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Conference terri::cars_uk

Title:Cars in the UK
Notice:Please read new conference charter 1.70
Created:Sun Mar 06 1994
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2584
Total number of notes:63384
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1.073TOMMII::RDAVIESTue Mar 08 1994Introduction & comments
4.0311CHEST::WRIGHTThu Dec 10 1987FOR SALE
5.0271CHEST::WRIGHTThu Dec 10 1987WANTED
6.09TOMMII::RDAVIESMon Mar 07 1994Note 6 Owners clubs
7.030CUCKOO::BISHOPThu Dec 10 1987Good Garages
8.06CHEST::WRIGHTThu Dec 10 1987RS2
15.011ORMUZD::BEAGLEWed Dec 16 1987MAZDA 323 4X4
16.0129RDGENG::MOXLEYWed Dec 16 1987Insurance premiums
17.0310BELFST::MULLANThu Dec 17 1987Tyres
18.051CUCKOO::BISHOPFri Dec 18 1987Diesel Cars
20.01HEART::BETTSFri Dec 18 1987Class leaders
22.026HAVOC::MOSSSun Dec 27 1987Ginetta Cars Ltd.
23.026IPG::DAWSONTue Jan 05 1988Calling all Formula 1 buffs
24.01500RDGENG::MOXLEYWed Jan 06 1988*Seen in passing*
25.01CHEFS::SMYTHIWed Jan 06 1988What's your tip for 2
28.02RDGENG::MOXLEYThu Jan 07 1988What *ARE* those things?
33.01THATIS::LINDLEYWed Jan 13 1988Old Fiesta probs - help
35.0308CHEFS::LINTONPWed Jan 13 1988Peugeot 2
37.032843668::GOODENOUGHThu Jan 14 1988The BX note
38.06FOOT::WATSONThu Jan 14 1988BMW ( Hartge ) dealers.
39.09CHEST::WATSONFri Jan 15 1988Strange Adverts Of Fire
40.08MARVIN::COCKBURNSun Jan 17 1988Car prices in UK
42.017GVASA::CHEVAUXMon Jan 18 1988Aston Martin
43.0145GVASA::CHEVAUXMon Jan 18 1988Ferrari
45.049SCUBA::WILTSHIRETue Jan 19 1988Car Burglar Alarms
49.0105IOSG::ROBERTSThu Jan 21 1988Miscellany
50.0229GVASA::CHEVAUXThu Jan 21 1988Porsche
53.014CHEST::EVANS_CFri Jan 22 1988Opel Monza - any comments ?
60.0145IOSG::ROBERTSFri Jan 29 1988B.M.W owners
61.071RDGENG::MOXLEYFri Jan 29 1988TVR
63.07IOSG::BOWIEMon Feb 01 1988Reliant Scimitars
64.0121GOOGLY::KERRELLMon Feb 01 1988Jaguar
65.01DORIS::EMERYWed Feb 03 1988Lancia Y1
66.035GVASA::CHEVAUXWed Feb 03 1988Lamborghini
71.086BONNET::CHEVAUXMon Feb 08 1988Lotus
73.023CHEST::WATSONWed Feb 10 1988Lada
77.080IPG::MORGANWed Feb 17 1988New Lotus - Any Info?
82.05RDGENG::CULLEYWed Feb 24 1988Any 4WD experiances ?.
84.0252256::MATTHEWSFri Feb 26 1988Baby seat...sports cars...mutually exclusive?
87.03THATIS::LINDLEYTue Mar 01 1988Glossary of terms
88.013ESASE1::GLEESONTue Mar 01 1988AUSTIN MONTEGO advice?
89.07GOOGLY::KERRELLWed Mar 02 1988Drive & Survive
94.06SDWAYS::BURDENSat Mar 05 1988Any rallyists out there?
97.040GROYNE::HAYESTue Mar 08 1988Renault Espace
99.08CHEST::EVANS_CWed Mar 09 1988Any good body shops in Reading ?
100.04RDGE22::FSORFri Mar 11 1988Living in the past
102.012CHEFS::LAWSONMFri Mar 11 1988Ideas for the next car !
103.031SCUBA::WILTSHIRETue Mar 15 1988Cruise Control
104.01NMGVTue Mar 15 1988Noisy Astra?
105.045IOSG::KAPPLERWed Mar 16 1988Unleaded Fuel
108.0342721::BRIGGSFri Mar 18 1988BMW handling (yes, its me again!)
109.07MARVIN::HEALEYMon Mar 21 1988Conference move and new moderation
112.029RDGENG::CULLEYWed Mar 23 1988Cost of motoring.
113.04KERNEL::ADAMSWed Mar 23 1988Pug 3
114.02RDGEFri Mar 25 1988AX 5 door now available.
115.068MARVIN::BETTSFri Mar 25 1988Forthcoming events
118.08AYOV27::ISMITHMon Mar 28 1988Unmaintainable electronics.
119.023ERIC::BEETMon Mar 28 1988Increase your engine power by up to 12%
120.01FCCVDE::KEEFEMon Mar 28 1988Porsche 928 Question
121.016ESDC2::SOBOTTue Mar 29 1988Heated rear windows
126.014UKOSC::BRUNNOCKWed Apr 06 1988What delivery delays ?
128.017OCHAYE::COCKBURNMon Apr 18 1988Car fire extinguishers
131.044OCHAYE::COCKBURNThu Apr 21 1988Drink driving debate
134.07MARVIN::COCKBURNSun Apr 24 1988car aerials gripe
136.018OSPREY::STUBBSTue Apr 26 1988PEUGEOT 4
142.027ODIHAM::LEYTONSun May 01 1988Insurance Advice Needed
145.026LARVAE::BRIGGSTue May 03 1988Lane Swapping (hang on tight..)
153.033WARDER::COOPERCThu May 12 1988Calling all MINI fans
155.01MUNICH::LAMMFri May 13 1988
158.06MEREK::IVEMon May 16 1988TEAM SKODA !!
169.012AYOU17::NAYLORMon May 23 1988Best insurance?
170.035GIDDAY::GILLARDThu May 26 1988DEC UK Leasing Scheme
173.075NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu May 26 1988Women drivers - don'cha love 'em?
175.05AYOV29::ISMITHFri May 27 1988Survey on Random Breath Tests
179.034IPG::MORGANFri May 27 1988Racing Instruction Courses
180.023ERIC::SALLITTTue May 31 1988Don't be (un)lead(ed) astray....
181.021LEMAN::CHEVAUXWed Jun 01 1988Driving the VENTURI
182.04FOOT::PERRINThu Jun 02 1988But it won't go that fast NEW !!!
184.058MARVIN::BETTSFri Jun 03 1988Get together?
185.02FORTY2::RANDALLMon Jun 06 1988Car break-in deterrants ?
187.05CHEFS::LINTONPFri Jun 10 1988Citroen 'Ride and Drive' day
188.0114RAVEN1::CHIANGSat Jun 11 1988The "Official Triumph File"
190.08GALLOP::COOPERMThu Jun 16 1988video cameras
193.01GAO::BMULQUEENTue Jun 21 1988The "Official Ford Anglia" File
197.01RDGCSS::GUEST_NThu Jun 23 1988Can I import from the USA ??
199.055IPG::DELANYThu Jun 23 1988Citroen AX GT opinions?
201.015GVAThu Jun 23 1988Mini Automatic Problem
206.03RDGENG::DEARLOVEFri Jun 24 1988Best Road in the UK\
208.07CHEFS::LAWSONMMon Jun 27 1988How can 5 be balanced ?
216.011IPG::CURLEYTue Jul 05 1988Cheapest car hire companies ?
219.026MARVIN::WOODLEYWed Jul 06 1988Reversing into parking spaces
222.068RDGCSS::LINCOLNWed Jul 06 1988The Automotive Trivia Quiz
223.01368--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 07 1988The small questions note
224.01NYEM1::MILBERGThu Jul 07 1988SINCLAIR
225.0120JANUS::CHOIFri Jul 08 1988AA or RAC?
226.021CHEFS::LINTONPFri Jul 08 1988*Heard in passing*
229.01RDGENG::JOHNSWed Jul 13 1988New Italians
231.019LEMAN::CHEVAUXThu Jul 14 1988Car Museums
232.06PANIC::LOWEThu Jul 14 1988Oiled Electric Aerial ?
234.011VESUVE::WHEELWRIGHTFri Jul 15 1988MGB - a classic, or just an allegro in disguise?
237.029SUBURB::PLATTPMon Jul 18 1988Test Drives anyone?
238.035THATIS::LINDLEYTue Jul 19 1988The obsession with top speed
239.023MARVIN::WOODLEYTue Jul 19 1988Accident
241.019THATIS::LINDLEYThu Jul 21 1988Police Crackdown
247.025AYOU17::NAYLORWed Jul 27 1988I hate horses!
248.034HAMPS::LOWEWed Jul 27 1988Peugeot 4
251.071TRUCKS::GUEST_NMon Aug 01 1988Roadworks on M25
254.025FORTY2::RANDALLTue Aug 02 1988Garage Recommendations ??
256.0933BIRGP1::BELLTue Aug 02 1988Renault 5 GT Turbo
257.02LARVAE::BRIGGSTue Aug 02 1988Tastemobile
259.037--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 03 1988VW niggles...
265.09DUBWed Aug 10 1988ORION : GOOD OR BAD
281.01IPG::KAPPLERFri Aug 19 1988Row, row, row .....
282.01ZPOVMon Aug 22 1988OPINION WANTED ON FIAT X1/9
284.076AYOV27::ISMITHTue Aug 23 1988Were you ever a Learner?
285.06RUTLND::LSTEWARTWed Aug 24 1988quick help!
288.08ODIHAM::SMITHDThu Aug 25 1988So that's what BMW means
297.06KERNEL::GALEWed Aug 31 1988Jensen Interceptor for Shopping ?
301.018WELSWS::DODDFri Sep 02 1988Chip programming
302.016LARVAE::REINFri Sep 02 1988Oh No! not another volvo / XR% / BMW....
306.0137RDGENG::RDAVIESTue Sep 06 1988Speeding: the pros and cons.
307.01AKOVTue Sep 06 1988Cosworth/Weslake info needed
313.034STOPIT::SAXBYFri Sep 16 1988OPEL MANTA - Future Classic ?
315.021RDGENG::RDAVIESWed Sep 21 1988Dim-dip headlights
316.03--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 21 1988Fisherman's Tales
320.050RDGENG::BUDDThu Sep 22 1988Roof rack loans & purchases
322.07MARVIN::BETTSMon Sep 26 1988Crash helmet.
327.0103WARDER::MAYOSMITHTue Sep 27 1988Turbo diesels, e.g BX,4
329.0193SCUBA::WILTSHIREWed Sep 28 1988Radar Detectors
331.0108MARVIN::COCKBURNThu Sep 29 1988Improvements to lease scheme
333.01PILOU::SACANELLMon Oct 03 1988MGB Hardtop wanted
336.02LARVAE::BRIGGSTue Oct 04 1988Leasing American Cars
340.03RDGENG::ARBISERWed Oct 05 1988Spares stockists for Lancia, anyone?
341.034RDGENG::MOXLEYWed Oct 05 1988Cooling systems
343.012THATIS::LINDLEYThu Oct 06 1988Tyre rating codes
346.01FDCV3Sun Oct 09 1988MG HELP WANTED PLEASE?
347.04IPG::CAIRNSMon Oct 10 1988Intensive Driving Courses ?
355.011KERNEL::RADBURNFri Oct 14 1988Escort MK1 13
359.010THATIS::LINDLEYWed Oct 19 1988Micheldever Tyres
360.01GVAWed Oct 19 1988Rusty fuel tank, and paint stripper
362.070AYOV18::MMCKINLAYThu Oct 20 1988Any Critics For The NOVA SR Out There?
364.05UNTADH::ROBERTSMon Oct 24 1988Left hand drive - Right hand drive conversions
365.01845416::SAXBYMon Oct 24 1988CAR AUCTIONS - GOOD OR BAD?
366.01010THATIS::NAYLORTue Oct 25 1988kit cars
369.012LEMAN::CHEVAUXThu Oct 27 1988Birmingham Motor Show
373.024PILOU::BONGARTZTue Nov 01 1988DIY: repainting your car
375.030AYOV11::RMCOUATTue Nov 01 1988Mazda RX7. Good Buy? or Cheerio?
380.09VANILA::LINCOLNFri Nov 04 1988US CART Racing
381.06SUBURB::ORCHARDTFri Nov 04 1988Personal Imports
385.09SIEVAX::RWATSONTue Nov 08 1988Alloy Wheels
388.02EGAVWed Nov 16 1988Golf or Astra ???
391.01MARVIN::RUSLINGMon Nov 21 1988The Lombard RAC Rally
393.021DOOZER::KERRISKTue Nov 22 1988Citroen 2CV/Dyane
394.02IPG::MORGANTue Nov 22 1988Ice, Icy no ice
399.021NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Nov 29 1988Wheel balancing
401.03AKOVWed Nov 30 1988Capri Parts?
404.015MARVIN::COCKBURNSun Dec 04 1988Garages not recomended for use
406.07AYOV27::ISMITHTue Dec 06 1988
409.013MARVIN::COCKBURNWed Dec 07 1988Address required
410.05--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 07 1988Dipping Headlights
412.0135CHEFS::OSBORNECThu Dec 08 1988Dazzling rear foglights
414.068UNTADH::ROBERTSFri Dec 09 1988XR2
418.045AKOVMon Dec 12 1988CAPRIS:Parts/Clubs?
421.03LARVAE::BRIGGSTue Dec 13 1988BMW Service Intervals
427.0294GAO::BMULQUEENThu Dec 22 1988Info on Minis
428.039RDGENG::CULLEYThu Dec 22 1988Cherished registration plates.
429.011YARD::SAXBYThu Dec 22 1988The Joys of driving at Christmas!
430.02DRONGO::MATTHEWSFri Dec 23 1988To all BMW drivers...
431.09DRONGO::MATTHEWSTue Jan 03 1989Hire car/Hire company...comparison.
433.02AYOV18::GMCCULLOCHThu Jan 05 1989Cheap VW spare parts.
434.07MARVIN::COCKBURNThu Jan 05 1989RoSPA and I.A.M. info
435.010COMICS::SHELLEYThu May 09 1996Poetry
437.06VOGON::DAWSONMon Jan 09 1989Morgan owners - please contact Emmanual
439.021PANIC::LOWEMon Jan 09 1989Lend me your snow chains ?
443.019VOGON::DAWSONWed Jan 11 1989FORMULA 1 MOTOR RACING 1989
446.0238INCH::SAXBYThu Jan 12 1989GROUP C - Real Racing!
448.056MINDER::SMITHDBFri Jan 13 1989Caterham 7
449.0221UTROP1::BOSMAN_PMon Jan 16 1989Landrover
450.02RDGENG::RDAVIESTue Jan 17 1989
451.04WARDER::MEAKINSTue Jan 17 1989Golf fuel computer
455.08RDGENG::RDAVIESWed Jan 18 1989Whats YOURS called?
464.05AYOV27::ISMITHTue Jan 24 1989Talkback?
465.011LEMAN::CHEVAUXTue Jan 24 1989the new Bugatti
466.011AYOU17::NAYLORWed Jan 25 1989Welding advice wanted - diy
468.011CHEFS::GROOMThu Jan 26 1989MOT RIP-OFF !!!!
480.0238INCH::SAXBYWed Feb 08 1989Marcos Cars
486.05LEMAN::CHEVAUXTue Feb 14 1989Lancia Thema 16V Turbo
487.017BEST1::STIFFWed Feb 15 1989Ford Escort - advice wanted
493.03YARD::SAXBYTue Feb 21 1989Brake pipes in Basingstoke area?
501.032LEMAN::CHEVAUXMon Feb 27 1989MAZDA MX-5, the new ... Elan !
504.018RDGENG::DAYWed Mar 01 1989Tax Mileage
507.088IJSAPL::CAMERONMon Mar 06 1989Toyota Sports
509.09FRAIS5::LEHMANNThu Mar 09 1989magazine swap
510.03LARVAE::DELANYThu Mar 09 1989Lease-car delivery delays?
515.013EMC2::PELLATTMon Mar 20 1989KONI suspensions
521.022MILLER::TURNBULLThu Mar 23 1989Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Anyone?
523.03THATIS::LINDLEYWed Mar 29 1989Car swap
525.0355MVSUPP::ERICThu Mar 30 1989Top Gear
528.05GIDDAY::GILLINGSSun Apr 02 1989WARNING - Fake BMWs!
530.07AYOV18::MMCKINLAYMon Apr 03 1989TURBO LITES anyone ?
531.023YUPPY::MCINTYREMon Apr 03 1989cleaning hints
532.01COUNTY::WATSONTue Apr 04 1989Austin Healey 3
539.017SUBURB::SCREENERMon Apr 10 1989ICE Hi-Fi Insurance
541.01HAMPS::PHILPOTT_ITue Apr 11 1989Semi-auto gearboxes?
543.013SUBURB::SCREENERTue Apr 11 1989Nova GTE
544.0181BELFST::G_DOWNEYWed Apr 12 1989Golf GTI
551.014VOGON::HUNTTue Apr 18 1989litres and gallons
553.08AYOV18::WESTONTue Apr 18 1989Sunroofs: Are cars getting lower?
557.0176RS89Wed Apr 19 1989The official Alfa note...
561.0118--UnknownUser--Sun Apr 23 1989NOBLE / LOTUS 23
562.026SHAPES::GROOMNTue Apr 25 1989MG - Bits & Pieces
566.021ANNECY::PARKERWed Apr 26 1989geneva to calais in 6 hours
570.043SHAPES::ALFORDJThu Apr 27 1989Fiat Uno ???
571.082ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_IFri Apr 28 1989Lancia Delta Integrale 4WD
572.01KERNEL::PHIPPENFri Apr 28 1989Performance chips for the RS fords (any good??)
575.012UKCSSE::PARKERTue May 02 1989CARLTON GSi any good for towing?
576.0249--UnknownUser--Tue May 02 1989Driving & Racing kitcars
579.020FNYFS::SMITHWed May 03 1989Sunroofs
582.07AYOU17::NAYLORThu May 04 1989How to recognise a company/lease car.
585.02DRONGO::MATTHEWSMon May 08 1989SLICK 5
586.01INCH::ALFORDMon May 08 1989Small car recommendations...
587.028CHEFS::RIZANTTue May 09 1989ABS
588.034KERNEL::PHIPPENTue May 09 1989WHAT CAR???
590.08SUBURB::SCREENERThu May 11 1989Lancia Monte Carlo
593.04THATIS::SIMPSONFri May 12 1989Sick car quiz
594.063MVSUPP::ERICFri May 12 1989Still 8p per mile!
596.01FLOCON::GUESTTue May 16 1989A question of Duty
597.05THATIS::LINDLEYWed May 17 1989Cavalier 16V
605.023CURRNT::SAXBYMon May 22 1989Speedo and other instrument repair
606.05COUNTY::WATSONMon May 22 1989Stainless Steel Exhaust Companies
607.024AYOU17::NAYLORTue May 23 1989Battery death syndrome.
609.08VANISH::MITCHELLDWed May 24 1989Engines attached to different Gearboxs
610.026SYSTEM::GAMIThu May 25 1989Nissan 2
611.07SMAC1Thu May 25 1989Carbon flow for unleaded fuel?
616.038CURRNT::SAXBYWed May 31 1989Electrical Problems
621.01DELNI::OLESINWed May 31 1989MGB Won't Start
622.067UNTADI::KNIGHT_AWThu Jun 01 1989Integrale 16V (again).
623.06SUBURB::GOSWELLRThu Jun 01 1989Suppression problem (Car Audio)
628.04DELNI::OLESINFri Jun 02 1989Stromberg 175CD Carb
631.015WOTVAX::HATTOSMon Jun 05 1989Volvo 48
633.02FLOCON::KENNEDY_CWed Jun 07 1989Appreciating Skodas ?????
634.045KERNEL::WRIGHTONSat Jun 10 1989How accurate is my speedo ?
637.010GVATue Jun 13 1989UK lighting regulations ?
639.07HLDGWed Jun 14 1989Discounts on new car prices
644.05CURRNT::EVANSCMon Jun 19 1989Hanging too good ?
652.038--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 26 1989Synthetic Oil
655.033UKCSSE::CULLEYTue Jun 27 1989VW Polo help wanted.
657.03NCEIS1::CHEVAUXTue Jun 27 1989Mr Van Rossem and 24h of Spa
658.040ANNECY::PARKERWed Jun 28 1989Citroen XM note...From France
661.01CHEFS::CLEMENTSDThu Jun 29 1989opinions sought...
666.023IOSG::LAWMTue Jul 04 1989Road Tax
667.01NCEIS1::CHEVAUXTue Jul 04 1989Peugeot 3
670.04DOOZER::PENNEYWed Jul 05 1989*weird* machines - nominations?
674.07IOSG::REESTue Jul 11 1989Shocks OR No Shocks !!!!
677.01URIAH::PETTEFARWed Jul 12 1989Fiat 131 Kit?
678.01WELMTS::BATEYThu Jul 13 1989ESPACE Safety?
683.08DOOZER::PENNEYTue Jul 18 1989IMP!ertinent notes
686.036CURRNT::SAXBYThu Jul 20 1989PET HATES.
692.010SUPER7::CUBITTTue Jul 25 1989Small Diesel hatchbacks - any comments?
694.045BELFST::ARMSTRONGTue Jul 25 1989Car supplements.
695.04SIEVAX::WATSONTue Jul 25 1989Cashing in on limited availability
696.09MINDER::SMITHDBWed Jul 26 1989Corgi/Dinky cars
697.06DOOZER::PENNEYWed Jul 26 1989double declutching
699.0188SHAPES::KERRELLDThu Jul 27 1989Vauxhall Cavalier/Astra/Calibra problems
701.07SAC::GALVINFri Jul 28 1989SAAB?
707.0141CURRNT::SAXBYFri Aug 04 1989Film and TV cars / cars on TV
714.02--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 08 198975
721.063SUBURB::FRENCHSMon Aug 14 1989MOT 'points' of interest.
722.054CSCOAC::THOMAS_DMon Aug 14 1989NISSAN 3
728.010EGAVWed Aug 16 1989Calling all Tipo Owners!
729.01CSSE::WAITEWed Aug 16 1989US Racing, pre-WWII
731.0406VOGON::MORGANFri Aug 18 1989'Silly' Questions
732.01SUBURB::GALECMon Aug 21 1989Mercedes 23
734.05AYOV1Mon Aug 21 19892 cars + 2 drivers = 1 cheap insurance policy ?
735.01UNTADI::SAVILLEMon Aug 21 1989Alfa Spider restorers
736.018GALLOP::BOURNEJWed Aug 23 1989Car Insurance Question
738.01CRATE::HOBBSThu Aug 24 1989Foreign Number Plates
743.06--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 31 1989Cross-flow engines
744.01TRUCKS::FIELDEN_LThu Aug 31 1989VW Golf Clutch - Advice Wanted
747.018VANILA::LINCOLNMon Sep 04 1989Saab in Trouble
749.01NSDC::SIMPSONTue Sep 05 1989Autosport address/rates
759.01WELCUT::ADAMSMon Sep 11 1989BMW 85
760.027FERNEY::SMITHMon Sep 11 1989Peugeot 6
765.03WAR75Thu Sep 14 1989Have you seen one ? I have !
766.019MSAMMon Sep 18 1989Comparison of Exhaust System.
767.01CURRNT::SAXBYMon Sep 18 1989Performance Air Filters.
769.021SHIRE::GOLDBLATTWed Sep 20 1989new BMW
770.05BURYST::EDMUNDSThu Sep 21 1989Cavalier GSi
771.01YUPPY::SANDYThu Sep 21 1989Astra GTE convertible??
772.036--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 21 1989Oil and Oil filters
774.08MINDER::GRAHAMThu Sep 21 1989The state of the roads
780.03ODIHAM::WILSON_DTue Sep 26 1989On the Rock !
782.055CURRNT::SAXBYThu Sep 28 1989Farewell messages / Goodbyes
783.07CURRNT::SAXBYFri Sep 29 198919th November @ Brands
784.015MSAMSat Sep 30 1989Info on Car Alarm System.
785.084SHIRE::GOLDBLATTMon Oct 02 1989route information please
790.02NCEIS1::CHEVAUXFri Oct 06 1989VOLVO PRV
791.09THATIS::LINDLEYMon Oct 09 1989SuperGreen availability
793.0358VANILA::LINCOLNTue Oct 10 1989New Rover 2
794.05UKCSSE::RDAVIESWed Oct 11 1989Is speed the ultimate goal?
798.09CHEFS::CLEMENTSDThu Oct 12 1989... radio waves ...
799.06GALLOP::FOREMANCFri Oct 13 1989New XR2 arrives
800.02LARVAE::BRIGGSFri Oct 13 1989Did ZIEBART work?
801.03GIDDAY::GILLINGSMon Oct 16 1989A "new" type of IC engine
802.078JUMBLY::DAYMon Oct 16 1989Lease Cost Theory
804.032CURRNT::JENKINS_RMon Oct 16 1989Honda CRX
805.018MARVIN::COCKBURNTue Oct 17 1989Cavalier blue smoke/valve stem oil seals worn
807.016CURRNT::SAXBYWed Oct 18 1989CALIBRA (A WHAT?)
808.072LARVAE::NISBET_DWed Oct 18 1989VW GOLF questions
810.04CURRNT::SAXBYMon Oct 23 1989Motorfair 1989
811.01AYOV1Mon Oct 23 1989OLD CAR WANTED!!
816.01KURMA::IJOHNSTONThu Oct 26 1989what`s yours called
820.09JC::CORNEMon Oct 30 1989Subaru Legacy
821.04LASHAM::LEYTONMon Oct 30 1989Registering an Imported Kit Car?
824.02CCIIS1::ROGGEBANDMon Oct 30 1989Fiat Uno Turbo i.e.
830.04KERNEL::PHIPPENThu Nov 02 1989Starion 2.
833.0127VOGON::MORGANMon Nov 06 1989Lease Cars For Sale...
834.022--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 07 1989Cables Throttle choke and Splutter .... and linkages and pedals...
835.013UKCSSE::ARBISERTue Nov 07 1989Astra - fitting manual choke queries
836.03SHAPES::GALVINSTue Nov 07 1989Are the roads going to seize up?
837.01082VANILA::LINCOLNTue Nov 07 1989F1 Motor Racing 199
839.01GVAADG::DONALDSONTue Nov 07 1989catalysers
840.01NSDC::SIMPSONTue Nov 07 1989The Official Murray Walker appreciation note.
845.02AYOV27::OAVAX_MBFri Nov 10 1989Help! Sparkrite alarm.
847.01CURRNT::SAXBYFri Nov 10 1989DVLC address anyone?
850.010CHEFS::CLEMENTSDTue Nov 14 1989Mazda 626, anybody?
853.013MGOBR2::MURRAYTue Nov 14 1989More Lancia power needed.
854.037KIRKTN::BCULLIONWed Nov 15 1989Any Cabriolets out there.
855.069CURRNT::SAXBYThu Nov 16 1989A bit of a Discovery!
858.05MARVIN::RUSLINGThu Nov 16 1989Roadworks!
859.013AYOV27::OAVAX_MBFri Nov 17 1989Crude Cwick Cars
860.022NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Nov 17 1989How do you follow a BX?
861.03UKCSSE::EISELEMon Nov 20 1989AA/RAC examinations
863.014VANILA::LINCOLNTue Nov 21 1989Electric Cars for the Future?
864.019UFHIS::GVIPONDTue Nov 21 1989Renault GTA v6 Turbo
865.013VANISH::BARRONTue Nov 21 1989Le Mans 199
866.049FORTY2::MANNThu Nov 23 1989An insurance question ?
868.034ANNECY::MATTHEWSThu Nov 23 1989Diesel engines...
869.01REPAIR::TAYLORThu Nov 23 1989shocking problem
870.04KERNEL::BARTHURFri Nov 24 1989"Jag Servo No work No fun"
871.024--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 28 1989The Best 2 Seater
874.02--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 30 1989Electronic Ignition
875.023COMICS::OMARAThu Nov 30 1989Child seats
880.01IOSG::MITCHELLMon Dec 04 1989Breakdown Services
881.013SHAPES::MCGINTYJMon Dec 04 1989Fiat Uno - Timing Belt Replacement
883.03SAC::PHILPOTT_ITue Dec 05 1989Registering a non-type approved vehicle.
886.026VOGON::BALLMon Dec 11 1989
889.012EARWIG::BRIGGSWed Dec 13 1989Volvo Spares?
890.09THATIS::LINDLEYWed Dec 13 1989Cleaning Alloy wheels
892.02COMICS::MILLARThu Dec 14 1989Rally Cross 16th 17th December
893.017VANILA::LINCOLNThu Dec 14 1989World Car Sales Slump?
894.01DOOZER::VTXFri Dec 15 1989Toyota Carina OK?
896.05MACNAS::BMULQUEENMon Dec 18 1989Opel GT
897.05SAC::JEPSONTue Dec 19 1989Diesel prices: why so variable ?
898.017YUPPY::PACKJWed Dec 20 1989Falshing lights = warning ?
900.08SPYDER::BRISTOW_ATue Jan 02 1990MAZDA MX-5
901.03LASHAM::WILSON_DTue Jan 02 1990W London Car Parking
902.01GIDDAY::GILLINGSTue Jan 02 1990X-TURBO, useful or just another con?
903.024BELFST::ARMSTRONGWed Jan 03 1990UK route info wanted.
904.072IOSG::THOMPSONRWed Jan 03 1990Are you guilty of Carism?
905.082SHIPS::GEARY_CThu Jan 04 1990Tyre choices?
907.03COMICS::HWILLIAMSFri Jan 05 1990Ford 2.
908.0MINDER::GILCHRISTSat Jan 06 1990Toyota Camry Estate - anyone know it out there?
909.03SHAPES::STREATFIELDCMon Jan 08 1990~*~*~*~*~* Run To The Sun !! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~
910.09IOSG::SEATONMon Jan 08 1990Renault 19/21 Lead-free/Diesel
911.022CLADA::LOUGHLINMon Jan 08 1990LHD TO RHD
912.012--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 08 1990Peoplism " which car classifies you"
913.04PANIC::WINTERMon Jan 08 1990Cloudyness on paintwork
915.010PEKING::MCSHANEGTue Jan 09 1990Home-Tune Mobile services
916.017CHEFS::CLEMENTSDTue Jan 09 1990... is this widely known, or can I get a better deal elsewhere? ...
917.03DPDMAI::DAVISGBTue Jan 09 1990Automotive Theory 1
918.010RUTILE::BISHOPWed Jan 10 1990System + Power Engineering
919.059VOGON::KAPPLERThu Jan 11 1990Range Rovers
920.052LARVAE::BRIGGSFri Jan 12 1990MONTEGO Comments Please
922.031LARVAE::MUNSON_PFri Jan 12 1990Suzuki Swift GTi Comments
923.059VANILA::LINCOLNMon Jan 15 1990Too Many Lights
924.09ODIHAM::PATTISON_MTue Jan 16 1990Body shop in/around Basingstoke.
925.0113CHEFS::CLEMENTSDTue Jan 16 1990...the usual rathole ...
927.015NCEIS1::CHEVAUXTue Jan 16 1990collector's items
928.0SHAPES::KERRELLDThu Jan 18 1990Accident Witness Sought
929.060VOGON::MORGANThu Jan 18 1990CD player in Car - comments ??
930.040NSDC::SIMPSONFri Jan 19 1990EEC Car Prices
931.013MARVIN::COCKBURNSun Jan 21 1990Drive and survive skid pan session
932.025NCEIS1::CHEVAUXMon Jan 22 1990Iacocca launches the Lamborghini Diablo
933.027ODIHAM::MANSFIELD_STue Jan 23 1990Mazda 323 info needed
934.034IOSG::MARSHALLTue Jan 23 1990Dim/Dip Headlights
935.012UKCSSE::BUDDWed Jan 24 1990VOLVO 44
936.029CURRNT::JENKINS_RWed Jan 24 1990Great Music for the Car!
937.044UKCSSE::RDAVIESThu Jan 25 1990Discussion on service costs
938.013CURRNT::SAXBYThu Jan 25 1990The end of the world Part XI
939.04RDGENG::CONNORThu Jan 25 1990Chevette stereo problems.
940.019SHAPES::STREATFIELDCFri Jan 26 1990USA to UK car Imports??
941.04EARWIG::SUGDENMon Jan 29 1990Mains electricity from your car
942.03NEIGE::SMITH_AMon Jan 29 1990199
943.03--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 29 1990Rust protection for 5
944.056LOGRUS::KELSEYTue Jan 30 1990Test drive!?...waddya mean you wanna test drive before buying!
945.02CHEFS::CLEMENTSDTue Jan 30 19904WD Savanna anybody?
946.018VOGON::BALLTue Jan 30 1990The Floor Mat note
948.055CHEFS::CLEMENTSDTue Jan 30 1990To RDS or not to RDS?
949.010SHAPES::STREATFIELDCWed Jan 31 1990Monograde to Multi' switch?
950.015ANNECY::PARKERThu Feb 01 1990YAh Boo I'm Greener than You!!
951.023COMET::BARRIANOThu Feb 01 1990Need 66 Daimler Info.
952.01SOLENT::RKETue Feb 06 1990A Salesperson said....
953.054VANILA::LINCOLNTue Feb 06 1990The budget for motorists 199
954.05DYO78Wed Feb 07 19904WD CARS
955.01RUTILE::GUESTThu Feb 08 1990Your chance for stardom :-)
956.011STRIKR::LINDLEYMon Feb 12 1990Word eating time
957.04NCEIS1::CHEVAUXMon Feb 12 1990Peugeot 9
958.027IOSG::MARSHALLMon Feb 12 1990Paint...
959.04VOGON::DAWSONWed Feb 14 1990F1 COMPETITION 199
961.011SHAPES::DOUGLASSPThu Feb 15 1990Cavalier SRi Fuel Starvation ?
962.08IOSG::MARSHALLThu Feb 15 1990Treasure Hunt
963.0100IOSG::MARSHALLMon Feb 19 1990Car won't start
964.08NSDC::WALKERMon Feb 19 1990Corvettes in the UK
965.0101NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Feb 20 1990Renault 21 topic
966.061IOSG::MARSHALLThu Feb 22 1990Smiths Instruments
967.05UFHIS::GVIPONDFri Feb 23 19901992 or another Porsche number used !!
968.06SENIOR::WENTWORTHFri Feb 23 19901969 MG-MIDGET Sale Price ?
969.010CHEFS::GILESVTue Feb 27 1990HELP! Insurance Claim !!!
970.0116COMICS::WEGGTue Feb 27 1990The new MG - MGF
971.01KNABTue Feb 27 1990Yes...its wailing axle and the seal twins!
972.014HEWIE::RUSSELLTue Feb 27 1990199
973.09YUPPY::FOXThu Mar 01 1990Luncheon Vouchers and Lease Cars
974.08--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 02 1990The demise of Roadcraft
975.07KERNEL::LOANEMon Mar 05 1990Help!? XR2 keeps needing recharging!
976.02LARVAE::NISBET_DMon Mar 05 1990Rusty Remote Control
977.010ANNECY::MATTHEWSWed Mar 07 1990Spark plug numbers
978.010RDGE44::JONESKThu Mar 08 1990MGB Alternator problem
979.09YUPPY::STRICKLANDMThu Mar 08 1990Wire Wheel Woes
980.015CHEFS::KARVEFri Mar 09 1990Aftermath of flat battery - Radio needs code
981.032LESLIE::LESLIEFri Mar 09 1990Cold cortina
982.06RUTILE::BISHOPMon Mar 12 1990RENEGADE ...?
983.04CHEFS::CLEMENTSDMon Mar 12 1990Literature etc wanted
984.07MAMTS2::RDARDENMon Mar 12 1990HELP--USAer with Mini alignment problem
985.041VANISH::GAMITue Mar 13 1990Golf 16v
986.03AYOV14::CAMPS_167642Mon Mar 19 1990TRADE IN
987.031IRNBRU::HANNAHMon Mar 19 1990Astra timing belt?
988.040VOGON::KEEWed Mar 21 1990Lease swap - short-term ?
989.012WOTVAX::MEAKINSWed Mar 21 1990Unleaded - extra fire risk
990.044IOSG::MARSHALLFri Mar 23 1990Advanced Driving Tests
991.08COPCLU::TCLAUSENMon Mar 26 1990Jag E,XJS,XJ help/info
993.04CSSD::LOWETue Mar 27 1990Sandhurst-Crowthorne Bypass ?
994.071UBOHUB::TILLING_STue Mar 27 1990Armchair Experts
995.02MCGRUE::FRENCHSWed Mar 28 1990Mini bus needed this weekend.
997.019RTOISF::SUPPORT_ORWed Mar 28 1990car radio for 18
998.02RTOISB::SUPPORT_ORFri Mar 30 1990ionisator in the car?
999.031COMICS::MILLARFri Mar 30 1990Static Problems
1000.09BUNTY::CHATOGDSun Apr 01 1990New model for Morgan
1001.066RUTILE::WILCOCKSONMon Apr 02 1990MX5 - How much????
1002.018RDGE44::JONESKMon Apr 02 1990Low MGB oil Pressure
1004.012HOO78C::DUINHOVENTue Apr 03 1990MGB Wirewheel exchange price wanted
1005.06RDGENG::CONNOR$PTue Apr 03 1990Rover 3.5 V8? Any advice etc.
1006.028COMICS::PAGEWed Apr 04 1990ASTRA 16V Tyres - Needs wider ones?
1007.071SHAPES::GALVINSWed Apr 04 1990DEBATE: Ban slow vehicles during the rush hour?
1008.05AKOV13::JON_CHANWed Apr 04 1990Looking for old TR Part's.
1009.032RDGENG::JYERKESSWed Apr 04 1990Driving a lease car abroad?
1010.021NSDC::SIMPSONThu Apr 05 1990Touring Car Championships
1011.04BRABAM::PHILPOTTFri Apr 06 1990Mercedes-Benz/Daimler-Steyr-Puch G-wagen
1013.010ANNECY::MATTHEWSFri Apr 06 1990MGB handling :-(
1014.016MRSLOW::DDSQAFri Apr 06 1990Battery drain problem
1015.02IOSG::FREERFri Apr 06 1990Any good body shops out there?
1016.08ESSB::JMURPHYSat Apr 07 1990Le Mans
1019.06YUPPY::PATEMANTue Apr 10 1990Recommended for Budding Rallyists
1020.010AYOU33::RICHARDThu Apr 12 1990Non classic cars as investment?
1021.07SAC::DELANY_SThu Apr 12 1990Astra SRi wheel trims: 2
1022.0UBOHUB::SOTONLOGThu Apr 12 1990Navigator/C
1024.0NCEIS1::CHEVAUXFri Apr 13 1990flop of the year 1989 re-launched
1025.012MINNY::MITEVSKITue Apr 17 1990BL A-engine color schemes ?
1026.014BAHTAT::HILTONTue Apr 17 1990Van hire info needed
1027.06SYSTEM::GOODWINTue Apr 17 1990Anyone for an automatic? Small automatic...
1028.020RUTILE::BISHOPWed Apr 18 1990DEBATE II: 1x6
1029.01LARVAE::BRIGGSWed Apr 18 1990Upgrade Speakers on Montego?
1030.021LARVAE::BRIGGSWed Apr 18 1990Optional Ash Trays!
1031.05CHEFS::BUXTONWed Apr 18 1990Advice sought-new car
1033.07DOOZER::OPERATORThu Apr 19 1990help.....
1034.014FOOT::WRIGHTThu Apr 19 1990Acoustic Control Induction System
1036.015REPAIR::ALLISONThu Apr 19 1990Rover 1
1037.07BONNET::MCALLISTERThu Apr 19 1990Mercedes 2
1038.032IOSG::MARSHALLFri Apr 20 1990Traffic Lights: "I swear they had only just changed to amber, officer!"
1039.0RTOISB::SUPPORT_ORFri Apr 20 1990Golf/droning noise at 4
1040.013IOSG::MARSHALLMon Apr 23 1990Old car - advice sought.
1041.03FORTY2::MANNMon Apr 23 1990Car insurance discounts for deccies
1042.06COMICS::TURNERTue Apr 24 1990Machine shop in the Basingstoke area?
1043.07DOOZER::KERRISKTue Apr 24 1990Buying a Morgan: what, where, how much?
1044.022NCEIS1::CHEVAUXTue Apr 24 1990F3
1046.045FORTY2::MANNTue Apr 24 1990DVLC / Registrations question
1047.078COMICS::COOMBERTue Apr 24 1990Kart Racing
1048.013CHEFS::CLEMENTSDTue Apr 24 1990'77 Granada Brake problem.......
1049.01VOGON::BALLWed Apr 25 1990Ex- Lease Cars for Sale to Return?
1050.058COMICS::MILLARWed Apr 25 1990Smokey RS Exhaust
1051.023NCEIS1::CHEVAUXWed Apr 25 1990Renault Clio
1052.014DOOZER::PENNEYFri Apr 27 1990Proper Lister-Jags
1053.017RDGE44::JONESKMon Apr 30 1990MGB tail lights gone. Assistance required
1054.014OVAL::GALVINSMon Apr 30 1990Nice places to visit....
1055.020BAHTAT::HILTONMon Apr 30 1990Difference between turbo and injection
1056.014IOSG::MITCHELLTue May 01 1990Oil stains on tarmac
1057.04PEKING::GERRYTTue May 01 1990YUGO SANA
1058.031IOSG::MARSHALLWed May 02 1990Another debate: Modernise Morgan?
1059.037CRATE::RUSSELLWed May 02 1990New Metro.
1060.016RDGE13::MADGEWed May 02 1990Help - Injection Problems on Astra
1061.016NCEIS1::CHEVAUXFri May 04 1990SEAT Ibiza
1062.013ESSB::DOODYMon May 07 1990New METRO GTi 16V
1063.0303LARVAE::NISBET_DTue May 08 1990The Incredibly Stupid Questions Topic
1064.09STRIKR::LINDLEYWed May 09 1990Drive a SAAB today
1065.091SHAPES::FIDDLERMWed May 09 1990Radio Question
1066.025UKCSSE::RDAVIESWed May 09 1990Has Car Tax eroded the value of the lease car?.
1067.014RDGE44::JONESKThu May 10 1990Traffic Lights? Whose are they???
1068.011TASTY::NISBETMon May 14 1990Road Policy Anomoly's
1069.01CURRNT::WRIGHTMon May 14 1990If you dont dip Ill blind you
1070.099SUBURB::DUCEPTue May 15 1990Lease car for take over
1071.029UKCSSE::BUDDWed May 16 1990Astra brake "bang"
1072.025VANILA::LINCOLNWed May 16 1990Clocking
1073.02PEKING::JOHNSTONCThu May 17 1990MERCEDES 19
1074.03CURRNT::WALTHERThu May 17 1990House-call car inspection?
1075.047DOOZER::PENNEYThu May 17 1990Car ferries
1076.06COMICS::SCOBLEThu May 17 1990Obtaining minor consumables for leasemobile.
1077.09JUMBLY::DUNNFri May 18 1990Honda Concerto ad.
1078.01CHEFS::CLEMENTSDMon May 21 1990Spraying and repair advice sought .....
1080.09VOGON::ATWALMon May 21 1990driving instructors
1081.07VOGON::ATWALTue May 22 1990mechanics courses
1082.02SHAPES::STREATFIELDCTue May 22 1990Exhaust system lifespan?
1083.01VOGON::KEEWed May 23 1990Espace Seats to borrow ?
1084.011LARVAE::NISBET_DWed May 23 1990Ford Fiesta Clutch Judder
1085.03ESSB::DOODYThu May 24 1990XR3i Oil/Petrol Consumption?
1086.04VOGON::ATWALThu May 24 1990live axle v. de dion axle
1087.02SUBURB::GALECTue May 29 1990Zinc Spray a Chassis ?
1088.03UKCSSE::ARBISERTue May 29 1990Cheap deal, limited time period
1089.03BAHTAT::HILTONTue May 29 1990Extra body kit on lease car
1090.017IOSG::REESTue May 29 1990Touring Caravans Conference????
1091.063VOGON::KAPPLERWed May 30 1990North Devon speed trap warning
1092.011BELFST::GROSSIEWed May 30 1990GTE 16V Constipated?
1093.02--UnknownUser--Thu May 31 1990THINK I GOT IT WRONG AGAIN...
1094.06HAMPS::WILSON_DMon Jun 04 1990Carey's Manor Hotel
1095.08GALVIA::MOREAUWed Jun 06 1990Rust Agh!!!
1096.013ZPOVWed Jun 06 1990VW Jetta Gli - questions
1097.020UKCSSE::YOUNGWed Jun 06 1990Supply of new Ford's
1099.014CURRNT::RUSSELLThu Jun 07 1990Holiday route to Exeter?
1100.08NSDC::SIMPSONFri Jun 08 1990McLaren veers off the racetrack
1101.02CURRNT::SPENCERFri Jun 08 1990Counting cars?
1102.038--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 08 1990KIT CAR REGISTRY
1103.08YUPPY::SACKMANJFri Jun 08 1990Pulling a fast one!?
1104.03VANISH::DICKSONMon Jun 11 1990Glassfibre resin outlet??
1105.043PEKING::GERRYTMon Jun 11 1990< Sierra instability ? >
1106.03PEKING::GERRYTMon Jun 11 1990<Glasnost Motoring?>
1107.022LARVAE::BRISTOW_AMon Jun 11 1990BMW 318is Anybody got one ??
1108.079SIEVAX::CORNEMon Jun 11 1990Minimum Speed Limit on Motorways?
1109.06SHAPES::STREATFIELDCTue Jun 12 1990Fitting "Tweeters"
1110.019MARVIN::COCKBURNTue Jun 12 1990Garage labour charges
1111.017RDGE44::JONESKWed Jun 13 1990Surging, falling back, surging....
1112.01EVOAI1::HULLAHWed Jun 13 1990RAC Address Pls
1114.018LESLIE::LESLIEWed Jun 13 1990Granada views
1116.0VANISH::BARRONFri Jun 15 1990***FREE*** Race tickets at Lydden Hill Saturday.
1117.035YUPPY::PATEMANMon Jun 18 1990New Alfa's anyone?
1118.010OVAL::ALFORDJTue Jun 19 1990Gyro assisted suspension
1119.02PEKING::GERRYTWed Jun 20 1990VW SANTANA - Views?
1120.0289CHEST::BURRELLThu Jun 21 1990Vauxhall Calibra
1121.05ZPOVSat Jun 23 1990Ford Laser 1.3GL - timing marks??
1122.056MALLET::WILLIAMS_GMon Jun 25 1990Policemen are not too bad
1123.0175BREW11::BELLTue Jun 26 1990Motorways
1124.048HAMPS::JORDANTue Jun 26 1990Boot vs Hatch
1125.010RDGENG::HAYWARDFri Jun 29 1990Wiring of Radio Speakers
1126.0YUPPY::SACKMANJFri Jun 29 1990Personal Property in your car
1127.02ESSB::DOODYFri Jun 29 1990How Long is a piece of string?
1129.030YUPPY::FOXWed Jul 04 1990Fiat Tipo
1130.029KIRKTN::IJOHNSTONWed Jul 04 1990Injection chips and exhausts.
1131.047HAMPS::PACK_JWed Jul 04 1990Fuel economy
1132.0130SEDSWS::PHIPPENWed Jul 04 1990New power for the ford escorts
1133.02FIELD::LOUGHLINIWed Jul 04 1990smelly back-end
1134.0266COMICS::SHELLEYRThu Jul 05 1990Fiesta RS Turbo
1135.01VANDAL::BOSLEYThu Jul 05 1990The mean Panda Club???
1136.08SIEVAX::CORNEFri Jul 06 1990Country of Origin Plates
1139.08SHIRE::GOLDBLATTMon Jul 09 1990funny noise
1140.07CHEST::EASTMANMon Jul 09 1990F4
1141.0113JUNO::FROSTMon Jul 09 1990Car Alarms
1142.08MACNAS::BMULQUEENMon Jul 09 1990Sunbeam Alpine
1143.06SHAPES::STREATFIELDCMon Jul 09 1990Triumph Herald??
1144.03CRATE::SAXBYMon Jul 09 1990Tyre fitter near DEC Park?
1145.011SYSTEM::BOOTHETue Jul 10 1990Portugal here I come !
1146.03HAMPS::WILSON_DTue Jul 10 1990The end of the UK Car Scheme
1147.038CHEST::EASTMANWed Jul 11 1990VW announce 2.8 V6 Golf!!!
1149.02SAGE::AUSTINSun Jul 15 1990Lucas (and other) Electric Fuel Pumps
1151.06MSAMTue Jul 17 1990VOLVO 24
1152.03PLAYER::KENNEDY_CTue Jul 17 1990Low Mileage?
1153.02VOGON::ATWALTue Jul 17 1990drivers' health
1154.04VINO::DBIGELOWTue Jul 17 1990'35 Wolseley in US
1156.07CHEST::WHITTINGTONThu Jul 19 1990Will an automatic tow well?
1158.03CURRNT::CROUCHFri Jul 20 1990Coach registration numbers.
1159.01ZPOVFri Jul 20 1990BMW 316i anyone ?
1160.015KURMA::DWALLACEFri Jul 20 1990VW Polo Coupe overheating
1161.010VOGON::ATWALTue Jul 24 1990steam cleaning
1162.014CHEFS::MADGEJTue Jul 24 1990Convertible roofs !
1163.012SCOTMN::NEALTue Jul 24 1990insurance for kit cars?
1164.046COMICS::WEGGTue Jul 24 1990Dealer 'Markings'
1165.010RDGE44::JONESKWed Jul 25 1990Dislodged Engine Mounting on MGB Roadster
1166.07COMICS::HWILLIAMSWed Jul 25 1990Fly squash remover
1167.01SUBURB::PARKERThu Jul 26 1990Peugeot 6
1168.010NSDC::SIMPSONThu Jul 26 1990slight misfire when going downhill
1169.021KURMA::GAITKENHEADFri Jul 27 1990Car logo Prompt's
1170.015VOGON::COLETue Jul 31 1990Leather seats question
1171.018WLDWST::MARTIN_TTue Jul 31 1990CHARGERS ?
1172.064UKCSSE::RDAVIESWed Aug 01 1990BOATS (Roads not floating)
1173.010NCEIS1::CHEVAUXWed Aug 01 1990End of AC ?
1174.013NCEIS1::CHEVAUXWed Aug 01 1990HONDA NS-X
1175.012YUPPY::MOOREAThu Aug 02 1990Donnington Park!!!!
1176.03NSDC::SIMPSONThu Aug 02 1990Michelin pull out of competition
1177.02STRIKR::LINDLEYThu Aug 02 1990GM in Southampton ???
1178.01071NSDC::SIMPSONThu Aug 02 1990Formula 1 trivia topic
1179.0371KIRKTN::KANDERSONThu Aug 02 1990RENAULT 19......
1180.09COMICS::SHELLEYRThu Aug 02 1990Query on car supplement.
1181.025HAMPS::LINCOLN_JFri Aug 03 1990Driving in the USA
1182.04SYSTEM::REIDMon Aug 06 1990deposit refunds
1183.025AYOV24::TADAIRTue Aug 07 1990Guide to cheapest petrol
1184.09SUBURB::ALLYSTue Aug 07 1990NEW VAUXHALL ??
1185.015ZPOVThu Aug 09 1990Spark Plug advice required
1187.06SENIOR::WENTWORTHFri Aug 10 1990MG- Car Clubs ?
1188.0166UBOHUB::PERKINS_NMon Aug 13 1990Toyota MR2 help wanted
1189.04NSDC::SIMPSONTue Aug 14 1990Re-re-registering your car
1190.03MILLER::ANDERSFri Aug 17 19901961 TATRA 6
1191.063CHEFS::MADGEJFri Aug 17 1990Jealousy
1192.043VIVIAN::M_ELLAWAYMon Aug 20 1990The new Renault Clio & 16v engine
1193.019--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 20 1990Brake Fluid.
1194.022YUPPY::PATEMANMon Aug 20 1990Thruxton to Plymouth Advice Wanted
1195.0166CRATE::SAXBYMon Aug 20 1990How do you replace such a fun car?
1196.04SHAPES::LOUGHLINITue Aug 21 1990Percy sludge ?
1197.066TASTY::NISBETTue Aug 21 1990Incompetence Immunity Badge
1199.073BAHTAT::CHRISTENSENWed Aug 22 1990199
1200.08DOOZER::PENNEYFri Aug 24 1990Citroen SM
1201.06GWYNED::BURTONFri Aug 24 1990Main Address for Renault in France
1202.02JOCKEY::BOURNEJTue Aug 28 1990Replacing Orion Ghia I with ??
1203.05MAJORS::REVELLThu Aug 30 1990Spluttering AX GT's
1204.020KERNEL::PETTETThu Aug 30 1990It wasn't my fault!!!
1205.029KERNEL::ROEThu Aug 30 1990Rover 214 - a load of bull?
1206.02--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 03 1990Space to store trailer wanted
1207.07OVAL::GROOMNMon Sep 03 1990HELP - Lost Maestro keys
1208.023VANISH::DAVEYMon Sep 03 1990Jaguar/Daimler XJC 5.3 V12
1209.01YUPPY::PATEMANMon Sep 03 1990Well this year we're off to sunny Spain..
1210.09SHIPS::WHITWOOD_NTue Sep 04 1990Can other drivers cause tax fraud ?
1211.017COMICS::MILLARTue Sep 04 1990Force Fields Danger !!
1212.04COMICS::MILLARTue Sep 04 1990Newmarket Help please
1213.010NOTWed Sep 05 1990Replace VW Golf GTi (8v) with...?
1214.010NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Sep 05 1990Retrofitting to lease cars
1215.020--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 06 1990Incidental Death (documentary)
1216.0VANDAL::VANDIK::HENNEMANFri Sep 07 1990BARC Thruxton 1
1217.012HOO78C::DUINHOVENMon Sep 10 1990How to check Lucas alternator
1218.041COMICS::FISCHERMon Sep 10 1990Diesels (again)
1219.018UKEDU::HARMERTue Sep 11 1990Philips Cassette plays slow ?
1220.049KERNEL::HUTCHINGSWed Sep 12 1990Insurance..???
1221.04VOGON::DAWSONThu Sep 13 1990Small car suggestions - impossible criteria!
1222.018NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Sep 13 1990A planet-sized brain should really go faster
1224.010SAC::DELANY_SThu Sep 13 1990BASIC program for lease-car costs
1225.048CRATE::SAXBYFri Sep 14 1990Mid-engined handling.
1226.027OVAL::GUEST_NFri Sep 14 1990Parking at Heathrow
1227.01EVOAI1::HULLAHFri Sep 14 1990BP Lifestyle Vouchers to good use
1228.083YUPPY::FOXWed Sep 19 1990headroom, seatroom, legroom vs Giants!
1229.04NEWOA::ATKINSWed Sep 19 1990TR7 Parts Required
1230.03CLARID::VERANWed Sep 19 1990 OPEL MONZA 2.5E Could somebody help?
1231.04BPOVWed Sep 19 1990Please direct me to the Right Note
1232.08CHEST::GILROYThu Sep 20 1990Pioneer KEH 5
1233.014BIRMVX::SLOANThu Sep 20 1990TALKBACK - 24 Hour Test Drive
1234.010NSDC::SIMPSONSun Sep 23 1990Mansell - will he/won't he/do we really care?
1235.030HOO78C::DUINHOVENMon Sep 24 1990Tools needed via DEC Park
1236.01KERNEL::COLOMBOTue Sep 25 1990take over ???
1237.023DOWNBE::LOWEWed Sep 26 19902
1238.04BLKPUD::PAGEHWed Sep 26 1990Blown up engine in Astra 16V !
1239.051--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 26 1990Suspension.
1241.01661NCEIS1::CHEVAUXFri Sep 28 1990Formula 1, 1991
1242.026KAHALA::PRESTONFri Sep 28 1990The Classic London Taxi
1243.04MSAMSun Sep 30 1990Engine Balancing ?
1244.09BRABAM::FROST_PMon Oct 01 1990Cavalier Convertible Club
1245.056VOGON::ATWALTue Oct 02 1990engine longevity?
1246.012KERNEL::ROEThu Oct 04 1990conference access problem
1247.012VOGON::DAWSONFri Oct 05 1990Help requested with motoring quizz
1248.023ANNECY::MATTHEWSMon Oct 08 1990Fiesta 1.1 ... holy piston, Batman
1249.04HAMPS::MADELEY_TMon Oct 08 1990Hit and Run
1250.011NEWOA::BAILEYMon Oct 08 1990warranty?
1251.07ESDC2::MUDANThu Oct 11 1990Periodical Use -- Any Advice ?
1253.03HAMPS::LINCOLN_JThu Oct 11 1990Doest thee remember t'old days
1254.014WELMTS::BOTTOMLEYFri Oct 12 1990Traffic Master from General Logistics anyone?
1256.07CSGFri Oct 12 199071 MGB Heater Control - Help Please
1257.02PAKORA::IJOHNSTONFri Oct 12 1990Petromizer? Any ideas?
1258.012BRABAM::PHILPOTTTue Oct 16 1990Increasing the supply of "green lanes"...
1259.019SHIRE::DDIXONTue Oct 16 1990Sticking Wipers
1260.01BEAGLE::HEYERFri Oct 19 1990Chevron B16R infos anybody?
1261.013SUBURB::BUNNTFri Oct 19 1990Luxurious hire car?
1262.029SUPER7::BROWNMon Oct 22 1990Healey Frogeye
1263.010SUPER7::BROWNMon Oct 22 1990Sprites and Midgets.
1264.015THATIS::MOOREHEADTue Oct 23 1990Test drive insurance warning
1265.06--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 23 1990Racing instruction.
1266.0145HOO78C::DUINHOVENTue Oct 23 1990The MGB note
1269.016STRIKR::LINDLEYWed Oct 24 1990Its a buyers market
1270.019NEWOA::VANDIK::HENNEMANWed Oct 24 1990 Digital's car insurance; claims/cover
1271.08VOGON::MURRAYThu Oct 25 1990
1272.026NCEIS1::CHEVAUXFri Oct 26 1990Interesting contest
1273.06PEKING::GERRYTMon Oct 29 1990Fuel Injection - Fire Hazard?
1274.012BRABAM::PHILPOTTMon Oct 29 1990Loadspace cabinetry for 4WDs and Estate Cars
1275.02HOO78C::DUINHOVENTue Oct 30 1990Let's register
1276.0105HAMPS::JOYCE_AThu Nov 01 1990ABS or no ABS - that is the question...
1277.06CHEFS::MADGEJThu Nov 01 1990Quality Breakers
1278.024KERNEL::MCGOWANThu Nov 01 1990LSD characteristics
1279.07UKCSSE::SHARMAThu Nov 01 1990Which car do you recommend?
1280.01AYOV16::KDONOGHUEThu Nov 01 1990fuel comsumption
1281.017CHEFS::EDINBOROUGHSThu Nov 01 1990Speaker Problem !
1282.033UKCSSE::ARBISERFri Nov 02 1990Nissan Micra knowledge sought
1283.011STRIKR::LINDLEYMon Nov 05 1990ICE installation - recommendations??
1284.053--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 06 1990Brakes, Pads, Shoes, Drums and Discs
1285.012FORTY2::NAYLERTue Nov 06 1990 Engine tuning recommendations
1286.015CASEE::CARLILLTue Nov 06 1990"Channel Islands" cars
1287.0224ODDONE::AUSTIN_IFri Nov 09 1990The Defensive Driving Note
1289.05SAC::DELANY_STue Nov 13 1990Does the Golf GTi like "essence sans plomb"?
1290.017KERNEL::LLOYDAWed Nov 14 1990Datsun Cherry Dodgy Carb ?
1291.03BAHTAT::BAHTAT::HILTONThu Nov 15 1990M1 Closed??????/
1292.020SAC::DELANY_SFri Nov 16 1990Superb Rover/Vauxhall garage in Alton
1293.070THATIS::MOOREHEADFri Nov 16 1990compulsory wearing of rear seat belts
1294.0DENVER::MALKOSKIFri Nov 16 1990Road & Track's available
1295.0110NCEIS1::CHEVAUXSat Nov 17 1990Nissan Primera
1296.03MACNAS::JGOODFELLOWMon Nov 19 1990Go-Karts?
1297.07KERNEL::BARTHURTue Nov 20 1990Matra Murena wanted
1298.013NEEPS::IRVINETue Nov 20 1990GTE "8V" over reving
1299.024JOCKEY::NELSONRWed Nov 21 1990Model Car Racing
1300.068DOOZER::PENNEYWed Nov 21 1990Windscreens
1301.074PEKING::GERRYTThu Nov 22 1990 Diesel or Petrol ?
1302.05NEEPS::IRVINEFri Nov 23 1990Build it yourself... NO KITS!
1303.01ESSB::DOODYFri Nov 23 1990XR3i Sloppy at Rear when Laden?
1304.0ZPOVC::MICHAELLEESun Nov 25 1990ALFA A33 1.5IE, anyone?
1305.0UKEDU::HUTCHINSONMon Nov 26 1990Oh where, Oh where has the little....
1306.010KERNEL::SHELLEYRWed Nov 28 1990Nissan Bluebird ZX Turbo
1307.01SEDSWS::PHIPPENFri Nov 30 1990CRX VTEC
1308.01OVAL::SAXBYMMon Dec 03 1990Radiator problems?
1309.06LARVAE::WALKERMon Dec 03 1990TDC SENSOR
1310.037SUBURB::THOMASHWed Dec 05 1990Hit squad please
1312.06UKCSSE::PARKERDFri Dec 07 1990Drunk Range Rover!
1313.042SUBURB::BUNNTFri Dec 07 1990Which Convertible?
1314.031KIRKTN::GAITKENHEADMon Dec 10 1990Broken XR3i !!!!!
1315.0CHEFS::CLEMENTSDMon Dec 10 1990Motoring in comfort in winter-time......
1316.015SUBURB::BOXALLGMon Dec 10 1990Engine Problems
1319.05EVOAI1::HULLAHMon Dec 17 1990Guarantee outside guarantee period ...
1320.018BRABAM::PHILPOTTMon Dec 17 1990M4
1322.02EVTPUB::ANDERSWed Dec 19 1990New SAAB Turbo?
1325.03VOGON::BALLWed Jan 02 1991Reading to/from Charlton
1326.04DPDMAI::WOODWARDThu Jan 03 1991EURO_MOTORING node name
1327.07KERNEL::PARRYThu Jan 03 1991Hiring cars when lease car is off the road
1328.07OVAL::GROOMNFri Jan 04 1991Paris - Dakar '91
1329.017FORTY2::MANNFri Jan 04 1991Italic Registration Plates
1330.077OVAL::SAXBYMFri Jan 04 1991Le Mans 1991 - 22/23 June.
1331.020KERNEL::SHELLEYRMon Jan 07 1991'New Capri' / Ford PROBE
1332.010SAC::DELANY_SMon Jan 07 1991Sierra XR4x4 2.
1333.072--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 07 1991Carburettors,Fuel injection, Fuel system,Fuel pump General Note
1335.046BARMY::PETERThu Jan 10 1991How to get insurance under "high risk" circumstancies
1336.079YUPPY::TONEYDThu Jan 10 1991Help ! Nicked on the M4.
1337.047TRUCKS::SMARTThu Jan 10 1991AWDC - All Wheel Drive Club
1338.057BRABAM::PHILPOTTFri Jan 11 1991war preparation
1339.07SIEVAX::CORNEMon Jan 14 1991Road re-numbering
1340.07UKCSSE::PARKERDMon Jan 14 1991Ban company cars!..help fix the UK economy.
1341.07RDGE13::MADGEMon Jan 14 1991help
1342.051BRABAM::PHILPOTTTue Jan 15 1991Car ads that suggest bad driving technicques
1343.071COMICS::MILLARWed Jan 16 1991Catalytic Convertors and bad smells
1345.011MAJORS::REVELLThu Jan 24 1991clutching at straws?
1346.05RDGE21::COLEMANMThu Jan 24 1991Any BARC members ???
1347.0173NEWOA::BOSLEYFri Jan 25 1991Citroen ZX
1348.015KERNEL::PETTETSun Jan 27 1991What are the odds?
1349.02AYOV24::RGELVINMon Jan 28 1991Honda Aerodeck EXi opinions
1350.013AYOV24::RGELVINTue Jan 29 1991Alternative method of used car puchase
1351.013AYOV24::RGELVINTue Jan 29 1991Haggling with salesmen
1352.051NCEIS1::CHEVAUXWed Jan 30 1991Monte Carlo 1991
1353.031XNOGOV::LISAThu Jan 31 1991Damage to tyres/brakes?
1354.04CHEFS::ARNOLDThu Jan 31 1991Attention Learner Drivers
1355.068VOGON::ATWALTue Jan 29 1991petrol
1356.05TRUCKS::SMARTMon Feb 04 1991Flogging's too good....
1357.05VOGON::KAPPLERWed Feb 06 1991Battery supplier recommendations .....
1358.077--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 07 1991The Offensive driving Note
1359.01PHLACT::BROWNEFri Feb 08 1991Street + Custom
1360.05SYSTEM::GOODWINTue Feb 12 1991Horizon: The car in LA
1361.010HAMPS::LINCOLN_JMon Feb 18 1991Through the Floor
1363.03VOGON::KAPPLERWed Feb 20 1991Alpinaire?
1364.05GRANPA::63654::NAYLORWed Feb 20 1991PLEASE think of DECwindows notes users!
1365.061VOGON::KAPPLERMon Feb 25 1991Manufacturers fitted front fog lights.....
1366.0CHEFS::ARNOLDMon Feb 25 1991A Driving Challenge for you
1367.011CIMNET::SHEPHERDMon Feb 25 1991Does anything know anything about Sterlings?
1368.02VOGON::KAPPLERMon Feb 25 1991Aberdeen route recommendations?
1370.025MACNAS::BMULQUEENTue Feb 26 1991Head Gasket Trouble???
1371.04WELHEX::BLACKTue Feb 26 1991BX19 TZD Lease Anybody?
1372.014LARVAE::HUTCHINGS_PTue Feb 26 1991O drivers...bad or worse..??
1374.09EEMELI::NOJONENWed Feb 27 1991Audi question
1375.06HABS11::MASONWed Feb 27 1991How to find out about upcoming race meetings
1376.04AYOV24::RGELVINThu Feb 28 1991Faulty alarm, advice sought
1377.0UNTADH::LEWISTue Mar 05 19912 Wheel Cars
1378.05VOGON::MITCHELLETue Mar 05 1991Garage contents insurance cover
1379.02ALBURT::LEWISWed Mar 06 1991I've lost an eye. HELP!
1380.07PLAYER::MCGOWANWed Mar 06 1991Any info on NISSAN SYLVIA?
1381.08UNTADH::LEWISMon Mar 11 1991Another Motorcycle Rathole
1382.09SHIPS::SAXBY_MWed Mar 13 1991Wheel bearings.
1383.022SAC::DELANY_SThu Mar 14 1991You don't have to drive Volvos to be safe!
1384.02YUPPY::HUGHESNFri Mar 15 1991Company car swop for one week - I need an estate....
1385.018NCEIS1::CHEVAUXFri Mar 15 1991New V6 engine from VW
1386.034NCEIS1::CHEVAUXFri Mar 15 1991F3
1387.0123NCEIS1::CHEVAUXFri Mar 15 19911991 World Sports Cars Championship
1388.0MSAMSat Mar 16 1991Fuel Conditioner ?
1390.09MAMTS2::63654::NAYLORMon Mar 18 1991Accident statistics - US Highways versus UK M-ways
1391.05CSC32::R_SWANSONMon Mar 18 1991Problems with 84 MB 28
1392.0IOSG::FREERTue Mar 19 1991Indoor Go-Kart trip .....
1393.027SUBURB::LAWSONM1Tue Mar 19 1991Car Alarms FOR Or AGAINST
1394.02GWYNED::BURTONTue Mar 19 1991Need Help with Renault Alliance (R11) Parts in UK
1395.033SUBURB::LAWSONM1Tue Mar 19 1991Budget
1397.02EAYVThu Mar 21 1991Volvo 244GLT owners manual-source
1398.05--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 21 199165xx sessions dropped
1399.0DUCK::DORMERPFri Mar 22 1991farewell
1401.014REPAIR::CARTERFri Mar 22 1991XR2 TURBO
1403.039BHUNA::TBARRETTTue Mar 26 1991HOW DOES THE 4
1404.025VOGON::MITCHELLETue Mar 26 1991Compensation claim?
1405.01MINDER::TURNERIThu Mar 28 1991importing
1406.05BONNET::HARDYTue Apr 02 1991Van fuel consumption?
1407.018CRISPY::BUSHNELLJWed Apr 03 1991Electrical modifications - including a battery.
1408.01BONNET::HEYERWed Apr 03 1991US 1
1409.030HEWIE::RUSSELLFri Apr 05 1991Lease cost and the budget
1410.0191BRUMMY::BELLSat Apr 06 1991Toyota MR2 GT
1411.07DOOZER::PENNEYSat Apr 06 1991Glass's Guide?
1413.0123SIEVAX::CORNETue Apr 16 1991Use of public footpaths and bridleways (BOATS RUPPS)
1414.05WIKKIT::WARWICKWed Apr 17 1991M25/M4 bridge mystery devices
1415.019IOSG::HUNTDThu Apr 18 1991Strain when driving
1416.015UTROP1::KALDENHOVENMon Apr 22 1991MGA 16
1417.06SCOAYR::A_MACDONALDTue Apr 23 1991Second hand value of Escort
1419.011HOTSPR::KENNEDYWed Apr 24 1991Orion 1.6i engine management problem (199
1420.012ODDONE::HENS_AThu Apr 25 1991Cavalier gsi 2
1421.05KURMA::DSTEVENSONThu Apr 25 1991Smoking 16v GTE
1422.04JUMBLY::JSMITHFri Apr 26 1991MI16 running unleaded
1423.026ZPOVC::TEOHENSun Apr 28 1991Alfa 33 1.7 - acceleration poor from start!
1424.0MALLET::BEALETue Apr 30 1991Car Trailer Loan required.
1425.04KERNEL::ROETue Apr 30 1991AUTO BIANCHI
1427.03JURA::GUEST_NThu May 02 1991Very Long Term Parking (Cheap + Secure)
1428.013BUSY::KCOLBURNMon May 06 1991Formula 1 Books
1429.011HYEND::SCHILTONMon May 06 1991I though Austin made Minis...
1431.0220ODDONE::AUSTIN_IFri May 03 1991Unmarked police cars
1432.0CURRNT::RUSSELLWed May 08 1991Any test days planned?
1433.02DOOZER::BRISTOWThu May 09 19914 into 2
1434.020VOGON::DAWSONFri May 10 1991Formula One results register
1435.0SEDSWS::HANCOCKFri May 10 1991Audi 8
1436.029KERNEL::SHELLEYRMon May 13 199116v Fiestas
1437.015CURRNT::RUSSELLMon May 13 1991How long to Cannes from Le Havre?
1438.019FORTY2::BETTSTue May 14 1991Breakdown cover for UK & Europe
1439.0BAHTAT::WILLIAMSHTue May 14 1991MG Midget fully restored - for sale
1440.02RDGE13::MADGETue May 14 1991GTE Owners Club
1441.016ULYSSE::GREENTue May 14 1991Oil Leak - VW Transporter Van
1442.025CHEST::RAWSONWed May 15 1991I need a fairly big brumm brumm
1443.02ESSB::DOODYWed May 15 1991Sprite MkIV 16
1445.026SUBURB::LAWSONM1Thu May 16 1991Ford Fiesta
1446.022AYOV27::ISMITHThu May 16 1991VW Polo G4
1447.08PHLACT::BROWNEThu May 16 1991The Dimilia
1448.076AEOEN2::MATTHEWSFri May 17 1991Ford and GM ...
1449.032COMICS::NICHOLSONFri May 17 1991Radio codes - how DO you get around them ?
1451.027AEOEN2::MATTHEWSTue May 21 1991De Tomaso
1452.04MEALA::JACKMANWed May 22 1991Strada rear light cluster ?
1453.06MARVIN::ELLERBYThu May 23 1991Mobile tuning recommendations ?
1454.033VOGON::DAWSONFri May 24 1991Cellnet Safe Business Driver Challenge
1456.06KERNEL::LOATTue May 28 1991How many people?
1457.08VIVIAN::M_CURRYTue May 28 1991What's going on here then?
1458.025--UnknownUser--Wed May 29 1991GENERIC Gearbox notes
1459.0SUBURB::THOMASHWed May 29 1991British Motoring History - Castella cards required
1460.01BRUMMY::PARISHMon Jun 03 1991Buzzz Buzzzz
1461.03TKTVFS::FUKUNAGATue Jun 04 1991Restoration of westfield 11
1462.01ULYSSE::GREENMon Jun 10 1991Ship Ahoy ...
1463.0157ODDONE::BRAND_PTue Jun 11 1991Viability of Lease scheme??
1464.01MEALA::B_WALSHTue Jun 11 1991Sourcing a VW Golf GTD
1465.04CSC32::R_SWANSONTue Jun 11 1991Help with planning a rally, please!
1466.015BAHTAT::CARRWed Jun 12 1991Securing wheel trims..?
1467.07EEMELI::JMANNINENFri Jun 14 1991New Volvo
1468.01HUGS::AND_KISSESFri Jun 14 1991Racing Days
1469.043SYSTEM::COCKBURNMon Jun 17 1991The car that runs on water
1470.011YUPPY::MCINTYREMon Jun 17 1991Escort Battery Light problem
1471.012UKCSSE::RWALKERMon Jun 17 1991MOTORSHOW 1991
1473.017SOMMEN::SOKURAWed Jun 19 1991Looking for Bond BUG.....
1474.017JOCKEY::BUCKGThu Jun 20 1991advice on Astra/Golf wanted
1475.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 20 1991AUDI 8
1476.0LARVAE::SUGDENFri Jun 21 1991Saab 2 stroke bits
1477.032KERNEL::BARTHURTue Jun 25 1991Camshaft belt breaking
1478.027DUCK::BUSHNELLJTue Jun 25 1991Goodbye! 8 days to go.
1479.014IDEFIX::GEOFFTue Jun 25 1991Renault 4L engine woes
1481.035MEALA::JACKMANWed Jun 26 1991BMW service costs
1482.023SHAPES::DIGGINSRThu Jun 27 1991Who do you think you are!!!!!
1483.012IRNBRU::WILSONThu Jun 27 1991AUDI coupe and Golf GTI mills!
1484.08KIRKTN::PDUNNFri Jun 28 1991Proton ?
1485.014AEOEN1::MATTHEWSMon Jul 01 1991Broken lawn mower ...
1486.023SUBURB::THOMASHTue Jul 02 1991Karting
1487.039--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 03 1991Silly Discussion by silly people
1488.014TIMMII::RDAVIESThu Jul 04 1991Central locking kit info required
1489.039SEDOAS::TILLINGThu Jul 04 1991LOOK OUT!!
1490.01COPCLU::TROELSFri Jul 05 1991Mercedes Benz 28
1491.017KERNEL::MORIARTYFri Jul 05 1991Car from Korea
1492.08FORTY2::MOOREFri Jul 05 1991Problem with Volkswagen/Cobra radio-control/ultrasonic alarm
1493.032IRNBRU::WILSONMon Jul 08 1991ENGLISH or BRITISH?
1495.06TSGDEV::WAITETue Jul 09 1991Old Austin Race Car and Tire Info Sought
1496.015CRISPY::GERRYTTue Jul 09 1991Hot and flustered ?
1497.09SUBURB::ALLYSWed Jul 10 1991Too late as usual
1498.06JUMBLY::COOPERWed Jul 10 1991Ford Sierra 1.8GL
1499.010TRUCKS::BEATON_SThu Jul 11 1991Peugeot 2
1500.053BELFST::FLANAGANThu Jul 11 1991RS Bushes anyone ??
1501.08SUBURB::LAWSONM1Fri Jul 12 1991Tyres and Speakers
1502.04IDEFIX::GEOFFMon Jul 15 1991Memory power for a car radio
1503.013STRIKR::LINDLEYTue Jul 16 1991Astra Mk 3
1504.055RDGE44::HAYWARDTue Jul 16 1991But how would you know ?
1505.02SENIOR::PAREDESTue Jul 16 1991BIG problem with a 74 JAG XJ12L V12 engine! HELP!
1506.09KERNEL::SHELLEYRWed Jul 17 1991Cars under 14
1507.02TIZER::WILSONThu Jul 18 1991How much for an MG?
1509.015BLKPUD::WARNESGMon Jul 22 1991Battery questions
1510.03JUMBLY::RICHARDSTue Jul 23 1991Fuel Injector Cleaning
1511.06SUBURB::ALLYSTue Jul 23 1991All Change !!!
1512.06RUTILE::GUESTWed Jul 24 1991Short/Long Term Car Storage
1513.03JUNO::WOODWed Jul 24 1991Electronic Ignition from scratch.
1514.0YUPPY::MCINTYREWed Jul 24 1991Calling all Morris Marina/Ital owners!!!
1516.06CRISPY::GERRYTThu Jul 25 1991Gungy Caps!
1517.02TIZER::WILSONThu Jul 25 1991REAR-END DAMAGE...and the rest!
1518.0COMICS::COOMBERMon Jul 29 1991Marshalling at its best
1519.07SUBURB::ALLYSThu Aug 01 1991Can anybody help !!
1520.01KERNEL::MCGOWANThu Aug 01 1991Friction reducers
1521.08MAJORS::REVELLMon Aug 05 1991A question to the mechanically minded
1522.012CHEFS::HARDINGMon Aug 05 1991The bald tire scam
1523.013VICTOR::RDGTMPTue Aug 06 1991Juddering VW Golf
1524.036IRNBRU::WILSONTue Aug 06 1991New UK tyre min tread level!
1525.07ODDONE::CURRIE_IWed Aug 07 1991PHH car mats
1528.010JOCKEY::COOPERMTue Aug 20 1991wide tyre=better grip - why ?
1529.05UNTADA::LEWISMon Aug 26 1991Cheap Range Rover ?
1530.018VOGON::MITCHELLEWed Aug 28 1991Rubbish thrown from cars
1532.06SEDSWS::PHIPPENWed Aug 28 1991VTEC CRX Rev limiter
1533.011ULYSSE::NAYLORMon Sep 02 1991Never mind ABS...
1535.018HAMPS::NISBET_DTue Sep 03 1991Learning French while driving
1536.013--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 04 1991Tacho Light... Rev -Light and the BTCC
1537.020NCEIS1::CHEVAUXWed Sep 04 1991back to business
1538.0691MALLET::BARKERThu Sep 05 1991Quotes under September 1991 scheme
1539.06DENVER::DAVISGBFri Sep 06 1991The cat's Alive! (A Jaguar)
1540.01LARVAE::BRISTOW_AMon Sep 09 1991Wedding Car needed
1541.04FORTY2::SIMSMon Sep 09 1991Dune Buggy Racing - READING - DECPARK only
1542.01SHAWB1::WHITTLEITue Sep 10 1991RS2
1543.01IOSG::FREERTue Sep 10 1991Karting Trip in Bracknell
1544.013ODDONE::CURRIE_IWed Sep 11 1991Cavalier tip
1545.035UKCSSE::ARBISERWed Sep 11 1991New Golf featured at Frankfurt show
1546.014CSC32::R_SWANSONWed Sep 11 1991Help indentifying a driver please
1547.02SELECT::SHAUGHNESSYWed Sep 11 1991Rental suggestion
1548.049VOGON::MORGANThu Sep 12 1991Classic Car
1549.06HOTSPR::KENNEDYThu Sep 12 1991Infomation on JUDD
1550.09HAMPS::TAYLOR_PTue Sep 17 1991Cause for alarm ?!
1551.015CRISPY::GERRYTTue Sep 17 1991Knock for Knock?
1552.053WARHED::GILLILANDWed Sep 18 1991Altering Reg. No's.
1553.035UKCSSE::ARBISERFri Sep 20 1991Where's Willy Woollard gone?
1554.06SUBURB::HOWEIFri Sep 20 1991Help !
1555.0VOGON::KAPPLERFri Sep 20 1991Train at Donnington?
1556.048HAMPS::LINCOLN_JMon Sep 23 1991Honda Civic
1557.01856YUPPY::PATEMANTue Sep 24 1991Formula 1: 1992 Season
1558.02STRIKR::LINDLEYTue Sep 24 1991Britannia Rescue phone no sought
1559.01LARVAE::BRISTOW_AMon Sep 30 1991Motorfair - When ?
1560.02CRISPY::GERRYTTue Oct 01 1991Insurance/Garage collusion?
1561.08FORTY2::MANNMon Oct 07 1991Where to re-thread a sump?
1562.040UBOHUB::KINGSTON_DTue Oct 08 1991Insurance question
1563.04MACNAS::JDOOLEYTue Oct 08 1991Fuel problem.......
1564.09TLE::LEGERLOTZTue Oct 08 1991Spridget graveyards?
1565.019TASTY::NISBETFri Oct 11 1991Yet Another Alarm Topic YAAT
1566.04NZOMIS::FINLAYSun Oct 13 1991N.Z. Car scheme
1567.02SUBURB::HOWEIMon Oct 14 1991M.O.T--Survival of ?
1568.056JUMBLY::BATTERBEEJTue Oct 15 1991Todays bad parker = plonker
1569.030NIBLIK::THOMSONSWed Oct 16 1991Preffered Car List
1570.015TASTY::NISBETWed Oct 16 1991Are Company Car Drivers Full of it?
1571.04TASTY::NISBETThu Oct 17 1991Q: Jetstream or Brushes (Car Wash)
1572.020TASTY::NISBETThu Oct 17 1991Q: Battery Health - How to Check?
1573.031VOGON::KAPPLERSat Oct 19 1991Cycle Carriers
1574.02KERNEL::ROEMon Oct 21 1991Road number query
1576.07RUTILE::BISHOPMon Oct 21 1991American car insurance brokers?
1577.02HEWIE::RUSSELLTue Oct 22 1991Autoglass do radios as well.
1578.04UKCSSE::BUDDWed Oct 23 1991ASTRA light delay
1579.021BERNMon Oct 28 1991Clutch noises
1580.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 28 1991
1580.02BELFST::COBAINMon Oct 28 1991NISSAN 2
1581.05ZPUPPY::SEOWHURNMon Oct 28 1991Upgraded brakes for VW Scirocco II/Golf I
1582.018CERRIN::PHILPOTTTue Oct 29 1991UMM Alter II
1583.04IOSG::HUNTDTue Oct 29 1991Dealer or not?
1584.0163NEWOA::SAXBYWed Oct 30 1991NOT the WSCC 1992 - Group C
1585.07MASALA::IJOHNSTONWed Oct 30 1991RS bits elsewhere in Europe?
1586.0104WOTVAX::MEAKINSThu Oct 31 1991New Astra
1587.015SEDSWS::OXFORDThu Oct 31 1991Club 89 Racing
1589.062--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 31 1991How safe is your Hot Hatch ?
1590.010NYTPThu Oct 31 1991My horn doesnt work.
1591.014NIBLIK::THOMSONSFri Nov 01 1991Security Etching
1592.04STRIKR::LINDLEYFri Nov 01 1991Home car servicing recommendation ?
1593.02YUPPY::MCINTYREWed Oct 30 1991Oil Pressure Guage wiring ??
1594.050STRIKR::LINDLEYMon Nov 04 1991DEC Park - Car thieves again
1595.039IOSG::JONESKWed Nov 06 1991Engine Maintenence on MGB Roadster
1596.010PLAYER::BROWNLThu Nov 07 1991Manual gearbox for 2.
1597.0KERNEL::BRETTFri Nov 08 1991PEUGEOT 4
1598.098IOSG::FREERFri Nov 08 1991Help with A series engine problem?
1599.03SEDSWS::BONDMon Nov 11 1991Organised Crime
1600.055FORTY2::NAYLERTue Nov 12 1991Directions
1601.014IRNBRU::WILSONWed Nov 13 1991* Have a laugh *
1602.012KERNEL::BAYLISDWed Nov 13 1991Interesting problem...
1603.094FORTY2::HOWARDThu Nov 14 1991First of many problems I should think
1604.0MARVIN::MARSHALLFri Nov 15 1991Car Wanted....
1605.020HOO78C::BOARDSTue Nov 19 1991worth bring my 2
1606.01RDGENG::SPALDINGTue Nov 19 1991AUDI 1
1607.047RTOVCTue Nov 19 1991Audi Quattro S2.
1608.0100JUMBLY::BATTERBEEJWed Nov 20 1991Roundabouts - Arrrrrgh!
1609.075FORTY2::HOWARDWed Nov 20 1991Bad Parking - But I Can't Find The Usual Note
1610.05AEOEN1::MATTHEWSThu Nov 21 1991BMW 2
1611.03KERNEL::BAYLISDSun Nov 24 1991Petrol Stations in/around Reading area.
1612.022NEWOA::SAXBYTue Nov 26 1991The Engine Rebuilding Note.
1613.077EEMELI::JMANNINENThu Nov 28 1991World Rally Championships 1992
1614.0143COMICS::COOMBERThu Nov 28 1991New tyre laws???????
1615.03SUBURB::ALLYSThu Nov 28 1991Mini-Roundabouts
1616.01CRISPY::GERRYTThu Nov 28 1991Bright ideas for UFOs?
1617.010BERNFri Nov 29 1991Winter tyres.
1618.019LARVAE::CLEMENTS_DMon Dec 02 1991Battery experts out there?
1619.039KERNEL::BROWNETue Dec 03 1991WATCHDOG Special on safety
1620.033UFHIS::GVIPONDTue Dec 03 1991Baby am Bord
1621.029VOGON::MITCHELLEThu Dec 05 1991Diesel Fuel
1622.018WELLIN::NISBETThu Dec 05 1991Design fault on Ford Barrels?
1623.034SHIPS::SAUNDERS_NSat Dec 07 1991DVLC help please
1625.022SUBURB::GROOMNTue Dec 10 1991CB Radio
1626.0TIMMII::RDAVIESTue Dec 10 1991Renault 19 topic moved
1627.09UFHIS::GVIPONDWed Dec 11 1991accidents will happen
1628.023VIVIAN::M_CURRYWed Dec 11 1991SNOWCHAINS
1629.05YOUWOT::BLACKFri Dec 13 1991Golf GTD Anybody?
1630.05EVTPUB::ANDERSMon Dec 16 1991State of the S/H Market?
1631.0140NEWOA::DALLISONTue Dec 17 1991Ford Fiesta XR2i
1632.015BRUMMY::63536::BELLWed Dec 18 1991Cardboard Cop Cars!
1633.07SEDOAS::BRISTOW_AThu Dec 19 1991BMW 3 coupe (Photo)??
1634.03GRANPA::JCARRUOLOThu Dec 19 1991XJ6 Question
1635.02CHEFS::RIZANTFri Dec 20 1991Realistic tyre wear on Company cars
1636.032COMICS::WEGGTue Dec 24 1991CARS_UK Noter of the Year Awards.
1637.010SEDOAS::TILLINGFri Dec 27 1991Is there anybody out there??
1638.029ULYSSE::CHEVAUXThu Jan 02 1992Super (production) Cars
1639.014ULYSSE::CHEVAUXThu Jan 02 1992Super (unlimited) Cars
1640.039ESSB::DOODYThu Jan 02 1992LE MANS DAtes?
1641.01CURRNT::PACE::RUTTERThu Jan 02 1992JEEP CJ7, "The Real Thing"
1642.03CSC32::R_SWANSONThu Jan 02 1992Mercedes model wanted...
1643.01KERNEL::RHASKINGMon Jan 06 1992Autosports International - NEC
1645.04ESSB::NEAVYNMon Jan 06 1992AUDI 8
1646.04ZPOVC::TEOHENTue Jan 07 1992Coolant rises very high!
1647.06CRISPY::GERRYTWed Jan 08 1992"Chattering metallic noise!"
1648.013STKAI2::JUNGMARKWed Jan 08 1992MG's of the DECWorld unite !
1649.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 08 1992RACism Definition
1650.0105TASTY::NISBETWed Jan 08 1992Mellow Men and Women
1651.07SHIPS::SAUNDERS_NSat Jan 11 1992Insurance claim help please...
1652.022KERNEL::FISCHERIMon Jan 13 1992Nissan 1
1653.03DENVER::DAVISGBMon Jan 13 1992Parts places in London?
1654.096NEWOA::BOSLEYTue Jan 14 1992Renault Clio 16v
1656.032LARVAE::MANSFIELD_STue Jan 14 1992Cheap Insurance ?
1657.030PERKY::RUTTERTue Jan 14 1992What cars would suit my needs ?
1658.069BAHTAT::KINNEARThu Jan 16 1992Cheap petrol?
1659.011BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jan 17 1992Directions to Gatwick
1660.08FUTURS::JACKSONMon Jan 20 1992Question for the mechanically minded
1662.028AYOV2Tue Jan 21 1992Do I have to swap the headlights ??
1664.03CSESUP::CROOKDTue Jan 21 1992Severe (?) suspension problems
1666.044VOGON::DAWSONWed Jan 22 1992Little white squares
1667.025UNTADH::STUBBSWed Jan 22 1992New oil for old engine
1668.07UKCSSE::KEANEWed Jan 22 1992Where can I get a tyre gauge?
1669.024KERNEL::PENATWed Jan 22 1992Help on hire a Porsche or Ferrari ?!
1670.031UKCSSE::PLATTThu Jan 23 1992Diesel and COLD weather...
1672.0JANUS::HUDSONThu Jan 23 1992Toyota MR2 for Sale (Oxford/Reading Area)
1673.03NEWOA::DALLISONFri Jan 24 1992Performance stats
1674.03ESSB::DOODYMon Jan 27 1992Mig Welding Expert Wanted!!
1675.05SNOFS2::RICKETTSMon Jan 27 1992Lotus replica passenager comfort
1676.013ALBURT::GUESTWed Jan 29 1992Why do cars pull to one side?
1677.01MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HOUGHWed Jan 29 1992Automatic car / people carrier wanted
1678.045BAHTAT::SALLITTWed Jan 29 1992New BMW 3
1679.021RDGENG::CLAYTONThu Jan 30 1992RS2
1680.06KERNEL::PENATThu Jan 30 1992NEW BMW 318i or Mercedes 19
1681.02STRIKR::LINDLEYFri Jan 31 1992Tax on a 4 year old Company Car
1682.015NEWOA::SAXBYMon Feb 03 1992Classic Car Insurance.
1683.048BAHTAT::FRANZMon Feb 03 1992Car crime stats ?
1684.024DENVER::DAVISGBMon Feb 03 1992Dave Barry
1685.01PEKING::GERRYTWed Feb 05 1992UK Car prices - MMC report
1686.012NEWOA::SAXBYThu Feb 06 1992Setting Ignition timing.
1687.021IRNBRU::WILSONThu Feb 06 1992The new MOT
1688.01SBPUS4::MARKThu Feb 06 1992I can use 4th again...
1689.06UKCSSE::PARKERFri Feb 07 1992SHOGUN
1690.037DENVER::DAVISGBFri Feb 07 1992Princess Di's Mercedes?
1692.03NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Feb 10 1992Watt current for halogen headlamp?
1693.07XFORMR::FEINSTEINWed Feb 12 1992New Lotus Elan [SE] Invoice Price
1694.016PEKING::CROSSAFri Feb 14 1992Unbreakable locks!!!!!!!
1695.032SUBURB::SCREENERMon Feb 17 1992Insurance with Engine Modifications
1696.014IRNBRU::WILSONMon Feb 17 1992DAT's right?
1698.021KERNEL::ROEWed Feb 19 1992Alloy wheels - suing councils, buying replacements etc
1699.03YOUWOT::BLACKWed Feb 19 1992New Astra?
1700.06LARVAE::LINCOLN_JThu Feb 20 1992ARI reception
1701.01ARRODS::WINTERSSThu Feb 20 1992RENAULT ESPACES required
1702.012BAHTAT::HILTONMon Feb 24 1992Mazda MX-3
1703.024RUTILE::BISHOPMon Feb 24 1992Dodge Viper
1704.030SUBURB::LAWSONM1Wed Feb 26 1992Running In
1705.06CMOTEC::HARWOODJThu Feb 27 1992Motorbike MOT center
1706.020IOSG::CARLINSat Feb 29 1992Converting to negative earth
1707.03NEWOA::DALLISONSat Feb 29 1992Rev that engine
1708.03--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 02 1992Grand Prix: S/Africa.
1709.013NSDC::SIMPSONMon Mar 02 1992Opinions on cassette players
1710.06LARVAE::SUGDENMon Mar 02 1992Car trailer wanted
1711.012FORTY2::BETTSTue Mar 03 1992BMW M3
1712.011YOUWOT::BLACKWed Mar 04 1992A test!
1713.059BAHTAT::HILTONFri Mar 06 1992Budget 1992
1714.031LARVAE::DRSD17::GALVINFri Mar 06 1992Car phone costs ?
1715.010LARVAE::HARVEYFri Mar 06 1992Alarms and Insurance
1716.012NZOMIS::TURRELLSun Mar 08 1992The best UK mag??
1718.042WELLIN::NISBETMon Mar 09 1992Carphones and Accident Rates
1719.04DENVER::DAVISGBMon Mar 09 1992Jaguar Brake Servo
1720.028NSDC::SIMPSONWed Mar 11 1992Car prices in different countries
1722.0MARVIN::ELLERBYWed Mar 11 1992Needed : 155 tyre for 1.3 Astra
1723.054NEWOA::SAXBYWed Mar 11 1992What Car Best Car?
1724.01AYOV24::TADAIRWed Mar 11 1992AIR MILES VOUCHERS????
1725.08ROCKS::KEANEThu Mar 12 1992Help required on VISA plumbing!
1726.032NEWOA::SCORE_RFri Mar 13 1992Put 'Powerplus' in Your Car?
1727.036NEWOA::BOSLEYMon Mar 16 1992Bleep Your Lights are on..
1728.07SBPEXE::PREECEMon Mar 16 1992Driving licence changes ?
1729.026NEWOA::BOSLEYFri Mar 20 1992Extras - What do you have..
1730.03GVASun Mar 22 1992Triumph Spitfire MkIV Price??
1731.018BAHTAT::HILTONMon Mar 23 1992NEW Mazda 626
1732.029BAHTAT::HILTONTue Mar 24 1992Is straight line speed important?
1733.06FORTY2::MANNThu Mar 26 1992Buying a new car not from a dealer
1734.08UTRTSC::BOSMANFri Mar 27 1992Peugeot 4
1735.010ESSB::MDAVITTMon Mar 30 1992Towing with a fiesta 1.1 lt
1736.01FORTY2::BETTSTue Mar 31 1992Finance concerns when buying used car.
1737.08OBSESS::GRIFFITHWed Apr 01 1992Tr-6 brakes locking up
1738.03NZOMIS::TURRELLFri Apr 03 1992Fiat 1.8i twin cam??
1739.019LARVAE::CLEMENTS_DFri Apr 03 1992TAX changes.........
1740.06ULYSSE::MILDERMon Apr 06 1992Peugeot 1
1741.018IOSG::CARLINTue Apr 07 1992A-series engine runs on
1742.015SYSTEM::ZENTNERWed Apr 08 1992Importing a car into the UK
1743.052NEWOA::CROME_AThu Apr 09 1992Stolen Cars
1744.02LEECHS::hiltonFri Apr 10 1992How do I find out about future cars?
1745.06LARVAE::TILSON_VWed Apr 15 1992Renault Clio - Your views pls
1746.078CEEOSI::WILTSHIREWed Apr 15 1992Toyota Supra
1748.04WELSWS::JOHNSONFri Apr 24 1992people carriers quotes
1749.04SUBURB::THOMASHMon Apr 27 1992Euro-pricing, std cars?
1750.033YUPPY::BUSHMon Apr 27 1992AC COBRA
1751.01YUPPY::FOXWed Apr 29 1992Volvo 48
1752.03ULYSSE::CHEVAUXWed Apr 29 1992Historic Events
1753.020ULYSSE::CHEVAUXWed Apr 29 1992F3
1754.038WELLIN::NISBETThu Apr 30 1992Carrying a Camera
1755.020WELLIN::NISBETThu Apr 30 1992Used Car Recommendations
1756.05LARVAE::NEWTONThu Apr 30 1992Fancy changing your lease car early?
1757.06BASCAS::CURRIE_IFri May 01 1992Aquaplaning
1758.07CMOTEC::JASPERFri May 01 1992My Video was on wrong channel...
1759.0LARVAE::WHITE_DFri May 08 1992My Espace is available.
1760.045TRUCKS::BARRONFri May 08 1992...I OWN A METRO......I NEED HELP!
1761.01--UnknownUser--Sat May 09 1992The V's topic.
1762.04EEMELI::HAUTALAMon May 11 1992New Mitsubishi Colt
1763.019SUBURB::DELANYSMon May 11 1992Factory-fitted air-con on 'cheaper' cars?
1764.014NEWOA::BOSLEYTue May 12 1992Rover 2
1765.022COMICS::MISTRYWed May 13 19921.4 diesel turbo...
1766.04BOUTYE::MULLANThu May 14 1992MotorLink
1767.07OASS::BURDEN_DThu May 14 1992Vauxhall Victor info requested
1768.065--UnknownUser--Fri May 15 1992Small Car + Big Power + Small Insurance = Fun.
1769.07UTROP1::BOSMAN_PMon May 18 1992Aftermarket intercoolers?
1772.093NEWOA::SAXBYThu May 21 1992Second Hand Car prices
1773.027KOALA::BEMISTue May 26 1992The official Indy car note, 1992.
1774.03ZPOVC::SEOWHURNWed May 27 1992Any VW Polo G4
1775.068GOONS::PLANKWed May 27 1992Ferrari prices coming down????
1776.019SUBURB::LAWSONM1Wed May 27 1992"MURV" Car Polish
1777.0ROKER::CONNORFri May 29 1992Vauxhall Nova available for takeover.
1778.01WELLIN::NISBETFri May 29 1992Misleading Adverts
1779.023NEWOA::BOSLEYSun May 31 1992Meastro/Montego Diesel ???
1780.025--UnknownUser--Sun May 31 1992Japanese cars.
1781.096NEWOA::DAVEYMon Jun 01 1992Car Swap Required
1782.014XELENT::BHOLAWed Jun 03 1992Inquiry re. Monaco Grand Prix
1783.0STRIKR::LINDLEYThu Jun 04 199216V Astra GTE for takeover
1784.015TIMMII::RDAVIESThu Jun 04 1992Places to go
1785.020STRIKR::LINDLEYThu Jun 04 1992Workhorse wanted
1786.063YUPPY::SACKMANJFri Jun 05 1992Window kills child..concerns..
1787.06MAJORS::CLIFFEMon Jun 08 1992Lost tax disk
1789.09SUBURB::GROOMNMon Jun 08 1992Ian Taylor R.I.P.
1790.022ESBSMon Jun 08 1992Competition Preparation + Maintenance
1791.046ESBSMon Jun 08 1992[Transformer HF3
1792.015CURRNT::JACKSONTue Jun 09 1992Deloreans
1793.021EACT::MDEMPSEYTue Jun 09 19926R4 information required
1794.010WARNUT::THOMASAFri Jun 12 1992Second hand Cars on Lease Scheme ?
1795.09RDGENG::SJONESMon Jun 15 1992MOT centre recommendations
1796.015RDGENG::SJONESMon Jun 15 1992Removing laquer from chrome
1797.03SBPEXE::PREECEMon Jun 15 1992Shogun queshtion.....
1798.026FILTON::WAVELL_NMon Jun 15 1992AUDI
1801.02PERCPT::BHOLATue Jun 16 1992Second attempt to post this note from Autoweek
1803.0VOGON::MACDERMOTTSat Jun 20 1992Off-road Rally kart track near Binfield
1804.01DOOZER::JENKINSMon Jun 22 1992Targa Florio
1805.0445CEEOSI::WILTSHIREMon Jun 22 1992New Road Traffic Act
1806.010EVENS::NUTKINSMTue Jun 23 1992Advice on Insurance Valuation for stolen XR3I Cab
1807.019MACNAS::RNOONEWed Jun 24 1992Diesel ZX vs Diesel Golf??
1808.023TLE::LEGERLOTZWed Jun 24 1992MGA...'Body Off' restoration questions.
1810.01ROCKS::BEECHERFri Jun 26 1992New freeway game from the USA...
1811.03FILTON::WAVELL_NFri Jun 26 1992Renault 19
1812.019NEEPS::IRVINEMon Jun 29 1992Nissan Sunny GTi
1813.0SUBURB::ALLYSWed Jul 01 1992CAR NEEDED ??
1814.07BASCAS::AUSTIN_IThu Jul 02 1992Diesel Price in Italy?
1815.09NEWOA::BOSLEYThu Jul 02 1992Montego ECU packing Up !?!
1816.017AYOV11::ATODMANFri Jul 03 1992XR2i Rattler
1817.02VANGA::KERRELLFri Jul 03 1992Rusty Lease Cars
1818.027LARVAE::CLEMENTS_DSun Jul 05 1992How would you like to work in comfort?
1819.03SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDSun Jul 05 1992Smile, you've been banned by camera !
1820.013IOSG::FREERTue Jul 07 1992Short term insurance of foreign bodies?
1821.023MAJORS::ALFORDTue Jul 07 1992I know it's a motorbike !
1822.022FORTY2::GAMITue Jul 07 1992Child proof seat belts !?
1823.02CHEFS::COUPERBWed Jul 08 1992Corrado quote??
1824.04SUBURB::THOMASHWed Jul 08 1992Trade now, August, or Nov/ec
1825.07WARNUT::WINSTANLEYJWed Jul 08 1992MX6/XEDOS has anyone had a quote ??
1826.09UPROAR::WATSONRWed Jul 08 1992FIAT 124
1827.072WELCLU::DREWWed Jul 08 1992FIESTA RS TURBO.
1828.07RUTILE::BISHOPMon Jul 13 1992Honda Prelude '92
1830.01794ULYSSE::CHEVAUXWed Jul 15 1992Formula1: 1993 season
1831.013LARVAE::CLEMENTS_DThu Jul 16 1992Advice about ex-WD vehicles sought.......
1833.09ZPOVC::GGLOHSun Jul 19 1992seven-seater station wagon
1834.08NZOMIS::TURRELLMon Jul 20 1992CLIO vs ZX????
1835.012AYOV17::KMILLIGANMon Jul 20 1992Are Hondas really this good ?
1836.017SUBURB::THOMASHMon Jul 20 1992And my car has 1 careful lady owner
1837.0KERNEL::MILLARTue Jul 21 1992Cycle Carrier For Sale
1838.05REPAIR::CABELWed Jul 22 1992TRIUMPH ACCLAIM - fan
1839.019FORTY2::HOWARDWed Jul 22 1992Lucky to still be here...or am I ??
1840.019ZPOVC::GGLOHThu Jul 23 1992Volvo 85
1841.038ODDONE::CURRIE_IThu Jul 23 1992CD Player For Renault 19 16v
1842.027AYOV24::JMCNULTYThu Jul 23 1992car dream...
1843.09NEWOA::GOLDBERGFri Jul 24 1992UK Auto Racing Events
1846.010BERNWed Jul 29 1992European Auto Challenge
1847.07MADBAS::JHANNAHWed Jul 29 1992Dealer Margin on a new car?
1848.013ULYSSE::CHEVAUXWed Jul 29 1992WSCC 1993
1849.03KERNEL::MILLARThu Jul 30 1992Toyota Supra 3.
1851.01LARVAE::CLEMENTS_DFri Jul 31 1992New service available due to redundancy.....
1852.024NEWOA::BOSLEYMon Aug 03 1992K Reg - Rare ??
1853.04KERNEL::HANNANSMon Aug 03 1992Renault Garage required
1854.037VOGON::KAPPLERMon Aug 03 1992Exhaust suppliers
1856.0EVOSY3::BELLALWed Aug 05 1992parts for saab
1857.027NEWOA::DALLISONWed Aug 05 1992Obstruction of brake lights
1858.012ZPOVC::MICHAELLEESun Aug 09 1992Radiator Coolant corrosive?
1859.05ALBURT::LEWISMon Aug 10 1992Fuel Injection Specialist required - recommendatioons.
1860.02DGMTTue Aug 11 1992Feedback on Golf 1.9 TD (Umwelt) required
1861.032NEWOA::SAXBYTue Aug 11 1992Anti-Caravaners unite!!!!!
1862.01SAVOY::ROBINSONTue Aug 11 1992Diesel 'Improvements'
1863.012SASE::FAILTE::THOMSONSThu Aug 13 1992What could it be ??
1864.022BRUMMY::BRUMMY::MOAKESRThu Aug 13 1992Old Engines!
1865.018WAYOUT::LOATFri Aug 14 1992Kangaroo Orion
1866.0TIMMII::RDAVIESMon Aug 17 1992Citroen Peugeot TU electronic ignition
1867.010RAYON::MARPOLEATue Aug 18 1992servicing 35
1868.028KERNEL::SALMONJWed Aug 19 1992MGB Opinions please....
1869.07FUTURS::FIDOFri Aug 21 1992What kind of driver are you ?
1870.04EEMELI::HRA47::HautalaFri Aug 21 1992OPEL ASCONA GT TURBO?
1871.0131IRNBRU::WILSONMon Aug 24 1992INSURANCE: How much!!!!!
1872.01FORTY2::SAUNDERSMon Aug 24 1992How to hire garage space ???
1874.025MAJORS::HANSONThu Aug 27 1992Recovering car hire cost from third party insurers
1875.04NEWOA::SAXBYThu Aug 27 1992Classic Parts?
1876.028UPROAR::WATSONRFri Aug 28 1992Torque Wrenches
1877.039KIRKTN::CGUESTSat Aug 29 1992"Escort RS Cosworth"
1878.0CHEFS::COUPERBTue Sep 01 1992Any BMW 3 Series
1879.05WOTVAX::LIVINGSTONEMTue Sep 01 1992Mark I Capri..any ideas??
1880.0116SHAWB1::STOCKMANSWed Sep 02 1992Astra Gsi?????
1881.04PAKORA::MCOMMONSTue Sep 08 1992Vauxhall Auctions
1882.0AEOEN1::MATTHEWSWed Sep 09 1992Electrical problem ...
1883.05ULYSSE::CHEVAUXWed Sep 09 199224h of Le Mans 1993
1884.059SASE::FAILTE::THOMSONSThu Sep 10 1992Over Milage Cars
1885.04KERNEL::SHELLEYRFri Sep 11 1992Ford Keys
1886.01AEOEN2::MATTHEWSMon Sep 14 1992Anyone in the Warrington office who could do me a favour ...
1887.010VOGON::KAPPLERMon Sep 14 1992Mercedes 2xx & 3xx questions
1888.07PEKING::GERRYTTue Sep 15 1992Montego replacement?
1889.04KRAKAR::WARWICKTue Sep 15 1992Fitting a radio to an old Astra
1890.09CMOTEC::JASPERThu Sep 17 1992Castle Coombe
1891.06PEKING::GERRYTThu Sep 17 1992Cold starting trouble VW 18
1892.09BIS6::WYNSFri Sep 18 1992a weather topic started right now
1894.09MARVIN::RUSLINGMon Sep 21 1992strange ignitition warning light problem
1895.07WELCLU::DREWTue Sep 22 1992Escort RS2
1896.011MUDIS3::VUSCLU::HATHWAYWed Sep 23 1992New battery - NO acid! HELP!!!
1898.036ESSB::GCONWAYThu Sep 24 1992Audi 9
1900.081ULYSSE::CHEVAUXFri Sep 25 1992World Rally Championship 1993
1901.010FUTURS::FIDOTue Sep 29 1992Large mirror required
1902.05TIMMII::RDAVIESWed Sep 30 1992Time to tidy up this conference
1903.07VOGON::KAPPLERSat Oct 03 1992Long Term Parking at Gatwick
1904.01EUSEBE::STURTMon Oct 05 1992Denny Hulme
1905.08AEOEN2::MATTHEWSMon Oct 05 1992Car Polish ...
1906.01AEOEN2::MATTHEWSMon Oct 05 1992Metro Turbo. Exhaust problems ...
1907.03AEOEN2::MATTHEWSMon Oct 05 1992Looking for contacts in Germany
1910.07YUPPY::CARTERWed Oct 07 1992Suggestions for a leasemobile?
1911.011WARNUT::TUMSHI::NISBETDWed Oct 07 1992Ford Fiesta recall
1912.011UPROAR::DARRALLDThu Oct 08 1992Options/Select/Choices Finance
1913.084KERNEL::SHELLEYRFri Oct 09 19921992 changes to the car lease scheme.
1915.09HLFSMon Oct 12 1992A good looking Volvo ?!
1916.034KERNEL::FISCHERITue Oct 13 1992Motorshow
1917.04BERNWed Oct 14 1992Lancia Beta Spider 2.
1918.036CHEFS::CURRIEIThu Oct 15 1992Peugeot Turbo Diesel Life Expectancy
1919.03ULYSSE::CHEVAUXThu Oct 15 19921993 F3
1920.011VIVIAN::JD_WARDThu Oct 15 1992Where are the Camera's
1921.03REPAIR::ATKINSFri Oct 16 1992Smoking plug ports
1922.0MARVIN::RUSLINGFri Oct 16 1992Swapsies
1923.0BIS6::SPITAELMon Oct 19 1992workshop Mustang wanted
1924.013EICMFG::DOUGLASMon Oct 19 1992some people carriers
1926.01LARVAE::DRSD27::GALVINTue Oct 20 1992Hadley Garage (Peugeot) Ltd., Basingstoke offering 1
1927.021TOPPER::GLEDHILLWed Oct 21 1992help choosing BIG estate car please!!
1928.05NEWOA::SAXBYThu Oct 22 1992Sportscar Racing 1993
1929.01SEDOAS::MILLER_NSat Oct 24 1992Jeep Suggestions/Experience Wanted
1930.03IOSG::FREERMon Oct 26 1992Help, Views and opinions on Pug 5
1931.012ULYSSE::CHEVAUXTue Oct 27 1992Digital and Indycar racing
1933.018WAYOUT::WAYOUT::LOATTue Oct 27 1992Long wait for delivery of company cars?
1934.012YUPPY::CARTERTue Oct 27 1992Change to Cavalier 1.6L?
1935.015SEDOAS::BRISTOW_AThu Oct 29 1992ABS on new Golf Gti 16V ??
1936.013KERNEL::WHITAKERMon Nov 02 1992Alloy wheel doctor required.
1937.01STRIKR::LINDLEYMon Nov 02 1992HRW Repair stuff wanted
1938.026TASTY::JEFFERYMon Nov 02 1992New Rover 2
1940.014CHEFS::MARCHRTue Nov 03 1992Leaky Sunroof
1941.028KERNEL::CHOPRAAWed Nov 04 1992Help!! - A last ditch attempt to let my car R.I.P.
1942.0101VOGON::KAPPLERThu Nov 05 1992Slot Car Racing
1943.018BRUMMY::MATTThu Nov 05 1992Do I have to pay ????
1944.0FAILTE::CAMPBELLLFri Nov 06 1992Toyota Corolla help
1945.0107--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 06 1992Crash Testing
1946.021KERNEL::SHELLEYRFri Nov 06 1992Renault A61
1948.0188STRIKR::LINDLEYMon Nov 09 1992Speed Camera signs
1949.06STRIKR::LINDLEYWed Nov 11 1992SAAB 9
1950.05NEWOA::BOSLEYWed Nov 11 1992Whats wrong with Skodas ???????
1951.012YUPPY::CARTERThu Nov 12 1992No more Car Tax?
1952.03YUPPY::PATEMANTue Nov 17 1992MotorRail
1953.0DECALP::ANDERSTue Nov 17 1992BMW 73
1955.09WARNUT::NISBETDMon Nov 23 1992SHOW MOD
1956.06WELSWS::SLADDENMon Nov 23 1992Quotes "ONLY PLEASE"
1957.015PEKING::GERRYTWed Nov 25 1992Mud on Road! - whose liable?
1958.040BELFST::LYONSWed Nov 25 1992Gearbox Problem
1959.04VOGON::KAPPLERThu Nov 26 1992Used Car Guide magazines
1960.040CHEFS::GORDONIThu Nov 26 1992Radar Detectors - do they work
1961.011AEOEN2::MATTHEWSFri Nov 27 1992Re-silvering plastic !!!
1962.026PEKING::GERRYTMon Nov 30 1992Smears and tears?
1963.023LARVAE::WHITE_DWed Dec 02 1992Engine management chips
1964.04CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Dec 07 1992Underhand tactics?
1965.02BERNTue Dec 08 1992CARS_US?
1966.013WELCLU::DREWTue Dec 08 1992Head restraints.
1967.01PEKING::GERRYTWed Dec 09 1992Fast idle speed
1968.0345252::NODDLEWed Dec 09 1992Audi wheels
1969.010NEWOA::SAVILLE_JThu Dec 17 1992VW carburettor icing
1970.031ULYSSE::CHEVAUXSun Dec 20 1992Ford Mondeo in Nice
1971.07FORTY2::MITCHELLMon Dec 21 1992Sunday driving
1972.011GVAMon Dec 28 1992Help needed with a X-mas puzzle
1973.01LARVAE::WHITE_DSun Jan 03 1993Calibra Turbo swop for 1
1974.0ESSB::JMURPHYMon Jan 04 1993Bedford 4x4 3 tonner
1975.05YUPPY::RAVENMon Jan 04 1993AA or RAC information number
1976.068COMICS::SUMMERFIELDTue Jan 05 1993About these new MOT laws......?
1977.013SAC::BETTS_WTue Jan 05 1993Hill climbing / Sprinting
1978.07DECWET::WICKHAMTue Jan 05 1993Tire warehouse retailers that carry Vredestein
1980.018CMOTEC::JASPERThu Jan 07 1993New MOT & Diesels
1981.033SQGUK::GRUBBMon Jan 11 1993The most outrageous cost for a spare part note
1982.03SNAX::PIERPONTMon Jan 11 1993Austin FX4 info request
1983.02KRAKAR::WARWICKMon Jan 11 1993Part exchange - good or bad ?
1984.05BLKPUD::WILLIAMSHTue Jan 12 1993old registration letters
1986.015KERNEL::LEYLANDSWed Jan 13 1993CLIO Test Drive...NOT!
1987.05PEKING::GERRYTWed Jan 13 1993New Escort Estate - comments?
1988.0TIMMII::RDAVIESThu Jan 14 1993Note transferred
1990.05CHEFS::BRIGGSRFri Jan 15 1993Zenith/Stromberg Advice Needed
1992.015SAC::WARBURTONMon Jan 18 1993Left-hand drive garages.
1995.01SHIPS::GOUGH_PTue Jan 19 1993Car Tax?
1997.0MARVIN::STRACHANTue Jan 19 1993Advanced Driving Course
1998.083SHIPS::ABBOTT_KWed Jan 20 1993How long to get quote?
2000.023UTROP1::BOSMAN_PWed Jan 20 1993Help wanted!
2001.03SIOG::DENNISWed Jan 20 1993Renault 5TC problem
2002.0214273Mon Jan 25 1993R19 16v test drive
2003.036OASS::BURDEN_DMon Jan 25 1993BMW Isetta
2004.015NMS::MUDANTue Jan 26 1993No Use Hard Shoulder
2006.06PEKING::GERRYTThu Jan 28 1993Towing capacities - like for like?
2007.0SUBURB::GROOMNFri Jan 29 1993Buyind secondhand BMW's
2008.06NEWOA::LAWSON_MFri Jan 29 1993Car Swap
2009.0299SAC::HAYCOX_ITue Feb 02 1993Indycar racing 1993
2010.020FUTURS::FIDOTue Feb 02 1993Ecoflow
2011.012MAJORS::REVELLTue Feb 02 1993Child seats etc...
2012.05WELCLU::YOUNGWed Feb 03 1993SAAB 99 Turbo problem
2013.09TRUCKS::PRICEMon Feb 08 1993Escort Ghia, folding rear seat ?
2017.02WOTVAX::DRAPERPWed Feb 10 1993Advice needed on engine swap!!!
2018.018TIMMII::RDAVIESWed Feb 10 1993An accident waiting to happen
2020.0UTROP1::BOSMAN_PMon Feb 15 1993News for FIERO fans and DIY commuters
2022.06RDGENG::RUSLINGTue Feb 16 1993Advice sought
2023.018SUBURB::PARTRIDGESTue Feb 16 1993Gee Pop what was that?
2024.010SAC::DRSD12::PATTISON_MTue Feb 16 1993Ignition problems on Escort
2025.0KERNEL::GORMANTTue Feb 16 1993Escorts 'Central Locking Probs'
2026.045KERNEL::LEYLANDSThu Feb 18 1993How can this be!(tax disc problems)
2027.061SUBURB::POWELLMFri Feb 19 1993 The Citroen XANTIA Topic.
2028.07LUVBOT::AYOU35::WARRENFri Feb 19 1993Anyone into rallying ....spectating,not partaking
2029.04CURRNT::GURRANFri Feb 19 1993Bonded Windscreen Repairs
2030.02UNTADH::STUBBSThu Feb 25 1993OSCA MT4 barchetta?
2031.0AYOU35::WARRENThu Feb 25 19931993 Scottish Burmah Rally Championships
2032.029EEMELI::HAUTALAFri Feb 26 1993New Peugeot 3
2033.023WLCSVMon Mar 01 1993Mini Wheelarches
2034.027SUBURB::VEALESThu Mar 04 1993PHH/Hertz/Car Fleet/Lease scheme
2036.02KRAKAR::WARWICKThu Mar 04 1993Changing Astra coolant
2038.036KERNEL::LEYLANDSMon Mar 08 1993Best kept secrets.(Car Fleet moans)
2039.07SUBURB::BENNETTWWed Mar 10 1993Metal for MIG welding?
2040.09SEDOAS::TOMLINSONThu Mar 11 1993New Renault Espace
2041.06VARDAF::CHURCHMon Mar 15 1993Oil consumption and rusty petrol can!
2042.015SUBURB::PARTRIDGESTue Mar 16 1993be safe!! carry some rubbers
2043.071WIZZER::WEGGTue Mar 16 1993Budget 1993
2044.01NEWOA::BAILEYSun Mar 21 1993rent-a-radio
2045.014WELCLU::OVERELLMon Mar 22 1993Something to think about...
2046.03PEKING::ATKINSATue Mar 23 1993Value for Money
2047.057CURRNT::CARSONTue Mar 23 1993Hot tin roof.
2048.046COMICS::MCSKEANEFri Mar 26 19931993 BTCC
2049.077FILTON::DOWN_JFri Mar 26 1993Driving on the right in Britain
2050.08UNTADH::DBRODIEMon Mar 29 1993Mitsubishi Eclipse
2051.01TRUCKS::BURYMon Mar 29 1993Company cars to go???
2052.010SUBURB::FRENCHSMon Mar 29 1993Bus lanes
2053.027CMOTEC::JASPERMon Mar 29 1993Motorways for the long-distance traveller
2057.06WOTVAX::HATTOSThu Apr 01 1993Pat on the back for Fleet
2059.010SIEVAX::WHEELWRIGHTFri Apr 02 1993Rover P4 fuel consumption
2060.07NEEPS::IRVINEFri Apr 02 1993NASCAR
2061.09AYOU35::WARRENMon Apr 05 1993GM Car Alarms
2062.052VIVIAN::G_COOMBERTue Apr 06 1993Le Mans 93
2063.02WOTVAX::MEAKINSWed Apr 07 1993Offset crash testing
2064.022BAHTAT::DODDThu Apr 08 1993Rover 62
2065.05HEAT::BOLDWed Apr 14 1993Taking a US made car to France
2066.021SUBURB::THOMASHMon Apr 19 1993Info on new Subaru?
2067.020DBOTMon Apr 19 1993WHAT CAR TO BUY?
2070.0AYOU35::WARRENMon Apr 19 1993Mobil 1/Top Gear Pirelli Rally
2073.012WOTVAX::DRAPERPWed Apr 21 1993scrapyards in northwest??
2074.01RPSTRY::MGA58::legerlotzThu Apr 22 1993British Motor Heritage
2075.07BAHTAT::HILTONTue Apr 27 1993Unable to drive car = tax rebate?
2077.0206KERNEL::SHELLEYRThu Apr 29 1993Bizarre reasons for being stopped by Police
2078.013SUBURB::ATKINSPThu Apr 29 1993Wanted, Family Car with No Travel Sickness
2079.07SEDSWS::BOOTHFri Apr 30 1993Damon Hill ??
2080.06BUSSTP::JHANNAHFri Apr 30 1993How to fix scratched metallic paint?
2081.020SHIPS::SHADBOLT_SFri May 07 1993Selling Cars Privately
2082.01BRUMMY::RICHARDSat May 15 1993Where to hire a Landrover or Landcruiser?
2083.029NEWOA::DALLISONMon May 17 1993New BMW Coupe Hot Hatch
2086.055KERNEL::SHELLEYRThu May 20 1993Road Safety and accidents
2087.07PEKING::GERRYTThu May 20 1993Pattern or 'Genuine' parts?
2088.015UTROP1::BOSMAN_PMon May 24 1993CVT is out there, now!
2089.06SHIPS::QIGONG::KOSKUBAMon May 24 1993Clamped in London!
2090.07IOSG::FREERWed May 26 1993Rolling Road Tune Up?
2091.0USCTR1::SHANDLERWed May 26 1993British-Cars mailing list
2092.073ROCKS::CAMPThu May 27 1993Tolls for Motorways.
2094.0945736::MACDONALDFri May 28 1993Start up after long a time
2095.011KERNEL::BARTHURTue Jun 08 1993Noisy differentials
2096.010LARVAE::HARVEYTue Jun 08 1993Turbo/Diesel and Automatics ?
2099.01955YUPPY::PATEMANThu Jun 10 19931994 F1 World Championship
2100.0603CHEFS::CURRIEIMon Jun 14 1993FY94 Car Scheme
2102.017NEWOA::CROME_ATue Jun 15 1993James Hunt dies from a heart attack
2103.010AYOU35::WARRENThu Jun 17 1993BTCC events
2106.032VESSA::GOSWELLRFri Jun 18 1993BANGERS
2107.012FILTON::PERKINS_SWed Jun 23 1993Contract Hire Cars!
2108.011LARVAE::BALDOCK_IThu Jun 24 1993fog lamps or spot lamps?
2109.071NEWOA::DALLISONSun Jun 27 1993Birds, Birds, Birds
2111.016NEWOA::DALLISONSun Jun 27 1993Hire car damage
2113.043BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLFri Jul 02 1993Make your mind up time ...
2115.024FAILTE::THOMSONSFri Jul 02 1993What cars would you have on the PCL
2116.09AYOU18::RDODDFri Jul 02 1993Did you say "Reliant Kitten" ??
2117.04IW::WARINGSun Jul 04 1993Nissan Silvia 1.8 Turbo?
2118.029RDGENG::OBRIENSFri Jul 09 1993Petrol Smells
2119.075WOTVAX::DORANASat Jul 10 1993The new Highway code....;^)
2120.086KERNEL::SHELLEYRMon Jul 19 1993FY94 lease quotes (discuss in #21
2121.013BONNET::HARDYWed Jul 21 1993UK car/van hire to take abroad
2122.0113CMBOOT::DELANYSWed Jul 21 1993Vauxhall specs and options
2123.054RDGENG::GOODWed Jul 21 1993Vauxhall Lease cheaper than DEC !!!!
2126.014FAILTE::THOMSONSFri Jul 30 1993ISUZU
2127.09STAR::BOIKOFri Jul 30 1993Sports Illustrated on MA in F1 - Very interesting!
2128.012FILTON::PERKINS_STue Aug 03 1993VW Beetle parts!
2129.069YUPPY::CARTERTue Aug 03 1993Visible detterent recommendations
2130.015LARVAE::IVES_JWed Aug 04 1993New car Scheme and the diesel motorist
2131.05SEDMTS::CLARKE_CTue Aug 10 1993Radio/Cassette Sound Controller
2134.023ROTHKO::AUSTINFri Aug 13 1993Vauxhall Car Hi-Fi Options
2135.018CHEFS::ARNOLDWed Aug 18 1993Vauxhall On-the Road Vouchers
2136.090BOOZER::BRACEYThu Aug 19 1993Air Conditioning
2137.03STAR::BOIKOThu Aug 19 1993Pointer to F1 images in GIF format...
2138.01DS31Thu Aug 19 1993Car Scheme financials.......
2140.081NEWOA::FIDO_TWed Aug 25 1993Spy In The Sky Speed Traps
2141.03MACNAS::GGARRETTThu Aug 26 1993CARweek
2142.023WIZDUM::DAVEWed Sep 01 1993Hitch Hiking
2143.016IOSG::JONESKThu Sep 02 1993Tax, Car Scheme, No Supplement
2144.08ARRODS::SMITHAThu Sep 02 1993Distances / Mileage from A to B
2145.0SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Sep 03 1993Call Safe
2146.05SHIPS::SAUNDERS_NFri Sep 03 1993National Breakdown number please...
2147.07COMICS::BEDDALLTue Sep 07 1993Carlton Diesels?
2148.013EBYGUM::WHITTLEIMon Sep 13 1993A true insurance professional???
2149.010FUTURS::LONGWY::LEWISThu Sep 16 1993Govt lunacy
2150.06KIRKTN::DRANKINSat Sep 18 1993ASTRA BELMONT (Any Info)
2151.0145GEMGRP::PW::WinalskiSat Sep 18 1993IndyCar Racing 1994
2152.03GIDDAY::OMELEYSun Sep 19 1993Australian Rally. Not all happy news...
2153.022CLADA::JSMYTHTue Sep 21 1993Aeroquip hoses for brakes on BMW 325i
2154.03AYOV16::LBARRIEWed Sep 22 1993Santa Pod info required.
2155.02UFHIS::GVIPONDMon Sep 27 1993Getting back into UK with no MOT & Road Tax\
2156.014DPERTue Sep 28 1993UK race tracks
2157.07BERNFri Oct 01 1993Racing Schools?
2158.010MARVIN::HOLMESMon Oct 04 1993 Need to fix a Citroen diesel problem - help requested
2159.0ROCKS::YOUNGThu Oct 07 1993Did you witness...
2160.09JURA::JURA::KEHILYMon Oct 11 1993Nissan Terrano II /Ford Maverick
2161.05DGMTTue Oct 12 1993Is relocation mileage business mileage for tax purposes
2162.042KERNEL::PATELATue Oct 12 1993Ex-lease cars wanted/available
2164.011LARVAE::DRSD27::GALVINWed Oct 13 1993FYI: A33 roadworks and dual-carriageway ( basingstoke to reading )
2166.03HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGMon Oct 18 1993BMW 732 question
2167.05BELFST::R_DOHERTYTue Oct 19 1993Insurance cover for test drives
2168.03AMCSAD::SCHWARTZMon Oct 25 1993Autolok Security Device Problem
2169.014ETGHUB::ICALDWELLThu Oct 28 1993The Triumph Spitfire Notes File
2170.05ARRODS::SMITHAMon Nov 01 1993Tortoise and the Hare
2171.09MKTING::WILSONMon Nov 01 1993Quality.....VW Golf certainly ain't!
2172.010WELLIN::GRAHAMThu Nov 04 1993Seat belt questions
2173.022KERNEL::LLOYDAFri Nov 05 1993Cavalier scheme Dilemma
2174.01ROCKS::BUDDTue Nov 09 1993Boot liners
2175.021FAILTE::THOMSONSTue Nov 09 1993Funny Colour
2176.07FAILTE::THOMSONSThu Nov 11 1993Vauxhall slow to supply
2177.024WOTVAX::BROWNRTue Nov 16 1993Buying a clapped out old banger
2178.072LEMAN::CHEVAUXMon Nov 22 1993World Rally Championship 1994
2180.042PEKING::GERRYTTue Nov 23 1993Back-pain due to poor seating-suggestions?
2181.044RAYON::CONNORRFri Nov 26 1993New wiper blades
2182.037LEMAN::CHEVAUXMon Nov 29 1993
2185.07COMICS::FISCHERTue Nov 30 1993Budget '93 again
2186.013METSYS::GILROYThu Dec 02 1993roof-boxes
2188.01CLARID::STUARTMon Dec 06 1993Suzuki - questions about the top.
2189.04COMICS::SHELLEYTue Dec 07 1993Why is it so quiet ?
2191.011VARDAF::CHURCHMon Dec 13 1993Mondeo Clipper/estate comparison to...
2192.06LEMAN::CHEVAUXTue Dec 14 1993new Renault 21
2193.025DGMTTue Dec 14 1993What is the TRUE value of Air Miles/Tiger Tokens?
2194.0146PEKING::ATKINSAThu Dec 16 1993The new Vauxhall OMEGA.
2196.04WARNUT::ALLENThu Dec 16 1993TV / satellite listings anyone?
2197.012TROFS::M_NAKAGAWASun Dec 26 1993NEW SAAB 9
2198.06NYTPTue Dec 28 1993Nickle-Bronze welding rod?
2199.03HLRGMon Jan 03 1994New shape Ibiza
2200.014CMOTEC::HARWOODJTue Jan 04 1994Car washes and Aerials
2201.012COMICS::FISCHERTue Jan 04 1994Relief cars out of hours
2202.04KIRKTN::MFORRESTMon Jan 10 1994Exhaust Manufacturer Needed.
2203.07CHEFS::CURRIEIWed Jan 12 1994Detergent In Diesel?
2204.08ESSB::DOODYThu Jan 13 1994Help wanted re CAR Stereo run off the MAINS
2205.030BAHTAT::EATON_NFri Jan 14 1994The Moral Maze
2206.020FUTURS::SAXBYMon Jan 17 1994Where are they now?
2207.012PEKING::GERRYTWed Jan 19 1994VW Passat
2208.013KIRKTN::DALEXANDERWed Jan 19 1994Help!!Problem with gears..
2209.053--UnknownUser--Sun Jan 23 1994Vauxhall Tigra
2210.0WOTVAX::LIVINGSTONEPMon Jan 24 1994Stolen Car help?
2211.013LARVAE::BRIGGS_RMon Jan 24 1994Buy ex fleet cars?
2212.09ROCKS::BUDDTue Jan 25 1994Euro breakdown insurance/Lease cars
2213.020NMSVCS::BARRYWed Jan 26 1994Costing me a fortune
2214.068LEMAN::CHEVAUXWed Jan 26 1994Electric Car/Vehicle
2216.059PEKING::GERRYTMon Jan 31 1994ROVER TO BMW!?
2217.029BRUMMY::BRACEYThu Feb 03 1994New 16v vauxhall engine???
2218.04BELFST::MCKEEFri Feb 04 1994Info on BMW turbo diesel.
2219.05SUBURB::FIXEDASSETSFri Feb 04 19942 Days insurance abroad
2220.01AYOV11::ATODMANWed Feb 09 1994FORD DROP "XR" RANGE
2221.06LARVAE::BRIGGS_RWed Feb 09 1994Volvo 3
2222.011LEMAN::CHEVAUXWed Feb 09 1994Peugeot-Fiat Monospace Car
2223.018COMICS::SHELLEYWed Feb 09 1994CARS_UK needs a new home
2224.03UKARC1::CHAMBERLINFri Feb 11 1994Vauxhall list prices up!
2225.04BONNET::HARDYFri Feb 11 1994Garage scam on tv
2226.02MUGGER::LIVINGSTONEMon Feb 21 1994SRi discontinued in CAR scheme
2228.039BONNET::HARDYTue Feb 22 1994Brakes sometimes don't work
2229.013DGMTTue Feb 22 1994Post Cheap Ferry Channel Crossing Offers here
2230.032BLKPUD::WILLIAMSHWed Feb 23 1994Winter driving tips
2232.051WOTVAX::HATTOSFri Mar 04 1994Its official Petrol is cleaner than Diesel!
2234.02BONNET::HARDYMon Mar 07 1994travel to San Marino GP
2235.02DV78Tue Mar 08 1994Mercedes 5
2236.03WOTVAX::PCWed Mar 09 1994Autoroute anyone?
2237.01ESSB::JMURPHYMon Mar 14 1994Corolla or Civic
2238.024WARNUT::ALLENMon Mar 14 1994GT RACING
2239.026MUGGER::LIVINGSTONETue Mar 15 1994Insure the Insurance!
2240.065KERNEL::HANNANSWed Mar 16 1994Cd players revisited..
2241.0153PEKING::ATKINSAFri Mar 18 1994Fantasy Formula 1
2242.032COMICS::SHELLEYMon Mar 21 1994GM Visa/mastercard
2243.04YOUWOT::BLACKMon Mar 21 1994Discounted tyres?
2244.07BRUMMY::BRACEYMon Mar 28 1994Roof rack incompatible!!
2245.02LEMAN::EMADWed Mar 30 1994Waterproof a soft top ?
2246.041MOEUR7::NAYLORFri Apr 01 1994Astra GTE
2247.04LEMAN::CHEVAUXTue Apr 05 1994New Cobra Daytona
2248.08AIRONE::MEZZANOWed Apr 06 19941994 BTCC
2249.019VIVIAN::D_VISTUERMon Apr 11 1994Rover 8
2250.047BACHUS::RENTYThu Apr 14 1994ABS : shorter or longer stopping distance ?
2251.03XSTACY::DOODYThu Apr 14 1994Ford Escort XR3i Steering/Suspension Vibration Problem -- Help Please
2252.040ESSB::JMURPHYThu Apr 14 1994Rover engines
2253.09COMICS::WEGGThu Apr 14 1994Autojumbles
2254.01KERNEL::HANNANSTue Apr 19 1994Car wanted.
2255.01NEWOA::SAVILLE_JThu Apr 21 1994Alfa specialist required
2256.06XSTACY::DOODYFri Apr 22 1994Help wanted with oil pressure capilliary pipe
2257.09BLKPUD::ROWEMWed Apr 27 1994Virtual Formula One?
2258.030--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 29 1994Renault Laguna
2259.06VARDAF::CHURCHWed May 04 1994Just how much are you expected to put up with?
2260.019LARVAE::SMITH_JONWed May 04 1994Vauxhall Parts Supply Problems
2261.021CHEFS::PARRYDThu May 05 1994Young driver insurance
2262.011TASTY::JEFFERYWed May 18 1994Government Car Safety Handbook
2263.08FILTON::KING_MWed May 18 1994Ford Mondeo hot-air bag.
2264.08ESSB::DOODYMon May 23 1994SU twin Carbs Flooding- Help Wanted
2265.03IOSG::JONESKTue May 24 1994Hire-Purchase (HP) questions & comments
2266.070--UnknownUser--Mon May 30 1994Put the foot down !!
2268.06WELCLU::63854::lewisTue Jun 07 1994The HONDA ACCORD topic
2269.058MOEUR5::SMITH_MWed Jun 08 1994Rear-window Brake Lights.
2270.03ESSB::DOODYThu Jun 09 1994Leaking gearbox on AH Sprite
2271.032ERMTRD::BURKEFri Jun 10 1994Land speed record
2272.09WOTVAX::HARDYPMon Jun 13 1994golf scirocco gearbox reversing lights
2273.015YUPPY::TILLINGSWed Jun 15 1994LE Mans Anyone?
2274.038PLUNDR::GIBSONMon Jun 20 1994Opting out experiences
2275.023WELCLU::CLIFTONFri Jun 24 1994Cavalier CDX ?
2276.0176ESBSFri Jul 01 19941995 F1 (See also VANGA::F1)
2277.012WOTVAX::HARDYPWed Jul 06 1994Golf, scirocco GTI water problem
2278.025PAKORA::GMCKEEThu Jul 07 1994What Family Car ???
2280.08FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Jul 13 1994motorhome prices?
2281.0BONNET::NIMMOWed Jul 13 1994Help needed with MG Maestro problem....
2282.032LEMAN::CHEVAUXThu Jul 14 1994Test drive a Formula 1 ?
2284.036PGREEN::RICHARDSWed Jul 20 1994Strange Road Markings
2285.048PAKORA::JROSSWed Jul 20 1994Fiat Punto ?
2286.05SUBURB::FIXEDASSETSFri Jul 29 1994Engine clicks on radio.
2287.04MASALA::BHAILEFri Jul 29 1994Suzuki Sj's Anybody got one?
2288.0564YUPPY::CARTERMon Aug 01 1994Car Scheme (quotes in 229
2289.024ROCKS::ARCHERGMon Aug 01 1994Nova help needed!!
2290.0133WELSWS::HEDLEYMon Aug 08 1994*Quotes Only* (pls discuss in 2288)
2291.013LEMAN::CHEVAUXTue Aug 02 1994F3
2292.019MUGGER::LIVINGSTONEThu Aug 04 1994Cavalier SRi
2295.020REPAIR::TRIMMINGSMon Aug 08 1994Formula 1 Die-cast/Plastic Models.
2296.05FORTY2::HOWELLMon Aug 08 19944-wheel alignment
2297.06GVAWed Aug 10 1994BMW 18
2298.04BLKPUD::WARNESGWed Aug 10 1994Signwritten Cars ?
2299.02NEWOA::UWINSTue Aug 16 1994New Car Sale and Return Deals
2300.02LARVAE::DARRALL_DTue Aug 16 1994Motor House
2301.016KERNEL::MUIRSat Aug 20 1994Trouble with Clarion
2302.07FILTON::BAILEYMon Aug 22 1994RUST <> WAXOIL
2303.08CSC32::R_SWANSONTue Aug 23 1994Need some rallye suggestions please...
2304.012STARCH::HAGERMANWed Aug 24 1994observed trials
2305.031ESSB::DOODYMon Aug 29 1994Help wanted with spluttering Sprite
2306.01ATYISA::ROGGEBANDMon Aug 29 1994Toyota Previa GL
2307.026SUBURB::GROOMNTue Aug 30 1994Green Cards ?
2308.05FUTURS::JENKINSTue Sep 06 1994The last SU carb...
2309.05FORTY2::SHARPEWed Sep 07 1994Ignition problems with CAVALIER SRi
2310.021AIMTEC::BURDEN_DWed Sep 07 1994Cars and racing on the Internet - WWW
2311.014FORTY2::SHARPEThu Sep 15 1994Survey of RAC and AA response times?????
2312.06FILTON::PACK_JFri Sep 16 1994"Say cheese"
2313.0157SUBURB::GINNJWed Sep 21 1994Volvo drivers
2315.024CHEFS::OSBORNECThu Sep 22 1994Lancia Dedra
2316.020LARVAE::TILLING_SFri Sep 23 1994tolease or notolease....
2317.03WARNUT::ALLENThu Sep 29 1994BATHURST, The BIG one
2318.09WOTVAX::LIVINGSTONEMThu Sep 29 1994Trip Computer
2319.07NETRIX::"@BSO"Mon Oct 03 1994Smoke after steep downhills??
2320.04GRUMBL::keaneThu Oct 06 1994Local motor sport clubs?
2321.01LEMAN::CHEVAUXThu Oct 06 1994Future F1 stars
2322.026WELSWS::HEDLEYFri Oct 07 1994Emergency Services Vehicles
2324.04LEMAN::CHEVAUXFri Oct 07 1994BPR 95 championship
2325.01ZPOVC::SEOWHURNMon Oct 10 1994Camber/castor adjustable for Audi 8
2326.02ESSB::DOODYMon Oct 10 1994LADA vs Fiat 124 Parts Interchange
2327.010VARDAF::CHURCHTue Oct 11 1994How accurate is the petrol tank capacity?
2328.012RDGENG::CLAYTONWed Oct 12 1994escort with hot starting problem
2329.015WELCLU::CLIFTONWed Oct 12 1994Cavalier TD engine running cool
2330.016RDGENG::NR75Wed Oct 19 1994Toyota Celica
2331.015FORTY2::HOWELLMon Oct 24 19941994 NEC Motor Show
2332.04CRASHR::JILLYTue Oct 25 1994Formula Ford Festival 1994
2333.0SIOG::LOWEFri Oct 28 1994Sunbeam Tiger
2334.03MDSTue Nov 01 1994Seeking Karting publication
2335.029OPCO::TSG_BHLMon Nov 07 1994The MGB from hell/Wheels/tyre advice plse
2337.044AYOV25::SMOOREThu Nov 10 1994MAX POWER
2338.02MKTING::WILSONMon Nov 14 1994Audi Quattro starting problem
2340.053FORTY2::HOWELLWed Nov 16 1994Wheel / Tyre size combinations
2345.028AIMHI::REYNOLDSThu Nov 17 1994tax/insurance help
2346.018YUPPY::SACKMANJFri Nov 18 1994Wonderful 1.6 16v engine!?
2347.0GVAMon Nov 21 1994Car factory numbers ?
2350.01IOSG::STANDAGESat Dec 03 1994Car prices in France, can anyone help ?
2351.012BRUMMY::MARTIN::BELLMon Dec 05 1994Budget '94
2352.0202LARVAE::TCCSWed Dec 07 1994Vauxhall Vectra
2353.048FORTY2::HOWELLMon Dec 12 1994Ignition Problems
2354.02PIECES::ALCOR::RUSLINGTue Dec 20 1994Drinking and driving at Christmas
2355.010ZPOVC::SEOWHURNTue Jan 03 1995Any opinions on the BMW 316i Compact ??
2356.04PEKING::GERRYTFri Jan 06 1995Stalling VW?
2358.0SNOFS1::GREENANAMon Jan 09 19959
2360.03BELFST::G_DOWNEYWed Jan 11 1995Ronal alloys?
2361.08MKTING::WILSONThu Jan 12 1995Audi's ABS faulty....any ideas?
2362.06BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jan 13 1995Mobile phones with Vauxhall cars
2363.024FAILTE::THOMSONSTue Jan 17 1995Leaseplan
2366.056LEMAN::CHEVAUXFri Jan 20 1995World Rally Championship 1995
2368.07KERNEL::SMITHMon Jan 23 1995computerised navigational aids ?
2369.023MKTING::WILSONThu Jan 26 1995Your most UNRELIABLE car?
2371.087IOSG::STANDAGETue Jan 31 1995Le Mans 1995
2373.04KERNEL::SMITHERSJTue Feb 07 1995Fiesta Si
2374.015LEMAN::CHEVAUXWed Feb 08 1995Audi A4 1.8T
2375.028FAILTE::ADAMSMon Feb 20 1995Increased quote prices / why ?
2376.04AIMTEC::BURDEN_DMon Feb 20 1995The (W.O.) Bentley topic
2377.019COMICS::SHELLEYFri Feb 24 1995Vauxhall Recall
2378.011KIRKTN::DGOWANSSat Feb 25 1995Mondeo Si....good choice?
2381.040COMICS::SHELLEYTue Feb 28 1995CARS_UK picture gallery VANGA::VANGA$ARCHIVE:[CARPIX]
2382.023BAHTAT::HILTONWed Mar 01 1995Steering Wheel Locks
2383.056LEMAN::SIMPSONWed Mar 01 1995channel Tunnel
2384.038LEMAN::CHEVAUXThu Mar 02 1995
2387.028BLKPUD::WARNESGThu Mar 09 1995Views on Astra Sport 1.8I 16V ?
2388.021SEDSWS::MCCUTCHONThu Mar 09 1995Traffic Lights on Roundabouts
2389.016KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLThu Mar 16 1995FIAT barchetta
2390.011QUICHE::PITTFri Mar 17 1995Comparative company car costs ...
2391.013NOVA::SONDEYTue Mar 21 1995Super 7 transmission question
2392.076TOMMII::RDAVIESThu Mar 23 1995To the lady in Winnersh with the Red fiesta, on the A4 at theale this morning
2395.025EEMELI::HAUTALATue Mar 28 1995fuel prices today?
2397.010HERON::NANNIK::Robb_GWed Mar 29 1995Rover 111 (old metro)
2402.06SAC::KERRISON_GFri Apr 07 1995octane? What octane?
2403.07CHEFS::NAYLORGWed Apr 26 1995Sandblasting/Stove enamelling specialists
2404.01LARVAE::BRIGGS_RFri Apr 28 1995AA 5 Star v Mondial?
2405.032CURRNT::POWELLTue May 02 1995Better bet? Micra or 2
2406.065JURA::OGGELMon May 08 1995V6 <-> 6 in-line engine behavior question
2407.012CMOTEC::HARWOODJTue May 09 1995Heating problems in a Volvo
2408.010KERNEL::PRICEPTue May 09 1995rover sd1 2.
2409.021KAOFS::M_NAKAGAWATue May 09 1995Running without air filters
2410.0140CHEFS::GEORGEMMon May 22 1995Registration plates/numbers (for list see .129)
2411.011CHEFS::UKFURNITUREWed May 24 1995Austin Maxi info required!
2412.09CHEFS::CARTERCWed May 24 1995Car brokers
2413.017COMICS::SUMNERCThu May 25 1995Fluffy Dice, are they legal ?
2414.021FAILTE::THOMSONSWed May 31 1995Bad Taste Topic
2415.05KIRKTN::DGOWANSThu Jun 01 1995Who are they?
2416.014QUICHE::PITTFri Jun 02 1995Conspiracy on petrol prices?
2417.076BLKPUD::STOCKMANSTue Jun 06 1995Calibra DTM.
2418.0135--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 12 1995Ugly cars...blame the Americans
2419.010BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jun 13 1995sideways/crab cars
2420.026CBHVAX::CBHWed Jun 14 1995CARS_UK Hall of Fame
2421.012KIRKTN::DGOWANSSat Jun 17 1995VW Corrado
2422.07SAC::KERRISON_GThu Jun 22 1995boot rack availability?
2423.08WARFUT::PATTERSONFri Jun 23 1995The new tax laws for leasing companies.
2424.03COMICS::SHELLEYTue Jun 27 1995Goodwood Festival of Speed
2425.0353COMICS::SHELLEYThu Jun 29 1995Road Rage
2426.08REOSVFri Jun 30 1995How do you say 'sorry'? DO you?
2427.05IOSG::MITCHELLEWed Jul 05 1995Third Party Only Insurance
2428.020ELIS::HIRDThu Jul 06 19951995 BTCC
2429.014COMICS::SUMNERCFri Jul 07 1995Speed Traps
2430.012CHEFS::GROOMNTue Jul 25 1995Insurance claiming
2431.08LARVAE::MADELEY_TWed Jul 26 1995Rebuilding and selling write-offs
2432.04CSC32::R_SWANSONWed Jul 26 1995Need ideas for event at a car club picnic
2434.05YUPPY::RAVENMon Jul 31 1995CAR Servicing from DEC-PARK
2435.02SAC::KERRISON_GTue Aug 01 1995SplitFire Spark Plugs?
2436.03MUGGER::HUGHESSTue Aug 01 1995CV joints
2437.023MUGGER::LIVINGSTONEMon Aug 07 1995SRi(8V) lower rated tyres?
2438.010COMICS::SHELLEYTue Aug 08 1995Daewoo - Nexia, Espero
2439.0ERMTRD::CLIFFEWed Aug 09 19951995 Earls Court Motor Show
2440.04WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSWed Aug 09 1995Cavalier availability / Vectra launch
2441.02CHEFS::JONESS1Wed Aug 09 1995New Mazda 323
2442.015IOSG::MITCHELLETue Aug 15 1995Motorways v A/B roads
2443.025WELCLU::STANDERFri Aug 18 1995Is it worth opting out now??
2444.03SXKITN::DAWThu Aug 24 1995Address for Mazda Corporate ?
2445.06WELCLU::STANDERFri Aug 25 1995V6 SUZUKI Vitara
2446.010OZROCK::HENNEKELERMon Aug 28 1995Glowing 8
2447.04FORTY2::DAVIESMon Sep 04 1995Engine Size and High Mileage
2448.07ENQUE::MCGOWANTue Sep 05 1995Car Care Q&A
2449.025BRUMMY::HATTONMFri Sep 08 1995What has happened to Vanga::F1
2450.01REQUE::MCGOWANMon Sep 11 1995Fuel Questions
2451.013CHEFS::ALLANTue Sep 12 1995Clutch with a 'click'
2452.01IOSG::MITCHELLEMon Sep 18 1995Marshalls wanted
2453.01KERNEL::BARNARDPWed Sep 20 1995Buying a car in Europe
2454.019YUPPY::RAVENFri Sep 22 1995P.H.H. and M.O.T's/Lease Car MoT
2455.02729358::WEBBTue Sep 26 1995British Terminology - from the U.S.
2456.013COMICS::SHELLEYFri Sep 29 1995Kilometers rather than miles
2458.07PLAYER::BROWNLMon Oct 09 1995Peugeot 8
2459.017IOSG::MITCHELLEMon Oct 09 1995Tyre Recall
2460.02829358::WEBBMon Oct 09 1995U.S. Motoring Terminology
2461.020WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSWed Oct 11 19953 Cheers for LeasePlan
2463.024CHEFS::SMITH_TWed Oct 18 1995Stolen Roadwheels
2470.01229358::WEBBWed Nov 15 1995HYUNDAI Lantra
2471.02WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSFri Nov 17 1995Twilight Zone
2472.0744832::BARRIEMon Nov 20 1995Country codes
2474.074COMICS::WEGGTue Nov 28 1995Budget 1995
2475.07529358::WEBBWed Nov 29 1995'Bull Bars'????????
2476.02CHEFS::EDWARDS_JThu Nov 30 1995Lancia Thema ???
2477.029WOTVAX::stus.olo.dec.com::HATTOSFri Dec 01 1995Is the Leaseplan link live? (LPDIRECT)
2478.01049575::CHEVAUXTue Dec 05 1995World Rally Championship 1996
2479.07TRUCKS::PARTRIDGE_JMon Dec 11 1995Cold weather blues
2480.04COMICS::SHELLEYThu Dec 14 1995Car humour/jokes
2481.02644648::HAMILTONSMon Dec 18 1995Old number plate question !
2482.08WOTVAX::BARRETTRFri Jan 05 1996Fiat Bravo & Brava
2483.019CHEFS::JEPSON_AMon Jan 08 1996Ford Galaxy
2484.01143984::GAMIThu Jan 18 1996Dealer problems buying 2nd hand car
2485.01WOTVAX::NEARYMThu Jan 18 1996car quotes
2486.03244648::MCKAYRETue Jan 23 1996Charade fi
2487.013ARKIE::WEBBWed Jan 31 1996Old Car - New Stereo
2488.03CHEFS::BRIGGS_RMon Feb 05 1996Mitsubishi Spacewagon Review
2489.03HLFSWed Feb 07 1996Import a car?
2490.015CHEFS::LINCOLN_JThu Feb 08 1996All New Rover 2
2491.01CHEFS::GERRYTWed Feb 14 1996Diesel spills on clothes tips!?
2492.05CHEFS::MIDGLEYCThu Feb 15 1996Astra 2.
2493.040CHEFS::ABBOTT_KMon Feb 26 1996Driver Price to Purchase
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