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Conference moira::education_issues

Title:Education Issues
Notice:Welcome to the Education Issues Conference
Created:Fri Oct 11 1991
Last Modified:Fri Nov 01 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:163
Total number of notes:1690
Number with bodies:0
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1.01CVG::THOMPSONThu Oct 10 1991Welcome to the Educational Issues conference
2.03CVG::THOMPSONThu Oct 10 1991Conference Announcements
3.02CVG::THOMPSONThu Oct 10 1991Conference Directory
4.01DR::BLINNThu Oct 10 1991Conference Policies
5.02CVG::THOMPSONThu Oct 10 1991Related Conference Announcements
6.040CVG::THOMPSONThu Oct 10 1991Introductions
7.016CVG::THOMPSONThu Oct 10 1991At What Age Should First Grade Start
8.012CVG::THOMPSONThu Oct 10 1991Bilingual Education
9.012CVG::THOMPSONThu Oct 10 1991Public school or Private School
10.038CVG::THOMPSONThu Oct 10 1991How Long the School Year
11.08CFSCTC::GLIDEWELLTue Oct 22 1991Ed Classes?
12.036CVG::THOMPSONWed Oct 23 1991Teacher Compensation
13.011ODIXIE::WITMANThu Oct 24 1991STAFFING and its impact on EDUCATION
14.03GENRAL::CRANEFri Oct 25 1991changing career choices may not be helping
15.0157CVG::THOMPSONMon Oct 28 1991Public Funding of Private Schools
16.015CVG::THOMPSONMon Oct 28 1991Class Size - how big is too big?
17.0112CVG::THOMPSONMon Oct 28 1991Choice Within Public Schools
18.01FSDEV::MGILBERTMon Oct 28 1991Mass DOE endorses MBAE plan
19.05BUZON::BELDIN_RWed Oct 30 1991"Compulsory Education"
20.027CVG::THOMPSONWed Oct 30 1991Close the Public Schools
21.07CORREO::BELDIN_RFri Nov 01 1991Reasons for Public Interest
22.0115Fri Nov 01 1991Why is public schooling in trouble?
23.014CFSCTC::GLIDEWELLMon Nov 04 1991Resources: Books, Research Reports, Articles ...
24.010CVG::THOMPSONWed Nov 06 1991Uniforms and/or Dress Codes
25.018CVG::THOMPSONWed Nov 06 1991Year Round Schools
26.02BUZON::BELDIN_RWed Nov 06 1991When should we test?
27.041FSDEV::MGILBERTFri Nov 08 1991AIDS education and Condoms for HS students
28.04CAPNET::CROWTHERWed Nov 13 1991Single Sex Schooling
29.09POWDML::SATOWWed Nov 13 1991Parents' Role in Teacher Assignment
30.05CVG::THOMPSONThu Nov 14 1991Montessori Schools
31.06CVG::THOMPSONThu Nov 14 1991Waldorf Schools
32.011POWDML::SATOWWed Nov 20 1991Tracking
33.04FSDEV::MGILBERTThu Nov 21 1991Collective bargaining issues
34.02POWDML::SATOWWed Dec 04 1991Neighborhood Elementary Schools
35.015HURON::LINNELLThu Dec 05 1991America 2
36.04CVG::THOMPSONMon Dec 09 1991Gifted and Talented Education - GATE
37.05FSOA::GFARROWFri Dec 06 1991SPED
39.02RADIA::PERLMANThu Dec 12 1991Educational jargon -- test categories
40.04BOGGLE::THOMPSENTue Dec 17 1991Multimedia Computers in Education
41.02FSDEV::MGILBERTFri Jan 10 1992Weld/Cellucci counterproposal for education in Mass.
42.013NODEX::FUSat Jan 11 1992"Engineers into Education" program
43.03BUZON::BELDIN_RTue Jan 14 1992Tenure - boon or bane?
45.05MUCKLE::K_JONESThu Jan 23 1992MCET, CHANNEL ONE, MEDIA LAB thoughts?
46.04BUZON::BELDIN_RMon Jan 27 1992The family effect
47.0CVG::THOMPSONMon Jan 27 1992Education in the UK
48.013MUCKLE::K_JONESTue Jan 28 1992SCHOOL COMMITTEES (School Boards) - each to its own?
49.016CUPMK::JETTEMon Feb 03 1992NASHUA - Board of Education Meetings
50.07SALEM::NEAULTWed Feb 05 1992*FINANCIAL AID* For College
51.08CAPNET::AGULETue Feb 11 1992MA Kindergarden Screening Question
52.0SGOUTL::BELDIN_RThu Feb 13 1992Un-Learning!
53.0SEIC::LINNELLWed Feb 19 1992NHCCE seeking president
54.01SEIC::LINNELLWed Feb 19 19924/11 Conf on Real Choice in Education
56.0BODACH::WOFARRELLWed Feb 26 1992Request for School participation in Scientific Experiment
57.028CVG::THOMPSONWed Feb 26 1992A computer in the Classroom
58.04CVG::THOMPSONWed Feb 26 1992IBM's Writing to Read
59.020MCIS1::MORANWed Mar 04 19921-9
60.010E::EVANSFri Mar 06 1992Education costs
61.012MSDOA::PWHEELERWed Mar 18 1992Home schooling?
63.02FSDEV::MGILBERTFri Mar 27 1992Request for input - education search
64.06POWDML::SATOWTue Apr 14 1992Non-verbal learning styles
65.04SGOUTL::BELDIN_RWed Apr 15 1992a Bill of Rights for Children?
66.04MOIRA::FAIMANThu Apr 16 1992Help? - Elementary school classroom discipline
67.08E::EVANSMon May 04 1992Assigning Children to Schools
68.034FSDEV::MGILBERTWed May 13 1992update on Mass. Education Reform
69.028MSBCS::RAKThu May 14 1992Are my expecations out of whack?
70.04TANNAY::BETTELSMon May 18 1992If it is a world market, let's use world terms
71.03BTOVT::SCHILLERFri May 29 1992PC's for sale..could be great for schools
72.016CAPNET::AGULEFri Jun 26 1992Need feedback on how to improve school
73.015CAPNET::CROWTHERWed Jul 01 1992Accents . . .
74.014CVG::THOMPSONWed Jul 01 1992Make the kids pay?
75.05POWDML::SATOWTue Jul 14 1992Public Policy -- Cost of College
76.01SMAUG::ZOLFONOONTue Jul 21 1992priv schools in Nashua??
77.0AOSG::VALENTAMon Aug 03 1992Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High School
78.036CVG::THOMPSONFri Aug 07 1992NH To Eliminate School Standards and Guidelines?
79.09CVG::THOMPSONMon Aug 17 1992NH School Districts Sue State
80.011SGOUTL::BELDIN_RFri Sep 04 1992lifetime education?
81.021FSDEV::MGILBERTFri Sep 11 1992Education Reform Meeting - 9/16/92
82.06CVG::THOMPSONWed Sep 16 1992Magnet Schools
83.05CVG::THOMPSONWed Sep 16 1992School Reform v. Culture Reform?
84.0CVG::THOMPSONThu Sep 17 1992Site based management (School Based Management)
85.04CVG::THOMPSONTue Sep 29 1992School Responsibility v. Parental Responsibility
86.060E::EVANSTue Oct 13 1992Outcome Driven Instruction
87.02CVG::THOMPSONWed Oct 14 1992The Education Program - Referral program from DEC
88.04CVG::THOMPSONMon Oct 19 1992Children having children - a schools response
89.01QETOO::SCARDIGNOMon Oct 26 1992Kids & Company: Together for Safety
90.017SGOUTL::BELDIN_RMon Nov 02 1992How do we hold public education accountable to the public?
91.05REGENT::WOODWARDMon Nov 02 1992Books for SAT Preparation???
92.01SPECXN::KANNANWed Nov 11 1992Locating Award-winning teachers...
93.05VMSDEV::WIBECANFri Nov 13 1992Article comparing Asian and American schools
94.036VMSDEV::WIBECANThu Dec 03 1992What role for religion in educational systems?
95.03SPECXN::KANNANTue Dec 08 1992Role of Multi-media in education....
96.03CVG::THOMPSONWed Dec 09 1992Company Funding of Education
98.04SPARKL::WARRENWed Dec 16 1992Private funding for public education
99.03CVG::THOMPSONWed Dec 16 1992The role of music education in the school
100.01CVG::THOMPSONWed Dec 16 1992Art education
101.03POWDML::PCLX31::SatowThu Dec 17 1992Public School "Tuition", User's Fees
102.07POWDML::PCLX31::SatowThu Dec 17 1992High School Interscholastic Sports
103.02CVG::THOMPSONMon Feb 01 1993New Hampshire looking at reducing administrations
104.04GLDOA::KATZMon Feb 01 1993DEC K-12 Programs
105.04TANNAY::BETTELSTue Feb 02 1993Experimental program in Geneva elementary schools
106.031SICVAX::WYATTTue Feb 09 1993Tracking debate
107.06CVG::THOMPSONMon Mar 01 1993Multiple Grades per Classroom
108.06CVG::THOMPSONMon Mar 01 1993Bubble Classes
109.0EMDS::SYMMESFri Mar 05 1993DEC Volunteer Needed in SHR or Marlboro
110.01ABABY::KINGSBURYMon Mar 22 1993Open Schools
111.01LMOPST::PINCK::GREENTue Mar 23 1993NSF's proposal for National Education &Research Network
112.030FSDEV::MGILBERTFri Mar 26 1993Fee based services in Public schools - opinions please
113.01WYNDE::TILLERYThu Apr 01 1993Info. wanted on Auburn schools
114.0SICVAX::WYATTMon May 17 1993Educ. Funding in N.J.
115.03SALES::LTRIPPTue May 25 1993What to expect from a TEAM meeting
116.06CVG::THOMPSONThu Jun 03 1993National Education Association
117.0FSDEV::MGILBERTThu Jun 03 1993Hillsboro-Deering Middle School, Hillsboro, NH Lewis Middle School, Roxbury, Ma
118.0TROOA::POOTSFri Jun 11 1993Optimizing School Bus Routing ?
119.02HURON::MYERSFri Jun 18 1993How has the charter of public schools changed?
120.01CGOOA::WEIMANMon Jun 21 1993Mortensen More Than Math
121.04CVG::THOMPSONWed Jun 23 1993Time to Rotate the Teacher?
123.04FSDEV::MGILBERTTue Jul 27 1993Mythology and the American Educational System.....
124.010RG5Fri Aug 20 1993Educating our Daughters . . .
125.07FSDEV::MGILBERTWed Sep 01 1993SCHOOL Calendars
126.09VSSTEG::CHENGFri Sep 24 1993High School Recommendation (Boston area)
127.04CVG::THOMPSONTue Oct 05 1993Phillips Academy Summer Program
128.07POWDML::LANDRY_DTue Nov 09 1993School Councils - Mass. Education Reform Act
129.0SICVAX::WYATTWed Nov 10 1993Strategic Planning
130.04SICVAX::WYATTWed Nov 10 1993Mission Statements
131.0FSDEV::WWDST1::MGILBERTWed Nov 10 1993Professional Development Plans and Recertification of Educators
132.07GRANPA::BBARNARDTue Nov 16 1993Advice for my Son - Engineering
133.03RUPIAH::ARCHERTue Nov 16 1993Help! Poor Parents Attendence At School Meetings
135.05CVG::THOMPSONTue Dec 07 1993Honor Rolls
136.02CVG::THOMPSONFri Jan 07 1994Local grade schools/regional high schools
137.014CVG::THOMPSONSat Jan 15 1994Government Schools or Public Schools
138.03VMSNET::I_DATTAGUPTAWed Jan 26 1994Age and grade levels
139.022WWDST1::MGILBERTFri Feb 11 1994How much time in class for kids?
140.01BARSTR::PCLX31::satowFri Mar 04 1994Making up snow days
141.02WWDST1::MGILBERTMon Mar 07 1994Mass. Commission on the Common Core of Learning - Draft Outcomes
142.01ISIDRO::FMARTINMon Mar 14 1994US University summer english course
143.010GLITTR::WARRENTue Mar 15 1994Auburn Mass. Kindergarten Schedule
144.01NWDFri Mar 18 1994Personal internal course hist. needed
145.03POWDML::ZEILERFri Mar 25 1994Groton/Dunstable Schools
146.05E::EVANSWed Mar 30 1994Best K-12 Education Notes Conference
147.01E::EVANSFri Apr 08 1994computer networks in schools
148.0NSTG::HELBICKTue May 10 1994Good educational and/or cultural programs for grade R-5th
149.0WWDST1::MGILBERTTue May 31 1994Good-bye
150.03CSC32::DUBOISTue Jun 07 1994School Enrollment after Moving to New Town/City
151.02CSC32::DUBOISMon Jun 13 1994Where do Schools have Good Reputation?
152.0ANNECY::HERVO_ANTONYThu Sep 08 1994Need info on Babson,USD,Central Michigan
153.0ANNECY::HERVO_ANTONYFri Sep 09 1994Reputation of independant schools
154.02DV78Tue Jan 10 1995Seeking help for "ADP"
155.02GRANPA::CPOINDEXTERTue Jan 24 1995Virus Policy Needed
156.0ULYSSE::KRESTICThu Jun 15 1995Kumon
157.0USCTR1::TRIPPWed Jun 28 1995Oxford Summer camp Program, open to everyone!
158.03DANGER::FEENEYTue Jul 11 1995Seeking good private schools in MA
159.0DSSDEV::ZEEBTue Aug 22 1995Looking for input about Infant Jesus Catholic School in Nashua
160.01QCAVWed Jun 05 1996Primary education in US
161.01SUBSYS::SPERAMon Sep 23 1996Advice on researching schools
162.01PCBUOA::DOONANTue Oct 01 1996Gifted Programs - pressure for funds
163.01PCBUOA::DOONANWed Oct 02 1996Are school honor rolls a good thing?