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Conference mrlat::3do

Title:3DO - A R.E.A.L. video game system
Notice:For Sale items = note #4
Created:Tue Nov 29 1994
Last Modified:Thu Jul 11 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:45
Total number of notes:125
Number with bodies:0
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1.0MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 199432-bit video gaming has arrived
2.04MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 1994Conference and host node news
3.02MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 1994Guidelines and suggestions
4.0MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 1994For Sale
5.012MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 1994Introduce yourself here
6.0MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 19943DO frequently asked questions (FAQ)
7.0MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 1994Reserved for future use
8.0MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 1994Reserved for future use
9.0MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 1994Reserved for future use
10.0MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 1994Reserved for future use
11.05MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 1994FIFA Soccer
12.02MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 1994Pebble Beach Golf
13.05MRLAT::RASPUZZITue Nov 29 1994John Madden Football
14.07CSC32::R_LEEThu Dec 01 1994Super Wing Commander
15.02CSC32::R_LEEThu Dec 01 1994TWISTED!
16.02CSC32::R_LEEFri Dec 02 1994MPEG-1 Video CD-ROM's for 3DO
17.0CSC32::R_LEEFri Dec 02 1994VR: Stalker
18.04CSC32::R_LEEFri Dec 02 1994HARDWARE TECH
20.05WOTVAX::DAVIESJFri Dec 16 1994How much does it cost?
21.05MRLAT::RASPUZZIWed Jan 04 1995Waialae Golf
22.02MRLAT::RASPUZZIThu Jan 05 1995Jurassic Park Interactive
23.04AIMHI::RGAUTSCHIFri Jan 06 1995Diehard rents 3DO
24.02CSC32::R_LEEThu Jan 12 1995Star Control II
25.02ATYISB::PAUMELLEFri Jan 13 1995The Need for Speed
26.01ATYISB::PAUMELLEThu Jan 19 1995Rebel Assault (Star Wars)
27.01MRLAT::RASPUZZISun Feb 05 1995The Masters? - Augusta National?
28.0MKOTS3::RGAUTSCHIThu Feb 09 1995Return Fire Comments
29.01MRLAT::RASPUZZISun Mar 05 1995The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes
30.0MKOTS3::RGAUTSCHIWed May 03 1995Release of M2
31.0MKOTS3::RGAUTSCHIWed May 03 1995More on M2
32.02SALEM::PIZZANOWed May 03 1995price on m2
33.03BAHTAT::BROWNEDThu May 04 1995PC or not PC..........
34.0MKOTS3::RGAUTSCHIThu May 04 1995New Multimedia Terminal
35.0MKOTS3::RGAUTSCHIThu May 04 1995New York M2 Announcement
36.02MKOTS3::RGAUTSCHIThu May 04 1995Screen Shots M2
37.0MKOTS3::RGAUTSCHITue May 16 19953DO Web server is up
38.0MKOTS3::RGAUTSCHIFri May 19 1995GEX
39.03STEVMS::CAMPANELLAMon Jun 05 1995Slam n Jam 95
40.0MRLAT::RASPUZZIMon Jun 12 1995Striker to be released on 3DO?
41.0METALX::SWANSONTue Jun 13 1995Jag notesfile... (the UnReal system)
42.02MIMS::HARGUS_EFri Sep 08 1995OK, how does it compare to the Playstation
43.0METALX::SWANSONThu Sep 14 1995Announcing the Sony Playstation notesfile
44.01MRLAT::RASPUZZIFri Dec 15 1995PGA Tour '96
45.0WOTVAX::BARRETTRThu Jul 11 1996Creative 3DO blaster