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Title:The Write Stuff
Notice:Doing the Write thing
Created:Mon Mar 06 1989
Last Modified:Tue Feb 18 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:405
Total number of notes:3260
Number with bodies:1
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1.03FOOZLE::BALSMon Mar 06 1989Welcome to PROSE
2.08FOOZLE::BALSMon Mar 06 1989PROSE Protocols -- *Please* read!
3.06FOOZLE::BALSMon Mar 06 1989Posting works to PROSE
4.0141FOOZLE::BALSMon Mar 06 1989Who Are You?
5.096FOOZLE::BALSMon Mar 06 1989Market information
6.075FOOZLE::BALSMon Mar 06 1989How to publish
7.084FOOZLE::BALSMon Mar 06 1989Writing groups, workshops, conferences, etc.
8.048HYSTER::BALSTue May 23 1989On Comments...
9.08HYSTER::BALSWed Nov 15 1989Resources
10.08RUTILE::LETCHERWed Jan 05 1994On the conference itself.
11.068FOOZLE::BALSMon Mar 20 1989Tools of the Trade
12.043HSSWS1::GREGWed Mar 29 1989What's your problem?
13.07WELMTS::MANNIONWed Apr 05 1989Plagiarism by permission, or On Ideas
14.010HOCUS::MARONFri Apr 14 1989Are You a Writer?
15.06MARVIN::WALSHTue Apr 18 1989Salman Rushdie
16.011BMT::HALVORSENTue Apr 18 1989Post A Paragraph To Prose
17.06ACT2::WILLIAMSThu Apr 20 1989"Make 'em laugh" - Mack Sennate
18.013DECWET::SHUSTERMon May 08 1989Literary Magazines
19.09POLAR::FERGUSONRMon Jun 12 1989copyright question
20.018172::ENGLISHThu Oct 31 1991PROSE_V1 has moved again - now on STUDIO::
21.038WLDWST::RWALKERFri Jun 23 1989NOVELS
22.07WELSWS::MANNIONThu Jul 13 1989A Question of Names
23.023WLDWST::RWALKERWed Jul 19 1989What we're reading
24.015HSSWS1::GREGThu Jul 27 1989Inspirational Quotes
25.046YUPPY::AMERRFri Nov 24 1989How to get started ... and finish
26.05RUTILE::LETCHERThu Jan 06 1994Readings -- Poetry and Prose
30.0NYSBS::HALVORSENThu Aug 24 1989The Devil And The Deep Blue Me
31.09NYSBS::HALVORSENThu Aug 24 1989Comments on Devil
32.03MARX::ZELTSERMANTue Aug 29 1989Example cover letter for novel?
33.0NYSBS::HALVORSENThu Aug 31 1989Lost Cause
34.012NYSBS::HALVORSENThu Aug 31 1989Lost Comments
35.0GENRAL::STAFFORDFri Oct 20 1989Dream-Lapse
36.04GENRAL::STAFFORDFri Oct 20 1989Comments on Dream-Lapse
37.09MARX::ZELTSERMANTue Nov 07 1989Book Publishers
38.08INFACT::SCHWARTZMon Nov 20 1989Heuristics and Techniques
39.019PCOJCT::MCGOWANMon Dec 11 1989Success=College Degree?
40.023CIVAGE::FOXWELLMon Dec 18 1989how to find an agent
41.040TLE::RANDALLMon Jan 15 1990point of view
42.08USMRM3::SPOPKESWed Jan 17 1990dramatic works -- plays
43.03DOCSRV::STARINFri Jan 19 1990Just the facts, ma'am
44.05CSC32::K_KINNEYThu Jan 25 1990Signing of releases?
45.012PCOJCT::MCGOWANMon Jan 29 1990Literature Vs. Pulp
46.07PCOJCT::MCGOWANWed Jan 31 1990"What is a Story?"
47.017TLE::RANDALLFri Feb 02 1990used titles
48.012HSSWS1::GREGFri Feb 02 1990Speaking in tongues
49.06HSSWS1::GREGMon Feb 05 1990"Formula" writing
50.010THEBUS::ALTFri Feb 09 1990Quotations or not?
51.018KNGBUD::B_SIARTThu Feb 22 1990Screenplay/Script Information Sought
52.08HSSWS1::GREGSat Feb 24 1990Endings
53.08HSSWS1::GREGSat Feb 24 1990Story Outlines
54.014VIRGO::CRUTCHFIELDWed Mar 14 1990Making a living...
55.017HSSWS1::GREGWed Mar 14 1990Is Getting Published all that great?
56.021PROXY::PINETTEThu Mar 22 1990Books about writing
57.035HSSWS1::GREGMon May 21 1990Mechanics versus Content
58.0FINALY::BELLAMTESun Jun 03 1990D U S T
59.012FINALY::BELLAMTESun Jun 03 1990Comments on D U S T
60.02DEMING::TECHWFri Jun 08 1990Children's lit submissions...
61.0HYSTER::BALSTue Jul 03 1990Getting Unstuck
62.03SIEVAX::JAMIETue Jul 10 1990Mandelbrot's Revenge
63.01JANUS::CWALSHTue Jul 10 1990The Last Trump at Cookham Dene
64.08JANUS::CWALSHTue Jul 10 1990Comments on The Last Trump at Cookham Dene
65.0HPSCAD::WALLMon Jul 30 1990The Train, with some errors corrected
66.07HPSCAD::WALLMon Jul 16 1990Comments on The Train
67.04CGVAX2::GURNEYThu Jul 26 1990The Blues
68.09PCOJCT::LABUDDEWed Aug 01 1990Entry: Vampires Don't Dance
69.09VARESE::SIEGMANNFri Aug 03 1990Skinny Guy
70.05KAOOThu Aug 09 1990Dragon Tale
71.03KAOOThu Aug 09 1990Cara's Test
73.0TROAFri Sep 21 1990A Plum, mark II
74.04TROAWed Sep 19 1990Comments on _A Plum_
75.03SIEVAX::JAMIEThu Sep 20 1990My Secret Life (Fun Offering!)
76.05MACNAS::CLEYDONFri Sep 21 1990Shortest Poem?
77.01MARX::ZELTSERMANMon Sep 24 1990One first-time writer's experience
78.0BOOKIE::CROCKERThu Jan 03 1991PAINTED ROCKS Query Package
79.05BOOKIE::CROCKERThu Jan 03 1991Query Package Comments?
80.0BOOKIE::CROCKERFri Jan 11 1991Post-Comment Query Package
81.018BOOKIE::CROCKERFri Jan 11 1991Comments on 388
82.0XNOGOV::MCGRATHMon Jan 14 1991Riding the Red Dragon
83.06XNOGOV::MCGRATHMon Jan 14 1991Comments for Riding the Red Dragon
84.0LEZAH::KILFOYEThu Jan 31 1991Mayor of Woburn
85.07LEZAH::KILFOYEThu Jan 31 1991Comments: Mayor of Woburn (#397)
86.0NYEM1::LABUDDEWed Feb 13 1991The Groupie
87.08NYEM1::LABUDDEWed Feb 13 1991Comments to the Groupie
90.0EARRTH::ROURKEMon Feb 25 1991again
91.010EARRTH::ROURKEThu Feb 21 1991Comments for untitled
92.06CSSE32::RANDALLThu May 02 1991to workshop or not to workshop?
98.03PAOIS::HILLMon May 27 1991Isn't this PROSE?
100.0135HYSTER::BALSFri Feb 15 1991Research questions
101.0HOO78C::ANDERSONTue May 28 1991The Punishment
102.012HOO78C::ANDERSONTue May 28 1991Comments on The Punishment
103.011XCUSME::HOGGETue May 28 1991POETRY Q & A
104.02SUPER::REGNELLTue May 28 1991Bulwer-Lytton contest
105.04CSC32::W_AMESMon Jun 03 1991Some short ones
106.05CSC32::W_AMESMon Jun 03 1991Some Poetry
108.022CSSE32::RANDALLMon Jun 03 1991how do they know you're a writer?
109.0HOO78C::ANDERSONTue Jun 04 1991An Early Start
110.04HOO78C::ANDERSONTue Jun 04 1991Comments on An Early Start
111.022XK12Wed Jun 05 1991How do you write?
112.01SUPER::REGNELLWed Jun 05 1991Sisters ...another try at fiction
113.021SUPER::REGNELLWed Jun 05 1991Comments on Sisters
114.015XK12Wed Jun 19 1991What does your writing say about YOU?
115.03SOFBAS::TRINWARDWed Jun 19 1991This one's for all of us?
116.0HOO78C::ANDERSONThu Jun 20 1991The Heart of The Matter
117.03HOO78C::ANDERSONThu Jun 20 1991Comments on The Heart of The Matter
118.02SOFBAS::TRINWARDTue Jun 25 1991The Change, and How It Changed
119.06SOFBAS::TRINWARDTue Jun 25 1991Comments on "The Change..."
122.01CSC32::W_AMESTue Jul 02 1991Untitled - any and all comments welcome...
123.011CSSE32::RANDALLThu Jul 11 1991writing for yourself
124.0MSDFri Jul 12 1991POEM: Clay-Falls
125.03MSDFri Jul 12 1991comments on Clay-Falls and voices
126.02DENVER::MEDAUGHTue Jul 16 1991Contest: Cemetery
127.02DENVER::MEDAUGHTue Jul 16 1991Comments: Cemetery/Poor Jim
128.04STUThu Jul 18 1991Contest: Enchantment
129.01MSDThu Jul 18 1991contest entry 524.1
130.03JETSAM::DODGEThu Jul 18 1991single space 8 1/2 X11 page = ? book pages?
131.03MSDTue Jul 23 1991What is "free verse"?
132.04PCOJCT::LABUDDETue Jul 23 1991Contest entry: Going too far.
133.022HOO78C::ANDERSONWed Jul 24 1991Competition: The Woman and the bag
134.0WLDKAT::GALLUPThu Jul 25 1991The Evil Machine
135.02WLDKAT::GALLUPThu Jul 25 1991Comments sought on The Evil Machine
136.0RUTILE::LETCHERTue Jul 30 1991Competition entry: 524.28 -- Open House
137.011RUTILE::LETCHERTue Jul 30 1991Comments on "Open House"
138.05HOO78C::ANDERSONTue Jul 30 1991Contest: In another time.
139.06NYEM1::LABUDDETue Jul 30 1991Contest entry: Man/Barn/War
140.03WELWIT::MANNIONThu Aug 01 1991Competiton Entry: Number 26, An Essay: Trip Report - Britanny
141.0SWAM2::WEEDLUN_TIMon Aug 05 1991CONTEST: 524.11-Fire "Snow Man"
142.06SWAM2::WEEDLUN_TIMon Aug 05 1991Comments for "Snow Man"
143.0CSC32::K_KINNEYMon Aug 05 1991Contest: Subtle "Untitled"
144.03CSC32::K_KINNEYMon Aug 05 1991Comments for Subtle, "Untitled"
145.013RUTILE::LETCHERTue Aug 06 1991New Computer needed for a writer
147.01NYEM1::LABUDDEMon Aug 12 1991Sex, Love, and Baseball - After the Apocalypse
148.016NYEM1::LABUDDEMon Aug 12 1991Comments for Sex, Love, and Baseball -
149.01RDGENG::LIBRARYWed Aug 14 1991Today - poem
152.01NEWOA::RICHARDSONThu Aug 29 1991Contest 524.15 - Each others lives
153.0ERFARE::SDFri Aug 30 1991contest: .14 "Mindful Journeys" + comments as replies
154.01NEWOA::RICHARDSONMon Sep 02 1991Contest 524.5 entry - Tears for the day
155.01HOO78C::ANDERSONTue Sep 03 1991Competition: Annual Report.
156.0RUTILE::LETCHERTue Sep 03 1991Competition 524.25 (in the nick of time)
157.02RUTILE::LETCHERTue Sep 03 1991Comments for/on 6
158.04HOO78C::ANDERSONTue Sep 03 1991The visit.
159.020HSSWS1::GREGThu Sep 05 1991Free Verse Debate
160.03RTOISA::SUPPORT_NCThu Sep 12 1991Feedback wanted: "The Ultimate Question"
163.015KERNEL::HOBBSAFri Sep 27 1991The Hunt - comments please....
164.03MSDFri Sep 27 1991short story: FLASH FORWARD
165.011MSDFri Sep 27 1991Comments on FLASH FORWARD
166.04GBLMKT::RICHARDSONWed Oct 09 1991Glancing; blows! {comments welcome}
167.0MSDThu Oct 10 1991poem: Beat'n Paths
168.0MTWAIN::CARTERFri Oct 11 1991"The Sleep of Reason" - a short story. Comments please.
169.07MTWAIN::CARTERFri Oct 11 1991Comments for "The Sleep of Reason"
170.02NOVA::SIMONTue Oct 29 1991Question about submission procedures
171.0PCOJCT::LABUDDEWed Oct 30 1991"The Clouds In My Eyes"
172.08PCOJCT::LABUDDEWed Oct 30 1991Comments: Clouds In My Eyes
173.01LACVTue Nov 05 1991Journey's End
174.010LACVTue Nov 05 1991Comments for Journey's End
175.0MTWAIN::CARTERThu Nov 07 1991"A Simple Goodbye" by Keith L. Carter
176.02MTWAIN::CARTERThu Nov 07 1991Comments on "A Simple Goodbye" go here. Thanks in advance, Keith.
179.01MARVIN::KNOWLESFri Dec 20 1991Base note (post hiccup)
180.015--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 02 1991Oak trees have a hidden agenda - comments welcomed
181.02MARVIN::KNOWLESWed Dec 18 1991[Un?]Seasonal Thought - comments welcome
183.015MR4DEC::HAROUTIANMon Dec 30 1991?Forming writer's group?
184.03PIANST::JANZENMon Jan 06 1992Technical Metaphors
185.010ERFARE::SDMon Jan 13 1992Writers Digest info needed
186.01SUPER::REGNELLTue Jan 14 1992"Sunrise"
187.05SUPER::REGNELLTue Jan 14 1992Comments on Sunrise
188.07MARVIN::KNOWLESWed Jan 22 1992Need _realized_ ideas quickly
190.031MR4DEC::HAROUTIANThu Jan 23 1992Writers' Group, 2
191.06GBLMKT::RICHARDSONFri Jan 24 1992A potent brew - comments welcomed
192.013WELWIT::MANNIONMon Feb 03 1992As True As I'm Riding This Bicycle
193.010WELWIT::MANNIONTue Feb 04 1992Like A Phoenix From The Ashes
194.0PCOJCT::LABUDDEFri Feb 07 1992"Postcard From Big Sky" possible contest entry.
195.04PCOJCT::LABUDDEFri Feb 07 1992Comments - "Postcard From Big Sky"
196.052925::LETCHERMon Feb 17 1992Short short - submitted to Sundog comp (re. 688)
197.0652925::LETCHERMon Feb 17 1992Comments on 7
198.015FORUM::ANDERSONFri Feb 21 1992Letter writing
199.05XK12Mon Mar 02 1992The effect of the Word Processor.
200.045CALS::HEBERTMon Apr 27 1992good news note-feel free to add any of your own
201.08MRKTNG::HAMMOND_NTue Mar 03 1992Info req on Inst.for Children's Literature
202.04XLIB::PAANANENTue Mar 03 1992Freelance Writing
203.04KAHALA::JOHNSON_LWed Mar 04 1992Contest Entry - Failed Investment
204.02GBLMKT::RICHARDSONThu Mar 05 1992Contest entry 686.63 - "The first time"
205.04GBLMKT::RICHARDSONThu Mar 12 1992"I should've hugged her" - comments welcomed
206.0445674::RICHARDSONWed Mar 18 1992JOb lists a modern mystery - my first short story - be gentle with the comments please
207.06GBLMKT::RICHARDSONFri Mar 20 1992"An illuminating experience" - modern urban myths no.2 - comments welcome
208.02GBLMKT::RICHARDSONFri Apr 03 1992"Love let-us" - subtitled "Never a cross-word".
209.08DOCWIZ::KUBICKIMon Apr 06 1992contest entry "Ghost Dream"
210.02MARVIN::KNOWLESWed Apr 08 1992Contest entries: 686.62 (5
211.02MARVIN::KNOWLESWed Apr 08 1992Contest entry: 686.51
212.04MARVIN::KNOWLESWed Apr 08 1992Comments on `wot woz it lIk on this planit'
213.01NEWOA::RICHARDSONThu Apr 09 1992Contest entry 686.42 - Money, music & mischief
214.05NEWOA::RICHARDSONThu Apr 09 1992Coments on 735 "Paying the Piper"
215.0NEWOA::RICHARDSONFri Apr 10 1992Contest entry 686.2
216.01NEWOA::RICHARDSONSat Apr 11 1992Disclaimer & comments on 739
217.0WELWIT::MANNIONWed Apr 15 1992Gogg and Matey Barley - Beyond The Egg Foo Yong
218.03WELWIT::MANNIONWed Apr 15 1992Comments Beyond The Egg Foo Yong
219.04MARVIN::KNOWLESThu Apr 16 1992The White Heat of Coffee, White, No Sugar
220.04MARVIN::KNOWLESThu Apr 16 1992Comments on The White Heat...
221.03ANTPOL::FOXWELLFri Apr 17 1992EMDS/MMTI Electronic Manuscript Marketing
222.0GBLMKT::RICHARDSONTue Apr 28 1992Simplicities - comments welcome
225.01TAVTue May 12 1992direct/indirect communication - please rate
226.0LOOPBT::WIECHMANNFri May 15 1992Still Life with Juniper Berries
227.05LOOPBT::WIECHMANNFri May 15 1992Comments on "Still Life...."
228.03GBLMKT::RICHARDSONSat May 16 1992Drawing to a close - comments welcomed
229.01PIANST::JANZENTue Jun 09 1992Non-anything else writing events
230.06NYEM1::LABUDDEWed May 20 1992The Song Running Through My Head
232.0NEWOA::RICHARDSONFri Jul 10 1992I can't wait - I'm going on holiday - here's my entry 768.13 /786.22 - "Barn Dancing"
233.03NEWOA::RICHARDSONFri Jul 10 1992For comments on "Barn Dancing" - contest entry 768.1.13/768.1.22
234.01ACESMK::CLIFFORDMon Jul 27 1992oak island
235.03ACESMK::CLIFFORDMon Jul 27 1992comments for oak island
236.07EISNOW::LODHOLMThu Jul 30 1992Identity Crisis
237.07EISNOW::LODHOLMFri Jul 31 1992Comments on Identity Crisis
238.019VIDSYS::PARENTFri Jul 31 1992Pilots Log, A shortie.
239.01SPEZKO::RANDALLFri Aug 07 1992The Lamp
240.017SPEZKO::RANDALLFri Aug 07 1992your comments welcome
241.02CFSCTC::OFOR15::GERMAINWed Aug 12 1992Please critique this description:
242.04DSSDEV::LEMENMon Aug 17 1992The Velvet No
243.01MCIS2::CONNAUGHTONMon Aug 24 1992Lewis Carroll's stories
244.0SUPER::REGNELLMon Aug 24 1992A new essay...
245.09SUPER::REGNELLMon Aug 24 1992Comments for 'Out of Darkness'
246.01STAR::WALLMon Aug 24 1992Joey
247.06STAR::WALLMon Aug 24 1992Comments on 'Joey'
248.04DFN8LY::JANZENTue Sep 01 1992The Great Performance Art Robbery
249.04DFN8LY::JANZENTue Sep 01 1992Comments on "The Great Performance Art Robbery"
250.0--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 11 1992Little Misfortunes
251.02--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 11 1992Comments for "Little Misfortunes"
253.01LINGO::KNOWLESThu Sep 17 1992Travel piece
254.03LINGO::KNOWLESThu Sep 17 1992Comments for Travel Piece
255.04KNGBUD::B_SIARTTue Oct 06 1992Mystery of Uncertainty
256.01ICS::ODONNELLWed Oct 07 1992A Messenger-comments welcome
257.014KNGBUD::B_SIARTFri Oct 09 1992After the Night (Comments welcome)
258.0ICS::ODONNELLMon Oct 12 1992CHANT: NEW MEXICO (comments next note)
259.04STAR::WALLTue Oct 13 1992Dreaming
260.08CUPOLA::DITSONFri Oct 16 1992Horror/suspense writers?
261.0NYEM1::LABUDDEMon Oct 19 1992"Out Of The Everywhere"
262.05NYEM1::LABUDDEMon Oct 19 1992Comments for "Out Of The Everywhere"
263.04ICS::ODONNELLFri Oct 23 1992LETTERS
265.01BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSTue Oct 27 1992Love and Responsibility
266.04BOSTON::DAGOSTINOSTue Oct 27 1992Comments to Love and Responsibility
267.0ICS::ODONNELLFri Oct 30 1992Waterfall Eyes
268.07ICS::ODONNELLFri Oct 30 1992comments: Waterfall Eyes
269.027WECROW::SHURSKYThu Dec 10 1992From the INTERNET.
272.0SA1794::CHARBONNDWed Jan 06 1993The Big Quiet
273.0PAOIS::HILLMon Feb 15 1993Keeping track of the storyline
274.08UNYEM::CANALEFri Feb 12 1993Romania adoption story-self publishing ??
275.01UNYEM::CANALEFri Feb 19 1993Romanian adoption story
276.05ERLANG::DODGETue Mar 09 1993How do I make my female characters indirect?
277.010FORTY2::KNOWLESThu Mar 25 1993Comments on Breeding True
278.02MRKTNG::L_MOOREWed Mar 31 1993Suggestions?
279.022NYEM1::LABUDDEWed Jun 02 19935th Annual Prose Short Story Contest
280.0RUTILE::LETCHERTue Jun 15 1993Competition entry: 7 and/or 8, perhaps (rewrite)
281.010RUTILE::LETCHERFri Jun 04 1993Comments on 866, A Slip Of A Thing
282.02NOBOZO::WILLIAMSSat Jun 12 1993Looking 4 Shareware for DOS for formatting Screenplays
283.0LARVAE::RICHARDSON_JWed Jun 23 1993Usquebaugh & Goodbye
284.04ERFARE::SDMon Jun 28 1993Rejection feels good ---for awhile ---(analysis request)
285.01FORTY2::KNOWLESThu Jul 08 1993Competition Entry: 7 or 8?
286.06FORTY2::KNOWLESThu Jul 08 1993Comments for Your Cheatin' Heart
288.0PAOIS::HILLTue Jul 20 1993Competition: 7 or 8
289.0CSOA1::HOLLANDWed Jul 21 1993Contest..Number 1
290.05CSOA1::HOLLANDWed Jul 21 1993Comments for "Watching the Asphalt Grow"
291.01CSOA1::HOLLANDThu Jul 22 1993NEXT!
292.05CSOA1::HOLLANDThu Jul 22 1993Comments for "NEXT!"
293.0RUTILE::LETCHERMon Aug 02 1993Competition entry, .4, rewrite.
294.04RUTILE::LETCHERThu Jul 29 1993Comments on 881, One Way Out
295.0NYEM1::LABUDDEMon Aug 09 1993Contest Entry: "This Dog's Life"
296.05NYEM1::LABUDDEMon Aug 09 1993Comments for "This Dog's Life"
297.02FORTY2::KNOWLESWed Sep 22 1993Letters from England
298.01FORTY2::KNOWLESWed Sep 22 1993Comments on Letters from England
299.02SMURF::GANCARZWed Sep 22 1993How much to charge for freelance work?
300.03PCOJCT::LABUDDETue Feb 09 1993"Prose and Cons"
301.02SUPER::REGNELLThu Mar 11 1993"Sombody in Iowa Loves You"
302.0SUPER::REGNELLThu Oct 21 1993Favorite Things
303.01SUPER::REGNELLThu Oct 21 1993Comments on Favorite Things
305.0LARVAE::RICHARDSON_JWed Oct 27 19934 :<) & :-= 2
306.03BGSDEV::LANGONEMon Nov 01 1993Non-fiction freelance writer
308.04DPDMAI::POGARWed Nov 10 1993Censorship, the Movies & Parental Responsibilities
309.03DPDMAI::POGARWed Nov 10 1993Comments for Censorship, The Movies, etc.
310.0DPDMAI::POGARWed Nov 10 1993"Winging It"
311.03DPDMAI::POGARWed Nov 10 1993Comments on "Winging It"
314.0CSC32::K_JOHNSONFri Dec 17 1993"GO" said the IGG
315.06CSC32::K_JOHNSONFri Dec 17 1993Comments on "GO" said the IGG
317.05LARVAE::RICHARDSON_JWed Dec 22 1993I'd like another accident
318.0CGOOA::PITULEYFri Dec 24 1993Envoy 2
319.02CGOOA::PITULEYFri Dec 24 1993Comments on "Envoy"
320.0NECSC::BIELSKIMon Jan 03 1994Thanks
321.01NECSC::BIELSKIMon Jan 03 1994Comments on "Thanks"
322.0CGOOA::PITULEYWed Jan 05 1994A fragment of Routine
323.04CGOOA::PITULEYWed Jan 05 1994Responses to "A fragment.."
324.0RUTILE::LETCHERThu Jan 06 1994Two Cities
325.012RUTILE::LETCHERThu Jan 06 1994Two Cities - Comments
326.0WEORG::SCHUTZMANMon Jan 10 1994Philosopher's Stone
327.026WEORG::SCHUTZMANMon Jan 10 1994comments for Philosopher's Stone
329.03LANDO::NIEMIFri Jan 21 1994Alias, Pseudonym, Nom de plume questions ...
331.04DSSDEV::LEMENWed Feb 02 1994"Ad Hoc Monadnock" Call for Submissions
332.0WEORG::SCHUTZMANMon Feb 07 1994Foxes
333.05WEORG::SCHUTZMANMon Feb 07 1994comments on Foxes
334.0WEORG::SCHUTZMANThu Feb 17 1994short story contest
335.09XSTACY::JDUGGANSat Mar 05 1994Hints for creative writing
336.01LARVAE::RICHARDSON_JMon Mar 21 1994A modern tale - comments most welcome
337.03WEORG::SCHUTZMANThu Mar 31 1994gathering of writers, 18-April
340.0NYEM1::LABUDDEThu Apr 07 1994In That Place
341.09NYEM1::LABUDDEThu Apr 07 1994Comments: In That Place
342.0MRKTNG::L_MOOREFri Apr 08 1994Dog House
343.04MRKTNG::L_MOOREFri Apr 08 1994Comments on Dog House
344.024LARVAE::RICHARDSON_JTue Apr 12 1994Titles and themes for May contest required
345.0XSTACY::JDUGGANTue Apr 12 1994Stargazer
346.07XSTACY::JDUGGANTue Apr 12 1994Comments for Stargazer
347.0RNDHSE::WALLWed Apr 13 1994Results of an Exercise
348.02RNDHSE::WALLWed Apr 13 1994Comments for 347.
349.0WEORG::SCHUTZMANFri Apr 15 1994chuckle
350.07WEORG::SCHUTZMANMon Apr 18 1994Twilight
351.011WEORG::SCHUTZMANMon Apr 18 1994comments for "twilight"
352.0CGOOA::PITULEYThu Apr 21 1994A Confusion's Nightmare
353.08CGOOA::PITULEYThu Apr 21 1994Comments for "A Confusion's Nightmare"
354.0CSC32::K_JOHNSONThu May 05 1994The Fall of the Crimson Gargoyle
355.0CSC32::K_JOHNSONThu May 05 1994Comments on "The Fall of the Crimson Gargoyle"
356.0BIGQ::MARCHANDTue May 10 1994"Breaking In"
357.01BIGQ::MARCHANDTue May 10 1994Comments to "Breaking In"
358.0UNYEM::CANALEThu May 12 1994A lucky break, I think?
359.0MKOTS3::WIGHTMANMon May 16 1994Intro to Bitterness Turned
360.03MKOTS3::WIGHTMANMon May 16 1994Bitterness Turned
361.02MKOTS3::WIGHTMANMon May 16 1994The Path Revealed
362.03PCOJCT::LABUDDEMon May 16 1994Contest entry: "Twister"
363.02CSC32::K_JOHNSONTue May 17 1994Contest entry: "thirty-three steps"
364.05MKOTS3::WIGHTMANMon May 23 1994Poetry-type thingies
365.0RUTILE::LETCHERMon Jun 06 1994Comp. Entry - 5
366.01RUTILE::LETCHERMon Jun 06 1994Comments on Note 365
367.05WEORG::SCHUTZMANThu Jun 16 1994PARTY! 28-June
368.0443GMC::KEITHMon Jun 20 1994Short story by S. Keith
369.0NOVA::SCHUTZMANThu Jun 30 1994contest entry: It was the meat
370.05NOVA::SCHUTZMANThu Jun 30 1994comments for Nuptials (It was the meat...)
371.04LARVAE::RICHARDSON_JTue Jul 12 1994Let voting commence!
372.0DECALP::GUTZWILLERTue Jul 19 1994The Glass Kingdom
373.06DECALP::GUTZWILLERTue Jul 19 1994comments on "The Glass Kingdom"
374.0--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 09 1994It appears......
375.010WEORG::SCHUTZMANThu Aug 18 1994Travels with Bonnie
376.07WEORG::SCHUTZMANThu Aug 25 1994the wedding note
377.04MRKTNG::L_MOOREWed Sep 14 1994Correctness question
378.014ZIGLAR::FOXWELLMon Sep 19 1994Punctuating Dialog
379.0MR4SRV::SYSTEMTue Sep 27 1994PROSE Conference Moving
380.02AD::DEVERWed Sep 28 1994Writing book titles with ASCII
381.01ASABET::HAROUTIANTue Oct 04 1994the thank-you reply
382.0ASABET::COHENWed Oct 26 1994Nov.6 poetry event/Milford, NH
383.04RNDHSE::WALLWed Nov 02 1994The Sad Woman, intro
384.01HOTLNE::GRILLOMon Jan 16 1995Never Say Goodbye.
385.0LARVAE::6447Wed Jan 25 1995Homophone
387.0DPDMAI::HUDDLESTONMon Feb 27 1995Lonely Cat
388.05COOKIE::MUNNSMon Mar 06 1995Folk Tales
389.05JURA::LETCHERTue Apr 18 1995The train now stopping at...
390.02GIDDAY::JOYCETue May 16 1995Question about Copyright
391.03HANNAH::MORRISMon May 22 1995The Visit
392.05HANNAH::MORRISMon May 22 1995The Official Bash Jeff's Story Topic
393.07AKOCOA::COHENFri Jun 02 1995So long, and thanks for all the...
394.026CHEFS::RICHARDSON_JMon Sep 25 1995Knock, knock, "Who's there?"
395.05DOCTP::SCHUTZMANThu Oct 12 1995fame now, or fame later?
396.03DOCTP::SCHUTZMANMon Dec 04 1995The Oregon Trail, by Bonnie Randall Schutzman
397.010DOCTP::SCHUTZMANMon Dec 04 1995Comments on The Oregon Trail
398.0CGOOA::PITULEYTue Dec 05 1995Another one bites the dust.....
399.02CPCOD::JOHNSONFri May 24 1996Looking for...
400.0CHEFS::RICHARDSON_JFri May 31 1996Leaving
401.01STRATA::MCCONNELLThu Jul 18 1996A Walk Through Time
402.02UTROP1::ZABORSZKY_IThu Aug 15 1996Editors/readers wanted
403.0BUNKA::LEMENThu Oct 17 1996"What If?" For Sale
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404.0PCBUOA::SCHUTZMANBThu Dec 05 1996NE area Christmas party
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