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Conference msbcs::hpc

Title:Parallel processing through Workstation Farms.
Created:Tue Oct 27 1992
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:507
Total number of notes:1791
Number with bodies:31
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1.011BGOTue Nov 17 1992Intro to High Performance Computing
2.07BGOSun Nov 01 1992PVM and P4 performance using TOOLS.
3.0721752::SUMINATue Nov 17 1992Workshop on Workstation Cluster Computing
4.029BGOThu Nov 19 1992Identification of the Farmers.
5.03BGOTue Nov 24 1992IBM seminar on Supercomputing (and farms).
6.02BGOTue Nov 24 1992Alpha farms phase
7.037795::ANUTAWed Nov 25 1992FYI: SCA Announces Fortran Versions of Linda, New Network Linda
8.037795::ANUTAWed Nov 25 1992FYI: NASA Lewis Installs RS/6
9.037795::ANUTAWed Nov 25 1992IBM CLUSTERS ---> Applications
11.02STAR::PARRISWed Nov 25 1992Encore agreement
12.0548219::POISSONThu Nov 26 1992Where to get P4 software from ?
13.0HERON::KAISERMon Nov 30 1992HP's "clustering program"
14.0861132::PRIEBATSCHThu Dec 03 1992Any Demos
15.03492Mon Dec 07 1992NQS? interested
16.0484Tue Dec 08 1992GIGAswitch information
17.02MR4DEC::SUMINATue Dec 15 1992TCGMSG
18.0STAR::PARRISTue Dec 15 1992Clusters vs. Big Iron
19.03MR4DEC::SUMINAWed Dec 30 1992Alpha OSF/1 Workstation Farms
20.0749271::DELAMPERThu Jan 21 1993AOSF pvm kits ?
21.0151488::TAVIWed Feb 03 1993Parallel tools and utilities.
22.0258832::VANDUYMon Feb 08 1993BERGEN::FARMS$: still available?
23.0249437::FLORTue Feb 09 1993Wanted: heNCE docs.
24.0236Tue Feb 09 1993Help with basics???
25.04MPPVAX::INGEBRIGTTue Feb 09 1993Message-Passing Interface (MPI) standard.
26.01USABLE::GOODThu Feb 11 1993Linda
27.07EEMELI::TAVITue Feb 16 1993PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) issues
28.0FRUST::FUKSWed Feb 24 1993XPVM and PICL
29.021VNABRW::AUMAYR_WWed Mar 03 1993PVM for OpenVMS
30.02BIS6::KREATSOULASWed Mar 03 1993T:/M: CRAY & PVM/HenCE
31.0BGOThu Mar 04 1993MPP/mPP conference September 1-3, 1993.
32.0MPPNOR::INGEBRIGTThu Mar 04 1993T/M: HPF for farms (and MIMD).
33.02MINNY::HEUSIThu Mar 04 1993Export Licensing, CTP Calculations for FDDI and CI
34.02BIS6::KREATSOULASThu Mar 04 1993Alpha Farms SW Info
35.03SYOMV::KRASMon Mar 08 1993TCH Hippi?
36.0RDVAX::BENSONTue Mar 09 1993Alpha AXP FARM Phase
37.0ZPOVC::QCAVWed Mar 10 1993Questions regarding competition/posititioning
38.0ECCGY4::PARETIMon Mar 15 1993how to install LPs on ONE node
39.04BALTMD::ANUTAWed Mar 17 1993PVM and DCE, what is the diff?
40.0MR4DEC::SUMINAWed Mar 17 1993pointer to sales training materials
41.024MPPNOR::INGEBRIGTThu Mar 18 1993T: Seminars, conferences etc.
42.05SYOMV::KRASWed Mar 24 19933RD Party Applications on AXP Farms?
43.05MPPNOR::INGEBRIGTThu Apr 01 1993Customers, References, etc.
44.0HERON::KAISERFri Apr 02 1993Set up a farm, nearly free
45.0ECCGY4::PARETITue Apr 06 1993message passing for VMS
46.03MR4DEC::YUANThu Apr 08 1993easy to use PVM and HeNCE1.3
47.0FRUST::FUKSThu Apr 15 1993PVM3 experiences at IPP
48.09THEBAY::CHABANEDFri Apr 23 1993White Papers??
49.01STAR::PARRISSun Apr 25 1993April 2
50.04LISVAX::RODRIGUESTue Apr 27 1993Announcing New Version of PVM!
51.01ROMTue Apr 27 1993HPF DOC, SLIDE ??
52.04TEGAN::61477::GuytonTue Apr 27 1993Latency
53.01DESTES::ESTESTue Apr 27 1993How will this example do today?
54.01MINNY::HEUSITue May 04 1993DECdcs (AOSF/1)? Who is also interested in such project?
56.0BGOTue May 11 1993Xab - PVM X Analysis and deBugging.
57.0MR4DEC::LOHTue May 11 1993Alpha WS Farm Benchmark for customer
58.03LUPO::SIMINOWed May 12 1993HP clusters against Alpha AXP farms
59.01FRUST::FUKSThu May 13 1993CODINE - technical overview
60.05TEGAN::GUYTONThu May 13 1993PVM Users Meeting Trip Report
63.0EEMELI::TAVIMon May 17 1993Papers on farming on-line
64.01FRUST::FUKSMon May 17 1993FORGE 9
65.01GLDOA::SIEMBORMon May 17 1993Latency for a 64bit read?
66.02BGOThu May 27 1993HeNCE 1.4 - supporting PVM3.x and Alpha.
67.01ROMWed Jun 02 1993SIMD, MIMD and FARMS ?
68.01ECCGY4::PARETIThu Jun 03 1993farm latency ??
69.015POBOX::GHAHRAMANITue Jun 08 1993UNIX Farms for servers?
70.02LUPO::SIMINOTue Jun 08 1993And our old VMS..... nothing for it?
71.0FRUST::FUKSWed Jun 09 1993CODINE reference manual
72.02ECCGY4::PARETIFri Jun 11 1993farm managemrnt software
73.02TEGAN::61477::GuytonFri Jun 11 1993Chorus?
74.04BALTMD::ANUTAMon Jun 14 1993Feedback on GIGAswitch at the Los Alamos National Lab-from "Karl-Heinz A. Winkler
75.0BIS6::KREATSOULASTue Jun 15 1993T: GIGAswitch Management: Q&A
76.0MINNY::HEUSIFri Jun 18 1993Need for CRAY SCIlib support in DXML ?
77.03GUIDUK::DANIELSONFri Jun 25 1993Racking the cluster
78.03SOS6::BERNARDTue Jun 29 1993VMS Alpha workstation farms
79.07MS1Wed Jun 30 1993Network Signature Characterizations of a Farm
80.02MINNY::HEUSIWed Jul 07 1993UTOPIA LSF (load sharing facility) documentation available
81.03MSBCS::PSMITHTue Jul 13 1993Looking for DQS and DNQS for OSF
82.01EVTIS9::ZAGAMEFri Jul 16 1993How About an Update on the Development side?
83.02EVTIS9::ZAGAMEFri Jul 16 1993 How about Services?
84.0EVTIS9::ZAGAMEFri Jul 16 1993heterogeneous environment help...
85.01CGOOA::BONTJEMon Jul 19 1993Should I help Myrias port their Farm Code?
86.02QCAVWed Jul 21 1993CRAY+Alpha <-> Meta of Convex
87.01ECCGY4::PARETIWed Jul 21 1993UTOPIA/LSF
88.0BGOFri Jul 23 1993Parasoft express.
89.02BIS6::KREATSOULASFri Jul 23 1993I: ADAPTOR (Atomatic DAta Paralleslism TranslatOR)
90.09GUIDUK::DANIELSONTue Jul 27 1993Managing nodes without attached consoles
91.02BALTMD::ANUTAFri Jul 30 1993High Performance Distributed Conference (HPDC-2), Spokane, WA--, Trip report, Marco Annaratone
92.02SCAACT::ANDERSONWed Aug 04 1993DEC 4
93.01CALDEC::KAMATHMon Aug 09 1993survey report on sw environments
94.0BIS6::DELAMPERTue Aug 17 1993load balancing software
95.03POBOX::BARCROFTTue Aug 17 1993SGI & Farms
97.03CALDEC::KAMATHSat Aug 21 1993Seminar Summaries
99.06INBAL::ALEXTue Aug 31 1993HeNCE: help needed
101.01INBAL::ALEXMon Sep 06 1993I need docs on HeNCE 1.4
102.02ECCGY4::PARETIThu Sep 09 1993FULLSAIL for farm managem. ?
103.01TKOV51::ISHIBASHI_TTue Sep 14 1993I need DQS User's Guide.
104.04FRUST::FUKSThu Sep 16 1993ALPHA AXP Farm vs. TMC CM-5
105.0EVTIS9::ZAGAMETue Sep 21 1993IBM SP1 Performance Info
106.01QCAVThu Sep 23 1993parallel BMs
107.02TAVTue Sep 28 1993Utopia - how to get a demo ASAP ?
108.0BGOThu Sep 30 1993CRAY T3D - Alpha based MIMD system.
109.01COWBOY::DUFRESNEThu Sep 30 1993DEC 3
110.0JULIET::HATTRUP_JAThu Sep 30 1993Tooltalk for Alpha/OSF1 farms
111.08SYOMV::KRASFri Oct 01 1993PVM for SMP & Encore Clusters?
112.0106NICCTR::BURTONFri Oct 01 1993LSF Load Sharing Facility Software
113.0EVTIS9::ZAGAMEFri Oct 01 1993DEC's strategy - HPC SLECT NEWS
114.04BALTMD::ANUTAFri Oct 08 1993Paper: Early Experiences with the SP1
115.09RT95::CASAGRANDETue Oct 12 1993Farms as an alternative to SMP
117.03NICCTR::BURTONFri Oct 15 1993Phase
119.02TASTY::JEFFERYThu Oct 21 1993Demos for PVM?
120.01BIGRED::PARKERWed Oct 27 1993HPF (HP Fortran) for DECMPP problem
121.01CHOVAX::DANYLUKThu Oct 28 1993load utility and random # generators?
122.03BAHTAT::HILTONFri Oct 29 1993Queuing Questions
123.02ZPOVC::MONGKIAWed Nov 03 1993S/W applications info needed
124.01QCAVFri Nov 05 1993Oil and Gas?
125.0325Fri Nov 05 1993PHASE
126.07ANNECY::CHABORD_DMon Nov 08 1993hardware failure recovery ?
127.0225Wed Nov 10 1993Successful Alpha AXP Farm 2
128.07UTROP1::WALLACE_BWed Nov 10 1993Farm Quote Required for Shell
129.09COWBOY::DUFRESNEThu Nov 11 1993farm communication cost and performance
130.09BGOTue Nov 16 1993ATM on farms - some data. Futureware!
131.025Tue Nov 16 1993Alpha AXP Farms - Good Weapon Against HP
132.01LARVAE::BARKER_CThu Nov 18 1993Farm Software help needed.
134.01BGOMon Nov 22 1993Comparison of Queueing, Cluster and Distributed Comp.
135.07VNASWS::HAUSBTue Nov 23 1993Trouble on settung up LSF
136.05QCAVFri Nov 26 1993Environment - weather forecasting
137.04QCAVFri Nov 26 1993Proven code for Farms??
138.01ECCGY4::PARETIMon Dec 06 1993dual ported memory
140.04TAVMon Dec 13 1993SMP vs. MPP
141.01LDVDS3::MULTONTue Dec 14 1993implementation of authentification under LSF
142.03SYOXX5::krasWed Dec 22 1993SPECrate for FARMS?
143.01KTOV11::KUMEFri Dec 24 1993the price of support services for LSF?
144.0BGOWed Dec 29 1993Chameleon - one step forward for MP.
145.02CHOVAX::DANYLUKMon Jan 03 1994cost of software?
146.02OSLMR::MARTINR_PTue Jan 04 1994Info on Gaussian Inc needed...
147.02QCAVTue Jan 04 1994Performance code needed!
148.0BGOTue Jan 04 1994HPF presentaion from David Loveman.
149.03TMAOAO::ECKMAN_LAWed Jan 05 1994Elementary info needed on PVM
150.02QCAVFri Jan 07 1994India's first farm win!
151.06QCAVFri Jan 07 1994Farm fit this need?
152.05TKOV51::NONAKA_HWed Jan 12 1994Q:about LSF setup ( permission denied )
153.03TASTY::JEFFERYWed Jan 12 1994Request for code fragments for Parallel Algorithms.
154.0LEDS::ZAGAMEFri Jan 14 1994HPC WORKSHOP 16/17 Feb
155.01GUIDUK::KANGWed Jan 18 1995Would OSF/1 AdvFS work with Farm?
156.03ROMWed Jan 19 1994help on competition IBM?
157.07UNYEM::LEFFLERMWed Jan 19 1994Farms config vs. SPARC1
158.0245564::TAYLORThu Jan 20 1994Minimum nodes in a Farm ?
159.020HPCGRP::BURTONThu Jan 20 1994HP Competitive Information
160.0ROMFri Jan 21 1994KIVA Availability ?
161.0BGOFri Jan 21 1994Tripreport from Cluster Workshop -93.
162.0HPCGRP::BURTONWed Jan 26 1994HPF/Parallel SW Environment
163.0ECCGY4::PARETIFri Jan 28 1994DEMO software for farms
164.05BIGVAX::STCYRTue Feb 01 1994Parsytec Information Available?
165.08IJSAPL::ESSERFri Feb 04 1994NQS again, where to get it from
166.03ECCGY4::KRAFTWed Feb 09 1994SPP-1/E infos ?
167.022HPCGRP::BURTONWed Feb 09 1994IBM SP-1, SP-2, POWERparallel
169.0HPCGRP::BURTONFri Feb 11 1994ClusterWare by Scalable Technologies
170.01HPCGRP::BURTONFri Feb 11 1994Tandem Brings Commercial Parallel Processing Expertise to DSS
171.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEFri Feb 11 1994Doc on programming, developpement tools, ...
172.04TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Feb 15 1994HPF availability
173.01QCAVWed Feb 16 1994buffer location changed?
174.0QCAVWed Feb 16 1994Mistake in infosheet
175.0ANNAP::JFLUHRThu Feb 17 1994CAN A FARM SUPPORT DECsafe software
176.01HPCGRP::BURTONThu Feb 17 1994Alpha AXP Applications Now on VTX
177.0CHOVAX::DANYLUKWed Feb 23 1994fluid dynamics
178.012HPCGRP::BURTONThu Feb 24 1994Cray Superserver 64
179.01TPOVC::JOHNNYHOFri Feb 25 1994Client/Server data base load balancing?
180.0HPCGRP::BURTONFri Feb 25 1994Cray MPGS - Now runs on Alpha/Kubota
181.01HPCGRP::BURTONFri Feb 25 1994GIGAswitch
182.0TEGAN::DTOP2::GuytonFri Feb 25 1994Parallel programming for hire...
183.07LUPO::SIMINOMon Feb 28 1994Kendall Square financial problems
184.0BIS6::KREATSOULASMon Feb 28 1994A:DECUS HPCN SIG DL/HPCN Mtg-Your client???
185.0ANNECY::CHABORD_DWed Mar 02 1994High Availability
186.0TEGAN::DTOP2::GuytonThu Mar 03 1994Message passing w/ Ada?
187.0EICMFG::BSTERRMon Mar 07 1994Cluster Parallel Systems available via Pricelist (attached SU)
188.01HPCGRP::BURTONMon Mar 07 1994Sun SPARCcluster Information
189.04HPCGRP::BURTONMon Mar 07 1994Need feedback on competitive info
190.011HPCGRP::BURTONThu Mar 10 1994Cray Research Competitive Information
191.02HPCGRP::BURTONThu Mar 10 1994IBM Competitive Note
192.0HPCGRP::BURTONThu Mar 10 1994HPCN Europe 1994 - Conference Program
193.02HPCGRP::BURTONThu Mar 10 1994Thinking Machines/CM-5E Competitive Information
194.02HPCGRP::BURTONThu Mar 10 1994Kubota Pacific Information
195.0GLDOA::KATZThu Mar 10 1994Applications and Work Farms
196.01QCAVFri Mar 11 1994farm as NFS server
197.010HPCGRP::BURTONFri Mar 11 1994Silicon Graphics (SGI) Competitive Information
198.0QCAVWed Mar 16 1994Brand Image Problem!
199.0GALVIA::JLAWTONWed Mar 16 1994HPC and Farms info via FTP and WWW
200.054391::KREATSOULASWed Mar 16 1994DIGITAL at HPCN'94: SIG Meeting Annc't: pls FWD
202.01LTLKNG::DOUGHTYWed Mar 16 1994Questions on Farms Services????
203.03TKOV5Thu Mar 17 1994CONVEX C4
204.0BGOFri Mar 18 1994Insight - Automatic runtime debugger.
205.01QCAVFri Mar 18 1994Prices in a competitive bid
206.08HPCGRP::BURTONFri Mar 18 1994Sun Microsystems Competitive Information
208.0HPCGRP::BURTONMon Mar 21 1994Where to sell high-end UNIX workstations
209.02ROMA::PASITue Mar 22 1994Info about Digital and virtual reality
210.02LUPO::SIMINOTue Mar 22 1994HP SMP systems against Alpha AXP SMP systems
212.03CADSYS::LEMONSFri Mar 25 1994Product details for Alpha AXP Farms
213.04TKOV51::IIJIMAFri Mar 25 1994lsbatch(lsf) .. bacct command?
214.013HPCGRP::BURTONMon Mar 28 1994TechAdvantage Information
215.0CADSYS::LEMONSMon Mar 28 1994DQS 3.
216.01HERON::KAISERWed Mar 30 1994CERN SAGA: Gigaswitch & Fullsail
217.01QCAVMon Apr 04 1994pvm/hpf/latency experiences
218.02QCAVThu Apr 07 1994IBM's new SP2
219.04QCAVFri Apr 08 1994Reseach areas
220.03TAVSun Apr 10 1994pvm 3.2 on osf/1 using fortran
221.0ECCGY4::PARETIWed Apr 13 1994TCP/IP tuning
222.01UFP::RJLFri Apr 15 1994LSF - customizing what a user can do
223.0HPCGRP::BURTONTue Apr 19 1994Parallel Supercomputer Vendors: 1993 Worldwide Market Share
224.011HPCGRP::BURTONWed Apr 20 1994 Convex/SPP-1/Exemplar Competitive Information
225.01LEMAN::BEZENCONFri Apr 22 1994PVM/LSF on SMP ?
226.05BIS6::DELAMPERMon Apr 25 1994LSF and OSF V 2.
227.01MPPNOR::INGEBRIGTMon Apr 25 1994SGI internal memo on IRIX. (Or rather "...and you thought Solaris 2 was bad....")
228.02PRSSUD::MULTONTue Apr 26 1994A new feature for batch subsystem : synchronism
229.01BIS6::DELAMPERThu Apr 28 1994lsf against loadleveller ?
230.01PRSSUD::MULTONThu Apr 28 1994Any specifications for the next releases of PVM ?
231.09HPCGRP::BURTONThu Apr 28 1994HPCwire Entry for Digital
232.03HGOVFri Apr 29 1994Urgent question on AdvantageCluster File Server 3
233.0ECCGY4::PARETIMon May 02 1994ORACLE on IBM SP*
234.02VAXSPO::CASTROMon May 02 1994Help for Opportunity
235.01HERIAM::KHANUJATue May 03 1994Input for Supercomputing 1994 Trade Show
236.03HPCGRP::BURTONTue May 03 1994NPAC Success Story
237.02HPCGRP::BURTONFri May 06 1994Big Farm Wins in India
239.02TPOVC::ALBERTHUANGThu May 12 1994 fail to use lsPVM to distribute tasks
240.04TKOV5Fri May 13 1994Check point restart ?? cross post in Super...
241.0HPCGRP::BURTONMon May 16 1994Smaby Group pegs Digital as Big Winner in SC Clusters
242.0HPCGRP::UMINAThu May 19 1994Press Release: AdvantageCluster File Server
243.0223989::GROVETue May 24 1994Data Distribution Directives
244.01WELCLU::GLEDHILLSThu May 26 1994Advantagecluster File Server?
245.01EVTAI1::CASTELLOMon May 30 1994WARNING: mixed version LSF OSF
246.03TPOVC::BILLCHENTue May 31 1994IS there any AP. suitable running on WS Farms ?
247.01TPOVC::BILLCHENWed Jun 01 1994Are there any f77 to fortran9
248.04CRLVMS::HSUFri Jun 03 1994 Memory leak w/ PVM & Alpha Farms
249.0EVTAI1::CASTELLOMon Jun 06 1994LSF 1.2 known bug list and update 1.2a
250.06HPCGRP::BURTONMon Jun 06 1994How to reach the sales force?
251.03WASHDC::PAGANOMon Jun 06 1994Sable farming
252.01ECCGY4::PARETITue Jun 07 1994programming model on SMP
253.0ECCGY4::PARETIWed Jun 08 1994parasoft insight
254.01HPCGRP::BURTONWed Jun 08 1994IRIS Explorer being ported to Alpha
255.01IMGONE::jimWed Jun 08 1994PVM 3.3 + updated docs available
256.02IMGONE::jimWed Jun 08 1994Parallel computing / PVM Web Pages
257.03WARNUT::FODDYFri Jun 10 1994MPI - Message Passing Interface
258.0ECCGY4::PARETIFri Jun 10 1994communication ovehead
259.01IMGONE::jimFri Jun 10 1994XPVM 1.
260.0IMGONE::jimMon Jun 13 1994Report: Parallel Programming Systems for Workstation Clusters
261.01HGTAI1::BRENDACAOMon Jun 13 1994LINPACK 1
262.0ECCGY4::PARETIMon Jun 13 1994more on Iris Explorer
263.0IMGONE::jimMon Jun 13 19941994 PVM Users Group Meeting
264.012HPCGRP::BURTONTue Jun 14 1994Info Source for HPF, PSE, DEC Fortran
265.02MSAMWed Jun 15 1994Storage upgrade of ACFS 3
266.0HPCGRP::BURTONMon Jun 20 1994 PSC's Digital AlphaCluster Now Available as Computing Resource
267.0HPCGRP::BURTONTue Jun 21 1994DEC Professional article on Sable, SMP
268.0GALVIA::MCCABEWed Jun 22 1994LSF 2.
269.02ECCGY4::PARETIWed Jun 22 1994hpf question
270.01ECCGY4::PARETIMon Jun 27 1994kap 2
271.01ECCGY4::PARETITue Jun 28 1994indirect addressing on HPF
272.0HPCGRP::BURTONWed Jun 29 19943 More Farms Sold in Italy
273.06BGOTue Jul 05 1994Goodbye!!!
274.02IJSAPL::ESSERWed Jul 06 1994ACCS 5
276.04QUARK::LIONELMon Jul 11 1994Help for user trying to compile PVM on AXP?
277.01SOS6::BERNARDFri Jul 15 1994PVM on VMS/AXP ?
278.02GIDDAY::KINGMon Jul 18 1994how fast is a cray ymp ?
279.02TKTV2Tue Jul 19 1994initReadLoad: cpudata address not found
280.02QCAVWed Jul 20 1994Heard about this new technology?
281.0HPCGRP::BURTONWed Jul 20 1994First Farm Win in Australia
282.0HPCGRP::BURTONThu Jul 21 1994Looking for HPF Field Test Sites
283.04QCAVFri Jul 22 1994International workshop on II'l processing
284.03QCAVFri Jul 22 1994Sun's implementation of note 28
285.01POBOX::HAYES_JSat Jul 23 1994PCI HIPPI connection?
286.02BLGTue Jul 26 1994Updated FARMS CONFIGURATION needed
288.06ECCGY4::PARETIFri Jul 29 1994boilerplate on SP2
289.01ECCGY4::PARETITue Aug 02 1994performance of ACCS 5
290.0HPCGRP::BELANGERMon Aug 08 1994?: NFS Server Problem ...
291.02TKOV51::ISHIBASHI_TMon Aug 08 1994Competitor's F9
292.0HPCGRP::BURTONTue Aug 16 1994Digital - Receives R&D 1
293.0HPCGRP::BURTONThu Aug 18 1994Samsung Enters Workstation Market With HP PA-RISC Systems
294.05MUDDY::WATERSMon Aug 22 1994tidbits on latency for ATM-based parallel computing
295.0QCAVTue Aug 23 1994Agenda of the Internation conf.on II processing
296.0LUPO::SIMINOThu Aug 25 1994HPCN 95 Europe Announcement
297.01HPCGRP::BURTONFri Aug 26 1994DIGITAL: Alpha Systems Continue Explosive Growth
298.02QCAVMon Sep 05 1994Cluster5
299.02MKOTS3::MONGEAUTue Sep 06 1994help me get an "A"
300.01WELCLU::BOTTOMLEYTue Sep 06 19943rd Party extensions to Farms?
301.02QCAVMon Sep 12 1994CSLG?
302.02ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROMon Sep 12 1994Install on OSF/1 - LSF v1.2
303.02ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROMon Sep 12 1994where is ftp.ilo.dec.com?
304.02HPCGRP::BURTONTue Sep 13 1994Free Internet Training
305.01BIS6::KREATSOULASThu Sep 15 1994EUROPORT & DIGITAL: 27 Key Apps for AXP Farms
306.02LUPO::SIMINOThu Sep 22 1994Searching Knockoffs against Convex Exemplar systems
307.0LUPO::SIMINOMon Sep 26 1994Kendall Sqaure: R.I.P.
308.0LUPO::SIMINOMon Sep 26 1994Another success against IBM in the Technical Computing market
309.01ODIXIE::PULSIFERWed Sep 28 19943
310.0HPCGRP::BURTONMon Oct 03 1994License Simplification (Coming Oct 1
311.01DELDPN::JA_PIZARROTue Oct 04 1994Farms Training ?
312.0ECCGY4::PARETIWed Oct 12 1994HPF : where ?
313.0TKOVOA::MIZOGUCHIMon Oct 17 1994NAS BM... Any Plan?
314.01BIS6::DELAMPERTue Oct 25 1994High performance fortran (Forge) workshop report
315.0ECCGY4::PARETIThu Oct 27 1994parallel computing
316.02COWBOY::MIRGHANEThu Oct 27 1994Memory channel support by HPC group
317.0CALDEC::KAMATHThu Oct 27 1994Pointer: Designing and Building Parallel Programs
318.08LUPO::SIMINOThu Nov 03 1994Cray J916: how to compete against it?
319.08CSOA1::SMITHWed Nov 09 1994HELP - Gigaswitch Throughput Problem
320.02CALDEC::KAMATHSun Nov 13 1994New book on PVM
321.03DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Nov 15 1994DEC 3
322.03JBFri Nov 18 1994Looking for info on SCI {Scalable Coherent IInterface)
323.01HPCGRP::BURTONMon Nov 28 1994Fortran 9
324.0CGOOA::BONTJEMon Nov 28 1994Help needed for Seismic sale, alpha into sun shop
325.01FRUST::FUKSMon Dec 05 1994APR News
326.01PDVMon Dec 05 1994LSF kit over the net ?
327.02ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Dec 07 1994numcpus for OSF/1 v3.
328.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROThu Dec 08 1994Correct LSF v2.
329.0ECCGY4::PARETIMon Dec 12 1994parallel prm tools
330.03TLSEThu Dec 15 1994Any updated HPF PSE Guide/Loc ?
331.02ODIXIE::JONESLAMon Dec 19 1994CYBER to ALPHA question
332.03HPCGRP::BURTONThu Dec 22 1994Digital's HPF (Info Sheet)
333.05ROMThu Jan 05 1995cc:performance problem ALPHA & IBM
334.01VAXRIO::NOVELLOWed Jan 11 1995PVM libraries missing...
335.01HGOM11::BRENDACAOFri Jan 13 1995cs64
336.08FRUST::FUKSMon Jan 16 1995SUN-cluster ?
337.03OTOOA::MOWBRAYWed Jan 18 1995SP2 - SGI help needed
338.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Feb 08 1995LSF 1.2B Questions(Probably generic)
339.0UFHIS::JPARETIThu Feb 16 1995whitepaper on (parallel) engineering applications
340.04CALDEC::KAMATHMon Feb 20 1995Will DEC support MPI?
342.03LUPO::SIMINOWed Feb 22 1995Memory Channel Info Needed
343.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROWed Feb 22 1995State of CASE tools for threaded applications
344.0BEJVC::SYLVIAXIONGThu Feb 23 1995alpha farm performance & application performance???
345.03KETJE::DELAMPERFri Feb 24 1995demand for profiling tools for parallelization
346.04CALDEC::KAMATHFri Feb 24 1995Trip report: SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing
347.0HPCGRP::BURTONMon Feb 27 1995Alpha Farms & SMP Doing Well in Oil & Gas Mkts
348.0HPCGRP::BURTONThu Mar 02 1995Fortran & LSF Long Range Planning
349.04HGOVC::JOSEPHKWOKFri Mar 03 1995DECnet/OSI will down after LSF daemons started
350.04KETJE::DELAMPERThu Mar 16 1995IBM: AIX Parallel Environment
351.0HPCGRP::BURTONTue Mar 28 1995Cray Computer Shuts Down
352.011NAMIX::jptWed Apr 05 1995Purpose of this conference - Farms or Para||el processing?
353.02ADOVWed Apr 12 1995Presentations in powerpoint?
354.0OSLMR::MARTINR_PTue Apr 18 1995Again - any OpenVMS version of PVM available ?
355.01SEAWLF::POISSONThu Apr 27 1995Boolean and and or in PVM?
356.02LYOISA::BOIRINMon May 15 1995PSE anf F9
357.02SKYLRK::ENDTERWed May 24 1995PSE farm, psemon and DNS help needed
358.0UFHIS::JPARETIFri May 26 1995RAPS
359.0UFHIS::JPARETIFri May 26 1995FIRE
360.05MLNORO::SIMINOMon May 29 1995Downsizing a Cray using High Performance Fortran
361.0HPCGRP::BURTONWed Jun 07 1995Platform & LSF Won $4 Million NASA Contract!
362.04HPCGRP::BURTONWed Jun 07 1995DEC Fortran 9
363.0FRIXEU::OLOBARDIFri Jun 09 1995Hi-perfo Competition/Bull Escala PPC SMP/ Info and pointers needed
364.0FRIXEU::OLOBARDIFri Jun 09 1995Cobrabus+ impact by EISA I/O /Some math needs checks and advice
365.01UFHIS::JPARETIWed Jun 14 1995parallel real-time
366.03QCAVThu Jun 15 1995enhanced pvm?
367.03BEJVC::SYLVIAXIONGThu Jun 15 1995LSF vs OSF version???
368.03BEJVC::SYLVIAXIONGThu Jun 15 1995the problem about PSE HPF examples
369.01FRIXEU::OLOBARDIThu Jun 15 1995Hi-Perfo Sales opportunity in Texas? Anybody cares?
370.01TAVMon Jun 19 1995SP2 code to pvm + dxml
371.0HPCGRP::BURTONWed Jun 21 1995Cray Research articles
372.01NAMIX::jptWed Jun 21 1995Scientific benchmark results
373.03OSLLAV::MARTINR_PMon Jun 26 1995Technical Cluster Management?
374.04MIMS::SANDERS_JMon Jun 26 1995Sorting on MPP Systems
375.03MIMS::SANDERS_JThu Jun 29 1995Unisys OPUS SPP System
376.01BANZAY::DEQUALFri Jun 30 1995LSF customer presentation
377.01FRIXEU::OLOBARDIFri Jul 07 1995DG plans/ Intel P6 boards scalable with SCI-based NUMA up to 1
378.06ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROTue Jul 11 1995Checkpointing under UNIX?
379.0HPCGRP::BURTONFri Jul 21 1995Cray Computer is *not* Cray Research
380.04HPCGRP::BURTONThu Jul 27 1995DEC Fortran 9
381.0MIMS::SANDERS_JMon Jul 31 1995Parallel Systems - Decomposition
382.02TKOV51::ISHIBASHI_TWed Aug 09 1995Parallel version of Math-lib(Matrix operation) on Alpha Farms ?
383.02HGOM11::SYLVIAXIONGTue Aug 15 1995problems in running psemon and pse installation
384.03HERON::BLOMBERGWed Aug 16 1995what's a flop?
385.0HPCGRP::BURTONThu Aug 17 1995Digital announces it's 64-Bit Challenge!!
386.0HPCGRP::BURTONThu Aug 17 1995Free HPCwire subscription
387.0HPCGRP::BURTONThu Aug 31 1995Training for HPC Products
388.03ZPOVC::JASONCHANFri Sep 01 1995New Farm Config Guide?
389.02--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 04 1995Wher is the Galway WWW server?
390.02HPCGRP::BURTONTue Sep 05 1995Platform Computing (LSF) to be in Houston, TX
391.0HPCGRP::BURTONTue Sep 12 1995Digital has the lowest latency on FDDI
392.0HPCGRP::BURTONTue Sep 12 1995How to find info on the Porting Assistant
393.0HPCGRP::BURTONFri Sep 15 1995Requesting benchmark input from the field
394.0HPCGRP::BURTONMon Sep 18 1995New Fortran Product Brief is Here
395.0HPCGRP::BURTONFri Sep 22 1995HP/Convex Alliance become Convex, Division of HP
396.0HPCGRP::BURTONMon Sep 25 1995Alpha Beats IBM Mainframes on Commercial Applications
397.03UFHIS::JPARETITue Sep 26 1995hpf problems on 84
398.03UFHIS::JPARETIThu Sep 28 1995hpf on smp
399.02MLNORO::SIMINOMon Oct 02 1995Alpha AXP Farms based on reflective memory have a new competitor from IBM?
400.07HPCGRP::BURTONTue Oct 10 1995Anyone Out There?
401.0OSLMR::MARTINR_PThu Oct 12 1995Looking for paper on the "Alpha programming model" - anybody?
402.02MLNCSC::VOCIFri Oct 13 1995problems woth pse and osf 3.2c
403.0UFHIS::JPARETIFri Oct 13 1995throughput perf. on SMP
404.07UFHIS::JPARETIFri Oct 13 1995GAUSSIAN92
405.01UFHIS::JPARETIMon Oct 16 1995KAP problems
406.0MLNORO::SIMINOThu Oct 19 1995Parallel Architecture Simutor Sowtware
407.09HGOM11::BRENDACAOMon Oct 23 1995parallel C compiling system?
408.0HPCGRP::BURTONMon Oct 23 1995Selling Turbolasers Against HP, IBM, SGI
409.05TKOV51::ISHIBASHI_TTue Oct 24 1995DECpvm ?
410.0HPCGRP::BURTONFri Oct 27 1995Advertising Digital HPC Seminars in HPCwire
411.02HPCGRP::BURTONMon Oct 30 1995Oracle & Digital Set New tpmC Record
412.01HPCGRP::BURTONThu Nov 02 1995Price Decrease and Repackaging of Fortran
413.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANMon Nov 06 1995PSE HPF manual
414.0HPCGRP::BURTONMon Nov 13 1995Gartner Fortran Report - Helping to Sell Alphas
415.03ICS::LOHWed Nov 15 1995Farm questions
416.01UFHIS::JPARETIThu Nov 23 1995need to parallelize
417.01FIREBL::LEEDSSun Nov 26 1995competing in supercomputing arena
418.02UFHIS::JPARETIMon Nov 27 1995"linpack-like" screams on rs6k
419.0UFHIS::JPARETIMon Nov 27 1995raps
420.02BIS1::DEWANDRETue Nov 28 1995Digital will participate to HPCN '96 in Brussels - Belgium - April 96
421.05HPCGRP::BURTONWed Nov 29 1995Needs parallel F77, F9
422.017HPCGRP::BURTONWed Nov 29 1995Big Endian/Little Endian - Big Problem in Oil & Gas
423.0HPCGRP::BURTONFri Dec 01 1995American & Canadian Demo Centers
424.0MSAMSat Dec 02 1995CRAY T3E info - Alpha-based
425.02VAXSPO::TOMEMon Dec 04 1995About memory channel...
426.02UFHIS::JPARETIWed Dec 06 1995fortran cook-book?
427.0COLMon Dec 11 1995PADE 1.4 avail
428.0HPCGRP::BURTONTue Dec 12 1995DTJ Issue on HPF and PSE
429.06HPCGRP::BURTONTue Dec 19 1995Goodbye from Jim Burton
430.03NETRIX::"marek@airds.iso.dec.com"Tue Dec 26 1995SMP performance problem
431.0CALDEC::KAMATHTue Jan 02 1996new book on high performance scientific computing
432.09CHEFS::BUXTONJThu Jan 18 1996SP2 vs 21
433.03TKOVOA::MIZOGUCHIMon Jan 22 1996SX4 BM test done by Nissan.
434.0TKOV5Sun Jan 28 1996PVM for Alpha WindowsNT??
435.04LYOISA::BOIRINTue Jan 30 1996LSF / Batch / SMP ??
436.0UFHIS::JPARETIThu Feb 01 1996lower performance on 3.2c than 3.2b
437.02MLNORO::SIMINOFri Feb 02 1996Convex Exemplar SPP2
438.03NAMIX::jptFri Feb 02 1996MPP vs. TruCluster & SMP - Best of Both Worlds
439.0TAVSun Feb 04 1996PVM on WNT
440.01LYOIS1::BOIRINTue Feb 06 1996Softway/ShareII/Hibernator ?
441.01LYOISA::BOIRINWed Feb 07 1996They need contact
442.03NETRIX::"dave martino@wro"Sat Feb 17 1996PSE on SMP setup
443.01SNOFS1::JONESCHRISSun Feb 18 1996parallel tutorials
444.01NAMIX::jptMon Feb 26 1996SGI buys Cray
445.0MLNORO::SIMINOThu Mar 14 1996IIBM SP-3 Who has any info on it?
446.0MLNORO::SIMINOTue Mar 19 1996HP Announces the new SPP16
447.0UFHIS::JPARETIThu Mar 21 1996PAM-CRASH from Europort
448.0BALTMD::GLOCKThu Mar 21 1996LSF on MLS??
449.01LYOISA::BOIRINThu Mar 28 1996Need advise !!
450.01OSLLAV::JENSHMon Apr 01 1996MSC/Patran sharing database across architectures?
451.01NWDFri Apr 05 1996MPI or PVM on Alpha?
452.0OSLMR::MARTINR_PFri Apr 12 1996Linpack benchmark and 84
453.0VNASWS::HAUSBMon Apr 22 1996MC latency demo wanted
454.01CALDEC::KAMATHWed Apr 24 1996ptr to paper on advanced computers
455.02FRUST::FUKSThu Apr 25 1996Explorer and MPGS
456.06WASHDC::RKLINGThu Apr 25 1996How fast is memory channel currently
457.01HGOVC::DONWONGMon May 06 1996GCD info ???
458.01WASHDC::RKLINGTue May 14 1996urgent response needed on power consumption
459.01PEACHS::LAMPERTFri May 17 1996PSE - farmd crashes on 4 cpu ev5 21
460.01ALFAM7::STREPPELThu May 23 1996busy waiting in pvm_recv????
461.0HPCGRP::BENSONFri May 24 1996PSE kit
462.05PEACHS::LAMPERTFri May 24 1996HPF - Question from customer on Master-Slave parallelism
463.02ALFAM7::STREPPELThu May 30 1996Help needed with HPF parallelization
464.03FIREBL::LEEDSThu May 30 1996OCCAM support ??
465.03LABC::HAMon Jun 03 1996Digital UNIX f9
466.03BEJVC::HELENZHOUWed Jun 05 1996Parallel Routines
467.05ALFAM7::STREPPELWed Jun 05 1996PSE configuration (MC and/or Ethernet) question
469.02HGOM11::HELENZHOUWed Jun 05 1996any checkpoint APIs in MC cluster?
470.03BEJVC::HELENZHOUTue Jun 25 1996DECpvm and Fortran 9
471.0PROXY::DEFELIPPITue Jun 25 1996need any 2GB memories? sale
473.02SOS6::BERNARDTue Aug 06 1996NUMA, HPC and SGI
474.02NETRIX::"Mon Aug 12 1996Senior Software Consultant
475.04FRUST::FUKSTue Aug 13 1996PVM and MPI needed
476.02QUAKKS::BURTONTue Aug 13 1996APA needs help with Fortran benchmark
477.03NWDWed Aug 14 1996Beowolf-type Pentium-Pro Farms?
478.011UFHIS::JPARETIThu Aug 15 1996pse install. problem
479.01MEOCMon Sep 09 1996mandelbrot won't run
480.0UFHIS::JPARETIFri Sep 13 1996sc demos: where?
481.0TKOV5Wed Oct 09 1996PVM,MPI for Alpha/NT
482.02VAXRIO::63Wed Oct 23 1996HPC server configuration question
483.01UFHIS::JPARETIThu Oct 24 1996total view
484.01DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOIFri Oct 25 1996Porting Schedule?
485.01TPOVC::SIMONLEEFri Nov 01 1996CPU assignment in PSE
486.0BBPBV1::WALLACEFri Nov 22 1996Workstation farms: 1
487.0TKOV5Mon Nov 25 1996Any reference cites or hints to co-exist with SuperComputer.
488.03NETRIX::"jarkko.hietaniemi@fno.mts.dec.com"Mon Dec 16 1996second() missing from dxml?
489.02PEACHS::LAMPERTMon Dec 16 1996Debugger for MPICH programs?
490.03MEOCSun Jan 05 1997What runs best on AS84
491.01COWBOY::MIRGHANEMon Jan 06 1997Maximum continuous memory channel bandwith
493.01RTOMS2::PARETIJTue Jan 14 1997demos's at supercomputing
494.0TKOV5Tue Jan 21 1997'VECTIS' CFD HPC application
495.0 *MEOCFri Jan 31 1997KAP, unresolved external ref
496.0 *+2MQOOA::LEDOUXFri Feb 14 1997Memory channel product manager?
497.0 *MEOCMon Feb 17 1997APR over MC
498.0 *+1HGOVC::XFMVTue Mar 04 1997numa vs memory channel
499.0 *+1GIDDAY::LEUNGTue Mar 18 1997PSE V1.1 if_fta.o driver
500.0 *+2TKOVOA::ISHIBASHI_TTue Mar 25 1997parallel i/o ?
501.0 *+2AXPBIZ::KOTEHALWed Apr 16 1997MPI - Unresolved Reference
502.0 *CSC32::P_HILLTue May 13 1997RIS not loading PSE12
503.0 *+2TKOVOA::ISHIBASHI_TThu May 15 1997Where is the latest PSE kit ?
504.0 *+2NNTPD::"joseph.pareti@rto,mts.dec.com"Tue May 27 1997pse support for atm
505.0 *+4CSC32::P_HILLTue Jun 03 1997PSE not start on 1 system
506.0 *+2RTOMS::PARETIJThu Jun 05 1997hpf run time errors
507.0 *NNTPD::"warren@hpc.pko.dec.com"Thu Jun 05 1997Don't use -pref_comm