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Conference nyoss1::market_investing

Title:Market Investing
Created:Thu Jan 23 1992
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1060
Total number of notes:10477
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0.05--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 31 1969
1.07SUBWAY::SYSTEMThu Jan 23 1992Introduction to Market Investing
2.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 23 1992Conference Announcements
3.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 23 1992Conference Policy
4.07SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 23 1992Related Conferences
5.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 23 1992Moderator List and Introductions
6.019SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 23 1992Participant Introductions
7.09SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 23 1992Conference Discussion
8.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 23 1992Directory listing
9.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 23 1992Reserved
10.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 23 1992Directory of the old INVESTING conference
11.046SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 23 1992Financial Planners
12.019SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jan 23 1992Books on Investing
13.07CTHQ1::ROSENBERGFri Jan 24 1992Where do I put money from maturing CDs?
14.02LEDS::VESESKISFri Jan 24 1992Telephone Number for Value Line
15.060SAHQ::CANDERSONFri Jan 24 1992Making a lot of MONEY
16.0161EICMFG::BINGERFri Jan 24 1992Which way with the English pound
17.076SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jan 24 1992Mortgages and Mortgage rates
18.041BUNDY::LONGFri Jan 24 1992dealing directly with mutual fund companies
19.07BUNDY::LONGFri Jan 24 1992local high-tech stock mutual fund - ???
20.07GLDOA::LAETZFri Jan 24 1992Paying off Mortgage - Pros and Cons
21.05EPIK::FINNERTYFri Jan 24 19922
22.0AICADB::RAJANMon Jan 27 1992Reporting requirements
23.01EQUITY::CONWAYMon Jan 27 1992Buying foreign stocks
24.05SUBSYS::GANESHTue Jan 28 1992So how interesting are your fund's reports?
25.017LEDS::WILDINGTue Jan 28 1992Investing Humor
26.07LEDS::WILDINGTue Jan 28 1992Credit Cards with No Annual Fee
27.03LEDS::WILDINGTue Jan 28 1992Free Investing Information/Help
28.014LEDS::WILDINGTue Jan 28 1992Social Security Benefits
30.04SMAUG::GARRODWed Jan 29 1992Shareholder right to shareholder list
32.03JUPITR::KWILSONThu Jan 30 1992
33.0MKODEV::NAGARAJANFri Jan 31 1992Info Rqstd on "Investment and Tax Strategies"
34.07KYOA::SARIAHMEDSun Feb 02 1992Refinancing at less than 1% diff??!!
36.01DMEICE::PAGEMon Feb 03 1992FFN - Free Financial News BBS >?
37.013MCIS1::BONVALLATMon Feb 03 1992Highest yield for constant principal
38.010NOVA::ONGMon Feb 03 1992Income Tax Spreadsheet
39.030DPDMAI::RESENDEMon Feb 03 1992Sound Financial Plan?
40.07DPDMAI::RESENDEMon Feb 03 1992Financial Planning Seminar Notes
41.09PUFFNS::ALLIN1Tue Feb 04 1992TAX software
42.05WFOV12::CERVONEWed Feb 05 1992Investing In Gem Stones Yes or No?
43.08RT93::HUWed Feb 05 1992Child Support and AMT
44.04NOVA::EASTLANDThu Feb 06 1992Bush's Capital gains tax proposals
45.04ALBANY::MCWILLIAMSThu Feb 06 1992Annuities
46.056FSOA::JGARDINERFri Feb 07 1992U.S. Savings Bonds
47.012EPIK::FINNERTYSat Feb 08 1992Stock buy/sell criteria
48.022EPIK::FINNERTYSun Feb 09 1992Market Timing Checklists
49.03IAMOK::SAMSONMon Feb 10 1992Need Info on a Tax Program
50.010EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Feb 10 1992Equity fund rating
51.0EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Feb 10 1992Looking for mortgage rates
52.06SFCMon Feb 10 1992UGMA/UTMA account questions
53.014SCAACT::RESENDEMon Feb 10 1992Bad time to jump into the bond market?
54.04PCCAD1::RICHARDJTue Feb 11 1992Auto Tax Deductions ?
55.021LJOHUB::CRAWFORDTue Feb 11 1992DOWVISION? what is its future
56.033SALEM::NEAULTWed Feb 12 1992"OPTIONS" What are they?
57.03PAMSRC::QUEUES::HARRISWed Feb 12 1992Capital Loss
58.016MLCSSE::SHAHWed Feb 12 1992US Savings Bond Yield Information
59.03CAMONE::ZIOMEKWed Feb 12 1992Continental Air lines?
60.08BSS::J_DAVIDWed Feb 12 1992Low credit card interest %
61.02SNOMAN::AARONFri Feb 14 1992Maximizing SAVE return?
62.045DEMING::SORRELLSFri Feb 14 1992The middle class and tax policy
63.05CAMONE::ZIOMEKFri Feb 14 1992PCFN on Prodigy
64.026A1VAX::DISMUKEFri Feb 14 1992RECOMMENDED BROKER/FIRM (and why...)
65.028MR4DEC::SRINIVASANMon Feb 17 1992Federal Tax Withholding
66.020JENEVR::MCKIMMon Feb 17 1992To refinance, or not to refinance...
67.031RIPPLE::KOTTERRIMon Feb 17 1992Charles J. Givens: Opinions?
68.015SALEM::NEAULTTue Feb 18 1992Stock Splits
69.03ISLNDS::HUTNICKTue Feb 18 1992Commodities? Where to look?
70.06DECEAT::SHAHTue Feb 18 1992Kendall Square Research
71.03RTPSWS::HERRTue Feb 18 1992Comments on extended index play
72.027MRKTNG::VULLOWed Feb 19 1992Treasury Securities
73.09EPIK::FINNERTYWed Feb 19 1992Stock Database
74.02SALEM::NEAULTWed Feb 19 1992DISNEY 4 FOR 1 SPLIT?
75.09CSCMA::BALICHThu Feb 20 1992Capital Gains
76.02NYFDIN::SAMBAMURTYFri Feb 21 1992MIPS computers
77.01MCIS2::SCHULMANMon Feb 24 1992Fidelity Short Term World Income Fund (no-load)
78.013BUSY::CLEMENTMon Feb 24 19921991 Form 8829 questions
79.09STOKES::NEVINTue Feb 25 1992NH tax on interest and dividends
80.07AICADB::RAJANTue Feb 25 1992Wash Sales
81.01GAMBLN::AXELWed Feb 26 1992How do you treat payment for granting easement?
82.020SOLVIT::CHENWed Feb 26 1992Capital Gain and Dividend on Mutual Funds
83.010SCAACT::RESENDEWed Feb 26 1992Portfolio management software packages
86.02FSOA::HWYDOMFri Feb 28 19924
87.03SSBN1::YANKESMon Mar 02 1992Six year old tax errors?
88.08TALLIS::KOCHMon Mar 02 1992How to report capital gains/losses on schedule C?
89.03STAR::VALESMon Mar 02 19924
90.017DECWIN::HURLEYTue Mar 03 19922
91.08CSCOA1::VECERE_VTue Mar 03 1992Unisys is Alive
92.05MCIS2::SCHULMANWed Mar 04 1992The Financial Fund -- input wanted
93.02RANGER::HANNULAThu Mar 05 1992Fee Structure for financial planners
94.025RANGER::HANNULAThu Mar 05 1992Tax-deferred retirement fund disadvantages
95.05MATE::PBURDENThu Mar 05 1992"Fund Watch" Newsletter
96.013JURAN::KITCHINSun Mar 08 1992Tax Treament of Limited Partnership Distributions?
97.05CSCOAC::BURNS_JMon Mar 09 1992tax defered lump sum retirement $
98.02TOSKI::ADAMSTue Mar 10 1992Next Digital SAVE plan Fund A rate?
99.032SOLVIT::MEISELTue Mar 10 1992Novice needs help
100.044WFOV12::CERVONEThu Mar 12 1992Stock Market Tips
101.07ANGLIN::LEHTINENThu Mar 12 1992Tax Form 1116 - Foreign Tax Credit
102.02MAIL::FANGMANThu Mar 12 1992FDIC Help needed.
104.0COGITO::RAJASat Mar 14 1992Newsletter on Computer related stocks
105.0SCHOOL::DESAIMon Mar 16 1992UNO's and Bertuccis
106.05ORACLE::WINDNAGLEMon Mar 16 1992Stock split w/ new shares
107.01WHELIN::ALANTue Mar 17 1992S & P Industry Group data
110.04DECWET::DEROSATue Mar 17 1992For Sale / Wanted note
111.017DPDMAI::VETEIKISTue Mar 17 1992DRIPs
112.02PACFIC::HASTINGSThu Mar 19 1992Want to contact a NEWSLETTER
113.015OURGNG::DICKERSONThu Mar 19 1992$$$ Second Mortgage $$$
114.05SMOGGY::HESSEThu Mar 19 1992Reading Value Line
115.0XCUSME::LEVYFri Mar 20 1992SERP - Retirement investment
116.03ROYALT::LEMIREFri Mar 20 1992Mutual Fund NAV reporting method...
117.012KAHALA::PRESTONFri Mar 20 1992Establishing residency in NH
118.0BROKE::HASANIFri Mar 20 1992Tax Advisor in NY !
119.09WFOV12::CERVONEFri Mar 20 1992Investing In EuroDisney
120.01CSCOAC::BURNS_JFri Mar 20 1992Medium risk/7to9% yield Funds??
121.01CAMONE::ZIOMEKMon Mar 23 1992selling short before a split
122.0EPIK::FINNERTYTue Mar 24 1992Acid test for insider selling
123.020TYFYS::MUNNSTue Mar 24 19921991 Tax Form Q's
124.012MCIS2::SCHULMANWed Mar 25 1992Help SERP people make decisions
125.07TPS::FALORWed Mar 25 1992What is an Annuity?
126.024EPIK::FINNERTYWed Mar 25 1992Stock Value 1
127.07CGOOA::DURNINWed Mar 25 1992No Load International Mutual Fund Investing
128.08BUNDY::LONGThu Mar 26 1992"Profitable Investing" - comments?
129.08SWAM1::HERRING_LAThu Mar 26 1992Glaxo.....
130.02DATABS::ROYALFri Mar 27 1992Construction loan interest tax deductible?
131.05MR4DEC::SRINIVASANFri Mar 27 1992START program by METLIFE
132.08TPS::FALORFri Mar 27 1992Funds that have bombed or defaulted?
133.05CSC32::S_MAUFESun Mar 29 1992pay tax at the end of the year, not each week?
134.01MLCSSE::SHAHMon Mar 30 1992Chambers Development
135.02EPIK::FINNERTYMon Mar 30 1992Trader's Corner
136.02TPS::FALORMon Mar 30 1992How to read Barron's funds list
137.06CGOOA::DURNINMon Mar 30 1992Zweig Funds Track Record
138.03NAMSTE::PATELMon Mar 30 1992Mutual Fund Newsletter
140.071AIDEV::POLIKOFFTue Mar 31 1992Discount brokers
141.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Apr 01 1992Retirement
143.01SCAACT::RESENDEWed Apr 01 1992Selected American Shares loses fund manager
144.02WMOIS::GABIS_BThu Apr 02 1992SERP FILE??
145.06SMAUG::ZOLFONOONMon Apr 06 1992Fidelity's Value and Trend M.F.
146.05STAR::BOUCHARDMon Apr 06 1992Management Fees
147.08MARX::ANDERSONMon Apr 06 1992Legal Tax Havens
148.019JUPITR::LUTZWed Apr 08 1992Will Japan's Nikkei ever go up again???
150.08MINAR::BISHOPThu Apr 09 1992IRAs for minors: rules and regulations?
151.03MRCSSE::COLMANThu Apr 09 1992database of mutual funds?
152.02SMAC::MACARTHURFri Apr 10 1992Wealth Builder By Money Maganzine
153.05SCAACT::MANNFri Apr 10 1992options trade for 91
154.024HABS11::MASONSun Apr 12 1992Short term investment for working capital?
155.01TPS::FALORMon Apr 13 1992Pension investment strategy
156.01RESYNC::D_SMITHTue Apr 14 1992Carleton Sheets home study course
157.01GLDOA::GOPALAKRISHTue Apr 14 1992stock broker license
158.01PUFFNS::ALLIN1Wed Apr 15 1992"Out of Sequence Order?"
159.06NEADEV::HANDLOFFThu Apr 16 1992Confused SERPer Needs Help
160.08GUIDUK::BRENNAN_CAThu Apr 16 1992can one avoid Mass income taxes?
161.012TPS::FALORFri Apr 17 1992Bond vs bond fund prices
163.0BTOVT::WOOSTER_CTue Apr 21 1992Debentures (General)
164.021PAMSRC::QUEUES::BARRETTTue Apr 21 1992Electronic Quote Services
165.06BRAT::WELLSWed Apr 22 1992MET NH Auto
166.01CGHUB::TANGWed Apr 22 1992Don't know how to read performance data
167.09HABS11::MASONWed Apr 22 1992Long term difference between growth and income Mutuals?
168.019BSS::J_DAVIDThu Apr 23 1992Fund families?
169.011BAGELS::REEDFri Apr 24 1992Zero Coupons?
170.03GRANPA::DFEHLEISENFri Apr 24 1992Rare Coin Dealer
171.010NEADEV::HANDLOFFFri Apr 24 1992No-load question
172.01CESARE::CHIARINIMon Apr 27 1992Any Fund Pointer?
173.021VMSDEV::CLABORNMon Apr 27 1992The Fidelity College Savings Plan
174.09HABS11::MASONMon Apr 27 1992Mixing employee and employer contributions in MFs
175.0GRANMA::GHALSTEADMon Apr 27 1992USAA Investment Mang. ???
176.01MRED::CURELOPTue Apr 28 1992Primamerica or/and Keystone Funds
177.06HABS11::MASONTue Apr 28 1992T. Rowe Price investment tidbits...
178.01HELIX::LUNGERWed Apr 29 1992Prudent Man statutes?
179.014COGITO::RAJAWed Apr 29 1992Morris Smith of Fidelity Magellan quits
180.014SCAACT::RESENDEWed Apr 29 1992Closed-end mutual funds
182.0MRCSSE::COLMANFri May 01 1992"Private Pension Plans" (again)
183.0HSOMAI::PALOFri May 01 1992SunAmerica funds
184.05VAXWRK::TCHENMon May 04 1992Citibank's Multimoney accounts in foreign money?
185.052TLE::JBISHOPTue May 05 1992Is this the top?
186.036SOLVIT::BUCZYNSKITue May 05 1992Life Insurance
187.03LEDS::VESESKISThu May 07 1992Evaluating your risk tolerance
188.023AUSTIN::RISTThu May 07 1992Managing Your Money
189.0ROYALT::LEMIREFri May 08 1992"Pinch 15" Fantasy Stock Market Contest...
191.027PSDVAX::SCALAFri May 08 1992Tax avoidance on capital gain.
192.07KYOA::GOLDMon May 11 1992How to form investment club.
193.014MIMS::VECERE_VMon May 11 1992Tax question
194.08CSCMA::M_PECKARWed May 13 1992Bond trends vs. mortgage trends
195.09CGOOA::DURNINWed May 13 1992T. Rowe Price Intl. Information??
197.01CAMONE::ZIOMEKFri May 15 1992What's up with the NASDAQ
198.03DENVER::TILLISONSat May 16 1992Roll Over Ideas?
199.01STAR::BOUCHARDSun May 17 1992Eastern Europe/Commenwealth Funds
200.01ODIXIE::SUDDALAMon May 18 1992Info on fund breakdown
201.03BAGELS::REEDMon May 18 1992Vanguard Health Fund
202.03DECWET::KARMALIMon May 18 1992Mexico stock: Telefonos De Mexico (TMX)
203.023DECWET::KARMALIMon May 18 1992Gold indicators seem bullish
204.01NEADEV::HANDLOFFTue May 19 1992Short-term bonds safe?
205.044TPS::FALORTue May 19 1992Questions on IRA mechanics
206.05LANDO::OBRIENTue May 19 1992Gifts to Minors
207.01MRED::CURELOPThu May 21 1992Mutual Fund Daily Standings
208.015CASDOC::MEAGHERThu May 21 1992Tax-Free Funds
209.01HABS11::MASONMon May 25 1992Northeast Planning Associates
210.016MUHIS::HSTOECKLINTue May 26 1992Eurotunnel
211.0WFOV12::CERVONEWed May 27 1992Paine Webber Inv. Seminar - FREE
212.06DECWET::COLGATEThu May 28 1992Starbucks IPO underwriter?
213.0BAGELS::KUMARFri May 29 1992Opinion on Metastock
214.029VAXWRK::SWARDFri May 29 1992CIFRA
216.021HOCUS::TLEEMon Jun 01 1992Mortgage question: Hmmmmm....
217.01PUFFNS::ALLIN1Tue Jun 02 1992Common Stock Purchase Warrants
218.04SCAACT::RESENDETue Jun 02 1992Is timing important?
219.07ASDG::CASASTue Jun 09 1992Basic Questions on Selling Stock
220.019TNPUBS::C_MILLERWed Jun 10 1992Monetta Fund
221.0SORGEN::HELMUTTue Jun 16 19921
222.03KAOFS::M_MORINWed Jun 17 1992Mortgage re-newal during U.S. elections.
223.011CGHUB::RYANWed Jun 17 1992Financial Advisor Recommendations??
224.08WONDER::HALLERThu Jun 18 1992 Vanguard GNMA
225.04PAMSRC::SKELDINGFri Jun 19 1992shorting on margin
226.01COGITO::LMARCOCCIOThu Jun 25 1992T-Bill Rate Flux, and Refinancing
227.03SMAUG::ZOLFONOONThu Jun 25 1992Investing through CompuServe?
228.01JUPITR::LUTZFri Jun 26 1992Nikkei hits Oct. '86 low...
229.013AKOCOA::KDUNNFri Jun 26 1992notes file to discuss jewels investments?
230.06DIODE::CROWELLSun Jun 28 1992IRS rules/limits for stock loss
231.07SCAACT::MANNMon Jun 29 1992info on Aldus, Rasterops
232.019JULIET::CABANA_JUMon Jun 29 1992Bob Brinker's Money Line show
233.0COGITO::LMARCOCCIOMon Jun 29 1992Tracking T-Bills
234.01KYOA::BOYLEWed Jul 01 1992Calculations and valuations...
235.010DPDMAI::VETEIKISThu Jul 02 1992Utilities?
236.09RAVEN1::MKENNEDYTue Jul 07 1992
237.065BSS::J_DAVIDTue Jul 07 1992Mortgage rates?
238.0CECEHV::PALOTue Jul 07 1992European Brokerage Firms
240.04BROKE::ZEHNGUTThu Jul 09 1992margin borrowing questions
241.05NEWOA::MACLEODFri Jul 10 1992Network Marketing/AMWAY ??
242.04ROYALT::KARTENMon Jul 13 1992Investment Books, Courses??
243.05SPESHR::FORTIERTue Jul 14 1992Banyan, any info?
244.04MRKTNG::SAXENATue Jul 14 1992Wealth Building Letter
245.0TNPUBS::C_MILLERTue Jul 14 1992Query on BABSON Mutual Fund(s)
247.026SFCWed Jul 15 1992Ostriches
248.049TPSYS::SHAHWed Jul 15 1992Quicken Note
249.0CAMONE::ZIOMEKThu Jul 16 19921 company split's into 2
250.05VIZUAL::FINNERTYThu Jul 16 1992Perot
251.016KYOA::LAZARUSThu Jul 16 1992Dividend Reinvestment Plan Info
252.01SALEM::POTUCEKThu Jul 16 1992
253.02SOLVIT::CHENMon Jul 20 1992The market and the presidential politics
254.019MRKTNG::BOOTHTue Jul 21 1992Will Rates Fall?
255.04DECEAT::SHAHThu Jul 23 1992Where in IRS to call for previuos tax forms ?
256.01VINO::SPIELMANThu Jul 23 1992Fidelity- r.e. orders getting split
257.0TPSYS::SHAHTue Jul 28 1992Wellcome PLC
258.0CGHUB::RYANWed Jul 29 1992Tucker Anthony/Anchor???
259.05CSSE::POTTERThu Jul 30 1992loss on residence sale
260.02NECSC::PRICEWed Aug 05 1992FDIC auctions
261.07SMAUG::ZOLFONOONFri Aug 07 1992Savings bonds offered by DEC
262.0LAVGOD::ALLENMon Aug 10 1992Asset Tracking Spreadsheet
263.011SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Aug 13 1992NASD Notes
264.06COGITO::LMARCOCCIOFri Aug 14 199212(b)-1 Fees
265.05SALEM::SHAH_JMon Aug 17 1992Fidelity/Financial Funds
266.02WHO3Tue Aug 18 1992Wealth Building Letter
267.06ROMWed Aug 19 1992Dividends: when?
268.021WMOIS::COPPOLA_MWed Aug 19 1992Wang in Chapter 11
269.02SOLVIT::CHENMon Aug 24 1992Cross-Posting: Barron's Article on Hong Kong
270.08RT95::HUFri Aug 28 1992California Prommissory Notes
271.010RESYNC::D_SMITHTue Sep 01 1992Tips needed for first time investor
272.010XNTRIK::MAGOONTue Sep 01 1992Municipal bond questions
273.011STOKES::NEVINThu Sep 03 1992Current info on IDS?
274.04AKOCOA::GLANTZTue Sep 08 1992Astrologer's Fund
276.03COGITO::LMARCOCCIOTue Sep 15 1992Mutual Fund Insurance
277.012BROKE::RAMWed Sep 16 1992Good tips for a $1
278.016SFCWed Sep 16 1992Investing in Europe
279.016ELWOOD::ROCKWELLFri Sep 18 1992ideas for a rookie?? on where to park $$$
280.020SALEM::SHAH_JMon Sep 21 1992< Any good deal on refinancing??? >
281.0BAZZER::CULLEYThu Sep 24 1992Futures Fund Advisors.
282.021SNAX::WAGERMon Sep 28 1992Futures??
283.019MCIS2::BONVALLATMon Sep 28 1992SLM International
284.012BROKE::ZEHNGUTTue Sep 29 1992Schwab Equalizer software
285.09DPDMAI::VETEIKISFri Oct 02 1992bond fund vs money market?
286.010VMSDEV::HAMMONDFri Oct 02 1992British American -- Ken Roberts
287.01HANNAH::KUMARFri Oct 02 1992UKL --> USD Historic data wanted
288.01DECEAT::LENTZMon Oct 05 1992Emerging Mexico Fund
289.018BALBOA::HOSSEINITue Oct 06 1992LOTUS and AST Reseach
290.07SPECXN::KANNANWed Oct 07 1992Analysis Packages....
293.07SCAACT::ADISESHANTue Oct 13 1992Strong Short Term Bonds
294.08SELL3::DAIGLEThu Oct 15 1992???Latin American No Load Funds???
295.03CTHQ1::COLLOPYMon Oct 19 1992Stop orders on the OTC
296.02CAMONE::ZIOMEKTue Oct 20 1992What happens after the election?
297.013SATIRE::MATATIAWed Oct 21 1992Extra perks with stocks (and dividend reinvest.)
298.01HELIX::ROURKEThu Oct 22 1992The Guardian, financial aid for college
299.04ASDG::MISTRYThu Oct 22 1992Consumer vs. Broker: What are my rights?
300.05REFDV1::FERRETTIMon Oct 26 1992IRA Index Fund
301.02BAGELS::HANNULATue Oct 27 1992Dow Jones average for last year or two?
302.04FRITOS::TALCOTTThu Oct 29 1992Looking for name of company in The Smart Investor Special Report
303.04GAVEL::GUPTAFri Oct 30 1992Market trends-before and after Pres. elections
304.07EMDS::SYMMESTue Nov 03 1992Stock Portfolio Liquidation Strategy
305.0GEOFF::G_SCHULTZThu Nov 05 1992Dracut, MA townhouse for no $ down
306.06ASDG::CASASThu Nov 05 1992Foreclosure/Bankruptcy
307.03CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZFri Nov 06 1992Vote on reinstating IRA deductions
308.014ESKIMO::RAJORAWed Nov 11 1992Hibbard Brown and Co.
309.06SPECXN::KANNANMon Nov 16 1992What's the tax deal with Custodial Accounts?
310.05KELVIN::MCKINLEYWed Nov 18 1992Automatic payments from bank accounts
311.01GUMBAH::DAWSONWed Nov 18 1992Adrian Day...info?
312.013CSOA1::FISHERThu Nov 19 1992Taxes & the Dec 7th Transistion?
313.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Nov 20 1992FORBES/Brennan Feud
314.05BALBOA::HOSSEINIMon Nov 23 1992Borland (BORL)
315.0VMSDEV::CLABORNTue Nov 24 1992Var. mort. VS. short term bond funds
316.057RANGER::SCHLENERTue Nov 24 1992Interest rates - where are they going?
317.05SITBUL::UGTue Nov 24 1992UK mutual fund (unit trust) advice needed
318.06KELVIN::NEVINWed Nov 25 1992Private Mortage Insurance vs. Life Insurance
319.013VMSNET::RRICKWed Nov 25 1992Residence Gain - Stock Loss =
320.03SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Nov 30 1992Dell Computer
321.01XCUSME::ADAMS_BMon Nov 30 1992Buying T-Bills directly from the Fed
322.02HALFDM::GOETZEMon Nov 30 1992How do you get your security code for the Investor Services TT service
323.0DECWIN::VANDERPOOLWed Dec 02 1992avoiding IRA penalties
324.08AUDIBL::BOOTHWed Dec 02 1992Wealthbuilder SW
325.0SAINT::STCLAIRMon Dec 07 1992Good bye
326.01--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 07 1992How to Buy Stock?
327.05SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYTue Dec 08 1992Investment Newleter
328.02PUFFNS::ALLIN1Wed Dec 09 1992I smell a rat!
329.03SPECXN::KANNANThu Dec 10 1992Mutual Funds. Market Timing and Horse Manure?
330.015CSC32::D_HIGHLANDThu Dec 10 1992Fund minimums
331.017SOFBAS::LORADITCHThu Dec 10 1992IPO's How to "subscribe"
332.014ELWOOD::KAPLANThu Dec 10 1992Fidelity's On-Line Express (FOX)
333.023RANGER::SCHLENERThu Dec 17 1992Want to invest but am in the dark
334.035WAREGL::CHANDRASEKHAFri Dec 18 1992Microsoft as investment?
335.05RANGER::GORCZYCAMon Dec 21 1992What makes T-BILL rates tick?
336.01MSBCS::SHAHTue Dec 22 1992Dial on RADIO and TV ??
337.0RDGENG::LAVIALThu Dec 24 1992Newspaper Investment in the UK
338.051SUBWAY::DAVIDSONTue Dec 29 1992Dollar Cost Averaging?
339.038SDTMKT::WALKERWed Dec 30 1992Saving for College - Advice?
341.0148TPSYS::SHAHThu Dec 31 1992Tax questions 1992
342.05SUBWAY::DAVIDSONSat Jan 02 1993Become wealthy via options
343.02AIMHI::CABRALTue Jan 05 1993Ames stock..symbol AMESV
344.011QUABBI::"jeske@src.dec.com"Wed Jan 06 1993Sun Microsystems
345.025MSBCS::HURLEYWed Jan 06 1993Intel
346.086--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 06 1993IBM stock
347.0YIELD::KHANThu Jan 07 1993ZYLOG Stock info?
348.08GUIDUK::TREMBLAYThu Jan 07 1993mutual funds on margin?
349.02GUIDUK::TREMBLAYMon Jan 11 1993sequent computer as a buy?
350.01CSLALL::BARRESITue Jan 12 1993network marketing?
351.01TLE::JBISHOPTue Jan 12 1993Tax-adjusted total return source wanted
352.07ASDG::WATSONTue Jan 12 1993Kaufman Fund
353.0KEDZ::SOTTILEWed Jan 13 1993TransAmerica Mutual fund
354.03KYOA::BOYLEWed Jan 13 1993How to determine avg annual return??
355.05STAR::PARKEThu Jan 14 1993DRIP and service charges paid by the company Question
356.022LAVGOD::SIMONIANTue Jan 19 1993Stock Analysis software and Automatic feed
357.01TPSYS::SHAHTue Jan 19 1993Junk bond/high yield funds?
358.03TPSYS::SHAHTue Jan 19 1993New Millenium Fund
359.01MCIS2::SHERWINTue Jan 19 1993Calculating returns
360.06HERON::BUCHANANWed Jan 20 1993Currency Information Online ?
361.09ROYALT::KARTENWed Jan 20 1993Fund Closing to new investors?
362.01KOALA::VOXEL::grinnellFri Jan 22 1993Selling Low Priced, Small Cap stocks
363.013MCIS2::SHERWINMon Jan 25 1993Fidelity Insight. How insightful are they??
364.02BREAK::VANOTue Jan 26 1993Vanguard Newsletter
365.02AKOCOA::GLANTZWed Jan 27 1993Home Insurance
366.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 27 1993Robertson Stephenson Growth
367.01MPGS::RAJANThu Jan 28 1993Margin for selling naked calls
368.02KYOA::BOYLEFri Jan 29 1993mentor graphics???
369.016TPSYS::SHAHFri Jan 29 1993S&P Stock Guide
370.010LEDS::SIMARDMon Feb 01 1993Retirement in 2
371.012MR4DEC::BMCWILLIAMSWed Feb 03 1993Unloading the losers -- when?
372.09LEDS::SIMARDWed Feb 03 1993need life insurance for an older person
373.020BUSY::CLEMENTThu Feb 04 1993Safe Investment Ideas ?
374.02LEDS::SIMARDThu Feb 04 1993can a normal person fax a tax return?
375.01CTHQ::BELENKYThu Feb 04 1993LIST OF IPOs
376.046SDSVAX::SWEENEYSat Feb 06 1993General topic on Mutual Funds
377.05LEDS::SIMARDMon Feb 08 1993baseball cards?
378.0CSOADM::ROTHMon Feb 08 1993Wireless Cable - Investment Caution
379.0SOLVIT::MJACKSONTue Feb 09 1993NASDAQ Newsletters???
380.05AUDIO::MCGREALWed Feb 10 1993BIOGEN question
381.03LEDS::SIMARDThu Feb 11 1993glossary?
382.022ASIC::MANCINIFri Feb 12 1993Mutual Funds with Loads ?
383.04SITBUL::MQUINLANFri Feb 12 1993Martin Zweig's Market Model
384.013TOLKIN::DALYFri Feb 12 1993Fidelity Asset Manager/Puritan?
385.02SLOAN::HOMFri Feb 12 1993To INDEX or not to INDEX
386.01DECWET::KARMALIFri Feb 12 1993Canadian investor buying mutual funds in US.
387.0133SUBWAY::DAVIDSONMon Feb 15 1993Clinton's Economic Plan
388.014MSBCS::CARONWed Feb 17 1993Where to invest on a short term?
390.06SWLAVC::HOSSEINIFri Feb 19 1993HMO Stocks under Clinton
391.03CSC32::K_BOUCHARDSun Feb 21 1993Scudder funds?
392.02SU2PLY::MACDONALDMon Feb 22 1993Thoughts on high risk/reward equity funds
393.08SMAUG::GARRODMon Feb 22 1993US Macroeconomic data. Discussion thereof.
394.0THIRD::HERRTue Feb 23 1993Information on FNN/Signal ?
395.01DSSDEV::PIEKOSTue Feb 23 1993Institutional Investors
396.02NAMSTE::PATELTue Feb 23 1993Investing in PDA
397.03CSLALL::ROSSOWWed Feb 24 1993Online Info on Put/Call Options?
398.04WFOV11::CERVONEThu Feb 25 1993Question on Command Credit Corp.
399.017PARVAX::WARDLE_MFri Feb 26 1993Biomet (BMET)
400.011MSBCS::KALKUNTEMon Mar 01 1993New Clinton tax policy for homeowners ?
401.08DPDMAI::VETEIKISMon Mar 01 1993Choice on Value Fund?
402.035MSBCS::HURLEYTue Mar 02 1993helping mom
403.04ICS::KAUFMANNWed Mar 03 1993Questions on coupon bearer bond
404.0SITBUL::MQUINLANWed Mar 03 1993Utilization Review Companies
405.029ASDG::WATSONWed Mar 03 1993Peter Lynch
406.0LMOPST::AUDIO::MCGREALWed Mar 03 19931-8
407.0MR4DEC::REICHSun Mar 07 1993UIT for Mass munis?
408.08GRANMA::GHALSTEADTue Mar 09 1993Stock Split buying strategy
409.04VSSTEG::CHENGTue Mar 09 1993tax return help on bussiness loss
410.068PUFFNS::ALLIN1Wed Mar 10 1993Is There Such a Thing as "No Cost" Mortgage Refinancing?
411.08NECSC::BIELSKIThu Mar 11 1993Prognosis for Small Cap stocks?
412.08LEDS::SIMARDThu Mar 11 1993what are your thoughts on this...
413.01ISLNDS::CONROYFri Mar 12 1993Mortgage interest income question
415.02WFOV12::CERVONETue Mar 16 1993American Association Individual Investers
416.09ROWLET::AINSLEYTue Mar 16 1993How do you know when a stock is going public?
417.014DECWIN::HURLEYWed Mar 17 1993Variable Universal Life Insurance
418.0NECSC::EINESWed Mar 17 1993Real-time quotes via TELEMET
419.04MSBCS::HURLEYThu Mar 18 1993Fidelity growth or Wellington fund
420.02ICS::MANDEVILLEFri Mar 19 1993Variable Retirement Annuity
421.06CADSYS::BOLIO::BENOITFri Mar 19 1993Investment models
422.06VINO::ALAMSun Mar 21 1993CPA recommendation, please
423.0NOVA::FINNERTYMon Mar 22 1993Arithmetic vs Geometric Returns
424.0LEDS::SIMARDTue Mar 23 19934
425.06--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 23 1993DRUG stocks - Are they a bargain ?
426.03DEMON::AMTTue Mar 23 1993Investment Clubs - Eastern MA
427.06SMAUG::ZOLFONOONWed Mar 24 1993deductible M.V. taxes
428.014WFOV12::CERVONEWed Mar 24 1993Barrons (Weekly Financial Newspaper)
429.018SLEKE::MCCOYThu Mar 25 1993Investment Advise #44393.
430.03BRWSTR::WATSONFri Mar 26 1993"Covered Puts?"
431.09RANGER::JAARSMAMon Mar 29 1993Need advice on investment funds
432.03CPDW::ROSCHTue Mar 30 1993Morningstar Reports - where?
433.03CPDW::ROSCHWed Mar 31 1993Donoghue Signal Number
434.06MAIL::PICKETTWed Mar 31 1993Where should we invest next?
435.011TUXEDO::YANKESThu Apr 01 1993Goodbye!
437.02COMET::RINESMITHFri Apr 02 1993Commonwealth Financial Group (unleaded gas)
438.08AOSG::GILLETTSun Apr 04 1993Where are the 1
439.05NAMSTE::PATELMon Apr 05 1993Printing Laser output to DEC Printer
440.03NECSC::BIELSKITue Apr 06 1993Perot: quirk or correlation?
441.030HYEND::T_HOLLANDWed Apr 07 1993Best Business Publication = ?
442.02LMOPST::AUDIO::MCGREALWed Apr 07 1993National Association of Investors (NAIC) ?
443.0JUDYL::SWARTZThu Apr 08 1993Investing at a Discount NYIF
444.0MSBCS::HURLEYThu Apr 08 1993Norman G Howarth & Associates
445.05VMSDEV::HAMMONDThu Apr 08 1993"Scientific Investment" newsletter -- Euler/Chidester
446.04ASD::DIGRAZIAFri Apr 09 1993Moving money quickly, wire or otherwise...
447.04SWAM1::KIRBY_KRMon Apr 12 1993Bowser Report?
448.0BSS::J_DAVIDMon Apr 12 1993REA ?
449.011ZENDIA::SCHOTTMon Apr 12 1993Mortgage cramming? Real or scam?
450.05NODEX::BRASSWed Apr 14 1993Transfer Zero coupon bonds to IRA?
451.01SWSCHZ::SCHEINOHAThu Apr 15 1993Primerica Financial Services
452.02DSSDEV::PIEKOSThu Apr 15 1993Class 'B' common shares
453.014SNAX::WAGERFri Apr 16 1993Tax: Personal Exemptions claimed on W4
454.02SALEM::SHAH_JMon Apr 19 1993Need advise on Health Care Fund.
455.01ISLNDS::CONROYTue Apr 20 1993question on Municiple Bond Fund
456.016--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 20 1993HOW TO MAKE OVER 2
457.05ISLNDS::KAMINSKYThu Apr 22 1993Sale of stock
458.0107LMOPST::AUDIO::MCGREALFri Apr 23 1993Is INTEL a good buy at $24, having split 2:1 TWICE?
459.05MRSVAX::TSMITHFri Apr 23 1993Amortization formula?
460.01DOMO::NEILFri Apr 23 1993Information re E*TRADE
461.05EMDS::MAURERMon Apr 26 1993Managed Options???
462.01DNEAST::STEVENS_JIMTue Apr 27 1993Adancved Micro Devices (AMD)
463.08MSBCS::HURLEYTue Apr 27 1993SSG
464.034RANGER::PANDYATue Apr 27 1993(Term + Savings) Vs (Whole Life)
465.04NODEX::BRASSTue Apr 27 1993IRAs and Trusts
466.010SOLANA::HARTZELLThu Apr 29 1993Save for car vs house
467.09SPESHR::ROCKWELLFri Apr 30 1993Interest rate CRYSTAL BALL??
468.08LAVGOD::SIMONIANTue May 04 1993Banking Bureau or agency for Loan Discrepency
470.09LMOPST::AUDIO::MCGREALFri May 07 1993Why does a stock split (aka Intel will split 2 for 1 on June 6)?
471.0VAXWRK::SWARDWed May 12 1993Forbes Special Situation Survey
472.01DECSIM::HAMAN::GROSSFri May 14 1993Bank mutual funds
473.05SFCTue May 18 1993Natural Gas
474.08NOVA::FINNERTYWed May 19 1993Asset Allocation/Portfolio Management
475.0ROCK::MURPHYWed May 19 1993Options Broker Recommendation
476.04TLE::JBISHOPWed May 19 1993Learning from Generational Experience
477.05--UnknownUser--Thu May 20 1993Advise: Firm sold/bought funds without permission
478.0SUBWAY::WALKERFri May 21 1993PMTI?
479.01PARVAX::WARDLE_MFri May 21 1993Quidel
480.03DPDMAI::VETEIKISMon May 24 1993Bond Fund decision
481.06NAC::HEERMANCETue May 25 1993World Currency Markets and the effects of a devalued $
482.07MPGS::GARLAPATIThu May 27 1993TIME WARNER stock
483.017TOOK::SPENCERFri May 28 1993Relief from state taxes
484.04VAXWRK::SWARDFri May 28 1993Stock market open or closed on Mem. day?
485.05SSGVFri May 28 1993Retirement Planning Software
486.047WFOV11::CERVONETue Jun 01 1993Immune Response Corp.
488.09AKOCOA::WESOLOWSKIWed Jun 02 1993Trying to avoid Estate Taxes?
489.014SDTMKT::WALKERThu Jun 03 1993Funds to start with
490.0GLDOA::SIEMBORThu Jun 03 1993Theorums to Live By
491.0POBOX::GREENFri Jun 04 1993Budget/debt advise provided by charity
492.011MSBCS::HURLEYFri Jun 04 1993Irs and max deposit
493.02DPDMAI::TORRESEFri Jun 04 1993Credit Issues
494.0ASD::DIGRAZIAMon Jun 07 1993Dean Witter funds?
495.05CSC32::S_MAUFEMon Jun 07 19931 account or two for twins?
496.02ELIXIR::SPIELMANMon Jun 07 1993Seek info on FIDO Conv. Sec. Fund
497.04AOSG::GILLETTMon Jun 07 1993Andrea Electronics
498.031DABEAN::NEARYThu Jun 10 1993'Quicken' equiv. for $6.95! First 1,
499.014VNASWS::RANZINGERTue Jun 15 1993A Dollar aint a Dollar anymore
500.01CADSYS::BOLIO::BENOITTue Jun 15 1993CGM Fixed Income Fund
501.01ASDG::HORTONThu Jun 17 1993High yield natural gas trust
502.024MCIS2::BONVALLATThu Jun 17 1993Gundle Environmental
503.04CASPRO::LMARINOTue Jun 22 1993Disclosure and Ethics
504.015ANOVAX::JWICKERTTue Jun 22 1993Snapple
505.05PUFFNS::VICKERSWed Jun 23 1993Advise on buying a business
506.016STAR::GOLDSTEINWed Jun 23 1993L.C. Wegard, brokerage firm?
507.02COFFEE::CHENMon Jun 28 1993What is S&P 5
508.05ZENDIA::FERGUSONTue Jun 29 1993Stride-Rite?
509.07ZENDIA::FERGUSONTue Jun 29 1993Levi-Strauss listed on any exchange?
510.024PINION::MCCONNELLTue Jun 29 1993Global funds?
511.0FREEBE::NEARYTue Jun 29 1993Smart Money Bugs / Fixes
512.02ASD::DIGRAZIATue Jun 29 1993Denning Mobile Robotics
513.0TINCUP::VENTURELLAWed Jun 30 1993Virtual Reality
514.05DSSDEV::PIEKOSWed Jun 30 1993Shorting Mutual Funds
515.01MR4DEC::JMILESKIThu Jul 01 1993Digital Investment Club
516.03BROKE::ZEHNGUTFri Jul 02 1993How to protect against rising interest rates
517.0ODIXIE::GELINEAUTue Jul 06 1993Is QMS a Buy???
518.06ZENDIA::FERGUSONWed Jul 07 1993Gold funds: will they continue to be hot?
519.015SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Jul 07 1993Investment of inheritance
520.0MAYDAY::ANDRADEThu Jul 08 1993INCOME & PRICE inflation
521.018MKOTS3::COUTUREThu Jul 08 1993Charles Scwabb for No-Load investing?
522.03MSBCS::HURLEYFri Jul 09 1993silver
523.012ZENDIA::FERGUSONTue Jul 13 1993Interactive TV
524.0BRASS::KRIEGERTue Jul 13 1993Robert Farrell on Investing themes for the 9
525.04COLWed Jul 14 1993stocks, warrants data.... online
526.01WFOV12::CERVONEThu Jul 15 1993AKLM International
527.01SWLAVC::HOSSEINIThu Jul 15 1993GUPTA (GPTA) Corp.?
528.013MIMS::BEKELE_DThu Jul 15 1993Novell
529.0ANOVAX::JWICKERTThu Jul 15 1993Lyondell Petrochemical
530.02RANGER::FALLISSat Jul 17 1993Broker cold calling
531.05DWOMV2::KINNEYMon Jul 19 1993midwest flooding/corn futures
532.019SCAM::MURDOCKMon Jul 19 1993Growth, lo risk, no load :-)
533.01I18N::GLANTZMon Jul 19 1993Total Return for Bonds = ?
534.015MSBCS::SHAHTue Jul 20 1993AT&T or MCI ?
535.035KAOOA::LBEATTIEWed Jul 21 1993Person in financial distress
536.04WELLER::FANNINWed Jul 21 1993Cray Computer
537.03CSOA1::ECKThu Jul 22 1993Stratacom ??
538.0AKOCOA::BYLANDER_YFri Jul 23 1993Think again...
539.0TUXEDO::WRAYWed Jul 28 1993Tax advisor wanted
540.01SOFBAS::SHERMANThu Jul 29 1993assigning proxy
541.05SAHQ::SEERNANIFri Jul 30 1993MS good buy at 73 ??
542.02MSBCS::SHAHMon Aug 02 1993Things cliamed as tax deductions when buying house
543.03KAHALA::HOLMESWed Aug 04 1993S&P 5
544.01DECWIN::HURLEYFri Aug 06 19931993 IRS Tax Penalty Question
545.02EPS::MEGAWed Aug 11 1993Tap IRA for first time home?
546.05BINKLY::AIRESWed Aug 11 1993Bay Area CA Real State Market
547.0THEBAY::CHABANEDWed Aug 11 1993Anyone you know work for Schwab?
548.019ICS::SIMONEAUThu Aug 12 1993First time investing
549.08BUFFER::BENSONFri Aug 13 1993Apple
550.016ODIXIE::GELINEAUFri Aug 13 1993Any Investment Ideas in Europe?
551.09KISMIF::STUKALINMon Aug 16 1993New Tax rates-care to speculate on short term effecect
553.021CPDW::ROSCHWed Aug 18 1993Stockbroker course
554.02RUMOR::MASTROFri Aug 20 1993Federal Reserve and the Money Supply
555.037STOWOA::HANNULAMon Aug 23 1993investing $1
556.01NPOGRP::DOIRONMon Aug 23 1993Investment Club
557.03EVOAI2::$TRICHETMon Aug 23 1993MACD question
558.06SNKERZ::SOTTILETue Aug 24 1993Discovery Zone
559.036SPECXN::KANNANWed Aug 25 1993What's with the market?
560.0RANGER::CRAWFORDTue Aug 31 1993SEC Form 8K ...what does this mean?
561.05TLE::EKLUNDTue Aug 31 1993Redemption of EE Savings Bonds (problem)
562.07BROKE::SHAHThu Sep 02 1993Shorting Snapple
563.05SWLAVC::HOSSEINIThu Sep 02 1993Class Action Law Suit and Broker
565.09YUPPIE::CHANDRASEKHAWed Sep 08 1993downturn in sept/oct likely???
566.01NAPIER::RAJWed Sep 08 1993Wang Labs
567.07CALS::EGOLFFri Sep 10 1993Fortune 5
568.01CPDW::ROSCHFri Sep 10 1993Standard Commission Rate Schedule
569.02LUDWIG::SADINMon Sep 13 1993Farmers Mortgage?
570.07TNPUBS::BELLUSCIMon Sep 13 1993Sybase
571.010LMOPST::AUDIO::MCGREALTue Sep 14 1993Financial information on Intuit
572.0LEDS::DTSULLIVANTue Sep 14 1993AAII Information
573.010CSCMA::BALICHTue Sep 14 1993TAXFREE childcare vs tax deduction
574.02SOFBAS::LORADITCHThu Sep 16 1993OK with the SEC?
575.01SMURF::PISACRETAFri Sep 17 1993CFA Exam?
576.015SISE::ZELTSERMANFri Sep 24 1993lurking capital gains in funds
577.01SWLAVC::HOSSEINIMon Sep 27 1993Dowvision News?
578.0711SRUS::TLE::PERIQUETTue Sep 28 1993Barnes & Noble goes public
579.02DATABS::HUSSAINThu Sep 30 1993Ferrofluidics stocks
580.032CPDW::ROSCHThu Sep 30 1993Time to buy Gold?
581.05CPDW::ROGERSMon Oct 04 1993Tax Free Scudder Funds?
582.020ISLNDS::HUTNICKWed Oct 06 1993Marcam? Any insight?
583.06SCHOOL::DESAIFri Oct 08 1993Tiphook PLC of the U.K.
584.03--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 11 1993friendly games
585.03SWLAVC::HOSSEINIMon Oct 11 1993Software Companies Merger?
586.019MPGS::DUTTAMon Oct 11 1993NOVELL
587.03ZENDIA::FERGUSONWed Oct 13 1993Wellfleet Communications
588.0NECSC::PECKARWed Oct 13 1993Your money or your life" author speaks tonite at Radcliff
589.020CPDW::ROSCHWed Oct 13 1993Chicken
590.0AIMHI::DANIELSFri Oct 15 1993Investment Clubs in Manchester/Merrimack, NH
591.08DABEAN::NEARYFri Oct 15 1993Cabot Market Letter
592.029DLO15::FRANCEYMon Oct 18 1993need hints for speculation
593.03BROKE::RAMMon Oct 18 1993India Liberalization Fund
594.01KAOFS::R_DAVEYTue Oct 19 1993Effect of DEC preferred share issue?
595.02KOALA::BOUCHARDThu Oct 21 1993Spectrum
596.0PINION::MCCONNELLMon Oct 25 1993Amererican Capital U.S. Govt. Trust for Income
597.01CELAVI::KERNSMon Oct 25 1993Oppenheimer Main Street Income and Growth
598.030CPDW::ROSCHMon Oct 25 1993Road Runner Wave Theory
599.04SOLVIT::CHENTue Oct 26 1993A cure for AIDS?
600.01KOALA::BOUCHARDTue Oct 26 1993Robertson Stephens Contrarian Fund
601.04KYOSS1::HANSONWed Oct 27 1993Best way to research obscure offerings?
602.02NECSC::BIELSKIThu Oct 28 1993How to use Inv. Daily tables?
603.08GNPIKE::JOHNSONThu Oct 28 1993Tax impact of interest-free loan from relative?
604.04SAHQ::SEERNANIMon Nov 01 1993Global Telecom Fund
605.04CPDW::ROSCHTue Nov 02 1993Does America say yes to Japan?
606.05NAMSTE::PATELWed Nov 03 1993Neural Nets : finds best values in stocks
607.0COOKIE::SHEAWed Nov 03 1993Brokerage recommendations?
608.07DAVE::MITTONWed Nov 03 1993FTP Software going public
609.013CPDW::ROSCHWed Nov 03 1993Investor's Alliance
610.09MILKWY::LEThu Nov 04 1993Any Sugestion are welcome
611.01SWLAVC::HOSSEINIMon Nov 08 1993Bowmar (AMEX: BOM)?
612.03VMSDEV::HALLYBTue Nov 09 1993Where are they now?
613.07PARVAX::SCHUSTAKWed Nov 10 1993Mylan Laboratories?
614.07AIAG::LINDSEYWed Nov 10 1993Investing in Central/South America
615.09CSCMA::BALICHFri Nov 12 1993Philip Morris
616.0DELNI::J_CARROLLTue Nov 16 1993Stock Prophet - by Future Wave Software
617.015NPSS::WADEWed Nov 17 1993Safe investment place for house eqity $$$?
618.018VSSPC::MSD524::EstesThu Nov 18 1993Please help define a WASH Sale...
619.0GRANPA::BBARNARDThu Nov 18 1993Investing Club in MD?
620.0CADSYS::CADSYS::BENOITFri Nov 19 1993Tips on the Bond Market
622.07DRSERC::ROBERTTue Nov 23 1993capital gains
623.0511SRUS::TLE::PERIQUETWed Nov 24 1993Is this pay system & 4
624.04DTRACY::ROYALMon Nov 29 1993Taxes on EE bonds
625.05CSCMA::BALICHMon Nov 29 1993Japan Mutual funds
626.0VPSF::OLESINTue Nov 30 1993Radio Exchange by Telemet
627.017GIAMEM::CASWELLTue Nov 30 1993Stock Symbol for...?
628.02MIASYS::MACGREGORWed Dec 01 1993RETIX info ?
629.0SALEM::SCARDIGNOThu Dec 02 1993Schooner Associates?
630.04ODIXIE::MURDOCKFri Dec 03 1993Fed & Economic manipulation...
631.0SWLAVC::HOSSEINIFri Dec 03 1993Medical Care America (MRX)?
632.010MIASYS::MACGREGORWed Dec 08 1993Deep discount brokerage reommendations ?
633.0MIASYS::MACGREGORWed Dec 08 1993Deep discount broker recommendation.
634.011ODIXIE::MURDOCKWed Dec 08 1993Dollar matching..?!?
636.01BROKE::SHAHFri Dec 10 1993Something wrong with this notesfile?
637.03DATABS::HUSSAINThu Dec 16 1993P\E, please explain.
638.02DATABS::HUSSAINThu Dec 16 1993Any perspective on 3DO?
639.0STOWOA::FERNANDEZThu Dec 16 1993Nike
640.0OOTOOL::HUSSAINFri Dec 17 1993Foodmaker
641.08SALEM::SHAH_JFri Dec 17 1993Gateway Stocks: Need help...
642.02SNAZZY::DUANEMon Dec 20 1993Morningstar diskettes?
643.023MILKWY::BURCHMANMon Dec 20 1993The Next Market Correction?
644.08NETRIX::michaudMon Dec 20 1993Tax Stamps for drugs
645.01GLDOA::RAOTue Dec 21 1993Accutrade anyone?
646.01MARVA2::BUCHMANTue Dec 21 1993Capital gains on options?
647.0MR4DEC::BMCWILLIAMSTue Dec 21 1993Keogh plans
648.0CPDW::ROSCHWed Dec 22 1993Updated Donohue Signal #'s
649.036NECSC::BIELSKIWed Dec 29 1993Is Social Security a Ponzi scheme?
650.022CARROL::YOUNGThu Dec 30 1993Hyper Inflation Investing
651.02BROKE::SHAHMon Jan 03 1994Class Action Suits
652.012CSCMA::BALICHMon Jan 03 1994Looking for ~4% yield, if possible
653.0MARVA2::BUCHMANTue Jan 04 1994ELCOA Fixed Rate certificates
654.03ASIC::MORAWed Jan 05 1994Govt Bonds vs Munis vs Gold funds?
655.013ASIC::MORAWed Jan 05 1994Suggestions for SAVE (4
656.035CSCMA::BALICHWed Jan 12 1994K-Mart department store ?
657.0ISLNDS::HUTNICKThu Jan 13 1994FUR - NYSE -7.1% Dividend
659.018GLDOA::JDOYLEMon Jan 17 1994Investing 4
660.0120BROKE::SHAHTue Jan 18 1994Official 1994 Tax Questions Note
661.01DPDMAI::WALLACEJWed Jan 19 1994Nuveen??
662.01SWLAVC::HOSSEINIWed Jan 19 1994Platinum Software (PSQL)
663.04NODEX::POLIKOFFFri Jan 21 19941
664.01CALDEC::DMILLERFri Jan 21 1994Fidelity Global Balanced Fund
665.08BROKE::SHAHFri Jan 21 1994Reflections on a cold Friday afternoon
667.029BROKE::LOMMEMon Jan 24 1994General Information on Prudential Mutual Funds
668.014RUFUSL::JANOWSKITue Jan 25 1994Novice needs info
669.017CAPNET::WENTWORTHTue Jan 25 1994Need explanation - Futures / Options / Calls / Puts -Gold
670.012NOVA::QUEK::MOYFri Jan 28 1994TAX: Can I deduct cost of QUICKEN?
671.01NODEX::POLIKOFFTue Feb 01 1994Golden Star Resource Ltd.
672.05WHOSWed Feb 02 1994American Power Conversion
673.09SWLAVC::HOSSEINIWed Feb 02 1994Informix (IFMX)?
674.07CADSYS::CADSYS::BENOITFri Feb 04 1994Fed raises short tem rates
675.01RPSTRY::HUSSAINMon Feb 07 1994Stocks of Ch 11 companies.
676.02SALEM::ORLOWSKITue Feb 08 1994INVEST
677.07KOALA::BOUCHARDTue Feb 08 1994Paramount Takeover
679.04USCTR1::GYOUNGWed Feb 09 1994Berger Funds
680.022BROKE::SHAHSat Feb 12 1994Tencor
681.09DECWET::LAURUNEMon Feb 14 1994Is the market high as a whole?
682.02DELNI::DESIRAZUWed Feb 16 1994Adaptec ?
683.04KYOSS1::HANSONFri Feb 18 1994Good European fund for '94?
684.05MSBCS::BROWN_LFri Feb 18 1994Quarterdeck Office SYstems (QDEK)
685.04SWLAVC::HOSSEINIMon Feb 21 1994US Surgical (USS) a buy?
686.012DECWET::LAURUNETue Feb 22 1994Hidden capital gains in mutual funds
687.0BROKE::SHAHTue Feb 22 1994Top Ten Ways to Lead the US to Prosperity
688.012SOLVIT::ENGTue Feb 22 1994National Discount Brokers
689.016VMSDEV::HALLYBWed Feb 23 19941993: Market timing beats buy-and-hold
690.02CPDW::ROSCHThu Feb 24 1994MARKET BEAT by Tom Petruno (petruno@netcom.com)
692.02I18N::GLANTZMon Feb 28 1994Short-term Gains: Individual vs. Mutual Fund
693.06ASDG::MISTRYMon Mar 07 1994Buy South Africa Funds Now?
694.02SOLVIT::CHENWed Mar 09 1994A Trust or A S-Corporation?
695.04MARVA2::BUCHMANWed Mar 09 1994Valence Technology
696.09SNAZZY::DUANEWed Mar 09 1994Schwab Mutual Fund Program
697.012MARVA1::BUCHMANThu Mar 10 1994Recycling worthless stock certificates
698.01CPDW::ROSCHTue Mar 15 1994Fidelity FOX program
699.0157383::SHAHWed Mar 16 1994Thomas James Associates, Inc.
700.07MARVA1::BUCHMANFri Mar 18 1994Hunter Environmental
701.01AIMHI::COOLEMon Mar 21 1994phone # for credit agencies
702.05HELIX::SPIELMANMon Mar 21 1994Fidelity Limiting # Stock Quote Calls
703.01HELIX::SPIELMANMon Mar 21 1994Need 1994 Tax pkg for Macintosh COnfig
704.04USCTR1::SMARINOTue Mar 22 1994Wireless Cable TV
705.011LEDDEV::CHAPSKYWed Mar 23 1994long term interest rates?
706.012CPDW::ROSCHFri Mar 25 1994TeleChart 2
707.09MSBCS::HURLEYMon Mar 28 1994Fabians
708.05ROMTue Mar 29 1994European markets, Compuserve, Technical analisys
709.06WMOIS::SPENCER_DEBThu Mar 31 1994correcting prior years' tax returns
710.032ODIXIE::GELINEAUThu Mar 31 1994Any good re-valued picks?
711.010--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 04 1994MARKET correction goodtime for MUTAL FUNDS ?
713.015MSBCS::HURLEYFri Apr 08 1994investing borrowed $$
714.05NODEX::DOBESFri Apr 15 1994Tax Question regarding Futures Trading.
715.0CSOADM::ROTHSun Apr 17 1994No deduction of home mortgage interest after 3
716.05VMSDEV::HALLYBTue Apr 19 1994Living Trust Inquiry (anon)
717.02NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserTue Apr 26 1994Reverse Mortgages?
718.06HOCUS::BOESCHENTue Apr 26 1994any free advice?
719.05CPDW::ROSCHFri Apr 29 1994WOW
720.0LEDS::VESESKISMon May 02 1994Assabet Valley Investment Club Open House
721.05TPSYS::BONNEAUMon May 09 1994Info on fund performances?
722.0717576::SCARDIGNOMon May 16 1994CD rates in New England
723.04MILKWY::JSIEGELWed May 18 1994Has ABACUS::TRADING moved?
724.04NETRIX::michaudThu May 19 1994Brandywine mutual fund
725.011KISMIF::BROWNThu May 26 1994James Dale Davidson, Strategic Investment
726.03GIAMEM::CASWELLFri May 27 1994Commercial loan questions
727.01WRKSYS::REISERTWed Jun 01 1994Josephal Ryan and Ross
728.04MILKWY::JSIEGELThu Jun 02 1994What exactly does "offered at" mean?
729.08SWAM1::KIRBY_KRFri Jun 03 1994estate avoidance after death
730.02DIODE::CROWELLTue Jun 07 1994SAVE/4
731.032MILKWY::JNGTue Jun 07 1994 Where to invest ?
732.04TOOLS::TLE::PERIQUETWed Jun 08 1994How do you determine "blue-book" value for ring?
733.010GLDOA::MARSHALLTue Jun 14 1994Info on these picks?
734.013MSDOA::HYMESWed Jun 29 1994International Funds
735.01023989::VETEIKISThu Jun 30 1994Speculative Stocks from a Broker?
736.05TLE::PERIQUETThu Jun 30 1994Who bought ASK?
737.021GRANPA::JHAGERTYFri Jul 01 1994retirement and college
738.01FREEBE::NEARYTue Jul 05 1994THE best time of the year for TRADERS
739.01SCHOOL::DESAITue Jul 05 1994Synoptics merges with Wellfleet
740.02SNAX::WAGERWed Jul 06 1994Planning Programs?
741.016ANOVAX::JWICKERTFri Jul 08 1994McDonald's
742.01STOHUB::SLBLUZ::WINKLEMANWed Jul 13 1994Retirement Savings
743.010SNAX::WAGERThu Jul 14 1994IRA Fee's
744.04CPDW::ROSCHThu Jul 14 1994AAII Data
745.0UCROW::PEARSONTue Jul 19 1994ETRADE Discount Brokerage Firm
746.02DECWET::KARMALIThu Jul 21 1994Microsoft shares weak
747.019687::MCEVOYWed Jul 27 1994Rates for Fannie Mae versus Freddie Mac
748.02ENQUE::TAMERThu Jul 28 1994MTI stock anyone ?
749.01ENQUE::TAMERSun Jul 31 1994How about SAP ?
750.02434873::PEREZMon Aug 01 1994Help for Fund and Variable Life Insurance?
751.03582Mon Aug 01 1994Buying/Selling No-load funds???
752.0BLOFLY::SMITHPMon Aug 01 1994Anyone following DSP Group Inc {NASDAQ:DSPG} ??
753.06RUMOR::FALEKWed Aug 03 1994Newbridge Networks?
755.09SYSTEM::NELSONFri Aug 05 1994The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
756.03MNATUR::LISTONWed Aug 10 1994Cabletron - opinions about upcoming split?
757.012SALEM::ORLOWSKIThu Aug 11 1994TAX LOSS for unlisted Penny Stocks
758.01NETRIX::michaudFri Aug 12 1994Getty Petroleum (GTY)
759.0833972::BAHLFri Aug 12 1994Direct Stock Buys (No Brokers Needed)
761.0529881::HALLERFri Aug 19 1994Opinions on Board and Chemical ?
762.01CSOA1::ECKWed Aug 31 1994Asset Allocation
763.05WMOIS::JAMBU_SWed Aug 31 1994chipcom
764.0MILKWY::JSIEGELThu Sep 01 1994BMC Software...what's happening?
765.02VMSDEV::HALLYBMon Sep 05 1994September Song
766.01OFOSWed Sep 07 19948
767.08ELWOOD::KAPLANThu Sep 08 1994Quantum 4
768.04MR1MI1::SHERWINWed Sep 14 1994Investment Contest
769.014AWECIM::VERMAFri Sep 16 1994Umbrella policy without auto insurance
770.09PCOJCT::INGALLSMon Sep 19 1994Investing In NexT???
771.03MSBCS::BROWN_LTue Sep 20 1994Cyrix
772.01ANOVAX::JWICKERTFri Sep 30 1994Is Digital_investing gone?
773.036NETRIX::michaudMon Oct 03 1994Waterhouse Securities, Inc.
774.0FLAMTue Oct 04 1994South Richmond
775.020RUTILE::ZIMANFri Oct 07 1994Apple being bought?
776.050NETRIX::michaudFri Oct 14 1994WWW Hack to quickly get quotes
777.01TPSYS::BONNEAUMon Oct 17 1994Investing for college financing?
778.05DANGER::LEAHYMon Oct 17 1994ticker symbols
779.0SOLVIT::CHENFri Oct 28 1994"Market Price" for diamonds?
780.04CAPNET::ROSCHFri Oct 28 1994Technical Analysis SW Addresses
781.01ZENDIA::FERGUSONMon Oct 31 1994Gov't... a growing business
782.016TLE::FOSTERWed Nov 02 1994WWW Brokerage and Financial Advisory pages
783.063POBOX::CORSONWed Nov 02 1994Geerlings & Wade
784.07ZENDIA::FERGUSONThu Nov 10 1994Investing ideas for an older person, 3-4yr timeframe
787.09LABC::RUMon Nov 14 1994Mutual fund loss and tax.
788.014CASDOC::MEAGHERTue Nov 15 1994How Does a Nation Devalue Its Currency?
789.01POBOX::CORSONWed Nov 16 1994Microcap fund investing
790.09PCBUOA::KRATZWed Nov 16 1994Atari
791.03MKOTS3::COUTURESat Nov 19 1994marketimer subscriber
792.01CIDER::LEVYSun Nov 20 1994measure risk and growth rates?
793.014NAC::OFSEVITMon Nov 21 1994Two bits, four bits...huh?
794.026NAC::OFSEVITMon Nov 21 1994Do interest rates really control inflation?
795.03LABC::RUTue Nov 22 1994Wang stock help!
796.02DANGER::LEAHYSun Nov 27 1994january effect on the dow
798.04NAC::147Mon Dec 05 1994big jump in gas prices--local (MA) or global?
799.01USCTR1::RYAN_JMon Dec 05 1994Please help with spelling
800.02BGSDEV::SRINIVASMon Dec 05 1994GE Interest Plus ???
801.015POBOX::CORSONTue Dec 06 1994new Digital SAVE funds
802.08BUSY::CLEMENTWed Dec 07 1994CD Penalties
803.02BLOFLY::SMITHPWed Dec 07 1994No year-end distribution from Fidelity's Magellan
804.01FREEBE::NEARYFri Dec 09 1994Seeing no "new notes" for weeks, anyone else?
805.010EVMS::HALLYBSun Dec 11 1994The 1995 predictions note
806.06ANGLIN::PICKETTSun Dec 11 1994Need info on Xylogics
807.0SMAUG::RIAZSun Dec 11 1994Bull & Bear brokerage firm?
808.02CSLALL::MNORMANDMon Dec 12 1994Silver Stocks
809.03HELIX::SPIELMANTue Dec 13 1994Gift Tax - giving near year end
810.011CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Dec 27 1994Tax advice needed
811.0MROA::CBENOITThu Dec 29 1994finance
812.07NETRIX::michaudThu Dec 29 1994Dow Jones averages, computed how?
813.07SALEM::TAYLOR_JTue Jan 03 1995Transfer DEC Stock ???
814.07POWDML::DLANETue Jan 03 1995Tax ? on Gift Stocks
815.01JOKUR::FALKOFFri Jan 06 1995What is Dow Jones, really?
816.075ZENDIA::FERGUSONMon Jan 09 1995Official 1995 tax question topic
817.018ASDG::HORTONMon Jan 09 1995Dogs of the Dow
818.0NETRIX::michaudFri Jan 13 1995Hanson (mutual fund)
819.02SOLVIT::CHENFri Jan 13 1995Looking for information on Bausch & Lomb
820.023EVMS::HALLYBTue Jan 17 19951994: Market timing beats buy-and-hold
821.02MR3MI1::RGALLANTFri Jan 20 1995Variable Annuity
822.01VFOVAX::ZITELMANFri Jan 20 1995Sigma Designs - REELMAGIC
823.01LEDS::BATTISTINIMon Jan 23 1995Discussion of DEC stock
824.031SOLVIT::CHENTue Jan 31 1995Mexican bail-out; good or bad?
825.06GRANPA::JHAGERTYWed Feb 01 1995Software venture
826.02KITYKT::HARPINThu Feb 02 1995Recommendations????
827.03NOTAPC::FERNANDEZTue Feb 07 1995Proteon
828.017WEORG::STUARTWed Feb 08 1995Diversify Managers?
829.06NETRIX::michaudTue Feb 14 1995What if Wall St. were bombed?
830.012TUXEDO::CHIUTue Feb 14 1995How do you keep track of your own performance
831.09MROA::WILKESWed Feb 15 1995Fidelity Investments is on the Internet
832.028CSCMA::BALICHThu Feb 16 1995HP - 2nd largest computer company
833.06MILKWY::JSIEGELThu Feb 23 1995Massachusetts UPlan for college tuition
834.06NETRIX::michaudThu Feb 23 1995New DJIA record intra-day high passes 4,
835.015MPGS::DUTTAThu Feb 23 1995RJR NABISCO....need info.
836.04TUXEDO::ROSENBAUMFri Feb 24 1995trading odd lots
837.07DPDMAI::STILLINGSMon Feb 27 1995Limited partnerships/retirement
838.01--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 27 1995Can a bank touch principal of early withdrawal?
839.0VMSNET::D_THAXTONTue Feb 28 1995Time limit on OTC market Trades
840.0SOLVIT::CHENMon Mar 06 1995Are mututal funds at risk?
841.07CTHQ::BERSONWed Mar 08 1995Who is Investors Alliance ?
842.01SOLVIT::CHENThu Mar 09 1995Investing Over 5
843.01STAR::HUSSAINThu Mar 16 1995Questions on Wang warrants.
844.014Thu Mar 16 1995Internet posting of mortgage rates?
845.03CGOOA::KUNDRIKFri Mar 17 1995Hummingbird Communications?
846.06GRANPA::JHAGERTYFri Mar 17 1995starting new business
847.02NETRIX::michaudTue Mar 21 1995Nasdaq new trading system
848.03EMIRFI::MUDGETue Apr 04 1995Looking for a Broker in N.H.
849.08WMOIS::JAMBU_STue Apr 04 1995Sybase..
850.05--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 04 1995Fund Asset Values, Daily and YTD % Changes
851.02CONSLT::MCBRIDEThu Apr 20 1995Unleaded gas futures?
852.01CLARID::JENSENFri Apr 21 1995Jardine Fleming
853.02ASDG::HORTONWed Apr 26 1995First Australia Prime Income Fund
854.03HPCGRP::BENSONThu Apr 27 1995very low cost money market fund ?
855.018POBOX::CORSONThu Apr 27 1995Is Quarterdeck a buy, sell, or hold?
856.03NETRIX::michaudFri Apr 28 1995NETworth (& online fund prospecti)
857.02NODEX::CLBMUD::mcgrealTue May 02 1995Gift to parents and tax write off
858.03GRILLA::LALIBERTEWed May 03 19954
859.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 04 1995Atari (ATC)
860.03SWAM1::KIRBY_KRFri May 05 1995DIJA Companies?
861.011CSOA1::ECKWed May 10 1995Semiconductor Industry
862.0NPSS::WADEFri May 12 1995Physical Therapy for baby boomers
864.042CSCMA::BALICHMon May 15 1995Tech. stocks are surging today bigtime
865.04GLDOA::RAOTue May 16 1995S.A.P. any one?
866.04MNATUR::LISTONWed May 17 1995Oak Technology?
867.01SHRMSG::SNIDERTue May 23 1995Mining Stocks
868.02NETRIX::michaudTue May 30 1995Shorter (T+3) Settlement Day is Dawning
869.04STAR::HUSSAINWed May 31 1995Pros and cons of reverse split.
870.04POBOX::CORSONWed May 31 1995FORTE' Software, Inc.
871.0182Tue Jun 06 1995Why are takeovers so complicated?
872.08NETRIX::michaudTue Jun 06 1995Tick and Closing Tick
873.05CONSLT::MCBRIDEWed Jun 07 1995XICOR? Any takers?
874.013PUFFNS::ALLIN1Sun Jun 11 1995Biweekly Mortgage Payments Are Not Free!
875.02SWAM1::KIRBY_KRWed Jun 14 1995Non-Profit Orgs ??
876.01DELNI::RKAYMon Jun 19 1995Compuserve account, tip on mailing m/f info ?
877.020--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 21 1995Web Sites of Interest
878.010I18N::LIGHTOWLERWed Jun 21 1995Very short term holds of S&P Index funds
879.063OTOOA::BELLONIMon Jun 26 1995Netscape
880.06LABC::RUMon Jun 26 1995Balanced budget and interest rate.
881.07DECWET::KARMALIFri Jun 30 1995What's up with Japan...
882.012AOSG::AFDThu Jul 06 1995Gold
883.02POBOX::CORSONSun Jul 09 1995Mid-term predictions
884.010LUDWIG::FISHERMon Jul 10 1995Calculation needed for car payment figures on terminal
885.02CSCMA::BALICHTue Jul 11 1995Stocks that specialize in DAM repairs ?
886.01JBTue Jul 11 1995Any info on Nextel
887.02EVMS::HALLYBWed Jul 12 1995Buying options or selling short on IRA account
888.0CAPNET::ROSCHThu Jul 13 1995PC Stock Outlook
889.02TLE::PERAROMon Jul 17 1995Question on CD/Cashing/Penalty/Tax
890.01NETRIX::michaudMon Jul 17 1995Earnings reports expected for ...
891.024HDLITE::PASHAPOURTue Jul 18 1995selling stock certificates!
892.050CSCMA::BALICHThu Jul 20 1995What stocks do you OWN and WHY ?
893.09HNDYMN::MCCARTHYMon Jul 24 1995Why (and how) did you get started investing?
894.01SSAG::SUSSWEINWed Jul 26 1995UtiliCorp United
895.05DELNI::KOPECFri Jul 28 19953Com trades 1 Yaz for 2 of Chipcom's Mickey Mantles?
896.016HDLITE::SCHAFERFri Jul 28 1995baby boomer's investing
897.0--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 31 1995Microsoft a buy?
898.07ASDG::WATSONFri Jul 28 1995Amgen could be a big winner
899.011MRKTNG::BROCKWed Aug 09 1995Need URL for new web site
900.05HDLITE::PASHAPOURWed Aug 09 1995List of upcoming IPO's!
901.0MILKWY::SHOWEThu Aug 10 1995Polymedica Industry Inc.(Any Input)
902.012TOPCHZ::HILDEBRANDSun Aug 13 1995Investment fees based on performance?
903.06PCBUOA::JELENIEWSKIMon Aug 14 1995Historic T-Bill %rates?
904.02MIMS::BEKELE_DMon Aug 14 1995Sudden drop in price of bonds?
905.08PONDA::waldman.mso.dec.com::waldmanTue Aug 15 1995Investment Clubs?
906.081CSCMA::BALICHWed Aug 16 1995Micron Technology (MU)
907.01AQUThu Aug 17 1995On line source for News/Company Fundmentals/Reports
908.01NODEX::CLBMUD::mcgrealMon Aug 21 1995VSE Corp ?
909.05NPSS::BENZSun Aug 27 1995REIT guidance ?
910.014STAR::HUSSAINMon Aug 28 1995What's with Caldor Corp (CLD)?
911.02AQUThu Aug 31 1995All Quote Inc
912.01LAVC::CAHILLWed Sep 06 1995Networking (remote access in particular) is a hot place to be
913.0SOLVIT::CHENMon Sep 11 1995US - The most competitive economy
914.09TUXEDO::RIAZMon Sep 11 1995Fed tax-free money mkt fund and MASS tax
915.016WMGEN1:: Sep 14 1995Iomega Corp???
916.07HDLITE::PASHAPOURMon Sep 18 1995WWW Hyperlink terms?
917.03IROCZ::MORRISONMon Sep 18 1995Number Nine Inc.?
918.0EVMS::HALLYBMon Sep 25 1995Long term option (LEAPS) symbols
919.03AQUTue Sep 26 1995Buy DEC Mover's stock ?
920.05DECWET::THOMASWed Oct 04 1995Safeco Equity Fund (SAFQX)
921.02TELEM::HOLMESMon Oct 09 1995WSW last Friday
922.04STRWRS::KOCH_PTue Oct 10 19954
923.051SPESHR::MATATIATue Oct 10 1995Boston Beer Corp. IPO
924.05WMOIS::JAMBU_SThu Oct 12 1995Telecom stocks!
925.014DECWET::JOFri Oct 13 1995World Marketing Association
926.02CAPNET::ROSCHMon Oct 16 1995$1
927.010DECWET::JOTue Oct 17 1995rule of 72
928.010ZENDIA::BOIREAUTue Oct 17 1995Global Monopolies
929.012MPOSWed Oct 18 1995MUTUAL FUND$ FOR DUMMIE$
930.020STAR::HUSSAINThu Oct 19 1995What's with Radius Inc.?
931.08SHRMSG::BARTLEYFri Oct 20 1995Full Serv broker vs. us
932.04GRANPA::JHAGERTYFri Oct 27 1995nursing home plan
933.01NETCAD::WOLFFMon Oct 30 1995Real estate trust
934.02NPSS::BENZWed Nov 01 1995Index funds as semi-tax-deferred vehicle ?
935.015WMODEV::GERARDI_BTue Nov 07 1995CRUS
936.04ZENDIA::FERGUSONTue Nov 07 1995Macro Econ questions
937.07BRAT::MCCRACKENWed Nov 08 1995Tax Free Bonds
938.018NLAThu Nov 09 1995Why the 15 minute delay?
939.0DPDMAI::KNOWLESFri Nov 10 1995Searching for Value Oriented Market Sectors
940.01--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 13 1995Could somebody assist ?
941.054GRANPA::JHAGERTYWed Nov 15 1995Running short of time
942.035CSCMA::BALICHFri Nov 17 1995Stock market reaction with capital gains cut 1/96
943.012CSCMA::BALICHFri Nov 17 1995Hyped up *** INTERNET stocks ***
944.01JOKUR::FALKOFMon Nov 20 1995Determining bond value
945.0157USDEV::CLEMENTMon Nov 20 1995Quick Picks!
946.01ANOVAX::JWICKERTMon Nov 20 1995Waterhouse TradeDirect
947.07SMURF::SCHLOSSTue Nov 28 1995stock trades in an IRA account
948.01SOLVIT::CARLTONTue Dec 05 1995Barron's home delivery? or On-line? Survey
949.0ZENDIA::FERGUSONFri Dec 08 1995Investing in advertising
950.0PADC::KOLLINGSat Dec 09 1995"other" stock/bond type investments
951.01CSC32::P_DICKERSONTue Dec 12 1995Annual Meeting Expenses
952.03USDEV::CLEMENTThu Dec 14 1995Brokerage Transfer Woes
953.03HPCGRP::BENSONThu Dec 21 1995Avid Technology
954.01MIMS::BEKELE_DWed Dec 27 1995Dropping FHA premium
955.02ASABET::SOTTILETue Jan 02 1996Broker relationships
956.041WMODEV::GERARDI_BTue Jan 02 1996Capital gain v. Dividend
957.01HDLITE::PASHAPOURTue Jan 02 1996January effect?!
958.03ZENDIA::FERGUSONWed Jan 03 19961996: portfolio allocation
959.042155::michaudWed Jan 03 1996Financial news report Dan Dorfman fired
960.04LACVWed Jan 03 1996Step right up-PROGNOSTICATE..
961.012155::michaudWed Jan 03 1996Firefox Communications
962.03STAR::FENSTERSun Jan 07 1996Introductory material ?
963.07SCASS1::STILLINGSMon Jan 08 1996Inheritance tax planning
964.01BULEAN::MCGORRILLTue Jan 09 1996Discount broker sought, a REAL one!
965.07MNATUR::LISTONFri Jan 12 1996Comments on this 4
966.02IROCZ::MORRISONFri Jan 12 1996IRS mileage deduction for car travel?
967.0173NODEX::CLBMUD::mcgrealMon Jan 22 1996Flat tax ?
968.02SUBSYS::BATTISTINIMon Jan 22 1996Tax question on splits
969.0CONSLT::MCBRIDEFri Jan 26 1996National Telecommunications
970.03AXPBIZ::WANNOORWed Jan 31 1996Investment for 3-5 years??
971.013PCBUOA::GIUNTAThu Feb 01 1996should I take my retirement money when I leave?
973.040LJSRV1::RICHTue Feb 06 1996Official 1996 tax question topic
974.06ACISS2::ECKSat Feb 10 1996At the Crest of the Tidal Wave
975.01CSLALL::SHAH_JWed Feb 14 1996Need Mortgage Rate help...
976.06EVMS::HALLYBThu Feb 15 1996Desperately seeking 12-Feb Barron's
977.04LJSRV1::RICHThu Feb 15 1996non-deductible IRAs
978.02AIAG::MOOREThu Feb 15 1996Investment Question - Uniform Gift/Transfers to Minors...
979.08FREEBE::NEARYFri Feb 16 1996CNBC ticker info (Send msg to ticker@cnbc.com)
981.09POWDML::OELFKESat Feb 17 1996PEPSICO info ?
982.04PADC::KOLLINGWed Feb 28 1996Fidelity annuities?
983.0PADC::KOLLINGFri Mar 01 1996Vanguard error on 1
984.02GRANPA::GHALSTEADTue Mar 05 1996On-line Stock trading services
985.01ASABET::SOTTILEFri Mar 15 1996Earning/Share Price/Earning
986.0IVOSS1::VILLALOBO_GIFri Mar 15 1996Shielding Assets with an Annuity
987.092155::michaudWed Mar 20 1996Clinton's Proposed 1997 Budget changes to Cap. Gains
988.0ACISS2::HORRIGAN_CTue Mar 26 1996MetaStock vs Windows on Wall Street
989.03MSBCS::HURLEYWed Mar 27 1996investors Association
990.019CIM::LORENMon Apr 01 1996Yahoo, and search engine investing
991.01EVMS::HALLYBTue Apr 09 19961995: Buy and hold beats market timing
992.04RICKS::CHRYSOSFri Apr 12 1996New Investment Club Opportunity
994.01ACISS1::PATELSat Apr 13 1996Investment User Group Opportnity in Chicago
995.05TLE::LESSARDMon Apr 15 1996Signature on certificate affidavit
996.02PCBUOA::KRATZWed Apr 17 1996Intergraph (INGR)
997.043MROA::SRINIVASANWed Apr 17 1996Wonderful world of mutual funds !
998.0624146::COOKThu Apr 18 1996Nightly Business Report - NBR
999.06GRANPA::JHAGERTYFri Apr 19 1996taxes on gift
1000.032155::michaudFri Apr 19 1996Best Single Long Term Investment Vehicle
1001.02WMOIS::JAMBU_STue Apr 23 1996IOMEGA
1002.03MPOSWed Apr 24 1996SAVE fund balances don't match weekly contributions?
1003.05DECWET::CAREYFri Apr 26 1996Exercising stock options for a private company
1004.025TOOK::STLAURENTTue Apr 30 1996Suggestions for 4
1005.06DELNI::GARRETTFri May 03 1996Motley Fool?
1006.05NETRIX::"j_ward@lngrtl.zko.dec.com"Fri May 03 1996best investment after 4
1007.011SHOGUN::JAMBU_SMon May 06 1996Zenith Electronics
1008.03ZENDIA::FERGUSONWed May 22 1996Shareholder meeting anyone?
1009.02MARIN::WANNOORWed May 22 1996Close-ended MF & Preferred Stock
1010.01CPEEDY::KENNEDYFri May 24 1996Open Market Inc. (OMKT)
1011.01ASDG::KHAKIMThu May 30 1996XLTCP, FBST and FTPS
1012.06TELEM::HOLMESThu Jun 06 1996Makeup of averages
1013.03SWAM1::EBERT_VATue Jun 11 1996WOW vs SuperCharts
1014.05TUXEDO::RIAZMon Jun 24 1996help with setting up a small business??
1015.01WOTVAX::LEUNGFThu Jun 27 1996Web address for Commodities info..?
1016.02SALEM::FINKFri Jun 28 1996Barnes and Noble
1017.025RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIFri Jul 12 1996Tech stock sell-off
1018.03TELEM::HOLMESTue Jul 23 1996stratigies/technical analysis...intro question
1019.02STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Jul 25 1996Finding CEO info for a company?
1020.04SCASS1::PARKERDCTue Jul 30 1996Trading Hours
1021.07TELEM::HOLMESMon Aug 19 1996Data sources
1022.023CSCMA::BALICHThu Aug 22 1996Philip Morris(MO) a BUY ???
1023.02BOOKIE::MCKAYFri Aug 23 1996Small investment clubs in NW/Boston area?
1024.01ORAREP::BOIKOWed Sep 04 1996Alta Vista - do current shareholders get stock??
1025.0OTOOA::BELLONIWed Sep 04 1996PRZM, BOBJY
1026.07IROCZ::SPIELMANWed Sep 11 1996Seek Info on HELIX Technology (HELX)
1027.02155::michaudMon Sep 16 1996America Online (AOL)
1028.04GRANPA::DVISTICAWed Sep 18 1996KLAC Info
1029.01ACISS2::ECKWed Sep 18 1996Irvine Sensors IRSN
1030.02HYDRA::SCHAFERMon Sep 23 1996Quantum
1031.04PCBUOA::RIPLEYThu Sep 26 1996Vanguard INDEX 5
1032.03VARESE::BIOTTIMon Sep 30 1996NYSE:DER
1033.02JOKUR::IRELANDMon Sep 30 1996Finding an F.P.
1034.01NPSS::WADEWed Oct 02 1996Caribbean Cigar Factory (CCF)
1035.03STOWOA::ESMITHThu Oct 10 1996Radio Talk shows
1036.03NWDFri Oct 11 1996Wade Cook
1037.07ORAREP::BOIKOMon Oct 28 1996Future of Full Service Banking: No Sorting Change?
1038.04SHOGUN::JAMBU_SMon Nov 04 1996Vinik is back
1039.06MSBCS::HODGEThu Nov 07 1996Gemstar International GMSTF
1040.03MSBCS::HODGEFri Nov 15 1996Arbor Software looking "cheap"
1041.0PADC::KOLLINGWed Nov 20 1996Odwalla
1042.012IROCZ::SPIELMANWed Nov 20 1996MONEY EXPERTS Newsletter
1043.01IROCZ::SPIELMANTue Dec 10 1996What are NY STate Income Tax Rates
1044.04GRANPA::DVISTICATue Dec 17 1996Anthing on Raptor?
1045.048LJSRV2::JCMon Dec 23 19961997: Where to invest
1046.02SMURF::AFDMon Jan 13 1997Data on USA Standard of Living, Consumer Debt
1047.06SSAG::SUSSWEINWed Jan 15 1997How to protect myself from a market crash?
1048.02NETCAD::THAYERThu Jan 23 1997SP4
1049.017PCBUOA::BAYJFri Jan 24 1997Buying new house before selling old
1049.0CIRCUS::DODGEThu Jan 23 1997Silicon Investor (www.techstocks.com)
1050.014ALFSS2::BEKELE_DMon Jan 27 1997CASCADE (CSCC)
1051.02CSCMA::BALICHTue Jan 28 1997Shiva Corp (SHVA) located in Bedford, MA
1052.011SNAX::ERICKSONTue Feb 11 1997Cost Basis of Shares sold in a mutual fund
1053.0SALEM::SHAH_JFri Feb 14 1997Stock Market Tips
1054.07SYSTEM::NELSONMon Feb 17 1997BEA Systems Inc
1055.07NPSS::BENZWed Feb 19 1997Pension withdrawal options to maximize payout
1056.011WMOIS::UGURFri Feb 21 19974
1057.012TNPUBS::MCKINNONThu Mar 06 1997Oracle
1058.01NWDFri Mar 07 1997Atmel (ATML) falling hard
1060.0TARKIN::VILLANIWed Mar 19 1997Monopoli Associates
1061.01REQUE::HERRLICHThu Mar 20 1997My God -- The House Is Down Again!?