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Conference nsic00::sidecars

Created:Wed Jul 24 1991
Last Modified:Thu Aug 08 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:23
Total number of notes:80
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1.0NSICWed Jul 24 1991Introduction
2.07NSICWed Jul 24 1991Who's who
3.04NSICWed Jul 24 1991Announcements
4.04NSICWed Jul 24 1991Combos/Bikes for sale
5.07NSICWed Jul 24 1991Parts for sale/wanted
6.04NSICWed Jul 24 1991Sidecar manufacturers and their addresses:
9.01UTROP1::BOSMAN_PFri Aug 09 1991Motorcycle WITH sidecar?
10.0NSICWed Aug 14 1991Dumb thing that we've done
11.02GRANPA::RDARDENWed Sep 11 1991Here's the mother lode for info!
12.0GRANPA::RDARDENWed Sep 11 1991Some odds and ends for sale...
13.0GRANPA::RDARDENThu Sep 19 1991Info sought on Enclosed Bodies
14.08POLAR::ROBINSONPMon Sep 30 1991H-D RLE and TLE Sidecars
15.04NSICMon Oct 07 1991Opinions on combo tyres please...
16.04NSICMon Oct 28 1991Glowing exhaust pipes
17.04FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Mar 11 1992Velorex side cars
18.01DNEAST::FIKE_MIKEFri Apr 10 1992help! suspension and 'leaner' questions!
19.0NSICThu Jun 11 1992Wanted: Info on huge sidecars
20.0GRANPA::RDARDENThu Dec 10 1992Mid-Atlantic Sidecarist Organizing???
21.05GRANPA::RDARDENThu Feb 11 1993Anybody building anything out there?
22.0ELWOOD::KIERNANWed Sep 01 19935th Annual Car Show.
23.04WOODRO::MEREDITHThu Sep 02 1993Advice on Equalean?