
969.07HPSTEK::XIAFri Nov 04 1988A problem in graphic/combinatorics
970.03AITG::DERAMOMon Nov 07 1988No Nobel Prize in Mathematics
971.021CLT::GILBERTWed Nov 09 1988Functional Equations
972.09AKQJ1Wed Nov 09 1988Math Pictures
973.08CLT::GILBERTWed Nov 09 1988No rectangles
974.02HPSTEK::XIAThu Nov 10 1988A Problem in Analytic Geometry
975.09AITG::DERAMOMon Nov 14 1988Tate-Shafarevich Group
976.06UTRTSC::LUBBERSTue Nov 15 1988Probability of availability question
977.06EST::JARGENTATIWed Nov 16 1988Curve fitting problem
978.02AUSSIE::BENHAMWed Nov 23 1988Inverse Laplace Transforms
979.08KIRKWD::FRIEDMANSat Nov 26 1988Extreme value problem
980.05SSDEVO::LARYMon Nov 28 1988Sharing the Wealth
981.08ELLE::KNOWLESWed Nov 30 1988Hyperbolae and the LORAN system of navigation
982.017KAOA12::BARKLEYWed Nov 30 1988Circumscribing Pythagorean triangles
983.01HERON::BUCHANANThu Dec 01 1988hope someone is doing something about this...
984.054MCIS2::FRIEDMANFri Dec 02 1988Bad Math humor is so hard to find
985.05BEING::POSTPISCHILMon Dec 05 1988Election Distribution
986.03CLT::GILBERTMon Dec 05 1988Combining Mechanism
987.04COOKIE::MURALITue Dec 06 1988Fun with medians
988.03VINO::JMUNZERFri Dec 09 19882,3,5,..., but no 19
989.09AITG::DERAMOFri Dec 09 19881988 Putnam Exam (or, Friday afternoon problems :-)
990.05DWOVAX::YOUNGSun Dec 11 1988Competitve Betting Strategies
991.0UTRTSC::LUBBERSMon Dec 12 1988Looking for volonteers.
992.011POOL::HALLYBWed Dec 14 1988PDF of MAX(U1,U2)
993.05LEVEL::OSMANWed Dec 14 1988circles expanding in plane to form polygons
994.04LEVEL::OSMANWed Dec 14 1988how well can zipcodes be assigned to reflect relative distance
995.02KAOA12::BARKLEYSun Dec 18 1988Inscribing a regular 15-gon
996.011IOSG::HOPKINSTue Dec 20 1988help me with my sums?
997.016REGENT::LEVINETue Dec 20 1988CHAOS THEORY? or KAOS, chief?? ;^)
998.02HANNAH::OSMANTue Dec 27 1988auxiliary problem about hailstorm function
999.09HERON::BUCHANANTue Dec 27 1988Xmas merriment
1000.01KOBAL::GILBERTWed Dec 28 19885-year index
1001.04KOBAL::GILBERTThu Dec 29 1988Introductions
1002.05HERON::BUCHANANThu Dec 29 1988games again
1003.01SHIRE::GOLDBLATTTue Jan 03 1989probability calculator ?
1004.08HANNAH::OSMANTue Jan 03 1989solve 1/a + 1/b = 1/c in integers (a <> b)
1005.06KAOA12::BARKLEYWed Jan 04 1989Curve of a point through space
1006.010DIODE::CROWELLWed Jan 04 1989cypher jig-saw puzzle
1007.01AITG::DERAMOWed Jan 04 1989Oh no, the legislature must be in session again! :-o
1009.010HERON::BUCHANANFri Jan 06 1989anonymous sampling
1010.016KOBAL::GILBERTSat Jan 07 1989Permuting rows and columns
1011.01DIODE::CROWELLMon Jan 09 1989Proof by .... (funny)
1012.04EST::JARGENTATIFri Jan 13 1989Questions on Curve Fitting
1013.08HPSCAD::HERMANFri Jan 13 19893 Circles on the Sphere
1014.01IAMOK::ROMANOWed Jan 18 1989Population Analysis Help Requested
1015.010MSD35::ASFOURThu Jan 19 1989Probabilty/Megabucks question
1016.09AKQJ1Mon Jan 23 1989number=(num+ber)^2
1017.06NETMAN::STELLTue Jan 24 1989Finding 'generators' in a finite field
1018.01DACT6::CANNONThu Jan 26 1989Large-Scale
1019.02LARVAE::TURNERSun Jan 29 1989One More Time: Karmarkar?
1020.052KOBAL::GILBERTMon Jan 30 19891729
1021.01VLOMFG::FINKAWed Feb 01 1989Calendars
1022.01EAGLE1::BESTFri Feb 03 1989Formula for miles_per_gallon( speed ) ?
1023.02ANT::JANZENSun Feb 05 1989Solve Differential Equat D^2y-ay=
1024.02DELNI::GOLDSTEINWed Feb 08 1989Checksum size for error correction/detection?
1025.013COOKIE::MURALIWed Feb 08 1989a prime between powers of 2
1026.02TRUCKS::CHANTThu Feb 09 1989Square packing problem
1027.05EAGLE1::DANTOWITZSat Feb 11 1989Scientific American on Alexandrites
1028.028XCUSME::FITANIDESTue Feb 14 1989Proof of irrationality???
1029.07KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Feb 16 1989Calculus - Partial Credit
1030.05XCUSME::FITANIDESMon Feb 20 1989What are numbers?
1031.04STKHLM::LINNELLTue Feb 21 1989Practical and theoretical comm problem
1032.01CADSYS::COOPERWed Feb 22 1989Kolmogorov Comp. request and survey cites.
1033.03KAOFS::M_MORINMon Feb 27 1989COMPLEX calc gives incorrect result
1034.054GL::GILBERTTue Feb 28 1989More fun with beads and poles
1035.082HOT::COHENThu Mar 02 1989Interesting problem from 1989 AHSME
1037.03MYVAX::ROBERUCTue Mar 14 1989Henon graphs anyone??
1038.014HPSTEK::XIASat Mar 18 1989A problem in analysis
1039.06HPSTEK::XIASun Mar 19 1989A puzzle with integrable functions on [
1040.02HPSTEK::XIASun Mar 19 1989A problem as easy as doing 1
1041.01HERON::BUCHANANMon Mar 20 19898/6
1042.019DEC25::ROBERTSMon Mar 20 1989Colorado Lotto
1043.03AUSTIN::FLATLEYMon Mar 20 1989Sampling Algorithm
1044.08COOKIE::MURALIFri Mar 24 1989rewriting a predicate
1045.07SUBSYS::BUSCHFri Mar 24 1989Intersecting spheres.
1046.017KIRKWD::FRIEDMANThu Mar 30 1989Estimating Area
1047.04VIVIAN::MILTONTue Apr 04 1989next in series
1048.02HPSTEK::XIAWed Apr 05 1989What is wrong with this?
1049.043D::CORKUMThu Apr 06 1989ellipse clipped by cube
1050.0OFFHK::HENDRYThu Apr 06 1989Tolerance (Fault-Type)
1051.011AITG::DERAMOThu Apr 06 1989A Problem about Polynomials
1052.012RAIN::DELPHIASun Apr 09 1989A arithmatic method for finding (square) roots?
1053.01SDOGUS::DRAKESun Apr 09 1989Jones Polynomials, knots, physics?
1054.014HIBOB::SIMMONSWed Apr 12 1989Quadrature without calculus
1055.03POOL::HALLYBWed Apr 12 1989Synthetic Division
1056.04HPSTEK::XIAThu Apr 13 1989Find limit
1057.01HPSTEK::XIAThu Apr 13 1989Fermat's last theorem with an additional condition
1058.014HPSTEK::XIAThu Apr 13 1989A problem I don't know the solution.
1059.07HPSTEK::XIAThu Apr 13 1989Where does the next number go?
1060.0GSPMO::WALLACEFri Apr 14 1989Probability of 32-bit CRC duplicate generation
1061.012NIZIAK::YARBROUGHTue Apr 18 1989Just a llittle simple arithmetic
1062.08WIENER::BUTTONWed Apr 19 1989M-Sequence Generators
1063.01TPS::RLEEThu Apr 20 198927-Apr-89 / Finite Projective Plane of Order 1
1064.06AKQJ1Fri Apr 21 1989Hexagonal numbers: two puzzles
1065.09BEING::POSTPISCHILFri Apr 21 1989Statistics Books
1066.08FOO::BHAVNANIFri Apr 21 1989Primes in [2 .. 1
1067.06KNOWAY::WOLFFSat Apr 22 19893D transformation into 2D?
1068.011TRIBES::CREANWed Apr 26 1989Door-number problem
1069.03BEING::RABAHYFri Apr 28 1989
1070.03TOCATA::PICKETTMon May 01 1989M3
1071.012BESS::NAGARAJANMon May 01 1989Std. Deviation of Boolean data?
1072.04CHEST::LEETue May 02 1989Spirograph Problem and Program
1073.04HERON::BUCHANANTue May 02 1989seasonal problem
1074.01BISTRO::HASLERWed May 03 1989FFT Fortran Routines ?
1075.02ZEBDEE::HAIGHThu May 04 1989LOG-1
1076.04VINO::EKLUNDFri May 05 1989Counting shapes from squares
1077.0TPS::RLEESat May 06 19896-1
1078.022BEING::POSTPISCHILWed May 10 1989Probability
1079.022HOT::COHENWed May 10 1989Where to buy/order Math books/texts
1080.04CSC32::S_ROSCIOWed May 10 1989PCB router
1081.02CTCADM::ROTHThu May 11 1989IEEE <--> VAX floating conversion
1082.02FORTY2::WHITINGThu May 11 1989Duffing's Equations
1083.01CLOSUS::TAVARESMon May 15 1989Tougher than it looks...
1084.025HPSTEK::XIASat May 20 1989The "bump" function.
1085.02CTCADM::ROTHThu May 25 1989The "bumpy" function.
1086.08HERON::BUCHANANFri May 26 1989one for you analysis weenies...
1087.010SLDA5::DUNAISKYFri May 26 1989Algorithm for incrementing lists..
1088.03VINO::JMUNZERThu Jun 08 1989horsecents
1089.022HERON::BUCHANANThu Jun 15 1989a group theory puzzle
1090.04ANT::JANZENFri Jun 16 1989Deconvolution, one-dimension on scope waves
1091.05RDVAX::NGTue Jun 27 1989Square of sum of powers of 2
1092.01UTRUST::DEHARTOGWed Jun 28 1989closed expressions and their inverse
1093.05PSYCHE::ROOSFri Jun 30 1989Expanding railroad track
1094.06PSYCHE::ROOSFri Jun 30 1989Cocoanut and Monkey Problem.
1095.05HERON::BUCHANANSun Jul 02 1989reversed-nim
1096.015AKQJ1Mon Jul 10 1989An algorithm for partitions(n)
1097.01LANDO::RAYMONDMon Jul 10 1989Learning Differential Equations
1098.019HERON::BUCHANANMon Jul 10 1989topology problem
1100.05DRUMS::FEHSKENSFri Jul 14 1989Complex Exponents
1101.03HERON::BUCHANANSun Jul 16 1989a meta-question
1102.010ANT::JANZENMon Jul 31 1989Fit to Guassian curve
1103.07ESCROW::MUNZERMon Jul 31 1989a little yahtzee problem
1104.010RDVAX::NGWed Aug 02 1989some big O of ... questions
1105.07AITG::DERAMOFri Aug 04 1989definite integral problem
1106.020AITG::DERAMOMon Aug 07 1989next element of sequence
1107.04ARTMIS::MILLSHThu Aug 10 1989Sequence (the sequel)
1108.06SSDEVO::LARYSat Aug 12 1989Recurrence Plot
1109.06SSDEVO::LARYSat Aug 12 1989graphing roots of (
1110.08DWOVAX::YOUNGSun Aug 13 19892-body problem solution?
1111.03AITG::DERAMOTue Aug 15 1989Largest Known Twin Prime Pairs
1112.06ARTMIS::MILLSHWed Aug 16 1989Peano Function
1113.07VINO::HDAVISWed Aug 16 1989Resumes and Notices of Math Jobs
1114.03USMFG::AWHITNEYThu Aug 24 1989Tournament problem!
1115.06HUB::ROBERTSThu Aug 24 1989BINGO Advice
1116.0ANT::JANZENFri Aug 25 1989Metastability and Chaos, Setup Time in Logic
1117.027AITG::DERAMOTue Aug 29 1989Largest Known Prime Number
1118.05RDVAX::NGWed Aug 30 1989Gosper's algorithm
1119.02FRAMBO::HSCHAEFERFri Sep 15 1989Numerical-Recipes-in-C
1120.02TRACE::GILBERTFri Sep 15 1989Rating a Hashing function
1121.01HPSTEK::XIAFri Sep 15 1989The 3
1122.017AITG::DERAMOMon Sep 18 1989COOKIE!!!
1123.03AITG::DERAMOMon Sep 18 1989Quadrilateral Problem
1124.01PARITY::MOORADIANTue Sep 19 1989transpose of matrix
1125.02PARITY::MOORADIANTue Sep 19 1989proof
1126.02DRUMS::FEHSKENSTue Sep 19 1989Gerhardt Schuster Cellular Automaton
1127.0FGVAXX::LAINGTue Sep 19 1989Need DISCRETE tutor!
1128.0COMPLX::LUKSICFri Sep 22 1989General Numerical Integrator/Simulator
1129.07HPSTEK::XIASun Sep 24 1989Weird Normed Vector Space
1130.01HPSTEK::XIASun Sep 24 1989A problem in matrix algebra
1131.016AKQJ1Wed Sep 27 1989That's an odd dissection...
1132.01EAGLE1::BESTThu Sep 28 1989Seeking fine structure info on I/O applications
1133.09HERON::BUCHANANThu Oct 05 1989child's question
1134.02DWOVAX::YOUNGThu Oct 05 1989Non-chromatic Rectangles...
1135.03WFOV11::PLANTESat Oct 07 1989Random variables problem
1136.010CLADA::KEATINGSun Oct 08 1989
1137.05DNEAST::FREEMAN_KEVITue Oct 10 1989Max. 3 digit combination for X numbers.
1138.05MIGHTY::BLANCHARDWed Oct 11 1989PC programs to find roots?
1139.010MUNMCC::BALTESKONISThu Oct 12 1989Mathematics Library from DEC?
1140.04ESCROW::MUNZERFri Oct 13 1989two Friday 13ths this year
1141.01GENRAL::HEINTZEThu Oct 19 1989Wanted: References in 3D Numeric Interpolation
1142.03TROU1Thu Oct 19 1989Find Shape and Size of Least Area
1143.019DIODE::CROWELLWed Oct 25 1989Mathematica, Can we get low cost copies???
1144.013BRAT::SMITHMon Oct 30 1989Disc Changer Shuffle Mode Prob.
1145.017MILKWY::JANZENMon Oct 30 1989Chi-Square X^2 calculation (statistics)
1146.017SMURF::BINDERMon Oct 30 1989Pi isn't an irrational number.
1147.02LEDS::HAMBLENThu Nov 02 1989Simpson's paradox
1148.01DWOVAX::YOUNGSun Nov 05 1989Speed ofConvex Hull algorithims
1149.01TOWNS::RYANFri Nov 10 1989planar graph layout algorithms anyone?
1150.06--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 14 1989can you solve for f: f(3,!,sqrt) = 31
1151.08HANNAH::OSMANWed Nov 15 1989what strings NEVER appear in n! ?
1152.07DEC25::ROBERTSTue Nov 21 1989Tractrix
1153.06HERON::BUCHANANMon Nov 27 1989algebra + inequalities
1154.01HERON::BUCHANANMon Nov 27 1989squares in a.p.
1155.01RIPPLE::ABBASI_NAWed Nov 29 1989will it ever terminate ?
1156.04HPSTEK::XIAMon Dec 04 1989Are all functions separable?
1157.02--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 08 1989Linear Alg Question??
1158.02AITG::DERAMOSat Dec 09 1989A linear algebra/geometry problem
1159.04DWOVAX::YOUNGSat Dec 09 1989The Opaque Cube problem.
1160.06HPSTEK::XIASun Dec 10 1989A simple(?) problem in plane geometry
1161.015RIPPLE::ABBASI_NATue Dec 12 1989symbolic math software
1162.0--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 12 1989linear alg problem 2
1163.03SIEVAX::MUMFORDFri Dec 15 1989Simple CRC question...
1164.010HERON::BUCHANANSun Dec 17 1989spEuler
1165.03HPSMEG::COLMANMon Dec 18 1989formula needed
1166.0TGIF::TURNERTue Dec 19 1989"colon coded harp"?
1167.06BLITZN::ROBERTSWed Dec 20 1989Johnny Come Lately
1168.07RIPPLE::ABBASI_NAThu Dec 21 1989is it or not a prim
1169.019MILKWY::JANZENThu Dec 21 1989Books about the History of Mathematics
1170.05AITG::DERAMOTue Dec 26 1989derangements
1171.01COOKIE::MURALIFri Dec 29 1989proof for pretty theorem in 2
1172.0CIMNET::KISHANTue Jan 02 1990Newton's method for system of nonlinear eqns.
1173.02COOKIE::MURALITue Jan 02 1990angular bisector theorem.
1174.015AITG::DERAMOTue Jan 02 19901989 Putnam Exam
1175.04EXIT26::ZIKAThu Jan 04 1990Help needed with formula for "MEAN"
1176.01ESCROW::MUNZERFri Jan 05 1990'9
1177.02AITG::DERAMOSun Jan 07 1990math on tv?
1178.01COOKIE::MURALIMon Jan 08 1990e^pi > pi^e? or not?
1179.02MDCRAB::MCLENDONTue Jan 09 1990Non-graphic Fractal Applications?
1180.012REGENT::POWERSWed Jan 10 1990closed form integral for normal distribution function?
1181.04EAGLE1::BESTThu Jan 11 1990Help on queuing models
1182.03RICKS::MILLSSat Jan 20 1990REMOTE access to MACSYMA
1183.0CASCO::XIAMon Jan 22 1990A problem in linear algebra
1184.010DWOVAX::YOUNGMon Jan 22 1990HELP! Compound Statistical Estimation...
1185.07NRPUR::CHABOTFri Jan 26 1990Average of pairs of numbers?
1186.012DWOVAX::YOUNGWed Jan 31 1990Differential equation solution?
1187.04KALI::J_FERRARAMon Feb 05 1990Eivenvalues of AB vs BA
1188.06KALI::J_FERRARAMon Feb 05 1990another slant on previous problem
1189.07AITG::DERAMOTue Feb 06 1990digits of N^2 are all 1, 4, or 9.
1190.03AITG::DERAMOTue Feb 13 1990continuous map of a closed half of R^n 1-1 onto R^n
1191.01VMSDEV::HALLYBThu Feb 15 1990Sequence to cover all N-digit numbers
1192.0CIMNET::KISHANThu Feb 15 1990mathematical modeling
1193.01TROAThu Feb 15 1990Math tools for Actuaries
1194.01ISEMon Feb 19 1990Geometry books for high school students?
1195.017BLITZN::ROBERTSMon Feb 19 1990Infinity:Reality
1196.0GENRAL::HEINTZEFri Feb 23 1990References on Optical Storage Projects
1197.01DOAR::TURNERMon Feb 26 1990Packing Problem
1198.07PAXVAX::THISSELLMon Feb 26 1990Gray's Binary ???
1199.018AITG::DERAMOThu Mar 01 1990PARI: number theory and simple numerical analysis package
1200.0VMSDEV::HALLYBSat Mar 03 1990Connecticut 6/44 lotto problem
1201.02AITG::DERAMOSun Mar 04 1990Impressive coin flips (from usenet)
1202.010HERON::BUCHANANMon Mar 05 1990G/N == Cp
1203.08DUGGAN::J_FERRARAMon Mar 05 1990linear algebra problem..I need a little guidance
1204.04FORTY2::BOYESWed Mar 07 1990Category Theory
1205.03ARCANA::ESTRELLAWed Mar 07 1990unitary matrix's det = 1??
1206.06DELREY::FRIEDMAN_MIWed Mar 07 1990Matrix Multiplication
1208.02MUNICH::GESCHWINDNERThu Mar 08 1990Symbolrecognition via FT
1209.07FIVER::DAVEThu Mar 08 1990math in industry
1210.01TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Mar 13 1990Median, Mean, & Standard Deviation questions
1211.06HERON::BUCHANANWed Mar 21 1990triangle counting
1212.03HERON::BUCHANANMon Mar 26 1990f: NxN <-> N
1213.06WARNUT::PAINTERTue Mar 27 1990Holiday bedroom occupancy
1214.03EAGLE1::BESTTue Mar 27 1990Quantifier question
1215.05HPSTEK::XIASat Mar 31 1990A LISP Program for Reduced Simplicial Homology
1216.02AITG::DERAMOSat Apr 07 1990Math Puzzle from USENET
1217.01GENRAL::HEINTZEMon Apr 09 1990Softcopy of Collected Algorithms of CACM?
1218.016JARETH::EDPWed Apr 11 1990Associativity Problem from Usenet
1219.01AQUA::GRUNDMANNThu Apr 12 1990what is this function?
1220.02ARCANA::ESTRELLAFri Apr 13 1990linear algebra problem
1221.0STAR::BUDAFri Apr 13 1990Fermats Ninth Number
1222.04GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Apr 18 1990Soft copy of Numerical Recipies in C?
1223.0GENRAL::HEINTZEWed Apr 18 1990Wanted: Advice for Numerical Solution to Heat Eqn
1224.02RUBIK::SELLFri Apr 20 1990roman 199
1225.04--UnknownUser--Sat Apr 21 1990Actuary
1226.04XANADU::BISWASMon Apr 23 1990Differentiation of matrix equations
1227.08HERON::BUCHANANTue Apr 24 1990The Eternal FlyAngle
1228.01QB::QBARRYWed Apr 25 1990Looking for formula for a "cubic spiral".
1229.01HERON::BUCHANANThu Apr 26 1990The Good, The Bad, The Ugly &...
1230.024TRACE::GILBERTMon Apr 30 1990Incribed Pentagon
1231.0ULTRA::ZURKOMon Apr 30 1990Women and Mathematics
1232.0GWYNED::HAIGHTue May 01 1990DXML Now Available for Field Test
1233.0GUESS::DERAMOTue May 01 1990pop quiz :-) (from general theory exam, 1989)
1234.0GUESS::DERAMOThu May 03 1990Simplified Mathematics
1235.03OLDTMR::STCLAIRTue May 08 1990Anybody think they know how to model an LAVC?
1236.012GUESS::DERAMOTue May 08 1990Are you a mathematician?
1237.01BEAGLE::HASLERThu May 10 1990mini-max polynomial fit routine ?
1239.0GUESS::DERAMOSat May 12 1990Quandles, their axioms and structure, and variations
1240.0GUESS::DERAMOSat May 12 1990Problem on commutative ring with unity
1241.015JRDVThu May 17 1990A simple "paradox"
1242.05OKYAH::VANVURENMon May 21 1990Mathematics on a chip
1243.02GUESS::DERAMOMon May 21 1990Test your intuition in higher dimensions
1244.01GUESS::DERAMOMon May 21 1990Equal Area Right Triangles
1245.017JRDVMon May 21 1990Three rationals
1246.05GENRAL::HEINTZEWed May 23 1990References on Numerical Solutions to Non-linear PDE?
1247.05MSDSWS::FLINNThu May 24 1990Imaginary numbers --> Some Questions
1248.04EAGLE1::BESTWed May 30 1990Algorithms for symbolic algebra - pointers ?
1249.02BIGFOT::MCCAINFri Jun 08 1990help with finding an fast lp solution
1250.09RIPPLE::ABBASI_NASat Jun 09 1990detect a cycle in graph
1252.04DEC25::ROBERTSTue Jun 12 1990Backdoor Factorial Needed
1253.02CIVAGE::LYNNThu Jun 14 1990Two obscure repr's of integers
1254.0ALLVAX::JROTHMon Jun 18 19902^512 + 1 has been factored!
1255.02OLDTMR::TUCKERThu Jun 21 1990Problem with curve fitting
1256.05HDLITE::ALJAARThu Jun 21 1990ODE solver
1257.01RIPPLE::ABBASI_NASat Jun 23 1990Schools for MS in math(Boston area)
1258.046BTOVT::TAI_AMon Jun 25 1990Var. on British Soldiers Prob.
1259.09BLITZN::ROBERTSTue Jun 26 1990Finite Volume, Infinite Surface Area
1260.01IE::SELLWed Jun 27 1990In search of Takeuchi
1261.021RPLACA::HARVEYFri Jun 29 1990Exponentiation method using integer operations sought...
1262.02TRACE::GILBERTFri Jun 29 1990Another nearest neighbor problem
1263.03IOSG::CARLINMon Jul 02 1990xyz fixed, min x+y+z?
1264.01CIVAGE::LYNNMon Jul 02 1990Integer pentagons
1265.03CHOVAX::YOUNGMon Jul 02 1990Onion Peeling & Massive Paral. terms...?
1266.011TRACE::GILBERTTue Jul 10 1990Crowded restaurants
1267.06WMOIS::MACMILLANThu Jul 12 1990Help with math anxiety
1268.019HERON::BUCHANANThu Jul 12 19908 puzzles
1269.02MARX::ANDERSONTue Jul 17 1990waverettes (sp?)
1270.09SONATA::ARDINIFri Jul 20 1990Largest Word Number?!?
1271.08HERON::BUCHANANMon Jul 23 1990usenet perm group problem
1272.014KAZAN::CHALEATMon Jul 23 1990wavelets
1273.06BLITZN::ROBERTSMon Jul 23 1990George Gamow's Complex Number Example
1274.014AIAG::GREEKFri Jul 27 1990Those Pesky Triangles
1275.0DEC25::ROBERTSMon Jul 30 1990Probability of n-gon
1276.09MILKWY::JANZENMon Jul 30 1990Evenly distributed random points on sphere
1277.05NOEDGE::HERMANSun Aug 05 1990Circle Geometry Problem
1278.04TRAM::GLENMon Aug 06 1990Math on Resonance
1279.010NOEDGE::HERMANMon Aug 06 1990What are the equilateral triangle faced convex solids
1280.014NOEDGE::HERMANMon Aug 06 1990Meta-mathematics? ... Whats zero to the zero-th power?
1282.04NOEDGE::HERMANWed Aug 08 1990Enumeration Quickie: Count the boundary components of hypercube
1284.01BURYST::EDMUNDSThu Aug 09 1990Circular problem
1285.04NOEDGE::HERMANFri Aug 10 1990Somos Sequence
1286.018NOEDGE::HERMANTue Aug 14 1990M.I. Survey: 24 Theorems rated according to beauty
1287.01CSSE::NEILSENWed Aug 15 1990multiple rate of return
1288.01CURIE::RICARDSun Aug 19 1990redundant inequality constraints
1289.05NOEDGE::HERMANThu Aug 23 1990Louis de Branges may have proven the Riemann Hypothesis
1290.04HPSRAD::ABIDIFri Aug 24 1990 Probability Problem- Matrix of
1291.014CIVAGE::LYNNTue Sep 04 1990On Mathematical Illiteracy
1292.08SEURAT::NEWMANThu Sep 06 1990What is the Expented Value for the area of a triangle in a unit square?
1293.02EUCLID::OWENFri Sep 07 1990finite series problem
1294.07NOEDGE::HERMANTue Sep 11 1990Wanted: Combinitorial Proof of Partition Result
1295.04COOKIE::WALLACESun Sep 16 1990Anybody Know the Z Notation?
1296.02SMAUG::ABBASIMon Sep 17 1990even number= prime1+prime2
1297.06SMAUG::ABBASIMon Sep 17 1990HOT areas in maths
1298.05TRACE::GILBERTFri Sep 21 1990Guess the number game with two players
1299.04SMAUG::ABBASISat Sep 22 1990strange Pie formula
1300.014CSC32::S_JOHNSONSun Sep 23 1990Summation Problem
1301.0HERON::BUCHANANMon Sep 24 1990Categoric approach to Mandelbrot
1302.06HERON::BUCHANANThu Sep 27 1990Non-standard analysis
1303.07CSC32::S_JOHNSONMon Oct 01 1990Change Question
1304.015ELIS::BUREMAThu Oct 04 1990Pairing problem for couples
1305.016CSC32::S_JOHNSONThu Oct 04 1990Interval Arithmetic?
1306.0154GL::GILBERTFri Oct 05 1990Pairing maximizes closest pair
1307.02BTOVT::LESPERANCE_MFri Oct 12 1990Mandelbrot Conference..
1308.07HERON::BUCHANANMon Oct 15 1990graph AM group transitive on E but not V
1309.04CHOVAX::YOUNGTue Oct 16 1990Mandelbrot problem of the week:
1310.04CHOVAX::YOUNGWed Oct 17 1990Another Mandelbrot question:
1311.04MXOVThu Oct 18 1990whow find the position of a number?
1312.05FMCSSE::HEINTZEThu Oct 18 1990Should I be interested in Formal Methods?
1313.06SQM::KOHARIFri Oct 19 1990Football Scores.
1314.010JARETH::EDPMon Oct 22 1990Obfuscated C
1315.077JARETH::EDPMon Oct 22 1990Notes Stan Would Have Entered
1316.0CADSYS::COOPERMon Oct 22 1990Reply on trinomial factorization in Z[x]
1317.02RANGER::CACCAVALEThu Oct 25 1990"milnor's sphere" ?
1318.02SMAUG::ABBASIThu Oct 25 1990FYI: mathematical curves classification
1319.01ENTOP4::DELPHIAFri Oct 26 1990Any math sw for VAX?
1320.010FMCSSE::HEINTZESun Oct 28 1990How fast does a Dancer Fall over?
1321.07TRACE::GILBERTMon Oct 29 1990Help the floor spin
1322.016REFINE::WARMACKFri Nov 02 1990Zero Function
1323.09TRACE::GILBERTFri Nov 02 1990Rationalizing sqrt x + ... + sqrt z =
1324.08SMAUG::ABBASIMon Nov 05 1990number theory trivia
1325.03RTOEU::HSTOECKLINTue Nov 06 1990Fuzzy Logic
1326.0HARLEY::DAVEWed Nov 07 1990Looking for a sponsor - STEP
1327.013JARETH::EDPWed Nov 07 1990Unprovable Proposition
1328.02EAGLE1::BESTWed Nov 07 1990Elementary maxes and mins with digit sets
1329.011EAGLE1::BESTWed Nov 07 1990Help with quantifiers ?
1330.015ELIS::GARSONWed Nov 07 1990The Cannibalistic Beetles
1331.09ELIS::BUREMAThu Nov 08 19909-digit number, first N digits div. by N
1332.01EAGLE1::BESTThu Nov 08 1990Why this result on CVT overflow ?
1333.07SHIRE::ALAINDFri Nov 09 1990Why, why, why ?
1334.025SMAUG::ABBASISat Nov 10 1990SQRT(2) : fast approximate
1335.03CSC32::S_JOHNSONSun Nov 11 1990IVP and Maple
1336.03ENTOP4::DELPHIASun Nov 11 1990General Way to Find Three Unknowns?
1337.0XANADU::BISWASTue Nov 13 1990Discussion on NP hard/complete problems
1338.011HANNAH::OSMANWed Nov 14 1990how can we get continued fractions for square roots ?
1339.011ICS::SELTZERThu Nov 15 1990Woman mathematician -- need info for school report
1340.0SMAUG::ABBASITue Nov 20 1990FYI, ACM symbolic proceedings
1341.011SQM::KOHARIFri Nov 30 1990Ratio of Probability
1342.03DECWET::BISHOPFri Nov 30 1990First one to find the cookie wins!
1343.010GUESS::DERAMOFri Nov 30 1990strategy for triplets game?
1344.04DECWET::BISHOPFri Nov 30 1990Expected ratio of sexes where one is prefered
1345.018HERON::BUCHANANMon Dec 03 1990199
1346.05ELIS::GARSONTue Dec 04 1990Launch angle to maximise path length?
1347.05HPSTEK::XIATue Dec 04 1990Any interest in expository essays?
1348.01TRACE::GILBERTWed Dec 05 1990(greatly) Simplify expression in sines
1349.0VFOVAX::RAGWARThu Dec 06 1990analytical performance model
1350.01GUESS::DERAMOFri Dec 07 1990a problem with primes
1351.07HANNAH::OSMANFri Dec 07 19907 come 11
1352.03TOOK::CBRADLEYMon Dec 10 1990sum of chi-squared distributions
1353.05HANNAH::OSMANTue Dec 11 1990Osman's conjecture (palindromic sequences in square roots as continued fractions)
1354.09HANNAH::OSMANWed Dec 12 1990theorem about divisibility and quadratic surds (needed for continued fraction work)
1355.05HERON::BUCHANANWed Dec 12 1990simple paper question
1356.04DCSVAX::MOORADIANThu Dec 13 1990laplace problem help
1357.08GUESS::DERAMOTue Dec 18 1990Representation of cones in R^2
1358.07GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPThu Dec 20 1990PSAT test question
1359.019SMEGIT::COHENMon Dec 24 1990Secret Santa problem
1360.07CAFEIN::PFAUWed Dec 26 1990Circle in a circle
1361.01HPSTEK::XIASat Dec 29 1990Another Topology Problem
1362.01CRIME::BIJAOUISun Dec 30 1990Getting proper vectors from a BIG matrix?
1363.08AQUA::GRUNDMANNWed Jan 02 1991constant angle between two points
1364.01CIVAGE::LYNNFri Jan 04 1991Nice course for Vector support people
1365.06HANNAH::OSMANFri Jan 04 1991fun with permutations
1366.03FMCSSE::HEINTZEFri Jan 04 1991Wanted: References on Quaternians
1367.06SQGUK::PAWMon Jan 07 1991Questions
1368.014NOVA::VENUWed Jan 09 1991an indefinite integral
1369.01GUESS::DERAMOThu Jan 10 1991Chords in Compact Connected Subsets of R^2
1370.07HANNAH::OSMANThu Jan 10 1991produce all integers from just 3, [sqrt] and !
1371.06COOKIE::MURALIMon Jan 14 1991Algebraic coding theory vs Coding theory
1372.06HGABSS::CLCHEUNGTue Jan 15 1991Bezier Curve fitting problem
1373.023HANNAH::OSMANWed Jan 16 1991integers of the form int(2^n/3^m)
1374.03DNEAST::BARNABY_GALEFri Jan 18 1991I think I can,I think I can, I think I can
1375.03SUBWAY::TJIONASTue Jan 22 1991MATLAB kit location
1376.08FASDER::KBUCKBINDERThu Jan 24 1991LINDO Linear Programming
1377.0FORTY2::TATHAMWed Jan 30 1991Your input needed to a UK schools programme
1378.05JARETH::EDPWed Jan 30 1991Numerically Solving Multiple Equations
1379.011TALLIS::BLAKEThu Jan 31 1991Mental Arithmetic
1380.06SMD72J::WOODFri Feb 01 1991an easy one for you.
1381.05HERON::BUCHANANFri Feb 01 1991weekend problem
1382.01HERON::BUCHANANTue Feb 05 1991199
1383.06RUTILE::SCHATTThu Feb 07 1991one-way ciphers
1384.0SMAUG::ABBASIFri Feb 08 1991Suggestions for MAPLE package
1385.04CIVAGE::LYNNMon Feb 11 1991JRM: Day of Week; very large numbers contest
1386.05HPSTEK::XIATue Feb 12 1991A lone wondering knight.
1387.013ELIS::GARSONWed Feb 13 1991Australian Math Olympiad (1989)
1388.02GUESS::BLACKMANThu Feb 14 1991Karmarkar's Algorithm
1389.012SMAUG::ABBASISat Feb 16 1991Logic puzzles
1390.05EAGLE1::BESTMon Feb 18 1991Boston Globe prob. problem (caused a commotion!)
1391.03SMAUG::ABBASIFri Feb 22 1991Rational Function Definition
1392.03COOKIE::MURALIMon Feb 25 1991field theory question
1393.06SMAUG::ABBASIWed Feb 27 1991question on series expansion
1394.024SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Mar 05 1991Elementary (?) Statistics
1395.0EAGLE1::BESTThu Mar 07 1991Pointer to ALGORITHMS
1396.05HERON::BUCHANANWed Mar 13 1991Retrograde Analysis in Chess
1397.011SMAUG::GARRODWed Mar 13 1991Solving a quadratic equation
1398.09HPSRAD::BUSCHFri Mar 15 1991Catenary curve.
1399.01BEAGLE::HASLERSat Mar 16 1991Queueing Networks, MVA ?
1400.01GRANE::HEINTZEThu Mar 21 1991Analyzing Error logs to Predict Failures and Isolate FRUs
1401.015MOVIES::HANCOCKFri Mar 22 1991What's algebra?
1402.06SUBWAY::BERGMon Mar 25 1991Finding points in Algebriac space.
1403.03HERON::BUCHANANMon Mar 25 1991Dandelin's ellipse
1404.04GUESS::DERAMOMon Mar 25 1991RSA Factoring Challenge
1405.06SMAUG::ABBASIMon Mar 25 1991choice of language for numerical software
1406.09EAGLE1::BESTThu Mar 28 1991Little Fermat
1407.01COOKIE::WALLACESun Mar 31 1991Boyer-Moore Theorm Prover Needed
1408.02BTOVT::BURKE_KMon Apr 01 1991The US Mint
1409.035SMAUG::ABBASITue Apr 02 1991FYI: Some Wavelet transform references
1410.06MEO78B::HANSONTue Apr 02 1991Twin Primes
1411.04EAGLE1::BESTWed Apr 03 1991Minimal instruction sequences for register rearrangement
1412.07CASDEV::SALOISWed Apr 03 1991Algebraic Editor???
1413.03FMCSSE::HEINTZEThu Apr 04 1991Affordable MSDOS mathmatics software?
1414.02FMCSSE::HEINTZEThu Apr 04 1991EXACT Polynomial roots with symbolic arithmatic?
1415.012SKIVT::INGRAMMon Apr 08 1991where are the matheticians at DEC?
1416.09JARETH::EDPWed Apr 10 1991Tile Problem
1417.01JARETH::EDPWed Apr 10 1991Guessing Pi's Digits
1418.0BUSHIE::SHCHIUWed Apr 10 1991MATHEMATICA Frontend processor example available ?
1419.014CSSE::NEILSENThu Apr 11 1991ineffable numbers
1420.010CIVAGE::LYNNTue Apr 16 1991Card sorting contest
1421.07SMAUG::ABBASITue Apr 16 1991if you'r in 16 century, calculate this
1423.04CLT::TRACE::GILBERTWed Apr 17 1991Factoring a quadratic of x^2
1424.017SMAUG::ABBASIWed Apr 17 1991speed of light irrational number?
1425.02WFOVX8::SPORBERTThu Apr 18 1991Help finding extreme of a parabola?
1426.05EDPEDP::EDPFri Apr 19 1991Zero-Information Proofs
1427.08EDPEDP::EDPFri Apr 19 1991The Best of Digital's Math Notes
1428.04JARETH::EDPMon Apr 22 1991Math Noters Dinners
1429.01JARETH::EDPMon Apr 22 1991Probability
1430.08ALLVAX::JROTHWed Apr 24 1991positive polynomial question
1431.048JARETH::EDPThu Apr 25 1991Subtle Math Questions
1432.07ELIS::GARSONMon Apr 29 1991Urn probability
1433.06HERON::BUCHANANMon Apr 29 1991gamboling gamblers
1434.06ARCANA::ESTRELLAMon Apr 29 1991what does this fourier series look like?
1435.0ANGLIN::KIRKMANTue Apr 30 1991Discs covering a circle
1436.07GUESS::DERAMOWed May 01 1991paradox of infinite zero-sum game
1437.02WDFRT1::JALOPY::RABAHYThu May 02 1991Fun w/ calculators
1438.01VNABRW::LATZELSPERGEFri May 03 1991MS-Dos PC MATHEMATICA version?
1439.09DSM::SLAUENWHITEFri May 03 1991choosing a college
1440.010CSSE::NEILSENWed May 08 1991Eve and the Surname Problem
1441.06CIVAGE::LYNNTue May 14 1991People who can't do math
1442.02CLT::TRACE::GILBERTTue May 14 1991Modern Temple Geometry
1443.024CLT::TRACE::GILBERTTue May 14 1991Equiprobable Dice
1444.0CLT::TRACE::GILBERTTue May 14 1991Dissect Octagon and form a square
1445.09CLT::TRACE::GILBERTTue May 14 1991Generate sequence from short C program
1446.07LANDO::NATUSCHFri May 17 1991Integral of (cos x dx) / x
1447.023ATSE::GOODWINThu May 23 1991Statistics can be (mis)used to "prove" anything
1448.04ELIS::GARSONFri May 24 1991Inscribed circle radius limit
1449.01GUESS::DERAMOFri May 24 1991f:R->R ==> exist S dense in R s.t. (f|S):S->R cont.
1450.029SMAUG::ABBASISat Jun 01 1991Amicable numbers? what do they mean?
1451.07CARECL::CASTIENTue Jun 04 1991Triangle in Rectan. with sini=2sinr?!
1452.02ALLVAX::JROTHThu Jun 06 1991A Puzzle from Selfridge
1453.021SMAUG::ABBASIFri Jun 07 1991is math == numbers ?
1454.07CHOVAX::YOUNGTue Jun 11 1991Can you "Project" a convergent series?
1455.04SMAUG::ABBASIFri Jun 14 1991Hilbert 23 problems, pointer wanted
1456.037SMAUG::ABBASIFri Jun 14 1991Maths Intuition
1457.07JARETH::EDPFri Jun 14 1991Enumerating Permutations
1458.03RUTILE::POTTSMon Jun 17 1991Integrate exponential expression
1459.03CADSYS::COOPERMon Jun 17 1991circle triplets.
1460.07CIVAGE::LYNNWed Jun 19 1991Try dissecting a square first
1461.09JARETH::EDPWed Jun 19 1991Mu-Torere, aka Squeeze Play
1462.02CIVAGE::LYNNThu Jun 20 1991ICIAM Confernce July 8-12,'91
1463.019SMAUG::ABBASITue Jun 25 1991continuous but not diffrentiable ?
1464.014IMTDEV::ROBERTSWed Jun 26 1991Harmonic Standard Deviation
1465.04ANGLIN::KIRKMANThu Jun 27 1991Card game Probability question
1466.08VINO::XIASat Jun 29 1991I have always wondered...
1467.019SMAUG::ABBASITue Jul 02 1991Mobius Strip , I smell Topology here !
1468.08ALLVAX::JROTHWed Jul 03 1991Klein bottle display
1469.06DIODE::CROWELLMon Jul 08 1991Area of the intersection of circles
1470.011CIVAGE::LYNNWed Jul 10 1991Large common Bin. Coeff.
1471.0WECARE::GRIFFINThu Jul 11 1991Mathematical Intelligencer @ ZKO
1473.0SMAUG::ABBASIThu Jul 25 1991the ART in MATH manipulations
1474.018CIVAGE::LYNNWed Jul 31 1991Commemorative puzzle
1475.03JARETH::EDPThu Aug 01 1991Sphere Packing
1476.05HGOVC::JOELBERMANWed Aug 07 1991funny shaped tiles -- Help
1477.05ELWOOD::CHINNASWAMYWed Aug 07 1991some new(or old) math topics
1478.03ALLVAX::JROTHFri Aug 09 1991Mail on SO(2N) from a former MATH noter
1479.04HERON::BUCHANANSun Aug 11 1991topologies & relations
1480.05HGRDThu Aug 15 1991Walsh Transformation ?
1481.011CSSE::NEILSENThu Aug 15 1991another statistical conundrum
1482.08GAUSS::ASFOURFri Aug 16 1991Changing the Speed of Voice and Music?
1483.04SOLVIT::DESMARAISThu Aug 22 1991Statistical Data Anal in the Computer Age?
1484.03HGRDThu Aug 22 1991Handicaping Theory??
1485.02BAYERN::WOLFFMon Aug 26 1991Spearman Test?
1486.04PRSSOS::LECANNELLIERMon Aug 26 1991math-oriented calculator
1487.014ULTRA::ELLISMon Aug 26 1991Probability problem
1488.04FASDER::MTURNERTue Aug 27 1991Gabor Filters?
1489.03MEIS::SCHAUBERWed Sep 04 1991Statistical Functions Lib.
1491.010VMSDEV::HALLYBThu Sep 12 1991A roulette "system"
1492.07CIVAGE::LYNNThu Sep 12 1991Factors of X^n - 1
1493.06FROSTY::ESTRELLAMon Sep 16 1991complex analysis text??
1494.04DSTEG1::BLANCHARDFri Sep 20 1991Word Processors for Math symbols?
1495.02DSTEG1::BLANCHARDFri Sep 20 1991How did this integral solution come about
1496.05HGRDMon Sep 23 1991A set problem
1497.033D::ASFOURWed Oct 02 1991Differential to Difference equations?
1498.08CIVAGE::LYNNFri Oct 04 1991Primes in Arith. Progression
1499.05STAR::ABBASISun Oct 06 1991The GREATEST Maths Theorems
1500.03STAR::ABBASITue Oct 15 1991Normed Vector Spaces talk
1501.08HGRDTue Oct 15 1991Index Question
1502.09LIOSTue Oct 15 1991Circumference of an ellipse?
1504.09NYTPWed Oct 16 1991Basic math textbook recommendations.
1505.01ALLVAX::JROTHThu Oct 17 1991Surface area on n-dimensional ellipsoid?
1506.02STAR::ABBASISat Oct 19 1991Cauchy Sequence and convergence to a limit
1507.027LUPUS::J_JOSEPHMon Oct 21 1991"Sets", Probability/Number of Non-Collinear Points
1508.06RUBIK::SELLTue Oct 22 1991The game of Spoof
1509.01RANGER::BRADLEYWed Oct 23 1991queue distribution ?
1510.015VAXSPO::WANDERLEYThu Oct 24 1991Self-Destructive Operator
1511.03HGRDThu Oct 24 1991Throwing die
1512.063D::CORKUMMon Oct 28 1991Wronskian ( Bessel and Legendre )
1513.03STAR::ABBASIMon Oct 28 1991FYI: Functional analysis Texts outline
1514.04BRSTR2::SYSMANTue Oct 29 1991
1515.018STAR::ABBASISun Nov 03 1991prime number distribution
1516.07XCUSME::BERNIERWed Nov 06 1991Need to get percent
1517.04BROKE::RAMWed Nov 06 1991Recurrence Equation for Binary Trees
1518.05ZFC::deramoWed Nov 06 1991An Alternative Proof of the Lindemann-Weierstrass Theorem
1519.07SMOOT::ROTHThu Nov 07 1991Best cut/least waste problems
1520.01STAR::ABBASIThu Nov 07 1991History, Theory of functions, Table
1521.025NYTPWed Nov 13 1991Mathematical definition of "miracle"
1522.010NYTPWed Nov 13 1991Mathematical expectation and Paradise/Hell
1523.01STAR::ABBASISun Nov 17 1991difference of image and range of function
1524.05MR4DEC::J_FERRARAMon Nov 18 1991Poisson sum formula
1526.023D::CORKUMMon Dec 02 1991simple convolution integral
1527.011WILLEE::ZELISKOWed Dec 04 1991"Shortest Path" through a adjacency matrix
1528.015HOBBLE::GERTLERWed Dec 04 1991Quadratic Equation Examples
1529.06STAR::ABBASIMon Dec 09 1991question on linear mapping, how to find if 1:1?
1530.0BEING::EDPTue Dec 10 19911991 Putnam Competition
1531.02CHOVAX::YOUNGFri Dec 13 1991The Last Vector Programming Class:
1532.04VMSDEV::HALLYBWed Dec 18 1991Conference access problems
1533.012IMTDEV::ROBERTSMon Dec 23 1991Simple Probability Problem
1534.010CLT::TRACE::GILBERTThu Dec 26 1991A Solitaire Dots Game
1535.06SKIP::MORRISThu Dec 26 1991Looking for a Slide Rule.
1537.013CLT::TRACE::GILBERTFri Jan 03 1992Expandable Primes
1538.013TKOV51::MATTHEWSTue Jan 07 1992Rock, Paper, Scissors Combinations
1539.02CADSYS::COOPERThu Jan 09 1992Permutations by reversals problem.
1540.01CAD::COOPERMon Jan 13 1992A braid puzzle.
1541.04CIVAGE::LYNNWed Jan 15 1992How's numerical analysis in the Field?
1542.0EMDS::MANGANThu Jan 16 1992Calculas Tutor Wanted....HELP
1543.09UMLAUT::krishnaThu Jan 16 1992Probabilility of multiple overlapping operations
1544.0STAR::ABBASIMon Jan 20 1992Linear Algebra/Computing talk
1545.02TLE::REAGANTue Jan 21 1992What is ENTIER?
1546.04ELIS::BUREMAThu Jan 23 1992Back to the (square) roots
1547.018HANNAH::OSMANFri Jan 24 1992sum of reciprocals adds to an integer (also in BRAIN_BOGGLERS conference)
1548.0CIVAGE::LYNNMon Jan 27 1992Combinatorial Chess problem
1549.07IMTDEV::ROBERTSMon Jan 27 1992Generating Normal Data
1550.06CLT::TRACE::GILBERTMon Jan 27 1992Convoy at the Stop Sign
1551.010IMTDEV::ROBERTSWed Jan 29 1992Shortest Set to Meet Mean, Variance
1553.01CADSYS::COOPERFri Jan 31 1992Balanced Products
1554.01CIVAGE::LYNNSat Feb 01 1992Loose ends from Valbonne
1555.01UTRTSC::OOSTERHOFSun Feb 02 1992How to solve a polynomial ?
1556.05BEING::EDPMon Feb 03 1992Are Mathematics and Poetry Fundamentally Similar?
1557.017CIVAGE::LYNNTue Feb 04 1992Riffle shuffles
1558.033D::ASFOURWed Feb 05 1992Help needed in choosing parameters to produce a solution
1559.012CLT::TRACE::GILBERTThu Feb 06 1992Unfaithful spouses
1560.0OSITEL::BRITTAINFri Feb 07 1992Multigrid/level Course near Bonn Germany June 22-26
1561.04PIANST::JANZENMon Feb 10 1992Mathematical Visualization
1562.07TOOK::ALEXWed Feb 12 1992Group theory and multi-processors
1563.04STAR::ABBASIFri Feb 14 1992Fast ways to evaluate function of matrix..
1564.05PAISA::STAMMERSFri Feb 14 1992Selecting connected unit squares
1565.011CLT::TRACE::GILBERTMon Feb 17 1992Diameter of a graph
1566.023CLT::TRACE::GILBERTTue Feb 18 1992Berlekamp's Light-Bulb Game
1567.01PIANST::JANZENTue Feb 18 1992Volunteer teaching and tutoring
1568.03CIVAGE::LYNNWed Feb 19 1992A Knotty problem
1569.02CLT::TRACE::GILBERTThu Feb 20 1992Algorithm to find linear triples
1570.0CADSYS::COOPERFri Feb 21 1992Repeated composition.
1571.03CIVAGE::LYNNFri Feb 21 1992...x,y,z,<grey rectangle>,...
1572.04STAR::ABBASISun Feb 23 1992SymbMath new symbolic math/AI program
1573.03STAR::ABBASIMon Feb 24 1992Men's cognitive ability related to hormone
1574.0BRSTR2::SYSMANFri Feb 28 1992Halloween riddle
1575.021SYOMV::BYERSTue Mar 03 1992How big is alpha?
1576.01STAR::ABBASIWed Mar 04 1992MATLAB users out there?
1577.09CLT::TRACE::GILBERTThu Mar 05 1992Binary strings lacking some substrings
1578.03ULTIMA::GARYBThu Mar 05 1992Unique sums and minimal totals
1579.02STAR::ABBASITue Mar 10 1992paths in directed graph (posted also in algorithms)
1580.08ADO75A::MCSHANETue Mar 10 1992convert graphs to equations
1581.013ROMCSA::VENTURINOWed Mar 11 1992Coefficients of the Interpolating Polynomial ???
1582.09STOHUB::SLBLUZ::BROCKUSMon Mar 16 1992The Cow (and silo) problem
1583.09ISIDRO::RODRIGUEZFri Mar 20 1992Multigrid Linear Equations Solver
1584.014CSCMA::LABAKWed Mar 25 1992Trigonometry ???
1585.03SNOFS2::ROYWed Mar 25 1992Topological Ordering Algorithm
1586.09TRACE::GILBERTFri Mar 27 1992The First Fatal Floor
1587.03TRACE::GILBERTFri Mar 27 1992Equivalent Boolean Matrices
1588.010BEING::EDPWed Apr 01 1992Logic/Combinations Puzzle
1589.01CIVWed Apr 01 1992Trivia about digits in powers of digits
1590.05CIVWed Apr 01 1992Numerical integration among math packages
1591.04HANNAH::OSMANMon Apr 06 1992the OTHER envelope please
1592.03BEING::EDPTue Apr 07 1992The Empty Senate
1593.0CADSYS::COOPERWed Apr 15 1992Free system for computational discrete algebra.
1594.01CADSYS::COOPERWed Apr 15 1992Free computer algebra system.
1595.02SNOFS2::ROYSat Apr 18 1992Boolean Matrix Multiplication
1596.03SNOFS2::ROYSat Apr 18 1992Resource allocation Algorithm ?
1597.09SSAG::LARYMon Apr 20 1992Breakthrough in proof verification / NP stuff?
1598.08NSDC::RATCLIFFWed Apr 22 1992Gauss anecdote; help in Latin translation
1599.0CADSYS::COOPERWed Apr 22 1992More free Symboloic Computation Software
1600.014KYOA::PEREZSun Apr 26 1992Get PAID for Big O answers!!!
1601.05CLARID::DEVALWed Apr 29 1992problem of traffic
1602.0BEING::EDPMon May 04 1992Non-Transitive Dice
1603.020TRACE::GILBERTMon May 04 1992Rational points on a circle
1604.0TRACE::GILBERTTue May 05 1992Euler's generalization of Fermat's Last Theorem
1605.02TENAYA::SWHEELERThu May 07 1992SPSS?? Statworks??
1606.0DIODE::CROWELLSat May 09 1992Code optimizers - state of the art
1607.02HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGSun May 10 1992Looking for Math packages on Ultrix
1608.02HGRDSun May 10 1992The proof of the irrational number
1609.07TRACE::GILBERTTue May 12 1992Parametric solution of (x-1/x)(y-1/y)=4E
1610.02MINDER::WIGLEYAMon May 18 1992Wanted: Sanity check on my rusty statistics
1611.05CADSYS::COOPERMon May 18 1992Claimed elementary trisection and cube duplication proofs
1612.06CIVMon May 18 1992Some things that need saying
1614.01NSDC::RATCLIFFWed May 20 1992Average length of a queue
1615.011TRACE::GILBERTTue May 26 1992Square-free Subsets
1616.05TRACE::GILBERTTue May 26 1992'Close' square roots
1617.04TRACE::GILBERTMon Jun 01 1992Doing floors
1618.05TRACE::GILBERTTue Jun 02 1992Squares in arithmetic progression
1619.03TRACE::GILBERTTue Jun 02 1992A 'wobbly' sequence
1620.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Jun 02 1992Formal verification of Alpha
1621.015VIZUAL::FINNERTYWed Jun 03 1992Multiple Linear Regression
1622.0STAR::ABBASIWed Jun 03 1992explicit solution for first order DE
1623.02DKAS::KOLKERThu Jun 04 1992x^y = y^x
1624.09RMDSRV::MCKENZIEFri Jun 05 1992MathCAD vs Mathematica ?
1625.04EPIK::FINNERTYWed Jun 10 1992Computing the t statistic for regression
1626.018POBOX::WIECHMANNThu Jun 11 1992How should math be taught to teens?
1627.06TRACE::GILBERTFri Jun 12 1992Word Linkages
1628.06BEING::EDPMon Jun 15 19921992 American Invitational Math Exam
1629.04BEING::EDPTue Jun 16 19921992 American Invitational Math Exam
1630.04CSC32::A_DEBRITOWed Jun 17 1992Triangle Problem
1631.04BEING::EDPFri Jun 19 19921992 American Invitiational Math Exam
1632.01TRACE::GILBERTThu Jun 25 1992Coalitions and Voting
1633.05DKAS::KOLKERSun Jun 28 1992Mathematics in the time of the Pharaohs
1634.03TRACE::GILBERTTue Jun 30 1992Knight's Tour as a Derangement
1635.02BEING::EDPWed Jul 01 19921992 American Invitational Math Exam
1636.07GUESS::DERAMOThu Jul 02 1992Percolation on the Plane
1637.019DKAS::KOLKERSat Jul 04 1992f(f(x)) = -x for x real and f real valued
1638.04AUSSIE::GARSONWed Jul 08 1992Australian Math Olympiad (1987)
1639.03TRACE::GILBERTFri Jul 10 1992Coloring points in a square
1640.02HANNAH::OSMANFri Jul 10 1992how many cards will we announce ?
1641.037--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 10 1992oo
1642.03KOBAL::GILBERTMon Jul 13 1992Attacking queens
1643.09BEING::EDPWed Jul 15 1992Problems from Normal University
1644.034IMTDEV::DWENDL::ROBERTS$PWed Jul 15 1992Epistemology & Mathematics
1645.03BEING::EDPWed Jul 15 1992Crux Mathematicorum 1742
1646.0STAR::ABBASIFri Jul 24 1992problems from net, sorry if allready posted
1647.01STAR::ABBASIFri Jul 24 1992solution for general arctan equation?
1648.0TRACE::GILBERTSun Jul 26 1992Sum of solutions
1649.0TRACE::GILBERTSun Jul 26 1992Verifying Associativity
1650.08BEING::EDPMon Jul 27 1992Colliding Masses
1651.010STAR::ABBASISun Aug 09 1992unsolved , fourier series related, expansion, closed form
1652.0AMCFAC::RABAHYWed Aug 12 1992workshop call for participation
1653.05NYTPThu Aug 13 1992Combinatorial Cell formula
1654.01XFMVFri Aug 14 1992Infinite continued square roots
1655.03CRAYMD::SNOWFri Aug 21 1992Need help with primes.
1656.04EPIK::FINNERTYFri Aug 28 1992An optimization problem
1657.04STAR::ABBASISat Aug 29 1992average speed puzzle
1658.08DESIR::BUCHANANMon Aug 31 1992absolute difference 'cylinder'
1659.01BRSTR2::SYSMANMon Aug 31 1992Looking for biography of GAUSS...
1660.07RANGER::RICHTue Sep 01 1992response of system given Q
1661.0518889::THIBAULTTue Sep 08 1992Help needed with Calculus-Fourier transforms
1662.04BEING::EDPTue Sep 08 1992N-Gon Dissections and Paths
1663.05BEING::EDPFri Sep 11 1992CMJ Problem 484
1664.0BEING::EDPFri Sep 11 1992CMJ Problem 485
1665.04LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AWed Sep 16 1992Calculating a statistical likelihood.....
1666.06TAVSat Sep 19 1992Golden Chain Problem
1667.08HANNAH::ACHANMon Sep 21 1992to prove limits...
1668.03DESIR::BUCHANANThu Sep 24 1992Chebyshev polynomials
1669.03RUSURE::EDPFri Oct 02 1992AMM Problem 1
1670.01RUSURE::EDPFri Oct 02 1992AMM Problem 1
1671.03RUSURE::EDPWed Oct 07 1992Super Cross-Ratio
1672.04RICKS::LEONARDWed Oct 07 1992A tiling problem from work
1673.01RUSURE::EDPThu Oct 08 1992Crux Mathematicorum Problem 1762
1674.01RUSURE::EDPFri Oct 09 1992Math Magazine Problem 14
1675.013AUSSIE::GARSONSat Oct 10 1992Australian Math Olympiad (1988)
1676.04TALK::MILAZZOWed Oct 14 1992Help with Daughter's homework
1677.011VMSDEV::HALLYBWed Oct 21 1992What's this curve?
1678.04BRSTR2::SYSMANWed Oct 21 1992SUMs of integers wanted
1679.05--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 22 1992Another paradoxical voting problem
1680.02RUSURE::EDPMon Oct 26 1992Olympiad Corner No. 131, 13
1681.0RUSURE::EDPMon Oct 26 1992Olympiad Corner No. 131, 15
1682.0RUSURE::EDPMon Oct 26 1992Olympiad Corner No. 131, 23
1684.06DPE::TATARAWed Oct 28 1992Intersecting line-segments...
1685.04TAVWed Oct 28 1992Build a triangle from ...
1686.02CX3PT2::KOWTOW::J_MARSHThu Oct 29 1992Arccos(x) as a function of Arctan(x)?
1687.01DANGER::HADUCHFri Oct 30 1992Is there a formal name for the "long division" symbol?
1688.0248451::CLCWed Nov 04 1992alien numbers
1689.07CSC32::GLAUNERWed Nov 04 1992satellite dish focal point
1690.04CSC32::J_HENSONWed Nov 04 1992rounding?
1691.06AUSSIE::GARSONWed Nov 04 1992Probability and AIDS screening
1692.02RUSURE::EDPMon Nov 09 1992American Math Monthly 1
1693.01SDOGUS::DRAKEMon Nov 09 1992Code for Karhunen-Loeve Transform?
1694.011KISHOR::HEIMANNThu Nov 12 1992Heads *may* be more likely than tails
1695.01CX3PT2::KOWTOW::J_MARSHMon Nov 30 1992Steiner Tree Algorithm?
1696.04RUSURE::EDPMon Nov 30 1992Crux Mathematicorum Problem 1783
1697.02RUSURE::EDPMon Nov 30 1992Crux Mathematicorum Problem 1785
1698.07MOVIES::HANCOCKThu Dec 03 1992Help save my toes
1699.01SAINT::STCLAIRMon Dec 07 1992Good bye
1700.010TAVMon Dec 07 1992Meta Numbering
1701.0RUSURE::EDPFri Dec 11 19921992 Putnam Competition
1702.05DUCAT2::SMILEYSat Dec 12 1992Searching for Answer
1703.011LYOMon Dec 14 1992definition of a combination of n numbers depending on a key
1704.011HANNAH::OSMANFri Dec 18 1992simple path possible through permuations ?
1705.02MEOCMon Dec 21 199264 x 64 bit divide routine/algorithm
1706.01SSAG::LARYTue Dec 22 1992Looking for a Polynomial
1707.012RUSURE::EDPTue Dec 29 1992Forwarding Math Conference Outside Digital
1708.05VNASWS::WILFRIEDWed Dec 30 1992Numerical Math books
1709.02VIVIAN::MILTONMon Jan 11 1993Reptiles
1710.08MARVA2::RAKWed Jan 13 1993Needed: Slick Statistic Trick
1711.03RUSURE::EDPThu Jan 28 1993CMJ Problem 491
1712.01RUSURE::EDPThu Jan 28 1993CMJ Problem 492
1713.0RUSURE::EDPThu Jan 28 1993CMJ Problem 493
1714.01RUSURE::EDPThu Jan 28 1993CMJ Problem 494
1715.01RUSURE::EDPThu Jan 28 1993CMJ Problem 495
1716.015BBIVTue Feb 02 1993Remainder on division
1717.01CHOVAX::YOUNGWed Feb 17 1993What a long strange trip its been
1718.07TLE::REINIGThu Feb 18 1993The Stable Marriage Problem
1719.08HERON::BUCHANANThu Feb 25 1993numerical puzzle
1720.014RUSURE::EDPFri Feb 26 1993Mathematics Magazine 1417
1721.0CADSYS::COOPERFri Feb 26 1993For those with too much time.
1722.07NECSC::S_BUSHSun Feb 28 1993Probability class driving me nuts
1723.02TLE::REINIGWed Mar 03 1993What is the (Rosenberg-)Anderaa Conjecture
1724.02HERON::BUCHANANSat Mar 06 19934 colour theorem in theoretical physics
1725.02RANGER::CACCAVALEMon Mar 08 1993Lyapunov exponents...
1726.06BACHUS::BURTONWed Mar 10 1993Moebius spiral formula ?
1727.03D::ROTHThu Mar 11 1993Mandelbrot speaks!
1728.0CSC32::J_HENSONThu Mar 11 1993erf, anyone?
1729.04BBIVSat Mar 13 1993Modern Math
1730.04RUSURE::EDPWed Mar 17 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1811
1731.09RUSURE::EDPWed Mar 17 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1815
1732.06RUSURE::EDPWed Mar 17 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1818
1733.03D::ROTHFri Mar 19 1993Geometry Forum
1734.015CSC32::CONLONThu Mar 25 1993A Smooth Ride on Square Wheels.
1735.06GOCELT::RAKFri Mar 26 1993Statistical Mean and Variance Tests
1736.01TAVSun Mar 28 19933 lamps
1737.02HERON::BUCHANANMon Mar 29 1993Chess Problem
1738.0LMOADM::TIMPERLEYMon Mar 29 1993Algebra Tutor Needed - ASAP
1740.01RANGER::CACCAVALEMon Apr 12 1993center of mass...
1741.01CSC32::J_HENSONFri Apr 16 1993175
1742.03RUSURE::EDPMon Apr 19 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1821
1743.01RUSURE::EDPMon Apr 19 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1823
1744.03RUSURE::EDPMon Apr 19 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1826
1745.01RUSURE::EDPMon Apr 19 1993Crux Mathematicorum 183
1746.06HEADHD::STAMMERSTue Apr 20 1993Battleships
1747.04RUSURE::EDPTue May 04 19931992 Olympiad
1748.03RUSURE::EDPTue May 04 1993Derive the Lorentz Transformation
1749.08AUSSIE::GARSONFri May 14 1993Circle disection
1750.01GLDOA::RBROWNMon May 17 1993Teaching Math With Pinewood Derby Cars
1751.033OZROCK::RODRIGUESMon May 17 1993A number of infinities...
1752.04IOSG::CARLINSat May 22 1993The penguin and the igloo
1753.0--UnknownUser--Mon May 24 1993book sale
1754.01MR4DEC::RICARDTue May 25 1993Projection of a point on a cone??
1755.01RUSURE::EDPWed May 26 1993College Mathematics Journal #5
1756.05RUSURE::EDPWed May 26 1993College Mathematics Journal #5
1757.02RUSURE::EDPWed May 26 1993College Mathematics Journal #5
1758.0RUSURE::EDPWed May 26 1993College Mathematics Journal #5
1759.02RUSURE::EDPWed May 26 1993College Mathematics Journal #5
1760.04STAR::ABBASIThu May 27 1993matrix factor into row and column vecotrs?
1761.02HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGFri May 28 1993Telecom equipment allocation problem
1762.01MAST::ARRIGHIFri May 28 1993differential eqns <--> quantum mechanics
1763.017HERON::BUCHANANTue Jun 01 1993tiling question
1764.06AUSSIE::GARSONSun Jun 13 1993"Conservation" of faces
1765.01RUSURE::EDPMon Jun 14 1993Math Magazine Problem 1423
1766.04RUSURE::EDPMon Jun 14 1993Math Magazine Problem 1424
1767.04RUSURE::EDPMon Jun 14 1993Math Magazine Problem 1427
1768.01HDLITE::NEWMANTue Jun 15 1993Equation for spiral from Golden Rectangle (Phi)
1769.0RUSURE::EDPMon Jun 21 1993Conway's Challenge Sequence
1770.013BROKE::RAMWed Jun 23 1993Fermat's Last Theorem proved ?
1771.02POLAR::MOKHTARMon Jul 12 1993finite element = finite difference ?
1773.04MAYES::RMARTINTue Jul 13 1993apps for mod inverse..
1774.02AKOCOA::ATANUWed Jul 14 1993solution for simult. eqn.
1775.02TAVFri Jul 16 1993FFT AOSF benchmark fails to run
1776.09RUSURE::EDPTue Jul 20 19931993 Canadian Mathematics Olympiad
1777.017TLE::EKLUNDFri Jul 23 1993Cutting the cake fairly
1778.01WELLDN::CHRISTENSENMon Jul 26 1993Does Digital Do PVM?
1779.01KRAKAR::WARWICKWed Aug 11 1993"future value" ?
1780.03SEIC::MOSESThu Aug 12 1993What transform is this?
1781.04WRKSYS::ARUMUGHAMSat Aug 14 1993does 9.999... equal 1
1782.0HERON::BUCHANANMon Aug 16 1993imo 93
1783.02EVTAI1::TRICHETMon Aug 23 1993exponential average ?
1784.014KDX2Wed Sep 01 1993Roulette: Red vs. black (excluding the greens)
1785.010RUSURE::EDPThu Sep 02 1993Quarto
1786.04HERON::BUCHANANWed Sep 08 1993Politically Correct version of old puzzle
1787.01RUSURE::EDPFri Sep 10 1993College Mathematics Journal #5
1788.08RUSURE::EDPFri Sep 10 1993College Mathematics Journal #51
1789.03SHIPS::WHITWOOD_NThu Sep 16 1993Gilbreath Principle
1790.0RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 20 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1861
1791.0RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 20 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1862
1792.0RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 20 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1863
1793.0RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 20 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1864
1794.01RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 20 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1865
1795.0RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 20 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1866
1796.0RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 20 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1867
1797.0RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 20 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1868
1798.03RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 20 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1869
1799.0RUSURE::EDPMon Sep 20 1993Crux Mathematicorum 187
1800.01MAST::ARUMUGHAMWed Sep 22 1993Fractal equations
1801.01SICVAX::WICKERTSun Sep 26 1993Info on Digital's Extended Math lib for OPENVMS
1802.0RUSURE::EDPTue Oct 05 1993Index to Mathematical Problems
1803.012SNOFS1::ZANOTTOTue Oct 05 1993Maximum Likelihood !
1804.010AUSSIE::GARSONTue Oct 05 1993Expression is non-prime
1805.05TROOA::RITCHEFri Oct 08 1993Domino Problem
1806.04RUSURE::EDPWed Oct 13 1993Mathematics Magazine 1428
1807.01RUSURE::EDPWed Oct 13 1993Math Magazine 1429
1808.05RUSURE::EDPWed Oct 13 1993Math Magazine 143
1809.06STAR::ABBASIFri Oct 22 1993Cramer Paradox ?
1810.03CFSCTC::GILBERTTue Oct 26 1993Polynomial 'Newton's iteration'
1811.02PDVFri Oct 29 1993help to solve equation
1812.0STAR::ABBASIFri Nov 05 1993probability and stochastic processes newsletter
1813.05RUSURE::EDPMon Nov 08 1993Allais Paradox
1814.0FRASER::FRASERWed Nov 10 1993relating a non-linear to a linear code
1815.02AOSG::TOMThu Nov 11 1993Sample size statistics problem
1817.03STAR::ABBASIFri Nov 19 1993FAQ frequently asked questions from sci.math
1818.03WARNUT::THOMASAFri Dec 03 1993English 5
1819.02CONSLT::OWENTue Dec 07 1993Plotting / Graphing / Data Analysis Software?
1820.01RHINOS::OVENTue Dec 07 1993Continuous Functions?
1821.06RUSURE::EDPTue Dec 07 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1882
1822.02RHINOS::OVENWed Dec 08 1993Another word problem :^(
1823.05RTL::GILBERTWed Dec 08 1993Convolution recurrence
1824.03STAR::ABBASIWed Dec 08 1993int(exp(abs(t)),t=-infinity..infinity) in maple?
1825.0POLAR::PARAThu Dec 09 1993Differential Eqn solver using Adams method
1826.03USDEV::STOCKDALEMon Dec 20 1993Algebra ?
1827.08RTL::GILBERTWed Dec 22 1993Running Maximum
1828.0RUSURE::EDPWed Dec 29 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1892
1829.0RUSURE::EDPWed Dec 29 1993Crux Mathematicorum 1899
1830.09RUSURE::EDPWed Dec 29 19931993 Japanese Mathematical Olympiad
1831.04RTL::GILBERTWed Dec 29 1993Demographics in Teeny-Bop
1832.02--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 03 1994re: Largest n digit PRIME NUMBER
1833.07WRKSYS::ARUMUGHAMTue Jan 11 1994Inertia Algorithm
1834.05SNOFS1::ZANOTTOMon Jan 17 1994Intelligent languages !
1835.02MEOCThu Jan 20 1994RHUMB line formula?
1836.09POLAR::MOKHTARMon Jan 31 1994mortgage formula
1837.05RUSURE::EDPTue Feb 01 1994Beloretsk 1
1838.09LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIWed Feb 09 1994Two player dice problem
1839.04PENUTS::DDESMAISONSTue Feb 15 1994almost everywhere
1840.02LABRYS::CONNELLYTue Feb 15 1994Martin Gardner?
1841.09VIVIAN::MILTONWed Feb 16 1994Area of conics (where possible)
1844.07SHIPS::WHITWOOD_NThu Feb 17 1994Sum of any two = n^2 (where n=integer)
1845.01RUSURE::EDPFri Feb 18 1994Crux Mathematicorum 19
1846.013BAYES::HEIMANNFri Feb 18 1994The breaking of world records
1847.03RTL::GILBERTMon Feb 28 1994"Let's Guess A Number"
1848.01RUSURE::EDPTue Mar 01 1994Math Magazine 1442
1849.05CARROL::COXThu Mar 03 1994Stats help: Sig of Diff np<5
1850.011RTL::GILBERTFri Mar 11 1994Plant the Flag
1851.02PASTA::SUDHARSANANFri Mar 11 1994Linear Independence
1852.01AUSSIE::GARSONSun Mar 13 1994Illegible quadratic
1853.0RUSURE::EDPWed Mar 16 1994College Mathematics Journal #521
1854.0RUSURE::EDPWed Mar 16 1994College Mathematics Journal #522
1855.0RUSURE::EDPWed Mar 16 1994College Mathematics Journal #523
1856.0RUSURE::EDPWed Mar 16 1994College Mathematics Journal #524
1857.0RUSURE::EDPWed Mar 16 1994College Mathematics Journal #525
1858.03NOVA::FINNERTYWed Mar 16 1994Maximizing Clubhead Speed in Golf
1859.04SSAG::LARYWed Mar 16 1994The Generalized Pizza Theorem, from Stan
1860.0RUSURE::EDPFri Mar 18 1994Crux Mathematicorum 1828
1861.03HANNAH::OSMANMon Mar 21 1994why does 1
1862.03CADSYS::COOPERFri Mar 25 1994Network service: Integer sequence finder.
1863.06IOSG::CARLINFri Mar 25 1994Should have kept awake in those lin. alg. lectures
1864.04NOVA::FINNERTYTue Mar 29 1994Lagrangian
1865.04RUSURE::EDPTue Apr 19 1994Math Magazine 1443
1866.02IOSG::CARLINFri Apr 22 1994Question on non-linear regression
1867.04RUSURE::EDPTue Apr 26 1994Crux Mathematicorum 1932
1868.05RUSURE::EDPTue Apr 26 1994Crux Mathematicorum 1935
1869.07CALDEC::KAMATHThu May 05 1994Announcing a new release of DXML
1870.01DEWEYD::SCUDELLARIFri May 13 1994 Portable Math Routines
1871.011KERNEL::BARTLEYFri May 20 1994Struggling Incipient Mathematician
1872.03RUSURE::EDPTue May 24 1994Crux Mathematicorum 1944
1873.02RUSURE::EDPTue May 24 1994Crux Mathematicorum 1946
1874.01RUSURE::EDPTue May 24 1994Crux Mathematicorum 1948
1875.03RUSURE::EDPTue May 24 1994Crux Mathematicorum 195
1876.03RTL::GILBERTWed May 25 1994Culling a surd from a polynomial function
1877.013SNLVSun May 29 1994drawing f(x,y)=2xy ????
1878.01MROA::SHILOMon Jun 06 1994where to find MATHEMATICA in Digital ?
1879.03VMSDEV::HALLYBTue Jun 14 1994ISO sets that pairwise sum to primes
1880.02HANNAH::OSMANWed Jun 29 1994even number always sum of 2 primes ?
1881.04WELCLU::THOMASWed Jul 20 1994Simple? Geometric problem
1882.0STAR::PRAETORIUSThu Jul 21 1994Groups, Algorithms and Programming
1883.07SUOSWS::GEISELHARTSun Jul 24 1994Days between Dates
1884.09FORTY2::BOYESThu Jul 28 1994Probability: Lucky draw
1885.05BPSOF::NEWBERGMon Aug 01 1994How good is your memory?
1886.07STOHUB::SLBLUZ::BROCKUSFri Aug 05 1994Matching Birthdays/Conditional Probability
1887.02EVTSG8::ESANUWed Aug 17 1994Circles and line segments are not homeomorphic
1888.05EVTSG8::ESANUFri Aug 19 1994A high school continuity problem
1889.030EVTSG8::ESANUMon Aug 22 1994How close to sqrt(7) can a rational number be?
1890.04EVTSG8::ESANUWed Aug 24 1994Mirrors? Call me Dirty Tricky
1891.08CSOA1::LENNIGThu Sep 01 1994X^N = N^X ?
1892.0MOVIES::HANCOCKTue Sep 06 1994The topology of movies
1893.0RUSURE::EDPWed Sep 07 1994College Math Journal 531
1894.0RUSURE::EDPWed Sep 07 1994College Math Journal 532
1895.08RUSURE::EDPWed Sep 07 1994College Math Journal 533
1896.09OFOSWed Sep 14 1994Shortest Distance
1897.05TROOA::RITCHEMon Sep 26 1994Where is Maximum Curvature of y = x^n ?
1898.06VMSDEV::HALLYBThu Sep 29 1994Carmichael numbers
1899.02ROCK::MASTFri Sep 30 1994Square root algorithm
1900.07GLDOA::RBROWNMon Oct 03 1994Calculating Altitude - I forgot {blush}
1901.01RUSURE::EDPWed Oct 05 1994Crux Mathematicorum 1961
1902.03RUSURE::EDPWed Oct 05 1994Crux Mathematicorum 1966
1903.02RUSURE::EDPWed Oct 05 1994Crux Mathematicorum 1968
1904.06EVTSG8::ESANUThu Oct 13 1994Concours General, France, 1992, problem 4
1905.08NETCAD::WIEBEFri Nov 11 1994Red marbles in a sphere
1906.04EVTSG8::ESANUSun Nov 13 1994Powers of 2 digits
1907.05EVTSG8::ESANUWed Nov 16 1994Lots of 1s only numbers
1908.0EVTSG8::ESANUFri Nov 18 1994Why i^2 = -1 ?
1909.01EVTSG8::ESANUFri Nov 18 1994Polynomials only
1910.03EVMS::HALLYBSat Nov 19 1994Tangent to polar equation
1911.011EVTSG8::ESANUTue Nov 22 1994Open number theory problem?
1912.07EVTSG8::ESANUTue Nov 22 1994A negative description of the primes
1913.0EVTSG8::ESANUThu Nov 24 1994Real sequence existence problem
1914.03DNEAST::JACKSON_KELLTue Nov 29 1994Intersection of a ray with a plane?
1915.04AD::GRUNDMANNMon Dec 12 1994ALGORITHMS will be gone unless action taken
1916.05EVTSG8::ESANUMon Dec 12 1994Weak Axiom of Choice (WAC)
1917.0EVTSG8::ESANUWed Dec 14 1994WANTED: First species discontinuity and related results
1918.023LJSRV1::BONNEAUTue Dec 13 1994Formulat for standard deviation?
1919.01EVTSG8::ESANUThu Dec 15 1994Concours General, France, 1992, problem 5
1920.01BATVX1::ESANUFri Dec 16 1994Concours General, France, 1992, problem 2
1921.0EVTSG8::ESANUFri Dec 16 1994A smell from Liouville's cuisine?
1922.01EVTSG8::ESANUMon Dec 19 19942 elementary ring algebra problems
1923.02EVTSG8::ESANUMon Dec 19 1994Not all distances integer
1924.03STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONThu Dec 22 1994The House of Infinities
1925.02POLAR::MOKHTARWed Dec 28 1994CRC in DEC PCs CMOS, mask - signature ?
1926.0WRKSYS::ROTHThu Dec 29 1994Kahan Summation Summary
1927.01DEVLPR::HADAVITue Jan 03 1995XMATHPLOT, where ?
1928.04CNTROL::DGAUTHIERWed Jan 04 1995Math problem
1929.01RUSURE::EDPThu Jan 05 1995Crux Mathematicorum 1998
1930.012RUSURE::EDPThu Jan 05 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1931.010RANGER::CACCAVALETue Jan 24 1995help with shape, volume
1932.04RANGER::TBAKERTue Jan 31 1995Find lowest d or k for (e*d)-(k*n)=1
1933.04POLAR::WALSHMThu Feb 09 1995The Normal Curve and Simulation
1934.01NYOSS1::TJIONASFri Feb 10 1995Math magazine addressess/subscriptions?
1936.01CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Feb 15 1995permutation problem
1937.03TAVIS::SHIRANSat Feb 18 1995IN OR OUT ?
1938.08NETCAD::PICKETTThu Feb 23 1995Modulus of congruence
1939.075FLOYD::YODERThu Feb 23 1995Mind reading trick
1940.03RUSURE::EDPThu Feb 23 1995Math Magazine 1464
1941.05RUSURE::EDPThu Feb 23 1995Math Magazine 1465
1942.03RUSURE::EDPThu Feb 23 1995Math Magazine 1466
1943.01RUSURE::EDPThu Feb 23 1995Math Magazine 1467
1944.04RUSURE::EDPThu Feb 23 1995Math Magazine 1468
1945.02RUSURE::EDPThu Feb 23 1995Math Magazine Q829
1946.01RUSURE::EDPThu Feb 23 1995Math Magazine Q83
1947.07SUBURB::STRANGEWAYSFri Feb 24 1995Infinite Improbabilities
1948.02GLDOA::RBROWNSat Feb 25 1995Slidding Weights in a Pinewood Car
1950.07ULYSSE::ZITTAWed Mar 08 1995Collisions
1951.07HERON::BUCHANANThu Mar 09 1995Malkavian Dementia
1952.0EVTSG8::ESANUWed Mar 15 1995A tough topology problem
1953.020STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONThu Mar 16 1995Three-sided coin
1954.01STOHUB::SLBLUZ::BROCKUSTue Mar 21 1995LR(k) grammar, k=2,3,...
1955.021BATVX1::ESANUThu Mar 23 1995Split a beer three ways
1956.07RUSURE::EDPThu Mar 23 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1957.04RUSURE::EDPThu Mar 23 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1958.02EVMS::HALLYBWed Apr 05 1995Need closed form solution for simple recurrence
1959.012RUSURE::EDPWed Apr 05 1995College Mathematics Journal 549
1960.0AUSSIE::GARSONFri Apr 07 1995Tournament of the Towns (general info)
1961.013AUSSIE::GARSONFri Apr 07 1995Tournament of the Towns, November 1988, Junior
1962.03RUSURE::EDPTue Apr 11 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1963.01RUSURE::EDPTue Apr 11 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1964.01RUSURE::EDPTue Apr 11 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1965.02BATVX1::ESANUWed Apr 12 1995What are the qualities needed to do mathematics?
1966.0PASTA::SUDHARSANANTue Apr 18 1995A Problem on Lipschitz Continuity
1967.01BATVX1::ESANUTue Apr 18 1995Concours General, France, 1995, problem 1
1968.05BATVX1::ESANUTue Apr 18 1995Concours General, France, 1995, problem 2
1969.0IOSG::CARLINWed Apr 19 1995Mathematical detective work
1970.09POLAR::WALSHMThu Apr 27 1995Big E Math Contest
1971.05ALICAT::MACKAYThu May 04 1995Gamma Function formula help wanted
1972.09AUSSIE::GARSONSat May 13 1995Tournament of the Towns, March 1989, Junior
1973.05RUSURE::EDPThu May 25 1995Sort by Prefix Reversal
1974.06HGOVC::LANEMARIAHOSun Jun 11 1995Hamilton-Cayley Theorem
1975.01EVMS::HALLYBMon Jun 12 1995Drummond Geometry?
1976.015RUSURE::EDPTue Jun 13 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1977.03RUSURE::EDPThu Jun 15 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1978.0RUSURE::EDPThu Jun 15 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1979.01RUSURE::EDPThu Jun 15 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1980.011BRSTR2::SYSMANWed Jun 21 1995word to number
1981.05GLADYS::CRAVENThu Jun 29 1995Allocation of Pallets Problem
1982.05SWAM1::WOLFE_LEMon Jul 10 1995Algorithm for a CUBE root
1983.01KAOFS::LOCKYERFri Jul 14 1995Lat/Long To UTM, Terminal Velocity And Ballooning!
1984.02RUSURE::EDPThu Jul 20 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1985.07RUSURE::EDPThu Jul 20 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1986.05FLOYD::YODERTue Jul 25 1995Painted Hexagonal Tilings
1987.01RUSURE::EDPFri Aug 11 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1988.04RUSURE::EDPFri Aug 11 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
1989.0NETRIX::"takriti@spezko.mko.dec.com"Fri Aug 18 1995Looking for a mathematical progrmming package (linear and quadratic programming)
1990.010EVTSG8::ESANUTue Aug 29 1995Evaluating hidden bugs
1991.04JOBURG::BUCHANANTue Aug 29 1995IMO 95 Q6
1992.017EVTSG8::ESANUThu Aug 31 1995Real numbers as infinite sums
1993.05EVTSG8::ESANUThu Aug 31 1995Real numbers as infinite products
1994.017DECADA::YODERFri Sep 01 1995Sequential Task Problem
1995.04EVTSG8::ESANUMon Sep 04 1995Are you the Pope?
1996.04JOBURG::BUCHANANMon Sep 11 1995IMO 95 Q2
1997.012AUSSIE::GARSONMon Sep 11 1995IMO dreams
1998.02AUSSIE::GARSONFri Sep 15 1995Tournament of the Towns, November 1988, Senior
1999.02EVTSG8::ESANUMon Sep 18 1995Almost periodic functions
2000.03WRKSYS::ROTHTue Sep 19 199512-Year Index
2001.01LANDO::LACAVAThu Sep 21 1995Need calculus derivative
2002.013AUSSIE::GARSONSat Oct 14 1995Tournament of the Towns, March 1989, Senior
2003.015SNOFS1::JONESCHRISMon Oct 16 1995simple combination question
2004.01SNOFS1::JONESCHRISMon Oct 16 1995complex probability question
2005.019JOBURG::BUCHANANTue Oct 17 1995groups of order 12
2006.07AUSSIE::GARSONTue Oct 24 1995Old Mutual Math. Olympiad (1993) [South African]
2007.05AD::DEVERFri Oct 27 1995Precedence of Exponentiation
2008.02JOBURG::BUCHANANMon Oct 30 1995Symoblic Math package sought
2009.02RUSURE::EDPTue Oct 31 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
2010.03RUSURE::EDPTue Oct 31 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
2011.03RUSURE::EDPTue Oct 31 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
2012.014FLOYD::YODERWed Nov 08 1995Harmonic sums
2013.02NETCAD::ROLKETue Nov 14 1995FlopView - floating point display
2014.0CXXC::REINIGFri Nov 17 1995Computing the derivative of a rational function
2015.02RUSURE::EDPTue Nov 28 1995Touche
2016.05WROSS1::LIBATIQUE_LOThu Nov 30 1995Need Calculus Help, can you assist...
2017.09CHEFS::STRANGEWAYSMon Dec 04 1995Domino squares
2018.02RUSURE::EDPTue Dec 05 1995Crux Mathematicorum 2
2019.04FLOYD::YODERTue Dec 12 1995Problem based on Myst
2020.06SUBSYS::FAIRBANKSWed Dec 13 1995Solve for all values of x
2021.06JOBURG::BUCHANANWed Dec 20 1995Dice with abnormal genotype, normal phenotype
2022.07JOBURG::BUCHANANThu Dec 21 1995Pentagon of minimum area
2023.01RUSURE::EDPTue Jan 02 1996Crux Mathematicorum 21
2024.09IOSG::BURTONTue Jan 16 1996Polygon names
2025.09CSC32::D_DERAMOWed Jan 17 1996Self-Referential Aptitude Test
2026.016FLOYD::YODERMon Feb 05 1996musical problem
2027.02MALWed Feb 14 1996calling all palindromes
2028.029HANNAH::OSMANMon Feb 19 1996primes for dummies
2029.06FLOYD::YODERTue Feb 20 1996task scheduling problem
2030.08FORTY2::BOYESThu Feb 22 1996Proabability: Bag of balls, three colors.
2031.016AUSSIE::GARSONSat Mar 16 1996Cards, colour and probability
2032.01RUSURE::EDPThu Mar 21 1996Crux Mathematicorum 2114
2033.01RUSURE::EDPThu Mar 21 1996Crux Mathematicorum 2123
2034.03NETCAD::ROLKEThu Mar 21 1996Pillow Problems
2035.07FLOYD::YODERMon Apr 01 1996unit circle problem with floating point numbers
2036.020EASE::BRADSHAWWed Apr 03 1996? How to compute the volume of fuel in a tank
2037.06TPOVC::BUCHANANTue Apr 09 1996The Iron Shroud
2038.06IOSG::MAURICEWed Apr 10 1996Whose theorem is this?
2039.02TPOVC::BUCHANANMon Apr 15 1996Pythagoras' package
2040.0RUSURE::EDPMon Apr 15 1996Crux Mathematicorum 2129
2041.0RUSURE::EDPTue Apr 16 1996Factoring News and Records
2042.019TPOVC::BUCHANANThu Apr 18 1996nerd call for password encryption
2043.07FLOYD::YODERThu Apr 25 1996bits of 1/pi wanted
2044.01ACISS2::LENNIGSat May 04 1996Determinant using a calculator?
2045.07FLOYD::YODERMon May 06 1996Q about Knuth Vol. II
2046.0TDCIS4::ROTHFri May 17 1996quasirandom set of points in the square
2047.01AUSS::GARSONSun May 19 1996Problems for 1996
2048.0IOSG::CARLINMon May 20 1996Putnam, and Stan, on the web
2049.03CPEEDY::BRADLEYMon May 20 1996software for what field?
2050.0RUSURE::EDPMon Jun 03 1996Crux Mathematicorum 2142
2051.027TPOVC::BUCHANANSun Jun 16 1996Random points on the sphere
2053.05SNOFS1::JONESCHRISTue Jun 18 1996optimal communication channel coding
2054.01CPEEDY::BRADLEYFri Jun 21 1996other math book reviews
2055.06AMCFAC::RABAHYFri Jul 26 1996adversarily distributed private incremental deal
2056.012AUSS::GARSONSun Aug 11 1996Dividing a right-angled triangle
2057.02NETCAD::PICKETTTue Aug 13 1996On Computable Numbers
2058.03RUSURE::EDPThu Aug 22 1996Rotating Equaliteral Triangle Array
2059.022FLOYD::YODERTue Aug 27 1996the theory of froops
2060.04PAWN21::OSMANFri Aug 30 1996more whimsicalia (arcsin(2))
2061.012IOSG::CARLINThu Sep 05 1996A knotty problem
2062.0FLOYD::YODERFri Sep 06 1996differences between powers
2063.015PAWN21::OSMANMon Sep 09 1996how much more action does forehand player get ?
2064.04POLAR::BUCCIONEThu Sep 12 1996% help
2065.05TPOVC::BUCHANANThu Oct 03 1996ringnir theory
2066.01RUSURE::EDPThu Oct 03 1996Crux Mathematicorum 2152
2067.04BEGIN::YODERSat Oct 05 1996"rational component problem" contest
2068.04TPOVC::BUCHANANMon Oct 14 1996combinatorial approximation sought
2069.02RUSURE::EDPMon Oct 14 1996Crux Mathematicorum 217
2070.02RUSURE::EDPMon Oct 14 1996Crux Mathematicorum 2174
2071.013BEGIN::YODERTue Oct 15 1996Golem Liberation
2072.016RANGER::OSMANTue Oct 15 19969-digit puzzle from Tech Review
2073.034RANGER::OSMANWed Oct 30 1996some ellipse questions
2074.01REGENT::VEEDERTue Nov 19 1996Mathematica User's Group?
2074.01FRSTSC::TLAUERThu Nov 14 1996How much oil is in my tank?
2075.012CHEFS::STRANGEWAYSSun Dec 22 1996Christmas cake
2076.03SSAG::LARYFri Jan 17 1997Harmonic Sum Identity needs proof...
2077.07NETRIX::"pkrishna@hpn.lkg.dec.com"Thu Jan 23 1997Markov Chains
2078.07SMARTT::DGAUTHIERThu Jan 23 1997Need corr coeff for > linear approx
2079.05TPOVC::BUCHANANMon Mar 10 1997graph theory
2080.04SNOFS1::RASMUSSENThu Mar 13 1997LP for OpenVMS Alpha wanted.
2081.03DPE1::TATARAThu Mar 27 1997"Fence" Area problem...
2082.07RUSURE::EDPThu May 15 1997Ackermann Function
2083.02RDGENG::16.195.8Thu Jun 05 1997Is Zero a number ?