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Conference msgaxp::optical

Title:Optical Products
Created:Wed May 04 1988
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:841
Total number of notes:3218
Number with bodies:307
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1.03ELWOOD::PETERSThu May 19 1988Welcome
2.0ELWOOD::PETERSThu May 19 1988New products
3.01KBOMFG::KECSKESITue May 31 1988Need Competitive Info asap.....
4.04BRSM1Tue Jun 14 1988Redundant conferences ?
5.08LARVAE::COOPERThu Jun 16 1988A few WORM questions
6.05CHGVFri Jun 17 1988RV2
7.04MVBLAB::SYSTEMMon Jun 20 1988Maxtor Read-write Optical drive
8.0ELWOOD::HIG_CURLEYFri Jun 24 1988Sales Update Article on RV2
9.0+3ELWOOD::HIG_CURLEYFri Jun 24 1988Tech Specs; Product Mgr.
10.034CHESS::KAIKOWSat Jul 02 1988Lack of support for ISO 966
11.01AZTECH::LASTOVICAFri Jul 08 1988RV2
12.0HAMPS::SMITH_SMon Jul 11 1988how is light polarised
13.01ELWOOD::NORCOTTTue Jul 12 1988VAX Jukebox Control Software conference
15.01BRUTEY::BERLLYMon Jul 25 19885-1/4" laser disks?
16.0259594::YANAGIHARAWed Jul 27 1988RV2
17.03HSKPRF::WILENMon Aug 15 1988Conversion from IBM disks to RV2
18.08CHESS::KAIKOWThu Oct 13 1988Demand for ISO 966
19.0CHESS::KAIKOWTue Oct 25 1988Microsoft CD-ROM Productivity Tool for PC Programmers
20.02CHESS::KAIKOWTue Oct 25 1988CD-ROM XA consistent with ISO 966
21.0SKYLRK::POLLAKWed Dec 28 1988Comparative Analysis information needed
22.0ELWOOD::NORCOTTWed Jan 11 1989RV2
23.0CDROM::JAGGERThu Jan 19 1989Where is the VMS ACP?
24.0CHESS::KAIKOWFri Feb 03 1989If wishing could make it so
25.05EIGER::BRUNNERTue Feb 07 19892
26.03CDROM::JAGGERMon Feb 13 1989Help need ISO 966
27.0IND::ROTHMANThu Jun 01 1989Lost Revenue Due to ISO966
28.01ASDS::WALSHFri Jun 16 1989RRD5
29.0CHESS::KAIKOWSat Jul 01 1989Au revoir!
30.04NOETIC::SWANSONWed Jul 12 1989Internal information distribution via CDROM
31.0CHESS::KAIKOWThu Aug 03 1989IBM views on optical media
32.0DC1Wed Aug 09 1989C code for reading ISO 966
33.01WAV12::ADAMThu Aug 17 1989RRD5
34.03TRNOIS::CARROZZOFri Sep 01 1989Maybe a problem ?
35.03TRNOIS::CARROZZOMon Sep 04 1989Sorry it's RV2
36.01MLNOIS::PIVITue Sep 12 1989Optical Technology, state of the art ?
37.05DC1Thu Sep 21 19895.25" WORM DRIVES ???
38.01ILO::MANNINGWed Nov 01 1989RRD5
39.0CHESS::KAIKOWThu Nov 02 1989High Sierra RIP!
40.012NATASH::SACKSTue Nov 07 1989Erasable ??
41.01CHESS::KAIKOWThu Nov 16 1989Volume and file structure standards
42.01KBOVMon Nov 27 1989Differences between RV2
43.0CHESS::KAIKOWWed Nov 29 19893rd party implementations of ISO 966
44.01MAYBSO::CROPPERTue Feb 20 1990
45.02DC1Tue Feb 20 1990ISO 966
46.03CHESS::KAIKOWMon May 14 1990Status of cdrom::cd_reader
47.03IJSAPL::SMITHThu May 17 1990Synthesist needed!
48.01BALZAC::PATATWed Aug 01 1990networking between Ms-dos CD-Rom and Vax-Vms
49.01CHESS::KAIKOWTue Jan 22 1991ISO 966
50.0HABS11::MASONMon Mar 04 1991DECimage Storage Manager V2.
51.0APACHE::BROWNFri Mar 08 1991testing optics
52.018KERNEL::TREVENNORMon Jul 15 1991RRD42 info on line?
53.01FREEBE::JHOOGENDOORNFri Aug 09 1991Sony CDU-61
54.01BAHTAT::ALDERTONMTue Oct 08 1991iso 1
55.0MYJAM::MYSELMon Nov 04 1991Philips CM131 CDROM and Audio Drive
56.03ZURThu Dec 19 1991VAX4
57.0BEBBI::SCHMIDTIMon Jan 13 1992Hitachi CD drives
58.01AVIVA::NEUMANFri Feb 14 1992RWZ
59.02LGP3Tue Jun 02 1992help needed on RRD4
60.0CONVEX::CROPPERThu Jun 18 1992Pointer to RRD42 driver for DOS
61.0CSC32::SAULThu Aug 13 1992RWZ
62.03NIOMAX::LAINGTue Aug 25 1992Audio thru RRD42?
63.0UTRTSC::VDBURGTue Nov 24 1992Looking for address of CHINON manufacturer
64.0RICKS::PHIPPSWed Jan 06 1993Question: RWZ
65.02IJSAPL::KUPPENSWed Mar 24 1993RWZ
66.07CADSYS::LEMONSThu Jul 08 1993Optical Storage Management Software (OSMS) conference?
67.01AMCFAC::DISHNEAUMon Aug 09 1993What to Do With Out-Dated Software CD Distribution Mdeia
68.03KAOOA::PINKERTONTue Aug 10 1993RW3xx-xx ????
69.0SAMDHI::SLEDDFri Aug 20 1993Volume sets on optical
70.01LARVAE::BARKER_CMon Sep 06 1993RW5
71.021LEFTY::CWILLIAMSWed Sep 08 1993Service Manuals and User Guide RW5xx
72.03KETJE::LEFEVERTue Oct 05 1993alpha openvms: opticals?
73.01SHIPS::WILLS_AFri Nov 05 1993HP jukebox variants
74.04LARVAE::BARKER_CTue Nov 09 1993RW5xx on VAX via KZQSA
75.012LARVAE::BARKER_CThu Nov 11 1993RW5
76.06KAOOA::PINKERTONTue Nov 16 1993SCSI termination??
77.0DECWET::MPETERSONThu Nov 18 1993PVL/PVR Notes conference Announcement
78.01MANIS1::BAUMGARTENTue Nov 30 1993Netware driver for RW5xx ?
79.0+2SHIPS::WILLS_AThu Dec 02 1993WORMS-11 question
80.01SHIPS::WILLS_AWed Dec 15 1993Down load to RW5xx
81.05KERNEL::LOANETue Jan 04 1994RW51
82.02SEDSWS::WOODJETTSMon Jan 10 1994Re-writes on RW5XX platter
83.02XSTACY::PHAYDENFri Jan 14 1994Info on Jukebox optical storage
84.02XSTACY::DMCWEENEYWed Jan 19 1994OSMS questions
85.05XSTACY::DMCWEENEYWed Jan 19 1994OSMS development
86.01WELBID::FARQUHARSONThu Jan 20 1994Any Software to Index files located on Jukebox available?
87.06LARVAE::BARKER_CThu Jan 20 1994RW5xx on a PC ??
88.05XSTACY::DMCWEENEYFri Jan 21 1994more OSMS questions
89.0SEACPB::PETERSESTFri Jan 21 1994backup a IBM system to a Digital system over the network
90.01HPCGRP::BURTONWed Jan 26 1994HELP - Need to borrow a WORM drive
91.04BAHTAT::STARTUPTue Feb 01 1994jbu$get_jbinfo
93.01AIMHI::GELSOMINITue Feb 01 1994RW5xx internal scsi length?
94.01XSTACY::DMCWEENEYFri Feb 04 1994get_jbinfo question
95.06SAMDHI::SLEDDThu Feb 17 1994HP Jukebox Part #'s to Digital Part #'s conversion
96.0+8BARIFri Feb 18 1994OSMS kit available one net ?
97.0SAMDHI::SLEDDFri Feb 18 1994JKcn: not necessarily a jukebox!
98.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGWed Mar 02 1994SYSTEM-F-IVLOCKID, invalid lock id
99.03PRIME8::VAUGHNTue Mar 08 1994Magneto-optical help, please
100.05TECRUS::GRISWOLDTue Mar 08 1994Double-Headed Disk Drives
101.02XKOVWed Mar 09 1994how 7 scsi id support 17 devices??
102.01NWDWed Mar 09 1994Single RW5xx Drive???
104.0TECRUS::GRISWOLDWed Mar 16 1994Need Software Support Addendum...
105.02LARVAE::BARKER_CFri Mar 18 1994File level ACL's ??
106.03BRUNEL::KIRBYFri Mar 18 1994RV25 Routine Maintenance Costs?
107.08NWDMon Mar 21 1994RW5
108.02XKOVTue Mar 22 1994help needed !! Amexrican exp. Juke Box
109.02TRNOI2::COCCHETTIPITue Mar 22 1994rrd43 and photo cd !
110.01NWDWed Mar 23 1994NT Support??
111.06HLISC1::64174::PCThu Mar 24 1994CD Jukebox
112.03TECRUS::GRISWOLDFri Mar 25 1994What platforms other than OpenVMS VAX, if any, does OSMS run on?
113.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Mar 28 1994Invalid LockID?
114.06SEDSWS::SIAREYTue Mar 29 1994US DESIGN s/w support ?
115.0TRUCKS::GROBINSONThu Mar 31 1994RV7xx Pre-FCS Training
117.07VNASWS::GEROLDFri Apr 08 1994What does IBM offer ?
118.01ZPOVC::SHANYONGMon Apr 11 1994Jukebix management
119.01HLSMThu Apr 14 1994How many disks can be mounted at the same time ?
120.01ZIGLAR::FPRUSSFri Apr 15 1994Number of platters?
121.02HANNAH::VOBASun Apr 17 1994PMAZB-AA Mistaking Something Else As JK Device
122.0LARVAE::BARKER_CMon Apr 18 1994MTI competitive info required.
123.01ROMThu Apr 21 1994Multivolume on RWZ53
124.02BARIFri Apr 22 1994Laserstar documentation on net?
125.01SUBURB::SAMPAYOMThu Apr 28 1994RRD42 & RRD43 loading differences ?
126.03ZPOVC::ANSONLEESat Apr 30 1994Pointer to RW5xx documentation online?
127.01TECRUS::GRISWOLDFri May 06 1994Making optical volumes (JB# devices) "visible" to entire cluster via OSMS. DFS problems, too.
128.0SAMDHI::SLEDDFri May 06 1994RWZ52 Mode Change Utility (RWMCU)
129.01TRNOI2::BOCCIMon May 23 1994INFO NEEDE ON RRD44
130.02LARVAE::BARKER_CTue May 24 1994SCO/RWZ52
131.011CNTROL::GORRTue May 24 1994Error message "NOT CONN" on RW536 operator display
132.01KETJE::MICHIELSThu May 26 1994RW5
133.01BACHUS::GOUBERTFri May 27 1994RZW524 , PCA replacement.
134.05DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Jun 01 1994OSMS questions.....
135.02ISIDRO::ATTO93::JOSEMIGUELMon Jun 06 1994File servers of RW jukeboxes using several platters
136.02HGOVC::TIMMYYUNGTue Jun 07 1994OSMS V3.2 SPD
137.01OTOOA::LAVIGNETue Jun 07 1994Users manual for RWZ52
138.01VAXRIO::VELASCOTue Jun 07 1994RW534-ZF help needed!
139.02CMOTEC::JASPERMon Jun 13 1994OSMS & OpenVMS VAX
140.05VLJISA::MOCHELTue Jun 14 1994OSMS V3.2 +RW5XX+ sable ?
141.08ODIXIE::KEMPTue Jun 14 1994RWZ52-VA under OSF/1
142.02EEMELI::KOIRA::toukkariThu Jun 16 1994JBUTIL privilegies????
143.02MANEGE::GREBEFri Jun 17 1994RW5xx Product Description, where ?
144.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Jun 20 1994RW5
145.0CSC32::D_STUARTTue Jun 21 1994rw53
146.02MANSW1::KREIDERWed Jun 22 1994CD-ROM vs. WORM
147.01DUGROS::ROSSWed Jun 22 1994Who makes the CD-ROM discs?
148.01SHIPS::WILLS_AThu Jun 23 1994Wrong device??
149.04VNASWS::GEROLDFri Jun 24 1994invalid lock id with OSMS 1.1
150.01LARVAE::BARKER_CFri Jun 24 1994RW5xx on DEC3
152.06ODIXIE::CLARYThu Jun 30 1994DEC 4
153.01SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERMon Jul 04 1994RWZ52 on VAX4
154.04BOMBOM::PALMERRJMon Jul 04 1994RW/Worm
156.01BPSOF::TOROKTue Jul 05 1994RWZ52 on PC ?
157.01DELDPN::CARLOSTue Jul 05 1994OSMS on OpenVMS AXP?
158.01TPOVC::CARYKUOWed Jul 06 1994Contact info for Corel Inc.
159.02SWTHOM::DELPHINWed Jul 06 1994informations about jukeboxes RW524 and RW536
160.03SNOCFri Jul 08 1994Can a Juke Box play RDB data?
161.01DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Jul 08 1994RWZ52-FA SCSI cable?
162.01TAVMon Jul 11 1994RW53
163.0SUBURB::SAMPAYOMTue Jul 12 1994RV25 information please
164.012ROMTue Jul 12 1994OSMS and Pathworks ?
165.01BOMBOM::PALMERRJTue Jul 12 1994ISO/ANSI RWnnn
166.01UTRTSC::DORLANDWed Jul 13 1994OSMS for AXP available??
167.01CNTROL::GORRThu Jul 21 1994WDA Devices "offline" - LASERSTAR$STARTUP error
168.05SEDSWS::BRODIETue Jul 26 1994problems with a RW53
169.04CMOTEC::JASPERTue Jul 26 1994DEC 21
170.03BOHIO::RFONSECATue Jul 26 1994More questions in Optical devices...
171.02CMOTEC::JASPERWed Jul 27 1994RWZ52 WNT & Sable
172.0+6CSC32::D_STUARTWed Jul 27 1994dev full message
173.0CSC32::J_DAMMThu Jul 28 1994MSCP served JBAs in Mount Ver Timeout
174.05GUIDUK::ONOTue Aug 02 1994Sable/DSSI/shutdown-restart/upgrade questions
175.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Aug 04 1994*KA5
176.06IDOWS::IDOThu Aug 04 1994Qstar anyone ??
177.03OTOOA::LAVIGNEThu Aug 04 1994Librarian with RRD44's
178.0SUBURB::SAMPAYOMMon Aug 08 1994Third party optical & DEC3
179.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Aug 08 1994Bound-Volume sets & OSMS?
180.02XSTACY::DMCWEENEYTue Aug 09 1994insert failure on first insert
181.02XSTACY::DMCWEENEYTue Aug 09 1994what does JBU$GET_JBCONFIG actuallydo here
182.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Aug 10 1994Presentation online for OSMS?
183.02CSC32::R_WARRENThu Aug 11 1994HELP
184.01ATYISA::PICHONThu Aug 11 1994RWZ52, 21
185.04OTOOA::LAVIGNEThu Aug 11 1994cache and power loss relative to the RW and OSMS
186.01XSTACY::DMCWEENEYFri Aug 12 1994JBUAPI question
187.01VIVIAN::T_SMITHMon Aug 15 1994Latest manuals
188.010XSTACY::DMCWEENEYTue Aug 16 1994drive error at startup
189.02OTOOA::LAVIGNEWed Aug 17 1994RRD44-VU and RRD44-VA
190.04VNASWS::GEROLDThu Aug 18 1994WORM on OpenVMS ?
191.02SUBURB::JAMESHThu Aug 18 1994RWZ52 Compatibility
192.05BACHUS::RENTYMon Aug 22 1994RWZ52 on AXP :OSDS ?
193.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Aug 23 1994need advice for backup on RW524
194.02XSTACY::DMCWEENEYTue Aug 23 1994GET_JBCONFIG and jbtype
195.02ISTWI1::OZILWed Aug 24 1994ex
196.01UTRTSC::OOSTINDJERFri Aug 26 1994init/maximum_files doesn't work
197.05PH8VAX::BETZWed Aug 31 1994RWxxx Training Available????
198.0BACHUS::BUGGENHOUTMon Sep 05 1994RWZ52 OSDS 3.2 MOUNT/FOREIGN and maximum block
199.02SHIPS::WILLS_AMon Sep 05 1994XAB problem on WORM
200.02XSTACY::DMCWEENEYThu Sep 08 1994fatal controller error...
201.01ANGLIN::SCHIMPFThu Sep 08 1994Bcking up large disks to an RW524
202.03SNOFS2::TAYLORGRAEMEFri Sep 09 1994RWZ52 infoserver 1
203.02HANSIX::hanscMon Sep 12 1994Media errors?
204.02HANSIX::hanscMon Sep 12 1994Thanks, this is good news
205.011BACHUS::GOUBERTTue Sep 13 1994RWZ52 AND RWZ
206.06NLATue Sep 13 1994RW5xx and VAX 6
207.013TDCISA::63935::DEGUILLAUMEWed Sep 14 1994RWZ52 and systems support ???
208.01KYOSS1::WALKERThu Sep 15 1994Copying optical disks?
209.02GIDDAY::SHCHIUFri Sep 16 1994standalone backup can't see RW534 DRIVE
210.01GBIFri Sep 16 1994SLS on top of OSMS??
211.01TRUCKS::BEATON_SFri Sep 16 1994Does osms cater for VAX/VMS Virtual Volume Sets ?
212.01STRASB::HONOREMon Sep 19 1994Lic AXP openVMS
213.01GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Sep 20 1994logical name device bug with JBUTIL .
214.01VNASWS::GEROLDTue Sep 20 1994Optical throughput and tapes
215.010TRUCKS::MORRIS_DTue Sep 20 1994Announcing RV7
217.0UTRTSC::VISSERMon Oct 17 1994RWZ52 option connector layout?
218.0ZPOACT::TUNGTue Oct 18 1994full backup of 1
219.03SNOCTue Oct 18 1994OSMS and VAX 7
220.0MUNSBE::ALEHMANNThu Oct 20 1994SCSI-2 CCS Reference for RRD44
221.01HGOM11::JANELIFri Oct 21 1994How do find OSDS Version 3.2 SPD on-line?
222.03SNOCSun Oct 23 1994RW536 Cache &database questions
223.06DAIVSun Oct 23 1994Dir command ... and then system stack dum
224.02TKOV51::TOBAMon Oct 24 1994RWZ
225.01CSC32::K_MEADOWSWed Oct 26 1994RWZ52 show up as Offline
226.04XSTACY::DMCWEENEYWed Oct 26 1994disk touch question
227.01DECLNE::FOLEYThu Oct 27 1994RW5xx_KZPAA?
228.03ISIDRO::ATTO93::JOSEMIGUELFri Oct 28 1994Help Configuring 2 Rapid Changer with Perceptics Software
229.01LYOISA::BOIRINFri Oct 28 1994RWZ52 & OSDS for OSF/1
230.06SNOFS1::ZANOTTOMon Oct 31 1994RW5
231.03SNOFS1::ZANOTTOMon Oct 31 1994RW5
232.01ISIDRO::ATTO93::JOSEMIGUELMon Oct 31 1994Problems with one RW524 and OSMS software
233.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Oct 31 1994OSMS on HSC's yet?
234.01WMOIS::LEONARDMon Oct 31 1994HSC V8.4 and OSMS 3.2 support for RW53
235.04WARS::JERZYNSKIWed Nov 02 1994RW53
236.02ROMSLS::FARRAUTOThu Nov 03 1994Vaxstation 4
237.01TOSSUB::BRUSAFri Nov 04 1994rwz52 info
238.05TECRUS::GRISWOLDMon Nov 07 1994drive
239.03--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 08 1994optical configuration problem
240.03SNOFS1::ZANOTTOThu Nov 10 1994kodak 56
241.04MONTEZ::MONTEZFri Nov 11 1994Optical solutions/options questions.
242.0STUMon Nov 14 1994
243.01HDLITE::SCHAFERMon Nov 14 1994SCSI Inquiry data on RWxxx products
244.06VNASWS::GEROLDTue Nov 15 1994RWxxx and Sable revisited
245.03KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Nov 16 1994which SCSI on birds?
246.01ODIXIE::GRAYWed Nov 16 1994RW5
247.03AUSSIE::HOODThu Nov 17 1994Sony/RV7
248.01GBIMon Nov 21 1994RWZ
249.07AMCFAC::RABAHYTue Nov 22 19941st mount -> secure
250.02SSDEVO::SHUEYWed Nov 23 1994Create our own RRD42 disks?
251.0PRSSOS::BACHELETMon Nov 28 1994DOSDASS for RW5xx ???
253.03STUFri Dec 02 1994RWZ52 + DEC23
254.03GUIDUK::SOMERTue Dec 06 1994How does one connect the RV73
255.01HSICFri Dec 09 1994Erasing data on WORM discs?
256.03CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Dec 12 1994Direct to slot, or cycle?
257.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Dec 12 1994Manual changes/adds/deletes/mistakes...
258.02HSICWed Dec 14 1994Clusterwide access to WORM discs
259.02MEOCThu Dec 15 1994On line user doco for SW5xx?
260.05MEOCThu Dec 15 1994WHich controller for SW5xx/Sable/OSF?
261.08KERNEL::SMITHERSJFri Dec 16 1994RV7
262.01LYOISA::BOIRINMon Dec 19 1994OSDS availability ?? On OSF.
263.01ROMOIS::FARRAUTOMon Dec 19 1994RW5
264.02DAIVWed Dec 21 1994Juke Box and EFS 3.
265.01HLFSFri Dec 23 1994RWZ52 & SCSI inquire
266.03MAHONE::DMCWEENEYFri Dec 30 1994jbuapi error/expected behaviour ??
267.06HGOVC::BVISHWASMon Jan 02 1995RZ drives & RW534 on single controller
268.01ANGLIN::SEITZWed Jan 04 1995What to use for 18GB R/W on OSF?
269.02QBOUThu Jan 05 1995RW534-ZF as a BIG backup device ?
270.03ANGLIN::BLANCHARDSat Jan 07 1995CD-Writer for NT?
271.07SWAMPD::BMIERLEYMon Jan 09 1995Config question re RW536 and 21
272.01TPSPS1::TSC1MGRMon Jan 09 1995rwz52,dec33
273.09JGODCL::SYS_MJANSSENTue Jan 10 1995Mnt verify - RW514 - LAVC
274.05DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Jan 10 1995RW5XX - KZPAA status?
275.02TMAKXO::THOHNWed Jan 11 1995RW536 Parts to Stock?
276.01OTOOA::LAVIGNEWed Jan 11 1995RRD43 variant to add into an SZ18
277.01AROSThu Jan 12 1995Test 4
278.02UKVThu Jan 12 1995SCO Unixx driver forRWZ21??
279.010KLUSTR::GARDNERThu Jan 12 1995massive mount strategies?
280.02SNOFS1::ZANOTTOSun Jan 15 1995Strategic docs !
281.03GBIWed Jan 18 1995HDS3
282.03TIMABS::GERWILLWed Jan 18 1995RW5xx together with UC
283.03DRONET::63935::DEGUILLAUMEThu Jan 19 1995RW5* qualified list please
285.01MIMS::POWERS_PThu Jan 26 1995rw5
286.011TRLIAN::VAILFri Jan 27 1995RW5
287.02KERNEL::CLARKFri Jan 27 1995WORN Optical Disks??
288.01OTOOA::LAVIGNESun Jan 29 1995Will RW524/53
289.05BPSOF::TOROKTue Jan 31 1995RW5
290.06SHIPS::WILLS_ATue Jan 31 1995RW53
291.0BOHIO::RFONSECAWed Feb 01 1995Laserstar causes bugcheck...
292.03MUCCS1::KRAEMERThu Feb 02 1995RWZ
293.02MUCCS1::KRAEMERThu Feb 02 1995Filter for RWZ
294.03JGOALF::VAESSENFri Feb 03 1995RW514 Magazine Order Number
295.011TRNOIS::LEONEMon Feb 06 1995RW524...too SLOW !!
296.01DECLNE::CROPPERMon Feb 06 1995cable from hsd3
297.07KETJE::SYBERTZWed Feb 08 1995OSMS and OSF/1 : a new file system ?
298.0MSGAXP::GOLDMANWed Feb 08 1995AlphaStation 1
299.0KERNEL::CLARKThu Feb 09 1995RW53
300.04BPSOF::TELEKIFri Feb 10 1995Kit and documentation for OSMS 1.3 for OSF/1?
301.03GOYA::ANAFri Feb 10 1995HP13
302.02DECLNE::CROPPERFri Feb 10 19952 rw536 daisychained off pb2ha?
303.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Feb 14 1995PMAZC-AA
304.01FRSBOG::MGRUENWALDWed Feb 15 1995Is it possible to serve a RWZ52 to the cluster?
305.02DECLNE::CROPPERWed Feb 15 1995autochanger
307.01CRONIC::LEMONSSat Feb 18 19951.2GB 5 1/4" WORM media?
309.02STKAI1::EROSENTue Feb 21 1995How to upgrade RW536 firmware ?
311.012SHIPS::WILLS_AThu Feb 23 1995OSF and OSMS/OSDS
312.09FSTSC1::FRANKEFri Feb 24 1995%init-f-unsupported EDM-13
313.0BBIVMon Feb 27 1995optical storage comparisons
314.03FRSBOG::MGRUENWALDMon Feb 27 1995OpenVMS V6.1 and OSMS
315.02ZURWed Mar 01 1995RW5
316.02TAVWed Mar 01 1995RW5
317.03MONTEZ::MONTEZWed Mar 08 1995How OSMS uses the Cache ?
318.01DECLNE::CROPPERThu Mar 09 1995What PCI controllers qual'd on alphaserv.1
319.01VNASWS::GEROLDFri Mar 10 1995Which HP drive
320.02BPSOF::TELEKIFri Mar 10 1995OSMS 1.3 on OSF/1 3.
321.01DECPRG::KASPARSat Mar 11 1995Mnt verify/RW536/LAVC/command timeout-controller reset
322.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Mar 13 1995Hardware Differences?
323.01OTOOA::LAVIGNEWed Mar 15 1995Jukebox and NT support
324.0ZENA::BENVENUTOThu Mar 16 1995help: CD mastering device?
325.01DECLNE::CROPPERThu Mar 16 1995Max scsi cable length for rwz52
326.03SHIPS::WILLS_AFri Mar 17 1995RMS and WORM again
327.02VNASWS::GEROLDFri Mar 17 1995Intermittent 'no more devices'
328.01ROMTSS::SEBASTIANIFri Mar 17 1995Kodak adl56
329.02WELCLU::KARDANKFri Mar 17 1995NKK JukeBox & VMS/OSMS
330.01TRNMon Mar 20 1995Moving DATA from VMS to OSF/1
331.0VIVIAN::T_SMITHThu Mar 23 1995Questions about info logs & time
332.0KAOFS::D_SWITZERThu Mar 23 1995our spares on hp juke boxes??
333.03CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Mar 23 1995Performance Improvements?
334.03TRNMon Mar 27 1995Is PB2HA-SA suported ?
335.04OTOOA::LAVIGNETue Mar 28 1995Pointer to detailed Docs on OSNMS
336.09CRONIC::LEMONSWed Mar 29 1995Archiving to the RW5
337.02CHUECA::JMGUERRAFri Mar 31 1995Jukebox takes 4-5 minutes to mount
338.01VIVIAN::T_SMITHFri Mar 31 1995Diagnostic software for RWxx jukebox
339.01CMOTEC::THOMPSONMon Apr 03 1995volume shadow RWZ52s ?
340.01BPSOF::POLGARTue Apr 04 1995cfs info needed
341.04DECPRG::KASPARThu Apr 06 1995Connecting a HP jukebox to SABLE/VMS/OSMS
342.01DECLNE::CROPPERThu Apr 06 1995Is scsi patch required for rwz52, 2
343.03KYOSS1::LUIZZAThu Apr 06 1995Help on a Laser Magnetics Drive
344.01EVTAI1::VAN_DER_VEENMon Apr 10 1995OSMS optical drive offer
345.01CRONIC::LEMONSWed Apr 12 1995RV2
346.09CRONIC::LEMONSThu Apr 13 1995What to do when file size > platter side size
347.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Apr 13 1995RWZ52 still sold?
348.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Apr 13 1995Defragmenting an erasable optical platter
349.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Apr 13 1995RRW11 CD-R drive
350.014CRONIC::LEMONSThu Apr 13 1995OSMS V3.2 can't find the license
351.02VERN::CARPENTERFri Apr 14 1995
352.04CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Apr 18 1995RWZ52 replaces RWZ
354.01COMICS::GLEDHILLWed Apr 19 1995axpvms crash during dismount of jukebox
355.06USPS::FPRUSSFri Apr 21 1995OSMS for OSF/1 questions
356.0CRONIC::LEMONSFri Apr 21 1995
357.04VIVIAN::T_SMITHTue Apr 25 1995What does DOWNLOAD really mean?
359.07ANGLIN::MILLERThu Apr 27 1995RWZ52 vs. RWZ
361.0GEM::NORTHAMFri Apr 28 1995RRD43 reading Kodak CD's query
362.01VNASWS::GEROLDTue May 02 1995Performance prob with Kodak jukebox
363.01JGODCL::SYS_MJANSSENThu May 04 1995Slow dismount of JBA-dev's during shutdown
364.05AXCLThu May 04 1995OSDS V3.2 Reading "frozen" U.S Design WORM Problem
365.03DECLNE::PEACOCKMon May 08 199588 to 144 platter upgrade for RW534?
366.011MAHONE::DMCWEENEYTue May 09 1995RV7 question....
367.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu May 11 1995StorageServer 1
368.05CRONIC::LEMONSMon May 15 1995Archiving to Tx8n media?
369.01DECBAH::PATROTue May 16 1995rw5
370.02STUMon May 22 1995OSDS13
371.01COMICS::GLEDHILLSun May 28 1995spd for osms vms please
372.03BRUMMY::WILLIAMSMMon Jun 05 1995HP-1
373.02FORAT::JLSWed Jun 07 1995init-f-parity rwz52 & rwx5k-
374.03HAMSUP::KOENIGThu Jun 08 1995RWZ524 download problem
375.01KERNEL::LOANEFri Jun 09 1995RW5
377.0TIMABC::VAXSIMPLUSTue Jun 13 1995OSMS V1.3B ??
378.01TKTVFS::USHIRO_HThu Jun 15 1995OSDS RWZ52 question
379.0HGOM11::BRENDACAOFri Jun 16 1995RWZ52 specification?
380.02BEJVC::HELENZHOUWed Jun 21 1995urgent help for RWZ52 technical specificaiton
381.01SWTHOM::LEREUILWed Jun 21 1995RWZ52 and AXP 2
382.04TKTVFS::USHIRO_HThu Jun 22 1995possibility to support 1.3GB media?
383.05TKTVFS::USHIRO_HThu Jun 22 1995RWZ52 eject SW to ODA
384.0IMPERO::BELLONIThu Jun 22 1995OSMS-HSM VMS to Unix migration question
385.02CSC32::R_SWANSONThu Jun 22 1995Booting a rwz52?
386.03KERNEL::ROOMEMFri Jun 23 1995What version for AXP VMS 6.2
387.02GOYA::ACTECTue Jun 27 1995RWZ drive on a VAX6
388.06DUNDEE::CLEARYWed Jun 28 1995AXP VMS V6.1/OSMS V3.2 questions
392.01SUOIS2::MGOLDWASSERTue Jul 04 1995RWZ52 in OpenVMS RM Mikasa?
393.05TRNOIS::POLETTITue Jul 04 1995net kit of OSMS under Digital/UNIX
394.03UTRTSC::VISSERTue Jul 04 1995WORM<->MO Shelf Life?
395.02FRSDSC::MGRUENWALDWed Jul 05 1995Some contact person for VOS/T questions?
396.01FOOT::MALTBYMon Jul 10 1995RWZ52 on Digital UNIX - and where's OSDS?
397.06ESTASI::BONAITIWed Jul 12 1995osds installation problem
398.01KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Jul 12 1995minor doc nit
399.01ROMSLS::FARRAUTOThu Jul 13 1995RV3
400.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Jul 13 1995OSMS for OSF/CONSDIST ?
401.03KLUSTR::GARDNERThu Jul 13 1995cluster shared SCSI setup someday?
402.01MSAMMon Jul 17 1995osms v1.4 kit
403.010TKTVFS::OKUMURAMon Jul 17 1995Does OSDS support RWZ52/HSD1
404.01COLES1::SIEKTue Jul 18 1995FRU Numbers for RW516
407.02LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AFri Jul 21 1995Audio cable for RRD4X?
408.01STUMon Jul 24 1995What is the Q # to order OSDS software for OSF/1
409.02CHEFS::HARWOODJMon Jul 24 1995Differance between OSMS V1.3 & 1.3b
410.05SHIPS::EVANSMIMon Jul 24 1995RW534 PKDRIVER ?
411.01COLES1::BARTSCHATWed Jul 26 1995OSMS 3.3 RW512 at HSC95 supportet?
412.0COMICS::FRAWLEYJFri Jul 28 1995NOHOMEBLK on a worm RWZ52
413.012TAVSun Jul 30 1995MONITOR DISK shows a big queue for JBA1: , JBA2: etc...
414.06SHIPS::CHARALAMBOUSMon Jul 31 1995RWZ52 Write Transfer Rates ?
415.03DAIVC::ROSDIYANTOTue Aug 01 1995Mount JBA, the system disk offline
416.012CLPRWed Aug 02 1995RV2
417.04KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Aug 02 1995Load fault - what now?
421.02DECLNE::WEILERWed Aug 09 1995RWX5K-
422.04KERNEL::SMITHSWed Aug 09 1995Help with rwz52 and osf
423.04ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Aug 09 1995OFS file system limits
424.04KERNEL::HILLKThu Aug 10 1995Kernel build fails with OSDS
425.02TROOA::GILLAMThu Aug 10 1995OSMS 1.4 for UNIX install problem
426.07KERNEL::COURTNEYMFri Aug 11 1995MOUNT-F-INSFMEM, Insuff.Dyn.Memory ??
427.03FIREBL::LEEDSSun Aug 13 1995RW536, 21
428.08TKTVFS::HAMADA_TSun Aug 13 1995OSMS V3.3 kit location ?
429.09TPOVC::TPSP11::MTWUTue Aug 15 1995Crash -- Alphastation 4/166, V6.2, OSDS V3.2
430.06CMOTEC::JASPERTue Aug 15 1995Alphaserver 84
431.01CSC32::M_JILSONThu Aug 17 1995HP C1716C on Alpha system ??
432.0DECPRG::LUFTMon Aug 21 1995RW536 drives going %SYSTEM-F-MEDOFL sometimes...
433.010KERNEL::CLARKTue Aug 22 1995RW5
434.03XKOVThu Aug 24 1995RWZ52-VA...alpha 82
435.0HITIT::TATAROGLUFri Aug 25 1995RWZ52 to PC???
436.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Aug 25 1995RW525,RW532 part differences?
437.04SWETSC::EKLUNDMon Aug 28 1995V3.3 @ September CD ?
438.05GUIDUK::SOMERMon Aug 28 1995RW524 Optical drives w/ HSD1
439.01QCAVWed Aug 30 1995 Cygnet 18
440.04CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Aug 30 1995BACKUP and more than 1 side?
441.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Aug 30 1995Infoservers and RWZ52's?(again,aka 2
442.02DRONET::63935::DEGUILLAUMEThu Aug 31 1995RW525-ZA 19GB ON LINE ?
443.01ISIDRO::JOSEMIThu Aug 31 1995Problems installing RW53
444.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Aug 31 1995Why OSDS on VMS/VAX 6.1?
445.01VNASWS::GEROLDTue Sep 05 1995Support for new 12" Sony ?
446.01TBJVOA::YAGUCHIMon Sep 11 1995New MO Libraries
447.03CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Sep 11 1995Cachefile questions...
448.01IJSAPL::LAKENSTue Sep 12 1995OSDS V3.3 for ALpha Release date
449.03CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Sep 12 1995SYSPRIV in 6.1 to INIT/MOUNT?
450.03GSGLXT::CHMURAWed Sep 13 1995RWZ52 w/HSD1
451.04TBJVOA::YAGUCHIWed Sep 13 1995RW525 supported by POLYCENTER NSR?
452.05CSC32::R_ROBERTSONWed Sep 13 1995RWZ52 question
453.07KERNEL::CLARKThu Sep 14 1995SCSI bus errors and RW524 Jukebox.
454.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Sep 19 1995UNIX/backing up and device size
455.01DEKVC::MANKIDOWed Sep 20 1995Failed foreign Mounting on RW524...
456.0CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Sep 20 1995ACP's
457.01TKTVFS::OHISHI_SThu Sep 21 1995RWZ52 with Alphastation25
458.0HLFSThu Sep 21 1995Who knows the Ricoh RO-5
459.04UTROP1::BEKIR_STue Sep 26 1995Any Ideas ? (OSMS/PAB/SLS/MDMS/JUDRIVER)
460.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Sep 28 1995HSC KSUTIL/OSMS install/Jukeboxes
462.09WMOIS::LEONARDSun Oct 01 1995Is Multiprocessor CPU bug fixed in 3.3?
463.03COWBOY::MIRGHANEMon Oct 02 1995Is the RWZ52 supported by OpenVMS/AXP ?
464.02BBIVTue Oct 03 1995jukebox,oracle, digital unix
465.01COWBOY::MIRGHANETue Oct 03 1995can RWZ52 be connected to integrated SCSI?
466.07BBIVThu Oct 05 1995rw & worm support in rw53*** jukebox
467.04KERNEL::BAYSAThu Oct 05 1995Performance Issue on HP-1
468.02ROMOIS::FARRAUTOThu Oct 05 1995Prod.Manager for RV7
469.04BBIVMon Oct 09 1995osms license for rw532 on digital unix
470.03ISTWI1::OZILMon Oct 09 1995optical device + 84
471.02NETRIX::"jm@uvo.dec.com"Mon Oct 09 1995OSDS + OSF/1 v2.1 disguised as MLS+ ??
472.0BBIVWed Oct 11 1995Oracle and Jukebox reference site ..
473.0BBIVMon Oct 16 1995questions on RW532 Jukebox
474.0DRONET::63935::DEGUILLAUMETue Oct 17 1995CDrom and BA364
475.03CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Oct 17 1995RWX1K? C255
476.0TRLIAN::VAILTue Oct 17 1995Future of OSDS/OSMS and non-DEC devices
477.0NETRIX::"Dirk.Surmont@bro.mts.dec.com"Wed Oct 18 1995Perceptic drivers & cpio
478.0ESTASI::FIORINIMOThu Oct 19 1995Problems installing OSMS 1.4
480.01ISIDRO::dc118.sqo.dec.com::rafaMon Oct 23 1995Problems with NKK jukeboxes & VMS
481.02UTROP1::BEKIR_SMon Oct 23 1995Striping Opticals ?
483.05TAVIS::ADDADYWed Oct 25 1995The RW5
484.01BABAGI::PITTERWed Oct 25 1995OSMS VAX V3.3 PATCH
486.01BBIVSat Oct 28 1995osms doc on the net ???
487.02TLAVMon Oct 30 1995OSMS with Pinnacle Juke Box???
488.0+3BABAGI::PITTERMon Oct 30 1995SPDs, text versions
489.01BABAGI::PITTERMon Oct 30 1995OSMS SPD, postscript version
490.02BABAGI::PITTERMon Oct 30 1995OSDS & OSMS V3.3 for AXP
491.02MARVEL::BATCHELORMTue Oct 31 1995expand storageserver repository?
492.04KERNEL::CLARKThu Nov 02 1995Cache file to Volume Label relationship?
493.03KLUSTR::GARDNERFri Nov 03 1995pictures of these products?
494.01JBPRIV::INKINENThu Nov 09 1995OSMS and OSDS on the same system?
495.06NETRIX::"destito@spinix.rio.dec.com"Fri Nov 10 1995OSDS Configuration Problem
496.03GIDDAY::ROMANITue Nov 14 1995Customer tries to install OSMS v1.4 on Digital Unix v3.2c and ....
497.02KERNEL::CLARKTue Nov 14 1995OSDS installation/link failure...anybody seen it before?
498.09COMICS::MILLSSWed Nov 15 1995NOMOREDEV when backing up optical disks
500.02GRANPA::JCONNORSFri Nov 17 1995rrd43 spec ??
501.06UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERMon Nov 20 1995ANA/DISK gives lots of errors, OSDS V3.3
502.03GIDDAY::ROMANIMon Nov 20 1995Digital Unix v3.2c when will there be a version of OSMS available???
503.02DECLNE::BEHLINGTue Nov 21 1995RW531/RW532 SCSI connectors
504.01KERNEL::CLARKThu Nov 23 1995COPY JBA
505.01VNZVFri Nov 24 1995System crash using RWX5K-
506.01LYOISA::GAUDIEZMon Nov 27 1995What adapter with AlSt2
507.02KERNEL::MCCOMBETue Nov 28 1995OSMS V3.3-A
508.01COMICS::CURRENWed Nov 29 1995excessive activity on jukebox
509.01UTRTSC::VISSERSun Dec 03 1995RW531/532 Parts Differences?
510.01UTRTSC::VISSERSun Dec 03 1995RW525 SE and DIFF Pwr Supply?
511.02NETRIX::"destito@spinix.rio.dec.com"Tue Dec 05 1995Composite File System Function
512.04TAVWed Dec 06 1995OSDS on minimal system configuration
513.01BOHIO::EFGONZALEZFri Dec 15 1995When will we have the new 2.6 GB optical disks?
514.04NETRIX::"Eddie Orcutt @HVO"Fri Dec 15 1995Systems Consultant
515.02COMICS::WYKESJTue Dec 19 1995License problem with OSMS
516.01CSC32::R_ROBERTSONTue Dec 19 1995How to install OSDS in a dual host environment.
517.05VIRGIN::TEMPA::pascalThu Dec 21 1995OSMS Inst. but no /dev/od
518.017VNZVTue Jan 02 1996RW516 installation problem
520.016COMICS::HAWLEYIThu Jan 04 1996Drives vanish after clean installation of OSMS 3.3A
521.02BBIVSat Jan 06 1996rw532 Service Manual ..
522.0BBIVMon Jan 08 1996Queries on RW532
523.01STKHLM::WIDMANThu Jan 11 1996SET FILE/ACL on RWZ52
524.0HGOSPS::WONGWINGHONGThu Jan 11 1996RW532-ZF spare parts
525.01TRLIAN::VAILFri Jan 12 1996OSDS/OSMS runs with UNIX 3.2c with patch
526.01KERNEL::ANDERSONSMon Jan 15 1996OSMS message file for OpenVMS
527.01BSS::JSALETue Jan 16 1996JKCONFIG-E-BADPHYDEV2 error during config
528.01TBJVOA::YAGUCHIWed Jan 17 1996RW5xx on KZQSA
529.05MAHONE::DMCWEENEYWed Jan 17 1996Some questions...
530.01CSC32::R_ROBERTSONWed Jan 17 1996Odd Configuration Question
531.01MAHONE::DMCWEENEYThu Jan 18 1996Space getting lost question
532.0METZFri Jan 19 1996Documentation OSMS ffor Digital UNIX
533.02BER::NOMBAMBAFri Jan 19 1996OSMS-Support of disk quotas
534.01WHATSA::MATTAFri Jan 19 1996OpenVMS and Hardware Documentation
535.0FRAIS::JOSBAECHERTue Jan 23 1996V45
536.01UTRTSC::WIJKAMPWed Jan 24 1996Write protect give mount verification.
538.0NETRIX::"marek@airds.iso.dec.com"Thu Jan 25 19961
539.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Jan 25 19963.2D?
540.0MAHONE::DMCWEENEYFri Jan 26 1996Question on OSMS 3.3
541.01DECLNE::BEHLINGMon Jan 29 1996Single Picker Mode?
542.02BBIVTue Jan 30 1996Connecting RW532 to Alphaserver 2
543.01HGOVC::EDMONDCHIUWed Jan 31 1996crash, after install OSMS v1.4
544.04KERNEL::MOSSLWed Jan 31 1996using over command....OSMS 1.4
545.02KERNEL::NICHOLSONAWed Jan 31 1996After applying 3.1a ECO VAX MSCP SERVED DISKS GONE
546.05MSAMThu Feb 01 1996OSMS v1.4 (patched) crashes with OSF v3.2c
547.04VNABRW::BALOMIRI_MFri Feb 02 1996Hang up with dUNIX 3.2b & OSMS1.4
548.02SETIMC::NOREN_NFri Feb 02 1996omount /dev/of
549.0+8SOLVIT::HEYDARYFri Feb 02 1996Digital UNIX OSMS/OSDS User's Guide
550.02OTOOA::JPONDSun Feb 04 1996RW534 EOL and HP substitution?
551.01MSAMMon Feb 05 1996 Vaxstation 4
552.01BBIVMon Feb 05 1996OSMS questions ...
553.07SWAM1::HOLT_JOMon Feb 05 1996RW5
554.02DECWET::TRESSELTue Feb 06 1996jukebox drive type and firmware rev level info needed; jukebox test facility?
555.01MSAMTue Feb 06 1996NFS-serve OSMS filesystems ?
556.01SNOFS1::wpodms.wpo.dec.com::ZAMBOTTITue Feb 06 1996disk loading and mounting (delays) behaviour
557.07AUSSIE::SULLIVANWed Feb 07 1996RWZ52 as backup device?
558.04ZURWed Feb 07 1996HP4
559.0KERNEL::CLARKFri Feb 09 1996OSMS install for two jukeboxes??
560.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Feb 09 1996Known problem update?
562.01HGOVC::DONWONGMon Feb 12 1996RW532 support on KZQSA ?
563.0MAHONE::DMCWEENEYMon Feb 12 1996High level of corruption on JB devices
564.05JOBURG::BERETTAMon Feb 12 1996Panasonic Worm Drive LF5
565.03PDMOPS::YAMARTINOMon Feb 12 1996Pinnacle CD writer on OVMS?
566.06BBPBV1::CARTERTue Feb 13 1996Mounting an optical disk from C ?
567.01MBALDY::LANGSTONTue Feb 13 1996bigger than rw536?
568.03CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Feb 14 1996JCS V1.
569.0HGOVC::DONWONGThu Feb 15 1996I/O performance of RW532?
570.06CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Feb 16 1996Integer divide by zero...
571.04STUTue Feb 20 1996RW53
572.05WHATSA::MATTAWed Feb 21 1996OSMS ALPHA V3.3-1 Release Notes
573.01WHATSA::MATTAThu Feb 22 1996CURRENT Versions of OSMS/OSDS
574.0CSC32::R_ROBERTSONThu Feb 22 1996OSF System hangs doing OVER command
575.02CSC32::R_ROBERTSONFri Mar 01 1996V3.1 to V3.3-1 free blocks
576.02TBJVOA::YAGUCHIMon Mar 04 1996RWZ52 on BA364?
577.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONATue Mar 05 1996%SYSTEM-F-IVLOGNAM on jbshow
578.09KERNEL::NICHOLSONATue Mar 05 1996blocks missing after moving jukebocx
579.04ECFATue Mar 05 1996Alpha 3
580.02BBIVWed Mar 06 1996Composite File System feature of OSMS ...
581.03TROOA::HENDRIKSEWed Mar 06 1996OSMS 1.4
582.0KERNEL::MOSSLMon Mar 11 1996device busy... can't mount
583.05NETRIX::"roland.beck@aui.mts.dec.com"Tue Mar 12 1996CD-ROM,CD-R Jukebox Support ?
584.0NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Wed Mar 13 1996Boot OSF on RWZ52 ??
585.01SQUALO::FIORINIMOFri Mar 15 1996RW525 AND HSM 1.2A
586.0WOTVAX::FAIRBAIRNAMon Mar 18 1996RWZ52 as an archive device again.
587.01COMICS::SUMNERCMon Mar 18 1996MOUNT/SYSTEM doesn't work on all nodes if disk it Write Locked
588.0VNABRW::OFENSCHUESSEWed Mar 20 1996"df" response times & OSMS ?
589.05NWDWed Mar 20 1996Will not init a disk
590.01GBIThu Mar 21 1996Building bootable CD containing Digital Unix + customer application???
591.01DECLNE::BEHLINGThu Mar 21 1996Dimensions on Jukeboxes
592.02MANMThu Mar 21 1996Read Many/Write Many CD drive
593.01UTRTSC::VISSERTue Mar 26 1996Number of RW5xx's on a system?
594.07ROMWed Mar 27 1996backup 5
595.01CSC32::R_ROBERTSONThu Mar 28 1996wddriver cannot be parsed VMS LASERWARE
596.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Mar 28 1996JBSHOW doesn't on AXP/VMS 6.2
597.03NEMAIL::MCDONALDJFri Mar 29 1996Product & Engineering Mgrs?
598.03FSTSC1::FRANKEMon Apr 01 1996RWZ52 online allocated after booting
599.03GENIE::TANNERMon Apr 01 1996How many RW536 supported on OpenVMS AXP ??
601.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Apr 03 1996SWIOW-AA?
602.03CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Apr 04 1996Unix 4.
603.02AEOENG::GINDREThu Apr 11 1996Installing the RW525 with Unix 3.2
605.02PRC25::T_FOLEYFri Apr 12 199621
606.04VNZVFri Apr 12 1996RW5
607.01FSTSC1::FRANKEWed Apr 17 1996AlphaStation 255/233
608.04LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NFri Apr 19 1996RWZ52-AA SCSI id settings
609.0HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEESat Apr 20 1996Question about upgrade OS ?
611.01MANIOK::BERLINGHOFTue Apr 23 1996OSMS and Digital UNIX 3.2c / 3.2d?
612.0BABAGI::alcor.shr.dec.com::smithWed Apr 24 1996Official Engineering/Product Mgmt. Contacts
613.01MBALDY::LANGSTONThu Apr 25 1996On-line CDROMs with HSZ4
614.03CHUECA::CARRANZFri Apr 26 1996rw531 & V3.2C ---> no /dev
615.03LYOISA::LEFEBVREFri Apr 26 1996Mount error on VAX /VMS
616.01VNABRW::ARCH_RTue Apr 30 1996Once again about Queuelength
617.09KERNEL::CLARKTue Apr 30 1996LMSI/LASERSTAR: too many volumes mounted.
618.06UTRTSC::BOORFri May 03 1996Disks reloaded after reboot of satellite ?
619.0CHUECA::ARANCHAMon May 06 1996direct scsi 531 && unix 3.2c && osms 1.4
620.02DEEIS1::DENAYERWed May 08 1996OSMS 1.4 on Digital UNIX V3.2d
621.02ZURWed May 08 1996RW531 on VMS5.5-2 HEEELP !!
622.02BBPBV1::WALLACEThu May 09 1996Sony 3.5" 65
623.01WOTVAX::absip33.reo.dec.com::walls_tWed May 15 1996OSMS and NT
624.01VIRGIN::SCHUETTERWed May 15 1996OSMS "How to FREEZE Optical Platter"
625.02CHEFS::EVANSMIThu May 16 1996Upgrade RW534 to 536 ?
626.01CHEFS::JAMESHThu May 16 1996OSDS on OVMS V7.
627.0SEAWLF::COLEThu May 16 1996how to use OSMS - questions/references ???
628.05LFOIS1::DELECOURTue May 21 1996rz524 fatal controler error
629.01HKOSThu May 23 1996ALPHA 6.2 upgrade CRASH with OSMS 3.3-1
630.04KERNEL::PLANTCFri May 24 1996RWZ52 , OSDS and Alpha VMS 6.2
631.05SCASS1::BERNALThu May 30 1996$1$WD6
632.06CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu May 30 1996RW531/RW532 Troubleshooting Tips
633.07KAOFS::M_NAKAGAWAFri May 31 199631
634.05DEEIS1::DENAYERMon Jun 03 1996The "over" command - again
635.02CHUECA::ARANCHAWed Jun 05 1996RW531 && UNIX 3.2d && DECnsr Help !!
636.01CRONIC::ANTROBUSThu Jun 06 1996OSMS support for OpenVMS Alpha V6.2?
637.012CSC32::R_ROBERTSONThu Jun 06 1996HSD3
638.01VAXRIO::MAUROMon Jun 10 1996RW525-ZA/1.3 Gbytes media question...
639.03MUNICH::RIEBELTue Jun 11 1996RW531 powerfail question
640.02MUNICH::RIEBELTue Jun 11 1996Question about Write Protect
641.03NCMAIL::16.132.Tue Jun 11 1996RW525 File Format?
642.07CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Jun 11 1996which kits...
643.02CSC32::R_ROBERTSONTue Jun 11 1996LSTARA1
644.0TALLIS::NIEMIWed Jun 12 1996Shelf-Life of CD-R CDs?
645.06MUDIS3::DSCHMIERThu Jun 13 1996RWZ52 and Digital UNIX
646.08TAPE::SENEKERThu Jun 13 1996ideas for install procedures
647.01CSC32::R_ROBERTSONFri Jun 14 1996multiple device installs
648.02DECBAH::PATROSun Jun 16 1996CI cluster!
649.03GBITue Jun 18 1996Pioneer DE-UH71
650.013CSC32::R_ROBERTSONTue Jun 18 1996Digital Unix OSMS/OSDS questions
651.04TBJVOA::YAGUCHIWed Jun 19 1996RW5
652.04KERNEL::ANDERSONSFri Jun 21 1996RW534, JBUTIL INSERT completed when no pack has been inserted into mailslot.
653.01CHEFS::EVANSMIMon Jun 24 1996HP`s 2.6GB Jukebox available ?
654.02MLNTue Jun 25 1996RWZ52 and AlphaStation 255
655.06MUDIS3::DSCHMIERTue Jun 25 1996RWZ52-VA and OpenVMS 6.1 on a VAX4
656.02HGOSPS::MASCOTTANGMon Jul 01 1996MOUNT-F-INTDIV error for mounting RW53E jukebox
658.04BRUNEL::KIRBYWed Jul 03 1996RW531 -- 29-32788-
659.02COWBOY::MIRGHANEWed Jul 03 1996RWZ52 supported under Windows-NT/Alpha stations?
660.0METZFri Jul 05 1996OSMS in a dead locking state
661.02MBALDY::LANGSTONMon Jul 08 1996UNIX backup to RV73
662.04STPTue Jul 09 1996LSTARA1
663.03BBIVWed Jul 10 1996is rwz52 supported on alphaserver 41
664.09CSC32::R_ROBERTSONThu Jul 11 1996lstara1
665.05SCASS1::TURNERGFri Jul 12 1996Connecting RW532 to Intel based machine
667.01EVOCDG::DECBAH::ZUHEIRSat Jul 20 1996RV73
668.01PRMSMon Jul 22 1996OSMS (cam_changer.o) conflict with CLMC3
669.02ANNECY::ALLEGUEDETue Jul 23 1996WORM support on alpha vms: planned ?
670.04NETRIX::"ofer@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Tue Jul 23 1996RWZ52 and other platforms
672.09BPSOF::STROHMAYERWed Jul 31 1996What about code downloading to RW524
673.03CAREThu Aug 01 1996RW5
674.09STPWed Aug 07 1996INIT JBAxx: causes process to hang in cluster
676.03WASHDC::snowme.cop.dec.com::KMOOREThu Aug 08 1996HP Optical disk info needed
677.05KERNEL::CLARKThu Aug 15 1996Delay issues with DCL command files?
678.01SALEM::HARRIS_MThu Aug 15 199621
679.02DEKVC::SUNDAEHONGFri Aug 16 1996OSMS V1.4 Patch kits
680.0TLAVTue Aug 20 1996What impact if hostname is changed ?
681.012THESUN::CLARKTue Aug 20 1996Many files, but which version?
682.04NQOSTue Aug 20 1996PC WORMS CDs
683.02NETRIX::"seyfert@idefix.rto.dec.com"Thu Aug 22 1996OSMS support for PHILIPS LD 61
684.02KERNEL::NICHOLSONAFri Aug 23 1996interrupted system call on platter access
685.02NETRIX::"pierre.musy@aty.mts.DEC.COM"Tue Aug 27 1996UU : RV73
686.01RCOCER::MICKOLTue Aug 27 1996RW536 & HSJ5
687.05TKTV2Fri Aug 30 1996mount-f-intdiv on rwz52
688.08NEOVTue Sep 03 1996Qstar JukeBox and OSMS OpenVMS?
689.02STUWed Sep 04 1996OSMS,RW536:diskfreespace =
690.01CSC32::R_ROBERTSONWed Sep 04 1996v3.3-1 osms vs diskkeeper
691.01ZURMon Sep 09 1996OSMS ODUTIL/RECOVER Problem
692.09MUCCS1::MSIMONThu Sep 12 1996>>show dev -shows DKB1
693.011VNZVThu Sep 12 1996Need to storage big files.
694.02KERNEL::CLARKMon Sep 16 1996RWZ52 Cleaning issues.
695.04TOOSRV::CAMILOTTETue Sep 17 1996Single File System
696.04CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Sep 17 1996MSCP serving limitations...
697.04CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Sep 18 1996Location of CACHE files?
698.03BBIVThu Sep 19 1996connecting jb in a vax cluster
699.013WASHDC::snowme.cop.dec.com::copss1::MOOREThu Sep 19 19962.3GB optical drive?
700.01APRNTC::LUCASThu Sep 26 1996OSMS V1.4 on UNIX 3.2B and RW534: omount hangs system
701.0DECWET::TRESSELFri Sep 27 1996New Notes conference for CLC (SCSI CAM Layered Components for Digital Unix)
702.05BEEZER::CLARKTue Oct 01 1996ASC/ASCQ=4E/
703.08GIDDAY::SALMERIWed Oct 02 1996RW514/534 initialize errors
704.011JACEK::waldek.rpw.dec.com::jacek::calkaSat Oct 05 1996HSD5
705.0BPSOF::POLGARMon Oct 07 1996OSMS1.4,unix3.2c - two "ls -l"s give different results
706.01NETRIX::"montaquila@mko.dec.com"Mon Oct 07 1996RWX1H-AA not found
707.01USPS::FPRUSSTue Oct 08 1996ODS-2 and ISO 966
708.0MSAMWed Oct 09 1996WORM disk
709.0CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Oct 22 1996RW524/525 Troubleshooting Tip...
710.02UTRTSC::TIELEMANThu Oct 24 1996SPD 47.45.
711.01NETRIX::"montaquilab@klaatu.tay.dec.com"Thu Oct 24 1996RV
712.0TKTV3Fri Oct 25 1996session on CDROM
713.06TKTV2Fri Oct 25 1996timeout to jkconfig install
714.03KAOTMon Oct 28 1996RV2
716.0+7NETRIX::"lissandron@pdaxp.jpo.dec.com"Thu Oct 31 1996OSMS & unix 3.2g
717.06VNABRW::KARTNER_MTue Nov 05 1996Problems setting up OSMS V3.3 on VMS V6.2
718.0CSC32::R_ROBERTSONTue Nov 05 1996LSTARA1
719.02NETRIX::"detlef@rto.dec.com"Wed Nov 06 1996RWZ52 and Digital UNIX
720.010NETRIX::"pascal@zuo.dec.com"Wed Nov 06 1996Invisible Changer with RW532,KZPAA and the 1
721.01EVTAI1::BROCHARDFri Nov 08 1996RWX1K-
722.0NPSS::WATERSMon Nov 11 1996Why might WinNT be unable to read SunOS CD-ROM directories?
723.02ESSC::KMANNERINGSMon Nov 11 1996OSDS on OSF V2?
724.02NETRIX::"montaquila@klaatu.tay.dec.com"Mon Nov 11 1996AS21
725.04NETRIX::"montaquila@klaatu.tay.dec.com"Tue Nov 12 1996OSMS and OSDS on same system
726.010CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Nov 12 1996OSDS and C1716T?
727.0MGOSThu Nov 14 1996RWZ53 documentation ??
729.0CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Nov 18 1996OSMS and labelnames...
729.05CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Nov 18 1996Labelnames?
730.03WOTVAX::SPREADBURYTue Nov 19 1996RW546 questions
731.04VNABRW::KARTNER_MTue Nov 19 1996%INIT-F-DEVREQERR after HSM 3.3 installation
732.05KERNEL::CLARKWed Nov 20 1996RW514/RW534 CONFIG 41 question
733.0CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Nov 20 1996HSD3
734.02COLThu Nov 21 1996RV2
735.0+7BRADEC::KUZMAThu Nov 21 1996AS41
736.01EVTVThu Nov 21 1996optical_op_spin failure OSF/1
737.0NETRIX::"paloni@stowks.enet.dec.com"Fri Nov 22 1996Shelf life of the RWX6K
738.04HANSBC::BACHNERMon Nov 25 1996HP SureStore Optical 26
739.0TAPE::SENEKERMon Nov 25 1996V3.4 OSDS/OSMS Release Notes, VAX & Alpha
740.04SWTHOM::TINOTue Nov 26 1996OSDS V1.4,ECO 1
741.03NETRIX::"montaquilab@klaatu.tay.dec.com"Tue Nov 26 1996WORM Media for RWZ53?
742.01UNITED::RENCONTRETue Dec 03 1996Simple,if embedded SCSI supported
743.03TAPE::SENEKERTue Dec 03 1996configuration support statement for V3.4
744.04UTOPIE::FRUEHWIRTH_BThu Dec 05 1996over on worm & worm/rewritable differencation
745.04HGOVC::STEPHENLEUNGFri Dec 06 1996System Crash during mount RW534
746.03NETRIX::"polgar@bps.mts.dec.com"Mon Dec 09 1996help analyzing errlog
747.02VNABRW::KARTNER_MThu Dec 12 1996HOW to install OSMS with JUKEBOX on HSJ ?!
748.03NETRIX::"montaquilab@klaatu.tay.dec.com"Fri Dec 13 1996OSDS supported on UNIX 4.
749.02STPSun Dec 15 1996RW531 with AS82
750.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Dec 18 1996RWZ53 and Unix OSDS
751.01COWBOY::MIRGHANEThu Dec 26 1996 Optical 1
752.0+6NETRIX::"egert@vnabrw.enet.dec.com"Wed Jan 08 1997OSMS V3.4 for OpenVMS
753.01BPSOF::TUBAWed Jan 08 1997RICOH formatted media on DEC jukebox?
754.03BRADEC::bnbWed Jan 08 1997INIT of WORM disk causes INTDIV error
755.01CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Jan 09 1997Cables
756.05CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Jan 09 1997licensing questions...
757.0+2NETRIX::"koski@mars.iso.dec.com"Sun Jan 12 1997Solaris Support ?
758.0+4TBJVOA::FUJITAMon Jan 13 1997Media for RWZ53
759.09SALEM::GWCOOP::GWCOOPMon Jan 13 1997Creating a standalone boot cd with a RW5
760.04VNASWS::FLORThu Jan 16 1997RW557 and OSMS for Digital UNIX?
761.01TBJVOA::YAGUCHIFri Jan 17 1997Media Compatibility
762.01COOKIE::HOLSINGERFri Jan 17 1997looking for OSMS/OpenVMS documentation
763.03COMICS::SUMNERCTue Jan 21 1997MO disks not showing Write Protected when mounted
764.0+11NETRIX::"WartenbergR@mail.dec.com"Thu Jan 23 1997RW546 and AS 1
765.0+2PRSSOS::MENICACCIThu Jan 23 1997Writing interrupted on WORM
766.0 *+1CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Jan 28 19973.4 now shipping...
767.0 *+2CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Jan 30 1997SCSI connections on 4X models?
768.0 *+5CSC32::R_ROBERTSONFri Jan 31 1997RW564 connected to KZPSA which cable
769.0 *+3FIREBL::LEEDSMon Feb 03 1997RW5
770.0 *+5HGOVC::CSCHANTue Feb 04 1997Jukebox devices MVTIMEOUT
771.0 *+5TRNOIS::BOCCITue Feb 04 1997OSDS 1.47 NEEDED
772.0 *+5VNABRW::KARTNER_MWed Feb 05 1997when will OSMS be supported for VMS V7.1 ?
773.0 *+1CSC32::R_ROBERTSONWed Feb 05 1997FYI - intdiv divide by zero error
774.0 *+1NETRIX::"WartenbergR@mail.dec.com"Thu Feb 06 1997ASE and Jukebox
775.0 *+1TROOA::JADAMSThu Feb 06 1997OSMS for UNIX to read FILES-11 format
776.0 *+1CSC32::R_ROBERTSONFri Feb 07 1997%create-e-dirnotcre WORM JBA
777.0 *+1CSC32::R_ROBERTSONFri Feb 07 199721
778.0 *+2TAVIS::MERONMon Feb 10 1997OSMS V3.4 - WORM with a FILES-11 format
779.0 *+3CSC32::R_ROBERTSONTue Feb 11 1997v3.4 osms platter mixups
780.0 *+5GEM::SHERGOLDWed Feb 12 1997Lowest software support for RWZ53
781.0 *+2NQOSWed Feb 12 1997NSR and RW531 setup
782.0 *+1KAOTWed Feb 12 19972.6 gb media in 1.2 drive? @1.2gb format
783.0 *+3NEOVWed Feb 12 1997RW5* & Windows NT
784.0 *+2VNABRW::KARTNER_MThu Feb 13 1997problems with OSMS V3.3 and RW53
785.0 *+3CSC32::R_ROBERTSONThu Feb 13 1997FYI v7.1 RWZ52 temp fix
786.0 *+4ZPOVC::CHEEHEONGMon Feb 17 1997US DESIGN 1723 = DIGITAL RWZXX ?
787.0 *+1TRNOIS::BOCCITue Feb 18 1997V1.47 still needed...
788.0 *+9DV78Tue Feb 18 1997What is a RW5
789.0 *CSC32::R_ROBERTSONWed Feb 19 1997CSC Colorado's role w nondec
790.0 *+2HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Feb 21 1997Jukebox question????
791.0 *+5XFMVMon Feb 24 1997rwz53 drive support on WNT 4.
792.0 *+12NETRIX::"detlef@rto.dec.com"Mon Feb 24 1997RWZ52 -> RWZ53
793.0 *+2CARDHU::BAGNOUDTue Feb 25 1997RWZ52 /SIZE ?
794.0 *+2EVTAI1::9dhcp167.evt.DEC.COM::BacheletWed Feb 26 1997Every 2
795.0 *ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Feb 27 1997jukebox s/w for alpha NT again
796.0 *+1PRSSOS::TINOThu Feb 27 1997URGENT OSMS release for Digital Unix v4.
797.0 *+1NETRIX::"destito@mail.dec.com"Thu Feb 27 1997OSMS and nfs
798.0 *+1CSC32::R_ROBERTSONMon Mar 03 1997CSC Colorado Optical Storage Support
799.0 *+3COPCLU::JORNTue Mar 04 1997Which version for OpenVMS AXP V7.
800.0 *+4KERNEL::CLARKWed Mar 05 1997OSMS and LUN's for RW557?
802.0 *+2LYOVThu Mar 06 1997support RWZ53 on Digital UNIX ?
803.0 *+5CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Mar 07 1997RW55N??
804.0 *+2CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Mar 07 1997Unix licensing the same as VMS?
805.0 *+2CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Mar 11 1997More about RW552 and now OSMS
806.0 *+7KAOFS::E_BELANGERWed Mar 12 1997RW525 - How to clear the security code
807.0 *+10STPThu Mar 13 1997RW531 says "I NEED CODE"
808.0 *+2CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Mar 13 19973.4 Documentation???
809.0 *+2ANNECY::CHALUMEAUMon Mar 17 1997RWZ53 support on UNIX V4, any news ?
810.0 *CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Mar 18 19971
811.0 *+1CSC32::R_ROBERTSONWed Mar 19 1997How many jb's can be MSCP served
812.0 *BRLLNT::MONTAQUILAWed Mar 19 1997Upgrade available from RW531 to RW552?
813.0 *+1CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Mar 20 1997No manuals being shipped?
814.0 *+2CSC32::R_ROBERTSONFri Mar 21 1997install juke and standalone drive?
815.0 *+1HGOM3Fri Mar 21 1997RWZ52 running with OVMS v6.2
816.0 *+1ANNECY::LEFORT_DFri Mar 28 1997rw5
817.0 *+1BRSSWS::GOUBERTFri Mar 28 1997Mount/unload behaviour is different for RWZ53 andRWZ52
818.0 *+2EEMELI::MOSERTue Apr 01 1997Problems with changing disk platters
819.0 *+3CSC32::R_ROBERTSONTue Apr 01 1997rw551 hsd3
820.0 *TAPE::SENEKERFri Apr 04 1997Kits and Documentation (docs) via net/WWW
821.0 *DEKVC::DEUGKWANGLEETue Apr 08 1997Can I use Sony optical media labeled 1
822.0 *+5CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Apr 18 1997Installation of 3.4 question...
823.0 *+4ATZIS3::ARCH_RMon Apr 21 1997Write optical Disks on VMS which can be read on WNT
824.0 *+1KERNEL::FISHERCTue Apr 22 1997gk driver not being configured in syconfig
825.0 *CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Apr 22 1997Performance of LUN mode vs. default?
826.0 *+2NNTPD::"detlef@rto.dec.com"Thu Apr 24 1997Is this really true ???
827.0 *+4HGOM3Fri Apr 25 1997Problem with RWZ52 on OVMS V6.2.
828.0 *+1MUNICH::REINFri Apr 25 1997RWZ53 OVMS7.1??
829.0 *+2CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Apr 25 1997MOUNT/SHARE on an optical?
830.0 *+2CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Apr 28 1997Ever heard of a "CSLG" license?
831.0 *+6CSC32::S_WASKEWICZWed Apr 30 1997RWZ53 and WindowsNT Support?
832.0 *+4BRADEC::KUZMATue May 06 1997RW531 update fw
833.0 *+1HGOVMon May 19 1997Slow performance of Backup on using RW532
834.0 *+3CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue May 20 1997OSMS 1.5 for Unix supports dual-picker now?
835.0 *+2TPOVC::MOBBYLINThu May 22 1997support 3.5" 64
836.0 *+3CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri May 23 1997IMPDATNIN?
837.0 *+1HGOVThu May 29 1997optical disks compatible with DU 4.x ???
838.0 *+1MLNCSC::DALPORTOThu May 29 1997files-11 on WORM devices?
839.0 *+1CSC32::R_ROBERTSONThu May 29 1997trying to id optical resource
840.0 *+1CSC32::R_ROBERTSONFri May 30 1997RWZx on HSx VMS Matrix
841.0 *+7NNTPD::"Alessiop@mail.dec.com"Mon Jun 02 1997RW531 mount verification