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Conference newvax::sector7

Title:Sector 7 Tools: VMS to Unix
Created:Mon Mar 06 1995
Last Modified:Thu May 01 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:20
Total number of notes:78
Number with bodies:3
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1.0PKGSRV::MAYMon Mar 06 1995Introduction
2.05PKGSRV::MAYMon Mar 06 1995Sources & Documentation
3.010PKGSRV::MAYMon Mar 06 1995Introduce Yourself
4.01PKGSRV::MAYMon Mar 06 1995Training Notes & Pearls of Wisdom
5.02PKGSRV::MAYMon Mar 06 1995Service Delivery Tips
6.08CHOWDA::ORRMon Mar 13 1995Need marketing lit. for customers
7.03BLAZER::MIKELISMon Mar 13 1995OpenVMS emulation on Windows NT?
8.03NEWVAX::PAVLICEKSat Mar 18 1995Conference notifications
9.05NEWVAX::PAVLICEKTue Mar 21 1995Sector 7 Delivery CD
10.02USCTR1::POTTINGERMon Mar 27 1995Migration pricing for Uvax, 73
11.02GLDOA::HOLBELTue Mar 28 1995Migration Guide
12.0NEWVAX::PAVLICEKFri Apr 14 1995SEDT available
13.05ZIGLAR::PAVLICEKSat May 06 1995Are we ready to deliver this month?
14.04WMOIS::SKOWYRAFri Jun 09 1995Conversion from vms to osf??????
15.05SAVOYE::HUDELOTFri Jul 28 1995More tech Info about SECTOR7
16.01ADCATue Feb 13 1996Preprocessor For Converion From Cobol-S tol
17.0ADCAFri Feb 16 1996ibm/37
18.01TRUCKS::WINWOODTue Feb 20 1996ReTarGET??
19.0 *HOBBLE::MUSUMECIFri Apr 04 1997License info?
20.0 *+1USHSThu May 01 1997Digital UNIX Version Question?