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Conference mr1pst::cim_sales_support

Notice:See 1.* for conference guidelines
Created:Fri Aug 22 1986
Last Modified:Thu Feb 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:459
Total number of notes:396
Number with bodies:2
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1.05CURIE::MILLERFri Aug 29 1986Welcome to CIM_SALES_SUPPORT
2.068CEDSWS::BOOTHThu Sep 11 1986Registry
226.0CLO::COBURNThu Aug 30 1990
318.01--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 04 1991DEC CIM Software
350.02GLDOA::COMFORTTue Jan 14 1992Sheduler - AMAPS
351.03SWAM2::FLYNN_PATue Jan 21 1992Equipment Control References
353.010CIMNET::COHENWed Jan 22 1992CIM TEAM BULLETIN #29 --Table of Contents
355.01CIMNET::COHENFri Jan 24 1992Need help for Semiconductor Mfgers
356.0CIMNET::COHENTue Jan 28 1992MIS Trends,Our Strengths,Perceived Vendor Rankings
357.02CIMNET::COHENTue Jan 28 1992FIRMS from TERADYNE?
358.0CIMNET::COHENFri Jan 31 1992SIC Codes for AGD
359.0MINNY::MUELLERAThu Feb 06 1992Does anyone know Heiko-Bauer SFM
360.05EISDMF::FEUERSTEINThu Feb 06 1992Garelick Farms Opertunity
364.0CIMNET::COHENWed Feb 12 1992CSOs Listed by Applic'n & Managing IBU
365.01HOTWTR::SHELTON_PAFri Feb 14 1992CMS ??
366.0MR4DEC::HAROUTIANFri Feb 14 1992Electronics Resource Locator Guide available
367.06OBRIEN::kevinThu Feb 20 1992Datalogix
368.0MR4DEC::DTOBINMon Feb 24 1992DEC Symposium on Mfg. Process Design
369.0CIMNET::COHENWed Mar 04 1992Need help downsizing from IBM 9121
370.03WR1FOR::MACHADO_CAWed Mar 11 1992TANDEM->Digital in CIM?
371.01CIMNET::COHENFri Mar 13 1992Electronic Resources for MFG Cluster
372.0CIMNET::COHENMon Mar 30 1992Competitive Advantage Support Network
373.01CIMNET::FIESTERThu Apr 02 1992Open Advantage for Manufacturing Industries
374.04MLNMon Apr 06 1992ref. needed :Eng. & Constr.
376.0CIMNET::COHENFri Apr 10 1992USS response to "Death of DECstations"
377.07CIMNET::COHENMon Apr 13 1992AGD Newsletter #4
379.08POBOX::HACKMANWed Apr 15 1992DEC, CIM & Academia
380.0CIMNET::COHENThu Apr 23 1992Key contacts, includes Digital Svs Managers
381.08ODIXIE::GELINEAUSat May 02 1992IBM : CIM : & POMS ??
382.03TAVIS::AVNISun May 03 1992FSS (MADEMA) - DBS'S Scheduling sys. ?
383.02MLNTue May 12 1992new pointer to OAM slides?
384.03UNYEM::ILSLEYThu May 14 19926
385.0EEMELI::KKUUSISTOWed May 20 1992IGRIB robotsimulator + DEcstation?
386.02AUNTB::MAGENHEIMWed May 20 1992Integrating several pieces - what s/w?
387.03GUIDUK::MONINMon Jun 08 1992Need help beating ChemPak
388.03MSAMTue Jun 09 1992Mfg solutions on ALPHA
389.01MSAMFri Jun 12 1992TQM Integrator
390.01MINNY::MUELLERAMon Jun 15 1992Future of electronic Mfg.?
391.01CIMNET::JETMon Jun 15 1992Contacts/phone no.s, please
392.01MSAMMon Jun 22 1992IBM POSEIDON
393.01CECEHV::SZAKAL_LWed Jun 24 1992LADDER programming utility ( VMS or ULTRIX ) ?
394.03GUCCI::TQUINNWed Jun 24 1992Johnson Yokagawa contact?
395.02QCAVWed Jul 08 1992Russian Systems..any encounters ??
396.0CIMNET::COHENMon Jul 20 1992CIM Database Technology Update [DTU]
397.0CIMNET::COHENWed Jul 29 1992OSF/1 Vs DEC OSF/1
398.0CIMNET::MOCCIAFri Jul 31 1992Pipeline Management
399.03AUNTB::MAGENHEIMWed Aug 05 1992ICS-TEXICON in the U.K.???
400.02PORT::GUPTAMon Aug 10 1992PC based WIP tracking
401.01TKOVOA::TANAKA_YUMon Aug 24 1992DFA Toolkit by Boothroyd Dewhurst,Inc.
402.02KEYWST::COHENTue Sep 08 1992Kettle Scheduling S/W
403.03UNYEM::ILSLEYFri Sep 11 1992"integrated" MRP, distribution, financials,sales
404.0LORD::DLEBLANCFri Sep 11 1992Alpha Worksystems - Product Features/Requirements
405.04SWAM2::FLYNN_PAFri Sep 11 1992Simulation Solutions
406.05ODIXIE::GELINEAUMon Sep 14 1992Manufacturing Execution Syst
407.05CIMFIE::RAMESHFri Sep 18 1992Booner & Moore
408.01SWAM1::FORTIER_OVTue Oct 13 1992Depot / Repair successes?
409.01TPOVC::BENWUFri Oct 16 1992Reference site request for rotary compressor
410.01MR4DEC::SHIPETue Oct 27 1992Need Downsizing Ref. from IBM ES9
411.02CIMNET::COHENWed Oct 28 1992DEC-authored article in 'Controls & Systems'
412.01TROOA::GRAYSONFri Nov 06 1992Distribution Management-Rail/Truck/Pipes
413.03TAVIS::AVNIThu Nov 12 1992Information desired on CHESS
414.04CERN::BOTHNERTue Nov 17 1992MODbus?
415.01MSAMWed Nov 18 1992HP TRANSACT/IMAGE
416.03QCAVTue Dec 01 1992Yokogawa Centum Connectivity
417.02MSAMMon Dec 07 1992PC-LAN based Shop Flr and SPC solution
418.06MIACT::WALLACEWed Dec 09 1992Rapidlinx - what, who, why, etc
419.0MR4DEC::PCOHENSat Dec 19 1992DECfactory TQM mailing
420.0MAIL::SHEAMon Dec 28 1992Help...laser scribed bar codes?
421.01MSAMMon Jan 04 1993Workstream V6.
422.01MR4DEC::PCOHENWed Jan 27 1993Objectworks
423.01MR4DEC::PCOHENWed Jan 27 1993Proscheduler
424.04MR4DEC::PCOHENThu Jan 28 1993DOcument Control, EC Review, SW Recommendations?
425.02MR4DEC::PCOHENWed Feb 10 1993Alpha vs HP's PA-RISC
426.0MLNThu Feb 11 1993siemens bs2
427.02CESARE::BARBERAMon Feb 15 1993Mfgpro on Alpha/osf1 ?
428.01MSAMTue Mar 16 1993PROMIS
429.03MR4DEC::PCOHENMon Mar 29 1993Competitive info on Digital's latest HW products
430.019MR4DEC::PCOHENFri Apr 02 1993Application Performance and Configuration Guide
431.01ODIXIE::BURTONWed Apr 07 1993Asset TRacking in Chemical Mfg
432.02GLDOA::SLOMIANYThu Apr 08 1993Any Cimlink info available?
433.0SWAM1::FORTIER_OVTue Apr 20 1993Intercim ???
434.0MR4DEC::PCOHENMon May 10 1993Notes from Gartner midrange conference
435.02MR4DEC::PCOHENThu May 27 1993NT article from BARRON'S
436.0THAMTue Jul 13 1993Magnetic Interference and Display Devices
437.0POLAR::AMBROSETue Nov 02 1993Repair & Remanufacture
438.0SYOMV::BYERSTue Nov 16 1993Defense Conversion Recommendations
439.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Dec 17 1993U.S. Fall DECUS Performance Presentations
440.01TAVIS::AVNIMon Jan 31 1994Info on Avalon's CIIM
441.03QCAVTue Feb 22 1994mining
442.0MSAMThu Mar 17 1994Factory Scheduler from Digital?
443.0MRKTNG::SLATERThu Apr 21 1994Positioning, Sizing, and Optimizing Oracle Applications
444.0MRKTNG::SLATERSat May 07 1994TeamLinks/ALL-IN-1 Performance Update Presentation
445.0MRKTNG::SLATERTue May 10 1994LinkWorks Performance Update Presentation
446.0MRKTNG::SLATERWed May 18 1994Sizing and Tuning Oracle Applications on Digital Platforms Presentation
447.0TLSESat Jun 11 1994WorkStream experience to share
448.02CSOA1::MOULDERMon Jun 13 1994Work Instructions
449.01TAVThu Jul 21 1994RF Identification Devices?
450.01ZPOVC::KSRIKANTFri Jul 29 1994Help Wanted !!!
451.03TAVIS::AVNITue Aug 09 1994SSA BPCS and SAP R/3
452.01VAXSPO::DAVIDMon Sep 12 1994Solutions needed in the retail industry.
454.03TAVIS::AVNIMon Dec 12 1994Oracle Mfg. References ?
455.02MSAMMon Jan 30 1995Assessing/evaluating method?
456.0TAVIS::AVNIWed Mar 15 1995MFG/PRO References ?
457.02TAVIS::AVNIMon Dec 18 1995Peoplesoft - reference sites ?
458.02TAVIS::AVNITue Mar 12 1996RGTI ?
459.0+2TAVIS::AVNISun Jan 12 1997Tank Farm Automation ?