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Conference 7.286::defense_issues

Title:Hawks 'n Doves 'n Everybody
Notice:Veteran's Day: 11 Nov and Every Day
Created:Wed Mar 05 1986
Last Modified:Wed May 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:960
Total number of notes:20968
Number with bodies:7
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1.022COMET2::OREILLYWed Mar 05 1986Welcome to Defense Notes
4.029COMET2::OREILLYFri Mar 07 1986What about a flyoff?
5.0153CANDY::POTUCEKFri Mar 07 1986Defense_Issues Registry
8.045CSSE32::PHILPOTTTue Mar 11 1986what if ...
9.055CSSE32::PHILPOTTTue Mar 11 1986WWIII ?
10.02CANDY::POTUCEKThu Mar 13 1986"Neutral" Country ??
11.083NY1MM::SWEENEYThu Mar 13 1986Books, Movies, TV, etc. on Military Matters
13.04TLE::SAVAGEWed Mar 19 1986Disseminating technical disinformation
14.05TLE::SAVAGEWed Mar 19 1986Army = opportunity for 'personal growth'
15.0ENGGSG::GROLLMANWed Mar 19 1986Fault tolerant offering at NORDEN
16.011MRMFG3::D_FOSTERThu Mar 20 1986Scenario for Middle East WWIII
17.011CSSE32::MERMELLWed Apr 02 1986almost WWII.V?
18.013TLE::SAVAGEMon Apr 14 1986Can defense projects be too secret?
19.018DONNER::OREILLYTue Apr 15 1986Ah, so we aren't a paper tiger...
20.017MARRHQ::WICKERTThu Apr 17 1986Something better than F-111s?
21.023TLE::SAVAGESun Apr 20 1986TV's 'Visions of Star Wars'
22.038BOOKEM::OREILLYTue Apr 22 1986Air-to-Air Combat
24.01BOOKEM::OREILLYThu May 08 1986Military reform bill
25.058CYGNUS::ALLEGREZZAFri May 16 1986what do we cut?
27.051CYGNUS::ALLEGREZZAFri May 30 1986Bright Ideas Dept.
28.010CSSE32::PHILPOTTTue Jun 03 1986Reorganising Army structures (rightsizing)
29.09ZEPPO::BANCROFTTue Jun 03 1986Get your Program
30.054SNEAKY::OREILLYThu Jun 05 1986Best Weapons Systems
31.071MAASSG::WICKERTFri Jun 06 1986Top Gun
32.0TLE::SAVAGESat Jun 07 1986Upgrading less-than-honorable discharges
33.04SNEAKY::OREILLYSat Jun 07 1986The Top 1
34.021ZEPPO::BANCROFTTue Jun 10 1986Would the World Be Different?????
35.017MARRHQ::WICKERTWed Jun 11 1986AWACS
36.018SNEAKY::OREILLYFri Jun 13 1986How many times for PATTON?
37.02MAASSG::WICKERTSat Jun 14 1986Are A-6s armed with ASMs?
38.04SNEAKY::OREILLYMon Jun 23 1986Stars & Stripes - R.I.P.?
39.029CIMLAB::RICHMon Jun 23 1986Warsaw Pact vs Nato
40.01SNEAKY::OREILLYThu Jun 26 1986Star Wars has a home!
41.0ZEPPO::BANCROFTFri Jun 27 1986A New Book Offering
43.012ACADYA::RUSHSat Jun 28 1986To Steal A Sattelite...
44.0BABEL::SAVAGEThu Jul 03 1986Active-duty personnel strength
45.021SNEAKY::OREILLYSun Jul 06 1986Are the Phillipines Worth It?
46.013SOFBAS::ROSCHWed Jul 09 1986F19 Spy Plane
47.02SNEAKY::OREILLYFri Jul 11 1986Hyman Rickover: R.I.P. and thanks!
48.051CYGNUS::ALLEGREZZAMon Jul 14 1986The future of NATO?
50.025SNEAKY::OREILLYTue Jul 22 1986White Elephants...
52.04ZEPPO::BANCROFTWed Jul 23 1986How would it be different? # II
53.08GORT::QUIGLEYThu Jul 31 1986 A SEA OF OIL
55.010VMSINT::THIELThu Jul 31 198648.16 : Churchill and the Lusitania?
56.09ZEPPO::BANCROFTFri Aug 01 1986"WHAT IF" # 3
57.046GORT::QUIGLEYTue Aug 05 1986 The Bradley Fighting Vehicle
60.011GORT::QUIGLEYTue Aug 12 1986Vietnam Vets Honored
61.03SNEAKY::OREILLYTue Aug 12 1986New Book on Electronic Warfare
62.01SNEAKY::OREILLYWed Aug 13 1986Brazilian Weaponry
63.02KIRK::PIERSONFri Aug 15 1986Soviet Radar
64.01KIRK::PIERSONTue Aug 19 1986Soviet SDI
66.015DSSDEV::REINIGMon Aug 25 1986Anti-torpedo torpedoes?
67.014ZEPPO::BANCROFTWed Aug 27 1986New soldier hits Basic Training
68.017EDEN::KLAESThu Aug 28 1986WHOOPS!
69.015DSSDEV::REINIGSat Aug 30 1986What if
70.05DSSDEV::REINIGMon Sep 01 1986Are single warhead missiles the answer?
72.05KIRK::PIERSONFri Sep 05 1986What If...
73.033ATLAST::FRAZERFri Sep 12 1986Just curious about subs
75.014EXIT26::MITCHELLWed Sep 17 1986F-111's over France next time?
76.011EXIT26::MITCHELLFri Sep 19 1986POW/MIA day in USA...Today
79.055CSSE32::PHILPOTTThu Oct 02 1986Conscription or nukes?
80.021KIRK::PIERSONSun Oct 05 1986Soviet Sub
81.07KIRK::PIERSONSun Oct 05 1986Gunnery on Cape Code
82.03KIRK::PIERSONMon Oct 06 1986Israeli Bombs/Satellite Recce
83.06APACHE::KEITHTue Oct 07 1986What if??
84.04RANCHO::RAHTue Oct 07 1986What was wrong with the M-114?
85.091UNCLE::HAKIMWed Oct 08 1986Defense war & Peace!
86.016KIRK::PIERSONWed Oct 08 1986Intelligence Organization(?)
88.02RANCHO::RAHFri Oct 17 1986Goldwater-Nichols...a bad plan
89.04CSSE32::PHILPOTTSun Oct 19 1986Visit sunny Hanoi...
90.016KIRK::PIERSONSun Oct 19 1986What If... (or maybe Whats going on here)
95.07KIRK::PIERSONWed Oct 29 1986Military Procurement Here and There
96.03KIRK::PIERSONMon Nov 03 1986WE knew all along, right??
97.017RANCHO::RAHThu Nov 06 1986No concessions, indeed...!
98.02CSSE32::PHILPOTTMon Nov 10 1986Vanunu
101.08APACHE::KEITHMon Dec 01 1986Pearl revisited +45
104.027SCFAC::HOTTSun Dec 07 1986Flight of the Intruder
105.018MYCRFT::PARODIThu Dec 18 1986Military Technology
106.04CYGNUS::ALLEGREZZAWed Dec 24 1986Iran again -- would it be this easy?
108.094CASADM::THOMASMon Jan 05 1987SDI Countered already?
109.02CSSE::BANCROFTMon Jan 05 1987A question for the experts
110.024RANCHO::RAHTue Jan 06 1987Peace overture - Afghanistan
111.01UFP::WICKERTFri Jan 09 1987Two interesting books
113.010MYCRFT::PARODIThu Jan 15 1987Christmas in the Trenches
114.05CASADM::THOMASWed Jan 28 1987Platoon
115.069SOFBAS::MCDONOUGHTue Feb 03 1987Did "Ivan" blow up Challenger???
116.03SOFBAS::MCDONOUGHTue Feb 03 1987Josef Stalin--Agent in Czar's version of KGB??
117.012CSSE::BANCROFTThu Feb 19 1987Why Does The USSR act as it does?
120.011CNTROL::REARWINWed Mar 11 1987US gets Soviet T-72 tanks
122.06RANCHO::HOLTMon Mar 16 1987Big week in Hungary, Czechslovakia...
124.018MYCRFT::PARODIThu Mar 19 1987B1B in trouble?
125.040GOJIRA::PHILPOTTThu Mar 26 1987Star Trek is unmilitary...
128.07KIRK::PIERSONSun Apr 05 1987Progress for Colonel K
129.025GOJIRA::PHILPOTTMon Apr 06 1987On countering Irregular Warfare Tactics
130.038KIRK::PIERSONMon Apr 06 1987What If--- (For Real)
133.021RANCHO::HOLTWed Apr 15 1987New Soviet disarmament initiative?
136.05YODA::COOKWed Apr 22 1987Very Good Show
137.018KIRK::PIERSONThu Apr 30 1987What If on a small scale
138.022HPSCAD::DDOUCETTEWed May 06 1987Defense reduction proposal
139.042COOKIE::SUSSWEINWed May 06 1987RED DAWN
140.08ACE::WILLIAMSTue May 12 1987Are we our own enemy
141.07RANCHO::HOLTTue May 12 1987Good Fights ... ?
142.08APACHE::KEITHMon May 18 1987Falklands 2 here in the mid-east
143.0146SCAVAX::MCDONOUGHMon May 18 1987U.S.S. Stark hit by at least one Iraqi Exocet!!
144.08GOJIRA::PHILPOTTMon May 18 1987The great Soviet Army... from AP
145.03GOJIRA::PHILPOTTMon May 18 1987Midgetman testing curtailed by warm Winter -- AP
146.01UFP::WICKERTFri May 22 1987Superiority
148.012APACHE::KEITHTue May 26 1987USS Liberty
150.020GOJIRA::PHILPOTTWed May 27 1987Air port & Aircraft security
151.0KIRK::PIERSONThu May 28 1987Tunneler's News
152.02RANCHO::HOLTFri May 29 1987Sub base in Nicaragua?
153.01ENGGSG::BROWNFri May 29 1987Cuban Defector
156.017PRAGMA::GRIFFINMon Jun 01 1987High Tech Systems - Boon or Boom?
158.07SOFBAS::MCDONOUGHFri Jun 05 1987Soviet Anti-ship and other cruise-type missiles..
159.01UFP::WICKERTFri Jun 05 1987U.S. Naval Institute Military Database
160.050SPYDER::BRIGGSMon Jun 08 1987If the UK was to go non-Nuclear...
161.03KIRK::PIERSONTue Jun 09 1987Logistics Problems
162.012KIRK::KOLKERWed Jun 10 1987Bring'em Home
163.011YOGI::MORGANThu Jun 11 1987should we love the neutron bomb?
164.04KIRK::PIERSONThu Jun 11 1987Zero Altitude Reconnaisance Satellite
165.030COMET::TIMPSONFri Jun 12 1987Taking our ball and bat home
166.023KIRK::KOLKERFri Jun 12 1987He can shoot, but can he read?
167.049RANCHO::HOLTSat Jun 13 1987America held hostage, take 2...
169.06NRADM::MITCHELLFri Jun 19 1987USSR's SDI...for real!
170.05YOGI::MORGANMon Jun 22 1987micro SDI?
171.055APACHE::KEITHTue Jun 23 1987The future of Central America
172.05RANCHO::HOLTFri Jun 26 19877 Days in May - CBS Special on the SU
174.03RSTS32::BROWNTue Jun 30 1987sub in Portsmouth
177.03CSSE::BANCROFTThu Jul 09 1987WHAT IF - another question of history
178.064CASADM::THOMASFri Jul 10 1987New weapons/tactics in Tanker War
179.012APACHE::KEITHMon Jul 13 1987USS Liberty Attack
180.02APACHE::KEITHMon Jul 13 1987Missing Persons Act
181.044APACHE::KEITHTue Jul 14 1987Live sightings
182.025APACHE::KEITHWed Jul 15 1987Potential new anti-tank weapon
183.066MYCRFT::PARODIThu Jul 16 1987What if (Iraqgate)...
184.027AKOVFri Jul 17 1987What if...the tanker gamble
185.09PYONS::HOEMon Jul 20 1987Private financing of American foreign policy?
186.06APACHE::KEITHThu Jul 23 1987Are we crazy???
187.05CSSE::BANCROFTThu Jul 23 1987Rhodesia/Zimbabwe
188.032APACHE::KEITHWed Jul 29 1987How to stop 'the' war?
189.07CSSE::BANCROFTThu Jul 30 1987What if YOU Were President Right Now
190.046MYCRFT::PARODIThu Jul 30 1987Lessons from History
191.028LILAC::MKPROJTue Aug 04 1987Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare
193.03RANCHO::HOLTFri Aug 07 1987Aussie Nuclear Testing.....?
194.019DEPOT::STERLINGTue Aug 11 1987The defensibility of West Europe
195.0145CADSE::DUNCANThu Aug 13 1987Sandinistas: A security threat?
196.022RANCHO::HOLTSun Aug 16 1987Military Judiciary
197.044CASSAN::NEWHOUSEWed Aug 19 1987Toyota (Chad) vs T-55 (Libya)
198.08GUTZ::GOKHMANWed Aug 26 1987Luttwak's new book.
201.033APACHE::KEITHWed Sep 02 1987Sell Tank Transporters to Iraq?
203.016APACHE::KEITHTue Sep 08 1987Teach Peace?
204.010CIMNET::KOLKERTue Sep 08 1987On Board CV-67, the JFK
205.030MAY2Wed Sep 09 1987War in Nicaragua?
206.066HAMSTR::MORANWed Sep 09 1987Can we trust the military?
207.010DICKNS::KLAESThu Sep 10 1987Robots and War
208.0137RANCHO::HOLTThu Sep 10 1987Why are we making war on Mozambique?
209.0STING::HAMILTONTue Sep 15 1987The Chosin Few
210.059CIMNET::KOLKERTue Sep 15 1987Terrorists,Partisans and Insurgents
211.06DEMOAX::BANNISHWed Sep 16 1987Whereto for S.D.I.?
212.059MARX::ANDERSONWed Sep 16 1987Afghanistan: A War of Nationalism
213.030MAMTS6::MZARUDZKIFri Sep 18 1987IRBM's and a NEW ARMS pact?
214.038APACHE::KEITHTue Sep 22 1987US attacks Iranian ship laying mines!
215.023STEREO::BROWNWed Sep 23 1987Gorbachev: Rumors?
216.08USRCV1::MONTREUILMWed Sep 23 1987Navy F-14 downs USAF RF-4C.
218.01ENGINE::REHMThu Sep 24 1987Have you visited Nicaragua?
219.026DICKNS::KLAESSat Sep 26 1987A Communist Computer Network?!
220.022APACHE::KEITHTue Sep 29 1987B1 Bomber Crash
221.0LDP::FORBESFri Oct 02 1987Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
223.030SSDEVO::BUTTERFIELDThu Oct 08 1987Attack on Iranian Ships?
224.035LILAC::MKPROJThu Oct 08 1987Comments on "Tour of duty"
225.08DICKNS::KLAESFri Oct 09 1987The Windscale Nuclear Accident
226.057BOEHM::JCAMPBELLFri Oct 09 1987Nuclear Plants and U.S. Defense
228.026LILAC::MKPROJTue Oct 13 1987The Persian Gulf
229.08AKOV11::CAVANAGHWed Oct 14 1987The Spy Machine -- NOVA
230.016AKOV11::CAVANAGHWed Oct 14 1987FLAG surface to air missile
231.051GRANMA::MZARUDZKIFri Oct 16 1987Stealth " " fighter
232.028COMET::TIMPSONFri Oct 16 1987Silkworm attacks
233.034LUDWIG::DESHARNAISTue Oct 20 1987How to stop them?
234.01DICKNS::KLAESThu Oct 22 1987FALCON (SDI Satellite Weapon)
235.07YOGI::MORGANSun Oct 25 1987well, at least the autopilot worked...
236.02ABLE::JMILLERMon Oct 26 1987DOD Budget Cuts
237.05LILAC::MKPROJWed Oct 28 1987Terrorist attacks in the USA?
238.0CIMNET::PIERSONWed Oct 28 1987Over-The-Horizon_Backscatter Radar
239.06CASSAN::NEWHOUSEWed Oct 28 1987Technology theft
240.022PLDVAX::PKANDAPPANFri Oct 30 1987Need somebody with a Jane's!
241.07MEIS::ALLEGREZZATue Nov 03 1987SPETNAZ (or somebody) at Subic?
243.025RANCHO::HOLTThu Nov 05 1987The US and India...
244.057AKOV11::CAVANAGHMon Nov 09 1987The life after.....
245.022DV78Thu Nov 12 1987ON THE LIGHTER SIDE
246.05MYCRFT::PARODIThu Nov 12 1987Operation Tiger
247.010FSTVAX::GALLOThu Nov 19 1987Service Organization
248.012DICKNS::KLAESTue Nov 24 1987Hold That ICBM!
249.015CASAD1::THOMASTue Nov 24 1987What to do with Specialized Units?
250.046WAV14::STERLINGThu Dec 03 1987US Military Action in Haiti.
251.052LILAC::MKPROJTue Dec 08 1987Arms control debate
252.07MONSTR::PHILPOTT_DWWed Dec 16 1987
253.06OXMYX::POLLAKThu Dec 17 1987Dividing the world between THEM and US
254.07MAMTS7::MZARUDZKIMon Dec 28 1987The ART of DECOYs
255.05OXMYX::POLLAKWed Dec 30 1987The Spy Catcher by Peter Wright
256.06APACHE::KEITHMon Jan 04 1988SR-71 question.
257.03LDP::FORBESWed Jan 06 1988SDI presentation
258.038FSTVAX::GALLOThu Jan 07 1988Patriot Games
259.047MPGS::SHABONThu Jan 07 1988Free Afghanistan - Is it true ?
260.06SUNCON::MCDONOUGHWed Jan 13 1988Navy supports film version of "Red October"
261.034APACHE::KEITHWed Jan 13 1988"Islamic Fundamentalists on TV"
263.070MILVAX::SCOLAROWed Jan 20 1988Beyond Top Gun
264.03MILVAX::SCOLAROMon Jan 25 1988Empires
265.040APACHE::KEITHFri Jan 29 1988Grenada Docu(drama)mentary on PBS
267.03FSTVAX::GALLOSun Jan 31 1988A-5 Vigilante
268.09PLDVAX::PKANDAPPANTue Feb 02 1988New Year Celebration - Lease a Soviet Sub!
269.012MONSTR::PHILPOTT_DWFri Feb 05 1988I had a dream - VAX notes helping KGB?
270.08APACHE::KEITHWed Feb 10 1988what if >Panama< ?
271.022RANCHO::HOLTFri Feb 12 1988US, Soviet ships play chicken
272.028DENTON::AMARTINMon Feb 15 1988Russian landings in Alaska
273.014DENTON::AMARTINTue Feb 16 1988Missiles in Cuba?
274.03DICKNS::KLAESThu Feb 18 1988Berserk at the Atom Bomb Store?
275.02FSTVAX::GALLOFri Feb 19 1988NFO
277.06ANGORA::PKANDAPPANFri Feb 19 1988'resistance forces' - How does one handle them?
278.030OXMYX::POLLAKMon Mar 07 1988The TV series SUPERCARRIER
280.028MECAD::STERLINGWed Mar 09 1988New uses for old tactics
281.018APACHE::KEITHTue Mar 15 1988DEFCON #
283.036ACE::WILLIAMSTue Mar 15 1988Women onboard ships besides tenders
285.030CRAIG::YANKESFri Mar 18 1988Will a war start soon?
286.0LEDS::KEZARTue Mar 22 1988How to get Russian SDI study
287.030CRAIG::YANKESThu Mar 24 1988History question on officer ranks.
288.01USMRW2::DTOOHEYTue Mar 29 1988Info Request 25th Inf.
289.02RANCHO::HOLTSat Apr 02 1988Walther propulsion cycle..?
292.08WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEWed Apr 06 1988the bomb...
293.08WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEThu Apr 07 1988Diego Garcia?
295.028APACHE::KEITHFri Apr 08 1988SR71 replacement, Testors model @11
298.06LILAC::MKPROJFri Apr 15 1988Probing attempts at the Panama Canal
299.03WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEFri Apr 15 1988Granada and medals...
300.039APACHE::KEITHTue Apr 19 1988Gulf heats up again US 6 Iran
302.090MILVAX::SCOLAROThu Apr 21 1988Bomber Blues
303.029WINERY::BOUCHARKEFri Apr 22 1988Good Morning US NAVY
304.04CSSE::BANCROFTWed Apr 27 1988Government Contractor Goofs note
305.01DPDSun May 01 1988Dirty Tricks Department
307.05WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEWed May 11 1988Iran goes to the world court...
308.028WINERY::BOUCHARKEWed May 11 1988VOTE now...
310.0SCOMAN::RUDMANFri May 20 1988The American Civil War
311.09CSSE32::PHILPOTTTue May 24 1988spy vs spy: a new book
312.071TIGER::PKANDAPPANTue May 24 1988Defense of Europe
315.011MAADIS::WICKERTThu Jun 02 1988Boeing 757 - the new ASW platform?
316.011DEMOAX::BANNISHTue Jun 07 1988"Soviet Military Power..."
317.07TOLKIN::LOCKEFri Jun 10 1988Ghosts of the Air
319.01MOHAWK::KEITHMon Jun 13 1988Some new WWII questions
320.020RANCHO::HOLTMon Jun 13 1988Military music
322.05MEMIT1::SCOLAROMon Jun 20 1988Defense Procurement Scandal
323.03GERBIL::MORANMon Jun 20 1988Thought this was dead
324.013CASVTue Jun 21 1988Types of Infantry?
326.02SKYLRK::OLSONFri Jun 24 1988Op-Ed article on Congressional procedures
327.01OXMYX::POLLAKMon Jun 27 1988What was SKYBOLT?
328.010RANCHO::HOLTWed Jun 29 1988Marching songs, or, what happened to Jody?
329.017WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEThu Jun 30 1988Chinese arms sale.
330.0149CSSE32::PHILPOTTTue Jul 05 1988The July 3rd incident in the Persian Gulf
331.04WILKIE::KEITHMon Jul 18 1988Damage to the USS Roberts
332.02TRCOFri Jul 22 1988Military Testing & Demos
335.09RBW::WICKERTTue Jul 26 1988Old Gun
336.08SOFBAS::WOLFFWed Jul 27 1988DCM program? whats that?
337.020CPRS::WOLFFThu Jul 28 1988Affect on Defense of Volunteerism...
339.013FGVAXZ::LAINGMon Aug 01 1988recruit training in the movies
340.029TUNER::BROWNWed Aug 03 1988show me yours, I'll let you see mine...
341.023MEMIT1::SCOLAROTue Aug 09 1988Peace is Breaking Out All Over!
342.063CSSE32::PHILPOTTThu Aug 11 1988miltary women.
343.05WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEMon Aug 15 1988refugees
346.07MAMIE::KEITHWed Aug 17 1988
347.055CSSE32::PHILPOTTWed Aug 17 1988Bentsen v. Quayle: VP candidates nose to nose on defense
348.0BLASWed Aug 17 1988STANAG 3838?
353.012AKOV75::MITCHELLTue Aug 23 1988Die hard Colt fan
354.029PIMIN::NEWHOUSETue Aug 23 1988Any other opinions of TET 1968?
355.06HYDRA::MCALLENTue Aug 23 1988Tonkin Gulf Incident - what was it?
356.04HYDRA::MCALLENThu Aug 25 1988Xenon in Shipboard Reactors
357.07HYDRA::MCALLENThu Aug 25 1988Navy Procurement UndScy Melvyn Paisley
358.033ANT::ZARLENGASun Aug 28 1988jet engine afterburner ... what is it?
359.019MOHAWK::KEITHMon Aug 29 1988Disaster at Airshow in Europe
360.06HYDRA::MCALLENTue Aug 30 1988Revolt of (Alg.) French Generals
361.023MTWAIN::KLAESWed Aug 31 1988The KAL Flight #7 Incident
362.015HYDRA::MCALLENFri Sep 02 1988Chilean Vessel Esmeralda ?
363.015DECWET::BEAVERTue Sep 06 1988Do Arms Treaties really reduce arms?
364.014AOHM::JACOBSWed Sep 07 1988How Fast are the Fighters?
365.05KAOOMon Sep 12 1988Military Prerequisites for Office
366.04WILKIE::KEITHTue Sep 13 1988A1
367.03SKYLRK::OLSONTue Sep 13 1988Foreign Policy debate, 12 Sep 88
368.012PERFCT::ENSLEYTue Sep 13 1988WWI tanks
369.0STOPIT::PEMBERTONWed Sep 14 1988New AA-11 Name?
370.018RDGENG::PATILThu Sep 15 1988MIG-29's at Farnbourgh!
371.01SOFBAS::MCDONOUGHThu Sep 15 1988USN F-14 VS USAF RF-4C revisited....
372.022MORGAN::SCOLAROFri Sep 16 1988Bases
373.024AKOV75::MITCHELLMon Sep 19 1988MY CAKE, AND EAT IT...
374.023MAMIE::KEITHThu Sep 22 1988Future Relationship with Japan Inc.
375.01DACT6::CHASESun Sep 25 1988The Confederate Air Force
376.05ANT::PKANDAPPANSun Sep 25 1988Doctrines of war
377.07RDGENG::PATILWed Sep 28 1988Russians staying in Afganistan
378.034CIMNET::PIERSONThu Sep 29 1988We're BACK The Shuttle is in orbit
379.0MTWAIN::KLAESThu Sep 29 1988The TELLUS Satellite Program
380.03HYDRA::MCALLENThu Sep 29 1988Reinhard Gehlen's ORG
381.01SKYLRK::OLSONThu Sep 29 1988Defense Authorization Bill, FY89
382.07HLDGFri Sep 30 1988Dutch_navy
385.027HYDRA::MCALLENThu Oct 06 1988Ron blurts the "A" word !
386.0HYDRA::MCALLENThu Oct 06 1988mind-bender's textbook
387.051APACHE::KEITHFri Oct 07 1988SR71 Replacement?
388.03HYDRA::MCALLENFri Oct 07 1988NATO changes impact Norway, Iceland?
389.03LILAC::MKPROJMon Oct 10 1988Hows, whys and whatfors of guerrilla wars.
390.02TRCOMon Oct 10 1988The Beast ( Movie )
391.0116SKYLRK::POLLAKTue Oct 11 1988Name that plane!
392.06MURPHY::ENSLEYTue Oct 11 1988WWII Mauser rifles/carbines
393.023HYDRA::MCALLENTue Oct 11 1988water flows unheavily at Dimona?
394.010TERPIN::SUSELWed Oct 12 1988Is this real??
395.01RBW::WICKERTWed Oct 12 1988Sword Point
396.08HYDRA::MCALLENWed Oct 12 1988KMT/Burma/Shan/CIA/CAT/drugs
399.034COGITO::STERLINGThu Oct 20 1988Ft. Devens
400.05HYDRA::MCALLENThu Oct 20 1988Ft. George Meade (shhhh!)
401.010HYDRA::MCALLENMon Oct 24 1988origin of Green Berets
402.024CUTLAS::FENTROSSTue Oct 25 1988does MAD still serve us
403.03HYDRA::MCALLENThu Oct 27 1988MAC-1
405.0AKOV88::MITCHELLFri Oct 28 1988guns, guns, guns
406.0HYDRA::MCALLENFri Oct 28 1988Colby, Phoenix Program & WerBell
407.037SALEM::PISACRETAThu Nov 03 1988What would you do?
408.06ULTRA::BUTCHARTWed Nov 09 1988Competitive Strategies.
409.051CPRS::MCDONOUGHWed Nov 16 1988"War and I don't remember that??"
410.09MYCRFT::PARODIWed Nov 16 1988Military Staff question
411.091CPRS::MCDONOUGHWed Nov 23 1988Is the B-2 "Stealth" for real or a joke??
412.010CALL::SWEENEYThu Nov 24 1988Legitimate Military Targets
413.03CPRS::MCDONOUGHMon Nov 28 1988The SS....Hitler's Black Knights/Hatchetmen.
414.02WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEFri Dec 02 1988Vietnam was only awhile ago
415.06MURPHY::ENSLEYMon Dec 05 1988WWII POW camps
416.020WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEMon Dec 05 1988.45 cal. vs. 9 mm.
417.02WOODRO::KEITHTue Dec 06 1988FB111's to leave Pease forever
418.010WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEWed Dec 07 1988ultra-lights at sea?
419.048CRAIG::YANKESThu Dec 08 19881
420.037MSCSSE::LENNARDTue Dec 20 198855 and OUT!!!
421.03USCTR2::DTOOHEYThu Dec 22 1988"THE GRUNT"
422.0WINERY::BOUCHARKETue Dec 27 1988bomb Japan?
424.01GIGI::SHERMANWed Dec 28 1988GET THIS BOOK!
425.0MORGAN::SCOLAROTue Jan 03 1989Defense R&D and the Commercial Market
426.09ACE::WILLIAMSTue Jan 03 1989Can Air Force pilots wear glasses?
427.0151IAMOK::ALLEGREZZAWed Jan 04 1989Air Combat in the Mediterranean
428.0100HYDRA::MCALLENWed Jan 04 1989Libyan chemweaps capability
429.011HYDRA::MCALLENThu Jan 05 1989weapons-traffic / Cyrus Hashemi
430.07MURPHY::ENSLEYThu Jan 05 1989guns/missles/both ?
431.018ANT::ZARLENGAMon Jan 09 1989Post-stall flight, Rockwell X-31 experimental aircraft
432.03CPDW::MCDONOUGHTue Jan 10 1989The U.S.A.'s "HOT" Fighters
435.012WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEWed Jan 11 1989Military retirement
436.01HYDRA::MCALLENThu Jan 12 1989Watkins (Navy guy) for D.O.E.
437.09CAM::JOHNSONThu Jan 12 1989looking for 'good' news
438.03ASABET::SCHUFFELSTue Jan 17 1989Information please
439.03HYDRA::MCALLENTue Jan 17 1989Bombay_Marine and Royal_Navy merger
440.05CPDW::WOLFFWed Jan 18 1989Reasons for our Defense? Why?
442.01CSSPRT::STARINFri Jan 20 1989Need Some Cammies
444.09ANT::PKANDAPPANTue Jan 24 1989"Man who broke the code" - Walker family spy ring
445.05CAM::ARENDTTue Jan 24 1989First Strike. Is it possible?
446.022CAM::ARENDTTue Jan 24 1989Non intervention. What would happen?
447.015PERFCT::ENSLEYWed Jan 25 1989"The Day After"
448.011ULTRA::BUTCHARTFri Jan 27 1989EMI Interference
449.01ACE::WILLIAMSFri Jan 27 1989One give away
451.06--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 31 19895
452.02HYDRA::MCALLENTue Jan 31 1989N-weapons in place for stability?
453.034HAMPS::PHILPOTT_IThu Feb 02 1989latest revelations on the Lockerbie disaster.
454.03CPDW::MCDONOUGHThu Feb 02 1989R.I.P. Tommy, "Well done!!"
455.014WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEFri Feb 03 1989EMP as a weapon
457.027WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEMon Feb 06 1989John Tower
458.035CPDW::MCDONOUGHWed Feb 08 1989"War & Peace in the Nuclear Age" SHOCKING!!
459.070--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 14 1989A Geopolitical Japan
460.04HYDRA::MCALLENTue Feb 14 1989General (ret.) John K. Singlaub
463.048HAMPS::PHILPOTT_IFri Feb 24 1989Improving civilian musketry standards in the USA
464.02ABE::STARINMon Feb 27 1989The Guards Regimental Bands
465.024ABE::STARINMon Feb 27 1989Left Behind in the Mojave
466.026ASABET::SCHUFFELSThu Mar 02 1989In memorium USS Houston
467.0AKOV11::CAVANAGHMon Mar 06 1989Soviet subs pull out?
468.03ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_ITue Mar 07 1989Hacking for the KGB
469.014ABE::STARINWed Mar 08 1989An Australian Version of "The Horse Soldiers"
470.032CPDW::MCDONOUGHThu Mar 09 1989"SPETSNAZ"! Soviet's elite commando unit..
471.0CAM::ARENDTFri Mar 10 1989Briefing papers are available.
472.040MUTHA::STARINFri Mar 10 1989Famous WWII Quotes
474.07ABE::STARINMon Mar 13 1989Load With Cannister
475.02CPDW::MCDONOUGHMon Mar 13 1989East VS West/NATO VS Pact/SOV.SDI VS US.SDI...
476.012HYDRA::MCALLENMon Mar 13 1989Richard Cheney -Def Secy nominee
477.024SKYLRK::OLSONThu Mar 16 1989Carter's failed hostage rescue mission
478.010ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_IFri Mar 17 1989Start of WWII - fifty years ago.
479.017MORGAN::SCOLAROFri Mar 17 1989Battleship Cove
480.021HAMPS::PHILPOTT_IMon Mar 20 1989What if you knew where a terrorist was...
481.021WILKIE::KEITHWed Mar 22 1989Trident test and failure.
482.013HYDRA::MCALLENWed Mar 22 1989ICBM first strike, CEPs, silos, Launch-on-warning
483.036CPDW::MCDONOUGHThu Mar 23 1989A Single Military Service--Pros and Cons
484.0MUTHA::STARINTue Mar 28 1989Singing the Praises of Kim il Sung
486.012MUTHA::STARINWed Mar 29 1989A PBS Documentary
487.011MUTHA::STARINThu Mar 30 1989The Falklands Revisited
488.031HAMPS::PHILPOTT_IMon Apr 03 1989TV program on Pearl Harbor Elint...
489.02BOSHOG::SCHWARTZFri Apr 07 1989Gorbo Boffo in London; Lunches with Queen
490.016CHOVAX::HORNUNGFri Apr 07 1989Japanese Planes from Subs
491.050SA1794::HOLUKJSat Apr 08 1989Soviet "Mike" Sinks
492.011--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 10 1989Sakai, the Zero, and turning in general
493.03GWRRA::BROWNMon Apr 10 1989Help on Ft. Dix
495.024ANT::PKANDAPPANFri Apr 14 1989Lebanese civil/factional war - 16th year with a bang!
496.014MUTHA::STARINMon Apr 17 1989G'day Mate
497.0102RBW::WICKERTWed Apr 19 1989Shell explodes on USS Iowa
498.05--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 20 1989Adolf couldn't be here today...
499.08DACT6::CHASEWed Apr 26 1989A&E's Wings over the World
500.0ORGMAN::HAMILTONThu Apr 27 1989Looking for "5th Man"
501.034ANT::PKANDAPPANMon May 01 1989Indian missile program - why the criticism?
502.04JEEPRS::CARROLLThu May 11 1989Hydrogen sub
503.013DACT6::CHASEThu May 11 1989The Panama Question
504.016WR2FOR::BOUCHARD_KEFri May 12 1989old B-17
505.06ZZTOP::BEELERSat May 13 1989The "military mind" in management?
506.017CALL::SWEENEYSun May 14 1989Regualars, National Guard, Reserves
507.06CPDW::MCDONOUGHWed May 17 1989Bored British Airmen devise Falklands fun...
508.010PERFCT::ENSLEYSun May 21 1989Guadacanal..
509.035TFH::LEVINESun May 21 1989Mig-29 over Turkey !!!!!
510.04CHOVAX::HORNUNGThu May 25 1989TIME article/NATO Commander
511.05LILAC::MKPROJThu Jun 01 1989Towards a new era in Europe?
512.044LASHAM::PHILPOTT_IFri Jun 02 1989Gurkhas post Hong Kong deployment
513.059KAOAMon Jun 05 1989Mercenary Units - Yes/No
514.011ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_IMon Jun 05 1989Future of Gulf affairs in the aftermath of Ayatollah Khomeini...
515.031CPDW::MCDONOUGHTue Jun 06 1989Possible Civil War in China???
516.043ABE::STARINFri Jun 09 1989MIG-29 Augers In
517.030COMET::ALBERTUSThu Jun 15 1989Bismark found
518.06MURPHY::ENSLEYTue Jun 20 1989IJN Yamato
520.023YODA::BARANSKIThu Jun 22 19892
521.09ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_ITue Jun 27 1989happy birthday...
522.01LASHAM::PHILPOTT_IWed Jun 28 1989RIP Mikhail Orlov [aka Glenn Souther] ?
523.01LASHAM::PHILPOTT_IWed Jun 28 1989Ready Photon Torpedoes...
524.06JOULE::CARROLLWed Jul 05 1989Was it a test??
525.0+25BRUCIE::STARINMon Jul 10 1989Two Quotes
526.016BRUCIE::STARINMon Jul 10 1989Can Soviet EM's Read Maps?
527.09RBW::WICKERTTue Jul 18 1989"Red Army" by Ralph Peters
530.011JRDVMon Jul 24 1989Elections in Japan
531.08MPGS::KEEFETue Jul 25 1989B-52 crash/explosion??
532.032MAMIE::KEITHWed Jul 26 1989SR-71 all done next year?
533.010CPDW::MCDONOUGHThu Jul 27 1989Crowe & his buddy--Marshal Ackromeyev.
534.020IAMOK::BANCROFTThu Jul 27 1989Did we just not get told???
535.019NOVA::ZAGUREKThu Jul 27 1989Simple SDI Mathematics
536.05WMOIS::P_LOWEFri Jul 28 1989New Soviet Tank Armour?
537.048EXIT26::DROSSELMon Jul 31 1989America Held Hostage
538.042NEWVAX::ZIMMERMANMon Jul 31 1989SDI, another perspective
540.03MAMIE::KEITHTue Aug 08 1989Terrorist radar rocket in US?
541.0NOVA::ZAGUREKTue Aug 08 1989START - Example Force Totals
542.04NOVA::ZAGUREKTue Aug 08 1989KH-12
543.04MUSKIE::BLACKThu Aug 10 1989 Stealth xxxxx - any others out there?
544.027NOVA::ZAGUREKSat Aug 12 1989SDI and Population Defense
545.019ABE::STARINMon Aug 14 1989Gallipoli
546.0CPDW::MCDONOUGHTue Aug 22 1989Dutch draftees surprise the NATO "Pros"!!
547.01IAMOK::BANCROFTWed Aug 23 1989Military History Anniversary Celebrations
548.042IAMOK::BANCROFTWed Aug 30 1989Service Mottos - a discussion
550.05NRPUR::MCDONOUGHFri Sep 01 19895
551.0MEMIT::SCOLAROThu Sep 14 1989TNT Series on Flying
552.0111GERBIL::DAVIESMon Sep 18 1989Implications of a united Germany
553.01HYDRA::MCALLENTue Sep 19 1989Ferranti - Guerin Scandal
554.05ABACUS::BEELERSat Sep 23 1989S.L.A. Marshall/Colonel D. Hackworth
555.022CHRCHL::GERMAINMon Oct 02 1989Modern Ground Tactics
556.0115TRCOTue Oct 03 1989Noriega ousted ?
558.09LILAC::ZOREFri Oct 06 1989The Airborne Mafia
559.0ASABET::K_HAMILTONFri Oct 06 1989A chance to be heard
560.011SNOCSun Oct 08 1989does the Warsaw Pact have a future?
562.01ABACUS::BEELERTue Oct 10 1989Toohey Spaatz
563.036AYOV29::GBUCZMAWed Oct 11 1989KAMPUCHEA- History repeating itself?
564.014REPAIR::TRIMMINGSThu Oct 12 1989Stephen Coonts
565.07DELNI::O_ONEILFri Oct 13 1989WW-II Douglas B-19?
566.05ILO::JMURPHYMon Oct 16 1989Just back from Afghanistan
567.017JUPITR::WHYNOTWed Oct 18 1989USS MASSACHUSETTS to be towed to Boston
568.03CLARKK::WISE_ERTue Oct 31 1989Request for Knowledge
570.011ASABET::MCDONOUGHFri Nov 03 1989 Senate votes to restore North's pension.
571.012OBIWAN::SCHWARTZRWed Nov 08 1989has WWIII started?
572.010IAMOK::BANCROFTFri Nov 10 1989The Secret Police are eternal
573.07CIMNET::PIERSONFri Nov 10 1989...and a few Marines
574.010WILKIE::KEITHMon Nov 13 1989Military senarios for Europe
575.015MILKWY::PKANDAPPANMon Nov 13 1989Whither International Law?
576.014TRCOTue Nov 14 1989USN orders stand down
577.010MCIS5::ENSLEYFri Nov 17 1989The Monitor, et al
578.024MAMIE::KEITHMon Nov 20 1989US to cut defense, Where?
579.035ASABET::MCDONOUGHMon Nov 20 1989 Whither the Soviet Military reduction???
580.0DSTEG1::BROWNMon Nov 20 1989ex
581.012DEPOT::STERLINGWed Nov 22 1989El Salvador Rescue Operation
582.04--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 22 1989PROCEEDINGS magazine
583.06IAMOK::BANCROFTMon Nov 27 1989WHAT IF - No U.S. Foriegn Aid?
584.02SAC::PHILPOTT_IWed Nov 29 1989Lest we forget...
585.060MYCRFT::PARODIFri Dec 01 1989Changing Assessment of Soviet Capability
586.03MEMIT::SCOLAROMon Dec 11 1989Iraqui Satelite!
587.015AYOU74::GBUCZMAFri Dec 15 1989Europe - the next superpower?
588.02PEKING::NASHDFri Dec 15 1989Conference announcement.
589.013IAMOK::GANLEYMon Dec 18 1989Proposed Army-Marine Merger
590.07WILKIE::KEITHTue Dec 19 1989A New True Communist Leader State
592.07AMTRAK::STERLINGThu Dec 21 1989Rapid Deployment Heavy Follow-on Forces
593.017AKOV11::CAVANAGHFri Dec 22 1989Romanian govt overthrown - another one bites the dust
594.02TFH::LEVINEWed Jan 03 1990RSA announces comsat plans
595.08HPSTEK::BELANGERFri Jan 05 1990Naval History & Ships Conference Opened
596.0138AV8OR::KANDAPPANTue Jan 09 1990War on drugs - should the military be involved so openly?
597.02417Wed Jan 10 1990Small Unit Tactics
599.04DOCSRV::STARINMon Jan 15 1990Never So Few - Shackletons that is
600.090MEMIT::SCOLAROWed Jan 17 1990Troubles WITHIN the USSR
601.03NDLIS4::JRICHARDSThu Jan 25 1990Computer simulations
602.01336577::GANLEYMon Jan 29 1990Devaluation of Awards for Valor
604.05SAC::PHILPOTT_ITue Jan 30 1990Redeployment of resources.
605.05KAOAThu Feb 08 1990Open Skies
606.026MEMIT::SCOLAROThu Feb 08 1990Vote WAR?
607.03MEMIT::SCOLAROThu Feb 08 1990Wither China
608.017CNTROL::PAPADEASFri Feb 09 1990WWII German Cargo Plane ?
609.019WILKIE::KEITHWed Feb 14 1990Iran to go nuke?
610.038CIMNET::PIERSONFri Feb 16 1990Military and Related Museums
611.0WILKIE::KEITHThu Feb 22 1990Shortage of trucks after D-Day?
612.03FEGPX::SWEENEYSun Feb 25 1990What ships are these?
613.022MEMIT::SCOLAROMon Feb 26 1990The Nicaragua Election!
614.016MCIS5::ENSLEYTue Mar 06 1990Barrage balloons
615.030REPAIR::TRIMMINGSThu Mar 08 1990Put a little extra mustard on it!
616.01MCIS5::ENSLEYThu Mar 08 1990Reich
617.025MEMIT::SCOLAROFri Mar 09 1990How Hitler Lost the War!
618.025ASABET::MCDONOUGHFri Mar 16 1990Guided "glide-bombs" in Luftwaffe use????
619.028COMET::ALBERTUSMon Mar 19 1990smart weapons
621.073TRNSAM::HOLTWed Mar 28 1990Nuclear Warhead triggers seized at Heathrow
622.0WMOIS::D_DUVERGERFri Mar 30 1990green eggs (-:
623.08ASABET::MCDONOUGHThu Apr 05 1990American pilot flys MiG-29..........
624.0GALVIA::FLOODTue Apr 10 1990Soviet Missile Data
626.091BTOVT::AJA_MThu Apr 19 1990Can they get along????
627.013MCIS5::ENSLEYMon Apr 23 1990"Unknown War"
628.04BRABAM::PHILPOTTWed Apr 25 1990Galipoli
629.042WORDY::GANLEYWed Apr 25 1990Gerald Bull & the Iraqi HARP
631.0118ASABET::MCDONOUGHWed May 02 1990World War II Trivia note...
632.019REPAIR::TRIMMINGSThu May 03 1990Research
635.05KURMA::GAITKENHEADFri May 25 1990"The Day Before Midnight" question.
636.013MAMIE::KEITHFri May 25 1990Falklands War Lecture
638.01AV8OR::KANDAPPANWed May 30 1990Horn of Africa - war & peace!
639.018MEMIT::SCOLAROMon Jun 11 1990Pace of US Demobolization
640.06BRABAM::PHILPOTTThu Jun 14 1990KGB takes over East German networks.
641.080MCIS5::ENSLEYFri Jun 15 1990Artillery, and it's effect(s)...
643.09MEMIT::SCOLAROMon Jun 18 1990Defense procurement and force strategies for the 9
644.04AV8OR::KANDAPPANTue Jun 19 1990SriLanka - the war erupts again!
645.05AKOAV8::CAVANAGHThu Jun 21 1990Explosion aboard USS Midway
646.031MCIS5::MCDONOUGHFri Jun 29 1990And...What did YOU do in the war, Daddy???
647.05ICS::SHERMANWed Jul 11 1990NAS SOWEY
648.040MCIS5::MCDONOUGHThu Jul 12 1990World War II "Aces".....
649.01959TFH::LEVINEWed Jul 25 1990New middle east hot spot
650.04WORDY::GANLEYFri Jul 27 1990Scandal with ALCM's NAV. Systems
651.0144MCIS5::MCDONOUGHTue Jul 31 1990"The Setting Sun"..the end in the Pacific..
652.07DACT6::CHASEWed Aug 01 1990A&E's Wed. night lineup
653.05FLDSVC::STERLINGThu Aug 09 1990What happened to RESERVE_FORCES?
654.09VAXRIO::MARCOSTue Aug 14 1990RoboTrooper
655.04PIRATE::TIMPSONWed Aug 15 1990Sub diving depth
656.06HAMPS::WILSON_DThu Aug 23 1990If I were SH.....
657.0FACVAX::SHERMANThu Aug 23 1990Reservists for DTW
658.0TFH::LEVINEFri Aug 24 1990While the cats away, panamanian mice play
659.04ICS::WEBERMon Aug 27 1990Opeation Desert Shield Question
661.010SNOCSun Sep 02 1990ARMY - Geographic Information Systems Need...
662.011EXIT26::SAARINENThu Sep 13 1990Pressurized Gas Bomb?
663.014CIMBAD::QUIRICIThu Sep 13 1990esp at war?
664.020INBLUE::HALDANEWed Sep 19 1990Utopia and the UN
665.01LILAC::ZOREWed Sep 19 1990USS LaSalle info requested
666.02TFH::LEVINEMon Sep 24 1990Iraqui vs RSA embargo
667.051MCIS5::ENSLEYThu Sep 27 1990Mid-East tanks
668.082AKOV14::LORENTZENFri Sep 28 1990Artillery in the Gulf War
669.023MCIS5::MCDONOUGHTue Oct 02 1990General Curtis E. LeMay, U.S.A.F.......
670.012JAWS::MCDONOUGHThu Oct 04 1990USAF's LATEST technological breakthrough!!
671.035CSS::KEITHFri Oct 05 1990YF23 and YF22
672.012NETCUR::REIDFri Oct 12 1990GD/McD-Doug. A-12 Avenger a/c
673.0177CLOSUS::J_BUTLERFri Oct 19 1990Israel
674.0JURAN::HAKIMFri Oct 19 1990The relationship between disarmament & development
675.022FUTURE::DMOSCOWed Oct 31 1990General's vs. Marshall's
676.02NETCUR::REIDMon Nov 05 1990George Bush's last WW2 mission
677.04BRABAM::PHILPOTTTue Nov 06 1990A warrior goes to Valhalla...
678.06WORDY::GANLEYFri Nov 09 1990Firing the Dep. CG of USAF MAC
679.07TARKIN::MCALLENWed Nov 14 1990CENTO or Baghdad Pact ?
680.012CIMBAD::QUIRICIThu Nov 15 1990war and the constitution
681.018RANGER::JCAMPBELLFri Nov 16 1990Commentary about the Persian Gulf crisis
682.05BRABAM::PHILPOTTMon Nov 19 1990In a banana plantation on the banks of the Water Buffalo
683.0BRABAM::PHILPOTTTue Nov 20 1990CFE Treaty limits in Continental Europe.
684.05WORDY::GANLEYTue Nov 20 1990CSPAN Covers a US Unit Deployment to Arabia
685.04BRABAM::PHILPOTTMon Nov 26 1990Switzerland to vote on disarmament...
686.032CURIE::SRINIVASANTue Nov 27 1990Is UK a super power ?
690.011NETDOC::REIDFri Nov 30 1990Canadian Army raid on Dieppe, France
692.03TFH::LEVINEMon Dec 03 1990Chad may fall while attention is diverted
693.05TUNER::BROWNMon Dec 03 1990Coup in Argentina ?
694.022CIMBAD::QUIRICIFri Dec 07 1990nationalizing defense industry
695.01TARKIN::MCALLENFri Dec 07 1990NSIA - Nat'l Security Industrial Assoc.
696.016WORDY::GANLEYTue Dec 11 1990Help with Desert Shield Order of Battle
697.01TKOV51::NAKANOWed Dec 19 1990NAVTAG
700.064BALMER::MUDGETTFri Jan 04 1991Military Experts and Media
701.040MAMIE::KEITHFri Jan 11 1991Shooting in Lithuania
702.0643ACETEK::TIMPSONFri Jan 11 1991WAR! Operation Desert Storm
703.017ACETEK::TIMPSONFri Jan 11 1991Congress and the Middle East debate
704.016ACETEK::TIMPSONFri Jan 11 1991U.S. Constitution and the Middle East
705.0325ACETEK::TIMPSONFri Jan 11 1991Military Strategies in the Middle East
707.07CSS::KEITHMon Jan 14 1991What political tricks could SH have?
708.02TOLKIN::BARBERTue Jan 15 1991Security brief time ...
709.056USCTR1::RTRUEBLOODWed Jan 16 1991Looking into the Future - Peace
710.036SAINT::STCLAIRWed Jan 16 1991Just say NO to private arms sales.
712.0113BRABAM::PHILPOTTThu Jan 17 1991A thought on a nightmare scenario... MIA/Iraq
713.017CSNY2::GARCIAThu Jan 17 1991Allied ground forces activity
714.0320CIMBAD::QUIRICIThu Jan 17 1991pax americana...?
716.0175ALLVAX::JROTHSat Jan 19 1991Today's acronym is "SCUD"
717.0CAM::ARENDTMon Jan 21 1991Patriot/ABM Treaty
718.07KITS::FORANTue Jan 22 1991Combat Tax changes??
719.06BSS::DULLWed Jan 23 1991Murphy's Laws of Combat
720.014STAR::BOUCHARDWed Jan 23 1991Why are "allies" losing more in Desert Storm?
721.011KITS::FORANThu Jan 24 1991Useful acronyms and related jargon
722.0285Thu Jan 24 1991Selective Service due in 6 months?
723.017GRANPA::JHAGERTYThu Jan 24 1991Gulf War History 1
724.023LEDS::HORSEYFri Jan 25 1991Yugoslavia coming apart.
726.01MUDIS3::SWOBODAMon Jan 28 1991today tactic vs. UN Resolution
727.049CSS::KEITHTue Jan 29 1991What if...Iran lets em use their planes?
728.069CIMBAD::QUIRICITue Jan 29 1991windows of opportunity?
729.034FREEBE::TURNERTue Jan 29 1991pray it ain't so
730.0317VOLVO::REEDWed Jan 30 1991After the war - Weaponry
731.033TOOLBG::STERLINGThu Jan 31 1991The Iraqi Military
732.06USCTR1::RTRUEBLOODThu Jan 31 1991Terrorist or Saboteur?
733.099THOTH::FILZFri Feb 01 1991Reporting
734.024DC1Fri Feb 01 1991SDI Technology
736.010TPS::BUTCHARTMon Feb 04 1991Chain guns?
737.05CSS::KEITHMon Feb 04 1991Aberdeen Proving Grounds open house
739.075CIMBAD::QUIRICITue Feb 05 1991tactical nukes?
740.021KIRKTN::GAITKENHEADTue Feb 05 1991Bendy rifle ???
742.016KIRKTN::GAITKENHEADMon Feb 11 1991
743.068BRABAM::PHILPOTTTue Feb 12 1991N*E*W*S
744.03TIGEMS::VACCHELLITue Feb 12 1991Desert Storm Support Group
745.06JGO::TILFri Feb 15 1991Just heard! Iraq willing to pull out of Q8
746.06CSSE::NEILSENFri Feb 15 1991Cease Fire - how does the military handle it?
747.09DPDMAI::BERNALFri Feb 15 1991Computers in Weapons Systems
748.02REMACP::ZEPPFri Feb 15 1991Addr. to support Operation Desert Storm/families
749.021CSSE::NEILSENMon Feb 18 1991a P&L statement for Desert Storm?
750.018TARKIN::MCALLENThu Feb 21 1991mortuaries in theatre of war
751.024SOLVIT::KEITHFri Feb 22 1991Churchill to use Chems in 194
752.019SOLVIT::KEITHFri Feb 22 1991Defense_Issues peace plan conditions
753.08BRABAM::PHILPOTTSun Feb 24 1991Situation in Thailand
754.044CIMNET::PIERSONMon Feb 25 1991UPI.NEWS
755.01APACHE::BROWNWed Feb 27 1991parade...Milford NH
756.025YIPPEE::HALDANEThu Feb 28 1991Friendly Fire
757.0139JETSAM::HEALYFri Mar 01 1991A 5 STAR OR NOT: POLL
758.062CALS::ULLOASun Mar 03 1991Vietnam and Gulf conflict comparison.
759.06METAFR::MEAGHERFri Mar 08 1991Iraqi POWs: how many were captured?
760.0115Tue Mar 12 1991Iraqi Rebellion
761.016ESSB::JMURPHYThu Mar 14 1991US may lease SU-27,MiG-29s
762.0SNAKKE::HAMILTONFri Mar 15 1991Looking for Dog Handlers
763.023CIMNET::PIERSONFri Mar 15 1991Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, Others Schedules
766.058ESSB::JMURPHYWed Mar 20 1991MiG 29 outperforms the rest.
767.029WMOIS::STYVES_AMon Mar 25 1991Cuban MIg Defection
768.0PHLACT::QUINNMon Apr 01 1991New Software Technology
770.041CSSE::NEILSENWed Apr 03 1991A new mission in Iraq
771.018LEGUP::FA_36Wed Apr 03 1991The world Phamous Phantom
772.06BRABAM::PHILPOTTTue Apr 09 1991Subdivision of Iraq
774.057ESSB::JMURPHYWed Apr 10 1991Desert Storm/Sabre Analysis
775.05ICS::SHERMANThu Apr 11 1991Whidbey to close?
776.022DELNI::JMCDONOUGHWed Apr 17 1991KGB issues warning to field units..
777.03TKOV51::NAKANOWed May 08 1991UYK computer
778.015TROAThu May 09 1991Any info on these overflights?
779.09SOLVIT::KEITHThu May 16 1991Asleep at the radar (OTH)
780.09TUNER::BROWNFri May 17 1991Ft Devens / Armed Forces Day ?
781.0HDLITE::LIBKINDFri May 17 1991ear-witness from Russia
783.0KIRKTN::SNEILSun May 26 1991APACHE
784.03TFH::LEVINEWed May 29 1991Bulgaria in transition
785.09SOLVIT::KEITHMon Jun 03 1991Cuban Missle crisis II
786.04AIAG::WRIGHTWed Jun 19 1991US Recce aircraft
787.015DC1Tue Jun 25 1991June, 1991
789.07MR4DEC::SRINIVASANFri Jun 28 1991NEW WORLD ORDER !.!.?.?.
790.0FMNIST::olsonMon Jul 01 1991Defense Bases Closure List
791.028SAHQ::SOWERTue Jul 09 1991Reflections on Desert Storm - Just what did we do?
792.01SOLVIT::KEITHThu Jul 11 1991Hawk as SCUD buster?
793.038ESSB::JMURPHYFri Jul 12 1991New Soviet Aircraft & B-52 info
794.016TFH::LEVINEWed Jul 17 1991Clark AFB in Phillipines to close
795.05BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDThu Jul 18 1991 Iraqi nukes
796.0VSSCAD::MAYERThu Jul 18 1991MIDEAST Conference Now Open for Discussion
798.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 26 1991Military Vehicle rally Aug 1-4
799.02ESSB::JMURPHYWed Jul 31 1991Thai Navy Carrier
800.01FMNIST::olsonThu Aug 15 1991Recommended Reading Lists from PME, please
801.0120NEWOA::GALVINMon Aug 19 1991Gorbachev is OUT! IN! OUT! IN! I'm confused
802.074FASDER::ASCOLAROMon Aug 26 1991What does the future hold?
803.013NETCUR::REIDMon Aug 26 1991A Modest Proposal...
804.042SAHQ::STEIGERTue Aug 27 1991Do we REALLY need the B-2?
805.012NETCUR::REIDThu Aug 29 1991The _new_ Nuclear Club
806.021CAMONE::ARENDTFri Aug 30 1991Time to flex some muscle.
807.02ZPOVC::ALEXTANWed Sep 04 1991C3I courses anyone?
808.012CRBOSS::QUIRICIWed Sep 04 1991parallel procurement
809.011DELNI::JMCDONOUGHThu Sep 05 1991Indulge your fantasy--fly in the MiG-29!!
810.048SOLVIT::KEITHMon Sep 16 1991Which bases (overseas) should we keep
811.018PIDA::PIDA::KANDAPPANWed Sep 18 1991Operation Determined Resolve
813.01SNAKKE::HAMILTONMon Sep 23 1991Warbird Airshow in NH, 28-29 Sept. 1991
814.018TYFYS::SLATERMon Sep 23 1991No More B-52 Tail Gunners!
815.035RUTILE::BUCZMATue Sep 24 1991Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro ..
816.031ACETEK::TIMPSONMon Sep 30 1991President Bush's Nuclear Stand Down
817.033CERRIN::PHILPOTTWed Oct 02 1991USSR --- post coup
818.03CERRIN::PHILPOTTThu Oct 03 1991Book review: "Battles That Failed" by John Lehman (from Dow News feed)
819.02SMURF::GALLOMon Oct 07 1991Military Aircraft Books For Sale
820.06MCIS5::ENSLEYMon Oct 07 1991"Hoax Messages" in WWII
821.0CPDW::ROSCHTue Oct 15 1991Trebuchet Offensive System Pilot
822.09CERRIN::PHILPOTTFri Oct 18 1991Goodbye
823.0TROOA::MCRAMSun Nov 03 1991Piper to go to Canada?
824.07SOLVIT::KEITHTue Nov 05 1991A 'NEW' danger from the collapse of the USSR
825.07TUNER::BROWNFri Nov 15 1991Flight 1
826.09MORO::BEELER_JEWed Nov 20 1991Gun camera photo identification
827.053NYTPFri Dec 13 1991America's Defense Monitor
828.015NYTPFri Dec 13 1991The French Foreign Legion
829.0DELNI::JMCDONOUGHMon Dec 16 1991Guess the VCR will be on...
830.09IMPROV::IMPROV::KANDAPPANTue Dec 17 1991So long Gorby! Viva la CIS!
831.0103TOLKIN::QUIRICIWed Dec 18 1991effects of nuclear attack
832.010NYTPThu Dec 19 1991Lasers/Particle Beam Rayguns?
833.04TOLKIN::QUIRICIFri Dec 20 1991iraq's nukes
834.06TOLKIN::QUIRICIFri Dec 20 1991good old days?
835.012TAVIS::BARUCHWed Jan 01 1992High Tech for Terror?
836.02NYTPThu Jan 02 1992Pan-European military force
837.01TOLKIN::QUIRICIThu Jan 02 1992post-war recovery
838.027BAGELS::REEDThu Jan 09 1992-- ATTACK AIRCRAFT -->
839.09TUNER::BROWNMon Jan 13 1992Virus as a weapon (just got this in the mail)
840.01HGOVTue Jan 14 1992Military decision support systems?
841.026FASDER::ASCOLAROWed Jan 29 1992Implications of Bush Cuts
842.03TKOV51::NAKANOThu Jan 30 1992VAX-BI to NTDS interface
843.020CIMNET::PIERSONSat Feb 01 1992Zeppelins, Airships, Dirigibles & Blimps
844.02WMOIS::CARROLL_RWed Feb 12 1992Info on F-111 needed.
845.010SSBN1::YANKESWed Feb 19 1992Things that go bump in the dark..
846.04USCTR1::RTRUEBLOODMon Feb 24 1992Trade Follows The FLAG
847.04TARKIN::MCALLENThu Feb 27 1992Bay of Pigs (Battle of Giron)
848.01SAHQ::STEIGERThu Feb 27 1992AURORA-Replacement SR71
849.01HYDRA::ALLAMon Mar 02 19926
850.04SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Mar 05 1992Does this exist ?
851.022MCIS5::ENSLEYMon Mar 09 1992German helmet design.
852.010SOLVIT::KEITHWed Mar 18 19923 NUKES missing...
853.03SWAM2::KELLER_FRThu Mar 26 1992Units being cut?
854.04TFH::LEVINEMon Apr 06 1992Iran and Iraq mix it up again
855.01NOSNOW::HARTFri Apr 10 1992Report Card on Gulf War
856.036TROOA::MCRAMWed May 06 1992Soviet/Russian Aircraft News
857.0VCSESU::COOKFri May 22 1992The X-3
858.014MORO::BEELER_JEWed May 27 1992A WWII history vacation in Germany
859.0TAVWed May 27 1992OLTP defense systems
860.05SALEM::POTUCEKMon Jun 01 1992Greenbrier
861.02TARKIN::MCALLENThu Jun 04 1992jet engine bribery probe
862.03TARKIN::MCALLENThu Jun 18 1992Caspar Weinberger, fmr Def Secy
863.072TARKIN::MCALLENFri Jun 26 1992running the Tailhook "gauntlet"
864.012TARKIN::MCALLENWed Jul 01 1992USN/USAF Adriatic/Sarajevo opns
865.030MIMS::MACIOLEK_MTue Jul 14 1992Nuclear Incident?
866.0843GMC::KEITHTue Jul 14 1992Giant Soviet water transport AC coming to US
867.043GMC::KEITHTue Jul 21 1992Military Vehicle rally July 31 - Aug 2
868.056OLDTMR::FOXWed Jul 29 1992 Defense cutbacks into the Space Program
869.03OLDTMR::FOXThu Aug 06 1992A very sad waste...
870.0543GMC::KEITHTue Aug 11 1992Gulf vet medical problems
871.01JULIET::UCCI_SAWed Aug 12 1992MOM NEEDS ADVICE....
872.0OLDTMR::FOXSat Aug 15 1992New World Emerging-Historical Perspective
873.02TOLKIN::QUIRICITue Sep 01 1992Arbatov and revisionist cold war history
874.0GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONWed Sep 09 1992Images of Warsaw Pact equipment
875.01TUNER::BROWNFri Sep 11 1992Tonight - ABC 2
876.05--UnknownUser--Sat Sep 12 1992Gorilla wars....can you win them ??
877.02TARKIN::MCALLENMon Sep 28 1992NIS/NCIS reorganization
878.013REPAIR::RICKETTSFri Oct 02 1992Missile accident in Aegean Sea
879.027FASDER::ASCOLAROTue Nov 03 1992Foreign Policy President?
880.03MCIS2::ENSLEYTue Nov 03 1992British Army rank question.
881.04MCIS2::ENSLEYMon Nov 16 1992B-17 pilots
882.0SUBWAY::JAUNGTue Nov 17 1992Questions about F16 & Mirage 2
883.02SPUDDS::MCKENZIETue Dec 01 1992Dave Barry on Shelf Stable Sandwiches and MRE's.
884.04KAOOA::OLSSONFri Dec 04 1992Saddam's Man in Chile
885.01SOFBAS::SHERMANMon Dec 07 1992service transfers
886.0126TUXEDO::YANKESWed Dec 09 1992Somalia
887.050KAOOA::OLSSONWed Dec 09 1992Light Brigade
888.0SUBWAY::JAUNGTue Jan 05 1993Unearthing Past War Crimes
889.021PAKORA::SNEILThu Jan 14 1993Missiles
890.0665Mon Jan 25 1993Homosexuals in the military anybody?
891.080KAOOA::OLSSONFri Jan 29 1993Looking forward, Not back...
893.0148KAOOA::OLSSONFri Feb 12 1993Do you care ?
894.013BRAT::PRIESTLEYWed Feb 24 1993SEALs training info?
895.046KAOOA::OLSSONThu Mar 04 1993Les Aspin
896.018KIRKTN::SNEILMon Mar 22 1993SQUID
897.064SOJU::SLATERSun Apr 11 1993Military Coup Possible?
898.02TRACTR::WINANSTue Apr 13 1993Airshow Info Needed
899.010TPSYS::BUTCHARTTue Apr 20 1993Geopolitical Russia/Ukraine
900.06KAOOA::OLSSONFri Apr 23 1993Uncle Sam's training...
901.0APACHE::BROWNTue May 04 1993ft devins open house?
902.049NEWPRT::GREEN_RIMon May 24 1993AF1 at LAX???
903.06MARVIN::FORSTERTue Jun 15 1993US/Soviet nuclear tests in 195
904.036--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 28 1993Measured Response
905.0445Wed Jun 30 1993Future of aviation?
907.0CSC32::S_MAUFETue Jul 13 1993RISK on the net, decwindows
908.06SWAM1::LICON_CAThu Jul 22 1993Which Is Best?
909.02CHEFS::BRADSHAWMSun Jul 25 1993MIG 29s Collide over England
910.01ENQUE::PARODITue Jul 27 1993RIP General Ridgeway
911.06DCOPST::TONYSC::SCOLAROThu Aug 26 1993War Crimes and President Bush
912.03DCOPST::TONYSC::SCOLAROMon Sep 13 1993Peace in the Mid-East
913.021ROWLET::CROFTMon Oct 11 1993Get Rid of Aspin?
914.01TPOVC::ALLENCHENThu Oct 14 1993B-2 level of Mil-STD-49
915.049--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 20 1993Another Banana War ?
916.0SALEM::POTUCEKMon Oct 25 1993Need Veteran Information
917.04CIMCAD::PIERSONMon Nov 08 1993Veteran's Appreciation Day, HLO
918.038CIMCAD::PIERSONWed Nov 17 1993President Clinton, Veteran's Day
919.02POWDML::MCDONOUGHWed Nov 17 1993A REAL American HERO!
920.01SMAUG::GARRODFri Nov 26 1993Is the TWA hijacking film "DELTA FORCE" fact or fiction?
921.052REPAIR::CABELFri Dec 10 1993Eject , Eject , Eject
922.0POWDML::MCDONOUGHMon Dec 13 1993Erich Hartmann...352 Confirmed Kills, dead at 72.
923.0NEWOA::GATHERNMon Dec 20 1993T.J. Cassidy. Who is he??
924.06FORTY2::MACKAYFri Jan 21 1994Desert Storm memoirs
925.075SEND::PARODIFri Jan 21 1994Post Cold War Military
926.014DCOPST::TONYSC::SCOLAROFri Feb 25 1994CIA Misques
927.09CIMCAD::PIERSONSat Mar 12 1994As the old generation passes
928.0IVOSS1::GREEN_RIWed Mar 16 1994Service Semantics
929.060VMSNET::M_MACIOLEKTue Mar 22 1994Klinton and the Korean Issue
930.04ROCKM2::DROEGEWed Apr 06 1994Cryptography: Is it "munitions"?
932.01SHIPS::ELLIOTT_GMon Apr 18 1994Goodbye and goodluck
933.032COMET::RALSTONWed May 04 1994Star Wars, Where have you gone?
934.0+3TRACTR::WINANSMon May 23 1994airshow info needed
935.07DCOPST::TONYSC::SCOLAROMon May 23 1994Need some help with Navy Demo
936.01SX4GTO::OLSONWed Jun 01 1994News about New Technologies
937.010NYOSS1::JAUNGThu Jun 02 1994remember the D-day, a joke for Clinton
938.0CSC32::HADDOCKMon Jun 06 1994June 6, 1944--and more.
940.03NEWOA::GATHERNThu Jul 14 1994Friendly fire question
941.043GMC::KEITHFri Oct 14 1994Kuwait and Gulf war II
942.0REPAIR::TRIMMINGSTue Dec 13 1994F-14 (D Super) TOMCAT.
943.0GIDDAY::HUMMERSTONSun Jan 08 1995Info requested on BMP series
944.014SPECXN::REESEWed Feb 08 1995Do we need more B-2's?
945.0SX4GTO::OLSONWed Feb 22 1995visiting England? Drive a tank!
946.0SX4GTO::OLSONWed Mar 01 1995F14 crash analyzed; engine failure
947.04REQUE::PARODIThu Apr 13 1995Gulf War Syndrome
948.02SX4GTO::OLSONMon May 15 1995Idaho C-13
949.0545769::NASHDMon May 22 1995Info. wanted on secret WW2 USAF base.
950.043GMC::KEITHMon May 22 1995Les Aspen
951.0243GMC::KEITHThu Jun 01 1995USS Bob Hope
952.02HOBBLE::MAUROTue Jul 11 1995DMS? to be or not to be...
953.014331Mon Jul 17 1995Japan should thank US for using Atomic Bombs
954.02POLAR::MAHANEYFri Jul 28 1995US is wrong in Bosnia
955.0SX4GTO::OLSONTue Sep 05 1995Arsenal ship discussion
956.0143GMC::KEITHTue Sep 12 1995Cyberwars...
957.0543GMC::KEITHTue Oct 17 1995Russian POWs at the end of WW2
958.01CIMCAD::PIERSONWed Feb 28 1996Reported Transcript of Cuban pilots' attack
959.02SALEM::WINANSWed May 29 1996Blue Angel Woes
960.0 *+11Tue May 27 1997RIP