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Conference pcbuoa::server_works

Created:Fri Jun 30 1995
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:291
Total number of notes:1063
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1.0PCBUOA::BRACKENWed Jul 05 1995Server_Works/RSM Introduction
2.037PCBUOA::BRACKENWed Jul 05 1995Introduce yourself please!
3.05PCBUOA::BRACKENMon Jul 10 1995PC Server Management Update
4.0ZPOVC::MONTYWONGFri Oct 13 1995Field test before announcement?
5.06PCBUOA::BRACKENFri Oct 20 1995Prior to Field Test Testing
6.06TENNIS::KAMTue Oct 24 1995found out about this product reading NW
7.02MKOTS3::LONGLANDTue Oct 24 1995Positioning - SMS and POLYCENTER AssetWORKS?
8.01UTROP1::WALLACE_BThu Oct 26 1995Smartstart?
9.04VIVIAN::GOODWINTue Oct 31 1995Training????
10.05IJSAPL::NATERWed Nov 01 1995CLIENTworks ?
11.0PCBUOA::HARGREAVESWed Nov 01 1995ClientWORKS
12.01EEMELI::BACKSTROMSun Nov 05 1995ServerWORKS and Digital Remote Server Manager Board
13.07GIDDAY:: Nov 08 1995RSM Software Kits?
14.01GVPROD::ZAVADILThu Nov 09 1995Mylex support
15.03GIDDAY::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::OGDENMon Nov 13 1995Manager questions
16.02GIDDAY::pcbu37.snl.dec.com::sladepeterTue Nov 14 1995remote installation ??
17.01OTOOA::PDONOGHUEWed Nov 15 1995raid question
18.01PCBUOA::BRACKENFri Nov 17 1995Sales & Marketing Material Location
19.01GIDDAY::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::OGDENWed Nov 22 1995Alerting with S_W Manager
20.09VMSVAX::TOLNAIWed Nov 29 1995RSM/ServerWORKS & AlphaServer
21.01SUTRA::FRANCOISThu Nov 30 1995Sworks HR mib directly to HP openview?
22.01GIDDAY::pcbu37.snl.dec.com::sladepeterThu Nov 30 1995Netware SFT III supprt ??
23.06SNLVSun Dec 03 1995Licensing?
24.03GIDDAY::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::OGDENTue Dec 05 1995Serverworks Manager Manuals
25.03GIDDAY:: Dec 05 1995RSM with Passwords NBG!
26.04TALE::pcchWed Dec 06 1995ServerWorks Agent probs
27.07COPCLU::SNEDKERWed Dec 13 1995RSM info badly needed
28.06MQOU18::M_HUELWed Dec 20 1995ServerWorks and NetView/6
29.011EEMELI::BACKSTROMThu Dec 21 1995Quick Launch woes (Windows NT)
30.02ZPOVC::MONTYWONGTue Dec 26 1995Resume RSM card to factory setting?
31.03MSAMFri Jan 05 1996Pointers to ServerWorks and ClientWorks
32.01BBIVTue Jan 16 1996Problem with connecting to server
33.03SUTRA::FRANCOISWed Jan 17 1996Performances
34.02CHEFS::dmWed Jan 24 1996RSM - Modem scripts
35.01CHEFS::dmWed Jan 24 1996RSM - Enhancement Requirements
36.01EEMELI::BACKSTROMSun Jan 28 1996ServerWORKS/ManageWORKS Upgrades to Customers: How?
37.02VIVARA::LUSCIANOMon Jan 29 1996Netware 4.1 ?
38.07GIDDAY::nzpc1Wed Jan 31 1996Serverworks on other hardware platform?
40.04VNABRW::pc5Fri Feb 09 1996Novell SFT III and Server Works
41.05KERNEL::TAGGARTNMon Feb 12 1996GPF auto discovery of DEClaser 51
42.01CHEFS::dmMon Feb 12 1996RSM - Boot sequence
43.04GIDDAY::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::OGDENMon Feb 19 1996Installation problems
44.01GIDDAY::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::OGDENWed Feb 21 1996RSM remote diskette access problem
45.02GIDDAY::sdsum7.snl.dec.com::OGDENWed Feb 21 1996Clientworks info
46.01CHEFS::dmThu Feb 22 1996RSM and Kilostream
47.03DUKBIL::VaughnThu Feb 22 1996SeverWorks 1.1 Kit?? Where??
48.09GIDDAY::mako.snl.dec.com::OGDENSat Feb 24 1996Launching ClientWORKS
49.010MAHONE::DMCWEENEYMon Feb 26 1996QuickLaunch questions
50.05COPCLU::GREGWed Feb 28 1996Kit again pls.
51.03PCBUOA::BRACKENFri Mar 08 1996RSM & CD Bootable BIOS
52.01GIDDAY::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::OGDENSun Mar 10 1996ServerWORKS ALARMS send to mail ??
53.02BIS1::CALLEWAERT_JTue Mar 12 1996Compaq's Insight Manager ? Competition ? What can we tell ?
54.09PCBUOA::WHITECTue Mar 12 1996Pointer update for documentation/training materials
55.01TYCOCH::WILLIAMSGWed Mar 13 1996RSM for Alpha 21
56.01TRHThu Mar 14 1996IP Discovery Question.
57.01BBOVMon Mar 18 1996NW4.1 server locks when installing agent
58.03GIDDAY::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::OGDENTue Mar 19 1996unable to boot QL of CD
59.05DUKBIL::VaughnThu Mar 21 1996Console Window Not Working
60.05DUKBIL::VaughnFri Mar 22 1996What is the status of RSM 1.1?
61.02SNLVMon Mar 25 1996Can ServerWORKS auto reboot?
62.01GIDDAY:: Mar 28 1996Remote management via RAS?
63.01TENNIS::KAMSat Mar 30 1996Is ServerWORKS DMI-based?
64.04TENNIS::KAMSat Mar 30 1996ServerWORKS available on PC homepage?
65.03EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Apr 01 1996How do I create my own object (e.g., Server.Compaq)?
66.02BIS1::bhp683.bro.dec.com::drezeTue Apr 02 1996RSM board connected to Ethernet TCP/IP network ?
67.01DUKBIL::VaughnWed Apr 03 1996Failover capabilities of RSM- any??
68.02LSNCSC::MOINETTue Apr 09 1996MIB compiler fails with CISCO mibs
69.03CHEFS::dmWed Apr 10 1996BMC Patrol & ServerWORKS
70.04SIOG::ODONNELLWed Apr 10 1996historical report ??
71.01SNLVThu Apr 11 1996Events with RSM - no success.
72.01PORLA::FRISKTue Apr 16 1996SRL to NT workstations?
73.03SNOFS1::MOOREADRIANSun Apr 21 1996QuickLaunch and NetWare 4.1 custom install
74.02GIDDAY::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::OGDENMon Apr 22 1996User Manuals Required
75.0RANGER::DORSEYWed Apr 24 1996usability test participants needed
76.02CHEFS::RAVENFri May 03 1996Alarms database?
77.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANSun May 05 1996any ppt presentations?
78.04COPCLU::GREGWed May 08 1996Manuals for Remote Svr. Mgr. and ServerWorks??
79.0NQOSWed May 08 1996SPD and Loan of Product?
80.01NETRIX::"mcdeed@pcbuoa.ako.dec.com"Wed May 08 1996Quick Launch v1.2 or later and correct BIOS revs
81.01TOHOPE::CARZELL_MWed May 08 1996OpenVMS Management Station vs ServerWORKS
82.03VMSNET::M_PROCTORFri May 10 1996gpf in module datacol.exe at
83.02CXOSI::KEANEFri May 17 1996temip management station
84.029QCAVWed May 22 1996RSM NOT CONNECTING.
85.01SNOFS1::MOOREADRIANWed May 22 1996Memory utilisation with NT and SERVERWORKS agent
86.05EVTAI1::DEGATFri May 24 1996Localized version.
87.01NQOSFri May 24 1996ClientWorks on Non-DEC PCs
88.01CHEFS::humph2.reo.dec.com::AUSTINRWed May 29 1996UNINSTALL NT AGENT
89.01GIDDAY::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::OGDENMon Jun 03 1996RSM and Paging
90.04GIDDAY::peteslade.snl.dec.com::sladepeterTue Jun 04 1996ALT-ESC for Netware Server ???
91.01QCAVMon Jun 10 1996client works demo
92.01CSCMA::HODGEMon Jun 10 1996What is the IPMT group?
93.01BOUGY::SYSTEMMon Jun 17 1996Raid Controllers Agents support?
94.01SUTRA::armand.vbo.dec.com::zuntiniWed Jun 19 1996RSM : monochrome video support.
95.0TENNIS::KAMFri Jun 28 1996Use DMI to Reduce Desktop Support Costs
96.01CHEFS::RAVENMon Jul 01 1996ServerWorks for Alpha kit
97.07TKTVFS::MORINAGAMon Jul 08 1996SNMP's Virtual byte Very Large!!
98.0MAIL1::DERISEFri Jul 12 1996ServerWORKS Manager on AXP?
99.03PCBUOA::SUNThu Jul 18 1996COM1 BUSY Remote port manager ?
100.01CHEFS::RAVENWed Jul 24 1996MW/SW alarms
101.08NETRIX::"michael.vogt@zuo.mts.dec.com"Fri Jul 26 1996Mylex SNMP Agent
102.03TKOV51::MATSUURAMon Jul 29 1996How to use LiveLink wiz ServerWORKSmgr
103.02TKOV51::MATSUURAMon Jul 29 1996no create IP Report wiz DistMgmt
104.01SUTRA::FRANCOISThu Aug 01 1996reset cable p/n?
105.02WKOL1Fri Aug 02 1996help needed for Alpha NT server to OpenView
106.01USPS::FPRUSSSun Aug 04 1996BEST Conference for ClientWORKS?
107.02SUTRA::armand.vbo.dec.com::zuntiniMon Aug 05 1996Netware agent setup problem.
108.07COMICS::SYMONDSKMon Aug 05 1996V1.2 of quicklaunch works, V1.4 doesn't
109.03LUXThu Aug 08 1996invalid .....wga installation......
110.01SNOFS1::ELLISSThu Aug 08 1996product manager for RSM (Remote Server Manager)
111.01LUXFri Aug 09 1996Cliient works DMI SER Layer Problem
112.01CHEFS::AUSTINRFri Aug 09 1996RSM and ZX
113.01SNOFS1:: Aug 11 1996v2 feature/function list ?
114.02NETRIX::"chris.ley@tynanr.reo.dec.com"Mon Aug 12 1996
115.02VIRGIN::SUTTERMon Aug 12 1996Do I need to run sw.sh on a Digital UNIX V4.
116.01MUNICH::FERSTLTue Aug 13 1996OpenVMS SNMP Agent?
117.05NQOSTue Aug 20 1996NT 4.
118.02QMARY::rickw.reo.dec.com::CHEFS::WILSONRWed Aug 21 1996NT Agent: Configuring HostResourceAgent values
119.01NETRIX::"Martina@akoexc1.ako.dec.com"Wed Aug 21 1996ClientWORKS Product Manager
120.01BOUGY::BRAUNWed Aug 21 1996\\jules
121.02ZPOVC::MONTYWONGThu Aug 22 1996USRobotic 14.4 Sportster script for RSM
122.01VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKITue Aug 27 1996Distributed Management Install & Use
123.03WOTVAX::MCERLANEVMon Sep 02 1996Serverworks and OS/2
124.01VMSNET::M_BIRCHFri Sep 06 1996EVTLOG/DBDLL.DLL GPF in Manageworks 2.2
125.02ULYSSE::STRATMANTue Sep 10 1996Pointer to ServerWorks V2
126.01VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKITue Sep 10 1996Codebase Error -6
127.0NETRIX::"per.nordli@nwo.mts.dec.com"Tue Sep 17 1996Manageworks sorting users
128.01ZPOVC::MONTYWONGWed Sep 18 1996RSM 1.1 work with NT 4.
129.04HAACK::HAACKFri Sep 20 1996compaq insight coexistance?
130.03VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKIFri Sep 20 1996LM Error 234: Additional Data is Available... SMB 64k data limit?
131.0HGOVC::MANJREKARSun Sep 22 1996Manageworks traps don't propagate to Netview submaps
132.02LEMAN::GAILLARDONSun Sep 22 1996ServerWORKS & updates
133.01ACISS2::MARESMon Sep 23 1996Need help with view save operation
134.0SUTRA::FRANCOISTue Sep 24 1996application launch
135.01SYSMGT::CLABORNWed Sep 25 1996SVN viewer problem with V3.
136.01NETRIX::"rmcdonagh@ilo.mts.dec.com"Thu Sep 26 1996Request timed out on jules.
137.01USPS::FPRUSSFri Sep 27 1996RSM Install & other questions
138.02HGOVC::MANJREKARSat Sep 28 1996ManageWorks can't manage Dechub 9
139.01CHEFS::dccMon Sep 30 1996PNV Integration
140.04ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEWed Oct 09 1996ManagerWorks stop at ip discovery
141.0VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKIMon Oct 14 1996"Workstation Manager" does not show up in Browser
142.01PCBUOA::WHITECMon Oct 14 1996questions on features.
143.02NETRIX::"bjorn.uddal@nwo.mts.dec.com"Tue Oct 15 1996NT4.
144.09WOTVAX::DAVIESGTue Oct 15 1996Can ServerWORKS do this?
145.0MKOTS3::HAHNTue Oct 22 1996Integration w/ Bay Networks Optivity?
146.02ICPSRV::DOVEWed Oct 23 1996Agent Install Failure on Alpha NT Notes Servers
147.06VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKIWed Oct 23 1996Difference between the 2.
148.01LEXSS1::LOMBARDIWed Oct 23 1996DMI agent for the MULTIA MI ...
149.04BPSOF::BPSNKE.bps.dec.com::kiralyMon Oct 28 1996Status of MW/SW
150.01VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKIMon Oct 28 1996Install of SW on NT 4.
151.01ZPOVC::MONTYWONGTue Oct 29 1996SW/QL 2.x training material?
152.01AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Nov 04 1996loadmsg.dll conflict upgrading from V1.
153.0AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Nov 04 1996V2.
154.0AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Nov 04 1996Could not find OMM group entry EVTD
155.01AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Nov 04 1996MFCO25
156.03AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Nov 04 1996unable to find installation script clntwrks\disk1\setup.ins error 426
157.0AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Nov 04 1996Pwmgmt failure
158.05AMCFAC::RABAHYMon Nov 04 1996autodiscovery vs. duplicate objects
159.0HAN::HAEUSSERMon Nov 04 1996No sessions shown through MW
160.01VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKITue Nov 05 1996GAM.DRV failed to load event ID 7
161.0STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Nov 06 1996V3 of Manageworks
162.0SUTRA::FRANCOISFri Nov 08 1996RSM and Direct NT 3.51 command promt full screen
163.0CHEFS::humph2.reo.dec.com::austinrFri Nov 08 1996SERVERWORKS and DHCP
164.0ULYSSE::GUILLAUMOTFri Nov 08 1996EVTLOG protection fault
165.0SPANKY::BUDZINSKIMon Nov 11 1996Manage Works Map Printing With Plotter
166.0NETRIX::"SUKRU ERGUR @ twi"Tue Nov 12 1996SW & NT Cluster
167.0BIS6::VENNEMANWed Nov 13 1996
168.08BIS6::VENNEMANWed Nov 13 1996Connection succesfully is not comming
169.0GVPROD::ZAVADILFri Nov 15 1996Openview,Netview, CA TNG integration w SworksV2?
170.02CHEFS::uksint4.reo.dec.com::williamsgTue Nov 19 1996V2.
171.03ULYSSE::STRATMANWed Nov 20 1996HX6
172.01NETRIX::"Chris.Ley@tynanr.reo.dec.com"Wed Nov 20 1996
173.0BULAN::peoto.soo.dec.com::bulan::ptorlindMon Nov 25 1996138 ?? Anyone ??
174.020SNOFS1::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::OGDENTue Nov 26 1996RSM keyboard lock-up's
175.01ALFSS2::ROLLINS_RWed Nov 27 1996Error Reading Propert Value
176.03CHEFS::humph2.reo.dec.com::austinrThu Nov 28 1996RSM and ServerWORKS question
177.02QCAVSun Dec 01 1996Serverworks and Manageworks Problem.
178.01CHEFS::humph2.reo.dec.com::austinrMon Dec 02 1996CLIENTWORKS - PROACTIVE ALERTING ?
179.03CSC32::D_PERRINTue Dec 03 1996icmp vs. snmp polling
180.08LEXSThu Dec 05 1996"Handle Full" error message on NT 4.
181.02VMSNET::M_BIRCHTue Dec 10 1996Novell Lan Workplace, EventD, Winsock error
182.01VMSNET::C_MANDERSONTue Dec 10 1996"Error Getting Property Value"
183.01LEXSS1::LOMBARDIFri Dec 13 1996a list of apps for MW needed ...
184.02LEXSMon Dec 16 1996Quick Launch questions ...
185.01ULYSSE::STRATMANFri Dec 27 1996serverworks PS failure detection..
186.02HLFSThu Jan 02 1997Quicklaunch v2.3 can not make floppies
187.01VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKITue Jan 07 1997SNMP Request Failed on Multinet Servers
188.02LEXSTue Jan 07 1997SWpager questions for WIN95 ...
189.02MPOSThu Jan 09 1997SnmpSvcGetEnterpriseOID error and how fixed
190.01PCBUOA::BRACKENThu Jan 09 1997NT 4.
191.03SNOFS1::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::SNLVThu Jan 09 1997RSM - seting for CPU lockups
192.07CHEFS::humph2.reo.dec.com::austinrFri Jan 10 1997RSM - DIAL BACK
193.02ZPOVC::MONTYWONGFri Jan 17 19972 Qs on RSM
194.0VMSNET::C_MANDERSONFri Jan 17 1997SNMP Agent for VMS Alpha w/TGV?
195.03CHEFS::humph2.reo.dec.com::austinrSat Jan 18 1997SERVERWORKS & NT V4
196.06AIAG::SEGERMon Jan 20 1997looking for architecture and API's
197.03CHEFS::humph2.reo.dec.com::austinrTue Jan 21 1997SERVERWORKS and OS/2
198.01VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKITue Jan 21 1997SWMgr Pager with NT v4.
199.04GIDDAY::MCKENNAMon Jan 27 1997Field test for Serverworks V3
200.02CITYFS::HIGGSFri Jan 31 1997Can not sign on as Administrator under Mylex GAM
201.01CITYFS::HIGGSFri Jan 31 1997ServerWORKS will not install ClientWORKS on HX6
202.0GVPROD::ZAVADILMon Feb 03 1997Serverworks and OS2 OS/2
203.04VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKIMon Feb 03 1997Other Types of SNMP Traps ?
204.01VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKIMon Feb 03 1997From where does ManageWORKS get the UID?
205.0VMSNET::C_MANDERSONFri Feb 07 1997err: 2123 api return buffer too small
206.03EEMELI::KARPPINENFri Feb 07 1997ServerWorks integration to SUN NetManager
207.011COPCLU::RISTOMon Feb 10 1997Can't compile MYLEX GAM MIB
208.0ULYSSE::STRATMANMon Feb 10 1997Serverworks 2.2/from CD/Clientworks/MX
209.06VMSNET::C_MANDERSONMon Feb 10 1997The handle is null
210.04ZPOVC::MONTYWONGWed Feb 12 1997NTS 4.
211.07CHEFS::AYLESBURY_LThu Feb 13 1997RSM only works with BIOS disabled!
212.01SUTRA::sutra::zuntiniFri Feb 14 1997SW admin user guide must be updated
213.05ALFSS2::OLSEN_GWed Feb 19 1997GPF in SWEXTOMM.DLL
214.0SNOFS1::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::SNLVSun Feb 23 1997RSM Driver for NT4.
215.0ALFSS2::OLSEN_GMon Feb 24 1997SMS install pkg for SW Agents?
216.02ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEMon Feb 24 1997RSM Direct Connection Problem
217.04PCBUOA::WHITECTue Feb 25 1997GAM Error causing GPF
218.01BIS6::VENNEMANThu Feb 27 1997The Real Connection
219.0EEMELI::toivo.fno.dec.com::hskThu Feb 27 1997VLAN autodiscovery ?
220.01ALFSS2::OLSEN_GTue Mar 04 1997HP OpenView Integration
221.06VMSNET::M_SMITHWed Mar 05 1997need serverworks docs
222.011ALFSS2::OLSEN_GWed Mar 05 1997NT Agent error starting decssm.sys
223.03ULYSSE::STRATMANMon Mar 10 1997How to shut down NT before RSM power down ?
224.05ALFSS2::OLSEN_GMon Mar 10 1997SW only sees Public SNMP Community
225.02ALFSS2::OLSEN_GFri Mar 14 1997Winsock Error on NT 4.
226.02USPS::FPRUSSFri Mar 14 1997SWCC 1.1 UNIX kit problems
227.03CHEFS:: Mar 17 1997Go to MIB to get Trap object details.
228.01ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONETue Mar 18 1997Remote Vga Console info
229.03EEMELI::toivo.fno.dec.com::hskWed Mar 19 1997Serverworks traps to NMS
230.03USPS::FPRUSSWed Mar 19 1997Performance Manager broke somehow
231.06SUTRA::16.192.16Thu Mar 20 1997ServerWorks v2.2 tips and things to know.
232.02ALFSS2::OLSEN_GThu Mar 20 1997Problems with SW Agent on Prioris Server
233.03IBMon Mar 24 1997Integration GAM/Unicenter TNG
234.02BIS6::VENNEMANTue Mar 25 1997Upgrade the RSM to 1.1 99%
235.08BSS::PROCTOR_RTue Apr 01 1997SNMP NT Agent MIB variablenames?
236.01VMSNET::FARLOW_JWed Apr 02 1997Version Doesn't Match ServerWORKS
237.01TOHOPE::WSAWed Apr 02 1997computername changed, old name still in browser, how to remove?
238.03NETRIX::"berchtold@mail.dec.com"Thu Apr 03 1997ServerWorks is cool - but what you think is a server ?
239.012ALFSS2::OLSEN_GThu Apr 03 1997GAM Asking for User/Password
240.03SUTRA:: Apr 03 1997
241.0NETRIX::"leyc@mail.dec.com"Mon Apr 07 1997Invalid IP Address under Sworks 2.2
242.01NETRIX::"leyc@mail.dec.com"Mon Apr 07 1997Invalid IP Address under Sworks 2.2
243.05NETRIX::"leyc@mail.dec.com"Mon Apr 07 1997ISA Graphics card install for RSM
244.02TOHOPE::WSATue Apr 08 1997looking for LAN Manager Sessions, coming up empty
245.01QCAVTue Apr 08 1997QuickLaunch V2.5 Problem.
246.02ZPOVC::LAICHANThu Apr 10 1997ServerWorks vs POLYCENTER Performance DC/PA
247.07TAMIR::RONENMon Apr 14 1997need info on serverworks
248.0MBSVAX::SLOANMon Apr 14 1997clientWORKS rbserv failure....
249.01VMSNET::C_MANDERSONMon Apr 14 1997Clientworks - network drive lost
250.02VMSNET::C_MANDERSONMon Apr 14 1997NT4.
251.0NQOSMon Apr 14 1997Sell Perf. Advisors when its appropriate
252.01BIS6::VENNEMANTue Apr 15 1997NT 4.
253.06ALFSS2::OLSEN_GWed Apr 16 1997Error expanding ins
254.02TRLIAN::COFFINThu Apr 17 1997lastest release info needed
255.0ALFSS2::OLSEN_GThu Apr 17 1997? on Groups in SNMP Group Mgmt
256.03LEXSS1::LOMBARDISat Apr 19 1997problem installing v3.
257.03ALFSS2::OLSEN_GTue Apr 22 1997DIGSWAG.NLM Error: 1 outdated API Call
258.02CSC32::YOUNGWIRTHTue Apr 22 1997IP-Discovery questions.
259.02WBC::DEADYThu Apr 24 1997QuickLaunch and BDC
260.01ALFSS2::OLSEN_GThu Apr 24 1997Can Customers get v3.
261.05TRLIAN::COFFINThu Apr 24 19973.
262.03ALFSS2::OLSEN_GFri Apr 25 1997NT Agent keeps SNMP svc from starting
263.06KITCHE::schottMon Apr 28 1997Discovery problems with Digital UNIX V4.
264.0TRLIAN::COFFINThu May 01 1997change bell color to sync w/alarm severity?
265.01CHTRBX::HESHELMANThu May 01 1997ServerWorks Agent for VMS?
266.01TRLIAN::COFFINFri May 02 1997ack of multiple alarms issue
267.0ALFSS2::OLSEN_GFri May 02 1997GAMDRV.SYS on Alpha yet?
268.0NNTPD::"schott@zk3.dec.com"Tue May 06 1997clientworks and clients with DHCP addresses
269.02ALFSS2::OLSEN_GThu May 08 1997Digital Unix agent fails
270.01PRMSMon May 12 1997ServerWorks MIB Support for Digital UNIX, OpenVMS and Windows NT
271.02VAXSPO::MOREIRAMon May 12 1997Prioris XL Server & Mylex DAC 96
272.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon May 12 1997install problem setupstr.dll?
273.01EEMELI:: May 14 1997Console V3 on Alpha ?
274.07CHEFS::HARVEYWed May 14 1997Help reqd - NT 4 installation
275.02NNTPD::"zelenka@.chk.mts.dec.com"Wed May 14 1997MWv2.2 and MCM6.
276.02SNOFS1::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::SNLVSun May 18 1997SW Browser and ManageWISE
277.01ALFSS2::OLSEN_GMon May 19 1997V3.
278.02SNOFS1::HUMMERSTONMon May 19 1997Quick Launch questions
279.01ALFSS2::OLSEN_GTue May 20 1997ClientWORKS Questions
280.02SNOFS1::pcbu46.snl.dec.com::SNLVTue May 20 1997Disk Bad Block Reporting
281.0PCBUOA::WHITECWed May 21 1997MORE is HERE!
282.01EEMELI::toivo.fno.dec.com::hskWed May 21 1997Serverworks Trap forwarding still a problem
283.04TAMIR::RONENMon May 26 1997any progress with the keyboard problem?
284.0PHXSS1::MEAGHERTue Jun 03 1997Great SWRKS demo/tutorial!
285.0ULYSSE::VERANWed Jun 04 199716 bits windows can't run message
286.01HLFSWed Jun 04 1997MIB's of mcAfee or Cheyenne
287.01TKOVOA::OKUMURAWed Jun 04 1997Remote Management Console
288.03PCSERV::peoto.soo.dec.com::ptorlindThu Jun 05 1997Domains A to M only
289.01NNTPD::"FrenchJ@mail.dec.com"Thu Jun 05 1997CleintWORKS version 2.9
290.02BSS::PROCTOR_RThu Jun 05 19972.3d ClientWorks & NT4.
291.0BBOVThu Jun 05 1997RSM with NT4.