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Conference mroa::rnu

Title:Remote Notes Utility
Created:Mon Sep 10 1990
Last Modified:Wed May 14 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:170
Total number of notes:591
Number with bodies:4
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.03REGAL::JJOHNSONMon Sep 10 1990Purpose of this conference
2.030REGAL::JJOHNSONMon Sep 10 1990Introductions
3.01REGAL::JJOHNSONMon Sep 10 1990Project Documents
4.08REGAL::JJOHNSONMon Sep 10 1990Related conferences
5.03REGAL::JJOHNSONMon Sep 10 1990Software kit information
6.0REGAL::JJOHNSONMon Sep 10 1990Reserved
7.0REGAL::JJOHNSONMon Sep 10 1990Reserved
8.0REGAL::JJOHNSONMon Sep 10 1990Reserved
9.0REGAL::JJOHNSONMon Sep 10 1990Reserved
10.0REGAL::JJOHNSONMon Sep 10 1990Reserved
11.01POGO::CHARRONMon Sep 17 1990Error connecting...
12.010SALISH::LAW_ROMon Sep 17 1990PAVN-Getting Started
13.013ROMWed Sep 19 1990Wish list
14.0ROMWed Sep 19 1990DN directory problem
15.02SNOCSat Sep 22 1990Docs not in VIA::RNU$KIT yet.
16.0IJSAPL::WOODROWSun Sep 23 1990How enter title if WR used from DCL?
17.01IJSAPL::WOODROWSun Sep 23 1990Small wish - an expert mode
18.04PAULUS::BAUERMon Sep 24 1990Kit not accessible
19.01PAOSUD::GODINFri Sep 28 1990Instal : BUG or FEATURE ?
20.02ARRODS::HARDINGMon Oct 01 1990SN fails if more than 4
21.01IJSAPL::WOODROWSun Oct 07 1990$PAVN WR... does not request topic
22.02SNOCMon Oct 08 1990TPU error in Edit Daily News function.
23.05IJSAPL::WOODROWTue Oct 09 1990WATCH from WR can't find the note
24.01TAVTue Oct 09 1990Problem - duplicate entries in unseen files
25.06TAVTue Oct 09 1990MA - option disapear from v1.1
26.0ARRODS::HARDINGWed Oct 10 1990X/F will truncate long lines
27.04SALISH::LAW_ROThu Oct 11 1990What is desired for system wide usage.
28.04CSS::EARLYFri Oct 12 1990How to invoke SEDT as the Editor of choice??
29.03SNOCSat Oct 13 1990Daily Update(?) deletes prior topics/replies in .DRS??
30.01TAVSun Oct 14 1990AC batch job not using default queue
31.06TAVThu Oct 18 1990LC, CONFS.LIS and ALL_CONF.LIST
32.03ROMThu Oct 18 1990WR problem
33.02SAFRON::VAUGHNTue Oct 23 1990difference between SN and WC
34.02ROMTue Oct 30 1990Strange DN problem
35.0TAVTue Oct 30 1990GN all notes and replies /since
36.02TAVTue Oct 30 1990WR problem - .NOTE file nor found
37.01AHIKER::EARLYWed Oct 31 1990WRite & REply: Select time to run batch file ??
38.01ROMThu Nov 08 1990WN problem with the /DN switch
39.05SMAUG::GRAHAMMon Nov 12 1990Defining AV/AF$DIR Stops UPDATE Working
40.02TAVIS::LANDAUWed Nov 14 1990Recently added conference missing from SN-1
41.01COSBY::TIBBERTThu Nov 15 1990BUG: PAVN install croaks with <> directory format
42.0GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Nov 27 1990Stack dump from MC option
43.02TAVIS::LANDAUWed Nov 28 1990May we get rid of AVN ?
44.0RIPPLE::BURNEY_ROSat Dec 01 1990What will this stuff do?
45.0UTRTSC::XAVEERMon Dec 03 1990Submit next UD before you execute
46.0SCAPAS::ASPSThu Dec 06 1990MA and hidden areas
47.01TAVMon Dec 17 1990TMP.LOG files and VERSION LIMIT problem
48.03ROMThu Jan 17 1991Centralized PAVN account?
49.02ROMTue Jan 22 1991Problem with automatic /DN
50.04TAVThu Feb 07 1991QS doesn't show jobs info on generic queues
51.06MS31Fri Feb 08 1991Need reader to read more lines!
52.03TAVIS::LANDAUMon Feb 18 1991GN questions - several topics, two jobs together
53.02TAVIS::BARUCHSun Mar 03 1991SN Queue
54.01UKEDU::BUSHENWed Mar 06 1991Two small problems
55.0HXOUThu Mar 07 1991LS Drops the $
56.0HXOUWed Mar 13 1991Problem With LS and Multiple String Search
57.05SOLVIT::EARLYFri Mar 15 1991Problem in Getting Directory only for AUTHOR !!
58.0UKEDU::SMITHBMon Mar 25 1991dn
59.0WOOK::LEEFri May 10 1991Problem with Conference Titles containing periods
60.0245235::MOORETue Jun 04 1991Privilege violation accessing PAVN_V11
61.01AHIKER::EARLYWed Jun 19 1991Hel;p Needed: RN, SEEn set to UNseen, File Size Coontrol.
62.02ZPOVC::PETERDINGThu Jun 20 1991PAVN, AVN --- What is the difference?
63.02TROAThu Jun 27 1991WN Behavior: AVN vs PAVN
64.01ZPOVC::PETERDINGFri Jun 28 1991.log files
65.02CURRNT::POWELLTue Jul 02 1991WC fails with changed WATCH_CONF.NEWS
66.02ODDONE::BOARDMAN_KMon Jul 08 1991UD doesn't update for me!
67.09CSC32::M_FRAZIERMon Jul 29 1991PAVN Wishlist
68.05LTRBOX::JOHNSONTue Aug 13 1991T5.5 and PAVN don't mix - from AVN
69.06TROOA::RITCHEThu Aug 15 1991Problems and Suggestions
70.03DLOACT::DAVISTue Aug 20 1991left with .tunseen files?
71.03TROOA::RITCHEThu Aug 22 1991Cleanup of temporary files
72.0IJSAPL::WOODROWTue Aug 27 1991Problems with RS and LS - and a wish
73.05TROOA::RITCHETue Sep 03 1991Remote Search (RS) with note-range possible?
74.01AIDEV::LANDINGHAMWed Sep 04 1991PAVN news fails for one conference
75.07WOOK::LEEThu Sep 12 1991"Friendly" Conference Names Cause Problems in RNU DN
76.01TAVSun Sep 15 1991In relation to note #5.2 - PAVN or RNU?
77.013IJSAPL::WOODROWMon Sep 16 1991RNU 1.
78.01ASDS::KATZTue Oct 01 1991WC List Randomly Disappears
79.0COUNTFri Oct 04 1991Suggestion: user-set free space threshold
80.03AHIKER::EARLYFri Oct 25 1991RNU Aborts when trying to read ONE file out of 1
81.01BERNMon Oct 28 1991probl with broadcast trapping
82.03COUNTThu Oct 31 1991Two requests
83.02COUNTTue Nov 05 1991RS suggestions
85.04COUNTMon Nov 18 1991Can't add to DN when ACing a single conference
86.04BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Dec 06 1991Where do I start...?
87.0WEPUBS::DCHAVEZTue Dec 17 1991Another Update Problem
88.01CSSE32::SYKESMon Dec 30 1991Extract without Append?
89.04MLCSSE::LANDRYMon Jan 06 1992Help with RNU
90.02TROOA::RITCHETue Jan 21 1992WR fails with watch yes/Mail option
91.0TAVThu Jan 23 1992full conference name from LS, BD ...
92.0HADRES::KRAUSETue Feb 04 1992Workaround for DN autodelete
94.03ICAVAX::SANTINELLIMon Feb 10 1992Mailing unseen notes...?
95.01STKEIS::BYSTAMThu Feb 13 1992Request for Switches to LS
96.02STKEIS::BYSTAMFri Feb 14 1992Parametes for RNU %U ?
97.01IOOSRV::STREITFri Mar 13 1992Can I put RNU.EXE in SYS$SYSTEM?
98.0TROOA::RITCHEMon Mar 16 1992Add Conference (AC) without Local Directory?
99.04COPCLU::COPSPD::GLARGAARDWed Mar 25 1992Daily news from shared AV$DIR fails always!
101.02TROOA::RITCHEFri Apr 03 1992AC enhancement request - ask if local dir wanted
102.02TAVMon Apr 13 1992Want WATCH for replies over duration...
103.01BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Apr 17 1992How do you change the DN list?
104.0CIMNET::COHENFri May 01 1992Notes_extract.com for Captive A1 Users?
105.01CIMNET::COHENFri May 01 1992Where to start?
106.06CIMNET::COHENTue May 05 1992Helping the field use notesfiles
107.02AIDEV::LANDINGHAMWed May 13 1992Any way to update just *one* conference?
108.02SPEZKO::SYKESTue May 19 1992Change in Directory causes DN to fail
109.01BERNThu May 21 1992rnu 1.
110.07TROOA::RITCHETue May 26 1992Broadcast Messages beeping me constantly w RNU
111.01TROOA::WILLMSMon Jun 15 1992DN Resubmit Time Problem
112.02AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Jun 19 1992Bug? Entry #'s > 9999 get truncated
113.03FNYREF::PERKINSThu Jun 25 1992EASE 5.5 impacting PAVN batch jobs.
114.0COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDTue Jul 14 1992UD fails when AF$DIR and AV$DIR are on sep. disks
115.02USDEV1::IRWINTue Jul 14 1992question on MA option, updating my conference list
116.05AIDEV::LANDINGHAMSun Jul 19 1992Help! I've BROKEN DN!
117.01BGYBRD::UDICKWed Jul 22 1992
118.0RTOVCMon Aug 03 1992DN - EDIT crash
119.02EXOCET::ATTWOOLTue Aug 11 1992Problems with Update semi automatic/manual enviro
120.0MPGS::REDFIELDTue Aug 25 1992Keypad Control on a PC325c
121.01CHICHZ::EDELMANNMon Aug 31 1992PAVN for Customers?
122.03STKEIS::BYSTAMMon Sep 07 1992Could we have an explicit U when exiting DN?
123.0BGOThu Sep 10 1992SEARCH /MATCH please
124.0CSC32::M_FRAZIERFri Sep 11 1992No More Matches written into buffer
125.05UFHCOP::CHEQUERWed Sep 16 1992Interface to VNEWS ?
126.0EICMFG::GAUTHIERFri Sep 25 1992quotes in the subject line
127.0STKEIS::BYSTAMWed Sep 30 1992Possibility to add Conference File Reference?
128.0MILPND::S_STRYKERThu Oct 01 1992WR: What sets limit on allowed number of failures?
129.0SMAUG::GRAHAMFri Oct 16 19922 new (?) bugs
130.0RUTILE::AUNGIERThu Oct 22 1992User Documentation
131.01RUTILE::AUNGIERThu Oct 22 1992RNU as a system wide utility
132.0COPCLU::COPSPD::GLARGAARDMon Oct 26 1992Wish: Keywords and longer titles
133.0TROOA::RITCHETue Oct 27 1992What is WN retry limit?
134.02MARX::MCCROSSANFri Oct 30 1992SN list update
135.02MLNCSC::CESANIWed Nov 18 1992cannot update HHHEEELLLPPP please
136.0BSS::BORGIL::M_FRAZIERTue Nov 24 1992Default Pass Thru Node for Hidden area noters
137.010GUIDUK::LAWMon Dec 14 1992Another goodby.
138.03BLOOMS::HARDINGMon Dec 21 1992The future of RNU
139.01ROCKS::HOBBSFri Jan 08 1993Breakthru write problem
140.011POBOX::RUTSCHOWTue Jan 19 1993Where is new kit?
141.01OSITEL::BRITTAINMon Feb 08 1993Enter Keywords thro RNU/AVN ?
142.04TAEC::SABIANIThu Feb 11 1993Proposal for a (small) modification
143.0MOMO::ANTETOMASOFri May 14 1993LS: conf name select shws incorrectly
144.02RUTILE::AUNGIERMon May 17 1993rnu/avn needed urgently
145.03STRYKR::S_STRYKERMon May 24 1993What logicals should be used by RNU?
146.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jun 17 1993Sorting Daily News replies!
147.07COPCLU::COPLE4::GLARGAARDTue Jul 13 1993Watch note for replies a little longer...
148.01WELCLU::SMITHMTue Aug 03 1993SN wont keep running ?
149.0FORGER::FRACCHIAFri Aug 20 1993Problems with single conference update
150.0OZROCK::GROHNTue Aug 24 1993can I do a dir with multiple keywords?
151.0TOOIS1::LAGORIOFri Sep 03 1993Sotfware and Documentation kit
152.03TAEC::SABIANIFri Oct 22 1993Compressing DRS files
153.01RUTILE::AUNGIERFri Oct 22 1993%TPU-E-NOFILEACCESS, unable to access file
154.0MLNADFri Oct 29 1993UD function submits the wrong .COM
155.014RUTILE::AUNGIERTue Jan 25 1994Need RNU kit
156.0IJSAPL::BEERSFri Feb 25 1994GN same reply multiple times
157.03KURIUS::GRUVER_RWed Mar 30 1994DN Restart Always 16:
158.02NWTIMA::PETERSEN_EJThu Mar 31 1994RS Asterisks won't go away
159.0SANBDO::GRANTMon May 09 1994Anyone have a copy of NOTES_EXTRACT.TPU
160.0COPCLU::GREGFri Jun 10 1994DN one day to old
161.0CSC32::D_SANBORNFri Jul 01 1994Keywords in WC request?
162.0CECAMO::JAGERMANThu Sep 08 1994need for enotes.exe
163.0USDEV::IRWINTue Sep 13 1994Wishlist: Add 1 char to topic width column
164.01KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Sep 14 1994Excessive number of DECnet links to Notes Server
165.04CLPAXP::QUENARDFri Oct 14 1994RNU and Alpha ??
166.06ISIDRO::GUSTAVOFri Dec 16 1994LS/UD not working. Why?
167.02JANIX::jmhThu Jan 19 1995.DRS not updated on V6.1 OpenVMS systems
169.0 *RTOMS::DRECHSELMMon Feb 24 1997ENOTES sources required !!
170.0 *+2CSC32::RUTSCHOWMon Apr 07 1997DRS files very large.