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Conference mlopcs::tandem

Notice:So Nice, So Nice, We Beat 'em Twice
Created:Fri Aug 05 1988
Last Modified:Wed Jan 25 1995
Last Successful Update:Sat May 24 1997
Number of topics:192
Total number of notes:525
Number with bodies:0
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1.02CSTEAM::WADSWORTHFri Aug 05 1988Introduction to Tandem Notes
2.08CSTEAM::WADSWORTHTue Aug 09 1988Tandem's CLX
3.037HYEND::ALTMANNThu Aug 11 1988People
4.04LEPTON::ENGLANDMon Aug 15 1988RDF questions?
5.02PANIC::STOTTORWed Aug 17 1988Tandem product overview ?
6.06WARMTH::JACKSONThu Aug 18 1988How difficult is non-Stop ?
8.02CSTEAM::WADSWORTHTue Aug 30 1988IBM directly markets Base24
9.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHFri Sep 02 1988XL8 vs SAxxx Disc Array Comparison
10.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHFri Sep 02 1988Tandem Third Party Marketing Programs
11.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHTue Sep 06 1988Reorg Rumors
12.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHTue Sep 06 1988NYNEX/Tandem Join Forces
13.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Sep 08 1988Solid State Storage on Tandem
14.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Sep 08 1988MIPS Ratings for Tandem Systems
15.022CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Sep 08 1988DEC to Tandem interfaces
16.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHTue Sep 13 1988Tandem reacts to Poor Performance
17.05CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Sep 15 1988Specific War Stories
18.01CSTEAM::WADSWORTHMon Sep 19 1988Requests for Competitive Weapons
19.02CSTEAM::WADSWORTHMon Sep 19 1988NonStop SQL
20.04PFLOYD::ROTHBERGMon Oct 03 1988TXP software?
21.016EVOAI1::ROGGEBANDTue Oct 04 1988Networking products ?
22.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHTue Oct 04 1988Tandem is now an Apple VAR
23.06CSTEAM::WADSWORTHTue Oct 11 1988Stratus Stuff
24.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHWed Oct 12 1988Tandem VS VAXcluster
25.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHWed Oct 12 1988Tandem Price List
27.055856Thu Oct 27 1988TXPs vs 62
28.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Nov 03 1988Expressway??
29.01CSTEAM::WADSWORTHMon Nov 21 1988Gartner Group Predictions
30.01USATMon Nov 21 1988Bell Atlantic Names Suppliers
31.02BELFST::COCHRANEFri Dec 02 1988OSI and Tandem?
32.04GLDOA::LABUDAMon Dec 12 1988Gateway Performance
33.03POBOX::FEIGLEMon Dec 19 1988PCSA,LANS,Vax-Tandem w/wo MLAD
34.03DPDMAI::PLATTERTue Dec 27 1988Software Conversion from TANDEM to VAX?
35.02GLDOA::LABUDAThu Dec 29 1988PSI Connectivity
36.0NOBHIL::SINGER_THFri Jan 06 1989NETVIEW used with TANDEM TXP's
37.01NOBHIL::SINGER_THFri Jan 06 1989Does TANDEM have an RPG Compiler
38.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Jan 12 1989Request for Materials
39.06CSTEAM::WADSWORTHTue Jan 17 1989Tandem on DECnet!!!???
40.09LARVAE::BURGESSFri Jan 20 19896526 Terminal Emulation?
41.02MUDIS3::STADLERThu Jan 26 1989Non Stop II to Vax 63xx
42.01CSTEAM::WADSWORTHWed Feb 15 1989Visions of the Future
43.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHFri Feb 24 1989Tandem Stockholder's Trip Report
44.01ODIHAM::JONES_SMon Mar 06 1989Lights out & database Q's
45.01DELNI::MCGREGORMon Mar 13 1989SNAXLINK info needed
46.04CSTEAM::WADSWORTHTue Mar 14 1989No FT UNIX for Tandem - S2 dead
47.02CSTEAM::WADSWORTHFri Apr 07 1989Tandem Revenue and Stock Price Takes a Hit
48.03CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Apr 27 1989Sequoia Systems Note
49.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Apr 27 1989All Hands on Deck volunteers Needed!
50.01BMT::ENGWed May 10 1989Info on SMP?
51.01BISTRO::CALCOTTFri May 12 1989Tolerant ?
52.07CSTEAM::WADSWORTHWed May 17 1989CLX 7XX Family
53.01CANYON::KERRFri May 26 1989VAX=>lu6.2=>Tandem
54.02HOCUS::GIFFORDFri Jun 02 1989Tandem Support for 327
55.01PANIC::COXMon Jun 19 1989PICK or COLT on Tandem
56.01CSTEAM::WADSWORTHMon Jul 10 1989California Dept of Motor Vehicles.
57.0TYCOBB::ALTMANNTue Jul 11 1989Latest TANDEM Journal
58.0CALDEC::BGODWINFri Jul 14 1989who do u no?
60.05CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Aug 10 1989Cyclone is coming in October
61.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Aug 10 1989MoneyNet Knockoff
62.0CIMNET::MASSEYTue Aug 15 1989Tandem's T.I.M.E. Manufacturing Strategy
63.01CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Aug 31 1989Toronto Stock Exchange Masacree
64.0WARBLY::PAINTERPFri Sep 15 1989PICK on Stratus
65.01WR1FOR::LEZAMA_ROMon Sep 18 1989Help at Apple against Tandem
66.05FSWSTue Sep 19 1989TCP/IP on Ethernet
67.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHTue Sep 19 1989Stratus Slump
69.0VNASWS::MAXFri Sep 29 1989Tandem/Ethernet products?
70.03DECWET::MORRISFri Sep 29 1989Tandem boot/reboot
71.03CSTEAM::WADSWORTHThu Oct 19 1989Joel Bartlett where are you?
72.03JRDVFri Oct 27 1989Cyclone's optical bus
73.06CSTEAM::WADSWORTHMon Oct 30 1989S2 is coming, are you ready?
74.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHMon Oct 30 1989Tandem 89 Financials
75.05BIGIST::HETHERINGTONTue Oct 31 1989Stratus - high tps and growth?
76.0UTROP1::ATTEMA_HFri Nov 03 1989Looking for strong DEC points!
77.04CLUSTA::HAUBNERThu Nov 16 1989Spooler info needed
78.01LARVAE::CROOKWed Nov 22 1989Tandem & UNIX fronting Amdahl & UNIX - help!
79.0HGOVC::CHARLESKWANThu Nov 30 1989Some question on Fault-tolerant capability
80.01ODIHAM::JONES_SFri Dec 01 1989Stratus to VAX TCP/IP !
82.01COLThu Jan 04 1990Tandem-to-VAX, Cobol applications
83.02POBOX::LACEYThu Jan 18 1990VMS development for TANDEM ???
84.02BERNMon Jan 29 1990C compiler available for GUARDIAN ?
85.01MALLET::TARZEYTue Feb 13 1990Non-Stop SQL and ENCOMPASS
86.01MAMTS3::JLONGTue Feb 13 1990TANDEM and Stratus Unix Systems
87.04CGOAFri Feb 16 1990RDF / C2 vs D
88.0MAIL::STACYTue Feb 20 1990653
89.03TPWEST::JOVANTue Feb 27 1990Help ordering Manuals/documentation
90.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHWed Mar 07 1990New Moderator Needed!
91.0TROAWed Mar 07 1990Integrity S2 Info from VTX CIS
92.0CGOSFri Mar 09 1990653
93.01RIPPLE::KOPEC_STMon Mar 19 1990TXP, Guardian C1
94.02KETJE::DIERICKTue Apr 10 1990Vax VMS Rdb - Tandem ???
95.02POBOX::ABARRFri Apr 13 1990Commercial Banking 'Gateway'
96.01ANNECY::CHABORD_DWed Apr 18 1990Are TANDEM & STRATUS I/O line FT ?
97.01NWDMon Apr 23 1990For those who want 653
99.0CSTEAM::WADSWORTHFri Apr 27 1990Hot Job Opportunity!
100.0ANNECY::CALLEWAERT_JTue Jun 19 1990Tandem customer testimony.
101.0WLDWST::PALERMOWed Jun 20 1990Tandem Multichips?
102.01COPCLU::WALINThu Jul 05 1990rolling upgrade ?
103.03CUJO::WILLIAMSONThu Jul 05 1990Tandem X.25 questions
104.0OTOOFri Jul 06 1990Tandem conversion
106.01SHIPS::HEYES_NMon Jul 30 1990Tandem/Unix and Sybase
107.02TRUCKS::HARDYTue Jul 31 1990BASE24 support on VAX?
108.04TROAThu Aug 02 1990File Transfer for Vax-Tandem
109.0GLDING::OLDING_NIThu Aug 09 1990X.29 configuration problem
110.0SIOG::SNYDERWed Aug 15 1990Stratus/Tandem flexibility/expandability
111.01BERNThu Aug 23 1990Terminal->TANDEM--->>>VAX
112.01MONMON::STOTTORThu Sep 13 1990Tandem Benchmarks
113.03DECALP::REESSat Sep 29 1990Software Fault Tolerance
114.0STKHLM::BERTILSSONWed Oct 10 1990Task-to-task in a LAN environment ?
115.02NGOV2Mon Oct 15 1990Mail system of Tandem ?
116.02CGOOFri Oct 19 1990Tandem Repository
117.01COPCLU::KARUPTue Nov 06 1990Request for details on 653
118.0GAUDI::DOMINGOThu Nov 29 1990653
119.0TRCAThu Jan 17 1991Two Phase Commit Question
120.01TRCOMon Jan 21 1991More about Two Phase Commit
122.0TRCAWed Feb 13 1991Some New Tandem Info from ex TSR
123.0HRCG::DAVIESSun Feb 24 1991X.4
124.0FCOIS::MILLETMon Feb 25 1991653
125.0MANMFri Mar 01 1991Connecting a Decsystem to a Tandem
126.01HGOVC::CHARLESKWANMon Mar 04 1991software fault tolerance superior than hardware?
127.0BOBSLD::CASTOThu Mar 14 1991need pricing on TIME software and CYCLONE
128.0CSOA1::REARICKThu Mar 14 1991Printing Tandem>>VAX or LAT?
129.04CGOOWed Mar 20 1991Tandem-Digital via SNA-Gateway??
130.01WR1FOR::LEZAMA_ROThu Apr 04 1991Vax to Tandem connection
131.01VAXRIO::OCTAVIOTue Apr 23 1991How can we beat S2 ???
133.0MALMThu Apr 25 1991Login management
134.0WOTVAX::PURNELLRFri May 10 1991Tandem Console
135.01POCUS::GIFFORDWed May 22 1991One-Stop Info on Tandem?
136.0COPCLU::KAMLATue Jun 11 1991CDD+ and DDL co-existence?
137.01ADO75A::FLEMINGFri Jun 28 1991Help on Tandem Software Packages
138.01RAGTOP::SCHMIDTWed Aug 21 1991Tandem/VAX Communications
139.02MINNY::WALDISPUEHLTue Sep 24 1991DEC CASE for Tandem??
140.02CSTEAM::PECKWed Sep 25 1991Tandem at Your Fingertips; a guide to Tandem Compuuters, INcl
141.0DECALP::REESTue Nov 19 1991Desktops on Tandem?
142.03KEMER::OZILFri Nov 29 1991ORACLE and TANDEM
143.0KMHKMH::HAGGERTYTue Dec 17 1991Tandem in the trade press
144.03PAOIS::PHILIPPEFri Dec 20 1991convert TANDEM -> VMS
146.02DECALP::REESTue Jan 21 1992Competitive WIN against Tandem - we now have the technology
147.0WR1FOR::LEZAMA_ROMon Mar 02 1992Tandem E-Mail
148.01ONETWO::DORNANWed Mar 04 1992TANDEM CASE tools/strategy?
149.0WR1FOR::MACHADO_CAThu Mar 19 1992Tandem->Digital in CIM
150.0ZPOVC::QCAVTue Mar 24 1992* Large stock Exchange opportunity *
151.0ZPOVC::KHENGLIMThu Apr 02 1992Tandem <> PC via PCSA LAT
152.05QCAVWed Apr 29 1992I/O devices on Tandem?
153.01SUBWAY::OBERLEMon May 11 1992Task-to-task Tandem <-> VMS?
154.0SNOCFri May 15 1992Multicast,FDDI on TANDEM ??
155.01LARVAE::SUGDENTue Jun 02 1992Tandem VLX & Tape drive info needed
156.02CSTEAM::PECKMon Jun 22 1992Tandem Competitive Document
157.0STRASB::PIQUETThu Jul 23 1992ELN <==> TANDEM
158.02IJSAPL::VANWOLFERENFri Jul 31 1992Replacing Tandem by VAX-es?
159.0SHIPS::SMITH_JMon Aug 10 1992X.4
161.0MXOVTue Sep 22 1992TANDEM and AS/4
162.01BELFST::ROONEYWed Sep 23 1992Tandem VLX to Vax connection ?
163.0TPVON::VONSat Oct 17 1992RTR Sotfware Fault Tolerant demo
164.01DV78Mon Nov 16 1992TANDEM console info please
166.01SUBWAY::CELESTINOTue Nov 17 1992Operating Systems?
167.01MTVIEW::SIMONFri Nov 20 1992Need Queuing information!
168.01SANFAN::LOUIE_JATue Nov 24 1992SNAX support token ring?
169.01AZUR::NAVARROWed Dec 09 1992Guardian is an Unix OS ?
170.03MIMS::PORTER_PFri Dec 18 1992Conversion: Guardian --> VMS??
171.01UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RWed Dec 30 1992Messageway info?
172.02DELSThu Jan 07 1993TPC-A for CLX62
173.03NCEIS1::CHOQUETFri Jan 08 1993SQL services (client) CLX to access Rdb VMS
174.03TRCOA::BBUTLERWed Jan 13 1993Advice on PC and VT TE for Tandem
175.01UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RFri Jan 15 1993Competitive info required!
176.03SUBWAY::HOANGMon Jan 18 1993what's MLAD ?
177.0QCAVTue Jan 19 1993Recent Tandem win
178.04MSAMThu Jan 21 1993Guardian and TCP/IP ?
179.0MUDIS3::SWOBODAFri Feb 12 1993...OSF/DCE, C/S-Concept?
180.0MUDIS3::SWOBODAFri Feb 12 1993...downsizibg a TANDEM/GUARDIAN?
181.0LINGO::MCNAMARATue Mar 02 1993Tandem Documentation
182.0ANNECY::CHABORD_DMon Jun 07 1993And Tandem lost this one !
183.01QCAVMon Jun 14 1993Stratus info...
184.0SOLVIT::CASEYWed Aug 18 1993Are all Tandems NEBS compliant????.
185.02TRCOA::STANIEWSKIWed Aug 18 1993TANDEM -> Alpha osf/1
186.0IJSAPL::DEURZENFri Aug 20 1993Are there TANDEM POLYCENTER solutions ???????????
187.0SUOSWS::HARDTMon Aug 30 1993SW Porting
188.0SWAM2::DOURAGHI_IRTue Dec 14 1993Tandem data on tape ==> VAX/VMS
189.0CESARE::FRASSINOMon Jan 17 1994Tandem competition whitepaper available ??
190.0NOVA::RANGAWed Apr 27 19943692 tpsA : Rdb triples world record
191.01NCMAIL::KINNEYDFri Oct 28 1994VAX <> Tandem <> IBM Connection software
192.04AKOCOA::DOUGANThu Jan 19 1995Anyone there - recent experience with Tandem/SGI?