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Conference bookie::movies

Title:Movie Reviews and Discussion
Notice:Please do DIR/TITLE before starting a new topic on a movie!
Created:Thu Jan 28 1993
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1249
Total number of notes:16012
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1.016DSSDEV::RUSTThu Jan 28 1993Welcome to MOVIES II
2.09DSSDEV::RUSTThu Feb 11 1993References to other conferences
3.043HUMOR::EPPESWed Jul 26 1995The Official "Wanted...", "Looking for...", "Help finding..." Topic
4.03DSSDEV::RUSTThu Jan 28 1993Conference announcements (downtime, etc.)
5.019DSSDEV::RUSTThu Jan 28 1993Sources for movies/videos/laserdics/etc.
6.0107DSSDEV::RUSTFri Jan 29 1993The Crying Game
7.09DSSDEV::RUSTFri Jan 29 1993Matinee
8.0164158::NAZZAROFri Jan 29 1993A Few Good Men
9.012ESGWST::RDAVISFri Jan 29 1993Bad Lieutenant
10.02729Fri Jan 29 1993Martial Arts movies
11.020R2ME2::OBRYANFri Jan 29 1993Best Movies of 1992
12.066R2ME2::OBRYANFri Jan 29 1993Worst films of 1992
13.026179::VALENZASun Jan 31 1993Used People
14.017CALLME::MR_TOPAZMon Feb 01 1993Damage
15.0653Mon Feb 01 1993MOVIE MUSIC
16.0825415::MAIEWSKIMon Feb 01 1993Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me
17.0444247::SNEILMon Feb 01 1993Romper Stomper
18.042712::DUTTONSTue Feb 02 1993J'embrasse pas
19.01025259::HSCOTTTue Feb 02 1993Listing for Clark Univ series?
20.05512368::michaudWed Mar 17 1993Video Release Dates (comments in note 741)
21.086179::VALENZATue Feb 02 1993Peter's Friends
22.02725415::MAIEWSKIWed Feb 03 1993Alive
23.02ALPHA::reevesWed Feb 03 1993Movies This Weekend (New England)
24.031R2ME2::OBRYANFri Feb 05 1993Sommersby
25.057892::ESCOBARMon Feb 08 1993National Lampoons: Loaded Weapon 1
26.013DSSDEV::RUSTMon Feb 08 1993The Vanishing (original and '93 remake)
27.01632942::LAZARUSMon Feb 08 1993Any way to access archived conference?
28.0329Mon Feb 08 1993Saturday night at the movies
29.0137966::RIVERSTue Feb 09 1993Sniper
30.020DSSDEV::RUSTTue Feb 09 1993Homeward Bound: the Incredible Journey
31.042712::DUTTONSThu Feb 11 1993A Winter's Tale
32.02DSSDEV::RUSTThu Feb 11 1993Villon goes Hollywood: Vagabond King, If I Were King...
33.036DCEIDL::OBRYANFri Feb 12 1993Groundhog Day
34.056179::VALENZASun Feb 14 1993Indochine
35.094211Mon Feb 15 1993Hellraiser III
36.024211Mon Feb 15 1993666 Channels - STAY TUNED !!!!!!
37.01928218::PETERSMon Feb 15 1993Untamed Hearts
38.01042712::DUTTONSMon Feb 15 1993Strictly Ballroom
39.04516564::NEWELL_JOMon Feb 15 1993Scent of a Woman
40.017SNOCMon Feb 15 1993Cape Fear
41.027892::SLABOUNTYTue Feb 16 1993Spirit of '76
42.0ALPHA::reevesTue Feb 16 1993Breakfast of Aliens
43.03ALPHA::reevesTue Feb 16 1993Star Crystal
44.0ALPHA::reevesTue Feb 16 1993Invaders from Mars (1953)
45.0ALPHA::reevesTue Feb 16 19932
46.05ALPHA::reevesTue Feb 16 1993Fortress
47.028716821::POGARWed Feb 17 1993Academy Award Nominations (Oscars)
48.04STAR::BECKThu Feb 18 1993"The Dark Wind" (Hillerman book) ever made into movie?
49.01864Sun Feb 21 1993Army of Darkness (Evil Dead III)
50.029Mon Feb 22 1993three ninjas
51.0RNDHSE::WALLWed Feb 24 1993Fuzz
52.02742721::IVES_JWed Feb 24 1993Bram Stokers Dracula (1992)
53.02DSSDEV::RUSTWed Feb 24 1993Judgement Day: The John List Story
54.010DSSDEV::RUSTFri Feb 26 1993Sneakers
55.02912368::michaudSun Feb 28 1993Falling Down
57.098421::ARCHULETAWed Mar 03 1993Movie about Hank Williams?
58.098421::ARCHULETAWed Mar 03 1993El Mariachi
59.012OASS::BURDEN_DThu Mar 04 1993Peter Sellers movie list
60.09369Fri Mar 05 1993Jack Nicholson
61.0425415::MAIEWSKIMon Mar 08 1993Lorenzo's Oil
62.0251928Mon Mar 08 1993Greta Scacchi
63.01DSSDEV::RUSTWed Mar 10 1993Show Them No Mercy
64.012Wed Mar 10 1993Best of Times
65.0112Wed Mar 10 1993City of Joy
66.07SPEZKO::KILLORANThu Mar 11 1993Year of the Comet
67.0328218::PETERSThu Mar 11 1993Maddog and Glory
68.01012368::michaudThu Mar 11 1993Of Mice and Men
69.02DSSDEV::RUSTMon Mar 15 1993Sign of the Cross
70.035235::J_TOMAOMon Mar 15 1993Leaving Normal
71.01017617::MAYNARDMon Mar 15 1993British Invasion Movies?
72.0722364::SHERMANMon Mar 15 1993Fire in the Sky
73.07DSSDEV::RUSTMon Mar 15 1993Night of the Lepus
74.0857852::TAYLORMon Mar 15 1993The Fisher King
75.01ASDG::GASSAWAYMon Mar 15 1993Village of the Giants
76.019ASDG::GASSAWAYMon Mar 15 1993James Dean had my love child, now to Tom Brokaw, live at the scene
77.0124211Tue Mar 16 1993Toys
78.038269::BARRIANOTue Mar 16 1993Street Knight
80.0826311::FITZPATRICKWed Mar 17 1993Reversal of Fortune
81.018269::BARRIANOSun Mar 21 1993CB4
82.0148269::BARRIANOSun Mar 21 1993Point of No Return
83.0138269::BARRIANOSun Mar 21 1993EXPOSURE
85.0632198::KRUEGERMon Mar 22 1993A Far Away Place
86.03435186::BACHMon Mar 22 1993Obscure Horror Movie Topic
87.010DSSDEV::RUSTMon Mar 22 1993Badlands
88.0DSSDEV::RUSTMon Mar 22 1993The Little Foxes
89.09DSSDEV::RUSTMon Mar 22 1993Giant
90.02DSSDEV::RUSTMon Mar 22 1993Big Carnival (originally "Ace in the Hole")
91.0DSSDEV::RUSTMon Mar 22 1993Androcles and the Lion
92.041--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 23 1993Basic Instinct
93.05DECWET::SHUSTERTue Mar 23 1993Charade
94.018KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Mar 23 1993Last of the Mohicans
95.04644243::SNEILTue Mar 23 1993Reservoir Dogs.
96.067892::SLABOUNTYWed Mar 24 1993Ray Sharkey, RIP
97.015DSSDEV::RUSTWed Mar 24 1993Critics 'n' criticism
98.0DSSDEV::RUSTWed Mar 24 1993Poison
99.0312368::michaudWed Mar 24 1993Mr. Saturday Night
100.01112368::michaudWed Mar 24 1993Whispers In The Dark
101.06586Thu Mar 25 1993Video and Laser Disc Resources
102.0425415::MAIEWSKIFri Mar 26 1993The Postman Always Rings Twice
103.0449438::BARTAKSun Mar 28 1993Love Field
104.01632198::KRUEGERMon Mar 29 1993Born Yesterday
105.01025415::MAIEWSKIMon Mar 29 1993Howards End
106.01725415::MAIEWSKIMon Mar 29 1993The Unforgiven
108.010SSDEVO::WOESTEHOFFTue Mar 30 1993My Cousin Vinny
109.0132779::LOCOVAREWed Mar 31 1993Oscar nite
110.09242721::PARSONS_CThu Apr 01 1993Little Questions
111.0315235::J_TOMAOThu Apr 01 1993Brandon Lee, RIP
112.014GOLF::HERMANThu Apr 01 1993Greta Garbo
114.0412368::michaudFri Apr 02 1993The Player
115.0336Fri Apr 02 1993The Adventures of Huck Finn
116.05235::J_TOMAOMon Apr 05 1993Joan Of Arc
117.02312368::michaudMon Apr 05 1993Under Seige
118.0725415::MAIEWSKIMon Apr 05 1993The Playboys
119.08ASDG::FOSTERTue Apr 06 1993Passion Fish
120.0212Wed Apr 07 1993Kuffs
121.01312368::michaudWed Apr 07 1993Cool World
122.0612368::michaudWed Apr 07 1993Unlawful Entry
123.0822558::MINYOUNGLEEWed Apr 07 1993Boomerang
124.0312368::michaudThu Apr 08 1993Husbands and Wives
125.0949438::BARTAKThu Apr 08 1993Tender Mercies
126.0DSSDEV::RUSTThu Apr 08 1993Carnival of Souls
127.04DSSDEV::RUSTThu Apr 08 1993Titicut Follies
128.0DSSDEV::RUSTFri Apr 09 1993Caltiki, the Immortal Monster, Revisited
129.0312368::michaudFri Apr 09 1993Honeymoon In Vegas
130.01312368::michaudFri Apr 09 1993Singles
131.09DSSDEV::RUSTSat Apr 10 1993Murder in the Heartland
132.0512368::michaudSat Apr 10 1993Consenting Adults
133.01444243::SNEILSun Apr 11 1993Censorship
134.01SPEZKO::KILLORANMon Apr 12 1993Chicago Joe and the Showgirl
135.04554Mon Apr 12 1993Proof
136.0212368::michaudMon Apr 12 1993Mr. Baseball
137.043Mon Apr 12 1993Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
138.013Mon Apr 12 1993Hell Comes to Frogtown
139.08DSSDEV::RUSTTue Apr 13 1993The Flight of the Phoenix
140.01343996::PTHOMASWed Apr 14 1993Arthur C Clarke's 2
141.038269::BARRIANOWed Apr 14 1993The Sandlot
142.03712Thu Apr 15 1993Indecent Proposal
143.058269::BARRIANOSat Apr 17 1993Boiling Point
144.042371::DAVISMMon Apr 19 1993The Candyman
145.01364211Mon Apr 19 1993Alien/Aliens (II)/Alien III/Alien IV (4)
146.0264211Mon Apr 19 1993STAR TREK I,II,III,IV,V,VI....
147.03DSSDEV::RUSTTue Apr 20 1993The Sea Bat
148.018ESGWST::RDAVISWed Apr 21 1993Peking Opera Blues
149.0212Thu Apr 22 1993Wind
150.017328994::WSAThu Apr 22 1993Favorite Movie Quotes
151.08916821::POGARFri Apr 23 1993POLL: What do you think of the NC-17 rating?
152.06TLE::CHRIS::BORDFri Apr 23 1993Split Second
153.0136Fri Apr 23 1993PREMIERE MOVIES
154.0128269::BARRIANOSat Apr 24 1993This Boy's Life
155.01142721::IVES_JSun Apr 25 1993Sergio Leone
156.02032198::KRUEGERMon Apr 26 1993Benny and Joon
157.012368::michaudMon Apr 26 1993Night & The City
158.0912368::michaudMon Apr 26 1993Passenger 57
159.03749438::BARTAKTue Apr 27 1993Cliffhanger
160.07Tue Apr 27 1993Watch It
161.037Tue Apr 27 1993Bodies, Rest & Motion
162.01016564::NEWELL_JOTue Apr 27 1993Indian Summer
163.0112368::michaudTue Apr 27 1993The Public Eye
164.01458323::PIERCEWed Apr 28 1993Vincent Price?
165.01983131::LEMIREWed Apr 28 1993Jurassic Park
166.04DSSDEV::RUSTWed Apr 28 1993Brother's Keeper
167.0133Thu Apr 29 1993Homicide
168.01536288::TARDUGNOFri Apr 30 1993GUILTY AS SIN
169.026179::VALENZAMon May 03 1993Riff Raff
170.046179::VALENZAMon May 03 1993Three of Hearts
171.0212116::MDNITE::RIVERSMon May 03 1993Switch
172.02029Mon May 03 1993Total Recall
173.036214::TORCHIATue May 04 1993Pay per View on Opening Night
175.04DSSDEV::RUSTThu May 06 1993Peter Ibbetson
176.05732198::KRUEGERThu May 06 1993Actors/Actresses we HATE to watch!
177.0307Mon May 10 1993Dave
178.027Mon May 10 1993Olivier Olivier
179.059--UnknownUser--Mon May 10 1993Movie news
180.06179::VALENZAMon May 10 1993The Last Days of Chez Nous
181.0329Mon May 10 1993Sidekicks
182.01149438::BARTAKTue May 11 1993Enchanted April
183.01921689::BARNDTTue May 11 1993Much Ado About Nothing
184.02DSSDEV::RUSTTue May 11 1993Lydia
185.022DSSDEV::RUSTWed May 12 1993Come Back to the Field of Dreams, Ray Liotta, Ray Liotta
186.042712::DUTTONSThu May 13 1993Leon the Pig Farmer
187.025415::GERTZThu May 13 1993Dead Poet's Society Legend
188.0507Mon May 17 1993Books that would make good movies
189.02316913::MILLS_MAMon May 17 1993Like Water for Chocolate (Como Agua Para Chocolate)
190.02132198::KRUEGERTue May 18 1993Map of the Human Heart
191.075235::J_TOMAOTue May 18 1993Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
192.01316821::VETEIKISWed May 19 1993Gas, Food, and Lodging
193.01212368::michaudThu May 20 1993Hero
194.01428992::WSAFri May 21 1993Film Noir
195.02732198::KRUEGERMon May 24 1993Sliver
196.013ESGWST::RDAVISMon May 24 1993Orlando
197.0812368::michaudTue May 25 1993A River Runs Through It
198.01912368::michaudWed Jun 02 1993Bob Roberts
199.0712368::michaudThu Jun 03 1993Taxi Driver
200.04612368::michaudThu Jun 17 1993The Last Action Hero
201.02DSSDEV::RUSTFri May 28 1993Zoo
202.03ESGWST::RDAVISTue Jun 01 1993Super Mario Brothers
203.01328218::PETERSTue Jun 01 1993Made In America
204.02125415::MAIEWSKIWed Jun 02 1993Screen plays that don't follow the book.
205.0ESGWST::RDAVISWed Jun 02 1993They Knew What They Wanted
206.04116913::MILLS_MAThu Jun 03 1993The Firm
207.03DSSDEV::RUSTFri Jun 04 1993Marat/Sade
209.025235::J_TOMAOMon Jun 07 1993Life With Mikey
210.030DSSDEV::RUSTTue Jun 08 1993Robin Williams
211.02DSSDEV::RUSTTue Jun 08 1993Texas Across the River
212.0263Tue Jun 08 1993Drive-in Theatres
213.0HUMOR::EPPESTue Jun 08 1993American Movie Classics (AMC) Cable Channel
214.03HUMOR::EPPESFri Jun 11 1993MTV Movie Awards
215.0266Fri Jun 11 1993Flashman
216.02017576::BURGERMon Jun 14 1993Jacob's Ladder
217.096729::PATTONTue Jun 15 1993Rock-n-Roll Bio-pics
218.01617655::LAYTONTue Jun 15 1993Drive-Ins RIP
219.0149438::BARTAKWed Jun 16 1993Benefit of the Doubt
220.01341Wed Jun 16 1993Mutiny on the Bounty
221.044XCUSME::SAPPWed Jun 16 1993The Terminator Saga
222.0118XCUSME::SAPPWed Jun 16 1993Star Wars Saga
223.05XCUSME::SAPPThu Jun 17 1993Malcolm X
224.02MLTVAX::BROWNThu Jun 17 1993Tous Les Matins du Monde
225.03DSSDEV::RUSTMon Jun 21 1993Attack of the 5
226.06316821::POGARMon Jun 21 1993Sleepless in Seattle
227.018269::BARRIANOMon Jun 21 1993Menance II Society
228.073297::SAPPWed Jun 23 1993Tim Burton - Master Auteur
229.0197Wed Jun 23 1993Omnimax/Imax
230.02DSSDEV::RUSTFri Jun 25 1993Seance on a Wet Afternoon
231.0228336::BALSAMOFri Jun 25 1993Class Action - Gene Hackman
233.0412368::michaudFri Jun 25 1993The Lover
234.0178269::BARRIANOMon Jun 28 1993Mrs. Lyle Lovett?
235.01725415::MAIEWSKIMon Jun 28 1993What's Love Got To Do With It
236.01057894::ROSCHWed Jun 30 1993K.O. as movie critic
237.0197892::SLABOUNTYTue Jul 06 199312:
238.075235::J_TOMAOTue Jul 06 1993Jean Harlow
239.02DSSDEV::RUSTTue Jul 06 1993Delicatessen
240.03DSSDEV::RUSTTue Jul 06 1993Godfather III
241.0DSSDEV::RUSTTue Jul 06 1993Cinema Paradiso
242.01616821::POGARTue Jul 06 1993Free Willy
243.04116821::POGARTue Jul 06 1993In The Line of Fire
244.0812368::michaudWed Jul 07 1993Jennifier 8
245.01049438::BARTAKThu Jul 08 1993RED ROCK WEST
246.01222364::SHERMANThu Jul 08 1993automation claims more victims (!)
247.0712368::michaudThu Jul 08 1993Leap Of Faith
248.0116913::MEUSE_DAThu Jul 08 1993Rampage
249.0618Fri Jul 09 1993the movie leprechaun
250.044247::DWALLACESun Jul 11 1993The Meat Train
251.033444::SMITHMon Jul 12 1993ROOKIE OF THE YEAR
252.01349438::BARTAKTue Jul 13 1993The Cemetery Club
253.0164211Wed Jul 14 1993Jaws
254.01334293::GUYWed Jul 14 1993Weekend at Bernie's II
255.02025415::MAIEWSKIWed Jul 14 1993Men's movies v. Women's movies
256.0373131::PRIESTLEYWed Jul 14 1993the Fugitive
257.0403131::PRIESTLEYWed Jul 14 1993Rising Sun
258.0118813::SMITHERThu Jul 15 1993Poetic Justice
259.01163694::BELFORTIThu Jul 15 1993Interview with the Vampire
260.0157133::HERMANFri Jul 16 1993Johnny Suede
261.06SCHOOL::KOPACKOMon Jul 19 1993Movie Memorabilia
262.02DSSDEV::RUSTMon Jul 19 1993Big Jim McLain
263.03DSSDEV::RUSTMon Jul 19 1993The Private Life of Henry VIII
264.04329Tue Jul 20 1993Lost In Yonkers
265.01216913::MEUSE_DATue Jul 20 1993Body of Evidence
266.0618Mon Jul 26 1993Hocus Pocus
267.056179::VALENZAMon Jul 26 1993Gregory's Girl
268.015TLE::JBISHOPMon Jul 26 1993The Parent Trap
269.058378::S_BURRIDGEMon Jul 26 1993Sweet Emma, Dear Bobe
270.06286::SALZMANNMon Jul 26 1993Joe Bob's Drive-In
271.01317655::LAYTONTue Jul 27 1993Coneheads - The Movie
272.0115235::J_TOMAOTue Jul 27 1993Home Alone
273.010CDROM::HENDRICKSTue Jul 27 1993Man Without a Face
274.04DSSDEV::RUSTTue Jul 27 1993Gnaw: Food of the Gods II
275.0342371::ABSOLOMTWed Jul 28 1993Frankie and Johnny
276.012RNDHSE::WALLThu Jul 29 1993Robin Hood: Men In Tights
277.0622364::SHERMANThu Jul 29 1993Whatever happened to ...
278.014211Mon Aug 02 1993Grim Prairie Tales
279.01SMAUG::LEHMKUHLMon Aug 02 1993Stars and Bars
280.0916821::POGARMon Aug 02 1993Heart & Souls
281.0RNDHSE::WALLMon Aug 02 1993Another Stakeout
282.04SPEZKO::TOMGMon Aug 02 1993Movies on VHS For Sale
283.01812Tue Aug 03 1993John Wayne Movies
284.011244234::SNEILTue Aug 03 1993Movie errors..
285.01VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Aug 05 1993Box office earning info for new movies--available?
286.0123173::MCCARTHYThu Aug 05 1993E.T. The Extraterrestrial
287.08531787::CONNELLYThu Aug 05 1993Your Favorite / Best / Top 1
288.03251219::PIJPSTRA_DFri Aug 06 1993Field of Dreams
289.013258::ROBERTS_CRFri Aug 06 1993Il Ladro Di Bambini
290.0253Wed Aug 11 1993Rising Sun
291.0312368::michaudThu Aug 12 1993Flirting
292.03916564::NEWELL_JOThu Aug 12 1993Australian Films
293.0123173::MCCARTHYThu Aug 12 1993Searching for Bobby Fischer
294.033737::DECARTERETFri Aug 13 1993Wild Orchid
295.02ASDG::FOSTERSun Aug 15 1993Meteor Man - A Family Movie - Rated PG
296.0212368::michaudSun Aug 15 1993Amos & Andrew
297.016RNDHSE::WALLMon Aug 16 1993Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer
298.03VMSDEV::HALLYBMon Aug 16 1993Once Around
300.0412368::michaudTue Aug 17 19931492 - Conquest of Paradise
301.0249438::BARTAKWed Aug 18 1993Traces of Red
302.038911::ROBRWed Aug 18 1993I know my name is steven
303.0473737::CORRIGANWed Aug 18 1993trivia time
304.06211578::MAXFIELDThu Aug 19 1993Obituaries (the "RIP" topic)
305.013343Thu Aug 19 1993The Secret Garden
306.05DSSDEV::RUSTTue Aug 24 1993Millennium
307.01742371::DAVISMTue Aug 24 1993Name Changes
308.0116729::SAMBERGTue Aug 24 1993Resource for movie posters?
309.01057176::MILANESETue Aug 24 1993BARFLY
310.019EPS::KUSEKOSKITue Aug 24 1993THX certified theaters in New England
311.033131::PRIESTLEYTue Aug 24 199364 Charlie MOPIC
312.036882::HANLEYWed Aug 25 1993The Fantastic Four
314.0835186::BACHMon Aug 30 1993Milk Money (John Irvings 'A Prayer For Owen Meany')
315.025259::SHERMANMon Aug 30 1993Prehysteria
316.0551219::GARLICK_NTue Aug 31 1993Laserdiscs
317.02836241::TARDUGNOTue Aug 31 1993Striking Distance
318.0254211Thu Sep 02 1993ABYSS-special edition
319.044211Thu Sep 02 1993Hot Shots, Part Deux (Hot Shots II)
320.09ASDG::FOSTERTue Sep 07 1993Undercover Blues
321.0357176::MILGROMWed Sep 08 1993The Wedding Banquet
322.04VMSDEV::HALLYBThu Sep 09 1993Needful thingS
323.01634293::GUYThu Sep 09 1993The Good Son
325.0112368::michaudMon Sep 13 1993Raymond Burr, RIP
326.04ACESMK::CHELSEAMon Sep 13 1993The Real McCoy
327.0VMSDEV::HALLYBTue Sep 14 1993Love at Stake
328.0445538::SMITHWed Sep 15 1993Blame it on Rio
329.0146Thu Sep 16 1993Derek & Clive Get The Horn
330.0117617::MAYNARDThu Sep 16 1993South Central
331.0116913::MEUSE_DAFri Sep 17 1993Carnosaur
332.01236241::TARDUGNOSun Sep 19 1993TRUE ROMANCE
333.0112368::michaudSun Sep 19 1993Sketch Artist
334.0412368::michaudSun Sep 19 1993Chaplin
335.02DSSDEV::RUSTMon Sep 20 1993Lord Love a Duck
336.0212368::michaudTue Sep 21 1993The Temp
337.0133D::COULTERMon Sep 27 1993Age of Innocence
338.08ESGWST::RDAVISMon Sep 27 1993Tuesday Weld
339.027DSSDEV::RUSTThu Sep 30 1993The Rathole
340.02418155::LAINGThu Sep 30 1993Special/Extended Editions/Director's Cuts?
341.03DSSDEV::RUSTSat Oct 02 1993Into the West
342.03012368::michaudSun Oct 03 1993So I Married an Axe Murderer
343.055235::J_TOMAOMon Oct 04 1993Cool Runnings
344.03024728::WOODMon Oct 04 1993Rocky Horror Picture Show
345.0642721::IVES_JMon Oct 04 1993The Charge Of The Light Brigade
346.017RNDHSE::WALLWed Oct 06 1993Aladdin
347.0312368::michaudFri Oct 08 1993The Night We Never Met
348.0STAR::PRAETORIUSMon Oct 11 1993Towards a Phenomenology of Film (call for submissions)
349.03VMSDEV::HALLYBTue Oct 12 1993For Love or Money
350.022RNDHSE::WALLTue Oct 12 1993The Three Musketeers (1993?)
351.0151219::GARLICK_NWed Oct 13 1993Exorcist III
352.0375793::STARRWed Oct 13 1993Gettysburg
353.0829Thu Oct 14 1993Karate Kid
354.0236241::TARDUGNOFri Oct 15 1993Mr. Wonderful
355.017892::SLABOUNTYFri Oct 15 1993National Lampoon's "Loaded Weapon I"
356.0112368::michaudMon Oct 18 1993Married To It
357.01834293::GUYTue Oct 19 1993DEMOLITION MAN
358.013316134::ALCORN_RThu Oct 21 1993Funniest Film Ever
359.01435186::BACHFri Oct 22 1993The Nightmare Before Christmas
360.012ASDG::FOSTERMon Oct 25 1993The Joy Luck Club
361.0617617::MAYNARDTue Oct 26 1993Rudy
362.03DSSDEV::RUSTWed Oct 27 1993The Great Race
363.0868475::BRUNOSun Oct 31 1993River Phoenix, RIP
364.01416134::ALCORN_RSun Oct 31 1993For Film Buffs
365.0649438::BARTAKTue Nov 02 1993House of Spirits
366.0253258::ROBERTS_CRTue Nov 02 1993Dazed and Confused
367.01624728::WOODTue Nov 02 1993Robocop movies
368.05449439::RHOTONTue Nov 02 1993The Piano
369.02112368::michaudWed Nov 03 1993LA Fires
370.017565Fri Nov 05 1993The Chris Elliot note
371.01651219::GARLICK_NSun Nov 07 1993Richard Jordan RIP?
372.011DSSDEV::RUSTMon Nov 08 1993Fearless
374.01216913::MEUSE_DAMon Nov 08 1993Dances with Wolves, Extended Version.
375.01253Thu Nov 11 1993My Life
376.0951847::SANDGRENMon Nov 15 1993The Gods Must Be Crazy
377.0244Mon Nov 15 1993THE TRIAL
379.012SMAUG::LEHMKUHLMon Nov 15 1993Remains of the Day
380.0451614::VAKTMASTERITue Nov 16 1993Trauma
381.0657Tue Nov 16 1993"Les Miserables"?
382.01816913::MILLS_MAWed Nov 17 1993Malice
384.013142498::BISAMB::bishoppFri Nov 19 1993Bond movies
386.03DSSDEV::RUSTWed Nov 24 1993Sweetie
387.03153Fri Nov 26 1993Mrs Doubtfire
388.0TLE::JBISHOPMon Nov 29 1993My Girl
389.047361::HASBROUCKTue Nov 30 1993Ruby In Paradise
390.05035186::BACHTue Nov 30 1993The Stand and other Steven King Books to Movies
391.012368::michaudTue Nov 30 1993The Pickle
392.0742139::WILSOND1Wed Dec 01 1993Carlito's Way
393.0429Sat Dec 04 1993Excessive Force
394.0412368::michaudWed Dec 08 1993Cop and a Half
395.010ISLNDS::HERMANWed Dec 08 1993Addams Family Values
396.02351847::SANDGRENWed Dec 08 1993`Blue', `White', and `Red' by Kieslowski
398.021DSSDEV::35219::NORMANMon Dec 13 1993Holiday Inn vs White Christmas
399.06RAGMOP::KEEFETue Dec 14 1993A Perfect World
400.0229563::WSAWed Dec 15 1993Myrna Loy
401.0829563::WSAWed Dec 15 1993National Film Registry
402.01534293::GUYThu Dec 16 1993The Pelican Brief
403.010642443::BUXTONRFri Dec 17 1993Schindler's List - Spielberg
404.01016821::VETEIKISMon Dec 20 1993Holiday Sleepers?
405.069REGENT::POWERSTue Dec 21 1993colorization and other artistic "corruption"
407.02VMSDEV::CAFARELLAWed Dec 22 1993Music from "Love and Death"
408.068817::NICKLESSThu Dec 23 1993Rapanui (Easter Island)
410.03ISLNDS::HERMANMon Dec 27 1993Leningrad Cowboys Go America
411.05DSSDEV::RUSTTue Dec 28 1993One Hundred and One Dalmatians
412.025WECARE::LYNCHWed Dec 29 1993Tombstone
413.040AKOCOA::LPIERCEThu Dec 30 1993Tommy Lee Jones
414.017327Thu Dec 30 1993Directorial and other Cameos
415.0216913::MILLS_MAMon Jan 03 1994Sister Act II
416.09944234::DWALLACETue Jan 04 1994Sci-Fi Movies.
417.0825Wed Jan 05 1994Geronimo
418.01929563::WSAWed Jan 05 1994Best and worst films of 1993
419.06TLE::JBISHOPWed Jan 05 1994Farewell My Concubine
420.01149438::BARTAKFri Jan 07 1994Short Cuts
421.0135186::BACHFri Jan 07 1994Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
422.08TLE::JBISHOPFri Jan 07 1994L.A. Story
424.0512368::michaudFri Jan 07 1994Cabin Boy
425.048269::VARGASMSun Jan 09 1994fortress
426.01344234::DWALLACEMon Jan 10 1994Manga - Akira!
427.06016134::ALCORN_RMon Jan 10 1994Greatest " wooden " actor!
428.02516913::MILLS_MAMon Jan 10 1994Shadowlands
429.01338539::MACARTHURWed Jan 12 1994Calling all Friday the 13th fans...
430.017892::SLABOUNTYWed Jan 12 1994The Heist
431.03151219::PIJPSTRA_DWed Jan 12 1994The Flintstones
432.06151219::GARLICK_NWed Jan 12 1994Bad guys
433.03318947::SMITHERFri Jan 14 1994Hard Target
434.02727748::PORTERDMon Jan 17 1994Philadelphia
435.042SMAUG::LEHMKUHLMon Jan 17 1994In the Name of the Father
436.05DSSDEV::RUSTMon Jan 17 1994Burned at the Stake
437.09TLE::JBISHOPThu Jan 20 1994The Quiet Man
438.01249438::BARTAKSun Jan 23 1994Golden Globes
439.0135235::J_TOMAOMon Jan 24 1994The Blues Brothers
440.0349438::BARTAKTue Jan 25 1994Heaven and Earth
442.0249438::BARTAKMon Jan 31 1994M.Butterfly
443.04REGENT::POWERSMon Jan 31 1994White Men Can't Jump
444.04RNDHSE::WALLMon Jan 31 1994Blink
446.08266Mon Jan 31 1994Faraway, So Close!
447.03DSSDEV::RUSTMon Jan 31 1994The Krays
448.0251339::HEIJSENTue Feb 01 1994Wall Street
449.0187892::SLABOUNTYTue Feb 01 1994The Bodyguard
450.0227361::MAIEWSKITue Feb 01 1994Exit to Eden
451.028UHUH::MARISONTue Feb 01 1994Ju Dou / Raise the Red Lantern
452.01512368::michaudThu Feb 03 1994Kalifornia
453.013258::ROBERTS_CRFri Feb 04 1994summer house
454.067361::MAIEWSKIFri Feb 04 1994Twelve Angry Men
455.064268::DELBALSOFri Feb 04 1994Whither Margaret O'Brien?
456.0326532Mon Feb 07 1994Hudson Hawk
457.026532Mon Feb 07 1994Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
458.01029563::WSAMon Feb 07 1994RIP Joseph Cotten
460.0554797::BOERENTue Feb 08 1994Clue
461.0258776::S_BURRIDGETue Feb 08 1994MINDWALK
462.077892::SLABOUNTYTue Feb 08 1994Batman/Batman Returns/etc.
463.01VMSDEV::HALLYBWed Feb 09 1994Spellbound
464.0128236::SKOWRONEKMon Feb 14 1994I'll Do Anything
465.047892::SLABOUNTYMon Feb 14 1994Stepfather I/II/III
466.01TLE::FRIDAYTue Feb 15 1994Blank Check
467.0954291::PIJPSTRA_DTue Feb 15 1994The little Buddha
468.0517576::TAYLOR_JWed Feb 16 1994Cool Movie credits !!!
469.03958379::STOODLEYThu Feb 17 1994Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
470.0744243::RBERNARDSun Feb 20 1994James Cameron
471.093893::SMITHMon Feb 21 1994On Deadly Ground
472.0143258::ROBERTS_CRTue Feb 22 1994six degrees of separation
473.01758379::STOODLEYWed Feb 23 1994Jurassic Park(Omnimax)
474.0165468::DOWNSFri Feb 25 1994Boxing Helena
476.055468::DOWNSFri Feb 25 1994BARAKA
478.01043267::PETERSMon Feb 28 1994Batman Forever (Batman III)
479.027892::SLABOUNTYMon Feb 28 1994Straight Time
480.018ASDG::GASSAWAYTue Mar 01 1994Reality Bites : Whose reality is doin' the chompin'
481.0812368::michaudTue Mar 01 1994Reality Bites
482.080TLE::JBISHOPWed Mar 02 1994Movie Myths/Cliches
483.0334293::GUYFri Mar 04 1994GREEDY
484.010ASDG::GASSAWAYFri Mar 04 1994The Rapture
485.04312368::michaudFri Mar 04 1994John Candy, RIP
486.0DSSDEV::RUSTFri Mar 04 1994The Hidden Room
487.01816134::ALCORN_RSun Mar 06 1994Lena Olin & Romeo Is Bleeding
488.0183267::PETERSTue Mar 08 1994Sirens (was, 'Can anyone name this film?')
489.03631881::EGRACEWed Mar 09 1994THE SNAPPER
490.0112368::michaudWed Mar 09 1994King Of The Hill
491.02217617::MAYNARDThu Mar 10 1994Spielberg's Little Rascals
493.0349439::RHOTONMon Mar 14 1994L'odeur de la papaye verte (The scent of green papaya)
494.044211Tue Mar 15 1994SOLAR CRISIS
495.0617617::MAYNARDWed Mar 16 1994Guarding Tess
496.0541174::ISEPDEVELOPWed Mar 16 1994Raise the Red Lantern
497.05468::DOWNSFri Mar 18 1994Bopha
498.0277892::SLABOUNTYMon Mar 21 1994Naked Gun / Naked Gun 2 1/2 / Naked Gun 33 1/3
499.0238512::MASONMon Mar 21 1994Angie
500.0423989::VETEIKISTue Mar 22 1994Foreign Films at Oscars 94
501.01253Fri Mar 25 1994The Paper
502.071SMAUG::LEHMKUHLSun Mar 27 1994Four Weddings and a Funeral
503.020DSSDEV::RUSTMon Mar 28 1994Ralph Fiennes
504.0216134::ALCORN_RMon Mar 28 1994Against The Wall
505.014262::HASBROUCKMon Mar 28 1994Belle Epoque
506.01DSSDEV::RUSTMon Mar 28 1994Kwaidan
507.03SSDEVO::PEAKS::RICHARDTue Mar 29 1994Korczak
508.01EDABOT::RDAVISWed Mar 30 1994The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk
509.01449439::RHOTONThu Mar 31 1994
510.0249439::RHOTONThu Mar 31 1994
511.015XCUSME::SAPPSat Apr 02 1994Halloween
512.0DECWET::JWHITEMon Apr 04 1994naked in new york
513.0232926::GUARINOTue Apr 05 1994The Ref
514.01111435::MURPHYThu Apr 07 1994Ishtar
515.0132926::GUARINOTue Apr 05 1994Akira Kurosawa's Dreams
516.014211Fri Apr 08 1994The burning.
517.068269::VARGASMSat Apr 09 1994Threesome
518.02041188::HELSOMMon Apr 11 1994Casablanca II?
519.015468::DOWNSMon Apr 11 1994Clifford
520.0112368::michaudTue Apr 12 1994The Beverly Hillbillies
521.0511578::MAXFIELDThu Apr 14 1994Marlene Dietrich
522.0112368::michaudFri Apr 15 1994money for nothing
523.01349438::BARTAKMon Apr 18 1994movies with Liam Neeson
524.09TLE::JBISHOPMon Apr 18 1994Sunset Boulevard
525.01634838::VONIERTue Apr 19 1994Grumpy Old Men
526.06NETRIX::michaudThu Apr 21 1994A Bronx Tale
527.03451847::SANDGRENMon Apr 25 1994Tim Robbins - a new talent?
528.0536Mon Apr 25 1994BAD GIRLS
529.02VNABRW::BARTAKTue Apr 26 1994The Getaway
530.0224211Tue Apr 26 1994Michelle Pfeiffer info
531.097892::SLABOUNTYTue Apr 26 1994Skit movies
532.01058632::ESKICIOGLUWed Apr 27 1994IMPROMPTU
533.0DSSDEV::RUSTThu Apr 28 1994Barberosa
534.0649438::BARTAKThu Mar 17 1994Intersection
535.0ASDG::GASSAWAYFri Apr 29 1994Cinema of Digression
536.0636Sat Apr 30 1994With Honors
537.08DECWET::JWHITEMon May 02 199432 Short Films About Glenn Gould
538.0629Mon May 02 1994Wilder Napalm
539.0226Tue May 03 1994Dragon Chronicles
540.04DECWET::HAYNESTue May 03 1994Cops & Robbersons
541.067361::RUZICHTue May 03 1994The Randy Quaid Digression <moved by mod>
542.0VMSDEV::HALLYBTue May 03 1994Pack of Lies
543.03716134::LYONS_SThu May 05 1994The Crow
544.073258::ROBERTS_CRTue May 10 1994The Hudsucker Proxy
545.0852347::MAUFOUXTue May 10 1994Festival de Cannes
548.0151Mon May 16 1994When a Man loves a woman....
549.0258776::S_BURRIDGETue May 17 1994Being Human
550.0829124::MCABEETue May 17 1994The Last Picture Show
551.025XCUSME::SAPPWed May 18 1994Star Trek:GENERATIONS
552.0SSAG::LARYSat May 21 1994Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
553.030RNDHSE::WALLMon May 23 1994Maverick
554.03DECWET::JWHITEMon May 23 1994notes from the seattle int'l film festival
555.0GALVIA::HELSOMTue May 24 1994The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
556.0926523::BRANDENBERGTue May 24 1994Siddhartha
557.068269::CAMERON_STue May 24 1994The Epic Tail of Pauly Shore
558.0178269::CAMERON_STue May 24 1994The Breakfast Club
559.0238269::CAMERON_STue May 24 1994A Christmas Story
560.028269::CAMERON_STue May 24 1994It Runs In The Family-sequel to A Christmas Story
561.04DECWET::HAYNESFri May 27 1994Beverly Hills Cop III
562.04416913::MEUSE_DATue May 31 1994True Lies
563.07036Sun Jun 05 1994Speed
564.066532Mon Jun 06 1994Quigley Down Under
565.0217617::MAYNARDTue Jun 07 1994Backbeat
566.02DSSDEV::RUSTTue Jun 07 1994Rouge
567.02336Tue Jun 07 1994Wolf
568.0898269::CAMERON_STue Jun 07 1994Soundtracks
569.014211Thu Jun 09 1994A.P.E.X.
571.01NETRIX::michaudMon Jun 13 1994A Dangerous Woman
572.028269::BROWN_ANMon Jun 13 1994Blues Brothers II??????????
573.03NETRIX::michaudThu Jun 16 1994Wayne's World [original & sequel(s)]
574.036532Mon Jun 20 1994Little Big League
575.0716913::MEUSE_DAFri Jun 24 1994Blown Away
576.01136Mon Jun 27 1994THE SHADOW
577.06DSSDEV::RUSTMon Jun 27 1994Widows' Peak
578.0115838::COMPANIONMon Jun 27 1994Saint of Fort Washington
579.02SMAUG::LEHMKUHLMon Jun 27 1994Drowning by Numbers
580.06SMAUG::LEHMKUHLMon Jun 27 1994Eversmile New Jersey
582.01916134::LYONS_STue Jun 28 1994The Lion King
583.01521351::SILVAWed Jun 29 1994Heavy Metal
584.02034293::GUYFri Jul 01 1994The Client
585.02118583::MUSHOVICFri Jul 01 1994A Clear And Present Danger
586.02436Tue Jul 05 1994The Mask
587.017892::SLABOUNTYTue Jul 05 1994Surf Ninjas
588.010223989::POGARThu Jul 07 1994Forrest Gump
589.0456649::MCPARTLANMon Jul 11 1994Baby's Day Out
590.0617617::MAYNARDTue Jul 12 1994I Love Trouble
591.0416316::DDESMAISONSTue Jul 12 1994Mac
592.01642443::NICKOLLSMWed Jul 13 1994The Chase
593.03NETRIX::michaudWed Jul 13 1994Mr. Jones
594.01534315::JBOBBThu Jul 14 1994North
595.0364Fri Jul 15 1994The King and Four Queens
596.01036Thu Jul 21 1994Color of Night
597.0951678::OLSSON_AWed Jul 27 1994An Alfred Hitchcock Question / Lifeboat
598.07NETRIX::michaudWed Jul 27 1994My Father the Hero
599.01838118::LUCHTThu Jul 28 1994Indiana Jones Part IV...
600.01311773::BAKERMon Aug 01 19949
601.0558635::OWONGMon Aug 01 1994The Bear
602.01917617::MAYNARDWed Aug 03 1994It Could Happen To You
603.01351678::VAKTMASTERITMon Aug 08 1994Addresses for video stores
604.03DSSDEV::RUSTMon Aug 08 1994Black Beauty
605.0493668Tue Aug 09 1994Guilty Pleasures: Bad Movies We Love
606.0122268Wed Aug 10 1994Actors and Actresses list from Internet
607.0344833::BARRIEWed Aug 10 1994STALINGRAD
608.024262::HASBROUCKThu Aug 11 1994Barcelona
609.0144268::DELBALSOThu Aug 11 1994A Night to Remember
610.0239664::LAINGFri Aug 12 1994What is your favorite love scene?
611.0263261::AHERNFri Aug 12 1994Do you remember where you saw...
613.0257892::BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Aug 16 1994Kevin Bacon
614.057892::BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Aug 16 1994The Barefoot Executive
615.03NETRIX::michaudTue Aug 16 1994Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
617.03034838::PENFROYWed Aug 17 1994The Most Recurring Roles
618.0841174::ISEPDEVELOPWed Aug 17 1994Naked
619.0364167Thu Aug 18 1994Natural Born Killers
620.01816134::LYONS_SThu Aug 18 1994Bridges of Madison County
621.074167Thu Aug 18 1994Guess the movie...
622.0742619::LIVINGSTONEMon Aug 22 1994Getting Even With Dad
623.02NETRIX::michaudSun Aug 28 1994What's Eating Gilbert Grape
624.041174::ISEPDEVELOPMon Aug 29 1994Young Americans
625.01NETRIX::michaudThu Sep 01 1994Lightning Jack
626.017VNABRW::BARTAKFri Sep 02 1994Wyatt Earp
627.0458633::TRP1Fri Sep 02 19948 Seconds
628.04NETRIX::michaudFri Sep 02 1994The Ballad of Little Jo
629.03NETRIX::michaudSun Sep 04 1994My Girl 2
630.01DSSDEV::RUSTTue Sep 06 1994Pursued
631.076532Tue Sep 06 1994Rivers Edge
632.06532Tue Sep 06 1994Youngblood
633.02OOTOOL::CHELSEATue Sep 06 1994All the Right Moves
634.0NETRIX::michaudTue Sep 06 1994Jamon Jamon
635.037892::FISED::SLABOUNTYTue Sep 06 1994Love Potion #9
637.0656649::MCPARTLANThu Sep 08 1994The Cowboy Way
638.026532Thu Sep 08 1994My Own Private Idaho
640.073149::TEAM::LEUNGFri Sep 09 199436
641.0158633::TRP1Mon Sep 12 1994Blue Sky
642.07NETRIX::michaudMon Sep 12 1994Twenty Bucks
643.02458633::TRP1Mon Sep 12 1994Shawshank Redemption
644.0158633::TRP1Mon Sep 12 1994A Man of No Importance
645.0258633::TRP1Mon Sep 12 1994Once were Warriors (NZ Film)
646.0--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 13 199412:
647.0158633::TRP1Tue Sep 13 1994Little Odessa
648.0158633::TRP1Wed Sep 14 1994Lucky Break
649.058633::TRP1Wed Sep 14 1994Curse of the Starving Class
650.01516134::LYONS_SWed Sep 14 1994TimeCop
651.04262::HASBROUCKWed Sep 14 1994A Good Man In Africa
652.05NETRIX::michaudMon Sep 19 1994Eat Drink Man Woman
653.01538118::LUCHTTue Sep 20 1994Naked Lunch
654.01TNPUBS::C_MILLERTue Sep 20 1994A Simple Twist of Fate
655.0812138::WEISSMANTue Sep 20 1994Clerks
656.0158776::S_BURRIDGEWed Sep 21 1994Rogue Male
657.083759::AHERNWed Sep 21 1994Hello, I must be going...
658.014DSSDEV::RUSTWed Sep 21 1994Quiz Show
659.0236767::RAGUCCIWed Sep 21 1994Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
665.08NETRIX::michaudFri Sep 23 1994Body Snatchers [1993]
666.08NETRIX::michaudFri Sep 23 1994Serial Mom
667.019DSSDEV::RUSTMon Sep 26 1994Ed Wood
668.018OFOSThu Sep 29 1994The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert/Outback
669.08MDNITE::RIVERSMon Oct 03 1994The River Wild
670.01COPCLU::SANDGRENTue Oct 04 1994Cocoon parts 1 & 2
671.06WMOIS::LYONS_STue Oct 04 1994Brandt Theatre (Nashua, NH) - $1.5
672.01CRISTA::MAYNARDThu Oct 06 1994Corrina, Corrina
673.09DECWET::JOFri Oct 07 1994Umbrellas of Cherbourg
674.09SWAM1::MEUSE_DAMon Oct 10 1994Puppetmasters
676.05CAPO::SMITH_MAThu Oct 13 1994ONLY YOU
677.085TROOA::TRP1Mon Oct 17 1994Pulp Fiction
678.07TNPUBS::C_MILLERMon Oct 17 1994Sequel to The Commitments?
679.05REGENT::POWERSThu Oct 20 1994Woody Allen quote?
680.02NETRIX::michaudMon Oct 24 1994Crooklyn
681.06AIMTEC::MORABITO_PMon Oct 24 1994RIP Raul Julia
683.0NETRIX::michaudSat Oct 29 1994China Moon
684.019USDEV::HERRINGMon Oct 31 1994Stargate
685.02SMAUG::LEHMKUHLTue Nov 01 1994The Road to Wellville
686.06NEMAIL::CARROLLJTue Nov 01 1994Father of the Bride [195
688.030SMAUG::LEHMKUHLMon Nov 07 1994Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
689.01NETRIX::michaudMon Nov 07 1994No Escape
690.01DELNI::HUNTERWed Nov 09 1994Who starred in "Tension at Table Rock?"
691.017WMOIS::LYONS_SThu Nov 10 1994Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
692.03NETRIX::michaudFri Nov 11 1994Bitter Moon
693.0NETRIX::michaudFri Nov 11 1994Clean Slate
695.013RDGE44::ALEUC8Fri Nov 18 1994Kim Cattrall
697.03TUXEDO::HASBROUCKSun Nov 20 1994Love Affair
699.01MDNITE::RIVERSMon Nov 21 1994We're Back -- A Dinosaur's Tale
700.03SWAM1::MILLS_MAMon Nov 21 1994The Santa Clause
701.032OFOSMon Nov 21 1994The Last Seduction
702.015--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 22 1994Request for Title Please
703.05BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Nov 23 1994Videodrome
704.015MDNITE::RIVERSWed Nov 23 1994The Professional
705.027KERNEL::DAVIDCThu Nov 24 1994Highlander III: The Final Conflict
706.01BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYSat Nov 26 1994Judgment Night
707.04MSAMSun Nov 27 1994Orion Pictures
708.04EVMS::HALLYBSun Nov 27 1994Bullets over Broadway
709.012CRIME::GALLACHERTue Nov 29 1994The Longest Day
710.0SMAUG::LEHMKUHLTue Nov 29 1994Junior
711.02SWAM1::MEUSE_DATue Nov 29 1994Slaughter of the Innocents
712.04SWAM1::MILLS_MATue Nov 29 1994The Pagemaster
713.07BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Nov 29 1994Richie Rich
714.02BUSY::FISED::SLABOUNTYThu Dec 01 1994Sizzle Beach [Sizzle Beach, USA]
715.02RAGS::GINGRASFri Dec 02 1994Discount Movie tix in ZKO
716.029AIMTEC::MORABITO_PSat Dec 03 1994Disclosure
717.06SMAUG::LEHMKUHLTue Dec 06 1994Wuthering Heights (1992)
718.09NETRIX::michaudTue Dec 06 1994Local (New England) Filming Locations
719.01GRANPA::FPEREZFri Dec 09 1994The War
720.01WONDER::MAKRIANISFri Dec 09 1994The Nutcracker
721.07MDNITE::RIVERSSun Dec 11 1994Drop Zone
722.019OFOSS1::RAGUCCIThu Dec 15 1994Little Women
723.019BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYSat Dec 17 1994Dumb and Dumber
724.04TUXEDO::HASBROUCKTue Dec 20 1994Speechless
725.01RICKS::SANDERSTue Dec 20 1994The Cheaters (1945)
726.05RICKS::SANDERSTue Dec 20 1994Cinemania (CD-ROM program)
727.05EVMS::MARIONThu Dec 22 1994The Jungle Book
728.015GLDOA::SHOOKMon Dec 26 1994Ready To Wear
729.06NETRIX::michaudSat Dec 31 1994Dream Lover
730.023GLDOA::SHOOKMon Jan 02 1995Nell
731.04DTRACY::CHELSEATue Jan 03 1995IQ
732.0BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 03 1995F/X / F/X II
733.08STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONWed Jan 04 1995Kubrick goes AI?
734.0BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Jan 04 1995Prime Risk
736.020MASALA::MACDONALDThu Jan 05 1995Virginia Madsen Info????
737.010WMOIS::LYONS_SFri Jan 06 1995Murder in the First
738.06EVMS::MARIONSat Jan 07 1995Heavenly Creatures
739.084KOLFAX::WIEGLEBMon Jan 09 1995Waterworld
740.02SWAM2::SMITH_MAMon Jan 09 1995Holiday
741.031BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 10 1995Comments to note 2
742.05SUFRNG::WSAWed Jan 11 1995Immortal Beloved
743.06EVMS::HALLYBWed Jan 11 1995Barry Lyndon
744.07NETRIX::michaudThu Jan 12 1995The Thief of Santa Monica
745.06LUDWIG::SSHEAThu Jan 12 1995Street Fighter
746.010OFOSS1::RAGUCCIThu Jan 12 1995Queen Margot
748.045EVMS::MARIONMon Jan 16 1995Best & Worst of '94
749.03--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 16 1995Bananas (Woody Allen)
750.014EVMS::MARIONMon Jan 16 1995Name that movie
751.04SALEM::BURGERTue Jan 17 1995Marx Bros question
752.0WECARE::ROBERTSMon Jan 23 1995Browning Version
754.03SWAM2::SMITH_MAMon Jan 30 1995DEATH & THE MAIDEN
755.08NETRIX::michaudMon Jan 30 1995Killing Zoe
756.02WDFFS2::SHOOKMon Jan 30 1995Before Sunrise
757.01BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 31 1995Night of the Running Man
758.07TROOA::TRP1Wed Feb 01 1995Nobody's Fool
759.012ASDG::MCNAMARAFri Feb 03 1995RIP Donald Pleasence
760.010USDEV::HERRINGTue Feb 07 1995The Madness of King George
761.018WMOIS::LYONS_SThu Feb 09 1995Boys on the Side
762.012BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Feb 13 1995The Running Man
763.015MDNITE::RIVERSMon Feb 13 1995The Quick and the Dead
764.011--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 13 1995Shallow Grave
765.021BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Feb 13 1995Die Hard 1/2/3
766.09COPCLU::SANDGRENTue Feb 14 1995Innocent Blood
767.040BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Feb 17 1995The Brady Bunch
768.012BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMMon Feb 20 1995Have I been over doing it?
769.04MUZICK::FLYNNMon Feb 20 1995Mr. Payback - Interactive Movie
770.07TROOA::TRP1Tue Feb 21 1995Close My Eyes
771.012NEWOA::SHERRATT_SWed Feb 22 1995The Crow: City of Angels (The Crow 2)
772.023NEMAIL::TARDUGNOMSat Feb 25 1995Hideaway
773.03HELIX::MAIEWSKITue Feb 28 1995Bonnie & Clyde
774.02ACIHUB::ROGERW::MONAGHANWed Mar 01 1995The Hunted
775.010JGO::MARTINThu Mar 02 1995"Leon" (film) & Luc Besson (French director)
777.029BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Mar 03 1995Jeff Goldblum
779.06WMOIS::LYONS_STue Mar 07 1995Man of the House
780.09BRAT::ALBERTTue Mar 07 1995Just Cause
781.024SWAM1::MEUSE_DATue Mar 07 1995Outbreak
782.0MALTue Mar 07 1995Mama Roma
783.03BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Mar 15 1995There Goes the Neighborhood
784.01BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Mar 17 1995Future Shock
785.08BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Mar 17 1995Ticket sales and money collection
787.03NETRIX::michaudMon Mar 20 1995Spanking the Monkey
789.011CTHU26::S_BURRIDGEFri Mar 24 1995The Secret of Roan Inish
790.05BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Mar 24 1995Ghost in the Machine
791.05SWAM2::SMITH_MAMon Mar 27 1995Hear My Song
792.017GLDOA::SHOOKMon Mar 27 1995Muriel's Wedding
793.014SWAM1::MEUSE_DATue Mar 28 1995Tank Girl
794.06MALTue Mar 28 1995Dolores Claiborne
795.02BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYThu Mar 30 1995Terminal Entry
796.03BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Mar 31 1995Major Payne
797.016BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Mar 31 1995Tommy Boy
798.018REGENT::POWERSMon Mar 27 1995Different movies with the same titles (moved from 79
799.013REGENT::POWERSThu Mar 30 1995David McCallum
800.023NEMAIL::KEEFEMon Apr 03 1995Circle of Friends
801.01TUXEDO::HASBROUCKTue Apr 04 1995Vanya On 42nd Street
802.012MR2MI1::QUINTANAThu Apr 06 1995Hoop Dreams
803.07MDNITE::RIVERSSat Apr 08 1995Rob Roy
804.017WECARE::FERRIGNOTue Apr 11 1995Last Temptation of Christ
806.017MALMon Apr 17 1995Priest
807.04FILTON::DAVIES_JTue Apr 18 1995The Rare Breed
808.017KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLTue Apr 18 1995Judge Dredd
809.01BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Apr 19 1995Beach Babes from Beyond
810.02BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Apr 19 1995Hard to Die
811.028POBOX::SEIBERTRThu Apr 20 1995While You Were Sleeping
812.07DECWET::MCCLAINThu Apr 20 1995Don Juan deMarco
813.04BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Apr 21 1995Cry Baby
814.04SALEM::LAMOTHESun Apr 23 1995Imaginary Crimes
815.09BRAT::ALBERTMon Apr 24 1995Kiss Of Death
816.01BSS::GUTZMERTue Apr 25 1995Old Tucson Burns to the Ground.
817.0TOHOPE::WSAWed Apr 26 1995RIP Ginger Rogers
818.09SWAM1::MEUSE_DAThu Apr 27 1995Species
819.022FOUNDR::OUIMETTEFri Apr 28 1995Blade Runner
820.0RDGE44::ALEUC8Fri Apr 28 1995Fair Game
822.01RANGER::MAYNARDMon May 01 1995Tyson
823.01MALMon May 01 1995Russ Myers?
824.010MALMon May 01 1995Village of the Damned (the remake)
825.02MALThu May 11 1995The Seven Minutes: on video 1971.
826.0BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri May 12 1995The Silence of the Hams
827.03BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri May 12 1995Nightmare on Elm Street
828.06BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri May 12 1995Gary Sinise
829.011RNDHSE::WALLMon May 15 1995Crimson Tide
830.0SALEM::BURGERMon May 15 1995Movie riddle
831.09BAHTAT::BROWNEDTue May 16 1995FRESH
832.017HUMOR::EPPESTue May 16 1995The Vampire Lestat
833.05DECWET::MCCLAINWed May 17 1995Bad Boys
834.010LJSRV2::KNIPSTEINWed May 17 1995The Englishman who went up a hill but came down a mountain
835.010KAOFS::P_CHAPLINSKYFri May 19 1995French Kiss
836.07MALFri May 19 1995CASPER
837.022WMOIS::TARDUGNOSat May 20 1995Die Hard With a Vengeance/Die Hard 3
838.0MASALA::SNEILSat May 20 1995U.F.O
840.02VAXUUM::KEEFEMon May 22 1995Crumb
841.0PSDVAX::DFIELDTue May 23 1995Picture Bride
842.023GRANPA::JBUCHMANTue May 23 1995Johnny Mnemonic
843.026WMOIS::TARDUGNOTue May 23 1995Keanu Reeves
845.010MKOTS3::STOKESTue May 30 1995Sam Neill
846.035MALWed May 31 1995Christopher Reeve
848.02CTHU26::S_BURRIDGEWed Jun 07 1995The Wild Bunch
849.027KIRKTN::RBERNARDThu Jun 08 1995Congo
850.08KIRKTN::RBERNARDThu Jun 08 1995Holocaust Movies
851.08MUCCS2::ALIPPERTFri Jun 09 1995Stephen King Movies
853.04PARVAX::BENNETTTue Jun 13 1995Fluke
854.0CHEFS::SHERRATT_SWed Jun 14 1995The Last Tango
855.01WMOIS::LYONS_SWed Jun 14 1995Mad Love
856.05MALThu Jun 15 1995TURNER Classic Movies:
857.032SWAM1::MILLS_MAMon Jun 19 1995Pocahontas
858.01MALTue Jun 20 1995Old movies on CINEMAX
859.02ONOFRE::SKELLY_JOWed Jun 21 1995Forget Paris
860.019ZPOVC::GEOFFREYThu Jun 22 1995Foreign Movies on Video
862.0BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Jun 26 1995Triplecross
863.06REGENT::POWERSTue Jun 27 1995Prelude to a Kiss
864.01BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jun 27 1995Carbon Copy
865.034VYGER::HAMILTONSTue Jun 27 1995Hugh Grant and Hooker ???
866.09SHRCTR::SCHILTONFri Jun 30 1995Odds 'n Sods
868.0642441::WEGGTue Jul 04 1995The Reivers (note title formerly was "Name that movie")
869.041EVMS::HALLYBWed Jul 05 1995Apollo 13
870.019BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Jul 05 1995Stripes
871.0MALWed Jul 05 1995Wigstock
872.07BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYThu Jul 06 1995Miami Rhapsody
875.019BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Jul 07 1995Kevin Costner
876.0MSAMSun Jul 09 1995Summer Snow
877.012BRAT::ALBERTMon Jul 10 1995First Knight
879.053KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Jul 11 1995Showgirls
880.06KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Jul 11 1995Wayne Wang: "Smoke"/"Blue in the Face"
881.01BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Jul 17 1995Tom Hanks
882.03TUXEDO::HASBROUCKMon Jul 17 1995Burnt By the Sun
883.03AKOCOA::NOVITCHTue Jul 18 1995Cinderella, Musical version
884.03RNDHSE::WALLTue Jul 18 1995The Indian In The Cupboard
885.012SALEM::BURGERWed Jul 19 1995LifeForce
886.06UNTADI::SAXBYThu Jul 20 1995Witness
887.01TROOA::TRP1Thu Jul 20 1995SAVAGE NIGHTS
890.07SIOG::BAUMTue Jul 25 1995The Thorn Birds II
892.022MKOTS3::DOLAN_CWed Jul 26 1995Clueless
893.05BRAT::ALBERTFri Jul 28 1995Citizen X
894.026WMOIS::TARDUGNOSun Jul 30 1995The Net
895.011WMOIS::TARDUGNOSun Jul 30 1995A Walk in the Clouds
896.02TROOA::BUTKOVICHTue Aug 01 1995Love and a .45
897.04TROOA::BUTKOVICHSat Aug 05 1995Film Festival Info
898.05ONOFRE::SKELLY_JOMon Aug 07 1995Jeffrey
899.03HUMOR::EPPESWed Aug 09 1995Brute Force
900.08HUMOR::EPPESWed Aug 16 1995Boston Film Festival
901.07SCASWed Aug 09 1995Something To Talk About / The Power of Love
902.0BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYThu Aug 10 1995And the Band Played On
903.02CAPNET::SHAHThu Aug 10 1995Country Living
904.05HUMOR::EPPESFri Aug 11 1995Hong Kong/John Woo/Jackie Chan films
905.01CTHU26::S_BURRIDGEFri Aug 11 1995Double Happiness
906.023MALFri Aug 11 1995Striptease
907.04SPESHR::JACOBSONMon Aug 14 1995Cobb
908.01BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Aug 14 1995The Jackie Robinson Story
909.031WONDER::REILLYMon Aug 14 1995Babe
910.022HUMOR::EPPESWed Aug 16 1995The Official Spoiler Warning Topic
911.02BUSY::BUSY::SLABOUNTYThu Aug 17 1995Fast Forward
912.0PCBUOA::BELLOWSFri Aug 18 1995The Day the Sun Turned Cold
913.02RNDHSE::WALLMon Aug 21 1995D'Artagnan's Daughter
914.011LUDWIG::SSHEAMon Aug 21 1995Mortal Kombat
915.06TOLKIN::DURKOPMon Aug 21 1995KIDS
916.01MALMon Aug 21 1995Unzipped
917.010NEWVAX::BUCHMANWed Aug 23 1995Joe Versus the Volcano
918.014ODIXIE::MOREAUSun Aug 27 1995Desperado with Antonio Banderas
919.0TROOA::MCRAMMon Aug 28 1995Anyone have Non-English film guides?
920.03UHUH::MARISONMon Aug 28 1995Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh
922.06TNPUBS::MARCOFri Sep 01 1995Brothers McMullen
924.02--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 05 1995Prophecy - Chris Walken
925.01ONOFRE::SKELLY_JOTue Sep 05 1995Lord of Illusions
926.03UHUH::MARISONTue Sep 05 1995To Live
927.061WOTVAX::HIGHAMJWed Sep 06 1995The Usual Suspects
928.02WECARE::ROBERTSThu Sep 07 1995The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love
929.016ONOFRE::SKELLY_JOSun Sep 10 1995To Wong Foo...
930.0TROOA::BUTKOVICHMon Sep 11 1995Run of the Country
931.012TROOA::BUTKOVICHMon Sep 11 1995To Die For
932.02TROOA::BUTKOVICHMon Sep 11 1995Steal Big, Steal Little
933.03TROOA::BUTKOVICHTue Sep 12 1995The Crossing Guard
934.0TROOA::BUTKOVICHTue Sep 12 1995The Stars Fell in Henrietta
935.01TROOA::BUTKOVICHTue Sep 12 1995A Month by the Lake
937.029WOTVAX::HIGHAMJWed Sep 13 1995Strange Days (formerly "New Ralph Fiennes film")
938.02PCBUOA::BELLOWSWed Sep 13 1995Unstrung Heroes
939.07TROOA::BUTKOVICHThu Sep 14 1995Frankie Starlight
940.013IMTDEV::BRUNOThu Sep 14 1995Devil In A Blue Dress
941.02TROOA::BUTKOVICHThu Sep 14 1995Heavy
942.0TROOA::BUTKOVICHThu Sep 14 1995Desolation Angels
943.033WMOIS::TARDUGNOSun Sep 17 1995SEVEN
944.0TUXEDO::HASBROUCKMon Sep 18 1995The Mystery of Rampo
945.0TROOA::BUTKOVICHMon Sep 18 1995The Journey of August King
946.01IMTDEV::BRUNOWed Sep 20 1995Clockers
948.04TNPUBS::MARCOMon Oct 02 1995Moonlight and Valentino
949.0EVMS::HALLYBTue Oct 03 1995Storyville
950.017KERNEL::PLANTCWed Oct 04 1995Capricorn 1
951.02TECWT2::BOUDREAUFri Oct 06 1995A Midnight Clear
952.052WASTED::michaudMon Oct 09 1995*** Official Rat Hole Topic ***
953.020KERNEL::PLANTCTue Oct 10 1995Planet of the Apes [remake]
954.08ABACUS::ALBERTWed Oct 11 1995How to make an American Quilt
955.02PCBUOA::BELLOWSWed Oct 11 1995Persuasion
956.012EVMS::MARIONMon Oct 16 1995Assassins
957.019SPSEG::COVINGTONMon Oct 23 1995Get Shorty
958.0BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Oct 23 1995Creepshow I/II
959.05BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Oct 24 1995UHF
960.018SWAM1::MEUSE_DATue Oct 24 1995Copycat
961.01VYGER::HAMILTONSFri Oct 27 1995Heavens Prisoners
962.013ONOFRE::SKELLY_JOSun Oct 29 1995Powder
963.03BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Oct 30 1995Airheads
964.011BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Nov 06 1995Jane Eyre [1996]
965.06BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Nov 06 1995Fair Game [1995]
966.01ONOFRE::SKELLY_JOTue Nov 14 1995Carrington
967.09KERNEL::PLANTCTue Nov 14 1995The Scarlet Letter (1995)
968.016TUXEDO::HASBROUCKThu Nov 16 1995Leaving Las Vegas
969.09KERNEL::PLANTCMon Nov 20 1995Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls/Ace Ventura 2
970.055REGENT::POWERSMon Nov 20 1995James Bond - Goldeneye
971.014SHRCTR::SCHILTONMon Nov 20 1995Casino
972.01BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Nov 22 1995The Principal
973.036ODIXIE::MOREAUTue Nov 28 1995Toy Story
974.01TROOA::trp669.tro.dec.com::ChrisThu Nov 30 1995Money Train
975.023COMICS::SHELLEYSat Dec 02 1995From Dusk till Dawn
976.01CTHU26::S_BURRIDGEMon Dec 04 1995Le Confessionnal
977.04BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Dec 04 1995Escape to/Return from Witch Mountain
978.08STRATA::GARRITYSat Dec 02 1995The official Joe Pesci note
979.021RHETT::LACORTIThu Dec 07 1995HEAT
980.05SPSEG::COVINGTONThu Dec 07 1995Nick of Time
981.010NEWVAX::BUCHMANTue Dec 12 1995Sarah Bernhardt
982.01MOEUR8::BROOKWed Dec 13 1995Shanghai Triad
983.026TECWT2::BOUDREAUWed Dec 13 1995Jumanji
984.021SCASS1::SHOOKThu Dec 14 1995Sense and Sensibility
985.03ONOFRE::SKELLY_JOTue Dec 19 1995Home for the Holidays
987.04MALMon Dec 25 1995Waiting to Exhale
988.01BSS::BRUNOTue Dec 26 1995Lilies Of The Field
989.04BEMUS::KELLEYTue Dec 26 1995Marty
990.06RNDHSE::WALLWed Dec 27 1995Cutthroat Island
991.07EVMS::HALLYBWed Dec 27 1995Mighty Aphrodite
992.07SNOFS1::GREENANAWed Dec 27 1995The American President
993.01BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 02 1996Canadian Bacon
994.02BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 02 1996Revenge of the Nerds I/II/III
995.05BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 02 1996Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey
996.08COMICS::SHELLEYTue Jan 02 1996Grand Canyon
997.02EVMS::HALLYBTue Jan 02 1996The Perez Family
998.05BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 02 1996Anthony Edwards
999.01BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 02 1996Brainsmasher: A Love Story
1000.023VAXCPU::michaudWed Jan 03 1996Best & Worst Films of 1995
1001.023WONDER::REILLYTue Jan 02 1996Escape from New York & Escape from LA
1003.07BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 02 1996Helen Hunt
1004.0NETCAD::SHERMANWed Jan 03 1996Stormy Weather
1005.012GRANPA::JBOBBWed Jan 03 1996Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney animated version)
1006.046JARETH::BSEGALThu Jan 04 199612 Monkeys
1007.016WONDER::MAKRIANISThu Jan 04 1996North Worcester (MA) Luxury Cinema
1008.05SPSEG::COVINGTONFri Jan 05 1996The moviecritic Web site
1010.026WMOIS::LYONS_SMon Jan 08 1996Broken Arrow
1011.08MROA::SULLIVAN_SThu Jan 11 1996Kevin Kline
1012.01BUSY::SLABOUNTYThu Jan 11 1996Tapeheads
1013.06--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 12 1996One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
1014.09TECWT2::BOUDREAUWed Jan 17 1996Nixon
1015.09SALEM::BURGERWed Jan 17 1996Il Postino (The Postman)
1016.0BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Jan 22 1996House Calls
1017.04BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Jan 22 1996Hopscotch
1018.01BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 23 1996Right to Remain Silent
1019.07BUSY::SLABOUNTYTue Jan 23 1996First Blood/Rambo/Rambo II
1020.08BOOKIE::chayna.zko.dec.com::EPPESTue Jan 23 1996Alan Alda
1021.010BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Jan 26 1996David Caruso
1023.02SLEEPR::MAIEWSKIWed Jan 31 1996Georgia
1024.0186SWAM1::MEUSE_DAThu Feb 01 1996Independence Day
1025.0CTHU26::S_BURRIDGEFri Feb 02 1996Margaret's Museum
1026.03KERNEL::PLANTCMon Feb 05 1996Father of the Bride 2
1027.011SWAM1::MEUSE_DAMon Feb 05 1996Mr.Holland's Opus
1028.07EDSCLU::JAYAKUMARTue Feb 06 1996Dracula - Dead and loving it
1030.044JGODCL::KWIKKELFri Feb 09 1996TWISTER
1031.08SHRCTR::JMCNAMARAFri Feb 09 1996Baghdad Cafe
1032.09KERNEL::PLANTCTue Feb 13 1996LOCH NESS
1033.011EVMS::HALLYBMon Feb 19 1996Dead Man Walking
1034.010POBOXA::DFIELDMon Feb 19 1996"The Last Strand" cinema in Clinton, MA
1035.051BOOKIE::chayna.zko.dec.com::EPPESTue Feb 20 1996"Batman Triumphant" or "Batman and Robin" (Batman IV)
1036.011BUSY::SLABOUNTYWed Feb 21 1996An Innocent Man
1038.01IMTDEV::KELLYFri Feb 23 1996Serial Killer
1039.04EVMS::HALLYBMon Feb 26 1996City Hall
1040.07SWAM1::MILLS_MAMon Feb 26 1996Vanessa Redgrave movies
1041.04GRANPA::JBOBBMon Feb 26 1996Where's the URL?
1042.02EDSCLU::JAYAKUMARWed Feb 28 1996The Juror
1043.048VYGER::CAMPBELLIMon Mar 04 1996Trainspotting
1044.02VAXCPU::michaudSat Mar 09 1996RIP: George Burns
1046.012SHRCTR::JMCNAMARAMon Mar 11 1996The Birdcage
1048.010TROOA::trp669.tro.dec.com::ChrisTue Mar 12 1996SABRINA
1049.02TROOA::trp669.tro.dec.com::ChrisThu Mar 14 1996Up Close and Personal
1050.06MROA::ELMANFri Mar 15 1996Beautiful Girls
1051.07WMOIS::LYONS_SMon Mar 18 1996Executive Decision
1052.039WONDER::REILLYSat Mar 23 1996Fargo
1053.09REFDV1::MURPHYSun Mar 24 1996Diabolique
1054.05BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Mar 25 1996King Solomon's Mines
1055.03BUSY::SLABOUNTYMon Mar 25 1996Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold
1056.07POLAR::TESSIERWed Mar 27 1996Dangerous Minds
1057.04EDSCLU::JAYAKUMARMon Apr 01 1996Sgt Bilko
1058.04STRATA::SWIFTFri Apr 05 1996Happy Gilmore
1059.016NEMAIL::KEEFEMon Apr 08 1996Primal Fear
1060.03ALFA1::MASONMon Apr 08 1996Anne Frank Remembered
1061.02APLVEW::DEBRIAEWed Apr 10 1996Flirting with Disaster
1062.02CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Apr 16 1996Beyond Rangoon
1063.013FABSIX::R_LUCHTWed Apr 17 1996Fear
1064.038POLAR::TYSICKThu Apr 18 1996Highest Paid Actors (who draw big box offices)
1065.014WMOIS::LYONS_SThu Apr 18 1996Comics go Big Screen
1066.012BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Apr 19 1996John Travolta
1067.030CADSYS::KELLEYMon Apr 22 1996Classic movies
1068.03VAXUUM::KEEFEWed Apr 24 1996Hackers
1069.01EVMS::HALLYBMon Apr 29 1996Angels and Insects
1070.06SCAMP::ALBERTMon Apr 29 1996James and the Giant Peach
1072.012CTHU26::S_BURRIDGEMon May 06 1996The Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy
1073.02POLAR::LARABIEMon May 06 1996The Craft
1074.04VNABRW::RHOTON_JTue May 07 1996Denise Calls Up
1075.06RDGENG::MORRELLTue May 07 1996Flipper
1076.083WMOIS::LYONS_STue May 07 1996Mission: Impossible
1077.01VNABRW::RHOTON_JWed May 08 1996Chungking Express
1078.09BSS::SMITH_SThu May 09 1996Never talk to Strangers
1079.027SHOGUN::LYONSTue May 14 1996Eraser
1080.039POLAR::TYSICKThu May 16 1996Dragonheart
1081.012POLAR::TYSICKFri May 17 1996The Arrival
1082.033SHOGUN::LYONSFri May 17 1996The Rock
1083.031BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri May 17 1996Spy Hard
1084.09TRUCKS::BEATON_SMon May 20 1996Things To Do in Denver When You're Dead
1085.03PGREEN::FLINTMWed May 22 1996Secrets & Lies
1086.03KERNEL::PLANTCFri May 24 1996Dirty Dancing 2
1087.027VAXCPU::moviesFri May 24 1996Official Arnold ("Arnie") Schwarzenegger topic
1088.06VYGER::GIBSONJFri May 24 1996Rumored movie: "Superman Reborn"
1089.05POLAR::TYSICKTue May 28 1996Predator & Predator 2
1090.020BRAT::MONBLEAUMon Jun 03 1996The Phantom
1091.02VAXCPU::michaudMon Jun 03 1996A Streetcar Named Desire
1092.0VAXCPU::michaudMon Jun 03 1996Kicking & Screaming
1093.07VAXCPU::moviesMon Jun 03 1996Last Man Standing
1094.08VAXCPU::moviesMon Jun 03 1996Feeling Minnesota
1095.0VAXCPU::moviesMon Jun 03 1996a Thin Line between Love & Hate
1096.018VAXCPU::moviesMon Jun 03 1996Phenomenon
1097.01VNABRW::RHOTON_JTue Jun 04 1996La flor de mi secreto - The flower of my secret
1098.02DECC::SULLIVANTue Jun 04 1996The Graduate
1099.020VAXCPU::moviesTue Jun 04 1996Beavis & Butthead - The Movie
1100.08SCAMP::FORTIN_CThu Jun 06 1996Fast Times at Ridgemont High
1101.01BIGQ::ZUIDEMAThu Jun 06 1996Sixteen Candles
1102.09VAXCPU::moviesThu Jun 06 1996National Lampoon's Vacation movies
1103.0VNABRW::RHOTON_JThu Jun 06 1996Girl 6
1104.08DECC::SULLIVANFri Jun 07 1996High Tech theatres in NH/MA area?
1105.03KERNEL::PLANTCMon Jun 10 1996Caveman
1106.06VAXCPU::moviesTue Jun 11 1996The Ghost and The Darkness
1107.025POLAR::TYSICKWed Jun 12 1996The Cable Guy
1108.07POLAR::TYSICKWed Jun 12 1996An American Werewolf in London
1109.01CAM::WAYThu Jun 13 1996John Ford/John Wayne Question
1111.02VAXCPU::moviesWed Jun 19 1996Jason's Lyric
1118.02POLAR::TYSICKMon Jun 24 1996Mall Rats
1119.012GUMSHU::S_COLLINSSun Jun 23 1996Predictions for next summer blockbuster
1120.050GUMSHU::S_COLLINSSat Jun 22 1996Best Actor/Actress of all time
1121.027GUMSHU::S_COLLINSFri Jun 21 1996Official Harrison Ford Topic
1122.022ASDG::FAYMon Jun 24 1996Courage Under Fire
1123.022SSAG::LARYMon Jun 24 1996Lone Star
1124.01CHEFS::HANDLEY_IWed Jun 26 1996Screamers
1125.09POLAR::LARABIEFri Jun 28 1996The Frighteners
1126.028VAXCPU::moviesSun Jun 30 1996Star Trek - First Contact
1127.016POLAR::LARABIEMon Jul 01 1996The Nutty Professor (Eddie Murphy version)
1128.01EVMS::HALLYBMon Jul 01 1996Welcome to the Dollhouse
1130.07VAXCPU::moviesWed Jul 10 1996The official "Nudity in the Movies" topic
1131.05VAXCPU::moviesWed Jul 10 1996Multiplicity
1132.08KERNEL::PLANTCMon Jul 15 1996KINGPIN
1133.07RHETT::LACORTIMon Jul 15 1996FLED
1134.011ABACUS::FORTIN_CTue Jul 16 1996Jason vs. Freddy
1135.021POLAR::TYSICKWed Jul 17 1996Jack
1136.010SHRCTR::JMCNAMARATue Jul 23 1996Say Anything
1137.01DPE1::ARMSTRONGWed Jul 24 1996A Man with a Plan
1138.020MARVEL::DAVIDCThu Jul 25 1996Time for a Moderator Change Prehaps?
1139.07DELNI::A_CLAXTONThu Jul 25 1996The Adventures of Pinocchio (live action)
1140.011TUXEDO::HASBROUCKMon Jul 29 1996Cold Comfort Farm
1141.05BUSY::SLABMon Jul 29 1996The Basketball Diaries
1142.014NETCAD::SHERMANMon Jul 29 1996It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
1143.013LEXSTue Jul 30 1996A Time to Kill
1144.05POLAR::TYSICKTue Jul 30 1996Supercop
1145.01BUSY::SLABWed Jul 31 1996The Tommyknockers
1146.08HOTLNE::S_COLLINSFri Aug 02 1996Stealing Beauty....
1149.02NQOSMon Aug 12 1996Othello (1995)
1150.06BUSY::SLABMon Aug 12 1996Two If By Sea
1151.06EDSCLU::JAYAKUMARTue Aug 13 1996Top n list this summer (1996)
1152.01POLAR::TYSICKWed Aug 14 1996Space Jam
1153.06POLAR::LARABIEWed Aug 14 1996Bordello of Blood
1154.021POLAR::TYSICKFri Aug 16 1996The Island of Doctor Moreau (1996 remake)
1155.027DECWIN::RALTOFri Aug 16 1996Lost in Space
1156.03POLAR::LARABIEMon Aug 19 1996The Fan
1157.010WMOIS::LYONS_SWed Aug 21 1996Ransom
1158.018DELNI::A_CLAXTONTue Aug 27 19961
1159.05POLAR::RENAUDPWed Aug 28 1996Matilda
1160.06NEMAIL::KEEFEThu Aug 29 1996Tin Cup
1161.0VAXUUM::KEEFEThu Aug 29 1996Harriet the Spy
1162.013MPGS::WOOLNERThu Sep 05 1996Emma
1163.07BOOKIE::chayna.zko.dec.com::xanadu::eppesFri Sep 06 1996Truly, Madly, Deeply
1164.04BUSY::SLABMon Sep 09 1996Pretty in Pink
1165.011FABSIX::S_DARLINGSat Oct 05 1996The Long Kiss Goodnight
1166.05WMOIS::LYONS_STue Oct 08 1996That Thing You Do
1167.01BUSY::SLABTue Oct 08 1996The Glimmer Man
1168.012DELNI::A_CLAXTONThu Oct 10 1996Rental Suggestions for Large Screen TV
1169.06SHRCTR::SCHILTONMon Oct 14 1996Two Days in the Valley
1170.01ASDG::MCNAMARATue Oct 15 1996Mars Attacks
1171.01BUSY::SLABMon Oct 21 1996State of Emergency
1172.05DECC::SULLIVANTue Oct 22 1996The Best Video Guide (web site)
1173.06DELNI::A_CLAXTONFri Oct 25 1996Sleepers
1174.03SWAM1::MEUSE_DATue Oct 29 1996The Craft
1175.01DECC::SULLIVANWed Oct 30 1996PBS documentaries on moviemaking
1176.013POLAR::TYSICKThu Oct 31 1996Night of the Living Dead
1177.05DECC::SULLIVANMon Nov 04 1996Big Night (1996)
1178.06DELNI::A_CLAXTONFri Nov 08 1996Videos with great Stereo/Hi-Fi for the home
1179.06POLAR::LARABIESun Nov 10 1996Bad Moon
1180.08STRATA::LUCHTThu Nov 14 1996The Mangler
1181.07CHEFS::ASHLEYSMITHFri Nov 15 1996Crash
1182.0BUSY::SLABMon Nov 18 1996Thinner
1183.0DECC::SULLIVANMon Nov 18 1996Food in Contemporary Film
1184.03POLAR::TYSICKTue Nov 19 1996Slap Shot
1185.07MSBCS::LEHMKUHLTue Nov 26 1996The English Patient
1186.04PCBUOA::DOONANWed Dec 04 1996What makes a great performance?
1187.05ORION::chayna.zko.dec.com::tamara::eppesWed Dec 04 1996It's a Wonderful Life
1188.07CTHU26::S_BURRIDGEThu Dec 12 1996His Girl Friday (remake of The Front Page)
1189.010PCBUOA::CHENARDMon Dec 16 1996Mars Attacks
1190.012DELNI::A_CLAXTONTue Dec 17 1996Jerry Maguire
1191.05NEMAIL::KEEFEThu Dec 19 1996One Fine Day
1192.04MSBCS::LEHMKUHLTue Dec 24 1996Hamlet (1996)
1193.05VAXCPU::moviesFri Dec 27 1996The Evening Star
1193.01BUSY::SLABFri Dec 27 1996Terms of Endearment
1194.01VAXCPU::michaudSat Dec 28 1996I Shot Andy Warhol
1195.0VAXCPU::michaudSun Dec 29 1996A Midwinter's Tale
1196.011PCBUOA::CHENARDMon Dec 30 1996Michael
1197.027POLAR::TYSICKFri Jan 03 1997Best & Worst Movies for 1996
1198.01WMOIS::LYONS_SFri Jan 10 1997Metro
1199.05SWAM1::MEUSE_DAFri Jan 10 1997The Relic
1200.02SHRCTR::SCHILTONMon Jan 13 1997The People vs Larry Flynt
1201.018PCBUOA::CHENARDMon Jan 13 1997Evita
1202.05THEBAY::WIEGLEBTue Jan 14 1997Eraserhead
1203.0WRKSYS::LASKYWed Jan 15 1997A Family Thing
1204.02ASABET::DENAROMon Jan 20 1997scream
1205.02VAXCPU::michaudTue Jan 21 1997Unforgettable
1206.02HOTLNE::SHIELDSFri Jan 24 1997Faithful
1207.0VAXCPU::michaudFri Jan 24 1997Boys
1208.04RNDHSE::WALLMon Jan 27 1997Fierce Creatures
1209.01CTHU26::S_BURRIDGEMon Jan 27 1997Looking For Richard
1210.08POLAR::TYSICKTue Jan 28 1997Liar Liar
1211.010CLUSTA::MAIEWSKITue Jan 28 1997Shine
1212.0BUSY::SLABTue Jan 28 1997Vanishing Point
1213.06VAXCPU::michaudThu Jan 30 1997Truman
1214.01VAXCPU::michaudThu Feb 13 1997If Lucy Fell
1215.0NAC::WALTERFri Feb 14 1997Fly Away Home
1215.0POLAR::LARABIETue Feb 18 1997Fools Rush In
1216.0POLAR::TYSICKWed Feb 19 1997Dante's Peak
1217.07WMOIS::CHAPALONIS_MWed Feb 19 1997Private Parts
1218.05TNPUBS::NAZZAROThu Feb 20 1997Absolute Power
1219.030NAC::WALTERFri Feb 21 1997Family Films
1220.0POLAR::TYSICKFri Feb 21 1997She's the One
1221.02ORION::chayna.zko.dec.com::tamara::eppesFri Feb 21 1997Angels in the Outfield
1222.08ORION::chayna.zko.dec.com::tamara::eppesMon Feb 24 1997The Princess Bride
1223.013ASDG::MCNAMARASat Mar 01 1997Lost Highway
1224.014VAXCPU::michaudWed Mar 05 1997Bound
1225.01POLAR::TYSICKMon Mar 10 1997Donnie Brasco
1226.0CTHU26::S_BURRIDGEMon Mar 10 1997Kolya
1227.02POLAR::TYSICKFri Mar 14 1997Sling Blade
1228.0APLVEW::DEBRIAEThu Mar 20 1997Waiting for Guffman
1229.0TUXEDO::HASBROUCKThu Mar 20 1997Davis Square Theater (Somerville, MA)
1230.03FABSIX::C_GARRITYMon Mar 24 1997Liar Liar
1231.02POLAR::TYSICKMon Mar 31 1997The Devil's Own
1232.09UFP::BOBBMon Mar 31 1997Muppet's Treasure Island
1233.09GOBUCS::COOLEYWed Apr 02 1997Raising Arizona
1234.05SUBPAC::TSULLIVANFri Apr 04 1997The Wizard of Oz
1235.0EVMS::MDNITE::RIVERSThu Apr 10 1997Double Team
1236.02BUSY::SLABSun Apr 13 1997A Pyromaniac's Love Story
1237.02BUSY::SLABSun Apr 13 1997No Contest [1994]
1238.01DECC::SULLIVANMon Apr 21 1997Vertigo (1958)
1239.05CTHU26::S_BURRIDGETue Apr 22 1997Das Boot
1240.01FABSIX::JEN_RILEYThu Apr 24 1997Grosse Pointe Blank
1241.08TUXEDO::HASBROUCKThu Apr 24 1997The Saint
1242.05LUDWIG::GARRITYSun May 04 1997Anaconda
1243.01TUXEDO::FRIDAYSun May 04 1997Warriors of Virtue
1244.011POLAR::TYSICKMon May 05 1997The Fifth Element
1245.06LEXSMon May 05 1997Breakdown
1246.07POWDML::CHILTONThu May 15 1997Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery
1246.0MRPTH1::16.121.16Fri May 09 1997Dead Presidents
1247.032POLAR::TYSICKMon May 19 1997The Lost World
1248.0POLAR::TYSICKMon Jun 02 1997CON AIR
1249.0POLAR::TYSICKMon Jun 02 1997Addicted to Love