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Conference noted::equitation

Title:Equine Notes Conference
Notice:Topics List=4, Horses 4Sale/Wanted=150, Equip 4Sale/Wanted=151
Created:Tue Feb 11 1986
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2080
Total number of notes:22383
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1.0159RAINBO::KLINKTue Feb 11 1986Introductions
2.020GVADG3::REGINAFri Jun 13 1986European rider introductions.
3.013--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 05 1989Conference and Moderator Announcements
4.02921GENRAL::LEECHFri Jan 04 1991Topics Listings
5.059KAHALA::FULTZTue Jun 30 1992Equine Noters Leaving DEC
6.07TLE::DINGEETue Jan 23 1990Any rules for "negative" recommendations?
7.036XLIB::PAANANENWed Dec 30 1992Conference Moderation Issues
9.074PARSEC::SCRAGGSFri Jan 16 1987New England Veterinarian Referrals
10.01157CHOPIN::MJOHNSONMon Mar 03 1986Dressage Discussion
13.08ATLAST::KELLYFri Jun 20 1986Southern Horsekeeping
14.011PMRV7Wed Dec 10 1986Another Horse Person
15.026CSC32::KOLBEWed Sep 24 1986Anybody from Colorado?
16.04LAUREL::REMILLARDTue Mar 25 1986--> VACCINES <--
17.035LAUREL::REMILLARDFri Feb 28 1986Trail riding in New England.
18.026BOSOX::LCOBURNTue Mar 13 1990Competitive Trail Riders??
19.051MAGIC::JANICKIMon Mar 03 1986Your First Horse or Pony
20.040XLIB::PAANANENFri May 08 1992Hunters and Hunt Seat Equitation
21.030BOOVX1::MANDILEFri May 08 1992Western Style Riding
22.09ICEMAN::ROCKMon Jun 08 1987Side Saddle Riding
23.04AIMHI::DANIELSMon Apr 06 1992Saddleseat Riding
27.030GENRAL::LEECHWed Dec 05 1990Does anyone have directions to ????????
30.021GAOVTue Apr 08 1986Using Computers for Horse Shows
33.090--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 14 1986Horse Magazines/Newspapers
40.044OWL::REILLEYMon Apr 07 1986Fencing and Fencing Materials
41.065MED::D_SMITHMon Nov 09 1987Electric Fencing and Chargers
42.011YES::MACEACHERNWed Feb 10 1988Paddock size and fence posts.
43.031DELNI::KEIRANMon Feb 13 1989Fencing for Foals
44.035USADEC::MENARDMon Sep 18 1989Fencing in the fence jumper.
45.05LANDO::AHARRISMon Mar 05 1990Temporary Fence--Suggestions Wanted
46.09HBO::SHERMANSat Apr 18 1987Wooden and wire fencing installation.
49.08ARGUS::CURTISTue Sep 09 1986Info on Barn Building?
50.0125BUGCHK::DINGEEFri Aug 28 1987Building a small barn/stable
51.061STAR::NAMOGLUMon May 04 1987Rubber Stall Mats
58.011ATLAST::WAYERMon May 12 1986How to build up muscles
59.011CONS::ROSEMon May 12 1986Riding for Novices
63.074MAGIC::JANICKIFri May 16 1986Buying an English saddle.
68.031DELNI::L_MCCORMACKWed Jun 11 1986To Halter or Not to Halter????
69.08JUNIOR::BARNESTue May 27 1986Where to find Western Show Halter?
75.012USRCV1::HAUSTPMon Jun 09 1986To register or not to register.
76.013LDP::BELANGERThu Aug 25 1988Equestrian Digest Volume II
77.074PBSVAX::WILPOLTWed Jun 18 1986Equestrian Digest #3
78.03PBSVAX::WILPOLTWed Jun 11 1986EQUESTRIAN DIGEST Introduction
79.042PBSVAX::WILPOLTWed Jun 11 1986Equestrian Digest Issues
80.03BAUCIS::MATTHEWSTue Mar 31 1987teaching western horses to drive.
81.06STNDUP::FOXWed Nov 02 1988Trying to locate driving book
83.036JACOB::BARNESThu Jun 12 1986Pleasure Driving & Harnesses for Driving
84.04MTBLUE::BUTTERMAN_HOFri Aug 28 1987Competitive Driving
85.08TLE::DINGEEFri Feb 10 1989Harness racer --> Pleasure driving horse
86.01JOKUR::DKMGRTue May 13 1986Strange Mare Behavior
87.021VAXINE::STOOKERWed May 07 1986Tragedy Strikes in my own backyard
88.025ATLAST::WAYERWed Mar 26 1986Advice on Breeding
89.028BRAT::MATTHEWSFri Feb 01 1991Artificial insemination
90.08MTADMS::DOUGLASFri Jun 21 1991maiden mare/excited stallion?
91.02SOUSA::MJOHNSONFri May 30 1986Genetics -> choose male or female sex
92.013ATLAST::WAYERThu Aug 07 1986Question on Mares
93.015--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 09 1986Stallions / Breeding / Genetics
94.016WEDOIT::NANCYTue Feb 07 1989Stallions & Stud fees
95.07NIGHT::MONTVILLEFri Apr 24 1987Pregnant mare problems
96.023KRYPTN::RUSHTONWed Apr 22 1987Foal Height & Dominant Coat Colors
97.03NEWVAX::DANTONIOMon Jun 01 1987Broodmare trouble
98.012NRADM::BROUILLETTue May 16 1989When is she really due?
99.016USWAV1::CARLSONJFri Apr 21 1989Donkeys, Burros, Mules
100.0225RANGLY::KRAMER_JULIEFri Jul 18 1986Paints and Pintos
101.012SALEM::RATAYTue Apr 19 1988Appaloosa Horses
102.022NCMWVX::MAYRFri Jan 15 1988American Saddlebreds
103.074--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 08 1987Morgan Horses
104.026VOLGA::J_BENNETTTue Jun 23 1987Andalusians/Aztecas/Iberians
105.049NEWVAX::AIKENThu Feb 05 1987Arabians For All Reasons
106.07CIVIC::WINBERGThu May 12 1988Trakehners, anyone?
107.03SHRFAC::KELLEYMon Sep 10 1990Haflingers...?
108.08TDCIS3::CERTAINWed Jan 23 1991Hanoverians
109.0139RDGE43::HARWOODWed Jan 21 1987Gentle Giants: The Draft Breeds
110.0144ASGMKA::MATTHEWThu Mar 06 1986The American Quarter Horse
111.011SUVAI1::GRAUCOBTue Mar 19 1991Icelandic Horses!
112.015TLE::DINGEEFri Dec 20 1991Selle Francais
113.08LUNER::DEPLANTEMon Sep 17 1990Standardbreds
114.02CHEFS::GOUGHThu Sep 17 1987Highland Ponies
115.0128NRADM::CONGERWed Aug 26 1987Tennessee Walking Horse
116.04GRANMA::JWOODFri Sep 08 1989Connemaras
117.02FRAGLE::PELUSOMon Apr 22 1991Norwegian Fjords
118.017DECXPS::LCOBURNFri Feb 02 1990Chincoteague Ponies??
119.020SEQUEL::GREGGMon May 23 1988Let's Talk Miniatures
120.04MVDSMon Nov 09 1992Holsteiners
121.02XLIB::PAANANENMon Mar 15 1993Russian Horse Breeds
124.09MKFSA::STEVENSTue Aug 26 1986Wood chewing/cribbing solutions.
130.011BTOVT::CASAZZAFri Feb 21 1992Clipping winter coats.
131.028DELNI::L_MCCORMACKMon Aug 18 1986Grooming Tips
132.017PLANET::NICKERSONTue Sep 16 1986Halter or performance or both?
133.08CTOAVX::IZZOWed Sep 17 19864H Speech
134.05CTOAVX::IZZOThu Sep 18 1986Unusual trail obstacles
135.07TYCHO::FROSTWed Sep 03 1986Horsing Around
139.01STAR::NAMOGLUFri Nov 07 1986Retrain a Saddleseat Horse for Huntseat?
145.03ATLAST::WAYERFri Oct 10 1986Can your horse perform tricks
149.013SKYHWK::GOGUENThu Oct 09 1986Learning Proper Horse Care
150.075--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 03 1986Horses for sale/lease/wanted.
151.075--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 03 1991Tack/Equipment/Misc - For Sale/Wanted
152.07--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 08 1990Equine real estate for sale/lease/wanted.
153.08--UnknownUser--Tue May 27 1986Trailers For Sale/Wanted
154.017BOOVX1::MANDILEMon Jan 14 1991Trailer dealers in New England.
155.070SEDJAR::NANCYWed Jul 20 1988Trailer repairs and renovations.
156.010ATLAST::WAYERMon Dec 01 1986Trailering Safety
157.018--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 20 1989Trailering Wanted
158.014GENRAL::LEECHTue Oct 15 1991Help wanted/position available.
159.043ZEPPO::FOXThu Nov 06 1986To Allow Bute or Not?
160.07RDGE43::HARWOODFri Nov 07 1986Sweet Itch
162.018PLANET::NICKERSONTue Oct 21 1986Arabian U.S. Nationals
163.05CADDLE::NAJJARThu Oct 16 1986Unusual Neck Swelling
167.010CLT::DADDAMIOThu Nov 20 1986TEAM Touch and Massage for Horses
168.016RAINBO::KLINKThu Jul 24 1986Training a Foal
169.041TRNING::PJOHNSONWed Dec 03 1986Book Recommendations and Sources
170.07MMOWed Dec 03 1986She Rides um - I pay for um
171.039ZEPPO::FOXWed Jun 17 1987Stone Bruises
172.022PARSEC::SCRAGGSMon Dec 08 1986Stall Kicking
173.054ASGMKA::MATTHEWThu Apr 03 1986Farrier Referrals
174.07VIKING::KLINKFri Feb 28 1986Hoof Hardeners Vs Shoeing
175.053GENRAL::PERRYTue Jul 08 1986Horseshoeing
176.067VIKING::KLINKTue Mar 11 1986Thrush and other Hoof Problems
177.06CSC32::KOLBEMon Dec 29 1986How to lift feet
179.02DYO78Fri Dec 12 1986Hoof/Frog Growth Rate
180.09CSC32::LIVERMANThu Nov 06 1986"Plastic" horseshoes
181.06ATLAST::KELLYWed Jul 01 1987Lame horse
182.08KRYPTN::RUSHTONThu Jun 25 1987What is gravel or graveling??????
183.04SEQUEL::GREGGFri Apr 22 1988Flared Hooves
184.014KERNEL::LLOYDTue May 10 1988Laminitis
185.026MJOSWS::FAGLEYFri Jul 29 1988Hoof Conditions
186.09GORT::NANCYWed Jun 29 1988Help! Sore..on all 4
187.010VOLGA::J_BENNETTThu Feb 25 1988Hoof Bonding
191.043PIGGY::MCELWEEMon Jan 12 1987Need advice for Colicky Horse
192.015VACANT::NAJJARWed Dec 17 1986X-rays & Insurance
195.014ATLAST::KELLYWed Jan 14 1987Proper Pasture Mates?
197.07BOTTLE::MONTVILLEMon Jan 19 1987Dressage in Southern Vermont
199.07PLANET::NICKERSONWed Jan 07 1987Tax Shelters - Business or Hobby?
200.072ZEPPO::FOXThu Jun 18 1987Eventing - x-country
201.020ZEPPO::FOXMon Sep 08 1986Event saddles (jumping)
202.07DYO78Mon Jan 19 1987event conditioning
203.09ZEPPO::FOXMon Jul 13 1987Places to School Cross Country
204.09MARX::FOXTue Aug 25 1987Back Protectors/Protective Vests
205.010TUXEDO::PAANANENSat Oct 31 1992Eventing (XC) Course Design
206.012ZEPPO::FOXWed Mar 16 1988XC Jumping - Teachers and Teaching methods
209.029MOZART::MJOHNSONWed Feb 11 1987Horse Dentists
210.05PIXEL::DANIMon Feb 09 1987Organizing a Show
211.09PMRV7Thu Jan 08 1987Do you have a broodmare?
212.01GEMVAX::FISHERWed Feb 18 1987Connecticut Farrier
213.06WHOARU::NAJJARMon Feb 23 1987TBs at Rockingham
214.08NRADM2::CIAMPAGLIAThu Jan 22 1987Saying Goodbye to Equine Friends
215.012TALLIS::MJOHNSONFri Feb 27 1987Riding with a Bad Back (Humans)
216.023ATODLO::BACOTFri Feb 27 1987Long distance hauling
220.014PMRV7Mon Mar 09 1987In search of the "perfect horse"
222.011MQFSV1::HOUDETue Mar 10 1987Saddle cleaning
223.01DEVMKO::BROWN_JWed Oct 07 1992Water bucket holder wanted
226.07TOPDOC::GREENBERGMon Mar 16 1987Wild Horses in America
229.019ZEPPO::FOXThu Mar 19 1987Trucks for Hauling
232.017PARITY::CASEYTue Mar 24 1987Carriage, Sleigh and Hayride Rentals (NE)
236.08IMAGIN::KOLBEWed Mar 25 1987FIRE! Are you prepared?
238.02NIGHT::MONTVILLEThu Mar 26 1987Weaning Problem
243.050KRYPTN::RUSHTONThu Apr 02 1987How To Buy a Horse
244.011VOLGA::J_BENNETTFri Apr 10 1987not a beginners horse?
245.01NEWVAX::AIKENMon Apr 13 1987Horse insurance: E. J. McGrath?
246.043PLANET::NICKERSONThu Apr 23 1987Killing Horses for the Insurance Money
249.05NEWVAX::AIKENFri Jan 09 1987LEM is an equine killer!!!
250.09BAXTA::KRAMER_JULIEMon Apr 20 1987automatic watering cups
251.013PARSEC::SCRAGGSTue Sep 23 1986Getting a Horse to Gain Weight
253.030LAUREL::REMILLARDTue Mar 03 1987Nutritional Supplements
254.032MOSAIC::KLINKFri Apr 18 1986Poisonous Plants
255.03VAXINE::STOOKERThu May 29 1986How to Change Feeding Schedule
256.01GENRAL::KOLLERWed Dec 24 1986What is 'Hot' Feed?
257.070HUDSON::WILLIAMSONTue Dec 09 1986Central MA Hay Grain and Shavings Suppliers
258.038LAUREL::REMILLARDWed Jul 08 1987Questions about Hay
259.011STAR::NAMOGLUFri Jan 15 1988Hay Qualities?
260.044MPGS::SCHOFIELDTue Jan 26 1988What to Feed and How Much?
261.041VOLGA::J_BENNETTFri Jul 01 1988Horse Feeds
264.08--UnknownUser--Wed May 06 1987Different Riding Styles
266.011ATLAST::KELLYMon May 04 1987Bitting/Martingales
268.019HUDSON::WILLIAMSONFri May 08 1987Leasing Liability
269.010ATLAST::WAYERMon May 11 1987Developing a Good Seat
270.05ZEPPO::FOXTue May 12 1987Pickup truck caps
272.03PIXEL::DANITue May 19 1987Trailer brakes
274.021PMRV7Wed May 20 1987Horse Celebrity News
277.016CUCKOO::HARWOODTue May 26 1987Leading a non-rider
279.010LAUREL::REMILLARDWed May 27 1987Slippery Stirrups
280.05PMRV7Wed May 27 1987Ground Tying
283.09LAUREL::REMILLARDThu Jun 04 1987Potomac Horse Fever
284.038ATLAST::KELLYFri Jun 05 1987Danger - hunters on the loose!
285.07NISYSG::HUREAUFri Jun 05 1987Horse Auctions
287.07NEWVAX::AIKENFri Jun 05 1987Regional judges?
291.023DELNI::L_MCCORMACKTue Jun 09 1987Colic Surgery
296.03SMAUG::GUNNWed Jun 17 1987And we don't believe in advertising....
299.011KRYPTN::RUSHTONMon Jun 22 1987This Sounds Fishy
300.05JUPITR::PARTAINWed Feb 07 1990Tack/Blanket Repair Places
301.037MKFSA::STEVENSMon Aug 18 1986New England Tack Shops
304.039GEMVAX::FISHERWed Jun 24 1987tail rubbing
305.056NFL::KEIRANWed Jun 24 1987Loading on the trailer - problems
310.01TEACH::SHERRYTue Jun 30 1987Maryland QH or other horse people?
313.02PMRV7Wed Jul 01 1987It's cob size now, but...
315.011STAR::NAMOGLUMon Jul 06 1987Horses as Pets?
316.03KRYPTN::RUSHTONMon Jul 06 1987Question / Flabby horse?
318.084PIXEL::DANITue Jul 07 1987Massage,Acupuncture and Chiropractic for Horses
321.051KRYPTN::RUSHTONWed Jul 08 1987Horse Names
324.013GENRAL::ARCHAMBEAULTSun Jul 12 1987Friesian Horses in the Press
325.01KRYPTN::RUSHTONMon Jul 13 1987Tendonitis
330.081ICEMAN::ROCKWed Jul 15 1987Vacations On Horseback
332.03IMAGIN::KOLBEWed Jul 15 1987DMSO - not for humans
337.0126ZEPPO::FOXMon Jul 20 1987Boasts and Brags!!
338.045DELNI::L_MCCORMACKMon Jul 20 1987Stables for Rentals,Trail Rides,Pony Rides
339.015ATLAST::KELLYWed Jul 22 1987Swimming with Horses
340.07AUNTB::LAROEWed Jul 29 1987Creek crossing tips??
341.08SQM::MURPHYThu Jul 23 1987Mules/Breed Prejudice
342.08BUGCHK::DINGEEWed Jul 29 1987Teaching a Trotter to Canter
343.04PIXEL::DANIMon Jul 27 1987Winter Storage
344.04KYOMTS::COHENMon Jul 27 1987Horses in NYC
345.01MTBLUE::WEBSTER_THERMon Jul 27 1987Farrier Schools
346.0LAUREL::REMILLARDThu Jul 30 1987Bridges Can be Murder
347.017IMAGIN::KOLBETue Aug 04 1987Conformation
348.035AUNTB::LAROEWed Jul 29 1987Bitting a Western Horse for English Riding
350.06EQUINE::DANIMon Aug 24 1987Showing in Amateur Classes
351.04CHGVFri Aug 28 1987AHSA rule book
352.02PATOIS::CROSSThu Oct 29 1987Show "Lingo"
353.020BUGEYE::MACEACHERNFri Jul 01 1988Bored with halter classes
354.01USADEC::GILLFri Jul 01 1988Getting Ready to Show
355.05AIMHI::DANIELSTue Jun 06 1989Showing Rules for Adults Riding Ponies
356.011CTOAVX::IZZOMon Oct 06 1986Show mothers
357.015SALEM::ALLOREThu Sep 28 1989Oh No! A Horse Show!
358.025DYO78Thu Apr 26 1990showing attitudes
359.021PENUTS::MADAVISFri May 11 1990Unfair Advantage?
360.032DSSDEV::DINGEEFri May 16 1986Judging Hunter Classes
361.014PENUTS::MADAVISTue Aug 07 1990Show Time! Have You Forgotten Anything?
362.017AIMHI::DANIELSMon Jun 15 1992When The 'Showing Bug' Bites!
363.07VMSSPT::PAANANENMon Jul 30 1990Horse Show Horror Stories (and funny stories)
368.04IND::HABERFri Aug 14 1987NY/NJ Area Hunt Seat Instructors
369.018DELNI::L_MCCORMACKWed Aug 05 1987Mustangs-Adopting-Need Info.
370.018SQM::MURPHYMon Aug 17 1987BLM Wearing Black Hats Again
371.011PARSEC::SCRAGGSTue Aug 18 1987Clipper Repair/Blade Sharpening
372.050VOLGA::J_BENNETTWed Aug 05 1987Any Hope for Abused Horses?
373.018EQUINE::DANIThu Aug 20 1987Cars & Horses. What are the laws?
374.05TOPDOC::NAJJARWed Aug 05 1987Vetting Out, Weighing Benefits and Costs
375.08MIST::BACKSTROMThu Aug 20 1987Horses in the News
381.010IMAGIN::KOLBEMon Aug 24 1987when is it abuse
395.02BSS::ZINNMon Jun 20 1988One horse trailers
396.072CARLIN::FOXWed Sep 02 1987Trailer talk
397.023--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 02 1987Horse Transportation, Commercial Haulers
402.045CHGVTue Sep 15 1987Strangles
406.014BAUCIS::MATTHEWSTue Oct 13 1987Hay Needed, Southern NH
407.02DELNI::DUNLAPTue Sep 22 1987Poison Ivy and Horses
415.05MED::D_SMITHTue Sep 29 1987Shoeing a Split Hoof
416.01CURIE::HERRINGWed Sep 30 1987Leo is not a lion, but he roars
417.011VOLGA::J_BENNETTThu Oct 01 1987Vaccinations/Coggins Required for Shows?
419.017PMRV7Wed Jun 10 1987Worming Schedules
420.06TALLIS::MJOHNSONFri Sep 11 1987Wormers causing navicular?
421.06MED::D_SMITHMon Nov 23 1987Scheduling and Rotating Wormers
422.012--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 09 1988Questions on Worming a New Horse
423.03SALEM::DOUGLASWed Mar 29 1989Is it safe? [Wormers/Garden manure]
424.014FLOWER::PIERCETue Feb 06 1990Paste Worming Too Much?
425.03WEDOIT::NANCYTue Jul 17 1990Warning on Wormer Product
426.013CSC32::K_WORKMANThu Aug 16 1990Feed through continuous wormer
428.012CARTUN::MISTOVICHMon Apr 08 1991Small Strongyles -- controversy
429.019WMOIS::BIBEAU_KTue Mar 10 1992Ivermectin Controversy
434.018XLIB::PAANANENThu Mar 26 1992Desperately Seeking Horse Hage
435.06MARX::FOXMon Nov 02 1987Detergent for allergies, anyone?
436.012BOEHM::SCHLENERWed Sep 16 1987Allergies
437.013DELNI::CSILVASat Apr 15 1989EQUIHIST ?Any Alternatives?
438.03NZOVMon Nov 02 1987Horsing Around in New Zealand n Western???
439.06PBA::DALEYWed Nov 04 1987Has anyone seen "Goliath"?
441.04MED::D_SMITHThu Nov 05 1987Barn lighting
444.05STAR::NAMOGLUFri Nov 06 1987How much time for training?
445.0298GENRAL::LEECHMon May 11 1992Equine trivia.
446.022CIPHER::GREENBERGThu Apr 03 1986Horse humor
447.011DELNI::L_MCCORMACKTue Jun 24 1986HorseLaughs
451.011ZORRO::GAGNONTue Nov 10 1987Thoroughbreds Off the Track
452.021MED::D_SMITHWed Nov 11 1987Wind-Sucking/Cribbing
454.05KNEE::MONTVILLEThu Nov 12 1987Water Heater = Fire Hazard
459.09CADSE::NAJJARMon Nov 23 1987Your Horse's Health
460.04CHGVMon Dec 14 1987Horses and Wind Chill
461.020THRSHR::DINGEEFri Nov 10 1989Veterinary Medical News
462.06ATLAST::KELLYWed Jan 06 1988Equine first aid and medicine.
467.06MED::D_SMITHFri Dec 11 1987Lunge the Confused & Unwilling?
468.011SCOMAN::STOOKERMon Dec 14 1987Crazy Cycles for Time of Year
469.09MARX::FOXFri Dec 18 1987Ultrasound info???
471.028GNUVAX::DOTYWed Dec 23 1987Lasix use in horses.
472.022MIST::BACKSTROMWed Dec 23 1987Winter Problems
474.047TOPDOC::NAJJARThu Dec 31 1987Herd Bound Horses
475.017GLORY::WASNIEWSKISun Jan 03 1988What to do with Manure?
477.014MED::D_SMITHFri Jan 08 1988$$ for Shaving,no $$ for Feed
480.036AYOV11::MMCDADETue Jan 09 1990British National Hunt Racing (Gold Cup,etc)
481.0867MAGIC::JANICKITue Jan 12 1988Thoroughbred Horse Racing
484.05FSHQOA::SMCKEOWNMon Jan 18 1988Wintertime Plumpness
486.05SCOMAN::STOOKERTue Jan 19 1988TO SELL OR NOT.......
487.05MDVAX1::HILDEBRANDThu Jan 21 1988Hauling problems
497.014SEDJAR::NANCYFri Feb 05 1988Breed and show at the same time?
498.09SEDJAR::NANCYFri Feb 05 1988When & How do I begin "Foal Watch"?
499.09SEDJAR::NANCYFri Feb 05 1988Disinfecting Foaling stall
500.01TOMLIN::ROMBERGMon Feb 08 1988What's a 'Track Index'??
502.010CIMNET::DZEKEVICHThu Feb 11 1988Nylon Bridles
503.012SEDJAR::NANCYMon Feb 15 1988Race over Showing?
505.05LDYBUG::HARACKIEWICZWed Feb 17 1988Trailering: Electric Brakes
507.06CHGVThu Feb 11 1988Ponying the young/green horse.
508.020SOURCE::CDOMENICOThu Feb 18 1988Rodeo Riding??
509.011CSC32::KOELLHOFFERThu Nov 14 1991Pole Bending and Barrel Racing
510.010SEQUEL::GREGGThu Feb 18 1988Blanket Biter
513.012CIMAMT::GILLThu Feb 25 1988American Cream Draft Horses
519.09SALEM::DOUGLASMon Mar 07 1988Aid For "CAST" Horses
520.03KEATON::FOXFri Feb 19 1988Truck Tires
521.019SEDJAR::NANCYThu Mar 10 1988Arab Foal "color"?
522.04BAUCIS::MATTHEWSTue Mar 15 1988using neck sweats/sweating in general
527.010CIMAMT::GILLThu Mar 17 1988Help for Mane loss!
529.015--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 18 1988Adding New Horse to Same Turnout Area
530.05MSDOA1::SHERRILLMon Mar 21 1988Agressive Horse Problem
532.010--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 22 1988Adding Weight to Filly??
536.07USMRM2::PMARKELLThu Mar 24 1988Teaching Horse to Pick up the Correct Lead
537.0TALLIS::MJOHNSONFri Mar 25 1988Riding in Hungary
539.05CIMAMT::GILLMon Mar 28 1988'Les Miserables' (Reactions to Shots)
542.020SALEM::DOUGLASTue Mar 29 1988Leaving Horses at Home
543.012MED::D_SMITHFri Apr 01 1988Frustrated to the point of Selling
545.014FIDERE::NAMOGLUMon Apr 04 1988Kentucky Anyone?
546.011SEQUEL::GREGGMon Apr 04 1988Western Horse Videos ?
548.026MEIS::SCRAGGSTue Apr 05 1988Health Requirements for Interstate Trailering
551.02MIST::BACKSTROMWed Apr 06 1988Interstate Health Requirements
553.019SEDJAR::NANCYMon Apr 11 1988Riding Ring Size
554.05CIMAMT::GILLMon Apr 11 1988Show Hack Classes
557.05SALEM::ALLOREWed Apr 13 1988Breeding and Training
559.03CHEFS::GOUGHThu Apr 14 1988Saddleseat explained for Euro readers
561.03SEDJAR::NANCYMon Apr 18 1988Dimensions needed to Lunge a horse
562.02SALEM::DOUGLASTue Apr 19 1988Poem to Animals
563.028VOLGA::J_BENNETTTue Apr 19 1988Clearing & Planting a New Pasture
570.012--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 27 1988Equine Adoption Associations
571.024--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 27 1988Equine Real Estate For Sale/Rent/Wanted.
575.04PARSEC::SCRAGGSThu Feb 12 1987Bug Crazy Mare
576.010CADLAC::NAJJARFri Aug 15 1986Fly Spray & Deer Flies
577.018KNEE::MONTVILLESun Jul 31 1988Biological Fly Control
578.035VOLGA::J_BENNETTThu May 05 1988insect repellants?
579.036BOOVX1::MANDILEMon Jul 15 1991Deerflies! I must have killed 3
583.033CHGVWed May 11 1988Mail Order Catalogs for Horse Supplies
584.024KERNEL::CHEWTERWed May 11 1988Highly Strung Horse..HELP!
585.02SALEM::DOUGLASMon May 23 1988Suspect Hay (mouldy?)
589.02BOOVX1::MANDILEWed May 09 1990Western Saddle cleaning tips....add yours too!
590.039DANUBE::PORTERTue May 03 1988Western Tack:Fitting & Selection
591.040STAR::NAMOGLUTue Jul 28 1987Western Riding Instruction
599.012MEIS::SCRAGGSThu May 19 1988The Price of Board
600.077TOPDOC::NAJJARWed Jul 15 1987Horse Services Directory
601.071QUIFF::SCHLENERWed May 25 1988Riding Lessons Wanted (English)
602.0127DELNI::L_MCCORMACKThu Jan 12 1989Stalls For Rent/Boarding Wanted
603.035--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 09 1989Horse sitting services.
604.04ENGINE::HEIKKILAThu Oct 12 1989Wetherbee Farm?
605.05BRAT::GOULDMon Jan 16 1989North Light Farm - now in Lunenburg, MA
606.02OKEY::DEPLANTEWed Sep 27 1989Need Instructor - New Ipswich, NH
607.01CSOA1::HUNT_LTue Apr 10 1990Hunt Seat Trainers in MA
608.014BOSOX::ZBROWNTue Apr 10 1990Insurance,Lessons,Cert.
609.04TSDOC::BERRYFri Aug 10 1990Wm H. Begg Riding Academy Info?
610.017BRAT::FULTZWed Feb 19 1992Instructors
611.02NOBOZO::GOODNOWThu Jan 05 1989South Wind in Hollis?
612.09RUTLND::SWITCHBOARDFri Jan 13 1989MA Riding Instructors Licenses
613.07MKFSA::STEVENSThu Apr 23 1987Sign of the Dove Farm (now Pony Farm), Temple, NH
614.024AIPERS::GOLDMANTue Jan 17 1989Rough Board Prices and Arrangements
615.015ASD::MCCROSSANTue Mar 19 1991Brindle Ledge Farm (and Classic horse show)
618.024LANDO::HARRISFri May 27 1988Riding during Pregnancy
619.029DYO78Wed Jun 15 1988retraining a ruined western pleasure horse
620.013TELALL::CROSSWed Jun 15 1988Hardhats?
621.052FIDERE::NAMOGLUMon May 02 1988Riding Breeches
622.013JOKUR::ELFRINGTue Sep 23 1986Riding Clothes Patterns
623.052STAR::NAMOGLUThu Sep 25 1986Selecting a riding helmet.
624.09MTBLUE::WEBSTER_THERFri Apr 22 1988 "Dry As A Bone"...in search of...
625.03IMPULS::HARTELWed Jul 26 1989Hat Reshaping/Cleaning
626.060BAUCIS::MATTHEWThu Oct 09 1986Western Outfits/Styles
627.015LUDWIG::ROCKWed Nov 15 1989Western Attire shops ????
628.09FDCV13::BARBATOThu Jun 23 1988Frustration With Training An Ex-Race Horse
629.04OFFPLS::PRESTIDGEThu Jun 23 1988Equine Reactions to Thunderstorms
630.015BAUCIS::MATTHEWSTue Jun 28 1988drug free medications for a hot horse?
632.013USADEC::GILLWed Jun 22 1988Teaching to Load
633.06DYO78Thu Jun 30 1988Buying a Horse: Conditions of Sale
634.015GORT::NANCYFri Jun 17 1988Help! Lack of Energy
636.08--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 01 1988Buying a Horse at Auction/Didnt get Reg Papers
640.010VOLGA::PORTERSat Jul 02 1988name that farm
641.09USWAV3::BOETue Jul 05 1988Reining Competitions
646.09BRUTUS::SOBEKThu Jul 07 1988Handicapped Riding Programs?
649.09PLANET::KEIRANMon Jul 11 1988Rutland Fair
653.04TWEED::PORTERFri Jul 15 1988Agricultural Land Tax Status
654.06JAIMES::GOLDMANFri Jul 15 1988Buried Barn
655.011SALEM::DOUGLASMon Jul 18 1988Lunge = Forward, PLEASE!
656.02VOLGA::J_BENNETTThu May 26 1988wierd noises
660.02HERMES::WELSHTue Jul 19 1988Smoke Damage?
663.014OFFPLS::PRESTIDGEThu Jul 21 1988Winter Blanketing
665.08FIDERE::NAMOGLUMon Jul 25 1988Mary Williams?
667.03SEDJAR::NANCYWed Jul 27 1988Weanling Show support needed!
675.015TALLIS::MJOHNSONThu Aug 04 1988Foal Training
679.06--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 12 1988What is 'sacking out'/ How to get Reg Papers
680.016OFFPLS::PRESTIDGEMon Aug 15 1988Equine First Aid Kit ??
683.03MED::D_SMITHTue Aug 16 1988Legalities of Transporting Horses
686.09DYO78Fri Aug 19 1988Career Choices/Working with Horses
692.027MED::D_SMITHThu Aug 25 1988Accidents Can Happen
697.016MEMORY::MENARDMon Aug 29 1988My Last Goodbye to Missy
698.012SALEM::DOUGLASTue Aug 30 1988Any Diarrhea Remedies?
699.08OFFPLS::PRESTIDGETue Aug 30 1988Beware of Pasture Mixes Containing Alsike Clover
700.05WMOIS::PORTERWed Aug 31 1988Injured Leg - Need advice
701.021MJOSWS::FAGLEYThu Sep 01 1988To catch a horse...
702.07PLANET::KEIRANFri Sep 02 1988Help, she won't eat....
703.010--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 06 1988Is cribbing habit forming for others?
704.07WMOIS::J_BENNETTTue Sep 06 1988Pasture Mate (Herd Dominance) Problems
705.09CHEFS::GOUGHWed Sep 07 1988Strange symptoms - azoturia??
706.07NHL::SILVAWed Sep 07 1988Soaking Hay & NE Winters
708.010CHEFS::GOUGHFri Sep 09 1988Liver damage
709.016OFFPLS::PRESTIDGEFri Sep 09 1988She just HATES the ring....
711.018SCOMAN::ROCKSat Sep 10 1988Possible Outbreak of Potomac Fever
716.029BUGEYE::MACEACHERNWed Sep 14 1988Uncontrollable bragging
737.05SMAUG::GUNNThu Sep 29 1988Visiting Australia
738.07MEIS::SCRAGGSFri Sep 30 1988Lifes Most Embarrassing Moments...
740.07BOEHM::SCHLENERTue Oct 04 1988hunting season
741.024DELNI::L_MCCORMACKWed Oct 05 1988Inconsiderate Drivers
744.03FIDERE::NAMOGLUMon Oct 10 1988Cooling Out-When to Use a Cooler
746.09GENRAL::TRESEDERMon Oct 10 1988Two deaths, No clues ... HELP!!!
748.05PBA::KEIRANWed Oct 12 1988Pregnancy info needed...
751.033D::PIERCEThu Oct 13 1988Memories
752.04OFFPLS::PRESTIDGEFri Oct 14 1988Mysterious Leg Bump!
755.01UBOHUB::LLOYDThu Oct 20 1988Home Made Saddle Soap
756.036CHEFS::SEDGWICKHMon Oct 24 1988Silly Habits. Do Tell!
757.011CGOOTue Oct 25 1988Emergency Dismount???
761.02TFOR2::GOODNOWFri Oct 28 1988Where is Jenny Heaton, again?
765.025EMASA2::HUDSONWed Nov 02 1988To board or not?
768.03KERNEL::CHEWTERFri Nov 04 1988Broken Tendons..
769.05--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 04 1988Canadian Hay?
772.07--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 07 1988how bad are stifles?
776.019AKOV12::INNAMORATIFri Nov 11 1988The life span of a Horse
778.020GUCCI::MCKEOWNTue Nov 15 1988Riding Times
779.08FHQ::SCULLTue Nov 15 1988Questions on leasing a horse
780.04BUGEYE::MACEACHERNTue Nov 15 1988Pregnant Mare who will not eat
782.08BELFST::MCCOMBThu Nov 17 1988Please Clean Up My Horse
783.04PBA::SILVAThu Nov 17 1988Equine Jewelery Shops
785.034--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 22 1988trespassing and liability
787.03OHOH7::HEWSONWed Nov 23 1988When Lightning Strikes
788.040CGVAX2::BARBATOMon Nov 28 1988Registration and Pedigree Info
789.05NRADM::BROUILLETMon Nov 28 1988Hear those Sleigh Bells Jingling...
790.08SMAUG::GUNNMon May 30 1988Horses in Bavaria?
791.014CSMADM::SILVATue Nov 29 1988When to Feed Bran Mashes
792.034TIS::PAANANENTue Nov 29 1988A List of Associations and Registries
794.09SUBURB::SEDGWICKHMon Dec 05 1988Has my Horse gone mad???
796.06--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 06 1988Boarding Near Maynard.
797.02HARDY::REMILLARDTue Dec 06 1988Tack Trunk
798.012FRAGLE::PELUSOWed Dec 07 1988Dilemma...should I keep him or not...
799.024GEMVAX::FISHERWed Dec 07 1988Treatments for Arthritis
800.030USWAV1::JENKINSThu Dec 08 1988Farrier high priced?
802.019MJOSWS::FAGLEYTue Dec 13 1988Feed supplement
803.05FOCUS2::BACOTTue Dec 13 1988Another sad decision
804.09USADEC::MENARDMon Dec 19 1988I lost another friend
807.02WMOIS::J_BENNETTTue Dec 27 1988Holes in hoof
808.012DELNI::L_MCCORMACKTue Dec 27 1988Too many horses?
811.010CURIE::GCOOKFri Dec 30 1988HELP!!!!! (Barn Plumbing)
813.04ULYSSE::HURDTue Jan 03 1989Help for a returning horse family
814.010WAV14::BOEWed Jan 04 1989Ortho-flex Saddles
816.03FRAGLE::PELUSOWed Jan 04 1989It's time to find a solution, any ideas?
821.01JULIET::APODACA_KIThu Jan 19 1989What is Hunt Seat? Eventing?
822.015FIDERE::NAMOGLUTue Jun 07 1988Canter and Trot, leads and diagonals
823.024DECNET::NAMOGLUThu Jul 20 1989Need help with transitions and sitting trot
825.012LDP::FAYWed Aug 02 1989Stirrup Placement (English Riding)
826.0EASE::BRADSHAWFri Nov 22 1991a little hunting history from Ireland
827.029SMAUG::MORENZTue Oct 15 1991HUNTING Etiquette
828.012NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHMon Nov 11 1991Hunter Pace Ideas Needed
829.013BOEHM::SCHLENERThu Apr 07 1988Building Jumps
830.014XLIB::PAANANENMon Aug 17 1992International Show Jumping News
831.01BSS::OBOX::SACHSTue Mar 26 1991Whats an 'automatic release' over fences
832.03DUCK::GILLOTTWTue May 21 1991Grid Work/Gymnastics
833.07BAUCIS::MATTHEWSTue Jun 07 1988How is Hunter Hack Judged?
834.021GIGI::ALESSANDRINIThu Oct 04 1990Standing martingales for jumping?!!
841.09DELNI::KEIRANThu Feb 02 1989Help, my horse is shedding!!
850.014FRAGLE::PELUSOThu Jan 19 1989Urgent! Possible Ban on Riding in State Forests
851.01MERLAN::KJROYThu Jan 26 1989Ex-Park Horse to Western Pleasure??
853.08WEDOIT::NANCYTue Feb 14 1989Keeping hay dust-free?
856.018IVOGUS::SCHOOLERThu Feb 16 1989Navicular?
857.04IVOGUS::SCHOOLERThu Feb 16 1989Progesterone?
859.06LABC::ALLENFri Feb 17 1989Do they remember?
860.012VMSSG::VMSINQMon Feb 20 1989Putting the horse 'On the Bit'
862.033SALEM::RATAYWed Feb 22 1989Riding Ring Surfaces
865.05WEDOIT::NANCYThu Feb 23 1989Arab size halters?
868.030FRAGLE::PELUSOTue Feb 28 1989shots for the spring
870.09SUBURB::SEDGWICKHWed Mar 01 1989Advise on moving Horse.
874.018MAMIE::KAUFMANFri Mar 03 1989Starting to show with an Arab?
877.021BAUCIS::MATTHEWSWed Mar 08 1989Shoe Pads and Padding
878.05LAUREL::REMILLARDMon Mar 27 1989Ideas on Saddle Blanket Materials
879.08KERNEL::CHEWTERTue Mar 14 1989bandage help...
880.03POBOX::KALLEVIGBThu Mar 23 1989String halts
881.018TYCOBB::LSIGELThu Mar 23 1989Hello..My Name is MR. ED!
882.02TDCIS3::LECKFri Mar 24 1989Au Pair and Horses in the US
885.04MED::D_SMITHFri Mar 17 1989My Muddy Buddy
887.018TYCOBB::LSIGELMon Mar 20 1989Carousel horses.
888.019ACESMK::WILLIAMSTue Jun 23 1992Horse Artwork?
889.010NOWIMP::DADDAMIOWed Apr 05 1989Videotape Rentals/Sales
890.016--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 23 1987KURS * Dressage to Music
891.03DEMON::DIROCCOThu Mar 16 1989Dressage Enthusiast
892.023--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 06 1990What price Dressage?
893.019--UnknownUser--Wed Apr 25 1990Dressage Judging (open forum)
894.036VMSSPT::PAANANENThu Nov 15 19901991 Dressage Tests
899.06STUWed Mar 29 1989Dressage in Germany
900.020PIXEL::DANIThu May 15 1986Loss of tail hairs
901.08MPGS::SCHOFIELDWed Apr 19 1989Help My Horse Has Hives!
902.06CHEFS::GOUGHWed Mar 20 1991Ringworm
903.07FRAGLE::PELUSOThu Jun 15 1989What to do for rain rot
904.010GRANPA::MROBERTSONThu Jan 04 1990Sore Winter Withers
905.019HEEHEE::JOHNSONTue Mar 20 1990skin irritation outbreak
906.07GEMVAX::FISHERWed Mar 21 1990girth sore help
907.047CSC32::SACHSTue Jun 28 1988Scratches
908.06DELNI::KEIRANTue Apr 14 1992Ear fungus
909.08FSHQA2::BHUREAUFri May 19 1989Cleaning a Gelding
912.06MAIL::HILDEBRANDFri Apr 07 1989Possible opening retirement home for equines
916.015DYO78Tue Apr 11 1989ideas needed for the perfect stable business
919.04CGVAX2::BARBATOMon Apr 17 1989"Foal-shower gift"?
925.013WMOIS::PORTERFri Apr 21 1989Fear of Needles
927.011TALLIS::MJOHNSONFri Apr 21 1989Emergency vet calls
928.07VMSSG::PAANANENMon Apr 24 1989Creosote substitute needed
930.017STEREO::JENKINSTue Apr 25 1989Breeders-Need Expert Advice!! Help!!
931.03PTOMV6::PETHWed Apr 26 1989After Gelding: How Soon Do They Forget?
932.048MTADMS::DOUGLASTue May 30 1989Gelding: When can it be done?
933.010DOOZER::RETAILTue Aug 13 1991Gelding In Love!!!
937.020ASABET::PYNCHONWed May 10 1989Shampoo questions
938.06USMFG::NROSTANZOWed May 10 1989Lunging, What to use,When?
939.05KERNEL::CHEWTERFri Apr 28 1989Melanomas and Breeding..
940.04MEIS::SCRAGGSThu May 11 1989Town Bylaws/Zoning
946.011EPOCH::GEORGEThu May 18 1989Potomac Fever
950.011--UnknownUser--Mon May 22 1989Blindfolded Horses
953.013DELNI::KEIRANWed May 24 1989Mosquito spray for mare and foal?
954.013CSC32::K_WORKMANWed May 24 1989Hot Water in Barns
956.05DYO78Fri May 26 1989foundered horse advice needed
959.04SEDOAS::FULTONTue May 30 1989A female jump rider in the U.K.
960.01FSHQA1::BHUREAUTue May 30 1989Need help writing contract
963.08DNEAST::PLENGEY_DEBWed May 31 1989Wintec Saddles
964.04NRADM::CONGERThu Jun 01 1989Buena Vista Plantation Saddle???
966.09DECNET::NAMOGLUMon Jun 05 1989How much time required to take care of the beasts?
967.01IMPULS::HARTELTue Jun 06 1989Vet Schools--Medicine or Science?
969.013JUPITR::MENARDWed Jun 07 1989Problem with Hydrant
970.07BELFST::MCCOMBWed Jun 07 1989The Cost of Livery
971.014FSHQA2::TLEBLANCThu Jun 08 1989Bitting for Control/Martingales
973.018USWAV1::COBURNTue Jun 13 1989Bitting for Control/Balancing the Horse
974.06ASD::WIMBERGWed Jun 14 1989Back in the Saddle Again
977.07SKELTN::FOXMon Jun 19 1989What age do you start your horse
981.01HOCUS::ROBERTSONFri Jun 23 1989Help! Need a barn near Baltimore
987.01DNEAST::WEBSTER_THERFri Jun 30 1989Need friend in Tulsa, O.K.
988.01GEKO::MACEACHERNWed Jul 05 1989New Mexico info needed
992.018VMSSG::PAANANENWed Jul 05 1989How to Braid Mane/Tail?
1001.02PTEVAX::MARCHIFri Jul 14 1989Sept. Trip to Ireland - What to Bring?
1010.09TEACH::SHERRYTue Jul 25 1989Pulling a mane and pain!
1014.010AIMHI::DANIELSFri Jul 28 1989NH Equine Services
1015.010--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 08 1986Home for retired Horses
1016.02ASGMKA::MATTHEWFri Jun 13 1986to destroy or not [please help]!!
1018.023AIMHI::DANIELSTue Aug 01 1989Building Confidence
1020.014VMSSPT::PAANANENTue Aug 01 1989Help with Hooves, Farriers and Vets
1023.011GEMVAX::FISHERFri Aug 04 1989Musty Smell on Saddle
1024.07VIA::SNOWMon Aug 07 1989Curing Front Kicking
1026.03FRAGLE::PELUSOFri Aug 11 1989suggestions for making my trailermore 'comfortable'
1027.03ASABET::HUDSONFri Aug 11 1989Escaped horse just out for a walk
1028.041STARZ::RAYTue Aug 15 1989Spanish Riding School - Lipizzans
1035.022WEDOIT::NANCYMon Aug 21 1989How to Sell a Horse
1038.011AUNTB::TALBERTMon Aug 28 1989Strange Virus
1039.010COGITO::HARRISTue Aug 29 1989Clipper Recommendations Wanted
1043.02ASD::WIMBERGFri Sep 01 1989KY Horse Park
1045.07LILAC::SMITHJWed Sep 06 1989Personality Problems
1046.06ASABET::HUDSONThu Sep 07 1989Question about a Cough
1047.08CURIE::GCOOKThu Sep 07 1989A jealous abused mare.
1048.014DASXPS::DOUGHERTYThu Sep 07 1989Different mounts vs regular mount
1054.021DELNI::KEIRANMon Sep 11 1989Time to wean!!
1055.05WFOV11::DALE_DAVETue Sep 12 1989Horse Show Facilities Wanted
1056.07MED::D_SMITHTue Sep 12 1989License required to train
1057.08WMOIS::PORTERThu Sep 14 1989Innocense vs. Neglect
1062.083COGITO::HARRISMon Sep 18 1989Trucks suitable for towing
1064.08OKBYU::PAANANENThu Sep 21 1989Horse show volunteers.
1065.01DELNI::KEIRANWed Sep 20 1989Horses in southern Ohio
1066.02CURIE::GCOOKThu Sep 21 1989Scotia Farm - ever heard of it?
1067.04MAMIE::PRESTIDGEThu Sep 21 1989How to build HindQuarters
1068.07VMSSPT::PAANANENTue Sep 26 1989Horse Racing in Central Mass?
1072.027CDR::GOLDMANThu Sep 28 1989What's a *Poor* Person To Do?
1073.05SSGBPM::FLANAGANFri Sep 29 1989Twin Pines Farms
1074.09COGITO::HARRISFri Sep 29 1989Surviving Winter
1077.05JUPITR::PARTAINTue Oct 03 1989underhooves and peeling frog, current topic 1321
1083.02DASXPS::SLADEWed Oct 04 1989Pools for Horses???
1084.026SALEM::ALLOREThu Oct 05 1989Secretariat gone.....
1086.06STORFri Oct 06 1989Pony Pacifiers
1091.05MERLAN::KJROYWed Oct 11 1989"Winterizing a LONG Tail"
1093.032VMSSPT::PAANANENThu Oct 12 1989What a *great* idea!
1096.07DECXPS::LCOBURNFri Oct 13 1989Renting a Trailer
1097.035ASABET::HUDSONFri Oct 13 1989Insurance Issues
1098.05FRAGLE::PELUSOMon Oct 16 1989Lesson learned from tragic accident
1100.070TOPDOC::RYHERDWed Oct 21 1987Buying and Fitting Riding Boots
1104.04FLOWER::PIERCEWed Oct 18 1989Sad Poem
1105.025TOOK::SCHLENERFri Oct 20 1989Who said horses weren't expensive
1106.016MERLAN::KJROYMon Oct 23 1989Setting Up for Halter
1109.01AIMHI::DANIELSFri Oct 27 1989Riding Mules
1111.05WEDOIT::NANCYWed Nov 01 1989Tackshop prices a ripoff?
1113.04GENRAL::LEECHThu Nov 02 1989Walter Farley
1115.013DECXPS::LCOBURNMon Nov 06 1989Head Tossing
1116.07IVOGUS::SCHOOLERMon Nov 06 1989Very Sick Horses in SoCal
1118.03DNEAST::KRAMER_JULIETue Nov 07 1989Who uses draw reins?
1120.013SOLVIT::LAURENCELLETue Dec 24 1991Trail Riding Stables ???
1126.03DASXPS::LCOBURNThu Nov 16 1989Standardbred/WarmBlood??
1127.06DYO78Thu Nov 16 1989Heart warming suggestions
1128.04WEDOIT::NANCYFri Nov 17 1989Horse colds & coughing - supplies
1129.01WEDOIT::NANCYFri Nov 17 1989Preventing colds
1130.035GENRAL::LEECHMon Jan 13 19921996 Shows/Clinics/Trail Rides/Events Listings
1131.021WEDOIT::NANCYTue Nov 28 1989Xmas traditions & wish lists
1135.05TOMCAT::RAYThu Nov 30 1989stirrup covers
1136.04JUPITR::MENARDWed Dec 13 1989Night-time visitor
1137.010STAFF::GREENWOODMon Dec 18 1989Are we Having FUN?
1141.05CHEFS::GOUGHThu Dec 21 1989Pedal bone problems
1145.06RHETT::MACEACHERNThu Jan 04 1990Inferior check Ligament
1148.040STORFri Jan 05 1990Winter Shoeing Concerns
1149.014COOKIE::ACKERMANMon Jan 08 1990Boots for horses
1151.09CARTUN::MISTOVICHTue Jan 09 1990San Diego, Colorado S. & Seattle Horses
1152.03AHAB::NANCYTue Jan 09 1990Maiden mares foal earlier?
1153.04LAUREL::REMILLARDWed Jan 10 1990Neoprene For Girth Covers?
1155.02GRANPA::DVISTICAFri Jan 12 1990Sicilian Donkey Wanted
1156.018DYO78Thu Jan 18 1990Central Mass Info Needed
1159.016PFSVAX::PETHMon Jan 22 1990Ovarian tumors in mares
1160.03TOMCAT::MURPHYTue Jan 23 1990Insure or not to insure...
1162.07WEDOIT::NANCYWed Jan 24 1990Relocation $ for horses
1163.01BOOVX1::MANDILEThu Jan 25 1990Surgery on the booboo...
1164.03ATPS::LIEBThu Jan 25 1990Tots-In-Tandem Saddle
1166.06DASXPS::LCOBURNMon Jan 29 1990Sales Comissions??
1168.06FRAGLE::PELUSOMon Jan 29 1990Starting a Two Year Old Horse/Vet Checks
1169.018WJOUSM::NICKERSONSun Mar 04 1990Arabians at auction
1170.06USMFG::CRANCOURTTue Jan 30 1990Wanted: Lucinda Green Saddle
1171.04DENVER::STELZNERTue Jan 30 1990Colorado Trainers?
1172.06COOKIE::ACKERMANTue Jan 30 1990Tack Prices in Germany
1173.011MASTIC::KATEWed Jan 31 1990Schooling Show Vs. Pace Event
1174.012HEEHEE::JOHNSONWed Jan 31 1990Indoor dust control?
1175.08MEIS::SCRAGGSThu Feb 01 1990Horse Club Activity and Newsletter Ideas
1176.015--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 02 1990Stolen Pony???
1177.040NRADM::ROBINSONFri Feb 02 1990Help - Coughing Horse...
1178.024DYO78Mon Feb 05 1990What To Do With A Stall Kicker?
1179.04TOLKIN::CKJERTINGMon Feb 26 1990Tax man Cometh
1181.010DNEAST::BUTTERMAN_HOWed Feb 07 1990What are your horses doing w/their winter coats?
1182.02BOOVX2::MANDILEFri Mar 02 1990Bridle Fitting (English)
1183.030DASXPS::ZBROWNWed Feb 14 1990Suede Knee Rolls???
1184.016DYO78Wed Feb 14 1990springtime shots
1185.03FRAGLE::PELUSOMon Feb 19 1990?? on haying (vs. pasturing)
1186.015BSS::SACHSMon Feb 19 1990lets play!
1187.024CASPRO::MCNUTT_KMon Feb 19 1990Pony Clubbers Reunion
1189.011VMSSPT::PAANANENMon Feb 26 1990Vaulting Info Wanted
1190.04KERNEL::CHEWTERWed Apr 25 1990Board Wanted/Available - UK (England)
1191.04SEDOAS::NEALEFri May 20 1988UK Cross Country Bibs
1192.04CHEFS::GOUGHFri Sep 23 1988UK visitors to Washing area want to ride
1193.010KERNEL::PEWTERThu Jan 19 1989UK Riding Holidays
1194.09KERNEL::PEWTERThu Apr 20 1989Deadly Virus in the UK
1195.04XNOGOV::LISAMon Apr 23 1990Riding hats - UK
1196.013VOGON::WALTHERThu Nov 30 1989Riding and Lessons in the UK
1197.016LANDO::HARRISMon Sep 19 1988Horsing Around in England
1203.08DYO78Wed Mar 07 1990Dumb advice
1204.09DYO78Thu Mar 08 1990illegal drugs at horse shows
1209.04WAV13::BETZLThu Mar 22 1990Info Needed on Tucson AZ
1211.018BOOVX1::MANDILEThu Mar 22 1990I want to play, too!
1214.05LANDO::AHARRISMon Mar 26 1990Equisuede Patches?
1215.022NIKKII::TRESEDERWed Mar 28 1990Problem Horse - UGH!
1216.014DNEAST::KRAMER_JULIEFri Mar 30 1990Contracted Tendons
1217.020DASXPS::LCOBURNTue Apr 03 1990Horse vs Cow ?!?
1218.05DELNI::CSILVAWed Apr 04 1990Laramie - What is your story?
1219.07COOKIE::ACKERMANThu Apr 05 1990Met the brand inspector yet?
1220.011ELMAGO::LFIELDSFri Apr 06 1990Horsewoman loses her nerve
1222.09FLOWER::PIERCETue Apr 10 1990Help Stained Tub
1224.02BOSOX::ZBROWNTue Apr 10 1990Chewing the Bit
1227.04WMOIS::J_BENNETTWed Apr 11 1990Arizona bound
1230.027BOOVX2::MANDILEMon Apr 16 1990Taking in Boarders?
1234.08FLOWER::PIERCEThu Apr 19 1990help! horse wont drink water
1235.09FRAGLE::PELUSOThu Apr 19 1990need input on borrowing/using someone else's horse
1237.09DECXPS::ZBROWNMon Apr 23 1990Abused horse...help!
1238.012DELNI::KEIRANTue Apr 24 1990Horses and goats???
1244.039DELNI::KEIRANFri Apr 27 1990Cribbers and Wood Chewers
1245.03BOOVX1::MANDILEFri Apr 27 1990Some people just make me so mad!
1252.05AKOV12::GLOVERWed May 02 1990Help Diagnose my Lame Filly
1253.03COMICS::PEWTERThu May 03 1990Need Info on Grass Sickness
1258.027BOOVX1::MANDILETue May 08 1990Anyone got any funny questions they were asked?
1263.02WEDOIT::NANCYFri May 11 1990Horse Appraisals
1264.09DISCVR::HERRONMon May 14 1990Need help for a sensitive mouth
1267.016CARTUN::MISTOVICHWed May 16 1990Skin-So-Soft/Where's the Avon lady when you need her?
1269.05DECXPS::LCOBURNTue May 01 1990Bridle Path Hack?
1270.017ASABET::OWENTue Jun 19 1990STOW WC [Digital] HS ROUNDTABLE
1271.07BOOVX2::MANDILEMon May 21 1990How do you train a pony?
1272.08MSBEAR::BAERTue May 22 1990Help Needed in Breaking Horses In
1274.05LANDO::AHARRISWed May 23 1990Mud!!!
1275.09LYNX::GOLDMANWed May 23 1990Introducing A Horse to Grass Pasture
1276.07MILKWY::GOLDMANThu May 24 1990Lyme Disease Breakthrough Product
1281.07USMFG::NROSTANZOWed May 30 1990Cost/Questions On Vet for Soundness check etc.
1283.010BELFST::MCCOMBMon Jun 04 1990Equine Back Problems!!!Help!
1284.07DASXPS::KUTASHWed Jun 06 1990Herd Bound Horses at Shows
1286.02MFGMEM::LEMIREMon Jun 11 1990How do I become a judge/steward?
1287.029DYO78Wed Jun 13 1990I love it when...
1288.05MERLAN::KJROYThu Jun 14 1990Trailer Hitch Installation
1289.07DECXPS::ZBROWNThu Jun 14 1990He keeps eating her tail!!!!
1290.015USCTR1::KAGULEFri Jun 15 1990Getting that first horse or pony
1291.02MFGMEM::LEMIREFri Jun 15 1990Hock Troubles - No Bending?
1293.013BSS::SACHSTue Jun 19 1990Riding and Horses in Georgia
1294.07--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 19 1990Training Support Needed for 4 mo. old Colt
1295.04WFOV12::NOLLWed Jun 20 1990Information Needed on Maine
1299.010BOOVX2::MANDILEWed Jun 27 1990Help! Attack of the barn swallows!....
1300.023BOSOX::KUTASHThu Jul 05 1990Bitting for Hunt Seat Riding
1303.08FLOWER::PIERCEThu Jul 12 1990Hates her Halter
1304.020WEDOIT::NANCYThu Jul 12 1990Conditioning horse for riding
1305.02WEDOIT::NANCYThu Jul 12 1990Conditioning under saddle
1306.04BSMART::BARRETTFri Jul 13 1990English Riding Barns in Charlotte, N.C.?
1307.04AKOV12::GLOVERFri Jul 13 1990Help to Give Shots?
1308.01PDMONT::KTALBERTSun Jul 15 1990Need Info on Baltimore MD Barn
1309.03CSSE::ESSERMon Jul 16 1990Lippizan Farm
1310.09NUHAVN::SOLLEYMon Jul 16 1990Riders who are Overweight
1311.06HEEHEE::JOHNSONMon Jul 16 1990tax deduction?
1313.013TLE::DINGEEThu Jul 19 1990Taxachusetts
1315.06FLOWER::PIERCEThu Jul 19 1990Chestnut removal
1316.04FORTY2::GUNNTue Jul 24 1990Rapping (aka Poling)
1321.042PENUTS::MADAVISTue Jul 31 1990Hoof Care and Problems
1322.01057577::LMCCROSSANTue Jul 31 1990World Championship Results..... Anybody know how things are going/went?
1323.09NRADM::ROBINSONWed Aug 01 1990They shoot horses, don't they??
1324.013IAMOK::BAXTERThu Aug 02 1990water to a horse
1327.022CARTUN::MISTOVICHMon Aug 13 1990Mad as Hell...what would you do in this situation?
1328.01HEEHEE::JOHNSONMon Aug 13 1990Maryland Vet Referrals
1330.08SALEM::LAURENCELLEWed Aug 15 1990Training the western foal.
1335.017IAMOK::BAXTERFri Aug 17 1990How to encourage re-growth of hair?
1337.07STNDUP::LMCCROSSANTue Aug 14 1990World Equestrian Championships
1338.026WR2FOR::COSTELLO_KEFri Aug 17 1990Blind Horses
1339.055DELNI::KEIRANTue Aug 21 1990Lipizzaner Performance Groups
1342.014BOOVX2::MANDILEFri Aug 24 1990Equine Encephalitis outbreak
1343.0FRAGLE::PELUSOFri Aug 24 1990R.I. trail alert
1344.02AIMHI::DANIELSMon Aug 27 1990Does Anyone Remember the Snows?
1345.029BPOVTue Aug 28 1990How Should I Build An Outdoor Ring
1348.04BSMART::BARRETTWed Aug 29 1990Drooling Horses
1349.05STAR::BATBOUTAThu Aug 30 1990Free horse manure available?
1354.08VMSSPT::PAANANENThu Sep 06 1990Farm Tractors
1357.08HAVOC::PICARDITue Sep 11 1990MSM
1360.045MRMARS::ALESSANDRINIFri Sep 14 1990Winter blankets.
1362.08--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 18 1990Horse Show / Show Ring Manners
1368.09GIGI::ALESSANDRINITue Sep 25 1990Hunter Pacing
1369.09GIGI::ALESSANDRINITue Sep 25 1990Stuebben Saddle Quality--as good as they used to be?
1370.016BRAT::MATTHEWSFri Sep 28 1990biting/nipping
1371.021USMFG::NROSTANZOWed Oct 03 1990Equine Photography ??'s.....
1373.07GLORYX::SANDLERMon Oct 08 1990Barn odors
1374.04DNEAST::WEBSTER_THERMon Oct 08 1990Rhode Island Sale
1376.03REGENT::WIMBERGWed Oct 17 1990Creating new trails.
1378.026BOSOX::LCOBURNWed Oct 17 1990Boarding/Training Controversy
1379.07STNDUP::LMCCROSSANThu Oct 18 1990Boarding agreements.
1381.072MTADMS::SOLLEYMon Oct 22 1990Yahoo a bucking bronco-:
1382.02BOOVX2::MANDILEWed Oct 24 1990Do you see it, too?...
1384.025MTADMS::SOLLEYMon Oct 29 1990Tragedy At Belmont
1385.02MILKWY::GOLDMANFri Nov 02 1990My horse is lonely....
1386.01FRAGLE::PELUSOMon Nov 05 1990Internationl shipping.
1389.010NAC::SCHLENERWed Nov 07 1990Capt. Kirk rides again!
1392.011EXPRES::FENDELANDERSun Nov 18 1990Training a Young Horse for Reining
1394.05NUTS::BUSHMANWed Nov 21 1990Speaker/Field trip Suggestions
1397.06VMSSPT::PAANANENMon Nov 26 1990Fire
1398.038BOSOX::LCOBURNWed Nov 28 1990This Old Horse
1401.07ESCROW::ROBERTSFri Nov 30 1990Quick-Release Stirrup Irons
1402.03GEMVAX::FISHERMon Dec 10 1990a big thank you to fellow noters
1403.03WFOV11::NOLLWed Dec 12 1990Kanata Info wanted
1404.02BELFST::MCCOMBFri Dec 14 1990Electronic Anti-Cribbing Devices
1405.04MTADMS::DOUGLASWed Dec 26 1990Moisture build-up
1406.07XCUSME::FULTZWed Dec 26 1990Feeding Bread
1407.015SMAUG::MORENZWed Dec 26 1990How can I keep my pony Fat AND Happy ????
1408.09FORTY2::QUICKThu Jan 03 1991Bolting, how do you stop them?
1410.03EVTAI1::MENEZFri Feb 01 1991RECHERCHE [Search]
1411.02DNEAST::WEBSTER_THERTue Feb 05 1991Saddle appraisal needed...Help!
1412.020NUTS::BUSHMANFri Feb 08 1991Showing Open Colts & Fillies
1413.07GUIDUK::WITTFri Feb 08 1991Neurological Problem - any experience out there?
1417.02VMSSPT::PAANANENMon Feb 18 1991Help Save Massachusetts 4H and Cooperative Extension
1419.07BELFST::MCCOMBTue Feb 19 1991Kieffer Saddles
1420.016--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 21 1991Aggressive horses.
1421.018BOSOX::POWELLSat Feb 23 1991This Guy's a Real Beginner...
1423.02BONJVI::PIERCEMon Mar 04 1991Jockey Schools in the USA
1424.05AIMHI::DOYLEMon Mar 04 1991eating manure?
1425.01TOLKIN::SWEENEYMon Mar 11 1991Yucca Pellets
1427.018SUVAI1::SWMATTue Mar 12 1991What shall I do to stop him?!
1429.01KAHALA::FULTZWed Mar 13 1991Comparison - Pleasure Riding vs Trail Riding
1430.023WFOV11::NOLLWed Mar 13 1991Looking for some "DICE-IT"
1431.06DECWET::DADDAMIOWed Mar 13 1991Alexander Technique and Riding
1438.06VMSSPT::PAANANENThu Mar 28 1991Cross-training
1439.06TFH::PARTAINFri Mar 29 1991free sand in maynard
1440.013VMSSPT::PAANANENFri Mar 29 1991Stable Licensing
1444.010SALEM::RATAYMon Apr 08 1991Trail water and horses
1445.05BONJVI::PIERCEMon Apr 08 1991Western Girth Question
1446.07XNOGOV::LISAMon Apr 08 1991Rein safety
1448.013BOOVX1::MANDILETue Apr 09 1991Boy, am I stiff........
1451.06WMOIS::LAPIERRE_KFri Apr 12 1991Family lessons???
1453.01KBOMFG::RWERNERMon Apr 22 1991Anybody from Miami?
1454.020DUCK::GILLOTTWTue Apr 23 1991Feeding Lindseed
1455.02GEMVAX::FISHERTue Apr 23 1991"Danish" system
1456.05ISLNDS::GARROWTue Apr 23 1991No More Barn Cleaning!!
1457.021MRKTNG::BRAULTTue Apr 23 1991Boarding concerns.
1459.051ISLNDS::GARROWWed Apr 24 1991Fine Tuning/Reining!!
1460.013XCUSME::FULTZMon Apr 29 1991moving a 4 year old and her baby
1461.024XCUSME::FULTZMon Apr 29 1991Horse/Foal Names
1463.012BONJVI::PIERCEMon Apr 29 1991Allergic to Oak Buds
1464.02FRAGLE::PELUSOMon Apr 29 1991Looking for a vet in Strafford VT.
1465.016KAHALA::HOLMESMon Apr 29 1991Jumping styles
1466.016KAHALA::FULTZTue Apr 30 1991Bitting for Western Riding
1468.04CARTUN::MISTOVICHMon May 06 1991Choke
1469.011TOOHOT::BENNETTMon May 06 1991Dry Feet in AZ
1470.02KAHALA::FULTZWed May 08 1991Nosey neighbor? or Equine defender?
1471.013ESCROW::ROBERTSMon May 20 1991Equine "Military School" ?
1472.038SSDEVO::DILLOWMon May 20 1991Preparing property for horses
1474.012CARTUN::MISTOVICHTue May 28 1991I suppose they mean well, but...
1475.03CSC32::M_POTTERTue May 28 1991Need help cleaning a foot on an injured leg...
1476.015SUVAI1::GRAUCOBWed May 29 1991Sensitive back?
1477.024AIRG::TINAWed May 29 1991Bone Spavins, Colic and now Navicular
1478.02NUTS::BUSHMANMon Jun 03 1991Buying Tack in U.K.
1480.015NAC::SCHLENERTue Jun 04 1991Protecting Stored Tack
1481.09ISLNDS::GARROWTue Jun 04 1991Do Horses Forget?????
1483.056VMSSPT::PAANANENWed Jun 05 1991'Valuing Differences' in Horses
1484.013DASXPS::LCOBURNFri Jun 07 1991Why won't she shed??
1486.059DELNI::KEIRANFri Jun 14 1991The ideal barn....
1487.08LUDWIG::ROCKThu Jun 20 1991Itchy Tails...to be told
1489.020--UnknownUser--Mon Jul 01 1991I wish the father had to go thru this!
1490.05GUCCI::VTETRAULTWed Jul 03 1991Any Maryland Horse-lovers Out There?
1493.09BOOVX2::MANDILEThu Jul 25 1991Lameness - sort of?
1494.021ISLNDS::GARROWMon Jul 29 1991Barn Sour Horse - How Do I Get The Horse to be Happy?
1495.013LUDWIG::ROCKMon Jul 29 1991horse sits down when saddling up
1496.012XCUSME::FULTZMon Jul 29 1991Mare dropping weight
1497.04BONJVI::PIERCEThu Aug 01 1991Breaks Wind Under Saddle...Why?
1498.011MR4DEC::ROMANSat Aug 03 1991Another Lesson Learned <or> Never Again!
1499.04KAHALA::FULTZWed Aug 07 1991Foal doesn't eat her hay - Ideas?
1500.07LUDWIG::ROCKThu Aug 08 1991Ideas Wanted for 4H Clinics
1501.017CSLALL::KROYThu Aug 08 1991Burial?
1503.015KAHALA::FULTZThu Aug 15 1991Riding In Japan
1504.022ASD::MCCROSSANFri Aug 16 1991Future of equestrian sports in the Olympics
1505.0141DECWET::JDADDAMIOMon Feb 03 19921992 Summer Olympics(NEWS ETC)
1509.013FRAGLE::PELUSOMon Aug 26 1991Paint mare allergic to shampoo
1510.04CIMNET::SHAMELTue Aug 27 1991Allergic Reactions to Fly Sprays
1517.02SUVAI1::GRAUCOBSun Sep 01 1991Lonely horse = bony horse??
1519.01NITMOI::MONTOWSKITue Sep 03 1991Horse Pictures Wanted
1521.013MSBCS::A_HARRISThu Sep 19 1991Children and Horses
1522.016STRATA::FELDMANTue Jun 30 1992Concerned Parent
1525.04DELNI::KEIRANTue Sep 10 1991Free cat and kittens
1527.07AIMHI::DANIELSMon Sep 16 1991Grief
1528.03TFOR2::GOODNOWWed Sep 18 1991Old Wives' Tail?
1530.04XCUSME::FULTZThu Sep 19 1991Bits for walkers?
1531.02KALE::ROBERTSFri Sep 20 1991Washing a wax jacket?
1533.043DECWET::JDADDAMIOThu Sep 26 1991Imagery in riding
1539.04XCUSME::FULTZThu Oct 17 1991pumpkin fear
1540.011MPO::ROBINSONMon Oct 21 1991Not use Power Lines??
1542.018RUMOR::PAANANENMon Oct 28 1991"Let's be careful out there."
1543.024CSCMA::SMITHTue Oct 29 1991Feeding, riding and work schedules
1544.019CAVLRY::BUCKWed Oct 30 1991The Official POLO Note
1545.06STUDIO::PELUSOThu Oct 31 1991Tattoo question
1547.05CSCMA::YEAWMon Apr 27 1992Equine Study Program Questions
1548.06SMAUG::MORENZMon Nov 04 1991Courses in Veterinary Care ??
1549.027DECWET::JDADDAMIOWed Nov 06 1991Fractured Coffin Bone
1550.09COMICS::PEWTERFri Nov 08 1991Fancy Dress Ideas?
1555.010BONJVI::PIERCETue Nov 19 1991Pee's On Hay :-(
1556.018STUDIO::PELUSOWed Nov 20 1991Suggestions needed for promotion of Icelandic Horses
1557.07BOOVX2::MANDILEWed Nov 20 1991Chronicle special was on horses....
1560.031KAHALA::HOLMESSun Nov 24 1991Suing CEASE
1562.08SOLVIT::LAURENCELLEWed Nov 27 1991Getting Insurance for Carriage Rides and Lessons
1564.054SALEM::RATAYMon Dec 09 1991Equestrian Events on Television
1566.08TEACH::SHERRYWed Dec 11 1991Award ideas?
1568.025AIMHI::MEUNIERMon Dec 23 1991 My Best Friend
1577.044BOOVX1::MANDILEWed Jan 08 1992Excess horses going to slaughter.
1579.06QETOO::ZBROWNMon Jan 13 1992Freeze Marking
1581.010CHEFS::GOUGHTue Jan 14 1992Damaged sesamoidal ligament
1582.0ASD::MCCROSSANThu Jan 16 1992Types of Pads for Feet
1583.01CIMNET::SHAMELWed Jan 22 1992Trying to identify/locate a saddle
1584.02AIMHI::DANIELSWed Jan 22 1992McClellan Saddles
1587.05ASDS::BOOTHMon Jan 27 1992Winter riding
1588.05MPO::ROBINSONThu Jan 30 1992Abused Pony
1589.028BOOVX2::MANDILEFri Jan 31 1992Becoming a feed distributor.....
1594.010KAHALA::FULTZTue Feb 11 1992When and Why to Use Bute
1595.08KAHALA::FULTZThu Feb 13 1992Horse Happiness - Working or Playing?
1596.017AIMHI::DANIELSMon Feb 17 1992Recovering from Injuries-How to Deal with Fear
1597.034CSCMA::SMITHTue Feb 18 1992Instructor Attitudes
1598.04XLIB::PAANANENWed Apr 14 1993How to learn more from lessons
1599.02CARTUN::MISTOVICHTue Feb 11 1992Saddle Pads to Prevent Chafing
1601.069DECWET::JDADDAMIOFri Feb 21 1992Announcing SPRING!!!!
1602.037BONJVI::PIERCETue Feb 25 1992Problem horse trainer wanted.
1603.025MR4DEC::GCOOKThu Feb 27 1992Stallion Marketing Advice Requested
1604.012LUDWIG::ROCKMon Mar 02 1992Vitamin Supplements May Help Nervous Horses
1608.016MR4DEC::GCOOKFri Mar 13 1992Looking for a Summer Camp
1609.016MASADA::FORDMon Mar 16 1992Positive Coggins in the Neighborhood
1610.08ISLNDS::ROSTANZOThu Mar 19 1992Exhibition Booth Displays
1614.03TAGART::MCLACHLANFri Mar 27 1992Trail Riding in Albuquerque?
1615.09MASADA::FORDMon Apr 06 1992Horse Upset When Asked to Canter
1617.03ESCROW::ROBERTSWed Apr 08 1992Looking for Carpenter
1622.04RUMOR::PAANANENWed Apr 22 1992Equine Morphology (and other things)
1626.010BONJVI::PIERCETue May 12 1992Afraid of Leather--Really!
1627.014MARX::LMCCROSSANWed May 13 1992Tick Spray/Repellent - Recommendations/Suggestions
1628.014DECWET::JDADDAMIOThu May 28 1992Satellite TV and Equine Coverage
1639.07MSBCS::KELLYThu Jul 02 1992Help - New to the Horse World...
1640.066ABACUS::FULTZWed Jul 08 1992Neighbors
1641.015CARTUN::MISTOVICHWed Jul 08 1992Nutrena feeds -- anyone familiar with them???
1643.020SWAM2::MASSEY_VIFri Jul 10 1992Did Anyone Ride Today?
1644.09BOOVX1::MANDILEMon Jul 13 1992Starting horseback riding as an adult vs a child...
1646.092SWAM2::MASSEY_VIFri Jul 17 1992What is a Warmblood?
1647.065KAHALA::FULTZMon Jul 20 1992Possible EVA/Virus Outbreak in NE
1648.014TERSE::DOTYFri Jul 24 1992Can a "dropped back" be helped?
1649.014SWAM2::MASSEY_VIFri Jul 31 1992To Save The Brumbys
1650.010A1VAX::GUNNFri Jul 31 1992Why do you own a horse?
1651.028DECWET::JDADDAMIOThu Aug 06 1992Book shops & book dealers
1653.013NQOPS::BUSHSun Aug 09 1992Natalie Maloof "Morgan Breeder"
1654.07BRAT::FULTZFri Aug 21 1992Tractor - Renting
1655.05BUSY::MANDILEFri Sep 04 1992And giving a horse a bath tonight! (;
1656.04WMOIS::BIBEAU_KFri Sep 11 1992Custom Clothing Design
1657.08ASDG::PARSONSMon Sep 14 19922-Horse Van?
1658.05FORTY2::GUNNMon Sep 14 1992International Equestrian Events
1659.0RANGER::BOOTHTue Sep 15 1992Any riding in Agudilla Puerto Rico ?
1660.016TUXEDO::PAANANENWed Sep 16 1992MDC & you
1661.08UTROP1::HAGEMAN_PThu Sep 17 1992Your First Time on Horseback
1662.010COOKIE::NIKKII::TRESEDERMon Sep 28 1992Suggestions on Ear Use??
1663.019DECWET::JDADDAMIOWed Sep 30 1992Rabies Alert
1664.03FRICK::SPINETTOFri Oct 02 1992Teeth Grinding
1665.017LABC::PENNTue Oct 06 1992Thefts-Saddles
1666.04BRUONE::GARROWThu Oct 08 1992Reining Trainer / NE Mass area
1667.07BRAT::FULTZWed Oct 14 1992Paranoid about fire
1668.015BUSY::MANDILEFri Oct 16 1992Animal (horse) abuse/neglect up?
1669.09BRAT::FULTZThu Oct 22 1992Heart beat- Vet check
1670.03ELMAGO::HBUTTERMANThu Oct 22 1992Morgan Grand National - Freestyle Reining!
1672.022DECWET::JDADDAMIOMon Oct 26 1992Beyond "The Black Stallion" - entertainment books and video
1673.04TOLKIN::BENNETTFri Oct 30 1992Info. on Tendonitis
1677.04BUSY::MANDILEWed Nov 04 1992Washington International Horse Show
1678.05ASDG::PARSONSWed Nov 04 1992warm feet
1679.05BUSY::MANDILEFri Nov 06 1992American Cowboy/Cowgirls?
1681.04MR4SRV::MSHAMELMon Nov 09 1992New MA. Law on liability
1682.014DEMING::CORMIERMon Nov 09 1992Dandruff/Dusty Coat
1683.010LABC::PENNFri Nov 13 1992Horseback Adventures-American Wilderness Experiences
1684.04NIKKOR::ANDERSONMon Nov 16 1992Training Thoroughbred Race Horses
1688.014KAHALA::FULTZMon Nov 30 1992Bitting for Trail Riding
1689.03SEEPO::PIERCETue Dec 01 1992Cyst on Navicular Bone
1690.09TERSE::DOTYTue Dec 01 1992Facial paralysis
1691.033PHAROS::FANTOZZIWed Dec 02 1992Fear - how do you handle it?
1693.023SEDOAS::REASONMon Dec 07 1992Help with a biter required
1694.01ACE::DIMMIEThu Dec 17 1992computerized handicapping for the horse races
1695.02DECWET::JDADDAMIOTue Dec 29 1992Your Top 5 books?
1696.0COMICS::PEWTERMon Jan 04 1993UK Riding Permit - Free
1697.020DELNI::MANDILEFri Jan 08 1993Eye discharge...injury or infection?
1698.013SEEPO::PIERCEFri Jan 08 1993Anglo-Arab Breeders Wanted
1699.02SEEPO::PIERCEWed Jan 13 1993Barn Virus - How long can it last?
1700.08COOKIE::NIKKII::TRESEDERWed Jan 13 1993Horse Value?
1701.0KAHALA::HOLMESFri Jan 15 1993New Rider training/teaching device
1702.06SMAUG::MORENZFri Jan 15 1993Anyone from Princeton/Hubbardston/Petersham MA area ?
1704.04SOLVIT::LAURENCELLEFri Jan 22 1993Dakota and CB information ??
1705.011PEKING::KYNASTONWMon Jan 25 1993Horse Attacks in the UK
1706.011ELMAGO::HBUTTERMANTue Jan 26 1993Need Trucking Feedback....
1707.02DELNI::MANDILEThu Jan 28 1993Insurance Co info - farm, equine, business?
1708.02DECWET::JDADDAMIOThu Jan 28 1993A new marketing idea!
1709.04STRATA::STOOKERThu Feb 04 1993Trade Agreement
1710.02LABC::PENNFri Feb 05 1993Quarterhorse or Mustang?
1711.018GBLAUT::JANICKITue Feb 16 1993Larkspure Farm (Building on Rt. 2A in Littleton,MA)
1712.017SEEPO::PIERCEMon Mar 01 1993Toys: Do your horses have any?
1713.010AIMHI::DANIELSTue Mar 02 1993Riding Sneakers
1714.01ESKIMO::ROCKMon Mar 08 1993Central MA Farm Supplies Co-op Meeting
1715.018STOWOA::PIERCETue Mar 09 1993COYOTEs: In Berlin, MA
1716.09DELNI::MANDILETue Mar 09 1993"Horse Info Chart"
1717.01ISLNDS::GARROWThu Mar 11 1993Manure and MA law
1718.022CARTUN::MISTOVICHMon Mar 22 1993Selenium in NY hay...
1719.028DECWET::JDADDAMIOMon Mar 22 1993The Well Bedded Stall ?
1721.030MTWASH::DOUGLASThu Mar 25 1993can't give rabies shot?
1722.08INGOT::ROBERTSTue Mar 30 1993French Cavalry School at Saumur
1723.015DELNI::MANDILETue Mar 30 1993Mountain Lion in Easton, MA
1724.02INGOT::ROBERTSWed Mar 31 1993New Use for Horse Manure?
1725.03RANGER::SCHLENERFri Apr 02 1993How much for a horse?
1726.01OTOOA::GALLOPFri Apr 02 1993Overnight Stabling in NY/NE
1727.011AIMHI::DOYLETue Apr 06 1993A tribute to Ghosty
1728.06ISLNDS::GARROWThu Apr 08 1993Shelter Suggestions
1729.0PHAROS::FANTOZZIThu Apr 08 1993Any Farriers need Apprentices?
1730.04CSCMA::SMITHMon Apr 12 1993Protecting trees from chewing
1731.07NQOPS::BUSHWed Apr 14 1993What to look for in an instructor
1732.024SOLVIT::LAURENCELLEFri Apr 16 1993Help ... Won't eat grain (?)
1733.07GRANMA::JWOODMon Apr 19 1993music to trot to...
1734.07SWAM2::MASSEY_VIMon Apr 19 1993Small Business License--CA
1735.03PEKING::KYNASTONWTue Apr 20 1993Swimming horses as part of their fitness
1736.03SOLVIT::LAURENCELLEMon Apr 26 1993NH Equine Humane Society Horse Show
1737.04DELNI::KEIRANThu Apr 29 1993Bolting into the stall....
1738.018CSCMA::SMITHWed May 12 1993Lameness, what do you think?
1740.03SMAUG::MORENZFri May 14 1993too young to have teeth so worn!
1741.0POWDML::MANDILETue May 18 1993Rhinestone Cowboy revisited
1742.03MCIS3::PDALEYTue May 18 1993Interstate Shipping for Mare and Foal
1743.024XLIB::PAANANENTue May 18 1993The Colors of Horses
1745.011STOWOA::PIERCEMon May 24 1993Portable Fencing
1746.07ISLNDS::DESILETSTue May 25 1993Worcester Foundation Horse Show!
1747.08AIMHI::DANIELSTue May 25 1993The reverse of theft of services
1748.05MTWASH::DOUGLASFri May 28 1993A Foal's Age
1749.025MTWASH::DOUGLASFri May 28 1993What other pets do you have?
1750.0AIMHI::DANIELSFri May 28 1993Greater Manchester?
1752.02AIMHI::SEIFERTWed Jun 09 1993Where to ride????
1753.0AIMHI::DANIELSWed Jun 09 1993Twin State?
1754.0AIMHI::DANIELSThu Jun 10 1993Rescue Organizations
1755.024WOTVAX::REESLFri Jun 11 1993Stiffness
1756.010MR4DEC::LPIERCETue Jun 15 1993shrinking lumps under belly
1758.03DECWET::JDADDAMIOWed Jun 16 1993The wonder cleaner
1759.027SWAM2::MASSEY_VIThu Jun 17 1993Things I hate sometimes (related to horses)
1760.01DPDMAI::LAWRIEWed Jun 23 1993gear for trail ride
1762.01SUBURB::HARWOODJMon Jun 28 1993Blood Transfusions
1764.03AIMHI::SEIFERTMon Jun 28 1993Help - riding without stirrups
1765.057DECWET::JDADDAMIOMon Jun 28 1993General bitting discussions
1766.08WOTVAX::REESLTue Jun 29 1993Eyes & Flys
1768.0ALFA1::COOKThu Jul 08 1993Interesting article
1769.02ANGLIN::DUNTONFri Jul 09 1993Pregnant mares and fescue
1770.06SALEM::ROY_KMon Jul 12 1993Quarters/Halves
1771.08POWDML::MANDILEFri Jul 16 1993Loose horses....An Owners nightmare....
1772.09NQOPS::BUSHTue Jul 20 1993Paranoid due to her accident
1773.011ASDG::PARSONSWed Jul 21 1993bending
1776.0METSYS::GILROYThu Jul 22 1993Horse exercising (UK)
1778.08DCEIDL::HOOT::WILPOLTMon Jul 26 1993Videocameras/videotaping renting/sharing in NH-MA area
1779.012PAULUS::GUERCANTue Jul 27 1993Andalusian Horses in Spain
1781.010WMOIS::BIBEAU_KFri Jul 30 1993Team Penning
1782.08BRAT::MACDONALD_MMon Aug 02 1993Animal Abuse
1783.02LUNER::DEPLANTEMon Aug 09 1993question on color
1784.03COMET::SANDVIKMon Aug 09 1993burr in gum or loose tooth?
1785.05MPGS::MENARDTue Aug 10 1993Adding a new horse to the herd
1786.06NQOPS::BUSHMon Aug 16 1993Rearing
1787.010POWDML::MANDILEMon Aug 16 1993Visit to a local horse shelter
1788.03BREAK::SHEPHERDFri Aug 20 1993Riding on the Beach
1790.07NQOPS::BUSHSun Aug 22 1993New tack shop opening-low prices!!
1791.03MTADMS::DOUGLASMon Aug 23 1993Adult/Junior results
1792.011WOTVAX::REESLMon Aug 23 1993Name Suggestions
1793.01ALFA1::COOKMon Aug 23 1993Boarding in Alexandria, VA
1794.06COMET::SANDVIKTue Aug 24 1993Eye Funk.. help it looks terrible.
1795.025WOTVAX::REESLTue Aug 31 1993Feeding Bran Mashes
1796.05NQOPS::BUSHTue Aug 31 1993barrel race english??
1797.011SOLVIT::BRIGGSTue Sep 07 1993Transporting a very young horse?
1798.0FSAEUR::LOTHROPMon Sep 13 19931994 World Equestrian Games
1799.010ESSB::PHAYDENMon Sep 13 1993Mail order?
1801.03COMET::SANDVIKMon Sep 13 1993Weather or gone nuts? how to break his habit?
1802.04KITYKT::GITATue Sep 14 1993What do horses eat????
1803.025AKOCOA::LPIERCETue Sep 14 1993My heart is broken.
1804.023SUBURB::HARWOODJWed Sep 15 1993Coping with Proud-flesh and Scars
1805.03COMET::SANDVIKWed Sep 15 1993Any experience with Thermal water buckets?
1807.04SAC::WALTHER_ETue Sep 21 1993UK insurers?
1809.01KAHALA::HOLMESMon Sep 27 1993??? River Front Farm, Concord MA
1810.04DCETHD::WILPOLTTue Sep 28 1993generalizations about soft tissue injuries
1811.012DECWET::JDADDAMIOFri Oct 01 1993Salt?
1812.07ANGLIN::DUNTONMon Oct 04 1993Cordura Saddles?
1814.09WOTVAX::REESLMon Oct 11 1993What Action can I take against him?
1815.03MTADMS::DOUGLASTue Oct 12 1993Notes from Noters Past
1816.07ASDG::CORMIERWed Oct 13 1993Gel Pad & Breast PLate
1817.01FORTY2::GOODWINMon Oct 18 1993UK price to rent land?
1818.06TERSE::FANTOZZIFri Oct 22 1993Rent-a-Pony - Help?
1819.08SMAUG::MORENZTue Oct 26 1993Eating Acorns
1820.012ANGLIN::DUNTONWed Oct 27 1993Abcessed foot
1821.049FSAEUR::LOTHROPFri Oct 29 1993People Food that Your Horse Likes to Eat
1822.04TERSE::FANTOZZITue Nov 02 1993Saddle Dying?
1823.037STUDIO::PELUSOWed Nov 03 1993Is riding alone dangerous?
1824.07COMET::SANDVIKWed Nov 03 1993Is this common in a young horse?
1825.014CHEFS::ELKINLThu Nov 04 1993Mares vs. Geldings
1826.06DECWET::JDADDAMIOFri Nov 05 1993Holding double reins
1827.07AKOCOA::LPIERCEFri Nov 12 1993funny award gift ideas?
1828.07SAC::WALTHER_ETue Nov 16 1993Vegetarian horsey types
1829.09ANGLIN::DUNTONTue Nov 16 1993Bot Flies
1830.06MR4SRV::CHMIBU::MShamelThu Nov 18 1993Narcolepsy
1832.012PENUTS::LVAUGHANSat Nov 27 1993How experienced are you?
1833.018KITYKT::GITAThu Dec 02 1993Staying Warm during Winter Rides
1834.016USHSWed Dec 08 1993Beginner in Houston Needs Help!
1835.012KAHALA::HOLMESFri Dec 10 1993fluid in legs
1836.016STUDIO::BIGELOWWed Dec 15 1993What's in a farm name?
1837.05NAC::A_OBRIENThu Dec 16 1993schooling barns?
1838.05AMCMKO::BEAUTue Dec 21 1993GIF/JPEG Files (Horse images) available
1839.014DECWIN::HUGHEYTue Dec 21 1993Riding lesson rates
1840.07ELMAGO::HBUTTERMANWed Dec 22 1993Warm Holiday Wishes to Everyone
1841.012HYLNDR::PRESTIDGEWed Dec 29 1993Foaling in cold weather questions
1842.033DECWET::JDADDAMIOMon Jan 03 1994Coping with the dark days
1843.02KAHALA::HOLMESMon Jan 03 1994'95 World Cup Dressage At L.A. equestrian center
1844.024GBLAUT::JANICKIMon Jan 10 1994Hunt Seat vs. Saddle Seat vs. Dressage (Balance) Seat
1845.029GBLAUT::JANICKIFri Jan 14 1994Koerungs/Breed Surveys
1846.013HYLNDR::PRESTIDGEFri Jan 14 1994Hay elevators - cost, recommendations?
1847.015AKOCOA::LPIERCEMon Jan 17 1994Older horse w/ Abscessed Tooth
1848.017SMAUG::MORENZMon Jan 17 1994Good-bye to my best friend...
1849.04BRAT::FULTZWed Jan 26 1994Newsletter (Input on Format requested)
1850.08STUDIO::BIGELOWTue Feb 01 1994Things that go bump in the night....
1851.01STUDIO::BIGELOWFri Feb 04 1994Northeast Fjord Assoc. is looking for horse shows
1852.022AKOCOA::ASTARJIAN_HMon Feb 07 1994The real cost of horse ownership?
1853.01AIMHI::DANIELSWed Feb 09 1994New Hampshire Horse & Trail Assoc.
1854.04MTADMS::DOUGLASThu Feb 17 1994Adults Only Riding Club
1855.013ELMAGO::HBUTTERMANThu Feb 17 1994A Sad Day ..
1856.03RTOMP2::STEFAN_ADMINTue Mar 01 1994Looking for practical work on a US-Ranch
1857.04STUDIO::BIGELOWTue Mar 01 19943
1858.0HPCGRP::LAZGINThu Mar 03 1994NE Horseman's Conference !
1859.05DELNI::KEIRANFri Mar 04 1994The Official Harness Racing Topic
1860.032NQOPS2::MCCRACKENMon Mar 07 1994why bad reputation for hacks(hackamores)
1861.06COMET::SANDVIKMon Mar 14 1994Wait until his shoulders catch his backend?
1862.06ISLNDS::GARROWTue Mar 15 1994saddle repair
1863.0MR4SRV::CHMIBU::MShamelTue Mar 15 1994Bunker Hill Farms
1864.034AKOCOA::LPIERCEWed Mar 16 1994Normal English Arab Bridle/Halters
1865.029ASDG::CORMIERFri Mar 18 1994Hello?? Anyone know about John Lyons?
1866.010KAHALA::HOLMESFri Mar 18 1994Olympics in Boston ?
1867.01DCEIDL::WILPOLTTue Mar 22 1994Any dressage connections in Portland area?
1868.09POWDML::SPOONERThu Mar 24 1994Looking for Horse Masseuse?
1869.0TECRUS::KUMPFSun Mar 27 1994Help w/ Spring Cleaning
1870.011AKOCOA::LPIERCEFri Apr 01 1994Shavings in Trailer - Pro/Cons??
1872.05MROA::LEMIRESun Apr 03 1994Bone Chips and Suspensory Injuries
1873.011AKOCOA::LPIERCETue Apr 05 1994Coggins State Laws
1874.026ANGLIN::DUNTONTue Apr 05 1994Riding Draft Horses?
1875.08DECWET::JDADDAMIOTue Apr 05 1994Premier Horse Network
1876.024NQOPS::MCCRACKENSun Apr 10 1994Can "Rearing" be broken?
1878.02AIMHI::DANIELSThu Apr 14 1994Spring Premier Show
1879.050KAM5Wed Apr 20 1994Foal Development
1880.0AKOCOA::LPIERCEFri Apr 22 1994Horse Related Screen Savers
1882.02DECWET::JDADDAMIOWed Apr 27 1994Can horses bend their bodies?
1883.014CSLALL::LCOBURNThu Apr 28 1994Welsh pony!
1884.02SMAUG::MORENZWed May 04 1994looking for week long clinic to take my four-legged children to
1885.09STUDIO::BIGELOWThu May 12 1994HYPP Disease
1886.02STUDIO::BIGELOWMon May 16 1994Need Mass area Morgan trainer
1887.05NEMAIL::MARKSDTue May 17 19944H Club Addresses
1888.01CSCMA::SMITHTue May 17 1994Horse tale's
1890.02AKOCOA::LPIERCEThu May 19 1994write a letter/make a law
1891.016MTWASH::DOUGLASTue May 24 1994loose manure...help!
1892.07AKOCOA::MARJOMAATue May 31 1994Child falling over pony's neck/head
1893.017DECWET::JDADDAMIOWed Jun 01 1994FDA may regulate vaccine availability
1894.07COMET::SANDVIKWed Jun 01 1994Beautiful tail gone, how can I stop this?
1897.022CHEFS::ELKINLMon Jun 06 1994Name Help!
1898.064LUDWIG::SSHEATue Jun 07 1994USCTA & BHS HTG discussions
1899.010CSCMA::SMITHTue Jun 21 1994Aging a horse by it's teeth
1900.04STUDIO::BIGELOWWed Jun 22 1994Horse Show Software anyone?
1902.04BRAT::FULTZTue Jun 28 1994Water baby
1903.06MTWASH::DOUGLASTue Jul 05 1994showing halter classes
1904.06ANNECY::BULTEWed Jul 06 1994Assistance for the 24th
1905.016DECWET::JDADDAMIOThu Jul 07 1994Reading and Riding?
1906.06STUDIO::BIGELOWFri Jul 08 1994Need burlap source....any ideas?
1907.010TURRIS::EASI::GEENENTue Jul 12 1994Body Language of Horses
1908.02STUDIO::BIGELOWWed Jul 13 1994Barn Fly Mist systems
1909.05MASALA::SMCRITCHIEWed Jul 13 1994Pony Club Games - Help with Fizzy Pony
1910.023DECWET::JDADDAMIOFri Jul 15 1994Leather Conditioners?
1911.014KAM5Thu Jul 21 1994Foal's First Bath-Help !
1912.07TOOK::MORENZFri Jul 22 1994teaching to lunge
1914.046MIMS::SACHS_JThu Jul 28 1994Animal Communicators.....
1915.014BOUVS::OAKEYThu Jul 28 1994PETA contact info in a horse magazine?
1916.02STUDIO::BIGELOWTue Aug 02 1994Premarin?
1918.07STUDIO::BIGELOWWed Aug 10 1994Need thoughts and feedback...
1919.05BOUVS::OAKEYWed Aug 10 1994Lease vs Purchase/Sale
1920.010BRAT::FULTZWed Aug 10 1994Guilt feelings
1921.060STUDIO::BIGELOWWed Aug 17 1994Thoughts on dogs at horsie events
1923.02CHEFS::ELKINLWed Aug 31 1994Evil or just naughty?
1924.06LEDS::SCULLThu Sep 01 1994summer feeding
1925.01SALEM::ROY_KMon Sep 12 1994Judging within 6 Mos?
1926.02CHEFS::ELKINLMon Sep 26 1994X-country fences
1928.01BOUVS::OAKEYFri Sep 30 1994Visit to Munich, Germany
1929.07PCBUOA::LPIERCEWed Oct 05 1994Vermont Riding!
1930.04PCBUOA::LPIERCEWed Oct 12 1994Trailer Saftey at Shows
1932.08ODIXIE::STURTEVANTThu Nov 10 1994New Dressage Tests??(for '95)
1933.012LTSLAB::BIGELOWTue Nov 15 1994Tipping Horse Service Folks (& the Holidays) General disscussion
1934.013CHEFS::ELKINLMon Nov 21 1994Set for Winter
1935.0RDGENG::BENTHAMMon Nov 28 1994Horsey Talk, Reading, UK
1936.054CSCMA::SMITHThu Dec 01 1994Accident yesterday, anyone know who?(Safety Helmets)
1937.011UTROP1::HAGEMAN_PTue Dec 13 1994slaughterhorses
1938.030JGO::LEENDERSWed Dec 14 1994Horses on Internet (WWW)
1939.02CSCMA::SMITHTue Dec 27 1994Happy Holidays!
1940.04MROA::LEMIREWed Dec 28 1994Returning Injured Horse to Work
1941.0CMOTEC::HARWOODJTue Jan 03 1995PRA (A UK club) is looking for contacts
1942.01CHEFS::ELKINLThu Jan 05 1995Meeting Long-Distance Fellow Noters
1943.010PCBUOA::LPIERCEThu Jan 05 1995Kentucky Derby/Horse Park Info Request
1944.03CHEFS::ELKINLFri Jan 13 1995Strained/bruised shoulder muscle?
1945.07MTWASH::DOUGLASTue Jan 17 1995help = unruly mane
1946.014CSCMA::SMITHMon Jan 23 1995Lost shoe, who pays?
1947.01LEDDEV::BAERTue Jan 24 1995Wanted Clubs/Associations to Join
1948.02HYLNDR::PRESTIDGEWed Feb 01 1995Preparation for Foaling
1949.09GIGI32::DINGEEWed Feb 01 1995What do you do with a baby?
1950.04PCBUOA::LPIERCEWed Feb 08 1995Barn Burnt in Berlin/Bolton,MA
1951.04PCBUOA::LPIERCEWed Feb 08 1995Help Organizing a Trail ride
1953.04BOUVS::OAKEYFri Mar 03 1995Bacterial supplements?
1954.0FSAEUR::LOTHROPMon Mar 13 1995Equitana '95
1955.0MPGS::ROMANSun Mar 19 1995Northboro, MA shot clinic - no barn fees!
1956.04CHEFS::ELKINLSun Mar 19 1995Insurance for Older Horse
1957.010MROA::ROBINSON_STue Apr 04 1995Barn Fire, Westboro
1958.029AKOCOA::ROLLINSThu Apr 06 1995Runny Nose?
1959.02SALES::MILLSTue Apr 11 1995Help: Showing Western Questions?
1960.04HYDRA::WHITMORETue Apr 11 1995Getting a horse to leave the stall
1961.02AKOCOA::ROLLINSWed Apr 12 1995Recipes for Horses
1962.0MALFri Apr 14 1995Boy Scout Troop needs help...
1963.014TUXEDO::MURTHAFri Apr 14 1995Group riding guidlines?
1964.03SAC::CHANDLER_STue Apr 18 1995Laminitis (again!)
1965.017STOWOA::MCKEOWNTue Apr 18 1995The reality of horses at home
1966.0CHEFS::ELKINLThu Apr 20 1995URGENT: UK Horse Transport
1967.02TUXEDO::MURTHATue Apr 25 1995Outdoor Lighting
1968.07TOLKIN::BENNETTTue Apr 25 1995Wireless Speaker System?
1969.050GIRVAN::DJONESThu Apr 27 1995What Should I Do? (Buy or not to Buy)
1970.02--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 28 1995Help..Therapeutic Riding Centers
1972.011BLAKFT::HOLMESTue May 02 199596 Olympics;www page;Ticket prices
1973.04USCTR1::SPOONERWed May 03 1995Types of Vehicles for Trailering?
1974.01LEDDEV::BAERMon May 08 1995Search Riding Place in Maine
1975.02MTWASH::DOUGLASTue May 30 1995chased by loose horses !!
1976.0PCBUOA::LPIERCETue May 30 1995Info on Burr/black pony in Hudson
1977.05MKOTS3::TCCTue May 30 1995Working with Horses(Theraputic / Handicapped Riding)
1978.047ROCCER::BENNETTWed May 31 1995News on accident...from internet...(Christopher Reeve Accident)
1979.06PCBUOA::LPIERCEFri Jun 16 1995IDEAS: for meetings/speakers etc..
1980.09PCBUOA::LPIERCEMon Jun 26 1995Sarcoids: Has you horse had them?
1981.014YIELD::STOOKERFri Jun 30 1995Safety Protocol when working around horses!
1982.02TOOK::MORENZThu Aug 03 1995anyone know Linda Parmenter's number?
1983.07UBOHUB::NORRISVFri Aug 04 1995New Forest Ponies
1984.018CHEFS::ELKINLThu Aug 10 1995Annular Ligament Lameness
1985.09AD::JACQUARTFri Aug 11 1995HELP - Need advice/pointers on trailrides/lessons
1986.02SUBPAC::PARSONSThu Aug 17 1995Ulcer medication
1987.03HYLNDR::PRESTIDGETue Aug 22 1995Freeze brand
1988.03BIRDIE::ROYWed Aug 23 1995Vets in Missouri?
1991.016HYLNDR::PRESTIDGEThu Sep 07 1995Dog attack - protection/fight back?
1992.01PCBUOA::LPIERCETue Sep 12 1995Starting a Club from scratch?
1994.03AKOCOA::ROLLINSMon Oct 02 1995What stays with barn?
1995.01CHEFS::ELKINLSun Oct 15 1995Reading, UK Strangles outbreak
1996.01CHEFS::ELKINLMon Oct 16 1995Infected Tendon Sheaths
1997.06TELEM::HOLMESMon Oct 23 1995Ida Anderson clinic/comments
1998.0TOLKIN::BENNETTTue Oct 24 1995Lois Yukins clinic/comments
1999.0TOLKIN::BENNETTTue Oct 24 1995Keith Angstadt clinic/comments
2000.016PCBUOA::LPIERCEWed Nov 15 1995Coyotes in Berlin getting hungry
2001.05CADSYS::PARSONSFri Nov 17 1995Need advice...dry manure
2002.01JGO::VOERMANWed Dec 20 1995help - how to sit still.
2003.01PCBUOA::LPIERCEThu Dec 21 1995Horses Seized in Cruelty Case/NH
2004.01SUPER::JOSEPHSONWed Jan 03 1996Looking for Seat Saver
2005.03PCBUOA::KLYONSThu Jan 04 1996Cushing Disease
2006.0PCBUOA::LPIERCETue Jan 09 1996un-finnished carousel horses
2007.034PCBUOA::LPIERCEThu Jan 11 1996Winter: How are you coping?
2008.0MOIRA::FAIMANFri Jan 12 1996Horse goes exploring
2009.01SUBSYS::MISTOVICHMon Jan 15 1996Horses in Rutland
2010.01AD::JACQUARTWed Jan 17 1996Information Sought on Pony Club Membership
2011.02SBUOA::ROBINSONTue Jan 23 1996Fire at Wendy Warner's???
2012.08MARX::FLEURYMon Jan 29 1996riding instruction for young children
2013.03CSCMA::SMITHFri Feb 02 1996Oh NO, spring lunging!
2014.02SUPER::JOSEPHSONSat Feb 03 1996Part-Time Instructor Wanted
2015.09PEACHS::MACEACHERNWed Feb 07 1996FYI -- State Line Tack now part of PetsMart
2016.04CHEFS::ELKINLWed Feb 21 1996Australia - keeping horses
2017.016CHEFS::BETTSWWed Feb 28 1996Feeding Garlic
2018.0SEND::MURTHAWed Mar 06 1996looking for zko horse people
2019.01DELNI::BROOKERMon Mar 18 1996Shoes are better
2020.08NETCAD::MORENZTue Mar 19 1996any ideas on hauling a *greeny*
2021.04VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTFri Mar 29 1996Unprofessional Vet. Conduct
2023.03SUPER::JOSEPHSONMon Apr 01 1996Any Info on DMSO?
2024.08--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 05 1996HORSE HELP NEEDED !!!!
2025.0PCBUOA::LPIERCEFri Apr 12 1996Fire in Vermont?
2026.07LEDDEV::BAERTue Apr 16 1996Flooring for Stalls - Help!
2027.05CADSYS::PARSONSMon Apr 22 1996Suggestions for a run-in floor?
2028.04MTWASH::DOUGLASMon Apr 22 1996little colt lost
2030.07CSLALL::THOMPSONMon May 06 1996Another Loss
2031.07--UnknownUser--Mon May 06 1996HORSES WANTED/AGE INFO NEEDED
2033.019NAC::A_OBRIENTue May 14 1996teaching a child to post
2034.0CHEFS::PERKINSPMon May 20 1996Carriage Driving - Shelton Farm
2035.09CSCMA::SMITHThu May 30 1996Zingaro, French equestrian theater troupe
2036.06SBUOA::ROBINSONMon Jun 03 1996Identify the Brand?
2037.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 04 1996Stall Mats Info Needed
2038.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 04 1996
2039.014LJSRV1::SCHLENERWed Jun 05 1996Potentially a horse for me
2040.0EDWIN::KRUPICKAMon Jun 10 1996great $ for training/lessons
2041.04SUBSYS::MISTOVICHTue Jun 18 1996Milkoka
2042.03MTADMS::DOUGLASThu Jun 20 1996Appaloosa registry
2043.014PASTA::PIERCEFri Jun 28 1996Sultan: Rhomboid Spinals problem
2044.04CSC32::KOELLHOFFERMon Jul 01 1996Watch out for old manure.
2045.02EDWIN::KRUPICKATue Jul 02 1996Need Club Name,Great Events?
2046.036NETCAD::PERAROThu Jul 11 1996What to look for in a colt
2047.04FOUNDR::CRAIGFri Jul 19 1996Advice on helmet 2-way radios?
2048.010LEDDEV::BAERFri Aug 02 1996Conservation Land - Horses/Dogs
2049.07DONVAN::JOSEPHSONThu Aug 22 1996Stallion with Strangles
2050.04CSC32::KOELLHOFFERMon Aug 26 1996Fun on horses
2051.03LEDDEV::BAERThu Sep 05 1996Wind Puffs - How, Why, Etc.
2052.08PASTA::PIERCEThu Sep 05 1996Foal Feeding Questions
2053.012FOUNDR::CRAIGMon Sep 09 1996Was it correct not to buy?
2054.017SUPER::JOSEPHSONMon Sep 23 1996Suggestions for a Problem
2055.010MTADMS::DOUGLASTue Oct 01 1996funny things they do.....
2056.01NETCAD::PERAROTue Oct 01 1996Books/Tapes for Weanlings
2057.02DONVAN::JOSEPHSONTue Oct 08 1996Sick Horse - Any Suggestions?
2058.026EDWIN::KRUPICKAWed Oct 09 1996Stalled or nonstalled ???
2060.015FOUNDR::CRAIGTue Oct 22 1996Help with unbridling problem?
2061.0BRAT::MACDONALD_MTue Oct 22 1996Click & Treat training
2062.0PASTA::PIERCEMon Nov 04 1996Oldenburgs
2063.05MTWASH::COBURNTue Nov 05 1996Brass buckled girths available?
2064.04RDGENG::HARWOODJThu Nov 07 1996People with an alternative approach
2065.03PCBUOA::KLYONSThu Nov 07 1996Instructor Needed
2066.04SHRMSG::SHEPHERDTue Dec 31 1996Experienced Rider Needed
2067.019BSS::MONTVILLEFri Jan 10 1997Loose stifle
2068.02SUBSYS::MISTOVICHFri Jan 31 1997Gifted
2069.0CSC32::HOEPNERTue Feb 04 1997Gifted
2069.0EDWIN::KRUPICKAFri Feb 07 1997Kids Horse Camp
2070.02FOUNDR::CRAIGFri Feb 07 1997Advice on bank loan for new trailer?
2071.0NETCAD::PERAROMon Feb 10 1997Circle B Barn - Anyone use them?
2072.0CHEFS:: Feb 14 1997(UK) Please Lend me some Jodphurs, etc
2073.01BIRDIE::ROYTue Mar 04 1997Morning After Pill or Shot?
2074.0SHRCTR::CHIASSONFri Mar 07 1997Braiding work wanted
2075.0PASTA::PIERCEMon Mar 17 1997Vermont Hay Pointers
2076.04NNTPD::"mucka@ano.dec.com"Mon Apr 21 1997NEED HORSE HOTEL
2077.01SHRMSG::SHEPHERDThu Apr 24 1997Horse Help Needed
2078.01ALFA1::COOKMon Apr 28 1997what paint to use?
2079.019TUXEDO::ROMBERGMon May 05 1997Formula for calculating equine weight?
2080.0--UnknownUser--Fri May 23 1997
2080.01PASTA::PIERCEFri May 23 1997News from noters