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Conference nac::dna

Title:Digital Network Architecture
Created:Tue Jun 17 1986
Last Modified:Fri May 10 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:298
Total number of notes:1727
Number with bodies:0
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1.016COVERT::COVERTTue Jun 17 1986Welcome
2.014APPLE::GASSMANWed Jun 18 1986Logical Link Accounting
3.028APPLE::GASSMANWed Jun 18 1986Security
4.05NETMAN::LONGWed Jun 18 1986Do we need a new language?
5.03GALLO::RASPUZZIWed Jun 18 1986When is phase V going to be on my system?
6.01RSTS32::HERBERTThu Jun 19 1986Compatibilty with "future" versions
7.057BEORN::MIERSWAThu Jun 19 1986CTERM is not complete
8.013BEORN::MIERSWAThu Jun 19 1986Unreliable controllers not considered in phase IV
9.09BEORN::MIERSWAThu Jun 19 1986Troubleshooting Issues
10.016NY1MM::SWEENEYFri Jun 20 1986Broadcast
11.01BISTRO::WLODEKFri Jun 20 1986Address them all !!!
12.016ECCGY1::JAERVINENWed Jun 25 1986Dynamic circuits
13.02BEORN::PERLMANThu Jun 26 1986Wondering what happened to infinite hello timer?
14.020MARVIN::HARPERFri Jun 27 1986Use of LaTeX for DNA specs
15.05EVER::MCVAYWed Jul 02 1986DECnet and Gateways
16.05NETMAN::LONGMon Jul 07 1986Architectural Groups
17.0107ROMWed Jul 09 1986traffic priorities, accounting
18.011CURIUM::MBROWNThu Jul 10 1986Multiple DECnet Interconnect
19.038BEORN::MITTONTue Jul 15 1986Flow Controlable Async Datalink?
20.011DELNI::GOLDSTEINWed Jul 16 1986Remote access terminal protocol?
21.0WATNEY::RYERFri Jul 18 1986What is link service threshold?
22.02ROMMon Jul 21 1986MS/DOS PC as a dedicated decnet router?
23.09LOTECH::BLOTCKYWed Jul 23 1986Non-discretionary Access Controls
24.08SETPRV::HALPINThu Jul 24 1986BI/QBUS High Speed Frustration
25.01JETSAM::OLEARYMon Jul 28 1986How to Get NI Protocol Type
26.08SEDSWS::KORMANThu Aug 07 1986LAT Conference/Specs please
27.08BEORN::MITTONFri Aug 08 1986DNA (tm) Network Development Corp
28.011LASSIE::PETTENGILLFri Aug 29 1986Please explain 8
29.06CEOFri Sep 19 1986DAP Fuctional Spec -- does it exist ?
30.04DYO78Mon Sep 22 1986DECnet Phase IV+ "When?"
31.0BRAT::GIRARDGMon Sep 29 1986Sponsor for NAC Training Course Wanted
32.025PANIC::GAYTue Oct 21 1986Protocol Types Available to Users
33.04VINO::KKLEINERTue Nov 18 1986event entity type in netman spec
34.05STUSWS::HARDTTue Nov 25 1986DNA presentation kit.
35.011SMAUG::THOMPSONTue Nov 25 1986Source Routing Prevails?
36.06SKYLRK::ENDTERMon Dec 08 1986SUN networking using DNA?
37.09AKOVWed Dec 10 1986decnet over 2 satellite hops
38.06UTRWed Dec 17 1986decnet with lot of pc's
39.020DEBET::GOLDSTEINMon Dec 29 1986Can non-DEC DECnet nodes clobber a network?
40.01NETMAN::LONGWed Jan 07 1987Where are the 5(B) inputs?
43.0NAC::MITTONWed Mar 11 1987DAP Notes Conference
44.02BOEHM::SEGERFri Mar 13 1987connecting to multiple networks simultaneously
45.02USWAV1::ADAMTue Mar 24 1987DECSERVER 2
46.04MARVIN::PALKAThu Mar 26 1987Does anyone use Software ID ?
47.01BLGMon Apr 06 1987SNA versus DNA
48.022MDVAX3::HECKERThu Apr 09 1987Possible to join 2 nets?
49.04VINO::KKLEINERMon Apr 13 1987Phase II transport spec sought
50.04TAVMon Apr 27 1987Cluster alias - How does it work?
51.03NYSBU::DARCYWed May 06 1987X.4
52.03NYSBU::DARCYWed May 06 1987X.25 as a substitute for PAD's??
53.01OBLIO::BERGFri May 08 1987FAL
54.014AUNTB::ROSSMITue May 12 1987Continental Net ?
55.04AUNTB::ROSSMIFri May 15 1987Security via Call-back bridges
56.036DECWET::WICKHAMMon Jun 22 1987datagrams for decnet
57.013HYDRA::BALLFri Jun 26 1987Mop Specs...
58.04THEBAY::JENNINGSTue Jul 07 1987multi-drop that isnt?
59.06PANIC::JASPERMon Jul 13 1987Upper layer architectures
60.022JANUS::PALKAThu Jul 16 1987MOP Ethernet counters
61.08MDVAX3::HECKERThu Jul 30 1987Curiosity about Aloha
62.02TAVMon Aug 03 1987Session Control or NSP ?
63.01MDKCSW::SUMMERSTue Aug 04 1987DNA Spec available to non-dec types?
64.04MDVAX3::HECKERWed Aug 12 1987channel vs. address translation
65.01TONTO::KAYCEETue Sep 01 1987Data Type for MOP loopback message??
66.04BLGMon Sep 28 1987help with DDCMP
67.02SNO78C::WGONGT61Mon Sep 28 1987Phase 5 / Phase 3 compatability
68.012BONNET::CHEVAUXTue Sep 29 1987another way to use satellites (VSAT)
69.03TOOK::MICHAUDMon Oct 05 1987Force an immediate adjacency down
70.02TOOK::MICHAUDTue Oct 06 1987Detection of an NSP Violating the Protocol
71.03ROMThu Oct 29 19878
72.02VANISH::SPOONERFri Oct 30 1987DNA specs - location ?
73.02BORNES::HOLDGATETue Nov 10 1987Level 2 - level 3 interface.
74.011AUNTB::BIRMINGHAMWed Nov 11 1987Routing Gateway ?
75.011ENUF::GASSMANThu Dec 03 1987DECnet in a TCP/IP world
76.03HERON::PERLMUTTERFri Dec 04 1987path splitting
78.03BISTRO::WLODEKFri Dec 04 1987IV+ , still extra hops on NI.
79.024MDRA2::DAVIDMon Dec 14 1987DECNET over VSAT ?
81.019SMAUG::SODDERMon Jan 04 1988NSP Flow control and FCOPT=
82.01SNOCWed Jan 13 1988Priority Document?
83.02CANOE::SHARPThu Jan 21 1988NetMan reference sought
84.016AUDIO::MCGREALFri Jan 22 1988node name length
85.03STKHLM::TORGNYMon Feb 15 1988Approved DNA IV+...
86.012REGENT::AUGERIFri Feb 19 1988Need boot restriction references
87.01VANISH::WOODMon Feb 22 1988Is XLII for public consumption?
88.01MEIJE::WEBERMon Feb 29 1988MICE specifications ?
89.02WARMTH::CHEETHAMMon Mar 07 1988Protocol spec on net?
90.020TWEED::REINKEThu Mar 10 1988data integrity on large file transfers
91.0VIDEO::LEICHTERJSat Mar 12 1988Really Intense Ethernet Use
92.02NZOVThu Mar 17 1988MultiVendor Network
93.08BORNES::PETRICOLAWed Mar 30 198816-bit CRC and 32-bit CRC
94.01UHURU::LAMBERTWed Mar 30 1988RPC info needed
95.01OPHION::JOHNSSONThu Mar 31 1988Status of Mail-11?
96.01MEO78B::BARRONWed Apr 13 1988Protocol/functional specifications moved?
97.01WARMTH::CHEETHAMThu Apr 14 1988Routing Message Question
98.0ERLANG::NADKARNIWed Apr 20 1988Portable ISO TP4 available
99.030BISTRO::WLODEKFri Apr 22 1988In memory corruptions...
100.07DAVE::MITTONMon Apr 25 1988Network General "Sniffer" Network Analyzer
101.01DRFIX::PARISEAUTue May 03 1988MOP counters problem
102.01045645::WOODWed May 04 19882 nodes with the same address?
103.03HERON::PERLMUTTERTue May 10 1988debet ucode=les?
104.03ZPOVWed May 11 1988DNA vs HP ADVANCE NET ?
105.03VANISH::WOODThu May 12 1988NSP reason
106.07DRFIX::PARISEAUWed May 18 1988MOP counters with 8
107.04USATTue May 24 1988Ethernet packet/Group codes
108.016STAR::MANNWed May 25 1988Routers overloaded listening to end node hellos
109.02BISTRO::WLODEKWed Jun 01 1988Phase ++++ network management version.
110.03NYSBU::VITALEMon Jun 06 1988Phase V DNA doc?
111.03TOOK::MICHAUDWed Jun 29 1988Force software ID in MOP load request
112.07NSSG::SULLIVANTue Jul 05 1988Automatic Node Number Assignment
113.03OTOUWed Jul 06 1988Phase V & PDP11's
114.03MEIJE::WEBERThu Jul 07 1988invoke ids management examples
115.03NAC::E_JESURAJThu Jul 07 1988Retransmit or not
116.07TEASE::NAUGLEThu Jul 14 1988Digital and FDDI (need latest info)
117.03KYOA::MENNERTue Aug 09 1988Response to Assistance?
118.010TRCAFri Aug 19 1988LOOP NODE <testname> questions
119.08WIDGIT::CALDRELLOTue Aug 23 1988XDR and NFS Standards
120.04BMT::BERLINGOSat Aug 27 1988Current loop converter with addressing
121.02ULTRA::HUTue Sep 13 1988DECnet FEP?
122.05KYOA::MENNERFri Sep 16 1988Resp to MOP DUMP COMPLETE?
123.05GIDDAY::KAPTEYNWed Sep 21 1988what does LOOP EXEC do ??
124.06THRUST::WILLCOXWed Sep 21 1988packet identifier initialization
125.09XANADU::CAMPBELLFri Sep 23 1988NICE return message format???
126.01THRUST::WILLCOXFri Oct 07 1988Suggestions please
127.05BISTRO::WLODEKFri Oct 21 1988Power fail recovery of Phase V node.
128.03PARVAX::KRIERTue Nov 08 1988Standards anyone? -Need Help
129.04BISTRO::ERBESThu Nov 17 1988Some fugures for DECnet phase IV and V needed
130.03ACTTWO::KERBERThu Dec 01 1988How can I get info on VAX NTR?
131.02ENUF::GASSMANThu Dec 01 1988Third party DECnet Phase V
132.02UTRUST::SNEIJERSMon Dec 05 1988MAX Hop questions
133.01THRUST::WILLCOXMon Dec 05 1988Multicasting
134.01AIAG::CHIANGWed Dec 07 1988DEC router spec ?
135.03SNDCSL::SMITHMon Dec 12 1988ENET cost values changing?
136.01VISA::COWBURNMon Dec 19 1988Unattached areas
137.02THRUST::WILLCOXThu Dec 22 1988SNAP user data len
138.03ZPOVTue Jan 03 1989VMS 5 DECnet PAK ?
139.01THRUST::WILLCOXMon Jan 09 1989SNAP xid/test response
140.03LANDO::RSCHMIDTThu Jan 19 1989Can console use MOP?
141.01OTOOSat Jan 21 1989networking connect problem???
142.01NCPROG::KOWALSKIWed Jan 25 1989Third party DNA implementations
145.014VISA::COWBURNThu Feb 09 1989Intra-LAN bit
146.03SCCAT::JONESFri Feb 10 1989CTERM "parameter 4" decode?
147.0HILLST::KOPECTue Feb 14 1989Phase IV/IV+ functional specs - order #s please...
148.02BISTRO::WLODEKTue Feb 28 1989MOP backoff and retransmission.
149.05CSSAUS::LAUMon Mar 06 1989Retransmit timer for point-to-point DDCMP
150.0DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Mar 07 1989Customer buy DECnet Sources?
151.03STAR::BECKThu Mar 16 1989When is a DNA network not a DNA network?
152.0VISA::COWBURNFri Mar 17 1989Filtering L1 multicasts
153.01--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 22 1989Students Needed for Sample Teach on DNS
154.03ISTG::CORAKMon Apr 03 1989Looking for info on Network Configuration
156.01JEREMY::MAUROSun Apr 16 1989SPECS, anyways
157.03STKHLM::AFORSBERGTue Apr 18 1989CTERM spec. available to customers ?
158.01BISTRO::WLODEKTue May 02 1989System dependent management of servers' resources.
159.06HOCUS::MORGASENFri May 05 1989Broadcast Data with FEC
160.03CCIIS1::SZMULEWICZFri May 19 1989OSI presentation interface
161.0OSAVWed May 24 1989DDCMP for i68
162.03KINRYU::JENNINGSThu May 25 1989Adding Psuedo circuits/line for net MGMT?
163.01AKOV12::PERLMUTTERWed May 31 1989nodal processors
164.01PAXVAX::WILLCOXFri Jun 16 1989Pascal CRC code
165.07MSDSWS::LOVEWed Jun 21 1989Optional padding fields?
166.07BALBOA::ROMMESWed Jun 21 1989Routing update multicast message
167.0NOTThu Jun 22 1989DECnet & Autodial
168.01VICKI::BROOKSMon Jun 26 1989Off the wall (for a Monday anyway)
169.01TILTS::CZARNECKIWed Jul 05 1989Where did the ETHERNET conference go??
170.03FNYFS::AUNGIERMon Jul 10 1989Info needed on reviews, magazines etc
171.04PAXVAX::WILLCOXWed Jul 12 1989GSAPS in LLC class 1?
172.02TRADE::BAILEYMon Jul 17 1989Info required on TransLAN product.
173.06MOVIES::THOMPSONFri Jul 21 1989Access Control String
174.0FLOCON::AUNGIERThu Jul 27 1989Network planing doc template, tools
175.02FSDEV1::BSERVEYThu Jul 27 1989A question on Dist Appl "platforms"
176.03VAXCPU::michaudThu Aug 10 1989FYI, FWIW - Cisco wants standard for DECnet on TokenRing
177.04FINSER::SIMONIANThu Aug 10 1989Async Decnet over Leased Line?
178.05BISTRO::WLODEKTue Sep 05 1989NSP retransmission timeout improvement.
179.01MAIL::ARMFIELDWed Sep 27 1989XNS==>DECnet ??
180.06RADIA::PERLMANThu Sep 28 1989Routers vs Bridges -- any other comparison points?
181.08RADIA::PERLMANThu Sep 28 1989Comparison of Network Layers -- TCP/IP and ISO (DNA Phase V)
182.05WMOIS::SKOWYRASun Oct 22 1989Security on the Easynet
183.07CVG::PETTENGILLThu Nov 02 1989ELF: Do we have any idea how to build distributed applications?
184.01ROMWed Nov 15 1989searching a file
185.02BAGELS::RIOPELLEWed Nov 22 1989Where DAP SPEC x7.2.2 ?
186.02MAIL::ARMFIELDWed Nov 29 1989VAX servers on XNS net??
187.0CTOAVX::JLAWRENCEWed Dec 06 1989JOB: HTF ACT Network Consultant
188.01SHIRE::PETERFri Dec 08 1989Registering a DECnet Object number
189.03RADIA::PERLMANFri Dec 15 1989CSMA/CD Overload -- does it occur?
190.04BAHTAT::BEECHThu Dec 21 1989Level 2 path splitting ?
191.02ROMTSS::GALLANAFri Jan 12 1990DCL-W-ACTIMAGE & RMS-F-NOD running a remote file
192.07SMAUG::MENDELMon Jan 15 1990Need Portal Definition
193.04WFOFAC::BILLTue Jan 16 1990Hidden nodes vs. Non-Hidden
194.01NEWVAX::HAYNESThu Jan 25 1990Documentation for DDCMP and Ethernet?
195.01ULTRA::INFANTEThu Feb 01 1990NICE -> CMIP port?
196.0EMILE::SOUIADEWed Feb 07 1990DNA Event logging
197.01WILARD::WITTENBERGFri Mar 02 1990XNS/Banyan/Decnet connectivity
198.07SUOSW2::HARDTTue Mar 06 1990Routing Spec.
200.06BISTRO::WLODEKFri Mar 23 1990Proposed optional ECO to IV+ Routing.
201.0DEMON::FILENE::SMITHFri Mar 23 1990Volunteers Wanted to Test Network Encyclopedia
202.03TAZBOY::ZIGLERFri Mar 30 1990TCP/IP vs. DECnet/OSI Customer Questions
203.07CUJO::GAYTue Apr 17 1990Connecting While Isolating Two Networks in PHASE V
204.01SUBWAY::SIMMONSThu Apr 26 1990is NSP4
205.03SUBWAY::SIMMONSMon Apr 30 1990discrepancy in NSP doc.
206.05SUPTue May 15 1990area attachedflag
207.03BEAGLE::WLODEKThu May 17 1990Queing simulation tool ??
208.04BAGELS::SILVERSTONEThu May 17 1990is router ethernet hello spec correct?
209.0SUBWAY::BRIGGSSat Jun 30 1990Jacobson Compression
210.0HAM::SCHUKAIWed Jul 11 1990DECnet & VSAT reference
211.03FRUST::DUELLFri Jul 20 1990Phase IV/V Routing Algorithm
212.02AZUR::NAVARROMon Jul 23 1990EMA documentation
213.02SUBWAY::BUONOMOMon Jul 23 1990TASKs & Timers ???
214.05SUBWAY::BUONOMOMon Jul 30 1990DDCMP message processing ?
215.03RADIA::PERLMANSun Aug 26 1990Some naive X.25 questions
216.01GIAENG::ROGICHTue Sep 11 1990SPEC and Internet groups
217.03RANGER::PRAETORIUSFri Sep 14 1990NAS: see Abbott::NAS_Architecture
218.0CIRCUS::PETRASMon Sep 24 1990WRL 199
219.02POCUS::TLEEWed Sep 26 1990DNA Functional Specs
220.02SUBWAY::BRIGGSMon Oct 15 1990Router Hello Purpose
221.01COGITO::ZIKAMon Nov 05 1990SUN, ULTRIX, VMS & DECwindows Documentation?
222.01BEAGLE::REZUCHATue Nov 20 1990Where to order technical books over the phone?
223.07BEAGLE::WLODEKThu Nov 22 1990Routing initialisation recovery loops.
225.01PRSUD1::CARRAYROUMon Nov 26 1990NSP spec doc
226.0CURRNT::SMITHThu Nov 29 1990What is PARTNERNET?
227.01SX4GTO::MORRILLMon Dec 03 1990Need help determining which specs are needed ...
228.02TDCIS3::KOUZNETZOFFFri Dec 28 1990reset MOP counters
229.03SCCAT::JONESSun Jan 20 1991
230.07GUIDUK::KANGWed Feb 13 1991Session Control Spec. V2.x anyone?
231.01TOOHOT::WALTERSWed Feb 20 1991anyone understand line counters?
232.01MU::PORTERTue Feb 26 1991DDCMP?
233.03MU::PORTERThu Mar 07 1991SNAP ?
234.01SMURF::CRANSTONFri Mar 08 1991Where is Event Logging Func Spec?
235.02SUOSW4::HARDTMon Apr 08 1991Reliability in DNA V ?
236.01SCCAT::JONESSun Apr 14 1991Decode DAP code =
237.08TDCIS3::KOUZNETZOFFTue Apr 23 1991How to compute an address ?
238.06WARP5::LARUEThu Apr 25 1991Integrated IS-IS & vector routing?
239.02TDCIS3::KOUZNETZOFFFri May 03 1991Decnet programming
240.01SAAR::B_GOODWINWed Jun 26 1991Latest list of DECnet Objects.........
241.01RHODES::HEALEYFri Jul 19 1991address of Pratt Institute?
242.07RIPPLE::KOPEC_STFri Jul 26 1991customer orderable specs for cterm, nice and lat
243.05SUBWAY::BRIGGSWed Jul 31 1991Phase IV Routing question
244.06TOSKI::ADAMSWed Jul 31 1991LAST
245.02VIRTUE::GARYMon Aug 05 1991Info on impact of phase V on layered products
246.03ZENDIA::LINNMon Sep 16 1991Routing update integrity vs. FCS-recomputing encryptors
248.0YNGSTR::FOXMon Dec 09 1991Remote Command exec->ULTRIX from VMS (DCL)
249.02VAOUWed Jan 29 1992Current location of DNA specs??
250.01NAC::LOWEMon Feb 03 1992Help on CRC polynomial reference
251.03TOOK::LEIGHThu Mar 19 1992Specs not orderable yet
253.02BEAGLE::WLODEKTue May 05 1992Ethernet perfromnace, user persepctive.
255.01CHESS::KAIKOWSun May 31 1992A DATEd question
257.06LASCPM::PALASEWed Jul 01 1992poormans routing. is it supported
259.03LASCPM::PALASEThu Jul 23 1992iso std needed for transport/session layer
260.01RESYNC::SHAFri Sep 04 1992Need DNA network management spec
261.01RESYNC::SHAWed Sep 09 1992On-starting substate stays
262.02LATVMS::MERSHONMon Sep 21 1992MOP Requirements
263.02SMOGGY::BAKHTIARIWed Sep 30 1992ddcmp spec loc????
264.0SQM::VOTue Oct 06 1992network problem. Please help
270.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Mar 18 1993Training: Distributed Computing for Decision Makers
271.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Mar 25 1993HANDS-ON Training: OSF DCE Application Programming
272.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Mar 25 1993Tom Doeppner presents DCE Internals Architecture
274.01MXOVFri Apr 02 1993DDCMP vs HDLC
275.03LASCPM::PALASEWed Apr 07 1993Circuit Cost analysis question
276.02AZUR::ODIKIA::HUREZThu Apr 22 1993Help about DECnet implementation on SunOS ?
277.0KONING::KONINGFri Oct 08 1993A note to those implementing new protocols on LANs
278.0KONING::KONINGMon Nov 15 1993Notice to users of the 23-365A1-
279.0NEPHI::COARSun Jan 02 1994Job opening: 16BE in BXB (MA, USA)
280.04MEXVWed Jan 19 1994Hidden Areas?
281.01MQOSWS::M_HUELWed Feb 02 1994DNA Funct. Spec. Doc.
282.0ART::COHENTue Feb 15 1994:STAN SHELL: Anybody Know Him?
283.0ATYISA::PERIEFri Mar 11 1994Need PICS on OSF1 products
284.0MRED::ROBBINSTue Aug 30 1994Wanted: People to Evaluate Network Mgr's Guides
285.01COPCLU::PALMANNTue Sep 27 1994Alpha 21
286.01KAOFS::P_SAVOIEWed Oct 19 1994Is it possible to delay ACK message
287.02CRIME::ANDREASSONThu Dec 15 1994Application selection assigments
288.07CRIME::ANDREASSONMon Dec 19 1994NSAP Selector values?
289.04TAVENG::POYARKOVTue Jan 03 1995Where are the specs?
290.02TKTV2Thu Jun 01 1995Decision Process procedure for IS-IS?
291.02TKTV2Wed Jun 07 1995IS-IS routing update process??
292.014WARFUT::NAEEMFri Jul 14 1995NSP ver & NSP spec .
293.01DECBAH::PATROWed Jul 19 1995DNA, Phase-IV manual...
294.03OZROCK::COURTSat Oct 07 1995Some questions re guidelines on modifying MSL registrations
295.07DEKVC::JOONGSUNJUNMon Feb 12 1996question on DECnet Architecture
296.01ORO5Tue Mar 05 1996Which conference for network questions ?
297.0HGOM19::MICHAELXUSun Mar 17 1996Network Architecture Introduction
298.01HGOM22::DAVYSUNWed May 01 1996How to disable decnet extention