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Conference humane::scheduler

Notice:Welcome to the Scheduler Conference on node HUMANEril
Created:Sat Mar 20 1993
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1240
Total number of notes:5017
Number with bodies:578
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2.03MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993History of POLYCENTER Scheduler
3.0+50MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993Product Kits
4.0+13MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993Documentation
5.02MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993Marketing Support Materials
6.0+6MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993Product Training
7.03MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993Product Service Delivery / Implementation
8.07MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993Licensing and Pricing
9.05MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993Product Reference Sites
10.04MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993Tradeshows and Symposiums
11.0MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993How to get help and answers
12.0MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993How the product is used
13.0+14MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993Resource / Expertise (make thyself known!)
14.016MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993Wishlist
15.07MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993Directory Listing of this Notesfile
16.05MUZICK::KUNGFri Apr 23 1993Product/Phase Announcements
17.04MUZICK::SPELLMANTue Aug 24 1993Notes file availability
18.0MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993(reserved)
19.0MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993(reserved)
20.0MUZICK::KUNGSat Mar 20 1993(reserved)
21.0MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993"node job started on" msg can be wrong for batch
22.01MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993DECwindows UI get "BadMatch" message
23.02MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993modifying group of jobs result in mode change
24.01MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993SET NET does not work with /SERVER
25.03MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993issues around large number of jobs (3
26.01MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993NSCHED died with "?Detected deadlock" message
27.01MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993batch fields not updated in DECwindows
28.01MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993special days should not allow ONLY_ON + SKIP
29.01MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993why is JOBSNOTFND a FATAL error?
30.01MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993mod priority of one batch queue affects all
31.08MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993missing or incomplete history record
32.0MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993PAS-F-STRASGLEN, string assignment length error
33.08MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993symbols are not translated on VMS_COMMAND line
34.0MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993SCHED$ERR.LOG created with world write access
35.0MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993SHOW DEP command causes ACCVIO
36.04MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993'node'.log contains "error creating space for command"
37.01MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993VSS$SHOW_ITEM failed, affected by locks
38.07MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993scheduled job didn't run
40.0MUZICK::KUNGWed Mar 24 1993separate logfiles for nodes = SCHED STOP not work
41.03AZTECH::WAGNERThu Mar 25 1993Deleting a job in the DECwindows interface doesn't remove it from the Linear Display
42.05MUZICK::KUNGFri Mar 26 1993%PAS-F-STRASGLEN error msg during MOD commands
43.025WOTVAX::ELLISMMon Mar 29 1993SLS & DECscheduler integration
44.05PRSSOS::MAILLARDMon Mar 29 1993Missing symbols at instal when not WAN.
45.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Mar 29 1993how to list all jobs(detached and batch) per node base
46.01YOYO::PUISHYSMon Mar 29 1993FORMS INTERFACE V2.1-t and Version 1.4 of forms
47.01ZOMBEE::HALLMon Mar 29 1993/NEXT and delta-time ?
49.01MUZICK::EMERYMon Mar 29 1993A: for note 1196 (prev notes file).
50.01HLFSTue Mar 30 1993Pasting in windows V3 still V2 char's
51.03MUZICK::KUNGTue Mar 30 1993WL: sync based on status
52.03CSC32::MCCLELLANDTue Mar 30 1993Special Days Mail being sent to incorrect address
53.04CSC32::RODASTue Mar 30 1993Default node list ? Sample LOAD_BALANCE.COM
55.02KETJE::STAESWed Mar 31 1993Some customer feedback and questions
56.08BUOVAX::KYLEJO::HOUGHTONWed Mar 31 1993Question: Calculation of fiscal dates
57.04HLFSThu Apr 01 1993Enhancement: windows, reset cursor| confirm quiting
58.02UNH1::SISLEThu Apr 01 1993Help installing ULTRIX piece
59.04KUTIPS::LACAILLEThu Apr 01 1993Execute identifier does not work
60.08KYOA::KOCHFri Apr 02 1993MS Windows Agent?
61.03EVOSY3::BELLALFri Apr 02 1993question load bal logicals
62.05PRSSOS::MAILLARDFri Apr 02 1993Mail distribution lists fail with DECwindows interface.
63.04HLFSFri Apr 02 1993file protection of script-com file too open ?
64.03SWAM1::MILLER_SUSun Apr 04 1993VSS$GET_HISTORY argument list information
65.01SWAM1::MILLER_SUSun Apr 04 1993VSS$*_ITEM itemlist format?
66.04CLPRMon Apr 05 1993RUN and SHO job give strange status
67.05CLPRMon Apr 05 1993Crash of process NSCHED
68.013BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Apr 05 1993/no_dep and /clear_dep don't work all the time
69.09HLFSTue Apr 06 1993job's not scheduled
70.06MTNAIR::SHANNONTue Apr 06 1993B (?) : Scheduler job disappears after job is aborted while running.
71.09SHAWB1::LUCASGWed Apr 07 1993Fatal error 253 at line 1
72.06PT73::MGRACEFFAWed Apr 07 1993B: Add /UIC=[1,4] for detach processes in SCHEDULER$STARTUP
73.01CHGVWed Apr 07 1993Documentation error, /OUTPUT
74.042HLFSThu Apr 08 1993SLS job runs twice?
77.03USOPS::HARBFri Apr 09 1993Insufficient Virtual Memory!
78.06AKOCOA::WANGMon Apr 12 1993MS-DOS Anyone?
79.01SIOG::M_BYRNETue Apr 13 1993priorities without dependencies
80.0USDEV::RSTREETERThu Apr 15 1993Remote dep retry - downtime effects
81.04AIMHI::TINIUSFri Apr 16 1993Real Time Message Display question?
82.05ZOMBEE::HALLFri Apr 16 1993exit status with OPEN/ERROR=label
83.06ZURMon Apr 19 1993Q: daily job produce two output-logs
84.03AIDEV::KUNGMon Apr 19 1993RPC$SHARE holding up scheduler startup
85.07OSLAGE::AGE_PTue Apr 20 1993%SYSTEM-F-IVLOCKID, invalid lock id
86.01USDEV::RSTREETERTue Apr 20 1993Load balancing fixed in V2.1?
87.01CHGVTue Apr 20 1993require /CLUSTER_NODE???
88.01UNH1::SISLETue Apr 20 1993Problems with DECwindows Interface
89.01BUOVAX::KYLEJO::HOUGHTONTue Apr 20 1993Question: How can I specify /keep/noprint in batch mode?
90.05PLAYER::VANDYCKWed Apr 21 1993Scheduler job with no dependencies in 'waiting' state since 2 days ?
91.01EBYGUM::WATTERSONPWed Apr 21 1993Job scheduled - PID says 'nonexistent process' II
92.02AZTECH::WAGNERWed Apr 21 1993Error trying to startup the Scheduler: Error setting remote network object
93.015ABACUS::RICE_RThu Apr 22 1993Jobs don't go into Dep Wait
94.0EBYGUM::WATTERSONPSat Apr 24 1993Decwindows display output problem
95.09TKTVFS::NARITAMon Apr 26 1993VAXcluster alias_node_name::job_name?
96.02TKOV6Mon Apr 26 1993Wanted tool like 'Show schedulerd_run'
97.04TROOA::LFUNGMon Apr 26 1993License on a Cluster
98.01USDEV::CFEUERSTEINThu Apr 29 1993A job, submitted with params, ran with no params
99.03USOPS::HARBThu Apr 29 1993Temporary Params are sometimes ignored
100.01CSC32::RODASFri Apr 30 1993Programmable interface and job dependencies.
101.04CIGRBX::LEWISFri Apr 30 1993Job Dependency setup problem?
102.02ETDEV3::64679::HOUGHTONMon May 03 1993Wish list: Batch mode, fiscal dates, dependencies
103.04LISVAX::MIRANDAMon May 03 1993ULTRIX remote executor and privilege account
104.02SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue May 04 1993Scheduler confused afer node crash..
105.01SHAWB2::LUCASGWed May 05 1993how/what creates nsched symbols ?
106.0AIDEV::KUNGThu May 06 1993Looking for examples of procedure declarations for ADA
107.0MILPND::EMERSON_PThu May 06 1993WANTED: Metrics reporting stuff
108.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri May 07 1993 How to specify a job on weekly basis/noholiday
109.04CADSYS::ROSES::VINNIKOVAFri May 07 1993Process logical on output file name.
110.02CADSYS::ROSES::VINNIKOVAFri May 07 1993DCL command line questions.
111.02ZPOVC::SHANYONGMon May 10 1993pc/xwindow & decwindow interface
112.05CLPRMon May 10 1993process NSCHED in RWMBX
113.03HLFSMon May 10 1993SCHEDULER and Excursion has problems on navigation graph
114.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon May 10 1993Job must not run after node is up again
115.03SWAM1::MILLER_SUTue May 11 1993History records on a per cluster node basis?
116.02SUBURB::MORRISONGWed May 12 1993duplicate jobs !
117.01HLFSWed May 12 1993Cancel selection job window=> graphs become a mess
118.02HLFSWed May 12 1993anybody connected UNISYS-sched to DECScheduler ?
119.03CRONIC::COLBATHWed May 12 1993ERRORS during install of SCHEDULER_AXP
120.07CECVThu May 13 1993B: Next run time not calculated properly when creating new job
121.02COLMon May 17 1993Trigger processes from IBM
122.01AKOFIN::ROCHEMon May 17 1993nsched in rwmbx
123.04ANIMLZ::DUBETue May 18 1993DECscheduler for V6 of OpenVMS?
124.02CECVTue May 18 1993WL: Need more operational information!
125.04SHAWB1::LUCASGWed May 19 1993nsched_remote channels open to VERMONT_CREAMERY.OLD.
126.05BLKPUD::WATTERSONPWed May 19 1993sched/inter=decw gives X toolkit warning
127.01PRSSUD::JANSWed May 19 1993WL: Problems at boot time
128.04MUNSBE::CHEQUERWed May 19 1993Docs for ultrix
129.02SHAWB2::LUCASGThu May 20 1993scheduled job didn't run
130.01RUMOR::FALEKThu May 20 1993TCP/IP port number conflict with Desktop ACMS ?
131.02BLGThu May 20 1993Batch job status ... again
132.04UNH1::SISLEThu May 20 1993Mailbox problem again!
133.05SWLAVC::ALTIERIFri May 21 1993Requested state run PROBLEM
134.02USCTR1::MREICHFri May 21 1993interval=last day of month
135.04HLFSMon May 24 1993T2.1-1 logicals used on mail : what is allowed ?
136.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon May 24 1993Polycenter Scheduler AXP installation problem
137.04KBOMFG::HEFELEWed May 26 1993INTERVAL problem??
138.05IJSAPL::PEURSUMWed May 26 1993Dump when creating graphics file with Print option
139.01MANTA::SIMONThu May 27 1993Q: Remote Job Dependencies from 2.1 to 2.
140.07KETJE::SYBERTZThu May 27 1993AXP OSF/1 client : job 18
141.010CADSYS::LEMONSThu May 27 1993Wide Area Network Support Questions
142.07USOPS::HARBThu May 27 1993Job run twice after RESTART (Dependency is ignored)
143.02ZOMBEE::HALLFri May 28 1993What happens when a job modifies itself?
144.07BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jun 01 1993Scheduler and DECnet OSI compatible ?
145.02MLNTSC::DOMANESCHITue Jun 01 1993Proces status after SCHEDULER DEL JOB command
146.01EVOSY3::BELLALTue Jun 01 1993err prefunc
147.03BACHUS::WILLEMSTue Jun 01 1993High SYSGEN and Process quota in POLYCENTER SCHEDULER V2.1
148.03DARGLE::COUGHLANTue Jun 01 1993help with SYS$INPUT, Backup/ign=inter
149.03TPLAB::SMEKENSWed Jun 02 1993POLYCENTER Scheduler V2.1 and DECinspect
150.07BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Jun 02 1993Problem to select jobs via the Graphical Display V2.1
151.08BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Jun 02 1993
152.02SWLAVC::ALTIERIWed Jun 02 1993Jobs not running/nor in requested state run
153.01USDEV::RSTREETERWed Jun 02 1993is v2.
154.0AIDEV::KUNGThu Jun 03 1993logical to redefine batch job name prefix
155.01MANTA::SIMONThu Jun 03 1993RPC failure when trying to synchronize
156.029BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Jun 04 1993Proble to activate SchedulerListener on Windows NT
157.01WOTVAX::ELLISMFri Jun 04 1993some thoughts on installation for V2.1
158.05SNAX::BURKEFri Jun 04 1993compress scheduler database
159.0MUZICK::EMERYMon Jun 07 1993NCP obj definition change
160.02HLFSTue Jun 08 1993SCHEDULER V2.1 and opcom, has anything changed ?
161.03EVOSY3::BELLALTue Jun 08 1993empty Real Time Message display
162.02CNTROL::DGAUTHIERTue Jun 08 1993Process quotas/limits in Job
163.06AKOFIN::ROCHEWed Jun 09 1993batch error
164.02PRSSOS::MAILLARDWed Jun 09 1993Instal failed: Can't RENAME to another disk.
165.01BIGBRO::KAMINSKIWed Jun 09 1993%CLI-W-IVCHAR on all jobs
166.02USDEV::RSTREETERThu Jun 10 1993Restart calc of Next Time
167.01USDEV::RSTREETERThu Jun 10 1993Dep Wait performance impact??
168.0+11HLFSFri Jun 11 1993DECscheduler window interf hung - blank screens
171.01BLKPUD::WATTERSONPFri Jun 11 1993SCHEDULER$SCRIPT.COM fails on warning
172.02UNH1::SISLEFri Jun 11 1993Job fails, post succeeds, job is a success?
173.01MUZICK::SPELLMANFri Jun 11 1993Controller errors trying to get at the V2.1 kit
174.09WOTVAX::ELLISMMon Jun 14 1993Problem installing V2.1 ultrix agent
175.08OSLACT::OLAVMon Jun 14 1993Windows NT functionality?
177.02SWAM1::MILLER_SUMon Jun 14 1993Problems returning quadword date with VSS$BITMASK_TOPDDATE
178.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Jun 15 1993Product overview?
179.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jun 15 19934
180.04BONNET::STRATMANTue Jun 15 1993HCI support ?
181.07HLFSTue Jun 15 1993Logfile tells error (exit 2), scheduler tells ok
182.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Jun 16 1993strange print behaviour of graph. display
183.03SWAM1::MILLER_SUFri Jun 18 1993Max number of dependent jobs?
184.02USOPS::HARBMon Jun 21 1993Dependency handling is not fool-proof in all cases.
185.02DECAGE::HOWESMon Jun 21 1993Running same job at unrelated times?
186.04RUMOR::FALEKMon Jun 21 1993explicit account/password broken in V2.1
187.0RUMOR::FALEKMon Jun 21 1993C library left out of V2.1 SSYNC install
188.02SWAM1::MILLER_SUTue Jun 22 1993SCHED SCRIPT not getting the groupname right
189.02MLNTSC::DOMANESCHITue Jun 22 1993Q:Explanation about INTERVAL
190.04ZURTue Jun 22 1993Q: Real Time Message Display
191.02EBYGUM::WATTERSONPTue Jun 22 1993Queued status not updated on decwindows
192.013KETJE::SYBERTZTue Jun 22 1993Unix <> VMS client ? Differences ?
193.02HLFSWed Jun 23 1993What does text in 'node' logfile mean (V2.1) ?
194.01HLFSWed Jun 23 1993real time message display - title can not be changed in V2.1 ?
195.05DEVMKO::AUSTINThu Jun 24 1993Successful job keeps re-submitting itself
196.04AKOCOA::LAIFri Jun 25 1993$SCHEDULER -VS- $SUBMIT...
197.02TAVIS::LANDAUMon Jun 28 1993?? [NXT] ??
198.014CHGVMon Jun 28 1993OSF-DECscheduler documentation needed
199.01TKTVFS::NARITATue Jun 29 1993WL: time zone support
201.04SHAWB1::LUCASGThu Jul 01 1993Batch jobs do not fail over with load_balancing
202.08MISTIK::CAPSE2::NOGUERThu Jul 01 1993Linking Problem with Sched/ AXP OpenVMS 2.1
203.04ZURMon Jul 05 1993Q: Load Jobs box default username
204.02RUTILE::VISSIOTue Jul 06 1993Can't access to a remote job (NO_PROXY)
205.010GNPIKE::MIKELISWed Jul 07 1993DEC Scheduler in a mixed cluster
206.03COOKIE::MHUAWed Jul 07 1993callable interface privs revisited
207.02BLKPUD::WATTERSONPThu Jul 08 1993Jobs in DEP WAIT - 'wasn't found in database'
208.06WIRDI::CARTERThu Jul 08 1993Custom Load Balancing - Access Violation
209.06KETJE::MICHIELSFri Jul 09 1993Special day classes and job dependencies.
210.06MTNAIR::SHANNONFri Jul 09 1993Is the load balancing bug in SCHED$GET_BEST_NODE.EXE fixed?
211.01CSC32::D_COHNFri Jul 09 1993Problem with MODIFY'ing by name vs. number
212.05BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Jul 12 1993Error setting remote object
213.01EBYGUM::WATTERSONPMon Jul 12 1993Can't get ULTRIX job to work
214.02WR2FOR::RIFKIN_DAMon Jul 12 1993VSS$SHOW_ITEM Access Violation
215.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jul 13 1993next run time question
216.02CSC32::CX3PST::WSCTue Jul 13 1993Using oricle sql'forms gets an error returned from basic 1
217.01USDEV::RSTREETERFri Jul 16 1993Override commands and retry on error
218.0MUZICK::KITAFri Jul 16 1993Wanted: a Product Administrator to work on the Scheduler team
219.0MUZICK::KITAFri Jul 16 1993Wanted: a Product Specialist to work on the Scheduler team
220.011NQOPS::THIBODEAUSun Jul 18 1993remote dependency problems
221.044CHGVMon Jul 19 1993DECscheduler won't execute on OSF!
222.01LYOISA::ROCHETue Jul 20 1993Strange Last Exit Status
223.04AIDEV::JAMESTue Jul 20 1993Scheduler Product Transfers to NSM
224.02ZURWed Jul 21 1993cust. wishes to have...
225.03SUBWAY::DAVIDSONWed Jul 21 1993B: VAXcluster time skew, multiple job runs
226.01XCUSME::SULLIVAN_MThu Jul 22 1993problem with scheduler V2.1
227.04CX3PST::DEIMOS::D_COHNThu Jul 22 1993Problem with detached job to reboot system
228.01ZOMBEE::HALLMon Jul 26 1993Timeout job didn't run
229.06COOKIE::MHUAMon Jul 26 1993Special day and privs
230.04COOKIE::MHUAMon Jul 26 1993Wildcard sd_class show from API
231.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jul 27 1993Bug in SHOW SCHEDULED_RUNS command ?
232.07BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jul 27 1993Overlap in Graphical Display problem
233.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jul 27 1993Looking for examples
234.03SHAWB2::LUCASGTue Jul 27 1993/type & /user not compatable ??
235.01COOKIE::MHUATue Jul 27 1993Mixing restrict to/from on callable?
236.0COOKIE::MHUATue Jul 27 1993V2.1 Release Notes Questions
238.01LYOISA::ROUXWed Jul 28 1993How to define a range for a job
239.04USOPS::HARBWed Jul 28 1993$RMS-E-RNF from DOO_COMMAND.
240.04SHIPS::CLARK_SThu Jul 29 1993"DEQUE TALK LOCK ERROR 1" - what does it mean?
241.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Jul 30 1993Next Run Time = 1-JAN-6
242.02AIDEV::DESMARAISFri Jul 30 1993A guide to NSCHED$ files...
243.07MUZICK::SPELLMANMon Aug 02 1993Uses for Scheduler which are off the beaten track
244.04CNTROL::CADENAMon Aug 02 1993Job Synchronization Problem
245.01SHAWB2::LUCASGMon Aug 02 1993NSCHED$LBAL$INTERVAL too low ?
246.01EWBVTue Aug 03 1993V2.
247.03SEMJAS::PMCKNIGHTTue Aug 03 1993Job Change Log - wishlist
248.04SUBWAY::DAVIDSONTue Aug 03 1993Ultrix client transport?
249.08ARGYLE::LEMONSThu Aug 05 1993'Sync_insert: error in line' in V2.
250.03CHGVThu Aug 05 1993customers use with ULTRIX or OSF
251.03BONNET::STRATMANFri Aug 06 1993Character size in graphical display...
252.08BLKPUD::WATTERSONPFri Aug 06 1993Max jobs and load balancing problem
253.02GYMAC::PSMITHTue Aug 10 1993Callable run
254.05FIXSR2::WARTHENWed Aug 11 1993Quotas/Resource Limits Large # of jobs
255.01AIDEV::POLIKOFFWed Aug 11 1993Error : %DELETE-W-FILNOTDEL, error deleting !AS
256.05DEBUG::CHRISTOPHERWed Aug 11 1993Scheduler and VCS integration
257.03BRSDVP::WILLEMSGWed Aug 11 1993SCHEDULER,VCS,DCM(or PSW) integration problem
258.02SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYWed Aug 11 1993Message fil and nsched messages
259.01ZURThu Aug 12 1993Q: /NORESCHEDULE
260.03SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYThu Aug 12 1993enhanced VSS_REPORTS ?
261.04HLFSThu Aug 12 1993Dynamic stall time related to start of first job
262.03CSC32::MCCORMICKThu Aug 12 1993Green thumbs up instead of red bomb for job fail
263.03BRSDVP::WILLEMSGFri Aug 13 1993difference between VMS and non-VMS systems
264.02PRSMAI::PICHAUTFri Aug 13 1993Scheduler and Windows NT
266.03MUZICK::COLLIERFri Aug 13 1993POLYCENTER Scheduler V3.
267.04SCCAT::DICKEYFri Aug 13 1993Wildcard Proxies Supported?
268.05CNTROL::CADENAMon Aug 16 1993Wait State In Scheduler
269.0TKOV6Mon Aug 16 1993Question of SH DEP command
270.02KAHALA::HOLMESMon Aug 16 1993Special Days / Days / interval
271.09SWLAVC::ALTIERIMon Aug 16 1993Scheduler Job Delay
272.04ARGYLE::LEMONSTue Aug 17 1993Scheduler and multi-platform, multi-system disk clusters
273.07CHGVTue Aug 17 1993Job Dependency information
274.04ARGYLE::LEMONSWed Aug 18 1993What are those other areas?
275.02ZURWed Aug 18 1993Job Icon State Does still not Update
276.01BLKPUD::WATTERSONPThu Aug 19 1993Aborted job completes succesfully
277.09LEMAN::MAURONFri Aug 20 1993Scheduler 2.1 jobs run on wrong node in the clusteer
278.02PACVAX::CHRISTOPHERTue Aug 24 1993Sched show sched error 51
279.03CSC32::HENNINGWed Aug 25 1993VSS$FIND_DEPS returns "arguments don't match"
280.01SWTHOM::SZAFRANSKIThu Aug 26 1993Output file specification syntax
281.02CSC32::DE_SMITHSat Aug 28 1993Documentation nits
282.04CSC32::DE_SMITHSat Aug 28 1993Documentation on VSS_REPORTS?
283.02CSC32::D_DERAMOTue Aug 31 1993vss$create_item with NSCHED_SYNC_JOB_NUMS and NSCHED_SYNC_NODES
284.0BLKPUD::WATTERSONPWed Sep 01 1993Scheduler training in Europe
285.01RANKU::S_BAKERWed Sep 01 1993Incorrect system times
286.02ZURFri Sep 03 1993Real Time Message Display and Job on HOLD
287.04EEMELI::KOKKOMon Sep 06 1993Q:When does the Nsched check the job database
288.02BLKPUD::LUCASGMon Sep 06 1993?Memory management violation
289.05BLKPUD::WATTERSONPTue Sep 07 1993Batch job thinks it's detached
290.03CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERWed Sep 08 1993BAS-F-NO_CURREC, No current record from 2.
291.0KUTIPS::LACAILLEFri Sep 10 1993Dependency ignored
292.01PRSMAI::PICHAUTMon Sep 13 1993Dependencies and /NORETAIN
293.04BLKPUD::LUCASGTue Sep 14 1993load balance job running on wrong node
294.0WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Sep 15 1993Remote job info disapearing from job database
295.03AKOCOA::DRISCOLLTue Sep 14 1993Help...problems closing logfiles.
296.04CSC32::J_MORTONFri Sep 17 1993Is UCX a requirement as the TCP/IP product ?
297.02EBYGUM::LUCASGThu Sep 23 1993PAS-F-INVSYNINT is invalid syntax for integer value
298.02EBYGUM::WATTERSONPFri Sep 24 1993SCHED RUN/OUT ignored for mode BATCH
299.01SWTHOM::SZAFRANSKIMon Sep 27 1993Jobs with dependancies run even on non valid days
300.01SWLAVC::ALTIERIMon Sep 27 1993Job Runs without waiting for dependancy
301.0MUZICK::SPELLMANTue Sep 28 1993NSCHED running slowly or not responding
302.05CSC32::J_MORTONTue Sep 28 1993 NO support for remote ULTRIX command execution
303.02JRDVWed Sep 29 1993Header files
304.01UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERWed Sep 29 1993How to interpret returncodes from VSS$SET?
305.01FSCORE::KAYEWed Sep 29 1993problems with vss$get_next_start_time
306.06CSC32::J_MORTONWed Sep 29 1993no output file ?
308.0AIDEV::WOODARDMon Oct 04 1993Wanted: Senior Test Engineer
309.05COOKIE::MHUATue Oct 05 1993ONLY_ON special day scheduling
310.01DATCHA::PETITWed Oct 06 1993Need Presentation
311.02COOKIE::MHUAWed Oct 06 1993RUN equivalent of VSS routine
312.02CADSYS::CADSYS::CHAMPAGNEWed Oct 06 1993VMS-> OSF problem
313.03COOKIE::MHUAWed Oct 06 1993Sending mail on /ONLY_ON special day action
314.0NSDC::RECHSTEINERMon Oct 11 1993Example of vss$get_sd_class_info
315.02COOKIE::SAMPLEMon Oct 11 1993limit jobs per node by job names
316.07KUTIPS::LACAILLETue Oct 12 1993NSCHED symbols
317.04CX3PST::ANASAZ::J_BECKERTue Oct 12 1993VSS$GET_HIST_REC always returns NSCHED-S-NOMORE when job exists
318.05COOKIE::MHUAFri Oct 15 1993Documentation on record flags
319.01COOKIE::MHUATue Oct 19 1993Negative job number ?
320.01COOKIE::MHUATue Oct 19 1993GET_START_TIME callable
321.03ZOMBEE::HALLWed Oct 20 1993resetting dependency time for specific job
322.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Oct 20 1993remote job - WAN - proxys question
324.01CSC32::RODASWed Oct 20 1993scheduled jobs fail to run after waiting for a scheduler process slot
325.01COPCLU::PODIUMThu Oct 21 1993scheduler crash at line 1
326.02UTRTSC::BARKThu Oct 21 1993Icon status still wrong
327.02OSLThu Oct 21 1993Changing Notify by mail on special day action
328.02COOKIE::MHUAThu Oct 21 1993Delete running job using VSS$SET
329.03BACHUS::WILLEMSFri Oct 22 1993Difference between Valid Run Days and Day Class Restriction
330.01VCOUFri Oct 22 1993Job status is "QUEUED", but job is NOT in the queue
331.01ZURMon Oct 25 1993Invalid Schedul Interval value - Job loops
332.03COOKIE::MHUAMon Oct 25 1993ITEM_BLOCK data structure
333.010BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Oct 25 1993Scheduler V2.1 and VMS 6.
334.03EEMELI::KOKKOMon Oct 25 1993Installation error Basic error: 133 at line 21
335.011BLKPUD::WATTERSONPWed Oct 27 1993SHOW DEP/OUT problems
336.07COOKIE::MHUAWed Oct 27 1993EXAMPLE_CREATE and remote job
337.01USOPS::HARBThu Oct 28 1993Can't abort batch job
338.02OSLFri Oct 29 1993Time-window for starting jobs?
339.02LARVAE::GRAYSun Oct 31 1993Behaviour after Powerfail?
340.02RUNTUF::OLEARYTue Nov 02 1993Problem with Last Exit Status.
341.03BLKPUD::WATTERSONPTue Nov 02 1993More sched sh dep problems
342.09YIELD::LADDWed Nov 03 1993B:? can't get send mail to work
343.06YIELD::LADDWed Nov 03 1993Q: how to skip certain runs
344.06CGOOA::RATHNOWThu Nov 04 1993Session crashing with ROPRAND
345.04CJMJR::MEADOWSThu Nov 04 1993Version 2.1A / 2.
346.01RUTILE::VISSIOThu Nov 11 1993Network failures => Job on Hold
347.031BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Nov 19 1993batch job doesn't execute(RNF, record not found)
348.02MARSFri Nov 19 1993Again: DECSCHEDULER above DECNET/OSI VMS nodes ?
349.05EBYGUM::WATTERSONPFri Nov 19 1993Windows gives error not success
350.08BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Nov 24 1993batch and node.log file
351.01CECVWed Nov 24 1993Q: Hetergeneous Vaxclusters?
352.01TRNOI2::TESTAMon Nov 29 1993When AIX agent planned?
353.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Dec 01 1993BATCH job in QUEUED state not see via scheduled_runs
354.01UTOPIE::VERONIKAThu Dec 02 1993fatal error 35 at line 1
355.01BLKPUD::WATTERSONPThu Dec 02 1993Looking for a job
356.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Dec 03 1993wishlist ?
357.01MUNICH::REINHOLDTue Dec 07 1993Next run time calculation with special days
358.03RTOEU::RTO1RP::RPROSTWed Dec 08 1993How to deinstall Windows NT Agent?
359.03RUNTUF::OLEARYWed Dec 08 1993No error message in log.
360.02MINNY::WALDISPUEHLThu Dec 09 1993Distributed hierarchical scheduling
361.02OSLThu Dec 09 1993How can I zero a jobs statistics
362.03MSDOA::JANCULAThu Dec 09 1993One-shot /VMS_command= ?
363.02USDEV::GWESTROPPThu Dec 09 1993Run from different account
364.06XCUSME::HATCHThu Dec 09 1993Released job running multiple times
365.02SLOVAX::NEWMANThu Dec 09 1993PolySched question from Large IBM shop...
366.03HANNAH::VOBAFri Dec 10 1993How are we doing on the AXP kit?
367.07GIAMEM::BYRNEMon Dec 13 1993Strange error in scheduler logfile
368.03SUBURB::WILLIAMSGTue Dec 14 1993DECWindows I/F Question
369.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Dec 15 1993Job ignores dependencies
370.01COOKIE::MHUAWed Dec 15 1993VSS$GET_NEXT_START_TIME returns "NEVER"
371.02PADNOM::PICHAUTFri Dec 17 1993Use_next problem
372.01TKTVFS::NARITATue Dec 21 1993WL: prevent job from incorrect execution
373.05KERNEL::TITCOMBERWed Dec 22 1993Scheduling of jobs after long power-down
374.02TRNOIS::TESTAThu Dec 23 1993Job Status Problem
376.01PACVAX::CHRISTOPHERMon Dec 27 1993Piping standard output problem with Ultrix Agent
377.03CIMBAD::LEETue Dec 28 1993F$getqui lexical function errors out in VMS6.
378.04GIDDAY::WANWed Dec 29 1993Fiscal date specification conflict with week and month specificagtion
379.01TOLKIN::CIMMX3::METHERALLWed Dec 29 1993RETRY on error condition help requested.
380.01LYOISA::ROCHEThu Dec 30 1993where is GET_JOB_STREAM.H ?
381.01VCOUThu Dec 30 1993check_batch_access failed : 21119
382.05SWTHOM::SZAFRANSKIMon Jan 03 1994NSCHED dies with "detected deadlock while waiting for GET or FIND
383.02BRSAXP::VDKERCKHOVETue Jan 04 1994Last working day + 1 ?
384.07TKTVFS::NARITAWed Jan 05 1994I: copying SCHED$SD_CLASSES.DAT
385.01PADNOM::PICHAUTWed Jan 05 1994Job starting on the wrong node
386.02NQOPS::WAINRIGHTWed Jan 05 1994POST function relationship to verify
387.02FUNYET::ANDERSONThu Jan 06 1994Scheduler V2.1A-5 on OpenVMS AXP T2.
388.01BEDEMO::ENKERLIFri Jan 07 1994Different remote function in DCL and MOTIF in V2.1
389.04UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERMon Jan 10 1994High CPU-usage NSCHED-process?
390.01RUTILE::MILLEMon Jan 10 1994where does unknown Status come from ?
391.01ARRODS::ROBERTSMon Jan 10 1994OSF/1 to OPCA?
392.05BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jan 11 1994Bug in /no_dependency ?
394.01RUTILE::MILLEWed Jan 12 1994VSS$MODIFY changes status job
395.01LILWed Jan 12 1994Polycenter Scheduler on AXP OSF/1 ?
396.02TKOV6Thu Jan 13 1994Open Real Time Message display only
397.09TROOA::NAISHThu Jan 13 1994RUN/PARA Problems
398.02MUZICK::KUNGFri Jan 14 1994CLOSE LOG/SUMMARIZE not working
399.02HLFSFri Jan 14 1994Asking: program examples for VSS$GET_HISTORY VSS$GET_HIST_REC
400.03PACVAX::CHRISTOPHERFri Jan 14 1994Integrating SLS and Scheduler
401.03LEMAN::MAURONTue Jan 18 1994SCHED_REMOTE process on Alpha ?
402.01MUZICK::KITATue Jan 18 1994U: Notes file offline for one to two days
403.07BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Jan 19 1994Bug in SCHEDULED_RUNS ?
404.04ZOMBEE::HALLFri Jan 21 1994Memory problems / high DIO count
406.01KERNEL::TITCOMBERThu Jan 27 1994Run job without triggering dependent jobs?
408.011HLFSTue Feb 01 1994V2.1a-5 installation questions
409.0+8WELLDN::SPENCERTue Feb 01 1994sched crash w/integer overflow
410.01MERIDN::BUCKLEYTue Feb 01 1994Rough guesses on v3.
411.01WARNUT::FOSSEYTue Feb 01 1994Use Of WRID & EXID, Group Privileges & Wishlist Item
412.03RCWOOD::AREANOWed Feb 02 1994VSS$MODIFY_ITEM needed to change P1?
413.01BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVEThu Feb 03 1994SCHED in mixed architecture cluster ?
414.01MFRFMS::RINGFri Feb 04 1994remote job (no Proxy) and dependencies with DCL
415.06AKOCOA::LAIFri Feb 04 1994Scheduler from PC via Xcusion...
416.01MERIDN::BUCKLEYMon Feb 07 1994add image to monitor screen
417.05HYLNDR::MATHEWSTue Feb 08 1994need a little help - Thank you!!
418.010OTOOA::GMACDONALDTue Feb 08 1994GUIDO_MSG lock 1
419.03HLFSWed Feb 09 1994nsched$:'node'.log tells met :error getting def prio ?
420.01EPS::PULIAFICOWed Feb 09 1994SCHEDULER ERROR - "Fatal Error 194 at line 7
422.01COMICS::SHELLEYThu Feb 10 1994NAS 3
423.03TRNOIS::TESTAFri Feb 11 1994AIX remote agent waiting!!
424.01AIMHI::TINIUSMon Feb 14 1994Spelling error in on-line help
425.02KERNEL::BULLOCKKTue Feb 15 1994/Server in DECW interface?
426.02KERNEL::TITCOMBERTue Feb 15 1994Max Run Time value not displayed in Windows
427.02CSC32::WATERSTue Feb 15 1994SD Calendar missing 3 months
428.01STKEIS::BYSTAMWed Feb 16 1994Competitive information ???
429.04MUNICH::REINThu Feb 17 1994And/OR dependencies??
430.04CNTROL::DGAUTHIERThu Feb 17 1994Infinite reruns w/ NORETRY
431.05MRKTNG::PRTZEL::MURRYThu Feb 17 1994VSS.DAT - hot file!
432.01CX3PT1::CSC32::W_MATTHEWSFri Feb 18 1994NT Agent and SCHED SHOW STATUS/REMOTE=remotenode
433.02FUNYET::ANDERSONSun Feb 20 1994IVP fails on OpenVMS AXP V1.5
434.01KAOFS::J_TRIMBLETue Feb 22 1994Print graphical display to large paper?
435.06TROOA::HAZLETTTue Feb 22 1994Modify Completion_Status Possible?
436.02TROOA::HAZLETTTue Feb 22 1994Does a new Job have to be Run to be Scheduled?
437.04HLFSWed Feb 23 1994Schedule show schedule of jobs that never did run - no runprediction ?
438.0JURA::AGOBERTThu Feb 24 1994Pascal examples
439.07COPCLU::BJARNERSun Feb 27 1994Windows NT released and kit ?
440.02CSC32::S_LEDOUXTue Mar 01 1994FYI - another 'fatal error 35 at line 1
441.0+5AIMHI::TINIUSTue Mar 01 1994Fatal Error 194 at line 24
442.01CSC32::RODASTue Mar 01 1994NOTVMSV5 error returned from show remote job command.
443.04STKAI1::MAJA::Maja-StinaTue Mar 01 1994Position vs CA-UNICENTER
444.04COPCLU::NISSENThu Mar 03 1994Problem with square brackets in Job Dependencies (job does not wait)
445.04PADNOM::PICHAUTThu Mar 03 1994Some questions about V3.
446.08BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Mar 03 1994Do you still have to use DECW$USE_XM_VENDOR_SHELL
447.02KERNEL::BULLOCKKMon Mar 07 1994DOO_COMMAND:, RMS-E-RNF revisited
448.05STRWRS::KOCH_PMon Mar 07 1994OpenVMS VAX & AXP Agents, when?
449.07PENUTS::MACCARDIWed Mar 09 1994Fatal Error 253 at line 2213
450.03CSC32::MCCLELLANDThu Mar 10 1994V2.
451.0 *BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Mar 14 1994RMS-E-RNF, record not found
452.06BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Mar 14 1994RMS-E-RNF, record not found
453.01CSC32::CX3PST::WSCWed Mar 16 1994Using Mac X and windows interface, vms command line limited to 49 characters why>
454.03ELMAGO::MGUTIERREZWed Mar 16 1994No user access...
456.01TOLKIN::CIMMX3::METHERALLFri Mar 18 1994Jobs running out of synch.....
457.013BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Mar 21 1994Polycenter Scheduler versus CA-7 customer feedback
458.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Mar 28 1994SCHEDULED_RUNS ignores SD_CLASS restriction
459.03ROMMon Mar 28 1994Customer requires more security to access SCHED
460.03CSC32::M_LAPINSMon Mar 28 1994Change Menu Bar using SCHEDULER$XUI.DAT?
461.02MOSPRT::T_MCCARTHYWed Mar 30 1994Customer disappointment with DECwindows Interface 1
462.02SNAX::DEITZELTue Apr 05 1994Dependencies between clusters
463.02USOPS::HARBTue Apr 05 1994GUI says success when job actually fails
464.01CRONIC::AMARALWed Apr 06 1994OSF/1 agent?
465.01PADNOM::PICHAUTWed Apr 06 1994Detected Deadlock in V2.1A
466.04TRNOIS::TESTAWed Apr 06 1994Double job run on error !!!!
467.05PADNOM::PICHAUTWed Apr 06 1994Record not found In V2.1A
468.04ETDEV3::BURNHAMThu Apr 07 1994Problem with fiscal calendar
469.01IAGO::STRONBERGMon Apr 11 1994Scheduling 1st fiscal Friday of each fiscal month?
470.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Apr 11 1994Combination of DAYS and Special Day Class with ONLY_ON
471.02MOSPRT::T_MCCARTHYWed Apr 13 1994Weird behavior specifying /ALL or /USER with job number
472.08BACHUS::WILLEMSThu Apr 14 1994SCHEDULE>Show Scheduled_runs/all/brief loops and takes all cpu
473.02DCCPB1::SYS_MJANSSENFri Apr 15 1994/PARAM with remote schedule jobs Failure...
474.015BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Apr 15 1994Fatal Error 155 at line 1
475.04COMICS::VMon Apr 18 1994Jobs run on the default node rather than specified node, with load balancing disabled
476.03ATYISA::BENOITThu Apr 21 1994OSF/1 server version specification ?
477.015KAOAMon Apr 25 1994Linking Scheduler in a shareable image
478.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Apr 26 1994%NSCHED-F-NOSUCHJOB, No such job
479.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Apr 26 1994Unable to see dependent job with other group via GUI
480.02PCPLOD::DRYGIN::Conferencing-UserTue Apr 26 1994Upgrade? and questions...
481.01RUFUSL::JANOWSKITue Apr 26 1994sending no mail
482.01MUZICK::KUNGThu Apr 28 1994Fiscal calendar calculation problem
483.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPMon May 02 1994Job submitted to WRONG queue.
484.02UTOPIE::KREISLERTue May 03 1994Problem with postfunction (quotes)
485.02USDEV::DKAMPFWed May 04 1994Trouble with failures not being recongnized
486.06UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MWed May 04 1994Customer depends on COBOL calling scheduler.
487.01NRSTA2::COLESWed May 04 1994Start Time from interval seems to miss first legitimate time.
489.02POBOX::HAYES_JFri May 06 1994questions from customer
490.02YUPPY::BAKERPMon May 09 1994OPCOM messages stalled on OPA
491.01GIDDAY::PARSONSWed May 11 1994Windows interface & reschedule ?
492.02COOKIE::NELMSThu May 12 1994System ACCVIO caused when using the decwindows interface
493.06STKHLM::LINDGREN_PMon May 16 1994CREATE JOB and DAYS-syntax
494.08TRNOIS::TESTAThu May 19 1994Network job dependencies problem
495.02LYOISA::ROCHEThu May 19 1994Remote job question
496.03KETJE::STAESThu May 19 1994Silicon Graphics client?
497.04CSC32::RODASThu May 19 1994Job Completion status problems --- AGAIN
498.01ROMEOS::POCZO_GAMon May 23 1994Server on OSF for Demo??
499.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed May 25 1994Unable to start SCHED$LISTENER on VMS AXP
500.02COMICS::VWed May 25 1994Queued job on one node starts on a different node and completes on a different different node!
501.03UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERWed May 25 1994Missing Valid Run Days with DECwindowsinterface
502.03AZUR::ANTEUNISFri May 27 1994What limits does DECscheduler impose on procedures ?
503.07CADSYS::KVINGEFri May 27 1994NOTVMSV5 error and remote VMS cluster job submission
504.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon May 30 1994VSS$SCHED_LIST returned 211189896
505.05CGOOA::VCOOKETue May 31 1994Runtime Statistics Summary
506.02NWDThu Jun 02 1994Privs for wrid & exid modification
507.012KERNEL::TITCOMBERThu Jun 02 1994Inconsistent job status : SCHEDULED & DEP Wait
508.04HLFSFri Jun 03 1994How to reset a job currently being in retry ?
509.08CIMBAD::HALLWed Jun 08 1994Scheduler dies with %SYSTEM-F-ROPRAND
510.02KERNEL::BHATTIKThu Jun 09 1994scheduler run time problem
511.01CADSYS::KVINGEThu Jun 09 1994problem getting status of remote ULTRIX job
512.08HLFSFri Jun 10 1994Daily different parameters on sched jobs
513.012BACHUS::WILLEMSMon Jun 13 1994Polycenter Scheduler for OpenVMS
514.08CSC32::RODASMon Jun 13 1994Job stuck in ABORT state for 3 weeks and holding!
515.03PACWH::SMEKENSTue Jun 14 1994a PC Dos/Windows client to DECscheduler, anyone ?
516.04HLFSTue Jun 14 1994Use of retry - where to restart from?
517.02HAGGLE::DORIANTue Jun 14 1994Finding dependencies with your sched job?
518.01CORDON::GADSBYWed Jun 15 1994Scheduler weirdness!
519.02ACDC1::HOBSONFri Jun 17 1994SCHED$LISTENER exits ?
520.02PACWH::SMEKENSMon Jun 20 1994$ Sched Run ... /Param="..." -equivalent- Vss$Set param ???
521.03MUNICH::REINWed Jun 22 1994Decwindows jobs display_output problem
522.011CVMS::DOTENFri Jun 24 1994Miscellaneous error from BASIC : -162
523.09OSOEIC::S_MURAKAMIMon Jun 27 1994?? User Doc of Windows-NT Agent ??
524.04CLOVA::REEDWed Jun 29 1994remote job into priv. proxy account
525.02PASVC::STEVENTAMWed Jun 29 1994Scheduler hang???
526.03MFRFMS::RINGThu Jun 30 1994stalled jobs - notify - but no runs of these jobs
527.02PIZZAS::PISCOPOThu Jun 30 1994Location for [NSCHED] in a MA cluster
528.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jul 05 1994question on daily/montly jobs in one chain
529.01CLOVA::REEDTue Jul 05 1994Trying to run a job by referencing the job name
530.08CUESTA::MARCOSWed Jul 06 1994How excute a job on Remote Node
531.04CSC32::RODASMon Jul 11 1994Performance again - but it's not the LOG file.
532.02CADSYS::LEMONSMon Jul 11 1994Participating in POLYCENTER Scheduler field test
533.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jul 12 1994job ignores dependency
534.02KAOATue Jul 12 1994Memory leak - window interface
535.01CADSYS::LEMONSTue Jul 12 1994Latest versions for OSF, ULTRIX
536.03MOSPRT::T_MCCARTHYTue Jul 12 1994Help with history records -- doesn't seem to be consistent
537.02WMOIS::GREENOWed Jul 13 1994TASK
538.01CADSYS::LEMONSWed Jul 13 1994Having two versions of Scheduler available
539.02CLOVA::REEDThu Jul 14 1994Non default proxies for WAN scheduler jobs
540.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Jul 14 1994NSCHED_STATUS problem
541.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGSun Jul 17 1994what is unlimited ?
542.05HLFSMon Jul 18 1994Sched set job /clear /group = xxx wanted
543.03HLFSMon Jul 18 1994sched sh job /symb => tjob = %x2
544.01CSC32::J_BOLANTue Jul 19 19942.1A jobs go into scheduled or DEP_Wait instead of running after dependencies have been met
545.05HLFSFri Jul 22 1994a Stall job - who called me ?(same for tjob)
546.03HLFSFri Jul 22 1994schedule sh job /proc, job not running, mirroring
547.05TUNES::COLLIERWed Jul 27 1994T3.
548.04CADSYS::LEMONSWed Jul 27 1994Status reported by DEC OSF/1 agent incorrect?
549.02NATA::TESTATue Aug 02 1994Dependency Wait: vulnerability !!
550.01ATYISA::SIPTue Aug 02 1994SCHEDULER SERVER for OSF/1 kit ?
551.05COPCLU::SIIGWed Aug 03 1994OpenVMS AXP V6.1 questions
552.04HLFSWed Aug 03 1994scheduler, custom load balance, class scheduling wanted
553.03ATYISA::SIPThu Aug 04 1994Server OSF/1 SPD or SPD draft ??
554.0CADSYS::LEMONSThu Aug 04 1994Scheduler V2.1-14 comments
555.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Aug 05 1994GUI-->can't see remote job
556.01TUNES::COLLIERMon Aug 08 1994Scheduler V3.
557.01FUJIS2::FAUCHERMon Aug 08 19942.1 and OpenVMS (VAX) 6.1?
558.01USCTR1::MPELONWed Aug 10 1994Remote dependencies & default access
559.02HLFSThu Aug 11 1994No priv to run a job under your own name ? Why
560.02KERNEL::HANNANSThu Aug 11 1994Nsched - fatel error
561.04KERNEL::CURRENLMon Aug 15 19942.1A vss_create_item badargcount
562.01GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Aug 16 1994Question on dependencies
563.016STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu Aug 18 19943.
564.05COLFri Aug 19 1994RMS-E-RLK, target record locked by another stream
565.09BRSOPI::STAESTue Aug 23 1994AS4
566.06CADSYS::LUBSENWed Aug 24 1994OSF jobs don't run
567.02COPCLU::NISSENMon Aug 29 1994Migrating from Vax to Axp
568.05GBIWed Aug 31 1994AXP and APIs again. Help!!
569.02UTRTSC::DORLANDWed Aug 31 1994dependancy questions...
570.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Sep 02 1994who modified a job and when ?
571.02MUNICH::REINMon Sep 05 1994Output=noverify??
572.07GIDDAY::PARSONSMon Sep 05 1994Special day class in December 1994
573.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Sep 06 1994experience with OpenVMS VAX V6.1 ?
574.03CNTROL::DGAUTHIERThu Sep 08 1994Is the a SCHEDULER RTLibrary?
575.02STKHLM::LINDGREN_PFri Sep 09 1994VAX Scheduler 2.1 -> AXP Scheduler 2.
577.01TKTVFS::KUSAKARIMon Sep 12 1994vss$show_item return big TAG number
578.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Sep 13 1994Scheduler multiplatform support diagram
579.023Tue Sep 13 1994Unable to set display
580.03PENUTS::MACCARDITue Sep 13 1994Corrupt DEPENDENCY.DAT *Help*
581.0TKTVFS::KUSAKARIThu Sep 15 1994Programming manual questions
582.0+13UTROP1::RIJSBERGEN_MThu Sep 15 1994V3.
583.03JULIET::THOMPSON_SAFri Sep 16 1994OSF/1 3.
584.0GIDDAY::PARSONSSun Sep 18 1994Dependency not being updated
585.03ATYISA::SIPMon Sep 19 1994PSS OSF/1 needs INFORMIX-SE ...
586.04KERNEL::ROOMEMTue Sep 20 1994What does the NSCHED process do - overview please
587.02FILTON::REID_DThu Sep 22 1994Select and double entries
588.01KERNEL::TITCOMBERThu Sep 22 1994DOO_COMMAND: Couldn't find job info in scheduler database
589.01LATINA::ARANCHAFri Sep 23 1994Specials Days problems ? 2.1a
590.03CIMBAD::ASHLEYMon Sep 26 1994Should I give up?
591.04NRSTA2::BLANCHARDMon Sep 26 1994fiscal data isn't valid! using VSS$GET_NEXT_START_TIME
592.01COMICS::FRAWLEYJMon Sep 26 19945
593.06FILTON::REID_DTue Sep 27 1994Testing over extended period?
594.02LATINA::GEMMAWed Sep 28 1994NSCHED dies with PAGRDERR
595.02PADNOM::PICHAUTWed Sep 28 1994Synchronization in scheduler
596.02CSC32::CX3PST::WSCWed Sep 28 1994What criteria is use when we have 5 jobs in a waiting state?
597.05GIDDAY::PARSONSThu Sep 29 1994Problems with 2.1A-14?
598.04LEMAN::SIMPSONThu Sep 29 1994vss$create_item returns RMS-E-RNF, record not found
599.01ROMThu Sep 29 1994NOTRunning State/SCHED$LISTENER loop.
600.03HGODCS::STANLEYYUWed Oct 05 1994What kind of Informix modules are needed ?
601.02PKHUB2::BROOKSFri Oct 07 1994/SYNCH has gotten out of synch
602.03GIDDAY::DONNELLYSun Oct 09 1994V2.1A-14 supported on AXP6.1
603.04GIDDAY::DONNELLYMon Oct 10 1994Whats 'Next Run Time' NEVER mean??
604.010GIDDAY::BRODRIBBTue Oct 11 1994"%NSCHED-F-NOSUCHJOB..." when job exists
605.0LEMAN::SIMPSONTue Oct 11 1994vss$name_to_num error on vss$create_item
606.02CSC32::RODASWed Oct 12 1994 sys$dequeue returned bad status: 2544
607.01KERNEL::HEGARTYPThu Oct 13 1994Need PID of user in EVENT.RPT??
608.02TAVThu Oct 13 1994LOGFILE of BATCH job is deleted
609.01RMDSRV::KIRKFri Oct 14 1994Version for OSF/1 V2.1?"
610.01OTOOA::BUTLERFri Oct 14 1994Quick Questions...I hope!
611.01ROMWed Oct 19 1994No more RMS database on V3.
612.01MSDOA::RMITCHELLWed Oct 19 1994Can dependencies be something other than a job?
613.02KERNEL::TITCOMBERThu Oct 20 1994SCheduler kit for OpenVMS/AXP V6.1 - release date?
614.02EVTAI1::ROCHEFri Oct 21 1994SCRIPT and SPECIAL DAYS restriction
615.0MUZICK::FLYNNFri Oct 21 1994V3.
616.04STKEIS::BYSTAMMon Oct 24 1994GUI in FT of V3.
617.01TUNES::COLLIERMon Oct 24 1994DECNET OSI and Scheduler
618.03BRSOPI::STAESTue Oct 25 1994Problems with fiscal interval (F Q W5
619.0MUZICK::FLYNNTue Oct 25 1994DECUS '94
620.03TUNES::COLLIERThu Oct 27 1994How to run Scheduler on DECnet/OSI (Phase V)
621.01KETJE::MICHIELSThu Oct 27 1994V2.1A-14 Completion time of each job is incorrect
622.02STKEIS::MALMFri Oct 28 1994Job internal dependencies...
623.06PATE::COTEMon Oct 31 1994run every X between start-stop times ?
624.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANTue Nov 01 1994Agent for NT quoted out 6
625.02WLW::TURCOTTEThu Nov 03 1994Error run/releasing a job....
626.01CSSE::BOURGETWed Nov 09 1994Passing FISCAL WK Parameter
627.02LISVAX::MIRANDAThu Nov 10 1994Icon question on GUI interface
628.02TUNES::COLLIERFri Nov 11 1994Fix for corrupted dependency.dat
629.02SNAX::PATELMon Nov 14 1994Kit location help...
630.02MOSPRT::T_MCCARTHYMon Nov 14 1994Reported status of ACCVIO, but job seems to have run fine
631.01OPCO::TSG_GKBWed Nov 16 1994OSF Agent giving ": bad options"
633.01MUZICK::CHENThu Nov 17 1994Feedback solicited for V3 node name problem
634.09HLFSFri Nov 18 1994Scheduler on fast systems does miss records...
635.01RDGENG::COBBFri Nov 18 1994OpenVMS AXP V6.1 and DECnet/OSI
636.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Nov 21 1994batch job gives %LOGIN-F-FILEACC
637.03KETJE::STAESTue Nov 22 1994Job distribution and status consolidation?
638.04GIDDAY::PARSONSThu Nov 24 1994vss_reports and sys$asctim problems
639.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Nov 25 1994dependency between daily/weekly job
640.05BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Nov 29 1994dependent job executed when it was not allowed
641.02WMODEV::ZABLONSKIWed Nov 30 1994Job in DEP WAIT did not run when the job it depended on completed
642.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Dec 01 1994delete calendar problem
643.03MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIThu Dec 01 1994Linking problem with Sched/AXP 2.1b
644.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Dec 01 1994BUG with month December and next run time
645.03ZOMBEE::HALLThu Dec 01 1994Process Quota exceed
646.01LYOFri Dec 02 1994Previsional Planning extraction of Poly Sched. DB and graphical Presentation
647.03IJSAPL::PEURSUMFri Dec 02 1994Check Calender from within job
648.02MPGS::MULATue Dec 06 1994Output file pointing to another node
649.02MQOU18::MQOP23::f_monetteTue Dec 06 1994Traffic generated by Scheduler
650.02GIDDAY::PARSONSWed Dec 07 1994Scheduled jobs run late (very late)
651.01AYOU16::WARRENWed Dec 07 1994Need help with remote job dependancies
652.07LATINA::MAJOSEWed Dec 07 1994SSRVEXCEPT with NSCHED V 2.1A
653.04COPCLU::BJARNERThu Dec 08 1994NT released ?
654.01USOPS::ZAKSZEWSKIThu Dec 08 1994send mail on last retry only??
655.02TOLKIN::ROCCER::DEMOSSThu Dec 08 1994VMS V6.1 Upgrade with Scheduler V2.1 Problem
656.04STKHLM::LINDGREN_PFri Dec 09 1994Special Day restriction not shown
657.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONAMon Dec 12 1994job status success but command procedure fails
658.03CVMS::DOTENWed Dec 14 1994RMS$_DEV (error in device name) creating a new Sched job
659.01KAOAWed Dec 14 1994RESTART JOB option
660.05PLAYER::DEBLOCKFri Dec 16 1994Probable bug in scheduler for AXP
661.03PIETMon Dec 19 1994Custom Reports ?
663.02KERNEL::SMITHERSJTue Dec 20 1994HP-UX Scheduler
664.07PKHUB2::BROOKSWed Dec 21 1994Installation problem with ASCHED_MB (2.1b-1)
665.04MXOCWed Dec 21 1994Troubles with Schedule/Interface=DecWindows
666.07BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Dec 22 1994Expected end time contains ****
667.05GESSUB::BAGNASCOThu Dec 22 1994Dependency problem
668.01PADNOM::PICHAUTFri Dec 23 1994Mixed cluster in V2.1B
669.07MXOCFri Dec 23 1994supporting a wan whit various versions
670.01TUNES::COLLIERTue Dec 27 1994V2.1B + AXP/VMS V6.1 - ACP FILE error and solution
671.03GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Dec 20 1994Problem with 2.1B for AXP & DECwindows
672.015BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri Dec 30 1994jobs have wrong Next Run Time
673.01SNOOPY::SCHIMPFFri Dec 30 1994Use of DCE?
675.01COMICS::SHELLEYTue Jan 03 1995Regularly scheduled job skips a week.
676.02GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Jan 03 1995Case sensitive mail addresses
677.05BRSOPI::MICHIELSThu Jan 05 1995Ship date for V3.
678.01VLJISA::VANNIERFri Jan 06 1995SunOS Agent ?
679.01KETJE::STAESFri Jan 06 1995Looking for support of older operating system versions
681.01PADNOM::PICHAUTMon Jan 09 1995Good'bye
682.05CVMS::DOTENFri Jan 06 1995NT availability
683.01AYOV1Wed Jan 11 1995BAS-F-MAXMEMEXC, Maximum memory exceeded
684.04COPCLU::NISSENWed Jan 11 1995Next run time is wrong when using "SD_MAIL_ON_ACTION"
685.0MUZICK::FLYNNWed Jan 11 1995Soliciting an AXP resource
686.02GIDDAY::DONNELLYThu Jan 12 1995Corruption of dependancy.dat?
687.02FUTURS::EDWARDSThu Jan 12 1995Login information invalid
688.02BRSOPI::STAESMon Jan 16 1995How do I TEST the RESTART mechanism?
689.01STKHLM::LINDGREN_PWed Jan 18 1995OpenVMS/AXP 6.1 CONV-F-OPENIN, Error 162
690.01CGOOA::ZALESKIWed Jan 18 1995Differences between the Kits?
691.03ZACHEO::COLBATHWed Jan 18 1995%RMS-E-ACC, ACP file access failed
692.01STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu Jan 19 1995Recreation of DEPENDENCY.DAT
693.02CURRNT::JONESSThu Jan 19 1995Next run time before/after midnight
694.08ZPOVC::ROYHOSat Jan 21 1995Help on Fiscal Interval
695.03DV78Mon Jan 23 1995How do I enable Remote support?
696.09DV78Wed Jan 25 1995SCHED SHOW SCHEDULE_RUNS/OUTPUT=X fails!!!
697.01AWATS::WESTERVELTThu Jan 26 1995running under wrong account
698.06USCD::HEUSSFri Jan 27 1995failure status 8348??
699.01GIDDAY::PARSONSMon Jan 30 1995Forms interface problems with cma* images
700.02EISSRC::CATALANOMon Jan 30 1995CA7 and Scheduler on OSF Server ?
701.04TBJVOA::FUJIWARA_TAWed Feb 01 1995NSCHED$:VSS.DAT not created
702.03COMICS::RINGIWed Feb 01 1995Running Job name != process associated with PID
703.02CURRNT::AGOBERTWed Feb 01 1995Scheduler remote access
704.06KETJE::VANGRIEKENThu Feb 02 1995URGENT PROBLEM: NSCHED goes RWMBX all the time
705.06EISSRC::CATALANOThu Feb 02 1995Scheduler Server for OSF Sept '94
706.01ZURWed Feb 08 1995parameter CURRENT is wrong
707.01YUPPY::RAVENWed Feb 08 1995GUI interface Icon pictures
708.0STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu Feb 09 1995Installing 2.1B, DECnet/OSI %NCL-E-CMLSENDFAILED
710.02STKHLM::LINDGREN_PFri Feb 10 1995SCRIPT and special day support
711.01HLFSFri Feb 10 1995schedule show status and sched show job /state=running differ status
712.018BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Feb 13 1995Unable to start job on Scheduler Agent V2.1B-1
713.01ULYSSE::STRATMANMon Feb 20 1995V2.1-2
714.01COMICS::SYMONDSKMon Feb 20 1995%NSCHED-W-NYI, Function Not Yet Implemented
715.02CNTROL::DGAUTHIERMon Feb 20 1995Callable Interface questions
716.01COMICS::MILLSSWed Feb 22 1995Difficult questions on quotas !
717.04EDDF1Wed Feb 22 1995VAX/Alpha-Cluster with one Database?
718.03EDDF1Wed Feb 22 1995Scheduler Monitor Display eats up Open File Quota (FILLM).
719.04COOKIE::MHUAWed Feb 22 1995max jobs fills up (2.1B)
720.01ULYSSE::STRATMANThu Feb 23 1995PN for VMS agents ?
721.02ZACHEO::COLBATHFri Feb 24 1995Passing Scheduler a /parameter a sting of words
722.08LATINA::ARANCHAMon Feb 27 1995library for FORTRAN && error -1
723.03CIM2NI::ASHLEYMon Feb 27 1995how to read node.log file errors?
724.01TRNWed Mar 01 1995No start for scheduled job
725.02KERNEL::TITCOMBERWed Mar 01 1995VSS.DAT alternate key values
726.02KAOAThu Mar 02 1995Misleading SYSGEN suggestions
727.0WSA911::SYSTEMFri Mar 03 1995SCHEDULER process dumps on startup and then runs away
728.08KERNEL::HORSNELLMon Mar 06 1995F W-D1 rescheduling problem
729.01STKHLM::LINDGREN_PTue Mar 07 1995Special day, run ONLY_ON ACTION is to SKIP??
730.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPWed Mar 08 1995Shadow scheduler for emergencies?
731.02AYRMIS::LSSWed Mar 08 1995How do I run job for X consecutive days in a month
732.02LATINA::GEMMATue Mar 14 1995NSCHED$NOTIFY_TIMEOUT information
733.05KERNEL::BOWENSFri Mar 24 1995Process Name on Scheduled Job Inconsistent.
734.07KERNEL::TITCOMBERSun Mar 26 1995Reschedule job past its scheduled time on crashed node
735.05BBIVMon Mar 27 1995* SCHEDULER ON ALPHA/OSF ? *
736.010BACHUS::WILLEMSMon Mar 27 1995Jobs hang in scheduler$doo_command
737.02ISIDRO::JCUENCAMon Mar 27 1995Jobs with Exit Status ERROR
738.01KERNEL::TITCOMBERTue Mar 28 1995Mixed Scheduler versions?
739.01LEMAN::TAVERNONTue Mar 28 1995Action after file creation?
740.02DAVIDF::FOXTue Mar 28 1995Scheduler and FTSV?
741.02CHUECA::ARANCHAWed Mar 29 1995descriptor class A question
742.01CSC32::MJONESWed Mar 29 1995Scheduler$shell.com being recreated with
743.03MKOTS1::HOULEWed Mar 29 1995Agent for OSF/1 V2.1B?
744.01SWTHOM::SZAFRANSKIThu Mar 30 1995DEP_WAIT not satisfied between a Cluster and Standalone nodes
745.02CSC32::MJONESThu Mar 30 1995agent for risc ultrix 2.1b on ultrix 4.3
746.02CRONIC::LEMONSMon Apr 03 1995V2.1B Installation Guide lacks, has incorrect information
747.01--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 03 1995addressed offline
748.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Apr 04 1995AX/AXP Scheduler agents question
749.014KERNEL::HORSNELLWed Apr 05 1995requested run state
750.02NCMAIL::KOROLWed Apr 05 1995Documentation Location???
751.02CLPRWed Apr 05 1995Cluster alias on only one cluster member?
752.03CSC32::WATERSMon Apr 10 1995Passing params in Scheduler
753.01BSS::BOYERMon Apr 10 1995Start times of never after DB_UTILITY compress....
754.01KETJE::63559::J-L_HOFMANWed Apr 12 1995V3.
755.01TRNThu Apr 13 1995Is there 3.
756.01CSC32::S_ROCHFORDFri Apr 14 1995UAF access restrictions not inforced?
757.03MUZICK::CHENFri Apr 14 1995Seeking worldwide input on daylight saving time
758.07TKTVFS::SAKAMOTO_HTue Apr 18 1995Node restriction doesn't work
759.02SIBILO::BARBERISWed Apr 19 1995Decsheduler 2.1 : Is it ufficially supported for VAX and AXP OVMS 6.1 ?
761.04BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Apr 24 1995please improve the GUI !
762.01COOKIE::MHUAMon Apr 24 1995function protos for vss$ routines
763.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONATue Apr 25 1995post function still "running" with exclamation mark
764.02BACHUS::WILLEMSWed Apr 26 1995NSCHED exits with EXQUOTA after startup
765.03MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIThu Apr 27 1995Problem with COPY command
766.03NCMAIL::KOROLFri Apr 28 1995Q: Why is it looking in the /USER directory?
767.01USOPS::KADOWFri Apr 28 1995Scheduler exit status of job that dissappeared
768.05SEOSS1::BOTTOMS_DAFri Apr 28 1995proxy access denied
769.06DUNE::MAGGINETTIMon May 01 1995scheduler running more jobs than JMAX and load balancing
770.03MUNICH::REINWed May 03 1995irregular interval?
772.01MUNICH::REINWed May 03 19951
773.01ESSB::JNOLANThu May 04 1995How do I modify the Owner UIC field?
774.01YUPPY::KENNEDYEThu May 04 1995where is v3.
775.021BACHUS::WILLEMSGFri May 05 1995GUI displays bomb but logfile says OK
776.01STOWOA::LAISat May 06 1995What database engine Scheduler is (will be) using?
777.01COMICS::GLEDHILLMon May 08 1995march cd (vax) has no user guide.
778.03MUNICH::REINTue May 09 1995dependancy and error status
779.09LEMAN::LA_GIOIATue May 09 1995resubmit job when operator intervention
780.0+4LYOISA::MASSETTue May 09 1995PGFIPLHI with NSCHED current
781.017STAR::BISHOVWed May 10 1995Problem scheduling job for end of each fiscal month?
782.02COOKIE::POTEETWed May 10 1995Can EXID accept UIC identifier?
783.0+3HLFSMon May 15 1995scheduler does not send mail anymore when it needs
784.03COMICS::MILLSSWed May 17 1995When will API on Alpha be available ?
785.04ESSB::SGREENWed May 17 1995HOLD /GROUP ??
786.02TAVIS::BOAZThu May 18 1995Problems with DECNET-OSI
787.01PCPLOD::DRYGIN::PiesleysThu May 18 19952.1a/ULTRIX log display
788.05BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu May 18 1995Scheduler in mixed cluster questions/problems
789.02PCPLOD::DRYGIN::PiesleysMon May 22 1995NT AGENT PROBLEM
790.05UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERMon May 22 1995show scheduler_runs/output on Alpha-systems
793.0+4MUNICH::REINTue May 30 1995telefon number of product manager??
794.02BALAD3::PLAUTTue May 30 1995NT Intel installation failure on SETUPKIT.DLL
795.01MLNORO::CAROSITue May 30 1995When Will be Scheduler for Digital UNIX ??!!
796.01DECWET::WHITEWed May 31 1995NetView and Scheduler Integration?
797.03OSOEIC::S_MURAKAMIThu Jun 01 1995?? TCP/IP on OpenVMS AXP, OK or NEVER ??
798.02MQOOA::GASCONMon Jun 05 1995Shed first monday of the month
799.02BACHUS::WILLEMWed Jun 07 1995AXP and SCHED SHOW SCHED/OUT problem
800.03CSC32::MJONESFri Jun 09 1995pas-f-padlenerr on a show job/full
801.02ZPOVC::SHYAMPRASADTue Jun 13 1995Can we disable menus in a Windows i/f ?
802.05KETJE::BUGGENHOUTTue Jun 13 1995SPD for version 3.
803.04KERNEL::MCGOWANTue Jun 13 1995NT Agent running under non-SYSTEM account ?
805.03IJSAPL::PEURSUMThu Jun 15 1995V2.1B, Only UCX? DECnet?
806.05IJSAPL::PEURSUMThu Jun 15 1995Requested functionality
807.09BACHUS::WILLEMSThu Jun 15 1995Graphical display not updated. Scheduler V2.1-B
808.06ZPOVC::SINSPSThu Jun 15 1995dependencies request
809.01ZURThu Jun 15 1995VMS V6.2 and Scheduler
810.05TROOA::NAISHThu Jun 15 1995Need NSCHED_COMMAND Symbol from LOGIN.COM
811.01KERNEL::TITCOMBERFri Jun 16 1995DOO_COMMAND: Error opening scheduler job database
812.01CIMBAD::GRAVELFri Jun 16 1995Fatal system I/O failure
813.04SEDSWS::BRODIEMon Jun 19 1995Multiple log files.
814.02KETJE::BUGGENHOUTMon Jun 19 1995cannot access kit
815.0KERNEL::PULLEYMon Jun 19 1995Hang after transfer completed??
816.02JURA::BUFFELLOTue Jun 20 1995synch osi problem
817.09WMGEN2::hornet.det.dec.com::SalesRepresentativeTue Jun 20 1995Some customer issues
818.03TAVWed Jun 21 1995synchronization between 2 vss.dat
819.04COMICS::CURRENWed Jun 21 1995deadlock and MISCERR in V2.1B-1
820.09CLPRThu Jun 22 1995validation error: -8 ?
821.02TKOV6Fri Jun 23 1995How do I get dependencies completion ?
822.08KERNEL::JAMESFri Jun 23 1995Unable to send mail to DSN%RSMS
823.012WELSWS::GRAHAMSun Jun 25 1995Informix & dce paks
824.02CSC32::MJONESMon Jun 26 19952.1b-1 discrepency betwen show status and show job
825.02CSC32::J_MORTONWed Jun 28 1995Documentation for Scheduler/OSF
826.01LEMAN::LA_GIOIAFri Jun 30 1995inspect 'compliance'
827.02MUNICH::REINFri Jun 30 1995questions on setup 2.1b
828.02ROMWed Jul 05 1995API interface in 3.
829.01SWAM2::SOTO_RUWed Jul 12 1995Presentation files protected...
830.01KERNEL::TITCOMBERThu Jul 13 1995OpenVMS Agents vs. "Multiple" Scheduler systems
831.02MUNICH::REINFri Jul 14 1995behaviour on close!
832.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Jul 18 1995JOBS in WAITING state.
833.02CSC32::WATERSFri Jul 21 1995MAXMEMEXC error NSCHED dies
834.04CSC32::WATERSMon Jul 24 1995Remote node name, logical ?
835.02LATINA::JMGUERRAWed Jul 26 1995link-i-udfsym with ada
836.0+8WIZZER::FRAWLEYJWed Jul 26 1995CLOSE LOG/SUMM not working II
837.03CSC32::WATERSThu Jul 27 1995FILE ACP failure, 114964
838.03CSC32::D_BROWNTue Aug 01 1995SSRVEXCEPT in AXP V6.1 with DECscheduler V2.1B-4
840.03CSC32::G_BURTTThu Aug 03 1995Scheduler 2.1 Upgrade problem
841.01CSC32::G_BURTTFri Aug 04 1995Format of DOCS on CD's
842.09LATINA::MAJOSEMon Aug 07 1995Some dependencies jumped,SCHED V2.1B1 ???
843.01AUBER::SZAFRANSKIMon Aug 07 1995Synchronize question
844.03CSC32::G_BURTTTue Aug 08 1995Lost Termination Messages from Remote Agents
845.02CSC32::G_BURTTWed Aug 09 1995Last Exit status Changing -SCHED/INTER=DECFORMS
846.04CSC32::WATERSWed Aug 09 1995dependent jobs scheduled
847.01--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 10 1995History Information Inconsistent after Boot
848.010STOWOA::LAIFri Aug 11 1995Window NT?
849.01CSC32::G_BURTTFri Aug 11 1995History Information Inconsistent after Boot
850.010COOKIE::MHUAFri Aug 11 19952.1B API problem on V6.2 VMS/VAX??
851.02KERNEL::ROOMEMMon Aug 14 1995Error155 - record not found
852.011PLTFRM::STEVIETue Aug 15 1995%RMS-E-RNF, record not found
853.01CSC32::G_BURTTTue Aug 15 1995Release Notes Discrepancy-Mixed Arch setup
854.04ICS::CHRISBELLTue Aug 15 1995Invalid Password Error
855.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Aug 17 1995What part of UCX is needed for SCHED$LISTENER ?
856.06HELIX::WARNERThu Aug 17 1995need help with COM file
857.03MQOU18::QBSSQ::f_monetteFri Aug 18 1995Same PAK for the server and agent
858.04BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Aug 22 1995Job Reruns 17
859.01TRNOIS::TESTAWed Aug 23 1995I have some confusion!
860.03HAGGLE::dorianWed Aug 23 1995Will the post function overwrite my exit status?
861.01TOSSUC::PEGNAThu Aug 24 1995Fatal error 127 at line 1
862.02KERNEL::MCGOWANThu Aug 24 1995NT event log entry
863.04CSC32::HULLFri Aug 25 1995"bind: address already in use"
864.01CSC32::I_WALDOFri Aug 25 1995archieved notesfile????
865.02BSS::G_MCINTOSHFri Aug 25 1995Exiting Now
866.012KERNEL::AMISSMTue Aug 29 1995Problems with LInk and Schedular v2.1
867.02COOKIE::MHUATue Aug 29 1995set job /retry... on remote jobs
868.0+10MQOU18::MQOP23::fmonetteWed Aug 30 1995Memory fault- GUI
869.01GESSUB::BAGNASCOFri Sep 01 1995Job execution problem
870.03BSS::G_MCINTOSHFri Sep 01 1995OSF Only Network
871.07GESSUB::BAGNASCOMon Sep 04 1995V3 info
872.01ATYISA::ABULIUSThu Sep 07 1995?Sched on sept'95 SPL for OVAlpha?
873.01VELI::KORKKOSun Sep 10 1995Polycenter Scheduler and OpenVMS V7.
874.01DEKVC::JOONGSUNJUNMon Sep 11 1995question on plan to support Solaris
875.01USCTR1::REICHTue Sep 12 1995sched_agent = busy CPU (V3.
876.02EVTAI1::ROCHEWed Sep 13 1995job doesn't run at next run time
877.07UTRTSC::HALLINGThu Sep 14 1995AXP VMS OSI remote proxy with v2.1b-1?
878.02AYOV1Fri Sep 15 1995VSS.DAT Expansion
879.01NETRIX::"@ILO"Mon Sep 18 1995Prerequisite Hardware - Conflicting Information?
880.02ATYISA::NEYERSWed Sep 20 1995API needed !!
881.02USCTR1::REICHWed Sep 20 1995engine dies (V3.
882.03HLFSThu Sep 21 1995Scheduler symbol containing Fiscal period ...
883.0+8SOS6::SZAFRANSKIThu Sep 21 1995Remote calls are not supported on this machine. Contact your System Manager.
884.09ATYISA::NEYERSMon Sep 25 1995Passing parameters with RUN command
885.08LUXTue Sep 26 1995Problems understanding proxies with scheduler
886.0ATYISA::NEYERSWed Sep 27 1995ASE and DECscheduler
887.02HGOVC::WILLIAMNGWed Sep 27 1995Setting job interval
888.01MARVEL::DAVIDCThu Sep 28 1995Fails to send JOB_DONE message.
889.01TDCIS4::VANNIERFri Sep 29 1995 access to V3 osf1 release notes
890.01MSDOA::RMITCHELLMon Oct 02 1995Job Dependencies vs Task Command
891.03MKTCRV::GBLEEKERWed Oct 04 1995Version 3 and/ or tandem support
892.02COMICS::CURRENWed Oct 04 1995OpenVMS Agent query in 2.1B
893.01KETJE::BUGGENHOUTThu Oct 05 1995V3.
894.01COPCLU::BOThu Oct 05 1995OpenVMS questions
895.01KETJE::BUGGENHOUTFri Oct 06 1995jobsets and icon update, V3, UNIX
896.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGMon Oct 09 1995extra check needs to be build in the code
897.05KETJE::BUGGENHOUTWed Oct 11 1995info on jobset save BUG, V3 UNIX, see also note 895
898.01UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERThu Oct 12 1995TCP/IP required?
899.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Oct 12 1995created job receives wrong Next Run Time
900.0CROWN::HILLFri Oct 13 1995When a' we gonna getta V3.
901.03COMICS::CURRENFri Oct 13 1995validation error: -8
902.02ATYISA::NEYERSTue Oct 17 1995K-Shell shell and C-shell step
903.05JOBURG::LUCOTTEWed Oct 18 1995Manager user cannot access other jobs
904.01USDEV::KIRBYWed Oct 18 1995"Multi-processor machines"
905.0ATYISA::NEYERSThu Oct 19 1995qar databas
908.01--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 19 1995Plans on Scheduler V3.
909.010BACHUS::WILLEMSGThu Oct 19 1995V2.1B-5 access violation question
910.02NQOPS::ROCHEFri Oct 20 1995pcb error
911.01NQOSTue Oct 24 1995NT-related questions
913.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGSun Oct 29 1995Scheduler on mixed OVMS/AXP+VAX?
914.02CSC32::I_WALDOMon Oct 30 1995%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation
915.02TDCIS4::VANNIERTue Oct 31 1995AIX AGENT
916.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBTue Oct 31 1995SCO UNIX agent?
917.02JURA::MOUNIEWed Nov 01 1995Synchonization problem
918.01CSC32::WATERSWed Nov 01 1995Jobs in SCHEDULED state
919.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Nov 07 1995I'm leaving the Polycenter sinking ship.
920.02ATHINA::KANATASThu Nov 09 1995Price Estimation
921.03UTRTSC::WIJKAMPFri Nov 10 1995running or not running that ect.
922.01CSC32::R_WILLIAMSFri Nov 10 1995Scheduler Remote Executor compatibility.
923.0NZOVSun Nov 12 1995Scheduler History --> Excel
924.01MUNICH::REINMon Nov 13 1995scheduler and decnet-osi
925.01BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Nov 14 1995need some Server/Agent info for a customer
926.04CSC32::WATERSTue Nov 14 1995WIN NT agent fails to install
927.01GIDDAY::DONALDSONThu Nov 16 1995Daily/Weekly/Monthly exclusive jobs
928.05ATYISA::NEYERSFri Nov 17 1995Scheduler and ksh scripts with exit
929.0TRNOIS::TESTAFri Nov 17 1995VAX/AXP remote synch problem.
931.02COLTue Nov 28 1995BAS-F-ARGDONMAT with VSS$SELECT
932.02MUZICK::FLYNNTue Nov 28 1995I'm leaving Digital
933.06DECWET::WHITETue Nov 28 1995Scheduler 3.
934.02KERNEL::PLANTCThu Nov 30 1995special day class restriction in v 2.1b?
935.01BSS::G_MCINTOSHThu Nov 30 1995VMS thinks jobs still running
936.05ALFSS1::jrbpse.alf.dec.com::bentonMon Dec 04 1995Scheduler Deletes Jobs
937.01COMICS::ROOMEMon Dec 04 1995Wildcard Job Selection Causes Crash
938.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONAMon Dec 04 1995two vss.dat in the same cluster?
939.01COMICS::SUMNERCTue Dec 05 1995 %PAS-F-STRASGLEN with MOD commands (like 42.*)
941.02CSC32::G_BURTTWed Dec 06 1995Brain Cramp.....2.1B-7
942.01CSC32::G_BURTTWed Dec 06 1995SCHED SHOW JOB/STATUS= returning strange results
943.03CHEFS::LONG_JThu Dec 07 1995max_time function
944.05PRSSOS::MAILLARDMon Dec 11 1995UNIX server, VMS agent, validation failure.
945.03CSC32::G_BURTTMon Dec 11 1995FISCAL Calendar Issue 2.1B-5
946.03CSC32::WATERSMon Dec 11 1995Scheduler high CPU, nothing ran
947.01NZOVMon Dec 11 1995Managing jobs through an Upgrade
948.03CSC32::V_HEINICKETue Dec 12 19952.1b-5 - crashes ALPHAs only if 1/2 gig of memory
949.06CSC32::G_BURTTTue Dec 12 1995Questions on USE_NEXT and SCHED RUN/NORESCHEDULE
950.01VNASWS::GEROLDFri Dec 15 1995/INTERV and /DAYS together
951.01ZURFri Dec 15 1995Two Scheduler in a Cluster ?
952.01OSOSPS::MASAMUNEMon Dec 18 1995Job does not run on Schedule
953.04JOBURG::RYANTue Dec 19 1995NT job confirmation failing.
954.0+6MSDOA::RMITCHELLTue Dec 19 1995Fatal Error 127 in NSCHED
955.03SWETSC::HASSELQVISTThu Dec 21 1995GUI icon 'reset'
956.01HGOVC::WILLIAMNGTue Dec 26 1995Change of schedule day
957.0+2CSC32::G_BURTTTue Jan 02 1996$status not updated when a %NSCHED-W-RQSTFAIL occurs%NSCHED-W-RQSTFAIL
958.01MUNWed Jan 03 1996TANDEM agent anywhere??
959.01MLNCSC::BERETTACLAUDWed Jan 03 1996E
960.06DECWET::WHITEWed Jan 03 1996Scheduler 3.
961.03PTOSS1::SIANOWed Jan 03 1996Error with FindEvent/FindNextEvent
962.03ATYISA::NEYERSFri Jan 05 1996job id initial value
963.01ICS::VARGASTue Jan 09 1996NSCHED-NOREAD errorin reading to job #!
964.03KERNEL::COURTNEYMWed Jan 10 1996Not our job! ?
965.02ATYISA::NEYERSWed Jan 10 1996Shedc_job_env, .rhosts and localization of mamains
966.02COMICS::CURRENMon Jan 15 1996accvio PC=
967.02CSC32::G_BURTTMon Jan 15 1996Question on database format
968.02KERNEL::COFFEYJMon Jan 15 1996vms -> osf/unix connect: address already in use. 29945
969.02BACHUS::BANKENTue Jan 16 1996Info about debug level and decnet phase 5 server and agent
970.01PATE::CLAPPTue Jan 16 1996running someone else's jobs
972.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONAWed Jan 17 1996listen_ast:bad status from getlkiw (signal) :28
973.0+4WNOUWed Jan 17 1996Is DECscheduler GUI supported on Multia or Excursion?
974.05CSC32::S_HUSEMANSat Jan 20 1996Scheduler V3.
975.01COMICS::ROOMETue Jan 23 1996Mixed VMS version cluster and 2.1B
976.0+1LUXTue Jan 23 1996problems with agent& 2 ethernet interfaces
977.01KERNEL::COFFEYJWed Jan 24 1996Assistance with document on Scheduler (and unix)
978.0+19OPCO::TSG_BHLWed Jan 24 1996V3.
979.01CSC32::G_BURTTFri Jan 26 1996Question on No_dependency
980.03BSS::G_MCINTOSHFri Jan 26 1996db access part of DecScheduler?
981.01ROMTue Jan 30 1996VSS$SET server parameter problem ...
982.02NQOPS::ROCHEFri Feb 02 1996v2.1 install problem
983.01HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGMon Feb 05 1996Edit the graphical display by user?
984.01LOCH::SOJDAMon Feb 05 1996Job Dependency for Different Run Days
985.01LOCH::SOJDAMon Feb 05 1996Changing start time always causes job to run
986.01CSC32::M_OLSONMon Feb 05 1996When using max_time how is start time determined
987.0HLFSTue Feb 06 1996PID ffff
988.01USCTR1::nqsrv336.nqo.dec.com::COXBTue Feb 06 1996ASE Clusters?
989.02USCTR1::nqsrv336.nqo.dec.com::COXBTue Feb 06 1996New Features?
990.02LEMAN::LA_GIOIATue Feb 06 1996windows not selected
991.01EEMELI::HURSKAINENThu Feb 08 199682
992.02USCTR1::nqsrv3Fri Feb 09 1996V3.
993.0USCTR1::nqsrv3Fri Feb 09 1996Database Engine Sizing/Maintenance
994.01TITAN::BarrellMon Feb 12 1996Windows NT Agent kit location please ?
995.01NQOSMon Feb 12 1996How is GUI client licensed?
996.0DECWET::WHITETue Feb 13 1996Congratulations on the Press Release - It's Official!!
997.01OPCO::TSG_BHLTue Feb 13 1996scheduler server failover
999.0+2CSC32::SMILEYThu Feb 15 1996sched_agent eating unix partition
1000.01PORLA::FRISKFri Feb 16 1996Time zones in 2.1B
1001.03IJSAPL::PEURSUMFri Feb 16 1996V2.1B - V2.
1002.01CSC32::G_BURTTFri Feb 16 1996Question on special day calendar
1003.01BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Feb 20 1996DecScheduler for Solaris?
1004.02JOBURG::HARRISFri Feb 23 1996Scheduler - jobs not starting.
1005.01JOBURG::HARRISMon Feb 26 1996Looking for SPD V2.1a
1006.02PJLPC::PHILMon Feb 26 1996VMS Server with UNIX agents: versions?
1007.02KETJE::MICHIELSTue Feb 27 1996Problem with proxy check between server and agent.
1008.03IJSAPL::PEURSUMTue Feb 27 1996V3: JobSet problem ?
1009.01IJSAPL::PEURSUMTue Feb 27 1996V3: Strange job placement in GUI
1010.05LOCH::KNAUERWed Feb 28 1996Need Scheduler Reference Sites
1011.0+3EVOAWed Feb 28 1996Window NT Alpha Agent?
1012.06LURE::ticks.mpo.dec.com::CerlingWed Feb 28 1996Master scheduler capability?
1013.01BSS::G_MCINTOSHFri Mar 01 1996Jobs Are Gone....
1014.03NETRIX::"julian.rodriguez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Tue Mar 05 1996Informix dependency removed ?
1015.04CSC32::R_WILLIAMSWed Mar 06 1996Jobs not firing off when criteria is met. Why?
1016.01BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed Mar 06 1996Name Change
1017.0ROMThu Mar 07 1996How do i get remote job info from a program?
1018.0MUNICH::REINThu Mar 07 1996dependent job runs multiple times?
1019.02LEXSS1::GINGERThu Mar 07 1996core dump with v2.1 agent
1020.01ATYISA::NEYERSFri Mar 08 1996sched_e_net_error
1021.01COPSMon Mar 11 1996Some trivial questions
1022.02TKTVFS::SAKAMOTO_HTue Mar 12 1996CPU Rating question
1023.02COMICS::WYKESJTue Mar 12 1996DECwindows interface fails with globe widget drm registration failed
1024.01TEXAS1::KUHNTue Mar 12 1996scheduler ver 3.
1025.02CSC32::V_HEINICKETue Mar 12 1996Support of V2.1b-7 on AXP V7.
1026.0MRBASS::PUISHYSTue Mar 12 1996A V3.
1027.01COMICS::CURRENWed Mar 13 1996remote dependency problems
1028.06KERNEL::HORSNELLThu Mar 14 1996Scheduler Problems With depenencies
1029.04TEXAS1::KUHNThu Mar 14 1996rpcd sym errors in v3.
1030.01MUNICH::REINThu Mar 14 1996termination msg not in database
1031.04TRNOI2::TESTAThu Mar 14 1996Do I need Informix?
1032.02TRNOI2::TESTAThu Mar 14 1996AIX agent????
1033.03STKHLM::EKLUNDWed Mar 20 1996BIG proxy problems with OSI on VMS
1034.03COMICS::SUMNERCFri Mar 22 1996SYSTEM unable to MODIFY other UIC's jobs
1035.04IJSAPL::PEURSUMMon Mar 25 1996UNIX Agent/OpenVMS Server versions question
1036.02CSC32::V_HEINICKETue Mar 26 1996Algorithm Used to determine next default executor in a failover situation
1037.0+5CMGOP2::meod22dgp3.gen.meo.dec.com::mckenzieWed Mar 27 1996Digital Unix Server OpenVMS VAX agent
1038.02ICS::BARRYWed Mar 27 1996Sched_remote process
1039.01BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed Mar 27 1996Certificate a license?
1040.02BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed Mar 27 1996Completely Delete Username From DB?
1041.0+3BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed Mar 27 1996Schedule Creep Question
1045.02BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed Mar 27 1996Can't Get Rid Of A Specific Job
1046.02TMANVO::DROBERTThu Mar 28 1996Notify only for unsuccessful status???
1047.0DECWET::WHITEThu Mar 28 1996Scheduler 3.
1048.0+4DECWET::WHITEThu Mar 28 1996Where can I find 3.
1049.0 *+1BSS::G_MCINTOSHMon Apr 01 1996Failed - Bad Proxy
1050.0 *+2CSC32::WATERSMon Apr 01 1996Sched Show Predicted_runs ?
1051.0 *+3BSS::G_MCINTOSHMon Apr 01 1996None Name Change
1052.0 *+3CSC32::SMILEYTue Apr 02 1996"Job does not exist" error
1053.0 *+1ROMTue Apr 02 1996Same job running at same time on different node in a cluster
1054.0 *+5COLTue Apr 02 1996Support for OpenVMS V6.2 ?
1055.0 *+1BACHUS::BANKENTue Apr 02 1996Parameter question
1057.0 *+3ATYISA::AMSELLEMWed Apr 03 1996Random results for "show server" command
1058.0 *+3BSS::FLANNERYWed Apr 03 1996Alpha server communicating with Alpha agent, job always in a running state.
1059.0 *ROWDY::PAINTERWed Apr 03 1996PREDICTED_RUNS for unix Scheduler?
1060.0 *CSC32::WATERSMon Apr 08 1996ACCVIO PC=37568E
1061.0 *+1BSS::G_MCINTOSHTue Apr 09 1996troubleshoot?
1062.0 *+2ROMWed Apr 10 1996Real Time Messages to a file ?
1063.0 *+3CMGOP2::meod24dgp1.gen.meo.dec.com::mckenzieThu Apr 11 1996ossexec process dies on HP-UX
1064.0 *+4RULLE::LINDSTROM_SThu Apr 11 1996Improvment request from customer
1065.0 *+6DECWET::WHITEThu Apr 11 1996Could not open Server
1066.0 *+1CSC32::R_WILLIAMSThu Apr 11 1996Cannot access "network drives"
1067.0 *+2CSC32::R_WILLIAMSThu Apr 11 1996"cannot get name from job set, please report" error
1068.0 *+2IJSAPL::PEURSUMFri Apr 12 1996Latest kits OVMS on CD?
1069.0 *+2KERNEL::TITCOMBERTue Apr 16 1996Scheduler hang(?) in SCHEDULER$DOO_COMMAND
1070.0 *SWETSC::PERSSONWed Apr 17 1996Is A1
1071.0 *+4BACHUS::WILLEMSThu Apr 18 1996Again proxy problems.
1072.0 *+2DECWET::WHITEThu Apr 18 19963.
1073.0 *+1PADO::padovaniFri Apr 19 19963.
1074.0 *+2HLFSFri Apr 19 1996Scheduler on AXP: dependency not cleared/set and viisual ?
1075.0 *+3MUNICH::REINMon Apr 22 1996UCX or tcp third party??
1076.0 *+3DECWET::WHITEMon Apr 22 1996Scheduler startup problems...
1077.0 *+2MUNICH::REINTue Apr 23 1996no way to define transport=decnet??
1078.0 *+1GIDDAY::DONNELLYTue Apr 23 1996Negev Software Industries ?????
1080.0 *+3BACHUS::WILLEMSWed Apr 24 1996Job started before all dependencies OK
1081.0 *+1BSS::G_MCINTOSHWed Apr 24 1996Root Lost Privs After Passwd Change
1082.0 *+1MQOOA::mqsp15.mqs.dec.com::F_MONETTEThu Apr 25 1996INTERNAL ERROR in V3.
1083.0 *+2HLFSFri Apr 26 1996Scheduler and CA alliance
1084.0 *+1SIOG::M_CRONINFri Apr 26 1996No DECnet, only TCP/IP - NCP-W-OPEFAI
1085.0 *+4RULLE::LINDSTROM_SFri Apr 26 1996Pre & Post functions in remote mode
1086.0 *+2KERNEL::HEGARTYPMon Apr 29 1996%BAS-F-SUBOUTRAN when deleting Jobs
1087.0 *+2BBIVTue Apr 30 1996scheduler on unix ordering info
1088.0 *+1ATYISA::NEYERSTue Apr 30 1996Performance
1089.0 *+2BACHUS::BANKENTue Apr 30 1996Job remains in a 'running' state
1090.0 *+2IJSAPL::PEURSUMTue May 07 1996Server/Agent OpenVMS questions
1091.0 *+12COMICS::MILLSSTue May 07 1996Agent proxy problem
1092.0 *+3HTSCWed May 08 1996Dependency job problem.
1093.0 *+4CSC32::H_SOThu May 09 1996SCHED-F-TXM_INTERNAL_ERR
1094.0 *+2CSC32::WATERSMon May 13 1996Jobs stuck in QUEUED state V2.1B-9
1095.0 *+10NQOSMon May 13 1996What exactly is required of DCE?
1096.0 *+1KERNEL::MEGARITYTue May 14 1996Pre/Post functionality using NT Agent ...
1097.0 *+2MQOU18::mqsp15.mqs.dec.com::F_MONETTETue May 14 1996Problem with sched_reports utility
1098.0 *+5WOTVAX::DAVIESGWed May 15 1996Scheduler V3.
1099.0 *USCTR1::nqsrv238.nqo.dec.com::coxbThu May 16 1996TCP/IP vs RPC
1100.0 *ATYISA::PETIT_BFri May 17 1996Special Day and API
1101.0 *+1AKSELI::KIMINKINENMon May 20 1996interval: 15 minutes
1102.0 *+1ATYISA::AMSELLEMMon May 20 1996DEC Scheduler and ASE
1103.0 *+2KERNEL::AMISSMTue May 21 1996Jobs start but don't provide exit status
1104.0 *+3RULLE::LINDSTROM_STue May 21 1996Scheduler and dependecies
1105.0 *+3WOTVAX::DAVIESGTue May 21 1996Unix account set up for running Scheduler
1106.0 *+1STKHLM::WIDMANWed May 22 1996MAIL not sent & Jobs in Slot Wait
1107.0 *+4KERNEL::HEGARTYPThu May 23 1996Is there a new kit on the way
1108.0 *+1BSS::G_MCINTOSHThu May 23 1996Scheduler with C2 Security
1109.0 *+1ROMFri May 24 1996HOLD a JOB when it was running
1110.0 *+2TIMAMD::JCUENCAWed May 29 1996Compression of other databases
1111.0 *+2ATYISA::NEYERSFri May 31 1996spriority doesn't works .
1112.0 *+2COMICS::SUMNERCMon Jun 03 1996Scheduler Hangs when Master Drops out of Shadow Set
1113.0 *+1PLESIO::SOJDATue Jun 04 1996Product Questions
1114.0 *+6KERNEL::TITCOMBERWed Jun 05 1996Job in "NotRunning" state after restart of Scheduler
1115.0 *+4BACHUS::WILLEMSThu Jun 06 1996
1116.0 *BACHUS::BANKENTue Jun 11 1996Agent fails to start at reboot time
1117.0 *ROMTue Jun 11 1996%CONV-F-OPENOUT
1118.0 *STOSS1::MADDENTue Jun 11 1996CINCOM reference site?
1119.0 *+5ROMFri Jun 14 1996Security and Audit
1120.0 *PLESIO::SOJDAFri Jun 21 1996Remote Agents Behind Firewall
1121.0 *PRSSOS::LEROYERTue Jun 25 1996kits for Digital Unix ??
1122.0 *+1KERNEL::NICHOLSONAWed Jun 26 1996unix agent not sending errors to log file
1123.0 *+1KERNEL::TITCOMBERFri Jun 28 1996Load Balancing problem - is it ON or OFF or both!
1124.0 *UTRTSC::WIJKAMPMon Jul 01 1996V2.1A-
1125.0 *+6TAVIS::VONSOVERTue Jul 02 1996Documentation / Missing in action ?
1126.0 *HTSCWed Jul 03 1996Job Dependency creation
1127.0 *HTSCWed Jul 03 1996Job dependency problem
1128.0 *KERNEL::PLANTCMon Jul 08 1996independent jobs on alpha don't run
1129.0 *TRNOIS::TESTATue Jul 09 199675 dpi display problem
1130.0 *GIDDAY::PARSONSFri Jul 12 1996Scheduler 3.
1131.0 *+1COMICS::ROOMEFri Jul 12 1996Where are the latest patch kits ?
1132.0 *+6KERNEL::HORSNELLWed Jul 17 19962.2 release date ???
1133.0 *+1CSC32::FLANNERYFri Jul 19 1996I need a statement from engineering indicating that SCHEDULER V2.1b, V2.2 is certified for the year 2
1134.0 *+4TAMARA::BANGARAMon Jul 22 1996Any new pointers for the AXP kit??
1135.0 *CSC32::H_SOWed Jul 24 1996d-unix sched, logfile protections
1136.0 *+226115::CONNOLLYThu Jul 25 1996ALPHA OpenVMS and callable interface
1138.0 *+1VNASWS::WILFRIEDFri Jul 26 1996Alpha VMS 7.
1139.0 *BACHUS::WILLEMSMon Jul 29 1996
1140.0 *BACHUS::WILLEMSMon Jul 29 1996sched show sched/all/out not reporting all jobs.
1141.0 *KERNEL::COURTNEYMWed Jul 31 1996User Interface Logging??
1142.0 *MUNICH::REINThu Aug 01 1996error init job??
1143.0 *+1CRONIC::LEMONSThu Aug 01 1996Computer Associates POLYCENTER Web site
1144.0 *+1CSC32::G_BURTTThu Aug 01 1996Version of Server/Agent
1145.0 *+2CSC32::BSS::SAULThu Aug 01 1996NT agent jobs unable to start until SCHED CHECK/ALL finishes.
1146.0 *+3HAMSUP::SCHREIBERTue Aug 06 1996Where to find Documentation
1147.0 *+2CRONIC::LEMONSTue Aug 06 1996Computer Associates agreement?
1148.0 *+1TAVWed Aug 07 1996Where can I find V2.1B-9 ???
1149.0 *CSC32::WATERSThu Aug 08 1996accvio PC=12484
1150.0 *KERNEL::HORSNELLFri Aug 09 1996Deadlock Detected Fatal error 193
1151.0 *BSS::G_MCINTOSHMon Aug 12 1996Redirects Don't Work in Mainstep
1152.0 *JURA::SCHATTMon Aug 26 1996Q: On demand Job, remote dependencies
1153.0 *+2TIMAMD::JCUENCAFri Sep 06 1996Vers Mismatch after upgrade to V6.1
1154.0 *BACHUS::WILLEMSMon Sep 09 1996Job stays in "queued" state after db_utility
1155.0 *+2KETJE::MICHIELSTue Sep 10 1996SHO JOB/FULL How is the job dependencies information implemented?
1156.0 *NETRIX::"niklas.noren@ugo.mts.dec.com"Wed Sep 11 1996Cut out from CA POLYCENTER strategy
1157.0 *CECMOW::NAZAROVThu Sep 12 1996QU: Is API on OpenVMS AXP officially supported?
1158.0 *+1COMICS::JOLLEYDFri Sep 13 1996Maximum size of Polycentre Scheduler 2.1b-7 database
1159.0 *+3UTRTSC::WIJKAMPThu Sep 19 1996BAS-F-NO_ROOUSE on dissapearing NSCHED process.
1160.0 *MUNICH::REINFri Sep 20 1996Satellites in a cluster
1161.0 *BSS::G_MCINTOSHFri Sep 20 1996Engine Shutdown Remote Node Down
1162.0 *+3BACHUS::BANKENFri Sep 27 1996ACCVIO while using the Decwindows interface - 2.1b-9
1163.0 *+2HLFSWed Oct 02 1996SCHEDULER windows/nt agent ?
1164.0 *HTSCThu Oct 10 1996Remote Job
1165.0 *+1NQOSThu Oct 10 1996Wrong Completion Status
1166.0 *+2BIGCHZ::EZZELLThu Oct 10 1996Problem with cluster alias
1167.0 *COMICS::JUDDMon Oct 14 1996/RESTART and BATCH mode
1168.0 *54942::HERTATue Oct 15 1996want Korn Shell, not Bourne Shell !
1169.0 *+8HGOVC::KENNETHWed Oct 16 1996What is the latest patch for V2.1b?
1170.0 *+3CHTRBX::HESHELMANWed Oct 16 1996Anyone have a copy of remove_dependency.bas
1172.0 *+1STKEIS::SVENSSONTue Oct 22 1996Synchronization fails using clusteralias
1173.0 *+3HGOVC::STEVENCHEUNGSun Oct 27 1996record not found at IVP
1176.0 *+1MUNICH::REINWed Oct 30 1996what is the agent doing??
1177.0 *+1BACHUS::BANKENMon Nov 04 1996V2.2 official ?
1178.0 *CSC32::WATERSMon Nov 04 1996Unix V4.
1179.0 *+1GIDDAY::PARSONSTue Nov 05 1996Scheduler hung in mixed architecture cluster
1180.0 *+1BACHUS::BANKENWed Nov 06 1996Decscheduler batch jobs come frequently in RWSCS
1184.0 *+1COMICS::MILLSSMon Nov 11 1996ACCVIO, PC=
1185.0 *+2IBMon Nov 18 1996NOJOB_TO_EXECUTE error in 3.
1186.0 *UTRTSC::KNOLTue Nov 19 1996SCHED$LOCAL_DEPENDENTS strange behaviour
1188.0 *+1UTRTSC::KNOLTue Nov 19 1996proxy problem ?
1189.0 *+1CSC32::WATERSWed Nov 20 1996Polycenter Teleconference
1190.0 *+2MUNICH::REINThu Nov 21 1996Question about supported Version!
1191.0 *+1HTSCWed Nov 27 1996How to setup a remote job between VMS Server and Agent
1192.0 *HTSC19::KENNETHFri Nov 29 1996Cannot run jobs in Agent, final error on connect to socket 3
1193.0 *+1EVTIS7::ROCHEMon Dec 02 1996-F- or -W- NOSCHED ?
1194.0 *+6ICS::BONVALLATMon Dec 09 1996%NSCHED-F-NODATABASE, Scheduler database not found
1195.0 *EVTAI1::ROCHETue Dec 10 19962.1-b9 : delete *=*/server=xxx gives NOSUCHJOB
1196.0 *+4COMICS::MILLSSWed Dec 11 1996Wrong colours
1197.0 *USDEV::GERACEWed Dec 11 1996Never and job holding?
1198.0 *+1OHFSS1::BEASLEYFri Jan 03 1997Auditing Job deletions ?
1199.0 *+1HTSCWed Jan 08 1997Remote agent setup.
1200.0 *+1NQOSMon Jan 13 1997Null Next Run Time
1201.0 *TRNOIS::TESTAThu Jan 23 1997Proxy is needed?
1202.0 *+1KERNEL::HEGARTYPWed Jan 29 1997Is TCPware allowed as a transport?
1203.0 *+6HTSC19::KENNETHMon Feb 03 1997Job does no load balance, why?
1204.0 *+2KAOTMon Feb 03 1997Modifying script to exclude days.
1206.0 *+637939::LSEELIGTue Feb 04 1997Runaway Direct I/O limit, scheduled jobs don't run
1207.0 *+2UTRTSC::KNOLWed Feb 05 1997jobs run twice although dependency
1208.0 *+1VAXRIO::NOVELLOThu Feb 06 1997Scheduler 3.
1209.0 *+2GIDDAY::CAMERONThu Feb 06 1997V2.1B-5 takes an hour to HOLD a job
1210.0 *+4PTOVAX::PEARLMANFri Feb 07 1997some general OpenVMS Scheduler questions
1211.0 *+1HGOVC::STEVENCHEUNGTue Feb 11 1997Communication Link Problem ?
1212.0 *+1HTSCWed Feb 12 1997Patch for VAX Scheduler Agent V2.1B ECO5
1213.0 *+2UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERWed Feb 12 1997What does abort do with postfunctions?
1214.0 *HGOVC::STEVENCHEUNGThu Feb 13 1997NONAME message from OSF
1215.0 *LATINA::GREGORIOThu Feb 13 1997I need help with a anormal funcionality of DecScheduler over Motif
1216.0 *+1MUNICH::REINThu Feb 13 1997Look at NOTED::POLYCENTER
1217.0 *+2CSC32::WATERSThu Feb 13 1997DECnet OSI and Proxy problem
1218.0 *+3ZEKE::BURTONFri Feb 14 1997JobScheduler - Alternative to PC Scheduler
1219.0 *+2REFDV1::DAVIESTue Feb 18 1997SCHEDULER goes into DEP_WAIT state
1220.0 *+1MUNICH::REINThu Feb 20 1997Licenses in a cluster??
1221.0 *+1TAVWed Feb 26 1997Problems sending remote job
1222.0 *+7HTSCThu Mar 06 1997Job lost sync. in batch mode
1223.0 *+1ZEKE::BURTONThu Mar 06 1997Where to Resolve Technical Issues
1224.0 *+1NETRIX::"paulda@mail.dec.com"Fri Mar 07 1997Mail_to addressing (MS Exchange)?
1225.0 *+2NETRIX::"craig.bowers@mail.dec.com"Mon Mar 10 1997Q: NEXT_RUN problem
1226.0 *ROMMon Mar 10 1997Subsequent action on abort
1227.0 *+1HGOVC::STEVENCHEUNGWed Mar 12 1997Patch V2.1B-9
1228.0 *ATZIS2::DIETRICH_BTue Mar 18 1997timing problems scheduler 2.1B
1229.0 *+1RUMOR::FALEKFri Mar 21 1997IMPORTANT - This file needs a new home !
1230.0 *+1ATZIS3::PIEBERTue Mar 25 1997V2.1 ECO9 timing problems - any clues ?
1231.0 *+1CSC32::G_BURTTWed Mar 26 1997NSCHED$ ERROR CODES
1232.0 *+5HTSCTue Apr 01 1997NT Agent job setup
1233.0 *+1MDRWed Apr 02 1997VSS$MODIFY_ITEM PROBLEM!
1234.0 *+11TAVWed Apr 02 1997Default node question
1235.0 *+5ATZIS1::5Fri Apr 04 1997VSS_REPORT loops
1236.0 *ATZIS1::PIEBERTue Apr 08 1997SCHED_DECNET and OSI - revisited.
1237.0 *COMICS::MILLSSFri Apr 11 1997Jobs not running even when dependencies met
1238.0 *PRSSOS::MENICACCITue Apr 22 1997DECscheduler and ALPLIBR
1239.0 *+1TAVEIS::LANDAUMon Jun 02 1997HOLDing - Custom Load Balance
1240.0 *+15Tue Jun 03 1997do I need a server ?