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Conference mse1::sea_kayaking

Title:Sea Kayaking
Created:Mon Aug 23 1993
Last Modified:Thu May 22 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:29
Total number of notes:115
Number with bodies:1
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1.01FLUKES::SUTTONMon Aug 23 1993Welcome to Sea Kayaking
2.014FLUKES::SUTTONMon Aug 23 1993Who Are You?
3.02FLUKES::SUTTONMon Aug 23 1993Construction Materials
4.08FLUKES::SUTTONMon Aug 23 1993Paddles!
5.03FLUKES::SUTTONMon Aug 23 1993Rudders / Skegs
6.01SSDEVO::MARKSThu Sep 09 1993Folding kayaks - GENERAL info
7.01SSAG::SUSSWEINThu Sep 09 1993Transition from whitewater to sea kayaking
8.0MODEL::KEENETue Sep 14 19932 Current Design Sea Kayaks for Sale
9.07WR2FOR::WIMMER_DIThu Sep 16 1993Where do you kayak?
10.07WR2FOR::WIMMER_DIThu Sep 16 1993Instruction/Trips
11.0SSAG::SUSSWEINThu Sep 16 1993Baja
12.01CARTUN::SAATHOFFSat Sep 18 1993Books about Kayaking
13.02CARTUN::SAATHOFFSat Sep 18 1993Kayaking Clubs & Associations
14.02SMURF::YELGINWed Sep 22 1993Want to buy - used kayak
15.01WR2FOR::WIMMER_DIFri Oct 22 1993SHARKS!
16.02MSE1::SUTTONFri Nov 12 1993Any other 12-month paddlers around here?
17.0SSDEVO::MARKSWed Jan 12 1994Sea kayaking in Alaska
18.08HDLITE::NICOLAZZOWed Feb 02 1994sail rigs?
19.01MSE1::SUTTONMon Feb 14 1994Rolling
20.01TOOK::NICOLAZZOMon Apr 11 1994Safety gear - what should I carry?
21.08TOOK::NICOLAZZOWed May 25 1994Currents, rips and other hazards?
22.05ASIC::RDAIGLEThu Aug 04 1994Building a Kayak?
23.0SSAG::SUSSWEINTue Sep 06 1994Alaska
24.01GUCCI::MHILLTue Sep 06 1994VHF RADIOs
25.04RANGER::HOUGHTONTue Apr 25 1995Wanted-Good Touring Kayak
26.0OTOOA::MOWBRAYThu Jun 08 1995a little help ?
27.05POWDML::DOUGANFri Sep 29 1995Kayak shops ?
28.01ZEKE::SMICKMon Jul 08 1996Places to RENT sea kayaks????
29.0 *SALES::SMICKThu May 22 1997Any AMC members interested in sea kayaking?