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Conference movies::decdfs

Title:DECdfs for OpenVMS VAX & AXP
Notice:KITS: 769.* DOCS: 770.* QARS: 752.*
Created:Fri May 15 1987
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:951
Total number of notes:3739
Number with bodies:20
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1.02BOEHM::GRIFFINFri May 15 1987Welcome
2.03WICK::NICHOLSFri May 15 1987Tuning DFS and its underlying VMS
3.03Q::ROSENBAUMTue May 19 1987VOLALRMNT error tracebacks
5.01MAGOO::PFCWed May 20 1987Mounting bad access point leaves dfscn:
6.01WICK::NICHOLSWed May 20 1987Things to watch out for in DFS
7.01Q::ROSENBAUMSun May 24 1987perhaps you should use CDU/CLI?
8.01Q::ROSENBAUMSun May 24 1987DFSCP BL5: Extraneous <NUL>s output
9.01GIBSON::DICKENSThu May 28 1987mount verification ?
10.03Q::ROSENBAUMMon Jun 08 1987Mount/nomessage seems a little verbose
11.01PRAGMA::GRIFFINTue Jun 09 1987DFS$CONTROL access violation
12.01JULIE::CORENZWITWed Jun 10 1987Req. Outstanding Max. is ZERO!!!
13.0KL21Wed Jun 10 1987Release note regarding CMS
14.01BEEDLE::DICKAUFri Jun 12 1987DNS files go to wrong place in cluster environment
15.02BUBBLY::LEIGHSat Jun 13 1987Namespace nickname seems to be lost
16.01BUBBLY::LEIGHFri Jun 19 1987Daisy-chained access points can't be added
17.02KL21Tue Jun 23 1987Attention all cars...crash lurking...
18.01BEEDLE::DICKAUThu Jul 02 1987Problem with DFS and DQS
19.02SYRAH::THOMASThu Jul 02 1987Making proxies optional...
20.02SYRAH::THOMASSun Jul 05 1987Phantom User of System -- DFS
22.04GIBSON::DICKENSMon Jul 06 1987our own name server ?
24.04WICK::NICHOLSTue Jul 07 1987Quota Function not implemented (yet)
25.05DECWET::LEESTue Jul 07 1987Privileges and file protection
26.04BEEDLE::DICKAUWed Jul 08 1987intermittent SYS-F-PAGRDERROR on image activation
27.03STP::ANDERSONWed Jul 08 1987DECnet circuit down then up
28.09GIBSON::DICKENSThu Jul 09 1987cluster satellite can't find DNS$CLIENT_STARTUP
29.03BUBBLY::LEIGHFri Jul 10 1987Free blocks
31.07YACK::BROWNWed Jul 15 1987Cluster Alias and DNS
33.02BEEDLE::DICKAUMon Jul 20 1987Hang in DFS$CONTROL
34.07KL21Mon Jul 20 1987DFS and the near future...
35.08BUNSUP::LITTLEWed Jul 22 1987Checksum = problems for backup
36.016KL21Thu Jul 23 1987Mount verification.
37.02OSLCSC::KNUTCFri Jul 24 1987ACCESSDENIED, why ?
38.04DECWET::LEESWed Jul 29 1987Installed Images
39.02BUNSUP::LITTLEThu Jul 30 1987Non-reproducible problem using backup
40.01SYRAH::THOMASThu Jul 30 1987Page/Swap files over DFS?
41.03DECWET::LEESMon Aug 03 1987DFS$CONTROL accvio
42.01HIT::WHALENTue Aug 04 1987Can't read .LOG files that are being written to.
43.06DECWET::LEESWed Aug 05 1987LRP usage
44.02STKHLM::ASUNDQVISTThu Aug 06 1987Manual comment
45.06JULIE::CORENZWITThu Aug 06 1987security concepts
46.08PERCVL::PUDERThu Aug 13 1987Can't access directory
47.08CXCAD::LUCIERFri Aug 14 1987Trouble with name server???
48.01BEEDLE::DICKAUSun Aug 16 1987SSRVEXCEPT attempting to DISMOUNT while MOUNT hung
51.03HIT::WHALENThu Aug 20 1987Pagefault with IPL too high
52.03MISS::WHALENFri Aug 21 1987Strange output from SHOW DEVICE/FILES
53.03UPNRTH::GOZALOFFMon Aug 24 1987Current restrictions?
54.05HIT::WHALENThu Aug 27 1987Execption while above ASTDEL crash
55.02MPGS::BAEDERFri Aug 28 1987Allowing Non-prived users MOUNT/SYSTEM ??
56.04CHUCKL::LEMONSWed Sep 02 1987How necessary is the shutdown command file?
57.03JULIE::CORENZWITThu Sep 03 1987cache performance (cont from MOTHER::CLUSTER)
58.09OPAFri Sep 04 1987Using DFS on a 96
59.013BOEHM::DONAHUEWed Sep 09 1987DFS Update Available
60.03DELNI::FOLEYWed Sep 09 1987ADD ACC/CLUSTER doesn't seem to work.
61.02HIT::WHALENThu Sep 10 1987access is writelocked when mounted
62.027DELNI::CANTORFri Sep 11 1987Problem with SYS$GETDVI on DFS-mounted disks
64.02HIT::WHALENMon Sep 14 1987Do DFS and DTSS use same version of DNS?
65.03DUCATI::LASTOVICAWed Sep 16 1987V5 compatible DFS (so I don't need LAVC)
66.07CADWRK::WHITNEYThu Sep 17 1987DFS V1
67.01HIT::WHALENFri Sep 18 1987System requirements?
68.08HYDRA::ECKERTSat Sep 19 1987BADCHKSUM/PAGRDERR invoking served compilers
69.01KL21Mon Sep 21 1987A view of DFS from SEGCAD in HLO2
70.04KL21Thu Sep 24 1987Protection check fails but should succeed
71.04AITG::PUDERFri Sep 25 1987cluster_alias work-around
72.01KL21Fri Sep 25 1987FT2 available (in case you missed 59.12)
73.014WICK::NICHOLSTue Sep 29 1987Is DNS a weak link in using DFS?
74.01KL21Tue Sep 29 1987DFS and DECnet Object Files
75.02AXEL::FOLEYWed Sep 30 1987Cluster serving of access points. Bugs??
76.05HIT::WHALENWed Oct 07 1987Did I run out of something?
77.08MALCMX::ABBATEWed Oct 07 1987Error from session layer read?
78.07DPDMAI::SMITHThu Oct 08 1987What about an SPD?
79.03BPOV1Thu Oct 08 1987Is DFS the right product for me?
80.04MAADIS::WICKERTFri Oct 09 1987Installation woes...
81.02FALEK::FALEKFri Oct 09 1987General question about RMS caching
82.0KL21Thu Oct 15 1987DFS$COM_ACP goes away...seen this?
83.01AITG::MANSEAUThu Oct 15 1987Clusters & access errors
87.012AITG::MANSEAUTue Oct 27 1987Printing on a Cluster/Client
88.02WICK::NICHOLSTue Oct 27 1987Eliminating those little pauses
89.02KAOU28::READWed Nov 04 1987cascaded DFS and caches
90.0BOEHM::DONAHUEFri Nov 06 1987BUG ALERT - "target of GOTO not found"
91.05AEOMV6::JCMon Nov 09 1987RMS journal on a DFS device?
92.01COSBY::TIBBERTWed Nov 11 1987BACKUP/IMAGE of DFS device?
93.07MDVAX1::SMITHMSat Nov 14 1987VAX Ada/ACS spt?
94.0JULIE::CORENZWITMon Nov 16 1987bug alert: $ set prot /default
95.03BEEDLE::DICKAUThu Nov 19 1987File appears twice
96.01VIDEO::KWRIGHTWed Nov 25 1987Cannot send MAIL to Client disk
97.02KL21Mon Nov 30 1987Cluster alias performance
99.04KL21Mon Dec 07 1987Bug alert
100.010--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 07 1987Protection BUG!
101.03DELNI::SILKTue Dec 08 1987Your input on docs requested
102.0JULIE::CORENZWITTue Dec 08 1987DECalc problem
103.02BFD::COMUZZIThu Dec 10 1987dfs driver bug?
104.04DOOBER::DOOBThu Dec 10 1987DECnet/DFS performance
105.04BRSADG::BARDEZTue Dec 15 1987DFS$COM_ACP in RWAST.
106.05MUNNAC::POLZINWed Dec 16 1987DFS replicas
107.03GIBSON::DICKENSWed Dec 16 1987Document & DFS ?
108.0KL21Thu Dec 17 1987URGENT== SYSGEN parameter problem ==URGENT
109.04BID::BOONEWed Dec 30 1987DECnet events
111.05TAVMon Jan 11 1988backup/redundancy switching with DFS?
113.010CRONIC::ANTROBUSTue Jan 19 1988add access/cluster_alias command
114.04HALLEY::FALKENBERGWed Jan 20 1988LINK and Lack of Resources
115.05CRONIC::ANTROBUSThu Jan 21 1988DFS startup file
116.03DJFVAX::FALKENBERGThu Jan 21 1988DFS$CHECK/Other Procedures
117.05LISVAX::GIRBALFri Jan 22 1988Can we DFServe on this one ?!?!?!
118.013HPSCAD::FENNELLMon Jan 25 1988Problem using cluster as client
119.03WKRP::ZIGLERWed Jan 27 1988Perf/Config/Help for 11
120.03GIBSON::DICKENSWed Jan 27 1988-RMS-F-IFI
121.0659728::MASEDAFri Jan 29 1988How can I get mail in the DFServed device ?
122.03COOKIE::KELLERFri Jan 29 1988Stop access to served disk NOW?
123.01KL21Thu Feb 04 1988DFS V1.
124.02SPORTY::ANTROBUSThu Feb 04 1988DFS V1.
125.016DECWET::NEWKERKMon Feb 08 1988DFS for VMS V5?
126.02CLT::DICKAUTue Feb 09 1988System crash when stopping process using DFS link
127.04DECWET::NEWKERKTue Feb 09 1988Problem on shutdown.
128.05GIBSON::DICKENSWed Feb 10 1988can an image be installed with privileges via DFS
129.02UNIVAX::SCHREIBERThu Feb 11 1988What are the costs of large SET COMM/SCAN time
130.02UNIVAX::SCHREIBERThu Feb 11 1988DFS$COM_ACP talking to itself
131.03RLAV::LITTLEFri Feb 12 1988Hanging around in DFS$STARTUP
132.01CASEE::LACROIXFri Feb 12 1988Problem with cluter alias?
133.013PHILIP::JOHNSONTue Feb 16 1988Interleaf work with DFS?
134.04BONNET::STRATMANWed Feb 17 1988BACKUP questions..
135.03JULIE::CORENZWITWed Feb 17 1988suggestion for the security-conscious
136.03UNIVAX::SCHREIBERThu Feb 18 1988DFS accessing object TASK?
137.01LOWLIF::SDAVISFri Feb 19 1988adding acc pt that already exists
138.04DELNI::CANTORMon Feb 22 1988Open by file id?
139.03BOOTME::LOVELLTue Feb 23 1988F$ENVIRONMENT - logical name problem in BATCH?
140.01TRCOFri Feb 26 1988shared write access & other ideas
141.05RACQBL::SMITHFri Mar 04 1988DFS <--> VALID problem.
142.02IND::SCHWARTZMon Mar 07 1988DFS for remote backup ??
143.03HSKThu Mar 10 1988SHOW ACC/FULL dumps VS2
144.02CEDSWS::SCHELLThu Mar 10 1988V5? again?
145.07CURIE::HUSTONFri Mar 11 1988DFS access stopped when I changed server's DECnet node name
146.02CSC32::D_COHNFri Mar 11 1988"DFS>SHOW ACCESS" behavior??
147.01SNOFS1::FOLEYTue Mar 15 1988Problem accessing points using cluster alias
148.07PANIC::VICTORTue Mar 22 1988DFS with Rdb
150.02JULIE::CORENZWITWed Mar 23 1988$CHECK_ACCESS restriction
151.011BISTRO::WLODEKThu Mar 24 1988CRC error, what next ?
152.0BOEHM::DONAHUEFri Mar 25 1988Potential problem with NETUAF file
153.01BISTRO::WLODEKMon Mar 28 1988CRC recovery , please !
156.05SRFSUP::LONGOWed Apr 06 1988SYSUAF.DAT with DFS?
157.07AD::MURARIWed Apr 06 1988Funny Problem with DFS
158.0ATPS::JORDANMon Apr 11 1988DFS and SPM
159.05LIBRAE::BAILEYTue Apr 12 1988Very Slow DFS access (disk full)
160.02HYDRA::BLATTWed Apr 13 1988Protection Problem
162.05THATIS::SIMPSONFri Apr 15 1988Shared locks
163.03GRANMA::NNICOLLTue Apr 19 1988Image Backups over the Net?
164.07ROMCSA::RUSSOFri Apr 22 1988What's DNS$DEFAULT_FILE ?
165.03DPDMAI::COLEMANMon Apr 25 1988Let us assign a DFS device name
166.02CSC32::F_PARSINEJADMon Apr 25 1988talking to a CI cluster node crashes satellite
167.01CSC32::F_PARSINEJADMon Apr 25 1988Since timezone change, DNS & DFS go into HIB
168.02AD::MURARITue Apr 26 1988QIO-system??? failure
169.03POLKST::FELKINS_KEFri Apr 29 1988Part number of DFS doc set?
170.04ILO::ZAAFMon May 02 1988DFS callable interface
171.016CSC32::J_LAWSONMon May 02 1988DFS ... Tuning?
172.09CSC32::J_HAMTue May 03 1988DFS and bound volume set?
173.04ERICG::ERICGMon May 09 1988communication errors on an overloaded Ethernet
175.01WLDWST::HORNBACKTue May 10 1988What's in a namespace?
176.03DPDMAI::COLEMANFri May 13 1988Some DFS bugs? Or operator error!
177.0CSC32::J_HAMMon May 23 1988It's not PAGEDYN - disk compress?
178.01GRANPA::JZITELMANMon May 23 1988"Future Logical I/O Support?"
179.05GRAVEL::COSSThu May 26 1988Dynamic rights identifiers and DFS
180.01GRAVEL::COSSFri May 27 1988Number of Persona Blocks
181.05FAULT::ASHRAFThu Jun 02 1988QIO system service request failure. Abort
182.0MUNNAC::POLZINWed Jun 08 1988clustered servers; member joining problem
183.01MISFIT::BAXTERWed Jun 08 1988BACKUP using DFS
184.09LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jun 09 1988-SYSTEM-F-INCSEGTRA, incomplete segmented transfer request posted
185.01BMT::SAMBAMURTYSat Jun 11 1988Q's DFS performance...
187.0KL21Thu Jun 23 1988SPR, "%SYSTEM-F-INVLOGIN" error connecting to server
188.0KL21Thu Jun 23 1988SPR, DFS Server doesn't handle HSC failover
189.05GIBSON::DICKENSThu Jun 23 1988site-wide power fail recovery
190.04CSC32::GROSSMANFri Jun 24 1988Can't do directory of served disk.
191.02MJG::GRIERMon Jun 27 1988DFS effect on RMS access -- changing FAC, etc
192.03CSC32::J_LAWSONThu Jun 30 1988DFS$COM_ACP is RWAST ... again!
194.036KL21Fri Jul 01 1988DFS V1.1 FT1 now available!
196.08BOEHM::DONAHUETue Jul 05 1988How are you using DFS?
198.04OSLSWS::INGVARDWed Jul 06 1988Server accounting, When?
199.03SPRITE::DUGALWed Jul 06 1988What DFS$DEFAULT account?
201.010GIBSON::DICKENSWed Jul 06 1988DFS license problems ...
202.022Thu Jul 07 1988DFS for installing VMS ??
203.02CSC32::DE_SMITHThu Jul 07 1988Max Record Length With DFS
204.06JAC::COFFLERThu Jul 07 1988DFS appears to be corrupting data ...
205.02GIBSON::DICKENSMon Jul 11 1988-RMS-F-RER, file read error ???
206.02BONVAL::DONAHUEMon Jul 11 1988Adding /CLUSTER
207.03MEIS::WOLFFWed Jul 13 1988Installed writeable protected Images.
208.010OZZAIB::DOIRONWed Jul 13 1988DFS/Interleaf Printer Problem
209.01BMT::SAMBAMURTYThu Jul 14 1988Q on locking
210.015CHGVThu Jul 14 1988Disappearing disk and CMS...
211.09MJG::GRIERFri Jul 15 1988Hypothetical question about record-level locking
212.02ALIVE::HUSTONFri Jul 15 1988Problem using remote DTM library via DFS T1.1
213.0LARVAE::GRAYSat Jul 16 1988Guidelines Sought
214.02KL21Wed Jul 20 1988How to ID a DFS Client device
215.05IAGO::SCHOELLERWed Jul 20 1988Problem using CMS with DFS
216.014CARSIC::VOGLTue Jul 26 1988Time stamps in CMS using DFS
217.03HGOVC::VINCENTZAOWed Jul 27 1988Can the client device be tape
219.01KYOV5Wed Aug 03 1988run,link,compile program on DFS disk
220.04SHIGEO::SASAKIWed Aug 03 1988Stopping mount verification messages
221.09CSC32::J_LAWSONWed Aug 03 1988User process hanging trying to COPY from DFSCn:
223.01LATNCY::MORGANThu Aug 04 1988Client fails to mount a valid access point
224.01MECAD::THOMASFri Aug 05 1988Is this a problem with FT1.1 DFS?
225.01BEEDLE::DICKAUMon Aug 08 1988DNS unable to communicate with server problem
226.02BLKLAB::COTETue Aug 23 1988Problem during System Shutdown
227.01FNYFS::MAIRWed Aug 24 1988Backup Recording Pass
228.02UHURU::LAMBERTWed Aug 24 1988%DNS-E-ACCESSDENIED - Problem
229.05BLASE::GAUTHIERWed Aug 31 1988What are naming conventions on the Easynet??
230.0649ER::HORNBACKWed Sep 07 1988Do we need to use the same DNS server as HYEND?
231.01RIGEL::SYSTEMFri Sep 09 1988Mounting override needed
232.027672::GLASERMon Sep 12 1988DFS T1.1 and UCX don't mix
233.03OSAVTue Sep 13 1988What does virtual I/O means.
234.03OSAVTue Sep 13 1988remote mount from LAVc's satellite?
235.02SMOP::GLOSSOPTue Sep 13 1988Message corruption/crashes
236.07SMOP::GLOSSOPWed Sep 14 1988DFS performance for MV-II served RD53
237.06MARVIN::WARWICKFri Sep 16 1988DFSFT2
238.01THAVMon Sep 19 1988DNS copy directory problem
239.0MARVIN::WARWICKTue Sep 20 1988UETP crash apparently accessing DFS device
240.01AYOV12::ASCOTTWed Sep 21 1988FT2 - $DIR DFSC
241.03NEWS::HAKKARAINENWed Sep 21 1988Proxies disabled during DFS access?
242.04CRONIC::ANTROBUSWed Sep 21 1988DFS$COM_ACP Link problem ?
243.016TUNATX::MALLORYThu Sep 22 1988Hidden nodes can't talk to DNS server
244.0TUNATX::MALLORYThu Sep 22 1988/NOWRITE?
245.02BARBAR::DENNINGFri Sep 23 1988Spelling Error
246.06TUNATX::MALLORYFri Sep 23 1988New proxies require restart of dfs?
247.06AITG::MCKENZIEFri Sep 23 1988Need help with access point names.
248.02GIANTS::KEANEFri Sep 23 1988Problems accessing volumes
249.01JRDVTue Sep 27 1988FT2 increase reference count.
250.02MDVAX3::SOCHATue Sep 27 1988DFS crash - exception above ASTDEL
251.01OSTVTue Sep 27 1988Questions concerned with Machine Crash
252.05CSC32::GROSSMANWed Sep 28 1988DFS client getting NOPRIV
253.01PRAVDA::JACKSONWed Sep 28 1988VMSINSTAL not real happy with DFS disks
254.0VAXWRK::FEARNOWMon Oct 03 1988DFS - X.25 v. DDCMP performance
255.06HXOUTue Oct 04 1988DFS for TAPES?
256.03OSTVFri Oct 07 1988Qustion for using DFS on our customer
257.0CRONIC::ANTROBUSFri Oct 07 1988DFS T1.1-6 Server Crash
258.05CSC32::DE_SMITHFri Oct 07 1988Where do new files get their protection?
259.02TAVTue Oct 11 1988Using backup and MMS thru DFS is very very slow
260.06MDVAX3::SOCHAWed Oct 12 1988What security??
262.01MEEKER::WOESTEHOFFFri Oct 14 1988 DFSFT3
263.03KRAKAR::WARWICKMon Oct 17 1988Erroneous "DFS server is presently unavailable"
264.05DELNI::MCGORRILLTue Oct 18 1988!problem running ivp after install!
265.06KBOMFG::MARTINWed Oct 19 1988problem with proxy access
266.09LATNCY::MORGANWed Oct 19 1988FT3 Installation Gotcha
267.05TAVThu Oct 20 1988Privilige problems...
268.013CSC32::J_LAWSONThu Oct 20 1988What good is server's devnam on client?
269.07KYOV5Fri Oct 21 1988DISK QUOTA & FREE BLOCKS, again
270.03LESLIE::LESLIETue Oct 25 1988New Startup/Shutdown error msg with FT3
271.01JEREMY::OFERTue Oct 25 1988DFS-W-OVERTIME ?
272.02CSC32::GROSSMANTue Oct 25 1988Error in write behind, NOSUCHUSER
273.011CSC32::R_TROYFri Oct 28 1988security issue
274.02CAADC::TRAINMAEGDLIFri Oct 28 1988Which/how many DNS nodes ?
275.01HAL9Mon Oct 31 1988Is there a log possible?
276.01CREPES::GOODWINWed Nov 02 1988DNS for VMS V5.
277.07MEIS::WOLFFWed Nov 02 1988The DFS Free Block Service.
278.03JULIE::CORENZWITThu Nov 03 1988news flash about new ugly startup messages
279.02MCNALY::MILLERFri Nov 04 1988Some questions...
280.05SANCHO::PHOENIXTue Nov 08 1988PGFIPLHI crash from FT3
281.028DOOBIE::MILLERWed Nov 09 1988Can't print to LPS-4
283.04HYDRA::ECKERTTue Nov 15 1988DFS MOUNT - unable to communicate with DNS server
284.03HYDRA::ECKERTTue Nov 15 1988DFS$CONTROL does not exit with correct status
285.04CSC32::J_LAWSONFri Nov 18 1988DISKQUOTAS?
286.04COIT::CAIN_GASat Nov 19 1988Configuration/Functionality Questions
287.03MCNALY::MILLERMon Nov 21 1988Problem with V1.1...
288.01HSKMon Nov 28 1988A few customer woes, SUBMIT and PURGE+DIR
289.0HAL9Mon Nov 28 1988No Exit!
290.06PRSUD1::SIMONTue Nov 29 1988SLS along with DFS?
291.03CSC32::J_LAWSONWed Nov 30 1988Look before you MOUNT ?!?!?!?!?
292.010DECWET::SYSTEMFri Dec 02 1988"remote node is not currently reachable"
293.07SARAH::D_LATHAMMon Dec 05 1988Problem adding an access point
294.01SRFSUP::COHENTue Dec 06 1988DBMS create problem
295.01CABOOS::WRIDEWed Dec 07 1988DFS vs logical names
296.01JULIE::CORENZWITMon Dec 12 1988bug dismounting served disks
297.01PANIC::BAKERThu Dec 15 1988File acccess in a LAVC
298.02DELNI::MHARRISTue Dec 27 1988How to use DFS to make UAF file common to VS's???
299.012PRSUD2::SIMONThu Dec 29 1988DFS & backups = reliable?
300.02CSOA1::BERNARDThu Jan 05 1989
301.01BEAGLE::VIGIERFri Jan 06 1989questions about RDB & DFS
302.03PRSUD2::SIMONFri Jan 06 1989Backup of opened files
303.04KERNEL::MUNSLOWTue Jan 10 1989acl's and dfs?
304.06TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 11 1989Insufficient privileges or file protection violatin
305.02JULIE::CORENZWITThu Jan 12 1989DFS Guide to Proxies for the Perplexed
306.0SMAC1Thu Jan 12 1989DFS->State Transition
307.03YGDRSL::SANTIAGOFri Jan 13 1989SPLRELERR bugcheck in DFS SHUT COMM
308.05ODIHAM::MUTCHFri Jan 20 1989DFS performance on low speed lines
309.03PANIC::BAKERTue Jan 24 1989DFS/DECnet Timeout
311.02ODIHAM::MUTCHFri Jan 27 1989DFS access methods and security
312.02TAVMon Jan 30 1989Page Read Error on DFS.
313.0JULIE::CORENZWITMon Jan 30 1989BACKUP and ACLs (and /IMAGE)
314.01CANYON::LEEDSMon Jan 30 1989mixed version cluster and DFS ?
315.02SALEM::REDDYWed Feb 01 1989upgrading dns and dfs?
316.02CSOA1::BOWERThu Feb 02 1989Boot node or Workstations
317.01F18::AVERYMon Feb 06 1989VMS 5.1 Compatability?
318.05TARKIN::AHOWed Feb 08 1989Server works Client doesn't.(V1.1)
319.03CSC32::R_SMITHWed Feb 08 1989Mapping temporary GLOBAL sections VIA DFS
320.05SANFAN::DAIGLEMIThu Feb 09 1989Multiple Access??
321.07WIOVAX::OSCARThu Feb 09 1989ALL-IN-1 with DFS...does it work??
322.06GLDOA::HACKSat Feb 11 1989What DNS to use for DFS?
323.011KBOMFG::MARTINWed Feb 15 1989crashing vaxs with backup + DFS
324.0CSC32::G_UPCHURCHWed Feb 15 1989How to print performance documents?
325.06BRSDVThu Feb 16 1989DFS and BACKUP performance problem
326.04HGOVC::CANORAAYThu Feb 16 1989Error occurs during DFS startup
327.04CSC32::G_UPCHURCHFri Feb 17 1989DFS installation help for VMSv5.2
328.01LESLIE::LESLIEFri Feb 17 1989Network Partner aborted logical link
330.06SMOP::GLOSSOPThu Feb 23 1989Any insight into these problems?
331.09LESLIE::LESLIEFri Feb 24 1989Problems with T5.2-4
332.01CSC32::R_SMITHTue Feb 28 1989DBMS or other DB access to DFS Devices???
333.02BREAKR::UDICKPThu Mar 02 1989DFS doesn't work with DECwindows FileView
334.01BREAKR::UDICKThu Mar 02 1989Offer DFS disk to VMS for MS-DOS
335.02LEVERS::GULICKThu Mar 09 1989license problem
336.011CSC32::R_WILLIAMSThu Mar 09 1989CMS and DFS -- can't write across the net
338.02BALBOA::ROMMESWed Mar 15 1989DFS vs RSM Backup stats
339.04SMOP::GLOSSOPFri Mar 17 1989Seeing most, but not all available access points
340.01NEXUS::P_NOLLFri Mar 17 1989Mapped sections?
341.06QUARK::LIONELWed Mar 22 1989DFS and DECnet Pipeline Quota
342.013BOEHM::DONAHUEMon Mar 27 1989DFS Conference now on NOTED::
343.0OSAVWed Mar 29 1989DFS works on VS31
344.01SWSCHZ::ESCHENBACHFri Mar 31 1989CPU requirements for DFS serving
345.02DEMOAX::BREITNERFri Mar 31 1989Can't see the access point
346.01TLE::REAGANMon Apr 03 1989DFS error log entries and VMS T5.2-41M
347.0TOOK::DONAHUEMon Apr 03 1989Performance Report for V1.1
349.07TOOK::BROWNFri Apr 07 1989Unexpected characters in DFS disk names.
350.02PRAVDA::JACKSONMon Apr 10 1989%DNS-F-NAMESERVERBUG, Bug, submit an SPR?
351.02CSC32::R_SMITHMon Apr 10 1989RMS-E-FLK on DFS file open/read/append
352.01GIDDAY::BOERSTue Apr 18 1989DFS failover for cluster servers
353.02FINSER::DOIRONTue Apr 18 1989DFS and CDROM ?
354.01SCRUZ::SERKSNIS_KAThu Apr 20 1989DFS and IBI_FOCUS
355.09KEITH::EDMUNDSWed Apr 26 1989DFS V1.1 and VMS T5.2-41S crash on shutdown
356.01LEZAH::MCHIASSONThu Apr 27 1989Can I just use the Alias for the proxy?
357.04AKO455::SHEPROThu Apr 27 1989Dismounting Served Disk
358.04PANIC::BAKERFri Apr 28 1989Fortran program hangs when DFS server dies
359.01HAL9Mon May 01 1989unknown node response
360.0LESCOM::JUCHWed May 03 1989LAVc and ULTRIX/NFS Characterization Reports
361.01FRECKL::GERROLTue May 09 1989Clarification of no-shared-write?
362.01DELNI::KLINKWed May 10 1989Client & Server at Mount time...
364.0TOOK::DONAHUEThu May 11 1989Tall Tales from Cray Research
365.01PRSSOS::BERNARDTue May 16 1989Magic Number ?
366.01TAKE5::KELLERTue May 16 1989DNS server node?
367.01VCSESU::LANETue May 16 1989Default protections?
368.06MED::ARTHURFri May 26 1989VMS mixed versions / RSX / RTEM / DFS
369.0JULIE::CORENZWITTue May 30 1989write sharing deferred indefinitely
370.0JULIE::CORENZWITTue May 30 1989notes attrition
371.01CRBOSS::LEMONSFri Jun 02 1989DFS V2.
372.01BIS::DEVALCKTue Jun 06 1989SYSTEM-F-NOSUCHNODE when accessing DFS mounted disks
373.014BONVAL::DONAHUETue Jun 06 1989Field Test for V1.2 now available
374.0143Wed Jun 07 1989Output buffer overflow
375.06AKO455::SHEPROFri Jun 09 1989Tests and statistics
376.0QUARK::LIONELTue Jun 13 1989DNS re-installation should be TOTALLY optional
377.01WORDS::RATAYFri Jun 16 1989Client Install help
378.02CASVMon Jun 19 1989Help in General
379.02STP::ANDERSONTue Jun 20 1989Error deleting NODE_INFO.TMP after T1.2 FT1 install
380.06TARKIN::AHOWed Jun 21 1989Quick DFS access on Startup...
381.01VAXWRK::SHAHFri Jun 23 1989Local write sharing through RMS?
382.05COSBY::TIBBERTSun Jun 25 1989FT1.2 Installation gripes
383.01ESRAD::DUGALTue Jun 27 1989Access point for rooted search list?
385.07HYDRA::COARWed Jul 05 1989Novice DNS-type question...
386.01MARVIN::WARWICKFri Jul 07 1989Useful DFS management command procedures ?
387.03MISFIT::SACCOFri Jul 07 1989Source file for installation guide
388.01ASDS::CMCDERMOTTMon Jul 10 1989Schedule for V2.
389.03TALLIS::FITZGERALDWed Jul 12 1989WANTED --c code that mounts disk via DFS
390.02FAVAX::CRAWFORDFri Jul 14 1989DFS/COM Fatal I/O error
391.01CSDPIE::HSUThu Jul 20 1989Help Needed!!
393.03CVMS::DOTENTue Jul 25 1989DFS_SPOOL.COM - Copy files using SPOOL & DFS
394.01MUDIS3::FROHNHOFFMon Aug 07 1989DFS sales support request
395.03TOOK::DONAHUEThu Aug 10 1989Have you read the performance report?
396.05STKHLM::AMARTENSSONTue Aug 15 1989RMU backup on a DFS-disk
397.02STUTue Aug 15 1989Mount ---> %SYSTEM-F-BADPARAM
398.01HGOVC::KENNETHTOMon Aug 21 1989DISMOUNT problem
399.02TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Aug 21 1989how to setup mutually served disks (one node is hidden)
400.02JANUS::DBATESThu Aug 24 1989ASTDEL crash when connecting DFSC
401.02FULMER::COOPERMon Aug 28 1989DFS Startup ECO check.
402.04LEZAH::MCHIASSONTue Aug 29 1989Cannot add an access point "UNKNOWNENTRY" error
403.06JGL::JLENIHANWed Aug 30 1989Problem with DFS and VMS 5.2-1
404.01EIDOS::D_RAIZENWed Aug 30 1989Beware -- Problems with VMS 5.2, DNS and DFS.
405.02RDGDQS::JONMon Sep 04 1989Backup/Indexf.sys Error.
406.0JULIE::CORENZWITTue Sep 05 1989VMS V5.3 IFT and DFS
407.02AKOVWed Sep 06 1989A slightly different PAK problem
408.01CSC32::R_SMITHFri Sep 08 1989Readblk errors from backup of DFS disks
410.03MINDER::SHEATue Sep 19 1989Number of blocks transfered for read/write
411.02MINDER::SHEATue Sep 19 1989Local shared write, remote look-up.
412.0USCTR1::RPROKSELLTue Sep 26 1989CIC/AIC Prototype Document
413.01VINO::BEELERWed Sep 27 1989Re-link on install
414.05WLDWST::HORNBACKFri Sep 29 1989More DFS Proxy access problems
415.02VIGOR::DUVALMon Oct 02 1989DFS access to DNS objects?
416.01CVMS::DOTENMon Oct 02 1989How to tell you have a DFS disk?
417.02SNOCWed Oct 04 1989What does DFS use ?
418.01DECLB4::BURNETTEFri Oct 06 1989Help, Valid GED and DFS problem
419.03HGOVC::ANDREWWAITESMon Oct 09 1989Backups Revisited
420.01FAVAX::CRAWFORDMon Oct 09 1989DFSRRO is low
421.03WLW::ZIGLERMon Oct 09 1989Cluster Alias Load Balancing?
422.08PRAVDA::JACKSONTue Oct 10 1989DFS shared write seriously impacts using DEC products in a shared environment
424.01CAADC::PMWVESTUTOMon Oct 16 1989Backup DFS disks to tape?
426.01CSC32::J_LAWSONThu Oct 26 1989Does DFS V1.2 check for UAF$V_RESTRICTED?
427.03MARVIN::WARWICKWed Nov 01 1989DFS / V5.3/DNS interaction ?
428.0SUBWAY::HABERWed Nov 01 1989DFS OVER T! OR HYPERChannel?
429.06PHONG::SYSTEMFri Nov 03 1989Access point not known to name service
430.03HGOVC::ANDREWCHIUTue Nov 07 1989DFS V1.2 performance
431.06JAWS::PELKEYFri Nov 10 1989DFS Access_point problems.. (new user, needs help)
432.06CRBOSS::LEMONSMon Nov 13 1989Historical DFSCP SHOW SERVER/USERS?
433.02SHIRE::PETERTue Nov 21 1989Editing a file over the WAN using DFS
434.02CSC32::J_FELDMANTue Nov 21 1989backup and insufficient sys resources
435.03PERN::SAISIWed Nov 29 1989logical device -> subdirectory
436.03TKTVFS::TAKEBAYASHIWed Nov 29 1989UNXSIGNAL crash on DFS 1.1 Drivers
437.09IRNBRU::EDDIETue Dec 05 1989DFS hangs V5.2 systems during backup
438.02COSBY::TIBBERTTue Dec 05 1989Can DFS use a bound volume set as an access point? Can DFS use a bound volume set as an access point?
439.013BURYST::EDMUNDSFri Dec 08 1989Can't mount DFS disk
440.03DENVER::CRINERTue Dec 12 1989Question about DFS failover.
441.05WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Dec 12 1989Will DFS allow sharing of "system" files?
442.01DWJNES::DAVISThu Dec 28 1989Two Quick DFS Questions....
443.03MSDOA::RMITCHELLTue Jan 02 1990Directory Performance is bad
444.02Z::TENNYWed Jan 03 1990STOP SERVER - requires more than OPER
445.02CADSYS::HEBERTWed Jan 03 1990when's the next phase
446.02HUSQY::LASTOVICAThu Jan 04 1990DFS over very slow (19.2kb) lines
447.03PRSUD1::CARRAYROUFri Jan 05 1990DFS 5.2
448.02SMAUG::GARRODThu Jan 11 1990Commands on default for MOUNT /VOLUME
450.01FRUST::HAGEMANNMon Jan 29 1990file protection
451.03ROYALT::FOURNIERMon Jan 29 1990Bound volume sets
452.04COMCAD::PMCVAYWed Jan 31 1990Protection violation on new disk, old proxy
453.05SCAACT::COXMon Feb 05 1990DFS priv violation, DECnet okay
454.017WLDWST::RVANZUYLENFri Feb 09 1990DFS 1.2 and VMS X5.4
455.011HGOVC::CANORAAYFri Feb 16 1990Documents for DFS V1.2?
456.01CSSE32::SKABOWed Feb 21 1990DFS Server/Client need to be same version of DFS?
457.02WKRP::LENNIGThu Feb 22 1990DFS w/o DNS?
458.04VLAB::READFri Feb 23 1990DFS status messages
459.01HGOVC::CANORAAYThu Mar 01 1990Execute DFS shutdown ?
460.02FNYTC6::LISSAJOUXMon Mar 05 1990FDS for remote access to CMS
461.02ROYALT::FOURNIERTue Mar 06 1990DFS backups and bound volume sets
463.01HGOVC::CANORAAYSun Mar 11 1990DFS for write sharable install image ?
464.05HGOVC::CANORAAYThu Mar 22 1990Is it feasible to use DFS ?
465.0OPG::DAVIDThu Mar 22 1990DFS File Transfer Question
466.01HGOVC::CANORAAYMon Mar 26 1990DFS performance
467.02WIKKIT::WARWICKTue Mar 27 1990Management requests/questions
468.0WORDS::RATAYMon Apr 02 1990DFS startup error
469.02LAIDBK::FRIEDMAN_MITue Apr 03 1990Sales Support Questions
470.0249ER::HASSETTWed Apr 04 1990VMS Disk mounted on Ultrix node -- DFS the answer?
471.01UTRTSC::BOORFri Apr 06 1990Question about established links.
472.02WARNUT::FOSSEYWed Apr 25 1990Another question around shared-write
473.09OLDNO7::LUCIERSat May 12 1990CMS Unreserve *.*
475.04IRNBRU::IRENEFri Jun 01 1990Access point not presently being served.
476.01CSC32::R_SMITHWed Jun 06 1990DFS mount always gives a DISK$ logical
477.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Jun 28 1990NETCONNIO question
478.08DENVER::ARCHERFri Jul 06 1990DFS & UIC protection problem
479.01WORDS::RATAYMon Jul 09 1990Server not loaded
480.01CVMS::DOTENTue Jul 10 1990Changing an access point's node address
481.01WORDS::RATAYMon Jul 16 1990Server not loaded error
482.02ZUDEV1::SCHUMACHERTue Jul 17 1990backup of distr. Systems
483.01LEZAH::MCHIASSONTue Jul 17 1990Can't mount DFS disks
484.03COOKIE::SORENSENWed Aug 01 1990invptefmt bugchecks faulting for image on DFS disk
485.03CSC32::C_NORMANWed Aug 01 1990Performance information
486.01LOEDGE::CLARKTue Aug 07 1990creation dates, MMS builds, and DFS
487.02EARRTH::BOUCHERFri Aug 10 1990the /IMAGE nonfunctionality
488.02TAVWed Aug 15 1990DFS messages. What they mean ...?
489.02KYOA::KOCH_PTue Aug 21 1990Where are working set quota gotten from?
490.05PHDVAX::LARSONWed Aug 22 1990Limit on concurrent read requests?
491.014BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISWed Aug 22 1990Unable to access DFS directory
492.08GRANMA::AHAYNESFri Aug 24 1990DNS/DFS configs????
493.03HGOVC::JIMMYCHANFri Sep 07 1990SYSUAF.DAT on remote disk?
494.0JULIE::CORENZWITMon Sep 10 1990*IMPORTANT* patch for DFS on VMS V4.* systems
495.03TOOIS1::OPTOOTue Sep 18 1990problem with DFS and DISMOUNT with VMS5.3
496.05GDJUNK::HOULEThu Sep 20 1990HOW does DFS work across TIMEZONES
497.01PLAYER::DEVALCKMon Oct 08 1990DFS V1.3 ?
498.01ARNE::MSUNDSTROMMon Oct 08 1990Backup failes with error MULTREAD
500.02HPSRAD::ARTHURTue Oct 09 1990Starting DFS Selectively on Certain Nodes
501.03KYOA::KOCHThu Oct 11 1990DFS startup logicals
502.010WIKKIT::WARWICKTue Oct 16 1990Two server dumps in one day
503.02CRONIC::ORTHMon Oct 22 1990DFS$
504.01TAVTue Oct 23 1990DFS performance 1/3 of cluster ????
505.0WJOUSM::ZARRELLAFri Oct 26 1990DISDP discussion request
506.01CRBOSS::LEMONSTue Oct 30 1990Maximum number of access point mounts?
507.05EMASS1::MURPHYFri Nov 02 1990shared write workaround
508.045JULIE::CORENZWITFri Nov 09 1990Do you have an internal DFS application?
510.01SUBWAY::YANNIOSTue Nov 27 1990DFS Performance across Areas?
511.02TOOK::C_MARTINTue Dec 04 1990DFS LIVES!
512.01FRIDYS::MCCAINWed Dec 05 1990Using DFS with Secure VMS
513.04AKOCOA::WANGMon Dec 10 1990PCSA with DFS
515.03PRSMP1::JANSTue Dec 11 1990BACKUP-E-MULTREAD: somebody knows?
516.01PRSMP1::JANSTue Dec 11 1990DFS$
517.04ESSB::JNOLANThu Dec 13 1990FIILM/BACKUP V5.2
518.02COOKIE::WILKINSThu Dec 13 1990Problem w/QIO ACCESS and RECATTR
519.03COGVAX::LABAKTue Dec 18 1990DFS 1.2 HELP NOCOMM.
520.01PRSMP1::JANSWed Dec 19 1990always backup!
521.01CSC32::S_PROCTORThu Jan 03 19915.3 backup extremely slow
522.02MOCA::JOHNSONThu Jan 10 1991Where is RSM note Conference?
523.01BRULE::MICKOLTue Jan 15 1991644
524.02WOTVAX::ELLISMMon Jan 21 1991DFS and Backup cookbook
525.01THEPGA::LEBLANCWed Jan 23 1991File Access Clarification!!!
526.0KERNEL::MISTRYBFri Jan 25 1991DFS RMS access restrictions
527.04MOCA::JOHNSONFri Jan 25 1991DNS...DFS...?
528.03MAGOS::JOHNSONMon Jan 28 1991DFS access for TA9
529.0HGOSTS::JOYCETONGWed Jan 30 1991dfs performance
530.01R2ME2::GLOYDWed Jan 30 1991Is device DFS mounted?
531.0AYOV27::SROSSMon Feb 04 1991Some help & advice Needed
532.02ERLANG::DICKENSTue Feb 05 1991DFS won't recognize new rights identifiers
533.01SSDEVO::MORGANThu Feb 07 1991DFS $STARTUP.COM should start DNS conditionally
534.03WIKKIT::WARWICKThu Feb 14 1991page read error, system crash
535.03CSC32::HOCKETTThu Feb 14 1991Hang with DFS$COM_ACP as the current process
536.0ELWOOD::CHINNASWAMYSun Feb 17 1991server kernel callback error
537.0SONATA::STUDIVANTue Mar 05 1991New Product Manager for DFS
538.01POBOX::SHEPPARDTue Mar 05 1991ACLs on DFS Devices
539.011WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Mar 06 1991DFS and backup - Thuway
540.06LENO::GRIERWed Mar 06 1991DFS problem before NETNODE_LOCAL is loaded...
541.02WARNUT::FOSSEY::FOSSEYThu Mar 07 1991Possible to increase poll interval
542.06TYFOON::LOUIEFri Mar 08 1991DFS & doing a full backup
543.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERFri Mar 15 1991Practical Limits?
544.01RBW::WICKERTMon Mar 18 1991MSCP serving DFS devices
545.03PASMMon Mar 18 1991Install DNS during installing DFS?
546.01SNOCTue Mar 19 1991Is this possible?
548.04COMICS::WATTERSONMon Mar 25 1991Problem with DDIF files
549.05BTOVT::HARAMUNDANISTue Apr 02 1991Automatic remounting of DFS access points
550.01STKHLM::KLARSSONWed Apr 03 1991POSIX and DFS?
551.0PASMThu Apr 04 1991do the VMS mount via DFS
552.02LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERThu Apr 04 1991Bugcheck SPLRELERR again !
554.01HOTAIR::OMALLEYTue Apr 23 1991Broadcast/Multicast Addresses in use
555.01IJSAPL::VANDOMMELENWed Apr 24 1991DFS backup and FDDI
556.03DSTEG2::MCCARTHYWed Apr 24 1991dfs and dns v2.
558.01PRIMES::UEBERSAXMon May 06 1991Configuration Help
559.07DELNI::P_KEATINGTue May 07 1991DFS dedicated system with runaway NPAGEDYN borrowing
560.02ZURFCC::SCHUMACHERWed May 08 1991Changing UIC's again
561.04JULIE::CORENZWITTue May 14 1991progress on DFS / BACKUP performance
562.01SHTHPN::STANARDWed May 22 1991Cluster Failover Not Working?
563.01LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERTue May 28 1991Loosing data ?
564.01HANNAH::B_COBBWed May 29 1991DFS$DEFAULT password
565.02TOOHOT::WALTERSFri May 31 1991Why is DFS$COM_ACP known obj
566.04GUESS::EUSTACETue Jun 04 1991The DFS Server is presently unavailable
567.02MCGRUE::WILLIAMSGTue Jun 04 1991Insufficient resources at remote node
568.01WOTVAX::ELLISMSat Jun 15 1991%DFS-W-SESSREADERR, DFS/COM Error from session layer read operation
569.03CRONIC::ANTROBUSTue Jun 18 1991DFS-E-BADCHKSUM errors
570.0JULIE::CORENZWITMon Jun 24 1991DFS engineering team now hiring
571.01SHTHPN::STANARDMon Jun 24 1991Help with SET COM and SET SERVER /REPORT
572.05COMICS::LOWEWed Jun 26 1991DFS and null locks.
573.02EDWIN::HENNESSYMon Jul 01 1991%DFS-F-UNKNOWN-ACCPT problem
574.04ALEXWS::ALEXWed Jul 03 1991DFS startup with cross-dependent servers/clients
575.02ZURMon Jul 08 1991Limit for Persona Cache threshold to low
576.01ZURMon Jul 08 1991Are there any hidden DFS quota parameters ?
577.01ZURMon Jul 08 1991What is DFS$COM_LOGGER process ?
578.02KYOA::KOCHWed Jul 10 1991Secure way to access a DFS disk?
579.08JITFri Jul 12 1991How to delete (de-install) DFS?
580.02NEWVAX::PENNINGTONWed Jul 31 1991need info: decnet vs dfs
581.02SED75Tue Aug 06 1991THRUway product info required
582.06RTPSWS::FLACKFri Aug 09 1991Questions on availability
584.03RTPSWS::FLACKFri Aug 09 1991Problems printing DFS files
585.0JULIE::CORENZWITMon Aug 12 1991DFS$PUBLIC access point name changed
586.03BLKPUD::WARNESGWed Aug 21 1991Communication Entity changed in 1.2?
587.01JAC::COFFLERMon Aug 26 1991Exactly what is SHOW COMM/CURRENT displaying?
588.0RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEThu Aug 29 1991dfs/cms/mms interactions
589.01TLE::PRADHANThu Aug 29 1991How to ascertain a dfs-accessed file
590.0--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 30 1991NEW OSF/DCE Technical Training available!
591.0JULIE::CORENZWITTue Sep 03 1991window turning and DFS / BACKUP performance
592.02WOOK::LEEWed Sep 18 1991Lousy Performance Copying from DFS Access Point
593.01WOOK::LEEWed Sep 25 1991Freeblocks on DFS client devices?
594.01WOOK::LEETue Oct 08 1991Installed Images from DFS Clients
595.03BRSTR2::SYSMANThu Oct 10 1991security questions V1.2
596.05CSC32::D_MCADOOMon Oct 14 1991How many Line Receive Buffers should I use?
597.02ZURFri Oct 18 1991How to improve DFS performance for CMS ???
598.0WOOK::LEEMon Oct 21 1991DEC's DFS versus OSF-DCE's DFS a.k.a. AFS
599.01SNOCMon Oct 28 1991DFS device unit number
600.03VLNVAX::TSMITHMon Oct 28 1991FYI - An old version of DFS crashed my 644
601.04NBOFS1::WIRTHTue Oct 29 1991Excessive Queue Length on Disks
602.01PLUNDR::LOWEGThu Nov 07 1991mount/system not system wide
603.01STKHLM::NORDSTROMThu Nov 14 1991Backup and ACL's again
605.04JULIE::CORENZWITTue Nov 19 1991DFS and Phase V Wave 2
606.01COLFri Nov 22 1991default namespace name change???
607.024BY4::LESLETue Dec 03 1991NETPROXY.DAT _ Will DFS ever go one step better?
608.02DEKPS1::DONGWONSHINFri Dec 13 1991"Errors - Insufficient memory ...."
609.02JULIE::CORENZWITFri Jan 03 1992DFS client for Phase V Wave 2
610.09ELLIE::KORKKOTue Jan 07 1992Bookreader does not open book, some files look strange
611.06AYOU34::GARYMon Jan 13 1992DFS hanging
613.01KBOMFG::HEFELEMon Jan 20 1992BACKUP/REPL and DFS problem
615.010JULIE::CORENZWITThu Jan 23 1992report DFS X1.3-
616.02BACHUS::BOLLENFri Jan 24 1992write acces on a shared file
617.02FORTY2::MRXUA::hardingWed Jan 29 1992Crash on using access points from X1.3 client
618.02SEDDFS::KORMANThu Feb 06 1992Data Compression Algorithm/Efficiency
619.02COMICS::SANDYSPThu Feb 13 1992Any new patches for VMS 5.5?
620.02BLKPUD::PAGETSMon Mar 02 1992DFS Backup and BACKUP-F-READVERR
621.01SAMUEL::MARRAMon Mar 02 1992DFS install on a proto vms version?
622.01GORE::J_LAWSONSun Mar 08 1992Infinite COM loop in DFS$SERVER_ACP
623.04HTSC19::STEVENLAUTue Mar 10 1992PRINT a DFS file gives RMS-F-PRV
624.012QUARK::LIONELTue Mar 10 1992DFS and VMS BLADE
625.02SAC::MUNRO_MThu Mar 12 1992DFS backup problem
626.01VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTThu Mar 19 1992ACE access through DFS
627.09ENUF::CAUDILLThu Mar 26 1992DFS max thruput per client performance??
628.01MFRNW1::SCHUSTERTue Mar 31 1992FDDI Support ?
629.01COMICS::MISTRYWed Apr 01 1992cscpat_
631.03NQOPS::THIBODEAUMon Apr 13 1992Updating open files
632.0XSNAKE::CHANDRASEKHAMon Apr 20 1992perf for 661
633.09CRONIC::ANTROBUSMon Apr 27 1992DFS available on ALPHA/VMS ?
634.02TAVTue Apr 28 1992What is to be enlarged for many clients ?
635.02NQOPS::THIBODEAUFri May 01 1992What does dfs need from dns during install
636.02BACHUS::FOLENSMon May 04 1992Startup problem with DFS v1.2 and VMS v5.5
637.01STAR::DICKERSONWed May 06 1992Callable DFS management/control functions???
638.01AIRONE::CORBETTAFri May 15 1992POSIX and DFS
640.01KERNEL::SANDYSPTue May 26 1992Memory Usage?
641.01CRONIC::ORTHFri May 29 1992start server gives: BADPARAM, bad parameter value error
642.02BAHTAT::CARRThu Jun 04 1992SLS/DFS Backup crashes system
643.02PETRUS::LEWISTue Jun 09 1992DFS and search lists?
644.06METSYS::ZENTNERWed Jun 24 1992System Crash with condition STRNOTWCB
645.03SUEWIT::RUBINMon Jun 29 1992Need Info - Pathworks clients using cluster disks w/DFS
647.03CANYON::MARSHALLFri Jul 17 1992A patch for high MP_SYNCH and INT time??
648.02TAVIS::SHEFTELSun Jul 19 1992Free Blocks again
649.01CAIRN::HARRISTue Jul 21 1992Flakiness on TLE cluster
650.02SLOVAX::HINOJOSAThu Jul 23 1992enque limit exceeded
651.01ZURFri Jul 24 1992DFS 1.2 server and DFS 1.1 clients - is this supported ?
652.0MLNTSC::FACCHETTIWed Jul 29 1992set comm/buffer_size=5
653.01CRONIC::DAVISMon Aug 03 1992accessiblity of dfs disks
654.0HTSC19::KENNETHWed Aug 05 1992Installation Question
655.0JULIE::CORENZWITWed Aug 05 1992DFS$PUBLIC has moved
656.01FAILTE::HUTCHESONTThu Aug 06 1992Backup performance?
659.01TOOK::CLEVELANDWed Aug 26 1992client problem when cluster alias router crashes
661.01SALSA::MARSHALLFri Aug 28 1992DQS with new V5.5-2 Queue Mgr
662.01DELNI::MICHAUDThu Sep 03 1992Problem with adding access point!
664.0STAR::MEIERMon Sep 07 1992DFS uses 3
665.01COMICS::MISTRYTue Sep 08 1992QIO's and locking
666.02GUNADO::SMITHPWed Sep 09 1992Remote-datacentre with DFS and volume-shadowing ??
667.01DECAGE::VICKERYMon Sep 14 1992DFS and VMSmail FIle Lock Error
668.02UPROAR::MANDALRThu Sep 17 1992DNS problem
669.02RUPERT::BROWNWed Sep 23 1992DFS patch for DFS v1.2/POSIX v1.1 environment
670.0WLW::DOUGHTYMon Sep 28 1992DFS error message
672.01TLE::ROBISONTue Oct 06 1992Error adding access points..
673.034GL::KIRKMon Oct 12 1992Performance of FAL (remote COPY) vs DFS.
674.07SEERUS::NIKOPOULOSTue Oct 13 1992DFS on a DECnet/OSI (Wave II) system?
675.0SNOGUM::BLAIRFri Oct 16 1992Performance of DFS accessing GDS database
676.02TENNIS::KAMThu Oct 22 1992showing how much space is available on a DFS disks
678.01UPROAR::MANDALRMon Nov 02 1992Mount point nolonger availble after network failure
679.01HANNAH::B_COBBTue Nov 03 1992POSIX patch for 1.2 needed on 1.1?
681.04ZPOVC::SINSPSSun Nov 08 1992shared write access supported ?
682.05TKTVFS::SUZUKI_AMon Nov 09 1992Really Static Parameter ?! Is SHOW SERVER right ?
683.05RT93::BERRYTue Nov 10 1992Fatal bug check
685.04SMAC1Mon Nov 30 1992DFS in a cluster
691.04SSPENG::COHENMon Jan 04 1993This notefile will have a new home soon
693.01HGSWS1::KENNETHTOThu Jan 07 1993Reading file with ABORT error
694.0SONATA::STUDIVANTue Jan 12 1993DECdfs V1.3 and support for DECnet/OSI Wave 3
695.03DRJOHN::HALNANFri Jan 15 1993Can't access dfs disks
699.05NQOPS::THIBODEAUWed Feb 10 1993Help needed.
700.05OZROCK::SALAMACHAFri Feb 12 1993DFS v1.3 (for DECNET/OSI) and Wave 3
701.019SONATA::STUDIVANMon Feb 22 1993DECdfs on Alpha AXP - planned for EPSILON
702.02COFFEE::POLAKOWSKITue Feb 23 1993DFS and ACLs Again
703.03RTP4ME::FLACKWed Feb 24 1993DFS licensing on VAXstations
704.04RTP4ME::FLACKWed Feb 24 1993Scalability of DFS to *lots* of users
709.01FRIDYS::MCCAINWed Mar 03 1993Support for Installed images, global sections and other wierdness
710.03ISIDRO::GEMMAThu Mar 04 1993DFS$CONTROL crashes 941
713.01CALS::WCARRThu Mar 11 1993GRPPRV privilege not working in DFS environment
714.01SWTHOM::NOBREFri Mar 12 1993SYSUAF.DAT and DFS , one more time
715.02FROCKY::OBELFri Mar 12 1993Add access point crashes DNS V2 server of wave III
716.04CSC32::S_LEDOUXTue Mar 16 1993DFS$COM_ACP hung calling RMS from kernel mode
717.01SAPHRE::SYSTEMTue Mar 16 1993Temporary Access Point - How do I get it created?
720.01CXCAD::COMERMon Mar 22 1993T1.3 install problem
721.0BACHUS::FOLENSTue Mar 23 1993Ultrix files shareable on VMS? Which products?
722.01MAIL::HOLLINGSHEADTue Mar 23 1993locks at the file?
723.01TEGAN::61477::GuytonThu Mar 25 1993AFS, DFS, DCE ???
724.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Mar 25 1993HANDS-ON Training: OSF DCE Application Programming
725.0LEDDEV::DISALVOThu Mar 25 1993Tom Doeppner presents DCE Internals Architecture
726.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Mar 30 1993Merging 2 VAxcluster, Help with DFS$SERVICE identifier
727.08STKHLM::P_SUNDSTROMThu Apr 15 1993Rename via DFS
728.04HMPBCK::FYFEWed Apr 28 1993Customer requirements questionnaire
729.02GIDDAY::KINGSMILLTue May 04 1993Backup Hung until files accessed on Server
730.02WIZZER::MACLEANThu May 13 1993V1.2 UNXSIGNAL Crash again...
731.0SSPENG::JOLYTue Jun 08 1993DFS V2.
733.05EICMFG::MCCREADYThu Jun 10 1993access control violation
734.04MLNTSC::DOMANESCHITue Jun 22 1993Access point not known to name service
736.023SSPENG::FYFETue Jun 29 1993Please read!
737.0MLNTSC::DOMANESCHIFri Jul 02 1993Right access problem
738.0COMICS::MISTRYWed Jul 07 1993EXBYTLM on client systems
739.03NSTG::FOXThu Jul 22 1993Startup problem with DECdfs V1.3
740.02EWB977::HOSOIMon Jul 26 1993DFS$COM_ACP hang (DFS V1.2)
741.012FORTY2::GROOMTue Aug 03 1993DECnet accusing DFS of crashing system
743.03COMICS::MUNSLOWWed Aug 11 1993documentation error, how report?
744.03COMICS::MUNSLOWWed Aug 11 1993dfs and pathworks
745.01STKHLM::PAULSONFri Aug 13 1993DFS-mount of optical autochangers?
746.03HTSC19::ANDYNGFri Aug 20 1993%DFS-E-BADCHKSUM error !!
747.0716BITS::DELBALSOFri Sep 03 1993Node MLTVAX:: going away next week
750.02CTOAVX::WOERNERMon Sep 27 1993DFS export MSCP mounted cluster disks
751.02RANGER::PESENTITue Sep 28 1993Question to the field regarding DECdfs V2.
752.03RANGER::PESENTIWed Sep 29 1993QARs on the V2.
753.01LOOKIN::MAGUIREThu Sep 30 1993V2.
754.03GIDDAY::KINGSMILLFri Oct 01 1993ALPHA AXP version?
755.01CROWN::PMAIERFri Oct 08 1993V1.3 and CSCPAT_1
756.0TAVThu Oct 14 1993Confilct patch.
757.01EICMFG::MMCCREADYWed Oct 20 1993Installation text wrong for DECnet/OSI
758.01MLNMon Oct 25 1993advice needed on a DFS config
759.03MLNThu Oct 28 1993vms release for DFS 1.3?
760.05MLNFri Oct 29 1993DFS$public current location?
762.01MLNTue Nov 16 1993News about DFS on alpha?
763.02SAMDHI::SLEDDWed Nov 17 1993Customer questions...
764.0SWTHOM::NOBREFri Nov 19 1993decnet links in close state
765.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Nov 23 1993DECDFS for duplicating data over the net
766.06MANTA::SIMONWed Nov 24 1993VMSinstal over DFS causing problems
767.01ZURFri Nov 26 1993DFS V2.
768.01TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed Dec 01 1993Documentation?
769.09RANGER::PESENTIThu Dec 02 1993Network Kit Pointers
770.01RANGER::PESENTIThu Dec 02 1993Network Documentation Pointers
771.02ZURFri Dec 03 1993Printing form a DFS device ??
772.01LYOISA::MARTINWed Dec 29 1993Server 1.3 comm errors
773.02IJSAPL::VANGEESTTue Jan 11 1994DFS protocol?
774.09ELWOOD::DCARRWed Jan 12 1994DFS or CMS problem? (Alpha kit)
775.01FORTY2::MILLSONMon Jan 17 1994When will DECdfs support VMS/ALPHA with DECnet/OSI ?
776.04EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Jan 24 1994System crash if DFS$COM_ACP is stopped by hand
777.03RCOCER::SALEHIThu Jan 27 1994DFS and NFS mounted disks
778.01SNOCWed Feb 02 1994DSF Server Dropping Client Link
779.0FORTY2::ABRAMWed Feb 02 1994Text version of installation guide ?
780.01SSDEVO::FROEHLINWed Feb 02 1994NOSUCHDEV with Client T2.
781.03FORGER::FRACCHIATue Feb 15 1994DFS Performance ?
782.05STAR::DMORINTue Mar 01 1994mount: %SYSTEM-F-BADPARAM, bad parameter value
783.06CRONIC::ANTROBUSMon Mar 07 1994AXP DFS kit for Epsilon ?
784.01LSNCSC::NEUWEILERMon Mar 07 1994Access point is not presently being served
786.01CRONIC::ANTROBUSWed Mar 09 1994Requested entry does not exist error
787.06GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Mar 09 1994incorrect volume label with axp
788.01COSBY::TIBBERTThu Mar 24 1994Which kit to use for SSB VMS 6.1 (VAX)
789.03SWETSC::TORLINDFri Mar 25 1994Will there ever be DFS for DECnet/OSI ????
790.04MARX::KRUYFri Mar 25 1994OpenVMS AXP kit unavailable?
791.0FSCORE::R_KROEKERMon Mar 28 1994cms$ref and cms$lib must be on same cluster?
792.02QUARK::LIONELTue Apr 05 1994Saveset F for V6.1, Phase IV?
793.01BASEX::EISENBRAUNThu Apr 07 1994Can V2.
794.01VELI::KORKKOThu Apr 07 1994/DEVICE does not work on DFS T2.
795.01FORGER::MANISSEROFri Apr 08 1994Performance with ESE5
796.03TALLIS::SCHULERFri Apr 08 1994Looking for DFS V1.2 netkit for VMS V5.4-3 system
797.04SNERT::RALLINGSMon Apr 11 1994DFS$CONTROL Hnags Getting Outside a Hidden Area
798.04HANNAH::VOBAMon Apr 11 1994A T2.
799.02CZARS::MCGUIRETue Apr 19 1994[Q] Need Help defining DFS$DEFAULT access
800.014MINNY::MUETSCHFri Apr 29 1994System crashes with DFS 2.
801.011VSSCAD::YAMARTINOWed May 04 1994SYSTEM-F-EXQUOTA on startup
802.03CLUSO::tomMon May 09 1994Work on V5.5 ?
803.03HANNAH::CHOWed May 11 1994DFS V2.
804.02HANNAH::VOBAThu May 12 1994ACCVIO at System Shutdown
805.02CRONIC::KWALKERMon May 16 1994HELP with Failure accessing kernel device
806.011AEOLUS::DAIGNEAULTFri May 20 1994DFS on OSI not working after install of v2eft
807.01KERNEL::WEGGMon May 23 1994ACLs again - what chance?
808.0SPORTY::ANTROBUSTue May 24 1994SSB kit of DFS V2.
810.01MUGGI::KARTHThu Jun 02 1994RMS Record locking supported?
811.02HANNAH::VOBATue Jun 14 1994DFS Server Installed Without DNS
812.01LEMAN::MAEUSLIFri Jun 17 1994DFS V2.
813.01CSC32::WSCFri Jun 17 1994Problem with SET SERVER/ACCESS_POINTS_MAXIMUM
814.0CLOUD9::WEIERThu Jun 23 1994Client can't access if any server crashes
815.07MANTA::SIMONMon Jun 27 1994DECdfs v2.
816.02COMICS::TURPIEThu Jun 30 1994Failing to access dfs files: RMS-F-COD
817.05METSYS::BRUNNOCKTue Jul 19 1994DECdfs V2 causes system crash on startup
818.02GALVIA::TRANDLESThu Jul 21 1994DFS v1.3 Client Prob. with DFS Server on AXP M/C
819.04CSC32::WSCFri Jul 22 1994Mountverification on DFS-mounted optical disks in a cluster
820.013VELI::KORKKOWed Aug 03 1994DECdfs V2.
821.01JRDVWed Aug 03 1994RDT does not return modified date
822.01OZROCK::THOMANMon Aug 08 1994Can't copy doc's for V2.
824.02HDLITE::PASHAPOURTue Aug 09 1994mixed environment!
825.05RTOAXP::SYSTEMTue Aug 16 1994Problems when using Backup over DFS
826.01SEDOAS::CLIFFE_SThu Aug 25 1994Is DFS available on CD Dis if so where ?
827.01FORTY2::SHARPEThu Sep 01 1994DFS only works with proxys set-up
828.04ZURThu Sep 01 1994DFSCP ACCVIO if DNS backtranslation not defined
829.01ZURThu Sep 01 1994STOP Server doesn't close files
831.03PLAYER::VANDYCKWed Sep 14 1994%DFS-E-CVT_TO_DNS_NAME error with DECnet/OSI systems
832.01TAVMon Oct 10 1994Notification of unsuccessful mount
833.02KERNEL::LOTAWed Oct 19 1994Problem with RMS-F-DME using DFS disk access
834.06EICMFG::MMCCREADYThu Oct 20 1994Can not clear %DFS-E-NOBACKTRANS state
835.03NYOSS1::BUONOMOFri Oct 21 1994AXP Client License, Invalid Architecture ??
836.0EICMFG::MMCCREADYMon Oct 24 1994Access violation from DFS$COM_ACP
837.02UMEJNK::JOHANSSONMon Oct 24 1994Help on %DNS-W-CANNOTAUTHENTIC wanted
838.02SIOG::GODWYERThu Nov 03 1994dfs a shadow set?
840.05UKARC1::WOOD_JMon Nov 07 1994VAX serving disks to AXP => slow performance
841.02COMICS::MACLEANThu Nov 10 1994DecDFS 2.
842.04GALVIA::TRANDLESTue Nov 29 1994DFS Causing System Crash - OVMS AXP v6.1
843.01PENUTS::DESRUISSEAUXThu Dec 01 1994DBMS capability in V2.
844.01FORTY2::SHARPEFri Dec 02 1994VMS T6.2 compatible??
845.01EEMELI::MOSERFri Dec 16 1994Callable interface to DFS available now?
846.03OLCROW::MCCANCETue Dec 20 1994startup/license problem..
847.02OLCROW::MCCANCEThu Jan 12 1995systartup won't run at boot
848.0OLCROW::MCCANCEThu Jan 12 1995one disk shows wrong label...
849.01ZURTue Jan 31 1995exclusive file access
850.01LAOSS1::UDICK_STTue Jan 31 1995DFS-E-BUF_SIZ_RANGE, The value given for the buffer size
851.02AEOLUS::DAIGNEAULTTue Jan 31 1995No DNS on OpenVMS V6.1 for AXP
852.02BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Feb 07 1995Page Read Error problem
853.03SMAUG::BOURDEAUTue Feb 07 1995Insuffiient privileges for DFS file access
854.03PLAYER::VANDYCKWed Feb 08 1995DFS hangs
855.01MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIMon Feb 13 1995Info about DFS file access
856.03COMICS::MACLEANMon Feb 13 1995V2 dfs-f-errorexit,dfs-w-qioerr & ACCVIO ?
857.0COMICS::JUDDTue Feb 21 1995Memory required by DFS on AXP
858.09GQASRV::WALSHWed Feb 22 1995Is there a version of DFS for axpvms 6.2 ???
859.03OOTOOL::SEKURSKIThu Feb 23 1995"%DFS-E-APTFULL, Access point table full"
860.01LAOSS1::UDICK_STSat Feb 25 1995RMS-F-IFI invalid internal file identifier (IFI) Value.
861.03PADNOM::MAILLARDMon Feb 27 1995Crashes due to DFS wild memory deallocation.
862.06USDEV::GWESTROPPMon Feb 27 1995File lock error after upgrade
863.02KERNEL::KHANRWed Mar 01 1995DECdfs Process Lock
864.03SEDSWS::CLIFFETue Mar 14 1995DFS & Pathworks Does it work yet ??
865.04KERNEL::LOTATue Mar 14 1995DFS file protections - HELP!
866.0ZGOVMon Mar 20 1995%DFS-E-NOBACKTRANS, DFS/COM unable to obtain local node name
867.02COMICS::PRICECTue Mar 21 1995DNS attributes
868.04COOKIE::FROEHLINWed Mar 22 1995DFS V2.
870.02KIMBLE::TMULLIGANWed Apr 12 1995Can't overcome "insufficient privilege or object protection violation" error
871.01ZIBIBO::PIOVANOThu Apr 13 1995DFS between VAX & AXP
872.0UMEJNK::JOHANSSONWed Apr 19 1995AXP server - vax client is slow..
873.01SWETSC::NORDSTROMThu Apr 27 1995Decnet/OSI 6.1, local namespace and DFS 2.
874.01GQASRV::WALSHThu Apr 27 1995Any word on DFS for AXPVMS 6.2
875.01RUPERT::BROWNTue Jun 06 1995more hangs
876.04TALLIS::SCHULERThu Jun 15 1995DFS on OpenVMS AXP X7.
877.02UMEJNK::JOHANSSONFri Jun 16 1995client 2.1 hangs doing just a dir
878.011COVERT::COVERTFri Jun 16 1995DEC DFS installation fails on V6.2
879.02RDGENG::GREIDWed Jun 21 1995DFS V2.
880.03SWTHOM::LEREUILThu Jun 29 1995DECNET/OSI 6.1 and DFS$STARTUP failed on AXP 6.1-1H1
881.02TPSYS::GLADDINGFri Jul 28 1995Alpha and DNS question
882.02MOVIES::PLAYFORDTue Aug 01 1995DECdfs V2.1 installation fails on OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2
883.0NAC::LICAUSETue Aug 01 1995%DFS-F-REMREJECT, Communication entity rejected operation for an unknown reason
884.02TENNIS::KAMWed Aug 02 1995Is DNS Client needed for DFS?
885.03TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 04 1995No rights to perform requested operation
886.01KILRB1::YEEFri Aug 04 1995Getting error: %DFS-E-NODEMSNG, Server node not specified
887.02COMICS::PRICECTue Aug 08 1995DFS mounted Infoserver CDs
888.01DFSAXP::JPTue Aug 08 1995DFS bug with TYPE/TAIL=
889.0PASSES::WSC31Thu Aug 10 1995suggestion for the MOUNT access point command
890.03DUPS::SYSTEMTue Aug 15 1995unrecognized keyword - blocks_threshold?
891.01KERNEL::PRICECWed Aug 30 1995V2.1 release notes ?
892.03ZURThu Sep 07 1995Info on TIMEOUTS please!
893.01CSC32::R_BUCKFri Sep 08 1995RMS-F-RER and RMS-F-ABORT errors with DFS
894.03CSC32::FLOWERSFri Sep 15 1995SYSTEM-F-PAGRDERR from an AXP node using CMS
895.07DUPS::KAMSat Sep 16 1995Insufficient privilege or file protection violation?
896.0BIKINI::DITEWed Sep 20 1995%IPC-E-UNKNOWNENTRY with /local ?
897.05TECMAN::BOURDEAUMon Sep 25 1995DFS V2.1 Certain access points listed as unknown
898.03VNABRW::HALWACHS_PWed Oct 25 1995DFS V2.1 Server crashes with ACCVIO
899.06COMICS::HESSMon Oct 30 1995dfs 2.1 RMS-F-IRC
900.03KISMIF::JEMIOLOMon Nov 06 1995add access_point /local question
901.0HDLITE::PASHAPOURFri Nov 17 1995installing images revisited!
902.07MOVIES::BRANKINThu Nov 30 1995DECdfs Version 2.2 field test kit available
903.0FORTY2::TSANGFri Dec 08 1995file not accessed on channel
904.01LEMAN::LA_GIOIAThu Dec 14 1995tk5
905.01DRAGNS::BOURDEAUThu Dec 21 1995Slow access to DFS mounted disks
906.07GIDDAY::KINGSMILLTue Jan 02 1996Remote Protocol Error
907.0TAVSun Jan 07 1996DFS 2.1 with 1.3
908.0KERNEL::CORNISHPMon Jan 08 1996show access problem, maybe dns ????
909.01DEKVC::CHANGHOANNMon Jan 15 1996Client and two DNS server ?
911.0LJOTUB::UNGERWed Jan 24 1996invalid buffer length (IVBUFLEN)
912.03CPEEDY::PRINDLEWed Jan 31 1996link and bytlm quota
913.01CHEFS::SMITH_JJSat Feb 03 1996What if the DNS master directory in unavailable?
915.02PRSSOS::NOBREThu Feb 08 1996.DMP created if DFS already running
916.0TAVThu Feb 15 1996Will 2.1/2.1 server work with older clients??
917.01COLMon Feb 19 1996%DFS-F-COMMABORT, Communication entity aborted operation
918.01GIDDAY::BRODRIBBTue Feb 20 1996DFS support for OpenVMS V7.
919.02OTOOA::MAINWed Feb 28 1996Does DFS 2.1 Work w Alpha vms6.2??
920.01ULYSSE::sbudhcp15.sbu.vbe.dec.com::bassinneTue Mar 05 1996Customer Help Needed - Shared write I/O
921.07DRAGNS::BOURDEAUTue Mar 12 1996Is there any DFS version available for VMS T7.1?
922.02BACHUS::ROELANDTSMon Mar 25 1996DFS V2.1 - server exiting - but why ?
923.02PRSSOS::NOBRETue Apr 09 1996DFS without DNS , one more time
924.0CRONIC::LEMONSWed Apr 10 1996DFS vs. NFS comparison?
925.01COWBOY::MIRGHANETue Apr 16 1996DECdns license on VAX/VMS Decnet phase 4
927.02EEMELI::VIRNESThu Apr 18 1996DECnet/OSI and Local Name Space
928.02EWBVTue May 07 1996DFSSDRIVER ,SECURITY bugcheck code #1
929.02LEMAN::SCHEIDEGGERFri May 10 1996Link in STOPPED state and process in LEF (hang)
931.0KNATTE::STENBORGWed May 22 1996Problems with hanging link. (Process in rwast)
932.02DUNKLE::MCDERMOTTTue Jun 25 1996Performance problem with DECNet-OSI V7.
933.01CSC64::CESARONEWed Aug 07 1996dfs-e-illeglog with mount access
934.02ROBRVW::MITCHELLWed Aug 21 1996DFS Documentation Wanted
935.01TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 23 1996%DFS-E-ILLEGLOG, Illegal logical name identifier
937.06MARVEL::KHANRWed Sep 18 1996 unsupported xab
939.01COOKIE::BIGGITue Oct 08 1996DFS for OpenVMS V7.1 with DECnet/OSI
940.0CRONIC::ANTROBUSMon Nov 11 1996availability of official DFS kit for OVMS V7.1
941.01LATINA::NIEVESDMon Nov 18 1996Crash in DFSRRDRIVER + ED6
942.03EEMELI::VIRNESTue Nov 19 1996Dead DECnet link
943.02EWBVWed Nov 20 1996V2.1 and V2.2-2 difference?
944.0ANNECY::MESNIER_DFri Jan 17 1997DFS V2.2 for VAX OpenVMS V7.1
945.0+2GYMAC::SUPPORT_PWTue Jan 21 1997V2.2 poor peformance
946.0+1CRONIC::ANTROBUSThu Jan 23 1997DECdfs support for OpenVMS Alpha/VAX V7.1
947.0 *TAVENG::SALTITue Feb 04 1997DFS V2.2 and V1.2 interoperability?
948.0 *+8GUIDUK::SOMERThu Feb 27 1997Is DFS going away? What is the replacement?
949.0 *CSC32::R_BUCKWed Mar 26 1997DFS-CLIENT License not working
950.0 *+1SALUD::ORTIZWed May 07 1997performance prob with DFS 2.2-2/alpha vms 7.1/osi
951.0 *+4EVTAI1::LEREUILTue May 27 1997DECdfs 2.2 and Ovms 7.1