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Conference vaxcat::ef95

Title:Conference closed
Notice:To mail the moderators, please type SEND/MOD at the prompt
Created:Fri Dec 16 1994
Last Modified:Thu Dec 28 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:191
Total number of notes:29127
Number with bodies:0
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1.015LOBLO::MONAHANFri Dec 16 1994EF95 conference rules
2.0665IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Sign In
3.0280IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Sign Out
4.066IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Conference Pointers
5.0350IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994EF95 Forum
6.0183IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994EF95 Hall of Fame
7.04275HOO78C::ANDERSONFri Dec 30 1994 News from the Wires or The First Draft of History.
8.01459HOO78C::ANDERSONFri Dec 30 1994Comments on the News.
9.048HOO78C::ANDERSONFri Dec 30 1994Currency Reports
10.0742IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994The colo(u)r of the sky
11.0175IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Obituaries
12.0271IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994It happened on this day
13.0480IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994The $port$ note
14.02081IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Answerable Questions
15.0513IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Unanswerable Questions
16.01004IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994I'm in a good mood!
17.01559IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994I'm in a bad mood!
18.088IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Book reviews
19.097IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Film reviews
20.0183IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Flotsam and Jetsam found on the net
21.042IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994News of the Weird
22.0237IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994The Fluff Drawer
23.0162IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Wot I did on me hols
24.0417IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994EF get-togethers
25.0377IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Only in America
26.0345IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Smoking
27.0174IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Dec 30 1994Your favo(u)rite URL today
28.014HERON::KAISERFri Dec 30 1994Only in Albania
29.021PASTIS::MONAHANSun Jan 01 1995Topic to annoy those who hate religious quotations
30.021PASTIS::MONAHANSun Jan 01 1995How did you celebrate New Year?
31.0140XSTACY::KBOWENWed Jan 04 1995Quote, Unquote
32.0140RDGE44::ALEUC8Fri Jan 06 1995The pedantic old fools' topic.
33.0394CLARID::BLOEMMon Jan 09 1995National Lottery Numbers?
34.070VANGA::KERRELLMon Jan 09 1995Young ones
35.039COSME3::63629::lewisFri Jan 13 1995Veal
36.0304TUXEDO::HINXMANMon Jan 16 1995The Royal Note
37.010945769::DRAYPWed Jan 18 1995Political Opinions In The UK
38.035PASTIS::MONAHANSat Jan 21 1995Garden news topic
39.018--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 23 1995Refrigerator Mold
40.070GALVIA::RMACFADYENTue Jan 24 1995Men's health
41.053KERNEL::HOGGANDWed Jan 25 1995Name These Cartoon Characters
42.0114ANNECY::BOURDILLONMon Jan 30 1995The cat and Rugger topic
43.033TUXEDO::HINXMANMon Jan 30 1995The Dark Side
44.084IJSAPL::VISSERSWed Feb 01 1995The Wet Note
45.05245777::ALEUC8Wed Feb 01 1995dating beautiful women
46.0713--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 01 1995The I'm Bored Note
47.0110FORTY2::HOWELLThu Feb 02 1995The Official Alcohol Topic
48.0141IJSAPL::VISSERSFri Feb 03 1995The synsytyve myn of the 9
49.0102XSTACY::JLUNDONMon Feb 06 1995The Official End Of The World Topic
50.066VAXCAT::RKEThu Feb 09 1995Internet.....
51.06045777::ALEUC8Fri Feb 10 1995silly ambitions
52.044TUXEDO::HINXMANThu Feb 16 1995The Jacques Santer appreciation topic
53.043IJSAPL::VISSERSMon Feb 20 1995Stretching the days...
54.017TUXEDO::HINXMANMon Feb 20 1995In spite of all temptation
55.069BASCAS::HOPE_TTue Feb 28 1995my back hurts!!!
56.0133HOO78C::VISSERSTue Feb 28 1995The Great Melting Iceberg Debate
57.054TUXEDO::HINXMANWed Mar 08 1995Bring on the hash brownies
58.0348HOO78C::ANDERSONFri Mar 10 1995The Euro Forum Dagje Uit.
59.041MOEUR8::TOWERSFri Mar 10 1995Puzzle Corner
60.038FORTY2::HOWELLThu Mar 16 1995The Dream Analysis Centre
61.0582YUPPY::PANESFri Mar 17 1995Green shoots it is then
62.047FILTON::SWANN_MTue Mar 21 1995Words you like to hear
63.053RDGE44::ALEUC8Tue Mar 21 1995words you don't like to hear
64.0123FORTY2::HOWELLMon Mar 27 1995Euphemisms
65.03UBOHUB::HOPE_TWed Mar 29 1995german -english
66.044ULYSSE::BUXTON_MFri Mar 31 1995Claim to fame
67.053OTOOA::MOWBRAYTue Apr 04 1995That's M Y turbot
68.043YUPPY::PANESThu Apr 06 1995A Major loss???
69.0103BIS1::MENZIESThu Apr 06 1995Playing God
70.072RDGE44::ALEUC8Thu Apr 13 1995Under-taking
71.013CUCKOO::YEOMANSDThu Apr 20 1995George, but no dragon, please.
72.062YUPPY::PANESThu Apr 20 1995Oklahoma Bombing; Clinton; IRA, etc.
73.067--UnknownUser--Wed May 03 1995Trading Insults
74.0160IOSG::FORTY2::HOWELLThu May 04 1995Handy Tips (aka "Answers without Questions")
75.07RIOTThu May 04 1995Choice Curses
76.0108PLAYER::BROWNLFri May 05 1995Let's talk about the UK council elections:
77.070SUBURB::CHESTY::LEWISEFri May 05 1995Babbling Talk!
78.03MSAMMon May 08 1995The haunting des Moueux
79.089IJSAPL::ANDERSONMon May 08 1995Comments on big lottery wins.
80.04LUNER::WALLACEMon May 08 1995American Media
81.029TUXEDO::HINXMANMon May 08 1995Victims' rights
82.04742344::CBHTue May 09 1995Working at home
83.047ARRODS::WHITEHEADJWed May 10 1995Swim, little fishy, swim
84.052FORTY2::HOWELLWed May 10 1995What Makes You Go Phwoar?
85.0159RIOTWed May 10 1995EF - Facing an identity crisis?
86.050SUBURB::CHESTY::LEWISEWed May 10 1995Homeless or Hopeless?
87.088UBOHUB::HOPE_TThu May 11 199516 years old 3 kids
88.018RIOTThu May 11 1995Who is Norman Tebbit?
89.0226UBOHUB::HOPE_TThu May 11 1995Parents in the community
90.027SHRCTR::SCHILTONThu May 11 1995VE Day?
91.062TERRI::SIMONFri May 12 1995Should the old fogies stop driving
92.034RIOTFri May 12 1995Drive on the right?
93.0118BIS1::MENZIESFri May 12 1995Is There a God......?
94.066--UnknownUser--Fri May 12 1995Declining Moral Standards
95.024BAHTAT::DODDMon May 15 1995Testing of 11 year olds.
96.08642344::CBHMon May 15 1995Personal names
97.023RIOTMon May 15 1995Political Reform in the UK
98.03542344::CBHMon May 15 1995Political correctness - a necessary evil?
99.04342344::CBHMon May 15 1995Alcohol prices and taxation
100.041SHRCTR::SCHILTONMon May 15 1995Is it really a Euro_Forum?
101.073RIOTTue May 16 1995Crime and Punishment at play
102.0181TERRI::SIMONWed May 17 1995Question for the Day
103.01042344::CBHWed May 17 1995Caroline Beale
104.076DECALP::GUTZWILLERThu May 18 1995gays banned from serving in the forces!
105.025SYSTEM::KNOTTThu May 18 1995Gov't subsidies for privatised industries?
106.029RDGE44::ALEUC8Thu May 18 1995"FORTRAN prog with 3
107.047RIOTFri May 19 1995Healthy language
108.020TUXEDO::HINXMANSat May 20 1995This is the queue...
109.03342344::CBHSun May 21 1995Sad cases
110.05PJLPC::lewisMon May 22 1995The Peak District Topic
111.09YUPPY::PANESTue May 23 1995The mother of all parliaments
112.010RDGE44::ALEUC3Wed May 24 1995BookieBusting Time
114.013042344::CBHTue May 30 1995Video nasties
115.035XSTACY::PATTISONTue May 30 1995Some Meeting Minutes
116.038TUXEDO::HINXMANTue May 30 1995In spite of all temptations...
117.088BIS1::MENZIESTue May 30 1995Is there a Doctor in the house ?
118.02BAHTAT::DODDWed May 31 1995Coincidences in EF
119.099RIOTThu Jun 01 1995Oh those crazy Balkans
120.0517VANGA::KERRELLMon Jun 05 1995The North Sea - no fish left, so fill it with toxic waste
121.0112ARRODS::WHITEHEADJMon Jun 05 1995News from former EFers
122.0225VANGA::KERRELLMon Jun 05 1995News from current EFers
123.05442344::CBHThu Jun 08 1995Most boring town in Europe
124.029YUPPY::PANESThu Jun 08 1995The most interesting town in Europe
125.015YUPPY::PANESMon Jun 12 1995Arson - a means to a political end??
126.037RIOTFri Jun 16 1995Whither the Peace Dividend?
127.024TUXEDO::HINXMANWed Jun 21 1995Trigger-happy Americans do it again
129.018TERRI::SIMONFri Jun 23 1995SNARF
130.011TUXEDO::HINXMANFri Jun 23 1995O how I love my job
131.034042344::CBHSun Jun 25 1995What do you look like?
132.0542381::BADMANJTue Jun 27 1995I'm a Complete Banker!
133.082METSYS::KNOTTTue Jun 27 1995The Single European Currency?
134.0103BIS1::MENZIESThu Jul 06 1995Churchill, Hero or Git!
135.0238VANGA::KERRELLMon Jul 10 1995Those NIMBY Aussies
136.040VANGA::KERRELLMon Jul 10 1995Legalise Cannabis
137.08VAXCAT::RKEThu Jul 13 1995Facts of life
138.012TUXEDO::HINXMANMon Jul 17 1995Privatization - is it working?
139.07TUXEDO::HINXMANTue Jul 18 1995The Jacques Chirac appreciation topic
140.050SYSTEM::KNOTTWed Jul 19 1995Troops -- in or out?
141.041COMICS::SUMNERCThu Jul 20 1995Nation Lottery Donations
142.010RIOTFri Jul 28 1995Anorak of the Day Award
143.01TUXEDO::HINXMANMon Jul 31 1995Pity the unfortunate soul
144.012YUPPY::PANESMon Jul 31 1995Love's young dream
145.0108NIOSS1::WALLACEMon Jul 31 1995Lovable Harry Truman. G?B?I?
146.010642381::BADMANJTue Aug 01 1995Can you justify murder ?
147.057COMICS::SHELLEYThu Aug 03 1995Roswell autopsy
148.012242344::CBHTue Aug 08 1995Cars: to ban or not to ban?
149.019IJSAPL::VISSERSMon Aug 14 1995NetLife
150.020PJLPC::PHILWed Aug 16 1995Working for Digital
151.016TUXEDO::HINXMANMon Aug 21 1995Leeches on society
152.0115RIOTTue Aug 22 1995Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink
153.07142344::CBHTue Aug 22 1995Imperial Measurements RIP?
154.05TUXEDO::HINXMANWed Aug 23 1995Nuclear terrorism
155.013542344::CBHWed Aug 30 1995Song lyrics continued
156.010842344::CBHWed Aug 30 1995Today's qualifications
157.07TUXEDO::HINXMANFri Sep 01 1995Age discrimination
158.020EVOAMon Sep 04 1995CLUBBIN'
159.088PLAYER::BROWNLMon Sep 04 1995The H'anus Mingus Crap Poetry Note.
160.020PJLPC::PHILWed Sep 06 1995Computer Based Pornography
161.045CHEFS::GEORGEMThu Sep 07 1995Excuses
162.023VANGA::KERRELLMon Sep 18 1995Crime & Punishment
163.048TPLAB::WINPENNYMon Sep 18 1995What is the world coming to?
164.0108RIOTWed Sep 20 1995Genetic engineering
165.0273VAXCAT::RKEFri Sep 22 1995Word for today?
166.086YUPPY::VOSPFri Sep 22 1995favourite examples of humour and why
167.099BIS1::MENZIESWed Sep 27 1995Guilty or Not ?
168.05MOVIES::POTTERMon Oct 02 1995New Labour - Home of Sexism
169.040CBHVAX::CBHMon Oct 02 1995The Rosemary West trial
170.024CBHVAX::CBHMon Oct 02 1995The grammargh topic
171.017VANGA::KERRELLTue Oct 03 1995Free Enterprise Works...
172.021NIOSS1::WALLACETue Oct 03 1995OJ OJ OJ OJ OJ
173.0106CBHVAX::CBHMon Oct 09 1995What's in a name?
174.027YUPPY::OHAGANBMon Oct 09 1995Blackpool '95
175.0125VANGA::KERRELLThu Oct 12 1995Grant Maintained Schools or not...
176.066WOTVAX::LIDSTERSWed Oct 18 1995They eat horses don't they ?
177.041BIS1::MENZIESWed Oct 18 1995Which Language ?
178.037IJSAPL::ANDERSONTue Oct 24 1995Scams
179.025IJSAPL::ANDERSONThu Oct 26 1995A Mark, A Buck, A Pound or a Yen.....
180.019TUXEDO::HINXMANThu Oct 26 1995Optimism v Pessimism
181.025BASLG1::BADMANJMon Nov 06 1995Eureka!
182.011METSYS::BENNETTMon Nov 13 1995Greasing the wheels..
183.046TUXEDO::HINXMANWed Nov 15 1995Would you let your servants watch this TV channel?
184.0141CBHVAX::CBHTue Nov 21 1995Tabloids
185.021MOEUR8::SMITHFri Nov 24 1995Eating Out
186.0103BAHTAT::DODDTue Nov 28 1995But is it art?
187.025HIPS::WATSONTue Nov 28 1995Budget '95
188.0PASTIT::SUMMERFIELDTue Nov 28 1995Hall of CANDU2.12
189.037CHEFS::CONNELLAThu Dec 14 1995The Riots hit London Again
190.06VAXCAT::RKEFri Dec 22 1995MCaaHNY
191.028CBHVAX::CBHFri Dec 22 1995Lozzer's SNARF league table