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Conference quokka::non_custodial_parents

Title:Welcome to the Non-Custodial Parents Conference
Notice:Please read 1.* before writing anything
Created:Sun Feb 25 1990
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:420
Total number of notes:4370
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1.06CSC32::K_JACKSONSun Feb 25 1990Welcome
2.013CSC32::K_JACKSONSun Feb 25 1990Conference News
3.03CSC32::K_JACKSONSun Feb 25 1990Deleted Note History
4.03CSC32::K_JACKSONSun Feb 25 1990Modified Note History
5.0CSC32::K_JACKSONSun Feb 25 1990Reserved for Moderators
6.095CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Feb 26 1990Introductions
7.012CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Feb 26 1990Taxation is unfair to N.C.P.'s
8.068DYO78Wed Feb 28 1990Garnished support payments
9.022CSC32::K_JACKSONWed Feb 28 19903 weeks later
10.0CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Mar 05 1990A story to share with you
11.0CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Mar 05 1990Here's one for mothers
13.02CSC32::W_LINVILLEMon Mar 05 1990The Real Victims
14.030POCUS::NORDELLWed Mar 07 1990Foretich vs. Foretich (sp)
15.020CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Mar 08 1990Your comments on contempt of court
16.023PEKING::NASHDSat Mar 10 1990Writing to strangers?
17.08GIAMEM::MACKINNONMon Mar 12 1990Cohabitaing and the non-custodial parent
18.0CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Mar 12 1990More parents abducting kids, FBI says
19.016SLUGER::KERSCHMon Mar 12 1990What does Joint custody mean to you?
20.010SLUGER::KERSCHMon Mar 12 1990Visitation Nightmare
22.04CSC32::HADDOCKWed Mar 14 1990What to do about violation of visitation
23.01CSC32::HADDOCKWed Mar 14 1990Violation of visitations is child abuse
24.0PEKING::NASHDWed Mar 14 1990Diversionary activities.
25.09CSC32::K_JACKSONFri Mar 16 1990Custody battle, 1 or both
26.09POCUS::NORDELLFri Mar 16 1990Communication Can Work
27.05CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Mar 19 1990Now I have been barred from calling
28.09DYO78Mon Mar 19 1990How 'bout some good news for a change?
29.016PEKING::NASHDTue Mar 20 1990Why are ex's so bitter?
30.015CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Mar 22 1990Child support and second wives
31.06CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Mar 22 1990a little trivia for ya
32.01CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Mar 22 1990A tragic situation to a single mother
33.03FSTTOO::BEANFri Mar 23 1990replies to note 32
34.014HBO::CALCAGNIFri Mar 23 1990The Wedding ?
35.0CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Mar 26 1990Temporarily gone
37.03GIAMEM::MACKINNONMon Mar 26 1990Laws: where to find them
38.010SANFAN::PAPISON_GEMon Mar 26 1990Fathers/NCP Organizations
39.08VCSESU::KINNEYThu Mar 29 1990What constitutes "Child Neglect"?
41.06RT32::GOODWINTue Apr 03 1990need some information
42.019GIAMEM::MACKINNONFri Apr 06 1990Affect of third party on support?
43.08GIAMEM::MACKINNONMon Apr 09 1990Transition help
44.05HPSTEK::CONTRACTORWed Apr 11 1990boy am i lucky
45.086LEDS::VARGAThu Apr 12 1990The Child Support Issue
46.0ATSE::KATZMon Apr 16 1990NC parents in Southern NH
47.08ONEDGE::FARRELLTue Apr 24 1990Alternative Divorce Methods Sought...
48.012VCSESU::KINNEYWed Apr 25 1990NCP served w/restraining order
49.020AKOV11::BHOLLANDWed Apr 25 1990NC dad quits job to "find himself"
50.010SWAM3::SUKOVICH_ROMon Apr 30 1990Where are my girls?
51.05FSHQA1::AWASKOMTue May 01 1990How to get teen to call Dad?
52.05CSC32::K_JACKSONTue May 01 1990Happy moments do come to those who wait
53.05AIMHI::RENDAThu May 03 1990That's incredible....
54.06FSTVAX::BEANFri May 04 1990feeling guilty
55.011ATSE::KATZFri May 04 1990BIRD'S NEST
56.015CSC32::K_JACKSONMon May 07 1990Your comments on NCP's NOT paying support
57.021CSC32::K_JACKSONTue May 08 1990Was I within my rights (posted anonymously)
58.06VCSESU::KINNEYWed May 09 1990JH makes pay't directly to CP.
59.07CSC32::K_JACKSONFri May 11 1990Happy Mother's Day
60.05GIAMEM::MACKINNONMon May 14 1990Legal names:not using it
61.016CSC32::K_JACKSONMon May 14 1990Jenny is coming too!!
62.025CSC32::HADDOCKMon May 21 1990Here we go again
63.09MPGS::MIKRUTTue May 22 1990Is this Notesfile *Biased*?
64.08DYO78Tue May 22 1990First time NCP kids meet girlfriend. Comments?
65.045SAGE::MACDONALD_KMon Jun 04 1990CP planning NCP's weekends
66.09NYSBU::CHANGThu Jun 07 1990Forcing Visits with Kids
68.05USEM::MCQUEENEYFri Jun 15 1990Bummer Topic
69.08CSC32::HADDOCKFri Jun 15 1990Pro's and Con's of Being Your Own Attorney
70.09GIAMEM::MACKINNONMon Jun 18 1990Change in circumstances: reduce support?
72.05ODIXIE::WILSONJThu Jul 05 1990Where is the money going?
73.0BPOVTue Jul 10 1990Legal issues on living arrangements?
74.06FREEBE::KERSCHTue Jul 24 1990Denied my rights again !!!
75.021CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Jul 30 1990Your comments on NCPI please!
76.08AUNTB::EERENBERGThu Aug 02 1990Radically changed ex
77.07PEAKS::SCHROEDERWed Aug 08 1990What is the "legal age"?
78.06PACKER::MCCULLOUGHThu Aug 09 1990Headed in wrong direction, what now
79.04VCSESU::KINNEYMon Aug 13 1990Does support stop at 21 max?
80.012GVATue Aug 14 1990? on Cost of Raising a Child
81.0249282::LANGTONWed Aug 15 1990Kids changing school systems/countries
82.0CSC32::HADDOCKWed Aug 22 1990Child Support Guidelines per state
83.019CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Aug 27 1990What should I do now/next?
84.014FSTTOO::BEANWed Sep 05 1990what would you do?
85.09FSOA::KCASBEERWed Sep 12 1990What can I do now, if anything?
86.064--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 12 1990Project BlueGrass
87.01BPOVWed Sep 19 1990Going for full custody
88.032FRDON::FULLERTue Oct 02 1990Son missing daddy!
89.06CBROWN::WILSONTue Oct 02 1990NH Custody - need input
90.08DOCTP::DOYLETue Oct 02 1990Who gets the debt?
91.02CSC32::K_JACKSONTue Oct 09 1990Any such thing as a time table?
92.08EPILOG::GOODWINTue Oct 09 1990Where do the kids belong?
93.016SMCThu Oct 11 1990pick'n it up and going on
94.077ODIXIE::WILSONJThu Oct 18 1990Child Support Issue
95.02OFFPLS::STARKEYFri Oct 19 1990Can you help me with some Advice?
96.0MEMVTue Oct 23 1990
97.011CSC32::N_WALLACETue Oct 23 1990His $ vs. my $ vs. our $
98.02CONURE::MARTINThu Nov 01 1990SOUND OFF!!!!!
101.04MEIS::JOHNSONFri Nov 09 1990how do you work the system?
102.04MISFIT::KINNEYDTue Nov 13 1990want female roommate to be considerd parent.
103.018RBTRN::EERENBERGWed Nov 21 1990What to do?
104.01SOARIN::GRAYMon Nov 26 1990NH Mediation Process?
105.05MUGSY::PAUWed Nov 28 1990HELP: Custody in JAPAN
106.011PENUTS::SEMYONOVWed Nov 28 1990Please, answer my question
107.040--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 04 1990VISITATION RIGHTS
108.07LUNER::MACKINNONMon Dec 10 1990Letting off steam
109.02POCUS::NORDELLThu Dec 20 1990MERRY & HAPPY
110.017BENONI::JIMCFri Dec 28 1990A child's note
111.07COGITO::GRESHSat Jan 19 1991Father & Custody/location--seeks help
112.010LUNER::MACKINNONWed Feb 13 1991Channel 5 special segments
113.012CSC32::K_JACKSONWed Feb 13 1991Love & Persistance Pays off
114.02SONATA::ARDINIMon Mar 04 1991Change Child Support $$$?!
115.03PARZVL::GRAYMon Mar 04 1991Temporary Custody - how does it work?
116.010SONATA::ARDINISat Mar 09 1991House rights???!!!
117.019LUNER::MACKINNONTue Mar 12 1991Support/DOR and untruths
118.07ACESMK::PAIGETue Mar 19 1991The last time I saw her, it wasn't her
119.018FSTVAX::BEANWed Mar 20 1991Is this abuse?
120.03BTOVT::SCHILLERTue Mar 26 1991Real Estate and Divorce
121.011LUNER::MACKINNONTue Apr 09 1991help
123.01LUNER::MACKINNONFri Apr 26 1991Complaint/Review a judge
124.019CHUMS::EERENBERGFri Apr 26 1991Sometimes there is only one option?
125.07IMTDEV::BERRYSun Apr 28 1991Does the sex of your lawyer play a role?
126.06CECVWed May 01 1991just ramblin'
127.09CSC32::K_JACKSONWed May 01 1991Penalties for Bankruptcy after divorce
128.013ACESMK::PAIGEWed May 01 1991Answer for cross libel
129.09TERZA::ZANEFri May 10 1991Long Distance and Other "Ex" Issues -- Advice Sought
130.01AIMHI::RAUHMon May 13 1991Non Custody Group Meetings
131.06PARZVL::GRAYMon May 20 1991When the NCP moves questions ...
132.012LUNER::MACKINNONThu May 23 1991Prenups detailing custody/visitation/support issues
133.06BOSOX::WILSONTue May 28 1991Where does one turn ?
134.05CSC32::LECOMPTEWed May 29 1991READ the fine print.
135.03BOSOX::WILSONThu Jun 13 1991Upcoming NCP Event
136.03LUNER::MACKINNONMon Jun 17 1991she quit her job
137.024TROATue Jun 18 1991Child Support Enforcement, Unfair, One Sided
138.05ACESMK::PAIGETue Jun 25 1991Contempt.comtempt.....
139.02TROAWed Jul 03 1991Discussion on Law and Justice
140.01CAPITN::HIPP_KRWed Jul 03 1991Life goes on???
141.09SALEM::DACUNHAMon Jul 08 1991"legal" custody???
142.010SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CIThu Jul 11 1991A switch of responsibility?
143.04COOKIE::BADOVINACThu Jul 11 1991Emancipated Minor Questions
144.09ROULET::BARRYMon Aug 05 1991lawyer referral needed!
145.015--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 06 1991Information I would like to know
146.06TROOA::AKERMANISWed Aug 07 1991Handling the book/toy/video/etc flow problem
147.028TROOA::AKERMANISMon Aug 12 1991What does one do now? Conflict....
148.010--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 15 1991Ex-Wife Haunting Me!!!
149.012--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 16 1991 I will not quit..never!!
150.04BSS::P_BADOVINACWed Aug 21 1991Do I Need A Lawyer?
151.02BENONI::JIMCTue Aug 27 1991Karen's note ('less she wants to start another)
152.02--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 28 1991 BEWARE OF THE DOR!!!
153.02LJOHUB::GODINFri Aug 30 1991Mass. Divorce/Custody Law
154.09MEIS::TILLSONFri Aug 30 1991community property, spouses of NCPs, etc.
155.023CSC32::HADDOCKFri Aug 30 1991What is a "housewife's" income?
156.011JENEVR::PAIGEThu Sep 12 1991Calm after the storm or just the eye
157.023MEMORY::SOVIEMon Sep 16 1991Dads Against Divorce (DAD)
158.08ROULET::BARRYThu Sep 19 1991Guardian Ad-Litem
159.06--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 23 1991Help!
160.026CSC32::LECOMPTETue Oct 01 1991Suggestions please!!!
162.02WMOIS::REINKE_BFri Oct 04 1991Mediators
163.016TROOA::AKERMANISTue Oct 08 1991NCP changing jobs scenario.......
164.013BSS::P_BADOVINACWed Oct 09 1991After 16 years I won custody of my daughter
165.024PENUTS::GWILSONThu Oct 17 1991CP can chose to not recognize court system?
166.0AIMHI::RAUHThu Oct 24 1991ACES
167.06GEMVAX::BRACEWed Oct 30 1991Need help - new legal area!
168.01AIMHI::RAUHFri Nov 01 1991Celebration Along The Merrimack River
169.055TROOA::AKERMANISFri Nov 01 1991DEAD BEAT DAD'S BILL coming March 1992 - Ont., Canada
170.013MCIS1::HATFIELDMon Nov 04 1991CP looking for opinion-Tax deductionCP looking for opinion-tax deductions
171.02ESMAIL::BEANTue Nov 05 1991lament
172.011MCIS5::CONTITue Nov 05 1991"Mediator questions"
173.011RTPSWS::HERRThu Nov 07 1991SocioEconomic Result of Bias Family Law
174.02CSC32::K_JACKSONSat Nov 09 1991Threat to drop leaflets from the sky
175.06TROOA::AKERMANISMon Nov 11 1991Trading Equity/Debits for lower support payments
176.08CSC32::LECOMPTETue Nov 12 1991How much do you pay?
177.02IMOKAY::wagonerWed Nov 13 1991External NCP E-Mailing List (ie: Dist. List)
179.0114ROYALT::BOUCHERMon Nov 18 1991What are the chances of getting custody?
180.022KAHALA::JOHNSON_LTue Nov 19 1991Discriminatory Health Care
181.016CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Nov 21 1991Poll on "Insurance Mandated"
182.04ROYALT::BOUCHERMon Nov 25 1991Lawyer Referral Note
183.023TERZA::ZANEMon Dec 02 1991Child Abandonment!
184.02PENUTS::GWILSONWed Dec 04 1991A Call to Arms
185.01PRODMon Dec 09 1991MA / CT Lawyer needed....
186.06RIPPLE::KENNEDY_KASun Dec 22 1991Some suprising news
187.09BUOVAX::WILCZYNSKIMon Jan 06 1992Visitation problems are wearing me down
188.09ROYALT::BOUCHERTue Jan 07 1992Will a prenuptual agreement work?
189.04--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 09 1992Still Praying
190.0316316::GWILSONThu Jan 09 1992Biased Judge "Retiring"
191.014IMOKAY::wagonerFri Jan 10 1992FREE - Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange
192.012DSTEG::SHEEHANTue Jan 14 1992Cohabitation with a lover and your children
193.08NOVA::GRAVESFri Jan 17 1992Taxes
194.01216316::GWILSONWed Jan 22 1992Newspaper Articles
195.03PARZVL::GRAYWed Jan 22 1992Does he have to report his new wife's income?
196.021GEMVAX::SANTOSWed Jan 22 1992Moving out of state (Mass.)
197.04VINO::MACNEILMon Jan 27 1992Support in Mass.
198.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 30 1992Child Support with Joint Physical Custody
199.010ROULET::BARRYThu Jan 30 1992Continuation from 194.6
200.01--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 13 1992Judge will be deciding!
201.022TROOA::AKERMANISThu Feb 13 1992Project TOTS
202.01PLOUGH::KINZELMANWed Mar 04 1992Concerned Fathers support group
204.03DEBUG::SCHULDTMon Mar 23 1992Changes happen... big time!
205.04ZEKE::DEMERSFri Apr 03 1992Recommendations??
206.01TERZA::ZANEThu Apr 09 1992Are All Parties to a Joint Account Protected?
207.012LJOHUB::GODINMon Apr 13 1992Are noncustodial mothers unfit mothers?
208.0MRKTNG::BROWN_KMon Apr 20 1992NCP Support Groups
209.011WFOV11::TORRES_JIMMYTue May 05 1992share custody 5
210.04WR1FOR::GUESS_CHMon May 18 1992? child support law
211.02ODIXIE::WASHINGTONJWed May 20 1992Child Support Laws
212.0ODIXIE::WASHINGTONJThu May 21 1992What about my salary?
215.01TERZA::ZANEWed Jun 03 1992Split Custody
218.01ISLNDS::STERNMon Jun 29 1992Lawyer referrals?
219.02CSC32::HADDOCKFri Jul 17 1992Tort Reform
220.05OK4ME::PILOTTETue Jul 21 1992Stealing Thunder
221.03RIPPLE::KENNEDY_KATue Jul 21 1992A dad's point of view
222.02TERZA::ZANETue Jul 21 1992Advice Sought on Self-Representation
224.013WHEEL::POMEROYMon Aug 03 1992When to change locks?
225.0IMOKAY::wagonerTue Aug 04 1992Interesting Stats.
226.03MRKTNG::BROWN_KMon Aug 10 1992NewsPaper Article from New Jersey
228.02RIPPLE::KENNEDY_KAFri Aug 28 1992TFSO knocking at my door...
229.023TERZA::ZANEThu Sep 10 1992Help! Wife Wants to Move Out of State!
230.04PCCAD::DINGELDEINFri Sep 11 1992A Cry for Help! Bigtime!
231.05MAGEE::SKOWRONEKFri Sep 11 1992A friend needs some help
232.034PCCAD::DINGELDEINTue Sep 15 1992DOR and Constitutional Rights Violations
233.05BTOVT::WORCESTER_JThu Sep 17 1992This ongoing topic has been moved from note #6
234.01PCCAD::DINGELDEINTue Sep 22 1992Globe Article on Divorced Dads
235.0LJOHUB::KBROWNTue Oct 06 1992Globe Article - Second Family, Second Thoughts
236.01LJOHUB::KBROWNTue Oct 06 1992Dead Beat Moms - Machester Union Leader Article
237.0--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 09 1992Favor Needed from MA NCPs
238.02--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 13 1992URGENT ADVICE NEEDED!
239.02ODIXIE::WASHINGTONJTue Nov 17 1992Advice Needed
240.08FXODEV::SEMMELTue Dec 15 1992Possible for NCP Dad to get custody?
241.02NSTG::SHEEHANMon Dec 21 1992Joint Custody with Primary Placement??
242.06PCCAD::DINGELDEINThu Jan 07 1993Current Mood of Judiciary
243.039--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 11 1993Child Support
244.0AKOCOA::BROWN_KTue Jan 12 1993Boston Magazine Advertisement
245.025MARLIN::L_MCCARTHYTue Jan 12 1993Marrying a Divorced Dad - is my income at stake?
246.03PCCAD::DINGELDEINThu Jan 14 1993good show
247.08WFOV11::TORRES_JIMMYMon Feb 01 1993ex-wife welfare support how??
248.04PCCAD::DINGELDEINWed Feb 17 1993A Unique Situation
249.01--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 18 1993Danger! Danger!!!
250.06WFOV11::TORRES_JIMMYMon Feb 22 1993court time need good avise.
251.05--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 22 1993???NEGLECT???
252.02SIETTG::HETRICKThu Feb 25 1993Are there rules for what a GaL does?
253.02JUPITR::BROWERMon Mar 01 1993potential new NCP seeks advice
254.02TERZA::ZANEMon Mar 08 1993Custody Destroyed by Hospitalization for Depression?
255.05--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 25 1993LEGAL OVERRIDE
257.09WHEEL::POMEROYFri Mar 26 1993Wage-attachment
258.02MKOTS1::CORMIER_SThu Apr 01 1993DOR-wage attachment-return intercept
259.017TERZA::ZANETue Apr 13 1993How Much Child Support is Fair?
260.04ODIXIE::WASHINGTONJMon Apr 19 1993Who is my mommy?
261.04AKOCOA::BROWN_KMon Apr 26 1993Need some directions
262.05TERZA::ZANEMon May 03 1993What to expect in divorce court?
263.021AIMHI::WEBSTERWed May 12 1993moving out of state?
264.04JOKUR::JOKUR::LASLOCKYTue Jun 01 1993Potential rebate problem
265.0AKOCOA::BROWN_KThu Jun 10 1993Received in the Mail
266.04JUPITR::NORTONTue Jun 15 1993Overtime pay problems!
267.03TERZA::ZANEThu Jun 17 1993Advice Needed about Children Changing Custody
268.01TOOPHE::CHILEKMon Jun 28 1993Conveying stock
269.0MARLIN::L_WILLIAMSONThu Jul 01 1993DAD meeting - what time?
270.03TERZA::ZANESun Jul 11 1993Divorce and Custody in Mass. - Need Help
272.04STOWOA::BROWN_KThu Jul 22 1993Need Some Input.....
273.08WONDER::DBROWNThu Jul 29 1993Question on unsupervised visitations
274.07TERZA::ZANEWed Aug 11 1993Help.....Need Advice on Cohabitating
275.013GIAMEM::HOVEYTue Aug 24 1993Modification of Divorce terms
277.01CSC32::J_FORRESTWed Aug 25 1993Divorce vs Legal Separation
278.02SWAM1::MADES_SHTue Aug 31 1993?????????
279.06WFOV12::TORRES_JIMMYThu Sep 02 1993what to expect from child services investigation
280.06--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 02 1993child support from a non-married relationship
281.08TROOA::AKERMANISFri Sep 03 1993Merging Two Families With Children - Problems
282.02STOWOA::BROWN_KTue Sep 07 1993PRO SE Litigation training in N.H
283.03WFOV12::TORRES_JIMMYThu Sep 09 1993why probation officer to do investigation?
284.019GIAMEM::HOVEYMon Oct 18 1993Modification Advice
285.012DONVAN::PACLThu Oct 28 1993Is non-adversarial divorce possible?
286.09WFOV12::TORRES_JIMMYTue Nov 16 1993court on friday.is the P.O report anygood in court
287.02AIMHI::RAUHMon Nov 29 1993Fathers United
288.015HOTLNE::FARLEYTue Dec 14 1993problem with the ex husband' wife
289.06CSC32::S_CONNORThu Dec 23 1993back-child support, etc.
290.03USMVS::BRACEThu Dec 30 1993Need Advice on Fiduciary Reponsibility
291.014MAYES::SKOWRONEKMon Jan 03 1994Need advise -- Custody
293.020NAVY5::SDANDREAFri Jan 07 1994Alimonny, alimony, paying her bills......I wish she'd invest it in herself!
294.05GIAMEM::HOVEYMon Jan 10 1994Alimony/Support, TAX ?
295.028TERZA::LZEKHOLMWed Jan 12 1994Need Advice on Preparation for Divorce
296.08USMVS::BRACETue Jan 18 1994Time - how much does it take?
297.05USMVS::BRACEFri Jan 21 1994New MA Deadbeat Dads Law - have YOU seen the Glob toda?
298.015CSC32::HADDOCKWed Jan 26 1994IT WORKS!
299.04NQOPS::APRILTue Feb 08 1994smoking .....
300.02SALEM::PERRY_WSat Feb 26 1994NH Child Support Guidlines Hearings!!
301.018SIETTG::HETRICKWed Mar 02 1994Child support too much?
302.024--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 16 1994CP Moving out of state with kids
303.07--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 29 1994How to proceed?
304.01SALEM::PERRY_WTue Apr 12 1994Rescheduled NH, CS Hearings
305.02QUOKKA::56517::GRAYWed May 04 1994FWIW - In case you thought the judge couldn't be bought
306.04QUOKKA::3258::SCANLONMon May 09 1994Need Attorney who will work w/o retainer
307.0QUOKKA::4Tue May 17 1994Single Parents Organization PWP
308.0QUOKKA::27748::LCLARKWed May 18 1994"PATERNITY"??
309.01QUOKKA::18463::DUNCANSun May 22 1994How about grandparents?
310.017QUOKKA::19458::AMACINNESMon May 23 1994Child support at 18?
311.06QUOKKA::25752::VLS_TEMP1Wed Jun 15 1994Welfare Reform and Child Support
312.03QUOKKA::17576::PERRY_WFri Jun 24 1994Men should organize!
313.019QUOKKA::25752::VLS_TEMP1Wed Jun 29 1994Visitation question
314.015QUOKKA::8269::SUDKAMPThu Jul 07 1994Question on New York C/S
316.015SIETTG::HETRICKTue Jul 12 1994CS deductions for visitation expenses?
317.04QUOKKA::26356::VLS_TEMP1Thu Jul 14 1994Actual legislation pending in Mass (hope?)
318.0QUOKKA::3737::RAUHTue Jul 19 1994Superior Court of Nashua
319.011QUOKKA::58633::TRP271::AkermanisWed Aug 03 1994Son wishes to live with his dad
320.05QUOKKA::26356::VLS_TEMP1Thu Aug 11 1994Garnishment expense?
321.07QUOKKA::29881::LEBLANCFri Aug 12 1994Daughter moves in with dad.
322.019QUOKKA::29Tue Aug 16 1994Even if it isn't your child!
323.02QUOKKA::3737::RAUHWed Aug 31 1994Internet Law Address
324.05QUOKKA::29Fri Sep 02 1994There is Hope
325.08QUOKKA::29881::LEBLANCFri Sep 09 1994exit
326.09TERZA::LZEKHOLMMon Sep 19 1994What Should Be in Divorce Decree?
327.022CLOUD9::WEIERTue Oct 04 1994How do you make Dad visit?
328.015NEMAIL::EARLYFri Oct 28 1994GUARDIAN ET LITEM????
329.07595Tue Nov 08 1994Arizona Child Support
330.01DANGER::SOVIETue Nov 08 1994Fathers Right Meeting
331.08EDWIN::FINANTue Nov 08 1994What do you do on holidays ?
332.025MSBCS::GIRONDELThu Dec 08 1994TAX issue: "head of household status" denied!
334.05NEMAIL::EARLYTue Jan 03 1995"What to do" Custody??
335.06--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 19 1995a deadly game
336.04CSCMA::SMITHTue Jan 24 1995CNN: Dan Quale
337.013STRATA::FELDMANWed Jan 25 1995what if I don't pay
338.02STAR::DIPIRROThu Feb 02 1995Non-custodial Parent document from Usenet
339.04GIAMEM::HOVEYTue Feb 07 1995Probate Court
340.020NHASAD::MARCEAUWed Feb 08 1995Tax deduction eligilibity question
341.010GIAMEM::HOVEYFri Feb 10 1995Mass Child Support Guidelines
342.02WOTVAX::PCMon Feb 13 1995What is the latest position on fathers rights in the UK? Is there such a thing?
343.0SVCRUS::ERBFri Feb 17 1995Looking for support groups/people
344.025GIAMEM::HOVEYThu Feb 23 1995ALIMONY
345.0TLE::MENARDMon Feb 27 1995Meeting for divorced fathers: Nashua NH
346.01CSC32::HADDOCKWed Mar 15 1995Sweet, Sweet Poetic Justice
347.016QUOKKA::17576::PERRY_WMon May 01 1995Distant Parents.
348.017QUOKKA::9882::KNIPSTEINFri May 05 1995A success story
349.04QUOKKA::318Thu May 11 1995termination of child support agreement
350.02QUOKKA::17865::APRILWed May 17 1995Role Summaries ?
351.06QUOKKA::7361::ROCHETue May 23 19952B or not 2B a step-parent
352.036MROA::DUPUISTue Jun 13 1995Visitation and Age to begin Overnight Visits....
353.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 14 1995if remarried does cs go up?
354.09TERZA::LZEKHOLMWed Jun 14 1995Pre-Divorce Questions
355.07QUOKKA::7361::ROCHEThu Jun 22 1995who pays for babysitting/daycare?
356.041MSBCS::GIRONDELThu Aug 03 1995Child support PLUS 1/2 tuition???
357.06QUOKKA::9882::SCHLENERMon Aug 14 1995need a lawyer
358.017QUOKKA::57742::HOLMMon Aug 14 1995Can Father get Custody?
359.05TARKIN::VAILLANCOURTFri Sep 15 1995gifts/presents
360.06MSE1::KBROWNWed Sep 20 1995Interesting HomePages on the Internet
361.04QUOKKA::32Fri Sep 22 1995NH support laws, and mediation questions
362.06NETRIX::"kbrown@mse1.enet.dec.com"Mon Sep 25 1995
363.03QUOKKA::7361::ROCHEMon Sep 25 1995oh no...religion!
364.017MIASYS::HETRICKMon Oct 02 1995Expecting triplets, paying CS for two already
365.017QUOKKA::29169::SMITHTue Oct 03 1995Huummmm....
366.09MSBCS::GIRONDELWed Oct 11 1995CP's: what does it cost to raise a child?
367.09TERZA::LZEKHOLMMon Oct 16 1995Advice Sought About Half-Siblings
368.05QUOKKA::3811Wed Oct 18 1995men or woman, who files more?
369.08QUOKKA::3811Thu Oct 19 1995do mothers make better fathers?
370.04MIASYS::HETRICKMon Oct 23 1995Ensuring child gets benefit of child support
371.09TERZA::LZEKHOLMTue Oct 24 1995Parents Divorcing Their Children?
372.02--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 27 1995help with formula if mother works
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375.06NYFSTue Dec 26 1995Braces
376.014TERZA::LZEKHOLMWed Jan 17 1996Guardian et litem Questions
377.07TARKIN::VAILLANCOURTFri Jan 19 1996What happens to custody if one of us die?
378.04QUOKKA::25Mon Jan 22 1996Separating siblings
379.05QUOKKA::24661::DEWITTMon Feb 05 1996Injured Spouse/IRS Form 8379
380.020TEXAS1::SOBECKYThu Feb 08 1996Child support questions
381.03QUOKKA::19584::DIPIRROThu Feb 15 1996Tax question on liquidated assets
383.015TARKIN::VAILLANCOURTMon Apr 01 1996Visitation and Vacation?
384.03USOPS::CASEYTue Apr 16 1996DYS or DSS
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386.02--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 30 1996Effects of broken family on Children
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391.0MSE1::KBROWNFri Jun 07 1996Father's Day Public Edu Campaign
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393.010QUOKKA::15838::JACQUES_CATue Jun 18 1996Hi-ho it's off to court we go
395.09QUOKKA::11773::CASEYTue Jun 25 1996Temporary custody ?
396.09TEXAS1::SOBECKYWed Jun 26 1996NCP *NOT PERMITTED* to read GAL report!
397.04QUOKKA::397Wed Jun 26 1996friends
398.02MSE1::KBROWNSat Jul 06 1996Need Pointers
399.08QUOKKA::11773::CASEYSun Jul 07 1996GAL questions in general
400.02QUOKKA::11773::CASEYTue Jul 16 1996Book: "Win your Child Custody War"
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402.01QUOKKA::17644::nqodhcp-137-2Thu Aug 08 1996Good Housekeeping Article 9/96
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405.05QUOKKA::34136::AVERY_BRThu Sep 05 1996MY 1
406.01QUOKKA::11666::BGLEASONThu Sep 19 1996need a place to call my own
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419.035QUOKKA::17576::PERRY_WThu May 15 1997Custodial parent moving away.
420.02QUOKKA::2134::CORMIER_SFri May 30 1997support % for over 18 college students