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Conference ozrock::x25_avms

Title:DEC X.25 for OpenVMS AXP
Created:Mon Jan 18 1993
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:524
Total number of notes:2218
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1.01OZROCK::MCGINTYMon Jan 18 1993Welcome
2.069OZROCK::MCGINTYMon Jan 18 1993Registration
3.021OZROCK::MCGINTYMon Jan 18 1993Kit Locations
4.04OZROCK::MCGINTYMon Jan 18 1993Release Notes
6.05OZROCK::MCGINTYMon Jan 18 1993Document Locations
7.05OZROCK::MCGINTYMon Jan 18 1993DEC X.25 Client for OpenVMS AXP
8.04OZROCK::MCGINTYWed Feb 24 1993Problems encountered since EFT1
9.02OZROCK::MCGINTYFri Feb 26 1993X.25 Client QAR database
10.02COMICS::TURNERMon Mar 15 1993Business documentation availability?
11.01TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue Mar 16 1993Error 2398 During Execlet Load
12.05COMICS::TURNERTue Mar 16 1993Will it work with clustering on OpenVMS T1.5-FT3?
13.05CX3PT3::HTKING::M_SHELDONMon Apr 05 1993"OSI Transport" Template and Filter"
14.0OZROCK::PERKINSTue Apr 06 1993EFT2 PAK - Internal Use Only
15.06NZOMIS::ROBBINSSun Apr 25 1993X.25 Client and X.25 Router boxes
16.02NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Apr 27 1993Part numbers?
17.05MINNY::SCHUMACHERTue May 11 1993Incoming X25_Mail hangs on 2nd attempt
18.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed May 19 1993X.25 1988 Compliance
19.01EVOAI2::FARISWed Jun 16 1993QIO interface on Alpha AXP?
20.021OZROCK::HARTWIGThu Jun 17 1993Moved from OZROCK::X25_ULTRIX
21.08OZROCK::MCGINTYFri Jun 18 1993X.25 Client V1.
22.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Jul 20 1993X.25 Native -- when?
23.05OZROCK::MCGINTYFri Jul 23 1993Basic configurator requirements
24.06LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERWed Jul 28 1993Enable EVENTS when GAP protocols are incompatible?
25.01TENNIS::KAMMon Aug 02 1993Does PSI Access for OpenVMS AXP exist?
26.02CSOA1::MCKENNATue Aug 03 1993X.25 to LAT
27.03OZROCK::BARTLEYThu Aug 12 1993A query from Alpha Notes ....
28.03OSKYON::JOUZAKIFri Aug 20 1993Ph-IV named DEMSA,AXP and X.25 Client
29.08ZURThu Aug 26 1993Invalid Facility Code ?
30.01CGOOA::PINTERFri Aug 27 1993X25router2
31.04ZURTue Sep 07 1993X25$SHUTDOWN hangs/fails ?!
32.012CX3PST::WSCTue Sep 14 1993%STR-F-ILLSTRCLA, illegal string class error on SET HOST/X29
33.01OZROCK::HARTWIGFri Sep 17 1993X.25 Internal field test kit
34.010COMICS::WEBSTERCWed Sep 29 1993Where does GAP go ?
35.04FORTY2::BAKERMon Oct 11 1993X.25 Access + X121 Mapping
36.03OSKYON::JOUZAKITue Oct 12 1993PSI$NETWORK logical works?
37.02UKARC1::WOOD_JThu Oct 21 1993novice question on DEMSA support
38.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEFri Oct 29 1993support of network X25 routers
39.02MERCAN::LILBURNThu Nov 11 1993X.25 interface migration
40.05CACIQE::FARDONKWed Dec 01 1993DLMs on AXP!!!
41.012UKARC1::WOOD_JTue Dec 07 1993Synch. comms pt-to-pt with DEC 3
42.03SUBURB::JASPERTTue Dec 14 1993dec 2
43.05ROMFri Dec 17 1993Two questions about X.25 Client V1.1
44.0OZROCK::HARTWIGWed Jan 05 1994First External Field test kit T1.
45.0CX3PT2::WSCThu Jan 13 1994Is it normal to send facilities on a CALLC
46.04ZURFri Jan 14 1994No priv to access documentation on OZROCK
47.07TROOA::GILBERTWed Jan 26 1994DEC X25/synchronous device/DLM
48.01MINNY::SCHUMACHERThu Jan 27 1994Incoming calls cleared Diag=46
49.0OZROCK::GROHNFri Jan 28 1994Hang due to incomming X.29 call
50.07GUIDUK::SOMERTue Feb 01 1994Does the client work with DECnet/OSI
51.03HAN::HALLEThu Feb 03 1994X25APP_1_x at Prio
52.06GIDDAY::CHONGTue Feb 08 1994Incomming call clear - but why ?
53.015METSYS::GAMIFri Feb 18 1994PSI$C_NTD changes
54.02METSYS::GAMIFri Feb 18 1994does psi$c_ntd_priority work
55.01OZROCK::HARTWIGMon Feb 21 1994Second External Field Test kit of X.25 is now available
56.05THEFT::DAVEMon Feb 21 1994Product Deinstallation.
57.05VAXRIO::ESPINHAFri Feb 25 1994SYSINIT error after installing new X25$ACCESS.EXE
58.01MSDOA::BIGGSRWed Mar 02 1994What gives
59.0LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERFri Mar 04 1994PSIaccounting file : backward compatibility ?
60.08UTRTSC::KNOPPERSTue Mar 08 1994when will native x.25 be shipping
61.02PRSSOS::GROSSETETEWed Mar 09 1994X.25 license ?
62.02PRSSOS::GROSSETETEThu Mar 10 1994DECnet startup failed due to LLC2
64.0748219::GROSSETETEWed Mar 23 1994GAP on X.25 native for OpenVMS AXP
65.03LUTECE::MAGENCTue Apr 05 1994x29 nv system password and x25$access fix pb
67.02EEMELI::PAKKANENTue Apr 12 1994OSI V2.
68.012FORTY2::FISKThu Apr 14 1994X.25 Native...Packaged with DECnet?
69.02FSTSC1::AURANDTue Apr 19 1994Problem after modifying TTY_DEFCHAR for use of VT
70.04EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYWed Apr 20 1994$set h/x/param hangs
72.03RAISSA::DECAROTue Apr 26 1994DEC 4
74.02EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon May 09 1994Germany
75.03OZROCK::HARTWIGMon May 16 1994KIT and DOCUMENTS for X.25 V1.
76.01MSAMMon May 23 1994DEC X25 client for OpenVMS 6.1
77.03OZROCK::MCCANETue May 24 1994KIT and DOCUMENTS for X.25 Client V1.1 for OpenVMS AXP
78.02MLNFri May 27 1994DNSES ???
79.07CLARID::KREYERFri May 27 1994Need to discriminate X.25/X.25 Client/none...
80.0SMAUG::LEHMKUHLWed Jun 01 1994NETWORK WORLD article
81.05AEOENG::DUPANLOUP_CFri Jun 03 1994QIO interface port an AXP ?
82.01IDEFIX::65155::HEMMINGSFri Jun 10 1994X25 and OSF?
83.05PRSPSU::BOUGEMon Jun 13 1994hang caused by PSI and non-deallocated BUFFIO
84.04EEMELI::PAKKANENWed Jun 15 1994How to remove X25 client?
85.04CSC32::D_GARZANITIFri Jun 24 1994Inbound Call Cleared with C=8
86.02GO4GUT::NASHTTue Jun 28 1994Could not find CML ctlinput function
87.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Jun 28 1994DNSES/DSYT1 Supported Officially?
88.03PRSSOS::GROSSETETETue Jun 28 1994GAP over NSP only ?
89.08UNITED::PCThu Jun 30 1994HDLC on OpenVMS/AXP ?
90.03ATYISA::LAMONTAGNEThu Jul 07 1994Maximum DSTY1 supported per system ?
91.03SNOFS2::HUDSONSCOTTWed Jul 13 1994Printing
92.01GO4GUT::NASHTThu Jul 14 1994multihost available in future ?
93.01ISIDRO::BAENAThu Jul 14 1994Answer with facility not configured
94.01HGODCS::KENNETHTOThu Jul 14 1994How X25router failover to a backup X25 Access Nodee
95.01GUIDUK::SOMERTue Jul 19 1994ISO 7498 Conformance in X.25 Products
96.016CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Jul 21 1994Differences in TELENET profile ?
97.018LISSYS::DOMINGUESThu Jul 21 1994Configuring X.25 for optimal performance
98.05CSC32::SCHMALSTIEGMon Jul 25 1994Call fails when using logical name for DTE
99.01CX3PST::OBFSKT::G_THROWERThu Jul 28 1994Reason code change for clears in mailbox?
100.06CSC32::DUCHARMEFri Jul 29 1994X25 Client V1.1 errors during reboot, WHY?
101.01GIDDAY::YUMon Aug 01 1994%SYSINIT-E-ERROR, status=94
102.02SMAUG::LEHMKUHLMon Aug 01 1994DNSES serial synch interface for EISA AXP systems incl 21
103.04ANGLIN::LAFAVETue Aug 02 1994Event logging to OPERATOR.LOG
104.01ZPOVC::COLINTONGFri Aug 05 1994Sable H/W and S/W Requirement
105.01DELDPN::A_SANTANATue Aug 09 1994X25 address problem, filters
106.04FORC1Thu Aug 11 1994X.25 Portability VMS->OSF?
107.06BACHUS::GOOVAERTSThu Aug 11 1994IO$ACCESS IOSB remains empty
108.04CSC32::R_STEWARTThu Aug 18 1994AXP OSI 5.7 to a x25router
110.012GIDDAY::YUTue Aug 23 1994Non-privileged outgoing fails
111.01DELDPN::E_VILLARROELWed Aug 24 1994How keep alive a process?
112.0OZROCK::HARTWIGWed Aug 24 1994Upgradiing from a X.25 Client system to a X.25 system
113.07CSC32::B_HORNETue Aug 30 1994Clearing Multiple Calls Rapidly
114.03CSC32::BEACHThu Sep 01 1994Max virtual circuits, "native" vs. gap
115.02CX3PST::HTKING::M_SHELDONThu Sep 08 1994X25 Client V1.1 Startup Errors
116.07HLMBMon Sep 12 1994x25$startup hanging
117.0HLMBWed Sep 14 1994only decnet phase IV
118.010CSC32::D_GARZANITIThu Sep 15 1994Problem bringing up more than 94 SVCs?
119.0CX3PST::LUVYA::R_WILLIAMSFri Sep 16 1994Looking for info on X25 throughput for gateways and routers
120.014CSC32::BRISSETTETue Sep 20 1994crash while executing wan$startup in pci_support with dnses
121.01BOHIO::RFARDONKThu Sep 22 1994DLM MaxD 128=>512???
122.01--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 22 1994rackmount sable and dnses
123.06MUNICH::WOERLEThu Sep 22 1994FATAL ERROR with x25$configure
124.09GIDDAY::YUFri Sep 23 1994X25 native 1.
125.01CSC32::J_RYERSat Sep 24 1994CTF tracepoint X25GAP not recognized
126.03SALEM::HARRIS_MTue Sep 27 1994Diagnostics for DNSES??
127.01CX3PST::WSCFri Sep 30 1994Clarification on patches for X.25 for OpenVMS AXP v1.
128.01HGODCS::SUSANCHANMon Oct 03 1994Brouter 9
129.02BRIEIS::BARKER_EWed Oct 05 1994Is the Installation guide doc. on the net ?
130.01SAC::KINDER_NTue Oct 11 1994PSI security file converter to X.25 security?
131.02COMICS::TURPIEThu Oct 13 1994IVBUFLEN/IVDEVNAM clarification
132.01TAEC::CONTIFri Oct 14 1994ITB_ENTRIES and system hang
133.01ZENA::ASTRUAMon Oct 17 1994EGYPPTNET Profile supported ?
134.01GOYA::JOSEFWed Oct 19 1994Porting from PSI V4.3 to Alpha VMS X.25
135.01MEO78A::BARNHOORNTue Oct 25 1994X25 access filters and applications
136.0COMICS::EDMUNDSWed Oct 26 1994Migration?
137.01LISVAX::KALENGAThu Oct 27 1994Tracing X.25 events on OSF/1 from OVMS AXP
138.03KERNEL::LOTAThu Oct 27 1994Changing the "default" parameters using x25$configure
139.01COMICS::EDMUNDSMon Oct 31 1994PSI$MESSAGES??????
140.0ATHINA::PAGEThu Nov 03 1994DLM phase/4-5
141.07RIVOLI::MAGENCSun Nov 06 1994X.29 incoming access hangs : NV I/O never completes ?
142.07COMICS::EDMUNDSMon Nov 07 1994x25-client on v6.1?
143.05BERNThu Nov 10 1994License for GAP client
144.02SWTHOM::MAGENCThu Nov 10 1994X25$startup fails / access daemon error %84
145.04COMICS::EDMUNDSFri Nov 11 1994X25print?
146.01CSC32::J_SOBECKITue Nov 15 1994process name format: X25APP_x_x
147.0OFOSWed Nov 16 1994Customer needs assistance configuring OSF/1 and x.25....
148.05CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Nov 16 1994Question on time to respond to incoming clear
149.04DELDPN::M_MUNOZWed Nov 16 1994Remote Print, Virtual Terminal NVA problems in V1.1
150.04SWTHOM::MAGENCThu Nov 17 1994multiple io$_acpcontrol
151.01DELDPN::A_LEIVATue Nov 22 1994how delete a nva device offline?
152.010EEMELI::PAKKANENThu Nov 24 1994X25-CLIENT pak useful or not?
153.04VAXRIO::ESPINHAFri Dec 02 1994Sync point-to-point connection
154.08BERNMon Dec 05 1994X.25: NB driver channel access denied
155.01MSAMTue Dec 06 1994Programming with VAX PSI and DEC X25 Client
156.04CSC32::J_RYERWed Dec 07 1994Incoming X.25 calls not delivered to application
157.016TAEC::EYNAUDWed Dec 07 1994Problems when configuring 4 DNSES on a SABLE
158.07COMICS::EDMUNDSThu Dec 08 1994Crash using x25cient v1.1
159.01YUPPIE::GAREYFri Dec 09 1994Problem with X.29 programming.
160.04SWETSC::NORDSTROMTue Dec 13 1994Incoming mail problem....
161.03KERNEL::KHANRTue Dec 13 1994Subaddress Range
162.01GIDDAY::YUMon Dec 19 1994X25$SESSION terminated
163.01FAILTE::ADAMSMon Dec 19 1994Anybody printing over X.25
164.02MARSMon Dec 19 1994DNSES supported by X25 on 1
165.01DELDPN::M_MUNOZTue Dec 20 1994AXP, X25Gateway & DLM circuits.
166.05CSC32::J_RYERWed Dec 21 1994DECNET as an "active client" of X25 ??
167.01CX3PST::WSCWed Dec 21 1994DEC X.25 v1.
168.03METSYS::NELSONThu Jan 05 1995Configuring X.25 client problems
169.01ZURFri Jan 06 1995Client V1.1 facility C6 problems with set host/x29
170.01CX3PST::WSCSat Jan 07 1995Re-install DEC X.25 after DECnet/OSI upgrade?
171.017VELI::KORKKOFri Jan 13 1995X25 client and "two level" server node name
172.01HGOCS::ANDYNGFri Jan 13 1995set h/x29 or psi mail ==> SYSTEM-F-NOPRIV
173.03TAEC::EYNAUDMon Jan 16 1995DNSES IO performances benchmark ?
174.02TPOVC::MOBBYLINMon Jan 16 1995DECnet/OSI with C=
175.01BERNThu Jan 19 1995Patch status ?
176.06CSC32::DUCHARMEThu Jan 19 1995X.29 application READ with TIMEOUT fails
177.01LISVAX::KALENGAWed Jan 25 1995LLC2: Network Initiated Reset
178.01GUIDUK::STROMSETHThu Jan 26 1995"X.25 Access" and DECnet/OSI for AXP
179.01PRSSUD::CARRAYROUThu Jan 26 1995LLC2 negociation problem
180.01MINNY::ADDORMon Jan 30 1995old trace facility,GAP,lost data?
181.02GIDDAY::BOJOVICWed Feb 01 1995non-paged pool expansion, VCRP & LKID
182.02CSC32::ARNOLDMon Feb 06 1995psi drivers
183.05COPCLU::JENSWed Feb 08 1995Program to do set host/x29 ?
184.01PRSSUD::CARRAYROUThu Feb 09 1995packet/sec
185.03DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONTue Feb 14 1995X.25 Client and DECnet/OSI in OpenVMS AXP
186.01TAVIS::SHEFTELWed Feb 15 1995Protocol State=D1 Failure Reason=Too Long
187.02CSC32::J_RYERFri Feb 17 1995X.25 gets all locked up every few weeks
188.01HGOCS::IVANCHENGFri Feb 17 1995How to enable NV system password on VMS AXP ?
190.01DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONTue Feb 21 1995allocate PVC by using 'Template'?
191.02CARNTA::GUINEO::MOORETue Feb 21 1995I would appreciate your help on this config.
192.01TAVThu Feb 23 1995DEC 3
193.04EEMELI::VIRNESMon Feb 27 1995Wild card in RAP?
194.02CSC32::R_STEWARTTue Feb 28 1995UIC for X25$MAIL ?
195.02OZROCK::HARTWIGThu Mar 02 1995Request for specification of performance figure requirements
196.02PRSSOS::HOFFMANNThu Mar 02 1995X25 DA and ALPHA system crash
197.03COLA1::COLD1A::BROEGELMANNMon Mar 06 1995LLC2 and FDDI
198.04CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONThu Mar 09 1995How to add a second DTE class on a Alpha X25 access.
199.02MUNICH::KLOEPPERThu Mar 09 1995programming question / incoming NCB items ?
200.02PRSSUD::CARRAYROUFri Mar 10 1995X25 relay on A-VMS
201.03CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Mar 14 1995X25 Client 1.1 and DECnis
202.04CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Mar 14 1995Will X25 Client 1.1 work on a cluster
203.03CHUECA::ARANCHAWed Mar 15 1995LAPB && License Not Installed
204.03LISTIM::CARVALHOThu Mar 23 1995X25 active ports V Active session connections
205.02MUNICH::FERSTLMon Mar 27 1995X25 Client V1.1 install in a cluster
206.0ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Mar 27 1995AXP migration questions
207.03ANNECY::CHABERTTue Mar 28 1995QIOW(PSI$K_RESET) fails on AXP/VMS
208.01WNOUMon Apr 03 1995Problems creating multiple filters
209.02ISIDRO::ELSAWed Apr 05 1995OFFLINE
210.03BSS::ROUNDYThu Apr 06 1995help on bookreader doc?
211.0BRSTR1::MERTENSMon Apr 10 1995accounting on x25 programs
212.013SMAUG::BOURDEAUWed Apr 19 1995AXP System keeps crashing even after I installed patches specified in note 175
213.01TROOA::MSCHNEIDERTue Apr 25 1995X.25/X.29 --- what do I need?
214.01GIDDAY::DANIELMon May 01 1995X25router 1
215.02EICMFG::KORNMESSERMon May 01 1995X.25 Call Distribution over multiple service nodes?
216.02COMICS::PRICECMon May 01 1995X25 DAs on DECnet/OSI V6.1 crashing on use
217.01SIOG::ODONNELLTue May 02 1995Reserved for Digital Layered BUGCHECK ???
218.02KERNEL::KHANRTue May 02 1995X25$MEL
219.01FILTON::DAVIES_JWed May 03 1995Licence issues ?
220.0SMAUG::LEHMKUHLThu May 04 1995Malaysian sale of DEC X.25 Client licenses
221.012UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_MWed May 10 1995DNSES + SABLE + V.36 ?!?
222.03KERNEL::EVANSNThu May 11 1995Pool expanded to maximum
223.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONSat May 13 1995X25 Client 1.1 gets stuck logical links to DECnis
224.03GIDDAY::FLAWNWed May 17 1995AXP/OSI 6.1, X25 1.
225.02SAC::HERBERTWed May 17 1995LLC2 on Alpha 21
226.03CSC32::CSC32::D_WILDERTue May 23 1995X.25 Client - $QIO IO$_ACPCONTROL returns EXQUOTA status
227.0OZROCK::HARTWIGWed May 24 1995Call for FT sites for ISA sync comms
228.013OSLACT::BJORNWed May 24 1995Crash in X25 V1.
229.01CGOOA::WHITLOCKThu May 25 1995X.25gateway 2
230.07CX3PST::HTKING::M_SHELDONMon May 29 1995System Hang with MUP
231.0OZROCK::MERRETTWed May 31 1995MUP kit: X.25 V1.
232.08OSLACT::BJORNWed May 31 1995How do I turn OFF Address Extension?
233.03VELI::KORKKOWed May 31 1995How to prevent poor man routing on Alpha with X25 (V1.
234.01DEKVC::SANGHOKIMThu Jun 01 1995Phase IV X25 native and OPEN VMS/AXP
235.02DAVIDF::FOXSat Jun 03 1995X.25 V1.
236.01OZROCK::MCCANETue Jun 06 1995Help for a novice
237.02COLA1::DPPSThu Jun 08 1995DECnet gone after update to X25 V1.
238.05KERNEL::LOTAMon Jun 12 1995Who's doing the wrong thing.. us or the network?
239.02COLA1::DPPSTue Jun 13 1995
240.03COPCLU::JENSWed Jun 14 1995LAPB stays initializing, ackn timer expired incre
241.01LEMAN::MAEUSLIFri Jun 16 1995Error in "X.25 V1.
242.0OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEMon Jun 19 1995X.25 V1.
243.01KERNEL::LOTATue Jun 20 1995cause and diagnostic codes for DEC X25CLIENT?
244.04KNEIPE::KRAMERTue Jun 20 1995NSAP / address extension woes for manual mapping
245.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Jun 21 1995Compatibility with V4.3?
246.04GIDDAY::YUThu Jun 22 1995Data lost between TTDRIVER and NVDRIVER??
247.06HTSC19::IVANCHENGFri Jun 23 1995Packet Size 1
248.0SWTHOM::MAGENCMon Jun 26 1995NOSUCHDEV , NVAnnn X29 terminal vanishes
249.01KNEIPE::KRAMERMon Jun 26 1995NSAP again - local nsap item in transport template
250.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Jun 27 1995create x25 server?
251.02SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Jun 27 1995nopriv and filter free after x25$startup
252.02KNEIPE::KRAMERTue Jun 27 1995Packet Segmentation Question
253.01UTRTSC::VROOIJThu Jun 29 1995X.25 products, VAX/AXP and DECNIS, and sub-address.
255.02GIDDAY::YUMon Jul 03 1995Minimum version of DNVOSI for X25 V1.
256.05CSC32::BAKERThu Jul 06 1995x25 v1.
257.03KNEIPE::KRAMERFri Jul 07 1995Q: packet confirmation on L3
258.05CSC32::EMRICKFri Jul 07 1995Can only receive 52 X29 incoming connections
259.03UTRTSC::VELZENWed Jul 12 1995Differentiate incoming/outgoing MSG$_CONNECT ?
260.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Jul 13 1995OSI packets larger than X.25-packet size
261.04FIRSC1::CASINIMon Jul 17 1995Startup hangs on DSYT1 device
262.02ISIDRO::ELSAWed Jul 19 1995sysinit-e-error,x25$access,
263.04PRSSOS::HOFFMANNFri Jul 21 1995X25 Alpha and ALPHASERVER 2
264.013SWTHOM::MAGENCFri Jul 21 1995net$acp loop when x25 started during startup ?
265.01LATINA::MAJOSETue Jul 25 1995system-f-abort ,IO CONNECT DRIVERS FOR X25???
266.05SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Jul 25 1995inc call cleared diag 42 invalid cug details
267.09CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Jul 26 1995X25 calls to OSI get cleared
268.01LTIMA2::M_HOLLANDWed Jul 26 1995X25 developers kit?
269.011MUNICH::KLOEPPERWed Jul 26 1995V1.
270.01GIDDAY::FLAWNFri Jul 28 1995X25 Client 1.1 Pool Expansion - BUFIO packets
271.01CSC32::FASANOSat Jul 29 1995Question on patches for X.25 Client for OpenVMS Alpha AXP V1.1
272.0OZROCK::HARTWIGThu Aug 03 1995Call for FT sites for PCI sync comms
273.0ROMFri Aug 04 1995SLIP or PPP over X.29??
274.01SWTHOM::MAGENCFri Aug 04 1995X25 configurator ACCVIO for delete remote dte class
275.01COMICS::WEIRFri Aug 04 1995X25 V1.
276.02OZROCK::HARTWIGTue Aug 08 1995Update on system hang using graphics console discussed in V1.
277.06MUNICH::KLOEPPERTue Aug 08 1995FRMR received ... (V1.
278.03WNOUWed Aug 09 1995Call fails with cause code=3,diag code=41 Why?
279.03TAVWed Aug 09 1995Flow control negotiation problems.
280.02UTRUCK::VROOIJMon Aug 14 1995X25GAP over TP4 supported?
282.01FORTY2::TSANGTue Aug 15 1995V1.
283.01FORTY2::TSANGTue Aug 15 1995V1.
284.02KERNEL::SMITH_PWed Aug 16 1995x25$startup failure
285.01SWTHOM::MAGENCFri Aug 18 1995X25$shutdown wandd$shutdown hasclients
286.03ANNECY::KLING_CFri Aug 18 1995X25 Hang at startup
287.06SWTHOM::MAGENCMon Aug 21 1995x25$ncl cmip error entity instance attributes
288.0MROA::smoky.mro.dec.com::gregoireWed Aug 23 1995X.25 Connection & Wanrouter 9
289.01GIDDAY::CHONGWed Aug 23 1995
290.01VAXRIO::MAUROWed Aug 23 1995Invexceptn crash/OVMS AXP 6.1/X25 client 1.1
291.010KERNEL::KHANRWed Aug 23 1995DEC 21
293.02KERNEL::DAVIESPFri Aug 25 1995X25 verses X25-Client license.....HELP!
294.010ROMMon Aug 28 1995PBXDI versus DNSES
295.02CSC32::EMRICKTue Aug 29 1995After 82 PVC connects gives %SYSTEM-F-MEDOFL
296.06CSC32::J_SOBECKITue Aug 29 1995PCSI errors during V1.
297.01SWTHOM::MAGENCWed Aug 30 1995V1.
298.03CSC32::EMRICKThu Aug 31 1995NCB LOCFACR shows 1 marker byte off in item list
299.01VAXRIO::PEIXOTOThu Aug 31 1995%PAD-F-NWERROR Cannot set security for x25 Cient V1.1-
300.02LYOISA::MARTINFri Sep 01 1995Instal x25 1.
301.0OZROCK::HARTWIGFri Sep 08 1995Location of X.25 and X25CLIENT kits for VMS Theta field test - see note 3.16
302.01FORTY2::TSANGFri Sep 08 1995Problem Solving Guide
303.01FORTY2::TSANGFri Sep 08 1995PSG - Retry Failed Event
304.02FORTY2::TSANGFri Sep 08 1995Profile attribute on DTE Class
305.03FORTY2::TSANGFri Sep 08 1995Can't make X29 Outbound Connections
306.04LYOISA::MARTINMon Sep 11 1995DNSES offline on a Alpha Server 1
307.04ANNECY::FARABETFri Sep 15 1995DNSES configure as DCE ?
308.01DEKVC::JUNGYONGRYUSun Sep 17 1995RNR attribute?
309.01ROMMon Sep 18 1995SLIP/PPP over x.28 for VMS/AXP?
310.01ROMMon Sep 18 1995X25$session: too many direct I/Os
311.03MLNCSC::DOMANESCHITue Sep 19 1995insufficient privilege or object protection
312.04CSC32::MILICHFri Sep 22 1995X.25 programming with PVCs on LLC2 DTE
313.04CSC32::J_SOBECKIFri Sep 22 1995INVEXCEPTN crash X25$L1+131AC, OSI V6.1
314.01CSC32::HOCKETTSat Sep 23 1995 SSRVEXCEPT PC= 2237EC loading nxdriver driver
315.03SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Sep 26 1995crash RSVD_LP using set host/x29 in v1.
316.03SWTHOM::MAGENCTue Sep 26 1995inc call cleared cause
317.01LISTIM::SILVAWed Sep 27 1995Strange NVA
318.01LUTECE::MAGENCWed Sep 27 1995X25 1.
319.04EICMFG::KORNMESSERWed Sep 27 1995X.121 instead of OSIT$NAMES on ALPHA-VMS V6.2, DECnet V6.2
320.03TAEC::DUFAUFri Sep 29 1995X25 GAP cx : incoming calls matching filter pb
322.05SWTHOM::MAGENCFri Sep 29 19951.
323.03LUTECE::MAGENCMon Oct 02 1995x25$extra_set invoked too late by x25$config 1.
324.02LUTECE::MAGENCMon Oct 02 1995QAR database for X25
325.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONThu Oct 05 1995Access Denied from NCL
326.02CSC32::J_RYERThu Oct 05 1995LLC2 configuration question
327.06CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONThu Oct 05 1995NVA devices off line in a deleteucb state
328.03ZURThu Oct 05 1995Error during X25$STARTUP of client on AXP (PhIV decnet)
329.03ROMFri Oct 06 1995Incomig DTE address
330.02DECPRG::PAVLUPWed Oct 11 1995V6.2/V1.
331.02CSC32::J_RYERThu Oct 12 1995problem receiving interrupts
332.0GIDDAY::CHONGThu Oct 19 1995PAD error when specifying facilities
333.01ODIXIE::AKINGMon Oct 23 1995DNSES, X.25 on 84
334.01TAVMon Oct 23 1995Accounting for DLM circuits?
335.03TOLOSA::SCHLUMBERGERMon Oct 23 1995X-25 card on AS2
336.04ATYISA::CARRAYROUTue Oct 24 1995PB facilities x25 1.
337.01TAVWed Oct 25 1995LAPB LINK & DTE running with modem disconnected
338.04LISTIM::SILVAFri Oct 27 1995Fortran Carriadge Control to remote PAD problem!
339.07ANNECY::KLING_CFri Oct 27 1995DNSES in Loading state
340.010DECLNE::LICKTue Oct 31 1995documentation request
341.016LACSTue Oct 31 1995BX.25
342.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Nov 02 1995NET$MANAGE question/problem
343.04RULLE::DAHLBERGTue Nov 07 1995PBXDI config.
344.05LISTIM::SILVAWed Nov 08 1995How to change NVA sessions limit?
345.01VAXSPO::INTERD_MARIOFri Nov 10 1995X25$INIT sends DEVICEFULL error message
346.03LISTIM::CARVALHOWed Nov 15 1995Again VCRP memory leak, X25 related?
347.01LUTECE::MAGENCWed Nov 15 1995x25 client 1.1 incoming call fails caus
348.03PMRV7Thu Nov 16 1995AXP VMS X25 Access off a VAX VMS PSI host?
349.01VAXSPO::INTERD_MARIOThu Nov 16 1995What product replace PSI on VAXes??
350.03ANNECY::KLING_CFri Nov 17 1995Mouse hangs when wandd started
351.01VAXRIO::HENRIQUEWed Nov 22 1995DNSES in loading state,please answer.
352.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Nov 24 1995AXP and DECNET/OSI: other license than X25?
353.01PRSSOS::DESINDESTue Nov 28 1995DNSES problem
354.010BACHUS::ROELANDTSFri Dec 01 1995x25 diagnostic 8
355.09SOS6::MAGENCThu Dec 07 1995X25$APPLD in RWMBX - X25 v1.
356.05ZURFri Dec 08 1995X.25 V1.
357.01DAIVC::DANIEL_HMon Dec 11 1995Hang while edit a file
358.01MANMTue Dec 12 1995how do we setup PSI Access on ALpha
359.014CHEFS::CRIDDLETue Dec 12 1995Does DNSES support X.21bis
360.03ROMTSS::MATTIANGELIWed Dec 13 1995x25$access crash
361.05BACHUS::DOBBENIThu Dec 14 1995return code when no dte's are available
362.03CHEFS::MARSHALL_NThu Dec 14 1995x25 ENTCLSNOTSUPP problem
363.04LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERFri Dec 15 1995X25 client and 'network process'
364.01BACHUS::DEMEYERFri Dec 15 1995Calling DTE value
365.02CSC32::EMRICKFri Dec 15 1995PCSI-E-OPENIN & RMS-E-FNF for WANDD & X25 install
366.03CSC32::PRICEWed Dec 20 1995NW devices "hanging around"
367.01LEMAN::GABLERThu Dec 21 1995DNSES Sync. contr. not working after V1.
368.0ROMThu Dec 21 1995VCRP memory leak
369.02BACHUS::ROELANDTSTue Jan 02 1996why different psi$
370.01SOLVIT::BROWN_DTue Jan 09 1996Problem with five DNSES boards running X25.
371.03DEKVC::SANGHOKIMWed Jan 10 1996PVC Program & IVDEVNAM Error
372.02NSDPThu Jan 11 1996relay !!!!!!!!!???????
373.01PRSSOS::DESINDESFri Jan 12 1996trace server xxxx$ctf has exited
374.01CHEFS::HOWLETT_TMon Jan 15 1996DSYT1 exporting clock, speed sets to 64k
375.02ATYISA::CARRAYROUThu Jan 18 1996call
376.04CHEFS::CRIDDLEFri Jan 19 1996Cable spec for BC33E
377.05UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Jan 19 1996set h/x: SYSTEM-F-DEVACTIVE
378.0CLUSKI::MAGENCThu Feb 08 1996QIOW psi$k_reset hangs on PVC after DTE restart
379.01TAKEOF::FOWLERSat Feb 10 1996Porting from Unix to OpenVMS/AXP?
380.01MANMTue Feb 13 1996object protection violation on DECnet/OSI 6.3
381.0OSKYON::NISHIDAFri Feb 16 1996Can I use subaddress over "Freeway"
382.05VIRGIN::BASSIFri Feb 16 1996< Crash with RSVD_LP at X25KERNEL_RTL+214 >
383.02FORTY2::TSANGFri Feb 16 1996QAR database
384.0ZURMon Feb 19 1996< Crash infos with X.25 symbols >
385.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Feb 19 1996V1.
386.01CLUSKI::MAGENCMon Feb 19 1996pool exhausted - dnses v1.
387.02CX3PST::HTKING::M_SHELDONTue Feb 20 1996Alternate Typeahead Buffer ?
388.01SWETSC::NORDSTROMWed Feb 21 1996PBXDI hanging problem....
389.05VFOVAX::CROWEWed Feb 21 1996DNSES and the 84
390.06OPCO::TSG_PLLWed Feb 21 1996Incorrect LLC2 remote receive window size
391.01NETRIX::"tshort@ilo.mts.dec.com"Thu Feb 22 1996X25 API support
392.01CSC32::FASANOSat Mar 09 1996Rumor control, problems with the DNSES?
393.01ANNECY::LEMMATue Mar 12 1996replacement for DEMSA-AB
394.03STKHLM::NORDSTROMThu Mar 14 1996PBXDI hanging when rebooting
395.013MROA::KAMINSKYFri Mar 15 1996Incoming/Outgoing Calls Fail
396.02OSLLAV::BJORNTue Mar 26 1996GAP in PhaseV?
397.04PRSSOS::MAGENCThu Mar 28 1996X25 local subaddress in transmitted call packet
398.03PRSSOS::DESINDESTue Apr 02 1996psi$c_ntd_snm_security_filter
399.03IAMOSI::LEUNGWed Apr 03 1996DNSES, Wanrouter, HDLC
400.01PRSSOS::MAGENCThu Apr 04 1996Where is V 1.
401.02PRSSOS::MAGENCThu Apr 04 1996PBXDI configuration problem and questions
402.01PRSSOS::MAGENCThu Apr 04 1996X25 1.
403.01PRSSOS::MAGENCThu Apr 04 1996Pool expansion VCRP with x25 v1.
405.0DAIVC::DANIEL_HTue Apr 09 1996S'one ever tried w/ oldx25printsymbiont?
406.04EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYThu Apr 18 1996vci_report_event_fork on OPA
407.01ECFAWed Apr 24 1996DNSES driver hanging graphic console
408.02SWETSC::WELINThu Apr 25 1996trace with
409.01ATYISA::CARRAYROUThu Apr 25 1996X29/LAT gwy , X25 relay
410.01ZURThu Apr 25 1996X29 login problems with LOGINOUT timeout --1D&1E
411.02DECLNE::LICKTue Apr 30 1996API for HDLC?
412.01CSC32::A_ANDERSONFri May 03 1996Can an application learn its DTE address?
413.05HGOM22::DAVYSUNFri May 03 1996PSI for extention disable?
415.01OSLLAV::BJORNMon May 13 1996Which license for GAP?
416.02SWETSC::ALBINSSONTue May 14 1996Bugcheck RSVD_LP, Reserved for Digital layered product use.
417.01OZROCK::HARTWIGFri May 17 1996What to do if system crashes in X.25 with RSVD_LP bugcheck
418.01HGOM22::DAVYSUNSat May 18 1996tcp/ip for x.25
419.05SWTHOM::MAGENCTue May 21 1996PBXDI support for alphastation 255 ?
420.08SWTHOM::MAGENCTue May 28 1996Redirect hang and crash INVEXCEPTN X25$KERNEL_RTL
421.01HGOVC::ALEXCHEUNGThu Jun 06 1996X.25 V1.1a on OVMS 6.2
422.01EVTAI1::LEGOUBEYFri Jun 07 1996AXP GAP very slow
423.03CSC32::K_INGHRAMSat Jun 08 1996WANDD 1.
424.04FSTSC1::AURANDThu Jun 13 1996Quotas for about 2
425.0COMICS::HESSThu Jun 20 1996illegal service call on startup
426.05MUNDIS::JJUSTMon Jun 24 1996Packet size 1
427.01CHEFS::MARSHALL_NTue Jun 25 1996x25 security match_all
428.02LEMAN::GABLERWed Jun 26 1996DNSES Firmware for SRM37
429.04VNABRW::FRUEHWIRTH_MWed Jun 26 1996DNSES in AlphaStation 6
430.02BIKINI::DITEFri Jun 28 1996M-bit required over X.29 ?
431.01VAXRIO::MAUROThu Jul 04 1996X25 1.
432.08MARVIN::WELCHTue Jul 16 1996What's so special about 64?? Steve. What's so special about 64??
433.01SWTHOM::MAGENCWed Jul 17 19963 channels for 1 virtual circuit over LLC2
434.02CSC32::D_MAHDERSun Jul 21 1996nonpaged pool eaten by VCRP...x25 1.
435.03HGOSPS::KENNETHTue Jul 23 1996set host /X29 gives %PAD-F-CLR, call cleared
436.011UTRTSC::KNOPPERSMon Jul 29 1996question about clear and clear confirm
437.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONThu Aug 01 1996DNSES X.25 1.
438.03KERNEL::FRYMThu Aug 01 1996llc2 iso query
439.02DECBAH::SCONETTITue Aug 06 1996exit
440.06JULIET::HARRIS_MAWed Aug 07 1996X25 terminal access to AXP-VMS Cluster?
441.05GIDDAY::BRODRIBBMon Aug 12 1996?
442.04UTRTSC::KNOPPERSWed Aug 14 1996psi$c_ncb_locsubadr question
443.02VAXRIO::VITORTue Aug 20 1996NWERROR & Blocked By=Gateway Security
444.04EWBVMon Sep 02 1996status of V1.
445.01OTOOA::otopWed Sep 04 1996DNSES question
446.0OZROCK::HARTWIGMon Sep 09 1996Mouse and Keyboard hang on AlphaServer1
448.01CSC32::J_SOBECKIWed Sep 11 1996X25 V1.
449.01CHEFS::MARSHALL_NWed Sep 18 1996remote dte class
450.01CSC32::J_RYERThu Sep 19 1996how to specify calling DTE address on outgoing call
451.0OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEThu Sep 19 1996PCI Sync support is now available with X.25 V1.
452.09FRSTSC::TLAUERThu Sep 19 1996X25$STARTUP overwriting part of system space
453.02LATINA::SOENGASFri Sep 20 1996X.25 CLIENT ,LENGTH > 128 BYTES
454.02HGOSPS::KENNETHTue Sep 24 1996What patches are they? BRO1
455.05DAIVC::SAPTONOThu Sep 26 1996Load balancing using LAT under X25
456.02CHEFS:: Sep 30 1996X.25 for Alpha on VMS 7.1?
457.01CHEFS::PACK_JTue Oct 08 1996debug messages in production exe's !!!
458.05ATYISA::CARRAYROUWed Oct 09 1996set host/x29/facility
459.01TPOVC::MOBBYLINMon Oct 14 1996DECNIS x.25 access in sample NCL file
460.02VIRGIN::DEMETRIOUTue Oct 15 1996When is PSI$X25_USER identifier generated?
461.03PASSES::GADWAL::MARILLWed Oct 16 1996NETCONTROL I/O cannot be cancelled; process stuck in RWAST
462.05OTOOA::JPONDThu Oct 17 1996Licence for DECnet/OSI with X.25 & DNSES on Alpha?
463.0OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEThu Oct 17 1996X.25 V1.
464.02MARVEL::KHANRThu Oct 24 1996Crash in x25$nwdriver
465.02DAIVC::ROSDIYANTOThu Oct 24 1996set h/x29 from ALPHA, very slow
466.06CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONSat Oct 26 1996X25 GAP over DECnet/IP
467.01BOBINS::PUNSHONThu Oct 31 1996LAPB API on OpenVMS Alpha?
468.02CHEFS::BARKER_EMon Nov 04 1996Porting ULTRIX to OpenVMS X.25 application ?
469.09ANNECY::POULAINMon Nov 04 1996Question on facilities
470.02LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERWed Nov 06 1996ACCVIO after installing X25 1.
471.02LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERMon Nov 11 1996NSAP as facilities ? 36 or none ?
472.02LISTIM::ULTRIXTue Nov 12 1996Lapb initializing, link reset reason SABM
473.02CSC32::J_RYERWed Nov 13 1996Flow control on X.25 GAP connections
474.014DEKVC::HOONKIMFri Nov 15 1996LAPB State is off,But PVC setup is success
475.01CSC32::J_RYERFri Nov 15 1996sysgen parameters and process quotas
476.01ATYISA::LEBRUNMon Nov 18 1996EDI X
477.0CSC32::MACGREGORFri Nov 22 1996kit location
478.01BACHUS::GOOVAERTSTue Nov 26 1996Cause
479.02TRHWed Nov 27 1996X25 Application OpenVMS/VAX -> AXP problem
480.09SWTHOM::MAGENCThu Nov 28 1996wandd config failure for dnses on Alpha 21
481.04VAXRIO::HENRIQUEFri Nov 29 1996Packet negociation ?
482.01BACHUS::GONZALEZFri Nov 29 1996C=
483.01ZURFri Nov 29 1996X25 clients and cluster alias and DECNIS
484.01COPCLU::EBCTue Dec 03 1996Incoming calls cleared c=
485.01HGOVC::THOMASLAWFri Dec 06 1996x25 software and DNSES
486.03BACHUS::GOOVAERTSTue Dec 10 1996Calls randomly cleared C=
487.01CSC32::J_RYERTue Dec 10 1996modem connect line interface type
488.02CSC32::J_RYERWed Dec 11 1996default values by profile ??
489.01CSC32::DECKERWed Dec 11 1996Release notes for WANDD 1.
490.01BACHUS::ROELANDTSMon Dec 23 1996x25 access filter priority
491.0DEKVC::HOONKIMMon Dec 30 1996X.25 Programming Training Course
492.02GIDDAY::YUMon Jan 13 1997psi$c_err_nol3 when redirecting a call
493.05LUTECE::MAGENCMon Jan 20 1997CDROM DEC 96 does not contain X25 documentation
494.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Jan 29 1997What would three restarts on a PVC mean to x.25?
495.03ANNECY::BONNIERFri Jan 31 1997X.25 product with VMS V6.1-1H2 ?
496.03KERNEL::CORNISHPWed Feb 05 1997CTF V1.
497.01KAOTMon Feb 10 1997PBXDI-AA vs PBXDI-AB
498.01OHFSS1::BROWDERSat Feb 15 1997looking for X25SYM.EXE - VAX ASSET
499.02UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Feb 18 1997X.25 direct I/O and RWAST ?
500.02GIDDAY::LEUNGWed Feb 19 1997OSI V6.3 ECO 5 crash at net$transport_nsp+
501.01CSC32::KLIMASWed Mar 05 1997qio with io$_access fails with nopriv
502.01HTSC19::KENNETHMon Mar 10 1997Upgrade to V1.
503.04MUNICH::SCHALLERThu Mar 13 1997diag A6, if x29 from alpha to alpha
504.03OTOOA::JPONDFri Mar 14 1997DNSES cables?
506.03LEMAN::GABLERMon Mar 24 1997New crash on AXP4
507.0TIMAMD::JCUENCAMon Mar 31 1997x29 processes hang
508.07MLNCSC::DOMANESCHITue Apr 08 1997Example of X.25 application
509.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Apr 11 1997X.25 conns lost with OSI
510.01HGOM22::DAVYSUNTue Apr 15 1997ip over psdn possible on NIS5
511.05COMICS::HESSWed Apr 16 1997x25 access DTE Class Profile
512.01CSC32::J_SOBECKIThu Apr 17 1997Alpha X.25 V1.
513.03BACHUS::GOOVAERTSTue Apr 22 1997X25 security works (sometimes)
514.0TPOVC::MOBBYLINThu Apr 24 1997AlphaServer as PVC gateway?
515.09OSLAGE::AGE_PFri May 02 1997Login times out, where is TRACE utility???
516.02SEDTMA::HANCOCKMon May 12 1997Can you configure/load DEMSA X.25 Gateway from AXP?
517.02HTKING::M_SHELDONThu May 15 1997leaks
518.04MROA::KAMINSKYThu May 15 1997DCE Not Ready - DNSes
519.05LIE495::CITRONFri May 23 1997What replaces PVCNAM in NCB for X25 AXP program?
520.0OTOOA::ROUFTue May 27 1997YR 2
521.0DAIVC::ROSDIYANTOWed May 28 1997maximum # of static routing / dte
522.0ZPOVC::YONGLEEThu May 29 1997DNSES performance
523.0BACHUS::GOOVAERTSWed Jun 04 1997Object receives max 88 Logical links
524.0CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri Jun 06 1997AST wont fire on a X.25 Client V1.2 PVC application