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Conference movies::archers

Notice:What's Tony doing with Sandy and the Fergie?
Created:Fri Mar 13 1992
Last Modified:Mon Nov 18 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:84
Total number of notes:596
Number with bodies:0
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1.0MOVIES::POTTERFri Mar 13 1992Welcome to Ambridge!
2.0MOVIES::POTTERFri Mar 13 1992System Problems
3.036MOVIES::POTTERFri Mar 13 1992Please sign in...
4.01MOVIES::POTTERFri Mar 13 1992Archers Addicts
5.0MOVIES::POTTERFri Mar 13 1992Reserved
6.0MOVIES::POTTERFri Mar 13 1992Reserved
7.0MOVIES::POTTERFri Mar 13 1992Reserved
8.0MOVIES::POTTERFri Mar 13 1992Reserved
9.0MOVIES::POTTERFri Mar 13 1992Reserved
10.09MOVIES::WIDDOWSONFri Mar 13 1992Recent Episodes
11.03MOVIES::WIDDOWSONFri Mar 13 1992Who's that person
12.013BIS1::BHD161::HARRISONFri Mar 13 1992Miscellaneous Ramblings.
13.086MOVIES::POTTERTue Mar 17 1992Plot Synopsis
14.07UKARC1::COLEWed Mar 18 1992Ambridge women
15.014MARVIN::BAILEYThu Mar 19 1992Taking precautions...
16.01MARVIN::BAILEYMon Mar 23 1992Catching up on the past - Archers Memorabilia
17.01OSI::ROBINSONTue Mar 24 1992Is the Archers jsut like any other Soap Opera?
18.03MOVIES::WIDDOWSONThu Mar 26 1992The agricultural note
19.07MOVIES::HIRSTFri Mar 27 1992The Election
20.04BAHTAT::DODDFri Mar 27 1992The Archers' quiz.
21.0MOVIES::WIDDOWSONTue Apr 14 1992Can it be true
22.01MOVIES::POTTERSun Apr 19 1992The Archers on the World Service
23.02EVTSG8::JACQUIEWed Jun 03 1992Top 2
24.01CLARID::CHARLESWed Jun 03 1992Archer's Fan Club?
25.04WELLIN::NISBETThu Jun 11 1992I bet you what happens is that ...
26.02LARVAE::IVES_JWed Jun 24 1992Who stole Aphrodite ?
27.03WELLIN::NISBETWed Jun 24 1992The Strawberries
28.04WELLIN::NISBETThu Jun 25 1992Elizabeth
29.010WELLIN::NISBETThu Jun 25 1992The Grundys
30.013FILTON::BIRCHFri Jul 31 1992The most famous tune in the world....
31.0WOTVAX::GLASSUPBFri Jul 31 1992Digital PR on the Archers
32.04FILTON::DAVIESJWed Aug 05 1992How old is Snatch Foster?
33.02FILTON::DAVIESJMon Aug 10 1992Archers Addicts
34.0BIOMIC::PATTISONTue Aug 11 1992Sounds familiar...
35.09WARNUT::NISBETDWed Aug 26 1992Conference Notice
36.04WOTVAX::GLASSUPBThu Aug 27 1992Je t'aime, mois non plus - re 23.2
37.02UKBOPS::JENKINSRThu Sep 03 1992Calling Jon Blythe
38.05FORTY2::SEATONFri Sep 11 1992Romance is in the air.......
39.03MOVIES::POTTERThu Oct 01 1992The Organic Foodstuffs note
40.031MOVIES::WIDDOWSONThu Oct 22 1992So what else did I miss?
41.0CLARID::CHARLESFri Nov 20 1992"Oh Mummy"
42.01WOTVAX::GLASSUPBFri Nov 20 1992Consumer Preference?
43.02ULYSSE::PICKUPThu Nov 26 1992The rise and rise of Nigel Pargeter
44.06MARVIN::BAILEYThu Dec 17 1992Prayer meetings in the archers
45.05LUCRE::GREGORYRFri Feb 12 1993Ambridge in Reading
46.0SIOG::BARRETTTue Feb 16 1993Archers Week-ends
47.0FILTON::FENTON_RTue Mar 23 1993Ambridge in Gloucestershire...?
48.01WOTVAX::GLASSUPBFri Mar 26 1993Who's Buying the Estate
49.01CLARID::CHARLESTue Apr 20 1993ASTRA & Radio 4
50.03ULYSSE::PICKUPTue Jun 22 1993Foreigners in Ambridge -
51.03CHEFS::BUXTONRTue Aug 24 1993Who's Who in Ambridge - Book
52.04NETWKS::GASKELLFri Aug 27 1993Tape's - how do you get them?
53.043LUCRE::GREGORYRMon Sep 20 1993A plot update ?
54.01UPROAR::BENNETTPFri Nov 05 1993Baggy & Snatch
55.03LUCRE::GREGORYRFri Dec 17 1993Gays in Ambridge
56.013ULYSSE::PICKUPTue Dec 28 1993Plot predictions for 1994
57.02ULYSSE::PICKUPTue Dec 28 1993Nothing happens in the Archers
58.01YUPPY::KIDDIERGTue Jan 11 1994Inconsistencies
59.06ULYSSE::PICKUPThu Jan 20 1994Scandalous behaviour at the Vicarage!
60.04CLARID::BLOEMFri Jan 21 1994Archers Family Tree - just for fun..
61.020YUPPY::KIDDIERGTue Feb 22 1994Wedding Canned
62.03LUCRE::GREGORYRThu Mar 24 1994Any long wave listeners ?
63.01BIRMVX::PATTISONTue Aug 30 1994A Grundy gone...
64.03POWDML::VERRANTue Sep 27 1994What's happening?
65.01MOVIES::POTTERThu Oct 06 1994Wedding bells chime
66.012LORDS::COLETue Nov 22 1994Future plots
67.01ULYSSE::PICKUPThu Jan 12 1995Predictions for 1995
68.06LUCRE::GREGORYRTue Jan 24 1995A new character last night
69.02MOVIES::POTTERTue Jan 24 1995Too many babies!
70.029LUCRE::GREGORYRMon Feb 27 1995Friday's episode
71.01MUGGER::HUGHESSFri Mar 24 1995INTERNET Newsgroups, mailing lists, WWW??
72.05LUCRE::GREGORYRWed Apr 26 1995Update on Kate Aldridge
73.012LUCRE::GREGORYRFri May 05 1995Update on Guy/Caroline
74.0LUCRE::GREGORYRMon Jun 12 1995A few recent highlights
75.03MOVIES::POTTERWed Jun 14 1995Archers URLs
76.07LUCRE::GREGORYRThu Jun 29 1995Prediction on Shula
77.02LUCRE::GREGORYRMon Jul 03 1995Robin to leave
78.08LUCRE::GREGORYRWed Aug 23 1995Tony's new hobby
79.0LUCRE::GREGORYRMon Sep 11 1995Friday's episode - update ?
80.0MARVIN::ROBINSONThu Sep 21 1995
81.01LUCRE::GREGORYRWed Oct 04 1995death of martha
82.03TOOK::GASKELLWed Dec 06 1995Update?
83.03MOVIES::WIDDOWSONMon Jan 15 1996A good episode
84.05LUCRE::GREGORYRWed Jan 17 19961996 predictions