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Conference ozrock::sync_drivers_ultrix

Title:Support and Discussion of the Ultrix Sync Drivers
Created:Tue Jul 10 1990
Last Modified:Wed Sep 25 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:168
Total number of notes:863
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1.0OZROCK::AMESTue Jul 10 1990Welcome
2.037GIDDAY::AMESTue Jul 10 1990Please sign in here...
3.04GIDDAY::AMESWed Jul 11 1990V1.
4.07MARVIN::COBBTue Oct 02 1990Register exception on Create for licence missing
5.06DORIE::COMPTONThu Oct 11 1990SPD for Wide Area Device Driver?
6.03OPHION::RBHANKFri Oct 26 1990loopback without hardware?
7.03OZROCK::GRIFFITHSThu Nov 15 1990DEC WAN Device Drivers V1.
8.01HGJCTue Dec 11 1990URGENT ... 2mbps
9.018BEAGLE::FERNANDESThu Dec 27 1990SSB kits online?
10.0923458::FARADAYCHONGWed Jan 02 1991Clarification needed on SPDs
11.0OZROCK::GRIFFITHSWed Mar 06 1991V2.
12.013DC1Fri Mar 15 19913MIN sync i/f - details please
13.0DEDUCE::HARTMon Mar 25 1991Call for Papers -Interop./Migration Conf.
14.020DC1Wed Apr 10 1991CSS Turbochannel Sync option driver support
15.015HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUTue Apr 23 1991Comms for DECsystem55
16.0DEDUCE::HARTWed May 08 1991Registration info - Interop./Migration Conf.
17.0OZROCK::MCGINTYThu May 16 1991Field test update kit now available
18.01ISIDRO::MAMORENOTue May 28 1991DEC Commservers
19.04OZROCK::MCGINTYSun Jun 23 1991Pre-SSB kit now available
20.03MIPSBX::thomasThu Jul 04 1991dsv
21.014DC1Wed Jul 10 1991ip over HDLC vs ip over X.25 ??
22.011BIKINI::EHLERSMon Aug 19 1991Protocol without HDLC-Framing ?
23.05MANVC::ERICSUNWed Aug 28 1991Driver for sync port of DECstation 5
24.03PRESS1::STUARTWed Sep 04 1991hang on boot with WDD and DSV-11 along with Simpact board
25.03YNOTME::WALLACETue Sep 10 1991Reboot hangs if modem is connected
26.03SHAWB1::LAWRENCETue Oct 08 1991comms device for 58
27.02UNITED::NEWELLGTue Oct 08 1991Weird Synch comms capability required
28.06NACCEE::AVERREThu Oct 10 1991Buffer size restricttion ?
29.010JALOPY::OWENMon Nov 04 1991SDLC questions
30.09SAINT::STCLAIRWed Nov 20 1991Apparent bug in sync driver
31.04CHEFS::DICKSONBWed Dec 04 1991KMV?
32.04OSLACT::PAALKMon Dec 23 1991WANDD2.1 fails to build kernel
33.01OZROCK::MCCANETue Dec 24 1991WANDD V2.
34.06HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUFri Jan 10 1992WANDD for ULTRIX for DS5
35.01MUNICH::EHLERSMon Jan 13 1992DSB32: device failed with error 1
36.05BIKINI::DITEWed Jan 15 1992WANDD internals info ?
37.01BEAGLE::FREREAUWed Jan 22 1992Link broken, needs reboot at both ends
39.04DECLNE::WILLETTThu Jan 30 1992X.4
40.05OZROCK::MCCANETue Mar 17 1992WANDD for ULTRIX, V2.1 SSB Kits now available!
41.05PRSSUD::SEYNAEVEWed Mar 18 1992DecWANcontroller 72
42.02ROMCSA::SYSTEMTue Mar 24 1992Where can I get WAN 1.2 for VMS?
43.023FORTY2::TSANGThu Mar 26 1992device unit state "loading"
44.02FORTY2::TSANGThu Mar 26 1992documentation error - where do you want these reported?
45.05SOS6::DROUETFri Mar 27 1992Crash on DS5
46.06ROMMon Mar 30 1992DS 5
47.03ROMWed Apr 08 1992Normal Response Mode
48.04SAINT::STCLAIRWed Apr 08 1992RISC/ULTRIX Routing?
49.01MDCRAB::STUARTFri Apr 17 1992Can DEC HDLC on a DECstation tallk to a WANrouter 25
50.02EEMELI::PEURATue Apr 21 1992Support for DECsystem 5
51.01STKHLM::WIKTue Apr 21 1992Programming question
53.01MINNY::ROTHMThu Apr 23 1992Urgent: routed and WANDD and a Router with RIP
54.08STKAI1::PRESTBYTue Apr 28 1992WANDD 2.1 and DSYT1 (WAN controller 72
55.03BIKINI::DITEMon May 04 1992CTS and asynch drivers?
56.02CSC32::DAVISSONThu May 07 19925
57.010SMAUG::TYREESat May 16 1992SDLC/DECstation 5
58.05ROMMon May 18 1992WANDD & Normal Response Mode
59.02GIDDAY::KINGWed May 20 19924.2 upgrade === x25 nogo !?
60.04AKOCOA::WARDThu May 28 1992Half Duplex problem on SCC device
61.04BREAKR::ZELLERSat May 30 1992DSYT1/WANDD/DDCMP/Alpha/MLS+... et al
62.0MIPSBX::thomasMon Jun 01 1992bug: LLC2 over FDDI
63.05ROMTSS::CERIOLIWed Jun 10 1992WANDD fails kernel rebuild (in yet another different way), Please HELP!
64.01MINNY::ROTHMThu Jun 18 1992SCC to SCC syn.-comm. Tests possible ?
65.02OSLACT::PAALKMon Jun 22 1992Cant find profile
66.03ALOSWS::ROSETue Jun 23 1992UDLC Sync Driver Needed
67.05SALSA::MOELLERThu Jun 25 1992327
68.08CSCMA::FINIZIOSat Jun 27 1992help configuring IP
69.08TKOV51::HAYAKAWAMon Jul 06 1992TCP/IP of DSYT1
70.02HALITA::JULIANRThu Jul 16 1992X.25 native & TCP support ?
71.01KERNEL::CARLETONLWed Aug 12 1992Data file error : only 2 devices per system?
72.02ULTOE::browderFri Aug 14 1992DECnet/OSI, WANDD, and two setld's
74.01SWTHOM::DORNANOTue Sep 01 1992npl says cannot open x25 socket, protocol not supported.
75.06ROMTSS::PASIFri Sep 04 1992Connecting 2 DS51
77.01OSLMon Sep 07 1992Support for SCC on 5
78.08ZURMon Sep 07 1992ULTRIX V4.3 & WDD nightmare installation
79.04MANWRK::WHITHAMMon Sep 07 19925
80.0OZROCK::BATHMon Sep 14 1992WANDD 2.1, ULTRIX 4.3 and DECnet/OSI 5.1 compatibility issues.
81.07AKOCOA::PERLMUTTERThu Sep 24 1992more Half duplex SDLC questions
82.06CSC32::PITTTue Oct 06 1992PX couldn't identify TC module
83.01LEMAN::AGASSISTue Oct 06 1992Ultrix -> RDAC -> Siemens...
84.02HKGACT::SUSANCHANSun Oct 11 1992configure wandd v2.1 for SDLC.. How?
85.04SMAUG::GARRODTue Oct 13 1992Need device interface manuals for DSW42, DSW21 and DSH8
86.0OZROCK::BATHFri Oct 16 1992LAPB and TRANSPAC profile problem
87.02BIKINI::ANGELIKAMon Oct 26 1992DSYT1 & X.21 Support ?
88.02SWTHOM::DORNANOMon Nov 02 1992Invalid Name, not an acceptable value
89.04ZURThu Nov 05 1992how to find out the modem speed ?
90.07VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAWed Nov 11 1992LAPB link resetting
91.05ZPOVC::SONGHUATTue Nov 17 1992sdlc on DECsystem 5
92.01COPCLU::JENSThu Nov 19 1992wdd modem control state table error
93.05ZTOIS1::DISCHLIThu Nov 19 1992DSYT1 & WANDD config problem
94.05LYOThu Nov 26 1992WANDD 2.1A-Ultrix 4.2A problem
95.04SAC::KINDER_NTue Dec 01 1992modem signal state table for scc device under x25
96.0OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEThu Dec 03 1992TIMA/STARS - Cannot Enable WDD Entities in any order for WDD V2.1A
97.0SAINT::STCLAIRMon Dec 07 1992Good bye
98.03CSC32::PITTTue Dec 15 1992no rts on hdlc line
99.01CSC32::DAVISSONTue Dec 15 1992Is genbyte functionality still not available?
100.06GUCCI::FBYRUMTue Dec 22 1992WDD V2.1a Failure with DSH8
101.02CSC32::PITTWed Dec 23 1992wdd/phaseIV/sync/5
102.03EEMELI::RUOTSALAINENWed Jan 13 1993dsh8
103.03MXOVMon Feb 15 1993DPV11 driver?
104.02HKGACT::SUSANCHANWed Feb 17 1993SCC supported line interface?
105.06HGOVC::MICHAELPOONWed Feb 24 1993DSYTY1/WANDD Availability on ALPHA OSF1
106.05CRLVMS::TREESEWed Mar 03 1993Will DSYT1 interoperate with Sun?
107.04GLDOA::LARSENWed Mar 10 1993WANDD Installation Documentation
108.01TAVThu Mar 11 19934 Sync RS422 lines options?
109.08ZPOVC::SONGHUATThu Mar 18 1993SDLC on sscc
110.0OZROCK::JENKINSONWed Mar 24 1993Migration to OSF - Unsupported features
111.04SWETSC::HAGLUNDThu Mar 25 1993WANDD Upgrade
112.02OZROCK::RODRIGUESTue Apr 06 1993ULTRIX V4.3a Support
113.012CSCMA::LABAKWed Apr 07 1993WANDD 2.1a and WAN 72
114.03IDEFIX::MCGEACHYWed Apr 07 1993DSYT1 E.O.F.??
115.011HGSW32::DOMINICTSOFri May 21 1993Direct Driver Interface - programming example using Async. I/O mode?
116.01ZPOVC::SONGHUATThu May 27 1993Microcode loader deamon for DSYT1
117.02SMAUG::MCDONELLSat May 29 1993AOSF byte oriented framing?
118.03CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Jun 08 1993where is the 'dictionary data file'?
119.06HGOVA::TIMA_ALEXThu Jun 10 1993can async/sync port be used?
120.07FRSCS::AURANDTue Jun 15 1993Many Device Failures from a DSH8
121.02OZROCK::HUNTFri Jun 18 1993DEC WANDD for ULTRIX, V2.1b now available
122.06EEMELI::ALADINTue Jun 22 1993Ultrix/SNA WDD installation problem !
123.03BGOWed Jun 30 1993Unable to use two ports simultaneously.
124.02MOURS::DE_GELASWed Jul 07 199359
125.04CSC32::J_FELDMANWed Jul 14 1993sscc_Probe,sscc_Attached undefined while building new kernel
126.08OZROCK::RODRIGUESThu Aug 05 1993Problems with COMDEX switch
127.01SEVENS::MURPHYFri Aug 20 1993OSF V1.2->1.3 upgrade loses DSY entry in tc_option_data.c file
128.04SMAUG::MCDONELLFri Sep 03 1993DSYT1 rx aborts (mod128 SDLC)
129.02KERNEL::EDMUNDSWed Oct 06 1993Install problem with WANDD v2.1b
130.08JEDI::CAUDILLThu Oct 07 1993No Buffer space available when ifconfiging third iph device
131.06VAXRIO::PAULAWed Oct 27 1993sscc
132.03CSC32::PITTMon Nov 01 1993DSYT1 line
133.02CSC32::P_TOMAROTue Nov 02 1993WANDD 2.1a and multi-def sscc_*
134.04RULLE::KLASSONSun Nov 07 1993WANDD V2.1B kernel build fails, sscc_* mult. defined
135.01CSC32::PITTMon Dec 06 1993WANDD 72
136.02ANNECY::LEMMAThu Dec 09 1993BSC on OSF/1 TurboChannel and EISA
137.01CSCMA::LABAKFri Dec 10 199372
138.09NECSC::LABAKFri Dec 17 1993ULTRIX 4.3a, WADD 2.1b upgrade problem.
139.01CSCMA::FINIZIOWed Dec 22 1993Will WADD run on an Ultrix MLS+ system???
140.07HTSC19::ANDYNGThu Jan 20 1994WANDD V2.1B read wrong data !!
141.01ULTOE::browderFri Jan 21 1994T1 anyone? what hw is needed for X.25 at T1 speed?
142.02ROMFri Feb 11 1994LAPB link 'initialising' ...
143.01CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Mar 01 1994modem control state table error?
144.03KAOFS::D_FORBESWed Mar 02 19944.3 and 2.1b problem?
145.05ZURWed Mar 23 1994Can't link kernel with Ultrix V4.4 and WDD V2.1B scc
146.01PTOVAX::SCOTTSun Mar 27 1994Frame Relay
147.04TLAVFri May 06 1994Can't doconfig after install WANDD
148.03TKOV6Wed May 18 1994WAN Driver Access Interface
149.01KERNEL::CORNISHPThu Jun 09 1994Wan Device Drivers compatability with Ultrix 4.4
150.02CSC32::PITTWed Jul 20 1994need 2.1b on v4.3
151.02GIDDAY::ROMANIFri Jul 22 1994documentation error for sequenced and unsequenced data services
152.01HGOCS::ANDYNGFri Aug 05 1994DS5133, how to config 1 sync & 1 async ports
153.04FSTSC1::AURANDMon Aug 22 1994Problem w/ scc.o during upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4
154.01TAEC::EYNAUDTue Sep 27 1994WAN Device Driver for OSF/1 V3.
155.06LUCCIO::VERGANIATue Sep 27 1994problem with wandd 2.1b on ultrix 4.4
156.01CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Sep 28 1994Kernel will not build - ultrix V4.4 wdd V2.1b
157.01ZPOVC::SONGHUATFri Sep 30 1994Cannot config for SNA Peer Server
158.0TAEC::EYNAUDMon Oct 24 1994V35 Null modem cable.
159.04STUMon Nov 14 1994configuring WDD and dsyt1
160.06SHIPS::BRADSHAW_ATue Dec 20 1994Unnumbered Information (UI) frames help please
161.01VAXRIO::MANOELWed Mar 22 1995Urgent information needed (WDDxOSF)
162.0LISTIM::ULTRIXThu Jun 08 1995tlbmiss on invalid kernel page
163.01TOOK::MORENZFri Jun 09 1995Is there a packet driver interface available for DSYT1 or DNSES on Ultrix?
164.03VAXRIO::ESPINHAThu Jul 27 1995WADD 2.1b/ULT 4.3a/SNA upgrade problem
165.04ANNECY::LEMMAWed Sep 06 1995API for ISA/PCI sync option
167.0ZPORDS::SONGHUATWed Jul 17 1996kernel build fail with 'WDPROTO_LLC2' undefined
168.0RULLE::KLASSONWed Sep 25 1996SDLC, NRZI and SNA Peer Server