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Conference mpgs::pc_users

Title:PC Users Conference
Notice:Welcome! Introduce yourself in 2.*
Created:Wed Sep 09 1992
Last Modified:Tue May 20 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:351
Total number of notes:1240
Number with bodies:21
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.02MPGS::SCHWARTZMon Mar 08 1993Welcome! and Guidelines
2.060MPGS::SCHWARTZMon Mar 08 1993Introductions
3.02MPGS::SCHWARTZMon Mar 08 1993PC Training Courses
4.03MPGS::SCHWARTZMon Mar 08 1993Pointers to other Notesfiles
5.04MPGS::SCHWARTZMon Mar 08 1993Resources available
6.09STOIR1::INSTRUCTORTue Mar 09 1993DOS V6.
7.05CTHQ::BASSETTThu Mar 11 1993Question Mark in Powerpoint
8.03HUMOR::EPPESThu Mar 11 1993Differentiation from other conferences?
9.03SMURF::HAECKFri Mar 12 1993transfering files
10.02RUTILE::AUNGIERFri Mar 12 1993Bad or missing Command Interpreter
11.013TEMPE::WAGNERSun Mar 14 1993Connecting from home
12.01CTHQ::BASSETTTue Mar 16 1993Powerpoint Templates
13.05NECSC::BIELSKITue Mar 16 1993multimedia?
14.020SNAX::KENNEDYWed Mar 17 1993Bargain Computer accessories...
15.04RELYON::VARGASWed Mar 17 1993Looking for TYPING course!
16.01MPGS::SOUSAWed Mar 17 1993Portable Notebooks
17.07SPESHR::MYERSThu Mar 18 1993Television Shows - MACtc & PCtv
18.03ROCKS::SHARMAFri Mar 19 1993How do I degauss my monitor
19.07SMURF::HAECKFri Mar 19 1993DOS Wildcards
20.05CTHQ::BASSETTWed Mar 24 1993Draft or Review across document???
22.04MTVIEW::SCOTTMon Mar 29 1993booting a new PC
23.068SPESHR::PICCICUTOMon Mar 29 1993PC TIPS...Windows 3.1 & DOS
24.06BSS::GROVERMon Mar 29 1993PRINTSHOP & printers on 32
26.06MPGS::MCGARRAHFri Apr 02 1993MS-DOS 6.
28.08BELFST::MCCLINTOCKWed Apr 14 1993Pass printfile to Print Manager?
29.01TAOVFri Apr 16 1993PC software ordering
30.04MVDSTue Apr 20 1993Getting a modem past voicemail tone
31.02LTLDPR::DISTEFANOWed Apr 21 1993Need Pointer to Consumer Information on PC's
32.02RELYON::VARGASWed Apr 21 1993Pathworks copy error!
34.09MPGS::MCGARRAHMon Apr 26 1993For Sale
35.0SMURF::HAECKWed Apr 28 1993monitor question
36.0GRANMA::JHADENFri May 07 1993FYI:When Freelance won't print
37.0MYJAM::MYSELWed May 12 1993intertested in evaluating PC keyboards?
38.04BAYES::VARGASTue May 18 1993MEMORY MGT a WASTE of TIME ???
39.01ESOA11::PANOSDThu May 20 1993HELP (IMAGEIN Software)
40.02FLYSQD::MONTVILLETue May 25 1993Repai source needed ASAP!
42.01ASDS::WHITEThu Jun 03 1993Tape backup problem........
43.01ZPOVC::YICKPENGFri Jun 04 1993DEC4
44.07AKOCOA::AKHFri Jun 04 1993DECstation 316 Will Not Load Windows
45.01STOWOA::MOSCHILLIMon Jun 07 1993Help with PCXAG-AD
46.05TOOHOT::SANFORDTue Jun 08 1993Extended Memory Problem. So close, yet so far...
47.014CORA::65219::MEANEYWed Jun 09 1993Memory and 486SX vs DX questions
48.01GUCCI::BBRADBURYTue Jun 15 1993Stream -> Fixed Conversion
49.05DYPSS1::THESINGMon Jun 21 1993S3 video driver problem
50.06SMURF::HAECKMon Jun 21 1993colors
51.03SAMDHI::EBRECHTWed Jun 23 1993PC Uses for the non-technical
52.01BSS::GROVERFri Jun 25 1993REGIS emulator on 386 PC ????s
53.05BIGBAD::CORMANMon Jun 28 1993LJ 252 Printer Question
54.0HAM::HOFHANSLMon Jul 05 1993IIT 387-CoPro's 4x4 Matrix Operations ??
55.0IOSG::GILESLThu Jul 08 1993RS-232 NETWORKING
56.08MPGS::BONNEAUTue Jul 13 1993DV and DOSkey
57.0PENUTS::WHITNEYMon Jul 19 1993System Architect, from Popkin Software & Systems
58.03MR4DEC::HAROUTIANTue Jul 20 1993PC specs info needed
59.06ROCKS::SHARMAFri Jul 23 1993Problems formatting in DSDD mode
60.02TBJVTue Jul 27 1993Basic doubt on Notebook computer
61.04CTOAVX::KENNEDYTue Aug 03 1993Memory source for DS325c PC?
62.04IOSG::GILESLThu Aug 05 1993DOS 7.
63.03PEKING::WIGGINSPMon Aug 09 1993LPS2
64.05MPGS::BONNEAUThu Aug 12 1993Ambiguity in DOS?
65.01ISTWI1::YEGENSun Aug 15 1993Microsoft press books
66.012IOSG::FIELDERAMon Aug 16 1993Packard Bell Upgrades.
67.01AKOCOA::EINERMANNTue Aug 17 1993Parallel -> Serial Converter?
68.02DECC::REINIGThu Aug 19 1993How do you turn it off
69.04--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 23 1993Help importing file into PowerPoint
70.02ODIXIE::WATSONPHTue Aug 24 1993PC-Kwik info needed
71.01PEKING::WIGGINSPTue Aug 24 1993DECwrite v2.1 for MS Windows
72.03ROCKS::SHARMAWed Aug 25 1993Problems with *.doc files in Word for Windows (V2)
73.05GIDDAY::BURTThu Aug 26 1993mempkg error mem_resize error
74.01BSS::GROVERThu Aug 26 1993LVP16 plotter, setup on DS32
75.02GRANPA::SSTENNETTWed Sep 01 1993Looking for DOS Drivers for 525MB SCSI Tape Drive
76.03DELHI::MARINOTue Sep 07 1993Using WINDOW's TRANSFER/receive option
77.02WMOIS::SKOWYRAFri Sep 10 1993Bernuli disk drive??
78.05AKOCOA::CRUZMon Sep 13 1993PC Backup question
79.0+14SUBSYS::DONADTTue Sep 14 1993Wanted
80.03RONAN::RONANThu Sep 16 1993Pagekeeper - scanning, OCR
81.01RTOEU::DEGERTONThu Sep 23 1993Opinions on MS Windows-based graphics packages?
82.0BXCNEI::COUTUREThu Sep 23 1993Help with CD / Speakers / Sound board
83.0MXOVWed Sep 29 1993327
84.02POWDML::CARROLLMon Oct 04 1993Desk clutter
85.0ZPOVC::SASTRYSat Oct 09 1993DBQ/DOS ??
86.01GSGLXT::CHMURASun Oct 10 1993WIN V3.1 Hangs on Startup with Sound Card
87.0LARVAE::RICHARDSON_JWed Oct 20 1993Help locating decision/knowledge base ware
89.01MACNAS::MOHALLORANTue Nov 02 1993serial port printing.
90.0FSAEUR::RYEWed Nov 03 1993Request for Autocad Information
91.01NYOSWed Nov 03 1993SCSI drive configuration questions
92.0FRAIS::EDDF17::HEIDBUECHELMon Nov 08 1993Database Plus from WORDSTAR
93.01STVTue Nov 09 19932ps Converters
95.04STKAI1::SWEWed Nov 10 1993DISK SETUP help needed!!!
96.01THEBOX::NYLANDMon Nov 15 1993MSCDEX.EX for DOS 6
97.05SALEM::BURGERMon Nov 15 1993Print Freelance on LJ25
98.0MYJAM::MYSELMon Nov 15 1993Handwriting Recognition: Participants Wanted for Usability Evaluation
99.02LMOADM::CAFEWed Nov 24 1993HELP..Monitor
100.03BSS::GROVERSat Nov 27 199332
101.04CAPNET::GUSTAFSONThu Dec 09 1993Pagemaker printing problem
102.03NEST::SWILLIAMSTue Dec 14 1993trouble formatting RX24K floppy
103.02AYRPLN::KISERWed Dec 15 1993Problem with a modem. HELP!
104.01ISLNDS::DOYLEWed Dec 15 1993Hints Dec PC/HP5
105.08DNEAST::CURTIS_ALLENThu Dec 16 1993Installing CD rom Help ??
107.04BONNET::SEZNECThu Dec 30 1993High Resolution Graphic Mode
108.04HUMAN::AVERYMon Jan 03 1994PROCOMM PLUS speaker volume
109.04LJSRV2::EARLYWed Jan 05 1994A KERMIT question ...
110.01NEST::SWILLIAMSFri Jan 07 1994Pathworks????
111.05RUNWAY::MILLERTue Jan 11 1994Buyer Tech. Question/help and EPP?
112.08COMET::BERRYSun Jan 16 1994DOUBLE SPACE & BACKUP questions
113.01VESSA::MORRISRMon Jan 17 1994Startup logfile for a PC
114.01RUNWAY::MILLERMon Jan 17 1994EPP Pricing/Offerings?
115.02COMET::BERRYMon Jan 17 1994PC hangs when exiting windows
117.07EBYGUM::BAILEYPWed Jan 19 1994How to slow down a DX66
119.04JDARC::PAULINTue Jan 25 1994TEchnical information on SOUNDBLASTER
120.05BSS::GROVERWed Jan 26 1994DECpc 32
121.02BLKPUD::BAILEYPThu Jan 27 1994QEMM question
122.0CHEFS::ALLANThu Jan 27 1994HP Laptop needs help
123.01VICKI::DODIERTue Feb 01 1994DOS time synchronization tools ?
124.0HGOVC::MAHUAHSINTue Feb 01 1994looking for a portable pc
125.04BLKPUD::BAILEYPThu Feb 03 1994BEEPing on an LK25
126.06ATYISA::DUTERTREMon Feb 07 1994Compression between VAX and PC
127.01BAYES::VARGASWed Feb 09 1994Unclear about LOGON vs USE command.
130.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Feb 24 1994.bmp to .ico
132.05AIMT::SANDHUMon Feb 28 1994Print to LA75 from LPT1/COM1 ??
133.01BLKPUD::BAILEYPWed Mar 02 1994Amstrad 386 UPGRADE and fan change
134.03MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MThu Mar 03 1994DEClaser 1152 hints?
135.01RMEDU2::NEBBIAThu Mar 10 1994Intelligent import of .TXT files
136.03PEKING::WIGGINSPMon Mar 14 1994Transfer from VAX to PC.
137.0GALINA::SSMITHMon Mar 14 1994Use PCDISK and 3.5 inch drive to xfr between VMS, DOS.
138.01--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 15 1994Digital 486/66 For sale
139.02LEDS::FORSTThu Mar 17 1994Modem/COM port problems DECpc425sl/PCMCIA
140.06RANGER::ANDERSONFri Mar 25 1994Problem loading MS-DOS
142.0MRED::SAULNIERWed Mar 30 1994PC for sale 486 DX/2 66 Mhz 8/245
143.04MOEUR7::NAYLORThu Mar 31 1994IBM PS1
144.0AIAG::SURESHThu Mar 31 1994Software Resources tracking tool?
145.03COMET::BERRYMon Apr 04 1994Password box, where is it coming from?
146.01ARMDLO::CROSSLANDFri Apr 08 1994Quantum 8
147.02ABACUS::JASINSKITue Apr 12 1994Wanted: Wordperfect 5.1 DOS
148.01MLNAD8::LONGONIMon Apr 18 1994I don't print accented characters from MS-DOS on LA75.
149.02SHIPS::ROBERTS_GTue Apr 19 1994VESA driver for DECPc333 (Olivetti source)
151.01BSS::J_FORMANMon Apr 25 1994<Frozen Cursor in Colorado>
152.0RMEDU2::NEBBIAWed May 04 1994Chicago and Daytona beta releases
153.0COOKIE::MELTONThu May 05 1994Help with data exchange tools?
154.02BLKPUD::BAILEYPThu May 19 1994OCR Software required....
155.02SNOCTue May 31 1994Best method for storing diskettes
156.01BLKPUD::BAILEYPThu Jun 02 1994Hand held Scanner up for grabs...
157.03AKOCOA::WEBBERThu Jun 02 1994LA7
158.02MOEUR7::NAYLORFri Jun 03 1994Fax Modem and Mercury
159.04BOSEPM::BOSEPM::CAMPKINFri Jun 03 1994Wordperfect
160.0STOWOA::SHARRINGTONTue Jun 07 1994Recommendations for News Groups ??
161.0632FAR::JBOUCHERWed Jun 08 1994Suggestions for Name/Address DB
162.03AIMHI::CLARKWed Jun 08 1994System won't boot
163.01BAYES::VARGASFri Jun 10 1994MS-DOS C compiler for PCs ?
164.0MOEUR8::NAYLORThu Jun 16 1994Network Card Setup
166.05WLW::KIERThu Jun 16 1994MS Windows Backup and DoubleSpace question
167.01BLKPUD::BAILEYPMon Jun 20 1994Help with Dyslexia
168.01STRATA::BRICHARDMon Jun 20 1994Need Drivers for a DECJET 2
169.0STARCH::MONIA::moniaMon Jun 20 1994Easy way to format labels for laserprinter
170.02BLKPUD::BAILEYPTue Jun 21 1994How to check for a TSR ???
171.03N2DEEP::SHALLOWTue Jun 28 1994General Protection Fault
172.01CXDOCS::GSMALLSTue Jun 28 1994Please recommend a 486 DX notebook...
173.01--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 29 1994Slave drive.Info. needed.
174.0BONNET::SEZNECThu Jun 30 1994.FLI file description
175.01SNOFS1::GOWThu Jun 30 1994Odd-ball Windows hang
176.01USPMLO::OELFKEThu Jun 30 1994VT32
177.0HGOVC::XKOVWed Jul 06 1994SOLO - Any pointers to this Presentation s/w???
178.0MOEUR7::NAYLORMon Jul 11 1994Windows for Workgroups and Backups
179.02CAMDEN::CHEWThu Jul 14 1994Graphical link/object
180.01HLISC1::6419Mon Jul 18 1994Wang PC382 Memory
181.01HACMAN::HACKTue Jul 19 1994dialing phone extensions with KEAterm
182.02SUBSYS::WOLOSZCZUKWed Jul 20 1994PCI question
183.07AKOCOA::CERVONEMon Jul 25 1994Some Basic Questions???
184.01RELYON::VARGASWed Jul 27 1994Searching for MS-DOS SOLUTIONS from old PC!
185.0GLDOA::GIVENTue Aug 02 1994CDROM Reader Difficulty for Customer
186.07MPGS::LAVINThu Aug 04 1994Need basic Modem help!!!
187.08LUNER::WALLACEWed Aug 10 1994Dos 6.2 Multi-config config.sys Auto.bat problem?
188.01ICS::BEAUDOIN_DThu Aug 11 1994PC Multimedia advice?
189.01STOWOA::DOTSWW::kurtaFri Aug 12 1994Need CDROM Driver
191.05VMSDEV::CLABORNWed Aug 24 1994Donate a PC to a good cause?
192.01TNPUBS::C_MILLERWed Aug 31 1994Kermit problem
193.02STOWOA::ATHERTONThu Sep 01 1994shr3???
194.0MPGS::LAVINFri Sep 02 1994procom needed
195.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAFri Sep 09 1994Input control in Excel V5
196.02DELNI::SHOOKTue Sep 13 1994Modem Suggestions
197.01STARCH::MONIA::moniaTue Sep 20 1994Looking for cheap 35mm Slide Service
198.0HGOVC::ALEXCHEUNGMon Sep 26 1994st151
199.01LUNER::FARRENKOPFFri Sep 30 1994Buying a New PC
200.02CARECL::CASTIENMon Oct 10 1994TRUST16 Soundcard & CDD1
201.01ABACUS::JANEBTue Oct 11 1994KEAterm Screen Print Settings Needed
202.01NEWOA::45671::MITCHELL_AWed Oct 26 1994Help Needed PC Management
203.01TNPUBS::SCIUTOTue Nov 01 1994Mysterious Zmodem Problem
204.0HOTLNE::GRIFFINThu Nov 03 1994dec42
205.018MFOIS1::TURCHIMon Nov 07 1994Printing Problem
206.0FSSB::MELSAETERMon Nov 07 1994DECpc425SL/e premium VRC21 cable
207.03SIOG::DECEXECUTIVETue Nov 08 1994how to find out s/w VERSION installed?
208.0LABC::NGUYENThu Nov 10 1994batchfile for Ctrl Left_shift Alt?
209.03GIAQA2::T_MOOREFri Nov 11 1994Help with Modem problem
210.01ESSB::BROCKLEBANKTue Nov 15 1994Computer for 6 year old (Educational)
211.05RANGER::CRAWFORDTue Nov 15 1994problem using my new internal fax/modem HELP!
212.01--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 18 1994Help with set-up of 1522 in a 42
213.01UBOHUB::LAWGWed Nov 23 1994Joystick for notebook?
214.02DOCTP::HOWELLThu Dec 01 1994Need help transfering files PC to VAX
215.01GIAQA2::T_MOORESat Dec 03 1994Need help x-fer file to america on line
216.0GIAQA2::T_MOOREMon Dec 05 1994help with x-fer file
217.02DCSVAX::MARRTue Dec 06 1994Help
218.01GIAQA2::T_MOOREThu Dec 08 1994Need user manual for software loaded on a 316
219.01BSS::GROVERFri Dec 09 1994What is a DECwriter 1
220.0FAILTE::KERRAYTue Dec 13 1994DECpc 433sx DT - Upgrading
221.03STKAI1::P_NILSSONWed Dec 14 1994DECpc59
222.02SALEM::DEANThu Dec 22 1994FDISK ???
223.03ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Dec 27 1994KEA! and the gold key
224.03MPGS::LAVINWed Dec 28 1994inventory tracking software needed!!!
225.04STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaThu Dec 29 1994How do I print a .ps file to a network printer?
226.06GIAQA2::T_MOOREThu Dec 29 1994System does not see the mouse ... need help
227.01SALEM::DEANWed Jan 04 1995GIF (compuserve)
228.0NPSS::GILESFri Jan 06 1995Wanted - sw/hw donations for spina bifida boy
229.01ICS::LOCHRIEFri Jan 06 1995Powerpoint Print Problem
230.05LUNER::FARRENKOPFFri Jan 06 1995Problem with File Manager
231.01ZPOVC::JOBCHANFri Jan 13 1995DECpc LPv Battery
232.0ANNECY::FARABETWed Jan 18 1995PC/1
233.04MPGS::LAVINWed Jan 18 1995Monitor Question
234.0JULIET::JOSEPH_BOFri Jan 20 1995Looking for laptop to buy. Also posted in DECPC...
235.03POLAR::LAMOTHEMSat Jan 21 1995Grammar for AMIPRO...
236.02XSTACY::KFITZGERALDWed Jan 25 1995Revision control/configuration management software
237.04AKOCOA::WEBBERTue Jan 31 1995DECSTATION 333 Modem hook up Problem
238.0TLAVWed Feb 01 1995need dos driver for SPECIALIX SI-8
239.02BASEX::SHEPPARDWed Feb 01 1995Need .cfg file for Adaptec 274
240.01ZPOVC::JOBCHANThu Feb 09 1995AHA151
241.0STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaFri Feb 10 1995How to print postscript files on NT
242.01HANDVG::APRILLIUSun Feb 12 1995Reading a Mac file on a PC ?
243.0MQOU18::F_BOURGAULTMon Feb 13 1995Qume terminal emulation?
244.02TPSYS::FERREIRATue Feb 14 1995Information on locating part #s for older PC's
245.01WMOIS::SKOWYRATue Feb 21 1995adaptec scsi 274
246.01MROA::LAPLANTESun Feb 26 1995KEAterm connection problem from a Compaq
247.0AYOV25::MHANCOCKSat Mar 04 1995Configuring external floppy for SoftPc emulator
248.0GIAQA2::T_MOORESat Mar 04 1995RZ23L and LJ25
249.02TLAVTue Mar 14 19954 COMMs with TACAL & Procomm???
250.01TOPTEN::COLATRELLAWed Mar 15 1995VRT'S ON DECpc's
251.01USCTR1::JANDERSONThu Mar 30 1995How to add CDROM to DECpc XL 466D2?
252.0FRUST::EDDF21::STARKMon Apr 03 1995Printer Problems
253.01EMIRFI::BRITTANSat Apr 08 1995EMM386 error #
254.03UTROP1::CAMPENHOUT_RWed Apr 19 1995Sharware to share??
255.03SOLVIT::CHENFri May 05 1995Change max. length of file names?
256.01DABEAN::SALAMONETue May 09 1995JAZZ card config problem
257.01ROCCER::CLIFFORDThu May 11 1995Postscript viewing on your PC
258.0JEREMY::PHILIPSun May 14 1995direction bit in the Control Register of the Parallel Port.
259.05VIVIAN::D_HICKEYMon May 15 1995PC ignoramus seeks help
260.02MPGS::LAVINWed May 17 1995Celebris Video drivers please
261.0TPSYS::BECKThu May 18 1995Microsoft Test
262.03DAIVC::ZAKARIAWed May 24 1995EXE to SRC
263.08MFOIS1::TURCHIFri May 26 1995How to compile (question from beginner) ?
264.0DAKOTA::TARKULICHThu Jun 15 1995How to protect my PC/Office Equipment: UPS, Surge Suppressors and Line Conditioners
265.07HOTLNE::WILLISMon Jun 19 1995Monitor Problem, can some help me
266.02USPMLO::OELFKEThu Jun 22 1995MS EXCHANGE ?
267.0TLAVTue Jun 27 1995267
268.02CCAD39::LAWRENCEThu Jun 29 1995VENTURIS 466 and WORD problem - Help !!
269.0NETRIX::"frank.orlando@mro.mts.dec.com"Fri Jun 30 1995Booting after reloading DOS 6.22 on DEC lv system
270.0NETRIX::"frank.orlando@mro.mts.dec.com"Fri Jun 30 1995Booting after reloading DOS 6.22 on DEC lv system
271.01HELIX::STOLBERGThu Jul 06 1995WINCMS
272.01MTCLAY::SOLISWed Jul 12 1995Power On Password
273.03DELNI::KOPECSun Jul 30 1995How to increase # file locks in SHARE.EXE?
275.0STRATA::STILLSat Aug 05 1995Colorado Hard drives
276.0OBSESS::BEAUPREWed Aug 09 1995electronic publishing question
277.04HOTLNE::WILLISThu Aug 10 1995Upgrading DECpc 42
278.02STROP::LAYLANDTue Aug 15 1995Curses its a PC failure
279.01DRAGN::BOURQUARDThu Aug 17 1995WINRUNNER - GUI testing tool
280.01MUZICK::FLYNNTue Aug 29 1995Push from VMS to DOS
281.01HOTLNE::WILLISTue Aug 29 1995Help, need manual for a DECpc 42
282.0STROP::LAYLANDTue Sep 05 1995winsock and use problems
283.03CHEFS::HARVEYFri Sep 08 1995KEATERM location ?
284.04CHEFS::HARVEYFri Sep 08 1995DECpc ST upgrades ?
285.02KAHALA::BURKHARDTWed Sep 13 1995Handling ZIP files
286.0KAHALA::BURKHARDTThu Sep 14 1995Viewing .IMG files
287.01LANDO::CHEWFri Sep 15 1995extracting .arj files
288.02BASEX::SHEPPARDMon Sep 18 1995EMM386 continual problems
289.01REOSV1::ROEMTue Sep 19 1995Celebris speaker volume?
290.01GUIDUK::SOMERTue Sep 19 1995DECpc 433W, screen resolution, WFWG and Win95
291.0REOSV1::ROEMWed Sep 20 1995#9GXE64 drivers?
292.01BELFST::S_MCCAUGHANThu Sep 21 1995Problem with disk space
293.0CAPNET::ROBINSON_LMon Sep 25 1995WANTED - A+ Certification success stories
294.01ODIXIE::CERASOWed Oct 04 1995Parallel Mouse?
295.0BAHTAT::MILLINGTONPTue Oct 10 1995DX4-1
296.0REQUE::JYOTHIMon Oct 16 1995Where could I go to? - for getting my PC fixed.
297.0TROOA::TAYLORTue Oct 17 1995Upgrading DECpc 425SX LP
298.01ZPOVWed Nov 08 1995VRT17-HA Problem
299.01NETRIX::"daryll.shatz@16.62.8Mon Nov 20 1995RRD44 WIN3.1 DRIVER?
300.0USDEV::STOCKDALETue Nov 21 1995French dictionary for PC
301.0ESSB::DOODYWed Nov 22 1995Help needed with Celebris GL 512
302.04POWDML::JAYMALONEYMon Nov 27 1995Printing 132 char-width reports
303.01MFOIS1::TURCHITue Dec 12 1995What's happened to SPECXN::PCTOOLS ?
305.01ZACHEO::COLBATHFri Jan 12 1996Copy protected disk copy??
306.03WMOIS::RAHILLYTue Jan 23 1996Mailing spreadsheets???
308.0ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUTue Jan 30 1996Client payment system?
309.0NWDWed Jan 31 1996Everex Cube
310.01NHASAD::GILBERTIThu Feb 01 1996gateway 2
311.01NWDWed Feb 07 1996Dblspace removal
312.0CHEFS::HARVEYThu Mar 07 1996MSOffice Button Bar problems....
313.01CHEFS::HARVEYFri Mar 08 1996SIMM identification ?
314.01CSC32::P_BRADYFri Mar 29 1996Celbris Video Problem
315.01GLOWS::CASTILLOSun Apr 07 1996exit
317.03ALLVAX::BEAUDREAUWed May 01 1996Printing a .ps file
318.0MPGS::LAVINWed May 08 1996Ever see this?
319.02MSBCS::BRYDIEThu May 16 1996BIOS upgrade
320.02WMOIS::SKOWYRAMon May 20 1996lk45
321.02MLNORO::POCHETTINIMon May 20 1996Encryption for Pc files
322.0YIELD::BURKEWed Jun 12 1996Directx????
323.01TROCWed Jun 12 1996Copy large file into multiple diskettes
324.02MKOTS3::NICKERSONTue Jun 18 1996Sound Card not working in Win3.1
325.01BIGQ::CHANGThu Jun 27 1996Learn to Type software for kids???
326.01CADSYS::RUBINTue Jul 09 1996Highlighting and pasting between Excursion windows and PC applications
327.01CHEFS::PARRYDWed Jul 17 1996Where's the alarm?
329.01CARECL::CASTIENTue Aug 06 1996Switch/Jumpers Commodore 286-16
330.0NQOSWed Aug 14 1996Windows-95 FAX package to receive and print?
331.01STRATA::ANTESFri Aug 23 1996How to print entire windows help file at once?
332.02TRUCKS::BARNES_RThu Sep 19 1996Disk Setup Help Please!
333.0CARECL::CASTIENMon Oct 07 1996Pascal source to play GIF and WAV
334.03MPGS::TUCKERTue Oct 15 1996 Starion 91
335.0SMURF::BENTLEYTue Oct 15 1996Upgrade for Infinity PC
336.03BARNA::DSMAILTue Oct 29 1996DMA overrun error on floppy venturis FX
337.0ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Oct 31 1996Fluppy serial number
338.0HELIX::STOLBERGTue Nov 05 1996lost use of mouse and serial ports
339.0YIELD::HESTERWed Nov 20 1996Looking for QUATTRO Pro software
340.0ACISS2::MTACKETTWed Nov 27 1996Driver for WINNT
341.0SUTRA::jahan.vbo.dec.com::JAHANThu Dec 12 1996The Digital PC TechnoCD - 2d edition
342.0STARCH::cmonia.shr.dec.com::moniaMon Jan 20 1997Can't control DOS/Windows games via game port
343.0 *+1NETRIX::"Dale.Nelson@abs_35.rto.dec.com"Mon Feb 17 1997Celebris 512
345.0 *+4NQOSFri Mar 14 1997Windows 95 and ISDN Digital modems
346.0 *MKOTS3::LONGTue Mar 18 1997DECwriter 65 driver needed
347.0 *+1NETRIX::"matarazzo@mail.dec.com"Tue Apr 08 1997IRQ Allocation Error - Motherboard Function #
348.0 *+2NEWVAX::DSMITHFri Apr 11 1997SCSI drive letter help, please
349.0 *+2NNTPD::"mileski@mail.dec.com"Wed Apr 23 1997WPS-PLus converter
350.0 *RICKS::DERENNEWed May 14 1997HP2686A Laser printer
351.0 *+1SHOGUN::SKOWYRAThu May 15 1997winzip and folders