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Conference nac::dsm_architecture

Title:Distributed Systems Management Arch.
Created:Thu Feb 20 1986
Last Modified:Mon Nov 12 1990
Last Successful Update:Fri Feb 14 1997
Number of topics:82
Total number of notes:329
Number with bodies:0
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2.02BEORN::GOLDFARBThu Feb 20 1986Welcome
3.01BEORN::GOLDFARBThu Feb 20 1986Topic directory
4.0BEORN::GOLDFARBThu Feb 20 1986How to get a new directory
5.0BEORN::GOLDFARBThu Feb 20 1986Model Task Force Charter
6.01BEORN::GOLDFARBThu Feb 20 1986Model Task Force Kickoff on
7.0BEORN::GOLDFARBThu Feb 20 1986Model Task Force 11-Feb-86
8.0BEORN::GOLDFARBThu Feb 20 1986Model Task Force 12-Feb-86
9.0BEORN::GOLDFARBThu Feb 20 1986Model Task Force 13-Feb-86
10.06BEORN::GOLDFARBThu Feb 20 1986Model Task Force 14-Feb-86
11.012BEORN::GOLDFARBThu Feb 20 1986Model Task Force 18-Feb-86
12.02OLORIN::GOLDFARBMon Feb 24 1986Model Task Force 21-Feb-86
14.02BEORN::GOLDFARBFri Feb 28 1986Model Task Force 26-Feb-86
15.09BEORN::GOLDFARBMon Mar 03 1986Model Task Force 28-Feb-86
16.02BEORN::GOLDFARBWed Mar 05 1986Model Task Force 4-Mar-86
17.0BEORN::GOLDFARBSun Mar 09 1986Model Task Force 7-Mar-86
18.04OLORIN::GOLDFARBThu Mar 13 1986Model Task Force 12-Mar-86
19.03OLORIN::SYLORMon Mar 17 1986Entity Model Nameing
20.0OLORIN::SYLORMon Mar 17 1986Common management agent
21.01BEORN::OBRIENTue Mar 18 1986Management Domains
22.0ENGGSG::GROLLMANWed Mar 19 1986Fault tolerant offering at NORDEN
23.0EXODUS::HARROWThu Mar 20 1986In Support Of This Effort...
24.06STAR::NAMOGLUMon Mar 24 1986How to choose your very own Grammar
25.014OLORIN::SEGERWed Mar 26 1986But can we ever build it?
26.0OLORIN::SYLORMon Apr 07 1986DSM Entity Model Issues
27.02OLORIN::SYLORMon Apr 07 1986Managment Partitions (DSME)
28.03OLORIN::SYLORMon Apr 07 1986Securtity (DSME)
29.011OLORIN::SYLORMon Apr 07 1986Use of RPC for Director/Agent Protocol
30.0EXODUS::HARROWTue Apr 08 1986An invitation to a related, and important Conference
31.0MARVIN::DIXONWed Apr 09 1986Problems with Connections
32.03MARVIN::DIXONWed Apr 09 1986Extensions to Entity-Model Naming
33.06OLORIN::SYLORThu Apr 10 1986More naming issues (DSME)
34.04OLORIN::SYLORThu Apr 10 1986Access Points (DSME)
35.01OLORIN::SYLORThu Apr 10 1986Collective Agents (DSME)
36.02OLORIN::SYLORThu Apr 10 1986Clarification needed (Entity)
37.0OLORIN::SYLORThu Apr 10 1986Down Line Load
38.01OLORIN::SYLORThu Apr 10 1986Event Recording
39.01OLORIN::SYLORThu Apr 10 1986Relationship with Name Server Arch
40.015OLORIN::SYLORThu Apr 10 1986Perm (non-volitile) Data Base
41.014OLORIN::SYLORMon Apr 14 1986Transactions, Concurrency Control and Recovery
42.0OLORIN::SYLORFri Apr 18 1986Minutes to Entity Task Force, 17-Apr-1986
43.01OLORIN::SYLORWed Apr 23 1986Minutes to 23-Apr Entity Model TF meeting
44.01OLORIN::GOLDFARBThu Apr 24 1986DSMD Model document ready for review
45.02OLORIN::SYLORThu Apr 24 1986Minutes of Entity Model Task Force, 24-Apr-1986
46.01OLORIN::SYLORWed Apr 30 1986Minutes 3
47.0OLORIN::SYLORWed Apr 30 1986Comments on Director from Bruce Mann
48.0OLORIN::SYLORThu May 01 1986Minutes 1-May Entity Model Task Force Meeting
49.0BEORN::GOLDFARBFri May 02 1986Director Model comments
50.0BEORN::SYLORMon May 12 1986Minutes of Entity Task Force 8-May
51.01KONING::KONINGTue May 27 1986dsm/ui minutes comments
52.0OLORIN::SYLORTue May 27 198614-May-1986 DSM/UI Task Force Minutes
53.0OLORIN::SYLORTue May 27 198619-May-1986 DSM/UI Task Force Minutes
54.0OLORIN::SYLORTue May 27 19862
55.0OLORIN::SYLORTue May 27 198622-May-1986 DSM/UI Task Force Minutes
56.0OLORIN::SYLORTue May 27 198623-May-1986 DSM/UI Task Force Minutes
57.03INFORM::ROSSThu May 29 1986DSM/UI 5/23
58.015OLORIN::SEGERTue Jun 03 1986"BILL" is not a reasonable command
59.01OLORIN::SYLORMon Jun 16 1986Minutes of Entity Task Force, 12-Jun-1986
60.0OLORIN::SYLORFri Jun 20 1986Minutes of 18/19-Jun Entity Task Force
61.08LYMPH::SEGERFri Jun 27 1986how will user's use MCC?
62.01LASSIE::CHAPMANFri Jun 27 1986Attribute "Groups"
63.015MARVIN::HARPERTue Jul 01 1986Entity-specific actions
64.07MARVIN::HARPERWed Jul 02 1986SHOW KNOWN CIRCUITS and things like it
65.016MARVIN::HARPERThu Jul 03 1986EVENTs in the brave new world
66.01MARVIN::HARPERThu Jul 03 1986Collective nouns
67.08MARVIN::HARPERThu Jul 03 1986Set-valued attributes
69.013LYMPH::SEGERMon Jul 07 1986Thoughts on proposed syntax
70.02LASSIE::CHAPMANTue Jul 29 1986DDIS vs. ASN.1
71.02OLORIN::SYLORMon Aug 11 1986Entity Model X1.2(C) Available for Review
72.0OLORIN::SYLORThu Aug 14 1986Guidelines for the Cookbook
73.0NAC::SYLORThu Jan 29 1987Management Definitions memo
74.03MARVIN::COBBThu Feb 05 1987Registry for module class names and codes
75.03NAC::SYLORMon Feb 09 1987Common Data Types out for comment
76.01NAC::SYLORFri Feb 13 1987Scripts vs. PDBs
77.01NAC::SYLORWed Feb 18 1987Counters and Statistics
78.01DECWET::GIRDLERMon Jun 08 1987Is this still active?
79.03EVOAI1::DUTERTREThu May 19 1988looking for methodology....
80.02PADIS1::DUTERTREFri Dec 16 1988Software dispatch on large network ...
81.02GYPSC::FORSTTue Jun 05 1990mgmt. of heterogen. networks