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Conference molar::msu

Title:DECmcc Management Station for ULTRIX
Created:Tue Sep 04 1990
Last Modified:Fri Jun 09 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:682
Total number of notes:1994
Number with bodies:0
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1.0ENUF::GASSMANTue Sep 04 1990Introduction
2.05ENUF::GASSMANTue Sep 04 1990Draft of SPD for MSU
3.04--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 04 1990Postscript Screen Dump of MSU
4.04ACTGSF::STEINBERGFri Sep 07 1990MSU and MCC ...a marriage in the future?
6.01MARX::ADAMSMon Sep 10 1990A Fix for the DS5
7.01SUBWAY::YANNIOSThu Sep 13 1990Customer IP Network Management Problem
8.02NETMAN::PUOPLOThu Sep 13 1990SEPT 1
9.01OPG::SIMONThu Sep 20 1990Setting up polling groups.
10.01OPG::SIMONThu Sep 20 1990Alarm Daemon dies.
11.04TYFYS::LILJAFri Sep 21 1990Reporting records & INGRES
12.017MARX::KELLEYTue Sep 25 1990MSU rev11 kit location
13.01UKEDU::SWIGGTue Sep 25 1990setld -D problem
14.02SUBWAY::YANNIOSTue Sep 25 1990MSU Pre-Installation Recommendations?
15.0ENUF::GASSMANWed Sep 26 1990Extending MSU
16.01ENUF::GASSMANWed Sep 26 1990Customer Questions about MSU
17.06BABY::STEINBERGTue Oct 02 1990Phase IV node mgmt
18.02BABY::STEINBERGTue Oct 02 1990Toekn Ring and Black Box objects
19.014TYFYS::LILJATue Oct 02 1990Map Status Daemon doesn't work
20.02BABY::STEINBERGTue Oct 02 1990Platforms???
21.03BABY::STEINBERGTue Oct 02 1990Online man pages
22.0BABY::STEINBERGWed Oct 03 1990BellSouth RFP
23.0TYFYS::LILJAWed Oct 03 1990Window background color affects map
24.05ANNECY::POULAINThu Oct 11 1990Details on 3rd party MIBs ?
25.0CHOWDA::LAKEFri Oct 12 1990MSU - Education Initiative ??
26.03COPCLU::BROLINTue Oct 16 1990SNMP over X.25 ?
27.03PEARL::JAQUESFri Oct 19 1990auto map problems ! internal network map
28.01ALOSWS::DRACEMon Oct 22 1990lib_connectionless_socket: Operation not supported
29.02SETPRV::jaquesMon Oct 22 1990How does one activate map monitoring
30.043ENUF::GASSMANTue Oct 23 1990Who's Who? Please Register
31.03ENUF::GASSMANFri Oct 26 1990MSU Info Sheet Text
32.01OPG::SIMONSun Oct 28 1990SCO UNIX
33.03ENUF::GASSMANMon Oct 29 1990MSU to EMA Migration
34.0ENUF::GASSMANMon Oct 29 1990Price Reduction for MSU
35.03SUBWAY::YANNIOSMon Oct 29 1990lib_socket_connect: Connection refused?
36.0ENUF::GASSMANTue Oct 30 1990Product Ships - Mid January
37.05ENUF::GASSMANTue Oct 30 1990HP's OPENview Note
38.03ENUF::GASSMANTue Oct 30 1990SUN's NETmanager Note
39.01IJSAPL::KESSELWed Oct 31 1990DECmcc MSU, Wanmanager and Cisco position?
40.05SUBWAY::YANNIOSWed Oct 31 1990Autotopology of End-Nodes on Extended Ethernet?
42.03OSAV2Mon Nov 05 1990Are Trap-PDUs used?
43.01SETPRV::jaquesMon Nov 05 1990suggestions / problems with msu windows
44.0SETPRV::jaquesMon Nov 05 1990suggestions / problems with msu printmap
46.01COPCLU::TRIERWed Nov 07 1990Public interface to the MAP ?
47.03FARMNG::WICKFri Nov 09 1990Distributed Polling
48.08ADO75A::SHARPEMon Nov 12 1990SNMP for SunOS
49.01SCAACT::SIMMONSTue Nov 13 1990MSU and alarm routines
50.03ENUF::GASSMANWed Nov 14 1990what's in a name
51.01DWLOFri Nov 16 1990Install problems
52.01NZOVMon Nov 19 1990PC Lans over X25
53.0GLORY::KATZWed Nov 21 1990snmpsetup
54.02COPCLU::TRIERThu Nov 22 1990Ultrix SNMP Agent bug (v4.
55.03SVCVAX::MONSIEGNEURMon Nov 26 1990Suppported Vendors
56.02OPG::SIMONWed Nov 28 1990Extra end nodes in Autotopology
57.01OPG::SIMONWed Nov 28 1990DECnet for status display
58.08MARSWed Nov 28 1990extanded LAN MONITORING ?
59.0252238::LATOUCHEMon Dec 03 1990Presentation material on MSU ?
60.03DELNI::SENMon Dec 03 1990MSU on VAX ft3
61.03PEARL::JAQUESMon Dec 03 1990nmsregd services entry ???
62.02ZURTue Dec 04 1990color setup problems - DxDnt?
63.01FORTSC::SHOMOTue Dec 04 1990New MSU.PAK for MSU (rev11)?
64.02CSOA1::HORRIGANTue Dec 04 1990Chipcom & Vitalink SNMP Mgt
65.01OPG::SIMONFri Dec 07 1990Problem reading MIB variables from Portal.
66.02NACTAY::COLELLAFri Dec 07 1990DECwindows remote login (SET DISPLAY?)
67.01OPG::SIMONTue Dec 11 1990Another view on Performance.
68.03FORTSC::SHOMOTue Dec 11 1990Will REV11 be vintage shipped mid-JAN?
69.01MARSThu Dec 13 1990SNMP ? + XELOAD
71.010FORTSC::SHOMOFri Dec 14 1990network map questions
72.01IJSAPL::PLATENKAMPMon Dec 17 1990alternative location for doc's
73.04META4::WEISSMon Dec 17 1990Program Interface for MSU Alarms?
74.012STKHLM::WESTERBERGTue Dec 18 1990Promiscuous mode cause LAT problem.
75.0ENUF::GASSMANThu Dec 20 1990Jim Bound expounds on MSU
76.02HGSWFri Dec 21 1990Some Figures in the Doc are missing
77.03GOYA::MERINOThu Dec 27 1990MSU & INGRESNET client-server install.& config.
78.02GOYA::MERINOThu Dec 27 1990nms_map_decnetd missed daemon?
79.04HGSWWed Jan 02 1991autotopology?
80.0SKIBUM::GASSMANThu Jan 03 1991MSU written up in Network Computing DEC 9
81.03ANNECY::LEMMAFri Jan 04 1991differences between MSU and DECmcc ULTRIX
82.01FORTSC::MOKFri Jan 04 1991Disjoint segment problem in MSU
83.02STKHLM::WESTERBERGSat Jan 05 1991Bridges & Terminal servers ??
84.02RDGENG::PRATTTue Jan 08 1991ICMP daemon?
85.03WELLIN::MCCALLUMTue Jan 08 1991SNMP for SUNos V4.
86.07FORTSC::MOKTue Jan 08 1991Questions about MSU
88.0GLORY::KATZWed Jan 09 1991Hard Limit for Object Names?
89.01GLORY::KATZThu Jan 10 1991Overwritten node numbers
90.02GLORY::KATZThu Jan 10 1991Monitor of Apple networks
91.01BEAGLE::LILLEMORThu Jan 10 1991DECnet object status
92.04GLORY::KATZFri Jan 11 1991Cisco Cabletron etc
93.01FORTSC::SHOMOSat Jan 12 1991Can Alarm Messages be forwarded?
94.01RDGENG::PRATTTue Jan 15 1991Questions on report generation
95.03SIOG::CARRICKWed Jan 16 1991Can we do this?
96.02HGSWMon Jan 21 1991queries on using MSU
97.03GLORY::KATZMon Jan 21 1991Release Questions
98.02HGSWTue Jan 22 1991More questions on using MSU
99.04MUSKIE::MICHALOWTue Jan 22 1991Looking for SNMP info
100.01EVOIS6::DONZEWed Jan 23 1991MSU shutdown reflexions
101.03GIDDAY::ROSICWed Jan 23 1991MSU customization
102.02RDGENG::PRATTThu Jan 24 1991Connectivity report?
103.01RDGENG::PRATTThu Jan 24 1991What is ifInUcastPkts?
104.0MUNICH::FUCHSFri Jan 25 1991agent for SUNOS V4.1 ??
105.0ENUF::GASSMANFri Jan 25 1991SUN NetManager $3K See Note 213 APPLE::NETMGT
106.04HAFDOM::SITZ_GLMon Jan 28 1991another PACKETFILTER problem?
107.04HAFDOM::SITZ_GLMon Jan 28 1991Standard SNMP agent?
108.0GLORY::KATZTue Jan 29 1991SQL 1.1 works
109.04GLORY::KATZTue Jan 29 1991Decnet MIB
110.06RDGENG::PRATTMon Feb 04 1991MSU and Ultrix T4.2
111.05POBOX::LARKMon Feb 04 1991Memory fault - core dump
112.03WARHED::HATTOTue Feb 05 1991Plot MIB Variable question..
113.02ENUF::GASSMANWed Feb 06 1991NCP>SET NODE doesn't work
114.04EVOIS5::DONZEThu Feb 07 1991write access permitted for everybody?
115.01ICANGO::HELBICKThu Feb 07 1991Problem getting database up
116.02FORTSC::MOKThu Feb 07 1991MSU value for system managers and fileserving monitoring??
117.01COMICS::WEIRMon Feb 11 1991MSU problem with
118.04COMICS::WEIRMon Feb 11 1991MSU problem with different address masks
119.02TOOK::W_MCGRATHTue Feb 12 1991Packetfilter gives inaccurate stats from MSU
120.0117265::CLAYTONTue Feb 12 1991What's Wrong With This Picture?
121.02GUIDUK::STROMSETHTue Feb 12 1991Will MSU use DECelms or SNMP to manage FDDI?
122.02BEAGLE::LILLEMORWed Feb 13 1991What kind of traps are logged
123.03MARSWed Feb 13 1991Installation of EXTENDED SNMP AGENT
124.08MARSMon Feb 18 1991AUTO TOPOLOGY, Private MIB, ALARM, MAP Window,...
125.05MADMXX::C_OUIMETTEWed Feb 20 1991MIB variables plot coredumps, also autotopolgy
126.04MARSThu Feb 21 1991127 characters to name community not 12 ?
127.02MARSThu Feb 21 1991Syntax verification of IP @
128.05MARSThu Feb 21 1991How to Register Customer Types SEQUENCE
129.04MARSMon Feb 25 1991SET TCP/IP Objet for Private MIB
130.02MARSMon Feb 25 1991Setup Object for REPORTing
131.02MARSTue Feb 26 1991A lot of snmp processes after login/logout
132.05MARSTue Feb 26 1991Best configuration for SQL with MSU ?
133.02MARSWed Feb 27 1991Trap setting
134.04MARSWed Feb 27 1991Search on Alarm Window
135.02GUIDUK::ELLENBECKERFri Mar 01 1991Open two alarm windows?
136.04GUIDUK::ELLENBECKERFri Mar 01 1991Print alarms in Search Display Box?
137.011MGOIMon Mar 04 1991Mayday Mayday!! MSU malfunction!!
138.03CRANEE::SAFRAN_ROTue Mar 05 1991Set Lantern MIB variable error
139.01ENUF::GASSMANWed Mar 06 1991Reference Accounts Requested
140.06SIOG::CARRICKThu Mar 07 1991customer input on msu
141.019TOOK::W_MCGRATHMon Mar 11 1991DECmcc MSU V1.
142.01EEMELI::TAMMISALOTue Mar 12 1991SNMP agent for HP ?
143.01GLDOA::KATZThu Mar 14 1991Incorporating new lans
144.02HLRGMon Mar 18 1991Segmentation Fault/more lines connected ?
145.05ASDS::PUOPLOMon Mar 18 1991Want To Discuss Major Differences Between MCC and MSU ?
146.03MARX::BAIRDThu Mar 21 1991MSU QAR Info & Instructions
147.01FORTSC::MOKThu Mar 21 1991Porting MSU to other platforms?
148.01FORTSC::MOKThu Mar 21 1991NFS performance monitor
149.08BABY::STEINBERGFri Mar 22 1991Ultrix 4.
150.04BABY::STEINBERGFri Mar 22 1991Object setup for communities?
151.03EVOAI2::DONZEMon Mar 25 1991nmslookup doc
152.05EVOAI2::DONZEMon Mar 25 1991looking for ASN.1 tool ??
153.01EVOAI2::DONZEMon Mar 25 1991Kernel access error
155.01MARSTue Mar 26 1991smux service for sun agent
156.03KETJE::DEMOORWed Mar 27 1991Interpreting the scale of the Ethernet load graphics
157.01RDGENG::PRATTWed Mar 27 1991Show interface on graph reports?
158.03BABY::STEINBERGWed Mar 27 1991? about ointerface sql table
159.0TOOK::W_MCGRATHWed Apr 03 1991DB conversion info requested
161.02DENVER::ARCHERFri Apr 05 1991Icons/Bitmaps anyone?
162.0RCOCER::MEADFri Apr 05 1991SNMPD on a SUN3
163.04RCOCER::MEADFri Apr 05 1991No DECterm when using Ping, traceroute, etc
164.02MGOIMon Apr 08 1991I've already bought a noose!!
165.02GLORY::OWENTue Apr 09 1991out of band alarming ?...
166.06KETJE::DEMOORTue Apr 09 1991Ethernet load on other DISPLAY
167.07CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMTue Apr 09 1991Does MSU have a command line interface ?
168.04KERNEL::MCNULTYWed Apr 10 1991Error messages ...
169.0117265::CLAYTONThu Apr 11 1991How Does Auto Topology Work?
170.03NANTES::DUMOULINMon Apr 15 1991MSU and Motif ?
171.01TOOK::W_MCGRATHTue Apr 16 1991MSU training available!
172.07VAXSPO::JADDUSTue Apr 16 1991Instal MSV failed
173.03SUBWAY::BRIGGSWed Apr 17 1991multiple ethernets
174.01CRANEE::SAFRAN_ROThu Apr 18 1991Distributed Database Access
175.01MADMXX::C_OUIMETTEThu Apr 18 1991problems w/tcpdump in 4.1 Ultrix?
176.0ASDS::PUOPLOThu Apr 18 1991Private MIBs For Inclusion In V1.1
177.02ASDS::PUOPLOFri Apr 19 1991ULTRIX/SQL C Preprocessor & Report Writer
178.01SUBWAY::YANNIOSMon Apr 22 1991Documentation Update
179.0ASDS::PUOPLOTue Apr 23 1991SNMP Interoperability Test Series
180.02CRANEE::SAFRAN_ROTue Apr 23 1991Problem printing maps
181.09ASDS::PUOPLOWed Apr 24 1991Wellfleet Private MIB Availability
182.01DENVER::ARCHERThu Apr 25 1991Seen these problems?
183.0GLDOA::KATZThu Apr 25 1991Chipcom 2.
184.02RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BIFri Apr 26 1991Help with ANS.1 and ACC
185.06LASSUP::MAUTZFri Apr 26 1991nms_xplot Failures
186.043382::BREITNERMon Apr 29 1991Display to VMS/UCX; VT12
187.02GLDOA::KATZThu May 02 1991Cannot create MIB Filter
188.02ENUF::GASSMANMon May 06 1991Is MSU selling?
189.01AUMINE::ANDERSONTue May 07 1991destroydb msu 'fails'
190.02GLDOA::KATZTue May 07 1991Creating New Icons
191.043382::DAWSONThu May 09 1991Autotopology to bogus token ring?
192.013382::DAWSONThu May 09 1991Ethernet Performance Monitor device pf
193.015659Mon May 13 1991how to load a mib
194.03ZURTue May 14 1991Interface limit of 16 ?
195.012YOSMTE::UYEDA_GETue May 14 1991pak help needed!
196.03ODIXIE::DOCKENDORFWed May 15 1991DECmcc Polling, how does it work...
197.06GUIDUK::ELLENBECKERWed May 15 1991Comparison of features?
198.05659Thu May 16 1991OSPF mib in MSU ?
199.05FORTSC::MOKThu May 16 1991DECmcc MSU classes for customers?
200.01JAYJAY::KORNSFri May 17 1991Interim SNMP for DOS/Mac?
201.01MGOITue May 21 1991"In search of the elusive MIB"
202.09KERNEL::MCNULTYTue May 21 1991HELP: nms_map gives segmentation fault.
203.03MADMXX::C_OUIMETTETue May 21 1991R/W access problem w/>1 database on MSU
204.01TPOVC::MOBBYLINWed May 22 1991How to set up a simple topology?
205.0MADMXX::C_OUIMETTEFri May 24 1991Autotoplogy hangs w/1 pending, Vista server braindead.
206.03AUNTB::HYMESWed May 29 1991Need more info on DECmcc for Ultrix
207.03WIDGIT::WESTWed May 29 1991FRS of V1.1 date ?
208.05LASSUP::MAUTZFri May 31 1991Functionality Questions!
209.02LASSUP::MAUTZFri May 31 1991MSU Dedicated Use-vs-Multiuser??
210.03CSC32::CALLAGHANMon Jun 03 1991Reporting: Traffic, Traffic Totals, Lantern, Mib II blows up
211.01CSC32::CALLAGHANMon Jun 03 1991Can't get report info for multiple interfaces on objects
212.06CSC32::J_MORTONMon Jun 03 1991alarmd - Can't open display
213.01PHOCEE::BENOITTue Jun 04 1991Plot MIB variables Bug
214.02PHDVAX::DLEWISFri Jun 07 1991Negative ifInOctets Report
215.03DRKGTue Jun 11 1991Chipcom ONLINE , VITALINK BRIDGES
216.01EISNCG::STEINBERGTue Jun 11 1991Cisco SNMP security and other vendors
217.01CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESWed Jun 12 1991Utilization report
218.02GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Jun 12 1991looking for more detailed write up
220.02CTHQ1::DIEHRD::JAQUESMon Jun 24 1991palette window won't iconize
221.01LISVAX::ANDREWed Jun 26 1991PAK needed for Europe
222.03TOOK::W_MCGRATHFri Jun 28 1991Don't know if Jerry mentioned it here...
223.01BEAGLE::LILLEMORFri Jun 28 1991xeload - is the figures stored somewhere ?
224.03NEOVThu Jul 04 1991cisco management from DEC products?
225.03NEOVThu Jul 04 1991Interaction with other vendor products?
226.01NEOVThu Jul 04 1991Security and accounting management?
227.06NEOVSun Jul 07 1991URGENT: Misc questions on our capabilities
228.01HGSWMon Jul 08 1991technical presentation materials?
229.01LISVAX::ANDRETue Jul 09 1991Can't define the polled interfaces
230.02HKGACT::SUSANCHANTue Jul 09 1991dxterm error!!
231.02BSYBEE::EGOLFTue Jul 09 1991Looking for Private MIBs
232.03CSC32::J_MORTONTue Jul 09 1991traceroute: ICMP unknown protocol
233.01OPG::SIMONWed Jul 10 1991wrong Fonts
234.01GLDOA::KATZWed Jul 10 1991SQL 2.
235.01LASSUP::MAUTZFri Jul 12 1991Unhandled Event Type 33??
236.03LASSUP::MAUTZFri Jul 12 1991xeload & 2nd Controller Again
237.02GLIND1::RAOThu Jul 18 1991MSU not in US Software Price List
238.02BSYBEE::EGOLFTue Jul 23 1991DECmcc MIB Compiler
239.0MADMXX::C_OUIMETTEWed Jul 24 1991Domain link bullseye missing from map, appears in print.
240.02ARRODS::GILLJWed Jul 24 1991Managing applications from MSU
241.02BEAGLE::LILLEMORThu Jul 25 1991MSU V1.1 - view report problem
242.0ASDS::PUOPLOFri Jul 26 1991Some misc activities by Other Vendors - FYI
243.02VIDOAN::DOANThu Aug 01 1991Don'thave enough space for the VAR area.
244.04MADMXX::C_OUIMETTEThu Aug 01 1991CISCO CGS causes autotopology segmentation fault
245.0SUBWAY::SMITHSun Aug 04 1991problem with kit?
246.01BEAGLE::LILLEMORMon Aug 05 1991lib_create_socket: Address already in use
247.02FORTSC::MOKTue Aug 06 1991Customer/employee class, DECmcc MSU, 9/3-6, Santa Clara CA
248.02HGOVC::HEERJEEWed Aug 07 1991Complete Map of Digital or Internet
249.02SEDSWS::MALLOYWed Aug 07 19918
250.01HGOVC::HEERJEEThu Aug 08 1991Running autopology on selected areas.
251.01SIOG::MKELLYThu Aug 08 1991Network Mgt - LANs, PCs, OS/2, MS-Dos
252.02MLNORO::SANTINIFri Aug 09 1991Misc question
253.0ENUF::GASSMANWed Aug 14 1991MSU V1.1 SPD - for review
254.0ENUF::GASSMANWed Aug 14 1991MSU V1.1 Fact Sheet - for comments
255.0ENUF::GASSMANFri Aug 16 1991MSU V1.1 Sales Update Draft
256.02FORTSC::MOKTue Aug 20 1991Part numbers for documentations needed!
257.05DC1Fri Aug 23 1991Help: E_LQ
258.0FORTSC::MOKMon Aug 26 1991Annoucning DECmcc newsgroup/mailing list
259.06CIMNET::MCCANCETue Aug 27 1991can;t auto top, please help
260.0LASSUP::MAUTZWed Aug 28 1991Fastpaths & ping
261.0CIMNET::MCCANCEThu Aug 29 1991opinions on initial map drawn?
262.0MADMXX::C_OUIMETTEThu Aug 29 1991Map representation of smart concentrator hubs, >16 links?
263.03ARRODS::SYSTEMFri Aug 30 1991Latest kits please...
264.0CLARID::PATELFri Aug 30 1991create db errors on instalation
265.06CLARID::PATELFri Aug 30 1991is remote X-windows supported ?
266.03EEMELI::WIKMon Sep 02 1991ln1 in promisc mode...MIBII,OSF...
267.03HXOUTue Sep 03 1991MSU RFP Questions
268.04OSLACT::ROWO_PTue Sep 03 1991trapd and private (DEC?) MIB
269.03OSAV2Tue Sep 03 1991DECnet auto-topology with "special" line-ids
270.04CLARID::PATELWed Sep 04 1991reloading msu v1.
271.04MORO::MAUTZ_RIWed Sep 04 1991mismatch with snmpd.conf
272.02MARX::ADAMSFri Sep 06 1991localhost: 127 snmpd: snmpin: error in proc_snmp_msg,code -4
273.04TKTVFS::NEMOTOMon Sep 09 1991MSU ELMS Manageable Items/Products
274.03VAOUMon Sep 09 1991modify data dictionary not working
275.01MLNCSC::MILANAMon Sep 16 1991MSU V1.1/RISC needed
276.01SUBWAY::HOFFTue Sep 17 1991xeload & multicast,broadcast,unicast
277.02OSLACT::ROWO_PMon Sep 23 1991Remote Agent Install option fails
278.03MARX::ADAMSMon Sep 23 1991Location of MSU V1.1 FT Upgrade kit
279.0PARZVL::KENNEDYTue Sep 24 1991Why does the map move around?
280.01MADMXX::C_OUIMETTEWed Sep 25 1991Alarming on report thresholds not working..
281.0FORTSC::MOKWed Sep 25 1991A chance for MSU to get free press?
282.02MARVIN::ILETTThu Sep 26 1991problems with BRIDGE MIB table.
284.01CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESMon Sep 30 1991msu installation: sql not running when it is!
285.01ISIDRO::BURGOSThu Oct 03 1991MSU 1.
286.01MXOVThu Oct 03 1991what about management in a Pathworks environment under TCP/IP
287.0DC1Fri Oct 04 1991geographic map background ?
288.01MXOVFri Oct 04 1991Reports of DECnet nodes in MSU V1.1 FT
289.0CSC32::J_MORTONFri Oct 04 1991Installation problem...
290.01MSDSWS::WESTMon Oct 07 1991VT12
291.07EWBV28::MIYANOTue Oct 08 1991CHIPCOM MIB V2.1 filters?
292.01MORO::MAUTZ_RITue Oct 08 1991Help on Performance Monitor,Please!
293.03DC1Wed Oct 09 1991cisco MIB and SET ?
294.01MORO::MAUTZ_RIWed Oct 09 1991Please Update MSU 1.1 FRS
295.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Oct 10 1991Limitation managing WAN?
296.01EEMELI::WIKThu Oct 10 1991HP EtherTwist ?
297.02AKOCOA::BRAGDONThu Oct 10 1991Plans to support RMON MIB?
298.01CAPITN::SIMMONS_KEFri Oct 11 1991RFCs1155, 1156, 1157?
299.01MSDSWS::WESTTue Oct 15 1991V1.1 Autotop Problem with Kinetics Router on net
300.01ENUF::GASSMANMon Oct 21 1991MSU V1.1 Fact Sheet Available
301.016FORTSC::MOKFri Oct 25 1991Potential MSU leads
302.01BAGELS::CHAMBERSMon Oct 28 1991nms_map's association partner is unavailable...
303.02MORO::MAUTZ_RIMon Oct 28 1991MIB Classes <= 84 Still?
304.04ENUF::GASSMANMon Oct 28 1991MSU V1.1 SSB Kits Available
305.02ENUF::GASSMANMon Oct 28 1991Packaging Proposal for MSU V1.2
306.02CALLAO::JOSEFTue Oct 29 1991Traffic
307.05TAVTue Oct 29 1991MSU questions/problems ?
308.01CALLAO::JOSEFTue Oct 29 1991Translan support?
309.01BAGELS::DAMONTue Oct 29 1991Correct VTX LMF PAK names
310.02PADIS::ENGSTROMWed Oct 30 1991SET AUTOCOMMIT not supported
311.02BRSSWS::BOLLENWed Oct 30 1991Cannot start last daemon...?!
312.01ENUF::GASSMANTue Nov 05 1991MSU V1.1 Ships!!
313.02WARP5::MCCLOUDMon Nov 11 1991DECnet Query missing in MSU V1.1
314.01MISFIT::SALEHIMMon Nov 11 1991ip AND decnet
315.0CALLAO::JOSEFWed Nov 13 1991VT2
316.01GOYA::MERINOWed Nov 13 1991Terminal Server Mgmt. Problem (mop?)
317.01ASDS::HAWESWed Nov 13 1991Question on Query DECnet in MSU
319.01MARX::DUMASFri Nov 15 1991Locating Appletalk devices?
320.01OSLACT::ROWO_PMon Nov 18 1991FDDI MIB on ULTRIX?
321.0FORTSC::MOKTue Nov 19 1991SunNet Manager Release 1.2 available now
322.04FORTSC::MOKTue Nov 19 1991DataCommunication Survey on SNMP Management Systems
323.01SPANKY::SHEEHANTue Nov 19 1991Reporting ques. and feedback
324.01CTHQ1::WICKWed Nov 20 1991MSU V1.1 - Creating Reports for 'Groups'
326.02AOXOA::STANLEYFri Nov 22 1991Installation problem..."not enough file system space"
327.01NBOFS1::HKLEINMon Nov 25 1991DECnet autotopology dumped
328.02CGOOA::KUHNENTue Nov 26 1991V1.1 questions
330.01CGOOA::KUHNENWed Nov 27 1991MIB info
331.03EEMELI::WIKThu Nov 28 1991Competing against HP
332.0TKOV51::KAMEDAFri Nov 29 1991Map questions
333.01NBOFS1::HKLEINMon Dec 02 1991reporting Intervall ?
334.01OPG::SIMONMon Dec 02 1991Twin Head funny.
335.01SPANKY::SHEEHANMon Dec 02 1991MSU SSB V1.1 Problems
336.04EWBV28::MIYANOTue Dec 03 1991SQL program with MSU fails
337.01CGOOA::KUHNENWed Dec 04 1991Reclaim Disk space
338.0MUNICH::FUCHSFri Dec 06 1991Drawing- and DECnet autotopology-problem
339.01GUCCI::DMCCLOUDMon Dec 09 1991Moving node deletes interface information?
340.03NBOFS1::ZOETTLEINTue Dec 10 1991MSU display on SUN ?
341.0MISFIT::SALEHIMWed Dec 11 1991How is the main address for routers determind?
342.0IDEFIX::COWBURNWed Dec 11 1991Partial autotopology ?
343.03MXOVWed Dec 11 1991manage DECbrige 5
344.0MISFIT::SALEHIMWed Dec 11 1991Two seperate networks ?
345.04CSC32::J_MORTONWed Dec 11 1991TSM of a DS3
346.04KCBBQ::TERRYWed Dec 11 1991help with MIB compiler
347.02MEO78B::BARNHOORNWed Dec 11 1991General Questions
348.01MXOVThu Dec 12 1991DEC FDDI Controller 7
349.02FORTSC::MOKFri Dec 13 1991Cabletron will sell Spectrum with IBM RS/6
350.01MISFIT::SALEHIMFri Dec 13 1991ICMP Unreachable/port
351.0FORTSC::MOKFri Dec 13 1991HP Node Manager Software Mailing List created
352.01OPG::SIMONMon Dec 16 1991Installation problem in non-default locationHi,
353.01MISFIT::SALEHIMTue Dec 17 1991Query the extended demons
354.01PRMSWed Dec 18 1991monitoring dual interfaces
355.02MISFIT::SALEHIMThu Dec 19 1991node not showing up
356.02ASDS::MACKEYFri Dec 27 1991msuv1.1 presentation available
357.03ODIXIE::HALLMIMon Dec 30 1991SNMP Agents for ULTRIX Needed for $15 M Program
358.01TOOK::FLETCHERThu Jan 02 1992can't use autotopology .. no read/write access
359.0CSC32::CALLAGHANThu Jan 02 1992Paging function under Notify doesn't hangup the modemd
360.02PRMSFri Jan 03 1992find_font_warning, Memory fault, core dumped
361.0MEO78B::BARRONMon Jan 06 1992Xterm rather dxterm
362.02FSWSTue Jan 07 1992fibronix mib
363.03CIVAGE::FEARNOWWed Jan 08 1992Support for DECstation 5
364.01MISFIT::SALEHIMWed Jan 08 1992Zoom part of the map
365.01HKGACT::SUSANCHANThu Jan 09 1992Connection Type
366.04HKGACT::SUSANCHANThu Jan 09 1992MSU manage objects over X.25
367.02MORO::MAUTZ_RIFri Jan 10 1992MSU and Ethermeter Questions
368.01SPANKY::SHEEHANFri Jan 10 1992XELOAD on Mutiple controllers?
369.04CSC32::A_SHERLOCKFri Jan 10 1992v1.1 autotopology problems
370.01QUIVER::GALLAGHERMon Jan 13 1992Maintaining names of enumerated integers.
371.03MARVIN::JBLACKMon Jan 13 1992Can't create a Bridge object
372.01MEO78B::BARRONMon Jan 13 1992Problem when >= 16 connections
375.03HKGACT::SUSANCHANTue Jan 14 1992Map can not properly access MGMT Protocol Table.
376.01ASDS::PUOPLOFri Jan 17 1992DECmcc/MSU Commitment to EMA/POLYCENTER program
377.04CSC32::J_MORTONSat Jan 18 1992V1.
378.03HGOVC::LILLIANTANGMon Jan 20 1992Ultrix 4.2A
379.02MISFIT::SALEHIMMon Jan 20 1992trace ping on the map
380.08ASDS::PUOPLOWed Jan 22 1992Recent Misc SNMP trade news FYI
381.02BEAGLE::FREREAUMon Jan 27 1992Mail notification for specific group(s) ?
382.01FORTSC::MOKMon Jan 27 1992Question from user (From Usenet) - nms_mkethers, DECelms
383.0MISFIT::SALEHIMTue Jan 28 1992What is "ethernet"
384.0KAZAN::BENOITThu Jan 30 1992FDDI 'connection type'
385.0CSC32::J_MORTONFri Jan 31 1992DECnet Autotopology fails with Insert Error
386.01CSC32::CALLAGHANMon Feb 03 1992Trying to decode a CISCO trap, need help
387.01MORO::MAUTZ_RITue Feb 04 1992Packet Filter/Performance Monitor Info NEEDED!
388.03GLDOA::KATZWed Feb 05 1992Cabletron Mib
389.02CSC32::CALLAGHANWed Feb 05 1992Graphic file naming convention probs if space in MIB
390.02CSC32::J_MORTONWed Feb 05 1992Customer training ?
391.02HAMSC2::RMEIERThu Feb 06 1992MSU1.1/ULT4.2/DS5
392.01CSC32::CALLAGHANFri Feb 07 1992Setting MIB variable :Converter error numeric var...
393.0ASDS::PUOPLOFri Feb 07 1992Installing MSU on multiple system under one license
394.02NBOFS1::HKLEINFri Feb 07 1992Performance Moni. Prot types
395.0CAPITN::JOSEPH_BOFri Feb 07 1992ALSO POSTED in NOTED::MCC, MSU help PEASE. Thanks
396.0131571::MOKTue Feb 11 1992MSU/TCP-IP for Auspex fileserver with multiple Ethernet cards?
397.01FORTSC::MOKThu Feb 13 1992Help needed for MSU customer in Germany
398.02QUABBI::"treese@crl.dec.com"Tue Feb 18 1992comp.protocols.snmp
399.0ASDS::MACKEYTue Feb 18 1992Need MSU SynOptics Beta Site !
400.02TRCOA::BBUTLERWed Feb 19 1992MSU w/ cisco, Proteon, functions?
402.01ASDS::PUOPLOMon Feb 24 1992Marketing Brochures Now Available
403.0DENVER::SANDOVALWed Feb 26 1992MSU & DECalert - WORKS
404.0TRCOA::BBUTLERWed Feb 26 1992MSU and Proteon, a few more questions
405.0TRCOA::BBUTLERWed Feb 26 1992reply from Proteon
406.02CSC32::J_MORTONThu Feb 27 1992Failure to send message, error -43
407.0ASDS::PUOPLOMon Mar 02 1992Announcing The Simple Times
408.02MSBNET::KELTZTue Mar 03 1992Nice poller goes to sleep after a couple weeks??
409.0QUABBI::"treese@crl.dec.com"Wed Mar 04 1992Synoptics Intros New Network Management Apps
410.03BSS::C_OUIMETTEWed Mar 04 1992Problem w/DECnet NICE polling daemon.
411.01BSS::C_OUIMETTEThu Mar 12 1992MSU ELMS comments, also UI critiques, FWIW.
412.03FORTSC::MOKThu Mar 12 1992Discover DEC LANbridge 15
413.0OSLACT::ROWO_PFri Mar 13 1992Read-write variables on Proteon
415.03MXOVTue Mar 17 1992Problems with Autotopology in an IP Environment...
416.0FORTSC::MOKWed Mar 18 1992HP support complaint
417.01FORTSC::MOKThu Mar 19 1992nms_map not coming up
419.01TROPPO::BCOSTINMon Mar 23 1992Competitive Table?
420.02QUABBI::"daruger@istwi1.enet.dec.com"Tue Mar 24 1992MSU Notesfile?
421.01CSC32::CALLAGHANTue Mar 24 1992Multiple users with different colors in nms_map
422.04TRCC1::PIETRONIGROTue Mar 24 1992MSU and Pathworks - DECnet and TCP/IP?
423.01CSC32::CALLAGHANTue Mar 24 1992Does the NICE poller use blank explicit access control?
424.0QUABBI::"daruger@istwi1.enet.dec.com"Wed Mar 25 1992MSU Notesfile (Thanks)
425.02PRSSOS::BONNAFEWed Mar 25 1992Number of users exceeded limit
426.01DWOVAX::BEHNKEThu Mar 26 1992How do I add the MIB?
427.02FORTSC::MOKThu Mar 26 1992Sun announces Boeing to std'ize on SNM for LAN/Internet
428.02MORO::MAUTZ_RISun Mar 29 1992Script Window Half Open!
429.01MSBNET::KELTZMon Apr 06 1992nms_regd startup after power fail
430.02DC1Tue Apr 07 1992adding audio capabilities to MSU !
431.01CSC32::J_MORTONMon Apr 13 1992Script to print reports ?
432.0MEO78B::MCCOYTue Apr 14 1992Anarchy and Autotopoology
433.01RT95::NICHOLSTue Apr 14 1992changing xeload window title ??
434.03CSC32::J_MORTONThu Apr 16 1992How to SET a MIB variable
435.01GUCCI::DMCCLOUDMon Apr 20 1992Report Writer Problem - "exec error"
436.0ASDS::MACKEYTue Apr 21 1992msu v1.1 snmp atomic set patch now available
437.04CSC32::J_MORTONTue Apr 21 1992ELMS polling ?
438.01AUNTB::REEDFri Apr 24 1992PING test doesn't see "selected node"
439.0CSC32::J_MORTONFri Apr 24 1992protection of $NMS_DIR/auto/msu ?
440.01PRSSOS::BONNAFEMon Apr 27 1992Failure to send message, error 15
441.01AUNTB::REEDThu Apr 30 1992How do I find a MIB definition?
442.03MUNICH::FUCHSMon May 04 1992starting MSU daemons - only superuser ??
443.02CLARID::PATELThu May 07 1992unable to compile Spider RMON mib
444.05VAOUFri May 08 1992problem with 4.2a
445.0BSS::C_OUIMETTEWed May 13 1992nms_notifyd fails to send mail after reboot.
446.02MUNICH::FUCHSFri May 22 1992MSU problems
447.02RADBOX::ANDERSONTue May 26 1992DECstation 5
448.0ASDS::PUOPLOFri May 29 1992Independent Data Comm Writer Looking For User Inputs
449.03CSC32::J_MORTONFri May 29 1992Looking for snmp agent code
450.01CSC32::CALLAGHANMon Jun 01 1992priv.password under fault pulldown, doesn't work?
451.01CSC32::CALLAGHANThu Jun 04 1992Weird behavior after 16 interfaces on a router
452.03MXOVThu Jun 04 1992MSU future...?
453.01CHEEKO::MACKEYMon Jun 08 1992MSU Needs Reference Accounts
454.0GUCCI::DMCCLOUDWed Jun 10 1992MIB Compile - YACC Stack Overflow & DEFVAL
455.01WELLIN::MCCALLUMThu Jun 11 1992ELMS and FDDI ?
456.024721Thu Jun 11 1992Updating map with Autotop ??
457.01ASDS::MACKEYThu Jun 11 1992Third Party Ports to MSU WHO ??
458.0242721::GRAYTue Jun 16 1992Support System Configuration
459.02GUCCI::DMCCLOUDWed Jun 17 1992Null Trap Community Name from Timeplex?
460.01ASDS::MACKEYThu Jun 18 1992MSU V1.1 SSB Kit Available via Network
461.0SNOCThu Jun 25 1992MSU over Serial lines.
462.03CSC32::J_MORTONWed Jul 01 1992Help with DXmsu, windows resource file
463.05CSC32::J_MORTONWed Jul 01 1992DECconcentrator 5
464.01NYANIS::ENGThu Jul 02 1992Statistics on Vitalink bridges?
465.02SUBWAY::REGANMon Jul 06 1992Synoptics vs. Chipcom
466.0CGOOA::STHOMPSONWed Jul 22 1992MSU a good for for SCO??
467.0OSLACT::ROWO_PWed Jul 29 1992Iconic map and strange situations.
468.02CSC32::J_MORTONThu Jul 30 1992Problem querying UCX V2.
469.02PEACHS::MACEACHERNMon Aug 10 19921
470.01QUIVER::GALLAGHERTue Aug 11 1992Pointer to SLIP Documentation.
471.01GUIDUK::KANGWed Aug 12 1992DBMS Error
472.0BONNET::LATOUCHEFri Aug 14 1992NETmetrix/MSU
473.01DABEAN::B_ROSEFri Aug 14 1992what to do with Color Pallette
474.01DC1Mon Aug 17 1992GNMP released, MSU plans ??
475.05KALI::SCARAMUZZOMon Aug 17 1992Recommendations on base system for MSU(and MOTIF)?
476.01ANTIK::WESTERBERGTue Aug 18 1992Long OCTET STRING cause MSU to CRASH !!!!!!
477.01BODRUM::OZKANWed Aug 19 1992msu with Phase-V ?
478.0BEAGLE::LILLEMORFri Aug 21 1992ICMP polling deamon and map problem
479.07VNASWS::RANZINGERTue Aug 25 1992Life after ULTRIX/SQL ?
480.01FORTSC::MOKFri Aug 28 1992database insertion failure errcode = -393341
481.03SNOFS1::MACKENZIEMon Aug 31 1992DECNIS 5
482.02MARX::BAIRDThu Sep 03 1992QAR Logging Information
483.0ASDS::MACKEYMon Sep 14 1992MSU Customers Needed for Interop Hospitality Suite
484.01DC1Tue Sep 15 1992msu display on PC or SUN
485.02GUCCI::DMCCLOUDWed Sep 16 1992Trap Daemon dies with Enterprise Specific Trap
486.01WELLIN::MCCALLUMFri Sep 18 1992Training for MSU
487.03GRANPA::DJAMESWed Sep 23 1992Elms & DECbridge 62
488.010ORTIMA::P_WILLGINGWed Sep 23 1992MSU and PATHWORKS (NOT)?
489.01GRANPA::DJAMESFri Sep 25 1992DECbridge 62
490.01CSC32::J_MORTONWed Sep 30 1992MIB Query - What does a -1 really mean ?
491.02KALI::SCARAMUZZOMon Oct 05 1992Looking for pointer to xset somewhere on the EASYNET
492.01UFP::HUTCHINSONMon Oct 05 1992mib-2 Transmission Group
493.02SANFAN::MCNICHOL_THThu Oct 15 1992Ver of MSU for 4.3?
494.03CHEEKO::YENDERThu Oct 22 1992V1.2 Field Test
495.02JOCKEY::GREENRFri Oct 23 1992MSU/RMON what does it provide ?
496.01PASHUN::PUOPLOFri Oct 23 1992MSU 1992 Product OF The YEAR
497.01UNYEM::HOFFMANNDFri Oct 23 1992SynOptics EV problem
498.0SHIPS::DAVIES_DMon Oct 26 1992SNMP For Motorola M68
499.01MAASUP::AUSTINMon Nov 02 1992Interface query on DS55
500.01POBOX::HELLMANWed Nov 04 1992TSM does not work with ULTRIX v 4.3????
501.05SALSA::MOELLERFri Nov 06 1992ULT 4.3: SQL Bundled/w MSU ????
502.01SALSA::MOELLERMon Nov 09 1992ULTRIX CONOLD: MCC/MSU filenames?
503.01RT95::NICHOLSFri Nov 13 1992Strange Ingres Database behavior
504.02RT93::NICHOLSWed Nov 18 1992Customizing ICONS
505.01QUABBI::"joerg@hamjux.hbf.dec.com"Thu Nov 19 1992Changeing Icons
506.0SMAUG::MURALIFri Nov 20 1992Request for access to msu in LKG area
507.01PRSSOS::BONNAFEThu Nov 26 1992MSU 1.1 and Motif 1.1.3
508.04CGOOA::DURNINFri Nov 27 1992Help..Info Needed
509.01GOTA1::BJERKEHOLTTue Dec 01 1992Can't access doc.
510.01POBOX::HELLMANWed Dec 02 1992Autotopology can "see" DECnet node
511.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Dec 03 1992mib compiler problems with V1.2!!
512.0CGOOA::DURNINThu Dec 10 1992Stratacom Development??
513.01LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIFri Dec 18 1992MSU on OSF/1: Will the PM please step forward
514.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon Dec 21 1992Pointer to Ethernet Packet Driver/Filter
515.0OLCROW::MCCANCETue Dec 29 1992can't print all domains
516.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERThu Dec 31 1992TSM For Ultrix Kit Pointer Needed
517.01VLNVAX::EMONDWed Jan 06 1993X Toolkit Warning
518.0GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Jan 06 1993V1.2...available to customers yet?
519.04ANGLIN::ORTHOBERSat Jan 09 1993Comments on MSU V1.1
522.01PASHUN::DNT_PUBLICTue Jan 12 1993Draft SPD for 1.2
524.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERFri Jan 22 1993Problems with Autotopology and FT version
525.02TROOA::GREENALLFri Jan 22 1993External events ?
526.05NSTG::TAMBURINOMon Jan 25 1993help, nms_map error
527.0PASHUN::MACKEYMon Jan 25 1993Need Chipcom/MSU Beta Sites
530.01PASHUN::KENNEDYFri Jan 29 1993MSU Wins a Product of the Year Award from Datamation
532.01CHEEKO::PUOPLOWed Feb 03 1993KI Research Announment on OpenDNM
533.0ANGLIN::ORTHOBERThu Feb 04 1993HUBWATCH equiv. Support, ODS and CISCO
534.03KERNEL::DAVIESFri Feb 05 1993MSU pak required (VAX)
535.0ANGLIN::ORTHOBERFri Feb 05 1993CCR problems with DECNET V4.2 andFTUPDATE MSU
536.0PASHUN::PUOPLOTue Feb 09 1993SNMP 3
537.0KERNEL::DAVIESTue Feb 09 1993Autotop problems.........HELP!
538.01SNOCTue Feb 09 1993Querying UCX V2.
539.05SANFAN::MCNICHOL_THWed Feb 10 1993Update kit locations
540.0CHEEKO::PUOPLOFri Feb 12 1993Example of Icon Management
541.01KERNEL::DAVIESMon Feb 15 1993ccr: No response from target
542.0ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Feb 17 1993Univ. Of Wi Comments on MSU
543.02BELMNT::BEAZLEYSat Feb 20 1993MSU's future
546.0CHEEKO::PUOPLOThu Feb 25 1993Dick Crosby's Note On MSU
547.01GLDOA::BSTEVENSFri Feb 26 1993Loss Review
548.0AUSSIE::TONGMon Mar 01 1993MIB compiler problem with LAPB MIB
549.0BELMNT::BEAZLEYThu Mar 04 1993Request for Library of U.S. States Maps for Backdrops
550.01CSC32::PITTFri Mar 05 1993Reports not sorted
551.02CSC32::R_ROMMESFri Mar 05 1993Window problems.
552.0LEDDEV::DISALVOFri Mar 05 1993March Training Calendar: MAET State-of-the-Art series!
554.012PASHUN::PUOPLOTue Mar 16 19931.2 SSB Kit Now Available
555.01TROOA::GREENALLFri Mar 19 1993Bl2_rev8 compatable with V1.2 SSB ?
556.01RACER::daveFri Mar 19 1993
557.01CHEEKO::PUOPLOFri Mar 19 1993Advanced 1.2 Training 4/21-4/23 PKO3
558.01MDCRAB::STUARTTue Mar 23 1993Problem starting Ethernet Perf Monitor - error from pfconfig ln
559.01AUSSIE::LISTERWed Mar 24 1993MSU V1.2 install problems
560.0BOSNET::COLUMBUSWed Mar 24 1993Problem with SNMP polling to UCX 2.
561.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Mar 26 1993NMS_MAP process fork: No such file or directory-starting hubwatch
562.04ANNECY::HAGENMULLERFri Mar 26 1993distributed config over X25 PSDN ?
563.01CHEEKO::ADAMSMon Mar 29 1993Communications Week March 22, 1993 "OpenView Manager Outshines Sun"
564.02ANNECY::HAGENMULLERTue Mar 30 1993forward traps from MSU to DECmcc ?
566.0LEDDEV::DISALVOTue Mar 30 1993Q4 MAET Training Calendar: 'State-of-the-Art' series
567.01MCCMGT::SYSTEMWed Mar 31 1993"simple" network management software
568.03MAIL::CLAYTONMon Apr 05 1993Cisco Management Experience
569.0343Tue Apr 06 1993V1.2 Font Problem - Where are Buttons?
570.02ERLANG::SEGOOLTue Apr 06 1993MSU V1.1 and DXterm
571.01CSC32::R_ROMMESWed Apr 07 1993Help with SNMP sets and "Bad value" errors
572.0CHEEKO::ADAMSThu Apr 08 1993Communications Week April 5, 1993
573.0CSC32::R_ROMMESThu Apr 08 1993MSU problems with Instance Management...
574.01CSC32::R_ROMMESThu Apr 08 1993Still having windows problems..
575.0TOOK::BURGESSMon Apr 12 1993Common Agent T1.1.
576.0ANNECY::LEMMAWed Apr 14 1993MSU and X.25
577.01RACER::daveWed Apr 14 1993V1.2 SSB Cpu panic
578.0RACER::daveThu Apr 15 1993'Nuff Said
579.02SMAC1Fri Apr 16 1993SQL error E_QE
580.0MORO::MAUTZ_RIMon Apr 19 1993Map Status Polling Question
581.02AUSSIE::TONGTue Apr 20 1993MIB load errors
582.01MSBNET::KELTZWed Apr 21 1993Poler exiting for no reason
584.02TKTVFS::NEMOTOWed Apr 28 1993ELM vs FDDI SMT V7.2
585.02RACER::daveThu Apr 29 1993IP Autopology Hangs
586.0RACER::daveThu Apr 29 1993Multiple Autopology Fails
587.0CSC32::PITTTue May 04 1993nms_tsm:permission denied
588.0RACER::daveTue May 04 1993Some feadback would be nice
589.01ANGLIN::CLAYTONThu May 06 1993TDU Problem During Install
590.02RACER::daveThu May 06 1993Real Slow system
591.0CHEEKO::ADAMSFri May 07 1993Reporting database purge problem
592.02ANNECY::HAGENMULLERMon May 10 1993GET-NEXT requests for SNMP query
593.01CSC32::J_WIELANDWed May 12 1993'show map via' command gone?
594.02MXOVFri May 14 1993Development in MSU...?
595.0MSDOA::REEDWed May 19 1993Poly-3
596.04ANGLIN::ORTHOBERMon May 24 1993WPL Questions for MSU
597.02PASHUN::ADAMSWed May 26 1993Communications Week May 24, 1993
598.01CSC32::PITTMon Jun 07 1993root access in snmp database?
600.0AUSSIE::LISTERWed Jun 09 1993MSU crashing regulary
601.01COPCLU::GREGWed Jun 09 1993SNMP II?
602.01OREGUN::GREGORYDAWed Jun 09 1993LANcity MIB on msu -?
603.02CSC32::PITTWed Jun 09 1993Loading Chipcom mib??
604.0ANNECY::HAGENMULLERWed Jun 16 1993Synoptics support status
605.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Jun 23 1993Change Icon, how to
606.0HANSIX::hanscThu Jun 24 1993nms_map_snmpd get killed on unaligned access
607.0GLDOA::SBURNSThu Jun 24 1993How to MSU/Ingress->Excell pc/windows
608.02ANNECY::HAGENMULLERThu Jun 24 1993advanced config issues
609.0CHEEKO::ADAMSTue Jul 06 1993Communications Week June 21, 1993
611.01CSC32::PITTFri Jul 09 1993Chipcom NEEDS mibs???
612.01SMAUG::GRAHAMTue Jul 13 1993Loading complex MIB extensions
613.02SUBWAY::LEETue Jul 13 1993msu doc location
614.0CSC32::J_WIELANDWed Jul 14 1993I/O error 32 when closing windows
615.01MARVIN::ELLERBYMon Jul 19 1993Coredump when resize to
616.0CSC32::PITTMon Jul 19 1993segmentation violation
617.04CSC32::PITTMon Jul 19 1993Limit of 2
618.03CSC32::PITTTue Jul 20 1993HHeeelllooo-oooooooo
619.09MARVIN::COBBThu Jul 22 1993Tables indexed with strings?
620.02CSC32::PITTFri Jul 23 1993reporting daemon dies after edit
621.05CSC32::PITTFri Jul 23 1993network/traffic report
622.01TENTO1::GAMETTue Jul 27 1993Backgroung map problems.
623.01GLDOA::KATZWed Jul 28 1993MSU ->OSF/1
624.01CSC32::PITTFri Jul 30 1993database error 391
625.01ZTOIS1::DISCHLIThu Aug 05 1993'sho kno phys addr' problem
626.0TKTVFS::KIMURA_AFri Aug 06 1993Error in ELMS agent
627.0PASHUN::HANSENFri Aug 06 1993Possible ELMS fix
628.01MARVIN::HEALEYMon Aug 09 1993Program [nms_eventd]: WARNING: Unable to setup to receive SNMP TRAPS.
629.01CTHQ::HAMNQVISTTue Aug 10 1993BAD_GCA_READ,DEADLOCK, autotop
630.02CHEEKO::HENRYTue Aug 10 1993pmax4 is back online
631.0MARVIN::GUMBWed Aug 11 1993problem with atomic SETs of IPaddresses
632.02GIDDAY::HADDADThu Aug 12 1993Can you help with ESQLC error, please!
634.0CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Aug 17 1993error failure to send message -15, cisco mib?
635.02CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Aug 17 1993re-size data setup screen each time?
636.02SPANKY::SAWYERThu Aug 19 1993INGRES license expiring???
637.0TKTVFS::NEMOTOMon Aug 23 1993Direct Path to FDDI Ring Supported?
638.0AUSSIE::WAYWed Aug 25 1993Fail to set a default value in X.25 LAPB MIB
639.02GLDOA::KATZThu Aug 26 1993MSU -> Netview 3
640.0GLDOA::MAPPLEGATEFri Aug 27 1993Customer questions
641.01TPOVC::PAULHSUTue Sep 07 1993MSU running on 4.3a or .... ?
642.02SISE::ADAMSTue Sep 14 1993Trade press reaction to NetView/6
643.01CGOOA::DURNINTue Sep 14 1993When on OSF/1 Alpha
644.03TROOA::GREENALLTue Sep 21 1993problem with reportd
645.0BOWS::GALLAGHERThu Sep 23 1993One customer's reaction to MSU's demise.
646.01PFSVAX::MCELWEEThu Sep 30 1993DEFCN-HA PHYPORT access via ELMS fails.
647.01CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Oct 05 1993Help on generating RMON reports!!
648.01CSC32::J_WIELANDTue Oct 05 1993Autotopology from a novice point of view
649.0PRSSOS::BONNAFEFri Oct 15 1993Modified standard traps
650.0TKTVFS::KIMURA_AMon Oct 25 1993Access point of ASN.1 file ?
651.0GLDOA::MAPPLEGATEMon Oct 25 1993Poller problems, questions
652.01CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Nov 01 1993Auto Discovery hangs on dumb IP device...
653.0CSC32::PITTTue Nov 02 1993Mib Compiler and screen mess?
654.03CSC32::PITTWed Nov 03 1993autocad drawings as backdrop?
655.0TOOK::L_JOHNSONTue Nov 09 1993POLYCENTER NetView Field Test Sites Needed
656.0CSC32::PITTWed Nov 10 1993X error on failed request: badvalue
657.01FLYSQD::FERJULIANThu Nov 11 1993Can't create domain..(V1.3.
658.0SISE::PUOPLOFri Nov 12 1993POLYCENTER PathDoctor Internal Access
659.0TPOVC::DANNYLINTue Nov 16 1993Need V1.2 training material / tech info
660.01CSC32::PITTMon Nov 29 1993Vitalinks report in hex?
661.03CSC32::B_GRUBBSTue Nov 30 1993MSU, gigaswitch, and > 16 interfaces?
662.0TPSYS::BRITTFri Dec 03 1993still can't print maps
663.01STUMon Dec 06 1993SNMP Manager 3
664.0CSC32::PITTWed Dec 08 1993another rhetorical question....
666.0SISE::ADAMSThu Dec 09 1993How to track MSU internal workings
668.0CSC32::PITTWed Dec 15 1993Ingres 6.4 and MSU 1.2?
669.0CSC32::PITTThu Jan 13 1994snmp report variables list?
671.01CSC32::PITTThu Jan 27 1994CLD? Who wants it?
672.02GIDDAY::STRAUSSMon Jan 31 1994CDB_DB_OPEN: Database is inconsistent
673.0MSDOA::REEDWed Feb 02 1994Looking for ULTRIX packet formatter...
674.0PRMSMon Feb 07 1994Comparison of MSU to Polycenter NetView
675.0TPSPS1::TSC1MGRThu Apr 07 1994database error 381
676.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSMon Apr 11 1994database error 391
677.01ATHINA::TSAKALOSTue Jun 28 1994DECmcc v1.3 and Motif v1.1.4
678.0DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Jun 30 1994Archiving Ingres data...
679.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSWed Jul 20 1994examining data gathered by reportd
680.0CSC32::PITTThu Sep 01 1994supported on MLS+?
681.0MUNICH::SCHWEMMERWed Jun 07 1995docu-ptr. & access for an unprivileged user
682.0MUNICH::SCHWEMMERFri Jun 09 1995msu-meeting in paris?