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Conference movies::decdtm-vms

Notice:DECdtm Conference. 260.* for docs & kits. Digital Confidential
Created:Fri Aug 12 1988
Last Modified:Fri May 30 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:353
Total number of notes:1278
Number with bodies:38
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1.03MOVIES::JJOHNSONFri Aug 12 1988Welcome!
2.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONFri Aug 12 1988Reserved
3.01MOVIES::JJOHNSONFri Aug 12 1988Quota leakage
4.01MOVIES::JJOHNSONFri Aug 12 1988Hang at SYS$SYNCH
5.01MOVIES::HOWELL_MAFri Aug 12 1988SS$_NOPRIV error from $JOIN_RM
6.01MOVIES::HASLERThu Aug 18 1988BL3 log problem
7.01NOVA::BWRIGHTWed Aug 31 1988Fix to [bl3]install_ipc.com...
8.01NOVA::BWRIGHTWed Aug 31 1988Inconsistency with PART_ID parameter passing...
9.0NOVA::BWRIGHTWed Aug 31 1988Initialization of DDTM using LIB$INITIALIZE...
10.0NOVA::BWRIGHTWed Aug 31 1988Some proposed DDTM/VMS interface changes from Jim.
11.0NOVA::BWRIGHTWed Aug 31 1988Proper RETSTS values on $FINISH_RMOP...
12.03NOVA::BWRIGHTWed Aug 31 1988Returning from $END_TRANS before tran. is done
13.0MOVIES::HOWELL_MAFri Sep 02 1988Proposed modification to $GETDTI and $SETDTI item lists
14.03VINO::KILGOREMon Sep 19 1988How do RMs know a transaction has started?
15.0MOVIES::WHITAKERWed Sep 28 1988Bug fix for [bl3.src]th$exec_routines.b32
16.016CLUSTA::MAVRISWed Sep 28 1988multi-resource txns / current txn feature
17.02NOVA::BWRIGHTThu Sep 29 1988Status and return of control on $END_TRANS(W)
18.02MOVIES::JJOHNSONMon Oct 03 1988New DDTM/VMS spec
19.01MOVIES::HOWELL_MATue Oct 04 1988$GETDTI and $SETDTI Specification Document
20.05NOVA::BWRIGHTTue Oct 18 1988DDTM and DECnet phase V...
21.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONTue Nov 01 1988BL4 ready for internal use
22.0MOVIES::HASLERThu Nov 03 1988DDTM BL4 bug with some disk controllers
23.02MOVIES::HOWELL_MAMon Nov 07 1988Updated $GETDTI and $SETDTI spec. available
24.01MOVIES::GROSSMITHFri Nov 11 1988Base level 4.1 available
25.01MOVIES::MCMULLENWed Nov 16 1988DDTM BL4 Release Notes available
26.02MOVIES::JJOHNSONWed Dec 14 1988BL4.2 will require an VMS X3YH-5.1 or later
27.05MOVIES::GROSSMITHFri Dec 16 1988Announcing DDTM/VMS Base Level 4.2
28.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONTue Jan 03 19895.2 DEBUG fix available
29.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONTue Jan 24 1989A rose by any other name...
30.01MOVIES::JJOHNSONMon Jan 30 1989Updated DDTM spec available
31.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONWed Feb 01 1989Performance snapshot
32.0MOVIES::GROSSMITHFri Feb 17 1989Announcing DDTM-VMS Base Level 4.3
33.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONMon Mar 20 1989T - 4 days, and counting
34.0MOVIES::GROSSMITHThu Mar 23 1989Announcing DDTM-VMS Internal Field Test V1.
35.05MOVIES::JJOHNSONFri Mar 24 1989List of installed sites
36.05OFFHK::HENDRYMon Mar 27 1989Details, please
37.02SMAUG::GARIKAPATYWed Mar 29 1989extending ddtm to IBM system?
38.0MOVIES::LAINGWed Mar 29 1989DDTM/VMS Who/What/When
39.0MOVIES::MCMULLENFri Apr 21 1989DDTM/VMS Spec rev. X
40.03BOMBE::TREHANMon Apr 24 1989DDTM Architecture
41.05ACCUS::SMITHFri May 05 1989DDTM and DEC RPC?
42.05BISTRO::CALCOTTTue May 09 1989Recovery after crash
43.04COUNTY::WATSONMon May 15 1989IFT V1.
44.03MOVIES::GROSSMITHThu May 18 1989Announcing DDTM-VMS Internal Field Test V1.1
45.0MOVIES::HOWELL_MAThu May 25 1989$GETDTI and $SETDTI problem with node names containing numerics
46.01AIRPRT::GRIERSun Jun 04 1989Error in the manual...
47.04AIRPRT::GRIERSun Jun 04 1989Subtransactions someday?
48.02BOMBE::TREHANWed Jun 07 1989DDTM Architecture in Fieldtest
49.02NOVA::BWRIGHTThu Jun 08 1989bug in IFT1.
50.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONThu Jun 08 1989How tight should $GETDTI/$SETDTI protection be?
51.03NOVA::BWRIGHTTue Jun 13 1989access lists in node names a problem for IFT1.1?
52.03NOVA::BWRIGHTTue Jun 20 1989When does $END_TRANSW return to application?
53.01NOVA::BWRIGHTWed Jun 21 1989DDTM call on system w/o DDTM software...
54.0MOVIES::GROSSMITHFri Jun 23 1989Announcing DDTM Version T1.
55.05AIRPRT::GRIERMon Jun 26 1989What context for commit of lost prepared transaction?
56.01MOVIES::JJOHNSONTue Jun 27 1989Who're building RMs?
57.03GALVIA::MCHALEThu Jun 29 1989journaling,rollforward
58.04MJG::GRIERMon Jul 03 1989SDL definitions?
59.03MJG::GRIERMon Jul 03 1989How cheap transactions?
60.04MJG::GRIERMon Jul 03 1989How unique TIDs?
61.02NOVA::BWRIGHTTue Jul 04 1989order of execution of DDTM requests...
62.0MOVIES::MCMULLENFri Jul 14 1989Rev X
63.02MOVIES::HOWELL_MAThu Jul 20 1989DDTM final Field Test 1 kit available
64.01LESLIE::LESLIEWed Aug 09 1989Invite to attend DDTM V2 Support Tools Mtg
65.08HGOVC::DEANGELISThu Aug 10 1989Marketing issues
66.01CVG::PETTENGILLSun Aug 13 1989DDTM simpl(istic) examples
67.01STAR::HURSTMon Aug 14 1989Phase V Cluster Alias
68.04SNO78C::MCLARENWed Sep 06 1989Rough idea of dates?
69.01MUCTEC::BECKERTue Oct 17 1989version for VMS T5.3?
70.02FERNEY::POTTSThu Oct 19 1989Failure in commit phase - what happens
71.012KERBER::KEWTue Oct 24 1989Desynchronisation detection
72.02ESCROW::MERRILLFri Oct 27 1989declare_rm & recovery
73.02MOVIES::HOWELL_MAWed Nov 15 1989DDTM becomes DECdtm(tm)
74.02MOVIES::HOWELL_MAWed Nov 15 1989DECdtm FT1.1 kit now available
75.05FURTHR::HANNANWed Nov 15 1989DECdtm Training
76.01--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 23 1989RMS Journaling T1.1 includes DECdtm support
77.04ESCROW::MERRILLTue Nov 28 1989no def for SS$_BADSTATE
78.01MOVIES::JJOHNSONTue Dec 05 1989Introducation to DECdtm & applications
79.09FORTY2::FOXWed Dec 13 1989DECdtm and ULTRIX
80.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONFri Dec 22 1989DECdtm futures conference created
81.07IMATE::MERRILLWed Jan 10 1990DTM bug - start_trans doesn't fill in IOSB (for asynch only)
82.01MOVIES::HASLERFri Jan 12 1990PLEASE READ - Use of tm_log_id parameter on $JOIN_RM(W) calls
83.01CVG::PETTENGILLFri Jan 19 1990What about X5.4 support?
84.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONWed Jan 24 1990Restructuring of VMS TP Services release plans and contents
85.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONTue Jan 30 1990Announcing "using DECdtm Services" presentation
86.03RICARD::GRICEFri Feb 09 1990timeout for prepare replies
87.03ESCROW::MERRILLTue Feb 13 1990on implementing rm recovery
88.034GL::LASHERTue Feb 20 1990Applications need a way to find out if txn will succeed
89.03PAULUS::BAUERTue Feb 20 1990using DECdtm from an application
90.09MOVIES::HOWELL_MAFri Feb 23 1990DECdtm Services FT3 kit announcement
91.014GL::LASHERFri Feb 23 1990How to provide latent support for DECdtm?
92.01IMATE::MERRILLFri Feb 23 1990about size of transaction information structure
93.010CLO::MOLLEYFri Mar 02 1990Enforcement and two-phase commit?
94.014GL::LASHERFri Mar 02 1990Problem with different statuses in IOSB and R
95.03KETJE::DIERICKTue Mar 06 1990Dtm for customer use.
96.03--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 12 1990ACMS+DECforms+RDB with DTM??
97.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONWed Apr 04 1990DECdtm Services Seminar Announcement
98.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONTue Apr 17 1990DECdtm Services V1.
99.03HGOVC::MICHAELWANFri Apr 20 1990What is TMA-I?
100.01STKAI1::LISSFri Apr 27 1990Decdtm Services Seminar Announcement Videos
101.05CSC32::G_ROBERTSSun Apr 29 1990program broke at 5.4-4ET
102.05LENO::GRIERWed May 30 1990Reliable Transaction Router?
103.08LENO::GRIERThu Jun 07 1990Make your own DDTM implementation?
104.02QUICKR::LANEFri Jun 08 1990Ques: TM logging
105.04CLUSTA::LUNDMon Jun 11 1990Need clarification on ANORT/END error status returns
106.06ACESMK::CHELSEATue Jun 19 1990DECdtm Seminar summary
107.02CSSE32::CARRWed Jun 20 1990ss$_reject - what does it mean?
108.01COOKIE::FONTANAWed Jul 11 1990documentation ? (monitor trans)
109.02LENO::GRIERWed Jul 18 1990Providing for DECdtm in services
110.01MUCTEC::APPSMon Jul 23 1990TP_SERVER can cause fatal bug check
111.01MUCTEC::APPSMon Jul 23 1990Fields of a TID?
112.01CLUSTA::DONATMon Jul 23 1990Is there any magic to displaying TIDS?
113.01MUCTEC::APPSTue Jul 24 1990Reassigning SYS$JOURNAL `on the fly'?
114.01MOVIES::HASLERThu Aug 02 1990Changes to undocumented DECdtm services
115.0MOVIES::HASLERMon Aug 06 1990Preliminary DECdtm V1.1 kit available for internal use
116.02CLAPPR::WHITAKERThu Aug 16 1990DECdtm V1.2 functional spec available
117.04LAVC::CAHILLThu Aug 16 1990VMS T5.4 PGFIPLHI crash, TRANSACTION_SERVICES on stack
118.06MOVIES::HASLERThu Aug 30 1990** Changes to DECdtm V1.1 specification (1 of 2)
119.04MOVIES::HASLERThu Aug 30 1990** changes to DECdtm V1.1 specification (2 of 2)
120.01MUNEDI::MLANEFri Aug 31 1990Start DECdtm under VMS 5.4?
121.02KETJE::DOMSFri Sep 07 1990Failure to reboot after installation.
122.01NYTP2Tue Sep 11 1990Where's the DDTM Doco?
123.0DOCTP::SMASELLAThu Sep 13 1990Need Design Tips for DECintact
124.012LENO::GRIERFri Sep 14 19902PC in the large
125.06BEAGLE::GRICETue Sep 18 1990Problem getting DECdtm to accept the logfile
126.02TPS::YHSUWed Sep 19 1990Problem with distributed transaction using Rdb 4.
127.02TPS::YHSUWed Sep 19 1990System crashed during heavy distributed TP load
128.03TALK::HICKSON_BMon Sep 24 1990Strange $START_TRANSW problem
129.07VAOUWed Oct 03 1990DECdtm for gen'l messaging?
130.06TKTVFS::SAKAFri Oct 12 1990Question about VAXcluster failover.
131.0MOVIES::HANCOCKTue Oct 16 1990Trees
132.01NCDEL::HAVLIKWed Oct 17 1990Ddtm with Rdb and RMS.
133.01TPWEST::ECHANGFri Oct 26 1990start trans and branches in the same process
134.03TPWEST::ECHANGSat Oct 27 1990DDTM$M_PROCESS flag
135.01TPWEST::ECHANGSat Oct 27 1990BRANCH parameter of ADD_BRANCH service
136.01MOVIES::HASLERTue Oct 30 1990Change in length of BIDs
137.06CLAPPR::WHITAKERWed Oct 31 1990Announcing the DECdtm V1.1 field test update kit
138.02ESCROW::ALLENThu Nov 01 1990Inhibit DECdtm at startup time ??
139.01--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 19 1990RMS Journaling and SS$_SYNC
140.03THRILL::WILSWed Nov 21 1990With VMS officially when?
141.01STAR::LITTLETue Nov 27 1990DECdtm Training Tapes Available
142.03CHEFS::HANSONNWed Nov 28 1990DECdtm over 2 processes
143.04TPWEST::ECHANGThu Nov 29 1990RM recovery sequence
144.01CHEFS::HANSONNTue Dec 04 19902PC documentation.
145.01QCAVThu Dec 13 1990DDTM or RTR (What is this!!)
146.03THRILL::WILSMon Jan 07 1991How to officially register as a RM
147.01ATHINA::XYDASFri Jan 11 1991Cobol/DECdtm(2PC) overhead?
148.0MOVIES::JJOHNSONTue Jan 15 1991Rdb breaks 3
149.0LESLIE::LESLIEWed Jan 16 1991LMCP causes journal files to get locked?
150.03MUDIS3::EHEUTEMon Jan 21 1991Problems starting distrib. TX under VMS V5.4
151.01BCVAXD::WILSFri Jan 25 1991Undocumented $add_branch & RdB
152.01OVAL::GIDDINGSDWed Jan 30 1991Journal file placement
153.01ROMTue Feb 26 1991DECdtm with VMS 5.3
154.0MOVIES::HASLERTue Mar 26 1991Retirement of DDTM$SET_DEFAULT_TID in DECdtm V1.2
155.05NOVA::CAMERONTue Mar 26 1991Help, do I need a patch?
156.07ESCROW::MERRILLTue Apr 09 1991X/Open vis-a-vis DECdtm
157.01TPS::ZIMRANTue Apr 09 1991DECdtm Performance
158.02ECRU::EASTWed May 01 1991DECq's use of DECdtm on VMS
159.06CSC32::J_KEHRERWed May 01 1991will it work together???
160.01SEARAY::EASTFri May 03 1991.H file for VAX C
161.01TRLIAN::BARRETTThu May 16 1991journal questions
162.02SEARAY::EASTTue May 21 1991Undefined symbols on VMS V5.4
163.02GNPIKE::ELLIOTTThu May 23 1991can dyanamic DB names be used with 2PC?
164.01AZTECH::LASTOVICAWed Jun 12 1991my own resource manager?
165.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Jun 13 1991beginner questions on distributed application
166.01COOKIE::RESCHTue Jun 25 1991sys$getdti crashing system
167.01COOKIE::RESCHWed Jun 26 1991When is Callback Structure deallocated?
168.0MOVIES::HASLERMon Jul 15 1991AVOLUB is moving
169.01MUDIS3::EHEUTEMon Jul 29 1991Distrib. TX VMS <-> BS 2
170.03DUCATI::LASTOVICAMon Aug 19 1991$add_branchw fails on VMS T5.5 (DECdtm 1.1?) with SYSTEM-F-BADPARAM
171.03TENERE::DUNONMon Oct 21 1991which version will support distributed transactions
172.01TENERE::DUNONMon Oct 21 1991DECdtm on another communication services
173.01ASICS::LESLIEWed Oct 23 1991DECDTM, ACMS and VMS 5.4-3
174.0MTVIEW::SIMONTue Nov 26 1991DEC Queue Management Service: new DECdtm-compliant product
175.04GOLF::JANOWSKIThu Dec 05 1991I need help running with DECdtm
176.09TLE::SCHUTZMANThu Jan 09 1992Transaction Log File Size
177.03TLE::SCHUTZMANMon Jan 13 1992BRANCH's and compatibility accross versions
178.02ATHINA::BRAUNTue Jan 14 1992Distributed TP / DECdtm Presentations
179.012EMASS::SHAHMon Jan 20 1992IOSB status
180.01CESARE::OSTOREROMon Jan 27 1992Playback get stuck with VMS 5.5
182.08TAVSun Feb 09 1992Limit on the number of links? (working with Rdb)
183.07HGOVA::WILSONWONGFri Feb 21 1992Transaction hang when commit
184.09MYMOON::CASSINELLIFri Feb 21 1992Another prblem with 2 processes
185.02HGOVC::DEANGELISMon Feb 24 1992?No more space in log file
186.04LUXWed Feb 26 1992Where are defined the return codes of the APIs ?
187.01ATHINA::BRAUNFri Feb 28 1992No Date/Time in the LMCP dump
188.01FRSTSC::LAUERThu Mar 19 1992proc hangs in abort_transw
189.02CSC32::P_VANKLEYThu Mar 19 1992Problem with decdtm and Rdb/VMS on 5.5 with 5.4
190.04MOVIES::POTTERMon Mar 23 1992Retirement of $SETDTI function SET_CURRENT_TID
191.01SHALOT::DUNCANThu Apr 02 1992mysterious ACCVIO in SYS$END_TRANSW
192.01ATHINA::BRAUNFri Apr 03 1992LMCP Stages in Complete Txn.
193.01USWRSL::GIBEAU_LETue Apr 07 1992Standards
194.01KCOHUB::DAZOFF::DUNCANThu Apr 09 1992Info on Pinewood ?
195.08AMCFAC::RABAHYWed Apr 15 1992two consistent databases
196.04GLDOA::BASSMon Apr 20 1992SYS$GETJPI item codes for default TID ?
197.0GLDOA::BASSThu Apr 23 1992Good News !
198.0MOVIES::POTTERMon Apr 27 1992Announcing availability of DECdtm V1.2 initial baselevel
199.02ATHINA::BRAUNMon May 04 1992LMCP - ABORT transaction Hangs the process
200.0ATHINA::BRAUNMon May 04 1992LMCP - ABORT Transaction Hangs the process
201.02TLE::SCHUTZMANThu May 14 1992Any way to find the real reason?
202.08ESCROW::ROSCOEFri May 15 1992SYS$ABORT_TRANS now returns SS$_WRONG_STATE instead of SS$_SYNCH
203.01FILTON::BIRCHFri May 22 1992RMS journalling, DTM, and COBOL expertise needed
204.02DSTEG::B_EVANSThu Jun 04 1992Question: if failure during commit phase
205.01AIRONE::CORBETTAThu Jun 11 1992need help to run DECdtm with POSIX
207.02ATHINA::BRAUNWed Jul 01 1992V1.1-2 and V1.1-5 Differences
208.03ECRU::KELTZFri Jul 17 1992HELP? PART_TIMEOUT when no timeout requested
209.06WHELIN::DARUWALAWed Jul 22 1992DECdtm information hand-outs
210.0EMASS::SHAHFri Jul 24 1992want to capture cluster alias
211.0ASICS::LESLIEFri Jul 31 1992Statement on IPC, DECdtm and IPC
212.03DSTEG::STRUCKTue Sep 01 1992Transaction log question
213.01ACESMK::DESANTISMon Sep 07 1992<special services offered??>
214.02MOVIES::POTTERWed Sep 09 1992Who uses $START_BRANCHW or START$TRANSW at AST level?
215.06ESCROW::MERRILLWed Sep 09 1992DECdtm-X/Open interface announcement
216.02MAASUP::AUSTINFri Sep 11 1992Multiple RMS db's and DECDTM
217.01BERNWed Sep 23 1992distributed transaction over more than one process
218.01BERNThu Sep 24 1992distributed transaction over more than one process
219.01ALICAT::BUDILOVTue Oct 20 1992availability of DECdtm V1.2 on VMS V?.?-?
220.01ESCROW::ROSCOEThu Oct 22 1992DECdtm V1.
221.04STKHLM::HENNERTThu Nov 19 1992TP_SERVERs use of its logfile.
222.02SPACEY::STRONBERGTue Nov 24 1992DECDTM startup problem
223.01ATHVS2::BRAUNWed Nov 25 1992LMCP writes continuously the same Txn.
224.06SOS6::MIROUXFri Dec 11 1992dtm overhead with 1 RM
225.02ULYSSE::PIALETFri Dec 11 1992Pb with $START_TRANSW and RMS Journalling
226.03MOVIES::HASLERTue Dec 22 1992Flavours of XA
227.04MOVIES::HASLERThu Jan 14 1993Possible support of Sybase in a DECdtm/VMS 2PC transaction
228.01LISSYS::MJMIGUELTue Jan 19 1993RU/Cobol/$Start_Trans
230.01ANCHOR::LMRSYSThu Feb 04 1993help on correct version for vms 5.4-3
231.07DRAC::ARRUZAFri Feb 05 1993VAX C and DECdtm Examples. HELP !!!!
232.0MOVIES::HASLERMon Feb 15 1993DECdtm documentation
233.03CALLAO::BEGONATue Feb 16 1993COMMIT IN LEF with 2PC
234.01COMET::DILLOWMon Mar 15 1993How do I restart TP_SERVER on running system?
235.03LITRCY::KELTZFri Mar 19 1993Ramifications of no "contxt" to SETDTI?
236.03UCROW::GIBSONWed Mar 24 1993Coding for multiple distributed tasks?
237.05MOVIES::DEWARThu May 06 1993Changes to DECdtm V1.2 to support DECnet/OSI (Phase V) networks
238.01COPCLU::TCLAUSENTue May 11 1993sys$start_trans returned on rollback problem
239.04ACEHI::M_HOPKINSTue May 18 1993Why does $abort_transw return ss$_synch?
240.01KERNEL::PULLEYFri May 21 1993Join or nest concurrent transactions, default tid?
241.01RIMMR::ENTWISTLESThu Jun 10 1993close logfile?
242.02NZOMIS::SMITHGFri Jun 11 1993Customer Access?
243.02NRSTA2::BARNETTWed Jun 16 1993DECdtm vs. RTR
244.01KYOA::KOCHTue Jun 22 1993DTM to be used as batch input device???
246.03DELSThu Jul 29 1993logfile extend size
247.0BROKE::ABUGOVSun Aug 22 1993Ideas on quick log file cleanup?
248.01GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Sep 13 1993? SYSREQUEST_CAL from 113, noname msg 7C2C???
249.05SOS6::MIROUXFri Sep 24 1993decnet failover
250.02MLNTSC::DOMANESCHIWed Sep 29 1993Simple question about NONINTERACTIVE TESTS
251.01UTRTSC::RVISSERFri Oct 08 1993Hang in $end_transw
252.03BROKE::ABUGOVWed Oct 13 1993Using DDTM in DECnet-OSI/DECnet Phase IV
253.01HERON::FRAMBO::HSCHAEFERWed Nov 03 1993DECdtm and RMS Journaling
254.023LEMAN::BOURAKOFFWed Nov 17 1993Waiting for COMMIT
255.02MOVIES::POTTERMon Dec 06 1993Request to RM Developers
256.04MOVIES::HASLERFri Dec 17 1993Tony Hasler Leaving Digital
257.01BROKE::ABUGOVTue Dec 21 1993How to tell if DECdtm is "running" for IVP
259.01NOVA::ANDERSONWed Jan 19 1994RM_CTX is JOIN_RMW call
260.03MOVIES::POTTERThu Jan 20 1994Kits and Docs
261.010BVEUX::LAMAREThu Jan 20 1994Rdb V5.1, DECnet OSI 5.6B and DECdtm
263.01FRSTSC::TLAUERThu Feb 10 1994accvio @sys$transaction_services+875a -- any ideas?
264.02SWTHOM::JACOBWed Feb 16 1994Can COMMITED transaction in log hangs DECdtm ?
265.06MOVIES::PLAYFORDFri Feb 18 1994Log checkpoints, log stalls and transaction log writes - is it black magic???
266.0MOVIES::PLAYFORDFri Feb 18 1994Using LMCP, hints and tips.
267.05MOVIES::POTTERTue Feb 22 1994Known DECdtm Bugs
268.01CLUSTA::KULVETEThu Feb 24 1994what causes START_TRANSW etc to actually wait?
269.01NOVA::THILAGARFri Mar 11 1994Problem with DECdtm 1.2 on 6.1 VMS
270.01OSOMIA::MAEDAFri Mar 18 1994How to issue LCMP from command procedure?
271.01HGODCS::AARONYUENSat Mar 19 1994Doc. in CDROM ?
272.02PTPMWed Mar 23 1994How to properly derive the node name used in the transaction log?
273.0--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 22 1994sys$end_transw hangs
274.01SIOG::CAVERLYMon Apr 25 1994Rdb/RMS with DDTM
275.02CSC32::J_HAYTERTue Apr 26 1994resource usage question
276.03MINNY::BERENSFri Apr 29 1994Rdb and dtm in distributed transactions
277.01BERNThu May 05 1994Limits and restrictions
278.01ECADSR::IAGO::DEADERICKFri May 06 1994-SYSTEM-F-NOSUCHTID, specified transaction not found
279.01EWBVMon May 16 1994IPCACP links
280.01OSOSPS::HIRAIWATue May 31 1994What is Checkpoint?
281.08OSOSPS::HIRAIWAWed Jun 01 1994stalled with wait to commit...
282.02MCITS1::TEJASat Jun 11 1994DECdtm/Oracle & the @ Phase Commit
283.01MOVIES::POTTERTue Jun 21 1994DECdtm Image Idents
284.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Jul 26 1994Can I delete an old SYS$Node.LM$JOURNAL?
285.06MOVIES::POTTERTue Aug 23 1994Can You Use TCP/IP?
286.01MARIN::JONESMon Aug 29 1994KIT REQUIRED !
287.02FRSDSC::MGRUENWALDFri Sep 02 1994Old transactions are still in journal file
289.02SAWA::STEFANOWICZWed Sep 14 1994DECdtm XA & Oracle
290.01PLAYER::cantat.bro.dec.com::bardezFri Sep 30 1994-IPC-E-UNKNOWNENTRY, name does not exist in name space !
291.01NZOVMon Oct 17 1994Rdb <-2PC-> ORACLE via DECdtm
293.01STAR::BARTONWed Nov 16 1994How to coordinate RM actions on abort?
294.02PACWH::RIGAUXMon Dec 05 1994-IPC-E-UNKNOWNENTRY, name does not exist in name space !
296.04KAOFS::D_STREETThu Dec 22 1994DECdtm OpenVMS 6.1 and AXP support
297.01NOVA::R_ANDERSONTue Feb 07 1995$GETDTIW problem on AXP/VMS v6.1 but not VAX/VMS v5.5-2
298.03CSC32::HENNINGMon Feb 13 1995What *Does* stop TP_SERVER?
299.02DEKVC::CHANGHOANNMon Feb 27 1995decdtm_ivp fail
300.01DEKVC::CHANGHOANNMon Feb 27 1995LMCP> DUMP/ACTIVE shows 3 stall transactions
301.01EEMELI::LINNA_ALHOTue Mar 07 1995RDB 6.
303.01VNABRW::KARTNER_MWed Apr 19 1995How to supress .RES_SCREEN files ?
304.03CONSUL::KREISLERThu Apr 27 1995DECDDTM Log files fills up with prepared transactions
305.03TPE4::HALLWed Jun 07 1995Can a non-priv user make use of a TID?
306.03RDGE44::ALEUC6Wed Jun 07 1995VMS V6.1 + DECdtm V1.2 + CLD 8833 - Stalls
307.02BROKE::ABUGOVWed Jun 14 1995just making sure - ddtm not supported in this config...
309.02HGOVC::JAMBUTue Jun 27 1995XA 2pc & DEC DTM any light in the end of the tunnel
310.07UTRTSC::LIEMTue Jul 11 1995TP_SERVER problem ?
311.04JURA::JURA::DUQUESNEWed Jul 19 1995%DDTM-E-COMM_FAIL, transaction aborted because a communications link failed
312.01BSS::A_SALEFri Jul 28 1995Documentation on DECdtm and working w/ ACMS/RMS Journal
314.03HERON::GODFRINDThu Aug 10 1995ASTs and DECDTM end-trans
316.04CSC32::CARTERMon Oct 16 1995DECdtm in Mixed-version VAXcluster
317.01MUCTEC::BECKERWed Dec 13 1995where is DDTM$M_V1_MODE defined?
318.04CSC32::P_MILLSWed Dec 20 1995TP_SERVER loops, LMCP>close log crashes system?
319.01HANDVC::STEVELIUWed Jan 03 1996how to save DTM test-results for later review ?
320.012BROKE::ABUGOVThu Feb 08 1996Process quota exceeded from DDTM
321.01BSS::A_SALEMon Feb 12 1996RDB bugcheck DBR$DDTM_RESOLVE+9d - DECdtm?
322.05TAVThu Feb 15 1996CDD ALPHA-VAX connection
323.02COPCLU::TCLAUSENMon Feb 26 1996DECdtm crases a node when proc becomme res. man.
324.05NSICWed Mar 06 1996problems reported when closing logfile..
325.04UNTADA::RMAHERFri Mar 08 1996System Service Documentation
327.01UTRTSC::BOORFri Mar 29 1996Set transaction hangs with 2PC and two remote databases.
328.01SEDSWS::BRODIETue Apr 02 1996When is the next SSB to be released.
329.01PRSSOS::TEBOULTue Apr 16 1996No message ....
330.06CLUSTA::HALLFri Apr 26 1996$GETDTI returns INVLOGNAM
331.013PACWH::RIGAUXFri Apr 26 1996-RDB-E-DECDTMERR, DECdtm system service call error
332.02CSC32::HODSONWed Jun 05 1996Questions with only 1 node using decdtm
333.03GIDDAY::REINHOLDTue Jun 25 1996DECDTMERR, DECdtm system service call error
334.04LEMAN::BOURAKOFFWed Jul 10 1996How to trace a transaction
335.02TKTV41::MIYASHITAFri Aug 02 1996Hang at SYS$END_TRANSW...
336.04JDIDIT::HALLTue Aug 20 1996SYS$GETDTI fails on OpenVMS 7.
337.01DEKVC::DONGWONSHINThu Aug 22 1996Did Oracle7 implement DECdtm on OVMS ?
338.03TAVThu Aug 29 1996DECDTM up but doing nothing...
339.02RTOAL2::MAHERMon Sep 02 1996OpenVMS 2PC Strategy & Directions?
340.0PRSSOS::MAILLARDFri Sep 20 1996Uncomplete recovery. Help needed.
341.06KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWThu Sep 26 1996Can you move transaction logs to other nodes?
342.05BACHUS::DEKEYSERThu Oct 10 1996Is this supposed to work ?
343.06CSC32::V_STROUDMon Oct 14 1996DDTM datastructures consuming pool
344.0+9CAMINO::ROSCOETue Oct 15 1996sys$add_branch failing on V7.1 EFT2
345.03OLCROW::POMPEAFri Nov 01 1996Trying to Obtain TID from sys$getdtiw
346.0 *+3EEMELI::AHVENAINENFri Jan 31 1997Use of Event Flag 39?
347.0 *+4KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWFri Feb 07 1997Calling method for $add_branch and $start_branch
348.0 *+1RTOAL2::MAHERTue Feb 18 1997Anyone talking to BEA?
349.0 *+1DMARK::LEHTOTue Mar 11 1997GETDTI, 2 questions
352.0 *+4BACHUS::LEENFri Apr 25 1997Error while trying to recover.
353.0 *+618669::GREENThu May 22 1997Sporadic problem