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Conference quark::mennotes-v1

Title:Topics Pertaining to Men
Notice:Archived V1 - Current file is QUARK::MENNOTES
Created:Fri Nov 07 1986
Last Modified:Tue Jan 26 1993
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:867
Total number of notes:32923
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1.0162B::ZAHAREEFri Nov 07 1986Format and rules.
2.02822B::ZAHAREEFri Nov 07 1986Introductions
3.049RDGEMon Nov 10 1986Single sex boarding schools
4.023BETHEL::THOMPSONMon Nov 10 1986How did you define what it means to be a man?
5.034BETHEL::THOMPSONMon Nov 10 1986Don't call me boy, boy!
6.012B::ZAHAREETue Nov 11 1986Conference host operation.
7.020RDGENG::LESLIETue Nov 11 1986Parenthood
8.020ARMORY::SC8Tue Nov 11 1986Men and Ready Made Families
9.025LSTARK::THOMPSONWed Nov 12 1986The Boss is a Woman
10.0192KANE::POTUCEKWed Nov 12 1986VASECTOMY
11.03QUARK::LIONELFri May 17 1991Announcements of interest to the MENNOTES community
12.059--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 12 1986TOYS
13.07RDGEThu Nov 13 1986Words for men
15.022B::ZAHAREEFri Nov 14 1986MENNOTES directory listings.
16.022DECNA::FOLEYFri Nov 14 1986Off to the library....
17.0148DECNA::FOLEYFri Nov 14 1986Shaving.. Ugh.....
18.015DECNA::FOLEYFri Nov 14 1986buttons, buttons, who's got the buttons..
19.051DSSDEV::FISHERSun Nov 16 1986Gay and Heterosexual Gap.
20.010RDGEMon Nov 17 1986Is 'fatherly' behaviour instinctive??
21.045CEDSWS::REDDENTue Nov 18 1986What is a "MACHO" man, anyway?
22.055--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 18 1986Examples of sexism directed at men
23.09CGHUB::CONNELLYTue Nov 18 1986the testosterone plague
25.023NEXUS::MORGANWed Nov 19 1986Dating and emotional barriers...
26.04ROYCE::RKEWed Nov 19 1986Grimble Pressies
27.027CEDSWS::REDDENThu Nov 20 1986Neo-sensitive American Male
28.037RDGENG::LESLIEThu Nov 20 1986Why do men live shorter lives than women?
29.069ULTRA::ZURKOFri Nov 21 1986Married Name
30.0223NIMBUS::OHERNFri Nov 21 1986A ring in your ear?
31.0118DINER::SHUBINMon Nov 24 1986What's that around your neck?
32.09--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 24 1986all about C.S.s
33.024ANT::WOLOCHTue Nov 25 1986What do men want????
35.061MORGAN::BARBERTue Nov 25 1986Men's wish list
36.07TONTO::EARLYWed Nov 26 1986Perception Vs Reality: In relationships ???
37.026STUBBI::B_REINKEWed Nov 26 1986Draft Registration
38.0123TRCOWed Nov 26 1986MEN'S UNDERWEAR
39.020RDGENG::LESLIESun Nov 30 1986What would you do? <Men only, please)
40.077SWSNOD::RPGDOCTue Dec 02 1986Do you sleep in the nude?
41.011RDGE43::KEWWed Dec 03 1986Male pill, a straw poll
43.04NFL::GIRARDMon Dec 08 1986When the Illusion is over...
44.028--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 12 1986I r a 1.
45.026RDGE4Fri Dec 12 1986Male PMS?
46.06RANCHO::RAHFri Dec 12 1986Reactions to Women's wishlist
47.026JUNIOR::BARNESMon Dec 15 1986Divorce: Right's and Attorney's
49.018RDGENG::LESLIETue Dec 16 1986Mutual attraction in a tabu situation: what would you do?
50.022BOBBY::REDDENSat Dec 20 1986Hite Report on Male Intimacy
51.08--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 23 1986Social waiting criteria.
52.0RDGENG::LESLIETue Dec 23 1986Jokes from #41
53.019REGENT::MOZERMon Dec 29 1986Equality
54.022BLIMP::ANDY_LESLIEWed Dec 31 1986Hand/Shoulder bags and men
56.0149RDGE43::KEWMon Jan 05 1987Circumcision
57.02HEFTY::SC8Sat Jan 10 1987When is too long?
58.028EN::DROWNSThu Jan 15 1987STAG PARTIES
59.043SARAH::P_DAVISThu Jan 15 1987Dancing
60.030RDGENG::LESLIESun Jan 18 1987Breaking up is harder for men than women...
61.019RDGENG::LESLIESun Jan 18 1987Men successfully suicide more than women.
62.05RDGENG::LESLIESun Jan 18 1987What do you offer to partners?
63.07--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 23 1987Office Wives ?
64.038VAXUUM::DYERSun Jan 25 1987The Super Bore and its Ilk (Men and Sports)
65.052GENRAL::FRASHERMon Jan 26 1987Words for women
66.041PUFFIN::OGRADYWed Jan 28 1987Poll - What is your favorite sports?
67.055--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 02 1987HUMOR => Hostility ?
68.055GENRAL::FRASHERWed Feb 04 1987Men's apparel in DEC.
69.032STING::BARBERFri Feb 06 1987Bad habits from bad times
70.035--UnknownUser--Fri Feb 06 1987sexual equality
71.013TRCOFri Feb 06 1987Working Mom's
72.059--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 18 1987emotional cripples
73.031PEACHS::WOODThu Feb 26 1987I'll call you *SOON* !
75.014--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 05 1987RACISM
76.027LEZAH::RANDERSONTue Mar 10 1987Locked-up
77.019MANTIS::PAREWed Mar 11 1987Teenage Boys
78.033SERPNT::SONTAKKEThu Mar 12 1987Men's relationship with the God
79.015FOLES::FOLEYThu Mar 12 1987Ok, Who's the most complex??????
80.0129SNEAKY::SULLIVANFri Mar 13 1987Masculine Scents
81.028SCOTTY::VERRIERWed Mar 18 1987Women and Fragrance
82.063LEZAH::RANDERSONThu Mar 19 1987What women wear
83.040GENRAL::FRASHERWed Mar 25 1987I'm a girl-watcher...
84.028GOOGLY::KERRELLFri Mar 27 1987Advertising Standards Problem
85.018ROYCE::RKESun Mar 29 1987Daughters, puberty and sexual unawareness
86.011LEZAH::RANDERSONTue Mar 31 1987Man, Woman, and TV
87.013DSSDEV::FISHERTue Mar 31 1987Article: Male Sexuality
88.0121PRESTO::MITCHELLSun Apr 05 1987On Men and Cats...
89.034GOOGLY::KERRELLMon Apr 06 1987Madonna; as a daughter?
90.035--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 06 1987WHY_Women_?
91.038ULTRA::LARUThu Apr 09 1987TOUCHING
92.025CEODEV::FAULKNERFri Apr 10 1987On office environs
93.010CEODEV::FAULKNERWed Apr 22 1987Farewell to a great guy
94.02MIDCIM::KORNSWed Apr 22 1987Has Anyone Heard Of......
95.018TRCAWed Apr 22 1987Gay/Lesbian Relatives
96.047OVDVAX::TABERWed Apr 22 1987Sex linked racial issues
97.0126CEODEV::FAULKNERWed Apr 29 1987how do you maintain your esteem/her friendship?
98.02037966::BUSHEEFri May 01 19872
99.09--UnknownUser--Tue May 05 1987I NEED MORE!!!!!!
100.056RITZ::SYSTEMTue May 05 1987Premenstral Tension
101.021CEODEV::FAULKNERTue May 05 1987Rex Harrison
102.019LEZAH::RANDERSONThu May 07 1987Gary Hart/women friends
103.050GENRAL::FRASHERThu May 07 1987Nude hot tubbing anyone?
104.09ROCKET::SLACKWed May 20 1987Women Techniques - What are they?
105.019--UnknownUser--Wed May 20 1987What's a woman hater?
106.028BLITZN::AIKALAFri May 22 1987"I" am the Best Lover, so is she...
107.023RITZ::RKETue May 26 1987Hommenotes?
108.01RSTS32::COFFLERWed May 27 1987Foreign language postings ... okay as they are?
109.015RSTS32::COFFLERFri May 29 1987Intimidated by intelligence
110.03QUARK::LIONELFri May 29 1987ZKO talk on testicular cancer
111.012RSTS32::COFFLERWed Jun 03 1987Skirts go up on men too!
112.017TRACER::FRASHERTue Jun 09 1987Some like it hot, others like it not.
113.032STUBBI::B_REINKETue Jun 09 1987Independant 17 year old young men
115.0DONNER::AIKALAThu Jun 11 1987The Men's Club
116.033--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 15 1987womannotes poll
117.016TONTO::EARLYThu Jun 18 1987Fear/Reluctance to do it again ..... ?
118.018NRADM::MITCHELLFri Jun 19 1987LIZ WALKER - Gutzy lady?
119.022RITZ::RKETue Jun 23 1987Womens Wardrobe
120.019TONTO::EARLYWed Jun 24 1987Mens mid_life crisis - fact or fiction ?
123.016VCQUAL::THOMPSONWed Jul 01 1987A "space" for [wo]men only?
124.031--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 03 1987A final thought...
126.07CASPRO::SALOISMon Jul 06 1987Custody = BIG $$$!!!
129.021QUARK::LIONELThu Jul 09 1987Do men have a "biological clock" too?
130.024--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 10 1987clear inequality
131.09MUNICH::CLINCHFri Jul 17 1987"I call mine Bertha, what's yours called..."
132.036RDGETue Jul 21 1987Gift suggestions for a man
133.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 21 1987Women & Marriage
135.026--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 29 1987Grey Hairs
136.07CAMLOT::COFFMANMon Aug 03 1987Effect of Woman's movement on Men
137.06DELNI::HANDELTue Aug 04 1987Bork Nomination Opinion Line in DC
139.018RSTS32::COFFLERSat Aug 08 1987When it is okay to misrepresent yourself?
140.02TONTO::EARLYSun Aug 09 1987Party Note Pointer ... all friends welcome
141.06XANADU::COFFLERMon Aug 10 1987MENNOTES packs up and moves to a new home!
143.016--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 19 1987Affairs! Harmful or Harmless?
144.062LAIDBK::RESKEFri Aug 28 1987Marriage Values and Views
145.040STUBBI::B_REINKEWed Sep 02 1987Smart men/Dumb women?
146.070MTBLUE::ROBBINS_GARYThu Sep 03 1987Coed restrooms ?
147.05YODA::BARANSKITue Sep 08 1987Family Security Act
148.012--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 08 1987Dating in the New Age...
149.018XANADU::COFFLERWed Sep 09 1987Childhood Abuse/Adult Results
151.023VCQUAL::THOMPSONTue Sep 15 1987Temporary vacation from women
152.025ECLAIR::GOODWINWed Sep 16 1987This was silly!
153.046--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 22 1987Men thin skinned...?
154.020--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 23 1987The Dating Game
155.052VCQUAL::THOMPSONThu Sep 24 1987Male oppression of those other people
157.016CAMLOT::COFFMANMon Sep 28 1987Handling a roomates kids in your home
158.012VCQUAL::THOMPSONFri Oct 02 1987One man, lots of women
160.031GCANYN::WILBERTue Oct 06 1987Beatiful Women With Dating Problems
163.031--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 07 1987The Provacative Male....
164.015--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 08 1987What do you think of this relationship?????
165.0100--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 09 1987The new Hite report
166.035LANDO::TAGFri Oct 09 1987Marriage today...Guys?
167.011USMRW1::REDICKSat Oct 10 1987life without kids?
168.014--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 12 1987Losing a spouse
169.014CAMLOT::COFFMANTue Oct 13 1987Pre-Nuptual agreements
170.030DIEHRD::MAHLERTue Oct 13 1987
171.05MORGAN::BARBERThu Oct 22 1987Questionnaire on surrogate motherhood (see 171.2)
172.032NHISWS::RYAN_PFri Oct 23 1987"To honor until death due you part"
173.049IPG::GOODWINFri Oct 23 1987Drink anyone?
174.024VCQUAL::THOMPSONWed Oct 28 1987What is a 'real woman'?
175.017MOSAIC::MODICAThu Oct 29 1987How about a woman?
176.023VCQUAL::THOMPSONFri Nov 06 1987Men and tears
177.048GRECO::ANDERSONFri Nov 06 1987Child Custody
178.0108XCELR8::POLLITZSun Nov 08 1987How soon is Now
180.016--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 11 1987Why would you *LIKE* women to ask you out?
181.011--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 11 1987Why do *YOU* ask women out?
182.026SALEM::AMARTINFri Nov 13 1987world war III?
183.09XCELR8::POLLITZSat Nov 14 1987Women: Would you *Like* to ask Men out (more)?
184.019CEODEV::FAULKNERSun Nov 15 1987clan of the cave bear
187.010CAPVAX::PAPISONTue Nov 17 1987Friends(?) and SOs'
188.05QUARK::LIONELTue Nov 17 1987Boston Globe on "Men and Custody"
189.030CEODEV::FAULKNERThu Nov 19 1987microsexual encounters
190.012COLORS::MODICAFri Nov 20 1987N.O.W & Kennedy
191.06SIMUL8::COFFLERFri Nov 20 1987Office Romances/Damage Control
192.039FSLENG::HEFFERNSun Nov 29 1987HO!HO!HO! A new "SO"
194.028--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 01 1987A CAN DO LAWYER
195.012FSBIC1::GOGRADYWed Dec 02 1987Article on Mass. Judge - Divorce and Custody
196.08MARCIE::JLAMOTTEMon Dec 07 1987Impotency - the unspoken illness
197.098XCELR8::POLLITZSun Dec 13 1987Football is Dumb
198.011DIXIE1::DSCOTTTue Dec 15 1987MALE GOSSIP
199.010SSDEVO::YOUNGERWed Dec 16 1987Male victims of sexual abuse
200.032YAZOO::B_REINKEWed Dec 16 1987Men and Nightmares
201.03TRCOThu Dec 17 1987DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE
202.010PARSEC::THOMPSONMon Dec 21 1987HITE REPORT Parody ?
204.024GUCCI::MHILLTue Dec 29 1987Who's Happiest?
205.043MARCIE::JLAMOTTEFri Jan 08 1988Women in Mennotes
207.06CSMSRE::WRIGHTMon Jan 11 1988Info needed on Leather Boots
208.023--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 11 1988Men and the house...
209.035CEODEV::FAULKNERThu Jan 21 1988When where are the mennotes parties - Foley!
210.017STUBBI::B_REINKEFri Jan 29 1988Attracted to many, ever faithful to one?
211.018CAM2::PAPISONThu Feb 18 1988In love with many, faithful to which one???
212.025SALEM::MELANSONThu Feb 25 1988Exclusive Clubs???
213.036STING::BARBERFri Feb 26 1988Single Male ?..beware on Monday th 29th
214.0CFACOM::DERKSENMon Feb 29 1988Maynard presentations on "androgyny in leadership"
215.020XCELR8::POLLITZWed Mar 02 1988Favorite Magazines
216.037TSG::DOUGHERTYWed Mar 02 1988FEM. OF POWER
217.0482B::ZAHAREEMon Mar 14 1988Official Mennotes party planning note!
218.0CAPVAX::HOWARDThu Mar 24 1988PARTY
219.07EXIT26::SAARINENMon Mar 28 1988April Fools Jokes...
220.029HYDRA::LYMANTue Mar 29 1988Love Crystals (Users Forum)
221.044STING::BARBERFri Apr 01 1988Life shouldn't be a one way street
222.013MCIS2::MORANThu Apr 07 1988How do you feel when you're with someone who is attractive?
223.05PNEUMA::WILSONWed Apr 13 1988Thirty Years
224.020USHSThu Apr 14 1988I need help, please.
225.01817443::B_REINKEWed Apr 20 1988Advice requested
226.036CRISTA::MAYNARDMon May 02 1988From The Mouths Of Babes
227.010--UnknownUser--Tue May 03 1988Sex Eduction
228.028PSYCHE::WILSONMon May 09 1988Men Who Wear Glasses
229.010IDE::ALTERWed May 11 1988Bizzare info. request
230.011--UnknownUser--Thu May 19 1988New situation problem???
231.040RANCHO::HOLTFri May 20 1988Do women make you angry ?
234.038BISTRO::WOODWed Jun 01 1988Sex or Making Love????
235.012STEREO::VINDICIFri Jun 03 1988Male vs. Female Self Esteem
236.011MPGS::POLLANWed Jun 08 1988woman good men bad
237.053MPGS::POLLANWed Jun 08 1988Morton Downey Jr. show
238.013QBUS::FINKSun Jun 12 1988Adult Circumcisions
239.024--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 15 1988head games
240.05FDCVTue Jun 21 1988Palimony
241.035BUSY::KLEINBERGERMon Jun 27 1988Prison life for sexual offenders
242.02IND::LOKIETZWed Jun 29 1988diapers & discrimination
244.025GORT::MACKINNONFri Jul 01 1988Single Father's Custody
245.026SAGE::MESSINOSat Jul 02 1988Becoming a Lesbian?
246.020JAC::COFFLERWed Jul 06 1988Competition
247.023QUARK::LIONELFri Jul 15 1988Single mother wants your opinion
248.09SUBSYS::ORINTue Jul 19 1988Hair Club for Men
249.01BPOVTue Jul 19 1988single father agencies??
251.06BPOVWed Jul 20 1988F.A.I.R? has anyone joined?
252.07DSSDEV::FISHERTue Jul 26 1988Valuing Differences Articles
253.015CIMNET::LUISITue Jul 26 1988Father's rights in jeopardy again!
254.0CIMNET::LUISITue Jul 26 1988NH Father's Organization
255.05NEBVAX::MCCURDYWed Jul 27 1988Core Group Members Needed
256.013ERASER::KOBSMon Aug 01 1988New Birth Control for Men
257.038WIZSKI::GROUNDSTue Aug 02 1988Men -vs- Women article
258.089SCAVAX::AHARONIANWed Aug 03 1988The Decline of Humanism, or, Why use "SO"?
259.049--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 04 1988Mike Tyson, Robin Givens .. whaddya think?
260.017RANCHO::HOLTSun Aug 07 1988Are men blind?
261.0277GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERMon Aug 08 1988Fathers rights in abortions
262.033BPOVTue Aug 09 1988She beat him up
263.021Mennotes_ModeratorTue Aug 09 1988HELP! Betrayed and Hurt!
264.0CIMNET::LUISIWed Aug 10 1988Content to F.A.I.R.'s telegram
265.020MPGS::POLLANFri Aug 12 1988GREAT TRADE?
266.010SKYLRK::OLSONTue Aug 16 1988Women, according to Feynman
267.0FDCVMon Aug 22 1988Big Brother Assoc.
268.039PCCAD1::RICHARDJTue Aug 23 1988Abortion Leads To Femicide
269.020CSC32::M_VALENZATue Aug 23 1988The seven easy steps to electronic manhood
270.098PCCAD1::RICHARDJTue Aug 30 1988Masculinity, Is It Lost ?
271.065MCIS2::AKINSThu Sep 01 1988Catcalls!!!
272.024SALEM::AMARTINThu Sep 01 1988Crossdressing, "Sick" or normal???
273.095TOLKIN::DINANTue Sep 06 1988SEX? need or desire?
274.0132B::ZAHAREEWed Sep 07 1988Please, no pantyhose!
275.022JAWS::PELKEYThu Sep 15 1988Fathers, Mothers, Kids, and Divorce...
276.08GRECO::ANDERSONThu Sep 15 1988What Does Sex Mean
277.043AKOV12::MILLIOSWed Sep 21 1988Giving back the ring...
278.08COMET::BERRYWed Sep 21 1988Ask the moderator(s)
279.029COMET::BRUNOFri Sep 23 1988Diamond Alternatives?
280.014--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 28 1988Causes, Boycotts, and the like
282.04QUARK::LIONELThu Sep 29 1988Divorce laywer recommendations requested
283.09RUTLND::KUPTONThu Sep 29 1988Stuck Out In Nowhere Helpful Hints
284.03PELKEY::PELKEYMon Oct 03 1988Tourist info needed
285.013FSHQA2::VJORDANTue Oct 04 1988"I'm afraid of you"
286.058CRISTA::MAYNARDWed Oct 05 1988Double Standard
287.0ARTFUL::SCOTTFri Oct 07 1988Contraceptive Vaccine
289.02USMRW2::LCORNELLFri Oct 07 1988"Weekend Fathers" book finding help
290.089RUTLND::KUPTONWed Oct 12 1988Manner of Dress and Attention Getting
292.031FREEBE::KERSCHFri Oct 14 1988Child support=NO mortgage...
293.02CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Oct 17 1988Info on D.A.D. or F.A.I.R
294.09PCCAD1::RICHARDJWed Oct 19 1988Truck Driver Career ?
295.014CIMNET::LUISIFri Oct 21 1988Insurance Ripoff?
296.04CSC32::K_JACKSONMon Oct 24 1988Were you divorced in Illinois?
297.09SPARKL::DIXONTue Oct 25 1988Reversing Vasectomies
298.013PHAROS::WILSONFri Oct 28 1988Why Didn't She Talk?
299.019PCCAD1::RICHARDJFri Oct 28 1988Daddy's Little Girl
301.0158--UnknownUser--Sun Oct 30 1988Nifty new slogan?
302.012CIMNET::LUISIThu Nov 03 1988Fathers win on welfare bill
303.024PCCAD1::RICHARDJTue Nov 08 1988Infant Bonding
304.033DSSDEV::FISHERTue Nov 08 1988You lover or your kids; chose one.
305.09QUARK::LIONELFri Nov 11 1988Stone Center Project men's discussion session
306.035CIMNET::LUISIThu Nov 17 1988Dukakis Bashes Father
307.034NEWVAX::ZIMMERMANSun Nov 20 1988help, and the 'proper' approach
308.08LEDS::GRAYTue Nov 22 1988RAPE Protection Devices?
309.012BTO::WILSON_LMon Nov 28 1988RELIEVED ????????
310.056WMOIS::B_REINKEMon Nov 28 1988The New Macho
311.018CLOSUS::HOETue Nov 29 1988Birth father has rights?
312.018EVOAI1::ROGGEBANDFri Dec 09 1988DEC-only end-of-the-year party
313.08RUTLND::KUPTONThu Dec 15 1988An Old Piece Of Newspaper
314.038CIMNET::LUISIWed Dec 21 1988Divorce: pointers for the naive
315.02CIMNET::LUISIWed Jan 11 1989Visitational Interference
316.077--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 12 1989New victims of discrimination?
317.051HANNAH::MODICAWed Jan 25 1989Correcting past injustices
318.034PLANET::COOKThu Jan 26 1989Looking For A Man's Opinion...
319.011PICVMon Feb 06 1989Coping with possible testicular cancer
321.09TLE::FISHERThu Feb 09 1989Men, Homosexuality, and Bisexuality
322.022DARTS::PELKEYFri Feb 10 1989A friend departs. It hurts.
324.04QUARK::LIONELSat Feb 18 1989Consumer Reports on condoms
325.034IAMOK::GAMESTERWed Feb 22 1989Yeah but, WHY???
326.041WLDWST::GUTIERREZTue Feb 28 1989something interesting?
327.012CRISTA::MAYNARDSun Mar 05 1989Just Thinking
328.015THOTH::LASTERTue Mar 07 1989TO CUT OR NOT TO CUT!
329.017LEDS::GRAYWed Mar 08 1989Smelly Feet - Help!
330.05HYEND::CANDERSONThu Mar 16 1989Gender Bias In Judicial System
331.015KDCATue Mar 21 1989Let Go/Hold On
332.038LEZAH::BOBBITTMon Mar 27 1989Spring Fever
334.081GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERTue Mar 28 1989Didja hear the news?
335.02FTMUDG::GRANDEFri Mar 31 1989Vasetomy REVERSED?
336.07CSMADM::COOKFri Mar 31 1989SkyDiving, Anyone??
337.04SSDEVO::FAVAMon Apr 24 1989Book: "Second Chances"
338.08GIAMEM::MACKINNONWed Apr 26 1989Taking away CUSTODY
339.01MPGS::BOYANWed Apr 26 1989Father's Rights
340.016GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERThu Apr 27 1989The hardest decision in the world!
341.07CASVFri Apr 28 1989Doctor Recommendations....
344.014WJO::COOKMon May 08 1989Teaching Money Responsibilty...
345.08XCITER::MARTINWed May 10 1989Legal-rights after Divorce
346.03CSGTue May 16 1989Support groups for divorced
347.04WJO::COOKFri May 19 1989Time Apart Can Be Awful Hard Sometimes....
348.012WJO::COOKMon May 22 1989Romantic Getaways
349.01TLE::FISHERMon May 22 1989Thank You
350.028ATSE::KATZMon May 29 1989It's So Male of you (S'MALE'O'U)
351.0109QUARK::LIONELFri Jun 02 1989Wage parity between men and women
352.011MEDIUM::CONNELLYFri Jun 02 1989NH divorce court "guardian" question
353.025USWAV1::DOLIMPIOWed Jun 14 1989secondary infertility
354.038CSGMon Jun 19 1989Happy Father's Day
355.0LDYBUG::GOLDMANTue Jun 20 1989Noter's Party Alert!
356.02TLE::FISHERWed Jun 21 1989Valuing Differences
358.093--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 28 1989Sexual Abuse of Children not on the rise?
359.054CSC32::CONLONFri Jun 30 1989Advice Requested for a New Shaver
360.06SALEM::MELANSONMon Jul 10 1989destructive relationships..why???
361.024GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERTue Jul 11 1989Being a Father
362.011GIAMEM::MACKINNONTue Jul 18 1989Why have fathers changed?
363.05PAXVAX::DM_JOHNSONMon Jul 24 1989Starting Over
364.016--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 27 1989"Less Clothing alternatives for MEN"
365.020PENUTS::JHENDERSONFri Jul 28 1989I got it on..now how do I get it off?
366.01MSCSSE::LENNARDFri Aug 04 1989OVER 5
367.04AKO569::JOYMon Aug 21 1989Help for a friend
368.012LEAF::G_KNIGHTINGFri Aug 25 1989For Granddad
369.013HYDRA::MORRISONWed Aug 30 1989The DECISION to have KIDS...............
370.06HPSMEG::ASTONThu Aug 31 1989Wife in Change?!??!
371.016GIAMEM::MACKINNONWed Sep 13 1989Attn fathers who have lost custody
372.023BULEAN::LANDERTue Sep 19 1989Engagement rings
373.05QUARK::LIONELTue Sep 19 1989Why men? (Anonymous)
374.03FSHQA1::JGALLAGHERWed Sep 20 1989Bachelor party location?
375.058TLE::FISHERWed Sep 20 1989Getting used to the rubber
376.046STARCH::WHALENThu Sep 21 1989Woman gets embryos (man forced to become father)
377.02PAXVAX::DM_JOHNSONFri Sep 22 1989Drug Abuse Cure (only humorously)
378.09SUBURB::SEDGWICKHTue Sep 26 1989The advise of a man, please
379.012FREEBE::KERSCHFri Sep 29 1989Tapped out AGAIN !!!
381.02ATSE::KATZFri Oct 13 1989Looking for an experienced Facilitator
382.013CLSTR1::MCCALLIONMon Oct 16 1989Christmas Present - HELP
383.020CAM::BERMANMon Oct 23 1989Surrogate Father???
384.024RUTLND::KUPTONTue Oct 31 1989Being Male...Lost Identity???
385.03TLE::FISHERThu Nov 02 1989Gay Valuing Differences Presentation
386.03QUARK::MODERATORFri Nov 03 1989Facing sterility
387.05CSCOA5::ANDERSON_RTue Nov 07 1989help me understand!!!
388.04MILPND::PARATOREWed Nov 08 1989Men/Public Emotions....AHHHH!
389.03HKFINN::HAGERTue Nov 14 1989Stores Selling Loden Coats?
390.03STEREO::BREDBURYWed Nov 15 1989lawyer?
391.014SHAPES::DIGGINSRMon Nov 20 1989Is this harrassment??
392.08PENUTS::JLAMOTTEWed Nov 29 1989Is Modern Medicine interested in the Male Species?
393.042TLE::FISHERThu Nov 30 1989The Men of "Steel Magnolias"
394.0133CSCMA::MILLSThu Nov 30 1989What is television trying to tell the public?
395.01TRACTR::ATKOCAITISFri Dec 01 1989Work Benches
396.04TLE::FISHERFri Dec 01 1989Free without Free Falling
398.026OAXCEL::GOODWINThu Dec 07 1989Divorce isolation
399.013CSCOA5::ANDERSON_RThu Dec 07 1989LADIES OF THE 8
400.020PENUTS::JHENDERSONMon Dec 11 1989Parental Error
401.02DELNI::ROBBINSThu Dec 14 1989Over 1/2
402.019--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 18 1989Damsel in distress and my armours at the cleaners!!
403.04TLE::FISHERWed Dec 27 1989Reaffirming Valuing Differences
404.045ASDS::RSMITHTue Jan 02 1990Men and housework, help!
405.07CHRCHL::GERMAINTue Jan 09 1990Bill Moyers - a Gathering of men
406.032CNTROL::RECOSTue Jan 16 1990Determination of Paternity
407.08CLYPPR::FISHERThu Jan 25 1990Definition, please.
409.0116CADSE::REHMFri Jan 26 1990Real Men....support an end to violence against women
410.011--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 30 1990question for single Dads (or Moms)
413.055SALEM::MELANSONMon Feb 12 1990Ties and resturants.
414.03MPGS::BOYANFri Feb 16 1990Bias against Fathers
415.0118STARCH::WHALENSun Feb 18 1990Men On Abortion
416.012CRISTA::MAYNARDMon Feb 19 1990New Findings on Homosexuality
417.0CSC32::HADDOCKTue Feb 20 1990violation of visitation
419.059QUARK::LIONELFri Mar 02 1990Real man?
420.025PAXVAX::DM_JOHNSONMon Mar 05 1990Why is it...
421.0122PAXVAX::DM_JOHNSONMon Mar 05 1990Men loving Men
422.029MSCSSE::LENNARDTue Mar 06 1990ANNULMENT???
423.02CSC32::K_JACKSONFri Mar 09 1990New note file for Non-Custodial-Parents
424.029AUNTB::PRESSLEYFri Mar 09 1990Wisdom Teeth
425.0113PEKING::NASHDMon Mar 12 1990What is sexy"
426.011TLE::FISHERMon Mar 12 1990I don't speak for all gay men
427.0FDCVWed Mar 14 1990Women's International
428.034FSHQA2::REARLSMon Mar 19 1990ARE MEN SHY?
429.028--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 21 1990Is touching 'sexual' for most men?
430.0177HANNAH::MODICAThu Mar 22 1990Domestic Violence
431.013TLE::FISHERWed Mar 28 1990He says he's confused and needs time?
432.03CSGThu Mar 29 1990Men as victims of violence
433.02IAMOK::MITCHELLThu Mar 29 1990In the midst of turmoil
434.06CSTEAM::LOWBERFri Mar 30 1990Divorced Father's Group
436.064HPSTEK::CONTRACTORWed Apr 04 1990legs the word of the day
437.071ITASCA::LITASIThu Apr 05 1990child support...yes, again...
438.064TLE::FISHERFri Apr 06 1990When does sex talk go too far?
439.030SWAM3::ANDRIES_LAFri Apr 06 1990Fraternities - yea or nay
440.054SALEM::KUPTONMon Apr 09 1990Women's Breasts...what are they??
441.0111SALEM::MELANSONMon Apr 09 1990What do women look for?
442.085PEKING::NASHDMon Apr 09 1990Manners.
443.04HPSTEK::CONTRACTORTue Apr 10 1990play ball with kids
444.0161TLE::FISHERWed Apr 11 1990Scouting: How do you feel about it?
445.055SNOBRD::CONLIFFEFri Apr 20 1990What is Ugly???
446.05SKYLRK::OLSONSun Apr 22 1990Men's movements - an article
447.022SALEM::MELANSONThu Apr 26 1990Roper Poll on women's perception of men
448.019GIAMEM::MACKINNONMon Apr 30 1990Is change that threatening?
449.011TLE::FISHERTue May 01 1990PC: What does it mean in our MENNOTES discussions?
450.06NITTY::DIERCKSWed May 02 1990What is "masculine"?
451.047IAMOK::MITCHELLThu May 03 1990Cheating Wives
452.0228FDCVThu May 03 1990Anybody Up For An 'Outing'?
453.079CVG::THOMPSONTue May 08 1990Are fathers valued? Should they be paid?
454.08BRADOR::HATASHITAWed May 16 1990On War
455.031CVG::THOMPSONWed May 16 1990Female Homosexuality and Men
456.035CSCMA::BALDWINMon May 21 1990Who is the more outgoing/introverted sex?
457.011CSGWed May 23 1990Boys and girls: childhood development
458.041DOCTP::FARINAMon Jun 04 1990Hollywood depiction of men
459.08SALEM::NAGARAJANFri Jun 08 1990Hair Care!
460.031DEMON::INGALLSWed Jun 13 1990The dreaded "L" word
461.020CSGThu Jun 14 1990Pornography
462.079--UnknownUser--Sun Jun 17 1990Is this Sexist?
463.089MSBCS::KINGTue Jun 19 1990live together before marriage? for/against
464.011KYOA::NEWMANWed Jun 20 1990Eelskin Wallets and Credit Cards??
465.035OXNARD::HAYNESThu Jun 21 1990children out of marriage
466.055TLE::FISHERFri Jun 22 1990Heterosexuals working with Gay People
467.034ICS::HAYESMon Jun 25 1990male sexoholic
468.05FSTTOO::VALVERDETue Jun 26 1990feeling/expressing
470.04VMSSG::NICHOLSThu Jun 28 1990Impact of single parent families, see 465
471.024BPOVFri Jun 29 1990Men + Furniture???????????
472.076AV8OR::TATISTCHEFFTue Jul 03 1990Lite Survey: Fingernail Grooming?
473.01MCIS2::WALTONTue Jul 10 1990The many faces of Eve/Adam
474.09--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 11 1990potential roommate problem
475.010IAMOK::GRAYWed Jul 18 1990Can you lose 12
476.0154SWAM3::ANDRIES_LAThu Jul 19 1990Andrew Dice Clay
478.03211SRUS::GEYERTue Jul 24 1990Headhunting and mixed signals
479.070SALEM::KUPTONThu Aug 02 1990Mapplethorpe Revisited
480.039AIS13::MARTINOThu Aug 02 1990Older man/ Younger woman
481.030SALEM::KUPTONMon Aug 06 1990Fathering Children In the Twilight Years
482.019FSTVAX::BEANTue Aug 07 1990what's FAIR
483.0105MAMTS3::MWANNEMACHERThu Aug 09 1990If you don't agree, you're a pig
484.030SALEM::KUPTONThu Aug 09 1990Impoliteness in the Halls
485.013WMOIS::B_REINKEFri Aug 10 1990How can a man leave his child behind?
486.026QUARK::HR_MODERATORTue Aug 14 1990Married to a deadbeat
487.022INISH::HNELSONThu Aug 16 1990How frequently do you guys have sex?
488.050CSGFri Aug 17 1990Things to hate today
490.05NCDEL::LITASIWed Aug 22 1990Are men always "ready for sex?"
491.031FRAMBO::LIESENBERGThu Aug 23 1990So sad the song...
492.019FRAIS3::LIESENBERGFri Aug 24 1990About goodbyes...
493.01CSSE32::M_DAVISFri Aug 24 1990AIDS Walk -- Chicago
494.022TIGEMS::ELKINSMon Aug 27 1990You want my phone number?
495.015YUPPY::DAVIESATue Aug 28 1990FEAR
496.032SSGBPM::KENAHTue Aug 28 1990A Gathering of Men (in person, not on TV)
497.015TIGEMS::ELKINSTue Aug 28 1990So where's your boyfriend?
498.010GRANMA::MWANNEMACHERWed Aug 29 1990Valuing similarities???
499.07TIGEMS::ELKINSWed Aug 29 1990Try a Dating Service you say...
500.0235DOOLIN::HNELSONFri Aug 31 1990Why are MEN always the combatants?!
501.0GWYNED::YUKONSECThu Sep 06 1990FRIENDS AND WOMANKIND: A Friend's Viewpoint
502.041TMCUK2::NAIKMon Sep 10 1990Women fall for Mr Average
503.011EXPRES::GILMANWed Sep 12 1990Outward Bound
504.018QUARK::LIONELWed Sep 12 1990Spit Brook Men's Group
505.019JOKUR::CIOTOFri Sep 14 1990Robert Bly's work with men
506.025FUBSY::BELONTue Sep 18 1990"NICE GUYS" Ophra Winfrey show
507.03TIGEMS::ELKINSTue Sep 18 1990A Standard of Excellence
508.012HYDRA::LARUTue Sep 18 1990New Home Front Develops as Women go to War
509.020AKO569::JOYWed Sep 19 1990How do men decide who to marry?
510.04SOFBA1::PHILPThu Sep 20 1990hair loss prescription meds
511.0167ISLNDS::AMANNTue Sep 25 1990Patriots - a male/male sellout?
512.08VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERTue Sep 25 1990Is the media totally lacking in ethics?
513.026CYCLST::DEBRIAEWed Sep 26 1990Men Selling Out Other Men
514.027TLE::FISHERWed Sep 26 1990Racism toward and by men
515.0109MAMTS5::MWANNEMACHERThu Sep 27 1990Sex poll
516.023SWAM3::ANDRIES_LAThu Sep 27 1990*Are* you as young as you feel?
517.07TLE::FISHERFri Sep 28 1990Jokes about men: when are they insulting?
518.075CSS::SOULEMon Oct 01 1990Fun with Mutations...
519.016MORO::BEELER_JEMon Oct 01 1990Promiscuity/morality & other trivia
520.017VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERTue Oct 09 1990Poems about being a man (by us)
521.031VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERTue Oct 09 1990Poems about being a man (by others)
522.016VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERTue Oct 09 1990Comments on Poems in 52
523.0168JOKUR::CIOTOTue Oct 09 1990Do women ogle?
524.013TMCUK2::NAIKThu Oct 11 1990Aggression
525.036CYCLST::DEBRIAEWed Oct 24 1990CEASEfire: A call for MEN to stop violence against women
526.023ODIXIE::WILSONJWed Oct 24 1990Men with children in relationships - what is partner's role?
527.041FROSTY::SHIELDSFri Oct 26 1990Survey, Re: Feminity
528.04ERLANG::MINOTTWed Oct 31 1990Testicle Cancer
529.06WORDY::GFISHERThu Nov 01 1990Core group looking for men
530.023SWAM3::ANDRIES_LAThu Nov 15 1990The Thanksgiving Thing
531.042--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 23 1990"Why do a lot of men................."
532.036PELKEY::PELKEYTue Nov 27 1990So what would you do ?
533.052SUBURB::BROWNAWed Nov 28 1990do men really mean it
534.019CSS::SOULEWed Nov 28 1990Duties...
535.0132CYCLST::DEBRIAEWed Nov 28 1990REAL MEN (part of the CEASEfire coalition)
536.01CYCLST::DEBRIAEWed Nov 28 1990Men to End Sexual Assault (part of the CEASEfire coalition)
537.090BHUNA::GMITCHELLSun Dec 02 1990Best chat up lines....
538.019VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERMon Dec 03 1990how do you feel hearing "I love you"
539.031MORO::BEELER_JEWed Dec 05 1990Vacations used to be fun...
540.028PELKEY::PELKEYMon Dec 10 1990Women as Serial Killers.
541.017PENUTS::HNELSONThu Jan 03 1991What do divorced men look for in their next mate?
542.014CSC32::GORTMAKERMon Jan 07 1991"I'll call you back.."
543.06SALEM::KUPTONTue Jan 08 1991Influenza
544.08ASHBY::FOSTERTue Jan 08 1991How Minorities/Women Currently Influence Men: Opinions, is this you?
545.010DPDMAI::EORDOGHTue Jan 08 1991Need Advice.... Help
546.059--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 08 1991Good Grooming
547.065SWAM3::ANDRIES_LATue Jan 08 1991Aversion to Sports
548.07--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 09 1991Like phone tag, only geting stiffed on meetings
549.08UTROP1::ZWAM_HFri Jan 11 1991Do you feel safe, working with DEC ?
550.051SX4GTO::OLSONMon Jan 14 1991TV: who needs it?
551.031--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 15 1991Men Without Friends - The book
552.019OTIGER::R_CURTISWed Jan 16 1991Idle time/coping
553.0126CVG::THOMPSONWed Jan 16 1991Guilt about *not* fighting
554.03VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERFri Jan 25 1991Quakers (Society of Friends)
555.08--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 30 1991Information for those interested in CO status
556.07LEZAH::WATKINSThu Jan 31 1991What We Don't Accept!!!
557.028SWAM3::ANDRIES_LAMon Feb 04 1991Courage
558.053FSTVAX::BEANTue Feb 05 1991Watching the war is exhausting me!
559.070LEVERS::CIARFELLATue Feb 05 1991Reservists turned Cons Obj?
560.023YUPPY::MEADOWSThu Feb 07 1991CONFUSED
561.064SUBFIZ::SEAVEYFri Feb 08 1991ground war ?
562.029ESKIMO::FISHERMon Feb 11 1991Reliability of vasectomy
563.025--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 12 1991Help...Valentines Gift
565.034QUARK::HR_MODERATORTue Feb 12 1991Younger men/Older women
566.039CVG::THOMPSONThu Feb 14 1991Men, Women, Valentine's Day
567.026QCAVFri Feb 15 1991Can you love more than one?
568.0FDCVMon Feb 18 1991Women's History Events at PKO
569.039COMET::DYBENMon Feb 18 1991Men and Politics..
570.014BTOVT::THIGPEN_SWed Feb 20 1991How, if not too late?
571.0102PENUTS::HNELSONWed Mar 06 1991Do *you* like being treated as an income-object?
572.010MPGS::SHRCAL::BOYANThu Mar 07 1991Child Support+Father=Debt?
573.049COMET::DYBENThu Mar 07 1991Non Baby Boomers better fighters??????
574.09CADSE::COUPERSat Mar 09 1991Good Tailors
575.071ISLNDS::AMANNMon Mar 11 1991Notes & sexual harassment
578.027ASDG::FOSTERMon Apr 01 1991As Sons: Talking about Fathers...
579.06CLARID::HOFSTEEWed Apr 03 1991children and pacemakers?
580.04SOLVIT::KEITHThu Apr 04 1991Daughters and fathers
581.013CYCLST::DEBRIAEThu Apr 04 1991As Sons: Talking about our Mothers...
582.074QUARK::MODERATORWed Apr 10 1991These boots aren't made for marryin'
584.083SWAM1::ANDRIES_LAMon Apr 15 1991Friends & Affection
585.021VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERTue Apr 16 1991Two questions men ask themselves
586.046SFCPMO::NGUYENThu Apr 18 1991I need to talk.
587.023BOBBIN::BILLINGSMon Apr 29 1991Best Man responsibilities
588.028BOBBIN::BILLINGSMon Apr 29 1991Bachelor Party Suggestions
589.018ICS::KMATTSSONThu May 02 1991Utne Reader cover story on Men
590.085MORO::BEELER_JESat May 04 1991What's courteous .. what's "PC" ...?
591.053PENUTS::HNELSONFri May 10 1991Alternatives for would-be Dad with infertile wife?
592.012QUARK::MODERATORWed May 15 1991Legal separation questions
593.01R2ME2::BENNISONWed May 15 1991Finding Our Fathers
594.014--UnknownUser--Thu May 23 1991What do I want to be when I grow up?
595.033SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CITue May 28 1991How can an abuser learn to stop being abusive?
596.022IMTDEV::HOOVERMWed May 29 1991Wildman Gathering!
597.066CSC32::W_LINVILLEFri May 31 1991changing
598.08CVG::THOMPSONMon Jun 03 1991HELP! I'm turning into my father!
599.077CSC32::W_LINVILLEMon Jun 03 1991WORDS
600.0--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 06 1991Organizations and resources
601.079VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERTue Jun 11 1991living with mood swings
602.0130MAST::DEBRIAEFri Jun 14 1991War Of The Sexes?
603.021MORO::BEELER_JESun Jun 16 1991Father mom?
604.05GEMVAX::HICKSCOURANTWed Jun 19 1991Environmentalism
605.045TNPUBS::GFISHERThu Jun 20 1991"Thelma and Louise"
606.08BIGUN::SIMPSONSun Jun 23 1991All men are now illegal!
607.025CYCLST::DEBRIAEMon Jun 24 1991
608.042ASDG::FOSTERMon Jun 24 1991Men's Space. What is it? Is it needed?
609.034SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CIMon Jun 24 1991men's make over?
610.010GLDOA::KATZWed Jun 26 1991Divorce/finances
611.012SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CIWed Jul 03 1991Photos of past lovers?
612.031GLDOA::KATZMon Jul 08 1991first date
613.018SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CITue Jul 09 1991Proposition of Marriage?
614.047SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CIWed Jul 10 1991I really like the way you....
615.019RAGMOP::KOHLBRENNERThu Jul 11 1991the dreaming body
616.03R2ME2::BENNISONMon Jul 15 1991Book Recommendation: Absent Fathers, Lost Sons
617.02R2ME2::BENNISONMon Jul 15 1991Summer Stock
618.0189TNPUBS::GFISHERTue Jul 16 1991"MENNOTES has grown tiiiresome; let's DAHnce!"
619.07DENVER::HUDSONWed Jul 17 1991Happy Anniversary ??!!
620.012VAXUUM::KOHLBRENNERThu Jul 18 1991Bye
621.031RDGENG::SJONESThu Jul 18 1991Abbreviations and acronyms in here
622.032DENVER::HUDSONThu Jul 18 1991We're smoking now
623.02ASDG::FOSTERMon Jul 22 1991Boyz N the Hood - A Movie for Men
624.011SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CIMon Jul 22 1991Expession of anger/sex under bad influence
625.013SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CIMon Jul 22 1991Husband's lessened appetite
626.013SOLVIT::KEITHWed Jul 24 1991sexist in other countries?
627.0642CRAZY::FLATHERSWed Jul 24 1991Fathers who won't pay support...reply here
628.023MACNAS::MFLANNERYTue Jul 30 1991Courtship...Fact or Fiction
629.03RDGENG::SJONESThu Aug 01 1991A note for quotes?
630.041ACESMK::PAIGEThu Aug 01 1991P.W. Herman
632.016WMOIS::SUNDBLOM_LMon Aug 05 1991HURTING
633.04ASPII::BALDWINTue Aug 06 1991Sperm Banking/From a Male's Perspective
634.0140SOLVIT::KEITHFri Aug 09 1991AIDS/HIV information note
635.064JURAN::SILVATue Aug 13 1991Mom, dad, I want to tell you something.....
636.07CSC32::S_HALLWed Aug 14 1991The guy who shows you the world...
637.06MORO::BEELER_JEThu Aug 22 1991Exchange students
638.041MORO::BEELER_JETue Aug 27 1991That's a man's job?
639.014PENUTS::GWILSONWed Aug 28 1991Custody based on ability to parent ?
640.0176QUARK::LIONELFri Aug 30 1991On being gay - "Can we talk?"
642.011SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CIThu Sep 05 1991Your mate's birthday!!
643.045--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 10 1991(4
644.044PENUTS::HNELSONWed Sep 11 1991Why aren't men more supportive of each other?
645.034JUMBLY::BATTERBEEJMon Sep 16 1991Recognising a womans attraction
646.031PROXY::POWERSMon Sep 16 1991It's okay to be old-fashioned...
647.0114FSOA::DARCHWed Sep 18 1991need help with a dilemma
648.012QUARK::MODERATORWed Sep 18 19915
649.07SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CIFri Sep 20 1991Pride and the Peacock
650.01VMSSG::NICHOLSTue Sep 24 1991Noting HINTS
651.083MORO::BEELER_JETue Sep 24 1991Affairs, Lies, & Friends
652.030VMSSPT::NICHOLSWed Oct 02 1991Does this conference function like a support group for YOU?
653.05ESGWST::RDAVISWed Oct 02 1991Zooetrope
654.018QUARK::MODERATORFri Oct 04 1991Running scared
655.05OTIGER::R_CURTISFri Oct 04 1991INS questions..
656.01ESKIMO::FISHERMon Oct 07 1991Power Struggle
657.016QUARK::MODERATORTue Oct 08 1991When your spouse strays...
658.0125CUPMK::CASSINThu Oct 10 1991Mid-life Crisis
659.026BSS::P_BADOVINACFri Oct 11 1991Sexual Harassment/Clarence Thomas
660.085BSS::P_BADOVINACFri Oct 11 1991Just say 'No to dates'
661.015QUARK::MODERATORWed Oct 16 1991Men's perspective on breaking up
662.014QUARK::MODERATORThu Oct 17 1991Making love vs. having sex
663.010QUARK::MODERATORThu Oct 17 1991Questions on divorce
664.09ESGWST::RDAVISThu Oct 17 1991The Psychology of Gender Differences
665.09--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 17 1991Question
666.0141ESGWST::RDAVISFri Oct 18 1991Mark of the Beast or Mark of the Best?
667.029MORO::BEELER_JEThu Oct 17 1991The capacity to love ....
668.0260--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 22 1991No target here
669.09DELNI::BELONThu Oct 24 1991Mans advice?? What happened?
670.013SOLVIT::SOULEFri Oct 25 1991What do you folks think...
671.040--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 25 1991another question
672.016GLDOA::KATZMon Oct 28 1991Self Evaluations
673.0FMNIST::olsonTue Oct 29 1991News from Larry Andries in LA
674.09--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 30 1991JUST MAKING IT...
675.09LUDWIG::SANTANAWed Oct 30 1991Draws and You
676.0147LUDWIG::SANTANAFri Nov 01 1991Girlz girls girlz
677.012QUARK::MODERATORFri Nov 01 1991Developing Male-Male Relationships
678.010--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 08 1991Any GOOD MEDIATORS around.
679.031SRATGA::SCARBERRY_CIMon Nov 11 1991I haven't seen her naked for more than 2 seconds!
680.033SENIOR::HAMBURGERMon Nov 11 1991Sibling abuse, how real is it?
681.041MACROW::SEVIGNYThu Nov 14 1991Hair cuts....
683.0CSC32::K_JACKSONThu Nov 21 1991Mandated Insurance Poll in NCPI conference
684.0153FSCORE::READThu Nov 21 1991The White Ribbon Campaign
685.020ESGWST::RDAVISFri Nov 22 1991Men Against Violence
687.0116MORO::BEELER_JESat Nov 23 1991Justifiable Violence
688.03NITTY::DIERCKSMon Nov 25 1991This really happened!
689.041FMNIST::olsonMon Nov 25 1991'Cowards', arise! Take up yon keyboard and note!
690.069WAHOO::LEVESQUEWed Nov 27 1991Understanding Women
691.066CSC32::W_LINVILLEMon Dec 02 1991Marriage, bliss or blame
692.053QUARK::LIONELWed Dec 04 1991What the ERA would mean for men
693.021OXNARD::HAYNESWed Dec 04 1991Until next time (not goodbye)
694.084ASDG::FOSTERMon Dec 09 1991"Fierce Love" and other accounts of gay male life
695.017CSC32::S_HALLMon Dec 09 1991Two articles: Which view ?
696.076MORO::BEELER_JETue Dec 10 1991Telling the kids about ...SEX.
698.02GNUVAX::BOBBITTWed Dec 11 1991Men's Support Groups (outside DEC)?
699.0MCIS1::DHURLEYThu Dec 12 1991Men's Workshop
700.063MPGS::ZEREGAFri Dec 13 1991Prostate, after effects??
701.011ODIXIE::WASHINGTONJFri Dec 13 1991Who's right?
702.077YOSMTE::SCARBERRY_CIMon Dec 16 1991Mixed signals?
703.056MORO::BEELER_JETue Dec 17 1991Turning down a ONS - definitively
704.052CSC32::W_LINVILLEWed Dec 18 1991The ERA whose fault?
705.09ASDG::FOSTERThu Dec 19 1991Infertility in Men
706.0119NITMOI::SHAMELThu Dec 19 1991Male Sexuality
707.014CFSCTC::MACKINMon Dec 23 1991how to deal with too large child support payments?
708.05VMSSPT::NICHOLSThu Dec 26 1991Women getting and giving expressions of romantic love
709.0107NYTPMon Dec 30 1991Why modern men are confused.....
710.024SOLVIT::SOULEThu Jan 02 1992Father of the Bride
711.0231MORO::BEELER_JEThu Jan 02 1992A noise in the living room ...
712.069BSS::P_BADOVINACFri Jan 03 1992Tomboys and pseudo Tomboys
713.09ODIXIE::WASHINGTONJFri Jan 03 1992Paternity Test??
714.013MILKWY::ZARLENGASat Jan 04 1992The Men's Movement. I don't get it!
715.047PENUTS::HNELSONSat Jan 04 1992Why do *men* always pay for dinner?
716.0457CSC32::W_LINVILLEMon Jan 06 1992Men are happening
717.022MORO::BEELER_JETue Jan 07 1992Men and religion
718.022BUOVAX::WILCZYNSKIWed Jan 08 1992Mass law re: income from new spouse vis a vis support
719.06WMOIS::SUNDBLOM_LTue Jan 14 1992 Stay Single VS Getting RE-Married
720.07VMSSG::NICHOLSWed Jan 15 1992Breaking the Silence (fiction, i believe)
721.065RIPPLE::KENNEDY_KAWed Jan 15 1992Captial Punishment - Pros & Cons
722.016NYTPWed Jan 15 1992Intermarriage.
723.019QUARK::MODERATORFri Jan 17 1992Girlfriend pregnant - what should I do?
724.0148GORE::CONLONMon Jan 20 1992Men are happening, Part II
725.033MORO::BEELER_JEMon Jan 20 1992Parental influence on being a man
726.039TRODON::SIMPSONMon Jan 20 1992Success Objects
727.06PENUTS::RHAYESTue Jan 21 1992Heroes(real,fictional) and their influence...
728.016ASDG::FOSTERTue Jan 21 1992Martin Luther King: the Man, the Message
729.014BRADOR::HATASHITAWed Jan 22 1992Sex and Hostility
730.02TENAYA::SWHEELERWed Jan 22 1992Need Engineers for Values Study
731.093WMOIS::REINKE_BThu Jan 23 1992How do men respond?
732.016WMOIS::REINKE_BThu Jan 23 1992Topics from 716 - Spawning issues - children
733.0301WMOIS::REINKE_BThu Jan 23 1992Topics from 716 - Spawning issues, birthcontrol
734.021WMOIS::REINKE_BThu Jan 23 1992Topics from 716 - Men's health and life expectancy
735.015WMOIS::REINKE_BThu Jan 23 1992Topics from 716 - Men are victims too
736.0170OLDTMR::RACZKAThu Jan 23 1992mennotes Winter Party 29 February 1992
737.013PENUTS::HNELSONFri Jan 24 1992The Manly Handshake topic
740.017SMURF::SMURF::BINDERMon Jan 27 1992Househusbands -- turnabout isn't fair play?
741.055BSS::P_BADOVINACWed Jan 29 1992Mennotes derailings
742.040VMSSG::NICHOLSWed Jan 29 1992Changing reality (no more unplanned pregnancies)
743.0127STARCH::WHALENThu Jan 30 1992Men's Issues - Dating. (from 742.23 (and othes)
744.02SALEM::KUPTONFri Jan 31 1992Men in DEC Workshop
745.040MILKWY::ZARLENGASun Feb 02 1992The tension level is rising ...
746.013SALEM::KUPTONMon Feb 03 1992Woman With a Goatee
747.028--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 04 1992Wishing things were different!
748.035VINO::LIUTue Feb 04 1992The Aging Jock
749.05--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 06 1992On "Equality"
750.015SFCFri Feb 07 1992confused!
751.0115SMURF::SMURF::BINDERMon Feb 10 1992Makeup on men
752.045XCUSME::MACINTYREMon Feb 10 1992Sons of single women
753.027HEYYOU::ZARLENGAMon Feb 10 1992How many children do you want in your family?
754.0254ASDG::FOSTERWed Feb 12 1992Mike Tyson: Convicted of Rape
755.0208DECWET::SCOTTWed Feb 12 1992A Brave and Thought Provoking Article on Date Rape
756.027--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 13 1992THE JUDGE WILL DECIDE!!
757.018LOOP5::WIECHMANNSun Feb 16 1992Vick's pal asks about "Teases"
758.07EDWIN::HENNESSYMon Feb 17 1992Pointers and support needed
760.09VMSSPT::NICHOLSMon Feb 17 1992rat holing
761.0104VMSSPT::NICHOLSWed Feb 19 1992Let's teach males to stop raping (date or otherwise)
762.0331VMSSPT::NICHOLSWed Feb 19 1992Teaching rape (date or otherwise) avoidance skills
763.027POCUS::COUTUREMon Feb 24 1992Favorite Car Wax?
764.0319NRMACS::BHARDWAJ_PWed Feb 26 1992who would you take?
765.09TOOK::BOTTOMSThu Feb 27 1992Iron John Review
766.02UTRTSC::BOSMANFri Feb 28 1992abbreviations & expressions
767.05NITTY::DIERCKSMon Mar 02 1992MENNOTES Party -- Chicago
768.063AYOV27::MRENNISONMon Mar 09 1992Suicide - 3 times as many men
769.015QUARK::LIONELWed Mar 11 1992Fathers' involvement in their children's lives
770.06BSS::P_BADOVINACMon Mar 16 1992Genetic Destiny/Strategy
771.086CSC32::S_HALLTue Mar 17 1992Degree Bigots and You
772.038TOOK::BOTTOMSTue Mar 17 19925
773.077TOOK::BOTTOMSTue Mar 17 19925
774.033MORO::BEELER_JESat Mar 21 1992Of flowers men and women ...
775.017TENAYA::RAHFri Mar 27 1992New Sexism unplugs Men
776.06--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 31 1992Masculists
777.0196GIDDAY::MORETTITue Mar 31 1992Men only clubs
778.0122OTOUFri Apr 03 199227 yr old woman has sex with 11 yr old boy
779.0312TENAYA::RAHTue Apr 07 1992Men are not Cost Effective
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