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Conference molar::wandesigner

Title:DECmcc WANdesigner
Notice:See note 1 for kit information
Created:Tue Feb 20 1990
Last Modified:Sun Jul 23 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:67
Total number of notes:220
Number with bodies:0
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1.02--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 20 1990Introduction and kit information
2.02RACER::DAVESun Mar 04 1990Ident Mismatch from GKS
3.04RACER::DAVEMon Mar 05 1990A little reality in the defaults, please
4.01RACER::DAVEMon Mar 05 1990excessive overhead
5.02EEMELI::SILVENNOINENMon Mar 19 1990Automatic repricing when re-evaluating the net?
6.02EEMELI::SILVENNOINENWed Apr 18 1990Where is the PAK?
7.0DELNI::S_LANEWed May 16 1990Part Number Problems
8.03EEMELI::SILVENNOINENThu May 17 1990Too small fonts for map location texts
9.03EEMELI::SILVENNOINENThu May 17 1990GKS highlights don't work well on color stations
10.01EEMELI::SILVENNOINENTue May 22 1990Location database problems
11.012MARKS::PAPULAMon Jun 18 1990map manipulation problems
12.03MARKS::PAPULAMon Jul 02 1990print options
13.02CSC32::W_MCGAWWed Jul 11 1990Map display erased when new window is overlayed
14.01CSC32::W_MCGAWWed Jul 11 1990Map Bar is too sensitive
15.02CSC32::W_MCGAWWed Jul 11 1990Panning direction is inconsistent
16.01CSC32::W_MCGAWWed Jul 11 1990NDS$OVERLAY. file problems
17.01MARKS::PAPULAThu Jul 19 1990version confusion
18.01SUBWAY::BRIGGSThu Jul 19 1990Make wires doesn't
19.0NOATAK::TIMMERMANThu Jul 26 1990Map graphics embellishments planned ?
20.03SUBWAY::BRIGGSMon Jul 30 1990Packet size & Overhead Question
21.03SUBWAY::BRIGGSWed Aug 08 1990Max sites?
22.03SUBWAY::BRIGGSFri Aug 31 1990Version confusion
23.07SUBWAY::BRIGGSFri Aug 31 1990Promotional and Training tools
24.01BONNET::NIKOLICThu Sep 06 1990watch out when deleting a node
25.02BONNET::NIKOLICThu Sep 06 1990possible competition?
26.0658812::MURRAYFri Sep 28 1990WANdesigner capabilities ?
27.0349711::PACCOTue Oct 02 1990WANdesigner and DECwindows ?
28.0249711::PACCOTue Oct 02 1990Strange MAP behaviour on VT34
29.0349711::PACCOThu Oct 04 1990I: Tarrif ranges should increase.
30.02BONNET::NIKOLICThu Oct 04 1990unusual problems after a new installation
31.0BONNET::NIKOLICFri Oct 05 1990Another WANdesigner demo quickie
32.06DELNI::S_LANEFri Oct 05 1990Help! Customer Information Needed.
33.049711::PACCOFri Oct 05 1990NDS$OVERLAY versus NDS$OVERLAY.DAT
34.0649711::PACCOMon Oct 08 1990Suggested network keeps OVERLOADEDed lines
35.0249711::PACCOMon Oct 08 1990PATH delays for known APPLICATION LOAD ?
36.05RACER::DAVEMon Oct 08 1990WANdesigner People
37.01DELNI::S_LANEMon Oct 08 1990Traffic Monitoring Requirements
38.0149711::PACCOThu Oct 11 1990
39.0149711::PACCOTue Oct 16 1990Better input error reporting welcome.
40.0249711::PACCOTue Oct 16 1990Dreaming of another "nice to have" feature.
41.0149711::PACCOWed Oct 17 1990Maximum MAP print size ?
42.047417::STRATOSThu Nov 08 1990Three questions regarding WANdesigner
43.04YAHEY::BOSEFri Nov 09 1990Documentation questions/complaints
44.02SUBWAY::BRIGGSWed Nov 14 1990WANdesigner, dead or alive?
45.02SUBWAY::BRIGGSThu Nov 15 1990Engineering Development Manager
46.03SUBWAY::BRIGGSThu Nov 15 1990Phase Review Docs?
47.03SUBWAY::BRIGGSFri Nov 30 1990Help! Wrong numbers
48.04SUBWAY::BRIGGSFri Nov 30 1990Released? Supported?
49.03375Mon Dec 10 1990Support for non-standard protocols
50.03BONNET::NIKOLICFri Dec 21 1990MAPS and other suggestions
52.0242721::HARVEYWed Jan 16 1991Basic info required...
53.02BONNET::NIKOLICThu Jan 17 1991NO MORE DEVELOPMENT??!?!?!?!?
54.0136899::RAGWARMon Feb 04 1991analytic perfomance model tool networks
55.05JAYJAY::KORNSMon Apr 01 1991Applicability to cisco-based backbone
56.06VIVIAN::MILTONFri Apr 05 1991Multiple areas on same LAN (same site)
57.01ARRODS::BURDENPTue Jun 11 1991Utilization Reports
58.03ARRODS::BURDENPFri Jun 14 1991and Voice ?
59.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Sep 27 1991Presentation material? Doc? Kit?
60.01TABOU::JOSEPHFri Feb 07 1992HELP, HELP please WANrouter,DECmcc,Vitalink Bridge
63.02CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Jul 29 1993status of WANdesigner?
64.0USNCG::NIKOLICMon Aug 30 1993No money for WANdesigner
65.02POBOX::HANSONFri Sep 03 1993Is it still on MOLAR::
66.01DECBAH::PATROTue Jul 18 1995DECbrouter9
67.0DECBAH::PATROSun Jul 23 19959