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Conference humane::oodb

Title:OODB: Object-Oriented Databases
Notice:Kit info in 2.*; Documentation info 3.*; DEC C++ port 160.3
Created:Mon Jul 10 1989
Last Modified:Thu Apr 10 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:430
Total number of notes:1673
Number with bodies:1
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1.0+1PBSVAX::MOOREMon Jul 10 1989Introduction
2.029PBSVAX::MOOREMon Jul 10 1989Kit
3.013PBSVAX::MOOREMon Jul 10 1989Documentation
4.014DATABS::PALMERSat Feb 15 1992OODB-based Projects
5.07PBSVAX::MOORETue Jul 25 1989Books on OODB
6.0DATABS::PALMERSat Mar 20 1993Reserved
7.0DATABS::PALMERFri Feb 14 1992Reserved
8.0DATABS::PALMERFri Feb 14 1992Reserved
9.0DATABS::PALMERFri Feb 14 1992Reserved
10.0DATABS::PALMERSat Mar 20 1993Reserved
11.07CSOA1::SCHWARTZ_FThu Jul 13 1989Please explain...
12.010STKAI1::NILSONFri Aug 11 1989Mapping OO onto non-OODB
13.06SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Aug 15 1989What it this?
14.03COUNTWed Aug 30 1989Aren't we really talking about Object Bases?
16.04LACKEY::HIGGSMon Oct 09 1989FYI: A paper on OODBMS that I wrote for a database course. See 16.2 for the right version I was taking.
17.0PBSVAX::MOOREFri Nov 03 1989Object-Oriented Database Roundup
18.04XANADU::FLEISCHERThu Dec 14 1989Looking for OODB (and C++) for PMAX/DECstation
20.09PBSVAX::MOORETue Jan 09 1990DBSG's OODB plans
21.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 09 1990OODB Course by Stan Zdonik
22.01LOIOSH::GOUNTue Jan 23 1990Object Oriented Database Summary (from comp.object)
23.01DECWET::FURBUSHMon Feb 05 1990Wanted: DB Tool
24.04PBSVAX::MOORESun Feb 25 1990Workshop on OODB Standardization
25.0FERNEY::DUQUESNEThu Jul 27 1989OODB *soon* from the press
27.0NSDC::RATCLIFFWed Apr 04 1990A vulgarisation article on OODB
28.01CECEHV::ABAUERMon Apr 09 1990Objective-C wanted
29.0LOIOSH::GOUNWed Apr 18 1990Open Letter to OODBMS Vendors (from comp.object)
30.07GLORY::RUTTSat May 05 1990OO Mgmt. of Relational Data
32.0CRLVMS::SCHAFFERTWed May 30 1990OO Program Office
33.01IRNMAN::MOOREFri Jun 08 1990STARBURST papers
34.05KETJE::HOFMANThu Jun 14 1990non-OO to OO path??
35.01KCBBQ::TERRYMon Jul 02 1990Ontologic/ONTOS???
36.0IRNMAN::MOORETue Jul 24 1990OODB announcement leaked
37.05IRNMAN::MOOREMon Jul 30 1990Documents on the OODB vendor evaluation
38.028LENO::GRIERFri Aug 03 1990short oids? and what is this OODB anyways?
39.08IRNMAN::MOOREWed Aug 08 1990DEC & Objectivity OODB Announcement
40.09DATABS::BALLOUFri Aug 24 1990ROCK comments on Objectivity/DB.
42.0BUCKY::MPALMERThu Sep 06 1990Seek access traces for research
43.01AIAG::CARIFIOMon Sep 17 1990kit questions related to note 2
44.05SDEVAX::STACYMon Sep 17 1990Two questions on using objy
45.03SDEVAX::STACYMon Sep 17 1990Problem with ooDelete of class with virtual destructor
46.0DDIF::GOUNWed Sep 19 1990A Modular and Open Object-Oriented Database System
47.0DATABS::BALLOUWed Sep 19 1990Bug in 1.
48.01NOATAK::WHITEWed Sep 19 1990Complex Object Limitations
49.01TOOHOT::WALTERSMon Sep 24 1990Any 3rd party oodb???
50.0DATABS::BALLOUTue Sep 25 1990Bug accessing data after commit.
52.02PROXY::DEVOEWed Sep 26 1990OODB Courses or Sources for the Unenlightened?
53.05TOOHOT::WALTERSWed Sep 26 1990Is our OODB ORION?
54.04CADSE::HCWUFri Sep 28 1990Re-direct the oobrowse window
55.03SDEVAX::STACYWed Oct 03 1990ddl drops manifest constants
56.02CADSE::HCWUWed Oct 03 1990Need to set up the RPC
57.06LENO::GRIERFri Oct 12 1990Why isn't versioning an application issue?
58.020CIMNET::MJOHNSONMon Oct 15 1990Objectivity/C++/Trellis Positioning
59.02PRSUD1::CAYATTETue Oct 16 1990Objectivity Presentation
60.01CSDPIE::STACYWed Oct 17 1990Commiting a transaction in Objectivity/DB
61.01FDCVFri Oct 26 1990Incomplete doc set?
62.0WJOUSM::ZARRELLAFri Oct 26 1990DISDP wants to know, thanks.
63.01ALLVAX::GLASERSun Oct 28 1990Optimization problems
64.0DATABS::BALLOUWed Oct 31 1990Problem with libmalloc.a
65.03DATABS::HETRICKTue Nov 06 1990Objectivity's versioning model
66.01THEFOX::PRYTHERCHMon Nov 12 1990What's happening with the VMS version ???
67.04JRANDM::ballouMon Nov 19 1990C++ header files for Ultrix 4.
68.06DATABS::BALLOUTue Nov 20 1990Working with virtual memory objects.
69.02DATABS::BALLOUWed Nov 28 1990Performance issues.
70.016FROLIC::CHEWWed Nov 28 1990Problem with large database
71.016FROLIC::CHEWThu Nov 29 1990VArray Pre-allocation
72.04SQUEAK::GLASERTue Dec 04 1990Whats in a ooShortId
74.0DATABS::BALLOUFri Dec 07 1990Some changes for 1.1
75.02CSDPIE::STACYThu Dec 13 1990Setting vm pointers at schema load time?
76.02CSDPIE::STACYThu Dec 13 1990Problem browsing subclass of ooId
77.03CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Dec 18 1990Distributed Transaction Support
78.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONWed Dec 19 1990Porting code written for Versant to Objectivity
79.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Jan 03 1991No X DECnet support in Objectivity ?
81.01NOATAK::WHITEFri Jan 04 1991Objectivity/DB examples
82.01BALLET::HMITCHELLWed Jan 09 1991Versant
83.03PRSUD1::CAYATTEMon Jan 14 1991C++ and Objectivity
84.0TOOHOT::ROCHAMon Jan 14 1991PCCC 3/27-29/91, req for participants
85.01KETJE::DELAMPERWed Jan 16 1991'schema evolution'
86.04SUBWAY::COMASWed Jan 23 1991ddl has stopped working on 3.1 to 4.
87.01UBRKIT::GRIERMon Jul 24 1989Transactions?
88.01VSDD2Tue Jan 29 1991VMS porting status?
89.0NOVA::ZAGUREKWed Jan 30 1991ObjectMaker/Booch 9
90.011MR4DEC::REICHTue Feb 12 1991DEC/Objectivity vs AT&T/Versant
91.017DATABS::BALLOUFri Feb 15 1991Bugs with Objectivity/C++
92.02ALICIA::FODENMon Feb 18 1991Any Trellis Users Out There?
93.05STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Feb 19 1991Customer questions
94.01DATABS::BALLOUThu Feb 28 1991Objectivity/DB and C++ vtbls...
95.02DATABS::HETRICKThu Feb 28 1991A Proposal for Static Class Members in the Objectivity/DB
96.0DATABS::BALLOUWed Mar 06 1991Missing doc files.
97.01CHANGE::jpkThu Mar 07 1991Does release 1.1.
98.04AISG::DIAZFri Mar 08 1991VMS porting .. Pardon for asking again
99.03SPROUT::GREENWOODMon Mar 11 1991Location of the C Interface
100.02CFSCTC::CHEWTue Mar 12 1991DDL delete() and embedded ooItr
101.04CFSCTC::CHEWTue Mar 12 1991Association for non-persistent object ?
102.03CALS::BRAGINSKYWed Mar 13 1991OO Views
103.01TLE::KELLERMANWed Mar 13 1991New Risc Ultrix Kit different from last week's?
104.01STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Mar 15 1991Where is the JRANDM file ?
105.0DATABS::BALLOUFri Mar 15 1991Chapter 7: Programming Tutorial - bad font
106.01DATABS::BALLOUFri Mar 15 1991Objy/DB VMS bug with running lockservers in a cluster.
107.07DATABS::BALLOUWed Mar 20 1991Integrated Programming Environment for C++.
109.0DATABS::BALLOUWed Mar 20 1991Visual programming environment...demo.
110.0DATABS::BALLOUWed Mar 20 1991Libraries and linkers for VMS Objy/DB 1.1.
111.01COPTOR::BIRGERFri Mar 22 1991VAXC or C++ on VMS and how about an SPD
112.02ECAMV6::APPLEGATEFri Mar 22 1991Indexes, variables, locks questions
113.03ECAMV6::APPLEGATEFri Mar 22 1991OODB and client/server architecture
114.0DATABS::HUSSAINMon Mar 25 1991VMS version of Objectivity/DB 1.1.
115.03NOATAK::WHITETue Mar 26 1991DEC/OODB vs. Objectivity/DB 2.
116.04GRANE::HEINTZEThu Mar 28 1991How to implement rudimentary OODB
117.0DATABS::BALLOUMon Apr 01 1991Course on Object-Oriented Programming.
118.01CFSCTC::MACKINMon Apr 01 1991navigating the class/type hierarchy
119.04DECWET::TENGFri Apr 05 1991Version 1.1 Manuals?
120.02DATABS::HETRICKMon Apr 08 1991Objectivity/DB V1.1 kits accepted by Digital!
122.02SUBWAY::COMASMon Apr 15 1991Why Objectivity/DB?
123.04DATABS::BALLOUThu Apr 18 1991Objy/DB V1.1 performance study
124.01POBOX::WALLINTue Apr 23 1991Video Distribution Services.
125.05DATABS::BALLOUWed Apr 24 1991Objy/DB and C++ standard class library.
126.0DATABS::BALLOUFri Apr 26 1991Embedding classes from a pre-defined class library.
127.03CALS::MACKINFri Apr 26 1991'ootoolmgr' can hang DS5
128.04ILOV43::EMCGUINNESSFri May 03 1991Please review this OODB Paper !!
129.0SYOMV::BYERSFri May 24 1991data repository
130.02TLE::KELLERMANThu May 30 1991Objy 1.1 on Ultrix 4.2?
131.02VSDDThu Jun 13 1991Objectivity/DB Demo (VMS) needed
132.02MSDOA::SECRISTTue Jun 18 1991Announcements on Digital's Own Technology ?
134.018OSLACT::OLAVMon Jun 24 1991CDD/Repository vs. Objectivity/DB
135.03TOOLS::GREENWOODTue Jun 25 1991new error from V1.1.1 OOCDDL
136.02TKOVOA::OOUCHIWed Jul 03 1991Course request from Japan
137.03LYOIS1::LEFEBVREWed Jul 17 1991PAKs?
138.01LYOIS1::LEFEBVREThu Jul 18 1991requirement ????
139.01CFSCTC::PALMERThu Jul 18 1991Objy auto clustering?
140.05MPAC::COTEFri Jul 19 1991Oregon C++ Compiler
141.01DATABS::BALLOUTue Jul 23 1991Bug in C interface for Objectivity/DB 1.1.1 on VMS.
142.0YIPPEE::BURKHARDWed Jul 24 1991implement(ooTVArray, ooItr(MyClass)) does not work
143.0DATABS::BALLOUMon Jul 29 1991'declare' in C interface.
144.01LJOHUB::GIBIANThu Aug 01 1991Evaluating possible use of Objectivity/DB & Objectivity/c++ in a new product
145.05FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSFri Aug 02 1991General Questions about VArrays
146.01FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSFri Aug 02 1991Similar questions on Associations
147.01TLE::KELLERMANThu Aug 08 1991Declarations missing from /usr/include/CC/time.h
148.06TLE::KELLERMANThu Aug 08 1991Platform support?
149.03KOBAL::DEHOLLANThu Aug 08 1991OOCDDL Problem
150.07LJOHUB::GIBIANMon Aug 12 1991In search of a lightweight persistant object store...
151.06FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSWed Aug 14 1991Problems with Objectivity and Sharable images
152.0DATABS::BALLOUMon Aug 19 1991C++ not in kits of note 2.*.
153.011FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSTue Aug 20 1991Optimising access to ooDB objects
154.02ACESMK::CONLONTue Aug 20 1991Training???
155.05FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSThu Aug 22 1991What do you make of this
156.0FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSFri Aug 23 1991When do you need to close basic objects?
157.04SPROUT::GREENWOODFri Aug 23 1991a date/time service
158.028HGRDTue Aug 27 1991Integration of Relational Database with OO ?
159.07BALLET::HMITCHELLWed Aug 28 1991Objectivity security?
160.018DATABS::BALLOUWed Aug 28 1991Objy on DEC C++ - Risc only.
161.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONThu Aug 29 1991Confusing <unknown> entries in ooconfig 1.1.1
162.013DATABS::BALLOUTue Sep 03 1991Objectivity/DB V1.2 features.
164.02FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSWed Sep 04 1991Defining initial number of associations
165.02CIMNET::MJOHNSONMon Sep 09 1991Missing: ooIsKindOf(const char* typeName)
166.02PTOVAX::SCOTTFri Sep 13 1991ITASCA information ??
167.011FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSMon Sep 16 1991Objectivity Access VIA SQL
168.08FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSWed Sep 18 1991Objectivity Storage - Curious Statistical Information!
169.01DATABS::MOOREWed Sep 18 1991OODBTG Final Report
170.01YIPPEE::BURKHARDFri Sep 20 1991Objy on deccxx: lockserver problem
171.08YIPPEE::BURKHARDMon Sep 23 1991problem OODelete ing
172.01MPAC::COTETue Sep 24 1991Help appreciated
173.0--UnknownUser--Sat Sep 28 1991ORACLE vs. INFORMIX, UNIFACE vs. ORACLE/FORMS
174.0SABELL::STRONBERGMon Sep 30 1991Request for IM&T OOdb requirements
175.01KOBAL::ALEXANDERMon Sep 30 1991I get checksum errors when I copy the mips tar file
176.012FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSTue Oct 01 1991Problem creating Temporary Objects
177.014GL::DEHOLLANWed Oct 02 1991C-interface nuisance compile messages
178.0149ER::WESPIThu Oct 03 1991Overloading inherited methods in derived classes
179.01NOBOZO::WEBERFri Oct 04 1991OODB support for optical storage
180.07SAC::EXTON_MTue Oct 08 1991OODB in flight trials database
181.04CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Oct 08 1991DDL syntax extensions for objerct- object-indexed associations
182.01CAMONE::RUCCIOTue Oct 08 1991single pt failure
183.04YIPPEE::BURKHARDThu Oct 10 1991Objectivity's use of channel#s
186.07DATABS::OBRIENFri Oct 25 1991oo presentations that may be of interest
187.07CIMNET::MJOHNSONMon Oct 28 1991DEC FUSE EnCASE and the Objectivity DDL processor
188.01ESRAD::NUZZOThu Oct 31 1991Protection Problem with Kits and Documentation
189.06CIMNET::MJOHNSONThu Oct 31 1991Wanted: Customized default behavior of new()
190.04ECADJR::RUSSOMon Nov 04 1991Objy V1.2.1 dbx library problem...
191.04BODACH::JLENIHANMon Nov 04 1991Help with #includes and Objectivity/C++
192.02CIMNET::KYZIVATTue Nov 05 1991OODBTG Final Technical Report
193.01DRAC::PALAUThu Nov 07 1991The DB EMPRESS
194.06CIMNET::MJOHNSONFri Nov 08 1991Wanted: Support for parameterized types
195.05ESSB::SHEALYWed Nov 13 1991lookupObj problem lookupObj Problem
196.0DATABS::HUSSAINThu Nov 14 1991Support issues for C++ from Objectivity
197.08STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Dec 02 1991Methods in OODB (active OODB ?)
198.01DRAC::PALAUMon Dec 02 1991Integration of models from IEW
200.02VELVET::MICHONTue Dec 10 1991? DQU ?
201.01COUNTFri Dec 13 1991Request for information on OO projects (internal or external)
202.010CAMONE::RUCCIOFri Dec 13 1991Objy VMS distribution
203.03TOOLS::GREENWOODThu Dec 19 1991"aggregate" class
204.0NOVA::JACKSONFri Dec 27 1991Update: Registration Info for '92 DB/TP/EU Symposium
205.014GL::DEHOLLANTue Dec 31 1991Objectivity Robustness?
206.019CALS::PFLUMThu Jan 02 1992Using Pointers - Question
207.03STKHLM::STENSTROMTue Jan 07 1992OODBM's on DEC platforms
208.0DATABS::PALMERThu Jan 09 1992OODB query workshop at Brown
209.07KOBAL::DEHOLLANThu Jan 09 1992How long is a handle valid?
211.05KOBAL::DEHOLLANWed Jan 15 1992OODUMP float format
212.01CAMONE::RUCCIOMon Jan 20 1992re 153.*
213.02DATABS::PALMERTue Jan 21 1992survey on PC support reqs
214.01ADTSHR::GREENWOODWed Jan 22 1992Any ideas for solving concurrency issues
215.013CALS::PFLUMFri Jan 31 1992Implicit Upgrade to Update Mode
216.0TANNAY::BETTELSMon Feb 10 1992I-WOOOS '92
217.010ALLVAX::KUTAMon Feb 10 1992oochange/lock server problem
218.01SUBWAY::COMASMon Feb 10 1992CD-WORMS and Objectivity/db?
219.0DATABS::PALMERFri Feb 14 1992EXPRESS data modelling overview
220.02DATABS::RYEWed Feb 19 1992Self Paced Tutorial
221.01DATABS::HUSSAINFri Feb 21 1992Who are the VAX/ULTRIX users?
222.01BONNET::DENISMon Feb 24 1992double byte enabled ?
223.02TAVTue Feb 25 1992Pointer to Documents
224.06CALS::NIXONFri Mar 06 1992Iterating over name scopes
225.02DATABS::PALMERWed Mar 11 1992Ease-of-Use input sought
226.01TLE::KELLERMANThu Mar 12 1992Automatic recovery?
227.0DATABS::RYEFri Mar 13 1992We need to track other DEC products who are using the OODB
228.08TAEC::SILVAMon Mar 23 1992Gemstone?
229.04ADTSHR::GREENWOODWed Mar 25 1992deleting a database where database file was removed
230.03WILBRY::ASCHNEIDERWed Apr 01 1992Announcing Objectivity/DB V1.2 DDS product
231.01GLDOA::BREWISSat Apr 04 1992DECworld OODB strategic Speaker?
232.011MUNICH::KRNETATue Apr 07 1992Objectivity training?
233.02HGRDThu Apr 16 1992Suggestion for final year project
234.02ROMFri Apr 24 1992OO tech for OLTP/Batch applications - Help!
235.03ECADJR::RUSSOWed Apr 29 1992Ordering and Association Links!!!
236.08STKHLM::STENSTROMThu May 07 1992Objy and DEC C++, status?
237.03ACESMK::CONLONThu May 21 1992multiple type-hierarchies?
238.0DATABS::HUSSAINFri May 22 1992Objectivity/C++ 2.1 header corrections
239.0ADTSHR::GREENWOODTue May 26 1992value returned by ociGetDBPathName
240.03FHOPAS::BREWMN::BREWISWed May 27 1992White Papers on OO Methods/Tools and C++
241.0DATABS::RYEThu Jun 04 1992Training video tapes
242.0PRSSUD::THOMASSONWed Jun 17 1992error : too much pushback
243.02AZUR::BURKHARDWed Jun 17 1992a sudden problem compiling my schema (on VMS)
244.01STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Jun 17 1992Info on latest version of Objy
245.02CRLVMS::GALLAGHERThu Jun 18 1992need a compiler - but confused about which to use
246.02TPOVC::HCLINWed Jul 01 1992Competition of oodb's, oodb's and Rdb's
247.01DATABS::OBRIENTue Jul 07 1992New features for DEC Object/DB V1
248.0DATABS::BTAYLORTue Jul 14 1992message & error handling (1-page summary)
249.0DATABS::PALMERFri Jul 17 1992poll: VMS production db, or Cfront 2.
250.01FRIDYS::MCCAINThu Jul 23 1992Location of ULTRIX Documentation
251.0DATABS::PALMERThu Jul 30 1992Jim Gray joins Objectivity T.A.B.
252.06WILBRY::ASCHNEIDERFri Jul 31 1992DEC Object/DB V1.
253.01ESSB::SHEALYWed Aug 05 1992exit
254.02PRSSUD::THOMASSONFri Aug 14 1992yacc stack overflow
255.0PIPE::ICYCLE::SMITHFri Aug 14 1992OO CASE QFD Session
256.0DATABS::HUSSAINMon Aug 17 1992QAR system for DEC Object/DB
257.01VAXRIO::ERTHALMon Aug 17 1992Kit & conference of Objectivity C++
258.02SUPER::EARLEWed Aug 26 1992Is there a query language for Objectivity
259.03CAMONE::RUCCIOWed Aug 26 1992overloading new()
260.03ECADJR::RUSSOThu Aug 27 1992Strings in VM vs. in OBJY
261.02MQOSWS::G_FIORAMOREMon Aug 31 1992GUI Builder for Objectivity DB??
262.02CAMONE::RUCCIOThu Sep 03 1992help with templates
263.02STKHLM::ARENDIFri Sep 04 1992Ooconfig and Diskless satellites????
264.04ECADJR::RUSSOFri Sep 04 1992Browser crashes...
265.0TLE::GRTVAX::THERRIENFri Sep 04 1992Announcing DEC C++ for OpenVMS VAX V1.1
266.03CAMONE::RUCCIOTue Sep 22 1992help with ooMap
267.02CAMONE::RUCCIOWed Sep 23 1992number of links
268.03BHAJEE::MAYRThu Oct 15 1992DECODB - IVP Failed
269.02COOKIE::MERMELThu Oct 22 1992Use of Object Oriented DB for Bill-of-Materials Class Problem
270.09KETJE::GHYOOTFri Oct 23 1992Multi-platform question
271.04STKHLM::HALLINTue Oct 27 1992ObjectStore ?
272.01CHEFS::HANSONNTue Oct 27 1992DEC Object/DB kit available ?
273.02SUBWAY::COMASThu Oct 29 1992OODB Slides?
274.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Nov 02 1992Problem with demos?
275.01OSLACT::OLAVMon Nov 02 1992Sample database for ootoolmgr?
276.05CERN::CARNEYTue Nov 03 1992Multimedia class libraries?
277.03SUPER::EARLETue Nov 03 1992Requirements for a OO based development environnment
278.07BHAJEE::MAYRTue Nov 03 1992Synchronizing processes/tasks via persistent objects??
279.01TLE::KELLERMANTue Nov 03 1992Missing function prototypes from Objy C++ include file
280.02ECADJR::RUSSOWed Nov 04 1992Changes in ooStatus return values or just doc?
281.01CHEFS::HANSONNFri Nov 06 1992interoperate ?
282.01SUBWAY::COMASWed Nov 11 1992Query on ooString type?
283.04TRCOA::VANDUYVENVOOWed Nov 11 1992Moving to Alpha/OSF?
284.03TROOA::NAISHMon Nov 16 1992Lockserver for DECdesign and DEC Object V1 ?
285.04OSLACT::OLAVMon Nov 16 1992DEC Object/DB on Windows NT?
286.04TROOA::KAMPMon Nov 16 1992FT for DECoodb VMS Available?
287.04CLT::CATRNA::DIMINOTue Nov 17 1992Lock Server problems
288.0DATABS::HUSSAINMon Nov 23 1992ooGetActiveTrans() usages and doc errors
289.0DATABS::HUSSAINMon Nov 23 1992ociInitOption() doc error
290.0DATABS::HUSSAINMon Nov 23 1992oochange limitations (DEC Object/DB V1.
291.02SUPER::EARLETue Nov 24 1992VMS Documentation
292.02DATABS::BTAYLORWed Dec 02 1992DEC Object/DB: the movie
293.01NAPThu Dec 03 1992references & sites with DECobject/DB
294.013SYOMV::KRASSat Dec 19 1992Can't order DEC Object/DB docs internally
295.01GENVA1::RIPOLLWed Dec 30 1992Where did Objy documentation move?
296.01BERNFri Jan 08 1993DEC C++ and Object/DB
297.014GNPIKE::JOHNSONWed Jan 13 1993ODI press announcements
298.06JUDYL::SWARTZMon Jan 18 1993Run-time only License
299.01BIGUN::ANDERSONMon Jan 18 1993comp.object FAQ
300.0DATABS::PALMERWed Jan 20 1993NATO OODB conf in Turkey 8/93
301.01CALS::HCWUThu Jan 21 1993Small bug on OODDL
302.01ROMWed Jan 27 1993VTX pak incorrect ?
303.04DATABS::HUSSAINFri Feb 05 1993FT sites for DEC Object/DB for OpenVMS VAX V1.
304.0DATABS::RYEWed Feb 10 1993C++ Conference, Call for papers
305.04EICMFG::FRASCHMon Feb 15 1993DEC Object/DB: Subtyping during Runtime
306.0LEDDEV::GARRETTTue Feb 16 1993Database Interoperability Course
308.01EEMELI::MANNISTOThu Feb 18 1993Optical disks?
309.0GALVIA::PFEHINFri Feb 19 1993New book on software usability available on-line
310.0DATABS::PALMERWed Feb 24 1993Internet OO tech survey
311.0DATABS::PALMERWed Feb 24 1993Call for Votes - Newsgroup on OODB
312.01DATABS::PALMERThu Feb 25 1993CFP: ComputerWorld Object App awards
313.02EICMFG::FRASCHFri Feb 26 1993DEC Object/DB: States for invalid Handles
314.02DATABS::HUSSAINTue Mar 09 1993Electronic docset is available
315.03KETJE::GHYOOTMon Mar 15 1993Software Automation feedback, and some questions
316.03EICMFG::FRASCHWed Mar 17 1993Conditional Scan and ooVString
317.02GOYA::BARRIOWed Mar 17 1993Alpha OSF/1 OODB v1.1 question
318.01STKHLM::STENSTROMFri Mar 19 1993Objy or DEC/Object DB?
319.01DATABS::PALMERFri Mar 19 1993UniSQL comments/experiences?
321.03WARNUT::TPCASE::PICKERINGSFri Mar 19 1993Repositories
322.04HPRDRV::SIMMONSFri Mar 19 1993TPC numbers? Usually appropriate?
323.02DATABS::BTAYLORTue Mar 23 1993DEC Object/DB for OpenVMS VAX V1.
324.05CALS::HCWUTue Mar 23 1993Problem on DEC Obejct/DB with DEC C++
325.02KETJE::GHYOOTFri Mar 26 1993Objy on DOS ???
326.05KETJE::GHYOOTFri Mar 26 1993db browser crashes occasionally.
327.02ODIXIE::SHILLINGFri Mar 26 1993Gemstone on DEC OSF/1 - Alpha AXP?
328.02TKTV2Mon Mar 29 1993ACCVIO occured during installation
329.04STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Mar 29 1993ading a database
330.01TKOV51::K_MORITAMon Mar 29 1993DEC Object/DB V1.
331.02CLT::CATRNA::DIMINOTue Mar 30 1993How do you prepare federated db for manufacturing?
332.03STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Mar 31 1993Can't open FDB in VMS toolmgr
333.05IJSAPL::OOSTENThu Apr 01 1993missing file in Bruxelles demo
334.01IMPROV::TOUYSSERKANIFri Apr 02 1993Usage of the transaction processing routines
335.08RELSIC::VESTUTOTue Apr 06 1993Raising Persistancy of objects???
336.02AZUR::TARANTOLAWed Apr 07 1993how to make a distribution kit
337.03KETJE::GHYOOTThu Apr 08 1993Problem with OpenVMS version, TCP/IP package
338.02DATABS::BTAYLORTue Apr 13 1993census of VMS ft users
339.0SUPER::EARLEWed Apr 14 1993Free OO Seminar - OO Modeling of Work Flow,Analysis,Design & Implementation Objects
340.02EICMFG::FRASCHFri Apr 16 1993DEC Object/DB: TMI and Associations
341.05KETJE::GHYOOTFri Apr 16 1993Some class design related questions
342.04AZUR::TARANTOLAThu Apr 22 19932 small remarks
343.01KETJE::GHYOOTFri Apr 23 1993Bugs?
344.01AZUR::TARANTOLAFri Apr 23 1993cosmetical problem
345.07MOVIES::MOOREWed Apr 28 1993oo7 at Wisconsin
346.01AZUR::TARANTOLAMon May 03 1993problem when porting to Alpha/OSF
347.04DATABS::BTAYLORMon May 03 1993DEC Object/DB for OpenVMS VAX V1.
348.0DATABS::PALMERWed May 05 1993MATISSE "OODB" ports to KSR1 !
349.02CALS::GLASERWed May 05 1993Multiple Inheritance Issues
350.0GNPIKE::HOBANTue May 18 1993Versant OODB platform availability
351.01VAXRIO::RENATAThu May 27 1993OODB- other plataforms
352.03TKOV51::K_MORITAWed Jun 02 1993Garbage collection ?
353.01IMPROV::TOUYSSERKANIWed Jun 02 1993Invoking ooddl on VMS?
354.03STKHLM::STENSTROMFri Jun 04 1993Lockserver problems
355.02MQOSWS::M_LEBELMon Jun 07 1993Can I propose Objectivity if yes I'll need more info on the solution
356.01WR2FOR::SHOMO_ROFri Jun 11 1993Object Design/OpenVMS/VAX?
357.02DATABS::BTAYLORFri Jun 11 1993DEC Object/DB for OpenVMS VAX V1.1 IFT kit
358.01KETJE::GHYOOTTue Jun 15 1993Wide area networks
359.02KERNEL::JACKSONTue Jun 15 1993Object/DB & Objectivity compatibility
360.01AZUR::TARANTOLAFri Jun 18 1993Bug in the CXXHDR121 CXX header patches
361.01ANNECY::LEMMAThu Jun 24 1993question on Objectivity/C++
362.03AKOCOA::NOTVMS::cleggWed Jun 30 1993Problems with C++ 1.24?
363.01BERNThu Jul 01 1993port ONTOS -> Object/DB: how difficult
364.0DATABS::RYEFri Jul 02 1993Internal Use, change in charges
365.02ZABOT::LETIZIAMon Jul 05 1993Scan() and Library problems
366.0RPSTRY::PALMERThu Jul 08 1993OODB Lab at Stanford
367.02EST::TOUYSSERKANIWed Jul 14 1993Availability on NT - Any update?
368.0IJSAPL::OOSTENThu Jul 15 1993OO(DB) applications for land registry?
369.06STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Jul 20 1993How to copy ?
370.04OSITEL::BRITTAINTue Aug 03 1993/lab5/Query.C bugged ?
371.04STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Aug 05 1993De-installation of Objy...
372.05STKHLM::ARENDITue Aug 10 1993Different behaviour on DEC and VAX!!
373.02STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Aug 11 1993Monitor Locks strangeness observed
374.04STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Aug 11 1993No space for Keyed Objects errors
375.01RHETT::WEILBACHERThu Aug 12 1993oolockserver fails to start
376.02ULYSSE::BAUDELLEFri Aug 27 1993Query manager error wih DecObjectivity
377.02BERNThu Sep 09 1993Speed comparison RdB vs. OODB
378.04EST::TOUYSSERKANIMon Sep 13 1993FDDB, bootstraps, etc...
379.04STKHLM::STENSTROMWed Sep 15 1993Moving a database
380.04BERNThu Sep 23 1993Availability of DEC Object/DB on PC (Windows 3.1)
381.01GAOVThu Sep 30 1993ANy release for customers ?
382.01KERNEL::JACKSONFri Oct 01 1993OSF installation guide?
383.01PMASON::ROYALFri Oct 08 1993Documentation directory empty
384.03CSC32::MCCRACKENWed Oct 13 1993License problem
385.03GNPIKE::GLASERThu Oct 14 1993Seeking ODMG Specification
386.01TOPPER::HISCOCKWed Oct 20 1993Maximum length of command line?
387.02LUNER::ALLENWed Oct 20 1993Protection on Kits
388.01RPSTRY::BODGEWed Oct 27 1993Mutltiple FDBs, one lockserver
389.01EEMELI::MANNISTOWed Nov 03 1993Versions for Ultrix?
390.01OSANPO::NOSESat Nov 06 1993V2.* I18N?
391.01ESSB2::JDUGGANMon Nov 08 1993socket: bad crembx error
392.01EEMELI::MANNISTOTue Nov 16 1993method inheritance?
393.04ESSB2::JDUGGANTue Nov 16 1993unable to open system name space
394.01TPOVC::FRANKLINWed Nov 17 1993DATAFLEX ?
395.02EEMELI::TAVIMon Nov 29 1993DEC Object/DB and ODMG-93 specification
396.02EEMELI::TAVIMon Nov 29 1993DEC Object/DB and FUSE with C++
397.01PLAYER::BARDEZWed Dec 08 1993Access to kits & docs - Status ?
398.04BERNWed Dec 22 1993Object/DB available for NT now?
399.022Wed Feb 02 1994Project to port OO-O2 to AXP?
400.07ESSB2::JDUGGANFri Feb 11 1994Locking Query
401.01MONTOR::GLASERWed Feb 23 1994Need info about POET
402.01DELSTue Mar 01 1994DEC object/DB for OVMS/AXP?
403.01AZTECH::WAGNERThu Mar 03 1994Problem with the PAKs
404.0AOSF1::krasFri Mar 04 1994New version from Objectivity?
405.0AZTECH::WAGNERWed Mar 09 1994FYI: Bug in DECC$SHR for VMS V6.1 causes ODB to accvio
406.06STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Mar 14 1994Whats 'appenin on the OODB front?
407.0BLGFri Mar 18 1994Number of transaction exceeded
408.0BLOFLY::16.153.8Wed Mar 30 1994Help needed - Cusotmer con-call
409.0HERIAM::UGRINOWFri May 06 1994MAET Course:Adv DB Design
410.01KERNEL::JACKSONWed May 11 1994Killing locks on V2
411.02KERNEL::JACKSONWed May 25 1994liboo_qr.a is missing from V2.2
412.010KERNEL::JACKSONFri May 27 1994DEC Object/DB status?
413.03MPGS::TAYLORThu Jun 02 1994Who's actively using Object[ivity]/DB?
414.02USCD::WILLIAMSTue Jun 07 1994%DCL-W-ACTIMAGE, error activating image CMA$OPEN_RTL
415.03USCD::WILLIAMSThu Jun 09 1994ODB and VMS V6.1
416.0KRYSTL::JOHNSONWed Jun 15 1994Objectivity relationship update
417.01BANZAY::DEQUALWed Jun 29 1994Documentation directory empty
418.01STKHLM::STENSTROMFri Aug 19 1994Status of OSF/1 OODB
419.01ZUSE::KOETHEFri Sep 02 1994How to delete-protect a database object??
420.08STKHLM::STENSTROMThu Sep 08 1994Object Design info?
421.01NUBABA::FRACCHIAWed Oct 19 1994Looking for OODB applcation reference
422.01NUBABA::FRACCHIAWed Oct 19 1994Looking for information, papers, presentations on
423.07LUXFri Oct 21 1994OBJECTSTORE info needed
424.02KERNEL::JACKSONTue Dec 06 1994Error 7
425.01KERNEL::JACKSONThu Jan 05 1995Muliple inheirtance and EXPRESS
426.01UKARC1::SNYDER_PThu Jan 12 1995Versant available
427.01AZUR::TARANTOLAMon Feb 13 1995Do your own 'browse types'
429.01EEMELI::MANNISTOWed Jun 21 1995Objectivity and Alpha memory usage
430.0AMER::HONORETue Nov 21 1995OODB expert?